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 - Class of 1962

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J in 1.1 S f 1 ,J fv If I, ' f , V Q, f .- , . 1 1 L, K. A , ,,.. nw - , .U I v , ' I 4 V , 1'-, f, V 2' A fx ,V I . ,, , V, .H X . , 'H L ' r '. .,' s . . ,J - , , wi ,,, ' .,' 1 , . , , . .V ' ,A v , L1 1 J , 11 fi 7 ' .1 ' ' 1 I u 1 . u-. 1 ,-X v A 11 L 1? I ll 4 , -,' -7 'V 1' I Ly J .Lf b U,',hvv I, lkfx , 1 ,f 1 f .. 1 ' f ' u , I fi V, ' ,1 , 1 I , V Af - 1 , 1 'f , , 1 4 ' . " - , 5' f 1, v fa .Af .x - .f . J I pr Of , ! K ,fb ., 5,1 A . r .Af 1 .W v J E ,H 1 1 f' . -A V,-. .s' I f L , df ,, ,A 3: gf- x., . V ' 1. , , f. A, sz, f ' r -if ,.. 'J I I V! S f 1 ,V U' q fy K 1 1 i L r j 9 I ' , 1' x 3, L R I A f N j fr fy ' 5- X , 4 5 x WX L I J I XL! J ' I 41" ' fri in 1 ' ' N 'm KX f ,fy 3 Xa I ,ik f fr 71 A f 0 I L x L 5, Clxlxy V li' fl g A Y -, v uf M f 1 1' df lv I I Q y, ii .sl 7 Rl' 5 NJ u f V ik! I I, rf I v 1-1 T ,U X y ' vb ij! 4 'J il qi ii I' X X.- , 1 v 'ff EQ fy K e JN ! X 1 XJ xx M J My Ui J ' L T' at :NJ J! lx 5, Lp W y f i' L' SV! I jf, I I' ' " jx 5' M 1 rf . If if ,' 5, V Irv, ,K gs W W l .2 V fifzv xv IX K ,fl I N 'I 1 ix Q .Pj f P 0 fx 'X ' J' 4 i X77 V 1 7. ll X K, IJ s Nj 1 1 if If -1' Q J in X f ix I H y ,F T' " ' U l X 4,1 X ' 1. V J 1 1 M f W ff A nj A as T x F I fd wha xt CK KX N 1 df, f R 1 If film X MJ! lx L Q l N ffm l-LL QNX I K xy I W I VM Mx, :XJ Ju' V! 11 V' J X f KK X 'l' x' T 1 X ll A -X 0 It V! W :ix I I ' t ri, f -JJ IJ A A f at .- L J ,fl if i su I .y fl' . ,, 1 X17 IJ lm A ,ff ,ff ji 3 ff, fl W IJ X41 A .V . 1 . .I ,' x ,r . 1 -. , A v.. ' 1 . L .. , .1 K - . .' ,H Wx! . qv X. ' A f f ,' 7 as , ,I wr! ' I' if jffx j N DK all .7 'N 42 Rf Q f! My Sy 3 if X ,Tw " 'J sal 1 XX xlg x X, Nl Fr wx NX X ' 1 R if -pf . rf IS N x Q QL 'ly N v. f X,-Q LI 1, ,.7' x .' Ny, ,I-Q' nf' f . V 1153, xga Y ,Jak X A I I. ,jx FI' lynx! x ' 'L ' j Q, 'N .fl ji -'I r mf ' IR- 13 f' 4 . K k Xf.. Im. ,KX L 'iff :lf 1' .J .f . " Q ,W pf' ,'i,f': J M f m , FN ,fx M. vfl xg V M ' 1 jj " , . N A 1! 'l ' , - L! J, ' fu ' L -au- . Ji . f H -ff dl '17 ' s , .f , 1 . 5 . ,f . ' Q.. - f X I ,M J f 1 f W f f f x , V " ' J' K A, - Y jf' "J X1 'L ..,a. -w-LZL , Ffa V W WJ if XIAL wx ,VJ ,Ft V1 , ' V fi 'hi ' A , ,mv fl 3 A ' 1 V ,Z NJ , I. I if-l. Yearbook Publication of Mount Rainier High School Volume IV DcsMoines, Whshington Wfhat is music? What makes music? At Mount Rainier High School, music is laughterg music is knowledgeg music is the spirit of thought. When we look back on Mount Rainier, we will clearly see that each student, member of the faculty, adminis- tration ofhce, each custodian and cook had a special part to play. Tor of 1961-62 represents our love for Mount Rainier and expresses the underlying meaning of our alma mater. 2 11" L,-og.. -13-,LS Owv F-i1uS6Maw06fMu8w ' Mr. Gerald Boyne Q mf' . ,m, , 1 ' ' 191 i l 4 si ' 1-3 2 '- , ' Q " J N K Talented, cheerful, always eager to give encouragement, Mr. Baync is a most vital part of Mt. Rainier High School and its music pro- gram. During the 1959-60 school year he composed the melody of the Alma Mater. His annual musical assemblies before Christmas vacation and the band and choir under his baton have made our school a symphony of success. It is, therefore, ap- propriate that we of Tor make our first yearbook dedication to Mr. Gerald Baync, our first man of music. OwvV0iAe6 Echo Tivwugivfiw Halls ' Seniors ' Juniors ' Sophomores I-IowwolyGooaL Cluwu ' Publications ' Organization ' Music ' Dramatics ' Dances WWE Quppofdv fluff Baum and White WUUL E'w Remuubcw Vow ' Administration ' Honored Students 6 Gul' Voices Echo Through the Halls 'Qemims 'Jwmms President - Don Bergman Vice-President - John Sloan Secretary - Audrey Hillman Treasurer - Carolynn Burby Mr. Robert Whelsell, Senior Advisor 3+ SENIORS SET BEAT. MAKE TRADITION YVC Caine to Nlount Rainier High School as sophomores full of apprehension, eagerness, and hope. lYhcn we look hack on our Clays at Blount Rainier, wc will sec challenge, depression, and enlighten- incnt which inacle us rc-acly as adults to face the world of toinorrow. Each senior is an individual with his own desires and plans for thc future, As we go our separate ways, we will all have one thing to rerncmher and cherish: Blount Rainier High School. i!"""'?' IIM AARDE Ile lx neither zz saint nor zz fophivtirate. but a mum. Football 10,l1,123 Basket- 'mall 1O.l1,12g Baseball 10, 11312: Band 103113123 Let- ,vrmerfs Club 10,11,12. BON ALLEN -et every man mind his own zffaifs. Track 10,125 Foot- Jall 10,11,12g Wrestling 11: Rangers 12. GARY ANDERSON lf Fm studying when you some in, wake me up. Traf- fic Court 113 Choir 11,12. X1 HERB ANDERSON I.lIZlQlZl6T is his' mottv. Boys, Clubl Bowling 11. BRUCE ANGELL Reaching for the star: with II racket in his hand. Tennis Tczun 10,11,123 Rangers 123 jr. Class Presidcntg Letter- rnen,s Club 1O,113123 Torch JUDY ARMSTRONG She will make a ,splendid wife, for love would only make her eyes more bright. Homecoming Queeng Band 1O,11,12: Choir 12: GAA 103 Girls' Club. 3 CONNIE ARKILLS A smile coils nothing but meant .vo much. Pep Club Vive-Prvsiclcnt 123 FTA 113 GAA 115 Junior Play Cast. PAT ATKINS Ax nary at her hair. Girls' Club: 013500 Stxlfl. 62 DONNA BALLARD She invented kindness. fTransferD GAA 10,11,12g Girls, Basketball 103 Girls' Volleyball 10 3 Maypole 103 Sr. Play Production Assist- ant. STEVE BARKER A Nath could always pax: a Cadillac. Senior Class Play Stage Crew 3 Waskowitz Counselor 11.12. REG BICKFORD Who says I'm afraid of girls? Band 103 Boys' Club 1O,11, 12. KARL BJELLAND Deeds are measured by their results. Boys, Club 1O,11,12. W STAN BARTLETT A little zrtzng now and then Football Manager 10 Basketball Manager 10 Boys Club Letterman s Club. KAREN BJELLAND MIKE BENNETT Hefs not as innocent as he looks. Tennis 1O,11,12g Sen- ior Councilg Rangers 11,123 Letterman's Club 10,11,12. DON BERGMAN Write me as one who loves his fellow man. Senior Class Presirlentg Torch Club 10,11, 125 Letter:man's Clubg Rang- ers 11,125 Sophomore Class President. BONNIE BERGSTROM In her tongue the law of kindness. D.E. Club 125 FTA 10,11,12g Girls' Club 10.11, 123 GAA 1O,11g Drill Team 10. Care comes, care goes, so KEN BLAIS why care? Girls' Club 10,11, All I want is authority - a MIKE BERRY l D 125 choir 12. siren! Boys' Club 1O,11,12. A bufmeff man W fl bufmff world. Football 105 Torch Club 10,11,12g Yearbook 125 Science Club 115 Bowling 11,12. CHESTER BETTCHER A nicer guy cannot be found. Football Manager 113 Stage Crew 12. 'gk W FRED BOHM An honext work of ior Chess Staff DENNIS BRASS Sinoerity sepfzmlex boys. Boys' ELMER guery, Club wwf gl. fx!! an PATTE BRICK if A girl who ix all szzgazgcmcf 1 xcheme. GAA 10: Choir 323 Girls' Club 10,11,1Q. Girls' TERRY BROYVN Ile lmpm' llix fame will reach Il lfldyfs ear. Boys' Club 10, l l,l2. RUTH BROWNING ' Aizgels' fuel so'k'ard lo see befciiusge itkey gon about Asa quietly. Chou 12, ma, 124 'Girls' Club 10,11,12g GAA lm. l 4 CTERESA BRUINGTON jLQzugk ami fha world laughs Lwith youg ,cry and your max- ,lcara runs.,S1tudent Council llig GAA 103 Girls' Club 10. K 11,125 film JUDY ISRUNIMET A mild manner and a gra- cioux heart. Band l0,11,l2g Girls' Club lO,11,12. CAROLYNN BURBY - Snappy as a hreeracker and twice cm dynamic. Senior Class Treasurcrg Junior Play Castg Yearbook Staff 12g Torch Club 10,115 Girls, Club Friendship Comm. 10. 12. BRUCE BURPEE BOB BUTLER A good man Friflay every A .rtrong za-ill, a ,f6ltl6d pur- rlay of the zceek. Track Mgr. pore, an invincible determi- 10,11 5 Football 115 Wrestling nation. Torch 11,12g YFC 115 Lottcrnierfs Club l0,11, l0,1l,125 FTA 1O,11,12g ' Senior Play Cast. Band 10,l1,125 Choir 12. GARY BYERS H 5 zz tower 0 itren h burlt on pzllars 0 fzlenee and dependabzlztj Cyn n'1s tl 11 Boys Club 1011 19 DIANNE CAGLE There is no one more respected and admired. Torch 10,11,125 Debate 12g YFC 10, Counselor 11,125 Science Club 11,105 FTA 10, 1l,12, Sec.-Treasurer, 10. JIM CAIN Rexerve ana' dignity belong to himg this well-dressed fel- low with the dimplerl ehin. footbill 12 YFC 10 gen ior Play Stage Cxcw Boys Club hm... NANCY CALLISQN She powders her face with mmltine. Library Stall' 125 Girls' Club 10,1 1,12. JIM CARD lTransferj A deck of laughter: Junior Civitan Clubg Football 10, 11,125 Basketball l0,11,l2g Trackg Lcttermexfs Club. CHARMIEN CARRIER Others may dream of beautyg she creates it. Yearbook Art Editor 12g Pep Club 123 Sen- ior Councilg Co-chairmhn Girls, Club Publicity Corn- mittee 125 -- Senior Play Cast. NANCY COLLINGWOOD REX COUTURE FRED CATUZO Trains of thought do not al- ways Navel on tracks of study. Boys' Club. CAROL CHADWICK. Life is not life without laugh- ter. Yell Staff 11,l2g GAA 105 junior Class Playg Pep Club 103 Soph. Rep. to Girls' Club. TIM CHILDS Why waste lifeg you cafft outlive il. Choir 125 Boys' Club 1O.11,12. slim .rw fv- 4253? ,qw .1 TERRY COOCAN DAVE COOLEY A good natwed guy iv al- The blexsingx of Allah will ways in style. Boys' Club 10, brfall him forever. Junior 11,12. Play Cast: Lcttcmxcrfs Club LINDA CLOSE How rare, how precious is intelligence sprinkled with frivolity. Girls, Club Cabinet 12gPep11,123GAA10,11g FTA11,12gAriettes11,12. A joy to know. Torch Club 10: CAA 1O,11,125 Science Club 12: Drill Team 10. CTS? w,...,..a-Q u p 11.12: Coll 10: JY. Foot- ball 10: Bowling 10,11 F W3 an Q ,J lan' It JOHN COOPER 1'Vh11t does lhnl 171 tmmiv smile mean? Football 19 Boys, Club 10,11,12. 'iff'-V W, NY. I ,,,,l Rather than love, than mon- ey, than fame, give me truth. Science Club Vice-Prcs.g Math Club Sec.-Tri-:as.g De- bate Club 12g Torch Clubg Chess Club. LINDA CONRAD MARY JO DAHL She won many friends right from the start. Girls' Club Service Committee 12g GAA 10g Girls' Club 10,11,12. GLORIA DALSEG She only flirts a little. D.E. 12. JEAN COVELLO Her heart is high above for she is set in love. Girls' Club 1O,11,l2. SUSAN DANSENBURG ' My motto is to meet trials with smiles, FTA 1O,11,12, Sec, 123 Camp Waskowitz Counselor 125 Libi-ary Staff 12. V17Cit . a ,,l 'K WMJQLTJ BILL CULBERTSON It is just being - sharp! Yell Staff 11,125 Representa- tive Assembly 115 Carnival Committee 10. MARILYN CUMMINGS Few will forget her sunny smile and winning ways. Of- fice Attendant 125 Mother- Daughter Tea Committee 10, 115 Career-Day Committee 12g Gymnastics 1O,11,125 Friendship Committee 12. CAROLYN DAVIS Everyone likes a person who is fu n. GAA Club 1O,l1,12. 10,11 5 omg' RICHARD CUMMINGS His memory will linger on. Library Stal? 10g Math Club l1,12. KATHY CUNNINGHAM You will always find Kathy in the center of fun, Girl of the Month Committee 5 Choir 125 Young Life 103 Girls' Club 10,11,12. LINDA DAFFER joy without ceasing. GAA 10, as iw Q91 ,,ch,,,,.f-e IDONA DAVIS A Silence surroymds her words as if to hold them forever in 'a frames Office Staff 11,123 Youth for Christ g 'Waskowitz Counselor "l2Q F.T.A. 11512. 1?Sw.DELO.g5 . is Q 450 wir'4Z?"ffh Wt l feeble zogzlldgl liefugise ro, follow. lCsoxisrixuzion r Commiuee 5 De- lbate, 1.2 1e.TraiTic, Cmrrtg Arth- gletio Anuouncerg 'Drum sMaj,0r:- .- ,1 ,. - .V I , w ,, . s ,,f. -- . f, .- ,fp if i 0 , , , , l . . - - - ,- 4 f 'I ,, 5-WQRQN PENNF? r is lggiows the m,l.. kart zh. of how :give 4. mags and hold his ihealgt.-5ChOir3 Girls' Club. , i is g 'Q LEONARD DENTON ftransferj A quiet man who makes one curious. Science Club 10g Drama Club 105 Pep Club 105 Prom Committee 11, JOYCE DESOTO A smile that wins, cheeks that glow, she's- always on the go. MotherfDaughter Tea Committeeg Girls, Club. -'fi' DAN DINGFIELD An inspiration to all who know him. Baseball 1l,l2g Wrestling 12g Boys' Club Vice Presidentg Traffic Pa- trolg Senior Council. VALERIE DODGE A fine friend and a fine worker. Library Staff 10,125 Science Club 105 F.T.A. 12. PATTI DOE A pleasing blend of grace and harmony, Girls, Club. BILL DUBOIS The secret of success, his constancy to purpose. Torch Club l0,1l,12g Berg Pro- grarri-Science Seminar 11,12. BOB DUBOIS Few things are impossible through diligence and skill. Band l0,1l,l2g Torch Club l0,ll,l2g Library Staff ll. BILL DUNN Kimi of quiet and shy, if he spolm at all, he'al just say NHL" Wrestlingg Boys' Club 1U,l1,12. SARAH DUNNING Thoughts of deep seclusion. Rambling Oni11g Make up Club 10,11,12g Ariettes 12. X f ,ff ff, -' N SUI si 'vw .,,,:: ij ,l., . ,. s slg i . A 'KWH-w .1 T .. ,, ,-,. 1 , , Q,,Q lfnff --Q W inn is M' My Q if ' 1 ' Y' 'J - 1+ ' 'vfgfa , 1 M , gg 1' ig 5 -gr!