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,-1: -fu 3 . ,,, ,.,.,,3 xg ly' -Y-v1f-,,--Q.,i.,.-....r1-,,3., 1-1-1-1-f - gg fn.-JL.--aw 4 -N.-fivffflxfs wlyifgyg,-Aaruxyx Q, -H, ,A 51 if -. ,4 Q 1.1 WL . yrmmq , k X ii?-M 'mmf - --ww WW nv' Ww- A M? 6 , ,Q ,,,, A Q ,mdlgw . ' .V 'siixg ff g f L' V Lx 'fr gig , f f gs. JM fry, I YM W Q ifitt " - K. 23,25 V ,,,.,KM,,, -j f m K Q mu, S r MW? Jff A: A 513-6 H - l . 'U 4, ., , 1 X A . H ' WML I ' 1874: My. "nk 1 . ,N ,,., :famwmw k M NQ, N 7 1949 R 1 5 s I s L 2 V x 1 I I i E u i s i u 4 A i I V . a , i I , X . i i I I I I K 4 v n v I 1 X Q A The 1949 MCUNTATN CHIMES VOLUME ELEVEN PUBLISHED BY THE SENIQR CLASS MOUNT SAINT MARY'S ACADEMY NORTH PLAINEIELD, NEW JERSEY How fortunate we are to be graduated in this memor- able year of the Diamond Jubilee of the Sisters of Mercy of North Plainfield, New Jersey and how perfectly the theme of the diamond lends itself to the expression of our emotions and our dreams. Thus it glows throughout our volume of "Mountain Chimes", telling o lectual and spiritual achievements and our joyous and successful activities. As the hardness of the diamond enables the skilled hands of craftsmen to cut myriad facets on its surface order to bring forth its inner loveliness, so the of our Catholic Faith makes it possible for the souls of the Sisters of Mercy to carve upon us, out the hidden characteristics which reveal our succinct virtues. The facets of the diamond send forth rays truths of Christ. Spring is a season of hope, of looking forward, so we cease our contemplation and plan an active participation in the present world problems. We would be frightened at the thought of our Christian obligations, but that we recall: "It is always springtime in the heart that loves God." Therefore, with renewed hope and spirit of grow- ing, we send forth this promise of a plentiful season of good work, a fruitful harvest of Catholic Action. ,,g.,u, "w:,c,fl-wffh s-Avg,-mvtwewz-i-mmsu wx. .V f. ' 1 - ll ht. Likewise our souls emanate ra s of understandin QM' M ...melee f'i"'afwfe' "' ""'. "L and endeavor by which we may impress upon others the"' W M" l J 'f525926552g.5rf5g.22'MiisSSi'2s-i'Qh"i'JfQls1!r!tI?'diSdiIli!i . ,FSS'5mf., ', 3 Our Lady of Mercy 7 3531411 ?iV:L'i w-- ,S 5.1, if: LI wan: f, 9 A ,, nc, - H N 1 gpm, Q1f,i7, :ei-1 1 ' il ssfalaaw-em' ,-1. -- , Q-:-:sm-iff, sf , - I V, if -qzuzfmim.-im-m. HM. ...f , .,- is-ami ,,xi W ,,, , in ,jk5 , ,3,,' ,. t , . ,, t J,.ua,e.,,,.t a...t.4,,,i us at ,M sw. Q-3:2511-,.',:v,ps:til,L if +L,-ff i .im H, ,L ,-.ip t mn 3,,1..-.zxsimwpz-,-ze-i--X , ,, ,ae Pte'fS,'q-,5m,g52si.g5Qt55f:fy4,yn-5: .1 I t I-55 4,5-'felt we.'w-i2f1,1-.i,-y-,w,,f5-.HQ 1- - is "W U - f Q . , , - tlffEef'mf1fE.D'fi!s?!5tii3-r'?2P?fff+Sff'K'i32'fifff"1'f-1 i - I .5,.,,.,1.v,y,.u..u,Q., .f,, -,V .1V, ..-,- l f i N z fs.i.-' W 11:.i.' ,gt.1igA,5gwar,,::iam 1. ,QM , 1--.J its -no-aff., rg.-,,r,,i.,J,.9,i i an. h i ' ' .- ,L n-3 . 'pr' F m' ' 1' 1 pw? 5331- at-L-,git-,M ,Ss vip S Q2 -zgsilflgwkvgvcigift 1 U JT ,MT f m ms he ,la u X. ,- H , '51 ' 454W 'rr . ., , ,W ia., . s rigged fgag w sbprrfiti-fa 2?,fs5?61i,if,HZfSrff M . 1 ,, I E15 -nt, 2-M ug 1l,g:ti?jfi3',,i1f1k'E'315-4'mf-hifhiig''K'-'15' - ' .-ff..-, 'f 1+ i , ts ' k Lt g.ffrft3f1t,,, ,f r, ,.,iJ2 fmt.-'-if'4't " "r,aa,.'1 , '2,:.La1wm4a-va-d5,5z4",,"-rf "f,j2.f.:iq-Lyvg--14-gg - W-'may' if giiwdflhflaw-zi.'.m:.,d1ii:cf'Qi:il5l2fa-,Qtekfi5:?:,a,:r7?rQ.:aQf5lffAa+5'?lElizf,4v.g,.,5.n. wvwi?:Mja.gsw.':'w:'3l.- f, f Q-. gaeasqgiegwiir q 13,2-waz-fan,f,wwi's:,+ a'-M:-vi'i,-.-,iff-,lm ' ww-it - i, A ., . , J?t'feQ42ai:u9?f,eUr,f.Jipi?.u3iwae,ivP www.+f?i2fb1w5wrlfL.sDiM2vAu4mf.15-.Sims-6 -,vw-ai tame. 1 sw f.a,,f,'11-few 'w,w.1i.- is-w..-. W, o f.t,wf-,w.- i. V tr, ,-, ,,- - it ,, wi. me W,..,,. .M ,c , - Ivey., -pi, x-,,,11,w-ai, ii,-,Wi T, get iq i -1 it gniamsiia-ich-K,Qin,:W2,,,.,,.,,i,im. . , ei51?i3?g,34gtP:gsf4t2?EEEimi5:z':3l 3f:aFI,ic5E2:2'4'Q' EE if 3513?-E32?f3S?55'55S155P13f?f:? Q-f , ,, ,, 1 t . - .x ,- - iiiiggiggif-,'i11ggagf,5,ELQJ-yiQQ.53L:51,rfm4mix -iS,gt...,..,i.i.,. K v,y,i..,tai45-.g,53,,-cf,it W-rg my ,,,L-,, H, i, ,W--, . au,-, 4.4-, .-t-.1is.,,s,l ,-., i ts. i , c i , " X 'ffm'J-JAQ-i-.marffxizi-,2-.w , ri i v A, 'aa rrnsv- z,-it 111 - ' LN A A A pg: iff-5js::r:,1J.Ytg4,s s - s. k 'Hi ff'ifn'f'.'4-' "i,.a:,,., . ,, , , , -..,, ,sage 5.11-5:35 0 V- i 41 if EQ-13335fvi'A.133ilggigri1 A --,, 1 v-, wt:-.: i , , , N Ki -"T If fi , ""L .N - JWi'5:fgg4ni25ag:si ' ','J131Hii'n '11 ' It is with infinite gratitude that we dedicate this, our yearbook, to the Sisters' of Mercy whose chaste Ioveliness and quiet brilliance reflects through the years 1874 . . . l949. We dedicate it to past generations of Sisters who laid the foundation in Bordentown, New Jersey, and to the forthcoming generations of the Sisters of Mount St. Mary's, who will vigilantly carry this banner of high ideals in Religion, Education, and other achievements gloriously onward. We dedicate to those whose sincere interest and quiet patience have made it possible for us to attain this milestone in our lives. Through their guidance and teaching we have achieved more than just an education in the literal sense of the word. We have absorbed from them an intimacy with holiness and a profound spirituality that will accompany us through our lives as we fulfill our destinies. Never can we sufficiently thank these dear teachers who have given us the strength to take up the challenge the world offers, and journey through life with Christ into our Father's loving arms. But by being personal testa- ments of their wise teachings, we shall diffuse their virtues and reflect their spirit of Mercy. 1,,..1 ,,,,,-,,, ,th W ,,,,k i-.- - .. f,.y,.L, ,...A,,,.,.- ,i V , .,., at , ,J -4r.u:-.1-,..,..,a.,.,i...-.-moi.: --incl W -.t. Bishop of Trenton Q xw X SQ NX mf 'xv QL tv' N Ill' ' is nigh: sl! ' l 5..s':"' IMH! K0 e A N Yi lb MONSTRATEESSEMTRBA r""'H ,. 551. , f"'a X 'iw 9 1 lf'1:: I x 1f"g . 1 N nz N 5, AW . E 1,1 'Q x'.f-W" ,g ' ' fx " + Aa! if X Q. R 5 1 x ... .. K m ...:.... .. - w' N Q Q :-1-x- 1 1- 'L' Q N 1 l X X 31' 6 6 - ' Zgi' i-Lf 1 ""' " , , Ev "' - xv JM : -1: IM 21 11- lwl!"i" 1 'H fi 'F 1 gr- Lx:-L Ti ' J , H 5 I ' ' I E ul n...n ni, 3 " as -is 1 's Mm ffl E -,Q ll- ! ii i 5 5 3 'sf f 1? 1 ' ' ' :rl 4. 5 . U 1 -1 - '1 .. 14. I 4 A H-I ' lx In R Y W His Excellency The Most Reverend Wi11ian1 A. Griffin, D.D., LLD. 4 A f i M Very Reverenct Monsignor Martin A. Mactura ww t A ' Chaplain ot E D ii Mount Saint Mary's Academy 5 The "Hill-Top". First Foundation in Bordentown. History . . . This year the Academy celebrates its Seventy-fifth Anniversary. Schools, like men and countries, have their histories. ln this Anniversary Edition of pictures and copy we shall show you the great work accomplished from I873 to l949. As the Academy began with the foundation of the Sisters of Mercy in New Jersey, its development and expansion lies parallel with the growth of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy. We have found the delving into the past most fascinating and inspiring. As our knowledge of the Academy grew our admiration for the Sisters became more intense. The Sisters of Mercy came to Bordentown, New Jersey, from Manchester, New Hampshire, on Mercy Day, September twenty-fourth, l873. This foundation was at the request of the zealous pastor, Reverend Patrick Leonard. There were six in the first group, Mother Mary Joseph, who was appointed Superior, Sister Mary Raymond, Sister Mary Clare, Sister Mary Stanislaus, Sister Mary Martha, and Sister Mary lsidore. The foundation stood on the property at the corner of Second and Bank Streets, overlooking the broad expanse of the Delaware River and the valley beyond. The con- vent served as a dwelling for the Sisters as well as for a school under the title of Saint Joseph's Academy. In the spring of l88O, the Academy was transferred from the "HilI Top" to Elizabeth Street. 6 ff? ...ol the Ace em There was also at this time a Mercy Foundation in Princeton which united with the Bordentown Foundation, choosing the latter for the new Motherhouse. ln i885 the corner-stone of the new Motherhouse and Academy on Cross- wicks Street was laid. At the first commencement in the new building, Bishop O'FarreII requested that the Community of the Sisters of Mercy concentrate all its resources on education. The Sisters had for over thirty years devoted their lives to elementary and secondary education in the Diocese of Trenton. They were rewarded for this great work by many spiritual consolations, and, in a material way, by a generous donation from Mr. Daniel Kenney of North Plainfield, New Jersey, of a large track of land in the Watchung Mountains, historically known as the Blue Hills. With the donation grew the idea of transferring the Motherhouse and the Academy. The Most Reverend James Augustine McFaul, D.D,, LL.D., then the ruling Bishop of the Trenton Diocese encouraged the Sisters of Mercy to undertake the grave responsibility of the erection of a new Academy build- ing and the administration of a fully accredited college in North Plainfield. St. Joseph's, New Academy Building in Bordentown. REVEREND MOTHER MARY GABRIEL undertook the responsibility of erecting the new Motherhouse and Academy at North Plainfield. First, the land had to be surveyed, and a forest had to be cleared and the rock founda- tion of the road laid. Thousands of rocks were taken from the mountain-side, broken and placed for a foundation. Due to the nature of the hill, the road was outlined as it is today, with deep arcs giving a serpentine effect. Half way up, the picturesque slope was selected as the location for the new building. To do this, the men had to penetrate into the heart of the mountain and transfer the dirt in order to form a broad plain as a foundation for the new struc- ture. This gigantic task was directed by Mother Mary Cecelia. On the feast of Mount Carmel, l906, Mother Mary Gabriel turned over the first spade of the Plainfield tract, and in l907, Bishop McFaul laid the cornerstone of the new building dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy. ln less than two years, the construction was com- pleted and the Community changed their loca- tion of the Motherhouse and Academy to North Plainfield. The Bordentown building was sold to the Community of Poor Clares. Mr. Daniel Kenney of North Plainfield was the donor of the large tract of land in the beautiful Watchung Mountains upon which the new building was constructed. 8 Q ir 'L qQ"x'LlMx w.v, ,I 'iw .. ,, + ,,.., 3 wigs' Q5 -ff ml, ,, f X V -f 1 'V , . . ., A uf if 03' -K , 1 -- .5 N Q mf... vs , - 5 3 , if V S 5 1 av. X it ., 1. N 1 'Q Y 4 ' Q . 151.--1 A Q ,K 3f.,Q:5q2y M 3 ' in , .v K M - X -J., X, - 4 ' f :J SEE ,E 'Fu N. 1 K .t jg, 4 , fw-www 0, , i E E hx fm I X im lb 5' ,J A s 1-sa. ..