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Mount Pulaski Township High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Mount Pulaski, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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g-, is .-a iu.- .A E 5 1 n ' I 1 f HA vs'- - ,P w X4 n W 1 . vu w ,f , , J , ' i',JJ.l.' 2 af-t w ' L 4 R" ' .- - ' w - A ' ' , V t 1 0 ,N '3i , I V - .,- ALL' , rr-- V i 1 . I , . - f. V H QP W' .I Xu - ,L . ,,- .H .Ll 5 H g. N 1 1- -9 1. l naw: v 1 j U -J 5 15 Q' 1 fx 3' W X In ' ,rg-1' ' : .: -Q'. - -."-' g:5::Z' .:.Z'.'IIQ" 1' v.., . 1 , 1 ,. ft Z .- jfjh n I w a n N,wmi"'u4-"Q,,w , - .il A 5: ,. . . 4 Q - - -QA I Q1ff5j,,.,f: - if .. -.a A ,,,,,,, diva.-..1.1 fair- I--.. 'f., ,-V0 ,ra- Ie-'P 3 ,,'.,.' .-......,....a.-- - v ...L -5, - Wu' -I-fl fend.:-ix-K 7 77 7 7 7 " 7 7-:.-.aug-,. -I 77'777 7 77 .77 '7 77 77' 77' 15:-Arai?-rt ---. ' , . ., ,I - Q. -, 7-z' A A A 1 - . - -A A Y ,. .rx , 1... Q X -,.. , K 1.x V w Y A V , V ff? li :J Lu. . ."v , , ,-An mi - J 74. g' A1 -1'-ig' -.Y -,J ., Y. t. ,. -Q Q - --- latex -- 7 --7, -4x...1fV- - - f-v-gg -- ,Q gn-.1 77- gg. uv- vi 1 I X LEA ,, + , " PZQ HILLTOP' YEARBOOK 1950 published by the Hilltop Yearbook Staff of Mt. Pulaski Township High School Mt. Pulaski, Illinois TSM 9 Q, " 4 STAFF Editor ------------ Assistant Editor ----------- Activity Editor ------------ Assistant Activity Sports Editor ----- Editors- Photography Editor --------- Photography Assistant ------ Business Manager-- Business Assistant --------- Publicity ------- - -------- --- Typists- ------------------ - Art Editor ----------------- Adviser -------------------- John Ed Rentschler Mariann' Dana Barbara Jo McCann Donald Kinort Mary Rose Payne Perle Jo Myers Norma Johansen Ray Richner Edward Froschauer Patricia McCarthy Alan Roos Nigal Dittus David Froehlich Dorothy Sams Geraldine Moore Shirley Marshall Mis s Naomi Spe ckman 1 fr y W ,,-Ev Lldministratimn M5257 L -1.5.4, -x e--1 .va .r.m,.L,:,.A:udx!::w,Ew::?:h I.-. Y. ummm ' -f MPTHS ' ' SCHOOL BOARD ' Left to right: LaVerne Arney, Karl Dittua, Virgil Wynd, Harold Tendick, Austin Schaffenacker, William Myrick. Frank Talmage and Meritb Williams were absent when the picture was taken. , , WL3' ki-4, - ' - - I , 1, PRINCIPAL , . . , '74 fb, 32775-9 Lloyd L. Hargis 7 Wd! Qoclnl Qclcncc J . ,A .N 4 f 14 L! L S QW Herbert Stlvgrs Harry Lucas Industrial Arts Science , ,, , M4 NYY ,J 4 .,. Ya- .-.,,,,5 ,W-.,,... ,, , 7 , ,3-pr Y YW. Y- V V FACULTY Elsie Carter Typing ' Shorthand Bookkeeping Cl4pna:Tq,nxZL Clara hhrtin English Latin Librarian IJlOm D English Spanish oleanor Pershing Barbara wilson L.S. history Yome Economics English Science Phvsical Education by 5 -,I xl-1553.44 Liv- anis Q ,y " ,Z A :Q Q i E? L 1 -'-:ii - DEDICATION We, the HILLTOP YEARBOOK STAFF, dedicate this 1950 yearbook to the Senior Class. It is hoped that this book will be a lasting remembrance of their fruit ful school days at M. P. T. H. S. 1 5 E .ii ROBERT AYERS Hilltop 3 P.E. l-2-3-L. .T...-.... .,,- BETTY AYLESWORTH F.H.A. 1-2-3-L Glee Club 1-2-3 P.E. 1-2-3-b -h ARLENE BROWN RUTH CHERRY F.H.A. 1-2-3-L F.H.A. 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-L Band 3-L P.E. 1-2-3-A P.E. 1- Qx .6 H UMR x QQ . -' - 'v mm X s 'Q .41 E R , fm: fix ff H 1 f 'sinvu C P QJ7 I DALE DEIBERT Class Officer 1-2 Baseball l-2-5-4 Basketball 1-2-5-4 F M ROBERT COPELAND X HilltopHorald 2-5 QQSM Band 1-2-5-4 Band Solo l Ensemble 1-2-5-4 Pulau 5'4 Baseball l Basketball 1-2 I ,Qgf c' f Z' -' 4 2 f X gf!! XZ aff DAVY CREAGER SHIRLEY CREAGER P.E. 1-2 F.H.A. l f Baseball 4 P.E. 1-2 QW! I - JOHN DRABING Student Council 5 Junior Play 3 Senior Play 5 P.E. 1 N ,-v- Y ai i?-f,f--,,,--g- -111:-- -, W W ,W , 8 C1 Nfx "flfN fx C:--- fs,-3 FS fx? ' FNQ ,N fx f-5' J, 155 ig 'S' ,."fNf-'N 'N ff? ,-,fx :N f4N rbfsflfx 'NZ'-XI' r' 'S fN,, ff'fY'FN 4??3 il ?:?f'w-5 MARY FIELDS 'SERV' QY0 Illiopolis l I Elkhart 2-5 n 0 rf.21.A. 1-2-3-4 A- 477 Glen Club l-2 P.A.AQl 7jgQaiS E.P.A. l-2-5-4 JP ' X Q W5 GERALD Hhflnb Elliil nf'fA?D Band 2-5-4 Student Coun01l23 Ensemble 2 Junior Play 5 Ill' NORMA JGHANSEN A Hilltop 4 F.H.A. 1-2-5-4 Glce Club l-2-5-4 P.E. 1-2-3-4 Boys' P.E. 5- Baseball 1-2 4 P E l Basketball 2-3-4 BQaQbai1 1-2-5-4 Basketball 2-5-4 ff' -QEF' fm DCHALD KINERT Class Officer 4 Hilltop 5-4 Library 3-4 Library Officer 4 Band l-2-5-4 Eand Solo 2-3-4 Ensemble 1-2-5-4 Boys' Glee Club 1-4 P. E. l-2-3 IV" ,ig 2---Q ----v-f -77---W'--Y Y , Y,-.l .,,,,. 1 Www T f4ri"'f-'H 52 X ew 3 V! 4' f+HN y I 5 985 X5 and Noam Lovmmcm Q J piggy .J Library A C "0 J Hilltop Herald 1. kwvj F.H.A, 2-3 P.E. h .57 PATRICIA MCCARTHY 1 Class Officer 3 Hilltop L Junior play 3 F.H.A. 1-2 FoHoAe Officer 1 Band 3-A Band Cabinet L Glee Club 1-2-3-A A Capella Choir 3 JAMES LYONS Library A Junior Play 3 Band 2-3-L Band Solo h Ensemble 3-A 'Rhythmeires A P.E. 1-2-3-A Q..-1 -...