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an-fr, - .. U15 Mount X XXX--4 'il Presented by THE CLASS OF 1954 MOUNT SAINT JOSEPH ACADEMY Rutland, Vermont i' . 4 fs '- . ,N 1 ' v Q'-5' . .fl nb.: ' x ,gp A30 ' ,. A , l I 'Q -Zo .Jw .NA ' I E a 3 ' P 'HQ 5 i 0 ".'1' ' 'U' l i A , as v mM,L,Qg, ff' li , + k is 1 'NMI " L, E43-M , , .V , ! ii ,f ., . , Mkgrg, 4 . fl 4' 5 F ,f Q' - ' I ' V, . V 4 2 -,XI V , f- A ,g " 4 f , 4 'A' ,. .. 'I , ,,,. f , 51' I . 'h W , V4 fl' 0 ' ' " ' f '4'l. .V 1, -0 ..,, 4. gm . ... i,.4 'img 1. ,V 'v E, 1 ' . 1 ,' . "A -,, " "'5 1 ff .1..,-"'. 'H-a.A:-xi' " 'U"1"" Q . , Q ' .N 'Q -8 1 lf: 'MQ ' .5 ,. K, R . 1 u ,, , .' , . 'l":, n , ' -. uf , lc' 'I sl , A, LQ,- " FYI V. ,fu 0 ..Y ,fl 1 4' hy? 'nf rig Hd' ,gf fvqf' 'xy "ph Vu ' .J IDA l- " , .z 1 3 -7 , ' 1 1 Q I' in -"fl '- nd, ,,."'f ' 'O fi. - as . U' ' ' 1 . ,, -'P' -4-uzav ? 1 . 'hp' Z v'-:ir . cf' ur ,f 4' I' ' T . I . N.:-'F" A -' " A' 1.7, ' fl P' 4 9 's ln., .x i ff 4 r 4 1 X A swi"'i-L ,Y , ,, x ' '14, 'I A.. A.-r u ' " ADD' f - 5 5 i. l :fy api, ya fi. 3. r U'-fwq, I' if I, Cable of Uvutenfs MY SOUL MAGNIFIES THE LORD TITLE PAGE DEDICATION and FOREWORD TABLE OF CONTENTS CLASS PRAYER ADMINISTRATION BECAUSE HE WHO IS MIGHTY HAS WROUGHT FOR ME HIS WONDERS SENIORS PRINCIPAL S GREETING HONOR STUDENTS CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR PANELS FOR BEHOLD FROM HENCEFORTH ALL GENERATIONS SHALL COUNT ME BLESSED CLASSES SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN MY SPIRIT HAS FOUND JOY IN GOD WHO IS MY SAVIOUR Chonc Drama Band Drama Proms S ports HE HAS LOOKED GRACIOUSLY ON THE LOWLINESS OF HIS HANDMAID ORGANIZATIONS Honor Soclety Boys and G1r1s State Momtors Student Councxl Clarlon Mount HE HAS EXALTED THE LOWLY CLASS BALLOT ADVERTISERS if ACTIVITIES ----- ----------- Glass Prayer My Soul Magnifies The Lord, My Spirit Has Found Joy In God, Who Is My Savior, Because He Has Looked Graciously Upon The Lowliness Of His Handmaid. Behold, From This Day Forward All Generations Will Count Me Blessed: Because He Who Is Mighty, He Whose Name Is Holy, Has Wrought For Me His Wonders. He Has Mercy Upon Those Who Fear Him, From Generations To Generations, He Has Done Valiantly With The Strength Of His Arm, Driving The Proud Astray In The Conceit Of Their Hearts. He Put Down The Mighty From Their Seats, And Exalted The Lowlyg He Has Fill- ed The Hungry With Good Things, And Sent The Rich Away Empty-Handed. He Has Protected His S e r v a n t Israel, Keeping His Merciful Design In Remem- brance, According To The Promise Which He Made To Our Forefathers, Abraham And His Posterity Forevermore, 'r Jmmavulals Eanccpfiarz Z7rac1'aimc'd A Dagma "Our speech overflows with joy, and Our tongue with exultation. We give, and We shall continue to give, the humblest and deepest thanks to Jesus Christ Our Lord, because through His Singular favor He has granted Us, unworthy though We be, to decree and offer this honor and glory and praise to His Most Holy Mother, We have therefore, a very certain hope and complete confidence that this Most Blessed Virgin will effect by her most powerful patronage that all difficulties be removed and all errors dissipated, so that Our Holy Mother the Catholic Church may flourish daily more and more throughout all the nations and countries and may reign "from sea to sea and from the river to the ends of the earth. " QPS, 71:81, and may enjoy genuine peace, tranquillity and liberty, Let all the childred of the Catholic Church, who are very dear to Us, hear these words of Christ. With a still more ardent zeal for piety, religion and love, let them continue to worship, invoke and pray to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, conceived without original sin, Let them fly with utter confidence to this most sweet Mother of mercy and grace in all dangers, difficulties, needs, doubts and fears, " 185 4 170,115 Pius .736 papa Mdfy s xoxxxoxxxj VSWR x xxxs xxoxw-955 VNS xl x xi oxx vxxi Yvxoxl x0xr3SOx5 YQYYD o oxxx xlxtxsxxxpxsxs 69616898 Y 'YYwxpx?xCx'XE: YY-XNXP-'YES KCXXQXSXXOYS S9 O'YxXY3Yx LOC PAQ OYXDXS P3-X95 9599 Mx Qgxxxgggxgwx xxivxxx xxx? rx? M xp, ix-Zpx x YYNOCXJPA O B9 CY3xJx5Y:YxPJY 9 xxxso YGYXGXYY TEX? N N xxx? OCGA xox fggggg 939,32 Q wi NNN 'xxx x3?Xx'xx'xxOS 0 qw gggxxp, xxx xxxxxpxCxx pix? CONDYVYXO xi 'YYW xJxoS5x3x5 N xxxx x 'Nx PA e xuxexxxxexx xxeexxxx Qxxxo Qxoosxoxxe xbexxeixxexxoxx x o oxx xx xxx xx xxexx xxx xxxos ooxe x xxa. exxexxexeo XD Go ee s N e xeezxxx xo xxxo e o xxx e cess x N 25-sx xexxxxoe axxxxxoxx oe X ex xx, 2- xx xxoxx o xxxe X-xxq,xx L x sxxxxe xxxoxe xbxxx x xx oxx xx xxC,x Oxx XOR XQ N2 xxxxxxx xxxexxxo x xxxs soxxoxxxxo xxxxxxxx xx Sxsx xxx xxx fa xxixe 2. o xxxxx xox oxxxxeex Qxxx soxexxxxxx axxxexxooeo xxo. xxxxx xxxxxex xo x xxxqx xxe 'N osx xesseix Xxx x 'N -ax xx sx x xxxexx o x e xxee xxoxx xx as xbx sxxx xxxax ace xxege ox xxxe Oxxxxxxoo e Go x xxxxxxe xxxe xxxetxxs x Sfcxxxoxxx x xe xxx Qxxx ee xe , C XJ 0- X B 7 f 'Y T 1 X was xx , x ,e ,W ' P, , wx? x 9 x x -' ' J Oc Ps PSYN 'S YN 5 - Q YL L , x i OI x 5 .4 0? f "W xi YH 0? Y. f YQ 4 L -E rx L! 'X ' 1 1 ' S U AB A 1 wus' p X ,NY ' xexfaxbx ' ' , ' V ' . xfxxex ox-axexovxx xfgx 'j. "xx .AV 6 'S ' x- ' x " ' x Exoxxxe' "s J S o,-s K0 xxx 's o x' ' "xxaxxxxS,2xsN ' ' 10 xxx xg, 'x'x, ex Nojzxxs-ag,0 'Yi oe .o'ox x-. j e tj Y' xi, " eo 'og a " ' ox C-. 'x 1 s 2- xx ' xoos, "xxx ' x xx o sxoxxe "xg xxox xo- x x o gs- ' "x xxxxeo - x-' -. "x x xxs xx ,x YB " 'go ,x 'S ax mx' xxo xx xxexfoxo' ' , "Q 'gt "' X ' 1 ' xxxx ojxx "' oi ' "s , " ' o xx xqxx ta , o' sexxlecx X . 7 l5'isl10,v Wan Welcomes Che Marian cur R4 In unton wtth Catholtcs the world over the Catholtcs of the Burlmgton Dtocese wtll partlcrpate wtth enthustasuc devouon tn the Pope s proposed program of prayer penance and ptlgrtmage durtng th1s year order to be more worthy of her maternal asststance They w111 keep tn mlnd the spectal tntenuons of the Holy Father namely the spmtual and moral welfare of the youth of the world and that domestlc ltfe may be consptcuous for tnvlolate falthfulness and that lf may flourtsh through the proper and satntly ed ucatlon of IIS chlldren and be strengthened by true concord and mutual help Btshop of Burlrngton .52 I . Z8 of Our Lady. They will strive to conform their personal lives to the great example of Mary's virtues in ggi., U' pai? MONSIGNORW A LROWLEY MONSIGNORI M KENNEDY fi Our Superintendent and Zfnsfers Q, xl I s x X Y! I ff" . I : jcsus fgflfdlly V7 Mary Our gacully ---whose loving guidance and zealous care has helped us during our four years at the Mount we commend to Mary. REVEREND JOHN A, LYNCH, Principal SISTER M, ANNUNCIATA, Assistant Principal SISTER M, CLEMENTINE SISTER M, EDWARD SISTER AGNES MARIE SISTER M. BARBARA SISTER M. MATTHEW SISTER M. IMELDA SISTER M, EMMANUEL SISTER M. CONCEPTA SISTER SAINT BERNARD SISTER MIRIAM TERESA SISTER M. HELENA SISTER ANNA MARIE SISTER M. CEPHAS SISTER M. ELIZABETH SISTER IULIA MARIE Our Lay Teachers MR. GEORGE FARRELL MR. WALTER MOORE MR. WILLIAM FLORY Hccause Who IS mzghfy as Wrought for lm' HIS Wandcrs -S-SQ 'VX-x 'Q--f a-- ,J fi- SE NICRS M I ,A L l v- Sa. " fXqvIk-Nl HC' X ,, 4 FA.- . , ...JBA V Ax ,fi-1 ,- .-,Q M ,-ftf' I ff-f"'i .V n 1: xv i ' Af in-. In ,Mary s Kecpzng Mary we have trred But our efforts seem so p1t1fu1 tn compartson to the task preparlng the class of 1904 for the1r journey home Truly rt rs for heaven that we would educate them e the hazards of th1s llfe are very real Some w1l1 l1ve long others Some wrll marry happlly others Some wtll be strong others Important as all th1s rs Mother Mary our prayer on th1s the1r graduatton day IS the pray er that you would brrng them all wtthout excepuon home safely to the feet of the Ktng of lungs your son s You of the Class of 54 be grateful grateful that you have graduated durrng th1s Marran Year Keep her protecuve mantle about you and whatever else goes wrong 1tw1ll matter lrttle May God bless you and Mary keep you always 6?