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the 1959 edition of VARSHICOM •» «! wi TW1 -r TS TT ' T -emn !! iej ;s: asi fr r SB! Residence Building and Conservatory of Music Kirby Memorial Building and Dr. G. B. Stanley Gymnasium lit DR. J. H. GARDEN We, the students of Mount Royal College, have chosen to dedicate this edition of Varshicom to our beloved past principal Dr. John H. Garden. He will long be dear to the hearts of each and everyone of us. a glimpse into the life of Dr. Garden 1911 Student at Mount Royal College Canadian Infantry 1916 B.E.F. France Graduation from Toronto University 1919 First year as Principal of M.R.C. At Brandon he pinned the Wings 1949 a fishing trip to in 1942. Also Squadron Leader on his son John Baker Lake with in Air Force Daughter Mary in Charlie Middle in 1944 4 Taken from an article by Sandy McPherson that appeared in THE CALGARY HERALD, Dec. 24th, 1955 PERSONALITY OF WEEK On Dec. 10, 1955, there was issued from the princi¬ pal’s office of Mount Royal College a terse statement — a new building was to be erected. It was no news to the legion of friends who sur¬ round the genial college head, Dr. John H. Garden, be¬ cause building for the future has been his lifetime creed. There was a time when he was a rising but strug¬ gling young Methodist minister shortly after the First Great War. He was sent to Rockyford. First thing he did was build a new church. A new appointment followed at Pincher Creek. Again a new church and this time the signal honor of it being the first building to be dedicated to the newly formed United Church. AND THE officiating dignitary at the ceremony — beloved Dr. George W. Kerby. That was only natural for Dr. Garden had been Dr. Kerby’s first pupil when they were building and completing Mount Royal Col¬ lege here in 1911. In 1928, still in the ministry, Dr. Garden moved to Scarboro United — and up went another church. After that there was a transfer to Brandon, Mani¬ toba where some renovation work was done, and finally a trip to Hamilton, Ontario. " That was th e end of my building " conceded the doctor, " at least during the depression. " Dr. John H. Garden, pastor and noted Alberta educator, started life on a farm near Aberdeen sur¬ rounded by shorthorns, and grew into manhood de¬ termined to be a botanist. When he was 17 years old his life was inter¬ rupted by an invitation from an ' older brother, James, to travel to Calgary. He accepted and ar¬ rived in Canada in 1910. Like the forward days of 1955, the year 1910 was pretty good for contractors and the Garden brothers decided they should enter the field of real estate. THEY SOLD A few houses, and, of course, they helped in building, some of the homes. Botany was forgotten for the time being and John Garden enrolled in Mount Royal to study architecture. That is where he really became infected with the “building bug”. Actually there was no indication of such a bent in the boy at Turiff, near Aberdeen, where the Garden family had lived for hundreds of years. In that com¬ munity a young boy learned to tend cattle and milk cows, but he also took his schooling and his church seriously. Particularly the church. John Garden attended church in Cummingston where Bruce slew Cummings on the steps of the church. And that wasn’t the only extraordinary event in the parish. " If you visit the scene " , he said, " you ' ll see a big church. " “Once " , he recalled, " there was a fight between the elders and the managers over an organ. The managers wanted it and the elders were against it. " Before the following Sunday the managers had made their decision. They cut a hole in the roof of the church and lowered the organ to its resting place. The patched roof still stands. Deciding to study botany and pursue that course through life went with Garden traditions and John met family encouragement in Scotland when he expressed his wish to enroll at Carnoustie House. After all it had been his great uncle, Sir Alexander Garden who had originated a flower that still enjoys universal popu¬ larity. In his honor it is called the “gardenia.” Then the letter arrived from his brother in Calgary. " I GUESS that was a turning point in my life”, he recalled “for it’s a long way from Aberdeen to the Canadian west”. If there was a hint of the future in the ministry for John Garden in those early years, he gave no indica¬ tions as he settled in Calgary. He met and successfully wooed Miss Alice Fraser, the daughter of Dr. Charles Gordon Fraser, and he began to look with a keener interest at the field of education. With his bride he went east to study for his BA at the University of Toronto. And in the midst of all these well-laid plans he became embroiled in the First Great War, en¬ listing, with other students, in the 19th Battalion. He was injured and after convalescence, trans¬ ferred to YMCA work, attached to the Canadian Forestry Corps. Meanwhile Dr. Garden was to hear the news of his first child, Mary, and a joyful surprise awaited him in England for his wife and daughter crossed the ocean before the end of the war. He had never seen his daughter and Mrs. Garden coached the child on recognition of her father by keep¬ ing a picture of the doctor in a trunk. MEETING AT Euston station, she told the little girl: “Here’s your father.” Mary screamed and protested: “That’s not my Daddy. He’s home in the trunk.” In 1919, after his discharge, John Garden moved to the ministry attending Victoria College in Toronto. The years between the Great Wars saw him taking over new churches and building — building all the time. His family grew, with John, Charles, Arthur, Kirby, and Jean following Mary. Education now is foremost with the doctor and evidence of his keen de¬ sire for knowledge was seen in his children. John is a B.Sc.; Charles, a doctor in Edmonton, died in 1950; Arthur, also a B.Sc., in the research field; Mary is a graduate in science from McMaster College; Kirby also leaned towards the scientific area with a B.Sc. in architecture. And Jean graduated from Mount Royal. When the opening came for a Principal at Mount Royal College in 1942, the name of Dr. John Garden was one of the first to be suggested to the governors. It’s only fitting, though, that he should be seated in the headmaster’s seat in a college, and it’s also fitting that he should have pursued the ministry. For wasn’t there a John Garden who was president of Aberdeen University from 1650-1678? And didn’t an¬ other John Garden lead in a Scottish disruption when the Presbyterian church was founded? And if there is a touch of the romantic adventurer in Dr. Garden today, cannot it be recalled that his grandfather was chief constable in Aberdeen and was murdered one black night by a thug? EVEN HIS maternal grandfather lived to be 100 years old — and re-married when he was 75. 5 Of course there would have to be adventure in Dr. Garden’s life for his family is an offshoot of the “Gay Gordons’’. Dr. Garden has lived a full life — and a life he can draw on for anecdotes by the hour. Harking back to his pastoral days he can recall the couple he married in the Porcupine Hills. At the con¬ clusion of the ceremony he signalled the bridegroom that “you may salute the bride.” “You can picture my amazement”, he laughed, “when the young man snapped to attention and gave her a military salute.” Or later when he was helping to introduce ex¬ perimentation into education with his curriculum at Mount Royal and the college was expanding so rapidly that it was bursting at the seams. In 1948 he called a board meeting, asked for $250,000 — and got it because the people of Cal¬ gary had confidence in this quiet, bespectacled man. Of his school days in Calgary he can sit back and muse happily of friendships that have survived the wear and tear of time. And he remembers all his students for his two greatest hobbies, are young people and religion. THERE ARE some who would disagree with Dr. Garden’s philosophy for he thinks that people take religion too seriously. “They sometimes fail to realize that there is joy in religion”, he said “for religion is life.” " But then”, he added, “many people cannot help that for they commit a more grievous crime almost daily — they take themselves too seriously.” farewell message Your request to write a farewell note for the Varshicom of 1959 is appreciated, but is a rather difficult assignment on account of the host of memories of the past eighteen years that keep crowd¬ ing into one’s mind. However, the dominant memory is of the students who have attended the College during my term of office. The close association of students and principal that is possible at Mount Royal College produces a feeling of intimacy and friendliness. Wherever I go I meet former students, and the warmth of their greeting gives me a thrill of real pleasure and appreciation of the relationship that the College makes possible between us. The Class of 1959 holds a unique place in my life, as you are my last group of students as principal. When I met with you at the first Assembly last September I was impressed not only with your numbers but even more with the quality of personality I saw in