-- BARBARA MCCANN Student Council2 Hilltop 3-1+ Library A F.H.A. 1-2-3 Band 2-3-L Band Solo 2-3-h Ensemble 3-A Rhythmaires L Glee Club 1-2-3- A Capella Choir P.E. 1-2-3-A kx .rl -I nfum C1955 HY orvigl-T S .. .. w - - -it I-I J - . - 1 L I' my 5 MARILYN MANES Class Officer 1-2 Student Council 3- Council Officer 3- Librery A Library Officer A F.H.A. 1-2-3-A F.H.A. Officer 2 Junior Play 3 Band 1-2 Ensemble 1-2 Glee Club 1-2-3-A A Capella Choir 2- Cheerleader 1-2 P.E. 1-2-3-A , 1.19, , ,.., - J ,Mod A -44. I W Cl,-, fl Cf? 1,-gr JO'n iLVT CHLLR Cla 3 Officer 2 5 Student Hilltop Library Liorarv Hilltop Council 4 2 6 OI leer 2-4 7' herald 2 45 fd-L' mg ,- - lyflfl .J ,iw G o f - GERALDINE MOORE : Cl Q Officer 4 ,f'!!,w a-s Hilltop 4 f-TFQSZL F.H.A. l-2-4 F.H A Officer Jun'or Play Glee Club l MYTLI1 VV 1 uVOq1W PAL Clas Officer 4 0 Student Council illtou 1 x 1 A Oi' C ut Jonnsbur Jonn Iarqhall Jlee Club 3 4 O ,WW rak Nfl N ui' I N W Liorarv 4 fillton rural 1 Junior Pla! 5 P 10 l 2 Q 4 band Cabinet 2 5 4 Band Solo l 0 6 4 Ks WN Senlor Play 5 Band 1 8 Q 4 Band Cabinet 4 I e le l O Rh th 1 es 1 2 4 nsemble 1 2 5 4 Rhythmairce 4 Glee Club 4 q 0 I 4 Basketoell 1 2 5 4 XM 7 . . 2 'N .1 5 5 Q 3 -2-5-4 0 P.E. l-2 Vx 1 fi? C ' 1J": '..,3f.s el .Pu f S P.E. 1-M-5-4 ' ' 26 E... A. 5'-1 , 4 . F.Ei.A. -5-f ' 8 vw FJ. . Li er' 1-S-4 4 , - . 1 y l H, ' N ' i - 2 P.E. l-Q-3-4 0 3,-1 5 ' ' T3.c.1.fp.s 30.4123 5 1 - :is- 4-. Claw: Cf"irfP lil f A 2-5-4 M ' ,I .EB 5 -2 , -P-4 , . I- N ' D W ' ' 'f - '. I Jai. -'-q- -f-1- Ai 4 -U-5-4 14, qi: Jw " A y mar - - Band Solo 2-Z5-4 3 fl-511 ' A 4 Basensdl l-2-3-4 ,yi -A -'.I Ns' 11"-1, If Nqwu ',w:Mai P'E' l""'5 ' "B W I , I-wwf'-'rvr""'r ' " -'iil - 511,-in - Y V bi.,,g!5i-If! 'E Yi, i I i ' - :Y -- A as , -- -' - '- -------il .Q 1' , , ' -f j Ef ' I ' j' - 4 '- Y Y 722- Y Y Y f ' -W f: , ' ' r m I' Y ' u-- -- ' Y I- , E 1 . Y Y , 1 W. ' ' ' ' L x ii ' , . V ir - Y A . offff xl Q' . df,-0 ALAN ROCS Hilltop E-4 ...iov play 5 Band 1-2-5-4 -X Ensemble 2-5-4 Q11 jj H Rhyuhmaires 4 'nf A baseball 4 CSYUIBS Cheerleader' 4 K5-so 9.5. 1-2-5-4 'xv' -1' y f9Jf igggi -fini? 1 xx Q' 141 8? I0 n 1113 W- lrlb I1 I8 fp. un: Anwar I H mr ROBERT SMITH Class Officer 5 Student Councll 1 Junior Play 5 Band 1-2-5-4 Ensemble 2-5-4 Band Cabinet 5-4 Rhythmaires 4 Baseball 1 DOUOTHY favs 'UfPL's 0'HPOTH Hilltop 4 Library 5 F.H.A. 1-2-5-4 f.E. 1-2-5-4 F.F.A. Officer 4 Clee Club LJ gg NTIS' JAr.'IiL5 TUHLLY Elec Club l Basketball 1-2-5 :iaseball 1 P.E. 2-5-4 14- - --54- .Mil-v 55 WU-Lf Q 3 We, the Senior Class of Mount Pulaski Town- ship High School, do hereby on this thlrtieth day of March, 1950, in the presence of witnesses, make this, our last will and testament: 0 Q ! 4 . elkim Dale Delbert, will my car load of noon riders to Coach Jones Ruth Cherry, will my typing ability to Verna Manley. James Lyons, will my spelling ability to Wallace Kautz. Norma Johansen, will my quietness to Edward Froschauer. Gerald Haynes, will my cymbals to some poor sucker. Geraldine More, will my stubbcrness and determination to Jackie Gaffney. George Palmer, will my doorman attitude to Julian Woodrum. Marilyn Manes, will my ability to go with one man at a time, to Colleen Manes. Don Kinert, will my exuberant walk to Donald Kennet. Barbara Jo McCann, will my ability to giggle at all times to Hilda Allen. Charles Sohroth, will my ability to argue to Loren Stoeckel. Marilyn Myers, will my Yankee accent to Perle Jo Myers. John Rentschler, will my ability to persuade people to John Hahn. Dorothy Sams, will my strength to Joan Biesemeier. James Turley, will my long wavy hair to Harold Stopher. Norma Lovelace, will my four years of High School to Junior Lovelace. Robert Smith, will my position on the Band Cabinet to Marvin Riohner. Shirley Creager, will my height to Marilyn Schaffenacker. Thomas Romer, will my ability to make long speeches without notes to Dick Ey. Arlene Brown, will my yodeling ability to Wallace Schroth. Alan Roos, will my cowboy boots to Glen Mlchaelis. Patsy McCarthy, will my fancy handwriting to Jim Romer. Robert Ayers, will my driving ability to David Froehlich. Mary Fields, will my interest in school activities to Bob Holmes. John Drabing, will my 'Strange' name to James Leo Hubbard. Betty Aylesworth, will my pleasing way to Shirley Wood. Davy Creager, will my Tokyo Rose Jacket to Dorotha Fields. Robert Copeland, will my tired attitude to Richard McKinley. George Hubbard, will my four years of Foreign Language to John Christensen. .nr ii! f f Hive -1 ff if f -aff-fm-fa a -'ff fm -'- f "------f--- Q-i'i"EEi. PR GPH W as ff ' Ladies and Gentlemen: This is Pat McCarthy bringing to you the dedication game of the new football stadium designed by Don Kinert and built by Robert Smith Construction Company, in Mr. Pulaski, Illinois. The class of 1950 is holding their first reunion in this year of 1970. As the crowd gathers we see various members of this class. Two of the earlier arrivals are Shirley Creager and Norma Love- lace, co-inventors of the new automatic atomic typewriters. Shortly behind his sister is Davy Lee Creager, the all Star Pitcher of the Mr. Pulaski Fans. Entering from the