Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD)

 - Class of 1958

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Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Y u -f Q 1 fs Q15- wa. 'L vi wx m U, " -If z ,. , wi 'W , '-,JVJG .Ai H4 ,- ,n,'?u" 11,1 ' QLEQLTISZ .f Q . f - Q, -, Aw w Q- ff f:f?3W ' f"-.,, n' tr .. f . ,pfg-,. F -Elf - ,Zag Q,-F w. 1-yy gf?-' ii.-ix f M . 535, fl -A ,Q s..,fK1f3E,f gf ,V 1 1 Q, w Y f J 'Q v , , I' "' ga, -TWFWMF V ,. 5 . spa f 2' -45-at ...4 J.. .anim Q ' U I ' ' p " wet ug H V f -,'.,Yy,4 ff. x ' , . 'H A' - lk f ' -QEQQW J , 3' , 4 1 , 'rl ,, Q' f. . ,fi i,i,,C-35 R251 ' X L . 4' ii . W' ,nw IA' 1 av ll, A". w .. pf- X maj 4 .3:f,,: Eff' Jyggv , t.e'?:'Z i ' .MJ '. 'A b fi , . 1 a A . v-P ,. in ' fi, 'T ' Awww, ,.,. .,,.,A 4, .. gig . ' 1, ., A 1 h ' "Wi Wi v i -- 'Q A' -- " '..-. vw 'H vf , 1' ' ' Q " 2 1 'ff A : . fbm ,'L:,15f Q 1 Rlgfegf ,V , ,X xr " ' 40. .ff . Q 2 ' f , P?-.Ya . ' ,A -b . 1 Q ' Aja 1 4 , 1 . ,- 4, 1 S A. , . 1 f . K, Q ,' L -A: Q5 ,h 1""fZ my , vw .0 hu.-. -If 9 ' v' ' Ig, , ,K gi? ,-2, 51 . 1 ng, V., Y '. V uf' Q.-., 1 NT' an H-f 'h ' MH W wir f W- , f . r . . , .. , fwg.,awf: A'A'M'W""' " Wdwmyww' " -"W 43 ., 4, '55, H 7- ' , , W:-,M we 7 f W V.. 'Ms www - My ff- ygem I M. MW Wfsa f if 4 f1-.11. f xszififigagff-'P' f--- V- fffvff-ffiw W W, -1' ' ma-in wg, W, giv'-:TL W 'W W-1 A Y .mf WGN , by A EU. M .K ,Wm W H Jw . kevjgwgygz-'7, . H333 W - kY,as5p" ma, ,,.L...Ug,1y-W Mbai 1-QV' f'1'Arlez,f1."i-'V""'A , 1 ,, A - "K H ' M I, .. K K ,ov A ,W ,imager .. , ., N WM ,A .. .. .. ,Wm -... . - MM M .. ..,. , . .. ., , , . K ., ,. .. S X, 2 M M N- gm-'wLiaWsf1f'iL. ,LL, M ' 'v A gf- 'Nj H V A L ALL' ' m ,L -wr ' "" -M , A A N - - ,L., Jlgsglgqik. ., , ,W I , 2 A gf, M ,,k,, A 'Q 7 W s A . 1 1 EW 1 I ,,,.,,y,gmegQ,11f,, xy in 1? Y W l - P' f 1f MMM I ..,, I Q3 kk 5 5 'jg p A' :M-1 ARROWHEAD We the class of '58 deem it a pleasure and privilege to ded- icate our yearbook to Coach John Thomas. We feel that Coachis atrue friend and a all- around sportsman, also a real gentleman who merits the re- spect ofthe entire student body. S N-QEN1 . .,,:gZ:I-:-i -'-" A of ,. -A'.-. 3-1-I fx X08 1 OS P, x DEDXC ORD T G SSB X562 we A STB? XY EAD N246 931 0 11 OSS QBCUQEZBTX CLSGFETXE S oaxagmgseg V vs D YB we Bo Every step of high paredness for I4 ,,,4 ., eve of QM' '.'-' U I M ,.r" in s e 9 vi es ,- Ao hes scbool :be Iif 111311 sibil ' a011 e be sclzoo 19 an ie VGIIIEIII br' ,VOIIQ As Sha I life, We s d take our III S OW5- s elziors ace 1 yea W t re tea across t e I must ac oW1e e res I1 SOCIGI at Sava e ave en s a c ss ba e bared ave seen ber a es e pon 111e W1t V1 or and 1 e ber bappzest an dullest mo lays ber l1s1c est1va1s an hav Wlmesse er roWrl1 111 proud o ave 11 a y future y 'VI 1 ne 12261723 ber b pres: art ears br VCI' V8 -1, 4 seI11or gm Wmg r semors ha years ppmess and s UCCSSS that g Wibirp - d 1 11 asf lrI1 dg e pl ' ' y. 771e fs g I1 be f' d 'b Lg if. e a Ia v s ', 0' . ZQQQQQQZ We 11 IJ . M ' F ' d asketball in ..,V,. 3323. g 171 . W e ' db g ' ige. As ' s, u 4A,,., we are z' 12 bee p of zlgese . U E5325E5E55E33f5E2?f3Ef555EEEf5Ei5551: Ma fnsbe ' ' :35212232535325EQ2Q5Ef5i 5g:5:EgE3:EgE3gE5E2gEQQEQEQQQQEI' '1 wb- ,EQQEQEQQEEEQQEQQQQE5252225122 ONGRATULATIONS J. Hubert Radcliffe, principal, busy at work for the benefit, welfare and success of Mt. Savage High. This was Mr. Radcliffe's first year as principal of our school. We con- gratulate you, Sir, for a job well done. We of the ARROWHEAD would like to also say, "Thank you for your willing and thought- ful cooperation in aiding us with our book. " We are deeply indebted to Edward Meconi, financial advisor, for managing our money affairs. Mrs. Mabel Wilson, school secretary, was very helpful in making possible the produc- tion of this book. She has spent tireless hours keeping records pertaining to our yearbook. May we thank you too, Mrs. Wilson, for your wonderful teamwork. PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Many hours have been spent, and a vast amount of interest shown in the composition of this very fine Yearbook. Much credit is due each and every person who had any part, large or small, ir1 its development. I hope, as the days and the years go by, and as you review the pages of your 1958 Arrowhead, you may recall many fond memories and rekindle the fires of friendship that burned so brightly during your school days. May both this memory and friendship remain among your most cherished treasures. F-A654 ARROWHEAD X- N.. Edrtor, RICHARD ARNOLD Associate, STEVE BITTNER Business, SHIRLEY TURLEY Advisor, MISS McDERMITT b . . . Su scrrptrons, FAYE MARKWOOD COMPLETE STAFF Advertrsement, JOE TACCINO First row: A. Weimer, F. Markwood, C. Chambers, G. Harden, M. Spataro, P. Carter, S. Turley. Second row: S. Lepley, C. Black, F. Frankenberry, J. Glass, V. Ricewick, D. Harden, C. Frankenberry. Third row: R. Arnold, J. Taccino, D. Geary, R. Lashbaugh, S. Bittner, L. Walbert, S. Duckworth. J. HUBERT RADCLIFFE LESLIE C. AMTOWER MARY B. BROWN JOSEPH V. CARTER M. BING ELLIOTT MADELINE H. GAINER R. BLAINE GAINER EDWIN H. GILLIS JOHN D. HELMIC K WILLIAM E. HELMIC K ROBERT H. HERBOLDSHEIMER BERNICE K. KOHOUT THOMAS W. LEWIS ROBERT C. MacMILLAN KATHLEEN MCDERMITT EDWARD A. MECONI JOHN W. MILLER JOHN MORGAN ALPHA P. REYNOLDS EDITH S. RIZER JOHN G. THOMAS JOANNE R. HEPNER MARIAN E. BEVANS AGNES ALDRIDGE FLORENCE C. ALDRIDGE FLORENCE Y. BEST HELEN D. CALDARA RUTH HANSON LOUISE B. HIMMELWRIGHT LEAH M. HUFF CAROLINE V. LENNOX EVELYN B. POLAND MARGARET WINNER MARY WITTE 3 iw L Q W, , 5 Mwwmi M55 av, 5 5 W M ff if 'E www' Sf ww' 3525591 4 429' J,-efjigw M' nz w W? S15 Jr ibiza 3,525 mi? '-1' uf ff WH feiif Jw fy 'egg if 3 M my 1- .H S 3 9 if bv wi ,X Q95 1 AL gk QQ 04,9 W Sfiwww ww my ff Ri ww X. iw fr 923,335 152152 W wr K "1 , iw Q 4 M ffiifii, wi way W 56 fx ,, N . -' :sw . W -1 V2 gylgw V:r"ff'5ifTf9M,Sf 3'l- 5 ...'-xi!