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E Fc if .J -P? 2 w A Ku, ' X: 5 .ggi K ,. ,mfr Aw, ,v 1 V A X -A-4 .1 N fp- A1' """"-s.:......,ThnA W . JI Q., ,A l Ti 4 4? ll . x b X,-Aug .f M Y, rx Pix' ' 4 If if ' - 4 196 Mountain himes Volume Eighteen PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Mount St. NILITYQS AClIllCI1ly North Plainfield, New Jersey HIS EXCELLENCY The Most Reverend George William Ahr, S.T.D BISHOP OF TRENTON ,ff tsl! III n 1 M ev I 3 e .v ' -Q-'-v :jx 1- i H J' jd' X V s f? 5 it lg ' est' t edication One cannot think of our chaplain, Very Reverend Monsignor Martin A. Madura, without realizing he is one "who sheds around him the light of another world." From him radiates the humility and simplicity of the lnfant Jesus, the gentleness of Him Who suf- fered little children to come unto Him and forbade them not, the righteousness of One Who would not see the Temple desecrated, the kindness of the understanding Christ, the mortification of the Crucified Saviour. , This year, the twenty-fifth of his priestly office, we, the class of nineteen fifty-six, wish to rejoice with him and express our grate- fulness for his fostering in us these lovely virtues which he so aptly personifies. May we exemplify in our lives not only these virtues but also his spiritual and dauntless zeal, and may God grant that we be ever faithful to his paternal and priestly guidance. X lx 5 '.1,,.. 2 its Very Reverend Monsignor Martin A. Madura CHAPLAIN OF MOUNT SAINT MARY'S ACADEMY SILVER JUBTLEE 5 5 The hapel ofthe The creation of a deeply religious atmosphere, irrespective of the ar- chitectural style chosen tor its ex- pression, is the prime object of the church-designing architect. The de- gree to which this atmosphere is ob- tained marks the degree of success the building achieves as a setting for the religious rites to be performed within its walls. At Mount Saint Mary's the cre- ation of the proper devotional setting for the Religious of this Mother- house of the Sisters of Mercy and for the many novices, postulants, and Academy students who will use the new Chapel at daily Mass and other religious services, was reached through a blending of color, mate- rials, and design. The architects for Immaculate Conception Chapel, nationally known Eggers and Higgins, designed it in a simple classic manner. The warm Stone exterior of Indiana limestone ashlar, and the general shape and disposition of the Chapel on its hill- side site, create an effective balance with the existing Motherhouse and Academy buildings. The new Chapel seats six hundred. The ecclesiastical spirit of the Chapel culminates at the Altar with its marble reredos and crucifix of monumental scale. The light brown Ozark Famosa marble of the twenty- 6 mmaCulateConoept10n eight toot high reredos has been so arranged that its distinctive white veiriings radiate from the head of the corpus. At the center of the reredos is an insert of dark green Verde Issore marble in the form of a great cross which serves as a frame for the crucifix itself, with its gilded ebony cross and carved limewood corpus, larger than life size. The reredos is surrounded by a color- ful band of small marble mosaic placques in which eight common re- ligious symbols are repeated. The main altar, of dark green Imperial Verde Antique marble, sets on a marble predella and is decorated with a round carved center motif, the Lamb of God, and bands of vene- tian glass mosaic. Upon the altar rest bronze Candlesticks, other altar appointments, and a specially de- signed circular bronze tabernacle, the crown of which opens to receive the monstrance. The sanctuary' is enclosed with a curved marble rail and gates of ornamental bronzework designed so that a simple geometric pattern surrounds the Shield of the Sisters of Mercy. The marble sup- ports forthe altar rail are inlaid with mosaic. A small green marble side altar rests on either side of the sanc- tuary, and a niche over each contains a statue of Our Lady or of St. Joseph. These beautiful multi-colored marble statues were carved in Italy. 7 ff' I--Q as ENQTH if ,, Q x .. , 'Qi 4 A X TR' 'IW' K W, 5' F X 1'-iggr. K5 N . 'xaiu-gg RXQWSQA 1.13 Xl J!! M I .lim ' Q . A Q il .P ' M F ,WK3'f4Ulu3 2 Q 5 ,.- .,g,.2 5 Q Mother Mary Bertrand, Mother General, and Mother Mary Patrick, Bursar General, daily watched and directed the construction of the new chapel for the Sisters ot Mercy Motherhouse of North Plainfield, New Jersey, Their enthusiasm and leadership were vital in the fulfill- ment of this dream. 9 Q, mh,.AA A ' The Chapel ofthe Immaculate . T . ,.v-1' ...J - ll B. A onception His Excellency, the Most Reverend George W. Ahr, blessed and broke the ground on Sat- urday, June l3, l953, at the west end of the main building for the new Chapel of the lm- maculate Conception and Mercy Hall which would be completed in June, l955. The first step in this "happy milestone" was made pos- sible by donations of priests, alumnae, present students, and benefactors. The ground break- ing ceremony was a solemn occasion brightened by the radiant smiles of the sisters and the spirit of the priests who braved the rain to at- tend the blessing. The Bishop dug the first shovelful of soil. Others, including our Chap- lain Monsignor Martin A. Madura and the members of the Council, participated in this ground breaking ceremony. Justifiable pride surged through the hearts of the sisters as they watched the progress of the 'foundation and later the development of the structure. The day by day construction was observed with keenness by both the sisters and the students. To the right of the main entrance and spanning the driveway is an Arcade con- necting the main building to the Chapel and containing on separate floors five guest rooms and seven music practice rooms. The head of the large arch spanning the driveway is inset with weathered gray cypress wood, in the center of which stands a, more-than-life size marble statue of the Blessed Mother looking down on the courtyard. The corner stone laying on June ll, l95-5, another memorable step, was followed by the dedication, and on December 8th the Main altar and Our Lady's altar were consecrated. These ceremonies were also conducted by Bishop George W. Ahr. The Community of the Sisters of Mercy, their friends and the students now attending the Academy enjoy the spiritual opportunities of this holy and artistic structure. Thus the dream of the Immaculate Conception Chapel grew toa reality. l l 41 O Q -E ex flu-4 , S Lx x 'x ,La fir f N12 us' 1 ,if .gf ' L-'T if V' W 3 ,I ,f 0 - f !1.,,, in-Q .fy . vp? ,J Vg ff' 5' 4 'I 'W' I f , Afffigf Egg! gi J 5 S!! ,AJ 4 6 if-. is , Q is fb, :H w.,,, , Construction Ns- 41' S355 F. -:M i 'Nik ., x X af Q 1,5 P- ,415 N if ,. fl' 6975 WL 0. W? W, . 'KZ 'L X ,K 5'hf59mzfx sifgxfk A, in , , 5315 E Mu sw..- i Q 5iiE9??ww,w ,f ,pr W: 1 ,M ,...4-vw if :annum .uhnnwm A HW' F' 7 Y -QQQQXS 'r W"'Wl 1 eil- , ' ' W ' .QX, 1 n , i " Q :X A ggi Y . X Q X12 Q X 2? 0 wx . . ...M . my f Hd 'fs AMF4. 3 i ' ' 'Y Y W ' ' ' 'T W! Aj E K, mmww. A awsnunuf W,- l' W' in '-'-N A1 W' -J na MW ...N Ewnw Nnmx-N v ' N ?... M., W ,F ... f ff ' Sf? . f 5 in , qv in ws an 1 3 9 Q Zh i 1 it 1 'U Y Va , an an 1' 'ws w 1 Ki fy wwf We sawn! ff: hs.: 1.5 .1 .-21,5 X 0' gf gm X -6 5, J 3 ? ,N M Q. . ,, f I. ,. ,. sm ,a , -N vu ,, -K ,K nz 5 I' 'r X ,Q 4 J , N4 .1 ,I-'Il ik 1, -I I 'f Hg Q wswlsm an-n l 'xkfs oly Week iw M n E E x E ill!! 2 5 Q .,,. W LY, QA. I ng, My 7 A A 5YEZffw:.1x , , fl-n . ' MM A ' if - -iwgwj 3,5 QDQ I K I Y X WA Ov ,LJ X .5 KL st M., .5 -JL '- ,ni f1"3 1 "I .I ,. f if fxf ., is ,ZZ bv , K I -3-5 Lf, .. -3,,z.w: M.. vw PAX? f . X 'H 1 . A. X x V l x f'nL.'53 -:gk W - --.