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 - Class of 1950

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:iii-11 cows ver Q91 fue ses ,Q v 1 4'-as fl-1 om- svn 41534 mon divan ww..-M ' 'life-'rect 1: 11000 I fill FGCQDCI ffl'-FOO! ftwttifll IGIOIQIO Qx?l'Qll54 QIGIOUOD 01109000 ocanvo Q CDOCO1 tfllllii U fWQlQCQil!Ci I-liilllliii feel-el-can u GCCQOOIQ QJQOQOQQO ateodeooif vmiweosdsov 19115095010 5-.-uiarwma .....,.,f,. 1 , '. JV. , .. fl! 9, ff A -we' ' 0 y ff H. ' ':i?lff'Ff.'i,f.Iff7L.. ,' 1' J!-:1:'.m,,,ie., ,. ' K ' i. f. KI. 1 .0 415.-.'.1:.f,vA,.i, 1. . IVE" fffffg. .' , H FY 9F.?'ff . 1 V, ffl. ,. ' : I, , . 73 I H ,V . .V .V f ' ff 1 0 .N V, W? .,.. ,.,, 3, ,7.,5,.,.1.If :,.:..-. , ,Ti "'xf'.H't- Film? "TEL ng ij I , -is-,f:f', if + X- 42 Qqgii WQQAQ '1 no Sv, ar,W,,M:75 , W.: , ..v.,,,. ,,.k M ' , .. 'fl 5 bm sim 2' E 2 e Q E F s F s E E E e ? 9 F a 3 Q. S 5 5 ,. E 1 an Q A 3. 5 3 v r E E K F C CX F 5 a E Q 1 Jax- '.: 1 1' ,N 5 x , ' f 4 z 5751, ,f"'A.27 ' jggzg. 12:5 ,f 1.45: K gy ,g, M fa ff fu fn' JMS' W ,. xy " :fjftkkk H: 'if eg My-.warwfx 2 , 1 V, 2 ,,.,.,,,,gM- .,+,, WF 2. is ee .2 i All children through the Child jesus advance in wisdom and age and favor with Cod. As we go forth from Mount St. Mary's to the highway of "Future Land," we will go trained for self respecting lives, developed in sympathy and understanding, educated above the average. We know that we shall love the Mount more each year we live. We will understand deeper the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the importance of the morning offering, the kindly word to a neighbor, and the efforts of our fellow men. So we, the Class of 1950, go forward with greater honor, love, and respect for our family, our state, and our country. It is not easy to take to the highway but we are anxious to do something diflicult for Him in Whose honor the Heavenly Angels sang, "Glory to Cod in the Highest and on Earth, Peace to men of Good Will." 2 ..L'a0ufa mw!?a!40z4 "Lord Iesus Christ, W'ho subject to Mary and joseph didst consecrate family life by Thy unspeakable virtues, aid us by their united intercession to profit by the examples of Thy Holy Family and attain to their everlasting companionship? The most beautiful unity evolving from Our Lord's divine words: "VVhere two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them," is the family, fathers, mothers and children. VVe recognize our mothers through the beauty of the silence of Mary, who kept ah things, pondering them within her heart, our fathers, who under the patronage of St. Joseph, shared a posterity mighty upon earthg our brothers and sisters, who like the gentle Child Jesus, experienced childhood joys and sorrows. Thus the affectionate warmth of family life is a spiritual force and we need never be separated as long as we are united to the Babe of Bethlehem. Dear Fathers and Mothers, brothers and sisters, who embrace our families, we enshrine you in the care of the Holy One of Nazareth and to you with deepest gratitude dedicate our yearbook, Mountain Chimes. 3 7fzeaz'on WMM? 77ZamtScz6az!77Za,wbz4c4demq I I I SISTER MARY LEONARD, A.M. Guidance Director. DR. GEORGE NV. KING, A.M., LL.D., I.S.D. Social Studies. ' SISTER MARY RUTH, A.B. Senior Religion, Science, Mathematics. SISTER MARY LUCIA, A.B. Iunior Religion, Romance Languages. SISTER MARY MERCEDES, Ph.D. Sophomore Religion, Latin. SISTER MARY ALPHONSUS, A.B. Freshman Religion, History, English. Reverend Mother Mary Patrick, Presidentg Mother Mary Bertrand, Treasurerg Sister Mary Leonard, Directress. SISTER MARY VINCENTIA, B.S. Business Education. SISTER MARY KATHLEEN Business Education, History. SISTER MARY INNOCENT, B.Sc. Mathematics, Sewing. SISTER MARGARET MARY, R.N. Nutrition, Home Nursing. SISTER INIARY ROBERT, A.B. Librarian. SISTER MARIS Elementary Department. FINE ARTS SISTER MARY DOLORES MUSIC SISTER MARY CONSILIO, A.B. SISTER MARY LOUIS, A.B. SISTER MARY ROBERT, A.B. VOCAL MR. FRANCIS ZAVAGLIA, A.B., M.Mus. SISTER MARY FATIMA, Assistant ORCHESTRA , Miss ALMA STEEDMANL MMUS. DRAMATICS SISTER MARY LUCIA, A.B. BALLET AND AESTHETIC DANCING MRS. CAROLINE LITTLEFIELD MISS FLORA E. MAY, Assistant DRUM AND BUCLE MR. WILLIAM T. TOWNSEND ATHLETICS MR. CHARLES D. WARDLAW, A.B. MISS SOPHIE DIXON, Assistant Om lvwflfdf The timeless expression of God's love of Family Life is found in the Madonna of Our Lady of Mercy, the woman who in mothering God has mothered all of us. The Sisters of Mercy, like Our Lady the first Christ bearer, strive to share Christ with all mankind. They have the spirit of love, and in their hearts a peace which the world can neither give nor take away. VME ,wwf ,mi I 'f-mb Nelb' Gefda Binge' . Hy is Cml' , f ent, NC Queetuzrqig :Selly endeixvoraigitesg gcien io' . lm, s 9 1 - seen wrillyll-iilchtijon Deffgt' e - r 1 malli elis her long Suit' miner are tuaiiei' and courteous fights can be Sm . ll. ef 9 admldedf Plxlcillfs sincere and lovely ron - P cliafiicter' Chiniski Grace Mari 8 person such Trying to descri if for new and Grace, We WIS R relY are 50 as words. il . nd IU powerful my qualities ffl? dw many Wondeller warm Etna hldnstu- one Pefsogfamnic quallhesrig In- r, t 'ra ' liiifieeximple are adgde her claSS h rn . arrears HWS? dent Q- GraCC ' presi be proud o - , and t can tribute :elif She is c0Y1Standy a credit to them' Marilyn Margaretta Blanchfield Bermuda, paint brushes and jewelry--three things which sug- gest Marilyn. Her continental bear- ing is a direct contrast to her some- times childlike frivolity. Her azure eyes reflect her cool sophistication, depth of character and dependabil- ity. She portrays excellent taste for color and clothes. Her parents can be proud of: Marilyn's keen busi- ness mind. 10 Christine Lannes Ca Kindness Sey . to e antics, Yefyone, fl . eflual Cand a diverse uttering , hristin . pefS0Ilalit jgiouf editor sad 222 is both thi, 3 2' Classmhltilgsswgef own s315eetFa32E appr fe Unani - ChimOVa1E05 Christine 20116-Ein their es 't Ount ' be proud olhorchlier parents 022: Way of life, rlstine s cheerful Barbara A Here is 3 person W' Hge of her Conv. , lfll the Com.- , 1 r 335215 lleadershilg E:eS'Sgi1Uder Bar- nt alit h hioteworftlrglfeigeliofsf all school, lifzg gslglfqgacrifice of fggeflfflii atfthe Mouritlai iiblhfy makes get can be Pfgliilm 5?yeSh'He1'pareniS mmation to d ' Bafbafak deter- O the flght thin H11 Cleary g. 'a 10210 A1111 DeMaw . per . t im ' Whether drcssulllstllto 22109 the . 2 11- . Wrdi?Qn5f0fi15u11a ft0'igz22.a122, evCl'Y ' 'f fagvf . 2 , She 15 C - , Abso- Elxjgryl 0153356 of bicl1ifg0gqEg-Egffxbition, HSIODPQ. e- 21 relaxation lutclY U ,dcrs Smginfgq Cach mac- . US1 Shi Cfgore than Cflloysbe proud of lille Her Parents ca? llgfxffs ardor for Wm ' . l0an Marie Finan Lad 1' y 'ke dec an . Ofllm ' , ce qnd Wmnin , trlm appear . I . 126 l01n I r g Smlle Character- one Oans a friend to ever Fi , :Hd 9VtI'y0ne IS Inq y- HQ, . i , ' quiet I -HS chu meanor andcgigli, respectful dl? W , I ur callzrtllz of 1mlt3tf0ned Illlglnner are Proud . ' Daren: character, Of' lOan,s virtuous Mary Helen Coleman Athletics claim much of Maryls time. Thanks to fraternal influence, there are very few sports Mary is unable to play well. Basketball and hockey top the list, and she holds a coveted membership on the hon- orary North Iersey Field Hockey Team. A good-natured laugh has become an identifying mark of her presence. Her parents can be proud of: Maryls all-around friendliness. Blanche Marion FitiSim high Wllgorletta Regina Foster ' . 0 gm? . n orett. 1 , Ffomshibssaisniwsdsrvs fi iiillfqiiilly af.: ae roam school REX' ' terest an -O' x- tw ll! grown Ulf, hy S G HS , y H1 Y wlt 15 6 L Ve years L Ere, In he DVUSCWOY Her spafk me ndher many ho oretta has att ' I literzlmrq her converwhoni 335 al- she is 1 Hors' B0Sides her awed Dfedsell lgen attradlvenesilents can mg studlenclbhgmg friend, Deidldles' wplfsafefreshinfl- Eels gfllbrant Per' "Foster-Smiligd Ogvner of a fygygji Way ud 0E:Blanc 6 adapt herself l he will read'l be Pro rents can be pig HEY home' Her Jay . u . , - equaled versatility' of. Loretta s un, 5onalitY- 11 whde nts CHQ , rhythm 13535353 fernininiw. Q A n Catherine Gascoyne. H . rmd everything 1- and SIHCC I 'rls are Suill , Whqt little 11.1 tion Iulia D 1 - . mee th xtS H is not ap exC9Q4- t A us mst 15322312263 the pride of . the typicfr Julia jg res . ar mo feeling We agfgilsxiplrlz for that warm g,e'g3b0fD policy Wgr the Hood Q mire her 1' - 0 cmd fail and x D CilSlIlg Contfweet unselfislmess p9fS0nality lnuallyf , - Her merrimem Lvliilkle with siippresggg Zglothes fashimled llrgancing l5.her o ne manner- feciseb' Case Y let feet know. P imble holJbY tom go in eve1'Y lmsgproud Otller sjd l . We lmow depth Ii a side truly religlgu la S of. I '1. , er Parents can b Us 1 L .a Teresa Gerammu 1 1 . Son B d that typica - U ' our In Soma .we harm. She is . CUCHU 9 ' ' Seems S0Utl?,Am im and f19'h'ng ' try Spalmh Soho rasp, be lt Chemoied beyond ll'lergwitticismS Hrgsqx coni or tixriigf ensagmfg 133312 bf humogl 2.11 . d I 0 3 S e Steiff felmlgjffen briefw Submiigntg which is 1 essllierv , 5 gp thouzhtfu n - 'S determma' in nine Proud of: Soma iron T0 Progress' Ellen Ioan Caffeney Lift a bobbin or push aside some wool and Ellen Ioan is bound to be discovered. Will we ever for- get those beautiful argyles she don- ated for a Sodality project? But then unsellishness is the key of her personality. Very rarely does a smile leave her lips or humor stop twinkling in those clear blue eyes. Her parents can be proud of: Ellen Ioan's generosity. 12 ' 11198 amybl e Dl'0u urelil Personality, C and H0od nat Marlene R Affarlcne is a I Ufh Gerhard quiet Sollhistic t Wing Paradox-a 3 6 Qt - . Sports fi ' V 21 vlvacio prised toulseevlile vllouldlft be sulf cover of a ma er. H06 Eracing the appearance at .gazine Her striking duce 3 Portrait oifonslfant poise DIO- ents. can be prong 42134 Her par- Hraciousness 3 d . 