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 - Class of 1940

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Mount Pulaski Township High School - Hilltop Yearbook (Mount Pulaski, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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v , X? "" , " . ' ,-.21-,rl f-Lf :J f' "F" ' "Vi-"W" "W" ' ' ' . SALUTE TO oun - CAPTAINS "Ha'rs off, shipmafes, while we salufe our Capfains in 'rhis voy- age. .They have been loyal and helpful in launching us safely on our life. We salule fhem wifh 'rhanks in our hearfs as WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK TO MISS BUCHANAN AND MR. EY. This page sponsored by WEST SIDE FOOD MART Mounf Pulaski Pictures by Camera An, Decatur Composition by Timesfilcws, Mount Pulaski I. Good Ship I-lilllop 5 I. Board of Educalion 6 2. Lloyd L. Hargis - 7 3. Ship's Officers - 8 4. Firsl-Class Passengers - 9-I0 I 5. Firsl-Class Passen er Aclivilies II 6. Hislory of Firsl-Class Passengers I2 7.. Fulure of rhe Firsl'-Class Passengers I3 8. Will of Firsl-Class Passengers - I4 9. Second-Class Passengers - I5 IO. Tourisrs - - - I6 ll. Slowawa s - I7 I2. Library Slafl I8 II. Aclivilies - I9 I. Hilllop Slall - 20 2. Sludenl Council - 2l 3. Girls' Afhlelic Associalion 2l 4. Home Economics Club 22 5. Fufure Farmers of America 22 6. Glee Club - 23 7. Band and Orcheslra 23 8. Le Cercle Francais - 24 9. Hilllop I.i+erary Sociely 24 IO. Homecoming - 25 II. Firsf-Class Passenger Play 26 I2. Second-CIass Passenger Play 27 I3. Speech Conlesls - 28 I4. French Conference - 28 I5. Commercial Conlesf 29 I6. Music Conlesls - 29 I7. Hilllop Herald - 30 Ill. Sporls 3,I I. Coach Halberg 32 2. Baslcelboll 33 3. Baslcelball Slars 34 4. Summary - 35. 36 5. Schedule - 37 6. Class Tournamenl 3.7 7. Baseball - 38 IV. Fealures 39 I. Calendar - 40, 4l, 42 2. Spring Acfivilies - 43 3. Jokes - 44. 45 4. Snapshols 46, 47, 50 5. Baby Piclures 48, 49 6. Donors - 5I 7. Aufographs 52 'I' h' pa fan d by FREDuHCgL S ES SSRRAGE Mounl Pulaski XIX, LTOP L? H90 PUBLISHED BY THE SHIP'S SELECTED REPORTERS FOR PASSENGERS' ENJOYMENT. Home Address: Mouni Pulaski Township High School, Mounf Pulaski, Illinois This page sponsored by ROTHWELL LUMBER CO. Mounl Pulaski FFICIAL GREETING fla.Pww.' weigh fiiwluw' www 045 !.' s'xx A' N-' . , K5 , J ly, Yi' Aj .?"' Q, ' l J l i l 1 l l l 1' 1 i 4 I l l We have begun our'voyage lhrougl I939-l940. Everyone is in his place for anolher exciiing voyage. T hal ship's officers wilh Their hundred anc sixfy passengers are ready for fu n laughler, a lol of excifemenl, and e happy voyage. In our nine monfhs voyage we are going +o squeeze in 4 four years' four of poinfs of inleresi familiar faces, and unlimifed ac+ivi+ies So we are launched on our pleasure cruise and +o all we say-"BON VOY AGE." This page sponsored by' LOUIS SAMS Mounf Pulaslci l L 1 Uciyage of the S.S.Hill'l:oP ln l84l. iusl' nineTy-nine years ago, her maiesT , "The l-lillTop," was launched. The TirsT porT was on The properTy of George Turlley. and The TTrsT voyages were sup- porTed by public subscripTion. The business was direcTed by Three TrusTees whose respZnsibiliTy iT was To see ThaT suiTable quarTers were provided and The 'finances raise . The voyage of educaTion on The l-lillTop has been a ioyous and successful one. being consTanTly expanded To meeT The growing needs of The communiTy. The TirsT doclc conTinuecl To be used unTil l845, when iT was moved To The easT parT oT Town. The expenses were meT ThereaTTer by disTricT Taxes. The Third change was made in I857 as a resulT oT a bill passed by The STaTe Legis- laTure February I9, I857, donaTing The Logan CounTy CourT House To The disTricT Tor school purposes. ' This doclc conTinued in use unTil I877 when iT was changed To a new one ThaT had been erecTed on The siTe of The presenT grade school porT. AT This mooring. eighT years oT elemenTary worlc and Tour years of advanced work were n'iainTained To edu- +caTe The crew unTil OcTober 8, l9lO, when The porT was cornplelrely desTroyed by ire. ln The year l9ll a new doclc was erecTed on This siTe. The new l"lillTop Company was organized in l9I2 and The TirsT unit of The presenT harbor was erecTed in The lasT oT ThaT year and The proiecT compleTed in l9l3. ln T928 The lasT addiTion was builT. During all These years The HillTop has been growing in size. crew, acTiviTies, and seaworThiness. Today she has Twelve oTl7icers and a crew of one hundred sixTy- nine. IT is our sincere hope ThaT her voyage inTo The sea of The FuTure will be as success- Tul as Those on The Ocean of The PasT have been. REFRESH 4' IN W'T"' somes Heated: Hurry Martin, VVllhelm Kuutz. Virgil VVynd, John Tendlck. standing: Karl DM Frnnk Talmage, George Fndelvhlll. 