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VARSHICOM 1955 Published by the Students of MOUNT ROYAL COLLEGE Calgary, Alberta Canada Residence Building and Conservatory of Music, Mount Royal College PAGE 2 MOUNT ROYAE Index W Campus .....-. 2 Foreword .......— 5 Dedication .....—..... 6 Faculty ............— ----. 7-9 Valedictory ..... ..... 10 Varshicom Staff . 11 Students ' Council . 12 Presidents ' Messages. 13 Dean ' s Message . 14 University ........-. 15-20 High School .......—-. 23 - 48 Commercial .......— .. 51-56 Conservatory of Music .......—. 57 Social .-.-..- 59 - 64 Sports .—-.--- 65 - 73 Candid Shots.—-... 74 Humour and Advertising . 81 COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE PAGE 4 MOUNT ROYAL FOREWORD By Dr. John H. Garden, Principal The Varshicom will preserve for you some of the happy memories of associations and scenes of this year at Mount Royal College. How swiftly the time has passed! Another College year, with ail its hard work, friendships and fun has become history. May your lives be richer, nobler and happier because of all that this year has meant to you. Some of you will go forth to take your places in the world of human affairs and we desire for you real success. Others will go on to higher institutions of learning and to those our best wishes are also directed. This is a day that is in great need of uni¬ versity trained people. We know that only through study and knowledge can we dispell misunderstanding and bring about real peace between men, neighbors and nations. We need to know more about more things in order to achieve understanding than was neces¬ sary for the fathers of Confederation, and with our knowledge must come a new idealism and devotion to the best interests of mankind. We sincerely hope that all our graduates may respond to this call for a nobler quality of personal and national service and carry something of the royal spirit of Mount Royal College into the work of the wider world. As another year becomes part of the history of Mount Royal College, it is my hope that it may not be unworthy of those who have gone before and in some small measure at least, it may be equally worthy of the future for which we dream and hope and plan. JOHN H. GARDEN, Principal. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 5 DEDICATION Mrs. Irene Stevenson Layton Mrs. Layton, better known as Mrs. " Stevie, " will leave M.R.C. at the end of this school term, after be¬ ing with us for five years. During these years she has participated in college- life by serving in the capacity of Dean of Women, teacher and all ' round friend. This cheerful lady was born in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, and has since travelled the width of the con¬ tinent, ending her roaming in Calgary. Her teaching experience includes such spots as Sydney, Nova Scotia; Coleman, Pincher Creek, and St. Hilda ' s School for Girls. At St. Hilda ' s she also filled the role of Dean of Women. Mrs. " Stevie " has been a true friend to all the girls in the dorm. Her patience, understanding and lively sense of humor has bolstered her popularity in student opinion. Whether it is a " Where ' s my corbin- master key? " or an " Everyone up for breakfast! " her voice, though authoritative, carries a hint of humor. Mrs. " Stevie " has been a constant guide and a friend to confide in these five years, and the College will miss her indeed. We would like to dedicate this year book to Mrs. " Stevie. " With it goes the sincere thoughts from the student body and best wishes for a very happy life. PAGE 6 MOUNT ROYAL DR. JOHN H. GARDEN Principal ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF REV. W. J. COLLET M.A., B.D., B.Ed. Vice-Principal W. G. M. RAE Registrar and Business Manager LEONORE WALTERS B. A. Asst. Registrar MRS. I. LAYTON Dean of Women L. EARL WILMOTT B.A.Se., M.A. Dean of Men MRS. D. BEDFORD Secretary VICTOR H. KNOTT Chel JEAN GARDEN Canteen COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 7 ACADEMIC COMMERCIAL FACULTY R. W. McCREADY M.Sc. Engineering Subjects J. A. BROWN B.A., B.Ed. High School Subjects KATHARINE WILLMOTT M.A. English E. IRENE LAYTON Mathematics A. A. ARIANO M.A. Languages albert Thompson B.Ed. Mathematics L. G. RICHARDS ' M.A. Sciences 3 . T. CUYLER B.A. Science, English OTTO H. DEUTSCH B.Sc., B.Ed. Physics, Mathematics LAUREL KERNICK J. WALTER HEPBURN Commercial Dept. Commercial i ept. OWEN A. KELLY M.A. English AUDREY WIGMORE B.A., B.Ed. English, Social Studies ALLAN J. BUTTLE B.Sc. (P.Ed.) Director of Athletics ARTHUR G. LANGE Science, Geology MRS. EDNA POWELL Commercial Dept. PAGE 8 MOUNT ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC FACULTY MARY MUNN L.R.A.M. Piano HAROLD RAMSAY L.Mus., F.T.C.L. Director Singing, Organ NORMA PIPER Singing and Voice PHYLLIS SZELIGA A.R.C.M. Piano LEONA F. PATERSON A.T.C.M. Director of Speech Dramatics HAROLD PATERSON A.T.C.M. Speech Theory L. H. LEACOCK A.C.T.M.. L.R.S.M. Piano, Theory GEORGE BENBOW L.R.S M. Theory and Piano JOHN S. BACH L.R.A.M.. A.R.C.M. A.R.A.M. Violin, Viola DALE HUMPHREYS Accordion ROBERT INGLES Tympani, Drums, Etc. KENNETH ROBSON L.R.S.M. Piano WILLIAM INGLES Trumpet, Cornet RONALD SENKOW Violin LOUIS AUGADE String Bass LIDA VAN DER LAAG Violin SONIA WRANKA Piano JOSEPHINE CORMACK Speech and Drama COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 9 VALEDICTORY This evening it is my honour and privilege to deliver the farewell address for the 1955 graduates of Mount Royal College. Only a few years ago, it seemed that we would never reach graduation. Now tonight we bid adieu to the schooldays that have been all too short. Two of the most important factors contributing to our success are our parents and teachers. They went through many trying times to see us through and we would like them to know how much we appreciate their efforts. to those So we leave the College with regrets for the passing of our school years and with gratitude and thanks who have helped and encouraged us along the road of learning. May we bring honour and credit to Mount Royal College in the years to come, to say goodbye. Thank you, MARGARET ROBB. Now we would like PAGE 10 MOUNT ROYAL VARSHICOM STAFF MARGARET ROBB — Editor HEATHER SCOTT Biographies CHARLOTTE WRIGHT — Advertising JERRY SINCLAIR — Art EVELYN JACKSON — Social JEAN KERRY — Humor EFFIE MELIDONIS — Assistant SHARON GILMOUR — Girls’ Sports LOU STEVENSON — Boys’ Sport§; AL BELINSKI — BILL HALLIDAY — Photography. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 11 1 - ■ Jl _ STUDENT UNION __ PRESIDENTS ' MESSAGES " All good things must come to an end. " Most of us at present do not feel this way about college until we have passed commencement day and have gone out on our own. But eventually we all realize that our college days were one of the good things in iife. Every year at M.R.C. something new is added or something is taken out of moth balls and given a fresh start, and this year is no exception. First, we now have a president for each semester. I was against this at first, but wouldn ' t have missed my term in office for anything. Secondly, our Cabaret Dance. We had many obstacles to overcome in connection with this event, and the spirit of the students who gave a helping hand was greatly appreciated. For myself, I have never seen a college dance like it — simply an overwhelming success. Thirdly, came the Booster Club, which sponsored the Sport ' s Rally with Sugarfoot Anderson. Due to a little " persuasion " we had a splendid turnout. We were pleased to hear the presses rolling as the Press Club commenced work on a new monthly paper, " The Acquaintance " . We hope they continue with the good work. Then the Drama Club, featuring Mr. Kelly and his famous group of players, has been doing a wonderful job. I wish to express my humble thanks to the Council and the Faculty for their support in a most enjoyable semester. I am only sorry that my days at M.R.C. have come to an end. To the students I wish you every success in whichever field of endeavour holds your future. Adios, Wm. GRANT HINCHEY, • c • a e As June and examination time draw near, I cannot help but feel depressed at the thought of leaving Mount Royal. I, along with many others, will always have a warm spot in my heart for old M.R.C. This year has created for us, many pleasant memories. No one will forget the first performance of our very attractive but very nervous cheerleaders who mistakenly cheered for Joe Bush instead of Ray Temple; nor the expression on Maureen ' s face when she was presented with her gift of monogrammed lingerie at the Engineers ' Ball; nor the " tame " pigeon who went " wild " in the room of one of our cheerleaders; and of course not the raid on the boys ' dorm. The College will suffer a great loss when Mrs. Layton leaves in the Spring, but for multitudes of M.R.C. students the mention of " Mrs. Steevie " will bring back fond recollections of a wonderful lady. During the time we have spent at the College we have not only improved our knowledge, but also our characters. True, we have made many mistakes — I will never be able to forget the time that I used an " ain ' t " for an " aren ' t " during an anouncement in an assembly — but by benefitting by them do we improve ourselves. In closing, I wish to thank the members of the Students ' Council and the different committees who have worked so hard to make our Students ' Union a success; and to express my sincere appreciation to Dean Collett, and the rest of the staff, for their guidance and help. BILL HALLIDAY. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 13 e65a e 5L 2 , ' ean d " Let men only consider: It they would apply only a small portion of the infinite expenditure of latent time and fortune now given to matters and studies of tar interior importance and value, to sound and solid learning, it would be sutticient to overcome every ditticulty. " ■— Francis Bacon, Novum Organum (1620) Now that Mount Royal College is approaching the close of another academic year it may be well for us to remind ourselves that, while separate terms may come to a close, the process of learning never does end. Life in this last half of the twentieth century is far from simple and is becoming more and more com¬ plex all the time. The number of things that we have to know in order to comprehend all the things that go on around about us is tremendous. Without some sense of direction and some underlying principle of action we would be quite confused and. entirely unable to cope with modern life. The actual purpose of education, as a consequence of this situation, is to help individuals to discover for themselves principles of action and of living. We are very much inclined, in this age that is so dedicated to techniques, to think that the end of education is to learn how to earn a living. Actually the purpose of education is to show us how to earn a life. Underneath the variety of subjects that are taught and beneath the numerous activities in which you have engaged in the College is a desire to help you to find out how to live a life that is of value to yourself and the community in which you live. Thus, if you have been able to do this, you will be in a position to make some contribution either great or small to the progress of the world. For we must never forget, despite the complexity of the age and the feeling of futility that comes to us as we look at the forces operating beyond our control, that the future of the world does depend on the individual and how the individual acts. We wish for those of you that will be with us next year a greater insight into what education attempts to do for you. To those of you that leave us this year we commend the thought that continuing education throughout life is one of the most important needs of the day. VC J. COLLETT PAGE 14 MOUNT ROYAL MESSAGE TO 3 . 3 CfineerS Twelve years ago the inquiry of two young men into the possibility of getting the prerequisite courses to the second year of Petroleum Engineering at Oklahoma led to the setting up of a Petroleum Engineering course at Mount Royal equivalent to the first two years at Oklahoma. The Engineering School at Mount Royal was under way. But other inquiries followed. Could Mount Royal College give the prerequisite courses in other fields of Engineering? Investi¬ gations were made and found that it was possible. Now a student may leave Mount Royal College and enter any Engineering Course at Oklahoma in the third year. Students who return generally report favorable progress. We get a great deal of satisfaction in hearing this. We want everyone who leaves Mount Royal College to be a success. That is why we make every effort to cover the preparatory work thoroughly and set a high standard for results. We expect great things from this class and want to keep in . touch with as many as possible in the future so that we can measure the quality of our part in each student ' s preparation. R. W. McCREADY. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 15 Calgary ARTHUR, Jack Ambition: Geological engineering. Pastime: Prospecting. Favourite Sport: Fishing. Pet Peeve: Descriptive geometry. Pet Saying: " If you say so, it must be so. " BARTLETT, Richard F. Calgary Amition: Civil Engineer. Pet Peeve: Guys who yap too much. Favourite Sport: Cards (hearts). Pastime: Passin ' time. BELINSKI, Al Calgary Ambition: Engineer. Pastime: Women. Favourite Sport: Borden Ball. Pet Peeve: Australian immigrants. Pet Saying: " Lets be off to the show. " CODE, Fred Calgary Ambition: To be out of debt. Favourite Sport: Collecting butterflies. Pet Peeve: Losing at poker. Pet Saying: " Who ' s going to Cranbrook? " CULLEN, Jim Calgary EASTLY, Art Sedgewick Ambition: Aero-engineer. Pastime: Waiting for weekends. Favourite Sport: Baseball. Pet Peeve: Noisy nights. Pet Saying: " Don ' t kid yourself. " ELLIS, Bill Winnipeg Bill has been out of school for five years and has wandered all over Canada. He likes girls and wishes there were more of them. His ambition is to graduate from First Year En¬ gineering. GAVORA, John Shaughnessy GULLICKSON, Roy Barons Roy spends most of his time amongst the girls. He like to play basketball and baseball. His ambition is to make more money than he spends. HILLS, Leonard V. Peace River PAGE 16 MOUNT ROYAL JENKINS, George Coleman Ambition: Petroleum engineer. Pastime: Royal Athletic Commission. Favourite Sports: Hockey, baseball. JETTE, Jacques Fort Macleod Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Pastime: Photography (motion pictures). Favourite Sport: Baseball. Pet Peeve: Monday morning. LOUGH, Clifford Coaldale Pet Peeve: Balloons full of water placed be¬ neath the clean white sheets. Favourite Saying: " If you ' re looking for a fight, I haven ' t seen one. " Ambition: To graduate in four years. KASDORF, Gerry Rosemary LEE, Jim Lethbridge Pet Peeve: Distinguishing between hay and grain. Favourite Saying: " Watch out, or I ' ll tell Mr. Pitt! " Ambition: To become a genius in chemical engineering without studying. LEYLAND, Bruce Lethbridge Hobby: Trumpet and bum notes. Pet Peeve: Transportation " ankle express. " Favourite Saying: " Hi Snooky! " Ambition: To marry the girl that lives on the hill. LYNN, Keith Bow Island Pet Peeve: Girls. Hobby: Gathering second hand goods. Favourite Saying: " Don ' t get married. " Ambition: To become a roughneck. MADDOCKS, Mike Calgary Ambition: Petroleum engineering. Pastime: Skirts. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pet Peeve: Shortage of girls. Pet Saying: " She sure does! " MUMBY, George Airdrie Hobby: Chumming with Dexter. Pet Peeve: Dexter. Favourite Saying: " Where did that girl como from? " Ambition: To beat his young brother at marbles. McKEE, Donald Dawson Creek Hobby: Broken noses. Pet Peeve: My love for teachers. Favourite Saying: " Unprintable. " Ambition: Own a " Caddy " convertible. (1902 model). COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 17 NELSON, James Vauxhall Ambition: Petroleum engineer. Pastime: The fine art of card playing. Favourite Sport: Running up and down stairs in the Engineers ' House. Pet Peeve: No frig or stove in Engineers ' House. OZAR, Steve (Sh Boom) Bellevue Ambition: Engineering. Pastime: Pool. Faviourite Sport: Baseball. Pet Peeve: Coming to school before Saturday. Pet Saying: " I ' ve got the paralysis. " PACK, Kelvin Raymond Ambition: Petroleum Engineering. Pastime: Little bit of everything. Favourite Sport: Curling. Pet Peeve: Getting up gets him down. Pet Saying: " Hellavagood. " PARK, Robert Calgary Ambition: Geological engineer. Pastime: Singing? Favourite Sport: Hunting. (What?) Pet Saying: Unprintable. PROEHL, Bert Nanton Bert likes to hunt mice with a bee bee gun. He also spends his time in Edmonton where he is deeply involved with a beautiful young girl. His ambition is to become a chemical engineer. RASMUSSEN, Dwayne Del Bonita Hobby: Sports and water fights. Favourite Saying: " Ah! Go chase yourself. " Pet Peeve: Mr. Pitt. Ambition: To get to South America in four years. SNETHUN, Kris Lougheed Ambition: Mechanical engineer. Pastime: Doing nothing. Favourite Sport: Curiing. SOICE, LeRoy Lethbridge Ambition: Be a man. Pastime: Playing chess with Dalderis. Favourite Sport: Flying. Pet Saying: " Just can ' t figure it out. " STITT, Gale " Porky " Bawlf Hobby: Playing the saxophone (If you can stand it.) Pet Peeve: Girls with no teeth. Favourite Saying: " Not that I know of. " Ambition: To become a sausage. STITT, Gordon Bawlf Hobby: Packing hot boxes. Pet Peeve: Teachers. Favourite Saying: " Potlifter. " Ambition: A wife and four kids. PAGE 13 MOUNT ROYAL TATTRIE, Jim Ambition: Petroleum. Favourite Sport: Hockey. Pet Peeve: Morning classes. Cranbrook TEMPLE, Ray Ca Ambition: President of the United States. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pet Saying: " Rip cord. " TRIMBLE, Harvey Cal Ambition: Engineer. Favourite Sport: Skiing. Pet Peeve: School. Pet Saying: " Son of a gun. " WILLIAMS, Garry Ambition: Engineering. Pastime: Waiting for weekends. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pet Peeve: Not getting a letter eve Pet Saying: Not publishable. Cardston WUOTILA, Nelson Warner Hobby: Going to Warner on weekends. Pet Peeve: Stubborn women. Favourite Saying: " Boy, she ' s sure nice! " Ambition: To get married and raise a family. YAMANOUCHI, Hisao Picture Butte Hobby: Getting Bruce and John up in the morning. Pastime: Studying. Sports: Basketball, and fishing. Ambition: To become a petroleum engineer, Favourite Saying: " Get out of here, Flanagan! " Calgary CARTER, J. C. Ambition: To be a bacteriologist. Pastime:Fighting grizzlies. Favourite Sport: Horseback riding Pet Saying: Unprintable. Montgomery ADAMS, Ryan Ambition: To become a P.E. Pastime: Jill and T.V. Favourite Sport: Deep snow skiing. Pet Peeve: Not enough snow. Pet Saying: " Want to buy a T.V. set? ALLAN, Lome Calgary Hobbies: Car and electronics. Pet Peeve: The new " flat look " women. Favourite Saying: " We all gotta go sometime. " Ambition: To go as soon as possible. CHUNTA, Andy H Ambition: To be an engineer. Pastime: Sleeping. Pet Peeve: Waking up in the morning Pet Saying: " Can ' t afford it. " BOLINSKI, Al Calga Ambition: Geological. Pastime: Women. Favourite Sport: Getting to math, on time. Pet Peeve: " Late " buses. Pet Say ing: " Stick your head out of the window- fee I ' first. " DALDERIS, Valdis Ambition: Engineer. Pastime: Playing chess. Favourite Sport: Swimming Pet Peeve: Being on time. Pet Saving: " Don ' t say. " COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 19 DOWSETT, Tom Tucson Hobby: Skating. Pet Peeve: Smiling at other boys and looking innocent. Ambition: To attend every school class. DUNNETT, Thomas Calgary Ambition: Petroleum engineer. Pastime: Looking for women. Favourite Sport: Dancing. Pet Peeve: " Dammit, no car to go with the date. " FLETCHER, Ron Airdrie Hobby: Reading poetry. Pet Peeve: " I want a lollypop. " Favourite Saying: " If you can ' t drive it, park it. " Ambition: Geological engineer. GRAHAM, Park Innisfail Ambition: ? Pastime: Sleeping. Favourite Sport: Football. Pet Peeve: Waiting for buses. HAWKINS, Bill Calgary Ambition: To be a geological engineer. Pastime: Photography. Favourite Sport: Handball. HOWIE, Bill Calgary Ambition: Degree in engineering. Pastime: Sleeping. Favourite Sport: Skiing. Pet Peeve: Those morning math, classes. JACOBSON, Dale (Jake the Snake) Calgary Hobby: Peddling papers. Pet Peeve: Women. Favourite Saying: " Hyperosloveranistateonisty! " (Slick chick). Ambition: Make the chemistry class on time. LORINCZ, Louis Calgary Ambition: Geological engineer. Pastime: Coaching Junior Varsity, and throwing parties. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pet Peeve: Lazy Junior Varsity players. Pet Saying: " You ' ll get yours. " McLEOD, Jack Calgary Pet Peeve: Ankle-length dresses. Favourite Saying: " How about a little gas gang. " Ambition: To follow in his three brothers ' footsteps. Hobby: Sleeping in school. MORRIS, Al _ Calgary Ambitjon: Geological engineering. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pet Saying: " Cockroach. " O ' ROURKE, Leo Calgary Favourite Sport: Handball. PASHAK, Barry Calgary Ambition: ? Pastime: Sleeping in math. Favourite Sport: Football. Pet Peeve: Homework. PASHAK, Terry Calgary Hobby: Boxing a paper bag. Favourite Saying: " Yo! Ho! I ' m here today Mr. Pitt. " Ambition: To become a better P.T. instructor than Mr. Buttle. REILLY, Jim Calgary Ambition: To kill 40 beers. Pastime: Drinking beers. Pet Peeve: I I o ' clock closing time. Pet Saying: " Give us a round, please. " ROBBINS, Barry Calgary Ambition: Geological engineering. Pastime: Sleeping. Favourite Sport: Sleeping. Pet Peeve: Getting out of bed. Pet Saying: " Man, am I tired! " RUDD, Bob Calgary Ambition: To own a pub. Pastime: Emptying beersteins. Pet Peeve: Prohibition. SCOTT, Darcy Calgary Ambition: To own an oil well. Pet Peeve: School. Favourite Sport: Hunting. Pastime: Snooker. Pet Saying: " No homework tonight. " SUITOR, Donald DeWinton Ambition: Geologist. Pastime: School. Favoourite Sport: Hockey. Pet Peeve: Girls. Pet Saying: ? THORNTON, Harold Calgary Ambition: Geological engineer. Pastime: Music (singing). Favourite Sport: Fishing. WARD, Robert Regina Pet Peeve: Too much work. WRIGHT, Fred Picture Butte Ambition: Aeronautics engineer. Pastime: Women. Favourite Sport: Parties. Pet Saying: " Skoll! " PAGE 20 MOUNT ROYAL s S3 H fflr the career opportunity of the year -J for high school students High School Students may now get a free college education while qualifying for the Queen’s Commis¬ sion in the Na y. Army or Air Force, under the Regular Officer Training Flan. Successful candidates will attend Royal Military College, Royal Roads, College Militaire Royal de Saint- Jean, or designated Canadian universities, as cadets in the Regular Forces. They will receive service pay plus board and lodging, plus tuition costs at college, will take paid training with their chosen service in summer months and on completion of academic courses, serve Canada Wp- ' ' ' as Regular Force officers with the option of release C after three years. Applicants must have Senior Matriculation or equivalent, except for College Militaire Royal de Saint- Jean, where requirement is Junior Matriculation. Age limits for College Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean are 16 to 20 on 1st January of the year of entrance, for all others 16 to 21 on 1st January of the year of entrance. Applicants must be single, physically fit, and meet officer selection standards. For full information write to the Regular Officer Training Flan Selection Board. National Defence Head- quarters. Ottawa, or to any of the following :— The Registrar, Royal Military College, Kingston, Out. The Registrar, Royal Roads, Victoria, B.C. The Registrar, College Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean, St. Jean, P.Q. ... -v ' v COLLEGE. CALGARY PAGE 21 CANADA ' S FtRSr mtiX...TH£ QUALITY CHOCOLATE BARS W w nr llTOJ PAGE 22- MOUNT ROYAL THE MESSAGE TO HIGH SCHOOL 1954-55 It is a pleasure to me to write a message to the high school. In the classroom I meet you as students; here as a friend. There ' s a difference. Here I do not have to raise my voice to call back your straying thoughts from basketball or the fascinating curls immediately in front of you. Nor shall you see any look blacker than the mild expression of inanity which photographers are so expert in catching. I will not even use italics. You can take me, or leave me, as you will. These years I have been at Mt. Royal I have pon¬ dered deeply on the student-teacher relationship. On first thought it would seem that this relationship is of the simplest nature. You (or your parents) find edu¬ cation a valuable commodity and are willing to pay money for it. We teachers are supposed to be able to deliver the goods. More than that: we usually love what we are selling you, and enjoy purveying it. Yet, in practice, it sometimes seems more like a drawn battle. Stern looks, little white slips, and little black marks are the darts and arrows that prick you into action. And the strange result of the battle is that both sides are winners—or losers—together. How could this ridiculous state of things be reme¬ died? I believe the answer lies in our concept of a school. Since the days of the birch rod and the fool ' s cap, a picture has been painted on our unconscious minds of a stern master beating knowledge into unwilling heads. Could we exchange that old picture for the pleasanter one of Mark Hopkins sitting on one end of a log and his student on the other, happily co-operating in the task of developing the student into the most valuable citizen and interesting person he is able to become? For you senior students, from whom I first learned (sometimes by the hard way, sometimes by your kind¬ ness and understanding) what Canadian students are like, I have a rather special feeling, and so I have written you some verses: You who are leaving Mount Royal, What things will you take away? Persistent pedagogue pedlars here Have badgered you with their display. " Buy, buy! " they have importuned you; " The prices are not too dear: Just a few copper hours for lines and planes And a few nickel nights for the sphere; A silver semester for science, And for music a golden year. " Here ' s a bottle of blood from old battles, A shaker of salt from the sages, And a few bright bits of beauty Snipped from the poets ' pages. Here ' s health .in a bargain bundle — Only sports and fun for the fee; Here ' s skill, and here ' s will, and here ' s friendship With a fifty-year guarantee. " And here, in wrapping of stardust, Is the biggest bauble of all; What wili you give me in exchange For this great round conjuring ball? " You who are leaving Mount Royal, How have your purses been spent? Have you picked up any good bargains here? And are you well-content? As you leave Mount Royal College, I wish you all the joy of a rich and useful life. My thoughts and my interest will follow you down through the years. KATHARINE WILLMOTT. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 23 ANDERSON, Gavan Cranbrook, B.C. Ambition: To get through M.R.C. Pet Peeve: Blondes. Favourite Sport: Hand-ball. Pastime: Cutting Dick C ' s hair. Pet Saying: " Certainly am! " ANDERSON, Robert Calgary Ambition: To help and see prosperity. Pastime: Reading and traveling. Pet Peeve: None. Favourite Sport: Hockey. ARENS, Bunny Calgary Ambition: To be an interior decorator. Pet Peeve: Home work. Favourite Sprot: Basketball. Pastime: Eating and dancing. Pet Saying: " Fabulous! " ARMSTRONG, Arthena Calgary Ambition: Home Ec. teacher. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favourite Sports: Dancing, basketball. Going out with boys. ARMSTRONG, Ken Olds Pastime: Reading and Sports. Ambition: Veterinary Medicine. Favourite Sport: Hockey. ARNELL, Ken Cochrane Ambition: To own a yellow Cadillac. Pet Peeve: Typing. Favourite Sport: Boxing. Pastime: Shooting. Pet Saying: " How can you tell? ' " AUNE, Loraine Rowley Ambition: Physio-therapy at McGill University. Pastme: Waiting for phone calls from Red Deer. Favourite Sport: Football. Pet Peeve: Getting up at 6:45 to make toast for the dorm. Pet Saying: " Quite. " AVERY, Bilk Calgary Ambition: Geologist. Pet Peeve: No spare periods this semester. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Trying to find a car to buy. Pet Saying: " No dice. " AYLESWORTH, Bob Bowness Favourite Sport: Chasing girls, and listening to Western music. Pastime: Trying to keep his car running. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Pet Saying: " Let ' s hit the saddle and ride hard. " Ambition: To be a farmer. BAMLETT, Robert Calgary Ambition: Go into the construction business. Pet Peeve: Watching women drive. Favourite Sports: Hockey and rugby. Pastime: Always having a good time. Pet Saying: " Drop dead! " PAGE 24 MOUNT ROYAL BASTIGAL, John BATEMAN, Elaine Ambition: Nurse. Pet Peeve: 7 a.m. bell. Favourite Sport: Horseba Pastime: Going home wi Pet Saving: " I ' ll never te Arrowwood BEAGLE, Marvina Ambition: Nurse. Pet Peeve: Science 30. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Mid-night previews. BEATTIE, Marion Ambition: To get an R.N Pet Peeve: Latin 30. Favourite Sport: Bicycling Pastime: Reading. Pet Saying: " Oh joy, oh rane BEDDOWS, Gerald Montgomery Ambition: Commercia I pilot. Pastime: Going to dances. Pet Peeve: Mr. Lange. Pet Saying: " I wouldn ' t worry about it. " Favourite Sport: Horse-back riding. BEFUS, Terry Calgary Terry plans to attend M.R.C. next fall to study Petroleum Engineering. BbVbKIUfeb, Brian Calgary Pet Peeve: Getting to school by 8:30 a.m. Pet Saying: " Hello, little man. " Ambition: Chartered Accountant. Pastime: Building models of any kind. Favourite Sport: Swimming. BISHOP, Brenda " Bebe " Edmonton Ambition: Veterinary surgeon. Pet Peeve: Calgary football games. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Being a little disturbance. Pet Saying: " Well, for crying over onions! " BLOOD, Wayne Estc Ambition: Tour the world. Pastime: Praising M.R.C. Pet Peeve: Farmers ' daughters. Pet Saying: " Pepsi with a glass, please. Favourite Sports: Curling and baseball, BRADY, Tom Ambition: To be a farmer. Pet Peeve: Morning alarm. Favourite Sport: Baseball. Pastime: Photography. Pet Saying: " Naturally. " COLLEGE, CALGARY BRAUN, Judy Bowness Ambition: To be a farmer ' s wife. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Favourite Sport: Horseback riding. Pastime: Strumming my guitar. Pet Saying: " Why certainly. " BROWN, N orene Munson Ambition: Air stewardess. Pet Peeve: Gavan A. in Social Studies. Favourite Sport: Badminton. Pastime: Dancing. Pet Sayng: " I ' ll bite — what? " BULL, Oliver Balzac Ambition: Learn to make a fast buck. Pet Peeve: The girls in the other rooms. Favourite Sport: Football. Pastime: Girls. Pet Saying: " Looking for trouble? " BURBANK, Irvin K. Lethbridge Ambition: Chemical engineering. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: I ' ll never tell. Pet Saying: " Scrud. " CALLAWAY, Clarence Joseph Cochrane Ambition: To make a million. Pet Peeve: Math. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Studying. Pet Saying: " What does that prove? " CHRISTENSEN, De Lon Calgary Ambition: Commercial aviation. Pastime: Flying with Calgary Reserve Squadron. Pet Peeve: Unreliable people. Pet Saying: " No sweat. " CHRISTIE, Harold Innisfail Ambiton: To be a geologist. Activities: Skiing, curling. Pastime: Walkin ' .my baby the long way home. Pet Peeve: Mr. Ariano in Latin class. CHRISTIE, Ted Calgary CLARK, Kay Cochrane Ambition: Nurse. Pet Peeve: 7:30 a.m. school bus. Favourite Sport: Curling. Pastime: Waiting for Friday nights. Pet Saying: " Horrors! " CLEVELAND, Brian Dalemead Ambition: Good-for-nothing. Pet Peeve: Room-mate. Favourite Sport: Chasing coyotes. Pastime: Chasing women. PAGE 26 MOUNT ROYAL COAD, Jean Munson Ambition: To go to Normal. Pet Peeve: Some particular slang words. Pastime: Writing letters home. Pet Saying: " I ' ll never tell. " COPITHORNE, Marshall Cochrane Ambition: Hay shoveller. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favourite Sport: Pillow fights. Pastime: Hunting. COTE, Clair Calgary DALEY, June Calgary Pet Saying: " Fiddle-faddle. " Ambition: To go to University. Pastime: Music and letter-writing. Favourite Sport: Skating. DAVIDSON, Maureen Three Hills Ambition: Do something out of the ordinary. Pet Peeve: 7:00 a.m. bell. Favourite Sport: Swimming and skating. Pastime: Day-dreaming. Pet Saying: " I give up, what is it? " DECKER, Jack Bowness Ambition: To get more than a D " from Mrs. Willmott. Pet Peeve: People like Gerry Keeling. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Ha! Pet Saying: " Then there was one. " DICK, Tommy Calgary Ambition: To obtain a senior matriculation be¬ fore joining the Air Force again. Pastime: Badminton, skating, hunting models. Pet Peeve: Going back to school again. Pet Saying: Well, I guess so! " DICKIE, Ken Calgary Ambition: To be a dentist. Pet Peeve: Women. Favourite Sport: Hockey. Pastime: Sports. Pet Saying: - - - ! " DINSLEY, Deanna Maracaibo, Venezuela Ambition: Teacher, if nothing better turns up. Pet Peeve: Waiting for long changes. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Lad from T.V. Pet Saying: " Hurry, you guys! " DUDEK, Paul H. Sundre Ambition: To be a veterinarian. Pet Peeve: Finding out we ' re having a test when the teacher hands it to you. Favourite Sport: Hunting. Pastime: No time for a pastime. Pet Saying: " He ' s a real gone guy. " COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 27 DUNCAN, Bill " Dune " Picture Butte Favourite Sport: Badminton, bowling. Pastime: Doing the tango. Pet Peeve: Math 20. Ambition: Engineer (civil). EKSTRAND, Irene Calgary Ambition: Social worker. Sports: Basketball, skating, shooting, skiing. Pastime: Sorority parties. Pet Peeve: Latin. Favourite Saying: " Let ' s go! " ERSKINE, Thomas Calgary EYMA, Anita Cochrane Pastime: Living it up. Pet Peeve: Social Studies 30. Pet Saying: " Let ' s face it. " EYMA, Jay Cochrane Ambition: Undecided. Favourite Sports: Football, dancing. Pastime: Skipping Math. Pet Peeve: Girls. FAIRBAIRN, Carol Diane Estevan Ambition: Nurse. Pet Peeve: People pulling my horsetail. Favourite Sports: Riding, skating. Pastime: Horses and boys (namely Frank). Pet Saying: " Might as well for all the time it takes. " FITZPATRICK, Delores Montgomery Ambition: To get R.N. plus psychiatric certi¬ ficate. Pastime: Playing records. FOSTER, Eileen Calgary Ambition: To become a nurse. Pastime: Boys. Pet Peeve: Social Studies. Pet Saying: " Isn ' t he cute! " Favourite Sport: Skiing. FRANKLIN, Mary Ann Cochrane Ambition: School teacher. Pastime: Going down in the lounge, sleeping. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Pet Saying: " Silly goose. " Favourite Sport: Horse-back riding, basketball. GARLAND, Art Ponoka Pet Peeve: A certain girl. Pet Saying: " Oh, all right! " Favourite Sport: Hockey, baseball. Pastime: Barbara. PAGE 28 MOUNT ROYAL Bowness GARLAND, Brian Ambition: Become a ' Forest Ranger. Pet Peeve: Riding the bus. Favourite Sport: Hockey. Pastime: Chewing gum. Pet Saying: " Ee-gads! " GARRETT, Sylvia Carbon Ambition: Nursing. Pet Peeve: Study periods. Favourite Sport: Bowling. Pastime: Boys.. Pet Saying: " Is that right? " GASKELL, Alan Seebe Ambition: To be an educated bum. Pet Peeve: My room-mate. Favourite Sport: Tennis. Pastime: Dad ' s car. Pet Saying: (censored). GERDES, Tony Calgary Ambition: Oil, hotels, restaurants, just any¬ thing. Pet Peeve: Sorry, can ' t afford any. Favourite Sport: Monkey drill (acrobatic rid¬ ing). Pastime: Tearing off these crazy door handles. Pet Saying: " I ' ll be darned! " GILCHRIST, Beverly Calgary GILMOUR, Sharon Bowness Ambition: Get through Grade 12. Pet Peeve: Little boys. Favourite Sports: Badminton, basketball. Pastime: Reading books. Pet Saying: " I believe you. " GITTUS, Mary Jean Calgary Hometown: Wherever the army sends us. Ambition: To be a physio-therapist. Pastime: Making posters. Interests: Tennis, making posters, travelling. GLANVILLE, Joyce Bowness Ambition: Nurse. Pet Peeve: Dishes. Pet Saying: " You ' re right. " Favourite Sport: Football. GLANVILLE, Phyllis Bowness Pet Peeve: Riding the bus. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Dreaming and hoping. GREEP, Robert Ambition: To help others grow and develop. Pastime: Reading, travel. Favourite Sport: Roller-skating. Pet Peeve: None. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 29 GREGORY, Helen Standard Ambition: Nursing at the Holy Cross in Feb. Pastime: Dancing. Pet Peeve: Chemistry. Pet Saying: " Mama buy me one like that. " Favourite Sport: Curling. HALLIDAY, Bill Calgary Ambition: To complete a typing exercise in less than one week. Pet Peeve: Girls who refuse my offers for dates. Pastime: S ' eeping in biology class. Favourite Obsession: Collecting telephone numbers. Favourite Possession: My little black book. HALLIS, David Calgary Favourite Sport: Sheing. Pastime: Talking back (being a parrot). Pet Peeve: " Favourites " in French. Pet Saying: " Oh yes he does. " Ambition: To be in the F.B.I. (also to write a gossip book). HARBACHUK, Steve Calgary Pet Peeve: Not enough girls. Favourite Saying: " You old bitty. " Pastime: Trying to behave myself. Ambition: Get a good dancing partner. Favourite Sports: Football, basketball, girls. HARPER, Gerry Calgary HARRINGTON, Anne Regina, Sask. Ambition: To get on Broadway and the Met. Pet Peeve: The table in Room 206, in the dorm. Favourite Sports: Skating, tennis and jiving. Pastime: Buying things I don ' t need. Pet Saying: " Any more silly questions? " HAUSWIRTH, Robert Dalemead HAWORTH, Carole Calgary Ambition: Commercial design or drafting. Pet Peeve: Math 30. Favourite Sport: Skiing. Pastime: Art. Pet Saying: " Oh great. " HAWORTH, George Lacombe Ambition: To be a doctor (go to U. of A.). HAY, Shirley Carbon " Stew " has a great time trying to convince the city-slickers that being a country girl isn ' t so dull after all. Sports, dorm escapades, " home¬ work " , and numerous " friends " consume much of her timetable. Ambition is quite undecided but-—(love those rich farmers). PAGE 30 MOUNT ROYAL HEATHMAN, Bill Calgary Ambition: To play the piano in Room 5. Pet Peeve: No comfortable chairs for sleeping. Favourite Sport: Watching basketball. Pastime: Studying?? Pet Saying: " Way to go!” HEHN, Don Montgomery Ambition: Law. Pet Peeve: The dame who thinks all men are stupid. Favourite Sport: Outdoor living. Pastime: Work. Pet Saying: " Flew through the roof. " HESS, Betty Lou Trochu Ambition: Nurse. Pet Peeve: French 30. Favourite Sport: Curling. Pastime: Homework. Pet Saying: " Nuts! " HICKEN, Bob Calgary Ambition: Forestry Engineer. Pastime: Photography. Pet Peeve: Carol Haworth. Pet Saying: " You don ' t know, do you? " Favourite Sport: Hockey. HICKS, Elaine Calgary Favourite Sport: Skiing and dancing. Pastime: Enjoying herself. Pet Peeve: " White milk " (please). Pet Saying: " Yes, it certainly is. " Ambition: Nursing. HINCHEY, Grant Kelowna, B.C. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Girls, brawls. Pet Peeve: Closing hours at the Cecil. Pet Saying: " You might say that. " Ambition: Chartered Accountant. HOLLIFI ELD, George Ambition: Get through Math. 30. Pastime: Doing homework. Favourite Sports: Swimming, golf. Pet Saying: " Fore! " HORMOTH, John Hobby: Anything that requires " siesta " . Pet Peeve: Pessimistic people. Favourite Saying: " Yes, Mr. Pitt. " Ambition: To become a man. Iron Springs no effort, HORNBY, Brian Va ncouver, B.C. Ambition: To get up for breakfast. Pastime: Wouldn ' t you like to know. Pet Peeve: Social notes. Pet Sayinq: " I had one of those but the wheels fell off. " Favourite Sport: Basketball. HOUGHTON, Pat Cal Ambition: To tour the world. Pet Peeve: Science. Favourite Sport: Tennis. Pastime: Day-dreaming. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 31 HOUSSIAN, Bill Calgary Ambition: To get a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics and Electronics. Favourite Sports: Swimming, football, chess. Pastime: Reading, and partying with girls. Pet Saying: " You ' re a good kid, but who likes good kids? " HOWELL, Chuck Calgary Ambition: To get matric. before old-age pen¬ sion. Pastime: Algebra. Pet Peeve: Assembly. Pet Saying: " Tally ho! The fox. " HOWES, Alice Bowness Ambition: To be a good wife someday. Pet Peeve: Sisters and brothers who like quar¬ relling and bother me and L.B. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: L.B. Pet Saying: " I like it. " HOWG, Lyle Pet Peeve: Raisins. Pastime: Cars. Favourite Sport: Baseball. HUGO, Francis Ambition: Civil Engineer. Pet Peeve: Girls. Favourite Sport: Baseball. Pastime: Reading. Pet Saying: " Holy cow!! " HUSBY, Dorothy Ambition: Fashion artist. Pet Peeve: Friday afternoon school. Favourite Sport: Track. Pastime: Fooling around. Pet Saying: " Gee, I don ' t know. " HUTCHINSON, Pat Ernest Cochrane Ambition: Rancher. Pastime: Leatherwork. Pet Peeve: Work. Pet Saying: " Balony. " Favourite Sport: Soccer. IRETON, Maureen Lethbridge Ambition: Physician (surgery in Lethbridge). Favourite Sport: Badminton and skating. Pastime: Painting, singing and reading medical articles. JACKSON, Evelyn Strathmore Favourite Sport: Horse-back riding. Pastime: Trying to pass Science 20 for the sec¬ ond time. Pet Peeve: Deans that get up early. Pet Saying: " Repulsive! " Ambition: To stay in M.R.C. all my life. JAKEY, Beverly Drumheller Favourite Sport: Jumping out of Room 5 win¬ dows. Pastime: Cruising down 8th Avenue on dull Sunday afternoons. Pet Saying: " So long, Dick, here comes Stevie. " Ambition: To be Dean of M.R.C. Boys ' Resi¬ dence. Enchant Three Hills Montgomery PAGE 32 MOUNT ROYAL JOHNSON, Jerry . Calgary Ambition: To be a nurse. Pastime: Swimming. Pet Peeve: Walking forty blocks a day to come to school for two periods. JULLYAN, Barbara Calgary Ambition: To be a nurse. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favourite Sport: Skating. Pastime: Boys. Pet Saying: " That ' s the way the ball bounces. " KANNGIESSER, Gary Lacombe Ambition: To be an electrician. Pastime: Shows and money. Pet Peeve: Diane and Ethel. Pet Saying: " You don ' t know, do you? " Favourite Sports: Skiing, skating, swimming. KEELING, Jerry Bowness Ambition: To pass Language. Pet Peeve: Jack Decker. Favourite Sport: Hockey. Pastimes: Hunting and girls. Pet Saying: " Then there is Decker. " KEITH, Gordon Bassano Pet Peeve: Bells at M.R.C. Pet Sayng: " How ' s that? " Ambition: Learn to jive. Pastime: Watching people dance. Favourite Sport: Swimming. KELLY, Fred Barranquilla, Colombia Pastime: Roaring around in " Bouncin ' Bertha " , a vintage Plymouth. Ambition: To become a petroleum engineer. Sports: Badminton, curling and hunting. Pet Peeve: People who own more than one ancient limousine. Pet Saying: (for use in private only). KELLY, Robert Barranquilla, Colombia Ambition: Engineer. Pastime: Stock cars. Pet Peeve: Cars that won ' t run. Favourite Sport: Stock car racing, curling. KERRY, Jean Bowness Ambition: Degree in nursing. Pet Peeve: Language rules. Favourite Sports: Basketball, volleyball. Pastime: Talking to Heather in Social class. Pet Saying: " I wish I were dead. " KING, Heather Indus Ambition: To complete Grade XII this year. Pet Peeve: Reading poetry and study periods at night. Favourite Sports: Skating, badminton. Pastime: Talking to Jean in Social class. Pet Saying: " She ' ll have a bird! " KIRBY, Marlene Milo Ambition: To be a nurse. Pastime: Playing the accordion and going home on weekends. Pet Peeve: " Lights-out " bell. Pet Saying: " Nice, eh? " Favourite Sports: Curling, skating, badminton. COLLEGE, CALGARY KISH, Nell Elizabeth Hubalta Ambition: A vine-covered cottage in the valley for two. Pet Peeve: People who lack courtesy at M.R.C. Favourite Sports: Baseball, wrestling. Pastimes: Singing, homework, men. Pet Saying: " Cripes! " LACEY, Sandra Calgary Ambition: Choreographer. Pet Peeve: Science. Favourite Sport: Water skiing. Pastime: Watching T-V. Pet Saying: " Next. " LANGLEY, Roy Montgomery Ambition: Undecided. Favourite Sport: Rugby. Pastime: Reading. Pet Peeve: Lack of money. Pet Saying: " He looks like a Communist to me. " LARIBAY, Doreen Ogden Ambition: Policewoman. Pastime: Boys. Pet Peeve: Dishes. Pet Saying: " Wow! You do know how. " Favourite Sport: Rugby. LATHWELL, Bob Cochrane Ambition: Petroleum engineer. Pet Peeve: Latin. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Listening to " juke boxes " . Pet Saying: " That ' s a classical deal. " LEFTON, Sandra Port Arthur, Ont. Ambition: Lab. technician. Pastime: Going to hockey games. Pet Peeve: Mathematics. Favourite Sport: Ping-pong. Pet Saying: " Eh! " LENGERKE, Walter Fort Macleod Ambition: To be a doctor. Sports: Basketball, flying, hockey, swimming, golf. Pastime: Going to Medicine Hat. Favourite Saying: " You too can have a build like this, if you aren ' t careful. " LEWINGTON, Corinne Bowness Ambition: Nurse. Pastime: Cooking. Pet Peeve: Homework. Pet Saying: " Holy cow. " Favourite Sport: Baseball. LEWIS, Gordon Cochrane Ambition: To shack up for 3 months. Pastime: Wine, women, song. Pet Saying: " But that ' s aw ' right. " Favourite Sport: Rugby. LINN, Barrie PAGE 34 MOUNT ROYAL LUCAS, John MALMBERG, Bob Calgary Spring Coulee MARLOR, John Calgary MARSH, Thomas B. Vancouver, B.C. Ambition: To be an architect. Pastime: Bridge, sketching. Pet Peeve: French. Favourite Saying: " You ' ve got to be broad¬ minded about it. " Sports: Swimming. MARTIN, Lois Duncan, B.C. Ambition: To make something worthwhile out of life. Pet Peeve: Gas tanks that register empty and are empty. Favourite Sport: Flying low between 8 and 8:30 in the mornings. Pastime: Sharpening my eyesight for radar road patrols. Pet Sayin g: " What ' s your beef, chief? " MARTIN, Bob Bowness Ambition: To be a rich man. Pet Peeve: Long hair. Favourite Sport: Football. Pastime: Spending money. Pet Saying: " Yea man! " MATHER, Susan Banff Favourite Sports: Skiing, swimming, dancing. Pastime: Enjoying herself, cheer-leading. Pet Peeve: School. Pet Saying: " It certainly is. " Ambition: Nursing at V.G.H. MAW, Bill Calgary Ambition: To get out of school. Pet Peeve: Hoods. Pastime: Shaking hands. Favourite Obsession: Skipping assemblies. Favourite Possessions: My school books. MAWDSLEY, Les Chinook Ambition: To be a lawyer. Pastime: Sleeping. Pet Peeve: Moore. MAYNE, Mary Lou Toronto Favourite Sport: Skiing. Pastime: Jim Standford. Pet Peeve: Math. Pet Saying: " Semi-terrific! " Ambition: Nursing. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 35 MEDHURST, Pat Calgary Ambition: Stenographer. Pastime: Going to shows. Pet Peeve: School. Favourite Sport: Table tennis. Pet Saying: " Oh, yeah! " MELIDONIS, Effie Athens, Greece Ambition: To have a 48-hour day. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the mornings. Favourite Sport: Volleyball. Pastime: Swimming. Pet Saying: " I don ' t know. " MELROSE, Jerry Montgomery Ambition: Military. Pet Peeve: School. Favourite Sport: Archery. Pastime: Reading. MICHIEL, Ethel Calgary Ambition: To master French. Pastime: Going to shows with ? Pet Peeve: Snobs. Pet Saying: - - - ! " Favourite Sport: Basketball. MILLAR, Danny Calgary Ambition: Aeronautical engineer. Pastime: Flirting and holding hands in class with Barbara. Pet Peeve: Home-room teacher. Pet Saying: (censored). Favourite Sport: Swimming, rugby, skating. MILTON, Pat Eston, Sask. Ambition: Nurse. Pet Peeve: Getting up at 7 a.m. Favourite Sport: Softball. Pet Saying: " Heavens to Betsy! " MILVAIN, Brian Calgary Ambition: Royal Roads. Pet Peeve: This nauseating place. Pastime: Trying to get out of Assembly. Pet Saying: " This nauseating place. " MONTGOMERY, Robert Calgary MOORE, Marilyn Cochrane Ambition: To travel and learn foreign lan¬ guages. Pet Peeve: Practising and doing homework. Pastime: Disrupting the peace of the dorm. Favourite Possession: Sax. MOORE, James Frederick Roger Seven Persons Ambition: To be an engineer. Pet Peeve: Social Studies. Favourite Sport: Badminton. Pastime: Raising Cain and arguing. Pet Saying: " What goes on aboard this ship? " PAGE 36 MOUNT COYAI MORRIS, Walter ' Cochrane Ambition: Commander of the Canadian Army. Pet Peeve: Social Studies 30. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Sleeping. Pet Saying: " If everybody had their own. " MULLEN, Mike Calgary Pet Peeve: Nothing to do on weekends. Pet Saying: " Well, now, I wouldn ' t say that. " Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. Pastime: Going over to Central. Favourite Sport: Golf, skiing. MURPHY, Graham Calgary McCURDY, Joan Montgomery Ambition: To get my Grade 12. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Sketching and reading. Pet Saying: " Hey Barbara, Joyce, wait for me! " MACDONALD, Bob Bowness Ambition: University education. Pastime: Homework, sports. Pet Peeve: Teachers who lock doors. Pet Saying: " Who am I to differ? " MACDONALD, Jim Ambition: To be a quadriilionaire. Pet Peeve: Boys named Decker. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Raising white kangaroos Russians. Bowness for the McHATTIE, Don Calgary Ambition: ? Pastime: Motorcycles. Favourite Sport: At drive-in theatres. Pet Peeve: A woman ' s mind. MACKINNON, Diane Calgary Ambition: To marry Eugene. Pastime: Eugene. Pet Peeve: Perry and Garry. Pet Saying: " Eugene can. " Favourite Sport: Swimming. McKINNON, Eileen Bowness Ambition: Nurse. Pastime: Watching T-V. Pet Peeve: Boys. Favourite Sport: Baseball. Pet Saying: " Wouldn ' t that frost you! " McKOEN, Ron Shepard Ambition: Farmer. Pet Peeve: English. Favourite Sport: Rugby. Pastime: Hunting, fishing. Pet Saying: " How do you spell this? " COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 37 Mor|ey McLaren, Ken Ambition: To be a bum. Pet Peeve: Liberace. Pastime: Poker. Favourite Sport: Marbles. Favourite Saying: ' Hey Agnes! " McLELLAN, Betty Calgary Pet Peeve: Homework. Pastime: Homework, cheerleading. Favourite Sport: Volleyball, horseback riding. Ambition: Nurse and to travel. Hobbies: Arguing with Dwight. McLEOD, Lyn Edmonton Favourite Sports: Skiing, picking up girls. Pastime: Sleeping in Math. Pet Saying: " Certainly. " Ambition: To have a good time. McNEILL, Mary Calgary Ambition: Nurse. Pet Peeve: Math, and Math, teachers. Favourite Sport: Skating. Pet Saying: " Oh, my gosh! " McPHERSON, Grace " Mac " Cochrane Ambition: Nurse or stenographer. Pet Peeve: Boys with bowties. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: T-V. McVEY, Noelle Luscar Ambition: U.ofA. Sports: Skating and swimming. Pastime: Skating. Pet Peeve: Shepherd ' s pie and meat loaf. Favourite Saying: " Icky poo! " NAIRN, Susan Calgary Ambition: To work in the Canadian foreign office. Pet Peeve: People who chew gum. Favourite Sport: Riding. Pastime: Running into other people ' s cars. Pet Saying: " Lordy me! " NELSON, Mary Calgary This popular young miss takes care of the social life of many (her own well included). Her in¬ terests take in a wide scope: sports, meetings, schoolwork, and mainly Central ' s football team. (Dig that left tackle). NELSON, Ralph High River Ambition: To be an engineer. Pet Peeve: French teachers. Favourite Sport: Hockey. Pastime: Anything to do with sport. Pet Saying: " Gee, I ' m a lucky guy! " NELSON, Werthy " Butch " Calgary Ambition: Lawyer or clergyman. Pastime: Water, women and song. Pet Peeve: Room-mates who don ' t go to sleep at nights. Pet Saying: " Mike, we ' re up the creek again. " Favourite Sports: Basketball, baseball. PAGE 38 MOUNT ROYAL COLLEGE, CALGARY NESBITT, Ida - Calgary Ambition: To be a pharmacist. Pastime: Riding horses. Pet Peeve: " Lights-out " bell. Pet Saying: " I ' ll never tell. " Favourite Sport: Baseball. NIELSEN, Svend " Butch " Standard NISGARD, John Calgary Ambition: Architect or contractor. Pastime: School. Pet Saying: " Dimmit dammit! " Favourite Sport: Football. NORTHFIELD, Donna Midnapore Favourite Sports: Riding and skating. Pastime: That Ariano. Pet Peeve: Pestering boys at M.R.C. Pet Saying: " Aw, shut up. " Ambition: To travel the world. (To get to Montreal next year). NOULLET, Joyce Jasper Ambition: Physical Education or nursing. Pet Peeve: French teacher. Favourite Sport: Skiing, skating, swimming, badminton. Pastime: Playing crinkle-fender. NOWLIN, Nelda Cochrane Favourite Sport: Skating, swimming. Pastime: Short-story writing. Pet Peeve: Math. Pet Saying: " Move over, I ' m cold. " Ambition: Teacher. OLSON, John Havana, Cuba Ambition: To be a geologist. Pet Peeve: 7:45 bell. Favourite Sports: Swimming and baseball. Pastime: Listening to Butch play the clarinet. Pet Saying: " Cripes! " PATMORE, Edith Bowness Ambition: Nurse. Pastime: Going to shows. Pet Peeve: Math, (especially geometry and the teacher). Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pet Saying: " Do you want to bet? " “’ATTERSON, Bob Calgary Ambition: Farming. Pet Peeve: Homework on weekends. Favourite Sports: Hockey, volleyball. Pastime: Duck-hunting, fishing. PAUL, Bonnie Bowness Pet Peeve: Teachers who give homework over the weekends. Ambition: Not sure. Pastime: Teaching tumbling. Favourite Sport: Tumbling, baseball, skating, swimming. Favourite Saying: " Comes the revolution. " PAGE 39 Montgomery PENSTOCK, Herbie Ambition: Scientist. Pet Peeve: Girls. Favourite Sport: Baseball. Pastime: Falling asleep in science period. Pet Saying: " Oh, you beanbrain! " PEPPER, Gerald Cochrane Ambition: To become a radio technician. Pet Peeve: Doing homework. Pastime: Teasing the cooks in the Coffee Bar in Cochrane. Favourite Possession: Mingo (bull dog). PETERSEN, Corinne POFFENROTH, Robert Ambition: Civil engineer. Favourite Sport: Hockey. Pastime: Hunting and sports. Pet Saying: " Getting up George? " Calgary DeWinton for breakfast, PRYSKO, Joan Rosyth Favourite Sports: Swimming, curling, dancing. Pastime: Shooting the rapids between Louise and Mewata bridges. Pet Peeve: Crazy, mixed-up little Math, pro¬ fessors. Pet Saying: " Real gone. " Ambition: To travel and be a writer. PURCELL, Marybelle Calgary PURDY, Andy Calgary Favourite Sports: Fishing, necking (outdoor type). Pastime: Hunting. Pet Peeve: No cocktail bars in Alberta. Ambition: Chemical engineer. PYLE, Sharen Marguerite North Hollywood, Calif. Ambition: To be a concert pianist. Pet Peeve: B.H. and the days when Carole doesn ' t get the car. Favourite Sports: Dancing and horseback riding. Pastime: I ' ll never tell. Pet Saying: " I can resist anything but tempta¬ tion. " RASMUSEN, Peter Cayley Ambition: Geological engineering. Pet Peeve: Teachers who squeal on skippers. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: All interesting items. Pet Saying: " Yeh! Yeh! " RASMUSSEN, Jim Calgary Ambition: To be a high school teacher. Pet Peeve: " Deep-freeze " in 104. Favourite Sport: Hockey. Pastime: Watching T-V. Pet Saying: " Somebody ' s boobed! " PAGE 40 MOUNT ROYAL REILLY, Sylvia Cochrane Ambition: Teacher. Pastime: Horses and singing. Pet Peeve: Geometry and one certain person asking what time it is. Pet Saying: " Wow! " Favourite Sport: Horseback riding. ROBB, Margaret Calgary Ambition: To drive a car. Pet Peeve: Getting up. Favourite Saying: " Some hope. " Pastime: Reading. Favourite Sport: " Scrabble " . RUDOLPH, Gwen Dalemead This mischievous " wee” lassie hails from Dale- mead, the land of fhe " stubble-jumpers " . Rudy tries anything in the sports line, male line, and mainly food line!! Her favourite sayings — range. RUTHERFORD, Aileen Kelowna, B.C. Favourite Sports: Basketball, tennis, swimming. Pet Saying: " What ' s with you? " Pet Peeve: Jiving. Pastime: Waiting for the weekends. RYDER, Margaret Bowness Ambition: School teaching. Pastime: ? Pet Peeve: Onions. Pet Saying: " You ' d be surprised. " Favourite Sport: Swimming. SCHMALTZ, Beverly Anne Lethbridge Ambition: Nurse. Pet Peeve: Math, tests. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Reading. Pet Saying: " Is that right? " SCOTT, Heather Cochrane Ambition: To be a school teacher and a ranch¬ er ' s wife. Pet Peeve: Those everlasting buzzers and horse- Favourite Sports: Basketball, baseball, all i door sports. Pastime: Take a guess. Pet Saying: " Jeepers, you ' re awful. " SEVERSEN, Keath Ambition: Travelling and engineering Sports: Canoeing, swimming. Pet Peeve: Ionic equations. Expression: " Why? " SHANNON, Dick SHARPE, Alice Ambition: To don the ni Pet Peeve: Math. Favourite Sport: Curling Pastime: Horseback ridir Pet Saying: " Oh you! " rane COLLEGE, CALGARY SHERWOOD, Jim Lethbridge Ambition: To be an architect. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Sleeping. SHYPITKA, Pauline Elsie Cranbrook, B.C. Ambition: ? Pastime: Needlework, reading. Favourite Sport: Bowling, badminton, curling. Pet Peeve: That Mount Royal isn ' t in Edmonton. Pet Saying: " Don ' t bug me. " SIBBALD, Ed Cochrane Ambition: Geologist. Pet Peeve: Latin and the Romans. Favourite Sport: Hockey. Pastime: Trying to keep from doing Latin home¬ work. Pet Saying: " Get a clue, eh! " SIBBALD, Wayne Cochrane Ambition: Rancher. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favourite Sport: Hockey. Pastime: Hunting. Pet Saying: " Drop dead! " SINCLAIR, Jerry " Sine " Calgary SKARSTOL, Marie Calgary Ambition: Nurse. Pastime: Going steady. Pet Peeve: Hardie T. Pet Sayinq: " Is that right? " Favourite Sport: " Skating, skiing, swimming. SPENCER, Buck STEARNS, Don Lethbridge Montgomery STEEVES, Leona Cochrane Pastimes: Skating, swimming. Favourite Saying: " Oh, you joker! " Pet Peeve: Carrying books home for homework that won ' t be done anyway. Favourite Sports: Skating, swimming, vol ' eybalL STEWART, Kelvin Calgary Ambition: Civil engineer. Sports: Touch-football, curling. Pastime: Photography. Pet Peeve: Monday mornings. Favourite Saying: " But, sir, why? " PAGE 42 MOUNT ROYAL . ■ STOREY, Mae Ambition: Nurse. Sports: Softball. Pastime: Horseback riding. Pet Peeve: Engineers of ' 54. Favourite Saying: " I love you, too STROM E, Lois Ambition: To be a nurse. Pastime: Watching T-V. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pet Peeve: Boys. Bowness STRYKER, Dorothy " Dot 1 rspaw Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Holding her own with those stunned Cochrane boys. Pet Peeve: Wayne. Pet Saying: " You ' re not kidding. " Ambition: To be a farmer ' s wife. STRYKER, Floyd Orion, Alta Ambition: To be a rancher. Pastime: Riding horses. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favourite Saying: " Drop dead! " Favourite Sport: Baseball. STUART, Carol Ambition: To be a Navy nurse. Pet Peeve: Going to school. Favourite Sport: Football. Pet Saying: " Oh, dear! " TANNER, Mary Ambition: To get to U.B.C. Pet Peeve: Trying to get to schoo Pastime: Having a ball. Favourite Song: " I ' ll walk alone, love me. " TEGHTMEYER, Ken Cochrane Ambition: Dairy farming. Pastime: Running the ' 29. Pet Peeve: Cochrane boys. Pet Saying: " You ' re hot! " Favourite Sport: Baseball, curling. TEGHTMEYER, Robb Leslie Cochrane Ambition: Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Pastime: That ' s none of your business. Pet Peeve: That depends. Pet Saying: " Supply a feather with your joke. " Favourite Sport: Curling. TERZI, Richard C Ambition: Not decided. Favourite Sport: Football. Pastime: Redheads in the Chinook Room Pet Peeve: Kim. Pet Saying: " Bring on the girls. " THOMAS, Shirley Ambition: To go to varsity. Pastime: Skipping classes. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pet Peeve: Scoring goals for Varsity Pet Saying: " Crunch. " COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 43 THOMPSON, George Coc Ambition: To be a civil engineer. Pet Peeve: Latin. Pastime: Keeping out of trouble. Favourite Obsession: Money. Favourite Sport: Hockey. VERNON, Sylvia Ambition: To be a millionaire. Favourite Expression: " Gotta dime? Pastime: Vacuuming the cat. Favourite Sport: Russian roulette. rane VISSER, Alex Bowness Ambition: Service after Grade II or 12. Pet Peeve: School. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Playing pool. Pet Saying: " I wouldn ' t worry about it. " WADDELL, Allen " Woody " Bowness Ambition: To be a mechanic. Pastime: Going to shows and dances. Pet Peeve: Shy girls. Pet Saying: " You ' d be surprised. " Favourite Sports: Rugby and hockey. WAKEFORD, Carol M WAKEFORD, Pat E. ( Ambition: To get through Grade Pet Peeve: Homework. Favourite Sport: Bowling. Pastime: A boy-friend. Pet Saying: " Ee-gads, man! " WALKER, Ron Ambition: To become a chemical engir Pet Peeve: Girls. Favourite Sport: Shooting. Pet Saying: " I don ' t know. " Pastime: Shooting. WALLACE, Nora Lee Ambition: Reporter. Pet Peeve: Talkative people. Favourite Sport: Horseback riding Pet Saying: " Oh, is that right? " rane WARD, Joan Ambition: U. of A. Pet Peeve: Room inspect Pet Saying: " Oh! " Favourite Sport: Softball Pastime: Running around Arrowv ood WARDELL, Perry Ambition: Pharmacist. Pastime: Girls. Pet Peeve: Diane and Ethel. Pet Saying: " That ' s right. " Favourite Sport: Basketball, skating MOUNT ROYAL PAGE 44 WATSON, Ron WEDDELL, Barbara - Calgary Ambition: B.Sc. in Nursing or Physio-Therapy. Pastime: Behaving myself. Pet Peeve: Boys in general?? Favourite Sports: Swimming, badminton. Pet Saying: Wouldn ' t you like to know? Don ' t worry, it’s censored. WEICKER, Carole Calgary Ambition: To marry a Mountie. Pet Peeve: City Police. Favourite Sport: Chasing R.C.M.P. cars. Pastime: Going out with a certain Mountie. Pet Saying: " I always get my man. " WELCH, Giles Calgary Ambition: To be a pro golfer. Favourite Sports: Golf, basketball. Pastime: Girls sleeping in Math. Pet Peeve: Drips. Pet Saying: Gee what a ball last night! " WELK, Lorraine Lorrie " Norman Wells, N.W.T. Favourite Sport: Bowling. Pastime: Art, music, dancing. Pet Peeve: Math. Pet Saying: " Dig this. " Ambition: Nursing. WHITFIELD, Brenda Cochrane Ambition: Teacher. Pet Peeve: The daily bus to school. Favourite Possession: A C.H.S. ring. Pastime: Taking life easy during the weekend. Activities: Baseball, hockey (spectator), horse¬ back riding. WILLIAMS, Diane Calgary Ambition: To skate and then get married. Pet Peeve: Anything to do with school except sports and boys. Favourite Sport: Figure skating. Pastime: Sports and going out with boys. Pet Saying: " Oh brother! " WOLFMAN, Gregg Bassano Ambition: To succeed in being successful. Sports: Bowling ,and badminton. Pastime: Drama. Pet Peeve: Louise. Favourite Saying: " What a gal! " WOOD, Larry Calgary Ambition: Radio. Pet Peeve: Ann Harrington ' s hair. Favouirte Sport: Black Jack. Pastime: Teasing Jim Steadman. Pet Saying: " Wake up, Jim. " WRIGHT, Charlotte Irricana Ambition: Private secretary. Favourite Saying: Don ' t do anything I wouldn ' t. " Sports: Horseback riding, badminton, curling. Hobb ies: 4-H Club, gardening, dancing. Pet Peeve: Red barns. COLLEGE, CALGARY Bowness YANKE, Gloria Ambition: Stenographer. Pastime: Boys. Pet Peeve: School. Favourite Sport: Baseball. Pet Saying: " Oh! Shoot! " YOUNG, Valerie Bowness Ambition: To be either a nurse or an airline stewardess. Pastime: Reading. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pet Saying: " Heavens! " ALLAN, Larry Ambition: Pass Math. 30. Pastime: Skipping classes. Favourite Saying: Unprintable. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pet Peeve: Homework. ALLAN, Roy Bowness Ambition: Very little. Pastime: Driving the car. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pet Peeve: Brothers who lose the car keys. BARKLEY, Bernard Springbank Ambition: Farmer, rancher. Pet Peeve: School. Pet Saying: ' More money than Carter has pills. " Favourite Sport: Skating. BARTELEN, Edmond Strathmore Favourite Sports: Hockey, tennis. Pastime: Sleeping. Pet Peeve: Traffic lights and cops. Pet Saying: " Don ' t know. " Ambition: Someday to pass Math. 20. BAXTER, Ian Calgary Ambition: B.Sc. in Forestry. Pet Peeve: French. Favourite Sport: Skiing. Pastime: Billie. BONANG, Brian Bowness Favourite Sport: Girls (dancing at Delmars). Pastime: Chasing butterflies and Hank Snow. Pet Peeve: High heels and popular music. Pet Saying: " Ya, rub. " Ambition: To get out of Mt. Royal (then to become a Doukebour). BRASSO, Einar Calgary Ambition: Dope peddler. Pastime: Basketball. Favourite Sport: Women. BURY, Douglas Calgary Favourite Sport: Dancing at Arthur Murray ' s. Pastime: Girls and parties. Pet Peeve: Being beaten at Math. Pet Saying: " Aw lemme see it. " Ambition: To get back to Edmonton. CATLEY, Maurice Calgary Ambition: D.V.M. Favourite Sport: Skiing. COUSINEAU, Dick Castor Ambition: Learn Modern Jazz Har mony. Pastime: Trying to find a " cooler " sound. Pet Peeve: Cowboy and hit parade music. Favourite Saying: Unprintable. FIELDBERG, Harold Bindloss Ambition: I ' ll never tell. Pet Peeve: Roger M. Favourite Sport: Dribblin ' . Pastime: Dancing (?) FINSTAD, Ken Pendant d ' Oreille Ambition: Medicine. Pastime: Loafing. Favourite Sport: Baseball. Pet Peeve: Price of gas. Pet Saying: " You idiot. " FLANAGAN, Wallace Bassano Ambition: None at present. Sports: Baseball, swimming. Pastime: Hunting (anything?) Pet Saying: " Couldn ' t matter less. " Pet Peeve: French (which I dropped.) FULLERTON, Steve Bragg Creek Ambition: A teacher at M.R.C. Pastime: Censored. Pet Peeve: Women. Pet Saying: " Is that right? " Favourite Sport: Hockey. GLANVILLE, Walter Bowness Ambition: Forestry. Favourite Sports: Football, hockey. GRAHAM, Charlene Raymond Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Thumbing rides with these real gone engineers. Pet Peeve : Married men who don ' t concentrate on their wives. Pet Saying: " Don ' t y ' dare or I ' ll slap ya. " Ambition: To be a nurse. Bowness PAGE 46 MOUNT ROYAL GRASSWICK, Hugh Calgary Ambition: To be a mechanical engineer. Pet Peeve: Girls that talk. Favourite Sport: Hunting (with a gun). Pastime: Going from Calgary to Banff and back to Calgary. IVERSON, Joyce Bowness Ambition: To ba nurse. Pet Peeve: Accordion lessons. Favourite Sport: Volleyball. Pastime: Being a nuisance. Pet Saying: " Why don ' t you act your age, for once? " IVERSON, Lawrence " Blades " Bowness Favourite Sport: Horseback riding. Pastime: Rugby, cleaning the barn. Pet Peeve: Stage coaches with motors. Pet Saying: " Dig that crazy wrangler. " Ambition: Raising plow horses. JACQUES, Leo Calgary Ambition: To pass out. Pet Peeve: Friends ' girl friends. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: S. J. Pet Saying: " Hi! " JAMIESON, Phillip Calgary Favourite Sport: Skiing. Pastime: Karin. Pet Peeve: Girls. Pet Saying: " Oh Karin! Stop! " Ambition: To get through school. JOSEPHSON, Albert Calgary Ambition: To be a clergyman. Favourite Sport: Hockey. Pastimes: Reading and music. KAIL, Jim Bowness Ambition: Aeronautical engineer (rich one, of course). Pet Peeve: Taking out Perry ' s girl, and women in general. Favourite Sports: Swimming, football, skiing, and hunting. Pastime: Model airplanes, rockets. KOHN, Betty Claire Medicine Hat Ambition: To go to university. Pet Peeve: Residence night-life and food. Favourite Sport: Skating. Pastime: Men!! Pet Saying: " Who needs you? " LEE, Edward Calgary Ambition: To finish school before 1965. Pastime: Pushing little balls with sticks. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pet Peeve: Doing homework. °et Saying: Censored. LEMMON, Bill Calgary Pet Peeve: T.V. Pet Saying: " Touj ours Gay. " Ambition: World traveler. Pastime: Records and homework. Favourite Sports: Mountain climbing and skiing. LEWINGTON, Gwen Bowness Ambition: To finish school. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favourite Sports: Baseball, basketball. Pastime: D. H. Pet Saying: " Jeepers. " MACK, Margaret Calgary Ambition: University of Toronto. Pet Peeve: Short phone calls. Pastime: Skipping assembly. Favourite Obsession: Men! Favourite Possession: White angora sweater that sheds. MORGAN, Faye Vancouver Ambition: Lady wrestler. Pastime: Poker. Favourite Sport: White rabbit. Pet Peeves: Males without cars. Pet Saying: " Beans! " MORRIS, Dick Bowness Favourite Sport: Hockey, dancing at Arthur Murray ' s. Pastime: Bookworm. Pet Peeve: Brian Bonang ' s singing. Pet Saying: " Say! Rub. " (then he hits something.) Ambition: Business admnisitration, builindg model airplanes. MORRISON, Neil Calgary Ambition: Geologist. Pet Peeve: Aikens. Favourite Sports: Skiing, football, curling. Pastime: Studying. McKENDRY, Marion Lethbridge Ambition: Nurse. Pastime: Living it up! Pet Peeve: Twelve o ' clock curfew. Pet Saying: " What ' s it to you? " Favourite Sports: Basketball, swimming, golf. McLENNAN, Keith Calgary Ambition: To retire rich at 34. Pastimes: Y.M.C.A., football golf. Pet Peeve: Stop lights in Calgary. Pet Saying: " What do you know? " McPHERSON, Ron Toronto Pet Peeve: No mixed drinking. Pet Saying: " Draw 2. " Ambition: Perennial schoolboy. Pastime Baseball. Favourite Sport: Baseball. POWELL, Jim Calgary Sports: Hockey, football. Pastime: Watching other people dance. Pet Peeve: Dancing. PUCKETT, Jerry Calgary Favourite Sport: Chesterfield rugby. Pet Peeve: Math. 20. Pet Saying: Unprintable. Ambition: None whatsoever. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 47 RAMAGE, Bill Bowness Pastime: Skipping French and forgetting my bus tickets. Pet Saying: " I was sick. " Ambition: Linguist. RHODES, Dwight Calgary Ambition: To finish school. Pastime: Watching T.V., doing homework. Favourite Sports: Hunting, fishing. Pet Peeve: Homework. RILEY, Bob Calgary Pet Peeve: Aiken ' s checkers. Favourite Sport: Curling. Pet Saying: Censored. Pastime: Joyce. ROGERS, Keith Bowness Favourite Sport: Working on his " Ford. " Pastime: Still working on his " Ford. " Pet Peeve: Someone ribbing him about his car. Pet Saying: " Don ' t get excited, girls, it ' s only me. " Ambition: To lose this halo, and be a bad boy. ROGERS, Sylvia Bowness Ambition: To be a nurse. Pet Peeve: Homework. Pastime: Watching T.V. Pet Saying: " Somebody goofed. " RYPIEN, Robert Coleman Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Writing poems. Ambition: To be a poet.- STEVENSON, Lewis Calgary Ambition: Bartender. Pastime: Basketball, football. Pet Peeve: Cost of beer. Pet Saying: " Let ' s go to the show. " TURNBULL, Hardie Calgary Ambition: Go to university. Pet Peeve: Marie S. Favourite Sports: Hunting, skiing. Pastime: Girls. Pet Saying: " Oh yeah! " TWA, Donald Ponoka Ambition: Rancher. Pastime: Girls. Favourite Sports: Hockey, curling, missing Latin. Pet Peeve: Mr. Ariano. Pet Saying: " Go on home. " VERIGEN, Percy Favourite Sport: Baseball, basketball. Pastime: Smoking a pipe. Pet Peeve: Blond es. Pet Saying: " Because of you. " Ambition: To go to Oklahoma. WADDELL, Jim Ambition: Cartoonist. Pastime: Drawing and singing. Pet Peeve: Dishes and my sister. Favourite Sports: Basketball, hockey. WALLACE, Bruce Ambition: Architectural engineering. Pet Peeve: Latin 30. Pastime: Not doing Latin 30 homework. Favourite Sport: Baseball. Favourite Saying: " I don ' t know. " WATSON, Fred L. Calgary Ambition: R.C.M.P., or a boxer. Pet Peeve: The girl fr iend. Favourite Sport: Boxing. Pastime: Y.M.C.A. Pet Saying: " Yeh! Yeh! " WHYTE, Laura Bownes: Pet Peeve: A certain teacher. Pet Saying: " Is that right? " Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Jack F. WONG, Poi Sam Bud Ambition: To do something great for the world. But I have not made up my mind yet. What will I do? Pastime: Shows, playing ball. Favourite Sport: Skiing. Pet Peeve: None. Blackie Bowness High River Life Life is a game, Which all must play, Each in his own And untried way. Life is a challenge, Her rules but two — Do what you love And love what you do. Life is a battle And each must choose His way to walk in — Win — or lose. Life has one motto — Strive till you drop For the way is rocky, And few reach the top. NELDA NOWLIN. PAGE 48 MOUNT ROYAL §gf£ ARTS nd - rriSfvEBsiTv PETROLEUM V AND 7 OTHER 1 ENGINEERING ,( COURSES. ] HIGH SCHOOL GRADES X, XI and XII SEMESTER SYSTEM COMBINED HIGH SCHOOL AND COMMERCIAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC Prepare yourself for a successful future, equipped with the sound educational foundation available through Mount Royal College — ■Southern Alberta ' s outstanding educational institution. New modem classrooms. Dr. G. D, Stanley Gymnasium, High aca¬ demic standing. Cultural back¬ ground. RESIDENTIAL AND DAY STUDENTS For a free copy of our new illustrated prospectus write the Registrar. MOUNT ROYAL COLLEGE CALGARY, ALBERTA COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 49 Because she knows that she ' s casually correct for winter sporting events and protected by the pure wool that gives extra warmth without extra weight. And the colors are exciting . . . plain sky blue, light green, and gold as well as the popular red with black band. Sizes 12 to 20. Terms: Pay only $5. down and 6 monthly payments of 7.75. " Bay " Women ' s Sportswear . . . Second Floor Because they know that famous Hudson ' s Bay Point Blanket Coats are tailored in the finest ' Point Blanket ' material to give warmth without weight. Double breasted Mackinaw style; two breast pockets and two patch pockets; all round belt and large collar. Scarlet color with black band, camel with dark band or multi-stripes. Sizes 36-46. EACH Terms: Pay only $5.95 down and 6 monthly payments of 9.35. “Bay " Men ' s Clothing . . . Main Floor ihccsporatsp ar may lezo. PAGE 50 MOUNT ROYAL MESSAGE TO She (Commercial School 1954-55 Each year, it becomes necessary to say farewell to a class of young people who are graduating, and going out into the world to try their skills against competition in the business world. By the time you read this, you too will be earning your own living and spending it too. Now, you will be acquiring a new respect — maybe admiration — for the people, like your parents, who have been able to take whatever they could earn, and make it stretch so as to provide security for you, and sometimes a few luxuries. You will be under the necessity of learning that, now truiy, your " yea " must mean " yea " and your " nay " must mean precisely that, without the slightest qualifi¬ cation. Then, too, you are finding yourself free to choose, — what you will do, where you will go, and how you will act. It is not necessary for me to remind you that " as you sow, so shall you reap. " You are finding out the truth of that now. But I will add another statement to it. You wili be paid for what you do, from here on. Sometimes you may receive less than the wage to which you feel yourself entitled; but you must remember that there are two kinds of wages, and that varying poHions of your remuneration can be had in happiness and contentment. Do not forget, though, that you do get paid, and be sure that the wages are going to be satisfactory. So, as a bit of farewell advice, honor your parents, keep your word and consider the reward of your efforts. J. W. HEPBURN. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE ARCTANDER, Greta Forest Lawn Ambition: To become a good stenographer. Pastime: Playing the piano and tap-dancing. AUSTIN, Bill Kimberley, B.C. Ambition: To get Mel and Bud up at 7:00 a.m. Favourite Sport: Bowling. Pastime: Music. Pet Peeve: Shorthand. Pet Saying: " Do you want to get up early, Bud? " BEATTY, Pat Red Deer Ambition: To get through shorthand. Pet Peeve: People who complain. Pet Saying: " Wow! " Favourite Sport: Water skiing. Pastime: Doing anything but work. BESENHOFER, Hilda Bellevue Ambition: Petroleum secretary. Pet Peeve: Shorthand. Favourite Sport: Skiing and skating. Pastime: Waiting for a chance to get to Banff. Pet Saying: " I sure gotta charge outta that. " BRA1Z, Donna Mae Pincher Creek Ambition: To become a secretary before a wife. Pet Peeve: C.T.S. and the weekends. Favourite Sport: I like them all. Pastime: Writing letters and eating. Pet Saying: " You know what I mean. " COURT, Isabel Picture Butte Ambition: To beat Anita in bowling. Favourite Sport: Bowling. Pastime: I ' ll never tell. Pet Peeve: Bald bus drivers. Pet Saying: " Man, that ' s real killing. " DEXTER, Walter Gibson Calgary Ambition: Big-shot, businessman. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Art. Pet Peeve: Thinking. Pet Saying: " I don ' t know. " DIACHYSHYN, Dorothy Admiral, Sask. Ambition: Sec. Pet Peeve: Shorthand. Favourite Sport: Curling. Pastime: Writing letters. Pet Saying: " Oh, gadds. " DRUMMOND, Norma Ponoka Ambition: To be a R.R.L. Pastime: Yelling at Del. Favourite Sport: Badminton. Pet Peeve: Bills and stairs. Pet Saying: " I don ' t know. " FOSTER, Barbara Alix Ambition: To become a secretary for some businessman. Pet Peeve: Waiting for a bus. Favourite Sport: Skating. Pastime: Fancy work. Pet Saying: " Wouldn ' t that jar your grand¬ mother ' s preserves? " PAGE 52 MOUNT ROYAL FRANK, Arlene Black Diamond Ambition: Medical-Dental secretary. Favourite Sport: Skating and swimming. Pastime: Waiting for Friday night. Pet Saying: " You don ' t know, do you? " FRASER, Dolores ” Fiin Flon Ambition: Housewife. Pet Peeve: Boys. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Reading. Pet Saying: Censored. FREDRIKSON, Del Ponoka Ambition: To find a boss with a big knee. Pastime: Yelling at Hilda. Favourite Sport: Curling. Pet Peeve: Bells. Pet Saying: " That ain ' t all. " GADD, Shirley Cranbrook, B.C. Ambition: To become a top-notch steno. Pet Peeve: My bowling scores. Favourite Sport: Skating. Pastime: Writing letters. GENDALL, Donna Carlyle, Sask. Ambition: Music. Pet Peeve: Cowboy music. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Music. Pet Saying: " Glee club, everybody! " GOODWIN, Joan Ambition: To be a medical stenographer. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Playing the piano. Pet Peeve: Shorthand. Pet Saying: " I can ' t. " GROCUTT, Melvin Michel, B.C. Ambition: To become a chartered accountant. Favourite Sport: Badminton. Pastime: Trying to get in and out of the dorm. Pet Peeve: Stuck windows. Pet Saying: " Is that right? " HARDIE, Merlyn Calgary Ambition: Secretary. Pet Peeve: M.J. Favourite Sport: Basketball, rugby. Pastime:. Shorthand. HECHER, Kathy Invermere, B.C. Ambition: To get through commercial. Pet Peeve: Living so far from California. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Waiting for July ' 55. Pet Saying: " You ' re right! " HENSON, Carol Creston, B.C. Ambition: To travel. Pet Peeve: Getting up in the morning. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Trying to liven up shorthand. Pet Saying: " Is that right? " COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 53 HILLIER, Shirley Invermere Ambition: To make commercial. Pet Peeve: Not receiving the right letter. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Writing love-letters. Pet Saying: " Is that a fact? " HUDSON, Karen Lloydminster Ambition: Secretary. Pet Peeve: Getting up at seven every morning. Favourite Sport: Curling. Pastime: Writing letters home??? Pet Saying: Unprintable. JACKSON, Marie Calgary Ambition: To be a secretary. Pet Peeve: Dropping things. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pet Saying: " Goof. " JOHNSON, Barbara Kay Barons Ambition: Geologist. Pet Peeve: Shorthand homework. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Waiting for BUSES. Pet Saying: " Gadd! " (Shirley, of course). KERNS, Georgie Ponoka Ambition: Secretary. Pet Peeve: M.R.C. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Waiting for phone to ring. Pet Saying: Unprintable. LARSEN, Marilyn Canmore Ambition: To be a doctor ' s secretary. Pet Peeve: Shorthand. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Writing letters to Banff. Pet Saying: Unprintable. LEHR, Joyce Cardston Pet Peeve: Fuzz. Favourite Sport: Skiing. Pastime: Listening to the harmony on 3rd floor. Pet Saying: " Aw, shucks. " LENGYEL, Irene " Terry " Bow Island Ambition: Add Mr. Hepburn ' s long columns of figures. Favourite Sport: Bowling and dancing. Pastime: Discussing the latest gossip with Maggie. Pet Peeve: Bells. Pet Saying: " You ' re right! " LIM, Margaret Invermere, B.C. Ambition: To graduate. Pastimes: Bowling, skating, T-V. Pet Peeve: George. Pet Saying: " Oh, but definitely. " LONGSHORE, Susan Ambition: To amount to something. Pet Peeve: Engineers. Favourite Sport: I like them all. Pastime: What pastime?? Pet Saying: " You ' re on the ball. " Home-town: Calgary, Alta. (Strong pull to¬ wards the country south of the border, how¬ ever). PAGE 54 MOUNT ROYAL LOUCKS, Doris Coalhurst Ambition: Graduate from M.R.C. Pastime: Chasing around the dorm with my trusty flash-camera. Pet Peeve: Jealous men. Pet Saying: " Don ' t hurt me. " Favourite Sport: Basketball. MARRA, Eldene Canmore Ambition: Medical record librarian. Pastime: Music. Favourite Sport: Tennis. Pet Peeve: Night study. Pet Saying: Unprintable. MOORE: Sheila Springbank Ambition: To work for a big oil magnate. Pastimes: Dancing, shows, hockey games. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pet Peeve: Isabel ' s singing. Pet Saying: " You don ' t know, do you? " McCANN, Marilyn Calgary Ambition: Petroleum secretary. Pet Peeve: Shorthand. Favourite Sport: Fastball and hockey. Pastime: Dancing, playing the piano. Pet Saying: " Get lost. " MACDONALD, Margaret-Jean " M-J " Calgary Ambition: Pass petroleum. Pastime: Cheerleading. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pet Peeve: Rapid calculation. Pet Saying: " Are you gonna? " MACKENZIE, Mary Kelowna, B.C. Ambition: To go back to Africa. Pastime: Singing in the shower. Favourite Sport: Swimming, basketball. Pet Peeve: llene eating pig ' s feet. McKINNON, Shirley Pincher Creek Ambition: To learn all the grammalogs. Pet Peeve: Pie-crusts. Favourite Sport: Golf, badminton. Pastime: Trying to find a ride home. Pet Saying: " Gad! " NEDDOW, Anita Fort Macleod Ambition: To marry an oilman. Favourite Sport: Curling. Pastime: Let ' s not get personal. Pet Peeve: Bowling (When I can ' t make over 100 ). Pet Saying: " Oh, sugar! " NEGRAVE, Larry Bud Queenstown Ambition: Chartered Accountant. Favourite Sports: Baseball, basketball. Pastime: Reading sport magazines, and girls. Pet Peeve: Miss Wigmore ' s late hours. Pet Saying: " Wake me up at 7:00, eh Bill? " NORTHCOTT, Marilyn Clive Ambition: Petroleum secretary. Pet Peeve: Homework. Favourite Sport: Softball, track and field. Pastimes: Dancing and skating. Pet Saying: " Oh, boy! A letter from the north. " COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 55 PATERSON, Marion Trochu Ambition: To become 5 ' 2 " . Favourte Sport: Curling. Pastime: Piano playing. Pet Peeve: Getting up at 7 in the morning. Pet Saying: " Oh for heck sake! " PECK, Rosemary Lake Isle, Alberta Ambition: Get married. (What else?) Favourite Sports: Curling, bowling, skating. Pet Peeve: Soldiers. Pet Saying: " My number ' s in the book. " SHANNON, Beth " Red " Kimberley, B.C. Ambition: To sit on some cute boss ' knee. Favourite Sports: Hockey, Basketball. Pastime: Catching up on sleep. Pet Peeve: People wandering around after " Lights out. " Pet Saying: " That drives me hairy. " SLUTKER, Rosslyn " Roz " Calgary Ambition: To add Mr. Hepburn ' s long columns of figures. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pet Peeve: Not being able to erase in typing. Pet Saying: " No comment. " TELFER, Connie Calgary Ambition: To own a Jaguar convertible. Favourite Sport: Rugby. Pet Peeve: Wet lips and cold hands. Pet Saying: " Let ' s have a party! " Pastime: Listening to see if trains are on time. THIBERT, Louise Sangudo Ambition: Swim the English Channel. Favourite Sport: Swimming. Pastime: Looking for ways to make life exciting. Pet Peeve: Bus drivers. Pet Saying: " That ' s for darn sure! " VANGOTSINOVEN, Marlene Pee Wee " Ambition: Nothing special yet. Blairmore Favourite Sports: Fastball, curling, and all the rest except basketball. Pastime: Wrestling matches and hockey games. Pet Peeve: Spending weekends in Calgary. Pet Saying: " Oh phooey! " VEJPRAVA, Margaret " Maggie " Blairmore Ambition: Secretary. Favourite Sports: Bowling, skating. Pastime: Discussing the gossip with Terry. Pet Peeve: Shorthand. Pet Saying: " Is that right! " WHITE, llene Innisfail Ambition: Steno. Favourite Sports: Skiing, skating, dancing. Pastime: Watching the Mercury go by. Pet Peeve: I ' ll never tell. Pet Saying: " Mac, get up — it ' s quarter past eight. " ZOETMAN, Janice Pincher Creek Ambition: To get married and raise an even dozen blondes. Pet Peeve: Loud knocks on the floor at 7 a.m. Favourite Sport: Basketball. Pastime: Going home for weekends. PAGE 56 MOUNT ROYAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC In the past year students of the Conservatory of Music have again made a very good showing. The standard of both the Junior and the Senior-Inter¬ mediate Recitals has been very high. Several have appeared in recitals away from the College. Mendelssohn ' s " Elijah " was presented by the Ca 1 - gary Choral Society this spring in Wesley United Church (the edifice was filled to capacity and many turned away). Our Department of Singing is indeed proud that five of the seven soloists chosen were stu¬ dents of the Conservatory. All departments were well represented in the Cal¬ gary Music Festival and many trophies and awards were won. Students of the Piano Department competed in the Alberta Music Festival, held in Lethbridge this year, and returned as winners. It is gratifying to note that more young people each year, from points outside of Calgary, are enter¬ ing the College for a full time Diploma and Degree course in music, residing in the dormitories and taking advantage of the Conservatory of Music atmosphere which includes the Mount Royal Symphony Orchestra, the College Glee Club, monthly Students Recitals and also, the Caigary Choral Society, which rehearses in our Auditorium. THE MOUNT ROYAL COLLEGE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRAS This year the Mount Royal College Orchestras had an enjoyable and successful year. As in the past, they were under the direction of John S. Bach. Several concerts were given during the year. I he Concert of December IOth, 1954 was a financial as well as a musical success, with a large overflowing audience in the College Auditorium. The traditional appearance of the two orchestras in the Calgary Festival was as usual a highlight in the young players lives. Here again the orchestras came out in front, the Junior Orchestra receiving 168 marks and the Symphony Orchestra receiving 171 marks with some nice comments from the adjudicators about the little ones playing in an orchestra and not able to place their feet on the floor when sitting on a chair. In the second public concert held on May 13th, 1955 a new innovation was tried. That was in having young soloists playing with the orcestra . Young Violinist Faith Robinstone (12 years old) played the last Movement (Allegro) of Bach ' s E Major Violin Concerto with the orchestra and pianist Chris¬ tine Mapplebeck (12 years old) played the second Romanza movement of Mozart ' s D Minor piano con¬ certo also with the orchestra. I would like to thank the mothers and fathers for their patience who come so regularly on Saturdays with their children and listen to me scold, coax and praise the youngsters in rehearsals, for without their good spirit and friendly co-operation these orchestras could never keep going. I also wish to thank the members of both orchestras for their co-operation and friendly spirit throughout the 1954-55 season. We are looking to a brighter and better season, musically, in the coming year. JOHN S. BACH. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 57 Whenever You Travel . . A BUS TRIP, STUDENT TOUR, VISIT TO EUROPE, OR A VACATION PARADISE Let our Experienced Personnel arrange everything lor you, without charge. We Represent All Airlines Steamships Bus Lines Hotels We Assist You to Secure Passports Visas Health Documents and all other Travel Requirements CRUISES and TOURS Anywhere CONSULT BURRITT TRAVEL SERVICE Limited King George Hotel SASKATOON 511 Eighth Avenue West. CALGARY 5002 Ross Ave. RED DEER 2167B 64222 Nights 40577 Nights 31410 63676 PAGE 58 MOUNT ROYAL SOCIAL HIGHLIGHTS FACULTY RECEPTION Oct. I, 1954 This was the first big social event of the College ' s season and was a tremendous success. Frank Bailey ' s Orchestra was engaged, and Mrs. Stevenson and Doctor Garden led the Mount Royal College Grand March. Mr. Kelly was the Master of Ceremonies and introduced all the teachers. Following the dance, an enjoyable lunch of long johns and " pop " was served. There was a large turnout, and everyone had a good time. Hl-Y WAISTLINE REVUE Oct. 18, 1954 This dance was sponsored by the Hi-Y and the admission price was one cent for every inch of your waistline. There was a report of strict dieting before the dance. Pete Burns made a wonderful Master of Ceremonies. There were several novelty dances with prizes going to the winners. Although there wasn ' t a large attendance those present had a wonderful time. COLLEGE CABARET Nov. 5, 1954 The Social Committee outdid themselves this time and came up with a dance never tried before at the College. Tables were set up all around the Gym and platters of cheese and crackers were arranged Cabaret style with big bowls of punch alongside. Harold Sharon and his Orchestra provided us with some good music. The Gym was decorated with peach, lime and white streamers. Jim Tattrie was the Master of Ceremonies. There were a lot of novelty dances for which cute prizes were given. A vote of thanks should be given to the Social directors for a very wonderful evening. OPEN HOUSE Nov. 26, 1954 This is an annual event at the College to which parents and guests are invited. Two basketball games between Mount Royal College and Varsity began the evening. Mount Royal lost one, but won the other. During the game, visitors were taken to meet the teachers who were present in the rooms in which they taught. After the basketball game, the guests were escorted to the dining room, where the chef and staff had a wonderful lunch waiting. Next came a one-act play entitled " The High Window, " put on by the Drama Club and directed by Mr. Kelly. The evening was climaxed by a dance in the Gym. All in all it was a lovely evening. CHRISTMAS FORMAL Dec. 16, 1954 This dance was preceded by a banquet for the dorm students. Mr. Knott and his staff went all out and provided a bountiful feast. The table decora¬ tions were both pretty and original. The group that won the prize for their artistic endeavor consisted of Fred Kelly, Marilyn Moore, Brian Cleveland, Elaine Bateman, Alan Gaskell, Marshall Copithorne and Wayne Sibbald. A program followed the banquet. The dance was held in the auditorium. The girls were all very beautiful in their formals. And some of the boys were unrecognizable in suits and ties! It was a lovely evening. ENGINEERS ' BALL Jan. 28, 1955 This was the event of the year. The beautifully decorated Gym was divided into two parts by a small ingenious fence and gate. One part contained the tables on which was spread a delicious buffet supper; the other was the dance floor. In the centre was an oil derrick illuminated by a blue light — the sole light in the Gym with the exception of the orchestra ' s lights. From the candidates (Maureen Davidson, re¬ presenting Stanley; Mary Mackenzie, Kirby; and M. J. Macdonald, Garden) Maureen was chosen Queen of the Engineers ' Ball for ' 55. Her crown was appropri¬ ately a driller ' s hat. She was also given a silver brace¬ let, and monogrammed lingerie (an oversize pair of bloomers with all the engineers ' names written on them.) After the dance nearly everyone went to Chinatown. A wonderful close for a wonderful day. VALENTINE ' S DAY DANCE Fob. 18, 1955 The decorations for this dance were exceptionally beautiful. The orchestra, Bob Allan ' s group, was not so hot, but still quite good. Despite high expectations, attendance was small. Those who weren ' t there cer¬ tainly missed having a good time. LEPRECHAUN ' S LEAP March 18, 1955 This year the faculty dance took the shape of a St. Patrick ' s Day Dance called " Leprechaun ' s Leap. " Like preceding faculty " productions " this was a smashing succcess. The orchestra, " The Rhythm Makers, " was marvellous, and an entertaining floor show was staged by Madame Valda and her froupe. Prizes for the novelty dances were amusinq and dif¬ ferent, to say the least. Thanks go to the faculty for making this dance, our last before graduation, such a super one. EVELYN JACKSON. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 61 Back row 1. to r.: Jean Kerry, Wilf Wolfman, Mrs. Willmott. Seated 1. to r.: Sharon Gilmour, Marguerite Pyle, Roy Langley (editor), Susan Longshore, Brian Bev¬ eridge, Margaret Rob. ★ PRESS CLUB ' S NEWSPAPER Getting a newspaper into operation is always a difficult job, and this is especially true when very few if any of the members of the staff have had previous experience. Nevertheless, with youthful exuberance we embarked on the project. Immediately, obstacles reared their ugly head. Money. Where was it to come from? By consulting the office, it was discovered that one package of paper cost $2.59 or .259 cents per page. Taking our slide rule and log book, we ar¬ rived at a cost of two and one half cents for each paper. We decided to print 270 papers for a start. That was a mistake, for we sold about I 50. Well there goes our two and one-half cent profit. About this time we were beginning to get worried! The paper not only did not make a profit, but it went into the red. We determined that the next paper would pay for both. It did. Meanwhile, after the Editor and Sales Manager had obtained twenty-five dollars from the Students Council, vague rumours were circulating about in the press club about a contest to boost inter¬ est in " The Acquaintance " . Two papers later, the talk about the literary contest was no longer a rumour, but a reality. The contest began March I, and continued until March 19. On the whole, it was a big success. Twelve very excellent entries were submitted, and it was a very difficult task to choose the winners. However, after due delibera¬ tion, the judges came to their decision: first prize of three dollars went to Margaret Robb, second prize of two dollars was awarded to Nelda Nowlin, and third prize of one dollar was awerded to Evelyn Jackson. ★ Highlights The first edition, published in November, was our first try at putting out a newspaper. Mr. Kelly wrote a very thought-provoking editorial on Totalitarianism, whi ch brought favourable response. In that issue, also, we had a message from the past president of the student council, Grant Hinchey. The November 22 edition was unique. Since the English 20 class usually publishes a paper of its own, it was decided that " The Acquaintance " should print the masterpieces which the class wrote. The only thing that " The Acquaintance " contributed was the sports. The third issue was noteworthy in that we had a letter from a distinguished gentleman, to wit: Colonel G. K. Proudworthy, a personage that we expect to hear much more from in the future. Mrs. Willmott wrote a very interesting editorial entitled " My Chinese Stud¬ ents " , which was very informative. ★ A Word of Thanks The staff of this paper would like to express its keen appreciation to Mrs. Willmott, our very competent advisor. Without her, the paper would not have been a success. We also wish to thank the office staff for their kind co-operation. Miss Walters and Mrs. Bedford were very long-suffering and patient in showing us how to cut stencils and run the Gestetner. In closing, let me thank everybody who has helped to make the paper a success. As Grant Hinchey said, " Many hands make light work. " It was you, the mem¬ bers of my staff, and you, the kind reader, that sup¬ plied the " many hands " . ROY LANGLEY. ★ LITERARY PAGE ( " The Acquaintance " held a literary contest during March. These are the prizewinners and " honourable mentions " ). ★ Description of an English Wood The wood at eventide lies peaceful and still. There is a glow of dim subdued light, with here and there a bar of golden sunlight making its way through the leafy arches. The irregular far-stretching aisles wander between the stately columns of giant trees. A squirrel pokes his head around the trunk of an oak. His bright eyes glisten like coal and his ears are perked up to their fullest extent. By a series of scrambles he reaches one of the topmost branches of the tree. There he rests from his exertions. His gaudy, reddish-brown attire is a fitting complement to the bushy tail proudly arched over his head. Soon he darts on his way again. The wind stirs through the trees. They talk to the wind, and somewhere is heard the sighing of a tree in full leaf. In a leafy glade hides the frail and dainty primrose. In groups, these sulphur-tinted blossoms make a beau¬ tiful floral picture of spring. Nearby grows the wild hyacinth. Its clusters of dainty bells forms a blue mist over the ground. On the hill above the glade, beside a gaunt, flat- topped Scotch Pine, a stag stands silhouetted against ■•■he flaming colours of the sunset. Its head is proudly arched, and its antlers slant as if they were a crown which had tilted slightly to the back. The body is delicately formed, as though its Creator had spent time on this masterpiece and had lovingly molded every curve. Then the animal, after its moment of pause, trots back into the wood. Day is done; night is begun, and the wood is at rest. MARGARET ROBB. PAGE 62 MOUNT ROYAL MOUNT ROYAL COLLEGE GLEE CLUB In the early fall the Glee Club was again organized under the leadership of Mr. Harold Ramsay, director of the Conservatory of Music. At our first meeting, officers were elected as follows: Donna Gendall . ... .. President John Hormoth Vice-President Del Fredrickson . Secretary Sylvia Reilly and Susan Mather _ Librarians Our biggest difficulty was the shortage of male voices, buf as the year progressed the boys became more interested. In the late fall, we took part in a program at Baker Memorial Sanatorium. Atlhough our first at¬ tempt, it was a big success. At Christmas we shone forth with two appearances in assembly. Also we took part in the annual banquet and party. This year for the first time the Glee Club will provide the music for the academic convocation. Through the efforts of all who have helped in the Glee Club it has progressed well. May we hope for the same result in future years. DONNA GENDALL DRAMA CLUB This year the Mount Royal Drama Club has been very active. A few but very keen members, under the leadership of Mr. Kelly, have striven to produce some good plays. We succeeded in getting three ready and took them out to the Sanatorium, Wesley Church and the College. The production of " High Window " at Open House was received by its audience with great gusto, and although supposedly in tragedy, was considered a good comedy. The productions " Among Us Girls " and " Home to Mother " were presented in April. ★ DANCE CLUB The M.R.C. dance club was just like the month of March, " in like a lion, out like a lamb. " The club started with a BANG, with nearly 60 members. From September to January, Arthur Murray ' s studios taught the Tango for one hour every Tuesday night. Need¬ less to say M.R.C. now has many Tango enthusiasts. The completion of ten lessons brought the question what next? " The club decided to spend their hour with an informal dance to the music of records. All in all it was enjoyed by everyone. The hard work of the executive was really appreciated. By the way the executive was: President, Charlotte Wright; Commit¬ tee: John Hormoth, Anne Harrington, Bruce Leyland. CHARLOTTE WRIGHT. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 63 Mount Royal College Co-Ed HI-Y Club In September, the M.R.C. Co-Ed Club met tor its second year under its purpose to " create, " " main¬ tain " and " extend. " Meetings continued from Sep¬ tember to May, when we closed our final meeting with some elections for next year. Our program included motion pictures, guest speakers, tours, meetings at the Y.M.C.A., business meetings and discussions. We also had a Hay-ride for members and guests at which everyone had a " crazy " time. In February the annual Hi-Y, Y-Teen Conference was held here in Calgary for two days of learning of better methods, and fun. It included dis¬ cussions, speakers, lunches, a dance and a Church service. The program is wide and is chosen by the members so all can satisfy their own interests. The projects wore also successful. The first one was a candy sale; the next, " The Second Annual Waistline Review " — Hi-Y ' s annual dance. At " Open House " the members conducted visitors on a four through the buildings. In February one night was spent canvassing for the Canadian Legion Polio Fund, for which we raised three hundred dollars. Also each Saturday four members went up to the Alberta Crip¬ pled Children ' s Hospital for a few hours as volunteer workers. Everyone really enjoyed themselves there. The induction service was held in the Chapel on November 17, where the members were accepted into the club and oriented with its background and pur¬ poses. The service was attended by Mr. Kelly, our mentor, and Dean Collett. Following the induction service a social hour was held in the lounge. At the Annual Mid-West Hi-Y Conference, this year held in Regina, next year in Minot, North Da¬ kota, our club received its Charter, and the distinction of being the first Co-Ed Hi-Y Club in Western Can¬ ada. We are very proud of this title and try to live up to its responsibilities. The Conference, of course, was " the most. " Our Hi-Y was good this year but next year we v ant it better. We also need more members -—- members who are interested in working for the club, as well as interested in fun and a good time. Does this apply to you? If it does come to our organizing meeting next September. Help make " 55-56 " the best yet. Executice: " 54-55 " Presidents: Bill Halliday (1st semester); Mary Nel¬ son (2nd semester). Vice - Presidents: Werthy Nelson (Sept.-Feb); Dwayne Rasmussen (Feb.-May). Secretary: Noreen Brown (Sept.-May). Treasurer: Marilyn Moore (Sept.-May). Chaplains: Pete Burns (1st semester); Jean Coad (2nd semester). First Impressions The Emerald As I stood on the deck looking at the strange beau¬ tiful sight before me I felt a thrill of anticipation run through me. The call of adventure seemed to be beckoning, as we glided through a narrow channel of rock that formed the mouth of the fifth most beautiful harbour in the world at Kingstone, Jamaica. The water was of a fantastic blue shimmering in the morning sunlight. I suddenly jumped " oh " , it is only the hoarse like horn of the ship signaling the shore. My eyes again turned to the green, mountain-lined shore. A native glided up in a canoe, his chocolate brov n arms and back glistening in the sun, shouting for us to throw coins for him to dive for. The smell of the sea mixed with the odor of rotting fish and unknown flowers now reached my nose as v e came nearer to shore. It truly seemed as if I had entered a strange fairyland from a book. VALERIE YOUNG. On and on it seems to flow, It never stops to say " Hello! " It ' s sometimes blue or even green, In every country it may be seen. On and on it flows and grows, But where it goes nobody knows. Dashing on to eternity Wishing alway to be free. Winter wraps it with the snow. Now this gift we all must know. That only God, Maker and Giver, Created an emerald called a River. BRENDA BISHOP. PAGE 64 MOUNT ROYAL EATON ' S in Calgary.. . . . wishes you a happy vacation during the summer months ahead —continued success with your studies and in your chosen profession! When it comes to shopping, you’ll find as thousands of young Canadians do—that EATON’S stands ready to serve you with the things you want at prices in accord with sound value! It Pays to Shop at EATON ' S, the Store for Young Canada! T EATON C° ■ ■ CANADA Calgary Canada 2 )irector 5 Student enthusiasm has been both encoura It is the sincere wish of the Department of Athletics to foster a sound and expanding program of inter-house sports. Inter¬ scholastic athletics make a great contribution to the life of the College as a whole, and to the lives of the restricted group of people who participate in the program. They are not designed to, nor can they ever, meet the needs of the great majority of students for vigorous, healthful exercise, fun, and competition at a level suited to their interests, abilities, and available time for recreation. The Department recognizes fully fhe vital role that inter-house athletics should play in the iives of many students, and is prepared to go " all out " for a sane, solid, inter-house program. But it re¬ quires the whole-hearted co-operation of many interested students, as exe cutives, as officials, and as participants, if the inter-house program at Mount Royal is to be one to which we can point with pride. The write-ups, group photos, and candid shots on the ensuing few pages are indicative of an active and successful athletic year, ging and appreciated. To those of you who will not be returning to the College next year, may I take this opportunity to wish you every success and much happiness in the years that follow. To those of you who will be returning, I express the hope that you will once again take an active part in the athletic program. ALLAN J. BUTTLE College Athletics Board Students ' Athletic Council Left to right. Dick Terzi, Sheila Moore, Betty Kohn, Lou Lorincz (chairman), Mary Nelson, Gerry Kasdorf. Standing: Mr. Buttle. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 67 Garden House Executive Kerby House Executive Left to right: Janice Zoeteman, R;-y Allan, Sheila Left to right: Do Rae Pilling, Lou Stevenson, Betty Moore, Gerry Kasdorf, Steve Harbachuk, M. J. Mac- Kohn, Bob Rudd, Mary Mackenzie, Ryan Adams. Donald. Stanley House Executive Left to right: Harold Fieldberg, Grace McPherson, Lou Lorincz, Mary Nelson, Dick Terzi, Pat Beatty. SPORTS NEWS Touch Football The inter-house football season got sports off to a good start. Games were played every day from Oc¬ tober 4th to November 3rd, from 12:15 to 1:00. Stanley Junior Men were crowned Junior Inter-House Champions after a terrific battle with Kerby. In Senior Men ' s play, Stanley, Garden, and Kerby all ended up in a three-way tie for first place. Garden won the sudden-death playoff from Kerby thus re¬ taining the championship. Final Standing: Senior Men Played Stanley . 6 Garden _ 6 Kerby . 6 Junior Men Stanley __ 6 Kerby ...._ 6 Garden . 6 Won 3 2 2 4 3 Lost 3 2 2 1 2 5 Tied Points 0 6 2 6 2 6 I 9 I 7 0 2 Grand Aggregate: Stanley 15, Kerby 13, Garden, 8. Winner of the Sam Parkinson Trophy was Stanley House. PAGE 68 MOUNT ROYAL Bowling The M.R.C. Bowling Club enjoyed one of its most memorable and successful seasons under the super¬ vision of Mr. Buttle. Inter-House competition was very keen, as the final standings would indicate. Grand aggregate honours won by Kerby House last year, were won by Garden House this year. Individual team honours were won by " Knite Hawks " (Kerby House), who won twelve out of sixteen games. Members of the " Knite Hawks " were Bud Negrave (captain), Sylvia Garrett, Marilyn Moore, Barb Foster, and Laurie Welk. The team high singles honour went to the " Grem¬ lins " by virtue of a game score of 840. The Team High Two was won by A! Morris ' " Gremlins " with a 1639 total. Barb Weddell walked off with the Ladies High Single and Doubles. Her scores were 236 for one game and 427 for two games. Fred Watson won both the High Single and Doubles in men ' s competi¬ tion, with a score of 293 for one game and 467 for two. ★ Inter-House Bowling Champs. Knite Hawks Left to right: Barb Foster, Bud Negrave (Capt.), Sylvia Garrett, Marilyn Moore. ★ Inter-House Curling The inter-house curling schedule commenced on January 24th at the Calgary Curling Club. Twelve rinks comprised the league and games were played Mondays after school. ■ As play progressed, it was evident that the race for the Grand Aggregate would be close. Honours finally went to Garden House. Inter-House champion was Kelvin Pack of Stanley House. Grand Aggregate Results: Garden, 79; Stanley, 63; Kerby, 31. Senior Men ' s Touch Football Champs. Garden House Back row 1. to r.: A1 Morris, Barry Pashak, Ralph Nelson. Seated 1. to r.: Andy Chunta, Steve Harbachuk, George Jenkins, Ray Temple. Jr. Men ' s Touch Football Champs. Stanley House. Back row 1. to r.: Oliver Bull, Werthy Nelson, Pete Rasmusen, Harold Fieldberg, Larry Allan. Seated 1. to r. : Cliff Lough, Giles Welch, Ed Lee, Ken Dickie, Wayne Sibbald. COLLEGE, QALGARY PAGE 69 PAGE 70 MOUNT ROYAL This was the third time since 1950 that a Mount Royal College rink had represented the City of Cal¬ gary in the playdowns. T.P.C. Curling Team Left to right: Kelvin Pack (skip), Bruce Leyland, Kris Snethun, Doug Bury. Back row 1. to r.: A1 Morris, Ray Temple. Seated 1. to r.: Andy Chunta, Steve Harbachuk, Barry Pashak. Inter-House Men ' s Basketball The basketball season of 1954-55 turned out to be highly successful; one with a keen sense of compe- tion and sportsman-like attitude shown. Grand Ag¬ gregat e Honours in Inter-House basketball were swept away by Stanley House, by winning first place in the Junior Men ' s Division, and Women ' s Open, and plac¬ ing second in the Senior Men ' s Division. Sectional champions were: Senior Men, Garden House; Junior Men, Stanley House; Women ' s Open, Stanley House. Final Standings were: Senior Men Played Won Lost Tied Points Garden . 6 4 I I 9 Stanley ........ 6 3 2 I 7 Kerby 6 I 5 0 2 Junior Men Stanley . .6 4 2 0 8 Garden ... 6 3 3 0 6 Kerby . 