you. Your work and loyalty have more than borne out those first impressions. The thoughtfulness and kindness shown to me, your retiring principal, will never be forgotten, and the Study Clock you so generously gave me gives a “tick” of remembrance for each one of you. My warmest thoughts go with you as you take your places in life or go on to further education. It will give me great pleasure every time we may meet in the future. There will be changes at the College in the future as there have been in the past, but I hope it may never grow so large as to lose the friendliness and individual interest in each one which has characterized its life from the first principal, Dr. G. W. Kerby, and the original Board of Gov¬ ernors. The students and teachers have done much to develop this spirit during the years and to build an institution where the best in education is offered in an atmosphere of personal interest and genuine personality appreciation where students are people. Farewell does not seem to be the right word to use. Mount Royal College will always hold a large place in my affection, and as long as I live my interest in her staff and students will be un¬ abated. My best wishes to one and all, and I am looking forward to even better things for the College in the years that follow. With happy memories and deep appreciation of the staff, student s and members of the Board of Governors, Au revoir — not farewell, JOHN H. GARDEN 6 MR. W. J. COLLETT Principal 1 principal’s message - year book 1959 In Ancient Greece every Athenian Youth on reaching the age of manhood and being formally enrolled as a citizen on the rolls of the Athenian city took the following oath: “My fatherland, I will transmit in no worse state but greater and better than 1 found it. I will obey those in authority, and I will ob¬ serve wholeheartedly the laws now in force and whatever others the people may pass. And if anyone seeks to annul the laws or refuses to obey them, I will not heed him; but alone or with many others I will defend them.” The Athenian youth, in other words, promised that he would work hard at becoming a good citizen. This meant that he would refuse to do anything that would destroy the beauty or sully the reputation of his city. In addition to that he undertook to accept the responsibility of co-operating with others to keep his city beautiful and strong. Also he promised to defend his city against any¬ one who would attempt to break its laws or lower its standards. Some people might say that in taking an oath like this the young Athenian was throwing away his freedom because he was limiting his activities. Actually he was enhancing his freedom by creating a situation whereby people might live together in peace and safety. Intelligent obedience to law produces the greatest freedom that the human race has known. Oftentimes when in our College life we have been forced to “reprove” certain students who insist on smoking in the corridors, littering the lunch room, missing classes and committing other misdemeanours, the muttered, underbreath response is “This is a free country, isn’t it.” Countries are not made free by anarchy and license but by a consideration of the rights and privileges of others. In our life together at Mount Royal College we have sought to demonstrate that true freedom comes by the exercise of privilege within the framework of law and order. Not only is this prin¬ ciple applied to the conduct of students in the halls and in extra-curricular activities, but it is an underlying philosophy of all our teaching. We hope that our students have learned the lessons of freedom well and that they are able enthusiastically to endorse in their own lives the idea behind the Athenian Oath. If so we have every confidence that the graduates of Mount Royal College will be the good citizens that Canada needs. W. J. COLLETT F .A. c tj l t REGISTRATION AND ADMINISTRATIVE BUSINESS MANAGER PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT TO PRINCIPAL Mr. W. G. Rae Mr. W. J. Collett Mr. L. E. Wilmott SOCIAL STUDIES SOCIAL STUDIES FRENCH AND LATIN PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND ENGLISH ENGLISH Mr. H. H. Allan Mr. A. A. Ariano Mr. J. P. Borger Mr. J. A. Brown Mrs. B. Clayton MATHEMATICS MATHEMATICS CHEMISTRY AND BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY AND AND SCIENCE AND SCIENCE PHYSICS ADMINISTRATION SOCIOLOGY Miss V. A. Clark Mr. J. T. Cuyler Mr. O. H. Deutsch Mr. M. S. Feader Mr. N. G. Gamble MATHEMATICS HEAD OF DIRECTOR OF HIGH SOCIAL STUDIES AND PHYSICS COMMERCIAL SCHOOL, ENGLISH DEAN OF WOMEN AND FRENCH Mr. A. U. Hassan Mr. J. W. Hepburn Mr. O. A. Kelly Mrs. Paulson Mrs. E. I. Layton 9 THE FACULTY SOCIAL STUDIES AND FRENCH GEOLOGY AND GEOGRAPHY DIRECTOR OF JUNIOR COLLEGE, CHEMISTRY SOCIAL STUDIES LATIN Mrs. Q. M. Linton Mr. R. W. McCready Mr. J. McLeod Mr. R. L McPherson Mrs. E. Nicol MATHEMATICS AND HISTORY BIOLOGY AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION ENGLISH COMMERCIAL Mrs. W. Oldfield Mr. Paulson Mrs. M. E. Powell Mrs. J. E. Sorokan MATHEMATICS AND FRENCH CHEMISTRY ENGINEERING RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Mr. S. G. Sorokan Mr. Bishop Mrs. E. Sudre Mr. S. R. Vincent ENGLISH CHEF CANTEEN Mrs. M. K. Wilmott Mr. Pringle Mr. Knott 10 HIGH SCHOOL VALEDICTORY THIS IS OUR GRADUATION — Many people have passed through this stage and many more will follow, but how many fully realize what it is. It is not just this one day of your life in which you are being honoured; it is the past, the present and the future. Since we are living in a space minded age I will enlarge upon this statement in terms of rockets and sputnicks. Before anything or anyone can amount to something there has to be a beginning. In the case of the rocket this involves a fundamental knowledge of the project, but where we are concerned it involves a period of finding out just what school is. You remember those days when we used to sing songs, color pictures and play games — poor innocent souls. They surely had us fooled. Following this there are the preparatory stages. The rocket is far from being a reality. The Government has to give the okay; specialists and crews must be found; equipment and testing grounds need to be prepared; everything has to be arranged to prevent a loss in time and money. As for the student, he finds out exactly what he is up against — school is not a game. The third step in the ladder is the preliminary stages. The rocket must be designed, and tests must be made to see if it will stand up under the conditions to which it will be subjected. Similarly, the student comes up against his first real barrier, the grade nine finals. These examinations are a check to make sure that the preliminary studies are taken seriously, thus, giving the student a firm foundation to stand upon before he enters the last lap of his journey. The rocket is now nearing completion; precise tests must be run; final touchups are made; every detail is checked and rechecked; the rocket is ready and waiting. Likewise the student is given a thorough workout. Test after test, essay after essay, review and more review. What used to be a few minutes of homework a night turns out to be a few hours. Twelve years have faded into the past. Back in Grade One it seemed like a lifetime; now it is plain to see that it is only the be¬ ginning of the end. As the rocket is ready for launching, so are we. Even at this stage there are certain condi¬ tions which could postpone the launching. In the case of the rocket, atmospheric conditions and visibility must be favourable before the final countdown. As for us there is only one simple minor detail -—- the Grade Twelve Departmental. IS THIS THE END? Are we finished in a cloud of smoke and a burst of fire? Only you yourself can answer that question. Like the rocket, our path is uncertain; we move cautiously, for one faulty step could carry us off on a tangent— a misfire lost to the world. At this stage, some of us will conclude our formal education. This does not mean that we have failed, it is just a turn in the road. The world offers many kinds of challenges, and to meet these challenges one does not necessarily have to be a skilled technician. It is what you do with what you have, and not what you have to do it with that pays off in the end. We have twelve years of educa¬ tion, but unless we make use of it, even the smallest challenge will buffet us around like a raft on a stormy sea. Like a ship we must use the sea to ride upon — the sea of knowledge, no matter how infinitely small it may be to which Mount Royal College has contributed. For some of us this is only a point in the line, the next point is our first University degree. Beyond this there are new fields and more degrees. No matter how far we travel, our ultimate com¬ prises only a small segment of the line which extends on and on to infinity. The intelligence we bring to bear in our study varies markedly from one individual to the next, but the variation is a matter of degree. All of us are capable of reaching a higher degree through University training, but many of us will fail to do so through