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wg Q ,Q " 5 11 af JM -X .5 A J: NM . v' 5 H1121 ' ' mfiagm- 355:14 Srilimanxiawaimuizb ' V tif 7952 Wiliflfdlkl 55177225 'f?":'fE.A! Wann! Qfirmyk 52Z'aaQmy rr qfalfff Qjfzzkzfklf Qfew Kinsey E- . W 'Yi' QQ". x.x, 25 Y' V SX iL1Q:l1Ei'l1il.ZlIlLl: in Qwy Wevemzal Qffafzsvyfzm Qffamkz Wdhld gzfefkzkz af Qffazmf Q2 Q7fazly2' ,S272'az.Qmy HUM Our majestic tower has always been a symbol of joy and inspiration especially for us who are leaving. The hourly chiming of the clock tells us that time is passing and that our scholarly and social joys here at the Academy are nearly ended. The Angelus ringing out its sweet sounding tones draws our attention to the tower with its golden cross gleaming in the morning sunlight and brings to our lips Our Lady's prayer. Mary had her student days and each one was a lesson of love, for she learned them from the Book of Books in preparation for her fuller life with Christ. So also was Mary a social being, for we see her going over the hill country to visit her cousin Eliza- beth and participating at the Marriage Feast of Cana, but the secret of her joyous living was her life of prayer. Prayer, stimulus ot our energy, pervades both our scholarly and social joys, for our outward successes are in proportion to our inward lite of grace. That is why the dearest thought to our hearts today is the memory of the Christmas Carols sung around the lnfant manger. When evening comes and we look up at the tower silhou- etted against the sky, we shall cherish the thought that during our years here we have lived closely to Bethlehem. Between the covers of this book we have tried to recapture these years of warmth, beauty, and dignity. 4 mlm ffm . . . ff' Sjgkkl QWMQI Ufeafzafi X Because of her untiring hours devoted to our welfare and her understanding and sympathetic appreciation of our problems, we the class of nineteen hundred and fifty- two dedicate our yearbook to Sister Mary Leonard, Directress. Sister's interest has permeated all our activities both in the classroom and on the campus. As Moderator of the Sodality she has taught us to draw from the loving heart of Our Lady the graces we need for the worthy deeds we would do, and encouraged by her example of trusting in Our Lady we approach this eventide of our four years, this sunset of our lovely days at Mount St. Mary's, embued with hope. As we gaze at the tower cross, we remember that she told us the rosary of Our Lady is not without this emblem. 5 MP1 1 ,glafuafe jaw ' wwf 4 8 ,I , it A ,mum-'f ,aw n iw K. 'vi Joan Marguerite Bachand Extensive vocabularyea--the result of reading "Great Books" . . . always ready for a discussion . . . mental alertness . , , ability to organize . . . un- shakable confidence . . . a bubbling enthusiasm for dramatics reflects Our l.ady's altruism A XW 3 X., Q 1 i Claudia Nicole Berha rd The perfect Parisienne . , . conscientious student . . . fascination for math . . 5 linguistic flair . . . Glee Club booster . . , exciting summer vacation in gay Paris. . .reflects Our Lady's fidelity. " 9 Joan Guest Binns Serene composure at all times . . . a gracious man- ner . . . good-natured . . . reserved . . . a pleasant girl . . . lover of music . . . competent typist . . . reflects Our Lady's quiet manner. Gabrielle Marie Corbally Flair for clothes . . . delightfully good natured . . . number one rooter for the "Junior League" . . . keeps up with Current Events , . . "Indian" fan . . . our future politician . . . reflects Our Lady's enthusiasm. l0 Jacquelyn Gloria Calabro Quiet dependability . . . tiny and sweet . . . generous . . . easy laughter . . . a ready friend , . . amiable and thoughtful manner . . . always herself . . . reflects Our Lady's pleasantness. Theresa Anne Costello School spirit starts with our "Tess" . . . a good sport . . . inexhaustible energy . . . wonderful personality . . . friend to all . . . star basketball captain . . . reflects Our Lady's smile. Patricia Anne Cronin N'-..,, Socially alert . . . a radiant personality . . . tactful . . . happy-go-lucky . . . delightful dimples . . . popular . fancy-free. , always ready and willin . . , g to help , . . skilled equestrienne . . . reflects Our Lady's liveliness. X e 'Q ll Carol Celine Dreher Tall and gracious . . . delicate femininity . . . ,- '- long earrings . . . a casual sophistication . . . a J v-a Marilyn Anne Driscoll Appealing dark eyes . , . thoughtful expressions . . . at every dance . . . faithful to Union . . . stylish dresser . . . always has a busy phone . . . adept driver . . . first aid specialist . . . reflects Our Lady's kindness. ' dignified walk . . , the perfect blend of friendliness X, and reserve . . . reflects Our Lady's serenity. fi Margaret Ann Foster Sparkling character . . . companionable . . . loves to eat . . . charming hostess . . . loyal and sincere . . . will be missed at the Mount . . . exuberant varsity guard . . , Sodality worker . . . reflects Our Lady's cheerfulness. '3 l l l ? E is nz, ., . V .e V-Wd' nf-..m , sis:--.ef .st ,xox , , ge In I, Marilyn Dolores Friel Petite and cute with a voice to match . . . out- standing student . . . vivacious cheerleader . . . dramatic ability . . . clever columnist . . . devoted Sodalist . . . "Wild, Wild Rose" . . . reflects Our Lady's conscientiousness. Eileen Cabrini Guzzardi "Those endearing young charms" . . . perfect lady . . . a delightful companion . . . talent for winning friends . . . sweet sixteen . . . virtuous character . , . true Sodalist . . , reflects Our Lady's sweetness. 12 Marie Audrey Galuppo Eager and excitable . . . emphatic gestures . . . pleasing disposition . . . diligent . . . a sense of individualism . . . capable stenographer . . . re- flects Our Lady's firmness. 3 .. l""' Dolores Katherine Keller Naturally curly hair , . . appealing sense of humor . . . life of a party . . . fun-loving . . . unpre- dictable . . . spontaneous witticisms . . . thought revealing eyes . . . reflects Our Lady's joy. lil Mary Catherine Kiely Simple and pure . . . sweet disposition , . . her rirtues are many . . . her faults few . . . Irish :harm . . . lovable . . . a deep interest in her work . . . persevering student . . . a friend to all . . reflects Our Lady's simplicity. g X q in l I Carmel Theresa Loreti S S 5 ss Audrey Anne Kisonak Brilliant blushes . . . sparkling personality . . . a shy smile . . . unaffected disposition . . . lasting friendships . . . unfailing good nature . . . super ability in the patron drive . . . reflects Our Lady's graciousness. The perfect lady . . . serene and sweet . . . always neat . . . attractive . . . dark haired enchantress . . . soft spoken . . . spontaneous laughter . . . well-poised . . . quiet refinement . . . reflects Our Lady's gentle manner. r 1, '13 ' if I Y I Mary Gail Mallard r The blue of her eyes . . . frequent smile . , . keenly interested in books . .. graceful de- meanour . . . petiteness of stature . . . hearty laugh . . . a strong claim to individuality . . . X reflects Our Lady's charming decor. I3 iw Strong sense of responsnbllnty Innate sweetness sincere Interpretative pxanlst determin- ation to succeed always admired mlstress of any sltuatlon reflects Our Lady s determin- Ready hand steady prmcnples generosity . . metlculously groomed dllngent student . . . well llked leader a loyal frnend always natural dependable reserved great refinem I WE Marguerite Claire Neuguth Blond and obliging . . . appealing humor . . . generous heart . . . venturesome . . . amazing anecdotes , . . mischievous mannerisms . . . a South American fan . . . animated basketball for- ward . . . reflects Our Lady's gaiety. Q3 X 1 Mary Paula Noll Faithful to her charges . . . quiet and considerate . . . a pleasant smile . . . blessedly simple . . . demure . . . Have you heard her sing "Slow Poke"? surprising ability as a pianist . . . reflects Our Lady's willingness. ,li Mary Kathryn O'Rourke "Irish eyes are smiIing" . . . lovable . . . gracious . . . warm friendliness . . . adjustable nature . . . wholehearted interest . . . unpretentious . flects our Lady's perseverance. ..l'e- X xx N.-so ,,,,.., , X 5 Rebeca Pardo Our senorita . . . determined character. . . energetic A worker . . . talent for sewing , . . cooperative . . . excellent mission moderator . . . varied interests . . . reflects Our Lady's selflessness. 1 5 ei Jane Anne Price Tall and gay . . . ever ready with a funny story . . . flawless attire . . . attractive . . . artistically skilled . . . "Let's have a party." . . . reflects Our Lady s neatness. Ellen Frances Quinn Delightfully good natured . . . unaffected . . . a heart of gold . . . retiring . . . an interest in politics . . . loyal to her friends . . . forceful varsity guard . . , reflects Our Lady's generosity. iii I2 Carol Jane Scaff Small in stature . . . large in ambition . . . in- effable qualities . . . interest in Pennsylvania . . . will prove to be an efficient nurse . . . a lady to her fingertips . . . Mountain Chimes typist . , . reflects Our Lady's manners. I6 Mary Louise Scherer Congenial nature . . . dependable . . . unselfish . . . enjoys life fully . . . easy going . . . a thoroughly real person . . . neatly tailored . . . always dressed for the occasion . . . reflects Our Lady's calmness. l liking Mary Constance Slavin Jirtuous . , . generous and considerate . . . always giving of herself . . . zealous devotion . . . has :roven her business capability . . . true principles . . fervent Sodalist . . . reflects Our Lady's goodness. , 4 ig. A K 5-c dy. E ,, ,Qs x i . Mary Clara Smith Full of fun . . . fascinating dimples . . . whole- some . . . a ready smile . . . science with good sense . . . intelligent . . . willing cooperation . . . everybody loves her radiant hair . . . reflects Our Lady's friendliness, Maria Beatriz Toro Jolly . . . Latin fire . . . radiating warmth . . . understanding . . . unperturbable . . . amiable companion . . . witty . . . personality plus . . . faithful . , , reflects Our Lady's prudence. ii ff Q i if Patricia Ann Ventura Attractive dark hair . . . elusive charm . . . de- . Iightfully feminine . . . chic wardrobe . . . easily , R excitable . . . vacations at Spring Lake . . . cap- X NX able Mountain Lore business manager . . . reflects Our Lady's goodheartedness. I7 giwfz 1? wifi? fklgbll X l lx ,fo .- f. Q. ,.--3 Gabrielle Corbally Trea urer glves thanks To Our Lady of Mercy for The honor she has received They lead the way in Sodality affairs. Monsignor Martm A. Madura receuyes the pledge of service from Margaret Foster, Prefecf. l8 Sodnluty Vacc Prcfccf, Kath- Iccn Moore, kneels to make her oifcrmg uncicr The shadow of Our Lady's shrmc. I9 .fig E 5 is X -'Q vnu- Marilyn Friel, Secretary of the So- dallty, Insfens as Monslgnor Martin A. Madura enumerate-s her duties and obligahons. ggi! . it 1 3 Z - . ZZ. 3 i 1 5' I 3 f Y Mrs, A. Moore discusses the commencement week program with daughter, Kathleen. 5 ks fs, M Q N as J . -M vi- .ul Q ' HQ. l WING! Q5 Gabrielle is the key fgure re sponsible for the sincere happ ness exhibited by Mr. and Mr T. J. Corbally. Mary receives the smile of approval from her proud mother, Mrs. V. de P. Slavin, as she fixes Mary's tassel at just the right angle. X I 'Na Sm, 1 QW Mr. and Mrs. A, Kisonak warmly congratulate Audrey. 