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TFIBLE UF CONTENTS Upening Seetiun Senier Pertreits Students Staff Fietivitiee Sperte Clubs Spring ITIemeriel Fieedemiee Fidvertieemente index Eiesing Seetien iTIeunt Si High Seheel Snoqualmie, UJH Velume XXXVIH E' IB SL. SS EE 7E IDE' ISU ILS lL.Ei IEE IBD IBS uv' kb -. V mr .M W A Y Jw 1 . ' Il , in jusr - spring when the world is mud - luscious the lirrle lome bolloonmon whisrles for ond wee ond eddieondbill come running from morbles ond pirocies ond ir's spring when the world is puddle-wonderful rhe queer old bolloonmon whisrles for ond wee ond betryondisbel come doncing from hop-scotch ondjump-rope ond ir's spring ond the goof-foored bolloonMon whistles for ond wee . i eecummings C1894-19629 2 Beginnings.. wM""""'n"Mt ,,,.4s""" 1 ii N. 1 'L NN Poge 2: 'ID Ms. Horgroyes, is Roxie Pew lost ogoin? 23 Did Lynn Hindes squirt tornoro in your eye, Judy Lindemonn? C35 Isn't thot owesome, totolly owesome, Tomi Jones ond Mindy Cort? 45 Doug Borrlett, Morgie Sulsur is not ollowed to print such things. Poge 8: 13 Wendy Querro ond Don Adcox con't believe whot Mr. Avery is soying. QD ls this your evil-eye Jim Bennett? CD The Drill Teorn shows off their new porn pons! 49 Liso Cooper ond Michele Melde, let me see you get down. The Future The future I would contemplote ls kindly veiled. It is not wonton chonce, Nor inexoroble fote Sholl drow the screen Thot hongs between This doy ond thotp But One Omnipotent Upon my welfore bent, With never foiling mercy holds in ploce The future's veil before my foce, And only drows eoch doy The veil o little woy, Lest l, too, soon should see Whot is in store for me - And foint. By Mory Green Whipple ..ev"""""'M 3 13 Kris Willig, whof kind of o look is thot? 25 Judy Breeden - portroit of o Toboholic. CD Lori Gunderson leorns o new gome, peek-o-boo. 4 Future . . . Af' ff Kew N. A Ol U 1bSteve Heirmon ond Donoree Chouinord, is ir only puppy love? 23 Mike Estes escorts Terri Osrergord our the door. 85 Mork Simpson ond Neno Pribic ore momemorily mesmerized. . fs Q3- s 3 4 um 4' as N 'SRV M1 Maur ..,,.,,. X . . . Q.. . A - -h . - ,5,,kk,,i K -f . . f 7, K is Y sr- 5 f.:sis--wigs I 2 - . K , . - f W K . - . My g . . . f-visezgw , . . - z V. gy-E -I iffy. wx . 4 ,fffenl .. - 1. fy ,Q . - : ., n -yi .L . ' V g,i,,,,,,t:Z...,,.. k,,. f - -- K . , , .M . W ,sn we vsggi,1,sggs.e.h 5 L L E mill' ..1.b if 2 Qi i M is AQ -4, .4 Q V fixe- mark., ze .si g s k--f , f -ff' . 8.140 1' . . 5, A, We me . K A fri we M . x eiissii ,gf . . .ks S? ki 1-v S Fi' 5, g e : , s d L 'lj ' i s ' X411-1 -:1' ' . . . e f. : "s'r',, , ' . . ' . al: : Q -"f, is 5 d ff' rig Q 5 ' . Q, . Sl bfi nz i U' MA W it the THE ROAD NOT TAKEN Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, W And sorry I could not travel both "Qi And be one traveler, lang Istoad And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrawth, Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wearg Though as for that the passing there Had warn them really about the same, And bath that morning equally lay In leaves no step had tradden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing haw way leads on to way, I doubted if Ishould ever come back. lshall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, andl - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. RobertFrost C1674-1963? sv , it I " 2. In-M 15 Seniors show their empty cans in support of "no drinking pop in the halls." 25 Darin Harrington and Wally Davenport find it hard to control themselves during a pep assembly. 35 Oops! A fire drill catches Julie Fufe in the bathroom, and she must run to safety. Decisions C3 if sea' 5 "QM u"""'Ql ?" 'a sf' A 15 Morls Kolhruss excitedly wotches os his pencil rolls to vic- tory! 29 "Robby Heort-throb" Venn ond "Gilligon" Gollowoy odd their own speciol tolent to our pep ossernblies. 39 Deb- bie Culp is cought up in the spirit of the ex-cheerleoders skit. 47 Bob Morrisey con hordly believe his luck when trocy Quoole ond Koil Pickler ogree to pose with him. Dreom Dust Gother out of sror-dust Eorrh-dusr Cloud-dust Storm-dust And splinters of hoil, One hondful of dreorn-dust Nor for sole. By Longsron Hughes , J"Z'L . ful 15 Lori Crow, Connie Gunderson, ond Kelly O'Donnell hurry off to closs. 29 Judy Lindemonn discovers new oreos to opply herself. 33 Donny Gront, Kerry Srillwell, Ron Hendrickson, ond Dorek Schiesser ore port of the rypicql Mr. Si holl scene. Dreoms . . . gl 5 1 X-.4 s 2 'U-vi:--... Q ff f ig , 4 , 13 Betsy Cervine, Brendo Brice, ond Becky Powell ore sooking up the plentiful sun of Snoquolrnie. 25 Jeff Miltimore, Don Schroeder, ond Kristi Stermetz discuss Iife's greoter dilem- mos. 33 Poor Freshmen, being work- ed to the bone. 43 Jone Briggs proc- tices concentrating. 9 THE RICH MAN The rich mon hos his moror-cor His counfry ond his rown esrore. He smokes o fifry-cenr cigor And jeers or Fore. He frivols rhrough rhe livelong doy, He knows nor Poverty her pinch. His lor seems lighr, his heorr seems goy, He hos o cinch. Yer rhough my lop burns low ond dim, Though Imusr slove for livelihood - Think you rhor I would chonge wirh him? You ber I would! Franklin P, Adoms C1881-19609 10 Hopes i 1 A f .f.'. ik ,-, 55? hr iii-F1 Q' ' -i r -fri Poge 101 15 Loni Dellinger tokes time out. 25 Lori Johnson loves pep' I ossemblies. 35 The whole teom eogerly owoits their turn ot bot. 45 Chorlo McKinney ond Trocey O'DonneII work their fingers to the bone. Poge 11: 15 Stocey Were-Iius con't think until she hos her rnor- ning coffee. 25 Roxie Sompson olios "5oIIy 5eornstress" ot work ogoin, 35 Wolly Dovenport studies so hord he con't toke time out for lunch. 45 Noomi Proud ond Joy Ryon discuss the lotest gossip. f't21'i .,- 1.74- -w-fawfr-Wtiw - .F , ..,?..,2+'f.n'J3" 5793.25 ' 'fa N -.WQPAF5 .5-:fy,jkff'1"? V. K . ' it P: t V" ,IU-Q gs 44951331 .. ,. al Ura . K ' 35955 1 " Mf- --' - 1 '?5,"'ffk:E?n . is "FI, E Q . ,E 1 . , 1, ixiflfwl 1 2 1 A A QP' 'W it." 2' 2 1 1144152 'S' Y U lg, i 11 A The whole student body hos noticed 0 chonge in Mount Si. Everyone wonts to get involved ond is full of spirit. With the help of Pep Club ond its president, Tommie Adoms, rooter buses hove gone to oll the owoy footboll gomes. The new pep ossembly plonning com- mittee hos mode pep ossemblies worth going to. With oll this spirit it hos been eosy to be the student body president. My cobinet, Spenc, Lynn, Rob, Ken, Kris, ond l hove hod the privilege of two different odvisors, Mock Armstrong ond Woyne Hoshiguchi. We were olso fortunote enough to be elected lost yeor, moking student council run more smoothly this yeor. I would like to especiolly thonk the cooks, becouse with their cin- nomon rolls, more people ottend- ed the ASB meetings. lb ASB in oll of its glory. 25 Kris ond Kelly Willig molse ASB o fomily offoir. . . . NEW CHALL GES Af I , i :Ef ' .1 4 V f 1 ess, C 5 ,at W, . lj? b .M .uf . ' n is . RW' -,, I D . ' V M11-A-wQA,,,,,-M , :,, my .3 .1 -it -5 Ss X E T :fi gt F K .. aw 2 Eggs D . E R ur Q-'Eli' as H, Q. S 1 :s f Q X A s f ',11 3 4 t W, I iii' ' mi 3 1, : 5 ASB foces onother yeor of lofty gools ond heovy responsibilities. High on the ogendo is the develop- ment of student leodership, the en- courogement of the ASB to toke o more octive role in school octivities, ond, but of course, the onnuol chollenge of fund roising. Under the creotive leodership of President Kelly Willig, Vice President Spenc Iocolucci, Secretory Lynn Hindes, ond Treosurer Rob Critten- don, olong with wise input from Vice Principol Mr. Woyne Hoshiguchi, these gools ore sure to be met. 15 ASB reps broinstorm. 25 Secretory Lynn Hindes, did you miss onother ASB meeting? BJ President Kelly Willig is pleosed with her officers: Business Monoger Ken Dillmon, Treosurer Rob Crirtendon, ond Vice President Spenc Iocolucci, 49 Reps Kris Willig, Judy Hoglund ond Christine Perrymon show how they feel obout ASB meetings. 1 , wi A j w-I "iii, , . ,,,,,,,M ,, wx' ,. ,WV M 111'1lllllllslliliiqsmsiaa waliiiiwsm ,w:g. 1 " "sw 1'1'111212,a2g W1H1311's'11f11f'r:.,FE2'a we ., f, . NZ -'df Ei 115' 1 " 'EFHHU 15' Jam! ,zuzzulggiixfx ami 'sm ,. W KV ,,c ""' '1:1'::,1, :ssnsiae 1 " ,' J V14 ,,::"" ,W :11:1L,,,,, ,,., ::""wa1q:1:W, , 'Y Y '- W- fm H --v.. W ' Q M 'E ' ig jifwm' X W 'ggi' ' 1: zgsggigffQN::g:::N:g:t5g::a:x:::,L , ,,,, , w4,:,::' we ::'car:,eu H1 Mssf ' 11W1!W11!s,a m,.N,,: ,,,gU:,g,,,,11 "1 15254 "ww: 'L 2 .11-1VIla:u::, ,, .,5,m. rm.. 11:11 ,.... M: v : 1 1 'iii:'2:1ifi5 1 N.Qlgiiglfaggw,lmsifllilzmsshmg ' iiuixjiyx Riggs' , 1 5, 1, , ,,,. , ,,,, ' 'a..z 521 is Q :mann n... Christine Perrymon S if S Shannon Blazina NN- S, x 125 Laura Brown ' r firm' . 1 ft f mx xt X bi 5 Jim Willing rizt S C i i 'P h V7'.: 5 , ' --4 , . . ' 0 K K Q + ' .' if i I me L Scott Hart ..W,.e Fy-i"' Cathy Scott . - N S M ZLAN aww Chonse Rogers Tommie Adams Eric Elvestrom , ,ff' - . if f. N C X Egg a s 'N i 'f m x S nk Q 3 J 3 i x ' 2 gy Q so W 5 K SGW 'K 5' C t ,P ,Q ' T K- '- , E in A V .L '- . .i X. ., A 1' I i'.f I. . ' ,, Renate Mofli Mark Kohlruss Wendy Querro Carolyn Arens ...This s T 'if' As we walked down senior hall with fearful an- llcpation of initiation, things started moving for the lass of '88, Our hebful advisors, John Roeber and lfiaureen lttig, assisted President Ken Johnson, Vice resident Kail Pickler, Secretary Teresa O'Donnell and Tusiness Manager Kelly Mllig in class fund raisers, in- -luding poster and key chain sales. Our sophomore year was led by President Kelly -Wllig, Vice President Kail Pickler, Secretary Jane Lriggs and Business Manager Cathy Scott. We won e Hoot competition for Homecoming. We also rais- d more money for our class with a raffle of donated ems from valle y businesses. We moved into the upperclass in our junior year fith President Tommie Adams, Vice President Spencer lacolucci Secretary Lynn Hindes and Business Manager Cathy Scott. Our Homecoming float tied for Hrst with the Class of '84, We attempted to raise money with more key chain sales. Our senior year finally arrived and the Class of '88 really started to show what they had. The class leaders consisted of President Cathy Scott, Vice Presi- dent Jeff Hendrickson, Secretary Julie Ferrier and Business Manager Shannon Blazina. There was a noticeable increase of spirit and more people dressed up for Homecoming week than ever before. Our Homecoming Queen was Tommie Adams with Ken Johnson as her escort. We also won the float com- petition. We sold Class of '88 tee-shirts to raise money and had a proiitable Homecoming dance. Liso Aciaermon Tommie Adoms Donold Adcox Kelly Adcox AB X W., f Curr Ammons Corolyn Arens Fred Argelon Robin Boker n E Q Lindsey Borbeou Mike Beckman Jomes Bennett Broins equol money for Mike Chondler ond Lynn Hindes. Shannon Blozino Jim Breeden Jone Briggs Glen Broughton Louro Brown WCM . V-,....W 1 1. i.,.3i . .. f. ,f 1 ' npxogi' J John Colhoun Bill Carnegie rf' 'nk H. P 5 Mindy Corr Anno Chompo Closs couple, Chris Eods ond Dono Donielson, worm up neor the heorer. biz. 'rl '. Mike Chondier Alison Chossid Jeff Child Donoree Chouinord ' Ingrid Christen Kim Cole-mon Rhondo Cornert Wolly Dovenport Suson Cleven Shonnon Blozino ond Spenc locolucci show they oren't like LGSO Cooper everyone else. Poulo Cox Debbie Culp Dono Donielson M, ' ' r Morci Dovidson Steve DeGroor Bill Dellinger gi Ken Dillmon Chris Eods Troy Eoron ls Eric Elvesrrom Mike Estes Corol Evons Russell Forslin Don Gobel Most Likely To Go Pro - Dole Horris ond Jone Briggs. Wendy Ellsworth Julie Ferrier Jim Freemon Solly Gorcio , 21 Furure employees of Ringling Brothers Circus - Alon Lind ond Kris Wiliig. A Tim Goss Cherie Hoos Toni Homilron Colleen Hornpron Mory Gorewood Monico Gehrrs Delio Gildersieeve Pere Glover Judy Hoglund Joyce Holisrrorn Dorin Horringron Dole Horris Scorf Horr Toni Henderson Jeffrey Hendrickson Robin Hendrickson 'fn ii -' es Sondro Hendrickson Denise Hezel Chris Hill Lynn Hindes Melindo Horiuchi Robert Hurfless Spencer locolucci Dionno Jockson Nicesr smiles? Morci Dovidson ond Chonse Rogers Kenneth Johnson Lori Johnson Andrew Jones Tomi Jones Eric Jorgensen Guy Kerzenberg Kelly King Morcy King wr: ,fi f' A of o-4 ' Doniel Kirchrneyer Mork Kohlruss Q - Mosr likely to pick up hirchhikers, Kirn Rogers ond Ken Kirsten Konoposlsi Teruyo Kondo Johnson Robin Krouse Judith Lindernonn Renote Mofli Robert Morsholl tri R . I 2 L Joseph Loskody Melisso Lems Most likely to own swomp lond in Florido. Chris Hill ond Kim Srnithson Kenneth Morfin Shaun M050n Alon Lind R Kelly Little Alec Mogdlin Robert McCorty i 4 Dovid Myers Emmonuel Pordo Alicio Perrymon Christine Perrymon 4 4 'E Roxonne Pew Violet Phipps Koil Pickler Timothy Pillo Royko Pribic Noncy Pruitt ,I I l Nicki Pudinski Tommie Adoms ond Ken Johnson uncork their persoonlity, Trocy Quoole Whitney Querro - f'UN sw r4,,.r Deonno Rhynolds Donny Robinson Liso Roidt I FE " L3-iurao Most likely ro hove Ioryngifis: Lindsey Borbeou ond Kris Willig. Christopher Roddewig Chonse Rogers ' i wr1J:4g2,a WB Joy Ryon Roxonne Sompson Scoft Ronkin Joon Rice Kimberly Rogers Joner Souvoge if ii? i X Thomos Schiesser Traci Schneider Lotnryn scott Lotnerine :neo K Jomes Shedd Poul Shockley Deron Smith Stacy Smith t f-ali 1 Kim Smithson Coit Stone Kris Swihort Stephanie Tochelle Most likely to be on the cover of Vogue rnogozine: Spenc locolucci ond Sue Cleven. Korhy Toylor Gini Towery Jim Townsend Korherine Trocy 5. r ' , I 'fe , ,fm , J"-V 1 9? R' I9 Steven Venero Tereso Weber Heidi Weisenboch Heidi Welling - . . d"v Scorf Weppler 'iillK"" I ,,..-., ' Srocey Werelius Most likely ro be in your dreoms. Jeff Hendrickson ond Melindo Horiuchi. Most likely to sreol your pom-pons. Tommie Adoms ond Spencer Iocolucci Kristine Willig Jomes Willing Doron Wolff Deonno Wiering Kelly Willig ', , 1 ,EI , ry 4in"! 4 fi wk 32 W ...4 4 fw ,af- Q1 .W ,f--V-iw P' he-W' 5 . The closs of '84 reolly cleoned up this yeor. They were led by President Shonnon Cernick, Vice President Bryon Zemp, Business Monoger Brod Kooso ond SecretoryfTreosurer Amondo Songren. They were ossisted by odvisors Moureen McCIeon ond Gory Miller. They roised money by holding two donces in December ond Februory. Once ogoin they sponsored the holftime hoop shoot during bosketboll gornes. Terry Altvoter Korlette Anders Peter Andreosen Doyno Aucklond Sheilo Austin 'Wu--ne' Steve Avenell Showni Borrett Eornie Bortley Sue Bouder John Beesler ts Jeonne Behrndt if V Becky Berg at f Liso Birdsoll Nicky Boord K blzz E Kris Bonoudi ' QQQXXA Morty Boonstro Som Boyce Seon Boyle K? Judy Breeden X ww W i s xl es' xx av . Brendo Brice UNIDIQS Page 84: 15 A number of juniors find themselves captivated by the spectacle before them. Page 85: 1? Dalin Overbay and Pauline Salois, is finding boys more important than homework? 