0 . ig The Board of Educafion of fhe Mounf Pulaski High School for 'rho school year of I'-739-40, consisfs of seven memi bers. They are! Wilhelm Kaufz, Presidenf: Virgil Wynd, Secrefary: John Tendick, Harry S. Marfin, George Un- derhill. Frank Talmage. and Karl Diffus. These men fhrough fheir efforfs, andgwifh the help of fheir predecessors, have builf an educafional insfifufion of which a larger fown fhan Mounf Pulaski mighf iusfly be proud. A Their only compensafion is lhe safisfacfion fhey mighf feel in having promofed harmony and good feeling among fhe sfudenfs, faculfy, and fownspeople. We hope in fhe years fo come fhe Board of Educafion will be as successful in guiding fhe ship as if has been during our four years in school. We. fhe pupils of Mounf Pulaski High School, wish fo fhank fhe members of fhe board for fheir undersfanding and consideralion and fhe many kind favors which fhey have granted us. This page sponsored by SPIEGEL JEWELRY STORE See Us for Gredualion Giffs PRINCIPAL B. s. 1924, A. M. 1930 For the past decade scores of scholars have en- rolled at and graduated from M. P. T. H. S. un- der the capable guidance ot Mr. Hargis. No per- plexity ot' any student was too trivial for him to solve. The students have a high respect tor Mr. Hargis, and through his ettorts M. P. T. H. S. has become an institution of higher learning, recog- nized by large schools and other organizations. Mr. Harqis has also been active in many things outside of school work. He is allways willing to do his part to make any program a success by his in- troductory remarks. His large supply of anecdotes is welcome at any gathering especially in the study hall. Let's all continue to obev our capable cap- tain and help him to keep the ship sailing smooth- 'v. This page sponsored by CHESTNUT HATCHERY Chestnut Mount Pulaski History Economics Eastern Illinois State Teachers College, University of Ilhnoxs "Will you please stand 2 fm .aP!uLp'4 0 ' ORRIS G. BRYANT Agrlculture. General Sclence lnlverslty of Illlnols, B. S. 1930 Colorado State College, 1937. '38, "Do you have any questions? If not, then I do." MARION BUCHANAN Enlllsh, French, Llhrnry Drury. A. B. 1937. linlverslty of Illlnols, M. A. 1938. -'-She never says the same thing twice. OTTO EY lsthemstles University of Wlsoonsin B. A. 1929 Unlverdty of Colorado Vnlvemlty of Illlnols llllnois State Nonnal University "Put your notes and books away, please!" MARYILGOETZ Home Economics and Blology Macllun-sy, A. B. INN University ol Wisconlm "There's no question about that." LEROY lllstory, Conch Unlverslty of Illlnols, B. S. 1937 --wan nm I an mm." nanny LUCAS Beleleo. University of llllnols, B. S. 1932 "Fm have so help you. Ml I0 teach you." This page sponaond by VAIL'S FOOD MARKET Free Delivery Phone 299 PAUL MERRY Glee Club, Band Orchestra Llncoln College, B. S. 1923 B. of Muslc 1928. --w.z1,.f,o-.'11 img it-'l'll play xt." ll.EANOR REAVY Commemlal Illinois State Normal University B. of Ed. 1938 QMISB Heavy resigned the last slx weeks to accept a clvll service positlonJ. "Everybody ready'--type!" GRACE RUIHWELL Physical Educstlon Unlverslty of Illinois, B. S. 1936 Unlverslty of Colorado. "Let's all take showers, please." HERBERT STIVERS lllduutrlll Arts James M1lllkln Unlverdty, B. S. 1927 Ijnlverslty of Missouri Stout Institute. IDIS WAILER English, Latin, Drsmstlcs llllnols State Normal llnlverslty, B. Ed. 1937 "Is that deaf?" NINA WYND Commercial Machlurray College, B. A.. 1931 Unlveralty of Illinois Unlverslty of Wisconsin. Qlllss Wynd replaced Miss Heavy for the last slx weeks of the terml. "May I have your attention, please?" ALICE YAYCII Pnnlden! "The F'al'mer's Daughter" KLVIA ALLSUPP kocent on Youth" is-- NILNA EMERY 'Music in My Heart" ARLEB IIANBLOW' ,'B 8. D8.lG" ll BERYL UYACIITER Q 1 I Vlee-Ynildent "One in a Mlllion" MARILYN BUCKLES Seen-lury-Tn-asurrr r- 1 NA N , "My Little Cr' Xi- Q 6 .4 ' i g Q Q J, f ' Q X X-A , .If O JUNIOR BERTONI "If You Could Only Cook" ROBERT AUUILINBUAGII "You Can't Have Everything" " ' "-4, lull!!-ilu' G ULSO "Carefree" DORIS GEYER "The Primrose Path" , pi'- 1- - WILLIS LA.-l'l'8Cll "Thanks for the Memory" This page sponsovcd by ZIMMERMAN 8: HORN Mouni Pulaski JOE MQCULLOUGII "ll's a. NVonderful World" Ul'2lC.ll.Il IDITTUS "Lucky Night ls!" HELENA HAIIN "Vigil in lhc Night' WALLACE! MrGl'Il'1 "Dust be my Destiny" 9 ,. 4' O Y.. '51 .muy XHRTIN I.l'JON.KkIl onmu' ..l-kwh Dawn I Dieu Anolhvr Thin Mun" Y, ' WILLIAM MrKlNLl'Il' "Three Cheers for the "The Wizard of Oz' Irish" KI-:N1'0x OPPEIKM -1:3 . 41' .num lumnwnr mum.:-ns nu-:DLE ,MRL ,umis 'KM-1 RYAN "Mad About Hualc" "MUN uf C0nqVe5"" "The Ui, Rains Came" un All Came 1 Jl'LlAN DAII VIRGINIA l'NlDl'J "Only Angell Have Wing!" "Gone Nvllh The V ll.KLl'lN NIIELLHAMRIER .kl.ll'l'I 5'l'0l'K'l'0N -'Thu Mun who NVouldn'l --nmmmon to Happlnew' Talk" .lf-, IAIILYN VOYLII gfhtrgtmg Hnppelfs At "Lady of the Tlrjopkz This page sponsored by I0 JOHN T. HERSHEY Mounf Pulaski LOIS IYATBON SENIOR ACTIVITIES uulfl. cha. ' ' co-mmenl: ILLSOPP, SYLVIA I more wlnvoome Ilttle lady never vhluperesl, laughed, or talked. lome I-lc Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Glee Club . 