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TABLE OF CONTENTS Opening ....... ........ 1 People .............. ............ 8 Seniors ............................................. ......... 1 0 Dormltories.............................................. ..72 Faculty and Administration .............. 86 Academics ................................................... 96 Clubs and Organizations ................... Sports ............................................ .......... Campus Life ........ .......... Index Senior Directory ...... ......... Advertisements ......... ..... 114 138 180 236 .241 246 M ntally he Mount has giv- en its students the opportunities of a life- time. The education vve have received through our four years has enabled us to leave here with nothing but the fullest potentials. Not many educational institu- tions stress the signifi- cance of a Liberal Arts education as do the faculty and admin- istration here at the Mount. We shall all embark upon the world as well rounded individuals. 2 O ,Q S w 11 The day seems too beautiful to be going to class, but that doesn't seem to stop Janet Galvin and Julie Shea as they make their way down College Lane. Steve DeFoor laughs as he notices the shock on Colleen Kennedy's face as she discovers that she has forgotten about the test in Journalism. Opening 3 new pon our depar- ture from high school, we all chose a small catholic institu- tion for a continuation of our education. The Mount has built its reputation through- out the generations and has been able to live up to its expecta- tions. Opening SGA P side B b C I k P dent, Chris C b P Robert J. Wickenhe P cipating in h h gainst Aparth side the South African Embassy in Washing seniors Denise Noonan and Diane Lenegha h V d 'S 1 J ff an a, ,x 1 w. V f Z v Q 3. 4 y 4 if Q 1 ,W f. + 5 as W Q .,... " , .,- ,4 V QW QP sv 3 2 , W. LQ? V i .,1f n'vv"?1 153, , fi -in f 52' if 1, fr 1 Qi QsmwwW W'W A ' , f WAVV ? 2, , it 4, ' is ,gg , . if-'N' J V w if 1, 1, f l ' . , A Af' fr .. 5, 2 Q 5 ' V 7 Q g , f- ,Qs ' , V S Q Maw, V K 5 . f sig 'S K A, '- Ng 3 Q, g.t ,, - X . 3 Q ' H P ,af 'Sf my QA A V V hkb- Q 1 V' . V, ,, my L, ' A , , 'Lf 5' Yi ' i 'gh A . 3, - f . , M . V- 5 . 1 . ,Q ,2 fL 'L Q 2 V- Q tif f W7 I V , 1 K 'rf V Q' I K I! 'Q y ,J If H , V M V K , 'I 6 9 gin, Q V -G k 1+ V Q A 'gf ' R 9 'Q , .V 5 - f V ' ff' I " " f Av. V VA as , if , A, , ,, ? 2, A A it , AV. ,mg 5 X ,- r A V A ,, 5 f , f 2 ,rigs 1' xi -, ,343 .V EEE - , S " V . -' WSVVQ, 4 ,. ug'5wg ' t ,pf 'f ' X X' 'X5 ' 4 'L " f W-Q 4 x ' f - ' , ' I m V. A . , 5 ,-5? ,. K ,,gp-U X . . - ,V W ,V ., ' ,V Q. . V 'R ,Vg F .K ,, ,, , ji? 3 , My 4 1 ' I2 2 b K 1 i V V - f , V. ,.,, , 'pw A' , ' A A ,V S , J' .51,, Q' ' Q . E 'M lf '- 2 715' 4 ' ' V V f 5 4' we I' 'M , 3, ,Env ' "ww ., x .S Ag VM 2 J' f. , 4 , , n Q' m . , 11 V' Vw V ,, , W H .f i V N U K 'f k 'z ' , V , Vf., MM 1 Vf' af, + 'V M V., "' '2 V ,,,f4,x -5 gwlk, g V f M V xt, VV' ? V V wmfy ,V kf M v V x ,. N Jif FV QxfVMr Q g'f V ,,,kL L I 5 M ,V ,J if V H , in W, V A 'Q In , , er nf ii. I I Vi, V gs S- ,J V ik 4" w" f 'Q' ' Q' k .-3' " .. V 1 f fa 5' ' ' AA , 4, W f , Q' keapfti H .VM Sf N Q, 52 4 , 1' ' if "V ' W Le.. ' 1 4? if ' V- KC M fav' 'gig , , f ' uf L 3 ,V 1. I' A Q' ' 4 ' f ' ,K N , Q f YV 3 - ' I x 5 ' ' ' , "1 'N . J ' ', V " p 59 V 'W' 1' Q' A V 'f' 1 ir if ,, K , , , , , ,, gf ., ,, , 5 3 fe.. -f-f n f 1 V V ' 'M V .MV V V 3 A .QA f 3 I in , 3, , 1 , S I WK df 0 v . 1 . ' , fl' JA 11 "' Q -5 it ff 5 , S V ' n, 1 ff- . ' N2 N it f ,Vg ,b f , f I f if S J A rf k Q nf . ? 'V ,arf my k ' V .ff Z i ' ' , V. 2 L . f"Uw', 3' ' if 4 - I 'E ' 3 " ' gxcaxxg cademic excel- lence alone is not enough. In order to grow into the well rounded individual physical endurance is important. The Mount encourages all e students to take full advantage in utilizing its intramural pro- gram, weight room fa- cilities as vvell as all varsity sports. A great deal is to be learned through our victories as well as from our de- feats. Our physical fit- ness not only shapes and conditions us but it can be seen as a part of our socializing as well. O GQZK19 ws here is a broad spec- trum of people on this campus. Each person is different yet each contribu- tion that he makes is valuable. Administration, faculty, and stu- dents all partici- pate in a way that makes this college special. 1-. E f dl b n l J M G d B ll dM - T People Discu f I f h ll D k ing ro T Taking a sunday night study break Katie Roo- han phones home to get a pep talk for the tough week ahead. E6 M160 - af Aggiggq The delicious meal at the senior dinner dance puts a smile on Billy 0tterbein's face as he heads for a seat, while Kerry Kinneal- ly looks on. 10 Seniors Mom Sz Dad - What can I say but thank you both for four of the best years of my life. I will never forget them. Wolfie, we had some fun times these past years, you are truly a great friend. To the rest of my roommates, Bob, Dean, 81 Doug - had a great Sr. year with you guys, best of luck to all of you, Doug try not to sleep so much in the future. To the guys downstairs - Joe, Tom, Bill, Brian, 81 Jay, take it easy but not too easy. Raul, good luck buddy. Madge, carry on 8: have a ball. To the rest - Thanks! Andrew J. Alameno B.S. Business and Finance A Paul D. Auchincloss B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, you two have influenced me the most, and the amount of respect I have for you can't be expressed. Thank you for everything. I love you both very much. John and Fred, you fellows are the only real life examples of renaissance men. What the two of you have taught me goes far beyond what I thought I was teaching you. lt's been an hon- or and I'm sure our friendships will never fade. Deirdre, it's impossible to write how I feel in this Mspace provided". You've meant so much to me and I want to tell you FOR- EVER just how much. MOPWEF Thomas Barnes B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad thank you for being loving and patient enough to see me through, you can never know how much I love you . . . To my friends, it's been great. Beth I love you for being an important part of my life. Deb what can I say? I'll miss your face. Beans, 1. Be- have 2. I-Iave fun 3. I'll miss you 4. I love you Mom and Dad thank you for your support, faith, and most of all your love - I love you both more than words can say. MJ, Joe, and Jen you're the best family anyone could ask for - I love you. Mags Els, Kels and Gigi - who could ask for better roomies - I'll miss you. Els thanks for everything - we'll al- ways be roomies. Trish Y I be lovin you! To all my friends thanks for making these 4 years the best. John thanks for being my best friend and a part of my life, for in you I have found someone truly special. I love you. Nancy A. Aleszczyk B.S. Accounting Celia J. Barriteau B.S, Accounting I would like to thank the faculty and adminis- tration of "The Mount" for providing a pleas- ant atmosphere which enabled me to develop my skills both personally and academically, my Parents who encouraged and supported me - life would have been unbearable with- out you. Thanks UBoss,' for being a true friend throughout my college years. Carlyle thank you for your love, respect, and friend- ship. Bye Janet, Steve, Maureen, Vivian, Bernarda, Vikki, Mikki, Dr. Samples, Mr. Grillo. A special thanks to my advisor, Prof. Ashbury. Love always, Celia. Bobby and Spike, Thank you for the years of love and understanding, but thank you more for your patience and sense of humor, I love you. Sully and Cleary, to say it's been great doesn't quite do it . . . you're welcome KV tidealistll-skateboard much? Tim, thanks I have my ID, Kurt, Tony, KMC, I'll miss you MSM! P.S. "If, several years from now, you find me in an airport selling petunias and looking lobotomized, I'd appreciate your strangling me" Opus John P. Barry Jr. B.A. History and Economics David Bartolini BA. History Mom, Dad the two who loved, the two who cared, without you I would not have dared. Thanks, Ria, Rache 8: my bro Joe Mike, Greg 8: Frank, good luck guys, who has dishes? Chank "will you take the 2nd half of my rounds?" Stay sane, I'll defend you killer. Kathy, Kathy and Michelle, keep sober! Have fun next year! Jill and Trish, a special thanks. To my special buddy KAG. Keep smiling! Long live the toad! Hey Phill 5 70 west? Hangin'l MFS call me. Cheers to 4-th Dub! Always remember "No matter where you go there you are" BB Do It Up! Louie, Louie! BFHD And We Danced . . . The crisp, Autumn weather was unforgettable, and so was the night. On November 2, 1985, the Senior Dinner Dance got off to a start with cocktail parties, leading to a great night of wining, dining, dancing and celebrating with the class of 1986, and invited guests. Although the dance was Novem- ber 2, plans of a "perfect date" were scouted out long before the night. Preparations were made well in advance to make sure that every- one would have a great night. Prime rib, chicken cordon bleu, baked potatoes, salad, string beans with almonds and cheesecake satis- fied cravings of hungry dancers. Beer and wine were readily avail- able to toast and lift spirits. Vincent Battista B.S. Biology Mom and Dad I Love You Both, thanks. I hope I have truly made you proud. To Nan- cy, if it were not for you I don't think I would have made it this far. I Love You very much! Coach - thanks for all the support, I wish I had run better, but hey. To everyone else, Reach for the sky. Don't limit yourselves. Good Luck in all you do Hey we're outta here! After dinner, the dance floor quickly filled with enthusiastic sen- iors twisting, shouting, and singing to the music. The band, "The Heat" took the listeners on a trip through time, playing hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's. The dancable music kept the dance floor packed for most of the evening. The dance officially ended at 2:00, but the evening continued on long into the night. People contin- ued to dance in the apartments since few wanted the night to end. Indeed, the Senior Dinner Dance was a night to remember. The dance was the first major event sponsored by the class, and proved to. be unifying for everyone who at- tended. David P. Baumgardner B.A. Political Science Mom and Dad Thank you not for making me what I am but for letting me become what I want. Joe, what do I do wfo a conscience- Rem-miracle on 34th St. Checkmate. Tim, Follow me 87 in Korea. C16 Jim and Vince you're great guys. WJLN Lez, Lis, Col and Nancy. 22mar85 Kat get'm outta my bed- room Lisa, wet shoulder and 0430 Backgam- mon B-Deck82-83 Ed-Dan-Bonz-Shipinburg s he's a midget ROTC-AUSA-good luck George drop 3 left 5. Wayno thats 10 Joe and Tim-Appalacian Expedition and quests for highs Doc Nak, What GPA? Thanks Dr. Sue vielgluck alpha co. Drive on DPB 21t Seniors 11 12 Seniors Dear Mom 8: Dad - I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend college. Dad - I remember you saying these would be the best 4 years of my life. Dad - you're right again. To Rich DeNardi, Jim Madden, Khris Loux, Rob Kenney, Lude Braver, Art D., Chucker, Bake, Toby, Lau, Ohms, Dr Lit, Jerry Wilson, Jim Amato, Steve Markey, Leo - I will never forget you guys 8: will always remember the great times we had together. You guys have made this the best 4 yrs any guy could ever ask for - Thanks 8: good luck to you all. R Seidel - I know you will miss RD-1 William B. Bayne, Jr. B.S. Accounting 4D's.., . Robert R. Blee B.S. Business and Finance B.S. Economics Mom 8: Dad - Thanks for your love and support. Janettesyou hold a special place in my heart let's hope these past few years are only the beginning. Love ya Babe. Ruggers- keep up the drunken tradition. Tonk4SGA was quite a treat 8: may it never be respected again . Pearce, Larkin 8: the men of C419 8: C-20 my liver will never forget you. Thanks for a great four years. Wolfgang, Andy, Dean, Mich 8: the boys downstairs-I thank you for the great memories and friendship. Good luck You don't need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Don't even listen, simply wait. Don't even wait. Be quite still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you. To be unmasked, it has no choice. It will roll in ecstacy at your feet. -Franz Kafka To my friends and family, you are one and the same, Thank you for giving me this op- portunity to grow and to learn, I love you all. Nancy Marie Belmonte B.A. English Q if S Debra K. Blumenauer B.A. Sociology Dad, Mom, Beth, Tim - I cannot place into words how I love and thank you for all you've given me. The love shared between us will warm me throughout my life and will be the source of my strength. My greatest achieve- ment can only be a reflection of you all, THANK YOU. To Neil: Time has taken the tears but not your memory - I will "Stay Young." To MM and the Lugan - I Love Yls Guys! PEB, Jerry, Dan-O, Stever - Your the BEST! B-15 Thanks For The Laughs, Girls! - WHERE'S HAPPY HOUR? - Robert D. Black B.S. Business and Finance Were.. Boyd I.. Booklet B.S. Business and Finance Dearest Mom and Dad Without your gui- dence and love I would not be the person I have become. I love you both dearly ....,. . . . .Hey Roomies'KB, Jack, Weeg, Cuppy-It was a pretty good time Aye, To my pals, Puds, Lev, FD, Sky, MJ, Beav, Skit, RR, Pat W, and my friends Daneen, Colleen, Jan, Di, Terror, Michon, Keri, Katie, Li, Debbie, Barb, Dedi, Fran, Sue, Ellen and the rest l'll miss ya all: A-bldg C-5, 4Mac, 2Pang, A- Deck, they are still fresh in my mind..Thanks to my bud Bobby Where's my load?? Tennis team, Richmond, Marco Fla-We had a day! Thanx BZX Mom, thanks for making these four years possible. For all your love, support and guid- ance. I love you. To the rest of my family, thanks. EBB - What can I say? It's over! So let's take that trip. I love you. Shawn, Lisa hang in there, Hyou don't have long." Paula, you were right, it did go by fast. Jan, let me know when you set the date. "THE GREAT!" To the B-ball girls it's been fun - Good luck! Mr. Sheahan, thank you. Also, Amy H. - thanks. F. Bernadine Bocus B.S. Business and Finance ,. sa 3- ,,'- f Marco T. Bon Tempo B.A. Political Science To My parents, thanks I love you very much. Big D, I wish you could be here. To all my family especially my brothers thanks for your help and support. C-18, it was a great time. Flounder, I love you like a brother. Thanks, Also, to the Cinoas. WMTB, Greg and Marty, you salvaged my sanity. "When the great silence descends upon us all and everywhere music will triumph at last" H. Miller Tropic of Cancer The vacation is over, what now? I'm not sure, I'll just work not to become what I have learned to despise. Thanks to all for the many fond memories. Ciao Living It Up Decorating and re-decorating is what's done by most of the seniors after summer and Christmas breaks. Moving into the apartments is a privilege that all look forward to. Some want to make the best of it and some, well . . . The apartments are completely furnished. But that doesn't stop some of these overanxious seniors. In the living room each apartment has a couch, a chair, two ottomans, a kitchen table and a set of chairs. Some fancier apartments have add- ed rocking chairs, and extra couch, or even a recliner. There are many different ways to arrange the furniture. Most place the couch back against the long wall facing the windows. Not only does it Kathryn Marie Bowling B.A. Music-Journalism B.S. English Sincere gratitude to all who have made my life at MSM a real Hlearning experience", especially: Maria, Ina, Dew, Murch, Ack, C- 17, Alicia, Mrs. Getz, Dr, Craft, Dr. Rimo, The Mountain Echo, The Loser, The Presi- dent, Susan, Rodney, Kitty, Amaretto, Com- fort, The "When you make friends with a kitten, youive made a friend for life." Ralston Purina fit best there, but it provides great scoping seats. You can just look out the windows and see what's hap- pening all across campus. The bedrooms are the perfect place to go wild with your decorat- ing tastes. The beds can be bunked or if you don't like sleeping in the atmosphere they can be de-bunked. There are two desks that can be placed just about anywhere. But, seniors, do they want desks? Well each apartment looks the same over the summer - empty. But come the end of August, all changes. There's a touch of class added here and a touch of home added there and the apartment be- comes just that . . . a home. The Rat became a night for make believe families as Colleen Holmes, "mother" shows off her daughter Debbie Lempken Seniors 13 .4 . ,wk . . f ,, ff! ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, , "" H! I 3 " 'Wi' I , ,,,,,,, . ,, ,, . Q3 Www?-' W 4 '- I v,ff.,.N Sl . . . i loved every minute the last four years, but at the upcoming party they serve more beers. giv- ing the peace sign standing on the curb, thank you father dubois and mighty emmits- burg . . . " 14 Seniors I Karen Ann Brantmayer B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, I can't begin to tell you how much I love you, your unselfish sacrifice and support has meant so much to me - without that I couldn't have made it. To my sisters Janet and Sue, your the 'LBest,'. I Love you guys. To my friends who have touched my life, these 4 yrs at the uMount" have been a growing and learning experience, something I would never change. Tracey, Colleen, Mary, Nancy wefve come along way, thanks for the memories. You guys will always have a very special place in my heart. Keep smil- ing! Erin M. Braun B.S. Psychology Mom 81 Dad, Thanks for loving me as much as I love you. WE DID IT! To each roomate ever thanx for being unique, entertaining, gl Irish. Let's never forget the ambiance of C8, being crazy was great eh? KB - never lose the humor KD Y Lets take that cruise, B18 - WOW! To those who are left, especially Snooze W Indulge lmmensely! Keep the faith crabbies, chong. Things just can't go on like before but can we still be friends. We had something to learn now it's time for the wheel to turn. TODD Mom, Dad, Claud - Thanks for all your W love, support, and encouragement the last four years. I love you. Mike - Good luck the next 3 years. ITry to study a little between partiesl Jeff - Thanks for being a good friend. fFinally, no more Route 15.5 Bob - Good luck in the future. I hope you and Su- sanne have a wonderful marriage. UYou are what you are and not what others think you are." Jeffrey Scott Boyd B.S. Accounting E: Q ssomrim. .N W if was .gi K A ,W . I I .. Ronald Brigerman, Jr. BS. Business and Finance Mom Sz Dad, For All the times I meant to tell you and didn't, I love you very much. Your love, support 8: caring has carried 8: guided me since day 1. You've made these 4 special years 4 me. Thank you. To my brothers 8: sisters who, by their love Sz example have helped me be the person I am today. I love you. Rup 8a Skit, the best friends a guy could have. It's been great. Loft, KD OTT'S 327 MI. KB, Weeg, Dog, Mark H, Tiny TT Q, Thanx 4 the memories. Lock 8: Mo, you guys are great. B24, A15, -22-26 Amy you are very special! Stephen Daniel Broas B.S. Business and Finance To my family: Thanks! Neen: where do I start? The list of memories will continue, after all we're getting married! I'm glad I stayed! Jan: call me when you want to have one of those talks! KT - come join the rest of your body in NJ! Ker - come crashin through my door anytime! Those girls down- stairs you're O.K.! Bird, Dennis, Bets, Snooze, hang in there! A-24 - thanks for the good times 8a ice! Shields I admit you're bet- ter than RAT PAC! Michael - thanks for being that special person. I love you! Colleen P. Broderick B.A. Elementary Education Ellen Therese Brown B.S. Accounting Mom 81 Dad - thanx 4 helping me turn my dreams into realities. Your love, support, and sacrifices mean so much, 4 wfo them the Mount would not have been possible. I luv u. Susan 2 the best of friends forever, a special thanx. Colleen, HI think I luv u" thanx. Fran thanx 4 mounds of fun 8a friendship. Tara- A26 missed ya! AL, JH, CH, KH, LSP, MH, JS . ST, MBO, JA - u made the Mount what it is - that's what friends are for - luv ya! Flave. TB- phenomenal, BS-nice fins, John- thanx dear! The memories shared wffriends will always hold a very special part of my heart! I'll miss u. Kenneth J. Burch B.S. Business and Finance Mom, Dad 8z KBIs Thanx 4 all your love, support, and confidence, without u this whole thing wouldn't have been possible. Mary, you have made my 4 yrs at the Mount a great experience, thanx 4 always being there. Re- member elephant shoes. Boyd, from the zoo to the apts we made it. Dog the Ref, I can't keep up with u, OH what a night. Weeg where's Skit. He's with KB. Bob, nice na- choes, Skit wanna run one, Beave we were bummin, Marco, Belts, 35 MPH, SHUUTE, Jessep - we're gonna die. A15, FD Pud- dles, Fred I made it. H-pies, B-Ball, The 5 So Long-KB! Paul Broussard B.A. Sociology 'Q Arm-in-arm at the Rat , Suzanne Watson, Karen Gable, Colleen Broderick and Sue O'Malley share good times. Seniors 15 was , X s Q. Q, 'su it QR! The new furniture in the Rat is put to good use by Denise Noonan, Jenny 0'Reilly, and Dennis Ca- shen. 16 Seniors kgs, ..,, ,,, Gerald P. Calamia B.S. Accounting Mom and Dad, thanks for everything and I love you very much. To the Pebber, Stever, Bobby B, Cathy, Kathy, Mary, Spanky, Me- meyer, Liz, Lol, Boozer, ML, Rudy, Joey, Colleen, Karen, Laurie, Laura, Phil, Chris, Cindy, Eric, Rich, I-lar, and Pete. This is for all the memories. The happy hours, swim- ming at the Falls, trips to Frederick, Bens late at night, the superbowl party, playing darts, the theater seats, VW's, frisbee at Bradley Beach, skipping work, and to all the good times we had. Mom and Dad, thanks for the opportunity to go away to school. I learned a lot and had many good experiences, this chance only you could have provided, thanks. To all the good friends l've made at the Mount, Doug, Tom, Brian, Joey, Andy, Mark, Bob, Bill, Jay, Fred, Rich, John, J.D., 8: Denny - Thanks for all the good times together. To my best friend Sue, no need to say anything you al- ready know!! Remember lite is supposed to be fun so do what you want, not what they want. Good Luck, Dino Dean Byrne B.S. Business and Finance B.S. Accounting "v'Si John L. Callahan B.S. Business and Finance B.S. Economics MOM 8a DAD - I know I don't say it enough but I LOVE YOU so much W Thanks for always believing in me. Kevin, Brian, Lynn, 8a Matt - I wouldn't have wanted to grow up any other way. Maureen gl Patty - 2 very special people - Thanks for being there - I'll always remember you both - KEEP SMILING. Steve - 4 years of ups and downs but still hanging in. Those who touched my life Iyou know who you are! Every memory was worth it, hope it is only the beginning - I'll miss all of you. GOOD BYE, John Mom, Dad, K., M.B., M., and B. - Thanks tor giving me the opportunity to be whatever I wanted to be! To all my friends 133 especial- ly! you were the best part ofthe past 4 years and without you I never would have made it! NB - good luck with that Novel - I know you can do it! KB - stay out of the kitchen Sz stick with mice 8: econ! MR - be good to yourself and be happy! Heres to the freezer KBCC! TMBF - "And so today my world it smiles, your hand in mine we walk the miles, Thanks to you it will be done, for you to me are the only onef' We made it! Colleen Cahill B.S. Accounting John Campbell, Jr. B.A. Elementary Education To Mom and Dad, without whose love and support especially over the last 4 years this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you. l love you both very much. Also thanks to the rest of my family for their support. To the wake 8: bake crew: Paul, a truer friend, there is none. Unit, one of a kind, the finest kind. Jeff, we had all we needed. Wolfe, you were a hellish roommate. To all the friends I have made over the last 4 years, you made this place as great as it was: for all you do . . . Session adjourned! Robert E. Carroll B.S. Business and Finance Dennis T. Cashen B.A. English Mom, thanks for your love 8: support. Your strength is an inspiration to me! Dad, you'll always be in my thoughts gl prayers. Neil, Michael, Maureen, Patrick 8: Kevin, you've helped me get through it all - l LOVE YOU. Thanks to all my friends for teaching me what the Mount is all about! C28 - "Fill the ice trays". C25 8a C29 - "Get your own VCR". Carl, thanks for putting up with me! "How yazoin Mar - ls yo Jawnson lot 8: boted? TM 8: JP - forever young UNO butter today, kids!" Gigi loves truckers. "lt's greeaat!" GOTTA LOVE IT! Mom and Dad thank you for your love and support. Without you this couldn't be possi- ble. l love you both. N 81 J congratulations on your graduation. To B24 thanks for a great year, To B23, B17, A22, A23, A24 thanks for your friendship. Ott, you've become a great friend, keep in touch. MB, stay a slime. BO, here's to the summer. JM, stay out of trouble. AL, thanks for being a special friend. Mags, we had 3 years, thanks gl take care. Deb, I know not what the future holds only the hope that you are in it. Watch out world, here I come. Love, Eddie Edward M. Caruso B.S. Business and Finance Suzanne M. Caulfield B.5. Business and Finance Mom 8: Dad, I don't know how to say thank you for everything you've done for me. Your constant support and many sacrifices made it all so easy! Dad - Thanks for keeping my mailbox stuffed, Mom -- you are always a lifesaver with the "care packages!" Nancy 8a Alyce - a special thanks for making trans- ferring so much fun 8: driving back 8: forth always an adventure!! To the rest of the best 10 roommates JC, CF, DW, NT, AL, MK, TT, CG, PC AR we did have the best 8a wildest times!!! Kegs, LAX, Quad, shrimp, prom, 8z Parties, A24 etc. SO LONG FAREWELL On the Road to Success It started out as an idea back when you were a "kid,'. You nur- tured it through grammar and high school. Perhaps you worked over the summer to further enhance it. Than you came to college and your career began to take shape. You took classes that would coincide with that career choice. You worked with your advisor's to plan your course of action for the next four years. Then came your last year here. All of a sudden it was time to actual- ly start your career. You went to career seminars to gain further knowledge about your career. You wrote up your first resume and then had to send it to prospective jobs. You waited eagerly for the replies. Then came the interviews. If you were lucky the next step was actual- ly getting the job. The idea had be- come reality. Seniors 17 Things really get rolling for Rusty Rauh and Betty Walsh in the apartment quad. 18 Seniors Melvin R. Chase, Jr. B.S. Business and Finance Thanks to: God, for giving me strength to endure this period of growth, Mom, Dad, 8: Mike, you all share a part of this diploma, as well as my heart. I love you. Joe, l love you like a brother, keep in touch. C-6 crew, it's been real. Darryle 8: Marlon, thanks for ev- erything. To KD, SS, CP, MS, llll always be around. Lady Mountaineers, it was a real pleasure to be your manager, continued suc- cess. MSA, keep the dream alive. To Bill, Vikki, 8: Mikki, thanks for your support and friendship. Mike and Ann, lfm, going to miss you two. To Buck and Chris, Thanks. Mom, Dad, Tee, Lisa, Sarah and MaryBeth - l love you all. GRANNIE and Bop, thanks for your love and guidance. To my friends, coaches and DOS Office thanks for being great friends. This buds for you! Good bye Mount. lt's been real but now it's time to move on. Amy Chambers B.S. Business and Finance 3, it QM six is Maria Checchia B.A. English and French To laugh often and much, To win the respect of intelligent people and affection of children, To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, To ap- preciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition, TO KNOW even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. Emerson Thanks to my friends and the greatest par- ents in the world. Hey KAT A WE MADE IT! Dear Mom 8a Dad, thanks for all the financial support you have given me over the past four years, words can't express my love gl grati- tude. Tommy, promise to be real good - Brian, you're a super guy, good luck! Joey, thanks for all the laughs. A person couldn't ask for better roommates: Wolfgang, Wolf- cub, Dougie, Blee, Dino, JG, you guys are super - we had a blast! Francis , I don't believe it. Huh? Freddie 8: Rich, thanks for the great times, A-22, A-23 you girls were fun, thanks, it was a blast! William N. Charles B.S. Business and Finance 433 3-so Wayne G. Cherry, Jr. B.S. Biology Neighbors Paul J. Chrismer, Jr. B.S. Business and Finance Qs. f Paul C. Cinoa B.S. Business and Finance International Studies What is College? To me it is all the growing up Vve done. Many friends have entered my life. Each has helped me understand myself and what life is all about. To my special friends, the fun won't be forgotten. Let it continue whenever possible. To AC, JM, AC, MK, SB, PW, MBT and all the rest, it's been great. The DOS Office - youlve guided me. Thanks! To FRANK and STELLA. I love the rest of my life. God gave me the best 2. Love You! PC Knowledgable Six faculty - Father Carl Fives, Sis- ter Ann Miriam Gallagher, R.S.M., Mr. Louis Grillo, Father Daniel Nus- baum, Sister Mary Nusbaum, and Mr. James Sullivan - share the apartment buildings with 280 sen- iors. But this mixture of faculty and students present little problem. In fact, it is just the oppositeg both fac- ulty and students enjoy each others presence. They get along quite well with each other despite their differ- ences. The students and faculty are there for different reasons. For the faculty member it is a home. They live there during both break and se- mester. For the student, on the oth- er hand, it is just a stopping placeg Kathleen L. Classon B.S. Accounting Mom 8a Dad: thanx for all the love Sz support thru the yrs. l hope you're as proud of me as I'm of you. LA: Longstemmed deep red? Love's like a diet L2: Just remember it's OK to say no. Niffers: Bottoms are better. Boozer: How are those cold Sgetti Os 8: soup? ML: Be spontaneous! Wolfes or Bens or BOTH? Rochie: What can I say? Thank you for being a friend. C26, C27: Thanx for all the laughs 8z memories. DED: Thanx for letting me be a little sister. B7: women do belong in a men's club! K 8: A: Best wishes! they will move on next year. The faculty and students also have dif- ferent lifestyles. The teacher is qui- eter while the student likes to cele- brate more often. Despite these differences the fac- ulty have good relationships with the students. They are neighbors and this leads to sharing. A perfect example of this sharing is Sister Mary Nusbaum's Christmas cook- ies. Every year Sister gives each apartment in her Tower a batch of cookies, a gesture of goodwill from the next door neighbor. Both faculty and students receive something from this sharing. Their physical proximity makes them just a little closer and both are the better for this. Michael Cleary B.S. Business and Finance B.S. Economics Mom and Dad, thank you for the love, pray- ers, and support you have given me over the years. Kath, Pat, Chris, God has blessed me with you. l love you very much. B-7 - Herefs to our first million. J.B. - John B. Town don't forget us. Kevin - GNSLP. Blowf, Dean, J. - Read this - this - Enough!! G- burg - Tattoos are forever. Most of all, Beth -- thanks for everything. Remember that whatever was, whatever is now, whatever will be, you'll always be my A.F. God bless, Mike. Seniors 19 At the fall outdoor con- cert on Echo Field, Erin 0'Donnell and Dan McCaffrey, enjoy the band's performance. Seniors Mary Holley and Kathy Cunniff show Freshman Rob Jaskot, and John Quinn how to gamble at orientation weekend. 20 Seniors Q, Fl , Patrick C. Coyle, Jr. B.S. Business and Finance B.A. German There's so many different worlds, so many different suns. And we have just one world but we live in different ones. - Dire Straits. Cheers to everyone here who made it an event: B22, B21, B15, and to the many spe- cial friends in Europe who gave me the best experience one could ever have. And thanks, Mom and Dad, for it all. No one tried harder and I will appreciate that always. And re- member: Deutschland in Eqigkeitl Cymru am bythI! There were many things that attracted me to the Mount. The one that pulled me here was the people. I have had so many memories of the Mount from A517 and A-6 and getting written up to Booze Cruises, dances, parties, proms and committees. All these things are great but they vvouldn't have been anything without my friends. ALI. of you have made the Mount such a special place, You will be with me always, if not physically then in spir- it. Forever, Cookums. Mom, Dad, you have done so much. I love you! Laura Ann Cook B.S. Business and Finance Karen Coyne B.S. Business and Finance Mom, Dad, Thank you for an opportunity of a lifetime. It has enabled me to learn and grow. Your continuous support 8a endless sacrifices will never be forgotten, I love you both very much. Mad, I'll miss our pm talks - GOOD NIGHT Barb - Scoophound Deb-Bahama Mamma Peg - smoker? Mo A Pranks? I'll never tell why is a carrot in a window - you southern bell virgin. Mark - beware of Da- mian - Last but never least - to the best I could've asked for - Rich - l've "Cher- ished" every moment with you. I'll love you forever. A27 S40 a keg lets get 2 Karen Weeee! I would like to thank my family and friends for all of their support over the past five years. A special thanks to Mom, Dad, and Linda. Bruce H. Crum B.S. Accounting Margaret Mary D'Agostaro B.S. Business and Finance Mom, thanks for your love and support. I love you. Dad, I hope that you are proud of me. Watch over me always. Ann and Joe 1 thanks for always being there for me. To C- 23 you will always be my legends. Fran, thanks for the summer of '85, remember Nantucket. Alyce, thanks for being a true friend. Els, Nancy, Gigi, and Kels - I trea- sure our friendship. Good luck with your hopes and dreams. Trish, thanks for your friendship. And to E.L,, thanks for giving me so much happiness and love. You are the best. I love you! 'KNO matter what, the sky is always pretty over the MT." NN '84 M-I-D, T.A. You gave me the "Personality" I have today! LA, what would I do without you? UK '85, Happy hours, 6O,s party, 2nd mouse, 3rd Pang-l-me! Miss Mr. Softee KLC-Bottoms better? DED 6 side night Dinner Dates - i'Young man", wet rocks, late night chats, Stavro's 12:50am, mediocre nights, Wanda, unique b-day presents, PB Sl ML B22-17-15 A20 C26-27 A2 CW MD - I'll miss you! PC- Tschug Kiddo+keep smiling! Sue - good night, God bless . . . " I 'lui' u! Nippers. Kathleen M. Cunniff B.S. Business and Finance Deborah Ann Dallis B.S. Business and Finance Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you for making this all possible. Thanks, Mom, for having faith and believing in me. Daddy, I will never stop being your little girl, but, I will get a real job. I love you both. Bill, you're a great bro, I love you kid. Kathy, Pete: You two are my guidance and inspiration, I love you both. Mary, you are like a sister and you mean the world to me. Thanks for always being there. Betty, Mini, Laura: Thanks for the best year ever. Julie, Mimi, friends like you come once in a lifetime. I'm glad the time was now. Mother, Gordon, and Jane, thank you for all of your love and support which has allowed me to grow during these past 4 years making friends and memories that will last forever. Alyce, Christina, Debbie and Nancy, we have shared a lot of good times over the years. Thank you for your love and friendship, You made it the best of times! Neighbors the friendships Sz good times will never be forgot- ten. Thanks!! DJ Thank you for all of the memories we have shared together over the past few years! I will always love you!! Janet M. Curley B.S, Business and Finance Amy E. Davis B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, Thank you for all your love and support Iespecially around examsl. I owe everything I am to you both and I love you more than anything in the world. These past 4 years have been great. Sue, we sure have come a long way. Peter, no matter what, you will always hold a place in my heart. Mary, Patti, Betsy and Barbi, we had a great year. A good influence on Betsy? Doug, my one and only Rogue, you are very special to me. I wish you all the best of luck and happiness always. Love Amy " . . . when i look back, i will laugh r e m e m b e ri n g friends, times we shared and stages i went through on my way to senior year. I'll also cry wishing that it never had to end if ..- Seniors 21 Dennis Cashen patiently awaits the outcome of the cutting hands of Trish McAndrew. To my parents with love, you both allowed me to see the light at the end of many dark tunnels. You have shown me that with true love comes respect and the respect I feel for you cannot be denied. Family, you have al- ways supported me and without you I would be nothing. To my friends past and present and especially the C-28 dwellers, - Shanks - for - the - Memories! Sat. and Sun. mornings will never be the same. With many miles between us we can never be separated! The experiences I take with me are truly set in GOLD. Steven E. DeFoor B.S. Business and Finance .s.....Na.. . .. ,lk 22 Seniors Sgt 'l Mom and Dad, I would like to say thank you for being the best parents a person could ever have. I love you both very much 8: I really appreciate your sacrifices for me. To my sister Karen who by example has shown me how important being your own person really is. I love you Sis. Fred, you were the best roomie a person could ever hope for. Good luck always. To Brian, Joe, Tom, Wol- fie, Andy, Mitch, Bill, Lev, Sky, Puddles, M.J., F.D., J., Greg, Dr. R., 8: Frank, Good Luck in all your endeavors. TO THE RIOT we were the best O-3 team ever! lt's been a fun 4 yrs. Richard S. Delia B.S. Business and Finance Robert D. Dempsey B.S. Business and Finance I would like to thank Mom, Dad, Susanne, and the rest of my family for all of your love and support. Thanks to all of my friends for the good times along the way. "If you're worrying about missing the boat, remember the Titanicf! I would like to thank Almighty God for the abundant grace that he has poured out in my life. He has blessed me with a family that places its trust in Him, 81 friends that are constantly encouraging me to grow in knowl- edge of Him. The Lord has worked on this little campus to show me Sz many others our sinful state before Him, 8: the fact of His eternal love 8a mercy. Let us go forth into the world with this assurance: The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Rm 6:23 Thanks, MSM! Theresa A. Delorimier B.A. Foreign Languages Richard J. DeNardi B.S. Accounting To my Mom and Dad: words cannot express my gratitude and love - thanks. Dad - Hopefully no more 11 to 7's. Joe, Martha, Peg and Joe S. - Thanks To BB CSKINNYJ: THE LOUDEST KAIVIJ AND BEST FRIENDS I HAVE. CAN I BORROW 31O?! C418, Home away from home. Jimbo, Ster, Chucker, Tobey, and Baker - a force to be reckoned with. Security O, C-18fA'7, 56. B- Deck, what flags? Fair enough? Nonsensical, ET and Ginger, Ott House, t'Who got tore?" Rooster Hex. Hookin' up lGoodwill?I, the op- era trip !CosellJ, Republicanism fWebI. What time are we blasting off? Good Luck Class of '87. See Ya!! Mom, thanks for your love and support these past four years. I know Dad would have been proud. To the Duke Boys: Bunchman, Lorbes, Whitey, Walt, Phil, 8: Nolts have a great senior year. To C-14, you guys are great friends. Kurt, it's finally over, but the part is just starting. Ted, the spur of the mo- ment trips to G-burg were a blast! Mike, you're finally free! Jen, it's been great getting to know you this year, let's keep in touch. David J. Devaney B.S. Business and Finance Lisa M. Dimaio B.A. Cultural Resource Communications M 81 D, thanks for 21 yrs of love and 16 yrs of the best education money can buy. I love you, BTD, if my only debts for 4 yrs of learning and growing are S5000 8a lots of gratitude to M 81 D, l'm further in the black than you'll ever be. To all who gave me numerous chances to prove myself, thanks for believing in me. TK, thanks for being a special friend 8a terrific pianist. SCH, NF 8: SAH, you're amazing to live with me 8: still love me. SB, JF, BG 8: CG, you've each been a wonderful part of my life. SB - friends forever. Thanks MSM. I love you all! LMD Mom 81 Dad, thank you for the love, support 8a the boost when I needed it. If it wasn't for you guys, I would never have come here. I would also like to thank FJ, Nip, Form, Moon, and the rest of the rugby club. If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have stayed. Mike, wanna poach a deer? Greg, Phil, 8: Horse, we will go down in history as the owl masters: It was great fun 81 I'll miss those after-the-rat parties. Spu, play rugby one last word to the ruggers, Aries, go forth and conquer. NFC John Devanny B.A. History Francis M. Donnelly B.S. Psychology Mom Sc Dad, thanks for all your help, encour- agement, 8: love. You have taught 8: given me so much. I love you both. A16, I'll miss the Patrol. ALO, 17, 18 take care Pizannos. C7 none of it would have been the same without you. GW 123 slamdunk. KB thanks 4 a spe- cial Jr. yr. Mike, hey sprinkles stay gold. Lev Richmond Blanket, 8 great yrs. MJ shower singalongs, beach 85, Puds 264Pang, 4 yrs I'll never forget, keep the Be dollar. CG 8z DW teeg GRAD PAW, KB, BB it was all so nutty. Pooley you'll be missed. To the rest thanks 4 the memories. BYE Francis Share and Share Alike The apartments! For three years seniors have waited to share an apartment with their friends. They've learned it's very different than dorm life because it gives them a sense of responsiblity and unity to class and friends. Seniors and Juniors living in the towers have to cook, clean and share the responsibilities of main- taining an apartment. Many apart- ments organize a work schedule for alternating chores. They learn to budget money and clip coupons. Through these responsibilities, the students living in the apartments can apply what they experienced towards the future and learn how to function as adults in the world. Not only does living in the towers bring responsibility, but it also brings friends and their class togeth- er. A major part of this unity is due to most of the senior class being con- centrated throughout the apart- ments. It becomes their own world which they consider home. Many neighbors become friends in the apartments as they borrow food, tools, and cooking hints. They grow close through such things as Super- bowl and Dynasty parties or just having neighbors over for dinner. It's a great opportunity to get ac- quainted with people in your class as all of your roommates have dif- ferent friends through which you get to know also. For many, getting prepared for life outside of college is tough. How- ever, living in the apartments is a place whereby seniors can grow and become responsible and mature people. Seniors have waited a long time to experience the apartments, and the time proves well worth the wait. Seniors 23 The golf party proves to be quite a "ball" for Tom- my Wee, Bob Werwinski and Chris Goodrich. Mom 8: Dad your love Sz faith in me means more to me than I could express in words. Thanks for helping me find the courage I didn't know I had. To my family - wfall of u as examples how could I go wrong? Fellow B- 15rsg Nips - thanks for 2 yrs. of GGIS, P, L2 - do u have enuf tpaste?, Pickle - think cruise! SMKGEBSONJ thanks for a week in Fla that could never be repeated. To all of u who have made my 4 yrs so memorable - thanks 8a good luck. Tomorrow may rain so I'll follow the sun. Susan Marie Donnelly B.S. Accounting 24 Seniors H., ',,,,. I Q A Mom 8: Dad: If there is a hard way to do something or discover anything, then rest as- sured that I will find it. But knowing that is the first step onward and upward. You guys also know that you are a couple of my most favor- ite people in the world, Thanks and I love you, Di. Mounties, CIAO-CIAO, it has been a little unusual and I know I will miss you guys a whole lot. Di. Diane Dougherty B.A. Fine Arts lx Micheal Drabb B.S. Business and Finance Time flys when you're having fun - I guess thats why it seems we just got here and al- ready it's time to leave, Mom 8a Dad, thanks for letting me go here. These past years, even though I didnlt always make it easy, I appreciate the guidance and financial sup- port you gave me - But don't stop yet- I still need a job! A-14 - you guys made it college! Chocha, potatoes, capt. ahab, silver bullets! Roomies past and present - I'lI see you. Brenda8rI.inda8c Vanessa - you guys are very special - Lova ya. Hot tub Dairy Mo. Mom 8a Dad - Were it not for your love, sacrifice, gl patience, these past 4 years wouldn't have been possible. Thanks for giv- ing me a chance to grow. I love you very much! To the E's of A-B, thanx for a great senior year. We had a hell of a time together. So what if we weren't the popular girls - stab me vvf a switchbladel David - these past two years have been very special be- cause of you. I'll never stop showing my love for you. f-You made me realize you're all I need." I LOVE YOU FOREVER i MINX. Barbara L. Downing BS. Sociology Francine C. Eaves B.S. Business and Finance Mom Sa Dad, thanks so much for believing in me, the world really is for those who make their dreams come true. lVl.B. you're more than a sister, your a friend. Sue, was football worth 6 x'tra mths? P.S. thanks for friend- ship, Philaxis home. To my friends, good luck! Gals, the laughter Sa tears shows you're all true friends. Roomies, the phone bill will one day be paid. You're the best. The only thought I'm left with . . . H guilty of no crime, they were the best yrs. of our Iivesfl Heaven 17 Cine Mom 81 Dad, I find no words to express my gratitude for all the sacrifices you've made for me in order to make my college education possible. To my relatives in Va. Thanks for being there when I needed you. Greg, Frank, Mike, best of luck. Frank, good luck with the trees. Greg king of ROTC girls, l'm sure you never touched her. Be a good lawyer. Mike you were a good cook, thanx. Ed and Wolfie, thanks for everything. Rest of A-18 good luck, A-16 be good. Rich 8: Fred good luck. Wolfie watch your hands. Good luck class of '86 Raul E. Echavarria B.S. Business and Finance .-INV 6475 Paul Edwards B.A. Sociology Mom and Dad, l'm not sure if this is the end or the beginning. Thanks for all the love, sup- port and understanding. Darryle, you lead, I'll follow. Where do l go from here? Frat, we'll be O.K. Amy Hart, you are the best trainer in the world. Thanxs. Coach Phelan I tried to show some guts every game. Thanks for the education. My friends see you at the top. Mame, thanx for all the room to say what Iwant lTaml. Mt. St. Mary's Crew..Goodbye. Look out world, the Edwards' brothers ride again. C6 later! Up To Par Neither Arnold Palmer nor Nan- cy Lopez were present, nor was there a need for any irons, woods, or putters. Yes, it was once again time for the inhabitants of A,B, and C buildings to don their best golfing outfits and tee off for the annual Apartment Golf Classic. Golfers were obligated to follow six simple rules: 1. Keep play moving by limit- ing time at each hole to fif- teen minutes. 2. Stay with your group. 3. Keep all " holes" clean. 4. Be honest in scoring. 5. Wear proper attire. 