03 Marlenes H integrity, 0 Ores Cer ,1 Ha1'VeY Barbara Ruth d mg- Princeton lxeekZndi:oifriiIlldinatiOH, etry...ql1 yr is Some- ?5lfiHl'MiSS fm what wolrififg Xml the ability R556 of the alias, 'Sie taking timfb Off 05 'ri many of llef still hold the lea lead in the rich , She W' f her home Classes- tmosphefe O E: Bar- l a congenial be proud 0 Her parents canl enthusiasm. bar 55 remarkab 6 Ioan Elizabeth Gungrich Here is proof that "good things come in small packages". More is contained in her 62 inches than can be enumerated. Her quietness gives Way to bubbling vivacity Which, when matched with Haw- less poise, produces an effect we have come to know and love. Her parents can be proud of: joan's perpetual thoughtfulness and pre- sence of mind. M goan Marie Hemux o . for molstagf IIEOIEUZHS are gloomy What brightensd lg they are some- the weekend. WH? 101-ms tales of attractiveness 1 loans blonde W her Popularity e iagrhgndsrstand l0an meets ' . the mst resser cnt 'f e of th - ' Clouinvlvorfg-e fgitsthbeen aetfgfitg? ginliifjountain Chime? lgsmess end 0 . ' , el' P3 ficiencypmud of' 103118 maturgegg ook H 9 YOUng Constanc A in Spontaneous Unsurpa-Ssls an asset at 133132 1 s Comme 5 ts hers? QuP: ns She a QPX or Seriously occaslomiation. Social Y any. As 3 CVSTYZ is pleasant C0m9uSica1 beat Conn! . te her TU for- Mawfet r us H01 Drum and let . Her Cor Sv . . , lei llgonnieg lyrxigajd 12030 nnie s iarentS can be itimistic altitude' Ciii' ehee and OD Kafllerf Kay leaves ev ne Theresa Ho,-an and speechless ZEIYOT2 breathless lords accompaniid ler How of trculations In he by many ges- moments, how er ,more serious fo be 3 great eV?r2,IV1Yllaspr0Ved eXC,H U mission 1 . L ent chalrmqn f eader and o : ' - n gijulgcgfcg' Her Dargllsnlzgjodil' ays rnexhaustible Vigof afnfflel' . - L Nancy Trlmta U ' our mu Wu- A'Ll11Shi0H D223 Eel- glarnor0L:S NanCY- - this Def lowfglurancc cannot an artists dp even when Wea , tic produC' Sghxocli. 111 many portrayed tions NHHCY has C mild her pleasing the ODPOSW5 twists" As Business , -Ce was 21 mu ' has been 21 Noi 1 Cr acumen I E our Manafg,QT X the production 0 d 1 xt 'iid to can be Pfou grcl 1 arents . . k. Hel' P A c1enCY- Yealiboo J.. imqincsslike DYOH A...- -1-f aretL0'51'een Mary Marg 1 em for future fl rea SC LO- We altlieg Degson of 'Mahlas led yearix inHer ineautitulxvlgggval. But gre, ' 1 l Musica ocal lyerdlilblhtriz not corlfdlfxftllieulilfllsket' Eerform21HCjVgHXeQ,0t be COWPESZ . In , . , athiii eKpf'e2,ii'i,.92??yMafvS rs can e. - 'ce- lisdigcribable singing vox Ioan Margaret Kervick Dancing eyes, lively vocabulary and dry humor merge into Ioan. Tales of the Kervick household Cfive girls? have kept us in slight hysteria. joan has a serious nature shown by her intelligent approach to any problem and her interest in a "democratic home". Her parents can be proud of: 1oan's debating ability. 14 Nan Tri s cy Anne Leonard D to ' 1 ment B 0156 S Camer 7 Unconce ,1 d 3 Depart- flurthtful expressgois blushes and EZ?:JC1A2lfC closely Withagi things We Stiilutiful Strawberry blancie. Her causes m .. OH e h - f any O i11,r Hdn1i2Idjs.anf.11e'ihhs ' Emmy a person fffcghgr i hf1S helpiii fer home f gmg up the h' USU, H D Or tomorrow . ill. be 520 Ydmviting. Her pgvlll be ar- . U of: N , , rents can tlon to do tliingsanxiifli. determina, Fra nces Jean Lukas W'e 'irc in ' ff ' clmed t . ces. f ' we QQPPY Deogig ffxflflffi fffxfasffc 155 is lliglufr With a flarefor gggnilgn can Be atm student. Her pst lfe ment OfPf0ud of: Frances' gms everyday life' enjoy- Luciiie Mika o Rita . - melOdY,, irl is like 3 Gra- ff stty fl , - ' se. ,-alrslclilltlwirlie m Brltatlxgll freshly lfdltlllly an 1 to leave ' s Cf- . ben . Ciou 1 k nexey st B hwmg bl ed 00 , CU 5 . seru aim is gfQque,ntlY deadline. lxer. X xtkthe School pap consistent- IWJV b en lc-ler c0lUmi22,-lggfeng 03" biffoud ly Clwfs gentility of mam of: Put E'leeH Omeary Claire x ' Claire It .S easily understoodfwgligr dass' -. fl lpopulax' mCmbclnZ attitude is 15 L - dl easy-E101 t On. Her Erien Y always eoufl one We has become Syxsozixgld Clmre rib-ticklmll gsxsetence mzlftaneoiis femarlslin demand for Enos made lie? WUC fincl WS hard t0 varioUS aclw-messtill for a mind? and her sitting, an be proud 0 ' Vivienne Maggs Peaceful expression giving Way to sudden animations-here is our loyal Vivienne. As a nurse her soft voice will certainly calm the most distressed patient. In her green Frazier she seems to personify an artist's conception of a "cover girlv. Her parents can be proud of: Vivienneis quiet unalfectedness. He, parentS cf 1 wholesome 1121- 15 . 1' U Claire S wonde ture. Mary Colleen Murtha A fypiol " ' Miss Mural Irish colleen" is and blue gym myth FCI' dark 1311: f . n t. - I 1 ous story shg 11,1 L hfiil J humor- speaking wifi -is n.1'mque way f Stunning in 11:1 smile in her voicg always is dmsg pgearanee, Colle-eff in fashion. She Qi to the last Word 1 , f 1 1 t Euneniber her lonnit s. yve will zzrewell Her IZ after We my Of: C ' X , Parents can ' Ouecn S llIlClCtsh:n.J:,. Alle proud Lois ' An Jean Peuegrine ZUIHC ic Q . suddenlyt Pfpression Chan . Lois. Config UillSChICVOllS smigl?-I ever ' "Fly eelest' 1 S and ,-is her volceh In C0 ia, how- derful? mllsicol efforts fhnggirsatlon ver. Lgjsszigllng tones neverwucjgj that go hand llivelitness are Words giigvalfs 1'Qmember We will bel' or sincerity, Her Sep capa- Proud of Parents can and z .L0fS, calm perfect poise, serenity Sara Teresa Riehgjnanvene- 'x 1 uf - Amazinilh' dear? e many 3 but h lar carries . 1 ,yy dit fable ishgnever a partxcixiu you U tg 1 1 . tim pfobiemuxssssaw to can Zgwaiiyigct conclusiorllaat the e e at ire assures eveigfgrlconuokl-ler ilizuation is Wil ugroud 051 Sally S e tg Can pare? -nn fpaord- ...-an S ith n Doris m loa , - 55 of Beneath the. eygtizfgjdltclhuillltlmiilqwx- 503,55 nagxigjlxiike to posseigxjxnrfii tif? Elfshmss Jas, and presseddggevtiligbility, qifriy adleifetl by H1255 been 3 Siler dexter1W lntyigrearbook Worx? Neat asset tgo gan be proud 0 ' Her Daren Cter. loan's stroilg Chefs If Rose Lucille Rofondo we drawn pictfilver ' see a beautifnn yvonit b le In 3. mzlgnz' y is 'asffufpflsed to :ss is Dufjn h . . inscribed 0 . Rose fiasergggg Years at the Jong? Posters for ev IOUSIY contributed never a lame tery occasion and about bein n hHS been uttered fectly groon? overburdened P is found on eg, her Personal Cha er' Art Room Hue canvasseg of tim Proud of. 'Ro Q' Parents can bg ' . - se qull d15Dosition.S Constantly fran- Lorraine Marie Pellegrino Lorraine has always had a spe- cial trick of combining school work with numerous extra-curricular ac- tivities. Her ever-ready humorous quips head the list of why she is so well-liked. Active Sodalist and apt student, Lorraine is generous at all times. Her parents can be proud of: Lorraine's all around vitality. 16 10311 Marie Sparta Easton C iribution to'lo1l1ifJi:li?g?uEl of its con- e , f -, or , Martini? .e Wemlked f115f?neJSan ut her' j C VG Qefised to be amqzag painting? Sggitgrtllsffffy and heir gil gfgocial whirl Qvheneoigely inisfs UH, a 15 In t Tore Cglfiyzliit-tsvgflihir is alwayts C at x 1 ' ofilifin IE? Parents Canlie big? i aries pers0nahty.P u Sulllv an 1020 Margaret is like 3 refereteii' jozms M3655 written her EZ ex, b okfln, 1. wide CY charactf2f'S3C'n3E2:iiss and Ying pressev? nlcness and am? kles Cafffhd 'qt The laugh Cllnmw truthgllhlhess mouth and H562 gxdif- nose SSSZECZE glide Romtfmi he i:,txif,a2:,fS Her Patents cant: P getic Pufsm enef 1- abeth Tighe janet E 12 10- ' h r tastes and l eo Unique ,Ubi astounded .HS 53 21305, janet ne occaSi0n.WlFhf ies more thaileotion of the inktncaihe clear PSYC p - Quite .0 len . t- E world aflalrs' d with Pam 0 ual' ' Cwsgtisissbut ensass ztutie vzzncaaefosfbud of 516, parents N Huw. ane 55 artistic. 21 1 Anne Kaine Stevenson If there were ever a true friend to he had Anne IS one Wlth her understindmg and sweet wwys she leaves nothing to be desired Her basketball must not be forgotten for interest in this respect was greqt. Her softspoken msmnerisms and patience are her Winning points. Her expert chemical mind is admired by classmates. Her parents can be proud of: Anne's genuine refinement. Nild Soft a Ampam Suro ing fa -dark hair ffamin Nada qygvlfh s sweet sijecham lady 'Sh F3 Picture of a 15 Our she providlsb hgraceful danlgglfeff dance in the Sm? clever castanets Paints Well 9 Hg Festival, Sh the best ' i Speclally ch' 6 the in Dicture she has lim, but Her Eglgpfete one of aklggglted is Nildkfs nf can be Yhfe, gracious manner Proud gf: 17 0a Whefevn Ann Tumulty VV0men," milf Wt? think of 'Littl Sggfhiemeiiilnei-nigga automati? ancy Oftzrflfe with ell fjgebmlfght Miss Tumultyarigomplished 35332- igdjxfigrfijnqes Hndwgeiinlfgluelfish in. ifxiy Oxgtliizflsilinlfifg Befggfsflf fOan'srfJ?gSSn:n asset whiirll :rkof one. Her e appealing to 3 es Joa , PHICIIFS can b EVSI'-y- n s radiant d1SD0SffjOE Proud of: Therese V allen , evident in A of gen1US,v 1 3 at- ,ITT wllltistie Cndeaigestzlie the yts has 1113110 t ,lo of our WP ' d Nlxclmelanl-'V ' ness uncliSPllf? Aunusual attractxlls the 'lusS. 'er K louldt 35 . ivoulcl .leuveofnodgtmchvc Pflsscssiowll not renxemller ,fi has But we W1 we linow tlwt wi u'1li- aiomxi izljclntlcrlul l1Ut'htw5l'1Her 'El-ne Stine Hr ' . or C - Owl ,, 'onit Won E g . ErnCS' ties VW ll b youd Ql- rents can 6 P A .nchVidu3llSl1C Yiziweis uclinirululc lin l W35'S. isb ill una .-Llxdv of Slmlli Vlsofldgle wzlllelx , ' - s0CC , , .-t' 'a mls lliiis iltin the Sprint! Yigtigfft Ohm stixrrt Um, lor who- Nay uid :fill scnoflfil' ny? elltozen he Ol L , 0 ga Wi- U . lmdcrstoocl llhywnic in our elass: the most l7ll0tm'iEe proud Of: Ol?