Mount Saint Mary Academy - Mountain Chimes Yearbook (Plainfield, NJ)

 - Class of 1954

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Mount Saint Mary Academy - Mountain Chimes Yearbook (Plainfield, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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.,,u J' Q I A I f is Y . ug", may V 2 Q " Q wif ,M vf a W Q . in 9 nfl 4 ,: ., W 'v K X. fb wg . f , up , ,,g L 3 ' ,, gg, hiwfy . f A . 1. , fy' ' -x '5,1'!w , , . fa, 0 M 1 x A. M A Q . . J' , ,fggrf gf-5 4 as 1 V' - M Q, Af wk K W . . Ii igx J mm J 3.3M 4 -K an W 5-an A-J' ff- W "f , A Q w fc M- A ,, L f1-M 2 - 3. Q f--fi W .wi 6 'M wwf xi f !2 M Q - ,. .ff 1 5.2: ' ' in H ' t Z N fagnkhswyf g difrmy? m- A Q- if - 'G' ' " av' ' .E f 'Y'h 'Q is h' .Adv 2' ' , m Y 'k W I K N 4 . fl 5 A . 'H K KiM , 4. :,gLQexr'1fWk V 11 y S Q In 1, f - Nh W ,y My ,"'i f ,i'? 2 ff if JZ , in -, F A A-fp "'11 1 ,i mmh., V L f- , gy, , 1 , , W. Q . I 5 'gi ur a I :gk is w I-8 1 al if 4:-f , f f ,cfm 1- Sf-' ,f"'-1 . T , f 873: G T ,Q Q1 V K 5 l .. 5 i?4p i fI K, -:hs My M, ' Q ' ' 5 .f .. f, -' V' TW-Lf" . ' ' f, U Z1 Q., W if 4 Q ' E 'wf"" . 1 ?::' 'Z' A " 4. J, It , uv T , S ,H 5 as vl K sf .Q Q My 'L nw A ruff? Yr A s . kk-. XY? 8257 ' i 'H ,, . X wx, of ,., vf A! Q ' of Jw. Q ' P A ' ' ' ,K ai' n "X : Q M o Q", X I V, V 451- U :R YL. M A F i it W W f 3,PQ . eg' f .v- f ,TE ., , -. 5 1 , ' ' at v A If v I in 'kkx f I f ,' ff sci 1 0101- Y- W 1-v4"nw':i0 r ,mls .V .lt Say! Avg 3 , W ,N ' 8'1" ir I 'P 'xi' "' QA v 3' lift km-.1 .' 19 415 Nlounigain Chimes fx K ' 1. Q QQMIJWFJ 45.-r L- ,If s V W... 1' V wmv: IXIIINJ Mount lf. MHIYIS ACaC1C111y NORTII rfmuxllll-il,lm, Nr-iw .lrilzsl-ix' V ery Reverend. Monsignor Martin A. Macflura CIIAPLAIN OF MOUNT ST. MARYS ACADEMY 5 X . ir ' ,5f?E5"f'f'b"- ' ' M .m.' 1 .Zi f ms , . 4-4, -. M Sw., 5,-K-,:,-5,5 -',k 31, ,gi 'R K QF' . f1?1s-Jzifemif'T'-Sail.-L'"':ZIy.u.:, ,- Q - , an -. Q 4. as 1' V , nr f 2' X 5 'z """-f -AQ, 'f " L 2,4 fvgv-:"'M, F52 K, 'R s has ph -sf' g, . QS? A'-N J, , "N" L' .ww ,L ,lkkvf Hy-4, d"Jxg5Q-v-'J - U... N Q 5 F A M ,N W '. , L ,,,, 'f A 3 , if f' Lf.: ,LM-J'-: :K+ 9. f'fwv,w-. 5-fi , .,,.,:, iw'-fri M. ' lx , 33 . J' , ' 'M , L 3945 f" -, K ,fgrf M f .WN +h'1g+!Ff " fd . f uc' - 1' Yx 5211, nf' f"l'5'f' hm W' ' , -A , ' " V 1' -' ,, 4 35? A 2-5, wb W A -wx ffi, A K Q1 :Q , W " wwf, , 415' N . .A," fifty 1533, wvjfigfflj gy uri , "4 ' 52 gfrfhtivg jk -who 1 -,. 33 . gk ,V . f., 'L ,-qi. 'f ,,,,3,' V ,i ' H ,gg Q . ' -f, 1 'A A bf .K , ga: X ,HH 4 ,- Q .V "Q,-1 5, V V .,, f 2 , ' X ,wr 4 f..-if F ff' :f"f', QQ , rg 4'-'ZA -r -f +1 ry, AQ, ,' ifvr vgyw M , 9,11 .JV V -+5gMf-f- -.. Q .fum-w .. V, W. 5 .. W , if ., :X .kj 'gs H55-L-' " if ' 'flgkfgh W' 7" 134-713-flu "Q"w"QL.,'Q. 'QM-1 'f-7lf rf:la " 5 , . - . y A , ,ig 'ci' ,gm ' ,,,5,fj,'-". ,,,,i'24 f,., 1,.,,,,,Q-,L 3 w gn , . ' "ff -ggi '.4,,-ew-ff ,,:y,vf5a1A - F ,wfffsf ffzff I ,g,. X ,fav I fg,f,3f3,,.-Lk 4,4-A, ' ,,. fy ,..MM ,. Awww--. ,A I ey?-A ,I gJ...w.. gfvry A" 5,3 ,- : "bg 3114, -' ,.w2.' q, it .M l,,'g,5'?z.,iL:1W wi ,fin A A sq! 3 ',fLs?f"53-5'gTw?N'L.T 1 ,,2ig3a"jd,'eP gf J ,Qt L91'W,,3 ,-ggrapyr w?J .iiirqkf I Ek 1' V 'J V V AJ QT- ,hull x,,,. f' A- -4-,f'fw1+:2J-'1'A ,,. .:, H . f" + gsfxgiggl Q A+, +.,pu' 2, ,fa-1, er"" F fp. Q ,-,,"s" ,j is ,ffxffx Q., Q x - f A W' 'ff A .J-l' J' fy Q ,xi - ft. ' ' tw. , ,Mgiqw 4- ....i:5-f 1 A t-as Q . , fa . 1 , A . , S' as ri Q .a L f gf Y- 5 .4 ' ', . FIN . N ff? Nw. cf? A V X - any fi . ip K.-Q , f' . Q 1 Q 9, S13 ,if E .xt v M . fm 'UM Q., . A 54- A N f m,..,,., n 'E 'sa .ic2!' , -Spf! , Q .. if .NG ' A . 1 ,M ,-1-48,6 - Tw 5 ' f .qt "Y W? if-tv . A ,gprff A ' Ji pn.. . N W "A ' fiflf . A -, ' 37- V ff W 3. 1 ,LA - . ' -1 4f7,,, i- ifi'-, .. .2 -- ,W "" 1 . ,. FM: 3. . 3.- a"":.vl, "F: ' 4,1 13: 'WN l 6 , ILL. Us, '- Iv W ng., uf NQYCY' ww ww Z 4 2 x .. 1 'fb' ' 1 'A X? ,GP Hx '54-chip-.M ' '- . , - '.,vfA. .-.A 'mlfff' 4.x ,i . k 1- t , H - 3 A 1 . y. - 'X Q5 -. 5 A - K Q- x ...uw I QA: F N. fx w 3273 X l .. " -x .A 5. ,Q 5 ".wsr'- K ,"'-P' Rf, L , add' yagvx 5- ' A - - 1 J fa- T A , f, an .A?,, 5-:ff X f- , 4. , , a' X . K Q . A X . aria. ,az - .DIN ' 4 Msn " 'X N -'ab' . 6 N 'W' 14 ' S . ,N if f -a,. "sf asv' M r-"5 - .f in 1 n 1 jj xtfrwggyv ..l:g.,f - . ' ' f. H5 - , N .i.k Q 'fr 4' ., , ,3,e-f'-.iipwi -NIL? . ' , 4, ,.. ., N A 4 - j,,y',5 ... y2'fwl..dg,' ii. A X --1 hi' -9-S 1. ' ' Q . ,. we .f ' 5543 "f"'+-4'f' 1,-fA51f"f'H, 'L r , T.-If -,fikf ' 'Q yew vi' t . '99 ,K . A ' 5' R ' V dnfi -an ' ,Vs 5 Q 1 A fy A..aurA:..W+M- , , f . M . Q . af' Wt ,S fn- 19" .. 1.22. V if , ' , . " f, W- -'fa fp" -' M5 .z ' 1ff"Q1'f ' v li at 'N - ' f' f -" f ' -ff' ' ' ' 5' f .N 1' 5- . -' i'1dglG1f'+ L 'N ff lefvx- w r R S Decli ation During the lxlarian Year our thoughts turn especially to Qui' Lady of Fatima. The marvels of Fatima are directed lay the mercy of our heavenly Mother to turn our thoughts to heaven and to Gocl. As soon as the little boy Francisco beheld the vision, his only desire was to love and honor Jesus and His lmlnaculate lxlother. Qur own fathers have, lilce the lioy Francisco, inheritecl the gifts of hurnlole, unassuming manner: tender constant loveg and joyful acceptance of lahor and harclships. They ' . ' too have prayecl, ancl the spiritual light brought to Fatima has penetrated each of our homes. For in our homes we are trained F in heavenly Wisdom ancl forgetlulness of Selly. Therefore, We in al deepest gratitude dedicate this 1954 issue of Mountain Chimes to our fathers, the memhers ol the Fathers' Clulo of Mount St. lVlary's Acaclemy. 6 x. 7 , r ' w,,,1'Qi,,Y'Ag l .WM P gn V E? 00 'A-'xfidi Q9 5 41'-"4 J' O no fr ui A ,.. 51 i X, J., ,,q, . . K Q , 'gg , s , . 2 If , 1 M x 0. w'..1 5 an sv -! .,. , swan! 5 1 'w 'niveau -cvaunu , I I II! -.fu 1:- nk. A K f Y 2 .sg -f i MQ' ., Q 1 1 ,Q Q S5 if f kgs. , Wig ,. ,X X54 Q x N V x X ' aw A+ N k - F Af M 5 W . xy s S Q Q . ...... 'M ' 'X wk QI , f Q, - 4 f . ,K - SS' x Q' fav it -5 ff 'xi 5 'Q + Q Q WSQ- x K 5 . . M Z. Q ,:. X' X. S ggi 5 -is , A S 5 A 3,5 5 X 5 xgief . f .X K ' fm X S xx.x A President. Mr. S. Jordan, is assisted by Nlr. C. D, Nvardlaw and Mr. T. R. Donlan. Fathers' Mr. T. J. Corlnally and Dr. Rubenstein try out die address-ograplw machine. inimjllxcr gift of lhc Falllefs Cu . Nh. F. N11-dingcr. Fir. E. Nlinglc and Nlr. J. P. Zivgflcr ncvvr miss in mrvling. S - 1 1 J fa ff-4 u ,Q 4 - "QQ N N " V 545:71 .Q , I, ,U T , 'v -, , 2 . j :ww 4 7: fan f vain' Q 3 is 'W' ' ww 'Z vs . V,, . ,V.- I :Aff A . Q, N f 3 A i 4 A ,ax z 1. .wr- W, . e ff, A Wifnaei Y ww, 1,511 ,- 4 , xl ' f V ' f , W il if i V , an - , , 2 if 35 'QM IM - ,ws if 1 pig! If Q P' N nw '. Y X t is A . . x-.fx . I Q f 5, K Q! 2 1... Q mm ,as 5 X i 1 1 ! s ,L xr I E Q .fi ,gf V 1 aw. x K af' ,M gi it if X V Wfii 1: ,, iX"u,q ,,x Agia- 1 " . ' I A T5"M'XS,? fa .5 W V I A fi: N Q! f4F'A, QNX ,, xx 9 ,L -n Sister Mary Leonarcl l7lRlfl"l'RlfSS Ulf fVlUllN'l' ST, MARYS ACADHVIY The Pope lias aslcecl ilial ll1e lvlarian Year be celelnaiecl lllf0LlQ'll0lll llle worlcl. lxlounl Sl. lNlary's is our lillle worlcl wllere ln-tween llaslies ol gaieiy ancl periocls ol slucly we lmve experiencecl a lmeaulilul ncaclemic lile. 'lille moments of slillness ancl silence spenl in llie Cliapel al lxlass. Benecliclion, ancl our personal visils have lmrouglil us llle cleepesl satisfaction. ln lliis cllerisliecl spot we express our gralilucle lo Sisier lwlary l,eonarcl, Direclress ol llie Acaclerny and lxlocleralor of Our Soclalily. Her guicling nncl spirilual inlluence will lie clierisliecl in ille years to come. ,l4llf' aerial pliologrupli io llie lelt sllows our impressive lmuilcl- ings annul some ol ilie grandeur willi wliicll we are surrounclecl. 