6. Above all - Have a BLAST! Plaid pants, flowered skirts, polo shirts, V-neck sweaters and golfing caps were the norm for the evening. The golfers, experienced or not, headed off to the course, which con- ? Heidi A. Enders B.A. Political Science The following is a public service announce- ment: l'd like to thank the NY home for the permanently warped for their occasional co- herence. To my partner in crime thanks for the memories and the opportunity to share our future. To the Mt. St. Maryls Brain Trust, I leave an Arab wildly out of control in appre- ciation for the laughs, the jokes, 8: the con- stant friendship. YoYo thanks for everything especially the wild rides to NY! and to Doc, thanks for the training, believe, and support, now get the heck out of my office. Thanks M8zD for your timely return. sisted of eighteen different apart- ments. Each of these was designat- ed as a "hole" and so assigned a numbered flag. A participant would play through a hole by finishing a required par of drinks. There were mellonball shooters, shots of te- quilla, fuzzy naval shooters and the old standby, beer, just to name a few. Some holes were more fre- quented than others depending on the golfer. Throughout the night one could hear questions such as, "Did you try hole seven?" or "Where is the next hole ?" All in all the Classic was nothing but a success. Most golfers went away feeling good after completing their round of golf and to the lucky, porcelain trophies were awarded. Our college is constantly chang- ing and improving, yet it is good to know that some traditions such as the Annual Golf Classic still lives on. Mary F. Fay B.S. Business and Finance To Mom you're the best! thanks for your love, support, encouragement 8: for believ- ing in me, love ya. thanx gl love you both. John8z Jim-these are the best years of your life. To the E's: Patti-wild woman, Amy- im- peccable, Betsy-corruptable, Barbi-Dave. What great times we shared. To the rest: A- 24, FF, T8cJ, C8cS, Basil Babes, Bradley Chicks, Lib buds- "you guys are great." Fi- nally to Kenny - You've made these 4 yrs. special, you meant the world to me, thanx 4 being there, Love U! This isn't the end, just a beginning. Seniors 25 26 Seniors Show and Tell For the past four years, we sen- iors have spent endless time togeth- er both in and out of the classroom and have watched each other grow and change. And now that we've moved from that cloistered world known as the "Dorm" into this mi- crocosm we call the "apartment" we were suddenly faced with the "fish-bowl- effect"! This fish-bowl effect of apartment life has many strains and symptoms. You know the feeling one gets on an especially windy day, the day you decided to do laundry, when all of your clothes decide to take off for destinations unknown in the quad. And of course there's always some- one gazing out of their living room window - gazing at you trying to desperately retrieve your ward- robe. HA! HA! And of course there's always at least one person awake at that hour of the morning when one crawls to the soda machine and begs it to sac- ,.... , Gregor Fennel! II B.S. Business 8: Finance Mom 8z Dad The time has gone past. It has gone so fast. I have grown from a child to man and both of you were there to lend a hand. Time will blend and days will pass and l may have missed an occasional class, but in the end we all tend to say its been good fate. Though l have always had you Mom 8: Dad to clean my slate. Your loving son Gregor rifice a Coke which with hope will somehow aid the pounding in your head la direct result of an especially "good night" in the Ratl. And natu- rally you are wearing your worst sweatpants and your shirt is on backwards and your socks don't match. HA! HA! And on occasion one can admit to parading in front of our windows in something less than a tee-shirt. Not to say we are into "indecent expo- sure" that in an attempt to be com- fortable we have indeed exposed ourselves. We no longer have to worry about walking the length of a dorm hall but now must worry about the staring eyes of other apartment dwellers. HA! HA! Hey, Mom and Dad: We may have not passed Trig 409 or Chem 501 but we did learn the importance of one's privacy especially in light of "drawing the blinds". Be it ever so humble there's no place like home - fish-bowl or not. Q,-f James P. Fittin IV B.A. Fine Arts Many thanks to all who helped me to grow: Fr. Dan, Walter, Helen-Lee, Uncle Mac, Pam, all the VPA. Thanks to Father Pat and Campus Ministry, the Choir, 8a of course all the theater lags in Sock-n-Buskin. Blessings to John, Mike, SK. 8: of course the two great- est people: Bill and Lisa- Sirach 6:14-16. OSB here l come. Blessings also to the great- est Grandparents-Mimi gl Pop! Musn't forget everyone at 72! "Be not afraid of greatness, Some are born great, some achieve great- ness, and some have greatness thrust upon ern." What an AWESOME four years! I believe this quote says it all. "I waited patiently for the Lord, He turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the mud and mire, He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand" Psalm 40. My prayer for my class is that we come to a deeper understanding of how Jesus has saved each one of us by his death on the cross. Mom and Dad I love you, Mike and Dan, thanks for everything. To my Brennan, l'll be praying for you. Mike Cleary thanks for speaking the truth. See ya. Sean Feeley B.S. Business and Finance vi est' Kevin Fitzgerald B.A. Political Science To my folks, even when great distances sepa- rated us, we were always close, Love You. FD, 4 yrs. of bliss - keep your male, power- play. Lev fests, cunkers, no direction-photo sessions. MJ Marlin tourn, ahhsirr , quivering bartender, bike, Mike, 6ok4 thrill of victory. Be easy in the mutch. A-24, you all are too cool. KBXBB Pang saunas bach. Party. BB thanks for Easter. C-7, Too special, Spring- field KG. F-rick D, enjoyed. Andy, me's doing it again! LF, not forgotten. See you all on skyroad. To my parents, Mom you're the most impor- tant person in my life, Bob your support and guidance has made a difference in me. To my roomie Dr. Menton 4 yrs rommiezfree den- tal care Joey Congrats on 4 great years of LAX and hanging out Bill thanks for the laughs Jay is there a party going on Geoehaw Mich Dean NATS A15 A18 we had a good time Felicia you'll always be special - memories of Sheridan the Terrace Jims Otts the Bridge Intramurals the Rat I take with me to all at the Mount Take Care and God Bless. Brian Fleming B.S. Business and Finance Christina D. Fritz B.S. Biology Mom 8: Dad thanks for giving me the oppor- tunity to become part of the Mount, it was with your love Sz support that inspired me these past four years. I love you. To the best roomates anyone could have, DW,JC,NT,AL the list goes on forever. The great times we've had these years from Bradley to A-23 tCook Sc Hook Cafel. Those years are ones that won't be forgotten because of friends like you. Thanks, you guys made it great. A- 22 - you guys are the best neighbors one could ever have. J.S. -- you're a special friend. So long farewell!! Mom 8: Dad the love and respect I have for you can't be expressed in words. You've giv- en me the best- THANK YOU! I hope I can make you proud. To the rest of my family - THANKS - l Love You All. To my roomies in C-28 "Who's doin' the dishes?" Dennis our four years are over but I know our friendship will continue. Steve thanks for being a true friend. C-25 "Who pays for the food this week?,' To everyone who made these years great - THANKS! Kelly - youfve made senior year the best - l Love You! PS - the bagels burnt! Carl H. Francioli B.S. Accounting Karen Lynn Gable B.S. Sociology To Dad, words alone cannot express all that you have given me. I love you! Remember four years ago? 'Cap 8: Gown!" Mom, my best friend, I've got the good stuff! I love you! Together you've given me the opportunity to grow Sc mature. My deepest thanks to Tom 8: Judy. i'Sunshine Daydream" your uSome- bunny Speciali' Lil' Gabes, enjoy your days at the Mount, I love ya both. UHey you all," We did it! Yahoo! 1,11 never forget these past four years. Life at the "Country Club"! Su- zanne, "Long may you run" Where is the keg? VK, EB,Sue O', Shrooms, Snooze, I love you! Boozer - Good luck! S1480-Florida T' 'w -. Anthony Gallirio B.A. History ooking out of the win- ow of Keelty Tower Mau- reen 0'Hara views the au- tumn day. Seniors 27 " . . . it's saturday morning 11:00 a.m. and the phone rings. pound! pound! pound! the little man with the hammers has re- sided between your ears and is swinging unmer- cifully. you roll out of bed only to hear that your presence is re- quested at none other than a bath- robe party . . . " 28 Seniors For imported beers and wines, the Tudor Room is the place to be as M. J. Go- libart and Nick Masterelli enjoy the quiet atmo- sphere. Steve 5, Rich, Ed, Lisa, Jimmy, John, Mike, SK, Nuffin, Jen, Michelle, Greg, Chris, Ke- vin, Tim, Dave, Andy, Drs. E Sc Thomas, Barnie, Lou, Fr. Dan: You are the real "spir- it" of the MOUNT. Thanks for making this great place more than just a college. Dear Janette, tell Lisa she's a true friend with a great voice. Love John W. B-5 are you having fun? Well stop it! I love ya from clep, crusty, flash, plado, Mr. Bill! Jimmy, thanks for the lessons in friendship. Finally, thanks Mom 8: Dad for your constant love 8: concern. You made it all possible. Praise be to Jesus Christ! William P. Garrott B.S. Chemistry so-vdhv. rf' Nara.. John E. Geoghan B,S. Accounting B.S. Business and Finance Mom 8: Dad, thank you for the love, support, 8: encouragement you have given me in the past for without it my life 8: my success would not have been conceivable. Cathy, the good times we've had 81 the love welve shared will always be cherished. Our future is up to both of us, l love you. Mike why donlt you treat yourself to a new comforter instead of sleep- ing under that rug. Yea, should we shoot? Dave, next time don't fly Peoples. Flemingo, "how about that place flashdancew? Doug, O'F, Tommy, Bill, Andy, Wolfy, 8a Freddy l wish you guys good luck. To Mom without whose love and support all this would not have been possible. Greg and Pam thanks for being there. Dad thanks for everything Bill, Brian, Joey and Tom A-16 was great for the untouchables. Beth we had our shares of ups and downs, you were spe- cial. To the friends who have made this year a memorable one . . . THANKS! Jay Gatti B.S. Business and Finance Qtr' . if .2 Kerry Geoghan B.A. Political Science First thanks to my five mates for being my 'lpartnersn in crime. Jeno don't dye your hair too many colors 8x watch out for those trees. Worthless cleanest of the apt. both in Sz out of the shower, keep cooking. Ahnne l5th roo- miel only your profs were out to get you. Dee you look great! I love you. Di, my roseroom friend don't forget our duty to the world. Letls all meet for dinner sometime. I'll cook! Jen you bring dessert, fruitcake please. l can't forget the simply marvelous men of A- 15 81 A-18. Oh yeah, C-10, who's here? See ya MSM Mom and Dad, I finally finished - Thanks for the help and support. Thanks to Uncle Sam too. Jr yr C-16 JDJV and of course M- 5Omiles on the Appalachian Trail for a coke and a Highs. ROTC Class 86 we were the core - Good Luck, JH- Betsy, Ozone-Road Tip? DB-About time 21Mar85. GP-OhWell- Fire for effect! The guys of A5-Germ.GW-, Elephants are? Roadtrips 8: beer drinking- best time ever adv camp 85! WV-Air assault animal. ARA-Best wishes to you gc Mary- thanks for a good last year! LW-It couldn't have been better. I will miss you Treefrog-I'll love You Always. AlRBORNE!AA Timothy W. Gerwig B.S. Business and Finance '2T"J' Edward D. Gompers B.S. Accounting The deepest gratitude to Mom 8: Dad for giving me this opportunity to learn, grow 8a achieve my goals. You are the greatest! Kurt - thanks to Ott's, Paul's, the Cellar Door, and OSU we made it through! Remember big Al 8: the pleasant surprise in the bathroom. Ricko, where did you get those headphones? What are you an ""'? Mr. Dave, the Rodney Dangerfield of the Mount: The Hobblemen will be back, but I hope not here! And last but not least, Mike Lighten up on the partying cowboy. MSM: I could stay here forever, See ya! Mom and Dad, Thank you isn't enough to say for the love, support, and encouragement you have given me. To follow in your ways is all that I ask. I love you both very much. Jimmy, Mike, and Kev you guys are the greatest! To my roomates and all my good friends - Thank you for making these past four years so wonderful, True friends I have found and you will never be forgotten. I'll miss you all! Patricia A. Ginty B.S. Accounting Christine M. Goodrich B.S. Psychology These 4 yrs have gone so fast but they have been the best. My fondest memories are of my friends who made it great. Deb8zLisa - Never forget laughing-you're great friends. Deb,Nance,Janet, Chris, l'll always remem- ber the fun we've had SC,AR,A-25 glad I got to know you better. Andy let's keep in touch. Tom you'll always be special. Rob - thanks for showing me the ropes. Above all - spe- cial thanks to Mom 84 Dad for your support and love - You're the best. Love, Chris Mom8rDad words don't express how I feel about U gl our family U R all very special 2 me. I thank U 4 instilling in me the same values that brought U 2 the small town of Eburg where all of us were free to grow and learn 8: become individuals. Puds the rudder was the best Frank thanx for great summer sky live at the beach? Naa! Suzanne UR the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wood like to write more but Levs got the loudest, longest fest ever in history. Planned Poodle they'll never know what they missed! Martin J. Golibart B.S. Business and Finance The Wednesday Tudor Room acts are always well attended. Three regulars are: Amy Chambers, Paul Cinoa and Andy Costa. , . Seniors 29 30 Seniors Mom8L Dad without all your love 8a support none of this would've been possible. Thanx for being there when I needed you most. Bob8cChris thanx for pushing me when I needed it. I love all of you very much. To those who made life here great - B15 girls, PB, JC, DM, RK, JM, SD, JC, Thanx for the great times. Chris, Laura, Har, Nanc, Karen you are true friends. l can't begin to tell you how much you mean to me. Our friendship will always last. Laurie you made the Mt the special place that it is. W f o you, Mt life wouldve been empty. l Love you! Philip Gordon B.S. Accounting B.S. Mathematics Annmarie Gray B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, I cannot express my apprecia- tion for the love and support you've given me. Thanks for making these 4 years possi- ble. Lisa and Kathryn, you're the best sisters. I missed you this year Kath. Laura and Jill, you've been the best friends to me. It has been great. Anne, soul sisters never part. l'll miss your never ending smile. Greg, thanks for always being there. To all of my friends thanks for sharing part of my life. I will miss you all. Mike, the times we've shared have been memorable. l love you. Thanks to Mom and Dad and to my fiance Jim for helping me make it this far. "Remem' ber me not for what I have said but for what I have not". Seen with Kate M., Crisp, and Donna and my other wierd friends from Fred- erick. Editor at F.C.C. 1983 ROTC Camp 1984 Future plans: PhD and traveling Sandra Jo Goss B.A. Psychology Jeffrey Green B.S. Accounting Valerie L. Grandstaff B.S. Business and Finance ik Monica Grillo B.S. Mathematics Mom and Dad thanks for putting up with my many moods and demands and acting as if you weren't inconvenienced. I love you very much. JM, a great sister and friend, I hope Ilm as successful as you. Pat Sheila and Mary everyday was a new adventure. l'm going to miss laughing with you and having you around. You'll always be my best friends. Ellen, our fifth roomic, you made it through the rain. MSM Field Hockey - lfll miss you all. Keep up the hard work. Best of luck for a terrific season. Thank you mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to achieve all I can and for your never ending love and support . . . Together, with Lisa and John, thanks for always being just a phone call away. To my special friends: The times together are immeasurable and the friendships gained are priceless, Jill: 4 year roomates and friends - what memo- ries! Annmarie: My spring break companion - I think we made the best of friends of the friendlessl Congrats to we, the ATAGES! Jim: You are the sunshine of my life - I Love You, Laura Laura Gunther B.S. Business and Finance Bradley Guyton B.S. Business and Finance 100...99...98... It wasn't a Wednesday night, Or a Friday happy hour. But Otts was packed. As most Underclassmen were just getting up, anxious seniors were boarding a bus to reach their ulti- mate destination - the 100 days party at the Ott I-louse. The tradi- tional celebration officially begins the countdown of days until gradu- ation. After many attempts to find a res- taurant, bar or hall which would al- low the party, senior officers, John Callahan, Alyce Leighton, Kathleen Haney and Ed Caruso decided on Otts. Most establishments were re- luctant to hold the party because of the possibility of drinking and driv- ing, however, the management of Otts and the class officers came up Susan Haghighat B.S. Business and Finance with a workable plan to avoid any problems. Tickets were sold for 55.00 which would include all the beer one cared to drink. In order for someone to get into the Ott house, however, they needed more than just a ticket. They were required to ride a bus from school to Otts. Only those who rode the bus were allowed into the party. That way, no one had to wor- ry about driving. And they didn't. Seniors enjoyed talking, drinking and playing pool all day long. Toasts were made to old times and times yet to come. By the time 4:00 came around, people hated to leave. Sen- iors eventually did leave, but the party continued . . . for about 100 days. The "Ott House", What a place to be for friends as Jay' Barry, Liz Morgan, Mike Cleary, Kurt Schaeffler and John Sulli- van demonstrate Seniors 31 32 Seniors The Book of Life We came to college to learn but most of this learning did not come from our books or classes. It came from our lives here at the Mount. We learned about time. Our parents were no longer around to tell us when to do our homework or eat dinner. We learned to budget our time even though there never seemed to be enough of it. We learned a great deal about people. We learned to live with a roommate and that taught us to give and take: the art of compromise. We learned the true meaning of the word "friend" as we made relationships that will shape our lives. These are the people that will stay with us as we go through life. We will always remember the great times we spent together. Through these people and experiences we learned about our- selves. We learned about our strengths and our weaknesses: our Paula M. Harbaugh B.S. Business and Finance Hallelujah! Graduation has finally come and l have my degree! l've waited a long time for this. My thanks to the Mount Community - Staff, faculty, and students - for your help, encouragement, and friendship. Spe- cial thanks are for my family. I know this wouldn't have been possible without you. To the class of '86 - my best wishes for your future success. talents and our faults. It was here at the Mount that we learned what we wanted to be both in our profession- al lives and our personal lives. Act- ing on this knowledge we learned to make decisions that affect our lives and our futures. We also learned to live with those decisions even if they were wrong. But through it all we learned about responsibility. We learned to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. We also learned to take responsibility for others as we built our friendships. Through this learn- ing about responsibility and how to shoulder it we learned to grow. We grew to become adults who could not only function in the office but thrive in all aspects of life. And this growth, even more than book knowl- edge, is the best thing we can take from the Mount. nun- -Q., Daniel P. Harrington B.S. Accounting Mom and Dad I would like to thank you for believing in me. You have shown me what it is to truly care for someone. I hope l will never let you down Johnny Lock, you have taught me the meaning of courage. ln the short time l have known your family, I have felt like a part of your family. The Laughlin's are al- ways in my prayers. God bless. To my class and fellow Mounties: never stop believing in yourself. I will carry your memories with me always. HANG TOUGH! "Don't let educa- tion interfere with your learning" M.T. Mom 8: Dad thanks for your love 8: support in the past, especially during my college years. l love you. Amy, Hoffa, Kim 8: Soupy "Don't be AFRAID, l'll meet you half way - we can't always know where the road ends up but with some luck l know we can go wherever we imaginefl "JI" 'Lie to mel' llll miss you. B-9, A-26, SBP's were great ta- pe8znext year! You Mary you Cols, Hsimp" Sc to my best friend "You,re the only one who really knows me at all." Thanks for the phi- losophy talks 8a much more. l LOVE YOU. DBW Kathy fTinyl Kathleen M. Haney B.A. English aG'-la" Gabrielle M. Henderson B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, even though my goals were questionable 8: uncertain, you were always there with your much appreciated love, sup- port 8z the Amex card! To my roomies, thanks for making senior year memorable. Tricia8z Jacqueline, you were like sisters to me l'll always cherish our friendship. Mary- ellen you were missed like a sweet sweet water-rat. Anne, you have changed but you are still the same friend that got me thru fresh. yr. To all my friends here at the Mount good luck out there in the real world, God knows we are in for a shock. Mom and Dad - thanks for the opportunity to enjoy these past four years. Our family's love and support has always given me the drive that l've needed to reach my goals. Thank you Michele for helping me to grow into the person l am today. You made my last year at the Mount special. We have a lot to look forward to! I love you! To Ster, Bake, Toby, and Jimbo, you added a new dimen- sion to C-18. Rooster, Skinny, Glenn, Jim, Bob, Laura, Anne Marie 8a Anne, you all are great friends - Art, Braver, Loux, Terry, Spo 8a London, I'll buy the next round of Buds! See ya! Charles A. Herling, Jr. B.S. Accounting Jeanne Hoffman B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Pop - My inspiration 8z admira- tion - thanks. U R Both amazing 8a l love U. Amy, Tiny, Soupy, Kim W I love U in a very special way. Rememba endless great times 8: lie 2 me! Mar-KK, honoris causa, balloons, always-"luv ya". B9, A26, Lar, V, Weeg, Sky, BEL, Rup, Peter CURJ thanks. "a friend is one with whom u dare to be yourself" HT FLAVE queens8zvery special friends, "Thanks 4 sharing"-8a daring. you've all been a part of my happiness 8: just as l can't say goodbye 2 my heart, nor can I to U or the memories. They're in my heart to stay. Mom and Dad, l could never thank you enough for your love and guidance over the past 4 years. Shiela, Pat and Moni, from Basil to C-24 we've shared so many special times, thanks for always being there! You're the greatest friends and roomies! Ellen MC, and all my other friends, whenever l think back on my college days, l'll always remember you and our good times. Mark, who's the new Joe P? Bob, meeting you is one of my best memo- ries here. fthanks Chris!! Thank you for your love and support over the past two years, I love you! Mary A. Heyden B.S. Elementary Education Frances R. Holcomb B.A. History Mom and Dad, how can l thank you for all you've done for me? Your love, faith 8: trust has helped me grow into the person l'd al- ways hoped you'd be proud of. Mags, thanks 4 being my lifetime friend. Col-l'll miss the bunk talks "quack"l Sue 81 Ellen-nothing like a rushed "l love you"-beware the worm. Tara-Mozart missed you! Mar-this is so col- lege! Amy-l miss u already! thanks 8: l love U. To the 19 flave queens-never forget the best of times! BSSLJP-when you conquer the world, send me a postcardl. Love Francelita. Thanks mom and dad and all my friends. l have had a great time and I've gotten to know some great people. I might have even learned a few things along the way. What more can you ask for? Good Luck Every- body. David A. Hoffman B.S. Biology The last drop of the party was poured into Tara Ol- vaney by Susan Sheller. Mx-r Seniors 33 Without the usual crowd, Tom Menton and Mark Ladzinski are able to en- joy themselves in the Rat. Mom: you're my hero 81 my inspiration! With- out you this wouldn't have been possible, for thisl will always be grateful. I love you. Dad: I hope l've made you proud. Hoffa : you're the best there is. PAPP lives. I-lonoris causa. I love you. Fran: Through many "changesl', we made it! How 'suite' it was! Den: You'll always bring a smile 2 my face 81 a memory 2 my mind. Sue, Lis, Jean, MB, Be young, be foolish, be 9! Tines, Luth, Coll, Kim, Suz, El, Toro, Peg, Meg: memories say it all. Think back and laugh. I sure will. I love you all. Sulls: anyway . . . Patty 8: Staff: we did it! MSM: It really was . . . "a time we never can or shall erase . . . " Love, Mary. Mary Margaret Holley B.A. English B.A. Spanish 34 Seniors Deb. 81 Lis, Spaz roomies - thanks 4 the smitesl Fuzz B-wishes! Tiny SL Amy - Babar lives! Jeanne, Ellen 81 Sue, Illl keep my words as only true friends are - Choice, special, 8: few: you don't always see my dreams, but you help me to follow them. I love you all for that! Mark, Nancy 8a Glenn - thanks for being with me. Daddy, my guiding support 81 Mother dear, my best friend - your love is unending gl example of goodness unsure passed - I love you most, always. One's kite will rise on the wind as far as ever one has string to let it go. DI-IL I left my heart in London . . . Colleen Mary Holmes BA. English I 'Yi Vincent L. Horn B.A. English Mom and Dad thanks for everything. To a cool roommate -John and Jack Flash, best of luck. Hey Sally! You still there? Dr, Heath thanks for all the help. Where's chemo boy? If you can't stand the heat get out of the spaceship. l'm out of here! Mom and Dad, Thank you for all your love and support throughout all my 21 years. I love you both very much. Lis - what can I say? You're been great thru it all. I'll always treasure our friendship. Jer - We've been thru it all and back again, but we stuck together and that's what counts. Thanks for being my best frield. I'll always love you. N and F, Shorty Jane thanks for always being there. Always remember Mr. ? and to all my buddies thanks for the memo- ries. Suzanne C. Holz B.A. Political Science Joseph B. Houser B.S. Business and Finance My family has been my strength. You all know who you are. l'll find you yet. Dave, let your guide be your conscience. Tim Airborne all the way! George, nfl, WJI-N, Dave thatlg a mashy: animal, Lisa, Bonehead, Adamand the rest of the poor sods that know mw thanx for making my sentence here more enjoy- able. C-16, U Station viod, Mosca-farewell,? ROTC thanx for the gumball Mickey! Jim, Tim-Tag out! CD, what can I say That some- body else hadnlt probably thought of . . . VB B.O.L. "I am great for I am today, but I am ode to sentimentalityu LOOK MOM, NO HANDS!!! Mom 8: Pop - Itls been a long, hard road but you've always been there for me. You taught me so much 8: now it's time for me to test my wings. Thanks for the laughter, the tears, 8: the endless support. I love you. Pattie, Kathy, Susan - youlve all made such an impact on my life - you've helped me to grow 8: given me hope for the future. I wish you joy 8: happiness in all that you do. Thank you. Dan - "Now I'm no longer doubtful of what I'm living for, and if I make you happy I don't need to do more." AF. Diane James B.S. Business and Finance .412 ,wx .-is Charles Jednorski B.A. German Mom and Dad, I don't think there are adequate words to express my thanks to you for your patience as well as your emotional and financial sup- port. I realize the efforts you have gone through to make these last four years possi- ble for me and I will never forget it! love, Jeff Jeffrey C. Johnson B.S. Accounting Simon Joseph B.S. Business and Finance il" vw... James M. Keegan B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad I would like to thank you for all the love, support, and guidance you have given me through out the last 4 years. I love you. KK, Mike, Kevin, Erin, Noone could ever ask for a better brother and sisters like you. I love you. To coach D, and the Decatha- lon team thanks for so many great opportuni- ties. To my friendsg EC, JO, BO, JD, TJ, PJ, ITS BEEN REAL - Patricia, you have made the last years great. we have had our ups and downs, but we worked them out. I'll always be there I love you. I'll wait to '88, 2 nk I I went to school ln a small town. got more than an education in a small town. met so many peo- ple i'll never for- get. got dealt a hand full of aces. i won every bet 3? -.. Seniors 35 As the cups stack up, Doug Michie, Debbie Walsh and Nancy Tenag- lio "candidly" pose for a picture at the Rat. 36 Seniors Kathleen M. Kerr B.S. Elementary Education Now everybodys got me turning round, up and down - and here I am going out of my mind, but I won't lose sight of all the things l'm looking for - they're comin to me and l'm taken what's mine, Mom and Dad: Your lives have taught me all I need to know and more. I love you. F,A,G,B,R,M,T,S,J - We've helped each other grow up - I love you all very much. Dr. P - Thanks Kathleen The Mount itself has been my hardest teacher. There were good times and bad - but they were worth- while. lt was greaaatl Katie Mae Dear Mom and Dad, l would like to thank you for everything you have done for me to come to the Mount. Over the past two years we have gone through a great deal and through it all we have grown closer. l'm thankful for that. Lori you are the best sister a brother could have. To Jim, Mike, Billy, Tom, Rich, and Chuck, what a blast C-18 was, 13-0 so far, not bad. You guys are the best. Thanks for being there when I needed support. Remember our Intra- murals. To the cheerleaders - thanks, Inev- er thought that I would have so much fun. Robert T. Kenney B.S. Accounting Economics Kerry P. Kinneally B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, Thanks for all the sacrifices you've made to give me the most appreciat- ed gift ever, my years at the Mount. I love you, Jim and Kevin, I couldn't have asked for better brothers. To my roomies - KT, Brod, Jan, Daneen, Barnes, Stro, Vinnies, Larkin, and Pearce - Thanks for making my years at the Mount so great. l'll miss you. Good luck! Billy, you've changed my life with your love. We started as friends and have grown from there. Thanks for making me feel so special and sharing your love with me. l'll love you always. Kerry HUIY John fJ.J.J Alexander Kent B.S. Mathematics A Suzanne Knoth B.S. Elementary Education Mom 81 Dad your support 8: encouragement has been endless 4-5 years. Thank u Moose- 8zPoopy I luv U 2 the most Calif 85' B17 Roomies Kim Thank God for pay phones, Jeanne Lets go 2 Pizza Hut for Salad, Amy - perm 8: makeup solves all coochy coog Tiny can I wear your jeans, Pigsy 4 lites please, MC Sz Jan Cheers JT Stevie favorite freshman B9 A26 gl Col Thanks for the memories A15 Puds Lev Frank 8a Sug me SL MR N Luv U! Mount give USD some lessons. MJ the time I spend with you l cherish more than anything in my life U are my only one MLIYA I love you Soupy Mom and Dad, without your love and support I never could have made it - I love you both very much. Dr. Smith - Thank you for your encouragement and help. Col, Daneen, Ker, Murph: Can I tell you how happy I am to live with you? The memories are many - Otts, the bridge fexcuse mel, beaming, and most of all - eating. Everytime I see a Mac truck l'll think of you. A-24: Thanks for the ice! B-21: Anytime you feel like a roadtrip - call me. A2223 I'm glad we combined divisions! Stroh - shopping won't be the same! Bob - I can't imagine what the Mount would've been without you! RILY Janette M. Kozlovsky B.A. SocioIogyfCriminal Justice Theresa A. Kuntzweiler B.S. Chemistry To all those whom I love: The true measure of love is when we be- lieve that we alone can love in a fashion that no one could ever have loved before us, and that no one will ever love in the same way after us. Thank you for all your love, Terry How do I begin to thank everyone who made my four years at the Mount special? l can only mention a few in such a small space. Teri - thanks for your friendship. lt means more than youlll ever know - Did we laugh enough? Chris, Alicia, DW, JC, FCF, NT, AL, Judy, Stacy, Vinnie, B-24, A-25, John, You're all special, Thanks for everything. Fi- nally, Mom 8x Dad - You're my best friends - Love you, michelle, Joe, and JP - Thanks for showing me the ropes. Sheri - thanks for being there - To those not men- tioned - you're a part of the memories. Thanks. Love, Michon A. Michon Kretschmaier B.S. Business and Finance B.S. Economics Mark G. Ladzinsk B.A. History f B.S. Business Sz Fi- nance Thank you Mom 8: Dad for the opportunity you have given me. Your constant love and encouragement and understanding made these enjoyable 4 years that much better. To my roommates Andy, Bob, Doug, and Dean and my roommates downstairs Tom, Brian, Joey, Billy, and Jay, the good times wouldn't have been good times without you. We al- ways made the best of times at hand. From cruises to Saturday afternoons in front of a rented VCR. Thank you for a real good time. Fare you well Wolfgang Memories on Tap Forget resumes and job hunting! That's just what most of the seniors did whenever a senior social was held. Senior class officers, John Calla- han, Alyce Leighton, Kathleen Haney and Ed Caruso noticed a need for seniors to step away from the real world and get together as a class to recreate the memories of the past, but more importantly, cre- ate new ones. One Friday of every month was set aside to do just this. With the help of a few Rat workers and Mark Barter and Steve Strauch, our dedicated D.J.'s from the junior class, the senior socials became a success. It was a time for seniors only, a time to strengthen the old friendships and establish new ones. The beer and sodas were free once admitted into the rat. The socials were a time for people to look back on the past and look ahead at times to come. Seniors 37 i Posing for a picture at the Senior Social are Alyce Leighton and Maggie D'A- gostaro. 38 Seniors ,,ar Jeff Larcher B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad thanks for giving me the tools needed to build my future. My 4 years at the Mount contains so many unforgetably enjoy- able times. Living in the apartments for 2 years was awesome. From the wall signing Rayvens and Jerry gabs to Airbands and wa- ke'n'bakes to jam sessions with Pauli. Living with unit for 4 years has taught me one thing MDon't Compromise Unitize", Bob thanks for musically enriching me with live dead. Lisa from A-deck to our 3rd prom Our relation- ship soared to great heights lets never stop. Real world here I come. "Yea Buddy." Mom 81 Dad - Thanks for your love 8: sup- port these past 4 years 81 always. I LOVE YOU to the L.I. gang - we've only just begun to live! I'm coming home this weekend to stay! Mo, Tess, Roz, Meg 8a Trish - you're the best friends I could ask for! May all your dreams come true! - 28 - Never again will I attend parties like yours! GOOD LUCK! To all my friends - Thanks for the memories! Carl - The 2 years we shared are my most treasured memories of MSM. Maybe in time weill share more! You'll al- ways be my ROY! . . . TI-IE WHOLE WORLD! - ChrisXO Christine M. Lambiase B.S. Business and Finance 'TZ' . '29 John E. Larkin Ill B.S. Business and Finance Dear Mom and Dad I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to receive a college edu- cation to experience 8z grow in many differ- ent ways. Thank you for backing me through the years Love John. Kate you mean the world to me you've turned me around in the past two years. The times we have shared have been the best 8a I'm sure they will last for years to come. Love John. Surfs up C2O, C19, A25 Go for it you drunken slobs, Every- one in the kitchen Gloria space cruise snow- bounding around the mountain Pearcey 2.0 and go beroit Longhaired Country Boy. 'iThe will to win is more crucial than the skill to win." Mom and Dad, I don't think any of us thought I'd ever graduate, but it looks like I've made it. You both have been behind me these past four years and I canlt thank you enough. To Bill, Frank, Ed, and Rick thanks for putting up with all my complaining, To MSM soccer team and the Jazz boys Good Luck next year. Thanks also to the girls on 2nd Brute and 2nd Sheridan for all your help. Thanks also to Mrs. Gelles, And most of all to Dana, I love you. Leonardo S. Lapidario B.S. Business and Finance John A. Laughlin B.S. Accounting I would like to thank God for blessing me with wonderful parents. For my dear dad who suf- fered terribly, you taught me everything, I miss you. Mom, you are an absolute saint, I love you too. I will never forget the great people I met at the Mount. My 4 years here were awesome. Playing soccer 8z Tennis was the best. Good luck to those teams. O yeh Lar 8a Steve. Good luck to Dan, Knut in 88, Mike Beave, Skit, Hey Rupp, John M 8: Hag head. I am going to miss it all! P.S,S.S,S. gl J.A.L. - lock The time of happiness, difficulty and lonli- ness for 4 years living away from home have brought me up to be a person, l want to thank God for his love and the way he prepared for me. I give my most respect and love to my mother and father for their support and love which was easy to pass. Thanks to my sister and brother-in-law for encouraging me every- time l was in frustration. I will remember Bill, Jim, Mike and John. So Won Kim, the lady I truly love, we will be together sharing all we have. I love you. Seung Kyu Lee B.S. Chemistry "Ne-a.. Alyce Leighton B.S. Business and Finance Dear Mom 8: Dad Thank you just isn't enough. Mom I love you in the whole wide world, you do know best! Dad I love you, I hope I'll always be your little girl. Dr. Jack study hard. Deb, Stina, Janet, Nanc - I love you gus! Lev, thanks for making me laugh 8: putting a smile on my face. Maureen you're pal. T.S. C.L. E.C. Good Luck! Bachelor 42 it sure was "the Dating Gamen but you'll al- ways be my favorite P.C. Colleen buddy take care! Thanks MSM this truly has been the best 4 years! F our-Gone Years Graduation Day! It's a time to reminisce about the past four years at college and to look toward the future. It is the day that you have been working toward since you ar- rived but also a day that seems to come too quickly. Freshman year, four years was a lifetime to you and you never thought you'd last. But now the four years flew by like days and you can't imagine it will soon be over at Graduation! So many memo- ries of your college years are so viv- id that you swear it was yesterday that you climbed the Bell Tower in the middle of the night or moved your roommates belongings into the bathroom while he was out! There are so many events that you'll cher- ish for your entire lifetime. What is it that you learned from this place? Was it a waste of time or did college teach you some invalu- able lesson that may have changed your life? These questions seem so hard to answer at graduation but as your life goes on and you leave, Deborah Lynn Lemken B.S. Business and Finance Mom, you are the anchor in my life. I love you. Dad, my most loyal fan Thanks Ily Jim, Bubba, Nan, I am blessed to be a part of this family. I and the banana Boat gang - special friends. Amy we've come a long way since the ice cream social. C.G. C.I'I. 1,2,3 and all my friends - thank you. James you've taught me that it's worth the struggle, and it means everything to be loved. No regular woman loves you xxoo. Dane, Lisa, my life long look-a-like best friend - this bond will never be broken. Good Luck to all . . . Deb- orah you begin to realize how your life has drastically changed being away at school. The relationships you have had taught you valuable les- sons about yourself as well as oth- ers. Your values have changed in the way that things that you once took for granted have now become much more meaningful to you. Un- knowingly, you have evolved into a new person that sees things in a dif- ferent light! You are an individual that makes his or her own decisions as well as mistakes. But, no matter what they are, they are your respon- sibility! So when you get that diploma and leave this place, don't think you wasted the last four years. As time goes by, you'1l realize how much your life has been affected by this period of your life. As your new life begins to unfold, the values and les- sons that college has taught you un- doubtably surface. And you'll look back and begin to appreciate this very special period of your life! Lisa M. Lemken B.S. Business and Finance First I would like to thank the most important people in my life - My family. Thanks Mom for always being there 8: doing so much. Thank you Dad for all your guidance - I know it wasn't easy that rainy day in August 4 years ago. To my brothers - guys are the best Sz I love you. To V, my partner for 3 years 8a the rest of the tennis team - thanks for the great times. Good luck always against AU 8: forever kill Hood! Love always to Amy, Chris, Sz Colleen. To my best friend Deborah - l'm glad we made this trip. Seniors 39 Relaxing in the Academic Center between classes are Chris Lambiase, The- resa Stump and Paul Au- chincloss. The music plays as John Mulcahy and Barb Ruby dance at the Senior Din- ner Dance. 40 Seniors Amy Lengel B.A. Sociology To all my buddies, esp. B17, A26, B9 Col H you all have been such an inspiration to me to keep going on when times got so tough. Thank you all for your ongoing love, support, kindness Sz tough love these past 2 yrs. I love you all Tiny Jeanne Kim Soup you guys have been the best roomies ever, youlve made my Sr. yr a truly sp. one. Fran 4 great yrs. Mom Sz Dad, thanks for being the greatest as well as the best friends ever. All your love support 81 encouragement has given me the strength to go on. I Love You! Mom and Dad, you are both so special you have made me realize that nothing is impossi- ble. Thank you for the love and encourage- ment, especially thanks for letting me be ME. SLAINTE. These four years have gone so quickly but the memories will never be for- gotten. JenO. R.E.M. Lives, JenW. - Show- er time?'?'?DEEnise - thanks for the ears, and watch those country roads. Anne - Hope you find an outlet for the blowdryer. Kerry - your the best thanks for the ever- lasting fun. We have much to look forward too. A-15 -"You put my knickers in a twist," thanks for the laughs, A-18 - you guys. . . Neighbors C-8, C-9, C-10 "It's been GREAT" . . . , To everyone who made learn- ing here special, thank you. One love, Di Diane Leneghan B.A. Political Science B.A. History Thomas Leverone B.S. Business and Finance Dear Pete, Helen, Joanie, you never heard it, but I love you. As your first born and bro I say thanks for your love, humor and inspiration. Puddles, rides, Fishin, yearbook committee. FD,2 nods, 8yrs, 4-ohr week. MJ, CHS, Foot- ball and rides home, I love to laugh, thanks slash. Mike, lrst mac, FLA, hanging out, Boyd a day in FLA. Jack, Weeg, Fred, Bens? Suz you're great. Special thanks to Marrella, top 5? The circuit, KB, Rich, H, A16, A17, A23, C7, B23, country music, and Dearest Alyce, your the best part of the best time of my life, so far, you know. LEV MDA DO RUN RUN RUN DA DO RUN RUN... " Peter Lombard B.A. Political Science Khris Loux B.S. Business and Finance To my Grandfather, you gave your life to raise me, and I love You for it, Nana - your constant help has done more for me than you can know. Mom and Val - Thanks for all you have given, as it was all that you had. Art, you can do it man, so jamm hard and good luck my friend. Bill Bayne, good advice, and grain punch, three I'll never forget. Brav- er, thanks for three great years, and a second family - take care. Megs, the Kids, and MOUNTAIN PARTIES - I love you all! Skits,SZEMES, Red Dog, the Ryan's, Let's Squeat, "Dude's on Ludes " Farm '85,AI9,C18,C.U., Masi,"What a Long Strange Trip It's Been , . . " By God,s graces and our own will great things are accomplished. I thank those God,s graces worked through to inspire me: Mom and Dad - you're the Best! Coach Deegan,Dr, Zar- nowski,the track team,Gladys, Fr.Fives and Redmond and Msgr.Kline and Phillips, my roomies Kevin - It was great Pals,S.K.,John and Andy, and my closest friends Gem. Bet- sy, Jennifer and Patsy - you're terrific, you helped me tremendously, All of you and many others were examples for me and en- couraged me to do my best. Thank You Very Much! Stephen H. Long B.S. Economics Kevin I. Lutts B.S. Accounting B.S. Business and Finance Dear Mom and Dad thanks for your love car- ing and food, without which I couldn't make it. I love you both, and will never forget all you have done. PS Please lgnore all tents girls and all unexplanable Events! SHAP- JOHNGREG FLOUNDEROutOfHand ITSA- GoodThing! C20ThanksFor Yourstablizing ForceAnd Your Friendships. A16Good Stu- dySessions A25 ThanksForLovingMe. SUBe- vent I guess luck is on my side. DanBruzAni- gavForever! Laura what and effortGlad it's worth it. Good Luck to all my friends Mom 8: Dad Thank you 4 your never ending support love prayers 8: most of all under- standing. Thanks 4 believing in me when I didn't. Your love 8: an education are the greatest gifts you could have given me and I Love You 4 it. Beave Sc Frup you guys are the true meaning ofthe word Friend. B23 wf lock 8a mo. Jeanne 82-83 thanks 4 always being my friend. Liz the last 2 yrs we shared were great 8: I love 8a thank you 4 them. To all the rest you're the best! B24 A25 8: A24 A23 A22 A15 Marco 85086 Jesup Help! John 8: Mark - sket skit Peter A. Longo B.S. Business and Finance Brian Mackenzie B.S. Business and Finance " . . . i'm glad that i was lucky enough to make the best friends any one could ask for. they've made me so happy and what more could i want out of life? if oa- Seniors 41 High Rock in the fall gives Pat Mastorelli and Pete Longo a chance to tell a story to friends Terry Turner, and Tom Wie- gartner. To my Mother and father, who's loving guid- ance and support will continually develop me, I am forever indebted to you. To my friends Robster, Toby, Bake, Skinny, Roost- er, Chucker, AB, it's been a memorable 4 years, good luck to you all. And to my very special friend, Laura, you've made me a bet- ter person, I love you. "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters com- pared to what lies within us" Emerson From Pangborn to Brute to DuBois to Keelty to reality, see ya. James E. Madden B.S. Business and Finance B.S. Economics 42 Seniors i I would like to thank my mother and father for their endless support and patience. With- out them these past four years and the knowl- edge and memories they brought could have never been possible. Alice, you made these last two years very happy for me. I'Il never forget the things we did together. Hopefully there will be more. Tom, from Philips to B18 we had some great times. Ham, Denis and Shields, it went too fast, you kept me laugh- ing. Sue and B21 thanks. Bird,Wieser, Mini, Shiela and Ellen good luck. Sean E. Mahoney B.S. Business and Finance 'HWS N, . Suzanne Mahoney B.A. Sociology Mom 8: Dad thanks for the best love always your gypsy. To all my friends my only regret is that we can't get together for a repeat performance of these past 4 yrs. Karen there comes a time gl it is time we knew we'd make it. Shroons 4 wheeling. Sueyo how many casts do you own . EB which exit for Beers. Snooze OK 1 more buzz. Vance your right friends forever. C8 what a strange trip the love Pit's security . What happened to the keg of Dec, 13. Mr. Grey lets stay out of the Rat Race Gerard your my favorite banker Sean we did it. 4yrs many friends many memories. Tim,Da- ve,Joe - Thanks for being there and helping me grow. To the ROTC dept - I appreciate all you have done for meg I won't let you down nor ever give up, To the Singers - and a 1234yrs, 4 dinners, 4 trips, 1000's of songs, 1000OO0's of happy times. Father Shaum thank you for being there for me. Mom thanks for your support 8L aid in getting me through - I Love You! To anyone I have touched, I hope it helped " Ah yes, I will remember it well" Stephen H. Mahoney B.S. Business and Finance B.S. Economics AG .-9, Peter B. Maloney B.S. Business and Finance Mom 81 Dad, without your love, support, and inspiration this goal could not have been ob- tained. I love you very much. Fellow RA'sg you're the finest. Never forget your exper- iences. Roomies, you guys are great. Great times and many more to come. The group, great times, great parties, much caring, and much love. I will miss you all at the Mount but only until we meet again soon. The Farm Mom,Dad -- you're the 2 most important people in my life. Thanks for these 4 years. I love you! KT,KER,JAN - Youlre the best roommates.Thanks for all the memoriesCOL - Youlre my best friend.Thanks for sharing so much with me.lThere's more to come!! A- 22,A-23 - I'm glad you lived downstairs.A- 24 - You were the best neighbors! Steve- ,Pete -v You guys are more fun than l've ever seen!C19,C20 - Thanks for 3 fun years of laughter. I.aura,Bird - carry on!! I couldn't start writing my memories,but thanks to all the people that made my 4 years so special!! Daneen M. Marrella B.S. Business and Finance B.S. Economics Deborah A. McBride B.S. Business and Finance To the greatest family in the world. I couldn't have made it without you. To PB,Steph, Kel- ly and Eileen - thanks for all the memories I'll treasure them forever. A-27 you're the best. I'll miss your talks at dinner. "Barb - please no PJ's at the bridge." Karen-Keg, 540, let's get 2! Maddy and Peggy - Good Luck next year. Tom - I love hating you. Remember - Springfield, Prom, Bahamas, Dinners with A-26. I fell in love with the Mount the first day that I saw it. That love will stay with me forever. MSM - I wish that I could stay longer! Dad there is not enough salt in the oceans to measure how much I love you. God doesn't make men like you anymore because you are too close to his likeness. Thank you Dad. Mom, without your grace from above, I would not have come this far. John, for 3 years I've waken up next to you, and I must say that rolling over and seeing your butt with striped underwear did scare me. Hopefully you'll get everything you want or else the world is in trouble. Dave, I gave you more B.S. than any other man could take. I'm honored to be your friend. Michael P. Marzulla B.S. Business and Finance ' Q I Daniel F. McCaffrey B.S. Mathematics B.S. Economics Just one quote I like: "I'm trying to become, what I hope I can become ." T.S. Stewart Ch-Ch-Ch Ch-Changes Every school experiences changes over its years. The Senior class has seen the passing of the col- lege kegger, in which school was closed for the party, and with these gone so were the privilege of multi- quart containers. Our pitchers at the Rat were replaced with plastic cups and our lounge parties became non-alcoholic. The women's pitcher came to a close along with Gentle- men Jim's. On the other hand, we welcomed renovation to Flynn Hall, rearrangements in the Sub building and the new furniture on the Ter- race. After four years we exper- ienced the beginning of the long- awaited ARCC. We hit the road nu- merous times taking buses to Georgetown, Richmond, and Springfield, or we hopped on the drunk tank for a night at the Ott House. We watched friends gra- duate and met new ones with each incoming class. Seniors 43 The Rat is a good place to cool off on a warm even- ing for Sue Donnelly and Diane Dougherty. Mom Sz Dad, I can't express my gratitude for your love 8a support. You helped me get my act together while experiencing the best 4 yrs. of my life. There is none as fortunate to be part of such a wonderful family. Gabby, my buddy of 10 yrs. MM, a special friend who always made me laugh, Lefty, Cuz, JP 8: JG, I'll be back! To my friends, thanks for making me realize how rare Sr special you are. We had great times, laughs worth miles 8x memo- ries that will never be forgotten. You'll al- ways be a part of me A I love you! Patricia M. McAndrew B.A. Fine Arts , ,,,,,,l gu- 44 Seniors Mith,Fith f8rPipl I love you. This diploma 8a all goals I shall be blessed to reach are more yours than mine. Thanks! Lucky,Seam,Dotes - I couldn't ask for better than you! Mount friends I owe you a lot.AR,BW,MLM- ,PEB,JC,BB,DM,EN,VB,SD - you're all great. Liz,NiftTEA?l Snuz,Lolly,KLC - you've been my Haven among chaos. Di - remember London. Laura, Cin,Karen - you survived me? Phil,Chris - you're great brothers. Laurie f after 4 yrs we're still together! Nancy - thanks for listening. Good Bye MSM! HAR Arlene McCoog B.A. Political Science Stacie E. McDonald B.A. English He forgives my sins, heals my diseases, re- deems my life from the pit 81 crowns me with love and compassion. I've failed 8a succeeded in trying to follow the Lord at MSM. Thanks Dad gl Mom for pointing me to eternal things. Now I know that for me it is good to be near my God. I learned I have much to learn, friends speak the truth to you, the wisdom of the world is foolishness compared to Christ. I'll recall commuting adventures, Flynn all- nighters, C-17, dancing on the furniture, 8a Rose 8a I deciphering life. I pray we all meet again. Thanks Dad and Connie,l love you both.I am very proud of you George. Cathy, thanks for being there. Shap, Kevin, Bumble and John you guys are the cream in my coffee you're the fertilizer in my turf. C-20 thanks for your high moral standards. Spark your my favorite Cagen. Marco we can get one from G-burg. I learned one very important thing in the last four yearsf'The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time." Thanx Niel. See guys in jail,ANIGAV Forever. Christopher J. McCormack B.S. Business and Finance sv 'U'- Patrick W. McElroy B.A. Sociology Mom 8r Dad thanks for your love 8: encour- agement over the years. I love you very mu- ch.You've been great parents. Jeffry man thanks for being such an awesome dude.Apt two years back to back.B19 slob its been green . last night.Cath good bye, I'll miss you. Mount Ruggers work. I love you guys.Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny and in this judgement there is no partiality so arm and arm with arm we fight this little struggle - Bob Marley As this portion of my quest comes to an end,l wish to express my thanks 8a sincerest grati- tude to those who helped me persevere 8: conquer the challenge of my journey. First, I wish to thank Mom 8: Dad for their love 8a supportg to my brothers 8a sisters, thanks for the guidance, to my nieces 8: nephews, who constantly remind me of the ability to dream, thank you. Finally, to all of those Special friends I made over my two years here, thanks. Until we meet again, may the spirit of MSM be with you. Martin E. McGarity B.S. Business and Finance Maureen A. McGinnis B.S. Accounting 'tTwo roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." - R. Frost Mom 8a Dad, your love, trust, 8: support over the years are the most precious gifts youive ever given me. I love you both. Celia 8r Kelly, life is made richer with such true friendships 81 I cherish them. To the many other special people in my life from the Mount - thanks is not enough. You are always in my heart, "Re- member, where your treasure is, there is your heart." Mt 6:21. A Beginning At the End Remember our first day here? It seemed like graduation would never arrive. After all, we were stuck in a small bare room, surrounded by strangers. It seems unfortunate that the clos- er we got to graduation, the closer we got as a class. At first we may not have known the other people on the hall but after a few days and nights, we realized that we were going to spend 4 years here, we might as well spend the time with good friends, At some point, we opened up to one another. We told about our pasts and planned our futures. We laughed until we cried. And sometimes cried than looked back and laughed. We were close. And when were we closest? Sen- ior yearg the year we started the countdown. The year we finally got to know those people we had never really spoken to. The year we finally realized that our true friends were Thomas Menton B.S. Biology Most of all l'd like to thank my parents. Ma, Thanks for always being there 8: caring. Dad you don't know how I admire you, I love you both. My roomates, Jay never a dull moment. Bill, it's been a pleasure. Joe, I know you'll succeed, but more important you'll have fun doing it, Brian, you are a true friend am glad we bought the 2 for 1 membership. To the 5 upstairs and 2 down, I truly value your friend- ship. To A-15, 1st sh. gang, girls across the way. These have been good times you have not seen the last of me. Tommy indeed our true friends. The year we felt that nothing could be better than this, A year in the apartments, not worrying too much about grades or responsibilities. Our biggest Hworriesi' were what to do this weekend. For we wanted to do it all and make every day count. This year couldnit last forever though. Our time came to a close as we knew it would. But we didn't know it would be so hard to leave. We were closest at the end. But our friendships did not end. We left the Mount in a loaded car wondering what would the future hold. But one difference existed. We had in our hearts and minds the memories and images of our past. Somewhere along the line those strangers from the first day of school became our closest friends. So close, in fact, that when our four years had ended . . . the friendships continued on. Doug Michie B.S. Economics Mom 8a Dad, your love 8: friendship mean the world to me. Thanks for being there, I love you both. Deano "Hey is he spitten on my window" BF "Stay away from my sister" Tom: Just hold your breath gl stand up, I'll catch you, ya right Joey "The wanderer" J "you're huge" Wolfy "you big bear" Andy Mr. T,big Daddy Chef ouki NGet a shoulder reduction"BC'4stories, stories gl more stor- ies"John G"The cookie can" "Ricky" Rosy, Michon, Goody, Janet, Debbie, Keri, Di, Cols8zBabe I love you all like sisters. Time to wake up 8: smell the coffee. Seniors 45 lb " . . . who can for- get the blizzard our freshman year, february 83? paul 's making de- liveries to the mount animal house in the after- noon food fights in saga and sur- vival of the fittest to make it to the rat . . . " 46 Seniors gpistrgai 3 as fx Lisabeth Miller B.S. Accounting You gave me my wings and taught me to fly, You didn't hold back, You showed me the sky. You gave me the world on a silver tray, you taught me of love and the games people play. You gave me the strength to stand alone. And all of the confidence to make it on my own. You gave it all but you'll never know just how much you helped me grow. Thanks to my family 8a my esteemed professors for the guidance and support. Mom and Dad, you helped me many times throughout my 4 years, when l needed some' thing you were always there. l finally made it. Thanks for putting up with me. Greg 2yrs. till l'm S250 richer.l'll always remember the road trips esp. to West Chester. Raul AKA Ricky my Colombian friend good luck, Ewing, G-town 41. Mike you are truly a good cook, really. Good luck in the Army. Dave lt's been 1 long year good luck at G-school. Alfio have fun on the farm. Raul, Mike, Dave see you in 2yrs at Woodrow's wedding. B-ME Francis S. Miklos B.S. Business and Finance Q"--N., Sheila Milne B.S. Accounting It's been a long road. l'd like to thank my friends for making four years of college bear- able. Carol Ann especially - good job. Thanks for all your help, Mom and Dad! I could not have done it without you. l'll make you proud of me, Thanks to Carolyn and Mike for giving me a weekend retreat on the farm. It kept me sane during my 4 years of college. And most importantly, thank you Keith for putting up with me going those terri- ble 3-test-in-one-week times. Now that I'm finishing up we can really begin our lives to- gether. l love you all! Kathleen Miller B.S. Accounting , . 3 Y Michael R. Modjeski B.S. Business and Finance B.S. Accounting To my parents and sisters - another door has been opened for me, and l credit it all to you. Your continual love, support, and sacri- fice never faltered through the highs and lows, l am in your debt. l hope to make you all as proud of me as I am of you. l love each of you dearly. Paul, Pat and Bob - Let's do this again, you're great friends. Good times: C-7 8a 8, B-18,1921 8a 22. HRoll out the barrell . . . "Hey Nice Teen! Denise - I just want to thank you for our timelSo Farl, And say l love you. Later Mount Mom 8z Dad I had fun 8: my grades were pretty good, 2 out of 2 isnlt bad. No more phone bills, long distance rates, are behind us. My roommates - Nippers, I.2, Boozer 8: Pickle you're so special. Remember - HH, UR so sexy, Bruce 60's Party, My scopes, College Property 8: my birthday - let's have a party. To DED my favorite DIRT- BALLS 3 thanks for letting me be a little sister. To AP, PB, AZO, MI., CW, MD C26, C27, and Mac Girls, A2 8a ATR. I invite you to leave slammer Queen Mr. Softee fan club, Bernice. Elizabeth A. Morgan B.A. Sociology John Mullane B.S. Economics B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad Thank you for all you did to get me here. I couldn't have done it without both of you.Vinny,It's been unusual,yet fasci- nating. Good luck with the novels. Jack,th- anks for the motivation and for always being there. Sue,Cindy,Eileen,Jenny,Sheilah, and Mark. I had a lot of fun with all of you this Yyear with the parties at C3 take care Dear Mom and Dad, what can I say, without your love and support I couldn't have made it. Nanny, your love's helped me in troubled times, I know Grandpop is proud. Now, Greg, Shap,Kevin,Flounder,C-2O,you guys made this year something to remember. Thanks. Beth we've had some great times, and a lot more to come.C-2O,any food?Whaaat Rug- bySurfingHurricane Gloria in OC: JHBSI-Iat- terasBCCatchOneTouchdownAni gavUn- it,WannaLift?BagitB19.Now the real world begins - Aloha John John A. Morra B.S. Psychology Richard J. Mullaney B.S. Accounting To Mom gl Dad I love you more than words can say.You gave me everything from train- ing wheels to a college education 8: a lot of love in between. You're my role models of life 84 I hope I'm able to give my children as much TLC as you gave to me Mart 8a Cam you're the best brother gl sister going Thanks for all the love, Roomies I'll always remember the good times in A-17, Captain Dave 8a the Hobblemen - It was a great season. TB, JP, BK, FB C BD - Life on 2nd Dub was lst rate.JP Thanks. Life at the Mount was great but now its time to say Goodbye. See Ya!! 'El Janet Muller B.S. Business and Finance "All of the answers you seek can be found in dreams that you dream on the way" To very special friends MCR,PC, 2AC,CB,BK, CS,PW,DL,KS, B7,KV,B15, SB,TG, VSP - I love you guys. Thank you to my family for the chance to experience MSM without you I wouldn't be possible. Who would've thought that so much laughter, good times, and friends could be had in 4 short years? Memo- ries will always link us together - Love al- ways Mullhead v Tobd's name is Cheeksiel The Senior Dinner Dance is a nice place for Mary Melvin and Rusty Rauh to break away. Seniors 47 48 Seniors Man's Best Friends You move into the apartments and you feel you can get away with it. The adorable pet you dreamed about can now be yours. There seems to be so much more room in the apartment than in the dorm. Ev- ery apartment dweller soon real- izes, however, that the space is just as limited. Many also find that "man's best friend" can also be a tower enemy to neighbors. A pet: an animal which provides companion- ship, good times, a release of anxi- ety, or maybe just a central theme on a shelf: Can bring both happiness and sorrow to those around. Many neighbors have been awak- ened by the bark of a dog. And, of course, we all know that puppies don't take up that much room when they're young but they do grow to be full sized. An adult dog is hard to Katie Murphy B.A. Political Science Mom8zDad for all the times I meant it but didn't say it thanks8allove you. A228123 IDi- v.3jEven though you're loud8robnoxious we had alot of fun. C198r2Olmy 2nd roomiesl Thanks for all the good times Bird - have a great senior yr.Sean - Make the next 3 yrs the best ever. Bean,Kerry,Jan8rBrod - Thanks for being the best roomies8zfriends. Our 4 yrs are over, but the memories have just begun. John - Welve come a long way from A'Just friends" You made the past 3 yrs so special with your love8a understanding. The future is ours.lClose enough to perfect for mel I love you. hide especially when nature calls. Remember sneaking around your tower when the coast was clear or hiding your dog under your jacket when that time came. When your dog barked you were sure your R.A. or security would find out that you were hiding a pet. The cat is another treasured pet. Apartments seldom conceal the cat whose exploratory instincts lead him to the window ledge. Screams were often heard from neighboring apartments to 'iJump!H. What you thought was so well concealed be- came suddenly very visible. Possibly many apartment resi- dents have found their only alterna- tive to the adorable pet in the apart- ment would be to get a bowl of gold- fish for they don't have to go out when nature calls. Laurel Ann Murphy Business and Finance Dad and Mom, without your love and support l wouldn't have made it this far, I love you both so much, thank you. And you too Grandma and Sam - Thanks! Eddie and Moe hang in there, you'll make it! Har, roo- mie of 4 years, Karen, Laura, B15 girls - the friendships welve built will last forever. And Nanc, we started it all! Har-Halloween '82! Netters ll'IAl'41! LDALMD 5-time champs! Cruise - I can't wait! Watch those snacks Jerry and Chris! Most of all thank you Phil for making these 4 years the best of my life. I love you. Mom -l- Dad you will never know how much I really love you.Thank you for all the freedom that allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them.I will never forget Dad, that 'tNothing in this world can take the place of persistancen. You are the best example of that. Moni,Sheil, Els + Mary, I donlt think I've ever laughed harder than when we all got together. The future is promising and holds many good times.Let's never get old, at least not in spirit. Carol, thanx for making me go the distance. Au revoir tous. Marie-Patricia Mulvaney B.S. Biology John P. Neary B.S. Business and Finance Mom8rDad, Bobby,Nanny8zRay I want to thank you for giving me the chance to grow as a person the last four years have brought memories - and friends I'll never forget. Demps, Suc,Ron and Kerry the best of luck and happiness in your lives.A10, 15, 16, 18, 26, and B23 Thanks for all the laughs.2-man, Poodle, Pete, Scal, 8: Rick "'s talk bath- roomu , you guys are the best roomies, good luck into the rest" of the Moron Club you guys are nuts.I.ast but not least Robin "How's the Bahamas" Your the only one for me.Weed,Patty,Caroline and the rest - Good luck. "Nears'l! Christopher P. Nee B.S. Business and Finance WDW?- wg. Franz Niedermeyer B.S. Business and Finance 'I say live It or Live With It', - The Firesign Theatre Erstes: Mom and Dad, without whom this and much more would not have been possible. Than Vic,Monica,Chip,Sally, Manalapan,Rich, Karry, Anne, Schwin- dy,Besshekki,Ramzi,Eileen,Denise,Lyle, Ro- se,Trish,Dave,Mike,Nancy,Isabel, Jose- phine, Ruby,my elderly roommates Simon and Tito,and the one who cared the most, Juliana. Thank you land everyone I hap- pened to miss! for making the stay a little less lonely. You will all be missed dearly when I depart! Especially to my parents and family for their support and patience through my last four years,and the chance to make this end a new beginning.To collegues and friends along the way, both here and gone, and to the crew of A19: Mikolai - "You'll know what to do!" Sivy - "a pencil must be led." To Bob: Ya ever wonder, why? "Erin - 'I Don't you ever!" Sudievl thanks, both to Chas and Lin- da, "we have ways of making you ski!" Well,DZA,Ct.Boulder,N.H. Bound! Hats off to all buts most of all - thanks. Paul V. Nenortas B.A. Political Science Ng, I l Denise A. Noonan B.S. Accounting Strong warm winds blew and cap- and-gown- have-a-beer-graduation-week nights were gone and so was the high school mascot. It was off to higher-education-learn alot univer- sities and a whole new slew of friday-after noon-what-should-we-do-tonight buddies who at 1a.m. let comradery set in and bonds were sealed and textbooks were yellow highlight- ed. Then Christmas vacations kept coming back so we went back too, where our kinder- garten-made-christmas-tree- ornaments were still hung up . . . PVN f"""T TW' James Lloyd Norvell B.S. Psychology Dear Mom and Dad Thank you for support- ing me during these past tour years, for with- out it I would not be where I am today.To Coach I-Iarnett for making me a better runner and person, thank you,To the guys on the Cross Country team,keep up the training.To my sister thanks for being around when I needed you. Good luck in your final year!PS stay out of psycho's class!Vince you've been a good friend these past 4 years,thanks.Let's go jump in the JFK 50 miler.It's so funny you think that. Thanks to M.A.M. for the 2 years- .What?The Nat'l Guard! .O It's 5:00 am at Bens, Do you know where your chil- dren are? is asked by Jeanne Sweeney, Amy Lengel, Marybeth Ol- vaney, Kathy Haney and Lisa St. Pierre. Seniors 49 The Band "The Heat", who played at the Senior Dinner Dance, had every- one dancing including Kathy Haney, Tom Fisher, and David Kane. 50 Seniors Successfully completed three years. Envy of underclassman. Nervous about interviews. lntoxicated with life. Optimistic about the fu- ture. Remembering . . . Mom and Dad: Thanks for all of your support and help in getting me through college. Anne, my beautiful wife to be, the future is ours together. Without you I never would have made it to graduation. You made my stay at the Mount bearable. To the girls of B21, the guys of A29 and all my old Bradley mates - I had a lot of fun the past 2 years and wouldn't have it any other way. Karry Nusbaum B.A. Psychology of . os. Rick O'Brien B.S. Business and Finance B.S. Political Science 4 years of school, now what? Time to move on. I missed graduation but am still a member of the class of '86, for that I am thankful. Mom 8a Dad you are the greatest. Thanking you is not enough. Maybe by the time you read this I can give you a trip to Ireland or something. Now thatls the kind of thanks l'm talking about. Love ya. Too much Lev How bout that Rebel Yell, M Nice Gut, I-Iatty MHey Buddy, want a beer", Woody-Boom! Zoid, Happy whats up, Wild Bill where ever you are "Wa sup my man", Love ya Patty you are the best. Well Mom 8a Dad, 6 down O to go. Thank you for your love and support over the past 22 yrs., especially these past 4. I LOVE YOU! Special thanks to John for convincing the Mount I was a good risk. Flounder, Morra, Shap, and Kevin, you guys are the Greatest, insane, but Great. To the guys in C-20, thank you for the moral guidance and clam chow- der. Good luck to all 9 of you! Mouse, it was Great! Yo! Neil, We miss you. I guess it's time to go out and get a real job . . . NAHI Good- bye MSM. Anigav Forever. Gregory A. O'Brien B.A. History Thomas O'Brien B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, Without you it wouldn't have been possible. l'm so grateful and I hope to make you proud. Thanks. Ganns, Thanks for everything and Fla. Grandad, Thanks for your support. Kelly, Good luck - hope you have a great 4 yrs. Mount Ruggers, keep winning those parties - I'll miss you guys. Bird Wiesser, Quigs, Heine, Shiela, Ellen, Ke- dall, Mini, Betty, Michelle, Betsy 81 Claire, Good luck next yr. To my roommates Ham, Shields, Dennis, Sean, We had some good times, thanks for everything, best of luck in the future, Chrissy, thanks for being my best friend. Go raibh mile maith agat a maither agus at- mair. The Mount has been a great experience in friendship. Decathlon, all the help from a special friend in Bill, Also Bert, Harry, Shlong, Capt. Crash. A special thanks to Mentor Deegs and Zeek and to the Most Rev- erend F. Pat: To Kraut and the boys of B24. Thanks to all I know for making the Mount a special place to remember. I would like to thank Anna. The last year was long and pain- ful but it was worth it. Jeg elsker dig min elsker af hele mit hjerte. Min BWTB Carlos 0'Connell B.S. Psychology new SM Susan Elizabeth O'Malley B.A. History Mom 8: Dad, Thanks for making these last 4 years possible. I love you both very much! Eb, Gabes, Mahones, Roons, Snooze - What a crew! These last 2 years have been a blast because of you WIERDOS! Good luck and try to stay out of trouble! C8 will never be the same . . . a quiet apartment! My best to the Grisez's, why B21? No RA's! B18 -s it was fun, Good Luck! Chong - Cheech will be lost without you - be good. Suzanne - carry on! Jan Brady - always my pal! Take care all! - SUEYO 'The ties that bind! you can't forsake the ties that bind" BRUCE Mom 8: Dad, Thanks for everything. Your help these past 4 yrs. was boundless. I love you both very much. Tom 8a Brian, We made the most of it 4 Brute not so secret knock bens Lucas Mount cruz MD games. Bill Jay we all became GREAT FRIENDS - for life, the apartment OC ouch the ride, nats Doug, we cut it close. Wolfcub 8a gang, I like alot, Dean G room tourney Bob JG Hang with the boys, puddles MJ sky Howdy neighbors Frank no way Lev CM Alright Kevin 8: Greg Ganders Spark 16 yrs what Grad. school? A23 What's cookin DW the rest no space TFA A24 Joe 0'Ferrall B.S. Business and Finance Jennifer T. O'ReiIly B.A. Sociology The perfect circle of Acquaintances and friends Drink another Coin a phrase. l'd like it here If I could leave And see it From a long way away. M. Stipe Mom 8: Dad, Words cannot express how I feel, you've sacrificed and given me every- thing. I am very lucky to have been blessed with parents like you - I LOVE YOU. Tess 8a Chris, Thanks for putting up with me these four years - Roz, don't ever change - Al- yce, we're too much alike, is it good or bad? C-28, my second home, you are the hosts with the most, thanks for everything. John, you truly are a special friend. To everyone else, the moments passed so quickly but the memories will last forever, Thanks MSM, these days will last forever, Maureen E. 0'hara B.S. Business and Finance The Senior Din- ner Dance proved to be quite success- ful as Tom Le- verone and Fran Holcomb pose for a pic- ture Seniors 51 Mom and Dad Thanks for all the love and support. I will not let U down. To PJ you made what I am. Some day you will pay for this. To A-14 Troll, Eroc, Drabby, Capt. Ahab Capt. I-Iangover'll never die! Potatoes Chocha, Sil Bullets Carlos U tramp, when is food June is Dairy Month theriot some day we will win but we never lose. To the Boooooys Tom, Bill, Bob I got the best crabs in town, ooh Ralph, North 40. Weeg, Learn to swim yet? U owe me 1 Bill your feet smell. Bob kiss me you stupid good looking MSM Catch me if you can Pee Wee Peter J. Oristian B.S. Business and Finance After classes Diane Dou- gherty, Nancy Belmonte, and Shannon Quinn get the news from home. 52 Seniors uf ,,,, Thank you Mom and Dad. Wfo your love and understanding this could not be possible. Thanks again I love you both very much. B- 15 girls, PEB, MLM, PW, C15, BB, C26 and 27. lt's been fun. I-lar, Laurie, Nanc - my big sisters. You were always there. Phil, we've been thru it all. Friendship doesnit end here. Beach party, New Year surprise party, LDALMD, INXS, Bad B-ball, Finally-wal- leyworld, 9-12, Mon-Fri?, Pip Beware. Lau- ra, thanks for everything. You straightened me out and the future is ours. I love you. Christopher A. Ostrowski B.S. Business and FinancefB.S. Economics William M. Otterbein, Jr. B.A. Fine Arts B.S. Business and Finance Well this is it. So many things to say - to remember. lst Sher, A-Deck, 1st Dub, C-20 Tiger - friend for lite - you're wrong! C.J. OOGA- OOGA! Brod one guy, huh? Muff- eat!! To the fat bastards ot C-20 - What's for dinner?! Beans? T.B. - spin Thurs. after a quick 5?l Ott- hang in there Ed - Avalon '86 Mom and Dad 3 thanks for your support, understanding, and discipline. I hope you are as proud of me as l am of you. I love you. Kerry - Friends first - never dull - new twists -love ya. -Wilbur - P.S. Wee - uWe're gonna study this time." Mom and Dad thank you for all the love, support, and understanding over the last 22 years. You are the greatest and I love you both. More than you'll ever know. Nan, Pop, Ann, Susan, and John I love you all. Ed, Otto, Chuck, and Mark "Don't change". To C2O, A24, A26, B23, and B24, thanks for a great senior year. To Fr. Pat your one of a kind, thanks for everything. Deborah, the time we've spent together has meant everything to me, having you in my life is what makes it so special. Dane you are everything and more. I love you. James S. Ottenritter B.S. Business and Finance .t I .f Frederick Owusu B.S. Business and Finance "The race is not always won by the swift but by those who keep running." Many thanks to the faculty and administra- tion for giving me the opportunity to com- plete this race. Paul, all you say and do - keep it clean. John, its been fun guy - there is so much more. Coach Deegan and my tea- mates continue the tradition. Maureen your special, thanks for being a friend. Many thanks to my parents two of my greatest teachers who have shown me that persis- tance and determination alone are omnipo- tent. All the best - Fred To Mom and Dad, I will never be able to thank you for all the love and support you have given me over the years, I love you both very much, To the C-building Penthouse es- pecially Stro and Spark, here's to friends - once, now, and always. l will never forget you. To all of my friends, you all hold a spe- cial place in my heart and I hope each of you know how I feel about you. When you look back to these days I hope you can remember me and smile. With love, John John Pearce B.S. Business and Finance Ellen M. Pedrick B.S. Elementary Education Mom, Dad, and Chuck thanks for your love, understanding and support. Your sacri- fices were without number - l love you very much. To the rest of my family a special thanks. Kels, Gigi, Mags and Nancy you've given me many memories. Nancy our friendship is special. Sheila, Moni, Pat and Mary our laughing was continual we had some great times - to the rest of my friends Good Luck, Michael - my best friend, who has given me more than I could ever dream of - your love is something truly special - Thanks for be- ing a part of my life. I love you. Best of the Best Senior year was full of so many fun times! How can you choose what was the best about senior year? It may have been the newness of living in the apartments. For the first time, most seniors enjoyed the luxu- ry of their own bathroom, kitchen, and living room. With these new liv- ing conditions came diverse social situations. Many nights were spent sprawled around the living room watching SHOWTIME. And often after the Rat, late night raids in the kitchen were a must! The larger liv- ing area allowed for larger parties. Often, too large! Oh, to live in the apartments. What a life! No more getting up early to rush to a meal in the cafeteria. Rather, days are spent at leisure. Eating whenever you want and not running over to the cafeteria for hot dogs. This was definitely a plus for senior year! But apartment life wasn't the only good thing about the year. How about 100 Days Party? The Senior Socials? The Senior Dinner Dance? Graduation? All of these events were just as special to senior year! Paul M. Phelan B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, Thanks for all your love and support during my years at the Mount. Jim, Terry, John, W, Rudy, Russ, Bob, Dan, Jerry, Phil, Chris, John H: and John L, Thanks for the good times. Toga Party 82, Blatzbrothers, 224 Dub, Players, Hood, Deer Hunting 83, Road Trips to Gettysburg, Georgetown, Catholic U, Frostburg, Ala- bama, and Springfield. Doctors of Doom, Spring Break '84, Pocanos, Jim's B-day par- ty, my party 2nd Brad 85, Villa Nova 85, and Superbowl 85. Terry thanks for helping me get my priorities straight. John and Jim keep in touch. f'Philadelphia will rise again." During the last of their four years here, they enjoyed numerous socials designed to unify the already close- knit class. The attitude of most seniors was one of contentment. They had three years to look back on and reminisce. They were also busy making new and different memories which would remain with them long after gradu- ation. This feeling was unique of senior year. Seniors had a lot to be content about. They had grown a lot since they began three years back and knew themselves much better. They also knew their classmates better. About the only thing they were uncertain about was their fu- ture. What would they be doing this time next year? And so, senior year was a time of fun and freedom. Who can say what was the best of senior year. To one it may have been life in the apart- ments, to another the parties. To most, it was the confidence which senior year brought. It can be summed up as the best of the best four years of one's life. Barbara J. Pioli B.S. Elementary Education Mom and Dad - Thank you for all the love, support To C-28, C-25, AL, DC, CK, CJ, LC, and the men of A-17 CC 'SSI Thanks for ALL the memories - "WE'LL AL- WAYS BE TOGETHER." KS, KV, SK- DIMES. Thanks for being such fun friends. CK, DC, OP, ED - "SUMMER NIGHTS," Col - The times we've shared! You are a very special friend. Thanks. Chris - youlve been a great roomie and friend. SDS! Lib - you're a great friend and sister - thanks for paving the way! Wade - the future is ours together - ILY forever Seniors 53 Graduate and undergrad- uate students alike, par- ticipate in one of the many Blood drives held on campus. Maryanne Com- mins and Mariclare Raf- ferty claim that it isn't all that bad. " . . . so many people enter our lives. some we'll never forget . . . Neil Nordberg en- tered each of our lives in a way we 'll never forget. he brightened our world in a way others couldn't. members of the class of '86 will never forget Him I! -0. 54 Seniors Adrienne M. Politza B.S. Business and Finance Anne,Baba Sinez Cok Tesekur for opening the doors to so many opportunities and unfor- getable experiences. You know I love you. Moe, Yamas, to all the candles and incense burned together . . . To all who have made my stay here a memorable one sante baby! the trips both off and on campus have been . . . '.P . . . Mindbending. You must not neglect to look at the sky today, there are always superb sky effects. George A. Pollin B.S. Business and Finance If at first you don't succeed, go to the Mount. Mom and Dad, thanks for the love and sup- port. If I had listened, l'd be an O2 by now. Now you can say l told you so. Joe there is one galaxy in Blackbewrd's pinky. Colleen - where's my contract?Tim - where's the Holiday Inn? Cum - air is cheap. Conrad - Drop! Pat - lyls T.R. - at least I'm well rounded. Mr. Draper - there will be NO 7th year. Kat - Welve said it ALL! MS lV's - "Oh, wellf, It's a small army. To my friends and family, I could not have done it without you. 3 Goodbye is not an ending but a different start for making brand new friends and seeing dreams come true Goodbye is not an ending for you'll find a long life's way within your heart you'll always have a part of yes- terday. - A. Bradley MSLD, it was a slow start but I made it! Thanks, I luv u! 44, wf78zCraig,thanks for making the tears go away. T - thanks for the convo's from NY. ME,B8cYog - Thanks for the hugs. KV-Bail 8:PE!Eric, thank God for sprained ankles for wfo them I wouldn't know what Love is. "You Are" "All I Need" Luv Cin Cynthia C. Plunkett B.S. Business and Finance ,.,v 1" as Joseph R. Pope, Jr. B.S. Business and Finance For Mom and Dad, you have given me the world but without your love l have nothing at all. Thank you for this special time of my life. To my family for your great support, I love you all. JR and Scandal, ten years from now we can look back on it and laugh. Rick and Bob, good sense will take you far. You guys and all the rest made it crazy. Good luck. The Grateful Dead made it all seem clear. To Nancy, my special friend, I take with me beautiful memories and look forward to many more with you. Mom and Dad, Your baby finally made itlth- ank you for giving so unselfishly of your- selves. I'm proud to have parents who love and care for their children as much as you do. Moni,Pat and Mary, Thanks for the hugs and laughter I needed and for the friendship welll share forever. Els, thanks for being a friend and keeping me sane. Mat encouraging words. No goal is out of reach with you by my side. I can always count on you. You are a part of my life best friend, and I love you. Sheila F. Porter B.S. Elementary Education if 7' g . tv. Shannon Quinn B.A. English "I do well to want an active life rather than to stagnate in one spot and feel life flowing past me. I want to move forward, to have some new experience every day and every hour." - Leo Tolstoy To those who encouraged and supported me, I send my deepest gratitude and love. Mom8cDad - Love, friendship 8: support are the most important things you've given me - thanks! I love you! Diane8rPattie - Exciting weekends, gross jokes - delicious dinners, my favorite line - we actually made it! you 2 made senior year laughable - thanks! Susan - Good friends are few and far between - I'm going to miss you! Who will I talk to now? Remember all the laughter 8: tears we've shared I'm thinking of you! Someday I might find myself looking in your eyes but for now we'Il go on living separate lives. Phil Collins Kathleen Prout B.S. Elementary Education , 1' 11... Jill A. Rafano B.S. Biology Mom 8: Dad, Thanks for all the love Sc sup- port without it I wouIdn't have lasted. Laura 8: MRE - 4 yrsg friendsgTA I-IAA, MEMO' RIES will last, don't stop believin. Anne, great yr 8: friendship,ugIy moments are pre- cious. 3rd Mac - What memories! Netters JDxSaIs. Tourn, Loverboy. Mens-clubs, you guys made it a blast! Parties, Chamber Killer T! To all my friends I'Il miss you. Mike the times we've had have been great 8: for the rest I cannot wait - I love you. "I've loved these days." Mariclare Rafferty B.A. Sociology The Mount has been much more than Ild hoped for 8a much of the credit goes to the friends I've found here 8: at home W Thank you for sharing your lives with me Sc giving me memories to cherish 8a the hope of many more to come! To my brothers 8a sisters - know that my love 8: appreciation for all of you grows each day - Mom Sr Dad, you two are the most special people l know 8: I'm blessed to have you as parents 8: friendships - Youlve done so much that a mere thank you and I love you can only begin to express how I feel. Love to all, Mariclare During halftime of the soccergame, Peter Oris- tian plays with another fans dog. Seniors 55 Roomates Liz Morgan, Kathy Classon, and Kathy Cuniff share a few beers at social hour in the Rat! 56 Seniors Annepatrice Reynolds B.S. Business and FinancefB.S. Economics Jenny O', light of my life! I couldn't have made it without you Kerri whereis the Pitch- er? Di get the gear Denise of the sharp wit! I'm glad I got to know you Jenny W, it was your humor that kept me sane - Iet's go to the Pub Gigi and Maryellen, always stay the way you are. To Mike and the guys upstairs, have a great year next semester. Good luck and thanks roomies! Tricia losethebroque and you'Il do fine the past four years have been great, I've met some of the nicest peo- ple hope we meet againl. Delta Epsilon Delta EXCEPT THE LIM- BOMAN WENT AWOL. -- THAT 'LMAN IS ASOUL." MOUNTTOWN - RT 15 - TRANSIENTS B-DECK, ELEVATOR AND FORMULA 409 - WHAT ACCOMODA- TIONS!!!! NO BAKED AND FRIED , BUT 1000 DOG- GIES. CLOSE THE WINDOW, JOHN. TOUGH NIGHT, PHIL? PARTRIDGES AT 9:30, TREK AT 6:00. TAKE CARE BUTCH, REUBEN AND SAR- TRE CLAUS!! Edward F. Rakiewicz B.S. Chemistry Anne T. Rizzo B.A. Sociology Wow! What an experience that was. Hap- py and sad and always learning something new about people and places and what's real- ly worth it. Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me through it all. I love you both so much. Thank you for putting up with all we've been through. It was worth it. Again, thanks I love you. And to all my special friends how about those times - pretty neat, huh. Six-sides- yeah! And my Karry, my treasure, I'll always love you, more than words can say. Now is our time . . . .I can't wait! I love you. Love, Anne First, I would like to thank my mother and father for their support and understanding over the past 4 years. You were always there when I needed you. Beave and Skit, you guys are great. We had some wild times I'll never forget. 327 was awesome!! Lock and Mo, B- 23 was the place to be. We had a great senior year. To the rest of my friends, thanks for all the memories, this place was awesome!! Mary, spending the past two years with you has been wonderful. We've shared so much together. I hope its just the beginning. I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!! RUPP Russell J. Rauh B.S. Accounting Q- i 1 X Angela Marie Roberts-Walsh B.S. Biology Dad, you've sacrificed so much for me over these years, how can I ever thank you? I love you. You always said NGO for It" and I'm glad I did. Bev: thanks for your love and support. Carol, your friendship has filled these four yrs with happy memories. Carri, is the real Army ready for us? Rose, Mo, and C- 24 starting with Basil, its been fun. And to you, my husband - there is no great dis- tance that love and faith cannot overcome. Gerry, you are truly my best friend. Thank you for believing in me. The future is ours, together. I can't wait. " . . .The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn the more l realize the less I know. Each step I take, each page l turn, each mile I travel only means the more I have to go . . . What's wrong with wanting more? If you can fly, then soar. With all there is why settle for just a piece of sky?" - A and M Bergman. "A piece of Skyn gratitude forever. Richard W. Robertson B.A. Fine Arts Laureli G. Rodgers B.A. Sociology Mom and Dad, a simple thank you does not seem enough for 4 years of learning. laughter and loving. I hope to be able to repay some of the loving and understanding you have given me. l love you both. To the bestest roomies Luiz Kathy Sue and Kathi - so many memo- ries so little space. College property, ponder- ing, wet rocks, chin hairs and happy hours. C26, C27, Adie, Anne PEB, B16, B7, Ml., A2, Sue H., 2nd Maccers - miss and luv u all. Rich want some candy? You are the best thing in my life, I love you. Good luck and Goodbye Luv Lolly I did it! Thanx Honey and Sis for help, bonuses and socks. ITF! A billion K's:Scar, help, l'm joining you, Kan, long live Studio 54, Bart, stay precious, dear SB, l'm finally home. Watch out! 84 and 85, didn't forget you. K, watch those lobes. N, see you in GV. Miss BCD, you and M are the best. B-15, thanx for my 2nd home. JC, behave. Cath, you've been with me all the way. Thanx. Are you sure you donlt need a nanny? Mary Elizabeth Roche B.S. Business and Finance Alice Rooney B.A. Sociology Mom and Dad thank you for all you've done for me. I love you. Jim keep watching over us. I miss you. To my roomies from C-18 don't think the Griesez will ever recover. Thanks for all the crazy times. Mahons Echo field will never be the same. I love you guys. Trixie these past two years weren't the same without you. Norton thanks for being a great friend. Denis and Snooze have a great senior year. Sean because of you these past two years have been the best in my life. There will always be a special place in my heart for you. Goodbye I-lump-Day Happy I-Iour On Wednesday nights, school books close around 10:00, I.D. cards and money rounded up and seniors meet outside. It's Senior Night at Otts! - a time for seniors to socialize in a different atmosphere other than the Rat. Ott house sends their van to the Mount and runs shuttles back and forth so that no one has to drive. Students take ad- vantage of this opportunity and have fun in a safe way. Beers are 75C and 31.00. Beer cups click as toasts are made to past and present times. The biggest attraction to Otts are all the pool tables. The real sharks get there early and place their quarters on the table. Minneso- ta Fats of the class become perma- nent fixtures around the table for the rest of the night. Two o'clock comes sooner than we know. The beer is shut off, the tables are stopped and the shuttles back to the Mount begin. Seniors 57 I 2 1 Enjoying the Senior Din- ner Dance are Billy Otter- berin and Susan Ottenrit- ter. 58 Seniors Alicia Russo BS. Chemistry I cannot begin to sum up in words the joy I have experienced in the past 4 years, Chris, Michon, Teri, Suz, - I can't begin to tell you what you have done for me. Wroya, Kay, Cheryl, Deb, Christina, Alyce, Janet, Nancy, Vin, A25, and all the rest - you have made my life richer. JJ Thanks for all the special memories and for the people who mean the world to me - Mom 8: Dad,Vin,Andy - words cannot begin to express my love for you. Without you, Mom 8: Dad, where would I be? I hope someday to be able to do even half of what you have done for me. Thank you all, To every person who has touched my life here at the Mount. Remember that I will al- ways hold a special place for you in my heart. Thanks for the experiences I remember, as well as those I donlt tthey were probably more fun anywayl Denny, I missed you and all your words of wisdom. I-Iow'd you get so smart? Matt and Chris, Hope your years to come bring you as much fun and happiness as I had. Mom Sz Dad all your love and guidance has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for the experience. I love you both. Perry Anne Rossi B.S. Business and Finance H 3 i Victor Saint-Preux B.S. Business and Finance Thank you to all of you who gave me love, support and leadership throughout these 4 years. Mom 8r Pop, I want yu to know that I love you. Life is like a trackmeet, and I am happy I've finished this event finally. Coach Deegan you are one in a million. Good luck to you Dave 81 Sylvia. Nana 8a Anderson, I did it! I canit forget the good times or the bad times but I wait in high expectation for more times to come. Remember me always for I will always remember you "more than a friend." Alida, Gary Guilty, Yatta, Anibal, Freddy to captain quick From Vic Mom and Dad. Can you believe it. 4 schools in 4 yrs and I thank you for all the love, support and understanding you gave me throughout it. I love you Both! A-27, WEE! BESS, CARROT in window, lime juice and eating goldfish. PJs at the bridge. Hockey, Lax, Softball sprint on the whistle. A-23 thanx for everything you're great! S40 a keg, let's get 2. 14 cases, bathrobes, carpet head it was fun. PTL, Ott's famous Wednesday. Bye Mount. Barbara Ruby B.S. Biology David A. Santora B.S. Accounting Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you for giving me a chance at life. To my family, words are inadequate, but I love you all comes close. Mike, there was G-town, schnapps, hunting and alpine runs and through it all you've proved yourself a true friend. Thanks, Bone, John G thanks for helping make senior year my best T.A,M. Guitar jumps and hook ups KD Thanks, Neigbs, I'll miss you JR. Youlre OK JD, PW, SUHS. I don't know where l'm going, but I'll call you when I get there. God Bless America, Mom 8: Dad - In everything I do I want to make you proud that I am your daughter. Thanks for believing in me because without your love graduating wouldlve been an un- reachable goal - I love you Diane 8: Kathy - I really can cook with a microwave - The matron - Softball - Mr. Cake - Fattest legs contest Mrs. Robinson - Thanks for being special friends - Love ya Denise - when I was at my lowest point and needed a friend, you were there. Summer softball - LaPat Thanks for all your support. Love ya Patricia Schaefer B.A. English Scott Schaefer B.S. Accounting C Suc ess is not measured by how much you have but by what you have accomplished, how much you have is just reward for what you have accomplished. Seniors: . It is his last year here. He is finally a senior. He has been here for four years but he is not the same as he was when he was a freshman. The change is a big one! One notices the senior. There are many things that determine himg that set him apart. Perhaps the biggest difference is his sense of confidence in the school. He is comfortable here. This confi- dence surfaces in many ways. One of the ways to recognize the senior is his lack of anxiety about school. He has worked hard for three years and wants to take it a little easier now. He is less con- cerned with classes. It isn't that they aren't important, it's just that these last few days with friends seems much more meaningful. Time with friends becomes precious! A senior Kurt Schaeffler B.S. Accounting Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me the op- portunity to experience college and learn a great deal about life in general. If it wasn't for you Leo my drive to be better would have ended four years ago. Thanks boy for the advice and encouragement. To the crazies of B-7, never slow down and always keep those twelve ouncers in hand. Try to stay out of trouble Kebin. Good luck in the future Capt. Dave 8: may the Hobblemen continue to car- ry on that good deed. TEDO: Don't forget them big ole dogs. I'll never forget OSU, Big Al, and the links. realizes this and is therefore seen usually with his friends. He parties much more! But it's not just to drink, but, instead, to be with his friends for the last time before the "real worldf' It is also confidence that sets the senior apart from any junior, sopho- more, or freshman. From the begin- ning of freshman year, this confi- dence has been growing and reaches its peak senior year. The senior has been around long enough to know what to do and where to go. He has utilized each new exper- ience of the last four years and has learned from them. They have giv- en him confidence. This confidence will lead him from this school and help him through the rest of his life. Kimberly A. Schultze B.S. Elementary Education Mom and Dad, Thank you for the four best years of my life. Without your encourage- ment and sacrifices I would never had made it. I love you. Poopie roommate: Amy, Jeanne, Suzanne and Tiny - you made my senior year a special one. I'll always cherish the time we spent together and the laughs we shared. Special thanks to Soupy for your ad- vice and for being there when I needed you. MC,Janet, Joe,Kim,Matt,Rick,Stevie, and my other friends that made my life so mean- ingful at the Mount, thanks for your friend- ship and the fun memories! I'll miss you. Seniors 59 At the Senior Social in the Rat, Rich Delia, Paul Ed- ward, Alyce Leighton and George Young pose for a group picture. Now What? The "party', is over! Time to go out and face the "real world"! Graduation is over and major deci- sions must be made as to what will happen in the future. This dilemma plagues every senior as the last se- mester draws to a close and ques- tions now have to be answered. The day of reckoning arrives and the real world is suddenly at the door- step. But just when it seems that there are no answers to these unsur- mountable questions, possibilities become more evident as the last days of senior year come to a close. There is no one anser to the ques- tion of "What to do after college?" It's true that some seem to have their couse already mapped out for the future. They've gotten a job and are looking for the Hsensiblei' car. Or they've applied to graduate school to continue their education in hopes of getting a better job. But those options are not for everyone and it becomes extremely essential to understand that there is no one set answer to this "dilemma", 60 Seniors There is no right or wrong way to jump into the real world. Each indi- vidual maps out a separate path that makes them unique. Many may choose to take the summer off and experience things that may not be possible in later years. It might be going to Europe or just living at the beach for the summer. Others may spend one last summer at their old job that has made summers in the past so special. The summer is a time for them to clear their heads and spend time to think about what it is they would like to do. No one, no matter how intelligent or talented, really have a cut-and- dry answer to their future. The time just after college will be a time of uncertainty for most that have just graduated. But, more importantly, it's a time to realize that no one will be showing the right way to ap- proach the future. It's now a time when individuality becomes vital and the responsibility is yours. You're taking over from here! pw John S. Sellers B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad thank you for all youlve done for me. I love you both. By givimg me the opportunity to come here you've allowed me the best of times with the best of friends. I wish I spent all 4 yrs here. To the "S", hair- pies, lst Dub, 327-parties,bathrobes, golf bridge,baseball, Ott's,TommyG's, Jims, Ben's fLEVl good times were had by all.B23- 4-A15-16 81 all our tower. Thanks for the memories. -CMA-To my roommates 1 Nicely done, but I hate KISS! To all the HBF's your all super girls to Christina - thanks for a friendship I'lI never forget. Thanks Mom for suggesting the Mount. It was an enjoyable way to spend 3 U2 years, and I'm glad you gave me that opportunity. To those who helped make the times what they were, I'm grateful and hope the future brings us together again. Finally, To: Gigi, Karen, And especially Fred, as we go off to uculti- vate our own gardens," my hope is that your harvest prove to be abundant. Voltaire Maureen B. Sehl Interdisciplinary Major Joseph Sgroi III B.S. Accounting Mom 8a Dad I may not show it all the time but I love and respect the both of you and thank you for being that constant source of love and friendship in my life. The friends I have made at the Mount have made this all so great! Thank u! Ellie 8: Jess take care of my babe next year! Finally, to my beloved Babe. You are exquisite 8a I adore you! I love you for you are the personification of all that I seek. Your my joy for today, my hope for tomorrow. In you I hav found myself, my life, my love! Cath I love you more than words can say! The future is ours! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything that you have given me over the years. It couldn't have been possible without you, I love you. To my roommates, Greg, John Flounder, and Kev what can I say you guys are great, Live long and prosper. I guess C-20 would be next, thanks guys for your constant and ever- lasting guidance. Finally to Laura who really changed my life, we have had some great times together, I know the best is yet to come. Goodbye AILANIGAV Forever. William F. Shapanus B.S. Business and Finance im.. ,.. X iii: "xv-f 445' Gregory M. Sherbert B.A. English Dear Mom and Dad, I would like to thank both of you for all the help and support you have given me these past four years. Thanks also to the professors in the science dept. who passed on their wisdom while helping me ob- tain my goals, Most of all, thanks to my future bride, Jessica, for putting up with my many changes and for helping me to gain confi- dence in myself. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. Iowa here we come. Timothy P. Sheahan B.S. Biology Brian Sherry BA English Dear Mom and Dad, I would like to thank you for everything you've done for me these past four years. Without your support I could nev- er have made it. Thanks, I love you both. To friends here at the Mount, past and present I wish good luck and times in the future. To Matt, Joe, Boat, and Pete the only thing I have to say is use good sense and buy cold beer. MR,PM, JY,SD and all my old room- mates, thanks. To all parcheesi rivals may you always be the first man home. Mountain climbers keep climbing. See you all soon. Mom 8: Dad - How can I thank u 4 all your love, sacrifices Sz the best 4 years of my life? U gave me the privilege of living 8: learning 8: growing here - such a special place. I love U both. Ellen - UR like a sister - the 2 of us have grown up together. Colleen U bright- ened every day. Fran - U made this year more special. Tara miss U. Abbs - U never left our heart. Amy - we've come a long way. Jeanne, thanx 4 car- ing.CH,JS,LSP,MH,MBO,ST,TINY - I love U all! JH - I'll miss you BSLJEP - U can always make me smile. Kevin you're special. Bye Mount. The memories will live 4ever in my heart. Susan Marie Sheller B.S. Business and Finance John Shields B.S. Business and Finance Dear Mom and Dad without your constant love and support I never would have made it through. Thank you Hambone my biggest nightmare Let's come back for another year Lick anybody lately Stonefale have a drink on me O'Brien take a shower what you mean Dennis stop in for one Shiela and Ellen and all the girls I know you die me to B21 Dont stop partying To the older woman downstairs Love Ya! Seniors 61 Seniors Frank Donnelly and Kevin Fitzgerald have a laugh in the Rat. Mom and Dad Shinham - Thanks you both for taking me into your family. You were both there to support me when no one else cared. I love you both. Evets, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Let's make copies of this Diploma for all the jerks who said we would never make it. Maria - Thank you for being a friend. Don't be a loser. Pat -It just doesn't matter. Ina - you know. Sue - Dental floss and razor blades - what all commuters need. Esther - You did it your way - the best way. Kathy - You!d better swatch yourself. Tracy B. Shinham B.S. Business and Finance 62 Seniors 'E I have finally met one of the goals l have set for myself. Thanx Mom and Dad for provid- ing this opportunity for me. To all commuters who realize there is life outside of the Mount, make the best of the times while you here. To Sue and Carol thanks for being those special friends and Bob don't forget about that warm fuzzy feeling on your first audit! Amy E. Signor B.S. Accounting WN A John A. Singleton B.S. Business and Finance Many thanks to my family for your confi- dence in me and love. Any accomplishment is made that much more valuable when it can be shared. Paul - it seems like a short time ago we were at Suburban B-ball camp. We have come far since then but the best is yet to come. Fred - its been said you never really know someone until you live with them. Not so roommate, its always been an honor. DOS - Thanks for the experience and the paychecks 4th Dubois Alumni A keep up the tradi- tion To my wonderful Mom and Dad, you are the ones who have given everything you could to give me the chance of a lifetime. Thank you both - I love you and hope you will always be proud of me. Nancy, Ellen, Gigi, Mags M Thanks roomies - I wish you all the best, C-28 it's been a pleasure! From 3rd Pang, to C-29 - friends I have made at the Mount have been the best, Kevin - times spent with you are the happiest I will always love you - I promise! I will never forget these days at the Mount or the friends who made it special. Kelly Ann Simmermon B.S. Accounting 'HK Thomas Smith B.S. Business and Finance Dear Dad I know we have faced some hard times these past 4 yrs, Losing Mom hurt us all, but somehow you found the strength to keep us all going, and make my remaining yrs at the Mount so great. I know Mom looks down at us with a smile, proud of all our accomplishments. I love you. There is only one Mr. Delia in this world, wild, crazy and an all around great friend. Brian, Rat, Joe, Bill and the RATPACK you're all ffl. To the WOLFPACK, Lev, John, KB, ED, Cup, Skit, the "5", and all you cons, behind you're all the best and l'll miss yous guys. Fred F. Sorbello B.S. Business and FinancefB.S. Economics Christine M. Springer B.A. Mathematics Mom, you have helped me more than you know. You are the best mother and friend anyone could ever have. Dad, I do appreci- ate all the things you've done for me. I'll make you proud someday. Thanks for being there. l love you both. Michael, l could not have done it without you. You were with me through the best lJ-terml and worst lreall times! You've done more for me than l'll ever deserve and I love you for it! We have so much to look forward to. Barb, To my favor- ite roommate. You will be the best teach in PA. l'll miss you. Mom and Dad l want to thank you for all the sacrifices you have made. You've always been standing by to catch me if I fell, cry or rejoice with me in all my endeavors along the way. Mom you're not once, twice but three times a lady to me, and Dad l don't think I've told you that I love you near enough. l'll al- ways try to make you proud of me Mom and Dad l will always love you. To GH, PS, SB, TK, KC JM, and DM you guys are the best friends I could ever have had. Thanks for the memories an remember I love you too, To WG,EK,Pl-l, and KEV - Thanks friends. William F. Spacek B.A. Sociology B.A. Theology my Qt S I . if Lisa St. Pierre B.S. Business and Finance Dad,Mom8cTeri i Thanks seems inad- equate, I luv u bunches.Jeannie 3 What started as a rivalry is one of my most prized possessions. Mary - It began as an all- nighter and lasted for 4 years. MB - I watched u grow from a freshman into 1 of my best friends. Sue - From the Suite to the sweeter. Tara - Luv ya, miss ya! B178z1 - I think our kitchen . l think I luv you.B238r24 - Can you really see in our window? My friendships cannot be sacrificed, they are my greatest wealth, my real security." On a Friday night, room- mates Maribeth Olvany and Lisa St. Pierre share the couch with Kathy "Tiny" Haney. " . . . did you ever think you would make it through that first exam week? well you did and 7 more at that! it seemed like hell at the time, and now with the friend- ships you take with you and the diploma in hand, it was all worth it I, .Qu Seniors 63 64 Seniors Alan Stader B.S. Biology Richard L. Streeton Jr. B.S. Biology First I would like to thank all those who have made these four years at the Mount special. To the guys in the band,Steve,Steve, and Bill, thanks for all the good times. Jill and Dave always remember the times we had. I love you both. Betsy thanks for being such a great friend. Mom and Dad, well what can I say that hasnlt already been said. I love you both. MaryEllen, my fiance and best friend, you have really helped me see who I am. The love and care you have shown me are beyond words. I love you and am looking forward to our life together. . . . for a conscious being, to exist is to change, To change is to mature, to mature is to go on Creating Oneself endlessly. - Henri Bergson Perpetua A. Staub B.S. Biology --QQ.. it ei , Brian E. Stromeyer B.S. Accounting To my flocks, thanks for all the support.To C2O,give me rim. Lark what can I say?Rip- van Otterbein try to stay awake.Vin your bound to run into some good luck.Pearce what were we thinking? Tonk and Col all my best. Flounder, Kev,Shap,Morra,Bumble how's your hogs?ToA26,A25,Dr. Mud l'll drink to that. 4th Dub reunions,B4Deck,The bridge,The egg fight with C18, pool at Ott's,Ft.Lau,Road trip, Hatteras,Doughnuts in superthrift parking lot,Chicks cannot hold their smoke, that's what it is.To everybody at MSM Hang Loose!Stro Father, I have knowledge, so will you show me how to use it wisely and find a way some- how to make the world I live in a little better place, and make life with it's problems a bit easier to face . . . Grant me faith and put purpose in my days, and show me how to serve thee in the most effective ways so all my education, my knowledge and my skills may find their true fulfillment as I learn to do thy will . , . and may I ever be aware in every- thing I do that knowledge comes from learn- ing and wisdom comes from you. Tracey E. Stevens B.S. Accounting 2'- Theresa A. Stump B.S. Mathematics B.S. Spanish Mom 8: Dad - Words can't express what your love and support have meant to me. I hope I've made you proud, that was my goal. I love you. Always my favorite roomie C-25, Why so much fun at 3AM My friends have made these years the best. Now we go our separate ways but I'll always hold a piece of each of them in my heart. Ralph - For 5 years you've been my best friend. You've kept me sane when this place drove me crazy 8: drove me crazy at other times. Our times together will always be special to me. I love you. You have succeeded in the goal you set. This part of your advancement forward is over and it was worth what was ventured for the ultimate gain. You no longer wonder if it could be done, you know it can be done, You have finished this small goal and others are proud, but you should be the proudest, for you have done this for yourself. Esther L. Stup B.S. Accounting M.,p- John F. Sullivan B.A. Spanish Mom, Dad, to just thank you would not be enough. For your love and concern has meant so much to me, especially over the last 4 years. l want you to know that l share that same love and concern for you, you've made this all possible. I love you. B7, Kevins, KS, l'll miss you all. l'm very proud to be your friend, N our friendships I hold very dear. MH, JS, Roz, Good LUCK. MSM has fostered a way to thinking little things that make large endeavors worthwhile . . . Carry the message to Garcia Towers Talk Is it possible for a building to have a personality on our campus? Any- things possible. Since the comple- tion of the apartment towers in 1978, each tower has continued to establish its own distinct personality each year. Every year A, B, and C towers immediately begin to acquire unique personalities that provide fond memories for the senior to cherish for years to come. Whether its wiffle ball in A quad or hackey- sack in C quad, there are specific characteristics that are unique to the respective towers. A Tower seems to be filled with those who like the outdoors. There is a continual crowd hanging out in the quad from day to day. Whether they start a game of wiffle ball or simply sit on the benches to talk, the residents of this tower love to social- ize outside of their apartments. The residents of Horning Cas it is officially knownl enjoy yelling out Jean M. Sweeney B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, Thank you for so many oppor- tunities. I love you both very much. Mounties may fly but the memories last forever, Tara, thanx isnft near enough.Lisa, friendship to challenge time.MB8zSue - Carryon the good life. Jeanne8cMary - Together from day 41, we did it! Amy - You are so special. Fran8cKathy - Thanx 4 always being there. Colw,Susan,Ellen,Col - Thanx 4 making my memories. Kim,Kim,Suz why did we wait til Sr yr? Bobby - The last yr has been more special than words can say, here's to the fu- ture. l love you! Love,Jeannie the windows to each other as well as meeting in the quad on nice days. Students from all over campus frequent the laundry room or par- ticipate in aerobics in B-Commons. With activities going on at all times there's never a dull moment in B building. The newly named Kealty Towers see plenty of action both in and out of doors. Residents of C Tower have broken the "quiet mold" of their predecessors. Wheth- er its playing hackeysack in the quad or sharing their music with the rest of the building, these residents let their presence be known. They have broken the quiet image that had loomed over the tower for years. Just as every student has his or her own personality traits, so does each and every tower. The building can certainly be identified by the students who inhabit them. Showing his expertise in wiffle ball, Chris Os- trowski winds up for the pitch in C quad. T Seniors 65 66 Seniors Julia Child Watch Out! Apartment living - a step to- wards the real world. No more Saga, it's time to learn how to gro- cery shop and cook. The first trip to "Supertheft" is one of the most memorable times of senior year. They think they have everything un- der control. Most apartment dwell- ers have opened a joint account and put in it anywhere from S300 to S500 per person each semester. They decide on a weekly budget and think everything is all set, They have their money, coupons and a calculator. What more could they need? It's time to shop. They move from aisle to aisle but by the second aisle, they've lost track of the total and their coupons are all messed up. By the time they make it to the checkout counter they don't know what they have, the bread is crushed because it was in the first aisle and the total price exceeds the Thomas Thornhill B.S. Business and Finance amount of money they have. After arguing over what foods they have to put back they head home to at- tempt cooking. At first the food is seldom burnt and a little bland tast- ing, but after a few weeks things begin to taste better, for those grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly become part of their regu- lar diet. Not all apartment dwellers Han- dle their food in the same way. Some roommates like to buy and cook their own foods. In this case, the refrigerator is often divided into sections and food - yes even eggs - are initialed. Both systems work and are a learning experience for all seniors. It's great to be able to eat what you want, however, Saga is often missed, not because of the food but because there are no dishes to clean. 1, me x X Christopher Tonkovich B.S, Business 8: Finance To Colleen: we made it. Thanks for your love and support. I love you. Mom gl Dad Thank you for your love and trust, without it none of this would be possible. Pierce, Stro, Larkin, and the rest of my friends, it's been a lot of fun. 4th Dub will never be the same. Bob, do you think we should run for SGA? John, I think we are lost! The ride home from Dick- enson and hitting 90 up College Lane. I'll miss MSM "Goldcard", the covered bridge, and all the money l spent at Paul's pitstop. It's over but will never be forgotten. Mom 8: Dad Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow here. Thru your love 8: support I had the chance to experience some of the best times of my life. Now I only hope that I can make you happy 8: proud in my journey thru life. To roomies AL, CE, DW, JC, you're the best! I could write a book or just a list of the good times! Our friendship will last forever. TT, SC, CG, MK, AR, wfo you I'd have a complex. JE for special times. Good luck 8a remember: love you guys! So long, farewell! Nancy J. Tenaglio B.S. AccountingfB.S. Business 8c Finance Helena Maria Topper B.A. Political Science Once you know the truth you can hide it on a shelffbut unless ya bring it down, you can't live with yourself. MSM has given me much more than an edu- cation. The presence of God on this campus has taken the truth I heard for 21 years and made it real for me. The God I only saw on Sunday is eternally calling people to deeper commitment and knowledge of Him. His grace enables us to hear and respond to that call. Eternal thanks to all the people who have been so instrumental in my growth. I love you, "The light shines in the darknessl' Jnl,5 To my parents 81 family. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me, it has changed my life. Words cannot express my love and appreciation for you. Michon you are my best friend, what more can I say? Chris,Deb,Janet,Stina,Nanc,Vin,Alyce 4 years of memories cannot fit in this space. You guys are very special. Do you think we laughed enough? AR,SC,A25,B2X I'm glad I got to know you! Het 8a DB missed you. SB keep in touch. NT Thanks. EL be happy! PM keep laughing. To Everyone, l had fun, Thanks! Teresa M. Turner B.S. Biology Kim Vigliotta B.S. Elementary Education Mom 8: Dad your encouragement, concern, love, understanding are immeasurable. Thanks! I love you. Nana your support and love are beyond expression.Paula,Doreen, Craig,Tara all of you are irreplaceable. I love you. Kim 4Years,too many memories, Su- zexit 9 - two friends I never thought l'd find, Jay outerbridge,Barb12:OO,B-17 my 2nd ho- me,MC8zJanet:Good Morning,Girls: In good times and bad be on each others side forever more-that's what friends are for . . . Thanks for all unique senior year! Love ya! Love Kim Mom and Dad, I love you both - I can't you've been a special you! Ang - weive been always with Ger. Carri - - you goof! Ruse, Mo 8: C-24, you guys are tops! No more track Pat!! Thanks for all the memories, l'll miss you all and will always cherish our years together at the Mount. Carol Ann Uptegrove B.S. Economics B.S. Business and Finance 'xr 'Wi Michael R. Walker B.S. Business and Finance Mom, Dad 8a Ann - As you already know, your love 8: support made these last 4 years easier - l love you. To my grandparents - a BIG thank you. Lev, MJ, FD, Puddles, no- body else could've put up with me. A - deck was "classic" but motorcycles 8: dishwashers rule lst Dub bash, the circuit, l'm dead, l'm not. Rupp, I didn't sleep in the tub. Boyd, DB -- kissfests were knutz. Beave, KSkit, Dog, Weeg, Cup, Scal, Zoid, Poodle, A416, Aitch, Suggy 8a everyone else I donlt have room for - Good Luck - you deserve it. Sheri, Thanks for always being there, l love you dearly. Mike Mom, Dad, Tom, Jen and Art: Thank you for your support. l love you all. Steve, what can I say? You are a true friend and a great roo- mie, thanks for both. Drs. Flynn and Craft: Thanks for the Englishg it will come in handy. Jax, John, Mike, MC, Tim, Kurt, Kevin, B-5, Janet, etc: name children after me someday. And, of course, Meg: thank you for making the time spent with you more special than I ever thought it could be. I love you. i'Th-Th- That's all folks!" - Porky Pig Kevin Vaughan B.A. English B.A. French Cleaning up after the nights dinner are Kelly Simmermon and Nancy Aleszcyk in their apart- ment. Seniors 67 68 Seniors Returns It was August 1982: freshman year. You pulled up in the car load- ed with things you weren't sure you'd need and college began. And then each August following that you did the same thing except each year you got a little wiser about what to bring. Four Augusts and you're a senior. But August was just a begin- ning for each year. It came and went as you made your way to classes and parties and socials and games and meetings. Each year was packed full of activities. But each May they ended and then each Au- gust they began again. But after August, August will just become another month. You will have begun on some new adventure and it will just slip right by. In a way it is sad but in another it is so posi- tive. You are moving on in life. For a hundred Augusts would mean be- coming stagnant so you spark out into a different life that's fresh and new. There will be other types of Augustsg other beginnings. But as you move through life stop every once and a while and remember four very special Augusts. I will sprinkle clean water upon you, and from all your idols I will cleanse you. I will give you a new heart and place a new spirit within you. You shall be my people and I will be your God. IE 36l. This about sums up my past 4 years here on the mountain. There is no doubt God is visiting this campus and is work- ing in people's lives here. Special thanks to my family for your sacrifices thru the yrs. I love you. To my friends, you are the best. Thanks for loving me, and being committed to "fighting the good fight." I love you back teternally . . , I - A. Ann Marie Walsh B.A. Sociology Wir Elizabeth Anne Ward B.A. Political Science A wish for those who will always be in my heart - dad, you've been my inspiration - for you I wish the enduring love you give to me. Mere - you've been my source of strength - for you l wish the peace and contentment you deserve. I love you both more than any wish could ever give. Kate - your loving ways have taught me so much - you are by far my most precious friend. Bob - your help at a difficult time made me realize the strength within me - such a rare gift from a friend. For my mates and Friends A I wish happiness. Mom and Dad thank you for all your love, support, and the freedom to grow. Words cannot express the amount of love and re- spect I have for you. Alyce, Christina, Janet and Nancy. The most valued thing I got from here is your friendship. Thanks for always being there, I love you. TT, MK, CG, AR, SC, VE. Having friends like you is what life is about who could ask for more? Billy thanks for your patience, love and understanding. We've shared a lot, l'll always love you. To the rest who made the years at the Mount special, thanks. DW, Deborah L. Walsh B.S. Psychology Colleen Weed B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, your gifts are the kind that can never be repaid. I only hope to make you truly roomies: Susan and Ellen, the past 2 yrs. hold so many great memories, thank you both. Francie, care 4 a bedtime story onion, woodchip? Tara, thanks 4 sanity and many laughs. To the rest of the Bahama mamas: LSP, MI-I., JS, ST, MBO, JH, AL, TH, KS, SK, KV - FLAVE ON! Lastly to Mark, I can never look back at this time without remem- bering how happy you have made me - Youlre the best "best friend" I love you . . , . . . Thank you-mount. Much gratitude and love to Mom,Dad,Anne, Tom,Steve and my dumb dog Ginger! Thanks! DED and archives Denverl? Horse- head loves owls. Hoot! Chairs and 3B unbe- lievable SAS Mt. Rugby continue to make the sheep earn respect! 70 west? Divide and con- quer form and SPU. Greg I took your he-man cup! Bones Dave and Mike hunt much? Drag- ons and rolling heads ain't normal John. Gan- dalf no more country club MSM but Happi- ness is way of travel not a destination so that means Star Trek some beach and Beer! Aloha G. Philip Welzant B.S. Chemistry Greg Wilder B.S. Economics To my entire family: I just want to say thank you for everything. John and Phil, teach re- spect to all in life. Frank D. heat turkey sand- wich in the microwave. Lev, always get a piece of pie with your cup of coffee. Bowlers, "Bowling is Fun." Andy and Mark, 'ils Jef- fery there?" Vita, Good Luck. Puddles, make sure you know your way home. Eric, when it rains it pours. Rich aka Mr. Delia. Alfio, keep your star 80 image. John keep scoring lD's Mike B. hang onto that tack. Last but not least, MSM Ruggers keep it going! NFC! Mom 8: Dad, its almost over. Thanks for the opportunity and confidence you gave me to "get my act together." I love you both very much! Roomies B23B24A15R17, girls in our tower, friends forever. Riot 412. lst Dub porch gl parties. Defense gems at the bridge. LEVS FESTS, RICHMONDFINAI. 4, Weeg fell down, roadtrips Jack 8: Skits B-Day, Golf. Thanks Fr. Pat you're a true friend. Pete, I owe you alot. Thanks Buddy. Karen,nice 2222. Thanks for some great months together. l'll really miss you. No kidding,doynk Mugga Mugga, downtown and shy Sue take care. Colleen Holmes l luv u. Robert N. Werinski BS. Business and Finance Carri Williams B.S. Political Science Mom 81 Dad the independance I feel stems totally from your guide. Your love and sup- port mean everything 8z my love for you is great. Thank you for these 4 yrs. Rommies: Peewee 8: A24. Baseball,beave,Skit,KB, ,Jack,37"Fungo". Marco 85,86. 'iBill we're gonna study this time." Parties and hang- overs, l'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Hairpies - Champs,straits concert brucefests,1st Dub Porch,roadtrips,327. "Lev, it was your fault." Great Friends: B23,24,A15,16, our tower,B17. Hey FD Graduation Paw. Good luck everyone, Weeg. i v Thomas G. Wiegartner B:S. Business and FinancefEco- nomics Seniors Tom Wiegartner and Tom Leverrone take a "study break" in the Tu- dor Room. Seniors 69 Roommates Carrie Wil- liams and Rose Williams prove that noone is ever too old for Halloween. To my family, thanks for all your love and support. Ang, Carol, Pat, Moni, Staci, Mary, Mo - you are all the greatest. l'll always have the memories of Basil, C-16, and "the cloggsf' Fredieroo, Cathy, Maria, Pat never a dull moment! Jan, Betina, Eileen, its in your hands . . . OH YEA. beat St. Mary's. Vll miss you Alice, B-Day lover, as well as everyone else who made those years special. Let each day be a challenge for something greater to come. Rose Mary Williams B.A. English Thank you mom and Dad for giving me everything I ever needed to succeed. You taught me that education is not just knowl- edge but wisdom. I love you both. May I pro- pose a toast to: The fine ladys of B-15. To cinnie O. To Kristin and Heather. And espe- cially to my roommates. Wooford - keep bringing out the best in people. Unit - keep bring out the worst! Jam Jeffrey? To Robert Carroll, thanks for letting me show you my world. If l swallow anything evil. Box of junkf AdweenafJerry Whistlesflnspiration move me brightlyflnxsf MusicfLBMount Paul Witt B.S. AccountingfBusiness and Finance 70 Seniors Jennifer A. Worth B.S. Business and Finance You couldlve done anything if you'd want- ed and all you're friends and family think that you're lucky. But the side of you they never see is when you're left alone with the memo- ries that hold your life together like . . . glue. The the noodle, Dee, Di, Cine, Kath, Gig, Veg - Thanks for making the last 4 years extremely bearable. Baby Doll -'s work in Avalon. Jeanne Tynan - Beers and Butts with you anytime. And finally my mom and dad - Thanks. Ciao .. . f Ciao . . . Mom and Dad, mere words cannot express the love and gratitude I have for you both. Mike, you were a good roommate but you still can't cook. Dave, we've been through a lot these four years. I wish you the best in the future. Roul, you lost the power struggle - you just wait. Frank, you are king. Remem- ber: the beef on the bathroom floor, Bruce Springfield, Charlie Bravo, Chick Magnet, Crack pak, and those road trips. Tim and Adam, letls go to Lock Haven. Ann Marie - Whose you buddy, whose you pal? Good luck to A-5. Animal your still ffl in my book. B-me. Gregory G. Woods B.A. Political Science ,QF Patrick D. Zaharoff B.S. Accounting Dear Mom and Dad There are no words that can express how much both of you have helped me these last four years. Without your help my college ca- reer would not have been. You were there with confidence and support. l would like to take this time to thank you both very much. Another person who was very important in my college years is Heather. What would the weekends have been without you. l can't wait for October 18, 1986. Christine J. Zanella B.S. Business and Finance B Robin Zecker .S. Business and Finance 'Dx Michael Zimmerman BS. Accounting Thanks Mom and Dad for all you've done and all you've put up with - l love you both. To Grandmother and Jen v Thanks for the support. And Pop Ross - lf you're listening - uWe made it, finally". "I-lobble de doo, Hobble de dee, Thanks nelle for hobblin me" - Compliments of a friend. 'iWhen are you going to fix those dryers". l don't know what Hell is like but after Saga, I think I know who caters down there. Thank you for that exper- ience. l'll be good from now on. 'Wx 'YF Maria V. Zurinsky B.S. Psychology " . . . we lived, ate, worked and grew together, we drove each other crazy and kept each other sane Y! ..- Seniors 71 A-Deck Front: John McMahon, Dennis McGowan, Phil Walsh, Donald Anderson, Ted Rogers, Steve Wetzel Second Row: Michael Josephs, Kevin Pakul- ziewiez, Dan Mulcahy, Richard Fellinger, Joe DiVenti. Daniel Field, Kevin Maufer, Rob Esti Third Row: Jim Lighthizer, Steve Newstedt, John Collins, Chad Williams, Chris Casey, Brian Nee, Re Ratermann, James Re Fourth Row: Bob Carter, Ken Brennan, John Snydstrup, Chris Sabia, Mike Smith, Chuck F Petrozzini, Mike Lamont, John Staley, Nick Zito B-Deck Front: Tom Hotmeister, Steve Markey, John Lau, Pat Perkins Second row: Mike Delaney, Andy Coyne, Joe Cuocolo, Tom McCrink, Chris Currens, Vinny Puritano , Third row: Jerry Darrehoe, Matt Rossi, Matt Warner, Mark Pearce, Tim "hick" Ohm Fourth row: John Hayes, Charlie Wehmeyer, Joe Barrett, Mike Grimes Fifth row: Jim Wilson, Frank Cipolla, David Franchak, Tom Martin Sixth row: Dave Karas, Tim Lenihan, T.J. Masonius Seventh row: Andy Prinzing, Mike Lingaitis, Dave Kane The "screw your roommate" appears quite a successful set-up as Peggy A slow dance is enjoyed by Matt Rossi Welch hugs her date Jim Wiegartner and Micki Vallone at their first "screw good night. your roommate." 72 Dorm Life QMM f, E5 The frisbee is thrown and Charlie Burrows wonders if he is going to get hit. in 1 As the excitement of the first few weeks dies down, the freshman are in for another surprise . , . the infamous "screw your roo- mate" night. As posters begin popping up around the halls annoucing that date and time of the upcoming event, curiosity and even terror arises within the freshmen. They curiously ask, 'Lwhat exactly is a screw-your roo- mate?" A hall meeting is called and their questions are answered. The search begins to find the perfect date for their roommate. However, this turns out to be a difficult task. The room- mate must not let the other know who their date is to be, even though it probably is their "main" scope. This special event is not limited to fresh- men alone, the upperclassmen also partici- pate in this campus ritual, They are, howev- er, pros at this. They quickly eliminate im- TICIPATIUN practical and unobtainable prospects, and get down to the chosen few. Freshmen, however, are not as wise and worldly. Although it seems as if there is a large population of males raninging from freshman to senior guys, their hopes soon begin to dwindle. They too, like the upper- classmen, find out they are also limited to a chosen few. Once they have a practical list to work from, they begin their quest. The most com- mon method used is taking the unsuspecting male target by surprise and springing the question on him. They proceed down the list until finally one brave soul says "YES". When the night finally arrives the girls ner- vously get ready, not knowing who to dress for. They are still trying to guess which guy is going to knock on their door, the hottest guy on campus or her biggest nightmare. As she hears the knock on the door, chills Q nk..." EQET I . if aww Cui... Sf X xxx. run up and down her spine, She opens the door . . . her date is revealed. After a few formalities they proceed to go to some activ- ity, usually a party, sponsored by the hall. Even if her date is not the one she was hoping for, the evening usually will still turn out to be fun. Meeting new people and get- ting to know your hallmates better is always an experience. Who knows, even if your date isn't who you were hoping for, you might end up liking him - even if just as a friend. Second Brute Front: Trish McGinley, Michele Egan, Kathy Phillips, Kathy Dougherty, Robin Zicker, Louise Perschau, Patti Hill, Linda Flannery. Second Row: Kathy Kezer, Teeri Guerin, Wendy Rudisill, Chris Luchesi, Cindy Schneider, Cathy Dowd, Carolyn Kramer, JoAnna Consoli, Pattie Dohm, Kendall Cul- lum, Maureen Fisher Third Row: Kelli Kigman, Julie Bruscia, Kel- ley Gounaris, Melissa Martin, Oonagh Vas- tola, Chris Spendley, Elizabeth Malis, Laura Mitchell, Anne Clark Fourth Row: MaryRose Lorenzo, Anna Ma- Guire Third Brute Front: Marianne Pacunas, Janet Galvin, Tina Sauro, Erin O'Donnell, Katie Doyle, Jane Ca- hill Second row: Sally Minch, Eileen Keenan, Kathleen Ryan, Mary Kohl, Cathy Blunda, Emily Kendall, Jim Brown, Kathy Furey Third row: Patricia Lennon, Cindy Joy, Col- leen Cullinan, Vicki Toliver, Willis Gunther Fourth row: Elizabeth Sullivan, Michele Shil- ling, Susan Smits, Cathy Williams, Susan Jor- dan, Anne Ward, Katie Roohan, Julie Shea, Mary Burns, Mary Dulski, Bridget Lang. Fifth row: Sharon Trodden, Michele Smial- daicz, Kathy Rooney Dorm Life 73 Fourth Brute Front: Billy Dooley, Bob Linck, Robert Over- ly, Chris Lynch, Kevin Lundine, Mike Hall, Brian Glackin, Paul Hammond, Rudy Lopez, Steve Kiendeinst Second Row: Steve Wham, Mike Geotz, T.M. Wiesz, Jim Eidman, Glen Wadkius, Dan Bru- derman, Eric Mellendy, Bob Price, Charlie Burrows, Paul Dortlinger Third Row: Frank Mayer, Steve Beveno, John Greene, Paul Lane, Craig Muldoon First McCaffery Front: Dave Carey, Paul Stahl, Jeff Botsford, Chris Kohn Second row: Frank Manning, John Kirchner, Glen Duncan, Tim Farley, Mike Kunzman, Mike Eager, Mike Klingenberg Third row: Chris Walsh, Stan Ford, Emmit Madera, Billy Linck, Knut Gundersen, Tim Biesiadecki, Tim Hanlon Fourth row: John Moore, Chris Hoehn Second McCaffery Front: Brenda Billington, Beth Tucci, Terri Querin Second Row: Linda Murphy, Terry Wittick, Christine Curran, Tara Ferriter, Diane Co- molli, Colleen Kennedy Third Row: Marielaine Galeone, Sam McCabe, MaryLynn Donovan, Connie Wan- enchak, Vita Cbohoski, Kathy Delgiorno, Lisa Cutronie, Cira Connors Fourth Row: Tracy Callahan, Kathy Barbar- ack, Patty Quigley Fifth Row: Jean Nagle, Jean O'Dea, Ann Gartrell, Diane Bentley, Karen Kouvel, Katie Gable, Regina Hallorand Sixth Row: Kathy Doyle 74 Dorm Life J I if r is f 'fn A , ,,,' -H e, V Q A ,i : : at 5 ,L Q 2 M , 2 ,, a I M , : 1 J I S " xg, l , ,,' 7 X T i "" 5 3 Q 4, ., I if 2 Z J, if r r , .af 5 Q4 if W may :Z if 'Q " Q rrr. M A l Q 5 if W A if I A it 'E urges ? ' A E9 A EMU Nil Y Y Budweiser 3N f'IN'l9 Our Favorite Saga Who will survive the massacre at Moldavia? Will Fallon ever get her memory back? When will Blake re- alize that his wife, Krystle, has been kidnapped? Many questions such as these are very familiar to thousands of college students on campuses across the United States who are addicted to the television show "Dynasty". And our students are no exception! Every Wednesday evening at 9 o'clock, scores of people pile into the nearest lounge or dorm room with a T.V. to watch the continual saga about the Carrington clan. This fascination with the tragic lives of one of the wealthiest families in the world has become a weekly obses- sion for men and women both. "Dynasty', Y one of televisionfs so- Not only are the realtionships close on Dynasty but with these fellows as well. 2. called Hprime-time soaps" - fills the screen with more glamorous women, luxurious automobiles, and exotic places than ever seemed imaginable. But realism is never a question to those mesmorized by the daily lives of these filthy rich who own the Denver Carrington Oil Company. Co-eds who have never actually watched the show before coming to college soon find themselves hooked on it. Gnce they begin to watch the never-ending saga, it becomes easy to get caught up in discovering who is doing what, and with whom, each and every week. Those incentive enough, find new excuses to have parties where new games have been created. One such game "name droppingu has participants choose a character on the show. The player then drinks whenever that charac- ter's name is mentioned. But even it students don't play drinking games, they still enjoy get- ting together to watch this extre- memly popular show. lt is a time for friends to meet and take time off from the pressures of school to relax and to see how the "other half" lives. i'Dynasty'l, a world of wealth and glamour, takes our students out of the slow-paced rurual life of Em- mitsburg and carries them to the ex- otic corners of the globe. Gathering around the T.V. to see if Fal- lon is really going to marry Miles Colby are Tim Guy, Jeff Bronski, Jay Barry, and Tony Gallirion. E Third McCaffery Front: Suzanne Shabe, Elke Rayborn, Kelly Lally, Tracey Sessa Second row: Susan Rowan, Patti Gibbons, Jane Dempsey, Ann Segrave-Daily, Aisling Scallan, Susan Encarnacion Third row: Ann Marie Rembiszewski, Eillen Defluri, Maria Betz, Marian Oliverie Fourth row: Wendy Miller, MaryEllen Cough- lin, Kerry Cunningham, Kelly Lyons, Mary Greenwell Fifth row: Marla Streb, Kathleen Tubridy Dorm Life 75 Second Basil Front: Mike Bantner, Brenden McGlynn, Tom Gugliemo, Brian Field, Tom Murphy Second Row: Dan MacLeod, Shawn Need' ham, Bill Pastino Third Row: Joe Seipp, Steve Ambrosi, Dan Muldoon, Chris Sullivan, Tom Marini Fourth Row: John Fracek, Mike Sheehan Third Basil Front: Karen Schotz, Ellen Parker, Jacque- line Hankard, Ellen Waller Second Row: Marian Oliverie, Kelly May, Kelly Clark, Maura Molloy Fourth McCaffery Front: John Driscoll, Tom Landoffie, John O'Gorman, Jim Folks, Don Ryan, Dave Furze, Dean Miller Second Row: Greg Fenwell, Dennis Williams, Chris Braver, Jim Short, John Riordan, How- ard Dwyer Third Row: Chris Laux, Randy Ramsey 76 Dorm Life "Noah" Time Like The Present What would you do if suddenly it started to rain inside your room? Well it happened at 3:00 a.m. one saturday morning inside one of our very own buildings. Somehow a sink on fourth Mac fell off the wall. It sounds impossi' ble, but it did happen. Apparently one of the sinks in the fourth Mac bathroom was disconnected from the wall to say that a little bit of water leaked would be an under- statement, Not only did water flow down the hallway on fourth Mac, but it dampened the walls on 3rd, 2nd, and lst as well. lt was a site to see security squish- ing down the halls trying to figure out what to do. The students who had dwindled home early from the Rat or other evening activities, were for the most part stunned. However, not all students found the lVlount's version of Niagra Falls humorous, unfortunately the water seeped inside some rooms. Girls on 2nd Mac had to vacate their rooms until the situation could be cleaned up. To say the least it was an exper- ience, and one that we will not for- get. There is Niagra Falls, there is Cunningham Falls, and on that night there was 4th Mac Falls. Security and students join arms and mops as they watch in amazement. E Nm ,,.r 1 i 1 it I Q K QQ N w? 3' kms Z... lt X .. , ft-55 .Q'5,' Z' I - 5 i 1 J .t g . 1, J rg Q 4 2 Phillips Front: Tim Hubner Second Row: Frank McNulty, Hugh Boylan, Greg Birkenstock Third Row: Tom Berenato, Gordon Horn, Dave Melvin, Gerry French, Bob Donohue Fourth Row: Sean O'Sullivan, Richard Whitty, Stephen Stecklein, Paul Dettor Fifth Row: Peter Silvain, Keith Tripoli On rounds, in bed, or coming home from the rat, it didn't matter what was happening that night. Diane Comolli, Colleen Kennedy, and Colleen Bradley watch the mount water falls trickling down 2nd Mac stairwell. Dorm Life 77 A Tainted Past With the long, rich history of the Mount there are bound to be some legends that are passed on from class to class. Father Daniel Nusbaum, Chairman of the Visual and Per- forming Arts Department, recounts some of these tales and is well known for his ughost stories." There is the story of the practical joker from McCaffery Hall who liked to fool his roommate. When his roommate would go to the shower he would pretend to hang him- self, kicking his chair out just as his roomate would come into the room to "save', him. But one day his roommate forgot his towel and when he returned it was too late to "save" the practical joker. Some say they have seen him hanging from trees or telephone poles. So if you live in McCaffery Hall, don't play any jokes on your roommate, he may come back to haunt you. Then there's the story of the room in Brad- ley Hall. Workers were redecorating the room over the summer and broke through the was and discovered a girl's name written in- Fourth Basil Front: Ann Marie Rogers, Cathi Pyle, Lynn Miller, Susan Merolla, Kasey Barlow Second Row: Colleen Bradley, Kathryn Schumacker, Lisa Wolfe Third Row: Joyce Thornton, Patricia Erb, Sue Norvell, Mary Leigh Gough Fourth Row: Maureen McMahon, Kimberly McBride First and Bradley Front: Mike Menold, Pete Beckshi, Tito An- gueira, Ramzi Wafa, Moses Anthony Second Row: Steve Mahoney, Chris Zysk, John McLean, John Bennett, Chris Kopeck, Oscar Villegas, Tom Farrell, Bill Mattle, Joe Harris Third Row: Ed Salas, John Hagemann, Tom Hinck, Dave Coulbourne, Bill Cosgrove, Bill Second McManus, Bill Newbury, Dave lssing 78 Dorm Life side. Legend says that if a girl with that name lived in that room, she would die. There was a girl with that name supposed to live there for that Fall semester. She was moved, of course, but if you are a girl and have that name perhaps you wonlt be that lucky. There is also a special room in Brute Hall. It is called the Npoltergeist room." Things such as chairs and desks move across the room for no apparent reason. lf someone from the beyond rearranges your furniture perhaps it is better to leave it that way, "Spe- cial" rooms are not reserved only for the terrace. There is a room in Pangborn Hall where a girl awakened to find blood stream- ing from her posters on the wall. The posters were removed to find that the blood was actu- ally coming from the walls. The room was blessed to appease the uneasy students, but perhaps that was not the end of the story. Although the Apartments are relatively new, they too have their own "ghost story." It is the story of Nancy's Bottom. Nancy was a farmerfs wife who tried to cultivate a small garden but the land was difficult to work. She coveted the land where the apartments are now. Then it was a very fertile and very ex- pensive piece of land known as the bottom. When it came up for sale Nance forced her husband to sell all he had to but this piece of land. He bought it for her but cursed her saying she would never get to cultivate that land, She died that winter never getting her chance. Some say they see her and hear her hoe scraping against the concrete as she tries to cultivate what is now cement. Perhaps someday she'll get her garden. There are the legends of the Mount, but perhaps, just perhaps, they are not just leg- ends. So if you hear something strange or catch a glimpse of something it might be one of our friends from beyond the grave. But those are only "ghost stories" and no one actually believes this stuff , . . or do they? it Ss...-s VFW!! Fl' T' Ska? X qv Third Bradley Front: Dawn Shealy, Mary Ann Pekarek, Nuffin Fittin, Bernarda Mena, Kathy La- croce, Patti Crimmins, Brenda Rossetti, Lisa Petti, Sandi Honan, Sue Hughes, Ann Morris, Cathy Gil Second row: Claudine Messah, Angela Gior- dano, Theresa O'Donnelly, Erin Wallerstedt, Vivian Owusu, Michelle Annas, Gerilynn Cal- vetto, Liisa Alvarez Third row: Sue Kilroy, Kristin Streeter, Cathy Jimenez, Joe Dixon, Theresa Mcaus liffe, Sue Haghihat, Vanessa Voss, Terri Kuntzweiler Fourth row: Rosalba Procopio, Liz McCabe, Maggie Christopher, Lynn Kealey, Tricia Devlin, Kristin Simmermyer, Lynn Brugg- man, Pat Donnelly, Jessica Fitz, Ellie Koch, Jen Patalinghug Fifth row: Desiree Morasco, Chris Oles, Christy Lynch, Mary Frances Schaefer, Lori Layman, Denise Boyat, Maribeth Swihura, Eileen Smith, Julie Brewer, Gale Knoedler, Jen Schroll First Pangborn Front: James Burtner, Wanderer Second Row: Greg McMahon, Walter Shaw, Lee, Adrian King, Marvin Tarter Third Row: Dave McCall, John Sohonage, Godwin Bell, Chris Biomi, T.J. Morris Fourth Row: Mark Mellendick, Pat O'Rourke, Mark Gabel, Tom Magness, Kurt Muller, Mike Helterty Fifth Row: Paul Chen, Chris Holland, John Foram, John Zick, Todd Minichino Sixth Row: Brian Gallager, Pat Clark, Antho- ny Hernandez, John Gohegam III, Jim O'Brien, Al Kim ,,,WNw l mme , J z 'Muff' Sometimes studying can be fun, as The smiles on the faces of Maribeth Ol- Chuck petmzzini proves. vany and Lisa St. Pierre make us won- der what they are looking at. Dorm Life 79 Up For Grabs When one steps foot on our cam- pus they not only dare the exptect- ed to adjust to the academic world, but also they are entering a world of never ending wardrobes. After a student has been here for a short while they learn quickly to adjust to the barter system. Not only do they share and interchange clothes with their roommates but they also have as many as thirty hallmates to mix and match with. It is amazing all the possibilities that can be done with one pair of jeans and the choice of endless sweaters and blouses. All in ex- change, of course, for an article of Second Pangborn Front: Regina Zabulis, Robyn Roth, Mary Kate Graham, Laura Zabriskie, Tania Rome- ro, Lisa Stevenson, Pamela Gallagher, Jenni- fer Ratalko, Annette Chedeville Second row: Kathleen Mallel-4, Eileen Stackel, Jean Forester, Ellen Gunn, Mary Grant, Molly McAllister, Sarah Wayman, Su- san Joy, Patricia McGerrigle, Melissa Codey, Amy Auchincloss Third row: May Wolfe, Carrie Morgan, Me- gan Thistle, Traci Benedict, Rebecca Scrip- ture Fourth row: Anne McNiff, Jennifer Gibbons, Kathy Quigley, Maria Loconte, Megan Sausser, Kelly O'Brien, Cynthia Plain, Eileen Slattery, Suzanne Ginieczl-ci, Laura Davis Fifth row: Michele Hadley, Tonja Koster, Margaret Molesky, Peige Beckwith, Mary Ann Riek, Mary Repp, Melissa Madison Third Pangborn Front: Lisa Bertie, Dedie Jones Second Row: Annie Didyoung, Cathy Mulli- gan, Ruthanne Tilley Third Row: Tracy Campagna, Kelly Foley, Jacquie Martin, Eileen Riordan, Jane Purkis, Linda Tilley, Terris McGreevey Fourth Row: Jewel Nelson, Dristin Wagoner, Heather Banning, Pam DiDio Fifth Row: Jennifer Bermudez, Michele Cas- teleyn, Sibyl Mathur, Patricia Leary, Betsy Engnoth, Ana Gomez, Kelly Small Sixth Row: Maria Stoerlein, Cathy Cruse, Ka- ren Nisivoccia, Jennifer Kaye, Kathy Halli- gan, Carmen Pico, Stephanie Gradl Seventh Row: Stephanie Brett, Trish Flood, Jean Carter, Rhonda, Megan McCampbell, Katie Roche, Barbara Stein, Betty McFad- den, Michele Cook 80 Dorm Life your clothing. For the only child this could turn out to be a new and profitable ex- perience. Never before have they had the vast assortment to choose from without the added expense of buying. For those that have sisters, the borrowing and lending of clothes is not a new idea, but rather, a famil- iar process. One can witness the true spirit of borrowing and lending as they walk down the hall early Friday or Satur- day night. Girls running in and out of their rooms with different articles of clothes in hand, mixing and match- ing, slipping in and out of different outfits. You can always find something to wear without having to go out and buy it. Parents can be reassured that the money that is spent on their daughter's wardrobe was a good in- vestment. In the end everyone bene- fits from borrowing and lending their clothes since everyone has some- thing to wear. After all, you can wear the same thing to the Rat twice in one year! Since everyone wants to look their best on a friday night, a trip to a friend's closet can be quite beneficial, as wit- nessed by Denise Defiachesco ,.... .,: f-sq' ri W , Q ' S T a if i rr J , 'W' , G,- L ' ' , 40 - 'W W f ' fl? B BEACH RULES fl " ' A 41' . , f,4 rv, f, W tctt if A ' 330 crar , - , ' K , 4, .V'f r .Q iran, ., Q ,ref rf .f f M , .c f I 5 V b-.' 