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 - Class of 1948

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Mount San Antonio College - Chaparral Yearbook (Walnut, CA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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T L f f lf:.,,,f MT W .- M- W 3 ,E ,Isl W ,ffi frg ff . 1-f.f ?d!f?f!Q21ffLdff5fJf1 .1.,.. 5,.- j gfj: --- --f,,. 1 1- wa.-:r:.::'r-r-:--,J-1'..:, ffz., 1.51-ii-r -T ::-- - : W L L T L , L, E , ' H L LAAJSQL, wf f.-T E L X Lf ' K A- --V2 I A. , 5, fi if KY YL !.'l 'I ' L 5- , II ,B .f-f"'f? gi " 'ff "-"'i- fl , ' LE'-'T4,:' 3 AT '54--,TL .MMig.-:.:.,.,f:-3-i iI"'-. -- TT' ,. ' K X i , fl L fi , X 1 I li L T L DAN M. SAVALA ---- EcHTor 1 A MILDRED BIGELOW PAT LEE - - I GALEN PEARCE ' FRED BROWNELL - Associefre EdiTor LiTerary EdiTor - ATT Edifor - Sporlrs EdiTor A ELMER POST - - Business Manager . C -QL 4 X, T T BEATRICE PILARIA . A CAROL TAYLOR ELIZABETH WAGNER I EUGENE wooo - - s+aH Ar+is+s 5 T' Lg!-,nam L A 1 Y A 'T T A --'wx-A ' ,911 Memoriam DR. EDGAR FORD GOAD W. BRUCE AMES. -I-IERMAN H. BECK MARY LOUISE COPELAND CHARLES CLARK GRAY IRENE ELLEN VANDAMENT 0I"el,UOI" The sTaTT oT The I948 Chaparral gives you This book in The hope ThaT iT will help you recapTure many oT your pleasanT momenTs oT This year. May iT bring back To you The Thrills oT TooTball games, The pride oT commencemenT, and The remembrance oT many liTTle evenTs ThaT have added up To make your year. A building program which promises To change The ,campus compleTely was begun This year, and we have Tried To show how This new campus will appear in The TuTure. ' - mf. San .xdnfonio cofgge N ff 'Z .W-.Q 1- B, gm K as 2 ss mx.: .. HH xiggw N 2 fleckcafion . Wherever you go on The campus, you are apT To be greeTed by a large smile and a cheery greeTing. IT won'T be iusT "hello," iT will be "hi, Joe." ThaT one Thing is enough To endear Oscar l-l. Edinger, Jr.. To every sTudenT and TaculTy member on The cam us. l-le is always There wiTh a paT on The back? or a word oT en- couragemenT. l-le has Truly gained The respecT and'conTidence'oT The enTire sTudenT body. and he has become an inspiraTion To all who know him. Oscar Edinger exempliTies democracy in acTion in helping sTudenTs creaTe a college wiTh The gualiTies oT sTrengTh reTlecTed Trom The hills which surround iT. The sTudenTs' inTeresTs are merged wiTh his in a cooperaTive eTTorT To make This college a Truly ouTsTanding insTiTuTion. MT. San AnTonio was in a large parT his dream and he has never ceased in his eTTorTs To make This dream a realiTy. Years oT experience wiTh college sTudenTs have inTroduced him To sTudenT problems oT all kinds. As an army veTeran. he has a Thorough undersTanding oT, and sympaThy Tor, The veT- erans' problems. These professional capabiliTies combined wiTh The ouTsTanding gualiTies oT his personaliTy, make him a Truly greaT man. IT is Tor These reasons ThaT we dedicaTe This year's Chaparral To Oscar l-I. Edinger, Jr. .xdclminififrafion 6165606 .xdcfiuifiefn Saorfa ll ' Qql'41f?'.,l4! , 453' 111 f- W X "qu U A55 , 1 13 J f ,gfr ss ,mx K A93 ' A W , A 'mfqkl 'W , QQ- ,W fi ,Q ' .f K P an ' , XA ,QQ Q Wig .., :F ,dsl A .gp Y f at , . L , 'JL fri ' S V! ' M' . I X. lx. dw geafured ffFk5LF , 5 ' H N as Q M , Fx - 1 Mlswffw , gms -1 ' 495 fra -I lf' .st .,-1' ,fm 14, xy 5 'B' "Kai X- 1 xffgx " ff l QC' ff .fgclminizifrczfion W W W WW W W WW W W W W W . 5 " We MEX, W '-4-.4 'zqqigz Y-:lSg'l,i,, W -r 'I -vu' W I A ' X W W -- W- ' ,L QNW ,ff f A ',.,, I ,HIIFJI 0 - - - '11 i., - f- 'A 'I J, " I X' ' fffr 1 I ly f f xf- 4-Zyl' Q W , If N A- y!,,1f2.Q2. ,N U W .wfyly " ff ! 1 - W fig! !,-N W 1 nlb' N- : 35 -X f' V- W ' - ' '+ yi X W f j L, 2 if 5, if W "' 7' z 'f , ' 1 W 'X ff f, , r- Hmm! o jfuafeea The MT. San AnTonio Col- lege Board oT TrusTees, com- posed oT 'Five elecTed represenTaTives Trom The high schools served by The college, has compleTed anoTher very busy year. This year has been one oT planning and ex- pansion. Always working in The inTeresTs of The school, They have Torged ahead Tire- lessly in Their eTTorTs To make This college a Truly ouTsTand- ing insTiTuTion. Fred H. Harmsen, vice-chairman: A. T. Richardson: A. L. Hiclcson. chairman: Ernesi' Carl, comp'Troller: George H. Bell, presidenT and clis'fricT superiniendv enfz Oscar H. Edinger, Jr.. diracforg H. G. Langdon: Verne R. Ross. clerk. Proudly we hail The Class oT l948. To you has comefrhe privilege.oT being The TirsT class To enTer and compleTe iTs program aT MT. San AnTonio College. On you has fallen The responsibiliTy oT seTTing iTs TradiTions and eslrablishing iTs sTudenT responsibiliTy. Our congraTulaTions a nd besT wishes. - George H. Bell PresidenT G' L' - n 'Q " as is .MTF My ' i 1 Our iirsr gradualing class was . composed of sludenls who had adopled Ml. San Anlonio College. bur you are Ml. San An+onio's own. May you conlinue To carry on in everylhing you do wilrh The same grand spiril you have given To your alma maier. ' Congralulalions and besl wishes ro all of you. Oscar l-l. Edinger, Jr. Direclor M,L6!6ll'lC0 gr., .wma .fu Q m l H 1 S , mgiml Ernesl W. Carl Compiroller I ff . Marie T. Mills Edwin T. Marlin Willard l., Slaples l-lazel Snoke Thomas Oden I Dean of Women Dean of Summer School Dean of lndusfrial Educafion Regisirar Mainienance i John L. Arrambide Charles S. Boolh Physical Educafion lndusfrial Arls Dorolhy G. Burgess Oliver lvl. Builerfield Life Science Philosophy and Family Relafions Madeline M.Calleri Bernard J. Conrad Modern Languages Mafhemaiics GCI! Kennelh Crippen Agriculture Duncan C. Crooks lndus+rial Arls Everell l-I. De Garmo H Vocalional Agriculrure E as .H Waller J. Ebersole ii? lndusfrial Aria W Bealrice Ferris Commercial Arls Carol E. Ford Commercial Arfs l-larrieil Genunq Librarian Marie M. l-lelsley Life Sciences Adolph C. Kaih Joseph A. Landry Wesley L. Lewis l-lilmer G. Lodge Aris and Crafis Modern Languages English Journalism Edwin T. Marlin Alanson McDermoJrh Thomas l-l. NlcC5rai'h Malcolm W. Mejrcalf Social Sciences Chemisfry Psychology and Sociology Commerce ' ., ,.., ,,.. - . .. .em . ,.. --- Q. ,gm Marie T. Mills Philip T. lvlilchell Charles lvlooliclc Archie Nisbel lvlargarel Overhollzer Healfh Educafion English Modern Languages Physical Educalion ,English and Geography Milion D. Perce Loren D. Phillips Louis F..Ronleldi' Max Schumacher Geology and Mafhemafics Vocaiional Agricullure Music H + y George B. Scofield Charles SeLeg'ue George A. Sherman Commerce Vocafional Agriculiure Vocalional Agriculfure Arihur M. Hoffman Leonard Milhon Apprenficeship Carpenfry Auio Mechanics Cooperafing wiih local coniraciors and lrade unions, Mi. San Anlronio College began ilrs appreniiceship iraining program las+'Oc+ober, when a class' for apprenlice carpeniers was organized by Mr. Willard Slaples, dean of Jrhe division of Trades and indusiries a+ The college. Demand for classroom insiruclion in +he con- siruciion fields, especially by ex-GI's, made ii necessary for The college To enlarge The scope of Hs evening program +o include olher appren- Jrice classes. lnslruciors. who were primarily building craflsmen and secondly leachers, included Mr. E. l-i. Barron. plumbing: Mr. Roberrl Phelan, elec- Jrricians: Mr. Leo Sullivan and Mr. A. M. Hoff- man, carpenlrers. Mr. Leonard Milhon was laler secured as an inslruclor in auio mechanics. i lx l Leroy Spore V Physics Paul E. Welsch Mafhemajrics elissa B. Wingfield Home Economics Jean Morris creiary of Veferan Records Willard I. Slaples Trades and lnduslry Lola C. Williams Women's Physical Educafion Beaulalw L. Yeager - Speech and Drama Roberl Sleele Assisfanl' fo Comprroller .,.A -.-..,..,..., -,.,.., ..,.--.,,..,. ,iq I W . A9 EH rg A X , ::. ,I - -' P fmt x ' S21 I .: W-N. I I l -A-"' 5 1 1 Florence Kruse Belly Marlin Secrefary fo Complroller Assisfanl' Bookkeeper Genevieve Rodriguez Carolyn Seiloerr Secrefary To Presidenl' Secretary of Arlendance Pauline Vanhari Secreiary 'io Diredor -V--. EI-:,V.,W.,.,-,4,Gnu., ,, V- .Y ,Q , Y, Y ainfenance Fronf row: S. Harrison, B. Kious, T. Oden. H. Miller, J. Berry. W. DeArman. Back row: E. Pinkerion, J. Priddy. R. Knerr, R. Dee. M. Lowe, P. Kish. . 1 -Y .. -- -..' D.,G. Jones, B. Snedaker, P. Zaragoza. E. Moore O. Lehman, R. Beckwifh, J. Misak. Working day and niglml Jro keep our college liunciioning ei- iicienily, you will find llwe cus- lodians and mainlenance crews, caferieria slafi, and Jrhe bus drivers. Keeping a campus of iliis size in running order is no easy job, and you will find These qroups always on ilfme spoi lo do wlwal' is necessary. , . ... , P H li .iw 1 .4 'X . . .-.Wai .. . . .L :rw-u.aivr.....,:....f. riuem C. Johnson. M. Michel. G. Jeffers. D. Brain H. Soden, D. Percival, L. Newion, Mr Crooks. S. De Lapp, Mrs. Morgan. Mrs. Price. M. Bigelow, Mrs. Headley, S. Headley. Ca eferia . . . Mrs. Naomi Diclcinion cheerfully serving The ihirsf-quenchers. The cafeleria . . . where good fellows meer. . ss- ..u new ga H M M, W 59.3 'm 5 Q 3.51.21 sees 2, 1 5 -.W W H gf me I'l,aC L we oligfdfy The Ml. San Anlonio College Library is very eflicienrly operalecl by Miss l-larriel Genung and her sfaff. This library conlains approxi- malely l0,000 books and bound periodicals, and receives regularly l5O periodicals, including daily and weekly newspapers. ln addilion, governmenl' documenrs and indexes l'o magazines are liepl up lo dale. jk? g90L5f0l"e 34... l-l. Sakanfani, D. Gildersleeve, A. Severence and B. Biewener busy on a proiecl al Jrhe college aviaiion and machine shops in Pomona. These shops are mainlained in Pomona pending ereclion of shop buildings on The cam us. Aulo and bus shops are localedo on The campus. The Sludenf Bookslore is operaled by ' Mrs. Paul E. Welsch and her assislanr, Mrs. Nancy Meyer. The boolcsrore nor only car- ries a complejre supply of books and school supplies, bul il also has a small sloclc of groceries for The accommodalion of Jrhe Jramilies living on The campus. ii li il li ii ii li QSUUW WYWT' 0414 camlauzi poo-f 0 ice T ' STudenT ErnesT Wilkinson re- ceives his mail Trom Mrs. Rosalind R. SE - Golenor, posTmisTress oT The MT. San Anfania College PosT OTTice, which was esTalolished on The campus This yeah 4 m . wl94q9 P - . T 16 .. If 7 ' . iii Q h4"'4N1ovxNQ ll ' l l l l li I 1 :il T amloufi ouding labovel Dr. and Mrs. Bells' home, one oT Two uniTs oT permanenT housing on The campus. lBelowl T Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hodges demonsTraTe Typical living 'in one oT The married sTudenT uniTs, while Tommy MarTin makes himselT aT home in one oT The uniTs Tor single sTudenTs. i - --- added 4 1 'YH f Q ' y 1, f? X . Ml1,? F'7' jf. lx 1 f Uv xx " I, 'fmiaig-I xA SJ-f f' Q f Hirfiitaf 1' X 1 .f -ww f xx -If , , 5 V . !277 'g14,,gf lQ Hi f If A- RIN H, ., " , Nfi'?!7:ff3"f,:g7j 5 -gf- ' Mf55f15i'ffu i2ff f- "IP , " ' 'f :2'f'42rffrw'- fa - ' X f-Q N v fliififffqg' ' " flu 'L iw 'L 9 , , . i ' A - UCI h 7 X! 1 nfl' , A If 'ff' W' - W f if wa '15,-0 ,, iffy! A ang Q 'N i , , ' 'I' ff Q 1 ff -yy- ww - f"11 'fygx " I. "'2 N 'gf' 45 . 1.16 - L N -QE 3' N V-11 .4 ,l IJ.: -V. , '.-LZL I ,Q W ,, n,g'-fnffxwf rg -. ,QE ' ' A 1 'Q v u. . . w,vr:.f3 ,..,gq5i,, -- y . -,564 x . f - J, ' IJ. J? 