- XX li- ? M .M My mi --55, 5 N, 4 ev f The Academy, under the title of Mount St. Mary's, was a glorious fulfill- ment ofthe faithful prayer and pioneer spirit of the early Sisters. Among those from Bordentown to reside at the Mount were Mother Mary Gabriel, Mother Mary Cecelia, Mother Mary Raymond, Mother Mary Joseph, Mother Mary John, Sister Mary lsidore, Sister Mary Regina, Sister Mary Sylvester, Sister Mary Matthias, and Sister Mary Alacoque. On September 28, l908, Mount St. Mary's Academy and College formally opened. Seventy-seven registered, which included boys and girls in the ele- mentary grades, and young ladies in the secondary department, and seven college girls. Mother Mary John, because of her achievements as Directress of the Academy in Bordentown, and her capacity for understanding youth, was made the first Dean of the College. There are other names linked with these early days in Plainfield. Among them is the noble character of Sister Mary Mercedes, under whose direction the Academy rose to excellence. I-ler radiant personality was an inspiration to all. The deep holiness and enthusiasm of the faculty: Sister Mary Bertrand, Sister Marie Anna, Sister Mary Beatrice, Sister Mary Austin, Sister Mary Con- cepta, Sister Mary Teresita, Sister Mary Patrice, and Sister Miriam, were a sustaining element of success, working all day with body and soul praising the God of all Mercy. Mount St. Mary's Academy and College, North Plainfield, New Jersey-l 908. Our Lady remained standing with dauntless courage over the charred ruins. March 2, 1911. Re' 'B The year for the first graduation arrived, but before the time of commencement all was changed. On the night of March second, 1911, a devastating fire leveled the interior structure to the ground and left only the walls standing. Not a life was lost that night, for a valiant band of Sisters stood at their posts in the cold of the winter. Undaunted and with superhuman courage, the Sisters secured several houses in the City of Plainfield, and continued the daily instructions so that there would be no interruption of classes. Thus Academy diplomas and College degrees could be conferred upon their loyal and deserving students The Sisters had accepted with beautiful resignation the loss of their Motherhouse and Academy. While they suffered keenly from this sudden tragedy, the spirit and courage to rebuild was instilled by Our Lady, who remained standing with dauntless courage over the charred threshold. Second Mount Saint Mary's. Unbelievably, in October, l9l 3, a larger and more majestic Mount St. Mary's was com- pleted. Our Lady continued to watch over her dear ones, and the succeeding years showed growth and advancement. Today the Academy is one of the finest and most representative among schools for Catholic education. lts doors are open to all. lts reputation for art, music and culture is well known, and the graduates, inspired by Christian principles and by their affiliations with all movements of the Catholic church, bring honor to their Alma Mater. i2 With the encouragement and approbation of His Excellency, the Most Reverend Thomas Joseph Walsh, D.D., LL.D., the Community further ex- panded by the purchase of the estate of Mr. George J. Gould, in Lakewood, New Jersey. This was the foresight and wisdom of Mother Mary Cecelia and Mother Mary Catherine and the undertaking commands our greatest admira- tion. As a result of this purchase, Mount St. Mary's College became the new Georgian Court College. lt is an ideal College for the student wishing home life and at the same time desiring the benefits of a Catholic College environment. This College has the highest accreditation and is affiliated with the Catholic University of America and Fordham University. The Most Reverend William A. Griffin, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of Trenton, is the President Ex-Officio of the College. His profound wisdom has guided the College in all high-minded endeavors, and under his leadership, the spiri- tual and intellectual life of Georgian Court College has flourished. Sister Marie Anna, the residing President of the College, Sister Mary Giovanni, Dean, and the Sister Faculty possess that religious humility and brave fearlessness which has characterized the Sisters of Mercy through their years of educational progress. As we review the strenuous up-hill struggle, that now marks the Seventy- fifth Anniversary, we see that each year had its precious attainments. Provi- dentially, the Community of the Sisters of Mercy was blessed with strong, noble women as leaders, who placed each new project in education in the guilding Hand of the Divine Teacher. GEORGIAN COURT COLLEGE UI' Lad GIHE' . . . And now we come to the paramount event of the school year, or perhaps of the entire history of Mount St. Mary's. lt seems incredible, and yet most fitting that the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima should visit the Mount this year. lndubitably, this great privi- lege permitted us was an omnipotent sign climaxing the untiring diligence of our Sisters during their seventy-five zealous years of rapid progress. I4 to the Mount . . . We shall never forget the feeling of ap- prehension that became a part of us that day in October when Sister Mary Leonard told us that the Pilgrim Virgin on her spiritual tour of North America would stop at the Mount prior to leaving our country on December eighteenth. The weeks that followed were ones of solemn preparation. Nine days be- fore, the entire student body made a public novena to Our Lady of Fatima. The great day dawned. At two-thirty on Wednesday, the seventeenth of November, Our Lady's Image, of world renown, entered the foyer where the students who were to be her escort to the Chapel waited. The proces- sion then continued to the white flowered Chapel while the girls entoned "On This Day, O Beautiful Mother." As the Queen of Heaven was placed on her throne amid floral splendor the Marian Hour officially began. Monsignor Martin Madura, our beloved Academy Chaplain, addressed sincere words of welcome to the awe-inspired assembly of priests, sisters, students, and guests. Follow- ing the devout recitation of the Rosary and the singing of the beautiful hymn "Veni Creator Spiritus", Reverend Harold Colgan of St. Mary's Church, Plainfield, gave an im- pressive sermon on the Message of Fatima. It is to Father Colgan that we owe our grati- tude for making this great honor possible. At the conclusion of his stirring talk, the devotees of Our Lady recited the Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart, fol- lowed by the original hymn "Our Lady of Fatima", composed by Sister Mary Xavier, of the Sisters of Mercy, Plainfield. Solemn Benediction and the veneration of Our Lady's Statue completed this blissful hour spent with Our Mother. Awe-inspired student body were greatly moved by the address of Reverend Harold Colgan. 3 RSV' ..--,Jia is , w 56 J AW 'kgs Bk 0 ,N R' 2. bil 2 5 w. limi 35 5 M -1 L2 .mf xg , xi Whence is this to me, that the Mother of my God should come to me?" In final tribute to the Pilgrim Virgin, a guard of honor was formed on either side of the winding camadomized road. As the car carrying the Statue sped down the hill be- tween the long lines of neatly uniformed girls, each and every heart was raised in a silent prayer of thanksgiving to God for granting us the privilege of honoring His holy Mother. l7 "My Lord and My God!" Father Thomas Campbell, Father Harold Colgan and Father Claude officiated at the Solemn Benediction which concluded the Marian Hour. I8 Janet Tighe and Rosario Delfino, two of Our Lady's devotees, venerated the statue before leaving the chapel. I9 lmmaculate Heart of Mary Dear Lady of Fatima "Good-bye, Dear Lady" Privileged Sodality members had the honor of accompanying the Pilgrim Virgin. Winifred McCarthy bore the be-jeweled crown, while Johnell Dillon, Gloriana Gleason, Elaine Meixner and Dorothea Frank lnot visible in this picturel carried Our Lady's Image from the foyer. 4 SX f'.t:f'. ,I will 4 Q ris Her radiant personality So charming and gay .aww Will be missed by the Mount girls 0 F or many a day. Sodality 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4. .. . it ,glfl-Wkza Zjifaacauaf 52504 P ox' " F ! ' Q fit . 7 - -5 gy, 'X f ' fn Qffafty gbzacfefff fgayk , X 1 "Mare" J l 39 X , ' Efficient, tasteful X x K 17 Debonaire 1, K - 'J Graceful hands ' Q' V Shining hair. Q ,yur Z ' Y Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Officer, Mountain Q Chimes, Business Manager, Latin Club l, 2, A .W 3, 4, Mountain Lore Staff 4. PF 1140665 Cpildilldd Fran Vibrant, vivid lrnpulsive, alert lntriguing dimples Manners pert. Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Mountain L Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4, Officer. 22 uw ore Sta l, 4, Nd gg it Q . ' l yt' . , . , , , , , ff , , I ' fm W l sEXisF.i5:w: Olfigewerl WSE wb west ls 5 Z ' ' Q e 5200? 91106411 fgfidlldf ,A f X41 J I ,F L LA .X "Alice" Q9 Charming rebel ,3f.g,.,: , "" fl. f Friendly, pensive Often reflective Reader intensive. X 'Q ,Y fy 'g'fi,Q, Q Sodality 3, 4, Mountain Lore Staff 3, 4, Page E Q Editor. ' X Y X , I ' Sf . ,LX 1 7 ,PF ,Qfmy Qeflfzfbe Zanauexl nArnf1 ln her warm personality I-lumor's reflected Loves to interrogate s f . , ' Typing's perfected. XX A X br 'V all e Cl b l, 2, 3, 4, Nat re Cl b l, 2, --- Mountain Chimes Staff 4. U U Y 3 6 final 525111 Qzlm , sq, , u. 1 1 Johnnie Appealing and trim Prefect of Sodality Tastefull tailored SOdality l, Z, 3, 4, Pretect, Drum and Bugle Corps 4, Mountain Lore Staff l, 3, 4, Moun- tain Chimes Statf 4. e , Y V ' 2' 1 Warm personality. X Q ifa 57- .. -1 42 .. l .f - .3 . .--2 Dv n will ' in 'l1i'.,A 'f J " J if " .L . . . I .f i Qaaaflea Jam qyldlllg W . I 3 if 1 Hman., ,. 'I A paramount 7 Slim figurine Clever attractive Qbkyzkub glfkafeffi Qlzkcal ,fi s- 'V 0 Ji I .' l Ditty M Always active Eftervescent K Perpetually happy " Yet acquiescent. N f '- sodaiaiy 1, 2, 3, 4, Moumain chimes Staff J C ff t ness Manager. GN n 11 N Q- ,JI l .A i 19 N U V 3 3, 4, Varsity Squad 45 Mountain Lore Busi- in QQ. l ii M artist f I li V . 1, ' V, A versatile queen. I ' ality l 2 4' Class Of'cer 2 3 ' ' Mountain Chimes Staff l 1 Lore Staffl 2 3 4. 2 3 4' Mountain u my 5261716 1 ryan .lf ' M f "Mary Anne" " h Ks 0 Tall and gracious Singular smile 0 5 NA Perfectly cultured Unique in her style. wx Q Sodality 4, Mountain Lore Staff 4g Hockey 4, X Mountain Chimes Staff 4. 24 ll l nhl fx: I, is 35 1 if v u' ' E, ' 5' FF tl, i ii W welll l XECEXQQK vii uf Ml if ' ll. 'if Qfql l " M. il MMW Q 5 ' lg ,i liar x, f K V ' 'iQ V 'ml X V V as wit l fl lil QE l ' ' ilu Q ui i l l li 'i lil llls in u f f' Ahrwij va rg t-- C C-xilll 7"-T . an XA 4f'5.,: 4. 