Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD)

 - Class of 1954

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Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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W. -hum-nw on -.,-ug 41, 4 eu ,gawk -. ww , --.. ks QL ' Nfwwzab Y MX .QW . .Aa Q-.P is ww 4771 YAY r ew o.. x,.. W, ,, 4:1fQvi33'13i!fif5? m , V591 , WW vAX5N"iM:?5 .gm i f -f Q L. 'Mff f 'MQ , 4 N' Mfr Nik, uf? ' ' xv ,ctw W X -an ,dy xydni, , v. 1 v , ' www- , 7' ff A Ky? nik, J ,!579"?" Jqjcw QF MY V' H .A ,A . 1. L 4 -M ,, ,X -12 ,WNM W Y. An, -. ..,,Wt.Xggy7,3gAg,, , .w ., W 1 X ,N .4 7 ki W ,QVX f 4. '- :w'fw.,lY,,,,. A ML, H' Y W . . M 5 Q X L A'k,,, ,ry ' ' Q.. Ti, A 1. 'ZW 4 R' n 0 . MM ' , ' xp .. wr. ., -f 5- 4, .-., f, -A. ,A . , . :ln QW: vifxwrinfvwbxs ' X as f Kell ,uhh .vngfrf I igpfvyd Af .lgkwwxzzg gd f,q,f.M,,-A, 'T' ,, -aan ..-iqgm 'T M A K -L A . . . an -795 .ai . ,QA 'N Y 40: V H- ,Lf the ARRQWHEAD 1954 foreword Up lllltll now Olll mchool has been the center of oul youn IIVLS We h we not heckon each of us SCIIIOIS wlll travel one of these loads The paths, f hfe may take us far but no matter whe e we may he we W1Sh each one Ill the semor dass hdpp1HCSS and sueeebb The Edltolb NR 1 'Q 4. Y 'Z' 9 '75 on 0 gf 41,1 4 SY exqg ventured too far afleld. Now the roads 4 xl I N N . ' , . . V1 A NK X. 0 Y 9:3 .. , if e We, the Senior class of 1954 wish to de- dicate our yearhook to Edward A. Meconi to show our appreciation for the fine work he has accomplished for our school during the past two vears. hir. Mecoiii is well liked hy all for his un- dcistamiiiig, his Wil- lingness to assist us and his sincerity. We say "Congratuiations, for a joh well done." teacher counselor friend lobby llbrary la...- hallway x my K ' ' " 4- ' A f' 1 0 o P' . L EV' .7 ' f,,fp:s'M.3..,."" K fy MM, ll 1k X Q I ,v f fu xii' f 1 ge Ag U WY. 2 table of Con tents W!" ag Ll: QYHR 'W' it 4, ' 5 e gvu 4 5' Av . . . administration we ' 5 and faculty SQTIIOTS we-19" -fn classes or .Oamzatwns 1, Q features 3 8 ' gage E I, gp 0 f 0 -Q -A, N Q, f K . . . athletles -n me -.--2: ' ' 3 0 aclvertlslng AL -,ffx SCHOUL O U N T S AV AG E MOUNT SAV AGE, MARYLAND Elcmenknrg School and High School Grades 1 through 12 TELEPHONE: Mouur SAVAGE A851 RED H. BENNA. Pmucwm. n outstanding l pleasure F lt is evident that the Arrowhead Staff has achieved a accomplishment in the production of this Annual. hence, it is my signa to recognize the completion of this project hy offering my hearty congratulations to all of those who gave their time, effort and support to this worthy cause. To you, the graduates of l95n, l wish to caution against lethargy in respect to your future plans. lt is true, graduation from high school is a worthy attainment. however, to look upon the completion of your high school career as the ultimate in academic achievement is to deprive yourself of the satisfaction of knowing that you have invested your talents to the best advantage. lou owe it to yourself and society to develop your abilities to ' ' hest possible degree of efficiency. Principal their hig """iIvN' 9"'Ms-...., ,wa-ug '- : Q fu-snuff we 4 M. ""'--..j"w...c-. an-, W 3 .fr-' ..,,, office secretary MABEL WILSON office assistant PATTII STAHLMAN office assistant ALICE PARRY guidance director EDWARD MECONI .7 'G' fl 'fC ' .'1qi ,ll A s 4632. 3 55132331214 1 W-:draft wgtlti -:M U . 1 V 7 Our faculty car, though a little older We 5 I and at little more worn than some of Il the newer models on the road, knows so much better the many curves, humps and smooth stretches of the road of life This ki l d . i iow e ge they are trying to pass on to us. We thank them . . . We think theyire tops. I Q o f a o c u 0 l L , 7 No school, no graduating class. no student hody is ever any hetter than its faculty. Wlieri proud parents see their offspring as grown men and women receive a diploma. when any young man or woman takes his first step to- wards a successful earcer then they should stop and think of, and give thanks to the members of the faculty who assume such successes. :XCNHS gKI,llRIlJClf Frosthurg State Teaehers Collegeg Sixth Grade. l.l'iSl.ll'i ff. .-XNl'l'OWFR Fairmont State. ,-Lil.: Xlathetnaties. Drivers Edu:-ation. FIDICICINKIIC lll'iS'l' Frosthurg State Teaehers College. .-MB.: Maryland lf Seeond and 'lihird Grades. NIARY E. BROWN Fairmont College. A.l3.g Social Studies. HHl.l'iN CfKI,llARA Frosthurg State Teaehers College: Fifth and Sixth Grades. .lUSlCl'l'l V. CARTER Xlount Saint Marys Etnniitshurg. Nld.. li.S,1 l'iIlQlliSll. Heading. lfl.fXlNl'l IJIANIONIJ lliekenson Junior College. We-ste-rn Maryland College, link.: -Nrt, l,AWlilCNCl'i IPIEHI. California State 'l'eaehers College. Penn. l3.S.g Metal Shop. DON A. ENIICRSON West Virginia llnlversity. Adi.. Nl.fX.g Physies. k.llt'IlllSil'f. Biology. illiK'l'lililJli FIORITA Physieal Fidueation Nl.'Xlll'fl.lilNl'i liAlNl'lR Seton Hill College: West Virginia University. ill.. N11 lfngrlish. Latin. Ii. ISLAINE GAINER Davis and Elkins College. West Virginia University. :LIS NIA.: English. Our science teachers inspect the campus pro- ject. Pllotugrapllz-r catches a commercial law class at work. 02" E 1 in-Q.. U it.. BERTHA SMITH GRAHAM Frostburg State Teachers College, B.S.g Elementary Educa- tion. RUTH HANSON Frostburg State Teachers Collegeg Attended Summer School at University of Maryland and Columbia University. WILLIAM HELMICK Fairmont Slate College, B.S. LOUISE HIMMELWRIGHT Frostburg State Teachers Collegeg Elementary Education. LEAH NI. HUFF Frosthurg State Teachers College, ll.S.g Elementary Edu' cation, Third grade. MARIANNA KEENE University of Maryland, B54 Home Eeonomic CAROLINE V. LENNUX Frostburg State Teachers Cnllegeg First Grade. THOMAS LEWIS Shephard State Teachers College, B.S.g Mathematics. Time out for lun Storytime Considering the had publicity given the teaching profession in the last few years. one might wonder just why so many have stayed with the schools. lt has all lveen written down a number of times. Such phrases as . . . "a feeling of 3CC0llllJllSl'lII1PIll., . . . 