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I,-., .-. ' . «_ THE EAGLE OF 1944 Volume VII Published by the Students of SS. CYRIL AND METHODIUS SEMINARY ST. MARY ' S COLLEGE ST. MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL ORCHARD LAKE, MICH. ST. MARY ' S WORKS FOR GOD AND COUNTRY Jne C aale A ai Ljone to War THE Staff of the Eagle is pledged to full cooperation in the war effort and ac- cepts without complaint or criticism every restriction on the quality and quantity of the goods and services ren- dered by the printers, engravers, bind- ers, and distributors of the Eagle. The Staff thanks its friends and contributors for bearing patiently with the delays in production and for accepting this war- time Eagle so enthusiastically. A O ' i tiyy jioxooix %AXiJi rnnjt-nrCt ( •y ufi ' i M n p ' l ' r I SnC . yyu oi jttju a ui.«2uAZ3Ut - cXft-o U IStT i onientd . . . . % GUIDANCE and INSPIRATION . . . for God and Country STUDY and HARD WORK . . . for God and Country CULTURAL ACHIEVEMENT . . . for God and Country GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP . . . ' for God and Country THE EAGLE f . OF 19 4 4 STAFF Editor in Chief B. M. Wyzykowski Associate Editors A. Zoltowski W. Ziemba Business and Circulation . . . H. Bielski E. Matuszewski F. Hunger L. Koziel Art A. Zagrzebski Sports . . . . . . . J. Rakoczy Counsel Rev. J. J. Kubik SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Hage Seien DEDICATION The Class of ' 44 wish to dedicate our Eagle to the Faculty of Saint Mary ' s, who by their untiring efforts and noble patience have helped to make us what we are; their vir- tuous example and guidance has fortified both our bodies and souls. Most of all, they have helped to form within us that in- destructible dwelling where virtue, above all, must reign. Preparing for life ' s struggle, we know that we are the " abode of the Holy Ghost, " and that it is our duty to live accordingly. God has been good in favor- ing us with your guidance. By our works you shall know us. May God Bless You! Vi-I «NSV V ?» THE EAGLE OF 1 » I 1 BOARD OF TRUSTEES MOST REVEREND E. MOONEY, D.D. Chairman Page Ten SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE OF 19 4 4 MOST REVEREND S. 70ZNICKI, D.D. Vice Chairman REV. A. ZADALA Detroit, Mich. REV. V. BORKOWICZ Detroit, Mich. REV. A. MAJEWSKI Detroit, Mich. REV. B. MILINKIEWICZ Detroit, Mich. REV. F. KASPROWICZ Trenton, N. J. MR. C. SIEMINSKI Swoyerville, Pa. SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE REV. J. OSZAJCA Clinton, Mass. REV. J. WROBLEWSKI Buffalo, N. Y. MR. A. KOSCINSKI Detroit , Mich. MR. S. BIERNACKI Hamtramck, Mich. MR. J. OLEJNICZAK Chicago, 111. MR. C. KOZDROJ Detroit, Mich. DR. P. WARREN Lakewood, Ohio Page Eleven r vvJI ' j THE EAGLE I ' KEib . OF 1 » 4 4 Dear Graduates of 1944: The war has left its mark on St. Mary ' s High School and Saint Mary ' s College. Many of your classmates are already in the various branches of our armed forces. Your present ranks will be further thinned as the war progresses. You are privileged to complete a phase in your education. Your teachers, your parents, your friends know that you emerge a better servant of God and Country. " For God and Country! " This motto holds out a grand ideal to you. God and Country demand so much from you. It is impossible t o separate them for loyalty to God requires loyalty to your country and you as Catholic young men will never be loyal to your country if you are not loyal to your God. The main concern of Saint Mary ' s is to send forth into the world good Catholic young men and good priests. Saint Mary ' s has given you an understanding of the principles that make men just, noble, and holy, and that make nations great. Our fighting men, your brothers and friends, are fighting and giving their lives to protect and defend these principles. Dear Graduates, teach the peoples of this nation, through your words and deeds, to live and to work for God and Country. Carry your motto high and may God and Country bless you. REVEREND EDWARD SZUMAL President and Rector SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Thirteen GUIDANCE AND INSPIRATION FOR 4 GOD AND COUNTRY The men who guide us and inspire us to pursue hfe ' s highest ideals . . . ? ?- ' T ' I OF 19 4 4 Jup fV I M __ k m ' a Z H 1 J M P ! ; t M ■tf ji, ' ' i ■iKi l 1 1 Rev. J. Rybinski, D.D. Vice Rector Rev. A. Cendrowski, A.B. Bursar and Procurator Rev. E. Skrocki, M.A. Registrar ADMINISTRATION AND COUNCIL Rev. J. Gierut, Ph.D. Vice Pres., College Dean Rev. C. Ropella, J.C.D. Seminary Dean Rev. A. Wotta, B.S. Principal THE EAGLE OF 19 4 4 PERSONNEL MSGR. A. SYSKI, S.T.D. Spiritual Director REV. C. ROPELLA, S.T.D., J.C.D. Seminary Dean of Studies REV. V FILIPOWICZ, M.A. College Dean of Men REV. F. ORLIK, A.B. Prep Dean of Men REV. E. POPIELARZ, Ph.B. Classics ' Spiritual Director, Secretary General REV. H. TORZALA, L. Ph. Director of Student Personnel REV. A. MAKSIMIK, Ph. B. Director of Publicity REV. P. PAWELCZAK, A.B. Librarian REV. B. NEUMANN, A.B. Director of Athletics REV. L. JANIGA, M.T. Director of Activities REV. H. WARAKSA, A.B. Director of Music DR. F. KEMP, M.D. School Physician A INT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Seventeen THE EAGLE .- HiBhai I OF I » t 4 FACULTY THE faculty of our Alma Mater — illustrious, ex- perienced, religious — exemplifies the attitude of true educators. We have been guided in our intellectual and moral quest by their firm and reassuring hand. It is but proper for us then to salute our Faculty and respectfully esteem its individual members as friends, advisers, counselors, and builders of character. To them we are indebted for making our life happier than it would have been. Page Eighteen SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE T ' SLEiD . OF 1 » 4 1 .IJ-ucutti REV. A. BARTOI, A.B., English REV. S. BARDEL, A.C., Polish REV. J. BUSZEK, M.A., Physics REV. C. CYRAN, S.T.D., Ph.D., Philosophy REV. V. FILIPOWICZ, M.A., Polish REV. J. GIERUT, M.S., Ph.D., Chemistry REV. L. JANIGA, M.T., Polish, Religion REV. V. JASINSKI, S.T.D., Dogmatic Theology REV. J. KUBIK, M.A., S.T.B., Biology, Economics MR. P. LOBAZA, M.A., Polish REV. A. MAKSIMIK, Ph. B., Philosophy REV. B. NEUMANN, A.B., Physical Education, Latin REV. F. ORLIK, A.B., English REV. A. PAWELCZAK, A.B., English MR. A. PIWOWARSKI, M.A., Greek, Latin REV. E. POPIELARZ, Ph. B., Religion REV. C. ROPELLA, S.T.D., J.C.D., Moral Theology, Canon Laws REV. J. RYBINSKI, S.T.D., Sacred Scripture REV. E. SKROCKI, M.A., French, English REV. J. SWASTEK, M.A., History MSGR. A. SYSKI, M.A., S.T.D., Homiletics REV. H. TORZALA, L.Ph., Sociology REV. H. WARAKSA, A.B., Music, History, English REV. A. WOTTA, B.S., Mathematics SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Nineteen STUDY AND HARD WORK FOR GOD AND COUNTRY Old men shall dream dreams, but our young men see visions of a new and better world and gather here the principles to make that vision endure. ( I THE E A G I. E .- ' mS mr ' :. OF 1914 ijoutlt YOUTH is not a time of life — it is a state of mind. It is not a matter of ripe cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is a freshness of the deep springs of life. Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over love of ease. This often exists in a man of fifty more than in a boy of twenty. Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years; people grow old only by deserting their ideals. Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, doubt, self distrust, fear and despair — these are the long, long years that bow the head and turn the growing spirit back to dust. Whether seventy or sixteen, there is in every being ' s heart the love of wonder, the sweet amazement at the stars and the starlike things and thoughts, the undaunted challenge of events, the un- failing childlike appetite for what next, and the joy and the game of life. You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair. In the central place of your heart there is a wireless station; so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer, courage, grandeur and power from the earth, from men and from the In- finite, SQj long are you young. When the wires are all down and all the central place of your heart is covered with the snows of pessimism and the ice of cynicism, then are you grown old indeed and may God have mercy on your soul. PageTwenly-two SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGl. E 3H lh . I " ' 11 4 4 LjfClCll y uuteA LEAVES have turned green again — the birds sing again — flowers are beautiful once again, and for us has come the day to say farewell to Alma Mater. Four happy and glorious years of aca- demic endeavor are now crowned with success — years, wherein life was full of beauty and truly gay. And the flame that stirred us ever on to work hard and to play still harder can today glow gently, for we have attained our treasure — Today is our Gradua- tion Day! We are prepared, ready and eager to carry on life ' s hard strug- gle. We know that our future success depends entirely on the way we employ the splendid virtues of love and charity which our teachers and friends have taught us to cherish above every- thing. They have tried so nobly and generously to make us men of character, true children of God; and, perhaps, it is well to inform them through this medium, The Eagle, that their work was not in vain. We shall never forget their love for us, so free and plentiful. Sometimes they had good reason to throw up their arms in despair, but like true sports, they tried again and again. To- day, we honor you, dear teachers and friends, and set apart this day to humbly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this day possible for us — for this is our Graduation Day. Alma Mater! You will be close to our hearts always — your spirit will keep us ever inseparable. DOMINE DIRIGE NOS SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Twenty-three THE EACiLE .- iOH I OF I » 4 4 Members of the College Graduating Class of 1944 ALBERT A. AUGUSTINE HENRY C. BIELSKI EUGENE J. MATUSZEWSKI MAXIMILLIAN A. PANCZAKIEWICZ EDWIN A. SZCZYGIEL BERNARD M. WYZYKOWSKI EDWARD J. ZAWODNIAK ALPHONSE A. ZOLTOWSKI DOMINE DIRIGE NOS . . . Page Twenty-f OUT SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGTE DOMINE DIRIGE NOS OF I » 4 4 ALBERT A. AUGUSTINE Ncmticoke, Pa. HENRY C. BIELSKI Buffalo, N. Y. SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Twenty-Five THE EAGI. E !:s» OF I n i t EUGENE J. MATUSZEWSKI Rochester, N. Y. MAXIMILLIAN A. PANCZAKIEWICZ Buffalo, N. Y. DOMINE DIRIGE NOS Page Twenty-six SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE E A G I. E 3 OF I » 4 4 DOMINE DIRIGE NOS EDWIN A. SZCZYGIEL Easthampton, Mass. BERNARD M. WYZYKOWSKI Witherbee, N. Y. SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Twenty-seven THE EAGLE OF 19 4 4 EDWARD J. ZAWODNIAK Lcffksville, Pa. ALPHONSE A. ZOLTOWSKI Erie, Pa. DOMINE DIRIGE NOS Page Twenty-eight SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE E A G I. E fi£ iK i£r .. OF 1944 Keep On Keepin ' On If the day looks kinder gloomy And your chances kinder slim, If the situation ' s puzzlin ' And the prospect ' s awful grim, If the perplexities keep pressin ' Till hope is nearly gone. Just bristle up and grit your teeth And keep on keepin ' on. Frettin ' never wins a fight And fumin ' never pays; There ain ' t no use in broodin ' In these pessimistic ways Smile just kinder cheerfully Though hope is nearly gone, And bristle up and grit your teeth And keep on keepin ' ' on. There ain ' t no use in growlin ' And grumblin ' all the time, When music ' s ringin ' everywhere And everything ' s a rhyme. Just keep on smilin ' cheerfully If hope is nearly gone, And bristle up and grit your teeth And keep on keepin ' on. SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Twenty-nine THE EAGLE ' ' - iUfll OF 1044 Members of the Prep Graduation Class of 1944 CLARENCE R. CONSTANTAKIS EDMUND C. GABALSKI PETER P. HAMERNIK FRANCIS G. HUNGER MARTIN M. KOMOSINSKI LEONARD J. KOTOWSKI NIKODEM J. KOWALEWSKI LEONARD J. KOZIEL DONALD W. KOZLOWSKI STEPHEN J. KOZLOWSKI VINCENT J. NEBUS EDWARD A. NIMIERA GEORGE W. PIASCIK THADDEUS W. PODOLAK JOHN J. RAKOCZY STANISLAUS T. TULAK ARTHUR E. ZAGRZEBSKI WALTER J. ZIEMBA HERBERT P. ZOROMSKI NON SCHOLAE BED VITAE DISCIMUS Page Thirty SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL CLARENCE R. CONSTANTAKIS Detroit, Mich. EDMUND C. GABALSKI Buffalo, N. Y. PETER P. HAMERNIK Stamford, Conn. SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE ■m J- FRANCIS G. HUNGER Cleveland, Ohio MARTIN M. KOMOSINSKI South Amboy, N. J. LEONARD J. KOTOWSKI Detroit, Mich. SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL NIKODEM J. KOWALEWSKI Stamford, Conn. LEONARD J. KOZIEL Detroit, Mich. DONALD W. KOZLOWSKI Toledo, Ohio SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE STEPHEN J. KOZLOWSKI Toledo, Ohio VINCENT J. NEBUS South Amboy, N. J. EDWARD A. NIMIERA Bayonne, N. J. SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL GEORGE W. PIASCIK Detroit, Mich THADDEUS W. PODOLAK Syracuse, N. Y. JOHN J. RAKOCZY River Rouge, Mich. SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE STANISLAUS T. TULAK Detroit, Mich. ARTHUR E. ZAGRZEBSKI Steven ' s Point, Wis. WALTER J. ZIEMBA Detroit, Mich. HERBERT P. ZOROMSKI Galloway, Wis. Page Thirty-six SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE ?-« . OF 1 O 4 4 AS WE SEE US Clarence " Connie " Constantakis Inquiring Reporter Edmund " Gabby " Gabalski Chef de Cuisine Peter " Hammers " Hamernik Athletic Instructor Frank " Peaches " Hunger Steam Fitter Martin " Rip " Komosinski Latin Professor Leonard " Kitty " Kotowski New York Times Editor Nikodem " Nicky " Kowalewski Inventor Leonard " Sugar Plum " Koziel Beauty Operator Donald " Speed " Kozlowski Internal Revenue Tax Collector Steve " Prince Charming " Kozlowski .... Veterinarian Vincent " Vini " Nebus President of the U. S. Edward " Bob " Nimiera Secretary of State George " Pepper " Piascik Mr. Anthony Thaddeus " Reds " Podolak Professional Golfer John " Rocky " Rakoczy English Professor Stanley " Hair " Tulak Bond Leader Arthur " Doc " Zagrzebski Charles Atlas Walter " Stinkey " Ziemba Author of a Best Seller Herbert " Farmer " Zoromski Secretary of Agriculture Nous verrons ce que nous verrons. SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Thirty-seven THE EAGLE _ ' ' maU OF I » t 4 1J Xyi OU may be ill and you may be sore With aches and bruises and pains galore; Perhaps you are groggy, and halt and lame, But keep right on, for it ' s all a game Where like as not you are booked to win Right now, in spite of the shape you ' re in. Your brain is weary, your thoughts are dead Each step is heavy as lifting lead; The sun is passing under a cloud; Don ' t let them measure you for a shroud, But hang on now though it may be hard. Life ' s worth living when it is hard . . . Page Thirty-eight SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL ) A .f« ' , ' ' ' ..p N V ..... . THE EAGLE r. tHo OF 19 4 4 eJJeclicuiecl to c cience : WORKING FOR GOD AND COUNTRY Out of the laboratories of our institutions emerges the working model of the world of tomorrow: from machines and test tubes come the fascinating realities that give honor to the men of vision who lose themselves today so that others could live better tomorrow. One can reach out and touch the future, for time and distances are no longer obstacles, but