other side is James Turley, maker of the famous synthetic Stradivarius Violins, used by Arlene Brown at her concerts at the Metropolitan Opera House. Incidently Arlene is unable to be here tonight because she is playing a benefit concert for Betty ,Aylesworth's Home for Underpriviledged Millionaires. The crowd becomes silent as Miss Marilyn Manes, Principal of M.P.T.H.S., introduces the guest speaker of the evening, Thomas J. Romer, President of the American Federation of Musicians. As he fin- ishes his speech he is greeted by a burst of applause, thus officially opening the stadium. Ah, I see the celebrated Senator Rentschler just arriving. We hear he has been very busy with his new bill. The teams appear and the television camsra's under the super- vision of James Lyons focus on the field. The Mt. Pulaski team is in fine shape under the coaching of George Hubbard, who made such a fine showing at Notre Dame. The official for the game is George Palmer. , Let us now look for more of the 1950 graduates. We see Bar- bara Jo McCann, Mary Fields, Ruth Ann Cherry and Dorothy Sams Com- mercial workers in the Empire State Building. They are laughing at Charles Schroth's bright new mustache. Clt seems handle bars are com- ming back. J Looking at the back row we see three old friends Gerald Haynes, Dale Delbert, and Robert Ayers. Gerald has recently replaced Digger 0'Dell as the friendly undertaker on the 'Life of Riley' show. He is employing Dale and Robert as ambulance drivers. We wish him luck, in his new 'undertaking'. Now we pause for a word from our sponsor: The Drabing Family Store, situated in the heart of dear Mr. Pulaski. CRemember John has anything and everything for the home.D The band takes the field.Could that possibly be Alan Roos down there playing the coronet? Why yes, my secretary Norma Johansen tells me both Alan and Robert Copeland have taken up music for a life's work, and yes, I do see Robert behind that big bass drum. Marilyn Myers and her private secretary Geraldine Moore were also unable to be with us today, because they are in upper Slobavia, hunting a new type of white rat for Marilyn to use in experiments. The whistle sounds as the game is ended and a glance at the score board shows a victory over Lincoln High. This had been a wonder- ful dedication. ,i-I-L 77777 7777 7 Y ' ----- - -- - . Y af- Y.-- . Y. --Y - Y 7Y.,?,-. , ' L '7 'i ' ,I H Q if-:ug-1 n Y J a u l '1 'L.I1"L1I WW' M W -QQIR MQW QM 1 WW U tl Y if Qufgf A an S I M- L Z - M315 5 V -5, g 1 92 g w ii s Q 4 -Z4 ' M '7---1 1 L , 5 gl f- i?gm'Ln LA , P. 5' 1 i - .-, ., 1 - , I 77 .-,., -M , -., ,. .. .. . , .-. . -. .. -. ....-..q ..-. 1 Y , Y Y, Y "L" 4 -"-' ' Y-' - ' -Y -- - 1-,- -.-.v. 0... ..l- ,. --- ..., - , ,,- --- -- in wa-lriza, gzfff W : if 1 - - , - gi, . ,-1-f-:-1-:'--- - 1 .,-:AZ , , if v-- -- V -. ern, - - - -, ,.., fr, ,:.71-- , -f,-Q 41, ,.,g r -,-Lf, , - - ,W Y, . , M ,, B mi 1 . kan- ,. - , 7 T , 4, :,,:,L4 L K - - -- K -L V YM ., .. ,.,,,v ,A..,,.q-.Z -, .1 i 309 C. Advisors--Miss Wilson, V ' Hr. Lucas X ROW 1: E. Froschauer, D. Hein, P. Coats, S. Marshall, N. Dittus, V. Mercier, R. Richner, V. Rent- meister, K. Dana, D. Ey. ROW 2: Miss Wilson, D. Dam- arin, S. Rogers, V. Manley, M. Chapman, B. Harvey, B. Waddell, L. Schroeder, R. Kayer, D. Kennett, M. Payne, C. Ryan, LT. Lucas. RCW 5: D. Beidler, J. Christen sen, R. Camden, N. O'Erien, W. Brown, W. Dlttus, W. Shanle, M. Smith, C. Aylesworth, R. Holmes,J1 Lucas. N. Rentmeister was absent when the picture was taken. 4.-frees:--ev The Junior Glass,with its advisers Miss Wilson and Mr. Lucas, started' the year with a weiner roast and hayride early in the fall. l They have been busy making money all through the' year for the prom which was held in the spring. The class has sold pencils, magazine subscriptions, plastic auto plates,and ice cream sandwiches atkneket- ball games. Also they sponsored a Magic Show in December. Nu. .' ' J , -1-, B ,Lx-licfgns ' f 'gf y President--Ray Richner - , 5 -5 Vice Pres.--Vera Mercier 1, Q, Secretary--Nigel Dlttus ,Uv . ' ' . ,., Treasurer--Shirley Marshall 4 ' "V Y' W l i .,-1, ,.. . Q X .. n' .. -A.-A A MQW Ja Smphmmo 14 L H . A MWWW WW MW 1, My W I 1 , W 'L ,. " fox? if K3 jmfw f QQ V ,LH-i 4 . , F . -'TJ' V v-7+.Y,...i, -. , -, . -fx H, M 5.7 l V . . . gr W- I , g Y, w i YW ,Y Y WY V i i --,,.fg.