lack of trying. In short, an educated man is a man with eyes in a country of the blind. Today, we the Graduates are being honoured. It is a joyful day, yet we must bid a sad fare¬ well to a faithful friend, to Mount Royal College. Three years ago we were just another group of people signing their names on registration sheets. Today we are one large united family — we shared the same hardships and found happiness in one another, but tomorrow our paths must part. Some of us may cling together, and occasionally our paths may cross, but before you leave take one last look at us as a whole, for tomorrow the group will scatter like a broken glass — never again to be united as one. We must say farewell to our teachers who have served us intimately and faith¬ fully. To them, we may be just another graduating class — many have preceded us, and many more will follow. But to us there is only one Graduation; there is only one set of teachers; we are losing a special group of friends who for the last three years have spent their lives guiding us through one of the finest parts of our lives. As Dr. Garden will remain a living memory in the history of Mount Royal College, so will Mount Royal College and the 1959 teaching staff remain a living memory to us, the GRADUATING CLASS. Chris Arctander JUNIOR COLLEGE VALEDICTORY I am proud to have the honor of giving this valedictory, and I hope I can do it with humility. It is said that, “Faith blazes the trail, intelligence builds the avenue.” We began our journey along this avenue in various High Schools across the continent and now have travelled together for a time here at Mount Royal. Now we separate to continue our studies down different avenues of learning. We, the 1959 graduating class of Mount Royal College are preparing to take our place as citizens in this disturbed and uneasy world. While here at Mount Royal we have had instilled in us a great desire not only for intellectual advancement but, through classes, clubs, social functions, sports and student councils, we have had a chance to gain a true education in terms of cultural background, practical experience, and per¬ sonal development. We, as students, have at times felt overwhelmed when presented with the task of learning so much. At times I think our teachers have felt concerned with our progress, for they know the value and necessity of the subjects they have taught us, and the high standards which are necessary. For this we should give them our sincere thanks. Without their effort, their concern, their untiring work, their loyalty and faith in us we would not be graduates of Mount Royal College today. Mount Royal is placing its faith in us to uphold the honor and heritage of the college. Some of us will continue to other universities where Mount Royal graduates before us have studied with high honor. Some of us will venture into the business world where Mount Royal graduates are leaders in their field. Wherever we go the avenues ahead will present a personal challenge to all of us. We must have faith in ourselves to meet the problems that lie ahead and be prepared to play our part in solving them. The late Sir Robert Baden Powell (Chief Scout) said “No man can be called educated who has not a willingness and desire, as well as trained ability, to do his part in the world’s work.” Our college has given us our training; the willingness and desire to use it must come from within our¬ selves. Only in this way can we find the main road to happiness, prosperity and contentment. Only in this way can we have faith in ourselves. Only in this way can we justify the faith that our parents, our college and teachers have placed in us. Let us face the future then full of faith, courage, hope and steady hearts and a buoyancy and power to ride out the storms of life. I quote: Come, Courage, come, and lake us by the hand Gird us with faith A radiant faith to see beyond the present And guide us into avenues that are yet to be. Paul Gattey JUNIOR COLLEGE 13 AHA a r M ■— k | A | ■— JUNIOR COLLEGE GOIvlUfaERCIAL DEPl Lorna Allison Pine Falls Manitoba m Donna Barrett Calgary Pat Carscadden Fort Sask. Ruth Cousens Bellevue Badminton Merle As tie Calgary Sondra Bellas Medicine Hat Curling Donna Ault Blairmore Curling Jack Bowey Calgary Thelma Banak Bellevue Judy Brady Calgary Duane Barber Cranbrook, B.C. Madeline Holmes Balzac Jean Cernoski Myrna Conklin Calgary Calgary Glee Club Brenda June Corradetti Cornett-Ching Calgary Calgary Bev Dumphy Cremona Donna Gerltz Calgary Jean Gibson Calgary Students Council Room Rep. Joy Hambrook Calgary Photo Editor for Yearbook 14 Lynn Hamilton Calgary Sports Editor for Yearbook Lois Hardwicke West bank, B.C. Elaine Hodson Beaverlodge Editor of Yearbook Curling Mary Lee Holding Tompkins, Sask. Peggy Hopper Calgary Red Cross Elaine Kabatoff Cowley Gillis Hruby Bellevue Carolyn Hurley Hinton Pat Jacques Granum Betty Howie High Rivet- Glee Club Badminton Pat Kadey Calgary Pat Kessel Calgary Donneley Kiltau Leader Sask. Badminton Sylvia Lekky Canmore Bernice Kosters Treasurer — J.C. Polly Madill Calgary Room Rep. Joyce Mathieson Calgary Linda MacGregor Quesnel, B.C. Glee Club Val Lillies Calgary Basketball Mary Lennon Drumheller ■ jh 1 I 1 1 , if •|- j jaB § 4 V_JB j if i|| ■ WM 1 W Hr a. ||§ l, : - 0 1 Jjj r m L.,; i _ Judy McFarlane Cranbrook, B.C. Badminton Agnes Miklusek Hiller est Marlyss Moller Sexsmith Glee Club Carol McCallum Calgary Heather Matson Milk River Glee Club Michiko Nakamura Raymond Glee Club Pat Phillips Leader, Sask Glee Club Yearbook Donna Pomroy Calgary Business Manager of Yearbook Sharon Rhyason Calgary Norma Robinson Swift Current Sask. Glee Club Marilyn Robinson Osoyoos, B.C. Curling Glee Club Nila Rushfeldt Delburne Glee Club Curling Georgina Ruttle Calgary Frances Scott Kamloops, B.C Glee Club Lorraine Sanders Calgary Marg Sibbald Badminton Yearbook June Skarupa Calgary Kathy Taylor Blackfalds Reva Thomas Calgary Frances Shields Cluny Jk f i c ' A tr j % JUNIOR COLLEGE COMMERCIAL DEPT. Elizabeth Valerian Tilley Volleyball Marg Warren Calgary Secretary JUNIOR COLLEGE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION II Terry Hickman Calgary Basketball Curling Dennis Holland Calgary Skiing Scott Kirk Wally Kostelny Calgary Calgary Volleyball Donald Krissie Volleyball Curling Pres, of Bus. Admin. Society Dick Loest Dale Merriman Lou Stevenson Ron Zablocki Calgary Lethbridge Volleyball Calgary Sports of all sorts Curling Hockey Basketball Volleyball Curling Jr. College Council 17 Fred Astle Ken Berscht Larry Blonde Richard Cochrane Bob Ferrari Calgary Innisfail Calgary Calgary Lethbridge Promoter T.B.’s Study, and Girls Badminton Curling Jack Finlay Frank Gatto Bob Hale Michael Halpen A l Higgs Calgary Bellevue Edmonton Calgary Calgary Students Union Hockey Team Studying Students Council Yearbook Ken James Doug Lacey Leonard Lee William Mills Dave Moon Calgary Picture Butte Calgary Medicine Hat Calgary Residence Chess Basketball Club Volleyball 18 Gordon Paterson Lethbridge Bob Quinton Calgary Bill Reed Lacombe Badminton Casanova of M.R.C. Larry McCook Calgary V-P Bus Ad Society Students Council Dale Sherratt Calgary Edward Skretting Vauxhall Residence Chess Ron Prettier Calgary Business Admin Don Walisser Manning Business Admin Gordon Winter Jasper Bowling Team JUNIOR COLLEGE ENGINEERING II Jim Bell Calgary Promoting Imperial Oil Garry Berreth Turner Valley Interior Milk Man Between M.R.C. and General Hospital Paul Gattey Calgary Work, Work, Work Eng. Soc. Executive Dennis Gerlitz Calgary Volleyball Playboy of M.R.C. Eng. Soc. Larry Larkam Calgary Eng. Soc. Basketball Bernie Mish Glenavon, Sask. Watching “Eye” of M.R.C. Dennis Christensen Calgary Volleyball Engin. Society Joe Cotterill Calgary Math Homework Paul Ewashen Nanton Sports Eng. Soc. Richard Gertzen Vauxhall Eng. Soc. Curling Peter Gross Grassy Lake Sports Basketball Champ. Eng. Soc. Curtis Norman Winfield Satoski Oishi Raymond Vic Lakusta Calgary Just Keep Rollin Along Al Pink Calgary Hockey Curling 20 Charles Smith Calgary Eng. Soc. Wally Snyder Wayne Thackray Calgary Calgary Running Around Loose William Zmeko Shaughnessy Phromaniac in Chem. Lab. Future Bum of M.R.C. Ron Louden Calgary Extra Classes at St. Mary’s Girls Rudy Viher Calgary Booze and Homework Respectively Jack Williams Superb, Sask. Eng. Soc. CAMERA SHY Don Dunsmore Vauxhall Hockey and “ Hookey” Jim Ion Gem Hot Rodder Jack Scott Calgary Joe Stafinski Mannville Jack Swinarton Calgary 21 JUNIOR COLLEGE ENGINEERING I Paul Ancel Linard Baron Terry Befus Gray Braden Johnnie Chomiak Calgary Bonnyville Calgary Dawson Creek, B.C. Mundare Swimming Engineer’s Society Sports Sports A l Clark Walter Cross Calgary Raymore, Sask. Basketball Wine, Women Girl Watching and Song Engineer’s Society Rod Finnman M.R.C. Badminton Solving Math Questions Frank Evans High River Ronald Donison Calgary Candid Photography Roger Gordon Bob Harrigan Ross Henderson John Holub Art Kerber Calgary Calgary Calgary Medicine Hat Calgary Engineer’s Eng. Society Engineer’s Society Sports Society Don Kiltau p au i MacKenzie Bob Oschipok Leader, Sask. Calgary Calgary Sports Hockey Engineer’s