'l4raveling up ille roacl one passes many slirines: llie last ancl most recenlly erecletl ilial ol fyur l.acly ol Fatima. Tlle open space al llle lell ol llie main lmuilcling is llle siie ol' llle new Cllapel, tlie acluul conslruclion ol wllicll lx-gan on Decemlmer eiglllll, ille Feast ol llle lmmuculale Conceplion. 'lille Year 1034 murlcs a courageous step in extending tlie lrenuly ol lxlounl Sl. lVlary's. Fulure classes will express llieir gralilucle in lliis new arcliiteciural eclilice, ilme crowning acllieve- menl ol llie lxlariun Year. lxlay flur Lady conlinue io llring lmlessf ings in llie Sislers ol lxlercy, wlio namecl tlle Acaclemy in llonor of Our l.ncly ancl wliose lives are cleclicated to ln-r service. The Sisters of Mercy through the intercession of Gur Lady of Mercy have for the past four years directed our minds and hearts toward the ideals of Christian womanhood. Now at the termination of our high school days we cannot yet appreciate these benefits for which our parents have sacrificed. But let us 'pause for a moment with Dad and thank Our Lady of Mercy for her guidance and protection. Sister Mary Ignatius Sister Mary Mercedes School Nurse, Health Education Religion, Latin Sister hlary Lewis Music A Sister Nlary Mercy Music w Y Sister Mary Aiphonsus Religion, English Mercy Faculiz Sish-r Nlury Dolores Sislvr Nlury Consilio Fine Arts Dfugig Sislvr Nlury lzlllll Sish-r Nlury Rulwrl Sisivr Mary Lufia Sc'i1'rl1'0 fjlmxrv, Nlusir Romance Lnllguagvs, Dramalirs Sislc-r luxury Nlymnn Sislcr Nlury Annala SiSiCl' lxlillil? Lil SRIIIC R1-figiun, b11Ifll1'lllllliCS Hislary, V04-gl Business Education H Nw racluaiies Clara Baumgartner f c North Plainfield, New Jersey Skilled typist . . . unassuming and unaffected nature . . . scattered treclcles . . . quiclc smile . . . neat appearance . . . calm countenance . . . ever industrious . . . C-'ff' on the piano. Victoria Catino Armonk, New Yorlc Madame president . . . misctiievous dreamer . . . indi- vidualistic . . . grapefruit dieter . . . staining black lmair . . . unpredictable . . . personal convictions . . . artistic flair. 4-""""m ' Barbara Byrnes DUUCIIED, New Jersey Damsel from Dunellen . . . casual and calm . . . neat tailoring . . . tall and slim . . . wonderful weekends . . . rare trowns . . . love of lite. I4 - 1, . 1 'a 'U ' si, 13. Ti Patty Lue Demarest Mountaiinside, New Jersey Pretty vire-presiilent . . . larlrlilre voice . . . pace-setter . . . sprite-ly ronversalionalist . . . sell'-reliant . . . com- posezl . . . gracious goodness . . . an earnest Mr. Troast. Q 1 X , If Virginia Donaldson Trenton, New Jersey Poppy ntlilr-te . . . lmppy-go-lurlcy air . . . engaging smile . . . lvnnm- lutnlr . . . warm friendliness . . . lzaslcetlmalrs best . . . spirited spriglntlincss . . . lneaucoup beaux. Carmella DeRosa Dunellen, New Jersey Briglit gamin . . . one ol tlie first limeliind tlie wlleel warm eyes . . . liglit of loot and liglit of lleart . slender sopliisticate . . . fashionable flair . . . clneers blue and golcl to victory . . . at lxome in tulle. iff. , if Q Sonya Donlan Union, New Jersey Blue-eyed lnallerina . . . appealing and trim . . . flair lor clotlmes . . . clelaonaire damsel . . . mission-minded . . . interested in Botany . . . maflemoiselle petite. I5 1 Mary Carol Falcone Plainfield, New Jersey Potential painter . . . personality plus . . . lustrous 'tiazel eyes . . . general favorite . . . coquettislmly cute . . . amazing anecdotes . . . our mirtli and merry matter . . . lavislm laughter. Elaine Dreller Springfield, New Jersey jortrait ot a lady . . . accomplistxed autoist . . . secretary 'bf .upreme . . . unassuming Springtielder . . . efficiency ...ff mlimited . . . sott-spoken . . . quiet assurance . . . 'esttul and reserved. I6 Mary Ann Flaliker Soutti Amboy, New Jersey Feminine fair . . . capped witli lulond waves . . . stars in tier eyes . . . peacties and cream complexion . . . subtle ot wit . . . tieart enough tor everyone . . . sports minded . . . leader ot the Blue. ' its 2 E i Elizaloettl Kane Summit, New Jersey Quiet leader . . . eyes to ttxe future . . . paintlmox enttrusiast . . . calm capability . . . familiar forward . . . sculptor ot ideas . . . perseverance and precision . . . reluctant riser. Frances Kroll pluinllielml. New Jersey Arnusulzle Companion . . . sweet simplicity . . . quiclt K witli a smile . . . cliccrlully content . . . wizurci lweiiincl 3 tire wiieel . . . artistic ainility . . . a girl to rememlser' L . . . even disposition. - s ' 1-W ,M,,,,m , , SP 'U rn E ra VI Q U -. 2 rn -2 O o : cn fu E. E.. G o E 'U av E. o : n -. o S :I rn Q1 x Q r J f Lillian Lultzeclc Nortli Plainiielcl, New Jersey witii sunimeanis . . . winsomc smile . . . imriglit blue eyes . . . quiet manner . . . warm personality . . . lasliionainle in style. ,fi 2 i ,Ji 1 Eileen Mathias Newiielcl, New Jersey llulxitue ol' Luum's Komer . . . wizard witli a needle . . . lull and serene . . . a pleasure to be near . . . soft sliyness . . . willing worker . . . sudden laugiiter . . . expressive lace. bww.. gs., Genevieve Mears Millington, New Jersey Fine frienci . . . slrillecl equestrienne . . . cliestnut curls . . . spontaneous laugiitcr . . . ever courageous . . . impulsive ideas . . . lured by tile outdoors . . . Millington ,, miss. I s ,Ai il l..'x 2 N N Mary Ann Moyer Easton, Pennsylvania Pride ol Pennsylvania . . . cnclmnting pixie . . . elliciency in Lost and Founcl . . . carefree and gay . . . wasp waist . . . pert and pretty . . . exotic earrings . . . sports clothes aclclict, uture rawlaerry :finite ol mincl. M lull ol genius . . . pecial . . . sweet and . . . lteen kindness . . . W- Joan Noll Nortli Plainfield, New Jersey Businesslilce manager . . . spirited recllmead . . . a true buddy . . . occasional giggles . . . gay ballerina . . clever quips . . . stylish majorette . . . gifted grace. I8 2' f 5? a esfe l r Eileen O'Brien Elizabeth. New Jersey Typical teen . . . laancllaox neat . . . sprinlclecl with stardust . . . clmarms witli lier smile . . . on tlic ici: . . . tweed and gray flannel . . . clixielancl lan . . . blue ensemlnle. ff' Katherine O'l..eary Elizalzetli. New Jersey Elegant eclitor . . . vibrant vitality . . . fancy lor foreign CBl'l...B "george" girl . . . at llome on tlie stage . . . clelinlte cletemlination . . . iridescent eyes . . . argyle asplrant. 1 I is ,Ag ian F Carol Pellegrine , Plmillipslnurg, New Jersey Golden-toned alto . . . determined miss . . . petite and pretty . . . infamous lnlanta . . . smarter ancl smoother . . . trim filer . . . llower fragile . . . tiny twin. 19 KW f ol fun. 2 r 3 si Maria Eugenia Pardo Columbia. Soutli America Spanislx sehorita . . . lighthearted loyely . . . llaslxinl smile . . . sweet ancl unalllected . . . easy laugllter . . dancing eyes . . . sugar ancl spice . . . velvet toucli Elaine Pellegrine Plmillipslmurg. New .lersey Our Charleston gal . . . always cliic . . . lmlonrl lialo H . . . spirited on tlle lioclcey lielcl . . . one ol tlxe singing twins . . . lxlitlme outloolt . . . dancing dream . . . fond l 4 19 X X Mary Helen Reed South Amlzoy. New Jersey ilted clramatist . . . loving ancl loved . . . huhhling uh spirit . . . hostess with the umostestu . . . humor llimitecl . . . gleetul gayety . . . unsurpassed charm . sparlrling optimism. Nancy Scherer Plainfield, New Jersey Aid to all . . . laright hlushes . . . engaging eyes . . . infectious smile . . . a touch ot sophistication . . . "poster" perfect . . . designs on clesigning . . . lovable and laughing. 