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 - Class of 1981

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CYZYCH 52056 Q6 61, , Qvpcovl wwwwjwuffw M AXJL j0 WM ' WWA MP9 UP PM 461 ' 'D WM MM WWW Ng , dw' ' Rf' W ,QZMQW md. UW Q 01blifZDjg,g,wEigEfwgK n' WCW EYXQO , WL Mg? My My C1 'Why My UWWJ' x XXFYND C14 ' www Yoffxgb ' Oflbskxwxviwi 'HHS Nl N . A 'QWOMTDCSYS W5 VSCWQ Q?,m,..Nx UQ' 3 16 G WN OJ 4311, N X hxjgtlvxf F 2 W A I P I . WAC- 2,2-W' ,YQ fren? V, Xi Vg KBFZFVZTZ yx EDKRQ YW? IWYN V Cm Qfjefxafrt I? Q66 ugh - m3?+1fRfa?5QX4QQ M252 fvf ' UQ Q XJ ' Avg Cs' HOxlyeHCQf75iTyYYWC!1i7D V ,5 . ww 6 M me 1 ii 3 pgfk UCS - 5, yang QM. flmj I Q0 Q. M575 . fm , Q ggjflsflgi Q'b2,7W 2151 eff l? KX, 6074160 y W 1 fwf 97,22 W Z, 'av 6,555-33,955 Lwf 5. 442.gif oQ 5xXX XX Q' 6p7 5 , 'XQ5309 A f . X 4 i L E!f4Qx,.K45,Ug14 631 K wx 63568 A 5wUg0iM1VO5 I2 in x vxfwfwww OW? of 5 fb N05 Cf0qKXQf0pw0"CLG5 Q CES U5xw0Q fd' MA? 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A f H 'A pi X JL ' V ' A A Il, 'X Q Q 1' e e O9 , ff.. 15 1 U M 'WMU' me e W Fm If 'X ' 2 fn I' - . 'xp V :J EJ N U X xl-if - 'U K ' k! W NJ Joy XJ J I-" L . jpxewu' f,!,QyW' ,gcwv JJ . Q WM ff ve YF' PM Tb Cv J M, , 5 'W Wx fy ,I ' ' , X X . , E g ' ' f ,'- ' X fly N512 Xl -by 'L xr " NN, 1. AX ,JJ Jim' rw 0 i NJ I EJ ' JV ,MSL WJ!-33, ,. N x ,NX J :AR ,A L- 'x XJXLTU xx, J :Dj VN j xrgiiv XF' L' 1 .J 1 J' ' A NC jf , Y. 'v .x X A HJ' ju 'W 4 ,X N,gAf7'iA WV A N X dx . 1 J . Ju ,XJ X X .QQ Xl ,I nv! N V. Ney FW, tx N, X x EXJJU ,X dv , VNV 3 x X ' W DJJ 'XX 3, 'N w A if fy IJ X jx , t, N DN Iii, m U A X , v I- 1, Q -.X X . 7 . X A xg' 3 f E. J :FR - H55 . XPJV YR: .X xx 'I ,A A Sub NY A 5 J E 1 U'J'AJ'Jy JL -4 4,1 f , 7 we ,LQ 70m we v 1 ,127 UL 4 1 Wuhdk n e JE L0 QVQYUQ, iq cb 1. 1 'W'i,fgQ:31,e . wLLleNf N VU f we We ef Viv fwfe 5 S A X 'I 'fd x I K I 'f FS? , We Volume 43. e+W'f , , f , , f ,LIJMJ rg' V AL J 7x K M ye e Q W Mount Sain! Mary ,lleezeierezye XV QV SU 1 Fleinfield- Wezielzuug euf jersey Q GX C I A XJ K V ' ' X wh Q D Q ...First day . . .only three minutes to change classes . . . I wonder who my big sister will be . . . first Mount dance. . . third in line . . . St. Joe's . . . Biology labs . . . pep rallies . . . Soph hop . . . halfway through! . . . Junior lounge. . .PSAT'S . . . Driver's Ed ...class rings.. .prom . . . three down, one to go . . . "Seniors lead out" . . . SAT'S . . . retreat . . . college applications . . . privleges . . . yearbook . . . graduation . . . future . . . friendship . . . love . . . Dates, people, places, and things that have been experienced in our life, wither into the boundless depths of our subconscious. Among the memories we have are those of our friends, fun, and life at the Mount. So it is with this, that in the following pages we unfold the years' best memories captured through the perma- nence of pictures - our scrapbook to you. .., All f I 4 s 2 I I I I 2 I 3 4 IE I sv ggi? ,, . Q 11 ...W mf ' , wwf ,,,iW, 1 of Vw. -,.,.w,..f,w+f-MW-- ' Ml- FX X X I , Y 5. 1 -, .I , - h L',, , Q '01 5 - I.. I - 12' TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Faculty Academics Activities, Clubs, Sports Student Life Underclassmen Seniors Ads Student Index 'Ti I IO 20 40 74 98 IOS I29 I75 lr 'XJ 'A 'cz' 15-'ETL ,-I 'f we 'Wx pgf- : I Q, Q pg- ,Y -. :U "Q nv. o Q QM Eggs: J. If. 1 41' f. 1, 3 Q. Lf g gi 'W Mfvh The Modes-nized Metrif w'iI.'2'2':3 Albin 12" J. .,., . N, 5 . . it af. f-sae? f Q +2 L f lvf A Q Y , 1 f- L, ' ' 27 ss" Y 'F K ?'ffQ3"-f S, w.....Y rzwvfz. zJ'li:5w,,wmm V A lv 132 :www W- :SAE .1 ,. wh Q, -WW, . MEM M - fx' :P my " QQQZWJY4 - 1 " 1' im ? f'g,,x.4 wiv 1. K - f M W - , 'f -N:4i5?.f" W Y 5 .4 . K ,-"" af me ff fin f V 5M 11.-'.,., ..::-. , 5 1 Q Q fi.. I gf' 'Q f J ' Q 1 I 4 'K -. nv xii. F :Q f -1 ,rf Six. -11 sn i 5 -fit S! V4- WM X 4 X XX ri fig Nil if Y 5 w -:Lf I ! 'Sly ,,. Q- 2 2 1 uk 1 W, ,JW Mx .f""""'q".-WMM v A N .Wu ,,k,, Zzculfy .QM X... A 1 iqifkkgi 'rv si fg sf Q. ls : ix . S ,..' S. Mary Assunta, Directress S. Marlene Fritz, Assistant Directress S. .loan McKeon, Director of Admissions S. Mary Lucia, Director of Guidance E as 5 Q S Rev. David I. Fulton, Chaplain S. Mary Charlotte. Treasurer S. Mary Anselm, Social Studies My Q Miss Margaret Ahern, English S. Mary Amadeo, Science S. Mary Colman, Social Studies Mrs. Caroline Caffrey, Math S. Mary Celeste, Math ,, ff' A :gif ' Mm' '21 f S 4AN4 in S. Mary Edith, English il. , A III' "ini in -1'f?Q5,,5'f1": w-gym Ayn XZP' " , -4,-ive S. Anna Fritzman, Language S. Mary Gomolka, Music S. Mary Grace, Science Mr. Joseph Dalton, Music 4, 'B Mrs. Anne Goetz, Language Mrs. D ise Haas, Math Miss Jean Hoffman, Physical Education S. Mary Helen, Language S. Mary Helene, Librarian an-if i S. Mary Ignatius, Science Mrs. Marilyn Hannon. Social Studies S. Mary Innocent. Science k.m.,.m,L Mrs. Mary Ellen Koch, English J U -J 'Y Q xi A xx NJ ja 15 V Q v xxx S. Mary Laetitia, English Qiswf-if E irii Mrs. Joanne Leucke. Science l '95 16 Mrs. Margaret Lyman. Nurse- Health S. Mary Matilda, Math I 'X S. Mary Rose, Math X S. Helen 0'DonneII, Business L , , 32 l Q ,. SX PNN? N 4 . e M qee Q S. Mary Mercedes, Religion Mrs. Lesley McDonald, Music f ee S. Katherine Mroz, English Mrs. Margaret O'Hara, Science sf S. Mary Petrina. English S. Marie Nicole. Religion Mrs. Donna Abrams, Art hu-L, Mrs. Margaret Shaw. Physical Education S. Veronica Pfeffer, Language by S. Mary Thaddeus. Language H . S. Alice Swartz, Religion . 9 we 1 S. Linda Travostino, Language MVS- -'Une Ford- S9C"et3"Y S Mar Timothy Attendance Co-ordinamr Mrs. Theresa Farrara, Mrs. Grace Hingston. Mrs. Julia Palub- ' Y ' niak. Mrs. Phyllis laone Mrs. Pauline Messinger, Housemother MPS- GFGCC HiI1SSt0I1 Mrs. Marie Posey, Housemother S. Mary Renee 'WSW 43: V4 mdemia' 4 3 E 'll' Nm.. ,Q Q K4-. Oiihitsssaiu-init ' , : G . iw - L' Palette plmscrs E 'N X .y .sr vx ,g Q. Vs Q ti 5 ,Q X 2 H In a class by themselves. Barbara really gets into texture drawing. 22 S i -i Wigan One good head deserves another , . it a L 1.t. ,l-. , Q, tt.. , M s elf-is-' S get Mixing paint the hard way. 'Wx Bach, Kvefhovcu, and Bruce ... 5.1 How do I get my arm out? 'S keys to succcss "Why S ,...,""w-M Aurora enjoys a mid-class snack. Look. Sister. one handl N pam fp Vn fi WWIL . N,n n K p mxmh 'nwrfw 4 ,,.,....w""' nlzx h - mmnn A-tip, B-tip, C-rip , , , This is called typing paper. Lipp Q1-- J ff' U15 Guiding fight They don't know there's a bomb in the box. annnnllhvkk Where did Bruce Springsteen go to college? The Open Door Policy. English King' glishj QF X , L...---'W Gee . l . your hail. smells terrific. lf these writers only knew what they were put ting us through. Boy. this is a boring picture! ii' Something to we N Q---Sh. Je ne comprends pas. 1 French students huddle for a brainstorm. talk amz! E 1 X D-.,j.h. , gf.: The same in any language. Let Sister's hands do the talki 5 2 -M, . -. we - Nm 1, ,ws W R w :!F?,V,w,4:::g3,:w3Vi. ,L ng. 29 Che time they are a chzmgin Dorothy ponders Wyoming. FX . Sister Colman does the tango. si 1 A xx 'Tens gl 'HAH gif, Q gy .,. :I :gw-umm f.: . iwawwww " , fr-wwf g-uma wa 1 - - fjfwaasnxmy. M h , ' ' T'ksXli"W'a'Fwv-.xv .. -S. mmamm Q3jsIIll" SE IQ Mrs. Hannon's new wallpaper. JL, ,,,.f. Maureen will now try to levitate her books. Do we have to listen to this book give another lecture? I think this man needs a beard. Only one girl did her homework? its It all adds up! x ifx H ami .. 'x ,.."" i,J 2 1 ,X r Bertha finds cameras more interesting than calculations. HQ' Q 1 3? Are you sure, Sister Matilda? 1 f Q P, E "Why me?" wonders Denise. Everyone's favorite substitute Ohl l'm in the wrong class. xf Games people play Another one bites the dust. r Wwwhmu Gram, mkfvz CII 2 Mrs Sha s new wallpaper. re do we go from h E Ne- .,., , ,x V25-xx , rw, 1 El 5, W 1 M: ffrifi K' PQ. Q ' . ' pil- - - 4 'YP ff-- 4-J 'MF F' ' - A Av X A K K K if fkiff igig ., -I 4.4 .- J' . - I gif .. . . .V x , 5 . f ,why 'S -' 91 5 -Q 'K A f- if 5, 7' f f ,Q 9 gl . Yi S - xf54if'1' . Q ' , T, 52 K". 'ffl' f ' f N K -- 5 ..Y51L,,:. V Q, .XA ' ,:..,, .L Q. A f ' i , 4 ,Q .A , an i dx Am:'.f,, e .4 KN gk ,Q 5 1 J , . " ' if ' 1 fn 5' 2 , ' 8 f 3 X L 'f-Xf1fi4'1'1-fi-fg 'rf,fff., ,mf-X A new kind of chorus line Street-wise Mgumies, m ,syxxw-M g Nm-Awww , as f .Asst Left leg levitation i X- fairway ,..,. we 3 No kidding? Kim practices transcendental meditation. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. 36 Cv Heaven I get by with a little help from my friends. Q Si ----- -' f .l.. -A -' N',:. Q X j --'- . YW .-1- eeeei f if me lll we ' Q Iil 1:0 ,... - NX ks! And they told me this class was fun . . . My eyes may be open but my hand's asleep Ideas Physics boggles the mind. I What's coming out of the sink? , 'Nb mind matter ..,,,,. , . i Look busy - here comes Sr. Innocent. On your mark, get set, gol l' ,4 cfilfifies, Zlulfs, Sparls ,xx fx MNJKAWZQ4 4 Q L-,vvfib WW ' WW uf My ww GP gf Myw JJ i nf f ,R -. ...S L BX4 Q4 Che majority rules Student Council Executive Board: K. Smith, R. Kurmin, Sr. Colman, M. Zimmerman, M. Dunphy, M. Savio, C. Epifano, M. Giglio V-3' Class Officers. Front. K. Komando, M. Foy, G. Gonzalezg Back: D. Russomagno, R. Varela, H. Rollins, R. Valenti, E. Ryan Blood bank helpers. Mary accepts her office. 