- X xx, FACULTY SISTER MARY DOLORES Fine Arts SISTER MARY CONSILIO Head of Music Department SISTER MARY ROBERT Librarian, Music SISTER MARY RUTH Chemistry, Biology SISTER MARY LUCIA Romance Languages, Dramatics SISTER MARY IGNATIUS School Nurse, Health Education SISTER MARY MERCEDES Religion, Latin SISTER MARY ALPHONSUS Religion, English SISTER MARY MYRONA Religion, Mathematics SISTER MARY ANNATA History, Vocal SISTER MARIE LaSALLE Business Education SISTER MARY JOHN Religion, Spanish SISTER MARY ARTHUR Elementary SISTER MARIS Elementary MRS. H. RUEGG Sewing MRS. D. SUTTON Physical Education MISS GLORIA MARCHIO Vocal MRS. CAROLINE LITTLEFIELD Dancing MRS. FLORA MAY GILLESPIE Dancing '2 6 Sister Mary Leonard DIRECTRESS OF MOUNT ST. MARY'S ACADEMY lt is in the silence of the beautiful chapel that we can best express our prayerful appreciation to Sister Mary Leonard. Her noble character, keen intellect, and kindly heart have daily molded the lives of each Mount student. In gratitude we ask Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, to guide her and the faculty in their daily teaching of the students of Mount St. Mary's Academy. 27 Elizabeth Ann Baumgartner HLIZU Deft Business Manager . . . Honey- blonde locks . . . perfectionist . . . paint-box devotee . . . untailing char- ity . . . serene. Elizabeth Ann Byer "BETH" Laura's Korner Proprietor . . . wry quips . . . jewelry collector . . . fly- ing fingers. 28 Geraldine Ann Bednarick Leddy Suzanne Buerklin HGERI., HLED., First lady of the Glee Club . . . en- Excellent Class President . . . designs thusiastic student . . . contagious on designing . . . dedicated leader . . , laughter . . . our contribution to All Ford fancier . . . outstanding eques- State. trienne. Patricia Maria Cericola "PAT" Mistress of Music . . . Georgian Court bound . . . western fan . . . smooth sophistication . . . strawberry blonde. 'AR .. ,an rl Margaret Emily Chepiga "MARGlE" arnest Mountain'Lore Business Man- ger . . . loyal and lasting friend . . . ependable . . . innate kindness . . . :ture dietician. Alberta Frances Donlan "ALBERTA" 'erennial honor student . . . twinkle- oes tinkerbell . . . winsome giggles . . perseverance and perfection. Ellen Jean Francy HEJIH Chairman of Eucharistic Committee . . . sweetly feminine . . . pleasing voice . . . true big-sister . . . gay typist. Mary Jean Gallagher "MARY JEAN" Perfect prefect . . . law-minded book- worm . . . magic memory . . . All State's southern soprano . . . talented pianist. Elaine Barbara Foss "ELAINE" Thimble-wise . . . frequent South-of- the-border girl . . . generous . . amiable . . . fashion conscious. Nancy Gloria Golonka "NANCY" Larklike soprano . . . future secretary . . . compelling blue eyes . . . effi- ciency plus . . . blonde halo . . . sudden smile. 30 Patricia Eileen Grogan UPAT., Little lady Heaven-sent . . . constant chatterer . . . bubbling with mischief . . . coal-black curls. Maritza Henrique: Briceno "MARlTZA" Senorita de Espana . . . mannered elegance . . . elite poise . . . fashion- minded . . . serene. .uf , .g 45, "fW' A . .fi ,f . if ff' ' l Dorothy Ellen Hoffman nDOTn Dramatic star . . . "here comes the Hubbard News" . . . sparkle of life . . . Ohio flights . . . loving and be- loved . . ,humor restrained. Mariella John Keenan "MlMl" Dainty seamstress . . . petite senior . . . delightful entertainer . . . agile knitter. Susan Frances Holly "SUSAN" Sodality treasurer . . . dignity per- sonified . . . dark tresses . . . dramatic ability . . . capable. Ann Dolores Krahenbuhl UANNU Future teacher . . . sparkling eyes . . . impetuous . . . nice to be with . . . a flair for crinolines. Bl Kathleen Anne Lobo "KATHY" Latin proconsul Q . . always so oblig- ing . . . girl behind the wheel . . . summer camper . . . able student . . sweet and gentle. Loretta Mary Mathias "LORRl E" Talented cheerleader . . . slim stylist . . . sleepy head . . . Room 207 . . . frank in her views. 32 Ann Elizabeth Maloney Patricia Brigid Matheis HANN., UPA-rn Drum majorette . . . jitterbug toes . . . PrOspective teacher . . . Europe bound as lrish as her name . . . full of fun . . . mild mannered . . . spirited fifer . . . enthusiastic . . , brown-eyed . . . always the same . . . bright blue coleen. 'eyes. We iiyl Suzanne Terese Matheiu "SUZANNE" French career ladyl. . . friendly Phil- lipsburg patriot . . . obliging . . . studious. ' I WWE . . , . ..., , fHfim'n1ew-,wggwsev-flaw ax- 1, ':" 'v ' ' ,,a1,ma1"?ff Q 'K Qi 3 Constance Joan Medinger "CONNlE" Adorable jester . . . untiring worker . . . little Miss Mischief . . . perpetual motion . . . sugar and spice. y.. , , ,W ,I Grace Lorraine Puglisi "GRACE" Mountain Chimes editor . . . dark persuasiveness . . . unpretentious . . . conscientious . . . library assistant. Y 1 Helen Elizabeth Mulcahy "HELEN" Magazine chairman . . . model prank- ster . . . charitable nature . . . typical Irish blush . . . New York enthusiast. Nr an Q S S Patricia Ann Ost "PATTY' ' Deft at the steering wheel . . . pale blonde . . . demure friendliness . . . shy senior. Gisela Rolando Tinoco HGISELA' ' Faithful to Laura's Korner . . . Latin American charm . . . starlight and guitars . . . good natured . . . quiet sweetness. 33 Eleanor Anne Rowland HEL.. Mountain Lore editor . . . Sodality vice-prefect . . . competent, kindly leader . . . genuine lady . . . ever sincere. Jill Gray Savage UJILLU Future secretary . . . iridescent blonde . . . Bronx booster . . . weekend watcher . , . long-stemmed beauty. Lynn Chloe Rubenstein Judith Ann Saunders "LYNN" "J.S." EfllCle"'CY in l-Osf and Found - - - Un' Athletic chairman . . . Espanol scholar Pfedidable - - - miffh and mel'fY' . . . argyles with the greatest of ease making . . . true friend . . . paint- . l ' happy-g0-luCky one, brush enthusiast. Ruth Kathleen Scanlon "KATHY" l956's gift to the stage . . . diverse hair-dos . . . delight to know . . . carefree and gay . . . sparkling so- prano. x 'Ez 34 Q .c. lei Nancy Ann Schetz Judith Ann Shipley "NANCY" "JUDY" Our Lady's secretary , . . future Eng- Faithful friend . . . quiet ways . . . in- llsh teacher . . . quiet and reserved dustrious . . . meticulous . , . welcome . . . neatly groomed . . . sweet and in any group. 587808. 1 .-'Q Ann Teresa Story "ANN" Good sport . . . joy unbounded . . . level disposition . . . trusted friend . . . kindness to spare. Brenda Elena Stabile "BREN" President of Dramatics . . . graceful ballerina . . . always blushing. Susanna Butcher Swoope "SUSl E" Art Club enthusiast . . . courtesy per- sonified . . . ambitious to please . . . Our Lady's committee. l ' s 35 Jean Carol Valinski "CAROL" Business Staff member . . , diminutive . . .artistic ability. . . untiring worker. Anita Cecil Waldron Patricia Jean Walsh HN'-I-Zi, .tPA-I-,. Glockenspeil expert . . . cosmopolitan Harmonizing alto . . . pretty wavy hair . . . unpredictable eyes . . . suave . . . secretary bound . . . good com- quietude . . . enviable shoes. pany . . . fun at the piano, A l A GRADUATION TIME KR ""eg.,,,-X' wr. 7 l 36 F' F5 lg. Mary Alice Williams Barbara Beatty Woznak "MARY-ALICE" 'Betty Crocker' award . . . right clothes Capable vice president . . . effervescent for every occasion . . . baton twirler . . . tweeds and cashmeres . . . class- supreme . . , warm blue eyes. ical music . . . tapering fingers. Kathryn Fitzpatrick Ziegler "KATHY" Sergeant fiter . . . hammer-handy girl . . . summery .swimming pools . . . coal stove for 'Bernadette' . , . sisterly love. ., ,... A Carol Ann Wrtalik "CAROL ANN" Sweet-voiced choral soloist . . . blonde rhapsody . . . band-box model . . . photogenic. X N x Q W U--. wxgg W-Q, .Q ,, Aw- Qzg ,, 'uw ' A v W v .V . hi.,-:..f.:.:f: -g: ... '- fir 3,g3s23,1:j5sg5ggj.,k, QS Q Q A f :LT sig 5 as 38 Qu 4 Q R + 1 fmgli 7,7A Q -ek K, - ' All new .dw Hn Q L Q Q 33-rw i 'I : A ' is x we Vi' 3' ' f pf' An eloquent address was given to the graduates by Right Rev. Msgr. John S, Middleton, former Superintendent of Schools in New York City. In Mount hapel The Junior class had the privilege of singing the musical selections. Very Rev. Msgr. Martin A. Madura announced the names of the graduates as each in turn received her diploma from His Excellency Most Reverend George W. Ahr tv Among the alumnae ushers were Rose Murphy and Ruth Waldron who made a special visit after the graduation. agx .QQ fm K- Q ,.'5gy.,1, , Q, av , ,fx . 1-LW' f. arg , V " kipkmi' J , g x V h?M.,. MY: , 4 '31, if up '-ri53?'?f f, '-Q ,, 5 . .kg-,, A . ,I A .-. 