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C H APARRA I 964 foundations for W e shall arise like structures breaking the horizon of the future, our tiered frameworks disturbing the complacency of the ignorant. We shall arise. together, the glory of the architect called Education. the radiance of our soaring spires vivid against the depths of desolation. We shall overcome the fumbling doubts which belabor the incompetent: Our triumphant pillars gleaming. Eclipsing the obscure with lucid awareness And mirrored in the proximity of forever. Give way to the generation for which others have made provision ! Make room for the classes which graduate into the future for which we are building . . . Vla_ fcd VoR. forward the future GERALD V. DEAL will long be remembered by all who kneu and lined him. Alicays ready to listen in any problem, he dedicated his lije to guiding and directing the students of MSAC. Because oj his outstanding ability and hardworking drive, he sened the college capably in the position o! Dire tor oj Student Personnel. Mis dynamic personality it ill be greatly missed. dedication their work HL. It would be impossible to present such a theme as " Building for the Future " without accompany- ing it with a dedication to those who embody the meaning and spirit of our college. The late Gerald V. Deal, director of student per- sonnel, and Miss Harriet Genung. dean of library, personify the spirit of ardent devotion which has made possible Mt. San Antonio ' s great strides in both physical and educational -tatus. The 1964 Chaparral staff dedicates this annual to Gerald V. ' Deal for his unending leadership which will continue to bear fruit in the lives of all those who knew and worked with him. To Miss Harriet Genung and her staff, we de- dicate this annual also, for their fine work in making possible the greater educational oppor- tunities of the magnificent new library. Out of their work rise great frameworks: much is built upon the foundations of the devoted few. Harriet Genung. Dean oj Library Lejt tn right, seated: Miss E. Badger. Mrs. I. Anderson. Miss M. Raymond: stand- ing. Mr. L. Ferguson. Mr. (,. Lamm. Mrs. R. Gurnee, and Mr. R. Dobis. lives on FACULTY Administration 10 Faculty 14 Personnel 25 ORGANIZATIONS Student Government 30 Publications 37 School Spirit Groups 42 Music Groups 44 Clubs 48 Classes 58 ACTIVITIES Opening Week 84 Homecoming 88 Christmas 96 Convocations 98 All Sports Dance 106 SPORTS Football 112 Cross Country 124 Basketball 119 Gymnastics, Tennis 126 Golf, Swimming 128 Intramural 130 Baseball 132 Track 136 Water Polo, Wrestling 140 WAA 142 ' m i ■ V I Faculty Are you he who would assume a place to teach or be a poet here in the States? The place is august, the terms obdurate. Who would assume to teach here may well prepare himself body and mind. He may well survey, ponder, arm, fortify, harden, make lithe himself. He shall surely be question ' d beforehand by me with many and stern questions. Walt Whitman } Board of trustee ' ., left to right: Mr. F. II. Harmsen, president of Board. Mr. L. D. Smith. Mr. A. T. Richardson, Mr. R. N. Hutchison, Mr. William R. Temple. The board of trustees is composed of live outstanding, public-spirited citizens teho are elected from the ten school districts comprising MSAC ' s college district. Their sincere, devoted efforts have been beneficial in the growth and administration of our college. the guiding spirit 10 Genevieve " Dennie " Morales, Dr. Edinger ' s Private Secretary. The MSAC ay has become an honored tradition, fostered in part by Dr. Edinger and Mr. Harm- sen, board president, as well as the college ' s unique facilities. It has furthered the belief that an out- standing junior college should meet the needs of the most diversified group of students present in one institution. This has been developed into a pattern, as a friendlv. individual approach to education. To be sure. Dr. Edinger ' s standing " cup of cof- fee " offer of cordiality is one facet of the evident success in this endeavor. The library also exhibits as a facility the type of individual approach to education, which, in spite of increases in en- rollment, will still be able to function successfully in an atmosphere of ease and congeniality. Mr. Harmsen states that in ten vears " There will be a total enrollment of close to 15.111111 at MSAC. That ' s why we ' ve got to plan ahead. I question that the class size will be much larger -- just more classes. Dr. Oscar Edinger. President. D. Johns, secretary; Dee Zangle. receptionsit. dynamic leadership n Max D. Bell Deputy Superintendent Marie T. Mills Director of Instruction Earnest W . Carl Director of Business Thomas J. O ' Connor Assistant Director of Instruction Milton W. Thorn Director of Evening Division Eldon E. Pearce Assistant Director of Business Hazel Snoke Director of Admissions Eugene V. Olson Registrar deans and 12 Dennis Mayer Dean of Men Frances Kirkland Dean of Women Harriet Genung Dean of Library- Charles E. Buie Assistant Director of Evening Division Charles Booth Dean of Aereo-T I Walter A. Sherman Dean of Agr. and Home Ec. Robert Meierding Dean of Business Ed. John S. Stevens Dean of Counselling and Guidance directors 13 r GEORGE E. ALLEN Physics ROBERT AMICK Psychology, Sociology ISABEL C. ANDERSON Librarian Jaw ' Hhk L. L. NDERSON English G. R. ANDREVILLE STEWART M. ANGLE Chemistry teronautics, Technical and I ml us! rial Education PATRICIA C. ARKIN JOHN L. ARRAMBIDE English Physical Education ELIZABETH BADGER DAVID BAILEY WILLIAM H. BARNES Librarian His lory ' In sii ul Science ROBERT E. I ' .ARin Business ROBERT A. BAYLOR English anil Journalism 14 G. E. BECKER I. I, Degree Sursing ROBERT D. BEEMAIN Zoology HALLOCK J. BENDER Geology , ' • " • " -3p , i ' R. BEST HAROLD L. BIELL CHARLES S. BOOTH Chemistry Aeronautics. Technical, and Dean oi Aeronautics, Industrial Education Technical and Industrial Education ). K. BOWLING sychology. Sociology ■;» HELEN D. BOWMAN A. A. Degree Nursing ALBERT BRENNER Speech CARL BRLNER Recreational Coordinator DORIS I. CLARK Counselor RHEA M. CLARKE Business Mi THOMAS W. BULL DOROTHY BURGESS Aeronautics. Technical and Industrial Education Health Edu FRED W. BURRI Physical Education P. JOSEPH CANAVAr English. World Literature VERNON R. CANNON C. H. CARRIKER. JR Aeronautics. Technical and Counselor Industrial Education MARY Y. CERNY Business Mathematics. E. M. CHAMBERLI1 1 ational Xursins LVIN B. CLINE English VIRGINIA !!. COFFEY I Counselor warn u jtmg BERNARD J. CONRAD GRAM S. COOPER Engineering. Mathematics Chemistry CLAYTON L. COWAN STANLEY E. CRAMER Mash Physical Education WILLIAM CUNLIFFE CLIFFORD F. DILLON Counselor Aeronautics. Technical, and Industrial Education JOHN W. DOLTHIT Anatomy. Physiology JOE P. DYER Business Education DORIS ELIAS Nursing ROBERT T. ELLIOTT MYRON F. ERICKSON ARMAND ESCALA Aeronautics. Technical, and Industrial Education Psychology. Sociology E reach. Spanish ROBERT A. DOBIS Librarian. Audio-Visual D. DALE DOOLEY Counselor L. J. FERGUSON Reference Librarian. ' « CHESTER F. FERRINE Aeronautics, Technical and Industrial Education JAMES C. FINDLEY History, Political Science CAROL E. FORD Business Education LEWIS E. FORNEY Music L. C. GARRISON Physical Education - " -« sS ■ J A. F. GARWACKI Vocational Nursing LOYCE C. GOSSAGE JACQUELINE GRAY Accounting. Business Laic College Nurse M. E. GREEN Physical Education JANET R. GUDGELL Physical Education RITA M. GURNEE Reference Librarian FRED P. HAGEN Agriculture MARY C. HALL English ' MMht W. E. HARMON History W. R. HAWKINS Z,i7e Science MORRIS HAYMAN Mathematics a_ ' : ' - 17 «■! MORRIS HEIN Chemistn HOMER L. HENDRIX Mathematics CARL H. HERTEL Art Q H. I). HEYBOER History, Political Science S. M. HONER Sociology. Philosophy FRANKLYN HOYT History THOMAS