Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD)

 - Class of 1953

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Mount Savage High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Mount Savage, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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zmk , utmft"0""' naw-WMP' 5,4- --'fm 4-gdgn-wr -.. Q- m, 1 N ,K 4 57... 15 .1 .1 -un. -1? dl ,,..l.4k -.'T' . It -A A., Q . 'fu S . :ni .. lm.,':3'l' ui'--. ' I v 4. . Jw , .wt ,. 4, x, is v .53- w?g , K vu Y4 H. A ' -rn zigzag- , -. P- ,y .-,MQW I .-, - ij 41550:-5,-Oi.. 4 - .. L,-,--,, , 4 , 1 .VW -. we-.,,.v 1 2 -ww . . w war' 'ff , ., ,- ,:1,.,gA,U,f.,fl., .- f Q ' if ..'. "Wi ' 'AH-' ,' 5, J zz fl, wfif-'sm-.-. s, 'vu f' 1.w:r ,JQQ4 L 1 -Q' ' -x .f'-Mtv -.giwf ,' iii." fee.: ,. .f.ff'.,., '. 'Syl' F52-'pf ', v.- -.A . .' '4 ' ,f ',.f-Qnf: .- -X ,.y,. H 7, .s""-.if 52.fE'Ex- " ' ' ' fi. Fifi'-'V':1f!fi!-' '43 557. V " ' - 1' .Q 2,5-2-,l:'3. ' A'i", .1 "1 Q13-. gj-259: J. -1 L' us " 9"'1'.fFfm29ffQi-J.:'Q' ' . ,iff-.' -5311,-,Qf'E,'5'..9g-my-.1 113:- lf: ., Lzkifivviml 14' .113 "fr" . - .- , :"'1 :J Q ' 1.51.-4-' .'Q-ii 'V . , .,,.,,v.l, J, E-' Af. .A , ,.,- j,11:1:5,..,-:wr ' ,.-1 -4 1 ., L w .1 A.,. , ' -- . .-.m-11,9-A f H 4... , . ff 1 ..,.. . , .V fx., ,r M f, A. 1 F wh. -:ii 4.,Lg.,: 4 M Z 'iii' 'TJ- . 4 . hi ' .1 .. X A fu? :.,. X., .Va .'.,-A., .M . Yi- . Q . T- Y E Ali .. J. 'lu' 1, .' ,, ..,1'.,g.,l',"' .' J A A .' - f Ng., . - . . 'lpff ,f..','4" ' 14" fp 4? if, bmw' . , k I.- . - 1 , .. , - MZ. ' IN ,,x. 4, . 1 . - THE FIRST GRADUATING CLASS OF ' A f 4751 ' 'NI tc' W' Cs ,, 1- ' -'S , u ' -5,57 , D I 1, H. --if ., J, f . -. -r - - 14 -fl f fn, I l D. 5. 1 lr' -I .-.X ,f L .vl -yu. -. ll. -' Q3 Xi .. ' ' . 'I .' f v :fx .' ' "t ': Q Va .H ? - +1 ,. -- 54 ' -g iff. I -. 2 o 74 1 1 " f 5- ,,- J - s . , . - 4 '-, , ' 1 - X 1? uf 51 : u '. gr 'Y r' I fl. . - fa f' ' - . fi' . W , -' J mf r 4 z- 54, - R , lj N7 ng, ' Q, ...,,. a" ' r X 1 . N N I 'QQ 2- N I M 'Ing' ,Y . 'Nqr '. IA Hy' .,,:r..' :. s . X- ,Q -I U- I' 'M "" 5 'ff , 0 I 1 -1 fi , C ,,-., .-. . ' ' vt 'ef -' v. R' "if: , : -4. ' -A -5" 1 " . iz? 46. 5- ' 'Q -.- n .- 1" " 71 4 "1 - "4 3 X 'ff' flj b 'i ,gl , f', bf. ,- ., -'Sis -f .fb "9 1. ff' 1 'M 12 '. an. hc. C -Q ia- YS Qu.. :-amy. I , ,.- Y-' Q 5 , . 1' . ".. : ' 24- 2: "2-.., 'PF e 5 :fa fm '. Q 1' 2 '..'f'3""7 ' ' 1 -I ' 1 . '. -.1-. -. ' , .- sz" ' JM . l "Rx -Lu" xr .S . - fu:-.1-Ik - l hw-4 .f5" 5 an' . " ...Tiff ui F W , if .. , f-Aa-r.:2me4s-+44-lr-.Q fi' ... ' .o u ,F I. .rift ., I 1 ..- .a-I-1-, ." f'-a I .dui F '9 lf. :.f.-- "5 - x Y . 1- Y ' jf-.. rg., f: KJ 'W' ..s mx f qi ' .'11 wx up I Bran lv LX ul 'Nw M 1 af' ,, A H S .JV . ICQ, fir: I k -, -, I . ' s ' U, ,xi ' ah' W jf W." Z ' '-- -1' 1 --,arf gT":.'Q's NF .rt lf,-. -' '!- - .1 V. ' l 1 ...viii .1 S - , -P-JJ' zuzh' ' Ma A fk kaowmo 4, ' Q- .f , ' K" 4 f ,v i4 -i-1 i li.. , 1 1 - --5 ,T.i-v , I . .f 'N 9 Z '-f ,V i ::fi 1.-n-gg I'--ll lflllll lullll ,.n--um lull- l , I l x F X Li., KV VA-? I' , , , E., I' -,Y , sf-Z' Y-f ' g YLK '- ' ',,,..,.i' Y 'jvqar-r A Y L S ' 'f M J Y: Xu-uurv A7 rr, X H fi ' ' X . 4 X .fm , .W 1 - .. . f ,1. u ,,, ., " - .v - gk fllfi 'QQ f Q -1- FCREWORD In vision of high standards as to duty, aggressiveness, willingness to work and courage, we the Senior Class of 1953 are proud to pioneer the path in the growth of the new Mount Savage School. We are proud of this continuous development and of all those who have made it possible. We the editors feel honored for being given the task of portraying for posterity a cross-section of a great year at Mount Savage High. If 'I 'f 'ir 21- T-.1-i 7 v ,E QT ? 3, VAIQW Q Wink sk .WS o VH? CRGNN TIONS wwe M A S WEE? ADEQQERS V 5 ,QW was Ag? ffm: .' psf, Q . V., airs? - ' - ,, Q if H71 wg' if ' nf 'WXQYKR - ,ii .L,.. ,,, ,, M ,, ,V 4"'43"l?,a. . , LM: M Ki-we an M 'H u L .Jr 1-1 aff ' 2 Y K 2 4 9 5 aw K, ,,., ,ps WM. 1 9? These are scenes from the newly built Mt. Savage School. It is considered one of the most modern in this locality and one of the finest in the country. Some of its features are: glass brick walls, indirect lighting, three tone pastel walls and the latest modern equipment in all departments. i . - 5KHlllll!1lmlWHIll IK g2 , pf ll!! lim H Sm lam! - Z' 4 F' K gm Q, i . wa Aqdw'-M ,, W An-r l DEPAZTN fmt, Q M. in . 