-:dw 1 'X V1d't' SUZANNE HINCHE Y CE CILE CAMPBELL Zangrafulatians Z0 Our Smiar Stars -... ,H 'f Salutat ' MARTHA LORD MARY LOVETT ALICE ,Marylzke may than VANGIE lzght shzuc bcfarc men PATRICIA FLEMING MICHAEL HALPIIN CAROLYN TARDIDD BARBARA PERRY GERTRUDE T X RO ' X I A ' f I L A Y Q Le 11 A- A 5. L- g AN awww 4 Y 9 'CHD' f' in 9 3 'gi' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS, Standing left to right: Basil Nichols, Vice President, Robert Gillam, President, Robert Bennett, Treasurer. Seated: Barbara Perry, Secretary, 611155 President is Address What a flood of memories some grave, some gay, sweeps over us as we realize this is the last time we shall meet within these hollowed walks as the class of '54, Here the loving hearts of parents, teachers and friends beat high over our achievements of the past four years, Here too, they have sorrowed with us over our failure to meet the high standards set for us. These are now things of the past, Whether we will or not, we must go forth to take our places in the fearsome world, but we face it unafraid under Our Lady's guid- ing hand. lmbued with the principles for which our Catholic High School stands we have set our sights high under Mary's patronage in Her Years. Be ours the task to help to establish world peace, we shall remake the world on Mary's pattern. Ambitious as our schemes are, we will accomplish them if as indi- viduals we are willing to work not for self, but for the common good. Helped by the prayer and the example daily set before us by our beloved principal Father Lynch who has conducted us in paths traced out by Mary's Son and our teachers who "doubling for Mary' have led us to His feet, May it be justly said in some future day of the Class '54 -- Our love for Our Lady is a light to guide the paths of men to Christ, ww- 1 JEAN ANN ALLEN "Ieanie" Glee Club 3, Sophomore Clubg Youth comes but once in a lifetime, " THOMAS ARZBERGER "A zZie" Clarion Editorial Board, Boys' Stateg Journalism 2, 3g Debating 2, 35 Glee Club, Sophomore Hop Commit- tee, Senior Ball Committee, Music Appreciation 3, 4. This lad is bound to succeed. " We at M . I. jascph 'F SHIRLEY BATES "Shir1" Came to the Academy in her Senior year from Rut- land High, A kind and gentle heart has she, to comfort friend or foe, " ROBERT BENNETT "Scrooge" Mount Editoral Board, Class Treasurer 4, Senior Cabinet, Clarion Editorial Board 3g Boys' State 3, Journalism 2g State Play 3, Freshman Reception Committee, Senior Ball Committee, Centenary ff? x - . Pageantg Choral Drama. Sophomore Club, Mission Crusade. A light heart dwells with her, " Captain 4g Music Appreciation 3. GORDON BROWN "Gordy" Dramatics 35 State Play 3g Senior Ball Committee 35 Glee Club 1, 2g Choral Drama. Lxghthearted and free from care contented as the day is long. " JOHN CAIN "Jack" Glee Club 2. "The wise man speaks little. " Where he meets a stranger, there he leaves a friend," NANCY BOVE "Nud" RALPH Bovs "Ralph" Senior Cabinetg Student Council 4g Football 1, 2, 35 "Quiet but thoughtful, Shy but friendly." A ra S.: i1 us1 41 n n AMBROSE COLOMB "Ambe' Football 4g Student Council 2, 3, Centenary Pa- geant. "What will you have me do?" REGINALD COLOMB "Reggie" "Who shall find a faithful man?" FRANCIS CALLAHAN "Moe" Clarion Editorial Board' Glee Club- Minstrel 3 Full of fun Jokes and laughter Monitor Glee Club 3 4 Choral Drama Cateche tics 4 es! CECILE CAMPBELL Cell H v I 0 U 1 X .f U ' Q . : : - E .Quietness adds to her personality. " , E, .I 4 ' W .lhvkig M Af' lovingly acknauflcdge THOMAS CARROLL "H0tr0d" Glee Club 1, 25 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, Minstrel 1, 2, 3g Centenary Pageant, Witty" "Hotrod will go far, with or without his SM trusty car. " 13 CHARLOTTE CHENEY "Pee Wee Clarion Business Boardg Centenary Pageant, Dra- matics 4g Catechetics 4g Mission Crusade 4, Dependable and unassuming - these qualities en- dear her to all, " Glee Club 1, 2. CONSTANCE COS TELLO "Connie" Glee Club 1, 25 Operetta 15 Mission Crusade, Many good things come in small packages. " FRANCIS COTRUPI "Che-Che" New England Music Festival: Band 1, 2, 3, 4g All State Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Journalism 1, 2g Student Coun- cil lg Glee Club 3g Minstrel 35 Sophomore Hop Committeeg Centenary Pageant. He shall have music wherever he goes. " 7 11? "7 si' ,,,,. lj, x- A 5- F'N ix PNA Q- ausp- '57 ANN COURCELLE "Ann" Mount Editorial Board, Girls' Stateg Monitor Cap- taing Vt. Music Festival 1, 3g Glee Club 3g Cheer- leader 1, 2. 3, 4g Sophomore Hop Committeeg Senior Ball Committeep National Honor Society Gymnas- tic Circus 2g C.Y.O. Congress 4g Freshmen Re- ception Committeeg Dramaticsg Choral Drama, Loyal always to duty's call, " sANDRA COUTURE "sandy" Monitorg Mission Crusade 3, Library Sceince 2, 3, 4, Art Club 2g Gymnastic Circusg Girls' Basketball, Catechetics 4. "With a song in her heart. " ,Mary is protection 3, Senior Ball Committee. THOMAS CREED "Crud Mount Business Board, Class Treasurer lg Minstrel Business today consists of persuading the multitude. " THERESA CULLINAN "Terry" Mount Business Board, Clarion Business Board, Clarion Typistg Mount Typistg Sophomore Club. I am proposed to seek and search out wisely con- cerning all things. " THERESA DAVISON "Terry" Girls' Stateg Monitorg Library Science 4. Is she quiet and demure?" LOUIS DAY "Louie" Came Senior Year from Rutland High School My life shall be a challenge, not a truce." RITA DELL VENERI "Rita" Class Treasurer 25 Monitorg Senior Cabinet, Stu- dent Council 1, 2: Majorette 3, 45 Vt. Music Fes- tival 3, 4g Sophomore Hop Cornmitteeg Senior Ball Committee, A winning smile, A charming way." SHEILA DONOVAN "Shel-13" Clarion Editorial Board 2, 3g Journalism 2, 3g Stu- dent Council 4. Mischief in the air:--You'll find her there. " C gui n PATRICIA F1.EM1:NG "PHI" Editor in-Chief of Clarion 4: Editorial Board 3. 4: Band 1 2 3 4 Vt Music Festival 1, 2, 3, Journalism 2 Centenary Pageant, Quill Scroll Society. " Not too serious not too gay." JOHN FLYNN "Jason" Journalism 2 Minstrel, 'MQ- A little nonsense occasionally is relished by the JEAN FOSTER "Jeannie" Bicycle Court Judge, Class Secretary 1, Band 3, 4, Vt Music Festival 2, 3, Majorette 3, 4, Student Council 1 2 3 4 Secretary 4, Glee Club 2, 3, State Play 3 National Honor Society, Music Appre- ciation 3 Girls Basketball, Centenary Pageant, Talent is the right hand of genius. " PATRICIA FOSTER "Pat" Bicycle Court Judge, Vt. Music Festival 2, 3, Ma- Jorette 2 3 4 Dramatics 3,4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Sophomore Hop Committee, Senior Ball Committee, Music Appreciation 3, Centenary Pageant, Laughter is the spice of life. " v JOAN DUNCAN "Joanie" Sophomore Club, Mount Business Board, Mount Typist, Clarion Business Board, Clarion Typist, Centenary Pageant, Dramatics. A jovial spirit, a willing heart. " JULIA DUNN njudy.. Clarion Business Board, Gymnastic Circus, Clarion Typist. There's never a dull moment when she's around. " ,Ami ,Caving care MARY FOX "F0xie" Senior Cabinet. Polite, attractive and gay, " ADELINE FUC ILLE "Lina" Clarion Business Board, Monitor, Glee Club 3, Cen- tenary Pageant, Dramatics, Choral Drama, Cate- chetics, It's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice. 6 -ls T is . ,gp l MARY FUSCO "Mary Io" Clarron Busmess Board 4 Long 11ve the merry heart SALVATORE GALLO a Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Glee Club 3 Talk of sports when Sal s around and you ll flnd an eager llstener Sn 0 tm clfpcrzeuccd TERRENCE I-IANNON Terry Mount Edrtonal Board Boys State Senror Cabmet Debattng 3 Centenary Pageant Dramatlcs 4 Rut ROBERT GILLAM G1 Mount Business Manager Class President Semor Cabmet Vt Muslc Festlval Student Councll Glee Club Football Baseball Mmstrel Sophomore Hop Seruor Ball Basketball C Y O Convention Chrlst mas Play Manager! V s Varsrty Our worthy athlete hard to beat LAWRENCE GLEASON Larry Glee Club Mmstrel 3 Ltves life to the fullest RICHARD GRAVES D1Ck1E Btcycle Court Judge 4 Boys State Monltor Band 1 2 Vt. Mustc Fesuval 1 2 New England Fesuval Well mannered and gentlemanly an asset to any group MICHAEL HALPIN Mtke Clarton Editorral Board 3 4 Asslstant Edrtor Boys State Gov Vt Musrc Festxval 3 Student Councnl 2 3 4 Pres1dent4 Debat1ng3 Football 1 4 Mmstrel Sophomore Hop Committee Senror Ball Commrttee State Play Oratortcal Contest Abrhty shows rn everythmg he does 33 4 land Herald Sports Wrlter 3 Choral Drama ir" S 1 I need no eulogy I speak for myself ANN HEATH Coletta Mount Busrness Board