'I 'mer of szrm flowers bcwfrfrcs the steps A v. y r g f Icmimg to Our Lady of Fatrma's Shrunc. . .. my 4. Mrs. W. Smrfh rcjoiccs with Mary Ly . nn hcr Sensor achrcvcmcnfs. 3, if T- fr it .Li 5 .yr X K F153 ' J W 5 .Ji at "iw Mfmksfg-1 4 . ,V5i..,. ' Mi . .WW sig: . LT -- f -- V intl. 'V.' :.., Q VV' ' iw -I K 'Nf"v '?35?5Qf1m,. . Hggf r - sk 45955, re? f-"""" if SK 1 Q Wa 25' Q 'E if in S W' I if as 9 Vgggwggasr .- 1QUm if .1 Q' Q Q 1 3 tip' ,,, :F S 415 8 5 3 Y M Q A is W K 1 K K H Q ' Mg 2 - . he at 1. 'A bf vw K Q' . . Aygf '12. .-. ii i m,m,A , V V ., -A,f f 52, wb? W if K ,541 wx 1 ::: , P ,H . 1 E' V, ,gi , '55 X' . , in flag, E -fs R, I i 'fb Q 6 , L i Vg, 1 N I ' Aol JS K 1 i an I lfyxgi ixnf.: 5 X 'Pi ,M-K5 xx W X ag Q is l 5 si S Q is Xiixf N X W MS sq Q N Senior girls make a personal visit mm fa mm fe Zlfldldy Margaret Foster and Gabrielle Corbally discuss their many happy years together af the Mount. 24 'F5'45f-f"Ef ,' . 'ikllwla 'ter 1 5, 5-fffx I, w1fy"!, gP 'H !,-',u'.q,,fA,i. ft.: 5 ' ffm' Ja, f ."J" Nr 6 'V x U .D ,f A .., I L, X5-,,.-4011 gyfit-71. ,W ,, X . , n- A W ,- .A 'vc ' ,- 5. 6- A . :,.,.,',m fig: - af ' 34 ' -4"'.""'-.-:ff if 1 ' ' '31 W1-1 ,,', .. fl ' ,--Hw-.,. qj?'f"T Q- ' - -: Rf-. A-1: -- za M ' ' A -,- ,y '-f. '-.:.- :'-ffzsf' ' A , J'-iv, ' .-:M . .- L , . .gm ' ' few ' vw , .M R, m A , , fm- .uf 1 4. 4-5:-3 -' - ,off "7-.f' all vb wh .xv 4P"'rJ.' .,x" ns, r Jef' ' f A N Z-iff" '-1' A z -V13 -.,,. '. ,Jn-0 I 'f :' -,,, F A.: H-'25, ' nf ' "fbi ,af V""l"'f' jg5f...1 v!"V','z"2Zf'5'- ' - L f. ' Q4 '- ' ' 'F ' F r "4S'l'Y H - :Q ,' X H1111--5'-mf :-, , '-' L U ',Qa V ,H U isfrlf' ' '- wp' -. .A , 0- 1- .' 435- .-f 'KD .--"'if?' 14 'f . 'V' 'eff . .Mg VW' 35 if . 'f W ' . -.-"Q: -' '-,-JZAQ. . .1-VL,-, - - '64 - '43, at ' 04' ' kg 4'-VP' J- Yn 4,..f-f . . 'TI if A fn' f' 1-7 ' Msgfii., ., 'U Q I. Ffa' " ' R45 v, -+ , , -915--4 1 AS .. -' i? ' ' it .'.2+' :4fsa2S" F , 'S 'T 44.1 g X' L fl1nMu ' f fd' A r 1. . N ,I V k L33 f.',.'i'Z,"'1,'g!' 'wld 2 y i ,mfs ' v f in X L1 RW' X Swv' Mlm? 1-. "S, 9 1 4 wmv: luis? K 4 5 2 E 1 1 A ff f S 5 A .X M x 14,3-f's W 'X W! E lr i 'P' A iw -ep- ' Q Nw gb Q -nw. se- - K , W www X .f""V, . V V , :wi , f' 'K .5 'Sa P 235253 E :- fv -Q fa, V' gifieg-Q, ,S at as ww ,,,k -wr--1 my W5 Vg., 25, ,.v,, 54 fu. gjfmfefzf Jaya n SISTER MARY DOLORES Fine Arts ER M siST Music BERT SISTER Y Music I.IbY3 Y' SISTER MARY MERCEDES Religion, Latin SISTER MARY KATHLEEN Business Education l 15221 SISTER MARY ALPHONSUS Religion, English SISTER MARIS CIA...,...s...... I'N-..-..a.----.. SIS THR M R"I'Ul0ru, Sfionc ARY RUTH C - wif-R S X , , , is . Q A Q SISTER MA RY Religion, Romance LIZFQCIA 1 u Dramaricg ages' SISTER MARY DONALD French am fy SISTER MARGARET MARY Nutrition, Home Nursing SISTER MARY MYRONA Rehgion, Mathematics SISTER MARY ANNATA History, Vocal SISTER MARY ARTHUR T 1 X . 'R i. My i iii gyl-,xxx-'-f"W""s-3. Barbara PP! 1 P a tr i c i fa Xlilm nl? If i. Xxvs 3 1' we . Qu-QXXXXE X light km lllll! i rj 96 l ax ,fgre- Psflltll Julieta Basalo puts the finishing Touches on the French map which she and Bienchi Gerardino made. Seated is Barbara Rubenstein who daily kept them company as they worked. 32 QQXQYXXK Sister Mary Mercedes, Latin teacher, ob- serves her Freshman hopefuls. They are Ledden, Janet Petrik, Marie Schetz, l-loch, Jessica Dunn, Joanne Gal- gher, Mary Teresa Farrell, and Juanita McDonald. Sandra Phillips, Alberta Donlan, Kathryr Ziegler, Antoinette Ragusa, Carolina Mos- quera, Patricia Daycock, Mary Montgomery Gayle Lepree, and Lynn Rubenstein plan a trip to Europe. P' 'fx Luz Mlrinw C LIZ stulcnt from Colombia South America, encourages language scholars, Mary Doyle, Kwthlccn O Connor Shirley Zimmer and Marion Dunn, in the ways ot Spanish conversation. Mount students engaged in the study of foreign languages have a keen appreciation of the lives and manners of those who live in foreign lands. After a few months at the Mount, South American girls can readily con- verse with their roommates. The American girls enjoy more fully their language study since it enables them to exchange their ideas with the new students. Our Senior Senoritas are Rebeca Pardo and Beatriz Toro. These girls never tire of hearing first year students ask, "Como esta usted?" We have Claudia Berhard, born in Paris, who has willingly shared her knowledge from her childhood days and her many trips abroad, and she has ably assisted many French students with their pronunciation. Apart from its other values, their study of Latin, French, and Spanish brings the girls into close Contact with the culture and traditions of their friends in other continents. lt's fun to explore the customs as well as the languages of Europeans and still more challenging to try to utilize this knowledge in a practical way. 33 gfzgffkd These Freshman English students realize that the "grind of the grammar" will help make them better speakers and writers. Sister Mary Alphonsus listens to Mary Eileen Murphy's answer as Dorothy Harkins, Mary Teresa Farrell, Mary Patricia Eddy, Joanne Gallagher, Eleanor Butula, Eleanor Kaczynski, Nancy Kinder, and Constance Quinn check their exercises. l 5 l i 2 s , l 5 l t .ol f 'N A-U A Juniors gather to read, interpret, and evaluate another issue of Mountain Lore. Roberta Catino and Catherine Kervick smilingly approve of the articles written by classmates, Audrey Reuter, Marcella Wall, Alice Farley, Kathleen O'Halloran, Mary Doyle, and Patricia Kenny. 34 5 Six Sophomore reporters concentrate onlthe 5 W's. Muriel Slavin, Marianne Schweikart, Katherine Riehman amid 'fz M -mlinq, wntinq, .incl nfltlressing envelopes e wr-Il lormefl skills of Senior English Jrlents. The-,e veteran staff members it-tk the rirculntion of .1 current issue Moimlmri Lore. Left to Right: Gabrielle mrlmlly, Patricia Ventura, Anna Marie unch, Dolores Keller, Theresa Costello, Marilyn Friel, :incl Claudia Berharcl. Ruth Waldron, Joanne Mingle, and Eileen O'Brlen aim for perfect news stories. I Our English classes teach us to know, to enioy, to will, and to do. Knowledge ot authors and enjoyment of their works train us to evaluate our literary inheritance in such a way that it influences our conduct. Appreciation of this cultural heri- tage makes us value highly the technical study of our language. Grammatical constructions, rules ot punctuation, and practice in composition aid us in both oral and written expression. Student writers and reporters use this classroom knowledge to write, edit, and publish our monthly paper, Mountain Lore. -vii 'fx Chemistry students performing an experiment are Hope Martin, Pa- tricia Ventura, Gail Mallard, Carmel Loreti, Mary Noll, Mary O'Rourke, Patricia Cronin, Carol Dreher, Rebeca Pardo, and Lola Marchio, gffemfkfiy Mary Helen Reed, Marian Scarano, and Eileen Mathias show keen interest in their praying mantis, "Manda" We live in a chemical world, and that is why we are interested in chemistry. Dressed in our labo- ratory aprons and with our burners flaming, we dreamed of new frontiers to conquer. As we pene- trated the great unknown, we found how difficult it was to make useful delivery tubes, to produce perfect sulfate crystals or to obtain correct color reactions, After mid-year examinations our troubles really started. The test tubes began to crack, the burns penetrated deeper, the odors grew more suffi- cating, and the chemical problems became more in- soluble, but the farther we went, the greater our zest for discovery. We would have liked to make runless nylons, non-breakable racket string, soundproof plaster and lighter weight text books, but Sister cau- tioned us of the details involved and of the need for more noble experiments. Then all of a sudden came May with preparations for examinations, which kept our scholarly heads investigating. Each atomic bomb test sent more electrons flying and gave final proof that we were chemically minded, IK 3, M N amine L ,,t,,, s 9 1 ,, 'IAF' ..- Q a 1 l , ,, Q.. i . . - M . s -'I , , ,,,-... M , 4 1 , , V, ,Klang ..,24jk,1,3 'L x 'vi-:Ti gjz ,U Q. - 7 1 M, , f ,gf -' Y 1 'N "ff rt f-' Mir.- ff " l '7 H' iv 'LLL 'nl""' Soiiliuinoii--, wurkz-il like beavers, an-l Nancy Scherer directed the hanging ot the sign, "Nature Club Sanctuary." fafagy All year we worked hard to complete our work so we could take many spring walks through the woods. April was very warm, and Sister Mary Ruth decided it was time to start our out-of-door conservation unit. We felt an air of mystery as each one was given a tool and a definite task. Victoria Catino was superinten- dent of the group to rake on Oak Lane. Eliza- beth Sweitzer supervised the pruning, The basket brigade was headed by Joan Noll. Elaine O'Connell was head engineer of the brook's new course, while Katherine O'Leary super- vised the bridge construction. Log rolling was directed by Mary Lyn Feasteri We all worked with vigor cutting, raking, and hoeing. Many worked in teams which were as good as bull- dozers, When Marie l-lart got started, rocks began to move, small and large, but we all moved when Mary Helen Reed called "Tim- ber-r-r-rl" At last we were enlightened. We were making a sanctuary for 'ibirds" that couldn't fly, With the exterior decorating of Charlotte Schlegel and Marian Scarano our unit was completed in eight days. lt was back- breaking labor, but we shall never forget the leaping of our hearts when Nancy Scherer tin- ished directing the hanging ofthe sign entitled "Nature Club Sanctuary." 37 L. K l , Q- ' lem. ,Z .ci w."N -we 2 5 AQ? Protozoologists at work are Elaine Dreher, Charlotte Schlegcl, Patricia Manning, Helen Jankowski, and Elizabeth Kane, The anatomy part of biology was especially interesting to Katherine Richman, Patty Lue Demarest, Lillian Lubeck, Marianne Schwelkart, Muriel Slavin, Sonya Donlan, and Carol Procassini. v Dictation is given by Sister Mary Kathleen to Maria Cristina Toro, Dolores Keller, Marie Galuppo, Mary Kiely, Carol Tuthill, Anna Marie Munch, and Lois Engel. ec' efzmmf 0 0772 WM? W 38 The American girl is always interested in the latest fashions. Every season brings forth new and different styles, and girls are eager to learn and apply them, Like fashion, the modern business world is constantly becoming more and more streamlined. The shorthand and typewriting classes at the Academy prepare future stenographers and secre- taries to take their places in present-day enterprises. The teaching of skills comprises the first year of work and the proficient typist-stenographer of sec- ond year is instructed in stencil-cutting, operating the mimeograph, speed building and tackling prac- tical jobs such as making programs, typing articles for the school newspaper to be sent to the printer, and typing and arranging information for the year- book. Enthusiasm and interest run high as students challenge one another and even attempt to break. their own records as they strive to attain the coveted typing awards for perfection and speed, and stenog-A raphy certificates for theory and transcription. "The commcrcnal world untcrcsts mc says M1ry Vnrglma Dornlclson 'as the gurls chatter after their lunch At the table arc Mary Vnrgnnna Donaldson Marne Hurt Carol Suymour Ellzabcth Kane Bcwtrnz Vegas Junlor ant! Scnsor lyulsls are prepared to glyo prompt, mrlllclcnt, and courteous serv- ucc. Puclurml arc Charlotte Hitchens, Kathlocn O'Connor, Barbara Raab, Ottolcc Frcrlcrlckson, Mary Slavln, Ellccn Guzzardn, and Carmel LOYCYI. l- fx X f gf! I I --Q..