2: "The Ghost Parade" 3: Dra- natlcn 3: Literary Club 4: G. A. l. l. 2: Hllltop Hemld 4: Chrlst- oas I,l'Ugl"dlll 3. IUGIIENBAUGII, ROBERT t'n a trlendly heart who has many rlendn. lusllzess M-lnalzer "The Ghost Par- ole" 3: lluslnem Manager Hllltop -lerald 4: Business Manager 1940 'lllltup 4: Literary Club 4. GULSO, ROBERT The athlete ot today. the maa et tomorrow. Basketball l, 2, 3. 4: Baseball 3, 4: "lhe Ghost l'al':lde" 3: Utemry t lub 4: F. F. A. 4: Glce Club 1. HAI-IN, HELENA The wnrmth ot genlul courtesy- The t'Illlll'll ol sell'-rellanre.. lilee Club 2, 3: Vice Presldent 1: Secretary ol' G. A. A. l: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Home Bc. Club l. 2, 3. 4: Llterzlry Club 4. HANSIDW, CHARLES Ilusy. busy all slay long, Wlth n Ilght heart and a happy uong. Mnnaurt-r of Basketball 4: Manager of llztseball 4: "The Ghost Parade" 3: Band l. 2. 3, 4: Orchestra 1. 2, 3, 4: Boy's Swing Band 3. LAATSCII, WILLIS Not even a man On Nuuh'n Ark llna seen u 'vletory' Nu dark. lille Club 2: F. F. A. 4: "The Ghost Parade" 3. HQSCULIAJUGII, JOSEPH l4temlhn.t ot' thought. well made, well wrought. Flasketball l, 2, 3. 4: Dramatlcs 3: Baseball l, 2, 3, -l: Class Preslllent l : Student Councll 2: Student Coun- cil Preslllent 3: "The Ghost Par- ade" 3: Commerchll Contest 32 Literary Club 4: Hllltop Sta!! 41 Glee C.ub l. KBGEE, WALLACE The klndly. eurnent, brave, foresee- lng man. New hlrth of our new aoll,-a great Amerlrun. F. F. A. President 4: Band 2: Orchestra 2: Secretary 2. MQZKINLEY, WILLIAM Pull galluplngg nor brldle drew I'ntll he rent-hed the meunll. Basketball 3: F. F. A. 4 MARTIN, JOHN no Instead ot gettlng to heaven at lint, Pm golng all aleagl Dramatlce 3: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Student Councll 3: "The Ghost Parade" 3: Secretary and Treasur- er 1: Hllltop Stat! 4: he Cercle Francais 4. Dl'l'I'US, GERALD I love ltu merry vvarble I love Its rnpld flow I love to wlnd my tongue up. Yen-I love to hear lt ge. Basketball 1, 2. 3: Class Play 3: tecretary 3: Band 4. Emmy, wnma 0 malden wlth the meek brown eyes Wlt-hln thone orbs a shadow llel Llke the dunk ot evenlng nklea. Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Band 1, 2, 8, 4: Orchestra 1. 2, 3. 4: Dramatlcs 3: Literary Club 4: Typing Con- test 3: Clarlnet Contest 3: "The Ghost Parade" 3: Home Bc. Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Swing Orchestra 3: Slng- lng Contest 2. 3. 43 0D0l'etta 1: Consolidated Orchestra 1. 2, 3, 4: Hllltop Herald Stal! 4: Hllltop Stat! 4. OBERY, LEONARD Our rhlldren shall behold hla hnne Nugm-loua, patlent, drealllng praise, not blame. Dlanmtlcs l, 2. 3. 4: Basketball l. 2, 3. 4: Baseball 4: Class secretary l, 2, 3: Student councll 4: Junlor t lass Play 3: Orchestra 1: Christ- mas Play l, 2, 3: Literary Club 4: Hllltop Herald Bdltor 4. OPPERMAN, KENTON A helul tull of genlun and a heart full of truth. Student Councll 3: Student Council ll-:ruirldent 4: Hllltop Staff 3: F. F. RIDGEWAY, JUNE Munir hath 1-harm to soothe a sav- uge beast, to notten roelta. or to In-nd ll knotted oak. Glee Club l. 2, 3, 4: Dramatlcs 3: Lllerary Club 4: Band l. 2. 3, 4: l,l'l'llt'SIl'll l. 2, 3. 4: Home Ee. Club l, 2. 3, 4: Swing Band 3: "The Ghost Parade" 3: Muslc Contests l, 2. RIEDLE, CHARLES llut tlll we are bullt llke angela Wlth paint lnruah, and ehlaeln, anal pen Thou shalt be maklng ua pleturea, Forever. and ever. Amen! Glee Club l: Dranmtlcs 3: Cheer- lemler 4: Chrlstmas Prrgram 3: Literary Club 4: Hllltop erald 4. RYAN, IRMA MAE When she turned and umlled, lt were an though a fresh wlnd had hlown. Glue Club 3. 4: Dramatlcs 3: "The Ghost Parade" 3: G. A. A. 1. 2: Home l-lc. Club l, 2. 3, 4: Llterary Club 4. RIGGS, EARL It brevlty hs the aeul et wlt, l'lI upeall my hlt and qult. Glee Club l. 2. 3: F. F. A. 4: Track 2: Band 2: Play 2. sans, wuan A blt of aonaeaae new and then la relluhed by the but at men. Dramatlcs 3: Basketball 4: Baseball 4: Chrlstmas Program 3: F. F. A. 4: Llterery Club 4. This page sponsored by SHEETS FUNERAL HOME Al Ahrens Marvin Hufchcraft GEYER, DORIS Happy um I! I-'rum eure I 0h why uren't all f0ll me. G. A. A. I. 2: Glee Club l. 2: l-lc. Club l. 2. 3, 4: Le Franrals 4: Lltvrnry Club 4 top Stuff 4. BERTONL RINALDO, JR. Iloru for r-ul-eesa he seemed. wltll grace to 'wln and heart to hold. Dranmtlrs 3: Basketball l. 2, 3, 4: Baseball 4: Student Councll l: "The Ghost Parade" 3: Glee Club l. BUCKLES, MARILYN tl'lth umllea tar all, tlooll deedv: em-h day. Home lic. Club l, 2, 3, 4: Student Councll 3: Secretary and Treasurer 4: G. A. A. l. 2: CtlIIlIlleN'llll Con- test 3: "The Ghost Parade" 32 L te:ary Club 4: Hllltop Herald 4: Hllltop Sta!! 3. SHELLHAMMER, J. DALEN Napoleon wan a nmall man, too. Glee Club 1. 