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QQWTES IN MARYL4 Y? 'Y' Wax, Q2 oooooooocxooo A J 9 9 'E 3 5 ff' it 'K I '29 Q, N 1 5' 0077 SPFS NOSTM ,506 , OO - 1808 - 96 ' ""'T 4. 4 , k 8- , , ff . W-"1-", 1 'A 14.-A1 F., I, gig., , f , . 3 Ha WJ,-5'i3g'z' .1 55:3 Iv., , ,,M.,V- :V L ,v-1' 'f : IV .sis-,..., vii , 4' J. , ya an. .'. , 4, f , 'f N ' .",1'jlgg,:3-.13 yy gf . , 2 j7',,:qj A ' M-4!,,.n!,,.. 4- 'I 3 -1,3 5 . K ,, 0.3 f,,:,, N- 'nw , .4 ,jg .. E. .aff :V-'sg ff'-fff."ww+.,,.f .. f ' w ' 1-fi' 5.5! '."'w'f"f1f'l5-xv ' 3 ' U . : I f 'i,1.i"g,g"gQ:, ' 7 , A, Q ' F 5 , . ,, 1 xv ' V, e - 4 .Q X,,,5ff2'7iK m , 1 5 . ,. " M ' . K S.. is Su , Q , 31 if fi' 1 f X QQ MC, , s' if 0 W ff nr 'Q 95 'YS 7 3, - , Q .lL!,K ? Y 5' f 'iff ' :inf ge A wa I fig.. , - 4 md f. . K 1 . -Q '- Q 45 an S 1 1 1 -Q - .,. V ,gg , , f Q ,S , ...Q f ,Q ' f W ,, . 'Y' 1. , 4' .- QF' , " ' ig ,V - Www 1 ,i V 4 ., ' 2 Q uf, N Ju M 'T w,fv,,... .ev - 1' f . li 'U -n ummm.. WMM .W-. , ,Mx 'VH " ' 1 , , x A . ,W ' ' fwiii my ' ' V : V : nl , ,Mm ' M A fix - ir!! it Keeping the Spirit At the Mount, we've sure learned to take the good with bad. We've man- aged to keep the Spirit through it all . .. and it's made all the difference! Many a night burning the midnight oil during finals week and studying endless hours in the library, but we somehow got by. Dining at S.A.G.A. t5mell And Guess Againj, getting caught with an illegal keg, last minute dates for dances, get- ting 'fair-mail", late night fire drills and the confusion of room lottery are some of the downfalls of life at the Mount. But look on the bright side. Remember sunny days at the covered bridge, wild nights at the RAT, exciting basketball games, late night popcorn, practit jokes and snowball fights. They all at up to wild and memorable times. "Don't bother us again!" says Nick Mastorilli, Chris Boone, and john Kirchner. 'i 'mm , ii ut' Even seniors must study, proves Kay During happy hour Kathy Robinson is always the star of the show. Her audience Mena. includes Anne Kessler and Kathy Holjes. 2fStudent Life Former Mr. Mount Brian Fleming is fully appreciated by Suzi Caulfield, Alyce Leighton and Colleen Weed. I DEX STUDENT LIFE ............................... p. 2 SENIOR SECTION ......................... p. 23 FACULTY 81 ADMINISTRATION p. SPORTS ......................................... p. 95 DORM LIFE ....................,.............. p. 137 CLUBS 84 ORGANIZATIONS ....... p. Mumvff UGO for the bomb" says Robert Overly. Five joyful freshman relax in between classes. Pictured: Eileen Maus, Lisa Griffin, Trish Devlin, Mary Frances Schaefer, and Sue Kilroy. Student Lifef3 xi M53 , .elk A '31 'wi A K ' V N ig? L5 J T N, h.-N : ,J ' I ,- , WMV W' wa n.. M ,ff w ,'jw,,,m W uf v . mu Q. 1' tl s M ,wk E ' -J .9 dill 'Q 'a i V. : fy! . Vp.. ,X QQ 1? xl' U' vm P! K . "rf , -21 'J' ,iw iw Q .eh ,' 314 W gx a' f ' f-.U . w ...m if , JT W U ,211-ww 4. PE- -4- M.wWnwra , fmfmuwrwflf. 'W v 'N W""' . , 'mwnxwwf-49915, W 1 Af ,Wy ra' mem 1 wr :sssvws fn WW ML F ,WM ww, 5 iw avwfiiffi n-2 srwwbfi ,mg mfs- wiv 'Q 9931 Lizeiiiiifff H , A gg-21" , gary 5-Mkasfi MV mpg,-1 tW5 LUN K . W32' r TIPW L ,f " , Ig W-ml 6, 1: 8 Q.. Q rg N ,. x ' n , Jr , HIXJ1' , ,N n 4 .A an H M ,MM sum rw " Tfj m W. 4' M , 'N w' 1 yjus' " 5, f , 'ax , qgw' 93 if , if 1 'X 4' M , ,.. ' . M, ,N L u fa., f 'Fl 'wr ,Q if- . MH'-ff 3 4: is ff? M . 3: 4 ' H 44,5 K- W M ', ,wa N-1 . 'Q 5 pf ' v vhs i Y ' ,Q 5 4 " a J 'Q . .V H Y X Q. X , 'Egg 1 'ff' 1 1 H 1' M V L as 4 ' IS ' " .Q x- Q5 fmiq j A M- v ,, xg ,, , 4 ,gg a fi if ve . If 7 'i x., , ,,,, , ,,,,,.1 WARM DAYS, CULD BEER The spirit of the Mount follows Mounties wherever they go even the Covered Bridge! Remember those lazy early fall days with warm sun, cold beer, and hot excitement! Sometimes a little too hot. Like the time the rugby team had just played the University of Maryland. The kegs were plentiful and so were the people. Cars lined the street outlining the park - people had to walk for TA a mile just to get a beer. Imagine that! As the beer was con- sumed, the people got rowdie. Sudden- ly, from out of nowhere, a group of fired up neighbors of the park pulled out their rifles and threatened us to leave. . .or else! The "or else" made the multitude of Mounties scurry toward their cars trying to avoid the headline which they envisioned to read "the Covered Bridge massacre'f. But the headline never appeared because as usual the Mounties talked their way out of it. lt was certainly exciting but all's well that ends well. That didn't stop us from going back time and time again. Sometimes with large groups to play football or baseball. Othertimes,afewfriends wouldjust go up tothe park to hang outand enjoy the time away from campus. Obviously, many diverse groups of people flood the Covered Bridge regu- larly. lt's amazing just how friendly you become with the guy standing next to you in line for a beer or the one waitingin back ofyou forthe bathroom. fActually, it's not a bathroom, more like a latrine.j You find yourself talking about everything from classes to crushes. There's something about that open air that really opens people up! lt's a great time to meet new friends and catch up with the old ones. The Covered Bridge brings out the best of everyone! And people seem to bring everything to the Covered Bridge. Food, frizbees, footballs, boxes, etc. You never know what you might need once you're up there. Often you drive up in early after- noon planning to stay a couple hours, and end up staying until after dinner. Then you're glad you brought all that stuff with you. After all the Bridge is 15 minutes from the campus. People say that 900fo of what you learn at college is outside of the classroom. Mounties sure learn alot at the Covered Bridge and it all adds up to 1000f0 worth of fun! A fun time to spend with good friends, Felicia Sciortino and Michele Bernardo. The Covered Bridge is always a place to relax for Ellen Brown, Katie Murphy, Collen Weed, Sue Glass and Sue Sheller. 5 CUMI G TOGETHER When two or more Mounties are gathered together . . .They always have agoodtime!Whetheritbe drinking and dancing the night away at the RAT, gathering together in a friend's room discussing weekend antics, or enjoying the gorgeous Mount scenery, the fun can be seen on the faces of the Moun- ties. You'd be surprised at the places that Mounties find to have fun with their friends. Scoping at the cafeteria is a prime time for talking and laughing, sometimes hysterically. The look on a person's face who is sitting towards the door tells you who just walked in. The obvious ear to ear smile means Mr. or Mrs. right is finally here. The reddening and drooping of many heads at lunch on a Saturday can mean any number of things Merry Nights Made Sad Days!!! Rarely do we see a face we don't rec- ognize among the crowds which clutter the halls, sidewalks and parties around the campus. We find ourselves greeting everyone who walks by! It proves to be awkward when we find ourselves at home "hello-ing" everyone we see at the local mall. We forget that the friendliness which permiates the Mount is one of a kind! Two Mount students who are definitely living life and loving it. Mary Cinoa and Three s a crowd Bridget Lang Lisa Dean Hedley. 6!Student Life Enjoying a Cold beer in the newly remod- eled Rathskeller are Kenny Burch, MJ. Solibart, and Kevin lPuddlesl Fitzgerald. X we - , . .. Chris' angels, Kendall Cullum, Sheila Hammill, and Ellen O'Connor. "One request at a time, please!" says Tara Olvany and Mary Holley on a Crowded night in the RAT. Student Lifef7 1 1, 3 urs' u Qfa..w1',.,1'IQ'I,1I! 'll' "' 'MN -'w-' ,w-' ww ' , H W W 'w ul-' " M 31 ,N WXWIV , ff AW . . -ii iii' A if X muh pn' 4 - m 2 4 1.4. W N gs? -WS? f Q.. 19 Q 5 1, ' 4: 1 A V I , 1 3 714 A ual I 'X 'M' X if " x,3,W aw-',, fig iii' 11 NM, ,Q 4 wa., f ,WL 4, ,Mfxfvifplli M11':'- :QQ 11 M. v,.1'W pw? 1' WW Q 'kit Q nf' 5 -Q1 ff ibn., 1 W 'H f j 'w-f f , 'umm ,,,! W X-ensww ily 'ti i 5 ,, ,lf re' wpxilil 1 MP' if fear' if S7 Living With Many We may have only one or two roo- mates, but it seems like at the Mount, we literally live with hundreds! So much of the spirit of the Mount revolves around our living conditions. From par- tying in the rooms, to enjoying a sunny day on the terrace - Mounties are al- ways surrounded! Sometimes, at the strangest hours 17:00 A.M.l on Saturday and Sunday mornings, guys are seen walking across the terrace toward their rooms. But nothing goes unnoticed on this campus - by lunch time, everyone's heard the "new scoop." Living with many has its good points too! There's always someone around to talk to, hang out with, get advice from or party with. It's kind of like one big happy family, right??? Sunday afternoon provides leisure time for the guys of first Dub. it tif ,ssr if "We ain't afraid of no roaches! pictured, Kerry Nolan, Mary Hopkins, lean Anne Furey. S flag' Last minute studying seems like the thing to do during finals week. Karen Morra, john Benzing, Frank McShalley and Helen Kenney stop to face the camera at the senior social. Student Lifef9 IGI-IT GF GI-IOSTS A D GCJBLINS? A special witch's brew: a pinch of ex- citement, a spoonful of fun, a dash of fright,andacup of beer.This alladds up to Halloween at the Mount. The week started with Father Dan Nus- baum's frightening stories ofthe Mount's very own ghosts. We learned of the spirits that dwell beneath Mac, the ghosts of 2nd Brute and the crazed woman of the apartments. Friday night was by far the most exciting and humorous night of all. Oh what a strange night it was! From pumpkin heads to bums, from the Adams family to human corn stalks and everything in between. As one walked through the RAT it was extremely hard to believe that this pool of clowns, cheerleaders, nuns, prom queens, and guys dressed as women were all "mature" college stu- dents. lt was a night forthe child in all of us to come out. Girls just wanna have fun! Bridget Lang, Lisa Lewis, Kathy Rooney. XXX 'IO 1456? Hood College cheerleader Tara Olvany cheers on Emmitsburg's leading female bowler Charlene Boyer talias Mary "Freebird" Freel. -M 775. "Today's lesson boys and girls Pictured Sister Chuck. ll Pumpkin head and friends on his favorite night of the year The RAT fills up with freaks and weirdos all hoping for the "best Costume" prize In her "Crowned" glory, Prom queen Laura Cindy "Wifty" joy and B.l. Pioli. as Cookums" Cook and her court 11 People make the difference! lt certainly isn't Emmitsburg that keeps us here. . . or even the classes. . . at the Mount, it's the people who make the difference! Only at The Mount could girls dress up like M8fM's Qamong other costumesj and go to the Rat feeling perfectly at home. Where else would 400 people show up on a Saturday afternoon to listen to a student band, play frisbee, and catch 1,21 ll V' in www- fr... . WEE? 1 c 3 s 35 Wu. some rays. Everyone seems to feel right at home at the Mount from the day they move in, through exam anxiety and Christmas partying, to the heat of finals. Some- how, we make it through. Friday nights are a great time to talk and laugh says Matt, Chris, Peggy, Bob, and Maryrose. .I ,'l',M:.,,,.g, L 1. if 1.5 What a "sweet" Halloween for Monica, Gayle, Robyn, Colleen and Colleen. 12fStudent Life .,. .... . ,,,,-., ,MVC .W 77,4 .. jack Lynch, otherwise known as, "jackie Quad." 35 t NU W E fe . M t s 5. s , . , F' as gg z 1 Q , ,. 53,5 'Q ,Q g i if g as .t 1' if y i R'-er, i . I iz Q , an '96 qi., U m y ,S llriil ,F -Q it , ' ' V lliiif 1 I a - ' ff, t M , ' - , ,f gaujg- ' ' 9.51" Qu f f '1 W-' ... I . -l '10 4- A9 , W . X , il fi . .9 G 0 . It it ' 4 .'Y""1 4 4 2, , - Q -, P' A. .Q ' F eye s ' as 1 A Wx, i '33, f .1 Y N W, ET Lx .rg 'j,fV',fk?,f1fi' M , , s , in dex :'k' gg? fb 1 , 'sy'-'P . f 9 .aan Q . J 4 , 2:7 cf gg ' , .f -S mf, , . -14 In A m ' .- I hr WEA A 1 Q ,A - 'P' fe - 6' r ' . I , P, l 3215: .I s 415, 1 Y, ,.3',"'lP'5,f5 y .Vi 7 s '.1 1 I any ,Q :'.,w.- . .' 4' ' 9 r f 'gf V ' U 1,-4. fr . -, ' U Q sm, iv , JM' 1 'pb' it , '- Q , V au- 45 SIE- 'E' Wim., I it 4 'T 1 1 ' :W QU Mm 4l,,,+.i191-f5- t. WH: . i l , A All the way to the fourth floor, john Pat Mulvany and Monica Grillo Bruderman hauls his precious anxiously wait Santa's arrival. possessions. if-J M wa? 'ikiic :Q- it in 2' My jc ll f' li gf ir ly 131-lm f'TIg.'I1 yi ,N .fu The Mount is full of talent - including the members of "Flashback" Rich Streeton, Billy McCarron, jill Brown, and Steve Newstedt. Anytime is party time for wildman, Carlos Soto and Steve Paroda. Student Lifef13 Q3 'Wh . T.G.I.F.. It's 4:00 on a friday afternoon. A quiet hush settles over the campus as upper- classmen pour into Gentleman lim's. This has become a ritual for many who go week after week to happy hour after a grueling week of classes. The feeling one has as they walk in and out of lim's makes the work they do all week long seem all worth while! The music is loud and the room is crowded but the peo- ple are always happy! The weekend offi- cially begins Friday with cheap beer and good friends to share it with. The weekend may officially begin Fri- day but some say it unofficially begins mid-week! Because many students don't have early classes on Thursdays, some Mounties head to lim's on Wednesday nights to release some of the energy they have put into studying for classes. It's a great time to enjoy good music and get your mind off the monotony of the school week. Then you have only one more day 'till Friday's happy hour! "Get a grip Mary! We're in public" says MaryAnn Commins. Hail, Hail the gang is all here having a dandy time! 14fStudent Life "Listen Ellen, take it from someone who really knows the scoops." Welcome to the world of Gentlemen Pictured: Colleen Weed and Ellen lim's. Brown. 6'-tu Q Eifmf-'err Martin MacCormack and Kevin Foley, relax after a long week at y Gentlemen jim's. "join us for a beer!" say Diane Leneghan and Kerry Geoghan. ' I A typical Mountie enjoying Gentlemen l jim's cheap happy hour prices. Pictured: lack Lynch. Student Lifef'I5 5 HLA , is ! i 1 1 4 w P Y 1 5 P 5 A s F . , . P I Q I ax 1. ? I i- 1, J i N16 I x E . l b . g-,V44,-.,5 4 -v r - 1 'G X A vi' , . gr. X my .. x , t Y 'I ff: . , i , if A I .I Q, I A .5 A 1, tt .M -- A quiet Saturday morning around carnpus. The Virgin Mary standing proud on our mountain. A view of the Terrace as one looks up College Lane One of the first views of the Mount as one drives onto the campus. Taking A Glance Around Looking around us it's hard not to no- tice the keen beauty of the Mount. Many times we take the mountains and endless farmland all for granted. Each season seems to be more beautiful than the one before it. This year was espe- cially spectacular with warm fall days and extended folliage. The winter al- though short brought us snow and plunging temperatures. The early arri- val of spring, with record temperatures in February pleased everyone, except maybe the professors. In years to come one will remember along with the spe- cial spirit of the Mount is the continous beauty that surrounds us. Qopposite pagej A view from 4th Basil as the sun rises over the Mount. 17 TI-IE CDU TDOW BEGINS!! The 100 Days Party is one of the most fun-filled and exciting days for any sen- ior. This year's traditional party was once again held off-campus in Febru- ary at the Track lnn in Pennsylvania. This party gave seniors a chance to drink, dance and socialize together as one of the last class functions of the year. lt proved to be very successful as 250 sen- iors crowded into the Track to party the afternoon away with their classmates. The 100 Days Party is the official start for the count down until graduation and it also seems to be the first signs of a dis- ease called senioridice. Always in good spirits are Steve McLean, Bobby Lewis and Vinny Florenzo. 4'0- M69 ti-we Kamusi 2 WSW Good friends enjoying one of many beers of the afternoon are Laura Smithson and Mary Ellen Doyle. Talking over the great memories of the past fou, years are loan Conroy, LB. Benzing, Kathy Donough and Tom O'Hara. The 100 Days Party was a great place for the "girls" to get together. Pictured: Beth McMullen, Heidi Blatte and Mary Reilly. l i Enjoying one of the many highlights of senior year are Karen Geckel, Matt Katzenson, and Theresa Schloth. julie Adams and Mary Mackson take time out from dancing to get their picture taken. fi' ....,k,f' .gm ,i., ,nf -wi Seniors joe Anderson, Dennis fYogij Sweeney, George Krizmanich and Mike Ludwig are even willing to party in the bathroom! 19 1 1 Q x 1 ,, 1 .g 'f S Q iff' .JW Q, Y' Sw " ws. un- V V gk Q 1 x Ag .45 r 6 ,xv Mu. -4- ,Af FU? I Q fu., F65 .I OLD FASI-HD ED CHRISTMAS 'Twas the night ofthe Christmas dance ...and what a night it was! The theme of the 1984 Christmas Dance was "An Old- fashioned Christmas" and was held Sat- urday, December 8th, 1984. Hundreds of couples crowded the beautifully decorated SUB dancing to the music of Batman while Smile also entertained us down in the RAT area. Both floors of the building were full of Mounties partying in the true spirit of Christmas. The memories which were made are not the only things which remained after the dance. For days traces of artificial snow covered the floor of the lower SUB lin- gered around the campus. The white snow was too tempting for many ofthe dancers to resist. . .and soon snow cov- ered people's hair and clothes. The Christmas dance sure was a night to re- member! Enjoying a beer and a cigar are joe DuBoyce, Tanya Markosi, Mimi McDermott, john Fenwick and joe Anderson. Freshman Edna Werwinski and jim Andrews enjoying their first Christmas In bright holiday smiles are Eddie Caruso and Maggie D'Agostaro. Dance. 21 Party Time! CHEERSI for Iohn Hagman, Jim Kannar, Paul Brandt and lim Courtney. :ix Relaxing at the junior social held in November is Kevin Lutts. The spring was a time for parties including the party on the mountain. Enjoying the cold beer and great weather are Tim Thistle, Tim Hanlon, john Callahan, Alyce Leighton, Jay Barry, Frank McShalley, and Maureen O'Hara. in the annual airband competition Menudo took first piace and the fifty dollar cash prize, Pictured: ' T Haifi-ng close friends is a very important part of Mike Marzulla, Freddie Sorbello, Bob Werwinski and Mark Barter. l T life at the Mount Pictured Mary Hyden and 22 Garry Reborn X sk X X QW hu h 0? You all mean more to me than a few words can ever express. I love you all and thank you for mak- ing these past four years so special to me. pg.24-A julie M. Adams B.A. English Augustus C. Aquino B.A. Sociology Mom and Dad, I'm eternally grateful for your guidance and support - I love you both very much!! To my brothers and sisters, you guys are the greatest. Chris, we finally made it! Remember your "r's" on camera. Thank you for the tawks and just being a friend, Vin, it's your jD. Babs, I love you little buddy. Maryanne - G-legs. Bob, thanks for Versailles, Dom, Iet's go to the the-a-ter. Glen, where did you go? Helen K., you wild woman, Chris and I won't forget you. Paula, straight up and down, you're the best. Oh year, Chris, "Take me to White Flint - NOW!!" jennifer, the past two years have been out- standing! l'm looking forward to many more to come. I love you j.B., Don't forget Bermuda! pg.24-H 24fSeniors Mom and Dad, thank you for all your love and support throughout these four years. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Lynn, Thanks for all of the great times. You are very special to me. To the muffin men of A-26, we made the best of the situation. Dett, jar, Rich, Shoeboy, Hashubah, Track and Field man, Space, Smiley - thanks. Let's go to Europe fellas, my treat. Dett, good luck on your book. What do you want, Wicker. I can't wait to see what it's like on the outside now. lF.Z.j pg.24 john Allegra B.A. History Thomas R. Arrowsmith Social Studies Mom and Dad, thank you for the chance you have given me. I will always be grateful. You have sup- ported me through both the good and bad times, and I want to let you know I love you! Glenn, Sean and jody, our Sr. year has been one big party. From Happy Hour to kegs I will always cherish the memories. Good Luck! To Karyn and Theresa, thanks for being friends I love you for it. To the girls of B-7, B-8 thanks for the memories from riding the Bull to watching the movies in our room. I love you and will never forget the good nmes Doc Hagar, Spud and Brian, playing golf with you was, and always will be fun. Thanks for bein- gyouH "I get by with a little help from my friends." Everybody, Good Luck and God Bless You pg.24-L Dear Mom and Dad, I can't even begin to ex- press my thanks for these first 21 years! Re, I love you! To all the guys, Neal, Dave, Steve, jimmy and you idiots from C-'18 and B-22, it was incredible! Four years of utter bliss, from destroying 'lst Brad- ley, to A-Deck, to the year of the wrecking crew, to the year of V-men, God, I wish I could stay a little bit longer, this place is a country club! Time flies when you've having a blast! To Lauderdale, both with the wrecking crew and once again with Feens, Birdman, and jethro Bodine - Life is a beach! Bahama Mamma's anybody? Kim, with all my love, did we keep Ma Bell in business? good things are worth waiting for. pg. 24-E joseph A. Anderson B.S. Accounting Marie Therese Banzon B.S. Biology Dear Mom and Dad: Thank you for your support and guidance these past four years at the Mount, I love you both!! To my roomates of: A-14: Friendship is a special bond. . .so many times in reaching out to others, we discover some new strength within ourselves, To all my other good friends here at the Mount: Success and happiness in what you do in the fu- ture, Take care and Good Luck! pg.24J It sure is not easy to sum up four years, but I'll give it a shot. Mom, you're the best, thanks for being there for me. Dad, thanks for your support these past four years. "You go to them with problems and they'll always see you through, they give with generosity that never seems to end -they know the wonderful secret of how to be a friend." fAmanda Bradleyj I would like to thank all my friends at the Mount for putting up with me, and for having more faith in me than I had in myself. Roommates, I'm glad we roomed together, and I wish you all the best of luck in the future. To the coordinator of summer groups I leave this thought, "lf ignorance is bliss, then this must be Eden!" pg. 25-M john P. Barnes B.S. Accounting x 3 Catherine Ann Beck B.S. Business and Finances Maturity is struggling with reality, learning, and the death of innocence. But as long as the run rises over that mountin, I will continue to perse- vere . .. and the flicker will stay aflame. Anony- mous - Mom and Dad: Appreciation, love and thanks! I only hope you are as proud of me as I am of you. Tom, Mary, lim, George: Separate paths yet not a day goes by without you all in my thoughts. Four years of memories: Wienie roasts, piggy- backs, Halloween costumes, ice cream, Slims, feather pillows, lack 84 Phil, a father figure, "B.I.O.Y.A.", chats . . . Tracy: How does your body functi-n? "Slash": You've made it all worthwhile - relax and enjoy! Hugs and Kisses qweaklj, Cath pg. 25-T Thomas Barnes B.S. Business and Finance 'Q-a.,....,-Q 41-N-M.-aw Gayle Bengtson B.S. Elementary Education Love and gratitude to Mom and Dad for giving me this opportunity to learn, grow and achieve my goals. I would never have made it without the support, guidance and love of my family. To the friends I have made here - you will always have a special place in my heart. Especially B-17 room- mates - thanks for putting up with me and shar- ing the great times along with the painful ones. Colleen S. - keep on smiling cuz it's contagious. Monte - I'll never forget your patiencefassis- tance with all the cut and paste projects - Love ya! Rob - you'll never be funny so quit trying but you're the best cook around! Colleen L. - the laughs were priceless but lots more to come. NKY - friends forever! Fellow teachers - Let's give those kids everything we've got! pg. 25 Thank you Mom and Dad,and the entire family, for your love and support which have made my years here possible. Mount memories: Iack's beach party 'Ist Pang, New Year's Eve parties, the Nl weekend, the RA's, 2nd Brad, dances, happy hours, frisbee, Ben's, and times with IC, ST, LR, Rc, so, LM, is, NN, BR, DM, RR, co, Pc, HM, ML, PM, MT, IB, RC, BT, and all the others. Thank you for always being there. I've thoroughly en- joyed the Mount but it's time to move on. Real world, here I come! To my buddy Neil: "I just picked up my pen again to add another look . . . I know the song is over when I finally close the book." Thanks for everything. Patrick E. Beal! B.S. Business and Finance pg. 25-Q Heller Benton B.S. Accounting To the best: Mom and Dad, you've given your all and love without which the Mt: years may not have been. Mir, these 4 years have shown me what a good friend a sister really can be. D2, how many earings are you wearing? "Don't change a thing." - INXS. Heat, breaking tradition In the bubble couldn't have been spent with a better gal, save it till graduation - let's motivate. Stacey, al- ways remember, marry rich. Liz, just one drink, make it an early night. B-23, thanks for the parties, cookies on the way, dinner at your place? Deb and Lisa, only Harford's finast at the Mt. Keith, "It's anguish when you're miles away but tougher and a stiffer discipline to see you through a win- dow and to know I can't go in." E.A. Quest pg. 25-X Seniorsf25 Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me this chance to grow and learn. Your help and support have been greatly appreciated. Thanks to all my friends, l'll never forget the good times. "O.K. rejects, it's time to assume the position" in soci- ety. j.B. pg. 26-A john T. Benzing B.A. Fine Arts Thesbian, Chuck Henry, prepares for opening night. 26fSeniors Mom and Dad, thanks for making these four years possible. Your support has made it all worthwhile. It's time to enter the real world. To all the good friends I've made over these past four ye21fS, thanks for the memories. To Lisa - thankS fOr always being there. You are my best friend- pg. Z6-C joseph W. Berkery B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad thanks for the support, encourage- ment, and especially the love you've given me. Without that I couldn't have made it. Danny you made freshman year so much easier. Lisa and Marty thanks for all your help and support. Dar- ryle you have made these last four years interest- ing and I hope we continue our friendship. Capt. and Burt, what can I say. To everybody else who made this an experience to remember, thanks. Diane, thank you for all the happiness you've giv- en me the past two years. I cherish the times we spend together and they mean everything to me. "Whenever l see that smiling face, l have to smile myself, because l love you." pg. 26-E Robert G. Bindel B.S. Business and Finance is it 2- , Q t 5 f i . ' A i 3 5 gg i r ws. Mom and Dad, You are both the most supportive and loving parents, don't ever change. Your un- selfish sacrifice has academically and socially given me the best 4 years of my life. jane, ura 111 sister, don't rugh high school because college goes too fast. I love you guys!! To my friends: loanie mann ura 111 friend and roomie thanx 4 3 great yrs. Lynn QMcGooI 81 Margo fMongo, Peggy O. I, Erin Anita, Amy, Karen, iDo U know U R ovenl, thanx 4 the memories: Red barn, cow patrol, bing haven, crab feast, Ist, D.C., bluebomb, road trips, DEAD Bye Mt. Country Club, thanks for the trip, It's been long and strange, but at least I've "EN- IOYED" the ride! pg. 27-G julie A. Birkofer B.A. Political Science rw' New- M' Brian E. Bowey B.S. Accounting Thanks Mom and Dad!! Without your support and encouragement I would have never been able to do it. Thanks to four great roomates and good griends, Spud, Doc, Horrible, Gigs, Get off guys! Oh hi. Oh do you . . . Yes, I do chilidog. Wee-Wee what day is it? Special thanks to Laura. Thanks Mount, not bad, not bad. pg. 27 Mom, I have to thank you for all you have sacri- ficed to give me the best two years of my life. You have been my best friend as well as a great mom. Dad, thank you for the support you've given me. The two of you are an inspiration for me, you've pushed me farther than I might have pushed my- self, Grandma, thank you for all you have done. Kathleen, you're the best. All the nights you lis- tened and all the shoulders to cry on. I'll miss the Saturday matinees, Kara, Eileen, Margaret, thank you for a great senior year. Chris 84 Ed, thank you for all the moments that have made my life so special. Goodbye to the Mount. Love and rain- bows, Whitney pg. 27-I Whitney L. Blank B.S. Accounting Wfg . Q . f ,M 1"-ma-If 1 N Christine L. Bowles B.S. Accounting "Aim for the impossible to achieve the unusual." I won't list "the best" of the good times because the space wasted would not do justice to my in- sights and experiences at the Mount. As far as references to special people, they know who they are and share with me a true appreciation and understanding of friendship. They are in my heart always. For no matter what the future holds, how much time or distance between, there will always be that sincere bond of love, support and accep- tance that,is void of jealous, vindictive judge- ments. To me this is genuine friendship - a source of strength that I seek and strive to give. A special thank you to my husband Paul, my parents, sisters and friends who each gave me the love and strength to smile when I needed it the most. pg. 27-P Thank you Mom and Dad for your unending love, prayers and support over the past 4 years. My education is the greatest gift you could have given me, I will try my best for you always. Karen, I have found in you the true meaning of friendship. Thanks for always being there. May we remain close no matter what life brings. Molly, thanks for all the fun times and hours of laughter. Watch out for that Tequila, it sneaks up on you! Mary, you're a real "pal", always. Never stop smiling! To the old 3rd Brute girls, I'll miss all of you and the fun times we shared. To Robert, I thank you for bringing such a special love to my life. You will always be my best friend, the future is ours! pg. 27-K Heidi M. Blatte B.A. Psychology QA Nz'-':':"-:gd 'M-I in .L "'.. .1 .. a 4 .. 4 . f .- . fi ' f I Sean Brady B.S. Business and Finance "Thank-you for everything, you have made our lives very special, we'll miss you a whole bunch, good to be with you." For some reason I find it hard to say some cer- tain words, but I do love you mom. That goes for Ro, Iacki, and Terry also. Dad, what can I say that you don't already know. You were the best. A day won't go by that I won't think about you and consider myself honored to be your son: Thank you for 21 very special years. Thank you for everything, Freshman year with Timmy and Doc -- to sen- ior year with Glenn, Iody and Bam - it was all great. The girls in B-7, B-8, B-2. Cheese you're still sleazy. Kieran, thanks for the best summer yet. Kathy, a lesson I won't forget. Little Billy, yuk yuk - that noise! Thanks Glen. pg, 27 Seniorsf27 Mom and Dad, thanks for giving of yourselves to make me a better person. I love you both! Amy, what will I do every day at 2 when I get the urge to go to the gym? I miss you, Lisa St. P. U R the greatest, thanks for being you! Colleen, Ellen thanks for listening to me about roomies and lohng Doug, U R special, GRUMPI john L. may you find happiness. IMH3 there are so many things I want to say but no amount of words can express how I feel better than I love you, Roses Wine Cheese Crackers Snow Beach Tees Graveyard Pooky, The BIC. 8I I will remember you 4everI Petyon, how about that show? Goodbye and Remember. pg. 28-A Tamara L. Bream B.S. Business and Finance Angel Mary Mackson is ready to take flight with cavewomen Kathy Holmes by her side. 28fSeniors The past four years at the Mount have provided me with much: good friends, memories, and the self-confidence to persue my goals in life. To Monica - thanks for being a true friend. Most importantly I would like to thank my parents for providing me with this opportunity to attend the Mount. To Paul -- having you here my first year meant so much. Thanks for all of your love, support and guidance. To Cindy and Sharon - thanks for being my two best friends. Later. "That man is a success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much, who looked for the best in others and gave the best he had." R. Stevenson Elizabeth M. Brennan B.S. Accounting Thank you Mom and Dad, you made this all possi- ble. You stuck with me in good times and bad, there is no way I could have done it without you. From A-Deck to B-Building you guys were unreal. I'd love to go into detail about it it, IJ it's a long story, 23 it's probably illegal or 3I we would have to pay Dan the Dean fine. To Ted, Tim, jack, D.l., Yogi, lody, Lenny, Todd, Peyton Hairpie, DB, Seu, Mike, Sang and everyone else good luck, enjoy yourselves and great success to you all. To Heidi: You made it all worthwhile. I'm happy that we have had these years together. I hope that there will be many more. You mean the world. pg. 28-E Robert I. Brennan B.S. Business and Finance Preparing for the Rat are, Frank Bolte, Pat Mastorelli, Neil Patalinghug, Matty Victor, Chris Hall, Frank Veck. Thank you most of all Mom and Dad for giving me the opportunity to go to the Mount. These have been the hest years of my life, and I could not have done it without your love and encouragement. To Brownie, my roomie and friend for four years, to Croninberg who has helped me through some rough times jclog marksj, to MA who can always make me laugh and Pecan who always had a new surprise for dinner. Good Luck girls! To Tim, who made my last three years at the Mount the most memorable with your love and support! To B-9, B- 21, B-22, thanks for the parties, I had a blast. Thanks Taz. Good Luck Nick, Kath, jules, Toni, Frank 84 Martin. pg. 29-G Sheila A. Breschi B.S. Business and Finance Marian V. Brown B.S. Business and Finance Thank you Mother and Daddy for all the love and support you have given me these past four years. I love you both very much. Paul thanks for being there my freshman year. To my best friends - Sheila, Maryann, Denise, Lisa, Kathryn, Nichole, loe, those of B-9, you all have made my past years very special - thanks for all the love and support. I hope our friendships last forever. Sheila - here's to the 4 years togeth- er - you sure made them exciting. Maryann your friendship means so much, I'll never forget the times in 345. Denise - times in 349 Brute will never be forgotten - You're a special friend. Lisa -times at 2nd Dub, TG's wouldn't have been the same without you. Ioe - thanks for being a part of my life, you're a very special person - I love you. pg. 29-N Mom and Dad thanks so very much, your love and support were my driving force. Gicine you are the best sis! l've enjoyed my college times, THANKS! To my friends: A-'I6 84 B-24 God we've been through a lot! Anita how did you become such a B- -ch? I loved teaching you and you're a bonus pt of my heart. Peg lushes make the world better! Annex days, jungle Iuice. Lynn, got any Hooch? Keep the giggles and don't be a wino. Katie, Ioanie 84 Iulie you guys always make me laugh. Thanks for the good times. Kath the fog was typi- cal of us! Ei, Lisa, Kathy, Walt, Shake, john, Wild, Greg, Bob, Joe, you guys are great! Billy QKBI l've enjoyed many very special days with you. pg. 29-I Erin K. Brignolon B.S. Accounting qu., Karen M. Buegler B.A. Sociology Dear Mom and Dad - Thanks for giving me the opportunity to go to the Mount, and your love and support throughout the years. I will always feel indebted to you for everything you've done for me. I love you both very much. Well Amy, we made it! You've been a great friend, I really lucked out having you for a roomie. Good Luck in your new life with Ted - he's a great guy! I 81 I l'm glad we finally got to know each other. I had a good time at A-13, jus and the roachesj. Mark, thanks for making the time special and for always being there. You have given me so much - I love you. Pg- 29 Mom and Dad, Thanks for all your unconditional love and guidance. I love you very much. As a person matures they realize how much more their parents really know. God has richly blessed me with parents like you. A special thanks to all my friends especially SB, MV, DH, DW, IM, IB, KS, AM, IK, DF, BS, IS, RR, CO, RR, RM, and VO. The parties were fun and the company good. Hey SingersfHow much is that doggie in the window? KF, Is HS really that funny? BS, I'm going to rec- ommend you for a Bonkers candy commercial. Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me, I once was lost but now am found! Was blind but now I see! pg. 29-K Mark D. Brooks B.S. Account. Eric A. Campbell B.A. History Dad and Mom I wish I could say more than just thanks. You deserve much more than that. With- out your support, encouragement and patience I never would have made it this far. I love you both. Thank you lay and Krista for giving me inspiration and hope. You've made me realize how far one can go if they put their mind to it. Coach -thank you for your guidance during the past 4 years. You've taught me more than just running. Hubby and Boof - it's been interesting. Thanks for your friendship and Good Luck in everything you do to everybody else - Good Luck and take care. P.S. Thank you lay for being my best friend. pg. 29-K Seniorsf29 Thomas Cantwell B.A. Political Science Terrance S. Chambers, lr. B.A. International Studies "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing." - A. Lincoln pg. 30-H 30fSeniors Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpop, Aunt jane, Pat- ty, Poop, Duke, and Bughead without your love, support and guidance I would never have made it, thank you all. Cheryl, you're my little angel! Now, as for the V-men, Wrecking Crew and my boys, you're all ugly and I love you all like a stepchild. Coppy and the guys at thes' shop, do some work! "hey fellas, did you all hear about Jorge?" Well Feen,Tiger,Piehead,Iorge,Big Dawg, RO, Bunny, Neal, Dave, Schlong, Squiggy, Marty, loe, Quin- ner, Kel, Stonell, Rich, Vinnie, Gigs, juicer, B-10, A-16, B-9, to all you idiots "How you doooin?" "Piehead I want my stars back and I taught you everything you know! pg. 30-C Frederick M. Casino B.S. Business and Finance "Do not be anxious about tomorrow for tomor- row will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day." Mt. 6:34 I thank Crod for bringing me to Mary's Mountain. Our Blessed Mother always watches over all of us at MSM. I also want to thank my Family, their constant love and support has been invaluable. Maureen, you're one of my best friends and I love you very much. Take care of the place while I'm gone. lohn 84 Kath, thanks for your letters. Dave and Steve, my first roommates, thanks for helping me through a crazy freshman year. Pat, a great friend and truly good person, I treasure our friendship. Stephanie, I love you very much. I couldn't have done it without you. pg. 30-E Michael 1. Caulfield B.S. Mathematics Mary P. Cinoa B.A. Sociology I Dear Mom and Dad, Roses are red, Violets are blue, Words cannot ex- press, The love I have for you two. Thank you for all your love, support and patience and please know that I'm proud to have you both. Frank and Stella, Our laughter and fighting Will always be done But loving you both Is so much more fun. Paul, Although you're the younger one I look up to you brother dear. I wish you the best In your groovin' senior year. To CV, IS, MH, TO, PR, FH, ME, CE, MH, MCR, PN,1M,DH,DM,rv1BT,Mk,166 Pang and Msrvt, thanks for a terrific 4 years and many happy memories. I'll never forget the good times we all had." - Love Mary pg. 30 Francis C ough B.S. Business anc Finance I first would like to thank my mom and dad for all of their patience and understanding -thank you for everything. To my entire family, and relatives, especially Bill Thomas - I needed your support every step of the way. To V thanks for being a great friend now and further down the road. To my roommates of A-16 - Mark, Paul, johnny, and Gary - 'Dan's on his way down, it's time to clean the room." To Randy Kilgore and Mount Lacrosse - the best times were spent both on and off the field. Hey D - Stance! To the wrecking crew - truly outrageous - Let's do it to them before they do it to us. pg. 30 If I could find one word that means hours of laughter, moments of tears, a million good times and times that were sad, a few harch words ex- changed, yet the unending warmth of the love of true friends, I could describe these years at the Mount. To len, Kathy, IL, and Lisa, I know this isn't the end of great times together. B-1 you were the perfect ending to a wonderful 4 years. I love you all! To my favorite Mounties: esp. B-19, A-24, A- 25, B-B Big Men, 2nd Dube, Brute of 83f84, the many good times will never beforgotteni Lenny, you DID keep me on my toes. Thanks for being my best friend. Mom and Dad: Thank you. I hope I will always continue to make you proud! Love al- ways, Carolyn pg. 31-M Carolyn M. Coleman B.A. Psychology 'Q N27 Ioan B. Conroy B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad thanks for believing in me even when I didn't, I love you very much. These past 4 years have been great! jack, you're the best broth- er ever! So many memories: crab feasts, excur- sions to the barn, Lauderdale, Dead trips, Hamp- ton, to Syracuse, Pinnies, TG's, hikes, airport, cow patrol, DC, fines, cheese and many B sessions. Iu- lie you've been a great roomie and friend, re- member bedtime buzz, froghaven, Mr. Ugly, Mr. Frigid, and all who have helped us. Katie, ice-teas, many B's and Dead shows. Lynn, cheese, skiing, how bout a session, and the Dead. Peggy a toast, libations the great escape. Karen, Amy and Mike ou've been "great" roomies. Erin and Anita, it as been great! I and K here's to Europe. DI "with- out love in a dream it will never come true" - Dead Ps- 31 Y h Mom and Dad, I know I never tell you this enough, although you've shown it to me every day of my life! Love You!! Without your constant emotional and financial support this would never have been possible. We've finally made it! To my brother and sisters, the youngest loves you, thanks for 22 yrs. of loving advice. Gus, you Guru- bod, IT'S been a blast!! Thanks for the K.T. ' S. thro the rough spots, you're OOAK. Babs -the Bond, it's beautiful! jen, l.A., Aaah! Thanks "Eingers". G- Legs, I'm glad IT brought us together, N.Y.C. OK? Paula, Vince, eat shrimp but watch the hole! Bill - ?es, IHBB! Dom - you're priceless, Ianine, you are always "here, there and everywhere." pg. 31-O Christopher E. Collins B.A. English Marlon Ci. Cook B.S. Accounting Dear Mom, I would like to thank you for your support these last four years, without it I could not have made it. I feel this graduation is as much yours as it is mine. I would like to thank Darryle and Paula for their constant friendship through the years. Ps. 31 Mom and Dad thanks for all the sacrifices you made, your constant love and support. My love and admiration for you both is endless. This is our achievement together, we made it. To Mark, Diane, Maureen, Kevin you stayed with me and helped me in anyway possible. You say that I got everything I needed, I love you all. Lucy, through the good and bad times you were always there. Where would we be without telephone? Whitney and len the times we shared were some of the best. Your friendship has been unique and special. Eileen, Kara, Christine, Margaret you all have made my senior year fun and exciting. Your friendship has made the difference. Roommates of A-17. Thanks pg, 31-Q Kathleen M. Connolly B.S. Accounting jennifer A. Costello B.S. Biology Mom and Dad you are the official winners of the 'I981-T985 "Best Parents" award. No words can express my appreciation for your continual sup- port, encouragement and especially your love during these past 4 years at the Mount! Colleen the other original "HUN", remember the good times we shared on 3rd Mac and Basil. Josie and Ieannette, you're in my thoughts! To my A-22 roomies, iAnn, Mary Ellen, Cindy and Betsy! its been a wonderful senior year . . . bullfrogs, Play- ers, banana bread, leaky ceilings and oversleep- ing! To the "officers": Miguel, Larry, Pete, Ieff T., Tom, jeff L, Mark Ci., Sang, Mark S., Tim, Mike, Ioe, Iohn and Kathy flook out TCI I wish you all the best of luck and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future. Love, len "Hl.IN" pg. 31-X Seniorsf3'I Mom and Dad, words cannot express all the love and appreciation I have for you. Dad, thanks for all the visits, and most of all for your love and under- standing. Mom, thanks for being my best and closest friend, Curt, you have been a special friend for the past 3 years and hopefully many more. I love you. Therese, lean Anne, Lisa, Kerry, Ellen and Mary thank you for Not leading me or tryin' to follow me, thank you for just standing by me, and for being my closest friends. Thanks for sharing my life for the past 4 years. Kathleen, Anne, M.A. we've turned just being acquaint- ances into everlasting friendships. B23 84 B6 thanks Peggy, Mary, Debbie, Aisline, its been great. pg. 32 ' Laurie A. Cotter B.S. Business and Finance t l 1 ll L K rf' I at 3 v ,.,,.a "This Buds for you!" claims Burt Reyn- olds. 32fSeniors I would like to thank my parents for their constant love and support without your help I never would have made it. Special thanks to all the cafeteria staff for all the warm, delicious and nutritious meals. To all the V-Men, the Wrecking Crew and all the other super heros, thanks for "destroying my life". Thanks for the good times. To the origi- nal V-Men Dave, joe, Steve, and Jim your a great group of men, best of luck in your futures. To the guys in B-23 thanks for the TV. A Deck was awe- some. How many dogs do you want? Housing probation what a joke. Itchy C-obal Lo! To the guys on the tetherball team good luck. Dorothy - thanks for always being there, you made it all worthwhile! A-M-F!! 32 Neal M. Craig B.S. Business and Finance Two roads diverged in a wood, I took the one less' traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Robert Frost. Mom and Dad, thanks for the op- portunity of these past four years, I love you! Shei- la, thanks for being you fam I shockedj. Lisa, it has been a long strange trip, but we've made it. Mar- ian, your a great friend fremember the two man! rooml. Maryann, the number one chemist, thanks! for your friendship. Kathryn and Nicole, it was! great growing up with you. To the guys of B-9 andl B-22, you have great parties. To my volleyball! buddies, Pat, Iody, and Steve, we are the best! feven the guy from Cumberland! Memories ofl the Mount - Holes in walls, Sheila's strength, Bens, Puppa Flash. Thanks. , Denise Cronin B.A. History ,,- ,aff A familiar sight in the library, Rob Maulbech. To Mom, Dad and the entire family, I would never have been able to make it without your love and support. You believed in me and that made it pos- sible Thank you ... Coach Kilgore you showed me how to give 1'I0U!0 all the time, keep pushing them harder... I will never forget the "D". We really were pretty good weren't we? Ted, I still owe you one. Rag and Rock, we are the original Long Sticks. . .Dave stay away from those mopeds. Therese, thanks for in- troducing to D.j. and Timmy and all the guys, they made my 3 years here something I will always re- member ...Yogi your nose is running. jerry did you spit on that attackman? pg. 33 Peyton H. Cross B.S. Business and Finance QT" Leonard V. Day III B.A. Sociology Mom and Dad thanks for your constant love and support. Without your many sacrifices. I would have never been able to make it! To the boys of Sigma Pi: where it all started, it was short but sweet. To all of my friends here at the Mount thanks for the good times and memories. I will cherish them forever. To the "D" and the rest of the Lacrosse team I'll remember all the pain and good times. To all of the Big men of B-23 Tim, Ed, D.I., jack or just lack's place. You guys were it you know. You knew how to make things happen!! God only knows we did. To all of the girls of B-7 we had alot of good times, I hope we can have alot more in the future. Mounties Aloha! Lenny pg. 33 Mom and Dad, thank you for giving me the op- portunity to go to school. I'm real lucky to have the greatest parents in the world. The Mount was great, but the people made it. I'd like to thank my roommates for some really good times. Bob you sure were entertaining, keep your laugh, but dump your Impala. Booty, keep unleasing the sogs. Odor, thanks for the laughs, Joe, I'm glad you survived living with us idiots. Bird, Shields, Sean, Tom and Dennis don't forget those rafting trips. You guys are really great friends, Kathy, thanks for the great times that we've had together, and I hope there are many more to come. You're for coming to my parties. Good Luck Keep in touch. Ds- 33 Christopher D. Cunningham B.S. Business and Finance Ann M. Deegan B.S. Business and Finance The start was unpredictable, Thank God Big Brother was there. My first year was just too en- joyable, with little or nothing to care. Next time around was more settled. True love did I find. Those around found the situation belittled. We parted not too kind. Mom, Dad I hope I abolished all your fear. Both of you are the most. I'm happy but sad. Though we misbehaved, we really wer- en't that bad. To everyone who touched my life, individual names don't matter, you know who you are: I couldn't have made it without you, Thanks! Love, Ann ps- 33 Mom and Dad, thank you for your love and sup- port. I couldn't have done it without you and "The Twins". To my friends on Basil, 2nd Mac, 2nd Brute - thanks for making my past four years so special. You really taught me a lot and were always there when I needed you. Mrs. Willard, thanks for all the encouragement! Marianne, we've been through alot together! You'll always be my roomie! Lee, best friend, thanks for all the good times as well as the kegs we shared. Your friendship will not be forgotten! Remember nev- er meet strangers on a Monday!" We've been through somethings together with trunk loads of memories still to come. Good Luck Pg- 33 julie E. Dahut B.S. Elementary Education Kevin M. Dettlinger B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, My love and gratitude for you is never ending, that goes without saying. I never would have made it this far without your constant love and on occasion a kick in the rear. Thanks for everything. I would also like to thank the Deans of Mt. St. Mary's for all of the help and cooperation they gave me, but I can't because they didn't give me any. Lastly, to my friends, you know who you are, thanks for making this place bearable. . .Take care of yourselves and keep in touch. pg. 33 Seniorsf33 Dad and Mom, You'll never know how grateful I am for the opportunity you have given me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. To Kat Car, jen and jL, no one could have asked for better roo- mates. It's finally time to leave the nest, but our friendship is only the beginning of forever. Re- member its Hawaii or bust, jen's got that grin on, our party was a success! B-19 conversation was intense, l'll miss you all! jL, we made it from 4th Pang to B-19 and you made each year special, thanks for being there. Finally my best friend joey, you will always fill that special place in my heart. "With a friend at hand you will see the light, in it your friends are there then, everything is alright" pg. 34-A Lisa A. DiClemente B.S. Accounting "'h-wk ,p-so CT Colleen Doyle B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad you're the top you're the ishcabib- ble, you're the top you're the apple fribble. Laura I'll never regret the Friday morning trips to see Larry. Anne Patrice you inspired me to academic excellence, your hardworking nature rubbed off on me. Gigi take care you gumby, Eileen and Doug, God Bless you. Good luck in Emit Gardens. I love you julio, thanks for your love and support without you I don't know what these past four years would have been like Mom but he gave me a schwind. C-28 and C-Z9 tell Dan I said hi just one drink! Always up Col would like to leave the fly strip to Gigi. Darlene, Bubba, ME, Gigi and Baby we almost got thrown out, maybe next time - where is my MFM! Yours in Chris C. pg. 34 34fSeniors Mom, thank you for your unending love, patience and support. To Maryanne, Kath, Eileen and George thank you for never losing faith in me. Words can never describe the love and admira- tion I have for all of you. Dad, though you are no longer with us, I know you are proudly watching over me. To my roommates, Dean, Doug, Denny and Leo - you guys are the greatest. Let's keep in touch. To Brian, Tommy, and joey - carry on. To the boys in A21 "You guys are marvelous". To the hey dudes take it easy. To the rest of my friends at the Mount - Goodbye and Good Luck. - j.D. pg. 34-C john Dillion B.S. Business and Finance www L iff' j? Maryellen Doyle B.S. Business and Finance To first string all psycho and to her prized partner all my love, don't read any further. To always up Col you're the best I could have ever asked for. I'm surprised we didn't kill each other. God bless the mister that comes between the sisters. That'll be the day! Laura you can get in there and stay in there and C-29 alias Dans fan club you guys are the Best. Kendall, Sheiler and Eileen go to class! jimmy go home, Betty where's Phil? jenny, jenny and Shan Sheridan was a long time ago but it will never be forgotten and Ah Baby Renolds watch out for those badmitten nets I'm telling you its snow, I'll study those 187 chapters tomorrow. l'll have a pitcher and a glass. I'll miss you. Da- 34 I would like to thank my Mother and Father with- out whom I'd never have had this chance to make such good friends or have such a good time, I love you. There are so many memories from the past four years: Women's Picnics, Keggers, Grateful Dead Shows, Keg parties in A-18, A-16, A-13 and B-24. julie and joanie the trips to the Red Barn "the airport" and all the B's. Lynn, I'm glad we became good friends. Never forget Liberty, the bullet, Clyde and all of the others who helped us out. Margo "Let's make a toast" and stay friends. Erin and Anita its been an experience. A fun one! Scandal and toe, Hang in there. Otis - thank you, you know the rest. Bye everyone, Katie pg. 34-E Kathleen M. Donahue B.A. Psychology joseph P. Duboyce B.A. History Mom and Dad, thank you for making these past four years possible, Your constant love and sup- port have meant more to me than words can ex- press. I love you both very much. You have be- come more than jsut parents, you have become true friends. Paul you've been a good friend and roommate. I hope to achieve all the happiness you seek. To my roommates, Marty, Pete, john and john you make senior year the most memorable. You guys are the best roommates one could hope for. Marty, what can I say but that you've been the best friend, I hope you pursue the life that has been destined for you. I know you'll be great at it. To the V-men, you guys are the most immature and crude people I've ever met. I love you guys, let's guzzle. pg. 34-L Mom and Dad, thanks so much for making these past four years possible, they've been incredible! I love you both. To my favorite grads, Kath, jimmy, and Dave, it wouldn't have beenthe same without you. Kevin, Frank, Martin, and lohn, it's been a blast and every carpet burn was worth it. lohn, best of luck next year. Tina, poppers? Frank, by and large, you'll always be a howdy. Kevin, from Philips to A-17 you've been great. Corrine and Peggy, let's make brownies after you find your whales. Thanks again to everyone who has made these four years so much fun. l've loved these days! pg. 35 Eddie Dziuk B.S. Economics Mom and Dad, to tell you what you mean to me is impossible to express. All you have given to me is immeasurable. Thank you is not enough. Katie, Laura and Tom our closeness and all we share will last forever. How could it not, with all we have? I love you all. To all the girls, l'll see you in the Bahamas on our annual summer cruise. Thanks for the fun. Kath and Nickie, me is to sad because you believe. CHP, I could never have made it without you. Thank you my friend. I Love You. 'Cause you you're the one I can turn to. You opened up the door. PS' 35 Graham Nash Mary E. Ebel B.S. Elementary Education Student teachers, Terry Zito, Kerry Nolan and Karen Geckle are your average, everyday crayola crayons. Hey Mom and Pop I made it. I could not have done it without you. When I was down you helped me up, when I was falling you caught me, when I saw nothing but darkness ahead you showed me the light. Thanks Moma and Pop, I love you. Opie l'm the only one who could have lived with you for four years. I'll see you in the real world, maybe. Little brother I'll make the waves you just follow my lead. What can go wrong? EV, it's been a crazy three but we've made it. I find you exquisitely lovely and a very special person in my heart. I hope that we can be together again one day soon. Love ya. Mt. St. Mary's Crew, Hello. Ain't no stopping me now. pg. 35 Darryle Edwards B.A. Sociology I Seniorsf35 Mamma, Taku for all Stotten! I would like to thank everyone for making my three years at MSM bearable. Carlos, everybody else on the track team, coach and the rest of the gang - thanks for all the good times. Trond and Knut, Thank you. I'm still able to speak Norwegian. It has been hard to spend the last year without Ragnhild, but we made it. Ragnhild, ieg iesuer deg. pg. 36 Robert Ekpete B.S. Business and Finance ' ,Was ling' ufgrrrv its... Kevin M. Fay B.S. Business 84 Finance To two very special people Mom and Dad. I would like to express all my love and appreciation for your consistent support, love and understanding. Without these, I wouldn't be where I am today. I love you both. To Grandma thank you for your love and support. I love you more than words can say. Tom, Pat, Kath thanks for your help. Geoff Red Wason I know! Rob thanks for everything. Ms. Flanigan. john floating. Gene - garlic sauce, Lawr - Bethany's House. Sandy Listen! Phyllis and Kathy you're very special to me. Thanks for the memories. Special thanks for making these four years fun and enjoyable. To jBR thank you for your love and friendship. I only wish you could have seen me make it through. l'll never forget you. I Love You. pg. 36-N 36fSeniors To my Mom 84 Dad words could never express my love and thanks for giving me not just four years but a lifetime of happiness. What you so unselfish- ly give your children could never be measured. You're the best! julie my best friend, I don't know what I'd do without you. A-15 what an apartment we had! From bagels 84 brownies to parties and TP clolls our good times don't stop here. FREE - what protestant campus affairs we had! Was Amory a war hero? 2nd Mac we made it! MA where's my shirt? Deb was that chair in the broom? Peg from watering cans to 3 am calls to freshman. A-'I7 love you lwhales please! A-16, B- 18, B-19 esp. Matt. I love you all! DS- 35 Corrine F. Eliason B.A. English Timothy G. Feeney B.A. Political Science I would like to thank my Mother joan for always looking over my head. I needed it. To my Father Thomas and Catherine "Thanks" To the Meat Heads: Odor, Ham, Nowick, Booty jMrs-Townj. joe, how's your kitchen? To Bird 84 Ro Florida will never be the same qRo my girl was the 8 and yours was the 'lj Hey Bird, you knew I was always better looking than you. To Yogi, Shield jerry and Mr. Lidwig someday you'll be able to keep up with me. To the boys next store Bunny, Bigdog, Neal, and Dave it has been an honorable pleasure. To my roomate Pie, stop getting yourself into triangles. Fred, Philadelphia is a fake town! To George, what a tag team. You taught me the meaning of a pig. To tiger, 4 years, thanks for taking care of me. To anyone I missed good luck. Bob P. you and this school NXAI All my love goes to you Mom for being the "best", You are my inspiration, my guidance, and my best friend. Thank you and I love you. To the rest of the clan Bonne Mere, Mary john 81 jim you are all the greatest! To my Friends - Eileen and Christine these times together have been terrific. Thanks for always being there for me. To the girls of C-17 we had a blast of a senior year. Mike who could ask for anyone but you. I am happy for the time we spent together. Lastly, to MCM, thanks for teach- ing me to "grow". "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." William j. Bryon Love, Kara pg. 36 Kara M. Fay B.S. Accounting john K. Fenwick B.S. Biology Mom and Dad, Thanks so much for all the love and support you have given me these past four years. College would never have been such an enjoyable experience without you. I am proud to be your son and love you both. You're the great- est. Lynn and Grandma C. you have given me much comfort and self-esteem. Your prayers and counseling have done wonders. I owe you both in many ways. To my friends, The V-Men, a wrecking crew, you guys are the best and many enjoyable times have been spent with you. Keep up the infamous tradi- tion. Deb, you mean the world to me and have taught me so much about myself. I hope we stay together forever. I love you. Squeak pg. K 4 I Thank you Mom and Dad for all the encourage- ment. I would have never made it over the rocky roads without you. I love you. Kathy you made it easier for me as a transfer. Yo Adrien where's Rocky? I will never forget the 3rd Bradley Plea- sure Palace. Susan Stavro's Pizza Queen. Barb you were a great roommate. We had a lot of fun in A-2. Our many parties, ribs, pictures, tree trim, hallow- een bowa, etc. I'll never forget Steve introducing us to the many uses of the window. Now we know about the back door! Now you know mischief just loves those little feet of yours. len, Gus, Chris and you know chairs aren't meant to be slept in. You guys have been great friends. Janice L. Finizio B.A. Sociology Kevin B. Foley B.S. Business and Finance Without your love, patience, understanding, and financial help these past 4 years would have been impossible I LOVE YOU! Ed your friendship will always be special to me. Frank thanks for all the good times we've shared. Tina to all the good times - poppers. Megs and Kelly who's cat is in China? -Love ya. john you're a great roomie but don't make the salt and pepper dance. Colleen you've been a special friend, thanks for your love and a shoulder to cry on. LC, BP, AL, Cl, SD - Live up your final days! No-No, Corrine, Freebird, thanks for the memories. Who remembers the 85 Sub Banquet? A-17. "No Smoking", the bat cave. Cookums only in a jeep! Holy moly it's Barb Pioli. Finally to Kelly your love has made senior year special. Goodbye MSM, "I've loved these days!" Thank Youll! pg. 37-T "Taking things for granted makes us lose sight of what is really important." S.B. Mom and Dad, You have always been there when I needed you. I know I haven't told you enough, but I love you both more than anything in this world. You have given me more love in my few years than anyone could hope for in a lifetime. I only hope that I can be as caring and understanding with others as you have been with your children. B7, B8, B23, you made this last year a treat, ITerm, one dent, I call bie joe, T25 dollars in one night, FM Sean, take off you bonehead. lody, bars in Frederick. Tom, St. james, the Mount Theresa, Rides home 84 back Karen, Let's hear it for a "Bird" and the "Big O". pg. 37-I Glenn S. Fitzgerald B.S. Business and Finance Mary E. Free B.S. Accounting Mom 84 Dad, thank you for the chance to meet so many wonderful people 8: learn so much at the same time. I'll alwyas be grateful. Dad, you have your own CPA now! Hurls, falling in love with you has been the highlight of my four years here. I know "The possibilities are endless." 11f23f85. Annie, Robo, Tripper, Lisa St. Party, A-16, A-17, Frank you're a V! wnd Mac, loAnne, Matt, thanks for adding to the memories. Roomies, no more tangled webs will be woven in Brownie Haven. Pegithy I, Term buddy, HP, my HB." Chickfave, I know our "correspondence" will never die. Dances, Eng. Classes ,... your friendship has add- ed so much. Debbie, thanks for 4 years of under- standing and fun. "Life holds for you one guaran- tee, you'll always have me." May all of your Dreams become realities. With Much, Love, Mary pg. 37 I would like to thank all the people I have known at the Mount for all the good times. Especially the guys from A-Deck fthe wrecking crewy who have made my life at the Mount a memorable exper- ience. To mention everything I have done is im- possible, but there are a few things I would like to mention. Pierry you do have a personality when you are sober, Piehead you are not a magnet, Bags you are a bad influence on everyone you meet, Larry you are by far the most nervous person I ever met. To Pat Kels, Paul, Spud, and Doc I think two words can sum it up, Wee Wee. Laurie thanks for everything, you've been a great friend. pg. 37-K Vincent P. Florenzo B.S. Accounting A. Friia Michael B.S. Business and Finance Dad for the sacrifices Thank you Mom and made and support given to me over the past four years. To the problems, thanks for talking me out of transferring. You guys are the best. Thanks for everything. Thanks for everything Burt, the years went fast but thy were four of the best, you are a great friend. Matt, Do we have a SGA meeting today? Ken, stick it in for me. IB. One day I'll figure you out. A-Deck, 2nd Dub, the Yacht Club, and B-'I9 will never be the same, Bathroom parties, Schnapps, V.O., Anigau, Covered Bridge, Lobster Tails, O.C. weekend, what happened to the keg Billy? Did I really try to drive under Rt. 'I5 Tunnel? Well it's been fun but now I can start turning my dreams into realities. Anne, you have made the past few months so special to me, I hope we have many more. Seniorsf37 pg. 37-X There is only one success, to be able to spend your own life in your own way., C. Morley. My sincerest gratitude goes to my parents. Mom, I would never have made it without your unending love and encouragement. Uncle Carl, your presence made it all possible and worth- while. Weiner, Lisa, Kerry, Mary, Therese, Laurie: Flying Mattresses, Planet Claire, Mama jefferson, Hawaiian Night in Towson, the laughing tape. Pals, the list is endless. It's been the experience of a lifetime. Mucho Gracias! Ange and Regi your in- imitable humor was missed. I hope you both al- ways find happiness. Douglas: Life here would never have been the same without you. Thanks. pg.38 Ellen R. Fritz B.A. Political Science 'Q' Maurice Gable B.S. Business and Finance 38fSeniors To two very special people, Mom and Dad, thanks is not enough to express how grateful I am for allyou have done for me. These past four years have been a very special part of my life and I'm glad you made them possible. Thanks for all your love, support, and most of all patience. Lisa, The- rese, Laurie, Kerry, Mary, and Ellen, you're the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Never for- get, cause we're having a party, doubt it! Slumber party at the corner Pub! All night long at the Cel- lar! Tims and sweats! Cowboy hats and a squirt gun! B-23 and B-6 Thanks for all the great times and your friendship! Kathleen keep up the tradi- tion! Ted, you'll always be a friend who has a spe- cial place in my heart. pg. 38-C jean Anne Furey B.S. Business and Finance ... Henry Garazo B.S. Biology To my family, especially mom and Barbara, thank you for being there always - I love you. To the shenilarndst, Shenis and Stinky, you guys are the greatest. Remember: the bolt technique, Roll the rosculum, What a nathan! Arananids, The quas, scolex, "This is crazy!" Neonate warmth, Ed- die Murphy imitations tI'd like to party wicha'all!j. Hey joe - you have a penny? The hook-up, the goggles, yeah Rhinny, girls on film and the pinto - that's right jim ha ha, very funny, all the "re- tros" pyges - a low rider perhaps? Warheads, she's young, she'll adjust, Thunderlizards, The owusu, The Reflex, 6-chickens, Bio Lab, sporting- a-full, I'd rather golf. just remember, always "re- main" To the men of A-6 and everyone else, it's been reall Off we go! pg. 38 First I would like to thank my parents for all their love and support, you have been great. Now to my roommates Feen and George you both have taught me a great deal about treating women. The way you treated them with love and respect will influence me for the rest of my life. Tiger you will make a great wife Fred. In our many arguments deep down inside you knew I was always right. To the men across the hall I leave Bunny a blow up doll Neil next time use a bathroom. Pier your aroma will always linger. Dave stop listening to that trash music like the Scorpians. Humper send some my way. To the rest of the V-men you have great dreams, go for them. pg. 38 james T. Furnary B.S. Business and Finance ,,- ,cj David j. Garry B.S. Biology Thanks Mom and Dadforthe encouragementand support throughout the years. Mark, jethro and Frank: Remember the dome! How about the pow- er struggles? On a role this week! Catch ya at a wedding or barmitzvah. Dan, Davo and Rak - anytime anywhere! Teri, Michon, Nancy, janet, Christina and Debbie: Penguin loves you all. Chip: from Pang to Brad - don't forget the wild slum- ber partiesl Get the most for your money! How 'bout those girls from Maryland? It's simply splendid pg. 38-L joseph Gatti B.S. Business and Finance I would like to thank Fr. Fulton for all his love and support. Dave remember the POWER STRUC- GLE, Iethroe you are the champion Bjorn Borg, See you in Germany. Frank, The dame has crum- bled, to C-22 you were the best. Kathy and Kath- leen you are great, it is great not to be an individ- ual, Prof Karsteter Thank You. Woodie, Dave and Raul Let's Party. Tim you are a great half Bro you are a D. Jethro you are shrinking and I know you left the Birdseye. Da I will be waiting for the ca- daver. For the price of membership at the country club, was it worth it? Who is the guy with the hat? Suzy, I love you and I'm here for you! pg. 39-O Mark 5. Gavula B.S. Business and Finance aria 45,40 nuns...