-5i": ': 9 . A M 1 : k:fu:5..25S5f5'7f:sk V VL- nw V Quai '-rex-:,-migjf A ' A CLASS CF '58 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Richard Arnold, Treasurer: William Burkett, Vice President: Mar- garet Carter, President: Dale Geary, Secretary. lr. . , r ,xr fitfm ' RICHARD BARTH ARNOLD "Dick" Academic Arrowhead Editor-in-chief 43 Sen- ior Class Treasurer. ALBERT HERMAN BINGMAN NAI.. General Projection Club 1, 2, 3, 4g President 4g FBLA 3: Newspaper 4, Science Club 2: Safety Patrol Captain 4g Student Council Representative 2. JAMES EDWARD BIRMINGHAM "Pete" Academic Soccer 4. CARL STEVEN BITTNER "Sam" Academic Warrior 1, 2, 3, Associate Editor 4g Arrowhead, Associate Editor 4: Band 1, 2, 3,4p Band Treasurer 33 Projec- tion Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Projection Club Secretary 4: Junior Class Play 35 Chorus lg Dramatics Club 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 4. HAROLD EUGENE BRAUTNICK "Harold" Academic Basketball 3, 4. FRANCIS ALLEN BRIDGES ..MOpe.. General High School Patrol 4g Monitors Club 4, Captain. CAROLYN MAE BLACK "Blackie" General Yearbook 4: Monitors Club 4, Cap- tain of Majorettes 3, Senior Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: FTA 1, 2. LINNIE REBECCA BLANK "Linnie" General Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4g Monitors Club 4. MARGARET ROBERTINE CARTER NPCSSY' Academic President of Senior Class5 Student 15 Warrior 1, 2, 3, 45 Feature Editor pf Warrior 45 Arrowhead 45 Cashier 45 Cheerleader 1, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 FTA 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. KATHLEEN CAROLINE CHAMBERS "Babe" Academic FHA 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Arrowhead 45 Warrior 1, 45 GAA 45 Cheerleader 45 Drill Team 2. BETTY LOU BURKETT "Becky" General Senior Chorus 45 FTA 3,45 FHA 2, 3, 45 Cafeteria 2, 35 Newspaper 35 Sav- agettes 25 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM HOWARD BURKETT "Willie" General Senior Class Vice President5 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. WALTER STEWART CHURCH astew.. Academic Warrior 3, 4, Sports Editor 45 Band 1, 2,45 Junior Class Play 35 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Soccer 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 3. JAMES ALOZSIUS DEFFENBAUGH l!JirnN General Projection Club 2, 3, 45 Band 3, 4. VIRGINIA ANN DEVORE "Jenny" General Cafeteria 3,4, FHA 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. SANDRA MAE DUC KWORTH "Sandy" General Band 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, FHA 1,2, 3, GAA 1, 2, 3, Basketball Team 2, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Warrior 4, Arrowhead 4, Intramural Sports 1,2, Junior Class Play 3. CAROLE DARLENE FRANKENBERRY "Frankie" Academic FTA 3, Vice President 4, Student Council President 4, Yearbook Art Editor 4, Chorus 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, Warrior 3, Junior Class Play 3, Science Club 2. FRANCES LORRAINE FRANKENBERRY "Fran" Commercial Majorette 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Year- book 4, FTA 1, 2, 3, Newspaper 4, Drarnatics Club 3, 4, Monitors Club 4 ROBERT ELROY F AIDLEY "Bob" General WAYNE EDWARD FLEEGLE "Wayne" General Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, FBLA 3. CHARLES ROBERT GOEBEL "Chas" General Student Council 4g Soccer 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4. BETTY JANE GORDON "Betty" General Chorus 2, 3,4g FHA 3,4g Vice Presi- dent of FHA 4g FTA 3, 4: Library Assistant 3, 4, Newspaper 3, 43 Ex- change Editor of Newspaper 4, In- tramural Sports 1, 2, 4. DALE ALAN GEARY "Tack" Academic Band 1, 2, 3, President 4g FSA 2, President 3, 4: FBLA 3: Soccer 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4: Basketball Score Keeper 2, 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 4: Junior Class Play: Dramatics Club 3,4g Junior Class President, Senior Class Secretary, Warrior Business Manager 4: .JAMES ROLLAND GLASS "Jim" Academic Warrior 1, 2, 3, 4, Circulation Man- ager 4g Chorus 1g Quill and Scroll 4: Yearbook 4g Secretary of Sopho- more Class: Treasurer of Junior Class GERALDINE GORDON "Gerry" General Intramural Sports 1,2, 3: Cafeteria Change Girl 4. WILA JEAN GORDON "Peanut" Academic Intramural Sports lg Basketball Team 2, Monitors Club 4. JANET ANN HAHN "Janet" General GAA 3, Basketball Team 2, FHA 3, Treasurer 4, Library Assistant 3, Vice President 4, Cafeteria 4, ln- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Monitors Club 4. WILLIAM FRANK HANSROTE "Frank" Academic Band 1,2, 4: Science Club 2, 3, Jun- ior Class Play 3, Dramatics Club 3, 4. GEORGE ALLEN HAWKINS "Butch" General DONALD EUGENE JOHNSON "Cheese" General DORIS MARION HARDEN "Goldie" Academic Cafeteria 1,2,3, FHA 3,4, FTA 4, Library Assistant 3, Junior Class Play Dramatics Club 3, 4, Intramu ral Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Newspaper 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Monitors Club 4. GEORGIANNA HARDEN "Butch" General FHA 1,4, Chorus 1, 3, GAA 2,3, Majorette 3, 4, Newspaper 4, Year- book 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Li- brary Assistant 2, Intramural Sports 1, Monitors Club 4. IRVIN PAUL LAVIN "Irv" General Soccer 2, 3, 4g Student Council 1, 25 Chorus 15 Intramural Sports 1,2, 3, 4. CLARK WILLIAM LEMASTERS "Moose" General Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT EUGENE JOHNSON "Bob" General RONALD LASHBAUGH "Lash" General Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 2, 3, 4g Dra- matics Club 3, 4g Junior Class Play 3g Basketball 2, 4. SUE ANN LEPLEY "Sue" Academic Newspaper 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief of Paper 45 FHA 2, 3, 4: Secretary 3: FTA 1, 2, Yearbook Photography Editor 4, Junior Class Play 33 Dra- matics Club 3, 45 Library Assistant 1, 25 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Science Club 2, GAA 2g Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. DAVID RILEY LINN "Dave" General DONALD RICHARD LOWERY "Rich" Academic Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE MARVIN LOWERY "Pony" General Baskerbali 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4: Cafeteria Worker 3, 4. ROBERT E. MARTIN "Sonny" General JOHN SAMUEL MORGAN "Jumbo" General Baseball 2, 3, 4. JAMES VIC TOR LOWERY "Lightning" General Cafeteria 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLAVENE F AYE MARKWOOD ..Faye.. Commercial Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Subscrip- tion Manager 45 Newspaper 4g Secre tary of Junior Class 3: FTA 1, 2. THEODORE PORTER "Buck" Academic Science Club 3, 4, Cafeteria 4, In- tramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY ILENE PRESTON "Bubbles" General Si? FWw":' ,un :sie x W1 A 224122211 fi MARY KATHRYN PARRY "Parry" General Basketball 25 Chorus lg Drill Team 2g