-. ,. ,11 , -, - - - 77g-W ?f 3 -PY fig fifii A Qww, , ll ff wDL WW gi ' M H QNJWQ I . ' M f 5 35 dw Q Kp NWW of S ,ess l OPHC5i01o12,1:3 r Q Q W f 4 , 6 QCP W Q Qs 2 3 1 ROW 1: C. Harvey, M. Jackson,D. Erlenbush, H. Moore, B. McCain, D. Froehlich, C. Marshall,A. Kinert, I... Quandt, R. Stivers, J. Allison, H. Allen, H. Bowers, F. Armstrong. RCW 2: Ifliss Speckwan, J. Baker, M. Hutter, P. Myers, L. Scbaffenacker, H. Tendick, M. Leckbee, J. Hahn, W. Kautz, J. Sams, B. Ayers, J. Gaff- ney, H. Turley, M. Shively, Mr. Vandevender. ROW 3: D. Crosier, G. Callahan, J. Biesemeier, B. Easter, I. Palmer, M. Richner, D. Veech, G. Mason, I. Ryan, M. Moore, H. Stopher, J. Reidle, J. Romer. E. Scnroth, F. Burris, and D. Lee were absent when the picture was taken. The Sophomore Class did fine work under the supervision of Miss Speckman and Mr. Vandevender. I This past year the class was represented on the basketball varsity squad by two players. The Sophomorels joined the Freshmen earlier in the year for a nayride and weiner roast, which was on enjoyed by all C 0 6 President--Leon Quandt Us Q vice President--Davie Froehlich O Secretary--Carole Marshall f . Treasurer--Arlene Kinert 6 Advisers Miss Speckman, C Mr. Vandevender 91' -Q. .1 .o-, , , 1+--- ----- f- 1 - w'.Y-----vfff.TH-afe- fr --- .Lq--x , - Y -T Y Y-L., ..r:,fl,:lnY is Y Y , I Q M' w ' W 3F1 I Ir r, M 1 M free if M WG if Wifi Wxww M of gas-4,64-f-fm U ww ,az , W 'V I Q . ' Q! I v5!3,,3j' W -rn., H ,fr Q Q M N ff:.,Q ffkf me A ,v il X I. ,z 1 - ,Y ', -K Xxxuf XXx!! -i ,SYQY NA ' .leigh v V ' 4, 1 7 v A , 1 1 v .1 u G9 92? 15346 -Qi ,all r -4 w ROW:l2 L. PURPLE, U. Lowa, A, Lakin, Q, UQOQ 1 " 'I v' S v- rv v 11- I L. Stoeckol D. ,cCnob1w J. ut card v. Qaan G Hanes .,,' .. , .-' 1 -' ,, L ' Q. Brown, N. bcnroch, o. r1c1es, U. Lhgll, ,, qilham, s. Koenler, J. Lovelace. KOH 2: ir. Stivers, 1, Tqin, D. Schroth, P. Hunley, I. Bryson, H. Bryson, S. Craveni J. Utterback, N. Reindcrs, L. Gerhardt, G, Cflesby, H N. Copeland, 3. Crozier, E. Lamarin, J. Vanievendcr, 1 hiss llartin, HOT! 5: Ei. lichaffenuckcr, R. LOWS,If.f7Ol."'.C31E, I D. Stratton, 1. Sisk, M. Christensen, D. Hentmelston 1 G. Xichaelig S. ocnahl,L. Lucas,L. Brcwn,I. HQSCOEFCCR, D. Payne, L. Shull, R. IcKinlcy, L. Bates was absent when the picture was taken. 5 'Shen the 45 freshmen 'oeqan school this ygap, the first thing they did was the election of class officers. Kiss Martin and yr. Stivers were ckoeen to guide the class. Early in the fall they joined with the sonn- osmres and hai a weiner roast and Agjride. ,re-.,,-.,'1e' -, ' F h Cl Off' "' I'eS ITOGI1 GSS IC6l'S - ' ',,,. 'QT .Vq P f W 8 President--James Brown W 4 X -, Vice-President--Harry Hahn h ' I ww 5 A lQf , Scoretary--Treasurer-Collen Hanes mio . def ! " -Y, C1333 Advisers--I.1iss Lkurtin 1 ' kj, 5 . H rj . ' , Q V AJ, .,r'. -Llvers , V41-n-.:.T.i'5 ! gi ' a qu a- ""- " bw f A -E -e-.-ef.4-- I -, K r ,O fm L57 ffffff ZW 'I rf, I ff 4, , G-L .1 , Y - ., A 14--- - ,Kp-,-uf-. ilz.,-...T -' . , Llthlet X-333g 'Rm Qffpjj 'XIX X U IWW ' ffwfvf f -- m -.Q . - CE l 3 I N My K + FRANK JOKES E coaching the filltoppefa for the first time this year. Ho mraduated last year fPOBIHGSt- ern State Teachers College where he majored in physi- cal education and minored in history and biology. He earned nine letters while participating in football, baseball, basketball, and track. He is well liked by all and the students are all behind him lOOf. A more suitable coach could not have been found. For his firm yearln has shown his great possibilities towavd coach- ing.He is a high school graduate of Buehnel1,Illinois. "" , ., . , -ssvegrrfrb.-5-an -sf- .. if 2 g .W R Q s ROW 1: Veech, Ey, B. Jonas. Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount QLfi!B' 9--gif D. Payne CManagerJ, G. Mason, D. Delbert, D T. Romer,-F. Armstrong. ROW 2: Dr. Maddox,D Dittus, H. Hahn, W. Brown, G. Hubbard, Coach Varsity Squad BASKETBALL SCHEDVLE Pulaski .... Tri-City .... Pulaski .... Athens. ..... Pulaski .... Feltshans .... Pulaski .... Atlanta..... Pulaski .... Gibson City.... Pulaskl.... Rushville... Pulaski.... Sullivan.... Pulaski.... Feitshans... Pu1aski.... Linooln..... Pulaski .... Pana...... Pulaski.... Atlanta..... Pulaskivfvv Champainn.... Pulaski .... Springfield. Pulaski.... Elkhart..... Pulaski.... Normal...... Pulaski.... Cathedral... Pulaski .... Rushville... Pu1aski.... Williamsville... Pulaski.... Lamphier.... PARIS HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT Pulagkicocs Pulaski.... Pulaski.... Pu1aski.... Jo1iet...... Flora..... REGIONAL TOURNAMENT San Joae.... Hopedale.... - ' 3 I I GEORGE HUBBARD is a 6' Senior who made a fine showing this year. He takes a lot of rebounds and being a good shot,can score when it counts. His excellent ability to drive makes him a hard boy to hold. He will be missed greatly HBXU SBHSOII' DALE DEIBERT a 5'7' senlor,play- ed wonderful ball this year. He played in a guard position and, because of his alertness and de- ceptiveness, was a whiz on defens and was always up with the high scorers. Dale will be hard to replace next year. - 1 ez 4 1 l .Ir fi BILL DITTUS played center on this year's team. He is 6'and a junior in school. Bill's rebounding pow - er, good shooting, and style of play were a great help to the team With another year ahead of him ,a lot will be expected of Bill. TOM ROMER is a 5'5' and a senior this year. He is a very good ball handler and played a big part on the team this year. His team spirit and team play were always a big factor toward winning ball games. He is a good player and his graduation will be a loss to the team. 1 ll k re H, it! J YFPQQA V' 32241 N rife!! F1 I --'ig'--"7--iAq -+-------- WQ,', 1 1 , TiQf.L life xx' . 