-44 - ., - pg A-,' ' gf. -'21 'lx nj, J ,' ,j .K R-gg -, iss., -M32 -iff i- Miz: 21, CONNIE DYSON A kind heart is better than all the zclisrlom in the zcforlzl. GAA 10g Rambling On Staff: Blake up Club 1O,11.l2. TERRY DZlUK . My car is a.bargain,1 I swear it every time I fix it. Bowling Tsang Boys' Club 10,11,12. JOHN Bon Talents unending. D.E. Par- liamentary 12. BRIAN FAIRCHILD His personality makes him intriguing. Boys' Club 10, 1I,12. M no - SONNY FANNING fcrj He always has time for girls. Football 112 Vice! Pres- identfD.E. gl Vnrsily Ulnb 11g Boys'Clul::10,11,ll2. A 1 f GEORGE FQLEY l 1 An all around 1 good guy. Choir 11,125! Track 12gl Tro.fHQ Patrol 113 Boys' Club' 1O,11,12. s , l f DOUG FRANCIS! X X ,Wherever he goes, he will have friends and the admir- ing glances of ladies. Boys' Club Cabinet 11,12g Rang- ersg Sophomore Class Treas- urerg Tennis 10,11,125 Let- tcrmcrfs Club 1O,11,l2. JUIL EATON fifransfcrl A rose without a thorn, Stu- dent Council 12: GAA 103 Spades 10,113 Homecoming Dance Committeeg Senior Play Cast, ,V CRAIG FUNK Smile of gold. Gymnastics team 11. 'ADRI GAGNON That little ring on her third finger, left hand, is the key to her happiness. Ariettes 105 Girls' Club 10,11,125 At- tendance ofiice 11g Girls' P.E. Assistant 11g G.A.A. 10. IOHN GANN Life is what you make il. WE. Clubg Bowling, Boys' Ilub 1O,1l,12. -rift, smwdyw rerun DAVE GLENN ROY GOEBEL I love all blondes, no mailer All Texfmr think big. Boys' what color their hair is. J.V. Club 10.11,12, Football 10,113 D.E. Club President. SUE GARINGER Fairer than the day. Girls' Club 10,l1,l2g Fashion Show 105 Office Staff 105 Prom Committee 10,115 G.A.A. 10. DAN GERHARD Hels not as bashful when you get to know him. Wrestling 11,123 Track 10,11,12g Bas- ketball 10. eg KARON GILLIN What a nice old place this earth would be, if every red- head was .sweet as she. Ush- erctlcs 10: Choir 11,123 RE. Assistant 12: D.E. 125 Girls' Club 10.11.12. CHARLENE GOODRICH She has the makings of fl successful person. Girls' Glcc 105 Choir 11,123 Ofice Stall' 10. BOB GRAY Not one in every por! but one in every classroom. Ten- his 1O,11,12g 13.12. club Treasurer 12, Student store 125 Waskowitz counselor 10, 12g junior-Senior Prom Committee 1l,12. ' SHARON HANSON Fair as a star .shining in the sky. Drill Team 103 Student council 115 Choir 11,I2g Senior'Counci1 12. ROY HARRIS Agentleman in every way. Track 105 Wrestling 115 Band 1O,11,12g Science Club 12. i 1 f'f"7i we BERNADETTE GREEN Always a joy to be near. Chili! 1U,11,12g Girls' Club '10,11,12. .5531 LILA GREEN To be her friend is an honor most high. Choir 1O,11,125 Nonettc 10,11,12g Pcp 10, 11: YFC 10,11,125 FTA 12. JESSIE GRIFFITH She loves to please. Pep Club 125 Music Council 11g Drill Team 115 Girls' Club Serv- ice Committee 125 Choir 12. RICK HAYES . . . one may mzile, and smile, and be a villain fSlwke.9pearej. Traffic P21- trolg Boys' Club. CAROLYN HELGESON Divinelv tall, divinely fair. Girls? Club Vice President 125 Tennis Team 10,11g Friendship Committeeg GAAg Decoration T Committee Jr. Prom. C A A A We -irc' lm l GRANT GULLBERG What ai piece of work ix I1 manfi howl noble in reason! how ,iinfinite in faculties! Ghakespearej.. . Basketball 10,11,12g Football 10,11,12g Torch '11, 1 President 1 125 Lettermerfs Club '10g11-,125 Rangers' 12. T ' ' CAROL HANNA . ,. . , Her smiling face and laugh' ing eyes made' her a' friend mbstcdeaf. Science Club 10g Choiif 12g Girls' Club' 10, 11,12, LOTS HANNA A 1 . She may be a twin but hee style is her own. FiT.A: 10g Scicnce Club 1'Uj'Girl's' 'Club 10,11,12. 1 E l 1 y Y 'iw in quggva... wx .Iyar . CATHERINE HELTON A womrzn of few words doexnit have to take back so many of them. Girls, Club 1O,11,l2g YFG 1O,11,12. JOHN HENNEN . . . brevity is the soul of wit. KShakespearej Basketball 10, 11,123 Track 11,123 Letter- men's Club g Bowlingg Year- book Staff 11,12. DEAN HENNIGER He would have found it more inspiring if the text were not so tiring. Boys' Club 10,1I,12. nf 1 f M, ,L 1 'w-Midi' CAROL HERZER A tough of .vunshine through the min. CAA 105 Science Club 11g Torch 10g Girls' Club Publicity Committee 1 1,12 5 Waskowitz Counselor 10,11,12. DENNY HIERONYMUS Where there is mischief brewing, he's doing the siir- ring. Young Life, Boys' Club. AUDREY HILLNIAN, A b0.v.f,5 rlrerzm-girl. Senior Class Sccrctaryg Girls' Club Service: Committee Chair- man 1 1 .123 Representative Asscmbly 10,11,12g Make- up Club. ,IANICE HOLMES She never hesitates to show her friendly ways. jr. Play Castg Pep Club 125 YFC: Homecoming Princess: Sr. Play Cast. K7 ,ed ,, MARY HOLNAGEL Af lovely as Przrzdora whom the gods enrlozved with all their gifts. Baud 1O,11,12: GAA 10: Marching Band 11.12. JOE HOUGARDY The importanee he places on the individual will draw many friends to him. Boys' Club. JERRY HOUSE Aim for the stars. junior Play Castg Pep Bandg YFC. Hulk I 'FEES'- 1--.,,4Wa:ar" SUE HUGHES L Blondes always gift admiring glances. Girlsf C-lub -10,11 12g Office Staff Il. A 'TERRY HUMBERT Fire and ice? Boys' Club 10 11,125 .Weight ,lifting 10 Skiing. 1 MARLENE JONES A teachefs delight. GAA 10, 11,12g Arriettes 123 Make- up Club. l BRENT JORDAN As strong in mind as Hercu- les' was in physical strength. Ping-Pong 105 Counselor Camp Waskowitz 115 Band 10,11,125 Archery 12. KATHY KANTNER Fertfiee to others is her great aim. Pep Club 10,11, President 12g GAA 10,11, 125 Senior Band 113 Library Stall 12. GEORGIA KEMPF Love to man is a thing apart. Junior Class SeC.5 Camp Waskowitz Counselor 11,121 Make-up Clubg FTA5 Year- book Staff. JIM KESIC Carl grants liberty only to those who lore if. and are rzlzwzys ready to guarrl and defend it. QTmnsfc-rj Swim- ming tenmg Hot Rod Clubg Chess Club 12. VICKY KANTNER It is her thinking of others that makes others think of her. Pep Club 1O,11,12g GAA Treasurer 105 GAA 1O,l1,12g Music Councilg Sr. Councilg Jr. Band Presi- dent 11. DENNIS KARP He remembers grestertiay, lives toalay, and can wait for tarrzorrazr. Lc-ttermen's Clubg Rangersg Wrestling, TIM KEENE A man of many mysteries. Library 10.11.125 Gymnas- tics nizmagcr 123 Baseball 11, 125 Boys' Club. f CLAUDE KINCANNON A man about town zritlz youthful propertsities. -IV Basketball 5 Trackg Boys' Club. JEAN KNAPP A cute little package of sur- prises. GAAQ Girls' Club. LATIN A little bit shy but mighty sweet, Girls' Club. I TOM LAYDEN Though he need not say a word, his mischievous thoughts are always heard. Boys, Club. . - -. . ge .fi '41 ' H ,V A we., Qual , ggiiggljr A Q ,V .U A.: .ef 9 se : 15. ff' ' QQ , kv T A 5 igiwfg 1 A Y.. ,xr x ,lf J we ,. , 1 , .. 6, Q .l MARILYN KNAUS The flash of her dimples fle- mil one's train of thought Ariettes 11,125 Choirg Sr Council Altematcg Girls Club Sr. Comm, LINDA KOWALSKI . . . from her lips come gentle words. Pep Club 11, 125 Senior Bandg Choir 12g Prom Committee 11,12. TONI KRUSIE Her bubbling laughter makes everyone smile. lTransferl Class Pres. 103 Entertaining 10, RON LEIGHTON JIM LEWIS Our loss is Kenfs gain. Boys, A penny for you? thoughts. club. Choir 12: Golf team 11. PHIL LAMPMAN He is the laughter of youth, Chess Clubvg Boys' Club. DON LARRABEE He majors in cxlibiology. Lettermerfs Club 3 Wres- tlingg Dlstributive Educa- tion 3 Choir. DONNA LARSON A gem of purest my. Was- kowitz Counse l or'11,12g Friendship Committee 12 3 FTA 11,125 Mixed Ensemble 11,125 Drill team ll. 1 - Q11 TOXI XIADSEN A shzng ree! zn one hand cz gun zn the other and zz loze 0 nature In hm heart Bowl ing 10,11,1-: Chess ub 11,12. HCKEY LIEBEL' Vhafs he been up io? Bowling 10,l1g, Boys' Club. KAY LISTON 4 sweet manner, and a :harming smile. Girls' Glee 10,11,12g Girls' Club. IERRY LIZER ' ' fl man of few words and yuiet actions. Band 10,11, l23 Pep Band 1O,11,125 3oys' Club. IXIARY LLOYD A jewel most rare. Office Staff 11.125Torc-h10,11,12g Board of Control 11g Blake-up Club 10, MARLANA MacDONALD Smooth runs the water where the brook if deep. Debate 123 F.T.A. 10,11,125 Band 11,125 Ski School 10, 11,125 Torch 1O,11,12. SANDY MAGNEY Darling of a pigmy size. CTransferj TAIF Social Service Clubg Student Repg LOREN MAIERS GRA Girls Recreation As- His mind is his own, Boys' gggiation, Clull COL1HCll, MARION MAPLES An all around good fellow. Track 10,11,12g Lettermexfg Clubg Ranger 123 Gymnas- tics 10. STEVE MARCILLE A little swing now and then is relished by the besz of men. Football 10,11g Gym? nastics 11,12g Bowling 125 Parking Lot Patrol 12g'Let- termen's Club 1O,11.12. LINDA MQCLELLAN Full of pep, vim, and vigor, this little gal is fast as a trigger. Torch 11,123 Stu- dent Council 115 Band 10,11,12 Treasurer 111 Friendship Committee 12 .Spice 0 life Boys DAVID MCMECHAN Ye keeps his spirits as high is he is tall. Band10,11,12g Frack 10,115 j.V. Basketball 0,115 Science Club 11,12. DOUG MCMURRAY CTransferj V Iis eyes hold deep secrets. Ihoir 10, Baseball, School 'lay 115 Ski Club, Senior 'lay Cast. OE MEEK As is the hub of the wheel. x.S.B, President, Sophomore Ilass Vice President, Foot- mall 10,l1,l'23 Wrestling 10, 15 J.V. Basketball 10. I isi 'k..q,,m f Hfim my-v MICKEY MILLER Great opportunities come to lhose that make use of small- er ones. Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Science Club 5 Stage Crew. RICHARD BIILLER According to my ralculations - - Science Club 1O,11, Vice Pres. 12: Math Club l0,11, 12g Debate 12g Football 105 Track 10,12 JIM MERTL A worthy member of the Senior Class. Orchestra 10, 11,125 Bowling 10,l1,l2g Chess Club 12. JULIE METZGAR She makes it easy for fellows to be gentlemen. Torch 10, 11,1Zg Girls' Club Commit- tee 125 Nonette 10,11,125 Choir 10, Sec, 11, Treas. 125 Mixed Group 11,1'Z. 62 BETH MILLER She has charm and abilities seasoned with fun. F.'I'.A. 11, Youth for Christg G.A.A. 11, Yearbook Staff 123 Girl of the Nlonth Commit- tee 11. ' KJ? , ,Jw ,, f ,.,.,+e:f MARILYN MITCHELL A blonde dynamo that can successfully master any prob- lem -- no matter what it be. Yell Staff 113 Band 10,11, 125 Choir 125 G.A.A. 10,11, 12 5 Representative Assembly. EVONNA MOLLETTI She's small, but so is the atomic bomb. Library Staff 115 Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Castg Senior Council 12g Pep Club 12. 6 NANCY OLIVER Sweeti land friendly, she makes zz good friend. Board of Control ll: Office 10g Ariettes 1O,1l. RON OLSON "Let ik n o zo I e af g e grow." fTennysonj CTransf6rj Boys' Club. 2 'WM al'- ,. ,J . ein' A38 'N M TERRY MOON Once he was caught xtudy- ing, but now he'x lived down the disg1aee.ABoys' Club IO, ,11,I2- . l .. DIANE MURRAY Her eyes shine with the lore thafs in her heart, junior- Senior Prom Committee 115 FTA 10,115 Drill Team 10,1 1. LEE NASI She can? help it if her eyes flirz.,FTA 115 G.A.A. 10,115 mel -.,. TERRY PARPART ' One man in hif time playi many parts . . . Shake- speare. Football lO.ll,l2g Basketball lO.ll,l2: Letter- men's Clubg Rangers 12. Band. DON PEASE Whyshould I worry -Q not even the bellcrm make me lluffy. Science Club 10,l1A, 12: Chess 123 Bowling 10. . Q l RAE NICKELS With her, Everyday is Christ- max. Girls, Club. MIKE NOREM Heir iseazrching the sea' for mermaidsj Distributive Edu-L cation 5 ,Ypung Lifeg Rep- resentative Assemblyg Choir. IEMMIE NORRIS M Her 'thoughts are always with her friends. GLA.Ag 11, 12g Cheir'm1Al,12g Youth for: Christg .Drill Team ll. MW ,drank - . ,,l...-r -. was-,Q id?-Wg DONNA PELLEGRINI A great girl seasoned with laughter and ha p p in e s s. lTransferJ C 11 o i rg Girls' Club. BRIAN PBMBERTON A real asset to the student body. Cfransferj Band 10,11g Football 10. KAREN PERNULA People are remembered by the steps they take and the smiles they scatter. Ariettesg Girls' Club. sf ,www . Y" ' iv ' i ' W-ug!! 'A with AL DONNA PERRY All she need do to own the world is reach. Girls' Club Cabinctg Senior Councilg Torch 10,1l,l2g Science Club l0,11,12g junior Play Cast. KARALEE PETERSON An attractive girl you will want to know, always laugh- ing and onhthe go. GAA 10, 11,125 Choir 10,11,12g Non- ette 10,11,12g Homecoming dance Committeeg Hand- book Editor. 