-135 Her parents gan Q fu 'S' 012,21 Mana V wonderful wxnsonu, Vw Y Helene Elizabeth Ullrlch A little bit of Ilolluncl 5001115 to reside at the Mount--for Helene looks somewllut like Z1 Dutch doll come to life. Strictly American, however, is l1er sense of humor and l1er talent for the pleasant informal Way of 0nt0rtz1ining, She is delight- ful company und is most amusing when she H1lli11llCSn. She never uses this gift unlcinclly. Her parents can be proud of: llelenels eompatilnility. .iw V' X K, f K J tw 45 , 1 , A ,N ,H awk ,F N ww X ,M 18 Leono - . In rc re Ahgla Visbal 'Don , , tures and Jfirlgeonores Cjqssic f . L - ' eq- picture T1 C0lor111g 'are ' . - 2 - ' 3 t begnns 21 Jler smile Hasllelgfilfg she IS instead 1 clfmversatfon, and lvllen IJOOH 1 lVCly Chattprbo fluughter Wfllorfccgufsl uNo,"l he: inngfg-rt-oining thepfolgl He? skill '. flf-IC las b 1 GS 0 our Will alwf . CHI Ie111ark11b1, bl V .zys rememb e. Wie ofiligg' Hfi' Parents ilizriiir pretty notes mtense loyalte proud Y. lane Ann Islhllllifl A CSS 9NDr0ss ' 3?II5llCI'I'l drawl is Hcijwlthaslfght UIHO. ' , . 1 '1'1r'1et Decizilly gin VETOYS daineingnsggc often founf dll, and C l Windisch , X Q twirl- 'an be gr gixitgdio. Sl1eniif?fllElStrainS r 1 ' ' 1 'Q Z ' do thin V!-, cznoyment fm DlC1fy 25 of 1 1 ,m the l t- ways Serve t iff, and tl11s Wm 11 contin . O PG a facto f 3' can bggfolgilhpincss' Herr Poli her . , . , , r IJOSIUOH, U Of- lanes happy g w.. .,-M, gm a . ' Qi 5 "' Mother Mary Cecilia X 'i S . Q a a ay V V ff V ' '9 r in Sister Mary Immaculata and Miss Matilda Gregory admire the beautiful gifts. Wi 4-ff Q gr- -asm' ,ff ,V 3 -4. Miss Matilda Gregory, first Academy graduate, reads Memorial plaque SiSf9l' MZIYY Regina to be inserted in Fatima Shrine when erected. 19 A s M 5 . Q: if 593 E 5532 seg i M, M kk I 1' 'E553 i I s 2 25' i U 45 'liizfizl it , I V ff' ' r Q S 5 N., Wa- Mr. Zavaglia prepares the group for the nex! number. Seniors proudly enter the auditorium. an ni W , f ff? A iii W FL -,XE we :Mn , A 54 X W L Ma,f,,.3 me we ' ef L' ff! s. Girls enler to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstances." lm M A A Q, ,iw- ff Q: Q '52 Q12 5' 1 3 K a 1 s iii? . C he viii IW' G, if Q7 'Y' H 1' a""+w if " C - tht, The girls applaud Dorothea Frank as she receives the Catholic University Diploma. Others who received the diplomas were: Amy Conover, Mary Hull, Marilyn Keating, Valerie Liabastre, Elaine Meixner, Francesmary Peters, and Mary Joan Wozeh. After the exercises the graduates go in the Academy Chapel for their Act of Consecration. K K - , U"Psfsz-wL:ffie1i1es:ae5:wffei.,-1'Ls' -:sg f , Q rg 5 sl gs' A 2 Q C 2 iii, ef ff, 1 Pk gs? Ei H' af MW I 'Mr f""'?. QM iv ,fig gg 2+ 5, sqkfwv 4' 0 sv '9 ,J A , gif, any 3' K fa 14, 1 .1 4,4 w',f5 g gfxgf , ,M 5 ,Lf Mg,,Z,u,Mh, 9? I Q V,, 4 V V 5 , ' x ' 1 'Y ws Z?4? Maxim avi' " Mr. and Mrs. R. Meixner are pleased with the many compliments Elaine received on her singing. 23 Mr. and Mrs. J. Wiltrakis and daughter are very proud of Terry's scholastic achievements. Graduation is a beautiful day for Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Cilligan and Mary Anne. Ms. , 1 N qgiiillfi M . P 5 5 LJS.lkS!a' 31122, ig? 5 Ti Q V eg' i"'f' "h1"'W', 1 7' X 34 E .QM ,. 92, 5229 I ,, ,V , , L ,ov . 57 .- uf K 'l 3 STUDY CHA OBEDIENC Prefecl: Bobby Cleary proudly tells her father of the interest shown by the Sodalists in Catholic literature. ' af0mL'cwfq Mount girls receive from the Sodality inspiration and guidance. Their personal interests as candidates are stimulated through activities of various guilds. The Academy girls, mindful of the needy missions, offer a weekly Mass and Holy Communion for this great intention. On various occasions sales are giveng appeals for food, clothing, and toys are answered. For their mission spirit the girls have received high praise from Rev. Monsignor Emmett A. Monahan. All eagerly await Reception Day and our Lady's month which brings with it added blessings through the public recitation of the rosary and the impressive May crowning. 26 I The Sodality Moderator, Sister Mary Leonard, made arrangements with Mr. john Haffert to have the replica of Our Lady of Fatima Statue during a formal novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The students marched in procession, singing, "On This Day, O Beautiful Motherf, Three Senior girls, Anne Gascoyne, julia Gerard- dino, and Rita Mika had the honor of carrying the statue. During the novena, Rev. Harold Colgan, pastor of St. Maryls Church, Plainfield, spoke to the girls. Each day the Rosary was re- cited, followed by Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Mrs. F. Murtha and Mrs. D. I. Mansfield admire the religious articles sold by Kay and Christine. iz 9-4-fr mmf' Academy girls honor Our Lady of Fatima irwi ahve' Nm- 1' LS' L sf , iff' ,N SQ, 4 Mx xx if Mg. ,f ,. .ff 1..-J H' is :AA ' as ws 5 .1 fa fx ., f,- w... S 5 , ,ffm f f , 5' fl A -Q," . .f . : x if f, Ik K Ip' W i 1 Q W l f 'sf i! . 1. , 4 4' s lb' I . 1, , ,K A , Y I K xyfa .. 'E 'Wi kj?" 'S ":i K ,, M 1 ' ' . A 'L I ' ,. I Q . v 6 Q , 322 A3 f 1 L.. ff fav? cf? ff, 4 Wfffw, X .Mg ,Nr ,V , 3 at "gif fr' M, . mf" V' .,alf"W, I if ! v 1 1, '51 I, WQM1-I-W5 Q I .XX x, an ff rxrvr A11 ,--. fr ' 5 Q tlilg 1 , . . . .'. max. 1, wg, .fy V. ' ,s mv- a pf N Q F JA ,ss Y VF' E.- X fm Ar Q 'Ol 'Qin kink X1 J. 5 J ww k 3359 nj A ff by 'F f, I , -mm X S 9? I lj 1' Q 5 J I 1 uw, i ! I ji 5 5' sz s, W fs" f n . he Academf' . ha trams R bers. ncxs Zavag horal Dum Mroafrsiudents fm' many C Sister Mary Consilio, head of the Musi D c epartment, takes Dorothy Doty thr h oug her lesson. Sister Mary Fatima, vocal teacher, aids Lynn Rousseau in her study of voice. 30 ,..-1 ,I Sister M Kiely tha?-V Ruben ,- tech - eviews with M ' -'iry meal s,de D f music 31 Patricia Martin listens while Sister Mary Louis explains the piece to Kay Cottrell. as Q A ,Ja 'WA A N , NX'x.4vQV""'M W avg ? s f-'Sh I an ' Ax, HSM fm A Z 'R ' "vw 'mf wa-gg WW-M Mimi if 'fv- 4034 ,E i 'XL , u Y A if , , . 'W y. ' ' 'E 'f' 144 ' 'Y wr . Q 3 ff? 'Q' 'QT-'ff' " 'wb I wk, D M I AM o 4 S X , of x xxxxx 'Q . 1 if --., 5 1 ' it , , QQ A an 'V wr I M 4' If I ini! 1 4 e 3 is ijW,g."' ft .Q M, . A Q 'If :H " LM V Q 'mf' ' f- 'Nw M ' Mf- we A j'5u:"pW,Qf N7lQf.I' x 'mn if 'Q db. 'G -:av 5' . 4Q"',mf A if' fak- 1' Ni vt Our two senior Michaelangelos, Rita and Marilyn put finishing touches on their paintings. Sonia shows Rose her poster, which was awarded second prize in the Propagation of the Faith Contest. In charge of publicity, Sonia Gerar- dino and Ernestine Vallen have produced many artistic posters for the yearbook. 1 LU S G0 HXNTXNG A M.. ff' Nancy Leonard, Vivienne Maggs, Ioan Heroux, and Ioan Smith were accurate copyists. ' lux- 4062.611 The business stait checks on the stu- dent directnry and patrons from each class. FRONT ROWV: Joan Marie Sparta, Lorraine Pellegrino, and Lor- retta Foster. BACK ROW: Ioan Gungrich and Mary Logreen. 34 Km .5 'N . W, A .4:"Vl 1 ,Blix N 7250 S Sister Mary Ruth, Moderatorg Chris- tine Casey, Editor-in-Chiefg and Nancy Lammerding, Business Man- ager, plan Volume XII of Mountain Chimes. The staff is sincerely grate- ful to Sister Mary Ruth for her un- sellish guidance and counsel. We feel that any credit earned by the year- book will be due to her encourage- ment and efforts. N M. fix ly ' A 5 I 1' RX .uzxwmz ma v6'1'mz Zvl.flIN'l'ENAN'l' ? QP Grace d- Ch' ' . Yescusses iligskl, Litera LIFE?-ook withtheme forrilh Editor, ..,, T0 RIG 'he liter 6 1950 Che . HT. ary grille, Fllgifglmonle Join , Keri:-3: 1 P o , Barbaffncffgfchfeltfelle. Y. , The business assistants, Ellen Joan Galleney and Julia Gerardino, tgd efficient work with yearbook a s. 35 wr- 4911. fl' QS 9' fi ,,,. V. r fe-M Nlotlcrator, Sister Mary Alphonsusz Editor- in-Chiet, Sally Riehmang Associate Editors, Grace Chiniski, Rita Mikag Columnist, Blanche FitzSim0nsg Business Manager, Barhara Cleary. REPORTERS: Ioan Bachand, Christine Casey, Joan Kervick, Claire O'Leary, Ursula YV0ltl, Mary Elizabeth O'llalloran, Barbara McGovern, Margaret VValsh, Barbara Martin, and Katherine Horan. S6 i ' fl- Xllsys 44 2 x Tw N af ,Y , . an ff 2 .-Z ? W, Ili? 4 M 0 U N MEUELY 1' 551 T935 W - M +2 W N , . Lf, "f Q' I 5 r Q , f F E 5 f lx GQV Lj,lQl:VkQ,Y kr nf, gi.. grin ,. SS ,x,k ii in 5 S ua ,gc R I B E i NV i TODA MXN... h Patricia O'Sullivan, Claudette Berhard, OTHERS: Kalhleen 0'Halloran, Mary Coleman, Frances Gregory, Iane YVindisc , ' Patricia Ventura, Julia Gerardino, Joan DeMattia, loan Butula, Cay Corbally, and Alice Farley. 37 H 1. 3 fs: r Ln x i Nl d ra celebrating Mass The view of M"piigfxv'i:h'df?evl:ff aPP'eCia'i0n of inspires the G,-eat Sacrifice "Sunday is the best day ofthe weekf, says Daddy Leonard io his wife and daughter. :sux M'-a vw isis. Afier Mass, Charlotte and Roberia aim to make a good hospital corner. 38 Senio r D3IlCe Com . Imtt ee meet to discuss I P ans. Ioan Marie and "Sullie" plan to rearrange their room. 'af i Knitting and reading are a favorite pastime of our freshman boarders: Barbara, Ioane, Diane, Bienchi, and Julieta. I , -mm L 1, I ,gsyrw-A , , 4 , ' s if gl hun hal 51 "How do they expect us to read these names?" says Sally to Ruth, Virginia, Margaret, and Carol. Pat and Carmel enjoy working with Septcmher leaves. .44 izsfzfw W-Mzg gf V '- bw ,Fi K if ., ,. 