'ior a love for the workn . . . may he trite, but they are nevertheless true. ROBERT CLINTON Mm-MILLAN Bowling Crt-en College of Connneree, Howling Crt-en Kentucky, A.l3. KATHLEEN MCDERMITT Western Maryland College, AB., English, Mathematics. EDWARD MECONI St. Francis, Frostburg State Teachers College-g Ctllllllllllii University, A.B., B.S. Ed., M.A., l'.O.D.g U. S. History. JOHN C. METZCER Frosthurg State Teachers College, Cratluate work at l'enn State College, l5.S.g Science. EVELYN li. POLAND Frostburg State Teachers College, B.S. in Elementary Etl., Fifth Grade. EDITH S. RIZER Frostburg State Teachers College. A.B., tent. Special Etl.: S. Studies, Speech Correction. ALFRED SNYDER Shenandoah Conservatory of Music, Bachelor in Music Etl JACK SNYDER Frosthurg State Teachers College, l3.S.g Special Etl. JOHN C. THOMAS Frostburg State Teachers College, B.S.g Physical Eel. ELEANOR WEBER Duke University, AB.: English, Home Eeonomlt MARGARET WINNER Frostburg State Teachers College, B.S. in Elementary Etl., First Grade. MA RY T. WITTE Frostburg State Teachers College, AB., pending, Lihrarian Reading. OH! for the life of a teacher... Cha erones C rt un tum P Our Ma 'md Pa The qemof Pmm when we went to Annapolw Trlppmg the hght fantastlc What gorgvou tc lchf-r S Eb A V X en JX 1 1 O1 1111 1111111-l 1011111 1 1 Z, 111 ll st 1111105101113 0111111510111 1511111 11111 1 1111 K C9 1110 1101111611 11111 1111111 11111 1111 U YZ 1 t11110011s 115111111 - 1711 11111 10161 110Lw 1101 top 11611 11 O1 lrey 01111 t111s13 11111 lllll 10111N Ill IX me 1 1111113 111016 10115511 01 1111111py,11ut 101115 0f1011te11t111111t 11111 fll1f111Il1CIl1 F 1111 5611101 1111111111: 0111, s11111 10 1d We hope .111 11111 f1lld113pp1l16C-S it the 101115 WQWW' 417111 semor class offlcers DARLENE SP XTARO NORMA LEE MARTIN DONNA BISHIELDS JUXNITA NINRTIN Vzre FRANCIS SNYDER EDWARD NIECONI Treasurer Secretary Chaplam Prcsulent Preszdent Arlvzsor 11 ' "1 . Z,- .- 0 A 1, X ,. . X 5 111 N 111 - L . ,D .fx , 1 xf' ' 1 Tr' N gr ' " Q 1 , T11'.g " 11 1 111 1 ff' A . sf ,f 'ix ' l ' 1 ' 4 " D' 4 if " Ja .N ' tlg. . X, 4 ' ff 1 ' 1 AQ 5 1 . V . 5 ' ' a Q, gl 1 l e , ,- , , 1 ' . 11 2 f- . Q Y- l Y 1 ' '1 . 1 ' c E, 11. . ,Pm rfrrr E111 , T 1 f 11,1E E -r .J , xxx an . . I U U I DONNA CONGETTA BISHIELDS "Congetta" 14I'lIflP777i!' Newspaper 3, 43 Cleo Club 3, 43 Li- brary 3, 4g Senior Class Chaplain. SHELBY JEAN BITTNER "Shelli" Academic Cleo Club 3, 4g Hospital Room 3, 4g Library 3, 43 Library Club, Prosidefnt 43 GAA President 43 Newspaper 3. 4, Feature Editor 4g Yearbook 4g Year- book Editor. W' 'S Q JACQULINE BARTH "Jackie" Ararlenzirf Newspapvr 3, 4g Glen Club 3, 4g Li- brary 3, 49 ,lunior Class Chaplain. ROBERT EUGENE BENNETT ligobil General HARLAN Roms BROOKE "Rur'lr" CPHPFIII Cleo Club 4: Bansl 3. 43 Basketball 3, 4 ROBERT KENNTH BURALL "Bones" General Cl:-0 Club 3g Band 33 Student Coun- cil Rep. 4. lVlARLENl'I l.Ii0liX llL'RKEY " lI!Ifll'IIl'U C47V717IH'l'!'lfI, Nl'W'QIl8I3f'f 3. -11 lfuture- Buxinws Lvad- flrs 3, 4g MO-Businvw NIZJIIZILXPT Of NPWS- papvr. PATRICIA Mx CARTER ".4r111'l ffefwrrzl Nl-w-papnr fl, Al: Bvl'lll'lllHlk fl-1 CafPIP1'la 3, 4: Junior Claw l'lzug lfuturv Teach- ers 3: Junior Claw 'l're-asurr-r: X l 3. I 8. JOHN THOMAS CHAMBERS "John" Acadmnic Newspapvr 4. DARL CLARK CLITES "DMI" Commercial Future Business Leaders 3, 4. H' RONALD EDWARD CARTER '4.'Veu't" General Baseball 3, 4g Basketball 3, 43 Track 3, 43 F-Ovcer 4. SHIRLEY JEAN CESSNA lKLiZl9 General Glee Club 43 Library 3, 4. ? Q 'ffif x , PN in xB'I'mi1c "I rn HF' if ,Q Ilullxxm f ' lm fx fhffwrflf A 3 'iq' 'um V111 l'l1x Q ,Hs 4r A.- Al ,, f'llxl:I,l-is Xllcu IN i.I:us'1'lcN nllnlh fl" N nw fTlVNll7l4'l'I'l'flI Lilmmlx Ig CLI.-v illnln S43 Iflllllft' H114- nvw Il lflvlk fl. 1. 1 ff X z.:"'sff . ,inf Mf' I J J kj g e q RICHARD w'Il.I.lAWI Cnow ulfllzu CPIIPTIII Ulm- Clulu 3. -1: Ham! 3. 1: Nvswpapm-r Sports Fnlitnr 3, 1: Uaskvtlmall 3, I: Yvarhook -1: Sfwvf-r Tirnekevper 4. YVINSTON IMLPH DEVORE 6'H1zlfe" General llawkwtluull fi. 1: lllw- Club 3. Q.- wit. fx. W V Q gg. VE? Q 'Su' 'neu-W. 3'-' 'WWW x K a J hy., s x if " F vm 'K Invlx Clm- f Hull .HWS vw . K .pk 5 ww'-WM lam naw: lzl,mil: HFU Tir", Cm: vrnl ,IwTil4'k fi: H41-kvtlmll 3. ICIVI' flmiw ICMLLIA3 "Hob" Cvrmrrzl flulm 3: lilfmu 11 Him-ball 3, 4. llKI'l. .I nu-is l'llORlTA cfI,0pFyu General Fnfwvr lg flilfl'll'I'lLl 3, 4, Jima IMOHLNLI l'll.I-IlCGI,li ..J0 W,, Arademic Clee Club 33 CNVX 3, 4: Yvarbook 4g Newspape-r 43 Library 3, 43 Cafeteria 4: CAA Vicm- PTl'Ql1ll'IlY 43 Newspaper Exvliangu- Fflitwr Pi: Yin- Pre--irle-nt of Library Club 4: Library 4. ..!"4M 1 Q Em W,.W, .W is-'Q 2 3 ls! Sy, 0:5 fun. r. CI,1FFORnWlI,LmM GORDON HHHIH Cmnnierrinl Flllllft' lllliim-as Le-aflvrs 3, 4. SUZANNIC HAWKINS QRWV, Arnrlvniir Cai:-tc-ria 3, 4: Library 4. RONALD WIl.BIlli CEARY "Ronnie" 453. General Library 4. ERNEST JOSEPH COBEI. 4'Ernie" General Projvction Club 3, 4. BETTY ANN KRAMPF "Betty Ann" Acazlernir C166 Club 3: Yvarlmnk -11 Library 4g Cafeteria 3, 41 Hminvsa Manager Yvar- hook. JOSEPH ROY LASHBAITCH uR0yn General Stage' Crvw 3, 4. A Q, Cl'IIMI.ll Romzm' JENKINS HJPSSPH Cav: rrflf Uawlnall 31 junior fflusw Play: Baskvt- hull 3, fl: 'fruvk Zi, 13 fluff-le-ria 4, Dowmm WYILLIAM Klum' uRipn CPIIPVFII Ulm' fjlllll fi. -lg SMT:-r' -I. A ' K. 1 MARY Rum morn I.m:uI.1'rER "1Iury" f.'nnllr11'rrinl Cn-Businoss Managf-r of Newspaper 4-g Futurs- Husinvss Lvadvrs 3, 4. MARY LURETTA MALLOY "Mary" Cnnlnzerriul Nvwspapvr 3. '12 Yr-arlmok 43 Cafvlvria 3, 4: ILVX 33 Future- Bruins-ss Lead- ers 3, 4. Xiu- l,l'1'hllIf'Ilf of 5Ill1I4'Ilf f.1lllIH'lI 3: JUANITA MAE MARTIN "1I1aniIa" General Clee Club 3. -I: .lunior Class Vice Pl'f'SlflQ'I'll: Senior Class Vice Presiflentg Library 3g Yearbook 4: CAA 3, 43 Junior Class Play. NORN1Al,liE NTARTIN "Norma Lee" General Cafeteria 33 Cl:-e Club 4-3 Library 3, 43 CNN 3. 41 Ye-arlwnk 4g Newspaper 43 Cllf'1'I'lPElllf'I' 11 Secretary Senior Class: R1-p. FIIIIII-nl Council 3: Library Club 4g Secretary Club 4. Q nm A 92 :EBI 5 -- 14 . 1 :,. I MU' VIVIAN DOIICAS MERRBACH .gmbn Cen eral Ulm- Club 3, 43 Clee Club Librarian 4: Library 3, 45 Library Club Treas- urer 43 Yearbonk 4g CAA 3. STELLA ANN MEYERS "Humphrey" Commercial Glee Club 3, 4g Future Business Leafl- ers 3, 4. W5 'H' 5 Siv- RONALIJ EIICIQNIE lVlARTIN iipepperii General Track 3, 4g Soccer 4g Cafeteria 4g Student Council Rep. 3, 4. SHIRLEY EVELYN lVlARTIN "Ace" Commercial Junior Class Play: Library 43 Cafe- teria: Future Business Leaders 3, 4 BEVERLY CAROL MILLER "Carol" .'1f'lI!lP77Iif' Yearbook 43 Newspaper 3, 43 Clee Club 3, 43 Future T:-aolu-rs 3, 43 Presi- dent of Future 'lif'Zll'lIl'TSZ Library 4. RUNALD EHQENI-1 Nlom:AN "1.i,L'l1tning" General Basvlmall 31 Sovcer 4. ,xg Sinai Tui- JAMRS 'xN'l'll0NY lVlICIIAELS g'To11r" Cenerul Wll.I3ICIi'I' Pfuu. NIICHAELS HTI'III,, General Baseball 3: Snecer 4. DONALD l:il'CENE NEDER "Donnie" A rmlem ic Yearbook 43 Newspaper 3, 4g paper Editor 41 junior Class Student Counvil lim-p. 4. SHIRLIQY ANN RALEY "Dull" General Hospital Room 43 Clee Club Cleft Club President -lg Band 4' book 3: CAA 4. v News- Playg 3, 4: Year- -Q I 43' , fg J ,ig W El, JULIA ANN SEE "Minnie Pearl" General NANCY Lou Sm: "Flash" Commrrrinl rf- Business Le-alle-rs 1 BEVERLY DARLENE SPATARO "Spud" Commcrrial Glen Clulm 3, 4: Clem- Club Secretary 4: Clwvrlr-alla-r 3. 4: Ye-arlmook 4: News- paper 3, 4: Future Tvaclivrs 3: Senior Class TFf'Z1Qlll'1'l'2 CAA 3: ,lunior Class Play: Futura- llllSlIN'SS l,l'Elflf'I'S 3, 4. PATTII ANN STAIILMAN "Parrii" General Yearlmok 4: Nnwipapvr 3: 4: NPWS- paper News Flflimr 3, 4: Junior Class Play: l.il1rary 3: Offivv 4: Hospiial Room 3: Siuflc-nt Council 3: CAA 3. Ka.. FRANCIS Fmmnn SNYDER ..Sn,d,, General V Senior Claw l'rf--imlf-nt: Cafffte-ria 3. 