Momtor Glee Club 2 3 Centenary Pageant Laugh and the world laughs wrth you. IIS lvl Y O i---1---1 , 'T 1 1 ll 'lil 7 f 1' A ' . . - . . I ' BE- 1 P U' 1 : , P I I . T S ' it f ff ' : s .. .Q I ,iff ' - . ' . . A 15 , SUZANNE HINCHEY "Susie" Mount Editorial Board, Clarion Editorial Board 3, 4 Girls' State, Monitor, Journalism 3, Dramatics 3, 4, Debating 3, Glee Club l, 2, 3: National Honor Society, Music Appreciation 3, State Play 3, State Oratorical Contest, Sophomore Hop Committee, Senior Ball Committee, A happy, clever little miss, she has a smile for everyone. " JANET HUGHES "IBD" Clarion Business Board, Monitor, Glee Club 3. Her ways are ways of pleasanmess. " And humbly grateful JOHN HUTCHINS "Hutch" ' Glee Club 1, Senior Ball Committee, Basketball 1, ,gy- Never seen without a smile--a friend worth having. " I - rm THOMAS JOYCE "Tommy" Student Council 2, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Minstrel 2, 3, Sophomore Hop Committee, Senior Ball Committee. Never much to say--unless it's important. " ROBERT KEEFE "Mike Basketball 1, Minstrel 1, 2, Football Manager 1, 2, 3, Basketball Manager 1, 2, 3. Friendly with all and ready to lend a helping hand JOAN KENNY "Joanie" Mount Business Board, Monitor, Dramatics 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Senior Ball Committee, Christmas Play 3, Centenary Pageant. 'lt's a kind heart that has plenty of friends." fr, 'U' ROSE MARIE KING "Re Re" Library Science, Catechetics, Centenary Pageant, Dramatics. Here is a girl who takes in stride, life's ups and downs. " WAYNE KING "Blonde" Senior Cabinet, Vt. Music Festival 3, Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Minstrel 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football, "A good sport in every way. " -r ,f 4-ua... 1.4 ,foggy Q ,V ff' 4: K ANNA LA BELLE --Am,ie-- Sophomore Club, Silence is golden. " FRANCES LA PIANA "Ffafmje" Glee Club 3, Sophomore Hop Committee, Senior Ball Committee, MissiomCrusade 2, Centenary Pa- geant, Dramatics, It isn't where your inches stop, it's where your courage starts," for the Wonders af grace fl iv' 1:3-7 DONALD LA PLANTE "Ducky" Glee Club 1, 2, Football 1, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, Captain 4, Minstrel 3. In sports, altho not tall, He's always on the ball, " WILLIAM LEE "Moose" Boys' State, Class President 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Minstrel 2, 3, Sophomore Hop Committee, Senior Ball Committee, C. Y.O. Congress, Fresh- men Reception Committee, Centenary Pageant, Everyon's jolly when he's around, " DAVID LENDWAY "Limbo" Band 1, 2, Vermont Music Festival 1, 2, 'A flare for the artistic and ever willing to share his talent, " ALICE LE VANGIE "Al" Girls' State, Senior Cabinet, Vt, Music Festival 1, 2, 3, Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Operetta, Sophomore Hop Committee, Senior Ball Committee, National Honor Society, C. Y.O. Congress 4, Centenary Pageant. JOSEPH LEVINS "J0e" Glee Club 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Minstrel 1, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 4. "Always a sport, on diamond or court, " MARTHA LORD "Mart" Mount Editorial Board -Assistant Editor, Class Treas- urer 1, Journalism 3, National Honor Society-Vice President, Columbia Yearbook Convention, Clarion Editorial Board, Monitor, Centenary Pageant, "Success has been attained, through ability plus diligence, " "Her smile reflects her personality usandyu '-4 '77 BEVERLY LORETTE "Bev" Clarion Editorial Board, Monitor, Mount Editorial Board, Centenary Pageant, Dramatics, Sophomore Club. Loyal to duty, and to friend," PHYLLIS MCCUE Hphyy' Mount Business Board 4, Clarion Editorial Board, Glee Club 1, 2, Columbia Yearbook Con, Sophomore Hop Committee, "A true friend indeed, with a generous heart. " Wrought in our sau ls MARY LOVETT "Mary" Mount Editor-in-Chief, Monitor, Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Operetta 1, Cecilian Club 1, 2, Sophomore Hop Committee, Senior Ball Committee, National Honor Society-Treasurer, Girls' Basketball 2, 3, Family Frolics 3, Columbia Yearbook Con. , Vt. Music Festival 3, Centenary Pageant. In sports and in studies her equal is found among the few. " MARIA MA INOLFI "Pina" Glee Club 3, Centenary Pageant, Sweetness and simplicity are hers. " RICHARD MCNAMARA "Mac" Class Treasurer 3, Senior Cabinet, Band 1, 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, Minstrel 1, 3, Sophomore Hop Committee, Senior Ball Com- mittee, Music Appreciation 3, Gymnastic Circus, Freshmen Reception Committee, Centenary Pa- geant, Full of rhythm-full of fun. " JAMES MARINUCCI "Jim" Baseball 1, Centenary Pageant. I am a man of few words. " SANDRA MANLEY au, Kb. S447 Mount Editorial Board, Clarion Editorial Board, Vt. Music Festival, 3, All State Chorus, Glee Club 3, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, Gym- nastic Circus 2, Mission Crusade 3, Freshman Re- ception Committee, Senior Ball Committee. This pert cheerleader is always on hand to cheer our team. " JOAN ANN MARGO --Joan- Clarion Business Board 3, 4, Dramatics, Success is bound to come her way, " uv 115 W' 'WW MARIE MCPHEE Mmme Mount Busrness Board Clanon Busmess Board 2 3 Assrstant Business Manager 4 Qu11l Scroll Socrety Dramatlcs Mount Typlst Clarron Typrst 4 Frrendly lrkeable and sweet, a combrnatron hard to beat DENNIS MEDLIN Denny Mount Busmess Board Boys State Class Presrdent 3 Student Councrl 2 Glee Club 1 2 Football 1 2 Mrnstrel 1 3 Semor Ball Commrttee He s always ready to do hrs share thraugh J-lar mtcrccsszan 4:8 430 'tv JAMES O SHEA rm Iournahsm 2 Glee Club 1 2 3 Vt MUSIC Festr val 2 Mrnstrel Not too merry not too sad MARILYN MUMFORD Marrlyn Clarron Edrtoral Board Brcycle Court Grrls State Vt Musrc Festrval Majorette 1 2 3 4 Journalxsm 2 Sophomore Hop Commrttee Nauonal Honor Socrety Gymnastrc Crrcus Centenary Pageant Dramatlcs A sw eter one rs hard to frnd HAROLD NICHOLS Nrck Boys State Monrtor Class Vrce Presrdent Sen1or Cab1net Basketball 1 2 3 4 Mlnsuel Centenary Pageant Dramatrcs Edrtonal Board of Clanon School Reporter for Herald Choral Drama Wrllmg to g1V6 hrs trme to a good cause PATRICIA O BRIEN O Bre Sophomore Hop Commrttee Mount Edrtorral Board Band 1 2 3 4 Vt. Musrc Festrval 2 3 A11 State 3 Centenary Pageant Band Lrbrarnan 2 Vrce Presr dent 4 She has wrt we must admrt CHARLES O ROURKE Chas Glee Club 3 Football 2 3 Minstrel Basketball 1 2 3 4 Lrfe rs what you make rt, MARIE PALUCCI Mane Dramaucs 3 4 Glee Club 2 Cheerleader 1 Semor Ball Commrttee Our Marte IS a lover of garety ,pun . S . . I 2 . . 2 . - . S . s . S . . o 'A I I ." QQW ' . ' s . ' sr n I , f : : . s . I V I I 1 Q . ' 0 I I1 I ' Il r - 2 6 Q I I I I 0 , . : ' l I l G I : ' : ' ' 2 ' ' : : , ,I , . . N. ' ,......, X .. - .. ' I I ' L . . . : ' : K F . S . . . I K I 9 0 . I N I ' ll . : . . 3 I 1 0 3 . . 1 5 ' I A A : : : - V3.4 1 . x - 0 Q, f 1 u n ! . A . fs- : - : : . I I I ll ' ' ' lv I IFJ' ll . Q 9 0 2 o . I' : ' . . . ,. I! ' ll XR ' . : : : ' . C ROSE MARY PELLERIN "Cuddy Mount Business Board, Mount Editorial Board, Dra- matics 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Cheerleader lg Sopho- more Hop Committeeg Senior Ball Committee, Girls' State, Girls' Basketball 3, Gymnastic Circus. 'Where she goes, a smile goes too. " BARBARA POCKETTE "Barb" Monitorg Dramaticsg Mission Crusade 3, Library Science 2, 3, 4, Girls' Basketball 3g Gymnastic Cir cus, 'Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, " Pledge' that BARBARA PERRY "Barb" Mount Editorial Board, Girls' Stateg Monitorg Class Vice Presidentg Secretary 4, National Honor Society 5' Senior Cabinet, Student Council 2, Majorette 1, 2, Drum Ma jorette 3, 4, Vt, Music Festivalg Debating 3g Dramatics 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Operettag Ceci- lian Club 1, 2, CYO: Sophomore Hop Committeeg Senior Ball Committeeg Gymnastic Circusg Girls' State, Girls' Basketballg Centenary Pageant. In all things she will do well, " MU.