GAA 1: FTA lg Stunts and Tumb- ling 1: Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. EDWARD MARTIN PFITZENMAYER "Eddie" General ELEANOR REAGAN "E1eanor" General VIRGINIA ELLEN RICEWICK "Cissie" Academic GAA 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4: FHA 2, 3, 4: Cashier 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4g Dramatics Club 3, 4 Arrowhead 4g Warrior 4. GARY LEONARD ROBINETTE 'Gary' General Soccer 4. GEORGE DEWEY SANSOM "Dewey" Cafeteria 2,3,4g Science Club 23 Projection Club 2, 3, 4. ANTHONY SPA TARO VV ll General MARY LOUISE SPATARO "Spud" Academic Cheerleading 1, 3, 4: FHA 3, 45 Dra- matics Club 3, 4g Junior Class Play 35 Intramural Sports 1,2,3g Chorus 1, 4g Arrowhead 45 Warrior 1, 43 Cashier 4. GLENNA JEAN SHROYER "Jean" General Monitors Club 4. MARY LOUISE SMITH "Smitty" General FTA 1,2,3, 45 FHA 3,43 Senior Cho- rus 4g Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Savagettes 2g Monitors Club 4g FTA Area Council 3, 4. ,gif SHIRLEY IRENE TURLEY "Shir1ey" Academic Dramatics Club 3, 4: Junior Class Play, Student Director: Chorus 15 FTA 1, 2, 3, 4g Arrowhead Business Manager 43 Library Assistant lg Band 1,2, 3. JOHN CHARLES TWIGG nlickn General EDMUND JOSEPH TACCINO "Joe" Academic Science Club 2,3,4g Yearbook 4. ROBERT DALE THOMAS "Cat" General Band 1, 2, 33 Cafeteria 45 Soccer 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2,43 Baseball 2, 4. LOIS IRENE WALBERT "Lois" Commercial Cafeteria 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 25 Year- book 4. JANET LOUISE WALTMAN "Janet" Commercial Cafeteria 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club 3, 4, Junior Class Play 3. ANNETTE WEIMER "Nettsie" Academic Newspaper 2, 3, 4, News Editor 4, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, President 33 Arrow- head Photography Editor 4g Quill and Scroll 3, 4g Science Club 25 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: President of GAA 2: Basket- ball Team 23 Intramural Sports 1.2, 3,4. BEULAH MAY WISENBERG ..May.. General FTA 3,4g Monitors Club 4. CLASS HISTORY We, the graduating class of 1958, have reached goals of which we are very proud. Our class was the first to complete six years of high school from the seventh to the twelfth in the new Mount Savage school opened in 1952. 1952-1953 found usas seventh graders, we helped open the Outdoor Laboratory. This same year the Campus Beautification Project had its beginning. We contributed a large share of effort and energy in the fund raising campaign involving the completion' of the undertaking. 1954-1955 gave Academic students a touch of Latin, English, Algebra, and Social Studies. Nonacademic students experienced Business Math, Science and English. We were now realizing the big change from Junior to High School. 1955-1956 saw us as sophomores. Academic students in connection with their Latin II unit, enjoyed a Royal Roman Banquet. This was one of the highlights of our high school life. 1956-1957 we emerged as Juniors. On December 4, our class portrayed "The Perfect Idiot, " in the Junior class play. In May we planned and arranged a beautiful Junior-Senior Prom. The theme was "Song for a Summer Night. " The decorations consisted of boy and girl silhouettes, and roses of turquoise and silver. 1957-1958 we reached the top and finally became Seniors. As this book went to press we were awaiting the production of our Senior Class Play "Home Sweet Homicide. " We were in anticipa- tion of a Junior-Senior Prom and Commencement, which will be the last chapter in our school life. CLASS OF '59 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Vice President, Eddie Trimbieg President, Thomas Carterg Secretary, Patricia Lepleyg Treasurer David Van Meter. Cnot presentj qw we if X Wd i f kbuz -' - M P. 'kQ :w '2 1 i ' 2. , ' . MMM? . fikrk. A 1? 5 G . f 2 -' me cu Q, ? 'If W-we RICHARD ALDRIDGE ROBERT BOYCE STEPHEN BOYLE RICHARD CARR YVONNE CARR THOMAS CARTER CAROLYN CESSNA DRENA DIC KEL RALPH FOLK ROBERT FRANKENBERRY JOHN KROLL KAY LASHLEY PATRICIA LEPLEY DONALD LOWERY -.-.--.. . L xi -an W ,-in A Z 4. I L r my . 55? iw, E '4S'f-rqfffffff' New snow. ' - If wk M , Amiga' , K , 4 45. , , if A '73 A L S' 3 fifgtif L ,M , . , 1 uv Elf' A ll., Q"-r-I Grp-L, ,-ww S .wiv 'OO f ik N... Y A ALAL E A A. ' fr ' 'k i Qi 1, Aww , 1. " - ,fx-f, -z , , 4 Q ' ,""f I f- A I I ' Q i .V BR M .Q ,ES A A J I I' lm, Q Q ' ,L , , . k, V V L ' V K ky n a J : : -.. E tk: I ' Z A 9 A www A A A A ' If k gs' YS f ff - 1- - , PHOTO W A Vi., AVAILABU gk -I f H , K Q ki , 2 " R , I f m , bbug 3 LV fzi 5 .Q I 4X A A 1 A I' I J' I QA I 'I f I V, N H -- Q , i ,,k:, mom ' I 'W'-"f-ff' W I A A f X A f ,:-Q - fi 1. Vx Q 1 l? ,W , JANET MARTIN DARLENE MARTIN WILLIAM MARTIN MARY MCDONALD DONALD MCKENZIE ELEANOR PRESTON TERESA RUSSELL KENNETH TAYLOR GARY TIPT ON CARL WALTERS KARL WATKINS DAN WILLIAMS JUDITH WILLIAMS DOROTHY WINEBRENNER SHIRLEY WRIGHT WILLIAM BARB DONALD BARTGIS CHARLES BITTNER DONALD BURKETT BEVERLY BUTTS LEONA CONRAD RONALD COOK JOHN CROWE GARY DUCKWORTH DOROTHY FETTERS MITCHELL HICE RANDALL HUGHES GERALD JENKINS DONALD KEMP RONALD KEMP TERRY KLAHRE ROBERT LANTZ STANTON LEPLEY RONALD LINN GENE LOWERY JACK LOWERY LEO MALLOY ROBERT MOORE ROGER RIGGLEMAN GLENN RINGER SHIRLEY SIMPSON KENNETH SNYDER GLENN STAHLMAN DONALD STICKLEY EDWARD TRIMBLE DAVID VAN METER ALICE BRIDGES Ma CLASS OF '60 K gni L F 1 1 Y. y " C A A lf if i az ' 2 z W yyy y ytt y y Zl A a V V 1 ,ff Q yi , L L. M A ' if C 1- L QY .. ' f 'A,Q- if-B by ST M . , .,, lx , Q ..E 3. 3 Z he E a , if 'Qin .. ' i B K I kryk y n VV . -,::'5ZJ:.. . l Li f M gzl :' ,, : , E.f Zig. -, f A C ::.,: hi- S -..,.' gf ? .f .3 4 Q M if 2 ik - R gg , y B f K 1 ' nr 5 4' M , , 4- in 3 1 lun to ' H v! . A . 5 5: 1 fa, M Ewa is Q X . F9 t lf .fg3gr,,.,r- , Q C it an wif? 'Wi 2 y ai M x H , - , w ri Q 19' ' , f'fPaf:?i2? , i lit 516 'Z Q In in 6 QA: r ,B M Daniel Amold William Arnold Charles Barb Margaret Bennett Russell Blank Sandra Bridges James DeHaven Steve Faulkner Colleen Gordon Kenneth Griffey William Hartman Dawna Huff John Imes Joseph Kroll Merdieth Lease David Miller Myrna Miller Raymond Miller Alice Morgan Leroy Morris William Murphy Fay Often Ronald O'Neal Lester Pfister Paula Poorbaugh Janet Pressman Benjamin Sansom Daniel Sell James Sweene Barbara Taccino Robert Weidner Ellen Wenrich Robert Witt Barbara Blank Verda Blank Marion Bridges Carol Carder Marie Carder Rose Carter Sandra Clark Gary Cook George Emerick Charles Geary Carolyn Goetz Hazel Gordon Q , rs 5 2 fs' YHOYO J' AVNLANE on. at nn., up 1 sf wif. I is E! Mr, L NO! AVAILABLE ii- , L Qtr! Wy' 4K ails Ph ISE 5 G ' ,QV mn 3 .aiming 4,65 l 'W wg f I lg' N . I 'A Waw- , 3' RL 7 -ear.. ,Q A J 'asf ' '- g , f 1 iss ? V .,,. K s rrnwr Mus 4486 L fi' 4 g , 5.4 ' .