the controlled elements in the crucibles of science. The men of St. Mary ' s will live in that future and will realize, upon reflection, that it is but the fulfillment of a pattern of life designed and demonstrated to them in the scientific labora- tories, in the classrooms, in the Chapels, and on the Campus of St. Mary ' s. Page Forty-four SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL § A f ; THE EAGI. E OF 1 » 4 4 f- fep L lc a66 We, the Preparatory Senior Class of 1944, being of sound mind and of sounder bodies, do hereby make, execute, publish and declare this to be our final will and testament, abrogating all promises made or about to be made, exclusive of those included herein. We desire to show our deepest and respectful grati- tude and our highest and sincere appreciation of everything done in our be- half, all past indications to the contrary notwithstanding. To Our Most Beloved Rector We leave our youthful zeal and energy to add to his undertaken effort to build an even greater Saint Mary ' s. To Oxir Deeply Respected Disciplinarians, now that we are departed, restful slumber. Worry no more whether we are in bed at curfew time. We also be- queath one dollar and sixty- three cents to pay for the cleaning of our " dining room " where we often enjoyed a midnight snack. To All Our Professors, a sincere " God Bless You " for directing us toward our goals. Their sound advice has found its way into our hearts, there to abide for all time. To The Purchasing Department, all broken test-tubes, batteries, Petri dishes and other equipment which we used for our extra-curricular experiments, plus the plans and formulas for our private rubber substitute, death ray gun, rocket ship, high powered explosives, etc. To The Department of Languages, all copyright rights to the new and original grammars, words and translations contributed by us during four years of strug- gle with, Latin, Polish, French, et al. We not only grant to them the rare priv- ilege and tremendous responsibility of seminating the newly-acquired Knowl- edge to those who shall follow in the wake of our footsteps, but also firmly and resolutely believe that they will gladly fulfill our request, even if it be for the sole purpose of warning the newcomers to avoid a similar course. To The Class of 1945, our desks in the classroom with their hieroglyphical scratchings and non-legible writings. They hereby, have authority to use these places as they deem fitting. To Our Followers, our rooms in t he College with their interior distractingly set with countless pennants and picturesque scenery — an extravaganza highly desired by youth. To All Seeking Recreation, our Clubroom — " Last door on the right. " future coup d ' elats may be planned and all initiations performed. Here the To The Coming Seniors, our drags, suctions and pulls, obtained after four years of endeavor, to be improved and used to better advantage. Page Forty-six SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE OF 19 4 4 Legally and lawfully, We do hereby, leave the following personal property: " Connie " black curly hair, original excuses, room mate, and war-torn bathrobe. " Gabby " — lapel pins, dilapidated camera, missing tooth. ' Hammers " — Sports manager ' s position, Charles Atlas course, amor for Solid Geometry. " Peaches " singing abilities, superficial strength, collection of novels. " Rip " extensive knowledge of Latin, unlimited correspondence, 10 pounds of fat. " Kitty " - - - over-sleeping habit, disheveled hair, goldfish. " Nicky " harmonic arrangements, corny jokes, baseball cap. " Sugar Plum " leave-raking abilities, endless therefores, original lyrics to popular songs. " Speed " studying initiative, solitude, oriental tapestry. " Prince Charming " deceiving mirror and toothless comb, library of comic books, extemporaneous elocution. " Vini " crew cut, flaring temper, stall No. 4. " Bob " model ' s figure, facial contortions, authorized cribs. " Pepper " collection of records, hours of slumber, sinus trouble. " Reds " nocturnal Polish confabulations, cantankerous temperament, pince- nez. " Rocky " ---athletic versatility, unique way of blushing. Lady Luck. " Doc " artistic achievements, broad shoulders, compendium of pamphlets. " Stinkey " — glib tongue, poetic pen, respect and affection for the Irish. " Farmer " --- mail-order purchases, chickens and eggs, long legs. " Hair " — clarinet, station wagon, one year ' s supply of slightly used chewing gum. (Under my favorite chair.) Signed, sealed, declared and published by us, the graduating class of 1944, in the pres- ence of the following witnesses: I. JOE GOOD HORSEN A. ROUND L WILL. SAVEM OTTO LUCK C. U. SOON SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Forty-seven THE EAGLE .- Haflfe I OF 19 4 4 I know You ' re the God of the wise and the good — Men say You ' re the God of the strong; But I hope You ' re the God of us blundering fools- Who have fahered and stumbled along! The wise need so little, the good are all blest; Their strength for the strong You renew. Oh, I hope You find time, in Your infinite plan — For we weak ones have nothing but You! — Rcsco3 Gilmore Stott. Page Forty-eight SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Forty-nine THE E A « I E r fnfli OF 1044 In an age of fops and toys, Wanting wisdom, void of right. Who shall nerve heroic boys To hazard all in Freedom ' s fight, — Break sharply off their jolly games. Forsake their comrades gay . . . For famine, toil and fray? So nigh is grandeur to our dust So near is God to man, When Duty whispers low, " Thou must, " The youth replies, " I con. " — R. W. Emerson Page Fifty SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Fifty-one CULTURAL ACHIEVEMENT FOR GOD AND COUNTRY To discover and develop, foster and exploit our talents in spe- cialized religious, social and in- tellectual achievement. 05 THE E A G I. E OF 19 4 4 SCHOLA CANTORUM promotes greater interest in Gregor- ian Chant and other hturgical music. participates in all our liturgical services. presents an annual Polish Christmas Program to a worldwide radio audi- ence. ORCHESTRA provides music for all events at St. Mary ' s. developes the musical talents of the men of St. Mary ' s. sponsors an annual Symphony Con- cert. Page Fifty-four SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE E A G l K ( OF 1 » 4 4 I. — Nowakowski, Konopka, Strumski, Krajewski, lasinski, Bednarski, Wyszomierski, Gabalski, Wyzykowski, Perkowski. II. — Dzingle, Pawelski, Cynar, Koziatek. Waickus, Szymanski, Skupien, Rokicki, Sobczyk. III. — Bielski, Borowski, Piusinski, Lechowski, Bogacz. lercha, Kula. Milewski, Siedlecki, Bogdan. Krul. Sobczyk, Chrapowicki. Zagrzebski, Gronkowski, Iipowicz, Sendzik, Wozniak, Koscinski, Wyszcmierski, Welgos, Lesinski, Klopocinski, Skupien, Mierzwiach, Fr. Waraksa, Talaga, Gabalski, Sobocinski, lercha, Dominick, Tulak, Wierzbowski. THE EAGLE OF 1 O 4 4 COLLEGE CHOIR develops an appreciation for litur- gical music. preserves the priceless gems of Polish hymnology. promotes various projects sponsored by the Music Department. PREP GLEE CLUB sustains enthusiasm among students for group singing. keeps alive the finest folk songs, as well as songs of American and Pol- ish origin. provides entertainment. Page Fifty-six SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE OF 1 » 4 4 Krysztoiik, Szperka, Dzingle, Balczun, Masakowski, Pawelski. Jercha, Sulenski, Kordasiewicz, Lechowski, Fr. Waraksa, Malich. Wytrwal. Frankiewicz, lanuszewski. Walijewski, Wyszomierski, Dominick, Mierzwiach. Pniewski, Grygiel, Herman, Dutz. Oleksyk. Solarczyk, Tulak, Porzadek, Zagrzebski, Kowalewski, Komendarek, Felcyn, Lewko, Sendzik, Ugolik, Winiarz, Boruszewski, Rozanski, Biegas. Szafranski. THE