'pawn-wwf WALT PETERSON He newer :worries about to- morrow 'cause he knows itlll be here just the same. Year- book Stall 12g Stage Crew 12g Student Store 12g Dis- tributive Ed. 125 Photogra- phy 10,11,12. KATHY PLUXCNIER The flower of youth and beautfs pride, Prom Com- NANCY PINION mittee: Pep Club 11,121 Southern Peaches are sweet. ASB Secretary: Choir 12: Girls, Club. Homecoming Princess. FRANCES POLETTO She has as many friends as Roekefeller has dollars. Jun- ior Prom Committee llg Girls' Club. BILL POOLMAN Ie who is understanding is king. Track 10,125 Foot- ball 10g Traffic Court: Pa- trol 11. ,337 Law--" 4 ,tt-r wr- ww WV' KATHY PREMEL What sweet delight la 'quite life affords. Girls' Club. ANN PUTNAM She made ,rimplicity a charm. G.A.A.,10,11,125 Choir 125 Band 10,l1,,12g Nonette 10, 11,125 All Northwest Music Festive 11. ' RENEE REGISTER A manner merw, a heart 50 gay, .rhelll live in laughter all of her days. Pep Club 115 Yearbook Staff 12g Young Lifeg Girl of the Month Committee 103 Ski Club 10, 11. I te-if DALE REID A The man who really knows himxelf doesnit tell all he I knows. Football 10,115 VVres- V tling.10,11g Traffic Court 11, 125 Band 1'0,il1,12. ' '- JIM RHOTON What are you thinking? Boys, Club. ,gina-twain.. CARLA RILEY An angel on skis, GAA Vice- Presiclent 125 Choir l1,12g Nonette 10,11,12g Ski Club '10,l1,12g Girls' Glee Presi- dent 10. ' DONNA ROEN She is as kind at she is fair. Senior'Council5 Girls, Club. if BONNY ROGERS You're only young once. Yell Staff 11,125 Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee 11g Motheri Daughter Tea Committeeg Ski Club 11,123 GAA 10. LOW-ELL ROTTRU-P '.-! Onthis page of victories, the world blutfiai confima. ASB Vice President ,125 flR'epreQ sentative Assam g. Homecom. ling- Committeeg ,V Waskowitg Counselor' 10,'11,12g Youth fin' Chflsfi I A .0 1. . if DOUG RUSS, ,, , ,A Not harsh- nor 'grating though ' of I ample pon-er. C'Wo1jdsw01thj ' Football 10. 11,0123 Qsasebaii 10.11.125 Wrestling 11,125 Rangersg 1 Lettermenls -Club, President. WA free' ZHERYL RUSSELL fwinging on a star. Senior Iouncilg Room representa- ive 11,125 Y.F.C.5 Choir 25 Senior Ball Committee 2. 'IM RUTLEDGE iis secret ambition is to tart cz harem. Footballg 20115 Boys' Club. fffransferj QUE SATTER 'ersonnlity and charm, a fttle misehief added -4 does .0 harm. Girls, Club Presi- lent 125 Pop Clubg Student louncilg Chairman of Pub- lcity for Homcroming 12, Sfigse' CAROL SCHWITZKE When she came to our ,school she brought with her a mul- titude of talents, Senior Class Playg Girls' Club. ffransferj FRANCES SCHENK Music is the universal Zan- guage. Girls' Club Treasurer 12, G.A.A. 10,11,12g Torch 11,123 Mixed Group 1l,12. BARBARA SCHUEHLE As the wofld looks to to- morrow, she lives for each hour and day. Debate 12g Representative Assembly 125 F.T.A. 10, Vice Pres. 11, President 12: Junior Play Castg Girls' Club Cabinet 12. new, x if WWW? MIKE SEDAM When his camera takes the picture, no artist needs re- touch the View. Yearbook 11,125 Vnskowitz Counselor. GARY SCHWENDEMAN In the classroom he's quiet, but outside -- oh my! Band 1O,11,123 Pep Band 10,ll, 123 Wrestling 11,l2. s ,eg in 1 ew - CHUCK SEDER His favorite jigures are on papef, Science Club 11,12: Math Club 11g Stage Crewg Distributive E d u C a tio ng Chess Club. KATHY SBEKINS Full of fun, bound to suc- ceed, a more true friend can- not be found. Yearbook 11, 123 Pep Club 11,12g Tennis lO,11,12g Board of Control 113 Office Staff 12. -f TERRE ANN SIMS Her life is like the moong there? a man in it. Junior Class Treasurerg G.A.A. 10, 11: Pep Club 125 Rands Horn Staffg Representative Assembly 10. CAROL SINGLETON A package of mischief that deceiver one by the wrap- jzings. G.A.A. 10,115 Girls' Club. DARREN SIPE A lion among ladies. Foot ball 1O,1l,12g YVrestling 10. 11,12g Track 1O,11,125 Let- termenis Club Treasurer Rangers. SENGSTOCK the angelr. Boys, rr. M f reasons that understand. 104 Ski RONSHEARER Heir the spark lhat kindler every fire. Constitution Gom- mitteeg Representative As- semblyg Make-up Club 11g Lab. Assiitant 11. 1 ' JOHN SLOAN Pm a little man with big thoughts. who knows what Fm thinking? Varsity Wires- rlingg Senior Glass Vice President, Yearbook Staff Traffic Patrol. 9 if L if . .. DAVE SCHULTZ Give us a man that rings at his wark. Youth for Ch'risti1O,11, V.P. Prog. 125 Torch 1o,11,i2g Mizfzed Group 11,125 Choir 11, President 125 F.T.A. 10, Treasurer 11. . SUE SHUSTER Her blush is so becoming. Torc:h.10,11g Girls' Club. MICKEY SIMPSON ' Heir the plat in her life .story.:Wre5t1ing 1,15 Letter- menis Clubg Bandg Wasko- witz Counselor. 1 nfs ,N,,..f! in 4 Q Q ills., JUDY SMITH Nothing is as precious as time and I sure take plenty of it. Girls' Club. PAUL SMITH A willing smile and a help- ing hand. Yearbook Staff, Stage Crew 12. RANDY SN ODGRASS He'll reach his goal. Track 10,l1,12, Boys' Club. 'Hb BARBARA SNOW Did you ezer see a girl that didnt giggle? Drill Team 10.111 Choir 125 Youth for Christg F.T.A. 11: Girls' Clve 10. GERRIE SPRINGER She exalls in sunshine and laughter. G.A.A.g Yearbook Staff 12g Youth for Christg Make-up Clubg Refreshment Comm. Ir. Sr. Prom, 5 BONNI SPURLING ' Every night she can turn a page and zwrile down a good deed for the day. G.A.A. 10, Treasurer 11, President 12: Drill 10,115 Yearbook Staff 125 Pep Club 11,12g Choir 12. CARMEN STEPHENS She models a smile. GAA. 10, Girls, Club. BOB STICE To him nzisi'lzir'f makes the hours seem short. Chess Club, Boys, Club. me r l A I ' .Ai lsls,,, .. 'WOIHWV L. SHERRYSTONACK T A girl that enjoys life and takes advantage of all situa- tions. G.A.A. 10,115 Fashion Show 115 Sr, Council 12g International Foreign Show 10. JUDY STONE Atlractineness, personality, and dependability win her the admiration of all who know her. Yearbook Editor 123 Aricttes 11, Chairman 12g Jr. Play Production Mgr.3 Sr. Play Cast: 'l'orc'h 10,11, W:-mn" .J ff its XX .,,.. LINN SUVER He knows that the best way to have friends is to be one. Choir 125 Boys' Club 1O,11, 12. JACK TALYOR Why should the devil have all the fan. Football 10,113 Golf 11,125 Chess Club 11, 12. WMV' KAREN TAYLOR A zvornan in earnest finds means or, if she can't find, creates them. Choir 11,125 Girls' Club 10,11,12. BARBARA TEIGEN A number one friend. G.A.A. 105 Tolo Committee 10 Girls' Club 10,11,12. PAT THOMPSON Quiet, sincere, and quick of wit. Baseball 10g Waskowitz Counselor. MIKE THORSEN Always busy and willing to help when help is needed the most. Rambling On Editor 11, Business lblanager 123 Student Counril 12g Waskowitz Counselor 123 Prom Committee ll. BRUCE THUNEY His ambition is to be a truck rlrizrer, because they run into so many interesting people. Football, 10,11,12g Baseball 105 Wrestling 1O,11.12g Traffic Patrolg Ranger. JOAN THUNEY Lovely to look at, friendly, good-natured, and happy is she. PeprClub 105 Oflife Staff 103 Young Life: Cirl of the Month Committee 10: Mother-Daughter Teri 10,1 2. PAUL TONSETH He is the spice of life. Band 10,11,125 Choir 123 Track 10. JANET TERMIN She's the kind of a person that makes school Choir 125 Girls' Club 1O,11,12. DICK TUTTLE He greets all with a hearty smile which represents his sincere friendliness. Choirg Trackg Gymnastics. JAN TYLER Hers is a queenly beauty. Choir 10,ll,12g GAA 10,115 Drill Team 10. JUDY TYLER X Her friendliness is unsur- paxxed, Band 10g Girls' Glee 12. egea' V .. :I k - 1'.'. '. X Yi M79 fd .Qi Q --?"""""'f"' JIM WAIBEL There is no rest messenger til the message is delivered. Y.F.C., Pres. 11,123 Torch 10,11,12gSci- ence Club 10,11g Repre- sentative Council 115 Debate 12. for the KAREN VANDERVORT She works hard, but not for fame. G.A.A. 11,12g Choir 11g Nonette 10,11,12. LINDA VAUGI-IN Her heart wzis stolen by a pirate. Pep Club 125 Gfflce 12: Junior Prom Comm. ll.12: 'llermls 10.11.125 Frieuclship Com. 12... A Syl! wliwapuii' 1 - 1 CAROLINE WALKER An inner zrixion quick to hurl beauties hid from eozrzrrzmi sight. Scicurc Club 111.1 1.12: FTA 10.1 1: School Store ll. .ny- Q91 SUSAN WALTON A welcome newcomer. lTransferl Girls' Club. SHARON WALYOR She's lovely f-- she's in love. T010 Com. 105 Girls' Club. STEPHANIE YVADE A zreleome adclitiori to the camp us. Girls' Club. iw. 'song lf Te-Q 'ff eq, N ,fa-.f..-. My LINDA WARD ax Beautous does. Soph. Vfqp Clubg Girls' Club, Cacb.l11g11Gir1s' AA Club sec. 125 GAA. TEDAWERNEXA A 1 c2zr'Qs oj' fioiiqjy 'aie seldom the 'cami fof, gamorrow. ,Gymnastics 10g Boys! Club. - - , A QLARFQYfWHITNEAY 1 T L QL-gaod joyb,-1ai,g6od,caz fmd AAA' a Qpgn "These are his for success. lWres-A Qhbif Boysfi fC1ubg' Trafiic LA2' Bzgtrolf 4, A Q DQNAWHITE- - A 'fA,1e58.YZ220i2' Qfg'e.gefz'e that shapes his- toryn' .fSa1Ldbwg9. - Torch 10,11,12g gg' Letterfnenag Clybg fl rack, GAVE-AWILCOXIA f All ivk'o'know-'Gaye -are 'captured by he? Vkxubifrhdgf ildizghterf rind Sails? of humor., Friend5h1p,iC,om.Q -Com. 1-115-A RE. Asst? A-12,5 lGAA-A 1D,' Mbthei-Daughter' Tea-L12.-A ' - L KAREN AWILLIAMS A I sweet1iess,werb iszi ar shefd be IZ confectionefi Qdelighij l0,llg Choir 125 :OfHcefAS,taff -10. A v 40" Faq? GARY VVILSON All I have to my is 'fFoo.'U Senior Councilg Rep. Asscmb. Science Clubg Wrestling: Waskowitz Counselor. EVELYN XVITTER The bert place for books is in the bot- tom of her locker. Distributive Educa- tion: Drill Team 10,113 GAA, LLOYD YOUNGS He hex high blonde pressure. Wres- tlingg Trackg Prom Com.5 Homecomw ing Com.g Rep. Assem. l l - Kg' W Vw' S ' lb 'ti uf . , f I CATHY YVINDERS Her eyes like stars of twilight fair. fLV07'lf.X'Zi'OVflZj, Clloirg Make-up Club 10: Ski Club: Service Com. 10,11,12. RON YVORTHINGTON His pleaxing personality is no slight advantage. tffransferl Football 123 Representative Assembly. DARYI. WINTER It takes life to love life. fllffastersj. Basketball lll,ll,12g Football lO,1I, 125 Lcttermengs Club. Camera Shy: Elizabeth Carmichael Pat LaGasa Ronald PHipsin Charles Snyder - we if 28, Applegate, Me-ricllcn Atkins, Harold Atwater, Laura Ayers, Riargarct Bahl. Kfarilyn JUNIORS, IN TUNE AND IN STEP MAIXCHED TO THE TOP Bailey, Karen Barclay. Joanne Barnard, Terry Barnes, Micheal Barnhill, Donald Benedict, Becky Bennett, Jacque Bergman, Judy Bergstrom, Ronald Bergum, Lawrence Berryman Bill Bessette Stexe Bettchcr Doug Baker, Byron Bales, Bill Baker Karron Banta, Jim Barclay, Jerry Blackwood, Roberta Bicknell Larry Bondurant. Sharon Boring, Terry Bouldron, Jenifer Bova, Joey Boyce, JoAnne Boyd, Brenda Brandt, Carol Breyer, Sharon Britten, Barry Britten, Lee Broderson, Ron Brown, Denny Brown, Judy Brown, Violet C1 dill' was 'N A ,Q , g l . is fm , .H Q 5.4, u..,.,,fk - ,ch ' f , ,J Q: . :- V: lil i www S ,-m j.1..,,,j ' V? W My ,N f Clapp, Linda Clark, Dan Clausen Vicki I AQ Et ..f..,,,,Nh,,f Carey, Nancy Carson, Judy Carter, Carol Browning, Claudia Buhl, Jim Burkette, Arthur Byers, Ron Cade, Tracy Chamberlin, Roger -fGh1lClC1'52D13I'l? yyrl Christensen,.1Lar1:y, 'ii" Christrensoii,1Barbaraf' Davies, Nancy Cleaver, Pamela Davlssonf Kathy Cody, Sherry f Coil, Gary Q s DeBlasio, Jim Deckebach, Sylvia Colman Ron Delbridge, Bruce Conder, Bev Conrad, Bob Coogan, Colleen Cooper, Sheilah Depue, Crockett, Dennis Couture, Donald Dahl, Patricia Dakin, Diane Davies, Marilyn Georgia Gath Fred Downing. Dennis Dronen, Gary Dunnuck, Judy Duryea, Walt Dycus, Dick Eaton, Ann Eck, Warren Elvron, Kathy Emunson, Jeff sw' E.rickscm,f Gary , Erie,fOharmayne - Evanson, jo g DeSoto, Barbara Dimick, Susan Douglas, Renee D 5 1 V. Fox, Carolyn Fox, Cathie Franchini, Dawn Frater, Tom Dcspaina Shirley Frey, Charlene 3 A. Fry, Sue M L if Dodge, Doug . Q Gallipo, Sue iv V Glenn, Par Gordan, Allen Gorden, Eileen Gorham, Chuck Gough, Bill .Mi-Q Geddie, James Gendron, Doug Geraghty, Gail .2 , ,, . ..,.,, , 'N M 3 5 , t 1 ,7 'fiey ii Lai? D N Q .ar ,V. a ., .A Q' sw X. f y if Hall, Tom Halter, Diane Hammett, Diane Hannah, Carole Hanson, Jer Hardman, Pete Johnson, Sheryl Harmeson, Nancy Haselhuhn, Harold Johnson, Sue B' Linsteud, Vickie Heather Paul L Hel1ner,Doug ""41'2i" lim Gower, Gary Gran, Gale Graves, Carolyn Griffin, David Haines, Sally H B ansoni ei Johnson, Sue A. Jones, Lynne Johnston, Jackie Huff, Deanna Hughes, Steve Hutchinson, Joanne Irwin, Gerry Iverson, Jackson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Duane Susan Harry Kathy Rick Karp, Raleigh Kastens, Phil Keithly, John Kelly, Pat Kelly, Terry ordan, Brute Kerr im Kerr, Kathy Kinder Sharon King, Chris Jorgensen, Bob Kalin, Judy King Sandy K1nt7 Torn Know les Bob Knut7en Sand Y ustice, Rosemary Karnkoff, Andy Koontz. hiarsha Kamkofl, Chuck Krakcnherg. Max Kring, Carol Lind, Carol Lindman, Laure Lomax, Diane Luedke, John Lund, Fred Leflier, Bob Leis, Fred Lester, Jane Levick, Joe 'W-Q Matlock, Ronald Mangini, John Marks, Marlin Martin, Diane Masseth, Darlene -'ll' Lusk, Charles Lyon, Jerry Mackenzie, Janell Malcolm, June Maki, Judith i ejsljgil Oldright, Patty ,gi3' i,:y Qyly W, Odrnan Denny McDowell, Kathy Ol il McIntosh, Mardell swf Ona M Nerneth, Mary Jane V i4,Ie1VerkROna1d Oestreich, Neil ,- engf arm Olson, Jan Q Merritt, Jan Mertl, Jerry 2 efff' Michaelson, Kathy, i H Millligangklennethf Mm, Ralph- as , 3 Q , Q kv , I f Moilanen, Sharon Moorehead, Wendy Morley, Barbara Mowery, Bill HW' ,mn Q mv r M ' . s ssi A if I I- 5 5 V , xi F -g , tt 2 Murphy, Kathe Murphy, Maureen Neal, Ken Nelson, David Nelson, James Ornlid, Nancy Parpart, Susan Patton, Carmen Patton, Patsy Pederson, Jane Petersen. Don Philbrook, Larry Phillips, Barbara Plummer, JoAnne Plunkett, Jan OW: H P Priestman, Bill xv ,qtf W A C21 , eggs' P K h , ,, our-mt, Marc umm' at Y N. Ortrnan, Arlene " Packard, Teri 'V ,, Q Pagethloe G Robinson, Diane Robinson, Bob Rockwell, Harry Roehick, Allen ff'- pf l an-.fl '4 Y Q Ramey, Sue HF' Randall, lNIike Raught, Janice Rawls, Jim Read, Christine Reinhardt, Sue 1 5 X , - Rhoacls, jon Richgeg, Ardyth A , 4? Q, L '1., , -QM , Q: , K V, 7 - -, x , ,:, i.,.,,',.., 5 Roloson, Jerry V ' in Romero, Steve A Q V , if my ,T l V . Rowlands, Dyane 'V V ' li .P ' ' L. x ,, Rust Donna sf f - ,gi I Sawyer, James 1 V , ,.