C. HUNT Education and Psychology I!. K. HURLBERT Mathematics KENNETH C. IRVINE Psychology . Sociology M. C. JANECEK Spanish. French i flps ' t litr KENNETH L. JONES P. RLAINE KALAR. JR. Anatomy. Biology Physics and Engineering ADOLPH C. KATH Art RORERT T. KERR Psychology RICHARD M. KORFF Business Education SUZANNE LA COMB Physical Education 18 di JAi GAIL LAMM Librarian JOSEPH A. LANDRY French. Spanish V. T. LILLYWHITE Physical Education HAROLD A. LOY Philosophy. Psychology. Sociology ANNETTE P. LYNCH A. McKILLOP English Coordinator. District Ed. 11A JERRY MARTIN Art lit BY . MATEEF Business Education FRANK R. MAYER Mathematics M. L. McCORMIC Physics R. R. MEIERDING Dean of Business and Distributive Education M. W. METCALF Accounting, Economic LORA W. MILLER Sociology WAYNE V. MILLE History PETER MARKMAN English JOYCE MINASIAN Business Education RORERT MINER Chemistry C. O. MINNICH Mathematu s WALTER J. MIX In ; C. J. MOOLICK, JR. JAMES R. MOORE German and Spanish English ilk MAURICE C. MOORE MIRIAM E. MOSS Engineering Drawing Art CONSTANCE MYERS LOUDON NIMMO Histo Aeronautics, Technical, and I ml ust rial Education A dl L. D. PARKER English S. R. PATRICK GEORGIA PATTERS Counselor A. A. Degree Nursing CLIFFORD M. PECK HWJLD R. PECK Counselor Agriculture. Poultry LYNN PENDLETO Chemistry W. D. XI XX I EM AN German, Russian ARCHIE XTSBET Physical Education F. LESLIE PETIT Physics and Physical Sciences K. I. POHOPIEN Geob z PIERRE H. PROVOST Counselor EARL P. PI RKHIS1 R Cr WALTON A. RAITT History, Political Science M. J. RAYMOND Reference Librarian H. A. REIFSNYDER Chemistry GEORGE E. REUTER Biology. Botany JOHN " M. ROGERS Business English y , I X i GEORGE T. ROLEDER LOUIS I " . RONFELDT Psychology, Sociology Musit WILFORD ROSENER Business Educat on DONALD L. RUH JEAN " PALL SCHAFE Physical Education leronaulics. Technical, an Industrial Education E. A. SCHOEPFER Drafting M. G. SCHUMACHER History G. STANTON SELRY Music ' PAUL H. SHADDLE Biology LOUIS W. SHAINBERG Biology. Health Education. Zoology G. ALLEN SHERMAN Dean of Agriculture MERLE SHERMAN Business Ed. C. SILLESEN Counselor AARON SLOAN English and Journalism MARIE R. SMITH A. A. Degree Nursing WILLIAM A. SMITH History E. M. SOUNHEIN Vwlogy. Bacteriology and Microbiology DOROTHY L. SPEER Vocational Nursing BETH N. SPICER Physical Education KENNETH R. STARK Physical Education J. S. STONEBRAKER Physical Education 22 GILBERT B. STUCKEY Police and Correctional Science IDA S. STUDEBAKER Counselor DWIGHT N. SWINTON Typing COLLEEN W. TAN English i M BEULAH L. YEAGER Drama, Speech v BERT K. TERRILL JAMES D. THOMAS J. ROBERT THOMAS English Anthropology, Psychology Biology and Zoology ■ v mm I M. J. THORNSLEY CHARLES W. TRYON Vocational Nursing Mathematics J. G. TURNER English and Speech t m - l Y JUNE H. VAIL . ARTABEDIAN Biology, Health Education Nursing EUGENE P. VICTOR WARREN C. VININ Physical Education Physics D. ROSS WEBSTER Agriculture, Horticulture PAUL WELSCH Mathematics (r- - f 8 H. W. WESKAMP Agriculture DELIA G. WILSON English T r- ANNE M. UPTON English EVE T. WILSON Home Economics M. M. WYATT Vocational Nursing I I Donald Brooks Graduate Manager Eldon Pearce Asst. Director of Business Jack Kelly Public Information FACULTY XEW ' S: Dennis Mayer, dean of men. was promoted to Director of Student Personnel, while Dale Dooley. counselor, was promoted to Dean of Men as the second semester began. William Stanton Admin. Intern Florence Moore Business Asst. 24 - r- 4 STUDENT CENTER (left) P. Ratdiffe, A. Jaure- guy, D. Moore. BUSINESS OFFICE (below left) I. to r. seated: B. Coles, M. Arthur, row I: M. Cline. F. Eaker, D. Blair, row 2: E. Clarke, R. Gorsline. V. Baker, J. Thomas. INSTRUCTION OFFICE (below middle) I. to r. E. Raig, M. Jorgensen, A. Allman. LIBRARY STAFF (below right) I. to r. row I: B. Rask. A. Gonzales, T. Morioka, M. Mansfield; row 2: G. Gross. C. New- man, P. Snowball, B. Cambell. ' -• yr i i REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE (left) I to r: J. Graves. P. Smith. K. Fellows. HEALTH OFFICE (above left) I to r: V. Ross. J. Gray. J. Blair. A.S.B. BUSINESS OFFICE (above middle) I to r: S. Collins. 0. Wyman. D. McGillivary. LIBRARY STAFF (above, right) I to r. row I: C. Hamson. R. Stamble. E. Bourrette. J. Sivanson. row 2: B. Ixlock, V. Galloway. M. Pierce. T. Hanson. 25 STUDENT PERSONNEL: I to r: Mrs. Gail Walker. Mrs. Nadine Savers. Top: BOOK RACK: I to r: Otis Davis. Bette Lutes. Joe Martinez. Gertie Mayes. Bottom: PL [CEMENT: I tn r: Mrs. Hildu U ' ortman. Mrs. Barbara Sock- Tup: IBM: I ti r: Mrs. Belly Ifise. Mrs. Sand) Kilgore. Mrs. Helen Hover. Mrs. Del Bonenlant. Bottom: MIMEO: I to r: Mrs. Cera White. Mrs. Joan Cangel. Mrs. Merriell Hover. Top: PUBLIC INFORMATION: Mrs. May Sexton. Bottom: ADMISSIONS: I to r: Dorothy Egen. Shir- ley Myers. Louise Mazzarini. Anna Mae Graham. Golilie II alter. details of functioning 26 Left, top: SWITCHBOARD: rear: Mrs. Potter, front: Mrs. Johnson. Bottom: Counselling: I to r: Mrs. Margaret Barritt. Mrs. Marjorie Wren. Mrs. Anne Anderson. Right: top to bottom: Mr. E. Moore. OPERATIOXS: Mr. F. Ferree. TRANS- PORTATION; Mr. Oden. MAINTEN- ANCE; Miss H. Crouch. FOOD SERVICES. ' - ' •■ ; • -5 • Ufa -,• ! g. ; i their everyday respon sibility 27 u I swear nothing, is The American com The only government The whole theory of the namely to You. nization For the first time in four years the ASB president has served both semesters. Above are Xackie Holm, secretary : Joe Pickard. executive assistant; Carl Bellovich. ASB president; and John Bain, vice-president. Student council was very active this year, attending many conferences and presenting a very active delegation. Council, becoming aware of the many problems of com- munication, increased publicity efforts to bring forth a great increase in overall student body activity. This greater participation wa evident in all areas of student government, as well as in clubs and organizations. student government 30 First semester ' s delegates: seated. I to r: A. Yoakum. S. Sargent. L. Carlson. D. Dicorak. J. Carpenter: standing: J. Pirkard. B. Morris. E. Sierra. Seeond semesters delegates: run 1: I to r: I. 5 oakum. D. Moore. D. Dworak. J. O ' Malley, E. Sierra. L. Carlson: row 2: B. Morris, K. Grayson, L. Carpenter. J. DeBarros. JoAnn Berger Social Barbara Clymer Publicity Kerry Foreman Student Center Kit Hall Publications Karen Katli Social Ed Knoles Welfare Tom Kryger Athletics Myrna Lawrence Elections Rich McKinney School Spirit Dan Montrenes Student Center M Tony Romero Convocations y r ■ i Donna Wright Publicity 31 associated student body F 4P £r Attending the tall CJCSGA state student government conference were Dan Montrenes, Myrna Lawrence, Kit Hall, Carl Bellovich, John Bain and Ron Gage. Posing at the fall Area 2 conference were: row I: Nackie Holm, Kit Hall. Michelle Broun, Donna W right; row 2: Bill Bencze. John Bain. Larry Carlson, Karen Kath. Dan Montrenes. Dee Dworak; row 3: Mike Miller. Joe Pickard. John Carpenter; row 4: Boh Bradley. Boh Morris. Jo Ann Berger. Doug Skonnard. Norm Miller. Carl Bellovich. Delegates to the fall EC. Conference were: row 1: Al Yoakum. Chuck Bleick, Kit Hall, Nackie Holm, Tony Romero, Kerry Foreman, Myrna Lawrence, Donna Wright. JoAnn Berger. Karen Kath; row 2: Mike Miller. Dee Dworak, John Carpenter. Roger Hughes, John Bain. Kathy Kelly. Larry Carlson; row 3: Dan Montrenes. Tom Kryger. Joe Pickard. Rich McKinney. Jose deBarros, Ron Gage. Curl Bellovich ; row 4: Ed Knoles. Bob Bradley. 