- .-nv ,s V ivy: Y 5.5, sl iff .Eli '. X , 'DOI T s ' . . , ,Z vb? W 1 , i 1 X, . ' Y , PHOV0 NOT AVAILABLE K -'v::.A A R 'v . V s s Jef-f' C . W iii? Wiatr, 1 " , i '15 r Q , 4' ,u,,,,j '-1 s f A ik! 39' I ' fr 'J ' . L V Zz - M J' ,, , K: Q Eg is Q ,, t A X-:--, .3 ,f ' Q 7-.' 'fs W, 3. is 4 . , N09 Avnilcblo . rl' eff r i Q 5 x PHO! O N91 AVMLABLE N U it If we g t ' it Ifs - , .,,- SQ .tile PHOYO 'ilk -5- -A '25 ga J ,-.g ' s 2:11,-1iisg2w a.P 5? t g .WH ' :- I - V s-.K K is :VZ .Ev 5 I QUQMXK ruovoik' Noi Available O1 SHOWN ff E s , W if Waals ' is K el . J x I . if Fifi! 5 .k,. .- Qki 3 mbsf Jeanie Hotchkiss Janet Izzett Judith Jewell Gerald Johnson Charles Karalevicz Richard Lybarger Patricia Malloy James Martin Cherie McKenzie Margaret Michaels Elsie Miller Regis Norris Norma Riggleman Robert Ringer Leroy Robertson Lynn Robinette Sandra Robinette Georgia Smith Robert Spataro Esther Sponaugle Sue Sweene Janet Vizza Lavonne Walbert Betty White Charles Winebrenner Kenneth Zimerla Albert Bridges Donald Bridges Leon Burkhart James Chambers Thomas Deffenbaugh Roger Edwards Eugene Emerick Ralph Faidley Burton Fleegle Jerry Frankenberry William Hardin Dale Holt Dale Hott Robert Jenkins James Rigglernan Royce Saathoff Paul Sell Frederick Smiley Floyd Smith Joseph Steele Kenneth Swauger David Twigg Gary Witt Da--1 KAIn1F i 71, I -5EWfW QZ 7i'L nemaru winenrenner Sue Winebrenner Virginia Winebrenner CLASS 0F '61 ,. if .Q' ff S 1. B '- Q Qui We-:,tm,, .,.,.:,,:,,,i ,. -zgsztlff' SfxzLeztiiES'7'i"'L'7 if," ' JY - K wil FFR? an N ,,, - N uiziffiftsiii " i j! B C fiiiiiidi ' H- 4 is A 17- sf Q t 5 P 'll 2 41 H William Adams Judy Alter Kenneth Bennett Austin Blank Leonard Blank James Bohn Carol Boyce Bemadette Carter Betty Faidley Barbara Folk Hilda Frankenberry Larry Frankenberry Judith Geary Lynnwood Griffey Russell Griffey Keith Johnson Shelba Leighty George Lilly John Lowery Betty Miller Charles Monson Fred Murphy Robert O'Brien Janet Porter Carter Rice Arthur Spataro Ronald Taylor Michael Tipton Patrica Trimble Charles Wilhelm Susan Wilson Lester Beal Leo Birmingham Earl Bridges Sandra Burkett Kenny Butts Anita Carr Thomas Cessna James Cook Ruth Davnra W 1 I J - 5' s ti f E ki, yy K . X .. f W 'sa u - is of Q 4' if t ,V r I, lb , it e il nu 8 tm .. .5 l Q Q in ,Liz is ,,, ji ini ir Ls? fZ if I .bg fl 9. fs L as Q 'T r t -if tl .-- -V--'Jig I ,h i Get. ffffilli T fi 2. g K V i .af 1 rytii A 1 riry 2 4-rf'.v ."U i4f:'3zr if T A:-' y ' .Z - lg-Q u ? A f zly A A Picture 'Z as T N01- Zjz f' Available f-"...:-edit Picture Noi' Available l .E:. Neil Faulkner John Harden Linda Harden Janet Jenkins Thomas Lantz Elwood Lashley Phyllis Lechlicter Faye Lowery Twain Lowery Robert Martin Sarah McDonald Gerard McGann Gregory McGann Donna Mellott Sharon Mete Dennis Miller Dorothy Jo Often John Ours Betty Robertson Myron Shaffer Wanda Smith Donald Teter Earl Trimble Harvey Weimer Edward Burkey Thomas Anderson Joann Burkett Robert Carder William Duckworth William Gordon Richard Harden Carl Helmick Richard Lantz Glenn Lowery Richard Leonard Dorothy McCray Donna Murphy Bonnie Orndoff Edwin Parry William Piercy Douglas Riggleman James Steele Geraldine Urice Edward Winebrenner Linda Witt Glenn Lowery Nm 5 mf when 1 mu I 5 'M Liyhhl XX si-'T' . W. FW flaw: N,-A - s EIGHTH GRADE .asa is i ff fn-:ffm-f .f - :s- ig, -L . ai I W nas sat i it " .xifnik 'a,, W 5 'm '7 kk'l:1 A K Y- vi L'ilk 1 Wlh' 355 F .B L Q r of 1 3 SW" no more f 3 . Lf, 1, Gary Aldridge Barbara Bohn Edward Bridges Patricia Burkett William Criger Ronald Emerick Arlene Faidley Patricia Fair Sandra Fairgrieve Virginia Foy William Flanagan Betty Golden Edward Gordon Floyd Gordon Gene Harden Franklin Hartman Marlon Kasekamp Keneth Kemp Joyce Landis Sandra Martin Larry Miller Nancy Morgan Michael Norris Robert O'Nea1 Ralph Pollock Darlene Porter Eleanor Porter Rebecca Robertson Charlotte Shriner John Taccino Sharon Twigg Robert Uhl Wilma Watkins Anita Wilhelm Judith Wilson Donna Wilt Thomas Winebrenner Howard Wisler Anna Mae Bishop Joan Bishop Clyde Burley William Carder Richard Criger Gene Geary 'T'irnnrl-nr Cn any nl-lla! 9 - ' J ra 2' ,r i g x I f QMS' f i anai :."+,. ,. .. Mx . , ,.. ' David Grimm Glenn Jewell James Klahre John Klahre Paul McDonald Gary McKenzie Darrell Moyer Buddy Ringer Edgar Shannon Ruth Smith s I mo nusv Virginia Smith John Spataro Naomi Trimble Randall Troutman Mary Waltman y 1 Q- , A' ? My .5 fl I 'ix X I 1 NWO! 0 Nor Available Carolina Weese m e Barbara Winebrenner James Winebrenner SEVENTH GRADE J My J g , Nancy Aldridge A ay ary Olive Bridges J 35 W H George Conner ' J 'A J' " Carol Culley .,'2' Randi Deremer A J a gt 5 B ww, Q Dorothy Dunn Carolyn Faulkner Shirley Fuller Alice Giffen Michael Goebel Carol Grabowski 5, M y Eugene Harden J ,ryn Q, J mf Harold Harrison J wg wayne Howell L 6. - g ,221 L Mary Hughes .rnz ,J . . Hattie Lease Pauline McKenzie g r K Nancy Paul 6 in if g Grace Shannon .- 1' il T, af Sherri1Sheavly 'Q'-irfffif 5- , ,riff as A R saaa nrisai ' J is Catherine Simpkins S ' 2 :- LQ'f7g5 12z7ge15U ?f2gzggmf':rzg Donna Sweene Jerry Sweitzer " S s5' 5 rr Ji ,A , . r' , . . Ji 2g I W Joanne Watkins E8?!i!l',Mil' A..-.. 1'Afl.24-l.-:.. ,, f-. K1 sr Ahnot PHOTO N01 AVMLLICE PM , r- .I -in" , - - .1 f 2 is ii if-'5""ftf,, L , Wa' if mr ig xv: W H, . hx x A, wi- sv,,gs..,.Z B FA W kai tr fir fi w Q f . -.w 79 A my viii S 'Y '5 nt QVQ? QQ , , PNOTD NOV AVAJLABIX Mary Wilhelm Nellie Baker Edwin Beal Richard Bowman Robert Carder Harry Carr Shirley Edwards David Engle Joan Hamburg Donald Hansrote Thomas Hartman Georgia Harvey Thelma Imes Carol Kemp James Loar James Lowery Linda Martin Gayle McKenzie Bertie Michaels James Piper William Riggleman Christina Russell Patrick Shimko John Smith Robert Smith James Turley Barry Thoerig John Williams Mary Weimer Norma Weimer David Blank Ray Butler Vernon DeVore Charlotte Fettels John Flanagan Harold Folk Leo Harden William Hartman Robert Lepley Thomas Linn Gary Martin Jackie Ours Shirley Platter Patricia Raygor Barbara Robertson Kenneth Shaffer Barbara Simpson Lois Smith Ronald Spataro A-. 