'S 1 MIM: ,bi 2592 101' 'V , 4 ., 'H is if Li? Hz' g , f '4iiL Q Q' Q54 4 , KEN v . f X 1, , , 1 L X gif? Q.. "r--.,, ERA? 22: :',. - ,wiwesv , 3, , , 1 I Q M, M K Q 9083 iff gf. -'a42'4lgg1,fW,gGf, 7 Y ' A 6 f Wy' 1 , 5 1 5' I X Cx 1' i M U ,, W Q if Wx ,N ga 'F At close of school Petrunella, Rita, Betty Ann, 5 X J 8 X Kathleen, and Alice enjoy upopsf' gkiw fi' w g H 5, L5 3 5 jlqi -' mfwg o ,'Q??i v gpg , g i 5 L T V EQ 5 7 3 .5555-.5 .5 V ig il? 1 T5 . ff ' f REQ' H , f ax o wi ko 3, A Q, . Wdv gww A l ,'aumVh. ,.ol ll: Q u -'ggi , ,si 13, If new ,Div ' ' I W' JMW1 Q 1 'A 1 v Furnished friends find fire fascinating. nf VVeducsday's wgrkers willingly watch Sisler Mary Innocent. Livcly linguists learn Latin from Sisler Mary Mvrcedes. -2 Q 3 ..- Mid-day meal mal many merry. 44 H. ,MW , w wf -tn 1' ,M Sisier Mary Alphonsus guides a section of her Freshman English class. ,,N,fr-1 Sis! cr Mary Innocent instructs the Freshmen in Algebra. During Nuiritiun, Colleen and joan help Sister Margaret Mary while Vivienne and joan look on wiih interest. Each noon Pat and Genevieve take a spin around the building. a- 9. I C! ll! flew A .MM 4a,,f, ,, L. , mmm so wwwy, MW: 'hw Hearts' delrght, a pound less," gloats Ellen to Sister Margaret Mary. 4 an Presxdent Truman on televmon wms mstamt praise from senior history students I Jw bw Niifgu' H 'WH fr 3' 4Q E. 5 Q l 5 K. T 333 . ,KR may is , K L :lwwf N ggi gf? , L ,, N if H X, l ll Y Q N wqlw l'T,W'W Harriet says, It all comes out in the wash. Her pals, Anita and Alice agree while Pat and Peggy await their turn take 'ime .Et:"is':v.ffe home To 1116580 9:- klnqf V zz' f.,,1..a.., ,..ov' The younger set are eager to finish their sewingg Anita, Susie, Carol, Antoinette, Eleanor, and Margaret. heref, r were ffwish my mofhe 'ld - remarks Mary to Nl a 51 GMM "Please hurry, my moiher is coming," W'-I says Pat to Carmel. W 554W QW' 5 , 5 Grace, Lorrctta, Bobbie, and Kay urged julia to hurry. Ann's father gives her a little advice on her holidav. ww I M.. .yn B -... fW,,,,g351ff -WK L fy ,ff 'ff' flyf In 'I ,Iii M Am, ,,, ! miililii WWa:'s345fv,aaf.f.c3 Nw - .ue , X 4 ' f + ' Q 1'-:JS Vu S The younger set enjoy the "Junior Rec." X-1 if ' may NW-.qw 'S' Kathleen and llolwrla use lhcir holiday iimc to make a posier. Q .... y fm Vg Wi anis--"" E E r S MPW1' Daddy DeCleene takes one look and is worriedf "Marilyn, that is a gown appropriate for the Junior-Senior Prom." ? ,Q he .,g Yi +51 f K Xia Aff mio ff x l 1' ' Z g f NY 7 W5 ..sM.ossE4-rv: ,,...ff H , Moihe r and Dad will be so happy to have you with us for a weekend," says Alveria to her roommate, Orieite. "Gracious Joan, taking five sklrts for three daysl' nf x ,7 Q44- 11" "What a glorious weekendf, exclaim Nilda, Hilda, and Ellen. fl? "Daddy, I think we had more fun this weekend than any other." 55 A good report add to the joy of Nancyls home visit. Doris can't wait until she gets - Q 1-'5 . efina await 0Il9l'3 0 Rebecca and Jos' h Venezuela. her license. contact Wlt Lo Our y oungvr set of sisters, Ruth and Anita - , enjoy skati ng, 1-rain '44 q -sw Peggy is delighted when Lorretta ' "I'll iake you beautiful." pl'0llllSeS, ll ,Q ZH K Tn e and If-annet tc show sisterl Y affection. Julia, Oriett, and Sonia are pleased with family snapshots. julieta amus 1 ' 1 K+! x 1 ix WX Xi 1 es Carmen wi th her cscapades. ng ww sry-- vx2f:f.-sg.. 1-lv gwwg Q13 Q1 gm .4 .a nf Q v uf 11 -, as -1 QQ an 1, na na sv of sw an aa on 'J J , fr A .Mr W ,f f A f 1. r Q s p 1 1 o s Q z e a L,,,mWm::,g1,q,n ,.,,, .,,, ,,,, '4'+" f'h""' " nv .a vp,- ' Q "' "" " .6 ..f,1a ' 1 4' "' " .,0.. .ns " " ' V' " " .f an 1-- '- 3 7' 1:12 .Y .. ... gg if: Wi: L Z2 ZZ 1535155 - - Q- zz :: 1:21 1::jj::QAZ: Z: M .. ...V , . ,. :1:: gg! v" H"f"' AA' " .5 an-4-.lg ,A..,W,. .. H .,,.., .. ao.,-In 1,4 N.. -.Q 'fj:':"""" - ....,. .. .. .. nnaawesaana, an gg """""' nssxaoufnooz an so """""' nunou alan as on """""' soo: oc. nan an """' . onus s 4 can hqnne, anon: s z 4 n 1 1 6 E E 5 s l 5 3 2 2 X 3 Q 2 Vs Q um F' D , i-uf' Q' ' 1, Q32 if I 1 Oi M X at Q ,aa sm! 42 r '-1 ' x ,eg A L 'O w lo ww- i f, ...,, tim ,D'Alv ' Mrs. E. Pellegrme and daughter, Loxs, Mrs. A. Sparta and daughter Ioan Marie enjoy their game of canasta. ' ' A .mai "lv lf, Claire serves Mrs. Matthews and Pat Doyle. wwf if Foam- ., X. Frances Burke! Blrs. P. Pellegrino, Mrs. YV. Foster and Mrs. Il. Callahan and and Julia Gerardmo. others match their wits at a game of canasta. Mrs. P. J. Aidalc with her committee is ready to distribute the prizes. Mrs. I. Crilly and Mrs. J. Horan enjoy a game with Mrs. V. Slavin and Mrs. J. Bailey. Nirs. F. E. FitzSin1ons and Bunny discuss plans. -af' ...Nav-"' Mrs. Edward Harvey shows her :laughter Barbara her prize. Mary Doyle and Peggy Matthews enjoy their tea. Ioan Binns receives her hand-made Christmas Tree, donated by Mrs. P. I. Aidale, from our chairman, Nance Leonard. ii enjoy the delightful baritone repertoire. Ushers Nancy, Janet, Sonia, and Grace from hallway si 1 L? 5 5 il? if sf it 4- 4 f l A - ,.,: :-- ' HQ f M :f x ,, A , is z P V f. X iii + 311 -f :iv 2 1 U L g J F fl3f"'4vf. I fails- 3 A' -Q'- ' . Aw., M 4 -- '- Monsignor Martin Madura, Reverend Mother Mary Patrick, Mother Mary Cecilia, Sister Mary Immaculata, Sister Mary Vincentia, Sister Mary Louis, and Sister Mary Robert join the Academy students in honoring Mother Mary Bertrand. rf, . -2.5,-,N-A: I , At intermission Mr. Earle Spicer graciously entertains 'the ushers Christine, Marlene, and Nancy with more of his Shakespenan "Qu1z." Cheval gt ou? 'N I X Thru The we' Com gi 13h0n . io! lntemte . K V962 Kay Frowery smxles after successful on gfea playing of "Sonaiina." A '7 Wf Lorretta Foster skillfully assisls Mary Logreen in her vocal solo "Thine Alonef' Honora bows after her successful performance. 64 Patricia Aidale receives great applause after her number, "By The Sea." A udz-ey Kiszo nac, Mar . y pa, - . w .. r ish .Sister nil? flier, Audrey R hard Ha enter PPY Feast' and An Day ne Casco - .Vne Ioan Marie Sparta accompanies Lois Pellegrine in her beautiiul rendition of "Ave Mana." 65 Barbara Cleary pays tribute to Sister Mary Leonard on her Feast Day. 'we LITTLE WOMEN OF YESTERDAY Meg ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,7,,7,77,777,7,777 ,,,,,....A.,., R ita Mika I0 ,...,... ,E ,..,. Marrianne Bachand Amy ,,,,.., ,,,,..,.,.. I oan Gungrich Beth ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, I 0 an Tumulty Mrs. March, "Marrnee',., ,,.,.,, Grace Chiniski Aunt March ,.,.....,,,,....,.,., .,,,,,,, I anette Tighe Hannah ,,,,.,,,,,,,, 7,A...,. C hristine Casey Sally Moffat .,...... ..,,,,, P eggy Matthews Aunt Caroll ,.... , .,....,,...,.......,,,, Anne Stevenson xy AR Beth explains to Marmee and the girls that her "Wors! burden is being afraid of people? ,. Blanche FitzSimons smiles warml as she congratulates Mother Mar Cecelia on the occasion of he feast day. Www " uv-wg ,wma ,W ww LQ. Q . fiiffilf- , "' w . is W 'HE irmee remarks, "Like all mothers want my daughters to be loved, admired, and respected." LITTLE WOMEN OF TODAY We are "Little NVomen" of a new era. As we go forth to take our places in the world of today, we face the universal need for a Catholic Way of life. Though some of us may have a call to the MW -,,,,,-vi Don t cry, Amy religious life and others may remain single, it is in Codis plan that most of us will be mothers. WVe must create, in each of our homes, an ideal unit of society. Our families will be of the future in outlook, but of the past in Way of living. Our '11-f-'W Aphex homes will not be merely our habitants but the centers of our lives, and our daughters, in their turn will return to our mother school to learn the same pattern of life and living. 551 03152, .4 frm ,, Yaoi ,Zu si' .rits ,.,,, H ..,, ,. i. U .gi , he wk-O 3 QW G8 A quiet serenity hovers over the silent halls as an omen of anticipation. It is dis- turbed ouly by the gentle "Alleluias,' of the choir, for it is Christmas at the Mount. All about the building is the stillness like unto the first Christmas, so many years ago. Candle light, the only illumination save the colorful tree lights, touches each thoughtful face and in its flickering erases all visions of previous excitement. It leaves in its stead a welcome quiescence. Peace is found in the hearts of all who are a part of the Mount, for on Carol Night We leave our troubles far behind and think of nothing but the beauty of the moment. How many familiar scenes do we recall: pine branches swaying slightly in the winter air, the beautiful Christmas Play, the ex- pertly orchestrated Christmas dance, the loveliest senior party, the joys of decor- ating, the spirit of charity, and the memor- able singing of the Christmas Carols at Bonny Burns Sanitarium. These are the memories we shall always cherish, and so loved are they that wc now offer a fervent prayer, that some day the entire world will know the peaceful benediction of Christ- mas at the Mount. May this spirit penetrate every Christian home. Msn In the prologue of the play, Gay tells Beverly the age old story. f :gi W , W, ' .- . , Q T-1"-M .. -. ' Wfysewr?Qi5f5S44v:f, V1 ' ' :',,, idmgign W ...M 5. 3. q,,M s . ,, in ff.. X' Cf. A- , QQ: 'U M1 QW, 'f x77 . L, ':"'l" ,' . Vis ., on , of , X , , ' ",L,s 5 x , S ilk 6 il is H, 1, , Q, gk gy E J fp if 9 fr jg!! , , 2, o,h ,L .,. , .. .. Wai? EHS' 3 S 43 az Y - 'iz ,' gf -9 1 1 . msg, ,.-fsfE 'f:E'5 " l FHE A - ' '- , , Q s, w, ss ,W 34 3,24-1 I 5,251 .- i - A .31 , ,il-b,kQ'3i:'1'T.z1?'f'f - , ,, ?iggmi5,, ws: me of , . . , ,, lf? ' pgs, ' zimizgg-AX-W . X55 , 5-'W s,mwW- ' Q54 , gs 4 Qmyk -,.L A , 'I z. Vu, ,AQ F' Y ' K i . ' D , A E D eo , fs' , ?'5,i fiesgf . ,gawk Q 4, -Q-1 ' L, W , . , 1' A , , Q I n g ,W , :,f.9i.,-SfQI'g'14 K .. W M., .L , a gp jf f5'n.-.-A , .1 Ygls zgkilh, K 1 V - '-J ,j'Zg,:f 6 'fu ,, WW. 5:1 ',f',g 'em in-J ,.5gC',,, ,A 'Q x ',77'."w L. ?::ef:aa..'w 42 'vi-. 