'Ka Do I really look as white as a ghost? Even my pocketbook gave blood Piece by I9icce Chimes Staff I98I Editorial Staff. Bottom. K. Snyder, K. Hainer, T. Gibney, M. Hardy, Middle: K. McNamara. Mrs. Abrams, N. Sitar, Top. G Russomagno, K. Rush E 5 i 5 Smile pretty! Would you believe my dog ate the layout? ' Mk 1 44, A' Move over, Diana Ross. Well. in my opinion . . . 1 ,411 the news that Hts - W5 ,wind LN Fi E H55 HE Y' 5.54 'xl NNN E522 X ik A Peeks Staff. Front. M. Scialabba, C. Reilly. P. Duddy, B. Stark, M. St. Clair. Middle. F. Carusone, C. Ryan, E. Sullivan, C. Sullivan T Gibney, S. Katherine, G. Pfeifer, M. Zimmerman. Back: G. Russomagno, C. Varhegyi. P. O'DonnelI, L. Hilarczyk, W. Cobrda K Hooker, S. Barbato 1.2 L K .,,. A GOQC HEADLINE ul- ll Editorial Staff. C. Sullivan, C. Ryan, E. Sullivan. S. Katherine, T. Gibney ,ak E .f 5.3.5 Have you ever seen such eager reporters? just an who . . . We hoo Echoes Staff: First Row: M. St. Clair, K. Rush, Second Row, Miss Ahern, R. Kurmin, M. Torok, A. Bejgrowicz, K. Hansen, F. Carusone, M Kohutanycz, Third Row: K. Campbell, C. Sullivan. D. Kang, E. Sullivan, Fourth Row: D. Tiroly, S. Tidaback, Fifth Row: K. McNamara, G Russomagno, K. Smith -.M Echoes Editorial Staff: Miss Ahern, M. Kohutanycz, K. Rush, M. St. Clair Putting our heads fngcfher National Honor Society. Front. M. Hardy, C. Schuler. K. Komando, K. Bechhold, A. Bejgrowicz, L. Ryan, E. Sullivan, F. Carusone, Middle. C. Sullivan, K. McNamara, G. Russomagno, R. Kurmin. N. Sitar, K. Rush, M. Elko, M. Savio, M. Polizzotti, M. Foy, Back: Sr. Marlene, M. Giglio, M. Zimmerman, M. Dunphy, K. Smith, C. Epifano, D. Beke, M. St. Clair, I. Guerra, L. Vlasaty, C. Sheenan, K. Hajner, Mrs. Haas Es' French National Honor Society. Front: C. Ryan, G. Gonzalez, I. Guerra, L. National Merit Scholarship Commended Student: C. Spera, Sr. As Epifano, A. Bejgrowicz, P. Hardy, Back. C. Schuler. M. Hardy, A. Wagner guma 48 3 :, C o Latin National Honor Society. Front. M. Belmar. C. Epifano. D. Belmar. Back. P. Duddy, B. Stark. C. Russo. M. Scialabba. M. Kilcomons ' A Spanish N.H.S. tradition. Spanish National Honor Society: L. Ryan, K. Mielach, B. Burke. C. Glockner. M. Belmar. K. Neece. M. Sancilardi. T. Bombaci. M Paglia German National Honor Society: M. Polizzotti, D. Beke, M. Torok. K. McNamara, G. Pfeifer ,411 Over the Wrfrld :wx ' lilf s. L l l' if French Club: First. M. Parrish, E. Fogarty. B. Stark, A. Baerenbach, P. Triebenbacher, Mrs. Goetz, G. Gonzalez. Second Row. M. Perez J. Coll, C. Olenczak, W. Cobrda, Third Row. J. Haurey, A. Cuneo, L. Fresco, A. Beigrowicz, S. DiMarco, P. Kerwin, M. Bischoff, E Walsh, M. DeMair, Fourth Row. L. Zeman. l. Guerra, A. Wagner, S. Barbato, P. Psichos, K. Snyder, M. Hardy, E. McConway, G. Pfeifer L. Dietrick, Fifth Row. M. Torralbas. K. McNamara, M. Scialabba, P. Hardy, M. Stokes WKY- Q. I alF"'5 ' C3 x - , . . . ...,. x Octoberfest goodies. Latin Club. First Row. Sr. Anna, A. Cholewinski, K. Bolella, P. Corrigan, B. Meyler, Second Row. L. Clark, E. Ryan, C. McFadden, P. Duddy, R. Leone, L. Dietrick, Third Row: R. Fitzgerald, D. Belmar, M. Hardy,C. Ryan, M. Sancilardi, G. Garabo, Fourth Row. C. Sullivan, M. Martiak, A. O'Sullivan, O. Russo, E. Kerrigan, L. Mertz, M. Bennett, Fifth Row. K. Hooker, B. Wingard, D. Bruschi, P. LaQuaglia, E. Fallon, L. Epifano, J. De, Sixth Row. K. McNamara, D. Alongi, M. Scialabba, M. Belmar, C. Epifano, B. Stark, E. McGovern, A. 50 Wagner Spanish Club: Front. C. Glockner, L. Ryan, M. Cernadas, T. Bombaci. Middle. S. Barbato, M. Perez, M. Weimer, M. Martiak M. Torok, Back. K. Mielach, M. King, K. Gutter, S. Gorman, D. Belmar, A. Baerenbach, D. Zimmerman, R. Fitzgerald, M Sancilardi, B. Burke .... .-.WH . .H Y: ?7"W"3Q . .. W . 53 n lk, H AV 4 . YM. German Club. First Row. K. McNamara, M. Brady, Second Row. J. Pluscauski, D. Alongi, Third Row: K. Kurmin, A. Mack, G. Pfeifer, Fourth Row. M. Torok, A. Wagner, Fifth Row. M. Torralbas, C. Brundage, K. Hansen, C. Kelleher, Sixth Row: Sr. Anna, G. Curtis, L. Broderick, M. Polizzotti, D. Ludwig, D. Beke, U. House, E. O'Donnell Q H 0128. for the Ives! 23? W ""' ww - - mnlsniwibv 'ff:--' " h-'- l"x H.O.P.E. Club Mission Representatives: Front: J. Mooney, N. Maignan, Sr. Alice Swartz, S. Kang, A. Bejgrowicz, M. Valvano, S. Gorman, S. Rinaldo, C. McFadden, M. Valvano, L. Ryan, K. Mielach, K. Bechhold, T. Gibney, Joanne accepts the symbol of her office Back: R. Giangrande, M. Elmer, E. Monteagudo, C. Spera, D. Beke, S. Barbato, A. Cholewinski, V. Henderson. 52 H.O.P.E. Club Officers: Sr. Alice Swartz, T. Gibney, K. Bechhold. K. Mielach, S. Kang, J. Mooney, N. Maignan Someone give this cute plant a home! pleads Patti. Miss Hoffman arranges a date with Santa. Santa's little helpes. The winning basket 6111115 Guidance Aides. Seated. D. Arena, J. Howard, M. Foy, P. Triebenbacher. Standing. L. Vlasaty, L. Saez, L. Mertz, K. Rush, M Zimmerman. K. Neece, M. Giglio, A. Bejgrowicz 331 L, . 1 wi , . ,, . A A - A' is " P . . -s R' L 1 L G.A.A. Officers. M. Foy, L. Saez, L. Vlasaty, Mrs. Shaw Health Clubf Front. D. Beke, M. Polizzotti, S. Fedorczyk, R. Lay, G. Miller, Middle. S. Barbato. Mrs. Lyman, B. Burke. Back. K. Cunniff, Nevill, M. Parrish, M. Torralbas. I. Guerra 54 -5 1 , fm Social Studies Club Library Aides: Seated: U. House, M. Parrish,G. Miller, F. Carusone, M. Polizzotti, M. Sancilardi, C. Ryan: Standing: P. Duddy Hilarczyk Scasmal N N Q A is , 5 'iff 1. ' 1 QQ. Y C C 2 A wi if t Q . , J 3 sf C Kim opens the concert. Capturing the true meaning of Christmas. 3'-. rg. . 1 Chorale members raise their voices in song. Who, me? 56 I Serenade E Picture perfect. Carols by Chorale. Spotlight on sopranos. Barbara and Eileen play in harmony. 58 Strike lip the Hand as-4 The brass sets the beat. And the band played on! how toppers Drama Club But of course, darling! Spirits in the night. 59 houf us your spirit! Freshmen and Senior members of Spirit Committees Co-Directors: Mary Dunphy and Kathy Smith Now can we try playdough? in-.. 'Sv'- if aw, , 'u""""'-ff-....,,, 'WW'--.W.,4,,, 'mba-.MM Z 3 'jif .Jw QQ I L Wa a Q r 5 Wimifle 014, hm' We come! 1 i I g .... , A prime example of tennis elbow. Step one - place racquet in hand. Tee heel Tee heel of yah t.4.v-X"k1 N Q 5-dxwst, gk 'Q Tennis Team: Kneeling: M. Richardson, E. Caruso, H. Rollins, J. Richardson, J. Howard, Standing: Miss Hoffman, M. Manhart, K. Harrigan, E. Ryan 62 Kar .gr 4 ..,:..,:,s--- 1 N1 r, P. Hardy, J :Q - 2 f v 1 'J Q qv! 5 S v f O QC x -fo' 'f f Q ,. .... Qield H0 key Umm -,NRM - . N-fm., ..,.,.,kg133Q-.n,,,,gj f 1-V: ...x.. if CU 1--M , . mm-.,.. ,M S e ' 15 5 Oopsl Missed again. g 3 - Q N i . n . ' in .R swcmsv X V ffvcxn What's growing in these cups? ,L me 5 is E ,A Q 1,5 5499 ' 11-'S aw 54,217 ' 6 fi " "L Q-,f7gf.f3,Ag ,., V V I . we " 'Aff' t ig 5? 'T' W i a ' w x-v H f Q W i 3 "',xg,v+1 in e in v rw .x sw' -we -,f ..-5 glgfi.. LAL " t Vg,-4, ' fr ? -:M 'fm-.'i'f-- 5355-I Did I miss something? QJ commits mr sticks Field hockey scramble. Slice! Field Hockey Team: Kneeling: B. Stark, P. Kerwin, R. Miller, M. Foy, L. Saez, M. Stokes, G. Curtis, M. Sibley, Standing: M. Hardy, K O'NeiII, S. Magee, T. Eichelberger, L. Tucci, M. Hardy, L. Mertz, Mrs. Shaw hav! the Works 'fs' is i if' , -1-2 3 ale u ....... .. x . Are we supposed to pick up the ball? Aren't you glad you used Dial? K .W ddd.d...,., if ,gligwb 4 R - +-N M S we '91 em .. . M .,, K . XS its I .II ,.,.. .,,.uA ff ...,--.. ' ,:, Q d.d.u X d-u.XXL Basketball Team: M. Stokes, E. McConway, E. Monteagudo, J. Manhart, D. Nesser, S. Smith, M. McConway, T. Eichelberger, G. Curtis, M. Kilcomons, E. Frias, M. Sibley, L. Vlasaty, Sr. Nicole No, Julie, your makeup isn't going to run. A perfect "IO' ' - Which way do I go. George, which way do I go? Give me an Jlfl- - Cheerleading Squad: Bottom: C. Crichton, C. Fresco. Middle: A. Bejgrowicz, L. Ryan, D. Toy, Top: R. Henderson, M. Carroll, C Hurley, L. Tucci Just watch me pass it through her legs. Lisa, do you get the feeling we're the only ones who know what we're doing? 5'l1Qv,vi14g out Gymnastics Club. Bottom. S. Rinaldo, S. Tirolyf Middle: N. Wickoff. L. Keyt, A. Ludwig. L. Walsh, G. Neal, E. O'DonneII, M. Perez, A. Cuneo, Back. B. Gomez, L. Haurey, M. Landre, V. Palfy, P. Kerwin, S. Henderson. K. Kurmin. J. Haurey 1 ! 1 1 N 5... we Give me an "L" Double vlslon. ' 'fj,.l, 69 Meer Mr. Ed. Which way did he go? Hack in the Riding high- Mom, set another place for dinner. 70 -. -- igig,-A ay' a X 5014116 things Q Yb- DQ 2 Kongratulations To Che 6111.95 Of 1987 U15 ,Mercy Guild . , ii never ennnge mm X J 5 Q Best Wishes 270 Che Senior 611155 Zfne ?n!ner.s" 6lnl1 an Student Ziff: 3'7" x AM. nag .as ,4 hash new start "We want you as a new recruit." 