1 -U .1 . Judy Boyce Betty Welmer Merle Butler y yi' y e'y e Ye - " , L ' David Winebrenner , .4 eyyy f e A3, , N Seventh grade at work Li52i7Q.sGLif.515v15.235-f'jg'i1QiQzQ3.',-9:1 5 gufwpgiw,-h,e::gQ9m5wuaLnWmy 5'iwefaf-L:ikamifffsi "dVV:::uf:Z 3 w iw Q S Q1 25? S -, ff .... i., c. V -,f. 4 1,.f,,,,,,. S -msn aa .,, My .' ' vl ' ,.,,f liar ,r Xa, .V fi. i n f L14 .-5 Y 23' Na 'Sa A A . , . 3' - J' Mgr 'kv' P is if 1 Q '15 as V 'iff fr I Heavy y n 1 , -m-W x ., . . if 1 SIXTH GRADE g,.,. Q Y as ra. .. 5' ' A 'J' -naw 2' il , . ' E sg 2.-f f K' 2 h J an ,Qin -:V f . ' ' V L' Qjze' 1 :E. Vff. - I E .3 2 5 , ' a .w fs, , . v ' f 1 r t . . s , 1. ff FM K0 M iw! 'F , aa? six Piefure Noi' Available if . , , or James Carter John Cessna Dale Clark Bernard Conner Gregory Crouch Edward Delbrook J0hn Faidley William Foy Buddy Foley George Geary James Harden Keith Kennell Paul Lantz James Lashley Bernard Loar Raymond Miller Wayne Phillips Robert Skipper Allen Snyder James Spataro John Stowell Peggy Blank Sue Dickel Nancy Dickel Rose Marie Emerick Catherine Lashley Donna Hite Mary Hughes Carolyn Powell Elena Rankin Kay Ann Robinette Pauline Winebrenner Violet Winebrenner Judy Adams Barbara Conner Mary Ann Evans Janet Furlow Margaret Geary Kathleen Gordon , , - H VM - L, Vvaflda HOII : H f f '.L y i Carole Lepley Z Q f ' . Delores Noakes 3 " '7 if Donald Trexler J J J ' B is Gary Barb Q A J David Bridges 4 xw,,w?K ME as f 1-to it in W " f M aw A it. '29 ji wife? ala ae1 ,aal j eaae Robert Butler "': L' ' a 1 r iffy rre Donald Engle Er: lf'A E my J . V Robert Harden J ,Q f if Fifi W ROUGH Kelley lr 'll : H Lee Knieriem -v rq, ' 5- hkar 6 Ronald Loar eb ,fzi ' b EE- Ronald Saathoff is K si A e ll W Thomas Sansom I b H Edward Sturtz m . rr . n- y Nl . William Sweene as i y i Ralph Wilson My 5 Steve Witt J -f Carole Shaffer gi PY Judy Winebrenner FIFTH GRADE David Arnold Ralph Baker Joseph Neder Jerry Nelson James Carder Robert Cassidy Stanley Hook Dale Keel Wesley Shook James Smith Ronald Wilt Lawrence Birmingham Darrell Blank Dennis Blank Edward Bridges William l-larr John Harvey Colin Kennell Terrence Leighty P . 7 ,. , r .,,., ,, rxndno 'nn' J Qqlf' 6 rr K , 'J 1, J :Sl , -' - J - -:. .:A .:,. --- J S ,. , . ' A ef s is . . V , 1 3, - " ' .f 5- : fr . Q, -an Zr- ' life 'Q Q, E J . , : If - . Nw- ei.- liiri? X . 'J 'V- 1 ' vuz VV,, , J ' 1 if a . sig - K' 5 3' . Q. ,K ' C3 'u " u Qi 1. l V V 4 Q A sa his , iw ear an 1 S J R ff? .sf sf- f nf ' t J' I J ' "f l ' 1 '57 , - 37 .551 X - - qw. a ' Q I l .W N., ,. . .. , Q ,.,A 312, nm? ' L ' Q i t-5? -Q R and . Q41 'EL 'E N + ' L Available Q f , , A,,,,, 3 .,. Q ! fs le , . is Ja Q' James Paul Sharon Blank Faye McKenzie Ina Porter Shirley Valentine Linda Faidley Hilda Harden Catherine Steele Bonnie Thompson Rose Mary Watkins Marsha Aldridge Janet Bridges Paulette Bridges Linda Conrad Dianne Dickel Patricia Finzel Sylvia Geary Betty Hughes Linda Linn Rose Long Sharon Martin Marlene Morris Janet Robison Barry Phillips Kenneth Platter Raymond Smith Jack Spencer Gary Taylor James Trimble Roger Twigg Judith Smith Carol Walbert Georgianna Witt Sharon Harden FCURTH GRADE P' 'W iiis Sir P S it s V, V: zll J? -:Q 4 J a a a N Q Kenneth Amold Donald Foy Robert Frankenberry William Hickman Dennis Lashley Tommy Morgan Royce 0'Baker Robert Orendorf Paul Robison Michael Walton Roger Winebrenner Russell Booth William Emerick Richard Goebel Edward Izzett Duane Knieriem Barry Lavin Jack Lantz Richard Michaels Robert Often Constance Boor Linda Bowman Patricia Cassidy Shirley Hook Janet Lashley Jane Aldridge Donna Crowe Barbara Crump Rosalie Fair Mary Geary Judy Hughes Dana Harden Portia Lepley Gail Miller Carolyn Pressman Patsy Porter Diana Robeson Patricia Sweene Sandra Sweene Penelope Wingert DeNoma Yutzy John Smith Paul Smith Don Sturtz Michael Taccino Robert Walsh James Winebrenner Edward Windfield Carolyn Robertson THIRD GRADE , . mf'w-nmnsssmwfw w ' fs f W s.,a,f.,M ,,,i .W iii' 1" sst,+SzzH1:,::w . Kenra-sage Q f- V ! Q? , - Sligagsga Qjgabl sw -,-:H..:'wt:a wsu 5? k 3 J st Ama w ' A sew-,:x , S , . x V01 4 ' Q William Lantz Marlin Martin Steven Trexler Randall Aldridge 5 X S Q21-1, .U ., 5 K .433-1.-..r: f L. M 1 1' M els. -MJ, gf-is Y we .. 4. Q ke: it K fire, K 6 sl! f as-i we f 12-ff f -fr-vs, ft R fi' F -- - .gs if , . ie .. , gf W t ., L in K l S' rre rr v A U K , R S iw if ,yi f ? Vi' if E '25 , . Sw 'A R 45' "" 1 , .f A , "4 , ... Q 2 . . . , Q14 shale M2 'Q ww f , . ,A on ..A.... lf, or -ff L if ff X af m 3 a 1 0 1 ,P xr , :V -4 .. xi" an S Ak 'Ql- iii 'VM Q M ! Jack Booth David Bridges Sander Crouch Richard Dunn John Finzel William Harden Edward Harvey Garry Kirby Larry Kirby Terry McKenzie Gary 0'Baker Marshall O'Nea1 Gene Paul Robert Robeson Gary Snyder Pamela Blank Barbara Bridges Bonnie Conrad JOAnn Crowe Linda Lepley Judith McCray Peggy Michaels Sharon Robertson Lois Shwalter Sandra Simpson Sandra Sweene Sandra Crowe Linda Wenebrenner Bonnie Amold Barbara Beal Betty Culley Janet Delbrook Linda Emerick Emma Evans Carlotta Imes Michael Via Stephen Wilson Linda Loar Cheryl Piercy Judy Schriner Linda Scritchfield Colleen Shannon Carla Sherman Susan Voit Linda Wilson Sandra Winebrenner Bonnie Bowman KH'-nh-in D.-:A,.,... f L. Maas? '51 N ig 9 n , :X -,.k A '-sr 3 ,V . 'S 'x l rx sas" if 'lady .,Q'ffKf, , 'Qff Q Ak 8 will 3 4 S Q ix J.: 5 M , Rav 5 K as it 5152 - - W .., 'E sf, t J El . .5 V, ,rf si-viii' ,, ams- - ge., .V s, .-1 :K I., .. ,rsh 'icfure Noi -1, L I SECOND GRADE 2 523 : .f ff . J ff? .,.?wfL,.1:w John Baker Robert Beeman Richard Birmingham Bruce Boor Darrel Carder Danny Cessna Michael Fiorita J0hn Frankenberry Frank Goebel Billy Gulbronson John Harr Charles Hice James Imes John Knepp Glenn Lepley Michael Loar Matthew Long Edward Michaels John Miller John Natolly Brenda Booth Julie Conner Estella Cruz Lela Gordon Pamela Hott Donna Rankin Patricia Robeson Betty Showalter Karen Snyder Juith Walsh Mary Winebrenner Linda Smith Sharon Bridges Bonnie Dickel Judith Furlow Judy Kraus Judy Le Geer Sharon Linn Jane Neder Colleen Stowell Edward Swandol Albert Via Larry Bingman Cecil Clifton In!