Soc. Girl Watching Herb Ostafichuk Ray Pasichuk Calgary Bonnyville Bowling Engineer’s Soc. Badminton Volleyball Girl Watching George Preston Calgary Room Rep. Hockey Nick Semeniuk Creston, B.C. Engineer Soc. Robert Shaw Calgary Bob Simmering Calgary Hockey Volleyball Ronald Sprecher Calgary Basketball Curling Ronnie Speevak Calgary Hockey Volleyball Don Stirling Calgary Curling Norman Sweet Calgary Engineer’s Society Don Taylor Calgary Curling Bowling Allen Ward Calgary Engineer’s Society Homework And Girl Watching Roman Wozniak Codesa Badminton Pool Cards Walter Wychopen Vermilion Glee Club Engineer ' s Society CAMERA SHY Ron Patmore Taxi Kitagawa Calgary T aber Engineer’s Society 23 JUNIOR COLLEGE John Lucas Calgary Sharon Mathieu Trochu Curling June Parge Calgary Curling Singing Lessons Rae Robinson Calgary Morgan Sheremeta David McMichan Lamont Calgary Geology CAMERA SHY Jack Brockbank Calgary Richard Standen Calgary Arts and Science 24 Si STUDENTS’ COUNCIL Scott Kirk PRESIDENT Jack Finlay SOCIAL DIRECTOR Sut Oishi ENGINEERING REP. Polly Madill COMMERCIAL REP. A l Higgs BUS. ADMIN. REP. Jean Gibson 25 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SOCIETY BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION II Executive president _ Don Krissie VICE-PRESIDENT . _ _ A l HiggS secretary ___ Ken Berscht treasurer _____ Dennis Holland representative to council _ Al Higgs bottom row: Terry Hickman, Dennis Holland, Dick Loest. top row R° n Zablocki, Scott Kirk, Don Krissie, Ron Sprecher, Dale Merri- man. Absent when picture was taken: Walter Kastelny, Lewis Stevenson. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION I picture not available Fred Astle, Ken Berscht, Larry Blonde, Richard Cochrane, Bob Ferrari, Jack Finlay, Frank Gatto, Bob Hale, Michael Halpen, Al Higgs, Ken James, Doug Lacy, Leonard Lee, Bill Lee, Bill Mills, Dave Moon ,Larry McCook, Gordon Paterson, Robert Quinton, William Reed, Dale Sherratt, Edward Skretting, Don Walisser, Gordon Winter. 26 ENGINEERS’ SOCIETY Second Year Engineers SrTi 5 - mi m,. ifm ! Executive president _ Peter Gross vice-president _ Walter Cross secretary _ Larry Larkan TREASURER _ Sut Oishi program committee _ Paul Catty, Wally Snyder, Terry Befus REPRESENTATIVE TO COUNCIL _ Sut Oishi BOTTOM ROW: MIDDLE ROW: TOP ROW: Joe Stafinski, Peter Gross, Wally Snyder, Dennis Christensen, Garry Barreth, Ron Louden, Al Pink, Jack Williams. Richard Gertzen, William Zmeko, Norman Curtis, Jim Bell, Paul Gattey, Larry Larkan, Joe Cotterill. Don Dunsmore, James lion, Rudi Viher, Dennis Gerlitz, Satoshi Oishi, Charles Smith, Bernie Mish, Paul Ewashen. Absent when picture was taken: Vic Lakusta, Jack Scott, Jack Swinarton, Wayne Tackray. ENGINEERS’ SOCIETY First Year Engineers BOTTOM ROW: Paul MacKenzie, Frank Evans, Ronald Donison, Ross Henderson, Terry Befus, Walter Cross, Johnnie Chomick, Raymond Patmore, Ronnie Speevak. middle row: top row: Alvin Clark, Don Sterling, Rodney Finnman, Linard Baron, Bob Shaw, Norman Sweet, Paul Ancel, Nick Semeniuk, Gary Braden, Bob Harrigan, Walter Wyckopen. Donald Taylor, Arthur Kerber, Bob Simmering, Roger Gordon, Herb Oschipuck, George Preston, Don Kiltau, John Holub, Taxi Kitagawa, Roman Wozniak. Absent when picture was taken: Bob Oschipok, Allan Ward. Elain Hodson EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Pat Phillips CLUB EDITOR 0? JL SKI-CLUB L to R: Glen Smith, Bob Herron, Kent Border, Norm Hindsley CHEERLEADERS L to R: Gail Olson, Janet Longster, Laura Buskins, Diane Bowen Absent: Lynne Hamilton 31 During the past few years Mount Royal College Blues have enjoyed a lot of success and the 1958-59 team was no exception. Our team at the end of league play was tied with Tech Trojans for top position in the playoffs which followed, Tech emerged as champions. Some special events during the season were two tournaments, one the annual Round Robin Tournament at the beginning of the year and the Tecumseh Tourna¬ ment at the end of the season. The University of Alberta team was victorious in both of these events. A road trip was made to Edmonton where Mount Royal de¬ feated Concordia College in convincing fashion. In the scoring race statistics, Mount Royal placed three players in the top six. These players were Ron Komics who won the league scoring title, Larry Larkam who placed third and Bob Baldwin was fifth. All in all the Mount Royal Blues enjoyed a good year under the leadership of playing coach Ron Komics and manager John Borger. Players: Total points Ron Komics_____ 160 Larry Larkam _______ 94 Bob Baldwin ________ 89 Ron Spreker ______ 34 Terry Hickman _______ 56 Pete Gross __________ 24 Larry Larkam Terry Hickman Bob Baldwin 32 SENIOR BASKETBALL r- ca “ Dolphins top row: Coach, Deanne McGachie; Val Lillies, Wynnona Foster, Fran Reeder; Coach, Jackie Ashmore. bottom row : Gayle Fulton, Carole Christe, Donna Morgan, Bev Rudolph. This year they did it! Mt. Royal’s Dolphins made the semi-finals in the C.I.A.A. basketball league and went on to be victorious, the C.I.A.A. champions. They worked hard and enthusiastically, coached by Jackie Ashmore and Deanne McGachie, two former students of Mt. Royal. In league games the girls won four and lost four which put them in 3rd place. They beat out Varsity in the semi-finals by 24-21. Next came the finals against the General Hospital. They won their first game by a one point margin 19-18, the second by 28-17 to give them the C.I.A.A. Championship. High scorers for the season were Carol Christie and Donna Morgan. Besides league games the Dolphins played four exhibi¬ tion games, losing by a small margin to Central, Western, and Queen Elizabeth. On their trip to Edmonton easily defeated Concordia College. Members of the team: Carol Christie (Captain), Donna Morgan, Fran Reeder, Carolyn Conrad, Gayle Fulton, Wynnona Foster, Bev Rudolph, Val Lillies. Good work girls! top row: Robin Bennett, Bob Herron, Jim Wright, John Kean. bottom row: Barry Taylor, Jim Kean. Missing: Jim Border and Clarence Dino. The Jr. Boys basketball team under the coaching of Mr. Borger did fairly well this year. They played St. Marys, Queen Elizabeth, Viscount Bennett, Western and William Aberhart, and won the majority of their games. Up at Con¬ cordia College, Edmonton, they put up a gallant fight, but lost. Better luck next year boys! JUNIOR BASKETBALL 33 JUNIOR GIRLS VOLLEYBALl top row: Donna Fulton, Donna Morgan, Nancy Wright Rheta Rudolph. bottom row: Wynnona Foster, Sharon Fulton, Be Rudolph. Missing : Carole Christie, Fran Reeder. This year the girls volleyball got off to a bad start b defaulting the first two games. However, they came back ti play in the finals against Varsity only to lose the cup after; two out of three series. Tough luck girls! SENIOR MEN’S VOLLEY BALL top row: Larry Larkham, Al Clark, Peter Gross. bottom row: Dennis Christensen, Bob Oschipuh, Paul Mc¬ Kenzie. Next year! Our Senior Men’s Volleyball team hare promised. Although the fellows didn’t end up in first place they gave the opposition a good workout and each one played his part well. V dp j [ %1 |k MW »j| K M 34 BOWLING Again bowling got started off on a rolling and clanking success from the beginning of September to the end of March. The turn out was very good with approximately 60 or 75 present. Phyl Allen, who was the master of bowling this year came up with prizes for high single, high double, and high team, which was well earned. The high ladies single was well earned by Janette Longster. The Splits received the number one prize or winning team, and the Pinheads received the prize as the number two team of the year. The rest of the teams did fairly well considering. Congratulations to the winning people and teams of the 1958-59 season of Mount Royal College. left: Janette Longster. right: Phil Allen. INTRA-MURAL ATHLETICS There were four teams in the competition this year instead of the usual three. The teams were Engineers, Bus. Adm., High School team I (surnames beginning with A to M) and High School II (with initials from N to Z). The inter-mural teams were organized so as to intensify intra-mural competition. Under the old house system competition deteriorated to the extent where insufficient players would show up to represent teams. The intra-mural trophies were successfully won by the following team: Basketball _ Bus. Adm. Floor Hockey _ H.S. I Badminton _ H.S. I Bowling _ H.S. I Volleyball _ Engineers Curling_H.S. II A very much expanded intra-mural and school athletics program is on the drawing board for the 1959-60 school year. The sizeable increase in the Athletic budget for the coming year will enable the sponsoring of a definitely improved athletic schedule. It was a successful year and thanks is extended to those who voluntarily helped with the scoring and refereeing. 