-..,,...,, ,N ,, J 5 Xlkg as Y' 51" A Vin' INV 5' 5 rs .L F, E i 5 3 . .., l El xg' x Visual aids, debates, current vents, field trips. and discussion roups help to enliven the interest f the history students, The South Nmerican and European girls have irought us first-hand accounts of he history of their countries. For 173 Sister Mary Alphonsus encourages little Margaret Francy to make as excellent bulletin lxoarils as Victoria Catino. Ugzkfmgf 'an American Week, a program ras presented hy the .luniors from iouth America. Interest in our 'residential election was stimu- atecl by a mock convention in the ienior class. The Freshman oral eports took us on a trip through he Communist and non-Com- nunist countries of the Orient, :rom the Stone Age to the Atomic Xge topics of historical interest ire reviewed. '-.Y Mount girls are aided in history through the television. History teacher, Sister Mary Annata, dis cusses current topics with Katherine O'Leary and Ellen Quinn. .am L ,AES K v,kk,k MW.. - I W asia F iz A..,A. K . . .. .. ... .. ,. ,, K W1 A Q Q 5 W .,.., . mm,, W ,E L , , 5 ?LW, .fikwvzkfsy Www 1 -fl. Saws S' we . fQf,Q'Wxf ' A- 7 - mx 1 sg x ' H4: LL: . TM- M ifkifgfifly 13ff'f7"'ki?Q.'W K sw ,i ,myyfnlzlk www Iefgf . ww I at .4 A Y A ,lm-sw f IFN 'H-he These artists work out their individual ideas with advanced skill, Sitting are Anne Henehan, Julia ZaBach, Maria Cristina Toro, Maria Teresa Arriaga, GFBCICIO Riquezcs, Catherine Kervick, and Patricia Mansfield. Standing are Barbara Rubenstein, Julieta "' it 'I i NM Basalo, Bienchi Gerardino, and Maria Teresa Gomez. Our art classes consist of both theoretical and practical work. As beginners we first master our in- struments. Then our eyes are trained to see, our minds to judge, and our hands to execute. We are able to accomplish much in our particular line of work. For some it is oils: others choose charcoal. As the lessons progress, our talents work their way out, With power of will and delicacy of touch all sorts of treasures find a place on the large display board at the end of the room, while at home, Mother proudly says to her luncheon guests, "My daughter, Ruth, designed this bowl," or Mrs. Kervick remarks while serving tea, "Our Catherine painted this tray." While working we try to have on our palettes only colors that are friendly to each other, so also as when the sunlight fills the room there pervades a natural gaiety and friendly relationship, thus we view and appreciate one another's talents. We are often aston- ished to find that our brush accommodates itself to this same spirit and the months pass quickly. If we do meet with a problem, Sister Mary Dolores in her helpful way clears up the difficulty. These are the reasons why Barbara Rubenstein's yellow birds appear to fly out the window and JuIieta's farm boy wants to whistle. At the end of the year Patricia Mansfield proudly takes home her baby portrait for her godchild, while South American girls carefully pack their can- vasses and plaques-as is their usual custom when taking a homeward bound plane. 43 r 0 4 X K H 3 2 Sister Margaret Mary treats our ailing students, Kathleen McCann and Carol Scaff, in her well equipped clinic. Carol feels better already, and Kathleen! temperature is rapidly decreasing. M606 Health comes to life for the "Freshies". Janet Petrik, Gladys Tinoco, Barbara Ledclen, Carmel Jordan, Marie Schetz, Patricia Hoch, and Mary John Stewart listen with interest to Mary Carolyn Carpenter. gfdifw' D1 Joan Leyins proves to be the perfect Home Nurse in admin- istering medications. Sister Margaret Mary, the instructor, and Joan's equally competent classmates register their ap- proval. They are Patricia Kenny, Colleen Woltf, Carol Tuthill Petrunclla Koster, Ruth Venes, Shirley Zimmer, Elizabeth OVCOTIUOV, and Phyllis Lochs. Audrey Rcutor's brother Dennis brings out that maternal instinct fostered in Home Nursing and Baby Care, Gabrielle Corbally, Roberta Catino, and Carol Scatf manifest interest, f New E . I- we ,, M Slsfer Mary Leonard Sodahty Moderator explams the Carmel Loreh Theresa Cosrelio Eileen Guzzardn Mary Slavnn and Anna Marne Munch Marian Award fp cdmmiffee Chairmerw, joan Bachapd, Mi silk 9 . 1 lax 'L EiQ .V 'i -1 1 1 9 r z l. E ! 2 , lv ii Q I -an-.4- v. A 1 , A m if 44 ,'3'?xQ.. , 4' ' 'JX44 A , 4 I ' F1 ff '+V .f4' .xl l 'in JM' ,. I IW! WT X if aaa ws-v4...n . . ,M .Law-M. 4. . .J - Hi! ix." .gp """'-f.. Mary Smith and Gail Mallard are happy that they made a sacrifice for the senior mission race. UWM 5 fa iz Wea! Vocation exhibit drew many visitors to the library. Beatriz Toro, Ruth Mesaros, Mary Slavin, and Eileen Guzzardi scan the noviliafe booklefs. 48 mor qu x for thmr mhqmn A-,'.lc'1n:1wnT. In-,ton wwth fivvp mtmrwt tw tho Most vrrpnd Fulton I Sh:-vm. hr-mi uf Nw Pmp.m.1tnm1 uf Hu' Fmth, uw hm tvlvxuxlon -.vvws of "l xfv lx Worth lwlrm " Ml um v1m'umw,, Fluiwum C.nIuno, I!uYuI.w, Sonya Donlnn mi R4 Inc 1 Fixrlio+,LImn1.1vlIL :Illusion .M flxwimw of thc yvm, MW ,. ,M W.. ML.. X.-.....,.,. V, N s............,. .H .. ..,,,,,Q ,.Q,. an-U 'x -.n-.nnunulx uquqpunmnu N-new-nurse: s-.-....amw- n.....-as-new - Biflllll ifffli N 35 ill llillll Zifkrrf l Carol Scaff and .lacquelyn Calabro admire the library display. 1.5 - A ,,-A of Slim Sisfer Mary Robert, librarian, fakes pride in ihe large number of Catholic periodicals in the magazine rack. 'hcrcsa Costello, Sally Wagner. Patricia Ventura, anrl Julia ZaBach are eager to make their selection of the book they wish to donate to the library. The girls spend much time browsing 1round the fre lac R cl' Claudia Bcrharfl, Anna Marie Munch, Constance Quinh, gndchudfjy .lgguferf gzzfiafz' aa! CZUM ln February the big event on the library calendar is Catholic Book Week. This year in one sec- tion was arranged a model home scene, From this unique tireside setting we learned the names of many desirable spiritual books. We became tamiliarized with weekly papers and magazines published in the interest ot Catho- lic culture and ideals. We were most impressed by the tact that practically every book in this model home setting was a "must," Catholic books are not too available in public libraries: therefore, Sister Mary Robert had during this week a book display from which we could select books for our homes and friends. A number of girls purchased books from this broad selection tor the Academy. There were many pe- riodicals ot interest and a special graphic display of authors' pic- tures, book iackets and poetry. This completed the aims ot a very effective propaganda for more good reading, Sl The Bishop gave us many sug- gestions as a means to over- come obstacles that might hinder a religious vocation. His Excellency, the Most Rev- erend George William Ahr, and Monsignor Martin A. Madura graciously consented to pose for "Mountain Chimes" yearbook. ln observance of our Vocation Week, March third to tenth, His Excellency, the Most Rev- erend George William Ahr, Bishop of the Dio- cese of Trenton, addressed the Mount students on the need of religious vocations, He stressed the requirements of the life itself, and he drew attention to the various reasons why the reli- gious call is rejected by many. He discussed worldliness, selfishness, fear, and in each of these instances cited ways of overcoming them. He stressed that we get out of each state of life in proportion to what we ourselves give. His summary of the requirements for the re- ligious life included good health, good charac- ter, average intelligence, and a right intention. He added that it is to the interest of all Catholics that the Church have enough priests, Brothers, and Sisters because the growth of the Church is phenomenal. He stated that not all are expected to become Sisters, but the ques- tion of vocation pertains to all. Although not favored personally, we should be inspired to pray for more vocations, and in time we may be blessed with a child who may be raised to the sacred priesthood or religious life. After the Bishops talk, the girls ascended the chapel stairs for Benediction. 52 awdffdil M5 Mormqnor Martm A. Madura loads has Excellency, the Most Wnlluam Rovercmi George Ahr, to the chapel. W0 W cm if-.won huioxry to we HI E T S X 0 f bc.1Up,fUf'JjOl1s LW,rhCCg?:1cy Hr. . . f... ', rcs BS The BiSh2p1Oxfs2f1fQ11c"0" Sln L 53 the Stud hymn- eniS is R I Y. 1 1: 'wk -Sasifzfsig '-?c!ff.g 2 i3'ff?5iQ 56-iss? ,W 5 Q 1?- fff 3+ iw. 2 Vg if wg, Miss Alma Sfeedman conducts her Tuesday nughf group un orchestra practice ff ,QV Sistcr Mary Annata takes the Bonnie Burns Choral group over their Benedic- hon hymns. Honora Klarf mann accompanies this group at the organ. .af Every Monday, Mr. Francis Zavaglia, vocal Instructor, says, "All cycs up here." its av Sister Mary Consilio, head of the Academy Music Department, discusses plans for the Sprung Musical Festival with her assistants, Sister Mary Louis and Sister Mary Robert 4' site '33 amp 5- me 5---1. 'QM-... Opera enthusiasts enjoy an early lunch in the "Little Flower" dining room. Facing the camera are Ellen Maloney, Mary Patricia Eddy, Ellen Quinn, Barbara Woznak, Jacqueline Caruso, Honora Klarmann, Luz Marina Cruz, Corina Mondolti, Barbara Rubenstein, Roberta Catino, Catherine Kervick, Kathleen O'HalIoran, Victoria Catino, Mary Virginia Donaldson, Ruth Waldron, and Mary Helen Reed. Jn' W For the members of the Opera Guild this season brought "great mo- ments"--three operas instead ot two? Music is a magnificent medium of education. lt develops all the faculties and at the same time refines the natureg therefore, it is only natural that each year we respond whole-hearteclly to this great opportunity offered by the Metropolitan Opera Guild, Our bus load of happy "Met" fans had genuine fun as we rolled along Highway 29 to New York. We are always happy when we can get together, but on the Opera Trip there seemed to be a glint of honest pride in our eyes, because we realized that we were broadening our education in a cultural way. We were thrilled to hear Delia Rigal and Eugene Conley in Verdi's "La Traviata"g Regina Resnik, Eugene Conley, and Clifford Harvout in Mascagni's "CaveIleria Rusticanaf' We closed our season after hearing Kurt Baum and .Delia Rigal in Leoncavello's "l Pagliaccif' These operas added another mem- ory tor the days when memories are sacred. 