5.1-f Q 'gm sa if C P111 ,' ,- , j!.,-A---- 52,5 , V, jig 'df ' 5611141141 gfqfizflzbvb gkasan Gee Loving and loved ln all she excells Voice like an angel This versatile belle Sodality 3 4' Glee Club 3 4' Class Officer 4' Drum and Bugle Corps 4. if rw " ' 3, , ganxfamv ewsm mam A 'C J I lr 0 i If "Connie" I p I U Droll versatility , ' ' , , First lady of the stage, , f l , 'N Noted for eloquence, l 9 it Witty and sage. , - 'V' 'pv 'C Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer l, 2, 3, Q Mountain Lore Staff 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4. QU! 0 W5 j Wi 25 ,gafffmzkze arm aa an ? 4 X 1,1 Y Q , ll-Joan!! ,I A - 3 ,L ' ,V 3,5 Carefree of nature ,LP ,. Active and gay f .. z " Q. , Always amusing ' - ,I ' , , ln manner and way. ' ' 'f Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Drum and Bugle Corps ' fx . 1234 A5149 43 .xxxy ' 67 l is xiii 'go K k , gflln X av f 4 Nw! N If I E li V t t 'lt l ' tl f' Q , 5 Ili l-EX XQL l it It X 1,2,4 ,l ' . I 15 M 3, jzaguebkze 5261114 Gwynn nGingern 75 K - We call her "Ginger" C 1 A name that suits Eg ' Q As she marched to glory Y C fi ,x , ,. In majorette's boots. N l 'L V Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Drum and Bugle Corps ' ' ' . ,, NX I i 5 ff 1 sa I l, 2, 3, 4, Drum Majorette 4, Latin Club ll 'y N, ,H 4 Y V ll mlm film Qahmr 071111 , , JN' , liMary11 l Naturally warm , K ' , Active, sincere if' 51' V She has the faculty To persevere. f ' 5 ' Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Mountain Chimes Staff 4, X sq N x ay , V l 5 I K v XS 1, 7 ' Q f ff' ff: ' f f Q 4 X X Xl li : F if 37 We I F l ' 'Q - orchesfra 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin club 1, 2, 3, 4. ff' if al l ,A ef f X- nl ' A f Qffafzhn Jw: ,Webby lntelligentia- Witty and animated For her jocund foibles She's duly celebrated. X Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Officer, Class Officer Z, 3, Debating Club 3, Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4. SL as ...W 31,2 26 7512 sf V. ,iff . W .. S., 43'- Civ? ,Zo ,, I s W ,3 x ig yyii Ny tix aan Qffzzw Mzfscffe "Jambie" Blue-eyed ballerina Prone to drive Always alert Smiling alive. Sodality 2 3 4' Varsity Squad 2 3 4' Latin Cu234. 1755" x , ww f ,fi fgfi 6 fg- , I X x 42 I i 1 f UCP' 'Qi ' , BW l W l L, PY l ll ll wi!! Sodality 4, Czfdklllk Ufzizafashe ' ' Va I ' ' Basketball's best And our Captain courageous Likes everyone The feeling's contagious! can Qffafuk ae "Joan" Definitely feminine Mirthful, sweet Warmest of eyes With charm replete. Tennis 4, Latin Club 4. AW ' 54 l 41 N Q ! E21 s i fi J- ,EA fa I s. 'F , - 'a x X N 'N fl XX .5 f I Q Ni flll i Emi Drum and Bugle Corps l, 2, 3, 4, Sergeant Bugler, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Captain, Class Officer l, 4. 27 Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Drum and Bugle Corps Debating Club 3, Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4. af! 5, ,A , 'EKQ A CZMf1Mlezf JM Qffcglaztfffy 4775 , I X Z Wlllll' lt "Winnie" 3? 5, l'4vnlaml'n.b4 Fair, petite, A X ,,,l X ms Blithe, impulsive i A Q5 Her friendliness fl 4 gg fel ls all compulsive. 1 QV 1 i f " 2' 'M Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Officer, Mountain Chimes ,' N X xx Staff 3, 4, Editor, Drum and Bugle Corps 1 1 DF l, 2, 3, 4, Sergeant Fiferg Art l, 2, 3. 7, Wifi, Qflbe ,genie 050,445 J Q., nl-een Q Sentimentality W' ' lil Friendly smile Animated 'Z , Unfailing style. ' 2: wt' Q as-1' gilzaalefzf 52510 Qffqgfzn 5 fn "Betty" rx "f 'Wvthu Pleasantly thoughtful jr! Always sincere - Kindness personified -. 5 -X 1 Bubbling with cheer. V A ll- Sodality l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Nature Club l, 2. l ' iv lf!" ' f Vltl. I fllxv. X lxl Wl 28 lit , I 5- X T' l l . l gl 3' X f ,f5iY7 ' . 3? 1 .1 . as -Q l .1 ,- Q Hpati, . Mellow voice E Charm, elusive Personality And clothes, exclusive. l, 2, 3, 4, Officer. I X 'To 0 . K J N zf lg f fhj I, i ' AN , l K xv f x X ' , X X .1 l ,X 1 X W X w l 5 'CZ' ' 5 - . S. l 55112141 Wu!! Cifillliflllfl "Elaine" Comely and cool With fashionable flair Artistically skilled Plus savoir faire. 92116112121 ,genial Qfhzfafzey Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Drum and Bugle Corps l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 3, 4, Moun- wls' 520114 Qffawh ULU., Winning appearance Beauty that charms . ii 2, tg xy 'I i s X ' And a loveliness , C X That completely disarms. WX in I sodamy 1, 2, 3, 4, varsity Squad 2, 3, 4, ' i fy, Drum and Bugle Corps l, 2, 3, 4, Class j XE,-.. Officer l. " ' yr tain Chimes Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Mountain Lore '-X Staff 1, 2, 3, 4. l rf 29 Q Tl W fel vi - cl ' ,Y I 1 ll A .. -,EXE Qi, i fy 1 af - . i.. 2114514- 1 fl V ,- li , -it Drum Ann X Bright winning Always at ease Humorous nice Loves to tease. Sodality l, 2, 3, 45 Cheer Leader 2, 3, 4, and Bugle Corps 2 3 4 Twirler' Latin ci bi,z,4. ' ' ' ' lf-W U fl xx ,Min fgd!l04lIl Qffmef lull, l H H XJ f 'W I , lx il Qi 1 Q :A I W ghafefi ,QWM Qffllflfiy Ex, lxv ' gbx E , -l . . Q - syww- I -'X sodamy 1, 2, 3 ff s , lf' , Pk! lv. 1-1 X2 xx an t' ,fl tk -N Ei at y M ,fw I-M , Q, ggi. ' X xxx, x 5 fy, ' 9 'N Z "Betty Ann" Sparkling eyes Fragile, slim Always smiling Gay and trim. , 4, Drum and Bugle Corps 2. gaflakzfz ,gfpabxles Uhr: Doodles Slender sophisticate Whose sparkling Makes this lady A constant hit . XS, v -i be -2, ,rf I pq ,Q up J mf f Mountain Lore Staff 4 Dramatlcs 3 4 , f f , l 4 K , 3 Y 4 6 V 5 1 ,, ,, , V ,, Q, 21, V fir . . X ' wit , t .ugh-V . We . 'KX Qt lip, cs f, ' 'wi 'xi sodalafy 2, 3, 4, Mountain Chimes Staff 4, 5 li is ' . ' ', ' ,, N' ' ' ' 'gg' .iff 'l 'tx ,Ur ' f N X I .I-'F' ,MXX x f- yi W C Y X 1,4 I. 'll' xx! 30 My fys' or in 1111, x f 0 rg.. 'J 3' 5' 'L D9 X , Qi 52133 V. "qw A .-X' Ai, 2 ' 'ff' 1 Wx X N ?c X? 04' x rw' iff y si N f T , ,al Jl'!41 1 l Y N X fn 4 XX di I l 'ard gt-' Q, Ag.. g 173 : T was T :-g 1 f ' fifz f w j f " l K a A if ,ZJQQSS ni k t ff0"'W ' f' u X gqidllblll Mn U'U99f2a "Pat" Quiet assurance Forever calm The Mount's tradition Shelll carry on. Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Nature Club 2. -K . - Tr' 591 N Cglkazfefff in UA? X X R- 3 "B. J." . ' T Unfailingly pleasant Her constant delight i X To study the stars H , T Come twilight. ,, Sodality 3, 4, Tennis 4. ' l ll il cgflafzcesmaly 931215 npeten Thoughtful and deep Book lover, friend, For advice and good counsel For her you will send. Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Mountain Lore Staff 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 2, 3, Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4, Officer. 31 , 4 X J'! s"' X x. N Q, i Oi g Clfidliydiilll gbbaafefzf Climb Q X 2 ff if x 'Q ' ' A ,X ' 0 Y x Q , , , X J' ax 1 ' Ufagaxllb 526111 Chkfzbfza e 1 .2 xg ' Thoughtfulf delicate- K if X Much admires! by ,X Qf Associates 4 I Sodality 3, 45 Varsity Squad 3, 4g Drum and 'M I Bugle Corps 35 Mountain Chimes Staff 4. ' ii i ' M ,fGloria" xx Q 1 E f 5 E N N e A' H . ix ,Q . V ZX ffm 4 was 5214 W l fhdbu F' in QT, ' 'lx 1 i' . ,, 92mm 0774412 964151 ' ' P a t ' ' Generous, kind Always neat An infectious smile Whenever you meet. 2. 3, 4, Nature Club l, 2, X Sodality l, if W5 fm, JW, war 1E , X "Mary Jo" . Clever quips f Wit acute X-' Creative ability Mind astute. , Sodality l, 2, 3, 4, Mountain Lore Staff l, 2, 3, Dramatics 3, 4, Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4, Officer. Without the skilled and artistic sketches of our virtuosos, Elaine Meixner and Dorothea Frank, "Mountain Chimes" for the past four years would have, in all probability, lacked much of the captivating charm which it possesses. ln '46, we particularly remember Dot's sweet girl graduate sketch, in '47, Elaine's fiery horse was outstanding, and in '48 Dot's charming ballerina held the spotlight. The Senior sketches, illustrating the various phases in our extremely versatile life, are the outstanding feature of our '49 "Mountain Chimes." EIaine's sedate Bordentown graduate and Dot's devout portrait of Mother M. Catherine McAuley truly depicts their peak of achievement. One might think that all their time is spent in sketching, but we know that they have been doing research work on their family tree, the outgrowth ot which is that they are cousins. We know these related artists will be missed. 33 Milk .gli .. .51-'1-i1v'sae.f -..--f.v5'E15nYe:m wffgrv- ,J-'-4Bl""",.-'gr-2v'v"',y: z-'Q-lip-,: 1 -1 - 1 .1 I' x if 01' 9 11 OW 11 ..1' if" G C1 1' 1 .i ra u ate 1v., 9 A'..- "'1 1 .. 1 Q Ma ry Ann Dillon iSister M. Gertrudel , ,,,f, , 1' -E" l A ' of Bordentown, ,was th,e first young lady , , V, id, ,A to enter the Hill Top Community. She Q became a postulant in August, l88O. ml "t1 lu 'A I' X fl ' ldeceasedl Q M' Catherine Dullea iSister M. Patricial was graduated from the "Hill Top" Acad- ' emy in l882. ldeceasedl J K Louise Gash lMother Margaret Maryl , sit- Bordentown, was graduated from the "Hill Top" in l884. ldeceasedl 5, 5 Regina McKay, Jersey City, N. J., was graduated from St. Joseph's Academy, x. .. .. .. . ,, .. Crosswicks Street, in 1886. ideceasedl N -1 . A Tii--u fr .z. . . 1:l,.c ". , ,,., L I, ffl., -Q ,551 Matilda Gregory, Newark, New Jersey, .34 , -. A t, ,. .sig was graduated in l888. Q ., K ,g. .M 1 mag., 1 . i . - ,ft sf-. W -1 u , I U M. J Mary Nash lMrs. Edward Burkel, Bor- 11 nz. 14 1' g',l5fl.s ,,'f,,, iw ,. '.- Q 1 5 515' T N l - ib' -. -ff .n",4ju 15,49 ' vi' , ' . I1 ' :.E5'i43'.u!' 11,67 ' ' ? 1 1 q P 1 w 'Q' he ', q.ggt-,r-,qs yi Q. f 1: . -. 1 -5, .- ni 1 5 :pq -4:1241 diff - 1 . . -. - , x rw Q .. J-vE.q-.aiu-5-,L ,V 1. . I -'- .i a, f ,- - J' ., 1,49 :,,.-ug Qi, . ,rag H V :ll X., -'13, . .. , 4 - ,ggi a1i1ai2i?E'3G?: " J 1 3 1,' , yy-vi.: 3 Q1 6-f...i1.-,5.,r:' ' 'I' , '-A, I ' Y' ' gi:sp.y,,2.g,f-y .4 fi . l , F - 1, . ff, 4'-ti ,, 14322, . 1 eigpggs-::ys" ' eg. .N , ,, -1 waifgrfsfz' '- fa if ' 1 1 ' ' ,.wf.1 ,iii-ljZf'53Q,. ,' i , 'fm Us-.. Q-4 ' , . 5 "',ff1f'2l'i fzigiligaigr. , QQ, - , , . r -,,:,,i..f. U, up .. .Qs ' s- , ' ., . 5, ' . gt .' , is:-1' al E rr .1 i. A. .. iv. . ,- ,,,, , ,. , .. -e an . , J- - t . 1, , ,1 1- ,,yz,-,:- '.02 ., ' . . 41, in' -1 fr -",1"'s1 ir? 1 -.sift -Jil: ' f' 55 f- ff L+' .rw 1 .,,:s J ,fr f P j ,yy 5 5 ' - ., -A -.. 'xx ' . -'gf ,-fi ' -vf'lT'd' y v 1 V . x i ' ' X- L' ' ' I 15" ' .. S l 1 ' 1 17 1. I f 1. . 5,5 , ii gi: 1. xx ,gee . ' 555 is . -1, , -fi .ily .if 1 - 1 .: sh. . L ' Kg.-1: ,v,L,,- 1, ,,-.R it. -K ...X , 5 1. ,, , .A mer - , Lp 'f, ,rf . - g qv -51, H, -1. f -.r 1 M .- K , Q, 1 - ,J .1 1 Q, K-I+ X '-fs., lg", ,,1.' . -Lb 5? 1 71 K 1 f 13? , f . 1. - -3',f4,m ,',a,.,'Fv ' G- ,, .. , CC w ' 1, ng 4 " ' "-"N r iffy I A N, .F ., 1, , J w r ' J J ,1 P ,W , w f ,Si 4 ,. If , W-.EQ ,j -I .-.H --,- il .' i . f. 3 Q, Q . - , V , -V J . 