4 i FCRHEST AHISTRCNG is a 5'5nSOph- omoro. He is a good shot,a good ball handler, and,belng Cool and alevt, can play either gmard or forward. Also being a good de- fense man, he makes no end of trouble for the opposition. His experience DICK VY ear. M shot and 5 can always cool plays should make hima.very a 5'9U junior who lS an excellent long eat on defense. Dick be counted on for his and all-around aiility find player. H is helped the teama,great deal this yr. We ' J Q His eervic Is will be looked for- ward to next season. ' x l Q GLEN LASO1 is 5'3H and only a sophomore this season. A scrap- py ball player and e tooo shot, he has a lot to look for grn 50, Ie looks good on the floor. Glen will be a big help to the team next year. WENDELL BECUY is a 5'lln junior anda.steadilv improvini his ball 'playinU. HHindyn can -rebound wellanf is Q cond Sgcf, Shootinf with either' hand, he is a cena- ble shot. To can be counted on to heln a lot next eeason. I E '1 H J 1 ,Jl f X vm I ,U 104 v 1 . , . 42 l U Q X 'ui' Junior Basketball Team 5 A e .. Q - .S ROW 1: Dr. Maddox, W. McCain, W. Schroth, R. Richner, W. Lowe, J. Hubbard, Coach Jones. ROW 2: J. Brown , E. Frosoheuer, J. Romer, R. Lowe, R. McKinley. IA , CG 'J 7,1 y UH' gljffglx ' .:- ' 55 The Mt. Pulaski reserves played a good brand of ball this year, winning 15 against 3 losses. A lot of these boys will be playing on the versity in one or two years and they are get- ting the experience that they will need. As in- dioated by their record, they are e good bunch of players. Baseball Team JY, ROW 1: W. Dittus, G. Mason, G. Hubbard, D. Delbert, J. Romer, E. Froschauer, T. Romer. ROW 2: D. Ey, D. Veech, R. Richner, F. Armstrong, J. Brown, W. McCain, ' W. Brown. ROW 3: W. Lowe, W. O'Brien, R. Lowe, L, Gp., LUCHS, D. Gerhart, H. Hahn, J. Hubbard. RUN A: Coach Jones, D. Payne. N . N The fall baseball team kept up their impressive Hilltop record last fall, winning 5 against 2 losses . They tied for second place in the county tournament. The teams batting average was very good with 7 regu- lars hitting over.300. The Hilltoppers, like always, faced a tough spring schedule. .:..,-. ,...a.h -:fn-,-.., --T? - en, ...,..... . --F :..,,,ff-- ,L - - - " ' " ' --Y - - -A ' ' ' -M A 17 1 f . f .-,le - fs-MV, ,,- ,gg-L.:-.-514: K N. - -7Yg -,,,,f-.f,J.- , l Mtg Pulaskionossooa Mt. Pu1asKi...... Mt. Pulaski. ..... Mt. Pulaski...... Mt. Pulaski ..... . Mt. Pu1ask1...... Mt. Pulaski ..... . Elk!-lartllOllOOlOl Middletown....... Latham.......... Beason......... Hartsburg-Emden.. New Ho11and...... At1anta...... ... CHEERLEADERS E XUI ,Em UI! M53 7 U I'-'NDNDMJNIMJAJ W A. Roos, D. Hein, R. Lowe. P. Coats was absent when the picture was taken. AI XXQQ, TEAM xx' X NX ff - ,...-..,1,.. -, , PRACTICE mom 'I "nn f' lan..- . GQ fa Hi-1,6 I Y ,fI,N,, A.1'Q I I 0.592 si: X F1141-2-1+-wg ' ' I I- ,n i'f.j1SEL1iiig'3.g -259' ' ' . L f I ' I YV a I I I I I I 1 . I 2 - 2 Q I I I I I I I GQUQS 4+ . ' V A f S9422 1121.3 ., cf' U ,X I-I-v Q6 Ig gy' X x X I i' X , mf I yi ,cfm X I 2 ' -gif" fl. f vi :Qs :',1.,1,IQI -L 1 -1 JA, C' I -v. It D -L-.-A , Hg 3 , .. Q CT 'QJGG f- - J ICE' m x -TQ ' 'I ' AI ' w5'X n I QJLY' ' 11,1 SETS 19 al-L-h K CQXCC' s O If X 7 Yah 1 1 ' , ., , .nj f ff gfihx XX 4 K 1- f VC fx f G AG?"-'-'4"'w" ,Nw ,S x 5 f ',4 ,f 'gf ff C - 1 J ' .1 ' tx . . ,., A- ,. V7-'-' i,f"' I III-1-HJ BAII1? C.14.iLIK.M'l' ,,fT'2, S X If Y , , fx, M 1. ykff XA IX f ,IT ,'..,, ...,,.-7.f-3-7,71 Pre s ide rat-Trumzns Home r X I f 1-I'Q'I""'-i"m-'I'-1"-"-S+' 3-4 V ic ca -Pre s ide nt -Dick EELj,f xg i Q , I I Secretary-Patr ic ia McCarthy lzfffrpif I g I I I I Tr'emsu1'er'-John Hontschlaur' 355999, "' """"I S I L1tfr-sriU15-I.1m:'5lr111c:T, 13235. vcly b an 1 O :EN Jackie Gaffmy 'gi' -iff? V' Q- '------- - .. ,fl duff Gus 'bod ians -'Nallac e Sclmroish gif' 5 F-13 4 Q? 5' u ummm aminxu Q9 :iles ff, ' - f-1 If .L-r. Q7 ., -I ' 5 'fn'-'WJ f 47 X 53? --- ,o vz.-'f v' , ' 15,1 ,A Jw' .sf mf if 6? I f""' N :MVP A Y4' ' II ' '-11", ' l I T" 1 ww gffm 69? QF! I In ' ff ff . f ,A I -Q . 4' NAR N X IX! ,SJ kv "N-X X 'S' ..... .. ' Ggggn x7 ., . ,N .. , f' 4 7' ' " , '- N 5 N A, Y, f ,xx Nl. x '71' r 1 I f' Xyx Xxx ,CJ 2- ,' f 1- xx N AI.: -. w 1 1 ' , I 'N J' A--jk '1 n I X f I, 75 I X , , X99 ff f 'F' N57 X ,-' X if 3 Z' If f X "'-XX JJ ,1'..," K !,gf'U' I Q57 .gf f r ' !- ," -I-.Qff f X 1' , 1.