20 Katherine Richman Somerville, New Jersey Skilled Mountain Lore Eclitor . . . lrienclly grin . . . petite and pert . . . long hloncl hair . . . always active . . . lovalnle Laura . . . cute ancl capable . . . enthusiastic soclalist. Marianne Schweilcart Union, New Jersey Timely typist . . . perfect poise . . . quiet anal reticent . . . neat as a pin . . . calm serenity . . . a pleasant word for all . . . slim seconcl . . . fragile laloncl. We Carol Seymour Elizabeth, New Jersey A real Christmas Carol . . . sparlcling blue eyes . domestically inclined . . . sweets from a sweet senior . , . a smile to be envied . . . Elizabeth entliusiast . . . tranquil nature . . . happy hearted. l .qfgk 3 fig ,pf ik N S , . t . Muriel Slavin Union, New Jersey Aspiring nurse . . . sense ol liumor superb . . . staunc loyalty . . . American beauty blush . . . cooperatiw and dependable . . . musically minded . . . devoted ello . . . good sport. Elizabeth Sweitzer Nortli Plainfield. New Jersey Busy Book Bee . . . a friend in deed . . . sincere sweetness . . . earnest worlcer . . . darling dimples . . llome gal . . . sliy smile . . . mild manner. l 2? gf Ruth Waldron Allentown, New Jersey Versatile miss . . . calm leaderslmip . . . a second Helen Hayes . . . serene and sweet . . . perfect prefect . . . tliouglmtlul eyes . . . magnetic mannerisms . . . inexliaust- ilmle energy. 21 Air.-M,,e K 'H X Q ,V v 4, 7 . ......, Q Ai' ' 4635 'K as-.K 'jr ,ww N-b t F aff T ' .Q-.-ff'--..Ljj. Ly- M ..,. , ,if i -'fifw A f W' " ' - L.. A A--A. , f' , Q, falls ,.-nl" ww! v ' 1 Nw ' .ag"': ' ,.f 1 . ! 'QM-QQ -V ' 43 fr'-f ' X 1. ' Ed ' x s I' , s . '55 f'1",g,. "' . xy S' Q vv 542' I QQ44 , ucationa ZF g N-5? .v i uf! " 1 Patricia Vvaisix, Juanita iVicDonairi, Eiizainvtii Sweitzcr and Loretta Mathias admire tiie Mount. xug "Time iigiit is real, so tile girls can cross," says Emmie Lou Engiciiom to Eiisa Diana, Nancy O'Ncai anci Agnes Bivona. 24 1 5 Two fftlllmth, Pulrim-in Mccinuly and Jane MCAlvanall. cllurklc ovvr lllc day's lmppcnings. 23 C JP At C OO A A Y Hi' s1WL2'Yfi :X . .,-f- ' N .. Sister Mary Leonarci, mocierator, ciiscusses Soriaiity activities for tile year witii prefect Rutix Vvaiciron. aiit Senior Class officers Patty Luc Demarest. Victoria Catino, Vir- ginia Donaldson, anti Sonya Donian aici the Sociality in its functions. , Mui, M W is Acacia-my suciuiisls rvsiic tile rosary in chapel for a Niarian year inciuigence. 'Huis yvnr is pnrliruiariy memorable ineruusv il is our senior your, and also lin- iiiral ixiuriam Yr-ar cieciarf-ci imy iiie cwilllffil. Tile Acarieiny Sociaiily in m'4'nrrium'r- VVilil lile VViSilCS of lime lluiy Fuliic-r u-ivixruh-ci on December 1-igfinlii lin- in-Qinninq of liiis great year ri:-riiunlc-ci to Our i.ariy. Tile Marian Yr-ar in-gurl wilil iiigix iwiass and inter in lin- tiny rosary, oil-ive and il0iy ilour. Uurinq lilo following ITl0lliilS special cicvolions wc-rc off:-rcci lo Qur Lady umicr lin- liliz- of lin- irnrnznruiale Con- replion'-linc palrumrss of line Mount Soriuiily. A-MARY 411' -F CY' LIFE Eleanor Butula Patricia Capone 135 K W X '7 ,P Je fre ag? W AV IU CL SS QQ W IQ Immaculate Carotenuto 1' KY Jessica Dunn Mary Patricia Eddy Mary Theresa Farrell '11 Gallagher Nlariw Teresa G9mez Dorothy Harlcins QAAQNYN wo- lf' an 38" Nancy Kinder Emilie Kisonalc Barbara Leclden 5 'sqno . Patricia Aiclale Barbara Bentz I JJ, 411 l' f ' H+ . 2 'T af 1 Jacqueline Caruso Kathleen Conway M8fCi3 Ann Dov 7' Mary Lyn Feaster Lincla Flaslce QI' 40" Patricia Hoclr Carmel Jordan fi It X Ellen Maloney Denise Martinis Kathleen Forsytll yn P? Eleanor Kaayns Kathleen Mccan :unilu Nlmnullulcl ludilll 'l'lllUH'Il 0 -1 " urinn Mc-Jingr-r Elizabeth Moyer Nlury Ricllelo lwarie Sclxelz lwury John Stewart ,E ' 1 "1" xx 1 1 jr NJ ' 'Ns H1-len Tuslu Gladys Tinoco Nancy Warnock Viviun Wfenzcl Terr-na Zalcwslci unior Class Qfficers A f 4 f 4 f J! ,, ,I V - KAQLQ, L hgffffflf' J ,' , C' Www jg DJJ! ,fx 5214... Cobol Q1 MARIE. SCHIHL PAIRICIA HOCH 'ITIRENA ZALEWSKI JESSICA DUNN 20 !jL1Nv ,'jfft'?i"l,nl.J J Nw: , , yy, 4' 51,04 ffaa 1 N f 4"'- 4' L vlffh V 7 L','! 41 'Pg- , 4 7 . 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'Nz liiryn i'i1-pvr fiise-in Rninmiu ifivunor Rowiumi i.ynn Ruin-nsh-in Juciilil Su J-s .lm Sai -cr ' -' Q liuiilii Siiipia-y 1..- ri1i.u V4-muy - 4... lf., ! un cr in ur ixnnry .fin-iz if TV? fxiury Siivu Bn-min Shiimiiv Ann Story Susan Swoopv Cami Vaiinsici Juziitii Vuncieriiou 'B 1 43, nv X Q-n Aniln Xvuimirun Puirifiu Xvuisin ixinry Aiirm- Xviiiiums Barbara Xvoznuic Cami Ann Vvrlaiiic Kaiixryn Ziegler op 1omore Class Qiiicers MARY JLAN GALLAOHER ELEANOR ROWLAND EILEEN KERVICK ALBERTA DONLAN 31 FRE Maria Baiiing Elisa Basaio Patricia Booth NtCLASS on V' fra,- fp- Agnes Boyle Nancy Carey Mary .io Carviiie Ein-na Cata ,PM Mary Checchia Ioan Christenson Dorothy Ciancia 'fm rg. NP qua.. ,pn- V j' Caroi Daley Eiaine Dante Geraldine Decuoiio Lois Decuoiio Ciauciia DeLuCa Y Judith Dow Patricia DuBois Joan Etinger Josephine Ferrara Susan Godimy Joanne Uerbe in--. Wit wr 4' K.. 1 4--"' if 99" Eiicen Goraiczyic Mary Lou Grant Sandra Hamer Mariiyn Hess Mariiyn Hoch Veronica Hulse Catherine Kea! Mt lbw S I 'Kim 51' ic .i i K Joan Lange Ingrid Leuicer Anne Lombar Margaret Kiauclatos Barbara Kriptzar Barbara Kripcza u ia urica 32 '3 5 i Yin' 'alricla Lyons Ca ml 'ol Urmllonsn Marjorie ULeary Yula Olena Beatriz Pax-rn Carina Parisca Elizabeth Reeves Vera clen Sclnrulcll Ten-sn Szlnnimll Nlary Sullivan Palririu Van P1-lt Judilll Weil MBE Nveiner IGS 1H'1ElI1 GSS ICGIS C OH' JUAN CIIRISIENSON ELISA BASALO CAROL O'HAl.LORAN NARJORIE O'LEARY Selma! 33 Sister Nlary lwercedes insirucls sophomores in religion. N-J i E d ' uCai:1on French group enjoy llleir work. T are Alberta Donlan, Eleanor Rowls Eileen K1-rviclc. Susan Holly and Consia Nlcclingcr. W 'kiwi' x tiff! wif' M-if me Q m nglis Page eelitors ancl business stall ol' Nlountain Lore: Carmel, Nlary. Patricia, Elizabeth, lxlariun-, Katlxcrine. Ellen. Ruth. Eileen, lxlary Patricia and Victoria. lvlary Jo Curville, Tlxellca Marran, Carol lvlislw, Pnlriria Buotlx, Joanne Gerber and Elena Cala enjoy trans- lating Latin. -fig Unflerclassmen liclpeml tlic lxlountain Lore stall to meet tlic deadline: Nlargaret, Alberta, Constance, Elen- nur, Susan, Mary .lean and Eileen. '53 q igB ' .L A " 1 ' Q 1, ' A n qw WS' M, W 'XF Music Appreciaiicvn Sister Mary Consilio, licml of lllc music elf-purlnmnl. instrucls one ol ilu- mlvanced pupils. Mary Joan Gullaglncr. """--.N ish-r lxlnry Annuln, vocal inslruflrc-ss, pradivc-s witli ilu- Uloe Clulm girls. "4 wy..f Y 'A Junior AIl'Illll4'fi of ilu- :quail Appr:-rinliun filulm plny rvfnnls us purl of lllvir pmgrnnl, zrw sri' M .5 ' wifi Snlvr fxlnry N14-rry is plvascd willl Jann Iffirugf-fs pmgrr-ss. Sish-r lxlnry Ruin-rt shows ilu' propcr Lum , . I ,- Librarian Sister Ma Robert is . TY 1 delighted to work at tier nev' service des W' Q, i I f if '-'- 11 r 2,3 rig 2 i i-fi Frcstuncn Vera Sctlanf. Mary Elizullct Sullivan, and Judith Dow earnestly at their history reference. The "Book Bees" Elizabeth Sw:-itzer, Juanita McDonald, Nancy Vvarnock, and Ciara Baumgartner enjoy mending books. I fi!!- Q, ,W . N 'M'-vm, 'Hu' Sullwrvillf- Iilmmriun gluimlz-S Sislcr Nlnry R0- fu-rt, fluucliu U4-l,xu'n, lfnrlmru Kripfzuk, Bcalriz llurru, Nlury .lu Curvillz- xluring their lour of llw S0lllf'FViHC Lilmrury. Iflnrar ,Y W A xkkixslwg X w qrj z: S K Q x x N Q1 , Q3 x ' 5 if Q - 3. 