'wr "V,-d. The hardships of a shephex-d's life are expressed in Nahum's face. is-P i .B -Mg, wg E gl 5 A 1 3 2 if 42 ' -L I , 3 R 'e 4 7 , K, ' I kg' sw: K I Q aw fy? 5 'L , 4 " Q5 FRONT ROW: lCarol Tuihill, Craciela Riquezes, Biargie YVHISII, Diane Buhre, Dorothy Gray, Barbara Binson, Patricia Doyle, 'Marilyn F riel. BACK ROW: Claire Neuguth, Jane Windisch, Christine Casey, Barbara Rubenstein, Marianne Bachand, Vivienne Maggs, Joan Kervick, Hope Martin. Nance and Butch enjoy the dance. Bob 'md Lois vlsll Kris Ixrmglc fm Chiplronss hir 'md Blrs C Harvey vurm ilu stir dancers ,M- bhlry and john enjoy ihe dance. Mrs. H. Richman and Mrs. J. Hook renew acquaintances. Our artists, Ernestine and Soni are I0 bc congratulaied on their sled. 15 I 1 S as-.1 Af-, ,W we we-isis' 3 MH-11' Kathleen introduces 'Theresa to Jack Kennedy. , Qi- we Q., All the dancers were happy. Claudette Berhard and George visit Mrs. I. Casey's refreshment Mrs. P. and Patsy Mrs. Helen Ullrich is greeted by Helene and Conniel - Intermission brings time for chatting In 3 +-q...,,, li ff' aim SIMAQM A A group of our Red Cross sewers show skill as well as interest in their Christmas presents for the needy. They are: Marion Dunn, Alice Farley, Carol Tuthill, Petrunella Koster, Gail Ashworth, Ioan DeMatha, and Moderator Sister Mary Innocent. Y H n W Qmllmg Cnullrs cxplrunucl nal fll!'lSlllIlS joy IH glvlng gnfta to hny orphans at S! VS nIburg,Lrs f,l'flllll'ldL,1 Thcv an Fll0N'l HOVV Beverly 'Iafl Palrlu 1 M lrlm lxxllxv 711 g,lcr I ynn Rubcnslun juslna Dunn, K.-ly lrnvu rv Suslnnl Swnopl SLIOND ROW Anlll VValclr0n An- imnclh lllguih Pltrlua Anllle Ruth VVxldr0n Patncn Divcnck Nlancy W arnodx 'Nlxrv Monl3.,0mcry lvly Colhflll BACK HOVV Conmc Qumn, Imm lull Ill C ll'0flIllll0 C Lnuu Vl Mm 1rG l lm morn D0llllHL,lli7 Virginia Don lldsun I lrol S1Ylll0lll' S ally VK :gnu md Slskr Marv Marla, Modmrslor uf junior Sodallty ig, sn, x Lx l . I E A: . , . V i I 42 f l E .Kg , 5 N m , . la .Yu f fly '-4, -gffr I I "C sw 'fl' 1 f M 'P 1 J . ' ' Lt' ,rf .ilskai Q Val 1 LI: ! ,.' sin' Am ' ww! fi'-f,f'f'ny,: l 5' -is f- Mm sf ff' K' rl, Al the senior Christmas party Marilyn is the first .U R: mf I h a ., fe- -, I 4 4 -- " . 1 t ..' , , s l':'9i lo be surprised hy Santa. vig I t PV 2. W . oi 7 L 5 w i :mtl 23 if 'l 2 . f way. yi, '41 , f'is?"b2r Q aff? 'a5f"'Ps?2Q , Zgzgfiis :EEA s .. wmglifj ziggy W4-:.7s-sw - 'six' V We -dvi-'+ Sv- , if mai: ffm' is QQEZQTC5 , 'tiki 1623! if fi Q' I K 0 'eg . f f?fd5Qi'3i ' .f"ffi1ffffiwM 3 " 5 :,'22?.m,1' ,fix-",?f., 'vfyrglygfw A s , '-15v?fwa,'3t: - f P' -X gifpqaww., A wh b W' sw + 'L . - 'ff fhiwvzf ,, V if bj55jf:,w'fw ka F' I 1 XV V ' WW 4 --T ' f 1-offwn' f.. '- ' , Us MQ! f R H The Fathers' Club Chnstmas gift is greatly appreciated 1, W, " I, g by all the girls, especially the seniors alter their R T : J Christmas party. up .5 Q K . i eww: , flvf " if '4 if Q 'N I N .4-'M W vm, X up-.N Q --I 'ima .7 E Strains of 0 Come Let Us Adore Him" sounded through the night air. moved h X 5 n 1 H W, c'1-f 1 a 'ah ' , "sc1?fiif..?.2'Y5y.w' If Y M? 5 his Faculty follo d the s ents in the procession. 3 5 Everyone had the true as they rode over the in procession from Girls carrying candles o lfl use to house. 1 fi 5 gm. Girls boarded the hus with a glowing sense of well being -S .I ' I Q M ,Bi ? . ' 'iq f ,. , , I . R' wx 1 nh 3, 1 J- an Mi f 4 5 2 K 1 - we y . 1 8 " 53:1 ' " WVVLTAE M V552 'Y Hi f,-wzi5Ei33g?3?x54 1 ,mei 9' N121 A-iiqgzgm 'ff 154 wigs , 1,1 -QE new Aggie, .QW M. .mgsgp we iidfxw 1 3,fK,,w,g,f m3.A,4sx2Szsx. A my 5 I gigs LE f Q 31 , q 4 "'3?i"5'i'::: : E 2,EEfSf-555259::Ji.'::,7-5iZJ:s"':"ff5 ."'f:: i 55' EI- ,,wg,-ig-1-:r1'?a2,:'Mia--:,,a,,.,.ff'. . fs I " :U-Hi? -ififsdiff. 7,11 ZS Vi I .,,. The caroling voices cheered the patients. X Fun e 2 1' 3 gf R . W V. 0 4, N, . we ew we 4 n . . 5 wiv' 1 , i vtiliffsisf ,gmf Q WML A .. n idr in n z ,harm fwffif ' ,avfw f V A e he iffy, ,Q X 0-me-h 'Q , ' a Q, Q. The gurls put their hearts mio the singing. Sister Mary Fatima led the girls in the well-known carols. Mn,n'iivg?2f1gg.,gf . w Ms '1f""'w,M' ' A .L ' J' 'i 'wmaife' s s is 5 -- . Q M, Vs I V ,ff t, A M sg - 2 ' 4 ' 3 iQ.i5g'nf!: ' I f 'lv' f .gg QT: ,Q hl' 5 55 w Q .1 if F 5 :lcv9i:v , f . fm v Q in we gm 1 n The final carols were sung around the big tree. ,, z A .I QL gg, 1 , ' Y is 1 3 ' 51 x Sebastian Uoan Bachandj bids An tomo fLorreita Fosterj farewell for ,, a time, and agrees to meet him soon "at the Elephant" sf! 4,,a'l Ni Olivia fLois Pellegrmej and Malvolio show dignified scom as Feste tries to prove that "the Lady is the Fool". Sir Andrew fNancy Lammerdingl and Feste fBarbara Clearyj look both skeptical and approving at Toby's Uanet Tighej idea, but fall in with his plan to "set about some revels". ,viva The Count fMary Logreenj bemoans his unretumed love for the Lady Olivia. 11 W2 . A 5 , ., ,J ea Eg- oil,-,V .gi Q Mrs. William Cleary, Peggy, Dottie Leong, Dr. Rubenstein, Mr. and Mrs. ' William Thompson and Frank Thompson await the first scene. The Lady-in-waiting IP! Matthews! listens intently Maria fltita Mikal wat 0livia's reaction to Cesa plea for the Count. gf. 5 2 Grace Chiniski gives perfect interpretation ' a scornful Malvol' Antonio, held by two oil-icers 1 Lacz and Mariorie Pelersj, fe lrayed and cries "Thou Sebastian, done good features shame." Harriet els be- h a s t , Antonio arrived in time to save poor Cesario from revealing "himself" ..lg,f fix. A Saucy Maria scolcls Toby about his late hours. K si qi if 4 f S 'R 1 . . ,. ml A ef. Q J! i I: Q is K . wir ,V 'Rf ', ' ' sis gzfi"zff-gp.1fq W Q-, f, , A 35314 iiiiifffrf . ra- T aww Jgqmgwfw Q fir Olivia ponders the fate that 3 Q 4 while the rogue and instigator, Sir Toby Belch, stands by. Y '- , .4 ft .aa ' . W H IW! m- age-J, IW has betrothed her "both to a maid and to a man . '-.........-9 M' WM ,,,,wii?'f-2-P' fr V Av vi kyky My 3 Q. r W M K ., M K. ' W .1 My ' assi: V, I ' T, I ,QQ P .V'. it We alfa, fs pW5QWw,fe? Mfw'QAq Yfffi Q ff ,N J-ff'3"' fsrfwf, if ,ff 64i,,':v 'al tw ,f , , +2 g'WXf? if . ff ..aIl'F"' Qu., ' auwaw Ita ,iff W 4 . 4 yr ' nd ' 4. M ' Y? fi f fffiil .4 s 5 -QP,-'fe if ,ff , -Qgjlfw art? ax Q it X X 1'?f 1Af- , ..,,V"L si, ' M!" dhfafft f ,W R??,f'A it 1 ki ,f ll ' 5-.Q N. -ibm XM Mm' 5? if ff' H QQ fx. N, w x 'ff X f f 1,- B .Asn- nmpm ,- ..,.. , . nd" X gk WJ. Dorothy Doty "Scheme" in B Flat Minor Op., B1 I - 4 .,.,....--MMU -..M A Loii "Polonaise" in A L Klarmann GBP'li0Ci0l0,'L 0. "Valencia" "Die Fledennauf' ,Ear Once more. Congruhllntions are in Nxlda Suro- order. Y mother highlight. "Lady of Spain Soloist, Shirley Zimmer 7 -,112 kf" 3 -viii, of Q GEM Soloist, Mary Logrccn cpnmi on U Q ca- fm f i ,,, 2 - r Ai 1' ,, , K' . F lk Q fi" 2341- Ei 5,2 5 ,R ' 4, ,W ,f. Q 3, , mf' ,,: Ei' ??ff, .M A i dk, S ,U M , Q f . ,, 'y 69' "G ,Jili n at wif , Q KW A 'f I V if . il Y "" wk , f L, 1' M . 54. ,M L., .1 vig. 51 2 f. his 3 , -f 'f If V Hi- 'Z WDM ff-'?3?W'w'u nu ',g::1f ig: - ' ,f-.w.33Ny,.3w,e51'.'?'u, mf A ' 30 2 , -'?:l,Lfi.g-'f iiwffi-:M'zQ M+ 1, "3 -N, 1 - fwenyaeygzmzgfzxazgf ,ff 12.1, P 'wi23,g25g:1'32:,,'3.,Auf nylfiw ' ii-f '1"?fi.1-V532 i121 zmf 5 ?gZn4,l'L'x"L jtyqi, Y, 1 ,wz3,g,T1Ev3,,.' 'Q 1- kk 1 sg- g,3,'?1,-ig ig LW, 2, 3.3, .',, wr. Wim , , f if Qi, ,flrafgyg 5w24,f,f,, , 'gyw ,fw1.4,,' ,+,, 5,5 ,M1rQw.,,gg' 'i1'Qv?fff,,pa Qwheffw, Hifiif' 5' If g,g,5gi,Z"5'-1' 2,9143 , fy' f341wif'MJ: ,,g,fh,g1.3e,gggfw42a wi" ,QU X111 M-fgjqr' f, M Ang? A' a -ww 'if if Y ' ..t. V, K , '.f5fg,37'?4,if,ff'5' V W' V ' ' , ,.1, ,ig ..,. 4 V, M , M W ,, 'f.f,,,f 1 f M 'I 4 V f-+4 , ' 1 ,I ,f1f:,,i,, ,. h , N ', f y K . . Y , 21121 1- '35, fi-'-."4'f1',:.g.'-za.-, if- 'vi sz" ff,-'F 1 1 T A il' 5 ,wif 'i , W V, Y ,Q ,, , L f M, - .1 , ,xvm an f .m .Mvia?2UlQE ww.. E W M-A : 15729 J vi .gun Mg J"Q1 1 A 1 6' K -rim. :AJWQ 1 . ., - 52- E ,. Mm, , ff' 4 " ' """'h -1 TPM l,,y,,2:y,:,'5g- f , , 'fiflfi 2 fish P . ,ig V -.45 if X., 11, 7 A 1 ,f 4' 3? H2 H T Q, sim'X?.f F ,A Ax' 5 ' 5: A A: .. X gf Lx, ji xx, ' 31' ' ' 555' 'EV,:3'f,L A ,fix - ,ha ' ff' ,ff ggi' 'fm ff ,L .Qu . Q Nw L,3!M,Q K-r-4 , rf an N 'imuymwk '. 'WM fl 1,4 rv ,Q .Q 'f '?Q 1 I 'v-W Major Tully directs the riders in the ring. f Q ii '49 N . 'es Q 9 Es L x f - ..,,,,.....- lt, l Q K' Q nn n. K o Joan always gels the best looking horse. Q e if M W Gracicla has siirrup troubles again. ,go Peggy Thompson takes riding seriously. Hiqgm- MW- V....,...s...W ,'m-' L A FV A -,V f . QW, if W M ki vw 5 Jw-.1114 'Q "' I 4 ,,. + 4 lv K Mp ,wb ' Q ggi W it A , gill? 153' X ' 'iw , , , f A 4, , ' xi X Q . if 'I Q if S M 1 : 1.---I-, 1 . yd. ... q,. ,Q ' . ,Q . .. , i 1' f Ma- wi. .fs ' K." N , I A 3- my 'A J-4.6 4 f W 4'-.. WF. f A ' if ,,, fi K M. .A ,Qi i ' w ,Wi ar 4 l il -as.. il .z lr K 'in ,wx 1 1 4 Ka-P 'S g e Y at ..3iQf5!LlQQ,Q,. .9?. ,.Q - I ms, 'Q i 'JE T 4 1 ' Y, hr Q x l X Bvtsyk horse wanted his picture taken, .4 , joan Marie takcsvthe lead but Betsy didn't. I in cantering. ffiii W' A 6 F , e -Q. N ,-'NM 'iffw' If' W r, .... Connie rides well. . K" K 1' nb A .Ag - I Aifxqfu wQe...f N -if fa, Q ug Mr C D Wardlaw Joms the girls m congratulating Mary on her New jersey Field Hockey Association Award In the group are Mary Logreen, Theresa Costello Alverra Hanford, Anne Stevenson, and Joan Sullivan N Us The athletic leaders are: joan Kerviclc, Chairman of Athleticsg Marilyn Blanchlield, Manager of the Varsityg Ioan Sullivan, Captain of the Blue Team, and Lorretta Foster, Captain of the Gold Team. Q 359 I 1 X -M Q 5 3 SENIOR VARSITY SQUAD FRONT ROYV: Lorretta Foster, Joan Sullivan, Mary Coleman, Sonia Gerardino, Alveria Hanford, and Caroline Morel BACK ROWV: Julia Gerardino, Barbara Martin, Anita Unhoch, Mary Logreen, and Connie Hook. Date December December January january January February February February February March 2, 13 21 28 30 11 17 24 27 4 : Q 1949 7 ,, 1949 Y,,,,,, 1950 1950 1950 1950 1950 , 1950 1950 1950 2? Court Mount , , Mount , ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , Convent Station ,,,,,,,,, Mount , , ,, Montclair ,,,, Mount ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Long Branch Mount , ,, Mount ,,,,,,,,, Caldwell ,,.,, , Opponent Vis. Alumnae ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 17 St. Mary's Sodality of Plainfield ,,,,,, 32 St. Elizabeth Academy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1 27 Star of the Sea Academy, ,,,,, ,,,,,,, 2 1 Lacordaire Academy ,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,.. 