-In LTD11-ninb Q, ., K ua VL 1 7 .' V Z ,,2:. M I A,:.:A l .. V,V, W I . . , I Y M NV , fig ' mam: M y L- H 4 ,475 Q 5 Thomas Smith James Taccino Mary Valentine Thomas Woodward Sharon Lease FIRST GRADE ' n S as , A u H. : zz i .Ni a V Q .L R jg vi , V:" M f 2 swfs , ar . par- ,. '. ar ,., . ,. ,, L aii iw- ' ' Picture Noi' Availa ble .lla E saa J a f if h wr or J Q ' - J s :' f' Q 5 L, ,1 5 fi ' J .af N , 1, is gm F54 ,V Digs " 'in-r,. w wa ., f J. ,Q . W' a , JJ? wa M s f Piciure y y g L, Na+ D Available , E N 'ray f s ,, ,,, X I at y as f-. ., - w, - A -tr... Q Franklin Butler Anthony Butler Dennis Carder Ralph Crowe Donald Dunn Robert Finzel Earl Johnson Roger Kennell Richard Kerns Kenneth Martin Lawrence Sell George Watkins Dennis Winebrenner Richard Beeman Kenneth Blank Albert Culley Michael Dickel Gregory Diehl Neil Emerick Nancy Foy Lois Gordon Larain Gordon Shelley Harden Ruth Hughes Sheila Kessel Sheila Loar Sheila Linn Martha Miller Deborah Rizer Vicki Shaffer Linda Snyder Cathy Winebrenner Judith Winebrenner Barbara Baker Fay Bowman Gloria Bridges Patricia Bridges Janie Cruz Glenn Porter 3 R 'ta' his RWM? fi wp.. E wx? ' 4 , :+ure 'lol :lla ble ' f .f lin-A Piclure Noi Available .sl Piciure - Noi Available A a xg . f,, - P . F-" 1 5 . P N' 3 an ,i l: -mag S J sta f,,.: Q P Q Ha Judy Witt if f-'WI-'1 1 YE: .- llicf-,' . 1 L- -.1 Elementary Rock E xhibit Dale Sweene James Voit David Weidner Richard Winebrenner Dorothy DeVore Peggy Gulbronson Cathy Imes Jean Keel Linda Lepley Patricia Lepley Judy Linn Donna Nigh Brenda Piercy Donna Stewert Sharon Winebrenner James Gillespie Wayne Leighty Patti Bridges Connie Deffenbaugh Barbara Emerick ff ff l'-3 Left to right: Gary Barb, William Sweene, Ralph Wilson, Margaret Geary, Wanda Holt, v , , - n..-1..... A Www A, R X s, .Q-. All in i ,gf'5'iE1-g5Ji?.fN?' ff g 'fgiiii uh ,rw M, M VM www 1 'F ,f-., .fi',,,1F2i' H E MW? -:gf Y- 4 ,ua-xg E 5 ,frg51.,ffc L Q 1 W gxfgrfilf '52 V' f 4' 'ga A x QW 'Yevff'-2 .wb,.f:,Af.x-Lf 5, Fqjiky 4-G1 1 .lfiallaia wk me 159' -, . if?-4533 Q Z " A ' A1 ., L..L M. ,, . ,, ".2!E" 'p.:p.': Zi-w':"5.e:hPEP'?:':E 5545:-E:.2z1IE'?, 2: ' ,L " BAND First row: E. Wenrich, S. Winebrenner, S. Duckworth, G. Harden, F. Frankenberry. Second row: I. C. Boyce, S. Sheav1y,J. Boyce, G. Martin, R. Butler, S. Sweene, C. Goetz, Pressman, S. Wilson, Third row: D. Hott, O. Kasecamp, M. R. Wilson, B. Fleegle, J. Deffenbaugh, D. Murphy, N. Paul. B. Murphy, B. Bohn R. Boyce, D. Geary, Fifth row: E. Miller, H. Frankenberry. , B. Martin, J. Lowery, L. Bland. Fourth row: B. Taccino, J. Jenkins, K. Taylor, S. Bittner, R. Lashbaugh, F. Hansrote, G. Emerick, L. Robertson, F. Murphy, SCHOOL PATROL First row: G. Witt, R. Faidley, D. Arnold, J. Chambers, M. Shaffer. Second row: Mr. Carter, Advisor F. Bridges, R. Lance, J. Harden, B. Winebrenner, A. Bingman, J. Steele. " '- ' ' f lf: B1riKX .wz?-Q L x asv" DRAMATICS CLUB First row: C. Frankenberry, D. Dickel, K. Lashley, D. Winebrenner, C. Cessna, P. Lepley, J. Martin, S. Turley, V. Ricewick. Second row: T. Russell, J. Williams, J. Waltman, D. Harden, S. Duck- worth, M. Spataro, P. Carter, S. Lepley, D. Thomas. Third row: F. Hansrote, Advisors, Edwin Gillis Bing Elliott, Blaine Gainerg S. Bittner, R. Folk, D. Geary, S. Church, R. Lashbaugh, F. Frankenberry, W. Martin, G. Harden. STAGE CREW J. Chambers, Mr. I. Helmick, Advisor, E. Trimble, Mr. W. Helmick, Advisor. EDITORIAL STAFF News --------- A. WEIMER Editor - - - - -S. LEPLEY Associate - - - - - S. BITTNER Sports - - - - - -S. CHURCH Feature - - ' - P. CARTER Advisors - - - - -M. GAINER R. MacMILLAN Many hours, hard work and dead- lines are a part of each issue of the Warrior. In 1956, first place honors were awarded this paper. It has traveled a rigorous journey since the first four page mimeograph paper. T' NEWSPAPER STAFF First row: C. Cessna, F. Markwood, S. Duckworth, C. Chambers, G. Harden, P. Carter, P. Lepley. Second row: R. MacMillan, Advisor, M. Spataro, A. Weimer, S. Lepley, F. Frankenberry, B. Gordon, J. Glass, V. Ricewick, Mrs. Gainer, Advisor. Third row: D. Winebrenner, T. Carter, D. Geary, S. Church, S. Bittner, D. Harden, D. Dickel, D. Huff. QUILL AND SCROLL First row: Madeleine Gainer, Advi- sor: P. Carter, S. Lepley, D. Geary D. Harden. Second row: G. Gordon, J. Glass, S. Church, S. Bittner, A. Weimer. These members abide by: loyalty, truth, enlightenment, opportunity, initiative, leadership, and friendship. al Honor Society for High School Journalists. This organization is an lntemation- CAFETERIA WORKERS First row: L. Walbert, V. Ricewick, M. Carter, V. DeVore, J. Waltrnan, J. Hahn. Second row: T. Porter, P. Lepley, C. Cessna, D. Winebrenner, R. Carter, K. Lashley, A. Bridges, C. Hardin, J. Steele. Third row: D. Sanson, D. Thomas, D. Hott, K. Zimmerla, G. Lowery, J. Harden, D. Holt. G.A.A. First row: C. Shriner, D. Sweene, J. Martin, G. McKenzie, J. Boyce, C. Boyce. Second row: K. Cham- bers, J. Hotchkiss, P. Poorbaugh, Mrs. A. Reynolds, P. Fair, D. Fetters, L. Harden,4H. Frankenberry. 9-M 0'-vm - 'X SENIOR CHORUS First row: I. Porter, J. Alter, S. Walker, C. Gordon, L. Witte, J. Vizza, S. Sweene, C. McKenzie, C. Goetz, B. Orndoff, P. Carter, K. Chambers, Mr. Elliott, Advisor. Second row: J. Jenkins, E. Mil- ler, F. Markwood, B. Burkett, M. Smith, S. Winebrenner, Y. Walbert, M. Lease, H. Frankenberry, B. Robertson, D. Murphy, S. Clark, M. Spataro, V. Ricewick, P. Lowery. Third row: C. Franden- berry, J. Hotchkiss, E. Wenrick, S. Wilson, I. Pressman, C. Black, F. Frankenberry, D. Huff, S. Leighty, M. Micheals, S. Wright. Fourth row: B. Martin, T. Carter, R. Lashbaugh, R. Folk, L. Robertson, B. Gordon. JUNIOR CHORUS First row: D. Porter, P. McKenzie, D. Sweene, H. Lease, N. Aldridge, J. Boyce, A. Whitehair, B. Micheals, M. Wilhelm, C. Garabowske. Second row: H. Harrison, B. Bohn, J. Loar, J. Hamburg, G. McKenzie, N. Weimer, C. Simpkins, S. Sheavly, M. Weimer, C. Kemp. Third row: P. McDonald G. Connow, C. Weese, R. Deramer, I. Wilson, R. Pollock, T. Geary, B. Winebrenner, M. Waltman, G. Harvey, M. Norris, R. Smith, Mr. Elliott, Advisor. -' 'T 'M YI 'X 'Li ffl 71Q2iL'X..t mf l . SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL First row: C. Rice, I. Frankenberry, C. Frankenberry, B. Simpson, G. Aldridge, S. Edwards, P. McKenzie. Second row: R. Cook, S. Lepley, D. Hott, G. Gobel, K. Johnson, R. Folk, R. Pollock D. Huff. ELEMENTARY STUDENT COUNCIL First row: B. Boor, E. Wingfield, S. Harder, S. Winebrenner, L. Sell, J. Helmick, P. Michaels, I. Gillespie. Second row: L. Wilson, B. Crump, M. O'Nea1, P. Robeson, J. Smith, B.'Hughes, G. Barb. Third row: Miss Aldridge, S. Hook, J. Adams, N. Dickel, G. Crouch, B. Phillips, Mrs. E. Poland. F. T. A. First row: A. Morgan, D. Huff, W. Martin, P. Trimble, P. Lepley, C. Frankenberry, I. Pressman, J. Hahn, B. Burkett, M. Smith. Second row: C. McKenzie, C. Goetq, H. Frandenberry, M. Bridges, S. Winebrenner, Y. Walbert, S. Turley, L. Martin, Mrs. Rizer, Advisorg S. Walker. Third row: S. Mar- tin, S. Leighty, B. Gordon, J. Hotchkiss, S. Wilson, J. Alter, F. Lowery, C. Cessna, D. Winebrenner, D. Dickel, B. Michaels, Mr. Herboldsheimer, Advisor. F.H.A. First row: B. Gordon, M. Smith, K. Chambers, E. Miller, P. Poorbaugh, I. Hahn, S. Walker. Second row: A. Weirner, G. Harden, B. Miller, M. Geary, P. Malloy, M. Michels, K. Folk. Third row: P. Carter, V. Ricewick, M. Spataro, M. Miller, S. Lepley, D. Huff, M. Lease, B. Gordon. 