11- 4 X I fa ' 9 ' wits" f 45' Q5 .". K '.av-'YQ 9' .. ,sa 4 umm fm, 4+-Q M5 ts ,yi -,qw an 'wx' ' Www: -4."v3'-K-ff. f Nu, A.. iw. V' A.,a-A f ,K I W 'mm nv 'ir -lfbf , . W 1-: ' 1 .L 1 , .1 mm .. ' 9 k 1 ,..- , 41 . 4 ..,,w "'9":. "J "3 ,Y 1 ,H "3- vmij, ,A ,J Q, g., , X ,' , 'Ui .4 , 1. ' X bf-1'-:S ," - ' f L ' ' 5 R+' AFB -1 1.52. t"5'5LGl..,a:.' ' ' ' 'sgg4"G2-'- : I A 1, V, .. NV, L.e,,.mn W .. ,W SEQ- Q vnu? . M... MFA, vb? mb Qfwifly, , I X-,y'?1jZ,,. K I x --. '. ' ' WF' 'ff 'uv-5 'Q ' .f V .:, KA, f M. Q: 1.41 2.-,M 1, x V 4 1 up, If ' ' .V . Af ... - Y 1 N M. p- f dv -. ,. N iz- 1, ,M .- 4 R, w'K",.f ...- 1 MIT ,,,.,- Q xv K QW sf +92 k k W, X , CTIO T' x .l, 'U .Zf., BJ! ,ppm N-..-P -K S5"wn yxialf.. 3. Jff, ' 1 . 55.5 9 I ,AF , li 2' Y Rf s I . If' ix K I ,W Www-A -1-d,,.,...-' ,,- rr If 'F S . Y' 351+ 1 r.....u s. i 've pr, ...-f ' UNIOR Nancy Carey Mary Jo Carville Mary Checchio Berta de Ia Guardia Estela de la Guardia Lois DeCuoIIo ,M ,ef Patricia Booth Agnes Boyle Elaine Caprarc Joan Christenson Carol Daley Elaine Dante Claudia DeLuca Helen Dermody Judith Dow Josephine Ferrara Joanne Gerber Susan Godby 44 Eileen Goralczyk Judith Hannon Annemarie Harde 1 -fm xv' Lynn Hoch Veronica Hulse Catherine Kealy garcr Klaoudatos Q-v' L-I Barbara Kritzar Joan Lange ne McAlvanah Patricia McCauley Sandra Mandate Anne Lombardo Patricia 'Lyons Carol Maclnfyre therine Noonan fercsa Schmidt .af Margery O'Lcary Beatriz Parra Ruth Shepard Mary Sullivan '50 The-kla Marran Carole Misko Mary Ellen Morris Lillian Roberts Vera Schaaf Jean Scherer 45 WN! Mary Burke Anita Canetti Lucretia Ciccone Rosemary Dorgan Jo Ann Falcone Mary Ann Farina ,W Diane Goodrich Marguerite Gorman Priscilla Grebla OPHO ORE .J Judith Ann Comerford Patricia Cook Patricia Costa Barbara Finley Sandra Flakker Margaret Gallagl' Lynn Holly Barbara Korn Barbara Krause 46 Esperanza Guerra Maureen Guilfoyle Christine Hoffmai A-1 Patricia Kreutz Mary Lesniak Elizabeth McKay if ilice Morehouse Lucy Novak Mary Lou O'Brien Scorgia Reilly Sheila Rolhemirh Leona Ryan .17 Judith Macik Barbara Marcino Jane Moore Maureen Parish Margot Perez Maureen Regan Rita Ryan Beatrice Salmieri Joy Ann Savage Phyllis Sayko Albina Scarpali Nancy Smack Mary Jane Vencs Mary Ann Weber Kathleen Young Nancy Sfroebel Virginia Timone Patricia Tolomeo 47 Grace Alberina Teresifa Cabrera Diane Capone Carol Conly Donna Cummings -.YZW Marcia Dunn Mary Ann Ehrhardt Patricia Flanagan Valerie Holwerda Virginia Hutchins Sylvia Joris 48 FRE H Elna Anne Carrar Marie Caruso 'F-1 Solifa Dominquez Diane Donoghue 6,--f Mary Franke Mary Guijarro Norah Kennedy Linda Loria if 'x Q Charlotte Mooncy Ursula Morrissey Q Edith Pardo Mary Pettit Dolores Sclla Diane Smith ua x Susan McAlvanah Barbara May Joanne Milana Anita Mueller Elizabeth O'Neil if v if 6' R bcrta Rossmcycr Cressida Scotch Patricia Popp o r gg QQ Patricia Sulzinsky Maria Szalontay Carolyn Tabori Margucritc Tcrrcll Sylvia Velutini 49 Father R. T. Bulman addresses the sodalists and probationers during the reception ceremonies. Mary Jean Gallagher, Prefectg Eleanor Rowland, Vice Prefect, Nancy Schetz, Secretary, and Susan Holly, Treasurer. Sodalit Seniors Gisela Rolando, Mariella Keenan, and Dorothy Hoffman are the first to receive their pins, Annemarie Harden, Elaine Capraro, and Kathleen Young receive their pins from Msgr, Martin A. Madura. Reception Maurccn Regan, Rosemary Dorgan, Mary Ann Farina, Lucy Novak, and Maureen Guilfoylc Barbara Korn, Patricia Cook, Barbara Krause, Lucretia Ciccone, and Joy Savage are received into the Sodality. also become members. 5l "That was a beautiful ceremony," remarks Father Bulman to Mariella Keenan. odalit Sister Mary Leonard discusses plans for the next Sodality meet- ing with Mary Jean Gallagher, Prefect. N, N -.W Social Chairman Brenda Stabile quizzes the eager Sodalists during the St. Nicholas Day Party. 52 Seniors Jill Savage, Margaret Chepiga, and Kathryn Ziegler look on as Helen Mulcahy reads the Gospel at the lighting of the Advent wreath. Retrcatants listen attentively to Father Ansbro during a spiritual guidance conference. Elaine Foss, Judith Comerford, and many other students make frequent visits to Chapel. Retreat Mary Lou O'Brien, Leddy Buerklin, and Carol O Halloran thank Father Ansbro for a most inspiring retreat Esperanza Guerra and Barbara May ad a retreat leaflet. Catholic Literature Chairman, Alberta Donlan, and Our Lady's Chairman, Susan Swoope, are commended for their fine assistance during retreat. mire 1. Editor In chief of Mountain Lore, Eleanor Rowland, directs the ar- ranging of the galleys. Members pasting are Constance Medinger, Carol O'Halloran, Mary Jo Carville, Susan Godby, Alberta Donlan, and Eileen Goralczyk while Carole Misko works at the file. Staff members addressing envelopes are Rosemary Dorgan, Mary Ellen Morris, Patricia Cook, Grace PuQl'S'. Margaret Chepiga, Jane Moore, Joan Marie Efinger, and Susan Holly. Langue e Sister Mary Mercedes helps Kathleen Lobo, Nancy Schetz, . Mary Alice Williams, and Mary Jean Gallagher with a Latin translation. Josephine Ferrara and Judy Hannon make a special visit to the lnfant in St. Cecelia's Hall. Sister Mary John gives an encouraging word to Elna-Anne Carrar and Carol Conly. 56 4 1 F L, 4 ! , 3 I ,Q Joy Savage, Phyllis Sayko, Mary Ellen Lesniak, and Marguerite Gorman display imaginative geometric designs. - 1- K. 5 1. Elna-Anne Carrar, Marcia Dunn, Sylvia Joris, Teresita Cabrera, and Dolores Sella are absorbed in their algebra. History And Mathematics ek M' B PQ' il, A Q, ts-QQX'-sam i Y-fs? The senior girls are happy that the stocks have risen. Sister Mary Annata demonstrates map work to Lillian Roberts, Estela and Berta de la Guardia, and Ruth Shepard. usiness Experience S-I l Helen Mulcahy and Loretta Mathias relax i after a very busy day. Junior typists Patricia Booth, Helen Dermody, Jane Mcflxlyanah, Margery O'Leary, Lynn l-loch, Claudia De Luca, and Carole Misko. 1 Lois De Cuollo, Helen Derrnody, Judith Dow, and Sandra Mandato are happy that it is ' time to lcayc for home. .wx ,O Sister Marie La Salle demonstrates the use of the addressograph to Barbara Kritzar and Elaine Capraro. f. 'K 94 ps Elaine Capraro and Catherine Noonan lead the way, 59 cience Joan Marie Etinger, Patricia Lyons, and Joanne Gerber learn to take temperatures in Home Nursing. Georgia Reilly practices a hand bandage on Lillian Roberts while Maureen Parish band- ages Eleanor Cuso. Sandra Flakker is delighted that her father brought the peanut plants for her dass. 60 The General Science group examines intently the minerals. They are Lois Demarcst, Diane Capone, Barbara Woznak, Virginia Hutchins, Diane Donoghuc, Grace Alberina, Edith Pardo, and Solita Dominguez. Q r L, 6 'a 4 . e A gg. Vi. . 'ws- Alberta Donlan, Joanne DeVito and Elaine Foss prepare hydro gen in chemistry. ix T iw ,. 'Q " i N Barbara Finley, Christine Hoffman, J' Elizabeth McKay, Judith Comerford, L Patricia Cook, and Margot Perez 1- z.,"' count the annular rings. 'N' li hw Y A L ,I X, K' g. . .' 'wh .,:,,t '- A .Y ,ij . , s 'A '..:f..f5?Q,",fxl-big!-3' l Sister Mary Dolores advises Joanne De Vito in her selection of colors and technique, t "' H 1.,. lndustriously engaged in their work are art students Ellen Jean Francy, Elizabeth Baurngartner, Susan Swoope, and Carol Valinski. Sandra Flakker, Patricia Cook, Eileen Guinan, and Jo Ann Falcone compare 62 their works of art. M ix, 1 . , , , iifix We it U "--ll m iff ' ,,. A ,Kg P- Jn W4 W wa? .4 ,a 4 Q f QM S1 .I 4 5.1 ,Q N A uf' I vf 'Q ff' f , .iyfqr 1 I ' ' . f F .QJ Q Q -- If I EQ " 3 'lrij Q -if , , may 4' 1-K in A 5 , QLVAX K-x",. Eifi, M4 .Q 5 maya. " - ' , 1 .! " fxgg , f, W - M' Q: . '. .. v 9215212 A I iyxht, gr kffw 751' hh, .-Yr' av A " a,r V' N 251 ' nf! .i' I 3 9- 'xw'fJ.. ' 'Q- W W Q LN, ik ful! W1 Q 1 3 Z s li ll lliw- BS 91 "E-.. l X. if WN x ' . ,y Q. .13 . , -. 