56 TPS X fl D .6- A,-wh' , pda ' :fy SL 53. f' r ,X A N I, ft .g, if I 1 2 x I' - If .J ' 1 K' A EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ANNA MARIE MUNCH COPY Ellccn Guzzardi Jacquelyn Calabro Lola Marchlo PHOTOGRAPHY Gabrielle Corbally Theresa Costello SPORTS Theresa Costello BUSI NESS MANAGER MARY SLAVIN BUSINESS ASSISTANTS Kathleen Moore Mary LOUISE Scherer Mary Smith Ellen Quinn PATRONS Audrey Kisonak SECRETARY Carol Scaff Qifaunfa 71 It is through the constant efforts of Snster Mary Ruth, our moderator, that our 1952 edrtron ot Mountann Chimes IS posslble. Anna Marne Munch, edltor-an-chret, checks the senior Wflfe-UDS with Sister. Mary Loulse Scherer, Ellen Quinn, and Kathleen Moore are proud of their successful buslness drrve. Audrey Kusonak, head of patron drlye, checks Dorothy Harkrnsn patron lust, as Mary Smlth 58 514177125 When we soc thc gay smiles of Theresa Costello and Gabrielle CorlJ.1lly,wc know that thc photographer is here. With great anticipation we awaited the producing of this fourteenth volume. Our illmmtain Clzinivs is an outgrowth of planning and execution. Members of the staff willingly give of their ideas and time. Day after day the girls work in the "press room." "Girls, I need six more pages of ads and if you all cooperate l'm sure we can reach our deadline," exclaims Marv Slavin, our business manager. Mary Smith suddenly leaps from her chair and heads for the locker area where she can Contact the Juniors. Then Lola runs in exclaiming, "lsn't this a beautiful poster?" After a few moments pass, Audrey realizes she needs more patrons. So--another announcement! This scene would not be complete if Gabrielle and Theresa did not arrive to in- form us that the photographer is here! "Does Rebeca spell her name with one or two Cs," asks our proficient typist, Eileen. Theresa is upset because she can- not seem to find a "pitcher" from the Fathers' Club folder. Suddenly Ellen enters and begins to seach for her receipt book. Mary Louise is worried about her student directory list. In a lquiet?t corner we find Carol who deserves a great deal of credit for her many neat, attractive, and prompt "thank you" notes. Though weary from campaigning, Jacquelyn opens the door and offers her services. ln another corner Kathleen is trving to proofread, and she did find mistakes! ll guess we all make them.l At her work table we find Sister Mary Ruth, our moderator, patiently checking layouts. Suddenly she is interrupted by Anna Marie who just doesn't think this caption fits the pic- ture. In no time, the difficulty is settled and Sister is left in quiet for a frw more minutes. lt can be sincerely said that great credit for this book is due to the supervision of Sister, and we, the staff, enjoyed every moment working with her. Eilccn Guzzarcli tabulatcs the art contracts Jacquelyn Calabro thanks Carol Scaff for the many lovely "thank you" Will' Marv Sl-WIN. UUSIHCSS YNHNBQCY. who notes sent to her father's business associates, while Lola Marchio types carefully follows hcr dummy. her captions. f' 'S .far ww Mr. C. F, Cook and Mr. R, Cassella demonstrate to Monsignor Martin A. Madura the controls on the television set, a gift of the girls' fathers. qydfgdlflgfyf One of the latest gifts of the Fathers' Club is the new address-o-graph. Dr. C. Rubenstein tries out the machine whale Mr, T. Donlanb, Mr. T. J. Corbally. Dr. A. Doty, and Mr. R. Catino await their turn. 60 Before the formal meeting, Mr. D. Reed, Mr. T. Hart, Mr. J. H. Kennv, Mr, D. A, Caruso, and Mr. R. Catmo discus-s plans for their fifth Annual Flagship Dinner. erlsrt ,ff I Kam- mtrofiuccs C F Forsythe to Mr 1. Munnh. f will 44.1 , ami! i After the mc-Ctlng Mr. V. Hunt, Mr. J. R. Eddy. Mr. S. M. Jordan, Mr. F, H. Mccilngcr, Mr. G. Condon. and Mr. R. F. Nugent Converse while they wait f0f the gurls to serve thclr dcllcuous coffee. 6l T + iv W - f Q Q1 2- ., wggfp eg ' ,Q1 Y-Qwffr gff' f Vishu 'L 341 1 Vw K 'ff' 'Q Q Q 5' A Wig. - an il ---Q1-g. ?ii5447l ,, Q ,-W Q xi Tv- .s 'f 'f gif g Q e"'-i .. . in A 2-MQ! lf' 4' , , ,x,. 1: vm Wi sg ',.Q,f,g,g . f -A H r f ij +3 ff Q .E J , 3 yu" 'EW QQ 76' f wut' M gisifagg Q X ww, 155 ,Im M-.K W FW' ,U as ., X wi ! 'iffy W 1 x W W' - . , I A fjgjfi X ki ,ff, . ::.:..,. ., .. .,... kqkk VKVKV W A-.1 ami' 995.-.f ,,,.,.,.....,,.A-.--- Nw 'F f "" . ,Ak 'L Q3 , , N M fr V xx. f ' Q, A . ' F , -f , f .sn -'A W , A, -A Il,-.-A , 'wr pf Y S. ww U If s mai ., - 5 QW xv ,4,w,M',m if ff ,Qfufacizzfx af fffe Wad! Every Friday fourth and fifth periods found the seniors attending class in Room l2. "Driving" was the subject of interest, but it might have been called "Things to Remember." Since fifteen minutes of the period were spent in discussion, many a hilarious experience was related, The questions and answers submitted by our embryonic drivers were memory gems to fill police records with unheard of violations and catastrophes. ln this memorable class we learned ten tested ways to be the life lor the deathl of the party at any intersection. With the latest visual aid equipment, we viewed the most common faults of modern driving, and though there were those among us who might have contri- buted our own 'loriginalsf' we do hope our exposure to the high school students' newest course will serve us well in future days. American society pays a high price for its inexpert handling of the automobile. ln the past year we have become skilled motorists. We know our car inside and out. :cnt iff 1 Qfkfww-A f After Mary Carolyn Carpenter, Barbara Raab, Mary Carol Falcone, and is first on line for Sister Mary Myrona's energy builder, while eagerly await their turn. 5 if XML, The sight of our little white house coryures many happy memories for the day stu ents. 64 Q ,fx 7 5 4. .ef-LJ Helen Jankowski, Mary Lynn Anderson Nancy Scherer and Jane Price L -gg, , A if My , Q -i .ai- , . pi Af s ,X-raw 3, e : Z .gtg if 5 Mary O'Rourke's smile indicates that 'W 'nies 4' vid' ,ng '- ' X n jf 1- 1,-gg ,L , Q . 3, '41, , E-. 1 . ' '- , W ' - ' : , Y M 0 Z ? n , R 357' i fe. Qmwmw, 'kt 1 , -..-..., 43' " S 3 ik -s: ,i Q. 1 , g ggfdfffmg 4 "M -J . , , :wg Ph 'b h r date for the Junior-Senior Prom to Mary lou Hunt, ylhs Lochs descn es e . ' ' ' Donakdson, and Carol Seymour. Barbara Caiabro, Mary Vnrgrma FfeShman ' Qlrls, Hel brush up Ointgfasto, Kerpcr Whiftock, and L' en L r atm and thcnr umform gy-.5233 Flaske i':'I Lab-v Fx CW fw- 1!f'9i5Y'w M, pi' LZ A W A at .,.y, 67 J 4. yn- N, v.,m,,iM.www, , f , X YM? A Q-.Wu it lutktiikil u S-javfdfjaw' r 9 5 Q, g 5 5 A. "X N"' ' ' -mfg--M, . -,.A,.. V R f W ., ,M 'wi -ff'-.W A +-: Wm' WH' 1 , A gs-:L rgfefg fi A S -3 YQ --f' 7 ,zwKwv:-gssfxvsiikfiixf sfk1,Qyg -f "" i -w Y "' Ki X S ' fix I H4 A A Q 5 P ' QK lg Q V 1. A , K K i wx Q Q , 1 , HJ' v - Wi . g x A A Y ' 'ul Q . 3 , 'Hn ,, .ni -, WY . V? f i l W3 .QM ' mxwxi X 15 gt if! xx X XR - X X 'L X , V .4 in Aki- B- wfv fn 152 -Q. wel'--, Q xxx 'Kiwi . It W, m . 4, x9NN?4'MQ. we .1 gr .agb-Wm A :sw - 3 "" f M V. x . J xv Q g ':,- Q, '.- if 'v' i .nfl QU -' :"'f' M-,,,M'1-za wi 'X ' way- .. 1-L1 Q L. "' Y-Nil ,Wx-Ll fu c,,,.Lglff"'-qi, ,-.,...1 :aux ' Azfhktilrl- 4' iii - . K L ' f"'fw+s ,J ,, 1 ,N . .Nw-ww ,mf-.qi ,T . N 'Q 1-, ,,. Yo 365 Suoqutui rx N 'xxzss F xl r oppomnt F'rmcnlN1 Grab! ' b .xg ,.. ni' get , ,.,,,., L , 4 Q' " "V ' , . .M . .-X03 l wx 1, . , Q W ,,,,....l ,tfig Ark vi J' 1 ,Aww A. M W A Z fgigg 'W my A 5 1 . W' - aw K, if 43. v ,- Q s.. K - - Z.. "" i .fx-K A 5 Nw. "Rn . "i..n1 .X . s 'XQQ ,we ' 15 egg if X if-ggiww, 'J saw . his Q ff-eff-4 L. ...,..v-., -vln,.,,N xxx f 7l ii i t. -ffm...--. www V-0, S - fa .,,.Y,1ml ...- -rv-91, ,.,,,,.,...-M .. 1 N' A' V ' ' gj , "" i X V A A . 31" W A 1 ' M M V 2E.,3fu. A , , - . 1 "0 .. , ' ' ' lr . , """""' 2 1-1-ww. , f. f .,u. ' A 'WM A ', ' ' ' V W- f .WQx5Q,,,Q411QY,, w A - Kmfffii -- Bulb- h . Q 4 I . f l 1 " x 1 ,4 Q V K E ,W . , ,...v as. Z 'Sk K .X 44'-X, Q k Q' 'iii' fl it , ' , A- .V i . as .. , . .K - M ,lf aff? A Q 4 . ,V sk. 7. +f L Q, an is A if 'imma is . l 'Q .?,fW:gW" I Mmx l vnn Amlmxon and Al'lfOif1CffC Rngu-..1, smut pmtncrs, arc haul to lmcnf. Pnfrwcm Nvntum enjoys watching Gaul M.xM.1v.1 ns sho plays a fast gown of tcnmf. against Mariiyn Frm! .md Margaret Foster. ri 1,-gem, vjfmf A, "LW 5, 11.1 bw, 'V - or - .. - K :X M X N 1 ? .' 'iw-4 .M J, .,, ,fd f - t , ,A S , .v M -" -Q ,, A AM x A K X -. ' ni , , . , ,Vs W Q. :,sgmv.Q,z XN.?gji! ... -3 ' X ., A., fx N . K ,, 21. A' X 312 K G.xInmHu Cmlmlly, drum -,c-rqonnr, Therein Own-Ihn, lmqiv solqi-ant, ami illvon GUI lmdw, M90 swqvnnf, arc fhrlllv-1 wwth thc Thuught of the Dccomtuon Day Pnrmic. . x ,N -- P -Q Q 3 X Q we X 0 fl 6' Z J fa ffafzcw Qffaflm Qffafzy Eeahanf Paul Knowles, tenor, opened the program wxth "May Mormng' by Denza, Fr C1 e Zomzeley pleased Over feng Q I r Accompamst ,S Vero Sister Mary Mercedes accom- pames Mother Mary Aloysxa to the concert gxven an honor of Mother Mary Bertrand. HL. b ll H I ne ejreud by K I Yong Wm his mm! 'Norm of mcg SCOH 74 1 f P f 1 ,' , Kp, s 5 Reverend Mother Mary Patrrck, Slater Mary Leonard, Monsignor Martm A. Maclura, and Mother Mary Bertrand awall the artlst. ff' l 555 Z x75 163771 gk: ,h , . I di . cw gjfsfefi my Zfeafmxl l 1 ll ', r Tet N M l yy ?i!.,Q Q. 9 A Unclerclassmerw, Elleeru Mathias. Carol Seymour, Mary Carol Falcone Kerper Whnttock. and Patrncla Andale actmrrc the Feast Day bouquet I Q 2 E , X ' V 'W "-..g.w'f' Ushers Rebeca Parclo, Mary Slavm, and Ellecn Guzzarcln arwtlclpate a delightful program. -1. . bmw-. 5 1 we XV' M. X. x Thr' f.1lc'ntmI young pmmsf, Albcrf Ayraham Siernklar, qlmily -.xgns Mnry Wangk progrnm. Mary Klcly, Mary Noll, :md Joan Bnrms awmT his slgrmfurc. 'ig K f x . 6 Q, 1 M , df ' , 'X M rf M? '- P H . 'r M, X ' K JE S g M ' 1 . X if l Mmq.xrM Fu-,tvr ami Julwm Hn-,Mo arf' thankcwi JUN the program by Sian-r M.1ry lourmul for the flowers and thc 5pxrlfuaI bouqucf. 3515 Ushers Marcella Wail, Bucnchi Gcrarriino, X ' 77 and Roberta Catuno cmoy the numbers. F if if Q fig 5 1 Q r 3 E 'E S1 hw j2fMfez'fa fwgwm Mr, Charles D. Wardlaw, the head of the Athletic Department, planned a healthy and competitive variety of sports. On return to school the girls spent most of their leisure time on the tennis courts or at the driving range. This prepared them for the later major sport, basketball. Coached by Mr. Charles D. Ward- law, and captained by sharp-shooting Theresa Costello, the varsity basketball team showed good sportsmanship. The great team spirit dis- played by the other members of the varsity will long be remembered in the Mount's court annals. ln the interclass basketball games, the Seniors defeated, once again, the Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors and by so doing re- tained the trophy. ln the spring, as well as the fall, the girls' thoughts turn toward jodhpurs and riding boots. Once again the familiar chartered buses are seen pulling away from the hill, and the Mount equestriennes are off for another day of pleas- ant riding. These trips through the leafy bowers of the bridle path of the Watchung Stables were socially enjoyed by all. The vivacious cheerleaders who helped to inspire our games are Eileen Guzzardi, Mary Doyle, Alice Farley, Patricia Doyle, anrl their captain, Marilyn Friel. Mt. St. Mary's Academy Opp. 27 Alumnae ,sc,.,.,,,.,,........,,,,,..,,,,,. 31 29 Lacordaire Academy. ...........,....,., 4l 20 Mt. St. Dominic's Academy ........ 35 29 Mater Misericordlae ...........,..,..... 37 37 St. Elizabeth's Academy .,.......,.... 23 26 Lacordaire Academy ..,.,,,,.,.,,,,,,,,, 26 25 Mt. St. Dominic's Academy ,..,.... 45 22 St. Elizabeth's Academy ,,,..,.,.,.,,, IO XY' The team was admirable through their losing streak, and we were behind them with all we had. They are Theresa Costello, Kathleen Moore, Margaret Foster, Hope Martin, Claire Nc-uguth, and Ellen Quinn. Theresa Costeuo d f Hy. CasseUa an uard care U Watches Ruta mer pxaycrs Q x 5 WardXaW Whde O Claire Ncuguth and Kathleen are gomg up for the ball an e second quarter of the game. Mary lou Hunt and Rxfa Cassella reach in vain. s wr' :A v- 'Q 5... hrOUQh' ll T Q Cgnslsterllw Wfinrhn. F-Hen layer , H090 L 'AuflrcY Semor Qlixgayon. S',ttm?4CJf0l Drcgcriscollranq olgtrsxfrwglrlela Moorcngbmgxc Clilstarmkr Mar'gLlrr1dIVlQ5 Ka Munch' goslcllll unc Prnee. r 'Anna Muff, Theres-'J - -,l . a Quint? SWY Swm' or L , 'I Junior members of the cheering squad, Carmela DeRosa, Elanne Drc-her, Patrncna Andale, and Jessnca Dunn proved to be a tremendous slumulatnng factor during the basketball season. gf ox 'Hx .f l: s vu l The fine spirul' whnch permeated the sennor gurls was the mann cause ol lhenr wunnung the trophy, Kneeling: Carol Dreher, Marnlyn Driscoll, Mary Slavln, and Jane Pruce. Standing: Gabrielle Corbally, Audrey Klsonak, Marne Galuppo, Anna Marne Munch, and Patricia Cronin. .. M 'YZ 13- uv. flwmw fm cv!