- 5, ., .1 K4 'vw Y? iwixii -My LT. WERNTZ, nmsic director, has been at NPTHS consecutive yoarfs and taught one for the past four year prior to his service with the armed services. He is directing this year Band, Glee Slum Be.d and teaching a class in fun- BOYS choir, Lame V1 , . damnntals. Hr, Werntz's music department has been moved to the two rooms formerly occupied by the YWCU3UiC3l drawing classes. This gives a lot more room to use for music purposesv A Gapclla Choir, . ,ini U Wi .. r . Q . dk ... .et A ROW 1: M. Shively, R. Ey, J. Lyons, P. McCarthy, M. Christensen, M. Dana, ROW 2: W. Schroth, L. Schaffen- acker, J. Beisemeler, R. Mayer, N. Schroth, D. Wadde1L V. Rentmelster, N. Dittus, H. Reinders, R. Cherry, G. Suedmeier, V. Mercier, S. Wood ROW 3: C. Ryan, M. Hichner, M. Dana, P. Schaffenacker, T.Romer, R. Smith, A. Roos, J. Brown, W. Brown, J. Baker, K. Stewart, J. Gaffney, S. Marshall, W. McCain, B. McCann, M. Moore, D. Kinert, ROW L: J. Downing, W. Sams, B. Waddell, L. Shull, R. Stivers, S. Schahl, L. Quandt,J.Schroth, V. Holmes, P. Crawford, D. McCain, D. Froehlich, M. Leokbee, G. Haynes, R. Copeland, J.Rentschler,J. Romer, D. Payne, D.Veech, D. Myrlck, D. Lee, J. Christensen , R. Richner. . .. Xxx Q il 1 J if h q . px fl 'I 1, X. li w of Although the band lost many of its first, second, and third chair players, due to graduation---it is con- sidered 'TOPS' again this year. All the home basketball games found the band there to entertain between games 'and at the half of the main game. Mr. Werntz is planning to send the limit of solos and ensembles to the contest again this year, ln addition to the entire band. The record made at the contests last year was superb! The band, in addition to playing the usual Home- coming and Srping Concerts, plans to make a tour to El Paso, Clifton, and Gibson City in April or May. i gw. E5 -i, V' f QA JJ l 1 f A N W J I A A K gif is I 35 9 , ,f o f so 'T --1 - gy V lr 1 - 'fiifi , ,Y RCW 1: J. Gaffney, B. IcCain, J. Lfohs, V. Mercier, D. Ey, B. McCann, M. Shively, S. Woods, S. Marshall. RON 2: J, Rentschler, J. Brown, B. Smith, A. Roos, T. Romer. RCW 5: L. Leckbee, IT. Werntz, W. Brown, R. Richner. .D. Lee was absent when the picture was taken. The Rhythmaires, after a year's respite,reorgan- ized this year into alarger group,number1ng seventeen. Many have arrangements have been added to the library and have been diligently worked on at the rehearsals which take place eighth period on Friday, under the very capable direction of LT. Werntz. Due to some schedule changes, the rehearsals took place at nieht during the second semester. Barbara McCann is Librarian and Ray Richner is the Treasurer. 'v J 4, Qvfil l ROW 1: F. McCubb1n, S. Marshall, V. Rentmeister, P. Myers, M. Dana, M. Myers, H. Reinders, J. Gaffney, L. Schaffenacker, C. Ryan, J. Baker, J. Biesemeier, M. Jackson, 5, UCQg,' RCU E: L. Schroth, Y. Vein, C. Hmrehall, S. Schahl, C. Hanes, B. McCann, V. Mercier, B. Harvey, C. Harvey, B. Waddell, P. McCarthy, ILRent- meister, M. Hutter, M. Sisk, Mr. Werntz. ROW 3: M. Schaffenacker, D. Hein, B. Easter, A. Brown, H. Allen, J. Allison, G. Callahan, B. Aylesworth, G. Moore, M. Shively, A. Kinert, D. Sams, N. Iohunscn, M. Manes. Absent whenpicture was takcrN. Holmes, E. Schroth, N. Dittus. The Glee Club, which meets Giphthperiod on Mon- day was organized again with Mr. Werntz as director. The club has 40 veneers this year, Besides participa- tion in spring program, they also ggnfi at the.Mason City High School. -, , ,Y ,.. Q? ELEE ,AG !L,mh1,m . .A , , D M,..v,Mm ,Mm-I ,wwxs W Mplv3i?MNy,',.,,H ,yyiqulkyy-XA., Vmd , IQ: 'w.n.wnm W 1. W1 y..,W.,,m-.f 1. ROW 1: M. Leckbee, J. Turley, J. Christensen, H. Turley, J. Romer, ROW 2: J. Brown, L. Quandt, R. Copeland, J. Rentschler, W. Schnnth, C.Aylesworth, Mn Ierntz. 'V 5 A Boys Glee Club was formed this year, after e recess of two years. Mr. Werntz heed the group, being a most competent leader. The chorus group met G1 Monday the first semester and changed to Friday, the second semester. W- H- -11 13 As --AN - :J ll --1 '-n is Y T1 s I. s 4 QE! ' 'N ':N -1 ix 1 A 7 " -'i- -f "-Y-'ff -' li: -- A --tr-' 'W' L" ' V -3-xwvmw?-: f-f r- '- -' C 1 --3 W W W W N W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W .,.,- al, -,.l-, a-,,.--54 . . -7- , ,W ,,,.-, UWWPEMW KWWHWR n '-xr .., ROW l: C. Mamas, M. Dana, D. Hein, H. Reinders, J. Gaffney, L. Schaffehacker, C. Ryan, S. Wood. ROW 2 : Mr. WGPHUZ, E. McCann, V. Mercier, S. Marshall, V. Rentmeister, B. Waddell, J. Biesemeier, M. Shively, P. McCarthy. .A - ffm 'U AHF' 5 ' nib. J v 'W'-'WCQKQJPL-4WD , The A Capella Choir has 22 members this year. It meets eighth period on Wednesdays. This choir sang at Mason City High School. They also sang in the pro- gram given in the spring. "T xi, I 4 I I L I V llcfivif' J ,gk -QSQZSEL , Q Q In AF gil .,l Kwai, Wim IN XSTUDEN T COUNCIf E. X N4- 3-P- ,.A.f RCU 1: Kiss Speckman, E. Froschauer, LQ Ihnos, R. By, P. yors, I. Rana, 3. YcCann, L. Schaffenacker, RCU 2: Tr. Vanievcncer W.Erown G.Hubbard U. Zcnroth -7 9 J 1 J. T, Pntfctlfv. , .:l-x.- Student Council representatives were chosen in the fall, as in previous years. IT. Vanievondor and Miss Spochman were chosen to advise them. Four assembly programs were srcnsoved by the council this year. They were: Trampoline 3taPs,Con- variational Concerts,5000 Yearsin the Future and James C. Wlttmcker. The Stuient Council, In Co-operation with the Alumni association, helped to nuke this ycaT's Nowa- coming Student Council Officers an overwhelming success. President--Richard Ey Vice-President--Edward Pro Secretary-Treasurer--23?ll Advisers--Else Speckman hr. Vandevender schauer yn lanes V 7 n... ...Y E H H H Ui-'ff HUF F Nil hi ROW l: G. Moore, S. Marshall, E. Froschauer, J. Rent- schler, B. McCann, R. Rlchner, D. Kinert, M. Dana, A. Roos. ROW 2: N. Dittus, M. Payne, P. Myers, Miss Speckmen, P. McCarthy, N. Johansen, D. Sams, D. Froeh- - neu. 1 S- X. 5 ll? x -Q a. O 17W . 