27 Mike Oster likes what he sees. 33 Dan Schroeder is ready to hear Mark Simpson's opinion now. Lori Bridgman Christina Brown Thomas Brown Marc Brumbaugh Fred Buchman Cindy Bush Dick Byrd Joyce Carlson Rich Carmichael Dan Carpenter Bob Case Sean Cassady Shannon Cernick An Cole Cyndi Conway Rob Crittenden Lora Crow Doug Cruver Jill Davidson Dean Dillman 'gut Ph Q' 34 Juniors 53? X w F F -F if o i f a V 43 -E . ' was is , 1 N ., , , 's , . N A .. ky y h - ' F . , Ein K , , .- x QQ? ,f X G. i X we I-I i, S 4 F Kim Dills Mike Dolan Lisa Donah Monika Dujmovic Torn Duvall Shannon Ehrich Karen Eiliott Scott Eisasser Craig Emanuel Bob Emry Bob Farr Kenny Finch Frank Fischer Steve Fisher Kurt Fure Eric Fykerud Dan Gabel Lori Garrison Corky Gere Barry Giles Juniors 35 Dx, 2 Wayne Gilpin Louro Grohom Shown Grohom Donny Gronr Jim Griffin Goyle Grino Tomi Grino Lori Gunderson Michelle Hoko Joe Homilron Morc Honson Trocy Hawley Korhy Heorh Steve Heirmon Koren Hickenbortom Brod Hill Tino Holtzner Jeff Howe Louro Hyort Wode locolucci . f 2 we is f X 'VS if x il! 'Ng O I 3 ix Yr if X W. . 5 'Qi 'V 36 Juniors ll gi! 2--.... KF- if F , s K? Poge So: 15 Fred Buchmon likes the grode he got on thot test. QD Cindy Bush orgonizes her locker. SD Lori Gunderson con'f believe whor she just heord. Poge 371 15 Rick McForlone, Jeff Howe, ond Kenny Finch hove o snock during breok. 'CTF 1 Aa -s-w,.qm- Q, Corlo Johnson Brod Kooso Julie Kelley Doug Kerch Jerry King Erin Knoll Jockie Krzon Lourie Lorson Jill Loskody Jock Lewis Moryleo Lillejord Soroh Lindemonn Cheri Moleno Mono Mortin Rick Morrin Poul Moson Donny McClain Cheryl McCuen Tereso McCurry Rick McForlone Juniors 37 Poge 38: 15 Koren Scott is deeply engrossed in whot the teocher is soying. 27 Neno Priblc is on octive converso- tionolist. Poge 39: 13 Lonl Dellinger suspiciously eyes whot's for lunch todoy. 23 No mustoche yet, Wode locolucci. 33 Glen Reule tokes o breok from the tedious work he does in Annuol closs. Chorlo McKinney Brion Melin Jeff Mitchell Angie Morris Dole Moses Dovid Mosher Cathy Munro Rochelle Nodeou Mory Goy Nelson Richord Newton Brion Normon N A Trocey O'Donnell N QQ Chorlie Oliver - Mike Oster QQ , Terri Ostergord M- qqqx if f iii N M c 1 X Dolin Overboy Joimie Penzinskl Ryon Peterson Dorren Phinney Noelle Pieper Ni 38 Juniors Koryl Pierce Jon Pike Becky Powell Neno Pribic Julie Romsey Steve Roy Cynrhio Reno Glen Reule Alon Reznick Debbie Ridgley Liso Riley Kie Robertson Corhy Roddewig Debbie Ross Korhy Roy Kevin Russell Beckey Sole Pouline Solois Amondo Songren Rosie De Los Sonros Juniors 39 Poge 40: 13 Wode Wolff, Morls Simpson, ond Rick Mortin eogerly volunteer their tolents in Creotive,Coolsing closs. Poge 41: 17 Junior yeor brings new struggles to Steve Roy who finds himself with o broken leg. 25 Tino Holtzner c:on't believe she's going to be Annuol editor next yeor. 'P' S 1 B. J. Schiesser Kerri Schlicting Don Schroeder Koren Scott John Scribner Word Semell Brion Sether Scott Show Robert Simmons Mork Simpson Cullen Smith Jeff Stofford Kothy Stollmon Kerry Stillwell Lourie Storoosli Liso Stout Chorles Thomos Duddley Thompson Kerry Tillmon Keith Turner 'Si if - Q xx K '- we if 40 Juniors I , g . W iro ' is fi U 1 Nt AK We if is-.4 ESX X W' Shelli Von Zondt Morc Voufrin Borboro Verity Jonene Woid Teri Weidemon Ryon Werner Curtis White Billy xvhnes Chris Widener Juoniro Woods Nellie Woodwick Isheo Wright Bryon Zemp Juniors 41 Jr 2 The closs of l85' shows thot they ore on top of things ot Mount Si High Closs officers ore Treosurer, Melony Horiuchi Business Monoger Brion Wyrsch, Presidents Julie Gephort ond Jim Stevens, Secretory, Joy Hoffrnon ond Vice Presi dent Soro Keller. Michoel Achord Chorlene Akin Liso Anderson Borboro Aukerrnon Nicole Boker Bret Bottey Troy Boumgordner Roy Bounsgord Tino Beoch Chorlene Berensten Shown Burglund Mork Bloyd Troy Bodey Mott Bonoudi Neal Bowen Cori Boyce Anthony Boyle Dovid Boyle Shone Brown Julie Bucholsky S I-IIDMIDIQES ww L41 '-. Q ,, we Q 4 it at 2 " U 4 , ti gig? My ,V 5:5319 . - ,r Qikkj A S l MM I i ion No' 5 Qmvfb V- : i 1 ' i i l LM ,M sf' PHOTO Nor Available T? .ii ! Shown Burnett Lee Burns Melindo Burrell Devono Burton Joson Busby Jomie Collison Julie Conyock Brock Corlson Cory Corlson Michoel Carpenter Rogino Corpenter Thomos Corr Phyllis Corroll Kelly Cose Betsy Cervine Allen Ciorke Storr Collins Jennifer Combs Rene Cooper Mike Crobb Fronk Curtis Rondy Curtis Debro Doves Timothy DeHote Sophomores 43 Chrlstlno Dowd Cindy Dowd Down Eorl Toby Eoton Kelly Eby Heldl Elvestrom Jeffery Emmonuol Mork Enebrod Tomolo Everson Heldl Evetts Julle Forr Don Fischer Dovld Fletcher Potrick Flynn Normon Force Fred Forcier Robert Fortner Seon Frlck Duone Furstnow Gront Furlle Jennifer Golbreoth Timothy Gosper Julie Gephorr Done Glroldln Timothy Glover John Gomm Chonse Grohom Coml Groy Tom Grlm Connie Gunderson ' r - E..f,, Y W if X A 5 - , . -.., W 2 R .QM Jr ,xc 3 I 5 1 Q use -- X5 I '. - "SESS: ' :, 1. - V x x F 4 , 4 65" 44 Sophomores We S- N New 'SX 1. .X fL,X ., 5 4' Robert Haas Mary Hales Charles Hallowell Alicia Hamilton Lila Hand Tina Hanson Christine Hart Kimberly Hart Mark Hartfield Jonathan Hayward Barbara Henderson Ronald Hendrickson Keith Hicks Daniel Hill Russ Hills Joy Hoffman Jeffery Holloway Stanley Holstlne Melony Horluchi Mike Hos Nantes Howe Richard Hunt Jason Hurst Dennis James Pamela Jamovich Erik Johnson Zane Johnson Jacqueline Jones Cary Kassian Sarah Keller Sophomores 45 Ng ' it Tk 5 T ' ,Qi i K L i A : Page 46: 0 Keith Hicks shows you the sophomore strut. 23 Chuck Hollowell demonstrates the affects of girls P.E. . r .. 5 X Qi Q iff Ifkifffi 'Yfkif' mx ,,,, za -ms L .r m .sae . ' as , x r- -- as . :xl wx ' -'L I X is E 'mx K S f it si H it Q sr. at C fi 3 Q 9 Q I t 3 E 1 E t it , t S Q Richard Kelley Bart Kelley Roxanne Kennedy Glnnett King Londrew Kinzle Shannon Kleweno Darcy Kobloth Gerrie Kohn Benford Krier Kathryn Lane ,f W 'W' ' " '4 'ff MM J JY 1 , 5 Z , 5 W if si L RL-it 'Elm fm Jo-Ellen Langston Donna LoPorte Jeffery Leaf Shannon Lemoine Dole Lind Q, ig, mv" ' Connie Little'ohn J Kathleen Lockwood Anthony Logon Christopher Martin Darrin Martin Q 46 Sophomores Q g ,,,,rej5fwt ,,f aw ,- i 5, 1 J Q v vii. moto Not AvAiLAaLs 3 ' iiis J K W 2 W H 6 Jr K an 'W . 4 ? , KV: ,,, If ' - 1 ' , Dorryl Mortin Jodie Mortinell Michelle Mortinson Lonnie Mosters Rich Mothwig Michelle McCloskey Koro McCuen Pot McKoy Mork McKinney Vicki McLeon Doreen McNeely John Melin Soro Michoels Kathryn Michoud Kotrino Mitchell Jon Mosher Robbi DeAnne Mosier Bennett Nodeou Yvonne Nove John Newton Bryon Morris Mory O'Donnell Tino Olinger Susonne Polmer Joyce Poyne Morio Peer April Pennington Louise Perozzo Debbie Perry Wolly Perry Sophomores 47 Nicole Petty Brett Potter Michelle Puhlman Kim Raefield Jeremy Rene Gregory Renico Shelley Rhynalds Christine Rising William Robey Collette Roddewi Barbara Roy Rhonda Rush Jim Sanderson Joseph Schlichte Lori Schultz Debbie Scott David Sharon John Sheppard Amy Shultz Danny Sim Danny Sisk Shelly Smestad Heidi Smith Matt Smith Kevin Snyder 9 , ss Msg gi. ,,tii. . ff H -' Q If .Q Lonnie Snyder James Somborovich Kimberly Sorenson Bryon Stallings lg W Elia, S. . tv". CW ear is S 1 K :N .ws gx 'lk Sh. 'WN-Q 48 Sophomores if e .- K W: .L is Q ' is is QL as T Q if - , f X Q W. x, QT gg 55--.wx ww f 'Ei Q.,-.fer Xa. rr' Mortho Willey Jonerre Willey Bryon Wyrsch Phillip Yotes Erik Sfeorns Kristi Stermetz Jomes Stevens Tiffony Strobel Ann Sukut Poulyn Swonson Sommy-Lee Thoxton Michoel Thomos Mike Thomos Motthew Thompson Woyne Thompson Kristy Tolleth Kothy Tolleth Korol Trocy Michelle Tuttle Tymilynn Uhl Kimberly Umbough Donold Vistrond Cynthio Wolker Tony Wolloce Adom Woggoner Russ Wentz Morilyn Werner Eric West Tony Wilkerson Sophomores 49 50 Young, ombitious freshmen enthusiosticolly porticipoted in vorious clubs, octivities ond sports. At their first meeting, the closs wos in- troduced to odvisors Moteo Arteogo, Keith Grohom ond Elizobeth McKenzie. They elected closs officers President Shuree Werelius, Vice- President Erin Cernicls, Secretory Jonette Hoglund, Treosurer Lourie Ridgley ond Public Relotions Person Cherie Richter. In the foll the freshmen hod o boke sole to roise money ond ploced third in the homecom- ing floot competition. 15 Som Adoms con't believe his eyes, Derek Schiesser hos flipped out. 27 Freshmen girls toke o breols to tolls obout the cute guys in high school. Somuel Adoms Thomos Allen Jonothon Ament Louis Andersen Thomos Anderson Ai. Louise Andreosen Don Barnett Trocy Borter 4 Romie Bell Williom Benefiel if 5 A .X 6 X is 1 x0 QL, Jerold Bennett , ,-,, , Jessie Bennett Kelly Bennett Sonio Beneliel Liso Billett 'X . Jon Botton Ron Broy Cotherine Brooks Michoelle Browers Shelly Brown FIQESHMEN Kirnberlee Bruslsevith Donny Bush Rondy Byrd Debbie Collison Dovid Copron Edword Cossody Shouno Covonough Erin Cernicls Jonice Child Gory Christen Brion Clorke Arlene Cole Nicole Conklin Robin Connelly Dione Cottrell Liso Cox Cheryl Crowford Liso Crowford Rusty Crites Kothleen Cruver Freshmen 51 Poge 52: 15 Kim Hickenbottom's fovorite time of doy is Iun'ch period. 25 Som Adoms ond Kurt Fykerud cotch o fost snock during breok. Poge 53: 15 Heidi Ostergord, Terry West ond Lisl Mofli discuss the toctics of long distonce phone colls. 25 Jonette Hoglund ond Shuree Werlius ore proud to be freshmen. J, A ,,,,, .. sf X0 1 Q, Y ee ss if tgmsbikis' Rf WE ,ss N4 kg, Qs,N,my,,C Steve Culp Roben Curtis Jessie Dohl Morci Dono Duone Dovis Jeffery Dickmon Liso Duoley Alison Eones Cindy Eorley Jomes Eosterling Christopher Eby Kevin Elliott Jennifer Erwin """ Amy Estes Fronk Felder Colette Flury Jerry Freed Jomes Frye Julie Fure Kurt Fykerud rv-I 5351 .. 'L ' iisssfis i siii s v xi' X X CCC ..., i F Xb ,ans - ' r ' i - 'Q' ' A 52 Freshmen 2 E, ax ,, 1 3, .. wx -A f G , Corolyn Gole Michoel Gorewood Liso Goudy Stephonie Givens Richard Gohlke G G erree ssss sss . - . ks . W G G -- X LZLL G -vm or K ix vs , Penny Gomm ' sir , L 3' Q I N Terri Goodman i be Y . j X is ' " 'S Liso Govig " 1 XQAA fares' f ----- if V A gi f' Debro Grohom L,.. , 2 - ii- - Terino Gronr - 2- M 1..: . 5 N i r 'IZL -rg Q Kevin Gregory A Shoshonnoh Griffith E 12, A Lio Gunderson +--f as ' if 7 Michoelle Hockenbuch L H Jonene Hogiund 4 x E if si? .r 1 fffyfi ,lx Croig Horniiton Brodley Honkins - , -' , -.K-W 3' Srocy Honsen 'fi ' Donold Horris is A ' Morcio Horrison H X . i .. X Q eree G Freshmen 53 Poge 54: 15 Jim Eosterling potlently woits for closs to stort. 25 Trocy Borter ond Tommy Johnson, ore you lote for closs ogoin? Poge 55: 15 If you cleon your plote, Col- in Poddock, you'll grow up to be o big senior. 23 Jerry Bennett con't believe whot he just found in his locker. A CD Todd Osiodocz didyour lunch moke you sick? , E 1 - W Q..-of -I . 4.55 -, w Ann Hostie Jodee Houstviet Nicole Heoth Mork Hellman Melisso Hepworth Kim Hickenboftom Cynthio Hill Lindo Holse Ann Hollowoy Julie Horschel Denise Hover Lorroine Hunt Eric Hunter Down lsom Heidi Jeffery Brod Jenson Tommy Johnson Jeonnette Jones Herbert Jones Andy Jordon 'Qu XM R 9 , WS 2 S - ,uf tl ,,,.. r I.- 1' HOB H . ff'- .... L ....- 5 s- . ,Z --kk H -x .... . if , K ,,.. 1 . NN c i l J c , E Q x Q rw, R F' by S S W Q me f W " ff cm., i 54 Freshmen 1 if Debbie Korns Heidi Kelley Kollie Kern Amy Kesrer Buddy King Anthony King Rene Kllnr Sean Knisley Keenon Konoposki Liso London Tonyo Lonl-rford Eric Lee Derek Lendy Devon Lesher Morio Link Cherie Lobb Chris Mocris Lisl Mofli Jomes Magnuson Ronold Moleno Freshmen 55 Thomas Marum Debra McCurry Chris McMurtry Donna Meaden Kurt Meyers Charles Miller Jeanne Miller Patrick Milliman Ronald Moe John Moes Jeri Morris John Morris Jennifer Morrison Tami Morrison Michael Moses Joseph Mosher Eric Nelson Lana Nicholas Liz Nykreim Todd Osiadacz Brenda Oster Heidi Ostergard Kelly Overbay Colin Paddock Christopher Palo Tony Paulsen Steve Penzinski Darin Pike Karin Pike Arthur Pollard 221 if-is if if 'R s , .J i E kisii . ,C A ...JV . .Q .K .k.. C V 5 X in we if Q AWN we ' 1 v- gg X HS SP X J 'Q' sf . irwkiil f"- 'fi -iss:-1 ,-:-1 'QR , ki it NW it Q X N4 X Sf ig, R, MX xl so J F , Q? X t :ggi 'f-. , 13 2 x X .1--Q 1- A' "' sf has-Q 56 Freshmen Cheryl Provost Rick Roiney Joseph Rombo Todd Ronkin Andrew Reed Johno Reeves Dennis Reilly Todd Reno Joclyn Reznick Cherie Richter John Richter Louro Rldgley Vol Ridley Jeri Roestel Liso Rogers Solly Rossiter Dennis Roth Trocy Rousseou Toby Ruffcorn Tommy Ruth Dyon Rutledge Steve Sonders Melody Songren Leonord Scheidegger Dorek Schiesser Sondro Schloht Jomes Schultz Morio Scott Seon Shoffer Gregory Smith Freshmen 57 Koorin Smith Lonce Smith Robbie Smith Tiffony Smith Donno Snyder Williom Stephen Lori Strotton Stephen Strieb Tomoro Thompson Louro Thormohlen Colin Todd Tommy Triplett Jerry Voile Shelly Wolters Jacqueline Word Lonette Worn Thomos Weotherwox Edyth Webster Chris Weppler Shuree Werlius Sheilo Werner Terry West Morio Westerlund Ben Wieting Chod Willioms Debbie Wittler Melino Wright Gregory Zemp ,V 5 ,W ,M 3 -L 4' .4 'QQ L7' M-MM' 58 Freshmen f Superintendent Lorry Lindberg, new Vocotionol Director Corol Lowrence, Administrotor Edlucotionol Services Dorthy Beomer, Finonciol Director Dove Allred, ond Tronsporto- Director Don Grino. 25 Mr. Lindberg looks into the future for onswers. fn Fw DUI? IJZADEIQS Our ASB representotives Mike Chondler ond Cotherine Sheo hove brought bock much informo tion on the proceedings ot the monthly school boord meetings. The Administrotion discussed overcrowding ot the elementory schools, teochers' controcts the moving of teochers between grodes ond buildings, olternoting elementory pricipols yeorly ond in- troduced the new teochers for the 1982-63 yeor. Cotherine Sheo odded, "lt's like being bock stoge ot o ploy . . . you get to see whot reolly influences education." She olso stoted, "More students should get involved with the meetings ond voice their concerns." Administrotion 59 TEACI-IEIQS 4, ' .. :-:,: .,:' g It Q, SC JS Page 60: 13 Catherine Shea helps Mr. Knoll demonstrate is M 6 W ,N if the physics of the jaw. Page 61: 15 Mr. LaLanne con- r , Y' t 1 templates on howto make Curt Ammons a superman. 