1-93 L t - X X i R SRX X g NE ex x M .. ,QNX M f SIS f 5. S N3--S A 5 'Ni x ff A. . T x x Y M M SX ,xxL. 4 K QA A ivy Y is x 5 N 'if Q iwy . , : ' i -Q g Nnnry Vvnrnovlc, Assistant Librarian, shows Susan Swoopv ilu- forrvd wny io luke n book oui. v- 41 l.nlin fluln nllfiu-rQ Iflvnnnr Rowland, Maury Rirlxclo, Nlury J:-un Gallagher mul Sonya: Donlnn nu-cl in lllc librnry, ERN. T 1 Q51 'W N 'Vis Emmsws.-me MY' 1 xxx' 4 W if Q ' ' 9 I MN 5 ,Q 5 Nlission Lf-aciers for the year 1953-54, Margaret Ciiepiga, Brenda Siabiie, Patricia Booth, Carol Maclniyrc, and Denise Nlariinis, Missions Freshman girls sacrifice for time missions. Pictured are Helen Sciimidy Beatriz Parra, and Yula ,Olcro. fy Sw T! We 'E 'ku U mags- ""t...,, 'Hn' lfllgr-Hnunrll gills slmw IIN- fzrulnlllvr Nlmol Afiuiun Awunlw lu Sislvr Nlury Ixinris. Sisivr fxlnrv I,1-mann' uullgrnhllulvsl ,ll'Il'll Ixlllll illly UH 'IIT VXI l'Hl'lll miwiun work. First aid class apply instructions received in lvandaging. Elaine Foss applies a lieacl bandage on Kallicrinc Lobo wliilc Dorolliy llullman completes an ami sling on Lynn Ruloenstcin. 3 Patricia Vvalslm ancl Anila Waldron waicll ilieir llcallll. Gone-vicvc Mears. Marianne Sclwweilcarl and Elaine Drellcr rlemonslraic ioniza' lion lor llie clu-mislry class. Science I I1 'Ak TRUCK CROSSING 'Um Lf, Mil ri ! ?Ho551Ne uAhFz'0 NS lwuriel Slavin. lvlary Ann Nloycr and Sonya Donlan mlrill on traffic rules. -x N ,wr ii '84, Drivin W - ""'9HO-1 ..,, . K Q ms-.M ,W Burlmrn Byrnes and Lillian Lulwrlc me anxious to be un ilu-ir way. .luunnc lvlingle, Nlnry Carol JRIIFODK' and FfHlll'l'S Kfllll love lo clrive. I .ark im A Grace Pugiisi, ixinriizu iicnriquiz und Doroliiy Huiinmn cnjoy iiicir iuncil Sci1oO ?J,.........., Life Sistr-r Niury Arlilur 4-xpiuins Engiisix ouliinc to Dizxnv Cuponv, ixinry iiuriw, .loan Kc-iimr, Niariv BI1iSl'ilPf. M X. K . Q.-W rw-up-. ,..,' "1ln.-.M - , mm - 7l?'i"' ' mm-r rw xx-ry' puplllalr, K.uiIu-rinv fly' .1-:ary mul Ifilm-1-ll lfliriu-n 1Iun'I lmvc- in worry Hllllllt uulflnngj u Ixus. X N 'I x 'L xlnry NlillHlll'V, .lwmnnv l'inrvnnIi, Nanny Dow, .lluliill Krallmluz' :Xlury Ann 'llmxi .mal Nancy fyxmnl slrugjglc- xxillx ilu-ir I1-ssmw. Tore-sa Sriirnidt, Cviscia Rolando, and Maria Baiiing arc interested in nature especially birds. Dorotiiy Cianria, Niariiyn Hess and Josephine Ferrara are glad time wc-atiicr vane inns arrived. 50 Judith Shipley and Grace Pugiisi keep birds' feeding station wr-ii supplied. 'Ear ,G 1" Mm 'Nw' 'lifflf Nature ' , ..r..K TLVXQ MVWOJUA G4'fillLIillP lJl'Cjll0H0 FHKI l.0iS D1-Cuollo cure for flue fish, t url J .ff Ann Flnlunz-y, Ann Slnry. Gm-rulmlinv B4-Jnurik nm Numy tliblllllliil umlmirv ilu' uAri1urm lligluwnys xlnry Aliu' XXYilli2llllS mul KilfIlli'1'll Inlm fiml inl4-rf-sling rvmlingj in ilu- Nnhln' Ronin. TI may Thv rocking class sc-riously ciicrks tiicir recipe for tiicir nssignmont for tile Liay. .inner iVinrAivnnni1 and Veronica Hulse prepare vegetables for time cooking class. pil Nil V .ov 1 Q IGS H131 Tim Kitfllf-n Knpc-rs prvpnrr' goodic-s for tim Fathers' Club KIEIIIFP. CTHTOI Sf'yIll0lU', pl"I'Si' cient and Eileen Matlrizas, sm'- rc-tary givr- ciirr-fttions to Sandra Phillips and Mariciiax Kr-vnzm. 52 if , ,f i 'ff-fx' -, ff ., XM i 1 -:null WW Liv- - ll-1 Bflflbllfn KfiIlf'ZiIli, rrlltqklil b'JIfll'fElfl, Flfld lulin Kurif-n 1-niny pulling time tnffy while Cullum-riiw K1-nl:-y smnplz-S n pop corn Jonn Lnngc and Joan Clirislcnscn use ilu' Dripffllnlor. 53 ol I on .lc-nn Fmnry spins time wlicc of Good Housekeeping Duiics. The eigtitti grade 1 X tree is difficult to handle. :W 'vs 5 . Q G1ftS 1 DC Ellen Jean. Carmeta. Eva. and Susan enjoy Christmas with Christine and tier brother. Frestmmn girls are pleased with tticir gifts. 54 Sophomore girls exchange gifts. 'III' i 4, Slslrr Marv lgnnlius rlirz-ds Un- frvslnniux girls in wmppingj lla:-ir Vflrislnms c'onki1'4 for pam-nls. Prvsvnl urs- Pnlrisiu fxiafvullls-y, Ixlurslm xxy1'ilH'f, H4-I4-n Svlnlnizll Klllil vI4lH'fl'Sil S1 Illllhh. 'ln-Q nu' tlvliglllvcl ' N I ' . i i . di ' A ' I CS' U 2 x .E 'Hn' Dr-Rum fannily llmlu-Q ilu- nmshof Cllrislnliw Y Rf ,""'7 ffnjnying lllvir lirsl Clnrishnns nl ilu' Blount nrt' Carol O'HnHorun. Carol 1x1c'lnfyrc', Judy Xvcil mul Tin-Hn lwnrmn. - Nw WW K Dr-iiisv iviurtinis, Lintin ifinsiic, Tcrina Zaicwsici and Ninria Teresa QM Goins-z complete the Junior iauiic- tin bonrci. Jacqueline Caruso ami Eiiza- ixztii ixioycr cxciiangc gifts. M. " . A fl? if i ' wi , Vizig. ' E925 , WW.. i 'ff K I 1 ,Q ,1 3 5 ,- 5 Eiizainctix nnri Nizxrgiirct Swcitzcr niimirc tile c 56 ww. ' 'bf . 'M"".', .' - f 5 Qgaif im 51 I 7 1 I 0 4 6 X ? I 1 V 4 1 I I, i A lf ' J 1 'Y ix v Y ' 7 1. r A , i 'f . +2 wk Q w A I ex 1 ' ' x ff - M vi ff x Qxjx r 'V ,f qv -wklgff an , Mk f-,.,,,, ,f ,y', + ,zz A .. V "' "' N .11 1 ,i in ill' ff: . - . Q' 4 ' ,,'-f L. -11' 1, ' .. n y . r , - v M, ' U I H I . , an h , , I I X N ,M LA, r' 7 2 , 1 . . 466 ' . uf' v 1 V ,A- ilvf: KI? P v' ' ' -" V , ' f, "P . 1 i va v,,QQaQf V- 4.-'Y , , I, 11 A ,,. L ,am N'-M mx 1. y ,,, '4 3' , QL R , rv Iv r.--A W1 4+ s 'vf , v.-f,.n , u K , 'A' -f' ,M . ',"f"o', 'av .Q .,1i,',r04,gv'q,l, ""o"4"' 'E' 4-"M :Q v' .',fQ'v"4+f f0v'a-"1 .v,fn4., , +30 a+, rn-,A,,a ,,l:.,0. fvvat aW,',v,af,fva qfgn ' 4 ' +I n 4 . 4 4 Q Q 'f'fS3'?"Z"1' "4-'35?'5"'?'?'1'3-'Q 'G fu .41 1 'Hb' lr"'a-D '-r'x'a- '+e',,f Q Q U4 14 'fo' F, 1 'fa 'Q' f ' . ., Q 'ff-:o",1ff+1.'. ' .' fit' Q' w"'!4-,'+'fh'4'f ' 4 4 . 1 0 v- o 'sv ! 4 "+:g:,1:ao:4.:,', Q fl',:+1+:",:k,z+':1Q:a,'1gWi ff vols'."4 'PN'-v.s-1 442-:+:v:+:l'-Q -L-Lg.:-zu:-Y'5-" ' .04nL+4'1,p lv, ,A+ 4-4 14.01 L, his 'S 10 :THQ df 4 B. if 1 5-v"'w' 'KJ' Q.. X""f!+ 0 ' 1 ' ,m'k.1 .dw ww rw f Q 5 VSWR QQ .ax X Y ixvx X x x , . A .- Xfgsigjigggigf X 2 K 5-If if Lf X .N .QWNQ3 gxgyk A .2 Q X EY .,5g,: xgQSi,? gi, X ximmg .WA . , .fJ'Xff. E - .x .3-f.:.-Xgikx, Y x .Q .X .N ,X f . 5 gl 6553. 1 1 X fr ifinfix 'Q - -'Qin -gsxixsif vii. 'aw 5 K kk.:kA ifg X 'L nv Af. Q N 's.5 m. U xfqmg. 'fl' wqw- if Tv Gia K S x Y: 5 v Q -5, eg if ,, . M , if Mr. and Mrs. E. Peliegrine and Elaine with Mrs. VV. Kralwhnbutil and tier daughter. Ann. Mr. T. Donlan, Sonya, Alberta. and Mrs. Donlan. athers' Ciu Socia Dr, Jotin Cane with his daughter Sheila. Mr. J. Kane, Mrs. F. Medingcr, and Mrs. Kane Mr. D. Reed and daughter, Mary Helen. 62 X r-a:llDrAPD0l r M..l.I0-1, ... y,M. lwulom-y, um! Nlrs. J. Mulvfxlly. Mr. nnd Mrs. Il. DeRosa. 7, 1-1 nv will: Nlury Ann mul Br-lsy. fur. mul Iwrs. I3 ll I 1" V Dr. .l, I. ldkmll, N 'L rs. J. Nfurlinis null lvfrs. J. P. Tulum fi . I I Hi. .HV- ulo, r. nm! rs kirclu-r mul lIklllulltI'I', ul 5111, l'nx will: 'mr aluuglnlvr. f 5 fi Joann Nlingle shows in-r mother and father and sister Nlargarvi around thc building. Aftei 1 i 3 2 K and Nlrs. A. J. Krou and daughter Frances look forward to a pleasant evening, Kathleen 1X'1cCann and In-r parents Fir. and Nirs. A. G. Nlccann cnjuyeci the social. 4 , I' iy.3.1 -V . n , 1 .v"' lv 'i f m s ,K Q T. ilk ,,, QQ ' he x ffl F ggi? 'Q K Q Y ge 0 P - I li S 5 ,. K x me Q 'sf' . Q xgqw . , i g i f X Fw . Q Q X if 5 - x G it 3 , .- Q Suggs rx xx. I Tx f 3s fy' 5 Six: . 's Rulii grocls Rcvorvmi ixiotiicr Nlziry Bc-rlrand. 1 L ... 0' 4 .A yi I il, . r - Junior girls, Tercna Zaiewski, .ludillx Tukarii, Eiizziix-tix Moyer, Jacqueline Caruso, Denise Nlar- iinis, and lxiaria Teresa Gomez ciispiny lim PIHIJIPHIS worn by llic nrlist, Niarie Houston. 