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I I Lg" YA 'nf X . , .UNH r. 1' 1, '-'55 H. Q47-if ' gl,. J N. - Q KLA, j 41, , -wyxnf 7, -, N ,N I - X X N" fivf R WU' , fff 4 EX ' M, 1 XS , t "A .. --w", 4g -wal We K yi ' - n X rf . PZ N A yi I ' N xxx NEI ' QM NM , W WN , M 9' 3' B 4 I I, WF i m -, ,X NVQ , VJ' ' , 'YM -sb 9 N NW 6 qi 'SW Fx X F I X1 X ',,:"x X ,'., A , f 'I X nb H I I N f 2, yu .Y Y , Y N f f J' ' "X,. J L I 'X A W 'v b X N4 ' -f. w -9141 W A . New AUM EX .S I . Q, xnxx :SI x-J 1.1 ' WXXX ww - - W WW X XE-5 i U . -, - 4'-U - h JZQQQQ, Cd, rf. F ' 5- , 'fl A N 1 .gguolenf .fdclmfniafrafion ' " ' 11,1 ef3.?1m1:f4 '1 lr?-V-A ' el H I 4 -' Al Lopez Joe Conez A.S.B. Presidenf A.S.B. Vice-Presidenf Fronf row: N. Welch. R. Peirsol, V. Gregory. J. Cenoz, A. Lopez, Mr. Marfin, P. Crawford. i Back row: R. Weller. Mr. Edinger, J. Richards. G. Marfin, C. Williarns. Under fhe able hand of Sfudenf Body Presidenf Al Lopez and advisor Edwin T. lvlarfin, fhe Sfudenf Council guides lvlf. San' Anfonio College's sfudenl' governmenf. The Council handles all problems perfaining fo sfudenf acfivifies and funcfions. Council members affended several very successful sfudenf 7 conferences during fhe year, mosf imporfanf of which were held V af Chaffey and Pasadena Cify College. ' Virginia Gregory Reuel Peirsol A.S.B. Secrefary A.S.B. Treasurer .SZIO 0I'l'l0I'e6 . . . 1 l Sophomore officers: Presidenf Charles Williams. fs Secrefary Joan Woodruff, and Treasurer Jim Else. Q gracluafirig .syolakomorefn . . . Ml. San Anlonio's second gradualing class, wilh Charles Williams as president had a very successful year. Sophomore Week, more commonly lcnown as "l-lell Weelc," during which The, freshmen were inilialed inro college life was Jrhe mos? memorable of Jrhe aclivilies of Jrhe class. "Arsenic and Old Lace" was presenled as Jrhe class play. An evening beach barry held al Corona del Mar drew To a close Jrhe year's aclivilies of This, The lirsr class To complele i+'s pro- gram ar Mr. Sac. Slanley Adams Eugene Allen l-lerb Allen Paul Anderson Pal Avis Armando Azzano Carol Ballou Ray Ballzer Beverly Bashford Bob Bell Richard Bendix AGeorgea Bennerl Rober+ Biewener Kay Biggs Vern Bierum 1 an gm mm ss n is is Yi' in , A at me B - 5 H , . . -1: is f Y .Jr ' H E ,E wx - nu E ' .. H H i-ia B f i, N! r A 4- a ' A i 4 Q I , ' a B , - i - X I I ' - Q - . . g ' , L i nm i i 3 -aw f rl ' f xi ' l': ' ,is c P .af "-" - H , ' , I., :L , . " 1. , , , W f Richard Brain Edward Brillian Richard Brummefl Mary Ann Buelcer William Buschke l-larry Chrislenson Dennis Cliflon Palsy Connor Jai R 'li R T. : lm! .w 1,..-X,-,. . ti i X ' '1" Qlg- -fl? . R - lgiemirgfflr r 1 granluafing .szlakomorezi Miriam CleweH John Collins Wilmol Cooke I., 2 5' Q -N - - c, jg.: f Q . i 3 ' Q ' ' XI' 1 : X ,g George Coombes Bob Crosson Richie Dacquel Mildred Dahlquisl mn W 9 gs M E M M 'wa M jNEQEwWgv3Mhee 1 f .H .eqmw ,E T3H.3e hr , , , U x W sf l- 1 any E H so 1 M E D H F, m ff'-ff' n SS ' ' H H aww" -m .. , , E M my Qm-a mmm me .:5:2I3" 'x 55-g'm A H n E E mx H 2, S E Nm HERE H H H 4 MXH W Q H s aaa? x 5 'S ma ss r 1 X SS l I B B F SS ' ' I as a E Q 2 E B Q H H 'mf ,I 3255 E 55 1 I INN 3 B H ii ' Q s am 53 E 1 5 W 5 2 E SS E as 1 45 A .. .. . ' Q .. .. 1 .F , f Hi Siu ffj ff: H 1 1' E1 H HN E , ..J. :.: . 4.1 .- H. , 1 X I r gr 1 I 1 we , A f 'V l M M E an Eugene Bynum Charles Case Doyle Casey Joe Cenoz Jnm Danlels Wulllam Decker Samford cle Lapp Phu! Dickinson Beverly Dinsmore Maclc Dinwicldie Clyde Dughman John Dughman Carmen Echevarria m x -TF! lm, 'EEZ gm- a w m a mmm m m e w E m f I agen me 4 mag s-ssl m Q 1 H ,uk - H E , H H H H I l E E an 1 ., ' . . , V Ju '. I W 1 nxvw 4 K sr- :asf u"n 'EQEM 1 1 gig rf: Q- Q- .4 . - sf 1 L, - . . 4 V we 33,1 .Flin x E ss n cf Jig E5.'j " ll .:. :.: . 5 ff - f S, in f " s. H H H Q Q as a as sm we an mga Haag mfs ' H Hugs E sl m xv an H mx in LEE gsm s we mam, new me an f me Ralph Delzei+ Saloshi Doi Don Eclinger, M mx W me BW mms me mam sax a E M Hw- 'BMW ax W H Www mm me an wma Km sl W Wssejgw H Hs m ss mg? M SST? anmnsl'1s?l3Emna mum EBEQQ Nnm m E ,se W ww an mm XM an we a a m nm Ami 5 mam mm a E B. J. Demel Dale Dooley Clarence Eiche fnma 'Bm' mia 'U Bm HHH' lm gg :sign ms 5-Sagas emu 25? I a was gs ,mms ,We Um fgmzw N ms Q 'WH N.- W 'ea .ways ms ,W sa me gm 2 exam N E. 3 am an K ma 3 m w xi mn Hamm awww mms Egan WJ was EE wg? 'Wm ga Nm EEQQEBZ W Mamie aim- Ng sQe B was N ss nm Q Eel s 2 H- -,., ,, ..., - , . . W :is "ZAR fl new we E an v,,., is Carl Eisenlorey Roloerl Emery Frank E. Evans Jeannelle Fichlner Corine Fine Phyllis Fisher Josephine Fox James Frey Roloerf Garrell Juanila Galely Slanley Geddes Richard Gluck Marie Gonzales Virginia Gregory Felix Gschwend JoAnne Jennings ' is Nasa Qu!" H 1 -:aa Viclor Johannsen Jerome Johnson Marvin Johnson Vincenl Johnson Eng Hs, B 'sais i H M iris iv , W F T,- A J . in PE l gi l l l l ll ' r l l ' Q'6l6!ll,afe:i l l v ,,l l y Wayne Guyron George I-lare OHO l-laueler Terry l-lazama ' Don l-leyer l F513 l mimi? V, X X l ia Bill l-libsclw Lyman l-larbollle James l-loney Leon loloward Howard l-lurley l lonald D. Jones Donald R. Jones George Jones Marie Kane Norman Kellenring i w , oo, me 1 do ,.., . u . 'lllri 'gf ' 1 3 Darrell Kibby Jean Kroneberg John Lenz Robe-ri Lopez Marjorie Kolberr Belly Lawson Clelia Livingslon Donald Loulh Keifh Korslriens Cora Lee Lehman Allred Lopez Dorolhy Lowery Gerald Madden Francis McManis Roloerl Miner Horace Newlon Barbara Main John McMic Jack Moak Leo Newlon i Q l Nei-T' vi F :.: l :-:. . V if-'F' .. gf B. K Q 1 'S 'si Q iii vi 94 5 B Iv fi f N J 'X - is Orville Main Joe Marshall Berl Marlin Shirley McClellan Roberl McKee gfacluafing .szlakomored Pal McViclcer Hayes Meyer Marilyn Michael Leonard Michel Richard Michel Howard Moody Bill Moore Earl Moore ' Donna Muse Don Morris Don Oberle Garland Osborn Adeline Olero - Eugene Overholf - Jean Parker """"'5 .10 -nt Klfaa I ,-1 9 Q? is gi-adlualea ,, 'gg . g. ie if' U P AI if K ,,,.., James Cardwell Max Virgil lvlargarel Robbins Richard Roberls Jaclc Schroelrer Tom Scudder Henry Smilh Bolo Snedaker :A HE mg: er so M W is .I . ..,... ,mm W '. I ,- 434 ii Hx , . 1 l W 529' -,A g F l-:-' , A l-larolcl Peck Anlhony Peich Reuel Peirsol Doug Percival George Pelri V Arl Pfeiffer W. Ross Phillips Elmer Posi Phillip Pryne mam 1 sz ,.,. P H , :F'1:2iE2F.., .,:f:,e,:,., ' ' SEM' R l lr Jack Reeves Gordon Reno Russell Riblo Jaclc Richards Joe Radley A Ice Rodriguez Floyd Roenlclce Eslher Rose Jaclc Ross b Sholander John Sngler Gordon Slead George U. Smilh all Snedden Mervln Soden Bull Soulher Barbara Spraul ss ,. -r ss s ii 535.3 Bill Schaeffer George W. Smil Ed Spruill B? J 2 - , w.x LJ. lvlelvm Sleele Roloerl Slreidley Jam Sfraley ..2" Marjorie Sleclc Sfanley Slevens Janel Sfrilcer Mary Sullivan Bruce Sleele Nan Sfolces James Slrona fl -NX Joseph Sykes Currier Thalcher Sams Turner Marie Venolia Roger Wailrkones Paf Walker .li I gucluafing ggglakomorefi "J 5 vi '-1-P f? rn 4 2 N4 3 ni -i' co -S U7 L. cn m 3 fl. n 3' cn o O '+- -i' Q Q.. cv N4 70 C U7 fb 2 QL K 'T H W Q Qi W HM X r . Q , W 54 i A ' L'. new E M , . mmfen na Q - n, Q mf QT . A Q a w IJ i H ..., H il .,.,,,.,1g5--:E:,.,.,.,.,. Gaiam.-E., M 2 I V,.: o? :., zlz , in V ci 'Q 2-:H Rawle Willcins CharlesAWilliams Bill Wilson Delberl Wi'r+ry Delmar Wiiiry Maurice Wood Joann Woodruff' Laurie Woodruff Wayne Yarolimelc Bob Zeinlerberg Sp' omoredai , we Franlc Aranguren Cecilia Bibby Allen Birqe. Michael Blue Willi Belly Brake am Bowering Charles Brillian Morris C ampbell Eugene Carson l y Byron Coke pharlolle Colburn ,James Colclasser lRober+ Coleman l i i Dick Conde l Don Cuddigan Kalhryn G. Curiis William Dodge i l Ralph Edwards Belly Fischer l David Flake l Clifford Fora i Jack Fosler Phyllis Freemire Lynn Free+ l-lelen Fry l l l r l Diclc Funderburgh Jerry Govin Laura Gulhrie y George l-laley MRI, '1 dh ' 4 .:-,J Q X ' - my :-:-' ,J Sqn., is Wm rf ' 1 is - 1 :ai ' ' - ' I , A E' P ,ga 'f'T'1 Alvin l-lall Oliver Hall Bolo l-lolway Kennel'l1Jelden Tad Johnson Charles Jones Curlis Jones Frank Kania AI Kidd Par Kiefer Judge King Mary Lewellen Lynden Lowe Willis Lowe Ed Maloney Ray lvlalloclc 55219 0l'l'l 0l"e6 ami-x is is , ,mmm 7.7 mn n - as :na iam Sax .lam an amen-aj 'na ms :. X 5 wi Hew- EK E88 and Tana msn msn me ms san 3 , ss y B E BEER .. 'LW BE ,E 59aB3!ExW,,Wv.Y ,ma ., Bt mugs s msn nm a i E 1 is a s s m i ' 1. Q as Q L mass 2 sf mf ! n 7 is ss B a me me i3?..i.W.P7i H Y Q El , mwww. um B ma is B a wa mms a enum -- m mmm is n Clyde Mallias Louis Mazzarini John McCaige Fred McClung Glenn McCrea John McFadden ' -- 2539: ' l w " ff 'Wi H umm Q H M Em ME' ml., ex- H 1 1 ss pq l 5? H-Q, M E E BENQ E M E HBH H fl- wx ,gg M.-X HR B18 mfg M year ,Time Y M: Li.-QYFW? gg Fx H E HI-A E wa T is H 1 ll l K 14,5 ll 1 'K' wx ,, . H Q el M H Eg X E ,ffm Q. ,wi , , .gms .-:S June Monlayne Al Moody ss ss ms Dale Moore Mary Louise Moore James Norfolk Wei' E E was Quai may ii an Y W4 Earl Nygaard John Pielz Virginia Prall Beri Pray Michael Radford Bill Reed Jay Rodriguez Randall Romero .8210 OITI, 0l"e5 and Then, There was Sophomore Week .... Currier Thaicher was ' l'+ :li . Marilyn Shock Dale Smilh Charles Slarcher John Speziali John Teeling Tom Toland lvlarjgie Pruell Qhlarles Rowland il W W Joe Valdez I. l-l. Van Cleave l Calherine Welin l i l l i l Marie While i Ernesl Wilkinson Buford Wilson l ll l l l ll l Roberl Wrighl i U Cleeman Wilhers i I l Floyd Zaslrow i l l i 'l i l l Froni row: M. Breeding, L. Braswell, H. Ahlmann, R. Auclelfe, J. Bonnefl, W. Brown, L. Bromley, H. Brubaker. Back row: F. Aguilar, R. Beckwilh. R. Benner, K. Asper, F. Cannacly jl"e6Al'l'L2l'l . . . rx . Beginning wilh The sponsorship of Jrhe all-school picnic al San fun - .g Dirnas Park, Jrhis year's Freshmen class, under lhe leadership of Pres- F. -,V nw . - V- r if " iolenl' George Marlin, has Jralcen an aclive perl in school aclivilies. Presidenf George Marlin, Secrefary Anile Arnold, and Treasurer Bill Reed. .dl Froni row: M. Bigelow, M. DiGangi, B. Daniels, J. Drury, J. Guyion. P. Daves. Back row: P. Erbs, R. Sessions, G.,Hardcas+le, J. Gore, E. Sfaiford, J. Misak, R. Grossman. Fronl' row: N. GallineHi, M. Eskay, P. Fillcin. J. Gilbert J. Hale, M. Gregory, T. Gemmell, K. Fiflcin, M. Genung. A. Fichlner. Back row: H. Gaulclin, N. Ferrero, R. Ferris. R. Abblilrl, J. Sidowslci, R. Galligna, D. Gildersleeve, D. Gabelo. J. Faro. i E W I .WS fi 'Sm aww.. Fronf row: L. Harrison. B. Hobday, J. Jarvis, S. Headley. V. Hufchison, P. Jenkins. Back row: R. Hickok, B. Hollingsworih, D. Horfon, J. Hedrick, J. Jackson, J. Howard. Fronf row: R. Kooniz, A. Lloyd. R. Jones, R. Jonas, T. Johnson, D. King, C. Colburn. F. Johnson, O. Lopez. Back row: J. Lopez, D. Kimsey. B. Ladd. R. Jones, E. Knox, R. Koiar, B. Jermain, L. Cresmer. - ' ,Y Q Em Fronf row: V. Maihews, B. Harfshorn, P. Crawford. H. McDowell, A. Lesovslcy. Back row: C. Over- hoifzer. J. MCC-Biil, B. Miller. T. McCarron. 1 1 Fronf row: R. Ness. B. Nielson. L. Morosan, B. Niswander, D. Nelson. Back row: M. Nisbe+, I. Nyqaard, J. Murray, I. Owens. B. L. Olsen. I gh. 2 is EQPQJAHQQH ,pw-1 ...