5 8 Lacordaire Academy ,,...1r., ,,,,,,, 3 0 Star of the Sea Academy ,,,,,,, ,, 22 Mt. St. Dominicis Academy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 31 St. Elizabetlfs Academy ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 3 1 Mt. St. D0minic,s Academy ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 63 96 MSM 28 26 12 58 38 35 26 26 26 37 ,- 5 S 1 i 3 1 f , g il, X i N Q 5 f 4 in f , Q 5, 5 V I ' ' if ' . 50 , f Z 5 gg , ,A S Q3 ,fx 11' Wm- 2 ww. ig--if f mn .G 1 i 2,25 f f mfr' Haig 53 3 Kay, Patricia, and Carmel take their tum at sewing the guests. N . x ji ,-1 Obviously we won! Sister Mary Leonard throws in the first ball for the play off games. gf gy Mr. C. Wardlaw keeps an observmg eye toward the scoreboard. At the table are Marilyn, Joan and Graciela. --.,-.....i.i "Who sat on my racket?" asks Anne of Claire and Nancy. 2 .nj wwdw heavy MW! ' V .. A , N , 4 f Q,w,,,..f.w,,,,, - j,,WM . 1, 'fkq ' - Annette, Joan and Doris enjoy a game of tennis. .fu 2 a V ' fl . ' Q-sw, Vx i ' A 5 A Gail, Rose, Barbara and Nilda are eager to see who can drive the ball two hundred yards. Mihla, Mr. Carl Ulmer mstrucls whnle Gall, Nllda, Barbara and Rose observe Marilynls good form in golf. .if W, we hi' Ki ,Q 5? Q mm 'F W fd A Wm . v J W fy 11? Q 5 f 5 ,gs F fr.,-iv , r 5 'r HW 'Q iff Y -2 ww. W 1W?mfvm ' 'Uf x Wi Q2 A 4' ,S 4 zu R , . 4 xg 1 7? , 852 4 , x , 3 f 9 Q QA V GA i. VL ,Y y 4 V, V , L LA i i Qmww dWWHf f W mwwm QQ? HQ' Mmi 'Y lvlvi f Y My ,AU, A ik If ta, mv 'U W ' it va .. f 3 ' 5. I f f ., I 2, gf V V J H 1 Q' K . 5 V K I ,,:- ,kfygfw , A f ,A in MR. M. BURNS MR. W. C. FOSTER Founder ' Founder It was Mr. W. C. Foster, Mr. T. I. Corbally and Mr. M. I. Burns who, after a discussion with Sister Mary Leonard, saw the possibilities of a Fathers' Club for Mount St. Mary's Acad- emy. Realizing the educational problems that confront the world, they with the other members have for five years served in furthering their objectives by doing volunteer work for the Sisters of Mercy in behalf of Catholic Education. The organization considers it a duty for each father to become throughly acquainted with the many problems attending his daughteris education. Too often parents look for an answer to problems of education in magazine or newspaper. I S red Scripture, Christ outlined the true philosophy of rearing their childreng a philosophy n ac which is based on simplicity, honor and unselfishness. It is envisioned in this organization where all the members work for the good of the student body and alumnae and faculty. These men's lives are full of devotion and self-sacrifice to their families, state and church. Our Holy Father Pope Pius XII in a message said: "Charity never looks behind, it always l k h d." Heeding these words, the founders are looking ahead hopefully, trusting that oo s a ea their future apostolic and educational efforts may far exceed their past achievements. One of their aims is for one hundred percent membership. There can never be too many fathers in the F athers' Club. MR. T. J. CORBALLY MR. W. CLEARY President Founder 103 Duma and 'gugle FRONT ROW: Connie Hook, Hope Martin, Lola Marchio, Kathleen O'Connor, Craciela Riquezes, Ellen Guzzardi, Mary Elizabeth O'Hal- loran, Pat O,Sullivan, Joan Tumulty, Mary Slavin, Mr. W. Townsend. SECOND ROW: Lorretta Foster, Frances Lukas, Barbara Cleary, Ottolee Frederickson, Joan Worline, Virginia DeCleene, Carmen Basalo, Anne Gascoyne, Anne Stevenson, Alice Maurer. THIRD ROW: Peggy Foster, Gay Corbally, Mary Coleman, Carmel Loreti, Juliette Basalo, Claudette Berhard, Patricia Kenny, Dorothy Cray, Kathleen Moore, Lynn Rousseau, Diane Buhre. FOURTH ROW: Anita Unhoch, Ellen Ioan Gafleney, Lois Pellegrine, Helene Ullrich, Ioan Sullivan, Kay Horan, Marjorie Peters, Harriet Lacz, Caroline Morel, Joan Marie Sparta, Frances Gregory. BACK ROW: Alveria Hanford, Christine Casey, Carol Tuthill, Grace Chiniski, Barbara Martin, Theresa Costello, Bienchi Gerardino, Rita Mika. 104 I I You know, Mother and Dad, it just doesn,t seem possible that our senior year has nearly ended and that our yearbook is completed. All our friends were wonderful as you can see by the ads and patrons. The girls also were good, for the subscriptions were Hlled quickly. VVe must prove to Sister Mary Ruth, our moderator, that we appreciate her advice and assist- ance. Words seem inadequate to express our gratitude to all our parents, for we realize the book could not have been completed without their financial aid. P Very Rev. Msgr. Martin Madura Mr. and Mrs. Frank I. Lammerding Rev. john I. Endebrock Mr and Mrs. Louis A. Leonard Rev. Edmund Kreger Mr and Mrs J. C. Lukas Rev, Fredrick M. Eid Mr and Mrs. Arthur G. Maggs Rev. Robert J. Graham Mr. and Mrs F. I. Mika Dr. and Mrs. George W. King Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Murtha Miss Alma Steedman Mr and Mrs. joseph T. O'Leary Mr. Thomas P. Blanchfield Mr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Pellegrine Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Burger MT- and MTS P- PGHCSTTUO Mr. and Mfg, John C, Casey Mr. and Mrs Hugo Riehman Mr. and Mfg, j, T, Chiniski Mr. and Mrs Nicholas Rotondo Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Coleman Mr. and lY1l'S- Cl1arl6S Smith Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Df-:Mattia Dr- and Mrs- Anthony Sparta Mr' and M1-5, John Finan Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stevenson Mr, and M1-5, j, E, Fitzsimong Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Foster MT- and Mrs Domingo SUT0 Mrs. Ellen M, Gaffeney Mr. and Mrs Eugene A. Tighe Mr. and Mrs. P. I. Gascoyne MT- and MTS .l 311165 Tum'-11tY Mr. and Mrs. Federico Gerardino Mrs. Helen Uufich Mr. and Mrs Lester Gerhard MTS- MiCh21e1 VHHGTI Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Gungrich MT- ViCf0T Visbal Mr, and Mrs Edward Harvey Capt. and Mrs. Robert F. Windisch Mr. and Mrs Leo Heroux Mr. and Mrs. I. Yannaccone Mr. and Mrs J. Y. Hook K. Beetar, Inc. Mr- and Mrs- John -l- Horan Farbisz Wholesale Meat Co. Mr. and Mrs. John Kervick Fidler Cleaners and Dyers 105 Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Harris Interboro Market Miss Winifred McCarthy Mr. Robert Noll Paradise Club Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I. Perkins Mr. Henry Schnitzspahn Mr. Luis Enriquez Tabares, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. john L. Wamer Mr. and Mrs. A. Wisner Mr. and Mrs. John Wojton Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Basalo Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Doty Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Franco Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hanford Mr. and Mrs. james Ierino Mr. and Mrs. jose R. Izquierdo Mr. and Mrs. Albert Louis Mr. and Mrs. George I. McGovern Mr. and Mrs. William O'Halloran Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo de la Rosa Mr. and Mrs. Robert Catino Mrs. Arch Moore Mr. and Mrs. Leon Reuter Mr. James M. Doyle Dr. and Mrs. F. I. Cronin SENIORS Marilyn Blanchfield, 47 Suncrest Ave., No. Haledon, N. I. Nelly Burger, 570 Thoreau Terrace, Union, N. I. Christine Casey, 57 Union Place, Summit, N. I. Grace Chiniski, 746 No. Mountain Ave., Bound Brook, N. I. Barbara Cleary, 81 Lawrence Ave., Highland Park, N. I. Mary Coleman, 601 First St., Westfield, N. I. Ioan DeMattia, 335 So. Main St., Milltown, N. I. Ioan Finan, 11 Highfield Rd., Bloomfield, N. I. Blanche FitzSimons, 835 Shadowlawn Dr., Westfield, N. I. Lorretta Foster, 2942 Manitou Island, Lake Mohawk, N. I. Ellen Ioan Gaffeney, 111 W. Franklin St., Bound Brook, N. I. Ann Gascoyne, 10 So. Arlington Ave., East Orange, N. I. Iulia Gerardino, Box 252, Ciudad Trujillo, Republica Dominicana Sonia Gerardino, Box 252, Ciudad Trujillo, Republica Dominicana Marlene Gerhard, 67 "Lv St., Seaside Park, N. I. Ioan Gungrich, 219 No. Iackson Ave., No. Plainfield, N. I. Barbara Harvey, 131 Tudor Oval, Westfield, N. I. Ioan Hcroux, 91 Farragut Place, No. Plainfield, N. I. Constance Hook, 348 Kearny Ave., Kearny, N. I. Katherine Horan, 401 Putnam Rd., Union, N. I. Ioan Kervick, 10 Malden Terrace, Elizabeth, ,N. I. Nancy Lammerding, 826 Bailey Ave., Elizabeth, N. I. Nance Leonard, 710 Richmond St., Plainfield, N. I. Mary Logreen, Canal Rd., So. Bound Brook, N. I. Frances Lukas, 220 First St., Dunellen, N. I. Vivienne Maggs, 529 jersey Ave., Elizabeth, N. I. Rita Mika, 204 Ramapo Ave., Pompton Lakes, N. I. Colleen Murtha, 11 Princeton St., Maplewood, N. I. Claire O'Leary, 16 Algonquin Pl., Elizabeth, N. I. Lois Pellegrine, Morris Park, Phillipsburg, N. I. Lorraine Pellegrino, 275 Monroe St., Rahway, N. I. Sally Riehman, 98 West End Ave., Somerville, N. I. Rose Rotondo, 240 Netherwood Ave., Plainfield, N.' I. Ioan Smith, R.F.D. Box 210, New Brunswick, N. I. Ioan Marie Sparta, 42 No. Second St., Easton, Pa. Anne Stevenson, Mount Blvd., Watchung, N. I. Ioan Sullivan, 47 Hooper Ave., Atlantic Highlands, N . I. Nilda Suro, 110 Palma Real St., Hyde Park, N. I. A Ianet Tighe, 7 No. Osborne Ave., Margate, N. I. Ioan Tumulty, 316 Lincoln Ave., Dunellen, N . I. Helene Ullrich, 425 Greenwood Ave., Trenton, N. I. Emestine Vallen, R. F. D. No. 2, Box 158, New Brunswick, N. I. Leonor