-DRED PONTO "Tiny" Glee Club, A friendly hi as she passes by. " BERNARD POCKETTE "Bernie" Boys' State g Glee Club 3: Football. Those of few words think much. " MARGARET QUINN "Marg" Operetta lg Sophomore Hop Committeeg Mission Crusade 43 Clarion Business Board 4. With her personality and smile, Marg will travel many a mile, " Gymnastic Circus 2, Football. tenary Pageant, LYLE RAYMOND "Lyle She has a way to chase despair. " MICHAEL READY "Mike Music Appreciation 2g Mount Editorial Boardg Cen- "Quiet but ever ready to serve, " lf? MARY LOU REED Lulu Centenary Pageant 3 Sophomore Club RALPH RICE oc Football 1 2 3 He rs a man of few words On her tongue is kindness We shall Sffllft' 4:4 Cs 1? MARY ROUSSIL Mary Mount Business Board Monitor Stncenty is a virtue DOROTHY ROWLEY Library Science 4 Gentle and shy with Just a trace of mischief JEAN RYAN Jeannie Mount Business Board- Manager of Clarion Business Board 4 A polite little miss with a good sense of humor ROSE MARIE SHORTSLEEVES "Rosie" Dramatics 3g Glee Club 2, 3g Cecillian Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Music Appreciation 3g Girls' Basketball 35 Gym- nastic Circusg Committee for State Play 3. Ambitious and always willing to do her share." SANDRA SIBLEY "Sib' Mount Editorial Boardg Class Secretary 3g Glee Club 2g Sophomore Hop Committee g Senior Ball Commit- teeg Centenary Pageant, Dramatics 4, Resident Club, Vice President 3g President 4. Happy, clever, full of fun. " JOHN SLATTERY "Slats" Clarion Editorial Board 3, 4g Glee Club 2g Minstrel lg Senior Ball Committee. 'Always has time to put in one of his witty jokes, " 15.57 I X T JOHN SMYRSKI "Shorty" Mount Editorial Board, Clarion Editorial Board, Sports Editor 4, Senior Cabinet, Band 2, 3, 4, Jour- nalism 2, 3, Dramatics 3, 4, Cecilian Club 1, Cen- .. tenary Pageant. .5 i "A jolly fellow in every way. " BERNICE SMYRSKI "Bernie Mount Business Board, Clarion Editorial Board, Monitor, Centenary Pageant, Dramatics 4, "Her voice is soft, her manners please. " l f , ,,, ,, in imitate flcr "Sober, but not serious, " "A quiet exterior conceals much. " "Conscientious in all she does." HARLEY SOULIA "Harley Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vt. Music Festival 2, 3, 4, All State Band, RALPH SOULIA IR, "Ralph" fLeft for service in the Armed Forces, THOMAS SWAHN "Tommy" Glee Club 2, 3. ! CAROLYN TARDIFF "Lynn" Clarion Business Board, Monitor, Glee Club 3, Music Appreciation 3, Centenary Pageant. li Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Vt. Music Festival, All State 3, 4, Music Appreciation 3, Journalism 4, Centenary Pageant, Quiet in a winning way. " Model United Nations Assembly 3, Choral Drama. An ounce of wisdom is worth a pound of wit, " n GERTRUDE TATRO "Gertie" Mount Editorial Board, Clarion Editorial Board 3, 4, WENDELL TILDEN "Windy" ii aux L. ...,f"'1 I THOMAS TROMBETTA "Tom" Mlnstrel lg Centenary Pageant, "A Gentleman is always known by his fine manner," NORMA TOWNE NIOH16 Mission Crusade 43 Clarion Typistg Catechetics. "Her sunny nature wins lasting friends, " fhrauglwul our I Ives 1- ROBERT TROMBLEY Hot Rod "Quiet people are appreciated everywhere, " f,. FRANCES ZULLO Clarion Editorial Boardg Mission Crusadeg Library Science. "Happy will her nature be, " TS Jn Mcmvrinm 4 KEITH LA FASO Requiescant in pace JANE GRIFFIN 27 ,4udj-laly is J-lis mm' Retreat days--the most important of our year at the Academy. This year we were privileged to have our own Father Lynch as retreat-master. "Lord that I may see" we prayed and examined the challenging questions "Who am I - Where did I come from - Why am I here?" We derived many bene fits from Father's talks, but perhaps one of the most valuable will be the complete understanding and confidence in our confessor with which he inspired us, Because Mary is part of all that we do at the Academy, Father closed the retreat with a talk on Our Lady--Our Life, Our Sweetness, and Our Hope. Meditation on the Rosary ' Time out for Spiritual reading, ?ar behold ram lzcnccfarllz a gen eratmus A222- shall M ca -A nfl RIA CLASSE ' ... 5 ,. A . Lu-,,..,::... .... .-,-v-- "" '-'-'T'-'rl 4-"Y- T: ' '- .g f ig , A ..., S l? '77 ,. f' it 1 f D N E Q u , 'E 555 6' A , gf Vx E nj N E 1 pg f Q . .Q x Ig X 'f f 'Q ,.nwnn.f nuiurin 11142 1 v 1411 1 ,ffyh - 1144, 9 , Vx uf' A-ll! 1l 'flj' . '15 ? 1 ' . ' I V' H. 1 i , HEL, F I fi?-3, 'ri if ' K Aff v :P ,, '. - Q N 5 lhllil -'sf ici? 'E -if . A -4' Q Q A 1: ff 'fs.."f ' 35, T3-. K I -4. "Music brings Joy - the echo of God's life in us," Music Graduates: Rose Marie shortsleeve, Christine Bianchi, if vs Q, Young scientists experimenting with chemical "potions," V.. .. fy!-mi-5 II 0 ., fi 53+ sa., S ,v" M , ,J-6 .,, That we may be responsible drivers EUi0ying break in Fflday Solid session I 1, 7" gqs gg' ,v f , if - I A ri.-1 latin Klub Activities P. Shortsleeves, B, Dalto I. Kelsh Pe Rally RHS vs Mal if I LeFrarxco1s E Small R Flemmg Halloween -if an Mamolfr S LeCla1r The Delphrc Oracle E Goodrich Amerrcan Th8.I1kSg1V1Dg wuh Roman Flavor At rlght Presrdent Bove D Dupan E Dell Venerr Guests and L X Reed M savery C Korzun Rrccr P La Perma Q q J Burke Above and frrst Club Members Below Chrrst mas Carolmg rn Laun 181- '34 :lil I Mazzarrello D Mandrgo R Norton 4. J Moscatello E Valeuty D Valente Presldent James Moscatello Vrce Pres1dl.nt Emlly Valemy Debate Resolved Crcero was not Jusufled m Secretary Diane Valeflle hrs actron agamst Catalme Treasurer Rlchafd NOTIOU 33 'ss 4 ' 3. '1- 6 4 . . ., ' . '1 " Q v' . oar In P IN f ,i.', ' X 4 R. ', . - ' 3 s, Q : '37 a '- 4 Q . . I X .1 d I Q . X I L X 14 kr! X 'Tv v F Y An r rs r rr' 5 - - 5. . . .V O - 1 '51, . . . -v s - Z , XB., l I. . . 'N , T I A , r 6 f r ' , , 6 3 ,Q tx I r .rig his J " L. ' '. . . . L i - ' w 4 ' 1 ' - .D t : I ' - .- I, ,jr i 1 T. ' , . ' 5 1: 1 ,6 73 1 ,. v3 , , r -V l . - I C. LaFond, I, Gilrain, F. LaPine F ,, 1 -4-J' ' 1 V, Ragosta, J, Levins, M. Murphy S. McManus Q 4 l' I J. Croffi E 75 B. Cioffi, I. Abatiell, 0 Ry J X J.- ra rx I J. Tripodi, R. Polzello, 1 W. Manley, R. Badgewick, W. Reardon J, Mangan '- AJ acine, R. Noe, W. Layden ' l V, Mondella, J. McNeil, 5 N-lv! ' 4 J' K ' B. Soulia, B. Bullock, L. Aquistapace -1 53 " F7 1 - fin f 'V 1 'i -X ii" Mathematics III Students puzzle over difficult problems mphlet reading prepares for class discussion, Religion III ' ' ' tslg P' Mary-Hike in their Lx 4' ' X img, , 'MLN xrg, i. X- ..'.,fs. I---..,, QQ l Learning to balance the budget, fx. Jr.. A Lcarning the culture of 5 panish speaking countries, 'L 3 ,I Enjoying short .Quest ?0r Kmrwlcdge b stories in French 11, AMW .L a"' ' w L 3 5 4 A 11" L. Reilly, M. Mulhern, McCla1len D, Ferguson, F. Gokcy, M. King K .ff ' F M, Harvey, J, Wilder T. Fox .fax 1 if .J Z r L. Abbott, J. Cleary, I, Romano 5 'F :X . an V A , 1, ' "' I IX L5 Kjell li T, Nugent, L, LaPiana, R. Welch p 1 ' Q Q , -2 . .ty , M A. il ATF ' A W, Duffy, M. Decker, F. Carbinc N S I I A - 1' .- '! 4 A I' L 12: C. Nichols, C. Carroll, F. O'Rourkc . if F 'F 'A' 4! ' wa S, Hubbard, D, Erickson, A. Dubeau .P -G "'Y f.. n P , 5 I A. Duffy, M. Johnson, A G. Lalxloria 35 as ps D 9.15 75 lnl nh uh Frrst row P Bartholomew M Bellomo M Brown R Brown S Carn B Bxzon K Can ney S Carr W Carrlgan Second row P Carroll I Center J Clccone M Collms S Copps H Crosby L Crosby Wllsllwi 1' Room twenty two R611g1Ol'1 Class Enloys Photographers Interruptron I Sophvmvrs Glasses in-1 36 W? 'Y' Vrsual A1ds ln Latrn II mn rl Q44-L Qg ll N 7 Frrst row M Damello B Farlno M Fleming E Fox A Gallo J Gallo T Garafano I Gawett B Grlmore Second row M Heath M Hmchey W Hubbard A Haley A Hughes B Jeanotte A Joyce J Kelley S Fountam AA K BQ All in Fxrst row M Mayo A McCue C McCue M McDev1tt M MCL8Ug1111H H Robtoy J Mrrtr R Nagy Second row J LaF1amme A LaP1ne E LaBe11e M Lawrence I Le K Francors M LeFranco1s P Loseby B Ferland M Mayer Learnrng Prmcxples of BUSINESS Work Proposruons + Axloms + Postulates Utter Confusion -I -1- . -it ,. "' sew 23 ,ni 51: i 1 v YA Ad' ,lf ,,1 1' are A , - 9 f ' , 9 Q1 ,, . '. " ' sf I F '-. . -f - 1'- - IA .L I ' N if x x First row: V. Notte, P. Palucci, E. Peryer, F. LaDuc, P. Polzello, T, Provo, C. Quesnel, A, Rocicot, R, Raymond, Second row: J, Robinson, A. Roach, T. Reardon, A, Small, R, South- gate, 'ff P f' , 1 is' 3 ff71tfhsiQfW ' G, 1 J N' , 4 47 It if ' 1 it -fx ? X I ' . x JL. w ' W I igffini A 4 2 1 fm 4571: First row: A. Stapleton, M. Swahn, C. Tesconi, M. Tilden, S. Todriff, A, Trombley, N, Vargas, M, Vignoe, D. Young. Second row: M. Galliano, N, LaMoria, H. Chamberland, F. Regula, G. Courcelle, A, Cioffi, E. Timbers. CLASS OFFICERS ff' 4? M ,f r MW President E. Canney, Vice President H. Lord Secretary R. Perry, Treasurer G, McGinnis English Students Prepare for Joyous Living through Christian Reading History Projects of Ancient and Modern World I , A 'ii ' , 3 x A R2 ,lv QW, -1 4. ,,. .5 ,C ir' L Y 11 asf. . Di-Y 5 Frrst row H Thompson J Brzzaro I Hale D Romano M Layden P McDonald L Bou ley J Woods R Glllam Second row M Rowley B Carrlgan E Mlchnrewrcz J La Valley M Lorette M Duprey T Chapleau 5 Carroll I Shanahan interest ln scrence stones culmmates rn oral speeches -'Ji ere Latm ndmgs become begxnmngs aah , it A Flrst row J Mayo M Coccr R Monahan A brace R McPhee 5 Lewrs C Chamber lam L Freedom R Mannrng Second row R Fuccl M Halllc J Dupy R Trombley A Ryan E Graves J Croffr B Bates J Wojrc 39 ,L ' V. W 51 7' : da Y 8 v T 73 4 - 1 , Q ,4, - WL l 1 I I R f I 7 k 44 I A ' C 'V :qt .5 I 4 A . I. 