- Fronf row: P. Reyes. S. Richardson. G. Pearce. J. W. Barre++, A. Poniz. Back row: D. Prince D. Oleson, G. Mariin, B. Penningion. ' L CTX' ss Fronf row: J. Roof. D. Riffle, H. Rupel, D. Sedig, R. RiHer. D. Rose.'C. Sampson. P. Jenkins. Baci: rovh: H. Sakafani, K. Sa+l1er, W. Scholey. B. Shepherd, J. Saueressig. J. McDermoH1, E. Schaum. J. Russe . Froni row: G. Smiflnerman, M. Shellman, A. Harboiile, J. Spain. C. Silvey. Back row: A. Severance, R. Smifherman, G. W. Smifh, I-I. Soden. X. Fronf row: R. Sage, B. Sfewarf, I. Tafoya, C. Taylor, A. Sfraw hun. T. Tafe. Back row: J Sievens. M. Spiller, B. Swiff, ' 'E. Stafford, R. Sessions, D Sfein, S. Simpson. an pea! gracluafea R l ' E SN-I fa J I Kalhy Bixby sq Rodenbush, D. Savala. B. Hodges, K. Karlson, F. Recldin, V. Beebe. ' IOQCIIGK .gzulenffs . . . Fronf row: M. Buck. D. Towne, R. Colburn, E. Sewell. Back row: P. Zaragosa, J. Milne, W. Malfhews. Fron+ row: E. Lowe. V. Rudd, M. Miller, R. Bohse, D. Bish. Back row: G. King, P. Gaefa D. CF5W'l:OTd, R. Glover, R. Claflc, T. 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'- x X H w. -5 W 1 - ,Trl QQ x 3, r ' fr-V- ,rt K , F---L lgaffy Gommiffee The Rally CommiTTee.con- sisTs oT The song and yell lead- ers, represenTaTives of The sTudenT council, band and drama deparTmenTs, all under The advisorship oT Mr. Adolph KaTh. The commiTTee planned and presenTed pre-game rallies and halT-Time sTunTs during The TooTball season. BC F0 Frcnf row: J. Woodruff. J. Jennings, A. Arnold, M. Genunq. B k w: C. Taylor, K. Biggs, A. Lesovsky, Mrs. Mills, l A. P. Wa ke: r. MeTcalT and Russell Weller. Froni- row. A. FxchTner, D. Bellows, J. WoodrufT, J. Jennings, A. Arnold, J. Rcil K K T5 ns. Back row: D. Kibby. D. Moss, Mr. KaTh. D. Morris. The AssociaTed Women STudenTs, wiTh Mrs. Marie Mills as Their advisor. have sponsored many oT The group acTiviTies aT The college. The Back- wards Dance, The SpagheTTi Feed,LThe April Fash- ion Show, and FaTher-DaughTer BanqueT held lasT March were among Their successTul acTiviTies. ' ,rms Besides helping wiTh social aTTairs. members oT The AssociaTed' Men STudenTs Took parT in sTu- denT governmenT in cooperaTion wiTh The execuTive council. l-lighlighT oT year's acTiviTies was The "Smoker," which TeaTured boxing and wresTling evenTs beTween various members oT The sTudenT body. Mr. McDermoTh, Mr. Arrambide, and Mr. Welsch are advisors. .gualenf T guaineaa ogg.. STudenT Business Manager Rus- sell Weller had his hands Tull keeping The sTudenT body finances sTraighT. IT was his job To handle all budgeTed sTudenT body acTiviTies, all sTudenT body Tunds, and manage a banking T service Tor all clubs. Don Nelson is his very able assisTanT, and Malcolm MeTcalT is TaculTy business advisor. Soda! Commiffee N. Welch, C. Williams. J. Jennings, G. Marfnn, C. Colburn, J. Monfayne, J. Howard, Mrs. The AlTruisTs, college service club, is composed oT men and women sTu- denTs whose primary aim is To be oT service To The col- lege. They have served as ushers aT dramaTic produc- Tions ond as TiclceT sellers and guards aT aThleTic evenTs. The highlighT oT The club's acTiviTies was Their sponsorship oT The W.S.S.F. lWorld STudenT Service Fundl drive on The campus. . Mr. Bernard Conrad is The club advisor. E. Jones, J. Hale, P. Welch, J. Gilbert M. Shellman. R. Cole. S. De Lapp, H. Moody, V. HuTchison, A. Lesovslcy, C. Williams, ine, D. Sedig, G. Marfin. B. Mcfxlp eruice .fdhruia fa Mill The Social CommiTTee, wiTh Mrs. Marie Mills 'as Their advisor, was respon- sible Tor many oT The col- lege social acTiviTies. The group sponsored The GeT AcquainTed Dance which was held in boTh The TirsT and second semesTers, The ChrisTmas Formal on De- cember I3, and The Spring Formal aT The Pomona CounTry Club on April 30. 1' 5 Hgagggg ' ' ESRB RWE Pal Lee . . uiiirar 1 - 'aaa ' a 'Um m' X rf ,..,, i. 4 - Terr l-laza ma r Y Dan M. .Savala S Galen Pearce Chaparral editor 'K E fig - E EV 22 H ' 'f5"'i, .K '- :-:: Mildred Bigelow Joyce W. Barrell Elmer Posl The Chaparral slall, under lhe guidance of Edilor Dan Savala and Supervisor of Publicalions l-lilmer G. Lodge, has devoled many long and ledious hours lo The 'produclion ol This annual. Associale Eolilor Mildred Bigelow handled The pholography, wilh The aid of pholographers Dick Climie, Larry Cresmer, and Al l-lall. Pal Lee, as lilerary edilor. look charge of all wrile-ups, wilh lhe help ol slall membersRuss Cochran and Joyce Wolford Barrell. Sporls Edilor Fred Brownell covered all alhlelic evenls wilh rheaid of Dick Neel and Jim Brownell. Virgil Beck was in charge of adverlising and Elmer Posl was business manager. Arl Edilor Galen Pearce, wilh lhe help of Carol Taylor, Eliza- loelh Wagne'r, Bealrice Pilaria, and Eugene Wood, handled all 'rhe arl work under l'he supervision ol Mr. Adolph Kalh, head ol lhe Arl Deparlmenl. Terry l-lazama was gollicial lypisl. ' 'li i , - l 4 l i l l Mary Winfersef, Mounfaineer Edifor Frances Johnson, Supervisor of Publicafions Hilmer G. g l and James Cardwell. l 1 , , i we mounfaineer . . . ' i Among fhose who work firelessly fo keep fhe flame of school spirif alive is fhe Mounfaineers sfaff. This group of sfudenfs devofe ai good parl' of fheir fime fo fhe business of keeping fhe sfudenf Body informed. The sfaff included Paul Anderson, firsf semesfer eldifor: Frances Johnson, second semesfer edifor: Associafe Edifors Jim Cardwell, Mary Winfersef, and Paf Lee: Sporfs Edifors Larry Eine and Dick Neel: Arf Edifor Galen Pearce: Sfaff Phofographers Rick Climie, Larry Cresmer, and Al Hall: Don Oberle and Arf Pfeiffer, agriculfure: Dorofhy Williams, music: Circulafion and Busi- ness Manager Elmer Posf: Assisfanf Business Manager Claude May- klaerry: Adverfising Manager Virgil Beck: Copyreaders Terry l-lazama, Eleanor Frankel, and Marie Kane: and General Reporfers, Russell Cochran, Lynn Freef, Nick Ferrero, June Monfayne, Joyce Wofford Barreff, Jim Brownell, Fred Brownell, Don l-lorfon, J. R. Rodriguez, Frank Aranguren, Phyllis Freemire, Darrell Kibby, Gene Herriof, Nancy Dean, Pafsy Connor, Carol l-lanna, Juanifa Scharf and Rosemary Wiggs. l The Mounfaineer is enfirely sfudenf operafed under fhe able direcfion of l-lilmer G. Lodge, supervisor of publicafions. as Paf Lee Don l-lorfon V Mary Winfersef Richard Neel Charloffe Colburn l A Lynn Freef w ss ss -sa an mi Frances Johnson Paul Anderson E ss as . as sag' ss fs. e ms! ss ss as ' an an ss e e B as a me m B a ss as an me me ss me we B ss B ' an ss H gi I . 'Z - S ' ' E 1 1 B H . QQ H E 1 Lf? H B mligiigfwx m'M.?EI2HQH H H Qigsi E E , EEE Hswmm Saga? H aafmig mi -kgs was Xgwm - ' E Ewan B gn n ,ss agus my - H B BE E -V885 B ' H- W H - .- . E g E W Q. -B U E H E 1 1. E 1 2 H 11-W1 S E S 5211 -115.9 1 H as 1 H m E H-fm wav- M H E 5 m Wwiigxn H,-mm 2 ms. M . L an B X W ss ' W M-.95 B Nx EI W ,, . ,Q iw B H If --WIRE - M-im II- : . ' f -1 ' FQ msd n'MwfM,3?p3- Nm mx fmmawg-,wx-Ewa IIIQm-5.144-I,,IIIw H:-1-5 gzzugw 12 H.-IM'q- .- 2'?-- -QL --fm, ..-.-,. W 2 H ' ' "T 'E ' ' - Y 1 '. ., .I H rel . . I 5 H A Q -, H' K MM B Q i' w B' . , A 'H - ' K W BSS E X r-riff-.-I H -5 xg . N, .KZ-W 2' ss 'QNEHQW B mgiwvnnkg ,M HgMW3',Q:E,WE,, ,wiv-.E ,, -W 3,222 midi- '1 -1 'mf' H ' ' H wfms B . H H-M saw ! E EH QSQQHE1- N H .- , X 1 'Fw-W WI-E JFZH'-5? H- H 1 Hfgkgii W amsgzgg-:gf INNini-Qiiggfiiwgmigfgg ki- 'Nik KZSQQSQZSF - ff' - -. X 1 asf? f, I Z5 W'-A ' -7 H'-Q' H '111'H'?g KW? WZ' 'HLZSSHQHEE 'Egg s-Skim is--W 2-E357 W H Q25 3 H G -X "Sei -I W LK-wg 1. K- Izw ' ..- -T mug -5, sg E-an E . ,ss H Kiss E B sw Q 15- gm In E- ygxm H- H Q - K, 1 -,I-1 B fL'fwI"m'.Qf ' F '12, 'QSWH ' .5 w-ZX In B:-wig ms E Hwag wlw fi angina B 'mfg it mms-2 1,1I,'w'wt 1.1 "1 W II' 1- s-'. , - ng ss. 1 ' n -- 5 sf- aw p : 2 -J ww-, kg' mwgiw - I B I. - 11 I.I 5 ,P 1 1 I -.--Q 1 H -I gg B B . Q I - - rg. .--.ff 'gp VHIHP1 -5- f " I 31 . an gg, H Li E II. II ,Hw -13,1 r4 , 3 L- :Is E .Is I.. -:Lhasa E my NE 'B II .MNH I an ' I., "6 , I 1- I. : : v -- , fm' H, gwsss . -I ga, nf- H J ss 1 gidfi -Q ' 11' .Wyw 'H Hi5.?w- -m W as K :EWAHW H--Eg. H . BAKE I I.,,.I U- - .--Ik.. H www V Imwwwaa I -gmgmm ggmgmw aww .,,,wx1M I. IQ I N E dey: .HL -,X :--W I f K 1 -, 1 mf, I1-,H Q .M M- K my-'1-W Wa was I W 1 .1 K- I -in -Q Sggis :wrt F gr. yy- 5 QQ? .H 4 1 ??Q.+mggh 5-H -fi-5123-mm .Ig mg?-.-y ga, Z-gg.-if 5 11 ,gf-5 , :Wwe --H J J - .4 - - ,E -15' g ' sq -4- "Q-.'Mm.1 mm Q if musk H -1- .i - A E E 1 ' ,xv ' -- K ., ' ks ' -W Iwys 1 E 1 I H , , ' w, -III- 5' IE. ., 3,.wQIL.I .-Q 2. HE I- W 3.-my x H H H -, 55 N L Ijlm I H mg H E E at I '-A-' 11" '1 'V Bs fl Q aku xnxx ' -- wr. . ' I N ' .I ' Iss sa. . nz .-5. ,I ' H K EEE 1' 1+ 1-P 5 4 1 1 -1 --I.-. .N -fn . A Q- I I , MM I. 2: E H .. ' -- I H' ' " -'W E' Z" N, Y f . gli 'X W M Qi' 2 E H 2' x 'Sf ' 157' U M2 ' 1 "2"'Q Q - 'PZ' NWT? W- H Hw- 11", E ' N 2 ,-'I 'SEP ghiii sf , ' - " Psi xx ' H S11 1 -- K - . '?1r1- H A 'Y'-2:5 5-1.38 B Q, 52135, H .4 . ' . GQ n we Se, 1 ' EMM ' ,IL A, I N - '- xl, - 'mu' us - Q SWK A, - - M Q. -- -. - - - - 1 - . .Lux xii! .. . -,H -I . '79 I ,Li Q 3 1 . .. . , B .. -. . - . ,f I - I 1 G- II I 4 W 3 - Tk NJ ra - 'L V- I I- ,.., Ijy- .. I.I.III,- , LN- - W 'V' 391 'Q as -,Hg -5' W2 we - ,EL -gg 1 dv 4' W H JW Q41 '7-A if ., Sw .11 "Zz, .5 1 PM 5Q7' fa N' 52'-, J 'K , - -Q, III I , .I 1... ,, II - , . Iv- V? . M If If a,M J. I mr isa 1. A S, .2 ,. ,si " 1' 'M -'X vw - . '-sH' ' - - -Sf " , J, --ff - - I. 1' 1 8' , 1, I1 1 i1fvf,' .1 .1 N ,-f -5 I. I, yr,-f I v W f . F-. A Rs. .fa-'52 I . ' 55 f 1 V 1 I - 'H 1 M-, . ,-,,--wa. A , . ww Q ff B ff - - - - --. ,---,-----. . W N , - 1 1 sz- F- 1 1 gs sa N,-. . Q I ,Q pw 4.:-- A I .I va mm , , M gm W ws - ,Q sw .4 I w - . Q:-+ 9--M - -' 'H - Q 1 Nw- H If .U ,W , f E - im-fn .,1,.. M- -t, -. -f- -pf' H - -- - ,M .. , , . -1 - 2- - -1 ...F v '1 H V - - . A 1 Q x I y IO i i i I Y ' sf i E E i W' Ei? i T, T 1 i ' ' I' i M , T i ww! 'xx . i I, 1 n l ,wfq T 1 i i 'E i 1 ri as T I T i i T Z Scenes from "Our Town" i T JUL i eafre . . . y The Mi. San Anronio LiHle Theafre has been unique in Jrheir ipreseniarions This year. They have gained Jrhe repurajrion TOT always doing Jrhe unusual and for making Jrhe besr of im- ipossible sirualrions. They have Turned Jrhe disadvanrage of in- sufficienr srage faciliries, searing capaciry, and backsrage accommodaiions info assers, and The resulis of fheir veniures have been some of The besr shows ever presenred in rhe area. 1 The Tour shows. "Our Town." "The Nighlr of January Io," i' l+'s a Grand Night" and "Arsenic and Old Lace," were all resenred To capaciry crowds. Members df "Arsenic and Cid Lace" casf. 342 pfayefri The coliege drama organizarion, The Players, added much To Jrhe repu1'a+ion of Mi. Sac by Their produciions of Our Town, The Nigh+ of January l6+h, Arsenic and Old Lace, and +he opening of +he Mi. San Anionio LiHle Theafer. I m as 'ss - ,. sa ggi- M r am is as is V mia- E. Aa ws A was s' B E ss H H. - m-sa -. We . , WW.. ...wa .. ..?F. ... is . . Scene from "Nigh+ of January Ib" The Players, in coniunciion wifh +he Music Deparimeni, co-produced The musical produciion, "H"s A Grand Nigh'+." The group is direcred by Miss Beulah Yeager. Froni row: H. Allen. D. Morris, J. Ridley, C. Biggs. Second row: J. Dorf, J. Fich+ner, P. Lee, H. McDowell, P. Connor. Back row: B. I-lobday, J. Richards, J. Cenoz, R. Gluck, B. Decker, D. Moss, L. Harbofrle, Miss Yeager. Scene from "Nigh'r of January lb". KOZLZCOIL Froni' row: M. Prueff. M. Gonzalez, T. Gemmell, J. Whife, B. McAlpine, J. Sffrilcer, V. Beebe', M. Lowe. Second row: B. Simpson, Miss Wingfield, V. Maffhews, E. Wagner, B. Sproul, A. Lesovsky, D. Wrighf, C. Fine, T. Hazama, H. Rupel, J. Drury. Back