29 E A sg 'lr'-of 6 Bob Hutflessjust does not agree with Mr. Avery's rules. 35 g ' 6 or Mr. Spalding does not want to be bothered by autograph EL: f y seekers. 6 ' ' ' 6 +s A s s s sf B 6 1:. .kQ.. iii ,F 6 H 5 Maggie Bennett ' ':' . - .,., Dorothy Burnham ,gg 3. L , Irene Burnham 't" 5 j ,, i" ,, , is Dave Clifford Q-ss L . by ' 5 3' George Cloaky Wyyrrrr ' r it J e.. V Q yy H A M by X Dennis Daigler Thea Daigler Bob Davidson Patsy Elliott Sandy Foerste -iv f' Art Galloway 'gs Susan Goodson 2-s Bill Halstead Marilyn Hargraves Wayne Hashiguchi Q . X A Y B -'fr H .. Q l 4 ,- V 1' 5 x ss. - WEL' -- .s... , wee- -- . ss, , , .i frrr at ,, .Q - W We-rwmgggs H Maxine Hoeppner Marlin Jensen David Knoll John LaLanne . " Elizabeth McKenzie K Q x Q. it wwf "" N ' X limi M s x 'L if M' ef E li Q K 2 s:,,:- B is s My 5 Q- f S ts. 5 M 60 Teachers ye f ,Q W A f un 5, We , . W rw 2 9 I ,, ,f , , an va ' i if W V 5 ""r-fv-mmmm-M,, fm Wm-m-H, M1 elf? , lk, e iz . r .92 K 45:--:':f222. N l I E ' - .i g , tb,,,.,..,N ky- i .K JL 'Hr . ,I . X i F ,- I--rip in QQ ,6 , " ffiv RJ. ! i ris 33 it Q X 4 Gory Miller Robert Odmon Peggy Orr Colleen Penoluno Gerold Rene B. J, Reynolds John Roeber Ellen Snyder Morgie Sukut Barb Swoney Sidney Weller Don White Teochers 61 HE me I3 sslis 1 This year has brought about many changes in the administra- tion. Mrs. McKenzie, a full time teacher for the in-school suspension program, was hired. But the most obvious change in the main office was the face of Mr. Wayne Hashiguchi. After years of teaching at Mount Si, "Hash" served his first term as vice-principal. With Mr. Bob Davidson leading the administrators, they hoped to realize their goals which included stricter-enforcement of the rules in the parking lot and helping the A.S.B. improve methods of fund-raising. Both students and staff showed a more positive attitude than past years, demonstrating a great deal more spirit and pride in the school. cf ASHA 62 Principal to . . . vis K M iz: 't 1 S i V i Page 62 13 Principal Bob Davidson has a friendly relationship with the students. 25 Dc White is always happy to hear ideas for activities. 35 Wayne Hashiguchi just received l' latest issue of "How to be a Successful Vice-Principal." 43 Elizabeth McKenzie shows he feelings for the ISS program. Page 63 1D Susan Goodson, "Campus Cop," is always on th lookout for trouble. 29 Barb Swaney tries to look excited as she calls on another absei student. 33 Mary Johnson is always greeting students with a cheerful smile. AD Margl Sukut looks out for flying food. 55 Ellen Snyder is relieved to have finished the records. is-1 A 1' Y N 'qw 3 .. . , we Q 'Su M We., 2 Secretaries 63 CUSTDDIANS BUCKS -K ifaqigcy i iw fx if K L sf ' i ,Q E 15 Mount Si cooks gother to whip up o meol. 25 Greg Goodson tries to cleon up his oct. 35 Kothy Lems is reody to wrop up onother tosy item for lunch. 45 Lorry Pengilly is hoppy to be o custodion ot Mount Si High School. 55 Moxine Heppner is cought with her honds in the dishwosher. 64 CustodionslCooks sv' DN HEM A Poge 65: 13 The district bus drivers ore cought ber- ween shifts. 25 Jody Adcox gives us her winning srnile. 39 The bus rnechonic rokes o breok. Bus Drivers 65 66 Activities iq A 44' 4 4 A 4 2 2 f-Q3 4' - -v 4 2 "W if i n ,Q 4 , A wi f 1 v 6 ya in 0,1 in A Kai , 5 ,W A, ih. ,,,,,,- A !Y if an gd if fi i .ii 1 'ii lf l 1. ix, ii jpg dz.: Qi J" 3 v,,,AV,E, . 0 ' if i lf" ia M i ..i 'f iv j ' ,'1.: .v,, I w ' i 5 ,,,,i . X 'v VV f .l,- my is i i A rx Winn " i E ---M-+--- ' 5 1 A X ,, lf :QQ :,:B : A - 1' Q i 1 ,MM "Q V x Q, ,i Q V 1,1 i i ..,.. a , h N s 'L 4 ' "' K ---- . X 2 M i 0 f , . 1--ryy w ilk A , V .clit .X ,....E,, v , . H mn 5 gs Mk SX K E .Q ,..: , A i W . A A 'AV ,A A A 1 ' A... Y V A N - ' ' . x Q . 'Xi , E .QW Activities 67 GDDIDTI ESD LL... The good times sure did roll dur- ing Homecoming 1982. We got off to a great start with a very suc- cessful Spirit Week. On Monday we got to see everybody wearing his! her favorite hat and crazy sunglasses. Tuesdoy we were in- vaded by punk rockers with multi- colored hair and some total nerds. People in Roman togas and bathrobes wandered the halls on Wednesday. On Thursday we all went to the beach in senior hall with real sand, o swimming pool, beach-balls and a lineup of lawn chairs. Friday was the traditional "Scarlet and Gray Day." During the halftime festivities, the royalty was driven around the track in old-fashioned cars supplied by Eastside Street Rods. Mistresses of ceremonies were Shannon Blazina, Judy Haglund and Cathy Scott. The royalty included freshman princess Sherrie Richter escorted by John Botton, sophomore princess Heidi Evetts escorted by Jim Stevens and junior princess Shannon Cernick escorted by Brad Kaasa. Senior royalty con- sisted of princess Dana Danielson escorted by Chris Eads, princess Melinda Horiuci escorted by Alan Lind, princess Jane Briggs escorted by Dale Harris, princess Kelly Willig escorted by Chanse Rogers and princess Diana Jackson escorted by Spenc lacolucci. Laura White, the returning queen from 1979 was escorted by Jeff Hendrickson. Tam- mie Adams our 1982 queen was escorted by Ken Johnson. 68 Homecoming . . . HUMECDM 1982 Poge 68: 13 A Mounr Si ployer goes in for the ottock on o Rom. 23 The undercloss royolty woirs for the seniors ro orrive on sroge. 33 Mount Si receives the boil in o winning gome. Poge 69: 17 Tommie Adams smiles os she occepts her crown. 2D Alon Lind ond Melindo Horiuchi on- ricipote the crowning of the queen. 33 The royolty receives flowers before the queen is onnounced. Homecoming 69 DANCE CIQAZE . . . This yeor Mount Si students hod mony opportunities to "rock out" ofter footboll ond bosketboll gomes. There wos o lorge turnout ot most of the donces ond the sponsors mode substontiol profits. The bond voried from the "Heovy Metol" of "Prowler" to the "New Wave" of "The Allies." There wos olso o donce with recorded music ond o light show sponsored by- KNBQ rodio ond the closs of 84. This yeor's speciol donces includ- ed o Holloween costume donce ond the semi-formol Homecoming donce. in I ' fi 'W' .f t r . S .AQ , V in 6 s sc M .. . 70 Dances 'ir cf... X x?il"'NA . M f X 3 . X Poge 70: 1D Donce coordinotor Tereso Weber exomines Donald Duck with the help of Heidi Welling ond Cherie Hoos. 2? Andreo Robertiello "gets down" with Goofy ot the Holloween donce. SD An unknown monster hounts the Hollo- ween donce. 47 Everyone hos o greot time ot the KNBQ donce. Poge 71: 19 Julie Ferrier doesn't believe thot Bob Emery is scheduled for o check-up. 25 A Mount Si fovorite, "Prowler" rocks our school ogoin. 33 Jim Sonders con't seem to find 0 doncing portner in this crowd. kk . i . - 0' V Q i 5. Q r rr ff Donces 71 72 CHEEIQLEADEIQS The cheerleoding squod, led by odvisor Mrs. Eloine Clifford, did on outstonding job roising school spirit ond running the pep ossemblies. New this yeor wos the spirit boord. The gool of the boord wos to involve more people in plonning ond running the ossemblies. ln o chonge from previous yeors, oll the cheerleoders ot every foot- boll gorne, ond rototed between bosketboll ond wrestling. At cheerleoding comp the group wos one of five out of o totol of 75 thot received the leodership pen- nont oworded for outstonding leodership skills exhibited during the week. Tomi Jones olso commented, "I feel thot the squod worked well together." flyii ff is :,0 ' f I Cheedeodem Y IQDDSTEIQ Page 72: 15 Pauline Salois and Kathy Tolleth run through their cheers ata football game. 25 Cheerleaders: Top row: Kathy Tolleth, Tami Jones, Dalin Overbay. Middle row: Joyce Carlson, Shannon Cernick, Mindy Carr, Pauline Salois, Gayle Grina. Bottom row: Lori Johnson. Page 73: 19 Cheerleaders warm up before an assembly. 25 Kathy Tolleth and Joyce Carlson, "Did you forget your cheers?" 39 Joyce Carlson teaches Shan- non Cernick to fly. 43 Cheerleaders discuss who will lead the "Rooster" cheer. Cheerleaders 73 ,,. DDILI. TEAM . . . The drill teom worked throughout the yeor on developing new routines for the pep ossemblies, bosketboll gomes, ond focing the cold weather ot our home footboll gomes. Under the instruction of Ms. Ott, the drill teom entertoin- ed the students through the yeor. The moin gool for the drill teom seemed to be, get superior roting ot the store com- petition. Most of the members joined drill teom.for the donce proctice ond the experience. The drill teom olso known os the Mt. Si Misticots, think of their instructor just os onother Misticot. Ms. Ott thought thot the teom improved on: shorpness, teom unity, pride, ond individuol lesson in respon- sibility ond commitment. x .-fx, ,MMNMM x"D"'-mmm Mm' MNWWWNM MM-www, - 74 Drill Team WL. -qu.. if if 0 M., Poge 741 13 Proctice mokes perfect Miss Ort. QD Smile Shonnon Lemoine you're on Drill teom. SD Drill teom stonds reody for oction. DANCE I 1 Ri we 'Q , D rg -sv is.: lung Mwhmwm H M ,,,, K, 17 Drill teom reheorses o new routine. 23 Drill teom steps into oc- tion. 35 Con you touch your nose to the floor Joy Hoffman? 45 Are you out of step, Deonno Rynolds? R 554 ji ' of ,JR 'tit r,oss v 1 Lv fuu , , in fir ', ' L We X, 4 .. 5 Drill Teom 75 ,f in N' wg A vi, gs K, X 9 .1 5"':1, f f 4. gi , . 4 4 K Q wg.. 49, X 9 'Q' M' 42544 Q W X, 3' W le me X Q 4 .153 31 4 f ,5'4He" y Q: mg 2 NY f 4 ' + C v , S 5 M is e A 2 Q Q. in 'M K I . QQ! A 4 A. Q x 2 J :N , ff, X 13 ' X tim 76 Sports NX wp A if A W h V 1 , ff ff n'i5"'-fic! " " I - --wwxgm X . Q W N: t 'ff r. .ff -S ji W .W ' Q A - M Ma 'W ,' ,V X ,HW -..,.,,, vu .xx FP? J. - -w.gwumiS, xx if w pm ,M Sports 77 The 1982 Varsity football season has been an exciting one, with many of the players winning awards and honors. The patrons who went to the games, home and away, enjoyed watching some truely WILD Cats play. Mt. Si Scoreboard Mt. Si. 7 Bainbridge O Mt. Si. 14 Cen. Kitsap' O Mt. Si. 14 Enumclaw 24 Mt. Si. 31 Seqium 7 Mt. Si. 14 Tyee O Mt. Si. 31 Fife 18 Mt. Si. 21 Mt. Rainier 7 78 Varsity Football 6 K 1 U X, 1' if Q5 S1 5 . , S! as Q H s. , wifi' X . . USI-IES DNWAIQD .,-vt ., , , .. , '59 Cb .M if f , . ,A, - ,,, ., ,,., . 0:4 :.-.. 1 "1A I llts W 1 , .1 +111 Pl rw gfi A V, .V ,, A - Q VVVV , 1. C V. . V V JV VVVVV . VVVIV V V Ivl VV ! V V V- V . i 1 V 3 G x f' . , V AV ,,,A.. , VV 1 If 1 . as I ' V- V V V V. IZZA7 V ,V VV Vvv- f '-' " V -r 33 W -' " V. - S ' - V i t- a V 5123: 'fu-.Z....,'::'-'1-K, ,.,. M 7,,,,,3-, ' E: , , , k r .., Scoreboard Mt. Si vs. Bainbridge 7-O Tahoma 0-2 Enumclaw O-8 Eastside Catholic 7-6 Tyee 22-12 Fife 8-6 Mt. Rainier 18-21 Liberty O-12 Coaching the J.V. football team, Mr. Clifford led the players through a great season. When asked what his goals were for the team during 1982 he replied, "To play the most kids possible and give them some experience. Also to have a winning season." In addition, he added that most of the goals were met. One of the players, Bryon Norris further stated, "lt was a really fun season!" Page 80: 15 The J.V. football team poses for a portrait. 25 Players practice the fun- damentals of tackling. -39 Steve Ray ex- periences the agony of defeat. 47 The Wildcats rush on to victory. 80 JV Football I f .ff 3 I'llf FIQUSH TDUCI-I Whot hoppens when two freshmen get together on one field? The result is the Frosh Touch not o winning seoson, but definitely exciting footboll. Highlighting the seoson were two fumbles recovered by Dennis Riley in one gome ond four interceptions, one fumble recovery by Fronk Feldor ogoinst Fife ond one lorge bump on Jerry Bennett's heod. Defensive Cooch Berndt thought the defense ployed tough oll seoson while speciol teoms cooch Gollowoy thought thot the kick off teom or the Komokoszi's ployed excellent. Receiving owords for the teom were John Botten ond Don Horris, Co-coptoins, Jerry Bennett, Most ln- spirotionolg ond Dennis Riley, Most Improved. Summing up the seoson cooch Gollowoy soid, "Mr. Berndt ond I ore proud of the ployers for stoying out o difficult seoson." 19 The mighty freshmen tockle o Fife ployer. 29 The offensive prepores to run the "option." 35 The Mount Si Freshmon footboll teom stonds proud. Freshmen Football 81 For the first time, volleyball mode it to distrkt playoffs. Ranked number 4 in the Seamont League, the talented 'Cots beat Sealth, the number 1 team in the King-Co League. Most of the girls con- sidered this the highlight of the season. Winning seemed to come easy to the teom and after a successful game they would receive a pre- sent from Coach Ott. Presents in- cluded food, games, and towels with their names printed on them. The team olso gave presents to their coach if they lost. One of the gifts was a song which received excellent reviews from the Mount Rainer football team. Finishing their season 9-7, 4th in district, and only 2 points from state, this team left their mark in Mount Si's Volleyball history. 15 Liso Ackerman jumps up to block, but she can't seem to find the ball. 27 Lisa Riley points the way . . . CD . . . but her team-mates have other ideas. 45 Coach Ott, Toni Hamilton, Kim Coleman, Kelly Willig, Jane Briggs, Loni Dellinger, Liso Ackerman, Judy Breeden, Kris Willig, Liso Riley and Tino Holtzer show off their new towels. 53 The volleyball team shows us o new side of their character. l.I.lf. BALI. P N Q., V5 5- I fi ' 4 if .X .' X, , . Q, , .13 5- an , 1,.:s.. X is .gg ff .fp :- Zi S Q -in L.: 1 , ,ycff i 'str Sw xflfi rtti 5, 2 IH..-"M ,, 5 a ,MWF 82 Varsity Volleyball r -.fs N ITS DISTIQIC Am' W L l ll fu... """ '-" -- W , ,W Q sf x Ki 4. 'al in .WMM 'X ai -ST. . vim H N ,,,,,,,.,,,, W,,,.N ....,W, Am,. ,WA ,M,,l, Q., , 5 f + + 1 f 5 Sl l ll l l . . if 4 1 5 A viimmilg i l , X K- , f 1 F -.X... i ll g 1,.. Si? ' r W ii Q 551 . fi SF -ff ...."""w W W -" ,F 'l "' Q Q- f X In ...L. f tm A Vorsify Volleyball 8 84 Ovi O O O 17 J.V. Volleyboll Teom: Shelly Rhynolds, B. J. Reynolds, Liso Ander- son, Soroh Keller, Kim Hickenbottom, Michoelle Browers, Joy Hoff- mon, Noelle Pieper, Melindo Burrell, Gonerre Worn, Jockie Reznlck, Julie Horschel. 