2: Clase Treasurer 3: Student Councll 4: "The Ghost I'ar:lde 3: Band l. 2: Dranlatlcs 3: l.lh-rury Contests Il, 4: Literary Club 4: Hllltop Staff 44: Hllltop Herald Staff 4: Dramatic Club 1. STOCKTON, ALICE None knew thee but to love thee Nor, named thee but to pralne. Glee Club 1. 2: G. A. A. Prcsldent 3: Home Bc. Club Presldent 4: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Home l-lc. Club l. 2. 3. 4: Le Cercle Francals 4: Ut- erzlry Club 4. UNDERHILL, VIRGINIA Merellul and CIIIIIIIIIINIIDIIIIIB Anal lull ut sweet remembrancel. "The Ghost Pamde"' 3: G. A. A. I, 2: Home l-lc. Club I. 2, 3, 4: Llt- erary Club 2, 3: Dranmtlcs 3: Hlll- top Herald Staff 4: Hllltop Stal! 4. VOYLES, MARILYN Llke a rlrele endlng never ller talk goes on forever. G. A. A. l. 2, 3, 4: Home Bc. Club l. 2, 3. 4: Lltemry 4: Dramatlce 3: Herald Stal! 4. WACHTER, BERYL I-'atlent and nhnegatlon ot aelt And devotlon to others. ITHIIIIIIIICN 3: Vlce President 3, 4: "The Ghost Parade" 3: G. A. A. l, 2: Lltel-any Club 4: Le Cercle Francals 4: Hllltop Staff 4: Hllltop Herald 4. WATSON, LOIS l.lke a plano-upright and grand. Glee Club 4: Student Councll 4: Commercial Contest 4: Home Ik. Club 4: Llterary Club 4: Hllltop Staff 4: Hllltop Herald 4: Class President l, 2. 3. YAUCII, ALICE A tllamond among autumn leaves. Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Dramatlcs 3: Home Ee. Preddent 2: Vlce Presl- dent. l: President 3. 4: "The Ghost Parade" 3: Home Bc. Club l, 2. 3, 4: Llterary Club Presldent 4: Hlll- top Herald 4. .Yamaha ,a o '- ,6 - .a l 5 As stowaways we entered our stately ship, a group ot young and laytul investigators. We elected as our otticers. Joseph McCul- ibugh, leader, Alice Yauch, assistant leader, Pauline Allison, log- lceeper, and John Martin, treasurer. From the supervisors ot the company, Miss Volle and Mr. Stivers, came instructions tor the voyage. In our hiding, we enioyed parties and picnics. As tourists we entered our ma'estic vessel tor its second voyage. Walter Humble served as uide, Helena Hahn as assistant guide and Wallace McGee as log-ieeper and treasurer. The overseers ot our tour were Miss Wiswell and Mr. Lucas, who also helped us with our problems. We enioyed our stowaway parties and pic- nics so well that we had a great many more as tourists. As second-class passengers we entered for our third voyage on the Sea ot Knowledge. Alice Yauch was our rear admiral, Beryl Wachter was her assistant, Waneta Febus was log-keeper, and Dalen Shellhammer was treasurer. We presented our play. "Tho Ghost Parade," in the main ball-room. Our ban uet was held in the main ball-room ot a passing ship, the S. S. cl.eland from the Springfield port. Mr. Lucas and Miss Goetz advised us on this voy- age. As tirst-class passengers, we have entered her maiesty, The Hill- top. on our last voyage from our alma mater. Memoirs ot our tirst trip brought to our minds that' this last should be our best. Three passengers from another ship entered ours for this last cruise. Alice Yauch was our admiral, Beryl Wachter, vice-admiral, and Mari- lyn Buckles, log-lreeper and treasurer. Miss Reavy and Mr. Lucas served as supervisors. The tirst-class passen ers entertained the second-class passengers at a dance held on geek. We have also purchased a radio with a phonograph attachment to be used in the ballroom. Our class play was a huge success. We are now having our last grand times together. The ship has come into port. but our great- est experience ies in the future. As we sail the Sea of Ambition, may we land in the harbor ot Success. This page sponsored by DR. E. H. COX Mount Pulaski .tfuukm T i Lew Q 43 C . 'T ,. 'Z 1 ai Q1 ls it possible? Yes, Mount Pulaski, lllinois, has been selected tor the world premier ot that super-super cinema masterpiece, "Gone ls the Wind." As everyone knows, this record-breaking best seller was written by the winner ot the Nobel Prize tor eight years, Beryl Wachter, using the pen name of Marg-aret Satchello. Miss Wach- ter wrote "Gone ls the Wind" in l956, and it was immediately sold to the McCullough'Sams-Bertoni movie company and has been in roduction these tour years. Father Time will not mind, however, because l960 is more than happy to welcome this splendid achieve- ment. Come, it will soon be curtain time, and we want to meet some ot the celebrities as they come to the gala premier. As our taxi pulls up in front ot the theatre, the lights on the mar- quee begin their ay twinkling. Our tickets are ready and we en- ter the theatre. gNNe are given a program printed by a Mr. R. Aughenbaugh. Now where have we heard that name before? At- ter usher W. McKinley takes us to our seats, we have a few mo- ments to look about us before the picture begins. Wilna Emery's Emerywheels strike up a snappy tune with their star trumpet player, Charles Hanslow-and, we