4. FRANK SINGLICTON SNYDER "l"runL"' Cfneral llanrl 4: Ulm' Clllll 4. Tnnmfxs GEORGE STEELE uflllrvlyi' f:PHPflIl Stage' Cn-w 3, 4: Cafvteria 3, 4. THOMAS RICHARD SWANSON "Sl'mlg11n" General Buskvllmull 3, 4. :CP GEOIICE WYILLIAM SwAI'I:EII "Srrvech" Cvnfral llancl -11 Glu- Clulm 4: Sovcer 4g Base- ball 33 Yearbook 4: liaskr-tlmall 'l'iInI:- kwpvr 3. -1. RONALD FRANCIS TIIOERII: ..7-edu General Stags Crm-Iv 4. IJARLENE LEE WEIMEII "DarlPrIe,' General Gln-c Clulm 3, 4: llanal 3. 43 Yvarlmuk 41 ,lunior Class Se-cn-tary: Library 3, 4: CAA 3. 4: llusvlwall Scorc-kf-f'pvr 4g llaskvtllall Scorvkm-per 3, 4. DORTHY ANN WILLIAMS "W'illie,' Conznmrrirzl Glen' Clulm 33 Lilmrary 3, 43 Student Council Rf-p. 33 Cafe-teria 4: Junior Class Play: Future- Business lmarlers 3, 4. I II, -I, ,ly fu ,' 'S' , 7 E- II., ,LI .V . , - I ,.,, 'Mar L. ,, II i Som-I-r -1: 43 'l'rac'k it xw 9' fr- CAROL GAY l'III. 'LCay" General Clear Clulm 3, 4. A THOMAS WATIQINS Hchlhflln General llaske-llmll 3. 41 llasvlmall 3. 3g Cafw-tr-ria 3. 4. G'-f ju A Xlmrxx Wlxngnsrclixxl-71: "Jud," -Iwfzffwlfzif' 1Iufvh'z'1u 1: Nmxxpzqn-r 3, -1: Ch-1: K ,X1,1mo1-2 I':I.0ISIi l',mRY l'osf Crmlzzfltrf Nl'N'NIiLlIH'l'Q Uffivw. CIS M78 GTG . . Q? ony Mecom, the Barber P 4 I A I' - an Thut Old Gang Of ,.. .. 1 Trouble and More Trouble Working on the Railroad Till I Wahl Agdln 1 I GS HG H819 1 CORRIF XNVILI P NIT SAVAGE ELEMENTARY 1947 48 PII FRSI II' PIEMENTARY 1947 48 Q if CORRICANVILLE f q 1 1 f' f ' o 3 . ifffzfi, T 7 f i ' x V V I F' :gust 2 A . . J . A 1 A 4 - . . -it 5 . 7 3 , Q A 'sf ' '- "' 1 ' 15 . ' . Z x Y , , class wlll lllfhll Barllz leave anythmg l ve got that anyone wants to anyone who wlll take lt lyolurl lmznnelt wlll my Lmcoln fephyr V82 to whoey er owns a gas statlon Shelby' Bzltner will my place m the hbrarv to Wlllrmi Hook Donna Bzshzelds wlll my ten study halls to my brother Georgle Harlan Broolyf yy 111 my good looks and lillllfl to Byg Dan Rolnfrt Burrall wlll my positron of playmg on the house at Shmes to Joey Snyder Marlene Hurley wlll my se'1t ln typln to n unlutky ,lunlor Ann Carler w1ll my po mon as eashler m the cafeterla to Margaret qtowell Ronnze Carter wlll my heautlful black curly halr to Ruhard Walters Shirley Cessna wrll to Janet Bonner my Q6 at m the typmg room Rlce Darl Clztes w1ll mv shorthand pen to Jfuquelme Dlckel Dale Crabtree yylll my trlcyele to Larry Red Head Fuller Charles Croslen will my old notebook to Bob Burkett Dick Frou wlll my job a ports edltor of the newspaper to Chuck Luman Wznslon Detorc wlll my athletlc ablllty to Chester DeVore Irvin Elder wlll my egg beater that I comb my halr yylth to joe Brannon Robert Fngle wlll my extra welght to Donald Alias Carr Paul FIOTIIU w1ll mv posltlon as a soccer player to Ronnle McKenz1e foye Fleegle w1ll to Rose Marla Thompson my qulck wrt Ronrue Geary Wlll my shop broom to Elmer RICE Ernest Goebel wlll my gray Cadlllac to Johnny Green C11 orrl Gonlon wlll my Commerclal Law book to some lucky person Suzanne Hawkzns wlll my red haxr to anyone that wants It Iesse lenkzns w1ll my seat m Semor Math t Meach Blank Donald Klfby wlll my soccer posltlon to Larl Kennell Betty Ann Kramph wrll my blg junky pocket book to Darlene Mlller Roy Lashbaugh w1ll one shghtly used shoe strlng to Carl Mrller Mary Lechllter, wlll my seat ln Shorthand class to a lucky ,lunlor Mary Malloy, wlll my Underwood typewrlter to Bernadette Malloy' luanzla lllarlzn wlll my appetlte to my brother Robert lVlartm orrna I 1 Martln ll 1 mosto a L ur leader to Nobel Chedlstcr Ronald Marlzn wlll my apron and goggles t Fddle Wllll lm Shlrley Marlln wnll my Lfylllg towel to Mr Mae Mlllan lwzan 'llnrlnatlz wull ghakespeares Macbeth anyonr who yant Qtella 'llfyfrs wlll my Shorthand seat to lVlyrn1 Brldge Tzm Mulrarly wlll my women to Buddy Morgan ony 14111111119 wnll my elt lll lngllsh to lu ne Wylhellmy farol Wzller yylll my posltlon 'rs FTA presldfnt to ,lerrv lluff Ronalrl Morgan wlll my seat III metal shop to llonald I lrr Donalzl Nulfr wlll my speed m typmg to anyone We Shzrlry Raley and lulla .See wlll our troubles to anyonc who can put up wlth them Richard Iyolzeson wxll my good looks and charm mg personallty to 'Vleaeh Blank Charley qaeler w1ll my GIZC eleyen shoes to Bobby Fuller Nancy See yylll my blue eyes to anyone who wants them Roy Shaffer yy1ll my good looks to my brother Patch Carl SICIIIIIIOTC' wlll my excess height to Thomas qteele l'ranlt Snyder wlll my double barrel 12 gauge hotgun to Ronnle 'Vltlxenzle Franczy Snyder wlll my posltlon as Senlor class presldent to Catherme Reagan Palm Stahlman leaye my name to Glenn Stahl man to carry throu h school Thomas Steele wlll my place as a member of the stage crew to James Blank Darlene qpataro l6"tVC to Lorraxne Johnson the job of watchlng Dlck Walters Tom Swanson wlll my Shotgun name to Gerald Prmty to help ln huntlng George Su auger wlll my affectlon of women and bulld to Lynwood Campbell Ronald Thoerzg wlll my motor blke to Donald Conrad Gay I hl w1ll my pony tall and bow to Bernadette Malloy Ira Walkzns wlll my women to Dale Baldv Whltehead Darlene Wezrner wlll my typewrlter to some lucky ,lunlor Ann Wzllzams w1ll my flower garden for Mr Mecom to water every day Lfack Wznebrenner, wlll everythmg I have at school to Bertle Lashley . , "f , . 1' ' ' ' l.. ' .f ' . " 1 . ' 1' , Il so Y f . ' , . . ' '2 I , " r ' v ', ' - l,lY ,e' ,' , wi ny' I si i n s :h-1 - 1 ' , " ' ' 1 l. .' ' . " 1' . , o ' 1 . , ' ' 'z s. ' ' ., ' 1' , L f . 1' l..' t' R ', " ' ' " ' . ,- N 1, '1. 1 . I . I 1 11 1 1. 1 , H ,. 1 f- . J , . . , . 1 - to 1' - y'. s lt. w . , 1 , . , . t ,L I. L 1' 1 . ,S, A , .1 1 ,' f 511 ' 1, ' g a I1 ' '. ,1,1 ,- 1, , 1 1 1 " . l.T 1m 'A " js: ' C '. ill' 1 1 1. 11 S. . 11 1 . . ., 1 1' X '?. l.f .',. " 1' K. ... ' : , s. l, f , ' 1' . , . ' ' f 1' 1 v x ' V '. L 1 , , 1 . , ,. . john Cllarnbers, will my' Latin ll hook to Cora who can possibly' type slower than l. . , ' 2 . , ,, . ., ' 1 t 1 ' , ' 1 ' , ' . 1 I1 - 1 11 1 v 1, M 1 1- 1 ' 1 1 sa I . . 1 , y , l . 1 1 . as - 1 ' 1 , . I, . . , ' 1 - , - . K 9 l ' 1 1 I . I, .l , " 1' , 1' , ' , ', ' 1' s s , ' L . V ' - I. 1' k Q ll 1' Y ' e . 1 1 . 1 . . . N ,, . ,, , , . l, , ' ' L '. s Y ,Y e V t . V s ' If 1 ' - a l ,V ' 1 J , ' 1' f 'V S . t ' ,. " ' f' . l, '. t , " ' " . ' 5 , , 1 , , . . . l, . , ', - .' ' Y U 7 s - s , n H ' ' . l. t , . , , t . . l, t , ,. , - - as . I, . . ' , 'H ff , r ' ' V . ' . Y 1 I, 0. 7 , 1 . , 'Y I v v n ' u - ls ,Q ' . 1 . 1 L . . 11 1 1 ' , ' 1 ,' , . I 7 V Y I M Q - - an ss . , v' . , . I I . 1 u 1 1 I1 1 , , , V s N l s 1 1 ' ' . I, , - o n n Q ' LTL m8m0TlClm T'-Q, vw-.3 ralph francls wlnebrenner BORN Ap11l16 1938 DIED October 28 1953 Pee Wee was a boy among boys good naturecl fun loxmg po hte and generou He was hked by all he IS mlssed by all hls relatlves 1115 tenth grade home room 1115 fI'lCIlClS Wfmrcls eannot fxll the V0lCl hls absence hae ewueed He has left us mth only a memory of a wonderful and happy boy Sunset and et enzng star And one clear call or me' And may there be no moanmg 0 the bar When I put out to sea For tho rom out our bourne 0 tune and place The load may bear me I hope to see my pzlot face to When I have crossed the bar from the poem CROSSING PHE BAR by Tennyson GCC . 