5 M ,,L, , arasisa-ac oy Tlftixfitifki' QQ V ,sri an 'f"'1"fft9' ,. Y ,A if X V ' 4 , Q . lim I ,.. T 'rf Fourth Pangboni Front: Katie Crummy, Kathy McAllister, Su- san Bongardt, Beth Ward Second row: Donna Clavin, Monica Wertz, Julie Major Third row: Kathleen Burke, Kathy Monagle, Bridget Hughes Fourth row: Trisha Witt, Marijoy Fitzharris, Patrice McConnell Fifth row: Fran McHugh, Claire Loftus, Nan- cy Rabasca, Susan Gay, Lisa Ferrazzo Second Sheriden Front: Mara Marowski, Sheilah Lynch, Michelle Kelly, Anne Sweeney, Mechelle Hart, Paula Albano, Nancy Davis, Lisa Mihalina, Karen Cassels Second: Carolyn Hakes, Christine Brocato, Kristin DeSte- fano, Maureen Curley, Kristine Eyler, Katie Judge, Theresa Morrison, Kathy Hill, Loretta Kane, Melanie Wychulis, Den- ise Delrrancisco Third Row: Deidre Clavin, Tricia Rafferty, Amy Spink, Cathy O'Gallagher, Janice Giovagnorio, Susan Hagar, Amy Jo Theiss, Molly O'Neill, Katie Kirwan, Caroline Pierce, Jane Mackie, Anne-Marie Niklaus, Claudine Bernhard, Sheri Monier, Tricia Barbrack, Teresa Hostman, Mary Fox Fourth Row: Pamela Gormas, Adrienne Haddock, Terese Naven, Jill Simonelli, Lisa Kennedy, Julie Wright, Joann Suleskey, Regina Rumbo, Mary Gauthier, Kara Koons, Kelly Williams, Mary Martin, Donna Kipp, Trara Murphy, Kirsten Hess, Joanne Rabasca First Sheriden Front: Ken O'Hara, Dairin Lord, John Buck- reis, Dave Schwing, Bill Connors, Mark So- bus Second Row: Carlos Lopez-Lay, Tim Kuech, Chris Collins, Michael Ellrich, Tim Lordan, Mike Doyle Third Row: Kevin Dugan, Chris Daniels, Roy Zimmerman Fourth Row: Joe Lyons, Stewart Kershner, Dan Meng, Scott Nessler, Joffe Baldrich, Jim Wiegartner, Mike Gray, Derek Jess, John Weiss Fifth Row: Mike Ganley, Robert Jaskot, Mat- thew Vadney, Brian Kelly, Thomas Brennan, Ed Turnbach Dorm Life 81 Third Sheriden Front: Carla Butler, Peggy Welch, Kristin Dempsey, Jean- nine Zutell, Stacey Kerr, Maribeth Ehrmantraut, Lynn Ev' ans, Jaqueline Werwinski Second Row: Kathleen Jordan, Carol Monaghan, Dawn Meehan, Sherry Steeley, Suzanne Driscoll, Mickie Vallone, Donna Chioda, Kathy LaCroce, Lorraine Leo, Beth Kirk, Lillian Valle Third Row: Linda Holtz, MaryBeth Liebhauser, Jacqui Young, Patty McManus, Karnmaar Kparr, Joy Onley, Caro- line Kelly, Nancy Wilkins, Monica Burns, Judy Camilleri Fourth Row: Melissa Andrews, Joanne Kenney, Yatta Thomson Fifth Row: Kirsten Hand, Amy Wickenheiser, Caroline Fal- lon, Sherry Diver, Patty Dowd, Amy Canuso, Karen Kirk, Colleen Payne, Lauren Patrauca, Angela Comsoli, Christina Feather, Alison Schaeger Sixth Row: Lisa Max, Christina Page, Deirdre Wall, Jenny Fink, Stephanie Floyd, Patty Benzing, Kelly McTigue, Jerri DiRenzo, Sharon Henkel, Michele Belton Seventh Row: Denise Delorso, Nichole Politza, Holly Peters, Zena Edwards, Maureen Midgett, Tracy Bradson A-Building Front Row: Barb Pioli, Laura Cook, Perri Rossi, Noreen Carolan, Rich Denardi, Colleen Holmes, Dave Santora, Lisa Lemken, Mike Drabb, Dave Bartolini, Frank Miklos, Richard Streeton, Eric Nott Second Row: Mariclare Rafferty, Janet Muller, Amy Davis, Patty Ginty, Barbara Downing, Mary Fay, Debbie Lemken, Mike Marzulla, Lisa DeCillia, Tina Blandino, Bill McCarron, David Hoffman Third Row: Richard Coyne, Bob Black, Bill Charles, John Geoghan, Doug Michie, Raul Echavarria, Ellen Brown, An- drea Napoli, Madelynn Metzger Fourth Row: Peter Maloney, Mark Ladzinski, Joe O'Ferrall, Jay Gatti, Andrew Alameno, Susan Sheller, Colleen Weed, Deborah McBride Fifth Row: Thomas Leverone, Daneen Marrella, Kevin Fitz- gerald, Francis Donnelly Sixth Row: Christina Frtiz, Janet Curley, Susan Caulfiesd, Thomas Menton, Alyce Leithton, Joe Esposito, Deborah Walsh, John Sellers, Pat Mastrorilli, Nancy Tenaglio, Teresa Turner, Barbara Ruby, Boyd Bocklet, Christine Goodrich, Karen Coyne, Michon Kretschmaier, Alicia Russo, Kenneth Burch, Peter Longo, Katie Murphy, Colleen Broderick, Ker- ry Kinneally, Bob Blee, Janette Kozlovsky, Alan Stader, Kelly Mulholland. I-Iorning Towers Front: Steve Strauch, Joe Houser, George Pollin Second row: Pete Longo, Mark Barter, Mark Woodruff, Lisa St. Pierre, Maribeth Olvany, Kathy Haney, Amy Lengel, Steve Beaver Third row: Carlos O'Connell, Frank Miele, Kim Schultze, Kim Vigliotta, Mary Holley, Jeanne Hoffman Fourth row: Bill Garrott, James Fittin, Suzanne Watson, Susan O'Malley, Mike Cleary, AnnMarie Gray, Laura Gun- ther, Jill Rafano, Colleen Cahill, Karen Brantmeyer, Susan Donnelly, Laureli Rodgers, Kathy Cuniff Fifth row: Kathy Classon, Elizabeth Morgan, Karry Nus- baum, Dan McCaffrey Sixth row: John Sullivan, John Muse, Steve Broas, Beth Walsh, Kathy Greenhalgh, Debbie Dallas, Mary Melvin Seventh row: Rusty Rauh, Chris Cunningham, John Shields, Dennis Fulling, Laura Shoeb, Pete Filley, Ed Rakiewicz, Suzanne Mahoney Eighth row: Karen Gable, Dave Bonsack 82 Dorm Life ff' ' ,yea ?'Jkli4G-if fr,. 1- , if is ,,:fTk '5 :.,..1 . - After a long day of studies Laura Nichols and Laurie Murphy take a break in the beautiful Emmitsburg metropolis. Keelty Towers Front: Phil Welzant, Haley Topper, Kathy Prout, Maureen McGinnis, Diane James, Anne Walsh, Vince Horn, Mim Madden, Mike Tobin, Bill Shapanus, Greg O'Brien Second Row: Karen Schimmenti, Teri DeLorimer, Kathy Kerr, Chuch Herling, John Pearce, Bill Otterbien, Vinnie Ercolino Third Row: Ted Gompers, Michael Zimmerman, Francine Eaves, Nancy Hussein, Patricia McAndrevv, Gabrielle Hen- derson, Meghan O'Donovan, Christine Lambiase, Marybeth Butterly, Kevin Lutts, Lisa Courtney Fourth Row: Richard Sweeney, Danny Hughes, Nancy Aleszczyk, Maureen O'Hara, Theresa Stump, Angie Rob- erts Fifth Row: John Mullane, Brian McKenzie, Mike Barth, Chris Holzman, Joe Pope, Laura Nichols, Chris Ostrowski, Cindy Plunkett, Phil Gordon, Laurie Murphy, Kelly Simmerman, Dennis Cashen, Carl Francioli, Paul Phelen, Fred Owusu, Chris Hall, Maureen Sehl, Carol Uptegrove, Rose Williams Sixth Row: Kerry Geoghan, Jenny Worth, Jim Robertson, Tom Scanlon, Anne Reynolds, Dan Hyer, John Singleton Apartment Life Oh yes . . . Apartment life definitely pre- sented a lot of change for most of us. We still may be using milk crates for storing books, clothes, etc. but now these crates are strate- gically places in separate rooms instead of all cramped into one dorm room. And what of these s-e-p-a-r-a-t-e rooms . . . Kitchen: Never thought the day would come when we'd see the end of SAGA. But the miracle happened! Our very own ovens banished the need for miniature toaster ovens. A sink within reach eliminated those awful trips to the bathroom to wash dirty dishes. And we have to love these refrigera- tors real life-size ever notice how much more beer these refrigerators hold as compared to the rented dorm-size ones?! Living Room: We're blessed with a room tone which does not also double as the bed- roomj to do some REAL living in. Sofas, chairs, tables, bookshelves - an interior decorator's dream come true. Bathroom: This one was too good to be- lieve - not having to share the bathroom with a whole hall of people who always seemed to want to take showers just when you did. The line is considerably smaller in an apartment! Our buckets no longer hold sham- poo, soap, toothpaste, etc. but have been put to much better uses. Perhaps one of the best features of an apartment is having our own phones. No more trips down the hall to talk to someone who has forgotten why they've called you in the time it took to track you down. And now we can blame only a limited amount of peo- ple inamely, one's apartment-mates! for mes- sages not received. Message boards survived the transition from dorms to apartments! Perhaps one of the great disadvantages of apartment life is the serious disorders known as Hcouch potatoef' which it causes. Privacy from hall-mates is one thing but an apartment couch potatoe is quite extreme. We avoid falling into the trap of sitting in front of the television all day and night by simply LEAV- ING our apartments and getting out. We go to class . . . we . . . Ott's on Wednesday , . . the Rat on the weekend . . . Oh yes, we are a part of civilization and not the part that is a 'icouch potatoef' Along with more space in an apartment come the added responsibility of cleaning this apce. So we . . . empty our trash cans, wash our dishes, scrub our floors, etc., etc. We do this - to learn how to live in the real world or as close to it as possible! We must manage a food budget, We have to or else we wouldn't eat. And phone bills don't bother us, at least not so long as B-Commons still has a pay phone for Hcollectn calls. lt's a good life - This phenomena known as apartment life is worth waiting for and we wouldn't have missed it for the world - even if the best is yet to come! Dorm Life 83 First DuBois Front: Jim Keegan, John Fay, John Hays Second row: Mike Erkes, John Prout, Ed Sacco, Chris Zuech, Kevin O'Niel Third, row: Jim Fay, Steve O'Niel, Chris Burns, Steve Coulbourn, Tim Buck, Felix Gil- roy, Brian Boomer, Larry Howley, John Leahy, Chris Nee, Greg Sherbert -A-.g,,,,4' Qwe- SIDE BY SIDE Can sixty college men and womf en live side by side separated by only two doors and a ten foot walk- way? The unique relationship which the male residents of 2nd and 3rd Dubuois and the female students of 2nd and 3rd Brute share has prompted many a memorable ex- perience. Between the neighboring halls ia almost like that of siblings The guys come on to the girls halls to borrow a needle and thread, or to ask them to iron a shirt before a big night out. Girls have been known to visit Dub. to get scoop on the guy of their dream or to ask for a hammer and nails. In fact, half of the action on the two halls is purely harmless The other half, however is quite the contrary! Seldom a night passes without some one starting a water fight or a shaving creme battle. The halls become a constant chaos scene. Even the quitest of co-eds are fairgame for even they occasionally grab a can of edge and squirt away When all is said and done and a peace agreement made, the guys and girls settle down. The borrowing continues and the friendly gather ings resume. But, the possibility of who will start the next "battle" al ways lurks in the back of their minds. That's part of why living on Dub or Brute is so special 9 Second DuBois Front: Rob Wade, Dan O'Brien Second row: Ed Claire, Rudy Chase, Joe Sgroi Third row: Russ Banzon, Carlos Soto, Tom Lorber, Tom Fisher, Sean O'Sullivan Fourth row: T.J, Murray, John Belgrade, Matt Hiney, Sean Baker, Owen Larkin, Greg Burch, Bob Kolodziej Missing: Mike Tate, Bruce Woodyard, Steve Porada, Walter Laffitte-Rossy, John Hickey, Dave McCauley, Kevin Liney 84 Dorm Life XP' ff.. if Third DuBois Front: James Maye Second row: Daniel D'Ambrosio, Paul Demp- sey, Adam Albina, John Neary, Tim Gerwig, Robert Diffley Third row: Wayne Cherry, Mark Ives, James Noel, John Flanagan ubois lounge proves to be the proper meeting place for Paul Cinoa, Peggy Welch, Andy Costa, and Patty Quigley. li ' I i J- . Q .r J Q Q-' N ll i is f it A riff "aa as L i l A I l Even off the hall Dubois 81 Brute boys get along as Ed Claire and Ray Bonzon demonstrate. Fourth DuBois Front: John Bova, Dean Miller, Bob Linck, Dan Hughes, Rob Overly, John Schwartz Second row: Ray Purkis, Jim Andrews, Vance King, Charlie Burrows, John Bruder- man, Frank Signorello, John Greene, Ron Brigerman Third row: Bob Peck, Rob Kiernan, Randy Quinn, Kevin McCarthy, Tom Miller, Glenn Watkins, Paul Dorflinger Dorm Life 85 A Welcome Change The campus we see today has undergone substantial changes over its 178 years. Our president, Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser initiat- ed many of these changes as a response to students needs. Upon arrival, Dr. Wickenheiser brought with him nine years ago enthusiasm and inno- vation which mirrored the attitudes of the students he serves. Realizing the importance of a strong, valuable education, the academic program has greatly improved. With 75 O70 of the faculty members holding Pl-lD's, the quality of education has indeed increased. Students asked that renovations be made around campus and their needs were met. Under the Wickenheiser administration, the New Dorms were designed and constructed, the fields across Route 15 were created, and numerous renovations were made around the upper terrace, Flynn Hall, and throughout the campus. The students wanted a 24-hour study lounge, and Purcell was built. Once again, the Mount was shaping up in response to student's needs. Currently under construction is the Athle- tic Recreation Convocation Center. Presi- dent Wickenheiser realized that this complex would serve every member of our communi- ty, including students, administration, facul- ty, and Alumni. Wickenheiser stresses that the A.R.C.C. will be an asset to our communi- ty, which all members will benefit from. Our campus has taken shape and will con- tinue to do so under Dr. Wickenheiser's ad- ministration. Being the youngest president in the history of the Mount, and the only presi- dent who never yet worked at the Mount before assuming the position, Dr. Wicken- heiser brought with him many new ideas and the willingness to implement these ideas. As the student body changes, so must the col- lege in order to satisfy the family who lives on this mountain. Without a doubt, these changes will continue to take place. Thanks to the 25 year plan chartered under Dr. Wickenheiser's administration, we have set a course and anticipate our campus to conform to the student's needs as in the past. Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser is undoubtedly responsible for many of the ways in which we are taking shape. As he says, "the mission is still the same." The members of our commu- nity are of utmost concern to President Wick- enheiser for, according to him, "the future of the Mount lies in its past, present, and future students. They are all essential to the growth and development of our community." Faculty, students, and administration take time out to get to know each other better. Pictured here is Junior, John Driscoll and Vice-president for Student Services, Mary Stein. Dr. Robert Wickenheiser President 86 Faculty Dr. John Campbell Vice-President for Academic Affairs Mr. Ted Furze Vice-President for Advancement Ms. Mary Stein Vice-President for Student Affairs Mr. Leo Topper Vice-President for Business and Finance Faculty 87 Education majors, Sue Hughes and Sue Smits are always inquiring about new subjects to Dr. Popenfus. Advice from an old pro is always appre- ciated by Steve Long speaking to Dr. Frank Zarnowski. Wikia Znuf Prof. Dunbar Ashbury Jr. Assoc. Prof. of Military Science Mr. Guy Baker Registrar Captain James Birdseye Assoc. Prof. of Military Science Mr. Robert Blackmur Asst. to the President Prof. Richard Borst Assoc. Prof. of Computer Science Prof. Margaret Bowman Asst. Prof. of Psychology Mr. Peter Boving Director of Security Prof. J.D. Broussard Professor of Philosophy ax 88 Faculty -azz. AM -432 ..,.... sk 5 .. F' 1 if L. . sm. sniff' Extra Credit Faculty members have no life out- side the classroom, right? Wrong! Here, faculty members eat with us, socialize with us, and compete against us in intramural programs. Not only do our professors in- struct usg they are also a part of our social life. Twice a year the Student Government Association sponsors a studentffaculty social which allows members from each group to talk and get to know each other on a more personal level. "StatsU or "Quants,' are the furthest from peo- ple's minds at the socials. The pur- pose rather, is to promote unity among the whole community. Faculty members also have the opportunity to eat with us. Often teachers will pay to eat in the cafe- Students and faculty travel to Washing- ton to protest against Apartheid. teria. lt is not unlikely to see an Eng- lish Professor at the salad bar, or a Theology professor in the soft ice cream line. Socializing is not the only activity outside the classroom which stu- dents and faculty participate in. Typically, the faculty members get together faculty teams which par- ticipate in intramural sports. As a matter of fact, men's faculty basket- ball teams have often faired ex- tremely well during their season. So, the lives of our professors are not confined to the classroom. Rath- er, they interact with the students all over the campus. lt's no secret that our faculty members are just like everyone else around here Q- full of spirit and enthusiasm. Y Dr. Marie Campbell Assoc. Prof. of English Prof. David Chowanec Assoc. Prof. of Modern Language Dr. William Collinge Assoc. Prof. of Theology Dr. Trudy Conway Assoc. Prof. of Philosophy YQ' if . ,gt Prof. John Critzer Asst. Prof. of Political Science Rev. James Delaney Assoc. Prof. of PhyschfSociology bf E Mr. Robert Dempsey Director of Food Service GUN 194 Ms. Denise Ditch Director of Student Activities Dr. Daniel Dobey Asst. Prof. of Biology Prof. James Draper Lecturer in Accounting Dr. John Dropp Assoc. Prof. of Biology Dr. William Esperson Asst. Prof. of Chemistry Faculty 89 Director of Archives 8: Special Collections Dr. Kenneth Eshelman Assoc. Prof. of Political Science Kelly Fitzpatrick Fr. Carl Fives Prof. of Philosophy Fr. Forker Assoc. Prof. of Theology r ifvbfx Prof. James Friedrich Asst. Prof. of Psychology Ann Miriam Gallagher RSM Assoc. Prof. of Church History Dr. Pierre Gauthier Assoc. Prof. of Biology Mr. George Gelles Director of College Affairs Mrs. Terry Gelles Coordinator of Cooperative Education Dr. Susan Goliber Asst. Prof. of History Dr. Germain Grisez Prof. of Christian Ethics Mr. Luis Grillo Director of Minority Affairs iliqy-P LX v ,ff f 'QWM9' A Change For The Better? Once again, as the times are changing so is the Mount. A new grading scale was instituted into the Mount curriculum. The Mount used to use strictly a plus system but now minus' have been incorporated. The change was brought about by a recommendation made to Dr. Campbell, Vice-President of Aca- demic Affairs. Dr. Campbell pur- sued the idea with the faculty, ad- ministration and Board of Trustees. The reason the change was made was because a question arose con- cerning the fairness of the present 90 Faculty system. If the scale consisted of a plus then it should also have a mi- nus. With the new scale, the amount of quality points for each letter grade has changed. For example, a B+ is now equivalent to a 3.3 a B to a 3.0 and a B- to a 2.67. The new system will take some getting used to, however borderline students now have a chance to ob- tain a B- rather than a C-l-. As the saying goes, change is inevitable. X gr 'bf L ! .s on ,.,. lt was a change that effected everyone The new grading policy is on everyone's includingSteveLongandDr.Zarnowski. mind from students to administration. F. i K 'rf' wi. iszafszsesesssvgzg15.1 E.-...X g sys? em. "dii ' .P . . ',:- i . gcic fi V i Y , .. L A :S 1 i Q 5 X 5 3 M . W Mr. Dan I-lallinan Controller Dr. John Hook Assoc. Prof. of Business Dr. Judy Johnstone Assoc. Prof. of Education Prof. Helen-Lee Jones Asst. Prof. of Art Col. Robert Karsteter Asst. Prof. of Business Dr. Nicholas Kierniesky Assoc. Prof. of Psychology Rev. Msgr. Robert Kline Prof. of PsychologyfPhilosophy Mr. Charles Krula Director of Counseling if f l , ,i Faculty 91 Prof. Robert Lambdin Instructor of Mathematics Dr. Raymond Lauer Professor of Economics Capt. Majo ROTC Mr. Dennis McGlaughlin Director of the Physical Plant Prof. Lewis McAllister Assoc. Prof. of Music Mr. Phillip McGlade Director of Alumni Relations Fr. Pat McLaughlin Chaplain Dr. William Meredith Dean of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Charles Merrill Asst. Prof. of Modern Language Dr. G. Morningstar l-lead Physician Dr. Emile Nakhleh Prof. of Political Science Prof. William Nichols Asst. Prof. of Art Rev. Daniel Nusbaum Professor of Fine Arts Sr. Mary Nusbaum Professor of Economics Mrs. Jean O'Brien Director of College Bookstore Prof. William O'Toole Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics Mr. Robert Pastoor Dean of Students Dr. John Popenfus Director of Teacher Education Dr. William Portier Asst. Prof. of Theology Dr. Robert Preston Prof. of History 92 Faculty 157 .arf fir -s 1 'X X, .N Ng.",,fx, 'B xx pf ai . Self in-'X . f Bunches of fun You're sitting in the cafeteria, minding your own business while eating a bowl of Ap- ple Jacks, when suddenly the sound of a honking horn shatters your concentration. You look up to see a huge hairy gorilla bound- ing over towards you clenching a cluster of balloons in his fist like a bunch of bananas. As you try to sink into the floor tiles, praying it is not you he is seeking, you watch as the gorilla triumphantly hands the festive balloons to an unsuspecting student whose rosy face shows a mixture of embarassment, surprise and joy. But mostly joy. What you have just witnessed is not a pro- paganda stunt from a nearby traveling circus, it is a delivery from the campus balloon ser- vice, Hot Air Over the Mount. Hot Air Over the Mount is a non-profit organization which specializes in making the gift of balloons available for students to send on and off cam- pus. The idea originated three years ago as a means of serving both the student body and nearby communities. All proceeds to help loyal charities - sometimes to students in financial need, in other instances, to the poor of Emmitsburg and surrounding areas. Some- times the money travels long distances. One is the organizations contributions this year was a donation to Fr. Bruce Ritter and the Covenant House in New York. Hot Air Over the Mount is currently head- ed by Fr. Pat McLaughlin, moderator, and Sue Acker and Chuck Petrozzini, co-chair- persons. They, together with a group of ap- proximately fifteen student volunteers, share the tasks of arranging and delivering the many balloon orders they receive daily. New costumes, notably the famous gorilla suit and the clown outfit, make the balloon deliveries truly memorable. So the next time you are dining quietly in the cafeteria or strolling around campus minding your own business, watch out! That big, black fuzzy creature coming your way may just be your roommate who forgot to shave, but it could very well mean a balloon delivery for you. lt's just another day in the mud for Fa- ther Pat and Brian Glackin. With a surprise in hand, Tom Vernell clowns around campus. Faculty 93 Prof. Jerome Radosh Asst. Prof. in Business gl Finance Dr. John Richards Prof. of Physics Prof. Robert Ridenour Asst. Prof. of History Mr. Lawrence Riordan Director of Admissions Col. Charles Ritcey Prof. of Business Dr. Thomas Ryan Assoc. Prof. of BusinessfMath Dr. Susan Samples Asst. Prof. of Modern Language Prof. Robert Seidel Prof. of Accounting Dr. Christopher Smith Assoc. Prof. of Sociology Prof. George Springer Assoc. Prof. of Accounting Mr. Dan Soller Asst. Dean of Students Rev. John Sullivan Assoc. Prof. of Theology Always available to assist, Pro fessor Radosh helps Ted Wo linski with a problem. 94 Faculty CAREER CRIENTATED Continuing the trend of a lifetime of vary- ing careers, Dr. Jerome Radosh has just re- cently embarked on his newest job by becom- ing a member of the Mount Saint Mary's De- partment of Business and Economics. Due to the wealth of experience Dr. Radosh brings to his every class and his first-hand knowl- edge of world topics and events, his students are able to develop a realistic and open-eyed view of the world of business and finance. Coming from Greensburg, Pa., Dr. Radosh graduated from Penn. State University with a bachelor of science degree in finance in 1957. After spending two years in the army stationed at Ft. Knox, he went on to New York University and obtained a graduate de- gree in finance in 1961. Dr. Radosh joined the Bureau of the Bud- get in 1961 and became a White House Ju- nior Economist under the Kennedy Adminis- tration. He recalls that as a "time of great social change and youthful enthusiasm." And under the inspiration of those early Camelot years, he began studying law at the Colum- bus School of Law at Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. In 1963 he left the Bureau of the Budget to concentrate on his liquor distillery business in West Virginia. His business expanded to bot- tling and selling alcoholic beverages such as bourbon, gin, vodka, in some 18 states. In 1970 he sold his business and directed his attention to a law career. In 1966 he graduated CUA with a law degree and practiced law from 1970 until his retirement in 1981. But in the 11 years of practicing law he was able to accomplish many impressive objectives. He was District Attorney of Jefferson County of West Virgin- ia from 1970-72. He successfully argued cases before the Supreme Court, one such case set the precedent on the legal accep- tance of an holographic will. Along with han- dling a majority of civil cases, he also handled three legal side of the real estate transaction of some fast food restaurants in the West Virginia area. It was during his years practicing law where he became more interested in Interna- tional Law and business. He handled some of the legal aspects of the immigration process for those Iranians fleeing Iran before the fall of the Shah. The oil business also became a major interest at this time when he helped some clients in their investments in oil re- serves in the Appalachian basin. After Dr. Radosh's retirement from his pri- vate practice, he was appointed by the go- venor of West Virginia, John D. Rockerfeller IV, to the construction expenditures program where he worked until 1983. There he had to determine where the moneys appropriated to the program could best be allocated to improve some public institutions. In 1984 Dr. Radosh obtained his fourth degree which was in Systematic Theology from Mt. St. Mary's College. lt was during his study of theology that he became acquainted with the Mount and some of the Mount teach- ing staff and in 1983 accepted a teaching position. Dr. Radosh has attacked his teach- ing duties with the great enthusiasm of a man who is started something challenging and re- warding. Due to his instructing techniques in economics and finance by using current events and topics, benefitting most from his energetic approach to teaching are his stu- dents whose rose colored blinders gradually become clearer, opening up to the real world of business. When asked what he desires most to stress to his students, Dr, Radosh replied, "To seek the truth, and if given a chance to take my students on any fieldtrip, I'd like them to tour a Hollywood studio. There they could see how truly fake is the media of televisionf' He wishes his students to question everything and accept nothing on face value. In all his past careers, Dr. Radosh has come to realize the importance of the truth and would en- courage students to work on development. an Q1 Dr. James Thomas Prof. of Chemistry Mr. George Weber III Asst. Prof. of BusinessfFinance Prof. Pam Wegner Asst. Prof. of Theater 1 Major John Winchell ROTC T121 Prof. George Winnes Assoc. Prof. of Philosophy ' Mr. Ron Valenti Director of Career Development at Mr. Joseph Zanella p.,..,- Director of Financial Aid Dr. Frank Zarnowski Prof. of Economics Faculty 95 x0 , l . axes , """'F t is the main concern of any college or univer- sity that its stu- dents learn. This is especially true for this campus with its liberal arts c u r r i c u l u m . Through our core vve receive a well rounded educa- tion that gives us a broad back- ground to be suc- cessful in any line of work we chose. Discussion is always important to Professor Freidrich during class. But on Monday morn i s Barbara Stein and Trace DiGiovann f d d ff l b Academics Not only the little ones, but the teacher 'as well Kathy Reading is just one of the Kerr, raise their heads to the many subjects taught by Su- roaming photographer. zanne Knoth. e .... 1 , Xt QQ! 'wi awry 'R as X wk, ox 'tfizii --.ww '--- Q' ' tl. ew Eager hands await a response from teacher Kim Schultz. 98 Academics kgqiqwstqw w.,Nw- wM,,,e,.w+- ...aww My r I 4. w.X.2f5f5Z1Qj figs: 5 .mi aaae A Teaching Teachers Student teaching is one of the most important parts of any education ma- jor college days. For one entire semester they do not have classes here at the Mount, but instead teach in schools in the surrounding communities. Mount students become full-time teachers at area schools such as Mother Se- ton, Fairfield, and Catoc- tin. Being a full-time teach- er means they have to pre- pare lesson plans and IVFNN interesting material as well as grade assignments. The student teaching program here has im- proved over the past cou- ple of years. lt seems to be more of a challenge for the students. It is a chance for them to put all of their method courses into ac- tion. As the semester draws to a close the Education majors don't seem as re- lieved as the rest ofthe stu- dents. It is not only a time for them to get their final grades, but it is a time for final goodbyes. Our future teachers have to say good- bye to their new students, and their new friends. Of- ten, this is not an easy task. Many Education majors become attached to their students. They are not only interested in them as stu- dents but as people also, But afterall, isnit that the sign of a good teacher? ' flies:- No, these students are not stretching, they are raising their hands in response to Kim Vigliotta's question. After a long, hard day, Kim Schultz still has a smile on her face as she winds up the staircase on her way home. Academics 99 ,..-af-'Q A FGOT I THE DCDCR ltls the same old "catch 22" for college students in search of jobs following graduation. They can't get jobs because they don't have any experience, and yet they will not get exper- ience unless they are given jobs. It is a perennial prob- lem for graduates who try to break into certain ca- reers in this extremely competitive world. But many have also discovered that there is a solution to 'Kgetting your foot in the door". Internships with a wide range of companies have been taken by many students who realize the 100 Academics importance of obtaining first-hand experience in their desired field. They re- ceive valuable experience and receive credits in the process. For the most part, internships are usually done during the school year in the surrounding areas such as Frederick, Washington and Balti- more. But others work with Career Development and organize internships over the summer in their home towns. Several English majors obtain internships with Uni- versity Press, Inc. of Fred- erick while many Business majors work for various in- vestment firms and broker- age houses in the Balti- morefwashington area. Summer internships ranged from accounting firms to county correction centers in various towns. These internships have given students a chance to experience jobs in which they are looking into. But most importantly, the stu- dents have the benefit of on-the-job experience while still attending col- lege. lt could mean the dif- ference between getting the job or not! N . 4 f f J W 0 fff f fy f if ,Y-g f I igffgfg 521 , X "L, V ,753 " :w I A The black balloons represent the grim loss by the St. Louis Cardinals. Fr. Sullivan tries to keep his mind off of the fact by concentrating on the- ology instead. The snow was falling - the students in bed, while visions of class cancelations danced in their heads! V X f iw N S mf s Qmwmsij wx YMWXRQWS was sm . , swf , stwuvsbsgiig' W masm wx XtkQ Late night cramming is no problem for seniors Kim Schultze, Amy Lengel, and Suzanne Knoth who are used to it by now. Though Sister Mary Nusbaum may demand the attention of her class, she supplies them with everything they need to know about the world of eco- nomics. ma X X X +1 s I HIDE AND SEEK While some of us feel the normal workload is enough to get through, there are others in the biology and chemistry department working on seminars and independent study as well as their already difficult workload. The students majoring in these fields of- ten work with teachers such as Dr. Thomas and Dr. Dropp on various re- search and experiments pertaining to these fields. Subjects range from syn- thesizing compounds to heart disease to electron microscope photography. For chemistry majors a research seminar is a re- quired course. They must research a certain subject that pertains to their field and provide enough infor- mation on it. What is also available to the chemistry major is an elective in inde- pendent study. This must be approved by the Dean of Students and the De- partment Chairman and it combines intense research as well as experimenta- tion. Dr. Thomas has been working with students on independent study con- cerning related com- pounds, which is Thomas area of concentration. Stu- dents have been attempt- ing to synthesize com- pounds that have never been made before. For the biology major, the research seminar is still an elective. As of next year, this seminar will be- 9 come a requirement for those majoring in biology. Dr. Dropp has been work- ing with several students on microscope photogra- phy. Their experiments have provided ways to pre- serve slides by photo- graphing them. This pho- tography also provides clearer pictures of the specimens on the slides. So if the specimen is de- stroyed, a photograph is still available for refer- ence. For students in both ma- jors, it seems like a very time-consuming elective to take. But for most it is of- ten a rewarding challenge to take. ,... An English major's work is N9Wt0ll'S law of 9l'3Vit9 is never done. Senior Colleen tested by Seni0rS Tara Ol- Holmes tries to get caught up VHDV, Colleen Weed, and SU' in her apartment. San Sheller- Academics 103 Preparing for the LSAT takes long hours. Frank Donelly spends yet another hour in his apartment. Fran Holcomb catches the first rays of sun on a Saturday morning in between Rugby games after a long week of tests. 104 Academics In his room in Sheridan, Tim Kvech is found dusting which doesn't seem to be one of his favorite chores. lt's exam time again! The li- brary is a favorite place for Brenda Billingsly to concen- trate. J My '14 ,M , Z, F.U.T.U.R.E. Exams MCAT, LSAT, GMAT . . . to some these are just meaningless letters but to others, these are initials which may decide the course of their futures. These three tests decide who get into medical school, law school and gra- duate school. When many seniors are still quite un- sure about their futures, some are busy preparing for these and other en- trance exams. Usually, seniors take these exams in the spring semester, just shortly before graduation. MCAT, LSAT and GMAT exams are compa- rable to the SAT exams which are taken by high school students who want to go to college. The exams are reviewed by the gras duate schools in order to decide who they will ac- cept. Just like the SAT's, those who do well on these exams have a better chance at getting into the graduate program of their choice. For this reason, those preparing for these tests have their work cut out for them. "Late Night with David Let- terman" brings smiles to the faces of junior Terry McNulty and Senior Barb Ruby after a late night of studying. Student-faculty socials in the Rat are always a great place to socialize as Dr. Merril, Dr. Broad, and Dr. Dukes demon- strate. Academics 105 ax Steve Long seems to blend in with the New York profes- supplies for her science ex- sionals. Nancy Aleszczyk gathers her periment. v was wx new R9 ,NNN Taking a break between classes are Shelia Hammill and Jim King. 106 Academics New we .. x-'Q . -Q , as Jw' ,yan - -rf K Une Cn Une Gone are the days of over-crowded advisors for freshmen. Now under the new advisor system, each freshman was assigned to a freshman advisor regard- less of his major. This new system gives each fresh- man easier access to and more time with his advisor. Under the old system, the As class ends the crowd heads for the mail room. business department advi- sors were overloaded with advisees which left them little chance for individual consideration. But all this changed. lt started this summer when freshmen met with their advisors at the orientation program. Right from the very beginning, they were guided about what classes to take. This advice gave them a better idea of the .- relevance of the core cur- riculum and helped them to plan not only their classes for freshman year but to consider all four years and what course of action to take. Since the advisor plays an important role in shap- ing the students' academic life the new advisor system will benefit both student and faculty. lf, 1 5 gk x - wr- fr if . ' -if ' . 5 . .f t , . - . , Al H My is i 1' - K 'K - - so M.. - . 1 .. K F. . .t . ,s ..... . . . t.- X, kwa ' xr X Mike Smith makes a visual aid to go along with his pre- sentation. The A.C. is always a good place to catch up with your friends. Cira Conners, Kathy DelGiornio, Tara AcAteer and Dennis Rogers take ad- vantage of this time. .-i. ,K A 1 5 Qi 1.v..X .... fs Academics 107 Dennis Cashen and Kelly Zimmerman prepare the din- ner that everyone loves: spa- ghetti and meatballs. 7 SIS Gathering Together On Tuesday, March 11, nearly 400 college seniors gathered at the Sheraton Inn in Frederick for the Cumberland Valley Con- sortium. This marked the second year this consor- tium has been heldg it re- sults from the collaborative efforts of the Directors of Career Development at the Mount, Hood College, Western Maryland Col- 108 Academics lege, Shippensburg Uni- versity, Shenandoah Con- servatory, Wilson College, and Frostburg State Col- lege. The 400 participants in the consortium were from these institutions. They spent the day talking to and interviewing with the representatives of nearly 80 organizations, varying from the National Park Service and the Maryland State Police to Doubleday and McDon- alds. The purpose of the consortium is to line stu- dents up with a job that uti- lizes their talents and abili- ties. Say Cheese!! Paul Auchin- closs and John Green pose for the photographer be- tween classes. Steve Nustead, John Calla- han, and Charles Brown get down together as they search for just that perfect sound. When you gotta go, you gotta go as Father Pat finds out as Fergus takes him for his daily walk. Peggy Welch and Amy Lengel share some friendly mo- ments over a drink in the RAT. Mark Woodruff, Lisa St. Pierre, and Colleen Holmes get some last minute study- ing in before that exam. From Department of Business and Economics DATE: January 14, 1986 TO: All Business 8: Eco- nomics Faculty After receiving the Reg- istrar's printout of senior standings, I noticed irre- gularities on several of the seniors for whom I am an advisor. ln checking with them I Friends will laugh anywhere together as Anne Ward and Karen Kouvel do over a greet- ing card. 110 Academics found that there was a problem that they were not aware of. ln one case the Registrar printout indicat- ed 104 credits and the stu- dent did not know that she had to take 16 credits this semester, This is scary because I noticed a lot of other seniors who look like they have irregulari- ties. I would like to ask each of you to look over your seniors very care- fully and check any that look odd to you. John Hook Mount Saint Mary's Col- lege Founded in 1808 Emmitsburg, Maryland 21727 To share the latest colors of nail polish is the goal of the day for Laura Zubrisky, and A walk to class with friends Molly Kate. can fill a sidewalk. rl , 1-.Q S si lk-. X L From athletics to a leisure day outside, Alyce Leighton and Debbie Devine take a break. A day at Otts will never be the same for Chris Tonkovich and Bob Blee as they take life slow and easy. Academics 1 1 1 Kathy Barbarack alphabet- izes the reference files while working at the library. 9 x x s RH Dr.Smith addresses students Everyone is always welcome at the open forum. at the Ott House, even Har QR it 1-""'N-Q 1 12 Academics McCoog's Teddybear. Other regulars include Liz Morgan, Ann Rizzo, and Sue Donnelly. ,www if.. . .- if -Nm' -. Q. .T'-wwf , Y QE' ,W MW- . The terrace is tempting on a The long line forms as stu- nice day to those who still dents wait to charge their have one cut. books home. N-is New Q sf' r ff Questions most commonly asked on the first day of class: - What is the cut policy? - How many tests are there? - Any surprise quizes? -A I-low many students have failed in the past? - Do I need this class to graduate? - Do I have to read the book? - Will we get out early? - I-low many days until midterm break?!!! Academics 1 13 After a trying day of politics, SGA Vice-Presi- dent Chris Currens kicks up his tired feet and finds a moment to relax. Nothing seems to work on Alicia Russo to make her laugh, but one of the "Make Me Laugh" comedians tries his best to break her. M Aw me 5 ge ecause of the some' what rural loca- tion of the cam- pus most Moun- ties choose to become involved in various col- lege activities rather than go crazy from bore- dom. One of the best ways to get involved is to join a club or or- ganization. They provide fun, sat- isfaction, and en- joyment, but most of all are a place to meet friends. C l 15 Student Government Associ- ation Front: Anne Ward, Karen Kouvel, Katie Roo- han, , John Lau, Chris Currens, Mark Woodruff, Diane Comolli, Colleen Kennedy. Second Row: Bob Link, Frank Siedel, Bob Carter, John Callahan, Steve Beaver, Patty Hill, Frank Miele. Student Union Board Execu- tive Board Front: Kathy Gill, Jeannine Zutell, Jofi Bal- drich, Susan Encarnaction, Marian Oliverie fVPl, Colleen Kennedy lPl, Diane Comolli Second Row: Kristen Simermeyer, Deirdre Collins, Steve Wham, Richard Cash, Lisa Cu- tronoe KSD, Connie Wanenchak Third Row: Patty Benzing, Tim Hanlon, Jim Folkes, Chris Zysk, John Driscoll CTD, John Fracek SUB General Members Front: Steve Defoor, John Callahan, Kathy Cuneiff, Tricia Erb, JoAnna Consoli, Ann Morris, Mark Woodruff Second Row: Patti Crimmons, Lynn Brugge- mann, Mari Elaine Galeone, Angela Gior- dano, Jean Carler, Stephanie Floyd, Liz McCabe, Pat Donnelly, Lisa Petti, Tara McA- teer, MaryLynn Donovan, Karen Rawson, Jenny Patalinghug, Laura Bowles, Jacki Werwinski, Stacy Kerr, Sean Larkin, Sherry Steeley, Dawn Meehan, Carol Monahan Third Row: Mike Warner, Brian Bommer, Lo- retta Kane, Chris Bonne, Betty Walsh, Den- nis Fulling, Dennis Rogers, Matt Heiney Student Senate Front: Julie Wright, Lisa Lewis lSl, Lisa St. Pierre, Susan Encarnacion, Barb Pioli, Ann Walsh, Ann Marie Rogers, Second Row: Howard Souder, Mara Mar- owski, Chris Currens KVPD, Bridget Lang, Christy Lynch, Chris Spendley, Jean Nagle, John Barry, Suzanne Gray, Chris Walsh, Car- rie Mongan, Steve Kleindienst, Chuck Petro- zinni, Sean Bowen, James Noel 116 Extra-Curricular S.U.B. - Sponsored Smiles Reconstruction is not only occur- ing with the school but with many clubs and organizations as well. The Student Union Board has rede- signed many of its positions and their committees. A new committee is the Special Events Committee. Under this are many new activities that the S.U.B. has sponsored. This committee is responsible for provid- ing Tuesday night comedy acts, spring semester there were three of them. Starting the semester off was "Blizzard of Bucks". This was the first time a game show had come to the Mount. The object was to grab as much flying money as possible from inside a glass cylinder. One girl walked away with over 3100.00 tzg i.., 5 after eating through a whipped cream pie to a piece of bubble gum. "Laugh Off Live from New York City" also appeared as part of the Tuesday night showcase. Three young male comedians straight from the city appeared in front of a crowd of over 600. Then ending the semes- ter was "We Can Make You Laugh". Four people walked off with 325.00 as they survived the antics of three comedians. The cializing in the Rat te, the inaugumtion, emergence of the special events ris Currens shares his committee has put E1 smile on many is dav with his brothers- peoplels faces. Through these and other activities the committee has helped this campus take shape. Extra-Curricular 1 17 Senior Class Gfficers Eddie Caruso KTJ, Kathy Haney lSl, Alyce Leighton NPD, John Callahan QFD Junior Class Officers Front: Mark Noel CSD Second Row: Rich Sweeney KPD, Chris Walsh KVPJ Not Pictured: Tim Biesadecki tTl Freshmen Class Officers Front: Ann Marie Nicholas CTD, Beth Hannum lVPl, Second Row: Julie Wright CSL Bill Cosgrove lPl 1 18 Extra-Curricular 1731 .4 M,,,4,.M-n'4'W"""' - - ,,.V LE V Class dinners feature SAGA at its best. Here ju- nior girls enjoy prime rib and tater tots after their Ring Mass. Old friends Dave Baum- gardner and Paul Cinoa discuss plans for the fu- ture at a senior-sponsored social. Classy Leaders Each Class elects four willing and able members to hold the positions of class officers. A president, vice- president, secretary, and treasurer are elected for each class and have the awesome responsibility of plan- ning activities, taking care of funds, and guiding their classmates. The officers lead their classes in very different ways from year to year. Freshmen officers must try to unify their class by sponsoring social events. They also must try to in- crease the class treasury. Since they are elected very early in their col- lege career, they must prove them- selves competent if they plan to run for office in the future. The Sopho- more must form the Ring Commit- tee in the beginning of the year and the Prom committee at the end. Throughout the year, Sophomore class officers plan fund raisers and enjoy such events as the Ring Prie- mere and the class Mass. Junior Of- ficers lead their classmates who are pre-occupied with receiving their rings in the fall and attending the Junior-Senior prom in the spring. The most important task in the third year is trying to make as much mon- ey as possible so that senior year will be as fun as everyone hopes. As the seniors move to the apart- ments the class officers continue to work. This year, they must plan such events as the Senior Dinner- Dance, 100 Days Party, Alumni ln- ductions and most importantly, Graduation activities. Obviously the Seniors have their work cut out for them. Along with planning the spe- cial events they must make sure that Seniors get all they can out of their Senior year. The four positions of the class offi- cers are the same in name: presi- dent, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. But their duties vary greatly from year to year. With each new year the class grows together and the officers must respond to their needs as a class. One common characteristic that all officers pos- sess is their desire to help their class take shape. Extra-Curricular 1 19 Setting New Records The WMTB of old was primarily a progressive radio station offering lit- tle other than one type of music to its listeners. Gradually, however, WMTB changed its format and be- gan focusing on pleasing as many people as possible. Gone are the days of "the same old people playing the same old songs." Now when we turn on the radio to 89.9, we can hear any num- ber of possible types of music. The purely progressive format was re- placed with the new sounds of top forty. Special shows were added highlighting jazz, folk music and Spanish music. Sunday mornings were no longer "dead air" awaiting the afternoon D.J. Now if we choose, we can hear a Christian Rock show at this time. Variety is the key to the stations new-found success. The D.J.'s themselves were a new group as well. Faculty mem- bers joined the staff and put on such shows as the Jazz show, done week- ly by Fr. John Sullivan, and the Folk Show, with Dr. Merrill. Students from all classes were encouraged to join the staff and give their input. Just about anyone who was willing to try could put together a show fea- turing the kind of music they liked best. Kevin Spellman cranks out some tunes over WM'l'B's airwaves. Resident Assistant Staff Front: Mary Anne Pekarek, Frank Manning, Jim Burtner, Frank Miele, John Lau, Irene Shank COffice Manager DOSJ, Second Row: Patty Hill, Bob Pastoor iDean of Studentsl, Diane James, Paul Cinoa, Tan- ya Koster, Dawn Shealy, John Fracek, T.J, Murray, Stephanie Smith, Susan Wescott iarea coordinatorl, Pete Maloney, Third Row: Dan Sollar lAsst. Dean of Stu- dentsi, Denise Ditch lDir. Student Activitiesl, Bob Carter, Amy Chambers, Colleen Kenne- dy, Pete Silvain, Jill Brown, Colleen Bradley. Steve Beaver, Chris Zysk, Peggy Welsh 120 Extra-Curricular Wednesday night acts, sponsored by the Student Union Board, draw a full house to the Tudor Room. Jim Re takes a break from reading the sports page to glance at an exciting game on T.V. + V ,.