15 4 a -f.:-wx. ,Uv H,W,u.M,M,u, if.: ,gy H 'fig fd No, I can't play "Born to Run." .1 .mf 3 fl New Mount Moms. K 4 H.O.P.E. Club officers face the freshmen firing squad. A classical guitar lesson with no strings attached. And this is only orientation! WSE f. iwsifir .5 Qld! ini? was 1 5i?"l'l! ,ga V Sistzrs in spirit 'J' LS- . Some like it, some don't. leftovers 383917 Sisters. Where did all the food go? WWW New Wan' - Dancing chin to chest. 0 fl Hack Clapping to the beat. Short circuit! Should I ask him or not? lfosfordoy, Zforloy, ond Corrrorrouf We will always remember the joys we have left behind, and hold close the memories of the deep friendships which we have formed. Each day we hold new thoughts and strengthen our ties of lasting friendship with each other. 0ur futures are filled with a hope for one an- other: that our dreams may someday become our reali- ties, our dreams of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. .Ni- k , i - -N12 'R , E s F ' ,Mischief makers SC. 3 Woodstock revisited. ,.1. The new stars of "Beach Blanket Bingo." Gong Show reject. Send in the clowns. 82 l , xrfimp Grflrlrlc it up! so m,, Howl 5.9941 X if ow: W x ,f . 4 f if Xowg. L xg A x-,' .M 5 Flower power. n"mP',f- You're all out of uniform. I did have a movie. but 4 , . Q Qu, in-2 iivfff ' .fix--x.r45! A . 4 ' ' U--f'--reef .-seg , 3 , .. My , . ,f Q ,Q 1 ' vc ' A . . ' -as xy "--... : N., w. i "'-s.N"'lns.,,, u..,,mM 3 K' - nn .,, 4 L fi ""w'. N-of x.,r.f..o. ...J ff' X Peace Mists on All together now. gmt! 55353 Is?TnE Mvf5 OF 'Sami a-"""",.,. ww the Waves nf Time cf' Reflections on a new day. Father Dave celebrates Mass. 1,2 A 5 Where God and the sea unite. Kady and Kathy add a happy note to Senior Retreat. x '1 2711's and drrlffs Do be creative with your hair. Don't be afraid to accessorize your outfits. 86 Xa Sl ff 3 X N'-Ss. ,W Qt Qi 3 HQ w M S f -get et Don't frown! lt causes premature wrinkling. Don't let your little brother do the wash. af Manu! gil him Do occasionally rest your eyes - it does wonders for your appearance. Don't let problem dandruff go unresolved. Cesfsasffvffiffsffr- . ' .cas1s:'s:11-1.-2.315552 i Do wear hair accessories - they brighte even the dullest uniform. 3 Do wear the latest Paris hat fashions. Crass and traditions Sophomores share in the celebration. Sr. Assunta participates in the holiday tradition. Last minute adjustments. Cindy takes a quick nap. Cfhrisfufuzs update M 3 ,.,,. N lc ff-'M M f J, . uf-. , . Show us your Underalls. .. m W .. y y oyoo y . . y ,o If Mikey won't eat it, Dorothy willl H ..yL ,ir , "Oh, Toddl" " . . . and one new development fund." "Live . . . from the Mountl" way? Stepping Out I can't resist a man in uniform. Don't look now, but I've pinned my finger to my dress. Cheese! So close and yet so far l'm glad he left some for me. Home away frvm home Gee. its s fun burning a hole in my shlrtl A-. 92 X Q i af- X x E Q HX g y i N 1i,1 , X X SY Q SN 2 we , m X N XL? i : f ' ' E 5 l f f we -Q 2112: ' ,Q Q www W Ex you 1 x k no . The photographer said "smile", but U .5 "1 if JQKMQQQ. ' ., 1 sie if f' "f"x,5fv'-sfo Q .X v-W KL 4 : ,f-any A :JMW-I, J., 3.1,-j.. , . JY ' ' ' e 4 x 1 f je I this is ridiculousl 'Z X -A kr N--NS' r ..-.age 1 if QL X P ML, , W we Q F, X, . Hi.-f , 1 ,fi if Q' '23 M A, ,, -.fu "Ns.....-...W--rw.-. NJN " 1 Going my way? I love Dial-A-Jokel I Hey. it's Candid Camera! Bruce's fan club Who ate my apple? tudeuts strut their stufi Denise gives a smile for the Seniors. Miss Ahern - Teacher of the Year. Are you sure l'm going to look like Bo Derek? duringSfudc14f Kmmcil Week Mounties, get ready! . The original Raggedy Ann. Mary an . ' : , N A .. W - .- Nancy slips a cookie into her wallet. My teeth are stuck together. Do you have to get so emotignal? How did you know I had spaghetti for dinner? ,,. Buzz! They said we couIdn't wear high heels . . . I have a feeling we're not going to win. Freshmen have final victory. "Could you please repeat the question?" i llnderclassmeu ,...,-1-I W I I1 IN S K e ff ' ., X .. Q xx YQ' www' auf places, new faces ,gww l 'Mf,g,Q0, CLAJCJ1-OLALU' Kilim' x"lfLQjLQQjL CbOfVW-00.0 "Am t. M. Brice. G. Curtis, L. Chingery, R. DeGross, L. D'Agostino, A. Cuneo, C. Crichton, L. D'Ascoli, P. Caccavo Back: J. De, K. Bolella, M. Bennett. J. Bilodeau, J. Choi. S. Connelly, C. Bertha, C. Birmingham, P. Corrigan. A Cholewinski, D. Bruschi 2515.1 2 'vw gs Q5 First. D. Ehling, C. Fresco, J. DeIVecchio, A. Doren. E. Gross, G. DiCosoIa. Second. L. . 4 R 3 gl Q- Frank, B. Gomez, E. Fallon, M. Foley, K. Hansen. S. Fowler, C. Freeman. Third. M. S E X T gm Giancaspro, M. deVre, K. Hooker. Fourth. S. Fesseha, M. Elmer, J. Falcone, J. Farley P S if " - A R gs 100 A . A ' E3 A Q Lb - 3 2 'JM X' -DX .J Front: L. Lorenzo, P. LaQuaglia, M. Nevill, M. Landre, L. Parello. C. Kelleher, Middle: D. Leahy, A Mack, J. Ort, K. Kurmin, C. Olenczak, L. Lewis. G. Maignan, Back. M. McConway, C. Martin. G. Neal, E. Monteagudo, L. Perry, E. McGovern, B. Meyler Front: P. Villa, M. Wikoff, T. Verni, C. Pizzi, A. Waldron. D. Toy, Middle: K. Thomas, J. Richardson, T. Riffel, R Sabatino, M. Salerno, D. Russomagno, Back. G. Salvati, R. Varela, J. Pluscauski, D. Reilly, B. Wingard, S. Smith Che second time around Bottom: M. Anerousis, A. Adamiak, S. Clark, D. Belmar, Middle: M. Carroll, M. Costenbader. M. Cernadas, W. Cobrda, L. Clark, M Boyden, D. Alongi, S. Barbato, M. Brady, Top: J. Coll, A. Brilhante, D. Arena, A. Cupo, A. Baerenbach. J. Ciampa ,A ... ,, Bottom: M. DeMair. P. Duddy, Middle: S. Gorman, L. Fresco, M. Hardy, R. Faraldo, S. DiMarco, E. Foley, V. Farkas, L. Dietrick, J Haurey, R. Fitzgerald, E. Fogarty, Top: K. Gutter, K. Harrigan, P. Hardy, M. Hawley, G. Garabo i Front. T. Jenifer, U. House, R. Miller, M. Martiak, J. McLaughlin, L. Mertz, Middle. A. Ludwig, E. O'DonneII, P. O'Donohue. C. McFadden, L Keyt, M. DeBIasi, C. Laffan, Back. P. Kerwin, M. Kilcommons, J. Meszaros, E. McConway, M. Makarewicz, J. Henderson , , , ll... I nf wd'. sm. I .5 .ve K Elm Q.. swf "' . aw 'a 5- ie - -elif" ' .:,l gi.. ,L ws. . V R. Q'-f '- ,:?,.f- -ixfn . ' if . ' ' ' Q . '- va- i 'H K, 'M -N AF Lv iz ,A is...g.w Q, .,. " vip-.sf if ' a ' fi - S+ W .. A I 3,9-. zany . f Q . , "Lx ,Wk , . ,uw -Qr ,.. , , .wg f .hw-:gs . ,Q Pi, Q L '1 L,--J Kneeling: M. Richardson, E. Ryan, M. Scialabba, C. Reilly, K. Piegari, G. Pfeifer, M. O'Leary, M. Perez, Standing: L. Siegal, C. Russo, P. Psichos, L. Robbins, M. Parrish, K. O'Neill, N. Scully, K. Scirocco, J. Portz, S. Rinaldo Front. B. Stark, P. Triebenbacher, M. Stokes, R. Valenti, C. Tone, Middle: L. Tucci, K. Wyles, E. Walsh, D. Terrezza, L. Somers, S. Tiroly, L. Walsh. Back. A. Wagner. L. Zeman. M. Weimer. K. Snyder. D. Zimmerman Chrce down - One in gn Front: K. Bechhold, A. Bejgrowicz, D. Cabansag, L. DePaoIa1 Middle. T. Ehling, F. Carusone, G. Bottone, P. Carolan, M. Choi, T Bombaci, Back: C. Chaszar, B. Diaz, T. Bogle, G. Cipolla, S. Buckard, L. Bianchini, T. Eckert, P. Doran. K. Cunniff if 5 k S' . Mi . F' ons J , !,f,,s .. uf A - f- ,-Dik."L P'f.f5?s4L:k' N: 1... Q K, Seated. C. Gibbons, R. Giangrande, S. Kang. M. Esposito, R. Henderson, Y. Gonzalez. P. Freer. Standing. C. Barclay, K. Hainer, L. Epifano, D. Fang, M. Hardy. C. Glockner, C. Jewell. I. Guerra. T. Gibney. E. Frias 6 .. Front. A. O'Sullivan, K. Komando, K. Mielach. Middle. M. McAuley, M. Karr, P. Orzechowski, D Minotto, V. Palfy, L. Perrone, K. Lutke, R. Leone, Back. A. Parisse, E. Kerrigan, J. Manhart, E Monteagudo, S. Magee, A. Krauser, D. Nesser, M. Paglia, T. Mesgleski, C. Menzer Kneeling: E. Sullivan, A. Sia, E. Flocco, C. Purcell, Standing: H. Rollins. M. Yonadi, M. Sibley. K. Reilly, S. Placzek, K. Tully, D. Taura, M. Sancilardi j. 3 YL Front: C. Vastano, P. Pontoriero, C. Sica, L. Vlasaty, L. Ryan, C. Ryan, J. Sandorse, Back. A. Uher. D. Tassie, C. Sheenan, T. Eichelberger, B Rak, C. Schuler, K. Slater euivr ig w4 fx I VN, ,,. N . Sf" . LP' A 'S SQA ww QQ 4 - Nm: -A Q, LLX,. A . my SIM-k m ': I EQKQRTY Q, 'WL . k "J" 'Q 'fggmg g, , 'F' L ,ffwiMM'+- kwvwm -5- , -sh S M . i " A NV 1 w nv S ti M w. I f i kki' . 