'A dentown, was graduated in l888. it 1 1' 5. -T' -tif if ' , - 5533 if We have often wondered just what it would be like to have been a gradu- ate of the Bordentown Academy. ln this, our ultra modern world, it seems incredible to think that only sixty years ago the school girl of that day, sur- rounded by innumerable satchels, logged off in a horse drawn carriage to "the select boarding school for young ladies situated in historic Bordentown." We wonder if they too had difficulty in developing that "angelic" quality in their voices . . . conjugating French verbs . . . following Caesar's escapade's in Britain . . . remembering Marlowe's "mighty line" . . . or mastering Beet- hoven's "Sonata." And did these trim little girls have time to set their hair before Sister came 'round to extinguish the gaslight? We know those "stolen" morsels from the pantry tasted far more delicious than one of the feast day dinners. Oh! the adventure of it alll When they were naughty, did they also have to spend Friday night in detention dividing 89,2lO by 456 . . . ? Yet, we are sure that they, as they stood upon the stage at graduation, tried in vain to conceal behind Mother and Daddy's graduation roses those glistening tears. And when they made their farewell visit to Chapel, they thanked Jesus for the wonderful wealth of memories of boarding school life. 34 Mother M. Catherine McAuIey Mother M. Catherine McAuley stressed the basic principles of Catholic philoso- phy and urged her Sisters to plan their teaching methods according to the model given them by our Divine Lord. Her work has continued through the years. The first supervisor of the Mercy schools in New Jersey was Sister Mary Felicitas. She and her successors have carried on this precious heritage. Thus all who have been taught by the Sisters have been in- fluenced for good in time and in eternity. The following graduates of the Academy have answered the "CaIl to Mercy" so that this great work of Catholic education may continue. MOTHER M. CECILIA SCULLY. . MOTHER M. TERESA BOWE . . . MOTHER M. CATHERINE CARLTON . SISTER M. AUSTIN COAD .... SISTER M. AGNES DOYLE .... SISTER M. PHILOMENA MCHENRY . SISTER M. EUGENE SHERIDAN . . SISTER M. CARMELITA SCULLY . SISTER M. LOUIS ALLEN .... SISTER M. ELIZABETH SHERIDAN . SISTER STANISLAUS MARY TALLIMINI SISTER M. CYRIL HOOLIHAN . . . SISTER M. VICTORINE CONNOLLY . MOTHER M. ALOYSIS MCSORELY . . SISTER M. CHARLES DINEEN . . SISTER M. EYMARD DIAMOND . SISTER MARIE LaSALLE O'HARA . SISTER M. ANICETUS MOONAN . SISTER MARIE JEANNE MAGUIRE . SISTER M. BERENICE MCKENNAN . SISTER SISTER M. JOAN BRADY . . . M. LEO BYRNES .... I888 I888 I888 I888 I888 I888 I888 I89O I892 I893 I896 I896 I896 I906 1908 I9I 2 I9I 3 I9I 7 I9I 8 I9I 9 I922 I922 SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER SISTER M. BRIDGET FLANAGAN . . . M. LORETTO MARKO . . M. EILEEN DOHERTY . M. URSULA COLEY . . MARIETTA GREANY . . M. INEZ O'CONNOR . . M. WALBURGA FRIEWIRTH M. ANDREW BARABAS . M. ROSAIRE SAVAGE . M. LUCIA CHIURATO . M. EDWIN BARR . . M. JUDITH SPILLANE . . . . . M. DOLORITA RICCARDI . . . M. KATERI SMITH .... . . M. JOANNA DOMENICHELLA M. ALPHONSUS KENNEDY M. AIDAN MCCARTI-iv . f ' f M. VICTOR KERWIN . . M. FELICE CRILLY . . M. FAITH MOORE . . . M. HOPE MOORE .... . M. CHLOTILDE D'IPPOLITE . . i922 I923 I923 I925 I927 I928 I929 i930 I93I I93I I933 1933 I933 I933 I938 I939 I945 I945 I945 I946 I948 I948 5, 5. :.'gf' mv nm -as J V ' J 3,4 mr' ml , J J l 'fi c . gg ' K A l ,V if 7 Q' ' If f ,, f i 1 r ,elf - A Q i , A l i ' up ,, J ' e ff l fa: 'AEE 1 Ayn- A W Ht we L raoluation - 19448 FRONT ROW: Joan Briggs, Eleanor Tumulty, Evelyn Moore, Mary Betzen- berger, Elizabeth Quinn, Marita Howard, lmogene Husted, Jean Pellegrim, Lois Russell, Sarita Gallardo, Joan Rubenstein, Evangeline Bithorn, Josephine Spinello, SECOND ROW: Olga Cainas, Marie Lucas, Sonia Santoni, Legia Cabrera, Marie Cusmano, Faith Olearo, Joan Sexton, Constance DeMattia, Marilyn Peterson, Dolores Bauer, Vilma Landefeld, Marilyn Conway, Marianne Boland, Anne D'Ippolite. BACK ROW: Ann Burke, Joan Beekman, Loisanne Walsh, Doris Russo, Colette Farber, Dorothy Roslcy, Joan Reynolds, Dolores Cagnassola, Patricia Duff, Jayne Galuppo, Carmencita Chamorro, Leonie Barrett, Rosemary Hanneken, Rosemary Hayes. P 36 li gl K E in x y :fri pr Underclassmen led Academic procession. Graduates proceeded slowly to the commencement exercises. The placid seniors followed in formal procession. Alumnae, Faculty, and Clergy followed the graduates. Perfectly poised stood the graduates. 37 , , 5i" . 11 WEE '25 it 5? I 'fs' 4551 ,-.-uw, E., 1 Wg, Jw I -R ,-: fi Q X . . 1 ,. X EX ,.,, , , Nw. KX Q 'W 5 X1 ixgsf " .WG . -, L..f Q -xv-51X-,XX XX QS YRM X 7?fW'M1zwrXXw 2' x-QXXA, K M if X , f X X5 X 3 X 3 v X iv X SX XV X XY XXX W X X X X XS x X O X3 N XX X im Q KRW wi XX N 'K X gy v A ..,.,,, X NN X X 1 X' X X A Q If ww-1. , 1 in K xf X -it K' as , ,XX 5,732 ,Q 'UIQ' A X . . 3 XX A ,A -:X -eg, .. 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L- ' L X1 . . . s,,az..,, . .V . ,. .2 -- i -' -2 'L , , 131 lv ,, A , . -X :ff ' ' .f ' , ,Ag ,X v. 2 1, :ill f 4, A f . 1 U 9.4 1 '. - . . 5 L,5K,i,f- K lj.. an. . av. , .', .fl Y 2 " 19 QM Z S Hllnk I X V' lf l 1949 minislzration Xi l REVEREND MOTHER MARY PATRICK President SISTER MARY LEONARD Directress MOTHER MARY BERTRAND Treasurer ln the seventy-five years of Administration History it is remarkable that there have been only eight former Directresses of the Academy. They are Mother Mary Austin Tierney, Sister Mary Emmanual McNamara, Sister Mary Con- silio Brennan, Mother Mary John Considine, Sister Mary Mercedes Rogers, Sister Mary Gonzaga Thompson, Sister Mary Xavier McCoy and Sister Mary Wilfred Whelan. Successive students listened to their words of profound wisdom with a conviction of the value of human endeavor. As members of the Senior Class, we have learned from the present Administrative leaders that the real issue of education is that we be ruled not by power, pleasure, or imagina- tion, but by goodness, beauty, and reason. Like the diamonds, we must pass examina- tions. When tested we may not prove flawless, but we will prove true to the Administration and to our Catholic principles, As graduates we go forth radiant with joy, scattering the light of truth. bf' DR. GEORGE W. KING MR. CHARLES D. WARDLAW acuII: Physical Education r I - 3 MR. FRANCIS L. ZAVAGLIA MISS ALMA STEEDMAN Vocal Orchestra MR. WILLIAM TOWNSEND MISS FLORA E. MAY Band Dancing 43 ww 4 I I .I .QQ VV i I fitkkk f N in SISTER MARY VICTORINE Music SISTER MARY ROBERT Music, Library SISTER MAURA Latin SISTER MARY DOLORES Art ig? SISTER MARY PANCRATIUS Domestic Art SISTER MARGARET MARY, RN Nutrition, Home Nursing i I'gi! wnlahu-wagyav SISTER MARY VINCENTIA Commercial Rigs SISTER MARY LEONORE, R.N. Health, School Nurse Us SISTER MARY KATHLEEN Commercial, History I A SISTER MARY CONSILIO Music SISTER MARY LUCIA Romance Languages, Religion Ill SISTER MARY ALPHONSUS English, Religion I, History SISTER MARY RUTH Science, Mathematics, Religion IV SISTER MARY CABRINI Vocal 'fo 'saw SISTER MARY INNOCENT Religion ll, Mathematics, History ??3??gy. 5? ' .,1 '1,,f:.' 1 ,Aff A nmv W' MOUNT ST SCHEDULE 'WARYSAAFCADEMY ox:-sus run. E A A 'PIE A L nouns. 11,1 MTW. -ww, -I M AA 1 5 E IH 1 su nn yum Jn 1 an lun 1 un in Ivlllk gli' 1 111 un 1 ru un ann: 51111411111 1 KID, 111111 ul Una ua 191111 rnnou 1 vn11e11 nun a MIK wi .cpu 1111511 11111111 111 1 Inu 111 OKC! i Ill! ll! MQY l Al. MH? ,ui 4 1:1 nu 1411111 Q 11 'nn 1 110110 l NIS I lilk 1 t an 15: 1 rv' nuca 1 nun an I 1 srlsn n UID I V runs 1 rrrlcu Ll! gui : un ,N 1 rn m. 1 uv U. 1 mn an n un 110105 ' ann nn ' nur 3100 PN lm. an H n VL . 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A Mount t. aryb ...,.,...A-as ........,.,.....f-- a sm BIY Mercy 4131 Half way mark gm, V A , .F it QNX N A 4 R 5 fkifffiii 1 ,", K . . 'RN . ,M m 5 ML J. ,V L L , ,M . iv 1-Q51 f 3 gig,5h1,.. L 1.2, in ,V 4 X' Q sf ..,, ,. -'ig X 1 n n ff A f Q :'f lx ya! +1 , 5 -kr' 1" I 1, N '?3+1g"? ,Q an mf v XX "fx A A' ff? A ' y k QQ iff:-fwfiia 513"fJ-limi -,x'f7Q"' x 513 L31 ff- ' A Mgigw 5.529 ,J K f K K Q, ,, , ,pew 21432 2 ,Q y ' is 'Q R W Vx. V "" x sl' "" 1. A 424 lz"7"' ffy., 'A' AMX W .. fig W -gk' , , f ,K-f,-1 55. -in , X ,W 5 M :jLqi',KM: A.4.., ,A , X, A fHg2gg,,,,,, Q -af A Q , 1121 '41 up G, , Mil 'K Q ,sag L' A' "Yes, we have transportation. xi ffl 1 XF - ' N-51HH,, Txifielk 1 H I Y ' Q4'S,,L?,,zff .- e MS 5- S? Q in i ,,,,, ,.,. we . .. .. I ? 3 K! xf u smifw , x ' an In , -. Q- 3.551 'A f 5Q5:jj-351 , K 1 'L S.. W- ff - SX, , . .. .. N. . Wk .-.. .... .1 F I 4 ., A. - fx-if . 4 rf ,- ' -1 ,'-f , , ii .. N-my . 473, in nz ' H N M Q X Q Lf ,gag X wx Q ' 6 33 X 1 in we ki W3 5' ' ,X 5. . .3 ,. . ., , I V M 3 VLLVV ,,,,,,.. .. .. .M . . 1-:Atal wk Y. x N ,fa A h -,W 'Q' +10-4 2' M Q11 K- 1, I, ' K. 1 'Ziyi odafit Qfficers Sister Mary Leonard announces semester outline to Sodality Officers for 1948-1949. JOHNELL DILLON WINIFRED MCCARTHY TERRY WILTRAKIS MARILYN KEATING MARY BOYLE Each of our Sodality officers have cooperated with the Moderator, Sister Mary Leonard, to achieve the prime purpose of every Sodalist - sanc- tification of self, sanctification of neighbor, and the spread and defense of the Church. Under Sister's guidance we were able to again receive the Marian Award. so at fu ' uilcl Chairmen During the year, Dialogue Masses have been celebrated, Honor Guards have been faithful, and the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin has been recited. A "Blue Day" on May first was celebrated with a Communion Breakfast for the students and their parents and in the afternoon the May Crowning was held. Guild chairmen plan future activities for their individual groups. Left to Right: Elaine Meixner, Publicity, Virginia Driscoll, Social, Gloriana Gleason, Our Lady's,' Betty McGinn, Apostolic, Alice Chenal, Catholic Literature, Mary Hull, Eucharistic. Sl tm , .. ' 2' 3' : , ,M Q ff I3 N' 9? wv w' ?f6-if H4 if 5 ismig- S 9 5 'Q 9'?'vY a ' , X K 5? gvye 3 0 5 H4 Q l Q ' yr I wif 323532 fl VI Vr'r'i7n n 1- , 5 5' SZEHSYS .EH gif. 'ana' filers' , f I ' 42 ' ' 1 ' writ!!