'A -. ... V. -. gg h ya av Kam 1 v-I' Sister Mary Robert, librarian, helps Eileen Goralczyk check out a book. Judith Saunders, Patricia Kreutz, Mariella Keenan and their mothers glance through l955 Mountain Chimes in Academy Library. Librar 11 Margaret Klaoudatos and Jean Scherer select a novel for their monthly report. Judith Dow, Jill Savage, Barbara Kritzar, and Vera Schaaf find the library an ideal place for religion references. wages: x7 an ,Q V In Swv Flora May helps Patricia Matheis, Judith Shipley, Lynn Rubenstein, Joanne De Vito, Margaret Chepiga, Maritza Henriquez, and Gisela Rolando with their arm movements. Music and Dancing 65 Mrs. Caroline Littlefield watches to see if the girls are in step. Ann Lombardo, Patricia Grogan, Teresa Schmidt, Elizabeth Byer, and Thekla Marran, members of the Music Appreciation Group, enjoy their afternoon meeting. QC Joanne DeVito and Carol Valinski faithfully type the business letters Elaine Caprara types captions while Carole Misko checks them. Kathryn Ziegler, Helen Mulcahy and Brenda Stabile keep the records in order. Il' Jean Scherer and Joan Lange carefully check the names of underclassmen Editor Grace Puglisi, Assistant Mary Alice Williams X and Moderator Sister Mary Ruth look over the tg Senior section. .pal ountain himes Alberta Donlan writes her cap- tions while Lois Demarest checks the names. N"Hr ascniasns TO foum Kathleen Scanlon, Susan Holly, and Mariella Keenan l ,. Elizabeth Baumgartner and Christine Dydynski, Assistant Editors, prepare the dummy for the printer. Anita Waldran and Gisela Rolando are ,delighted with the poster made by Margaret Gallagher. S arc pleased with their senior picturvs. Mary Ellen Morris enjoys a noon visit with her father. If Lynn Rubenstein and Maritza Henriquez are disappointed that the packages are not for them. Carol Conly, Elna-Anne Carrar, Patricia Osthand Lois Demarest reload the Coke machine. ' lllll fdfgd CH M 'l""fHein Q., 4 oontime Patricia Kreutz, Christine Hoffman, Virginia Timone, Beatrice Salrnieri, and Lynn Holly relax in their favorite corner of the "Brown Rec." Mary Pettit ancl Leona Ryan take their vitamins the enjoyable way, Seniors Patricia Cericola, Patricia Grogan, Margaret Chepiga, Con- stance Medinger, and Beth Byer enjoy lunch period. ,,.. ,. Hungry Freshmen, Marguerite Terrell, Dolores Sella, Charlotte Mooney, and Patricia Sulzinski, select their lunch in the new cafeteria. Carol Valinski, Beth Byer, Maria ella Keenan, Suzanne Mathieu, Helen Mulcahy, Brenda Stalyile, and Kathryn Ziegler relax with good food in the atmosphere of the main dining room. Jacqueline Gow, Claire Windisch, Barbara Fischer, Joanne Fiorvanti, Maria Rey, and Nancy Dow en- joy traveling to far away places in Sister Mary Arthur's geography class. SJ fig, gil Q swf s '65 30. QM J Elementar Romrnie Lucia begins her day by tondly kissing her mother "good-bye" while her sister willingly holds her books. 1 K , ff: p'sfffi,E5f 1 ffm E J We ff J H Q if a 2 4 Dflm, f J- ij-l'i?,swz?" 1 Af TH 2' E5 2 Q s 2 llz PM E f 'r if . X . , s s fun? , i 4 fx a Q M Ns.- Rommie Lucia, Georgia Dreyer, Lenore Zieg- ler, Judy Valinski, Julia Collins, lran Thos- rovcki, Mary Ann Trasi, Eileen Guinan, Ann Santoro, Conchita Rey, Judy Scheuerman, Margaret Collins, and Penny Sweet are busily engaged in solving problems in arithmetic. 70 Department Sally Berry, roupon captain, Cha-rlff, Ruth Gantrfs. quota while Suellvn Moore, Jucly Kraunchv, Eli-a Diana, Ann Dec-qan, Mary Maloney, and Stephanie Nuqznt anxiously watch. Hats and qloves are a must for Sunday eveninq Bencclietion. Elyira Del.uCa, Mary Ann Trasi, Rosemary Pena, and Dorothea Bralynskn pose with Sister Mary Arthur and Sister Maris after Bencdietion. 1 Elisa Diana proudly displays thc Ban- ner she received from Bishop Ahr at the Mission Rally on behalf of the Elementary Department to Ruth Gants, Sally Berry, Judy Krausehe, Mary Maloney, and Suellen Moore. Mrs. C. Mathias, Loretta, and her brother ready for Newfield. Mrs. F. R, Stroebel and Nancy antici- pate a happy week-end at Fair Haven. W--an Q-...Q 4 Z "No more room," says Christine Dydynski to Elizabeth Baumgartner as Patricia Ost, Joanne DeVito, and Carol Valinski prepare to drive down the new road, M 2 Quite some baggage," says Mrs. Caruso to Marie. 72 Mrs. Mulcahy and Helen are anxious to reach New York. -..W Mrs. A. Harden is right on time to take Ann Marie home and Josephine Ferrara is glad that she will get a ride to her home in Scotch Plains, Mrs. C. Hoffman helps Christine pack for the trip to South Amboy. Goin Home ..,, . n xv' J Q 1 .. .. , -,MMM 9 ieisfiiihwffifli M ' 1' .h " ,. i ' x luirifff,--':i.--' Wu 1 I G mmm P'- Aftcr making a visit to the chapel Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Collins drive Julia and Margaret to Bound Brook. 73 Mrs. J. Trasi is delighted that Mary Ann is coming home for the weekend. -lg-4 "Mother, l'm ready," says Donna Cummings. ACTIVITIES 'E 23 H A . I my-.. A 5 gs , ,n 1 X- 'x ,J .1 1' kv Ng- -fy X M' 'f s ' . fl' .xx x R m- JJ, J N , fy v ,I M 8 5.7, J if 'L J' , , ' .ing w W - , QXX I .V "A 4 ' 51 5 K 9 y f x , , W Q ,M ' 34- - -... . f 1 u 6 f f N Xl' K .Lt A . 3. f . g i 'L is, .- f ,kv , . . 1 1 2 1 2 'fx l ij ' , 1 1 fn Q I I Y X J - A 4 I' ,Al X i if 23' xv Y I 'af I A1 D X I ,I I 4, , X x , I if If jx ,S ,Az R , ' M if ' x' iff ibn!! 8 si aus XA x 5 Ag' 'I A? ,W IA' A 'Tl 'Zi r I S X f I, " ' 5 15 lg A wg Q . if 'Y 1 X '.g..4' Y ,Q N ' ' 'X 4 f 3 -: .gl v M -- ' !!f",f', fi , 5, a 5- , - ,, 1, ff ' ix' W S - ': ' - . I I . f ,, ' fl ,J if 42 4- iv I x ,gg L X X I KA 1, Agfkwg. . U a p k V w,F'Q. , - ' , 5' 1 4 f' . , A . . . , A fs YS T xr Sister ary Mr. C. D, Wardlaw greets Sister Mary Leonard on her feast day. Barbara Woznak, attended by Nancy Oneill and Nancy Dow, gives presentation address. Sophomores eagerly await the performance. 76 "Hurry, girls, it's getting late!" says Susan Godby. geonarcfs Feast ay The soprano section of the Choral Group consists of Nancy Golonka, Ann Lombardo, Lynn Hoch, Barham Korn, Grace Puglisi and Ellcn Jean Francy. VP. gr -M, r' ' f The Juntor Lsf-.J Claw, intently follow the program. Nancy O'NcilI and Nancy Dow prcncnt Slater Mary Leonard with the student-body gift. 77 'ibn X i .af .ff 5 . 4 E 'A 5 Q i' , 55,0 4 Q A' file A Qro Juliet: "Oh swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon . . ." fy-A M, . ' A A K lf ln the dressing room Thekla Marran, Joan Christen- son, Brenda Stabile and Susan Holly watch Sister Mary Lucia transform Leddy Buerklin into King Henry V of England. Shakespeareal Henry V: "Fie upon my false French! By mine honor, in true English, I love thee, Kate." 5 - :YP Viola: "The honorable lady of the house, which is she?" Festival "lt was wonderful to be an usher, Mother," says Carol Valinski. Viola: "And yet, by the fangs of malice I swear I am not that I play." Mrs P. B. Demarest and Lois appreciated the Shakespearean performance. Mar Ann Farina and Barbara Korn leasantl re Y D Y ' late the activities of the Mount Choral Group. Choral Group lfntertains - 9 . B e 1'1 e ol 1 Ct S Father Eugene, Geraldine Bednarick and Ray Nancy Golonka and her escort dance to the strains of "Good-Night Sweetheart." 80 Tabori discuss plans for ,another social gathering. Teresita Cabrera and Edith Pardo are glad to serve the luncheon Patricia',lw and her date admire "Frosty," Christine Dydynski and William Coakley agree that it has been a most enjoyable evening. Grace Puglisi and Richard Addario "Looks good enough to eat," says Lynn Hoch enjoy the music, to Dave Eiserwbeal. Bl gk, gk e" im: S1AlA ae Y 1-qs., 8' is M ,M '12 TH, f ,f'ai- 1 S 4 ff 1.3 it xer f 2 in P ,Q-xfvii: Q ,if 4 M, 1 3 o fi Grace Alberina Diane Capone Mary . . Ann Weber, and Marcia Dunn place the fagures ln the cub 98. 5, i 4 H' 'vi M Q, , I A e ,1. ,.,xz' i . jk 'E . , N- 5 nam 2. ' . I A 4,,, . iz " v' F' 4 ' If I, 5. J 'J I e. grim QQWQ A .4 , wg, , js., my xf ZW, fi' vi w X xx X4 T, '22 2, m 1 ,Q 5. It - K. ,,, . . j, 1 . -.-- . . I 4 I nl , . 5 , 1 . . , r ' 'n. , , uw 1: - ., v Q' :L w, f g 11 . x 'I I ' 1 i A ' ' 'Q' .. nx'u' n 'ff 59 if W ffifw +- igl llflgblffj ll :il in ,451-sf ,nfg v W 451"'i '4 LU. 1,1 A " ' Ng1'!g .P I. 4 ' ! fl A ky, 4!f' 5. "tg - Qs y,N 1 1 li 3 5351 ty I' -4: t 9 4 Shy? yi ,I lg 2, ., .