17? PROJECTION CLUB First row: L. Frankenberry, J. Frankenberry, D. Holt, J. Sweene. Second row: Mr. Morgan, Advisory W. Barb. Third row: D. Sansom, A. Bingman, J. Deffenbaugh, C. Geary, S. Bolye, G. McGann, L. Pfister. Fourth row: S. Bittner, D. McKinzie, E. Trimble, R. O'Neal, G. McGann. F. S. A. First row: W. Harden, S. Wilson, P. Poorbaugh, I. Pressman. Secont row: W- Murphy, T. Porter, D. Geary, Mr. Morgan, Advisor, J. Taccino. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS First row: J. Hotchkiss, E. Miller, L. Martin, D. Dickel, Miss Witte, Advisor. Second row: T. Russell, J. Hahn, J. Williams, D. Sell, B. Gordon. MONITOR CLUB First row: P. Carter, T. Russel, L. Blank, G. Shroyer, B. Wisenburg, M. Smith, S. Preston, B. Gordon Second row: G. Gordon, W. Gordon, B. Burkett, C. Black, F. Frankenberry, D. Dickel, G. Harden. Standing: F. Bridges, I. Miller, M. Spataro, S. Duckworth, D. Harden, R. Cook, D. Burkett, R. Rig- gleman, J. Hahn, D. VanMeter, D. Bardgis. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB First row: S. Lepley, D. Stickley, G. Lowery, D. Bardgis. I. Lowery, B. Barb, G. Duckworth, J. Cham- bers, D. Sell. Second row: G. Witte, W. Gordon, E. Parry, W. Duckworth, G. Lowery, R. Faidley, T. Deffenbaugh, R. Leanord, R. Lantz. Standing: J. Helmick, W. Helmick, G. Lowery, F. Smiley, D. Hott, R. Faidley, I. Steele, M. Tipton, C. Rice, D. Hott, B. Winebrenner, D. Riggleman. l I ' "L' , COACH JOHN THOMAS COACH ALPHA REYNOLDS COACH JQSEPH CARTER SOCCER First row: W. Fleegle, D. Thomas, D. Geary, L. Morris, I. Lavin, B. Burkett, C. Goebel, C. Lemast- er, G. Robinette, S. Church, D. Hott. Second row: T. Deffenbaugh, B. Harden, R. Witte, J. Birm- ingham, T. Carter, B. Barb, L. Robertson, N. Jenkins, R. Lashbaugh, J. Dehaven, E. Trimble, M. Hice, L. Robinette, Coach John Thomas. Peggy Carter Mary Spataro M T. Cherie McKenzie S Carolyn Goetz A V Kathleen Chambers A G E CHEERLEADERS VARSITY First row: Harold Brautnick, Tom Carter, Jack Lowery, Donnie McKenize, Dale Thomas, Wayne Fleegle. Second row: Bill Burkett, Stewart Church, Dan Williams, Eddie Trimble, Geroge Lowery, Coach John Thomas. is as A -vs uf M we va nu 'H K. an in CHEERLEADERS Paula McKenize, Susan Wilson, Judy Alter, Janet Jenkins, Gayne McKenzie. JUNIOR VARSITY First row: Keith Johnson, Jack Lowery, Twain Lowery, Ronald Enerick, William Adams, Charles Wilhelm Second row: Steve Faulkner, Fay Often, James DeHaven, Robert Weidner, Richard Lybarger, Dale Hott, Leroy Morris, Coach Joeph Carter. PM QW J L at .xf dgxfx 'l MW Qfsff, W MQW 4 xevm 'Y-W K U gwwgcq lg Sym ,gf C53 af L W , MMD 1 3 'G Jw! up 1'."' Q-+ za ff Nw' My yffwiigi ss fm? fbi MM ggi 25 ' Q12 mi' iffy ?iff? " R1,,J,,'m 0 gf Eu 33.90 X ,,W1:-Er-Exlg lg gf C9 wwf. SRC Aff? df W W 3 Ei 5 .0 IQ- I P Q N 432: ,ln MM PZWQWUZQ Q6 we E4 ', ff xg 5? V V cgiwbwxxg jj f Q QQ 'F'f R555 53' wr - MTM' ENSEEX25 96 ff A M WLM :iiii SSS - L, 1. g.7.:L::,-fi-1-Qi.-gh 4,-S., ,. reg: gf 41-vf' Q: L Ly-Q 'wwf-in QL, ., - rw. 1 Ni-wr, , if Q ' ' ' ww- LQQMQ in A ,.-,. f :,k, 5, flaw :su ,WS ,N M. .,--,-xmfwfwz-vT.f ,:S:ff,ffm..w PUS QUEEN CANDIDATES MARY SMITH GEORGIANIA HARDEN VIRGINIA RIC EWIC K SWEETHEART QUEEN JANET HAI-IN MUSIC QUEEN MARGARET CARTER BEST-LOOKING MOST IN LOVE ANNETTE WEIMER CAROLE FRANKENBERRY HAROLD BRAUTNICK WILLIAM BURKETT SUPERLATIVES BEST PERSONALITY NEATEST DRESSED PEGGY CARTER VIRGINIA RICEWICK .TIM GLASS RONALD LASHBAUGH MOST STUDIOUS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED SHIRLEY TURLEY SUE ANN LEPLEY JOSEPH TACCINO DALE GEARY SU PERLATIVES BEST ACTRESS, Acron BIGGEST Funrs DORIS HARDEN SANDRA DUCKWORTH DALE THOMAS GEORGE LOWERY WITTIEST BEST ATHLETES LINNIE BLANK JANET HAHN JAMES BIRMINGHAM WAYNE FLEEGLE SUPERLATIVES QUIETEST M051 TALKATIVE MARY SMITH MARY SPATARO ROBERT IO HNSON IRVIN LAV1N sm-1 -f Q 1 .x- A . - f . 7zaz-umm XJ'-I ,J - Aj'-,gl A ,f-'Ti-in - - ,qv , - DAIRY PRODUCTS uh. .,,:.A a:.-lv ia- ,V x X ' ,Y at DAIRY Producers and Distributors of GOLDEN GUERNSEY MILK Mount Savage Phone CO-4-2.321 S 3 f,'VJf Compliments of 10 1' J L9 ' IS ouk F ST K THOUGHT E-IAQ: E12 FURNITURE CO, F1-ostburg, Maryland Phone 65 OJQE elom-NS RESTAURANT Mt. Savage, Maryland "Everybody Loves Our Balfour Rings" I SXXXHXI 1: REXALL DRUGSTORE Pre sc ription Service Exclusive Agent for Russell Stover Candies LaVa1e, Maryland Phone PA Z-3535 Compliments of NIT. SAVAGE HOMEMAKERS Mt. Savage, Maryland Compliments of LADIES AUXILIARY to the MT. SAVAGE VOLUNTEER FIRE CO. A Proud Giver - A Delighted Receiver Gifts of Distinction DEAN'S JEWELRY Phone 563 Gunter Hotel Bldg. Frostburg, Md SERVICE WHEN LESTER B. REED SERVICE STATION and JOHN WINGERT Proprietors Barrellville, Md. CLOTHES FOR EVERY NEED at the NAAQV CATQCDL. SHOP Frostburg, Md. The Tri-State Area's Own Tire and Battery Headquarters Phone PA 4-0300 MMAW TIRES KE LLV TIRE SERVICE 119 So. Mechanic St. HARVE VS JEWELRY STORE 41 Baltimore St. Cumberland, Md. Phone PA Z-7050 Cumberland Mobilgas Mobiloil Building Supplies c xJ I IVIS PE N NSY SERVICE STATION Mt. Savage Road Dupont Paint Phone PA Z-7300 THE NARROWS Tell Dad to Buy Her a Compliments of Dryer . . The Wife He Saves ' May Be His O 4z MzZ W' See the Modern Electric Dryers That OUTDOOR Operate Without Smoke CLUB POTOMAC EDISON CO. Compliments of Your ' ' Top M U I,-L I GAN IILSISLDTI-H-.zkib Values Are Always at Meats and L- . Groceries FURNITURE CO. Phone CO4-2.341 Cumberland, Maryland Mt. Savage, Maryland va 'W GOODUVKFOOD :I C ,.r"w fi-9 'if-":2.r - ' 11.13 zz 1 C A ' " ,ff ?lEa1,11-1.11--11133 X' W at S I-I I N E R E S T A U RA N T Mt. Savage, Maryland -git' cnoefb Q' ff 9 ..l.,ml "xx I -- ' J . .vu . -- - ....nr1I"' ...