5. I k'kk i I fflljgfg I wif yy - as I ' s KATIA MAYELA ALPIZAR I've learned alot, yet there's still more to know, Friends l'll leave behind l'II think of with tears, I hate to leave but it's time to go Full of happiness and pain, these past few years, But there's one thing I want you all to know Thank you. Anon. MARY FRANCES BARNETT I didn't think- I never dreamed That I would be around To see it all come true. Paul McCartney ,4 ,vicfurc postcard, DOROTHY MADELINE BEKE Though I know I'll never lose affection For people and things that went before, I know I'll often stop and think about them. In my life l'll love you more. MARIA-LUISA BELMAR And only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live in every experience. pain- ful or joyous, to live in gratitude for every moment, to live abundantly. Dorothy Thompson Billy .loel's "Souvenir" is used with permission in this yearbook. QIQ74, l975 by BLACKWOCD MUSIC INC. and JOELSONGS Rights administered by BLACKWOOD MUSIC INC. All rights reserved ,4 folded 5 uh, AURORA MARIE BERNARD On the silent wings of Freedom we shall fly. Yes w, Y! K! xr 1 .es wg. PAMELA CORINNE BLISS IBelieve in you my friend Time can't erase my memory I will never forget your smiles and your tears. IBelieve in friendship. and all those great years. Daria Gies LORI ANN MARIE BRODERICK Our time together was like a sandcastle But the sea has washed it away And the hourglass tells us it's now time to build a new one. L.A.M.B. ,iv 'N 'X i my CARA ANN BRUNDAGE Did we leave our way behind us Such a long, long way behind us Who knows when, now who knows where Where the light of day will find us? Look for the day. Brian May ,4 program How long it's been since yesterday When we parted And what about tomorrow We were laughing still. And all the memories we've shared. Keep a Fire Burning . . . BEVERLY BURKE MARY KELLY CAMPBELL MARY FRANCIS DUNPHY I believe in the love that you gave me. I believe in the faith that can save me, What abgut the dreams As our good-byes were said. I believe in the hope and I pray. That someday it may raise me. John Denver Jackson Browne Bruce Springsteen I as R' u s Sl MARTHA ANN ELKO It was the best of times. it was the worst of times. it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness . . . Dickens nf I e play CHRISTINE A. EPIFANO Don't let life discourage you, everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was. Richard L. Evans SUZANNE FEDORCZYK For I must be travelling on now. 'Cause there's too many places I've got to see. 4 Lynyrd Skynyrd it DAWN FINDLEY My life is just beginning. I'm happy he is so proud of me. And because of that, He is. too Dawnie We away MARY ELLEN FOY Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. Louisa May Alcott MARTHA ELIZABETH GIGLIO Morning brings another sun tomorrow See the things that never rome today. Neil Youngs L I ARLENE MARIE GAJARSKI LUZ EIDY GARCIA We go our different ways Goals - I find the great thing in this world to separate situations is, not so much where we stand. as in what It's not that easy anymore. direction we are moving. Billy Joel Goethe the phofngraphs GLADYS CECILIA GONZALEZ Every tomorrow brings new hope. Hope is not a dream, but a way of making dreams become reality. For all that has been - thanks. For all that will be - yes. Anon. , Q N as ,,.,,,N t '.a., Q ALISA COLLETTE HENDERSON Every human being is intended to have a character of his owns to be what no other is, and to do what no other can do. William Channing VENISA CAMILLE HENDERSON The purpose of life is not to be happy - but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make a difference that you lived at all. Leo Rosten Kauai.. LORRAINE THERSA HILARCZYK l consider it a challenge before the whole human race - And I ain't gonna lose - We are the champions - my friends And we'll keep on fighting - till the end. Queen ,I J? ,, zz " x 6 as , ' ' . -'-L JOANNA MARGARET HOWARD So you're scared and you're thinking that maybe we ain't that young anymore. Bruce Springsteen Of your X, C BRENDA CHARISE JENIFER One by one the sands are flowing, One by one the moments fall, Some are coming, some are going Do not strive to grasp them all. Adelaide A. Procter Gm W' -NNW fwlfimy, 3 J MIA DAISY KANG I've shut the door on yesterday And thrown the key away - Tomorrow holds no fears ,for me, Since I have found today. Vivian Y. Laramore MARY ELLEN P. KELLEHER THERESA KIM The most wasted day is that in which we Live, Love, Laugh and be happy. didn't laugh together. Anon Anon. g Am! your MARY ELIZABETH KOHUTANYCZ May you grow up to be righteous ROBIN JEAN KURMIN ROBIN PATRICIA LAY May you grow up to be true I wish I could carry your smile in my heart. Time it was May you always know the truth A.S. and what a time it was: And see the lights surrounding you It was. And may you stay - Simon and Garfunkel FOREVER young. Bob Dylan DIANE THERESA LUDWIG We are driven by random winds, blown and crushed under passing wheels or lifted to a garden in the sun. And for no reason at all, that anyone can see. Belva Plain WIUIWIKIUIIS CHRISTINE MARIE LUSIO Tomorrow, we'Il try harder, To live every moment and dream. That will last us forever. C.M.L. KIMBERLY IRENE MADISON Music, which has the power to uplift, in- spire, encourage and reward the human person, is one of the innumerable gifts of God. and must be passed on to the world. M.S.M.A.M.F. I NANCY MAIGNAN .le regarde demain avec une larme sur ma joue. Car J'ai vecue aujourdhui et houe dire aurevoir. I look toward tomorrow with a tear in my eye, For I have lived my today and hate to say goodbye. Bech ELIZABETH ANNE McCARTHY I would turn the pages back But time will not allow. The way these days just rip along Too fast to last, to vast. too strong. Jackson Browne Q X I I KATHLEEN MCNAMARA We've had our smiles and tears, dear friends. S.Hoos ': will tum GIZELLA ANNA MILLER Certain it is that there is no kind of affec- tion so purely angelic as the love of a fa- ther to a daughter. There is something which there are no words to express a Father's love. Addison x klf""xlNl'S:-I. S x , S 1' DIANE MARIE MONTAGNA We've got one last chance to make it real. 3 L s . 'ix Bruce Springsteen is 'pgs is ,115 x 'Q . ,A g if, , s Y s I at - I . if 5 X . c wg ix N t K P P- ,ff l M ' sk r-' L' s 'N' xv s.. "f Q .. .,.. Vr.,t 1. s . . 5 in dust JOANNE MOONEY Friendship is a promise never to say . . . "goodbye," Chris Goodwin 'Q T T- at o,,e . 15, I KRISTINE KATHRYN NEWALLIS This time has ended The new will begin We've learned alot Yet there's still more to know . . . Anon. KARENANNE NEECE lt is only with the heart that one can see rightly what is essential, is invisible to the eye. Fox to Little Prince PATRICIA ANN O'DONNELL If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. lf you can dream it, you can become it. Anon. But tluzfs the price gi E 3 GLORIA JANE ORZECHOWSKI How can you say MARY ROSE PGLIZZOTTI KATHLEEN MARY RUSH Where HI be from day to day Two road diverged in a wood, and I - No matter where I am When I don't even know myself. I took the one less traveled by, I can't help thinkin' But this life that I lead And that has made all the difference. I'm just a day away Is so full of mysteries Robert Frost From where I want to be. That's why I'm always on my way. JaCkS0r1 Browne M.T.B. I yan GABRIELLE RUSSOMAGNO Someday . . . I don't know when, I'm going to get to that place Where I want to go, and l'll Walk in the sun . . . Bruce Springsteen LISA ANNE SAEZ The good times all are gone, and I'm bound for movin' on. l'll look for you if l'm ever back this way. Neil Young FHM MARGARET MARY BERNADETTE SAVIO AILEEN REINE SAWABI For still there are so many things that I have never seen: in every wood in every spring there is a different green. .l.R.R. It's gone by so fast I keep thinking l've missed something It seems very sad. But the future holds mystery to me Tolkien I'm looking forward to so many things. S.R.A ?rfr every year? NOREEN SITAR To laugh often and muchg to appreciate beauty: to find the best in others: to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - this is to have succeeded. Ralph Waldo Emerson .2 JEANNENE AMY SMITH KATHERINE A. SMITH When a dream becomes a reality You remember the faces, Even the heavens tremble. the places, the names. Anon. You know it's never over, it's relentless as the rain. Bruce Springsteen ii lit if ' 1 . gg 22 I I in 5 f cm ,sz K, KIM MARIE SNYDER Special joys and special places, special friends together - The moments pass so quickly. but the memories are forever. G.W. Douglas S Q-rmm, zz sauzfmir CYNTHIA BERNADETTE SPERA Don't be dismayed at goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes Is certain for those who are friends. Robert Bach 2 Q 3 CLAIRE MARIE SULLIVAN What peaceful hours we once enjoyed, How sweet their memory still. William Cowper MARGARET PAGE ST.CLAIR This time, like all other times, is a very good one. if we but know what to do with it. Ralph Waldo Emerson SUZANNE PATRICIA TIDABACK Be closer to believing though the world is torn apart For a moment changes all things And to end is but to start. ELP MARIA ANTOINETTE TORRALBAS Spread your love to all those around you Now is the time For tomorrow it may be too late. M.E. that slvufly DENISE ANDREA TIROLY Just as we are drawn MARIKA TOROK farther apart from each other Marv obstacles lay ahead . . Hindering the success of my goal, So do our memories from our minds. Failure I will always dread Bult If Lhey Zrekfgtgong ' ' ' l But only hopes of victory are in my soul. ett em e in . John -I-...ogy Marika fades away. CORNELIA ELIZABETH VARHEGYI . . . ooh, it makes me wonder. There's a feeling I get. when I look to the west, and by spirit is crying for leaving. J. Pagefk. Plant ADELE FELICIA YOHO For long you live and high you fly, And smiles you'II give and tears you'Il cry. And all you touch and all you see, Is all your life will ever be . . . Pink Floyd 1. 