- 1Ff1i 4, J- +55 it 3 a 6 +4 HM Monsignor Martin A. Madura uest for Happiness The school day begins with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, celebrated by the Very Reverend Monsignor Martin A. Madura. This Sacrifice is always well attended and in this act we pay a living tribute to Our Lord. This spirit of Religion carries us through the day. Our prayer life continues with grace before and after meals, a prayer before each class, The Angelus, and for many, a noon day visit to our little chapel. Our Religion course in "Our Quest for Happiness" explains our Religion so that we can live our lives more fully. instructions are given by our homeroom teachers, whose work is dedicated to His Service. With their ex- ample and guidance we grow more and more in the ap- preciation of the finer things in life. The gentle Christ is very visible in the friendly smile and gracious manner of our Monsignor who, through the tribunal of con- science, brings us closer to God. When at the close of day, we slip up to review our little tasks, or worries, we feel comfort in the presence of the Holy Family and our hearts are peaceful as we kneel in the quiet glow of the sanctuary lamp. X ational Book Week ls Celebrated In accordance with National Book Week, Sister Mary Robert, our librarian, and her assistants, made particular efforts to arrange a profuse display of outstanding books especially Catholic publications, stimulating and instruc- tive for us. It was inspiring to see so many students patronizing the exhibit, many ot whom, after perusing the books, made selections that ordinarily might not have interested them. 57 Ann Morel and Christina Betancourt enjoy exhibit. im- Sister Mary Robert Kf ef M ,ff ,avid ,war 1 ff fd-4432 S xffz. ffm i--M., if-vm , ,gh 4 N ! Q' Sister Mary Ruth Science Teacher oienoe Room Science courses are offered in the Senior and Sophomore and Elementary Grades under the able direction of Sister Mary Ruth. Posters and displays are an interesting addition to the regular Bunsen burners and microscopes con- nected with science. Natural lite is collected around the Mount by the Biology students for their museum. Experiments, "lab" books and text books are necessary for Chemistry study but useful examples are offered by Sister through her practical methods of presenting the subject. Visual aids are another form of interest for those taking science. Neutralization proves interesting to Senior Chemistry Group. Sz x a ' WNW ,.. - - V.. W. MMA ' -'L' ' ,Q ,a MW Q M-W WWW rw is Q :gap 525 3 ""'1Qs +-QD--......... if? Q ewing Room All the sewing classes are enjoyed under the kind supervision of Sister Mary Pancratius. The Freshmen and Grades are patiently instructed in the rudiments of sewing while the elective class of older students delve into the intricacies ot the art. lnformality is the keynote as skirts, hems, ma- terials and zippers are discussed. Blouses, skirts, dresses and aprons may be viewed in the various stages before completion. The bulletin board is al- ways attractively displayed with the latest patterns. The girls learn not only how to increase their wardrobes but also how to repair them. This sewing course is very pleasant and very helpful. xx 3 Sister Mary Pancratius l K n V Si . i , o .1 .L 1 , J' :N A49 at it tgirl --"1'i2sfz1f f" . -1f:4:i2f1.:. fi . Q!-:Za ,Q ' 'ist -f "" Lyn, Nancy, and Marguerite are particular about their little skirts. According to our Catholic philosophy the gi of health must always be looked upon as a meai to an end, not an end in itself. Our four yea health program makes us better acquainted wit the place of health in our lives, as well as in oi program of studies. The freshmen find personal appearance first place. After the external care is studie they take an inward turn. Here the students ai set aright mentally. Then the wider circles, tt home, the school and community are approachei After learning the purpose for maintainir good health, the sophomore hygiene classes leai more about the functions of the body. The juniors are introduced to a brand ne field, home care of the sick. The seniors enter a deeper subject in the stui of nutrition. D Hecker D Gungrich M Peters C Basaio, V. DeCleene, E. Gregory, J Deppe and D Louis prove that they believe sunshine is healthy. i l l l ' vz2iffL'??J 1? fisviizi. I., 1 Mega, " lisa, WZ M. gi. WXJSVE-i,. ., . Sister Margaret Mary instructs Kay, Marleen and Joan on infant care while Barbara and Helene arrange the bassinet. Mary, Betty Jane, Mary Ann, Joan and Maryanne are happy because a good cook makes a good catch! Sister Mary Dolores The A The art room holds a complete fascination for all of us. lt contains so many beautiful pieces of china, and on the walls, art contributions of various ages. When we see so many that are religious we realize that most of the Christian artists painted solely for the glory of God. Many types of work are accomplished in this interesting room under the direction of Sister Mary Dolores. Even though Sister may be con- ducting a group in charcoal, oil, or china painting, we are free to enter and wander among the young artists. A deft stroke, a minute shadding of color and behold a masterpiece to be admired by an aspiring Hummel or Madame LeBrun. Training is given that each girl may know exactly where that stroke or shade is needed. This gives each student the opportunity of fulfilling the Mount tradition of graduating students proficient in the arts. Oil painting class-Ernestine, Janet, Marleen, Marilyn, Sonia, Leonore and Rita. . Q .. 4 .m4,,..,,.ilH . X E My M wsu, W. Q. ww '?1- . 1- f -1.1: . .' :E -A ,. , 5... ., -1- . 'E .- iz--,f'i1.z.. . ....L ::ff5f':" .- E v ' if - 1 E' .221 ' -- g- - w .,,.. Q A H wvire-'Vee P 5' 'P . I -x W Y' N 2- A mx 'if f l ' K' Lil 2,151 Q M 1-5 .sly M Q iff Q L. '?Yff3?:z,-fum f X Q my Rs -il' 3 A,,,,wm,,f5J..2gMm,,,5 war wg 1x QW - 1 Q5 ..,::, V S., xa .. .. i, Y, - AA A .gs.5f"aQi . Q9 1, VL,A W S 4 X X X X Choral roup Sister Mary Consilio and Sister Mary Robert are concerned over their Musical Program. Sister Mary Consilio gives a lesson to Patricia Mahoney. 70 Under the direction of Mr. Francis Zavaglia and his assistant, Sister Mary Cabrini, the singing reputation of the girls continued to impress the faculty, parents, and friends of the Academy. This year, Mr. Zavaglia formed a spe- cial choral group. These girls added to the beauty of the various concerts by their many charming selections. The climax of our year of singing was the participation in the spring Musical Festival. The girls take pride in being priv- ileged to sing praises to Our Lord in the Mount Chapel. These moments when their angelic voices break the awe-in- spiring stillness ofthe morning Mass or the solemnity of the evening Benedic- tion are most impressive. The students always say that this means more to them than all their singing for the world ot entertainment. C W - . .mlm-hh. Q- is M . L W .kyky , V nxt A , - -f-2 N The orchestra's conscientious practice results in their splendid achievement. Cro estra The scene opens in the auditorium with the usual presence of silence preceding a performance. Then the downbeat under Miss Alma Steedman's mighty baton brings resounding echos through the halls of M. S. M. A. With the melodious sounds of the first and second violins, cello, and viola, the orchestra has rapidly become a strong string ensemble. Assisted by the clarinets and flute, a harmonious atmosphere is created. The velvet background is provided by the trombone and French horn, while the stimulat- ing tone of the trumpets blend with the accentuated rythmn of the drum. Thus, the fusioning of each instrument gradually envelopes into various moods and shades of music. However, practice does offer a reward. With Miss Steedman's persuasive influence, concerts have been performed. The Christmas carol selections were the opening performance for the year. Then came Mozart's "Magic Flute" for the Spring Festival, a successful hit. Following this, Class Night, and finally "Pomp and Circumstance" which brings us to the graduation of the class of l949. Throughout the year the orchestra sparkled because of the conscientious efforts of Miss Alma Steedman. 72 Sister Mary Agnes was in charge of the Music Depart- ment in Bordentown. She worked strenuously while she was able, but illness came upon her. Mother Mary Regis was worried both for Sister Mary and the Music Depart- ment for musical talent such as Sister Mary Agnes pos- sessed was unusual. Before Sister Mary Agnes died she said to one of the Sisters, "Tell Reverend Mother Mary Regis not to worry, God will send her more music teach- ers." The following year several of Bordentown Academy girls entered, two of whom were well advanced in music, they were Mother Mary Cecilia, and Mother Mary Cathe- rine, Mother Mary Teresa also entered at this time and devoted her life to education in Camden, New Jersey, where she gave over fifty years of service. These Sisters by entering found an opportunity to give back to God the gifts He had given them. Sister Mary Agnes' prophetic words have been fulfilled through these seventy-five years, for the Sisters of Mercy are known for their musical gifts. Sister M. Beatrice is head of the Georgian Court musical department, assisted by Sister Teresita and Sister M. Schelia. Sister Miriam is in charge of the vocal. Sister M. Genevieve, Sister Mary, Sister M. Wilfred, and Sister M. Dorothy have served in Camden Cathedral, Sister M. Louis, Sister M. Xavier, Trenton Cathedral, Sister M. Bernadette, Holy Spirit, Sister Marie deLourdes and Sister M. lmmaculata, Sister M. Virgine, South Amboy, Sister Mercy, Sister M. Bere- nice, Phillipsburgg Sister M. Fides, Metuchen, Sister M. LaSalette, Red Bank, Sister M. Consilio is head of the music department at the Mount, assisted by Sister M. Victorine, Sister M. Robert, and Sister M. Cabrini. usica Histor 73 Sister M. Consilio and Sister M. Robert are working together to sustain the musical tradition begun at the Borclentown Academy by Sister M. Agnes. A - , A S-- N- if v, , , H- ,' , A-'far ,- 'fx' v MA A My .A , A 1 wk 'j is K 5 i k 35S5 .?3g5i3g2?6,54 'S ara T'ff '9 9' 'Kc , eg - A .Aw gm ' x as nfieifi' .,:s::gfs.- ,K 215 ' If W QF 5 is A ii: if " Q Q , :sr . i f ,, .. A',-A W - gl i . - ' f X fa H X H Q K ' K V ' J x i ' f ,. , h..::: ' M H 5 WNW Q w Nw 1 pe W, Q? ., Q 'vs 45 f . , 1 . jafiz xzbx ,.' X: f 9 . 3.1 4 A t-Q rxgggqgtkgag V wi' ,f . wx. 2 3. ? M Y fs- ? 1 U api, bf. s " . 5 Y 'M' 'Q 'H TEX' X 'Q' M" K 3 .K N3 A , AL Q3 H 1. 3-3, ggi...-. , . ,.kl,qffW ,Xl S X 3 1 1-5 'ss- YL 'H 134 4 Y ' 1 1 1 X M x 5. 4 K wx QSQSQIE.-.,5F'g--',..M y-EgEQmif,M -,X 1 Q., w N R WSEQ-59,g5gws'.g1,i' TXQVQ' 8 51, If 24 R y L '-what 1 . hi, jww 1 7 1 I A A V L . My mf.-4, pp I N wg-15 ,L A ' 5. " 45+ Wi-,Thy yy A - In MG, 9 Axim., 7k,gf,,,k, X ilk xx x :.fA?