- 1 I , I ftrr 4 , E zl Q -, f . ..,, if I Q4 Q mf gs1z"W' wi ? A, .. , K i r :A 5- new ,e ff Q V ! ,Q JJ Snyder, Steve Steckman, Jeri Stewart, Carol Stonack, Terry ,nw 'fi 'I-'ziil 541119 'few nw Semke, Dick Shafer, Robert Sherson, Karen Sims, Jerri , by rtrr limi, 1? S T M KW., 'rw i fr: "asf :tw ty, f,,-.,.:.,,,l,,: ff :ws was agkgt, U'Ren, Ron Vanasse, Ruth Schubert, Lynn Schultz, Barbara Schulze, Richard Schwarzhans, Janet Seaberg, Sandee Q Vyse, Bob Stout, Carol Vinther, Bernie Stringham, Dona Walker, Bill Sundell, Karla Suryan, Melody Sykes, Cleta Walker, Loree Termln, Cheryl Thompson, Frank Thorpe, Richard Thorson, Nancy Totten, Bob Tregellas, Barry Tumelson, Sherry I1 Welch, Keefer Welty, Gary Wentz, Toni West, Sheila Westby, George ' 571 f me -wg yea: N " Sf 4555,-Sirifff E ff' 'P f N N 'H S EE' 1 I' Wallace, Steve Wallace, Pam Weber, Gregory Westerdahl, Tom Westergreen, Jim White, Dennis Whittle, Doug Wallace, Linda Ward, Penny Webley, Wayne Williams, Marilyn Wilson, Carol Wilson, Dan Wingert, Bill Wray, Charlene Zwolinski, John iiwybawvegg fra .., ciiiggugggg e agggggggwasag - M M., H., H, ., KW ff QL. lkk ,k. 5. ., k.-' 5 i, - -, 1 ..vsi,'. is,-. ,ww-, 'sa-'ff gffgw. lgA1s,f..1 fr. sf, fa.. 4... ,yy ,,ggg:. ..,f.v,,, ,gy , ., Q, .i,?,,,,A. M., ,, ' - ... pe ,fs fig, -:ff '95 --W.. ,--uw, , , . ., ,'s13::'w-iyfw i ECHO INTHE SGHOOIJS HISTORY s As summer's metronome ticked to and fro, the hours of bright skies and warm nights lapsed into the past. Suddenly the merry song of education rang out. The musical notes, however, pos- sessed a dilTerent, well rehearsed, more mature sound -- a sound vell suited to the acoustics. Wfe discovered that Junior High was as a prelude. Our first lay at Mount Rainier was like the opening notes, powerful yet searching. We remember the excitement and anticipation. The ipperclassmen were watching and their approval was important ,o us. Next year we will go on to higher levels of learning. When ,he class of '64 is remembered, it will be mentioned with pride. Becker, Bill Beede, Mary Bell. Monnie Bell, Nancy Berry, Sherry Beriy, Stephanie Best, Skip Beyxner, Jim Bickford. Fred Binder, Pat Amer, Dennis Anderson, Tom Antonsen, Dick Arkills, Jim Bailey, Carla Ball, Karma Ballard. Jerry Bart, Darlene Bastow. Sue Bear, Norma Alcorn, Sandy Alire, Patricia Allan, Edd Allison, Calvin Alquist, Toni gh C' " iff Jeff? Blais, Larry Bohn, Susan Bostwick, Margaret Bowen, Janis Boynton, Dick Brummet, Jim Breeden, George Brenden, Craig Brooks, Deanna Broten, Bob Brower, George Brown, Mike D. Brown, Mike H. Buck, Cathleen Buicy, Gary Buteaux, Bob Butler, Richard Butler, Viola Carroll, Sherilyn Casey, Miehaele Cecil, Paul Cecil. Roger Chastain, John Chatham, Dianne Childers, Bonnie Childs, Jerry DeSpain, Sherrie Devercaux, Beverly Devereaux, Bruce Dezutter, Torn Dickson, Sylvia Dibley, Renee Dinius, Steve Doering, Glenda Dolman, John Downing, Patricia Downs Dreyer, Dugan , Bob Marcy , Don Dycus,'Jim Dye, Mary Eaton, Perry Elliott, Anieta Erickson, Ann Erickson, Maria Everson, Judy Falk, Dale Farnsworth, Dexter Farwell, Jan Fast, Scott Filson, Gary Cissell, Jim Clark, Nancy Clark, Wendy Claus, Rodney Claussen, Judy Clawson, Carolyn Clifton, Betty Cochran, Bruce Codding, Nancy Collins, Mike Cooper, Garth Copeland, Linda Corliss, Bruce Counter, Ken Cox, Georgianne Cox, Linda Crane, Rita Culliton, James Dahl, Tania Davis, Alan Davis, Craig Deakove, Sheryl Dennis, Mark Derry, Nicole DeSa, Sherry leg ,J . .A Finden, Tom Fletcher, Dianne Forse, Kathleen Frederiekson, Gorman Fuller, Ronald 455 ,- Funk, Steven 4' Furney, Bob ee lL,. f -r y GQSUOH, Lee. 'F H - fs 4, Galvin, Connie V Gann, Gary We I Gaskill, Monica Q Geiger, Zita Gelner, Judy Gerhard, Nancy . Geyer, George x""' K 1-,z A f- , , ,,. , jx W ,e yyee r,yy ,, 1 'W .fm 5 an 5 1, 3 Gidfofd, Lana 'W 2 A 'K V A Gilmore, Virginia L, ,V ' N Goan, Donna U 'V' ,,, 6 ' " czoidsmnh, Dan J ii ',l Gollnick, John ,,., I A Q f r LF F ,-:. A K " ' I, ':-' ' - 1'f V -,I GOlCllJay, Lloyd ' f-Q. L "" 1, 4 , , V i i-A Gower, Cheryl f f 5 L ff.,,,, LLV ' Green, Robert K kuuv if - ' I ' t ,. Gr1FFm, Barbara 2, "" , I " " H " .. Grover, Arthur , W :-, , jf le , :" Q V, Gunnison, Kristi Hagerman, Roseann Haines. Glaudene Hall, Gary Hankins, Paula xx 4, E bg b Hannah, Shirley Harmon. John Harris. Edd Harris, Kristin Harris, Leslie ag I x' V Harrison, Louise I 'S X E S Hart, Ron - fs pit- HaXk'lQyy, Jan , of I Hayforcl, Don m ii E i 6 Hazell, Carey , .,-1 ik - --- fi - , A F Fa.. f Heinzcl, Mirhael Henderson, Gary Henderson, Judi Hennen, Tom Henning, Don ' it IQ ,W ia x I Herr, Doug Heustis, Carol Hines, Larri Hoeh, Mary Holewa, Merry Jackson, Ed Jacobsen, Jacobsen, Jacobus, Dean Jarvi, Karen Jenkins. Donald Jenne, Marjorie Holnagcl, Janet Hooten, Dawn Howard Rose llouplin. Becky 5,9 .all , Huenckc, Hedrick Veg! x l ,I Hunzikcr, Keith Hyland, Daniv lnglcf, Nic-ki lrwin, Kathy Iverson, Lurene Pain Ronald Johnson, Tom Johnson, Vicki Jones, Judy Jones, Russell Jones, Sue Jungers. Henry Kathrcin, Gayle Kavanaugh, Douk f 'ffl' R lik ,. H.. A pi Q F Kvlch, Mike 'N Kelly, Don Kelly, Nlargaret Kcrnpf. Dennis Killnier, Kathy Kincannon, Tim King, Dick Kinney, Suzanne Koch, Karen LaGasa, Bruce Lane, Floyd Lang. Nancy Langhehn. Vicki Larson, Julie Leach, Ds-nc -' Lee, Gloria , Leetola, Tom Leighton, Lorin Linder, Liana W Lindgren, Nancy X Aw. Literski, Mike Lowe. Linda Loyles, Dick Marcille, Candis Marks, Harold Maxwell, Judy Mayer, Ace Mazick, Jim McCall, Bill McCord, Bruce Martin, Michael Martinson, Craig Matejka, John Matelich, Ruth Mathers, Alan McOmber, Robert Meek, Rick Miller, Donna Miller, Glenn Miller, Janice Miller, Marilyn Millikan, Cathy Mitchell, Mike Molletti, Barbara Morgan, Denise McGee, Arlene McHugh, Jackie McLaughlin, John McLeod, Sharon McMillan, Jeannie no, 'Vx Morgan, Don Morris, Judy Morrison, Dennis Mousel, Roger Murphy, Julie Murphy, Valerie Myhre, Karl Nagel, Greg Neally, Rick Nelson, Charotte Nicholson, Bill Nitsche, Brenda Noble, Tamara Norling, Ken Noson, Dennis Nusbaum, Sharon Nyland, Dave Okawa, Ross O'Neil, Phyllis Orcutt, Clif Orton, Penny Ouellett, Marlene Page, Marlene Palmer, Alan Pambianco, Lorene xt Reilly, Gordon Rennie, Robert Reuland, John Richardson, Joe Ridge, Diane Riley, Leanne Robertson, Bruce Robertson, Dale Rohrsheib, Gretchen Rosenberg, Allan Parke, Tom Patterson, Edith Peacock, Andrea Peak, Bob Pease, Richard Penning Perkins, Peet, Don Pelton, Bob ton, Don Pepple, Donna Joyce Petts, Virginia Pfohl, Donna Pickard, Jack Pittsley, Iris Poole, Darleen Poolman, Diane Prernel, Diane Price, Ella Prijatel, Laura Pritchard, Ellen Raleigh, Mike Randall, Diane Randolph, Jill Rautman, Steve Ross, Sheila Rounds, Kathy Runyan, Don Russell, Mary Rust, Jesse Ryals, Cheryl Ryerse, Richard Saari, Alice Salvatore, Jayne Sand, Jack Sanford, Doug Schader, Barbara Schenk, Mary Srhlecht, Richard Schroeder, Craig 1 buspar Rasmussen, Rosemary za H Schubert, Connie Schuh, Dave Seder, Kathy Sharp, Betty Shaw, Pat S A Shawrer, John fe'-5, 3, Shemel, Steve Sherrington, Brian - 'Y i Y 1- Shuey, Carol R Simpson, Larry gn .. ,gi tn- . an . Simson, Larry Skau, Phyllis Sloan, Jim Sloper, Randy Smith, Barbara W Ubi. H ' ' es. : t tw . v , ,Q 4' ,gg XE " 5 W -M. W' if 'Nr Sprietsma, Doug Stafsholt, Sandy Stambaugh, Buzz Stapish, Dena Stedman, Wayne 15" ' Stephens, Carolyn 3 Stevens, Mary Stordahl. Rhonda ' Q Swope, Wendy fix, Taylor, Sandy EW Terry, Paul Thompson, Laurie Thompson, Marsha Thurrott, Frankie Tobin, Dennis Smith, Joyce Smith, Muriel Smith, Patricia Snyder, Christine Soenens, Julie 'B 0' ii ' S. K L Sonju, Doug H V Sorenson, Korliss l t K W -. ,J , ,, Sousa, Frank SEQ -A Sowinski, Mary Q ,,V. 1 ,uzuz g I ,,-t M' A Spafford, Larry la was ff , . V 'Q , . -- fr' . . ' ' ' Tonseth, Dean ,D , - A I N Totten, Paul V 1 1 l ' gi ,, TMCY, L10Yd . or f p s f A L il Mike r Tuffleyf Pat V, ,, ,,, i M f lyt ,ff or Tyler, Lloyd Uhlmann, Karen Vandeway, James Vaness, Bruce Vastenhold, Peter sam, 'Q 2 mv Q at " , , V lyifgk, 3, fT'?,,,,. , 'W E -F 4? r M J 95' Vinther. June Virgo. Kathy Wlakefield, Susie YVales, Stott Vtlalters, Michele Watling, Mary Weeks, Susan Weidenhaft, Nancy Weiler, Gary Weiss, Brad Fa? JV .Af 4 , , ., f df, A A' 2 X, Weller, Randie West, Ramona White, Tony Whiteman, Gary Whitesell, James 'f 51 ? , 3 Wiggins, David Wilcox, Sue X Williams, Janet , N Williams, Kathy Williams, Ken Y X St Williams, Mike Williams, Scott W Williamson, April VVilson, Lawrence B .. Wingert, John ' L Y K V 14, '22 - ii Q fi 4 f ., M eff -as i ., 2 'i ' y i L.:5,:,v t "' - -i,x.'f:,5Q,,. L . , 1:1 -1.3 i xg, t-,frz f's 1.-it-.ff W Q Wa Yanagimachi, Jean Young, Glenn Young, John 55 by N fr if Witter. Terry VVoods. Tom YVOrthington, Sally VVright, Jim Wyandt, Yon I 1 Hours of Good Cheer g Pubawim . Oagomigahom Musto Q Dwmoffcs Q Dances Tor vwtboobQta5fyr2wlwsmAAwbD StaH: SEATED: john Sloan, Renee Register, Judy Stone, Mike Berry, Kathy Seekins, Charmien Carrier, Teri Pack Mrs. Hockom, Paul Smith. STANDING, Beth Miller, Bon- ard. Not pictured: Marilyn Mitchell, Mike Sedam, Joan ni Spurling, Barbara Schuehle, Gerrie Springer, Georgia Thuney. Kempf. Carolynn Burby, Kirk Johnson, WValt Peterson, Art Editor Charmien Carrier Business Managers Mike Berry Kathy Seekins . f ' ilk, KM, ff Editor Judy Stone Tor for 196l-l962 is the result of hard work, endless complaining, and frantic rush- ing to rneet the deadlines that always approached with celer- ity and swiftness. Through the hundreds of pictures, the dictionaries, the money, the typewriters, and the eternal chatter, drifted a vivacious, loyal spirit which produced the best Yearbook Mount Rainier has seen. To show our gratitude for being able to present this Year- book to you we can only say :WVhevv.H But itis been fun - believe us. YVe hope you enjoy this Tor as much as we have! 58 u Advisor Nora Hockorn l i i 1962 Ist ROW: lN'Iiller. Riekg Jensen. Cherylg lVaibel, Jim: Cagle, Dianneg Sfhuehle. Barbarag MacDonald, lvfarlanaz Rawls, Jim. 21111 ROW: Mc- Meehan. Dayidg Haines. Sally: Delo, Lewg Couture, Rex: Ryalo, Cheryl: Miller Donnag Davis, Nancy Debate During the year of 1961-1962, the Student Body of Mount Rainier saw many new faces, ideas, and accomplishments. The formation of the debate team combined all three of these factors. The team consists of sophomores, juniors. and seniors who are interested in discussing the problems confronting our modern society. Led by their inspiring coach. Mr. L. Fagnon. the debate team won many hard fought victories. ROW I: Mclntosh, Mardell: Brandt, Carol Dyson, Connie: Cagle. Dianne: Rust. Donna. ROW 2: Thorson, Mike: Bohm, Fred: Burby, Carolynn: Sims, Teri Ann: Davisson, Kathi. Journalism After setting up the foundations for a strong organization. this year's newspaper Staff produced the finest school newspaper ever offered to the student body of Nfount Rainier. Meillbers of the staff were those students who were enrolled in Journalism. The entire newspaper was renovated. The size, quality. and the articles were im- proved, as well as changing the name 'iliambling Onv to i'Ram's Horn." Editor Mardell Mclntosh, backed by a busy staff. led the way to the production of a news- paper which has established standards for the future. Advisor . . . Mr. Whetsell Boys' Club During this, the 1961-62, school-year, the Mt. Rainier Boys' Club undertook a very broad program of club improvement. The cost of project was sustained by the selling of snow-cones at basketball games and by holding a spring dance. Among the contributions to the grounds, the narrow strip of lawn which bordered the teachers' parking lot was replaced by shrubberyg thus adding a dash of seasoning to an already attractive campus. Seven assemblies were planned for this year. In the course of the first semester, two armed force assemblies were held g the second included representatives from every branch of the service. Due largely to the