35 Kent Border Bob Herron FLOOR HOCKEY The rebirth of inter-class floor hockey at M.R.C. proved to be a great success. Commencing the last week in January, the schedule lasted until the end of February. One game was played every noon hour during the week except Thursday. The teams pa rticipating were Bus. Ad., Eng., H.S. I and Fl.S. II. With the need for noon-hour activities floor hockey will probably be estab¬ lished permanently as a means of competition in the years to come. MOUNT ROYAL COLLEGE CURLING NEWS Our curling season got under way early in November at the Calgary Curling Club. Games were played on two sheets of ice every Tuesday afternoon from 4 to 6 and in December curling was going strong to determine a college representative in the City High School Playdowns sponsored by Taylor, Pearson and Carson. The rink members representing M.R.C. were: skip _ .. Don Thonger second .... _ Dave McNally third ___ Jack Ball lead _ Brian Fournier This was a double knock-out competition in which Mount Royal were defeated 7-6 by Western Canada High and 11-4 by Central. Western Canada being the city representatives. The M.R.C. Bonspiel was run off Monday, March 2 and the finals on March 3. Forty-four rinks participated including 3 teachers’ rinks. Winners of the 3 events were as follows: FIRST EVENT — SKIP ... THIRD SECOND LEAD _ SECOND EVENT — SKIP _ THIRD _ SECOND ... THIRD EVENT — SKIP THIRD . SECOND Don Thonger - Wayne Epp Mike Kelly Art McQuitty _ Bert Keer Doug Kerr Norma McKay Richard Gertzen Morgan Shermeta Dave Roebuck The M.R.C. - U. of A. - Cal. Tech Bonspiel which took a period of 2 months to play off had two rinks entered from M.R.C. with the Don Thonger rink defeat¬ ing Cal. Tech in the finals. Other members of the rink were: third _______„___ Dave McNally second _ Ann Jackson The other M.R.C. rink skipped by Don Stirling was unfortunately defeated early in the bonspiel. 37 DORMITORY STUDENTS The season of 1958-59 sports activities of Resident students was an outstand¬ ing achievement. Organized basketball, badminton (tournaments), floor hockey were keenly entered into. The boys and girls were organized under the following committees: Leonard Stewart Joyce Jensen Brion Fownieu Pat Lammeroui Glen Kenney Noma Robertson The most outstanding resident students during the 1958-59 season who con¬ tributed most to the welfare, sports activities and general college life are awarded prizes donated by the Matron — Louise M. Hawke. By popular acclaim the following students have received the awards: Leonard Stewart, Hughenden, Alberta, and Joyce Jensen, Wayne, Alberta. 38 boys’ singles _ Rudy Viher boys’ doubles — ___ Dale Clark and Wayne Epp girls’ singles _ Bev Rudolph girls’ doubles __ Bev Rudolph and Carol Fulton mixed doubles _ Carol Fulton and Jack Ball 39 ATHLETIC -A. ' WLA.R.IDS Held in the Dr. G. D. Stanley Gymnasium Monday, April 13 MEMBERS OF THE HEAD TABLE Mr. Jack Collett (Principal) Mrs. Jack Collett Normie Kwong Frankie Filchock Jim Finks Gorde Hunter Roger Nelson (Eskimos—Guest Speaker) Stu Hart Mrs. Stu Hart Maurice Vachon Gus Kyle Ed Dorohoy Sid Finney 1. SKI TEAM — Presented by Mrs. Jack Collett Glenn Smith Bob Herron Norm Hindsley Kent Border 2. CURLING TEAM — Presented by Mr. Jack Collett Anne Jackson Don Thonger Dave McNally Jack Ball Brian Fournier 3. CHEERLEADERS — Presented by Stu Hart Evelyn Kernisky Diane Bown Pat Farrow Judy Bauer Laura Buskell Janet Longster Gail Olsen Lynn Hamilton 4. LADIES’ VOLLEYBALL TEAM — Presented by Maurice Vachon Donna Morgan Bev Rudolph Sharon Fulton Wynona Fostei Nancy Wright Carol Christie Rheta Rudolph Carol Fulton 5. MEN’S VOLLEYBALL TEAM — Presented by Mrs. Stu Hart Bob Oschipok Larry Larkam Pete Grosse Denis Christensen Paul McKenzie A l Clarke 6. JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM — Presented by _ Jim Kean Jim Border James Wright Jon Kean Robin Bennett Brian Fournier Barry Taylor Bob Herron 7. LADIES’ BASKETBALL TEAM — Presented by Jackie Ashmore an.) Diane McGachie (Coaches) Carol Christie Bev Rudolph Gayle Fulton Fran Raeder Donna Morgan Wynona Foster 8. HOCKEY TEAM — Presented by Sid Finney Barry Taylor George Preston A l Pink Jimmy Edward Ron Zablocki Don Dunsmore Buck Smith Paul McKenzie Rocket Gatto Mike Mikkelson Don Sundval Bill Jackson Ray Major 9. SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM — Presented by Normie Kwong Ron Komix Larry Larkam Ron Sprecher Jim Kean Pete Grosse Terry Hickman Bob Baldwin Jim Furlong 10. OUTSTANDING FEMALE ATHLETE TROPHY — Donated and Presented by Mrs. L. Hawke Beverly Rudolph 11. OUTSTANDING MALE ATHLETE TROPHY — Presented by Gorde Hunter Pete Grosse Opening prayer and a word of thanks to the members of the Head Table at the conclusion by Mr. Jack Collett (Principal) 40 Mr. W. V. Collett Bev Rudolph Pete Grosse with Gordie Hunter Calgary’s MRC’s Top Emcee Henry Viney p ' I ' m 1 w 1 mk 11 jamjg Ms i’ J| B • v IP - ® Ur j flA J The 1959 Engineer’s Ball was held in the Golden Age Club. The second year engineers did a very nice job of decorating, with brilliant stars and rockets floating (seemingly) unattached above our heads. The ’59 queen candidates .were Pat Jackson, sponsored by first year engineers; Bonnie Dickason, sponsored by second year engineers, and Shirley Nakamura, sponsored by the chem ’55 class. The Queen was crowned in a very nice ceremony (MC’d) by Peter Grosse with him doing the crowning honors for Shirley, which was the climax of the evening. Mr. Knott put on a lovely lunch served shortly after the crowning of the Queen. The band supplied a delightful evening of dancing. Among the teachers and deans attending were Mr. and Mrs. Collett, Mr. and Mrs. Paulson, Mr. and Mrs. Willmott, Mr. and Mrs. Allan, Mr. and Mrs. Feader, Mr. and Mrs. Gamble and Mr. and Mrs. Kelly and others. A very enjoyable evening was spent by all. Thanks to the organizing and planning, and work that the ’58, ’59 Engineers put into it. 42 JUNIOR COLLEGE inter ' rrtf s sio n SOCIAL ACTIVITIES The Junior College Graduation Banquet and Dance was held Friday, April 10 at the Al-San Club. Cocktails were served at seven followed by a lovely banquet. Chairman for the evening was Lewis Stevenson. Valedictorian was Paul Getty, and the Guest Speaker was Rev. D. H. Parr. Academic awards were pre¬ sented during the course of the evening. A dance followed the banquet. 43 INAUGURATION SERVICE Principal Collett and Mrs. Collett. The Inauguration of William John Collett, B.Ed., M.A., B.D., as principal was held in Central United Church, Calgary, December 10, 1958 at 8 o’clock with the Honourable Chief Justice C. J. Ford, Chairman of the Board of Governors, presiding. The Inaugural Ceremony was preceded by musical selections by the Mount Royal College Symphony Orchestra under the direction of John S. Bach, followed with the Academic Procession, Harold Ramsay at the organ. Invocation by Rev. S. J. Parsons. The Inaugural Ceremony commenced with the Presentation of the Principal Elect by Howard P. Wright, member of the Board of Governors. Reply and Reading of the Charge was made by Mr. Ronald H. Jenkins, mem¬ ber of the Board of Governors. Admission to Office by Rev. D. K. Walker, Chairman of the Calgary Pres¬ bytery of the United Church of Canada. The Investiture was made by Rev. John H. Garden, B.A., B.D.,D.D. Honorary Principal. The Installation of Rev. William J. Collett was made by the Honorable Chief Justice C. J. Ford. This was followed by a Prayer by Rev. G. B. Switzer, member of the Board of Governors and Choruses by the Mount Royal College Glee Club, under the direc¬ tion of Dale Jackson. Brief Messages of Congratulation were read at this time followed by the Address given by Rev. G. Preston MacLeod, M.A., D.D., member of the Board of Colleges, United Church of Canada. At this time a Brief Message was given by the Principal, Rev. W. J. Collett. Benediction was then given by Rev. E. J. Thompson, Principal of St. Stephen’s College. A reception followed the Service in the College Auditorium. Our new principal and Mayor Don Mckay 44 Mrs. Garden, wife of retiring principal, am Mrs. Collett, wife of new principal receivt bouquets. YULETIDE RENDEZVOUS Sweetheart of Mount Royal College and her attendants. Gay Christmas trees, soft candle light, and the music of the Foggy Manor Jazz Society set the mood for the “Yuletide Rendezvous” held on Saturday, Decem¬ ber 13th, at the Golden Age Club. Guests were received by Dr. and Mrs. John H. Garden, Dean and Mrs. W. J. Collett, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. McCready, Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Feader, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hepburn, and Scott Kirk and Date. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the “Sweetheart of MRC”, Lorna Allison. Attendants were Carolyn Hurley and Kathy Taylor and each of the girls was presented with a bouquet of flowers as well as a gift from the Students’ Council. A buffet dinner, served at midnight concluded a very enjoyable evening. " SWEETHEART OF | M.R ' .C. CAMPAIGN. " Posters were displayed throughout the school preceding the Christmas Prom and crowning of the “Sweetheart of MRC”. Periodical disappearances of the candidates made campaigning a little bit dif¬ ficult which ended in fun for all. On Friday morning, December 12th, an assembly was held and skits were presented by the Engineers for their candidate, Kathy Taylor; Business Administra-! tion for their candidate, Lorna Allison; and the Commercial Department for their ' candidate, Carolyn Hurley. A great deal of fun and laughs was the result of the campaign. 