-1.4. vii' , . lag' W. 1 j' I 1., A I T Al L Nqvw 'w asm HEL L ' '1 Th!! 'Ji-w -. te 'ff ' -a. I Wai" . . v A 11.1.9 ' .paws Lk ff W, xx 'il v ' - 'sq Q .35 . Q 029' O I O 09' I ,A ' ' 'K ' M - T if, 'K Q Nh ., L. 5, ,. kr H.. R Qgxg 1 'Q g, kg' .HQ 4 - 4 'uv' 'r A ' , A -- sg, 1355 . s. 1 ' I ' , wh it 4 I 1 E' kg xx .. ppff 1 J fra . f'Q,p.7., r'!72f:"f 'R -. r, n ' , D -1 . ' 1 ' 'v 'U 'F' . df 4- Pkg- L, S,,',g,'n,i ..'rqf'. 'V F' - ' vu Ur-ai "vip ' ' R 55- ,-Ngse 'lf ,lx UUE , fwM.WW,., l ' New f- """-v--W,-W-QM. h-1f...,,, ' ML. . X b"3""9TE 4. if 7 4 , of ,. A, .HL-f ,QI rg? .. v ,. , , s 4 . Q IF' g XM, -.,,, v.-.I :4 Q 5' 7 I-4-QQ.A4 Punqn-lo.-A-sd babbl- 4545-,. .A,4.a.Aq- . Q.-- - 415' in lit!!!- '20 'r I, P , . K -9, x S 5 I 6 S'-' -NY!! The Chapel Cnb was most Inspiring to the Mount gurls. Man were sid t H 4' " gffzfkfmax gazefx The Overture to the Christmas Carols was player! by members of the Aeattemy Orchestra, Playnng are Joan Bachancl, Mary Notl, Mary Lynn Anderson, Margaret Foster, Honora Klarmann, Annta Wlulrtron, Ruth Waldron, Marta Cristina Toro, Eicanora Dominguez, Gertrude Young, Mary Montgomery, and Jacqueline Caruso. X. 'N t ,. S M. -r-1 , ff? 'N 3 .J-r -ar. - 1-YN A -. 45 -v:.:u.5,, ' in 557 Q" '.., R. , N- 9 ' ' - - ' Q15 ,,,' ' "" . K . , F ,, .V ! ,mia " V-in 'E' 1' ' ,x 5' -up 'Q' ' Al- .fr K "w'2fl:r,aw -- qqwi.-3"" ' . . ' J, 40' ,Q ' ' "' M' 39.93, --' X' -- r " ,W ,..-- , .M " ' - 'H ,, 95 , Sm, ,ne g ..,-A ' L-5,54 41' - - QW-r f" "1 ,im -1 --S :M Ni ' ' ob 1' ' ,. ' f' uf fl R '- Tl 4 .x ., nv ,www rr Q r . . - f -is ...+,,..0- V ., A - - Q - 5 -W 1 X. f ,Q GYM 9 4. Q 1 'IU . x w sv - a V A , W Q x M ' . . - A . " , J S - -W - " W W. .ff Mr. .incl Mrs. D. Lorctu and Carmel arrlvv for lhv Christmas Carolt-,. B5 Sensor grrls Gml Mallnrrl, Marilyn Drnsuwll, Mllvy 5I.wln. Mary luulsc bchcrvr, P.1lvlLr.1 Ventura, hmm limnx, .xml Carmel Lorclr were rlcllghlml lo lmvv tht-ur pmcnls lm thr- Lhrrstnms Cmols. Barlmrn Cnlnbro, Flrlnlrcth O'Cor1rmr, Jncquclyn Calabrc anal Mary U'Rourkc rlccomlcll tho toycr trcv In the after noon. In the evening they rolouccrl rn the thought tha they dm It for thc Chrmt Lhultl, , '3-z, 2 , . V: N f? m-ml . ' '- - .rgfkfgfs-H' N, 'W f X , , MM. .. I ,Nz -- V ,gf 15" 7 'z" 'ffQ is '- Q .NX 1 D 'QUE 2, 4, M Q . S73 Lola Marcheo and hcr parents paid a VISIT to the Mount Chapel after the Tcstuvmes. --N 1- Dr. ami Mrs, F. J. Cronin, Patricia vhxurccn, .md Frank cmuycd our fmgcluc vonccs. 49' 8. X 87 fx. .' uf' e Fifth and Sixth graders opened their ts 'neath a tinseled tree. Pictured are ne Henehan, Joan Kelber, Margaret ncy, Alice Morehouse, Lucille Cacchione, irgaret Ann Gilrain, Barbara Finley, Beverly Weldon, Priscilla Grebla, and Susan Kamen. We-. ...Q- Our youngest Mount girls happily exchange gifts at tne lnfant's birthday Party. In the circle are Rita Ranucci, Stephanie Nugent, Joanne Fioravanti, Dale Sohl, Elissa Diana, Lenore Ziegler, Jane Kelber, Rosemary Raio, and Diane Sohl. gilrkfmaf gweemziww wang naman, V I V!-M Q Qg ,, k. if 915' Q. " AWN? W "" ,, a 'bg ii' ' 1. Q9 'R- v I ,. t, W .3 ' ,v A iq' x 14.1. Katherine O'Leary, Kathleen O'l-lalloran, Hope Martin, Anna Marie Munch, Luz Marina Cruz, Elaine O'Connell, and Marilyn Friel enacted the Nativity scene from the Christmas play entitled, "And Myrrhf' lgefflfwlem awzes Barbara Krypczak, Gayle Lepree. Carolina Mosquera, Constance Quin, and Ellen Jean Francy complete their graphic representation of Bethlehem. al Mary, Rc-hvrn Phwhm, Knthlcvn Moore, Clam-Im Bc-vhmd, Pafrncm Crown, Marx Lounuo Schcrvr, and loin Mmzhlo mvvrcrwfw rc-cm' tho rosary Iwcforv ihc' Somor classroom rrnh, O- Mnry Know tolls hor cinssmatcs, Joan Bmns, Mnrulvn DrnscnVI,.1m1 Mary Null of hor Quits to The Baby Jcwus 91 I. jf? T l if is at Cyzzfefzfzkw ance Romantic dancers glided across the floor to the dreamy music played by their majestic orchestra, Nickie Forte's "Melody Markers." Regal decorations tit for such an affair of hearts because of their beauty and daintiness put every- one into the spirit of Cupid. Darling little bluebirds 'flew among the decorations to carry out the romantic theme, "Bluebird of Happiness." The subjects enjoyed "hearty" refreshments which were served by the smiling Court Caterers. In this realm of Ubeaux and arrows" where Dan Cupid was the Jester, Bob Liderer and his very lovely date, Marion Scarano, were chosen to reign as King and Queen of Hearts. They held court ably assisted by their loyal subjects, the Sophomores. Courtiers, Katherine Riehman, Joanne Mingle, Sonya Donlan, and Victoria Catino under the direction of Prime Mistress, Ruth Waldron, made this Valentine dance a "hearty" success. 9 if , it t S Qi 3 i. 7 X f 5 f .r 'E' Q' 1 7351 ' 1- ,-vw-W. li 4' g 4 H+ f-S MW rw! mal 7" , 20 J , Ri Q Jap .. 5 mi 353 A .,.-ll g x J ,Q,f-wf f X ' Ag 2 4lQv 1 fm- an 'U X' H wk J A n ., Q V: Q A 41 . 1- '. 4, fp, -'i-f- , K Nu Q-na, , .W QR Sv, . A A ,o af F 5 eiikf- f .104 v 've xx: ,J 'U Q H qv lil 9 WM sk, .vw Q 3 X1 L WY A DN Q . J. .. 1- Q, .MYMW - 1 M ,, iss: N. Sw ,www wgx him Q xv 4. AX 1 t .1 'S' 1 ff' Girls look exhausted after their long ride. f fra :aim A gm mf . I ,W V. ' L A X 4, . L. X ug. i x . wp, . KVA + S. X A it SEV: 'fi EP wi f, -f. N9 1, 1 A -.ix Fu ,E if-,., fe' , Qian . 1 K, . , ' n .. Q .Q .. is . 2, Hb . Air ie Q wg ff X , .. NX E' Q R ,Q f X K Q X P of QT ww WN ,-' H Mali' P H ,J , ,,. ' ,v Kg' if eb A 5579! Y ' " KWN: Q li . avi" ,aff bg Q 6, . 4..- 4, A x V33 wi? 'f 4,8 fsf , Lwmfsf. X 3815! nf- XFN. " 1 . ,A f N 'W mgyn ,-on , Q 5 . .f ifsx ,391 . , . 'ig xf',1R .. Ms- 1 .Lv ,ka 'W . svffll' 8 'v' Y . 5 wus Qix' xg fr' Q 5 " Q "tx . 1, Q N. W 1 if xf , -f 321, -EQ., K- . . .X ,if fm, .,, Q ax 'X ' M. i f Nw-K x 'LX r its a af En.. .Y Nw' N K Lii . . x .,,- ,M .wg R ,N X5 5 x , Ak. E , at 'Q .S we -mr Mmaffv 0707775777677 ., ,W -uf N X W" K. A s K K , , E i F 3 -'Q A tgwlfif V , , X fy i? ,if r ef i fn ft " X F.. t 1 3. 3 xy S 2 Z in 2 5 U Q i S At Q "ep A gi ,tx .Q K it E. i S v-FF is Audrey Kisonak, Hope Martin, Joan Bacharid, and Marilyn Frlel smile frlumphantly as they admire the trophy won for their presentation of "White Oueen, Red Oueenf' Mount St. Mary's Academy, competing for the first time in the PALTC Junior Drama Tournament held on Friday and Saturday, March fourteenth and fifteenth, in Cook School, Plainfield, won both the group trophy and the award ' ' ' acting. Hope Martin starred in the beautifully costumed presentation of "White Queen, Red Queen" by T. B. Morris. Others in the cast included Marilyn Friel, Joan Bachand, Audrey Kisonak, Kathleen O'Hal- loran, Alice Farley, Mary Helen Reed, Ruth Wal- dron, and Beverly Taft. The group acting was iudged for voice, diction, pace, characterization, direction, costume, and makeup. The caliber and uniform excellence of the plays made it very difficult for the iudges, Mrs. Roy Sandquist, Mrs. Ernest T. Brown, and Mrs. James E. Hurley, to decide upon a winner. After careful deliberation on the part of the judges and when suspense was at its peak it was announced that our dramatic group had won highest honors. Hope Martin, who had the leading role in the play, received an individual trophy for her artistic inter- pretation and delivery, We were overjoyed and hurried to extend our congratulations to all par- ticipants. for the best individual AAA Mr. and Mrs. Bachand congratulate daughter, Joan, on hnr finn rxrvrfnrrvwnnrn nc 2 nn Qlffslnsn in ram warmly ,Qfcaafemy Cllfffzs Hope Martin, winner of the tournament trophy for the best actress in the starring role of Oueen Catherlne of Aragon, hapa pily displays her well-deserved award Sister Mary Lucia. MEMBERS OF THE CAST Elizabeth Hammond . . Marilyn Friel Madge Skelton . Joan Bachand Mary Wyatt Kathleen O'Halloran Jane Seymour fattendant to Anne Boleynl Alice Farley Mary Tudor, Princess of Wales . Ruth Waldron Margaret Pole. Countess of Salisbury . . Mary Helen Reed Anne Boleyn, Marchioness of Pembroke . Audrey Kisonak Catherine of Aragon, Queen of England Hope Martin A Page Beverly Taft 99 2 Z 5 V' I A -,, ak 9 , -v.,f7rK,.y+m+f xg,V1Am, 7 W WSW. Reverend Mother Mary Pafrlck Mofher Miry Bertrand Mother Mary A'ma md Mother Mary Cccelna are very nmprc sed wth Tm play gnyen m honor of ' c 4 L. C , L z 5 , N K, ' : - V - ' I A U , 1 1 Q ,sl 'Tim ' 'S T ig, 10 ,f I P 1 L'-J fx ' Nl ' fx ,. j x WX W N I -A ws, ' ee .X J' of 1 "ff f P jx. P U 4 r 4, J 5 v I Iv' ,W 1 'W X r' rl i1 ' 1 , f ff ,x ,gh gg 517 5' 3 'Wkf"'f,ff-.'Q N :Wm ZA Q Y, .1 f 1 wlivx, ff ,,.. ' ,I .syn .fwfr IWQVM 5. Quik? ' Q. v-If , .nf 1- ' , , L Q i Y ,5 ,Q 'QV 'J 'T 9 1 All su ' f-5511? 1 . f Cf. pq f 'I li? ag Y. M-I I 7 ,L , ., x is K . . , 'T M W ax I ,Nh QV. k V. A . k Q, Q'-.f,"W Q ff f .f 5 ,, " N 'ig 'S A 5 ,. Hara J , 4, V ,f-7 ,. ,X 4 'N K fm, 4 ..- . Sf ' 2 N 3: Y - V yr' 'rt' Q 7. 4 C, 3, qi " ' M , . v '- "V 5, :V ,Q 3:5 5, J in Ag 2125 . ' ,-. W' ff , Q 7 W A ,V Y, It L4 ki, v K W K I Y., V I fi? li f, ve - ' - " A , M 's S " ,, ' : s 51' AK V-V"'f ' If l f 1 am:-' ,A V1 Kg 5 rl, ' Q, ,',,Qy,u,, . . wi 5'-A 7- N ' ' ,fills '. 1. f- 1 2, 1 2 A wp A f ,gg-fi., ll ixfiwigw gf ,jf ,M gf .. ' A ' X " V u 1 .cf , . ,, 1 - - A ,, , - J . Q. .513 ' idk" ,fr S , 'fyii Q fp ww , fig Q Q., 1 H f ' 'Q WL' ' , -.L .2 ,,kHf., 3-1 Y . 52? l . 'I 1 A ',- 'sm f' Zn . Wi, 1' , 'I 'Q , 7, M1 f ' ' ' 'vs " ' 4 ,xf l ., g 1 .afar , Q 1+ JL, ,sp fw,-'u X' W, ww. w V, 1 1 ggi 072 , ! gx, . fir - Q2 gm . N 'R' wg," Q Yi. f- .' ' , f 5 W . 1,5 .' '. gig, fgs f ,H Q Z' QV", 1, ' 2 "" fffiblivfli Yi 1 ' X "' 4-zgaiffzifff H, ra' a fd M? S S.-7, 92,2 '92 T3 Z ,V 1 5411 'F ,Q 5 .f 1 'ff' H ,iv , 'f ' ,.t U , r Tj 5,25 Q v id U Q, Q, I ff 4 ' was ails Q J' N' ff, Q e . A-1, 1? M11 Q 4 2 gf W We L' - 2..f.,"-v if Q I wif Si., T36 gn ""-fir H J., H v xg? W , ,wwf 3' fy . Vi' Q , wk , Y x X 2 Mix . gQg!':5.x jr ewes: 1 1' f 5 X , 5 :Q 'Q K , .J Q H.. .Q ,,, ,-ff: X X is Q' 5 L. N, xyjx XS s F K 5 S Q3 5? SQ? x 1 iff .y L' A iH,Qfi,.4 Qc' X'.4,,y X v :- x ,Q -ik " f ,. 'iw 5 K Q i2'1P'vff:V 5 A-ip.,-x .K 52: 'Y 5,-:fxm 1" ' fw g,9Et ,NR Q , 'Q .a . 'F : 2 mis. , .- . Q K -f'S'v:LwQT'1 I' - 4 .f'iifQgV1Z.' Qi., ff-N1 Qmgm lg? A-C-. E. if 3' 1. U23 .fr as wr! 1 f ff- :QE1SzE.i fwffwi 5.3, 1fw.i,S vi. Q gxffxrfbfz' nf ff . MM xxf X:-L13-v Q kgglw . .JN , , . y Q -1 , 1-Q J . f N K X mfg, X-Q ,xv pq I x ,if , ik N,- ' as 4 . Q E . ' W F ' Q X MQ if Catherme of Ara ff.. Yjx fr . M X ,...n-" V s xt ' X gon tells the princess that she must .kdm as Barbara Calabro is elated over the pretty flowers from her mother, but Jacquelyn is more interested in the surpruse basket from her dad. My "lf was a . V glorlou f' gnu! t:1r:?5Tfyh-'.kSarSDE-Tie mdaagg to Mane GQ1iif,fuZZa'di -my-N53 Mun- 'lull 1 7 v'."' ...- "fr- ,.. :H E . aw. . , , 1 f. - o .'v. . .,.-em lg fn .17 vw -vc., ,J Wh 1 ,fn ,. f f ,--. , 4' 73733. ,1- ' if .5 I lx '-. . -' 'ft ,rg ni? Q-W A 9 Q I , ,. S -K -t - -- .