2 . Q so I ii MARY ELIZABETH ZIMMERMAN A final year has approached, Beautiful seasons passed, Soon we'II say good-bye holding onto memories never to be forgotten. Look ahead - we're just beginning Create: we've got our whole lives. Anon ...I enirfr ,flctivific KATHLEEN ALPIZAR- G.A.A. I, 2. 3, 4, Bowling Club I, 2. 3 MARY BARNETT - Drama Club 4, G.A.A, 2. 3, 4, Chimes 2, 3, 4, Social Studies Club 2. 3. 4, Horseback Riding I, Spirit Comm. H.R. Rep. 3, 4 DOROTHY BEKE , H.O.P.E. Club, Mission Rep. 3. 4, Drama Club 4, German Club Pres. 4. Co-Pres. 4, German Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, Library Aide 3. 4, Chorale I, 2, 3. 4, Social Studies Club 3, 4, Spirit Comm. 4, Health Club Secretary 3, Activities Chairperson 4. MARISA BELMAR Homeroom V.P. 3, Drama Club 4, Spanish Club 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Spanish Nat'I Honor Society 4, Ski Club 2, G.A.A. I, 3, 4, Social Studies Club 4, Spirit Comm. 3. AURORA BERNARD - Drama Club 3, Mountain Peeks 3, Horseback Riding 2, 3, Swimming I PAMELA BLISS - Homeroom V,P. 3, Ski Club I, G.A,A. I, 2, Social Studies Club 4, Horseback Riding I. 2, Spirit Comm. 3 LORI BRODERICK Homeroom V.P. 2. Pres. 4, Drama Club I. 3, Publicity 4, German Club I. 2 Treasurer 4, Ski Club I, 2, G.A.A. I, 2. 3, 4, Mountain Peeks I, Echoes 3, 4, Chorale I, 2, 3. 4 BEVERLY BURKE - Drama Club 3. 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Spanish Nat'I Honor Society 4, GAA 2. 3, 4, Chimes 4, Social Studies Club 3. 4, Health Club 3, 4 CARA BRUNDAGE - Drama Club 4, German Club Treas. 3, 4, Ski Club 2, GAA I. 2. 3. 4, Mountain Peeks I, Gymnastics Club 2, 3. 4, Chorale 4, Social Studies Club 3. 4, Swimming 3, Spirit Comm. 4, Cheerlead- ing I KELLY CAMPBELL - Homeroom Pres. I, H.O.P.E. Club 3, Drama Club 4, French Club 2. 3, Mountain Peeks I, Gymnastics Club I. 2. Pres. 3, Band I, 2. 3. 4, Social Studies Club 4, Spirit Comm. 4 MARY DUNPHY , Homeroom Pres. 3, Student Council Service Director 4, Latin Club 2, French Club 3, 4, French Nat' Honor Society 3, Varsity Basketball 3, Varsity Softball I. 2. 3, 4, Ski Club I, 2, GAA I. 2, 3, 4, Gymnastics Club I, Spirit Comm. I. 2. 3. 4, Cheerleading I MARTHA ELKO - Homeroom Pres. 3, V.P. 4, Nat'I Honor Society 3, Secretary 4, Latin Club 2, Treasurer K 3, French Chb 2, 3. 4, French Nat'I Honor Society 3. 4, Varsity Basketball 2, 3, Ski Club I. 2, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Social Studies Club I, 2. 3. 4, KIMBERLY MADISON - Drama Club Pres 3 E, 4, GAA 2, 3, 4, Chorale 2. 3, Pres 4, Spirit Comm. 2 NANCY MAIGNAN - St. Mary's Villa Academy I, German Club 2, 3, Ski Club 2 ELIZABETH McCARTHY - Homeroom Pres. 3 E 4, H.O.P.E. I, 2, Drama Club I, Latin Club I, 2, French Club 2, 3. 4, Varsity Tennis 3, Varsity Basketball I, 2, 3, Varsity Softball I, Ski Club I, 2, GAA I, 2, 3. 4, Mountain Peeks 4, Echoes 3. 4, Social Studies Club 4, Spirit Comm. 2, 3. 4, Prom Comm. 3, 4 KATHLEEN McNAMARA - Homeroom Pres 2, Nat'I Honor Society 3, 4, H.O.P.E. Club 3, Drama Club I. 3, 4, Latin Club 4, German Club V.P, 3. 4, French Club 2. 4, GAA I. 2, 4, Mountain Peeks 3, Chimes 3, Business Editor 4, Echoes 2, 3, 4, Social Studies Club 4, Swimming I, Spirit Comm. 2. 4 GIZELLA ANNA MILLER - Ski Club 2, GAA 2, 3. 4, Library Aide 2, 3, Pres, 4, Chimes 3, 4, Chorale I, Social Studies Club 3. 4, Bowling Club 2, Horseback Riding 3, Health Club 3. Treas. 4, Prom Comm. DIANE MONTAGNA - GAA 3. 4, Mountain Peeks 2, 3, Chimes 3, Echoes 4, Social Studies Club 4, Horseback Riding 3, Spirit Comm. 4, Prom Comm. 3, 4 JOANNE MOONEY - H,O.P.E. Club I. 2, 3, Pres 4, Ski Club I, GAA I. 2, 3, 4, Chimes 3, 4, Social Studies Club 4, Bowling Club I. 2, Swimming I, 2 KAREN NEECE - Academy of the Holy Cross 2, H.O.P.E Club 3, Drama Club 3, 4, Spanish Nat'I Honor Society V.P. 4, GAA I, 3, 4, Sewing Club I, Chimes 4, Guidance Aide 3. 4, Prom Comm. 3, 4 KRISTINE NEWALLIS - H.O.P.E. Club 3, GAA I, Gymnastics Club 2. 3, Chorale I, Horseback Riding 2, Swimming 2 PATRICIA O'DONNELL - Drama 3. 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Spanish Nat'l Honor Society 3, Sec,fTreas. 4, GAA 2. 3. 4, Library Aide 2, Mountain Peeks 4, Chimes 4, Gymnastics Club I. 2, 3, 4, Social Studies Club 3, Swimming I. 2. 4, Prom Comm. 3, 4 - 1 GLORIA ORZECHOWSKI - Homeroom V.P. 2, GAA 3, Spirit Comm. 2. 3 MARY POLIZZOTTI - Nat'I Honor Society 3, 4, Drama Club 2. Corresponding Sec. 3, 4, Latin Club 2, German Club 2. Sec. 3 Pub. 4, German Nat' Honor Society 3. 4, GAA 2. 3, 4, Library Aide 2, 3, 4, Chorale I. 2, 3. Sec 4, Social Studies Club Treas. 3. 4, Health Club 3. Sec. 4 Club I, Spirit Comm. 2, 3. CIIIISTINE EPFANO - I-I, V P 4, 2 3, Drama Club 4, V.P. 3. Pres. AA Studies 3, Ski Club 2, G Club 3 Library Aide Peeks 3, I 2, Spirit Honor KATHLEEN RUSH - Nat'I Honor Society 3. V.P. 4, Drama Club I, 2. 3. 4, GAA 3, 4, Mountain Peeks I, 3, 4, Chimes Layout Editor 3, Editor-infChief 4, Social Studies Club 3, 4, Swimming 2, Guidance Aide 3, 4 GABRIELLE RUSSOMAGNO - Homeroom Pres. I. V.P. 3, Class Pres. 2, Nat'I Honor Society 3. 4, Drama Club I, 4, GAA 4, Mountain Peeks 3, 4, Chimes 3. Editor-in-Chief 4,, Echoes 3, 4, Chorale I, 2. 3, 4, Spirit Comm. I, 2, 3. 4 LISA SAEZ - Homeroom Pres. 4, Varsity Basketball I, Varsity Softball I, 2, 3. 4, GAA I, 2. Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Horseback Riding I, Spirit Comm. 4, Field Hockey 2, 3, Capt. 4, Guidance Aide Jun. Rep. 3, 4 MARGARET MARY SAVIO - Student Council Treasurer 4, Nat'I Honor Society 3, Treas. 4, French Club Nat'l Honor Society 3, 4, GAA 3, 4, Library Aide I. 2. 3. 4, Chimes 2, 3. 4, Chorale 2, 3, 4, 3. 4, Social Studies Club 3. 4, Swimming I, 2. 3, Spirit Comm. 4 Club 3, GAA I. Gymnastics Club I, 3, Chorale I, 3, 4, Horseback Riding I, The Bolella Family Mr. and Mrs. Pernell S. Brice, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James Broderick The Bruschi Family . and Mrs. Joseph F. Carroll . and Mrs. Fred Cholewinski . and Mrs. Kevin Cunniff . Pierce DeGross . and Mrs . and Mrs . and Mrs. . and Mrs. . and Mrs. Robert deVre John Fresco Charles P. Garabo Thomas M. Gibney Charles Krauser Pafrvn Mr and Mrs Percival Lewis Dr and Mrs Clarence Menzer Hon and Mrs Frank A Pizzl Jr We wish to express our gratitude to all those who and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Walter B Placzek George A Pslchos Eugene P Salvatl D A Sclalabba and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr and Mrs Edward J Sltar Robert Snyder H Clay Tully James M Walsh Alfonso Villa Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Dr Mr Mr Mr. . . Mr. . . ' generously contributed to the support of CHIMES J Mr. and Mrs' William M, Richardson '8l Dr. . . ' Dr. . . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . . QZWVJV ANZ? 0'f!y4l6,4 ZIJVJQOIKJW 60. H2 ,North 72th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 1355! Wishes to the 6fllSS of 7981 ,Mn and Mrs. james W. Doran, jr. and Patty .Ann "82" 1355? WIS!-ISS' Lee T. Purcell Associates 60 Hamilton Street Paterson, New Jersey Hampliments af Jlfllf. AND MKS. ,YOJ-UV C Jl4f5lL46J-r' 201 -561-SOOO McCriskin Home for Funerals 2425 PLAINFIELD AVENUE SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J. RICHARD W. MCCRISKIN, PRES.-MGR. WILLIAM C. MCCRISKIN, V.PRES.-DIR. STONE HOUSE COIN SHOP, INC. U.S. Coins ' Gold ' Silver ' Supplies Accessories 0 Appraisals made for Tax, Estate and Insurance Purposes 0 Investment Service "The Collection" - Fine Antique Jewelry Richard W. Hooker 401 Park Avenue Scotch Plains, N.J. 07076 4200322-2I88 W f ii i ii ia 5 i ' i iiaa Q, 16195 Z' WJSHSS C0 CH5 612455 0? 7981 faisaa Democratic Organization " Gray" Zfaleacsics Mizairiaaaj Best Wishes For Continued Success FALLON RESEARCH ASSOCIATES, INC. NEW PROVIDENCE, N.J. 07974 .A'f'.f?.f?AfJ7'.6f'A'I'.l.7 .A'f.A'f.A'f'J7'JJ'J7'J7.l.Y J?'J7.Af 135527 WJSH85 CO CJ-ff 65,455 05' 1981 least wfsfffs zo me 61,455 09 1981 1555? 1350616 60 JN6 ZLS Highway 411 fdisan 549-7234 ll S J-lzghufay 411 Edzson 545 1234 5015011 LMNSS ,Y Z7 A A 771e Bank at the Sign ofthe Shlp has been working with you and for you since 1812 THE NATIONAL STATE BANK Offices throughout Umon, Middlesex, A Hunterdon and Mercer Counties. Member FDIC QL Edward FredrIQ HAIR HAPPENINGS A BIT MORE THAN IIIST HAIR FOR MEN 8 WIIMEN GIFTS - MANICIIRES - PEDICIIRES SKIN CARE 8 MAIIE-UP CENTERS 150 ELM AVENUE - RAHWAY, N.J. 07065 388-1760 or 574-8000 Compliments of Kes! Wishes Za the 611155 of 1981 CD45 VISIQNI :7'v4JI4lL'1! F k E p t P d I coNGRATuLATloNs, CLASS OF I98I 1 , Che Merfz yamily 1555? WJSHSS Z0 C!-lf 65,455 09 1987 Che Zogarfy Zzmily Hongraiulalivns I0 Uhr? 611155 of '81 DK. AND ,MKS 61785 C816 164106, AL' 115.524, LMAIZL4 AND AYVDKEL4 I A -'L' f . V L A l ' ' 60jVGl6,4Z'Zlly4Z70N5' ANZ? 16295 C' WJSJ-A95 C0 OZIIZ ZL4llGf!C5l3 JMAKGAKEF JMAIZIJ AND CHS 61,455 037 1981 ,Mn and Mrs. Zen joseph Smfio t, Vw x 'Q I NA frm-1:5 fx Q Q MB' K Qs . .Q ' f 140 if x fr-Q 5 .ax X G 3-Si wg SE Congratulatigng GOOD LUCK TO KATHY Class of '8I AND THE CLASS OF l98I THE MACK FAMILY Mr. and Mrs. William Rush and Family C2015 349-3900 HALLIGAN DRUGS C0"""i"'e"'s of PRESCRIPTIONS - CONVALESCENT AIDS DR. AND MRS. FRANK FREER HOME CARE SPECIALISTS MICHAEL-I, BOTTONE, B.Sc,, R.Ph. 732 ROUTE 37 W. -JOSEPH R. SILVA, HSC., R.Ph. TOMS RIVER, Nj 08753 CJONGIQ4 Cliff! CYOJVS 65,453 0? 