66 Rev. Mother Mary Bertram fpgk him nmlm Plnillips, Nfurv Ann l'4IuHu'r, Carol '1-H1-grim-, Nlury Ann furry:-r, KlltllIl'l'fl Pi:-pl-r, In-'rn Tuslo, fvlury Pulriuiu lfmlcly, Nlnriu 'PIPSII rllllllvl, Jill fllI1'hIll' cTilfllS0, 'l'l'l'illKl ul:-wwki mul Knllu-rinv ffl.:-ury uppn-fini:-al ilu' numln-rs. Virginiu Donulclsnn, Cum' Svylnollr null lfilvvn 1x1KltIliXlS display ilu' lusloms l'UllllllKlIl to ilu- rounirivs wllivlu ilu' sung5 rvprvsvlllcll. east Day .Y llwr Iunry Pnlrifk In-Hs lfilm-1-n fynris-n um' Kullu-rim: fYl.vur IIUNV Y mucln sin' vnjoyml ilu- program. 07 fn Patty Luc Dcnmrcst, Ciiairmnn oi time dance, iicips witii time :ic-comtions. Cnupics step iivciy at tile Autumn Leaves Dance Senior girls ciiat witii tticir dates. Patricia Grogan and Elaine Foss and their riutcs enjoyed each moment ,oi tile Glance. 68 Autumn Dance ffvr-rynnr vnjuyf-cl ilu- rl-frvslxrllrnls. C I1 Girls unnl lmys founvl il 5 plvllfillfl' In YVIIQVII 'Ill' llilflfc. 00 A.. Cynllnin Fnrn-HQ Pulririn Cm-ximln nm! ilu-ir pnrtnvrs mlmirv lllc mlvrornlions. A, X qs Elizabeth Sweitzcr. Clara Baunlgartner, Elimbml- Kanc- Marie Schetz anal Alice De Rosa have the honor ol rlistrilmuling the play programs. I "VVhere is the beautiful Princess." aslcs the dwarf, Ruth Vvalclron. ol' the Chan- celor, Mary Helen Reeclz while Don Peclro, Katherine O'l..eary, loolcs on with disgust. v Hsgv Carlos, Jacqueline Caruso, is con- cerned when the Duchess, Susan Holly. says, "Bring the Children to me." to the rourt Children, Beatriz Parra and Dorothy l'lul-l-man. jx""l-Q Sister 1 ff Mary Leonar s east Day ! 4 f" hfafv IX1I'lllIJl'IS of IIN' nIA1Iil'lll1',-lvlury Cuffs! 'J ' ' 'I l0Ill', Nllllf Y Sl ,Il'fl'f, I'l'1lllf PS KTUII. 'mmm ululz- fvuruls-nuhv, Hurlmru I.1'1l4lf'n, Nlnriu Hu1'n'su fzmlxvl, Ixlnry Silvu nm' :lnrlys Iinmu 1-njoy lin- pmgjmln give-n in lmnor of Si:-sh-r fxlnry L1-onnnl. Hn- Prirufws. flnrnl l':-H:-grim-, survr-ys J mill: ilnpf-rin' nligniiy In-r jolly pugr-S, 'Jn-lain' Nlnriillk, Hrvluln Slulrilv, Hvlvn Nlnnmll 'mal Xiwrv 'Xml I lnlelur , 4 .1 , K '. 3 . 7' 5, 1'1- Sislcr lxlury Imununl slmws lwr uppn-riulion I0 Sonya Dnnlnn for 'mr ope-ning mmrvss. ff A? ,. ,4,.i5R is fx sbp f f W '- 3,2 .2 i be s A SW 6 f E' gawk , if I! J f 'N X 1 ' , P, X S ' 1--1- l Km , 'H 1 X x b ,Q -4, 1 ag X1 I 3 . 45 5 au' if 'tg Bk ff f asv J +2 wh, A A, 3 I' '15 -Q J-F1 QN WfFfvq ?'?'xf'9v-1' Q N? Vwllllin, Rulll Xvulllrull, zulvisn-4 Hnlwrl, IXII1-1-n IM-rvic Clari tmas Play J: 3' EA es ,M. N.. I'ill'1'll fYBrim-n, pr:-sicln-nl uf ilu' Drmnulim' Flulm, rumlrnllllulvs Sislvr M my l.1lrin. ils lumlm-rnlur, on Illv suuvss of ilu' CNIIHSIIIHIS pluy. llllfllilfil Igfllll illlll ljil l.0ll IJUIIHIFUSI, llll'llllN'fS lllc slugr, Nnnry Gulmllm, Pnlririn Vvnlsll, Clxrisiinz' Iyymlynsld nncl lwury Lyn l"c-ash-r fusll- iun lnugc tml Imows for thc wrcnllls. lln- rnsi, lurry ilu- wrvnlll lo I i 2 Q Q 1,. t I 5 2? gg? W I Y j 5 . , 'lI, i Q E , iz 1 fi - Annual Christmas carols at the Mount are always a joy. EIIO S Frank Scherer. Mary Lou, Jean and Nancy admire the tree decorations. Mr. D. M. Tice thanks the officers of the Glee Club for the excellent evening performance of carols at his 74 store. Ii I, Ill'1'll lafIl'Il Hllll IIVI' lnilllll'f lllflkf' 1 visil In llu- munva-nl flmpf-l ull!-r 4 llu- rnmls. , VXI!! :L 1 J 41 ,Y .sgsgw z 4 Y 0 r. Fl:-urs, Mr. S. Nl. lurmlun. Nlr. T. R. Dnnlnn. lxlsgr urlin lxlzuluru. lxlr. G. l.. l"m-nslvr, fxlr. A. J. Krnll r. l". A. Sell:-wr. lxlr. .l. Pl. U'Hrion, fxlr. F. Nlvmlingr-r r. S. Sc-lu-iz. lxlr. XV. lf. Br-ntl. lxlr. XV. ll. Srluvvvilcarl r. ll. A. R4-ilxmun, lxlr. .l. Dvvilo, lxlr. .l. 5lhl0n0y r, mul Nlre. INT:-mlingfn-r mul ilu-ir elnuglnh-rs pulln-r round Ilmc cri pulricin C1-riroln nvcmnpnnivs illc girls in ilu' lnyvr. Aniin Vvnlmlron turns Illc music. -mln-rs ol' ilu' l:illllt'l'S' Clulr prosvui uf ilu' Carols: N ,Pi .hw L " em lvlrs. E. Pellegrino tells time twins liow mucil siwc lilies tire Ciirislrnas flowers. Fir. anal Nlrs, lwleurs and Genevieve aclmire Sister Mary Leonarcls tree. 76 Mr. and Mrs. XV. P. Sclxwcilcart nnml their claugixler lxlariannc sp:-ni n cle-ligiilllui evening nl line ixlouni. After Caro .,,......I Nlr, mul fxlrs, R4-ilnnun mul kiI'Ill'filll' luuk uvvr lin- filxrisilxms pmgrulll. Putty Luc Dc-nmrvst, lxlurin-I Slnvin, Joann Zxlinglc and the-ir lIl0flll'l'S onjoyvml the cvcning. Hmfs Elizulac-ill," says Pulririu lu llvr mollu-r, Flrs, Knnv. Ou r Ixos! and Img o who 'mg' Bl m wi- are ig-tlggnld Blrs, jmc I Ml for th-i 11. Tmsi .4 L Oxy-pl' Wllh tl . 'nf su- L W" dilu .1 n' dinner Lute,- Gcotgc Cummings, Kmxxrrkxxc O'x.c-xxry: Nvuxxy Gluwrt, Nancy Sckxcter. Donaxcx xxugxxes, XAKRIXYCS Riixxx, Cutox SCYHXOUY AHA xxugxx Sxxmkvy Cnxoy du-ir rcxrcsxnm-nXs. ,--.1 Dinner Dance v his ggoup, Lawtcmc Pmkct, Yxuriunnc Scxxwc-i kan. Faux Hn-Jxidx, Nhuy Cawx XTHXCOKXC, Ridumu Vhzgctaxcx, Cscncvkcvc Fxvzus, Nxuricx md Robe Sxuvin awakk We next Jamie. 78 42:4 'VY' A 'll is .J Z l ,'-' N A . i wi, - , ' A -. I 2 'Nt 4' at 'ln'- x Q N r. illul Ixlrs, xI.uIoll1'Y. ulltl xlfx IHIIO, uns' xlrd, Stllvrvr, allltl illlll rs. Inlulllv l'lllny'r'4l IIl1'llls4'lY1'Q .IS lllllall .KS IIN' girls .uul ilu-ir wwnrlw. Martinsville Inn . .. Happy Da S .iv Blnrgurct Klaoumlaios mlrui Ingrid Luclccfs flowers. 'Ghz TCS Nlrs. J. N. Tmsi is Llcliglrlccl willr lrcr clnuglnlcr pmgrvss. Nluriel Slnvin and Nlaria Eugvnia visit the library. S2 T ,- 4 'AT -.' L m I 1 :hu f- fb. 322, X ffm? ,Z lu- girls nwuil Iunulu lrvfurr- Qllillff lo in Nlrs. In J. Noll like-s lu listen lo .loun's playing. Bm-ulriz Purrn, Carina Pnrisra, Yuln Otero I-YOIII cwilfilfili 'Hsu Bnsulo, :mol Glmlys Tinmo uri- vlv- Iigllhwl that flwy lllilllt' n snfv journvy Bc-vc-rly and Siiciin enjoy arranging line curlains in their room. ink 00IIlllliltK'S Susan and Eva rvlux on Friday night. Lorvliu visiis Eilc-vn Honra more Nx X X rf N if A W Q 3 Wx M 'S it fi-J' Awgaavfv ""v,,f"f- -...W -'vu wg a K' ,153 W? Wzw W! --""' axxbwxa xy H 'Yue A . 3 :gf-Q 'E Sm A sw N K k sk , . M -xir Q Q ,- 'Fm I g' .- g f "VRfg,v an , , A 1 Q- 'NAV The Pciiegrine twins, Eiainc and Cami, Judy Taiiacim and Marsha Vvcincr are about to matcii tiieir siciiis on time traii. agree tiiat timis ixas iuccn a woncieriui year for riciing. , Mxmf, 'I ",rQL,, I 5.7: Lf - AMQ4 SL XJ M34 i e xiiifwf " 3 Riding Catiierine Keaiy, Barbara Kripczaic, Nancy War- nock and Eiizaiaetii Reeves are first on their horses. Mary Helen Reeci anci Virginia Donaldson would ratiler ride than waiir. W fig f , .,r Z ,N A, ml m x'Ym"XM WM m vi' .5 X" ,. gg. YZF J'-,f ,. I I K .Xu S- it 'V:?4.I. J H 0 1 . v , s, ,.a . fbfll ff-C ',q "'vg MF' is ' L 3 'W' ' ai 1 +2 ws- ' -f 4+ Q. X Xa LWQSQS'-,'1 Q 1 2 - 'f if A , '5-Q11 j ff,'?-Qfw X in .f 'tial My Wm A . , -waffw' ' f M, if mga N- gn wx K iii .fuk - -M,N3fv if , an MAY I ..,... it iw lj 4 ee IQ- ' 'wi ,f ,Q . Q-N f QIQJLQ -4 Y' .- . .,.,g, -5: k kixffky . 'Wf-,x gf-' Sis! -,gi mf.. QQ 1. 16 5 Mi, K K wt., J, "JM Go Curl lllmcr sluuws Nnnry Scln-Iz tllc proper lmncl posilion wllilc Elaine Foss ilV5'ililS llI'f lllfn. -,N Kailmrinc Ol.:-nry pmrlifcs lxcr swing uncle-r ilu- wuhwlllul eye of Carl Ulmer, golf pro. Katlllccn Conway ancl lvlnrslm Xvciner cn- llllISlilSlll'kllly olssvrvv. Ol we-mf Judy, Emiiic, Barbara, Jean, Ann Story and Ann Niaioney stand by as junior mptain Niury Tticrc-su Gomez congratulates sophomore iaptnin Jufly Saunniors in Iior victory over time juniors. Joan, Carol, Elaine-, Sonya. Elisa, Ruth. Nlargorie and Conna struggle for possession of time hail. 5 K 1-, N V vf,5ig ,1, K .' M? F' f 5, ff, ,N 5 'v gt 4113 1 -'r fzgwlh X 'H .. 'f 'V 2 kv , U f"' Q F.: ,- N t A Vrytxsqgnalw I, 5 . V ' ld. if. 41-5 Af Wifffweffwt ' A A M X' mf X A , 7 , . 