46 ( -I)oRO t Cfeic A Red Cross Blood Donor Clinic was held in the Gymnasium on Nov. 19th, preceded by a hilarious assembly. Much rivalry between Engineers and Business Administration resulted in a good turnout from each faculty. The Engineers emerged victorious and winners of the Bloody Cup much to the distaste of the Business Administration. The Clinic was a general success. A smile of encouragement 47 Don’t be afraid “Little Boy Helpful Boys Pleasant Rest 48 The members of the Excursion and the Greyhound bus met at the school at 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning, February 1st, but made their departure half hour later, after waiting for the Sorokan’s and Company. The Excursion arrived at Lake Minnewanka at 10 a.m. and proceeded to look for firewood, then cooked hot dogs and drank pop. We then went into Banff, stopped at the bus depot and waited for a Brewster Bus to take us up to Mt. Norquay where the more athletically inclined group went skiing and the others watched the jumping events. We left Mt. Norquay at 3:30 p.m. and went to the Hot Springs for a refreshing swim. After leaving the pool we went to the Timberline Hotel and had dinner. After eating we sat around and watched TV, then with permission rolled the rugs back and danced. We left Banff around 10:30 p.m. and arrived back in Calgary at midnight. 49 51 TWELVE Bill Adams Calgary Judith Allen Didsbury James Andrews Millarville Chris Arctander Forest Lawn Ronald Bagg Calgary Dudley Baker Calgary Robert Bahan Forest Lawn Delbert Bailey Calgary John Ball Brant Rodger Ball Calgary Judy Bauer Calgary Robert Baldwin Calgary Larry Bakken Calgary I Richard Beavers Calgary April Beckett Innisfail 52 , i Bennett Robin Bennett Westley Bennett Jeannette Benoit Shirley Beierle C esholm Calgary Airdrie Vegreville Cochrane I yin Bertram I ary Norma Betts Calgary Marion Bicknell Empress Anthony Binfet Calgary Suzanne Blake Calgary I rry Bolokosky Albert Boratynec Kent Border Michael Bower Diane Bown hbridge St. Paul Calgary Calgary Calgary MRichard Broatch Bill Brooker Al Brooks Charles Brown Hugh Brown WCochrane Calgary Edmonton Calgary Calgary 53 Irene Brown Calgary Lome Brownfield Lethbridge George Bull Midnapore Gerry Burbank Lethbridge Harry Burniston Calgary Laura Buskel Calgary David Cairns Calgary Dave Campbell Calgary Dyrl Campbell Calgary Jim Campbell Oyen Terry Chaplin Calgary Karen Carlson Wetaskiwin Dave Castell Calgary Neil Campbell Don Carlson Blackduck, Minn. Calgary Ken Charlton Banff r% arh Russ Cherneski Elizabeth Chittick Goodeve, Sask Leduc Carol Christie Calgary John Chrumka Tilley 1 !e Clark Gilbert Clark Jack Clark Anton Colijn Lionel Conn I can Calgary Calgary Calgary Calgary olyn Conrad Mike Cooney Peter Coutts Craig Cowie Joyce Craig ■er Calgary Edmonton Ottawa, Ont. Fort Simpson, N.W.T. t Cranston Alan Cummings Burk Darling Gordon Davies Ben Denis ' -ixley Calgary Calgary Cochrane Calgary Martha Denis Ken Denoon Art Depatie Lowell Desjardins Dennis Dexter Taber Calgary Calgary Cochrane Calgary 55 GRADE TWELVE John Dick Calgary- Bonny Dickason Calgary Mary Diebel Longview Clarence Die no Medicine Hat Diane Donaldson Lethbridge Dauld Downie Calgary Wayne Dresser Carbon Bonny Duncan Calgary Harvey Dyte Calgary James Edwards Calgary Beverly Ekdhal Calgary Shirley Ellefson Enchant Wayne Epp Cranbrook, B.C. John Ericson Calgary Brian Edge Cochrane Denise Esper Edmonton John Evans Calgary Tom Evans Midnapore Elizabeth Farrell Calgary i Patricia Farrow Calgary Sharon Fisher Calgary Wynnona Foster Medicine Hat d Fearey C Igary Mervin Fesser Midnapore Roy Foster Calgary James Frame Calgary i in Fournier 1 dale Barry Fudger Calgary Gayle Fulton Indus Carol Fulton Indus ' da Fulton nberley, B.C. Jim Furlong Lethbridge Gordon Gale Calgary Sharon Gale Calgary Barry Gardner Calgary lAllan Garrett Norman Gossett Bryon Grant Gordon Gimbel Spencer Giles II fi! • • i x - 1 ! i• 5 ✓ m. m GRADE TWELVE C + Allen Gray Rosscarrock Richard Green Deanna Greene Lesley Greig Calgary Calgary Calgary Glenn Grice Lyalta Bob Herron Calgary Geoffrey Harvey Calgary Ralph Higgs Calgary Irene Hawking McGrath Heather Harris Drayton Valley Murray Hill Norman Hindsley Calgary Calgary Hartmut Horn Monty Houssian John Howden Donna Howg A l Hunt Calgary Calgary Calgary Enchant Lethbridge Doreen Hodgson Ken Hoff Calgary Cluny Benedict Horn Calgary therine Hunter Merv Huntley Pat Hutchinson Ross Hyatt Helen Ingrahan Igary Fort Macleod Cochrane Bowden Arrowood a r a , ane Ings Igary Randall Iversen Ann Jackson Bill Jackson Patricia Jackson Calgary Cheadle Calgary Cheadle ■el Jacques Patricia Jamieson Don Jefferies Joyce Jensen Larry Johnston algary Calgary Calgary Wayne Calgary Tom Jomori West Summerland Sidney Jones Kofi Kariatsumari Ira Katzin Mary Kay Bowness Picture Butte Calgary Montgomery 59 GRADE TWELVE Jim Kean John Kelly Michael Kelly Glen Kenny Evelyn Kernisky Calgary Calgary Calgary Victoria, B.C. Calgary Peter Kilmartin Joy Kilpatrick Ron Komix Robert Kuziw Rosemary Lamm New West., B.C. Calgary Calgary Calgary Calgary Scott Lamon Pat Lamoureux Samuel Lander Earl I arden Richard Larson Calgary Yellowknife, N.W.T. Calgary Swalwell Lethbridge Bryan Leaman Calgary Eugene Lehto Bill Lester Corbet Locke Harold Losing Baron Calgary Calgary Hemaruka 60 e Lovsin Igor Lozynsky John Lyle Wayne Mabee dson Holden Calgary Calgary ayne MacDowell tigary Michael Marquardt Calgary Raymond Major Calgary Patricia Manion Calgary enny May Calgary Caroline Maynes Lome McArthur Calgary Trochu Margo McCann Hubalta Jack McGowan Calgary Jim McKay Brant Norma McKay Wilkie, Sask Leroy McNally Ohaton Myrna MacCallum Calgary Stan Matlashewski Calgary Don McClaskey Lyton, B.C. Bill McNaughton Calgary GRADE TWELVE Jim McNeill Calgary Art McQuitty Calgary Michael Mikkelsen Betty Milligan Calgary Cochrane Loraine Moore Don Morgan Calgary Calgary Kevin Mullen Calgary Bob Mumford Calgary Allan Megli Calgary Jim Mitchell Calgary Donna Morgan Calgary Dale Munro Indus David Melvin Lethbridge Lome Mohr Calgary Murray Morrell Bowness Bruce Murray Calgary A .r fs ■ S •41 I H J i Harvey Merritt Calgary Jo Anne Moody Calgary Macey Morris Calgary s ' -J Elizabeth Nauss Calgary ms Neidermayer Douglas Neilson Walter Neilson Lawrence Nelson Evelene Newsome dgary Hesketh Calgary Indus Bearspaw Ima Niven Barry Northfield Betty-Lou Northway Maureen O’Leary Barbara Olsen dgary Calgary Calgary Calgary Calgary iel Opdebeck Drew Ostman Alia Owens Arthur Pain William Pallister bchrane Pasad., Calif. Rainier Banff Calgary William Parsons Calgary Phylis Parsons Calgary William Pawluk Calgary Wayne Peckham Calgary Norman Pepper Cochrane David Plotkin Calgary Roy Plant Kimberley, B.C Betty Pippenger Calgary Joan Peterson Standard Margaret Pickles Calgary Audrey Prysiazny Calgary Sheila Puzey Champion Madeline Prouise Cluny Ross Purves Calgary Joseph Pytlarz Lethbridge Fred Quan Medicine Hat Michael Quinn Seebe Helen Ratcliffe Forest Lawn Frances Reeder Calgary Myrnie Ried Carstairs Robert Pollock A. Pregitzer David Price Evelyn Priesnall Heather Provins Calgary. Albert Park Calgary Calgary Calgary W ren Ried C stairs Wolf Renner Calgary Bill Richards Calgary Myrna Riches Calgary Lois Ried Montgomery B lie Riehl L r, B.C. Alan Robertson Calgary Beverley Robertson Calgary Cameron Robson Calgary Beverley Rudolph Dalemead David Sandor Calgary Norman Schneidmiller John Seaborn Hubalta Calgary Jim Sarkady Calgary Gloria Seaman Lethbridge Alice Seney Blackie Garry Shannon Acadia Valley Carol Setka Calgary Beverley Shannon Didsbury ihr K. . p m A y j 1 a AML lllf j WjLW 1A ■§ 5 _ -; ' c7ky if - ' 3HB ' ” L ' M ig| 1 1 Stanley Simons Calgary Elsie Sieben Calgary Dave Shores Calgary George Shaw Nanton Harvey Sheftel Calgary Roy Smyth Cowley Glenn Smith Calgary Trylue Skretting Calgary Deana Skibo Calgary Eric Skouberg Calgary Roy Snider Calgary Louis Soop Cardston Michael Sorby Calgary William Standidge Wynndel, B.C. Donald Stanker Calgary Percy Stewart Hughenden Fredrick Stevens Calgary Sheila Straker Calgary Peter Stryker Calgary 66 A n Stuart C ’ary J n Swizdaryk C ary R ert Thompson C gary Virginia Vecchio Calgary Don Sunduall Don Sutcliffe Garry Sutherland Peter Sutherland Calgary Calgary Shepard Cranbrook, B.C. Fredrick Taboknick John Talokonnikoff Gary Tate Roger Teghtmeyer Calgary Calgary Calgary Cochrane Jack Thompson Calgary Michael Verbisby Vilna Robert Thompson Calgary Jack Vincent Bearspaw Joan Vaselenak Lethbridge James Wagner Calgary Garry Vause Kimberley, B.C. Bill Watson Calgary 67 Tom Williams Calgary Terrance Williams Lethbridge Walter West Calgary Gordon West Del Bonita Joan Whittle Cochrane Robert Wyckoff Calgary Donna Yates Calgary Gunter Yost Montgomery William Zelem Calgary Piroska Zathuseczk Calgary Leo Saroop T rinidad Arnold Willms Hanslie Woo Tom Wood Judy Wood James Wright Pincher Creek Calgary Calgary Calgary Stettler } W H w. mm CAMERA SHY Mary Adams Calgary Ross Greenfield Calgary Lew Reith Drumheller John Bartsch Milo Audrey Ingleby Calgary Carole Anne Reynolds Calgary Rosalyn Bills Crossfield Jim Johnstone