7981 Nothing is at last sacred But the integrity of your own mind. Ralph Waldo Emerson MK. .AND MHS WA! C516 ASH5 SC 6ZL'y4.7k? Eg 5 ,ge x . 211 :-, Cjvngratulafivns and Hes! Wishcs to Gladys and the Hlass of 7987 Mr. and Mrs. Robert forge Chase dreams We shared, so big and possible, that was yesterday. Hut tomarrow, these dreams will be true. Hlzris, farraiae, Karny, Patti Accept us as we are So we may learn What we may become. H W5 ef Jig? AQ Dan- Kelly and Denise She los! her sparkle, She knows she isrft the same. -Grateful Dead Wherever you ge and Whatever you do yer!!! find the greatest jay is within you. LJONGIZA CZILL4 UONS CO 168 1f5l6L'l! AND 271118 65,455 09 1981 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Burke KONGIGAZHZACJONS C0 MA 1611 16058 and the Elass of 7987 f I R 51 5' IZOJ14 Mr. and Mrs. K Folizzvfli and sau Anthony joseph Komplimcufs nf l5'l6,f46lC8E'E' 555553 M76 Congratulations and CONGRATULATIONS Best Wishes to to THE CLASS OF l98l Mary Frances y and the Class of 18' Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. O Shea and Mr. and Mrs. Bertram Barnett MEWYBHCU I9-79 Paul, Andrew, Stephen, Philip and David Congratulations IO Sue and the Class of l98I "We Five" Tracey, Carolyn, Bobby, Aunt Carol, Uncle Bobby TO KATHY, KELLY AND MARYBETH How the week's gone by, And you say goodbye to your friends But way deep inside There's really no end. CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FUTURES! Love always, Rosie ,As the days aud years go bu, ,A true frieud will Ire part Of all the precious memories gs eere rg? K llou treasure iu your heart. 9 o . H .V ,Melaudnfiary ' - , ."M"'1 . - in ,Q - . 0 ' .?rieuds ,fire Qoreoer Gloria aud Kris X P' X We Q .xl 'Q .m,y,. a Aiw a fi N.. W ww i , drngratnlaiivns 6nri.szl fave, lfisa, Main, Dad, 16011, and ,Yann Q- 51 . viiv e We dreainers have vnr Ways af faeing rainy days but svinenaw We survive. Barry Manilow ,Kisa ,Yvanne Nancy ,Yeannene Muffy Bunny Pookie Molly Kiki Bootsy Tiffy Corkie Taffy Missy Cuffy Topsy Ure iies that bind - New you eau? break the ties that bind. Bruce Springsteen ,Marybefh and Hhrie 9'unetier1 in disaster, finish in style. att 4 1? 'M , it w-vu-gpg-pq-f W Qs- B i . ,, sf iz Big Sisters Are a Joy to Know Big Sisters who know how to brighten a day, With heart-warming smiles and with kind words they say. Big sisters who know how to gently impart, The comfort it takes to cheer our hearts. Big sisters who know how to always come through, When there's anything they can possibly do. Big sisters who know how to willingly share, Who know how to give. and who know how to care. Who know how to let all their warm feelings show . . Are Big Sisters that we feel lucky to know. Parody: "Certain People Are a Joy to Know Amanda Bradley Kvngratulalions in Darolhy and 3716 glass' af 1981 The Hake Ehzmilzf 'WF Over these past four years, There's been a lot of trials. We've had our share of tragedies mixed in with the smiles. The moments wouldn't have been the same without our threesome there. Though other friendships faded out. we always seemed to care. We were different than the others. but we're the same as all the rest. We shared all those crazy times and understood each best. Through the moments, and through the years we shared all our smiles. laughter and tears. Lisa, Liz, and Mary "Still Krazy ,llffcr All Chase Zlcari' Paul Simon Ham, Hindy, ,Margaret ,Mary jeaunene, Darvthy, ,Maria awk Looks like we made it . . . Drama . . . "Char- lotte" . . . sleepovers . . . lunches . . . Jello and whipped cream . . . laughs . . . Seaside . . . Jaws party . . . Mrs. Snyder . . . even more laughs . . . the shore . . . "Bruce" . . . Great Adventure . . JR . . . "Annie Get Your Gun" . . . yearbook . . Peeks . . . Jackson Browne . . . Service Shop . . Day Camp . . . "Freebird" . . . the 'prom' . . . summertime . . . Dom DeLuise . . . M.O.M. . . . Marybeth, Eileen, Daria . . . Fresca . . . Good Rats . . . dances . . . Beatles . . . friends. Noreen, Kim, Mary Ellen, Kathy, Claire ,gi . ,, . ,exit 2 en , ' ,wif rm? Wrln memories to leak hack an, yesterday is never gone. CJONGKV4 Cllllff UOJVS ta ,Mary and ine Hlass af 1981 Mr and Mrs. Harald Zimmerman and Pan! Eatnerine and Mary keitmeyer If there is someone you can talk to . . . someone no one can replace . . . lf there is someone you can laugh with . . . til the tears run down your face . . . lf there is someone you can turn to . . . when you need a helping hand . . . If there is someone you can count on . . . to advise and understand . . . lf there is someone you can sit with and not need to say a word lf there is someone you can trust to keep every confidence that she's heard lf there is someone you think more of as this year comes to an end, Then we're very lucky persons! For we have found some special friends. All for ene, ene fer all Une sang renrains the sarne. ,Canglr and senile, just have a need tiene, ,Ana will always play the garne. Maria, ,Margaret Mary, 6'ara s i 3 K, 726 When yan knew yan'ae get a real friend sarneuflzere, Sarnelreuf all ine eilrers are se rnnelr easier to bear. Jackson Browne A Good Friend Someone whom I go to when I feel depressedg Someone who I share with the times I feel the best, Someone who'II be near me when I need to be, comforted and loved by someone who loves meg Someone who will care more than any plain friend couldg A sister who will love you through the bad times and the good! L.S. 79 Gelfs lrlessiaas ta Gloria and lzer classmates Edward, Gloria, Sdufara, Patti Michael aaa Ueddy Orzeeliewski What seems like forever is ao real time al all . . Good lack to all our frieadezf Zlzaaks for the good times! Q Southside Mel L'orL Jlflarllza, Mary, Lie lletlz, ,Mary Lisa, joaaae, Karen Congratulations! Love, Mary Ellen Noreen Kim Marybeth Help me up my friend. Dust me off, Feed me warmth You are my comfort. Let me lean on you until I can stand alone. l will then stand a little taller. And you will be proud to have a friend such as l. Peter McWilliams ... .ts ,, s M r if - Hiding en the Inzekstreets Where We swore forever friends On the lnzekstreets until the end. Bruce Springsteen ,Yeanna 8rin new Many people go from one thing to another searching for happi- ness, but with each new venture they find themselves more confused and less happy until they discover that what they are searching for is inside themselves and what will make them happy is sharing their real selves with the ones they love. Susan Polis Schutz Maria, Karen, Uneresa, l5'ertnn. Knrelyny Q I 159 Kongrntnlnfirfns to ine Klnss of '8l! Suzanne and Daisy wi r , v 'Y 1215 0- Y,-. W: don't know ufncre We are going. bill' W6 lift? 0l'I Olll' Wlly. Argus 5 f,,,L ,L- LLLL k Q X , . Q ' a , we We' re going to do it. Give ns ang ehanoe We'll take it. Give ns ang rnle, ufe'll break it, we re going to lnake our drealns eoine trne, doing it our Wag. Zfhere is nothing we ufon't trg, neoer heard the Word irnpossihle, Chis tirne theres nothing stopping ns, doing it our Wag, ges, our Wag Making our drearns eonre true! Theme from "Laverne and ShirIey" DIIWPI Robin Hrenaa Kim Aret r e he eiee on in e K s X h h "WW P5465 V4 66'-fy4N65" Uirolys - Ecrniers Hhris - Denise Suzy - Rocky - Huffy - jim -, David john - Koyer Q Nancy - jlfliclzelle 'V"U"9""' CONGRATULATIONS, ROBIN We knew you'd make it! Love, Mom, Dad Kim Kelly Chris CONGRATULATIONS to a wonderful grandaughter Sue and her friends in the Class of 'SI I VVVVVVVVUOVVUVUQQQV -i,gJ5 N-, I gf- 1 an I f- f- ' . 