5 U , .A P " 54 ,, ,,,, .. ,f 4 ,- V 5- N A - , -.MM V MN it n SWQQ' -' ., 4' 4,4 X ,L 2 , , ag J, 4 i Qi . .at 5 QR Q? ,' SV ' f' -X N 0 V 'N "' , A X -41 j Q wi K AGR " I A Os! ii Rx S S R ,L W ' ul-if Elf ,K ., ii Xi W Lnwi 'f -J ' J , Q, MA E- f - V is im, - , . Q ., , Y A if Lis- ff K if SW-' 77 QQ. Ag wr ' ' E ff V? 4 S 503 g K+ ,mf -- Q . f A ag., , ful E X? QQ my ,wiv-H' f N. E fi M, A . GK A 1 , 12 A ,V 2 5 . . . Q MS V W .,,, ag Qt Q ,k ,iw f W I rlulw :li :-1- rlm-zulf-rs, llnlrimiu Aiclnlr mul Czxrnwlu DCROSH, B a S le e 'c lu all Mr. Cliarles Wardlaw clmis witli Juclilll Vvcil and Bnfbnra Beniz. I I 5' izigie 'wg I l Ai M' 1 K f 'X X M:-uuln-rs nl ilu- squzul me .lf-nn Selle-rvr, Glnclys Tlnovo, .lnrquc-line Caruso, Nlary Ricliclo, lxlurii-l Sian-in, filnurlin U1-l.inu, .lucliili XV.-il, .luclilli Tnlcnfli, Lillian l.lllwc'lc, Eleanor Kafzynslci, .luclilli Snumlvrs, llclcn lxlulculiy and Elizalovlli Mcmycr. E f J'-"E, ff' iv 5. at 4 . . ww rv' 1- W Q , ,Q 16 Q.. HQ, -6 Og. VV! ", '34--J W Q ,I 6' K A 5 ' NK ks.- ..,.,4.,.9-wqwwm -v,Y.,,,sw - v u , - .. 7? ' -o l- W,-1 6.4: ego, 'I A 3 M , W it 'Eh-,. 3 u. li' JW , 5, ..:. N .A ,: .+4.. :' . W .,:., 1 fy fy ? x :ex 1 Q. Ax M. , Q X' E- . 8,555 W ' W 2 f N. '71, J. - ww - 7 Qu L -"' .1 . Y N., L- Q' if W Ai-A QR A- up gg? A ,L Swfzflg' A 53 sf' Wm'-G 35 5 Q if Q 1 -AL H N nxt, , . mv? f" K K. X, . J , W! .f, , ,Q gg ,fl Q . Q1 52 - ww? T ' 4 V ... aw fy --M - 'Rf' ' 7. 4-if-W 'Tx ' 'A W- , ' ,ff 5ffC' iif , J S 92 h 1 - fi ,ff EM Na.f""" ,, LAi" yi iAL i Il A' QW' TK 39' ,I fl X W F f., ' n ""'--an 'NZYTE vertisements 'fv - hs-f x K V! f X3 . -'im 3' qt V Q r. V, 3 1314- X M.-AQ A ff Nancy Scherer Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Nlr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Nlrs Carmela Dr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Ann Moyer MIS. Mary Carol Falcone Mountain Chimes Sta Very Rev. Nlsgr. Martin Maclura Mr. and Mrs. Robert Catino Mrs. E. J. Demarest and Mrs. Hugo DeRosa and Mrs. J. F. Seiler and Mrs. N. A Falcone and Mrs. H. Flalclcer ancl Mrs. James J. Kane and Nlrs. A. J. Kroll ancl Mrs. Vvilliam Luloeclc and Mrs. F. J. Noll and Mrs. Joseph T. O'Leary and Mrs. E. S. Pellcgrine and Nlrs. Hugo Richman Vincent cle Paul Slavin J. K. Donaldson ancl Mrs. J. Carotenuto ancl Mrs. A. Kisonalc ancl Mrs. J. P. Talcach and Mrs. Charles Tinoco ancl Mrs. James Mulcahy ancl Mrs. T. Puglisi and Mrs, G. D. Saunders and Mrs. S. Vvilliams Dr. and Nlrs. J. J. Cane lX1l'S. Ciil'l0S Basalo lvlr. lvlr. Mr. lvlr lxlr Dr. lvlr lxlr Dr. hir. Nlr hir lxlr hir Mr Nlr and Mrs. Thomas Christensen and Nlrs. Francis Daley Joseph Elingcr and Mrs. Peter A. Goralczylc anal Mrs. H. C, Hamer ancl hlrs. A. J. Sparta ancl Mrs. Arthur Lange anal lvlrs. J. B. Lyons anal lvlrs. Alhcrt Nlislco and lxlrs. VV. O'Halloran ancl lvlrs. Scllnlielt anal Nlrs. R. A. lvlultop and Mrs. D. T. De Bow and lx1l'S. SEiITlUCl Zapol Bnd NTIS. NV. DOHBIJSUH Bild BITS. DOHEllLlS0n lvliss F. S. Donaldson Bliss l. K. Donaldson lwliss S. R. Yole Nlrs. C. R. Cvreany Mr. L. A. Vvulclron lvlr. anal lvlrs. A. L. VValdr0n . 1: 0 P a jc 1' o I1 cami Pellsgrine views cam, virginia Dmlason Eileen om... 104 if in S s Mary Helen Reed Clara Baumgariner Lillian Lulaeclr grateful. Dr, nml lxlrs. XV. lf. l"nrnu-r Nlr. nncl Mrs. Xyilliunn P. Svlnwvilcurl Mr. nnrl lxlrs. lxl, lf, R1-ynullls lxlr nnfl Nlrs. Pnlrillc J. Cuponc Nliifl llllllif' Swillili Dr. nncl lvlrs, F. J. Cronin lxlr. uncl lxlrs. lfngvm- Urlmnniulc fum G' Hmldns "ffm "SWL K Mr. ...Nl Mfg. F. S. nfl.-y A r. x ulnx rs. . . 1-nn:-y N I , M.. M... vi.l.f..... 1 M:r..,.. Q:fj.fi3"g'ffj Q-fi'g:Qf1wy lxlr. nm lxlrs. XVE inln . Cvnr A ' H U I , Alr. nml lxlrs. lxlnrlt Pm-lvrs y Dr' uml BIN' P' Duty Nh- mul bln' Almwpll A' iyrulonvy fxlr. nml lxlrs. Gr-nrgc l., lrcuslvr A1583 ll. Com., fxlr. nncl Drvlwr lxlr. C. J. Spr-nu, Jr, fxlr, mul lxlrs. .lmncs A. xXykllSll .loan-pl: S4-ilvr nncl Suns lxlr. uml lxlrs. .lose Alvarez Toro Conn lxa- rrinl Slnliunnrir-5 ol Union Dr. und IXUS, Fiumvangc D. mul R. Sporlswc-ur Cu., Rosclo, Pu. hh mul NIH. Fwd xvenzcl Liu" Slmm' r Nlr. nml lxlrs. Lmlrlcn Mhtrumhnu LA kmmlr lxlr. nnml lxlrs. T. F. Burlic lxlr. uncl lxlrs. lflrnz-r lxlinglc bil llllil lxlfi. lll1'U. Iylllllilll A V Ur. lxlr. unrl lxlrs. l. ll. Young - f lxlr lxlr. llllll lxlfii. Lfllillll'S lllilkl' rlIll'lllH'llllC illlll lsilfllllfll cjlllilllfli lxlr. Mins Jounnn lxl. Coll:-r lxlr- lxliss Knllu-rinc Culnnnc lxlr nd Ad vertisers ,. lvliss Kntlnlcr-n O'Connor uml lxlrs. XVIII. R. Power unml lxlrs. S. Diana nnrl lxlrs. S. Slnnlcy nnrl lxlrs. Allu-rl Swcitzcr nnrl lxlrs. Aclulplr Buurngarler S X 5 ? E 5 JOHN X. F-:cr Mary Ann Flalclcer Elizalmetlm Sweilzer Elizabeth Kane Barbara Benlz Brenda Stabile Helen Mulcalny Muriel Slavin IOS PLainfieId 4-9309 JERSEY WELDING SUPPLY, INC. 234 EAST THIRD STREET PLAINFIELD NEW JERSEY BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I954 from MR. and MRS. JOHN M. 0'BRIEN Tel. PLainfieId 6-9455 FREE DELIVERY TOBIN'S DRUG STORE RELIABLE PREscRlP1'loNs "ASK YOUR DOCTOR, HE KNOWS" 189 EAST FRONT STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY IF YOU HAD A MILLION DOLLARS YOU COULDN'T BUY BETTER BAKED GOODS FISCHER BAKI NG COMPANY NEWARK, NEW JERSEY 106 gnu.. Mrs. Walter Cotier and daughter Jessica and Mrs. Alfred Hoch and daughter Patricia shopping in Tepper's. Since Mount St. Mary's founding we have been honored to have you, the sisters and students, as our customers. Plainfield, N. J an 5 Q if 3 5 gif? kg ,, f:-, gina-v , QMIIX- Q5551, ' 1 ' 'W .M F31 ,QV , , WRX, ' 121.51 , Qfiilifii az -' - ' ' , ." Sit? ": wisglqrgggzexzw X K , isfggh 'SY Si-, - , A W mai' 'Wg .Qs-WE? ,. ,Ms .-K K X i.L , I 3 A X ,B ,egg izwilzm as W Qtr fggivim w CONGRATULATIONS TO TH E GRADUATES Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Catino SHEENAN FUNERAL HOME Dunellen, New Jersey Compliments of H EN RY HAN DELMAN DUnellen 2-1481 TOWNE PHARMACY L. MCGINNIS, R. Ph. PRESCRIPTIONISTS 121 N. Washington Avenue Dunellen, N. J. Compliments of RONCO'S PHARMACY Roseto, Pennsylvania SWAlN'S ART STORE 317 W. Front Street Bridge Street Plainfield N. J. New Hope PLainfieId 4-0468 All Work Guaranteed MADISON JEWELERS Joseph Alvarez Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairing GIFTS and JEWELRY 120 Madison Avenue Plainfield, N. J. Bet. Front and Second Streets Compliments of THORVALD E. OLSEN NORTON FOOD MARKET VICTOR NORTON, Prop. 110 South Broadway 106 North Pine Avenue South Amboy New Jersey South Amboy, New Jersey Compliments of uinn and Boden, Inc BOOK MANUFACTURERS 1905 ELIZABETH AVENUE - RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY Y ' . - , , RAhway 7-4301 Mobile - JR 6-2203 fllllfb C'0MPllN7 WALTER COTIER GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1354 NEW ESSEX STREET RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY IHI2 PARK PLASTICS CIIMPIINY PLASTIC MOLDING FROM IDEA TO FINISHED PRODUCT air 940 PARK AVENUE LINDEN, NEW JERSEY SOuth Amboy I 0645 HARRY FLAKKER Raritan Iron Works, Inc. STEEL FABRICATORS - ERECTORS - ELECTRIC WELDING IZIOGRJ 236 RARITAN STREET SOUTH AMBOY N J II5 PLainfield 6-95l3 - 95l6 SOMERSET DRUG STORE Pnssciur-'rioNs A sP:ciAi.TY H. LURIE, Ph.G., Reg. Pharm. 