- - - J' J ' ' . .- .,gx'.-fat - v , A 3 , . M,- .MAL Q, x ' v - 1 V' ' x Hr gk' 4 , ., x. , -tyikgff I ,.. --' , 1. af -M 4 X Q. S.. 1-,,,. ' . , v ,--. , ,,s" paw . x . , A 4 - XJ ' W M . if-"C"h. V' . 'L , , rf: .x . va., ' 'w'Q?5 1-' .bl '1 , ' 1 Q P - if-'UQ 11.5" . 7 + v' ' fgavl 2 . ,xg - QAM! ',, . -Y lv , K, . X .6 .LMA ,X . A , s?"W" N Q . 3 i ,A A V, ' .ix U. N .F .1 . , , . 1 ' V Y " Q' : - v ' f . 1 H, 5--V ff ' 'ynffi ' ' f 'nfqll-',.J' 8 -1 3 - 'gif H :' f ' 112.gif lff. ,,' . ,ir ,lfwilb L' y ti, is .xy b J Q mfka' ,, . W Q f . 4 4 ,- ff 'j4'..,"sv':4v,,,1- it x wi. i, 54' E V I Q, 5 fi 0,,v L qqhyluq .. im i , , , l f . .'f, , 1 4 ,-M252 ' 4? gi.f',,1.'g.' I ' J ' I j - X Glfvgjfp 1 3, O 5 'A I- gy I S I5-, . N 1 .' ' 1 , ' , , - 'L .1 et: 'lf ' ' - K ,L " - mf, A 1' V am.-' , a 1 A A' 5 QW Vu., After The Fathers Club mcchng Anna ,,. --,f, , .wmv S V, A K x fe- 4. ClWM5l'Udf C9f'e'5f!zfzzf Our social life at the Mount has many highlights, but the event which brings us all together is the Spring Musicale and Dance Festival. The two performances included singing, dancing, and piano selections. The Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Francis Zavaglia, rendered several numbers by George Gershwin, Tschai- kovsky-Bornscgein, Rodgers and Hart, and others. Before the opening of the dancing review our feet were dancing back stage to the tune of "Get Your Paper," "Pais Dodof' "Anytime," "Social Game," "De- butante Ball," and "Wild Rose." The Dancing Review directed by Miss Caroline Littlefield included a French street scene gossip set, park romance and a debu- I O tante ball. The piano numbers featured six--piano ensembleg playing the works of various composers including Luicke Grieg, DeZalla, Chopin, and Dvorak. This sec-- tion was under the direction of Sister Mary Consilio. head of the Academy s Music Department. This artistic musicale from the moment the curtain was drawn until the last note was sung was a superb performance. , . ,... A . ii, ' 5 ' 3 the "Mil tary Polona se in A." Muriel Slavln rendered effectively I I NA. V. N LXLCU Y . MVN u x P31 lux lx Tun 1 The audlurn n mu lwr mtvrprcia- M vw V NAI: lm L4 " "Vi 4. ,df ,M 3 k,"K'f"'fv4'wf',q'f' -Y'flI'f!,.f xx I Xmjjnfa .325 M5 1 iff X51 Mass Carolme Lufticfleid has no equal when nt come To organlzmg and dlrecfmg a triumphant performance, Q---up-o-l W.. l ,al The "Knight's Bridge" scene was enjoyed by the players as well as by the audience. Officer, Pctrunella Kosterg maud, Dolores Kellerg shoe shane boy, Maria Teresa Gomezg the school gurls are Marla Velulim, Susan Swoope, Caroluna Mosquera, Lynn Rubenstem, Gladys Txnoco and Corlna Mondolfi. W' X f ' fx, , .. 1- I X LR ...Ks .1's g . r, ' l 1 , - I l ,155- r.lf'f', ,f MV " C, 1 fl' ' ,A 1 W l .Pl 'lf X if EN, c ll - Mary Noll IS attracted b 4 l I 0 . u fu. f .f Mrs. G. Scaff sees that CaroI's dress is perfect for her part in the Musicale Festival, LQ . . W 5 .ei I V gf X ww li- ,A K ms N .va . Afiw, . W Q- V, New r ww 'IQ , X gm yr Qxrwq N 'R 4 X N3?+ W...,N,, The "Wild Rose" number was enchar ing. Couples are Pafrocia Cronin, Maril Drisco!Ig Mary O'Rourke, Carol Drehr Marie Galuppo, Claxre Neugnhg Ma Louise Scherer, Eulccn Guzzardng Ja Prrce, and Carol Scaff. I Flom May, before the Curmxn was Ymwn. rvmr1r- cvrinm that tho "Eddie Frshvr kms" wuulri DO A "hrf." Bohlw wxvrr. pwrturr-41 hc-rc are Francc-f, Krmi, Carol Soymnur, VIC- torm Cntrrw, Br-.utrnz Vegas, Nancy Schoror, mul Joanne Mmg1c. ,A an 5 . , , H. I 1, x J Q . A 5 x ww 4 W1 WW, ' 4 W1 X Y Sm XX Q if Q K- G' ff- X! The "Suomi Game," nnothcr en- chnnhnq numlmr. wun tho hc'-arf of the aunluoncv, Those- prutty dancers are Roscrwmrm Lomas, Dorothy Haw kms, Barham Cnlnlwro, Marv Doyle, Ottolco Froriovncksrm, Bmhnra Ru- benstcm, Pntucm DOHC. Gracnela Riquczos, Rownmrv Condon, and AA-U.. Ymnf. Ann-. Q Q sa, I , a ' g o ' '0 'h 4 ' I I . 1 ' . ' 1 0 I I ' O O A n , H ' x Q x ' K Q . 1 K . U s 9 ' ' I v . Q . K' v . so ' . ' 'O Q , - 0 -4 . . . ,. Q o 1 .. . . f l .. ' . o . 1 v D ' . ,D. 5 f - 4 Mwlhari K1 ren Mmm Lf I im Au Inv Ks uni ns 0 . . . .'.0- . . . .A , 4 o . I .I 5 :Q ' . y.. u . . U I I f mnwr WI N s Q1 ,rg Pwtrncm Amnlw, Mwxucn Dunn, Kath- Ivvn Form Nw. .ml Marx Tvrmwn F.1vwNl mm Um i1.yHwt www of Nw Dance Fostnml. . 251 ll Very Rev, Msgr. Martin A. Madura Rev. Harold V. Colgan Rev. Frederick M. Eid Rev. Thomas P. Cahill Thomas J. McCann Rev. John S. Nelligan Faculty of Mount St. Mary's Academy Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Bachand Mrs. Jeanne Berhard Mrs. Dorothy Rev. Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Dr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs H. Binns Charles Calabro Thomas J. Corbally Carmen Costello F. J. Cronin Arnold Dreher John Driscoll W. G. Foster James E. Friel, Jr, Joseph J. Galuppo Eileen Guzzardi and Mrs. Leo Keller and Mrs. Edmund J. Kiely and Mrs. Andrew A. Kisonak and Mrs. Daniel Loreti Elizabeth Mallard and Mrs. Nicholas Marchio and Mrs. Joseph Martin Arch Moore Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Louis Munch William F. Neuguth Paul Noll Walter L. O'Rourke Alfred Pardo Mr, and Mrs. Joseph T. Price Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Quinn Mr. and Mrs. George E. Scaff Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Scherer Mrs. Vincent de Paul Slavin Mr. and Mrs. William J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Audrfacro Toro Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ventura Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Aidale Dr. W. Aurnharnmer Miss Margaret F. Baher Mr. and Mrs Joseph Carofenuto Dr. James C. Carroll Mr. ancl Mrs. E J Demarest Mr. anrl Mrs. Huqo DeRosa Mrs, Jessica A. Dunn Mr and Mrs. John R. Eddy Ur and Mrs. N Falcone Miss C.rTl'rlr-en Farrell Miss Lorrelta Fosfer Mrs D J llarkrns Mr. arrcl Mrs. Alfred l"lOCh lbr anal Mrs WrIIr.1m E. Grant Mr. and Mrs. S M. Jordan Mr. anrl Mrs. Alexander Kaczynski Dr. anrl Mrs. Paul H. Kandra Mr anrl Mrs, James J. Kane Mr, anrl Mrs John Kervrck Mrs-, Anna Cr. Krsonak Mr. and Mrs. Walter Koster Mr. .rnrl Mrs. A. J. Kroll Mr .rnrl Mrs W. J Leclclen Dr and Mr-, H. P. Leyrns Mr, anrl Mr-. Joseph A Maloney Mr ancl Mrs. C B Miller Mr. anrl Mrs Robert C. Monrgorne Mr anrl Mrs Clmrles Munch Mrs-. Catlrerirre Noll Mr anrl Mrs, F. J. Noll Mr anrl Mrs Geralrl A O'Connor Mr anrl Mrs Nicholas Procassrnr Mr. and Mrs. Donald Reed, Jr. Mr. anrl Mrs. Clarence Raab Mrs. Charles W. Schlegel VY Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Com Miss Mr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Miss Mr. Mr, Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr anrl Mrs, .lrrlius V Seller anil Mrs Stanley Stanley ancl Mrs, Rafael E Velutino and Mrs. Hulbert W VValters plrmenfs Of a Frrencl Lois Franco and Mrs. Roland Cassella and Mrs VVrlliam Conway and Mrs James Greelex anrl Mrs. Thomas J. Perkins and Mrs.J H, Kenny anil Mrs Gerarrl Condon Martha Conrlon anrl Mrs C, XX, Burke and Mrs W. F. Lulreck anal Mrs Lawrence User anal Mrs Eugene V lrancy anal Mrs Herman Lazarus anrl Mr s T hornas Vagq re anal Mrs Rolrer1Catrnu anal Mrs Federico Gerarrlrno and Mrs V L Soulelle anal Mrs Joaquin Gomez Mrss Patricia CJ'Sullrsan Miss Alma Steenlrnan Doris anal Joan "il Mr-ss Orretf Cjerarrlrno Banrlstanrl Jersey Welclrnq Supply , lnc. Drake Colleqe Supro Meat Proclucts Whelans Druq Store Vlfestfrelil Pharmacy Union Camera Exchanae Cumrrrercral 5laTruners ul Union Lnlwarcl T. lrrnneran Co. llre gffzmfwzf ec My SENIOR CLASS Joan Bachand, 547 St. Marks Ave., Westfield, N. J. Claudia Berhard, '308 W. 70th St., New York, N. Y. Joan Binns, 82 Summit Rd., Elizabeth, N. J. Jacquelyn Calabro, Summit Rd. G High Point Dr., Mountainside, N J. Gabrielle Corbally, Mountain Blvd., Watchung, N. J. Theresa Costello, 50 Elm Place, Plainfield, N. J. ' Patricia Cronin, 737 Westminster Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Carol Dreher, I Morrison Rd., Springfield, N. J. Marilyn Driscoll, 1030 Sterling Rd., Union, N. J. Margaret Foster, 2942 Manitou Is., Lake Mohawk, Sparta, N. J. Marilyn Friel, 137 Norwood Ave., No. Plainfield, N. J. Marie Galuppo, 230 E. 2nd Ave., Roselle, N. J. Eileen Guzzardi, Box 357, R.F.D. iii, Farmingdale, N. J Dolores Keller, 1842 Long Terrace, Union, N. J. Mary Kiely, 1020 Sleepy Hollow La., Plainfield, N. J. Audrey Kisonak, 936 Stuyvesant Ave., Union, N. J. Carmel Loreti, 84 East Somerset St., Raritan, N. J. Gail Mallard, 139 W. Dudley Ave., Westfield, N. J. Lola Marchio, 118 Vine St., North Plainfield, N. J. Hope Martin, 207 Hillside Ave., Springfield, N. J. Kathleen Moore, 1007 W. 8th St., Plainfield, N. J. Anna Marie Munch, 1417 Orchard Rd., Mountainside, N. J Claire Neuguth, 598 Stratford Rd., Union, N. J. Mary Noll, 78 Summit Rd., Elizabeth, N. J. Mary O'Rourke, Califon, N. J. Rebeca Pardo, Caracas, Venezuela Jane Price, 111 Sycamore Ave., North Plainfield, N. J. Ellen Quinn, 518 Tremont Ave., Westfield, N. J. Carol Scaff, 248 Edgewood Ave., Westfield, N. J. Mary Louise Scherer, 924 Madison Ave., Plainfield, N. Mary Slavin, 1039 Bertram Terrace, Union, N. J. Mary Clara Smith, 419 E. Dudley Ave., Westfield, N. J. Beatriz Toro, Cali, Colombia Patricia Ventura, 1200 Orange Ave., Union, N. J. JUNIOR CLASS Maria Teresa Arriaga, Caracas, Venezuela Gail Ashworth, Vail Lane, Watchung, N. J. Barbara Calabro, Summit Rd. C1 High Point Dr., Mountainside, N. J. Rita Cassella, IO24 Stowe St., Union, N. J. J. Roberta Catino, 40-71 Elbertson St., Elmhurst, L. I., N. Rosemary Condon, 210 Davis Ave., Harrison, N. J. Maureen Cronin, 737 Westminster Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Luz Marina Cruz, Cali, Colombia Mary Doyle, 666 Hawthorne Ave., Bound Brook, N. J. Patricia Doyle, 666 Hawthorne Ave., Bound Brook, N. Marion Dunn, 346 Second St., Dunellen, N. J. Lois Engel, 430 Verona Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Alice Farley, 564 First St., Westfield, N. J. Ottolee Frederickson, 8 Meadowbrook Village, Apt. 2A, Plainfield, N. J. Bienchi Gerardino, Dominican Republic, West Indies J. Y. Betty Ann Greeley, 173 Summit Rd., Elizabeth, N. J. Charlotte Lee Hitchens, 185 Lawnside Ave., Collingswood, N. J Marylou Hunt, 8 Newman St., Metuchen, N. J. Patricia Kenny, 1724 Watchung Ave., Plainfield, N. J. Catherine Kervick, 10 Malden Terrace, Elizabeth, N. J. Petrunella Koster, 1440 Orchard Rd., Mountainside, N. J. Katherine Lamprecht, 16 Marshall St., Irvington, N. J. Joan Levins, 656 Fairfield Way, Union, N. J. Phyllis Lochs, Minisink Ave., Sayreville, N. J. Rosemarie Lopas, 1 Woodbridge Ave., Metuchen, N. J. Patricia Mansfield, 1200 West 6th St., Plainfield, N. J. Ruth Mesaros, 66 Hudson Ave., W. Keansburg, N. J. Mary Ann Miller, 675 Lexington Rd., Union, N. J. Elizabeth O'Connor, Caracas, Venezuela Kathleen O'Connor, 200 Garfield Ave., Plainfield, N. J. Carol Procassini, 1238 Orange Ave., Union, N. J. Barbara Raab, 1236 Kirkman Place, Union, N. J. Audrey Reuter, Princeton Junction, N. J. Graciela Riquezes, Caracas, Venezuela Barbara Rubenstein, 174 Lincoln Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. Maria Cristina Toro, Cali Colombia Carol Tuthill, 153 North Martine Ave., Fanwood, N. J. Ruth Venes, 320 Cook Ave., Scotch Plains, N. J. Marcella Wall, 1208 E. Front St., Plainfield, N. J. Colleen Wolff, 1953 Long Terrace, Union, N. J. Shirley Zimmer, 