- 'C ' J ,.,?r f ,, 131155 .f-.tmfggg ' I 5 1 h .KL if 5 ," - A 1 . . A V- ,ali il- , gnx rx kanji hm tma Pla Dorothy Hoffman examines the bread brought in by Mary Ehrhardl. Y Sonya Donlan assists Alberta hgiigj in the dressing room. s V Solo dancer Alberta Donlan leads the ballet corps which consists of Mary Alice Williams, Christine Hoffman, Patricia Cook portrays, in a dIS tinguished manner, the part of M' "Q N v W 3, strels Nancy Golonka Mary Checchuo Carol Ann Wrtalnk and Lynn Hoch A. ,. Geraldine Bcdnarick, as the steward, accompanies the min- 'fa Dr and Mrs Rubenstein and family poze with Lynn an from of the foyer tree after the play N fp 1 ,i U , kk! I"" ""h 'TWIN A ' S ' x 'iw C A Q 3: KL fy f A . X T . . ,- Y m Q .3 Rv- K Ax X Y . gg i Q , x x " :.' K , fx F- 1- + ' Qi ,155 . 155. ig .g QA-kgs , X Sm Q 'X Q Q XSS SN X A . 2 wb I . x .Q "xi ff F'-2-I 1 1 how Charlotte Mooney, stepping calmly down the stairs, makes her entrance, showing her purple jumper. Mother Mary Patrick congratulates Mary Beth Pettit on her green cotton jumper while Ursula Morrissey accepts compliments from Sister Mary Gertrude. s If og: I Beatriz Parra, Carol Valinski, and Elizabeth Baumgartner are in the advanced sewing group. Mrs, H. Ruegg tells Grace Puglisi how the girls made their style and color selections. Sister Mary Ignatius gives instructions to the young homemakers, Norah Kennedy, Barbara May and Joanne Milana. F na' L Q X V1 Q Phyllis Sayko points out the good feature of the electric stove to her mother and father. Mary Guijarro and Marie Caruso enjoy cooking. Very good tea," remarks Mrs. J. McAlvanah to her daughter, Susan. if ...N -,N Mrs. F. B, Nixdorff and Mrs. C, W. Paulso enjoy their tea in the new Home Economic Departments. 90 I J l Q7 If Nr 4-'f E Q 'i 1 -3- if -A A 91 Mm J. W. Sulzin k tolls Pit icia ho ell the S V 1 r W W Mrs H Loria stops for refreshments served by umlflrm Qlw,-, prepared the refreshments. ' ' Barbara May. Freshman Tea Nornh Kcnrwcly, Clmlrmnrm of decorations for the Frc',hm.m, .ual-,ts Mrs. D. Sutton, M A .5145 Sylvia Velutini smilirmgly brings in the cake, . .W W -am 0 9l 1 . N4 K THE GEORCUKN CDU ,, GLEE CLUB , -L ' 1 X SALUTES , DEMY 2 y MARY s ACA . Q MOUNT WNT v' 6.5 wma 5 if is f k 3 A vkooam OF MWC if . i jjj E 'M-RANK if t r X Georgian Court . V' Xi I 5 mmm HALL xg 'I HQ es I FEBRUARY f, i 1 Q l X Joan Danielle Dorety dis- 2 I ' E closes a fine texture of great potentialities. KJ I 3 X825 3 1 Sy H-'HQ X :ATA 'ak-wf" "Fantasie - Impromptu in C Sharp Minor" was skillfully rendered by Helen Marie Cordes. age' Kathryn Jiampetti and Jacquelyn Curette, a Cle- lightful duo, impressively add a Spanish 1'OuCh to the concert with "El Destichadof' lx glee Club oncert ip-, Susan Holly gladly pours tea for some of the Georgian Court Glee Club members at a brief luncheon before their cOncert in Mercy Hall. l l General 5 93 Among their charming selections, the Court Glee Club presented "Slumber Song," Sister Mary Gertrude, Mother Mary Bertrand, Mother and Sister Mary Consolata listened intently as each number was beautifully presented. Mother Mary Patrick, delighted with the num- bers, congratulated Sister Mary Giovanni, Dean of Georgian Court. Geraldine Bednarick runs through her choral number before the musicale. , .Mm--1--f""Y u icale Sister Mary Consilio, bead of the Music Department, instructs Nancy Stroebel before the concert. Mrs. H. Ruegg and Nancy Dow admire Mary Ellen Lesnialds beautiful gown. Mmm-,iqrirzr Mafliim 1-xprcwxcs his 1-rilrzymr-nl of tlie- Musiinlc To ill!-llJi'lll l3.iumq.irlrwur and XM llllll'D Miilm A'Cl.ilrif clc' l,iim-" liy lull i IIC! hy, 2173 vxcollvrwlly Cxvculcd Ccfrifcala Mary Jean Gallagher begin her solo, Sextelfe from "Lucia di Lammermoorn with skill and musicianship. Students Pa Tribute to Monsignor MARlAN PROGRAM Chorus-"A Priestly Heart" . . . . S. Mitterer Greeting ...,...... Eleanor Rowland Chorus-Our Blessed Mother's Titles Sister M. Mercy, S.C. MARY, MOTHER AND QUEEN Nazareth Ma ry . . Gabriel . Ain-Karim Mary . . Elizabeth . Languedoc Mary . Dominic . Tapayac Mary . . Juan Diego Virginia Timone Joan Christenson Virginia Timone . Kathy Scanlon . Susan Holly . Georgia Reilly . Gisela Rolando . Patricia Cericola Bishop. . Soldiers . Paris Mary . . Catherine . Child '. Fatima Mary . Lucia . . Francisco . Jacinta . Paradise Ma ry, The Queen Narrator . . . . Joan Christenson ' Norah Kennedy Donna Cummings Carol Ann Wrtalik . Libby O'NeiIl . Rommie Lucia . . Susan Holly Rosemary Dorgan . Lenore Ziegler . Mary Ann Trasi Carol Ann Wrtalik . Alberta Donlan Our Lady's month quietly takes its place among the seasons of the year with all its beauty of bursting buds. ln like manner do we pay tribute to you, dear Monsignor Madura, on the occasion of your Silver Jubilee of Ordination to the Holy Priesthood. As the buds of nature sometime appear before their usual time so too do your human buds burst forth before the actual hour of your anniversary. How our Lady must smile with joy upon the past twenty-five years of service that you have given to her Divine Son with such gracious simplicity and humility. May we who have the privilege of being near you each day imitate in some manner these virtues that are continually exhibited by you. We, the Student Body of Mount St. Mary's Academy, congratulate you on this Holy Event and pray that God through the intercession of His Immacu- late Mother will give you many more years to spread your apostolate of holiness. 4 K W ,. Q ., ,,k, it 41, , qgygix , f. -ff -A S H. 'Q 'fi .wi -' I ' 'tix '1v1? 'J s tv 1 l X 1 N, Q Q if .L t .1 K i, : ,li A f I , ' V ,- ,3.',,nY3fvMN 342 is kai-3,,f as-4 ,-4 f A . ,wht ,1.f.,kf . 1 ,e,MVxMSi,s." - jy wil ' s n" 7 K 'iw , out A- M. '!'f":r s ' ' Phyllis Sayko, Agnes Boyle, Ann Story, Gi- ,ff A A L- sela Rolando. and Kathleen Lobo listen at- K imlf- . W tentively to the instructions. Q .M ..., , ,V 4"'4'f ' K it . i N .L W HPYW l V W -eiiwfQ.'lit7 -iwffll fif?-55tA' atom gf-we X t wa gigmfvss 'ill it fwwgigzgg I s mfwa to .LA I iii, J t' A , 'TV 'A A 4- , , 2 33. ,34- , x 55 ' ' .-MX . W'-. .... .,, . ,. .as . , 'lk 4 . 4 flag: fi? iw , V FWF 5 y 5 is ll fi ,. KWH Q, MS' ,kffhrx E GFI 'SF 'A'-. 'W' - 'et X, .ia :M . N yu. l a ' in 'ew I 0 , ww ? .IM1 , " v. '.s9x'- 4- 5 Q Q 'r'f'. 5,135 r 'Y ' ' -. '- HJ , f V ' 'b SX. f if Q ' ' 3. Qi 'gn-pq, ' ' A' . ' K 4 31' el .-ff k Wi W, ,if ,J ,Q jar. i Q A 1 r Q .,. bf f ss 5 r 'I 4- K . 6 Q ' Q ' nf, fi, N f . 9 ,K I 2 rf Q Y rl , 1 ,Nw , by V , - - . N L. A . ,Q in eff It Nr ,,,.. '. xx . dau! A gy, A , s. dar . ef' f 'Q ix QNX Elizabeth O'NoiI clears the , hurdle in good form. Q an 'MIP ' 5 1' 'ur '9T5'teff4"' i ,gm . 3K5i.'w ' N A xiws h hkikifgiisg, f'if9"s'i'5 ... Wig i- Y", 1 O' B VN 'Qin 1 ,,, rm Story Gi :li ivviimio 1r'irl Kwth Cvwtgr A , X. 3 . ', 4 . - lcon Lobo pruparc tiicmaulvcs fOr Their ,Q ' . L Q :Yr wg Patricia Booth waits for her siirrup to iw acijiistcd. Seniors leave the field a practice game. after Sheila Rothemich, Barbara Woznak, Leddy Buerklin, lnterclass Tournament Mrs, D. Sutton, Alberta Donlan, Judy Saunders, Jane Moore, Berta de la Guardia and Nancy Smack are the defensive Team against St. Elizabeth's. S ,L al Y S ,ll YJ sa'a Af Suzanne Mathieu Teresa Schmidt, Agnes Boyle, Jean Scherer, Joan Lange, and Grace Alberina are the Agnes Boyle and Joan Lange regret that the season is over. offensive team. IOO 4 L-ff-Ain" 418 """"""""- g f'RS.f-mwf,wg..1 -,. M '-f 'W' ' hi Q 1 w s 5 f. V F ,v if his t' X Q ' ,, SX f is K . xg., t f - 4 I K. f . w in V Y V 1 y d. J 34 if 1 kt f k 1, ' x . A' ' Y 5 , xx .. 4 I , :ff . AW vi YW S ft - ? - ' M 'li lt The players ready to catch the ball after Jean s foul shot are Judy Saunders, Joan Lange, Patricia Cericola, and Jane Moore. WA' . lift f.ff'E A l-lllfllffvl' lane Moore, Agnes Boyle, Judy Saunders, Joan Lange, Jean Scherer, Vlargie O'l.eary, Patricia Flanagan, Leddy Buerklin, and Claudia Del.uca played a fine game, but lost by the score of 38-32. lumnae ame Leddy Buerklin and Judy Saunders practice for the big game. lO2 A practice jump shot is made be- tween Nancy Stroehel and Pat Sul- zinaki, while Jane Moore and Libby O'Nm-il eaqr-rly await their oppor- tunity. The Junior team prays for victory, They are Jean Scherer, Margie O'Leary, Joan Lanqc, Agnes Boyle, and Claudia DeLuca. ?, X 5 PD! Q Margie O'Leary, Agnes Boyle, and Claudia DeLuca prepare for the inierclass game. ,f .K-s 1 -Q .af if It .N l 1 ,4 'W R. , Y - if lf M 5 31 1 ...EI , Ei, K x 15,-' sg V., 7 gl ,Q , 2' l X 5,6356 l 1 'il' yn' A group of skaters form a snappy whip. 3-wh' ffl. ,,A.l6,, i f 2 l ls, ,Q 3 Jflstgi ,fmfl . 