-, X ia Mom and Dad I love you very much! You have filled my life with love and happiness, thank you! To my whole family your the very best! You all have a special place in my heart. To those who have made my years at MSM the best- all ofthe "T"s - Terri, Suzanne, julie, Mary, and janet, and all my buddies in B-7 especially Kerry fA.M.J and all my other friends thank you for all of the adven- tures and especially smiles! To the fmen! in B-6, thank you for chasing away all of the burglars and bugs! And to Theresa my partner in crime, thank- you for all the endless rainbows! And finally to my Baltimore buddies, Beth and Kathy thank you for always being there you are both the best! Karen T. Geckle B.S. Elementary Education A new way to use Q-tips discovered by Bob Brennen, Lenny Day, lack Lynch, Dennis Sweeny, Tim Nolan. Seniorsf39 Mom and Dad, No words can express my appre- ciation for the love and support you gave me. Thank you. It has been a great 4 years. Such special times. Gary, remember history. Watch where you walk next time! To Kay, Cheryl, Wroya, Alicia, and Trish, Thanks for the friendship and fun. You are the best. Trish, Did you find your grey pumps yet? Steve, do you have an hour, we need to talk? Liz, your support and encouragement were never ending. I love you too. Mary, you are terrific. Keep in touch. To David, the times were short but so very precious. Always in my thoughts. By the way, you owe me a nickel - or is that a million nickels? Hogs and Quiche. pg. 40-A Kathy A. Gildea B.S. Accounting Larry Gordon B.S. Business and Finance Dear Mom, I never would have gotten this far without the love and understanding you gave me. Your pa- tience and endless devotion help pave the way to a most gratifying and successful completion of college. The hardships you encountered while in- stilling the proper values in me have finally paid off. And as I reflect back on those days, I really must have given you a difficult time of it and I'm sorry. I Love You, Mom, also a most loving thank- you to Theresa Brown who was the light at the end of the tunnel, We had some fantastic times together, "didn't we babe?" pg. 40-H 40fSeniors Time sure flies when you're having fun, but the memories will last forever. Dad, Marg, Maria, and Tom, Thanks for all the love and support you have given me. Without it I can't see how I could have made it, I know Mom would have been proud, I Love you all. To all my Roommates, OD, Bob, Ham and Booty, you're all a bit insane but I wouldn't want it any other way. It sure was a great time. Fred, Tim Bird, you guys never cease to amaze me. All the girls in B-'I5 thanks for putting up with me especially to the one who made my senior year so special, Marian. I'll never forget the times we spent together. Tom Sean, Shiels, I hope you're senior year was as good as our. pg. 40-C joseph A. Giorgi B.S. Business and Finance David J. Gorman B.A. Political Science Thank you so much for your patience. There is absolutely no way I could have survived the past four years without you. Maybe Broome wasn't such a bad idea afterall! Kinneally, thanks for teaching me how to handle more than just Bull- dogs. Mark, lim, and "Crazy" Nic - if ever you need motivation remember: "It's good to be the king," Patti, you're Nuts too - watch those vi- cious stares. Diane, Kerry, and Denise - please take care of Mr. Seagram, he's all we've got! Pueb, Elena, Winnie, Kat, Space, and Spruce, thanks for the ears, big fellas! Many thanks to the Mount for a second chance. I love E-burgl Again, thank you Mom and Dad - No Problem, Huh? - - -LLOYD pg: 40-I Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with me, I finally made it! To my roomies Spud, Doc, Horri- ble, and Boof, just want to say It's b-en fun. Bags, No one Rock, Mcnulty and Bonesy, one thing to say, the beat goes on All Night Long. Mark Masi I would be a good kid if it wasn't for you, thanks. I was assaulted by Vince Florenzp tee shirts will be on sale in the book store. Wee Wee Club Members Doc, Spud, Stonewall, Kell, Even you Boof! Mr. President thanks for the chance, we did it our way. To my roomie for three years, joe Duboyce - It's been fun. These past four years have been great. Gigs pg. 40-E Paul W. Giuliano B.S. Business and Finance cttw Kathryn M. Gray B.A. Sociology To Mom, Dad, Lisa, and Ree - Thanks! You are the best family anyone could ask for. Shawn, four years, wasn't such a long time! Thanks for sticking around. I love you. Nickie, Pecan, and scoop, looks like we made it. 3rd Sheridan seems so long ago. B-15 thanks for the year, it was great! Farewell to Miss Ebel! To Bonnie, Wanda, and Iudy our friendships are special and will never be for- gotten. To all my friends, I will think of you and the Mount when I'm out playing soldier. Good Luck! pg. 40-L To a wonderful two man team who always works together, keeps the Spirit and instills It in me -- My hat's off to you Mom and Dad with deepest appreciation, respect and love. len, Mike and Sue thank you for all your support and encourage- ment. Only the best to you guys. To all of the Mount Community, the Faculty and Administra- tion, my Classmates, the R.A.'s, the Coach and the Track Team, and my Friends - Thanks for making these 4 years super. Much success to you in the future. "God Bless Us, Every One." Tiny Tim pg. 41-M Elizabeth Ann Green Kevin Green B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Business and Finance First and Foremost I want to thank my Mom and Dad for without their guidance, patience, and most of all their unselfish love, these four years would never have been imaginable. Chris, one year at college with you was three too short, lim- my, school first then T.V. To my family, thanks, l love you. Nana, Pop and Nana, l love you. Always. Fred, what can I say buddy, you're the best. Breck- enridge, Avalon, Europe 85! Wes, you're one of a kind, special, love you for it. Bryan, your hair, is it new! Hey you three, Forever! Pete, you made life at the Mount one to remember, I'll always show you up in the weight room? Roadtrips to Fiji were the best, Punt Coverage! Your a true Friend. PS- 4'l'Q Thomas M. Green B.S. Business and Finance Hanging out in A quad are LR. Robert- son and Tom Scanlon. Seniorsf41 A special loving thanks to Mom and Daddy for your constant love, guidance and inspiration. B- T9 Our times were both special and very Educat- ing, Mark, laughing and doing things with U are Two of my favorite past times, Georgia will miss U. Kevin thanks for being like a brother to me, Both of U remember that your my 2 favorite WHOYES, Lastly, Lisa, len, Kathy, Carolyn we have shared so much laughing, crying, understanding, the most comforting thing is knowing someone really knows U and really cares, Disney, Deerleaps, Saga march, weezers, womens picnic, maning, vegeta- bles, len. Well we are finally "REAL", but we will always be Mounties! pg. 42-A Iudilynn Greene B.S. Business and Finance David Hagar B.S. Accounting Mom and Dad without your sacrifices this wouldn't have been possible. Without your love I would never have made it. Thanks for what you've given me. I love you. To the rest of the family, thanks for being there when I needed you. There is a part of you in all of this. Chill, Boof, Giggs, Arrow it was great. Tom - why do they call you Chillidog? Brian - tell your father no more sur- prise visits. Arrow - did you ever find those keys? Baggs -- oh those nights on Mac "Teenagers in Love". Andy - one beer officer and one beer. Paul- "why did we dooo that!" To that wild A- Deck Crew: Palms Anyone! Doc - we made it, I never thought we would. Three cars - are you serious?? You're the best: Cheers!!! H.B. pg- 42 42fSeniors Mom and Dad - You've given me the encour- agement to grow and begin to experience life, and you've never let me forget where I could find a hug. Thanks for all your love and support. Linda - No one could have a better friend in a sister than I have in you. Never let us drift apart. And Finally, to john, my inspiration, strong shoul- der, and best friend: From Terpland hellos to Colorado kisses, I would not have changed a thing. I Love You All!! PB- 42 Mary Ellen Greffen B.S. Business and Finance rf-'Q 15: 8,-Q john Haley B.S. Business and Finance First to my parents and family. A few years back there was a lot of doubt, but I made it. Without your help and support it wouldn't have been pos- sible. Thanks Mom, Dad, Grandma and everyone for putting up with me through the "doubtfull" years. I love you all! Steph I don't know if I would have made it without your help and encourage- ment either. Your my best friend! Everything from ice water to popcorn, waterskiing to Chesapeake Bay sfd, New Years to Ocean City and many more to come. We have a great thing goin' lets keep it up. I love you fluffy! Chuck, TK, fourth Mac was death Buzz! Scott Road 'I00 kegs - shake, Bob, Kev, Ioe, it was all you guys. Billy, Little Tavern wants you, Steve, Po, Mum, wild, Greg 8: Brian, get a real team. Ed, BB and all the rest - AMF! What a trip its been. O soul in God hidden from sin, what more desires for thee remain, Save but to love, and love again, And all on flame with love within, love on, and turn to love again? Thanks Mom and Dad for sending me to MSM where I learned worth-while ideas from fine men and women in an air of genu- ine concern and among good hearted peers. Mary, an odder couple we could not have made, but better roommates there aren't. Patric, you kept me sane while I droveyou mad. Michael, blessed be God for creating you. And now we move on, so: Love's whole possession I entreat, Lord make my soul Thine own abode, and I will build a nest so sweet It may not be too poor for God. pg. 42-E . Stephanie R. Gross B.A. Philosophy Tom Hanifin B.S. Economics Mom and Dad, Thanks for all of the love, encour- agement, and guidance you have given me for the past twenty-one years. I wouldn't have gotten far without it. Mary, thanks for making my four years here at the Mount some of the best years of my life. To my roomies, Ricky CMarathon Many, thanks, and Tom fMr. Universel. I will never forget you guys. Lets hope that this is only the beginning of a long friendship, joe and Henry, you two guys made freshman year great! Ken, behave, and Skeeter, Wildmen, what more can I say. Bob, Dan and Mrs. Shank, thanks for all of the help and consideration. Coach Hartnett and Family, thanks for keeping me out of retirement. To Beanhead "the Dude" see ya in Baltimore in December. I certainly will miss the Mount! ps- 42 I'm happy to have this opportunity to publically acknowledge the love, care, and support that has been given to me by many people, but especially by two people, my mom and dad. I hope that someday l'll be able to show you both how grate- ful I am and how much I love you. I know that it's always said that ones college years are the best of a lifetime, well that's the truth. I want to thank ev- eryone who has made this happen for me, my friends, my teachers, and my family, all those girls and a crazy brother-in-law. There is also someone else who made my senior year so memorable. Someone I care about very much, Thanks Ann, remember, never a dull moment with you around! pg- 43 Dean Hedley B.A. English 'Oh 3Ylli""" Charles V. Henry, lr. B.A. Fine Arts To my family, especially my parents, thank you for your love and support. To my teachers, thank you for your patience. To those whom I have loved, I hope we will meet again. And to the peo- ple I partied with, have a good time! "Love when you can, cry when you have to. Be who you must, it's a part of the plan." Dan Fogel- berg pg. 43 "An investment in knowledge pays the best inter- est." Mom, words cannot express the love and gratitude I have for you. Your sacrifices and strength have made me who and what I am today. I know that Dad is proud of all of us. My greatest pride is to reflect a bit of both of you in me. To all my friends, Kara lyou party animalj We've been through a lot together. Thanks for always being there. Christine, Kath, Whit and Marg, I'm glad that we shared this experience. Apt. life was great! You will always be a part of me. And Billy, our love is a once in a lifetime gift from God. I feel lucky that such a gift was meant for us. Your belief in me is an unending source of confidence. You're beautifull. pg. 42 Eileen Hefferman B.S. Business and Finance Patrick I. Henry B.S. Business and Finance Mom, Dad, you're the best parents anyone could ask for, thank you very much for everything. To the esteemed members of the wrecking crew. You guys are completely out of hand. My advice, Baggs, stay away from the 151 will ya. Kel, try not to blow off your first day of work. Vince next time put HK down. Piehead if you want to get a job let them do the talking. Fred if you want the job you do the talking. As for the rest of the crew if you're ever in Philly stop in for a cold one. A special thanks to the person who kept the xerox machine in the library going during finals weeklsl I owe you one. Things have way of creeping up on you les- pecially 7 and 7'sj Robyn, thanks for a very special lrfSr year lget itj. Well l'll see you boys at the weddings ll wonder which weewee will drop firstj. pg- 43 Dad, Thank you for everything these past four years and especially for never expecting anything more than my best. I love you! To my brothers and sisters, thanx for the love and support. Kat, the 2 yearsWe had here together were the best, thanx for being there. Erin, member late night talks, How do ya like the new me? Thanks for all the gd. times. GL with SIL. Peggy, bruisewoman! Keep off those B-Mary's in the real world or watch the walls. Lynn, no hooch for me, red, l'll have some chenese! not bob, it's Juan! Mike, SB drinkin bud- dy member gd. times, C-'I0, pseudo roomie, Ka- tie, julie 84 Ioanie, Keep the Dead alive! Timbo, fr. 84 soph. yrs. were great, Steve, jr. yr. was great. Anita Hendricks B.S. Business and Finance Edward Higinbotham B.S. Business and Finance Seniorsf43 Mom and Dad: How can I put into words what you've given me? All the encouragement, love and support anyone could ever need or ask for. I love you and thank you a million times over. HUT: You'll always be my roomie. Trip: Don't know what I'd have done without ya. Matt: Thanks for the special friendship. Cor: Watch out for gigolos. MEF: l'm tuning up for the 23rd. Deb: Best wishes in your "naval pursuit" Peg: Is Scranton a real place? A-15: You're a hard habit to break. Mark, Iohn, Andy, Gary, A-17, Anne, Kathleen, Lisa St. Party, Pat Sharon and Roj, Fr. D., Dave H. Claire V., Bob P., Dr. P., Miss you all. Paul, It's hard to say "those words but I'll always mean them. Luv ya Paul . 44 pg Marianne Hillig B.A. History james I. Hobinnger B.S. Business -and Finance The Mount, where people know things before you do, crime doesn't pay, you do, you are guilty before proven innocent, the administrative slo- gan is "soo sorry we can't do anything about it" You are advised to take courses that are not trans- ferable, they will take the time to make a disci- pline guide that can be changed by Dan at will, cafeteria food comes in boxes marked low grade but edible, the newest books are also antiques, you will find a security force that can't bend over to tie a shoe, if there is one thing I learned here it's that you must put up with authority figures no matter how young or dumb, I would like to wish my friends the best of luck, and also thank my parents for everything, I love you both, and Ellen will miss you, just think Nj if! PS' 44 44fSeniors Mom and Dad, You have understood me when I knew what I was doing and when I made mistakes. Thank you for believing in me and for always be- ing ready to share my thoughts. Dad, Can I always be your little girl? KR, You have always been there when I needed a friend. We have shared secrets, laughter and the joys of growing up, I love you! IL! LisafIenfCarolyn, you will continue to be special in my life, let's encourage each other to pursue our dreams even when we are weary from trying. B-19, thanksfAK, may the adventures continue! We must gather all our courage Sail our ships on the open sea Cast away our fears And all the years will come and go And take us up, always up pg. 44 Kathleen T. Holjes B.S. Business and Finance 'N-'. .I7v Mary K. Hopkins B.A. English Mom and Dad, For all the times I never said it but meant it - thank you and I love You. Thanks for the love support and opportunity to have some rewarding as well as great times. To my room- mates and great friends - Thanks for making the fun possible! B6 you're too much fun! jack's place you have great sofas -to stand on! Kerry, Lisa the monopoly board said it all. IeanAnne no more sleepless Sundays! The rese abducted in Pizza Hut lately? Laurie I thought you said you weren't go- ing out tonight! Ellen why is there a keg in your room? I know I'll miss everyone, but if I ever need a laugh I can always call a former Roachbuster! pg. 44 Todd Holloway B.S. Business and Finance lt-vu' Gin..-f Paula Marie Isaacs B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Daddy, I could never say "thank you" enough for this opportunity - hopefully the ROI will astound you! All my love, Paula, Lisa, hang in guurll I love ya, Grands, you made it all so much easier, thanks! Girls, take care and remember you 84 the Mt. "ain't got long!" Gus 81 Chris I miss you already, you're the best but no more clam stuff, OK? Bill, see you around the way - regardless. Berna, warm the Squadcar we need to hit the 'ISI Mr. Cook, you know we'll always go way back. David, ny happiest Mount years were the two spent with you. I'll miss you L81 Su boogooj. Still, for us, the best is yet to come -loving you always, PI. To the rest of my Mount buddies, you will be thought of often and missed. Good Luck! Gail and Tonya, l'm coming home this weekend -to stay. PMI pg. 44-L Steven E. Issing B.S. Accounting The past is knowledge The present our mistake And the future we always leave too late I wish we'd wake up one day And everyone fell moved But we're caught up in the dailies And an everchanging mood Paul Weller pg. 45 Q RA., Dave Garry, doing what he does best. Nicole L. Jarrett Gary jenkins B.S. Accounting We awake from our dream Things are not always what they seem Memories linger on it's like a sweet, Sad old song - Rundgren Well I guess the party's over 81 it's time to face the real world. Kath 81 Lisa we've come a long way from 3rd Sheridan. Thanks for being the good friends you are. Denise and B-15 we've had some good laughs and kegs. Farewell to thee Miss Ebel. Erin, Sue, Suzanne, Karen, Sean, Alice and Boozer Good luck next year. I'm going to miss you guys! Love ya, Your 6th roomie. Mom 81 Dad, my biggest fans 84 supporters, thanks for giving me the chance to be a Mountie. Your love and support means more to me than all the A's in the world. Nana, Pop 84 Les, I love you all more than words can say. pg. 45 Nickie Seniorsf45 These decathaletes know what to do in their free time. Pictured: Carlos O'Con- nell, Robert Ekpete and Bill Motti. Matthew Johnston B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad: This space should be devoted to you since you believed enough to spend all that time and effort to put me through college. I love you both very much and thank you for giving me this chance. To everyone in the Class of '85 - good luck! pg. 46 46fSeniors Hopes and Dreams of the future. Pictured Pettybone and Tara Olvany. KI!!- Lawrence William Johnston B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, thank you for the support and sacrifice not to forget the love you have given me. I'm glad you have given me this chance for a de- gree and a career. To the wrecking crew A thanks for all the good times, even though I wasn't there enough. To Kel, you told me to tell you when you were acting weird. To jimmee if I wanted anything out of you I would squeeze your head. To Steve good luck in your job. To Vinnie, any more assaults. To my sweetheart, I do love you. Thank you all and take care. Max pg. 46 "Lady Pridwinf' Gary R. jones B.S. Biology Most of all I would like to thank my parents for giving me this opportunity, My Mom for giving me all the love and support that a son could ever ask for, and my Dad for giving me the drive to excel that I see so often in him. To Mark, Paul, john, Andy, Vince, Stonewall, Kel, Bunny, Percy and the rest of the crew. . .we made it and we also hh had some great times along the way. You know that if any of you ever need anything from me, all you gotta do is ask, MDA...MDA...MDA...R 84 B pg. 46 I During my years at the Mount many of my be- liefs were broken down and restructured, I learned how needy we all are 84 how important it is that we care for and love each other. To my family words alone cannot express all that you have given me. Mom, you taught me the essen- ' tials, how to love 84 give of myself. Dad, you are the best man I know, you have been my example since day one. In 437 I found out what friendship is really all bout. To my friends, you crazy little knuckleheads. When you part from your friend, grieve not, for that which you love in him most may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain. Gibran pg. 47 Matthew I. Katzenson B.A. SociologyfHistory rye "YM-"9" EIR., ""L"?t'7" 3 Eg Anne M. Kessler B.A. English i Dear Mom and Dad thank you for always believing land therefore teaching me to believe in myself. Don't forget l'll always be your little girl. I love you .very much. Kathleen you are the sister I never had, and a great one. We have shared our laugh- lter, tears, fears and dreams, and we always will. Debbie, Mary, Corrine and Marianne, girls I once knew who turned into great friends. There's so I much to say and we will- every time we see each lother. Kathy - Kewou. Do you want an eggroll? ll'm going to make sure you keep the vow. Laurie, I'm really glad I got to know you. How about a glass of champagne. Ellen and B-7 thanks for all the laughter. Stay wild. MA, thanks for helping me through the beginning and the end. You're great. I love you all. Thank you. PS' 47 I i Mom and Dad: Thank you very much for your needed support and encouragement. Most im- portantly thank you for the love, time, and pa- tience that I needed to continue my studies. I'm now a 3rd generation Mount Grad, a pretty pres- tigious group. Eddie: you left us before we were ready to give you up. But in return you gave me maturity. Wrecking crew - How the Hell did you guys graduate on time? That's what I'd like to know. Carol Anne: thanks for the great times we shared in college. I hope there are more to come. To all of my Mount friends in the past four years - have a great life. "How you doin'?" T.G.F. pg. 47 john 1. Kelly B.S. Business and Finance Qu' fag., Margaret L. Kiesel B.S. Business and Finance I would like to thank you Mom for the best 4 yrs and for the love and understanding you've given me always - Lynn one of the best friends anyone could ask for, we had priceless times 84 could you believe we are graduating on time? jules -these four years have flown by - Binghaven and didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with match- es? loanie - turn the music down. Erin -for all the times we drove home at 4 A.M. Banita fBobI 84 Mike IS.B.l you drunkers, lims Happyhour. Katle qyou little deadheadl Good luck whatever you do. C-28, C-29, A-I3, A-26, l'll miss you guys. Mike you are very special, my last two years with you were great and I look forward to many many more. Finally I want to make a toast to all my bud- dies . .. CHEERS! ps- 47 Yahoo! Well - I did it. Thanks for all those prayers Mom and Dad. I love you as much as always. Karin - you're jes so ridic- ulous!! You make me laugh. Wayne - I've wanted to say something to you here, but I figured anything I could say would be very incriminating, so let me just say you're won- derful and "I do!" and to all my other new friends l've met- I'm glad we did meet and good luck. AHH - I'm so happy it's over but it was fun. HBK BRADLEY GIRLS FOREVER!!! pg. 47 Helen B. Kenney B.A. Psychology if wpfx Steve Kiesner B.S. Economics Thank you Mom and Dad for all the sacrifices you did for me. I think it might pay off. Chris, these three years have been hellish. Don't forget to write your Dad at Lorton. Ted, you're just parr for the course Plowboy. "Way to go Mount!" To Gay, I mean Ray and Henry, we didn't have as many diseases as you thought we did. Hee Hee. Dirt and janet, Officer Harris probably forgot that he stopped us too. Cheers. Katie, I won't clean if you won't tap dance. Karen birds ofa feather flock together especially after a few screw-drivers, thanks for the special times, Love YA. DB- 47 Seniors!47 "No dream is too lofty, No goal is too light." Mom and Dad, mere words could never express the love and appreciation I feel for you both. Thank you for giving me these past four years at the Mount. They have made all the difference. "A good friend is a forever friend". To my roommates in A-T4 and all my other friends at the Mount, thanks for all the good times, laughs and memories. You made these past four years very special. Sean, you are very special guy. Thanks for the memories, Love Ya. Tom, thanks for being there when I needed someone to talk to. pg. 46 Kathy Kimple B.S. Business and Finance David C. Klose B.S. Business and Finance Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and sup- port as well as your tremendous patience and en- couragement. To Randy Kilgore and all the La- crosse coaches - thanks for making all the hard work pay off. To the "D" and all the Lacrosse play- ers - it's been a great four years. I wish we could to it all over again. To Andy I leave a vintage supply of vintage verbage, and to Peyton I leave my moped. Maybe someday you'll learn how to ride one. Neal, you are the only person with enough guts to live with me for four years. To the V - me - joe, Steve, Piercy, Feen, Jorge, Fred, Tiger, Pie- head and all the other assorted action figures - it's been a gas and a GUZZLEI And thanx Barbi for 4 years of love packed into one. You're very spe- cial and dear to me. pg 48 48fSeniors My life can be a tapestry to make of what I will, it's all in the way that I weave it. I am the singer, life is my song and it's all in the way that I sing it. Trust to the music of your own true heart, there can be no better singer than you are. For my loving family Love is a river which flows from each of our hearts to become our unifying bond. Prof. Muller - Thank You! Msgr. Kline - It sure feels good to be worth 3 cents. To all of my friends - be true to yourselves, live, love, laugh. A-'I4 True frogs never die! pg, 48 Kathleen Kirwan B.A. Sociology Mom, Dad, Marianne and Ed, thank you for all your love and support. I -appreciate all your help over these last four years. I love you all, Lynne, thank you for being there all along, I hope you always will be. These four years were somewhat long and complicated and you listened to many of my complaints, but that's all over now. Thanks, I.. love you very much. To john and Dett, the only two who made it all the way with me, Congratula- tions we deserve it. Dett, no more fines and child- ish rules, maybe we will finely be treated as adults. To Tom and IR, good luck on that last one and take care of loe. Rich and Bob, the men with good sense, good luck. I'll see you guys next year. Pg- 48 Richard H. Kissinger B.S. Business and Finance I Kathie Knier B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad: These have been 4 very special years and I owe it to the two of you. Thanks for always being there - you are truly my two best friends. I love you both Mom and Dad. To my roommates Budweiser Beth, julie, Katie, 84 Karen: thanks for all the fun times. Keep the kegs coming but don't invite strangers or chug - it's only Monday. You've made my Senior year something special. Molly, Mary, Heidi 8: Karen: You've given me a lot of memories. Molly, a friendship that takes four years to build never dies. Ted, you've taught me a new meaning of the word "love". The past 2 and a half years have meant so much to me and I know the future can only be better. To the rest of the Mount thanks for four great years. pg- 48 jennifer Kohler B.A. English i Thanks Mom and Dad for the love support andl guidance you have given me. I appreciate every-f thing you have done for me. To my special friendsl and vegging mates, ludilynn, Lisa, Carolyn, andl Kathy - Thank you for all the good times andl laughter. Your friendship has filled these past fourl years with many happy memories. Well ya knowl yup yup. To B-'I9 I'm glad I didn't graduate with-l out getting to know you all. Our "S" talks andl dinners together have added something to myl senior year. MATT - make me a grilled cheeselg Finally to Mike - the year and the special times we have spent together here are among my hap- piest memories ofthe Mount. Thank you for ev- erything. pg. 48 I would like to thank my mother and father whoge love support and understanding provided me with this four year membership to this country club. Thanks Dr. Wickenheiser for defraying my yearly dues with a scholarship. Too bad you won't see a red cent from me in the future. Iuice, Doc, HB, Gigs, Booty, Ham, Norwicki, Ioe, Oder get off. Neil, Ro, Bunny, Piercy, Dave, Wipe it off, do it again. Bob I know you left Pastoor your heart in San Francisco. Good luck Mount Ruggers. Bird, DB, Yogi, Ierry, Shields, we were rotten. Bird, you threw a monkey wrench into Feen's plans that night Piehead and Yoda. Fred, Tiger invite me to your upcoming weddings. Feeney -? pg. 49 George H. Krizmanich B.S. Accounting Beth Ann Lacy B.S. Accounting Mommy and Daddy -from the days of those ugly red shoes, and even before that, you've always encouraged me to do my best. I've learned so much from you and your choices for me. Now I have grown able to make my own choices with your teachings as the foundation. Coming to MSM was the best choice I ever made. How could I possibly reduce all the happiness and memories into one small paragraph! I appreciate your efforts and generosity more than you know! I love you both very much. Also, a very heartfelt thanks for all those special people in my life from the Mount. You will be remembered always - Especially the Singers - who were my family away from home. Love, Beth Ann ps. 49 Low descending sun Sees thy hand no Worthy Action done jackson pg. 49 Brian W. Kuehl B.A. Accounting Monica F. Larkin B.A. Sociology Mom and Dad you have given me more in life than anyone could have ever asked for, but these past four years have been the greatest opportuni- ty. You've not only given me the chance to re- ceive a great education but you gave me the op- portunity to grow and experience many new things. I love you both very much and hope that one day l can give you as much as you have given me. To my family, thank you for all your love and support, l couldn't have done it without you. To all my friends, thank you for all the great times the memories will be everlasting. Robyn these past four years have been great, thanks for all the good times. Gayle, Colleen your friendship means alot to me. Thanks for all the funny. P.K. my buddy, thanks for being there. Bye Monte. pg. 49 "lf you worry about missing the boat- Remem- ber the Titanic." Anonymous I have learned lt is the family, Father Mother Marta Gino Kathleen lames That Counts. pg. 49 Regina T. LaCroc B.A. Psychology 'bww lody Latimer B.S. Business and Finance "The race is not often to the swift but to those who keep on running." Mom and Dad if I wrote down all the things that you've done for me in the last 21 years, the list would go to the Doctor's house in Philly. You are thoughtful, forgiving and always there for me. I love you so please take it for granted, ok? To my comrades from the infamous B-Deck. We had them worried didn't we? For those who made it through the country club, I will never forget our experiences. To the others who chose to take the other road, not even mileage can stay between our friendships. To B-23 me ex- roomies, it was a lounge and I am not a WUHSA. To A-26 "Is it that time again?" To my sisters up- stairs, thanks for the smiling faces and "could I borrow?" To Glenn, Sean, and Aero, you guys are the best time I ever had. No good-byes, just helloo, lody Seniorsf49 pg. 49 "The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become." Unknown Mom and Dad, four words say it all, thanks and I love you. Also, thanks to Dan for being the best friend and confidant a sister could have, Champ, Pop and Msgr. Kline, for being outstanding friends I could always count on, and Kris, for teaching me that "faith is believ- ing when common sense tells you not to." thi! I can't thank you all enough. "Can miles truly sepa- rate you from friends? If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there?" Richard Bach CALIFORNIA AND BUST!!! PS- 50 Roberta S. Laux B.A. Sociology Richard Leone B.S. Business and Finance Well Mom, we made it through another four years. Thank you for all of your support help and most of all your love. I know Dad would have been proud of me for my accomplishment. Now to the rest of the wrecking crew, we are all graduating on time. I know that this is a surprise to many people. I have enjoyed all of our times filled with stupidity and I hope the memories will last. Good luck in the future to our leader Timo Feen machine and to all of my friends I have known for the last four years. To the girls in the suite on second Brute, I don't care what they say about you, you guys are alright, good luck. Scarpo, who cares if they don't like our music, they will get over it. Good luck in all and take care. pg. 50 50fSeniors Aloha wo Mamma Iama. For a country club this place sure could use alot of improvements! Yo, Fen, Bird, Booty, Horge, Slong, Hump and other v-men. This has been one helluva an experience. REM ROTC road trips the only way to fly. To the Fan-4 you were great roomies. REM the power struggled. Larry, Tom carry on! C.U. in Germany. T.C. Frank "never allow school to interfere with your education.", M. Twain. Odar "aef off" 4th Dub alumnus How you doing! Frank, Neil want your chair back? PA. Ss. Fo. The blockers, may the legend live on! No Mom and Dad I did not forget you. I was just saving the best for last! "You can never win or lose if you don't run the race." ps- 50 jeff Lawrence B.S. Business and Finance I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for the opportunity to go to college and my grandparents for their loving support. Iohn thanks for being the best bro a guy could ask for. To my main man Geoghan you were always a truly smooth partner and without you college nor the chicks would have been the same. Pangley Monroe lMarzullaj you are one ruthless SOB. To my roometes I had bathroom last week best of luck to all you guys. C- 25 missed ya. OD, Hey buddy, B-23, Mr. Wilson you are a good man. Alamoono, Golder, Fleming, Don't hang me Jack. Ing, The times spent with you were the best. You'll always be special to me and WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. pg. 50 jim C. Leo B.S. Accounting Robert W. Lewis III B.S. Business and Finance To Mom and Dad thank you. It's finally over no more bills. Oder, can I buy you a beer, Bob N. Wicki stop dragging your feet, CC life's not fair no rafting neither, joe Unleash the dogs, Fred C you owe me three good favors. Tiger whipped at 21, Horhe I've taught you well, Feeney catch me if you can, piehead Iabba Voda, Bunny you're the best friend, BGOG, Neal joe Dave your sick, joe Marty Iohn, Fenwick Thanks for everything, joe have you hitchhiked lately? Stonewall, Rich, Kel, Larry, Vince, Getoff. Greg stay cool, Tim Farley, remember always the teenage idol. Kelly L give me a chance. Smile. Birdman call me for advice 635-9331, MINI never take me serious, Iusi take me. Phony leave my plant alone. Tom and Dennis leave you my knowledge of women, I do indeed love you guys. pg. 50 Maureen A. Link B.S. Biology Mom, you've sacrificed so much for me over the years, I can never thank you enough I love you very much. To my Father, your presence has al- ways been with me just as my love is always with you. To my family, you've given me love and con- fidence when I needed it most. You have all shown me how important it is to have a family as close as ours. Kathie, I hope the future brings you happiness, your friendship will always be special to me. Karen, Heidi, Mary: your strength and friendship has helped me through, thanks, I love you guys! Iimmy, the time we've spent together has seemed so short but it has been so very spe- cial. I don't inow what the future holds for me but I hope that you are a part of it. I will always love you. Molly PS- f I I ess-w W 2 sr its g M Class President Tim Feeney surrounded l 23... by his bodyguards, Mike Tvvoemy, jim Pierce, Marty Mullaney, Greg Martin, l ,af l i Douglas A. Little Gy' Qs., ,lf john J. Longergan B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, thanks for all you've done for me. Patty, Betty Ann, Susan, Margie and Mike, you're the best family a guy can have. Mount Soccer, keep up the good work. Squeak, Marty, joe, and Quinner, we had a hell of a room. To my Nazi Buddies, Feenmachine Birdman, Humper, and je- thro, we'll get those mo's back when we make General. And to all the rest of the V-Men and Wreckingcrevv, Jorge, Tiger, Piehead, Freddy, Bi- goawg, Bunny, Go-yo, Kel and Max, 4th Brute, G- Burg, Hood, Shepard Park, E-town, Lauderdale and 69th Street in O.C., we left our mark. lt ain't over yet V-men. And most ofall to Mary, the most important thing to me. l'll love you alvvays. Time to go fly jets now: AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! pg. 51 and George Krizmanich. Charles R. Lortz lr. B.S. Business and Finance Dear Mom and Dad I could never thank you enough or repay you for all the love and encouragement you have giv- en me. Thanks also to Laura whols always been there when l needed someone, vve've had lots of great times. Kristin you're a terrific sister. l'll never forget: Double Secret probation, the Nathan's, Mt. Liberty, "The Luxury Sports Sedan", keep your feet on the mats, Dave things, sure have got- ten better since Pang Loungo - Road trips to U of M, Dollar Parties, CR 480. Love that YANT. Fred C. let's bust some bumps. I hat beggar and rug rats. Good luck to us in the real world, you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you get what you need. Thanks MSM for some good times. It was a pleasure. PE' 51 Seniorsf5'I jeff Lawrence, Neal Patalinghug and Frank Vzeck just hanging out in their room on the terrace. Col een M. Loughran B.A. ELementary Education Mom, I'lI never be able to thank you enough for all you've done for me. I only hope someday I'll be worthy of it. You've been more than my Mom, you've been my best friend. I love you more than you'll ever know. Dad - You always wanted this. I did it for you. I hope you're proud of me - wher- ever you are. Tom - Who'd have thought you'd turn into the best brother I could ask for? Not me. Gayle, Robyn, Monica - I'll never ask for better friends than you guys. Thank you for the good times and for being there during the bad times. You're all very special and deserve only the best. Bahamas in '86! See you there! Colleen - your're right, we're all different, but your friendship means alot. Frit, Ont, Senate - jessie and Ierome will be back! Thanks to my other friends for the laughs. pg. 52 52fSeniors Michael B. Ludwig B.S. Business and Finance Thank you Mom and Dad for your constant love and support. Thanks for putting up with me through some of the rough times these past four years. I would also like to thank the rest of my family for being the best family anyone could ever have. To all my friends here at the Mount- thanks for all the good times, To my roommates who had to put up with me and to the girls next door who helped me try every drink in the bartender's book - thank you. Good luck to everyone. pg. 52 Mary Ann Luttrell B.S. Chemistry Mom and Dad, Thank you for your constant love and support. Without you I would have never sur- vived all those earth-shattering crises torganic, roomiesj! OK what's the tally on the phone bill? Thank you for letting me experience the best four years of my life! I love you. I, M, S and C- thanks for being terrific brothers. MB Sheils, Pecan, and Denise - it's been great! Thanks for being my surrogate sisters! To the honorary B-I5 ers - Kath and Nick - remember all those trips up and down the stairs! Remember 3rd Brute bathrobe parties, GI's, Tommy G's, Clog