32 delegates and delegations 33 AMS. this year headed by Chuck Bleick, sponsored Scholarship Dance. Sports .Nights. Intramurals, Man of the Month Awards. Stag Convocations, and co- sponsored with the AWS the Men and Women of Distinction Banquet and awarded a trophy to the Outstanding Man of the Year. Pictured at right are, 1. to r.: How 1: D. Moore. K. Nicholas, J. Boden- burg. B. Kiernan, B. Bockie, C. Davis, C. Bleick. D. Zerger, J. Borerque, J. Jeffries, M. Krumer. Row 2: E. Rountree, T. Todd. J. Shaw. D. Tabizon. T. Kryger, J. DeBaros, K. Kalthoff, N. Cunningham. H. Nielsen. Row 3: M. SofTarillio. R. Hughes, B. Mclntyre. T. Fuller, M. Ruksin. J. Swalwell. R. Davis. M. Werss. M. Montoya. ams, aws 34 Above left is a scene from the annual AWS Christ- mas Brunch. Above center is Michelle Brown, AWS ' president during the fall semester. Above right is Debbie Finch at the fall fashion show. Left is Cab- inet: seated, V. Sanders. P. Dickson. M. North- nagle, A. Welfel; standing. V. Gunn. J. Janousek. M. Bobinson. M. Pekarcik. J. Blair, L. Barrett. Bottom left is Peg Dickson, spring president. Bot- tom right are freshmen and sophomore representa- tives. Seated are: M. Maxwell. J. Christopher. L. Verbal. S. Shannon. D. Finch. Top. standing: L. Chamberlain, L. Miller, L. McNett. L. Miller. K. Sneden. 35 STUDENT COURT I above I. a part of student government, is com- prised of five student justices, two chosen by the student body and three selected by the administration. They are. right to left. Norm Miller. Rick Shaw, Doug Skonnard. Gary Miyata, Bob Newkirk, Mr. James Ford, advisor, and Sharon McGillis, secretary. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES COUNCIL, better known as SAC, is the co- ordinating body for all clubs and organizations on campus, whose purpose is to unite the clubs through work on certain projects such as Homecoming Week, Join-a-Club Week. Leadership conferences, and the internationally-known MSAC Relays. At left are Kerry Foreman, second semester SAC president, and Ron Gage, first semester SAC president. Shown below are scenes from the two bi-annual leadership conferences which SAC holds at the beginning of each semester. student court, sac 36 MoSAiC, also known as the literary club, puts the only literary magazine in Walnut to press. Right are mem- bers A. Rioseco. J. Nielsen, G. Cox. Mr. Moore, advisor, K. Johansen. S. Gassner, S. DeLapp, K. Collins, J. McGrath, D. Moore. J. Maxam. Below are John Nielsen, first semester editor, and Karen Johansen. second sem- ester editor. MoSAiC 37 At right is the art staff, from left to right, Peter Butleruorth. Mary Lynn Ruff. Maynard Chapman. Mr. Mix (art advisor), and Krisla Collins (art editor). Not pictured, Lynn Car- ter. W Topside are Gloria Guillen and Penny Ciulei. first semester faculty co-editors. Beloiv them are Sheila Sargent, second semester managing editor, and Lois White, left to right, respectively. Top picture is John Melzian, sports editor. Below him are Lea McNett and Valerie Schwartz, co-club editors, left to right, respectively. chaparral staff 38 fes Directly above. Kit Hall, editor-in-chief of the Chaparral, is surveying one of the many draiversful of annual material. Above left is Pet Weissleader. Below left is chief photog- rapher Tom Powell. Right, top to bottom, are photography editor Vivian Hunnicutt, and photographers Joe Nettekoven. Evaleena Woo. and Venetla Nichols. Mr. Aaron Sloan was advisor. 39 MOUNTAINEER staff in action . . Top is Doug Moore, first semester edi- tor-in-chief. Above is Mike Morrow, second semester editor-in-chief. Top right, is Jim Anderson, sports writer: below right is Mike Rawlin- son, assistant managing editor; at right is Ray Stafford, first semester photo editor. 40 At left is Brian Tracy, second semester sports uriter. Pictured above is Mr. Aaron Sloan. MOUN- TAINEER and CHAPARRAL advisor. Pictured left to right are Victoria Eggleston. Joan Guerrero, and Mike Morrotu. 41 students aid 42 Throughout the year at all the sports (utilities, the yell and song leaders and the mascots were ever present to add their purl in sharpest school spirit. Pictured opposite are Yell Leaders Kent linholm. Pete Evaro: Mascots Dennis Roby and Marilyn Mock: Yell Leader Date Byers. and Head Yell Leader Mike Kelly. Not pictured is Chuck Pederson. Above are Sang Leaders Joan Tippin. Ellen McClain. Terri (.mil- ler. Carol Edmonson. Janiee Fintel. Cassandra Renzetti. and the leg of Diane Klincr. Head Song Leader. soaring spirit 43 - DANCE BAND, directed by Mr. Lewis Forney, includes, roic 1: B. McClintock, C. Hudehon. G. Ragland, B. Broun: roic 2: J. Somsak. M. Lee. J. Ragland. M. Rainier; roiv 3: J. Covey. Not shown are J. Pella. R. Smith. D. Spiegel. V. Villalobos. ON SALE HERE Lynn Robinson Jackie Pegg Jean Robinson Claudia Vernon Mount San Antonio marching band Photograph by J. Allen Hawkins MEN ' S GLEE: I. to r.: Ron I: ?. Bontempo. K. Kiley. M. Ramirez. J. Freer. F. Roberts. A. Finnerty. I . VanDusen. T. Romero, B. Bandurraga. R. Binum. C. Coivan. advisor. Row 2: I). Kaminau. T. Talbert, I.. Carbon. R. Haioley, A. Viau. R. Rudolph. D. Robinson, P. Kaltenbach. E. Sierra. J. Carpenter. .1 . Stumpf. Ron 3: R. Kuniz. T. II, bolt. T. Benedict, I), II ilcox, M. Valentine. It. Filloon. ( ' ,. Lee. C. Hobbs, J. Barclay, T. I ' oaell. II . Pettus. M. House. Ron I; F. Harper. G. Morris. II. Hasbronck. A. Begin. M. Sanders. R. Anthony. R. Palmer. J. Dixon. J. Anthony. R. MeKinney. M. Wilkuts. Rote 5: C. Holder. S. Bunnell. I). Harris. R. Mthajfey. II. Lenten. P. Baumann. .1. Adams. T. Stratum. Row 6: II. Diaz. I). Piper. • ' . Fuller, I). Skaggs, R. House. music groups 46 some sweet sounds at sac DiniiiSrJJllMMi CONCERT SINGERS and WOMEN ' S GLEE (I to r): L. Hire. C. Estus, L. Loebbaka, K. O ' Keefe, K. Kline. L. White. C. Berger. A. Peterson: Rote 2- C Teepiet K Shell M Wade. B. Mason. N. Burkett. L. McAfee, S. Farrall, M. Winbourn, F. Samuels, J. Hohenshelt. A. Smith, F. Carpenter. N. Kernir. L. Barrett. H. Heckman, A. Bezard: Row 3: C. Holder. B. Mclntre, A. Davis. D. Leffler, L. Carlson. J. Scott: Rou 4: ] Carpenter J. Clark. B. Centobene. T. Moore. R. Denlinger. S. Hammell. R. Harbley and Mr. Louis F. Ronfeldt, advisor. 47 ). Young receives cap from Mrs. A. Garwacki, R.N. vocational nursing instructor, as other members oj the class look on. From left, front roic. are: S. Schubert. I). Cillin. E. Drobish, M. Ruis. A. Maxhimer. I). Bradshaw, I. Botteron. T. Hess. S. Peacock, E. Bal- comhe. J. Motherwell: back row: I). Romo, S. Rury. M. Causey. N. Millette, I.. Cairney. L. Raines. C. ielson, A. Goforth, C. Porter. E. ( ' .lough. R. Smalls. (,. flanks. J. Bulick. ]. C.olrin. and R. Hancock. ot shown is G. Hite. 48 ALPHA ETA RHO has its annual dinner on a Continental flight. ETO members I to rt: seated. D. Broaduell. S. Rogers. J. Robertson. D. Euro,,. P. Bellman. G. Huuasaker. J. Cofjman. G. MrC.arty. Standing. G. Lamberson. G. Nichols, R. Davis. E. Knoles. C. Morrell. K. Eilers. B. Galki. .1. Broaduell. D. Birnev. S. Ri i K. Burton. M. Gruer. D. Crawford. ELECTRONICS (LIB: seated. I to rt.. rou 1: H. Xielsen. A. Hernandez. . Godfrey, J. Camacho; rou 2. G. Self, L. Watson. R. Seibh. G. lander Meer, M. Murphy. R. Alums,,: rou 3: fl. Wood. M. Bourg. C. Hunter. C. Hurtado. B. Leighton. R. Stanowski, advisor: J. S hater. I. Leibowitz. D. Ceballos, G. Mitchell, I. Campbell. V. Cannon, advisor. Not pictured is (.. Dillon, advisor. W ROOKS CLUB: (Top Left) I to r: 1st. K. Nicolas, B. Trygstad, B. Grakoe. Mr. Ferguson: 2nd: R. Cavallo, J. Shaw. F. Shaw. F. Steven, T. Kuhn. ART CLUB; (Top Right) I to r: 1st. P. Fosnot. L. Lee. R. Kendall. J. Drutz, C. Miller: bark: I to r: M. Moss. Mr. Mix, J. Harris, L. Bowser. EXPLORERS CLUB: (Bottom) Row 1, I to r: T. Spoor. B. Riddell. F. Sawyer. J. Barcus. A. Okuma. K. Casper, B. Schmidt. M. Jacoob; Row 2: L. Best. T. Tugoning, D. Stewart. H " . Barnes. Dr. Bender. 50 fef? 9 Q ENGINEERS- CLUB.- (uppermost). I to r: row 1: J. Glenn. B. Franklin. G. Young. C. Goodale. B. Stanpfl, F. Sparrevohn, C. Costello: row 2- C Kalar B. Trygstad, I. Newton, C. Siler, D. Wright. K. Schmidt. D. Stewart. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB.- (above). I to r: row 1: Mr. Raitt. J. Montoya. W. Wilson. L. Thompson. R. Wilson. B. Valentine: row 2: L. Rozen. G. Wilde. D. DeWees, J. Rotman R. Hanson: Row 3: R. Hughes. E. Morris. BEREANS CLUB.- (below). I to r. row I; R. Lockwood. L. Smith, M. jeda. R. Villa. R. Yamada. R. Karnes. Miss C. Ford, row 2: R. Remark. A. Louis. L. Sara. A. Rhodes. K. Martinas. K . Tattague. C. Camp; row 3: L. Walterscheid. T. Price. J. Dill. S. Tinner. M. Harpel, K. Ray. L. McAffee. P. Potter. M. Valentine. 51 .I ' W (top). I to r. rou I: T. LuMerc. M. (anse . I. Bolteron. I). Brudshatv. ■. ' . Drobish. U. Ruis. E. Balcomhe. S. Peacock. G. Hile- Smith. (,. Hank-.. K. Scanland; rou 2: II. Torres. V. Vetvttm. C. Thunos. I . Cams. T. Hess. I). Cordsen, I). Young. .1. Colvin. I.. Bairns. 0. Gillin: rou : ' , : C. Shepard. A. Seidl, I). Snyder. A. Muxhimer. J. .Ionian. I.. Cairney, M. Everett, C. Bunch. R. Smults. V. Wurple, I. Hagerman. C. Brindumour, I. Yurush: rou I: ( ' .. Vielson. V. Summers. ' . oel. I. Lopereno, .1 Buliek. S. Rury. I. Clough. II. linn, a: ma- 5: . Brundsma. K. McCrucken. M. Miller. P. Tonseth. S. Millette. I. Porter, I.. McUonuld, Mrs. Wyatt. I. Gojorth. SIGMA U II.PHA: I to ,. rou I: M. Cunningham. L. Wcdde. M. Jarrett. I ' . Bohr: rou 2: D. M. Fleming. J. Keechler. D. Main. .. titans. J. Egan: ran it R. Obcrpriller. II. McCabe. !• ' .. Peffer. I). Kowulawski, I.. Baumgart. I). Sees,: .1. Turner. I ' . Lyon: rou 4: M. Hammer. II . Warso, II. Taylor. • ' . VanVliet. l . Marston. J. Hodge, C. Smith. SIT I right) ran- I: J. O ' Connor. A ' . Villa, C. Goodell; row 2: Mrs. Studebaker, I.. Browing, T. Corner. S. Stone. I.. Chamberlain. 52 TOASTM ASTERS: I to r: M. Murphy. N. Wells, A. Yoakum. S. Sargent. J. Bain. C. Bellovich; SPANISH CLUB: Seated: D. Aliare:. B. Stone. Standing: J. Arakelian. C. Duron. Mr. Escalante. G. Wilde: CIRCLE K: I to r: N. Miller. F. Metealf. R. Hughes. R. Pleasant. J. Hanks. J. Salvador. D. Zeigler. J. Tucker. Mr. Brooks. J. Poulison. R. Asper. L. Blackuell. J. lAibarrere. 53 FRENCH CLVB: (right) rou I. 1. to r. I). Tarr, A. Peterson. H. Geertz. B. Peck. J. Updegraff, J. Guerrero. C. Chamberlain. Dr. Landry: row 2: J. Armstrong. J. Pritchard. L. Tompson. L. Ball. B. Gnrr. B. DuBois, M. Anderson. YOUNG FARMERS: (below) rou 1: K. Hicks. P. Pettigren. F. Bravo. J. Scrimshire. M. Gate. K. Reynolds. V. Hunn ' uuu. H. Peck: row 2: T. Saine. R. Keller. E. Bernard. J. Fike. P. Keller. L. Carlson : roic 3: A. Lightjuot. J. Dejournelt. T. Wilson. E. Hemsley, .1. Jaberg: roic 4: P. Powell, M. Kirby. K. Ifatje. P. R ' ilkins: row S: H. Stirdiiant. F. Cabellero. J. Swunson. R. Smalley, (.. Malchow, B. Buck. L. If rait. K. Menlzer. G. Blade. BET I DELTA EPSILON: (above) row I: J. Dyer. F. Andcmi. S. Luna. M. Ojeda, K. Aeitz, R. Cline, P. Fosnot, M. Gomez. Miss Clarke. Mr. Rosener; row 2: J. Dill. S. McGillis. E. Dacies. G. Belz: rou 3: C. Anderson, V. Marshall. I., llvarez. B. Griffith. . Bauer. C. Cotu, J. Robinson, R. Vargo; row I: S. Jordan, S. Hall, I.. Beck. S. Schumacher. M. Dillon, T. Mellon. J. Swallwell; rou .5: J. Dak. M. Pekunek. S. Dean. D. Shertz: row 6: D. MacRitchie, I ' . Florer, R. Lisser, A. Hartzell. T. Harper. J. Fk. K. Pound, F. Wilkins, M. liana, W. Proctor. A. Celvos, F. Hernandez. F. Pierce. MODEL UNITED NATIONS: (right) row I: J. Montoya, B. Strang. B. Morris. D. DeWees, Dr. Miller, row 2: B. Gary. T. St. M. Kahuuji. E. Castillo. f oor 54 CADUCEANS: In back of table. I to r: G. Cox. J. Sublette. B. Daoust, Mr. Sounhein, R. Davis, E. Saunders. Mr. Hawkins. I.. Bronson. At the table. J. Fordham, .1 . Muehlmann. BOOSTERS CLUB: (top), I to r: C. Taylor. B. Bradley. M. Murphy. R. McDonald. K. Hall. C. DeBruin. C. Pederson. R. Zailo. B. Clymer, M. Maxwell. L. Miller. K. DuBois, K. Anderson. J. Pickard, L. Miller. B. Bencze. DELTA CHI OMEGA: (below). Front row. I to r; L. Goodrich. V. Goodell. L. Hamilton. E. Castillo. T. Comer. K. Skibo. M. Muir. Mrs. Wilson. C. Babcock. Second row: S. Groth. J. Nichols. V. Schwartz. C. Baker. J. Nacko.i. E. Hall. 55 From performers % H k • Members o the Players Club and associates are the following: seated, left to right. D. Hajner, K. Kelly. D. Dworak, C. Scrivner, [ resident. M. Drake. J. Hazard, and L. Medley. Standing, left to right. T. Todd. J. Vasille. J. Yates. R. Howell, Miss B. Yeager advisor. M. Broekle- bank. N. Malatsky. W. Underwood, J. Barclay, and D. Spiegel. As a drama club, the players were responsible for the production of The Happiest Millionaire, The Crucible, and the spring play. Take Her, She ' s Mine. Alpha Gamma Sigma members are as jolloivs: sealed, T. Ackerman. H. McMonagle. L. Rozen; row 2. Mrs. Hess, D. Schock, H. Haas. M. Frick, P. Ciulei. G. Guillen, C. Good- ell ran- 3. Mrs. Coffey advisor. K. Hall. Mrs. Procode. Mrs. Bradshaw, J. Jones. C. Wales. L. Clough. Miss Bad- ger advisor, J. Pritchard, E. Plait. J. Armstrong. S. Schnit- man. R. Davis. 56 v Members of the Press Club are: J. Tetherow, B. Selby, T. Powell, M. Rawlinson, M. Morrow. J. Jodauga. J. Guerrero, B. Tracy, Mr. A. Sloan, advisor. ' ■ J. " M The harmonious sounds of folk music rome from our Folk Singers on campus. They are. Row I. D. Lor. J. Corporon. D. Tarr. R. Perkins. C. Babcock. M. Henry. Row 2. S. Foundoults. N. Malatsky, P. Feltenberger, N. Mraz. P. Fullerton. ( ' .. Darrou. D. Haren. J. Roybal. Row 3, Mr. J. Thomas, advisor. K. Dett itt. L. Ilein. J Lokka, J. Rotman, D. Ong. C. Muni. to folk singers 57 Councils . . Pictured above are members of the Sophomore ( ' lass Coun- cil, Prom left to right. R. Pittenger; J. Hazard, special service: ]. O ' Malley; J. Mcintosh, secretary; B. Brad- ley: R. Hughes, president: K. Kelly, vice president ; D. I.onry: K. Saunders, treasurer ; R. Little, K. Kramer, pub- licity; and Mr. (.. Peck, advisor. Wot shown is C. Peder- son. first semester treasurer. The Sophomore Class was responsible for many of the activities on campus which highlighted this past year. Among those pictured are Trek-to-the-Hill, and the Hello Dance at the beginning of the year. The bonfire and hayride ended in the Firelight After-game Dance. Another event was the election of an All Sports Queen and her court, and the presentation of them at the All Sports Dance. Hoping to establish a traditional radio program, the Sophomore Class presented " Mounties Speak " once a month on radio K.PPC am-fm. Finishing up the year, the Council purchased a Sophomore Class Banner to be displayed at all Sophomore activities. 58 i W r m 7 " Ae following are members oj the Freshman Class Council: left to right, top row. R. Asper, vice president: B. Little, president: T. Todd, public relations: M. Kramer, parliamen- tarian: bottom roic: J. Swaluell. finance. M. VandenEykel, scholarship: L. Gieselman. publicity: M. Hennes. secretary: and D. Finch. Not pictured are J. deBarros and R. Crippen. first semester presidents, and R. Flaherty, treasurer. The Freshman Class began the fall term with the Polynesian Paradise Dance and the Greasy Pig Chase. The Bill of Rights eek soon followed with a workshop, a demonstration, guest speakers, speech contest, essay contest, and a fine arts contest. Dur- ing the spring semester, the Freshman Class put a carnival on campus with booths held by all the major club and organizations on campus. 59 m Darvusli Abbassi Frank Adams Dorothy Alsup Kathleen Anderson John R. Arakelian Betsy Arree Charles E. Adams William Ainley Sal Alarcon Zoe Ann Altenes Florence Andenyi Richard H. Anderson James Anthony Jr. John M. Arrambide Linda D. Bailey m t 60 John E. Bain Ophelia Banuelos Carolyn Barr Gary L. Beisly Gloria D. Bel?. Michael V. Bainter Marilvn Baldwin Judith Elaine Barcus Joseph W. Barnett Louise M. Baumgart La Donna Rae Beck Sharon Lee Belcher Carl P. Bellovich Bill Bencze Tom Benedict W KTS " " . 