row: S. Boggs, B. Creighfon, J. Kroneberg, S. Richardson, P. Blair, B. L. Main, H. Brubaker, B. Dinsmore. The Colhecon Club, perhaps beffer known as fhe Home Economics Club, complefed numerous proiecfs during fhe pasf year. In addifion fo social and acfivify meefings, and fhe preparafionof foods for college conferences and various club meefings, a Child Welfare Cenfer was organized fo develop leader- ship among sfudenfs in feaching pre-school children. The program included sfudies of child nufrifion, obser- vafion of eafing and playing habifs of children of fhis age, and fhe sfudy of children's liferafure. Wirh fhe aid of The Sears-Roebuck Foundafion, a library of books on child care was sfarfed. The club's acfivifies were conducfed under fhe direcfion of Miss Melissa Wingfield. -if H fm 1 lf E uaic H QEZBQ . CM Fronf row: P. McVicker, E. Wafers, D. Morris, R. Jones, S. Welday, H. Brubaker, E. Wagner. Badlr row: Mr. Ronfelclf, J. Morrell. Froni' row: B. CreighTon, E. Morris, E BaTchelor B Lawson P M V'k . . . . . c ic er. Second row: J. Daniels, R. Emery, G. Cordell, J. Morrell, Mr. RonTeldT, M. Fuller, B. Neilson, J. STriker, E. Wagner, A. Rodriguez, E. WaTers, J. Parker. Back row: D. Fl lc N ' a e. . KeTTenring, M. Johnson, S. Welday, E. Laraway. I.. jadnfd The Music DeparTmenT, under The direcTion oi STanTon Selby and Louis RonTeldT, is one oT The mosT' acTive organizaTions on The cam us in p . Aside Trom The choir, There are several small T groups of sTudenTs who performed aT various TuncTions. Among These are The ConcerT Singers and The STring Trio. joaaimaafera M r. STanTon Selby J. GuyTon, P. Maas, J. Welch The primary purpose oT The ToasTmasTers is To improve The poise and speaking abiliTy oT Their members beTore an audience. AT presenT The club's membership is limiTed To sixTeen regular and Tour associaTe members under The ad- visorship oT Miss Beulah Yeager. Clock-wise: J. Ross, L. HarboTTle, B. SouTher, C. ThaTchem J. Ridley, Miss Yeager, J SchroeTer, R. Weller, J, Lenz, J. Cardwell, A. Lopez, K. KorsTiens, R. Cochran, C. Case, J. Becker, J. Silver, N. KeTTenring, R. Climie, C. Biggs. alnlnd igma Admission lo i'llG Alpha Gamma Sigma, ihe iunior college honor sociely of California, is achieved by any siudenl having iwelve or more unils per semesier and ihirry grade poinis wiih no grade lower fhan a C. Club advisors are Miss Harrie? Genunq, Miss Margarei D. Overholrzer, and Charles Mooliclc. Their ouisiand- inq even? was lhe insfallaiion dinner al The Claremonl Inn. .agnferea fa . . . Froni' row: H. Bourdel, M. Venolia, M. Kane, M. Michael, J. Cenoz, H. Fry, D. Lowery, B. Brake, M. Genung. Second row: Miss Genunq, K. Korsliens, F. Gschwend, P. Dickinson, J. Lenz, H. Moody, R. Tillon, J. Duqhman, E. Posl, D. Heyer, D. Cliilon, P. Schlaegel, B. Troliner, R. Weller, C. Mullin, Mr. Mooliclc. Back row: C. Eiche, W. Kick, D. Percival, K. Karlsen, B. Murphy, J. Colclasser, C. Dughman. . ""A"'?fr""hQfwj.'H'T.3"e2'F'ij3r5af2'Q'Q"f2Q'i5'rQ" feagae Q Qigewgegm-S 1. S Q, Q wsmigigigg YlQiVis5gP3:mi Ymg . ye V V el' iell.t6CLO difgfnlleliflel' efeill. The German Club, Bergmaenner- verein, sponsored by Mr. Charles Mooliclc, has as ii purpose lo familiar- ize sludenis wiih German liieraiure and cusioms and Jro afford praclical use of lhe language. Herr Devil and his grandrnoiher accompanied by Jrwo imps were preseni on Walpur- gisnachr ,which was presenlecl by The German Club on April 23. 4 Froni row: H. Fry, H. Ahlman..M. Prueif, P. Jenkins, R. Kooniz. Back row: Mr. Mooliclc, P. Reyes, G. Jeffers, K. Karlson, D. Percival, J. Morrell, F. Gschwend, R. Cole. The Caduceans, a pre-medical club, brings fogefher in an educa- fional and social manner fhose sfudenfs inferesfed in fhe medical field. Their program for fhe year included frips fo fhe hospifal and College of Osfeopafhs, surgical films, lecfures by oufsfanding physicians and healfh workers, and frips fo public, healfh and sanifa- fion facilifies. The club advisor is Miss Marie Helsley. Fronf row: B. Coleman, C. Ballou, J. Kroneberg. D. Heyer. Second row: R. Cole, M. A. Bueker. K. Carlsguard, J. McCaige, M. Sfeck, B. l-lolway, B. Dinsmore, R. Miller, K. Bixby, H. Fry, D. Savala, C. Thafcher. Back row: Miss Helsley, Miss Burgesss, P. Reyes, H. German. Cavluceana . ommercia! Froni' row: Mr. Scofield. J. Spain, J. Dughman, C. Eiche. C. Dughman, M. Wood, G. Smifh. P. Daves, Miss Ford, Miss Ferris. Second row: C. Echeverria, T. Hazarna, M. Shellman, I. Nygaard, l-l. Brubaker, D. Sedig. M. Eslcay, J. Parker. D. Lowery. Third row: E. Posf, O. Hall. Mr. Mefcalf, C. Sampson. B. Wilson, J. Roof. M. Sfeele, F. Redclin. T. Tafe, B. Abbliff, C. Case, J. Russell, L. Freef, E. Wilkerson, J. Cenoz. M. Kolberf, C. Bell, E. Jones, W. Cooke. Back row: E. Lowe, G. Hardcasfle, G. Smifh, B. Hibsch, K. Asper. R. Kolar. G. Smifh. r ,., ..... , f- EE, .,., Q , .,.,, :V ::: ., ,,.,, !..:-:-- :::, -P EZ:-1--5- : ' E , A ,ms E . E ii During fhe pasf year, fhe Commercial Club held numerous evening meefings which feafured speakers and represenfafives from various soufhern California busi- ness concerns. The club is conn- posed of sfudenfs maioring in commercial fields. George Sco- field, Malcolm Mefcalf and Miss Carol E. Ford are advisors. , l-lighlighT OT The Flying Club's program was The brealcTasT TlighT To San Bernardino, which marked The compleTion oT The members' TlighT hours under The STaTe FlighT lndocTrinaTion program. Charles S. BooTh is The club advisor. Mem- bers oT The clulo have chalked up many TlighT hours in The club's own plane. Fronf row: P. Freemore, J. FiTchner, R. Peirsol. P. Walker, R. Brake. R. KoonTz. Second row: Mr. STaples, B. Ladd. V. McDowell. J. Bamesberger. H. MarTin, B. AlJbliTT, J. Hedrick, L. HarboTTle. Back row: V. Johnson, H. ChrIsTonson, G. Reno, J. McCaige. J. Morrell, B. Hodges. flgineem . ying The Engineers club pro- gram Tor The pasT year included various Trips and excursions. Bernard J. Con- rad and Paul E. Welsch piloTed The clulo Through a successTul year. F. 6oodykoonTz. D. Brain, W. Bowering. S. STevens, W. SchaeTTer. D. Percival, B. Main, M. Dinwiddie, G. Hare, E. BriTTain, B. Moore, R.Tweed, M. Campbell, F. Gschwend, Mr. Bowers. 6. Jeffers. cl? Pafy Sa Sealed: Miss Corwin, Miss Genung. Mrs. Williams. Sianding: ' M. Genung, M. Kane, M. Michael, D. l-leyer, H. Fry, L. Bromley. W. am a 2f4,...,.. Wirh Dr. Joseph A. Lan- dry as advisor, The French clulo, Les Collegiens, enjoyed an inleresling series of meel- ings. I+ sponsored The Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball, which was one of lhe mosl colorful evenis held on ihe campus. Fronf row: H. Bourdef, M. Pruell, C. Kilgore, J. Kroneberg, P. Freemire, F. Wahlberg, D. Lowery, B. S+ewarl'. Second row: D. Rose, M. Nesbil, V. Johanssen, P. Reyes, J. Cenoz, J. Lenz, D. Maxwell, A. Wrighf, Dr. Landry, B. Williams, Third row: l-l. Allen, E. Knox, R. Emery, M. Radford, A. Birge, P. Pryne. B. Wilson. ' ,lim .fdhmod Besides Jrhe Mexican Chrislmas "Las Posadas", Jrhe Spanish club, Los Allenos, sponsored "A Nigh+ in Mexico" lasl' winier. compleie wirh all Jrhe almosphere of old Mexico, and including movie slars and slciis. Miss Madeline Calleri is advisor. Fronfz P. Reyes, C. Hanna. A. Lopez. Firsi' row: A. Rodriguez, D. Abbofr, M. Gonzalez, P. Wilson, L. Oakes, C. Echeverria, E. Wagner. I. Tafoya. Second row: Miss Calleri, T. l-lazama. N. S+okes, R. Peirsol, V. Hufchison, P. Blair, F. Wahlberg, M. Robbins, M. Pruelrf, C. Sampson. Back row: R. Tillon, P. Zaragoza, l. Romo, R. Mallock, G. Marlin, J. Cenoz. .wiser . er 3 E s H 5 P265 CM Froni' row:'J. Scharf, F. Johnson, J. lvlonTayne, C. Colburn, P. Lee, M. WinTerseT, D. Savala. Back row: E. PosT. L. FreeT, J. Brownell, J. Murray, J. Cardwell, E. Sickles, P. Anderson. L. Fine, Mr. Lodge, ,C. Mayberry. The Press Club was organized Tor The sTudenTs inTeresTed in The Tield oT journalism. The club isiunder The supervision oT Mr. l-lilmer G. Lodge. Newspa ermen Trom The surrounding college area spoke To The club aT iTs iniTialObanqueT on February 2. STudenTs inTeresTed in psychology and oTher re- laTed proucessional work Tind a common inTeresT in The Psychology Club. The college's newesT campus organizaTion. lvleeTings are scheduled Tor The purpose oT acquainlring sTudenTs on maTTers oT psychology and all iTs Tields. Mr. Thomas lvlcC5raTh is club advisor. l Back row' R Peirsol, D. Banks, H. Rupel, J McMurray, L. Clark, P. Williams. A. Arnold, A Rodriguef, Mir. Mc6raTh, J. Drury, C. Kilgore, H. Fry, D. STyles, M. Kane, J. Parker, B. Creighfon Fron+ row: W. MaThews, G. Cordell, B. Wilson, R. Colburn, B. Dodge, B. Holway, J. Honey A. Wenzel, L. HarboTTle, A. Lopez, P. J. Reyes. mg.. cm The consTrucTion oT an amaTeur radio sTaTion was one oT The proiecTs which The Radio Club, under The direc- Tion oT Mr. Leroy Spore, planned during lasT semesTer. OTher acTiviTies included work on Television receivers and personal consTrucTion proiecTs. R Climie, D. Savala, E. Maloney, Mr. Spore, F. Goodykoonh, J. Reeves. T W. GuyTon, G. W. SmiTh, R. STeidley, Mr. Spore. KUZZGPJ i Recording MSAC evenTs is The main aim oT The ShuTTer-Bugs. lTs members cover campus acTiviTies, Taking Those picTures Thar would inTeresT and concern The sTudenTs. Many Chaparral picTures were phoTographed by The club mem- bers. Through Leroy Spore and l-lilmer G. Lodge, advisors. . . . V lnsTrucTive meeT1ngs and acTual camera work were provided Tor members. MWCA 1 Serving The school, The church, and The communiTy, The Y men pro- moTe The highesT sTandards oT Chris- Tian characTer. This organizaTion employs democraTic meThods To achieve embodimenT oT ChrisTian pyinciples in individual and group I e. Ffoni' row: J. McMichael. A. Lopez, P. Reyes. L. Lapp, C. Williams. Second row: J. McCaige, Mr. Ebersole, J. Cenoz. The annual spring barbecue lasT May was The wind-up oT The VarsiTy Club's acTiviTies Tor The year. Men having earned a leTTer 'from any sporTs auTomaTically become members of The club. During The TooTball bangueT in December, l-layes Meyer was named as MounTaineer oT The Year. Coaches John L. Arrambide, Malcolm MeTcalf, Archie 1 Nisbei' and Thomas l-l. McC5raTh are advisors. Froni row: C. Gray, L. How- ard, R. Lopez, R. Sfearns, S. Welday. R. Garreff, J. Else. R. Ribb, H. Meyer. G. Pefri, Brumme'H J Sfrona Mr R. , . , . NisbeT. Second row: A. Lopez, R. Ternquisl: V. Beck, C. ChrisTeanson, R. Srnifh, D. Swiff, D. Edinger, J. Richards. J. Murray, J. Collins, D. Willey, J. Smifh. Third row: A. Pierce, L. SmiTh. C. John- son, R. Hanson, G. Baird, D. RoberTs, C. Rowland, S. Adams, L. New+on. MWCLJ4. The Young Women's ChrisTian AssociaTion is an organizaTion OT women' sTudenTs guided by The principles laid down loy 'The naTional headguarTers oT The organizaTion. During The TirsT sernesTer, The group sponsored The MoTher-DaughTer Banquet The GeT-AcquainTed ParTy Tor all women sTudenTs. a series oT dis- cussions on Marriage and -I-he Fronf row: V. Beebe, L. GuThrie, D. Sedig, I. Nygaard, C. Sampson, J R T H CI R . .F VV E. Wagner. Second row: Miss Burgess, C. Echeverria. R. Jones. T. Haza H Omen an 5 eVl9W O Ol' Brubaker. D. Lowery, Miss Genung. Back row: M. PrueTT, M. Michael, B. H RelaTions. One of Their ouTsTand- ing evenTs was The ChrisTmas Tea. Miss DoroThy Burgess is The club advisor. i oung jarmera . WiTh Mr. Loren D. Phillips and Mr. G. A. Sherman as advisors, The Young Farmers. a campus organizaTion composed oT men sTudenTs inTeresTed in agriculTure and relaTed Tields, were ins+rumen+al in spreading The Tame oT MT. San AnTonio Col- lege ThroughouT The sTaTe. ReporTs show ThaT The Young Farmers' Rally Tor all SouThern California. held on The campus. was one oT The ouTsTanding evenTs oT iTs kind in The enTirei sgaTe during 1947. The HarvesT Ball was anoTher successTul evenT sponsored by This rc u . 