Marks, Covered Bridge, Kegs, B-9, B-22, Women's Picnic, Fire-drills, Triv- ia, Ott's, are the stars out tonight, and all those other crazy times too numerous to mention! C-ood Luck Kids!! PS' 52 I I I I i l i I I l Mom and Dad there's nobody else in the world except God and yourselves that I can thank for these four happy and rememberable years at the Mount. I am deeply thankful and grateful for your love and concern for me and all the sacrifices you have taken to help me make it. It payed off and I love you both very much. Having you both at my side I know I'm always a step ahead in the right direction. To all the very special people at the Mount, that means so much to me, thanks for always being there. It's friends like you I will never forget. To the special V-men, what's the "V" stand for? To all my friends "Thanks for the Memories." lack pg. 53 lack Lynch B.S. Business and Finance Kimberly S. McGlaughlin B.S. Accounting u God grant me the serenity to accept the things that cannot change, change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Mom and Dad, Thanks for the opportunity of a lifetime. Your love and support helped me through the last four years. Thanks again! To my friends, your friendship has meant so much to me. It is hard to express in words. To Peter, what can I say, I love you. You showed me that school isn't everything. You showed me that happiness is the most important thing. I can say that since I met you, I have been happy! Love, Kim pg. 53-N I would like to thank a few special people who have made my stay here at the Mount memorable. To my parents, thanks for the sacrifice, patience and understanding. I only hope that one day you will be as proud of me as I am to be your daughter. To me best friend Tom "I knew you were special from the moment I met you." Thanks for the best four years of my life. To Charlie I know we have had our ups and downs but it made our friendship and me stronger, thanks. To the cross country and track team, especially Liz, Sue: Meg, Carol, Pat and Monica. Thank you for your support. Liz, those distance runs would not be the same without you. To the rest of the Mount Community. Thanks Ds- 53 Mary K. Lynch B.S. Accounting 'WS'-pf Lynn M. McGowan B.S. Business and Finance Dear Mom and Dad The past four years have been the best years and I want to thank you for making them possible. To Peggie, my roommate all four years, we had many excellent times together: and someday we will have our yacht with an OP. den. Katie Mae, let's get some cheese. Behind skiracks, operation X. Do you want to go to G'berg library? and Yes skiers are the dummest people. jules and Ioanie, we are going to practice control and not speed. Watch out for the crows-excusions, orange injec- tions, dead shows, how about another session? Erin, take some control. Anita, Bob isn't such a bad name and don't forget to get some sleep. Mike - be a good girl the next two years. Amy, good luck with Ted, and to john: We've had a great time. Thanks. pg. 53-P Mom and Dad, thanks is too small a word to express what I feel for the twenty-one years of support you have given me. But, if any parents ever made something of their child -then you have. I also had the tradition of seven fine broth- ers and sisters to follow and their footsteps made my path easier. Thank you all for your love and guidance. Patti, Greg, and lim, You're three of the best roommates a Mountie ever had. Michele, if you help me raise a couple of kids I'll marry you. Call me, we'll have lunch. Arriva d'erci Boma. PS' 53 David Gerald McEwan B.S. Business and Finance Thomas E. McKeon B.S. Business and Finance Dear Mom and Dad I would like to thank you for your love and support during my 4 years at the Mount. To my sisters you guys are the greatest. To my brother Iohn - thanks for all your help, you were always there when I needed you. To the boys in B-'IO Doc tMoleJ, Horrible, Gigs, I wish you guys all the best. To Boof - your the best room- mate a guy could ask for. To Bags, Andy and Paul - its time for another bathrobe party. To Vin and Kel- I wish you all the best. To B-22 Hey Fred, Earthdogthe spread is 3 points. To B-21 thanks for all the times. To Mary Lynn - Thanks for making this year a very special one. These 4 years have been great- l wish everyone the best. Spud. pg. 53-R Seniorsf53 To my parents, I thank you both for your love, support and sacrifices that made my college suc- cesses possible. Also I thank my Grandma and sib- lings for their love and support. A special thanks must be extended to A-deck of 1982-1983. The wrecking crew, which became the V-men in one years time made this institute bearable and enjoy- able. A tender thanks to jimmy, joe, Dave, and Neal. B-2'I was a happening playpen. All the fun and stupidity would fill bolumes. Thank You. Fred, Timmy, Feens, Mike and Iorge, what a batch of mixed nuts. The trip to Lauderdale proved that man can live on cheese and beer. B-'I6 and B-18, C-18, A-'l6, A-8, B-23. Thanks pg. 54-A Stephen G. Mclean B.S. Accounting Margaret Cecilia McNulty B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, You've given me the opportuni- ty ofa lifetime. Thank you for your love, encour- agement and sacrifices tha made these years at the Mount possible - I love you! P.S. 3 down, 3 to go. Kathleen, Sean, Terry, Patrick and Michael, you have made our family what it is - THE BEST! Tom, the laughs we've shared will always be treasured! Deb, you are a special friend - Good Luck next year. C-17, your acceptance was heart- felt - thanks for all the fun times. Amy and Pat, working with you was a pleasant experience. Thanks for everything. Kevin, in you I have found something truly spe- cial. Thank you for teaching me what the Mount was all about and for making the best four years of my life even better. I love you, Nutts. pg. 54-N 54fSeniors To my best friends, Dad and Mom, Thanks. MA, The time we were together at the Mount was a blast! Thanks for the fun. Now, for the rest of you ...To the 3rd Brute women, be good little Moun- ties while I'm not around to watch you. Keep the party going. Car, Thanks. I always needed some- one I could get into trouble with, and it was fun. We were "da most!" To the wild women of A-24, it was a great year. Thank God for ottomans! To all my roommates, Thanks for helping me stay out of trouble. Now, who wants to go to Tommy G's?! So, to "The Iron Guts" and all my Mountie Bud- dies - you made it easy. But,the keg is kicked and the 4 year weekend is over! pg. 54-C Elizabeth A. McMu len B.S. Business and Finance wrt'-r Francis I. McShalley B.S. Business and Finance Mom, Thanks so much for these 3 years at the Mount, "I love you", Dad, I hope you are proud of me "I miss you". To all my friends at the Mount: CL, CF, MO, Al.. LC, TS. BP, Cl, IC, SO. CW. MO, KE, FH, IS, TO, SB, MB, MC, KK, KC, KM, MDZI love you all, we will always be together in one way that is only special to us - MSM! B-23 girls of 83- 84 - thanks for the memories - Hey Tricia "Hel- lo" - K-IH "Special Couple" To Kevin, Eddie and Dave - "A-8 associates" - The party will never end - To Martin - Friends Forever - To Tim, Tim, Patty and Chris - we love canned peaches - To A-'I5 - Freebird, Mumma, Marianne - "Too much fun" - No-No SUB lives! - Corrine - "Best Friends - Thanks!" - SUB and Petty- bone - Good Times! To Colleen, A special per- son to me always - MSM - l'll miss you! Thanks! Love, Frank pg. 54-P Mom and Dad, your unending support during these past twenty-three yearsistruly appreciated. I'd like to thank you and say I love you. Cathy, Frank, Tom, Mel and Mike - enjoy life, it's too short to take too seriously, you're all the best. Andy, Paul, Mark, Sharpie, Kel, Wall, Vince, Sty- mie, Rich, Gigs and the wrecking crew - you made the time here bearable. Thanks and take it anyway you can get it. Finally to Eileen, the years I have spent with you have been the happiest in my life. You have brought a light into my life, you have made all the difference. Eileen, I love you. Good luck everyone. pg. 54-E john I. McNulty B.S. Business and Finance Martin MacCormack B.A. Political Science Mom, anything good in me I have inherited from you. I love you more than anything. Dad, all of the sacrifices are appreciated. I will make you proud. Alanna, they say that love has a mind of it's own. Mine is made up. I will always love you. Frank, Kevin, Eddie, john - I'll never forget the great times - because I couldn't remember them the next day. Others you will be remembered always. Thanks. To classmates rmember: life goes by too damned fast, you've got to be ready to compete and win. Good luck. Fr. Delaney, thanks. p.s. Sceeves, psyched, Dandy, loan, Hidge, Ceali- lius, Woe, Pop, No-no etc. pg. 54 I would like to take this time to thank all of MSM for everything it has done for me. It feels like yesterday but Father Time continues on ticking. "Gracias Mommy ' Abuela por todo ya gracias a Dios por todo." But special thanks to the man of the hour because without you this wouldn't be possible Pops. Regina, words can't express the thanks for you hun! Nana "I need no woman BS man". Oh yeah, to the Anderson, l'll get your secret sooner or later." Luis, you're like Savior from heaven. Thanks Cous Uncle Chuck l'll never get you man you are something else. Gracias Tia Kinka 81 Tia Flora 84 Abuelo por todo. Thank you. Ziggy! pg. 55 Ignacio Armando Macio B.S. Business and Finance Karen F. Mataldi B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad -thank you for this unique op- portunity to learn and grow. Your continuous support and endless sacrifices will never be for- gotten. I love you both very much. To my very special friends, thanks for making these past four years the most memorable years of my life. May your endless optimism will only bring you closer to your dreams. Thanks for always helping me find the light at the end of the tunnel. Molly - your kind words and sense of humor were always the perfect touch. Thanks for making me smile. Heidi - your the special friend that comes along only once in a lifetime. My life here would never have been the same without you. Mark - 8-3-'I always. pg. 55-T Mom and Dad - Thank you for making these past 4 years possible. I never could have made it with- out your love and support. I love you both! To Maureen - no one could ask for a better sister. Terri, Suzanne, jan, julie, and Kathleen - what would I have done without you? Thanks for being the wonderful friends that you have been. You will always be very special to me. To the guys in B- T9, B-21, B-22, A-16, A-I9, A-B-'IO - you've been great, thanks for all the good times! pg. 55-I Mary E. Mackson B.S. Business and Finance Robert A. Maulbeck B.A. Sociology Mom and Dad, thanks for all the love and support you have given me these past four years and al- ways. Both of you are the greatest, I love you! Kevin, you were a great roommate these past three years - thanks for putting up with me. To the guys of C-T5 183-845, it was a great year, I will always remember the great times we had. Laurie, we became good friends, lets always stay that way and keep in touch over the years. To B-5, it was a fun year, good luck in whatever you do. A special thanks to all my friends who made the Mount a fun and memorable experience! pg. 55-V "Daze go hazy do you think what i think like we were saying ... " M. Easter To MTB, I don't know what I would have been doing otherwise - just remember people, "To engage the brain before speaking" " what are armies up to anyway?" And of course, to my mother and father all my love and appreciation. Thanx. "Say bye bye . .. bye bye" P.M. pg. 55-K Gregory M. Mascoli B.S. Business and Finance .www- Kay Mena B.A. Foreign Languages Seniorsf55 Anderson Mensah B.S. Accounting ls . 5 5 . r ip .,,. .'gE: Phyllis R. Miller B.A. Sociology "We must begin the journey to tomorrow from the point where we are today." Kev - aren't you supposed to be on the cruise? Thanks for the en- couragement, or was it ...Rob - thanks for all the memories. IL and BT remember Wolf's and firemen. A-14 latenight talks, snacks, turkeys, I'lI mhsyou A special thanks to professor Muller. Do not expect me to dance at our reunions! Mom and Dad, words can not express my love and gratitude for the past four years and always. Thanks for always being there!! PE- 56 56fSeniors My deep thanks to my loving Mom for every- thing. Thanks also to my Dad, to Kyel, Boo, Opiad, "Tuna", Grace, Oduro, Boat, 84 Akos. Thanks alot Andv. My deepest appreciation to my Seattle "family", The Pruitts, for their tender love 84 sup- port. To my noble "Dad" Ron Tait, lovin' "Mom" Ioan Tait, "Uncle" Thomas, "Aunt" Cindy 81 sweet Grandma Selma, I wish to thank you all for your constant care for me. From the deepest part of my heart, I thank coach Deegan, Ross 84 "Uncle" Chuck for everything, also, thanks Drs. Eshelman, Zanowski, Nakhleh, Chowanec 84 Sis. Nausbaum. Thanks to the best of friends - May lah Yahweh be with you all. pg. 56 Nana Nketia Mensah B.A. Political Science 'X Q Charles E. Milot B.A. Sociology Thanks to my Mom and Dad, who made these four years possible, I will always be grateful. To all my friends, I wish success and happiness in what- ever you do. To my roommates, remember these times because they were the best. Remember B- deck, A-deck, 4th Brute, A-18. Thanks to lim: for helping us all through. Good Luck to the T-Team - lets work on attendance. A.P. l.L.Y. The best times are all in front of us. Off to the real world, I think I hear my train. pg. 56-I Frederick Meridith B.A. Fine Arts 4uln...c....,1, f K A- Karin M. Morra B.A. Fine Arts Americans may be in a rush, and they may like to be on time, but it is not because of their language. To all I've met and liked - live long and prosper. Ciao . .. pg. 56-L Mom and Dad, I can't thank you enough. You've given me so much love and so many opportuni- ties- I can only say, "Thank you!" I want you to know that I love you both. Whatever the future holds and whatever I accomplish in life, I owe it all to you. joe, Squeak, Quinner, Schlong, and all the "V" men, you will always hold a special place in my heart. You people are the Mount to me, the memories will last a lifetime. "Be careful out there." loe, you're the best! "Finally it's no longer a matter of reason, rather it's a matter of love." "A coward dies many deaths, but the brave man only one." pg. 57-M Martin I. Mullaney II B.A. Philosophy Mom and Dad I want to express all my respect, gratitude and love! have for you. Thanx for giving me the opportunity to experience Mount and to see the wealth of an education! Lisa, Laurie, Ellen, IeanAnne, Mary, Kerry, all our laughs tears relat- ing and lounging are my greatest memories. Each of your friendships are so very special and have helped me to grow as a person. Thank you and I love ya! B-B, hello, can I borrow . .. B-6 wish we could be neighbors for life. Your generousity and friendship made each day brighter. B-23 Thanx for taking care of us for 4 years, Special mentions Peggy late night "raps", Mr. Cotter's pleasures, my soc. study pals. pg. 57-O Therese M. Mullaney B.A. Sociology L... Mom and Dad, Through your love and encour- agement you have givem me freedom to grow, I'm glad it has brought us closer, You mean more to me than I could ever say, I love you both! Kurt, you've been my "inspiration" I love you more than you'll ever know. You are a very special part of my life, now and always. I'm all yours, now, 100i love you! Mar, 2nd Mac to A-15, you've been a great roomie. Best of luck for your future fMrs. HI! In you I have found a lifelong friend thanks, I love ya! Marianne, Corrine and Peg, thanx for all the fun times, A-15 wouldn't have been the same, I'll always cherish the memories. Anne, Kathy, thanx - I love you all! pg. 57-Q Debra A. Mumma B.A. Sociology it-4 6' V Jocelyn Slaby, Eddie "Earthman" Dziuk, and Peggy UNO-No" Nolan drink away at the senior social in the Rat. Seniorsf57 Dear Mom and Daddy, I don't know how you put up with all of this, but thank you so much. You've always given me so much more than I thought possible. Siobhan, you've always been my best friend - Michaeland Brendan, I love you all. KAREN BETH IULIE KATHIE MARY, it's been fun girls, lets do it again soon! Really, thanks for some great years. Denise, Di, Kerry, Kelly, MC, all you terrace rats, it wouldn't have been the same with- out you. I'll miss all of this incredibly. The Mount will always be the same, and we did our share to keep the faith. Bathrobe parties, Covered bridge, Rugby, Big 84 ugly, Lite, please, Blow it off, Drink- ing tonight? Kathryn E. Murray B.A. Political Science It is with great pride that I thank my wife and daughters for their support through the comple- tion of my college career. Graduation will be the final event to top the experience. Without your love and encouragement this would not have been such a positive journey down the road to my degree. pg. 58-C Wilbur G. Myers B.S. Business and Finance Kerry E. Nolan B.S. Elementary Education To my best friends in the whole world, Lisa, Mary, Therese, leanAnne, Laurie and Ellen. We had the craziest times together that it scares me! Blue Duck Inn, Winners Circle Saloon Hello. It's Hawai- ian freakin out, doubt it insights relating forget- ting the night b4 but knowing we had fun. I love all of you 84 would never trade the friendship for anything. Karyn I'm so excited 8 to jimmy, Timmy "O" 84 joey AWESOME Grapes. We'll always be friends jimmy. B-23 you guys are great. I loved dancing on your furniture. B6 can I borrow some I have the best friends. MOM there are no words in this world that could ever express how thankful I am to you. You're an incredible Mom. Our family is the greatest. I love all of you so much. Thanks!!! P.S. Where's Frostburg? pg. 58 58fSeniors Margaret I. Nolan B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad: Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to experience these past 4 years. You know how much they have meant to me 84 I hope that I have made you proud. Corrine: you're a good friend. Remember the SUB, the banquet, RA, A-15 84 brownies! M.A., Mare, Deb and C. never forget our happenin' parties 84 other crazy times. Spontaneity! Bob you have taught me so much. Thanks for all your advice, goodtimes 84 your friendship. To the SUB: Its been the center of my four years, Good luck K 84 B. Ioe we did it! A- 17 where are our whales? You guys are the Best. To my alumni friends, 3rd Brute and Mac, C 84 W, C., Z., FR. D., the DOS office and staff thanks for adding to my memories. Love, Peggy ' '... Yesterday is but today's memory and tomor- row is today's dream." Kahill Gibran pg. 58 Thanks Mom and Dad, I couldn't have done it without you. I'll never forget my Mount years and all the good times I had, Good luck Vinnie, even if you are a mistake. Blau, I hope you make it in whatever you do. I'll never forget the first time we met Neil. Good luck future accounting majors, fair enough! it's been real, so long Mounties. pa' 58 Keith L. Natolly B.S. Accounting Timothy I. Nolan B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad thank you so much for your love and support that has made this possible for me. Ann, you are the biggest inspiration in my life and I love you more than anything in the world. To the Gore and Mount Lax, I'd love to do it all again, even the grotto. To Todd, Skinny, Iody, Glenn, Sean, V, Rock, Pey- ton, and Yogi Iwho still owes mel and you guys downstairs. Thanks for all the fun. To IeanAnne, Laurie, Lisa, Mary, Kerry, and Therese, you always bring a smile to my face, you are great friends. To my roommates: Lendo, Teddy Doh, The Spuirt, And of course Jackie Quad - even though I've carried you guys for four years I couldn't have done it without you - I can't even start. pg- 58 To my mother, whom I feel is the most loving and strongest woman I've ever met, I am not good with words . . . but I want to thank you for school, life and for being my mother. I have the greatest love for you. The only thing I can say is this diplo- ma is yours. To my roommates, Stymie, Bags, Dews and Iohnie, "I don't mine" "we are", "the ghetto", "the grease men", "82'I", "heredity", "clew shoes", Hbathrobe parties", "the disciplin- ary hall of fame," john and Andy, the best friends ever. McNulty family, home away from home. Wrecking Crew, you guys are great but I wouldn't trust you with my daughters. To Marianne, I have never felt as strongly towards anyone as I have towards you. I love you,These were the best years of my life, Pg- 59 Paul I. Noone B.S. Economics T3 'kwa- "In a higher world it is otherwise, but here be- low to live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often." Cardinal Newman "to understand is to be reborn" Huston Smith Thanks to all you know who you are. . .especially H,E., S.M., and 2nd dwellers you'll never be for- gotten. 4 Musketeers together once again and forever in heart. Richard Andrew Baird, The One and Only C2f8f84JI All my love to Mom, Dad, and the rest of the clan. Your support was appreciated and necessary. GOD BLESS. pg. 59 Monica S. Nosacek B.A. English Senior Frank McShalley and sophomore Cindy Ioy enjoy the junior social in the Rat. It's really amazing how four years of your life can go by so quickly. The people who made my stay at the mount so meaningful were my roommates: Ham: it was a joy to live with you, Odor I wish you the best of luck with Susan, joe, It was a pleasure living with you, Booty, I hope you succeed in whatever you pursue. I wish you all the luck in the future. Birdman, I hope you can fulfill your dream of flying, Shields, Sean, Tom Dennis: I hope you guys have a great time next year, we shared some wild times together. Last to my parents who gave me the strength and the love when I really needed it during my years. P:S. GOODBYE. pg. 59 Robert A. Nowicki B.S. Business and Finance Taking time to pose for a picture are good friends Colleen Broderick, Mi- chael Ludwig and Daneen Marella. Seniorsf59 To my family: no matter how much we did 84 didn't get along I knew you were always behind me and I love you for it. I would especially thank my Grandmother for making it possible. Gram be- lieve me I will never forget the opportunity you gave me to better myself. Bob, Ham, Bird, Sean, Tom, joe, Dennis, Feen, Shields and Booty: You guys have been the best friends I could ask for. I have had some of the best times with you. Too bad the membership to the C.C. expires, I just hope our friendships don't. GOOD LUCK IN TIMES TO COME! Susan you have stuck with me through thick and thin. I love you very much. To the rest of you guys GOOD LUCK! pg. 60 Christopher L. O'Donnell B.S. Business and Finance "ir, 'Q' wr-K' Tara A. Olvany HistoryfEducation Where do I begin, I have so many wonderful memories. I wish I could do it all again! To all my crazy but wonderful friends, thank you for putting up with me. Kathy, thank you for always being there. Claire and Mary, you're the best. Eddie thanks for the laughs. Patty, thanks for the hones- ty. I - We've done it all - it's been great. Fran, Mary, Sue, Meg, Ieannie, Lisa, Tiny, Amy, lean, Colleen, Ellen, Susan the wild gang, I love you all! Maribeth, my best friend, you made the last two years so special. I'm glad you came to the Mount. Last but not least my family, especially big Mama and Larry O, words cannot express my gratitude and my love. Thank you for always being there, I couldn't have made it without you. No More Ralph Bimbettes Forever! -l-Zifa pg' 60 60fSeniors To my Mother and Father, I can't thank you enough for all the love and support you have giv- en me over these four years. I love you both. To my roommates and friends: I will never forget what has happened here Cand in some case I'll never remember! Thanks. lust one more from the old gray haired fat man, "you know the cent is in rears, my dog has not eaten in years, it's even worse then it appears, but it's alright I will get by, I will survive." pg 60 Thomas M. O'Hara B.S. Business and Finance james F. Parshall B.S. Business and Finance Man's youth is a wonderful thing: it is so full of anguish and of magic and h never comes to know it as it is, until it has gone from him forever Thomas Wolfe Thanks to the class of 85' for all of the times good and bad - all worth remembering! Cathy what is it that I can say that hasn't been said at least once. Live to love and Love to live. Iackey the 3rd Pang suite thanks for the love and laughs. jackey don't give up your smile, you're a great friend. Caroline wherever you are my love. Tex - ditto. Koc thanks for 4 great years - keep on going. APO, SUB, ROTC, Singers M Thanks, Brigadoon - the usual, bourbon. To all of Mt. St. Mary's thank you! Mom, Dad, Ierry, Eddie, Tommy thanks for all the love and support over the years. I love you all. IFP pg. 60 Mom and Dad, thanks for all the support and love you have given to me th4se past four years. With- out two parents like you I never would have made it, I love you. Michele you changed my life around so much since we met, you gave me the incentive to do well, and I thank you for that. I love you very much. To two of the best friends I have John and Tom, without you guys I don't know what I would do. Remember A-23 and C-20 parties they were the best. Tom call the dog catcher. Iohn why do they call you Squeaky? john you and Mary are great. Good luck in whatever you do. C-19 we were wild don't forget double secret probation and the parties. pg. 60 Vincent E. Oliveri B.S. Business and Finance 'W'--9 Neal P. Patalinghug B.S. Biology Mom and Dad, I am truly grateful for everything youlve done for me. Frank may you and Led Zep- pelin find inner peace. Wayne, don't bulk much or you might blow up. Leo, look out for those flying barbells. My friends, I think I may have a hard time forget- tin: 3-B, Hwa-hwa, code - 2, Fang Pisoozoo, pen- dulum, Frog at the Beach, "where's my iam box?", 4th Dube reunions, Meyer's temple ashtrays, audiophiles, schizos, "Hey Buddy", yellow gob- lets, Panama, computer nicknames especially Chicken-butt, pencil - richard - braggers, Har- mon - Kardon, Hi Louisel, I, I, I, fwho laughs like that anyway?j Hecklers, Ooh-Aah - Phil, How is Nick?, and Spinach! Fun stuff, huh? How unfortunate that we must part, But, the blocker lives on. WL' Ellen K. Peters B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad - Thanks for giving me this oppor- tunity so many parents can't give their children. Words cannot express how much it has meant to me, nor how much I love you both! You're the best! Thanks! Deb, Lisa, MK you 3 are the best HONS!! You have demonstrated the true meaning of friendship. I can't imagine what the Mount would have been without you all. Don't ever let us lose touch! - Never forget: Roanoke, Legs, road trips, do you wanna be a judge, everythin's so wraunchy up here, l'm just too tired to study and of course, when are you ever gonna get serious??!! Deb - you are the best friend anyone could ask for. I don't know what I'd do without you. You're one in a million. Thanks HON!! PS- 61 Xu... joseph Pettyjohn B.A. Political Science Another game of intermural street hockey. Pictured are Vinnie Florenzo, Mike Twomey, and Nick Zito. Khanh T. Pham B.S. Math Mom and Dad, I wish you could be here to share with me my happiness. I might never see you again, but please remember that you are always in my dreams and I love you more than ever. To my friends I have met along my lone journey. Thanks so much for your kindness, thoughtfulness and your hospitalities Mailroom, I am going to miss you very much. pg. 61 Seniorsf61 To my parents, thanks for all the sacrifices made to send me to college. The past 4 years would have been difficult without your love and support. It is your turn now little brother. I hope your college years will be as satisfying as mine. Kay, grade- school, high-school, and now college, I'll never forget the experiences we've shared, good and bad. Thanks for being a special friend. To my close friends Kathy, Liz, Banana, Alcia, and Jocelyn, thanks for sharing the good times. Shelly I can count the number of letters you sent me on my fingers, I know I was in your thoughts. Vikki, for the record I did beg you to be my roommate 3rd year. Good luck to the Class of 1985. pg. 62-A Cheryl D. Phillips B.S. Accounting Mark I. Potok B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, thank you for your constant love and understanding. Without these I never could have made it through these past 4 years. You know l'll always love you. T.K. thanks for showing me what Mt life is all about. Bill don't count By-tor out just yet. john, I'm sorry about all the grief we gave you on Sunday afternoons. I should have re- alized being a Redskin fan is abuse enough. The Mountain truly is the only place to "B". Right Brianl? Steve and limbo thanks for putting up with such a weed as myself. fGreg thanks for being a fellow weedl The Klan that hates pan rules. A-TI and 4th Mac roommates, see you in the real world. Karen,times were alwaysthe bestwith you. Thank you for being there when I needed you and know that I'll always be there for you. pg. 62 62fSeniors Mom and Dad, I love you so much for the good people that you are and for helping me to be the person I am today. Thank you for all the patience and advice you have given me. I could not have done it without you both with me to help guide my life. Kathryn and Nicole, your friendship will always stay in my heart and I will miss you both very much. To my crazy roommates, Denise, Mar- ion, MaryAnn and Sheila, you guys are the best buddies, and made my senior year fantastic. I have grown up with you all and I'll always remember all the good times we've shared. I wish you all the happiness in your lives and remember this is just the beginning not the end. Love, Lisa pg. 62-C Lisa A. Picanza B.S. Accounting it Peter I. Quinn B.A. Sociology The Mount was a step in the right direction for me. It has provided me the experience and knowledge I need to obtain happiness. Although it is not paradise, I don't think I will forget my life here at the Mount. I would like to thank the ROTC Department who are the best at the Mount, the Lacrosse team, and Coach Kilgore for two years of fun and memories I will treasure for a life-time. And finally all the friends who meant so much when I was at the Mount, good luck and keep smiling! pg- 62 Dear Mom and Dad, Thank you for the opportu- nity to experience college. I do not say it as often as I should but I love you. Hail to the V-men, and Wrecking Crew, you guys are the Best. Steve: It's been 3 great years, thanks for being a special source of friendship. To Dave, Neal, and Ioe you made senior year a tender moment. Fred, Pie, Ti- ger, Hore, and Feen tget offj. Bags, Bones, Pauly, Gogs, Ange, john, Vinnie, Kelz, Max, Squeak, Marty, Schlong, joe, Booty, Rich, Pa and the rest of the boys and girlies "Let's GuzzIe!" Vinnie, get off dawg, K.O.C., got any Naw?, Hobbie dual Gee, stop groveling, hey muffee - S50 for a bath tow- elZ, bathrobe party - Pauly: Pep talk? - To Kelly, I will always hold a place in my heart for you. lim pg. 62-E james T. Pierce B.S. Accounting 'Ya--f"' Peter F. Quinn B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, Through time and much love you both have become much more than parents, you are truely good friends. Thank you for all you have done. To the Beaver and the MSM Soccer team, keep kicking. To my roommates Marty, Squeak, joe, Schlong and the rest of the V-Men, you all have made our senior year the best. It is friends like you that make the Mount the special place that it is. Tom - There are still many weekends left. just relax a little, good luck at Allied! Quinner pg- 62 I would like to thank my mother and father for their continued support in making these last four years possible, thanks. To the best friend I ever had Good Luck with P.W., future notes, parting friends, and always remember you can SMA. To DSS for giving me something no one else could, a friendship, a victory, and a solid foundation, thanks, but just remember your punching bag is gone. To the Beave, maybe you should change your name, anything's better than IM, I told you I would never say it. To Dean M., I hope you had fun because you will never workthat hard again, I know you won't forget the tennis balls, folding chairs, sand, snowy practices, and the porta-pit. pg. 63 Gary B. Reburn B.S. Accounting Gregory K. Roa B.A. English But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, He saved us, Not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of re- birth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, whom he poured out on us generously through jesus Christ our Savior, so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs of eternal life. This is a trustworthy saying. Titus 3:4-8 Mom and Dad, thanks for everything. Bob, Sean, loe, Fitz, it was fun being a Mountie with you. Dean, Kevin, hope to see ya around. Craft, Flynn, Portier, Goliber: It was real, come and see us sometime. And thanks to my carpool: "Hail Mary u Pg- 63 Mom and Dad, I cannot thank you enough for making these four years possible. I love you and the rest of the family for putting up with me! Karen, Katie, julie, and Beth, its been one end- less happy hour. Kathie, What do you say to a liquid lunch? Molly, your a pal or is it a duck? Heidi, why don't we play a prank! Karen, let's play follow the leader when we run! Good friends through good times and bad thanks. Scott, thanks for always being there. Thanks everyone, for all the Mountie memories may they never die. pg. 63 Mary C. Reilly B.S. Business and Finance james Robertson B.S. Business and Finance Mom 81 Dad, Robin was right, the two of you are the most giving people in the world. I can never begin to repay you for all that you've done for me. Your never ending love and faith has shown me how irreplaceable the two of you are. I love you both. To my friends Kevin, Rich, john 84 Tom, you guys are a blast. Good luck in the future. Let's get together and do this again sometime. Scandal, Bob, Rich, and loe as I am writing this, we still have next semester. Let's look forward to it. SCLOIST- ED. To my very special friend, Molly. You are truly a beautiful person. Thank you for all of your help in many ways. I hope the future brings us many good times together. I love ya. A final good luck to my friends in the class of '86, So long Mount. PS' 63 Mom and Dad, your constant love and support have been an inspiration over the past four years. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for me. I love you both. Mike, we've had our disagreements, but the good times outweighed the bad by a ton. Remember the Yacht Club. Jimmy, you've been a special friend but the golf course has got to go. Matt, the Nestle Corp. Could use a man like you. Kenny Policy class will miss you. LB., good luck in N.Y. B- 18, the last year has been great, but we are out of captain crunch. To the Problems who went be- fore me, Tuesday night lives forever. To the rest of my friends, thanks for the memories. Burt pg. 63 Timothy 1. Reynolds B.S. Business and Finance Kathleen A. Robinson B.S. Biology Mom and Dad I may not have called often but you were always in my thoughts. You know I really love you but most of all thanks for loving me. Anne you have showed me the meaning of a true friend. I will miss the long talks and laughter but remember I'll be there no matter how many miles come between us. Kathy I have so many great memories with you, what haven't we survived? Don't ever change, you're a special person who has brought lots of laughter into my life. Remem- ber Pearls last forever. Mary M., Ma, Laurie, Deb, Mary, Cor, you've all become part of me but didn't try to change me, thanks for the friendship. I will miss you all but only till we meet again. Ellen, B-7 thanks for the good times. "There's so many dreams we've yet to find." pg. 63 Seniorsf63 Paper sailboat without name owner or flag. Sailing without rudder wherever the current carries you. Fearless adventurer, graphpaper horseman that was set down at the edge of a stream When the stream was a river, and the lake was the ocean. And sailing was a game a smile on time. Escaping happily from country to country between home and school never forget that paper sailboat with- out name owner or flag. loan Manual Serrat The Mount has been a safe stop between ports. Prof. Muller and Chowiei The banana boat. PB- luanita I. Rodriguez B.A. Political Science B.A. French .ua Enjoying a "Lovely" meal at SAGA are Doreatha Beck, Darryle Edwards and Marlon Cook. 64fSeniors I have enjoyed my years at the Mount very much. Thank you Mom and Dad! You have given so much to me and made my years at the Mount the best they could be. What can I say but thank you and I love you. Ellen, Lisa, and Debbie, you are the best friends a person can have and we had lots of good times together, I will carry with me memo- ries of weekly roadtrips to study at the libraryg late night talks about everything, and much much more. I will remember all these times and look forward to the times to come in the future. Deb- bie - for the last time "I don't want to be a judge in any contest!" Thank You Everyone! Pg- 64 Mary Kate Rooney B.S. Business and Finance zenson's rat tail. I would like to thank all my friends who made my two years at the mount great, especially my room- mates: you are the greatest guys. You made this year a great one. To my little brothers: you two are my boys. I love two and am glad you have been with me for these twenty-One years. To my sister, you're not only my sister but one of my best friends. You have always been there when I need- ed you, and I will always love you. To my Mother and Father: I made it, and the only reason I did was you two. I will never be able to thank you for all the love and faith you've given me. All I can say is thank you and I love you two with all my heart. pg, 64 Dennis T. Rossi, lr. B.S. Business and Finance Vice President Mary Stein braids, SGA President Matt Kat- William james said: I have often thought that the best way to define a man's character would be to seek out the particular mental or moral attitude in which, when it came upon him, he felt himself most openly and intensely alive and active. At such moments there is a voice inside which speaks and says: "This is the real me!" This is it! I want to thank my Mom, family and friends for the sacri- fices, love and chance to grow. They say a restless body Can hide a peaceful soul. A voyager and a settler Both have a distant goal, If I explore the heavens Or if I search inside - It really doesn't matter As long as I can tell myself l've always tried. pg. 65-G Stephen M. Saddler B.S. Business and Finance Stephen Scarpan B.S. Business and Finance A very special thanks to my parents and Grandfa- ther for their love, understanding and guidance. Without their care and concern, I would never have been fortunate enough to write this letter. I love all of you dearly. Best of luck to my main buddies - Chuck, joe, jay and Bill it was quite a blast guys, let's hope it doesn't end here. Timbo, jorge, Rich, D.B. and all the other dudes, take care and stay outoftrouble.Thanksto all those friends who were always there and shared in the good times. Finally to Charissa: thank-you for making my final year such an extraordinary one. You are very special to me and I'll love you always. Stephen pg. 65-N To Mom and Dad, all of my life and thanks for making the past 4 years possible. Without your constant support and understanding, I could have never made it. I love you very much. Andrea, lots of love and luck as you begin your 4 years. To all of the special people l've had the chance to meet here, I'll miss you. C-5, the innumerable good times shall never be forgotten. Boyd, you're great. As you drive down the road of life, beware of that road pizza. Bob, I hope that one day you will be able to say no, chinese eyes. Thanks for every- thing. Patrick don't ever change. just make sure it has a pulse first. jeff, you are the best thing that happened to me. We belong together. pg. 65-I Lisa Sansbury B.S. Business and Finance 'N 1 6 ,rr Lisa A. Schell B.S. Business and Finance Mom 81 Dad I am forever grateful for the sacra- fices you have made for me in order to make these past 4 years possible. I hope that someday as a parent my child will be as proud of me as I am of you. Thank you for all your unselfish love, sup- port, guidance. I love you! Therese, Laurie, jAF, Ellen, Kerry 81 Mary - It is near impossible to summarize all the good times we have shared to- gether. Each of you has played such a special part in my life at the Mount. Let's keep building on the memories 84 make a toast to the good time ahead of us. I love you guys! joey, we share something special that I will always treasure. B-23, Long live Red punch. B-6 thanks for your hospitality. Brian, I will always love you. Dad, I think I have complet- ed the square, what's next ... I'm ready! pg. 65-P To Mom 81 Dad, Thank-you both for this opportu- nity. Your support and understanding helped me the most thru my Mount misfortunes. I love ya! To my friends: Otis ' Katie we finally made it, now to break the bub, Ble 81 smile, smile, smile, jamie, we've had a hell of a time these last four years, what do you say we come back for one more semester for more fun, Rich, Kevin 81 Bearnie, the boys from jersey, come visit me next semester with the glove compartment full 84 move away from those nuclear reactors, joe Pope good to have you back, Bob 81 Dan love you, Hey dude Higgie, higgie, hi, jody, Ski Liberty, Bob and Sweeney, the boys with good sense, see ya next Year- pg. 65-K SCANDAI. Thomas Scanlon B.S. Business and Finance ' g Karen Schimmenti B.S. Business and Finance To my parents, Thank-you for giving me the chance of a life time. It would never have been possible without your help. Katie, you're my best bud and I love ya. Carolyn, who would have guessed we would come this far. You were always there when I needed a good friend. Beth, Lisa and the rest of the gang, thanks for the good times and the laughs, l'll miss you all. Mariclare, keep Wolf's Tavern alive. Chris and Ted, You're the best second roommates a girl can have, A-24 what was all the fuss about? Steve, "just remember this a kiss is still a kiss." I love you sweetheart. Now the hard part is here, saying good-bye to so many, I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world. Good-bye Mounties. pg. 65-R Seniorsf65 To My Mom, Dad and Family, you are the most important to me. I love you and thank you for giving me a continuing beautiful life. I could never have completed without you! Karyn, where would I be without your true friendship? You're a great person! Always remember I'm not too far away. "to a friend's house the path is not long" I'll miss you Gechie. Take care. To TSIIMKM and friends, thank you for making school worthwhile and fun! I'll never forget you. To the boys upstairs, thanks for taking such good care of us Miss you! To my cousin Charlie, you are very special. You made school tolerable. Danny, you're my best friend. I love you! pg. 66-G Theresa M. Schloth B.A. Elementary Education Charissa M. Seipp B.A. Psychology Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks so much for your support and guidance through these 4 years. If it weren't for you both, I would never have made it. Dic, Dan, joe and Derek, thanks for being there. Michael, we had great times together, thank you! With love always . . . Tracy, I appreciate your patience, partying and friendship throughout my college life. Cathy and Mary there are no words to describe the thanks. You both are fabulous people. Ann, heart to hearts will never be forgotten! Kath, slow down! Steve we had our ups and downs, thanks for being there always. Keep down I always knew. Grudgo, AM and MB and Cath GOOD LUCK justin, Smile! Lyn, Kathy, Beth, Kellie, MB, you'll never be for- gotten See yall! Charissa pg. 66-H 66fSeniors Mom 81 Dad, I can't thank the both of you enough. Laura good luck 81 Good times your next two years. Sheilds, I hope this isn't your last se- mester, shorebound, right? Sweens, mind if I bor- row your sweater? To my second apt. - tomatoe Head, Bob, Ham, Giorgi and the teen idolf?I. you guys are the best. Feeney, what can I say? Thanks for involving me in the program. Schlong, Ioe and Iethro qof coursel - Florida roadtrips. O'Brien, Moody, and Dennis - good luck next year. Mike and jerry, how's the roomie? Iorge, your taste in women is amazing. Piehead, Neil, Bunny, Big Dawg, Freddy and all I wish you the best. lt's been fun. pg. 66 Michael Schoeb B.A. Political Science X"""'9" Q39 ,ni il james Sharp B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, Kath, Mary, and Iohn: Thanks for your love and support. First Mac Gang, Decath- letes, Fritz, Bob Your Great. I'll never forget you. George, Anibal, Steve, Iustin Good Friends, Good Times Forever. To the "Rouges" minus "Thun- der" "Were we big time or what". A-16 you waist coats. Stick with me Mark, we will make it to the top of the N.I. charts. C-23 Athens, Greece, be there 1995. Daria and Carrie you're special. The Youngs Gil, Ed, Ron, Tim, Ma and Pa: Thank you. Nancy Kay, Thanks for everything we ever shared, it was alot and I will never forget you. It will work if it was meant to I love you. To the rest of the Mount thank you and buy my albums. Rock-n- Roll. PS- 56-I Special joys and special places Special friends to- gether The moments pass so quickly but the memories are forever ... GW Douglas First and foremost I would like to thank my family to all that you are and that you have given me thank you. Iudy, thank you for all you have taught me you're a great teacher. On graduation I'lI have one for you. Heather QERMAJ Thank you for being a great roommate, call me we'lI have lunch. Hell- er, Liz 81 Tami though I was never there you were great apat. mates. Iane 81 Chris thanks for treating me as a member of the family, Hef To all my friends at home thanks for being there. Teris 84 Michon you two are nicer 84 prettier then they can ever dream of being. pg. 66-K Stacey M. Seese B.S. Business and Finance Iohn T. Shartle B.A. Political Science I would like to thank my Mother for her love and sacrifice over the years. Thank you so much I love you Mom. To my stepfather, Thanks for your support. To my brothers and sisters especially Mary Cath- erine thanks for all the good advice. To all my friends, particularly the Crew from 437 - You made it great and I'll never forget you. To my father - I wish you could have been here. I miss you. And of course to MB - I couldn't have done it without you. MSM I'll really miss you. "I didn't think Inever dreamed That I would be around to see it all come true!" P. McCartney - Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five pg. 66-L I would like to say thanks to my family and friends most of all my mother for all the love and support you gave me when I needed it most, you're the greatest. I love you. I made it! Love Kirk pg. 67-M lermone Kirk Singleton B.S. Business and Finance Q Dearest Mom and Dad, Thank you for giving me all your love and un- derstanding these past years. Words cannot ex- press the gratitude and love I feel now and always. To my brothers and sisters: your love and encour- agement have given me the confidence to suc- ceed. I love you alll To all my friends here at the mount, Thank you for making my years here so memorable. I would es- pecially like to thank all my education buddies, my roommates and my dear friend janet for being there when I needed you the most. I will miss you all very much! pg. 67-O Colleen M. Sinnot B.A. Elementary Education .QT Only the complete person finds true happiness and fulfillment. I know that one cannot be com- plete at one throughout my life. I will meet many people. By blending what each gives me with my own personality, I will become complete. Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching me the value of honesty and love, encouraging me to pursue even the highest of goals and simply being there when- ever I needed you. Patti Thank you for your sup- port and the experience of true friendship. Boys, you have given me the freedom to laugh especial- ly at myself. Thanks David, you are my teacher, friends, and confidant. It is with you that I have learned the meaning of love. pg. 67 Michele M. Sinnot B.S. Biology 'XM Q'-W ,..,. ,vi Security saves the day after aprehend- ing a loose bat that terrorized Apt. A- 'l7. Seniorsf67 Thank you Mom and Dad for making the best 4 years of my life possible. I hope it will all be worth it for you. Nancy and Daria: I was incredibly fortu- nate to have had you both as roommates. Greece in 'IO yrs.? lim, Steve, and Dave you 3 guys have been great friends, thanks! Greg you have made senior year one to remember. I hope that we get to do everything that we talked about this sum- mer. 'IVz hours isn't that far. You will always be an avacado to me . .. pg.68-A Carrie A. Sittnick B.A. Political Science "'Cl1I'.' Daria A. Smith B.A. Sociology "We're always proving who we are, always reach- ing for that rising star " Mom, I don't know how to say thank you, except to tell you how much I love you! Dad, I'm a dreamer, just like you. Nancy, maybe you have it all already. Care, you're right the little things are the most important. lim, when your dreams die a part of you dies with it, so go for it. If at the end of our life, you have two or three true friends you're a rich man. I guess I'm way ahead. To all my track friends, Anibal, Steve, justin, Patty, Chris Laux, Heather, Gary and my old roommates, I'II miss you guys! Ken, it's all yours now, have fun! And to Michael: The future is our destiny, but the present is ours, and the past in unforgettable! So long Tudor Room, Hello Life... pg.68-N 68fSeniors Is the vacation over? I've only just begun! Cham- pagne O.C. I have never My friends I have loved these days! To my brave and patient room- mates - Tara you are Indeed a superwoman. Is there such a thing as a purple sunrise? See you at the top. Mare the world will never see anyone like you - all you need is what you've got. You're beautifull But you missed your calling in life you shouId've been a gourmet cook. Claire teacher of the century! Let's compare notes again. Fran sha- Iom. Here's to Pepe. Holley woman Take a taxi much? To my friends of old you are not forgotten. I can't wait to join you in the real world! To my Family - I could have never made it without you. pg. 68-C Jocelyn R. Slaby B.S. Biology 'x.,it.g ' t' , v.,.....f. Patrick A. Smith B.A. Theology In many ways the past 4 years are quite a cross to bear. Yet in other ways the years were filled with many blessings - But I guess a blessing is what every cross eventually turns out to be. I am grateful for the prayers, support and inspira- tion of my parents and family, notably my mother, my aunts Martha tand Evelynl, my grandmother, my sister-in-law Donna and most especially my sister Edith who was a constant inspiration for me never to lose Faith, when times were most diffi- cult. I am also very thankful for the good people I've met at the Mount especially George, Mike, Steph, Susann, Bob S., Bill G., Dr. Portier, Grisez, and Stay, the Library staff, Fr. john and lastly Neil N. Finally, thank God who was always faithful. pg.68-P Mom and Dad, Thank you for your constant love and support. These four years would not have been possible without you both. I love you very much. Susan and Sus you are my two best friends. Thanks for making me laugh even when I wanted to cry. Gayle, Colleen, and Colleen, we finally made it and we did it together. B-17 was awe- some! Best of luck to you. I love ya! Monica, what can I say? Four years with me! You must be some kind of Saint! How did you do it? Girls, I'm not really THAT weird! I gave you someone to laugh at! I know, who cares, Ont? H., what would I have done without you? You will always be my very special buddy! pg. 68-L Robin Sue Slaveski B.S. Elementary Education ,f""x QW "If 4 Suzanne E. Smith B.S. Elementary Education Tothe most important people in my life, my Mom and Pop - Thank you for all your love, under- standing, and generosity. I hope to make you as happy as you have made me. To my true friends - janet, Terri, Mary, julie, Karyn, and Theresa - thank you for your special friendships and good times we shared - both will never be forgotten. To my buddies and especially Tim - these past few years have been very interesting! Thanks for "taking care of us" and always showing us a good time. You all will be a very special part of my memories here. I wish you all the best of luck and thanks for the memoned pg.68-R Thomas Smith B.S. Business and Finance Donald I. Stevenson B.S. Business and Finance lwould like to thank my Mom and Dad first. I love you very much for giving me the chance to grow and learn. Thank-you for your leadership in my lacrosse years. Your support made me go on, you're the All-American in my eyes. Ted, Tim, Lenny, and lack alot of crazy times were spent together. I hope they go on. The past 4 years would have been dull without you. Friendships live on. To B-17 the most ethical girls I know ha, ha. I'll miss you. To Randy, Kilgore and Pat, you instilled the confidence I needed to make it. Mount LAX 4 best years. Half the time drunk, half the time in trouble. Keep it up. "janet you have made my last W years unforgettable. I Love You for that. I hope it has just been a start for us" To Deb, Christina, Nancy and Teri, Keep your pants on. pg.69-T Well Mom and Dad I did it. It took a little longer than I expected but it was worth it! To the gay wads in C-'IC I luv you guys! Darlene, California is awaiting our arrival when do you say LA? Baby Renolds -the best nickname I ever helped give anyone, you'll be Annepatrice to me! M.E. I'll miss you like a horntoad misses his sweet, sweet water rat. Gigi someday you'll love Billy Idol and I'll be one to blame. Hey C-28 what a blur of a year. Nice shooter parties! Consume much? C-5 SMALL, MEDIUM OR LARGE? You guys, fLisa toojhave been great friends this year. I'll miss ya! well now that I'm out of here maybe I can shake the name Bubba! Later Mount! pg. 69C Laura A. Smithson B.S. Business and Finance Robert E. Stubbs B.S. Accounting These years at MSM have been the best for I can now say that I know who I am and I know the reason for living. My prayer for our class is that we use the gifts God has given us for His glory, and we experience this on of many promises of God: "If my people who are called by name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 Thank you Mom and Dad, Eddie, and Bill for your love and support that made it all possible. I Love you all very much. I am grateful for all the friend- ships made over these years at the Mount. For this is not the end but just the beginning. - Bob pg. 69-V Mom and Dad, Thank you for these past 4 years. Without your constant love, support, guidance and infinite sacrifices I would not be where I am today. I love you! Karen, "Buegs", you've been a terrific friend and roomie over the years, you have always been there through good and bad times and alot of memories, at least we'll still have some- thing worth talking about in ten years from now! IB and IC, thanks to Cori we became roomies, a pretty good deal, No? Too many good times to mention now but thanks to you guys an enormous amount of irreplaceable memories, PS may the Dead live on forever. Ted , my very best friend, the last 4 years have been for me from now on it's us, I love you! NH , it was fun having you as a roomie! pg. 69-K Amy Snoke B.S. Accounting Stephen W. Sutcliffe B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad I cannot express the love and grati- tude that I feel for all that you have given me. I only hope you will be as proud of me as I am proud of you. I love you both very much. Po. Sven, Spaulding, Space, the Veg, Brez, Capt, Pe, Wild, BS, Dathy, Mal, LS, Trish, A-13, B-24, C-'l0, C-24, we've come a long way in a short time thru good times and bad you are the MT for me. It's all you! Neat you are truely one of a kind, the coolest! Heat you'll always be my special friend and even more? MSM the center of controversy where re- ality is not real, where your life is not your own and where people are not what they appear to be. Her Dan, the klan rules, always has, always will! Kritter Seniorsf69 Basking in the sun Steve McLean finds happiness. mf ,k ads f Denis B. Sweeney B.A. Political Science To Mom and Dad, your patience love and support can never be expressed in mere words. You both have given to me and asked for little in return, I love you. Thanks to the guys in A-8 - Bird, DB, jerry, and Peyton. Bird ayrs together, "Creepin", lets clean the room. DB who cares lets go to Fair- field. Arrested? Jerry wheres your girlfriend? Pey- ton me you and Rock at the Vovye at Maryland. To first Mac, fourth Mac, and first Dube, we went through alot, take care. Ted Dec. 2 Happy Farms leaves you with best wishes. Bald? lody and Sean although always at odds, you guys are alright. VMEN live on and take care, lack Night in the Rat. OD in the street in Florida. Phil 1985 superbowl. So let me tall what happened? What about a whis- key bottle? These people are the best. Take care, Yogi. 70fSeniors In the early morning hours two students head back to the warmth of the apart FNGFIIQS. . X wary xx, 'itiire ,tr QQK :K "-1, .... ,V- if 1 A ag "fu A '., 4 .La , tv. , , f i? ' J Q 3, 1. A. Q Vx . . A l l Qf"",v J' Mark Swenarton B.S. Accounting I would first like to thank my Mom and Dad for their unending patience and support. I would also like to thank my family, Sue, Paul, Chris, Bill, Steph, Gary and Ryan, To Maryanne, we finally made it I love you. To all my buddies - Kel, Vince, Stonewall, Horri- ble, Doc, Boof, Spud, Gogs, Andy, Paul, Gary, lohnnie and the rest of the recking crew "You're all Cool Rockin daddies in the USA" Special thanks for the Ott's, the Pony, Budweiser, Bruce, Elvis, Sharpie and the Rogues for making rock and roll dreams come true. Gerald Lee Sturgill Mom and Dad - Thank you for your support and for giving me the desire and confidence to con- tinue. A-22 Unforgettable year! To some special friends I'll miss ya. Killer, B-trx, Boop, Hun, Let's dance. Cindy D, HCB 81 Melonballs, O'F-Doc, Naughty 9, Topher Andy, Nino, 'Ist Sher. gang, I. Bby, rich, Lt. P.A., Fr. lohn, T.T,, T.C., TD. Play- time, IPK, Banana Bread, Perry Ellis, Hi sexy, WY 84 F, Twins, Champagne Shampoo, Cin, Laurel 84 Hardy, Players, Nap Attack, Hugs, Hubby, B-U- Tlful, Happy feet, Bullfrogs, Mut, A-23 "Can we borrow... ", Cava, giggles, shshsh, 84 everything else... Big C-uy, a lot of nice memories. qthanks for the Hot Chocolate! Good Luck with every- thing! pg. 7'I-Ci Mary Ellen Tadsen B.S. Biology ! Tracy Anne Thornett B.S. Accounting Mom - Through your love and understanding I have become the person that I am - I hope you will always know how much I love you - Thanks for giving me your love. Kristen, Courtney, Kerry - I can't imagine having 3 better friends. You make being home again something to look forward to. I love you! AM, MB, Ruth, Kathy - It was phenomenal! Thanks for sharing it with me! Chrissy - you made it great Cathy - The best is out there waiting for you - you were my "saving grace" - Thanks ... Kathi - Smile always. Mary - you're an inspira- tion! Timmy - Always be happy - It's Important! Thanks for everything! To the better two-thirds of TBA - you both are true friends - Thanks!! - Tracy Ann pg. 71-N Girt and the Silver Fox: Thank you for all your love and understanding. I hope that I can make you both as proud of me as I have been of you as parents. K, I, M, thank you for showing me the true meaning of family. Your the best sisters a girl could have. Suzanne, Terri, Mary, julie, Gechy, Theresa, and Aisling, you are very special people. I will always cherish our times together. Also my Europe buddies, You are allthe best. A-10 A-16 A- 19 B-21 B-22 B-I0 G-PA Your the brothers that I always wished I had. Thank you for always being there. Remember: Mr. T, Florida and the beach. All those wild parties and most unforgettable nights. page. 71-I janet Taylor B.S. Business and Finance Barbara I. Tiernan B.S. Business and Finance Well so here I am at the end of the road, where do I go from here? I always figured it would be like this but nothing seems to be quite clear. All the words have been spoken and the prophecy fullfilled, but I just can't decide where to go. Yes it's been quite a day, and I should go to sleep, for tomorrow I will wake-up and I'll know - That I've got to begin again, though I don't know how to start, and it's hard! - Billy joel Mom and Dad THANX! I couldn't have done it wf o you. I love you! Chris, Steve, Gus, len, I - It's rare to find such special friends as you! You got me to the end of this road. I can't say how much I love you. S'nB you gave me so much. "l'll never shed my dancing shoes." - D.F. pg. 71-F' Margaret Thomas B.S. Mathematics Wfx if-f-av Donald Topper B.S. Business and Finance Seniorsf7'I "Life is worth while, for it is full of dreams and peace, gentle and ecstacy,and faith that burnslike a clear white flame on a grim dark altar." qNathan- iel West! As another conclusion draws near, the struggle of the accomplishment no longer seems important, but rather those who await to share in my successes and failures. For you few, I am for- ever indebted. Your constant love and warmth provide insight and meaning to an otherwise lonely and confusing existence. Thank you, Steve. pg. 72-A Stephen G. Trembley B.A. History Matthew C. Victor B.A. Political Science First, thanks to two special people named Mom and Dad. You're the greatest! To my roomies: You sure made A-5 the place to be! H Buddy! Kimber- ly, thanx for being who you are! Viggs, you know you want me! MSM Soccer: It's really been great knowing you guys! Quinner, we did it our way. Chris, Dunno, and Nana and averyone else on the soccer team, we had some really great times! Ron, glad I got to know you this year. Mims, I want the best for you always! 4th Basil- don't 3-B except with me! 2cd Sheridan, you are a great bunch of girls Keep in touch. 2cd Basil, 2cd Brute, Pat, Rudy and all the other minkies and all unnamed friends. - The world is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel. pg. 72-H 72fSeniors Mom - the sacrifices you have made for me are immeasurable. You were always there for me. I love you for all you've done. Nancy, thanks for the flow and the guidance in these four years. len, you were always the first to offer what little you had. I love you all. hope Dad would have been proud... Now to the Ro's of B-22. Pie, God only knows what is going to happen when the next Starwars mo comes out. Feen, Try to stay out of anymore Conspiracies. Fred, gonna cut you a break cause you are married. Jorge, the things I saw you with can not be expressed in words let alone pictures. Kara, Thankyou for your patience, love, and un- derstanding. You were always there for me. pg. 72-C Michael I. Twomey B.S. Business and Finance 3.-f ire? 'Ihr 1375.1 Kenneth T. Villano B.S. Business and Finance The accomplishments throughout my stay at the mount could never have been obtained without my super family. Mom, your constant love, sup- port and sweet treats have made the difficult times bearable. Dad, your guidance and vision continues to prepare me for an exciting future. I love you both very much., thanks. What a strange feeling it is to fall in love with 25 guys and a coach 6 feet tall named 'gore. Mount lacrosse thanks for the memories I will never forget. Burt, Capt, IB, Matt and B-'I8 thanks for making my last year the best year. Liz, you are my love, inspiration and best friend. We have just begun making the memories. Thanks for everything. ps- 72-I "He slid down the muddy hill on his stomach, right into the river He began to swim, holding his head up high so the letter would not get wet. The river was twice as wide as it usually was and the water was dirty and cold. Alexander swam as hard as he could, but the river was terribly strong. He swam and swam and swam. He thought he was going to be washed away completely. He puffed and panted and snorted. At last he reached the other side and crawled up the bank." Thanks M 84 D for making this challenge possible and for so gently guiding me into the world. My friends, the times we've shared won't be forgotten! Thanks for loving me and letting me love you! pg. 72-E Claire M. Varady B.S. Elementary Education Franklin V. Vleck Ir. B.S. Business and Finance "I came into this life with nothin' and I'm gonna leave with nothing, but in between I'm gonna have a whole lotta fun." Hey A-5, Thanks for a great senior year. Niel, Matt, john, and Ro And 4th Dube, Hey Buddy. jeff watch out for 4th floor windows. Oh no those steps! Stavros and unbeatable Neil at Pac-man, road trips to Gburg, and late night romps through "locked" halls will always be remembered, or will they,Burp! Let's clearthe party outguys Zeppelin! Mom and Dad thanks for all your support and love through the good times and the bad ones. pg. 72-L Mom and Dad how could I ever thank you for all you have done for for supporting me and for put- ting up with me. Love you both and thanks for everything. To H.B., Boof, Squd and gigs thanks for a great senior year, Blo Hope we all will stay great friends. Cathy thanks for helping, and George is still in love with you. George we will get them next year S. Liz, a specia, thanks for always being there. Hope we have nothing but good times ahead. Love you. jazz singer, Baggs, Andy, and Gary Ist Mac was great, Good Luck Eileen thanks for everything. I hope to always be there, love H.B. I hope you do not have too many more B-days. Liz, H.B., M. and D. Thanks. pg. 73-M William W. Waller B.S. Accounting 95.0 4-v:'Wf" First to my Mother and Father, mere words could not express my love and gratitude I have for you, for making this all possible. Randy Kilgore you are a man for whom I will always respect. To the rest of the Mount lacrosse teams thank you for making this place bearable. From B-deck to llack's placej B-23. Tim Mr. jack Len Don we have had some very good times, which I am sure we will lie about in future. Yogi lHappy farmsj. Glenn lody g up the ball I am open. V-men you guys are the coolest guys I know Feeney Bird be all you can be. leananne Thank you for being my best friend. No matter what happens in the future I will never forget the times we shared. pg. 73-O Edward R. Walsh B.A. Sociology To my best friends I'm so glad the Mount brought us together. But time's up and we have to venture from the bubble. But I'll leave knowing special people and having fantastic memories. Mom 84 Dad Thanx for all you've given me. You're both grand Love Ya Nags Hea forever! Beth own stock in Tommy G's or what? Erma La Douche How's Teddy? Rod in the year 2000! Can we put the stereo on? Does Et tu Brutus mean anything to you? Let's motivate! Heller b Pat Benatar and curl- ing irons 7 St 7 much? Lizard H.U. much? Keep flying saucer in business. Steve Awesome Daiquiri party the start of a SPECIAL friendship. What - Hey Ranger want a Rum and Coke? pg. 73-O Heather M. Walsh B.A. Sociology Doing a little bit more than studying john Shields and janet Taylor. Seniorsf73 Mom 84 Dad, a few words in a yearbook could never express the love and gratitude I have for you. Thanks for all the love, friendship and sup- port you've given me throughout the past four years. With out your support I wouldn't be where I am today. I know I never said it enough, but thanks and I love you! Terry, We finally made it!! You have been my inspiration and I owe my suc- cess to you. Most of all, thank you for your friend- ship, you are 81 always will be my best friend! I love you Tj and I can't wait to build a life of love 84 happiness with you. To all the friends I've met along the way, Kim, Lee, Cheryl, Kay, Meg, Iuani- ta, etc, thanks for all the memories. I'll cherish them forever. pg. 74-A jodi A. Weaver B.S. Accounting Gregory R. Wildman B.S. Business and Finance Mom and Dad, thanks for all your love and sup- port. I couldn't have made it without you. To the guys of C-29 and C-28: you're the best- or may- be the worst! If not for you Mount life would only be Sub-par. Thanks boys! To Michele: The two years we spent together were my most special years here. You will always be in my thoughts. Good Bye, Greg pg. 74 74fSeniors Melaine Webster qu-..,,.,,,,, Q-QM.,-.1 I Jerome T. Wi son B.S. Business and Finance Thanks Mom, without your love and support I never would have made it. I love you, I would like to thank my friends because you made the Mount fun, sort of. My roommates were great. Birdman, have fun on your planet. Mike, have a drink, on me. Peyton if you won't call me little man, I won't call you big? Yogi, you were a good friend, but I have a question, are you still making faces in the mirror? Hey Feeney, want to road trip to Hood just don't get arrested. I am still trying to figure out who got the uglier girls, George or Feeney. I don't care what anyone says, Piehead definitely was the stud of the school. Shields, did you run out of stories yet, I didn't think so, Leo how is married life? Hey Baynes and Loux, Canada forever. gp. 74-I We all live under the same sky, but we do not all share the same horizons. - Anon. Mom, dad, lack -there are only two things to say - I love you and thank you for your support. Michele, Dave, jim,thanks for being there and for the laughs. joe, Bev, thanks for everything. I'll write! Greg, you'll always have a very special place in my heart. The Mount has been a good experience for me. I wish the Class of '85 all the best. pg- 74 Patti Wig B.S. Biology mme 3 Biff ' . s Edward A. Woolford B.S. Business and Finance How can I ever say thanks to you Mom and Dad? It took a few extra years and a lot of additional sup- port. I know you had faith in me and I love you for it. Pat, thanks for your support and your fat jokes. I'll never forget our world series trip to Detroit in '84, Tom "the sphere" Barnes, john "maryZ" Shartle, Pat "how do you make toast" Woolford, C-7 was the best. We initiated the "pile on" and nightly treks to Bens Qwe were not thin! To the Mount hackers, Pats, Boyd, Lock, Mike, Chuck, and Bill, don't ever forget Salisbury! Tell Terry Later! Hey Boyd, Fat my -, Twisted - Sister and Psul Great times, BC sucks, kiss out, kids beat! nice used BC hat! We love you fudge. Goodbye C-8! I'll miss you! "Seven years of college down the drain," Iohn Regushi! Love Load ps- L Barrels of fun for the girls in A-15. Pictured Mary Free, Peggy Nolan, Corrine Eliason and Debbie Mumma. S, . I i, 2 2 we 5 A I f' ' I r Nancy Kay Young B.S. Accounting Mom, Dad, Gil, Tim, Ron, Ed, Pop, Maw Maw K 84 Y - all of your love and never ending support helped me through. Thanks - I love you all Gayle - 17 years of school together! Track gang - Good luck. Anibal, Steve 84 justin - what are friends for? Shodan tGaryj - my accounting Kara- te buddy - ams. I'rn glad to have a special friend like you. Sensei - thanks for a great experience and your friendship. Car 84 D we made it! Some- times it was tough but most of the time it was a blast. Remember - we'll always have each other!! love ya. jim - my best and closest friend - we've shared so much together, Let's never stop sharing, O.K.? To everyone at the Mount - thanks for making MS a special place - a place I'll never forget. It's been fun! pg. N-75 X 2 Mark j. Zaepful B.S. Accounting Mom 81 Dad: You have been the greatest these last 4 years. Thank you for your love 81 support for twenty-two years and making this all possible for me. I love you both dearly. To the rest of my family Rick, Chuck, Mary, Steve, Helene, Pat, all your prayers and support have not gone unnoticed I am so lucky to have you as a part of me. I could not have done it without your help I love you all. To my roommates Tom, TomDonnie, 81 Matt: Thanks for making this an enjoyable year. You guys were great 84 I wish you all the best, To Kel, Kel, Lori, jes, Bobo, Maryfran, Eil, Gale 84 juli: I wish well. Marylynn you are a ve??l very specail person 84 I won't forget our friendship. To jeff: Thanks. To Tammy: Thank you for your support 84 I do Care! Mom and Dad, I'd like to thank you both for the unsurpassable love and support you have pro- vided me the last four years. I know I was tough initially, but because of you I made it. Mom, you have been through a lot, but you've always sup- ported me, Thanks. Dad, I truly appreciate the opportunities you have given me. You have worked hard for me. I love you dearly. Ed and Tim, you are the greatest! Tom, john and Sivvy, it was a blast! Best of luck to the girls from C-8! comes a timefwhen you're driftin'fcomes a time! when you settle downfcomes a lightffeelings lif- tin'fLift that baby right up off the ground. - Neil Young pg. 75-T Patrick Woolford B.A. English , as . 'Qt'-ww.