200 Garfield Ave., Plainfield, N. J. SOPHOMORE CLASS Clara Baumgartner, 9 Regent St., North Plainfield, N. J. Barbara Byrnes, 603 Lincoln Ave., Dunellen, N. J. Victoria Catino, 4O-7I Elbertson St., Elmhurst, L. I., N. Y. Patty Lue Demarest, 1437 Deer Path, Mountainside, N. J. Carmela DeRosa, 319 Fourth St., Dunellen, N. J. Mary Virginia Donaldson, 2131 Liberty St., Trenton 9, N.J Sonya Donlan, 626 Duquesne Terrace, Union, N. J. Elaine Dreher, I Morrison Rd., Sprinfield, N. J. Mary Carol Falcone, 1200 Prospect Ave., Plainfield, N. J. Mary Lyn Feaster, 631 Sheridan Ave., Plainfield, N. J. Marie Hart, 1432 Martine Ave., Plainfield, N. J. Helen Jankowski, 285 Hickory St., Kearny, N. J. Elizabeth Kane, 415 Prescott Rd., Union, N. J. Erances Kroll, 63 Mercer Ave., North Plainfield, N. J. Lillian Lubeck, 175 Sanford Ave., North Plainfield, N. Eileen Mathias, Church 5 Rena Sts., Newfield, N. J. Genevieve Mears, Valley Rd., Millington, N. J. Joanne Mingle, 445 E. 5th St., Plainfield, N. J. Joan Noll, 138 DeLacy Ave., North Plainfield, N. J. Eileen O'Brien, 568 Irvington Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Elaine O'ConneII, 871 Westfield Rd., Scotch Plains, N. J. Katherine O'Leary, 16 Algonquin Place, Elizabeth, N. J. Mary Helen Reed, 262 Henry St., South Amboy, N. J. Katherine Riehman, 98 W. End Ave., Somerville, N. J. Marian Scarano, F9 East Blvd., Newfield, N. J. Nancy Scherer, 924 Madison Ave., Plainfield, N. J. Charlotte Schlegel, 50 Richelieu Terrace, Newark, 6, N. J. Marianne Schweikart, 2033 Tyler St., Union, N. J. Carol Seymour, l0ll E. Jersey St., Apt. ID, Elizabeth, N.J. Muriel Slavin, I039 Bertram Terrace, Union, N. J. Marcella Smith, 62 Mechanic St., Freehold, N. J. Elizabeth Sweitzer, I2 Chatham Place, North Plainfield, N. J. Beatriz Vegas, Caracas, Venezuela Ruth Waldron, 80 South Main St., Allentown, N. J. Gertrude Young, l569 E. 22nd St., Brooklyn IO, N. Y. FRESHMAN CLASS Patricia Aidale, I25l E. Front St., Plainfield, N. J. Kathryn Aldridge, 2232 Stecher Ave., Union, N. J. Mary Lynn Anderson, 228 St., Paul St., Westfield, N. J. Barbara Bentz, l584 Porter Rd., Union, N. J. Eleanor Butula, 510 New St., Plainfield, N. J. Patricia Capone, 438 E. 7th St., Plainfield, N. J. Immaculate Carotenuto, 35 Grove St., North Plainfield, N. J. Mary Carolyn Carpenter, l75 Leigh St., Clinton, N. J. Jacqueline Caruso, 69 Avenue D, Atlantic Highlands, N. J. Kathleen Conway, 638 Lillian Terrace, Union, N. J. Alice DeRosa, 3l9 4th St., Dunellen, N. J. Jessica Dunn, Deer Path, Mountainside, N. J. Mary Patricia Eddy, 2042 High St., Union, N. J. Mary Teresa Farrell, 7 Johnston's Drive, N. J. Linda Flaske, 76 E. Cliff St., Somerville, N. J. Kathleen Forsythe, 983 Townley Ave., Union, N. J. Joanne Gallagher, 969 W. 8th St., Plainfield, N. J. Gloria Gallini, l28 S. Maple Ave., Springfield, N. J. Maria Teresa Gomez, I2 E. 86th St., New York, N. Y. Dorothy Harkins, 725 Westfield Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Patricia Hoch, 38 W. Cliff St., Somerville, N. J. Carmel Jordan, lO40 Grandview Ave., Union, N. J. Eleanor Kaczynski, l27 Orchard Terrace, Union, N. J. Nancy Kinder, Raritan Rd., Plainfield, N. J. Emilie Kisonak, 936 Stuyvesant Ave., Union, N. J. Barbara Ledden, 205 North Ave. West, Cranford, N. J. Ellen Maloney, l878 Arbor Lane, Union, N. J. Kathleen McCann, Washington Valley Rd., Martinsville, N. J. Juanita McDonald, l98 Brook Ave., North Plainfield, N.'J. Corina Mondolfi, Caracas, Venezuela Mary Eileen Murphy, 4I6 Locust St., Roselle, N. J. Janet Petrik, l5l6 Brookside Dr., Union, N. J. Marion Quin, 6l9 North Chestnut St., Westfield, N. J. Constance Quinn, 5l8 Tremont Ave., Westfield, N. J. Mary Ann Richelo, 7l0 SO. Springfield Ave., Springfield, N. J. Marie Schetz, 48l Whitewood Rd., Union, N. J. Mary Silva, Caracas, Venezuela Mary John Stewart, 55 No. Clinton Ave., Trenton 9, N.J. Barbara Ann Soutelle, I l35 Dorsey Place, Plainfield, N. J. Helen Tasto, l272 Wilshire Drive, Union, N. J. Gladys Tinoco, Caracas, Venezuela Sally Wagner, 258 Broad St., Red Bank, N. J. Nancy Warnock, Sky Top Drive, Scotch Plains, N. J. Vivian Wenzel, 420 Pleasant Ave., Plainfield, N.J. Kerper Whittock, "Crosswinds," Brigantine, N. J. EIGHTH GRADE Elizabeth Byer, I3 South Main St., Allentown, N. J. Patricia Daycock, 2ll Wychwood Rd., Westfield, N. J. Alberta Donlan, 626 Duquesne Terrace, Union, N. J. Ellen Jean Francy, 249 David St., South Amboy, N. J. Barbara Krypczak, 246 North 7th Ave., Manville, N. J. Helen Lazarus, Milky Way Farm, Pittstown, N, J, Gayle Lepree, 36 Scotland Road, Elizabeth, N. J. Mary Montgomery, 28l3 Que St., N. W. Washington, D. C Carolina Mosquera, Caracas, Venezuela Sandra Phillips, 25il Kenneth Court, Scotch Plains N. Constance Quin, 6l9 No. Chestnut St., Westfield, N. J. Antoinette Ragusa, 475 Irvington Ave., So. Orange, N. Lynn Rubenstein, I74 Lincoln Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. Susan Swoope, 300 Walnut St., Englewood, N. J. Beverly Taft, Willow Brook Farm, R.F.D. Jlfl, Asbury Park, N. J. Maria Antoinetta Velutini, Caracas, Venezuela Anita Waldron, 80 So. Main St., Allentown, N. J. Barbara Woznak, 225 South Ave., Dunellen, N. J. Julia ZaBach, 200 East 66th St., New York, N. Y. J J Kathryn Ziegler, 2l Meadowbrook Village, Plainfield, N.J SIXTH GRADE Barbara Ann Carroll, 237 Augusta St., So. Amboy, N. J. Barbara Finley, 303 Amboy Ave., Metuchen, N. J. Priscilla Grebla, R. D. 515, Somerville, N, J, Margaret Ann Gilrain, 470 Park Ave., E. Orange, N. J. Anne Henehan, I2 Hampton St., Cranford, N. J. Susan Kamen, l32l Prospect St., Westfield, N. J. Joan Kelber, I64 Mill Lane, Mountainside, N. J. Alice Morehouse, 47 Shunpike Rd., Chatham, N. J. Mary Jane Venes, 322 Cook Ave., Scotch Plains, N. J. Beverly Weldon, Holmdel, N. J. FIFTH GRADE Lucille Cacchione, 62 Snyder Ave., Berkeley Heights, N Joan Cagnassola, l23 Ludlow Place, Westfield, N. J. Margaret Francy, 249 David St., So. Amboy, N. J. Jacqueline Gow, l48 Mountain Ave., Summit, N. J. Harriet Stanley, 859 Carleton Rd., Westfield, N. J. FOURTH GRADE Elisa Diana, l38 E. 7th Sf., Plainfield, N. J. Joanne Fioravanti, 3l DeForest Ave., North Plainfield, N. J. . J Stephanie Nugent, 400 Malcolm Ave., North Plainfield, N. J. Dale Sohl, 2349 Terrace Ave., South Plainfield, N. J. THIRD GRADE - Jane Kelber, I64 Mill Lane, Mountainside, N. J. Rosemary Raio, R.F.D. if I , Oak Tree Rd., So. Plainfield, N. Rita Ranucci, 29 No. Ave., Fanwood, N. J. Diane Sohl, 2349 Terrace Ave.,So. Plainfield, N. J. Lenore Ziegler, 2l Meadowbrook Village, Plainfield, N. J The Fathers' Club Mount St. Marygs Academy S f -xgm"4f"'Wf' , I 1 ,V -'V' . ' ',' .uf uh' . I , "f'fr'l,! rf ,' X-w Q' 3-fl "W, jjQj,,,J lflljjhnnn 211111, 1 5 , 1 M3-1 A 1 ,- zn +m',d,f,d W"'I' M I P My v. W jj" 'W Wrlllulu , U,,r'iY' x wh? lik Q 471 i f? E! F2 1 u il f 1 1 5 44 I .gg , f. t,, l 3 ,A . M 4 V ,,, WW' 3 - K W, , Quay' ,ward h A 912, -A se- - wgxkg , ,w..:vM, A Ip W, 6,. yd A -lx .. K ' S.- ' - .. ' .N 4 N-i,g,.XiN as ,A , kim - - l-Nw...-..,.,-Y 1. Q S -N WWXNS-M, .6 . g' ax- H 0 x . 9 s 5, , D V x,.kA . .xx. .Q ,A A i,,,jL- . me , Q . 1 'K " ff: qw Q, " L ' 'J K 2 ., gg ?"f: Y'X'm-Qgvgfifiinagmxl '. - S ff' 4' .2 F I v"l. if , A 'Pb PA tr A " . ff " 'r ' X I 'Q' x !' e xx 3 XEHIIIFA UIIES k L .S XX NX X' ik NNN xxx xx Congratulations to the Graduates MR. and MRS. LOUIS MUNCH Compliments of MARGIE'S CAKE BOX Mounta inside, New Jersey WEstfield 2-0925 ROBERT TREAT DELICATESSEN "Where Quality Reigns and Service Pours" Westfield, N. J. TOPS DINER DINNER-EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVE One of the Finer Restaurants, Serving Good Food Stop for a Snack or Full Course Route 29-Mountainside, N. J. Compliments of THE WESTFIELD TRUST CO. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Federal Reserve System Garwood Westfield Scotch Plains Blgelow 3-4183 DR. I. B. COE DENTAL SURGEON 520 Springfield Avenue Newark 3, N. J lAt South Tenth Streetl FAnwood 2-77 26 SNUFFY'S STEAK HOUSE STEAKS ' LOBSTER ' SEA FOOD CHICKEN Park Avenue Scotch Plains, N. JOHN MIELACH MILLWORK COMPANY 515-525 Chancellor Avenue Irvington I l, N. J. THE VERY BEST WISHES FROM THE glial' B iqfehcq inc. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE C'X9QI'S WEstfieId 2-5400 860 MOUNTAIN AVENUE MOUNTAINSIDE, NEW JERSEY Somerset Bus Co., Inc. ROUTE 29 MOUNTAINSIDE, NEW JERSEY 's A Ns!! II9 BEST WISHES from MR. and MRS. ROBERT A. CATINO and the GIRLS E THE NoRwAl.K vAuL'r coMPANY PLAINFI ELD, NEW JERSEY Harrison A. Williams E. Witter Clawson President Treasurer SINCERE WISHES FOR A HAPPY FUTURE TO ALL THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF '52 MOORE'S TRUCKING COMPANY ELizabeth 2- 3951 C. A. BURKE W H o L E S A L E TOBACCO - CIGARETTES - CIGARS - CANDIES IO FIRST STREET ELIZABETH I, N J 120 "" 'V+-'.,"-u., ' I ' -ff'A"'..--.."-.--'-.- " 'mol Windmill Golf Driving Range Directly Opposite Mount Saint Mary's Academy FINEST IN EQUIPMENT Instructions, CARL ULMEH, Prop. JOSEPH BICLEY, Manager "You Lace 'em, NVe Chase 'emu l2l Compliments of MR. and MRS. GEORGE AHR Congratulations to The Class of '52 JOAN FINAN '50 JOHN P. McMAHON REAL :sure and lNsuRANc: i338 Morris Avenue Union, N. J. Compliments of DE LUXE DINER, INC. Union, New Jersey lAt the Centerl BRODA'S SERVICE STATION Union, New Jersey UNionvilIe 2-4700 TRETOLA'S RESTAURANT AND COCKTAIL BAR Closed Sundays and Mondays the Five Points Union, N J MELON-KING MCCRACKEN FUNERAL HOME Highway 29 l5l4 Morris Avenue Union, N. J, Scotch Plains, N. J. PLainfieId 6-6364 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '52 R NIN 'S G U G c. A. DUNN'S ESSO STATION FAMOUS ICE CREAM and CANDY JESSICA MANNING DUNN Proprietor A WEstfield 2-0386 zos EAST sm smear Rome 29 and NEW PROVIDENCE RD PLAINFIELD, N.J. MOUNTAINSIDE, NEW JERSEY ROselle 4-I53I UNion 2-4969 Joseph J. Tomasulo fr Co. WILLIAM F.BENTZ ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS PAINTER, DECORATOR AND ENGINEERS and PAPERHANGER ik o 531 WESTFIELD AVENUE 1584 PORTER ROAD ROSELLE PARK, N'. J. UNION, N,J. 123 L E O K E L L E R WHOLESALE PORK AND PROVISIONS 4 LACKAWANNA AVENUE NEWARK 2, NEW JERSEY MILK-NATURE'S MOST NEARLY PERFECT FOOD SUNRISE DAIRIES "The Very Best" STATE HIGHWAY 29 HILLSIDE, NEW JERSEY RAhway 7-4500 ELizabeth 2-1488 OLIVER MANUFACTURING SUPPLY COMPANY MANUFACTURERS BLOCKS and CONCRETE PRODUCTS READY MIXED CONCRETE ' MASONS MATERIALS PATSY PELLEGRINO, President Plants: Rahway, New Jersey ' Port Reading, New Jersey 1679 ELIZABETH AVENUE RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY ROUTE 29 UNION, NEW JERSEY I24 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS THE CALABRO FAMILY PLainfieId 6-4779 Scherer Sign Service DESIGNERS- BUILDERS COMMERCIAL SIGNS ' NEON SIGNS CXQQI3 IZI MADISON AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY IZS MArket 2-5071 JEROME J. STANLEY Church Goods ' Religious Articles ' Books 120 Washington Street Newark 2, N. J. ELizabeth 2-5331 DANIEL J. LEONARD G' SONS HOME FOR FUNERALS 240-242 West Jersey Street Elizabeth 2, N. J. THOMPSON TYPWRITERS, Inc. SALES ' RENTAL ' SERVICE Factory Representative ROYAL TYPEWRITERS and VICTOR ADDER 187 North Avenue Plainfield, N. J ELIZABETH COAL CO. COAL - FUEL DEALER OIL BURNERS ELIZABETH, N. J. PLainfieId 6-0516 PARK PHARMACY P. J. CAPONE, Pharmacist 701 Park Avenue Plainfield, N. J. Westfield 2-3332 MOUNTAINSIDE DRUG CO. 899 Mountain Avenue Mountainside, N. J Compliments of GREGORY'S MUSIC CENTER 330 West Front Street PLainfieId 6-8549 For Delicious Snacks BLUE STAR DRIVE IN RESTAURANT AND MILK BAR De MATTEO BROS., Props. Highway 29 and Wilson Avenue 126 Bill Foster Associates, Inc Buymg Consultants Oil Brokers - Sales Representat e 'X SPARTA, N. 1.l 403 BERCKMAN ST E l PLAINFIELD N J IPILAINIIIEIII ww IIIIII I MOUNT ST. MARY'S ACADEMY CLASS RINGS MADE BY WILLIAM C. MARTIN OFFICIAL scHooL JEWELEP. 