233 Somerset Street North Plainfield, N. J. PLainfield 5-9622 H. G. SERVICE STATION GULF SERVICE Lubrication and Washing-Battery Service Washington Avenue and W. Front Street PLainfield 6-0516 PARK PHARMACY THE PRESCRIPTION s'roRE P. J. CAPONE, Pharmacist 7Ol Park Avenue Plainfield, N. J COLONIAL STORES GROCERIES - MEATS VEGETABLES Cv FRUITS 5OO Watchung Avenue Plainfield, N. J. UNionvilIe 2-8lOO M. PEPPEL, Prop. LLOYD EXCHANGE TRAVEL BUREAU PLainfield 5-2045 Free Delivery HENNESSY'S LIQUOR STORE uouons - wmss - seek 960 Stuyvesant Avenue Union' N- J' 305 Madison Avenue Plainfield, N. J. PLlainfield 6-OO4O A. M. RUNYON Cr SON GRACE SPORTSWEAR COMPANY Home Io' 5e""'e ROMEO A. BAKER, Proprietor 6l4 Exeter Avenue West Pittston, Pa. 900 Park Avenue Plainfield, N, J 114 THE WARDLAW SCHOOL Specialists in College Preparation PLAINFIELD, NEW IERSEY With thc cxccption of thc nurscry school, which is at 1038 Park Avcnuc, cvcry department of thc VVarcllaw School from Kindcrgartcn through preparatory school is locatccl at 1030 Ccntral Avt-nuc on om- six-acrc campus, wcll rcinovcd from thc ccntcr of town. Bcsiclcs thc main school huilrling thc physical cquiplut-nt incluclcs a largc, sunny gymnasium, two athlctic fit-lcls, four tcnnis courts, a littlt--hoys' play ficlcl, an outcloor thcatrc, ulhlt'lll0I'l1ll Chapclf' and much Space mliwoti-tl to shrulilu-ry, lilowcr hctls, and lawns. If lx-auty of cxtcrior surroundings is conducive to thc intcrior growth of iniuml anal soul, surcly no othcr country day school in Ncw Jcrscy is so fortunate- in this rcspc-ct as XVarcllaw. A staff of twcuty tt-acht-rs aclministcrs the program. C. D. XVARDLAVV, Headmaster IIS DUneIIen 2-5824 DUneIlen 2-2990 GARDEN STATE MOTORS See Us for a Good Deal on Any New or Used Car ANTHONY CANCELLATE - Res.: PLainfield 4-36l3 446 NORTH AVENUE DUNELLEN, NEW JERSEY PLainfieId 6- I 8 I 2 TONY MUGLIA NATIONAL MOTOR SALES Used Cars With Many Unused Miles "THE HOME OF GOOD USED CARS" I8OO W. FRONT STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY FAnwood 2-7234 DeCUOLLO BROS. BUILDING CONTRACTORS 203I GRAND STREET SCOTCH PLAINS, NEW JERSEY CASSI E SPORTSWEAR CO. Manufacturers of Ladies' Blouses Cr Sportswear 306-8-IO WEST CATAWISSA STREET NESQUEHONING, PA. 116 VUGEL 81 TANZER SUPER MARKET 664 SOUTH AVENUE and BERCKMAN STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Phones 3-4125 - 3-4126 Z M ? 9 Manufacturing Packers of "A Treat to Eat" MEAT SPECIALTIES 129 ASHMORE AVENUE TRENTON, NEW JERSEY ll7 PLainfieId 5-88l9 Joseph Carotenuto, Prop. PARAMOUNT PIZZERIA Specializing in Compliments of ITALIAN D155-155 MR. and MRS. DONALD W. REED 6 Grove Street Plainfield, N. J lopp. Sears Roebuckl South Amboy, New Jersey R O L L Y ' S ROLAND CASSELLA, Prop. SPORTING GOODS - STATIONERY 1024 Stowe Street Union, N. J. SECOND NATIONAL BANK Somerville, New Jersey Compliments of FRED L. BAUMEISTER Bound Brook, New Jersey Compliments of FRANK J. SCHUBERT Bound Brook, New Jersey Compliments of BREYER ICE CREAM COMPANY VAN ARSDALE'S Established 1887 Headquarters for "SPALDING" FOOTWEAR GOOD SHOES and HOSIERY Plainfield, New Jersey PL infield 6-4779 Scherer Sign Service DESIGNERS -:- BUILDERS COMMERCIAL SIGNS - NEON SIGNS 121 MADISON AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASSOF'54 from Miss F. S. Donaldson V H9 HEADQUARTERS for your HAPPY TIMES! 4741. -1-- iss- . ' 1,3 yi. W. ,.if'1E,fi7 P B5 I Pla. wi. I III "M -' 2 H. -1. 9-Rf X 23" 1' Y l D I V 1 Jf' "NMI,- I if '. 1 Wil' , Sift f-Aff '35-H d E- H-" ':4f1-2lflQ 1- .. , z ,, - We cordialiy invite the student body of Mt. St. Mary's to consult with our exper- ienced staff in the planning of both under- graduate and alumnae activities. PARK HOTEL 7th STREET at ARLINGTON AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY D R E I E R ' S sPoR'rlNG Gooos STORE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY PLainfieId 6-4387 LAMPERTI BROS. PLAINFIELDGRANITE WORKS CEMETERY MEMORIALS RICHMOND AND E. 4th STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS OF DR. and MRS. F. A. STABILE PLAY U15 x fix Windmill Golf Driving Range Directly Opposite Mount Saint Mary's Academy FINEST IN EQUIPMENT Instructions, CARL ULMER, Prop. JOSEPH BIGLEY, Manager You Lace em NVe Chase em" 121 FAnwood 2-7726 SNUFFY'S STEAK HOUSE sTsAK, Lonsrsn, snrooo, cmcxm Park and Mountain Avenues Scotch Plains, N. J. PLainf ield 6-O629 PLAINFIELD BANANA COMPANY 248 East Third Street Plainfield, N. J. KEMPER PONTIAC, INC. 491 West Union Avenue Bound Brook, N. J. Best Wishes To The Class of 1954 MR. and MRS. JOHN EDDY BO 9-2703 BO 9-0050 JOSEPH EFINGER ExcAvA1'iNG and GRADING coNTnAcToR ll2 Prospect Place SAMOSET LAUNDRY SERVICE, INC. TRIANGLE TOOL COMPANY 2438 U. S. Highway 22 Union, N. J. lay 7-3966 JOHN F. McEVOY, INC. Importers of LINENS, VEILINGS and SERGES Call PLainfield 6-2640 25 Barclay Street New York C tY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES Muchas Felicidades A Las Graduadas De Dr. y Sra. Tinoco Rodil Gladys, Carlos Enrique, Beatriz Guillermo y Bobby. Pembrook Nurseries Inc LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS V I5 JEFFERSON AVENUE MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY l23 COMPLIMENTS OF TOBIN and PETERSON, INC. PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY H. ISRAEL, Phe. Phone 8-0585 J. GREENWALD, PEG. W A L D CUT RATE DRUGS 40 WEST MAIN STREET SOMERVILLE, NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS o P ART CULOR PRINTING COMPANY DUNELLEN NEW JERSEY 'FALVEY SURGICAL SUPPLIES 4I2 MORRIS AVENUE ELIZABETH 3, NEW JERSEY 124 .- '-' ,' A ' Vw -,-. LUMBER " , Q ' ' MILLWORK HARDWARE if-S it - - T9 MASONS' MAT:mALs M mio :Xt , ,YT,Q,!f,21t.W +. Siu. 1 . .. -T Ill gy il .t,,,x,,,m ' ,-vw,--m,f-fe These are the basic Materials that go into a new home and our yard contains them all. Here, too, you will find items to give your home indiviuality and distinction-Fine Cabinets and Mouldings--Paneling-Fireplace Mantels and Bricks--Cedar for Closet Linings-Colored Slate Flagging for Walks and Terraces-Tiling for Kitchen and Bath, to name only a few. With 56 Years Experience, We Feel Qualified To Help You! OUR CONGRATULATlONS TO THE CLASS OF 1954 l. IJ. LUIZEAUX LUMBER CUMPANY 86l - 9ll SOUTH AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Phone Plainfield 6- l 776 omerset Bus Co., Inc. ROUTE 29 MOUNTAINSIDE, NEW JERSEY 125 5 PLainfield 6-1197-8 ' All FAnwood 2-7164 George Estelle, Prop. .6 , N ' .EI Fi "gi" ESTELLE'S SOMERSET FISH MARKET "Every Fish That Swims in the Sea" FRESH FISH DAILY 115 Somerset Street Plainfield, N. J. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE CARBLJRETOR and iGNiTioN SPECIALISTS We Call For and Deliver Front Street at Terrill Road Scotch Plains, N. J. VILLAGE SERVICE STATION Garfield and Second Streets Plainfield, N. J. PLainfield 6-6589 DR. SCHOLL FOOT COMFORT SHOP OWNED AND OPERATED BY D. NEMSER 202 Watchung Avenue Plainfield, N. J. Compliments of OLD DUTCH TAVERN and RESTAURANT Highway 35 Keyport, N. KEyport 7-0913 MID-CITY TRUST COMPANY Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. East Front Street at Watchung Avenue Plainfield, N. J. 202 Watchung Avenue Plainfield, N. J. EXCAVATION - ROADS - UTILITIES U PLainfield 6-8870 WEstfieId 2-4040 BEmardsviHe 8-0063 218 W, Front Street 217 E. Broad Street Plainfield, N. J. Westfield, N. J. . -Fd-T CARUSO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. BUILDING coNTRAc'roRs 27 CENTER AVENUE ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NEW JERSEY SERVING SUBURBAN NEW JERSEY'S YOUNG DEBUTANTES .fiflkan 0 ,giddy SUMMIT WESTFIELD SPRING LAKE BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I954 MOORE'S TRUCKING COMPANY Moons sekvlcs Fon Mons Prone NEW MARKET, NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS OF A. M. GRIFFEN HARDWARE CO., INC. 20-34 SOMERSET STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY I27 BEST wlsHEs TO THE GRADUATES MR. and MRS. JOHN KERVICK ESsex 3-7570 N, SCHMIDT, Prop. OLYMPIC PORK STORE SPECIALIZING IN FINE BOLOGNAS AND SMOKED MEATS Pure Pork Products 1097 STUYVESANT AVE., COR. 40th ST. IRVINGTON 11, NEW JERSEY MAY GOD FOREVER SHOWER HIS BLESSINGS UPON YOU 1954 GRADUATES MARTINSVILLE INN JOSEPH TRASI, Prop. PLainfieId 5-9631 CEDAR BAR DELICIOUS MEALS SERVED DAILY CLOSED SUNDAYS ADOLPH BAUMGARTNER, Prop. 210 SOMERSET STREET NORTH PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY 128 COMPLIMENTS OF .S'L'fIMv4lZ DAIRY PRODOL'75 ESTABLISHED OVER 35 YEARS AT MEAL TIME -- AT SNACK TIME THE BEVERAGE SUPREME Direct from Farm to You PLamfneId 6-2277 Mllfmgton 7-0025 I I RAWSIIN MIJTURS, Inc I v, .. 