6 2 4 0 4 ★ Senior Men ' s Basketba ' i Champs. Garden House. Inter-House Curling Champs Left to right: Jack Jette, Maureen Davidson, Karen Hudson, Kelvin Pack (skip). Inter-High Curling In regular inter-high competition, Mount Royal College was represented by three rinks. The Taylor, Pearson, Carson rink was chosen from among the members of these rinks. Those chosen were: Kelvin Pack (skip), Bruce Leyland (third), Kris Snethun, (sec¬ ond), and Doug Bury (lead). This rink won the Cruik- shank Memorial Trophy, emblematic of the Calgary inter-high curling championship, and the right to rep¬ resent Calgary in the Southern Alberta playdowns. The Red Deer entry eliminated the College rink in the semi-finals. Junior Men ' s Basketball Champs. Stanley House. WOMEN ' S INTERHOUSE BASKETBALL — OPEN Back row 1. to r.: Ken Dickie, Giles Welch, Ed Lee. Seated 1. to r.: Werthy Nelson, Pete Rasmusen, Harold Fieldberg, Larry Allan. This season ' s girls ' basketball games wexe not as well participated in as in previous years. However, those who did partake enjoyed themselves and played energetically. Congratulations go to Stanley House, the winning team. Team Played Won Lost Tied Points Kerby __ 6 2 4 0 4 Stanley. 6 4 2 0 8 Garden . _ 6 3 3 0 6 Top Scorers: Player House Total Charlene Graham .. Stanley 39 Faye Morgan .. . Stanley 27 Alice Wilson . .. Garden 10 Marion McKendry . Kerby 6 Betty Kohn _ .. Kerby 6 Grand Aggregate — Stanley Women ' s Open Garden Kerby 12 10 2 ★ ★ Cheerleaders Left to right: M. J. MacDonald (Capt.), Merlyn Hardie, Pat Beatty, Noreen Brown. Missing: Betty McLellan, Noelle McVey. COLLEGE, CALGARY Women ' s Open Basketball Champs Back row 1. to r.: Heather Scott, Barb Johnston. Seated 1. to r.: Doris Loucks, Faye Morgan, Karen Hudson. Missing: Nora Wallace, Jean Kerry. PAGE 71 VARSITY WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL The Mount Royal Dolphins enjoyed a fairly success¬ ful year of basketball. Out of eight games played they won four, losing one to Cal. Tech, and three to U. of A. Top scorer for the team was Faye Morgan with a total of 52 points. Outstanding credits to the team were Faye Morgan and Mary MacKenzie who made the first all-star team, and Janice Zoeteman, the second all-star team, of the C.I.A.A. Scores M.R.C. ...... ... 27 18 22 24 13 32 13 28 Cal. Tech .. 25 9 U. of A. ... . 21 26 16 30 28 18 Senior Varsity Basketball The 1954-55 edition of the " Blues " completed its regular C.I.A.A. schedule with a record of one win against five losses, and a " For and Against " record of 282 to 265. Top man in the points department was Al Morris, with 68. Morris was named to the First All-Star team, while Lou Lorincz and Ray Temple were named to the Second team. In the five exhibition games played during the season, the ' Blues " won four and lost one. ★ ★ ★ Mount Royal College " Dolphins " Back row 1. to r.: Do Rae Pilling, Faye Morgan, Betty Kohn, Mr. Buttle (coach). Seated 1. to r.: Mary Mackenzie, Sylvia Vernon, Shirley Thomas, Janice Zoeteman. Missing: Charlene Graham, Marion McKendry. PAGE 72 MOUNT ROYAL Mount Royal College " Blues " Back row 1. to r.; Ryan Adams (Mgr.), Bruce Wal¬ lace, Bob Rudd, Harold Field ' berg, Fred Code, Mr. Buttle (coach). Seated 1. to r.: Ed Lee, Bill Everson, Ray Temple, Lou Lorincz, A1 Morris. Mount Royal College " Mohawks " Back row 1. to r.: Lou Lorincz (coach), Jack Decker Larry Allan, Harold Fieldberg, Roy Allan, Bill Avery, Jerry Sinclair, Ralph Nelson (Mgr.). Seated 1. to r.: Werthy Nelson, Bill Everson, Gordon Lewis, Lou Stevenson, Pete Rasmusen. COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 73 Where were you (ast perioct 3 The origin of the species v omg my way Private parking PAGE 74 MOUNT ROYAL ' ' m ■FIP 1 P ' " sRp HS: ' J I ’ i™ •’ , fc-j-R |. fjpl t 1 ; ; iOHIOR ;.: ' i g CM it® Kg tlT ' a ' i§t|: : 1 jx: jp i i 4 1 i §J Ilf w | • 1® |r- lltfcB 1 |j||f %f t 1 1 1 fl - fl 1 1 ? £•■ , % K. Hmv 1p1 Herbie ' s mother caught him in an " act of vio¬ lence " . He had cut a worm in two. " Why did you do such a cruel thing? " asked his mother. " Well, Mom, " he explained, " he seemed so lonely. " A high school class, struggling through the works of Chaucer, was asked by the teacher if Chaucer had been translated into other languages. Replied one teen-ager, " It looks like he hasn ' t been translated into English yet. " The Store of Fine Fashions 106 - 8th Ave. East in CALGARY For The " TOPS " in Sports Equipment f. Vair Anderson JEWELLER FINE DIAMONDS WATCHES Next Door to the Capitol Theatre Calgary COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 81 Early to bed and early to rise — and your girl goes out with other guys. He is a self-made man. A horrible example of unskilled labour. mSUftorVCESERViCE -wivuMci uuMtun 64203 65321 221A 8th Ave. W., Calgary, Alta. USED BOOKS JAFFE ' S BOOK AND MUSIC EXCHANGE 225 Eighth Ave. East CALGARY 25797 Any mechanism hard to manage is usually feminine. Juvenile delinquents are other people ' s children. LINDA MAE’S GIFT SHOP Curios, Silks and Linens from the Orient 219 Centre St. Phone 65858 PAGE 82 MOUNT ROYAL Cars: Phone 65661 Trucks: Phone 24885 Authorized Dealers For PONTIAC, BUICK, CADILLAC and VAUXHALL MOTOR CARS and G.M.C. GAS AND DIESEL TRUCKS CALGARY MOTOR PRODUCTS Ltd. Fourth Avenue and Second Street West First Avenue and Third Street West CALGARY " I hope you found that novel interesting, " Mrs. Willmott remarked. " No, not very, " replied the student, " but the letter someone left in for a bookmark was a lulu. " " This is an ideal spot for a picnic, " said the father of the family as he guided his flock to a shady place in the park. ' Sure, it must be, " agreed his wife. " Fifty million insects just can ' t be wrong. " Mr. Ariano: Give me the present indicative of the verb to laugh in French. Student: Je smile, tu giggle, il laugh, nous roarons, vous splittez, ils burstent. The female brain is slightly smaller and less complex than the male brain. The female brain is divided into only two parts: (I) dollars and (2) cents. CROWN TRUST COMPANY acts as Executor, Administrator, or Trustee in any capacity. 21 2 % Paid on Savings Accounts 227 Eighth Avenue West Calgary A safety sign read: " School — don ' t kill a child. " Failures are divided into two classes— those who Beneath it in a childish scrawl was: " Wait for a thought and never did, and those who did and never teacher. " thought. With 27 World ' s Championships UNDERWOOD is more than ever THE MACHINE OF CHAMPIONS UNDERWOOD LTD. 533 EIGHTH AVENUE WEST, CALGARY Phones 21973 or 21483 Definitions Psychiatrist •— just a nut-cracker. Cautious Iriver — a motorist who is not sure Zoo — a place d evised so that animals can study whether his auromobile insurance policy has lapsed. the habits of human beings. Experience — what we get when it ' s too late to Optimist — the person who thinks he has heard keep us from doing what we shouldn ' t have done. the last definition of optimists. PAGE 84 MOUNT ROYAL When unexpected guests arrived at lunchtime, the flustered hostess whispered to her young son, " Johnny, run to the store and get three avocadoes, but be sure to pinch ' em first. " The eight-year-old returned in five minufes, grin¬ ning triumphantly. " Look, Mom, I pinched a whole bagful! " A Shorter Short Story " Oh, Bill, please don ' t park the car here! " Oh, Bill, please don ' t park the car! " . . " Oh, Bill, please don ' t park! " . . . " Oh, Bill, please don ' t! " . . . " Oh, Bill, please! " . . . " Oh, Bill! " . . . " Oh! " MACLIN MOTORS Ltd. Calgary ' s Ford Monarch Dealers M-U-S-I-C FOR ALL-AND ALL OCCASIONS Popular — Standard — Classical Teaching Music for Voice and All Instruments School Music and Rhythm Band Instruments. Violins, Guitars, Etc., and All Sundries VICTOR RECORDS and PLAYERS FISHER’S MUSIC SUPPLY 130-8 Ave., West (3 Doors East of Bank of Montreal) COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 85 Studio 27256 Res. 871935 MATTHEWS STUDIO PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS Evening Sittings by — Appointment — Renfrew Building, 120 - 7th Ave. West Calgary, Alta. For Efficient and Reliable LIVESTOCK MARKETING SERVICE Get in Touch with ADAMS, WOOD WE1LLER LTD. LIVESTOCK COMMISSION AGENTS ALBERTA STOCKYARDS CALGARY, ALBERTA 55121 HARVEY K. ADAMS President Manager ROY W. FURGESON Secretary-Treasurer CATTLE SHEEP HOGS A professor who had taught for many years was counseling a young teacher. " You will discover, " he said, " that in nearly every class there is a youngster eager to argue. Your first impulse will be to silence him. I advise you to think carefully before doing so. He is probably the only one listening. " A history professor ended one of his classes with the following statement: " Will Aaron Burr succeed in wresting the West from the United States? Will the American people sanction the Louisiana Purchase? Come to class Thursday and find out. " Drafting Sets, Slide Rules, Good Sports DONATED Set Squares, Scales, etc. A Complete Line Demand Good BY faj Equipment A Calgary Drafting • Blue Print Co. Ltd. Premier Cycle FRIEND 694361 615 - 8th Ave. W. Sports 319 - 7th Ave. W. 29906 PAGE 86 MOUNT ROYAL Chevrolet’s the Buy! GENERAL SUPPLIES I.IMTTETI 1st St. W. — 1st St. E. at 5th Ave. Your Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Dealer Always behave like a duck ■—• keep calm and un- Then there was the French student who translated ruffled on the surface, but paddle like the devil under- " J ' ai mal a la gorge, " as " I have done an evil deed in neath. a ravine. " SOCONY-VACUUM OIL CQOF CANADA LTD. BARRON BUILDING CALGARY, ALBERTA If a man does only what is required of him, he is a slave. The moment he does more, he is a free man. Take a lesson from the whale. The only time he gets harpooned is when he comes up to spout. Sometimes it ' s the balcony usher, not the censor, who keeps the torrid love scenes out of the movies. If kissing is the language of love, an awful lot of people like to talk things over. THE SPORT ' S CENTRE A COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTING GOODS AND HOBBY SUPPLIES 115 - 16th AVE. N.W. PHONE: 73734 COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 87 • BOOKS • STATIONERY O FOUNTAIN PENS • TOYS $ GAMES Alberta ' s Largest School Supply House F. E. OSBORNE LIMITED 112 Eighth Ave. West, Calgary, Alberta Serving the Cause of. Education Since 1905 Nothing confuses a man more than to drive behind a woman who does everything right. r All women ' s hats are different. Milliners seldom nake the same mistake twice. Donald J. Akitt ■ GARDEN CLOTHING COMPANY OPTOMETRIST : £| OUTFITTERS TO MEN 26813 PHONE: 22935 110-8th Avenue East, Calgary 807 Greyhound Building l 5 PHONE: 4210 Oliver Block, Lethbridge Overheard in a local home this spring while the head of the house was away: " Please. " " No! " " Oh, please. " " NO! " " Just this once. " " I said NO. " " Aw, Mom, please. Ail the other kids are going barefoot now. " ®f)E Velvet Ice Cream Compliments of . . . €ngltsf) !§ f)op Frozen Foods Direct Importers Cold Storage Lockers N ZELLERS I □ IITAIIIRS TO THRIFTY CANADIAN! Ladies’ Gentlemen’s Wear Campbell Griffin The Store for VARIETY LTD. and CALGARY, CANADA Phone 61026 VALUE Mr. Peabody was strolling through the cashier ' s cage when he spied an unfamiliar character briskly counting $ 1,000.00 bills. " You look like a bright young fellow, " commented Mr. Peabody, " where did you receive your financial training? " " Yale, " said the character. " Fine, " beamed Mr. Peabody, " and what did you say your name was? " " Yohnson, " was the reply. PAGE 88 MOUNT ROYAL Mr. Kelly says the only difference between the dime novel of today and that of yesterday is about one dollar and ninety cents. Diary December 26 — " Snowing. Can ' t go hunting. " December 27 — " Still snowing. Can ' t go hunting. " December 28 — " Still snowing. Shot Grandma. " A weather forecaster, after a long series of wrong predictions, asked to be transferred to another city. " This climate doesn ' t agree with me, " he explained. Mr. Kelly: What was the occasion for the quotation, " Why don ' t you speak for yourself, John? " English student: John Aldon was trying to fix up a blind date for his roommate, Miles Standish. May we wish for the Class of ' 53- ' 54 that they all " MOUNT " the " ROYAL " road to success GAINERS LIMITED Manufacturers of Superior Meat Products COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 89 A college education at least keeps the boss ' s son away from the business for four more years. One girl to another, " He ' s so conceited that he joined the navy to let the world see him. " CONGRATULATIONS GRADSI BEST WISHES UNDERGRADS! MANNING EGLESTON LUMBER 26141 26141 Congratulations to the GRADUATING CLASS Williams Brothers Limited General Merchants 117-123 - 10th Avenue West Calgary A circle is a round straight line with a hole in the middle. There ' s a difference between good sound reasons and reasons that sound good. Where To Go Today I s Compliments ot Hub Barber and Beauty Shop of course, for a smart hair cut or hair do. : Wing ' s 229 EIGHTH AVENUE WEST Confectionery 29751 Downstairs 29751 Phone 692703 1140 - 8th Ave. West PAGE 90 MOUNT ROYAL Freeman Wilson Ltd. DISTRIBUTORS DODGE AND DE SOTO CARS DODGE TRUCKS TELEPHONE G91901 511 CENTRE STREET — CALGARY, ALBERTA Mr. Kelly: Define flattery. Student: Soft soap. Mr. Kelly: Define soft soap. Student: Soft soap is 90% lye. Phone 871107 BLACK ' S DRUG STORE W. M. MITCHELL, Ph.C., Mgr. PRESCRIPTION AND FAMILY DRUGGIST 106 - 10th St. N.W. Calgary, Alberta Mr. Ariano: Translate " Arma virumque cano. " Student: I cry for arms and a man. Professor: A fool can ask more questions than a use man can answer. Student: Maybe that is why so many of us are lunked. RED STAR ADTO SERVICE BRAKE AND TUNE-UP SPECIALISTS Towing Service 14th Ave. 14th St. W. Phone 445502 The only thing most women regret about their past is its long length. 9 Neighborhood Stores 9 Economy With Courtesy 0 Speedy Pleasant Service 0 Low Average Prices WHOLLY CANADIAN OWNED YOU LIKE IT-IT LIKES YOU • Thirst flies ... spirits brighten . . . when you " fresh up” with 7-Up. There’s a smile in every sip. It Pays To Play ■ SPORTING GOODS ■ TENNIS - BASKETBALL GOLF - BASEBALL We Carry Equipment For All Sports McFarlane Wilson 401 - 8th Ave. W. 64807 COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 91 BARGAIN EXCURSION FARES from CALGARY to ULM mW. One Way Return VANCOUVER $18.00 $26.90 SEATTLE . 18.00 26.90 PORTLAND 19.55 32.85 SAN FRANCISCO _ 30.65 52.55 LOS ANGELES_ _ 34.95 61.70 VICTORIA __ 22.35 34.75 Tickets on Sale May 14th to November 25th Return Limit November 30th For information on fares and schedules and colorful travel folders contact your local Greyhound Agent. GREYHOUND The Parts of Speech Noun — what you call your girl. There are proper nouns and common nouns. A proper noun is what you introduce her to other folks by. The common noun is " dear " . Verb — what freshmen and poets try to write sen¬ tences without. Adjective — a word of richness and vigour which must not be used in polite society. Conjunction — what you stall around with when you don ' t know what to say. Preposition — a favourite word for ending a sen¬ tence with. Very poor grammar. Use a period instead. Adverb — what you use to split an infinitive with. Article — word of indefinite value, depending on whether you are writing a telegram or a thousand word theme. CALCARY s ? r ALRERTA THE SPECIALTY SHOP for Women ' s Wear THE MEN ' S SHOP for High Grade Men ' s Wear 214 and 214a 8th Ave. W. Compliments ot . . . Res. Phone 441755 IVAN C. ROBISON ALBERTA REALTOR NATIONAL DRUG INSURANCE BROKER CO. LTD. VALUATOR • CALGARY - EDMONTON G17 Lancaster Bldg. — Calgary 7 Ave.-3rd St., W. Phones: 63475 - 63242 PAGE 92 MOUNT ROYAL AUTOGRAPHS COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 93 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS COLLEGE, CALGARY PAGE 95 AUTOGRAPHS

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