0 U I O K v 4 , 1 r V11 VV 7 .l Z' 1 5 . A . X . 7 . S V K x I M 1 1 N K I X, Aww, 'l J' , ' Q , BN. - ' 3 '4 - 5 ' 5,, I??2e:s',, 4' llzl 1 , , V g. 1 A 1 tt,, ri' J , : " , : 7 Y . , f . U f Q ef f f t far, f , - I . .. . w V , fl QW VF VMVME Lf W Wm YWf E sC11oo1N 5115 5 f 11 r111w11s111 .111 -x ! 60111 P ill IQ lllw 1 1 p 111 of 111ra1 51111111 Ll 1 sx1111111n11111s 11111116 lf 11111 1 Nl 11111 1111 111111 111 1 ll 11 Ill' 111111111111 M011111111 11111 1111111111111 111115 115 110111 11115 ll 1 11 1111 0 11111111 f111 S1116 111111 111111 118 we 1 1 11111 11111 of happy 1111611611165 f1l6llL1N1llP and 1 a111111g Wm if 1 In ' 1 f . 1 1 1 -HOV E 1 f x .nr - 1 1- qv- , - . A 1 K' D l kd! T111 '1 1g 1 111111 :ki H1115 111f1:11111e 511 111111:11 1 1 ' ' . '1 1 ' 1 ' ' 'a 1 '- Q11-'.'.' D' .' "1 1 st11'1 1 l',Sf-"1 ling. . ,,.t. Fx.. I .L bl l ' 11 ' 51' 4' ' 11 1 J ' '1 . 1111121 111' 11 ' 1115 S 21 3 ' . 121421 an' . ,X .' 1 5, X' e ' . . 1 , ' an-fy' c Z Z Q .1 ii? nv T u n i 0 r s Linwood Campbell Donald Carr Noble Checlister Nancy Deffenbaugh Chester Devore Jaqueline Dickel William Diel Pricilla Dorman Benny Dorsey Benny Farrell Charles Fleegle Myra Glass Margaret Hotchkiss J ames Hott Rebecca House a t 'M fa' C 2 "' ,L . I iiv A X4 r" .,f "g, K "lAA ,, F H! - M' til y 3 if Rohert Bittner James Blank Jucly Blank Rolwert Blank Rivharcl Blank Kenneth Brant Kenneth Briflgm s Mona Lee Briflbes Myrna Bridges ,lack Boor he , K 'Q 6, xv ,.,,, . - ,,,,, Ns 5? 'gli' 4 ll M2 Q Y f 44 g 56' WA Murgarc-I Stuwell Francis Swc-one X 0 in 'WZ' 7 1 W'-" iff' 'HW' , 5 -ur.. , 4 M g, , X. LJ if ,gg ,J A 5- Q . A .5 5' wx 5' if ff' as M: , - . tg' XZ 'N Dorothy Jo Richard Sm-erm Wf'HlIl'fS Juan Fraxwcs Swann- Watkins 1 KK . .,,. n . if N-Q , iff- is X'-, itfkmu Lorrainf' johnson Eugene K1-nmfy Namsy Lancastvr Joan I10gSflUIl Clvuta Luvky Bvrllaflvtle' Malloy Lee Anna McCann Darla-no Miller ljfbllillfl Miller Mnrgz1I1Murgar1 Uuruthy I,lliSt0I' Catherine Hlilgilll Cano Robinettc Mulmcl Sansmn Donald Shriner l"f2llli'f'S VS vimc-r He-rlacrt Wvrnc-r fiihw liflm flrml w'7illlLllll lidwarcl Willnnns Presiderfr EUGENE KENNY Vice Presiden+ ROBERT BLANK Secreiary REBECCA HOUSE Treasurer EDWARD WILLIAMS Advisor MRS. MARY BROWN Presidenf GARY HITE Vice Presideni' CHARLES SHAFFER Secretary PHYLLIS CARTER Treasurer BETTY FULK Chaplain ROSALIE McKENIZE Sergeani' af Arms CHARLES LUMAN Advisor MR. THOMAS LEWIS K 'fs T? M Dorthy Aldridge Thomas Birmingham Mark Bittner Carolyn Blank Shirley Blank Janet Bonner Joseph Brannon Cecil Bridges Wanda Bridges Wfvayne Bridges Donna Carr Phyllis Carter Harold Cessna William Clauson Jesse Clites Wayne Conners William Conners Richard Diehl Kathyrn Elfritz Chris Fiorila Betty Folk Charles Foy Helen Gaff Carol Geary ,lo Ann Geary Mary L. Golden John Green Marlin Green Darrell Harden Thelma Helmick Gary Hite Jo Ann Holt Wilma Hook Gerald Huff George Hughes inn s 5 as + .W rf" ,wax g r K., i 1, , 01 5, , 'ly ze P sophomores VI Q 1 A fi-K . -40- 'YA ll - 4" gil X K lndgmp " la if . " 'l 'X " f, 1 ei,., .4 Y , Q f 1 4 Q la R .. 'YS W is A, . X X 'Qi .Jr 11" if 1 44 fir 5:56 iJPN m 1 li' i 5' . ,Q G ie 6 an 7 st' fi 'ci 'X 1 wma an .5511 -i Lf- QQ a 51, xy .' .-va .' 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W V K 'K i N-..., 01 ff Richard Arnold Dennis Barncord George Beal Mike Birmingham Jerry Bittner Steven Bittner Carolyn Black Lennie Blank Harold Broughtnick Francis Bridges William Burkett James Glass Stewart Church Virginia Clinedinest Virginia DeVore Homer DeVault Wayne Fleegle Francis Frankenberry Carolyn Frankenberry Charles Goebel Dale Geary Geraldine Gordon Willa Gordon Shirley Gordon Noah Grady George Hawkins Janet Hahn James Hughes 3 'Xl 1532 , 7 f' E it Ja sill' . E K Q, 2 Patricia Harvey Randall Hughes N' . . 5 1: in ,. ' t. f. 1 ei hth rode Doris Harden Russell Jones MWF Frank Hansrote Robert Johnson 4 5' -a-I I 2 9 iii.. G M . f. ' gf V Q, Georgianna Harden Donald Johnson 'K Charles Jenkins Ronald Lashhaugh lrvin Lavin Kenneth Lasgert Sue Ann Leply Clark LeMaster fi David Linn George Lowery James Lowery Richard Lowery Rita Malloy L Robert Martin yi K S io it f"'1--amy' 40" r K 'Y 3 is .- X H S1 . l rude " me ci 'Q Ak' ' X x john Morgan Mildred Moyer Faye Markwood Mary K. Parry Edward Pfilzennicyer Theodore Porter Virginia Rieewick Mary Robison Dewey Sansorn Glenna Shroyer Mary Smith Virginia Smith Anthony Spzltaro Mary Spataro Kay Stroup Joseph Taecino Robert Thomas Susanna Trimble William Turley Shirley Turley John Twigg Laljonna Winehrenner Annette Weiriier Charles Witte Katherine Winebrenner George Yvitte Lois Walhert Janet Waltman Ann Walker Beulah W Charles Albright Richard Aldridge Sterling Aldridge William Barb Donald Bartgis Barbara Bennett Charles Bittner Robert Boyce Alice Bridges Sandra Bridges Donald Burkett Karen Carr Richard Carr Carolyn Cessna Carol Cliinault Ronalrl Cook Tholnas Crowfis Drena Diclcel April Dorsey Gary Duckworth Dorothy Fetters Robert Frankenberry Robert Fuller Ralph Folk John Gaff Ronald Geiger ,lane Gray Mitchell Hice Neil jenkins Donald Kemp Ronald Kemp Terry Klahre Robert Lantz Kay Lashley Patricia Leply Ronald Linn Linda Loclgson Donald Lowery Gene Lowery Jack Lowery 'W in B f l ,nl 'ut 'Q' X jv 'V .' X. i xi x -- . .- gk. iii "I ' 'Q' f , ' Q i A X ' 5 -X exam' ix is i Q'-BQ' - Wa 2 x lv , "wi" ,. i T? -' m 1' glint' -.f , L' ,, ,. ff s ,, " ' , ' X I 4 39' -f V 'im 1' 1 'N X ttiulh rf .' '-- ' an C. M 1" i W' X JW 5 L L- W , .I 5 ag-,vw 9' 'ld I . V 'pp' 1 Ib in K ri Iv l . an 4 ii -4 ' X ig km ,,,p,ff imf may ff: , G 1' 4. - 'lsr' ' 5 W a... 421 M ,W 5 f "' ' A ii 4-' R - I Digg, 4 i L ...... Cx qu. seventh grade fi John Alice Janet ,loan Lynch Martz Milfllll Martin Robert Norma Rfvglflf Glenn Moore Riggleman liigglc-man Ringer Shirley Kenneth Norma Glenn Simpson Snyder Smith Stahlman Edward David George Carl Trimble Van Meter Van Meter Waltifrs Dorothy james Wlancla Dan Winebrenner Winebrenncr Winebrenner Williams Q, 6, -P ' .,,,, H 'L V fr - ' 1 W . ' ,..: ' J- 1 A t gina I ni. f 9 X ij tt. -5 in 'N .X " , .IL 4 , fx , b f 'W l ,, ,. ,R fvwf N Us K 1 'K lil' Ui . ww . . 'H , L, l .n .:2:- hm--i .iw- , S Iwo Malloy Tlieresa Russell llfbtlillfl Stivkley Carl Watkins Judith Williams , 1 "" if fc' Q William Imie Ylflfllll Mit-has-ls .lol 1 llvlc-n Sansoin Shipely Patrir-in Kenneth Sponziuglc Taylor Martlizl BPH? Watkiiis Wllile Ravinonfl Shirley Wfwlfmwrrl Wright r-- W tx L, W L Q, Eff? N . 8,4 . 7 M 6 si.. 4-1 ' vig- e 'RCP' e 4 , - vi ' Wx fin 5 'Q E sf ' ii, ' W. I if , ,W iw. -'L l'Q'3" 1. Nm. . , ,qmx lg A-1-.. - W-uf Nh.-, gs. Q? ' 511.513 fl I u I W L9-" -'SNNNN--... the ELEMENTARY T1 :QR .A wa!! fs 9 -Mm. f-L i f wwf' 1 uw' W wifi '35 'W' fflffi nif12 3',,mg MWWQ Agn , if 1- -ii' , S4 ms xffvh ..V. flu Q , ,... 1 uhm. I' - i mm- Daniel Arnold Charlvs Barh Leon Burkhart Barlvura Blank Buss:-ll Blank M Verflu Blank I i ' .-Xllmcrt Brit-lges Q. K i n it 3 llonulrl Brlclgcs ? 