-fvQiQP g Q . n 4 'fi X . ' ' 1 . , ' ' , . K . .5 , Q, . K . x V 9: ,,, W ' . ' A 4 ' W? if 9 . x if ' f 1 " Ms: if if f W' A I S 5 ' J i K: z gb ' fsmz. Mi Q H kg M ' ' I .. qw, ,N 355 -M P Az m ts,-f ,,L,, Q-. Betty gratefully accepts Ginger's contribution Missions Among the many mission projects carried on this year, are the layettes, which were extremely worthy of men- tion. These were made by the girls and their parents to be sent to the infants in war-torn countries. Other enter- prises were the collection of toys for the orphans, and the donation of ros- aries to encourage the Fatima Devotion throughout Europe. Senior girls en- joyed Catechetical work in Manville, New Jersey, which was the first work in this field. At the mission rally in Trenton a certificate of award was re- ceived for the financial aid given to the Missions. to The Baby CIOTVWSS DFWG- The class mission moderators exchange methods for raising funds. XR xx XN3' W Catherine Frowery, mission represen- tative in the grades, intently studies the certificate she received at Trenton. On Monday, our Catechetical teachers, Mary Joan, Maryanne, Frances Mary, and Connie leave for their classes at Manville. Calzliolie Press onlzlu Father Hoehn presides over informal forum. Our observance of Catholic Press Month was brought to an appropriate climax when Rev. Matthew Hoehn, O. S. B., acclaimed author of "Catholic Authors", visited the Mount in February. This recently published compilation, the result of eight years of persevering labor, affords accurate biogra- phies of contemporary Catholic authors whose works have been written or translated into English. We spent a very profitable and extremely enjoyable hour in the Reception Room listening attentively to Father Hoehn as he vividly described the many difficulties he had in secur- ing information on the intimate lives of the writers. His experiences . . . many humorous, some tender, and others, pathetic . . .were singular, thus portraying for us many literary personages, in particular, Agnes Repplier, the immortal Ches- terton, and Hilaire Belloc. Father also answered questions pertaining to contemporary English authors. The tremendous ovation at the conclusion of Father's talk verified the personal impression which the speaker made upon the audience. The culmination of our enthusiasm was reached when, as his encore Father Hoehn chose a versatile repertoire . . . a spirited rendition of a one-man orchestra. 78 2 . W ' wmv' iii Chun 5 Q1 .htmlmkix ,M P-mann:-3 I X EW-mf ,-Q ww ma 2, , ,,, 3 fi A -X s YQ' w g - .. x,5Q1w,5,4g .QQIZN f. ,. L, A . iievssfvgfw 7 5 ,L ,XM ,.,,-- EW. ,Q ' A L?fs?1if5xEE 45225, 7 'JI ,S K ffm, . 'k'A A K .' . EQLQLK ..,A 5, I - L"L,: 11 ,L 'K" A , bkvr My M, Sk Q Y sf 3 MSN W, ""' , if iifwwfwsmvfwmznQm1..- m . LM " W ii. -- 57 Y L'ib X 'W ' Ik K' Q56 L .Q 3. 4 x WHR V if j .. A , M. ,. I K A V . Q an 4 , ' g 4", :ff W W TN ,H A ,, sph ,MMT New X F - '-...und N K A , : ' . K 1 f-- 1--M -. -l iii if 2? p""""' l ,...--f-G unn!! --.....,,,,.w v 'N 7 ,W . -aw-Mk? Q- l' mn i A K 0 .M A Q JOHN M. HAFFERT A stirring message was brought to us by the avid promoter of the Fatima Crusade in America-John M. Haffert, the lay Monsignor Sheen. uesi: pea zers FATHER AMY Father Amy's informal talks made our annual retrea an enlightening and interesting one. A sv , I . 5. ie as 5 'f k sg,-5555. . 533551552 '- MONSIGNOR H. EVANS Monsignor H. Evans came to thank us tor our previous support and through his encouraging mission talk we were inspired to greater heights of activity. FATHER AMBROSE Father Ambrose made our Day of Recollection an unforgettable on 80 i E l .,, ,...X... Q ,J ..,, ,., ,,,.. AAAA W ,. X. V 35 .if -A.. . I Q I 5 -its aw I .. . 5 fm? A ,E 'P1p:2i?fi.1:- A Mm' ' Eff' I Q 1 ' 1 K- U , ' - ef is M, , ,, sm ,R .. is ,. Q5 7' K Y Nh www Q-1 The featured six grand pianos sent forth the strains of "Etude in D flat." 1949 "TaranteIla" is skillfully executed by Lois Pellegrine. B2 f F E : 2 Musica e . . . "Rhapsodie Hongroise" No. 6 was the beautiful piano solo rendered by Dorothy Doty. fr gli! QSM .wmfgv 2 BF! S A- 'iss 4 S 5 U, .fr . Q 4 ,Uv M jd me ' 23 A ' ' , ,.-, sm 5 5' A 31 ',- i -I q k ,2M ,-fm XV W -ffxfmatrf , ,fyggim A , 'Br ft , , V A I A ,,,,, an-.... I P A 2 I . R 3 Y 1 . f 4' "2' , V frkv ' M, ywfxa . V-, 5 ,QV ugz- ' M a wg M may M , N Qs, an J if A Q 1A.: Q .W , A . Wig? ' A gk A Q A K . W, vw. A Q, 5 Li' " '--- ' V gh! Y T '35 - W- I li HIM ,. , W m X 'Q . ff ' 9 ki 4 3 9 'H' lip 1 'f 1 M 1 V.k. X M. A A , mi E - ,555 gg 'lfiif-,L,x4"Ww ' 5 2 M. 514+ ,. dy 2 H 1 . ' nf VW- ,QQ I XM EQ X 1 VW. N,,. UN?-uni S .Q3i- fi U Qvi -W Qs? .5 if , J 'ish 5' 3 . 5 if Q' 3 A F is J V. 1 "Q, if X, f'm 5 7k 5 Our s arkhng Bnde and Groom and a gem from each dance ,api Mrss Flora gives that debonalr tllt to gentleman Pats derby. Oouch, Joan, not so hard! My X 1 , F-,,'. 1 9 . - - Everyone "pushes" for the show especially Sister Mary Consilio and Sister Mary Robert fig! 'x ,aq- x Knit two, purl two. 3 x NR ' QF! CTI ITIE MI VA Q 44 9 A 1 -q 1 l. ' t 4 5 Father Bulman, moderator of Union Sodality, is introduced by Johnell. oclalilzy Reception Throughout the years of the Mount's History, Our Lady's Sodality has been the motivating force in the daily life of each student. She ex- erts such a profound influence that all our acts are performed with the idea of pleasing her and her Divine Son. Each year on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception new girls are received into the Sodality. Monsignor creates another laugh. Terry and Johnell lead the solemn procession. Prefect Johnell and Vice Prefect Terry are proud of the work of the Sodality. mn. 1. Monsignor and Father Morgan leave Chapel to prepare for Benediction. Every year it is the Mount's tradition to honor the Mother of God in a very special way during her month-May. This year on the first of May the Crowning of Our Blessed Lady was held in the Chapel . , . a humble tribute to our Queen of Heaven and Earth-the Mediatrix of All Graces. odalilg crowning eff 'isaigmsai-is Freshman girls show complacent joy. Leonor and Rosario await the procession Winnie and May pay Mary a visit. "They're lovely, Sister." 1 of is S xx 1 K 515 :K i .Li M, 3 "0 Virgin Dearest Mary, Our Lovely Queen of May Our busy editors are concerned for the newest edition. Left to right are: .Alice Chenal, Sally Riehman, Grace Chininski, Blanche Fitzsimmons and Elaine Meixner. ounlzain Lore "Mountain Lore" is our monthly school paper which publishes the latest news from the student's viewpoint, ln its four pages, literary, activity, religious and athletic news are covered. Several new features have been introduced this year, namely: Know Your Staff, Vague- ly Vogue, and Laura Spotlights. Sister Mary Alphonsus guides each publication, while the four page-editors carry out her regulations. Instead of having one editor for the entire paper, each page is planned out singly. Our news editor is Grace Chin- iski, page one-devoted to the latest activities, is maintained by Sally Rieh- man, Elaine Meixner is the page editor for two and it includes editorials, book reviews, "Laura", and our FranFare column. Page three is under the charge of Blanche Fitzsimmons and it covers features, "Courting the Queen", by Sodalist reporters and the new "Know Your Staff". Page four concludes with activities from hockey to baseball under the direction of Alice Chenal. Business Manager is Virginia Driscoll. QE f, 1 Wm 1. awww NWS Sf 3 5 1 my F 55 3, A S ,ww www wmmsw fzggggw., jwiff zvfsff ,es Gm fair Jw,-I sm if Sister Mary Ruth, moderator, and Winifred McCarthy Editor-in-Chief, list pages for the i949 Yearbook Winnie deserves much credit for this Anniversary Edition. We realize that her patience, planning, and organization was admirable. The effort and enthusiasm of the staff was her mainstay. The most sincere ap- preciation from the entire Senior Class goes to our Moderator, Sister Mary Ruth, for her conscientious efforts to make possible the continuation of Mountain Chimes. Mountain Chime agsgifgtsf Dorothea Frank and Elaine Meixner checl work for the dividers. For four years, Dot Elaine have contributed through their exce art. Their creative minds and artistic t have found expression in the dividers and clever sketches rendered much beauty to present and past three editions. Our Literary Editor, Mary Anne Gilligan, been an inspiration through her unstintinq and elevating and beautiful thoughts. Dc and Mary Jo have collaborated on the ui Senior Section. Francesmary and Alice blended their talents and versatile ideas in piling the Educational and Activities Sec' xx!! Mary Boyle, Business Manager, reads financial report to her business staff, Amy, Val, Lorraine, Janet, Johnell, Mary Hull, and Christine. With the complete cooperation of the staff, Mary splendidly financed the i949 book. Thanks goes to Terry, Lagoria, and Ernestine for their beautiful and "up-to-the-minute posters". Gratitude is due to Johnell, Connie and Cristina for their willingness to help and their generous donation of time in typing copy. 95 The photography is largely due to the planning of Virginia. She has received invaluable assistance from Joan Marie and the Editor-in-Chief. af , I 5 Q wifi: ' 7 m A fffiiix LE fe. W l??513i, KN Q R5 1 A-Q..i'T ' - .H , my . - -:Q jfak' , .ff N .5 - fp-i . f ,W 1. ' E: E gig.. Ny VVQLS: . 359, K QM, X if ' 4' lf. X M1 . H, W 2 xQQj,mk yy 'K wa. b , if kw- Patricia Aidale Parlor Recitals Q JUNIOR DEPARTMENT RECITAL Serenade Bresilienne ,,,,, Byron Coleman Peggy Foster Waltzing in the Night ,,,,,,,, Walter Rolfe Carmen Basalo Santa Lucia ,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, Folk Song Vocal SolofPatricia Daycock Accompaniste-Estelle Daycock Arabesque ..,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,A.,,, F . Durgmiller Marguerite Whitehead Marguerite Whitehead Sparkles ,,,.,,,.,,,,. .,,,,,..,.,,,, E lla Ketterer Constance Marie O'Connor The Lamb-Recitation ,,.. William Blake Catherine Frowery Summer Pleasures ,,,,,,,, Mildred Adair Julieta Basalo Dance of the Rosebuds ,,,Frederic Keats Joan Noll, Shirley Zimmer, Kathleen O'Connor Tarantella ,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,, , , ,, Leota Stilwell Estelle Daycock By the River ,,,, ,,,,, , , ,,,,,,, H. Helm Kathleen Moore The Mockingbird , ,,,,,,,,, F. L, Stamton Recitation-Janet Slugaski Waltz in A Flat, , ,Brahms Patricia Aidale Constance O'Connor Janet Slugaski 98 Loretta Foster From the days in Bordentown, the Academy has been famous for its musical students. Therefore, when the girls were told to prepare for an informal recital to be held in the reception room, the re- sponse was wholehearted. Little girls are interesting, but espe- cially when they face their audience with a little trembling, but with a great deal of courage. lt was not surprising that they played beautifully because youth is natural and full of hope and dreams. Mary Hull Gabrielle Corbally and Marilyn Friel SENIOR DEPARTMENT RECITAL Humming Bird" ,,,c,,,,,,,....,,,,..,..,, ,. ,.,,,,,,.,,,,,....o,,,.,,,, N, L, Wright Marilyn Friel, Mary Clara Smith, Gabrielle Corbally Pale MOON" -Kf-.---.---,,,-YY..ff,..YY..Y..fV...v..,,,...Yf...,,,,,.. ..,, F . K. Logan Violin, Mary Hull, Piano, Patricia Kenny AHGQFIBS -ffYf--.--A-f...ff---..