6lI'lC2:5 Bluff. . . The firsl dance of lhe year was The Gel-Acquainleol Dance spon- sored by lhe social commillee 'For Jrhe purpose of qelling Jrhe new sluclenls logelher on a social basis. This dance is an annual affair which is held in The College Dining l-lall. joaflaf w n ff " ,f ,- , f ua. Q Y L59 924 K xy , 5 p ' P rflq., X f f , aux + f X ff Q-M31--fa. m f '. 5 ,. :'1w"'--bf :+..- f - EM --M., X , 1. 1, u ,ph-if ,,, ,n .L K X Q ' . , --.-fi.?9Z?x2?'f'i1'fxq"W I X A h""1b, .- vw-N:-fe-'JI-5 597555 HW' of - A '31 1 - -0-. v XX ,f.f?f1 F ffm:fzs1ifY64?.-:,-i21f- M, -- , X- 'hae Q 'fimieffsex " ! 4 fs ' v af Q if . Q - ' 'L' "-'f ' '. -7 1 ' Q- fl'-a':--:."".'. if ' T51 ' :' 'm1,'2'T' ' A " - X gf' . NX. . , l 2 ff fa' f K x 'bffsaab 'X Z . X ,ii-,Sn ,Q gqehfgaiaf , M511-f ,.w!t -ifxzxx 'Qin' X X X . V ff .X , Hx.. Ki , M x N If 2- N 'Qu ' iff' ,, Xzy "' :iffy . ' If 0 ,-"'A't R1-X "1"-. M Q -ukg. wif- YQ"-f' - B 5 L0 2 XZ", QI ofszfqin 55, EIQN s:bgyXiN ,filth SXQI,-,3 q:b1fH.f9:'!'o! i . A-.7 ,, 'Un' 4455- "Nh YR SQ:-X x23"'!- N - .' ,zu N 4lll!c.?!fs -:EEA xxx .Xxx 'fgw xxXQs.,X .xx 4, N , 11,2 NNT-1: H QNSX 35,1-k XQQE , , ' . ,,- I 'V fgf, N Vik 'X 'Em Kyla,-fy J . ' U, ' 'f',l .I'aig,.:.!?' 1,4 Q ,gf iQjai5i4.' 'A 'W' Y- If X.':1 - XXX Qxuzfivi "iff" . :B 5'fa.l Q- 'I 'Zi-52? ,V Q 5,-,, A ., L- . ,gun . ill! i XM Nb, xp, .23 . F ,+P g,di:5:9.f gig, ., f' f .ff , W -:gif L' X- ' MNA -, ' 'T -V ix.-sf" '5 ' m2.3"5Tk .3 ' lb-L ' 5,50 W C 4 W' , . . . f . - -.wrifkf Hb . ' f f I 154.3 full, if M ' . A . t,.5,!?-'54, W . 5' "fm 'fi Vu 'mir X Alai? , Q, f!f 1 rl I Y' .-, L ' 5' ' I . V fn i 5, .-4f,?d!15g,f M f ,wi .- , . ag 1 K' 1 ' I 6 NR W all fl Wx 1 Y A- , I ' w , i X! Zffix- i 1 ff!! Q. , fm ,f --Y N 1 " -f 'M .sv w,wffMf gp .,Qfwm5yQ A W f V if , V' - 'WIZIVI' f H ' A. ,f f g A 5, if . N 1 X . I f ffl ' ' Q . ' " ' 8 W N , Z! I' W , ' W ,Num QI' J V ' '- H ix 'N XM ? w 1 ' I " A lf J v f . K E f vw g '33 7 f " QW" ff 3' T' 5 N , . X I 'f X:v' ,Q ir A A . X X! ' X d fx N' Nvsu' -I N' ', I, N XJ I S 'x77'T'W9iW X ff" ' ' . w vga ji, , . 3 C 1 A 1' wt , 5 f ' ., - I ' f ' W - N wh-wwsf' , ,. -,Y ,Q ,s2Vx??72"0fz'7'5r--'BL-' 2? ' Q32 l f' FF , 2 ' m, 4.W QE M. ,M f ,. Mivvgj ' , 1 fr! ggi K1 - . A K f " .. . A -fr: 11: P- 1' ,Lf- E 'E ' ', Wllmufgg 5,917 fm, ,--if f ' W ..mlQ",:,-,., .J J -I i A ft' Y AY, i 1 f -" - N11 f :L ff . ,L-:.-,f-I-,W A - if F71 -- V " L-...- ' s f -1 Y f If l-lead coach Archie NisbeT schooled The Team in The "A" TormaTion, a sysTem which proved quiTe successTul. NisbeT Tormerly handled The head TooTball reins aT Pomona l-ligh School, where he Turned ouT some Tine Teams. Johnny Arrambide served as back- - Tield coach. l-le came To MSAC Trorn T FullerTon J. C., where he was an assisTanT To Ed Goddard, and head Track menTor. Mal MeTcalT handled The line TuToring John Arrambide Archie NesbiT Mal lvleTcalT job This, his second year aT MSAC. MeT- calT came To San AnTonio Trom Pomona J. C. joofgaffllam nioyri Ckamlaionfi .giearion Archie NisbeT, Johnny Arrarnbide. and Mal iVieTcalT, are The coaches who moulded The MT. San AnTonio College TooTball Team inTo one OT The besT Junior College aggregaTions oT The year, and brough+ The school's name inTo The headlines. The lv1ounTaineers in Their second year OT aThleTic compeTiTion Tied Tor TirsT place in The EasTern Con- Terence. one oT The ToughesT circuiTs in The counTry. Archie NisbeT's Team dropped only Two oT iTs games. The TirsT being a I3-7 loss To The Pomona College Sagehens and The second a 34-7 deTeaT aT The hands oT a Tired-up ChaTTey Team. During The inTervening Time beTween These Two games, The lvlounTaineers covered Themselves wiTh grid- iron glory by deTeaTing The resT oT Their opponenTs. The MounTies edged a Team which was reporTed To be one oT The besT in CaliTornia Frosh hisTory. I3-6, in The second game oT The season. Then They overwhelmed CiTrus. 58-O: nosed ouT Riverside, I2-7 ripped San Bernardino, 48-6: deTeaTed a very Tine l-lorneT swarm Trom FullerTon, 6-O: Took an easy vicTory over Cal Poly, 33-Og and bumped The SanTa Ana Dons, I3-7. T . . l zz 1 ' ll' f'TTii.i ' i l MOUNTAINEERS - 7 . POMONA SAGEHENS I3 l y' . Coach Archie Nisbe+'s Mouniaineer Gridders worked inlo lop iliprrn for iheir opening game of ihe season buf found Jrhe Pomona Colleyge Sagehgns a lrrile loo powerfuland were defeaied, I3-7, on Aumni Fie in Caremon+. . l The Mouniaineer score came on a flai pass from Lloyd Smiih fio Chuck Rowland mid-way in Jrhe second quarier. A long 32 yard pass from Smilrh +o Rowland sei up 'rhis lone Mouniie score. l Ai This poini in The season lhe Jream was iusi faking form and showed definiie promise which was broughr our laler by -seven clonsecuiive viciories. A Manager Bill Wilson Manager Ralph Edwards 5.5.x , X VL- il i i i A .- A ' , .H -. - A Y 4 A 4 gm, ,. ... . - 3 ia., I i .,, x A .1..-,- .xr .,..Q,?,.-,....,.. ...ap --i--,.... .. ...-ng...-.n.,TiQ,:5.,-g'g5gY,h,,f,,,.:,.g,, I ., ., z h. , . .4 . . . f 3 ,A -- ,-..-e-g V . ei 1 .MA l l i 1 . Q' -44 . . " f' ' 4. 1 T?- '- . ' - ,H -vm gl A , 'fe . . fad . ,y . 4 I ,. .ez , Y I L I O ' K. 'f 3' V 'ff ,- g,,,1.g i 1. g elf- " .1 y ..- V ' " i. i 1 ', po . ' i -' A- - o ig. A i' U -T LL'.:.j'fLT' ' 1 5 SQ, . . , .U-,f 'gif 3 .l.,:, 1. . 1' ' 4' wifi'-an . QM' I 17 Wig. 53'-lulm g Q. V-are 4 N - V 3 ,- an 4' .kie-iet.-Q A .4 xg . ' 3 -N 1 A O - . " ' '. .- . 1 .--ll . -e Jan. ji . in fp . .- N N, in A i V - 'J H il -6- ,f ': . V, ' j Q ft O .-.,. - gi. E ":?:.Ff9'l A - A' l o . i - . l E i- a'I553V"pv' L' i' 2 O f H ' X a 4 5 , . . . l 3 fel .' A 'I I ' , l Y.. .15 , . H L ul . . T K2 ,H im I .Qing I V ,ij -. H - wma 3 iff.fffffififi533 - W A J' . ,Q J if W W? 'P' ' -.2.-'l ' ii if Q-if wa X - ,-, E mi gg 2 - . .. 2 n gm '- O if We H E 2 :RV 3 xg' H awww a giant on ., . . mmm. sz 2 1 - H .- . . Q 4 H . J. .sz . 23' HIE!!! if HWY- H .M mmmsgigxgfgi WMV-ZKHHKEH any an n a - H A ga H H SS A Eg :Z-M imwmwgii M526 W 'R a H H mia--is ra Makin H E mmf a mm: ea gm 3. Km . H wg .i H .. H H H A aimmsiilisil gxgjggf Z M K mage,E X. 2 WK M535 WF! M! H ii' T' W E' H 2 Wal 51. . . 1 5 . . - '.. ,, H I r . . ,y "N fi- . ' I d E Y K:-r. I 1 f"'l"t. - J ,I , . el 'TA if v mins a ' ,- 'J' fax - wh I. ss - a an ' a . aww . me a a a a Ba -X a . ss, "als sz. mum Em 'BEM A H H B a B. gain E, HBH E Ca plain Jim Else Fronf row: T. Srniih, K. Garreil. R. Slearns, D. Swifi, J. Hood, J. Sfrona B. Keclcley. E. Kennedy. A. Fifchner, B. Mafhews, G. Garrell. Second row: Coach Arrarnbide, Coach Meicalf, C. Wheeler, R. Ternquisr, G. Hiesley, E. Heweff, C. Ford, J. Cenoz, 6. Kelly, D. Edinger, J. Richards, L. Srni+h,. D. Hodson, B. Reed, T. Johnson. F. McClung. R. Orr, T. Lloy, N. Garreir. Third row: G. Her- rieff, A. Lopez, W. Kegans, R. Cole, L Newlon, L. Fine, A. Hall, H. Meyers, J. Siraley. S.Adams, P. Lima. C. Thaicher, B. Pray, R. Heiflin, W. Lynch, Coach' Nisbei. Baclc row: E. Spruill, J Collins, J. Clifion, G. 'Bu+cher, J. Valdez, J. Else, C. Rowland, G. Baird, D. Hanson. B. Snedalcer. F. E. Evans, C. Kiefer, P. Johnson, R. Flack. a MOUNTAINEERS- - is CALIFORNIA FRCDSH - 6 1 901015 The second game oT The season proved more successTul Tor The N'isbeTmen, as They Travelled To Berkeley To score an upseT, I3-6, win over The sTar-sTudded UniversiTy oT CaliTorni'a Freshmen Team. This game was played as a preliminary To The CaliTornia-ST. Marys conTesT. This was reporTedly The besT Frosh Team aT CaliTornia since I934. The MounTaineers' TirsT Tally came early in The iniTial period when They marched 70 yards, mosTly on runs, To The Cal 3 yard line. From This oinT Ralph STearns, sub Tullback, packed The ballpover. No more scores were made during The TirsT halT wiTh The powerTul line combinaTion oT Adams, GaTely, Valdez, Orr, Else, Rodriguez, and Rowland, along wiTh Hall, Collins, Davis, and Baird holding The LiTTle Bears To noThing. A Cal Tumble paved The way Tor The second Tally Tor The MounTies wiTh Jack Richards rambling around end To score. FIRST TEAM Pos. Player School End Bob Sachs Chaffey End CheT Nicholson Chaffey Tackle J. R. Rodriguez MSAC Tackle Joe McNamara Riverside Guard Gene Harris FullerTon Guard Hale PaxTon San Bernardino CenTer Bill Luman Chafliey Back A. McCollough ChaTTey Back Jim STraley MSAC Back Frank Munoz V FullerTon Back Howard Menges FuIlerTon Back Jack Pickering SanTa Ana SECOND TEAM Pos. Player School End Chuck Rowland MSAC End Carl OberTo SanTa A Tackle Jasper D'Arnbrosi Riversid Tackle Louis Blanc Chaffey Guard Gino BerTolussi ChaTTey Guard Bill Poore FullerTon CenTer Ralph Orr MSAC Back Hayes Meyer MSAC Back Orland DiCiccio Chaffey Back James Jordan Riverside Back AusTin Snyder Chaffey Back Ralph FreiTag SanTa A STan Adams Cliff Ford ClinT GaTely Gordon Kelly Hayes Meyer Ralph Orr MOUNTAINEERS 58 CITRUS OWLS 0 , Hayes Meyer scores againsT CiTrus wiTh The help oT STrona and Orr. In The nexT sTarT The MT. San AnTonio eleven meT CiTrus J. C., wiTh The visiTing Owls proving no maTch Tor The powerTul MounTaineer Team. The vicTors ran up a ToTal oT 555 yards To a meager 80 Tor The invading CiTrus squad. The MounTies were oTT To a Thundering sTarT wiTh Hayes Meyer racing Through a gaping hole in The Torward wall Tor 70 yards and paydirT. Lloyd SmiTh, Ralph STearns, and Jack Richards carried The ball all The way To The CiTrus Tive, wiTh Richards scor- ing Tor The second TirsT period MounTie Tally. Richards and Tad Johnson scored in The second halT wiTh The powerTul MounTaineer line holding The CiTrus backs To pracTically no gains. ln The Third guarTer, Meyer, STearns, and Tommy Lloy scored. Meyer and STearns scored on runs and Lloy on a sensaTional one-handed snaTch oT a pass. eam5 RIVERSIDE TIGERS - I mfs.. azz II FIRST TEAM Pos. Player School End Bob Sachs Chaffey End Gene Nordyke Compfon Tackle Les Kazarian EI Camino Tackle Volney Pefers Compfon Guard Bill Meikleiohn Sanfa Monica Guard Frank Depasquale Los Angeles Cenfer Tom I-Iamilfon Pasadena Back A, McCollough Chaffey Back Paul Baldwin Bakersfield Back Frank Munoz Fullerfon Back John Finney Compfon Back Jack Pickering Sanfa Ana SECOND TEAM Pos. Player School End Carl Oberfo Sanfa Ana End Morrie Osborne John Muir Tackle Gus Knickrehm Long Beach Tackle J. R. Rodriguez MSAC Guard Hale Paxfon San Bernardino Guard Rene Monroy Compfon Cenfer Bill Luman Chaffey Back Mac I-loulihan Venfura Back Dick Johnson Pasadena Back ares arver os nge MSAC Ch I S Back Dave DePorfe Back Jim Sfralay Bakersfield L A les Affer a rough, fough baffle befween fwo powerful, well-balanced lines, Cliff Ford passed fo Tommy Lloy in fhe final 30 seconds fo nef fhe Mounfaineers a I2-7 nod over Riverside's Tigers for fheir fhird sfraighf win. Riverside scored firsf and fhings were looking black for fhe locals early in fhe firsf guarfer when Orville Smifh plunged