have a stage review star- ring the nationally known tap dancer, Alice Stockton. If only the stars ot the picture would come! Whom have we here? Ah, it's another ot the lovely ladies ot the screen, Miss Marilyn Buckles. She seems quite happy to be back in her home town. Following close behind her, we see the lady whose word is law in the field ot etiquette, personality, and character hints-the modern Emily Post, Miss Lois Watson. Ot course, the radio stars are here also. There is that tamous sing- ing Eair, Alice Yauch and June Ridgeway. Helena Hahn, the star of t e "Daytime Love Series," is a beauty operator in spare mo' ments. And, there, too, is that genial quiz-master, Willis Laatsch. How stupid of mel l torgot our three wise men who are now an- swerin the questions on 'Information Please"-John Martin, Rob- ert Gu so, and Wallace McGee. Um, that proves that trends can- 'i change. Here is the great banker, Leonard Obery, closely followed by his secretary, Miss Marilyn Voyles. And there is the most successful lawyer ot the day, Kenton Opperman. Behind him comes that ev- er-busy program director tor NBC, J. Dalen Shellhammer. His hob' by is collecting movie magazines ot which he has an entire library. Now entering is his librarian, Sylvia Allsopp. We iust caught a glimpse ot the season's most popular debutante, Irma Ryan. How well she keeps her youth! Also entering is that globe-trotter ot the class ot '40, Doris Ge er. As you know, she made both her trips around the world on the S. S. Hilltop. And in row I3 lhe's super- stitiousl, is none other than the pilot, Earl Riggs, who won his tame by an endurance tlight over Hawaii. Even he is surprised he stayed up so long. Everyone seems breathless with excitement. Perhaps it's because the stars ot the picture have been kept a secret, and now their names are to be revealed. There have been many rumors as to their identit , but as yet it has not been made public. We know, ot course. that they will be two of the screen's top ranking stars. We have our own opinions about the matter, and-we're ri ht! The theatre manager, Gerald Dittus. is presentin them now. Tihey are Charles Reidle and Vir inia Underhill, and gem what we have heard they'll be adding ano?her Academy Award to their collection. Lest minute entrances are being made, the lights are dimmed, and there goes the curteinl All the characters and events herein depicte'd are fictitious, and any similarity to actual persons, either living or dead, is purely coincidental. This page sponsored by RAYMOND HAHN Farm Bureau Oil Distributor We. 'rhe first-class passengers of Her Maiesfy, "The Hilltop," do hereby on lhis lwenly-lhird day of Apri in 'rhe presence of wifnesses make lhis, our lasl will and fesfamenl, before 'rhe ship reaches lhe end of her iourney and we leave her never lo relurn again: I, Sylvia Allsopp, will my variely of coillures lo Mildred Riedle, I, Roberl Aughenbaugh, my use of lhe family Plymoulh lo my sisler, Lela. I, Junior Berloni, my bashlulness lo my lillle brolher Waldo. I, Marilyn Buckles, my perlecl posfure fo Clarence, Frazier. l, Gerald Dillus, my permanent place in fhe library lo Miller Dro- bisch. I, Wilna Emery, my abilify lo play lhe clarinel' fo Kennelh Connolley. I, Doris Geyer, my capabilify as librarian lo Virginia Moll. I, Roberf Gulso, my place on lhe squad fo Joe Maffhews. I, Helena H-ahn, my love of sporls lo Judilh Roos. I. Charles Hanslow, my posilion as manager of fhe baskelball leam fo anyone worlhy of il. I, Willis Laalsch. lhe use of my model "A" lo my brolher Richard, providing he fakes as good care of if as I have. I, Joe McCullough, my calchy dance sleps 'fo Junior Hagenbuch. I, Wallace McGee, my nickname "Maggie" 'lo my sisler Kay. I, William McKinley, my new fype sfudy hall desk lo some one as unforlunale as I. I, John M.arfin, my sfudious habil of arriving al' school al 8300 o'cIock lo Raymond McKinley. I, Leonard Obery, my heighf lo Lewis Sfrallon. I, Kenlon Opperman, my quief humor lo Dick Mueller. I, June Ridgeway, my versalilily in music fo Rhoda Shallenackerp' I, Charles Riedle, my love for "arf" fo Roland O'Bryen. I, Earl Riggs, my desire for "lroslies" fo Earl Jackson. I, Irma Ryan, my inferesfing diclion fo Delberl' Horn. I, Julian Sams, my good humor and willy remarks fo Dick Miller. I, Dalen Shellhammer, my group of lady friends lo Loren Anderson. I, Alice Stockton, my love of poefry fo Berry Brooker. I, Virginia Underhill. my use of cosmefics lo Juanila Vail. I, Marilyn Voyles, my "ii++erbug" abilify +o Delores Fleagle. I, Beryl Wachler, my abilify +o whisper in lirsf period sludy hall wilh- ouf geffing caughl lo Lyle Frazier. I, Lois Watson, my gracious manner fo Dorofhy Wanda Gloss. I, Alice Yauch. my good forlune in receiving fhe "lhird degree" lo a nexf year's civics sfudenl. S' d dS Idfh'+w -+h'dd I 'I'll1 I Igni.or::lnNin?leien huhdreznglnd glorify 0 APN In e year O our THE SENIOR CLASS This page sponsored by MOUNT PULASKI FARMERS GRAIN 81 ELEVATOR CO. in Row: J. Roos, V. Milner, M. Paterson, B. Brooker. J. Gufley, D. Otwerman, L. Jackson. F. Key, V. Moll. S. Carly. 