leadership ability of the oflicers, the Boys, Club improved its organization of its club and took steps toward becoming one of Mt. Rainier's most zealous activities. Bags' Club I2.eof:gau13atiowI2.esuEts iwMowAciiw Yewv ET., fa-if Steve Wallace Dan Dingfield Phil McGibbon Doug Francis Byron Baker W1 Steve Wallace President Dan Dmgfield Vice President Phil McGibbon Secretary Treas Boys' Club Cabinet Girls' Club ' abwofdw In their distinctive powder blue dresses, the twelve members of the Girls, Club Cabinet have led the girls of Mt. Rainier High through another active and pros- perous year. Activities began promptly on the first day of school when the cabinet was in uniform and ready to help any lost sophomores and new students find their way around the school. Also during September was the election of the sophomore rep- resentative. Selling refreshments at the home football, and later, the home basketball games were other fall activities of the club. The year's activities continued with a very successful Thanksgiving food drive and the annual Girls, Club Christmas assembly. In March, the tolo, "Leprechaun Larkf' was held and, as usual, was one of the biggest dances of the year. Near the end of the year, Career Day was helpful in aiding the girls to decide what their occupations would be after high school. The Mother-Daughter Tea brought the year to a fine close with the presentation of a two-hundred dollar scholarship to a very deserving girl. This year the Girls' and Boys' Clubs have worked together to further better social. moral, and intellectual standards within the school. The Cabinet of 1962 would like to express a hearty 'Thank you" to their most deserving and inspiring advisor, Mrs. Starbird. Sue Satter . .. .. President Carolyn Helgeson President Linda Ward . .. . Secretary Frances Schenk . .. . . . . Treasurer Girls' Club Cabinet Donna Perry . .. Carla Bailey . ..... . Audrey Hillman Georgia Depue . Barbara Schuehle Kathy McDowell Linda Close .... . . . . , . .... .........Careers Soph. Representative ...... .Service . . . .. . Friendship . . .. . Standards Welfare Publicity BACK ROW: Advisor - Mr. Albrecht, Peterson, Walt, Glenn, Dave, Gray, Bob, Catuzo Fred, Gann, John, Larrabee, Don SECOND ROW.' Smith, Paul, Bettcher, Chester, Rhoton Jim, Eck, John, Seder, Chuck, Dzuik, Terry, Reid, Dale FIRST ROW: Gillin, Karon, Wit- ter, Evelyn, Daffer, Linda, Dalseg, Gloria, Browning, Ruth Anne, Davis, Carolyn. DlS'l'l'lbUfIV6 Education PRESIDENT - Dave Glenn, VICE-PRESIDENT - John Eck, TREASURER - Bob Gray, SECRETARY - Ruth Anne Browning, PARLIAMENTARIAN W Chuck Seder, BUYER - Dale Reid. The Distributive Education Clubs of America of which Mount Rainier High School is a member, is a vocational course giving training and experience in retail merchandising. The D.E. club is often referred to as a co-operative, since one of the basic re- quirements for joining is part-time employment in the field of merchandising. During class, training is provided in salesmanship, advertising, display and store layout, management, and business mathematics. This training is then applied on the job. Demontrations in various selling situations make a student aware of any personal limitations of language, voice, posture, or similar characteristics. Many un- flattering traits, if discovered, can be corrected. Several films are shown each month to present to the students a knowledge of the many different occupational Helds. Also, many successful men and women oome into the class to lecture on their par- ticular field of business. 62 FIRST ROW: Johnson, Brad, Miller, Rick, Perry, Donna, Walker, Caroline: Colling- wood, Nancy, Jensen, Cheryl, Putnam, Kathy: Close, Linda SEC- OND RO W: Mc- Mechan, David: Rawls, Jim, Semke, Dick, DeBl11sio, Jim, 5 White. Don, Nick- " 'Y t els, lNIikeg Waibel, Jim, Seder, Chuck, Harris, Roy, Cou- ture, Rex, Angell, Bruce, Miller, Mickey. Science Club Mt. Rainier,s Science Club has the finest reputation of any in the county, if not the state. Last year our club won more awards than any other high school at the King County Science Fair. Besides a 'ifiist placef' we won all the military awards. Mr. Raney and Miss Berdan lead the club in such activities as field trips and sci- ence projects. Special speakers often give lectures. The Science Club is open to any and all students who are interested, the primary emphasis being on student work and student interests. Ist ROW Ross, Sheila Putnam, Kathy, John- son, Brad 3 Seder, Chuck, Davis, Allen 2nd ROW DuBois Bob, Rawls, Jim, Mc- M e c h a n, David Semke, Dick, Couture Rex, Wilson, Cary Vincent, Ron, Cum- mings, Richard i 3 fx 1 sf if '- s We ' 5 3, 1 AX 'il Q . ' ' ,gr -. , . 1 J: d I , Q y '13 "T: ' . !f.isf-XS" 9..', Q ' I' N ,iv 1, - ' 'Q 0 w A i.' Q 5' '. , " , inf .fuiffj iw 'Q rg. , H i ,t 5 , , i 1 at 3 'v, 4 2.5 , A Math Club The Mt. Rainier Math Club is a charter member of Mu Alpha Theta, a national mathematics club. Meetings, held twice a month, consist of: lectures by members or guests, field trips, and problem solving sessions, The purpose of the club is to increase interest and gain further knowledge in mathematics. Club ofhcers are: Richard Cummings, president, and Kathy Putnam, secretary. The advisor is Mr, XVeppler. 63 THIRD ROW: wigfe Donna, Davis, Idona, Thurrott, F, SECOND RO W: Mrs. Derrick, Hutchinson, J o a n n e, Seekins, Kathy, Cody, Sharon, Hungerford, Bev, Ballard, Donna, Mrs. Mosier, FIRST ROW: Blackwood, Robetra, Kol- walski, Linda, Kantner, Kathy, Cummings, Marilyn, Lloyd, Mary, Vaughn, Linda. Office Staff The office attendants are assistants to the ofhce staff. Their voluntary work is usually done during study hall time. No credit is given for this service, but valuable experience is gained which may aid the girls in their future occupations. Murphy, Maureen Parpart, Sue Nelson, Charolette Ayer, Margret Malcolm, june Keene, Tim Martin, Mike Bergurn, Larry Mr. Bernard, Li- brarian, Koontz Marsha, Miller, Donna, Kantner Kathy, Griffith Jessie: Dodge, Val- erie, Dansenburg Susan, Shcrson Karen, Wade Stephanie s a 1 Voluutwv ' HdlpLibw1u5audfO' Library Staff Members of the Library Staff at Mount Rainier do their best to make the school library a pleasant, friendly place where students can find needed information for their assignments or books for leisure-time reading. Library Service is open to sophomores, juniors or seniors. Unlike other courses, it involves no tests, grades or memorizing. It is strictly a practical experience in the function of the library and the use of library resources. Members of the Staff work part time before and after school. at noon, or during a period if they have a study hall. 64 J Karen, Poolman, Bill, Marcille, Steve, Larson, L to R: Glenn, Dave, Gray, Bob, Peterson, Walt, Seder, Chuck, Erie, Charmaine. School Store The school store carries all the needed school supplies and gym equipment. It is open faithfully before school and at all three lunches. Profits from the store go to the student body treasury. Sales personnel are volunteers from the Distributive Education classes. , y Wi dai' Make-Up Club The members of the Nlake-up Club may be seen Nbehind the scenesn of our stage applying grease paint, cold cream, and powder. Anyone interested may join this group of hard working, fun-loving students. Wlorking together, the members gain valuable experience in make-up application, and are rewarded with an insight to the field of dramatics. Mr. Simmons, the drarnatics advisor, supervises the applica- tion of make-up. 65 ROW I Shearer Rong D u n n i n g, 1 Sarah 5 Larson, Donna, Springer, Gerrie, Chadwich, Carol RO W 2 Burby, Carolyn 3 Schuelhe, Barbara, Cagle, Dianne, Close, Linda. IJ! ROW Stone, Judy, Dunning, Sarah, Nemeth, Mary Jane, Carter, Carol, Evanson, Jo, Griffin, Barbara, Michaelson, Kathy, Graves, Carolyn 2nd ROW Atwater, Laura, Wilcox, Sandy, Clapp, Linda, Huff, Deanna, Browning, Claudia, Simpson, Joyce, Dyson, Connie, Blackwood, Roberta, Close, Linda, Dibley, Bonnie. 3rd ROW Walker, Loreen' 1 Abbott, Sharon, Brown, Violet, Clausen, Vicky, Hungerford, Bev, Knaus, Marilyn, McDowell, Kathy, Lester, Laura, Childers, Diane, Ackerman, Bev, Fox, Carolyn. Arieftes Members of the Ariettes, Mt, Rainier's service club, are girls who volunteer their time and energy to work at various school activities. Selling tickets and programs at football and basketball games and ushering at plays are only a few of the duties of the club. Following the line standards set up by previous members, our service club is one to be proud of. Ist ROW White, Don Angell 3 Bruce, Parpart Terry, Sipe, Darren berg, Grant , Bennett trup: Lowell, Russ Doug, Allan, Ron Maples, Marion, Karp Dennis. Rangers The Rangers consist of senior boys who are selected by Rangers of the previous year. They have the responsibility to see that various regulations of Mt. Rainier are enforced. Their duties include hall duty at noon, parking lot duty, and crowd con- trol at athletic contests. 66 Bergman, Don, Gull- Mike. 2nd ROW Rot- 2 J 1 Traffic Court FIRST ROW Delo, Lewg Termin, Cherylg Packard, Terig Keithly, John. SECOND ROW Reid, Daleg Schader, Barbg Poolman, Billg Westby, George. 1306610 Count amdf Patfwl e Eeftwu Driving The purpose of our trafhc court is to reduce traffic violations among high school drivers. The group is an organized court of the Washington State Patrol. The meetings are held once a week, at which time the violations are reveiewed and the violators tried. Tickets are issued by the Washington State Patrol and by the court patrolmen. Sipe, Darren 5 Hayes, Rick g Dingfield, Dang Sloan, John. Traffic Patrol Advisor: Mr.Brenr1em2m The function of the traflic patrol is to supervise the parking area to prevent abuses of parking privileges. When irregularities are found, citations are issued by the patrol. The offenders are then referred to the traffic court. 67 Q 'jew ROW I Mrs, White ll, Schuehle, Barb, Koontz, Marsha, Dansenburg, Susan, Card, Jim MacDonald, Marlana, Schultz, Barbara, ROW 2 Jensen, Cheryl, Leahy, Rosemary, Nemeth Mary Jane, Russell, Mary, Kinney, Sue, Schader, Barbara, Davisson, Kathi, Molletti Evonna, Green, Lila, ROW 3 Salvatore, Jayne, Vanasse, Ruth, Harmeson, Nancii, Herzer Carol, Alire, Pat, Schubert, Connie, Carroll, Sherilyn, Casey, Michaele, Robertson, Bruce ROW 4 Alcorn, Sandy, Forse, Kathleen, Cagle, Dianne, Larson, Donna, Matelich, Ruth Cleaver, Pam, Davis, Nancy, Close, Linda, Nasi, Lee, Poletto, Frances, ROW 5 Price, Ella Houplin, Becky, Whemann, Karen, Rounds, Kathy, Bohn, Fred, Hennen, John, Kelly Terry, Wallace, Steve, Kpark, John. Future Teachers of America 1 1 : The Future Teachers of Mount Rainier are organized for the purpose of creating interest in and learning about the teaching profession, exploring our own abilities in relation to the various fields of teaching, and to cultivate personality, character, and leadership characteristics, which are necessary for good teachers. To fulfill its purposes the Future Teachers worked on many projects and activi- ties. One of the most important projects was raising money in order to give a schol- arship to one of its members. A minor activity was keeping a display in the admin- istration building. During the last half of the year the club began to work as student teachers at Midway Elementary, Pacific Junior High, and here at Mount Rainier. It was a worthwhile experience to everyone involved and will become a traditional part of the program in the future. This year's officers were Schuehle, Barbara President, Koontz, Marsha Vice Presi- dent, Dansenberg, Sue Secretary, Gran, Gale Treasurer, MacDonald, Marlana Historian. The faculty advisor is Mrs. lfVhitehall. 68 1 3? Wa S.. thc middle of every class . . .! QE thc sage . . 7 M M,,m fr X, ,. .- Q fifljfh I-. 1-.,,sNX , gig .,vp5L rf! flig- l BACK ROW: Mr. Bayne, M. Simpson, D. Francis, D. Reid, M. Mitchell, K. McDonald, M. Holnagel. 3rd ROW: B. Schultz, Larson, C. Davis, D. Bergman, L. Kowalski, M. Russell, B. Leflier, R. U'Ren, F. Lane, T. Fin- den, G. Schwendeman, B. Butler, J. Hunt, P. Ton- seth, J. Lizer. 2nd ROW: E. Olson, L. Delo, S. Moilanen, L. Jenne, B. Jordan, R. Hart, N. Derry, B. 