908 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNSYLVANIA PLainfield 5-1746 L O U I S E . SA F T PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN 624 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY PLainfield 6-0100-Other Towns WX-2100 QNo Tolll C. O. KELLER,S CLEANERS, DYERS, RUG CLEANERS, COLD STORAGE Corner South and Leland Avenues-Corner Randolph Rd. and Arlington Ave. 127 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD, N. I. l28 UN II 2 IO3O Sabosik Furniture Co. GEORGE SABOSIK, Prop. 927 STUYVESANT AVENUE UNION, NEW JERSEY SAVE HERE CURRENT PER RATE 0 ANNUM wgurlsfuo 5 2 T msunfn T "ff cove ASSETS OVER 6 MILLION I29 No Greater Compliment Could Be Paid Our Uniforms Than That They Are Being Worn BY THE STUDENTS OF MOUNT ST. MARY'S ACADEMY Eisenberg QS- O'l-lara Co l3l5 Market Street Philadelphia Manufacturers of Parochial School Uniforms For Over a Quarter of a Century. 130 Best Wishes To the Class of '52 MARGIE PETERS, '51 WM. D. SHEEHAN cleARs - CANDY ' MAGAZINES City Hall Elizabeth, N. J Compliments of 0'BRlEN'S MARKET BROWN'S TAVERN 214 Third Street Elizabeth, N. J. PLainfieId 6-5Ol 7 QUEENS PALACE CHINESE 81 AMERICAN RESTAURANT Lunch ' Regular Dinner ' Family Dinner We cater to parties Any order made up to take out Open ll a.m. to Midnight - Saturday to I a.m. 129-l3l East Front Street Plainfield, N. J. Compliments of SARGENT BUILDING SPECIALTIES Inc. Arlington, N. J. Congratulations to My Classmates GAY CORBALLY SWAIN'S ART STORE PICTURES ' FRAMING RESTORING 3l7 West Front Street Plainfield, N. J. CONGRATU LATIONS TO THE STAFF CLAUDIA BERHARD MARY KIELY REBECA PARDO , ROSEMARY CONDON ,,, F Best Wishes From MR. and MRS. RODOLFO MONDOLFI and FAMILY PLainfieId 6-8870 WEstfieId 2-4040 COMP'-IMENTS OF CHAIN DECORATORS - CLAIRE WILLIAMS "Clothes With a Flair" 218 W. FRONT STREET, PLAINFIELD, N.J. 217 E. BROAD STREET, WESTFIELD, N.J. 207 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD, N.J 132 GOOD LUCK d GOD BLESS YOU CLASS fl952 ledfly Elecfnk' C0fP0fdflb0 .fa 'SODS NYkCNYk UNion 2-8056 MAYBELLE CERAMIC STUDIO INSTRUCTOR IN CERAMICS AND CHINA PAINTINGS Also Lace Work All Supplies ' Kilns ' Molds and Firing 598 Stratford Road Union, N. J. Llnden 3-4047 DENNIS J. VALVANO REALTOR - INSURANCE 6 W, Elizabeth Avenue Linden, N. J. Compliments of DAVID FRIEDLAND JERSEY STATE ELECTRIC CO. Elizabeth, N. J. CARL RUOTOLO CONTRACTOR ' BUILDER ' MASON Plastering and Concrete Work CRanford 6-6785 ELM STUDIO All materials for China Decorating Large selection of China blanks Two Experienced Teachers CHINA PAINTING FOR THE HOBBYIST - FIRING - 52I Riverside Avenue Lyndhurst, N. J. 305 Elm Street Cranford, N,J JOSEPH A. GUTHERZ TONY'S GRILL THE FLOOR SHOP Carpets ' Linoleum ' Tile IO9-I I I West 4th Street Plainfield, N. J. 540 North Avenue Elizabeth, N, J l34 THE ARDLAW SCHOOL Specialists ln College Preparation PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY NVith the exception of the nursery school, which is at 1088 Park Avenue, every department of the NVardlaw School from Kindergarten through preparatory school is located at 1030 Central Avenue on one six-acre campus, well removed from the center of town, Besides the main school huilding the physical equipment includes a large, sunny gymnasium, two athletic fields, four tennis courts, a little-lmoysl play field, an outdoor theatre, "Memorial Chapel," and much Space devoted to shruhhery, flower heds, and lawns. If lmeauty of exterior surroundings is conducive to the interior growth of mind and soul, surely no other country day school in New jersey is S0 fortunate in this respect as XVardlaW. A staff of twenty teachers administers the program. C. D. VVARDLAW, Headmaster 135 1 PLainfield 6-0820 UNION COUNTY TAY'-QR'S PLATE GLASS COMPANY JEWELRY STQRE ' Y 617-619 ZIEGLER AVENUE 115 PARK AVENUE LINDEN, N. J. PLAINFIELD, N. J. ll H E A D Q U A R T E R S RAhway 7-0684 WEstfield 2-1326 for your H A P P Y T I M E S 1 E X' , xx 5,5-". .A " 3?,m:4L, jf -0' :li AAA- -4'-11 . , IA 1, lliagflfh LUMBER Cr COAL Co. 'N l 5 I 1 ' M551 Q A I h Q il l? ,E .DLI BUILDING MATERIAL '-2 331 - - 1"1 i"' M' , W 3-lv ' L ean- 3 1 ' rj -1 ' HH' . . --", , , . f" ' We cordially invite the student body of Mt. St. Mary's to consult with our experienced staff in the planning of both undergraduate and alumnae activities' CENTRAL AVENUE AT L, v. R. R. CLARK TOWNSHIP, N.J. ' 7th ST. at ARLINGTON AVE. 136 United Auto Sales CARS BOUGHT and SOLD H. DeROSA ' S. WOOD PLainfield 5-3200 526 SOMERSET STREET NORTH PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY COURTESY OF Higgins "I-lome for Funerals" 209 WEST EIGHTH STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY 137 PAUL'S COMPLIMENTS OF DRY CLEANING VII-I-AGE PENSUPREME ics CREAM Synthetic Odorless Dry Cleaning 142 SOMERSET STREET NORTH PLAINFIELD, N. J. 'A' PLainfieId 6-2331 CRESCENT FUNERAL HOME P. CASEY G SON Directors of Funerals 151 EAST SEVENTH STREET at Crescent Avenue PLAINFIELD, N. J. Established 1887 VAN ARSDALE'S Headquarters for "SPALDING" FOOTWEAR GOOD SHOES and HOSIERY PLAINFIELD, N. J. Compliments of Schmalz Dairy Products l'lS'llAlll,lSlll'ilJ OYICIC 'l'lllli'l'Y-I"lYl'l YIC.-XRS For the Smile of Health . . . Drink Sclimalz Homogenized Vitamin D Milk Dllil'XlT lslioxl l"AllNl TO YOU l'l,ninl'im'lLl fi-227 ' Millington 7-0025 U39 Congratulations t The Graduates from MR. and MRS. C. COSTELLO MACK DRUG COMPANY II7 EAST FRONT STREET PLAINFIELD, N. J. Mlllburn 6-4276 ALBERT SCHATZ PLUMBING ' HEATING ' TINNING JOBBING ' CONTRACTORS I97 Hillside Avenue Springfield, N Congratulations to The Graduates NANCY LAMMERDING '50 PLainfieId 6-I I97 - 8 SOMERSET FISH MARKET FRESH FISH DAILY "Every Fish That Swims in the Sea" I I5 Somerset Street Plainfield, N TOWN LEY MEAT MARKET I380 Morris Avenue Union, N. J. Compliments of MR. and MRS. LAWRENCE VENTURA DR. SCHOLL FOOT COMFORT SHOP SHOES ' ARCH SUPPORTS ' REMEDIES Owned and Operated by David Nemser 202 Watchung Avenue Plainfield, N PLainfield 6-6589 AMERICAQS GREAT HOPE IS YOU! 7 i i l PLAINFIELD, N. J. Compliments ot ARNOLD BAKERS, INC. J. D. Russo, Distributor PLainfield 5-l l62 El.izabeth 3-9732 A. SPIRITO, Prop. SPIRITO'S TAVERN SPAGHETTI COOKED TO ORDER PIZZA Iltalian Tomato Piel Home Made Raviolas - Sausage Sandwiches 7l4 Third Avenue Elizabeth, N. J. PLainfield 4-0229 P. Lane DE LUXE BAKERY A. HOTZ, Prop. 277 Somerset Street Plainfield, N. J. Congratulations to The Class of '52 MR. and MRS. DANIEL LORETI AUDLEY POULTRY FARMS WHOLESALE EGGS Mendham, N. J. 'DRElER'S PLAINFIELD'S LEADING SPORTING GOODS STORE 215 W. Front Street PLainfield 4-9073 PLainfield 6-lOlO Free Delivery PLAINFIELD CAMERA SHOP BARON'S NETHERWOOD PHARMACY CAMERAS ' MOVIE EQUIPMENT PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES 236 Park Avenue Plainfield, N.J for PRESCRIPTIONS and DRUG STORE SERVICE l lOl E. Second Street lNear East Front St.l RAhway 7-4301 Mobile - JR 6-2203 Allied Company GENERAL CONTRACTORS WALTER COTIER 1354 NEW ESSEX STREET RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY H3 COMPLIMENTS OF TOBIN and PETERSON -lr PLAINFIELD, N. I. WEstHeld 2-3288 ROBERT F. DAY PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN HOURS: 9 a. m. to 5:30 p. m., Monday Evenings 6:30 to 9 6 ELM STREET WESTFIEL fOpp. Peoples Bankj D DeCRISTOFER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY GENERAL CONTRACTORS O BOUND BROOK, NEW JERSEY PLainfield 6-8137 McGRATH,S ' BRIDAL SHOP Specializing In JUNIOR FORMALS ak 214 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Compliments of uinn and Boden, Inc BOOK MANUFACTURERS Rahway, New Jersey CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE RUBENSTEIN FAMILY ATIantic Highlands I-O7I6 ATIanIic Highlands I-0965 - I-0223 CARUSO CONSTRUCTION BAYSHORE COMPANY, INC. WOOD PRODUCTS DOMINIC A' CARUSO Wood Shipping Boxes ' Pallets DOMINIC A. CARUSO ii v 37 CENTER AVENUE 22 WEST HIGHLAND AVENUE ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NUI, ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, N.J. I46 .Yam 52 Sbaberf Foundarfbn GRAY'S FLORIST A ROUTE 29 and MOUNTAIN AVENUE I NORTH PLAINFIELD, N.J. WEstfieId 2-2l I8 JON-COLLIER LADIES APPAREL Exclusive But Not Expensive - Also Junior and Misses Clothes - IO2 Quimby Street Westfield, N. J. HANEWALD'S BAKERY 120 E. Front Street Plainfield, N. J. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES FROM MR. and MRS. J. GOMEZ and FAMILY COMPLIMENTS OF Sf. Moritz 0n The Plaza CRFDQZS LAKE MOHAWK, NEW JERSEY IRESTAURANTJ 0'C0nn0'r's Markets CHOICE MEATS . . . FANCY GROCERIES FROSTED FOODS PLAINFIELD FANWOOD and BERKLEY HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY 148 If You Had A Million Dollars . . . I952 SODALITY OFFICERS You COULDN'T BUY and BETTER BAKED GOODS COMMITTEE cl-IAIRMEN A FISCHER BAKING co. NEWARK, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF DAVIS WHITE CO. P""eY"'s"f ART COLOR PRINTING Top Quality Meats and Poultry Sf? V 222 NORFOLK STREET NEWARK, N. J. DUNELLEN N J 9 F- ,,,,. NOW TRY F s UNDER THISPXZ: C SEE WHICH I HECKS PERSPHQA1-,ON i Pzzsvsfvrg DOOR . BETTER i 2 3 A x ,.-.f- i S a . i ARE You REALLY . i Q OF YOUR I PRESENT DEODORANT? 1 TEST ir l UNDER THKS ARM ef' wir VE i . if . f 'D X YOU C-an Q l i t XQVELY 4 Q Q 2 X L VE 1. O 'lo is Le PilwaYs... 1 E EE EE as E EEEEE :ff 'S K ' Mwst ' At important moments like this N 1 NF' . . . underarm protection must be complete. uirz ' '1--- Merely deodorizing is not enough. Underarm perspiration should be checked and stay checked. Smart girls use FRESH Cream Deodorant because it really checks perspiration. Furthermore, with FRESH you are assured of continuous pro- tection. That's because FRESH contains amazing ingredients A W-1-"wx which become reactivated. . .and start to work all over again ' ' at those times when you need protection most. No other umu,,mxE deodorant cream has ever made you this promise. i ' mu SW ............................................... A150 mufwfsswfed ond dif"ibU'ed in Cmdd Enjoy a new kind of cleanliness . . .bathe daily with mild, fragrantlFRESH Deodorant Bath Soap, 'S ' containing miracle odor-preventing I-lexachlorophene to keep you bath fresh from head-to-toe all day! l COMPLIMENTS OF "PERONv4 FARMS" No Finer Restaurant In Sussex Coanry Lake Mohawk 9600 For the best in . . . LUMBER - MASONS' MATERIALS MILLWORK - KITCHEN CABINETS - OVERHEAD TYPE DOORS BUILDERS' HARDWARE ' PAINTS POWER TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES GARDEN SUPPLIES PLainfie1d 6-1776 T 112111 J. D. LUIZEAUX LUMBER CO. 861 SOUTH AVENUE 911 SOUTH AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY 5 Joe DE cARo PHOTOGRAPHER, AND I-ns ASSISTANTS 2' JOHN FRANKS MEN's APPAREL WESTFIELD RIDGEWOOD PLAINFIELD "THANKS FOR THE PUSH!" 152 b z 3I1mInmmB?.uW ,fun X 1 , ' " K ' ' ' ,1' ' "V '-wrt, A 35

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