6 A ' T Beatrlz Parra Helen Mulcahy Judnth Saunders and Ruth Shep ard look like veteran skaters Q! l k v -Q K .A-ist '1' 1 , 1 .v . ' 1 l - " "' 'ix . A I :inn- gs' ,yy ., ' was A 5 ,xt .',.1 A 4, , Q Z5 Q5 1 f ' . fy 9 ' X ,A A ' 24V,"-- Lf '93 "i, 'li 3,6 . ' 3 fm Y I Z - 3. 3 ' 4 gif' , ' ' W 1 Qf ' X 1 4441 f ,X . 1 ' ff""W- . K J Q Lynn RLAfwwJcun quxcs Agnce Boyle and , A' Vc-romca Hulwc .1 xamplc into of hor manh- . M: mwllow. Q 1 Q , --- Im X Q 7 . A .- .. , ' ..-W.,' .. b X Ava-SE, 4 wh, 5' A Hu- n X .. 1 . - 3' ,, . 4345.3 K ff- gf X x , f , N M,ivfw -f A V ' . , 1 af b, E f W fs., , .3-"' ,M +7'M ' 5 -T 'Q '-4, . .. K Vx r l g K D. Q., if 1 K-iff Q 4 X4 -lgnmwgt Ag mn. . -.Q xg: A A .5531-QSM... L --Q 11- . , ' -l 4' ' ff- 'I' ' x 'WS '- ' a -4 , w. 'ix 'asf '32, M .f vixx A, , 0 Y It HS X - X KX f mf in my " . gf Claudia Dc Luca whnzzcs by as Margery in N- my ' E"'l'H-' 'I' I" f"'-"'7"' "Wi UI"-W . ,inf -"L Nzvzfffg.-',W O'Lcary and Mary Ellvn Mfwrrux hclp Thclkn . 'X"l'f""- 51"l'lJ'lN 'IIIW1' IW ' . --.A fi- X,.g Marran rugmn har footmq, Qi wX,g"'x' 4' 0 1 . -w ' X' X' , 0 . K 'M " - f .QL . W--riff K L ff, X r- Ak- W X K x J. Y-? '- ' "M 'af-yi"-'L ': , Q' " . wi 'W' 'M' -?49Ef-H ,.- WI- 1-.H 'I in' .m .. 'M-.. . f Q 'if' A mf' "' ' , s ,W 1 5 if 5 i -,yy L , ff'-S . f' Nr 1 wg. Qgsf , A ,S , if Wx,-LQ: Y. in .5 AQZ A -..' . - - .im- .Kf xg.. -'aw' A , . W: -g N. :rank 555, yr' NJ ax , 5. V: M ,., iglifi-5 Y"Q:jN5 N M-. .'f.",' Mar? A -3'f'ff--NLF-F, v , . L. .Q -Q W - 'df' J . K, .A A K gf? 4 , 1454 RQ -we I 3 1 4 K 'Q' . 1, - x-. ? -, , . ab : of O Q. s vs. 14. fi .ff ' 5 I Agnes Boyle and Marie Caruso tell Kathleen 1' Lobo and Elaine Foss that they are ready for any kind of weather. ..4P""' ,f Mary Ann Weber and Diane Don- oghue eagerly await the bus that will take them home. Judith Anne Comerford, Pa- - ricia Tolomeo, and Marguerite Gorman wish the snow had not melted so soon. X Evelyn Wuerthner, Romola Lucia, Julia Collins, Georgia Dryer and Concita Rey Margaret Gallagher, Sheila Rothemich, Barbara enjoy the playground! lo7 Marcino, and Albina Scarpati take a swift ride. si Dogwood scene. Joy Savage and Phyllis Sayko enjoy the shade of the beech tree. pringtime 5 ,E Mary Ann Weber and Diane Goodrich help place the bird houses. u , VX s ' Q, .ww M. v A ,. ,, View from Sanctuary. Edifh Pardo, Sylvia Velutini Esperanza Guerra. "Don't fence me in," say A whole bucket of balls for mel" says Carol Maclntyre to the pro Carl Ulmer. Edith Pardo and Beatrice Parra think that hole is very small. Golftime Sylvian Velutini and Esperanza Guerra strive for improvement, Helen Mulcahy, Mary Jean Gallagher, and Gisela Rolando hope they can perfect their golf before they graduate, Springtime- Yearbook Time PATRONS wa' Q U-I Very Rev. Msgr. Martin A. Madura Rt. Rev. Msgr. Harold V. Colgan Rev. A. R. Mulligan Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Rev. Robert T. Bulman and Mrs. Albert F. Misko and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. J. P. Tackach M. E. Tolomeo Thomas J. Waldron W. Booth C, W. Hoffman F. H. Medinger and Mrs. Jay E. Holly Eugene Gernert and Mrs. Thomas Puglisi and Mrs. Joseph Puglisi and Mrs, Frank P. Cericola Mrs. Joseph W. Evins Mr. Theodore R. Donlan Miss Immaculate Carotenuto Miss Barbara Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bentz Frederick W. Buerkli Louis DeCuollo James D. Gorman, Sr G. D. Saunders A. L. Stott James A. McAlvanah Walter E. Lobo Henry L. Winters Mrs. P, B, Demarest Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Byer Mr. and Mrs. John A. Winter Mrs. Oswald R. Cericola Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Sayko Mr, and Mrs, Albert Mathieu H0 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. J. Frisco Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Thomas Mr, and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs, Mr, James T. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Louis M. Weber F, R. Stroebel William F, Roppelt E. Meade V. E. Shakespeare A. H. Canetti Quinn J. C. Calhoun Frank Chepiga Robert Matheis J. W. Rowland Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Francy Joseph B. Lyons Joseph DeVito Carl E. Foss John P, Ziegler Mr, Achille Rossi Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. W. Schnibbe E. Velutini Francis X, Reilly Mrs. Stella C. Dydynski Mr. Vincent J, Milana Mr. and Mrs. P. Goralczyk iff . ll 'lv 3' Qs Gigli' 'W ll""i'2 L, 'ia' L F, ""'F" '?"i""i'f TES? ' as s.'i'e"H-T' .- , Q' in -Q . K Q ,xl W .- as Elizabeth Baumgartner and Grace Puglisi, accompanied by Mrs. Puglisi, select luggage for a graduation gift. Since Mount St. Mary's founding we have been honored to have you,the Sisters and students, as our customers. Plainfield, N. J. II3 MUrdock 6-4700 'CORRECT MCCRACKEN MACHINE PRODUCTS FUNERAL HOME WILLIAM F. MCCRACKEN 439 New Point Road Elizabeth, N. J. I5-OO Morris Avenue Union, N Costumes for Our Production by BROOKS COSTUME CO. Costumes Made to Order and For Rent 3 W. 6lst Street New York 23, N. Y. PLainfield 6-2640 SAMOSET LAUNDERERS SAVE ZOCMQ CASH AND QUALITY Dry Cleaners - Drive-In Service 902 North Avenue Plainfield, N CRanfieId 6-0505 BUILDER'S GENERAL SUPPLY COMPANY VICTOR D. SHAHEEN, President LUMBER - BUILDING MATERIALS - MILLWORK 336 Centennial Avenue Cranford, N. J. PLainfield 5-0440 AUGUST ALBERINO suiuasn Ano GENERAL coN'rnAcTon 45 Hillcrest Road, Watchung R. D. 3, Plainfield, N. J. Compliments of B R E Y E R ICE CREAM COMPANY ATlantic Highlands I-0716 C A R U S O CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. BUILDING CONTRACTORS 37 Center Avenue Atlantic Highlands, N 4 . M mm " y X , qi"""avf:qf- ,K A - t ' w"""-A-m..M. i - .M EQN-1'S"" "WM I J S Windmill Golf Driving Range Directly Opposite Mount Saint Mary's Academy FINEST IN EQUIPMENT Instructions, CARL ULMEH, Prop. JOSEPH BIGLEY, Manager "You Lace 'em, NVe Chase 'em" IIS COMPLIMENTS OF MICRO MACHINE CO. 521 LEHIGH AVENUE UNION, NEW JERSEY MUrdock 8-8670 W. C. SCHON J. SCHON TOOL AND MACHINE Co. STEEL Moms Fon RUBBER PARTS 1016 SPRINGFIELD ROAD UNION, NEW JERSEY MR. GEORGE W. BANTLE 440 WATCHUNG AVENUE PUIINFIELD, NEW JERSEY IF YOU HAD A MILLION DOLLARS YOU COULDN'T BUY BETTER BAKED GOODS CYDQIW FISCHER BAKING COMPANY NEWARK, NEW JERSEY 116 L. A.V., The Venezuelan Airline Luxurious SU PER-CONSTELLATION Service FOR INFORMATION CALL Phu 9-6500 LINEA AEROPOSTAL VENEZOLANA 781 FIFTH AVENUE, New YORK CITY 22, N. Y. Compliments of FRED L. BAUMEISTER ELECTRICAL coN'rRAc'roR Bound Brook, New Jersey Compliments of McDONOUGH, McDONOUGH, AND SULLIVAN BArclay 7-3966 JOHN F. MCEVOY, INC. Importers of LINENS, VEILINGS and SERGES 25 Barclay Street New York City PLaanfaf.-id 4-0229 PETERSEN'S PASTRY SHOP 277 Somerset Street N. Plainfield, N. J RICHARD T. BUESCHEL AGENCY, INC. I67 North Avenue Plainfield, N. J. PLainfield 5-9601 A. E. DONNELLY, Prop. VILLAGE SERVICE STATION Garfield and Second Streets Plainfield, N. J. PLainfield 6-95 I 3 SOMERSET DRUG STORE Prescriptions a Specialty H. LURIE, Ph.G., Reg. Pharm. 