3 fi. ENT x a i m'ffwwf1ww K f Fl: ,,-,,, , ' Q L f M- QJW WQLWYW if IAg ' f ,mnwmugw-,gymx Jm - i W , ,A Qlbq mf? 50 5 5 3 7 U7 THE HIGH SCHOOL THE BREEZE-WAY mb ALFRED H. BENNA Principal We dedicate this, our first yearbook, to Alfred H. Benna as a token of our appreciation for the wonderful work he has done as principal of our new school. The special interest he has taken in us personally, his willingness to co-operate whenever asked, and his friendly manner with the members of the faculty and student body have made him an outstanding figure. We give tribute to a man without whose leadership we could not have accomplished so much, so well. o b- 49 ir 1 1 N! 1 N' 'M 5' 'BU Y MR. EDWARD A. MECONI Guidance Director This is Medicine Man of the tribe. Like any other doctor he gives us advice and helps us with our problems. He has gone about this job whole heartedly and we appreciate all he has done. MR. ALFRED H. BENNA Principal He is the BIG CHIEF of our Indian tribe. All Braves will agree that he has given us his cooperation and we in turn have given ours. MRS. MABEL WILSON Secretary She is the efficient recor d keeper for the CHIEF and his tribe. She is about the busiest person on the reservation. , A V,., W, ,... hmm ..,.,.,.-i,..,,,.,.s. . - -tif-- wif..-f1g:.r.W: -mms-ummm-mmm, ALFRED H. BENNA Shippensburg State Teachers College, Penn. State, B. S., M. Ed., Mathematicsg Social Studies. FLORENCE BEST Frostburg State Teachers College, Second and Third Grades. MARY E. BLACKBURN ' Fairmont College, A. B.: Social Studies. MELVIN L. BROWN Fairmont College, West Virginia University, B. S.g M, S., Science. AGNES ALDRIDGE Frostburg State Teachers College, Sixth Grade. FLORENCE ALDRIDGE Frostburg State Teachers College, Fourth Grade LESLIE C. AMTOWER Fairmont State, A, B,g Mathematics. MARILYN ASHBAUGI-I Westminster, Bachelor of Music: Music. wLrfwzemmtw DON A. EMERSON West Virginia University, A. B.: M. A.g Physicsg Chemistryg Biology. MADELEINE GAINER Seton Hill Collegeg W M. A.. Englishg Latin. est Virginia University, A. B, R. BLAINE GAINER Davis and Elkins Collegeg West Virginia University. A. B.: M.A.g French: English. FREDERICK C. HAGER Pennsylvania State College, B. S., Instrumental Music. HELEN CALDARA Frostburg State Teachers College, Advanced First Gradeg Fifth and Sixth Grades. JOSEPH V. CARTER Mount Saint Mary's. Emmitsburg, Md., B. S., English, Social Studiesg Mathematics. ELAINE DIAMOND Dickenson Jr. College. Western Maryland College, B. A., Art, MILDRED DOWNEY Frostburg State Teachers College, Fourth and Fifth Grades., C CAROLINE V. LENNOX Frostburg State Teachers Collegeg First Grade. THOMAS W. LEWIS Sheperd State Teachers College. B. S., Mathematics. LOIS B. MCCREIGI-IT Boston University, B. S.: Physical Education. KATHLEEN MCDERMITT Western Maryland College, A. B.g English: Mathe- matics. LOUISE HIMMELWRIGHT Frostburg State Teachers College: First Grade Certi- ficateg Second Grade. JANE B. HOLLIDAY University of Kentucky College of Education, Lex- ington, Kentuckyg A. B., in Commercial Educationg Commercial Subjects. LEA!-l M. HUFF Frostburg State Teachers Collegeg B. S.: Elementary Education, Third Grade, MARIANNA KEENE University of Maryland, B. S.: Home Economics. P JACK R. SNYDER Frostburg State Teachers College, B, S, g Special Education. JOHN C. THOMAS Frostburg State Teachers College, B, S, g Physical Education. MARGARET WINNER Frostburg State Teachers College, B. S. in Elementary Education, First Grade. MARY WITTE Frostburg State Teachers College, A, B, fPendingjg Librarian, Reading. 'E 5 EDWARD A. MECONI St. Francis, Frostburg State Teachers College, Co lumbia University, A, B. , B. S. , Ed., M. A., Problems of Democracy, U. S. History. EVELYN B. POLAND Frostburg State Teachers College, B. S. in Elementary Educationg Fifth Grade. EDITH S. RIZER Frostburg State Teachers College, A. B. KT Special Educationg Social Studies, Speech Correction. WALTER M. SHUTOK ent State Teachers College, California, Pa. , B. S Metalworking, Automotive Mechanics. President Treasurer Secretary Advisor - Chaplain SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ' ' JOSEPH M. GLASS - - NAOMI R. SWEENE - - - DONNA J. WILSON - - MR. EDWARD MECONI - - - - - CAROL S. BEAL S'll glib Qx 5'.l'l gs l.'l'f 5 QI ' I I gl I aug' . ',I bg sl' I' ' -0 sl". Q Q 'Q F g 9 'N' I C s"S 0 5 Q0 I ,'o Jsvl' ' i" 0 "1 H' S mllpu CAROL SUE BEAL "Snooky" A face that's by its own beauty dressed, and can alone commend the rest. " Commercial WILLIAM LESTER BLANK, JR, "Sonny" God bless the man that first invented sleep. " General CHARLOTTE LOUISE CHANEY "Sharkie" The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid." General IAMES RUSSELL CONNER "Bucky" There is a time of speaking and a time of being still. " General HUBERT REGIS CONWAY "Hubie" "Fun at any cost." General JOHN RICHARD CRUMP "Dick" "They gave me advice galore, but still I go on as before." General ROBERT LEON BRIDGES "Bridgie" "Men of few words are the best men." General RICHARD CARL BURKHART "Dick" "The fewer the desires, the more peace . General I I t BRUCE EDWARD DIEHL "Buster" "Give me love and work: just these two." Academic MARY GERTRUDE FIORITA "Gert" "She is pretty to walk with, witty to talk with, pleasant to think on." Commercial JUANITA