3 61 Susan Bengtson JoAnn Kav Berger Alan Beyei Peggy C ene Bishop Charles F. Bleirk lolin W. Bodenburg Steven Earl Bonliam Lerv 0. Bosanko Jr. Lee Bowser Robert A. Bradley Anne Berry (Cathy Blake Nancv BogdanofT Mona G. Bostrom Sandra Lynn Brown Nancy Lorraine Burkett Don Busch Judie Caldwell Joe Cannon Laurence Carlson Ronda Carlson Hope Carpio Jerrie Carpio Patricia Ann (barter Allan Casper Barhara Caldwell Don Capman John C. Carpenter Richard Carr Pat Cassidy tfA ih , Eleanor Castillo Penny Ciulei Loree Collins Sara Cordova Diana J. Crickmore Joan Christopher John O. Cisneros John E. Clifford Lois Irene Clough Teresa Comer William E. Cook Charles R. Costello Janet Cowardin Victoria E. Crouch Jessie M. Cruz 64 Patricia Cuaron Charles R. Damaske L. A. Dean Ray Denlinger Carol Di Mabel Cummings Anita M. Dahlgren Robert James Daoust Kenneth Davis Susan Dean Carole DeBruin Marjorie E. DiBello Peggy Dickson Jean Ann Dill Kathleen DuBois 65 Dail Dee Dworak Richard W. Easterday Joan Egan Alice Rae Eisbrener Peter Evaro Del Everett Jack T. Ferguson John R. Filippone Kerry Foreman Gail Forsyth John B. Edmondson Jeanette Elser Donna Farrar John Fordham Christine Foster Nancy Foster Ethel G. Franks Jerry L. Freer Sally French Suzann Fulp BillL. Galkin Sarah I. Gann Diana Gilbertson Judy Glose Richard T. Golding Mary E. Freeman Gretchen M. Fuerst Christina Gallego Milton W. Gleason Anita Gomez I - ■ Kk. if Joe H. Gonzalez Sandra Grattan Rose Marie Grohs John Gunther Joe Hackett Cheryl Goodell Louise Goodrich Steven H. Grauhard Toni Griswold Patricia E. Gross Gloria Guillen Angela Gurrola William R. Haas Ellie May Hall Kathleen Hall i 68 f-.- V. J 5 Billie A. Hamilton Mary L. Harper Wallace HasBrouck Honi Hopner -»- Joyce M. Hodge Barry Harp Helen Harper Steven Paul Harrington Judy Harris Robert P. Heflin Gary Heimbigner Kathy He«s Janet Hodge Charlotte Holoubek Sandra Houghtaling ¥ 69 Stanley A. Housner Roger L. Hughes Vern Joens Barbara Jolly Michael Kahwaji Royallene Karnes Margaret Kehoe Kathy Kelly Geraldine Kinkle Edward Lee Knoles Judith M. Janousek Frederick L. Jordan Jill Keerhler Michael Kingshury Gretchen Koeliler Geneva Korando Delores Koualewski Suzan Labadie Dick Lakofka Gail Langford John G. Lappen Mryna G. Lawrence Bonnie Leonard Karl Locke Kinda Loftis Thomas A. Kryger Rachel Landeros Judi Launch Susan Lett Dennis Lowry ! 0 7 1 V • Richard A. Lucas James M. McCarth Kathleen N. McKay " «V I Wayne W. McNutt Darlene A. Main Penny Lyon Diane McCarthy Ron McDonald Judith L. Mcintosh Henry McMonagle Lea Rae McNett Iris Machado Mary Jo Marcis E. Craig Mali-how Andrew C. Marefos - 72 r » E " Carol Moretta Leon L. Martin Gary H. Mayo Teryl Mellor Sally Miegel Margaret Marston Candace Martin q Judith Masterson Larry J. Matson Lynn Mednick Kathleen J. Mees Roland Messmer Frank H. Metcalf Linda M. Miller Michael G. Miller 73 Norman Miller Shokichi Miyazawa Joe B. Montoya Mark Montova Michael W. Moticha Bob Murillo Joann Muehlman Beverly Nirhol Karen Nielson Cody J. Norris Carol A. Moen Kathleen Moody Juma Mwajambia Judith Diane Nichols Marianne Northnagle y Robert Norton Maria Nieves Ojeda Joanne Malley Douglas J. Parker Beverlee Ann Perk Jane O ' Connor Kathleen O ' Keefe Neal O ' Neill Robert S. Patterson Chuck Pedersen Larrv T. Oden Janiee O ' Malley Bob Oudin George Peasley Jane Peebles f s. L A ■ Robert Perez Catherine Pickett Allen E. Potter Bill Prior Robert R. Reece Catherine Ann Peterson Linda Peterson Rirhard J. Pleasant Tim Porter Gary E. Potts Given Marie Printy Teri L. Radel Wayne Randahh Karen Sue Reitz Ann Rhoades « Alan Edmond Rickett Wm. James Robertson James H. Robinson Joseph Rodriquez Abbas Roodsari Ron Riddell Dena Rivera Vic Robelet Juliet Robidart Jean Robinson Mary E. Robinson Anthony E. Romero George Romo Stanley A. Rorex Joe Rotman Lee Russo Carlos Leslie Saenz Jim R. Salvador Robert D. Sanchez Ronald A. Schmitt Sylvia Mae Schumacher Linda K. Scott Dianna Seese Helen Serrano Diane Shattler Reberra S. Sailing Kay Scanland Valerie Schwartz Kenneth Self Richard M. Sliav Kathleen Skibo Tamsie Sloan Janis Smith Margaret A. Smith Carol Stearns Pamela Steeves Elizabeth Sterling Douglas Stewart Stanley 0. Stoner Lawrence A. Stout Gwen Smith Steven S. Southw orth Fred A. Stephens Sallv Stone Louise A. Sundell te i A A Nancy Thomas Brian Trygstad Richard J. Waohter Wallace E. Welch LoisL. White Thomas G. Tregoning William G. Trumpler Rosemary Vargo Rosalee Villa Vernon Wahl Patricia May Washburn She] Wellins Marjorie West Ralph Whitlinger Doris Wilken 80 David Wilson s. X Thomas Wilson John Wolf Sheran Wright Sharron Wood Ruth Yamada Donna Wright Ted Yamashita Ckris Hackmeyer Our thanks to Mrs. Jo Antista of Photo Reflex Studio for the excellent job on sophomore pictures. Activities 82 What is known I strip aivay. I launch all men and women forward with me into the Unknown. The clock indicates the moment — but what does eternity indicate? We have thus far exhausted trillions of winters and summers, There are trillions ahead, and trillions ahead of them. Walt Whitman 83 OPENING WEEK: Opening Week — Trek to the Hill. Join-a-Club. Ber- muda Day: these are familiar activities to MSAC students. The first week of college is filled with the excitement and the anticipation of the joys and sorrows of the year to come. For beginning students, getting acquainted with the campus is a new and exciting experience. The many buildings are confusing at first, but after the first week they become familiar to the new student. For returning MSAC students, seeing the new library and other new additions completed becomes the highlight of their new semester. Meeting new friends and renewing old acquaint- ances are two important aspects of opening week. A friendly hand extended to a new student will assure him that MSAC is a warm, congenial college. Seeing old friends again brings back memories of the past school year and makes the coming year seem brighter. When the hustle and bustle of Opening Week has subsided, the student can settle himself to the rou- tine of term papers and tests, but the spirit and excitement of Opening Week will always be remem- bered. moments . Associated Students STUDENT ACTIVITY BOOK MT. SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE 1100 North San Jose Hills Road WALNUT, CALIFORNIA Keen This Book In Your Possesion At All Times NOT TRANSFERABLE Y 462 DILLINGHAM TICKET CO.. L. A. 84 Issued To: :arl j tetherow 5 7 IV F A I R V I E tV ;AN CABRIEL CAL42o73 ID. No. Library Identification Card MT. SAN ANTONIO COLLEGE S STUDENTS NAME Q 4 h J u y q 1 v» CLASS SCHEDULE 2 3 4 S ( 7 I 9 19 II 12 11 14 IS IS 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24|25 26 27 29 29 38 BB4243S2 ' MHaaMaiiiasja3iifci ALPHA NO JL sr?¥ tt Smm COURSE g- 3a gr £221 6C3 rm (O i. m. mi. D MUJf » Hsm Lld. A f A AjU W F L £HJ PJJ lL % jsnrAf L J oJlaJ. I HUC TOR MtU U U€ 41 -J ill iHJi ' l ' w tf Z 7rt t cA t uAtA rlS ' 7 tAAz£tjvn ILW i mP» £j_£ iZ 3112133435»37393940 4I424344454I474»49S0 5I52S354555657S!59S0 61B263H6S68 67 S89707I72 73 74 75 76 7J;8 9» ta remember 85 TREK TO THE HILL The annual Trek to the Hill, which is sponsored by the Sophomore Class, alway brings out the best in enthusiasm and endeavor from every MSAC student. This is also known as Bermuda Day. a fact which many students appreciate, especially on a very hot day. Before the Trek, a variety of contests are held in the Rally Bowl. The hilarious antics which are prompted by these contests provided an air of gaiety that sparked the fun on the Trek. The students marched, or should we sav struggled, up to Monogram Hill, where they began scrubbing the letters with their trusty toothbrushes. Enthusiasm showed on their happy faces as they put toothbrush to monogram and began scrubbing away. When the toothbrush brigade had finished its clean-up job, a tasty treat of warm watermelon was enjoyed by all. A happy, but slightly tired, group of Mounties straggled down from Monogram Hill leaving the remains of the 1963 Trek scattered behind. hot, hot 86 warm watermelons B8 A very happy Kiyoko Tanji. 