over from fhe fwo yard line affer a prolonged 70 yard Tiger drive. Fullback I-Iayes Meyer ploughed over cenfer Iafe in fhe firsf quarfer buf Chappie WheeIer's conversion affempf was wide and fhe Mounfain- eers were sfill behind by one lone poinf. This poinf began fo loom very large as fhe second, fhird, and fhe maiorify of fhe fourfh quarfer dwindled away wifh neifher feam being able fo push across a score. Then in desparafion Ford faded back and fired fo Lloy in fhe end zone for fhe final and winning score of fhe game. I Woody Richards Jay Rodriguez Chuck Rowland Lloyd Smifh Jim Sfraley Joe Valdez MOUNTAINEERS- - - 48 I SAN BERDOO INDIANS - 6 The San,Bernardino Indians hardly proved a mafch for fhe rampaging Mf. San Anfonio Col- lege eleven. wifh fhe Mounfaineers coming ouf evenfual 48-6 vicfors in fhe Orange Sfadiurn. Hayes Meyer scored fwo of fhe local fallies. , Meyer scored on a I5 yard punf refurn, wifh Jim Else converfing. In all. Else converfed six of seven affempfed conversions in fhis game. 3 Tad Johnson and Gordon Kelly did fhe scor- ing in fhe second half, behind some nice block- inglland hole opening by Coach Nisbef's forward wa . Cliff Ford scored on an infercepfed pass, and Meyer smashed hard over cenfer for fwo more Mounfie fallies. Jack Smifh's passing highlighfed fhe final fouchdown drive, mosf of his flings being Complefed fo Lloy, Edinger, Swiff, and Ternquisf. Pon I-Iodson finally scored from fhe one-yard Ine. If fakes a frIbe of Indians fo down Jack Richards, as Else rhrows a 'hmely bl k MOUNTAINEERS - - 6 FULLERTON HORNETS - - 0 A shorT eighT yard pass Trom Cliff Ford To Chuck Rowland in The TirsT,guarTer gave The Moun- Taineers whaT ulTimaTely was The deciding poinT in Their, 6-O, vicTory over The FullerTon l-lorneTs. For The remaining Three guarTers The sTrong MounTie deTense held The greaT Frank "Kiko" Munoz To pracTically noThing. This was expecTed To be a high-scoring duel wiTh Gene "The Arm" Menges' passing and The running oT Munoz To accounT Tor aT leasT Two Tallies Tor The l-lorneTs and The sTrong MounTie ground aTTack expecTed To run wild. l-lorneTs laiTe The clusT as STraley clears The way Tor Meyer. In The Tinalcperiod Menges began To Throw The pigskin aT ran om moving The l-lorneTs down To The MounTie eleven yard line. louT The FullerTon oTTense seemed To have spenT iTs power and could noT push The porker over The goal line. A A :': A l ii Q . A ' 'Tx 2 , ' l be V- T E George Baird Don Edinger Al Hall Tad Johnson Torn Lloy MOUNTAINEERS - . T- 33 ln Their' only mid-season pracTice game, The CAL POLY MUSTANGS - 0 Meyer punches over anoTher Touchdown againsT The MusTangs. MounTaineers swamped liTTle Cal Poly oT San Dimas, 33-O.' The local line held a ThreaTening Bronco backTield in check ThroughouT The game and allowed Them pracTically no gains while The MounTie ball- carriers were running wild. Ralph STearns' running and CliTT Ford's passes To Chuck Rowland, Gordon Kelley, and STan Adams sparked The TirsT local paydirT drive. STearns scored on a line plunge Trom The one and Jim Else converTed. The second Tally oT The TirsT halT came when l-layes Meyer plunged oTT Tackle Tor Tive yards. Meyer scored again in The Third guarTer and Al l-lall, sub Tackle, loroke Through and spilled a Bronco back Tor a saTeTy. l-lard-running Tad Johnson scored The TourTh MSAC Touchdown. Meyer scampered Through a big hole Tor 28 yards Tor anoTher score. Passes from KenneTh GarreTT and Jack SmiTh To Russ Cole and Donnie Edinger accounTed Tor The Tinal Two MounTie Tallies. MOUNTAINEERS - I3 SANTA ANA DONS - 7 The cenfer of' fhe line, Rodriguez. Safely, Else. Valdez and Orr, sparked Coach Nisl3ef's charges fo fheir final vicfory of fhe season when fhe lvlounfies fook measure of Sanfa Ana I3-7, fo remain unbeafen in league play wifh four consecufive wins. The firsf lvlounfaineer score came in fhe second period when fhey marched 70 yards fo-paydirf. l-layes Meyer. playing his besf game of fhe season, picked up 57 of fhese yards on fhree plays behind fimely infer- ference. Jack Richards finally crossed fhe goal line for six poinfs. . a A long pass senf diagonally across fhe field from Lloyd Smifh fo Gordon Kelly sef up fhe second local score on fhe I2 yard line. The Nisbefmen fhen gained a firsf down on fhe Sanfa Ana fwo and Jack Richards hif paydirf wifh Lloyd Smifh con- verfing. mi-ig. aa, - a Man ,. Lam l Jack Richards scores as Dons are neafly blocked f f pl y A long pass from Chuck Pafferson fo Cal Oberfo neffed fhe Sanfa Ana eleven 'iheir only fouchdown. ' .i an is T' -.35 r-1 ' i 'Ti' 'i il N. bf 'L Al Lopez Leo Newfon Ed Spruill Ralph Sfearns Jim Sfrona MOUNTAINEERS - 7 CHAFFEY PANTHERS - - 34 Affer a very successful season Coach Archie Nisloef's lvlf. San Anfonio College lvlounfaineers ended fheir season wifh a disasfrous defeaf af fhe hands of Coach Ray Rosso's Chaffey Panfhers, 34-7, when Anse lVlcCollough's passing and running lcoupled wifh fasf running and passing affack caughf fhe locals off guard and swamped fhem. The only Mounfaineer score came early in fhe second half when Jack Richards pounded off fackle affer a long lvlounfaineer drive. The lvlounfies were iusf having a general off day wifh none of fheir plays funcfioning very well. - I ' l ' A N H H 535 sw :sg mgsnss miss XE asf 'iff fs -ml? wifes HEL M lim fgmH,,,.,,.fi'xg.,"15?-:'-HQ. l l Gordon Kelly being broughf down affer a gain. Cliff Ford breaks in fhe open wifh fhe help of Ternquisf, Gafely, l R d ' S ' X o riguez and frona. unior Uardifg goofgaf . . . ln a TooTball season highlighTed by vicTories over The Cal Tech and FullerTon Junior College VarsiTy Teams, Johnny Arrambide's MT. San An- Tonio Junior VarsiTy grid eleven played consisTenT ball and ended The campaign againsT some oT The ToughesT JV Teams in The souThland wiTh a 2 won and 4 losT record. Arrambide's crew opened The season by ab- sorbing a 33-O deTeaT aT The hands oT The WhiTTier JV gridders. ln The nexT game The lv1ounTie juniors came To liTe wiTh a bursT oT Tour Touchdowns To overwhelm The Cal Tech JV's 24-O, wiTh Floyd Roeniclce. Ken GarreTT, Glen GarreTT, and Ed Spruill playing sparkling TooTball. ' NexT came The game againsT The Redlands Team wiTh The MounTies coming ouT on The shorT end oT a 38-7 score. ln The Tollowing TilT The Pomona JV's managed To elce ouT a narrow 7-O win over MSAC. The Tinal Two Trays oT The year were againsT The FullerTon l-lorneT iuniors wiTh The lv1ounTaineers gaining a spliT. MSAC Toolc The TirsT game I3-IZ, and dropped The second, 28-I3. T' Msfxc Msfxc MsAc Msfxc Msfxc rvisAc SLIJOII, QCD!!! WhiTTier JV's Cal Tech JV's Redland JV's Pomona JV's FullerTon JV's FullerTon JV's J. WoodruTT, M. l-lenlcle, B. l-lenlcle, J. Jennings. FronT row: J. Ridley, D. Bellows, D. Morris. Back row: J. W B H kl , LiTTle Joe lArT Fichfnerl, lvl I-lenlcle and J J g i l i l T gadgefgaf i i l Coach Arrambide CapTain Ribb , AlThough They dropped Tive oT Theirs six TilTs, fCoach Johnny Arrambide's MT. San AnTonio Col- llege cagers were never ouTclassed and always in lThe Thick of The baTTle. The MounTie hoopsTers opened Their season by edging The CiTrus Owls, 58-54, in a specTacular game played aT CiTrus. NexT came The Riverside Bengals, The ulTimaTe league champions, who, aTTer aghard baTTle, managed To geT pasT The Moun- lTaineers, 38-22. l San Bernardinds Indians eked oul' a narrow lvicTory over Arrambide's crew, 47-46, in The Third game oT The campaign. So iT wenT, ChaTTey 50, llviSAC 44: l:ullerTon 8l, MSAC 39: and SanTa Ana l58, MSAC 5l. ln The FullerTon conTesT The lviounTies ,were conTinually sTriving Tor a win againsT a Team iwhich was deTiniTely "Tired up." i . - , Ralph Davis Bob Ga rreTT The MounTies advanced To The consolaTion Tinals oT The Annual ChaTTey cage Tourney showing Tine early season Torm. The TirsT game Tound MSAC losing To a TasT and very impressive EasT Los An- geles Jaysee Team, 65-54. Then, aTTer a bye, They Thumped Oceanside, 48-40, and in The Tinals dropped a 44-28 decision To San Diego Junior Col- lege, one oT The Top Teams in The sTaTe. , ln non-comference games The lvlounTaineer aggregaTion won nine and losT Twelve, and on several occasions played "greaT" ball. One example oT This was when They were vicTorious over a very good Pomona College Sagehen crew, 56-46. AnoTher was a 54-50 win over Orange A. C., a Team which had such Tormer college sTars as Ralph Vaughn,oT The UniversiTy oT 5ouThern CaliTornia. Dick Conde Chuck Rowland i r BAS KETBA LL TEAM: SeaTed: R. SmiTh, J. SmiTh, B. GarreTT, R. Ribb, B. PenningTon, D. Conde. Back row: Coach Arrambide. R. Davis. J. Cenoz, C. Rowland, F. Roenicke, R. RoberTs, J. Murray, Manager, N. Handlesman. The personaliTies responsible Tor The success OT The MT. San AnTonio baskeTball Team are numerous, buT Toremosl' oT This group was The head coach, Johnny Arrambide, who was in his TirsT year oT coaching aT The college. Arrambide came To MSAC Trom FullerTon, where he was assisTanT grid and head Track coach. l-le re- placed George Phelps as menTor OT The MounTie cagers, Phelps having handled The sguad lasT year. Charles Rowland, CapTain Rus- sell Ribb, Floyd Roenicke, Ralph Davis, and Dick Conde were The men who made up The sTarTing lineup. Rowland was The long shoT arTisT and excellenT ball handler: Ribb, The sparkplug and consisTenT shoTmaker7 Roenicke was always consisTenT and Took high poinT honors on numerous occasions: Davis wound up The sea- son wiTh a ToTal oT 204 poinTs in 27 games: and Conde was an excellenT deTensive man who played only The second semesTer. being a TransTer Trom SanTa Ana J. C. OTher personaliTies noT To be Tor- c1oTTen are Jack SmiTh, Dick SmiTh, Larry Fine, Gordon Kelly. Bob Gar- reTT, Dick RoberTs, Joe Cenoz, Tom Llov, Bob PenningTon, Jack BarreTT, and Jim Murray. COFB5 MSAC 38, WhiTTier Frosh 36 MSAC 49. WhiTTier Jayvees 44 MSAC 44, La Verne College 34 John Muir 59, MSAC 52 MSAC 56, Cal Poly 39 March Field 78, MSAC 53 Chaffey Tourney Easl' L.A.J.C. 56, MSAC 54 MSAC 48, Oceanside 40 San Diego 44, MSAC 28 Baily-Mac.Service 41, MSAC 38 John Muir 60, MSAC 48 MSAC 50, Cal Poly 45 Orange A.C. 54, MSAC 45 MSAC 58, CiTrus 54 Bailey-Mac Service 42, MSAC 38 Riverside 38, MSAC 32 Dedmon's 58, MSAC 44 San Bernardino 47, MSAC 46 MSAC 50, Pomona College 46 FullerTon 8I, MSAC 39 March Field 45, MSAC 44 MSAC 54, La Verne College 51 ChaTTey 50, MSAC 44 Dedmon's ,6l, MSAC 52 MSAC 54, Orange A.C. SI Pomona College 47, MSAC 36 SanTa Ana 58. MSAC SI Fronf row: B. Wilson. G. Pelri, T. Marlin. J. Brownell. Back row: D. Oleson, S. Simpson, J. McCaige. Mr. Welsch. unior am if? lbyaziefgaf J Paul VVelsch's Junior Varsily baslcelball leam, con- sisling of players who will see lols of aclion for The MSAC varsily nexl' year, won .a lolal of 8 games while lodng I3 durni lhe season. Jim Brownei paced The leam in lhe scoring column, despHe The lac? lhal he rnksed lhe lasl Three THis because of lhe mumps. Brownell finished Jrhe campaign eady wHh an ll poun'average. Ray h4aHock was an eady season casuaHy when he suffered a fracfured hand againsl La Verne College, and was our for lhe remainder of lhe campaign. Dick Conde gradualed from The iunior varsily lo lhe vardly al mud-Tenn. Olher members ol Welsch's aggregalion beside Brownell and Conde were Tom Marlin, Buford Wilson. Bill Clevenger, Sian Simpson, Johnny McCaige, Bob