1 3 Burl Cook 3 VLA. A in f' Allene lJvVault A, a -.... l X , f K V it ' ,,.7 Q M E ,J l XX 1 Bolwrt Foy 'E' Q , I J W Cc-rzilml l'xI'ill1liPIllJ6'I'I' 9 l ' 1 V hifi , 1'f'lf"'U'f1SS - if f fm .,., l Q,- Carolyn Goetz A VX llazm-l iiilffltlll ' A H - --fjii ' Qu , alfa V- . , ,A . . zqk and U Dale Holt Dale llott Dawna Huff john lines ,lanct lzzett sixth grade it Q Q , F -1 V 1 X'-'fav Maul Robert jenkins William Jenkins Gerald Johnson Grace Kirhy Ronald Lantz Wanda Lashbaugh Patricia Malloy Carolyn Martin James Martin Cherie McKenzie Irene Meyers Margaret Michaels Elsie Miller Alice Morgan Leroy Morris " -as 5 sz, K 'lr Q x 5 Q , I X if K I 'E 'IN ,y X -an ,if f ' ASN 2 I Q lf, ff t an 5. A -v , x f mx lx 4 A- Q M. z ,. AT . KQQT' 0 L lilavid Twigg Sue Wlinebrenner ,lam-t Vizza Virginia Wlinebrvnner ok' Q?" . gg t it ,, Faye Often Ronald O,Neal Janet Pressman James Riggleman Leroy Robertson Royee Saalliolf Ben Sansom Georgia Smith Robert Spataro Joseph Steele James Sweene Sue Sweene Kenneth Swauger Barbara Taceino Lester Pfister H? t 6. ' 1 ,, '.. f w ' 3 31. J at' ei .l Q 1 vs' sixth grade l,aVonne Wallmert Gary Witt X Q'- Wx Q '71 Robert Wteiflller Robert Witte N1 - 'fl Jeanora Bernard Weilner Winellrenner Kennith Kennth Wolford Zimerla 'mv ar' - . ve-N, 5. ...Z Nfff' -an ,LP 'W' Xxx in Wllllam Adams Ear Brldges Rlchard Harden Shelby Lelghty Dotts Joe Often Ronalfl Tay lor Thomas Anderson Thomas Cessna Car Helnnck Bu hard Leonard Wlllldlll l 1tI'Cy Earl l rnnble 35 Lester Bea Kay Folk Wdlllld James Robert Mdfllll brace Porter atr1L1a Trnnble L 1, Te Kenneth Bennett Hllda l rankenberry ,I inet Jblllilllb Betty Jane lVl1llc r et Shlplc w Harvey Welllmer Austm Blank l 'lrry Frankenlx rry uc y IXllIlf,lC'y Clrlrlc s Mtlllitbll Arthur bpataro 5usan W1lQtJIl ff? Lenard Blank Wllllalll Cordon 'lholnas L lntz lj6IlIllS Mlller Hussc ll Splker l' flwarfl Wlnebre IIIICI' Carol Boyce ohn Harden Llwood Lashley Dorothy McCray ohn bweene Llllda Wltt ' -I a v " V - ,, ', 4 A ' 233 Hbh b X 1 K ,R B' my Q 'A """' Z M' ,. B' t- A' B A , X ff s i n K L . 6' l' A 0 vt l fs t 44 v Q A ' B - LZ t l 1 F' , KMA A lr A N r A at ' Q A al A 'tr' ' 5 ., A of . WV V L -H A kk ,,Lk in Jin K ,L ' - 4 to Wt A 7 e A A to 1 etttt A A Q A Ye f - stt at X lt f - N -it is 1 V "V .,v- 5 Dj 5 -V "., A . I A t , , K l I ' I I :" I I 3 , D . X. X A aea a 1 , , X l 1 f Q' I ,. g ' ' J ' 1 'f ' 2 - .I 1' ' . ' ' 11 . 5 3 V- ' frfth grade Nancy Aldridge David Baker Lesley Baker Edwin Beal Randolph Blank Judy Boyce Joyce Bridges David Bridges Olive Bridges David Engle Harold Folk Vvilliam Gaughan Alice Gilfin Karl Class Michael Goebel Herbert Grady Beverly Haines Eugene Harden Leo HHFLICH Georgia Harvey Mary Lee Hughes Robert Lepley Thomas Linn James Loar Linda Martin Gayle McKenzie Bertie Michaels Nancy Paul Patrick Splitt Vvilliam Riggleman Christine Russell Kennth Shaffer Sandra Shipley Barbara Simpson John Smith Lois Smith Edith Snyder Sheldon Snyder Ronald Spataro Donna Sweetie Clyde Walbert Barry Walton Joanne Watkins Betty Weimer Mary Ann Weimer Norma Weimer Mary Sue Wilhelm David Winebrenner third grade 'EJ is lg Q1-vf ,. 'ki Q "" 15, 2 5,4 S' , fx f' Tig. f Y I Elf . ,. ..'l' 2 an 3 . V 4 S ti i at S Y' ,Z 5 Q r .ti S , i f wr ii 'F at 1' me ti x been , gr tg k k . I 'Q 92. ii gk: ink N Ui .lx g 4 ' Zur , ,., N . Q .P K 'g, y.,. A F YL M L, EL g y 'su l ili . W ' y,ati r iw A 'M gd M i lil Judith Adams Gary Barb Ralph Baker Peggy Blank Roger Bridges James Carter John Cessna Barbara Conner Bernard Conner Edward Delbrook Sue Dickel Nancy Dickel Donald Engle Mary Ann Evans William Foy Janet Furlow George Carey Barbara Gaughan Kathleen Cordon Margaret Ann Geary " r i M y ' 3 ig. ,nts , MW 4 :g!.::,.,- f . V: "" 1 - 'i "" 'Q - r.Jl eerr J ,.3.41,h.,mW' ,L fr , gy., :mi 5 'A :'?l?1" ' E 'J ' E - f I QW aignvjg Q K K -N , ,-,r ., .Y VN. vhlg I Q aff ' fl f. 'J flap-. 1 : 3 it .. .sm KT., i , W ,, QQ? X l 'suns sk l , ,V A M, el f ,.g1-as - Q w F "' s as .. M X R -,. 1:56 Y' 'J f at , X 1 'Pl second grade ,zz af in " 4 al. l 1' at J 44. Za s fl . oi ,, u-H -.n x, S. ,muswl X' 'T-if f 1 n" t W ,.1,.., 1' 10.1 James Harden Robert Harden Donna Hite Walida Holt Mary Hughes David Jenkins Dale Keel Keith Kennell Robert Kelley Lee Knieriem 49 is l Catherine W, ,,, Lashley James Lashley Raymond Nliller y 51 'ff 1- ip , i all' 'N ' 1 f1'iQS Mt y 2 iw I 1 e W .. W ' - iw- it K3 ' . V 4 sg I ri, ,ig-5. K Q Q. av 'Q 'Pf , Q-A mx. 1 ' L W W 2 o ,. me 'V ir 6121 ffm-f"'ly " -Qin' ,,', 1 'L V 'l' 'I' , 15 ST W ' M--.. -3 f - 3 -" SIR:-bi M. Uv? , . fi..-,,'A V .W . F172 Dx V 94 I n . S T, M WH Km. . me 94 -s 5 ,x xxx, N hwil'-le Bernard Gfegfrry Loar Loaf Gary Wayne I3ZlI'SO11S Phillips second grade T Y '51 , K' " 5? A a Kr, sl "' fs il na 'X ga V A fur Z fuk , F 2 M 'P' . -Us 3434 . ' ' fix il K . . '-. , . at-..i, his AL' 1 , , Paul Carole Lantz Lepley Elena Robert Rankin Robertson Kay Ann Robinelte Ronald Saathoff Thomas Samson Robert Skipper Carole Shaffer Ae , Q l Allan Snyder James Snyder Catherine Steele William Sweene J 2 ,Of Q. 2 I .4 S lfffte X, it mm 511.gif g Bonnie Sweeney Ronald Spiker Elwood Sturtz James Spataro Donald Trixler Ronald Witt Steven Wilt Ralph Wilson Judith Winebrenner Pauline Winebrenner Violet Winebrenner Marsha Aldridge David Arnold lVlaurcen Baker Darrell Blank Dennis Blank Sharon Blank Carl Benna Paulette Bridges Colleen Bridges Edward Bridges Janet Bridges llolmert Cassidy Judy Cook Linda Conrad John Cordell Diane Dickel Rebecca Dom Patricia Finzel Kenneth Frankenberry Sylvia Geary I T15 ii Q.. 4 is at ,,, IQ' , , 1 Y 94 M , D '- Ja' 5 32 qw vi n "QF" Q- Q ' C 1- L ifyyik C A t ,D A H5 i K 1 ,M I i" ",v . . fx in gl 'li Q . un I 'J' 5' 1 'sl' l ta I Z :'1'v1'0 .' gi' ' . ' .4 . if f if " W1 3' R Q... . bv., W 1 'A ef 3 1 x E N ' L Q first grade y J tvs r 0 wi- 5 'V' . A E3 Q .. 'W 6 , 7 if ygxfy ,K .. , fl we if 1 my i f ,. fi f-St-, than-' , 1 Y' Mn. Richard Goebel Sharon Gray Sharon llarden llolmert Haines Vllilliain llarr johnny llarvey John llcavcncr Betty llughes John Jenkins Carolyn Jones Colcn Kennell Leora lilink Linda Lancaster Jackie Lantz Barry Lavin Terrence Leighty Linda Linn Rose Long Sharon Marlin Faye McKenzie Thomas Morgan Marlene Morris Joseph Necler James Paul Barry Phillips Patsy Porter Janet Robison Wesley Shook Judith Smith James Smith Gary Spiker Patty Stevens Gary Taylor Bonnie Thompson V' James Trimble Roger Twigg Shirley Valentine Carol Walberl first grade fy 110- ' ' Qxu ""9:l.i.nU" i l N- 6. 'H-ti M '- . S w i . ,, . at 1 xx A - J A kv: . . 1 Rf' 4 9 3 X - i -5' 2 Qs , ? QM gy, ft .. Q. 5 ' W' fm. 1 is ' Q.. 5' Q as Rose Mary Watkins S ' A Wilbert Weese I Elaine Wilfong Georgeanna Witt Barbara Whiteman James Winebrenner Roger Winebrenner ilk. fm . '24, I 4, fn www- I V,-I Mm if V gi V ,- 9 yi I f"s QQ6 QL, .Q ew--Q N' Wf Z L Aff g y Olgl l1l173tlOllS, uhuh ll 1 e p UI lla sr hool mole ple IC mt, lm we UIOMII each w eu NNIIIOUI school Ihr sluf nu T1 lvcl fu md nude Vwllll V0u1 extfd. Cll1I'lCll1!1 HLUVIUK S if 'SB ' 4 Q ST DE T COUNCIL First row: R. Burrall, B. Eme-rick, F. Markwood. U. Spataro, J. Swvvnfx J. Geary, J. Martin, J. Huff. Se-vmlml row: J. He-tzgvr. 