1963 Homecoming Queen, added her quiet grace and dignity to the festivities of the biggest game in MSACs history. Above is the Homecoming Court: left to right are Princesses Terri Snell, Randa Renwick, Queen Kiyoko, Jan CardwelL and ] aide Breitenbucher. and their escorts. Crowning the queen are ASB President Carl Belled, h and John Flaherty, alumni president. homecoming 89 FOOTBALL ACTIVITIES The fires of Mountie spirit, enriched by the fuel of the best gridiron squad in almost a decade, burned with a brightness of which the likes has yet to be seen. The intensity of the flames were symbolized by the outstanding turnouts at both home and away contests. With the Eastern Conference championship at stake at the game with Orange Coast. Mountie fans rose to the occasion, and filled the stadium with an overflow crowd of 18.000. The largest crowd ever to witness an event at the MSAC field had the stadium seats filled 45 minutes before gametime, forcing the remaining fans to place themselves throughout the surrounding hills. Despite the fact that the Mounties were defeated, the fire was not quenched. Instead it increased its size as it lighted the way for the gridders to initiate their quest for the Elks ' Bowl bid. the fires of , 90 the Mountie spirit 91 92 November 22, 1963 93 Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans . . . unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this Nation has always been com- mitted. Let every nation know whether it wishes us well or ill. that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty. This we pledge and more. In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course. Since this country was founded each generation of Americans has been summoned to give testimony to its national loyalty. The graves of young Americans who answered the call to service surround the globe. In the long history of the world, only a few genera- tions have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility — I welcome it. I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation. The energy, the faith, the devotion, which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it — and the glow from that fire can truly light the world. From the inaugural address. For one brief shining moment 94 there was Camelot 95 Princess Sheila Shannon Queen l.oni Broun Princess Corrine Fairmun candlelight and crystal (photos by Hap Brers) 96 ith Sue Lett as Mary, Joan Tippin as the Angel, and John Russell as Joseph, the tra- ditional Las Posadas Christmas festival of Mexico was presented by the Spanish and music departments. las posadas 97 Vila asb presents 98 To go along with the curriculum of MSAC this year Here many prominent lecturers and entertainers. The convocations ranged from the enlightening music of John Scott to the " holds " of Jimmy Woos karate exhibition. MASC was also gifted with the lectures of Upton Sinclair, noted author, and G. L. Rouse, a Shakesperian authority. Teddy Buckner and his All Stars highlighted the program uith music from " Dixieland. " The well-known Richard Armour came to us with his most appreciated advice followed by Bob Euan who entertained us with his " clothing dismantle. " Also heard was the vibrant sound of Karl W olfram, the German folksinger. many convocations 99 The cast for the " Happiest Millionaire " consisted of N. Malatsky, C. Serivner. L. Medley, J. Vasile, D. Spiegel. J. Hazard. J. Westbrook, M. Hudson. K. Kelly, D. Dworak. M. Broun. I). Hafner. J. Buretay. M. Brocklebank. Directors were Miss B. Yeager and A. Brenner. The produc- tion staff included C. Serivner, J. Barclay. K. Neal. D. Hafner. R. Kendal. J. McNeal, J. Korak, S. Stucker, C, Renzetti, M. Drake. N. Malatsky, D. Dworak, M. Brocklebank. P. Jeanne. W. Underwood. J. Yates. K. Kelly. I.. Medley. M. Brown, D. Johnson, R. Howell. C. Smith. D. Berko- witz, and T. Todd. players present 100 The most exciting play as jar as dramatic achievement produced this year by the Players was The Crucible. Written by Arthur Miller, the play dealth with the famous Salem witch trials. Pictured in a scene from The Crucible are M. Brocklebank. S. Crites. E. Norfleet. and M. Drake. Other members of the cast were L. Medley. K. Seevers. P. Jeanne. S. Starr. B. Flood. D. Dworak, C. Scrivner. S. Stacker. R. Burnett. W. Under- wood, J. Scott. D. Kocalis. G. Chase. L. Gray, S. Nelson. M. Hudson, and J. Hazard. Production staff included C. Smith. R. Kendall. ]. Barclay, F. Harrison, J. Yates, J. Vasile, N. Malatsky, K. Kelly, R. Howell. T. Todd, and D. Spiegel. Director was A. Brenner and coordinator was Miss B. Yeager. Below, left, is the family portrait from Take Her. She ' s Mine. I. to r.: K. Seevers. R. Howell. C. Scrivner. S. Steele. Below, right, P. Fellenberger. D. Spiegel. F. Harrison, M. Abram, W. Underwood, seated — S. Nelson. C C% m Contestants for the Los Angeles County Fair Queen this year were JoAnn Berger and Anne Fuhrman. (.. k. Yang was .. if of the more prominent speakers on campus this year. The music department presented its annual Christmas program. The Messiah. Soloists were: row I: D. Brightbill. K. Kling. P. Melton, N. Burkett. B. Dworak: row 2: L. McAfee. M. Winhourn. A. Bezard; row 3: B. Centobene. S. Brizendine. R. Tennies. MSAC ' s valiant bus drivers (below) are. squatting: J. Dixon. M. Bayne. B. Raasaveld; standing: T. Ackerman. D. Scanlon, D. Baumann. D. Swenson. R. Perry. R. Pope. D. Komaroni. J. Law. 102 m fe IZfcd r .--» ii RELAYS QUEEN semifinalists (above) are. seated: Carole obile, Lana Gieselman. Sandra Chavez: standing: Lori Koon. Jean Mueller. Peggy Dickson. Christy Davis. Kerry Foreman. Barbara Clymer. Arlene Weljel. RELAYS QUEES AND COl ' RT Ibeloiv) are. sealed: Queen Kerry Foreman: standing: Princesses Sandra Chavez. Christy Davis. Barbara Clymer. and Lana Gieselman. 103 many clubs . 104 many activities 105 On February 8. at the All Sports dance, Joan Tippin icas crouned All Sports Queen and repre- sented MSAC at the Spring Eastern Conference dance at the Hollywood Palladium. Above are the jour candidates: Judi Nichols, Mary Nichols. Joan Tippin. Susan Groth. Above right is Miss Tippin being crowned by Roger Hughes. Right is Queen Joan being escorted by ASB President, Carl Bellovich. all sports queen 106 Let ' s get together. - Hey! Fm flying. A one . . . A two. Cheese. Singing is good for the soul. Oh NO! It ' s a bird, it ' s a plane . . . no. it ' s Superman. 107 art in action The faculty exhibition this year was represented very well in the sculpture done by Mr. Hueter and the painting of a " turtle " done by Mr. Hertez. ART BRINGS TEACHER AND STUDENT TOGETHER — The well- known architect. Mr. John Lautner. talks to student Patricia Schwenk after an opening lecture on his exhibition. 108 Shown in MSAC ' s Art Festival this year was also the Anthonv Ivins ' retrospective painting exhibition. -I KNOW WHAT I LIKE " — Mr. Kath. chairman of the Art Department, looks on at some retrospec- tive work done bv Ivins. 