- -gi:-ig' ' f I 1 ' ml!! X DE VQQES MARKET Ellerslie, Maryland Use Dairy Products of Dependable Quality QUEEN CITY COOPERATIVE DAIRY, INC. Milk, Cream, Buttermilk, Cottagecheese Prompt Service - Phone PA 4-0400 Cumberland ' ' 9? Maryland le, , f- -'f ,,' MAURICE'S DEPARTMENT STORE Z Complete Floors of Apparel and Home Furnishings Nationally Advertised Merchandise Use One of Our Convenient Payment Plans Frostburg, Maryland Phone 15 or 16 Compliments of THE CATHOLIC DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA BINGO Mt. Savage, Maryland CJ. LLOYD VVO LFE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone PA-4-3898 Ellerslie, Maryland Compliments of NAT ICD NAI. I:I2LJ IT STORE .LOUIS MECONI, Prop. Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland Zmldtg Q Compliments of 25.-2-HTE FRUIT MARKET UEVVEI EC: B120 S. Us Route 40 JEWELERS ,. I ..-- .,.,,.,.. . X Frostburg, Maryland Compliments of PRIDE OF IRVVI N MEMORIALS IXAT, SAVAGE COUNCIL NO, 20 Marble Granite DAUGHTERS Bronze OF Phone 52-J AMERICA Frostburg, Maryland Meeting Nights Z nd and 4th Friday FUTURE TEACHERS of AMERICA "I Will Cultivate in Myself, Goodwill, Friendliness, Poise, Upright Bearing and Careful Speech." QM- W 4 B v C . 7- -1., S S T ,,,, E 50 TA 1 A 4 - ..-- "','A 'H -5 Acc e s s or ie s and ID. AND S. Repair Shop CLEANERS Odorless Dry Cleaning Phone ROger 7-9529 51 E- Main St- Ellerslie, Maryland Frostburg, Md. Phone 303 THE SOUTH CUMBERLAND PLANING MILL CO. Cumberland, Md. "Your Community Lumber Yard Since 1896" X "'g!S',"',"g9llI""'. "If I I' W 'Yah lll"llly-.l.l N ,f f 3 wx NN f' Q I M .x ss : Phone SX p 235, 1' PA-2-2600 KAPLQNS E E U YOUNG MEN'S SHOP GQ ri x Z' S ls ff Z f f , Arrow Shirts X A Hickok Jewelry ' BUQTQNQ Northbrook High QU-3-1itY Clothes Low Prices The Home of Timely Clothes Cumberland, Md. Baltimore St, Cumberland, Md. gb f E xbe Y A 4 SIX, J W A AUT R E PAI RS Zi X915 X av ' ' ' 1' S' Z 9 Happy Motoring Starts at Your Es so Sign l3OLAND'S ESSO STATION Drive Carefully - The Life You Save May Be Your Own Phone CO 4-2021 ' ' Main Street Mt. Savage, Maryland Zgziffziafma Official "ARROWHEAD" Photographers Fine Camera Portraits 60 N. Center St. 'N 1 . y. 7 I , X 'Q' , T P - gf 'F EE-.-"'E Qs rlnllf j L mi? l J 'S 'Q V l . 1 .4 X THE Comphments of COMPANY Funeral Directors CORRIGANVILLE VOLUNTEER Furniture FIRE CO. , INC, Phone 2.65 Corriganville, Mar land Frostb Y urg, Maryland Compliments of IXAT. I-IE I S KE l.I. SAMIAGE. MOTOR SALES BUS LINES, INC, President LLOYD STURTZ ,fa Treasurer Q0 '62 sfo 'Ls- GEORGE MARKWOOD 635' 25? J' Bus ines s Manager JOHN CASSEN Frostburg, Maryland U MT. SAVAGE COOKS Mrs. Winebrenner, Mrs, Rizer, Mrs. willif-rE,. Mrs. Orndorff, Mrs. Dorman. Mrs. Reed DEANS JEWELRY A Proud Giver - A Delightful Receiver Gifts of Distinction "KeepSake" Diamonds Gunter Hotel Bldg. Phone 563 Frostburg, Maryland Expert Watch, Jewelry Repairs V r I m Your Dependable Druggist P01253 DRUG STORE Pre scriptions Sundaes Rus sell Stover Candie s Frostburg, Maryland Watche s - Rings Silverware RAVS JEWELERS 103 Baltimore St. Cumberland, Maryland MacGregor Sports Equipment Gym Supplies Shop Equipment THE VVI LSGN HARDWARE 30 N. Mechanic St. Cumberland, Maryland Compliments of NAT I CIXIAJ. FRUIT STORE 1 'f F 531 Ov LOUIS MECONI, Prop. Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland From uccess to the graduating class OF MT. SAVAGE DAQENT TEACPIEYQS ASSOC! AT I CN 0 QWALNJNJNN-Ms! K I 1 I H1lIIHllIY Donna Rice: '57 Mary Lechliter: '54 Darl Clitesg '54 Helen Gaff: '56 Margaret Harden: '57 Benjamin H. Dorsey, Jr: '55 Jackie Barth Price: '54 Mary Louise Barth Arnold: '36 B. Carol Miller: '54 Sandra Deffenbaugh: '55 Nancy Deffenbaugh: '55 Dale Lashley: '56 Mary Agnes McGann: '53 Lee Anna McGann: '55 Jane Rizer: '57 Marlene Burkey: '54 Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Miller ALUMNI PATRONS Dan Williams: '55 Meach Blank: '55 The Good Senator: '56 Ronnie Geary: '54 Mrs. Lewis R. Ayers, Jr: '55 Doody Hott: '57 Frances Weimer: '55 Phyllis Carter: '56 Robert D. Johnson: '56 Gary Hite: '56 Ronald Carter: '54 Francis Sweene: '55 Donald Miller: '56 Guy Martin: '57 Alphie Watkins: '57 Ann Carter Marterano: '54 Mrs. Agnes Crump Mr. and Mrs. James Weimer A. Charles Stewart Mrs. Mary Barth Hosken Jewelry Store Layman 's Hardware Metro Clothes S. T. Little Co. Ray Dome Grocery Mrs. Stanford Lowery Legion, American, Aux. Mrs. Evelyn Blank Mr. Leslie C. Mr. and Mrs. Amtower James E. Turley Mr. and Mrs. Noel Speir Cook Mr. Estel C. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Lester B. Reed Mr. and Mrs. John Poland Miss Leah Huff Mr. and Mrs. John W. Winner Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Brown Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Carter Richard T. Rizer Edwin Gillis Edward Meconi J. Hubert Radcliffe Miss Rosezita Robison Condon's Shoe Store T. S. Cut Rate Bob's Radio Service Skippy's Confectionery Burkey's Appliance Co. George S. Geary First National Bank Mrs. Gertrude Reagan Miss Mary T. Witte Mrs. Mary Thompson Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ellis and Mrs. Fred Driscoll Senator and Mrs. Charles M. See Miss Margaret Winner Miss Agnes Aldridge Mrs. Alpha E. Reynolds Miss Kathleen McDermitt Mrs. Bernice Kohout Mr. and Mrs. R. Blaine Gainer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lewis Mr. M. Bing Elliot Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Bittner Ladies Auxiliary A. O. H. ' H The staff has worked hard to make this book. We have tried to bring to you knowledge, leaming and moments that will linger long with us. Now we shall rest, as you can plainly see. P. S. We hope you find it a treat! arf' -.,,, 1.-ff" f-N- .F . A . k LM ,M 1 .- - gf.. ,g 1 A . g .gl ws. - ff P 1 1 f H K X 6 2. H- js W- ' , 1 ,1 f Vi, - U 5 ' s Y J 1 .' w L Q L...n-V.....-......, ..-....-............- --

Suggestions in the Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) collection:

Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 40

1958, pg 40

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1958, pg 63

Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 19

1958, pg 19

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