1 wg ',', i , ...,., , M Q A P l rm :,, -"1f ' 320 PARK AVENUE if PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY PL nfield 6-6600 CR f d6 0505 BUIlDER'S GENERAL SUPPLY CUMPIINY VICTOR D. SHAHEEN, President LUMBER - BUILDING MATERIALS - MILLWORK 336 CENTENNIAL AVENUE CRANFORD, NEW JERSEY 130 No Greater Compliment Could Be Paid Our Uniforms Than That They Are Being Worn By THE STUDENTS OF MOUNT ST. MARY'S ACADEMY Eisenberg SI O'I-Iara Co l 3 l 5 Market Street Philadelphia Manufacturers of Parochial School Uniforms For Over a Quarter of a Century I'5I UNionviIIe 2-4969 WILLIAM F. BENTZ PAINTER, oEcoRAToR and PAPERHANGER 1584 PORTER ROAD UNION, NEW JERSEY MILK-NATURE'S MOST NEARLY PERFECT FOOD SUNRISE DAIRIES "THE VERY BEST" ROBERT J, HARTLAUB, Distributor STATE HIGHWAY 29 HILLSIDE, NEW JERSEY MArket 3-2 I 66 s. AMORESANO DAVIS WH ITE CO. SERVING HOTELS - RESTAURANTS - CLUBS - INSTITUTIONS - STEAMSHIPS PURVEYORS OF TOP QUALITY MEATS AND POULTRY SINCE 1906 I57 W. MARKET STREET 222 NORFOLK STREET NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Compliments of Mount Saint Mary's Academy Class Rings made by G. L. K. WILLIAM C. MARTIN "YOUR OFFICIAL JEWELER" 8OI Walnut Street Philadelphia 7, Penn 132 COMPLIMENTS of Wel-Don Concrete Corp. TRANSIT MIX CONCRETE FOR ALL PURPOSES 141 CENTRAL AVENUE WESTFIELD, NEW JERSEY Offic Ph PI Ph WEstfieId 2 4444 FA d 2 4300 ELizabeth 2-4801 PLainfie1d 6-1400 Prompt Service FRED A. HUMMEL, INC. ZILAHY 5 SON PLUMBING - HEATING - ROOFING OIL BURNERS - AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRIC HOME APPLIANCES CLEANERS AND DYERS All Work Done on Premises 506 Arlington Avenue, Cor. W, Sth Street 1330 North Broad Street Hillside, N. J. plagnfieldy N, J, PLairIfie1d 4-5158 Matthew lMikel J. Toresco EFINGER BLUE STAR AUTO SALES 5"0RT'NG GOODS Co' Established 1909 BUY - TRADE - SELL "EVERYTHING FOR EVERY SPORT" Try Them All Until Satisfied 290 Somerset Street North Plainfield, N. J. 423 East Main Street Bound Brook, N. J. Unionville 2-2007 SAM S. SH UBERT BAKER and McMAHON FOUNDATION INC. REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE - MORTGAGES 225 West 44th Street New York 18, N, Y. 1338 Mo,-,gs Avenue Union' N, J, WEstfield 2-1326 RAhway 7-0684 HORAN LUMBER 8' COAL CO. WOOD BROOK FARM BUILDING MATERIAL SPECIALISTS Central Avenue at L.V.R.R. Plainfield Avenue Metuchen, N. J. Clark TOWHSWPI N- -1- 134 OUR BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '54 PHYLLIS GUERRA - MARITZA HENRIQUE - GLADYS TINOC0 MARY SILVA and GISELA ROLANDO CONGRATULATIONS- FROM THIE MUYER DAIRY I3O BUSHKILL DRIVE EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA l'S PLainfield 7-I4SO DOMINICK TORESCO PACKARD PLAINFIELD Aumomzso sALEs Cr sekvlce HIGHWAY 22 and SOMERSET STREET NO. PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY ELizabeth 2-7430 ELIZABETH COAL COMPANY FUEL OIL - on BURNERS - coAL - coke 430 WESTFIELD AVENUE EL'ZABETH, NEW JERSEY MR. and MRS. RAY SORIANO RAR ITAN, NEW JERSEY HANEWALD'S BAKERY 120 EAST FRONT STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY 156 .,.h , . ,,., , , "N U A 1.......... .....,..,............ - p- CONGRATULATIONS TO N-Q THE SENIORS FROM MR. JAMES T. QUINN MRS. WALDRON DR. WALDRON ANITA, TOMMY, JOHN RUTH and RICKIE GOD SPEED TO THE GRADUATES FROM 10, SAL, and CARMEL IURDEN l37 Bill I-'0.S'7fR 145506114755 L. A.V., The Venezuelan Airline 'A' SPECIAL EXCURSION FARES TO HAVANA, CUBA PLaza 9-6500 FOR INFORMATION CALL PLaza 9-6500 LINEA AEROPOSTAL VENEZOLANA 781 FIFTH AVENUE, NEW YORK 22, N. Y. V5 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATES From MR. VITO CIANCIA and FAMILY P. J. AIDALE MASON rf BUILDER 1251 EAST FRONT STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY FAnwood 2-7060 FELIX FERRARA CARPENTER rr BUILDER 545 WESTFIELD ROAD SCOTCH PLAINS, NEW JERSEY THE NORWALK VAULT COMPANY PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Harrison A. Williams E. Witter Clawson President Treasurer 140 SOmerviIIe 8-6581 KRIPCZAK'S REAL ESTATE 44 SOUTH MAIN STREET MANVI LLE, NEW JERSEY WE THINK WI SERVE THE BEST IN TEK BROILED T-BONE STEIK 2.85 BROILED FILET HIGNON 2.95 BROILED IIIP STEAK . . 1.85 BRUILED SLICED CLUB STEAK SINDWICII 1.65 BRUILED CIIOPPED BEEFSTEAK ......... 1.20 Delux: MORRIS AVINUI, UNION, N .I SOmerviIIe 8-5078 ANGELONE'S GREENHOUSES FLORIST FLORAL DESIGNS FOR EVERY OCCASION Route 29 Raritan, N. J SAM S. SHUBERT FOUNDATION INC. 225 West 44th Street New York I8, N. GREGORY'S MUSIC CENTER Everything Pertaining To MUSIC and RECORDS 328-390 West Front Street Plainfield, N. J. PLainfield 6-0644 THOMPSON TYPEWRITERS, INC. Sales - Rentals - Repairs ALL MAKE MACHINES I 87 North Avenue Opp. Railroad Station Plainfield, N. J. Congratulations to JOAN and- her CLASSMATES OF 1954 BUDDY VAIL HOSPITALITY AND coop Poop YE COTTAGE INN KEYPORT, N. J. wssffaeld 2-3962 DUNN'S ESSO STATION Hwy. 22, and New Providence Rd. Mountainside, New Jersey UNionville 2-4860-I -2 TRIANGLE TOOL CO. 2438 State Highway No. 22 Union, N. J. MCGRATHS BRI DAL SHOP Gowns To Fit Every Ocassion 214 Park Avenue Plainfield, N. J. Compliments of ESTlL'S INC. Office Furniture, Stationery and Gifts 205 Park Avenue Plainfield, N. .J UNion 2-1030 SABOSIK FURNITURE CO. GEORGE SABOSIK, Prop. O 927 STUYVESANT AVENUE UNION, NEW JERSEY PLainfieId 5-1746 LOUIS E. SAFT Prescription Optician 624 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD, N. J. PLainfield 6-3544 MERLE RADIC CO. RADIO - TELEVISICN Sales and Service IIO EAST SEVENTH STREET PLAINFIELD, N. J. l4'5 . . E 24, 1 E , I Hail to the Fathers' lub Y. 3 ',f L-..,I Joan drum maionetie I 1 i I 1 s 3 -ef Ei A, J? e . i....2...J f Eileen Mathias. life sergeant, Ruth Waldron. drum sergeant. and Joann Mingle. Bugle sergeant. N kj fi s ,, , K I I44 Elaine Peuegrine, Jessica Dunn and Sonya Donlan Iceep in step. Pnsduud by lnguvulon I NEW CITY PRINTING COM! UNION CIYY, N. I mu Hi 'S ,Ty Q :af- 'X Q' f,, 'F yr ,Af pl 5' in f Nz QF' 3 b' Q4 i. ' 1 V Q is "'5 " " if J. gf of Q' in 'V ,Q J., K -31? J'1,SAf "v3. f .4 g - f .w- ' ,,1!, ..,s. Q' M, . 6341 . 1',i'f'9L X? tra Y A' an Ygix E 4, Irv' af xwl?-i f -av 'M W 'Non in V f Is. tiff N V3 M, 4 , ,ff .a Vw -as ,' 'iv Y . If "L M 'Q' vi wifi! is I ,avg 1 r iix' , L L at at xy, Q 3 M ' ' " 563-'x"if, 435:25 "',,...., ' M' Q 4' .K ,. A N' ' , 2 X 5 ffv f 'av " .,a 'K fQ U' 1 5 N Q ' . 4 'lr og -.. ,t t . on I 'Q Y l m wvvr 'C nf ,.. ,, N W U v, 4 Ein.. ,F K af - , V I. 1 . W Nl ol 2 fi 4 , rfj . . 149 Q L-XAQGXFQQTSQ N,"-VW K P " a. ,IN r tff. JK' L , 1 , xg -rim, X Q-.2 Li .xt C' 'E Yrs A e ,+- WW 7, Am-,mg f,1""W ,W ? 1: 5 ,ii fffqf W ,wr ya 4,5 ,J ,. -nv V 4 1' ls ' Aw' ,ff ,M ff' f A' 1 . Jewzf X, fad? f ,QM , 4' .- 6 at WJ' if'J' fi JW! fwf ,, tg' J" h 4 'Qi 'Q .o"":.. f, -Juv Nw ln' J .Y-4 qdmf. sw -gg 4 86,19 4: lr-ai my we X

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