Visbal, Avenida-San-Martin, Cartagena, Colombia, So. America. Olga Visbal, Avenida-San-Martin, Cartagena, Colombia, So. America. Iane Windisch, Richmond Quartermaster Depot, Richmond 12, Virginia. CIA IUNIORS Marianne Bachand, 547 St. Marks Ave., Westfield, N. I. Carmen Basalo, Av. Las Acacias, No. 34 La Florida, Caracas, Venezuela Ioan Butula, 510 New St., Plainfield, N. I. Mary Corcoran, 514 Central Ave., Plainfield, N. I. Virginia DeCleene, NVest Street, Annandale, N . I. Dorothy Doty, 15 Pearl St., No. Plainfield, N. I. Lois Franco, 390 Bates St., Phillipsburg, N. I. Oriett Gerardino, 570 West 189th St., New York City Frances Gregory, 165 Norwood Ave., No. Plainfield, N. I. Doris Gungrich, 219 No. Iackson Ave., N. Plainfield, N. I. Alveria Hanford, Cheery and Brunswick, Box 167, Lebanon,N.I Doris Hecker, Box 1245, R. F. D., Rahway, N. I. Marguerite Ierino, 44 Manning Ave., No. Plainfield, N. I. Hilda Izquierdo, Box 241, Guayanilla, Puerto Rico. Mary Koster, 213 Fourth Ave., Asbury Park, N. I. Harriet Lacz, 117 Martin St., Paterson, N. I. Doris Louis, Box 265, Arecibo, Puerto Rico Barbara McGovern, 1030 W. Sixth St., Plainfield, N. I. Barbara Martin, Benjamin Franklin Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa. Alice Maurer, 112 Easton Ave., New Brunswick, N. I. Caroline Morel, 361 Park Ave., Scotch Plains, N . I. Mary O'Halloran, 106 W. Holly Ave., Pitman, N. I. Pepita Ospina, Sucre 56-39, Medellin, Colombia, So. America Patricia O'Sullivan, 718 Central St., Plainfield, N. I. Marjorie Peters, 14 B-3 Redfield Village, Metuchen, N. I. Anita Unhoch, 217 Columbia Ave., Cranford, N . I. Margaret Walsh, 627 Summit Ave., Westfield, N . I. Ursula VVolff, 501 W. Seventh St., Plainfield, N. I. ' SOPHOMORES Ioan Bachand, 547 St. Marks Ave., Westfield, N. I. Claudette Berhard, 34-12 29th St., Long Island City, L. I. Ioan Binns, 82 Summit Rd., Elizabeth, N. I. Gabrielle Corbally, Mountain Blvd., Watchung, N. I. Theresa Costello, 50 Elm Pl., Plainfield, N. I. Patricia Cronin, 737 VVestminster Ave., Elizabeth, N . I. Corina de la Rosa, El Rosal Ave., Miranda Qta Porfin, Caracas, Venezuela Carol Dreher, Morrison Rd., Springfield, N . I. Marilyn Driscoll, 1030 Sterling Rd., Union, N. I. Patricia Flaherty, 1307 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City, N. I. Margaret Foster, 2943 Manitou Island, Lake Mohawk, Sparta, N. I. Marilyn Friel, 137 Norwood Ave., No. Plain1'ield, N . I. Chloe Grande, 530 East 23rd St., New York, N. Y. Eileen Guzzardi, Box 357, R. F. D. No. 1, Freewood Acres, N. I. Dolores Keller, 1842 Long Terrace, Union, N. I. Mary Kiely, 901 Grant Ave., Plainfield, N . I. , Audrey Kisonak, 936 Stuyvesant Ave., Union, N . I. SS MA TES' Carmel Loreti, 84 E. Sumerset St., Raritan, N. J. Gail Mallard, 139 West Dudley Ave., Westfield, N. J. Lola Marchio, 18 Vine St., No. Plainfield, N. J. Hope Martin, 209 Hillside Ave., Springfield, N. J. Kathleen Moore, 1007 West 8th St., Plainfield, N. J. Anna Marie Munch, 1417 Orchard Rd., Mountainside, N. J. Claire Neuguth, 101 Indian Run Parkway, No. Union, N . J. Mary Noll, 78 Summit Rd., Elizabeth, N. J. Rebecca Pardo, Ave. Principal "La Castellanan, Qta. Chalia, Caracas, Venezuela Ellen Quinn, 518 Tremont Ave., Westfield, N. J. Sally Sanborn, 39 Helen St., Fanwood, N. J. Mary Louise Scherer, 924 Madison Ave.,,Plainfield, N. J. Mary Slavin, 1039 Bertram Terrace, Union, N. J. Mary Clara Smith, 419 E. Dudley Ave., Westfield, N. J. Mary Elizabeth Smith, 953 Chestnut St., Union, N. J. Patricia Ventura, 1200 Orange Ave., Union, N . J. Jean Whitfield, 7405 Alaska Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. F RESHMEN Gail Ashworth, 519 Ayers Ave., No. Plainfield, N. J. Julieta Basalo, Acacias No. 34 Ia Florida, Caracas, Venezuela Barbara Benson, 7407 21st Ave., Jackson Heights, N. Y. Patricia Bliss, 117 Webster Ave., Seaside Heights, N. J. Diane Buhre, 404 East 55th St., New York, N. Y. Rita Cassella, 1024 Stowe St., Union, N. J. Roberta Catino, 40-71 Elbertson St., L. I., N. Y. Maureen Cronin, 737 NVestminster Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Mary Doyle, 666 Hawthorne Ave., Bound Brook, N. J. Patricia Doyle, 666 Hawthorne Ave., Bound Brook, N. J. Marion Dunn, 346 Second St., Dunellen, N. J. Lois Engel, 430 Verona Ave., Elizabeth, N. J. Alice Farley, 564 First St., Westfield, N. J. Annette Felce, 38 Las Acacias, La Florida, Caracas, Venezuela Ottolee Frederickson, 542 E. Front St., Plainfield, N . J. Bienvenida Gerardino, 570 West 189th St., New York City Dorothy Gray, 54 Madison Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, N. J. Betty Anne Greeley, 173 Summit Rd., Elizabeth, N . J. Charlotte Hitchins, 185 Lawside Ave., Collingswood, N . J. Patricia Kenny, 1724 Watchung Ave., Plainfield, N. J. Catherine Kervick, 10 Malden Terrace, Elizabeth, N. J. Honora Klarman, 78 Alcott Rd., Mahwah, N. J. Petrunella Koster, 1440 Orchard Rd., Mountainside, N. J. Sandra Krickovic, 466 Austin Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Joan Levins, 656 Fairfield Way, Union, N. J. Patricia Mansfield, 1200 W. Sixth St., Plainfield, N . J. Margaret Matthews, 1319 East 26th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Ruth Mesaros, 66 Hudson Ave., W. Keansburg, N . J. Mary Ann Miller, 675 Lexington Rd., Union, N. J. Elizabeth O'Connor, Calle Segunda No. 18, Caracas, Venezuela Kathleen O'Connor, 106 Holly Ave., Pitman, N. J. Josefina Pardo, Ave. Principal "La Castellanan, Qta. Chalia, Caracas, Venezuela Jeannette Pellegrino, 275 Monroe St., Rahway, N . J. Audrey Reuter, Princeton Junction, N. J. Graciela Riquezes, San Rafael de la Florida, lst Avenida, Qta. Saucedo, Caracas, Venezuela Barbara Roskell, 435 Prospect Ave., Dunellen, N. J. Lynn Rousseau, 3 Oakdale Rd., Denville, N. J. Barbara Rubenstein, 174 Lincoln Rd., Brooklyn, N. J. Doris Schiff, Staflordville, N. J. Margaret Thompson, Lucky Seven Farm, Pittstown, N. J. Carol Tuthill, 153 No. Martine Ave., Fanwood, N . J. Ruth Venes, 320 Cook Ave., Scotch Plains, N. J. Marcella VVall, 1208 E. Front St., Plainfield, N . J. Colleen Wolff, 1953 Long Terrace, Union, N . J. Joan Worline, Clinton, N. J. Shirley Zimmer, 200 Garfield Ave., Plainfield, N. J. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Eleonora Dominguez, Calle 38, No. 17-25, Colombia, S. America Mary Virginia Donaldson, Ohio Ave., Beach Haven Terrace, N. J. Genevieve Mears, 1300 Oxfxil Lane, Union, N . J. Joan Noll, 138 De Lacy Ave., N. Plainfield, N. J. Carol Seymour, 27 Catherine St., Elizabeth, N. J. Ruth Waldron, 80 So. Main St., Allentown, N. J. Patricia Aidale, 1251 E. Front St., Plainfield, N. J. Mary Lynn Anderson, 228 St. Paul St., WestHeld, N. J. Immaculate Caratenuto, 205 Jefferson Ave., No. Plainfield, N. J. Jessica Dunn, Deer Path, Mountainside, N. J. Catherine Frowery, 1517 Park Ave., PlainHeld, N . J. Patricia Martin, 1019 E. Jersey St., Elizabeth, N. J. Margaret Pratt, Box 16, Far Hills, N. J. Constance Quinn, 518 Trenton Ave., WestHeld, N . J. Sally Wagner, Sycamore Ave., Shrewsbury, N. J. Nancy Warnock, Skytop Dr., Scotch Plain, N . J. Marguerite Whitehead, 925 Crestwood Rd., Westfield, N. J. Katherine Cottrell, 193 Watson Rd., Fanwood, N. J. Patricia Daycock, 634 Carleton Rd., Westfield, N . J. Mary Montgomery, 2813 Que St., Washington, D. C. Antoinette Ragusa, 475 Irvington Ave., So. Orange, N . J. Lynn Rubenstein, 174 Lincoln Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. Susanna Swoope, 300 Walnut St., Englewood, N. J. Beverley Taft, Willow Brook Farm, Asbury Park, N. J. Anita Waldron, 80 So. Main St., Allentown, N. J. Kathryn Ziegler, 21 Meadowbrook Village, Plainfield, N . J. Congratulations to the Graduates The Pellegrine's Windmill Golf Driv ing Range Directly Opposite Mount Saint Mary's Acadeiny FINEST IN EQUIPMENT Instructions, CARL ULMER, Pro. JOSEPH BIGLEY, Manager "You Lace 'em, We Chase 'em" 108 ....,,t,........,, ,, .d..-.4 Mtg.. A S f ,5 Au, fl Muchas Felicidades a las Graduadas i 'f f S LAS GERARDINOS Sonia 350 Julia 350 Oriett '51 Bienchi ,53 "Adios Muchachasv 109 A PATRON OF SAINT ANTHONY Compliments of CARRACHER BROS. CORP. Colonia, New Jersey Congratulations Graduates from W. B. D. C. M. D. GRAHAMS and SONS The Distinctive Store State College, Pennsylvania Home of Penn State Compliments f COLLORA HOME APPLIANCES 0 Your R. C. A. Dealer MOORE'S RADIO . . . TELEVISION TRUCKINC COMPANY REFRICERATORS Plainfield, New jersey 20 Watchung Avenue Plainfield, N. I Serving New York, Pennsylvania, New jerse HOWARD IOHNSON'S Route 25 Woodbridge, New Iersey DANIEL H. CONROY Bound Brook, New Jersey Compliments of Schmalz Dairy Products ESTABLISHED OVER THIRTY YEARS For the Smile of Health . . . Drink Schmalz Homogenized Vitamin D Milk DIRECT FROM FARM TO YOU PLainHeld 6-2277 ' Mlllington 7-0025 Bill Foster Associates, Inc. Buying Consultants . . . Oil Buyers CS9QI'5 111 l Mr. and Mrs. P. Pellegrino and Family CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1950 OLIVER MANUFACTURING COMPANY Patsy Pellegrino, President RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY Congratulations to the Class of 1950 from HEADQUARTERS FOR MORTGAGE LOANS IN NEW JERSEY Jersey Mortgage Co. 280 NORTH BROAD STREET ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY 112 Plymouth Park Homes Inc. W 3 3 W 2 Fair Lawn, New Jersey CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1950 MR. and MHS. JOHN FINAN 'il' 4' 1 if ' EXW, X tl ff- .xx X L , Q XA ?155"" " "X .rpm Y f H J ...b I 4 I , Ali ! A. -'AQ . ' J'3gjQf" 'f no 1 1-5,4 Yfivfajg.-: wxqqx 3 , 9 ' 'L l' ?"'ff - . ll ,Ja , .47 4 X. '. f4"t '17 Q'4i,.A55lp 4 i Vaddan Q 'L .loanqe Catering to that special party or occasion Dunellen Hotel DUNELLENINEW JERSEY HEADQUARTERS foryour HAPPY TIMES! up 5 on 'll off-iwp, gs W e W at ze 'xllioigle-Q. :,,.A . B I I Wynn B A L, R if Dll.l'- in .