'il .. , .1 Rx S . - 5 bs., f 9' -s For the second year in succession, the Hilltop Yearbook has been directed by Miss Speclcman, with John Ed Qentsohlez' filling? the position of Editor-in-Chief. EL' , . . fri: The annual box xoclal was held in tHE late f v ' 4 ', is. fell. The proceeds of this were used to pay for the if 'Az L l XKQQQQF- publishing cost.. An alumni basketball genus was held ' YQHQ. ,Lf 5. 1 "SD in February. QF 'x Q1 ,. This year's hard working staff has been sue- X I X rl 'cast I. s V! aes' v cessful in 'oublishing e better yearbook, which we l-:now T 149' 1 ' you will enjoy now and in years to come. fl A hx- , ,f X f ff '?-, .Q -ff: ' x ,f 1 ,- fd ' X ' 6 Q I J .,v. ,,, 1 QQ V , . 4" ,V :Jr w QHILLTUF ff r - f ,,, - eta 0 , fyyyzff is ..,, N ? K, f -Fri!-v 3 Q ' " i ku- ,. ' EL.. ,..fT...:-- X X 1 A- Y- X 7912: ' X Y H241 f f f. sl- ,. K A ly Standing: D. Schroth, P. Myers, V. Mercier, G. Moore, C. Marshall, M. Manes. Seated: N. Hein. Absent, N. Dittllse ll! an infer A Queen Contest was sponsored by the Hilltop Yearbook Staff as a means of making money to aid in the 4 A publication of the yearbook. 'bf .. J, NQX Neamg Two girls were selected from each class by thma' "ij' oleeemetes to compete in the contest. Their pictures '- I V appeared on the attractively decorated bottles. It was L I I ' M N, a penny a vote and the girl receiving the most pennies MI N All 1 in her bottle was queen. ' X li The girls who participated were Marilyn Manes P9 and Geraldine Moore, Seniorsg Nigel Dittus and Vera Mercier, Juniorsg Carol Marshall and Perle Jo Myers, Sophomoresg Nancy Hein and Doris Scnroth, Freshmen. Nancy Hein was crowned by last year's queen, Arleen Kinert. I 70 Mft- :Af Y. , ,Wig Y gfrif if if - Y .. , ,4 4 - jililllfy Qliif "5-7-'l'f'73-?1' nv 0 Ar 'hr Lerlltnp iivralh UBLISHED BY STUDENTS OF MOUNT PULASKI HIGH SCHOOL WEDNESDAY. DEC. 21. 194 EC MING BEGINS TONIGH E fi Al hlesplaqruuc? to last 30 minute C xhxch xx 1s the by the band Another feature , M, Hutter , D. He in, LI, I'.yGI'S , R Camden. OW years Home-:cc rounxnta of ic Shively , F . Burris , J. Wilham, S . Wood, ez Mr. Lui he fotmmnxz am Hanley, V. Me!-C 1611, L11-s, Carter, B. Eaeteg, E. Naddell, and Mrs. wer: Reinders, R. I-Saver, T.-1. Leckbee, J. Galfneyu George!! t belongs to : teshmen Doris vmc ' Hem. vi'trsl:'tlI 'md Dana and A tt niors-X er'1 ltittus, M mes .md Czmldim 'carhook staff and and Frank Jon: A trombone uuet is a Hvvfilff T e I LTC? ""?AI.D, tke school newsnaner, committee v Mrs. vcw efiicxeml purlisre t iis year Hearlv su Ta:-gilgnsifl, Vandeven, seriptions were offeree tc the student , teachers, Paul F , Earlinc Kin Mr. and 1' Mr. and I Advertising the :r-lcbmtion was af the publicity anffone else who desired one. The outstanding paper .vas hvztnlerl by d M 1 grave' Pmhably the 'fear was the Eiornecozziingq eiition which was compose an 'S' the many article ' ' results of tl ed in the Ioca . H the newspapers een in the V towns, The S01 Upbyfhis ioneteti to the alumni news. Assisting Mrs. bl" f ' . RFP- Tne paper staff put two candy machines in Wm again I nine panes of reftular school news and three page sign, the gay h the windows, Christmas dec: gym. in the decorat' Lfartcr and Sh Shirley Ma hool in order to raise money to aid in the puk wmvrrmi nigh the designing of mis binggvp , . qi., A re e e ffC'i:Eregw"at ation of their paper. the dancers of th K. , d has done g undcfffgon The papers were all very interesting and show should be app IEF. 0 CL great deal of work on the pert of the staff. UNEUP Tlckef line-up for M. Mr. Stivers is in game ' ag YC ROW 1: V. Rentme1ster,S. Marshall, B. Easter, B. McCann, J. Rentschler, H. Reinders, Kinert. ROW 2: M. Manes, N. Lovelace, Biesemeier, E. Froschauer, Miss Martin, Romer, B. Mayer, D. Kinert, Hahn. Don Lee and'E. Schroth were absent when the picture was The errislon of 22 stadents anywhere? The year, which enlargement taken. Library was again Miss Clara Martin. who's goal was to l1bT5PY'u:derwent include temporary M. Dana, A. W. Kautz, J- R. Camden, T. D. Veech, J. Lyons, J. this year under the sup- The staff consisted of nFind anything, anytime, a number of changes this lighting facilities and of shelf room, and the university and col- lege Tulletin file has been enlargedto 60 pamphlets. A number of librarians went on the annual tour in the spring, and the annual OFFICERS President--John Ed Rentschler Vice Pres.--Don Kinert Secretary-Treasurer--Marilyn Hanes Adviser--Wise Martin !lll lligmgggglls gg g ziliigil... banquet was also held. - .1 f- f--::--:L:- 'ffg-2-:sf-gra..