EAGI. E OF I f 4 4 I POLISH STUDENTS ' MISSION CRUSADE . . . interests our Polish-American youth in the foreign legion of Christ. . . . ministers to the spiritual and mate- rial needs of those neglected. . . . assists them actively through finan- cial aid. . . . pray, sacrifice, hold rallies to help the Missions. PREP MISSION UNIT acguaints the Prep students with the Missions. instills missionary spirit. awakens missionary vocations. Page Fifty-eight SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE ( OF 1 » 4 4 Chrapowicki, Fr. Orlik. Pitkiewicz Sokolowski, Skupien Krolcxyk. Biegas, Fr. Orlik, Rakoczy, Kowalewski. THE EAGLE OF I » 4 4 SACRED HEART SOCIETY . fosters and encourages deeper love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus. . promotes fraternal charity among its members. . encourages frequent reception of the Sacraments. EUCHARISTIC LEAGUE promotes the greater glory of the most Blessed Eucharist through ador- ation. affiliated with Archsodality of the Blessed Sacrament whose head- quarters are at Rome. members bound voluntarily. Page Sixty SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE OF I » 4 4 Gabalski, Dabkowski. Kula. Fr. Ropella Bargielski. Sokclowski Kula, Bargielski Chrapowicki, Fr. Rybinski, Sobczyk THE EAGLE OF 10 4 4 DETROIT STUDENTS ' CLUB . unites members into a close brother- hood of good will and cooperation. . theatrical -productions very popular. . supports Alma Mater through moral and material contributions. PHILADELPHIA STUDENTS ' CLUB . . . . unites the members of this vicinity- info an active group. . . . . extends moral and material aid to the Institution. . . . . entertains the families of the mem- bers at Christmas time. Page Sixty-two SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL i THE E A « I. E OF 1 » 4 4 Kotz, Borowski Konopka. Fr. Waraksa, Kijek Nebus, Lechowski, Kordasiewicz, Szperka Bogdan. Fr. Buszek. Dabkowski THE EAGLE OF 1 » 4 4 POLISH LITERARY SOCIETY . . acquaints the members with things PoHsh. . . extends a keener appreciation of Polish literary achievements and culture. . . stages frequent formal and informal programs. STUDENT LIBRARY STAFF . aids fellow-students in literary en- deavors. . assists them with the facilities of our extensive library. . indispensible to the Institution. Page Sixty-four SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE ( OF I » 4 4 Czaja. Wodziak, Ruminski, Skupien Fr. Swastek, Boqacz Kloskowski, Panczakiewicz. Stachewicz, Wyzykowski, Konopka, Zoltowski, Kemosek, Perkowski, Skupien, Rokicki, Strumski THE E A G I. K OF I » 4 4 SEMINARY SODALITY promotes a greater and child- like devotion to our Blessed Mother. daily Rosary a " must " in their cur- riculum. makes all its members realize that they are children of the same Good Mother. PREP SODALITY UNIT fosters devotions to the Mass. encourages frequent Communion. personal holiness and active Cath- olicity encouraged. Page Sixty-six SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE OF 1 O 4 4 Senderak, Fi. Maksimik, Bednaiski, Konopka, Stachewicz Ki olczyk, Ziemba, Woznicki, Kowalewski, Fr. Kubik THE EAGLE OF 19 4 4 Lechowski, Fr, Kubik, Kotz, Dobosz COLLEGE SODALITY prepares its members to become leaders of Society. stresses development of character and moral principles necessary to good leadership. f 1 PHI GAMMA CHI good-spirit producer among the col- legians. weekly Frat-nights very popular. very active organization. Give all despite the odds . . . Gain the laurels in victory or defeat. Page Sixty-eight SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP FOR GOD AND COUNTRY Give all despite the odds . . . Gain the laurels in victory or defeat. , ■R THE EACLE miMmr OF I O t f SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE " EAGLES " Nov. 23 — U. S. Army Induction Center Dec. 1 — Detroit Tech. Dec. 3— U. S. Naval Air Station Dec. 9 — Michigan State Normal Dec. 14 — U. S. Navy Personnel Jan. 10 — Michigan State Normal Jan. 12— U. S. Naval Air Station Jan. 21 — University of Detroit Feb. 3 — Assumption College Feb. 9— Detroit Tech. Feb. 16 — U. S. Navy Personnel Feb. 23 — U. S. Army Induction Center Feb. 25— 60th Ferry Squadron, U. S. A. Feb. 29 — Assumption College SEASON ' S MAJOR UPSET— January 21. 1944 Saint Mary ' s College 35 University of Detroit 32 LETTERMEN EDWARD ZAWODNIAK LEON LENCZEWSKI JOHN GABALSKI JOSEPH MARSZAL JULIAN WENDA JOSEPH KRYSZTOFIK FRANCIS SZPERKA ALBERT SKOMSKI STANLEY KOGUT RICHARD LASZEWSKI Manager- EDWARD KORDASIEWICZ Publicity — BERNARD WYZYKOWSKI Page Seventy-two SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL LENCZEWSKI WENDA LASZEWSKI GABALSKI KORDASIEWICZ WENDA KOGUT SKOMSKI MARSZAL THE EAGLE .. tdilQBi OF 1 O 4 4 SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL " EAGLETS " Saint Mary ' s Opponents 39 St. Stanislaus 35 30 St. Josaphat ' s 27 58 St. Florian ' s 24 50 St. Michael ' s 14 56 St. Francis De Sales 4 24 St. Frederick ' s 15 80 St. Mary ' s, Mt. Clemens 9 37 St. Mary ' s, Royal Oak 26 37 St. Rita ' s 14 49 St. Alphonsus 17 40 St. Michael ' s 12 74 St. Francis De Sales 17 70 St. Mary ' s, Mt. Clemens 11 40 Lake Orion 18 34 St. Mary ' s, Royal Oak 21 27 St. Frederick ' s 21 LETTERMEN JOHN RAKOCZY GEORGE PIASCIK WALTER ZIEMBA JOSEPH KROLCZYK FRANK OSOWSKI FRANK HUNGER DONALD KOZLOWSKI EDMUND GABALSKI LEN KOTOWSKl RAYMOND WOJCIECHOWSKI ADAM MARZEC EDWARD KRYSIAK LEONARD LASOTA DANIEL SWISZ Student Managers — Peter Homemik, Leonard Koziel Page Seventy-four SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE OF 1 » 4 4 CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES Catholic League, Second Division — West Side Saint Mary ' s 27— St. Frederick ' s 21 Catholic League, Second Division — City Title Saint Mary ' s 39— St. Ambrose 25 State District Tournaments Saint Mary ' s 51— Milford 17 Saint Mary ' s 79 — Big Beaver 4 Saint Mary ' s 28 — Keego Harbor 23 State Regional Tournaments Saint Mary ' s 30 — St. Frederick ' s 21 Lakeview 37 — Saint Mary ' s 18 SEASON ' S TOTAL Saint Mary ' s 990 Opponents 412 SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Seventy-five THE EAGLE r- HaH OF I » 4 4 f- rep (q u In tet The Saint Mary ' s High School quintet, which was considered one of the hottest and best crews of the state, sailed through an unpredictable and unfor- getful schedule of twenty-one consecutive victories with only a single defeat. Having endeavored for a number of years to be admitted into the Catholic League of Detroit, Coach Bruno Neumann ' s desire was finally granted and the Eaglets were permitted to compete in the West Side Second Division. It was here that the Eaglets received attention. Various newspaper writers lauded the accomplishments of the team. Naturally, with a very good offense and an exceptionally strong defense, the Eaglets advanced, breaking a number of records. The first record was broken when the Eaglets ran up a score of 80-9 (the highest total ever scored by a member of the Catholic League) against St. Mary ' s of Mt. Clemens. Johnny Rakoczy, ace forward, set the highest indi- vidual scoring record ever accumulated in the Catholic League, which pre- viously was 45 points, with his 54 for one game. The Eaglets were the first ever to be accredited with having more than 500 points (617 to be exact) in League competition. Within the course of events that followed, the Eaglets came in combat with the St. Ambrose five, the East Side champions of the Second Division, competitors for the City Title. Throughout the first half of this event, it looked rather hopeless for the Eaglets, but, as usual, they once again displayed their " Never say die " spirit and shattered St. Ambrose ' s defense with a 31-point splurge in the second half, thereby emerging on