25 See Soroh Keller serve. SD Jockie Reznick counts her bumps. J.V. Volleyball 5125! .. u-ll"""' ,,,,W-WW . . . TAKE SECDN MM SCOREBOARD -I-M Mi Rainier 15-10, 15-5 15-4, 15-5 Tyee 15-1, 15-10 15-11, 115-10 Enumclow 15-10, 15-10 15-13, 15-8 Fife 15-11, 15-11 15-10, 8-15, 15-7 Tohomo 11-15, 15-6, 12-15 13-15, 15-7, 13-15 The J.V. Volleyboll teom proved to be one of the best in the school's history. Five returning ployers ond five tolented freshmen took second in leogue. "ln my four yeors ot Mount Si this hos to be one of the finest squods I've ever hod." com- mented cooch Reynolds. 13 When BJ. Reynolds tollss, everyone listens! 23 Joy Hoffmon knows how to serve too. 83 lnspirotionol ployer, Joy Hoffmon inspires Noelle Pieper on! J.V. Volleyball 85 CDDSS CDIJNTIQY . . . Pg. 86: 15 Cross Country reom poses for o group shot. 25 Just onother long, hord run for Bob Fortner. 33 Jeremy Rene, Jeff Emonuel, ond Bob Fortner leop post Tohomo's teorn runner. Pg. 67: 'D Jeff Ernonuel proctices for o one-legged roce. 27 Chris Roddewig doesn't wont to be bothered with signing outogrophs. SD Heidi Evetts is oheod of her opponents, os usuol. S s 5 I . 4, A it :gf 2 f F iw M. . 3 fi - ' ,im af f-'- f it s t K V' ' - .1 86 Cross Country SMALL I3 T TCU 'FQ neil X f V i 1 iikwi' YE X. Y W X 'Q' .Ot . '-M A 5 V -HPV X 'W 4 ' s i . fix r ' sc A ,, 3 1 lx. 1.74: 1 , 5 'T'-:stu 1" M , , i Q 5 S X. A -- 2 f wssarrff ew.. K' fm.. V This yeor's cross country teom wosn't the biggest, but they got the job done. Leoding the teom to victories ond records, wos their cooch, Mr. Odmon. The top girls in cross country were Heidi Evetts ond Cothy Scott. The top boys were Bob Fortner, Jeff Emonuel ond Jeremy Rene. Overoll it wos o good yeor with more individuol success thon usuol. Most inspirotionol were Jeff Emonuel ond Heidi Evetts. Cooch Odmon stored, "When oll five top vorsity boy runners were present, the guys were 'tough os noils!" Mike Chondler commented, "With o few more bodies out, Mt. Si will definitely be contenders in the yeors to come." Cross Country 87 GIIQLS SDCCEIQ . . . The Girls' soccer teom truly found soccer to be o kick in the gross this seoson. Cooch Morrisey replied thot there were mony inspiring ployers this yeor. Mony new ployers did on outstonding job. The most inspirotionol ployer wos Melin- do Horiuchi. Most voluoble wos Kirsten Konoposki ond the most im- proved, Melony Horiuchi. "l'm pro- ud of them," commented Mr. Morrisey. Poge 88: 13 Girls' soccer teom Jill Loskody, Cooch Bob Morrisey, Louro Grohom, Melony Horiuchi, Lisl Mofli, Col- lette Roddewig, Nicki Conklin, Corolyn Gole, Kirsten Konoposki, Julie Fury, Moryleo Lillejord, Becky Sole, Trocy Rousseou, Moniko Dujmovic, Melindo Horiuchi, Jill Dovidson, Tommie Adoms, ond Betty Schiesser. Not pictured: Kerry Stillwell ond Lori Strotron. 25 The soccer teom clowns oround. 88 Girls' Soccer Q . f v ' I 5 ! K, X .N 5 'IIQNN . f Q. N' ' -uqAm 4 If f 3, P 'VJ' gl GULF TEES DFI: The golf teom this yeor wos older ond hod more experience. Morlin Jensen wos cooch ond members were juniors Rich Cor- michoel, Bob Emery, Kurt Fury, Wode Iocolucci ond Louri Storooslip sophomores Brion Colvin, Dorrin Mortin, Dorryl Mortin, Erik Steorns ond Tony Wilkersong Freshmon Kurt Fykerud. The teom wos successful in ochieving their gools even if the seoson record wos not outstanding. Their gools were to get everyone on the teom to improve his! her score ond send golfers to compete in the district ond store tournoments. Junior Wode Iocolucci won the Ieogue medolist tournoment, then went to the district tournoment ond wos co-medoiist. In the spring he competed in the stote tournoment. The golf teom voted Wode Iocolucci os coptoin. Sophomore Dorryl Mortin wos voted os most-inspirotionol. 1. 90 Golf fi 1 . wwf' -.- i'qfF't'1QY i . Qaliv' - .'? Xtfll Q:-wi1"fi5i2:s E, .J 7, xxx.. fag ,Q , i?M" L' wx " Ei it .1 xr 4 lk 2 90 15 Louri Storoosli is determined to get o hole in one. 2. Bob Emery shows us his greot golfing style. 35 Golf standing ore Brion Colvin, Erik Steorns, Louri Storoosli, Mr. Morlin Jensen, Kurt Fury, Wode locolucci ond Rich Kneeling ore Kurt Fykerud, Tony Wilkerson, Dorryl Mortin, Dorrin Mortin ond Bob Emery. Poge 91 1D Rich tokes time out to dig for buried treasure in the sond trop. 27 Kurt Fury loses his iron on this owesome sw- . SD Erik Steorns corefully putts the boil os teommote Wode locolucci colculotes the outcome. Golf 91 VAIQSITY BUY aaa a 'N aa ix I 55 X g Y 5 ,iff . 3 ??il!lIf af 13 92 Varsity Boys' Basketball 'V UEIQ The Varsity Boys' Basketball worked on playing with team ef- fort this season. Coach Cloakey ad- ded, "The team became better disciplined at playing in this fashion." Whatever the team was doing, it worked. Although they started out slow, they soon picked up winning speed. One player, Spence lacolucci, commented, "When we worked together in games, we seemed to be pretty much unstopable! Us Them Enumclaw 53 65 Tyee 50 59 Fife 59 53 Mt. Rainier 42 46 Liberty 82 55 Tahoma 64 60 Enumclaw 61 63 Tyee 43 48 Fife 52 57 Mt. Rainier 49 43 Liberty 49 50 Tahoma 67 63 Page 92: 15 Matt Thompson effectively handles the ball while Wade Iacolucci hurries to help. 25 Dale Harris and Mike Estes stretch their talents to new limits. 35 Wade lacolucci leaps into the air to release a beautiful shot. Page 93: 13 Matt Thompson gracefully slips the ball into the hoop. 27 One Wildcat player aggressively reaches for the basketball while the others prepare to retrieve it. Varsity Boys 93 VAIQS 17' GIIQLS Varsity Girls' Basketball had an exciting season coached by Hep- worth. The team strove "to im- prove the skill level of each in- dividual to a point where they each felt they had a special role to make our team successful," said Hepworth. The girls placed in league standings. Enumclaw 42 41 Tyee 45 49 Fife 84 20 Mt. Rainier 52 22 Liberty 38 23 Tahoma 38 48 Enumclaw 46 83 Tyee 33 27 Fife 55 39 Mt. Rainier 48 47 Liberty 58 41 Tahoma 52 61 flung., K is WP M 94 Varsity Girls' Basketball CHAIQGE I: IQWAIQD vp W 25 s "' W a Poge 94: 15 Liso Donoh steps into oction while Loni Dellinger helps out. QD The Wildcats plon their ottock for o jump boll situotion. Poge 95: 15 TOP: Loni Dellihger, Kerry Stillwell, Liso Riley, Liso Donoh MID- DLE: Kirsten Konoposlsi, Kristi Stermetz, BJ. Schiesser, Judy Breeden BOTTOM: Cooch Hepworth, Heidi Evetts, Kelly O'Donnell, Tino Holtzher. 25 Kristi Stermetz expertly dribbles ogoinst her opponent, 85 Kerry Stillwell wotches Judy Breeden toke olm for on importont foul shot. Vorsity Girls' Bosketoll 95 .V. ACT DN JV boy's bosketboll teom, cooched by Mr. Spolding, set gools of improving individuol bosketboll skills, winning over holf the gome ond the Sulton Tournoment. The chompionship gome of this tourno- ment wos ogoinst Monroe. Twelve points down ot the stort of the fourth quorter, Mt. Si ottoclsed with o full court, mon-to-mon defense. The pressure wos too QFGOT for Monroe ond Mt. Si won 57-53. lt wos the seoson's high point. Enurnclow 59-84 64-67 Eostside 49-47 Monroe 57-53 Tyee 54-55 56-63 Fife 52-55 39-38 Mt. Rolnier 33-55 44-51 Liberty 59-65 52-57 Tohomo 48-68 56-38 Poge 96: 13 J.V. Bosketboll shows their stripes. 27 Troy Bodey outjurnps the op- ponents. 35 Opponents concentrote on Donny Corpenter. 45 Tohorno ployers ottock Jim Stevens. C53 Troy Bodey struts down the court. 96 J.V. Boys' Bosketboll , 241' 4 1: 151.9335 77" 'SSS-S551 . .QQQQQ5-22:-'..:4 , Q. -' ,ss-A W,-f ,f""'p!'w'H-'w' 4 --Q4 .V. GIIQLS, CHAMPS -Q-.Q-Q1-.V--Q xx Q 2 -....,,,,s 4 The J.V. girls' bosketboll teorn storted out being o very young ond inexperienced teom. But Miller hod hopes, Being his first yeor cooching girls' bosketboll he inspired us to reoch deep down in- side ond ploy with our heorts, ond put out 1102, The seoson storted out rough, losing the firsf five gomes, they were oll close fought motches to Triple A schools. Then come leogue, ond did we cotne on strong. We only lost three gomes ofter the first five ond oll 14 of us ployed olmost every gome. Miller hod high gools set for his teom ond they were oll met. Leoding scores were Tornrny Johnson ond Missy Hepworth olso the leoding rebounder. QW i NWA i iii rrs is 15 Melindo Burrell knows where to shoot even if the referee doesn't. 2D A smoll but enthusiostic ou- dience, 35 Kim Hiclsenbottom con- centrotes for one point. 43 The young but ombitious J.V. Bosket- boll teorn with Cooch Miller. J.V. Girls' Bosketboll f YDIJNG S ADS Bosketboll teom come through the seoson with on even omount of wins ond losses. Considering the hord work ond effort thot wos put into the teom this yeor. Mr. Venn, the teom's cooch wos hoppy thot the teom did so well. Most of the teom members thought thot the teom hod o greot yeor ond were proud to hove ployed for the Mt. Si teom. Everyone of the members porticipoted throughout the bosket- boll seoson ond were glod to hove been o port of their '82-83' Freshmon Bosketboll teom. The Freshmon Boslsetboll teom scored os follows: Mt. Si vs. Tohomo 4651 Enumclow 54-65 Tyee 49-46 Fife 59-50 Mt. Roiner 52-45 Tohomo 4537 Enumclow 47-75 Tyee 48-46 Fife 54-43 Mt. Roiner 54-56 Poge 98: 15 Kevin Elliot prepores for the gome to stort. 25 Jon Botton tolks to teomotes obout their leod. SD Louis Anderson moves post his Tyee oppo- nent for on ottempted bosket. 45 Mr. Venn folks to the freshmen teom obout their victory over Fife. 98 Freshmon Bosketboll V. I'l0l.DS 'W DN The J.V. Wrestlers mode it through onother yeor successfully. Although they oll didn't moke it to the Stote Tournoment they oll sup- ported the wrestlers thot did moke it. The seoson ended with three wins ond five losses. Overoll the J.V. teom hod o good yeor with cooch, Tim Berndt. The teom scores ore os follows: Mt. Si vs. Fronklin 36-47 Bellevue 47-3 Tyee 6-O Enumclow 19-31 Fife 25-24 Mt. Roiner 18-35 Redmond 18-34 Tohomo 3-27 Poge 99: 17 J.V. Wrestlers, Top row: Kenny Johnson, John Pike, Bort Kelley, Borry Giles. Bottom row: Somuel Adoms, Richord Newton, Croig Homilton, Jerry Bennett. 25 Borry Giles shows us his superstrength. 39 John Pike ottempts to pin his opponent. 47 Shown Grohom trys to get his opponent to the floor. 55 Croig Homilton shows us one of his holds. 65 This is whot becomes of his previous hold. J.V. Wrestling 99 WIQESTLI . . . "- The vorsity wrestling teom hod two gools for the yeor: to continue the winning trodition ond to copture o Seomount Leogue chompionship. With on experienc- ed cooching stoff, olumnus Greg "Cooch Minnow" Hort joining veterons Tim "Cooch Trout" Berndt ond Dick "Cooch Bullheod" Compbell, the Cots did whot they set out to do. They wrestled their woy to o 10-2 duol motch record which wos good enough to toke first ploce in the leogue, olong with Tohomo. Their ottitude con best be seen when looking ot the Tohomo motch. The Cots were oble to upset the fovored Beors 28- 27 for o shore of the leogue chompionship. The greotest thing obout it wos thot every wrestler, win or lose, did his port for the victory. s Mount Si vs.: Roosevelt 45- 6 Enumclow Sommomish 30-27 Fife Lindberg 34-21 Mt. Roiner Fronlslin Pierce 28-33 Liberty Bellevue 42-25 Redmond Tyee 62-12 Tohomo 100 Wrestling 31-30 26-39 38-33 51-20 41-22 28-27 K' 3 15 Dovid Moses is reody to pounce on his opponent. 25 Sho sits down on the job, 33 A Mt. Si wrestler hos met his motch Donny Wilbur shows us his moves. i...HASlTID K ss 'ff 17 Mt. Si Wrestlers: Doniel Wilbur, Guy Ketzenberg, Dovid Moses, Steve Heitmon, Tim Glover, Toby Eofon, Jim Griffin, Shown Grohom, Thomos Morum, Jim Bennett, Chonse Grohom, Donny Robinson, ond Pete Glover. 25 Dovid Moses scores ogoin. .sxksfw Wrestling 101 w. , 1? 102 Clubs ,s m - S fs E l -f S A....-fu ' ii Q.e-..n""""- : """"'....-.uv - ,M- ...Al l ., 1 a -W 3, A S . W? W. I 3 V. x. ,ga ..,,- 1 " ::... . k at i,,,....... I X W ::,. . -nr Q 1 Clubs 103 DEDC U ...---i The Pep Club stressed involve- ment this yeor ond got results. With enthusiostic officers like president Tommie Adoms, vice president Debbie Ridgley, treosurer Amy Shultz, ond secretory Amondo Songren, they orgonized rooter buses to oll owoy footboll gomes, sold Pep Club sweoters, put up more signs in the holls, ond sought to increose the use of the Student Center. All this ond more: with better publicity, odvisor Eloine Clifford ond these dedicoted students not only improved sup- port for the footboll teom ond other sports, but improved the entire school's otmosphere os well. 55 ed an 1 V t ,lb 104 Pep Club if .... Poge 1041 15 We knew thot you were invited Pep Club Joson Hurst, but does thot include tl' girls' locker room? 25 The Pep Club. R Page 105: 1D Amy Shulfz exploins the proper woy to poinr cones. 23 Bill Robey prepores to roke o "bite" our of Kelly Eby ond Joy Hoffmon. 2? Pep Club 105 A.l:.S. TIQANSFDIQMED AFS is something completely different this yeor, in foct, it is now colled lnternotionol Club. The club's gools for this yeor were to support foreign ex- chonge students, promote culturol oworeness ot Mt. Si, ond plon internotionol exchonges for next yeor. The club would be restructured ond o newsletter published. Along with these gools the club hod severol oc- tivities which included o potluck, o rollerskoting porty, bowling, ond folk doncing. Plonned for this spring is on internotionol weekend trip to Victorio. The club encouroged students ond stoff to get involved in forming meoningful ond enlightening relotionships with students of other cultures. 15 Our illustrious AFS Club: Noelle Piper, Monico Gehrts, Teruyo Kon- do Ooponb, Advisor Mr. Tilton, Lillio Rosoles CVenezueloD, Roxonne Pew, Louro Brown, Lynn Hindes. 2D Lillio Rosoles from 106 AFS Venezuelo, shows Tilton how to soy hello. 39 Mr. Tilton the comero his Iody-killing look ond posture. 43 Lindo Lo - Lynn CHindesD the mouth. AUF IEEHTS 1' Q Rf Wim.. Germon Club hos been very oc- tive this yeor. They've received tremendous support from oll grode levels ond from odults like Mrs. Gigli ond Mrs. Dujmovic. Selling gummi beors, odvent colendors, ond Volentine's bolloons hove been very successful, ond will be opplied to long term gools, like on ex- chonge to Germony. Activities hove included on Oktoberfest bosh with Burlington, o Foshing donce ond dinner, ond o plonned Moyfest donce ond dinner, olong with o trip to Leovenworth, ond cross-country skiing in lote Februory. Page 107: 13 Roxonne Pew ond-Mrs. Du- jmovic discuss Twiggy's lederhose. 