'Mlxixmwg li. Xlurlin. ll, Hulvillvllv-. X. xXl'illl4'V. F, Xllllm-I1 lx Hartz, KI. Birminghamg Hr. Bc-nna. A-Xclvisur. U f f i ci Q 1. S Imfl tu rlght: ,'11lI'l'.WJI' .lfvlm Hvtzgvr I,ff'XlA1Il'lII Ilnnald Ncder Vim' l,ff'Sl'I1l'Tlf ffllvslvr Dex Tfl'l1SIlff'f 'o Pllyllis Carte Sf'1'f1'lllfj' Nunvy Lanca TC r slvr .o 4-5, 0 C3 'vw raw an QQ? it lirsl row: 9. Martin. D. Blank. B. W hitvman. C. llcnna. N. Dickcl, J. lu-lllzfy. Fcconrl row: C. Sllrincr, J. loywv. .-X. llhl. JK. Ciffin. C. Shaffer, I llarb. 'l'l1irrl row: L. Blank. C. 1 ovlx. A. Blank. J. l,I'4'SFlH3ll. R. Wcicl- r. F. Oflcn. fl. lioycc. The purpose of the Junior Stu- mlent Council is to give elementary children an opporlunity to recog- nize ancl to try to solve some problems confronting them as members of a democratic society. vmiffl, 'T"""" . . . 'Zyf.Jj OFFICERS'-S1-atcd: Robert W1-idncr. .lanct Prcssman. Standing liarlmara lilunk. llcn SUIIISUIII. lfuy Oftvn. Nlrs. lfvclyn Poland Carolyn Um-IL. Nlrs. Hclvn llulflura. junior STUDE T COUNCIL mm..-uw' ve ,. , . s' 1 M atv , 1 ff v - , men,- - Q 5,353-33 f wf 15 'ff J ,us - 'r'fii', A at no-. , 4' W b A W an 4, an 5- xx , 5 W 1 . ... 15. N xg ' Y. xv A 'K , f- ,,,, fa . fx J " , .Q . f LKL' ' x K ' -I QW: ' ff nv im "f Mu. in, ., x A . - my K If fl -uw' X, X vim A my ' g . ,, kggsga' nf? ffl. in-i:fES's1 ,, . S 'F 5-L I f 'Y ,fl 'gf A - 'Q '5fQ.a1'l'?ff? KVM Q . 1 I - . f S V. M L' 1 F v p f L .. "-- ' ji' 1 , A J ' ii fg Q V 8 ,- 3, ' rl 1 V . V' W W - 51' 5 A H QM - 1+ QF 6' , M i fm. I , s aw. Our inusical organizations are always ready and willing to assist nr participate in the sf.-lioolis social and musical events. The hand, Consisting nf fl-0 pivccs. has taken part in the Spring Convert, at asscnilalies. alt thc May Day festival. ancl at C4l!lllllCl1Cf'IllClll. The Junior Clue Clulm prcsvntccl a Christmas pro- gram. The Svniur Clve Clulm took part in the Spring Concert. at several asscinlilics. at the Hai' Day ls'sliX'ztl.11llllvrwlunly spring fcstixul. director . at1loinim-nc-vim-nt. .. . . , . f 4 llianks tn our mlirm-vtnrs fliligi-in-v zlncl knms- linw. tlicfrv on tln-ii' nay. .9 ' - enzor lngh glee dub First row: V. Nl:-rrliavli, I.. lluusm-, li. NI. Nlafltle-n, N. l.r-m- Third row: C. Blank, C. Rush, R. Ft-mi, A. Watkins, .l mort. V. Cook. R. Rim-. ll. l'lme-rick, N. L. Martin. R. Rizer, R. Houvk. J. Logsrlun. lJ. llishi:-llls, H. llittnf-r, L Huusv. 5. Nlillvr, ll. Nlittv, NI. l.s-wis. Nl. llarilm-n, B. W'Crncr, V. Johnson. M. Colden, ll. Calf, Y. Moyer, C Nlalluv. Nl. Watkins. Sl-cnml ww: R. Fr-mi, J. Phillips, Taylor. D. .-Xlclriflgv. Fourth row: N. llc-ffvnlnaligzh. R. Spata C. Sinwln-r. ll. Sputum, R. Laslilvy. .l. llriilgn-s. T. Hs-lmick. ro, J. Sell, H. Holt. 5. Raloy, XI. Chinault, J. Martin, D ll. Nlillvr. ll, Wi-iinvr. J. llarlinan. .l. Holt, L. MCC-ann, Rico, R. Thompson. S. Hr-yvrs. Nl. Hotchkiss. C. Lash- D. In-asv. ll. Rnlminvttl-. C. lflil. NI. llriflgvs. J. Carr. lJaugh,C.Miller.,l.Barth.B.Folk. Uh fflfw Club I'1rt r s Ralph Folk John faff Lou Nllchacl o ld .1 arun r ma 1n ll lrancu Pranlxfnlnmrrs Y1r1n1a qmnh Carol Black Karon II N rw N lll Nhu 1-y luruy Beulxh Vwsln lur Carl Walter Humor llcwault qecond row . arvnn llrld ui. ,' 11-J llaiq. Ronald Ke-mp D8V1tl Van Nlvtc-r Harlha Watkinf. Carolyn C0.,.na. Wir- inia Ric:-wick. p'llic'o Hartz. .lam-t Martin, lm-tty White, He-len Shiploy, Roln-rt Boyce, John Sansorn, Jack Lowm-ry. Rolwrt Nlarti11, Str-rling Aldridgv. 1111 1 r 1 111 dl 111. '1tr1c'1a ' NQN 111 uluwo d nnmtlf- H4t'lll Linnim' nk QI rlcy WTI I llar1ar'1 llvnnm-il. I ary Spataro Aprrl Doraoy Harold Brautnick Cary ounettm lourlh row I r 0 Yan Mr-tor. Noah Grady Irvin Lavin Coor 0 Lowery. Mary Parry Richard Carr. Richard Lowe-ry, W'illia111 Turloy. Stvwart llllllffll, LalJo1111:1 YVi11vl1rs'1111m'r. Slow Ritt- nor, Frank Hansrote, Dennis Rarncord, Konnvth Tay- lor. Third row: James Wine-brenncr, Ronald Cook, Kay od l l facu 1 ty ALFRED SNYDER Accomparzist LAWRENCE DIEHL Bass JOHN METZCER First Tenor JOSEPH CARTER Secon 11 Tvnor DON EMERSON Baritone MALE QUARTET projectionisls' Club lib v W 1'-1. cafete rary assistants First row: J. Boor, W. Diehl, C. Fleegle, C. Hite, H. Cessna. Sec- ond row: Mr. Emer- son, Advisor, M. Bit- tner, K. Bridges, R. Scritchfield, E. Rice, J. Green, R. Bittner, C. Foy, F. Wade, F. Wright, C. Skidmore. rw workers First row: A. Bridges, B. Robinette, W. Hook, A. Wat- kins, R. Houck, M. Lee, S. Hawkins. S. Miller. Second row: M. Witte, Advisorg L. Logsdon, K. Lashley, C. Geary, C. Crosten, S. Bittner, P. Carter, N. Martin, B. Krampf. First row: Mary Malloy, Imogene Hook, Catherine Reagen, .loan Sweene, ,loye Fleegle, Cleta Lucky, Priscilla Dorman, Ann William. Second row: Raymond Snyder, Ira Watkins. Gladys Kemp, LaVerda Waltman, Shirley Martin, Betty Krampf, Ann Carter. Third row: Ronald Martin, Ronald Carter, Thomas Steele, Chester DeVore, Paul Fiorita, Francis Snyder, Cer- ald Jenkins, Jack Winebrenner. These organizations are the cogs in the wheels tha hostess club The Hostess Club was organized for the pur- pose of presiding at social functions in the school and community. OFFICERS Norma Lee Martin President Phyllis Carter Vice President Wilma Hook Secretary JoAnn Geary Treasurer Jo Ann Holt Librarian Seated, left to right: JoAnn Geary, Barbara Robinette, JoAnn Holt, Norma Lee Martin, Phyllis Carter, Wilma Hook. Standing: Barbara Emerick, Marianna Kr-cnc, Advisor: Betty Ann Krampf, Carol Lashbaugh. 1.. Their purpose: To learn about the op- portunities in teaching, 9 to cultivate the qual- ities essential in a good teacher, to study the lives of great teachers, and to foster the devel- opment of student leadership. future teachers of america : First row: Spataro, Lashbaugh, Taylor, Blank, Carter, Holt, Rizer, Hook, Miller, Huff, Miller, Sweene, Blank, Lashley, Bridges, Holt, Turley. Second row: Carr, Elfritz, Logsdon, Sweenc, Fiorita, Lee, Miller, Moyer, Deffenbaugh, Jenkins, Hotchkiss, Conners, Diehl, Leply, Weimer, Stevens, Hughes, Houck, Taylor, Markwood, House, Weimer, House. Winelmrenner, Hartz, Martin. help our school machine ran smoothly . . .H v .ff ,jc v,,,ff"f S .2919 E59 XC 9 ,Z W" QYNQWE . WO' Kel Xe Wd 1 r GN9 to Us ill 01 the 3 6 Qloqdlo A Undgr have UWQU xvim zvfiioriw lYxoVll4SQvx'rehf lit mat-5-f1'0 WSP lol be to ii be "Mi J il A , ' lk X20 QYGSQDEZIOT nox,-xrnNrtmiilz---Efzzfof' Ociqgfo wills 3 QVC? aeiflm 'L' Ja be 1 T: xffzl 'f , lingual ' ll First row: Darlene Spa- taro, Pattii. Stahlman, Joye Fleegle, Alice Parry, Shelby Ditlnt-r, Norma Lee Martin. Mary Lech- litcr. Marlene Durkey. Second row: Mrs. Cainer. Advisorg Margaret Stow- ell, Rebecca House, .loan Swccne. Frances W'eimer, Carol 'Millcr, Donna Bis- hields, Jacqueline Barth. .loan Logsdon. Third row: Ann Carter, Priscilla Dorman, Mary Malloy, Nancy Deffcnbaugli, Rich- ard Crowe, Donald Neder, Jack Winebrenner, John Chambers. x lm " fs A . 'Le . 