the top side of a 39-25 count, and the Second Division Champions. Many coaches agree that a team with a good offense usually has a poor defense. The Eaglets, however, proved this to be untrue. In the twenty-two games which ensued, the Eaglets ' offense had a 45-point average per game, while their opponent average was kept to a low 18-point level. Page Seventy-six SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE :! HJ ? OF 1 » 4 4 Eventually, it was the State Championship which the Eaglets craved to have within their grasp. The District Tournament at Farmington failed to give the Eaglets much competition. Roosevelt High School of Keego Harbor, how- ever. Saint Mary ' s ace rival for many years, proved itself a good opposing team for a 28-23 count in a closely fought battle. This victory left the Eaglets Champions of their District. A week later, they, for the third time this season, met St. Frederick ' s Five from Pontiac. Both teams were in quest of the Regional Championship. The Eaglets, however, once again turned back the determined Red and Black ' s of Pontiac with a score of 30-21. The second encounter in this tournament turned out to be " Waterloo " for the Eaglets. Due to a strain caused by a lengthy schedule and the close proximity in which these games were played. Saint Mary ' s faced the awful realization, that, as all good things, their success will have to, now or later, come to an end. And so it happened. On the evening of March 10, 1944, the Eaglets met the tall Lakeview Team. Using this height to their advantage, Lakeview downed the determined Eaglets 35-18. To the Coach, Bruno Neumann, and to the individual members of his team, the entire Institution extends its sincerest appreciation for the many benefits which Orchard Lake has derived through their efforts — efforts which to the Coach and the Team are truly an honor. SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Seventy-seven THE EAGI. E OF 10 4 4 RAKOCZY OSOWSKI PIASCIK ZIEMBA KROLCZYK I KOZLOWSKI SWISZ HUNGER ■ WOJCIECHOWSKI KRYSIAK GABALSKI Page Seventy-eight SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE fSj OF I » 4 4 m Boiuszewski, Wojtysiak, lablonski, Lukaszewski, Zdon, Walczak, Szczodiowski, Lewko, Romej. Reinke. Solaiczyk, Borowski Coach Neumann has great hopes in the Reserves for they supply him with material for his future teams. Although they had but few games this year, due to the transportation difficulties, they were very eager to practice and acquire the much needed fundamentals which help produce a winning team. SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Seventy-nine THK EAGLE OF 19 4 4 Missing from the College Team Picture: JOSEPH KRYSZTOFIK FRANCIS SZPERKA STUDENT ATHLETIC STAFF REV. B. NEUMANN Athletic Director B. M. WYZYKOWSKI Publicity Director EUGENE KIJEK - EDWARD KORDASIEWICZ - P. HAMERNIK - L. KOZIEL Page Eighty SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE E A G I. E OF 19 4 4 1 • , , t (!■■) - . t n 8K ' ■ % ,tX TH -I A4? i iw ■11 i A J f .. - . 1 } 1940-41 Michigan State District Championship Michigan State Regional Championship High School Basketball Intramural Championship 1941-42 Michigan State District Championship 1942-43 Michigan State Area Championship 1943-44 Michigan State District Championship West Side Second Division Catholic League Championship Second Division Catholic League Championship High School Softball Intramural Championship High School Basketball Intramural Championship SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Eighty-one Page Eighty-two SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL AINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Eighty-three THE EAGLE .- " tESSif? OF 1 » 4 1 Ky (JSleSSed J ands " Who took bread into His Holy and venerable hands. " Praised be the Lord for the hands of my brethren! For the thinker ' s refined hands, which glow at the contact of the thought which they transmit. For the workman ' s rugged hands, in the chastened flesh of which toil has carved a blue network of veins. For the tiller ' s hands opening over the furrow in which the seed must die. For the hands stained with blood of battle for Thy ideals and laws. For the artist ' s vibrating hands, which once espoused the beautiful. For the transparent hands of the sick, in which fever, with its burning bow, beats the rhythm of suffering. For the joined hands of the little ones, pearl-like flowers which entwine their stems around the mother ' s necks and for you, mother ' s hands, lighter than wings, which can hold and sustain without ever pressing. For you, Charity ' s hands, that dress the lepers ' sores, petals that are white enough to touch, hands that radiate enough to cure the most ugly wound. For you, the hands of the contemplotives, which tremble as you carry the cup of ecstasy. Hands proffered, hands given, the active hands of the Marthas, the adoring hands of the Maries, the pierced hands of Francis. O you, the noblest hands of the greatest of my brethren, you are without splendor, you are without light, before the hands of a Priest. O happy hands, among the blessed! Monstrance of flesh and blood in which the Sacred Host radiates! Trembling and warm cradle where the Lord is born again! Hands as highly favored as those of our Blessed Lady, since you carry the Child as truly as She did in the Stable, you are the swaddling clothes and you are the shroud; you are the Cross upon which the Victim lies. You are a child ' s hands, that give to God His elder Son who offered Himself for His little brothers. You are the chosen hands that raise up to heaven the enrapturing chalice. Hands which, like the hands of Christ, are multiplied on earth, O happy hands among all blessed! G. COURTAULT Page Eighty-lour SAINT MARY ' SHIGHSCHOOL THE EAGLE r MOHK ' OF 1944 MEMBERS OF THE ORDINANDI CLASS OF 1944 REV. M. BEDNARSKI REV. A. CHMIELEWSKI REV. V. DERWINSKI REV. A. KRAJEWSKI REV. S. MILEWSKI REV. B. RADZIEWICZ REV. C. SENDERAK REV. P. SIEROCKI REV. J. SZYNAL " VOCASTI ME, ECCE VADO " Page Eighty-six SAINT MARY ' SHIGHSCHOOL THE EAGLE J OF 1 » 4 4 REV. A. CHMIELEWSKI Diocese of Green Bay REV. M. BEDNARSKI Archdiocese of Detroit REV. V. DERWINSKI Diocese of Grccnd Island SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Eighty-seven THE EAGLE OF 19 4 4 REV. A. KRAJEWSKI Diocese of Patterson REV. B. RADZIEWICZ Diocese of Grand Island REV. S. MILEWSKI Diocese of Fort Wayne Page Eighty-eight SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE E A G 1. K J OF I » 4 4 REV. P. SIEROCKI Archdiocese of Detroit REV. C. SENDERAK Diocese of Fort Wayne REV. J. SZYNAL Diocese of Grand Island SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Eighty-nine _y tribute Jo Kyur 11 vlen Jn e ervice THE EAGLE OF 19 4 4 OUR REVEREND ALUMNI SERVING AS CHAPLAINS IN THE ARMED FORCES OF OUR COUNTRY LT. J. ADAMOWSKI LT. L. AUGUSTYNOWICZ LT. V. BEJMA LT. F. BOROWSKI LT. J. CHMIELEWSKI LT. A. CZUBAK LT. B. DOBRZYNSKI LT. T. DOLATA LT. E. DRAUS LT. A. DZIEMIAN LT. S. DZIENIS LT. S. GORSKI LT. V. GORSKI LT. N. GRULKOWSKI LT. A. GUZICKI LT. F. KOPICA LT. S. KARWOWSKI LT. M. KOPROWSKI CAPT. T. KOSZAREK LT. E. KOZLOWSKI LT. I. KUCIA LT. A. KULINSKI LT. V. LASOTA LT. C. LUTOMSKI LT. C. LASZEWSKI LT. J. MAJEWSKI CAPT. L. MATUSZEWSKI LT. A. NOWAK LT. L PACZOCHA LT. B. PARZYCH LT. S. PODBIELSKI LT. B. POZNANSKI LT. J. PRZEWOZNIK LT. S. RACZYNSKI LT. A. ROBACZEWSKI CAPT. S. RYCZEK LT. F. RZASA MAJOR C. SIWINSKI LT. A. SLIWINSKI CAPT. B. STAWOWY LT. B. SWITZER LT. J. SZOT CAPT. W. SZYMANSKI LT. E. TANSKI MAJOR G. WIERZALIS LT. J. WIECKOWSKI SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Ninety-one THE EAGI. E OF I » 4 4 When to the sessions of sweet silent thought I summon up remembrance of things past, I sigh the lack of many a thing I sought, And with old woes new wail my dear time ' s waste; — But, if the while I think on thee, dear friend. And losses are restored, and sorrows end. WM. SHAKESPEARE Page Ninety-two SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL U ' I- w- -L ' m I - ,c ' . ;jMw .