25 Of- ficers: PR. Down Eorl, Pres. Moniko Du- jmovic, Treos.!Sec. Noelle Pieperg V.P. Chris Brown. C35 Herr Tilton does his Walter von der Vogelweider irnitotion. 47 Noelle Pieper ond Moniko Dujmovic look toword Leovenworth. Germon Club 107 W ff, HDNDIQ SDC E17 . . . Honor Society hod o whole new look this yeor. The most noticeoble chonge being thot it is twice the size it hos been in post yeors. Ad- visors Bob Odrnon ond Dennis Doigler, president Mike Chondler, vice president Jeff Hendrickson, secretory Kelly Willig, ond treosurer Monico Gehrts worked hord to br- ing the group out of debt, develop sociol interoction ond be of service to them school ond community. The group porticipoted in on initio- tion potluck, cookbook soles ond the "Nutcracker" bollet. lHlw"h.,v "km, iw M2 'Ib Honor Society poses for o group shot. 23 Shonnon Blozino reveols her inner feelings obout Honor Society. SD Ken Johnson shows thot you don't hove to be ot Forrells to rnoke o pig of yourself. 108 Honor Society . . CUTS I-IE MUS ADD s wi S 1D Advisor Bob Odrnon polishes ond shines. '27 Co-odvisor Dennis Doigler, olios Mephistopheles, tempts Honor Society students with one yeor of A.P. English. 35 Koren Elliot wonders whot she is doing here. 45 Cothy Scott gozes into the future. Honor Society 109 MEXICO AGA N. This year's travellers to Mexico will spend time in Mexico City, Merida, Uxmal, Chichen ltza, and Cozumel. They will be able to tour Chapultepec Park, see incredi- ble pyramids and temples, and enjoy the hot climate. The club is not only for travelling. Many students have achieved honors outside of Mt. Si. Lynn Hindes, one of f many Spanish Club students to rank in the National Spanish Test, Said, "Even though l didn't get to go to Mexico, I had a lot of fun participating in the social activities." A iw' r W iii, V V 13 Spanish class learns what confusion is all about. 25 Mrs. D and her kids. All 12 of them. 39 Charlie Oliver and friend are enthusiastic. 45 Brian Norman repeats his lessons while Eric Johnson contemplates the theory of relativity. 110 Spanish Club l........ Qty' W gi, FFA SDIQDIJTS The FFA, under the leodership of president Kelly Eby, vice president Duddley Thompson, secretory Robin Krouse, ond treosurer Dorcy Kobloth, sought to improve hor- ticulture ond forestry skills. These enthusiostic horticulture students helped odvisor Mr. Mortell in orgonizing o pizzo feed for his students, ond they ore plonning o field trip to Butchort Gordens in Vic- torio B.C. Though they've hod o lote stort, the FFA is progressing quite ropidly towords their gools, which include o plont sole ot the end of the yeor, ond ore engoged in more octivities thon post yeors. igzjs 1' f ,f I A ,I T 19 Mike Dolon ond Deon Dillmon wonder if onything is grow- ing yet. 27 I use Tidy Cot in my cot's litter box, exploins Mr. Morrell. 35 Those oren't noil clippers Richord Benden! 45 Alon Reznick prepores his flot for o project. FFA 111 BDA NS A The Moth Club, heoded by Mr. Morion held mony meetings thot gove the Moth Club o chonce to get things plonned. Unfortunotely they didn't become known to the Annuol Stoff. The Science Club hod o chonce to do things twice becouse of the odvisors being swit- ched ot the semester. Mr. Berndt left ot the semester to toke onother job in Kent. Then come in, Mr. Ribetoy, who brought the club olive ond plonned lots of new ond exciting things for the Science Club. Poge 112: 1D The Moth Club, Top Row: Mr. Motion, Dovid Mosher, Michele Melde, Mike Chondler, Bret Bottey, Andy Jones, Bottom Row: Dovid Meyers, Lonnie Snyder, Stor Collins, Ingrid Christen, Jeffery Dickmon, Roxonne Pew, Gory Christen, ond Aurthor Pollord. 23 Con Bret Bottey reolly be confused? 35 Science Club, Lynn Hindes, Kotherine Trocy, Monico Gehrts, Cotherine Sheo, ond Mike Chondler. 45 Science Club working on something else thot died. 112 Moth ond Science Club PRING PEVE gg E Nw fifxsx P if K, x I ' WWW VM ,, V,.W ,MW ,, ,fu M V 114 TENN S HAS A , it I. fwmzf ' ' f ,' fa z mx 1 uf' tgp -H' my 4 :mg-mm cz, -.24 ' W f j.1ufg:jfTu"':m.' y , , ggmfdf'-1 A iff, - , If,mf,5,gmM'iirZi6f2t3wf?igi'i+5E,':5231? QM" ' 'ww , . ' .','f-,2'f.-'f I UH 1 f ' 7 pw 'IIT' 'M 7 Q .1 Wi' w4?f5wfl?5viW tfv7'z'wi'f"w ' 'ff agp f "H - M - ' " fff, 1 I 5511? ,ff - ,mf', " W T I QFWMMQ, - . 'T 't K V ,"' ' ' ' ' W- Y 1 ' v ogg, by my +114 Q.f5ifgwZ',V124fTm25g' tw ,Wg3"f2v ,g. x'1",. ' swgry I N f ' V, .M.9:,,',7i,xT,,fg?,5,M2,fW,:,?p,ym4Q ' I Maggy. 3 .Y I, W , ,,,, f' , ,. x J,M-Mff'e"w,ww1,rwfffwe'Mft 1 , A T , , new as uw ' ' ,V 5445 I iv: 5 f ,,iX,g4,2 , 1 :3f75Yggy.g4,,,m ,Qi,W,4 .1551 , y , ,, ff V 7, , I A f Q xiii fa if A A .4 LW, Q WWQV fi, ,f,42,1kifv1Tf 91 is i,, ,, , . W., 2,15 , ,, H we 4 fi 4 'sum ,, 5 M , , Q, ,, JS, ww A - , -AM 4, . , , ,I , ,rw WJ, , wifi, ,fa I an 44 ,,1,,7,, ' ze ff www A ., , , ,,,. V , is V , -ff :LV ,' 'L f I W y J , I V ,,,., i f.. I V- f,,',H 9 H ,X L J 4 .V 7 :M ieg,M,i,?1 Q, 1 .3Mc"""'f'f'f"4 , ' I "src, ,, , , L,-5, MLW ywfrv 4, 5'55'T'zQ'V'fY, , ,f , f , " " 'fy 'Tl ff, -,Q gn-1 'f ,W --Able ., ,c .ff ,qwvg , 5 sl f ,, ' 2,few,,W-elif,-'.,i5:ff t ' f Aww tm " V, , ,f ,, ,I J 'J ia,-'fffiz f,fg"4"fi'i'f,.,i, , , -5' f ' 1 . ly 'V fi A 'M " 'Htl i 7 ,, 32 ' H " V 4 zj2"7f,,f'fl 5' ifw2,,'3 ff i if W2 ,' ,M Q V l .. ff' Z ' M ' ' T 'X :Wi lil ?" Q r :lf W' ' ' , HL Zwffivi I' 1f1',f'Zf wffwf, imiw f fm ' "' 1 4 ?!',v1ifWW 'ff' 1 , '? Poge 1 for the follows Perriere, loving people on the Vorsity Tennis Teom. 5D The ombitious youth of J.V. Tennis. Tennis 14. 15 Dolin Overboy, reody serve. 23 Rich Cormichoel. the bouncing boll. SD Joon Rice, "l support Vournet, Yoploit, -qi X, , A wf21iJ'Mf'm fi!! ,.,,, sf Q, , A 'ff A ond Diet Coke." 45 The -'ff i ' gg "W' 1 f'V,v jf,ji,f f U, ,, Z, LW . ,,, 4, , . QM' , . in., 4 .A V W W . -wglfyz iw, QQ? Ag wt 'vga f ., ' .f 'D , M, ftt ft, 5,43 fg, ,, T Www 3.'E'W'w? T "fi 124 K' 2, ,, ' ' r 1 5 is f , t,,' , 2 . I I 1 T z 'WWW ,f-w..f..u.M...a,.f,.... .W , ,,.MM.M-wz if 2 LOVING SEASO ww fl ry it fW"fz:4avfafm',a:-t-.-v.v.i 5, rr , rr 4 ,, or S 244: , 4 4 ' lf4!H'l'5l,,1--,My ' 5 fawunuau-vaqpvuu... 412 ' ' ' 'f 'Q W 3 'z4:f'nn:'1" A 1 'Iggy -25,4 1, . 1, gig, 9 .uaatfltv gif, 'wk 'M.,'fj,f, ' f'i'wf'w'f-'fmlflw ,ff 3 .fi , 'W , ff .. Q , V .J A , . , In , W, Q31 4' V, , iff' 4, M . J ,, ,, - nf S M 'Aff V 1 , ggygfw '44, ,Vw ,faf3a2eT'fm - , 4-l..--,, g. --.. M M, L 4, , The Mount Si Tennis Teom ron into some tough competition in their '83 seoson, borely losing the mojority of their motches with o 3-4 record. However, the vorsity ployers ore looking forword to the leogue, district, ond stote tournoments coming up. Ployers who sow oction this yeor were, Seniors - Jeff Hendrickson, Lynn Hindes, ond Joon Rice, Juniors - Kie Robinson, Rich Cormichoel, Dolin Overboy, Pouline Solois, Debbie Ross ond Chorlie Oliver, Sophomores - Tiffony Strobel, Dorrin Mortin, ond Lonnie Snyder, ond Freshmon - Sherie Richter. Since only three ployers will be groduoting, Cooch Morrell will be looking forword to hoving o strong returning teom next yeor. Poge 115: 19 Chorlie Oliver, did your rocket breok down ogoin? 23 Do the tennis hustle! SD Cooch Mortell ond Derek Hurst go over finol ottock plons. 45 Lonnie Snyder through the doors of life. 59 Pouline Solois beots her rocket. Tennis 1 15 V RSITY BASEB LL I Ss Maw' i:itP,,,. g A fri 4055 1 C ' f l g kts, I , ' if , , Poge 116: 15 First row: Cooch Hort, Rondy Curtis, Chonse Rogers, Curtis Ammons, Dole Horris, Normon Force, Fred Argelon, Don Gobel, Bob Mor- sholl, Cooch Miller. Second row: Donny Robinson, Brion McNelly, Stocy Smith, Tom Duvoll Morls Simpson, Chis Eods, Steve Venero. 23 Running to the infield, Chris Eods finds himself lost in concentrotion. SD Stocy Smith proc- tices up on his boseboll skills. Poge 1171 1DMorl4 Simpson disciplines himself through onother demonding proctice. QD A boseboll finds itself clutched in the powerful hond of Rondy Curtis. C33 Steve Venero corefully prepores to help the Wildcots overwhelm their opponents. 116 Vorsity Boseboll .1 ,l it nf. V ,tw ,,,, M, GNVV V 594 w , , .1 1 3 -jjwri iff y 1 ,V A . i 1 ff X f WI DS UP Varsity Baseball was coached this year by Mr. Miller. When aslsed what his goals were for the season, Miller replied, "To teach the athletes to play baseball as it should be played while being the most aggressive team on the field." During the season, participants exhibited a real interest in learning more about the sport. Good leadership also surfaced. ln particular, Dale Harris and Chris Eads stand out as college prospects. All in all, the season proved to be an exciting and fulfilling one. MT. Sl VS: Bellevue 1-7 ESC 1 5-20 Wenatchee 6-12, 9-10 Mt. Rainier 3-10 Fife o-5 Tyee 5-9 Tahorna O-8 Liberty 4-14 Enumclaw 2-4 Varsity Baseball 1 17 Development of strong fun- damentals was stressed by the J.V. Baseball team this year in or- der to help the players reach their potential. The team is "improving gradually" according to Brian Grassi, at Mt. Si. Summing up the season, said Grassi: 'We really have made excellent strides this year." Page 118: 13 Top row: John Pike, Kevin Elliott, Dennis Reilly, Richard Golhke, Donald Harris, and Coach Brian Grassi. Page 118: 13 Bottom row: Mike Beck- man, Tedd Schictley, Matt Bonaudi, Dave Caperon, Robert Curtis, Mark Hellman. 29 Rick Gohlke is lined up fora perfect catch. 83 Steve Ray takes aim for a homer. 43 Coach Grassi, are you going to be another Babe Ruth? 53 Mike Beckman is ready for a line drive. 65 Kevin Elliott is going to catch another imaginary baseball. 1 18 J.V. Baseball HOLDS 0 i l Q rv iw: 1' .,.. , , .. W I - "'f ' V , 'ki vlif A. W ,.,, f,F,,r,L A N V " A x A ,ff ,W .01 I 7,1 ,151 I PROVES The J.V. Soccer Teom hod on outstonding othletic seoson. The moin gool of the cooch wos to cultivote the skills of the younger ployers, preporing them for od- voncement in the progrom. For the J.V. teom this hos been the lorgest turnout yet. Cooch Tilton soid "There's o greot deol of tolent on this teom. There ore mony freshmen with tremendous potentiolf' The teom hod o rother disoppointing yeor with o record of O-11, olthough they come close o couple of times. if ww I Poge 119: 13 1st row: Keith Hicks, 2nd row. Cooch Tilton, Kevin Gregory, Tom Corr, Borry Giles, Mike Oster, Chuck Hollowell, Bort Kelly, Ed Cossody, Chris Eby, Mike Gotewood, Todd Reno, Joson Busby, Grd row: John Johnson, Rob Crittenden, Dorek Schiesser, Herby Jones, Jim Mognuson, Rondy Gosper, 4th row. Chris Mortin. QD Mt. Si's J.V. Soccer teom con't quite figure out where the other teom is. 33 Mike Moses struggles to kick the soccer boll. AJ Cooch TiIton's Alcotroz mug shot. 55 Joson Busby demonstrotes o flying kick. J.V. Soccer 1 19 RSITY SOCCER . . . I Vorsity Soccer hod one oim for this yeor - to be com- My We petitive. Led by teom coptoin , L l X N T 4 Alon Lind, the teom ochieved 1 fi' V f ,. li, this gool, scoring within one it 5' V Point Of flieif OPPOOGOYS in Ol' S V'A 7 ilv but two gomes. Midfielder rf- 4 f Neno Pribic ond fullbock Shown ' 0 ' A ,fs, 'A s.'s ,, Berglund were nomed to the , my All-Leogue Second Teom, ,,gilsg ,,,,,m while Alon Lind, olso o mid- Q 3 , , Wt y gg, fielder, received All-Leogue irrii U Honoroole Mention. Soid y Cooch Mork Venn, "Ourteom is ll J riiii V ' r ' 531,32 itfi if" S ' if 'M' A ""W'Wi young with three freshmen on V V M t vorsity - if the ployers con im- qmsh , S , prove their skills in the off- if seoson, Mt. Si should be tough V ii 1 next yeor." fam, A NR , 'lr veg? 2 Y ff, " ' ' ,gi Wi V- M 2? f,,Aw" I , ' ' PAL I " "vast 5 my , ,S 2 13 The vorsity soccer teom. 23 Mr. Venn roots his teom on. 35 Eric Steorns grobs the boil to prevent o gool. 47 Neno Pribic hos o penolty kick. 5? Jon Botton dribbles up the field. 120 Vorsity Soccer In - ,ff 1 W . W Y I . . . EETS G0 LS 1DTodd Ronkin posses the boil to Neno Prioic. 25 Shown Berglund heods up the field. SD Jon Botton trops the boil. AD Alon Lind goes for o corner kick. 53 Did you just get o new Toyoto, Eric Steorns? 1 fa, ,,, ,. i Y 'iii 1 tu, +3673 al Jqwx. 'b -2 it fy-,eq Vw-w'Yiii,1f:nc' nu ' "I H i M W qw ' ""' ff f W' , - ' awe Wi, pw' Vi ff A ,V ,A t,,. , 95 ,jA,gg,,'1 , V if , 41- g ink ,E P .,V, ,. H VV ' ""' ' i t-,,' V K ff Q QQ "" -,H ' Un , i ' it i ,i get Mft , eiii 5 t we Q - if i i i i Q ,tt , , A Mm, I , W I I W, K 1 51... 4 5 Vorsity Soccer 1 21 FELI ES . . . Mt. Si Girls' Track team was off to a slow start due to its being such a young team. Coaches have tried a new procedure this year. They have combined the boys' and girls' track teams in practices. Each coach has taken one part of track, and coached it all season. As Shannon Cernick put it, "lt's a lot better this year because you get more in- dividual attention. Guys are a lot of fun. They're encouraging, and always trying to make you do better. We're like a big family - everyone gets along great!" 'We've been working real hard," Cathy Scott commen- ted, "but we just haven't been having good meets. Mainly because there are no home meets, so we never have the advantage of people cheering us on." 122 Girls' Track 45 f ,E 4 iwii 51 Sui' ,MS Sa S S? 5, --6 if ,S f S 1, QSQ ,S , Q7 V ,S S S S S fs ' ,' S Si. SS S.ii"S1fs -1 ai Sli 'iJS,.W'1' ' ' S . 'Eg ' " " S ,S"' 3' HS A t , S, , ,, , 4 f 3' , , " S QSSL -S, S S, S' .,,, " S , ' ' 'S 'fww S Y"' S S S, S f., WS is: , ' w S4:e,,,:SS S " '- S' S , SS SS S f S ' ' 4' -,f S Sgwiw S MM " M , ' i y " row ,MMrSSSS-WWW 'S W ' i ,,., S, Q-S SS dt SSM S S S S S v S S S S S av- wi i S, w M, S ESQ ' SS S w,S.fSf', wi , ,, , SS S S S fry ' is S ,S 'S ' , ttf ' ,113 fp S 'Z S S , ' , S3 ,wwf "' , -.- A.. ?'QW HS S rf SYS' V ' S 55,1 'A i H png W ,A S , 1. ,Ss ,S 2 S , S V ,SSS 45 , . W1 ,,,W, , ,L Ut , :Q 1 A., if ig: A A B S , M 'QSM Q S --- -,S S 3 , - S fr tl S SS S - r-S -Uma'-i1eSS tm-,ZS 1 ' , SSM, W , 4 Q y, , V , A K wwf' ' ' V ,Y "A 'zu S, J 5 sm' W'?i7iitiff"u.,.sl 6 S- SS 'tW"""'WSS wi S ' SS at S ' ' ' " ' 'M g S 7, ,Vi I I ,S ' W S ,S MS ,, " ' , S Sf gt H V 7 S A. , , 5 ,S ,, I wSS4,,,vSV1,,, ,V 'M VS I . SM S SSx5?SiSi, ' ' ..,,,.., if a t ' f'.S ' - i,S,:' 2135-,HZ ' 'SM 5, ,W af ,,, . S ,, ,,,, H U it S S- it f f' ' Wi S- - ,mg S S SM., , .. , .,,, ,, , .. W My 1 .i SSS, ,,.,fS,-Sf,1-- S ii, i , 6 .iS,649,j4SS.S, ef 4 , S - S, SS SsSS.iS,,S,m92W SX, S. , ' ,, ', ' S : ff'?'wS'SS- S ,S , S SW Kggwigw , ,, KS, 9 LQ S, ,, .