163 0' I3 1 4 , 1 eg , '4. ,, ry, W ,e 'igk ,, -di juuiee, kilo, 6u1uille, ,Aliso Wluzieoer you ure oy uuture, keep lo IL ,Never desert your liue of luleut. He what uuture iuleuded you for, uud llou will succeed. Sydney Smith SZ'llD5!VZ7 EOZINKJLT 19.90 - 81 ins! do ine steps inn! yon'oe been snoufn by eoeryone yon'oe eoer known, nntil the dnnee beeoznes yonr oery own. Jackson Browne .7or good or Worse Wow lost forever Who! We were oofore lfs over . . . Miami Steve Van Zandt X, at-,Ro o'. Io oooo . On the side streets and the avenues Z'l1ere'll be 5.75 C8165 Walking tufe by fufe. Jackson Browne Denise ,Marylrellz Daisy Pam Dee Kelly 6lIl'iS Kady Galrlfi Kathy News We've both gone our separate ways, But that alone won't erase the days that we've spent together laughing and playing. These memories will always keep us from straying. And though at times we may even fight, And looking ahead the future doesn't seem too bright l'lI always know that through it all You'Il be there, ready to help me when l call. And so I thank-you for being you, For listening when l'm feeling blue, l hope l'm also always there, And that you'Il always know I care. X I ' Jeannene Smith '8I Andrea Smith '79 llozfve dam' so much llc! there is so much to do. HONGIQA CZLLZ4 UONS M1444 I6 ZISLZCSN AND E345 613,455 09 1981 Mr. And Mrs. William J. Kelleher 5 1-tit. ' S eu. .7 will he your frieud ufheu you're aloue aud afraid . . . ,7'lI share with you the little joys aud ruorueuts of happiness that have touched iuy life . . . ,And fl! remember you always if other foryel. -Debra Path Seuiors '81 - 60 9016 JU Looe always, Aurora, Mary, Marisa, ioauua, Gladys f Ure lnekiest people are tlrose who find friendship of the lasting kind. ,4non. EONGICA ZTZLLZ4 Z'.70.7V5 to Zine Senior dass! fone, J-lonreroonr .7.7 6 Q . i 5 A 1 I 2 fX 3 S Destiny is not ez rnatter of enonee, it is d nrrztter of enoiecz it is not zz tiring to be waited for, it is o thing to Ire denieoed. WJ. B a , , ry n 6ongrdtnldt1ons Seniors! Jlfielnlrers of the ,NJLS Friends - then, now and always Martha and Mel judllfl ahd Dad, Ilaa have guided me through all the years af my hfa, ahd made each day spaaial far ma. Chahk you far haihg :hare thah ,aarehts la :he - hut friehds. Roller Derby . . . the New Hampshire House . . . "box games" . . . l2f3lf8O . . . yellow and green . . . Southside at G.A .... "I can't believe it" . . . Halloween . . . "What a bud!" . . . suicide hill. . . Disco Fever . . . V.D .... France . . . "bee" . . . the Who . . . Hunter . . . "champagne" . . . surprise parties . . . Bowcraft . . . the Cars . . . celery and carrots . . . Megan . . . B.E .... the Doors . . . P.S. parties . . . Friendship is a gift that one gives to another. It binds those who share, laugh, cry, and learn to- gether. It has brought us closer and grown as we have grown. No matter how many miles there are between us, our friendship will remain. ,Cam Kari 'Sl 1 A .Cisa Zarraihe . f 1 Now you're afraid that we have changed Mike Kgrwln S And l'm afraid we're getting older jlffjddlgggy So many broken hearts, so many lonely faces So many lovers come and gone. Billy Joel 171 f 5 s ills' "Only the good die yeanf' - tlzafs why we' re still alive! Hlzris ,Cerraine Earay Wendy lisa llreala Da not ga where the path leads. kallzer, ga Where there is na path and leave a trazl Anon. v 5 5 N ii? dead ,Creek ta ,My Kia Sister Galrbi kussamagaa and Ure Elass af 1981 Denise Zerrezza Baby We were lrara to raw Bruce Springsteen l5'ertl1a, Karen, Maria, Maria, Geri Janie, fllea, Denise, Margaret, Kira 5 . S There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things. Machiavelli Eternal Love to Our Daughter Elizabethanne And Success to the Class of l98I Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Suchwala and Family ts .. BwtWBmsmCMrDmqmw Daufnie and tha Senior 6111.95 Mom, jason, Adam, and ,Ann MNH' 5l1dlic'lLlU" Hangratulatians 6armrlia fave, Papi, Nami, and Putzi CHINE5 29157J4FF N, " Mori 4 i 9 e umwv 6 1 t e ti a 0 l A I 1"-L kk: , 0 Q i ff :fl 6, 74 . 3 L Irv ' l" ORSFU , f KS , C Qf h i i d MAUREEN Km QKAD .V 'V , .- M v 'il ll X ' if ? ff ,fs . 1 , . M O E - lbllslf - 1, git' 9 s V Tennis ANN KAT Mesgleski.. Adamiak, Alicia- IO2 Alongi, Donna- 50, 5l, 58. 6I. I02, ISI Alpizar. Kathy- 24, 25. 84. lI0. ISS Anerousis, Mary Dee- 36, 6I. 40, IO2 Arancio, Elizabeth- 44, 52, 67. 80. 8I Arena, Dawn- 54, 59. 75, I02. ISI Baerenbach, Annamae- 37. 50. SI, 59. 88, I02, l5I Barbato. Susan- 35, 46. 50. Sl, 52. 54, 88, I02 Barclay, Cheryl- 29, 57, Im Barnett, Mary- 55, 59. 60, 84, 89, 95. 96. IIO. II3. IS2. I58, I65 Bechhold. Kim- 43. 48. 52. 53. 55, 77, 80. 82. 92. 93. 97, 99. I05, IG, I65. I70 Bejgrowicz, AnnBeth- 44. 47. 48. 50, S2. 54. 55, 6I. 68, 8I, 98. 99. I05 Beke. Dorothy- 30. 3I, 48. 49. SI. 52. 54, 55. 56. 57, S9, 60, 72. 84. 89. 90, lI0, III, I22, l53. I70 Belmar. Dolores- 32. 49. 50. SI. I02 Belmar. Marisa- 29, 49, 50. 72. 84. IIO. l69 Bennett. Mary- 50. Im, I05 Bernard. Aurora- 24, 72, 84. III. I69 Bertha, CheryI,- 97, Im Bianchini. Lauri- 22, 8l. 96. IOS Bilodeau, Jennifer. 57. 59. ICD Birmingham, Claire- iw Bischoff. Michele- 24. 4l. 44, 45, 50, 57 Bliss. Pamela- 3. 55, 84, 89, Ill. II7, I67 Bogie, Theresa- 44. 45, 8I, IOS, I44 Bolella. Kathleen- 50, 59. ICXJ Bombaci. Tina- 49. SI, 78, 8l, IOS, I44 Boyden. Michelle- 20, 34, I02, ISI Brady, Mara- 5I. 59, GI, IO2, ISI Brice. Monique- 52, 59, KX7, I74 Brilhante. Ana- 59, I02, ISI Broderick. Lori- SI, 56. S9, 84. 85. III, I58. I65 Brundage. Cara- 7, 27. SI. SS. 59, 60, 84. Ill. I27. IS3, IS6 Buckard. Stephanie- 59, BI. IOS Burke. Beverly- 26, 38, 49. SI, S4. SS. 59. 84.89. 90, I09, II2. I45 Cabansag. Dawn- 56. 57. BI. IOS Caccavo, Patricia- IOO Campbell, Kelly- 3. 44, 47, SI. 55. 58. 59, 60, 84. II2. I26. I44, I67 Consuegra, Maria Carolan. Patti- 52. 53. 55, 8I, IOS Carroll, MaryAnn- Il. 59. 68. 82, IO2 Caruso, Ellen- 2.53, 62. 63. 99. IOS, I59, I73 Carusone. Filomena- 44. 46, 47. 48, S2, S5, 80. 99, IOS, I70 Cernadas. Maureen- II. 3I, 5I. 55. 88, I02, I03. ISI Chaszar, Christine- 43. 55. 75, IOS. I65 Chingery, Lauren- 52. Iw Choy, Jennifer- 52. iw. I65 Cholewinski, Aileen- ll, S2, ICD Cipolla. Geri- 4l, I05, I73 Clark. Lisa- 40, 50, 70. 98. IO2, I03, I65 Clark. Suzanne- I02 Cohrda, Wendy- 3. 28. 46, 50. 56. 57, 59, I02, I72 Coll. Jeanmarie- 3, 35. 50, 52. 59. 75, IO2, ISI Connelly, Susan- 78. lm Corrigan, Patricia- SO, 52. lm Costenbader. MaryBeth- 2. 82, IO2 Crichton, Cathy- 68. Iw Cuneo, Alison- 2I. SO, 57. 69. 88, KD, I74 Cunniff, Kathleen- 44, 52, 54. 55. l05, I44 Cupo, Anne- 59, 75, IO2, I5l, I74 Curtis. Gabrielle- 24. SI, 65, 66. 67. KD D'Agostino, Lisa- 78. IO0 De. Jasmin- 50, iw De Blasi, Maria- 59, I03 De Gross, Renee- iw DeIVecchio, Justina- 57. ICD De Mair. Maria- 50. I02 DePaola. Lorraine- 60, IOS de Vre, Monique- 59. IIIXD Diaz. Bertha- 32. 33, 4l, IOS, I59, I73 DiCosoIa. Gina- ICD Dietrick. Liana- 4l, 50, 57, 59. 75. IO2, ISI DiMarco, Sharon- 30, 34, 36. 56. 57. 59, 88, IO2, ISI, I65 Doran, Patty- 8I. IOS Doren. Audrey- iw. I74 Duddy. Pamela- 46. 49, SO. 52, 55. IO2. ISI Dunphy. Mary- si. 42, 43, 4s, s4. 94. 91. nz, 14s, iss, I65. I70 Eckert, Theresa- 24, 32, 4l, IOS. l59 Ehling, Donna- 7. 60, iw Ehling, Theresa- 6I. I05 Eichelberger, Tracy- 65. 66, 67, I07. I72 Elko, Martha- 26. 48, 60. 77, II2. II3. I58. I65. I70, l7I Elmer, Mary Anne- 52, KD Epifano. Christine- 3, 6. 42, 44. 48, 49. 50, 60, 84. 89. 90. 97. II3. I49, ISO. I65, I67. I70 he Jude! Epifano, Lisa- 44, 49. 50. 59. 6I, 78. Im. I49, I72 Esposito. Mary Beth- 24. 48. 52. 56, 57. SI, 88. 90. IOS, Im. I65, I74 Falcone, Judy- 78. 95. 97. iw. I6S Fallon, Elizabeth- 50, 59, lm Fang, Diana- 7, 52. 93. IO2. I72 Fang, Eva- I5I Faraldo. Rose- 29, 30. 59, IO2 Farkas. Viola- IO2, I03 Farley. Jennifer- ICD Fedorczyk. Suzanne- 54, ll3 Fesseha, Selamawit- 2l, Im Findley. Dawn- 44, 45. 59, 84. 89, II3. II6, II9. l6l. I74 Fitzgerald. Robin. 50, 5l. 52. 59. 88, IO2, l5l. I74 Fogarty, Eileen- 50. 57. 59, 88, IO2, ISI Foley, Eileen- 20. 59. 6I. IO2, ISI Foley, Megan- 38, Im Flocco, Ellen- I07. I72 Fowler, Sharon- lm Foy, Mary Ellen- 6. 25. 42. 43. 48, 54. 55, 60. 65. 84. 85. 88, 89, 9l. II4. I25. I48, I58. I65, I70, l7l Freeman. Cynthia- 88, ICX5, I74 Freer. Paula- 44, S2. S3, 55. l05. Im. I72 Fresco, Cindy- S2, 60, 68. 82. 9I. Im Fresco, Laura- SO, 82, IO2, I65 Frias. Ena- 44. 66, IW Gajarxki. Arlene- 27, 59, 84. 90. 9I, II4 Garabo. Gabriella- 50, I02. I03 Garcia. Luz- 25, 84, II4. l55 Giancaspro. Maria- 34 Leahy, Donna- 59. l0I Leone. Rosemary- 50, 52. KB, I70 Lewis. Lisa- 56. 77. 97. l0l. I74 Lorenzo. Laura- 52, 57. 77. IOI Ludwig, Alison- 28, 55. 69, I03. I65 Ludwig. Diane- 26. 5l. 84, 89. II8. I22 Lupini, Maria- 2. 75. 94, I70 Lusio, Christine- 7. 30, 59, 84. 88. l09. II9, I43. I60, I72 Lutke. Kim- 57. lO6 Mack. Alitia- 59, IOI Madison. Kimberly- 56, 58, 59. 84. 86, 9I, II6. II9, l6I Magee, Susan- 32, 55. 65. 99. IG. I65 Maignan, Genevieve- 2l. 52, 60, 93, IOI, I49 Maignan. Nancy- 6, 26. 52. 53. 6I. 84. 96, II9, I60 Makarewicz. Mary- 59. IO3, ISI Manhart. Julie- 2, 3, 62. 66. 67. IIB. I70 Mallucci. Gina Martin.CarmelIa- IG McAuIey, Mary Brenda- 4I. 44, 50, 57, Im, I70 McCarthy, Beth- 59, 60, 89. 95. 96, II9, l2l, I60, I65 McConway. Eileen- 33. 50. 6I. 66. 98, l03. ISI McConway. Maureen- 24, 3I. 66. 67. 68. 77. IOI McFadden, Colleen- 50. 52. 58, 59. I03. I5l McGovern. McNamara, McNamara. Eileen- 34. 50. IG Donna- 50, 5I. 95. 96. I70 Kathleen- 7. 4I. 44. 45, 47. 48, 49. 50. 59. 60. 73, 84. 85. 88, 89. l20. I60, I67. I70. I74 Menzer, Claire- 22. 24. S6. 57. ICB, I70 Mertz, Lynn- 34. 50. 52, 54. 65, I03. I5l Traci- 56. 57, IOI. ICB. I70 Giangrande. Rose- 4I, 44, 45, 46, 52. 53. S7. 6I, 92. Im. I72 Gibney, Tommie Ann- 43.44, 45. 56, S2, 53, 55. 77. 82, IOS. IW. ISO. I72 Giglio, Liz- 25, 42, 43. 48. 54. 60. 7l. 84, 89, 94. II3. I52. I58. I65. I70 Glockner. Carol- 49. 5I. 55, 99, ICB, ISO, I72 Gomez, Bienvenida- 24. 34, 52. 69. IG? Gonzalez, Gladys- 42.48. 50, 55, 59, 9l. 93, I09, II5. I42. I65, I69 Gonzalez. Yadira- 22, 55. 6I. 8l. 84, I06, I72 Gorman. Susan- 30. 32. 5l. 52. 98, I02,I03 Gross. Erica- S7, iw Guerra. Iasbel- 32. 48, 50, 52. 54, 55. 8I. 93, IO6. I70, I72 Gutter, Kimberly- 5. 73. 82. IO2. ISI Hajner. Kathy- 3, 22. 44, 48. IG, I50, I70, I72 Hansen. Kathleen- 47. 