--r Theresa T. Zito B.S. Elementary Education Mom and Dad I can't begin to thank you both for everything you have given me. Your love, sup- port, and encouragement have made these years possible. Thanks for always being there. I love you both very mucy. Tom my sister Vicki - I have always followed in your footsteps. You are not only a terrific sister, but my best friend. To my brother Nicky - I hope you have as many great times and find as many great times and find as many wonderful friends as I have. To the T's - julie, Mary, janet, Suzanne, We have shared so many laughs and fantastic times. Thank you all for the very special memories. PAG I feel so secure when we're together. You give my life direction. You make everything so clear - I love you. pg. 75-R Seniorsf75 il Dr. Robert Wickenheiser President .Q , ss Ted Vice-President for Advancement Director of Alumni Relations 76fFaculty 84 Administration Executive Vice-President Ms. Mary Stein Vice-President for Student Vice-President for Affairs Academic Affairs 'bf Gelles Hallinan Controller Director of College Affairs 3 s 4-195 wi .A K al..,.,A Mr. Leo Topper Vice-President for Business and Finance Blackmur Mr. R Assistant to the President 'bf' N Dr. William Meredith Dean of Undergraduate Studies ug' Ms. Denise Ditch Director of Student Services U .....v. , , Chaplain Director of Career Development PHSYOOI' Soller Dean of Students Assistant Dean of Students Keeping The Spirit "l think Mount students don't realize what the spirit is until they leave. The Mount has a tendency to draw people back if, and only if they are involved. Being involved is the key to keeping the spirit. You tend to remember the good times after graduation, and this is when you realize what the Mount is all about. The Mount spirit is becoming in- volved in the school and in past and present years, a minority of students re- alize this. lt's by being involved, you are giving something back to the school you are a part of. ln my days at the Mount, the school was smaller, there were less women, and I was the first co-ed graduating class here. There was more of a sense of so- cial conditions. This was reflected in our concern for others, and the national is- sues. There was more of an incentive to helpthe conditions in the world around us. The early Mount was more con- scious of the issues. The early Mount's spirit was one of awareness. Now it seems that the students at- tending the Mount have less of a desire to become involved in world affairs such as poverty and nuclear war, mak- ing them different than earlier days. Students today seem to be concerned with improving themselves first, and then improving the world around them. By doing this, in the long run, they are improving the world. ls Mount Saint Mary's College keep- ing the spirit it set forth? The Mount is doing a good job in maintaining a small college spirit. Student involvement make the school run and this, in my opinion, is the key to keeping the spirit throughout its existence." Robert Pastoor Dean of Students Faculty 81 Administrationf77 ,SQ W, .L iN by 8 "54,,f Dr. C-. Morningstar Head Physican Mr. Robert Director of Food Service Physical Plant U Director ofSMinority Affairs tm ,Wal SS: . -r Y Mr. Peter Boving Ms. C Director of Safety and Director of Information Security Services Mr. Kelly Fitzpatrick Director of Special RG'3iSi21f Collections K2 Diff? U 'Q ,rig 14' I ar ,awry 1 f'zf".' A' I L 1 me ,Ml After a long basketball practice Maribetla Olvany manages to keep a smile. Who said three was a crowd? Not Cyndi loy, Barb Pioli, lenny O'Reilly, Kelly Clark, Maureen O'Hara and Diane Dougherty. Mr. Alan Sommers lOSfiPl'i Food Service Manager Director of Admissions A Mrs. Terry Mrs. O'Brien Coordinator of Cooperative Director of College Education Bookstore X X Frm wg W 'w.'. Krula Director of Financial Aid Director of Counseling N... J Chris McCormick otherwise known as ,N 1 xi, 'KY ,tw?'a-L Always hard at work at the Dean of Students Office are Dan Soller and lohn Singleton. Flounder shows his hidden talents in the annual Airband Competition. Taking time out from packing for Christmas break are Pete Longo, Steve Broas, Mary Melvin Rusty Rhau, and Liz McCabe. nl: QE Faculty 8: Administrationf79 Dr. Marie Campbell Dr. William Craft Assoc, Prof. of English Asst. Prof, of English Dr, Patricia Rimo-Stay Prof. Carmen Schmersahl Asst. Prof, of English Asst. Prof. Of English 80!Faculty Dr. Byron Stay Asst. Prof. of EnglishfDirector of Writing Center I Dr. Robert Ducharme Professor of English The gangs all here, for food and fun with the faculty. Dr. Thomas Flynn Asst. Prof. of English A,-rv.....?VN-. f Dr. Mary F. Hamel Dr. William Heath Assoc. Prof. of English Asst. Prof. of English RIMO O THE SPIRIT UF THE MOU T Because the Mount is a small residential campus, students and faculty have the chance to work with each other individually and in small groups. Faculty, students, and staff are available to each other here, much more so than at larger colleges. Students, especially, develop a strong sense of community among themselves. l'd like to see other types of alliances form, also: people from various levels of the college joining together on the basis of common interests or values. ldon't care for the metaphor of the Mount as a family, though, for it could imply that the faculty and administration are parents, the students children. Instead, l prefer to think of the college as a community where people interact in a number of different ways - sometimes as students and teachers, sometimes as collaborators in an activity of mutual con- cern. Working with the newspaper staff provides me an opportunity for this kind of collaboration. That's why, on the best days, I enjoy doing it. Dr. Patricia Rimo Assistant Professor of English Tim Reynolds and Ellen Brown enjoy A faculty social. each others company at the student- Faculty! 81 V, a .A . i X. Prof. Dunbar Ashbury jr. Prof. Donald Currier Assoc. Prof. of Accounting Asst. Prof. of Business X Qi Dr. john Hook Col. Robert Karsteter Assoc. Prof. of Business Ass't Prof. of Business A""""'k K Roommates Gus Aquino and Chris Collins are always happy when there is a party! 82fFacuIty WN Col. Charles Ritcey Business Prof. james Draper Asst. Prof. of Accounting Dr. Raymond Lauer Professor of Economics Dr. Thomas Ryan Assoc. Prof. of Businessffvlath l l i Prof. Robert Seidel Professor of Accounting i ,gh-f Dr. Frank Zarnowski Professor of Economics "The Business and Economics De- partment plays a very important role to the Mount community. It serves the needs of over half of the community itself. Besides that, it serves the commu- nity outside of the business and eco- nomics majors for it provides a place where students can take a course for organizational life. We all are going to need organization sometimes in our lives. At the present time, the strongest point of the Business and Economics Department is the faculty. The faculty is experienced, both academically, and organizationally, which in my opinion leads to an exceptional staff. During my five years at the Mount, the changes that have occured in the department have coincided with the changes in the faculty itself. With the acquisition of new faculty members, we have also had a change in our orienta- tion. Of our signifacant changes, we are X . Prof. George Springer Assoc. Prof. of Accounting Mr. james Zartman Lecturer in Accounting now playing placing more of an empha- sis on certain management skills. Busi- ness applications of oral, and written on certain management skills. Business ap- plications of oral, and written commu- nications skills are now improved, and this can especially be seen in our Ac- counting major where we now require more general business courses. There has been a more noticeable expansion of our course offerings, to include courses in the public sector areas to help students learn many interfaces. The economics program has also re- cently reorganized their Econo-Metrics program which has been lacking. All of these accomplishments, I feel are addi- tions to make the department better. Dr. john R. Hook Chairman of the Business and Economics De- partment 112' Mr. George Weber III Asst. Prof. of Business!Finance Sr. Mary Nusbaum Prof. of Economics Facultyf83 ,V,V x,k, A :N -.g5gs...- Dr. Susan Samples Asst. Prof. of Modern Language "Party on the Mountain" wasn't effected at all as security arrived on the scene, 84fFaculty Prof. David Chowanec Prof. Edward Ryan Asst. Prof. of Modern Language Assoc. of Modern Language Dr. Robert Marshall Dr. Charles Merrill Prof. of Classical Language Asst. Prof. of Modern Language I in f 5,5 2 . Q jf M 2 A .01 Of A 5 K Q' Prof. Helen-LEG lODES GV. DF. IT1 riui. rain VVCSIICI Asst. Prof. of Art Prof. of Fine Arts Asst. Prof. of Theater X li Prof. William Nichols Lewis Ass't Prof. of Art Assoc. Prof. of Music Q G .rn , A 'X Loyola at the buzzer. -f-: A - 'iz Ms ,fif-fghz. ' 53: tf. ' xx is 52251-WS. lan Everly, Shaun jackson and Lisa Green are intensly watching the Mount men as they beat Facultyf85 Q1 mf, T? is 86fFaculty Prof. George Winnes Dr. Trudy Conway Dr. William Collinge Assoc. Prof. of Philosophy Asst. Prof. of Philosophy Assoc. Prof. of Theology QP.. ., ., Rev. john Bostwick Prof. LD. Broussard Asst. Prof. of Theology Professor of Philosophy Enjoying a beer after the student-faculty social are Mary Free, Dr. Flynn and Corrine Eliason iff ' Q -'inm....-.' X Rev. john Sullivan Assoc. Prof. of Theology Tis. Dr. William Portier Dr. Germain Grisez Asst. Prof. of Theology Prof. of Christian Ethics Sr. Ann Miriam Gallagher, RSM Rev. james Forker Rev. Paul R Assoc. Prof. of Church History Assoc. Prof. Relaxing in their apartment are Debbie Lemkin, Ellen Peters. of Theology Assoc. Prof. of Philosophy The snack bar provides a place for a study break for john Pierce, Brian Stromeyer and Billy Otterbien. Facultyf87 A5 Ng., Prof. Richard Muller Asst. Prof. of Sociology Rev. james Delaney Assoc. Prof. of PhyschfSociology 88fFaculty 81 Administration Ns X A x Dr. Christopher Smith Rev. Msgr. Robert Kline Assoc. Prof. of Sociology Prof. of PsychologyfPhilosophy -,s-,,'--' V A 1tz F V, H 1 .,,. bs- . . ,M 'W so . ,. r A , g-TWA .. . c.,.. c c Gr-W2 .,.. V,,..L ..,- - s c f new YRS? A iff, 3' X -. Siu.. , - re 5 l I Q Q 3 sw K S 'QE swf-1 - A ' .ia Michelle Porter puts the finishing touches on Bridget Hughes. Dr. Nicholas Kierniesky Prof, Margaret Bowaman Assoc. Prof. of Psychology Asst. Prof. of Psychology 1 9lQw.,,L,,,, Prof. james Friedrick Asst. Prof. of Psychology Mary Alameno and Michele Binardo hang out between classes. Enjoying the junior social are Fran Holcomb, Sue Sheller, lean Hoffman, and Kathy Haney. Faculty 84 Administration!89 Dr. Pierre Gauthier Assoc. Prof. of Biology Dr. james Thomas Prof. of Chemistry Prof. William O'Toole Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics yfvx Dr. john Dropp Assoc. Prof. of Biology Yin V ,gguv--. Prof. Richard Borst Assoc. Prof. of Computer Sci- ence fkia. T....:.n,f-f Prof. Robert Lambdin Instructor of Mathematics 90fFaculty 84 Administration The always smiling john Buchreis dances the night away at the Sheridan Christmas Party. Enjoying the Sheridan Christmas Party are Claire Varady, Patty Hill and Rudy Chase. 1 f Dr. William Esperson Dr. john Richards Dr. Daniel Dobey Asst. Prof. of Chemistry Prof. of Physics Asst. Prof. of Biology l The junior Slave auction brings Billy Otterbien on stage. Faculty 81 Administrationf91 "Q-.j.,,.,...,-fb Dr, Emile Nakhleh Dr. Robert Preston Professor of Political Science Professor Of Hl5t0VY 92fFaculty Dr. Kenneth Eshleman Asst. Prof. of Political Science Prof. john Critzer Asst. Prof. of Political Science Dr. Susan C-oliber Asst. Prof. of History Prof. Robert Ridenour Asst. Prof. of History DR. JCI-I MORRISO A Personal Tribute to john L. Morrison by Robert M. Preston, Dept. of History and Political Science A death of a great teacher is a great loss. The death of john L. Morrison, who was a great teacher, is a great loss to Mount Saint Mary's College. But rather than emphasizing the loss, let's look at what the Mount and Mount people have gained over the last three-and-a- half decades while john dedicated his life to the Mount. I have never met a graduate who did not say that john was an unbelievable lecturer. He just 'fknew his stuff". Pre- sumably all of us teachers know our stuff, but john knew his better, more thoroughly, And he delivered it in a manner that created aches in students' hands and heads, but also that created knowledge and thought. Indeed, after a Morrison course, students knew their stuff. john, by the time I met him in 1968, was already the "old guard" here at the Mount.Whateverthe establishment, he was a part of it. But he earned his stature the hard way, for he contributed ideas and worked on projects, and produced results. He also remained to the end one of the strongest defenders of facul- ty rights and status. He never bought his position in the establishment by selling his principles. john was for excellence before that word became a buzz word at the Mount. He always was seeking new ways to challenge students. He present- ed to me over the years more ideas for new courses than anyone can imagine. There was always a better way of teach- ing history and he consistently inspired me to seek that better way with him. john was a scholar. He studied a topic as thoroughly as was possible in this set- ting. His list of publications and the con- tent of his lectures testify to that. But if any young teacher would give him an hour or two he would give them either an idea or an inspiration to do scholar- ship. My first publication was a joint ef- fort with him before I ever started to teach ere at the Mount. He was inter- esting in what young teachers were do- ing and was willing to help them. And that's all young scholars need at times. john was all that some of us needed. john was more, however. His human qualities inspired those who were will- ing to get close enough to him to know him. He was as devoted to his parents as any son could be. He was a friend to his father long after most of his father's buddies had died. He was a companion, nurse, friend and son to his mother until the day he died. And his smile. He let people know he liked them. The Mount is better because of what it has gained from his work and dedica- tion. Because of what he did he had tre- mendous influence on thousands. He was a big man. john is but a legacy now. The quality of the Mount's academic program, the integrity of the faculty's status, the com- mitment of the faculty to scholarship are all in part the legacy of john. We have all gained so much from john. And as we continue the traditions of the Mount, which he helped to es- tablish, we will carry forward the life of john L. Morrison. Thanks, john. The Mount needed you. Rather than missing you, we'll re- member you. Facultyf93 M41 , .. Www Dr. Judy Dr. John Asst. Prof. Of EduCaIiOr1 Assoc. Prof. of Education 5 as 6 1 ' Staff Sergeant john Barry , fggx , ,pl Captain james Birdseye Master Sergeant Ge Major 5 :rea-:ease .f-' ,,- 4--"' . aww.. wa-www M.w., The SGA inaguration party was a great success, even with the surprise snow storm. Pictured Dave Santora and Vita Obohoski 94 a. fax xii ,X ,f V , , Aww! , M af ff if '21-4 rf , f -Q Q .F . Q 1 1 5' 'ff ' ' 'I' . if 4... wi 4e:m:Q, mum, i .,-gg.-1n:1.nm.:N....,. ...... ,.,.1, . LS. ,..,,.,,,,,.,,uV in ,r 'n rj' ff' Z 1984 85 RESULTS won lost lost won won lost won tied won RESULTS 5-3-'I Freshman Mlchell Cook gets the ball away from the offensive of Marymount, as teammate Bettina Brena looks on. +-w-W-Wt.-.......:s+.m.........,... W Back Row: Coach jim Stith, Patty Crimmins, Eileen Anderson, Lisa Schell, Nancy Tenaglio, Suzie Caufield, Chris Fritz, Marla Streb, julie Brewer, Heather Banning, Laura Mitchell, jackie Cookston, Maureen Caufield, Kathy Williams. Front Row: Kathleen Ryan, Karen Cable, Kathy Burke, Bettina Brena, Kathy Melanson, Mary Dulski, Elizabeth Sullivan, Beth Burn, Mary Cinoa, Susan Smits. it -247'uLl'F"iVT'i'1""" A .. V 't'fl'fff,Wf'f Offensive wing Beth Burns takes the ball and heads for the goal against Marymount. Team captains Maureen Caulfield and Elizabeth Sullivan talk to the officals before game time. ma,,,,', THE LADY KICKERS D'-ii 2 4 out After scoring another goal Lisa Schell and her teammates get readv fOr another kick Off. This year during the fall sports season the Mount men were not the only ones kicking around a soccer ball. The 1984 season produced for the first time in school history a women's soccer team. Although they were just considered a club sport the lady kickers worked just as hard as any other varsity team, prac- ticing everyday for at least two hours. Their hard work and dedication worked off as they ended the season with a win- ning record of 5-3-1. They hope their success will continue next year with an- other young team. Leading the offensive was Lisa Schell, Maureen Caulfield and Beth Burns with their good field sense, strong skills and team leadership. At the other end of the field on defense Elizabeth Sullivan and Bettina Brena proved to be very valuable in stopping the oncoming at- tacks of their opponents. ln the goal Cathy Melanson proved to be a key player through out the season. The lady kickers are looking forward to next year and the day that they go varsity!! Breaking away, Christina Fritz heads for the goal. Swinging the ball to the opposite side of the field is Beth Burns. Sportsf97 Preparing for the game, captains janet Curley and Monica Cirillo give the girls a pep talk. ,, .M cmimu. i .REID-Il GO FOR IT!!! GET THAT BALL!! 98fSports Determination drives freshmen, Mary Hannawacker. I 'R lTop rowj left to right - Maureen McMahon, Colleen Bradley, Tracy Cal- lahan, Christine Lynch, Cathy Campbell, Monica Cirillo Qcaptainy, Linda Karsteter, Stephanie Floyd, Fran McHugh, Patricia Devlin, Maureen Tuite, Coach Denise Ditch "Oh come on!! I don't think so", says distraught Monica Grillo. A YEAR OF REBUILDI G Dedication and enthusiasm makes a team praiseworthy. These two words describe the women's field hockey team. Under the leadership of Denise Ditch, the team started out hopeful and finished pleased with their accomplish- ments. Coach Ditch described the team as one which was rebuilding. The team was a young one with no seniors. The members of the team were extremely talented and gained the necessary ex- perience which will help make the team next year a winning one. The girls proved they are willing to work and are hopeful that next year will prove to be successful. The final record for our Mount wom- y Ditch l tFront rowl Left to right - Lynn Kealy, l Patricia Benzing, Debbie Devine, Mary l Hannawacker, Alyce Leighton, Elke Rayborn, janet Curley tcaptainl, Kelli l Digmen, Patricia Schaefer f 4 en was three wins, eleven losses and one tie. Although the season, for the team was not extremely successful, the future looks very bright. The offense was lead by rookie freshman, Patty Benzing, with six goals. Benzing, who played center forward, was named to the All Maryland team at the end of the season. Right inner, Monica Grillo also added to the Mount offense with four important goals. Alyce Leighton and Elke Rayborn each had two goals to contribute to the Mount's success. On the other end of the field, captain lanet Curley lead the Mount defense at the Center half position. In the cage, fresh- man Kathy McMahon proved to be a vital asset with 139 saves and only allow- ing 39 goals the entire season. Overall, coach Ditch summed the season as one to build on for next year. She said that her girls were very talented, they were just inexperienced. They are all looking forward to next year. janet Curley centering the ball, while teammates Monica C-rillo and Alyce Leighton watch. Sportsf99 Taking It To The Finals The menfs soccer team had an ex- tremely successful season in 1984. Fin- ishing the year out with a 7-7-1 record the young Mount men came in second in the State of Maryland. Falling to the strong team of Salisbury State in the state finals by a score of 0-1, the moun- taineers were disappointed although proud of a successful season. The offense was a team effort, in which the attackman shared in the scor- ing. Such players as Anderson Mensah, jimmy O'Donnell, Nana Mensah, john Leahy all had key positions on the field. At the other end of the field were the strong defensemen Pete Quinn tCap- tainj who was second team All-State, Matt Victor CCaptainj, Chris Hall and Ron Brigamon. Defending the goal was Freshman and first team All-State Larry Howlie. This proved to be a very suc- cessful year for this young team and next year looks even better. Keen concentration can be seen in the eyes of Anderson Mensah. Seniors jim O'Donnell and Pete Quinn Fight gain position over their opponent. fl First Row - Dan O'Brien, Anderson Mensah, Matt Dunn, john McMahon, Matt Victor, jim Andrews, john Laughlin, Dave Dornisch, Second Row - Ron Brigerman, R.j. Sullivan, Troy Linton, Tom Dougher- ty, Larry Howley, john Longergan, john Leahy, Ted Werner, Peter Quinn, jim O'Donnell, Lenny Lapidario, Emmitt Madeira, jim Rae, Steve Bevenour, Nanah Mensah, Chris Hall, Coach Deegan 100fSports Ready to kick the ball toward the goal, Ron Bri- german proves his power on the field. Heading toward the goal, John Longeran out moves his opponents. Wing john Laughlin outhustles a Coker College fullback to take the ball, i 5 w .,.1:- ' The skills of the game are performed by john Laughlin as teammate lohn Leahy looks on. Sports!101 Sophomore Maribeth Olvany shoots one of her two free throws after being fouled while playing johnson C. Smith University. Star center Lisa Green makes a three point con- version after being fouled after driving the lane. e Q Fatwa. ga HI U 0 aw' 102fSports .. MSM 80 73 75 72 87 76 77 71 76 75 58 79 64 60 77 79 81 94 73 77 67 77 75 83 88 76 77 77 74 1984-85 RESULTS OPPONENT OPP Slippery Rock Univ. Naval Academy Gettysburg College iiRider College iifvtillersville Univ. 'MD-Baltimore County California fPAj Univ. Shippensburg Univ. Georgian Court College Susquehanna Univ. Army lmmaculata College Univ. of Richmond 'Pitt-johnstown Lock Haven Univ. Univ. of Dist. of Col. 'Liberty Baptist Col. 'Longwood College 201 'MD-Baltimore County Lincoln Univ. 'Pitt-johnstown 'Liberty Baptist College Loyola College Longwood College West Chester Univ. Longwood College MD-Baltimore County johnson C. Smith Univ. Hampton Univ.Q, RECORDI 23-6 After stealing the ball sophomore Shaun jackson drives to the hoop. After a shot was taken by wing jan Everly an in- tense group awaits the rebound. Receiving an award for Eastern Regional All-Star is Bernadine Bocus. Surprising Season! Although not expected to repeat the success of previous seasons, the lady Mountaineers astounded skeptics by winning a bid to the NCAA Division ll South Atlantic Regionals this year. The team was plagued by the loss of several key players at the end of the last season, notably Bernadine Bocus, Captain and the team's most experienced player. A major knee injury greatly hindered her performance this year. The lady Moun- taineers pulled together their veteran players and with the help of three fresh- man recruits Therese O'Donnell, Sue Kilroy and julie Hofferbert ended the season with a very respectable 23-6 re- cord. Lisa Green one of this year's MVP's had a superb season. She led the team in rebounds, had the highest shooting percentage and was the team's leading scorer, averaging 20 points a game. Shaun jackson, co-MVP award recipient followed closely behind Green in scoring and shooting percent- age, while leading the team in steals and assists. jan Everly's strong outside shoot- ing and high free throw percentage played an important role in the wom- en's success this year. The lady Moun- taineers got solid support from their other players also. Veteran Maribeth Olvany along with walk-ons Amy Chambers, Suzi Caulfield, Kathy Mona- gle and Diana Ring provided the squad's back up. Front QL to Rl: lan Everly, Maribeth Olvany, Therese O'Donnell, Shaun jackson, Kathy Monagle, Patty Shafer, Diana Ring. Back QL to RJ: Lisa St. Pierre Uvianagerl, Joe Gillis, Sue Kilroy, Susie Caulfiel, Bernadine Bocus, Lisa Green, Amy Chambers, lulie Hofferbert, Bill Sheahan. Sportsf'l03 I 1 I Q imkv a is ww K fX3'X?X, a 32625253 54 :wif 'i tv 4' 4 '1 1' rf ffl 5 5 Aff? ,,.w 'v nga, 1 '5iQ'. ' M 4, ,P -4? "f'-W" 'Zin ,fr Z :Q ,M W 175 ,f', MMM ,M , . 1 I , ff' - ' , f X V, I M, K 6159, 1 Vi, 'L nf. 4 it YQ I ",' M 'H ':,, , ,M fp. p- J 17 " nn, 4' . .i 1-Q ff' J4 W 1 , ' G' it g K 5 E, ,V , ,, 131' U , MM ,. gr- w ,LQAA ..g,m'' 1,21 'F . f. ,f-49""'w ff-ff XZ ,J-W W., X' fbi! s... ,ae V' , ,f is M 4 gf, ,gf 51 131953 w a I 2 J. if A,- ,, ' 'if 442' I S 3 4' IV' 'S.,.At. N.lN aff I .- y ffifif -:..' - L' ' ' f mrs T ,WZWE 77, ii . S k . I2 S 1 M 'we 4. ara M fs 3 4w1V if TA. " f A. 'Y x 1-gps'-fn Kffl-5 """ iii-'31 f i iffx ::v"" -u-...wr ,,,.,.-0-GU What a Season! ll This 1984-85 season proved to be one of the most exciting in Mount basket- ball history. Although the Mounties re- turned from Springfield without a championship in hand, they ended the season with a very respectable 28-5 re- cord and with pride at being able to par- ticipate in the National Championships. junior Paul Edwards! outstanding per- formance this year brought him the MVP of the year award. Paul led the team in points, rebounds and steals. Senior Marlon Cook seemed to always be in the right place at the right time, consistently coming through in the clutch. He hit the winning buzzer shots in two of the seasons most important games - against longtime rival Loyola, and against C.W. Post in the NCAA Quarterfinals. lim Phelan's freshman recruits La- mont Ferrell, Mike C-rimes and john Moore had a very productive first year and showed much promise for future seasons. Strong performances were giv- en by both Mike Walker and Mark Scal- lion with Walker's blocking and re- bounding and Scallion's strong shoot- ing posing a serious threat to all opponents. George Young, though hampered by an injured knee for most of the season, continued to demon- strate his strong defense while Octa- vious Davis maintained a show of ag- gressive defense and rebounding throughout all the team's contests. Rusty Rauh also gave a fine perfor- mance both offensively and defensively this season. Senior Neal Craig, often called "the team's most underrated player" proved how true that was this season by his playing this year. Neal will graduate along with Darryle Edwards, Marlon Cook and four year manager Robert Bindel. Taking control of the game plan is senior Darrly Edwards. X During a time out coach Phelan gives important game plans to his players. 110fSports Mount fans once again show their support as they throw rolls of toilet paper after the first basket. "WM, ,MM f"45hv .wmv his . -4 rv Q 'wt , g ' ' ' Q , A I After stealing the ball Mike Walker jams one for two points. 'fm . .4 4 av if I ' 4 1- A Zr mv? Qi The 1984-1985 MVP Paul Edwards helps to cut down the net after the victory against CW. Post. ,:,, Senior Marlon Cook Celebrates with his teammates after making the winning basket against CW. Post. 5 3 I ' L Going strong to the hoop is sophomore power forward Octavius Davis. Sportsf'I11 With a full count Eileen Anderson makes contact with the ball for a single. Easily scoring after a solid triple is junior Nancy Tenaglio. F? t ,Lf Running to second base with a hit and run on is Patty Schaefer. 112fSports Q 2 'fn t -L s , 1 i t'Qa, Vi t . .ff-i . After catching a line drive Maggie Christopher gets ready to throw to 'lst base for the double play A DIAMD The Mount softball team started out the season with flying colors winning 5 of their first 7 games, only losing a dou- bleheader to Gettysburg College. They continued their successful season fin- ishing with a 13-5 record, the best re- cord in their five year history. Their coach Denise Ditch hoped to finish with a .700 winning percentage. D IS A GIRL'S The Mount had many strengths which proved useful when confronting their tough competitors. Their defense was a major strength, averaging less than 2 er- ror in their games. Their batting was also impressive. Of their 9 regular batters 5 hit over .300, the highest averages be- longing to Patti Schaefer and Cathy Campbell. Other notable hitters were .yt 1' 1 . itll 'lst row: fL to Rl Diane james, Pattie Schaefer, Heather Banning, Sue Merolla, Maria Stoerlein, Katie Roche, Barb Stein Manager 2nd row QL to RJ: Nancy Taenaglio, Cathy Campbell, Maggie Christopher, Amy Chambers, Cathy Williams, Sue Murchie, Eileen Anderson, Gale Knoedler, Denise Ditch Coach JV' K V., ew w ,Q , Yi , X g w v x WU -Agu l gy A. +1 milf .v dl . Hitting a double along the third base line is Diane james. BEST FRIEND Maggie Christopher Sue Murchie and Nancy Tenaglio. All in all the Mount softball team's season was an impressive one. They look forward to the future relying on their strong young team to pull through again next year. Pitching wiz Amy Chambers strikes out the third out of the inning. 2 ,F. ' ., M, K aug. .. E I , , ,,.. . . P. .,,.. ,,.. . , ff' , rg-t-.'Z?.j,.5 X '. ' f l f'-12-ssgwalffiif, .Q . .. . Q, 4. se Y 4 , fra. sf Ji' , 7 13: ff V V rw.. sv' -Qgggg grfrfaaifwk- 'A farqctgibitfkg ., 'xsfk .ttf ., 1 ,gtirfggkw 5,,f'?'y.h:. f Q, -1 . ,, f .y ,44 3 ,fi A ,-:ll if.. .1 jf, r , V 1:35 f+.2T'1"?rszfw215 -'-' r .A-- ., W. wi., '. + l i ' .. ,.,w+-W'-,fn ' ,, After a single up the middle Maggie Christopher rounds first base. Sports!113 'lst row: Bobby Cangemi, Pat Woolford, Boyd Bocklet 2nd row: john Laughlin, Bill Charles, Chuck Milot and Mike Klingenburg A strong backhand by john Laughlin sets up match point. ss? st it K C ' A 'Sim A, Q.,::- . if Preparing for a return against Catholic U is sophomore Mike Klingenburg. 1'I4fSports Perfect form on the court allows Boyd Bocklet to achieve a winning record Working together as a team, the men's tennis team finished the season in fantastic form winning 7 of their last 8 games. Coach Terry Hershey was very pleased with the team's final record. He credits his team's success to hard and competitive practices. Many of the players had winning re- cords well over the .500 mark. Chuck Milot and Pat Woolford both posted a 8-3 record in singles matches, while in doubles matches they were 4-5 and 7-3 Serving It Up respectively. Other key players on the team were Mike Klingenberg and Boyd Bocklett. Mike Klingenberg posted a team high with 9 wins in single matches while only losing 2. Bocklett almost clinching a .500 record in singles pulled his weight in doubles matches by run- ning up a 7-2 record. junior Bill Charles returns a strong serve in the back court. john Laughlin and Bill Charles the number one and two players had a diffi- cult but challenging season. Laughlin had a disappointing record of 4-6 in sin- gles while going 5-5 in doubles match- es. Charles finished with only one win in 10 singles matches. He hopes that next year will prove to be more promising. The men's tennis team is looking for- ward to next year with the majority of their strong team returning. Going up 40 - love senior Pat Woolford serves for match point. Warming up for an important match against Millersville State. Charging downfield towards the goal is a very determined Elizabeth Sullivan. With a look of persistence, Alyce Leighton looks for an outlet. .. ,., X BW' M .Es : Q 2 'A' . 'i Q f. . K is Alone on the field janet Curley performs her game winning technique. A M S itttt s. . ii,r ,ttt . . . s K .,.- A A V ' . L - t,,tt . . , .t-tttt e, eeg . t,t.,i t,itt.i,tti ,. . y g tittg g iz ,eg lf ,.tr K . A ,,,,- "'s ' ..tti, tt,, . . . . . A 'E ' - f ,il .3 gllt fr , ...ii-'r . ,, .s.t s:t..ttt, as Q .tts,i,i,e 3, .si an W ,,.. H,,,,,. ,,,,k ..,, . 1 K' if-iff :K.5l!ff5ffr15fi1ff755"ff .113 ' V' K K ?E1Vf:ir.,i'5f?'?'?' r :fi if iii' .Le ,s:.'.f:.l.ei?f'-L11--i iii 15" S938 A hard pass to catch sends Patty Benzing flying 'lst Row: Debbie Walsh, Elizabeth Sullivan, Nancy Rabasca, Lisa Lewis, Mary Burns, Lynn Kealy, Tara into the air. Olvany, Christina Fritz, janet Curley. 2nd Row: Kieran Clifford, Patty Benzing, Kelly May, Alyce 116fSports Leighton, Elke Rayborn, Moira Kelly, Bettina Brena, Rosalba Procopio, Edna Werwinski, Kathy Burke 3rd Row: Barb Ruby, Cindy joy, Colleen Kennedy, Meghan Boyle, Peggy Barr, Maureen Tuite, Stephanie Floyd, Suzi Caulfield, Perry Rossi, Mary Elaine C-aleone, Patti Crimmins, Jocelyn Slaby, Kathleen Tubridy, Coach Amy Hart. Spirit and Determination An intense team looks on to a victo ry. While playing in a very competitive league, the womens Lax club, in its fourth year of existence managed to compile a 2-4-1 overall record. Al- though the record doesn't reveal this the club has shown great improvement over the past seasons. Each team mem- ber has contributed to the growing suc- cess of the womens Lax club. Defense was tough with outstanding show by Christina Fritz, Perri Rossi, and goalies Kathleen Tubirdy and Barb Ruby. Lead- ing the offense in goals and assists was captain janet Curley. Also adding to the offense line up was Debbie Walsh and freshman Patty Benzing. The young team is looking forward to a successful season next year although they will suf- fer from losing seniors leanAnne Furey, Mary Hopkins and Tara Olvany. They also hope to be turning varsity in the near future. A determined Debbie Walsh tries to get by her opponent in hopes of a goal. A victory hug by Debbie Walsh to the team's leading scorer janet Curley after a big win. Sportsf117 RUGBY: IT'S NUT JUST A GAME Daring the other team to "tri" is Pete Toolan. Once again in control is jim Stack. 118fSports Fighting for the ball Mount Rugby, shows their determination. IT'S A ADVENTURE K K ' if X it 5 5 5 E i. TN.. in In , fr-M-W Reaching beyond, is Paul Auchincloss. i ' i si f' Strength and determination are key parts in the game of Rugby. Rising to the occasion is George Krismanich. Sportsf119 AK, Mount Ruggers Back In ACTIGN! ! Looking disgusted but not defeated after their opponent scored is john Pierce, Mark Ladzinski, George Krizmanich, and Jim Stack, The fast defense of the Mount prevents Gettys burg quarterback from getting the ball off. 'l20fSports .-......,..,... nl Mount ruggers setting up for the next play. x Taking a breather are Mark Ladzinski and Tom O'Brien. Team work is extremely important as Paul Auchincloss passes the ball to teammate john With a bad tip the Mount loses the ball to UMBC. Shea, L i -wEs,f1fum- fa! - 2 , it As both teams line up determination and a good tip gives the ball to the Mount. Tackling the opponent from UMBC, the Mount defense prevents him from scoring Sportsf'l21 ,..,,.i K LAX: llthl THE ATIO For the second year in a row, a post season bid passed the Mount Saint Mary's Lacrosse Team by. With an 8-3 record the Mount Men finished ranked 11th in the nation. Co-Captain D.j. "Dumpy'f Stevenson led the team with 39 pts. At 5'5 Dj's bowling ball style of play has led him to an all-american hon- or also at mid-field was Rob B.F. Wade and Peter Dobbyn. Other middies in- clude Pete Poore, Brad "wind tunnel" ha K can , .. 4... .. Ls. A s tg W, M 2 .. ,.t. .6 S ,,,....,. M M., gsm. . ....,. .kygg M, -- -Q ...Mn .4 , ini- 5 Wm -.W xl: A Q., . KY ,,,,:tls"'L 'D-L H ,331 .qui Q M ' " ,iw lk ri, N hu- 4 4 R X,--5 1 L, . . V xl. X --, 1 -,.,.. s. sl K 1 -F .- - 7' Messenger, Reggie Hammond, and the unforgetable Espo. Leading the attach was Greg "tiger tech" Tolker, joey 'fwandon" O'Ferrall, and Col. Zingo who finished second in scoring with 38 pts. Extra man specialist Ted "cog" Walsh and jeff Lanchor also played attack. The defensive corps where led by Seniors: Ken Villano, Peyton "Tylonelf' Cross and Tim "Coast to Coastf' Nolan. The Long Sticks were Terry "Nuts" McNulty, Dave "Rag" Klose, and Francis Andrew Clough, Lenny Vespor Day Ill, Paul Dettor and john "jello" Mulcahy. The goalteinding chores were carried out by Gary "Bruce" Reburn and Dean "Pokey" Miller. This combination thwarted numerous opponents at- tempts of "Cranking for C." In between quarters coach Kilgore speaks to the attack while Pat Healy psychs up the defense. Senior Pete Quinn looks for an open teammate from the if side line. Dominanting another face off is Lax MVP senior D,j. Stevenson. I 'l22fSports Behind the goal, joey O'Farrell sets up the offensive in the hopes of a goal. Coming up with the ball against West Chester State is senior Andy Clough. Charging through his opponents to bring the ball up field to the offense is Terry McNulty. -, YNV: s I i 44-if Goalie Gary Reburn makes another fantastic save against West Chester State. Taking a hard check but able to get the ball away is defensemen Dave Klose. Sports!123 The Quest Continues . . . -,gmt --Q . Wm.- 7 '95, u Defenseman Terry McNulty intimidates his opponent from West Chester Goalie Gary Reburn makes another important save during the Parents Weekend game. I w. l t i X . Rt. X 3, R N wap- A L x , . . "' ' K y A qtb. I ' t , ' . - w z A PV' x t i N r , f. t tx, , Q Atl Q N' up L it -M 1 w ,w . S U ,t I a WL My 4. . xg , - nf 0' , K A it K 1 H 5 .1 ,, X. . M.. K ""x'F1S" Xl 5 . x W ' W. t.....a ' MMf'sif'2:-'g. to t. 'L K 'M X ,, , t,., V A Alf-'Nff , iw kf'k75.g,,'1g..1a,,4,g,,k , g 'fi' ' f""'K V 5' ffkiv 1 ,M W. Q -- .. M. .ki Q ,. 35" N -Q We A - -...W , svn,-.A...xx ff W. -4. t n,.tL...g.,,.,, .W tg QM. , Q' 1 t - N f 2 ' K U A fm tw. tt A -N 'tw Q, K-- 2 xg. . ,,. K mmil 4 -I ,,,,., X -Q t RT -.1-1 , ? at . i .N -time t .wg . -...W . .gn AQ., tl ,-q.,, X ' E 1 HM.- ' X, gy ,, 53.1 5 " at L ,,,:. M., ia, was-Q... 4:1 Y..f-, S "H , 5 O 2 af .Q 'J J - ,s,,,,, , Y' V r 1 ,N V ,W --.,....w' ,-+f'?3t? W ,fm e'5'f'25"h t v ettt f we ttttett 1 at . ' r we - I . 12. , , 1 ,.-., .W , . 1 , , . zttt , ,,L , , , , QQ ,J ,, X . , A gf , , . .. we if- , e- gh .1 Q23 -, W fx:-.1 .' 