- ,Si .S-W: sS,.,,b,,-S35S,.Mf-yiissfsgmSSE,SSmgiQis,2j,SSefgfS MS . 0' QS 1 S S S S. S , S Mali? f M ft at 2.15 SfQr'Si:tfJ1.Sgsf .S ' S, 1 W I ' Sf? iS'Ii2T2i6WS,iS1,'5i, S, S Iii f3Sii2i,g'Si ,SSQQSLI '5 jr-ti 155515, S.11vs'i,Sit, g,,1" f2S'Sp5f' g:w2 ,Mi-,2,S'f5'-4-.512 S ' "IS Lf' ' wSgi455,:S?7i:- "5JiSf'SS 'f Eff -1 'S ,, Z Slfiffdfk S , we z'fSSv'iS KS' Sigur 7 i:s'SS-Swiiwi'iS4wS,wl'iS M- SW 'S its tzffiz SS .ie,f?2fSfS ' H S 'f vu -'Sisfsi'Lgiiileeftii'-:WS S' SWZQSSQQSS 1 S S MS, SS S r fS,1iiy:,,. ,S SLS "1 SSS-'SIS :QW - 5 -I Sgf,,1S,, ,JS -W -f ' Y " " SS.. SS, f ,, ' ' I :SW7zfi Zi7'Si1S'f'i -' I S , ,S . P ' 3 , S . ,, , ' S' ,Jw Jiffj',SSi:iStit,iif1' 'i fifflq S , P i t E - I il, S V' it " ' A . ' KE TRACKS f 4 . , , V WW f M, f 124, , .. , ,, . . E V' 1 ' ac I ' 'J S' rl X I . V A mlm A -' -f ff' ' . 1 .. f. , 1: . Q ' QQW' ,,', A Y I' "Z' P ' ,Wg , .wifi . if, ' n...:.1Q,, A zfrwmlfwffrr 'W' Mi' k an .,.e!w,a -Nl 1 W' 1. as- w if 'K ull 'i 'wfwfr gf -'lliifswiy 1, Y V .., ', L I My fy v ' k ,- .5 . 1, . . . 5, K . If f -1, ' w Wffffjffk wwf' -r '4-1415: . sf" ' J V gb Q2 V .. V", ,gr ,MQAA Poge 122. 13 Heidi CLowdiD Evetts shows us the ogony of run- ning. 23 So Shonnon Cernick bought herself o rooster. 37 Borb Henderson proctices the perfect pose for trock ond field. 43 Borbie Roy comes in for o londing. Poge 123. 1DTeorn mem- bers include, lst row. S. Cernick, D. Schweitzer, B. Roy, L. Ackermon, G. Grino, C. Scott, K. Willig. 2nd row. B. Hender- son, B. Auckermon, J. Conyocla, M. Dujrnovic, D. McNeeIy, C. Roddewig, K. Willig, S. Keller. Grd row: D. Eorl, N. Woodwicls, J. Erwin, A. Sukut, L. Rogers, H. Evetts. 2DCothy Scott looks somewhere over the roinbow. 83 Liso Rogers does the "steepIe chose." 45 Sorcih Keller throws up. Girls Track 123 BOYS' TRACK . . . Becouse of the deploroble condition of the trock, there were no home meets this yeor, but thot did not stop boys' trock from hoving o productive seoson. Cooch Johnston's moin gool this seoson wos to oid the othletes in improvement of their skills in individuol events. J "Different othletes hove been ' ' successful in different meets," commented Cooch Johnston. He olso stoted thot outstonding trockmen, including Robert McCorty, Spenc locolucci, Dove McDoniel, Bill Robey ond Eric Johnson, should go for in post- seoson competition to district ond stote meets. 4 ., 12 5 Poge 124: 1D Louis Anderson concentrotes on put- ting the pole in ploce. 23 Dorryl Mortin, hove you inherited Pinnochio's nose? 39 Mike Chondler tokes o deoth defying jump os Liso Ackermon looks on. 47 Did you forget your Old Spice this morning, Dovid McDoniels? Poge 125, 1D Boys' trock gothers for o group shot. 23 Eric Johnson winds up for the throw. SD Dorryl Mortin is omozed ot Louis Anderson's obility to stop in midoir. 124 Boys' Track tf',,,,J,wwW,,,,,T?W ---......,,, RUNS, JUMPS, THROWS E ' GIRLS SWING FOR . . . John Roeber returned from lost yeor to cooch the vorsity softboll teom ogoin this seoson, olong with Morls Robitoy os ossistont cooch. Thir ty-two girls tried out for 14 positions. Among the returning girls ore Jone Briggs ond Tommie Adoms os teom coptoins, Kelly Adcox to pitcher, Liso Riley ot left field, ond B.J. Schiesser returned to left center field. When oslsed obout teom gools, Mr. Roeber onswered, "Just to repeot os leogue chomps ond represent our school ot the stote AAA-AA Tournomentf' A K XX , l 1' ,VLZZ l , , ., A TF 2 Poge 126: 13 Teom Picture: Top left, Kothy Stollmon, Jonette Hoglund, Liso Donoh, B.J. Schiesser, Judy Breeden, Liso Riley, Kerry Stillwell, Tommy Johnson, Cooch Roeber. Bottom row: Tommie Adoms, Jone Briggs, Dionne Joclsson, Kelly Adcox, Donoree Choinord. 25 Kelly Adcox concentrotes on releosing the boil. SD Kerry Stillwell lost the boll in the dust. 43 Jonette l-loglund is reody for oction. Poge 1271 13 Liso Riley hits onother home run. 25 Jone Briggs stretches for the boil. BD Cooch Robitoy dreoms of being o professionol softboll ployer. 43 Tommie Adoms pon- ders on where to throw the boil. 53 Jone Briggs tosses Cooch Roeber the boil os Kelly Adcox positions her- self. 126 Vorsity Girls' Softboll 2 4 13-3 3-41 3-19 1-3, 2-5 7-2 23-3 Q-4 20-8 17-3 Vorslty Girls Softball 127 SWINGING Pon FU : All sorts of new foces showed up for Junior Vorsity Softboll this yeor. For the first time, Mr. Jen- sen decided to cooch the girls ond wos very impressed with their tolent ond spirit. He od- ded, "To hove more girls out for softboll ond to give them the skills necessory ond knowledge of the gome to odvonce to o Vorsity position," ore his objectives for the seoson. 'With three yeors of softboll left, most of them Cthe girls? will ploy Vorsity Softbollf' he continued. Yes, J.V. Softboll does seem to hove token o swing for the better this yeor. MT.Sl VS: ESC 2-A Juonito 2-9 Liberty O-o Tohomo 1 O-14 Redmond o-7 Poge 128: 17 First row: Nicole Boker, JoDee Houstveit, Missy Hepworth, Terry West. Second row: Tino Holt- zner, Liso Goudy, Kim Hickenbottom, Trocy Borter, Tommy Triplett. Third row: Heidi Ostergord, Lono Nicholos, Kerri Schlicting, Cothy Roddewig, Jeonne Miller, Liz Nykreim. Fourth row: Joy Hoffmon, Lilo Hond, Julie Gephort, Kelly Overboy, Cooch Miller. 23 Tommy Triplett swings in perfect form. SD Diligently wotching, Tino Holtzner holds control over her port of the outfield. 43 Active softboll ployers keep their skills finely tuned through much proctice. 1281 V. Girls' Softball it . - ,MW ,, , if ,Aww ,f , n ,V 4 :Went c w is ., Q Qeiiffiifkf' Q 1 , mf ', i 2: , 1 . f 1 , k I 33'-'.5W:,,:i'G ' Q L.: , .riff"f',?"?f MZ--,fy-53E":LJ,, , -, , . .yrs 4... . 7 Y - ff tl f ff ww 1 4 WWW ,rt f V ,M ,..,, M N, ,r,, W r, trrt ,M I ' f V W W fw ,, , K E .. l: oun wo UNN ES 141. Ski Club went literolly downhill this yeor! President Lynn Hindes, directors John Roeber ond Bill Holsteod got them up to the moun- toins first, though, ond with eorly snow it hos proved to be o good yeor. The Ski Club consisted of 28 members, who oll put in o lot of time ond effort on fund roising, which included selling progroms ot bollgomes. With this money ond o S25 membership fee the club hod o pizzo bosh ond took six trips to the locol ski resorts. They olso hove o spring trip to Crystol Mountoin plonned. 'Q 'Sex ,l,Q Poge 113: 1D Some of Ski Club woiting to go skiing, Brod Honkins, Bryon Wyrsch, Mork Enebrod, Stephen Croner, Rob Crispen, lef- ferey Dickmon, Derek Lendy. 27 Brod Honkins, con't you get your foot in the boot? OD Heidi Jeffery is going up the hill the hord woy. 45 Mike Beckmon stropping in for o ride he'll never forget. 55 Jefferey Dickmon con't woit to hit the slopes. Ski Club 129 Ha gm Ks , Qi 5. , Q- W? f-ff f . Y Mf S X K5 2 K W 5' , . ,...., I W- .,- , -- 4 we f5,j,.f' Q ! ,,,,,3, - - I 'W ffm, WW... M, if o New Beginning ' 131 TODAY'S MT. Sl NEW I-IAIDDENINGS With every chonge there is o new beginning. Tolls to this yeor's foreign exchonge students: Teruyo Kondo, Lilio Psosoles, or Emmonuel Pordo. They con tell you obout chonges, growth, beginnings. Tolls to freshmen ond to seniors obout- whot is new, who is new, ond whot we hove oil occomplished. They hove different ideos ond dif- ferent gools, but the underlying ot- titude is the some. Beginning. Teochers thot hove seen the trees grow out front tell you obout chonges. They will point out their young ossociotes with their new ideos ond ombitions, tolls obout the Closses they hove seen grow from freshmon to senior ogoin. Every chonge denotes on end, ond every end herolds o new beginning. 132 Todoy's Mt. Si QssQwmwmMmw SN .mm www?v Wmmwwwf is Jw WWW' wswmf g H ww-Q-......,,x ww-an-.....,,, vu--...V x . 5' f-JA' fr ,A w i. W -A ,tw-M ,... Ng, fi 1 vt. ix 5 "Y N! , k MK fs N V x ss 'f 4 - 'S iw :L A .. .-,fxfm 'WW' MOUN T Sl HIGH ww 1 ww . Q-.fl ,nnlhvis 1 f 'H 1 u Q if -- " .1 Msw.: L h 1 133 f 4 fi? W 'wmv .::. f,,,A.1Lf,::f. , ff MY iii L"g' f , ' -5 ff.: - ,,,- FADS... Like I'm sure - gog me with o spoon. Voliey tolk, orginoted from Moon Unit Zoppo's "VolIey Girl," wos one of the biggest fods this yeor. Diet Coke wos olso big os wos onything with heorts. Portoble cossette ployers known os "woIkmons" could be seen ond heord in the holls ond in the clossrooms. Anything hoving to do with Gorfield, E.T. or Smurfs wos o big hit. As hemlines got shorter so did hoirstyles. Both guys ond girls kept the Iocoi hoirdresser busy. Stickers were stuck on olmost everything ond tootsie pops were the hottest item from the student store. New wove groups such os the Stroy Cots, Pretenders ond Miss- ing Persons were fods on the music scene. Borf me out. 136 gal Wm! ff-Hui, F - 'Z ,hw ,, 9154: fi T . K 92 , f g fb. Y Q tk MW. ,-X. Q,,,1.Q,q.M K ' V yt V? ' 4' 5 ' ' lm .F , . ,, ' AI ' tr it I Q., , , 1' he f , 5 ' Q ,' ' ff k f ' iff' if, ' 45 L - ,V ,M . JL V J, f .5 2 7 -wal-:fav Xf ,--fav ,..-..v.a-ua, ,W fw- kff 'Q 1 ,my fr G 1 iw '1-My 56121 ' diss, ,E , M. .. . M.: X. W. Q FASHIONS . . . In 1983 if you didn't weor Levi's you weren't in. Storting with the feet you hod o choice of vons, duck boots, high top Adidos, boot shoes, or shoes with bows. lf peo- ple looked shorter it wos becouse low heels were in. Moving on up the guys thot liked looking ot girls' legs hod o problem seeing through leg worrners. Both guys ond girls felt cornfortoble in Sweots Bi Chego. Miniskirts were worn by those brove enough to foce the Cold winter ond the ottitudes of clossrnotes. Sweoters with heorts ond olligotor shirts with turned-up collors mode it to the top. The romontic look wos olso in os more dresses ond blouses with brood shoulders ond ruffles were seen. Bright ond floshy jewelry were oc- cessories thot finished the look. Bon- donos were o versotile foshion worn on olmost ony port of the body. Don't worry if you con't keep up with the lotest style. For sure they will only lost forjust o little while. l 138 'X mnwf 1 N . ,mv --.ff . . -A, llfisfl ' 3 X X .ggi :We ' SKF , K, 1 AH . Q hw, J . f 'f 'W 'Eff x 'lu"?ff'7 Q '!Le:""' A , Jef 1 I Yi sf Y Je, in Q3 Ax as QQ N, 1, fx ,9.'if'K X www-. , f f 3 " , ' 1 A -' ,, A 2 V ,MMV A 3 'M N V ' M, ,X W. , N ' 7 w Lv Q 4 1 + 139 UNIV FAVORITES The past year was one of the best as far as the movie scene went. "Gandhi," "E.T.," "Tootsie," "Missing" and "The Verdict" were nominated for best picture of the year. Jessica Lange received two nominations: for best actress in "Frances" and best supporting ac- tress in "Tootsie" KZOK remained one of the favorite radio stations although some people received pleasure from listening to KYYX. Judus Priest's album "Screaming for Vengeance" was one of the year's favorites as was Def Lap- pard's album "Pyromania." The North Bend Mobile was one of high schoolers' favorite hangouts although some people found cruis- ing Crossroads more exciting. Video games such as Ms. Pac-man, Frogger and Donkey Kong Jr. were the favorites of the year. TV shows with a male star, Magnum P.l. and Matt Houston, were big as were show about high schoolers e.g. Fame and Square Pegs. Although the things mentioned above may be controversial, there was one sure favorite at Mt. Si this year -- the Mt. Si football team. 140 .. S R if A" f gf IH? A SCHXL DALE CDMING AND GDING Nothing Gold Con Stoy Noture's first green is gold, Her hordest hue to hold. Her eorly leof's o flowery But only so on hour. Then leof subsides to leof. So Eden sonk to grief, So down goes down to doy. Nothing gold con stoy. Robert Frost 142 School Doze 4, I am, J Q W 35' .W me Own Munn iwnrmw :mmm Awww wusw' :wavy mmnmr mmm wave sawn funn tank num ,sys a 1 nm 1 1 M www fun n vo ua, .ff-N wwf . H 1 wa , .v u-1 ww us ..- U W M ff 4 y . ,Dreom for Tomggrgw IQEMEMIBEDI IN ESTED' DAY This yeor wos full of excitement ond eogerness for the closs of 1983. Though we foce o lot of chonges ofter groduotion. we couldn't help but remember the outstonding memories of our high school yeors. We oll hod our own speciol ond uni- que moments thot hove stood out during the lost four yeors, but they oll center oround Mt. Si High. After we Ieove the yeors ond times we've come to be so oc- quointed ond comfortoble with, eoch 'of us will foce o new beginn- ing filled with o feeling of curiosity ond o willingness to survive. The memories we will olwoys hold on- to, but the "Chonges . . . o New Beginning" is whot we live for. 144 Dreams X '-I-.h X --...xbf .3 b 'Yszyf 'EZ' 4- I, W V.-K 3, A 'mf-221:--Ar-1 xg Wiiu- 5'1-':-r- jr3 , "4E25G. '53- .. . . In sv , ,.,.3:g3E?k,-qt, w-.., -. -A x -. N- N wxgwo- 146 Academics 1930 ,nv Qin ,, -W 4 sv- ? M I ww' 2 5. Y gwygivfmg R 2 bf' L , i 5 Q , v Z, . a Q n ,, , i . Im - vKl T"""' W l -'vV . D54 .Mr i,, '.k'dSl fiq. mf, . L. A ,,,:,:,, is TY W wif sg I A94 A 5 f ' 'if wg? M4 MM ff 4,1 " K' W Pa. laini- Q2 Q6 S mv.: x,....q ga X 1 Xm K 5 . gf- xQQ ,di m Academics 147 IQEADI 9 IQITI ... The English Deportment strove to updote course options ond increose the number of English credits re- quired. Within the clossroom they sought to improve the students' communicotion skills. The yeor wos o "moderate success" soid Dennis Doigler, heod of the Deportment. Also, severol odditions entered the English rooms. New dictionories ond thesouruses were purchosed while Steve Simpson joined the stoff. All in oll, the Longuoge Arts Deportment continues to thrive. Poge 148: 15 Cot Tolls bubbles over with enthusiosm. 23 Allison Chossid doydreoms her woy through closs. 33 Monico Gehrts, Michele Melde, Cotherine Sheo, Kothy Trocy ond Roxie Sompson enjoy on onimoted closs of English Literoture. 45 Scott Weppler strug- gles with in-depth concepts. 59 Chris Hill consoles Andy Jones when his bottery runs out. 148 English . . . AND IQITHMETIC S Poge 149 1? Nicole Boker urgently rushes to finish her moth homework. 23 Chonce Grohom diiigently ot- tempts to do nothing in o moth room. 37 Mr. Odmon's Moth Anolysis closs reluctontly grosps eoch new con- cept shoved their woy. gi,-. ' ' , . ,4 X S19 WT. W,......