109 110 . (n r. Row : B. Harmon, R. Ramsey, B. Brown. D. Cann. P. Liapes, P. Myers. I). DeCamp, I. Armendariz, I). Migdal, S. Licato, K. Kenyan. D. Smith. A. Ortega; Ron 2: ( ' . Lillywhite (assistant much). B. Esbil (mgr.), R. Blush. J. LaBarrere. K. Ervin, D. Melz. P. Mitsunaga, B. Junes. F. Fuller. J. Rawls, R. Yoshida, M. Miller. B. Bryan. A. Barnes, Humid Hopkins (assistant coach); Ron 3: S. Cramer (head coach), .1. Flora (mgr.). T. Bailey, B. Brumer. [). Dalke, M. Monteleone, R. Benson, P. Shenck M. McCee, I.. Gam, .1. Keough, B. Wiersma, E. DeMent. T. Flora. ,17. Chun hill. R. Stark (assistant coach), I.. Parkson (assistant coach); Row 4: T. Disney (mgr.), .. Kirk, J. Pylman, R. Riley. C. Vagle, C. Bittner, S. Schuhmann, D. Kimball, G. VanDyk, K. Ramsey, R. Gillette. H. Nelson. B. Scroggins, !.. Shy, R. llr.ala, M. Higgins. Not hon n is L. Carpenter. Pictured right are the MSAC ) o o t h a 1 1 c o a c h e s: Stun Cramer, head; Verl Lilly- white, offensive backfield; Raj Stark, defensive, Harold Hopkins, end; Lloyd Park- son, defensive backfield. our sturdy eleven . . . U2 Still feeling the effects of the Orange Coast loss, the squad stumbled its way through a difficult 30- 16 win over an inspired Southwestern team. The Mounties bounced back, however, with its best effort of the vear as thev scalped the San Bernar- dino Indians. 40-14. The conference season ended on a high note with a 26-0 win over Riverside. Chosen for their outstanding play, the Mounties of the eek were Joe Keough. Fullerton : Ken Ram- sey. Grossmont: Bill Bryan, Chaffev: Rav Ramsev. Santa Ana: Chuck Bittner. Citrus: Pat Mitsunaga. Orange Coast: Les Shy. Southwestern: Scott Schuh- mann, San Bernardino: Richard Riley. Riverside. The forward pass became the theme for ft. SAC gridiron antics this year as ]oe Keough became the greatest passer in Eastern Conference history. Scott Schuhmann was Keoilgh ' s favorite target as he broke the all-lime record for ards gained receiving. in great season 113 Touchdown! Les Shy punches over from the six yard line as the Mounlies roll over Sun Bernardino, 40-14. Joe Keotigh Ken Ramsey Bill Bryan Hay Ramsey Clunk Bittner Fullerlon Grossmont Chaffey Santa Ana Citrus MSAC 14 Fullerton 14 Grossmont 33 Chaffey 27 Santa Ana SCORE BOARD 54 Citrus I) 21 Orange Coast 1 1 30 Southwestern 7 lu San Bernardino 6 26 Riverside Pat Mitsunaga Orange Coast Lex Shy Southwestern Scott Srhuhmann San Bernardino Richard Riley Riverside Mounties of the Week 115 ELKS BOlf L. Mountie quarterback Joe Keough leaps into the air to tkroiv a jump pass, to Scott Schuhmann as a host of Mountie linemen provides protection. Keough ' s passes to Schuhmann sparked MSAC as they jumped to a 15-8 lead over Long Beath in Elks Baal action. Unfortunately. Long Beach (tune hack in the aecond half to defeat the Mounties. 48-15. we got there, 116 . watt WVSSBPWfit I Mil r aSSW I didn ' t we? 117 The M auntie of the Year award went to Joe Keough. who was also Most Valuable Player. Eastern Conference Player of the Year, and unanimous choice as a back on the All- Eastern Conference team. op; Bob Kinne Has chosen as the Most ' aluable Player of the water polo team, bottom: Jim Walker, recipient of the Cunliffe- balance award, also received the Most Valuable y layer trophy for the Cross-Country squad. Top: Pat Mitsunaga was selected as Best Defensive Back. Bottom: Ray Stark, defensive coach, presents the Best Defensive Lineman award to Chuck Bittner. Top: Scott Si huhmann. All-Eastern Confer- ence end. rci eives the Most Inspirational Player trophy from assistant coach Harold Hopkins. Bottom: Backfield Coach Verl l.illy- white presents Ray Ramsey with the Most Improved Player award. 118 basketball 119 VARSITY BASKETBALL: Left to Right, Row I: J. Chapel. C. Calloway. S. Horn, If. Clift, D. Jones. Hon 2: M. Fisher. J. Folk. F. Shine. P. Tennies. M. II est. T. Swartz. Row 3: H. Ziegler. K. Riee. li. Selby. R. Heivitl, C. Szatloeky. C. Bradley. basketball team 120 The Mountie cagers got their season off to a flying start with an opening win over the Alumni, and proceeded to score wins over Harbor College. Pasadena City College. Long Beach City College. and Glendale College after a second game loss to USC ' s Frosh. Eastern Conference foes proved to he tougher for the Yictormen as the Mounties lost an opening round contest to EC champion Riverside City Col- lege. 79-66. Citrus. San Bernardino. Orange Coast. Fullerton. and Southwestern felt the wrath of the Mounties before Grossmont ended their winning binge. The Mounties fell three more times to Santa Ana. bitter rival Chaffey, and again to Riverside to even their EC record to five wins and five losses. Chuck Callowav and Dave " " Sam " Jones were the mainstays for the Mounties. Calloway was the con- ference ' s leading scorer, and Jones was among the top ten in this department. new season 121 SCORE BOARD vlSAC 66 Riverside 79 86 Citrus 80 69 San Bernardino 66 63 Orange Coast 62 62 Fullerton 69 101 Southwestern 66 69 Grossmont 75 61 Santa Ana 65 7() Chaffey 76 $ ; J • % J. 123 CROSS COUNTRY Bottom row, L. to R.: Mike McNeil, Tom Mills, Steve Schumm, Tom Kroger. Top row, L. to li.: Put Walker, Vernon Wahl, John Campbell, Lee Abies. Dan Scopin. If division standing 12! £ jt When the MSAC Cross Country roster was published, it sported the anemic membership total of 14. When this was further reduced to 11. the outlook was one of a bleak season consisting of tortuous defeats and a permanent position in the Eastern Conference cellar. Such was not the case. however, as Coach Don Ruh ' s in ? pired crew vowed to make their presence known. Their hard work produced bountiful crops of rewards as they scored five victories. In the Eastern Conference Finals, the Motilities earned a first division standing as they finished fifth in the field of ten. MSAC Low Point Men for the season were: Pat Walker I 1 1 [joints in nine meets). Steve Schumm (23 point- in eight meets), Tom Cox i 23 points in eight meets l. Tom Kryger I 39 points in nine meets), and Tom Mills 13 points in eight meet- 1 . in the conference finals 125 Coach Fred Rurri developed a fine gym- nastic team for the Mounties this year. Gymnastics is a sport that stresses good form and excellent muscle tone. A good sense of balance and grace is essential to the man who performs the pulling, tumbling and twisting that is required of him in competition. w Precision and grace 126 1 ISC Tennis Team: Ron 3 (left to right): A. Campbel, J. Hannan. J. Gomez. R. Jensen, D. Loury, S. U " ellins. R. Schultz. J. Mulligan. Rou 2 (left tn right): F. Knerner. V. Bruington. P. I.opez. J. Suindle. K. Filene. G. Morris. B. Daoust. Ron I (left to right): J. Kimmie. R. Drake. L. Wright. B. Landrum. Coach Verl T. Lilly uhite. mountie tennis team 127 The golf team, front (I to r): T. Dolan. D. Cash, L. Forte, B. Ahrendt. Back row (I to r): D. Mead. E. Hummer. M. Gaebler, Coach Richard Korff. r V msac golf team 128 « ?: v. ' - ' " I -v • SWIM TEAM— Right to left—Jim Foley. Joe Luptoivsty, Rick Asper, Rick Wood. Garth Bacon. John Buser, Ed Fleming, and Brian Davlin. Not pictured is Coach John Stonebraker. mountie swimmers 129 The retirement of Coach Archie Nisbet this year will be a great loss to MSAC. Coach Nisbet has been with the physical education department and on the coaching staff since the college was founded nineteen years ago. Coach Nisbet has headed not only successful years of wrestling, but also football. He served MSAC as football coach for eight full and rewarding years. In wrestling. Coach Nisbet led the Mounties in 1956 to win the conference and Southern California championships. This excellent and always-to-be-remembered director of athletics is a graduate of the University of California, where he was a member of the famed " ' wonder team. " Coach Nisbet continued his graduate work at UCLA and USC. Before coming to MSAC he was head coach at Pomona High School, had also coached Lincoln High School in Los Angeles. We will miss this fine coach, and will always strive to attain the high goals he has set for us. 130 Coach John Arrambide announced this year that he would retire from coaching baseball. He retires from this position to devote his full time to his duties as