'Y f . . , th t ,J " ""'.Rz WI-f t ' .1 .5 'ms 1 I. ' '-'- --tt , W - - ' -- , .5 , - , , , . 1 ,. L ' - F -- ft '- . .MV , , ' a I 'IQ ASQ-31, --tlauv .. H ' : .' ' , ' 'f a' f , ' ,.i,5Q! ,.4.g.t A,.j.1,....f -- 11- J. Y H - if Senior Peyton Cross intercepts the ball and brings it up to mid-field. , to 1, , Y Q 9' I A 1 .Amt Q ' Senior Andy Clough brings the ball up field as the offense sets up for a pass. s If 9 , E,mm,. The perfect positioning of the defense helps the Charging up field against Gettysburg is co- Mount to shut out Longwood. captain Kenny Villano. Seniors do it with STYLE! At the end of the 1985 season the Mount Lax team will be losing 'IO key players of their team to graduation. These players all played important roles in attaining the rank of 'llth in the na- tion. Leading the offense was high scor- er D.l. Stevenson at mid-field, also add- ing to the scoring drive were Ted Walsh and Pete Ouinn. At the other end of the field Lenny Day, Peyton Cross, Kenny Villano, Tim Nolan and Andy Clough stopped their opponents attack with a super strong defense. Second year goal- ie Gary Reburn also added to the solid defense in the cage. fAbovel On the side lines Mount players plan their strategy. Winning the face off is DJ. Stevenson. 126fSports . N' as - ' ' r ' . L x when-nba "D" defense was the most important part of this years team. BETWEE THE CI-IALK LINES Coach Sheralk gives Steve Broas the "green light" to score. Captains joe Pecher and Tim Reynolds routinely discuss the ground rules prior to the game. l one ill it 1 .35 , ' . it .L V junior Pete Longo about to connect for another Coach Sheralk delivers an inspirational pre- base hit. game PEP talk. Sportsf127 355 Getting a good jump off the pitcher is junior Kenny Burch. Taking the field for the start of the game is Center- fielder Tom Weigartner. Q at ., Charging the bunt is 1st baseman Pete Longo. 'I28fSports Connecting for another homerun is MVP john Allegra junior Kenny Burch gets ready for a hit and run. Team Members include - Tim Renyolds, loe Pecher, Dave Gorman, john Allegra, Pete Longo, Mike Sheehan, Steve Broas, Tom Weigartner, jack Sellers, Tom Rafferty, Chris Sabia, Kenny Burch, Randy Ramsey, Chuck Hurley and Mary Cinoa Qmgt.J The infield along with coach Sherald discuss how to pitch the next batter. Sportsf'129 OFF TO A GREAT START The 1985 baeball season proved to be a very frustrating season for our Mount men in pin stripes. The start of the sea- son looked as if they were on their way to their most successful season in recent Mount history. Both from the batter's box and the diamond the Mount seemed unstoppable. Mid-season they had streaked to an 8-2 record. But be- fore they could get used to their success things had turned for the worse. The main reason for the mid-season fall was due to injuries on the Mount pitching rotation and also due to the slow up at the plate. Through the first 10 games, they averaged about 9 runs a game, scoring over 10 runs five times. In their final 17 games they only averaged 5.7 runs, scoring more than 10 runs just twice. Leading the offensive was senior joe Petcher, who averaged a super .427 go- ing 38 for 89. This year's MVP, john Al- legra also maintained a strong batting average at .387 out of the clean up posi- tion. Leading off for the Mount was ju- nior Paul Stahl, who drove in 15 runs and captured a .348 average. Pete Longo and Ken Burch also added to the Mount offensive, Longo leading the team in RBIs with 28 and Burch lead the team with 30 runs scored. As a team the Mount batted a strong .291, but at the same time on an average let up 8.23 runs per game. Next year they hope to have a Stronger pitching squad and to continue in their offensive success. Senior john Allegra waiting for his pitch. 130fSports "And here's the pitch ... " by sophomore Tom Rafferty "for strike 3" will T . -ss .. . K . .- M-efffbags af It QW' .5 S S A . ' " 5.14321 'v i' A T '?f?S"?i'7?1ff. tr A ' f 1 -.f Senior Dave Gorman gives freshman Randy Ramsey a needed boost. As joe Pecher looks on. The smiles of seniors john Allegra and Dave Gorman reflect the teams victory. il W it s' , 2:17, ,fee .K J .N 2' 1 13,11ff25253:sta:s1zvf?'f1!C5'E2If?3Q2?:ef1 . 12-if T' ,',-gg wg..Q4:5:?q-isfwgssari'-fazfffiw. wi was-ttfifxvfhmmfwwl fr-- ' 'W . -' . ' - .,,.. , V, HU f -ii f - I A u H ' 1 I i' 4. VIILE. i tu dm, .k,, ..: fir, ,Q , sg A, an .,:55Lgp1lEk in In , H.: ,.,,.,5,, ., K , levi f 2 ' ummm P 5 Q lt-'- " :im A 'W 'R I ' .Y f 1 rf' 3 if - as 1 I M .. QQ, . .FJ g as .N H' -if K A if 3 ,, H . L .wg v t N 55, A at 3 V as E V QA .Q :V3 Z,,,: s l V,AA 2 s b e ,bg In ti, 7 t li VA, ,,.Ah Y e , It ,, ' 1!?1"z15:: : e - vi fgfx A 2 11, Q . K , . 1 'N 'r 2'f55'i' fr gg W.s,,,Aw,A..A,x3eQw5!P2t.??SQ' ' R -1 " K W . 1, , 3 - ' e . fivfeff is 1 '- . lx K Q' w'HQi4mQtZvw'f2 A i""!lli"t, , gg. K 'F ' I In K ftp!--M 1 W i Q S 1- . . eii' 5 W- we fr' i ' i e f e t L ,LLVA l . 'U . ' W -f f i , , . F' pf:-is " K ""f . ' Q, 4 'fist'-1f,w , +3 . X- lsl in f E : g 5 The Mount teamwork catches the runner in between bases for the 3rd out. Sportsf13'l 'WL Ai' ' L, 'ff sa .13 gsm E . 4' if is 5 we VJ , in I . :wi 'S ww l e Michele Dixson enjoys her moment of triumph Coming around the final turn is Anibal Gonzalez. after winning the 4x400. if L Ihr H- A junior Pat Mulvaney leads the pack as they go into the ball lap. 133 Warming up for the 100 meter high hurdles is French Olympian Bill Motti. - i W Relaxing and awaiting their next event is Sue New ff Lt i i g - as Tejeski, Mary Mundy, and Ashling Ewan Team work is the most important part of a successful hand off as shown by Bill Motti. Irishman Carlos O Connor gets tapped before his next event. 134 si' ,:a.r'M1' .xialxsf , NNI KIARYF Clearing the bar with plenty of room to spare is decathlete lim Keegan. ' V' V Freshman sensation Patsy is hanging behind t leader and waiting to make her move in the 5000mm race. he Qgwiq, Ns, qs . , - is ,- M is Making the exchange for the final leg in the 4x400. Sportsf135 At a time out, the Mount cheerleaders show one of their perfectly constructed "mounts". M-0-U Here's a behind the scenes look at our cheerleaders. g .. Our winning squad: 'Ist row: Mimi McDermott, julie Shea, Tanya Markosi, Annie Didyoung. 2nd row: Ingrid Wolfington, Mary Melvin, Debbie Dallis, Dedie jones, Lisa Courtney. vw' mn.. W What would Mount basketball be without the support of the cheerleaders? The 9 member team cheered for both the men's and women's basketball teams, starting their long season in mid November and ending in late March. This year the cheerleaders finally earned Team status and now are members of the NCAA. Thanks to their dedication and enthusiasm the squad has im- proved a great deal and cheered the Mount all the way to Springfield. CARTWHEELS! WE WANT CARTWHEELS! 2 ,,,,,..:aaI- .'Tff'f Q am s ' e ' , 1. .,X -, Q 7135 Q' 'wb 4 f 1 -Q LIFE may ', i l l DBIS ul S' QQSAX QQ -Q-J CD 1-4 lst row L to R: Walter Shaw, joe O'Farrall, Tom Menton, Rich Delia, Mark Noel, 2nd row: Mark Barter, jim Burtner, Freddie Sorbello, Bob Werwinski, Mike Marzulla, lack Sellers, Kevin Fitzgerald, Paul Dorflinger 3rd row: Mike Walker, Charlie Burrows, Steve Strauch, Mark Ladzinski, Andy Alameno, M.l. Golibart, Tom Leverone, Greg Wilder, 4th row: Frank Donnelly, Tom Weisgartner, Bob Linck, Tom O'Hara, john Geoghan, Brian Fleming, Bill Otterbein Missing: Keith Kryka, Greg Fennell, lohn I Flanagan l F . 11 :. : 5 Zi -:riff ee,,, S, ,tki N. IT B nd -I LM CD x U o -. 3 I" :Q ru 1 W? S -1 Seated: Tom Miller, Carlos Soto, Tim Buck, Steve Mahoney, Bob Diffley, Sean Mahoney Standing: Dave Hoffman, Dave Devaney, Mike Zimmerman, Steve Porada, Russ Banzon, Frank Bolte, Dennis Cashen, Mark O'Neill, Dennis Rogers, Chris Hoehan Missing: Randy Quinn, john Prout, Bill Kutzera, Bob Kolodziej, Tom O'Brien, Rick Mullaney M sm?-.W---U tt s K imnnw-f wx W-5S2 -..f Z 'Ist row CL to RJ jim King, Ed Caruso, Frank Miele, Kevin Spellman, john Lau, john Kirchner, Mark Wiess, Mike Eager, Chris Currens, Tim Farley, Mike Modjeski, john Collins, Chris Boone, Pat Redmond, Missing: Paul Nenortas, Chris Walsh, Art Dougherty, Kris Loux, Bill Baynes, lim Ottenritter, Paul Stahl P-1 UD 1-9- G Sophomores Bob Carter and Steve Porada do their Motley Crew re- Playing frisbee on the Terrace is Patrick McElroy otherwise known as view at the air band competition. Moon Unit. Dorm Lifef'i39 Life Un The Terrace Many awestruck freshman and even disoriented upperclassmen have spent generous portions of an afternoon try- ing to find their way around the endless maze of hallways known as the Terrace. lt's where every Mount student dreams of living - on a crowded noisy hall with 30 other people! One of the great things about the Terrace is that it is the center of Mount athletics fal- though they say it's illegalj. lt is also the center of socializing, especially on warm spring nights or after the RAT. There is always something going on whether it be a party, snowball fights or the ever popular late-night firedrills!!! Another great thing about the Ter- race is its "exciting" night life. Rarely a night goes by without a party brewing somewhere. All you have to do is walk out onto your hall and listen for the sound of blaring music and noisy peo- ple. Once its out that someone's having a party - forget trying to sleep! The hall's full and the Terrace rocks as usual. Life on the Terrace is one ofa kind, and must be experienced to be believed. B-DECK K EC i J:- O X U O - 3 I 5 -D 1st row QL to Rj Rob Wade, Tom Spencer T C Albergo Tom Callahan Bob Cangemi john Belgrade Tj Murray 2nd row Dan O'Brien, Paul Cinoa, Greg Martin Dave Fruze Dave jorba Mark O Neil Matt Schwind Tom Giorgi Bob Kiernan Marco Bon Tempo, joe Warder, Mike Schwartz Mike Hughes 3rd row Frank Signorello Paul Lane Chris Hulseman Kevin Liney john Greene, Paul Hammond, john McElhinney joe Dohony Bill Dooley Ray Perkins Matt Cohee fMissingj jim Forrester Mike Klingenberg, Scott Ford, Steve Colburn Kevin Farmer Matt Heine Dennis Fulling K ,r.,,,, ,.. ,,. ., ,M . .., K... ..- -.-......,,,..,,, ..........,-- .Q Q-' .. .-. .A-asm--,H W '.- . i i L. . N 1 Q-'55 .Q , .W , .. , , r, ,,... t. M L v.....W.. -'--M We . ,, ,,.aa,,f elaaw-ff at A . s . .Q . Y fr i we-f... if-:xr ry' .V ---fr 'T "Z""'f ' ., ,l t 5, -- -, 1, f V, f.,,,4,3. f-g,?fN-4-nav'-if "" t, 2' H at . ,, .,.. ,. A . f ,,,..L,.: -1W""Si' s.,..,,,..a 'lst row QL to RJ Daneen Marrella Maura Molloy Amy Lengel Elizabeth Malia leannie Sweeney Kathy Haney 1 1 1 1 1 Kathy Dougherty, Katie Doyle, Laura Mitchell, Theresa Wittick, Veronica Vogtman, Maureen Caulfield, Kelly Egan, Meaghan O'Donovan 2nd row: Kerry Kinneally, Suzanne Watson, Kathy Phillips, Michele Egan, Shelia Porter 3rd row: Collen Broderick, Katie Murphy, Sheilia Hammill, Fran Holcomb, Tara Olvany, Mary Hyden, Maribeth Olvany, MariClaire Rafferty, Lisa St. Pierre, lean Hoffman QM issingj: Kim Schultz, Suzanne Knoth, Kim Vigliotta, Lisa Courtney, Beth Butterly, Suzanne Caulfield, Kendall Cullum, Ellen O'Connor, Erin Wallerstedt N Putting his lacrosse stick to good use is john Lar school. 'x QE kin gn the first day of A Christmas Tree was furnished by the freshman class, adding to the Christmas spirit on the Terrace. Dorm LifefT4'I After a day of charging Laura Cook, Kelly Egan, Maureen Richmond and Meagan O'Donoyan head back to the Terrace. Students are always happy when they hear the news that a class is cancelled. K is U Of. oo 'I42fDorm Life ',,,. , t ,.,. I 'Ist row KL to Rl: Colleen Kennedy, Diane Comolli, Elke Rayborn, Felicia Sciortino, Chris Harkins 2nd row: Ann Barry, Karen Coyne, Madelynn Metzger, Laura Nichols, Karen Hoffman, Michele Bernardo 3rd row: Suzanne Shabe, Cathy Blunda, Mimi McDermott, Kathy Ryan, Mary Kohl, Jacqueline Parkes, Chrissy Harley 4th rowi Anne Segrave-Daly, Tracey Sessa, Kelly Stefano, MaryAnne Pekarek, Ellen Waller, Mary Alameno, Eileen Difluri, Patti Gibbons 5th row: Noreen Carolan, Vanessa Voss, Regina Halloran Missing: Karen Sipp, Patty Schleckser, Rozi Keegan, Kelly Lally A familiar sight Kathy "Tiny" Haney gets good Playing in the snow are Tara Ferriter, Beth Tucci, and Kathy Lomonaco. news from home, , , A it f A DRUNK scifi D HOTHERS ist row: Mike Barth, Rich Sweeny, Paul Quigley, Brian Boomer, Mark Woodruff, Tom Swanton, Tom Landolfi, Tim Colder, Steve Beaver, Tom Doherty, Adam Albina 2nd row: Colin O'Brien, Andy Oliveri, Tom Cahill, Dave Bonsack, Bob Lee, Rich Coyne, Mike Caulfield, Tim Nobes 3rd row: Ed Rakiewicz, Ed Eciaire Missing: Chris Hall, Ted Wiener, Louie Napoli, Dan McCaffrey -I3 P+ i D- i Dorm Lifef143 LEY 3rd BR LE BR rd -I A A x U o 1 3 -I: 3 5? 'lst row CL to Rl: Megan Boyle, Peggy Barr, Kathy Barbrack, lane Cahill, Emily Kendall 2nd row: Kelly Hassard, Nuffin Fittin, Lisa Diamaio, Cathy Williams, Trish Lennon, Elizabeth Sullivan, Connie Wanenchak, Alicia Russo 3rd row: Vikki Toliver, Marylynn Donovan, Nancy Schilling, Kathleen Furey, Maryanne Pekarek, Vanessa Voss, Kristin Wagoner, Heather Banning, Bridget Lang, Kathy Prout, Sue Hughes 4th row: julie Shea, Tracey Callahan, Angie Darrow, Maureen Tuite, Mary Burns, Mary Dulski, Kieran- Ann Clifford, Kathy Ronney, Lisa Lewis, Cathy Melahson, Charlie Laux, Diane james Missing: Pattie Schaefer, Mary Munday, Kate Miller, Juanita Rodriguez, Debbie McBride if 3 use f XS ff' was 'lst row: Michelle Dixon, Bernarda Mena, Liisa Alvarez 2nd row: Susan Haghighat, Sally Minch, Heather Banning, Kelly McTique, Patty Benzing, Barbara Ruby, Michelle Porter, Stephaine Floyd 3rd row: Eileen Keenan, Tina Blandino, Beth Lacy, Celia Barriteau, Michelle Annas 4th row: Ann Walsh, Kelly Slater, Maureen McGinnis, Helena Topper, Kathy Bowling, Susan Murchie, Susan Acker W QL to Rl Eric Horn, Ali Banan, Pete Beckschi, Chuck Henry, Dennis Williams, Dan Harrington, Pat Beall, Fred Meredith, lim Fittin, Herman Ssemuju, Chip lednorski, Karry Nusbaum, Ramzi Wafa, Franz Niedermeyer, Terry Chambers Missing: john O'Gorman, Pat Smith, Paul Phelan, jerry Calamia N-ff' af, I ifll ffx X, Bob Carter, Nana Mensah, Sean Baker, Chris Nee Missing: Pete fL to Rl Chuck Grottendick, Steve Newstedt, Victor Saint-Preu Schwind, Greg Sherbert EVICI HEI PUZ I 18 HH EVICI U o -. 3 I- 11 CD x -l -A U1 3rd S ERID N Pictured: Kelly Foley, Tracey Campagna, Wendy Miller, MaryEllen Coughlin, Mary Hannawacker, Elizabeth Ward, Lisa Kokinakis, Stephanie Brett, Melisa Martin, Cathy Cruse, jessica Fritz, Elizabeth McCabe, Lori Layman, Nancy Rabasco, jennifer Bermudez, Ellen Koch, Mandy Reilly, Lisa Lambert, Kristin Simermeyer, Patty Crimmins, Kelley Lyons, Marie Stoerlein, Lynn Bruegyemannp Maggie Christopher, Marianne Pacunas, Stephanie Smith, Tracey DiGiovanni, Wendy Rudisill, Patricia Donnelly, Monica Wertz, Edna Wereinski, Gale Knoedler, Kathleen jordan, Maribeth Swihura, Kelli Digman, Melissa Andrews, joanne Kenny, Linda Holtz, Marybeth Liebhauser, Doretha Beck, MaryFrances Schaefer, Colleen Bradley, Eileen Maus, Patricia Mulvaney, Monica Grillo, Denise DeFrancesco, Sue Kilroy, Kathy Monagle, Fran McHugh, Kerri Cunningham, Lisa Griffin, Missy Ingram. Missing: julia Brewer, Patsy Ellis, jennifer Aro, Angela Murdock, Alida Randall, Kathryn O'Malley, Eileen Smith, Kristin Streeter, Claire Summerfield, Susan Gay, Christine Zeis, Carol Uptegrove, Angela Roberts, jennifer Patalinghug, jennifer Schroll, Patrica Devlin, Aisling Scalan, Mary Greenwell. PM Freshman Angela Giordano, jenny Bermudez, Anne Sweeney, Edna Wer- winski, Nancey Rabasca, Sandy Hobin and Trish Barbrack relaxing in the lounge of Sheridan. F FREEDOM to go to the .. R RAT! E EAGER for your first taste of . . S SAGA! H HOMESICK for .. . M MOM! E EMBARASSED about occasional .. N NAUGHTINESS! Y YEARNING for .. E EXCITEMENT! A ANXIOUS and .. R READY to move on! 'l46fDorm Life P afar 1st row: Tim Murphy, Tom Hinck, Sueng Lee, Rudy Chase, Tom Quigley, Phil Villani 2nd row: john Ganity, Mike Smith, Tom Fanek, Brian Kelly, Peter Oristian, jim Kannar, Steve Wetzel, Matt Sprenger 3rd row: jamie Noel, jay Calvetto, Charles Wehmeter, john Hayes, jim Andrews, Chris Sabia, Paul Branett, jim Courtney, Chuck Petrozzini, Mike Goetz, Nino Barbaro, Bill Galatti, jim O'Brien, Todd Minichino 4th row: Wayne Cherry, Mike Warner, Andy Bryceland, Mark Coleman, Pat Perkins, David Thomas, Mike Nolte, john McLean, Greg Bunch, Chris Kuhn, john Hagemann, Mike Doyle, Chris Hanison, Mike Kunzman 5th row: Mike Lamont, Tom McCrinck, Dave Karras, Bob Morgan, john Buckreis, john jracek, jim Parshall, joe joe Pelaia, Tom Lorber, joe DeVente, Michail Erkes, Eric Hernandez Missing: Godwin Bell, Marlon Cook, Tate Davis, Mike Smith, Eric Nott, Bill McCarron, Bill Davis, Walt Noonan, john Moore, james Maye, Mike Murphy, Bill Bannon, Father Pat PICTURED LEFT TO RIGHT: Row 1 jill Brown, Patty Hill, Amy Healy, Donna Dux, Row 2: Lisa Wolfe, Chris Oles, Lynn Kealy, MaryEllen Curran, Linda Flannery, Maureen McMahon, Brenda Rossetti, Sandy Hoban, Row 3: Ann Didyoung, Cathy Pyle, Theresa McAuliffe, Tanya Koster, julie Hofferbert, Christy Lynch, Row 4: Desiree Morasco, Robin Zicker, Colleen Cahill, Louise Perschau, Anne Cavanaugh, Michele Hadley, Nancy Belmonte, Angela Giordano, Theresa O'Donnell, Trisha Barbrack, Anne Sweeney, Tara Ferritir, Beth Tucci, Sue Holtz, Carrie Williams. Row 5: Trish Rafferty, Amy Spinkz, Bernardine Bocus, Caroline Huber, Lisa Petty, Cathy LoMonaco. Row 6: Sue Mirolla, Deirdre Clavin, Casey Barlow, Lynn Miller, Donna Clavin, Christine Spendley, Michele Eichelberger, Cindy Sneider, Kathleen Burke, jennifer Finke, Rosalba Piocopio, janet McGlynn. GIHEI S 191 IHEI S PUZ Dorm Lifef147 SIL rs I, B 3R f f .-V K A. Back QL to Ri: Kathy DelGiorno, Cira Connors, Amy Davis, Kelly Zimmerman, Mary Fay, Maureen Fischer Front lL to RJ: Vita Obohoski, Tara McAteer, Kathy Doyle, Maggie D'Agostaro, Rose Williams Missing: Maureen Sehl, Marie McDonough t. ., an v W ,' .' 'i Loyal fans: Debbie Walsh, janet Curely, Nancy Tenaglio and Christina Fritz take in a women's basketball game on a Saturday afternoon. 148fDorm Life Freshman lim Short and Sophomore T.l. Murray enjoying a fun night in the RAT while Batman spins records. Taking 3rd prize for their imitation of the Pretenders is lead singer Bill "Shap" Shapanus and john Morra. Helping the girls of 2nd Brute move in are Dennis Cashen and john Callahan. l'Xll I ,rm Q xt, yea BSN if ff g -3373 ' ' W t W, knock: Jfo I W-M 'lst row QL to Rj john Dirscoll, Pat Rethro, Mike Cornin, Steve O'Neil, Bob Muller 2nd row: B.R. Winkler, Tim Fitzick, Larry Burke, Bob Peck 3rd row: Ed Duafala, john Fay, Tony Mullen, Chris Burns 4th row: Moses Anthony, Dave Carey, Lyle Stalter, joe Harris Missing: Chris Carey, john Alexander cl I ScIl'l"l U o -1 3 l"' :g FD x -X A RD 3RD BRUTE in A N . f W. Amie., .. wg WSWQ Hall Members - Liisa Cutroneo, Chris Lambiase, Theresa Stump, Kelly Clark, Karen Rawsen, Cindy joy, Susan jordan, Mary Holley, Debbie Dallas, Mary Melvin, Maureen O'Hara, Anne Ward, Beth Sauer, Ellen Brown, Colleen Weed, Meg Cudderback, Terry Kuntzweiler, lngrad Wolfington, Laura Cook, jenny O'Reilly, Trish McAndrew, jenny Worth, Denise Noonan, Kerry Geoghan, Francine Eaves, Michele Walsh, Diana Clark 150fDorm Life 4TH DUBOIS 4TH DUBOIS Hall Members - Greg Woods, David Bartolini, Raul Echavarria, Carl Francioli, Steve Defoor, Robert Overly, Chris Tonkovich, joseph Sgooi, Daniel Meyer, Daniel Hughes, Dave Tillman, john Morra, Greg O'Brien, Vincent Ercolino Hall Members - Charles Herling, Glenn Watkins, james Eichmann, Chris Zuech, Kevin O'Neill, Lawrence Howley, joe Esposito, Terence McNulty, john Bova, Chric McCormack, Kevin Lutts, William Shapanus, Philip Welzant, lohn Devanny, David Santora, lohn Pearce, Brian Stromeyer, john Larkin, john Barry, Tim Guy, Anthony Gallirio, Frank Manning, Kevin Lundin, lim Re, Bob Black, Mike Drabb 4TH BRUTE f 1' Mig 1 6? M4 New ,W Hall members Include: Kurt, loe Pettyjohn, George Young, lim Madden, Kevin McCarthy Missing: Rusty Rauh, Pete Longo, Steve Broas, Pete Tolan, Mark Scalon, Kenny Burch, john Bruterman, lohn Neri, Rick O'Brien, Nick Mastorelli, Mike Tobin, 3RD DUBOI5 Dorm Lifefi 51 Always the clown Rick O'Brien "Poodlehead" tries to sweep Alice Leighton off her feet. Getting advice from her mother on the phone makes Kim Schultze very happy, 'l52fDorm Life FIRST PANGBORN ' 4 'frxFa's'z's'r' 'Tn'i'l'1nUf . . 5533555 li elslskfil'i'x'f' S 1. y I x1i.xa,'tc in las: 1:11-Quik : niggtsss xl i x I 1 5 Q5 t ii xxx 1 Q, s ft ig . 21 2 . - .-W, 'KAREN 5, 'SQ fzjfff ' 1. w lui i Q gg Qing 5gs:':-:air 5 Q . ' . q 1 .N an - ' i 'Willow ' ililiusxv si- Q ,iQ:g:g:qx. ' f I y QHUMMEQMFEHQWQ Q s 1 u s mv' all I lx '1 iw ff- 'u s an Qt' 'U ' f , 3 , an' ,S X g 2 ua npii ' X 'lst Row: Ed Sacco, Lamont Ferral, Bill Walker - 2nd Row: Dave lssing Mike Heilferty, jim Keegan, Mark Gabel, Marvin Tarter 3rd Row: Don Anderson, Bill McDevitt, Dean Hedley, Ed Levri Colin Keenan. 4th Row: Tim Rothenhoefer, Steve Bevenoar john Snidstrop, Ken Breenan, lim Lighthizer, Emmil Madeira, Bill Link, Rob Esti, Chris Kopeck. xi 1 QEFANG , .W --Q 3 . --,- J - i First Row - Ellen Parker, Patti Dohm, Carolyn Kramer, Karen Shatz, lane Purlais Eileen Riodan Second Row - Patti Quigley, Kim McBride, loanna Consoli, Ann Marie Rembiszewski Trish Erb, Joyce Thornton Michele Cook Third Row - Kathy Gill, jackie Martin, Ann Morris, len Kaye, Katie McClasister julie Bruscia, Eileen Betuke, Beth Byrne, Linda Tilley, Kim Shelfer Forth Row - Susan Bongardt, julie Major, Kelly Gournaris, jackie Hankard, Katie Crummy, Katy Mulligan, Dawn Shealy, lane Dempsey, Terris McGreevy, Maureen O'Daly Trish Hussian, Ann Marie Rodgers, Martha Cammack Missing - Susan Rowan, Lisa Miller, Claudine Messiah, janine Fiske 3rd PANGBORN gy f- -- W , .. . ,W W 3rd Pang girls Eileen Riordan, Ann Marie Rodgers, lackie Martin, Kathy Gill and Ann Morris enjoy a beer and one of their first Mount parties Dorm Lifef153 GBORN N PA 4th sl 1: 1, f , u he 3 L N Q l 1 X is E if . W ,, t. X it ii i . s L? 'VF' Hall members include: Peggy Welch, Rosemary Maguire, Tracy Notaro, Mary Leigh Gough, Vivian Owusu, Laurie Walpole, Oonagh Vestola, Maryrose Lorenzo, Chris Lucchesi, Marla Strb, Kathleen Tubridy, Emily Kendall, Willis Gunther, lane Cahill, Andrea Napoli, Lisa DeCilia, lane Hyer, Denise Burnetta. r t Q. ' 3 i f W ,Q ' 1' QW? Study-bug Kathy Haney is hard at work as she prepares for an English final. 154fDorm Life I' ., "' 'rv A+ - T f x A i xi WWW -.f Q'-.iawfffer - A -ff 1- awg ,,,. .. ,lap xk k'kVkk . . .Q :fy . L , 'J' I M it ' i y ,gtg ill H25 E - ' 31. J f u- ' K K ., nj? "Nl ggy ffitiii ,,,, . si . V Enjoying the spring weather are Rusty Rauh and Mary Melvin. -fm,-,wwf vw-:M WMWM As usual the guys of first DUB just hanging out, 51 3 Q ' H ' , ,, f www- I --i gg j ' V, I h M . . Q ' ,mfr x ,, "A ' 5 , 1-if sen.. vi, D' A Q' "1 'We'-nun "' -Q , Mickie Porter. ' ' 'M 'ff' We v- A -' .,,,,, Pm , ,,,,1 , s""W'f i Z f fi " iff, , Making that difficult decision on her class ring is f35:i"' 1, SKU Us omg .all Hall members include: Vincent Puritano, Kevin Maufer, Owen Larkin, Sean O'Sullivan, Robert Price, Matthew Poirier, Mat- thew Schmidt, Michael Lehker, Timothy Ohm, Stephen Markey, Thomas Martin, Gregory Birkenstock, Christopher Zysk, Steven Middlecamp, William Maggio Frank Mayer, Brian Learn, john-Lee Holmes, Daniel Mulvshy, Philip Walsh, Timothy Thistle, Timothy Hanlon, Christopher Glass, Scott Dematte, Thomas Weisz, William Spacek, David McCauley, A Daniel D'Ambrosio, Paul Dempsey, Daniel Field, john McMahon, joseph Cuocolo, james Kipp, Gordon Horn, Peter Silvain, Leonardo Lapidario, Richard Folio, Patrick Geoghan, Daniel Callahan, Stephen Kleindienst, Peter Ricciuti 2nd PANGBORN 5 cn CQ N U N 156fDorm Life gf!-12 ffffiw Sam McCabe, Mary Elaine Galeone, Bridget Hughes, Margaret jones, jean Carter, Claire Loftus, Kelly May, Carmen Pico, Ana Gomez, Ellen Pedrick, Nancy Aleszczyk, Babara Stien, Kati Riach, Paticia Flood, Colleen Duhan ENS XX Laura Schoeb, Kathy Greenhalgh, Tanya Markosi, Amy Chambers, Adrienne Politza, janet Galvin, Liz Morgan, Laureli Rodger lean O'Dea, Janet Muller, jill Bartolini, Ann Gartrell, Diane Bentley, Kate Schumacher, Sue Encarnacion, Pat McGinley, jean Nagle, Jarian Oliverie, Sue Donnelly, Betsy Clarke, Kathy Cunniff . V! N 51 During a softball game on the Terrace Dave Tillman and Eric stop for a picture. All smiles at the Christmas Dance are seniors joe DuBoyce and Paul Guliano. Top - Christina Fritz, Debbie Walsh Middle - Sue Norvell, Susan Smits, Debbie Devine Bottom - Stephanie Harkins, Michele Shilling, Michelle Smialowicz, Sharon Trodden Missing - ludy Feeney, Alyce Leighton, Brenda Billington, Geralynn Calvetto, Patricia McClatchy, Deidre Collins 'IIS EI Lili? Dorm Lifef157 :l CQ Q Perry Rossi, Bill Shapanus, Laura Smithson, Gigi Henderson, Sue O'Malley, Heller Benton, Mark Ciavulla, Fran Miklos, Kara Fay, jeff Lawrence, Debbie Lemkin, Ellen Peters, Lisa Lemkin, Darria Smith, Nichole jarrett, Margaret McNulty, Kathy Connonlly, Elieen Hefferman, Liz Brenan, Mary Cinoa, Mary Kate Rooney, Gus Aquino, Nancy Young, Chris Collins, Paula Isaacs, Cieorgea Poland, Terry McCiordey, Paul Witt, john Shea, jocelyn Slaby, joe Berkery, Paul Auchincloss, Dierdre Collins, john Singleton, Vince Horn, john Fenwick, joe DuBoyce, Peter Quinn, john Mullane Al l'S'il'R lil C 158fDorm Life Sharing a good time and a beer are good friends Kerri Nolan, Ellen Fritz and Laurie Cotter. Decorating her apartment for Christmas is Marianne Hillig. N- at the 100 days party. vt a , g N tx x X 3 . Seniors Kathy Holjes and Sean Brady spending a few minutes together Enjoying one of their many parties are Kenny Villano and Burt Reynolds. ,vmmwm ff gm 4,-' ,F i . ,Nf i.. f- wif ,l2g""' K , 'Ol your 'Ivey l ni- Larry Gordon, Sean Brady, Kevin Dettlinger, julie Adams, Laurie Cotter, Mary Hopkins, Gayle Bengtson, Ellen Fritz, Kerri Nolan, leanann Furey, Glenn Fitzgerald, Paul Giuliano, Bob Lewis, jim Pierce, Bob Norwicki, Fred Casino, joe Giorgi, joe Anderson, Tom McKeon, Beth McMullen, Robin Slaveski, Lisa Picanza, Colleen Sinnott, Suzanne Smith, Terri Zito, Katherine Gray, Monica Larkin, Bob Brennan, jack Lynch, Piehead, Tim Feeney, Chris O'Donnell, janet Taylor, Steve McLean, George Krizmanich, Mike Towmey, Erin Brignola, Anita Hendricks, Lynn McGowan, Margaret Kiesel 6:1 F Dorm Lifef159 A-BUILDING Msn ,Q rf Q 'lst row: lLtoRj Rich Sweeney, Kevin Dettlinger, Stacey Seese, 2nd row: Rich Kissinger, Doug Michie, Teri Turner, Suzi Caulfield, Debbie Walsh, janet Curley, Chris Goodrich, Michon Kretschmaier, Kirk Sijgleton, 3rd row: jR Robertson, Sean Brady, Dean Bryne, joe Berkery, joe Pope, Steve Scarpon, Dennis Sweeney, jerry Wilson, Frank McShalley, Debbie Mumma, Kevin Foley, Corrine Elison, john Callaghan, Eddie Dzuick, Robbie Bindel, Martin McCormick 4th row: Karen Mataldi, Heidi Blattel, Molly Link, jay Catti, Beth McMullen, Marie Banzon, Kathy Knier, Rich Leone, Amy Snoke, Karen Buegler, Sth row: Denny Rossi, jimmy Leo, Kathy Kimple, Kathy Kirwan, 6th row: jack Lynch, Tom Scanlon, Pat Henry, joan Conroy, julie Birkoffer, Patty Wig. Celebrating their victory against Goucher are the members of the women's Lacrosse team. 'I60fDorm Life W3 The senior class's favorite professor Father Delaney always has time for his students. Pictured: Corrine Eliason and Kathy Monagle. "i'T2QQM' ff! K 2 V 25' rf if NS is ..- 22 '15 Mahan E if .5 4 X I A wa! xaifkgesk ,gm 'za- 'EN Mba PM fx NGERS I S E COLLEG SM M E-A in ET? -ro 3 rv? X41- E3 gs FZ gi mfr? -. KZ 57" -.:7 E2 mm OZ? C3 3: I9 mr' 1 NJ: WD FDI! .. TZ r-'O DJ'! nz. 148' lane Cahill, Liisa Alvarez, Mark Brooks 2nd row: Vivian Owusu, Rosemary McGuire, Tracey Di- Giouoni, Philip Walsh, Oscar Vellegas 3rd row: Gregory Sherbert, Kevin Farmer, Donald Ander- son, 4th row: Emily Kendell, Stephen Mahoney, Diana Clack, Colin O'Brien, Laura Walpole, Chris- topher Glass, Kelly Stefano, joseph DiVienti, Patty Wig, Charles Pope Officers Steve Mahoney, Beth Lacy, Colin O'Brien, Mi- chele Sinnott and Terri Kuntzweiler 162fClubs 84 Organizations 'lst row: Meg Cuddaback, Chris Collins, Kerry Geoghan, Dr. Rimo, Therese McAuliffe, Dean Hedley, Greg Martin 2nd row: Liiza Alverez, Kathy Boughlin, Denise Cronin, Mariann Brown, Lisa Lambert, Vince Horn Hanging outside the Terrace was popular as ever this year. Pictured: Brian Bommer, Chrissy Hawkins, Mark Pierce, Daneen Marella and TJ. Murray LNUOW INV OHDH --1 3: 'Um no QITI SE CDG gasssaggog I-F -."2Q1gfDoo7 -4 gagmfifgmoz ' f1m5'?U3f1--Sm 34-vs C EEK Q."DQEQ,'3mO5'3 I-'33:f-3uQ,.,,," .hw "LD 13- C - 0 3 1-ill f-'CE Q-Q. 930033 gf-vm Q.nnEmR4rnO"D"' '-icgfbmwil-CE:-.g 272 O.:Tf'D"-30 Qrngnorn 350 Q-:,,,:r5:Z5-397 1-+3-mm Q -,4f-v Em wmUQ O OES-Sf' E ""'C"T ,,1.,,, g'UmO0Q.m 7vZL"'g9D.5,.-.lg'E.:' ..-f4 W" Tm-O O..fD3LnD'-or-:E-N396 -1UQ CD f'D Q. mf' owl" -.RU gwsggggggg ICUQ-f'Dill"Dl-+,l Clubs 84 Organizations!163 164fClubs 84 Organizations International Students Association First Row - Liisa Alvarez, Ceilia Barriteau, Anderson Mensah, john Riordon Second Row - Dr Heath Moderator, Herman Ssemuju, M. Bernarda Mena Third Row - Seung k Lee, Beth Ward, Tracy DiGiovanni E E 5 i Q 3282! Senior Greg Roa studies for a major exam in Biology. lohn Brudeman, Paul Auchincloss, john Singleton missing Maureen McGinnis it P e . . i u ' 551 f , " - N li ,cu , ., ' I A. - 5 iitiifl llR'l'c1 E i wi it ,yvshavl Pictured - Trisha McClatchy, jocelyn Slaby, Rich Streeton, Chris Walch, jennifer Costello, Mary Ellen Tadson, Marie Banzon, Moderator Dr. Dropp, Bill Galati, Nino Barbino, David Thomas, S.K. Lee, Neil Patalinghug, Petty Staub, Nalisa Banan, Angela Roberts, Patsy Ellis, Sean O'Sullivan, Andrew Bryceland, Bill Kutzera, Brian Glackin Enjoying each others company at the SCA inauguration are Maribeth Olvany and john Driscoll while Tom Wiegartner looks on. lllcl mag 1l9CI Q c cr Us Q0 9 cm Q DJ E. N DJ :. O 3 U5 N -I as U1 SPIRIT CLUB 'Ist row: Ann Morris, jackie Martin, Kathy Gill, Annie Didyoung, Ingrid Wolfington, Mimi McDermott, Tanya Markosi, julie Shea, Debbie Dallis, Mary Melvin, Dedie jones, 2nd row: john Buckries, john Shartle, Peter Oristian, Pat Wollford, AnnMarie Grey, Laura Gunther, Tom Barnes, Missing: Lisa Courtney, Tim Reynolds V U U sei i Y ET OCI S SINESS BU 4 UW U5 x Q C. cr ll! Q0 O -. UQ DJ 2. N Q3 :. o D Eli 4-3 QQSJ x Members include: Maureen McGinnis, john Singleton, Paul Auchincloss, Rob Overly, john Bruderman III, Stacy Seese, Liz Brennan, Charlie Burrows, john Greene, Rich Denardi, Nancy Tenaglio, Debra Lemkin, Hellen Benton, Fred Owusu, Eric Melendy, Doug Michie, Mike Cleary, Francine Eaves, Deidre Collins, Maggie D'Agostaro, Liisa Cutroneo, Mike Friia Prof. Karstetar El G NOILVDO VTID El Members lnclude Theresa Schloth, Kerry Nolan, Karen Geckle, Cindy joy, Kelly Clark, Kathy Phillips, Vita Obohoski, Terri Zito, Susan Smith, Colleen Sinnott, Robin Slaveski, Collen Loughran, Gayle Bengston, Mary Ebel, Claire Varady, Susan Incarnation, Marian Oliveri, Kathy Dougherty, Shelia Porter, Diane Benton, Barb Pioli, Mary Hyden, Kim Vigliotta, Susan Knoth, Kim Schultz, Dr. Johnston and Dr. Popenfus. TH E LEG mf.l'.l" - 35" if I K . fig' A N 1, .C Wm 4 y , 'W tt., i ,, 5 ' s . X -,.. ,, 4,1 L X Loyal fans display The Mount Spirit. SGA candidates Mary Holley, Bob Blee, Colleen Weed pose for a picture at the SC-A inauguration. Clubs 81 Organizationsf'l67 ,Ep SOCKIN BUSKIN CL to Rl Bill Garrett, Carrie Sittnick, jim Parshall, Barbara Tiernan, Patty Hill, Nuffin Fittin, Pat Beall, Bridget Hughes, Michele Annas, Vicki Toliver, Willis Gunther, Missing: james Fittin, Lisa Dimaio, Pam Wegner , get if Practicing before opening night is Roger Robertson and Todd Minichino. Make-up and hair are very important for all actors. 168fClubs 81 Organizations QP 'sg .,,s. Mary Tarker, Dennis Boggs, Father Pat, Colleen Sinnott, Pat Beall, Sue Acker, Pete Mahoney, Rose Williams SVHWVD AELLSINIW l HFTID HIIVHH 1st row: QL to RJ john Laughlin, jimmy Leo, Andy Alameno, Doug Mitchie 2nd row: Brian Fleming, john Geoghan, Bill Charles, Bob Carroll Q C o' LD Q0 O -i UQ DJ 2. N DJ :. o : V3 X -l U5 RO 'Qi Q an l 'Ii D tri EXECUTIVE BOARD: Mark Bartar, john Driscoll, Peter Oristian, Eddie Caruso, Billy Otterbien, Brian Stromeyer, Greg O'Brien Patty Benzing, Kathy Cuniff, Colleen Kennedy, Steve DeFoor, Barb Pioli, Theresa Stump, Marian Oliverie, Kevin Lutts, Daneen Marella, Bill Shapanus and Flounder. DEDICATID The Mount may be a small school nestled near the ghostlike town of Emmitsburg, but there's always somethingto do on campusthanks to the Student Union Board and the Student Government Association. Thanks to many S.U.B. sponsored events, memories have been made which will not quickly be forgotten. Who could forget the Christmas Dance? or the St. Patrick's Day Dance? How about Greaseband weekend? Wednesday night Tudor Room acts? Weekend movies? Spin- ners, bands, and so much more. The S.U.B. which is the largest club on campus, provided us with something to do - other than just study. The S.G.A. kept active as well, re- presenting the student body in order to make their voice heard. Their bi- weekly meetings discussed every- thing from academics to the possibil- ity of changing the name of the Rat. tThanks to the S.G.A. we do not party in the "Good Times Loungelj. Among the activities which S.G.A. sponsored was the successful New York weekend trip raffle and the stu- dent social hour. Thanks to their hard work, the students were indeed re- presented well. l S 1 K .. at ! .. 5 5 l l 5 2 3 t 1 5 2 ? 7 EXECUTIVE BOARD: Back row L to R: Mary Free, Frank McShally, Tara Olvany, Fran Holcomb, leanne Hoffman, Mary Holley, Mike Fria tVice-Pres.J, Matt Katzenson tPres.i, Eddie Dziuk, Colleen Kennedy, john Prout, Front row L to R: Rose Williams, Kevin Foley, Corrine Eliason, Daneen Marrella, Robbie Bindel, Steve DeFoor, Margaret McNulty, john Callahan, Missing: Colleen Weed, Ellen Brown, Karen Kouvel, Tim Feeney 'EITTS TIVHEINEIED 4 'lst row: Kiane Comolli, Colleen Kennedy, Cindy joy, Barb Pioli, Kathy Cunniff, Laurali Rodgers, 2nd row: Kathy Phillip, Kathy Dougherty, Michele Doughnah, Alyce Leighton, Corrine Eliason, Eddie Caruso, Brian Stromeyer, Billy Otterbein, Daneen Marrella, Bill Shapanus, Kevin Lutts, Chris McCormick, Greg O'Brien, Liz Morgan 3rd row: Maureen O'Hara, Carl Francioli, Chris Lambiaze, Martin McCormick, Laura Cook, Dennis Cashen, Trish McAndrews, Bridget Lange, Kathy Prout, Tim Nobes, Mary Burns, Kathy Rooney, Steve DeFoor, Marian Oliverie, Theresa Stump, Peter Oristian, john Driscoll, Lisa Lewis, Mark Barter, Patty Benzing, Frank McShalley, Chris Zysk junior Chris Tonkovich accepts the Vice-Presidency of the SGA Bob Blee gets inducted by President Wickenheiser into the office President of S.G.A. Clubs 81 Organizationsf171 ATE SEN T EN UD ST .A. UD 172fClubs 84 Organizations Shaun Brady, jim Breslin, Tim Buck, Kathleen Burke, Bob Carter, Donna Calvin, Chris Currens, jim Eichmann, Mike Flanagan, Carl Francioli, Mj Golibart, john Greene, Mary Hanawacker, Fran Holcomb, Paula Isaacs, Colleen Kennedy, Bridget Long, Monica Larkin, john Lau, Lisa Lewis, Claire Loftus, Chip Lortz, john McNulty, jim Madden, Steve Middlecamp, Vita Obohoski, Marian Oliverie, Vivian Owusu, Pat Petrozzini, Barb Pioli, Ann Marie Rembiszewski, Nancy Tenaglio, Sharon Trodden, Mike Twomey, Heather Walsh, Mark Woodruff i First Row - Bob Blee, Chris Tonkavich, Dave Santora, Steve DeFoor Second Row - Mary Holley, jeanne Hoffman, Patty Hill, Ellen Brown, Colleen Weed, Tara Olvany, Lisa St. Pierre, Anne Ward Third Row - Eddie Caruso, Danine Marrella, Paul Cinoa, Carl Francioli, john Callahan, john Mulcahy, Rick O'Brien, john Pierce, Colleen Kennedy When there is work to be done, SUB Member Flounder can always be relied on to push a broom Conducting the Budget approval is Student Senate Chairman Chris Tonkovich. KNIGI-ITS OF COLUMBUS LA PRE .x X1 -D X Q C U' vi Q' O -1 UQ Q3 E. N D2 2. O 3 an 1' Vf" l Qs 3 M, .,,. , , ..,, Wg f wa M-a......M. .W I - ,MW-an Q , , ,,,,M , ,,.W,,.,, 1 g,w,,,,,,,.,,-, .,,,, ,,,,,,, l ,ww-...Q--nam .g,,,,,....