MAE FRANKENBERRY "Neet" Gentleness and repose are paramount to everything else in a woman. " General JOSEPH MARVIN GLASS HJ-oe,- An ounce of courtesy is worth a pound of apology. " General JOAN KATHERINE GOEBEL IIJON And on that cheek and o'er that brow so soft, so calm, yet so eloquent." Commercial ELLEN ELIZABETH JENKINS "SI100kiC" "The joy of youth and health her eyes displayed, and ease of heart her very look conveyed. " Academic BETTY JANE LASHLEY lljitll "Thy voice is a celestial melody." General PEGGY JEAN LAVIN .. Peg.. "There is no work of resolution that has not been the delight of mankind." General 'Devoted, anxious, generous with her NCRMA IEAN MARKWOOD ' "Jeanie" Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, an excellent thing in a woman." Commercial SHIRLEY ANN MERRBACH " Smitty" whole heart's welcome in her smile. " General MARQUERITE IRENE NEDER "Miggie" I like the laughter that opens the lips and the heart that shows at the same time pearls of the soul. " Academic SHIRLEY ELIZABETH O'BAKER " Shirley" Affecting to seem unaffected is the smile that wins. General WANDA GWYNNE LEMMERT "Jeanie" Never do today that which you can do tomorrow." General THOMAS WESLEY LEWIS, IR. "Tommy" Wildly extensive is the poets' aim, and in each verse he draws a bill of fame." General MARY AGNES McGANN "McGann" "Coquette and coy at once her air, care less she is with an artful care." General MARY EDITH MALEY n Terryvu gs Easy to smile, quick to make friends, and nice to know." Commercial ALICE ELOISE PARRY uAlIl The feeling heart, simplicity of life, and elegance and taste." General JOANN PFITZENMAYER " my" "Beautiful as sweet, and young as beautiful, those blue violets, her eyes." General HARRY OSCAR PFISTER "Buddy" If you want anything done, do it your- self." General SHIRLEY KATHERINE RICE "Shug" The soul that perpetually overflows with kindness will always be cheerful." General DONALD E. ROBESON "Don" "A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market." General ROBERT DONALD SAMPSON n Bobvl "To live long it is necessary to live slowly." General LOUENNA JANE SHAFFER "Shorty" A little, tiny, pretty, witty, charming, darling, she." Commercial WILLIAM SKIPPER nskip.. General The only way to have a friend is to be one." GOLDIE MAUD TRIMBLE "Goldie" "Laughter takes the kinks out of the chain of life, " General DONNA IE AN WISLON apug.. There's language in her eye, her cheek, her lip her smile speaks, " Commercial DORIS MARIE WRIGHT "Dorie" Speech is great but silence is greater. " General PATRICIA ANN SULLIVAN "Pat" "Good nature is worth more than money and honor. " Commercial MARGARET JANE SWEENE npeggy.. "Thy mirth is sweet as if it took its music from thy soul." Commercial NAOMI RUTH SWEENE ..Nay,. "She has an eye that could speak though her tongue were silent, " General ROBERT CI-IESTERWALSH "Chink" The more you loaf, the more the credit, " General KENNETH WILLIAM WINEBRENNER "Ken" A man that blushed is not quite a brute. " General "Ambition is a germ from which all "So serious, gentle, mild and straight, l CAROL GRACE YUTZY "Carol" growth of nobleness proceeds. " Academic GLORIA MAE BURALL "Mae" Post Graduate -r - ...,. 1, ,.t XXX A lfff' !1 T -wil l, Q, x --A W0 Quik H , s fy ,. . we 1. 'f KAW! 11 'X A at Y X , N, ff' 5 A '- A , .., f , 1 , A 5,4 up .5 ,,,,,..-N , f5 N 11-fr ff . 'N 5 - . , K x w 2 4a gil 13.25 'vu .Fr kwuw, 'Q' 5, Wi. 441-in ELIZABETH LOCKARD ,TUANITA MARTIN NORMA LEE MARTIN RONALD MARTIN SHIRLEY MARTIN MARY MALLOY VIVIAN MERRBACH STELLA MEYERS WILBERT MICKLES CAROL MILLER RONALD MORGON DONALD NEDER SHIRLEY RALEY RICHARD ROBESON IULIA SEE NANCY SEE ROY SHAFFER CARL SKIDMORE FRANCIS SNYDER DARLENE SPATARO PATTI STALHMAN THOMAS STEELE THOMAS SWANSON GEORGE SWAUGER IRA WALKINS DARLENE WIEMER ANN WILLIAMS JACK WINEBRENNER First row: T. Combs, N. Deffenbaugh, P. Dorman, C. Fleegle. Second row: D. Harden, I. Hook, R. House, M. Hotchkiss, L. Johnson. Third row: D. Klosterman, N. Lancaster, I. Logsdon, L. McGann, D. Miller. Fourth row: M. Stowell, R. Spa- taro, D. Stevens, D. Shriner. Fifth row: F. Wiemer, E. Williams, K. Bridges. Standing: J. Blank, D. J. Sweene, N. Bridges, J. Boor, K. Reagan, J. Sweene. First row: I. Blank, B. Furrall, C. Miller, F. Sweene. Second row: J. Brannon, M. Glass, D. Miller, T. Walbert. Third row: M. Shaffer, R. Housel, G. Robinette, D. Snyder. Fourth row: S. Deffenbaugh, A. Jones, C. Shipe, F. Watkins. Fifth row: M. Sampson, M. Winebrenner, E. Wilhelm, Standing: B. Bittner, W. Stevens, W. Diehl, E. DeVore, G. Kenney, B. Dorsey. SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Seated: Gene Kenney, President, Ioan Sweene, Secretary, Robert Blank, Vice President. Standing: Richard Walters, Treasurer, Miss Mary Elizabeth Blackburn, Advisor. First row: I. Dickel, B. Malloy. Second row: D. Carr, R. Blank, M. Morgan, R. Walters. Third row: N. Chedister, J. Hott, D. Pfister, H. Werner. Fourth row: I. DeVau1t, C. Lucky, I. Smith, R. Blank C. Winebrenner, Fifth row: B. Boor, C. Madden, I. Elder, K. Brant. FRESHMEN The roving photographer catches the Tenth and Eleventh Grade Latin classes in action. First row: C. Foy, C. Geary, J. Green, M. Green, F. Hare, M. Klink. Second row: D. Lashley, M. Madda, R. McKenzie, D. Miller, G. Kemp, G. Printy. Third row: B. Robinette, R. Skrichfield, C. Shaffer, L. Shipe, C. Smith, R. Snyder. Fourth row: J. Walsh, D. Whitehead, L. Waltman, M. Walbert, R. Winebrenner, F. Wright. Standing: J. Bonner, T. Berrington, I. Brannon, S. Blank, W. Bridges, L. Wade, W. Bridges. First row: I. VanMeter, G. Hughes, T. Stevens, N. Weimer, K. Snyder, C. Elfritz, C. Fiorita, D. Walters, A. Spataro. Second row: B. Stevens, E. Kennell, W. Conner, C. Bridges, T. Parry, J. Gomer, D. Martin, L. Spataro, D. Conrad. First row: G. Hite, S. Miller, J. A. Geary, J. Lowery, D. Harden, T. Helmick, W. Hook, R. Winebrenner, Second row: C. Lashbaugh, G. Huff, R. Johnson, R. Diehl, D. Lease, M. L. Golden, C. Luman. Third row: V. Worrier, E. Rice, G. Ringer, D. Carr, M. Watkins, J. A. Holt. Standing: H. Cessna, C. Blank, D. Aldridge, E. Sweaman, P. Carter, H. Galf, C. Witt, B. Conners, M. Bittner, B. Closton. --..,,l,, ,fy First row: K. Martz, N. Jones, S. Westfall P. Harvy, J. Philips. Second row: N. Lemmert, D. Lickliter. Third row: A. Nutter, E. Stevens, M. Harden, K. Miller Fourth row: E. Ringer, N. Messenger. Standing: D. Glass, R. Fuller, T. Kelly, L. Fuller, R. Hott, T. Steele. First row: C. Bridges, L. Cook, R. Lashley, A. Watkins, S. Gordon. Second row: J. Fair, M. Holt, A. Drew, M. Lee, R. Frank- berry, J. Hinkle. Third row: R. McKenzie, A. Snyder, E. Snyder, N. Cook, L. Drew, D. Ricewick. Fourth row: W. Duckworth, I. Miller, C. Rice, M. Lewis, D. Messenger. Standing: L. House, R. Femi, J. Hartman, R. Rice, S. Helmick, R. Crowe. EIGHTH GRADE Twelfth Grade Law Class in Mrs. Holliday's Room First row: R. DeVau1t, B. Emerick, T. Emerick, B. Foley, M. Garlick. Second row: I. Harden, R. Burkett, R. Hott, P. lzzett, A. Conner, V. Johnson, M. Chi- nault. Third row: R. Leonard, P. Loar, gan, R. Raygor. Fourth row: D. Rice, M Saelet, I. Snyder, D. Wright, J. Winner. Standing: J. Beverlin, F. Reith. L. Madden, V. Cook, G. Martin, I. Mor- J Ldv, UU E UUE UE QQ, A mf First row: J. Glass, S. Bittner, T. Porter, R. Jones. Second row: D. Thomas, G. Lowery, W. Gordon. Third row: D. Wine- brenner, M. Smith, T. Spataro. Fourth row: J. Haun, C. Frankenberry, D. Finn, S. Duckworth, S. Truley, A. Weimer, I. Graham, R. Malloy, M. L. Robertson. Standing: J. Hughes, G. Gordon, J. Mor- gan, C. Jenkins, D. Hohnson, D. Barncord, V. DeVore, M. Mayer, B. Wisenburger. The roving photographer catches the Home Economics cooking class at work. First row: Mary Parry, Charles Witt, Gary Robinette. Second row: Robert Johnson, Russel Jones. Third row: Susanna Trimble, Kay Bridges. Fourth row: Noah Grady. Standing: Glenna Shroyer, Homer DeVault, Robert Faidley, Edward Ringer, Linnie Blank Shelva Winebrenner, George Witt, Robert Martin. First row: M. Bridges, R. Arnold, B. Tur- ley, D. Harden, M. Spataro, V. Ricewick, V. Smith, D. Sampson. Second row: R. Lashbaugh, G. Hawkins, F. Hansrote, F. Frankenberry, C. LeMasters, D. Lowery. Third row: D. Geary, S. Church, W, Fleegle, B. Burkett, G. Bittner. Standing: L. Walbert, F. Markwood, C. Goebel, I. Lavin, G. Beal, F. Boor, F. Bridges, A. Bingham, S. Lepley, J. Waltman. FIFTH GRADE First row: S. Winebrenner, I. Meyer, G. Witt, M. Bridges, L. Walbert, A. Morgan, P. Porter, K. Wolford, D. Holt. Second row: Mrs. Poland, W. Arnold, V. Black, C. Martin, M. Michaels, G. Smith, H. Gordon, B. Taccino, J. Izzett, E. D. Cook. Third row: J. Martin, N. Jenkins, R. Weid- ner, G. Johnson, R. Spataro, L. Malloy, D. Bridges, D. Hott, R. Lantz. FIFTH GRADE First row: J. Riggleman, R. Jenkins, W. Jenkins, C. Goetz, J. Pressman, C. McKenzie, K. Swauger, A. Bridges, E. Miller, S. Sweene. Second row: B. Winebrenner, L. Pfister, R. Blank, D. Huff, B. Blank, R. Faidley, A. DeVault, J. Vizza, G. Kirby, Mrs. Downey. Third row: F. Often, B. Sansom, J. Sweene, J. Steel, C. Geary, D. Arnold, L. Burk- hart, R. O'Neal, R. Foy, J. Frankenberry. FOURTH GRADE First row: D. Miller, R. Taylor, J. Steele, H. Weimer, R Martin, C. Helmick, T. Cessna, R. Folk, D. Often, A. Blank, L. Beal. Second row: Miss Aldridge, W. Gordon, J. Sweene, B. Miller, D. Johnson, H. Frankenberry, P. Malloy, S. Wilson C. Boyce, P. Trimble, L. Witt. Third row: G. Geary, L. Blank, K. Bennett, S. Leighty, B. Faid- ley, J. Klinger, E. Bridges, L. Frankenberry, R. Leonard, A. Spataro, R. Spiker. Fourth row: W. Prercy, R. Harden, D. McCray, J. Jenkins, T. Lance, W. Adams, E. Lashley, J. Harden, T. And- erson. a