005 wiki-Xt , 41 1- A521 msgm 1 L' Sorffu aw' 'F Dgefl fn . SP g . :LGB-'fl L ,CX Exducl-nx1!16" lg N quill and scroll ' OC if . . honorary membership ,K is based on superior il! achievement in journalism I' Carol Miller, Rebecca House, Darlene Spataro. ,ll Shelby Bittner, Donna Bishieldsg Mrs. Cainer. .,-,- """N, XM NX jul Advisorg Pattii Stahlman. ll L12--W 11- U r' vb de T' L 9,0 V ,doa 'Q QQXJIX A1056 1- xfawd bv .Ve 99929, f af-L ex. Ld- LQ ,Vx IXIK. . V ...MW Mak.. UI, Tim.. ,luniur fllu-s Play ,Ute-r ilu- lull + , .7125 2 'K ' BLAINE CAINER Director First li lhtl dramatic: club - - ' an rum: A. lfartvr. l". xxll'lIlll.'l'. N. lJl'll-Vllllllllglll. ll Stevens, J. Lfrgrsclrvn. P. Slllllllllilll. J. Martin. F1-mxrul row D. Neale-r. C. Flm-Q-gil:-. Xl. xlllfgiilll. N. Laxwustn-r. l'. llnrman D. Millvr. R. Spalaro, C. Nlilln-r, ll. Slllllillli, ll. XVallvrs nl row: ll SllI'lI1l'I', K. lhialgvs, ll. lfralJlrf'1'. 'lf Su X. Williams. l'l4ll1I'lll row: R. lllunk. ,l. SWCPIIP. C. R1-ag, N. llllimlm-btw. .l. Ihmr, A. Paxrry. Nl. Stow-ll. J. lllunk. R 151: llire-vtnr Illuim: lluinvr. Q i' -in F gf 259' W 'Wifi ,Q g.,-f T he SPOIIS C611 15 Q61 t lmlv 1I1d1C ltlwe of the Qw1ft11esQ, pleclslon, and team whlnh 18 1 ken note of C111 lthleucs It 15 1Ild1CdtlVC ofthe calllue of llhletlns th lt wc IICIC at Mt Savace 31Ct1y1l1gtO attam both 111 111161 QCl101lbllL and 1nt1 1mu1 11 SpO1tS l - . 2 -X514 K , f XX -- Y 1 ,Q V R f Q 44 V K 1 sw 4 -lw N, 14. I . 4 .Y 1 p f 1 f l fl 'Sz ' f ' ' z ' . , z 'J z 1 ' 1 . 'U' ' . ' 'z 'z 5 ':. , ,F 1 , , 5 F AQ V W' .1 , MAA' W 41 .Y , . W f, ' A , , ... , . ,, ' Q COACHES john foufh thomas gemuclr 22,011 fzorltu FB' Jw U joseph Mbuckv Carter QWOCCER First row: Nwlnh- Cluwlislvr. ,fr-rry Huff. William Clllllsfbll. Tim Nlivhm-Is. Wikf- Wvinvlnrf-xxnvr. c:hl'SIl'l' D1-Yurv. SUCUIHI row: Rivhzlnl Wullvrx. Ihnulrl Kirlry. llulv Yivllill'h4'il4l. C14-urgv Swan 11 Ronald Marlin. liunulml Morgan. limmalld lfurh-r. Tllinl nm: Rnln-rt lilunk. ljnnif- llumplwll Irl vVlllkiIlQ..Illl!14'NHt'Ill'kl'I.f2!'lrl'g1' llixlxivlfla Paul lfil-rilu. 4.1-41111 'Hwnul-. LL- S1-Mg: CI' X- AWN NW' WX K 5 kt xx YWXRV' K. E". L W NWO 'N F- 42, BASKETBALL VARSITY yzyiawmwifiigai 75,9555 7 Twain lia Salle Southvrn Hynclman Northern Meyersflale Allegany Bruce Fort Hill Beall Paul Fiorita. llanagm-rg Ira Watkins, Bill Clans Jvnkirif. Runalll Carta-r. Ilivk Wall:-rs. i5sm2,,61f?4,5y un. Lhe-t llc-Vore-. schedule We Tlwy TPIIIII 51 00 Northern 43 42 Alunini 40 S2 Mvyersmlalc 63 41, Allegany 55 62 Valley High 29 63 Bruce 7 46 gg Furl Hill 34 54 Reall 71,0 66 llyndnian Southern , , fl , W A V ,F il WvllllHlIlS. llill Shall:-r, J:-sw W e They 50 74- 74 43 73 83 55 77 52 67 39 70 30 58 50 61 75 89 65 63 in action . . . The lVIt. Savage High bas- ketball team coached by John Thomas ended the season with a 4- 19 record. This was not had hecause it was only the second year for the squad. Ronald Carter, a senior, was high scorer with 297 points. Gerald Jenkins, senior, was a sparkplug in the Savage offense. Dick Robeson and Ira Watkins, seniors, were also outstanding players. Chester DeVore, Dick Walters, and Edward Williams, juniors, were and will be great factors in next year's team. Bill Clauson only a sopho- more will he a great as- set to the team in the coming years. This was the first year in the W.lVl.I., they fin- ished last inspite of fine showings and top-notch hall playing. Congratulations to this year's team and good luck to the teams of the future. JUNIOR VARSITY First row: J. Brannon. B. Johnson, C. Luman, A. Raygor, D. White-he-ad. qecond row Coach Carter. U. Burkett. ,l.Har1len.J. llenvke-l. C. llishie-lmle. l.. Full y LaSalle ,, Southern Hyndman., Northern . Meyersdale Allegany , Bruce .rrr,r,,,r Fort Hill . Beall H 7 or Cresaptown H19 23 seasoifs MW62 41 results 9 WA-1 37 e, ,752 23 ,e,r..41 51 WWS3 43 , ...., 344 22 M52 54 N731 38 Northern Cresaptown Meyersdalc Allegany , Valley Bruce ,A - Fort Hill Beall ,, 7 Valley LaSalle VAR IT Y CHEERLEADER 3 A-L r 'S 3 i Norma Lee Marlin, Nancy Lancastvr. Ilurlvm- Sputarrw. Captain: juan Sw:-vrw. juan Img-4I1m, I Fitting: April llurfvy. Hu-cu . JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS gp-I Nlphlc Watkm Ho alle lwmr Laura Jcal Hou Q Jam R11 1 G. A. A. .Npril llorfey Cvorgiunna Harden Carolyn Blank Virginia Fmith .lane Rizer Sandra Duckworth Mary Parry Joye Flor-glv Shelby Bittner Alice Parry GIRL 9 ATHLETICS senior high FIST HALL ch II m ps First row: Lois Walbert. Doris Harden. Second row: Nlilclre-d Moyer. Janet W'altman. Third row: Norma Martin, Captain. junior high FIST BALL champs First row: April Dorsey, Betty White. Second row: Dorothy Fetters. Shirley Simpson. Third row: Kay Lashley, Dar- lene Martin. .lane Cray. Q37 7? fl - f- 1.1.11 Wllen '1 pletty Q 11 Goes my CVCIYOIIC tll1llS f01 just one mole look We feel that features ue aleo llke that C11 Tlns f6'llll1CS ber tlon 16CO1dS the lre xuty, 13618011 lllty, and talent ln Ind out of our school LINN CARTER CCUHPILS C1 UQQTL the can dzdates PAY LHL JUAAUTAABL4RTHV DARLEWE SPATARO L, - ww A ,wmmgg-ham 'www Aw-HEX :H ,vw 4 5 ,V f,.,-,, 253 ,lk ,M Y X ,M K fgl wie -fb, ,aw , by Q, I 4. 1 U y , gp- Q , 'Lf-li ,- YL 4 few fawfv 'I , ,Y wi v E Fuax wzg Q Q H. In fn vw ff ': 8 fw f 1 Brg Ed s HlStOfy Class Travels South 2 All good thmgs must end 3 Young brologlst at work 4 Gene throws and 5 We went to Annapolls Home EC Style Show Hold on Norma eachers are human MISS Dramond s sketchmg class What a tlme Q? gk f 4 fg v Q V5 1 1 - , 'I W laLs Ar'v -wsu! Q, 1. 4 M' 'WX .fA,A Q fd' an ,mf f :EZ Jaw-f f?hW?m My WE A MLK? N wif W i IWW! Jff' ,W 5 MMM ffyqgrfwf ,Zigi 4340 W 7J'arLo'Co1Qf9,,,16 awful WMWXJZNALL? 225 Q WAMXNWWAJQQMM Zia Qfgifw EMM by eq Q Rjgfgwxig f4ZJ?0i"f'7wD1 Q Q ""Y""3f sw Ex WIEQEQ WWE ik vw Maia: 6, 2 GMM gf-QY63' 155 fgww Rxfww djxd MMAQWQQM CHHQH f'0yf QMUWM Wffif ,inf Qgmagxumfxim? 32 Q Q Q 7' V 4 Q7 1 ix qw by " S' Mn 1, cj gym 00" 1 L 8x5,Q,,,6q 64 U if 93-Q . A C102 irq?- 1 V fbyehglfk x D - l -.31 ici' ' Q . gi . ff ' D, S F1 Md! I if 91 Su 115.7-5"f qh O q o " I S Q: X0 -' ,, 'W Q11 563 ggaa KPN fs? Us ci 3 - 'nw rx Q-gf Rm " ex 62' X -Gb Q . Q XJYQ E Li 4 1 gi 'D Q aevs 2 gb .Q -' If df U H A .0'vgX95" . ilu J . ' h , W Q5 " 9 . Q Q A U JK My L.',,,,,,, it? Y. . ' 4 1, oi I 5 f d 'P Z. Q 9 5 if M :YW I Y --Hg?