233 Somerset Street N. Plainfield, N. J MUrdock 8-3434 BAKER AND McMAHON REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE - MORTGAGES i338 Morris Avenue Union, N. J CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF' '56 from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Puglisi 5 Para nuestros querldos padres U T y muchas felicidades a las graduadas de Gisela y Maritza H9 PLainfieId 6-4000 PLAINFIELD LUMBER AND SUPPLY 403 BERCKMAN STREET COMPANY PLAI NFI ELD, NEW JERSEY 129 ASHMORE AVENUE Manufacturing Packers of "A Treat to Eat" MEAT SPECIALTIES TRENTON, NEW JERSEY Mount Saint Mary's Academy Class Rings made by WILLIAM C. MARTIN "YOUR OFFICIAL JEWELER" 801 WALNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PENN. MUrdock 6-4600 LLOYD EXCHANGE Complete Travel Service Steamship and Airlines Tours and Cruises Immigration 960 STUYVESANT AVENUE One block from Un TRAVEL BUREAU Foreign Money Traveler's Cheques Trip Insurance Hotel Reservations UNION, NEW JERSEY ion Center, directly opposite "A C1 P Market" 120 No Greater Compliment Could Be Paid Our Uniforms Than That They Are Being Worn By THE STUDENTS OF MOUNT ST. MARY'S ACADEMY Eisenberg 8: O'I'Iara Co 1315 Market Street Philadelphia Manufacturers of Parochial School Uniforms For Over a Quarter of a Century 21 BArclay 7-5304 - 5305 DAVID MCCOSKER, INC. F. T. DENON 68-70 Park Place New York 7, MR. AND MRS. RAY SORIANO Raritan, New Jersey BRADDOCK HEAT TREATING CO. 26 W. Main Street Bound Brook, WEstfieId 2-3962 DUNN'S ESSO STATION Hwy. 22, and New Providence Road Mountainside, N. J. PLainfield 6- l l 97-8 SOMERSET FISH MARKET "Every Fish That Swims in the Sea' FRESH FISH DAILY ll5 Somerset Street Plainfield, N. J Congratulations To The Class of '56 MR. AND MRS. SALVADOR DIANA PLainfield 6- I 400 FRED A. HUMMEL, INC. PLUMBING - HEATING - OIL IauRNEIzs KITCHEN DESIGNING - AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRIC Home APPLIANCES 506 Arlington Avenue Plainfield. N- -I Compliments of TOPS DINER Route 22 and Mill Lane Mountainside, N. J. COMPLIMENTS of Wel-Don Concrete Corp TRANSIT MIX CONCRETE FOR ALL PURPOSES 141 CENTRAL AVENUE WESTFIELD, NEW JERSEY Off Ph Plant Pho WEstfieId 2 4444 FAn ood 2-4300 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF i956 MO0RE'S TRUCKING COMPANY Moon: SERVICE ron MORE PEOPLE NEW MARKET, NEW JERSEY vc ,x Eli if 'TE?i7i'I?I -- ' fic, SUMMIT L LCU2 'CQ y WESTFIELD Serving Suburban New Jersey's Most Fashionably Dressed Young Women HEAD UARTERS for our HAPPY TIMES! Y 4,7 Xgigzlinziyt., We cordially invite the student body of mi -vgm Mt. St. Mary's to consult with our exper- li T? ienced staff in the planning of both under- wx graduate and alumnae activities. .ws D My 'll B 5 lfu NJ' nf 5, P A R K H 0 T E L E, Tw F5 'I Ylf- iL "fllf A7"'ld5I "'-WFS 'fb ' fgiigffgffefggg vfh STREET at ARLINGTON AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY PLainfield 5-963 l C E D A R B A R oELIcIous MEALs SERVED DAILY Closed Sundays ADOLPH BAUMGARTNER, Prop. 21 O SOMERSET STREET NORTH PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Compliments of uinn and Boden, Inc BOOK MANUFACTURERS 1905 ELIZABETH AVENUE RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY 5 ' THE NORWALK VAULT COMPANY PLAINFIELD, N. J. PLainfieId 6- I 650 HarrisorI A. Williams E. Witter Clawson President Treasurer WILLIAM F. BENTZ PAINTER, Dscorurron and PAPERHANGER 1584 PORTER ROAD UNION, NEW JERSEY DAVIS WHITE 157 W. MARKET STREET 222 NORFOLK STREET NEWARK, NEW JERSEY G. E. KELLERS for BETTER DRY CLEANING I26 THE ARDLAW SCHOOL Specialists in College Preparation PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY XVith thc cxccption of thc nurscry school, which is at 10538 Park Avcnuc, cvcry dcpartincnt of thc XVartllaw School from Kinclcrgartcn through prcparatory school is locatccl at 1030 Ccntral Avcnuc on onc six-acrc campus, wt-ll rcmovcd from thc ccntcr of town. Bcsiclcs the main school liuiltling tht- physical cquipnicut inclutlcs a largc, sunny gyuinasiuin, two athlctic ficlcls, four tcnnis courts, a littlc-hoys' play licltl, an outdoor thcatrc, "Mc-inorial Chapclf' anal much spacc clcvotccl to shrulilicry, flowcr hccls, anal lawns. If lbcauty of cxtcrior surroundings is conducive to thc intcrior growth of niintl aucl soul, surcly no othcr country clay school in Ncw jcrscy is so lortunatc in this rcspcct as XYartllaw. A staff of twcuty tcaclicrs adnlinistcrs thc program. C. D. NVARDLAVV, Ilcadmastcr 127 PLainfield 6-0629 JOHN FRANKS PLAINFIELD MEN'S APPAREL BANANA COMPANY Westfield Plainfield 248 East Third Street Plainfield, N. J. Ridgewood PLainfield 4-9309 R O L L Y ' S ROLAND CASSELLA, Proprietor JERSEY WELDING SUPPLY, INC. SPORTING GOODS - STATIONERY 1024 Stowe S1-reef Union, N. J, 234 East Third Street Plainfield, N. J. PLainfield 6-3544 MERLE RADIO CO. RADIO - TELEVISION Sales and Service I IO East Seventh Street Plainfield, N. J. NORTON FOOD MARKET VICTOR NORTON, Prop. l IO South Broadway South Amboy, N. J. ELizabeth 2-4801 Fur Storage ZILAHY G' SON CLEANERS AND DYERS Suede and Leather - AII Work Done on Premises 1330 North Broad Street Hillside, N. J. HEnderson 3-I ISI DANIEL URBAN ROYAL SERVICE CENTER COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 5l6-528 Grand Street Jersey City, N. J. 128 Llnden 3-9300 Park Plastics Company INJECTION MOLDING "From Idea to Finished Product" 940 PARK AVENUE LINDEN, NEW JERSEY TO THE GRADUATES OF i956 May our Blessed Lady guide you and protect you from all evil, and through her prayers may you reach the Kingdom of Heaven. MARTINSVILLE INN MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH TRASI, Prop. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS or '56 DR. AND MRS. FRANK A. STABILE SAM S. SHUBERT FOUNDATION INC. 225 WEST 44th STREET NEW YORK is, N. Y. FERD HOCH CO. LINOLEUMS and FLOOR TILES PAINTING and DECORATING Picture Framing - Drapery Hardware - Window Shades - Wallpaper 77 W. MAIN STREET SOMERVILLE, NEW JERSEY 130 COMPLIMENTS OF Bill Foster Associates 39613 P. O. BOX 236 SPARTA, NEW JERSEY PL feld 6 4779 SCHERER SIGN SERVICE DESIGNERS :: BUILDERS COMMERCIAL SIGNS - NEON SIGNS IZI MADISON AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY ISI Best Wishes to Mountain Chimes and all the students FALVEY SURGICAL SUPPLIES WILBUR'S SERVICE McGUINNESS GENERAL TIRE Route No. l and Duncan Avenue Jersey City, N. J. JUDGE AND MRS. JAMES E. MULCAHY KEMPER PONTIAC, INC. 49l West Union Avenue Bound Brook, N. J. FAnwood 2-7234 DeCUOLLO BROS. BUILDING coN'rRAcToRs 203l Grand Street Scotch Plains, N J Congratulations to the Class of '56 ffom BOYNTON OIL CO. MR. JOHN BOYNTON, Prop. MR. AND MRS. E. V. FRANCY 50 Linden Avenue North Plainfield, N SO thO Q 2 0300 Pembroolc Nurseries, Inc. ' LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS -TOP SOIL I5 JEFFERSON AVENUE MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY HARTZAUB BROTHERS HPURVEYORS OF QUALITY MILK" 659915 A SUNRISE DISTRIBUTOR SCOTCH PLAINS, NEW JERSEY 133 COMPLIMENTS OF ALBERT J. BENNINGER AGENCY, INC. seo MOUNTAIN AVENUE MOUNTAINSIDE, NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS OF MR. THEODORE R. DONLAN BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '56 from MR. AND MRS. STANLEY WILLIAMS PLainfieId 5- I 746 LOUIS E. SAFT Prescription Optician 624 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY 3 FROM OUR FARM TO YOU! For Some of the Finest in DAIRY PRODUCTS Call Schmalz Dairy Farm Established Over 40 Years PLainfield 6-2277 Mlllington 7-0025 ESsex 3-7570 N. SCHMIDT, Proprietor Olympic Pork Store SPECIALIZING IN FINE BOLOGNAS AND FINE MEATS Pure Pork Products IO97 STUYVESANT AVENUE, COR. 40th STREET . IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY Somerset Bus Co., Inc. ROUTE 22 MOUNTAINSIDE, NEW JERSEY , .ilxzmsim , A I36 C g tlt tth CI sofl956 f The Two Guys from Harrison S PLainfieId 6-OOI 7 HIGGINS HOME FOR FUNERALS fNon-Sectarianl EIGHTH STREET and ARLINGTON AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS OF HENRY J. CONDO, INC. RARITAN, NEW JERSEY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 MR. AND MRS. JOHN M. KEENAN Tel. PLainfieId 6-9455 FREE DELIVERY TOBIN'S DRUG STORE RELIABLE PRESCRIPTIONS "ASK YOUR DOCTOR, HE KNOWS" 189 EAST FRONT STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY 138 Raritan Iron Works, Inc. A SOUTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY Hugh S. Morris Agency REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE A 442 HIGH STREET BURLINGTON, NEW JERSEY ELizabeth 2-4842 PLainfield 6-4238 DR. P. L. EHRHARDT OPTOMETRIST 1203 E. Grand Street Elizabeth, N. J. Near Broad Street Office Hours: Mon.-Er Thurs. 