52. 59, 78, IG2. I65 Hardy. Mary Ann- 35. 50. 6I. 65, 82. IO2. ISI Hardy. Maureen- 22, 35. 44, 48. 50, 6I, 65. KB, I50, I65. I70.l72 Hardy. Patricia- 2, 48, 50, 6l, 62, 63. 82. IO2, ISI Harrigan. Kerry- 59. 62. IO2 Haurey, Jacqueline- 59, 69. 95, IO2 Haurey, Lisa- S0 Henderson. Alisa- 84. II5. IIS, II9. I64 Henderson. Camille- 30. 52. 59, 84. II5. lI8. II9, I60, I64 Henderson. Janice- l03. ISI. I64 Henderson. Rita- 59. 68. IG. I44. I64, I72 Henderson. Sheila- 57. 69 S Hilarczyk, Lorraine- 20, 27. 34, 44. 46. 55. S7, 59. lI6, I43. l60. I7l, I72. I74 Hooker. Kim- 46. 50. Im House, Ursala- SI. 55. 59. l03, I72 anna- 2. 54, 59, 62. 84, 86. ll6, I69 Hurley, Colleen- 35, 68 Jenifer, Tracey- I03, ISI Jenifer, Brenda- 27, 59, 84. 89, II6, II9, I60, l6I Jewell, Crystal- IG, I72 Howard. Jo Kang, Daisy- 3, 4I, 47, 55. 60, 84, 88. 89, II7, I60, l67 Kang, Suzanne- 44. 52, 53, SS, S6, S7. 58. 77. 93. IO6. I60, I72 Karr, Maria- 2, 43. 62. 63, 88, 97, ICB. I59, I65. I70, I73 Kelleher, Corinne- 60, 77. 84, IOI, II4, I65 Kelleher, Mary Ellen- 7, 30, Sl, 55, 59, II2, II3. II7. l54, I60,l68 Kelly. Kathleen- 94. I70 Kerrigan, Eileen- 44, S0. SS, IG, I50 Kerwin, Patricia- 50. S2, 56. 59. 65. 69. 88, I03 Keyt. Leslie- 57. 59, 69. 82, I03 Kilcomons, Maureen- 2, 49, 66. I03 Kim. Theresa- 28. 30. 80. 84. II7, I55. I60 King. Michele- SI, 56, 57, lI6. I70, I74 Kohutanycz, Marybeth- 6, 40. 44, 47. Sl. 55, 59. 60, 87, 88. ll8, I50, I65, l67 Komando, Kim- 48. 97. ICB, I65, I70, I73 Krauser, Ann- 22. SS, I70 Kurmin. Kimberly- 35, 42. SI, 60, 6I. 69. 82. 92, l0I Kurmin. Robin- 47, 48, 60, 84, 97, ll8. I60, l63. I65, I70 Laffan, Carolyn- 3. 56, 57. 59, l03 Landre. Mary Catherine- 3l. 59, 69. 77, IOI LaQuaglia, Patricia- 34. 50. 77, IU Lay, Robin- 27, 44. 54. 88, II8. I60, IGI Meszaros, Judith- 37. 59. GI, IO3. ISI Meyler. Barbara- 34. 50, S8. 59, 77, IOI Mielach. Katie- 2. 4l. 44, 49. 5I. 52, 53. 55. lm. I70 Miller, Gizella- 44. 54. 55, 84.88, l20. l60 Miller, Rhena- 28. 52. 55, 6I, 65, I03. l5l. I65 Minotto, Deeneen- 44. 93, 99. KB, I70 Monteagudo. Ely- 44. 45, 66. 92, 98. IG Monteagudo. Emmelyn- 24, 52. 60. 6I. 77. 92 Montagna, Diane- 84, I20, I67 Mooney. Joanne-26. 44, 52, 53. 55. 72. 77. 82, 84, 88. 92, 93. l2l. I24, I49, I58. I60, I74 Mullaney. Alicia- 34. S2. 59 Neal. Genevieve- 3I. 69. 7l, 77, IG Neece, Karen- 49, 54, 84, I2I, I58. l60 Nesser. Diana- 55. 66, 75. 78. 98, lm Nevill, Margaret-S4, KX Newallis. Kristine- 84, I2I. I48 0'DonneII, Elizabeth- SI. 69. I03 O'DonnelI. Patti- 46. 59, 84, I2I, I43. I60 O'Donohue, Patricia- I03 Ogonowski, Loree Jon- 56. 57. 59 O'Leary, Maureen- I03, IO4. l5I Olenczak. Cheryl- SO, S6. 57, IU O'NeiII. Kathy- 35. 56. 57, 59. 65, 88. IO4. I74 Ort. Jennifer-77, IOI Orzechowski. Gloria- 3I, 84, I22, l26. I48, IS6, IS7 Orzechowski, Patti- ICB, IS7, I70 0'SuIIivan, Annie- 50. IG, I70 Paglia.Margaret- 44. 49, 55, 78, Im, I70. I73 Palfy. Valerie- 44, 6I, 69, 93, ICB, I70 Parello, Lisa- 59. IOI, I65, I74 Parisse, Andrea-28. 44, S7, 59, 99. IW, I70. I74 Parrish, Michele- 50, S4, 55. 59. I04. ISI Perez. Myriam- 36. 50. Sl, 57, 69, I04, ISI Perone, Lorraine- 33. 59, 78. 99. l06. I70 Perry. Lisa- 39. 52. 77, IG. I74 Petty, Anne- 57. I74 Pfeifer. Gretchen- 34. 46, 49, 50, SI, 57, ISI Pizzi, Cindy- 60, IOI Placzek, Suzanne- 4l, 44. 78, 99, I07 Pluscauski. Julie- SI, IG Polizzotti. Mary- 48, 49. Sl, 52, 54. 55. 57. 59, 84, 95. I22, l46, I70 ' Pontoriero, Patty- I07 Portz. Jennifer- 34. 55. I04 Psichos. Phyllis- 28. 35, 4I. 50. 55, 59. 6l, 7l, 75 Purcell, Cynthia- 52. SS. 59, I07 Rak, Brenda- I07 Reilly, Colleen- 35, 37, 46, 59. I04. l5l. IGS Reilly, Diane- 60. IOI, I65 Reilly. Kelly- 80, 99, I44 Richardson. Jennifer- 3I. 35. 62. 63. 90, IOI Richardson, Mary- 30. 62, 63. I04, ISI Riffel. Traci- l0I Rinaldo. Susan- 32, 52. 69, 82, I04 Robbins. Lisa-57, 59, IO4. ISI Rollins, Helen- 2. 4l. 42. 6I. 62, 63, 78. 98. I65 Rush. Kathleen- 22. 36. 40. 44.47, 48, 54, 55. 59. 84. 88. 89. 97, II4. I22. I54, IS6, I70 Russo, Cathy- 36, 49, 50. 52, 59. 75. IO4. ISI. I65 Russomagno, Dominique- 42, 43. 81. 88, 97. KD. IOI. I65. I74 Russomagno, Gabrielle- 25. 28, 44, 46. 47. 48. 57. 59. 60. 84, 86. 89, I22, IS6. IS6, I67. I73 Ryan. Cecilia- 44, 45, 46. 48. 50. 52, SS, IO7, ISO Ryan, Erin- 2, 36. 42, 43. 6l. 62. 82. 88, IO2. IS9. I65 Ryan, Lisa- 48. 49, 52, 68. 73, 9I. I07. ISO, I70 Sabatino, Rosemary- KX Saez, Lisa- 2. IO, 3I. 35, 53. 54. 60. 64, GS. 84, 89, 9I, 95, 96. Ill, II3, I23, I25. I49, l52, I58. I65 Salerno, Marlene- IOI Salvati, Gigi- 59. IC! Sancilardi, Maria- 48, 49, 50I70 Sandorse. Janet- I07 Savio, Margaret Mary-6, 42, 44. 55. 56. 58. 60, 89, 97. I23, l39, IS3. I56. I65, I70 Sawabi, Aileen- 7, 44, 56. 57. 84, 90. I23, I26 Schuler, Catherine- 4I.'42, 43. 44, 48, 55, IO7, ISO, I70 Scialabba, Marion- 46, 49, 50, 52, 59, GI, 82. I04, ISI Scifocco. Christina- 20. I04 Scully, Noralee- 52, I04 Sheenan. Carolyn- 48. 57. I07, I59, I70 Sia, Ann- 44. 55. 6I. I07, I65 Sibley. Marcia- 35, 65, 66. 67 Sica. Carolyn- 8l, I07 Siegal, Laurie- 99, I04 Sitar, Noreen- 40. 44. 45. 48, 59, 84, 88. II4. I2I, I24, I54. I56. I70 Slater. Katrina- D7 Smith. Jeannene- 3l, 55. 58. 59, 70, 84, 87, 88. 89, I24. II5. I27, I49, ISI. IS6. IG8 Smith. Katherine- 42, 44, 47. 48. SI. SS. 59. 60. GI, 84. 86. 89. 90, 95, 96. 97. I24, IS6. I65, IG6, I67. I70 Smith, Susan- 66. 78. 97, IG Snyder. Kelly- 34. 50, 55, 59. I30 Snyder. Kim- 36, 44, 45, S9, 84, 86, 87. 88, 89. IO4. II2. II4. I24, I54. I56. I74 Spera, Cynthia- 43, 48. Sl. S2. 59. GO, SI. 84. IIO, II7. I27. I53, IS6 Stark. Beth- 46. 50. 57, 65. I04. I74 St.CIair. Margaret- 40, 46, 47, 48. 70, 84. I25. IS6, I70 Stokes, Mary Ellen-35. 37, 50, 65, 66. IO4 Sullivan. Claire- 22, 30. 44. 46, 47, 48, 59. 84. 87. 95. 97. II2. I25. I54, I70, I74 Sullivan. Elizabeth-39. 46, 47. 48. 52, 55. 97. I07. ISO, I70 Tassie, Donnamarie- 55. 56, 57, 59, 88. IG. I07 Taura. Denise- 32, 33 I07 Terrezza. Denise- 20. I04, ISI, I73 Thomas, Kecia- 57, IOI Tidaback. Suzanne- 26, 47, 60, 84, 96. I09, I26. I63, I74 Tiroly, Denise- 2. 43, 44, SI. 55, 60, 84, I26. I44, IS6. I62, I65. l67, I74 Tiroly, Suzi- 59, 69. 82. 94. IO4. ISI. I62 Tone. Cynthia- 57, 88. IO4, I65, I74 Torok, Maria- 47. 49. SI. 59, 126, IS6 Torralbas, Maria-50, SI, 54, 55. 56. 57, 59. 60, 84, 87, 88. 89, I22. I26, ISS. IS6 Toy, Diane- 59. 68. 88. 90. I0 Triebenbacher, Pauline- 50. 52, 54, IO4. ISI Tucci, Lisa- 35, 57, 65, 68, IO4. l7I, I72 Tully, Karen- 56. S7. 59, I07, I59. I73 Uher, Ann Marie-I07, I44 Valenti, Rosemary- 42. 59. 6I. 98. IO4. ISI. I65 Valvano, Marisa- 52. I74 Valvano, Monica- S2 Varela. Rebecca- 3I. 32. 42, 52, 80, ld. I65 Varhegyi, Cornelia- 20, 27, 46, 59, 75. 90, I27. I43. IS6, I72, I74 Vastano, Carmela- I07 Verni. Theresa- IOI Villa, Pilar- IOI Vlasaty. Lin- 48. S4, SS. 66, 67. I07. I65. I70 Wagner, Ann- 48, 50. SI, 52. 57. 88. IO4. I5I. I74 Waldron, Audrey- 59. IOI Walsh, Ellen- 34. SO, 59, IO4. l3O, ISI. I65 Walsh, Laura- 55, 69, l04 Weimer. Mary Kay- 30, 37, SI, 6l. 88. IO4. ISI Wikoff, Mary- 69, IOI Wingard, Barbara- 57, 59, I0 Wisniewski, Mary Wyles, Kathleen- 57. IO4. ISI Voho, Adele- I27 Yonadi. Maria- 4I, 83 Zanfordino. Susan- 37, S2, 57. 59, 92 Zeman. Linda- 50. 56. I04, I30. I74 Zimmerman. Debbie- 34. 57. 97. 99, I04. l5I, I74 Zimmerman. Mary- 6. 26. 42. 43. 44. 46. 5I. 54. 55. 59. so. nv. iss. iss, ies 175 A scrapbook must have a beginning and an end. Although we have reached the final page, we can nev- er close the book on all the memo- ries we've shared. Meeting deadlines . . . writing cap- tions . . . cropping pictures . . . camera trouble . . . scheduling and reschedul- ing . . . the trials and tribulations of produc- ing a yearbook. We would like to thank: Mrs. Donna Abrams for her talent and technical help in surpassing all of these difficulties. But more importantly we would like to thank her for being a friend. Normandy Studios for their beautiful work on Sen- ior portraits and their help throughout the year. Mr. Tom Everett for his overall assistance in help- ing produce the yearbook. Joe DeCaro for contributing his photographic tal- BRIS. Sister Edith and Mrs. Goetz for being there when we needed their help. The Faculty for their cooperation and patience during the school year. Family and friends for their enthusiasm and finan- cial support. Finally, to the Junior Staff we wish much success in the production of Chimes '82, 176 633 Chimes Editorial Staff Gabbi Russomagno Layout Editors: Kim Snyder Noreen Sitar Business Editor: Kady McNa- Moderator: Mrs. Donna Abrams Editors-ln-Chief: Kathy Rush mara Copy Editors: Kathy Hajner Maureen Hardy Photography Editor: Tommie Ann Gibney THE END 5,Qd' ,. . ., I -V MGM if 050427 Owdcoaffvd Uwdzaaqrwegeffzvf 740673 WGMWZW fgua AWQC JAG? my bfmmfyfwffwffff ,QW 34749 ' , MWAWMWWMWW' JWZ- N V Qyfgxbjgfnvaf , ,MQW cw Af ,ffMfMWfff'f - Q VX jwm!7Wv4 4W A ff444WQ4'6Z'0L,Qf0 , P Jffwff Ewa em, ' 395 Qlliwfwaf UML W ' . . E Uh WM WMU M Mm MKLQJMM ELM X SLJWLO-O5gMJLMWWJ'k' WWWJWW Efimv

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