'AIX 5 . J 3 ' . U. -' li4eL,.' , C . - , . . . . -x,'3 A . N. K N - ' s R I .4 CPi- L M ' M- 43- , 0 L 2 .- Tk . ' - Wh ' e ' ' ' ' " ' fa, 2 ' E A N 3' ,. C I, l Q 1 Q ig' A , . U 44, 4 ,V 1.-fr, 1 ,, - 5 R., -- ., ':" I 1 , V A , ' I ' ' 1' ...x I v ,,4, My , ' Q: -.r 1' F559-8 A J ' 1, 1 ' al" 2-. V ,L ,- ,. If :gf El,-9, ' ' - fl X 1 First row: S. Lee, B. Holden, M. Ryan, M, Palucci, J. Ridlon. J. Levins, H. Dunn, D DeCaesare P Mondella Second row' J Abel M Caggige M Eddy G Vlllimaire J Flory J Ryan P Thayer I Hughes R Navxn C ght tn the act of Rehglon quiz au V 0 1' 'WKSI cfzzldrm L. nr? -is.. Freshmen solve some of world problems ln Math class 4.1 AL L H .-rfb A1 Q 1 Flrst row J Colutu V Allen R Connors N Yager M Callahan M Purmton D McCue B Allen, P Daxly Second row R Ley E King R Peters C Reardon J Veno P Cassldy M Galllano R Cullman I Keefe I 4 A If L Frrst row J stewart C Carrara P Guyerte A Noe B Burns P Tardrff P Frtzgerald M Galarno B Bullock Second row J Holden M Romano H P rfralra M Murphy R Dorr G Altrur I LaPenna P Dorr I Brom 1 Religion clashes are alwa YS pleasant and delightful of MWF mfxfl Q4 Interrupuons can be enjoyable Even rn Laun declensrons Y " mln ll B Pelkey R LaCross R Trnney J Halprn Prebrdenrl lxelley V1cePresxdent K. Flemmg, secretary, A. Lovett, Treasurer, A. Ettorr, R, Trmbera, L A. 5 Q 43 fy A M, Q V 2 1 4 4 F Q - Q W4 , jf M ,V A 'W 1- I1 A I' 4V '-Z 0 1 R5 - , C 1 W , 4:4 r, .5 I G5 2 I J. M Y f ' r ' 7 P V P sg A ' A. rw A Y V - " wr.,-', . ' , . , . . ' ' ': . , '. , . v g ' . rs , P rf-' " f , , W I -"""""""-3--1 , A , fl .1 ls -v1 .I v O t I YJ ' , U ,M 5 P , , . ' A I: -7 li P 5 , i . ,2 x ' N ' iv , I 3 , 1- lb 1 N ,. -' 1, IIA n r,l PX , Q. 'I J. - ., 'P , . Q- - , ' P Q Q , 'UN 1, W , P' Q - Y Q4 1 -Q , A. . . ' . f . .. ' f I ' ' I , , 4 2 . . 1 , X F I 4I 5'rcshma14 Day an A source of great enjoyment to all Academites, SENIOR CABINET at right looks on. Third row: John Smyr ski, Robert Gillam, Basil Nichols, Ralph Bove, Richard McNamara. Second row: Terry Hannon, Rita Dell Veneri, Barbara Perry, First row: Robert Bennett, Mary Fox, Alice Le Vangie, fir 4 , IR? gi R, Tinney gives Bob Bennet and Tom Arzberger a shoeshine Freshmen shine cars under the dlrecuon of Ralph Bove 121 Donna DeCaesare and Paul Daly find the distance of the Academy walk the hard way Bob McPhee sings a lullaby My Spirit as found jay 0 W0 my Sawour ACTIV T .17 f'f'- I1 . in 5 4, Y I1 is 1 J M 1 , 'az 5 ',"',i S.. F3 0 Q 7 15" Q0 ' avg 5 14 . n,q Q Si Zu' ' Fil Xi WT?-'Y if A .rf I A .. 7 V -- X , ,f ming 1, AVI n-I' H . I j' W l 1, 1 14325, 'N W1 ' wp' ek Wa? J' UA 'LV , . 'tx -1 v! fm 1 jak 1 if:-' 1 ., f l I g 1 ' ' 'fx S -,-.' H ' 1 if ,V ix", 1 , "2 1 P ' 'Y ' Q2 If as 5 M M Q u 1 i G YE l of ' ' " 1 1 x " ' n I V f 1 of 1 I flf- Q O W JZ f "5 A g , 44 X I I if' OFFERTORY PROCESSION 4 ,ly f Lf v ,. 1 'ix' ix f Rx -0' I ss i 'E '0- ? f L 'P 1,- . TQL f Q L -R , 2 " '-1 - if Q E ' -,L ' -fF.i.. ' 3 'FT' if S f 1 1 X 3 .Ww , ,411 things in Ghrist Martha Lord wma essay contest on Pius X , N I 5 n 1 x 5 N x u L s I CHORAL GROUP PANEL DISCUSSION Seated left to right: Father Lynch, Father Whitson, Morrsrgnor Crowley, Father Fitzsrmons and Brother S Malachy. ll H Left to ughr: J. Cleary as Don Perosr, L, Racme as Plus X, and T, Nugent as Mormgnor Bordes, 45 Q, in John Smyrski President Patricia O'Brien Vice President W s First row, left to right: J, Sabataso, S. Bolomo, J. Corsi, T. Teren- zini, P. Loseby, Second row: W. Bullock, G. Tatro, M. Fleming, F. O'Connel1, J, Smyrski. Third row: M. O'Brien, T, Myette, P, Terenzini, M, Ryan, D. Young, P. Mondella, arm ""l Our " "' ii, SCHOOL SPIRIT soARs--- F1-Q - As we note the musical precision 'N I and colorful display which marked the many performances of our band during the past year, For those of us who are looking forward for the last time to the hours of practice necessary for the smooth rendition of a concert program or audition, to the pleasure of those Memorial Day, Basketball or Mu- sic Festival trips, MAJORETTES, left to right: A, LeVangie, R. De1lVeneri, J. Burke, J. Foster, B, Perry, Drum Majoretteg P. Foster, Head Majoretteg M, 46 Ryan, P, Polzello, M. Mumford, Z' J, Veno, R. Burke, 1. Cotrupi, J. Dupee Second row I Dupee G n Tatro Flemming McGimus, W. Burns, R, Dorr, H. Soulia L LaP1n1a Third row J . Librarians LeF1amme, R, Perry, C. Flemming, P Flemmmg, C Sabourn P Hand a sense of pride in a job well done as well as a feeling of regret per- vades us, as we sigh: "lt's been wonderful! We're going to miss it all so! Many thanks to our director, Sister M. Emmanuel, who made possible for us these many profitable and enjoyable , 1- A5 experiences, i ll i 5'-'S AU ,fx A, ii ' X n iii U law 9 X 'D ? E? 5 'I . -1 1 ' , ' I vw' un- 4- S . , g, .6 6fII'f5'fl1f1lI5 Zfrzjv tgfch Artistically arranged as "A Singing Christ- mas Tree" the Gir1's Glee Club presented an inspiring cantata-pageant in the gym, Soloists and Chorus united in providing an appropriate musical background for the scenes in pantomime depicting The An- nunciation, The Visitation, the shepherds on the plains of Bethlehem, and the Na- tivity. x, Those who took part were W Duffy as Gaspar J Cain his attendantJ Duncan R Perry J LaFlamme angels T Joyce R Trombly shepherdsJ O5hea asMe1cho1r B Smyrski as Mary J Levins St Joseph W King as Baltha sar R McNamara D LaPlant R Soulia as shepherds J Cleary andM Halpm attendants andW Gallagher and J Gallagher heralds The Chorus consists of the following: K, Canney, E. Michhiewicz, A, LeVangie, M, Romano, D, McCue, T, Garafano, A. McCue, N. Vargas, K, Fleming, J, Dupee, J, Flory, M, Ryan, E. King, A. Grace, M, Eddy, M. Paolucci, A, Joyce, G. Altrui, A, Ettori, J. Foster, A, Graves, J, Bizzarro, P, Foster, A. Small, M. Roach, F. LaPiana, J, Ryan, D. Valenty, C, Johnson, J. Levins, B, Coiffi, M. Lovett, B. Perry, R, Shortsleeves, M, Purington, C, Lafond, M, Quinn, Mi? .j ', i' f'l1-V25 W' . ' 'Q U ""' fi" 11, ' a. 1 K1 1 v ,Jf...J 1 I W 0 M llllr"""'5' WIWJ M 1' , I 5 , W' I xW Y '31 3 .-, E K V 'we V -U EI 6 x 'Y Pffv fu s V If QAWJV 'W ' ' Q S' J' I? K VF? ' 4'4 ffl' , Ei ,Assam Iflics ' 1-1 i Washington Lincoln brighten N Selma! 16011 fine H x Mi 'Y X.u fp- cs AA Procesuon Z4 --41a ,p X I2-"f N ,f lv- n of Advent Our school days would not be complete without them, They furnish us with entertainment, give us religious instruction, and provide educational ad- vantages in many fields, Room eleven presented the annual Advent assembly A procession through the school followed ceremonies in the gym, The patriotic assembly as featured by Room twelve depicted scenes from the lives of two of our great Presidents: Washington and Lincoln, 'WM at 'A 2 11. V4-,W I ,AM K -, 4. ' x Q5 ,,,..,-0-vm. gg , . ,,,.,,, , K . Mi ' , A . f 9.4 A . J A A S J 1 on J .A -5 4 ! iv 1 A LQ'f'gM .WS f 1 ' Q X ,Ax 1 4. 1 K A X, 12 'l'- 1 s yy I ,F ,,, ,,v, .. -4wf,:1,,f- f-, -2- , . . , v 8 'A ' - K 31'-x V' .c431f Z5:nw,w.2'NL 1 n-Q.. , , 4 .f .-.- --,-,. -e-'M K . 4 1 A P. Ili: .1 Lk, 4 Q f E xg. l:.f -'mu 5"- 4 Li. 'S ". Aa 'L :- 11 Z 12 If .'. Fm 'Wgiue 2 .a,,al gf .. ,,,,.. N A sl S! Y'- QV? '.f1nhi1 ' ' 'L hips: ' ar ' lx go Let's join in the fun with Enjoying that letter from home, Away from home, yet we have nothing to fear, for we know She will keep us from harm and guide our feet along the right road, while we are here at M.S.I. and always. 