'Corliss, D. Mc- Mechan. Ist ROW: D. Hueston, K. Putnam, L. McClellan, J. Maki, M. MacDonald. We The music department, under the direction of Mr. Bayne and Mr. Talbot, assisted by Mrs. Young, had another year of spectacular growth in numbers. The performing groups included over 260 students. Formal concerts in- cluded the Christmas Concert, Winter 'Popsi Concert and Spring Concert, but there were also many performances outside of school. Mt. Rainier was represented at all contests and festivals open for their participation, includ- ing the newly organized Puget Sound League Music Competitions. They also gave concerts at several Jr. High schools. With the proceeds of the 3rd annual candy sale more uniforms and equipment were purchased to "dress up' the performing groups. The Concert Band, with Mr. Bayne at the baton, had another successful and performance-Hlled year. During the football season they marched Cweather permittingj and provided musical entertainment at all home games. For the Christmas concert they presented the complete "Peer Gynt Suite" and again sang in the massed chorus. The new year saw preparations in full swing for the February "pops" concert in which popular music held full sway. Springtime brought the Puget Sound League Band Contest, District Band Festival and Spring Concert. Commencement music brought the musical school year to an exciting close, but band members will practice once a week all summer and partic- ipate in several local parades. Individual honors for band members went to g Kathy Putnam - All-state Band and Ann Putnam - All-state Orchestra. Officers were Jim Hunt, president, Mickey Simpson, vice-president, Diane Martin, secretary, and Linda McClellan, treasurer. 70 Concert Band QalumOwuMwSi0 S 5 SY - vi ts 'Y' BACK ROW: B. White, F. Schenck, D. Pease, D. Dodge, B. Vinther, J. Kring. 3rd ROW: A. Burkette, C. Schroeder, J. Mazick, R. Harris, B. Grether, B. Pelton, J. Cissell, R. Melver, Rhoads, R. Peak, D. Ton- seth, House, Rolo- son, R. Vincent. 2nd ROW: C. Eric, J. Schwarzhans, Brum- met, D. Odman, Aarcle, L. Nasi, A. Put- nam, J. Mertl. Ist ROW: B. DuBois, C. Arkills, D. Martin, K. Meng. BACK ROW B BFOYCII H Johnson D Morgan, K. Uhl- Harris, R. Cecil, H. Anderson, D. Sonju, R. Ryerse, G. Coil mann M Schenk C Allison 2nd ROW R Weller, K. R. Isbell, L. Philbrook. Ist ROW: G. Young, S. Ross, I Williams B Robertson M Heinzel C Buicy D Dowd, J. Pittsley, D. Reno, D. Leach, D. Schuh, C. Lusk, T. Parke Gedd1e F Blckford B Vaness K Neal D Bettcher, E. M. Dreyer, K. Gunnison. M. Ayers. Cadet Band Sayer wxausvumuen z. W- rm, 4th ROW: S. Wallace, D. Mc- Murray,,C. Gorham, J. Lewis, M. Maples, T. Anderson, D. Tuttle, D. Clark, B. Walker, S. Marcille G. Anderson, R. Isbell, T. Dizut- ter, A. Palmer, B. Vyse, C. Mart- inson, 3rd ROW: F. Schenk, A. Putnam, M. Mitchell, D. Larson B. Spurling, S. McC1oed, G. Gran M. Davies, M. Applegate, C. Bol- ster, P. Wallace, C. Stout, K. Plummer. 2nd ROW.' B. Green L. Conrad, R. Leahy, J. Simpson, J. Tyler, B. Snow, R. Browning, C. Russell, T. Packard, L. Kowal- ski, C. Hanna. Ist ROW: S. Rienhardt, K. Pernula, S. Wade S. Brogan, L. Green, J. Raught, J. Barclay, S. Wilcox, K. Gillon P. O'Neall. 1 7 5 s J J Oflicers: Dave Schultz, 1 president, Allen Gordan, vice- piesideiiti Evona Mollettiy Sec- The A cappella Choir grew in strength and size this year, numbering al retaryg and Julie Metzgarg most one hundred voices. They were heard in all concerts at Mt Rainier, treasurer- and formed the nucleus for many massed chorus performances In March Individual honors for Choir they competed in the Puget Sound League Choral Contest and in April members went to: Frances Schenk and Julie Metzgar - All-State Chorus. Orchestra The Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Talbot was heard for the first time in concert at the Christmas Concert. Composed of all string players and selected winds and percussion from the band, it has now taken its place at Mt. Rainier as a Fine performance group. Individual honors for orchestra went to Jim Kring and Carol Kring, All-State Orchestra. 4th ROW: F. Schenk, D. Ried, K. MacDonald, M. Simpson, D. Pease, J. Kring. 3rd ROW: B. Jordan, R. Hart, N. Derry, B. Corliss, E.. Olson, S. Morlanen, B. Schultz, J. Hunt, J. Lizer, B. Grether, J. Roloson, R. Peak, R. Vincent. 2nd ROW: M. Watling, V. Clauson, D. Hueston, K. Putnam, L. McClellan, J. Maki, D. Odman, D. McMechan, A. Putnam. Ist ROW: C Kring, K. Seder, J. Mertl. 1 K 1' 'M' i l played host to the Highline District Choral-Orchestra Festival. The yearis activities were brought to a close with the traditional performances at Class Day, Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercises. . The Girls' Glee was also heard as a per- formance group for the first time this year. Composed mainly of sophomores, they will form the nucleus of the choir in the future. Officers: Diane Randall, president , Vicky Kantner, secretary 5 and Nicole Derry, treas- urer. 4th ROW: A. Gordon, J. Meek, J. Levick, D. Rowlands, D. Shultz, P. Tonseth, B. White, D. Barn- hill, D. Dingfield, Aarde, T. Childs, M. Norem, L. Whitney, L. Suver. 3rd ROW: L. Vaughn, P. Brick, K. Cunningham, M Knaus, C. Riley, J. Metzgar, L. Jones, McKenzie, P. Cleaver, C. Winders, K. Johnson, C. Mc- Dowell, 2nd ROW: J. Tennin, K. Williams, Norris, S. Hanson, J. Brown, D. Pelligrini, E. Gordon B. Benedict, B. Hanson, C. Fox J. Griffith, K. Bjeiiand. 4th ROW: C. Snyder, J. Miller, J. Perkins, S. Cody, J. Claasen, R West, M. Beede, S. Stafsholt, T. 3rd ROW: L. Riley, C. Stevens, dall, K. Koch, Hawley, V. Henderson, N. Bell. 2nd ROW. C. Millikan, K. Jarvi, S. Kinney, Dahl, M. Page, V. Butler, C. Dunn R. Howard, G. Rohrscheib, D. Ran- Kantner, J. Morris, B. Hewitt, S J. Stamper, P. Niehl, M. Erickson N. Lang, D. Goan, L. Thompson, J Jones, N. Derry. Ist ROW: C. Hannah, E. Patterson, Hines M. Ouellet, D. Pfohl, L. Harrison, P. Downing, J. Tyler, K. Liston K. Ball, A. McGee. Girls' Glee l K. Taylor, C. Goodrich, C. Frey, K. Petersen. Ist ROW: E. Mollet- ti B. Hungerford, D. Hammett, s ' u Senior Ball yaliy Queen Kathy i 'ckey Th' year's Senior Ball held December l6 was successful. The dec ations set the atmosphere of a holiday . usic was pro- vid by Merrilee and Her Men. Reb ' ff over festivities wer y Kantner and Mickey Simp- son. 74 Senior Class Presents: bkllllf Ol' DEA ll W G Simmons Director Newton Cooper Sheldon Harley Mrs. Gillette .. Mrs. Oakley . . . Paula Bailey . . . Eugenia Bowles Doctor Cameron Jules ......... Celeste ....... Amelia Gillette . . the housekeeper ..... . . . 1961's Senior Play, "Drums of Deathf' isilestined tot gp down rec- ord as afgsmash hit!" Everyone connected!! with the play! worked to his or her capacity . . . and more. With only four weeks in to re- hearse, there was a frantic scramble ito get lines memorized! props in place, lighting set, and make-up ready not to mention the fast and furious selling of tickets! , .0 if Mr. Simmons fthe theatricalf world's gift to Mt. Rainierilj was a great inspiration to all ..Q guiding, directing, helping, and at times, yelling . .. the Senior Class thanks him sincerely for leading the play to fame!! lVith the help and encouragement of the Senior ,Council, over 500 tickets were sold. This is a record breaker! V Three performances of "Drums of Death" were' given in the Band Room . . . December 6 at a 3:00 matinee and the 7th and 8th at eve- ning performances. H CAST thelocalsheriff .. Bruce Burpee Baileyis estate . . . Phil McGibbon Evonna Molletti Charmien Carrier friend and manager of Mr. Mr. Bailey's sister ....... Mr. Bailey's granddaughter ,...... Juil Eaton Mrs. Gilletteis sister .0 . .. . .Janice Holmes . . . . . a New York physician . . . . . Mickey Miller a native servant ...... . ..... Doug McMurray a native servant . . ........ Carol Schwitzke Mrs. Gillettels granddaughter Judy Stone 75 f T wif 'ik 5, . ' gli 2 S2 i w w l i .ffm , Wim .X wi l vk'VV iffif t 3 A5 H 1 it A' ' 5 " ti ' 93 Zi ii' A ii '5 1 Pg 5 i A ? h ii ' i A rcyy A This year's Junior The?QQ5'qturcf2zyf'Evening ?m :K i jaflilfiif if , 4 l is 5 - r A A Q W 2 M: gart, was Zpgesengtegzltgfzxpril t6th gn the 5 Q Q greaf increase to V y Q was , i ' .L H -'-- H . In the Play, we Had tislaf : . -i SH 511111131 idesgvrnteivstlllaeiiganefe a Q c A s he V lhabitaneiof 'iflgntervilie Qtgstle, loved plt111eQrg3udci"1g1f1gA-eefriem faeft, is Q ,, killed his wifi Ladyiilileanor, because sheighpd ng 4,,AA t - Q Since then, hewhad been doomed to Nwalkir the hallsff ft can family with the Qeyilish twins movedwgsriifet becimerifiitoo :-. ffittlhc old iinlghtx-Q--'Sir Sgrnon wanted to stoperighaugrftgngwgfgteiii Q - s'1.' 'fipeace hisjancestcirsj but his only hopefhe explairfed . sy: rig . I . ,A In I .. I M 4 in the ftglfillrnent of the old, prophecy on the llbrary o"VVhen golden girlf 1" can win Gratitude from M i M V A ups o sshh at s 5 o i snns All b'arTen'f,plun1itree bearis,'Ar1d Iss ea-flgittlef-A yyy givesaway its tears, " e all the house be still,sfAnd peace , cQme to CanterVille.,'r I s'lA I ,r The playiends as a good play should - withts1JeaAce-'W V comingwto Cantierville. myyl Lords Cjanterville ................ Jim Rawls Q, Sir Simon . . ............, Jim Rawls Mr. Hiram Otis ............... John Keithly Lucretia . . ......... Meriellen Applegate t"Mrs. Otis Virginia .............. ttMr1i?'iiiiLinda Wallace their 20 Vyhl y ear romanticistdaughter Sonny-boy firg .............. Jim Geddie Pet . iiii Soi'1ny4boy's devilish sister' Umney lathe ghost-fearing, but stern housekeeper V Lord Archib Production Assistant . . . Kathy Michaelson Business Manager . . .,....... Carol Brant Director ........ CAST A a young English peer his 17th century ancestor an American soap rnanufacturerrs one of the 12 year olcltwins PennyWard ............. Sharon,Bondurant ald Archibald ' ...... Bob Knowles V Hthe boy next door" . Mr. William Simmons 76 . .4'-' J? , Q 1 7,9 ff? Aff' 133: The annual Girls' Club Tolo was, as usual, the biggest 1 ffzf' dance of the year. Because so many couples participated, 43133, the dance was held in the gym. Gala decorations of toad- l4,::-Q33' stools and shamrocks carried out a St. Patricks Day theme .ai-?:,Q9' in colors of green and gold. Our dance band, under the 5.555514 direction of Mr. Bayne made our Tolo a complete success. '3'.z.'I-2. wrt-Y"Rx 'sf--'mt Wifi? 'fig , fl. - a -r Q Q Q 1 962 J Pfzmw April 27th was the date chosen by the Juniors to honor the departing Senior Class with the traditional Junior Prom. The Juniors' weeks of planning brought about a most successful dance. Setting the mood for the dance was the Jon Erickson Quartet. The Seniors and all others who attended appreciate the hard work of the Juniors. 77 T fd R I 'Y Y- u S 1 ,, ,'s so, - ' if 4 1 ' N-4-Q. 'P V 1 02' .3-' vu. 'Em 'feet 4 8 . rv., if-0 4? HSYW. v3g94 .QQY .CWY 0? A" v 'V 78 We'1l Support the Blue and White 'Spam Q' , 5 ti 1. L 'S it S.. ' ' Y W H ,t ing H gN,, mA,A yfj, ,QD H .- le. ii 'I' "Lf ' f ZL- ' ' . - if if .sv ff' A jf? X si ly. f . ' 6' 'W Bwefg. Ist. ROW: Mrs. Stewart, Kathy Kantner, Connie Arkills, Georgia Depue, Pam Wallace, Jessie Griflith, Linda Close, Dawn Hooten. 2nd ROW: Diane Hammett, Dianne Heutmaker, Sandy King, Ann Eaton, Sylvia Deckebach, Mardell Mclntosh, Judy Everson, Linda Kowalski, Terre Ann Sims, Linda Ward, Evonna Molletti, Kathy Plummer. 3rd. ROW: Joanne Plummer, Kathy Seekins, Vicky Kant- ner, Janice Holmes, Barb Schuehle, Lynne Jones, Audrey Hillman, Cathie Buck, Leslie Harris, Susan Bohn, Diane Poolman, Sheryl Deakove. 4th ROW: Teri Packard, Jeri Steckman, Toni Wentz, Bonni Spurling, Charmien Carrier, Sue Satter, Linda Vaughn, Diana Halter, Vicki Langbehn. Pep Club The Pep Club is undoubtedly the noisiest club at Mt. Rainier - and justifiably! It is composed of forty girls elected for their enthusiasm and school spirit. They are girls who yell their loudest and encourage others to do so at MR,s football and basketball games. Among the many Pep Club activities this year were: an after-game dance, decora- tion of goal posts, selling programs, selling chrysanthemums at the Homecoming game, publicizing the Spaghetti Dinner. This year, during basketball season, the Pep Club elected four "Miss Pep's." These girls, a senior, junior, and two sophomores were chosen because of spirit and enthusiasm at games. PEP Club Officers Pam Wallace .... Sec.-Tres. Kathy Kantner . . . President Connie Arkills ........ Vice President n-waz, .,.. . . y . ... . .. .,.. ,y Wa.-M 3? 'N l A if ' 2 ' Yi, , t i 5 , KK K if r K i . , M' . .., .. ,K . ,,,, . .Hx , .. fi - .. H i 7 y.. . it .. ""' 'fi ' E. f . ' .1 li.. - R- ":: f. ': I -s r .-.- . T ' if Sl 5' si L' fi - , -113: fifzg? 5 'if eg. ag M1 vga. 5 B, ,fa 2,2 ' X Jr Y qw s 5 rjaiy, K 5 2? Bw: 1 af 7 A l W 2, - 23 l M sg-A Q s ,J M ,ir it m ' i ' .15 L, ,,,7g,,s- x 5 5555 sf - A V- . 1 . ' , r 11 sf' ' Z I. gf K . if 4 Ist. ROW: Carol Stout-Leader, Sylvia Deckebach, Sandy Atwater, Carol Lind, Pat Kelly, Diane Martin, Diana Knutzen, Gloria Lee, Mary Russell, Loreen Walker, Smith, Sherry Tumelson. 