-4-"W W3 I'--"""' Yu. The Mothemotics Deportment reoched their gools this yeor despite serious finonciol cutbocks. These gools inciuded "improved communicotions, better computer focilities, ond to work within their budget," commented Mr. Spolding. Porticipoting os heod of the Moth deportment, Geri Spolding mentioned proud oddi- tions to the deportment. These were the computers delivered to the computer focilities. Use of this equipment offered new oppor- tunities for interested students. Moth 149 SC ENCE ADVANCES With frogs, mognesium flores, fetol pigs, ,ecosystems ond equolibronts the Science Dept. wos off to onother yeor. Though deportment leoder Tim Berndt left ot semester this yeor his reploce- ment, Mork Ribetoy, is just out of college ond very enthusiostic. He, olong with other deportment members Mr. Knoll, Mr. White ond Mr. Johnston, continue to strive for o quolity science progrom ot Mt. Si. 'HQ 4 dns., 'Q-.. ,,.4 Poge 150: 15 The new biology teocher, Mr. Ribetoy, horcl ot work. 25 Scott Hort is finishing his breokfost. 35 Scott Rankin od- ding up the Science Deportment's debts. 47 An ordinory doy in biology. 5? A reol hord working closs? 65 Are you trying to copy, John Newton? 73 Cheers! Cotherine Sheo. 150 Science 5 AW? ws 'Exif f WE MAKE HISTD Qi I X I I ..IIk. k,-: I . 1 I H Y I , , 4 91+ n 94 K V new GOWN UAH its The Social Studies Department saw some changes this year under new department head Mr. John Roeber. lncreased coordination with the English Department will allow students to write just one' good research paper for both classes. Brian Grassi was a new ad- dition tothe Chistoricb staff, which in- cludes Francis Kelly, Art Galloway, Dave Clifford, Vivian Simpson and Marlin Jensen. Flashy old policies were also continued, as the juniors in U.S. History rehashed the Civil War and tried their hands at farm- ing, while the seniors in SWP played the stock market and learned how their winnings got taxed. ,.. - 'Q- .Ki K LKLZE g , 5 Page 151: 1D Mr. Venn is stumpted by another of Chris Widener's questions. 29 Mr. Roeber get back to correcting those tests. 35 Kurt Fury explains the Civil War to Frank Fisher. 43 Karol Pierce listens to Shelly Van Zandt's daily gossip. 55 Peter Andreasen at- tentively takes notes. 63 Are you studying for a history test Barbara Henderson? 75 Chris Widener gets tired of waiting for Mr. Venn to wake up. Social Studies 151 Hai . . . TEAMS U This yeor the P.E. deportment is seeing some chonges in the cur- riculum os deportment heod Mr. Mork Venn hos o good outlook for the future. He would like to see more full time P.E. teochers, ond olso o more consistent progrom with similor expectotions. Voriety is olso o contributing osset to the closses. New to the progom is the choice to pick whether or not to pick o teom sport closs or individuol sport. Weight troining ottributes to one of the most populor closses. 15 Wode wolffe doesn't like to hove his picture token. 25 Erik Fykerud is oppoulled ot onother doy ot P.E. SD Don Schreoder does not like whot mister Lolonne hos to soy. 152 P.E. 1 0 og DQEQ 0 0 0 T 111 1 - k' ' Y . X. 55 ji WW , ,,,,, Qt Have you ever thought about business as a career? The voca- tional education department is striv- ing to train students for this field and many others. The department has seen some changes this year, with a new department head, Mrs. Carol Lawrence, and a newly cer- tified vocational counselor, Mr. Keith Graham. Computers have also become an integral part of the program. Learning about vocations is one thing, but doing them is another. DO and DE Cdiversified occupation and distributive educationb make things happen. These on-the-job training programs give students ac- tual hands-on experiences in the careers they are interested in. This kind of experience is essential for entering today's tough job market. 15 Richard Gohlke looks enthused about drafting class. 25 Steve Degroot concentrates on his typing book. SD Surprised by annual photographer, Bill Stephen forgets what he's doing. DO, DE and Vocational 153 MAKES Bucks When you heor DECA you moy think of Skittles, Snickers, ond other ossorted sweet snocks, but there is much more behind the counter. With president Jomes Townsend, vice president Ken Dillmon, ond store monoger Trocy Quoole, DECA hos orgonized o food drive, put on o prom foshion show, ond hos gone on o field trip to Victorio, B.C. The club not only porticipoted in regionol ond stote competition, but mode o multitude of stomochs hoppy too. 15 A shocked Mr, Morrisey receives news from Steve Venero thot his cor wos just sold in DECA. 25 Where's those gleoming white teeth, Jim Breeden? CD Cought in the oct of crime is Jeff Mitchell. 45 Ah ho! So this is where you hide 1st period, Down Kelley. lini- " 154 DECA ll f .. 1 is 5 i cd. J i Q 1 A TDUCI-I DI: C ASS -........,g,,,, seg, Yes, ovoiloble during both lun- ches this yeor ot o n'iinute's notice wos o choice of prowns, o chicken dinner, pizzo, o homburger, o shoke or fries, ond mony others. The Touch of Closs, supervised by Joy Ryon, Coit Stone, ond Colleen Hompton, ond completely run by students, hos proved not only o greot job troining progrom, but very filling os well. We hope Miss Ruby will continue her supervision in building this excellent olternotive to school lunches. ---so . Q Q 1 ww' X Q .. Q ,X ww ti,......,,,., u,,, , . -sr sem: vqw lb Mr. Jerry "Burger" King sells onother clossy homburger. 25 Miss Ruby suffers onother Excedrin heodoche. SD Denise Hezel mokes sure no one Ieoves without poying. Touch of Closs 155 CDUNSELI I3 CENTEIQ High school is not merely a time of learning, but a time of decision making. Each student must decide , just what comes after graduation, and the counseling center is available for all as a guide. Under the leadership of Marilyn Hargraves are Sandy Foreste, counselor Thomas Tilton, and new counselors Linda Jones and Keith Graham. Mr. Graham is en- thusiastically undertaking a "face lift" of the career center. This vital resource will be updated and reorganized with the help of a career education minigrant and a coordinated program for students of all grade levels will be instituted. These efforts should assist future graduates in accomplishing their goals. ' -m , wuts rrt C " rkrf Wkzfwoi M fats? ' . ,WMM mum xl W, W. . 'v-.a 17 Counseling staff, Marilyn Hargraves, Thomas Tilton, Linda Jones, Keith Graham and Sandy Foreste, gather for a group shot. QD Dorothy Burnham burns the wires. CD As usual Marilyn Hargraves is on the move. AD Sandy Foreste contemplates her newest idea in rearranging the counseling center. 53 Keith Graham helps yet another student rearrange her schedule. Counseling Center V' ,M .. 5 g-.W.. s i' -CE C .. .,., g S Nm , .. ...f .. -... .xo .C ww.,-A Chonges hove been toking ploce in the librory this yeor. Some of the more obvious odditions to the system ore o new computer center funded through community gronts ond o showcose of disploys by teochers, students ond even former students. Mr. Rene is olso "pleosed" with the overoll por- ticipotion from the vorious deport- ments ove the post yeor. As for future gools Mr. Rene would like to improve the resource selections ond cut down on losses. . Wflfll 'Wir' wid 15 Kim Colemon ond Scott Ronkin ploy little bunny foo-foo. 2D Mr. Rene is deeply in- volved in his typing. 35 Mike Chondler ond Ken Johnson count their colories. 47 Allison Chossid works hord on her schoolwork. 55 Guy Ketzenberg, whot ore you reoding? Librory 157 SN f xml I ,,,,m-4-ww A ww 158 Chow ff ww if F5 ' ,z 1, WM., Q M' U 1, ,, w,.f1,M i mma ,ww M W M4 ff W, www, ,,f it 3 A fs- ,V W, , 94 i 3 1 -, 45.21 N 5 W ,Mm ,fax "',f "7 ,1, V 41-' L' , 251531 , 48 9? H fmiwwwwmf 7? L7 X - T. ffm 'N-1 I xg, A f 3 ,hiya Ei I V , "W Q, JW P 1 fi :," 'll ll Ill QIZILIIQQ !!iB 1'l::IIL.IIEEn!!.LsIIQ2 iii K .::. .gg ...Vs A ii Crystol o group of eighteen girls is becoming widely known ot Mount Si. Singing during ossemblies hos goined them well deserved recognition. Their instructer, Mrs. Sidney Weller is very impressed with Crystol ond commented, These girls hove o lot of speciol tolent." Since Crystol is o highly selected group, o lot of tolent is needed just to be in it. Mrs. Weller olso proised the other choir groups soying, "Concert Choir with fifty-three members hos much tolent ond hos improved tremendously. Girls' Choir with thirty-two members mostly consists of younger girls, but they hove consideroble potentiol. The Men's Ensemble with sixteen members is o speciol group. This group is only on it's second yeor, but their tolent is endIess." The Choir is plonning o trip to Comp Cosey, which Amondo Songren, o Crystol member soys, "This trip is becoming on onnuol event thot oll porticiponts reolly seem to enjoy." Other choir members hove noticed more students ore involved in choir ond they oll hove o good word to soy obout the progrom ond their in- structor. The rest of the student body hove noticed Choir's speciol tolent for singing. Poge 156: 13 Sidney Weller hod o hord doy. 27 The choir gets rowdy. Pge 159: 15 Girls' Choir performs ot the Christmos Concert, 23 Louri Storoosli helps out Girls' Choir with o solo on her flute. 83 When Crystol sings, everyone listens, including the block stonds. Choh 159 BAND l3l. WS I-IAIQID Led by the odvonced musicions of Wind Ensemble, Mount 5i's bond ore ropidly improving. Students who ottend the Pep Assemblies ond heor the Pep Bond, which is 0 combinotion of Wind Ensemble, ond Stoge Bond, con ottest to this. The Pep Bond contributes greotly to the Pep Assemblies ond its one of the reosons thot spirit hos been so high. Spectotors especiolly thought the bond wos o mojor foc- tor in getting the crowds rowdy. To help mointoin their excellence the bond hos o solo ensemble con- test. Mr. Grody, the bond conduc- tor, is enthusiostic obout the future of the bond, soying "lt's going to be onother fine yeor ond I on- ticipote growth in the next few yeors." The bond ottends vorious events such os ploying in the Kingdom ot o Sonic's holftime, porticipoting in the Seo-King Bond Festivol, ond trovel- ing to Abbotsford, British Columbio. Debbie Ridgley, o member of Wind Ensemble for three yeors soys, "Even though we put out o lot of hord work, we still seem to hove fun, especiolly ot Abottsford. ' ' Poge 160: 15 Jeff Howe ond Bret Bottey blow hord on their horns. 25 Stoge bond performs during the Christmos concert. CD The bonds ploy their mogic. 47 The bond is cought in o condid shot. 53 Members of the bond rest before o per- formonce. 65 Stephon Boyle reloxes with his fons. 160 Bond ,M 5 gms Bond 161 Esato With the help of the whole stoff, Cot Toles wos oble to wipe out their deficit through popcorn ond od soles ond by sponsoring o donce. A four poge poper wos T published every month with o six , poge edition ot Christmos. Debbie Q Ridgley, editor for second semester, soid thot the combino- tion of people worked to the od- y vontoge of the poper, ond she thought thot the quolity of the y poper wos better thon previous yeors. Troy Eoton, editor first - semester, soid, "Mr, Doigler'sjokes were corny, but oll in oll it wos o f good closs." ,,,.,--"V" sg S' K .sf N I 2 Poge 162: 15 Mr. Doigler double checks the news or- ticles before they hit the press. 25 Spenc locolucci is exhousted from oll the work he does in Cot Toles, but Debbie Ridgley is still on the move. SD Amy Shultz is not thrilled with Joy Hoffmon's lotest news item. 162 Cot Toles ' ts" -' - in 'iw' lil l sa s f 1 km .. if, 1 1 a N iw i y Q st i ,,,s w.Q: ,W 5? 2' J f sa 1 W. Q 5 ... GETST If S000 Page 163: 13 Cot Toles is just one hoppy fomily. 29 Mr. Doigler offers Joy Hoffmon odvice on her news orricle. CD Cothy Tolleth puts everyone to sleep including herself. of if ,..--P 3 is A As -HW? Cot Toles 163 O C O Busy, busy, busy were the never-tiring workers of the An- nuol stoff, odvised by editor Cothy Scott. "Changes . . . o New Beginning" provided on in- teresting theme for the Annuol stoff, odvised by Ms. Jones, to work oround. Mony long hours of hord work were put in by the Annuol stoff during ond ofter school. The Photogrophy stoff under the direction of Jeff Hendrickson ond Tino Holtzer, spent mony long hours toking ond develop- ing pictures for the onnuol. With the oid ond cooperotion of the foculty, the Annuol stoff wos oble to present o successful Tenos Como. is-fyll W 13 Tino Holtzer ond Cothy Scott iron out onother onnuol pro- blem. 29 Dove McDoniel shows whot working in onnuol con do to o person. SD Ms. Jones soys to Poul Moson Reod my lips GOOF!" 164 Annuol Egg wmv . . . IBEGINN N 15 Hord ot work on her onnuol chores is Judy Lindemonn. 25 Those crozy onnuol stoffers doing whot they do best stonding oround. 33 Kothy Roy is so pro- ud of her newest onnuol Ioyout. 45 Shonnon Blozino ond Jonet Souvoge osk photogropher, Judy Breeden, who is in these pictures. 55 Mike Chondler od- mires onother fontostic onnuol copy. ':itA .IAAA V t -ttt 1 5' X ' t ' Annuol 165 SNO-FALLS CREDIT UNION CARNATION LUMBER 6 HARDWARE INC. Wholesale Lumber Retail Plywood LICENSE AGENCY EW Roofing fl f Windows A1 Hardware Congratulations to the class vf '83 Office C2061 333-4145 P,O. Box 160 Residence 12065 333-4169 Carnation, 98014 Snoqualime 888-0619 HANGCHOW CHINESE RESTAURANT We Serve Chinese and American Food Sun.-Thurs. Open From 11:30 am-10:30 pm Fri.-Sat. 12:00 am-1 130 pm ITHEQMILK BARN Cf Grocery gl Deli n X ' ivilf? Maskrods Corner I A ff? A open lf 363 7-10 Daily ' N f 5. Q. , X U I ,XI 1553- - ,B L ass 1209 'xv I-r , ,,- Kffzxyxv. ' ' JOHN'S DRUG ga! STORE Best Wishes to the Class of "83" Sl'LZ2'2?'23 SNOQUALMIE The-caries Igome CENTER Congratulations Class of "83" glgmgggf """'2m wAYNE8.J0S.EGAUB Sn""u"'m'e 888-1107 FS Snoqualmie 166 Ads MCCHW CHBLEVISION Congratulates the C ass of 1983 McCaw Cablevision Q always points to the best in home entertainment No matter how you look at it I 1 Sonic Super Channel .il-BWTIEEEQ G, no. Box DD North Bend, WA 888-1227 DAVE V. KLEMENT Horologist Since 1946 DAVE'S JEWELRY Specializing in Diamond Setting Best Wishes 1983 a e Seniors! Owner PAT TURPIN COKEWELL North Bend GATEWAY CAFE Congratulations and Best and Wishes Antique Watch Repair class of '83 Railroad Ave. Snoqualmie, WA 99065 888-2321 Best Wishes Grads 888,1112 12063888-4343 WL, Qualify 12049455-5455 U Auto Rebuild , 1 mm. NORTH BEND AUTO PARTS gage!! INC. Steven G. Ford Pfwfwwf Congrats SeIli0YS 164 Meadowbrook Avenue 0 Snoqualmie, Washington 98365 Good Luck Ads 167 rwwf- We U f l"""' A F a , Wi GA M1 . my ' 'M . y i 4 Fip gfl FOOD CENTER HOFFMAN FURNITURE Troy 81 Dorrls H Appliances 0 T.V. 81 Stereo Furniture 0 Lee's Rugs 0 Mattresses Box 407 Patrons Nonh Bend, WA 98045 888-1059 MODEL GARAGE CHURCHILL SAND MONTE WST" 81 GRAVEL DISTRIBUTORS K N Dairy Products Frozen Foods 'l""S'N' Bulk Warehouse Sales 140 N. Falls Ave. P.O. Box 386 Snoqualmie, WA 98065 385 1311 168 Ads DAVE V. KLEM ENT HOROLOGIBT Since pave s Jewelry z G u D o SPECIAL! IN N :AM ND SETTING AND ANTIQUE WATCH REPAIR R LROAD AVE. GNOQUALMIE. WA 98065 BBB 2421 Bed llfwalrea graala PATRONS DRUG CE NTE R CongratuE:Lc::s Seniors 0 N S EAST Helnco INCORPORATED Hou Fe: Home of to the Class of "83" I an scape Nursery Retail: Wholesale 27901 Redmond - Fall City Hwy. fat Toll Hill Roady 885-6222 222-5157 Open 7 Days a Week 8 a.m. lo 10 p.m. GE NE . 