SIXTH GRADE First row: N. Riggleman, K. Snyder, R. Aldridge, D. Williams, D. Bardges, R. Lance, D. VanMeter, S. Aldridge, R. Folk, R. Boyce, B. Martin, K. Taylor, R. Moore. Second row: Miss Aldridge, C. Cessna, D. Dickle, P. Lepley, K. Lashley, D. Winebrenner, B. Gray, D. Martin, L. Conrad, T. Russell, J. Bridges, Mrs. Caldara. Third row: R. Frankenberry, M. Watkins, R. Lynn, B. Bennett, S. Simpson, L. Michaels, C. Aldridge, M. Hice, R. Faidley, R. Wolford, E, Trimble, J. Sampson, K. Watkins, G. VanMeter, C. Bittner, V. Crathers, S. Wright, N. Smith, J, Martin. First row: M. Weimer, G. McKenzie, B. Hains, N. Weimer, L. Smith, B. Weimer, J. Boyce, C. Rus- sell, D. Sweene, A. Griffin, R. Lepley, Mrs. Him- melwright. Second row: J. Watkins, M. Wilhelm, M. L. Hughes, D. Engle, L. Harden, K. Shaffer, R. Spataro, H. Folk, B. Michaels, L. Martin, A. Aldridge. Third row: B. Walton, D. Bridges, M. Loar, E. Delbrook, L. Baker, O. Bridges. I. Smith, Mrs. Best. Fourth row: H. Grady, G. Harvey, I. Bridges, D. Winebrenner, N. Paul, G. Parsons, B. Simpson, D. Baker, C. Walbert, B. Gaughan. First row: S. Dickel, C. Leply, J. Adams, W. Sweene, R. Wilson, T. Sansom, E. Sturtz, M. Evans, J. Furlow, L. Knienem, R. Spiker, R. Kel- ley, R. Miller, I. Snyder, B. Conner. Second row: Miss Winner, D. Engle, S. Witt, K. Gordon, M. Geary, J. Winebrenner, C. Shaffer, C. Steel, M. Holtz, P. Lantz, W. Holt, B. Conner, Mrs. Lennox. Third row: I. Johnson, G. Crowe, I. Carter, A. Snyder, E. Delbrook, I. Lashley, J. Faidley, E. Rankin, B. Gaughan, B. Loor, A. Porter, R. Bridges D. Jenkins, K. Robinette. Fourth row: I. Harden, C. Lashely, R. Skipper, I. Spataro, M. Hughes, W. Phillips, W. Foy, G. Garey, P. Winebrenner, D. Trexler, D. Hite, V. Winebrenner. First row: S. Martin, V. Foy, B. Winebrenner, A. Faidley, G. Mckenzey, R. Pollic, R. O'Nea1, E. Gordon, A. Wilhelm. Second row: Miss Huff, D. Jones, W. Wilkins. C. Shiner, P. Johnson, L. Gray, D. Jones, N. Morgon, G. Martin, N. Trimble. Third row: W. Creder, D. Bridges, M. Morris, T. Teary, N. Porter, P. Fair, T. Winebrenner, R. Spiker, G. Ald- ridge, Mrs. Best. Fourth row: L. Miller, S. Fairgue, J. Porter, J. Spataro, J. Klink, E. Porter, C. Weese, R. Smith, E. Gordon. f 1 V4 IERIEAN ZATIU NS THE ARROWHEAD YEAR BOOK DONNA J. WILSON Editor Seated: Donna I. Wilson. Standing: Ioan Goebel, Shirley Merrbach, Ellen As Editor of the yearbook, Donna Wilson's untiring efforts really proved to be worthwhile, as she, along with Joan Goebel and Patsy Sullivan, successfully pushed the yearbook on its course. JOAN GOEBEL Jenkins, Patricia Sullivan, Betty Lash- Aggociate Editor ley, Bruce Diehl, Mary A. McGann, Mary Edith Maley, Carol Yutzy, Peggy PATRICIA SULLIVAN Sweene, Alice Party. Business Manager The helpfulness of the Staff of the first yearbool of Mt. Savage School proved valuable in portray- ing the activities in 1952- 1953. First row: M. Maley, B. Lashley, E. Jenkins, P. Sullivan, D. Wilson, I. Goebel, P. Sweene, S. Merr- bach. Second row: E. Meconi, A. Parry, B. Diehl, S. O'Baker, P. Lavin, M. Neder, C-t Chaney, C. Beal, G. Fiorita, E. Diamond. Third row: S. Rice, N. Sweene, G. Trimble, D. Wright, M. McGann, T. Lewis, B. Skipper, C. Yutzy. - THE ATIQN NEWSPAPER WARRIOR Bruce Diehl Patsy Sullivan Alice Parry Associate Editor-in-Chief Business Editor Manager Inexperience did not alter the high spirits of the Warrior Staff as they plunged into the task of publishing their first edition of a school paper. Without the help of their Advisor, Mrs. Madelaine Gainer, they might not have been quite so successful. But with her con- stant instructions and the staff's efforts they succeeded in bringing the students the latest news of their school life. Congratulations are in order for Patsy Sullivan, Editor of our WARRIOR, for the wonderful job she has done in pro- moting the growth of the paper. Also in line for thanks are Alice Parry and Bruce Diehl, the Business Manager and Associate Editor. Donna Wilson, Ellen Jenkins, Patsy Sullivan, William Skipper, Mary Agnes McGann, Shirley Merrbach, Alice Parry, Bruce Diehl, Margaret Sweene, Joseph Glass, Mary Edith Maley. First row: G. Trimble, D. Wright, M. McGann E. Jenkins, P. Sullivan, D. Wilson, M. E. Ma ley, A. Parry, R. Walsh, J. Pfitzenmayer. Second row: B. Diehl, B. Skipper, N. Sweene P. Lavin, J. Goebel, M. Neder, S. Merrbach, P. Sweene, M. Gainer. Third row: T. Lewis, B. Lashley, S. O'Baker, S. Rice, C. Yutz, G. Fiorita, C. Chaney, C. Beal, N. Markwood, J. Glass. NUS SENIOR HIGH CHORUS First row: G. Fiorita, C. Beal, P. Sweene, G. Uhl, P. Lavin, A. Parry, B. Lashley, G. Iemmert, M. E. Maley, S. Raley. Second row: S. Meyers, I. Blank, R. House, I. Logsdon, D. Sweene, N. Deffen- naugh, M. Hotchkiss, I. DeVau1t, S. O'Baker, S. Rice, R. Spataro, D. Miller, B. Krampf. Third