9-5 - Tues. 6' Fri. 9-6 - Sat. 9-4 WILSON BROS. BUILDERS, INC. N0 Hours Oh Wed- 371 Malcolm Avenue North Plainfield, Best Wishes to the Class of '56 MR. AND MRS. GUY SAUNDERS PLainfield 6-0516 PARK PHARMACY THE Pnzscmrtlon stone P. J. CAPONE, Pharmacist 70l Park Avenue Plainfield, N. J. Congratulations to the Class of '56 from MRS. P. J. AIDALE AND PAT N.J VAN ARSDALE'S Established I 887 Headquarters for "SPALDING" FOOTWEAR GOOD SHOES and HOSIERY I37 West Front Street Plainfield, N. J. FAnwoQd 2-7726 SNUFFY'S STEAK HOUSE STEAKS - LOBSTER - SEA FOOD - CHICKEN We Cater to Family Trade Park and Mountain Avenues, Scotch Plains, N.J EDWARD T FINNERAN Co IN .9.,.,.,.." C I40 BEST WISHES From The Fathers' Club of Mount St. Mary's cademy Mr. S. Jorden hands over the gavel to Mr. Theodore R. Donlan, the new president of the Fathers' Club. Officers of the Fathers' Club of Mount St. Mary's are Mr. J. A. Maloney, Vice Presidentg Mr. Theodore R. Donlan, Presidentg Mr. J. P. Hannon, Secretaryg and Mr. J. Rowland, Treasurer. Mr. F. Hoch, Mr. J. Gallagher, and Mr. P. J. Capone are members of the Board of Directors. l4l MCGRATHS BRIDAL SHOP and MCGRATHS RELIGIOUS GIFTS 212 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY PL f ld 6 4387 LAMPERT1 BROS PLAINFIELD GRANITE WORKS DISTINCTIVE CEMETERY MEMORIALS RICHMOND AND EAST 4 h STREE'1' PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY JERSEY WELDING SUPPLY, INC. 234 EAST THIRD STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY SANTO'S GARDENERS LANDSCAPE and GENERAL CONTRACTORS PL f ld 6 3174 142 PRescott 8 2940 C 8: R DRUG CO. CASPIO CAPRIO, B.S. PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY I36O CLIFTON AVENUE, RICHFIELD VILLAGE CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY CONGRATULATIONS TO ANITA from RUTH WALDRON I43 Compliments of JERSEY MOTORS ESTELLE'S AUTOMOTIVE. SERVICE Scotch Plains, N. J. FAnwood 2-7233 PLainfield 6-6600 MARTIN'S FOOD MARKET Our Specialty - RAWSON HOME MADE SALADS Prime Meats - Delicatessen -... Baked Goods Fresh Daily ' Phone Orders Taken - Free Delivery 2015 Westfield Avenue Scotch Plains, N. J. 320 Park Avenue Plainfield, N. Congratulations to the Class of '56 From the DEMAREST HALL EATING CLUB CRanford 6-0392 CHARLES KURTZ MARKET cizANFoRo's FINEST sooo s'roRz 24 N. Union Avenue Cranford, N. PLainfield 6-466l -4662 PLainfield 7-0400 THE GRAY'S FLOWER SHOP SURPRISE STORE Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere OF PLAINFIELD I68 E. Front Street Plainfield, N. J. U. S. Highway 22, Watchung, N. J. Llberty 9-l 776 Rossmeyer Bros., Inc. CHRYSLER . . . PLYMOUTH I M P R I A L COR. AMBOY AND LAKE AVENUE METUCHEN, N. J. rv S. HAYDU AND SONS, INC. 108 MAGAZINE STREET i NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Compliments of PLainfieId 6-6489 Delivered and Picked Up RENTAL SERVICE LIBERTY THEATRE GARVEY PARCEL senvlcs Folding Chairs - Banquet Tables - Coat Racks 434 West Front Street Plainfield, N. J. n PLainfieId 6-5477 3104 E. 2nd Street Plainfield, N. J. 145 GOLDEN - MANDELBAUM - GOLDEN wHol.EsALE Hsu DEALERS 39-41 AVENUE A NEWARK, NEW JERSEY MArket 2-5160 - Blgelow 8-1919 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ,56 FROM MRS. A. J. GALLAGHER AND FAMILY ELizabeth 2-7380 JAY 8' DEE ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO. Refrigerators - Washing Machines Home Appliances - Radios - Television Sales and Service 161 Washington Ave. JOHN OCCHIUZZO Elizabeth, N. J. FAnwood 2-4283 DRUG FAIR 1812 East Second Street Scotch Plains, N. J. Compliments of SCOTT'S JEWELERS AND SI LVERSMITHS 609 Park Avenue PLainfield 6-0753 Established 1930 PLainfield 6-8549 GREGORY'S MUSIC CENTER 328-332 West Front Street Plainfield, N. J. 146 Ni. g, -,Q -4 Q 5 w . 3 Q 1 f i J ,Q ,. QM I ' 1 L iw, M, W -. 'JAM E I Sdn X A . ,' S- ' EAL., 1 -- 1:5 W-r?" - .,.f W 'fQ..Z'+l1f?'i , t ' Mi Ki - . Q , , .. . , X- us' 3 N Q .A S ' L .. , ,,, Q ,, gn,..,, , kc' V in m ug, 'tif' cb 'f ,g,QSZ,Jg5 .3936 , :W 7"'M ' wie! vigil: 195- ' . , QZQT55 jf ' . ' 0 fx: .W L' 'agp . m l Q. .. , '-. , 4 ,QQ-An Ni vgymp. ,T f, 3' "' X 'Q . 5 Qs fx. K Ri "'A h gig' R ' 4" W, .bg ,1 L F 38 . 4 - .I ' ix- ix 'L . 4.3,-A .- Pyxuifg.-' X 2' 5"f"bL5gy-,pgp ' SQL,-, , X ywy . - .N 'X ' g. 'Q i M .ix or "dr""T1 A 4 'X Q ""i x!'5fX'X 'A fx-N . X - ' .QW .2 , ' ' K 'xr ... V -rf ' 5- ' ,L 6 . 4 '4.x Haw' A AVN, , vig X LQ X xv? ix? X fa A W Q A . ,. . ix .5-,iw 5,11 ' A Jin, x,... -L Amy., + WI, +5i,,.f,E'.!i. V E' S x f 4 Anita Waldron and Carol Valinski. H a1l to ELIZABETH BAUMGARTNER 9 Regent St., North Plainfield, N. J. GERALDINE BEDNARICK 57 Madison Ave., Fanwood, N. J. LEDDY BUERKLIN 123 County Park Dr., Cranford, N. J. ELIZABETH BYER I3 South Main St., Allentown, N. J. PATRICIA CERICOLA Il New Brunswick, Ave., Lavallette, N. .J MARGARET CHEPIGA 741 Surburban Rd., Union, N. J. LOIS DEMAREST 1437 Deer Path, Mountainside, N. J. JOANIQIE De VITO 1021 Norton Rd., Union, N. J. ALBERTA DONLAN 626 Duquesne Ter., Union, N. J. CHRISTINE DYDYNSKI 216 West High St., Bound Brook, N. J. ELAINE FOSS 746 Surburban Rd., Union, N. J. ELLEN JEAN FRANCY 141 Manor Dr., Red Bank, N. J. MARY JEAN GALLAGHER "EllersIie," Charlotte, Va. NANCY GOLONKA 2066 Emerson Ave., Union, N. J. PATRICIA GROGAN 24 Garden Dr., Roselle, N. J.. Ann Maloney, Dorothy Hoff- man, Patricia Mathies, Kathryn Ziegler, and Patricia Cericola. the Class of 19 SENIOR DIRECTORY MARITZA HENRIQUEZ Caracas, Venezuela, South America DOROTHY HOFFMAN 210 Stewart Ave., Hubbard, Ohio SUSAN HOLLY Navesink Ave., Rumson, N. J. MARIELLA KEENAN 4 Bertram Ave., South Amboy, N. J. ANN KRAHENBUHL 26 Kearney St., Newark, N. J. KATHLEEN LOBO 2 Stoneleigh Pk., Westfield, N. J. ANN MALONEY 1878 Arbor Lane, Union, N. J. PATRICIA MATHEIS 676 Thoreau Ter., Union, N. J. LORETTA MATHIAS Church and Renza Sts., Newfield, SUZANNE MATHIEU 571 Metz St., Phillipsburg, N. J. CONSTANCE MEDINGER 27 Stonleigh Pk., Westfield, N. J. HELEN MULCAHY N.J 91 Payson Avenue, New York 34, N. PATRICIA OST I Evergreen Court, Mountainside, N. GRACE PUGLISI 138 Westervelt Ave., N. Plainfield, GISELA ROLANDO Caracas, Venezuela, South America ELEANOR ROWLAND 468 Winthrop Road, Union, N. J. 148 Y. J. N. J. Judith Hannon and Claudia DeLuca LYNN RUBENSTEIN I74 Lincoln Road, Brooklyn 25, N. Y. JUDITH SAUNDERS 32 lroqois Road, Manasquan, N. J. JILL SAVAGE 1600 Metropolitan Ave., Bronx 62, N. Y KATHLEEN SCANLON 270 Merwins Lane, Fairfield, Conn. NANCY SCHETZ 481 Whitewood Road, Union, N. J. JUDITH SHIPLEY 534 West Sixth St., Plainfield, N. J. BRENDA STABILE 636 Watchung Road, Bound Brook, N. ANN STORY 122 Stelle Ave., Plainfield, N. J. SUSAN SWOOPE 300 Walnut St., Englewood, N. J. JEAN CAROL VALINSKI 25 Fairview Ave., High Bridge, N. J. ANITA WALDRON 80 South Main' St., Allentown, N. J. PATRICIA WALSH 190 Hoover Place, Union, N. J. MARY ALICE WILLIAMS 358 West End Ave., N. Plainfield, N. J. BARBARA WOZNAK 7 Oakland Road, Summit, N. J. CAROL ANN WRTALIK II29 Howard St., Union, N. J. KATHRYN ZIEGLER J 244 Pembrook Road, Mountainside, N.J mama by Suyuwauq I.. A P""Y PRINTING CO umou cirv. Nrw Jnslv 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 in 15 A Q H1 591,111 ,mwwsw m111,suE14,1SS1,m1111'1k.4ui1,Qr . 1 11 5 if 9. S ooo . 0. . , O 5:9 O Q 5,9 3. Y 2' 2.1 .1 Q ,, .fu ww'-X. I Xf' WV, -4.7 SW, 4,345 "gh ," " X C ' V Y- 5 k ' mi xx "2f'Wx ' ,if x 1 A I T 4.-f 'W 4 , .gf ' , .Q 3 f' 2 , iffizyzv' i'-gi?f'.' fa H' Av'-1 2 , Fi . 1, mr,f.,51- Lfffff :A .,, , ' j 14255, Q 105 J.: '. if J' fri .-ff: I 3 A 4 sw' is 5 WL Q , .- si " - if A 1-NRE ' 5 L 1151? 4 . 1 xg: 1 ,gg e . , 4' g is ' ' S . k . it -. K" E' ,.: Q ' Q 5? 1' Q .ra 'Ei ji f' I 23. ' . V y, ,, .., ..,.... -, V zmgfqvpgwz' fm-Q' A K' 3 - ' 1 ' Xi ,f W 4 s 2' I 2,5 Y .1 .E -f v .'f 1'Rf"'f 'ff fs , I 0 . . 1' 'V l .Y V . . TM I ., 2, w 4 Q-. 955. f , K In ...,. ..,, I jg . . .f Y F Q' 1 S., , K , l W Q F 523254 :iff ' as X Q Q V , fm ,, A , I , , - ' 41? Q . ,W .kms x ,: - u, . 1- . , 'fi 1 , -8 ' ' ii " '-' I li -Qin' I pi! i .,. F 1 .Q W -' . Y , . fa? gvn1F'A A V X' iffi. ,, AN., . P' ,.,. U , 'FTW ' 5' J - iiwii -Z I , 'A Q' Qbvzu: H ' J A W K 'r W, V . O ,.q---dvd-H,,,.'x-v 'K y -4 X 1 L '35 f 404' ' Q M1 . J . Q .s - HMV, Ulf. L , A xl,.:ffM3Qfv.f:w ,. V 5 I , ,fr ,mf .., .. .. i- k 1 Q 1 we

Suggestions in the Mount Saint Mary Academy - Mountain Chimes Yearbook (Plainfield, NJ) collection:

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