■ i ' . :»4 - C:?;!? ,.; ' ' - ' a ' l sf -j m ' i fr , ' » » „ j . , w " " ■ .Ji " -, Page Ninety-four SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Ninety-five THE EAGLE .- MaflKl OF I » 4 4 REQUIESCAT IN PACE A devoted teacher of the Classics was taken from the ranks of the faculty of St. Mary ' s when Prof. Andrew Mar- tusiewicz passed to his eternal reward, March 28, 1944. Prof. Martusiewicz was a beloved friend of the men of St. Mary ' s. He is a model of devotion to work, of patient perseverance, not only to the thousands who have studied under his care, but also to the world at large. Prof. Martusiewicz labored at St. Mary ' s for thirty-one years. These long years were spent without missing a day of teaching. He gave his all for God and for Country in his role as teacher of the Greek and Latin languages and His- tories until his final illness ended the spotless record. " Death is a commingling of eternity with time; in the death of a good man eternity is seen looking through time. " —GOETHE Page Ninety-six SAINTMARY ' SHIGHSCHOOL THE EAGLE OF 19 4 4 PROF. ANDREW MARTUSIEWICZ. M.A. 1883-1944 SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page Ninety-seven THE EAGLE . ' ' iim KE OF 19 4 4 THE DAY IS DONE The day is done, and the darkness Falls from the wings of Night, As a feather is wafted downward From an eagle in his flight. I see the lights of the College Gleam through the rain and the mist. And a feeling of sadness comes o ' er me That my soul cannot resist: A feeling of sadness and longing, That is not akin to pain. And resembles sorrow only As the mist resembles rain. Come, read to me some poem. Some simple and heartfelt lay, That shall soothe this restless feeling. And banish the thoughts of day. Not from the grand old masters. Not from the bards sublime. Whose distant footsteps echo Through the corridors of Time. For, like strains of martial music. Their mighty thoughts suggest Life ' s endless toil and endeavor; And tonight I long for rest. Read from some humbler poet. Whose songs gushed from his heart. As showers from the clouds of summer, Or tears from the eyelids start; Who, through long days of labor. And nights devoid of ease. Still heard in his soul the music Of wonderful melodies. Such songs have power to quiet The restless pulse of care. And come like the benediction That follows after prayer. Then read from the treasured volume The poem of thy choice. And lend to the rhyme of the poet The beauty of thy voice. -HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW Page Ninety-eight SAINTMARY ' SHIGHSCHOOL r.) I H % Vs. t: ' ■ zr ■■ V: , i ».?a • ♦■ «. }■ rfr •tH: ,i™-,r«»»1 THE EAGLE . " " IhM I OF 19 4 4 -y chnowledament r The Class of 1944 very sincerely says " Thank You " to the many underclassmen who hove given much of their time and effort, without which our " Eagle " could not have been made possible. To you, Advertisers and Patrons, we give special thanks, for without your gracious financial aid our ambitions as to the editing of this annual would not have materialized. The Editor extends personal thanks to F. P. Biestek, S. J., of West Baden College, West Baden Springs, Indiana, and Mr. H. Guy Moats, of the Pontiac Daily Press, for their willingness in supplying us with some of the necessary photographs. Printing By — The Birmingham Eccentric, North Woodward Ave., Birmingham, Michigan. Photos By — Hoffman Studios, 5456 Chene, Detroit, Mich. Engraving By — Pontiac Photo Engraving Co., 10 West Huron, Pontiac, Mich. Cover By — Kover Kraft Yearbook Covers, 3249-59 W. Harrison, Chicago, 111. Page One hundred SAINT MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL THE EAGLE I H . OF 19 4 4 PATRONS REV. A. B. BOCIANSKI, Plains, Pa. REV. STANLEY F. BORUCKI, Detroit, Mich. REV. JOHN A. KOCIELA, Syracuse, N. Y. REV. LEONARD MAKULSKL Detroit, Mich. REV. BOLESLAUS J. RARUS, Stamford, Conn. REV. BENEDICT REMBELSKL Detroit, Mich. REV. L. J. STASZ, Port Henry, N. Y. REV. S. J. WOJCIECHOWSKL Witherbee, N Y. ANDERSON KRAPP CO., Toledo, Ohio ALEX ALEX, Detroit, Mich. ARLENE ' S WOMEN ' S APPAREL, Hamtramck, Mich. MRS. MARY AUGUSTYN, Alden Station, Pa. W. BEM HARDWARE, Detroit, Mich. MRS. MARY BOCHENEK, Detroit, Mich. BRUNO MONUMENTS, Detroit, Mich. MR. FRANK BIELSKI, Buffalo, N. Y. MR. VINCENT M. BONDI, Chicago, 111. MR. AND MRS. HARRY BRAL FAMILY, Cleveland, Ohio MR. AND MRS. C. CISZEWSKI, South Amboy, N.J. MR. AND MRS. JOHN CONSTANTAKIS, Detroit, Michigan MR. PETER COOK AND FAMILY, Detroit, Mich. MR. JOSEPH CZOPIK, Detroit, Mich. MR. AND MRS. JOHN DEREDZINSKI, Detroit, Michigan MR. AND MRS. JOHN GABALSKI, Buffalo, New York MR. AND MRS. ALPHONSE GAGNE, Easthampton, Mass. GAWEL CATHOLIC STORE, Buffalo, N. Y. MR. AND MRS. H. GILEWSKI, Hamtramck, Mich. MR. ANDREW GLEBA, Detroit, Mich. MR. AND MRS. FLORIAN HAMERNIK, Stamford, Conn. MR. AND MRS. FRANK HUNGER, Cleveland, Ohio MR. CARL HUNGER, Cleveland, Ohio MR. WILLIAM A. KAMINSKI, Detroit, Mich. KAY CREDIT JEWELERS, Detroit, Mich. DR. J. JABLONSKI, Detroit, Mich. J. F. JAPOWICZ BARBER SHOPPE, Detroit, Mich. SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page One Hundred one THE EAGLE r. Z tO Kli OF 19 14 PATRONS JASINSKI NOWAKOWSKI, Detroit, Mich. — MR. HENRY JAWOROWICZ, Detroit, Mich. MR. MARION KALINOWSKI, Toledo, Ohio MRS. A. KIEL, Detroit, Mich. MR. TOM KLEPARCZYK, Detroit, Mich. MR. THEODORE KOBIELSKI, Buffalo, N. Y. KOLIPINSKI BROTHERS, INC., Buffalo, N. Y. MR. AND MRS. MARTIN KOMOSINSKI, South Amboy, New Jersey MR. JOSEPH KOPITZKE, Detroit, Mich. MR. AND MRS. MATTHEW KOTOWSKI, Detroit, Michigan MR. AND MRS. NIKODEM KOWALEWSKI, Stamford, Conn. MR. JOSEPH KRAUSE, Detroit, Mich. MR. AND MRS. STEPHEN KOZLOWSKI, Toledo, Ohio MR. AND MRS. JOHN KOZIEL, Detroit, Michigan KRESS BAR, Detroit, Mich. MR. AND MRS. FRANK LEDWON, Detroit, Mich. LENDZON ' S 5c TO $5.00 STORES, Detroit, Mich. MARTHA WASHINGTON THEATRE, Hamtramck, Mich. MR. AND MRS. S. MASKO, Hamtramck, Mich. MR. AND MRS. A. MATUSZEWSKI, R ochester, N. Y. MITCHELL-FOREST PHARMACY, Detroit, Mich. MARGARET A. NEBUS, South Amboy, N. J. MR. AND MRS. VINCENT NEBUS, South Amboy, N. J. MR. AND MRS. ADAM NIMIERA, Bayonne, N. J. ATTY. AND MRS. ANDREW J. NOWAK, Erie, Pa. MULAWA FUNERAL HOME, Detroit, Mich. MRS. JULIA NOWAK, Toledo, Ohio NU-ENAMEL TOLEDO CO., Toledo, Ohio CHESTER MARLEAU, Toledo, Ohio MR. JOHN S. OSTASZEWSKl, Stamford, Conn. MR. EDWIN PANCZAKIEWICZ, Buffalo, N. Y. MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH PANCZAKIEWICZ, Buffalo, N. Y. MR. AND MRS. S. PANCZAKIEWICZ, Buffalo, N. Y. Page One hundred two SAINTMARY ' SHIGHSCHOOL THE EAGI. K iS likk . OF 1 » 4 4 PATRONS PIOTROWSKI LEMPKE, Detroit, Mich. MR. JOSEPH M. PLAS, Detroit, Mich. MRS. ANNA PODOLAK, Syracuse, N. Y. MR. JULIAN POLASKI, Erie, Pa. DR. STANLEY J. PONIATOWSKI, Detroit, Mich. MR. AND MRS. ANDREW RAKOCZY, River Rouge, Mich. MR. MAX ROSENBAUM, Hamtramck, Mich. MR. PETER RUSINOWSKL Detroit, Mich. MR. AND MRS. FRANK SPANSKI SPOLKA, INC., Buffalo, N. Y. MR. AND MRS. F. STEGELSKI, Erie, Pa. MR. J. SVOBODA, Detroit, Mich. MR. STANLEY SUDOL, Detroit, Mich. MRS. SOPHIA SZCZYGIEL, Easthampton, Mass. MR. AND MRS. B. V. WYZYKOWSKI, Witherbee, N. Y. TARNAS CLEANERS DYERS, Hamtramck, Mich. DR. LEO TEMROWSKI, Detroit, Mich. MR. CASIMIR TOKARSKI, Bayonne, N. J. C. F. THROM AND SONS, Toledo, Ohio MR. ANTHONY TRALKA, Bayonne, N. J. MR. AND MRS. THADDEUS TULAK, Detroit, Michigan WEST DISINFECTING CO., Detroit, Mich. MR. AND MRS. CLYDE WHEELER, Toledo, Ohio MR. AND MRS. STANLEY WIELGOSZ, Holyoke, Mass. EDWARD E. WIENSKI, D.D.S., Stamford, Conn. ZABOROWSKI GROCERY STORE, Detroit, Mich. MR. AND MRS. PETER ZAGRZEBSKI, Stevens Point, Wis. MR. J. ZAREMBSKI, Detroit, Mich. MR. AND MRS. EDWARD ZAWODNIAK, Larksville, Pa. MR. AND MRS. THOMAS ZIEMBA, Detroit, Michigan MRS. MARTHA ZOLTOWSKI, Erie, Pa. ZOLKOWERS DEPARTMENT STORE, Detroit, Mich. MR. AND MRS. JOHN ZOROMSKI, Wittenberg, Wis. SAINT MARY ' S COLLEGE Page One Hundred three ZJEDNOCZENIE POLSKIE RZYMSKO-KATOLICKIE W AMERYCE POD OPIEKA BOSKIEGO SERCA JEZUSA Zjednoczenie P. R. K. Liczy 150,000 Czlonkow i Czlonkin Zasobow Posiada Przeszlo $22,000,000.00 Po blizsze informacje pisac: Z. p. R. K. 984 MILWAUKEE AVE. CHICAGO, ILL. 104 UNJA POLSKA W STANACH ZJEDNOCZONYCH POLNOCNEJ AMERYKI Czlonkow 50,000 — Zasobow $3,000,000.00 Jedna z Najstarszych i Najsolidniejszych Organizacyj Polsko-Kotolickich na Wychodztwie Zorganizowana w Roku 1890 Po infonnacje pisac: BIURO SEKRETARZA GENERALNEGO 53-59 North Main Street Wilkes-Borre, Penna. 