19 All set to blend their voices in harmony. Left to right Frances Gokey Eleanor Michnievicz, Ann Dubeau, Ann Racicot, Virginia Allen bandra Sibley Peggy Fitzgerald, Pat Bartholomew, Carolyn Nichols and Betty Gilmore A l 'ck ,fy Q , . L S h ! Hheerlendcrs ' SALEAMJUN ANN COURC ELLE P992 5969 ' Girls ' l5'11sk dba!! Seated, left to right Standing, second ro Standing, third row: 60 Mr. Bi11F10ry, C MOSS do QW' 'Qld X1 09' 063' SANDRA MANLEY Q' J-le Has look ed gracwusly au the f0Wfll'1 css flaudnmzd'El'l1 QRGANIZATIQNS l U U1 0 - fig, Above, left to right: S. Hirichey, M, Mumford, A, LeVangie, A. Courcelle, B. Perry, T. Davison, Opposite, seated left to right: B. Lee, R, Graves, R, Bennett, T. Hannon, B. Nichols, B. Pockette. Center: Michael Halpin who was elected Governor of the 1953 ses- sion of Green Mountain Boys' State. SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP ABILITY These three qualities are the chief requisites for Monitor posts and regulate the choice of delegates to Girls' and Boys' State. Monitors are chosen by the Student Council, The faculty council vote for dele- gates to Girls' and Boys' State at the end of the Junior Year and these students enjoy a week at Vermont Junior College and Norwich U, respectively learning the practical application ofthe principles of our government, ,Manitars 2 i i Monitors, back row, left to right: M, Roussil, B, Smyrski, T. Davison, J, Hughes, B, Perry M Lord S Couture M, Lovett, Front row, left to right: J. Kenney, S. Hinchey, B. Lorette, C, Campbell, A, Lourcelle Captain A, Heath, C. Tardiff, B, Pockette, R, Dellveneri, B, Nichols. Student Hauncil This year the Second Annual Vermont State Student Council Convention was held in Rut- land on November 20 and 21. Mr, Howard Ackley, President of Green Mountain Col- lege and Mr, Leonard Morrison, State Tax Collector, gave inspiring talks on the prac- tice of democracy and good citizenship in school and in later life. The Students participated in eighteen excellent discussions. Perhaps the most in- teresting and helpful to M, S. I, Students was the discussion on "Writing a High School Student Handbook, " in view of the fact that a handbook is one of the projects of our Stu- dent Council this year, Friday evening was set aside for social events, a show of local talent followed by a dance, One of the convention highlights from the delegates point of view was the hospi- tality offered them in private homes. The Convention provided fine opportunities for exchanging ideas, of listening to inspiring talks and for the making of new and long- lasting friendships. The Second Vermont Student Council Convention did all this. It was a success, Ai 1 Students Registering for Convention K 0 gates at general assembly, Mr. Howard Ackley, President of Green Mountain College, addressing Student Council dele- iQ, Jr - - I W U11 7 l m H d u54u Frosh Welcomed U S 'I'll.- Ilvxlliilzliu vlzzw -fl "ff" '-U'I'1' L 1 Q h I I d Q g fi flIlVX' lung if-N-1-mimi in rlw- Xfzwlf mt 'ill l'iI'Ifl:1X, fl1'Y1Il14'I 2. ilillf- UIVS V-"Ill1l1 ' 0 S E gviijlzlilx rsllll Tliw lilly- xkiill l'l'l"'Il lmx - . Y J1I'IlKf'1l11T Tjfnll ,X.Xl :Hill llllil 1"' tllf' Qllll 1 ' O JA :url 1'1' HI Illv' S4'IIlHI' wl :M wvrz- 4ll1IXW1l 'I e C h n 1 q u e Tlirl S1'Ill1lI'l'lJlS4 on 'l1llllI'4ll1lY, SPIAIPIII- :H-,,,m,1 ,hp :U-,,lm,1.V X,y,.,- ,lV,,.,.. H. ,, D lwi' 24, lie-gym Iliv llI'1H'l'1llll'1' of 4-ll-1-ling w.ni11plv10-l Ilif- l'iII'NlllIll'll nil-iv ln'-wllulut 1-u a 4-lass ullii-Q-is by npvningg iiuinilmtiuiis for Ill" Wil" f""l llllll 'l"'if"1'f"'x f"V'lVll'5 ' l'-' . .r -11-1-'si N'1'f-1 4l1l1lIlllLfNl llniil-intl lvswins lizivc ln-vuliw :ui :u'IlV' ilu! hull llliiliniln . Ufiiwsi . UH Ilillliiiyl ll:iin1ii11L. fllilfl-1'iiiJ.Ilii1i1l lrilillwillx. 'lilil' 4l:1N pmt m IIN, AL.mll,Im- mu.,-i,.u1um l1,i,5-,.:,,-- N-ptmiilw1'2.1, IHJIIIIIIHIIHIIS lui' thc- humor WD UVIWIVI HH- WMI H VLHWA mwql M, HH Ilulll 1111 '1'liu1'sll:av 4'Yl3llllltLF iii tliv h4'll1JHl Culviiwt wr-H' lwlrl :xml also the Ibfllllfllfv' 5UI,1I,m,,,.,,, in ilu. M-,.,,imlV gym for " , -4, , S"l'UUVl 'hu' ull-wtinns wliir-li im1'1'mw-il ilu- Ptllllflililllli M NMI ALM. :1 vu-xx nl' I4'11-Nliiimil lilly ful' O" - V llislglml JMU, U, txyo for ,will Uffi,-,.V Finally Un llllcln-1' ilu' gLk1icl:1m'4- ul' liulpli liwu- iw-iw pr' I ' im, Soptf-iiilwr 28tl1c-1-lass vutwl both for the Slmml HW lmlikmg lm Wlmili tlmfi lm'- il W'f':f 'F . . . M-mlm-ll to p0l1Fl1 all ilu' c-urs. 'lllUIl1Zl4 - - ofliuws :uid for the SOIHOI' Caxlmirict. The , , C 11-ml wigerlv F1 "" lfll U1 V M results wmv: liulmcrt Gillum, Presidcutg fn. - 'yu King Basil Nichols, Vice Presidenf' D ' V V -V H'A' WM X IVVVIVVV -.V VV Pvrfy, Sv:-rf-L ' x Vt OHV NK" VV'A liuiwl llf'4l A 'V A V ul' i , ., I Al -nl 9 ,z f' A .N Advisor if 1 IBS - Q u" .Y K f If i 'J I - V P '41 N ' tc If :ir i X . ? mm f Th x. , ff I wh ,f ,B ' hell 4 Ar. V Latin - Roms PAT FLENHNG will il. Bomw Ediwf "nf- Thp EDITORXAL . , " T16-1' 'Q' Iwi' . - ' , w. iU11H'iumiL Lu" 'UNWM ii l . .ue pri WVVWA-1 ,i-- i ' l N VVVVV3m,.X,i. livin' V HVVVAM YVH Honor . ---' n-win lm VVV ,V ,xk. in.l3l-ml ' VXVVWM r .fi-1' 1"' V NA, Au lllf' of the- ' A... ..:il11111111." tlu- N:i1i1m:l ,V VH V ,,,,. ,,.- i lim, xiii - VH XV lwwl wUVlV X NN--AW' VVVVVVV l Il iflaissmuiii liutin Nlngziziiu-, plllrllxliwl lm VV V lim" XVVVVVVVM nmiiii 3VlV"VfSVVQ lkkaxl li--if ' ,inf Xl llvl tlw :issuvintimn tu l-l1I'llll'l' Ilw Niuilux ul5""i V- " V- 'lll li i V Wu iiiwl"'5V lw Latin. Tlie- iiivipif-lit im-iiilwrf 1'i-w-ivv u XX 'iii' A s Xiu, ii .'.1-Vlhiif l ..ii yy- l,.l 1" W 15 "Re-s fil'4lZ1l',n ri Impn-r pulnliQlir-cl Iliriw- V V 5iiiu1x'+'i Mil 'XxV.A,,,.1ll4 llllii li ,Y Xhwh-H nirmtlily lm f'UI'!'I'III Q-vwiils. N VVNV1 ,, My i-x1l H' lmmili XM , " Purtivipntiuii if 1-xpwiwl in wpililu-riiiw I i .uliii c-xnliiinutimis lm' xxliivli liwlrllm l""Wlll 66 ficutes, :incl tmpliia-N nm- givn-11. .X ii Diploma will lx- gix' vu In Kliuwv Nl V ItlUCII'lIlt' ' well repro' ,SO VVV VV - NVQ il-- V .U 15.11 i . lwnii' ... .N1:11'N' ll1'I'l ll 1111141411114-4l Illl iii ilu- littlm xillzigu 111' l.4 utlu-rn F" ' H 1Ll1'1lz-: ill mme. In t'UIl1IllQ'Il1UI'ilU' thif 'a'WEQ'igf', X J' if 'V NU ERRUR ' V! 4 ' , 7 ' ,Ik fu ', 4 'N' ' E Q X gl -'K NSSELI I. t M T - . .Ni Preparing copy sheets for the deadline, Standing: Gertrude Tatro, John Symr- ski. Seated: Joan Kenny, Rose Mary Pellerin, Sandra Manley, Barbara Perry. Many ffaurs Have Keen Span! fi it Mary Lovett Editor -in-Chief Sdifar 's Nate From enthusiasms, shared responsibilities, rushes, deadlines, has emerged the 1954 edition of our Yearbook which it has been our privilege to compile. If you should find among these pages occasion for a happy memory or a thoughtful smile our headaches will have been rewarded, We sincerely ap- preciate the untiring efforts of our faculty advisor, Sister M. Concepta, Under her capable guidance and with the successful cooperation of our Business Board we have reached our goal. ' D 1 Searching through the files for the best pictures are: Sandra Sibley, Anne Courcelle Patricia O'Brien. Best Looktng J MAINOLIFI - s. GALLO , i E W- LEE ' A- LEVANG1 Best Hearted CARROLL - A, FUCIL D t Personality E W 'a Mt fig Most Representative -g .fa ..