department chairman of Physical Educa- tion and Athletics. He has served MSAC as coach of the baseball teams for 17 years. Arrambide not only prepped the MSAC football team in 1954 and 1955, but also the 1947 and 1948 basketball team. His 1954 football team was the powerhouse of the Eastern Confer- ence. This team won 10 games, lost one, tied one, and all together scored 381 points. The Mounties also won the Citrus College Tournament under Arram- hide ' s leadership in 1957. Eighteen of Arrambide ' s players in his past years have been signed to professional baseball from the Mountaineer ranks. Coach Arrambide holds a Master ' s Degree from USC and is a gradu- ate of Whittier College. He continued his graduate work at Cali- fornia State at Los Angeles, Claiemont College, USC, Whittier and California State Polytechnic College. He has excellently served as president of the Southern California Junior College Coaches Association, Foothill-Citrus Football Asso- ciation, Covina Lions Club and as Zone Chairman of the Foot hill Lions Club, In 1947, before the college ' s second year of operation, Arrambide taught at Whittier Union High School and Fullerton J.C. We are sorry to lose one of our best coaches, but again happy to retain such a fine department chairman. As in past years, the Intramural Sports Program at MSAC was a huge success. Headed by retiring Coach Archie Nisbet, Intramural flag football got off to a fast start in the fall with two leagues composed of seven teams each. The Sooners of League One met the Warriors of League Two in a playoff at the end of the regu- larly scheduled contests. The Sooners topped the Warriors to become undisputed champions. Each member of the squad received trophies for their fine performance. As the cage season opened. Intramural Basketball began with five leagues competing. From four to five teams w ere represented in the leagues. The winners of each league then competed in a single elimination tournament which pitted the Devil Dogs and the Goaltenders in the finals. Coming from a nine-point deficit, the Goaltenders rallied to win in the second half. 42-35. intramural sports 131 The " 1964 " edition of Mountie baseball got off to an auspicious start this year with the horsfhiders looking very good in pre-season tilts. Mentor John Arrambide ' s squad was paced this year by five returning lettermen, various seasoned sophomores and transfer students, and a crop of prom- ising freshmen. Second place finishers at last year ' s Eastern Conference, this year ' s squad looked like possible champions. Returning lettermen were Darryl Tatem, catcher and last year ' s Most Valuable Player on the team: big Don Bowman, first baseman and last year ' s Conference Batting Champ; Mike Steele, third baseman and this year ' s team captain; Bill Ciancio, capable second sacker, and hustling Greg Kritzer in the outfield. Other bright spots on the squad were Ken Baiema, Jim Flammini, Bill Bryan and Don Corson. Before the season started, Coach Arrambide pondered over the effectiveness of his pitching staff. In pre-season games, however, these doubts did not materialize as chuckers Richard Johnson, Don Rice, Bruce Young, Dave Kimball, and Herb Williamson all looked very impressive on the mound. This year ' s team had an unprecedented incentive to win the Conference title as it was the last season that Coach Arrambide would be head mentor of the Baseball Club. Over the years, Coach Arrambide ' s teams have always made a fine contribution to the MSAC sports program, and this year ' s squad was certainly no exception. msac baseball 132 ¥ a-- ■ 133 MT. SAN ANTONIO BASEBALL TEAM: Front row (I to r): A. Dwyer. B. Cincio, H. Burnett. B. Young. T. Park. D. Rice. A. Avon. C. Men- doza. F. Elmore. L. Marusick, D. Bayham, B. Kenemeyer. Second row: Coach John Arrambide. T. Greeji. R. Riley. D. Barker. G. Kritzer. G. Ojendyk, L. Matson. K. Bajema. D. Tatem. B. Bryan. C. Elliott. D. Thomas. P. Grant. A. Speicherman. fi " . La Coste, Coach Hopkins. Third row: D. Bowman. J. Haendiges, R. Johnson, M. Steele. diamond daredevils 134 135 S. Poivers, A. Lomez, T. lredale. The 1964 Mountie Track and Field Team, with four returning lettermen from the 1963 squad, possessed a spirit not often seen on a college track team. Throughout the entire season, their efforts never faltered, individual improvement was rontinuous. Twelve athletes made the " All Time MSAC Performance Honor Roll " and one conquered a school record. As a team, they showed well in their efforts to upset their dual meet opponents, placing third in the Times Indoor Meet and winning the Long Beach Indoor Junior College Relays. ' Five first places at the Long Beach Relays and placing high in the Conference Relays were just a few of the accomplishments of the spirited MSAC Team. Co-captains Tom lredale and Mike Morris led the team throughout the season. Others playing important roles were Steve Schumm, Tom Wachtler, Andy and Chuck Lopez, Frank Roberts, Boh Jones, Harvey Evans, Cornis Ballon, the Steinback brothers, Boh Bramer, Darrell Dalke, Bob Norton, Tim Marxmiller, H. G. Smith, Les Clark and Carl James. The track team was prepped by Coaches Ruh and Wilkinson. msac track 136 n -A B. Bramer. S. Schu ' ■■ • " . • » " . ■. ■_■ - v.. . -aiv 5sSSH«WS 7 " . Marxmiller. speed and muscle 137 mounties on the move Iff.S fC TRACK TEAM— front row (I to r): I). Dalke. T. Mills. S. Selumm, T. Kryger. F. Roberts, R. orton. T. Marxmiller. B. Bramer. S. East- on. C. Lopez. S. Powers; back row: II. G. Smith. D. Modden, T. Wachtler, T. Iredale, G. Thompson, F. Neleigh, L. Clark. C. Ballon. R. Stein- back, I.. Aides. M. Sunders. B. Cones. M. Morris. J. Steinback. 138 : ' i 139 »s- tr !- £ " » a % t% m MSAC Water Polo Team: top row (left to right): A. Feathers, J. Lake, T. Porter, B. Kinne, W . Under- wood. J. Buser. Bottom Roiu (left to right) W. Priest, B. Davlin, J. Luptowitz, G. Baeon. Not pres- ent, D. Bradley. R. Culbertson. ■ -: splashy polo team 140 MSAC Wrestling Team; Row 1 (left to right): Coach Burri, M. Montelcone, R. Armijo, R. Davis, F. Tru illo, (captain), B. McCranie, A. Blinco (man- ager). Row 2 (left to right): P. Nassaba, A. Aluarez, R. Gillette, N. Klemz, W. Schott, R. Johnson. mountie grapplers 141 The Women? a Athletic Association (II i) «% advised this year by Miss ,. Garrison a itk Mrs. LaComb instructing tram sports. C.harlene Evans served the association as first semester president, and the second semester was served by a board oj eight women. Two are chosen from each sport to serve u representatives. The II I competes in various sports including basketball, volleyball and coed tennis in the fall, and softball, hockey, coed badminton, tennis, track and field, and swimming in the spring semester. The end oj the year is celebrated with an annual banquet when the " Must Valuable and Most Outstanding " players are chosen. waa activities 142 WAA TENNIS TEAM— Ron .■ Grohs. R.: Gundting. N.; Argyle. S.: Run 2: Gudgell. J.: Anderson. C: Thompson. I.: Jackson. S.: Wire. J.: Ishii. J.: Cussidy. P.: Nielsen, K.: Johnson. C: Holt. ( ' ..: Skelton. P. at msac 143 X . %+ £ A j - . KIT HALL: editor-in-chief JEAN CHIPPENDALE: managing editor first semester SHEILA SARGENT: managing editor second semester CHRISTA COLLINS: art editor JOHN MELZIAN: sports editor MR. WALTER MIX : art advisor RAY STAFFORD : photography editor Staff: LEA McNETT PENNY CIULEI JOHN JODAUGA VALERIE SCHWARTZ LOIS WHITE PAT WEISSLEADER Photographers : VERNETTA NICHOLS BERT ALF1ERI TOM POWELL KEN AYRES EVALEENA WOO LARRY McKIBBEN ALLEN OEHLING JOE NETTEKOVEN MR. AARON SLOAN: advisor MR. ROBERT DOBIS : photo advisor MR. JACK KELLY: photo resource Printed by American Yearbook Company Covers by Smith Craft ■ ' ■ ' ■

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