81 CAROL --1 STEVENS 81 CREW Ads 169 no Falls Printing Co. JMS AUTO REPAIR Publisher of the Qu l'ty C 5 T ck Repa'r I al at m Snoquallme-North Bend wHl'rwoR'rH SNOQULTSLDQVSIQR 888-2311 Snoqualmie 888-1 112 GEORGE'S BAKERY NQRTH BEND AUTQ PARTS ':"ni"i'I,.'f""I':"" ood uc INC' Ccliass of "83" Con rats Seniors 888-0632 North Bend good Luck Foll City Snoqualmie North Bend 170 Ads 0l12l'Eltllli:llli0l1S ANNUA SENIUIQS Corolyn Arens Shonnon Blozino Mike Chondler Monico Gehrts Tim Goss Jeff Hendrickson Judy Lindemdhn Remote Mofli Dove McDoniel Joon Rice Jonet Souvoge Cothryn Scott Kelly Willig THAN VCU S AFI: from your editor Cothy Ads 171 AN WE IQEMEMIBEIQ . . . He Lives . . . I connot think ond will not soy ' Thot he is deod, he isjust owoy. With o cheery smile ond wove of the hond, He hos wondered into thot better lond, And left us thinking how wondrous foir, It must be, since he lingers there. And you, Oh you who so fondly yeorn For the welcome step ond the glod return, Think of him living on, os deor In the lond of there os the lond of hereg Think of him living on, I soy, He is not deod, he is just owoy. Nor is he owoy from the better portg Awoy from the eye, but not the heortp And he lingers neor to soothe our poin. And teoch us thot bright eternol shore For the hond-closp of love ond life once mo 172 Memorial Fe. ':1'?fvf:,i,,, EYOLFG HEY 'W 'H . A . TERESA WEBB Just Changed Am I. . . I am not dead . . . don't cry for me. in the twinkling of an eye, I was changed . . . you see. I heard you cry . . . I spoke to you. but your ears could not hear, what I wanted you to. I kissed your cheeks . . . as tears did flow . . . you were so sad . . . you made me so. Ifelt your pain . . . your mourning so great . . . but I am gone . . . accept my fate. l'm not the same . . . this you MUST know. In the twinkling of an eye . . . lwas changed . . . changed was I. To return to God . . . who REIGNS on High. Release me please . . .just let me "BE I did not die . . . just changed you see. Don'tcry. . . no more tears. . . they're binding me . . . Metoyou. . . youtome. .. and I must be free. Just remember me . . . as once wasl . . . Idid not die . . .Just changed . . . am I. Connie Arnone Memorial 173 Ackerman, Lisa Adams, Sam Adams, Tommie Adcox, Donald Adcox, Jody Adcox, Kelly ADMINISTRATION ADVERTISEMENTS AFS Allen, Thomas Allred, Dave Alrwater, Terry Ament, Jonathon Ammons, Curtis Anders, Korlette Anderson, Louis Anderson, Thomas Andreasen, Louise Andreasen, Peter ANNUAL Arens, Carolyn Argelan, Fred Armstrong, Mack Auckland, Dayna Austin, Sheila Avenell, Sreve Avery, Larry Baby Pictures Baker, Nicole Baker, Robin BAND Barbeau, Lindsey Barnett, Don Barrett, Shawni Boner, Tracy Bartlett, Doug Bartley, Earnest BASEBALL, BOYS JV BASEBALL, BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL, BOYS FRFSHMAN BASKETBALL, BOYS JV BASKETBALL, BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL, GIRLS JV BASKETBALL, GIRLS VARSITY Bottey, Bret Bauder, Susan Beamer, Dorothy Beckman, Mike Beesler, John Behrndt, Jeanne Bell, Kamie Benden, Richard Beneflel, William Bennett, James Bennett, Jerald Bennert, Jessie Bennett, Kelly Bennett, Maggie Benoliel, Sonia Berg, Becky Berndt, Tim Blllett, Lisa Birdsoll, Lisa Blazina, Shannon Board, Nicky Bodey, Troy Bonaudi, Kris Boonstro, Marty Batten, Jon Boyce, Samuel Boyle, Sean Boyle, Stefan Bray, Ron Breeden, James Breeden, Judy Brice, Brenda Bridgeman, Lori Jeanne Briggs, Jane 174 Index 12, 1 16,62 0, 52, 99 7, 16, 27, 31, 65, 69 3, 16 5 16 59 166170 66 50 59 33 50 16, 60 33 50, 96 50 50 33, 151 164, 165 15 16 12 33 33 60 2, 33, 2, 60 16 149 16 160, 161 16 50 33 50, 54 2 33 118 116, 117 96 96 92, 93 97 94, 95 112, 160 a saasaiasiassessesesaaas seas P E5 QS? :asa 3, 18, 50, 54, 61. 61, 99, 1lIl, 112, 17, 16, 20, 66, 50, 65, 61. 9, 17, 19, 21, 65, 82 Brooks, Cathy Broughton, Glen Browers, Michaelle Brown, Christina Brown, Laura Brown, Robert Brown, Preston Brumbaugh, Marcus Bruskevith, Kimberlee Buchman, Fred Burnett, Shawn Burnham, Dorothy Burnham, Irene Burton, Revona Busby, Jason Bush, Cindy Bush, Danny Byrd, Kenneth Byrd, Richard Calhoun, John Callison, Debbie Collison, Jamie Calvin, Brian Campbell, Dick Canyock, Julie Capran, David Carlson, Brock Corlsan, Cory Carlson, Joyce Carmichael, Richard Carnegie, William Carpenter, Daniel Carpenter, Michael Carpenter, Ragina Carr, Mindy Carr, Thomas Carroll, Phyllis Case, Kelly Case, Robert Cassady, Edward Cassady, Sean CAT TALES Cavanaugh, Shauna Cernick, Erin Cernick, Shannon Cervine, Betsy Champa, Anna Chandler, Michael Chassid, Alison CHEERLEADERS Child, Janice Child, Jeff CHOIR Chouinard, Donaree Christen, Gary Christen, Ingrid Clarke, Allen Clarke, Brian CLASSIFIED STAFF Cleven, Susan Clifford, Dave Clifford, Elaine Cloakey, George Cole, Arlene Cole, Art Coleman, Kim Collins, Star Combs, Jennifer Conklin, Nicole Connelly, Rabin Conway, Cynthia Cooper, Lesa Cooper, Rene Carnen, Rhonda Cottrell, Diane COUNSELING CENTER Cox, Lisa Cox, Paula Crabb, Mike Cranor, Steve Crawford, Cheryl Crawford, Lisa Crispin, Robert Crites, Rusty Crittenden, Roben sgeeeaaaaeezsseesss 34, 19. 34 34 eQd5o25Q88ee 588 34, 34, 40 34, 2, 19,73 43 43 43, 155 34 51 34 162, 163 51 51 34, 65, 73 9, 34 19 16, 19, 106, 112,157 19, 148, 157 72, 73 51 19 156, 159 5, 19 51 20, 112 43 51 62, 63, 64 20, 25 60, 60, 151 72 60, 93 51 34 20, 62, 157 43, 112 43 51 51 34 3, 20 43 20 51 156 51 20 43 113 51 51 113 51 12, 13, 34 CROSSCOUNTRY Crow, Lora Cruver, Doug Cruver, Kathleen Culp, Debbie Culp, Steve Curtis, Frank Curtis, Randy Cunis, Robert Dahl, Jessie Daigler, Dennis Daigler, Thea Dana, Marci Danielson, Dana Davenpon, Wallace Doves, Debra Davidson, Bob Davidson, Jill Davidson, Marcia Davis, Duane DECA De Hate, Timothy Degroot, Steve Dellinger, Bill Dellinger, Lani Dickman, Jeff Dillman, Dean Dillman, Kenneth Dills, Kim DISTRICT OFFICE Dolan, Michael Donah, Lisa Dowd, Christina Dowd, Cindy DRILL TEAM Dualey, Lisa Dujmavic, Monica Dujmovic, llse Duvall, Tom Eads, Chris Eanes, Alison Earl, Dawn Earley, Cindy Easterling, James Eaton, Toby Eaton, Troy Eby, Christopher Eby, Kelly Enrich, Shannon Elliott, Karen Elliot, Kevin Elliott, Patsy Ellsworth, Wendy Elsasser, Scart Elvestrom, Eric Elvestrom, Heidi Emanuel, Craig Emanuel, Jeff Emry, Robert Enebrad, Mark Erwin, Jennifer Estes, Amy Estes, Michael Evans, Carol Everson, Tammy Evetts, Heidi Farr, Julie Farr, Bob 64 I 60, 106, 109, 146 6C 19, 21 6, 1 61 21 20 10, 36, 62, 91 52 34 12, 13, 21 3l 35, 94 7. 35 19, 21 44 51 41 20 44, 10l 35 5 35, 7 44 5, 21, 7' 44, 61 lor, Frank ler, Julie , Kenny er, Dan er, Frank r, Steve her, David , Colerted rste, Sandy TBALL, FRESHMAN TBALL, JV TBALL, VARSITY e, Norman ler, Fred ln, Russel I TNER, Robert d, Jerry man, James , Sean , James , James , Julie atnow, Duane Jlie, Grant erud, Eric erud, Kurt El. 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Debbie Kassian, Cary Keller, Sarah Kelley, Dawn Kelley, Heidi Kelley, Julie Kelley, Richard Kelly, Barton Kennedy, Roxanne Kerch, Doug Kester, Amy Ketzenburg, Guy King, Anthony King, Buddy King, Gerald King, Kelley King, March Kinzie, Landrew Kirchmeyer, Daniel Klint, Rene Knisley, Sean Knoll, David Knoll, Erin Koblorh, Darcy Kohlruss, Mark Kohn, Gerrie Kondo, Teruyo Konopaski, Keenan Konopaski, Kirsten Krzan, Jackie LaLanne, John Landon, Lisa Langston, Jo Ellen Lankford, Tonya Laporte, Donna Larson, Laurel Laskody. 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Mark Rice, Joan Ricter, Cherie Ricter, John Ridgley, Debbie Ridgley, Laura Ridley, Val Riley, Dennis Rlley, Lisa Rising, Christine Roberriella, Andrea Robenson, Kie Robey, Bill Robinson, Donny Raddewig, Catherine Roddewig, Chris Raddewig, Collette Roeber, John Roesrel, Jeri Rogers, Chanze Rogers, Lisa Roidi, Lisa Rasolis,Lillia Ross, Debbie Rossiter, Sally Roth, Dennis Rousseow,Tracy Ray, Barbara Roy, Kathleen Ruby, Edna Ruffcarn, Toby Rush, Rhonda Russell, Kevin Ruth, Tammy Rutledge, Dyan Ryan, Jay Sale, Becky Salois, Pauline Sampson, Roxanne Sanders, Steve Sanderson, Jim Sangren, Amanda Songren, Melony Sauvage,Janer Santos, Rosie De Los Schiedegger, Leonard Schiesser, BJ. Schiesser, Darek Schiesser, Tom Schlaht, Sondra Schlichte, Joseph Schlicting, Kerri Schneider. Traci Schroeder, Dan Schultz, Jim Schultz, Lari Schweitzer, Dena Scott, Cathryn Scott, Debbie Scott, Karen Scott, Moria Scribner, John Semell, Ward SENIORS 26, 150 09, 44 61 46, 66, 67 04, 06, 0' 61, 64 5. 44 112 50, 5' 09, 104, 160 09, 50, 61 46 26 26 44 17, 61, 110, 151 20, 26, 64 11, 26, 04, 09' 11. 26. 44 00, 09, 104. 40 6,50 9,04 17, 29, 66, 67, 109, 04 14 ret, Brian fer, Sean on, David . 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Jerry Van Zandr,SheIli Vautrin, Marc Veneta, Steve Venn, Morc Verity, Barb Vistrand, Donald VOCATIONAL VOLLEYBALL J.V. VOLLEYBALL VARSITY Waggener, Adam Wand, Ianene Walker, Cynthia Wallace, Anthony Walters, Shelley Ward, Jacqueline Warn, La Nette Weatherwax, Thomas Webb,Eric Webber, Teresa Webster, Russell Weidemon, Terry Weisenboch, Heidi Weller,Sidney Welling Heidi Wentz, Russell Weppler, Chris Weppler, Jeffery Werelius. Shuree Werelius, Stacey Werener, Marilyn Werener, Ryan Weroner, Sheila West, Terry West, Eric Westerlund, Mari White, Curtis White, Don White. Michelle Whites, William Widener, Chris Wieting, Ben Wieting, Deanna Wilbur, Daniel Wilkerson, Anthony Willey, Janette Williams, April Williams, Chad Willig, Kelly Willig, Kristine Willing, James Whittier, Debbie Wolff, Doran Woods, Juanita Woods, Marci Woodwick, Lynelle WRESTLING VARSITY WRESTLINGJ V, Wright, lsha Wright, Melina Wyrsch, Bryon aeseia SS 30, 112, 56 41, 151 as 2S25aQ2a 9 5? s S:SS2E:1S28SS85S 58. R354 1.2 U bg 3 55 S :SB Qaasaisaegisssaaasasaia 52. 41, 1fD. 48, 82 31 56 31 41 46 46 1CIJ 99 41 58 46, 113 Yates, Phyilys Zemp, Bryan Zemp, Gregory 46 30, 41 58 Index 177 II DUI? SENIDIQS IEIVF 178 Thonks I: A SDECIALTHANIKS , Our four yeors ot Mt. Si were helped olong by two very speciol people, Mr. Roeber, ond Ms. lttig. They storted us on our first fund roiser os freshmen, ond continued to guide us to groduotion. They showed us whot true spirit reolly wos. Their willingness ond love to pull us through these post yeors ore greotly opprecioted. And so, we would like to thonk you ond soy thot we will never forget either of you. Thonks so much! Love, The Closs of 1988 Senior Advisors 179 W R, 180 Closing 3' 2 5 I Sz , Q W4 ,M 1 RA 1 fn. """1vf1--...Maw QSM ff Q Closing 181 182 Closing 1, asian-Q p N ,f6mfW,wf- MM, if. . My , 1 ?7 2 ' WH Hifi 5 'z f "fm Q K ,, V Q , A fw ,gMg,,,,,' V c ,IKM N-fg, f W ,. ,,., . , If 4' W ' -V4 ' 4, 'My '5' V 4 an 3 sw... .eg . I LIFE CJUAFS f.., . Closing 183 -l 184 Closing X X' A-gpm' "-.,,w 5 I ,,, Closing 185 K 186 'we its Q fb. A -jaw 5 i 5 av""""t Wg. :Qu , Limelight Living on a lighted stage Approaches the unreal For those who think and feel In touch with some reality Beyond the gilded cage Cast in this unlikely role Ill-equipped to act With insufficient tact One must put up barriers To keep oneself intact Living in the limelight The universal dream For those who wish to seem Those who wish to be Must put aside the alienation Get on with the fascination The real relation The underlying theme Living in a fisheye lens Caught in the camera eye l have no heart to lie I can't pretend a Stronger ls o long-awaited friend All the world's indeed a stage And we are merely players Performers and partrayers Each onothers audience Outside the guilded cage - Neil Peart - Q w..N+ X-iwwuii' saws xi ,N 'Nxt I n f-:: E-EW, Closing Both Sides Now Bows ond flows of ongel hoir And ice creom costles in the oir, And feother conyons ev'rywhere, I've looked or clouds thot woy. But now they only block the sun, They roin ond snow on ev'ryone, So mony things I would hove done, But clouds got in my woy. I've looked or clouds from both sides now From up ond down ond still somehow lt's clouds illusions I recollg I reolly don't know clouds ot oll. Moons ond lunes ond ferris wheels, The dizzy doncing woy you feel, As ev'ry foiry tole comes reol, I've looked ot love thot woy. But now it'sjust onother show, You leoved 'ern Ioughing when you go, And if you core don't let them know, Don't give yourself owoy. I've looked or love from both sides now, From give ond toke ond still somehow lt's love's illusions I recollp I reolly don't know love ot oll. Teors ond feors ond feeling proud, To soy "I love you" right out loud, Dreoms ond schemes ond circus crowds, I've looked ot life thot woy, But now old friends ore octing stronge, They shoke their heods, They soy I've chonged, But somethings lost, But somethings goined. In living ev'ry doy. I've looked ot life from both sides now, From win ond lose ond still somehow lt's life's illusions I recollg I reolly don't know life or oll. -Joni Mitchell- N if Q lf 433145 Wi? 0 00,yfM,,IDW H A f AN ! I f f W 44: 1 if f 'L uve . wan 1 T 1 TT Q THE isr . ,wr F TER q L E ru Y A ww s ,. k! 4? - I AsTRoNnMY lsT1m1,oxm wr o ' E E R7 Q ,, 1 gh fm' 5 s I 'A ' J L rlfq Q l ,fx Hn wg f X T- -,lg -X ,int-V X 'x x' 2.-I! if 2 T, OR IT Q TH - 1 " METO YOUR . U NAJSM HANQLET. 1 ' F l 21 .. 4? M 5 7 H HELP TO GET GREG DOWN FROM THAT ROPE! I fi I H fQ E? -5 I DON'T THINK WE HAVE TO! THAT GREG WILL COME DONN BY IIIMSEIF! HF s BOUND - , TO Do7F OFF . LATER I TQTTT TITT Q f f fr' ff sf if 5 L Q J SOONEH OR ' . KS ET V A N 1 l 7 , ff X ,fhlwnmt ii ll! i K',1JL ,?v,Kl:,:.,k V V? Fr F' F l fi f f Q X 5 V f I ' L 1 -ia Ji T+L Y Mild ff tm 1 Z .Ja 2, LIHIR Lxngq 1 E his Here we ore once ogoan, not quite the some os we were then. We were never In those carefree but now we must go our , Not we thot these were best days of our lives. ODDS 192

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