2nd, Row: Mr. Silvers. M. Pasrmore, l-1 Mnxheimer, R, Hum, Vd d CBR HK! Mecha! PSCIIP an even er, . a er, . nerl, . . er. . J o . . Hutter, M. Buehler, Misa Goetz. Srd Row: K. Connolley. R. Miller. R. Stoll. President, M. Lindsay, J. Matthews, XV. Merriman, C. Fmzler, D. Hom, W. Hagenbuch, L. Anderson. Second CldSS passengers v I We, the second class passengers, began our voy- age Seplember l with a meeting and election of officers. When The ship was well ou? of porf, lhe firsf class passengers enferfained us nicely al a parly. On November I9, I939. we amused all on board with our play, "China Boy." The main aclivify of the lafler half of fhe voyage is fhe banquef which we are lo give fhe firsf class passengers. We are very busy selling candy and operaling a Coca-Cola machine in order fo malze money lo give 'rhem an enioyable evening on May 4. Then comes our chance fo again be enlerlained by fhe firsf class passengers af a picnic. Finally, wifh one more porf fo malce, we will be homeward bound as firsf class passengers. ti ' I4 4 M I., -1 f OFFICERS Pfflldillf - - Raymond Moll Vice-In-nldrnl - lllgl Minu- Dorwhrr - Mlldred selnur Treasurer - - .lean Gutfey 'This page sponsored by BLUE SWAN CAFE Mount Pulaski. Illinois I5 lst Bow: M. Downing, V. Hetlleld, E. Riggs J. Horn, C.. Roos, M. A. Buckles, H. Shilling, H. Fisher. B. Delbert, M. Creager. H. Stratton, D. W. Glose, D. Gulso, L. Fallen. hd low: R. Mueller. R. Leauch. R. Scroggln, A. Oppemmn, L. Aughen-baugh, G. Scott. W. Moore. D. Buurngurdt, M. Edwards, E. Bahn, D. 0'Bryen, D. Fuhrer, M. Drobisch, Mies Weller. lrd low: Mr. Halbert. R. I-Ianelow, W. AIIJODD. C. Holmes, E. Jackson, R. Dlttue. L. Bchwoerer, W. Holmes. L. Frazier, J. Damarln. 4th low: J. Bowers, J. Baker, C. Sergeant, R. Talmage, J. Mobln. H. Moore. TCDLJRISTS After receiving their passports from Captain Hargis, the tourists boarded the good ship "Hilltop" and were oft on another educational tour. Experience having been gained last year when the tourists were stowaways. not get sea sick so easily and know their way around much better. ln the beginning of the year, the tourists enioyed a deck party with the stowa- ways. It was also the pleasure and honor of the tour- ists to attend a Halloween and Homecoming dance with all the passengers and most of the officers. Here's hoping that the tourists have as much success in their iourney through life as they have had on this pleasant tourist-rate voyage. f i 5 1 9 FZ X A 4 , . .. , 'ft 4 , .J , , . .V . . 4 . . . J Q, l 4 , I E-. 15 5-11. ' '?' OFFICERS ps ' 1 P sa e - - neu o n he YL:-irtzslden - - Raymond alll 4 I Secretary-Treasurer - Judlth I This page sponsored by MOUNT PULASKI DRY CLEANERS Phone 227 f! 191 nw. D. war. w. s-mmm, J. Vdl sau-au-y A. oooh, 1. L4 i . 1. Baker nl. amp P-. Ivy-xhelmer. J. Dun, E. ramen. B. emcxmn, ri. scnafrenuker. 512:-Pn.iaena,'K. neun' D. lxoehler. tml Bow: L. Stratton. J. Roos, E. Purlet, H. Rledle. D. Yagow l. Rledle I' nom. B. new-en, A. newer, F. vvwmer. n. mn.. E. ruin-uae 1. mu-im. n. Milner. R- Lindsay. Misa Buchanan. mn nw. R. Romwell. 'rm-gurer. R. icKlnle , R, cp.,-g,g.n,,.,j G. Tutwller, M. Kineri. U. Bellaltl, D. Horn, W. Obmlrlb. Student Qilllltll, Shull, H. 811. R: Iaxxelrg Je V!lQ:?s::k,l-l.JJackeonh li Veech. I...wBiB1e:.e.e.'uh lem llrii.Blriynnl. R. Halneld. -, .Luong . nan,Prea1 1,1-hugh,- R. 0 Bryen. I-.. Geyer, R. Layman, C. Goodman. R. Matthews. t' om' r STGWAWAYS The hold was packed with fifty-seven stowaways on 5 ' September 2. I939, when we began our voyage. We are the largest number of stowaways to ever board the good ship Hilltop. We held a deck party with the tourists in October. The main event of the evening was dancing on deck. We are planning a docking party iust before our ship lands in the spring. completing our voyage as stowaways. Then we will be ready to enter as tourists on the ship's nent voyage. We have little business as we are only stowaways and have had few meetings in the hold. but the boys of our class are making quite a contribution to the basketball squad. OFFICERS nldent - - - W. Bertenl 1-Prfnldent - Rhoda Behalf:-nlfker I-tlry - - - J vu' """' - R. llethlell This page sponsored by CURTIS OIL CO. Mount Pulaski m-mul: A. Yuuch. H. Milner, D. Geyer, J. Guffey, Fl, Brooker. pltundlng: H. Fisher, V. Moll, VV. Merrlman. V. Unilerhlll, V. M. Halheld, VV, Hagenbuch, D. Shellhammer, Miss Buchanan. ji,qg,'4,' ... The ship's library located in the hold presents one ot the chiet attractions tor the use ot leisure time on board. Our present library is quite an improvement over that ot tormer years. The open stack system now beinq