-f' Most Ltkel 6 R BENNET Y Q Best Actor Most Co-operative V FLEMING - W, KING , . A, COURCELLE - T, HANNON BROWN J FOST ffqrf' Best Student S HINCHEY - M HALPIN Best Mannered R. GRAVES - M. ROUSSIL ati 54 6 6 ., Best Athlete M LOVETT - R. GILLAM Class Arusts D. LENDWAY - S, COUTURE ZZ x 'FL Most Popular B, PERRY - R, MCNAMARA Most Dependable S SIBLEY B NICHOLS Best Sense of Humor I, SMYRSKI - R, PELLERIN Wilt HILQWQ o--"""'1 dzferfisemm is As Seen In Amer1ca's Leadlng Magazlnes Are featured at the 602W0?Wy Popular Pr1ces Tl-ae. ff ZW DQSQZAZ? SFWCY FTC Insurance Real Estate Mead Bu1ld1ng Rutland Vermont STEPHENC DORSEY ROBERT C KINNEY C omphments of QZWZZWZ ,AU-to Supply Zxgaiedte fencing Headquarter S for Royal, Smith-Corona, and Remington Portable Typewrit 11 - 13 Center Street Rutland, Vermont WWQQ 4, Jewelers CTS mZln??T? Zgm dv!! 0830 0444442 G ryphon Bu11d1ng Rutland Ve rmont 75.4 eS'4'aUU"3Y1 Home of the Bar B Q Chlcken 'sffiih 5 E462 Cert1f1ed Gemolog1st Reg1stered Jeweler Merchants Row Rutland Vermont Better Value s On Center Street " verbody's Shopp1ng Center Your Advert1s1ng Dollar w 1 ll pay dlvldends 1f your copy 1s carefully planned thoughtfully wrltten and wlsely placed by the ekzaea ,teena ADVERTISING AGENCY 38 1 2 Center Street Rutland Vermont efifaen 25,4 PHARMACY Z5 Center Street Get Your Prescr1pt1ons F11led as Your Doctor Prescmbes Regxstered Pharmac1sts" 1n Attendance at All T1mes Good Luck Graduates Your Favorlte Shoe Store awe gag FAMOUS SHOES 47 Center Street Rutland, Vermont Congratulatlons to the Class of 1954 from fm24 BEAUTY SHOPPE , Z Y fa I? -L ff - y , I 7 Z! .. . at AmerlcanGemSociety X ' 1 ' 7 gm QQMMZZQQWLE LZZQWWZZ Member of the Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporauon Sandra Manley Jean Ryan Joan Kenney y ' fx ' 1 , xx lr 5' , X f Joseph Levins en e i1 en Plumbing and Contractin or oration Mt. St. Joseph Glrls Invesugatlng the POSS1b111t16S of an Insurance Career At the WAIQIQEN H- BQOWN ...A 6 EN cv... Beverly Lorette Ann Heath Joan Duncan K , , ?, 55 ,-,lii ' 'V' W Q ' ' rg U 1 I ,Z V S 1 Y .- J .. - , 1 s. 4 . s ZJZWZ IALVLCD S CPVICG 129 Strongs Avenue Rutland Vermont M8660 Kigdl fa M Rutland Vermont Dlstrlbutors of FIDE C1gaFS 1n Southe rn Vermont Wholesalers of Clgars Clgarettes Tobacco PIPES Razor Blades RICHARD M RYAN Pre s1dent 74764374 IRON VVORKS Wholesale Plumb1ng and Heatmg ?Zf647ZO-6111! PLUMBING AND HEAT ING 26 Curt1s Avenue Rutland Vermont Www nf 43 Strongs Avenue idea Co Furrlers Servxce Bu1ld1ng lZ8 Merchants Row Rutland Vermont make Q2 XW W -Danes- 98 West Street Rutland, Vermont PLUMBING AND HEATING 4 Marble Avenue Rutland, Vermont Q ' c. - Compliments of . Z Wk I G . ' Z 0 Z hy .ef ,Q WW! awww? Jewele rs and Sllve rsmlths 7 Center Street Rutland Vermont 71-J Comphments of Shop and Save as you spend W 7 yd M Drugs Cosrnetlcs y g Pre sc rlptlons Carrol Cut Rate H LESALE CANDY Z3 Center Street W O Rutland Ve rmont ww nmsp R I'-2iVOIlZ'6 fl 'L 'Z . r . Qf H315 .Mi,..,4 ' ' SOUTH END FOOD MARKET MURPHY OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO Beverly Lorette 99 State Street Rutland Vermont Martha Lord Margaret Murphy .s.-- ' CE STATION THE STORE THAT FRIENDSHIP BUILT LORD S SERVI HY-WAY FURNITURE co. Thfimas Creed Center - Rutland, Vermont Charles O' Rourke, Michael I-Ialpin Complete ly Home Made Comphments of Bread Cakes P1es Doughnuts W4 ZW!! for alexa 74 Home Bake ry BAKE S HOP 85 State Street Z5 Merchants Row -JAQQJE., gan 36 Merchants Row Home Apphances LAUNDERERS Hotpomt Kelv1nator Bendlx DRY CLEANERS Pyrofax Bottled Gas Llnen Rental Servlce Class of 1954 Z 62 641 Cut Rate and Luncheonette Corner of Cottage and West Streets on the Budget Plan iam FURNITURE INC 82 West Street Rutland Vermont Zia!! QULQ-If-3. Ep gan Insurance Real Estate Bonds Gryphon Bu11d1ng Rutland Vermont 60 ZW T3l2O'5,lNC D1StF1bUtOrS of Canada Dry Products at I Z Congratulations to the "We Furnish Your Home I1 f ' CABINS AND MOTOR COURT On Route 7 3 rrules south of Rutland Modern cab1ns all Centrally heated Open all year round located Green lVIounta1n Beauty Spot P1CtuF6 Wlndows Kltchenettes ln Several Cabms MR and MRS K P ALBRIDGE Proprletors C omphments ZWWZ? Z! nc Whole sale rs 74 R1ver Street utland Vermont Compllments of KE M 4 Toner-8 omg Congratulatmns to the class of 1954 WMZWK Corner Pme and Forest Streets of C 'W Z, I . - in . . . l Plumbing and Heating . R , ff ' I I-I ' X Dr X 'Qs EQQIFO S Best of Luck to a Fme Class Ezciazciaie DA! RY BA I2 Sal Gallo Thomas Joyce Mane Palucc1 Ahce LeVang1e Barbara Perry W1ll1am Lee 'N X is Q K r l x Nxt , K 'Si , Q x Q s ' . .,,V N , W y I '5 5 V' . X'-. . Y ' x 'N Q ., H 'N W X S ., 1 A , , -.M N, sh N. 1 . mfw, L . ,fzllf ' Q' B' J-:M .DA ' ' xx' Ml at , 3 3 I 6 ' ,q ' X 1 .1 R- I .Q f My' 744' fo'uu'2"3?- ffuffze Waifif Open All Year 4 M1165 South of Rutland Junctlon Routes U S 7 and 103 Telephone 1235 Rutland Vermont Mall No Clarendon Vermont C ong ratulatl ons 9 Za ui. AMOCO SERVICE Amoco Products General Repalrs S Ma1n and Dana Avenue Rutland C omplxme nts of MMM. f it ,ft y Sunbeam Bread fe? 'nm fl Zemin Jam PULPWOOD DEALER Best Prxces Pald For Stand1ng Spruce Tmnber 377 Stratton Road Rutland Vermont C omphments of WWE W6 a vage Supp y Rutland V e r mont C ompllme nts of jr gafzglwlff 5 PZWA 121 South Ma1n Street Selected Used Cars Trade w1th Confldence Jwfvwz ww we fa . a 1 g Bakers of T.e1ephone 323.9 5 4 I Co. 0 ef Wx? af 4 K J Compliments of Weffef INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance of all kmds Mead Bu1ld1ng Rutland Vermont C ompliments of 222,66 4-:Z five P7 rg South Maln Street Route No 7 C OAL C OMPANY Estabhshed 1882 Essoheat Fuels Coals Anthraclte Burners B1tum1nous 4 :JE uzaub HARDWARE Valspar Palnts and Varmshes Appl1ances Hardware Wallpaper Sportmg goods Bu1ld1ng Suppl1es Toys Good Luck Class of 1954 70592 in at .5-fua'1os 116 Merchants Row Across from the Raxlroad Statlon W fda! PAINT AND GLASS Come to Rutland Palnt and Glass or Glass Q Pamts wig E M1r r or s mlzgwi Q4 CM' 60 Str ongs Ave nue WALTER and WARREN GARDNER Proprletor C omphme nts of 210 0 ng C Outfltters For the entlre Famlly Rutland Ve rmont e D ' -X ! W f it f C ' ' n f ' . 2 e 3 o. Ze ff? GULF SERVICE Strongs Avenue and Prospect Street Rutland Ve r mont Gulf Gas and O1ls T1res and Accessorles Best Wlshes to 1954 graduates Za Z C' .OMC R N OWENS Presldent JWYZQZ Louls Altobell C ompllme nts of 0 644 73116 p3Safza'z'-4? 41 BAKE SHOP Z Terrlll Street Qfaapffaahlf Hardware Delta Machlnes BPS Palnt Porter Cable Tools Wood craft Terrlll Street Rutland Vermont Compllments of Wzizfwfalzf Meats and Grocemes 24 Terrlll Street C ompll me nts W4 74 44 2' UL ' Q? Q H. , . Spring and Welding Works JZ , . 12 ' ' ' of ' rf ' 15 Olll' f1r st Thought gkzfffeuuau. RADIO SERVICE 754 uf? HC 334 State Street Schenectady 5 New York C ompllme nts of 94,-Q P655 UZWQQ4., SMOKE SHOPE Oppos1te Post Offlce Rutland Vermont QZ77We 4' MOT OR TRANSPORTATION Rutland Vermont Complete Serv1ce to New England Mlddle Atlant1c and Southern Polnts Tel Type Servlce to all polnts 1n New England The Store of Quallty Drugs Also Tested Cosmetlcs and To1let Art1c1es Three Graduate Pharmaclsts feauc amp ef 51 Merchants Row Rutland Vermont Comphments of .Z Z PAINT AND WALLPAPER f I ,Zak D . , C , ,, KA 'V CO. ' ' 57 , I 7 X XQAV XQEXLLWS QILEET 214 216 South Ma1n Street U S Tlres and Batterles Retread1ng and Vulcamzlng by Skllled Craftsmen Denms Medlln Gordon Brown FTHHCIS Callahan Robert Keefe , W X , ff I 'NX 4,.,, N X KA if! ' Q gpg ,S 1 V K Q Quahty Furnlture at Moderate Pnces J' 01 f UNION Jfliy,-it Xl 1 gl : 31-1 on to Serve I" I I 'L I Large Enough You Q " UNION FURNITURE COMPANY Oppos1te the Faurgrounds South Ma1n St am. Small Enougn to Rutland Fresh Flowers ,ve A for All Qi' HEAT O Qcas HN: f'00D G-vi"AQ1111Hfy H' fi 11-U QQY . '.L'3v"' s LANDON S H dq lnlnnnu QIRYIIQ Plhh Vnrlidnl ll!! Jwldydlnp Pbonollll lflllf IVY!-LID Quahty Band Qpwuae Vs. QESTAUIQANT Instruments Mart1n Holton Pedler Armstrong 5651555 'R fl 4, 13 .I .I nfl. J I ' e 4 ., ,151 J. rl I :JlfW21i!RNLYunEicon5,igNl 'yy I lf ,ALL , ,fi 'ff Ji, ' A fre 121' 5511 ,ilaifll .figfnlllfw V . '- , "- ,- 4, , -' . 5' if-.... ,- Mr, 9l"if:fQF?i-'j':fiQ, Know You ""--- an . . . U - I - - i l - ,- -u-n 2-Q'i1'!f Q :l"l7T ' ' Saqf ,W iw -muff l 4' 1 , Q ,. I I 1 k ' ' A' '47 l 2 ' 4 Y 0 ' V U- - " N' QZX V N ' ' K, 9 rl, X ! . l '4 ' Q- u unrtenlor N - I U . "' " " . ,n Congratulatwns Graduates Get the Savmg Hab1t At the IZUTLAND SAV! NGS BANK Comp11ments of Cornplnnents of CHET S 731745 Spf ESSO SERVICE M 417 West Street 57 P1116 Street Comphments of Comphments of EATON S ADAMS E SS Q 4? NOE ,INC 55 Grove Street Rutland Vermont t l ......... Q o I s J T" i Ade11na FUCIIC Joan Margo Standmg Patr1c1a Flermng .--l-----ff -1---T--4"'-4" SEVVA IQEDS DAIRY BAR R1Cha1'd IV1CNal'1'13-T3 22.4 North Maxn Street Ma.r11yn Mumford Suzanne Hinchey Wayne Kmg Standmg Mary Fusco A F BEM 5 Q g We H 'T f ,. , -1 4- H . 