row: V. Merrbach, M. Bridges, I. Hook, F. Wiemer, D. Stevens, L. McGann, N. Lancaster, L. Johnson, S. Bittner, I. Fleegle, C. Miller. Fourth row: D. Shriner, A. Jones, M. Glass, A. Williams, J. Barth, D. Spataro, E. Jenkins, B. Boor, D. Bishelds, D. Hardon, J. Martin, D. Wiemer. Fifth row: R. Engle, J. Sonners, D. Kirby, J. Hughs, R. Burall, B. Diehl, D. Williams, R. Crowe, I. Winebrenner, K. Wine- wrenner, N. Sweene. J. Glass,C. Crosten. MT. SAVAGE SCHOOL BAND First ww. D. Miner, H. Gaff, R. House, D. Stevens. I. Logsdon. D. Sweene- Sewfld 'OW M- Dewi' D. Weimer, N. Deffenbaugh, J. Dickle, C. Marths, C. Blank, R. Lashley. L- HOUSC- Third WW: I- Brannon, C. Boyce, D. Huff, S. Wilson, C. Getz, 1. Lavin, T. Lewis. Fourth row: D. Walters. R- Rice' J, Rizer, R, Boyce, C. Rush, S. Raley. I. Winters, J. Huff, J. Hott, T. Emerick, I. SSIUSOH. C- Albright, R. Folk. Fifth row: R. Burrall, B. Everick, I. Fair, M. Harden, S. Westfall, N. J0n6S. H- Broolu, G. Swauger, R. Stewart, K. Taylor, H. Cessna. I. Green. C- Milleff F- often- D- Crowe' DRGQNIZQTIONS BOYS ' QUART ET Ellen Jenkins, Accompanist Donald Kirby, Bass, Jack Winebrenner, Baritone Richard Crow, 2nd Tenor, Jerry Hughes, 1st Tenor. JUNIOR GLEE CLUB First row: J. Rizer, S. Winebrenner, V. Ricewick, W. Bridges, D. Lease, J. Lowery, M. Golden, J. Holt, E. Swearman, I. Carr, R. Houck, C. Lashbaugh. Second row: L. House, Y. Moyer, E. Madden V. Cook, M. Klink, B. Robinette, J. Neal, P. Harden, D. Aldridge, G. Ringer, C. Winebrenner. Third row: J. Hartman, B. Emerick, J. Johnson, G. Snyder, B. Folley, S. Westfall, N. Jones, D. Mar- tin. J. Bohner, C. Elfritz, T. Helmick, E. Drew, L. Cook. Fourth row: S. Miller, S. Stevens, N. Lemmert, N. Conrad, R. DeVau1t, C. Witte, M. Watkins, J. Geary, C. Rush, M. Sailor, D. Rice, H. Gaff. Fifth row: A. Watkins, P. Carter, W. Hook, M. Walbert, M. Chinault, S. Blank, G. Kip, S. Helmick, M. Holt, R. Lashley, M. A. Lewis. SA 'iw g time Curr - aye up alnscall JUNIOR CLASS PLAY On November 13, 1952, the Junior Class of Mt. Savage High School presented a thre e act play, "Wish on the Moon. " The story c e n t e r s around a small town girl anda big city lad, It tells of the headaches and the heartaches that a large town can bring to a girl who doesn't quite know the score. R. BLAINE GAINER Director X' w O 0 N 0, kb JI , If N. U 1 5 - f Ag- CAST Ann Williams - Shirley Martin - - Ann Carter ---- Pattie Stahlman Donald Neder - Darlene Spataro Juanita Martin - - Gerald Jenkins - - Dale Crabtree - - - - Jenny - - Gran - - Tess - - Mother - - Eddie - - Barbara - - Vivian - - Martin - - - Pat STLIDE T COUNCIL f iff -UP mf' p I ' F - -f mei' X! 3 'LL,, The purpose of the Student Council is to provide opportunities for high school people to practice self-government and management of all extracurricular ac- tivities and to bring about equality and justice to all pupils in the benefits and responsibilities of school life. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Left to right: Mr. Benna, Advisorg Eugene Kenney Treasurer, Ellen Jenkins, President, Ann Williams, Secretary, Gerald Jenkins, Vice President, Mrs. Holliday, Advisor. First row: R. Holt, G. Robinette, R. McKenzie, I. Lavin, D. Thomas, J. Kennel. Second row: P. Stalhman, N. Martin, Bridges, F. Markwood, N. Lancaster, P. Carter, C. Fiorita, N. Lemmart, S. Duckworth, B. Robinette. Third row: C. Rice, M. Neder, E. Jenkins, A. Williams, D. Phister, V. Johnson, M. Shaffer, G. Hire, C. DeVore. Fourth row: R. Walsh, R. Martin, G. Jenkins, T. Hugh, G. Kenny, W. Getz, J. Smith, J. Winners. SENIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS The Senior High Cheerleaders are outstanding in this cheer: Down in the graveyard Diggin' up bones Can't you hear those dead men's groans? Beat ---- Beat - - - Beat them! Ellen Jenkins, Darlene Spataro, Nancy Lancaster, Naomi Sweene, Barbara Boor. The Junior Cheerleaders have a clever way of doing this cheer: We got the coach, We got the team, We got the pep, We got the steam. Coach, Team, Pep, Steam. Fight, Team, Fight! JUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS Laura Jean House, Alphia Watkins, Catherine Elfritz, Jane Rizer. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS Future Business Leaders of America are sponsored by a department of the NEA, the United Business Edu- cation Association -- with affili- ated professional associations serv- ing every state in the nation. Over '700 chapters of FBLA are now in high schools and colleges. The chapter was first organized in 1942 and was democratically started for all business students. The club is devoted to youth de- velopment and community service . S t a t e conventions are now held regularly in many states. First row: G. Fiorita, A. Williams, J. Goebel, D. Wilson, M. E. Maley, P. Sweene. Second row: Mrs. Holliday, N. See, N. Markwood, C. Beal, P. Sullivan, S. Meyers, M. Lechliter, A. Carter, M. Malloy, D. Spataro, S. Martin, C. Crosten. Third row: I. Wolf, C. Gorden, D. Clites. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The FTA or Future Teachers of America, are the future leaders of our country. This club, under the leadership of Jack Snyder and Mrs. Rizer, becomes educated in the field of leadership. One ofthe activities the FTA is in, is a form of an Ushers club. One of the main programs the FTA ushered for was Open House the night Mount Savage School was dedicated . Firstrowz S. Turley, M. Robertson, N. Deffenbaugh, S. Miller, P. Carter, W. Hook, D. Sweene, J. Sweene, R. House. Second row: N. Grady, R. Hughes, G. Hughes, A. Parry, C. Miller, N. Jones, E. Madden, C. Geary, C. Yutzy, B. Emerick, C. Elfritz, H. DeVault, Mrs. Rizer. Third row: Mr. Snyder, D. Spataro, F. Wiemer, D. Stevens, M. Hotchkiss, E. Jenkins M. Malloy, C. Blank, J. Logsdon, M. Stowell, M. Fiorita, L. Johnson, M. Parry, L. Blank. R1 A CQOKS CAFETER1 A CAFETE Wop Pr-r. I. Dorman, N. Wills, A. Crump, E. Sweene, First row: J. Goebel, N. Markwood, P. M. Hughes, A. Winebrenner, Sullivan, A. Carter, E. Jenkins, M. Neder, Custodians MARSHALL LOGSDON CHARLIE WINTERS C. Yutzy, S. Hawkins. Second row: W. Skipper, D. Wright, G. Trimble, C. Lucky, J. Sweene, C. Reagan, P. Dorman, B. Malloy, N. Martin. Third row: F. Snyder, D. Robeson, P. Fiorita, D. Robeson, I. Hughes, H. Conway, R. Walsh. PROJECTIONISTS LIBRARY WORKERS W. Fleegle, W. Diehl, D. Robeson, K. Winebrenner, First row: D. Wright, G. Trimble, S. Cessna, A. C. Skidmore, Mr. Emerson, H. Pfister, J. Snyder, Williams, N. Martin, I. Martin, D. Weimer, I. I. Hott, J. Smith, K. Bridges, J. Boor, R. Bittner, Shaffer, J. Blank, N. Lancaster. Second row: Miss E. Goebel. Witte, V. Merrbach, J. Dickle, C. Lucky. J. Wolf, D. Phister, J. Fleegle, S. Bittner, P. Stahlman. WW .EQ ATHLETIC DIRECTORS The athletic program of our school is all dependent on these three coaches . John Thomas directs all boys' activities and is ably assisted by Coach "Buck" Carter, who mentors the J. V. 's. The spring program includes softball, baseball, basketball and wrestling on the intramural program. Lois McCreight has given the girls opportunity to show their athletic prowess in a well varied intra- mural schedule including fistball, volleyball, kick- ball, stunts and tumbling, ping pong, basketball and softball. COACH THOMAS MISS MCCREIGHT COACH CARTER This, our first year in interscholastic competition, we performed as in- dependents but look forward to be- coming a member ofthe WMI League, which will be next season. Despite a lac k of experience and size, our boys always demonstrated a high calibre of spirit and sports- manship. Irvin Elder - "Foxie" - 5'10" Junior --- Guard --- dead on foul shots and one-hand shots around the foul circle. Ronald Carter - "Nute" - 5'8" Junior --- Forward --- good shot --- lead- ing scorer --- should be helpful next year. Gerald Jenkins - "Jesse" - 5'10" Junior Robert Walsh - "Chink" - 5'5" Senior --- Guard --- excels in sportsmanship --- Co-Captain --- Forward --- faste --- good passer. man --- good ball handler. Roy Shaffer - "Bill" - 6' Junior DOI1211d R0beS0n - "Poon" - 6'2" --- Guard --- good sportsman Senior --- Co-Captain --- high --- fine on set shot --- fine f0u1 average --- good team man progpegt, "' CCHICI. 3 Egg .3 ,, E. . 1 ff f 5. gf' .S ya W K xii in , R , ,M A Llzyy it :I - -msn .L Zz, yr sq? lg? as ,,., A , ,f,L, im ? fa, 4 5 2 SENIOR HIGH FIST BALL CHAMPS IUNIOR HIGH FIST BALL CHAMPS First row: M. Walbert, S. Blank, D. Aldridge, I. S. Duckworth, S. Stevens, A. Watkins, M. Smith Logsdon. Second row: C. Beal, C. Geary, E. L. Cook. Jenkins. VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS W I W W First row: J. Holt, R. House, J. Logsdon. P. Dorman, N. Cook. Standing: N. Deffenbaugh, C. Lucky, C. Geary, R. Lashley, C. Reagan. 0 W 'Y QQ 5,1 gg? vw i' if v Q' I K ,:-- - 5 , is E as sk J' ,A QS 5 6 fail-.M-savvy av.-.M WWW 9 1' V ' pf I Ov 'll SX' ll, tt' I s F A W XF "H X L CARCI. BEAL Campus Queen - 1953 ,v,,v-f""'i P E FYI L WV mos? Qopu WL Cuiesi 0. 1? ' A12 X N x V, Qf , 0 per5of70A'j ' Q. if gg... I M f UI Af 55f f 7' N- Q' fxs Q' w?'d V af A g Z , X 1 if 4 ' 0 ff Q mxfg bom ,. i , I 'QQ' 'f .Q ' V - .5 , an? xxg! 2 , I s 7 xx B WN,+X2f3590' o YY 'S W H lmwnm Q -xx., lf' IW- A JZZZWJ Jake Wilson Mr. and Mrs. John Poland Vauda's Hair Studio Lennox's Grocery Slumberjand Motel Hyburger Restaurant Vance's Texaco Station John B. Novack Miss Leah Huff Kennell's Grocery Mr. and Mrs. William Best Joseph Ruffo Kelly's Grocery Miss Margaret Winner Agnes Aldridge O'Baker's Service Station Shine's Restaurant Dr. Moseley Shinnamon's ,Shoe Store Straw Service Station Precision Watch Shop Jim's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Himrnelwright Don's Service Station Frank John's Restaurant McKenzie's Barber Shop Mary T. Witte Walter Reinard Mr. and Mrs. Bert Caldara Gilbert Bolt Bakery 6 mum V M We ' fy IX iM QM 7444 Qafege DA: Q Y XXX .