-lm., 1 .nv Y -QQ ,UQ X rr- ' R, msgs.. A is 'K .1 xl KX RIN-4 .1 QQ. in fir A f3g:s'5:f:sf, aa- . A-wr -.44 W TD' Lighted Corners Front: Theresa McAuliffe, Mary Holley, Nan- cy Shilling lasst. editorl, Colleen Holmes, Dennis Cashen Second Row: John Muse, Dr. Heath lfaculty advisorl, John Mullane, Vince Horn Ceditorl WMTB Front: Adrienne Politza, Diane Bentley, Anne Gartrell, Mary Holley, James Maye, Christopher Kuhn lasst. General Mgrj, David Issing lGeneral Mgr.l, Mary Rafi lasst. Music Director? Second Row: Greg Martin, Kristin Wagoner, Eileen Slattery, Pat Coyle, Sheilah Lynch, Richard Fellinger, Kathy Cunniff Third Row: Fred Schwer, Fred Owusu, Mi- chele Kelly lMusic Dir.J, John Singleton, Kathy Kezer, Kevin Maufer, Joe Pelaia, Paul Auchincloss Fourth Row: Dan McCaffrey, John Alex- ander, Ed Salas, Andy Prinzing lProgram Dir.l, Greg Sherbert lStation Consultantl Fifth Row: John Bennett, Andy Coyne Extra-Curricular 121 Getting into the technical aspects of making music is Steve Perrada as he plays his synthesizer. Balloons symbolize the high spirits and enthusi- asm as these CROP walk- ers start on their 10 miles. Cheerleaders Front: Dedie Jones, Chuck Petrozinni Second Row: Tammy Watkins, Brian Glackin, Julie Shea, Rob Kenney, John Buck- reis, Jenny Gibbons, Chris Zuech, Debbie Dallas fCaptainl, Chris Sabia, Mimi McDer- mott Third Row: Sherri Diver, Don Ryan, Jenny Bermudez, Steve Weitzel, Annie Didyoung, Mike Erkes, Mary Melvin, Alex Morris Spirit Club Front: Amy Davis, Peter Oristian, Rudy Chase, Stephanie Smith, Mike Drabb Second Row: Sharon Henkel, Joanne Ra- basca, Molly O'Neil, Amy Jo Teiss, Theresa Navin 122 Extra-Curricular ig. Wi TLB lheerleaders lift spirits at Same. ff a' Z J v t w, ,,.' . .. wr, ,rv W v .f ,wi g. A, g .. Male Call "ML St. Mary's Ooh Aahf' Ev- eryone is familiar with this chant. Often the leaders of this and other familiar spirit-boosters are the cheerleaders. For the first time, men joined the previously all-female squad to create a new kind of cheer- leaders. In previous years the short-skirt- ed women led chanting cheers, jumping and doing acrobatics when appropriate. This year however, the cheerleaders took on a new look. The inclusion of male cheerleaders made pyramids a reality. No longer where the girls running onto the court performing predictable cheers while the crowd paid no attention. Now the effort and enthusiasms of previous years was coupled with the strength and agility of the male cheerleaders allowing the squad to perform acrobatic fetes which made the audience wonder what they would try next. The cheerleaders ran onto the court with pride as the crowd anxiously awaited to see who would be on the top of the pyramid and which cheer they would do. The goal of the cheerleaders . . . to promote spirit at school's sporting events had not changed. The meth- od however, was totaly new. The male members of the cheerleaders proved the squad had taken new shape. Alpha Mu Gamma Front: Lisa Dimaio, Theresa DeI.orimier, Cathy Blunda, Jennifer Patalinghug, Second Row: Maureen McGinnes, Helena Topper, Kristen Streeter, Kevin Vaughan, Patrick Coyle Math and Computer Science Front: Ellen Parker, Jennifer Patalinghug, Jessica Fitz, Second Row: Moses Anthony, Greg Fennel, Ed Sacco Third Row: Prof. Borst, John Quinn, Jim Eichman, Prof. O'Toole, Franz Niedermeyer Extra-Curricular 123 Association of the United States Army Front: Dave Baumgardner, George Pollin, Steve Mahoney, CCapt. Majorl, Second Row: Gregory Birkenstock, Wilfredo Geigel, Julianna Greco, Third Row: Frank Miele, Anne Marie Gray, Angela RobertssWalsh, Fourth Row: Desiree Morassco, Colleen Du- han, Lt. Randolph Spanish Honor Society Front: Bill Walker, Theresa Stump CPD, Lau- rie Neal, Kristen Streeter, Laura Schoeb Second Row: Kathy Kezer, Mary Holley, Kristen Wagoner 124 Extra-Curricular A single bed is shared by Kathy Delgiorno, Tara Ferriter, and Vita as they take a study break. The library never pro- vided such joy for Trish Barbrack as she files in the index. ,Wm "Sign" of Initiation During one week of each semes- ter you may see five to ten people sneaking around campus with large placques around their necks, and you may ask, "What cult has hit the Mount?" This is no cult but rather the initiation into the Association of the United States Army. Cadets and civilians may be tapped into this or- ganization. The initiates have the task to say good morning, good afternoon, and are asked questions about the history of AUSA by its members. You may realize that a friend has decided not to go to the SUB during one week for fear of having a member of members sur- round him. Their placques must be signed by most of the teachers and all of the members of AUSA. So if you see an initiate running around campus trying to find teachers, please help them out. They're going to need it! Members of the Color Guard, William Foster, Chris Daniels, Mike Lahker, Tom Berenato, and Bill Pastino lower the flag at the end of the day. Lambda Iota Tau: Front: Kathy Bowling iTl, Hallie Topper WPI, Colleen Holmes KPJ, Nancy Shilling KSJ, Colleen Kennedy Phi Sigma Tau Front: Shelley Weinberg, Perpetuia Staub KPD, Karen Wilcox, Terry Kuntzvveiler Second Rovvg Hallie Topper CVPD, Jay Barry, David Bartolini, Alicia Russo Extra-Curricular 125 All It's Cracked Up To Be Kicking off each semester is the tradition of the annual crab feast. It seems that many are caught by the sea-fever for Marylandfs specialty - hot steamed crabs. For the past two years the Minor- ity Students Association has spon- sored such a feast. The M.S.A., as it is called, continues to expand both in membership and activities while making a very positive contribution on the campus. The crab feast was held across Route 15 at the old pavilion. There were about 50 people in attendance ranging from faculty members and their families to students. Although the feast is sponsored by the lVl.S.A. it is designed for the entire campus to enjoy. Entertainment is provided at the crab feast by televisions displaying the day's highlights. Those who did not wish to watch television while feasting struck up conversation with friends around them. The feast gives people an opportunity to see and speak to each other after a long summer. This first event of the year and its fun doesn't end until the last leg is cracked. Registering for clubs is always a big event in the lower SUB as Jim Folks shows by signing up. Psi Chi Front: Janet Muller KS, Tl, Bob Mattingly, Peggy Welsh CP, VPD, Dr. Kierniesky, Sue Norvel, Janine Lambden 126 Extra-Curricular K -Wm., Mwwffwh . Phi Alpha Theta Dr. Ridenour, Dave Bartolini, Jay Barry, Marco Bon Tempo, Kelly Mulholland, Kevin Vaughan, Fran Holcomb, Har McCoog Sharing each others com- pany as they crack their crabs are Steve Long and Patsy Ellis. The annual crab feast is a time for students from all classes to sample a Mary- land tradition. Extra-Curricular 127 Business Society Front: Tim Hanlon, Fred Sorbello, Pete Longo, Laurie Murphy, Phil Gordon, Amy Auchincloss, Lilian Second Row: Terris McGreevy, Pete Oris- tian, Rob Overly ISD, Paul Auchincloss IPD, Deirdre Collins IVPJ, John Singleton CTI, Bob Tiernan, Kathy Barbrack, Charlie Burrows Third Row: Mike Drabb, Rich Delia, Eric Me- lendey, Suzanne Caufield, Lisa St. Pierre, Jon Green, Laura Nichols, Patty Ginty, Don- na Chiodo Fourth Row: Steve Wham, Francene Eaves, Frank Miklos, Greg Wilder, Denise Nonnan, Jenny Worth, Dan Hughes, Bob Link, Steve Kleindeinst, Jeanne Sweeney, Chris Os- trowski, Tim Buck, Amy Davis German Club Front: Gale Knoedler, Joe Diventi, Kathleen Jordan, George Pollin IPI, Dr, Samples, The- resa McAuliffe WPI, Joe Ferlise, Teri DeLor- mier, Second Row: Bill Galati, Pat Doyle, Dave Baumgardner, Chris Harrison, Franz Nieder- meyer, Walter Noonan, Andrew Bryceland, Mike Nolte, Nino Barbar MSM Leprechans This year the Mount saw the re- surfacing of the Irish, The first Irish club started at the turn of the cen- tury but died in the late 6O's. In 1985 the Mount Irish society stormed campus and were happy to see such a great welcome. Of course all the Irish were there from McLaughlin to Sullivan, O'Connell to Driscoll and from Thorton to Rior- dan just to name a few. When's the next Irish social? Who's going to win the trip for two to Ireland? Were all common ques- tions in 1986. The many aspects of irish culture were covered through masses, speakers, sing alongs, so- cials, bagpipers and even an Irish special in SAGA on St. Patrick's day. The best part of it all is that the 'tlrish eyes of the Mount are smilin!" The Irish social was a great time for everyone including Betsy Ward, Amy Davis, Barbi Downing, Mary Fay, and Patti Ginty. 128 Extra-Curricular Sa? l 'Q f ' X- r Spanish Club Front: Mary Holley QPJ, Kristen Streeter Second Row: Laura Schoeb, Theresa Stump Kathy Kezer NPD, Kristen Wagoner lS.Tl Bill Walker Student Defense Council Front: Mary Holley, Colleen Weed. Second: Jay Barry, Marco BonTempo, Ed Caruso The pressure is on as Bri- an Flemming shoots the final shot. Break means only bring- ing the bare necessities. Paul Phelan heads home with his music and bever- age. - ,icl Extra-Curricular 129 Comedy and Tradegy The Sock 'n' Buskin Dramatic Society opened its 1985-1986 season with "Wel- come Back, Uncle Mac", welcoming Profes- sor Lewis McAllister back from his spring 1985 sabbatical, Halloween night, Fr. Dan Busbaum tricked and treated land scaredl students with his 'iGhost Stories" of the Mount. On November 21, Sock 'n' Buskin opened their first mainstage production of the season, William Shakespeare's 'LTwelfth Night". This show marked the organization's first Shakespeare production in over twenty years. The club closed the first semester with selections from Thorton Wilder's '4Our Townn, performed by Professor Wegner's acting class. ln January, i'Promises Kept", a reader's theatre based on the poetry of Fr. Dan Busbaum and put together by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Robertson, was spotlighted. "Mount Squares", the dramatic society's version of the popular TV game show, was featured with guest Mount celebrities like Dean Soller, Dean Pastoor and Dr. Eshel- man. During March, the club sponsored its annual talent show, giving its grand prize to junior Adam Albino for his performance of an Elvis medley and two original songs. A hug is worth a thousand words as Tom Cahill, and Denise McDonald. 'lf E me 130 Extra-Curricular The cast of Sock and Bus- kin's The Pajama Game begin practicing dance steps long before opening night. The pool hall boys take a break for a picture as Mark Ladzinski, Doug Mi- chie, and Pat McElroy pose. 1 Mount Singers l Emily Kendall, Jane Cahill, Willis Gunther, Tracy DiGiovani. Theresa McAuliffe, Laurie Walpole, Liisa Alverez, Diana Clark, Kelly Stefano, Mary Fox, Maura Marowrski, Vivian Owusu, Anne McNiff, Anne Morris, Kevin Farmer, Don Anderson, Ted Rodgers, Col- leen Cullin, Chris Glass, Ken Capozi, Roger Truba, Matt Shannon, Steve Mal-loney, John Muse, Phil Walsh, Joe Divinti, Joe Perleas, Colleen O'Brien, Tony Watkins. l 9 . 1. Relaxing in your dorm room can take away alot of college tensions, pictured is Molly McAllister. The S.U.B. sponsored many socials for the executive board throughout the year. Campus Life 131 COLD DAY, WARM HEARTS On March 8, the coldest day on record for 1986, 110 walkers, jog- gers and runners gathered on Echo Field for the college and seminaryis second annual CROP walk to raise money for the hungry at home and abroad. The day began with a talk by CROP committee chairman Mi- chael Selep KS '86l, an invocation by Fr. Pat McLaughlin and the song L'One Step at a Time", written by Scott Shaffer KS '89l. The first par- ticipants to finish the 10W mile walk were Vince Battista CC '86i and John Fournier CS '89l at 74 minutes. Jim Norvell CC '86l came in close behind at 78 minutes. Collectively, the 110 participants raised approxi- mately 35000. Crop Walk participants begin their 10 mile jaunt with smiles, balloons, and enthusiasm. is . gr-1. ,. '- j5iiQ3F,i - 132 Extra-Curricular , tr.. sg. Finishing off their dinner with conversation, Anne Ward sits with her newly adopted grandparent. g 'ttt , is ' Meg Cuddeback, Fran Holcomb, and Ann Walsh compare notes in between classes in the A.C. ww, q J in i ,si SAV' .A 1 J gl .-:-4 'L V hun-u ow D ,.-r W Delta Mu Delta Front: Sharon Trodden, Brenda Billington, Jennifer Patalinghug, George Pollin, Dave Santora, Peter Oristian, John Driscoll Second Row: Carl Francioli, Celia Barriteau, Maureen McGinnes, Rich Coyne, Joe Sgroi, Mike Walker, Steve Beaver, Daneen Mar- ella, John Prout, Fred Sorbello, Bob Diffley, Laura Gunther, Mike Nolte, Tom Lorber, Professor Lauer Delta Epsilon Sigma Front: Har McCoog, Dave Hoffman, Jennifer Patalinghug, Liisa Cutroneo, Perpetuia Staub, Theresa Stump, Dr. Emile Nakhleh, Second Row: Maureen McGinnes, Betsy Ward, Bill Garrott, Alan Stader, Steve Bea- ver, Ed Sacco, Chris Walsh, Michael Burke ln a subconscious daze Lisa Lewis, Ann Sweeney and William Foster follow the instructions of hypnotist James Mapes. Extra-Curricular 133 an on a Friday Colors What's white, then yellow, then blue, then green, then purple, then brown and then finally black? It's one karate belt and it takes a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to get it to that final level. This energy and enthusiasm is quite abundant in the Dan Sollar School of Karate. The club is only four years old but it has grown and improved a great deal to win "Club of the Yearn last year. The club's members are striving for the black belt. But each step of the way demands that the person improve himself in three areas: mental, physical, and spiritual. The over-all purpose is to perfect char- acter. This attempt to improve is well rewarded. The club partici' pates in many tournaments and usu- ally has at least two or three win- ners, led by Dan Sollar, or as his students call him "sensei', which means teacher. The emphasis of the club is on its members. In striving to reach that final black belt they are working not only to improve themselves but the club as well. Karate Club Front: M. Bender, W. Laffitte, T. Rothen- hoeter, N. Barbaro, C. Melanson, C, Kramer, M. Josephs, M, Sheehan, Second Row: P. Dempsey, T. Farrell, D. Coulbourne, L. Davis, G. Reburn, R. Nakh- leh, D. Sollar, J. Quinn, T. Gerwig, C. Plain, A. Albino, C. Henning, S. O'Sullivan, T. Qui- dure Health Club Front: Andy Alameno, John Geoghan, Bob Carroll, Tim Golder 134 Extra-Curricular end. IQSYW' going to their 3 15 c Dave Franchak and Fisher T firne ll ws' mm- msgs S Nssk-ii v1wii'?s5i5 X Y F A ' is . A .g ,.. . if we , ,.. ti X X Sr gs it 'E ,Y f, wwnfmf they practice their karate Surf Team Front: John Geoghan, Brian Stromeyer CTD, Paul Quigley, John Morra QPD, John Hayes, Second Row: Marco Bon Tempo, Kevin Lutts, Brian Boomer, Third Row: Greg Tolker, Brian Fleming, John Pearce, Rob Wade CVPJ, Dennis Rogers CSD Extra-Curricular 135 Staff Bridget Lang, Trisha McAndrew, Steve Weit- zel, Mark Woodruf, Dennis Cashen, Kathy Rooney Patty Hill Editor-in-Chief John Callahan Associate Editor Ed Caruso Associate Editor Steve DeFoor Senior Section Editor 136 Extra-Curricular gun-sv-N Mary Holley Copy Editor Rob Jaskot Asst. Copy Editor Maureen O'Hara Index Editor Colleen Kennedy Clubs and Organization Editor Lisa St. Pierre Sports Editor Lisa Lewis Office Manager Chris Lambiase Business Manager Extra-Curricular 137 PS5 or the size of the student enrollment, the Mount has an un- usually high rate of involvement in sports. Whether it be a "pick-up" game of baseball in the quad or a championship basketball game in the Memorial G y m n a s i u m 3 sports are strong- ly evidenced virtu- ally everywhere on campus. Catching the action at the Saturda af Rugby games are Brian Boomer M B T d B ll Sh 138 Sports nmx.-Qmmm kann ,mwmgjrmurmmiemw ww-Mfzsmu nm- umm. ,,.....,.,.,,...., .1-. , ..n.........i...lW . .,mn ....,.., .. A Kick In the Grass Kicking into action was the Menis soccer team lead by coach Jim Deegan. The team began it's season at home facing Cabrini College in a tournament and end- ed with St. Mary's College away. The season lasted from Sept. 7th to November 2nd, Producing a team record of 4-9x-4. Assisting coach Deegan in his efforts to have a winning soccer team was asst. coach Jim Dee- gan Jr., and manager Matt Co- hee. Although without the team players themselves nothing would be accomplished. The soccer team has many valuable players but two mem- bers have received special recog- nition, Ron Briggerman and Larry Howley. Briggerman, the first team all-state winner in 1984, holds the back position on the team. Howley the second All- State winner in 1984, is goal keeper for the soccer team. Among the others that should re- ceive special mention are those senior members of the teamg Ron Briggerman, John Laughlin, Troy Linton and Mike Sheehan. The team hopes for the future success in years to come but all components at the team will be necessary, the team and the coaches. im W ,S a P Q Q ,I M i Y fx' M M Us ' ' ':g.-:i - g.gisg22::zs.5: -:-:. .:::E: ri? We , .rt sq - ' ' w e 'Q 9' riirgghuigfigssfriisiiggg -" E5jr :5::Z si, 4 5.2355 5 5,35 i'lS5??. ",is.m,ss::aw:if Maw f a Qwzwrsm -fvsw-sw wwf N ' P 'X ww 'fi Pwr? ..,, W. ..,. , i. w s, Ih.i 5'f'ibzE-"."gl5Q 4. iifclvs as Nw warns s waasawfssrmw f Lewes: wai,m.riiiw.s was ""' .,,. ,. , asp W m isss as mu lb ,sys -'-' f W i' .JL ew if rig 3 3 ,Q wi ii Aga ,gig gg--5, in i, . '.:..:W -My time W sn. s .t : sw, -,551-2'f:'::.:':3g::':'i- ,.'-: : www' W , , wl'5ii'23'Efia:S5?Z?lZ? ,myers .r.,.,i,s r, .,.. M A., Suagwzsq we Q ,V I- : gg is? is sqft' ....,. W.. tam am i f , 5 ' - r 3 wi' F is l L 4 api 0 .,.,.,,,.,.,. 1 ,. ,..,.,. 1 .. X .,..:.......... .5..... .,.,,...,,., . . ,,,,,,Ws, ,rg , .. , ifigwsr .ggsfwmw-sfZlx?,:wsgmg.5n .mag . . ., Tir lakagt 'H is sw , sw QW xi.-I im""Z 3C!:2Ii"V's?W5'i?w'212fi" SXT' wer W 'f:?::x.,:sssss:.e3:s..?n.rgrffgzgswsgnk,, -tgsgg t Nr Z" -3 Y i iQ W ' it ii :zizw : -. :: s w f zxxzrsiiemsmriizwzl fvz mis. 1 :i::f,frsz:gi:gf.sf:ig::sg. s::s . .....,. . . M, .. ..,.......,..s.,r .i.c i rssi .l, U1-We .. ii'c ., '- Front: Troy Linton, Billy McManus, John Laughlin lCaptainl, Dennis McGovern, RJ. Sullivan, Dennis McLaughlin, John McMahon, Tom Doherty, Jim Re, Dan O'Brien, Matt Bartolomew, Tim Lanihan, 140 Sports John 5i2fiil'10 Kevin Pakulniewicz, Lenny Lapidario, 5eC0F'ld YOWI Jim D9-QQHH lC0aChl, Kuff Steve Ambrosie, Ron Brigerman lCap- Mueller, Tom Muth, Colin Keenan, Steve tai,-,yy Matt Dunn, Larry Howley Bevenour, Mike Sheehan, John Leahy, Emmit Madeira, Chris Hall, Jay Calvetto, iimrsi rf:W3:tiigzzyrrisrzrzzssikrwiss fr srzsfiaw L At hgme, while playing against the The Mount soccer players are enthu- Frostburg Bobcats, John Laughlin is Siasfifl as they head f0WGl'dS the determined to maneuver the ball field for an0fh0l' Sflleliflg 500027 downfield. PFHCUCC- While teammate Roger f"R.J"J Sul- livan runs behind, John Leahy drib- bles the ball towards the goal, as Frostburg opponent looks on. Practicing for an upcoming game Ron Brigerman intensely demon- strates his balancing skill. Sports 141 UPS A D DDWNS The ball was not the only thing that went up and down through- out the season. The record was splashed with both wins and losses all season long. The women's field hockey team may have had an up and down season as far as wins and losses go. However, the team morale was definitely "up" all year long. The combined efforts of five seniors Janet Curley, Christina Fritz, Monica Grillo, Alyce Leigh- ton, Barb Ruby, along with the other sixteen impressive under- classmen make the team a strong one indeed. Under head coach Denise Ditch, Assistant coach Helen Mayberry and manager Pattie Schaefer, the team proved to be hard working and dedi- cated all season long. Several members of the team were honored by being asked to represent Mt. St. Mary's on var- ious all-star teams. Junior Tracy Gallaudet - 8-1 TQWSQH -1:3 Ariterican '142 Loyola 0-4 Notre Dante' , ,Zi Frbstburg S f1f2 Georgetown 04 Kixiztown fy , , Lloilins i 'Z i S2212 t UMBC it S 2.1 li.. sfir tiftfilkes Aft g Blsvmsbursf 1 . 1 . 1 A Siiippensburg 152 , . , , 2.6 1 usfsc S A T Johns Hopkins V Front: Alyce Leighton, Beth Hannum, Elke Rayborn, Patty Benzing Second Row: Linda Kealy, Kelly Digman, Lynn Evans, Tracey Callahan, Suzanne Ginieczki Third Row: Patty Schaefer, Barb Ruby, Beth Tucci, Stacey Kerr, Maureen Tuite, Monica Grillo, Stephanie Floyd, Janet Curley, Christine Fritz, Denise Ditch fcoachl. 142 Sports Callahan and Senior Monica Grillo were named to the Balti- more College I team. Players named to the Baltimore college ll team include seniors Janet Cur- ley, Christina Fritz and Alyce Leighton and sophomore Patty Benzing. Monica Grillo was also asked to play on the Southwest Tournament Team. Three players were named to the South Regional All-Ameri- cans for NCAA Division III. This region includes 11 states, 15 players are named to this team, 3 of which were students from our school. For this outstanding accomplishment seniors Janet Curley, Monica Grillo and Alyce Leighton must be proud. With this successful season be- hind them and a promising group of returning players there is cause for great optimism among field hockey players in the fu- ture. As they try to catch the opposition, Kelly Digman and Janet Curley run down field to defend their goal. y ,, , ,M i 1, V l Spectators watch as the Mount 5 9 Field Hockey team goes for anothe . E Will. Q Q ..,. ,T 1-Q- I . 4' XXX , I I fe' - vm--M .-.,-..-........ N . 'QPRH Ax 'le W -1. .X I to F Q -'X . . Q N ,M v .Nh A A Spf if .:. Q .s f 4 i he X gk swf? in Fx 9. gi peas. 'Q' a a is il sf ,, Q wwwmy 4 QV a A 'Q xv K .. x. . K , x 9 A vi x .xii 3' XX 5 , . Q, W5 935' Q 'Iwi X' 'X Iv-.L Q.. x f in u 'E Xb ni, - Uv "Sw, 1 as Raw V+ - k mg- ! .W Hegrr, I . sift- 4,+f,., it .- xg N N555 ff-"'?'1s . , Q . X wi -.xx . 'Q K . kg 5 F ,S K + "bf t . . ' .- X- Q' . R' r i , 'if Lg. li Ag! 9, V 'XX K Q f . " .ggi K X .. A gk ' .5 .. . 1 . K X... .. . a -Q Q Q. 1 K rgvw gg 'S+ vi 2 V,-pi tm QNAJIIK Iv A ffl X -H ff 3 - S3 fifxiw. f '+L . ff," -' N ,, -1' f ...Sikh-f .. - As she dodges her opponent, Beth Hannum strokes the ball down field. The team gathers around as coach Ditch gives half time advice. Sports 143 Brian Flemming gets ready to make a crucial pass as Mike Tobin lunges toward the flag in an effort to make a down. A masked man defends the shot of Tom Dougherty. 144 Extra-Curriculars , W S H ,we Just for Kicks For the players, it's the most important game of the year. No, it's not the Superbowl or the World Series. Of Course! It must be the A league football cham- pionship game. This year more than ever the competition was tough. The foot- ball program is divided in half - A and B league. Traditionally, the more experienced teams compete in A league. Though having fun is top prior- ity, winning the championship game was on every player's mind. After each team in the league plays ten games, the top two teams gear up for the covet- ed title - the A league champi- Making two more points is Mike Ea- ger as Tim Biesiadecki anxiously looks on. ons. Riot faced Reckless Aban- don in a game which matched im- pressive athletes one for one. By the end of the game, Reckless Abandon, led by seniors Jim Madden and Rob Kenney, came up on top defeating Riot, featur- ing Brian Flemming and Dean Byrne. Both teams have been competing in the intramural foot- ball program since freshmen year adding new players along the way. This year, more than ever, each team gave it their all throughout the season and in the final game. The last game of the season proved to be as exciting as ever. For some, it was just another game. But for the senior players, it was the culmination of four years of hard-playing and good times. ln the gameroom, which houses the Intramural program, Matt Vadney battles against Firepower, his me- chanical opponent. Dodging passed his opponent is Tim Thistle as he rushes down field for a touchdown. Extra-Curriculars 145 146 Sports Bicycles can be seen everywhere around campus when the weather gets warmer. S , A d This year the Mount was lucky to It h dd' ' h Ch - por Ing roun 1Z'I.fei's'T'ffV.I.,.,ft""' to' e Q l "Q I 1 'Q P""- . .,:. Fighting off her opponent is defen- seman Zena Edwards. Setting up another perfect shot is Shaun Jackson. 148 Sports W Reaching The Potential Mount St. Maryls wom- enls basketball under the guidance of Coach Bill Shee- han had a respectable sea- son. Manipulating the youn- ger players with the older more experienced, Sheehan captured a spirit and drive in his players that helped de- velop a successful season. The Lady Mountaineers made five straight trips to the NCAA division two womens basketball tourna- ment. The womens team went into the conference with an impressive 24-1 re- cord, winning twenty games in a row. The Lady Moun- taineers were strong but not quite strong enough. Un the very last seconds of nine of the final games Hampton College scored a final basket to leave the score 86-83, our Lady Mountaneers had been defeatedj All in all, Coach Sheehan was pleased with the performance of his girls. They played hard and the results surpassed them. Although the team will be losing key seniors Lisa Green, Bernadette Bocas and Jan Everly, a strong nu- cleus will remain with Sandy Storey and Shaun Jackson. Executing a good shot is a difficult task, Shaun Jackson seems to have mastered it. Height was a big factor to the teams success, pictured is Sandy Storey. Sports 149 i Team Picture Frontg Sue Kilroy, Tracy Brad' son, Amy Chambers, Therese O,Donnell, Julie l-lofferbert, Jan Everly. Second Row: Manager Diana Ring, Shaun Jackson, Zena Ed- wards, Coach Bill Sheahan, Asst. Coach Karen Elsner, Sandy Storey, Bernadine Bocus, Lisa Green. '-ft, 1' y fl J ? ' fr A..-A Mount St- Mafifs OWU Lisa GYCCI1 Handling the ball with superiority is was Most Valuable Player in the Ma- Senior Jan Everly. son Dixon Conference Tournament. 150 Sports I Q-aq,,,-I-N .MXN 4' I Tin, ,1 ,W M M, SCOREBOARD Randolph-Macon 88-71 Virginia Union 77-70 California State 89-55 Rider 83-43 Lock Haven 65-66 Slippery Rock 96-62 University of D.C. 84-62 Davis 8: Elkins 92-63 Richmond 52-50 Longwood 97-55 Shippensburg 113-52 Pitt-John sown,87-60 Randolph-Macon 76-50 UMBC 75-64 y Liberfy 98-71 l l Longwood 88-42 UNBC 79-707 5 l Liberty 98-65 Pin-Juhnsown 89-58 - Immaculata 10X-54 -NavyH62-57 g 7 7 Philadelphia lextile 73-61 ,l..oyoiz1g85-422 Pitt-Johnstolbn 66-59 l 7 H-11-11-lion Ufiivefsifv S2-S6 Two points for Lisa Green. Fielding her opponent is Sandy Storey. Sports 151 Sticking With It It was no April Fool's joke when coach Randy Kilgore chalked up his 100th career win on April lst. Kilgore began the Lacrosse program at the Mount some 18 years ago. So why did it take so long to hit 100? 'iWhen you're only playing an average of 10 or 11 games each season, instead of the 20 or more games the basket- ball team plays, itls hard to rack up those victories." And the competition is no laughing matter. Since there is no Division IIX Lacrosse, we are en- .fzizzsszr if U Q ' W H iiiiizizgi i ,iiiii tered in Division III. They chal- lenge various nationally ranked teams such as Salisbury, Franklin and Marshall, and Gettysburg to name a few. But does that dam- pen their spirits? No way. The team has established a 28-7 re- cord over the past three years which places them among the top in the nation. Two seniors adorned the young team. Both Joey O'Ferral and Peyton Cross provided inspi- ration and leadership during their stay. Cross and his defensive squad helped goalies Tom McBride and Dean Miller calculate over 200 saves, while he himself has had 2 saves for the season. O'Ferall held up his end at the other side of the field. With fresh- man Matt Mundorf and sopho- more Greg Tolker helped the veteran up his total points to 32. Senior John Weiss scans the "Lax" field in hopes of finding an open team mate. Lacrosse coach Randy Kilgore gives a last "pep-talk" to the stickmen before a game. 152 Sports An Essex player trys to move down the field, but Attackman Joe O'Fer- rall defends his turf. g T mou g e t , A 8 mount mount ' 1-5-gr ' 'gg , - xo 1 , OURT -Q -.QT Xj V to Y tttt mounr mount ' NOUHT l IUOLOT Team Picture Front: Ed Levri, Joe Birkenstock, Joe Esposito, Matt Mundorf, Frank Cipolla, Jerry French, and Joey O'Ferrall. Sec- ond: Pete Dobbyn, Peyton Cross, Greg Tolker, Bill Krampf, Paul Hammond, Randy Quinn, Mike Tobin, and Bob Clough. Third: Tom McBride, Sean Lar- kin, Paul Dettor, Dean Miller, John Weiss, Roy Zimmerman, Terry McNulty, Pete Poore, Dennis Rogers, Rob Wade, and Brad Messenger. 4,-jim 1, Mid-fielder Joe 0'Ferral attempts to pass the ball to his team mates in a game against Essex C.C. Pre-game Warm-ups are a necessity for the Men's Lacrosse team. Sports 153 154 Sports As the ball comes out of the scrum, Greg Wilder stoops to escape with the ball. YT! - an ,, ln the throw in Vance King tries to beat out the opposi- tion for the ball. The ruggers bring it back on the field to start a tiring sec- ond half. Getting the ball away is al- ways the hardest part of rugby. Sports 155 WOMEN'S TENNIS Swinging into action was the women's tennis team, experienc- ing their strongest year ever since Terry Hershey became coach five years ago. The team ended the season with a 10-4 re- cord and, although they've had better win-loss records, their schedule was extremely com- petitive as compared to other years. Hershey's team faired very well against nationally ranked teams, including victories over Villanova and American University. Benefitting the team was the fact that they had lost on one from last year and they gained their ffl ranked singles player, freshman Theresa I-Iorstman. Horstman, from Lighthouse Point, Fla., ended with an 11-3 record as well as winning the Maryland State Tournament here and reaching the quarter finals in the Salisbury State Tour- nament. Other strong perform- ers included seniors Debbie and Lisa Lemken, Amy Chambers, and Jill Rafano. Lisa moved her ranking up from 46 singles to 4963 singles while Amy completed the season with an impressive 11-2 record as well as being a winner in the Maryland State Tourna- ment. Other strong perfor- mances by junior Veronica Vogt- man, who ranked 42 singles, helped the team become increas- ingly competitive. The strongest doubles team of Jill Rafano and Karen Kouvel also faired very well throughout the season. The women hosted the Mary- land State Tournament here on October 12-13 and took first place by defeating the six other teams participating with a total of 19 points. They later wrapped up the season placing eleventh out of a field of 16 in the Salis- bury State Tournament held from October 18th-20th. The field included many nationally ranked teams and coach Her- shey was quite impressed with Ready to serve, hopefully an ace, is Lisa Lemken. 156 Sports Stepping into it is Jill Rafano the team's showing at this highly competitive tournament. With a fairly young roster, next year promises to be even more competitive. Although the team will lose four seniors, they will still have their W1 and 42 ranked singles and players such as Beth Butterly and Karen Kou- vel, who are ready to take up the slack left behind by these who are graduating. ggfpzssszzsisisg nr. gszszisszzzszs: i 4: 35 ' T it r .9 rr 'fi s s . s " s sssisfwiixr 'lwiwifbi' ..r..., ...W.... my .rirr W.. .. .. ...EW rg- ,. Eswrr as Xwifvlls is Qsiigii WWW mi- ASEZHSSSM-SY -35-533 ZESZAZQSYQMW' rrWrrzzzzwaszari,zrzsszsszszzms-Q-sssasszg is-21:12. rfrf9s,,: Wwgsmzssszzsfsaiszzzzrsssstazszzzzfzn::2..,m.::.:sfr .sQa.,r.,s,wms..,s..,sW.M .. ..WWs..,... .,. gs.s,,.W..r3 . . ...rm -4 Xmas Qs MW ' G Q f :5:..g::.:-E.: 5 rsssifrrrflfiifiis 2 3225: W rxirzsssiimrszirmzsrrzsrlrsrr : -Wert sri-2 :'iI"1" i 5 Es .. ser ffitiwfilfmsiig-ifSs i??5E5 ' 11: sri---55522-we . sas i N :tease ss.-ff.-:fi .... s- .-....... -. sa Q-.sag 1- ww 3553.235 -slow z..,4w.qg .gs g. 1sf,r. 9.-' MSL wQs,o-9.-2.-msysimy sa .MN :gas M, -s as 55535: -553-:-ag'-.i gi-5 -If 2233212 .2 2 2- g Z ig sg g g- S2ZZEiisgitggaifaggsglritwirrmgifsigi, : 5- .' ' ::- rr-xtiiiiifiysiisskissri-gs 5.592 gma,,,w.v.,r.a3i.,-.W.rm 15512 A' U E L Ei? l 4 A smooth stroke is all it takes from Debra Lemken. i. A 1 , ssa' - ...I As she eases forward Karen Kouvel hopes to score a point. No ball is too high for Teresa Horst- man to reach. Front: Karen Kouvel, Barbara Kouvel, Amy Chambers, Jill Rafano, Lisa Lem- ken, Debra Lemken, Teresa Horstman. Second Row: Jen Patalinghug, Kathy Gill, Julie Wright, Stephanie Graclle, Ter- ry Hershey lcoachl, Vanessa Voghtman, Beth Butterly, Catherine O'Gallagher Sports 157 'WU' A The dedicated baseball players put in many hours of practice in be- tween games. Pictured: Jack Sell- ers, Ken Burch, and Jim Wiegartner. Chris Carey and Rick Folio take a rest in between innings. 158 Sports nam.. MW. fx if I 7 4 " G N' Q ,M swung, . 'r - ,. 4, 'ii- . l l , . ,, nv I g, . , I H " 'ff' At The Bat The Baseball team took on an interesting look this year as three senior captains were expected to lead a young team that featured twelve new players without col- lege experience. For the three seniors, Ken Burch, Tom Wie- gartner, and Pete Longo, the task of leadership was not to be a problem. The attitude before the season was one of high expecta- tions as five returning starters and a core of young pitchers was to add a new dimension to the team. Optimism was high due to the strong nucleas that the seniors portrayed due to the four years Sophomore Charles Wehmeyer throws the ball around with his team-mates in order to prepare for a game. swam . . - I of experience they had under- neath their belts. Ken Burch started his fourth year at short- stop with the experience in field and at the bat. An excellent col- lege shortstop, Kenny finished his career hitting well over 300. Pete Longo and Tom Wiegartner showed consistant homerun po- tential throughout their four years and had enough games at their respective positions to lead a tight defense. Yet, the key to the season was in the hands of the younger play- ers. Paul Stahl, Mike Sheehan, Tom Rafferty, Chris Carey and Randy Ramsey returning from last year with the remaining play- ers all being rookies. The combination of youth and experience which made for a year of rebuilding that promises to be one to watch in future years. The men's baseball team cheers on Freshman Dennis McGlaughlin as he "bats up". Front: Dennis McGlaughlin, Scott Perry, Rick Folio, Fred Sorbello, and Steve Pom- pizzi. Second: John Hayes, Charles Weh- meyer, Chris Carey, Glenn Watkins, Paul Staul, Randy Ramsey, and Tom Rafferty. Third: Jim Wiegartner, Steve Ferguson, John Moore, Pete Longo, Tom Wie- gartner, Ken Burch, Mike Sheehan, and Rick Reaver. Sports 159 Fielding A New Start 1985-1986 Womens Softball started its season with an opti- mistic outlook. The team had re- turning this year some of its strongest players. Leading the returnees was senior Patti Schaefer who led the team with twenty-three hits and also cap- tured title of most stolen bases in the nation. Sophomore Sue Mer- olla added strength to the team as leading pitcher. Senior co-cap- tain Nancy Tenaglio started this " ,il gW-2fSff---Mwmmx3:s-ai - 4 'ifii-.':I'.5:-FH:.'ifT:f.l:E.5.'f5fM'"W-it 55:3 5'-I I- 'Q ,M ,.,.,.,..,.., 4: , .,.s .,... .,.,.L .... ,. .... , .... ...... . .fi...,.... ...., 'I:3i--E- :-:-:-l:52EsE"E:: ::s:::3-f.Liam:-miiii'-5-55'ii:'isa'EIr'I3i"3IiSIi.:5::i:-l:I:E-'EEZ-I-'E-E-:-E-E-:-.5":Ef5SEi5E5.5.1555132 "fill: Wa. .n """' "" W 'W mfr. .wiaw -"-' gg gsss 833-525 wxgfgigggg gggwggggz- :snr-'asf-Mar r ---' rzgigafiisierrszggrgggss- MED Q ya 4 Q Q s 225 2 if? , -:-:- W' ...- I:- ' .: "III'.2IZ r 'ruaw iv W9 t"W??'P9 rw :gm ii:-Q-2.-'g-:-:-:-2-.-5:: :g 5:-1 :,:Q'QZ 3?SI-5 WWE?-11,2 it Erwin W :gs wg 5 :5 3 t'gt,f3, g. -gm . -:E:2: :'..:.j 25a!,g,g,g is tiiiiitiig zlitiwiiirriasezi i it Q- to it , A prepared stance shows that Katie Roche is ready for anything that comes her way. A player is out after an ex' year at second base, adding ex- tra security to the team. Womens Softball had a chal- lenging season this year which they fielded well. Coach Denise Ditch pushed her older members as well as cultivated her younger players. A hunt by Katie Roche helps the Girl's Softball team win a game. K s- . .W is . .,... ., ,. I . L . .sf . V Q... 'f as F" iii - '5 i"fiW A V ,kg se, rs., N. .K fi, ,,..,..,,g, ir. ---X gy., , .. 5 . if ,ae s ri, as vs 3 si. Ol citing catch by Barb Ruby. 160 Sports .Sam iiiszf Team Picture Front: Sue Merolla, Heather Banning, Carls Butler, Katie Roche, and Christine Spendley. Second: Eilleen Anderson, Susan Murchie, Lynne Metzger, Maggie Christopher, Maureen McMa- hon, and coach Denise Ditch. Third: Pattie Schaefer, Nancy Tenaglio, Amy Chambers, Bar- bara Ruby, and manager Jenni- fer Fitzpatrick. . is if 4- , ,Y A Maggie Christopher "drives" a ball into left field as anxious fans and team mates look on. Sports 161 Success At Its Best The Mount Saint Mary's track team enjoyed another successful season highlighted by a second place finish in the Mason-Dixon Conference Championship. Individually, there were sever- al members of the team who played key roles in the cham- pionship meet. Senior Carol Uptegrove capped a fine career by finishing second in both the 5000 and 3000 meter runs. Juniors Mi- chele Dixon flst 400 hurdles, 2nd 400 meters, 2nd mile relay, and 2nd 400 relayl, Mary Mundy 12nd 800 meters, 2nd mile re- layl, and Chris Larsen flst high jump, 3rd triple jump, 3rd 100 hurdles, 2nd 400 relaysl were all major contributors to the team effort. Dixon and Larsen have both qualified for the NCAA Division II National Championships to be held in Los Angeles, California. Dixon will participate in the 400 hurdles and Larsen, the team MVP, will be in the heptathalon. To prepare for a race the run- ner must keep their mind and body in concentration. ll' K Determination is needed in the hearts Careful calculation must be used and minds of all runners. when execution of the handoff is cru- 162 Sports cial. X W i , Y L 1 .nil "H 5' . '- X JS! si 1 - U. ' 12' W. ..... 1 4 , '-23 ' 2 , s - A - 0 s u f.. - 1 as M, i . - is .-, i ii -15:-Q - R f . as T it ' ii 5 T ., . w is ,Q-1.5 Q we---I 2- rr Q:-SEQ 2 'f ifFfi..aei-fi:-ggi.-L Q fr 4. .....s,,, .. i . ,m.h ' 1' .. - ' , '-Syl ' 5 rf - s,gL.. .- 7 rr .., . ---N-1 jig. surf- if A . -' . , - .p K., ' . if. riff ff- il .. . ,cg- .. .f.k"'3 J- " "':1"ff its-1' iszrjsgs gfp, rs' - 9 . . . xr 1,5 -S. X - ' 5 . , xf",gw9-f,i.fvgr,C:Si:f', ,. 'si' .SY-YS. If ' -:gif-' fa-iz - - .. Y A wma. .A . .- fl W ,yy sy . M2553 - -- . .- - ,s-K .,,,,...+ - . 1. 'gaasiiqf fiffyv 1 -- A - K ....W . 5.3 -- t JFSM' ,LQ sirsikif' -Fr?4TL.L-"' ...ul A Building Year The 1986 Mount Saint Maryls tennis season was once again a prosperous one. Dominated by four positive-minded seniors, the netters soared to a 9-4 season. Captain John Laughlin was joined by fellow seniors Pat Woolford at number two, Boyd Bocklet at number four, and Bill Vharles at number six. Also play- ing significant roles this year were junior Mike Klingenberg playing number three, and fresh- men Jofi Baldrich and Bob Burke. This years squad was filled with enthusiasm and dedication. Team unity was the rnost essen- tial element in the success of this years team. Providing for that team unity was Coach Terry Hersey, who over the years has improved the Mount Tennis pro- gram a tremendous amount with his future-oriented philosophy. Led by the undying optimism of Laughlin, the team scored im- pressive victories over American University. Georgetown, and Salisbury State. ln addition to these highlights, many individ- uals accomplished standout per- formances. Newcomer Baldrich, playing in the number five slot, surprised everyone with a per- fect 12-0 singles record and an 8- 0 doubles mark teaming with Charles Burke. Burke also had a successful initial campaign as he stepped in with his racket and finished 4-3 filling in at number six singles. Despite the loss of the seniors this year to graduation the out- look for the 1987 season is a promising one. Along with Klin- genberg, Baldrich, and Burke, Soph. Greg McMahon and Fresh- man Rob Knotts and Jofi Bal- drich. Team Picture John Laughlin, Pat Wolfe, Boyd Bocklett, Bill Varles, Mike Klingenberg, Jofi Bal- drich, Bob Burke, Greg McMahon, Rob Knotts, and Coach Rob Knott. Concentration is a key element to a successful game of tennis. Sports 163 All Fall Down Considering that the women's cross country team was put to the test with assorted injuries and illnesses during the fall sea- son, head coach Lynne Phelan Robinson said her team was "re- spectable in all meetsf' The team, led by senior Carol Uptegrove and freshman Carole Monaghan placed third out of eleven teams in the Mason-Dixon Conference Championships in Lynchburg, VA., and then took fourteenth out of twenty two at the NCAA Division Il East Re- gionals at East Stroudsburg, PA. Uptegrove missed the first three meets of the season due to injuries. ln her absence, Mon- aghan came to the forefront and established herself as a contend- er for years to come. Monaghan was the Mounts top finisher in the team's first five meets of the season. But Monaghan suffered a throat illness late in the season, and sophomore Patsy Ellis, the Mounts Number 3 runner missed the second half of the season with a foot injury. Uptegrove came on strong at the end of the season and then showed determination in the post-season with impressive races in the Mason-Dixon meet and the East Regional meet. "The girls worked hard all sea- son, and we had a lot of fun, all the girls ran excellent at times throughout the year. lt's just that we didnlt have everyone healthy for the whole year. But we did well in spite of that." Just before a meet, Carole Mon- aghan stretches to prevent injury. 164 Sports Mr i N, Team members listen to last minute words of advice before they embark on their trenuous race. To these dedicated cross-country team members, Mary Munday, Meg Cuddeback and Sue Tejeski, stretching is part of each day's strenuous workout. K ,Af S1 fW,4Rj ,121 .Xl if ilk! ,fd- Team Picture Frontg Meg Cudderback, Carole Mon- aghan, Pat Mulaney, Carol Uptegrove, and Lynn Robinson fi-lead Coachj Backg Annette Chedeville, Sherri Steeiey, Mary Munday, and Sue Tejeski. Sports 165 Jus JWQGQEA' 56 . - n a film 5 o Qw - L g L . VZ. . , a , ' ,rf 'f ' W" ,VVA - J W W A group of sophomore girls bring A look of determination is proof their Mount Spirit to help cheer on that Steve Long is a winner. the track team. 166 Sports YW. 'K , . iz N.vg5.fe,.-Ni, N wtf . ,. ,.., -ge. up A I Mwl eees' N f ,... :,.--,t,,gM,5iw., W 31. K L-J Nr.. ---- wwf' S?.fKN'3?5XMwx W. ffzzgezaf11'.:f:--- iimzzrkf' "" :1s,ssg1-sgE,f,:5. 3 , Q-wa wi- -.Q m ai :V.iW7i sfg5,m,.m ,.,1:,f,.5H. k K .k im K. ...Xml ' ' o Pain o Gain I speak from the line. The start- ing line that we all excel from every time we compete. There are exceptional, world-class ath- letes on the Track and Field Team here and there are others. We must not separate the team by giving deserved praise to champions and lip-service to those we rarely hear about. All who step to the line earn their own satisfaction. Competing in an individualistic sport, one is not affected by the "bounces" or the "breaks" but has one's efforts di- rectly and unequivocally reflect- ed in performance. Performance which is solely his. The intensity of that effort originates from the heart. Stepping up to the line to compete, the athlete has a possi- bility not just to compete in the sense of beating the other guy or losing to him, but to better him- self. It is an opportunity to phys- ically and mentally discipline oneself only by the impetus of one's heart. Will. Sincerity. The person who learns this through any sport is humbled, for he sees in himself how much our potential can develop and how far our heart and soul must still go. Pole vaulting is no easy feat, but Mike Elrich makes it look simplis- tic. Sports 167 Intramural football is one of the most exciting and competitive of all the intramural sports. Even pool is a part of the intra- mural program Charlie Burrows concentrates as he prepares for his next move. is . Q ..,- ,355 , S taxis? t Q ,Ak it o ri S' NSY I e. is Q: .Q I! X 1- vw .M X Uk 1 Sf , Yr. 3 t S -1. 6 M XR w x x it 3, A .. Usa, . .SFS tttp at 5 .S 5 1 f Ms . I. 168 Sports .gtgfgs Q it Trl Sporting Unity There are many aspects to in- tramurals. They are physically challenging yet fun. But one of the more important aspects of in- tramurals is the unity they bring. Intramurals allow people to get together in an activity that is not academically or socially orientat- ed. The emphasis is on the sport and winning but the underlying feeling of camaraderie and friendship is far more important. Intramurals bring unity. An en- tire hall may get a team together freshman year. They may seper- ate in the following years but of- ten times the team stays togeth- er. The members move on but they keep that oneness through- out their four years here. lntra- murals not only allow one to get to know his team members better but also allow him to meet other people. Teams play other teams from all four classes. The teams come together with a spirit of ri- X .l'5l"' X ' , ,ffl f K , ., T fx valry on the field or court, but that rivalry remains there. Off the field comes new friendships with other people of different classes. These friendships be- tween classes help unify the whole campus. Through intra- murals unity is built and strength- ened. ln the long run it isnit the outcome of the game that mat- ters but the lasting friendships which are the true reward. r Hackeysack is not as easy as it Many people use a pick up game of looks as Frank Donnelley trys his luck with it. basketball to practice for their in- tramural games. Sports 169 Moving Toward The Goals The Women's Lacrosse club is a hard working, dedicated group of young women. Although their record was not on the positive side it was not indicative of the girls dedication and playing ability. With the larg- est turnout in the five year histo- ry of the club, 53 girls, Coach Amy Hart had her choice of good players. The team came up against some tough varsity com- petition, but with the help of sea- soned players, such as seniors Janet Curly, Christina Fritz, Suzy Caufield, Debbie Walsh and Al- yce Leighton, the team played a competitive game. Along with the numerous ex- perienced veterans from the past, there were a number of girls who were playing for the first time. While these players may not have seen much action in the games, they are the un- sung heroines whose support and dedication made for strong team spirit. Being that the team is a club sport, it needed leadership off the field as well as on. With offi- cers Elizabeth Sullivan, Cindy Joy, Elke Rayborn and Patty Benzing, the girls formed a well organized squad. The girls are hoping to eventu- ally turn varsity but with or with out Varsity sports the team will continue to dedicate themselves to being hard-working. Maneuving the ball down the field can be strenuous work. Good defense is the key to a suc cessful game Campus Life 171 Utilizing S0m9 key SGni0l' members Not a person in the crowd could stay Of the baseball team, U12 team Pllt seated when "Tate" Davis dunked in a strong effort. the ball. I it H Y: sifitgif- - -if fi - Q- --v fa- 1 S'F'Nf'fr me 'fry-5 ,W , S LLlL M, , L, V s.., 1 t X i K sf ,.' J Q-ff 5 elites A-T"zL'hf':1r3iat'I'3?'Qr5rQsa -ini-ifflf-Si A M If 172 Sports Womens field hockey had a chal- The campus felt the eagerness as lenging season, but successful. the womens Basketball Team came closer to the final four. Mount Ruggers kept our saturday afternoons alive. AL ,M . ,Ls Womens track had an overall suc- cessful season. Sports 173 The Senior Dinner Dance proved to be a great time especially for Jim Ottenrid- y der and Debbie Lempkin. i SUB chairman Colleen Kennedy can al- ways be seen working diligently in the SUB office. EI' X, M Friends come together to have a good A little wiffle ball outside the apart- time and relax at the RAT. ments is a favorite senior activity as Dan McCaffrey passes a little time be- tween studying. 174 Sports Games people play There's one sport that doesnlt need a racket or a court or even a net. lt can be played inside or out with as many or as few people as are around. It's the new craze that's sweeping the campus: hackeysack. But hackeysack isn't the only informal game on campus. Frisbees are seen flying through the air as people jump up to catch them. On a nice September day or April evening, the quads around campus are full of pick-up frisbee games. Some say it's as important now as it was in the 1950's when the craze began to pick up. Another popular informal game is wiffleball. Anyone can become a Babe Ruth as they send that plastic ball sailing Mover the fence." A good game can usually be seen in the courtyards of the apartments. Stoop ball is another example of an informal game. It is played with a tennis ball against the stoop ofa building. The front entrance of sheridan is often "off limits" so a good game isnlt inter- rupted. Another informal activity, though not really considered a sport is skateboarding. Someone can always be seen zooming around campus or even whizzing past you in the halls. All of those who participate in these activities mentioned and the numerous others provide entertain- ment for the numerous co-eds who just like to sit back and take it all in. if A pick-up game of football is one way to pass some free time in the quad. G94 . . -4... ir 'hiv' tvisgggkr, vi' A 35.5-sms, li F fi ni.. , S' r , . .. . 'gf .pl " . ofa mx, , . N,,. i L . f I s MY ,Q i gap, I, ,M N ,gil ' M 5' I . J. , N if X . , ,X f .,. 9. f r -wgr V , , s . - 4 e..,,, ,V , .,45,2L.., . J ..7i , j Vagzw r . V ,.. 'xilrfl 1 In .ugw,..,Lf'fFl 'Z ei vi of my J' 4. N 'fy V '1' A . V ,ff WTF' , A M .-rhatmlrlawf Tfw :M we f 5 V. . A nf . --Q f K 'Wrvf . ,...,,,1' Sports 175 Phelan's Feat lt's not easy to accumulate 600 of anything. This year, Coach Phelan led the Varsity basketball team to their 600th win, a feat accomplished by only 12 other coaches in college bas- ketball history. Coach Phelan has accom- plished just about everything there is to accomplish in his 32 years here. His teams have made it to the N.C.A.A. tournament 12 times including 5 trips to the Fi- nal Four and a national cham- pionship in 1962. Phelan also led the team to its 100th all time win in 1984 making us the first divi- sion II team school to reach this plateau. The 600th victory was not celebrated only by players and basketball buffs. The whole school celebrated Phelan's most recent accomplishment. T-shirts were printed up featuring Phelan clad in his trademark bowtie. All season long students facul- ty and fans anticipated the up- coming game. When the fateful game was won on February 17, everyone shared in Phelan and his team's admirable victory. Front: Mark Scallion, Rusty Rauh, La- mont Ferrell, l.aRian Finney Second Row: Bruce Woodyard, John Moore, Paul Edwards, George Young Third Row: head coach Jim Phelan, Octa- vius Davis, Mike Walker, Mike Grimes, Sean Fagan, Mike Tate, assistant coach Bob Flynn, manager M.J. Golibart 176 Sports sconaaoaao , Bioomsburg Gettysburg St, Pauls's K ' liliaaheth City, Kotztown 7 Florida Southern University of D.C. Cabrini . Widener 2- Sacred Heart fl 75-62 93-67 83-66, 109-1031 702515 1 78-842 90-89 95-67 59-45 1 791761 Merrimack 82-78 Pitt-Johnstown 70-56 University of D.C. 71-57 -Qlruppensburg V g 78-61. Randolph-Marion 1 69-49 Loyola 77-75 Philadelphia Textile 80-70 Longwood 69-74 Liberty A 70-69 UMBC ' 84-66 Randolph-Macon 70-44 Liberty 75-47 Catholic 86-59 Pitt-Johnstown 98-66 UMBC 80-68 Longwood 83-65 UMBC 1 16-50 Pitt-Johnstown 78-70 Winston-Salem State 74-'71 ,Norfolk State ' 75-78 Taking an outside shot is Mike Tate as George Young looks on hoping to add two points to their score. Q2 50 of ML MA ,of '41 lib, r x . Q, and ..xX,i: wwssfzi 'sy 3. KW! Playing tough defense against Ran- dolph-Macon are Paul Edwards and Octavias Davis, as they wait for the ball to be passed inbounds, hoping for an interception. Pointing down court is Coach Phe- lan as he notices a move one of his players should make. Sports 177 , s S ' Q Vim .41-v"" ,Q V xv W 5 r in 2' . ft' Al . . .,, U..- Members Unly A new club was formed this year. No budgets need to be sub- mitted, no officers elected, the only dues to be paid are those of sweat and dedication. Its mem- bership is exclusive. The only qualification that must be met, and not an easy one at that, is that one must score 1,000 points while being a member ofthe Var- sity basketball team. We are priviledged to have three members enrolled in the club. Those being, seniors Paul Edwards III, George Young, and Gripping the rim for victory is Mike Tate as he slams one in with the as- sistance of Paul Edwards. the only woman member, Berna- dine Bocus. Both Young and Bocus were accepted into the club while scor- ing their 1,000 points during the Regional Playoffs. Edwards scored his 1,000th point earlier in the season against Longwood College, while many students were basking in the sun during Spring Break. Next season, all eyes will be on juniors Mark Scallion, Lisa Green, Octavius Davis and Shaun Jackson, as they ap- proach their 1,000 point goal and await their admittance to the club. Jumping up for the rebound is Rusty Rauh as he plays defense for the Mount. If 'W If 1... ,,.,,,,,, ff Anxious for the play to begin are seniors George Young and Paul Ed- wards. Sports 179 N as lthough the dorms are not exactly ideal living quarters, they do become "home away from home" for eight months out of the year. The walls of a room tell a story about where its occupants are from, what inter- ests they have, and where they hope to go. With mitte h d J Cl es to wmachan Bl d fB k b tack- ing bab bl k Campus Lif H05 5 A .W 4 l ' ' i l V-1' u' ., A .,,,,X fc 7.33 C gb kf m lass, LizM g and fi ,' C h C ff IID nM Caff h ybe 4 f h' . 