-.' ' img. 43 .1-my no 000 6013.0 FM Fi 1 1 ROW 1: S. Koehler, J. Wilham, F. MoCubbin, V. Rent- meister, P. Myers, N. Dlttus, M. Myers, M. Payne, A. Kinert, M. Chapman, C. Ryan, M. Shively, L. Schaffen- acker, J. Gaffney, M. Jackson, C. Harvey. ROW 2: Misa Wilson, M. Sisk, S. Schahl, D. Schroth, E. Bryson,P. Manley, V. Mercier, B. Harvey, B. Waddell, B. Ayers, H. Bryson, V. Manley, R. Cherry, S. Cravens, M. Hut- ter. ROW 3: N. Hein, C. Marshall, J. Vandevender, A. Brown, C. Manes, H. Allen, J. Allison, G. Callahan, B. Aylesworth, G. Moore, D. Sams, N. Johansen, L. Brown, M. Manes, D. Stratton, M. Schaffenacker. E. Schroth was absent when the picture was taken. The group has ten officers, including standing committees, and is sponsored by Miss Barbara Wilson. The F. H. A. meets the first Thursday of each month for business meetings and have sponsored several social activities. At each business meeting they have a short program. At the beginning of the year the girls just coming into the F. H. A. were initiated and later the club sponsored a Father and Daughter Banquet. To meet expenses, the F. H. A. operated a check room, sold candy and hot dogs at games and after the games, they sponsored dances. The year, which was very successful, was closed with a party for the eighth grade girls. Seni or Class Play 4'-L f 3 X -Q 9- X 9?i,"i' L I f xx! f ROW 1: D. Sams, M. Myers, R.Smith, J.Iyons, T. Romer, G. Moore, M. Manes. ROW 2: B. McCann, D. Kinert, J. Rentechler, G. Hubbard, R. Copeland, J. Drabing, P. Mccartny. "OUT OF 'TITS FRYING PAN" Presented on Friday, April 21, 1950 George Bodell Norman Reese Mrs. Garnet Tony Dennison Muriel Foster Kate Ault Marge Benson Dottie Coburn Mr. Coburn Mrs. Coburn Mr. Kenney First Policeman Second Policeman Director: Stage Manager: Prompter: by The Senior Class Cast Robert Copeland John Ed.Rentschler Marilyn Manes Thomas Romer Geraldine Moore Barbara McCann Patsy McCarthy Marilyn Myers John Drabing Dorothy Sams James Lyons George Hubbard Robert Smith Mrs. Mae Schroth Donald Kinert Nonna Johansen Y .YY .--L... - -Y-,Y L Lnlff ,. .orb I 1.4-1- -n.m - - - , L ,,,,,,.," '1 uf' V, 1 lu "A " kr ,v Lx ,. r. QU, .1 W I 1 1 4 LL . b L 1- ' ff"'51' 'YF , 1 4, VN!!! N ,e 'YN 1, 'IW A W A W l,w.1w,x- W , WN, I 1 x NW N ,Af l, ,1.,,.mqN.Mi', 11- ,,w.J," '. 3gylf,mv"lf' W" 151-, :'Fr5"' ' 4 -pills " ..'n :,' .'- iff' 1: ,, ,Q Y. , Q K 15' A 'B' Va 1 , ' '-'NZQV' ,La . . I .--Q-, , ii... .-.--.L.,- Ji-L- Y.- .. ,fi W::41.:-- ...--- -'ii "" K "-'-A 'W J1 W X UH 6 -ac, "'7 ,XR- ,-' ,,4""-' 'FK -9-'B Q- V-,U x , , ,1- ., ,-v , , , . 6 E9-21 ' -ws .f'JX 3 ' J x ,I U3 UW ' . ,-f-In X4-k VV ,ff,.a-nf" A ' .w.. in ' . , gf .vw "1 ,1- ..-f" ,ff f-Y--fv--Vt V -1 1..,-V . . g,,,,.,fgf, L . , 5 T1 H," W 3 fffi fe-A , ERN? . ' gr, J," , 1 5,1 y 1 r Q'-4 3 I , frkfa f I I --i ' x T N u H q ' , 'J-.eff ::, 5?-1. 'r li L L. ,L fam 1454. 1 E x XX fu----L V ,I ll' ' 1 J x"A. 'L -AAV 'fx rw Y- L,- iM.5 "' ff, ' Tlffw ' ' " ' L'jV42Li3l:g5 3251 'Yan Q D353 him 1-" Tx ,,,, ,,..,. ,Y v, - .- .- -Us--ivl .. .iq 1 fr- - - '- -:J - ' ' . w..-' '-' "-W ' - ' , ": . , ..,.... , , .,,.-.- , 4 - X 4 I if 5' ' I X 4. w f 4 , Y I .' 1 111, 1:.i:1f' . ' V. dr. A . . ,,1', Fi? 11,- ,11, 1 11.1 C 1 A 1 we .V . . .j,'l.11.!. .1 " "f'-15" 1 -f' f ' f- -' " ,,, 1 - 14. 1 1 1 11 I 1 i ma ,1 ,.,. . L... .vu1.1L , ., J. , A. W .JH.,,.5-A V -1 . 1. I . . K - I , 1., 1 , 1- 11 1, 1 1 , 2 A 1 1 W, 1 1, .1544 . ,nw 1 X Y l , 'dh ..--- . V v AQ: ' 1 I F11 - 1 1 . ff- 1 gh. J'- 51, I Ui. .F yi 1 1' fihl-U, I-1 js nl - AJ, A . -.,,-I H1 .' , Q. H . 71 f. Q, - - ' J- Q -141, 1 K I I 11 -.. Y gpg... . T- A : L. 1 -' 1 . 1' -. .j11-- - , - ' A .. 1. .41 .111-,,,.:-. 1 7 1 1 - 1. 1,1 b -' ,, 1 - ' . - 1. "1-'1 1 1 , LH H 5.1 1-1 H, F1-., 111 1 J 1 K, .1 U .-.. .1131 1.1, I 1' ,I N , H-1-,sh-.t .H I: ,d . 11 T ..- .E .y - 1 , - ill -IA 'r ':,g. 1 ., - , in Emp.-, , H. 11-.I 111-11 . . , . 1 . 4... . '. 1' - ' .. '11'2' . - 1. .1:,.r " .' ' -511 " - - A 1 - ,5 ' 1. , . -11,.- .1 .1 P f 41' . " .r:f'x..- ,11+ .- 1f-. 1-1., ,-, ,. 11.,v ,, ,, , ,

Suggestions in the Mount Pulaski Township High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Mount Pulaski, IL) collection:

Mount Pulaski Township High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Mount Pulaski, IL) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pulaski Township High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Mount Pulaski, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pulaski Township High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Mount Pulaski, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pulaski Township High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Mount Pulaski, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pulaski Township High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Mount Pulaski, IL) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pulaski Township High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Mount Pulaski, IL) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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