Brown, George Perri, Randy Kolar, Allan Kolar, and Doyle Oleson. MsAc MsAc MSAC MsAc MsAc MsAc Msnc MsAc MsAc MsAc MsAc MsAc MsAc Msnc MsAc MsAc MsAc Msnc MsAc MsAc Msnc Msnc Whiilier Frosh 36 Whilrlier Frosh 39 La Verne JV's 39 Muir JV's 49 Cal Poly JV's 22 March Field JV's 35 Muir JV's 48 Cal Poly JV's 33 Concordia A.C. 26 Sach and Son 34 M and B Reallors 48 Sach and Son 35 Rivera Merkel 29 Pomona Frosh 52 Fullerlon JV's Z7 March Field JV's 45 La Verne JV's 44 Chalfey JV's 37 Bailey-Macs 43 Concordia A.C. 34 Pomona Fresh 60 Sanla Ana 36 Tain Lloyd S F T ow: Mana er S. BC l'OW miTh Chappie Wheeler R. STearns, E. BonneTT. F. Roeniclce. N. Di J 9 A bd B lc . B. Brown, J. SmiTh, B. Snodgrass, C Eafiegdf . . . Coach John Arrambide's MT. San An- Tonio college baseball nine showed greaT possibiliTies and poTenTialiTies aT The be- ginning oT This season. yeT Tinishecl nexT To The boTTom in Orange Empire ConTerence play wiTh FullerTon and SanTa Ana winning TirsT place. ATTer The season was under way Coach Arrambide seT his inTield up wiTh STan Adams aT TirsT, Cliff Ford aT second, Richie SmLTh. shorT sTop, and L. SmiTh aT Third sac . Bob PenningTon, sparked The ouTTield wiTh his Time Tielding and Timely hiTTing aT his posiTion in cenTerTield. Chappie Wheeler played leTTTield and Floyd Roenicke righT. Jim Else was a regular ouTTielder wiTh The Team's second highesT baTTing average unTil a pulled muscle side-lined him. The hurlers were Joe Sidowski, Don STein, Jim Murray and Roger Becker wiTh Joe Valdez, Ed BonneT and Joe Sidowslci doing mosT oT The receiving unTil laTe in The season when Else also caughT several games. To Top oTT The baseball season, Coach Arrambide's lv1ounTaineers were awarded The CiviTan Trophy Trom The SouThern Cali- Tornia Baseball 'l'ournamenT, held aT CiTrus, Tor good sporTsmanship and appearance during The TournamenT and Tor Team spiriT during The games. az, Siclowslci. J Else, R SmiTh. C Ford, C Wheeler, B PenningTcn, Coach . Johnson, R. Becker. S. Adams, J. Murray, L. SmiTh. D. STein, V. Beck. MSAC MsAc MSAC MsAc MsAc MsAc MsAc MsAc MSAC MsAc MsAc MsAc MsAc MsAc MsAc , MsAc II . MSAC I I MSAC MsAc MSAC Manager Ralph Slearns and I ' Coach John Arrambide. It I MSAC I I MSAC MSAC MSAC MSAC MSAC MSAC MSAC MSAC MSAC MSAC 3: 6: 5. 0. 7: 9: C 0l'e5 Whiffier 6 Whiflier 5 Chaffey 3 Redlands 4 Pomona 4 Pomona 4 IS: La Verne 2 2I: Cilrus 2 I6: La Verne 5 2: 3: 9: IZ: 6: 5: 2: Long Beach IO Cilrus I Pomona 5 Cal Poly 3 Chaffey 4 Riverside 7' Cal Poly 2 San Bernardino 7' IO: Long Beach I7 7: 7: 6: 7: 6: 4: 5: 7: 2: 8: 6: Pasadena 8 Redlands 5 Chaffey 8' EI Toro 5 March Field 3 EI Toro 8 Long Beach 7 Pasadena 6 Sanla Ana 4' Weslmonl O Fullerfon 8' I3: March Field 4 II: Weslmonf 0 MSAC I: MSAC 4: X MSAC 35 y Jim Murray and Roger Becker Weslmonf 6 EI Camino 5 Bakersfield II Tofal-Won I8: Iosf I6 . sa H. ,ne E IBS!! ma:-e. PE FIBRE ml: S6652 Igix H Joe Sidowsld Ed Bonnelf I I I , . I ,I I I I II I I ff, I 1 Bob Penningfon Floyd Roeniclce Calvin Johnson I I II rownell, R. TernquisT, D. Edinger, K. Green, B. Grossman, G. Pearce. Second row: B. I-Iolway. C. Ford, W. GuyT0r1. MaTTias, D. Jones. R. Lopez. Back row: D. BuTcher. D. SwiTT, E. STaTTorcI, D H T M flag b Headed by WiITred "Willie" Dancer high iumper deluxe who esTab- lished a new school and conTerence record in The high jump aT 6 TT. olfg in., The MT. San AnTonio College Traclc Team won Two dual meeTs and Tallied I9 poinTs in The EasTern Conference Tinals. The IvIounTie cindermen grabbed Their only league dual meeT vicTory when They handed The SanTa Ana Dons a 69-62' Ioss. League dual meeT losses were To San Bernardino, ChaTTey, and FuIIerTon. The MounTaineers nodded Cal Poly 83If2 To 46If2 in a pracTice meeT and IosT To The WhiTTier College squad, IOO To 83If2. Dancer Took Top individual scoring honors during The season by Tallying 88 poinTs in Taking I6 TirsT places, 4 seconds, and I Third. RoberT Lopez, disTance sTar, scored 6I3A1r poinTs wiTh IO TirsTs, 2 seconds, and I Third. Willie Snedden was Third wiTh 54 poinTs, Don Jones scored 48If2, and Don Edinger rang up 48If4. OTher meeTs which The IvIounTaineers were well represenTed in The scoring column were The Glendale Relays, Orange Show Relays, WesT CoasT Relays aT Fresno, and Coliseum Relays in Los Angeles. W. Dancer, B. Shedden, , in ,,..w... .,a,, ,. ,.. SH, .......-..m., ,,.. C- ,.Y.. 1.,,....,u. ,,, . T ..,...... ..,. av, .... .u,,.-..W,-,,wM..,. . ,M E 2 W. a M l M . 5.52. W s NaTional Junior College high iump champion, ThaT is The TiTle which was besTowed on WilTred "Willie" Dancer, MT. San AnTonio College aThleTe who Tor The second sTraighT year, won his evenT aT The NaTional Junior College meeT in Phoenix, Arizona. "Willie" Took TirsT place wiTh a leap oT 6 TeeT 55f3 inches. Dancer's besT leap oT The year, however. came in The EasTern Comcerence Track and Tield Tinals aT ChaTTey College: where he Topped The bar aT 6 TT. blfg in., a new conTerence as well as MSAC school mark. K -am-gl WE XSS-wg BS -Sins MBS.-H H Q-fffiilf E . A 1-. -A - Q V reams E r E ' ,. H S1 E . is :jg is E is is is B ... 3.5.24 I-' .. ., 2. H K E M E X W n ms gs mg, 5:.,a.s: ga 3 ,. ..,. .. H . , . ,X ' ""' :- .. H H K is E H W ' J' W - as --1. In , , ww .fgglgi F F P , is - ,V . mm 5 - NLM.. .B A xx , ,Y , H , - '.e - T' - P055 Conn ff? Coach l-lilmer Lodge's MSAC Cross CounTry Team broke even in meeTs prior To The EasTern Conference Tinals by deTeaTing The FullerTon l-lorneTs and ChaTTey PanThers in a Three-way aTTair, and losing To The San Bernardino ln- dians and Riverside Bengals in dual meeTs. RoberT Lopez, sTellar disTance man who laTer exhibiTed his wares in Track, Took second place in The League cross counTry Tinals, being second To Garcia oT San Bernardino. Lopez gained revenge on Garcia laTer in The Track season by deTeaTing him in a dual meeT. .. ' ' T Cross counTry served as a Tine condiTioning sporT'Tor Track, which came laTer, and improvemenTs by The lvloun- Taineers showed up laTer in The Track and Tield season. OTher members oT The Team included Don Jones, Roy Jones, David Gable, Galen Pearce, and Jim Brownell. Coach Welsch ennia . . . This year's Tennis Team under The able direcTion oT Coach Paul Welsch. did noT lourn up The league, or Tinish in TirsT place, louT The MounTaineer racqueT wielders made a good showing Tor Themselves and exTended mosT oT Their opponenTs To The limiT. The surprisingly poTenT CiTrus Owls were downed in The Tirsl' conTerence maTch To give The MounTies Their only league win. Paul Anderson, Ed Spruill, Tom lylcCarron, Phil Dickinson, Leon ljloward, Lloyd Lapppaind Dennis CliTTon all made goodshowings in Their double and single maTches. N is Bob Williams Tom McCarron any , B . HSQKWSQ H WT? Wglgagiagw 5321, H 'Egfr-me we H '29 '17 .Q X! 'PEI NV, ami a gf- , a is Wa is asm Bl is nTs"'ggA?QE is nm UE' g an 'T' an Wag Lloyd Lapp - Leon Howard Dennis CliTTon S Headley, P. Dickinson, D. miTh. Mr. MeTcalT, B. Murphy, Phil' Dickinson Ed spruzii W... AlThough They won only a single maTch during The season, ThaT being a vicTory over The FaculTy divoT diggers, The MT. San AnTonio golTers consider Their season a success. W The Team dropped Ten league maTches, some of Them by very close scores. The lvlounTies also dropped an exhibiTion maTch To EasT Los An- geles Junior College. Top member oT The Team was Breen Murphy, who won mosT oT his maTches in circuiT compeTiTion. OTher golTers on The aggregaTion in- cluded Phil Dickinson, Chuck Biggs, STan l-leadley, Dale SmiTh and Cal Johnson. Mal Tv1eTcaIT served as coach oT The Team. d C. Biggs. ' Froni- row: C. Echeverria. M. Venolia, P. Walker. Back row: Mrs. Williams, L. Ward, T. Hazarna. ufyiaf . .. ..!4l"CA2f"y 0l'l'l2l'L if .SZQ0l"f6 Women's AThleTic AssociaTion acTiviTies began This year wiTh volley-ball Teams engaging in inTer-class com- peTiTion Three aTTernoons weekly. Two Teams represenTed MT. San AnTonio College aT The LACC Play Day, Team One. ranking TirsT and Team Two Tying Tor second in The Class B' round-robin TournamenT. During The TournamenT play-oTTs, The Team Two came in second. Members oT The archery classes also parTicipaTed in Play Day evenTs., A successTul archery TournamenT was held during The second semesTer. under The direcTion oT Mrs. Williams, women's-physical educaTion insTrucTor. ln addiTion To The regular sporTs. MT. San AnTonio women were oTTered Tennis, loadminTon,-swimming, and horse-baclg riding. ' gud!-edu! . Wafch if, ref. orae-Laci' ing !.,-.-M. 1. - V In Q 5 -I A Mum-M mi mm an V-E MEMS MSM M Q Over The hills H1ey'll go. jeu hwea - 1 -ri, , 4 in .xl x A X1 X 53'H'x'x fTf4- '-S X '2" J xi 7 . . ,. f -me-fxmx Q ., , 'rj -i1gff-x?sN'X- ' , If gun Q 5,- -. - - 1 pf -f f -QS ik. . . - - fb., - - --- -4-5--Q" sg ..': , Ni . 1 fa ' Y 'S ' N 'If '- fr' f fifjefq ' fL55:f:1,- Alf S -R x1N 'I 25" .- F 1 J' x ?'f"'I:- 5 , gi s . . 'iff -K' 'V - '4 .i?'G, ,1SX xx X hi .f , - - 38 1, Q -' ..f-:- -V L31 .1-C' J Y -Y ., ' 4 f --- -E4 . , J. -.g- Xu fx, - -. .x I f 1 ', 'J' ' . .. -A " .'. l.-lg ": ':!' "CNY -' af-r22?iE"5k 1 1-f -1 Y. 6, N , , -' , 0' , - ' +- A '. 5 " - H, f -, ' 25 fi -'H 'X ,-2-- -if .3 p f Y .7 1, 7 Y P, - I J .- Q. , Elly- Nj Axj ' X N -- x J, V p i K V Z- n ir jf, H :x,, 17 .. ,A -1 , 'JV 5 hx: X Ylx, , 4 . ' 31.5. f fffyffy fill! ifi fig - ' .fy - ' X ,X j 1. ew V W - N is i w fs- 6 -p 'S f' K' f f ' w T--h y. Qzxfmv-if - , X x- X 2 X? Q Q 'JLWQQ . Qbaw f- f X ' 5 if -I fig-f '11 , r ' A -ii -A 1 x 'T in fjfy 15. A f ----1 -A iM - X N- -x I 1 . ,, if X --A . X . 5 , , I! , ,,--- -1 - f- , ,ff , ..- -A ' - -4 ' ,N X, :z.:,. ' fu , ff H. K 1 . , --- X-X X . X , - f 'df' N ' .' - ' 4' F' 'ff '- ' X L Y- 1-S. , T .-KN X ., N " X X 1 Gif? ' f -4 ww 1 ' -F -Q 1- fr R: W. N-X, ff- X - X X X f fy " - - W ' 'A ' I - fix.. K I . ' 5 , ix' ' - ' V 1' I f . f '54 ? , h ggi: .fwvvv KV Ax Sh X - F kx U ,V-X Xx N. N X lx ii: T I' , 2-shi X' ,, ix ' M, vs X f T-4 1 f X - N, 4 , ,- LH -Q ag? .h i v , A. xx x ,- xx X, xx M,,g,gQ,bQw -iulfvgg -- X R, xx X 'tj . -- f' .x A ', , - -,L . - :-' H X .lsr -I NV. I . A 1 K , -X .K fi- g - Nix X . . W - , Zn- - NY.-1:l.'j1T i ' 15 xx Xxx xx' I I K .,. ,N N-:.,Ivxn3 kllfft Q' P4 gf .xx N4 wl d kqffl 4f f , 4 1 ., QL ' 4 A , , f m ' X. I,-'fr - f X N w x ' -. - E Q . Q K, , . 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V4 'Z ' '-, L-""N' GN pi I ' pa f , , f P x 4:7 7,4 I X I .f 5, ' Ly ' ,. K ,Ns I5 "ff ' iff' Q' ' X - W ,, 1 .-:P f' ' ' .lg NX Q 3.- ,fy 33' -'-- f 1 Q 11 if ' 'A 2- -1 . I X Lliaf :Qs . V. H 1' V ,-. .,L.:,., X ,. , I., , ,P N f f - X . Q , fi . A , - f xw ff f' , , , .- X L' -A mr- 1. .1 , f xx Admin. I - . : Mi -:am-,:,:r:', lg, k x 5..7.. -Y 'Q 11 - I,-M, I 4 'fi f" ' M U", 1 - ff z,'.l!.'1 :J 7 N:,J.2El." ,. I . A X. Fi .Z , ' ' 5 ' 152. - -- J." "X, . V --"'5?-ff'g,:.:L2,. Sf, Q.. ' j ""'--:sr f ' ,fb r V vii "' i". ' -T If-ix, Nffil .. -fmqfi-:E-,S-.:,,- G41 x Q :gf -- 'U':- -.Q ig ET- :SM A -V I f 4-. :': :J --, -LV i t 'NNA "'--E ?::11--iii' T541---L Lffvq ' ' X131 Rt -.- . 1 if S' ' ',?i:L:::ii'5- ..,i A - ' .TTT -.,"2 x , ., ' -:LN 'I ,. .55 FQ A -x':A'sif-ffl - - , ' 3 V Sq-1 N ---TP V - ,-:f-..1..- 513.5 gf? - - , ixrnf-:--1--afzfn.-rggqzi, I X,-I ...Lift - 21 Tix- gif? qqb, -,H hi-.