-.V,, W. fax ,,,,....,.,.M .,..,, 'M' .M 1 ,oo, ie ?"" ' WL! 11..,,,, ,,,. WZ, W, ar f ' , ' k,'i,,'mzwswiw gfmsilgisf 1 gm ,4 K ML L , ,,,L ,, 4 'K 'ZX D l ig eg, -, 1st row: David Thomas, jim Parshall, David Baumgardner, 2nd row: Freddie Sorbello, john Neri 'lst row: joe Peluia, james Noel, Petrer, Louis Napoli 2nd row: Cathy Mulligan, Colin O'Brien, David Baumgardner Greg McMahon, Chuck Petrozini lst row: David joy, lim Noel, Matthew Victor, Ellen Fritz, Helena Topper Relaxing and enjoy each others company are Amy Lengal, Freddie Sorbello, Bob Werwinski, Frankie Donnelly Presenting a project to the class are Andy Clough and Pat Henry. VI-lcI"lV VIAIDIS ll-Id Clubs 81 Organizationsf175 SIGMA DELTA PI MINORITY STUDENTS ASSDCIATIONS 'I76!Clubs 81 Organizations First Row - Kathy Gildea, Laurie Cotter, Mary Free, Nancy Young, lodi Weaver, Mary Ellen Greffen Second Row - Dan McCaffery, Betsy Ward, Marie Banzon, Maureen McGinnis, Hallie Topper, Theresa Stump, Mike Caufield, Dave Hoffman First Row - Octavius Davis, Godwin Bell, Lamont Rerrell, Celia Barriteau, Steve DeFoor, Paula Isaacs, Vicki Tolliver, Marvin Tarter Second Row - Kirk Singleton, Marlon Cook, Ignacio Macias, David Thomas, David Coleburn, Gary Innocent Gary Reburn displays black belt talent. Martin Mullaney, Stephanie Gross "Almost Any Thing Goes" by the Sophomore Class was a huge success! Fighting with the Pig is 72 cu H 3' N4 O 3 na OO m S II-Id I VNS OVJ. Clubs 81 Organizationsf177 THE 1985 PRIDWIN STAFF ST Ml-llll. gg sr M473 , ..,,.. V, Editor's Note What is a yearbook? Each person has their own personal expectations of what a yearbook should be. For the 1985 Pridwin staff the purpose of a yearbook was not just to present a book filled with pictures of the year's events. We felt a yearbook should be something much more than that. It's purpose should be to capture the feelings of people not just with pictures but also with words. ln years to come a yearbook should pro- voke forgotten memories of special events or just the daily routines of Mount life. The 1985 Pridwin wants to do just this we hope that this book will bring back vivid memories in the years to come and also bring enjoyment to you today. The Pridwin staff has worked 178 very hard since the start of the school year in September and continued this dedication into the summer months until the book was completed in june. We hope that our many sleepless nights and social sacrafices have paid off in bringing you a yearbook that has cap- ture the special spirit of the Mount. We wanted to bring out that special some- thing about the Mount which has made it our second home. That spirit which will always be a part of us, even when we leave, taking a part of the Mount with us. lt is in this spirit that we have dedi- cated the book to seniors Laurie Cotter and Bob Norwicki for their unique indi- viduality and special spirit for life. A special thank you must go out to some very important people whose dedica- tion and continued hard work enabled the book to be completed. First and foremost to my right hand, Patty Hill without her enthusiasm and dedication we wouldn't have made it. Eddie Caru- so's talent with a camera and Mary Hol- ley's magic with words must also be rec- ognized adding to every aspect of the Pridwin. Finally a special thank you must go out to Herff jones representative Coy Harris for his patience and under- standing. We hope that you enjoy the book!! - Tara Olvany Pictured: Eddie Caruso, john Callahan, Steve De- Foor, Paul Cinoa, Kathy Rooney, Bridgett Lang, Patty Hill, Frank McShalley, Kathy Robinson, Tara Olvany, Mary Holley, Lisa Lewis, Rudy Chase, Chris Lambiase Other Editors Linda Flannery , Photo Editor Chris Lambiase Business Manager Paul Cinoa , Sports Editor Frank Holcomb Hall picture Editor ,S Steven DeFoor Faculty 84 Admin. f Dr. Chalres Merrill C Advisor Patty Hill Kathy Robinson Layout Editor Clubs 84 Organizations Contributing Copy Lisa Lewis, launita Rodrigez Kathy Rooney Bridgett Lang john Callahan Martin McCormick Frank McShalley Lisa ST. Prierre Margaret McNulty Eddie Caruso Claire Varady Photo Editor Senior section Editor Contributing Photographers j.B. Benzing Mark Woodruff jean Hoffman Maribeth Olvany Peggy Nolan Nancy Young Pat Henry lean Ann Furey Kerry Nolan jim Pierce Jimmy Ottenritter john Callahan Paula Isaacs Mary Holley - Copy Editor Copy Editor Tara Olvany - Editor ALPHA MU GAMMA 'lst row: Maureen McGinnis, Hallie Topper, Theresa Stump, joe Sgroi, Henry Gazaro, Catherine Blunda, Margaret McNulty, Kevin Vaughan 2nd row: Kelly Slater, Lisa Dirnaio, jenny Patalinghug, Kara Fay, Eileen Heffernan, Maria Zurinski B LU C MAN ER .J oo o x Q c: U' V5 Q0 Q oo DJ P.. N DJ :K O G :J U1 i t aaA iyy if K f.,k .,g, K J K. krv k. I K st-P ,' "'- 31 :fggaxsi A 'wan .. lst row: Mary Ellen Tadsen, Chris Kuhn, Theresa McAuliffe, Gale Knoedler, Franz Niedemeyer, Cindy Plunkett, Eileen Heffernan Sv ESF' We w..,e..f, 2251 I I S S E lst row: Kevin Vaughan 2nd row: Matt Katzenson, joe DuBoyce, Anthony Gallirio 3rd row: Colleen Weed, Tara Olvany, Marianne Hillig, jay Barry Missing: Dr. Ridenour Getting ready for prom night???? Pictured Therese Mullaney, Kerri Nolan, jean Ann Furey, Mary Hopkins, Lisa Schell. s. WV-yawn. I-ID ORS CONVDCATID DISTINGUISHED STUDENT AWARD Matthew C. Victor THE MONSICINOR GEORGE D. MULCAHY MEMORIAL PRIZE Tara Ann Olvany joseph C. Pettyjohn, jr. THE PATRICK j. NEARY MEMORIAL PRIZE Kathy A. Gildea THE PHILLIP R. O'CONNELL MEMORIAL PRIZE Denise Ann Cronin Gregory Michael Mascioli THE MARIANNA RING GLUTH MEMORIAL PRIZE Roberta Sayre Laux, jr. THE LEO T. COLLIER MEMORIAL PRIZE Dean joseph Hedley THE PROFESSOR THOMAS I. NORRIS MEMORIAL PRIZE David john Garry THE PROFESSOR DOMINIC G. GRECO PRIZE Regina Therese LaCroce THE IOANNE VICNALI CUSHMAN MEMORIAL PRIZE Elizabeth Ann Green THE DANIEL C. ROMEIKA PRIZE Michelle Marie Sinnott THE IAMES M. MURRAY MEMORIAL PRIZE Mary Ann Luttrell THE ERSKINE-FELBER-LEONHARDT PRIZE Eileen M. Heffernan THE MONSIONOR BRADLEY MEMORIAL PRIZE Eileen M. Heffernan THE SETON MEMORIAL PRIZE Michele Marie Sinnott THE MONSIGNOR DENIS j. FLYNN MEMORIAL PRIZE Gregory Kevin Roa THE MCCRAW MEMORIAL PRIZE Michael john Caulfield THE EDWARD T. HOGAN MEMORIAL PRIZE Gary Ralph jones THE MONSIGNOR ROBERT R. KLINE PRIZE Carolyn Marie Coleman THE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT PRIZE Elizabeth Ann Green THE REVEREND IOHN j. O'NElLL MEMORIAL PRIZE Matthew Charles Victor THE REVEREND IOHN I. O'NEILL MEMORIAL PRIZE Eric Andrew Campbell THE PROFESSOR RICHARD j. MCCULLOUGH MEMO- RIAL PRIZE Michael john Caulfield THE WATTERSON MEMORIAL PRIZE Helena Marie Topper Honorable Mention Gregory Kevin Roa Nancy jean Shilling THE REVEREND PHILIP A. BARRETT SCHOLARSHIP David john Garry Honorable Mention Henry Fernando Garazo 'l8'l SENIGR CLASS SS CLA OR JUNI LEADIEIRS QF fLtoRJ Kara Fay fTreas.J, Mary Cinoa fVice Pres.J, Marianne Hillig fSec.J, Tim Feeney fPres,Q 4LtoRJ Steve DeFoor fSec.j, jean-ne Hoffman Nice Pres.j, Angela Roberts fTreas.J, and john Callahan QPres.J THE CLASS . . . QLIORJ Lisa Cutroneo fTreas.l, Karen Kouvel QPres.J, Patty Quigely Nice Pres.J, Mark Noel iSeC.j , ., l i "iT'Ah l A ' .X 3 xii, h .. 1LtoRj john Mulchay qpresg, Sean Bowen Nice Pres.J, Kathy Gill iSec.J, Chris Zysk 1Treas.J SOPI-IOMORE CLASS FRESI-IMAN CLASS DELTA EPSILON SIGMA fLtoRJ lst row: Betsy Clark, Nancy Young, Michelle Sinnott, Dave Gary 2nd row: Mary Free, Jodi Weaver, Meg Griffen, 3rd row Liz Green, Maureen McGinnis, Kathy Gildea, Hallie Topper """'?! an e lf eyaey T M A Sr on 5 in B BETA BETA BETA E QLtoRJ 1st row: Dave Garry, Henry Garazo 2nd row: Patty Wig, jenny Costello, Michelle Sinnott, Jocelyn Slaby TA MU DELTA I e ri Q' 1 DEL Eff ' W.-. lLtoRl 1st row: Mark Brooks, George Pollin, Nancy Young 2nd row: Doug Little, Meg Griffen, Kath- Gildea, Steve Saddler, Beth Lacy 3rd row: Peter Oristian, Mary Free, lodi Weaver, Maureen McGinnis i we e I sf . 2 f 4 gt V V i 3 ' '11 Y ? 3 t 2 is . t -, f V. A -. 1, , L t 3 is - ,. , . ., . .kkrk h ,T 5, . 3 , . . t , ,. I .. ., L . I if F' Dr. Gertrude Conway, Moderator Marie Banzon, Christine Beaumont, Michael Caulfield, Laurie Cotter, Lisa DiClemonte, Mary Free, David Garry, Kathy Gildea, Elizabeth Green, Mary Greffen, Eileen Heffernan, Barbara Keeney, Kathleen Knier, George Krizmanich, Roberta Laux, Douglas Little, Stephen McLean, Karen Mataldi, Mary O'Connell, Gregory Roa, Michele Sinnott, Herman Ssemuju, Gerald Sturgill, Margaret Thomas, Donald Topper, Matthew Victor, Franklin Vleck, lodi Weaver, Nancy Young. GEORGE HENRY MILES HONOR SOCIETY KARATE CLUB fLtoRj 1st row: Nancy Young, Nino Barbaro, john McMahon, Russ Banzon, Wade joy, Maria Zurinsky, Ellen Parker, Cathy Melanson, Carolyn Kramer, Cindy Toms, Tim Rothenhoefer 2nd row: Pat Thomas, Tom Swanton, Adam Albino, Dan Fields, Sean O'Sullivan, Dan Soller, Gary Reburn, Dave Coulbourne, Moses Anthony, Chris Larson 3rd row: Mary Ellen Caughlin, Tracey Campagna, Rich Denardi, jim Kipp, Mark Manahan, Owen Larkin, Kevin Maufer, Martha Cammack, Richard Nakgleh, Fred Meridith, John Holmns we Email i aww T E--W Wg, W ii,, fi ,,,, all my is A T ll I The dedication of Nancy Young enables her to attain her black belt. After his first year completed, Nick Zito waits for his ride home for the SUITlTT16I'. 186 B E Members Include: Dan Mascioli, Pat Beal, jerry Calami, Steve lssing, Marco Bontempo, Frankie Donnelly, Dave lssing, Helena Topper, Mary Tarker CO 'D .-I O I UD l Z 4. CL. CD -new fLtoRj Adam Albino, Kathy Kizer, Thersea Stump, Lisa St. Pierre, Mary Holley, Colleen Weed, Kathy Greenhalgh THE CARE-FREE LIFE GF g I . 1 i The Closet eater Maureen Tute. 'X 5 Spreading Christmas Cheer through the halls of Sheridan are Deidre Clavin, Mike Lamont, TfiSh Raffefly- A fun-filled evening in the RAT with special friends: Vita Obohoski, Karen Kouvel, Ann Ward and Sue jordan. 188 N UNDER CLASSME . . . Hanging out in front of the Terrace on a cold winter night in March are Chrissy Harley, Mi- chelle Bernardo, Felicia Sorrentino, Diane C0- rnolli, and lacqueline Parks. Freshman john Lau heads to one of his first Mount basketball games. ,e rret, . r s K I M, inf, -- 5 vm...-- N..-In s .1- 189 HDINNING QUT" Did you know that the average Mount student after three years of school spends about 3600 hours within the four yellow walls known as the cafeteria or dining hall. That is if the student goes to about 10 meals a week and every years. spends about one half hour at meal over the period of three Most students spend more time in the cafeteria twhich we complain so much abouty, than in the library studying. The cafeteria provides a place for all to cre- ate unforgettable memories. Aside from the food it is a great place to so- cialize with friends, scope out the fresh- man, embarass your friends and gain those freshman fifteen. The 4:30 dinner lines lespecially when there's a specialj the rush hour at 11:50 as large numbers pour into the cafeteria to grab some- thing to eat for lunch and the walks back to the dorms will never be forgotten. So maybe the cafeteria wasn't so bad after- all! tif we could forget the foodj Good friends and good conversation always helps in getting through a meal at SAGA. Seniors Narcy Young, Terry MCC-roty, Gary Re- burn some of courageous seniors who ventured the cafeteria for four years. 190 T-, '35 ,,"i, A ' if fe, . I -4 fm. gn. k Q Q The cafeteria proves to be a great place for the guys to get together and scope. i X52 1 ss Q12 it f . ,,,.. W n " X ,.,, ,, 5 fawf 45 At least once a meal someone in the cafeteria is given balloons for many occassions. Lunch hour is a great time for friends to get together and catch up on the days events. Pictured: Tom O'Brien, Shelia Hamill and Ellen O'Connor. mm W iii T21 aa'f f X -:fries I s . i t ,t -, "fl - is Q :Q ttst , w , . . arms: Je- fa .ttt XXX Q 3 lr . Q 5 ini-u.. Fresh fruit was one ofthe highlights during lunch especially for senior Matt johnson. Waiting for another SAGA meal students line up at 4:30 for dinner. 191 I Q K N y S , Qs, is Q ss + x S . .rs .S+ Qs ' X ts it gt 4 Q 1 ' ix ,,. . Fu 5 - '--- f f - f ,-ssefssitm--H221 ' Welcome To The Using only the best, M.l. Golibart packs his Gucci bags as he leaves after his 8 month stay at the club. The MSM Country Club of 1400 acres is located near Emmitsburg Maryland, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Moun- tains. We are located just one and one half hours from both Washington and Baltimore. lt's location away from it ALL provides a very relaxing atmosphere for all members. A variety of social events are scheduled throughout the year including dances, movies, lecturers, performers series, concerts, athletic events as well as many other exciting events. Also located near by are Ski Liberty, beautiful Cunning- ham Falls, and Historical Gettysburg. The "Club'f itself offers residential ac- commodations for all members. For old members a new apartment style com- plex completed in 1979 is provided while newer members are provided with the deluxe dormitories. lt's great for a 8 month vacation or just a week- end visit. Also located on the resort grounds is the famous dinning hall lo- cated in the "Club's" center, the Cogan Union Building. It has a seating capacity of nearly 800 so there's no worry about awaiting line. The"Club" is also supple- mented with a huge gameroom and re- creation center, athletic facilities, li- brary, performing arts center, club store and a newly decorated bar, "The Good Times Lounge"! All this and maybe some academic knowledge can be yours for a small yearly fee of about 7,500 dollars. We ask that you join early because spaces are limited and large numbers would like to join. T92 MSM Country Club f- K sfo' MW-m-.w..,. if ' .gt ' W A .wg f""t I 1- S . :. "M . ' ... ,ln , Throwing a frisbee around is a great way to relax with friends. Pictured Bob Black sf ur-f :krx-N , .im as W QM . mf? if t LAL. 1,35 , as Haig! gg' 'W f T 1.5 asaa 'wear fl s ...X X . YL l, I .ss I s Vk,- 3 kr, kkkk :ik W K W r s , 5 is f M, Oc sx s ,549 if k I a, X fr ,Tri ,fix 9. 6,95 'sf,,,,.n , . K ,E si an s ff V sg. mttski . xignx ff. IJ ya. x +5 rfs"!:f, was -JW 1 a'v33'5e5' 'mt . if 'r 5-xv .gpg -,. ra-Q.. 'figiuv-45' gg, '5..,,9 e'M aw ,S y A L 'kia :trim fs V i 1 - Q s, i 'fp r a, Jxy 5 ,,,. ' u L. for ,avg A i K ,rfwiml wifi' kk.. ' if , fi.,-i :,x- Rf . Q , ' Q. ' I in 'QE ,N g V. i , .. - s. rg gs., 4, K 'r . --,i H r, r. V I sex' i' so IZ- K1" r , fa 7 4. ,ra , dj' z "eff 'Har we is , A J' AMW, ' .- Q 'mf wr wa, -'lv'-H-M Sunning in C-Building quad are seniors Greg Heading for a day at Carroll Valley for 18 holes is Mascioli and Karen Ann Morra. Kevin Lundin, Danny Hughes and Radar. Golf was one of the most popular sports in the apartment quad. Tossing a lacrosse ball around on the Terrace is junior Frankie Donnelly. But wasn't that illegal??? We , are w 'V X 193 THIS ONES FUR YGU' !! This year in O.C. Patriots seemed to be the place for all Mount students, especially, Dave Hagar, Tim Nolan and lody Ladimore. 4? , ssy"""T v SENIDR SUPERLATIVES Pretuest Kerry Ncian BestParUes:B-23 Handsomest: john Allegra Biggest Drinker: Mike Ludwig, Katie Murphy Best Body: Steve Scarpone, Kerry Nolan Most Kegs: B-9 Best Legs: Mike Schoeb, Ellen Fritz Most Athletic: Darryle Edwards, Lisa Schell Best Buns: Lenny Day, Mary Hopkins Most Talented: Paul Noone, Marianne Hillig Nicest Eyes: Sean Brady, Robin Slaveski Most Affairs: joe Anderson, Gail Bengston Nicest Smile: Chris Cunningham, Theresa Mullaney Most Valuable Drunk: Chris O'Donnell, leanAnne Furey Best Dressed: Chris Collins, Cathy Beck Most Congenial: Matt Katzenson, Mary Cinoa Preppiest: Frank McShalley Peggy Nolan Best Apartment Building: B Class Clown: Steve McLean, leanAnne Furey Favorite Professor: Father Delaney Class Couple: Stephaine Gross and Mike Caufield Favorite Security Guard: Harvey Class Flirt: Lenny Day, Karen Geckle Most Likely To Be Seen In the RAT: Mark Swenanton Best Personality: Matt Katzenson, Therese Mullaney Most Likely To Live In Emmitsburg: joe Pettyjohn Best Nickname: Piehead Most Likely To Be Written Up: Mike Ludwig Biggest B.S.-er: lack Lynch, Dnise Cronin Most Likely to Succeed: Steve Mclean Biggest Brownnoser: lack Lynch, Peggy Nolan Best Roommates: Mary Free and Debbie Mumma s l F M i - 1 , , . . Yi . xx K 1 ,- ,. f 1 M8F16gir1gIO keep a smile through just about anything is Burt Reynolds. Saying their last goodbyes before heading home is Tim Nolan and D.l. Ste venson. 195 l A YEAR I REVIEW . . . This year's basketball team brought much enthu- siasm and spirit back to the Mount. Looking back on the year, we saw nu- merous changes in the physical appear- ance of the Mount. A new bank and mailroom complete with combination locks were built in the lower SUB. The RAT and snack bar areas were com- pletely redecorated. The physical face- lift was definitely overshadowed by the enthusiasm of the Mount community. School spirit was reborn as Springfield- bound students boarded buses to sup- port the men's basketball team in the NCAA final four. But even enthusiasm has its limits as was proven during the controversial jello-Wrestling and Victo- ry Bonfire. Both of which have been banned from the campus. So much for having fun. lt was definitely a year that will never be forgotten. THE NIGHT THE MOUNT TURNED RED - Freshman class sponsored one of the most fun filled nights of the year - jello Wrestling. Pictured Bettina Brena, john Buckreis, and Anne Tucci. T96 'WK-. I .ai- A-3 As ten buses lined up filled with spirited students the fun was just beginning on the road to the final four. nu.. -nl. Q ev ,M r' Junior Ring Weekend Members of the Class of 1986 await the blessing of their rings. Giving their time and talent to make the Mass a special occasion are: Rich Streeton, Bill Carrot, Theresa , Rose Williams, Sharon Callahan, Barb Pioli, and Lisa Dimaio 198 Ring Committee member, Paul Cinoa, reads at the Mass. if , h There was a strong sense of class unity at the junior Ring Mass. One of the most important weekends in a junior's year is the ring weekend. Friday, Sept. 28, 1984 the rings arrived and the weekend officially began. Friday night, Fr. lohn Sullivan cele- brated the Ring Mass, which was at- tended by over 150 juniors. The mass incorporated the theme of the 1986 class rings, "these days will always be." All who attended will remember the blessing of the rings, and the meditation song "Friends" beautifully sung by classmate Sharon Callahan. Dinner fol- lowed the mass, and was enjoyed by most of the class. The highlight of the weekend was the dance. September 29, 1984. Hundreds of Mounties crowded the nicely deco- rated cafeteria and danced all night to the music of Mixed Company. Ring weekend was a special time for juniors. Class unity was obvious throughout the weekend, and it truly was a weekend, "we never can or shall erase." 199 Ready for the hit and run is john Dillon. Wide receiver Dean Byrne makes an important catch for a touchdown. ,mwww K junior Pete Longo goes for two with a bank shot in the B-league play-offs. A charging defense is stopped by a strong line that protects quarterback Brian Fleming. 200 SPORTS . . . J" f'l'l J' .,,, , 'll' if l,'.l l If , A I , Q, . V- , ' . ,,.,, V , ..,,, ,, I , it . af , ,. .. , V . , ,,,. ,,,, W .... ,..,, 4 .. .1 .... . W ff A ,wffgpw i '- ' ff'-W , Iaawa A-'N f if . X i' ff sf M .. . , "ih,,,,gf ,.,. a . . . i if , .L junior Nancy Tenaglio takes a shot during the finals of the women's finals. JUST FOR THE FU CF IT Q., - 5-H-1 f"i"lQ7 "'i"f"'l' L ll 'I 'T' After making a super catch Steve Scarpone makes his way to the goal line as defensemen joe Anderson goes after his flag. Most people think of intramurals as a time to participate in a non-competitve sport for enjoyment and relaxation. But not at the Mount, students take every season of intramurals as a life and death situation. The play-offs bring the ten- sion of the World Series, Superbowl and Stanley Cup all put together. About 900!0 of the Mount student body partake in some part of the intra- mural program. There are a wide variety of activities offered from horse shoes to the most popular program Basketball. This year proved to be a very popular and success- ful season for street hockey. Randy Ramsy drives to the hoop past defender Kenny Burch during the finals of B-league division. 201 Sending a line drive out to center field is Doug Michie. The determination of Lynn Metzinger helps her to hit a double in the finals of the women's softball league. I at W g t T, fl A giflh- gag. if .SQ ' 'gswba T if ffl. 'ft J' , -n Xa .cs A g - iiii 1 'vw . Q i f-vi' it T T ls. slab s Y ' wx' al T fs. ki . fi: as W . Q. ., 1,3 ' f- ' , sd. . sa "Mr. Intramural" Dean Byrne drives in the winning run for his team. 202 The water slide proved to be the most exciting event at Super Teams '85. Pictured: Mike Walker, Chris Boone, Rob Wade, Pete Toolan and john Belgrade ln the final event of super teams the first place team fights to maintain their position. Ready for the pitch is junior Karen Coyne Men's softba game. . an K ,Q W 4 , 4 , K ff r , 2 s , ll was extremely popular this year as freshman Lamont Ferrell pitches his first intramural M- - vt .fir '- tw sl .wg pf , ,se Basketball Softball Flag Football Miller One on One Super Teams Tennis Volleyball Parents weekend proves to be a great time for fathers to get together and discuss their days in college. Enjoying the party in the RAT on Saturday night are Flounder and Laura Smithson. A WEEKE D This year the parents weekend dance had the highest attendance record in Mount history. 204 WITH THE FDLKS ef" ,,..-Q t This year, Parents Weekend was a smashing success! In addition to the beautiful weather there was record breaking attendance by Mountie Moms and Dads. The weekend began Friday night "at the Rat" where parents danced with their kids to the sounds of Chase,astudenttop-40 band.On Satur- day, the clubs and organizations of the Mount set up game booths, held raffles and challenged "the folks" to rappell down the side of the Academic Center. The Mount Singers held their annual concert on the library steps, and the Sophomore Class gave a fashion show. The weekend was highlighted by the annual Parents Weekend Dance with big band the ever popular Zim Zim Zi- marel, and ended with a Mass and pic- nic on Sunday. The sophomore class fashion show held on Satur- day morning was a great success. Sophomore Lynn Metzger enjoys a dance with her little brother. f .. f , l .. , I .,,,fff, 3 ..,, I 4 lg, :yf ,f'i. it Q. . We gy -W 1' A' W ,,,,,, , A ,, ISi??2?f5J .V f . "lu?"'W' , A msfwf, ,f Wai" ' AW' , . . iii. Discussing the days events are Bob Black, Brian Stromeyer and Mr. Stromeyer. 205 Mr. Caruso places his bet in the hopes of Many of our parents were able to get a taste of SAGA on Sunday afternoon winning a bundle. 0 206 Many parents enjoyed being able to relax and talk with their son or daughters' friends. A WEEKE D FILLED WITH SPECIAL MEMORIES The Mount singers perform their annual concert, under the direction of Father Shaum. . if gk I , i a J 's 'E I .I it ii i Q' I .txt I 53' ii iii? The dunking booth was one ofthe most popular booths on Saturday afternoon- Pictured? RUCIY Chase The picnic lunch was a great time for parents and students to get together before mom and dad headed home. 207 BACCALAUREATE MASS May 18, 1985 Bishop William Keeler delivers his homily to the class of 1985 and their family and friends. A Leading the procession after Mass are Father Fives, Bishop Keeler, Father Pat and Deacon Broussard. g Nw WF ,.....-"""' ,gs P 'Y I' x g X X L mzzrm . ' ,ei .... K.. , as DANCING WITH Enjoying a moment together with her family is Kara Fay. Spending some time with her family and friends is senior Stephanie Gross. , 'fs E THE GRADUATES! l! N M ' sfdfzfsxfw. KV if. i 'nun 15 MU '- .L ei, kia? Getting together with friends was an important part of the weekend especially for Liz Brenan, Gayle Bengtson, Collen Loughran, Robin Slaveski and Monica Larkin. Relaxing after a dance with her family is Maryann Luttrell. 211 The weekend could not have been nicer. The class of1985lucked out again as both Saturday and Sunday were both beautiful days with cool temperatures. The baccalaureate Mass was held at 4:30 outside of Flynn Hall with Bishop the Most Reverend William H. Keeler, Bish- op of Harrisburg celebrating the mass. On Sunday the commencement activi- ties began at 11:00 and ended around 1:00 o'clock, Sally Shelton-Colby, Vice President of International Economics Department for the Bankers Trust Com- pany was given the job to address the graduates of the class of 1985. The weekend was filled with many special and lasting memories for all. Regina LaCrose and Ann Degan added a personal touch to their caps. President Wickenheiser presents the john M. Ko- lan Memorial Award to senior Hoai-Khank Pham. The Moment was X E x X xx Q 5 is ,... . Q Qi T ..,. . s'f .srr 1 . ... ..rr cer iiiiiii J 212 We w r - , WW ,L . After receiving his diploma graduate joe Giorge heads back to his gear, celebrates with family and friends. ., , S H Ii His Y 'F ,, - Ml r After the ceremonies graduate Chuck Millot ll t if!!! , Qlll' lil? f - f 2 'lsr W ,.:. Q, .5 u -v- I ,. 2 sn' Iii HU 553 ffl' ill? 5 i News , 1 X N4 S is 1 zf5rf?'f??1i5eV? 5l"f5??'f?ff.:ri I j aug. 2 T, ' ' i ' Wearing a smile of relief that the ceremonies The class of 1985 lines up in front of Bradley waiting for the ceremonial march to begin. Wefe about T0 Staff is Steve Saddlef' 215 ks A MOME F TRIUMPI-Ill Q o 0 Always the prep, Frank McShalley dresses for the occassion. Also pictured: Receiving The Reverend john B, Holley Memorial Prize from Dr. Margaret MCNUIW- Wickenheiser is joe Pettyjohn. l M Mem , , rf , fn, .,..4cr"'4"W .mu-,, S E l Pg if-1iL3QFY" ,' Looking like the perfect scholar is Delivering his speech is senior class john Sharltle. president Tim Feeney. Many faculty look on wondering how the members of the class of 1985 will meet the challenges of the real world. Celebration! ' "1 H V- i' '. ,- "f 4 'vi .35 , i f "ein NE' it 9 'P-1 'fx , 'I 5 fffigsi .J we ., , f 1 'S o . . Q? , lc., fr t Q- 4 ag, if.: .g3...l,,,f. 5.1 .gi A N V Mm ft .. r. - fifff t. t 4 I i 4, I ' 71' ig' :ik i f f '-FL'-"l-l"'4 AM' fs K it y ,i ' is Q Q, r Q is -fs ' i, f,1v'1j ' ,'-.+"2?2-fra Hr- ., fi T , f' W 1. ,S yl r P-lift fa 53 S- t - v- t ,1- ....,, .1 . 5 'Raw .wr-""""l' in 28' 4 A ',, 'Q is ' -'-' ' 'K 1 : ,xi -irq sff g QE, ". ' 1: ' hz . J .Q 1 5 its During graduation the reserve officers training corps were commissioned. Pictured: joe Anderson, Tim Feeney, Kathleen Gray, Pete Quinn, jennifer Costello, Mark Gavula, SENIOR DINNER DANCE 1984, the Senior Class joined to "eat, drink and be merry" at the annual Sen- ior Dinner-Dance. This semi-formal af- fair is one of the first milestones of their Senior year, as graduation looms even closer. The gala evening began with a sumptuous dinner served in Cogan Din- ing Hall. The menu consisted of two en- trees, Chicken Cordon Bleu and Carved Roast Beef, served with String Beans Al- mondine, Baked Potatoes and "Tots", Tossed Salad and Cream Puffs for des- sert. After dining, the 200 or so revelers danced and socialized the night away to the Top 40 sounds of the band, Stepp n' Blues. The Senior Dinner Dance is one of the last few opportunities Seniors have to enjoy each others company as a class, and judging from these photos, they did just that!! Senior Burt Reynolds and date Michele Binardo enjoy a slow dance together. 218 Throughout the entire evening the dance floor was crowded with seniors ready to dance. if ' an X A--. Q 'Q vw , yi ,lf.,f k?5i:'L'i,' 35 f A36 ' Q.. A V S JK' , X W. x 9 m --li 1 i, x 5 5 .A w -I , 115.04 xv 1 J-wmv . ...F-up.. . Qs- ALUMNI INDUCTIONS Monday April 17,1985 was the night for the annual senior Alumni lnductions. The evening began in B-Quad allowing the class to socialize and share many memories and laughs. The inductions officially started at 8:00 in the cafeteria. The seniors were re-introduced to a multicourse SAGA meal consisting of chicken, roast beef, vegtables, and baked potatoes. After the meal and many speeches there was plenty of beer for all. The evening ended with a quick trip to the RAT and then on to Tommy G's for a fevv night caps. The evening was fun for all who attended with many lasting memories. Sharing a good time are roommates Tom Barnes and lohn Shartle. The party in B-Quad proves to be the start of an interesting evening for Mary Cinoa, Paul Noone and Marianne Hillig. 220 iw Caught with a mouthful are lim Pierce and Paul Shown here are Catherine Beck and Tracey Thornett enjoying the atmosphere of Senior lnductions and a good SAGA meal. Giuliano at Senior lnductions. l. Q ' Seniors Dave Wilson, Mary Cinoa, Dave Gorman, Claire Varady, Jocelyn Slaby, Dean Hedely and Perry Rossi are celebrating before Senior lnductions. Having a good time as usual are Tim Reynolds, Tom Barnes, Mike Friia and Matt Katzenson, in B- Quad before Senior lnductions. 221 'BI-M K7 . ., IGI-IT I BALTIMORE This year the junior-Senior Prom was held at the new Omni International in Baltimore near the Inner Harbor. The dancing and fun began around 7:00 o'clock in the huge Francis Scott Key ball room and ended around 2:00 o'clock in the morning. The great sounds of Maxium Strength and a Mount Dj brought both classes togeth- er on the dance floor, to dance the night away. A great time was had by all despite the fact that the Omni ran out of alcohol. Kara Fay and Mike Towmey relax with a drink before dinner. V 9 ill. 'A g ,gtg I xxx!! y 1 it ' Viiiif . ' - . .AQ Enjoying the evening in Baltimore are Tammy Bream and john Leahy. Always a barrel of laughs john "Doc" Waller tells Cindy Preis and Larry lohnstone a joke. 223 l 1 The 1985 PRIDWI Has Laurie Arm Cotter 1963-1985 3 For without words, in friendship, all thoughts, all- desires, all expectations are born and shared, with joy that is unacclaimed. 'When you part from your friend, you grieve not, For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer fromythe plain. And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit. For love that seeks aught but the disclosure of its own mystery is not love but a net cast And let your best be for your friend. If he must know the ebb of your tide, let him know its flood. - Kahlil Gibran J i 5 v I l when t t ,MJ Been Dedicated To: Robert Norwicki 1963-1985 There will never be a day when I won't smile a quiet smile and say an unspoken thanks . . . just for you There will never come a time when I won't think of all the special things about you - you with the gentle touch and the warming grin and the kindest eyes l've ever known ... For there will never be a a r ,sea day inaouielivesaa t that you will not be a part of. - Laine Parsons Golden Patrons Hank and MaryJane Barbrack Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Callahan Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Calvetto The Campagna Family Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cangemi Thomas and Maryanne Cavanaugh Treey and Gloria Chambers Paul G. Coleman Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Collins Mr. 8: Mrs. Costello Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Drabb I.M. Fitzharris Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Gompers Walter T. Gorman Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Gross Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. 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Roa 20012 Octavia Ct. Gaithersburg, MD 20879 Greg F. Robertson Forest Drive Sands Point, NY 11050 Kathleen A. Robinson 2 Roberts Road Newtown Square, PA 19073 Mary C. Rooney 5305 Purlington Way Baltimore, MD 21212 Dennis T. Rossi, lr. 5 High Green Lane Stevenson, MD 21153 Stephen M. Saddler 7626 E. Arbury Ct. Laurel, MD 20707 Lisa Sansbury 10196 Green Clover Dr. Ellicott City, MD 21043 Stephen Scarpone 909 Parkside Blvd Claymont, DE 19703 Lisa A. Schell 24 Colonial Terrace Colts Neck, Nl 07722 Theresa M. Schloth 285 Belmont Road King of Prussia, PA 19406 Michael D. Schoeb ARAfEX Rm 3260, U.S. DP St. Washington, DC 20520 Stacey M. Seese 3578 Walsh Lane Huntington Valley, PA 19006 Charissa M. Seipp 801 Hillstead Drive Brooklandville, MD 21022 james E. Sharp 1903 Toyon Way Vienna, VA 22180 john T. Shartle 414 N. Houcks Road Harrisburg, PA 17109 john R. Shea 908 Blenheim Ave Absecon, NJ 08201 J. Kirk Singleton 243 S. 4th Street Reading, PA 19602 M. Colleen Sinnott 2667 Ogleton Road Annapolis, MD 21403 Michele M. Sinnott 6678 Loch Hill Road Baltimore, MD 21239 Carrie A. Sittnick 3163 Fairbury Lane Fairfax, VA 22301 Jocelyn R. Slaby 1497 Crofton Parkway Crofton, MD 21114 Robyn S. Slaveski 2301 Simpson Avenue Ocean City, NJ 08226 Daria A. Smith 160 Halsted Road Elizabeth, NJ 07208 Patrick A. Smith 3630 Austin Street, S.E. Washington, DC 20020 Suzanne F. Smith 12 May Court Rockville Center, NY 11570 Steven K. Smith 900 Walnut Street Frederick, MD 21701 Laura A. Smithson 67 Carriage Hill Colts Neck, NJ 07722 Amy Snoke 6 Jeffrey Drive Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Donald J. Stevenson, Jr. 347 Perrine Ave. Piscataway, NJ 08854 Robert E. Stubbs 16408 Henry Drive Gaithersburg, MD 20760 G. Lee Stugill 80 Bell Road Westminster, MD 21157 Stephen W. Sutcliffe 208 Cherry Hill Lane Bloomall, PA 19008 Denis B. Sweeney 6505 Beechwood Road Baltimore, MD 21239 Mark Swenarton 1 Joel Road Ocean, NJ 07712 Maryellen Tadsen 101 Dawson Drive Greenlawn, NY 11740 janet Taylor 2410 Arden Road Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 Margaret A. Thomas P.O. Box 180 Rocky Ridge, MD 21778 Patrick A. Thomas P.O. Box 180 Rocky Ridge, MD 21778 Barbara J. Tiernan 15036 Wellwood Road Silver Spring, MD 20904 Donald F. Topper, Jr. 30 Federal Avenue Emmitsburg, MD 21727 Stephen G. Trembly 135 Glenwood Ave. East Orange, NJ 07017 James T. Tritt 7404 Hilltop Drive Frederick, MD 21701 Michael J. Twomey 515 Plymouth Rd., Apt X-2 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 Claire M. Varady 4 Woodmere Drive Eatontown, NJ 07724 Matthew C. Victor 5 N. Beechwood Ave. Baltimore, MD 21228 Kenneth T. Villano 5 Tammy Terrace Kinnelow, NJ 07405 Franklin V. Vleck, Jr. 1664 Wakefield Valley Rd. New Windsor, MD 21776 William W. Waller 6913 Fairfax Road Bethesda, MD 20814 Edward R. Walsh 298 Strfford Avenue Wayne, PA 19087 Heather M. Walsh 57 Peregrine Dr. Voorhees, NJ 08043 Jodi A. Weaver 5643 Hanover Road Hanover, PA 17331 Melanie S. Webster 19600 Crystal Rock Dr., 1112 Germantown, MD 20874 Patricia A. Wig 14 Makefield Circle So. Allentown, NJ 08501 Gregory R. Wildman 7 Monarch Rd. Danbury, CT 06811 David J. Wilson 469 New York Ave. Pasadena, MD 21122 Jerome T. Wilson 147 Hillcrest Avenue Hilltop, NJ 08012 Edward A. Woolford 2919 Arcona Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Nancy K. Young 13208 Betty Lane Silver Spring, MD 20904 Mark J. Zaepfel 1521 Sleepy Lake Pkwy Suffolk, VA 23433 Theresa T. Zito 24 Brook Ridge Drive Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 In Memory of Neil ordberg by Chuck Henry I noticed that the antiphon was so perfectly appropriate today. "We hold a treasure, not made of gold." Neil was a treasure. Last night I was thinking about what I should say today and of course every- thing I thought of was completely inad- equate, but there are a couple of things I would like to reflect on. Neil, my friend - he was very funny. He was witty. He and I spent untold hours doing things together that, with- out him, would have been utterly mun- dane. He was bright. He had a keen eye and a sharp mind, but beyond that, he was almost literally bright. He sparkled. He glowed with the sheer joy of life. It didn't matter what time of the day or night it was. It didn't matter what agent of doom and gloom may have descend- ed upon me. Neil would come bounc- ing into my room wearing baggy pants, high tops and a poncho and I swear that the room would light up. He was tal- ented, he had a good voice and a good 240 1964-1984 ear for music. But he always seemed more concerned with the lyrics. So many times I can remember Neil singing something to me by Billy joel or Bob Dylan I can see him running up to me, so excited, smiling, smiling - how do you describe that smile without using a cli- che? It could warm you on a cold day. He would be smiling for having discov- ered a new lyric. He had seen some- thing new that made sense, that was true. Neil unlike most people, listened to more than the refrain of a song, and I think that's a reflection of how he led his life. Nothingwas too small to go un- noticed. Few things were so big and bad that he couldn't eventually take it with a smile. Most people work their whole lives trying to better themselves. Neil actually improved the lives of those around him. . This was because he had so much love in him. He loved his family more than I could possible tell you and he loved his friends more genuinely than anyone I've ever met. He loved music, food, laughter, nature. He loved to dream. He loved life. Neil had the rare ability to make the moments he spent with anyone truly special. This came from Neil's com- pletely genuine desire to give of himself in any way he could. He was so open, so real. I never saw Neil anger anyone, I never saw him look foolish, I never saw his facade crack because he didn't have one. The warmth and joy that poured out of him was completly honest. To have been blessed with a son or a brother or a friend like Neil is a priceless gift. To have him taken from us is excru- ciating. But I don't think he would want us to torture ourselves over this loss any more than we have. He would want us to remember the laughter and the love that we shared with him. He used to quote to me a line from one of his favor- ite songs. He said it to me roughly ten thousand times and I'm going to re- member it. "The secret of life is enjoy- ing the passage of time."

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