106 S D A L I S Wydawany Staraniem Seminarium Polskiego Prenumerata Roczna (za 10 Numerow) Wynosi $1.00 Adr SODALIS ORCHARD LAKE, MICHIGAN 106 COMPLIMENTS From ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Congratulations to the Class of 1944 J. Ostaszewski Congratulations to Class of 1944 May Your Future be a Success Art ' s Market GROCERIES AND MEATS ARTHUR A. KLOPOCINSKI, Prop. 3184 Frederick St. Detroit BEST WISHES FROM LADIES ' AUXILIARY OF THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 107 Telephone 2-6332 0. A. GRAFF sheet Metal Contractor 54 N. Parke St. Pontiac, Mich. Compliments of . . . RITZ CAFE 9 N. Saginaw St. Pontiac, Michigan Open Every Day Except Stmdays BEER — WINE — LIQUOR We serve the most delicious food in town Steaks — Chops — Seafood and Famous Spaghetti SHAEFFER PENS TOILET GOODS CLOONAN DRUG COMPANY 72 North Saginaw Street Pontiac, Michigan PRESCRIPTIONS HOSPITAL SUPPLIES For Quality, Purity, Flavor Insist on DAIRY PRODUCTS GOLDEN JERSEY MILK ICE CREAM Detroit Creamery BE SURE WITH PURE A complete line of petroleum products Tires, Tubes, Batteries and Accessories The Pure Oil Company 245 1 Orchard Lake Avenue Pontiac, Michigan 108 Phone 7320 Allan ' s Jewelers 1 NORTH SAGINAW STREET Corner Pike Street Pontiac, Michigan Best wishes to The Seniors from . . . Kimball Brothers STEVENS POINT WISCONSIN Fine Furniture for Children Since 1897 Saner Service Fred Saner Electrical Contractor 62 N. Johnson Ave. Pontiac, Mich. Pontiac 8178 Pontiac Cab Company 3 West Pike Street PONTIAC, MICHIGAN 109 Compliments of . . . PONTIAC MILLS, INC. A COMPLETE FEED — SEED — FERTILIZER SERVICE Phone: Pontiac 2-4841 3 1 JACKSON STREET PONTIAC, MICHIGAN SHAWS Jewelers — Opticians 24 NORTH SAGINAW STREET Telephone 2-6022 Pontiac, Mich. Phone: Pontiac 7148 Detroit: CHerry 1310 Oakland Electric Motor Works Pumps — Motors Mill Supplies 61-63 Oakland Ave. Pontiac, Mich. Phone: 20231-2 Dickie Lumber and Coal Company 2495 Orchard Lake Ave. KEEGO HARBOR MICHIGAN Telephone 5322 Griff ' s Grill The Place to Meet and Eat STEAKS — CHOPS FINE LIQUORS, WINES, BEER 49 N. Saginaw Street Pontiac, Mich. Phone: 2-4900 MARCERO CIGAR CANDY CO. WHOLESALE CANDY, CIGARS and TOBACCOS 97 No. Cass Avenue Pontiac, Michigan 110 IVanhoe 4480 Leo T. Sobocinski FUNERAL HOME Leo T. Sobocinski Stanley W. Sobocinski 5 144 McDougall Ave. corner Farnsworth Detroit, Mich. SMOKE BROS. FLOWERS Decorative Floral Artists and Growers of Hants and Cut Flowers Detroit and Mt. Clemens, Mich. TYIcr 4-9240 Tony ' s Standard Service Anthony Hepner, Prop. Lubrication and General Repairing 6617 W. Warren at Daniels Detroit, Mich. Bud Stempien TYler 4-8858 B. Choryan Beer and Wine Store Keg and Case Beer For All Occasions CASE BEER — DELIVERED — KEG BEER 4400 — 33rd St. corner Buchanan Detroit, Mich. Barney T. Chamski General Insurance 5209 McDougall Detroit, Mich. BONKOWSKI Prescription Druggist DRUGS APTEKA 5623 Michigan Avenue Detroit, Mich. Ill VInewood 1-7748 1 Emple 2-6419 JOSEPH M. MIODEK Artistic Memorials Main Office Factory and Office: 2138 E. FOREST AVE. 8600 DIX AVE. DETROIT, MICHIGAN AT HOLY CROSS CEMETERY Pontiac 2-9224 THATCHER, PATTERSON BERESFORD Established 1889 General Insurance Agents TIME TESTED PROTECTION Fire - Burglary - Accident - Life - Auto - Liability - Bonds 609 Community Nat ' l Bank Bldg. Pontiac 14, Mich. Phone 2-3766 Keego Hardware Agents for Burk ' s Electric Pumps Quaker Oil Heaters EvinrtiJe and Elto Outboard Motors Keego Harbor Michigan Phone 2-4912 Keego Sales Service, Inc. Service — All Makes — Used Cars NEVER CLOSED Keego Harbor Michigan " Heart of the Lakes " 112 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS from . . . THOMAS HOFFMAN PHOTOGRAPHER AND OWNER For Better Photographs Go to Hoffman Studio 545 6 Chene St. Detroit 11, Mich. Tel. PLaza 6793 TYler 6-4295 WAYNE BOILER EQUIPMENT CO. New and Used Boilers • Stokers and Oil Burners 5212 Vermont Ave. Detroit 8, Mich. Mark T. Piaskowski Ben Piaskowski Prescription Druggists 7400 Michigan Ave. corner Tarnow Michigan Ave. (corner of Junction) Detroit, Mich. LAfayette 5646 L. J. Jarzembowski Son Staff Sgt. Ray L. Jarzembowski Funeral Directors 4405 Wesson Ave. corner Buchanan Detroit, Mich. 113 PLaza 5100 Joseph F. Temrowski Real Estate Exchange COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE 5039 McDougall Ave. near Warren East Detroit, Mich. Phones: MA. 4120-4121 Jackiewicz Bros. wholesale Meats And Sausage Manufacturers 29 so Council Hamtramck, Mich. TEmple 1-945 A. J. Marshall Co. BAR, RESTAURANT AND HOTEL EQUIPMENT Syraciise China Established 1897 3639 Woodward Ave. Detroit, Mich. Phones: LA. 9503 (Res.) LA. 3880 Cieslak Cafe Beer - Wine - Liquors Hall to Rent for All Occasions 3 500 Junction Ave. Detroit, Mich. PLaza 05 53 Moran Meat Market C. WAWRZYNKIEWICZ Proprietor 5 144 Moran Ave. Detroit, Mich. WALTER A. TOBIS Groceries and Meats %976 Portland Ave. Detroit, Mich. 114 TErrace 2-8876 Mary ' s Confectionery FOUNTAIN SERVICE Mary Kurzyniec Sons, Props. 1964 Canfield Ave. Detroit, Mich. I VInewood 2-95 50 Catering to Banquets and Parties Our Specialty Joey ' s Stables Universally Acclaimed by Lovers of Good Food LIQUORS — SUPPER DANCING EVERY EVENING 8800 W. Jefferson Ave. at Copland Detroit, Mich. VInewood 2-9399 JOHN ' S BAR Liquor • Beer • Wine John F. Koziel, Prop. 9029 Home St. Detroit, Mich. TEmple 1-5100 RATHNAW ' S clothes For Men and Boys We Rent Correct Dress Suits CHENE FOREST DETROIT, MICH. DI 8698 KING YEE HAND LAUNDRY Cleaning - Pressing 4652 Chene St. Detroit, Mich. RAndoIph 3046 ASMUS BROS. Complete Variety Fresh Spices Natural, Concentrated and Liquid Seasonings Sausage Binders Established 1901 523-527 E. Congress St. Detroit, Mich. 115 SINCERE WISHES TO THE GRADUATES OF ST. MARY ' S HIGH SCHOOL AND ST. MARY ' S COLLEGE . . . STANLEY KOGUT AND FAMILY Detroit Michigan Compliments of Oakland Lunch Peter Voydanoff, Prop. 6 S. Saginaw St. Pontiac, Mich. TRinity 2-5682 Holbrook Building Corporation Edward Cukrowski, Pres. Chester Kaczmarek, Sec ' y Joseph Kaczmarek 2936 Holbrook Ave. Detroit, Mich; Congratulations to the Seniors from . . . Frank Wodylak Compliments of Steve W. Kasprzak Pharmacist LAfayette $96} - 5964 • Joseph J. Sarnowski Funeral Director 4188 Campbell Ave. Detroit, Mich. Compliments of Michael Sokol Tailors and Cleaners TYler 5-3 324 4670 Junction Ave. between Rich and Horatio Detroit, Mich. 116 Compliments of . . . Kiptyk Wholesale Grocery Company 2652 18th St. Detroit, Mich. TRinity 2-8125 Max ' s Jewelry Co. DIAMONDS • WATCHES Convenient Terms Jos. Campau comer Yemans 5 5 53 Chene St. 4847 Michigan Ave. Detroit, Mich. KNOCK ' EM OVER " AT THE ROUGE " The Bowlers