4th ROW: Karron Baker, Sheryl Barbara Christenson. 2nd ROW: Karen Sherson, Sue Deakove, Diane Poolman, Barbara Phillips, Linda Wallace, Kinney, Judy Bergman, Renee Dibley, Penny Orton, Sherry Arlene Ortman. Cody Susie Wakefield. 3rd ROW: Karen Latimer, Laura Drill Team The Mount Rainier High School Drill Team, under the advisorship of Mrs. Gayle Rich, performed at two football games, three basketball games, and sponsored the HGet Acquaintedu dance in September. The team was made up of two squads, the first consisting of 28 members who marched for the football games and the second consisting of 16 members taken from the first squad who performed for the basketball games. The basketball squad girls earned letters this year. The drill team oH'icers are: Carol Stout, Drill Leader, Sylvia Deckeback, Assist- ant Drill Leader, and Sandy Knutzen, Secretary-Treasurer. Drill Team In Action Jim Aarde Ron Allen Bruce Delbridge Doug Dodge Max Krakenberg Terry Kelly Ron Melver Mike Mitchell Darren Sipe Bruce Thuney Keefer Welch Gary Welty Sept. Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Tom Anderson Coach Madden Manager Jim Mazik 16th Mt. 22nd Mt. 28th Mt. 6th Mt. 13th Mt. 20th Mt. 27th Mt. 3rd Mt. 10th Mt. Rainier Rainier Rainier Rainier Rainier Rainier Rainier Rainier Rainier jim Beymer Walt Duryea. Manager Richard Pease Don Bergman Jim Cain ' Grant Gullberg Coach Wooten Manager Manager Allen Rosenberg Paul Terry 1 Znumclaw , . . . O Lenton . . . . 13 liglilinc . . . . . 21 umner ..... . O Ilover Park ...... 21 lvergreen .. 14 'uyallup . . . . . 13 luburn . . . . 14 llacicr . . . . , . 0 Jim Card Larry Christensen Torn Hennen Duane Iverson john Mangini Joe Meek Terry Parpart Bill Priestman Steve Wallace Wayne Webley Daryl Winter Ron Worthington S . ' h if ' 4, K 6: E -f ias. ' -ZZK 'LIW if f 2-f L N '-- , O . .,' 9 . 1 15. Q F El GRANT GULLBERG JOE MEEK Captain Inspirational Player The Enumclaw Hornets proved to be no match for the Ram's in the opener of Puget Sound League competition in 1961. The Grizzlies from Glacier were also defeated in the last game of the season at Highline Memorial Field. Mt. Rainier met Sumner midway through the season in a rugged defensive contest that ended in an unusual, zero to zero tie. Joe Meek was chosen inspirational player and Grant Gulberg was chosen as captain. ROW I - Thuney, Bruce, Duryea, Walt, Meek, Joeg burg, Max, Christianson, Larry, Parpart, Terry, Iverson, Sipe, Darren, Bergman, Don, Mitchell, Mike, Welty, Duane, Cain, jim, ROW 3 Allen, Rong Melver, Rong Gary, Clark, Paul, Gard, Jim, Hennen, Tom ROW 2 Russ, Doug, Wallace, Steveg Rutledge, Jim, Gullberg, Aarde, Jim, Worthington, Rong Webley, Wayne5KraCkCl'1- Grant, Dodge, Doug, Winters, Daryl. 84- ROW I Boring, Terry, Frater, Tom, Banta, Jim, Meek, Danieg Gollnick, john, Wood, Tomg ROW 3 Anderson Rick, Miller, Glenn, Reilly, Gordang Kempf, Dennis, Tom, Sloper, Randyg Arkills, Jim, Schroeder, Craig ROW 2 Brown, Mike, Fredrickson, Gormang Jacobus, Semke, Richard, Pennington, Dong Williams, Mike, Ton- Deang Weiss, Brad, Claus, Rod, Milligan, Keng Hyland, seth, Dean, Neil, Ken. ..Footl-will Although the J.V. football team didn't win a game this year, every member of the squad worked hard all season. Through the fine coaching of Mr. Brenneman and Mr. Ramey, many skills were learned. Many of this year's squad will be on Varsity next year to represent Mt. Rainier in a victorious season. The team voted Don Pennington the most outstanding player. Don Player, half- back, was place kicker. tr + 'f'-ii 'ffzfi of 85 'Mlm 'iff , . L 55 . , YYXQQC , vwffxmei ff QMQM Queen Judy Armstrong szauzsmm K I K X ,We A xc + X Q N fe Prine K- . ,. , K .i -1 'f,f - 2, egsgiagni, K, : . - . , H . I i , Ce 917168 . .., VISITORS O' Dea ...,.... Mercer Island . . . Highline ...... Evergreen .... Glacier .... Renton ....... Franklin Pierce . . Kent ........ Puyallup ..... Clover Park . .. Sumner ,..... Auburn .... Enumclaw . . . Highline . . . Renton . . Glacier .... Evergreen . . . . Kent .......... Playoffs - Franklm Prexce Daryl Winter Jim Aarde Bill Priestman Mt. Rainier's varsity basketball team got off to a fine start by winning their first four games but, beginning with an up- set by Glacier, lost the next six. Slowly losing hope of being able to participate in the district playoffs, the Rams suddenly made a comeback with a victory over Sumner, then went on to win six of the remaining seven games. Mt. Rainier finished second in the Northern Division of the Puget Sound League with an 1lf7 win-loss record. Grant Gullberg Puget Sound League All Stars 2nd Team Mike Mitchell Jim Beymer John Hennen Terry Parpart Coach Wooten Ralph Mill Puget Sound League All Stars 3rd Team This Page sponsored by DES MOINES DRUGS Rick Johnson Phil Kastens John Reuland J ' Vafwitg Basketball f 'fi 7' 3, - "' 7 'K K' ' 57:55l77?5li'2i57?f13l1,l?55f'5' ':"' , . . - . 'Ye' . . , . f Mai'-s -V - sl V 1-.16 'Gi . . . .. ,,. , , N ,. . ,.,k.,,k ,kt . W ga. : -- 'K'I 1 -l A iZ qWl' lf 'EFL if 1 - Y' ' yeas' 2' I If-, " fi ' 'fit L. l y fs ,. V 2.1 I ' K1 is K 2 .A ., E 11 . , L , ' L,K' 9 ' -- .f ' f L l f . I 5, X ng .ss l lag. .., my il .,, ,,,' 'li .exif 'kk' 1 .. A i i Y ii ' QR- in . I Q 5,4..i ,, i ..L7k .if .i K I g g ,ii Z n. . . kkrr , - VZ , -Z 7.5, l fl at a Et ls. .l lasa u. W a y IQ., y Q I. ' ' f i? f f.. -.,. ' Q :N ' s s as , ' ... - I . L ,J rg' -L.'k . ,ina i - Q ..,' 1 f vi ,r,: My lf V 4+ 5 A- 'egaw A glfgzi' - -r ' gl '- -' e I 5 l t C11 , at D 5 e' l F fi Pt if it if f .f 4 "2 M' 1 , 5' 'S 22332 X lf , 1 : f'L' xi - ' , K if A 4' 'L- T' lb xl if .. If ,I H: '- -T f . -V -5' 112, .1 . ' or , 'hL- 2' .1 . . A .1 , V 'pi' any - e 5- - 41 a s a 1 K . . . M s N" . Q- .. "f " l T ly S Y S -' s t . - 33. 1. . . V ., .g 3- , H in This year's Junior Varsity team, coached by Mr. Anderson, shows promise for a strong Varsity team in the years to come. Qop Basketball YA as Q.. Mount Rainier's first sophomore team, coached by Mr. Amundson, gained valuable playing experience while competing with other sophomore teams from the Puget Sound League. 90 Ist ROW.' Bruce Del- bridge, Doug Sanford, Bill Wingert, Bob Leffler, Jer- ry Lyon, Tom Hennen. 2nd ROW: Roger Cham- berlain, Keefer Welch Terry Kelly, John Zwo- linsky, Tom Westerdahl, Randy Sloper, Mike VVil- liams CMgr.D 1 Coach Anderson Ist ROW: Ken Williams, Richard Schlecht, Jack Sands, Mike Hinzle, Skip Best, Dave Schuh. 2nd ROW.' Bruce Vaness, fMgr.j, Glen Miller, Art Grover, Jim Arkills, Steve Rautman, Danny Hyland, Doug Kavanaugh, Bob Pelton. Coach Amundson N-N, WQQS ' - uv .. ,,,L -4 W ' Karp, Rc:-leigh, Sloan, John, Meek, Joe, Thuney, Bruce, Martinson, Craig, Duryea, Walt, Welty, Gary, Milligan, Ken, Sipc, Darren, Christensen, Larry, Russ, Doug, White, Tony, STANDING: Coach Brenneman. Season Record West Central District Tournament 1. Mt. Rainier .... 13 Bethel . . . 39 Sth place 2. Mt. Rainier .... 14 Fife ..... 30 it 3. Mt. Rainier .... 39 Highline ....... 9 Washington State Tournament 4. Mt. Rainier .... 23 Blanchet ....... 27 9th place it 5 Mt. Rainier .... 13 Franklin Pierce . 31 it 6. Mt. Rainier .... 23 Renton ........ 26 Bruce Thuney 127 lbs. Co-Capt. ii 7 Mt. Rainier .... 35 Kent-Merdian .. it 8. Mt. Rainier .... 14 Clover Park ,... 32 9. Mt. Rainier .... 19 Lake Washington 24 9910. Mt. Rainier .... 19 Puyallup ....... 23 9611. Mt. Rainier .... 26 Auburn ........ 19 9912. Mt. Rainier .... 33 Highline . . . 13 99 League Matches Puget Sound League Standingx W L T 1st 4 Clover Park . . ......... . 7 2nd - Puyallup . . . . . . 6 3rd - Renton .... .... 6 0 4th - Auburn ...... .... 5 0 5th - Mt. Rainier . . .... 3 0 6th - Franklin Pierce . . . . 3 7th - Sumner ..... 2 8th - Highline ..... .. . 2 0 9th - Kent-Merdian . . . 0 O 92 W Releigh Karp 103 lbs. John Sloan 112 lbs. 2nd - P.S. League 3rd M P.S. League 2nd - W.C. District 4th - W.C. District 3rd - Wash. State 4th - Wash. State Doug Russ 191 lbs. 2nd -Q P.S. League Co-Captain 41h - W.C. District Darren Sipe 165 lbs. 2nd - P.S. League Co-Captain lst - W.C. District JAA Wwsfliug Q FIRST ROW: MacLoughlon, John, Meek, Rickg Sloan, Jim, Gyer, George, Mayer, Aceg Eaton, Perryg Snodgrass, Randy, Shafer, Bob, Gollnick, John, Woods, Tom SEC- UND ROW.' Corlis, Bruce: Tregales, Barry, Shawver John, Alire, Tom, McCall, Bill, Jacobus, Dean, Miller E3 393 ,V ,L ,, , A .1 7 I ,F ,ml si X Rick, Melver, Rong Sauve, Mike, Harris, Roy THIRD ROW: Manager, Hunziker, Keith, Manager, Nelson, Jim, Manager, King, Jim, Thompson, Frank, Ehinger, Coach, O'Brian, Craig. 0 7 A ASS 0 The aim of the Girls, Athletic Association of Mount Rainier, under the super- vision of lVIrs. Gayle Rich and Miss Betty Grifhth, is to promote sports, good sports- manship, and to plan an interesting and varied athletic program for the girls of the school. Through this organization the girls learn fair play and cooperation in addition to keeping strong and healthy. A wide variety of sports are available to them - basketball, baseball, badminton, volleyball, ping pong, archery, and gymnastics. Advisors Mrs. Gayle Rich Officers: President. Bonni Spurling: Vice President, Carla Riley, Miss Betty Griffith Secretary, Diane Dakin, Treasurer, Terry Barnard. G3 fwTea1fw G.A.A. members in action Badminton Winners: Renee Diblcy, Terry Barnard. Ping Pong Winners: Jackie McHugh, Nancy Clark. Mardell Mclntosh 5. ,. Mk S. Sophomores learning the art of Basketball E , E Diane Dakin Renee Dibley Louise Harrison 95 R e Volleyball Winners: Nicki Ingle, Karla Riley, Karen Vandervort, Bonnie Dibley, Renee Dibley, Gretchen Rohrscheib, Jayne Salvatore Q, Us ft is ,ag T K- awe s A 'i f ' ' gms, we rs tx f Z4 A ee-at 4. yg gyyg at .1 Bruce Angell Jule Eaton 'IAL Kathy Seekins Mike Bennett CoacfQQ'fQ?Qg r151Amundson emmis Four letterrnen, Mike Bennett, Doug Francis, Bruce Angell, and Linda 1 . Vaughn, returned to fulfill their manifest A X' destiny of league champions. During both Z tiiit of the previous seasons, Mt. Rainier won , Q third place. In 1961, the team gave up . ' only two matches and won seven. Mike Bennett and Doug Francis Finished fourth V in State in Menfs Doubles. A Ilgl, 4 ' ' i Jn . gg - 'Q Linda Vaughn 'H 'TA ,Q 1' ff "fl rx r gp -5, , xg, A 3 Q TOP LfR: Allen Rosenberg, Terry as ' , -' A A AK x Boring, Jerry Barckly, Bob Gray, if .t ,ag -avi, - -an an Caroyln Burby, Jackie Bennit, Sally gl Q lg X Haines, Sandy Knutson, Gail Gran, 5 A Margret Ayers BOTTOM: Linda Vaughn, Donna Ballard, jo Evanson, Terry Bernard, Diane Heutrnaker, Kathy Seekins, Sue Kennick, Mary Jane Stevens. Coach Robert Whetsell, Combined the talents of three returning lettcrmen and a rookie to produce a strong Contender for the league championship. The three mem- bers of last year's team are Byron Baker, Duane Iverson, and Roger Chamberlin. Jim Rutledegc, transfer from VVest Seattle, was an especially beneficial addition. Byron Baker was Captain. 01 ' U ! A, N R 4? r .L M 97 ' ew .aff Dennis Amer, Stan Bartlett and Jim Mertl were the members of this year's championship team in the Mt. Rainier bowling league. ,The Hrst interschool match game in this district was held between Mt, Rainier and Kent Meridian on February 12, 1962. Y'Ve' hope this sets a precedent for an inter-high school league. A Mr. Hammond Sponsor League Secretary: High Game: Mike Berry Mike Berry . . . . 215 High Average: Stan Bartlett . . . . . 215 Stan Bartlett . . . . . 170 High Series: Mike Berry . .. .. . 573 TOP - L-R: Tom Frater, Jim Hunt, Doug Sprietsma, Gary Wilson, Bill Poolman, Bill Grenther, Leonard Denton, Jim Culliton. BOTTOM: Pat Thompson, Steve Shemcl, Mike Berry, Jim Mertl, Dave MclNfIechan, Stan Bartlett, Tim MCGibbon, Dave Cooley. 98 if 15" Qpofifs Activities Gaiw Student Quppofdv 3 Fgi . ii 9 Twolw . fl f 1 is .4 ,, ' Track this year received the largest turn-out in Mt. Rainier's three year history. Lettermen Maples, Sipe, T. McGibbon, White, Mangini, Westergreen, and Kastens returned to better the third-place standing of 1961. Veteran Coach Walter Raney has Hne aspirations for this seasonis track team. Go, Men, Go! 100 Ba5ebaMatMt. ' ' 3 The Rams have placed second for two consecutive years in league play. Coach Anderson feels there are excellent chances for bettering the eleven wins, two losses record of last year. The Rams' ace pitcher, Doug Russ, is returning this season along with Rick John- son, Jim Aarde, Bill Priestman, Torn lVeste1'dahl, and Bob Totten. Doug Russ Rick Johnson V+-, ' Ns, W1 Ns K .4 " -lane pr IW rf s avg, gf in Q , as . , Q K I A N , T-.X gf A 1 efgrwy yr ,mfr 7 -W .Q ' J' Af, M 1, . f .56 1:51. 