5 2, 9 E , 9 ' I Qazfkff STLJDIQ legit? n f , "eff we ' 't ' I if X fff4x ff! WHEN YOU GET SICK AND TIRED OF 4' Unprotected outs1de doors w1th no protectlon from ra1n or snow 'F Storm or screen doors warp1ng and st1ck1ng 4' Door cas1ngs rott1ng or swelhng It 1S h1gh txrne you cured all these troubles per manently w1th a lovely Troy Sunshade Steel Door Canopy w1th Banked Enamel surface 1n several beaut1ful colors A M1ghty Small Sum of Money Buys a Lot of Comfort and Protect1on QZMZ Qilvlooitlwe Co 122 Strongs Avenue Rutland Vermont "X off f c - fl f all if W, y X X lv W- flu Rutland's Largest Independent Super Market COSTA'S I G A MARKET Everyday Low Pr1ces Where Fr1ends Meet Frlends 145 State Street D1al Prospect 3 3666 Complnnents nw ft ILXP-3'Rl:.bEJ INC No Clarendon Vermont 62225245 A BERTHA MCMAI-ION Propr1etor 61 Center Street Rutland V errnont CAQBXNES It Pays to Buy Quahty CARBINES Compliments of FI I7,-'AF5F'I'l'l S Qwmfg gmdfz Cornphments from the WMUAKZWL CLEANEQS s TAILQQS CHAS J MOSCATELLO Propr1etor I-I OT E I. BA QDVVELL BARBER SHOP Four Barbers Fast Expert Serv1ce Rutland Market Basket I G A STQRE Meats Vegetables Grocer1es Every Day Low Pr1ces 2.25 South Ma1n Street . . . 7 . . E 0- - 5 K f l Hairstyling of Distinction I . At I J an warms fu' viii-1' haxdf 7' Thomas Carroll Thomas Swahn Ralph RICE Davld Lendway .43 si ABEUS TIQE CORP Ralph RICS 3 Hour Retreadnfxg SSTVICC Thomas Swahn Dav1d Lendway Rutland, Vermont Thomas Ca1 roll r il l . s l a " ., ..., , -W fm ,aszwn H ' -V , ,..,W,.,W' M-. ---- I D ,-':,':a,, X ' V k' .f +V V J A. i U 1 '. f , P I f .. , . ' I H l"dI'A-rig' 2,9 'V -1 V - - Q25 t I 4 ,-N Maxx 5 L - . . Compliments of WILSONS Local and Long Dlstance Movers Texaco Serv1ce Statlon 180 South Ma1n Street Rutland Vermont Congratulations to the Class of 1954 At M S J c?ZQMOfWWf 13 H A1-QMACY Center Street At Wales Rutland Vermont CAI-1 EE D1st1nct1ve Furmture Floor Covermg Furmshmngs Moderately Pr1Ced Our Inter1or Decorators Are At Your Serv1ce Merchant Row Phone 231 Rutland Vermont Electru: SCIVICC Domestlc Commerclal Motors and Apphances Complete O11 Burner Serv1ce Hayward Automat1c O11 Heat VETO DUIQAGLM 231 South Ma1n Street Rutland Vermont 7 2 v cl HOUSE 1-'URNISHING COMPANY Industrial I H Souha S Couture J O'Shea T Arzberger J Duncan N. Bove J. Allen B. Srnyrski WI LSCDNS in Rutland Clothing - Sporting Goods - Music IDAULS QUALITY DRY CLEANING and SHIRT LAUNDRY SERVICE 3 Hour Servlce on Dry Cleamng 45 Center Street Rutland Vermont Branch Store Broadway Whltehall New York Congratulauons to the Q J Graduates REAL ES TAT E RESTAURANT 97 State Street INSURANCE Rutland Vermont AND Compl1ments o M E Aoovv 520016 Comphrnents of -Z , CI-IAS I2 ZWOAV TAVEQN MCMASTEIZ 95 State Street Corner State and Pme Rutland Vermont FRANKJ FLORY Propr1etor Texaco Servlce J --CD' IQQLJFQZE Compllments of STATE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY Home Off1C6 Mead Bu1lo1ng Rutland Vermont Congratulauons from fkeimazm, VAQI ew D BOVE-"SON MIDVWW DIN ED Congratulauons and Best W1Sh8S to the Class of 1954 from VVOIJ4. S TOTS AND TEENS Comphrnents of IQAY EJEAIXIE INC Rutland Vermont Comphrnents of fmmafe PAINT STORE Opposlte Post Off1ce 138 West Street DICK' S FLGWEIQS I . ,. Groceries and Meat - j . There s o one ond only ln refreshment, too 'Ns in-.IND NV ff ff ! g -,Z .,.nl9"'-'--4 IOTTLED U DEI AUTHOR TY OF E COC Col CO P Y BY Coca Cola Bottlnng Company of Rutland Inc. U ff F C R ,SLC Q1x'f"1 fi -J I , 1,313 - tx f 1 Q k r. ,eq x - .H4 L X f" ! f ' l fr K N if--f' I ,,- 7 l L L. . f L Qu , 1 ll? , -- X Q- N-- .. 5 f rx- n I N I TH A- A M AN 1 . , Our Forest Coal O11 All Our Natural Resources Are Necessary to Our EX1StCHCe If We Are Go1ng to Have Enough for an Increasmg Populatlon and Replenlsh Them with LUMBEQ co :Nc 321 West Street Rutland Vermont QI-22 ELS F000 MAQKET iam CLAY Makers of Rutland Useful Products Center, Rutland, Vermont Rutland, Vermont We Must Constantly Conserve 0 l 0 DA!-ILCSQEN CAIQIQI CAN COAL COMPANY 4502256 cur QAT5 Qwffvzwcf CLEANERS dDy 7Wd M W' Q 0 5 MQW fa 4, INC MELODY R dTl 88G COMMERCIAL Unix BAKERY qfmegfgwuaan Wlpp d d Chg W1 S A S- Rutland, Vermont Cleaners an ers M Service Satisfaction 7 oo stock Avenue 148 West Street ' Janitorial Maintenance Supplies adio an e evision U N I I S R 1 d , - 84 Woodstock Avenue Compliments of 2 al a er Paint Hardware Win ow Shades Win ow Glass Floorsanders C Order f N r e R 1 PATCH WEGNER CO NC Wawwazefe Qffcfgcge Dill QV 0 l O 0 Pasteurized Milk and Cream ' ct from Farm to You GAS SUNDEEI Your Class R1ng Was Produced by Balfour Manufacturer of H1gh School and College Jewelry Commencement Announcements Dlplornas Medals and Trophmes I. 6 BALFOLJQ CCMPANY "THE MOUNT Mount Sa1nt Joseph Academy Rutland Vermont SAWYER W LEE Also Representat1ve for "Taylor Made Yearbooks Box 14 Vergennes Vermont My Compliments to the Hard Working Staff ' - n EEQKSHIQE TIQACII one eo Jeep and Ohver Repa1rs GCNGRATULATIQ S 0 mf You re a Graduate and One Tomorrow s Leaders REDD LOWATT MODERN 9 9 V9 No Matter What the Job Industnal or Household Do It Wrth Electrtcrty and Cheap Cookmg Electncally Costs Only A Drme a Day CENTRAL mace 'I VERMONT Cornp11ments of BARBER SHOP Courteous SCIVICC from PIP JIM and JOE HA EDDY RANGE AND FUEL Rutland Vermont CARRARA LUMBER CORPORATION and CLARENDON BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY INC Wholesale and Reta11 Lumber and Bu11d1ng Supphes North Clarendon Vermont FILIPPO C I. EAN EQS "Only the Best' 48 Strongs Avenue I ' S .ll fQ -Z 1 U I -4 of ' 4 . . J k v BE O v no Rutland, Vermont It's Safe-Clean-Automatic if 5 ' I D' D S . . I , . . . . I QQ Www! LOOKE 125 QESTALJ QANT E5 I2 EEZY MA DLE8 We Wewif ES'-QCD' Hill'-JS: N OQTON S XSQEQEL VVEETQ 41 Wei ZZQQOA NC FASHION SHOP Compliments of D 0 Across from the Fair Grounds Meats and Groceries 0 Route 7 Miles North of Rutland r e Aw ' f d C Fresh Home Made Candies CO1'T1p1lI'f1eHtS to the and Ice Crearn Class of '54 J CJ rr r'r4 s.vJ . Center Street Wallpaper and Paint Congratulations to the Class of '54 ComP1imef1t5 Of the The IQUTLAND DAILY HERALD DQ DISANELLI CDCZWMWWWZZW Viamjmm ,CEQQQEM DQ GPM Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of 5 , . C' Burlington and Rutland A- '-. mmw-1 ,.,m VIHLAYDIN wg ime n. tml it W" LAYDEN TEXACO 10-12 North Main Street xj FQ! END W LAYDEN WWW QQQQAKSIIQLQH1 E. P. SHAW, Treasurer 5 , i V, eww ,www-M' 4 f , , V I X!-fb QUYLAND COUNTY NA1-noNAu. BANK. Rutland Verrnont Established 1864 G TATRO M ROUSSIL M LOVETT A COURCELLE Strong Enough to Protect You Large Enough to Serve You Small Enough to Know You Member Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporauon Member Federal Reserve System Total Resources December 31, 1953 S9,814,656.11 Qmfffzmf Qomfg AU TOMO BILE DEALER'S ASSOCIATION Babbltt Motors Inc Bradley Motors Inc John L Cootey 8: Company Val Preda Motor Co Carl Johnson's Motors Squlre s Auto Rutland Bu1ck Co Inc Seward's Sales 8: Serv1ce Sheehan Motors Inc Square Deal Garage Stowell Corporat1on Serv1ce MCCUE MEMORIAL COMPANY Mernorlal Arch1tects 40 Years of Serv1ce 172 Woodstock Avenue Phone PR 3 8383 Rutland Vermont nz. E D'S TAXI SERVICE Phone PR 3 3377 F W BURKE Propr1etor Z4 Hour Serv1ce Low Rates Phone PR 3 7930 Wvw Qs, BEAUTY BAR Your Beauty Is Our Duty 68 Wales Street Rutland V ermont -4 , . . , . , . . , . . o n g I I we C CHENEY C CAMPBELL M MCPHEE T CULLINAN TH E YANKEE HOUSE 226 South Street Proctor Vermont Good Food The G111am's of QOXIES Ma1n Street Park DENAIQDO' S DAI I2.Y Farm Fresh Products Phone PR 3 2601 "The Same Good Food As Always Rutland, V e rmont No Grove Street Open Year Round I xx X , A . W e I E A V P Aff , f I J RANDALL CO INC, G Ull x PLIIHBIIIE 1, s ,ix Phone 3 2791 272 South Mam Street Rutland Vermont Eftmffeffz ou. SERVICE Phone 3 8922 Rutland Vermont I , . X 4 :0. i N O ALJ? L..-ra ll K euwfn con. .-i We recommend our adverusers to Our Lady May they be happy and successful ln thelr CHIBIPUSCS whlch we place under the lovlng protecuon of her through whom we ICCCIVC all graces and blesslngs ,4 ufzfgraphs

Suggestions in the Mount Saint Joseph Academy - Mount Yearbook (Rutland, VT) collection:

Mount Saint Joseph Academy - Mount Yearbook (Rutland, VT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Saint Joseph Academy - Mount Yearbook (Rutland, VT) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 114

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