Palace — Join the Throngs for Greater Comfort and Better Scores 12 New Brunswick Alleys Come Tonight for Bowling That ' s Right VInewood 2-9173 ROUGE RECREATION On Coolidge Highway Between S. Fort and W. Jefferson Frank and Louis Gasiorek, Props. River Rouge TRinity 1-9810 Al. Ziskie Cafe 10027 Jos. Campau Ave. Hamtramck, Mich. Compliments of Rozycki Bros. Company BUILDERS 2268 E. Forest Ave. Detroit, Mich. Compliments of . . . A. J. Piotrowski PHARMACY 9118 Jos. Campau, corner Hanley Hamtramck, Mich. LAfayette 5436 0. J. Paquin clerical Tailor 1443 20th St. Detroit, Mich. 117 TEmple 2-7505 Wujek Funeral Home Edward A. Wujek, Mgr. 1432 E. Canfield Ave. Detroit, Mich. IVanhoe9224 Anthony J. Lipke " Everything in Hardware " PAINTS AND GLASSES— HOUSEWARES TOOLS AND SPORTING GOODS 5 70 1 McDougall Ave. corner Palmer Detroit, Mich. TEmple 2-6448 Perkowski Furniture Co. EstablijS ed 1914 COMPLETE LINE OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS 4739 Chene St. Detroit, Mich. LAfayette4202 Compliments of . . . Ballaun St udio PHOTOGRAPHS OF DISTINCTION 5 848 Michigan Ave. Detroit, Mich. Compliments of . . Gold Cup Baking Co. fancy Pastry - Cakes For All Occasions 5 640 Buchanan Ave. Detroit, Mich. Phone: RAndolph 2506 National not Billiard Supply Co. ' ■ The Nation ' s Billiard and Bowling Headquarters 134 E. JEFFERSON AVE. DETROIT, MICH. TOwnsend 8-7590 The Independent Biscuit Company SHUR-GOOD BRAND CRACKERS — COOKIES — PRETZELS " They make good things taste better " 1124 Oakman Blvd. Detroit, Mich. 118 Rivers ide 051 J Family Bakery Wedding and Birthday Cakes Our Specialty BRON. KOMASARA, Prop. 619 Hertel Ave. Buffalo, N. Y. Compliments THE PIONEER MANUFACTURING CO. Cleveland 4, Ohio Manufacturers of PAINTS, VARNISHES, SANITARY PROMOTION PRODUCTS Since 1905 Manufacturers of SOAPS— WAXES— DISINFECTANTS Gem Products and Manufacturing Co. 15 89 BRAIN ARD ST. DETROIT, MICH. Telephone 226 Nebus Market " South Amboy ' s Outstanding Market ' 230 No. Feltus St. So. Amboy, N. J. Compliments of Rockland Hotel 695 Atlantic St. Stamford, Conn. Compliments of . . . The Bursick Coal Co. 2727 DAVID STOTT BLDG. DETROIT, MICH. For a Square Deal in Sporting Goods Comhining: QUALITY - PRICE - SERVICE Griswold Sporting Goods Co. 1134 GRISWOLD ST. DETROIT, MICH. 119 " If It ' s A Witkowski ' s Suit — It Must Fit " Witkowski ' s Clothiers Two Stores: 6305 Chene St. Detroit, Mich. 93 19 Jos. Campau Ave., Hamtramck, Mich. TOwnsend 8-2807 Finer Portraits by Pieronek 11633 Jos. Campau Ave. Hamtramck, Mich. ORegon 1611 A. MATEJA WHOLESALE CATHOLIC SUPPLIES Church Goods - Banners - Badges Vestments - Chalices 7844 Michigan Ave. Detroit, Mich. GOOD FOOD T . J FO R 1 PLEASED GUESTS JOHN SEXTON CO. CHICAGO — BROOK LYN DAllAS —ATLANTA- PITTSBUKGH PLaza7811 McDougall Meat Market Anthony Wawrzynkiewicz, Prop. 5026McDOUGALL (near Warren) DETROIT, MICH. MAdison 6927 EDWIN BEEF COMPANY 5140 EDWIN ST. HAMTRAMCK, MICH. 120 GRADUATES! WE SALUTE YOU! The Saint Mary ' s Athletic Association and Coaching Staff PREP SOPHOMORES Back Door Canteen ' Credit Makes Enemies Let ' s Be Friends. " BERNIE and NOOKS, Props. PREP JUNIORS PREP FRESHMEN Barracks ' " Subterranean " Canteen " Entertainment Guaranteed " Prep Canteen " Whistle For Service " ui TOwnsend 8-9899 People ' s Insurance Agency R. V. Ceglowski, Prop. COMPLETE INSURANCE and BONDING SERVICE 11341 Jos. Campau Ave. Hamtramck, Mich. TWinbrook 1-863 8 Compliments of • • • Mostek Paint Glass Co. GLASS FOR EVERY PURPOSE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS 11818 Jos. Campau Hamtramck, Mich. Best Wishes . Francis H. Leggett Co. PREMIER FOOD PRODUCTS 1947 E. Kirby Ave. Detroit, Mich. RAndolph 5131 Religious Articles — Books — Church Music Candles — Incense — Church Goods Religious Cards — Statuary at Krieg Bros. Catholic Supply House, Inc. 1414 Farmer Detroit, Mich. TOwnsend 7-2298 — 7-2290 DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE JOHN JURKIEWICZ SONS Funeral Directors and Licensed Embahners POGRZEBOWI AUTOMOBILES FOR ALL OCCASIONS TWO CHAPELS EQUIPPED WITH AUTOMATIC ORGANS 2396 Caniff Avenue cor. Brombach Hamtramck, Mich. MAdison 6215 Kowalski Quality Sausage 2240 Holbrook Ave. Hamtramck, Mich. Compliments of . . . Dr. Benjamin Lisowski Dentist 2297 E. Forest Ave. Rathnaw Bldg. Detroit, Mich. 122 When in Pontiac — Stop at Cut SAMS STORE Rate 84 North Saginaw St., Pontiac , Michigan Onr Policy: The Biggest Valtw is to Get What You Paid For W. Russell Eames J. Lester Brown EAMES BROWN Plumbing - Heating - Sheet Metal 5 5-57 EAST PIKE STREET Phone 7195 Pontiac, Michigan Mattresses, Box Springs, Pillows Made to Order Established 27 Years Your Guarantee Oxford Mattress Co. RENOVATORS — MANUFACTURERS Display: 5 Orchard Lake Ave. Phone 2-7695 Factory: A97 N. Perry Sc. Pontiac, Michigan Pontiac 5615 Pontiac Exterminating Co. J. B. Hodgkins Guarantees to . . . Remove Bed Bugs and Household Pests by Poison Gas Method Approved by Board of Health 3 36 Nelson St. Pontiac, Mich. Compliments of . . . LIBERTY CAFE 83 NORTH SAGINAW Phone: Pontiac 9216 Pontiac Michi igan You Can Always Depend On DEFIANCE AND IS BEST FOOD PRODUCTS Sold only in INDEPENDENT FOOD STORES 123 WILLIAM P. SULLIVAN TEmple 2-5 J44 CHAS. F. BERHAGEN THE SULLIVAN-BERNHAGEN COMPANY Established 1916 SHEET METAL FABRICATORS SHEARING • FORMING • WELDING 15 59-1561 HANCOCK AVENUE EAST DETROIT 7, MICHIGAN MAdison 7772 GOOD COAL SINCE 1899 I. E. Jozefiak Son One of Michigan ' s Largest Polish Coal Dealers Council M.C.R.R. Detroit, Mich. PLaza 3067 Rzadkowski Funeral Home 8910 Van Dyke St. Detroit, Mich. Stanley INSURANCE SERVICE 13 816 Michigan Oregon 75 85 DEARBORN MICH. VInewood 2-9895 PULASKI BAR BEER - WINE - LIQUOR Mr. and Mrs. Conrad J. Niezurawski, Props. 8602 W. Jefferson Ave. corner Pulaski Detroit, Mich. 124 Compliments of . . . Stanley Kagan MEATS AND GROCERIES 821 DWIGHT ST. HOLYOKE, MASS. Polonia Furniture Corp. " Homes Completely Furnished " 3}5-}37 STATE ST. PERTH AMBOY, N. J. Best Wishes to the Class of 1944 from ST. MICHAEL ' S PARISH WITHERBEE, NEW YORK Rev. S. J. Wojciechowski, Pastor Compliments of RAY F. HARLAND, Port Henry, New York Compliments of DEQUINDRE INN BEER - WINES - LIQUORS LIGHT LUNCHES DANCING MRS. BLANCHE MARCINIAK, Proprietress Dequindre and Twenty Mile Roads ROCHESTER MICHIGAN 125 COLLEGE SOPHOMORES COLLEGE JUNIORS COLLEGE FRESHMEN Steve Kozlowski Hardware and Furniture 3154 Lagrange Street Toledo, Ohio 126 For the Best In Campus Entertainment It ' s POLISH LITERARY SOCIETY ' Music, when soft voices die, Vibrates in the memory; Odours, when sweet violets sicken. Live within the sense they quicken; Rose leaves, when the rose is dead. Are heap ' d for the beloved ' s bed: And so thy thoughts, when thou art gone. Love itself shall slumber on. p. B. SHELLEY SCHOLA CANTORUM HEARD ANNUALLY OVER THE CBS NETWORK 127 Jtu toaraphs

Suggestions in the Mount Saint Marys College - Eagle Yearbook (Orchard Lake, MI) collection:

Mount Saint Marys College - Eagle Yearbook (Orchard Lake, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Mount Saint Marys College - Eagle Yearbook (Orchard Lake, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Mount Saint Marys College - Eagle Yearbook (Orchard Lake, MI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 46

1944, pg 46

Mount Saint Marys College - Eagle Yearbook (Orchard Lake, MI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 87

1944, pg 87

Mount Saint Marys College - Eagle Yearbook (Orchard Lake, MI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 60

1944, pg 60

Mount Saint Marys College - Eagle Yearbook (Orchard Lake, MI) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 101

1944, pg 101

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