- I ,- A 1 y sw'-'X WE . . fl A' bu - 'f Wa' ' ' We cordially invite the student body of Mt. St. Mary's to consult with our experienced staff in the planning of both undergraduate and alumnae activities. "-"' P A R K H O T E L - 7th sr. at ARLINGTON AVE. TOPS DINER iff ROUTE 29 MOUNTAINSIDE, NEW JERSEY Congratulations to the Class of 1950 from The Cleary Girls Mary . . . Class of 1941 jane . . . Class of 1944 Peggy . . . Class of 1947 Bobbie . . . Class of 1950 115 Best Wishes of MR. and MRS. A. WISNER Congratulations to The Graduates DR. and MRS. A. I. SPARTA CENTRAL TAXI ALWAYS READY TO SERVE MOUNT GIRLS PLainfield 6-1719 Congratulations Class of 1950 W. W. cRoUsE, Jn. CRO-CON COAL COMPANY Bound Brook, N. J. Best Wishes to The Graduates MR. and MRS. F. A. SULLIVAN CLIPPER VAN LINES, INC. LONG DISTANCE MOVING General Offices K. of P. Building, Indianapolis 4, Indiana Authorized Agent R 8: M MOVERS AND EXPRESS So. Bound Brook, N. I. ' BOund Brook 9-1199 Congratulations from A FRIEND JOHN YOUNG COMPANY REALTOR . . . INSURANCE Wellmont Theater Building Montclair, New jersey MOntclair 2-1000 Best VVishes from Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kervick and Family BLUE STAR DRIVE IN MILK BAR . . . RESTAURANT PLainHe1d 5-9703 HIGHVVAY 29 AND WILSON AVENUE NORTH PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY GRACE LEONARD, Beautician "Always ready to accommodate The girls of Mt. St. Mary's Academy" 710 RICHMOND STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY PLainHeld 4-7989 117 Best Wishes and Mrs. C. S. Rubenstein Cunningham Bros. 519 WEST 16th STREET, NEW YORK CITY VVAtkins 9-7733 "Peacock', Brand Meat Products Branch 104 AVENUE C, NEWARK, N. 1. Blgelow 3-5205 118 THE WARDLAW SCHUUL Specialists in College Preparation PLAINFIELD, NEVV JERSEY XVith the exception of the nursery school, which is at 1038 Park Avenue, every department of the VVardlaw School from Kindergarten through preparatory school is located at 1030 Central Avenue on one six-acre campus, well removed from the center of town. Besides the main school building the physical equipment includes a large, sunny gymnasium, two athletic fields, four tennis courts, a little-boys' play field, an outdoor theatre, "Memorial Chapelf, and much space devoted to shrulvlvery, flower beds, and lawns. If beauty of exterior surroundings is conducive to the interior growth of mind and soul, surely no other country day school in New Jersey is S0 fortunate in this respect as VVardlaw. A staff of twenty teachers administers the program. C. D. XVARDLAVV, Headmaster 119 BEST WISHES MR. and MRS. ALBERT LOUIS COMPLIMENTS OF SANCO PIECE DYE WORKS PLainHeld 6-0820 TAYLOR'S JEWELRY STORE 115 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY THE NORWALK VAULT COMPANY PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Harrison A. Williams E. Witter Clawson President Treasurer 1'20 Best Wishes to The Class of 1950 David Cronheim Mortgage Co 39 Branford Place Newark, New Jersey C H A I N decorators 218 WEST FRONT STREET, PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY 217 EAST BROAD STREET, WESTFIELD, NEW JERSEY PLainfield 6-8870 WEstHeld 2-4040 PLainfield 6-4282 TOBIN 6: PETERSON, INC. PLUMBING . . . HEATING . . . VENTILATING 112 NORTH AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS OF EMANUEL F INKELSTEIN LAW OFFICES 1143 EAST JERSEY STREET ELIZABETH 4, NEW JERSEY FEUERSTEIN IMPORT CO. Clocks Dresser Sets Diamonds Jewelry Sterling Silver Gifts 19 WEST BROADWAY PATERSON, NEW JERSEY 122 Compliments of MAYFAIR HOMES PLEASANT VALLEY WAY WEST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY 0,C0nnor's Markets WHOLESALE AND RETAIL FOODS 1 FANWOOD, NEW JERSEY PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY 123 ROBBINS MIDDLESEX C0 CXSJQIW MAPLEWOOD, NEW JERSEY Cpl t f WALDWICK HOMES, INC. FSSDQIW 24 Compliments of uinn and Baden, Inc BOOK MANUFACTURERS Rahway, New Jersey 125 Compliments of Underwood Mortgage and Title Co. QI5 IRVINGTON, NEW IERSEY TEANECK, NEW JERSEY BEST WISHES TO The Academy Girls 126 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. E. RUBERT CUVEN CXDQZB Congratulations t Nancy and her Classmates 27 PLainfield 6-0100 Other Towns WX-2100 KNO Tolll G. O. KELLER'S CLEANERS - DYERS - COLD STORAGE - RUG CLEANERS CORNER SOUTH AND LELAND AVENUES, PLAINFIELD, N. 127 Park Avenue 11 East Broad Street Comer Randolph Road and Arlington Avenue Westfield, N. I. COMPLIMENTS OF ART COLOR PRINTING COMPANY DUNELLEN, NEW JERSEY CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES DeCOU VILLAGE CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. NEW YORK CITY . MOUNT ST. MARY'S ACADEMY CLASS RINGS 908 CHESTNUT STREET MADE BY WILLIAM C. MARTIN OFFICIAL SCHOOL IEWELER PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNSYLVANIA 128 For the BEST in Quality UNIFORMS SKIRTS BLOUSES BLAZERS GYM SUITS "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED" Eisenberg and 0'Hara 1315 Market Street Philadelphia 7, Pennsylvania 129 Best Wishes MR. and MRS. CARLOS BASALO Best Wishes from TRETOLA'S RESTAURANT AND COCKTAIL BAR Closed Sundays and Mondays the Five Points Union, N. Compliments of DANIEL LEONARD and SUNS MR. and MRS. HOME FOR FUNERALS W. 242 West jersey Street Elizabeth, N. I. Compliments Compliments Of of DeCLEENE'S DE LUXE DINEB CLINTON HOUSE Union, New jersey FAnW00d 2-7726 PLAINFIELD CAMERA SHOP Y,S 236 Park Avenue Plainfield, N. STEAKS . . . SEA FOOD CHICKEN Park and Mountain Avenues Scotch Plains, N. I. Always First With the Best in Photography Uf3li'lpr':nvrNG L 0 I Z E A U X HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BUILD REPAIR REMODEL Framing and Finishing Lumber . . . Sidings Sand . . . Gravel . . . Brick . . . Hollow Tile . . . Floorings . . . Wallboards . . . Insulations . . . Plaster . . . Lime . . . Flue Lining . . . . . . Plywood . . . Millwork. . . Mouldings . . . Class Blocks . . . Fireplace Dampers . . . Trim . . . Doors . . . Windows . . . Overhead Sewer Pipe . . . Builders' Hardware . . .Paints Doors . . . Kitchen Cabinets . . . Stairwork . . . Home Workshop Power Tools . . . . . . Cinder Blocks . . . Cements . . . . . . Fencings . . . Water Systems . . . J. D. LUIZEA UX LUMBER CO. 861 and 911 SOUTH AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY PLainHeld 6-1776 Compliments of Sunrise Dairies "The very best" ROUTE 29 HILLSIDE, NEW JERSEY 131 BEST WISHES OF WANAQUE HOMES PAUL FUTTERMAN -:- EDWVARD I. BERGEN ROCHESTER GERMICIDE COMPANY SANITARY PRODUCTS EDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY Branches in Principal Cities New Jersey R p esentative: J. C. Casey COMPLIMENTS OF F ISCHER BAKING COMPANY NEWARK, NEW JERSEY DALY BUILDING COMPANY LONG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY 132 Wigton-Abbott Corp. ENGINEERS and CONTRACTORS PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Complete Design and Construction 0f LABORATORIES INDUSTRIAL PLANTS CHEMICAL PLANTS Somerset Bus Co. , Inc. ROUTE 29 MOUNTAINSIDE, NEW JERSEY in my -- A 133 Best Wishes from MR. and MRS. ERNEST BURGER IACOB'S FOOD MARKET All your table needs under one roof Comer Main Street and Mountain Avenue Bound Brook, New Iersey SWAIN'S ART STORE ESTELLE'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE PICTURES . . . FRAMING RESTORING Scotch Plains, New Jersey 317 West Front Street Plainfield, N D'ANCELO'S CUT RATE PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST Surgical Appliances Made to Order 79 Talmadge Avenue Bound Brook, N. We extend to our patrons emergency night service I. BOund Brook 9-I P. 8: M. FURNITURE and APPLIANCES INCORPORATED Corner of Vosseller and Union Avenues Bound Brook, New jersey SOmerville 8-0065 INTERBORO ELECTRIC CO. wm1Nc AND REPAIRING Washers, Motors, Oil Burners, Water Pumps, Oil Burners Vacuumed 4 South Clark Avenue Somerville, N. I. I. FRASCELLA-REHM BEER, L1QUoRs AND WINES Retail Distributor Bound Brook, New jersey I Plainfield, New Jersey 135 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND of NANCY COMPLIMENTS OF FRANKLIN MORTGAGE and TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY NEWARK, NEW IERSEY Mortgage Loans of All Types Throughout New Jersey TRenton 2-2987 READY-BUILT-HOMES Manufacturers of Prefabricated Homes Frank I. Goldman 200 HEWITT AVENUE TRENTON 10, NEW JERSEY Quality Since 1887 VAN ARSDALE'S sHoEs . . . HOSIERY The Center of the Business Center 137 WEST FRONT STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY Best Wishes Murray Corporation Newark, New Iersey PLainBeld 5-1746 LOUISIL SAFT PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN 624 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS OF H E R M , S 1517 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY PLainiield 6-1010 Free Delivery B A R O N ' S PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS CREETINC CARDS N ETHERWOOD PHARMACY "We have the best for less" 1101 EAST SECOND STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY GRamercy 3-4891 - 2 Congratulations to the Class of '50 THE TRAVERAULD PRESS INCORPORATED JOHN MOREL John A. Goodwin PLUMBING AND HEATING 312 East 23rd Street New York City Scotch Plains, New jersey 138 RAhway 7-0684 WEstfield 2-1326 Horan Lumber QQ: Coal Co. BUILDING MATERIAL SPECIALISTS CENTRAL AVENUE AT L. V. R. R. CLARK TOWNSHIP, N. I. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND ik Best Wishes from MR. and MRS. MIKA and RITA Congratulations to Nancy Lammerding and her Classmates of 1950 A FRIEND 140 Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1950 From the Classes 1951 of 1952 1953 Y .R .,:. 33 'E 1:-5'fl.F1' x sb 93 :E ' f 'AW ff A- fiffimfif F2 'NVQ Am ff rv 1 V, E S55 4 V. 54 , 'L

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