--3 A' I-' J x so We the staff of the Arrowhead W1Sh to express our thanks to all pa trons and advertlsers We feel that w1thout YOLII' CO 0pCI'3.t1OI1 our yearbook could not have been so successful i OLD RAIL Post No 6025 VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS M+ Savage Maryland PROTECTION When and Where You Need I+ fa Iy mo e e e 2:65 T p I THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY A Mu+uaI Life Insurance HOME OFFICE NEWARK N J Bur+ons Balhmore SI' CUMBERLAND MD I . I 3 'A A ' -""- Prudenfial Life Insurance can guaranfee an income for your mi n y for car 'fr e refiremeni years, fund 'Io send +he youngs'I'ers K Io college, money 'Io ay he renf or morf- - gage. I Q 7' af , . , . . PATRONS Franlr Mulligan Grocery Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Dash and Sons Jack and Irene Gerhard Irvin S. Lowery Ins. Agenf Miss Margarei' Winner Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Amiower Miss Mary T. Wiffe S T Ll'H'Ie Jewelry Co Mr and Mrs Edward Malloy Valley View Inn Mr and Mrs Raymond Hnmmelwrnghf EllerslleV F W Auxiliary Mr and Mrs Howard Huff Mass Elaine Diamond John B Novach Keech s Corner Marker Slumberland Moiel LaVale Tourlsf Courf Donahoe s Resraurani Mr and Mrs Lloyd Wade Rev and Mrs C W Raley Raymond L Hacelrode 'I gmiiii A 45 A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Les+er Reed KennelI's Grocery Mr. Roberf MacMillan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Gainer Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Rizer Corruganvllle Mefhodlsi' O U R Mr and Mrs Clyde Franlrenberry Mr J O Kefauver Thomas Mullaney Mr and Mrs Roy Deffenbaugh Mr and Mrs Carl Pressman Mr and Mrs Edward Sfowell Mrs Eleanor Weber Allegany Clhzen Shurey s Sunoco Slahon Lohr s Barber Shop Penn Mar Molor Co A Friend Ml Savage Mefhodlsf Y P F Mr and Mrs Ralph D Wagner 55 re ' as H16 19 L ' n 1 0 I ' . I I 1 L.- Qi - lx N 'L ' - PW.- 1 hm L ' 3, . 7 - mi 4 -ee vvs A I - . ' -3 2. Fri' - f'l' Te " ,LW 1 1 fjlx aj Q LET US HELP SAVE YOUR MONEY COMPLIMENTS of I'I1e Furst National Bank S vage Maryland MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL INSURANCE CORPORATION Phone 2582 258I Cumberland Md BOPP S FLOWER SHOP Our Only Locahon CORSAGES FOR THE DANC AND ALL OCCASIONS ES FLOWERS FOR Barrell llle Md VALLEY VIEW SERVICE STATION LesI'er B Reed and John Wlngerl' PROPRIETORS WM M W4 oQ1g1f4fQfc01Z 3 Qu TO VISIT fvk V I5 in , kk' fdxfygmgl . . ..- ' I , MI' I DEPOSIT ' A A A f v IZ D if CompIimen+s MT SAVAGE DAUGHTERS AMERICA COUNCIL No 20 'TAYN .,, fu 2 Q S March rlghi' clown 'ro MATTH EWS GROCERY now CORRIGANVILLE MARYLAND MT SAVAGE COOKS Nelhe Wlls Jane Dorman Anna Wmebrenner Elsie Sweene Mary Hughes Vrola Blanlc Compllmenls PAST COUNCILORS CLUB Pride of Mf Savage DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA COUNCIL No 20 Compllments MT SAVAGE PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIATION fi 4, n Yes, all fhe Jumors and Sensors are saymg, our BALFOUR RINGS are +ops." , TM T E ffm - ,D of f l- lh' 4' fi., ,N X 1 if-A T 1,4 W wi, N nf' HAWKINS SERVICE CENTER 8. CONFECTIONERY STORE PHONE 6706 BOX 22I TIRE REPAIRS AND ROAD SERVICE CARS WASHED POLISHED LUBRICATED E I Ma yland Compllmenfs Ellerslle Volunteer Flre Co ON CALL WHEN AND WHERE NEEDED Complumenfs Sigma ' 'Sf' Relclcs 'J A B STAHLMAN PLUMBING AND HEATING CO EIIersIle Maryland EIIersIle MaryIand I I IIers ie r of 4 K . 43 of xr. ig 0 xii FORD S DRUG Olfll' O STORE DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST ar Frosfb rg Md Comphmenfs DeHAVEN S Corrigan :Ile Maryland Quentin L Grlffy BUILDING CONTRACTOR Phone 54II J Box 238 ELLERSLIE MD J. AND C. MYERS GROCERIES DRUGS CANDY ICE CREAM CIGARETTES CIGARS Corriganville, Md. Q ' C - -4:1-"f"'ff' "iff mwff ' A 5 IS u , of I . V. . . my 5? DeVORES MARKET Ellerslle Maryland COM PLIMENTS of +he MT SAVAGE HOMEMAKERS Ml' Savage Maryland .F W ll W FW 9? 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CUMBERLAND MD FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK CUMBERLAND MD s BUCK BRUNER OI' GROCERIES MEATS VEGETABLES HYNDMAN PA Phone 85 J NEBM wr-uTFoRDs SUPER SERVICE Garage and Resfauranf Hyndman Pa Ope 24H r 6 Do Business Wi+h DEIST CLEANERS F osfb rg M yi d COMPLIMENTS of Ellerslie Teen ge C ub Eller Ie F e Hail YM Phone 300 Bullnscnmcnns MORTON S GARAGE FROSTBURG MARYLAND If HQ" Phone 300 'Eyq Q2 COMPLIMENTS PRINCESS RESTAURANT Ro fe 40 FROSTBURG r U ar an si ir i i 1 Wa+er and Mechanic Sfreefs I2 Wegf Main Sfreef ' U -D-A, 4111. MD. Ride in COmfOr+ - YELLOW TOP CAB CO . CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND DEPENDABLE SERVICE n - 'CS' CROSSE S CLEANERS Hyd Gm OAK DALE SERVICE STATION CORRIGANVILLE MD 9221 670771 will 15 y CITY FURNITURE CUMBERLAND MO 1 ff 2 a'r 'i 7 , N' V n man, Pa. Pick-Up and Delivery for Your Conven e n Car Troubles Vanish E1 a'l' T wt 3 X ll A A a SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT SAVAGE ,G REFRACTORIES JIMS CORP SERVICE STATION s Ezgawdte Qecaehg HOSKEN JEWELRY STORE WIM L R HY BURGER RESTAURANT + BIG E ic, J 5 44C I I MI. avage Road a+ if '. 22 es ain Sfreei' Frosfburg, Maryland X I o x Q 1 x aI' v Z 99 - .Z u. s. Rau e 40 Q Best W shes to the Graduat ng Class FROM THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION i I954 i N? N7 Qi 'Q Run-ll. srumos 5 Offlclal Arrowhead Photographer C I CUMBERLAND MARYLAND IRWIN MEMORIALS MARBLE GRANITE BRONZE bgM Ph e52J X K ll, BUY YOUR sHoEs 95 aI' Ihe f CUT RATE SHOE STORE Fnosraune, Mo. ' C on - 'M M EIII ,,,. I5 1' K T, if ' ' ll ll Fine Camera Por'I'raiI's 60 N. en er SI. Y Frosi' ur , aryland on I - X LADIES AUXILIARY Mt Savage Flre Company We Speclallze In Dmners and Ca'Ier PRIVATE PARTIES COMPLIMENTS HYNDMAN VOLUNTEER F RE DEPARTMENT Convenhon Clfy I 954 COMPLIMENTS JENNINGS RUN COUNCIL NO I5 J O U A M MI' Savage Md COMPLIMENTS CORRIGANVILLE VOLUNTEER F RE COMPANY INC Cornganvllle MaryIand AHLBURN S CHEVROLET CO ouR 35+h YEAR Cples MAYOR AND COUNCILMEN FROSTBURG MARYLAND nlo ourse THE MAJESTIC THEATRE MAIN ST. MT. SAVAGE, MD Phone 26 Hyndman, Pa. om im ni' of of E ' y Y If + IITEXA Q Q' Aur REPAIRS MT SAVAGE MD Mann Sfreef Phone 202I POLAND S ESSO STATION Drive Carefully The Lufe You Save May Be Your Own' Happy Moformg Sfarfs a'I Your Esso Slgn CLEANERS AND DYERS TOLL Personahzed Servrce For Exper'I Cleanmg FRUIT MARKET Ca BOB Phllllps Cleaners 5 Q I Service ef V limi R'.g, Laundry U. S. Rouie 40 x v Q, ' ar V' For Your Convenience PICK UP AND DELIVERY Phone: 232I K EIIersIie, Maryland I .HI I 5 A ' Q 7 F I Ox 7 I III ff x -I X W' I. th ey Eg? I' I, IIIIIIImIIx1rxuf"rvy dr 1"1 IHIIIYIIL ' ,nl- 1 II Y 5 ll Il Congrafulaiions fo ihe Seniors of I954 LAYMAN'S HARDWARE FROSTBURG, MARYLAND DINE AND DANCE PAT S PLACE Meyersdale Pa voun JPFMATZM R BuslNEss Joe Branler s Barber Shop XXX XX N 79 A 'I-J sf af I OU ai' 0 I 4 A 1 . - .E 0 21 4 M+. savage, Ma. v ' 2155?5EsS52sSs55Es:1:1::?: FROSTBURG AUTO CO FRosTBuRe MD TH Student Council washes The Class of I954 luck and success on Hxenr Compllmen+s of NATIONAL FRUIT STORE Balf more S+ree'I' CUMBERLAND MARYLAND Louis Mecorxu Prop E graduafion and in +he 'fufure wherever fhey may be. i The staff has worked real hard, you see, To make this boolf a treat for thee. Weave done our best And now wenll rest, As you can plainly see. P. S. WE HOPE YOU LIKE IT! 74,141-nat: on Y EARBUUK Lou Nw, an 'Q A ,, '51 P 1. gs, '. ' , ,gm f nv K ' . H+ naive' " + -"' EQ. .Mi 8 "-sfudz

Suggestions in the Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) collection:

Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 89

1954, pg 89

Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 87

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Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 67

1954, pg 67

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