- Q -.1-::1::fx- , 'lf V-2 -,' "TN Eli' -2---5 1 v .1- C. - gngfe GL g The Freshman Class sTaged The annual lcickoTT bonfire, which is The iniTial TooTball rally oT The year. A dummy, which represenTed The SpiriT of FooTball, was paraded around The campus. and Then ceremoniously burned. ATTer being Themselves inTroduced, The coaches inTroduced old and new members oT The TooTball Team. icnic The all-school picnic held annually aT San Dimas Park, and sponsored by The Freshman Class. is The TirsT social evenT oT The year. IT is held Tor The purpose oT geTTing The sTudenT body TogeTher. B. BelT, M. Michael. I. Va'ndamenT, R. Peirsol. M. J J ' 9 J w d f w + WhiTe, . enmn s, . oo ruf, E. a ers. ,ff 4 'I ., ,5Q i FOR FASHlON'S BEST SELLERS ww:"mr.xr-f2"'fff"f:: X 'x:sss5ssss::5fs::fsfslfsssffsss: 4-lliffffkffffffff ' :fIfI:fff5f, X fs.'5if::sif,:":g:2 f LONG Tl-IE LEADER IN ' A y " FASHION X Q Y qp Q QUALITY AND WORKMANSHIP ,H 2 I l X fi We Your Friendly Depar+men+ Sfore I 'ill 1 ws N l M i O N Us H A N . 2 E. W ., . it A in Q AS YOU .SAVE ' P ? u Q, P I Y rsnnnnl. ' X' SAVINGS AND EHIXN' ASSIJBIATIUN Odd 6L6 In lrue California slyle. The Ml. San Anlonio College cam us observed a Typically Mexican Chrislmas, Las Posacliias, which was presenlecl by Los Allenos, lhe college Spanish Club. l-lighlighl of This affair is Jrhe cancllelighi processional during which a group of pilgrims follow Mary and Joseph in l'heir search, singing lhe Jrraolilional Posaclas carols. When Jrhey are aclmillecl, a celebralion follows, fealuring singing and clancing. ,.l l l TJ J T F T fl K 1 1 T I THE COLLEGE CROWD JUST NATURALLY CONGRATULATIONS L GATHERS AT T Jon-IN P. EVANS TO THE CLASS OF I948 F R O M 1B1'ngre5s lBulleiiu PRINTERS OF THE MSAC CHAPARRAL L and . COMPLETE V ' COVERAGEOF ALL MSAC EVENTS QIAHN P. EVA N5 ' EYSTYLE HEAVDQUfRETTEl'3NS.--- Third 8: Thomas S'rree+s Pomona POMONA 4 r QIAMONDS JEWELRY WATCHES A E MANUFACTURING ' JEWELRY E L- E IR S ' D and REPAIRING POMONA, CALIE. V W CECRGE BEAMON F W 4yoI' ff Wag SPQRTING GOODS 429 W. 2nd, Pomona Ph. 2-6006 . COMPLIMENTS FROM ALFRED GRAY Pomona, California FOR BETTER CONGRATULATIONS PHOTOGRAPHY FROM Piciiuis of fm Kinds Wright Bros. fr Rice eHer a ' HOME FURNISHERS Phone i928 I42 S. Thomas S+., Pomona Ph. 2-I737 252 S. Main S+. I Pomona 'CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I948 FROM PENNEY'S . , ' - W .WA A A-4 - x M . , , ,, .YM . ..-.. ,A TAYLOR'S SPORTSWEAR 250 W. 2nd, Pomona Represenraiive Mabel Menefee presenring Pe-Hi Dresses io Mildred Pollock Popuiariiy Coniesr Winner. ' - Pomona's Leading Srore for Young Women - ' march grad l The Mardi Gras Carnival and Masque Ball presenled by Les Collegiens, was one of Jrhe gayesl exlravaganzas ever given on lhe campus. ll fealrured True Parisian almosphere, sidewalk cafes, colorful decoralions, Typically French enler- Jrainmenl. and Jrhe corona+ion of The queen of Jrhe Mardi Gras. Reuel Peirsol was chosen Queen by popular vole, and she chose Lynn Freel as her Prince Consorl. This evenl, in addilion To giving Ml. San Onlonia one of ils mosl memorable social aclivilies, was a charily affair, and all proceeds were given lo French Relief. I i ? A g i i FINE PORTRAITURE i ' DAY or EVENING sirrmes i i No Appoinimenr Necessary AND i i ' V CHURCH and HOME ' N J WEDDINGS - BANQUETS - PARTIES J DEAN GRANGER Al Geo. Sieve I W ,, , r I DMI- mumation Photography Your Fun ls Our Business q 2-3330 475 E. 5th Ave. Pomona, Calif. A i Official Chaparral Poriraii Pi'1o+ographer 535 E' Second S+' Pomona i i i C. E. McKAY 5 CARS and TRUCKS i i I i i K Third 81 Gibbs Pomona i 5 i i ' - -if i i i i V i 1 i i i . i . i i s 7 cgfa a Qian Hgh Much To The graTiTicaTion oT The Music and Drama DeparTmenT, "IT's a Grand NighT." MT. San AnTonio's TirsT all-sTudenT producTion, was a smash hiT. By public demand, The sTudenTs were obliged To give The show an addiTional nighT and also To presenT parTs oT iT on The sTage oT The Fox TheaTer in Pomona. This show TeaTured The besT The school had To oTTer in music, drama and dancing. The scripT was wriTTen by sTu- denTs Don Morris, Joe Cenoz, l-lerb Allen, Jean Kroneberg, Bob Emery, and Jerry WesThoTT. ProclucTion was handled by PaT Lee and l-lerb Allen under The direcTion oT Miss Beulah Yaeger and Louis RonTeldT. C ,f . - Malia?-Hp,2l1'anceJ l50 E. Third S+. Tl-lE QUALITY STORE Complele household Pomona I fuurnishinga, Ch''s Phone Pomona 2-4535 DAVID S. ARMSTRONG lurm'rure.' Mirrors, Plclures, Rugs, lnlaicl , Linoleum COMPLIMENTS OF KIRK'S SQUARE DEAL JEWELERST i THE DIAMOND STORE OF POMONA 273 W. Second Pomona ,IJ 'lil' VT Talcing aclvanlage of The California wealher, mosl of Mi. San Anlonio College could be found al Laguna Beach May 5, enioying Jrhe all-school beach day. supervised aclivilies and iusl plain "basking in Jrhe sun." T I Tig .D l 1 Y' 3 l af I The day was highlighled by E se fx W' "Building with Pomona Since THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Pomona ' Member Federal Deposii Insurance Corporaiion FREE PARKING FOR OUR CUSTOMERS I 8 8 6" . i. lieu: E STANYER if EDMONDSON Co. Goodyear Tires ---- Life Guards I-Iom 84 C S ' - - ' e ar upplues Reiriqeraiors Phiico Radios and Television A I-Ioifs 84 Goodyear Baiieries MARK BOWMAN, Prop. 204 E. A, Onfario I4I W. HoII', Pomona PI1. 62I I3I Ph. 2-I34I , X ei MSAC STUDENTS wi E 5' 'f ?'a- ' .. , .H ?Q 711: .v ,-17 7 f Lt - X 12 4 I P 'J iti fa CONGRATULATIONS-You've come a Iong way in Two years Kee u II1 d 3 X y OUR BUSINESS IS MUSIC Phonograph Records R.C.A. Vicfor - S'I'romI:aerg-Carlson and Packard BeII Radios Baldwin and Gulbransen Pianos Buescher Band InsIrumen+s SI1ee'I' Music-Popular and Classical Marfin and Kay Gui'I'ars 346 E. Second, Pomona - P D e Q00 work in 'rI1e fuiure. Dial 2-ISI7 We Repair AII Instruments and Radios FORD BROS. MUSIC CO. OUR 25+h YEAR - ,.,f1vf . I lF51i I ii 'fy T' -li iii?-EE: 1 I Ii . I I y " .I Il f I? n Liiegbefi .. Ii Worker. fel' galllillef V The annual MoTher-Daugh- Ter Banquet sponsored by The Y. W. C. A., was held in The college dining hall in May. EnTerTainmenT Tor The aTTair was supplied by The Music and Drama DeparTmenTs. laring ' orma The Spring Formal, held aT The Pomona Valley GolT and CounTry Club, was unanimously chosen as The mosT ouT- sTanding sTudenT body evenT oT The year. The Theme was "Spring Fever", and The music was supplied by LaVerne Boyer and his orchesTra. Nearly 500 members oT The sTudenT body aTTended in addiTion To a greaT number oT The TaculTy. The dance was well planned and execuTed by The social commiTTee. I I N , 1 , X , 1 I 1 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 W 1 , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A N 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X , . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 1 3 ., X 1 1, 1 , 1 Q . 1 ' 1 j 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .74 CAll0UlLJgl1l ell fri The Chaparral slafl 'fakes lhis opporlunily lo express ils sincere apprecialion To Those people whose unselfish hours of work have helped us produce This looolc. We exlend our Thanks lo . . . Miss Gerry Springer. Mr. Roy Day and Mr. Willard O. Preslon and lhe Progress-Bullelin. Mr. Jack Cannicull and Jrhe Los Angeles Engraving Company. Mr. Dean Granger, porlrails. W ff ' X ff ' yf' A , X X ff! jx! '7 eww f 5' if , 4 5, I , f af fxf ' , ag, 4 if ,f '71 -S f 41' ff W Q' 5 X fi! 44" if "Z, fi- ! fi, V 'O mi, f 5559 C h V Q i '? up E J' xv 1 Q g X I' 1 Z :A , -FSC? Q 4 ffm V QW 5,1 g" ASQ, ' gpg! . Xxx I Xu S Ky! A 1 . M q XV' 5' f-" Xb I' " M F wx WSU F "'iZV7fff1"tf1Q4 M .MW re. J 5' M x f-- 'M--0 mq 1 -ff X X 1 , Mg? 5 ,- . 335 V4 WX If f tg -""' ,rg j-,F Nl " 1, W if V I gl A, f . Kia- " " . f M . .., HnJHV1T7rl,,mAn GTX DLS, f 'f ""' A A . J . . V A . W If ,rv ---:Jin-flu A .E in - ,IWW P. up - 4, -' "f f Fw S f l'01l19'h"1Zm:1 f '70 'A 'J' Wf570f'.lfl'ffi'7"mXXgLmQl"nl'W'f'fWWf" 'V 'iii ff- B :i:u!.ggg1::esg:l:::W rw EW ' - 7 ,L E 1,1 K , .nn ' If ' 1 f H5 . - N ,E 1 "W tm ff 'E -X u 517 .1 ,Mfg-f YW E fu N ,.f f X H, g:ET?ZU.?'fR5! Q.. x v xq F".1..-1 x W9 I Q A 'J 'U ' X A , n-XX "Q 35' 2 1 I 'hr I, I ., K Jmffffpmfi, ' ' , JJ Q fy ' M is w'ffw"f'f ff L M Q1 - K f-'-cwpf gws' , 1 f fijjwv RH QQ, , . , MZQQM ,A R M11-f M ,M ff 'J gig X J L , :A 1 .J Q ,gy X Yr ,,, - su ,. 3? -4, W1 HQ ,gif . hi . xg? 4, in 175537 x ' 'N A li 93 52 M 4 , 3 , .WW - "gy l F' 5' 6 w -if g ff Sa 1,1 -E f 5.1 gg . A' 5 . .Z'75?7 ??T J .5f ?y1?'5'- f 1 .? + I49:Mse44,'u5'H21:1,v5ff:Wf W- ' W V H' ff M I g1jl4y':i1fsfJ!2'llgf,'h' Jgllliifffl , YQ f Q? k 'ifvrf"'MHw'., ,ff ww., w j - rw rf L , . 4 'kv H Lg Qarvn fig., ki . ,SAM E5 ' 'I' -3 l .xx I! fl I si ze-g... f ' i s mf 1HI.1,i ::i . O' U7 L. X gg' I Sf. 5 Q3 ' 'E ' in V, 52 l- mlgiii 5 -L? f f X X X -f wfJm,,..ifxW 1 Z' i Vw 5 533-Q? QQN1--"fkm'Ul - f 2 f fi ,1 fz, f ' I ., D rm ,X ,lf I ll G X A. . "' - Wg Q Sw faivf: if arf 1 -v J I A i 512 f' 3 if? N Ti L' " . Y, 5' 4 5 if- 'f ill- T 567 4- ,523 4, I I x f -AA A -9 , gig K 1 4 .X Q 1 1 1 1 -'i5FF" '515"'y 'JV C573 9 'ggav-1 5 V- 'L ,iff LLL ' M' if XA , i 1-, gy' wir ' iv X , 'vf riff' V. ,,,1,i -ffm . .gf zvm 5gg5"i5i!jllff'fhJ6?i'ggglfffgu 3' M Y l 2 7 V 7 H W 5,45 !n-.- 'Q 4' ' 'fH2z..u!h I' , , ,-, ,. ,, qvgv- , 'W A 'ff :af .Sr-'qi - W Lx, , 'wwf f ., -f - vw-fiif ff . 3 -- , Wifi' "ff ff ' , X . 4 39- 'ffww fs A f ' -f J if ' ff ,, f2i2.4--f, ---------w-M 'X 4 -- 1- ""M"" wr Q' xg f M , , -- -- --- - - - -- '-'gwvfww - E :..f:,gg'f'v X XR ' ff " fi? , fgg w:mm -N X ft? 1 -' Y '1'r ,'fg'llIgigff V,-lmig' .l"?Tqim' 5355, -- swarm 1'-4-!ffffa2L...2 -'--wJ1f-m1- ,,, . Aj, . X ada-'gsm x qqj 6 f - J F QMS 'J Q, SxW,',f' J W . , ,K . , A 7 Q -1 S A 52' ff , -g g" , 5. - E v ' PdhsfiimginsbH:,LfMi:!iff,fs!5E2dfifwffleshffz:mush me--,:s1g, Q gh 5, 2 3 K :th 1 A 5 gf ': -,.?E,."3E. V fc , Q ,,,f,,'i"ffQ,: I If ,- -.,.,'g:w?1... , 7 , It A . I S 'I-'If-'H 5 , I I I " u - v I ' , ., W x ' 7' N kg' 'f f migig . QEi!:k!:?!!!:3'!:!aTi!Mgii:?igiii1,'?5S 5:5553 iiigiiiii 5 - , ff? - +A 4 -rv ,- 1 " Q- I I -.M .W A ll GH few: -X -1 W - 5' - s 4 ' , -.,f , rf. . 50' f ' -X r' 2 5 - if Q 1 25 T W ' -v J W i yn 1 3 ! ' Qx , 4 . -f L... Y..,, V . . ' , g"'f,g-I-'F I ' . . H W . ff-'Q L f , 1 'H ,y ' - i t it "gf 46. ,. ' .. - ' -' "4 1 y ' ' -. ' ., .- 1. v - ki 1-11 . , ..., - . Y ... 0 X 'L :I 1 ' v ..' mf -. 1'5?F7f5-i5? 1T5'gM' A -" 4 I fp QL v an , m,Q:::m51iiefimiiHfiE47a-,iH5n1rEP3i5EaQs3?e?!5fiisH55 52 - T3 F4 A " - A A h ' as N 2 g ' if .Z - as .vmff,z1s:1f:ns'ivzsm?Qs:s:misss45353 W Eg ' 1 f ' : - 'GED . ' n ---54' V W 'EE' gi ', .f""' - 5 1 N My . .., - , A V S J E! if-mar-fmfbq V Q J -Q 1, 'f ffggfffG1iiEi:Ensfif'HimqFWEfmg'5ggz W Eff Sf . ' -Li ' . 4 T ff '? QV' Q 4' fi ' gi? ii , , X , . ' V , -, .1 .N f A xr 5 f . "" "'m"" 'y we ' ' A QF L -- U -- ,,, , - Q V A + 'il 6 A2 - 1' ff, Ni I . ,ry ,.:v , ' ' auf ' 1 ' " M gf f , 1-5.53 ' 'gg . .,.....' , L ' Q' ' fy' i V B 'VL I r 'N Q ' A W' f ggir- L' M2 f 71 x if P sf' Q 1 W A 4' . ' X 4-' 'Curry M...-.....,.......,- Al . ,tu ' I 'N - -.., 4....,N.--NM-lu i "" ' 5 ""5H--NN.-.,-,,s-M-mmm ,Y J' ' dl Q V ee W I . ea! X1 F Q! 1 A l CRW? wb 31 121 6124? R57 JL. ,,.,..1'.f:af.

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Mount San Antonio College - Chaparral Yearbook (Walnut, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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