-,-Af.,,,.,-,...,,,,,,,. ,.,..,,,,Vv,..,,.,,,, J . Valverde Petrunella Koster, Estelle Geradino, Peggy Ann Swingle The Last Rose of Summer" ,.,,..,c,,,...o,,,,,.A,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,w,, F lorow Vocalist, Mary Logreen, Piano, Shirley Bithorn Pizzicah ' av.a..afaf.,a,,a..aa.. .a..,aa....,c,,..,aa,,a.a,,..,,.a,., L , Delibes Patricia Thompson, Frances Gregory, Dolores Keller Prelude ..,., ,,,,.,,.,,,..,,,,,,,,, , ,,,-,,,,,,,, ,,,,w,,,,,,,,,,i, E , Shun- Loretta Foster SCl19l'Z0" V--------f-fV-.4,ff-f...--.-f--.,,,..,,,,., ....,.,.,,,,,,.,,, , F. Mendelssohn Shirley Bithorn, Patricia Kenny, Mary Noll Mary Logreen oncert rlzists Alice distributed programs to guestsg Monsignor Madura, Father Endebrock and Dr. King. Enrique Arias, Colombian pianist, made his return visit to the Mount. i The Orpheus group delightfully entertained us with many Irish melodies. Avis Kunce, brilliant violinist, again charmed a Mount audience. M ' Kneisal String Quartet was received enthusiastically on the ananne occasion of Mother Mary Cecilia's feast. F 4, , ff? P3255 NW 1: 1: af W ,K 3 j 'I' 55 z' f 2 S ,, .. if as ,My :fc L12 U .fm mu .2 Z 1 ,Q ., 35555 qw ,,,,, Q ,XM D135 , .,,,,,, S www fy.: me Q55 Laigstff' 'egg 1,- i ii ? nigg a V 5 K QQ., L X 2 X 955 Q ng if 'eflmfsf :V f ' . 'A35?'Y'fYf f- ..Lf f. - gfmmf Q X41 F3521 S r.-eggs fm 1:1 fi. ' R23-3 5 7 1' Y iimfisiigefi . 4555 , ,Q 2 'iw 5 Fe? .rf J' Q P Q f' J, 5' 8 , I EJ' S iw ,W Tiff E55 X ' -M " I . 'iwiff s. , . , .,i. . .. X K ' -Yai,ffy---.--f,-5,.s'..:: - K 1 2 W V . 1 is 3 R 5 E 3 2 , Y. viz: fs mai' Q .. ,,,. EEN . .. Em. k 1f5g?': ??QL " EIL' ' S K 'X aw? 4 , ,M NW, li... MM., fl I 0 Z W f 4 2 p iz Q 52.- QM. ,, EEE 784551 I a s X E A . Mgwkg F. .,f EQW Q SX K A se 1 5 K E iiluis 'iw 401' wif' g g V k 'S k 1 -x i- m i n b - S aa- -mi -- . s ei K 1 - A ' is N 'u:,.,:. .. ' iss.. - ',s-"1f:."':'f'- 5 ? W9 H5 Q 2. 15 M Q swf M Z, af Y W wg W. 'Vw if 1 f..,'C"f si' 5 lk K fl' I 6 K 5 W S Christmas al: the Mount The Holiday spirit is exemplified at the Mount by merry groups dashing around accompanied by the bright tune of "Jingle BeIls" . . . trimming trees . . . Father Daly's appropriate and stirring talk on Our Blessed N x Johnell welcomes Father Daly. Lady . . . boarders gayly wrapping mysteri- ous presents , . . frost-nipped faces and sparkling eyes identity the outdoor girls who find time to go bumpty-bump down the hill on their sleds . . . that "Home- Sweet Home" look ,... everyone humming, "l'll Be Home for Christmas." A song of farewell. 108 Father had many humorous stories Another Bethlehem. Lynn, Susan, and Patricia enjoy the tree. Rmwsv Q W in ., mf Evergreens sparkle like diamonds. H was a white Chl'iSfn'1as. ir. ii i ff S I :fi V K W, , WR Qfx Lois and Val love the snow. Joan Marie, Betty Jane, Kay, Joan, and Lorrefta enjoy the hill. Be My Valentine? A Happy Seffef' Xb? -5 Qt: Delicious refreshments! Valentine Dance The pause that "Refreshes". Congratulations Sister Mary Innocent and H0 Sophomore Chairman Patricia Ormsby. 15 W Q , M. tw , .. 53715 , 'S Ei P m y ,, . .L . ,Ni 1 Q isa 'Gaw- ' in if Q 3, . lt, J . i , M , W sk L iiffliglif MQ rg M W: 5 - 52522 'wx iw. 4 4 , V, W , 4 ggi K ig! M31 w w SQ W if ms I K f x s 5 1 ess? , Wim lx if si sm N x X4 X X x N' f ., ,. V ,z-Iwi V "?rf-- 2--Q,fgyu",'-,::Q.,w.'..V , . f"'ff:2::s5f.ufiyff5 ..',V'-f J1V.i1:,--V22'-'ak,"f.f.-'chiyffivfvva- 33:24 ,x , .vwgqi V1-'4'1Qf"'d:'v,w:.-VV-2 Rich ' V lf,-,,fy.4', 1'-pJ4,.'.,.,-xv 1,1 , LV V - , , iq,3u,wV.,r-,:,,,J .5 jeff? .xv 3f.1f:s1eVs-Vw . .V .. me,eV:if:x55ig.wff 'M' 'VW -ff'1W f:'v'4i':f-55535 .wui T' 2 ' Vff-A "3Q5xgf,Q-- :12f2,zV.- Q ,. fMfV2'f' z AWG- W- .U k 'A Vx - f'Gw1'::':'V " ' H . ' . 'WQFQA P' Ae.-.-'11,-' K. X ffl' -' ' V' -.1"' 1 f5?fg"3i3' ' 'f"" K :J"73.fff15vfsl1lffL.+'vf - Af X- . 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'Please, horsey, please don't step on mel"-as we, valiant riders led the animals from the stable . . . beligerent "Three Socks", "G. l.", and others . . . we envied dignified "A" Group starting out with Major Tully to- ward the trail . . . cantering and galloping "B" Group in the large ring. . . dilligent "C" Group as they learned to trot . . . those casualties lhow we managed to remain intact we'll never knowlll . . . "Whoa Boy!" . . . a fondly whis- pered "so-long, pal" to "Black Nite" . . . the physically exhausted, yet happy troup return- ing to the Mount by bus , . . "think l'Il be a jockey!" Joan Krausche p r e f e r s her own horse. Joan and Lorretta break into a trot. "Back in the saddle a ain." for Joan, Vivian and Elaire. IIS 31. W Ns 'lies ,W W 4-"1"""""' 'Wx 5471-QF'-W ,W-ff use -I ,1Hurl'Y, girls, your, victory won't wait! Come on team, Iet's go!" Hockey enthusiasts discuss e. the strategy of the gam II7 Basketball Varsity: M. Coleman, J. Sullivan, V. Liabastre, captain, M. Logreen, L. Viviano, and L. Foster. Mary's ............ Mary's ............ l 5 Mary's ........ .... 3 4 Mary's ............ l l Alumnae ---..-.,---- Notre Dame -.-.- St. Elizabetlfs. .... Mt. St. Dominids- Mary's ............ 33 Mary's ............ 43 Mary's ............ 2l Mary's Mary's-...--,.---23 Mary's ......,..... 37 Mary's Mary's ..........,. 20 Mary's ........... .25 -----------.45 .-----------3l Star of the Sean-.- Lacordaire - .... ...... Sf. Elizabetlfs .... Sf. Joseph's ......., Misericordia ...... Lacordaire -----W- Notre Dame-- ..... .. Mt. St. Dominlc's Star of the Seam Cheerleaders: R. Mika, J. Gungrnch E. Guzzardi, B. Cleary, M. Frlel V DeCleene, A. Kisonak, and A. Morel captain, center. Junior Varsity: FRONT ROW: K. Horan, V. Driscoll, C. Morel, A. Stevenson, and J. M. Sparta. SECOND ROW: B. Martin, A. Unhock, A. Hanford, L. Martin and P. Mahoney. Basketball Mr. Charles D. Wardlaw, whose active interest and words of encouragement have been an incentive to all of us, is im- portant in our anniversary book. While conducting Wardlaw School in Plainfield, he has still found it possible to be our athletic coach. He has taken an active part in all of our activities throughout his twenty-eight years of service at the Mount, Mr. Wardlaw may be quoted as saying, "My head is in Plainfield, but you may be sure my heart is up on the hill." The cheering and excitement of basketball is an added at- traction to our school life. That very urgent basket, the spontan- eous cheerleaders, oranges between the quarters . . . and of course the players make the game. The strain of wondering if the ball will miss the basket, and occasionally one does, but the loss increases our sportsmanship. But Oh! the games that are won! "fs, . - , E7 Mr. Charles D. Wardlaw The big six of the varsity had a ' pretty soft" ride with Mr. Wardlaw. ll9 lil? 4, 1-fu Carl Ulmer shows Mary Ann Wade proper position while Doris Lewis observes. F X f,,. K 5-...Q-N 'li all With the Mount as a colorful back- ground in her vivid spring foliage, the future golfers of Mount St. Mary's are instructed in the art of "teeing off", "putting", and "driving". To be sure, it is quite convenient to be able to walk down the hill, cross the highway, and at the "Windmill" promptly receive the pro- fessional guidance of Mr. Carl Ulmer. The girls are thrilled with the minia- ture golf course, the latest and most spectacular addition to the "Windmill". Their only regret is: why can't they con- form with Mr. Ulmer's request to "get down" in the early morning for more lessons. . . BUT. .. Joan illustrates some of her putt- ing technique to Betty and Terry. 120 - and . Mary, Glnger' Jo T ny, Alice, . as Q Mary BEHY fakfesmmie driving fofm demonsfr-3 31651, X NN., Virginia con D centrates on a decisive shot i ' ' DUNS and Mary Ann wonder if she wnlrrriqglzznfr golf. l O T' f .4 Ax Ii 46 4 , 'Y' z:,..4,w'iH A . AE, .TL Y ,U l 'iam 5 E ' 1? Q 'W 3? A KL A ,,,, 4 2, 1 E 2 2 -I in , 5 2 tii A -, wyivlfw , I . ,- , , .Ns A M rt, .naxww M Aliikazzx ,M n wi. 9, V Xwrajw Swv? ' X 'X rw f. ..Q1i:1f. jjw .fy-1, X fag iff -g feww. . f ,, A 830 il j,f5,r f .K s i. 3, M .,. is .ix All are at attention for "Ginger's" whistle. Bu le Corps that fife-she's so small. As they go strutting past, my! did anyone ever see so many good looking girls! There's Ginger blowing the familiar rat-a-ta-ta that means only one thing . . . Dismissed by files! The Drum and Bugle Corps, under the able musical direction of Mr. William Towsend and with the guid- ance of their moderator, Sister Mary Lucia, has en- joyed an active year. The Corps marched and marched! There was the Holy Name Parade in Perth Amboy, the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Newark, and the demonstra- tion before the basketball games. We were certain of attending all the Basketball games and that was worth the hard drilling. "We aren't playing 'Cops and Robbers', Carol," says Mary and Lola. Take a good look, you won't know us with our hats "Don't worry! I have your hat," MM,,,,.....W 4',,,,,...-- Op 1' Western Unqo T . I YT has IS Winnie M DI 9 Ccarfh Y T , hat s correctj, wi-ffm E ST my 11162. if s N333 L D"'D"V"" 1511155013: in Ac' l HL' .neva uv 4 ,Xia ' wh sshd :basis gre' 111-'Y'ob"'m6"1A"' 'W "" fm-W' P .su-4 xv- W aw- Kina nn ,Aw-my wa asv ww in sm' M-xmvm 'nun ,L nom 4.4 grim. Tm! ul ,Mus u si 9195119 'mm www oi .wamxon ELEGRPYM OF TH ANXCS Lveo To Mme " mow- OUR P PYRENT S , ONS 'Y GRPXTXTUDE TO NA. WHO HE CHXMESH RXN6 OUT FOR X949. 5 ADVERTXSXNG FRXENDS, PPCYR , ERPCTOR, SXSTER MARY RUTH. TNN SCHOOL FVJEND , FND ESPECXP-LLY OUR MOD PXRTHY, EDXTOR-KN-CHXE? PNNPNGER EDXTOR NNXNXFRED MCC MARY BOYLE, BUSXNESS NN NE GXLLXGPXN, LXTERINRY I 24 MARY AN Y numbe r . -- Plainfie - e JA 1949 PATRoNs AY Very Reverend Msgr. Martin A. Madura Rev Rev . John J. Enderbrock . Frederick M. Eid Rev. Harold V. Colgan Rev. Joseph Driscoll Rev. Joseph Trodd Sister Faculty Dr. and Mrs. George W. King Miss Alma Steedman Mr. Francis Zavaglia Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . A. DeMattia Mr. and Mrs. E. Berger F. J. Lammerding Robert W. Heroux . John Finan E. Pellegrine . W. G. Foster P. Pellegrino Leroy Parker Ellen's Beauty Parlor Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Andres Betancourt James S. Boyle F. V. Burke E. V. Conover George L. Chenal Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Dillon Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Driscoll Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Frank Mr. and Mrs. V. P. Gleason Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Grogan Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Gilligan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Hogan J. S. Hull Mr. and Mrs. Herbert S. Keating Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Krausche T. J. Lee Mrs. Anne Loomis Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Lopes Mr. and Mrs. C. J. McCarthy Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. A. F. M Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. McGinn J. C. Mahoney artin Richard Meixner J. J. Morel J. P. Murphy Mr. Louis Luca Miss Jennie E. Boyle Miss Margaret McNeill Mr. and Mrs. Julius A. Riveles Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scherer Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Estelle Miss Ann R. Curran Mr. and Mrs. Albert Louis Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Doty Mr. and Mrs. J. DeCIeene Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bithorn Miss Mary Betzenberger Dr. and Mrs. Severano Dr. Edwin J. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Beck Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Bachand Buck and Benny Sport Shop Colonial Stores Grunings Charles A. Higgins John Franks Peggy's Lady Fair Philip's Snack Bar Plainfield Camera Shop Mrs. J. R. Oden Mr. and Mrs. Fred O'Hara Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Otto Mrs. E. J. Peters Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Viviano Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Wade Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wiltrakis Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Wolff Mr. R. J. Wozeh Mr. and Mrs. W. Cleary Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Sparta Mr. and Mrs. F. Sullivan Brooks Costume Company Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Worline Scott Jewelers Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Dr. and Mrs. C. S. Rubenstein Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Herman Frowery Mr. John T. Flaherty Mr. Edward Harding Mr. and Mrs. John Kervick Miss Sarah Lee Dr. H. R. Loomar XQ SENIORS Christina Betancourt, Apartado 15 Caracas, Venezuela, S. A. Mary Boyle, 178 Rowland Pl., Woodbridge, N. J. Frances Burke, 940 Flora St., Elizabeth, N. J. Alice Chenal, 116 Ten y Rd., Englewood, N.J. Amy Conover, 124 Berckm St., Plainfield, N. J. Johnell Dillon, 17 Meadowbr k Village, Plainfield, N. J. Virginia Driscoll, 543 E. Durha t., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. Dorothea Frank, 2036 Edison T ., Union, N.J. Mary Anne Gilligan, 422 Browning ' ., W. Collingswood, N. J. Gloriana Gleason, Lake Susquehanna, I irstown, N. J. 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MAHONEY, Inc HEAT TRANSFER AND PROCESS EQUIPMENT 559913 21 WEST STREET NEW YORK 6, NEW YORK CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES from M I K E a n d J I M C'X9QI3 128 III L OI Z E A U X LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING MATERIALS - HARDWARE - PAINTS CURTIS WOODWORK OVERHEAD DODRS c'x9Q1w PLAI NFI ELD, NEW JERSEY Somerset Bus Co., Inc. ROUTE 29 MOUNTAINSIDE, NEW JERSEY 29 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES FROM AGNES Phones PLainfieId 6-OI OO--Other Towns WX-21 OO INo ToIII MRS. G. O. KELLER INCORPORATED CLEANERS, DYERS, RUG CLEANERS, COLD STORAGE I27 PARK AVENUE, Corner seufh end Leland Avenues PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY MOUNT ST. MARY'S ACADEMY CLASS RINGS MADE BY WILLIAM C. MARTIN orrlclAL sc:-lool. JEWELER 908 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PA. GRAY'S FLORIST RouTEz9 NORTH PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY 130 COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERT EMMET TIRRE zz PARK PLACE LL NEW YORK CITY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF J O H N M 0 R E L PLUMBING AND HEATING SCOTCH PLAINS, NEW JERSEY '49 Phone WEstfieId 2-5353 COMPLIMENTS OF IDEAL MARKET MEATS - GROCERIES - PRUITS AND v IO3 EAST BROAD STREET EGETABLES WESTFIELD, NEW JERSEY CROMPTON and COMPA POTATO CHIPS AND STICKS TOASTY TWIRLS AND POPCORN MANASQUAN, NEW JERSEY NY ISI 401, Me assi M Qwzm, UNIFORMS BLAZERS BLOUSES SKIRTS and GYM SU ITS "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED" A Eisenberg and O'l-lara I3I5 MARKET STREET PHILADELPHIA 7, PENNSYLVANIA Phone PLainfieId 6-3545 M E R L E R A D I Q IIo EAST SEVENTH STREET PLAINEIELD, NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS OF FISCHER BAKING C0. NEWARK, NEW JERSEY COLLORA HOME APPLIANCES RADIO - TELEVISION - REFRIGERATORS 20 WATCHUNG AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY E. A. MEAGH ER INCORPORATED PENSUPREME ICE CREAM 133 .a....g..m Windmill Golf Driving Range DIRECTLY OPPOSITE MOUNT SAINT MARY'S ACADEMY FINEST IN EQUIPMENT Instructions, Carl Ulmer, Pro. Joseph Bigley, Manager "YOU LACE 'EM, WE CHASE 'EM" COMPLIMENTS OF Schmalz Dairy Products ESTABLISHED OVER THIRTY YEARS For the Smile of Health . . . Drink Schmalz Homogenized Vitamin D Milk DIRECT FROM FARM TO YOU ypi. ' f' ld 6-2277 PHONESI MlaIIIIn5on 7-OO25 I34 Compliments of Quinn and Boden, Inc BOOK MANUFACTURERS RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY "If Thou Wouldst Live Long, Live Well." -B. FRANKLIN Enjoy living at THE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PhiIadeIphia's largest and most modern hotel TWO RESTAURANTS One featuring Ice Show and Dancing THE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CHESTNUT ST. AT NINTH, PHILADELPHIA 5 Joseph E. Mears, Managing Director Quality Since I887 VAN ARSDALE'S SHOES - SLIPPERS - HOSIERY HANDBAGS The Center of the Business Center I3 WEST FRONT STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY HEADQUARTERS Phone Pl.ainfieId 6-0820 for your H A P P Y T I M E S I ,ft .AMX ., TAYLOR'S IIESZI-t IN R291 fl' V V.., , IN 7i'e-QI Mt. H . II B 'li I -M gmixsiftl ' A fn ljlt , JEWELRY stone I-7' P I Nm " -S if W -, ye? .. 'wliv' ,fl 'I I-y 1 I ,uf ww-H-r' 'Y W. . il ' vi i i ' A ' I'. A ' We cordially invite the student II5 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY body of Mt. St. Mary's to consult with our experienced staff in the planning of both undergraduate and alumnae activities. P A R K H 0 T E L - 'nh st. at ARuNGToN Ave. SOMERSET FISH MARKET THE LONDON SHOP FINE AMERICAN and ENGLISH MR. S. BENTIVEGNE Proprietor Mahogany, Cherry Wood, and Walnut A A 57 SOMERSET STREET 1038 PARK AVE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY C. D. WARDLAW PLAINFIELD, N.J ph I RAhway 7-0684 ones l WEstfieId 2-I OF HORAN LUMBER G' COAL CO. TOBIN and PETERSON BUILDING MATERIAL SPECIALISTS A A PLAINFI ELD, NEW J ERSEY CENTRAL AVENUE AT LEHIGH VALLEY R. R. CLARK TOWNSHIP, N. J. Phone ESsex 3-2576 EDW. MEIXNER and SONS Designers - Manufacturers FINE CABINET WORK-BARS and STORE FIXTURES Since I 896 828 - 852 SOUTH TWENTIETH STREET NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Phone PLainfieId 5- I 746 LO U I S E . S A F T PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN 624 PARK AVENUE PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS OF MO0RE'S TRUCKING COMPANY J. E. HURLEY LUMBER COMPANY PERTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY 138 Congratulat to th Class of 49 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Wade COMPLIMENTS OF MR. and MRS. ALFRED DEPPE BEST WISHES Mr. and Mrs. Albert Louis CX!-DQI3 "FLAGSHIP" CHARLES A. FITZE EXCELLENT FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT ROUTE 29 UNION, NEW JERSEY O'CONNOR'S MARKETS WHOLESALE AND RETAH. Fooos FANWOOD, NEW JERSEY PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS OF DeCLEENE'S CLINTON HOUSE NEW JERSEY MEMORIAL COMPANY OF PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY MEMORIALS OF DusT:NcTloN l87O BRADFORD STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS OF Ph DU II 2-6835 DUNELLEN QUALITY MARKET Joseph Strausky, Proprietor 326 NORTH AVENUE DUNELLEN, NEW JERSEY Offcbdczb' Qfzeelinqe from MARGATE CITY NEW JERSEY America's renowned year-around home-beautiful resort city on the Atlantic Ocean. A community of friendliness, churches, ancl schools, and of recreation and health. Come and make Margate City your permanent home. HON. EUGENE A. TIGHE Mayor Commissioners: l-lon. Leroy Lewis Hon. Norris B. Trucksess CITY HALL Z7 142 The Norwalk Vault Company PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY HARRISON A. WILLIAMS PRESIDENT E. WI'I'I'ER CLAWSON TREASURER PHONE RAhway 7-3020 Oliver Manufacturing Supply Co. PATSY PELLEGRINO, President MASON MATERIALS -:- CINDER BUILDING BLOCKS 1679 ELIZABETH AVENUE RAHWAY, NEW JERSEY 143 DR. CHARLES H. MAYO, late distinguished surgeon, Mayo Clinic: "Every person, young or old, should drink milk. Milk contains a large variety of nutritional constituents and, considering its cost per pound, more food for the money than any other food material available." COMPLIMENTS OF ATLAS FENCE COMPANY ioeo BROAD STREET NEWARK, NEW JERSEY coMPi.iMENTs OF A F R I E N D TOPS DINER ROUTE 29 MOUNTAINSIDE, NEW JERSEY 144 Phone PLainfieId 5-9703 BLUE STAR DRIVE IN MILK BAR . . . RESTAURANT HIGHWAY 29 AND WILSON AVENUE NORTH PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY COMPLIMENTS OF MR. and MRS. EUGENE A. TIGHE CHAIN UPHOLSTERY SHOP INTERIOR DECORATING 27 SOMERSET STREET 2I7 EAST BROAD STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY WESTFIELD, NEW JERSEY Phone FAnwood 2-7726 SNUFFY'S STEAK HOUSE STEAKS . . . SEA Econ . . . CHICKEN PARK AND MOUNTAIN AVENUES SCOTCH PLAINS, NEW JERSEY 145 I PLAINFIELD, N. J 146 SWAIN'S ART STORE PICTURES . . . FRAMING . . . RESTORING 317 WEST FRONT STREET PLAINFIELD, NEW JERSEY CUNNINGHAM BROS. "PEAcocIc" BRAND MEAT Pnonucrs 519 WEST SIXTEENTH STREET NEW YORK CITY Phone WAtkins 9-7733 BRANCH 104 MOUNTAIN AVENUE NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Phone Blgelow 3-5205 COMPLIMENTS OF DE LUXE DINER UNION, NEW JERSEY BEST WISH ES FROM DANIEL J. LEONARD and SONS HOME FOR FUNERALS I47 THE WARDLAW SCHOOL S " meollqelf ' With the exception of the nursery school, which is at IO38 Park Avenue, every department of the Wardlaw School from Kindergarten through preparatory school is located at IO3O Central Avenue on one six-acre campus, well removed from the center of town. Besides the main school building the physical equipment includes a large, sunny gymnasium, two athletic fields, four tennis courts, a little-boys play field, an outdoor theatre, and much space devoted to shrubbery, flower beds, and lawns. If beauty of exterior surroundings is conducive to the interior growth of mind and soul, surely no other country day school in New Jersey is so fortunate in this respect as Wardlaw. A staff of twenty teachers administers the program. C. D. WARDLAW, Headmaster Pdce dby 148 , NEW CITY PRINTING COMPANY UNION CITY N I From '7!w Qalhm' Glad Muni Sl. Magi rqcacfeauf gf 340 x in D wx Ur? 555 W3 QJMQW f fn ' ww we EWR ww Q L wzwx w,,f,,,K www 5 V.,-,., .-V . V.. ..V. , .JV ,k,,,..,5.,., ,vw ,. -, , , .,...-,.-..-....Y ----... V wwf. . -. 1? 2' n M, Q . T? , 6 iw 1. nw rv .". i?Q?sz1z,., , 'Y si if ' ' wx? 5 ,wg 4 Wai' hi. ff? ,f Q. Q A bmi ,...mM-ww--f-Mmm f M' i , 2 nqvwwhwm.. ., W6 , 2 ww Q ff ' W

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