1 0 a h Ib Mk .1 ph dshm l' Divvers take timeo l f h ' ,aff before heading into stud for then' next test. lu' gas M . X ,V , , . ith . ,af 6' ' Af f -2 3 ,,4 , 5 n .Q Jg,, , gwiwffg , v,:mwM1 if 1 J x f af 79 E W xy 'Q-X e 3' ' A' Y ta W 4 i M ci i w it gy Q f 1 ygw, f f mis vw K "V f AJ , 1 ,f fm - : M hge fW.fx7fk Wl?V?E?QE?W ??':vuwf'EM4 Mawx-w'm-'- M G, , if , CIE? Wednesday night happy hour at Otts has become a school tradition. Shelia Hammill and Jim King take part in this weekly activity. " . . . keep smiling, keep shining know- ing you can always count on me, for sure, thats what friends are for in good times and in bad times I'll be on your side for evermore, thats what friends are for . . . " Dione Warwick Lead singer Billy McCarren shows his talent as the band Chase practices their numbers in Sheri- dan lounge. 182 Campus Life in 4, Z 2 7 ,i 5 W ,. M I RX--.M Ooh life in the apartments! Lynn Metzger, Peggy Barr and Karen Coyne know how great it is. A little friendly competition never bothers Mary- ann Pakarek and Venessa Voss as they take ad- vantage of the sunny weather by hitting the courts. Live acts in the Tudor Room on Wednesday nights always seem to bring in the crowds. Mark Woodruff and Paul Auchincloss take time out to enjoy the entertainment. Knowing class is finally over, Jane Purkis, Didi Jones and Eileen Riorden soak up the sunshine as they head back to their dorms. Campus Life 183 What a night the Senior Dmner Dance was for Lisci St Pierre Tara Olvany and Tom Barnes Angela Consoli shares her mail with Barbara Kouvel on the way to visit their sisters on the terrace. Rob Wade sits back and enjoys the rugby game with the usual crowd. 184 Campus Life aw -is Mary Claire Rafferty shows no fear as she pre- pares to give blood. " . . . well it really don't matter where you are, cause home is in the heart its a feeling that you wake up with one day, turn your head don't look back, just set your sails for a new horizon . . . " Phil Collins WWW A if Chris Sabia enjoys playing DJ in his room. f' W 1' is W i Mark Pierce, Chad Williams, John Lau, Chris Cur- rens, John Collins and Kevin Spellman confident- ly stride towards another intramural basketball victory. Campus Life 185 Seeing a smile on a students face lets Suzane Knoth know that planning lessons is worth all the hard work. Posing with the St. Paulie Girl is no problem for Bob Werwinski, Steve Broas and Tom Leverone. we ' X - K " , X 'L I Q 5.1235 ' s Q :WWA vs 186 Campus Life E . Always nice to receive a long distance phone call, Charles Wehmeyer takes time out to catch up on news from home. " reach the stars fly a fantasy dream a dream and what you see will be rhymes that keep no secrets will unfold behind the clouds there upon the rainbow is the answer to a never ending story . . . " Limahl Popcorn is always brain food when taking a study break for Loraine Leo, Beth Kirke, Beth Hannum, Jackie Worinski and Lillian Valle. Campus Life 187 The fearsome foursome: M.J. Golibart, Mike Walker, Kevin Fitzgerald and Tom Leverone ln between classes, Patty Dowd, Amy Auchin- reved up with their infamus cycle. closs and Kathleen Mallek stop to talk. .lJ.1'l.'.Dv .1 U' vw -. 23.1.2 ,N veins 'db From Echo field sounds of fun come from Kevin Lutts and Tara Olvany on a hot summer day. No one understands best for Ellen Ginn as she and her Mother arrange her dorm room. 188 Campus Life . Q 5 .mibW'W Always "Pop',-ular What's white, fluffy and can be found around campus? If your thinking of snow you are wrong for the answer is popcorn, For our students popcorn is a favorite snack food, possibly surpassing oodles of noodles. Remember those late nights when you were hungry for a snack but you didn't have the energy to walk to the snack bar? All that was necessary was at a flick of a switch on your popper and within minutes you were fulfilled. A bowl of fresh popcorn kernels dripping with hot butter. It seems as though the first kernel popped always produces a smell that lingers through the cracks out your closed door and within minutes you are fight- ing off the vultures for just one piece. What monday night football game, late- night gossip session, or viewing of your favor- ite movie would be complete without that fluffy, white, madness popcorn? Orville Redenbocker would be estactic if he knew that our campus was supporting his ? Good friends, lots of laughs, and fresh popcorn are three essentials for these students. livelihood to such a great extent. Often people look for new ways to dress up their bowl of popcorn. For those who are more adventurous, corn mey be topped with Parmesan cheese or seasoned salt. However, most students prefer the old stand by, not buttered popcorn. Remember, the next time the smell of pop- corn 'tpopsn into your room pop right up and get a hand full. Campus Life 189 W EW l Easy As Pie Men and women alike poured into B-Com- mons on the grueling afternoon of September 17 carrying their respective concoctions, all with one goal in mind. Every participant in the Bake-off, sponsored by the Resident Hall Staff, hoped to bring home first prize for the scrumptious delicacy he or she prepared. The desserts were as diverse as the apart- ment dwellers who entered them in the con- test. Everything from chocolate chip cookies to chocolate rum cake filled three long tables containing the 19 hopeful prize winners. Judges Ms. Mary Stein, Fr. Patrick McLaugh- lin and Fr. Daniel Nusbaum made their way down the line tasting each and every cre- ation, realizing they would somehow have to choose which treat was a notch above the rest. As the judges tallied the scores, mouthwa- tering onlookers awaited the final judgement. First prize went to senior Mary Fay, thanks to Everyone trusts the galloping gourmet, judge Fr. Pat McLaughlin. Coordinator of the Bake-Off, Steve Beaver, serves up a sample to his roommate Mark Wood- ruff 190 Campus Life her Hchocolate Lust!'l "lt deserved to win,', said one senior guy as he downed a spoonful of the first prize winner which consisted of chocolate, nuts, cool whip and pudding. No one, including the judges could resist this de- light. Second and Third prizes went to senior Daneen Marrella and junior Kathleen Jordon and senior George Pollin, respectively. But everyone who attended the event was a win- ner. After the judging was completed all par- ticipants and onlookers were encouraged to have a chance to judge for themselves which treat they would have chosen as the winner. Indeed, smiles were plentiful and stomachs were full as the galloping gourmets of the apartments filed out of B-commons. The judges move on to the next entry as Mary Holley observes her competition. Q, il' M, 5 .B ' 4 Xtsbx ,Q W - ex W? X . s. Q M ' WKQWA-I 7 fm I To get a look at the entries before the others, After Steve Beaver tastes entry 492, he and Mark Kathy Greenhaul is a table length ahead of the Woodruff think of possible dessert for dinner. others. Campus Life 191 Business-like and on the trozzini and Brian Kelly. phone, are Chuck Pe- If ,,.-Q Wash And Wear Doing laundry is one of the most mundane aspects of college life. Few people would argue that trudging down long flights of stairs, arms heaped high with piles of grungy, smelly clothes, and spending several dollars on washers and dryers that sometimes fail to live up to their names, is their concept of excitement. Yet because clean clothing is essential, all college students, no matter how hard they may try to avoid it, are forced to do laundry at least once in a while. One of the first things you notice during a visit to the laundry room is the wide variety of styles reflected in washing clothes. Some of the most creative versions come from Freshmen guys. A great many students come to college with no prior laundry experience whatsoever. This seems to be par- ticularly true of young men, each of whom comes to develop his own individual method of washing and drying clothes during his first year of school. One factor that varies greatly among Freshmen guys is how often they do their laundry, For some, the time is whenever they run out of clean underwear. Others wait until their clothes begin to walk down to the laundromat them- selves. The intervals range from once a week to twice a semester, depending on the amount of clothes, their degree of moldiness and the number of quarters the person washing can scrounge up, borrow or swindle. lt is interesting to observe how Freshman guys go about the laundry process once theylve determined their clothes can no longer wait. Some boys are methodical and orderly in their tactics. They sort their clothes into dark colors and whites, know all about temperature set- tings, and the best ways to fold their clothes to avoid wrinkes. Other guys aren't quite as organized. As a result, they may sometimes subscribe to the "put all your laundry in one load to save money" technique. This me ss mr.: A 1 ' . l 1 lt's too close for comfort for Paul Quigley, John Leahy, John Hays, Steve Colburn, Larry Howley, Enloying the 0Ufd00l' C0llC9l'f, 3 Slllash of C001 and Kevin 0'Neill, water cools off Brian Glackin and Greg Muldoon. 192 Campus Life care-free method eliminates the work of sorting clothes, thus reducing the need to touch each piece separately and possibly contracting some form of disease. If colors run from one garment to another, they simply write it off as a new fashion. Sometimes the key issue isn't when or how the males of the Freshmen class do their laundry, but, although it has never been documented, there is strong evidence to suggest that the ability to do laundry is directly related to how far one chooses to go away to college. The closer students live to home, the closer they are to the most popular and widely used laundromat affectionately known as MOM. In fact, some students purposely plan their trips home around their laundry needs, As soon as the last of their clean clothing runs out, they suddenly develop an intense desire to see their families. Another method that first year guys use to avoid doing laundry is to get another student to do it for them. Some- times this involves pleading and or a promise of favors in return, in other instances a simple puppy dog face will suffice. The latter seems to be especially effective with girls, who often take pity on guys when they admit that they don't know how to wash clothes. Creativity helps. Some students find that the best way not to do laundry is simply to catch another individual en route to the laun- dry room and nonchalantly add their own clothes to his or her heap, using the convincing argument that a few more pieces won't make a noticeable difference. These quicketalking schemers are experts at manipulating na- ive people into doing their work for free. Don't support their crafty activities, do not be fooled by their clever persuasions, Stop them now before they go on to become used car salesmen, or worse, politicians for the U.S. government! Mom no longer does the laundry, a good guess is all it takes shown by Bill McManus and Jerry Don- ahue. Saga calls T.J. Murray, John Belgrade, and Brian Boomer as they cruise across the terrace parking lot. Pang Lounge isn't all that bad. Ask Albert Kim who is trying to make the best of being one of the lounge boys. Campus Life 193 Not everyone survived the chicken fights at the S.T.I.C. games as one team lay on the ground. The tug-o-war team pulls into action as they ap- pear to hold their own. 194 Campus Life STICK WITH S.T.I.C. Every freshman inevitably wonders, "What is college like?" the first saturday our freshman spend away at college tries to an- swer this?g The Residence Hall Staff co-ordi- nate S.T.l.C. - So this is College. The day begins bright and early for the orientation staff who begin around 9:00 am setting up games and activities around Echo field. Each activity is specially designed to allow the freshman to meet one another. The staff of 30 upperclassmen organize the activi' ties and lead the groups of 10 freshmen around the field. The whistle signals the start of all activi- ties. Each group of eager participants goes from activity to activity gradually getting to know each other better. Some of the favorite games include volleyball, pass the orange and the culmination of the whole day - the waterslide. Why is S.T.I.C. so successful? Just ask any freshman. "I get to know some of my best friends through S.T.l.C. what a blast," re- marked Eileen Barnes as she looked back on the S.T.I.C. program. Freshman Tim Hubner added "the waterslide was great. What a way to start the year!" S.T.I.C. really is a great introduction to mount life freshman as well as the committee who organize the event enjoy the day whole- heartedly. lntlmately through playing pass the orange 'W'-su ...isa , rf This appears to be a wet but fun way to spend a August afternoon as Molly McCallister slide down the water slide. You must be careful not to spill the water as Lillian Vallo discovers while playing the water in the bottle race game. The amoeba race is quite successful in bringing freshman closer together. Campus Life 195 . .Q . N... , x -N ,J After a night of fun, games and gambling, There- sa Morrison and Loretta Cain count their win- nings. Trying to match names with faces these three Freshmen found a good source in last years year- book. 196 Campus Life as it KX X 'Vi' NN if sass ,QP :wp , ' . gy ei t e awk s , lis a K E W" Q kkzh It Comes How did you meet your best friend at col- lege? Those of you who did not know some' one may have had a tough time. The fear of not knowing anyone can be worse than the fear of your classes. But sooner or later most everyone finds someone to be friends with, whether or not itfs your roommate. There are many unusual ways to meet people. As your stomach growls while stand- ing in the SAGA line, you may casually ask the person next to you what they're serving today. If you lacking a dinner mate, sitting down beside a friendly face is always an ideal way to meet someone. If the laundry room is crowded, which is often true, conversation usually arises. The annoying telephones may Naturally label you as an answering maching, but you can make a lot of new friends on your hall. Or, if you are strolling the campus on a pretty day, the pain of being hit by a frisbee may become a lasting friendship. During the book- store's busy seasons, a long line can seem shorter with a little light conversation. Even the mailroom is an ideal to Lbump' into some- one. So whatever your purpose is when you leave your sheltered dorm room, there is al- ways the possibility of making an eternal friendship. There is no need to worry about meeting people because it just happens natu- rally. S.T.l.C. turns out to be a good experience for Beth Hannom and Jofi Baldrich. 2 The perfect atmosphere for meeting people and talking about plans for the weekend. The battle for the washers and dryers continue for Holly Peters and Sherry Divven. Campus Life 197 Who could resist Freddie Sorbello's willingness to serve his master. Emcee Ed Caruso scans the audience as the hands go up to bid on Billy Otterbein. I V V VLIV W a in h ,QI a.hh,, 198 Campus Life YGU GET WHAT YGU PAY FUR Going once, going twice . . . Sold! to the group in the back. On October 10 the lower SUB. was converted into an auction block of human services. The senior class sponsored Rent-A-Senior where members of the class auctioned off for their services. Seniors to be auctioned were chosen on the basis of a point method by their schoolmates. Vengence began to surface among friends as people chaulked off votes for their favorite nominee. On the night of the auction, the nominee wearing normal clothing just would not do. Fashions of the day were changed drastically for outfits worn ranged from bright, floral patterns to alternating multiple colored stripes. As if it were Halloween we could find a Madonna look-a-like, a playboy bunny, a 3 I l 2 2 s l i 1 5 l 5 Q S 5 mouse, and a priest strutting their stuff in front of the packed Rat. All of those in the audience enjoyed the antics on stage. The purchase performed such tedious du- ties as cleaning grimy ovens, washing month- old soiled laundry, and scrubbing stained floors. Many of the servants prepared extra- vagent meals for large groups while later watching others enjoy the fruits of his labors. Their night of service ended after the mas- ter's ordered them to stroll around campus in outrageous outfits. Those involved in the auction found that the best way to survive the pain and humili- ation on that memorable day was to laugh it off, and realize that the money you made in the auction benefitted your class. Nonethe- less, the pictures which remain serve as a reminder of what really happened that day. 'ti K or s - K' - , A i i Nervously the Auctionees sit awaiting their name to be called for the bidding to begin. Lisa St. Pierre, Paul Cinoa, and Tara Olvany wonder who will be up for grabs next. A .r-- . -.---is iz " "9 vc . 13 ' 5 H' W "Ms: A -sr T i .Q K ir- .- " 1 pst? lt's not easy being the lady of the house as Paul Cinoa experiences after picking up a few things at Super Thrift for his master. Mud wrestling was just one of the numerous acti- vites which took place on Rent-a-Senior Day. Here, Tom Barnes takes Lisa St. Pierre down for the count. Campus Life 199 Q, .,... .-,, "Jams" shorts are one of the first clothing items to be taken out of closets in the spring, as this group of Sophornores model. Always looking collegiate, Jim Folks to class on a sunny spring day. 200 Campus Life M .,,,, EE mr? if Z! 'ilffvii ,Q .fs I 49,2 Jamming Into Spring With the first appearance of Spring people go crazy. One of the surest signs of this Spring fe- ver is the way people dress. Spring's explosion of color is re- flected in the students, fashion. Coats and sweaters are shed. People reach far back into their closets to dig out clothes that havenit been seen since last fall. The brighter the better is the Mac Porch is a favorite place for Terrace residents to spend time be- fore and after classes. msaisass fx 41 W A 'EX .Vx 8, rule. JAIVIS are the most popular fashion items. Their geometric patterns, strange pictures and odd shapes grace buns all over campus. Still others wear pastel oxfords and solid color walking shorts. And of course, there's al- ways the jocks with their boxers peeking out from underneath their shorts. Of course a tan is the ultimate spring fashion. Everywhere peo- ple are trying to catch some rays to complement whatever they are wearing. Sun glasses are definitely one of the hottest fads on campus, as Kathy Barbarack, Greg Tolker, and Chrissy Harkins demonstrate. Four apartment dwellers, Tom Fish- er, Amy Lengel, Jim Morra, and Greg Wilder, try to decide which is the best route to go to get to class. Campus Life 201 i I 2 5 i 3 5 1 s i 4 The sun and the radio are the only "necessities" that Nancy Rabasco and Maribeth Swihara need for "study aids". Q ,Y A ' The wall on the terrace provides a seat that Julie Shea and Tina Sauro use to enjoy the day. 4 K . ,,..M. cf, -,i F ,V A ,nib r ,1l"f'Lih3ifr? , . .. ,. -Q fr it V. ,, H '54, 3 ',.-' t "- ' V , " M " - r H N 21 529 , f oz, . Hanging out in the quad on a nice spring day are Unable to sit in their apartments any longer, Daneen Marella and Rick 0'Brien. Frank Donnely, Alice Rooney and Mark Ladinsky enjoy a beautiful spring afternoon. "Is There A Doctor In The I-louse?" According to local medical authorities, a highly contagious and widespread epidemic has recently hit students and may even be spreading to faculty as well. The disease has been found to fluctuate in contagion accord- ing to the weather and curiously appears to occur in large proportions at about the same time each year, intensifing until Finals Week. Its symptoms are striking and frightening to behold: students blatantly refusing to accept the reality of freezing temperatures by stub- bornly sporting JAMS and Hawaiian shirts in the dead of winter, the development of an insatiable desire for sand and water, an in- creasing aversion to morning, mid and late afternoon classes, and a sudden obsession with skin tone, sparking off the yearly frenzy of pale bodies fighting for optimal sun space at strategic campus spots. Does all of this sound very familiar? If you display one or more characteristics listed above, you are probably suffering from the dreaded but very common illness, Spring Fe- ver. While this campus is not the only college who falls victim to Spring Fever, students are probably unique in showing the earliest symptoms of the disease. Spring Break to Ft. Lauderdale and The Bahamas in the middle of February and beach nights at the RAT are only a few indications of this phenomenon. Other students capture the summer spirit with spontaneous frisbee and lacrosse tour- naments in hallways, on balconies and park- ing lots. Probably no student is immune to that persistent gnawing at the heart - that restless feeling that if you are confined one more hour in your room the walls will close in and suffocate you, that if you do not get in the ocean immediately, you will not be responsi- ble for your psychotic display of hysteria. What can be done about this condition? As yet there is no cure for Spring Fever, al- though summer vacation seems to help a great deal. The best adviceg follow the crowd. From Sheridan Beach parties, to courtyard barbeques at the apartments, to library stair- well tanning sessions, the Mount has a lot to offer its avid sun-worshippers. Campus Life 203 if ii- i FAQ M fs 5' is ' A VN A Building Quad is a popular place to hang between classes as Lisa St. Pierre, Jeanne Sweeney and Tara Ol- vany relax on a sunny day. With the warm weather comes cotton sweaters, JAMS, polo's and of course shades. 204 Campus Life 'P Q. Q wife, K S Tensions It's bright, sunny and 80 degrees outside. Sheridan and Bradley beaches are calling for you to come out and catch some rays. But at the same time it's that fatefull week known as finals. You have to cram for five exams. Finals week is 98 hours of anxiety and stress. lt is staying up all night long motivated by caffeine and tons of junk food, writing and reading at an incomprehendable pace, knowing that your whole grade depends on the outcome of this one day. The campus quickly transforms itself from fun in the sun to a deep and intense study atmosphere. At this time many students find more appropriate to utilize the var- A tree on a sunny afternoon is a perfect spot for Beth Ward to catch up on some reading. MCU ious study facilities around campus. Students retreat to the library, fourth Sheridan, the Seminary, Purcell, the academic or science buildings or any other quiet isolated place of no distractions. Dorms adapt quiet hours for those who wish to study in their rooms. But all this tension and anxiety is bound to come out somewhere. A trip to the lower S.U.B. becomes a social event as everyone meets their friends, talks about the days exams, and samples the "snack of the day". But social events aren't the only release of tension. An all out paper fight at 2:00 A.lVl, allows one to let go. But every- thing seems to work itself out. The exams come and go. Some were easier than expected while those ones that were supposed to be easy . . . But once the burden of finals is completed everyone is homeward bound. Walking home from classes can be en- joyable on a sunny day as freshman Denise McDonald santers to Sheridan. its .gg M Echo Field is a great place for sun and fun as Willis Gunther and Jane Cahill catch some rays. Campus Life 205 The is a great place to get together and relax after a long week of classes. Seniors Ellen Brown, Steve Broas and Kerry Kinnealy enjoy a beer in the RAT as they socialize with friends. flmiggw O Mila no .mm KW ,,,,, ,, iifuof 206 Campus Life Learning to cook is one of the many challenges of apartment living, Karen Brantmeyer seems to have mastered it. a w 4, Q FS 4 fwzfmwffesf , wwaf..,,m.ffiamaw-.smwwwmrhwlI X 4 2 I " " Wflzff Books . . . Gptional Classes are over, The books you've read all semester Cor were supposed to readl are closed for good. What now! Of course! Sell them back! Each exam week, the stu- dents get the chance to sell their books to a company who sets their own prices according to the book's condi- tion and its availability. Often the lines are crowded since the idea of getting Christmas shopping money at the end of the fall semester, or extra money at the end of the school year appeals to most everyone. For most, book sales are a relief. The books they stared at all semester were finally gone! But for others, the book sale was a disappointment. That 335.00 Quants book or Norton Anthology only grossed 55.00 by the end of the semester, That's not even enough to buy a stocking stuffer or a night out at the beach. UThere's got to be a better wayf' some claim. The spring semester added another option to the book buyingfselling routine. Students had the opportunity, through the S.G,A., to sell books to other students and buy some themselves for a fixed rate, which had been predetermined. This new idea allowed for increased competition and often. better prices. lf the buying and selling of books is too confusing, there's always the option of keeping all the books you acquire throughout the years. By the time you graduate you'd have quite a collection! 'WJ ft 3' Q 9 Hundred Days party was a great suc- Enjoying the RAT on a Friday night is cess for Kathy Cunniff and Patti Ginty. Amy Lengle. Campus Life 207 Co-Habitation The first step is choosing a roommate or roommates. The next step is choosing a room. lt all sounds so easy and it is. The hard part comes on the night of room lottery. All your plans can go up in smoke and it all depends on your number. And what a night room lottery can be. Juniors are trying to get into the apartments. A good view, nice furniture, the second and third floors, and the same building as all your friends are the big require- ments, However, there are not enough of those apart- ments to go around and your number seems to be much too high. Sophomores are trying to get a better room on the terrace. Moving from those fourth floors in an attempt to get on first Mac, Brute or Dub. Freshman are just trying to get on the terrace. A and B decks are the popular party halls and always fill up quickly. The night ends as the last number is called. Some are happy while others are crying that they have no place to live. But in the end everyone gets a room and the contracts are signed, 208 Campus Life Roommates Billy Otterbien and Ed Caruso display their comic personality at the Senior Class Slave Auction. f Hundred days party was just one of the activities for seniors this year pictured are Paul Cinoa, John Callahan, and Kathy Cunniff. A beer truck provides a backdrop for Kathleen Ryan, Kathleen Furey, Janet Galvin, and Mary Kohl to pose for a pic- ture. M. I ff 11-W,u.1.1 Wm-,am 2 I3 fra!! Y Y . , The long awaited apartments for sen- iors are utilized to the fullest. Roommates and friends Frank Donnelly, Kevin Fitzgerald and Mike Walker socialize in the apartment quad. Campus Life 209 Junior Karen Kouvel takes time out from "girl talk" to give a smile for the photographer. Celebrating after the SGA banquet are Lisa Lewis and Patty Hill. A The Senior Socials throughout the year provided the seniors to come together and socialize as a class. Pictured are Dannen Marella and Mark Barter enjoy- ing a beer. M bfgiiii two 210 Campus Life Q Q 3 p ' y Speaking at the alumn d t res' ll h ,,,,,,,,-uv' p dent John C WM my yipy pypi 9 l CCY Would you tell me please which way I ought to go from here?" "That depends a good deal on where you want to go." "I don't much care where." said Alice. "Than it doesr1't matter which way you go," said the cat. Apartment living provides a very dif- ferent atmosphere than dorm Iife. Sen- iors Kerry Kinnealy and Jim Ottenrid- der take full advantage of apartment l f i e. Campus Life 211 A "A 4 7 in 5 , L! , f . , - A ,w k 'V,, Sodas help to wake up Patti Dohm, Johanna Con- " soli, Ellen Parker, and Karen Shotz as they walk off to class. A last minute rush is made by Terrace residents to the Academic Center. X 5 N e,NWm,,ll, ....i., www i'X"" N. ',3' i- AF' W- ia. aussi 212 Campus Life 6 ,R To walk between Sheridan and Pangborn, some students may use the walkways or just cut across the grass for a shortcut. Walking The T Paths O Life What if you need to get to Ott's before closing time but there isn't a car available? Many opt to walk the three miles into town, Others don't wait for a desperate situation like this to take a walk. There are so many nice areas around with- in walking distance. The Grotto is just a steep stairway away from the Terrace. lt provides the perfect setting to get away from the hec- tic pace of classes, parties, and activities to a little peace and quiet. Another beautiful place is the campus it- Allllfllc self. With all the new plants and flowers the scenery is as pleasing to the eye as the walk is good for your health. In the Spring though be careful and watch out for a flying frisbee or ball. For the athlete and avid walker there's the trip across Route 15 to the East Campus. The paths have been changed and rerouted to make way for the A.R.C.C. With all this a walk should not be just a last resort. Itis a great way to get around campus and see its beauty. With the building of the A.R.C.C. College Lane became unuseable and students were rerouted to i get to the fields across Route 15. One of the first spring days makes it difficult for Michelle Porter and Karen Kouvel to go to the library to study. f Campus Life 213 Even little sisters came to parents Weekend, pic- tured is Jim Folkes and his two sisters. as .eie 2 Tom Barnes and Dr. Kennedy exchange hello's at , the Parents Weekend Dance.' '-Q1 '- A popular place for entertainment on Parents Weekend is the Tudor Room, pictured is perform- er Adam Albino. 214 Campus Life Thanks Mom 8: Dad Just about the time when everyone thinks they're going to go crazy from the end of spring semester work and the college food, a special weekend comes along which provides a break from both. Parents weekend 86' carried on the tradi- tion of once-a-year fun for both parents and students. These folks who arrive friday night usually take their child out for a nice meal and then are treated to a night at the RAT or the Tudor Room featuring specially per- formed student acts. Though quite a bit more crowded, the RAT serves the same beer 81 wine and plays music for all to enjoy. Saturday provided the perfect setting for the annual fair held outside the S.U.B. and the A.C. Booths featuring Roulette Wheels, a Dunking Booth and a pie throwing benefit attracted many people while others enjoyed the fashion show, sponsored by the Class of 19873 or the concert held on the Library steps performed by the College Singers. R.O.T.C. held repelling demonstrations which allowed newcomers and the exper- ienced alike to try their luck. Saturday night's Parent's Weekend Dance featured the big band sound of Zim Zimmer- rell and his band. Few could resist the perfect dance music. The B.Y.O.B. event provided the perfect atmosphere for the parents to get a taste of the nightlife here on campus. The weather was perfect and the crowd abundant at the outside mass celebrated in front of Flynn Hall on Sunday morning. For many it was the perfect way to top off a perfect weekend. Colleen Kennedy and Ed Dzuik enjoy a beer at A great part of the dance is when the band played the Parents Weekend Dance. Daddies Little Girl, Alyce Leighton and her Dad enjoyed the song. Campus Life 215 SW' lt's time to relax as Barb Ruby and Jim Ottenr der have a beer. The walk to class on a nice spring day can be enjoyable, pictured is Debbie Devine. Its chance that makes brothers and sisters, but hearts that makes us friends. 216 Campus Life Y i lr The library was packed finals week with students reviewing their semes- ters work. The book store always seems to have business from Mount students. ,f"",,l-f' -, , ,fx I Ice Cream after dinner IS popular with SAGA was a big part of socializing for everyone at the Mount Mount students. Campus Life 217 Short hair seemed to be the style this year as two sophomores demonstrate. Many Mount students took time out on a breezy saturday to partake in the CROP walk. Junior Anne Ward and Sophomores Katie Roohan and Beth Suarer participated in the days festivities. Good friends for years, Amy Lengel, Pete Toolin and Fran Holcomb. 218 Campus Life ss? The Junior Ring Dance was a terrific place for juniors to come together as a class and have a blast. Anne Ward, Patti Quigley, Liisa Cutroneo, Sue Jordan and Karen Kouvel were a few of the junior girls that attended. ,dm W 3 S- mrs fi -MQW A6 2 i Q-si ,M " 'H if-,v'W15!22f' . ' HL 4 ' , ,, 5414 4 Z X ,v ff ' W 1 . Q , , fi! vw f ffff U, 3,1 'Q ' .3 , Old lrish Prayer Take time to work . . . it is the price of success. Take time to think . . . it is the source of power. Take time to play . . . it is the secret of perpet- ual youth. Take time to read . . . it is the fountain of wis- dom. Take time to be friendly it is the road to happi- ness. Take time to dream . . . it is hitching your wagon to a star. Take time to love and be loved . . . it is the priviledge of God. Take time to look around the day is too short to be selfish. Take time to laugh . . . it is the music of the soul. With the warm spring weather brought a little more time for Seniors to s end in the sun 220 Campus Life Seniors enjoyed relaxing in the quad in their last weeks of school. After four years of hard work they decided to take out a few moments for themselves. Intramurals is a big part of extra-curricular ac- tivities. Lisa St. Pierre trys her hand at tennis. It is amazing how many pets make their way to the Mount campus. Ed Caruso and Carlos O'Con- nell spend time with their new friend. The Spring Dance was one of the highlights for second semester, Seniors Kim Schultze and Su- zanne Knoth took time out of their fun for a pic- ture. in rg Campus Life 221 Out on the Town The Junior Senior Prom, held at the Hyatt Regency in Baltimore, Maryland, was truly a night shared with friends. On April 19, the Constellation Ball Room was transformed into the main lobby of the Academy Awards as people entered "dressed to impressn. The endless sea of black tuxedos, evening gowns and jewelry showed that this was destined to be a night to remember. Once again the Heat returned making their first appearance since the Senior Dinner Dance. As the updated selection of songs was played the dance floor was filled from begin- ning to the end. One of the highlights of the evening was special guest, Ted Stranko. He performed his own composition of "Friends", The lyrics embodied the dreams of the even- ing as well as those of the past. The meal started with shrimp cocktail, fol- lowed by salad, chicken cordon bleu, string beans, and for dessert chocolate cheesecake. Many tables ordered a bottle of champagne for the special toast of the evening. The fun and excitement of the evening will last for many years in the memories of all who attended. After having a nice dance, Christina Fritz and Jack Sellers share a drink at the Junior-Senior Prom. my I K by ' WN Eddie Dzuik, Carl Francioli, Kelly Egan, and Thersa Stump relax at Phillip's in Bal- timore - a traditional favorite place to relax during Prom Weekend. Alice Rooney, Kelly Simmerman, and GiGi Henderson "show-off" their tans at the Prom, that they worked so hard to get. 222 Campus Life X Uur Day May 18, marked the end of so many things which took place on this mountain. The Sen- iors cannot forget, however, that it was also the beginning of something which is com- pletely unknown. As the spring semester drew to a close, the seniors found themselves becoming even closer than before, enjoying the last few days of their four year stay here. They were ready to continue on the road of life yet somehow found time to pause, look back, laugh, and whisper good-byes. The festivities of gradu- ation included an unforgettable Friday night party in the quad rain and allg the dedication of the Niel Norberg memorial gardeng picking up caps and gowns bright and early saturday morningg a steamy long rehearsalg the bacca- laureate massg the danceg and finally gradu- ation. All these activities seemed to be the perfect way to cap off our four year stay. When the fated day arrived, proud par- ents and professors, who have continually helped the class of '86 "take shapen listened with the class to words of farewell and con- gratulations. The tassels were turned and the diplomas were distributed, The 178th gradu- ating class prepared to descend from this mountain. Ei .t k - ,. ' 224 Graduation .- , gf-fu... ' , 1 . . . i .ws v- . , . ,... - . .k1. . W t. In Kk.Vk . . .K my . - . . V .i-fl' or K' .sliff7f1E5i,'2s: 5 Q, - , " - ---- mi -.k, L L .:-,:,--.t I ,i.. .. ., 1. , -sf iw.: - .t ff.--,t t f if One of the high lights of graduation weekend was the dedication of the Neil Nordberg Memorial Garden. va 'Af 3 , M ,rw A6 .3 Q W' Q ' J ww ,SAS i K Arran ,,v:: df W N . . , 3 . if 3 wh .5 . .Q ,' fm R ,, ,, W5 'Tum fy M .M ff -cf 'i WM Qi M, M. 1 A , M fig, . s-:.,,. :fi gal A M115 xv , K we Qld? ' f"'y'4u,,,4 1 miiiwuw ,....., - -sf 'F 1 m , A ze, ' l srl. v Q 19 Q. A "" ,iiLQ,, 'fWf9AW,3 ,, 9 W, H L, M ,f , 215 " 5 'Me +2 f f . ' e , , 1 ,, s 1, ,- "ML Q2 . ilaiiafinalbmop lingareceivin ff ,Z ents of t is Dave Etta- e degree. WWW' 4Z4Qgq4g Forget about the days when its been cloudy, but don't forget your hours in the sun . . . Forget about the times you've been defeated, but don't forget the victories you've won . . . Forget about mistakes that you cannot change now, but donlt forget the lessons that you've learned . . . Forget about misfortunes youlve encountered, but don't forget the times your luck has turned. . . Forget about the days when you've been lonely, but don't forget the friendly smiles youfye seen , F F . F at Forget about the plans that didn't seem to work out' but don't y f0rQQ?fFiOFdlW?5gt5g haverfglggrtgdreamftffggff rtyrl r- F FFFF t rFFFFr Amanda Bradley 1 2 l After the exercises many of the students sought lts difficult to express the feeling ofjoy when you out former professors to say goodbye. Here is Dr. finally pass through the stage at Commence- Flynn with students Jay Barry and Kevin Vaughn. ment, pictured is Colleen Holmes. Graduation 227 Shouts of laughter could be heard after the Bach- elor of Arts candidates graduated. Dr. Campbell had words of wisdom to the gradu- ating class. The Campbell family joined together to con- Roommates Fred Owusu, John Singleton and gratulate their brother on his Masters in Busi- Paul Auchincloss took a moment before process- ness. ing to have they're picture snapped with the hon- orable. 228 Graduation fw ff I Never Forgotten The four years went by so quickly. Some- times I thought it would never end lusually about the time I had two papers, three finals, and a project due next weekl. But, here it is, graduation day and in just a few hours my college days will be over. It seems like just last week Mom and Dad dropped me off. I was unsure of the future. I knew no one and was only hoping that my roommate was easy to get along with. I re- member so clearly S.T.I.C . . . Casino Night . . . the blizzard . . . and my first trip to Pauls. By the end of freshman year I didnlt want to leave. Sophomore year seems to have been just a few days ago. I came back to the Mount after a summer of anticipationg full of new confi- dence. I knew where things were and how "the systeml' worked. Most of all I knew who was my friend. That Ustrangeru of a year ago, was my roommate - the one who knows me best of all. We enjoyed ordering our rings. . .the luau. . .intramurals. . .and our newfound confidence. Seemed like yesterday I was a Junior en- joying the ring mass . . . slave day . . . the anticipation of apartment living. The terrace was the place to be and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. And now, this morning, Ilm enjoying the last couple hours of senior year. And what a year it was. The apartment . . . golf games senior dinner dance Otts 100 Days . . . the Prom, this has been the best year of all. I'll leave here with the best friends anyone could ask for and the memories to last a lifetime. Four years have come and gone. The years have flown by like the pass- ing of just a few days. And tomorrow? What will it bring? The beginning of a new part of my life. One things for sure, I'll never forget these days of college. After the ceremony friends and family congratu- lated one another. Graduation 229 is wi So often I sit and think about the way things were rm Q the fun and friends, the joy we all had and the times of just being together . . Of course there were some days, times, we wondered how we made it. But our friendship helped us through. 230 Graduation Joyce Brink .- 32 if ,J , .., Q4 xv. . Q rf ,- H . 4 , ., 'Q: . - 1 , ,..' K Q , . ,Q-, + A 5' . 3 E Q xg 5- ' E L , X ,, V,. .E ' A xv, .i P5 as QQ 5, x j,v?u,, ri in ,Ly'x,X as 4-3 Q . K V xv x t ,, , Q - bf TN' , f ik fwfr- x Q ,Q Q-f"'x W S f As x 1, , ,. , h I. S X 1 as M: X R 'x. R S , . I was Sims The graduation speech given by President John Callahan touched on memories of the last four years. Arlene McCoog receives her diploma from Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser. . Q 3 eeeea S Iii 232 Campus Life -last time on May 18 as our years ago we came to thrs mountam cars loaded down not only w1th clothlng stereos and refrrgerators but burled beneath thrs plle of belonglngs was you and I Each of us comlng from a dlfferent background and each havmg a dlfferent outlook on lrfe By that t1me our morals and values had been shaped through our parents and famllles Those four years flew by and those or1g1nal morals and values have been challenged and redeflned We went through alot to get where we are now Every course professor good and bad t1me and every frlendshlp posed new challenges to be taken hold of We struggled together through Quants and Phrlosophy and wlth our teachers g1v1ng of themselves through thexr t1me effort and patrence we were all able to grow mtellectually These professors maybe at the Mount because of the frrendly atmosphere but I feel the teachers are here because they honestly care about you and me and those feellngs have made 1t all worthwhlle We came together for class masses to thank God for the many glfts he has QIVQD us We also reallzed that our hallmate prlests wanted to be a part of our lrves and us to be a part of thelrs we shared mass together But also we had Itallan dlnners wlth F r Delaney and drank a beer or two at F r Pats superbowl partles Most of us came to realrze that these men we call Father are also frlends Frrends that want to help us to reach our potentlal and really flnd out who we are Gver erght semesters we came to know who we are Where we are gorng we may not know what d1rect1on we are headed but we know that there IS a d1rect1on We found what we l1ked and d1d not the chance to make our own chorces and except the challenge to control our lxves We were drawn together when we reallzed that all of us had the same baSlC fear of leavlng home or taklng exams We congratulated and supported one another We found that we could all laugh together wlth our classmates that had been auctloned off and then when we lost Nell we found that we could cry together Th1s challenged us even more to th1nk It pushed us to try to understand what had happened and why And w1th our frrends support we were able to see happlness 1n anythlng Our memorres of the Mount both the good and the bad w1ll never be forgotten even though there are a few we would llke to forget We have lastlng memorles of roasted plg at the non achohc luau loadlng up buses for Sprlngfleld and who could ever forget thrs speclal weekend Seemg frlends move on and worrylng over that Investments course may not be forgotten And yet each event molded us a dlfferent way and forced us to look at ourselves 1n a new way We dreaded some courses and enjoyed others the same for some of our professors Some frlendshrps lasted whlle others d1dn t and those memorles both good and bad w1ll never be forgotten Each event and each person has touched us ln some way They have shaped us 1nto what we are today But we can t stop here We have la1d our foundatlons and now we w1ll bulld upon them Rock slnger Brlan Adams can sum up everythlng 1n just one sentence Alnt It funny how the t1me flys when the best IS yet to come . . , . . , , , . . . . , 5 7 7 ' 7 , . . . , . . . Q . . y whether it be baked or fried in the cafeteria or our own gourmet cooking in the apartments. We were given , . . . . . .. . ,, . ' 7 , . . . 7 . , . U 7 7 ' . . , . . . .4 . . . . ,, , . Campus Life 233 'XIN E Xi EX ES R L X L R C, I 5111 N K ,,- '9 if x My OOQOQGQQQQQQ J. 1 VS ar. I Q:- Q x , 3' fb . vb 9 :sm - 'QV MOUNT SAINT MARY S COL L I L I Emmrrbamzc Mmmwn NDAY MAY Excmuawm tiki mcsrrxamx Faamzs wx Editors o e ount St Mary s is an ever changing community This campus has undergone numerous renova tions and many accredited faculty have passed through its doors Throughout every change the Mount has mamtalned a very special unity which has been fostered amongst its Faculty Admlnlstra tion and students This umty keeps the sp1r1t of the Mount ahve within each and every one of us The 1986 Prldwm chose its theme Taking Shape Thls theme captures the Mount s consistant growth Mt St Mary s strlves for new beginnings When you look back at the college in years to come it IS my hope that you w1ll see the contlnous changes of the college Behmd that change I hope you To my staff you made this yearbook experlence a llttle less crazy and a lot more fun Without your hardwork patience all mghters and sacrifices we never would have made it We put a lot of ourselves ll'1tOtl'llS book and it shows I couldn t be prouder John thank you for the never endlng patience your frlendshlp kept me going Eddle the endless battle for pictures thanks for being so understanding Mary and Rob the copy IU this book of which I am particularly proud Thank you for all the frustrating long hours 1986 Pridwin Staff our lives our book and our friendships have truly Takin Shape We Are Forever One Patty O will find that unity and caring that keeps the Mount a special place for its students and Alumni. Campus Life 235 Index Acker, Susan 133 Alameno, Andrew 10, 82, 134 Alameno, Mary Albano, Paula 81 Albina, Adam 71, 134 Aleszczyk, Nancy 10, 67, 83, 106 Alexander, John 121 Alvarez, Lisa 79 Amato, Christopher Ambrosi, Stephen 76, 140 Anders, Jennifer Anderson, Donald 72 Anderson, Eileen Andrews, James 71 Andrews, Melissa 82 Angueira, Hector 78 Annas, Michelle 79 Anthony, Moses 78, 123 Aro, Jennifer Ascarrunz, Miguel Ashbury, Jill Auchincloss, Amy 128, 188. 80 Auchincioss, Paul 10,4O, 108, 121, 128, 183 Baker, Gladys Baker, James Baker, Sean 70 Baker, Buy Baldrich, Jose 81, 116, 197 Banan, Ali Banning, Heather 80 Bannon, William Bantner, Michael 76 Banzon, Russell 70 Barbaro, Antonino 128, 134 Barbrack. Kathleen 74, 112. 128. Barbrack, Patricia 81, 124 Barger, James Barlow, Kathleen 78 Barnaba, Maureen Barnes. Eileen 80 Barnes, Thomas 10, 199 Barr, Margaret 183 Barrett, Joseph 72 Barriteau, Celia 10, 133 Barry, Anne Barry, John 11. 31. 75, 115. 116, 126 Barter, Mark 82. 115 Barth. Michael 83 Bartolini, David 11. 82, 126 126 Bartolomei. Matthew 140 Battista, Vincent 10 Baugher, Vivian Baumgardner, David 11. 119, 125. Bayne, William 12 Beall, Mark Bean. Paula Beauchat, Mark Beaver. Steven 82, 120. 123, 190, Becker. Michael Beckschi, Peter 78 Beckwith, Paige 80 Belgrade, John 70, 192 Bell, Godwin 8. 79 Belmonte. Nancy 10, 52 Belton, Michele Benedict, Traci 80 Bennett. John 78. 121 Bentley. Diane 74. 100. 121 Benzing. Patricia 6. 116. 142. 143. 170 Berenato, Thomas 77. 125 Bergdale. Terry Bermudez. Jennifer 80, 122 Bernardo, Michele Bernhard. Claudine 81 Bertie, Lisa 80 Bethke, Eileen Betz, Maria 75 Bevenour, Stephen 74, 140 Biesiadecki. Tim 74, 144 Bigham, Marybeth Billington, Brenda 74, 104, 133 Bioni, Christopher 79 Birkenstock, Gregory 77, 124. 153 Birkenstock, Joseph Bittle. Deborah Black. Robert 10. 82 Blakeslee, Lorraine Blandino, Tina 82 Blee, Robert 12, 82. 111 Blumenauer, Debra 12 Blunda, Catherine 73, 123 Bock, Henry Bocklet, Boyd 3, 12, 82 Bocus, Bernadine 13 Boggs, Dennis 133 Boite, Francis BonTempo, Marco 13, 126, 135, 138 Bongardt, Susan 81 Bonsack, David Bonzon, Raymond 71 Boomer, Brian 70, 116, 135, 138. 192 Boone, Christopher 116 Bosak, Dianne Botsford, Jeffrey 74 Bouyat, Denise 79 Bova, John 71 Bowen, Sean 116. 118 Bowles, Laura 116 Bowling, Kathryn 13, 125 Boyd, Jeffrey 14 Boyd, Brian Boylan, Hugh 77 Boyle, Megan Bradley, Colleen 77, 78, 120 Bradson, Tracy Brady, Steven Brantmayer, Karen 14, 82 Braun, Erin 14 Braver, Christopher 76 Brena, Bettina Brennan, Kenneth 72 Brennan, Thomas 81 Breslin, James 118 Brett, Stephanie 80 Brewer, Julia Brewis, Jeffrey Brigerman, Ronald 14. 71. 140 141 Broas, Stephen 15, 82. 186 Brocato. Christine 81 Broderick, Colleen 15. 82 Bronski, Jeffrey 75 Broussard, Paul 15 Brown, Beverly Carolan, Noreen 82 Carroll, Robert 17. 134 Carter, Jean 80, 116 Carter, Robert Jr 5, 72, 116. 120 Caruso, Edward 17, 118. 136, 198 Casey, Mary Beth Cashen, Dennis 17, 16, 22, 83, 108, 121. 