-if DISTRIBUTORS f GOLDEN GUERNSEY MILK Mt s g M yl d i Zaaldtq VAN-LDEGRIF1-,S -,,.,.---1 'H' Mt. Savage, Maryland 35 Baltlmore Street Phone 3230 zz , ff' Q7 - 'f5'i'fQfif47fJ Cumberland, Maryland School Furniture Pupils Desks of A11 Types Folding and Auditorium Chairs Distributors for 'AMERICAN SEATING CO." W4 QW4 Mine ? .4 some 5 E. Lexington St. Baltimore 2, Maryland X X . Z? M gf' X E f to 7 A ,.4, . ':7:ifffiifgf Mig an 4 ,,.g Q Smart clothing for M7 Modern men 3:5 H 129 Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland MH! f 6 0 , YE ':-.'--- W' 4 , ,, X fx ffr L Cumberland, Maryland NUMBER 6025 VETERANS of FOREIGN WARS "If you served overseas you belong" Mt. Savage, Maryland Enjoy yourself at THE T-I-I E-ATQE ' Mt m M0544 Qafnge VOLUNTEED EIDE CO I 4 rl rn W On Call When SAVE WW +MHIDWNU?E C O. MacGREGOR GOLDSMITH SPOR TS EQUIPMENT "Outfitters to Champions" DELTA POWER TOOLS SHOP EQUIPMENT Stanley Hand Tools. 30 N. Mechanic Street Cumberland, Maryland Y 5 EUUU 1' Plllllilllli NNNx Aixd J. 5A7X Q 9 jg S o enbaum s -A . B. ' CMali'y1indd Plumbing and Heating Co. E llerslie , Maryland gil! JEWLEQY co yl t H dq arters for over 100 years R g t d J A rican Gem Society C 1 nd wllwlar 'Mp ,,oN'5 gf rap vwfffff' f1Il'l7l TETIZD A h t .H' k k jewlery .Northbrook cl th THE HOME OF TIMELY CLOTHES we COAN0 I 1 fr. A QE 1240 ' N I th cry you h ar from: ggi za EMQQZ44 'QV' C4 Ysb lv 7124? in 'jg No. Q y use Q THE Zfgzba S THE oZwZL"c'i' AUXILIARY Main Street Mt. Savage, Maryland WQQWJZ ESSCD SEIZVI CENTQE Quality Plus Se rvice Phone 2021 Nain Street Mt. Savage, Maryland Drive Carefully . . The Life You Save May Be Yours' Happy Motoring Starts at our Esso sign Wvwzii so-moz. EQUWMENT CO.,lNC. Manufacturers and Distributors School, Church and Public Seating Furniture Richmond-Lawrencville, Va. sfnvacs CENTER Q3 E' 2,5 coNFEc:T:oNARv sToRE Tire Repairs id Road Service Cars Washed-Polished-Lubricated Phone 6706 Ellersilie, Maryland Box 221 awghi "Yes", all the Juniors and Seniors are saying, "our Balfour rings are tops!" C omp lime nts of zkmem QC RESTAURANT 10-12 N. Mechanic Street Cumberland, Maryland C omplime nts of Wxzbnz FRUIT STORE Baltimore Street Cumberland, Maryland LOUIS MECONI, Prop. WEEWZ PAINTS i SUPPLIES A central place for all your paint needs and janitor supplies Cumberland 6651 or Mt. Savage 3511 0 af. M FOR e-ooo sooo .... my while you wait for your bus on 5 WWEZ5E STAURANT George Street C ompliments of He adquarte rs for E ve rything Musical rm fs- In The Heart N T ow n 7 XSEN 15274, N rf' . r f QW . -:aah ff- 534: "QW, 7 gt Al w f ff' it 0 6 644' Mus C STOPE 2.2 N. Centre St. Phone 62.89 I i I For You ond Your Family- 1 C 1. t f ornp 1men s 0 PRUDENTIAUS NEW SICKNESS 8. ACCIDENT PROTECTION o non-cancellable, gvaranfeed renewable Income K protection plans. 6 I 0 family and individual Hospital and Surgical 6 6 6 6 policies. FOI DETAILS. CALL- F114 C OIVIPA N Y THE PRUDENTIAl INSURANCE COMPANY OE AMERICA A mulual life insurance company Ope r ator S of HCME OFFICE, NEWARK, N. J Incorporated by fha Stole of New Jlfny g any B Stic S RAMOND NEDER Mt. Savage, Maryland Laboratory Phone 2707 TI--IE .SDZZQJQMZX COUNCIL wishes the Class of 1953 luck and success on their graduation and in the future wherever they may be. L t tf h C mpliments of a 40512 Qemmezffg SI-I OPPE ASSOCIATION - - C Mt.Savg Official "Arrowhead Ph t g ph Fine Camera Po t t 60 N. Centre St Cumberland, Maryland El 2 WMM ESTUWOS M f 14:4f -- HFFU'-'l' Congratulations to the Seniors of 1953 . Z Maya? Former Principal of Mt. Savage High School LESTER B. REED and JOHN WINGERT Proprietors M fy 12W SERVICE STATION AMERICAN G A S "Everything For The Motoristu also Ice Cream, Groceries, Frozen Foods Phone--Mt. Savage 3826 and 2836 C omplime nts of 115 W Zlsffmgbhx BA N K Main Street Mt. Savage, Maryland 73c5oiZE'2 7aQe v " 75 cc gg Xff?LfM fam? lygjgfx ,, gjgffg -' Q 7 ' Slhcukie, Ei M 0 I 1 gt, M Q .QB E? 1-5,-wi fig. og: f-Q M MQ? Qi gg ff, sa? Q wi? Qi? ,fri '53 Q Kwik E5 Qi? W MQ? M W .,, 1 ufgxwgffmwgw mwgbf' jj ,, Q E5 w-:gif ,MAg+Qf W W W U- JLXQ Q n A ' 1 Q if Q59 fyd if mgvm., mmm My - Q6 XGA 6 Jgqfgofz pfygviw E I E S s ! as - , . -W. . N,y.i-,nw m-wm1-1w.- - -w W gs. -.M-W ww x A ll' 'El 1 ,f.f-9 ....1., p-,pa -4 " uv' wtf' ' f 1 -.5 -a1'?4f" vjlkf ,. ww f Y' 2 if fr' 14 rv '95 . V nf V .k., V qw, f - ,- Q ali? ' 5 Y W my" .Y wwf Q3 w b '+T4f'f V' J . rwa.. vi' tx Km A si a an .5-ff' ' vu '5 A-RK! Q fig +s'I.l. fin' 4' 4 ga.. 0' -E 83? Q., ,ff-of it , ,

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