Calgary Glenn Robley Calgary Bob Blenner-Hassett Lethbridge Richard Kaiser Calgary Geoff Rose Calgary Roy Bo go sky Lethbridge Clark Lamont Calgary Alfred Ross British West Indies Richard Bowhay East Coulee Glen Larsen Enchant Carolyn Saucier Calgary Rudy Browdyk Calgary Leslie Little Drumheller Francis Saunders Calgary Merv Conn Medicine Hat Darrell Mackinnon Calgary Charles Shipley Calgary Ivan Conroy Red Deer Donald Menzies Calgary Douglas Sinclair Calgary Gary Coskey Calgary Harold Mootoo Trinidad, B.W.I. George Slater Calgary Lloyd Fisher Calgary Eric McCook Calgary Ann Sterling Calgary Edward Fox Cardston Jean Perry Calgary Kenneth Worley Calgary Lynn Garrison Calgary Dan Peterson Calgary John Watson Calgary Joan Graham Taber Marlene Plaska Calgary Leonard White Calgary Patrick Grainger Canmore Edward Reid Calgary Mary Wydrzycki Calgary 69 Hart Abercrombie Calgary Jim Border Calgary Clayton Conradson Calgary Joe Couillard Geraldine Crawjord-Frost Cameron Dial Calgary Calgary Calgary Myrna Atkins Calgary Phil Allen Quesnel, B.C. mh Richard Boyce Calgary Elaine Brady Calgary t Carol Campbell Montgomery Lenore Arnason Calgary Gordon Barber Calgary Louella Channell Montgomery Mary Dillon Calgary 70 I c Donaghue Don Eagle Madalene Ellis Dave Feldberg David Ferguson l mtgomery Regina, Sask Calgary Calgary Calgary len Foell Barbara Forrest Leslie Foster Walter Foster Gordon Gowdy noka Montgomery Medicine Hat Calgary Shepard aron Hamilton Cdgary ■ v Florence Hanson Montgomery Wayne Harvey Calgary Eddie Hault Hedy-Anne Havduk Calgary Calgary Terry Hill Calgary Danny Holden Calgary John Jack Calgary Sven Jensen Calgary Dave Johnson Calgary Martin Krempin Calgary Janet Kidder Calgary Barbara Kemper Chin Marjorie Jolly Montgomery Stanley Libin Calgary John Lewis Calgary Dave Lambert Edmonton Marilyn Leonard Lethbridge Selma Kruger Montgomery Ken MacGregor Quesnell, B.C. Robert Lord Calgary Joyce Madsen Chancellor Russell Markle Calgary Tom McKenzie Calgary Bob Moody Calgary Rodney Mores Calgary Gary McKoen Calgary Gail Nagle Bearspaw Shirley Nakamura Taber 72 Peter Perry Mary Peterson Donald Petherbridge Sheila Pipella Gerald Quinton Calgary Montgomery Stettler Calgary Calgary tavid Roebuck David Rossander Dennis Rowland Rheta Rudolph Rose Sawchuk ulcan Calgary Calgary Dalemead Calgary Sorman Smith Carol Straker Calgary Calgary Drean Sulton Barbara Tanner Barry Taylor Golden, B.C. Calgary Calgary Melvin Teghtmeyer Donald Thonger Dave Thorssen Barbara Tischer John Vickers Cochrane Calgary Calgary Calgary Calgary 73 Shirley Weighill Winfield Stuart Welechuk Ronald Wood Hubalta Calgary » a Nancy Wright Hay River, N.W.T. CAMERA SHY Robert Fergusen Calgary Larry Law Calgary Bob Mackie Calgary Clifford Wright Calgary Pierre Vogelzang Calgary 74 Barbara Black Jayne Border Joan Burton Rick Charlton Bob Clements algary Calgary Calgary Calgary Calgary ohn Crosland Calgary Dave Faber Calgary John Ford Calgary Sharon Fulton Indus Leigh Haines Calgary Melainie Haines Larry Kadey Anne Kadwell Jon Kean Janette Longster Calgary Calgary Calgary Calgary Calgary 75 Darrell Newsome Fredric Newsome Marjorie Polley Eleanor Ridley Clinton Shaw Bearspaw Bearspaw Calgary Calgary Calgary Richard Schmidt Margie Taylor Ken Toft Susan Vensel Don Webster Osoyoos, B.C. Calgary Wayne Calgary Airdrie A Irene Warran Forest Lawn CAMERA SHY Ted Caldwell Viking Gerry Daem Calgary Don Marlen Calgary 76 HIGH SCHOOL CLUBS 77 STUDENTS’ COUNCIL BACK row: Left to Right Wayne Harvey, Rick Charlton, Mr. Pitt, Drew Ostman, Mary Peterson, Myrnie Read. middle row: Kofi Kariatsumari, Betty Milligan, Carol Straker, Gail Nagle, Susan Vensel. desk: Laura Buskel, David Cairns (President), Chris Arctander, Pat Jackson. The first dance of the season was our “Hallowe’en Hop” held on November 1st. It was a real success with the Corvettes providing the music. A novel idea for designing our school jackets was held this year. The Students’ Council sponsored a jacket design contest, offering a sweater as a prize to the originator of the best design. Judges were Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Sorokan, and three Students’ Council members. This contest had fine participation and Gary Shannon turned in the winning design. The highlight of the year’s activities was the high school’s “Winter Wonder¬ land” formal dance held on December 6th. It was a small dance but all who at¬ tended had an enjoyable time. The music was provided by Dave Luft’s orchestra which won the approval of all at the dance. Another dance was sponsored on February 14th as a Valentine’s dance. Dave Luft’s band again did the honors. Our noontime “shags” this year were quite successful. The purchase of several new records added to their success. The Students’ Council donated to several worthy charities again this year. A large donation went to the Community Chest and a drive was held to give to “Care” which received a good response by the student body. Perhaps the biggest project under discussion this year has been the idea of erecting a Students’ Union building for Mount Royal College. Originating from our staff advisor, Mr. Pitt, this idea has grown into a real possibility. This building would contain a cafeteria, a lounge, and recreation rooms, as well as possibly a few administrative offices. Generally, this school year has been a success socially, and will be brought to a glorious close, with, of course, the graduation exercises. PAT JACKSON, Secretary. RED CROSS CLUB BACK row: Carol Straker, Susan Vensel, Robin Bennett, Betty Milligan, Eleanor Ridley. desk: Mr. Brown, Jayne Border, Sharon Hamilton (President), Peggy Hopper. The Red Cross Club started the first semester with Donna Yates as President, Ev Newsome as secretary and Gail Ings as Treasurer. With the money gathered from a penny drive, the club made two Christmas hampers for two needy Calgary families. Early in January elections were held and Sharon Hamilton was elected President, Peggy Hopper, Vice-President and Secretary and Jayne Border, Trea¬ surer. Another penny drive was staged and a number of Health Kits were assem¬ bled. Although the club consisted of a small membership, some good work was done. PEGGY HOPPER (Secretary) YEAR BOOK COMMITTEE BACK row: Ken Toff, Gerry Daem, Bob Clements, Jim McNiell, John Crosland. middle row: Koji Kariatsumari, Jayne Border, Carol McKiel, Carol Straker. desk: Chris Arctander, Gail Nagle, Mr. Deutsch. Although hampered by a late start, with the formation of the yearbook com¬ mittee the editing of the Varshicom was soon well under way. The high school committee is only a section of the total staff, which includes a Junior College group. Each is responsible for its own portion of the book. The assembling of our section was divided into four parts — class photos, club activities, social activities, and candid photos. Each had a staff and editor. All photos except class pictures were taken by amateur photographers. With the help of Mr. Deutch, our faculty advisor, Mr. Rae, and Mr. Feader, our task was made much easier and our thanks are extended to them. GAIL NAGLE 79 As the end of the 1958-1959 school term draws nigh, the Press Club ‘stops the press.’ The year has seen many fine editions of Collews. This is justly so be¬ cause of the large numbers who were interested and the great enthusiasm shown. The aims of this organization were: 1) To publish a paper once a month, 2) to endorse the literary achievements of the students, 3) to highlight people, activities and occurrences, and 4) to provide a voice for the students. Although hampered by a late start, I am sure all agree that the Press Club was an organization Mount Royal College could be proud of. Editor Allan Garret Asst. Editor Wayne Harvey Production Manager Mel Haines Production Assistant Bob Lord Feature Editor Cathy McLean Feature Asst. Sharon Hamilton Grade Ten Rep. Jayne Border Grade Eleven Rep. Gail Nagle Humor Editors Cam Dial Melvin Teghtmeyer Secretary Staff Advisor Art Manager Art Asst. Gossip Editors Girls Sports Editor Boys Sports Editors Susan Vensel Mrs. Willmott Barbara Tanner Dave Johnson Cathy McLean Rheta Rudolph Jayne Border Carol Straker Carol Straker Bob Moody Jim Border back row: Bob Lord, Melvin Teghtmeyer, Bob Moody, Cam Dial, Carol Straker, Cathy McLean, Barb Tanner, Jayne Border. MIDDLE ROW: Gail Nagle, Sharon Hamilton, Carol McKiel, Rheta Rudolph. desk: Mel Haines, Wayne Harvey, Allan Garrett (Editor), Susan Vensel, Mrs. Willmott. 80 This section covers the highlights of the social activities at Mount Royal in ’58-’59. Everyone will remember the fun they had at all the dances. ¥■ Thursday noon at Mt. Royal was never boring for the active folk. The shags held in the gym relieved the tension of the morning periods and made everyone tired enough to sleep through the afternoon. The attendance was not as good as expected but those who did go enjoyed themselves. 81 THE FACULTY RECEPTION The Annual Faculty Reception started the College Social Events with a real ‘bang!’ During the intermission some excellent entertainment was supplied by the famous sleight-of-hand artists, Mr. John Borger; Madame ‘Fifi’ Linton; a renowned barber shop quintet, Mr. Kelly, Mr. Vincent, Mr. Hepburn, Mr. Deutsch, Mr. Ariano and a noted accompanist, Mr. Brown. Jac Friedenberg’s Orchestra sup¬ plied music to please young and old. Dancing, refreshments, and entertainment for the students and teachers made the evening a grand success. They Really Can Sing! 82 They Sure Looked Pretty! CHRISTMAS FORMAL The annual Christmas Formal, under the name ‘Winter Wonderland,’ was held in the Conservatory Auditorium. Dave Luft’s orchestra provided the appropriate music. The decoration committee did an admirable job, as well as did Mr. Knott, who provided the refreshments. This was the ‘high spot’ of the social season at Mount Royal. VALENTINE SPECIAL The excitement of valentine cards with sweet words of care were beautifully offset by a Valentine Dance at M.R.C. Dave Luft played exceptionally fine music which put everyone in the mood. The people who attended fully enjoyed them¬ selves in the midst of the everflowing musical notes and the mound of delicious refreshments. The grade ten classes held two very successful dances on November 21st and April 18th. These were the highlights of the ’59 social year. On April 18th Sharon Fulton, with her two ladies-in-waiting, Jane Border and Margaret Taylor, reigned over the grade ten classes. The delicious refreshments, the good music, the good company and the lovely queen made this a very entertaining evening. 83 QU « m 2? | f V i WfllESBEBBKM Wrr i if 1 W , 4l | r 1 1 Jf J 1 L i | V For it Cleans as it Cleans Your Teeth Bill The Barbarian Christmas Skit f In ■ W ' ftfej nHKBproJH ■§ ■ . ■ f m W■ HP I K f ■ ' j " i |HH| fck M i i A |tA H ' H t- Fo 7i r 1 1 - 5 K ' ;» r d Annie Oakley and Sinbad All Dressed Up and No Place to Go 90 ’rated The Five Musketeers n T rJ s4-T . Editor’s Address It has indeed been an honor and a pleasure to be the editor of Varshicom. Being the editor of the annual on an institution such as Mount Royal is, I feel a real responsibility and I hope I have filled my position in a satisfactory manner. Unfortunately we have been unable to keep up with the schedule set down at the first of the year and once again the yearbook will not be ready before the end of the term. The Varshicom staff and myself hope you find our efforts and work have been successful in giving you a book you will always cherish, one that will make the year 1958-59 a year that will remain in your hearts forever. There have been many interesting and wonderful events during the year; election day, the get acquainted dance, the Sweetheart of M.R.C. contest and dance, the Engineers assembly, ball and queen contest,, the curling bonspiel and many, many others. We have tried to cover every event in this book and we hope we have succeeded. I extend my thanks to Gail Nagle, my assistant editor and the editor of the high school section, for her cooperation. Mr. Feader, my faculty advisor, for all the help he gave me, Kofi Kauratsumara, who took many of the pictures, Mr. Wilmont and Mr. Rae for the information and material they supplied me with, and the entire Varshicom staff, who worked so well. This is your book and we hope you enjoy it. Elaine Hodson There have been several changes in the Conservatory during the year 1958-59. On retirement of Dr. John H. Garden as principal at the end of December 1958, the Conservatory’s affairs have been under the direction of a committee of three faculty members, Mr. W. Knight Wilson (chairman), Miss Mary Munn, and Mrs. Isabelle Logie Herd. This committee of direction carried on in an interim capa¬ city until the end of June 1959. Students in the Conservatory may prepare for examination of the Mount Royal College Conservatory of Music, the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, the Western Board of Music, and Trinity College of Music, London, England. The Mount Royal midwinter and June musical examinations this year were con¬ ducted by Mr. Filmer Hubble of Winnipeg. The Conservatory’s Department of Speech Arts, which is under the direction of Mrs. Leona Flegal Paterson, also held midwinter and June examinations. Mrs. Hilda Manolson was the examiner in January, and Mrs. E. F. Shackleton conducted the examination in June. Many Mount Royal students were entered in both the Calgary and the Pro¬ vincial Musical Festivals this year, gaining high marks and commendation from the adjudicators. The two orchestras, the Mount Royal College Junior Orchestra and the Mount Royal College Symphony Orchestra, under the very capable direction of Mr. John S. Bach, have achieved a high standard. The orchestras have pre¬ sented two public orchestral concerts, one in the fall and one in the spring. A highlight of the year has been the acquisition of a new grand piano for the auditorium. Student recitals have been held regularly through the year for both junior and senior students in all departments. Many members of the faculty have also held recitals by their own students. Two Faculty Recitals were given during the year, one by Mrs. Isabelle Logie Herd, teacher of Singing, a recital of Scottish Folk Songs, on Sunday, January 25th, and the other by Miss Joyce Orr, teacher of Speech Arts, on Sunday, May 3rd. In order to help raise money for the purchase of the new grand piano, three members of the faculty volunteered to give recitals the proceeds of which would go to the New Piano Fund. The first was a pianoforte recital by Miss Mary Munn, on Sunday, April 19th, and the second was a duo-piano recital by Peter Hodgson and Mary Thatcher, on Sunday, April 26th. It was also agreed by the members of the faculty that funds received at recitals put on by students of individual teachers should also go toward the New Piano Fund. Another highlight of the past year has been the work of the Mount Royal Col¬ lege Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Dale Jackson. This group has put on several public performances, and also presented a program for the senior citizens at Rundle Lodge, which was very much appreciated. Mr. John S. Bach, Conductor and Director of both Mount Royal College Symphony Orchestras Following is a list of the members of the Conservatory faculty: Mary Munn, Piano and Theory. George Benbow, L.R.S.M., Piano, Organ, Theory. Peter J. Hodgson, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., A.R.C.O., Piano, Theory, Organ. Leonard H. Leacock, A.T.C.M., L.R.S.M., Piano, Theory. Janice Milevic, L.R.S.M., Mus.G. (Paed.), Piano, Theory. Mary Thatcher, A.R.C.M., L.R.A.M., A.B.S.M., Piano. Dale Jackson, Associate of Mount Allison Conservatory, Piano, Singing. Robert B. Cockell, A.R.C.T., A.T.C.L., Piano. Bart Ryskamp, Piano, Organ. William Ingles, Piano, Trumpet. Isabelle Logie Herd, Singing. Harold Ramsey, L. Mus. (McGill), F.T.C.L., Singing, Organ. W. Knight Wilson, Graduate Athenaeum School of Music, Glasgow, Violin. John S. Bach, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., A.R.A.M., Violin, Guitar. Ronald Senkow, Violin, Clarinet, Saxophone. Louis Augade, Bass. Capt. F. M. McLeod, all Wind Instruments. Jack Clarke, Trombone. Robert Ingles, Tympani, Drums, Xylophone, Marimbaphone. Terry Levis, Accordian. Joyce Orr, Speech Arts. S. LEONORE WALTERS Registrar Concert held by the Mount Royal College Symphony Orchestra 95 96 A D V R T I S I N G These are our advertisers Give them your support DESIGNERS, CREATIVE LITHOGRAPHERS AND PRINTERS 4303 AIRPORT ROAD CRestview 7-0751 98 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES Quinton Realty 737 - 7th Ave. S.W. CALGARY ALBERTA (LICENSED AND BONDED) FARM LANDS AND CITY PROPERTIES Bus. AM 2-4481 Res. CH 4-1273 INSURANCE REAL ESTATE MORTGAGES LOANS APPRAISALS CUSTOM BUILDERS WHENEVER YOU TRAVEL AN AIR TRIP, STUDENT TOUR, VISIT TO EUROPE, OR ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD Let Our Experienced Personnel Arrange Everything for You Without Charge BRITT TRAVEL SERVICE LTD. 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Box 620, Calgary F. E. Osborne Limited BOOKS — STATIONERY — FOUNTAIN PENS — BRIEF CASES — TOYS FULL LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES 112 - 8th AVE. S.W., CALGARY, ALBERTA “Serving the Cause of Education Since 1905” 106 With the Compliments of CALGARY MOTOR PRODUCTS LTD. PONTIAC, BUICK, CADILLAC, AND VAUXHALL MOTOR CARS AND G.M.C. TRUCKS Complete Service and Parts — Used Cars at All Prices FOURTH AVENUE AND SECOND STREET SOUTHWEST FIRST AVENUE AND THIRD STREET SOUTHWEST CARS: PHONE AM 6-8841 TRUCKS: PHONE AM 2-4885 Knowledge is Power Best wishes to all students for success in the future Students who take full advantage of all the educational facilities provided in schools will be well paid in the future for their efforts. This will lead to more knowledge and more earning power — a key to success — after graduation. CALGARY POWER LTD. HILMNI TO OUILO A BtTTIR ALBIRTA 107 RENFREW MOTORS LTD. CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH FARGO TRUCKS 330 - 5th Ave. W. AM. 9-8241 Patronize Our Advertisers IVAN C. 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Store 117 - 10th Avenue West SIGN OF WELL KNOWN BRANDS 126 127 128 I

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