136 Cassels, Karen 81 Casteleyn, Michelle 80 Caulfield, Maureen Caulfield, Suzanne 17, 82, 128 Cavanaugh, Ann Celestial, Conrad Jr Chanberlain, Debra Chambers, Amy 18, 29, 120. 157 Charles, William 18 Chase, Melvin 18, 70, 122 Checchia, Maria 18 Checchia, Rocchina Chedeville, Annette 80. 165 Chen. Paul 79 Cherry. Wayne Jr 18, 71 Cheruiyot, Charles 166 Cheruiyot, Sammy Chew, Paul Chiodo, Donna 82, 128 Chrismer, Paul Jr 19 Christopher, Margaret 79 Ciliotta, Virginia Cinoa, Paul 19, 29, 70, 119, 120, 199 Cipolla, Frank 72, 153 Clabaugh, Michael Claire, Edward 70, 71 D'Agostaro, Margaret 21, 38 D'Ambrosio, Daniel Jr 71 Dallas Joseph Dallis, Deborah 21, 82, 122 Damato, Mark Daniels, Christopher 81, 125 Darrehoe, Jerry 72 Davis, Amy 21, 82, 122, 128 Davis, Emma 82 Davis, Laura 80, 134 Davis, Nancy 81 Davis, Octavius 176, 177, 178 Davis, Wilfred Jr Day-Ketel. Kathleen Dayhoff. Ray Jr DeCastro, Leland DeCillia Lisa 82 DeFoor, Steven 3. 22, 71. 116. 136 DeFrancesco, Denise 80, 81 DeLuca. Ronald DeStefano, Kristin 81 DeFluri, Eileen 75 Dehoff, Judith DelGiorno, Kathleen 74, 113, 124, 105 Delaney, Michael 72 Delia, Richard 22, 60, 128 DeLorimier, Theresa 22, 83, 123, 128 DeLorso, Denise Delozier, Kimberly Delzingaro. Brigitte DeMatte, Scott Dempsey, Jane 82 Clark, Clark, Clark, Clark. Clark, Anne 73 Diana Kelly 76 Patrick 79 Elizabeth Classon, Kathleen 19, 82, 56 Clavin, Clavin, Deidre 81 Donna 81 Cleary, Michael 19, 31, 82 Clem. Susan Clemson, Susan Clough, Robert 153 Brown, Ellen 15. 82 Brown, Jennifer Brown, Jill 73, 120 Brown, Rebecca Bruchie, Virginia Bruderman, John 71, 74 Brueggemann, Lynn 79. 116 Bruscia. Julie 73 Bryceland. Andrew 128 Buck, Timothy 70, 128 Buckreis. John 81. 122 Bunch, Gregory 70 Burch. Kenneth 15, 82, 158, 159 Burke Burke . Lawrence . Michael 133 Burke, Kathleen 81 Burke. Robert Burnetta, Denise Burns, Christopher 70, 75 Burns, Mary Burns, Monica 82 Burrows, Charles 71, 73, 74, 128 Burtner, James 79, 120 Butler, Carla 82 Butterly, Marybeth 83, 157 Byrne, Dean 16 Cahill, Colleen 16. 82 Cahill. Jane Cahill, Thomas 73, 130 Calamia, Gerald 16 Callahan. Daniel 109 Callahan, John 16, 116. 118, 136 Callahan, Tracy 75, 142 Calvetto, Geralynn 79 Calvetto, Jay 140, 180 Camilleri, Judith 82 Cammack, Thomas Campagna, Theresa 80 Campbell, John Jr 16 Campbell-Nolan, Catherine Cangemi, Robert Cantwell, James Jr Canuso, Amelia 82 Carey. Christopher 72. 158. 159 Carey, David 74 Coakley, John Jr Codey, Melissa 80 Codori, Christopher Codori, Gregory Cohee, Matthew Colburn, Stephen 192 Collings. Donald Collins, Christopher 81 Collins. Dierdre 116, 128 Collins, John 72, 185 Colman, Michael Comolli, Diane 74, 77. 116 Connors, Cira 74. 106 Connors, William 81 Consoli, Angela 82, 184 Consoli. Joanna 73. 116, 212 Cook, Laura 20, 82 Cook, Michele 80 Cosgrove, William 78, 118 Coughlin, Maryellen 74 Coulbourne, David 78. 134 Coulborun, Steve 70 Courtney, James Courtney, Lisa 83 Coyle, Patrick 20, 121, 123 Coyne, Andrew 72, 121 Coyne, Karen 20, 183 Coyne, Richard 82, 133 Crimmins, Patti 79. 116 Cross, Peyton 153 Crum. Bruce 21 Crummy. Kathleen 81 Cruse. Cathy 80 Cuddeback, Margaret 132, 165 Cullinan, Colleen 73 Cullum, Kendall 73 Dempsey, Kristin 82 Dempsey, Paul 71, 134 Dempsey. Robert 22 Denardi. Richard 22. 82 Dentz, Susan Detgen, Peter Dettor, Paul 77. 153 DeVaney. David 23 Devanny, John 23 Devine, Deborah 111 Devlin, Patricia 79 DiDio, Pamela 80 DiGiovanni, Tracey 97 DiRenzo, Geraldine DiVenti, Joseph 72, 128 Didyoung. Anne 80, 122 Diffley, Robert 71. 133 Digman, Kelli 73, 142 Dillon. Elizabeth DiMaio. Lisa 23. 123 Divver, Cheryl 82, 122, 181. 197 Dizon. Michelle 79 Dobbyn, Peter 153 Doherty. Thomas 140 Dohm. Patricia 73. 212 Dohony. Joseph Donahoe Girard 193 Donnelly Francis 23. 62. 82. 104. 203 Donnelly Patricia 79, 116 Donnelly, Susan 82, 24. 44, 112 Donohue, Robert 77 Donovan Marylynn 74. 116 Dooley, William 74 Cunniff, Kathleen 20, 21, 56. 82, 116, 121, 181 Cunningham. Christopher 82 Cunningham, Elizabeth Cunningham, Kerri 75 Cuocolo, Joseph 72 Curley, Janet 21, 82, 142 Curley, Maureen 81 Curran, Christine 75 Curran, Gary Currens, Christopher 5. 72, 114. 117, 185 Cutroneo, Lisa 74. 116. 133 1 Dorflinger, Paul 71, 74 Dougherty, Arthur Dougherty, Diane 2. 24, 44 Dougherty, Kathleen 73 Dowd. Catherine 73 Dowd. Patricia 82. 188 Downing, Barbara 24. 82. 128 Doyle. Kathleen 75. 100 Doyle, Kathleen 73 Doyle, Michael 81 Doyle. Michael F. 81 Drabb. Michael 24. 82, 122. 128 Driscoll, John 76. 84, 116. 133 Driscoll, Suzanne 82 Drum, Trevor Dudzek. Christopher Dugan, Kevin 81 Duhan, Colleen 124 Dulski, Mary 73 Duncan, Glenn 74 Dunn, Matthew 140 Dwyer, Howard 76 Eager. Michael 74, 144 Eaves, Francine 83. 24. 128 William 133 187 Echavarria, Raul 82, 25 Gabel, Mark Gable, Karen 82, 27, 15 Gable, Katherine 74 Galati, Eckstorm, Mary Jo Edwards, Barbara Edwards. Zena Edwards, Paul 25, 60, 176, 177, 178. 179 Egan, Kelly Egan, Michele 73 Ehrmantraut, Maribeth 82 Eichelberger. Michele Eichmann, James 102. 74. 123 Ellis. Patricia 127 Ellrich. Michael 81, 167 Elmiger. Gregory Emerson. Ann Encarnacion 75, 116 Enders. Heidi 25 Engnoth. Elizabeth 80 Erb. Patricia 78, 116 Ercolino. Vincent 83 Erkes. Michael 70, 122 Esposito, Joseph 82. 153 Esti. Robert 72 Evans, Lynn 142, 82 Everly, Jan Eyler, Kristine 81 Fagan, Sean 176 Fallon. Caroline 196, 82 Farley, Timothy 74 Farmer. Kevin 133 Farrell. Thomas 78. 134 Fay. James 70 Fay. John 70. 75 Fay, Mary 82. 25, 128 Feather. Christine 82 Feeley, Sean 26 Feeney, Judy Fellinger, Richard 72, 121 Fennell, Gregory 26, 76, 123 Ferguson, Stephen 159 Ferlise, Joseph Ferrazzo, Lisa 81 Ferrell, Lamint 176 Ferriter, Tara 74 Field, Brian 76 Field, Brian 76 Field. Daniel 72 Filler, Kevin Filley. Pete 82 Fink, Jennifer Finney, Larian 176 Fischer. Maureen 73 Fisher, Thomas 70, 50, 134. 201 Fiske, Janine Fittin, Alexandra 79 Fittin, James 82, 26 Fitz, Jessica 79, 123 Fitzgerald. Kevin 188, 82, 26, 62, 105 Fitzharris, Marijoy 81 Fitzpatrick, Jennifer Flanagan, John 71 Flannery, Linda 73 Fleming, Brian 27, 129, 135, 154 Flood, Patricia 80 Floyd, Stephanie 142. 116 Foley, Kelly 80 Folio. Richard 158, 159 Folks, James 76. 116. 126, 200 Foran. John 79 Ford, Scott Ford, Stan 74 Forester, Jean Marie 80 Forrester, Jean Marie 80 Forrester, James Forsyth. Carleton Foster, William 125, 133 Fox, Mary 81 Fracek, John 76. 116, 120 Francxhak, David 72, 134 Francioli, Carl 83, 27, 133 French, Gerald 77, 153 Fritz, Chrisrina 142, 82, 27, 96, 102 Froars, Harold Fuhrman. Mary Fulling, Dennis 82. 116 Fulton, Janet Funk, Alan Furey, Kathleen 73 Furze, David 76 Galeone, Annemarie Galeone, Mary 74, 116 Gallagher, Brian 79 Gallagher, Pamela 80 Galliker, Marcy Gallario. Anthony 75, 27 Galvin. Janet 73, 30 Ganley, Michael 81 Garrity. John Garrot. William 82, 28, 133 Gartrell, Anne 74. 121 Gatti, Joseph 82. 28 Gauthier. Mary Gay, Susan 81 Geigel, Wilfredo 124 Geoghan, John 82, 28, 134. 135 Geoghan. Kerry 28 Geoghan. Patrick Geotz. Mike 74 Gerwig, Timothy 71. 29. 134 Gibbons, Jennifer 122 Gibbons. Patricia 75, 116 Gill, Kathleen 157, 116 Gilroy, Felix 76 Ginieczki, Suzanne 142, 80 Ginty. Patricia 82, 29. 128 Giordano, Angela 79, 116 Giorgi. Thomas Giovagnorio, Janice 81 Glackin, Brian 192. 91. 74, 122 Glass. Christopher Glass. Jeffrey Glennie, Carol Goetz. Michael Gohegan. John 79 Golder, Timothy 134 Golibart, Martin 188, 29, 28, 176 Gomez, Ana 80 Gompers, Edward 83, 29 Gonzalez, Anibal Goodrich, Christine 82, 29, 24, 162 Gordon, Philip 83, 30. 128 Gormas, Pamela 81 Hanlon, Timothy 74, 116, 128 Hannawacker, Mary Hannum, Elizabeth 197. 142, 143, 118, Harbaugh, Paula 31 Harkins, Christine 201 Harkins, Stephanie Harley, Christina Harman. Susan Harrington, Daniel 78 Harris. Joseph 78 Harrison, Christopher 128 Hart, Christopher Hart, Mechelle Hayes. John 72. 159 Hays. John 70. 192. 135 Heilferty. Michael 79 Heine. Matthew 116 Henderson. Gabrielle 83, 31 Henkel, Sharon 122 Herling, Charles 83. 33 Hernandez, Anthony 79 Hess, Kirsten Heyden, Mary 33 Hickey, John Higinbotham Hill, Kathleen 81 Hill. Patricia 73. 120, 136 Hinck, Thomas 78 Hiney, Matt 70 Hoban, Sandra 79. 181 Hobbs, David Hoehan, Christopher 74 Hofferbert, Julie Hoffman. David 82. 33. 133 Hoffman. Jeanne 82. 33 Hoffman. Karen Hofmeister, Thomas 72 Holcomb, Frances 33, 35. 51. 104, 126. 132 Holland. Christopher 79 Holley, Mary 82, 191, 34, 35, 121, 124, 129, 137 Holmes, Colleen 82, 34, 13, 103, 121. 125 Holmes, John-Lee Holtz, Linda 82 Joy, Susan Joy, Theresa Judge, Kathleen 81 Kane. David 72, 50 Kane, Loretta 196. 116, 81 Karas. David 72 Karsteter, Linda Kaye. Jennifer 80 Kealy, Linda 74. 142 Keegen James 70. 35 Keegan. Rosalind 83. 119 Keenan. Colin 140 Keenan Eileen 73 Keendy. Richard Kellher. Mary Beth Goss, Sandr Jo 30 Gough, Mary 78 Gournaris 73 Gradl, Stephanie 80, 157 Graham, Jennifer Graham, Mary 80 Grandstaff. Julie Grandstaff. Valerie 30 Grant, Mary Gray, Ann Marie 82, 30, 124 Gray, Michael 81 Greco, Juliana 124 Green. Jeffrey 30 Green, Jennifer Green, Lisa Holz, Susanne 34 Holzman, Chris 83 Horn, Eric Horn. Gordan 77 Horn, Vincent 83. 34. 121 Horstmann, Teresa 157. 82 Houser, Joseph 82. 34 Hovvley. Lawrence 70. 192, 140 Hubner, Timothy 77 Hughes, Bridget 81 Hughes, Daniel 71, 93. 128 Hughes, Susan 79. 96 Hulseman. Chris Husbands, Robert Greene, John 71, 74, 108, 128 Greenhalgh, Katherine 82, 191 Greenwell, Mary 75 Greenwood, Carol Griffin, Lisa Grillo. Monica 2, 30, 14 Grimes, Michael 72, 7, 176. 177 Guerin, Theresa 73 Guglielmo. Thomas 76 Gunderson. Knut 74 Gunn, Ellen 188. 80 Gunther. Laura 82. 31, 133 Gunther, Willis 73 Guy. Timothy 75 Guyton. Bradley 31 Haddock, Adrienne 81 Hadley, Michele 80 Hager, Susan 81 Hageman, John 78 Haghighat, Susan 79, 31 Hakes, Carolyn 81 Hall, Christopher 140 Hall, Michael 41 Halligan, Kathleen 80 Halldran, Regina 74 Hammill, Sheila 182 Hammond, Paul 74. 153 Hand. Kirsten 82 Haney. Kathleen 82, 31, 49, 50. 63, 118 Hankard, Jacqueline 76 Hussian, Nancy 83 Hutchison, Michael Hyer, Jane Ingram. Michelle Innocent. Garry Issing. David 78. 121 Iverson. Mary Ives. Marc 71 Jackson. Shaun James. Diane 83, 35. 120 Jaskot. Robert 20. 137, 81 Jednorski, Charles 35 Jenkins, Frank Jenkins, William Jess. Derek 81 Jesse, David Jimenez, Kathleen 79 Johnson, Jeffrey 35 Jones, Delnita 80. 122, 183, 80 Jones, Margaret Jorba, David Jordan, Kathleen 82, 128 Jordan, Susan 73, 100 Joseph, Simon 35 Josephs 72, 134. 135, 180 Joy. Cynthia 73 Joy, Susan 80 Kelly, Caroline 82 Kelly, Brian 192, 118 Kelly, Michele 121 Kelly, Moira Kendall, Emily 73 Kennedy, Colleen 74. 2, 77, 116. 120 125. 137 Kennedy, Lisa 81 Kenney, Joanne 82 Kenney. Robert 36. 122 Kent, John 36 Kerr. Kathleen 140. 83. 36 Kerr. Stacey 142. 82, 116. 117 Kershner. Stewart 81 Kezer, Kathleen 73, 127. 124. 129 Kiernan. Robert 71 Kilroy. Susan 79 Kim, Albert 193. 79 King. Adrian 79 King. Jim 106. 182 King, Vance 71 Kinneally, Kerry 36, 10 Kipp, Donna Kipp, James Kirchner, John 74 Kirk, Elizabeth 187 Kirk, Karen 82 Kirwan. Mary 81 Kleindienst. Stephen 74. 116. 128 Klingenberg. 74 Knoedler, 79, 128 Knoth. Suzanne 96, 36. 46. 101. 106 Knotts, Robert Knox. Dennis Knox, Philip Koch. Ellen 79 Kohl. Mary 73 Kuhn. Chris 74 Kokinkakis, Lisa Kolodoziej. Robert 70 Konouck, Lawrence Konduck, Terry Koosn. Kara Kopeck, Christopher 78 Koster, Tayna 120, 133. 80 Kouvel, Barabara 157. 184 Kouvel, Karen 75. 157, 110 Kozlovsky. Janette 82. 37 Kparr, Karnmaar 82 Kramer, Carolyn 73. 102, 134 Krampf, William 153 Kreiser. Kenneth Kretschmaier. Michon 82, 37 Kryka. Keith Kuhn, Christopher 121 Kuntzweiler. Theresa 79. 37. 125 Kunzman. Michael 74 Kutera. William Kyech. Timothy 104, 81 La Rock, Denise Lacroce, Kathleen 79, 82 Ladinski, Mark 37, 34. 130. 203 Lahker. Michael 125 Lally, Kelly 75 Lamdin, Janine 126 Lambdin, Patricia Lambiase, Chris 83, 38. 40, 137 Lamont, Michael 72 Landolfi. Thomas 76 Lane, Paul 74 Lang, Bridget 73. 116. 136 Lange. Ellis Lannon. John 7 Index 238 Lapidario, Leonardo 14 Larcher, Jeffrey Larkind, Owen 70 Larkin, Sean 116, 153 Larkin, John 38 Larsen, Christine Lastra, Jorge Lau, John 76 Laughlin, John 140, 38 Lawrence, John 0, 38 Layman, Lori 79 Leahy, John 70, 192, 140, 141 Learn, Brian Leary, Patricia 80 Lee, Robert Lee, Seung 39 Lehker, Mochael Leighton, Alyce 142, 82, 39, 38, 60. 111, 118, 70 Lemken, Deborah 156, 157, 182, 39 Lemken, Lisa 156, 157, 82, 39, 13 Leneghan, Diane 40, 4 Lengei, Amy 82, 40, 49, 101, 109, 201 Lenihan, Timothy 72 Lennon, Patricia 73 Leo, Lorraine 82, 187 Leverone, Thomas 188, 82, 40, 51, 69, 3, 186 Levri, Edward 153 Lewis, Lisa 116, 133, 137 Lewis, Parke Liebhauser, Mary 82 Lightizer, James 72 Linck, Robert 71, 74, 128 Linck, William 74 Liney, Kevin Lingaitis 72 Linton, Ronald 140 Lishebo, Davison Lishebo, Sylvia Laconte, Maria 80 Loftus, Claire 81 Lombard, Peter 41 Lomonaco, Catherine 181 Long, Stephen 86, 88, 41, 105, 137, 166 Longo, Peter 82, 41, 42, 128, 159 Lopez, Rodolfo 74 Lopez-lay, Carlos 81 Lopian, Ronald Lorber, Thomas 70, 133 Lord, Darrin 81 Lordan, Timothy 81 Lorenzo, Maryrose 73 Loux, Kristopher 41 Lucchesi, Christina 73 Lundin, Kevin 74 Lutts, Kevin 188, 83, 41, Lynch, Ann Lync, Christine 79, 116 Martin, Thomas 72 Marx, Elizabeth Marzulla, Michael 43, 82 Masonius, Thomas 72 Massih, Claudine Mastrorilli, Nicholas 28 Mastrorilli, Patrick 82 Mathur, Sibyl 80 Mattingly, Robert 126 Mattle, William 78 Maufer, Kevin 72, 121 Max, Lisa 82 May. MaryEllen 76, 100 Maye, James 8, 71, 121 Mayer, Frank 74 McAllister, Martha 81 McAllister, Mary 80, 195 McAndrew, Patricia 3, 22, 44, 71, 82, 136 McAteer, Tara 107, 100, 116. 124 McAuliffe, Theresa 79, 121, 128 McBride, Deborah 43, 82 McBride, Kimberly 78 McBride, Thomas Jr. 153 McCabe, Elizabeth 79, 116 McCabe, Samantha 74 McCaffrey, Daniel 82, 43, 20, 121, 180 McCall, David 79 McCampbell, Megan 80 McCarron, William 182 McCarthy, Kevin 71 McCauley, David McConnell, Patrice 81 McCoog, Arlene 44, 112, 126, 133 McCormack, Christopher 44 McCrink, Thomas 72 McDermott, Maureen 122 McDonald, Denice 30 McDonald, Stacie 44 McElhinney, John McElroy, Patrick 44 McEvoy, Ellen McFadden, Elizabeth 80 McGarrity, Martin 45 McGarrigle, Patricia 80 McGinley, Patricia 73 McGinnis, Maureen 83, 45, 123, 133 McGlaughlin, Dennis Jr 140, 159 McGlynn, Brendan 76 McGlynn, Janet 80 McGovern, Dennis 72, 140 McGreevy, Terris 80, 128 Miller, Wendy 75 Milne, Kelly Milne, Sheila 46 Minch, Sally 73 Minichino, Todd 79 Mitchell, Laura 73 Moberly, John Modjeski, Michael 46 Molesky, Margaret 80 Molloy, Maura 76, 119 Monaghan, Carole 82, 116, 164, 1 Monagle, Kathleen 81 Monir, Sheri 81 Monroe, Rhonda 80 Moore, John 7, 74, 176, 178 Moore, Kelly Mooshian, Charles Morasco, Desiree 79, 124 Morgan, Carrie 80, 116 Morgan, Elizabeth 31, 47, 56, 82, 181 Morlock, Dawn Morra, John 47, 135, 201 Morris, Ann 79, 116, 122 Morris, T4Jaun 79 Morrison, Theresa 81, 196 Mueller, Mueller, Kurt 79, 140 Ronald Mugavero, Duane Mulcahy, Daniel 72 Mulcahy, John 40 Muldoon, Craig 74, 192 Muldoon, Daniel 76 Mulholland, Vincent 82, 125 Mullane, John 47, 89, 121 Mullaney, Richard 47 Muller, Janet 47, 126 Muller, Robert Mulligan, Mary 80 Mulvaney, Marie 48 Mundy, Mary 165 Murchie, Susan Murdock, Angela Murphy, Katie 48, 82 Murphy, Laurel 48, 83, 128 Murphy, Linda 74 Murphy, Michael Murphy, Tara Murphy, Thomas 76 Murray, Thomas 70, 120, 92, 202 Muse, John 82, 121 Muth, Thomas 140 McHugh, Frances 81 McKenzie, 83 McLean, John 78 McMahon, Gregory 79 McMahon, John 72, 140 McMahon, Maureen 78 McManus, Patricia 82 Lynch, Christopher 74 Lynch, Sheilah 121, 81 Lyons, Joanne Lyons, Kelley 75 Lyons, Joseph 81 MacLeod, Daniel 76 Mackenzie, Brian 41 Mackie, Jane 81 Madden, James 83, 42 Madeira, John 74, 140 Madison, Melissa 80 Maggio, William Magness, Thomas 79 Maguire, Anna 73 Maguire, Rosemary Mahoney, Sean 42 Mahoney, Stephen 42, 78, 124 Mahoney, Suzanne 82, 42 Major, Julie 81 Maloa, Kathleen 80 Maloney, Peter 42, 120 Manning, Frank 74, 120 Marcucilli, Sharon 80 Mariani, Thomas 76 Markey, Stephen 72 Marowski, Mara 81, 116 Marrella, Daneen 82, 43, 202 Martin, Amanda Martin, Gregory 121 Martin, Jacquelyn 80 Martin, Mary Martin, Melissa 73 Martin, Robert McManus, William Jr 78, 140, 197 McNiff, Anne 80, 97 McNulty, Frank 77 McNulty, Terence 105, 153 McTigue, Keley Meehan, Dawn 82, 116 Melanson, Catherine 134 Melendy, Eric 74, 128 Mellendick, Mark 79 Melvin, David 77 Melvin, Mary 47, 92, 122 Mena, Jorge Mena, M. Bernarda 79 Meng, Daniel Menold, Michael 78 Menton, Thomas 34, 45, 82 Meredith, Fredrick Merolla, Susan 78 Messah, Claudine 79 Messenger, Bradford 153 Metzger, Madelyn 183 Meyer, Daniel Jr Michie, Douglas 36, 45, 82, 130 Middelcamp, Steven Midgett, Maureen Miele, Francis Ill 82, 120, 124 Mihlina, Lisa 81 Miklos, Francis 46, 82 Mikos, Claire Miller, Dean, 71, 76, 153 Nagle, Jean 74, 160 Nagle, Virginia Napoli, Andrea Navin, Theresa 81, 122 Neal, Laura 124 Neary, John 48 Nef, Brian 72 Nee, Christopher 70, 49 Needham, Shawn 76 Nelson, Jewel 80 Nenortas, Paul 49 Nessler, Scott 81 Newbury, William 78 Newstedt, Stephen 72, 108 Nichols, Laura 83, 128 Niedermeyer, Franz 49, 123, 128 Nield, Patrick Niklaus, AnnefMarie 81, 118 Nisivoccia, Karen 80 Nobes, R. Timothy Noel, Mark Jr 118 Noel, James IV 71, 116 Nolte, Michael 128, 133 Noonan, Denise 4, 49, 128 Noonan, Walter Jr 128 Norvell, James 49 Norvell, Susan 78, 126 Nott, Eric 82 Nusbaum, Karry 50, 82 Nusbaum, Randy Miller, Geoffrey Miller, Kathleen 46 Miller, Lisa Miller, Lisabeth 46 Miller, Lynn 78 Miller, Thomas 71 Miller, Wendy O Brien, O Brien. Collin Daniel 70, 140 Gregory 50, 83 O Brien, O Brien, James 79 O Brien, Kelly 80 O Brien Rick 202 65 1 O Brien Thomas 50 O Connell, Carlos 51. 82 O Connor, Ellen O Dea, Jean 74 O Donnell, Erin 20, 73 O Donnell, Mary O Donelly, Thersa 79 O Donovan, Meaghan 83 O Ferrall, Joseph 82, 51, 512, 153 O Galligher, Catherine 157, 81 O Gorman, John 76 O Hara. Kenneth 81 O Hara, Maureen 27, 51, 83, 137 O Hara Thomas Jr O Malley, Kathryn O Malley, Susan 15, 51. 82 O Neill. Kevin 70, 192 O Neill, Molly 81. 122 O Neill, Stephen 70, 75 O Reilly, Jenny 16. 51 O Rourk, Patrick 79 O Sullivan, Sean 70, 77, 134 Obohoskl, Vitamarie 74, 100. 124 Ohm, Timothy 7 Oles, D, Kristen 79 Oliveri, A drew Oliverie, Marian 75, 116 Olvany, Maribeth 49, 63, 79, 82 Onley, Joy 82 Oristian, Peter 52, 55, 122, 128, 133 Ostrowski, Christopher 52, 65, 83, 128 Ottenritter, James 52 Otterbein, William Jr 10, 52, 58, 83, 198 Overly, Robert 71, 74, 108 Ovvusu, Frederick, 52, 121 Owusu, Vivian 79 Pacunas, Marianne 73 Page, Christina 82 Pakulniewicz 72, 140 Parker, Ellen 76, 123, 212 Parkes, Jacqueline Parks, Dennis Parks, E. Jerry Pastino, William 76, 125 Patalinghug, Jennifer 79, 116,123, 133, 157 Paterra, Alice Payne, Colleen 82 Pearce, John 53, 83, 135 Pearce, Mark 72, 185 Peck, Robert 71 Pedrick, Ellen 53 Pekarek, Mary Anne 79, 120, 183 Pelaia, Paul Pereless, Arthur Pereless, John Perkins, Patrick 72 Perry, J, Scott 159 Per schau, Louise 73 Peters, Holly 197 Peters, Mark Petrarca, Lauren 82 Petrozzini, Patrick 72, 79, 116,122, 192 Petti, Lisa 79, 116 Phelan, Lawrence Phelan, Paul 53, 129 Phelan, Robert Phillips, Kathleen 73 Pico, Carmen 80 Pierce, Caroline 81 Pioli, Barbara 53, 82, 116 Placido, John Plain, Cynthia 80, 134 Plunkett, Cynthia 54, 83 Politza, Adrienne 52, 54, 121 Politza, Nichole 128 Pollin, George Ill 54, 82, 124, 128, 133 Poore, Price 153 Pope, Joseph 54, 83 Popenfus, Christina Porada, Stephen Porter, Sheila 14, 54 Poska, Richard Powell, Philip Preston, Robert Jr Price, Bonnie Price, Robert 74 Prinzing, Andrew 72 Procopio, Rosalba 79 Prout, John 70, 115, 133 Prout, Kathleen 55, 83 Puritano, Vincent 72 Rabasca, Joanne 122 Purkis, Jane 80. 183 Purkis, Raymond 71 Pyle, Cathi Ann Querin, Theresa 74 Quidorf, Thomas 134 Quigley. Kathleen 80 Quigley. Patricia 71, 74 Quigley, Paul 135, 192 Quinn, Randal 71. 153 Quinn, Shannon 52. 55 Quinn. John lll 123. 134 Ravasca, Nancy 81, 203 Rafalko, Jenifer 80 Rafano. Jill 55. 82, 156, 157 Rafferty. Patricia 81 Rafferty. Thomas 159 Rafi, Mary Rakiewicz, Edward 56, 82 Ramey, Eric Ramsey, Randy 76, 159 Randall. Alida Rapp, Mary Ratermann. Ray 72 Rauh, Russell 56, 18, 47. 82. 176. 179 Rawson. Karen 116 Ray, Verne lll Rayborn, Elke 75, 142 Re, James 72, 121, 140 Reaver, Richard 159 Redmond, Patrick Reburn. Gary 134, 135 Redmond, Todd Reilly. Colleen Reilly. Mandy Rembiszewski, Ann 75 Rethore, Patrick Reynolds, Anne 56 Ricciuti, Peter Rick, Mary Ann 80 Ring, Diana Riordan, Eileen 80. 183 Riordan, John 76 Rizzo, Anne 56, 112 Roberts-Walsh, Angelica 56, 83, 124 Robertson, James Robertson, Richard 57 Roche, Kathleen 80 Roche, Mary 57 Rodgers, Ann 57 Rodgers. Laureli 57, 82 Rogers. Dennis 113, 107, 116, 135. 153 Rogers, Theodore 72 Rokosny, Charles Romero, Joyce Romero, Tania 80 Roohan, Mary 9. 73 Rooney. Alice 57. 203 Rooney, Katherine 73, 136 Rose, Darrly Rossetti, Brenda 79 Rossi, Matthew 72 Rossi, Perry 58, 82 Roth, Robyn 80 Rothenhoefer, Timothy 134 Roughen, Patrick Rowan, Susan 75, 119 Ruby, Barbara 40, 58, 82. 105, 142 Rudisill, Wendy 73 Rumbo, Regina Russo, Alicia 58, 82, 114, 125 Ryan, Donald 76, 122 Ryan, Kathleen 73 Sabia, Christopher 72, 122, 185 Sacco, Edward lll 70, 123, 133 Saint-preux, Victor 58 Sals, Eduardo 78, 121 Salvaroem, David Santora, David 58. 82, 133 Sappington-bohn, Deborah Seuer, Elizabeth Sauro, Donna Sausser, Megan 80 Scallan, Aisling 75 Scanlon, Thomas Schaefer, Alison 82 Schaefer, Mary 79 Schaefer, Patricia 59, 142 Schaefer, Scott 59 Schaeffler, Kurt 31, 59 Schatz. Karen 76. 212 Schimmenti. Karen 83 Schleckser. Patricia 119 Schneider, Cynthia 73 Schoeb, Laura 82. 124 Schroll, Jennifer 79 Schultze, Kimberly 46, 59, 82, 100 Schumacher, Kathryn 78 Schwartz. James 138 Schwartz. John 71 Schwartz. Michael Schwer, Fred 121 Schwind, Mattew Schwind, Peter Schwing, David 81 Sciortino. Felicia Scripture, Rebecca 80 Segrave-Daly, Anne 75, 119 Sehl, Maureen 14, 60, 106 Seidel, Francis Seipp, Joseph 76 Sellers, John 82, 158, 159 Sessa, Tracey 75 Seymour, Theresa Sgroi. Joseph 60, 70. 133 Shabe, Suzanne 75 Shank, Wallace Shapanus, William 61, 83, 138 Shaw, Walter 79 Shea, Julie 3, 73, 122, 203 Sheahan, Kerry Sheahan, Timothy 61 Shealy. Dawn 79, 120 96, 97, Sheehan, Michael 76, 134, 159 Sheehan, Michael 140 Sheller, Susan 33, 61, 82, 103 Sherbert, Gregory 61, 70, 121 Sherry, Brian 61 Shevlin, Gregory Shew, Cheryl Sheilds, David Shields, John 61, 82 Shilling. Michele 73 Shilling, Nancy 121, 125 Shinham, Tracey 62 Short, James 76 Shutter, Marilyn Signor, Amy 62 Signorello, Frank 71 Silvain. Peter 77, 120 Simermeyer, Kristin 79, 116 Simmermon. Kelly 61, 67, 83, Simoes, Paul Simonelli, Jill 81 Singleton, John 62, 121, 128 Sipp, Karen Sivolella, Patrick Slabonik, Helen Slattery, Eileen 80. 121 Small. Kelly 80 Smialowicz, Michelle 73 Smith, Eileen 79 Smith, Leonard Smith, Michael 72, 107 Smith, Stephanie 120, 122 Smith, Thomas 62 Smits, Susan 73, 86 Snydstrup, John 72 Sobus, Mark 81 Sohonage, John 79 Sokiday, Janius Soliday, Keith Soliday, Kevin Sorbello. Alfio 62, 128, 133, 1 Soto. Carlos 70 Souder. Howard Jr 116 Spacek, William 63 Spellman, G. Kevin 120, 185 Spendley, Christine 73, 116 Spink, Amy 81 Sprnger, Matthew Springer. Christine 63 St Pierre, Lisa 49, 63, 82, 79, 1 128, 137, 199 Stader, Alan 64, 133 Stahl, Paul 74, 159 Staley, John 72 Stalter, Lyle Staten, Joseph 108 59, 198 09, 116, Staub, Perpetua 64. 125, 133 Steckel, Eileen 80 Steeley, Sherry 82, 116, 165 Stefano, John 140 Stefano, Kelly Stein. Barbara 80, 97 Stevens. Tracey 64 Stevenson. Lisa 80 Stoerlein, Maria 80 Stoner. Alana Storey, Sandra Strauch, Stephen 82 Streb, Marla 75 Streeter. M. Kristin 79. 12. 1241 129 Streeton. Richard 64 Strite. Charles Stromeyer. Brian 64. 135 Stump, Theresa 40. 64, 83, 124. 12 Stup, Esther 65 Suleskey, Joann 81 Sullivan, Christopher 76 Sullivan, Elizabeth 73 Sullivan, John 31. 65, 82 Sullivan, Roger 140, 141 Swanton. Thomas Sweeney. Anne 81, 133 Sweeney, Jean 49, 65 Sweeny. Richard 83, 118. 119 Swihura, Maribaeth 79, 203 Talarico, Mark Tarasevich, Julie Tarter. Marvin 8, 79 Tate, Michael 176, 178, 179 Taylor, Shawn Teiss, Amyjo 81. 122 Tejeski, Susan 165 Tenaglio, Nancy 36, 66, 82. 102 Thistle, Timothy 145 Thomas. David Thompson, Yatta 82 Thornhill, Thomas 66 Thornton, Joyce 78 Tiernan, Bob 128 Tilley, Linda 80 Tilley, Ruthanne 80 Tobin, Michael 83, 144, 153 Toliver, Victoria 73 Tolker, Gregory 135, 153, 201 Tonkovich, Christopher 66, 111 Toolan, Peter Topper, Gary Topper, Helena 66, 83, 123, 25 Topper, Richard Trant. Maria Trask, Mary 80 Trinkle, Clarence Tripoli, Keith Trodden, Sharon 73, 133 Trueba, Roger Tubridy. Kathleen 75 Tucci, Anne 74, 118. 142 Tuite, Maureen 142 Turnbach, Edward 81 Turner, Teresa 42, 67, 82 Twardowicz, John Twardzic, J. Scott Tyburski, Stephen 20 Uptegrove. Carol 67, 83, 164. 165 Vadney, Matthew 81, 144 Valentine, Lori Valle, Lillian 82. 187. 195 Vallone, Mary 72, 82 Vastola, Donagh 73 Vaughan, Kevin 47, 123, 136 Vaught, Johanna Vernell, Thomas 91 Vigliotta, Kim 67, 82, 97 Villari, Philip Villegas, Oscar 78 Vogtman, Veronica 157 Voss, Vanessa 79, 183 9 Wade. Robert 70. 135. 153. 184 Wadkius. Glen 74 Wafa. Ramzi 78 Wagoner. Kristin 80. 121, 124, 129 Walker, Michael 67. 133.179.178. 188 Walker. William ll 124, 129 Walko. Lorraine Wall, Deirdre Wallace. Stephanie Waller. Ellen 76. 119 Wallerstedt. Erin 79 Walpole. Laura Walsh. Ann 68, 83. 116, 132 Walsh. Beth 18.82. 116 Walsh. Christopher 74. 116, 118, 133 Walsh. Deborah 35. 68. 82. 102 Walsh, Michele Walsh. Philip 72 Wanenchak. Constance 75, 116 Wantz. G. Scott Ward, Anne. 73. 110, 132 Ward, Elzabeth 68. 128. 133 Warner, Matthew 72 Warner. Michael 116 Warthen. Laurie Watkins, Glenn 71. 159 Watkins, Tammy 97, 122 Watson, Suzanne 15, 82 Wayman. Sarah 80 Weed. Collen 68, 82, 103, 109 Wehmeyer. Charles 72. 159. 187 Weinberg, Shelley 125 Weisz, John 81. 152. 153 Weisz. Thomas Welch, Margaret 71. 82. 92. 109, 120. 126 Welker, John Welzant, G. Philip 69, 83 Wertz. Monica 81 Werwinski, Jacqueline 82. 116. 187 Werwinski, Robert 24. 69. 186 Wetzel, Steven 72. 122. 136 Wham. Stephen 74. 116. 128 Whitty. Richard 77 Wickenheiser, Amy 82 Wiegartner, James 72, 81 158. 159 Wiegartner, Thomas 24. 42. 69, 159 Wiess. Mark Wiesz, T.M 74 Wilcox, Karen 125 Wilder. Gregory 69, 128. 201 Wilkens, Nancy 82 Williams, Carri 69, 70 Williams. Cathleen 73 Williams, Chad 185 Williams. Dennis 76 Williams. Kelly Williams. Mark Williams. Rose 70 Wilson, James 72 Winkler, Bernard lll Winterling, Kevin Wisner, Crystal Wisner, Robert Witt, Patricia 81 Witt. Paul 70 Wittick. Theresa 74 Wolf. Mary 80 Wolfe, Lisa 78 Wolinski, Ted 92 Wood, Tee Woodruff, Mark 82. 109.116,136,183. 190, 191 Woods, Grefory 70 Woodyard. Bruce 176 Woolford, Patrick Worth, Jennifer 70, 128 Wright, Julie 116, 118, 157 Wychulis, Melanie 81 York, Patrick Young, George 60, 176, 179 Young, Jacqueline 82 Zabriskie 80 Zabulis, Regina 80 2 Senior Directory Andrew J. Alameno 5900 Park Blvd. Wildwood Crest, N.J. 08260 Anacy A. Aleszczyk 1000 Bosley Rd. Cockeysville, MD. 21030 Miguel A. Ascarrunz 1765 Stonehaven Ln. Frederick, MD. 21701 Paul D. Auchincloss 14608 Stone House Ct. Silver Spring, MD. 20904 Celia J. Barriteau 829 Thurman Ave. Hyattsville, MD. 20783 John P. Barry 223 Grosvenor St. Douglaston, N.Y. 11363 David A. Bartolini 273 Winthrop Rd. Berwyn, PA. 19312 Vincent Battista 715 Bangor Court Glen Burnie, MD. 21061 David P. Baumgardner 103 Crooked Ln. Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034 William B. Bayne Jr. 3336 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA. 22201 Mark P. Beall Rt. 4 Box 55 Mohawk Dr. Smithsburg, MD. 21783 Nancy M. Belmonte 5212 Chichester Ave. Aston, PA. 19014 Terry G. Bergdale 60 Woodcrest Dr. Gettysburg, PA. 17325 Robert D. Black 80 Aldren Ave. Falconer, N.Y. 14733 Robert R. Blee 308 Mill St. Absecon, N.J. 08201 Debra K. Blumenauer 1770 Springfield Ln. Frederick, MD. 21701 Boyd L. Bocklet 113 Brompton Rd. Garden City, N,Y, 11530 F. Bernadine Bocus 7734 Scotland Dr. Potomac, MD. 20854 240 Directory Marco T. Bon Tempo 3 W. Walnut St. Milford, MA. 01757 David Bonsack 205 Hemlock St. Aberdeen, MD. 21001 Kathryn M. Bowling 21 Northeast Ave. Waynesboro, PA. 17268 Jeffrey S. Boyd P.O. Box 232 602 Main St. Myersville, MD. 21773 Karen A. Brantmayer 502 Eighth St. Riverside, N.J. 08705 Erin M. Braun 95 Transverse Rd. Garden City, N,Y. 11530 Ronal C. Brigerman Jr, 5624521 Pinewood Tr. Middletown, MD. 21769 Stephen D. Broas 10 Delaware Rd. Convent Station, N.J. 07961 Colleen P. Broderick 106 Norma Rd. Harrington Park, N.J. 07640 Paul J. Broussard P.O. Box 202 Blue Ridge Summit, PA. 17214 Ellen T, Brown 8 Tenby Chase Dr. Newark, DE. 19711 Kenneth J. Burch 9465 Shouse Dr. Vienna, VA. 22180 Dean P. Byrne 11 Dawn Way Aberdeen, N.J. 07747 Colleen E. Cahill 481 Churchill Dr. Berwyn, PA. 19312 Gerald P. Calamia 26 Century Way Hamilton Square, N.J. 08690 John L. Callahan 1333 Middleford Rd. Baltimore, MD. 21228 John W. Campbell Jr. 101 Catoctin Ave. Thurmont, MD. 21788 Robert E. Carroll 113 Belfast Rd, Timonium, MD. 21093 Edward M, Caruso 46 Mutia Hill Rd. Wayne, PA. 19087 Dennis T. Cashen 5 Orkney Ct. Baltimore, MD. 21212 Suzanne M, Caulfield 1026 Carrol Rd. Carroll Park, PA. 19151 Conrad G. Celestial Jr. 102 Glade Blvd. Walkersville, MD. 21793 Amy S. Chambers 526 Bloomfield Ave. Bloomfield, CT. 06002 William N. Charles 36 Western Ave. Glens Falls, N.Y. 12801 Melvin R. Chase 5820 8th St. N.E. Washington, D.C. 21122 Maria F. 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Box 215 Smithsburg, MD. 21783 Ray E. Dayhoff Jr. 10423 Daysville Rd. Walkersville, MD. 21793 Steven E. DeFoor 11404 Garove St. Beltsville, MD. 20705 Richard S. Delia 934 Briarcrest Dr. Hershey, PA. 17033 Theresa A. Delorimier 8917 Copenhaver Dr. Potomac, MD. 20854 Robert D. Dempsey 3605 Westchester Ct. Middletown, MD. 21769 Richard J. Denardi 7320 Stratton Way Baltimore, MD. 21224 Susan E. Dentz 15004 Flower Valley Ct. Rockville, MD. 20853 David J. Devaney 2535 N Farm Rd. Ellicott City, MD. 21043 John F. Devanny 201 Nursery Rd. North Linthicum, MD. 21090 Lisa M. Dimaio 106 N Smallwood St. Cumberland, MD. 21502 Francis M. Donnelly 1712 Strine Dr. Mc Lean, VA. 22101 Susan M. Donnelly 81 Hillcrest Dr. Wayne, N.J. 07470 Diane M. Dougherty 3367 Stephenson Pl. NW Washington, DC. 20015 Barbara L. Downing 6220 Roblynn Rd. Laurel, MD. 20707 Michael J. Drabb Ill 9 Ferndale Rd. Chatham Township, NJ. 07928 Francine C. Eaves 360 N Bearhill Rd. Paoli, PA. 19301 Paul E. Echavarria 6538 Crosswoods Dr. Falls Church, VA. 2204 Paul Edwards lll 3900 Rexmere Rd. Baltimore, MD. 21218 Heidi A. Enders 803 8th St. Laurel, MD. 20707 Mary F. Fay Rd. 1 Box 364 Highland Lakes, NJ. 07422 Sean P, Feeley 19115 Kapehart Dr, Gaithersburg, MD. 20879 Gregor M. Fennell II 12106 Hitching Post Ln. Rockville, MD. 20852 Stephen R. Ferguson 7909 Runnymeade Rd. Frederick, MD. 21701 James P. Fittin IV 72 Whitney Rd. Short Hills, NJ. 07078 Kevin B. Fitzgerald 2900 Traymore Ln. Bowie, MD. 21715 Brian P. Fleming 3778 Plum Meadow Dr. Ellicott City, MD. 21403 Carl H. Francioli 7017 Hamlet Ave. Baltimore, MD. 21234 Christina D. Fritz 266 Glenn Ave. Lawrenceville, NJ. 08648 Mary E. Fuhrmar 16018 Kelbaugh Rd. Thurmont, MD. 21788 Janet E. Fulton 118 Catoctin Ave. Frederick, MD. 21701 Anthony L. Gallirio 126 Whalepond Rd. W Long Branch, NJ. 07764 William P. Garrott 930 The Terrace Hagerstown, MD. 21740 Joseph G. Gatti 34-30 75th St. Jackson Hts. NY. 11372 John E. Geoghan 215 Echo Ave. Miller Place, NY. 11764 Kerry A. Geoghan 100 Park Ave. Gettybsurg, PA. 17325 Timothy W. Gerwig 1908 Ridgewood Ct. Hampstead, MD, 21074 Patricia A. Ginty 2604 Lemontree Ln. Vienna, VA. 22180 Carol D. Glennie 123 Cloverdale Ct. Mount Airy, MD. 21771 Martin J. Golibart P.O. Box 216 Emmitsburg, MD, 21727 Edward D. Gompers 222 Washington Ave. Wheeling, WV. 26003 Christine M. Goodrich 7 Cynwyd Dr. Cape May Court House 0 Philip J. Gordon 3604 Violetwood Pl. Bowie, MD. 20715 Sandra Jo Goss 26 Maple Ave. Walkersville, MD. 21793 Valerie L. Grandstaff 10647 Harney Rd. Emmitsburg, MD. 21727 Ann Marie Gray 6304 Hellen Lee Dr, Clinton, MD. 20735 Jeffrey W. Green P.O. Box 869 Emmitsburg, MD. 21727 Carol A. Greenwood 9018 Chestnut Grove Rd. Frederick, MD. 21701 8210 Monica A. Grillo 2232 Autumn Valley Circl. Gambrillis, MD. 21054 Laura Gunther 23 Doremus Ln. Wayne, NJ. 07470 Bradley C. Guyton 11611 Harphill Rd. Myersville, MD. 21773 Kathleen M. Haney 21 Erindale Dr. Marlton, NJ. 08053 Paula M, Harbaugh 36 Frederick Rd. Thurmont, MD. 21788 Daniel P. Harrington 2 Brighton Ln. Gaithersburg, MD. 20877 Christopher R. Hart 8300 Epinard Ct. Annandale, VZ. 22003 Gabrielle M. Henderson 245 Montrose Ave. South Orange, NJ. 07079 Charles A. Herling Jr, Rt. 2 Box 100 A Boonsboro, MD. 21713 Mary A. Heyden 4618 Harlan St. Rockville, MD. 20853 David A. Hoffman 17 Mill Ave. Taneytown, MD. 21787 Jeanne Hoffman 5 Hidden Harbor Dr. Babylon Village, NY. 11702 Francis R. Holcomb 2026 Dumont Rd. Timonium, MD. 21093 Mary M. Holley 6856 Williamsburg Pond Ct. Falls Church, VA. 22043 Colleen M. Holmes 20 Pine Terr. W Short Hills, NJ. 07078 Susan C, Holz 24 New Lane Selden, NY. 11784 Vincent I.. Horn 4110 Berry Ave. Drexel Hill, PA. 19026 Joseph B. Houser 13603 Sloan St. Rockville, MD. 20853 Michael J. Hutchinson 102 W Middle St. Gettysburg, PA. 17325 Diane M. James 35 Ellsworth Ave. Morristown, NJ. 07960 Charles A. Jednorski 3802 Cassandra Rd. Randallstown, MD. 21133 Jeffrey C. Johnson 34 Boileau Ct. Middletown, MD. 21769 Simon Joseph 11518 Monticello Ave. Silver Spring, MD. 20902 John A. Kent 107 Calvert Rd. Rockville, MD. 20850 Kathleen Kerr 9326 Michaels Way Ellicott City, MD. 21043 Kerry P, Kinneally 830 William Dr. Brielle, NJ. 08730 Suzanne M, Knoth 297 Corliss Dr. Moraga, CAL. 94556 Janette M. Kozlovsky 8513 Paul Revere Ct. Annandale, VA. 22003 A Michon Kretschmaier 12027 Coldstream Dr. Potomac, MD. 20854 Theresa A. Kuntzweiler 460 Aspen St. Middletown, PA. 17057 Mark G. Ladzinski 6 Kimann Pl. Parlin, NJ. 08859 Christine M. Lambiase 4 Eton Rd. Rockville Centre, NY. 11570 Ellis M. Lange 144 S Potomac St. Waynesboro, PA. 17268 Leonard S. Lapidario 768 Bishop Walsh Rd. Cumberland, MD. 21502 Jeffrey R. Larcher 1914 Sands Dr. Annapolis, MD. 21401 John E, Larkin lll 6015 Foxhall Farm Catonsville, MD. 21228 Directory 241 John A. Laughlin 320 Hampton Dr. Feasterville, PA. 19047 Seung K. Lee 9117 Rouen Ln. Potomac, MD. 20854 Alyce D. Leighton 701 Mt. Moro Rd. Villanova, PA 19085 Deborah L. Lemken 120 Doncaster Rd. Joppatowne, MD. 21085 Lisa M. Lemken 120 Doncaster Rd. Joppatowne, MD. 21085 Thomas R. Leverone 4639 N 14th St. Arlington, VA. 22207 Ronald T. Linton 305 S Main St. Woodsboro, MD. 21798 Peter F. Lombard 915 East Main St. Waynesboro, PA. 17268 Stephen H. Long 1615 Evers Dr. Mc: Lean, VA. 22101 Peter A. Longo 6 Crestview Terr. Whippany, NJ. 07981 Khristopher B. Loux Atlantic Ave. Ammaganset, NY. 11930 Kevin I. Lutts 322 Felton Rd. Lutherville, MD. 21093 Brian P. Mackenzie 921 Forbes St. Turnersville, NJ. 08012 James E. Madden 2118 Highland Ridge Dr. Phoenix, MD. 21131 Sean E. Mahoney 1875 Lambert Rd. Jenkintown, PA. 19046 Stephen H. Mahoney 1323 Chilton Dr. Silver Spring, MD. 20904 Peter B. Maloney 68 Independence Way Convent Station, NJ. 07961 Daneen M. Marrella 2802 Octagon Ace. Reading, PA. 19608 Michael P. Marzulla 38 Byram Terr. Dr, Greenwich, CT. 06830 Deborah A. MC Bride 74 Murray Ave. Goshen, NY. 10924 242 Directory Daniel F. MC Caffrey 321 Donnerville Rd. Mountville, PA. 17554 Arlene B. MC Coog 1144 Kenyon Dr. Ft. Washington, PA. 19034 Christopher MC Cormack 46 Coleytown Rd. Westport, CT. 06880 Stacie E. MC Donald 10331 Battleridge Way Gaithersburg, MD. 20879 Patrick MC Elroy 34 E 25th St. Baltimore, MD. 21218 Martin E, MC Garity 12030 Gehr Rd. Waynesboro, PA. 17268 Maureen MC Ginnia 3521 Malec Ln. Bowie, MD. 20715 Thomas F. Menton 9001 Manordale St. Elicott City, MD. 21043 Fredrick P. Meredith 535 West Main St. Emmitsburg, MD. 21727 Douglas E. Michie 327 Powder Horn Rd. Ft. Washington, PA. 19034 Francis S. Miklos Rd. 1 Box 253 B Bainbridge, PA. 17502 Kathleen S. Miller 8206 Rider Ave. Towson, MD. 21204 Lisabeth S. Miller Rd. 9 Box 238 A Gettysburg, PA. 17325 Sheila B. Milne Bdg. O Apt. 101 Waverly Dr. Frederick, MD. 21701 Michael R. Modjeski 8363 Creek Ridge Cove Germantown, TN. 38138 Elizabeth A. Morgan 733 Disston St. Philadelphia, PA, 19111 John Mullane 29 Stork Ct. Middletown, NJ. 07748 Richard Mullaney 109 Lee Dr. Cambridge, MD. 21613 Janet A. Muller 270 Orchard Terr. Bogota, NJ. 07603 Marie P. Mulvaney 1419 Evergreen Ave. Plainfield, NJ. 07060 Katie Murphy 1800 N Herndon St. Arlington, VA. 22201 Laurel A. Murphy 340 Barnes Ave. Westminster, MD. 21157 John P. Neary 7370 Freestate Dr. Middletown, MD. 21769 Christopher P. Nee 507 Line Rd. Matawan, NJ. 07747 Paul V. Nenortas 38 Webster Hill Blvd. West Hartford, CT. 06107 Franz E. Niedermeyer 305 Colonial Ct. Towson, MD. 21204 Denise A. Noonan 8003 Glendale Ct. Frederick, MD. 21701 James I.. Norvell 339 Barnes Ave. Westminster, MD. 21157 Karry D. Nusbaum Box 303 Taneytown, MD. 21787 Thomas A. O,Brien 176 Pimpewaug St. Wilton, CT. 06897 Carlos O'Connell 12 Rostrevor Rd. Rathgar Dublin, Ireland Joseph M. O'Ferrall 233 Ridgeway Rd. Baltimore, MD. 21228 Maureen E. O'Hara 68 Cobane Terr. West Orange, NJ. 07052 Susan E. O'Malley 613 Mt. Vernon Ave. Haddonfield, NJ. 08033 Peter J. Oristian 3500 Saul Rd. Kensington, MD. 20895 Christopher A. Ostrowski 37 S 27th St. Mount Penn, PA. 19606 James S. Ottenritter 11308 Old Club Rd. Rockville, MD. 20852 William M. Otterbein Jr. 116 Cedargrove Pkwy. Cedar Grove, NJ, 07009 Frederick K. Owusu 17545 Long View Ln. Olney, MD. 20832 John E. Pearce P.O. Box 4062 Wilmington, DE. 19807 Ellen M. Pedrick 38 Maplewood Ave. Carney's Point, NJ. 08069 Paul M. Phelan 630 Moreno Rd. Penn Valley, PA. 19072 Barbara J. Pioli 3460 Harrowgate Rd. York, PA 17402 Cynthia C, Plunkett 12800 Falmouth Dr. Silver Spring, MD. 20904 Adrienne M. Politza Mcdonnell Douglas Service APO New York, NY, 09616 George A. Pollin Ill 8003 Springfield Vlg Dr. Springfield, VA. 22152 Joseph R. Pope 109 W Dudley Ave. Westfield, NJ. 07090 Shila F. Porter 1632 Montgomery Ave. Villanova, PA. 19085 Robert M. Preston Jr. 900 Frailey Rd. Emmitsburg, MD. 21727 Kathleen N. Prout 38 Clinton Ave. Maplewood, NJ. 07040 Shannon A. Quinn 8504 Ardfar Ln. Annandale, VA. 22003 Jill A. Rafano 23 Morningside Ave. South River, NJ. 08882 Mariclare Rafferty 122 Kemp Ave. Fair Haven, NJ. 07701 Edward F. Rakiewicz 424 5th Ave Denver, PA. 17517 Russell J. Rauh 130 Bridge Ln. P.O. Box 803 Shenorock, NY. 10587 Patrick A. Redmond 1503 Donegal Rd. Bel Air, MD. 21014 Anne P. Reynolds 1316 Stump Rd. Chalfont, PA. 18914 Anne T. Rizzo 732 Belfield Ave. Drexel Hill, PA. 19026 Angela M. Roberts 5766 Yellow Rose Ct. Columbia, MD. 21045 James R. Robertson 2126 Fernglen Way Baltimore, MD. 21228 Richard W. Robertson 1 South Paradise Ave. Baltimore, MD. 21228 Mary E. Roche 390 Epison-Furlong Rd. Doylestown, PA. 18901 Laureli G. Rodgers 1121 Sturbridge Rd. Fallston, MD. 21047 Charles W. Rokosny 8749 Hornets Nest Rd. Emmitsburg, MD. 21727 Alice M. Rooney 300 Wood Spring Rd. Gwynedd Valley, PA. 19437 Perry A. Rossi 5 High Green Ln. Stevenson, MD. 21153 Barbara J. Rubt 534 Park Place Lyndhurst, NJ. 07071 Alicia R. Russo 9 Spring Valley Dr. Hagerstown, MD. 21740 Victor Saint-Preux 561 S Orange Ave. South Orange, NJ. 07079 David A. Santora 11 Gregory Rd. Cos Cob, CT. 06807 Thomas A. Scanlon 6500 33rd St. Falls Church, VA. 22043 Patricia Schaefer 1316 Hickory Springs Ct. Baltimore, MD. 21228 Scott W. Schaefer 8408 Stonehouse Rd. Frederick, MD. 21701 Kurt J. Schaeffler 1251 Elm Rd, Baltimore, MD. 21227 Karen Schimmenti 525 Wittich St. River Vale, NJ. 07675 Kimberly A. Schultze 12612 Mc Adoo Ct. Silver Spring, MD. 20904 Maureen B, Sehl 2580 Hadley Valley Rd. Rochester, MN. 55901 John Sellers 33 Vassar St. Garden City, NY. 11530 Joseph Sgroi 20 MC Mechem Ct. Newark, DE. 19711 William F. Shapanus 205 Eagle Rock Ave. Roseland, NJ. 07068 Timothy P. Sheahan 21 Valleyview Trail Fairfield, PA. 17320 Susan M. Sheller 1069 Saw Pen Point Virginia Beach, VA. 23455 Gregory M. Sherbert 2905 Chaney Rd. Dunkirk, MD. 20754 Brian J. Sherry 11 Tennis Pl. Nutley, NJ. 07110 Cheryl J. Shew 3 Bluebird Trail Carroll Valley, PA. 17320 John B. Shields Dryden Rd. P.O. Box 169 Pottersville, NJ. 07979 Ami E. Signor 525 Herr's Ridge Rd. Gettysburg, PA. 17325 Kelly A. Simmermon Rd. 3 Box 356 Elmer, NJ. 08318 John A, Singleton 8806 Manchester Rd. Silver Spring, MD. 20901 Patrick J. Sivolella 166 Montclair Ave. Montclair, NJ. 07042 Thomas G. Smith 9105 Fall River Ln. Potomac, MD. 20854 Fred Sorbello Rd. 3 Box 19 Woodstown, NJ. 08098 William F. Spacek 300 W 10th Ave. Baltimore, MD. 21225 Christine M. Springer P.O. Box 54 Emmitsburg, MD. 21727 Lisa M. St Pierre 1714 Rialto St. Pittsburgh, PA. 1512 Alan C. Stader 167 Harvest Ln. Chambersburg, PA, 17201 Perpetua A. Staub 604 Delone Ave. McSherrystown, PA, 17344 Tracey Stevens 10614 Gorman Rd. Laurel, MD. 20707 Richard L. Streeton Jr. 2 Tina Ln. Warren, NJ. 07060 Brian Stromeyer 2728 Linda Marie Dr. Oakton, VA, 22124 Theresa A. Stump 1804 Bordeaux Ct. Fallston, MD. 21047 Esther L. Stup 10311 Glade Rd. Walkersville, MD. 21793 Jean M. Sweeney 1747 Monsey Ave. Scranton, PA. 18509 Nancy J. Tenaglio 311 Highland Ave. Devon, PA. 19333 Thomas B. Thornhill 12649 Jess Smith Rd. Mount Airy, MD. 21771 Christopher M. Tonkovich 3943 Herbertsville Rd. Pt. Pleasant, NJ. 08742 Gary P. Topper 107 1st Ave. W Glen Burnie, MD. 21061 Clarence M. Trinkle 6906 Baylor Dr. Alexandria, VA. 22307 Teresa M. Turner 383 E Mt. Pleasant Ave. Livingston, NJ. 07039 Carol A. Uptegrove 10 Lynn Blvd. Hazlet, NJ. 07730 Kevin J. Vaughan 14 Theodore Dr. East Brunswick, NJ. 08816 Kim T. Vigliotta Box 869 East Pold Ln. Eastport, NY. 11941 Michael R. Walker 839 Tener St. Johnstown, PA. 15904 Ann M. Walsh 14121 Ansted Rd. Silver Spring, MD. 20904 Deborah L. Walsh One Woodcutters Path St. James, NY, 11780 G. Scott Wantz 2210 Trevanion Rd, Taneytown, MD. 21787 Elizabeth A. Ward 37 Wooster Heights Rd. Danbury, CT. 06810 Colleen M. Weed 26 Waterview Rd. West Chester, PA. 19380 G. Philip Welzant 100 E Gittings Ave. Baltimore, MD 21212 Robert N. Werwinski 211 Berkeley Dr. Mechanicsburg, PA. 17055 Thomas G. Weigartner 32 Phillips Rd. Edison, NJ. 08817 Gregory B. Wilder 26512 Deep Brook Dr. Rancho Palos Verde, CA. 9 Carri M. Williams 45 Randolph Ave. Hagerstown, MD. 21740 Rose M. Williams 5108 Blue Ridge Ave. Annandale, VA. 22003 Crystal L. Wisner 44 Maple Ave. Walkersville, MD. 21793 Robert M. Wisner 6 Main St. Myersville, MD. 21773 Paul A. Witt 108 Hawthorne St. Crafton, PA. 25205 Gregory G. Woods 16 Holland Ln. Colts Neck, NJ. 07722 Patrick Q. Woolford 2919 Arcona Rd. Mechanicsburg, PA. 17055 Jennifer A. Worth 2213 Bradmoor Rd. Wilmington, DE. 19803 Patrick D. Zaharoff 44 Georgetown Rd. Walkersville, MD. 21793 Christine J. Zanella 42 Park Dr. Emmitsburg, MD. 21727 Robin M. Zecker 5423 Broad Run Rd. Jefferson, MD. 21755 Michael R. Zimmerman 9001 Chateaugay Ct. Baltimore, MD. 21234 Maria V. Zurinsky 1112 Weaver St. Montoursville, PA 17754 0274 l 4 Directory 243 244 Nature's first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf's a flowerg But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. - Robert Frost The 1986 Pridvvin is dedicated to the memory of Lisa Ann Lambert C1965- 1986l. Lisa's dedication to the Mount and her enduring spirit will live in the hearts of all she has touched. Dedic Congratulatlons 8: Best of Luck to Chrls 8a her classmates Mom, Dad Bllly and Armmarle Love the Lambiase Family 246 Sllver Patrons Ida T Bell and Famlly Robert C 8: Elame H Braver Pat 8: Frank Cleary Mr 8: Mrs Joseph R Della and Fam1ly Col 8: Mrs Jerome F Dwyer Jr Mr 8: Mrs G Esposlto Jeju Joe Al I-larrls Mary L Kuntzweller Charles K Loux Edwm L Lowe Margaret M Molesky Mr 8: Mrs Joseph T Molesky Molly E O Nelll Mr 8: Mrs Mlchael 4 Pl-lara Don 8: Mary Parker Owen 8: Mary L Walsh Mr 8: Mrs Leo Wanenchak Mr 8: Mrs Wllllam Wolfe Mr. 8: Mrs. G. LoConte Gold Patrons Dr 8: Mrs AC Ambrosl Mr and Mrs JohnL Anderson Mr 8: Mrs James C Andrews John P Barry Jr Mr and Mrs Paul E Baum gardner The Beckwlth Family The Boyd Family Mr 8: Mrs James J Cantwell Mr 8: Mrs Louis J Canuso Mr 8: Mrs Ernest A Carroll The Cashen Family M1chaelF Doyle 8: Mrs E R Erb 8: Mrs Jack C Fiske 8: Mrs James P F1tt1n Ill 8: Mrs Henry J Francioli 8: Mrs Edward Brennan C-able Jr Mr 8: Mrs Wllllam Gartrell Mr 8:Mrs JosephA Gompers Best Wishes Dr 8: Mrs Antho ny F Hammond Dr 8: Mrs Thomas M Hol comb Mr 8: Mrs Mr 8: Mrs Dr 8: Mrs Marshall L Robert T Kenney James F Kipp R G Kirchner Learn Mr 8: Mrs Walter E Maloney Congratulations Seniors Anne 8: Ed McBr1de Mr 8: Mrs Albert J MCC-arity and Famlly Dr 8: Mrs Frank Merolla Mr 8: Mrs Jim Mueller Dr 8: Mrs Ronald W Niklaus Mrs Joseph G Nott Peter and Linda Twardowicz Robert W Wallerstedt Dr 8: Mrs Walter R Welzant Mr and Mrs Robert N Wer w1nsk1 Mr 8: Mrs Paul R Zabriskie "Way to go - Eddie Cruiser" William J. McTigue Dr. . . . . . ' Mr. . . ' . . . ' Mr. . . ' ' , . . Mr. . . ' ' ' ' Mr. . . Ad 247 CLARE MCHLJGH IRlSH IMPORTS . 46095 546-0946 Bollgybugb I301l 433-1700 L 84 H HARDWARE INC "WHERE SERVICE COUNTS" 5415 YORK RD. E. LEROY GABEL J n BALTIMORE, MD. 21212 6 . Edwin G. Michie Jr. 'd ENN PAD COMPANY a d CI a f'e d St Ph'I deIph'a P . 19134 2151426-2000 Steve you are one of a klnd and we love you for that always Mom and Dad 531-2111 Kendall Hardware 12220 RT. 108 Clarksville Maryland 21029 HOURS 8 TO 6 MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 8 TO 12 SUNDAY LC No 3375 ecfulca conhacfou o HARA 144 MAIN STREET WES G N J 325-3626 39 HILLSIDE AVE O A N 857 1055 Congratulatlons Janet We're Proud Of You' Love, Mother 8a Gordan ' -2 Q E vs J Hema .. beI T RAN WWAQK GAQCL. ' Qld-SS 1:11 '85 Pres: ent "B" n e r I I reets I8 I, 3 0 248 Ads Best Wishes Happy l..lfQ Aylce The Class of 89 Mr 8L Mrs Raymond Zutell Tom and the Class of 86 the' lass of 86 Congratulatlons and contlnued success ln your future Endeavors The Wlegartner Famlly Mom Dad 8: Robln s 7 , Congratulations to Greg Woods 8: Ad 249 C Sz CIQ tpalnf SMPPQ gg 420 SOUTH MOUNT STREET 706 N. CRAIN HIGHWAY BALTIMORE MARYLAND 21223 GLEN BURNIE MARYLAND 21061 947-6555-6-7 761-7200 May the road T159 to meet you May the wmd be ever at your back May the Good Lord keep you 1n the hollow of hls hand Untll we meet agaln author unknown Congratulat1ons and Good Luck to the Class of 86 and especially to our daughter Laura and the Glrls of B14 and the Guys of C 18 THE GUNTI-IER FAMILY I . . , nc. WAREHOUSE I JOBBERS 0 SPECIALIZING IN AUTO BODY AND PAINT SUPPLIES l I 7 o 7 7 250 Ad S We Love You Lisa Good Luck to you and the gang God Bless Nana and Daddy To all those who made this year what it was Patty I ll m1ss you Mary the bottom line and so much more John you Easter Beagle To the Staff We are one in the Pridwm Jim you baseball boy you re smarter than you think Mark and Steve my two best friends so many experiences so many laughs so much yet to share Mom I love you Thanks to all Rob . . . Mary Kate, always special . . . Matt, the best roomie . . . Frank, the little red haired girl Ads 251 BROTHERS IN HENDERSON C. Wlth Lovlng Memorles of My Father Class of 1960 John A Laughlln III Class of 1986 John A. Laughlin, Jr. Patty your tlme couldn t have been spent better We love you Congratulatlons class of 1986 The I-I1ll famlly. The books shows for it. We couldn't be prouder' Good Luck to the class of 1986 The Callahan Famlly Congratulations John 1 Fw' gm .F HW, 0 - 'wa . U.. '- N, if ,ggi A i Q Q 'w '- f X ' an 4, ' ,, X - , 'QP-n 3? E' 3 i -"Q '2i.M-4.9.43 f. f :"?'a1,w'7wi25 -'M 1 ,, ,Q - . sg, H 'L .- A -9021 1 K . V' 'N 11.1 mwgp-F f X W .W 4, - t 55- W. ,,, 1 w . -W , 'L' ' 0 ' .g.'M'.. G fr "ii in 4-4" T Y , - G f 4 .v 5' ' M lb' it it up 1 I , 5' .9-31" P 4 3 Cr --"W " ! ' 1, ,-'Vi' ', L 1, In " X -nw 4 ' ., 'XX XP- -nb' - 1 , , ir xt ' . ' X, 4 71 f X ' 1, W. " 1 Y. fri ty F A X I -X 1 w X X, 7 A M ' Ee- 'wt - F' W .f , 5 X- I ' ' . we , ,, 2' X 1 LR fl fy .fv X ,X , .. K , -5, Q-pid.: ,fxggi Xi Xl - X i- Qi 'M rw X, i?wf5iFvm'M 1 . Xi "' 'E , , ' 21 K , 9 f , . -vw .S 1 K , , -Q f'lI'f 1. ' Lrvh- ' t if 'E V 'M M" ' 'V " fi ii 'a 'fig - -r - .sf gg, - -- N M Q.. " "Q-"'f Wemf ' " r , M M .,, 10 ,O ff X , X VX X o ,XX 'PX X XM ,XP .., 's.v'X,41 ' 5 ,M , ff .. if. b 'f 1 12 ,M , ,ff my-,XXXXXX A qw- qw- . X5 A N , ' " i , , ' X" W , 4' ' '54 .Q ! ? 'rf X' 'EM , ,SX ' 4 ,S ,, X X, 'wiuff ,1 W., X -- Ml ,A -qw -0 -' -, , Q. wr , f. I 212. 1-' """' Wa 'A M M P 'T Q " 1 ' " ' - , X ' is 4m Q1 Q' Q In Q ' 4. mf .W , 4 1 ,1 ,M .X 53- -. . 3 is g fx: ' 1.5, 5 . l Q Q X Xian? J Y ff' - .. ,. 4-.f is f- ' f- 5- mx' 5' f"u..w5?',, ' v 4, .. ,mvfiiy ' 't f?"'i'4 1 ' - .al 1- , -H -or " I 'Q X. . 2' 'W i fl " 'kr , 'I' Q. ,egg , , Q' . T- i v ' vw K' , ' ' f -if ..,,, Q? 1 if ,H rg XX A 1 1 I . L - ' Ni' 9' 97 k . at - vu. , ' 'gl Rif 1 , S if X 1. -X .N 1 1 ia N X' i , W A XX Xvxvwn ., .xi -, . , .I-.X X XXX 4-O, nf gift.-'1.--n .-'V Xa , 6 - W' 'I , , 'Q'-ini if at is f - . -s , 7 . - V , X ' ft .' 'Q K 1, ' .S ,?' ' .pf .3 ' ff 7? limi'-, 3 D, f L , t, X , X . I1 'f fm vi W 1 -::'--' X , v . ya ' ,W 1 As. ,g 1 42. up . it X ng: JX , . ,, y X ,B h"' 1 'V' 'QM , 1' . ' i "v, Q , A gf-5 .. ' , 4 X 4 t . o X5 A. ff X XX 5. . ' if ,iff - -. fs ' 21' - 'Q fs f rr ,ff -.. f .wi fi , qv.-, ' . z if-D' .. - by . '.. 'wa 1-QW . ' ' is A vi . 4 if v -ft 9' a-' ii Q 4 "' ' E Q X' vm XXX th I - af I , L. ' 1 ' ,, W . ff -., M -1 ,XX 9 ,, ,V :. 1 ,X H ., f A51 XX. - t F X? mfg I 6 J X :J H . ' 0 .. 'XX X ' - . Y ,-4- p 5 f 1 Q I .6 , ' 3 Y: . -' .. -Y if A ,,,, 55' f . 4 'A' Y ,r . X 'gm gm. A .f gf -6-ff X 2 'ff - , X b-1'-.,' A- - 5 f.,.zf" ' - W . - X , J gy' X X , - X iq X X - :lp ' w - K - ,, X. -s 1- X ,asv M az' 5 it Wfi' 'Q - V' r pi"i'-f' K " 4 "J F' . gf' - J L ' ' ' "c ' MQ' A ' . ,- v g i? .Q a 9 - X :X . ff 1, 1 f 5' r , C ,L, ml 5 9- nf Q , X ' X is U ." ' . T ' E .s ,,'- "" ' 'S' gi 2 - M 5 6 ft' if ,Xf 1 - : 3' ' , ,, X "'f' -2- ! A ' .3 - 1.-f' 12- - . , f ' 'f , Q XXj ff ' . Q ' Y ,X X: ft Xg il e Q I U 4? ,XX , XX .. I any X is f , 0 . Q , , Y V tl 1 X-5 F4 1 Q Mc. . 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Mount Saint Mary Academy - Mountain Chimes Yearbook (Plainfield, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


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