1 'f . 1-v 547 .- ,e e "- .,, , ,JH 'S 1- " 'sw-if ' "ii-uf' i.:.'2!'F .f Q .-.+'w67, " fafiefaw-:gif t . f 1. 4 , Ji 101 Coach Anderson and jim Aarde Cheryl Tcrmin Bonny Rogers Bill Culbertson Sus B. johnson Carol Cllzxclwivk Eileen Gornlon Kathe Murphy Becky Benedict Sue A. Johnson Cheryl rl-lKJ1'l'I1l.I'1 Bonny Rogers Bill Culbertson Sue B. Jolmson Carol Chadwick Georgia Dcpuc Sur: A. Johnson Diana Halter Kathe Murphy BACK ROW l to ri Kastens: Phil: Burpee, Bruce: Parpart Terry: Aardc, Jim: YVintcr, Daryl: Priestinan, Bill: Wallace Steve: Nlaplcs. Nlariong W'estergrcen, Jim: THIRD ROVV. Odman, Denny: Bicknell. Larry: White, Bill: Bergman, Don: Francis, Doug: Iverson. Duane: Dodge, Doug: Baker, Bymng Niarcille, Steve: Wilcox, Larry: SECOND ROW 'sO2ub Advisor -A- Mr, Raney: Karp, Dennis: Larrabee, Don Mangini, John: White, Don: Meek, Joe: Trcgallis, Barry Bennett, Mike: Angell, Bruce: King, Chris: FIRST ROW Russ, Doug: Clullbcrg. Grant: Sipc. Darren: Thuney. Bruce Duryen. Walt: Karp, Raleigh: Johnson. Rick: McGibbon Tim. The purpose of the Mount Rainier High School Lettcrmen's Club is to maintain the high standards of high school athletics and to support the improvement of them. The activities of the Lettermerfs Club include after game dances, the Lettermcnis banquet, as well as making games more enjoyable. The faculty advisor is Mr. Raney. ,-Sf ,, Niav LTR' Advisor: 103 President: Mr. Rancy Doug Russ 2. fi 1 We'1l E 're Remember You I Admmfwmm . HovwfwaLQtudwts lliil Slalllcy M. Little. Jr. Board of Directors .lamfxs W4 Rive Victor Thompson Vice President William K. Martin Prcsidf-nt Clayton E. Myron The Highline School District is honored to have a group of hard working men as its school board. In their hands rest such problems as the schools' needs, Financial budgeting, and school policies. We are grateful and appreciative of these men who contribute so much to us and our future. Carl Jensen. Superintendent I-lwwb walking Paw New 106 Since the first song, music has been man's uni- versal language. From greatest struggles, greatest sorrows. and greatest joys have come the greatest expressions of the heart through music. Our edu- cation here at Moiint Rainier has sought to nur- ture this expression within all who would learn. X'Vho then could be unkind, who downcast with despair, who lonely and afraid or who hate his fellow men if a song lingers on his lips ready to give impetus to living? May your days at Mount Rainier return again and again on the wings of song as you recall your moments here 1- as truly "Moments to Remem- berw 4 for we take, have taken and will take time to sing and to listen to melody, f ! O C Pwblems... Mr. Neil McKay, vice-principal One of the busiest men in our school is Mr. Neil McKay, the vice-principal. The tempo of student affairs is kept even by this efficient administrator. He is always the last person to leave the school evenings on which we have activities, and we depend on his calm, unhurried nature to help us solve our varied problems. Attendance Oflice . . Margaret Dorr Main Office . . . Marie Mosher 108 Head Secretary . . . Mary Derrick Loren Anderson Typingg P.E. YN Vx i Ernest Ehinger Geometryg Alge- braj Senior Sci- ence Louis Fagnon Biologyg Englishg journalism Donna Gius Germang Physicsj Algebra Martha Kemp P.E.,' Gym Activities Counselor George Hammond Nora Hockom . En Hgh- Fremh' Kenneth Kimmel Yeiybogk ' Biologyg Botany Robert Lathrop Counselor Jerome Kinsey Amy jencks World Historyg English English Mary Ann Linse Spanish Betty GriH'ith Healthg P.E.g Driving it F l William Madden l Geometry Sharon Mnrler English 10,11 Marjorie Pieratt Ceornetryg Algebra Gerald Ramey William Simmons World History Erzglishg Speech W'altcr Raney Biologyg Zoology Sandra Stewart Shorthanflg Office Practice ,olz Gayle Rich P.E. Gym Activities Stephen Talbot Orchestra Barbara Sturbird English: Girls' Club Advisor Mnrgit Stakkcstad Bookkeepingg Typingg Ofice Practice yr' fr A ,..e,,,.a'!" Helen Potter Latin ,' Erlglixhg French no it., 1 Alvin Thornton Typingg Business English Rual Tigner Metal Shopg Me- chanical Drawingg Electronics William Weppler Architectural Drawingg Photog- graphyg Math Analysisg Algebra ttctrlt Elizabeth Whitehall E 71 glish Denms ,,lBQ1fIiZ.l5Td1f IQ, i Libfdriari 'l:-"'- ff l"',l 1 as f-'fi Ivf shi, fm-sl tcc l ,,,y,Efm,-f,.f,,, .. f,.. c,,,W.,,:-f,,,,, ,,- k eff L w 5 Q Q 112 vf -"fff9V':,.3m-fh3'2'mf 'fs '?:,-W5 'eZ.:':4313E'f'1E.?:2,1 '55ff?':Eff?l?3flf5755'f iifwiiUEflfifl17f2 tllta eg w,-1:2 ,. I if hifi: 2,1 ' V 'rlc 1',Iyf3L21iA1'Young ' Clbihingg Home Rela- 'tiqngsg Ohoirg English 55? LQ s w 5' 0wvCJwS an Earl Kinnear, Head custodian L. D. Foster Robert Lloyd Carl Macukat George Winston Owv Not Pictured: Jack Dunn P561 , Wit 4 me Sherold Greene Dorthy Love Mary Wedlund Margaret Rielly, Ice Cream At Dorthy Pederson, Cashier tendant ft 22 L e , e we " an Z' Not pictured: S 'L C .k,V' tl :.: 3 Y It Louise Ridge I t ix it , f , 73. ,, , " ' ' gal P tx. it 'E in R 'f :V fi ' D 7 K " 'gl '55 'V flffli. f ..,, I - 9 L Q You A l f .1 'Nm I- zggzgg 5.3. riff, 2 , :AZ W 5 Associated Student Body Officers President: Joe Meekg Vice-President: Lowell Rottrupg Secretary: Kathy Plummerg Treasurer: Dianne Cagle. Representative Assembly ROW I Joe Meekg Lowell Rottrupg Kathy Plummerg Dianne Cagleg Sue Satterg Pam Cleaverg Lorene Parnbiancog Nancy Weidenhaft. ROW 2 Dan Dingfieldg Don Whiteg Sue Rameyg Mardell Mclntoshg Sandy Kingg Jan Olsong Teri Packardg Roberta Blackwood. ROW 3 Brad Johnsong Phil McGibbon5 Mike Thorseng John Reulandg Lloyd Youngsg Craig Martin- song John Sloang Gary Wilsong Tom Marting Pete Hardman. ROW 4 Mary Russellg Mary Schenkg Becky Houpling Julie Eatong Barb Schuehleg Barb Schaderg Steve Wallaceg Julie Soenensg Ella Priceg Audrey Hillmang Rick Meek. Meei'AMOMgClwMenges Student Council The Student Council is made up of the ASB. ofhcers and rcpresentativcs from each of the English classes. For nine months each year. these students meet at 2:35 on Mondays to discuss student affairs. The Council is always busy. and anything from the constitution to the annual spaghetti dinner can be and is discussed. Other problems, such as Hornecoining and the possibility of inviting a foreign exchange student to our school. have been well evaluated. These students and their advisor govern the student body and with your help, do an outstanding job. x . I I .f f 1 5 1 1 Torch Club ROW I - G. Gullberg, D. Iverson, S. Deckebach, M. Bahlg S. B. johnson, D. Wilson, J. Carson, R. Couture, ROW 2 - M. MacDonald, C. Stout, L. McClellan, S. Haines, G. Depue, E. Olson, F. Schenk, Metzgar, C. Brandt: R. Chamberlin ROW 3 4 J. Bergman, B. But- ler, D. Schultz, D. Bergman, M. Miller, D. Perry, K. Putnam, K. Latimer, J. Paget, J. Keithly ROW 4 - B. DuBois, B. DuBois, D. White, Waibel, D. Cagle, S. Moilanen, S. Bondurant, L. Lindman, B. Schultz. Our Torch Club led by Pres. Grant Gullberg, achieved many things this year. Among these were: the highly successful slave sale, a dance after the Glacier game, an assembly with a speaker from Century 21, assisting with the ASB spaghetti dinner, and holding a Senior award dinner sponsored by Des Moines Jaycees. - Requirements for Torch membership are, 3.3 to 3.59 grade average with no Cls, a 3.6 grade average with Cis is accepted. Officers for the 61-62 year were: President, Grant Gullberg, Vice-president Duane Iverson, Secretary, Sylvia Deckenbach, Treasurer, Marilyn Bahl. Torch Club advisor was Mrs. Bates. 116 ROW I: J. McHugh, S. Weeks, S. Deakove P. Smith, G. Cox ROW 2: M. Ayers, B Schader, L. Linder, A. Erickson, R. Hager- man ROW 3: L. Jenneg B. Clifton, K. Forse D. Poolman, M. Lloyd ROW 4: A. Saari, S Ross, D. Miller, D. Chatham, V. Gilmore, S Wakefield ROW 5: A. Rosenberg, S. Fast, R Sloper, S. Rautman ROW 6: M. Heinzen, D Sonju, G. Breeden, J. Richardson, D. Noson Eat 'em up Rams - 4 Whats everyone looking at? When the Ram s g marching in. -in 4:5 E3 Marlana MacDonald College: Lewis St Cla: Major: Pre-major Rex Couture College: Stanford Major: Chemistry Linda McClellen College: Washington State Major: Pre-major Bob Dubois College: U. of Wash. Major: Engineer by 1:- Donna Perry College: U. of Wash. Major: Law We the students of Mt Rainier salute these gradul ating Seniors for their abil- ity to maintain high scho- lastic records. Their abilities will undoubtedly contribute teffgia zizwzzy b etter future 1n gov- jj my ,fe KV K Q52 Q, ' ' fflflismii. f?22w.. . -if ies: T110 . Bill DuBois College: U. of Wash. W Ma or: Pre-ma or l G! :AL Julie Metzgar College: U. of Wash. Major: Home Econom- ics Dave Shultz College: Warner Pacific QPortlandj Major: Missions Caroline Walker College: U. of Wash. Major: ,Law 'nment, education and lead- 'Ships Our best" wishes go with D011 Whlte ou for your .continued suc- College: U' of wash . Major: Pre-major zss - Again, congratula- ons! Tw 06 '62 October November December January JOE MEEK DON BERGMAN PHIL McGIBBON DOUG RUSS Eoljofytlwfllkomtlu The boys of the month are chosen according to their citizenship, their partic- ipation in activities, their school spirit and their attitude towards teachers and classmates. These boys are courteous, cheerful, and are each working to their individual ability. At Mt. Rainier there have been many such boys. They have given themselves to the betterment of our school and everyone looks up to them with pride and appreciation. February March April May MIKE BENNETT LEW DELO BOB DuBOIS DAVE SCHULTZ 120 October November December January 'V Q--v-fe-1 f DONNA PERRY FRANCES SCHENK CONNIE ARKILLS JUDY BERGMAN ' 0.6! wg February The girl of the month is selected carefully by a special committee of thc Girls' Club. They are girls with poise and personality who serve the school in numerous ways, who do their best to promote school spirit, and who have helped create the harmony at Mt. Rainier. LINDA MCCLELLAN March April May June IICTHF' DIANNE CACLE ROSE ANN HAGERMAN DONNA ROEN BARBARA SCHUEHLE 121 i if 3 v Gaye Wilcox, Jenifer Bouldron, Peggy O'Neil, Barbara Scha- der Look who's directing traffic! 1 Y i W i Y i Y Y We needed bibs! Y enewbie Q , g gf Qi . if 7 25 If o 735- 3,517 15 L. K ' . 5:1 5' 71:1 fi? ' -f 11 i 525 -V 'i 45 " MMi24r4QlWeL ieii ieiir qnnanyin ynxiizegyi i F I 5 if , 59 V7 V7 715 Y' 7 ' -' 5 9 ? -I . E ' , W n i n 5 - 3 Yree A vi. A 7 5 22 5 9 if v . ii ' if-K an ' :, N gf-Qi ,L 2-,w r , U 3. , - A - EE? in er- uwifwuuweyw' yi FWEFJ eeeri 1 ii' 'E , 5.1iMQ'e1 fxgmfflhda H fJQ'SVHv .A , ' ' .151 We J be - X A' i Foreign Exchange Assembly The Importance of Being Earnest K, I U2 5 3 3 ' A Q ly - 1, MF' f ,- in -. .........Y-.w-.W .... W ,X . ,. . : MW- TO F21 Sponsors Bay Cleaners 22314 Maririe View Drive Bay View Beauty Salon 22604 Marine View Drive B 8: E Bakery 22306 Marine View Drive Bijou Charm Center 22848 Pacific Highway So. Blais of Des Moines 22607 Marine View Drive Coogan's Shamrock Motel 2705 S. 216th Street Coast to Coast Store 22204 lX4arine View Drive Des lN4oines Drugs 22325 Marine View Drive Des Moines Tribune 22333 Marine View Drive Elsey's Flying HA" 223111 ik Kiarine View Drive Furney's Hiline Nursery 21215 Pacific Highway So. Market Basket Stores, Inc. 15858 Pacific Highway So. Mid City Electric Robinson's Des lN4oines Electric 22307 Klarine View Drive Seattle Trust CSL Savings Bank Des Moines Branch Stambaugh Hardware 22340 Marine View Drive Stan 1Volff Phamnacy 22312 Marine View Drive Swept 1'Ving Barber Shop Swept Hling Inn 18601 Pacific Highway So. Tufi':ley's Des Kloines Super lN4arket 22303 Marine View Drive Interior of Coliseum - Seattle Worldls Fair A The staff of TOR would like to thank Rowlands Studio, James Geddy, and Bruce Corliss for picturesg Sue Satter for the cover designg Charmien Carrier for art workg M1's, Hockorn, our advisor, for guiding us so patiently and ablyg the SK. Smith Company for manufacturing the coverg the American Yearbook Company and its representatives, Mr. James Palm and Mr. Weldon Johnson, for their advice and assistance in preparing and printing this bookg and the students who purchased a copy of TOR, thus making its publication possibleg and the sponsors listed on the preceding page. World's Fair Magic WZ li' 2 if. - 1f-, A .M c , gp Asip p J M W W 7.5fa9,, U'M!pL!45"" QW M' Mil fl , ,f W M , if mmf My . 96655-1,AM,7p vf'1w w iZw f5ff' M f mf JJWMJ' ' W C if i'1PdfWwy 7 MMWWMMMM1 w Vbdlgigfllfgjjvfj LWnf 3f'Wl WMWQUWWw MP 73 Q my jim ,yjjfx df WW wgwwy ffQWMj??iff M autographs

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