used allows the passen ers' to have the opportunity ot browsing through all the library books, which are arranged on the silielves according to the Dewey Decimal system. At present there are in our library one thousand tive hundred thirty-tour books and pamphlets, ol which one hundred were added this year. Among these recent acquisitions are a New World Book encyclopedia, a set ot science books, several books ot fiction, and a few new books in each ot the other tields. Copies ot thirty-tive various magazines may be found on the magazine rack or in the classrooms. All the old magazines are tiled away in the stack room, adioining the library, tor tu- ture references. During the year about torty books were borrowed from the state library on a neighboring ship tor three months. An intensive book repair program is being carried on at present. ln the spring, Mr. Wensley, a representative ot the Gaylord Brothers library supply company, qave a very interesting demonstra- tion on the repair ot books. At this time we want to thank two of our passengers, Misses Lillie Mae Jackson and lrma Mae Ryan, for their assistance in cataloging and repairing ot books. The purpose ot our library is to give the passen ers an opportunity tor gaining knowledqe supple- mentarv to that found in their textbooks. lt aclso provides a place ot enioyment tor reading maga' zines and fiction. The library has been a very popular place tor all the passengers on board, and we sincerely hope it will continue to remain so. This page sponsored bv GENE CLEAR Phone 89 T 8 X0f7f This page sponsored by DR. ROBERT N. HAMM Mount Pulaski x ' 936046 OFFICERS Editor-In-chief - - Lulu W'atnon Llterary Editor - - liar,-1 y1'u-hge, Aanlutuntn lhrln Geyer. Charlotte linker Senior ure-tlon Edltnr Dulen Bhrllhummar - Flora Key - Joe Mr-Cullouxh Aulutlnt - - Alhletlr Edltol' - Aanlntunt - - - John M-run Calendar Editor - - He-tty Brooker Annlntnnt - - W'lIna Emery Joke Edltor - - Dorothy Buumgnrdt Annlntant - - llelen Hhllllng Unlvshot Edltor - Bill Merriman Annlntunt A - Kay Merge, Bunlnrnn Manager - Robert Aughenbangh - Dirk Talmage Halen Manager - 'lyplutn - Vlrglnla Underhill, Mildred Schafer if .AI Q Seated: H. Shilling. B. Brooker, L. !VaLson. V. Underhill, H. XVavhtQ-I Standing lat: VV. 1-Emery. D. Baumgardt, D. Shellhammer. R. Aughr-nbaumv D. Geyer, F. Key, K. Mallee, C. Baker. standing Snd: Mins Buchanan, M Schafer, J. McCullough, J. Martin. D. Talmage, XV. Merrtnmn, Mr. I-ty. The Hilltop Log was published with the aid of Miss Buchanan anc Mr. Ey. Members selected from the ship as a whole, constitutec the remainder ot the staff. Lois Watson was appointed Editor in-chief ot the Log. During November a sales drive was enactec by Robert Aughenbaugh and Richard Talmage. Approximately ter representatives from each passenger class were chosen and giver instructions in selling the books to their fellow passengers. In c contest the first class passengers won by selling 99 per cent of theii quota. They were awarded a party in November to which all firs- class passengers, the Log statt, and ship's otticers were invited At the beginning ot the second half of the voyage, the writing o' material and special events on board was begun. The literary edif tor and assistants were active in assigning and helping to covei write-ups on school activities. Everyone on board has worked hard to make this ship's Log a grea' success. and the statt wishes to thank all who helped in its publi cation. This page sponsored by LYONS Sc to Sl STORE Mount Pulaski, Illinois Sealed: D. Glose 2. B. Brooker 3, Secrets:ry-lre-:xsul'er, K. ODDCTIIHIH. PN' Obery 4, Vice-President. J. Horn 2. stnmllngz Miss Renvy, R. Hahn 3. L. VII-3071 4. D. Shellhammer 4. J. McCullough 4, XV. Obcxmmp 1, P. Hutter 3, Mr. Bryant The Ship's Council, which was formed in The year l927 for fhe purpose of promoling fhe inferesf of fhe passengers in acfivifies on board, has been ac- five during fhis voyage. If has sponsored fwo parties for all on board and had a big hand in malcing lhe Homecoming for lhe pasf year a greaf success. ll has falcen charge ol numerous assembly programs in' addition 'ro ofher minor laslcs which were of passenger in+eres+. Durin The asf year 'fhe Ship's Council was repre- senfeg af fliie Annual Sfudenl Council Convenfion and the sug esfions gained helped in making fhis year's counci a success. The girls' alhlefic classes mel every Tuesday and Friday, The seventh and eighfh periods. During fhe hall of lhe baslcefball qame al Home- Comin , lhe girls pul on a fumbling acl which proved the girls to be as good fumblers as the boys. Many girls enlhusiasfically enfered info lhe spring sporfs, sollball and declc fennis. A review of everylhing done during fhe year was shown af Open House when lhe girls enferlained wi'rh various acfs. The class was under fhe leadership of Miss Rofhwell. Row: E. Bahn. M. Creager, F. Vandavender, C00 , , si. E. Maxhelmar. R.. Schaflenaicker. M. Riedle, HA?'Stmtt:n uooa, H. Shilling, M. Buehler, M. Buckles, M. Gulnq, 'D, Glggef 15 Gulso' nw. 1. Baker. M. schafer. J. Hom, P. sion, F. wacmer ra, 1-' af ' I ' kton, I. Martin. D. Yagow, M. Riedle, B. Bowers, M. Downing, G. Scott' D. hler. L. Lawler. D. Riggs. W. Moore. ard Raw: F. Key, H. Kinert, H. Fidher. Delbert, A. Stockton. J. Gufey. K. McGee M. Horn. J. Duff. W. Schmth. D r, J. vm. ,L Meister, E. mggs, una Roihwen x. Maxheimer, M. edwards laumgnrdt, L. Fuiten, V. Hntneld, B. Brooker, Ji Peterson. K' R5iL .l- ,DY 'lllrflll K'1"lfnI rf: lat. Row: A. Cook, M. Petemon, J. Guffey M. Buckles, M. A. Buckles, Milner. Treasurer, M. Schaler, Vlce-Presldent, A. Stockton. President, ' Brooker, Sectreary. W. Emery, E. Fhllrlede. I. Martin, D. W. Glose. . Gulso. znd. Row: L. M. Lawler, C. Roos. H. Shllllng, M. Buehler, M. Guls J. Roos, I. M. Ryan. B. Bowers, E. Maxhelmer, Marilyn Rledle, D3 Yago' J. Roos, E. Purget, Mildred Rledle, S. Carly, M. Creager. trd Row: D. Geyc V. Underhill, J. Ridgeway, M. Edwards H. Mllner, M. Voyles, M. Paaamol L. M. Jackson, D. Riggs. w. Moore, 1-:'. Bafhn, L. Aughenbaugh, L. Pune P. Rutter. Miss Goetz. nh Row: M. Downlnx. R Hahn. E. Mexhelmer, Baker. c. Baker, J. van, R. scrmrrenacuer, S. ,uns-opp. B. Demon, 3 Opperman. D. Wolf, J. Duff, B. Stockton, M. Horn, G. Scott. Mh Row: Vlndevender, E. RISKS. L. Watson, D. Baumgardt, H. J. Kjnert, A. Melsu A.. Yauch, V. M. Hmmeld. D. M. Koehler, H. Hahn, R. Milner, E. Klnex F. Key, V. Moll. This year's Home Economics Club began ils year- ly voyage in Seplember. The first meefing was devofed 'ro fhe elecfion of officers. The club's sources of finances have been fhe usual running of a check room af baslrelball games and lhe sponsoring of a very successful puppel show. Two invilalional parfies were given November 23, I939. and May l8. I94O, and ofher seasonal par- lies were held as usual. The presidenf was sent lo 'rhe annual Sfafe Home Economics Convenfion held at lhe Palmer House Through consfanl demand by farm boys aboard for fhe infroducfion of an agriculfural course. 'rhe good ship Hilllop has infroduced a course of vo- cafional agriculture separaled info two classes. An acfive response of thirty-one members mel fhe ship's call and already a Fulure Farmers Club has been or anized and several aclivilies are ouflined for 'the eufure Farmers of America, such as iudginq confesis, conservafion proiecfs, and livestock show- ing. The fwo seclions fhis year are hugh? animal husbandry and farm marlrefing. in Chicago. Int low: R. Rothwell, A. Oppor-man, E. RISKS. G. Dltlus, K. Opperman, Reporter. W. Mm-Gee, President, R. Gulso, VV. Horn. D. Copeland, R. sf-mgmn. R. Mnuhews. emu naw. U. Bellntd, w. Moore, D. w. Hom, I.. W WW Buckles, R. Stoll. R. Dlttus, E. Jackson, W. Alleomp, Mr. Bryant. 8rd Row: J. Mr-Cain, H. Hom, E. Geyer. W. baatsch. J. Matthews, J. Sums, D. F. Horn, D. Baker. I I I I V '-Qaiihf-Z "Pm X s K. 9 'M 'X E 5 in fi :Sim ' .1528 - .Kr if yy Q W v. init ' 'M Y, ' A 45 f Q ' 3 . sf f MQW , L . Q v h . if ml ". ' 'mx A D f -- 1 '- I '52 'A .. X f ' . Q.:,, 1 P 3 ilisfw .Q 5 1 .ix I 5 ,. . kv 'tl 1 ' 1 - ff , flfxfs ""' -Nf. " 4 ' -'QS , mf' m nf- N . . 225' 39: ffl . - ' fb ?".:llQg Q" ff , ' ,I .' . 2 Q -mi Af? If 'svn-yu., I- 4 3: fs' . I V'-hw. V. .56"fi,3f ii if 1 'Y- 12, fgefdh as""l" a if .X Inf 3 -Q it!-yi 'xx ty QS " 151 dm. ,E 1. -u ..m,v,m N 'Nik Mu 1 f' "nk ,.,.a-an-pp-q fi ak -an Q , In U' av- K gk. .Ji 4 ,J v 5' -f 1., , :fp b. V "1 yy. as Q? ai a lg 2 , 2 4 if XG' Qwtk, W 1- vii I 'Wx A ,T 1 TF' T-IGMECCDMING On December 22 all The presenT and pasT M. P.T.H.S. passengers enTered The main ballroom of The ship The HillTop Tor Their annual Homecoming. The companionway and ballroom were dec- oraTed by The STudenT Council in The ship's colors and made ChrisTmas-like by Their gail lighTed ChrisTmas Trees. A communiTy band aTTired in purple and gold caps and bands made a ilormaTion on The ballroom floor, played several selecTions, and were seaTed on The sTage for The remainder of The evening. A newspaper, "The l-lillTop Herald," published by The passengers and of greaT inTeresT To everyone was disTribuTed aT The door. Virgil Wynd exTended a hearTy welcome To ex-passengers and George Pinney delivered The response. The baslceTball game wiTh Carlinville, one of The inTeresTing TeaTuresl of The evening, was a well played game in spife of The TacT ThaT we losT. The girls' gym class, under The direcfion oT Miss Grace RoThwell, gave a Tumbling acT aT The half. The evening was concluded by a grand march direcTecl by Mr. STivers and Miss RoThwell, and dancing To music by Bill OeTzel and his orchesTra. GEORGE PINNEY W' y 1 Yo MPG!! Wy 66' . 'Vo 'via This page sponsored by ' DAN W. ELLIS ConTracTor and Builder Seated: Marllyn Buckles, Wllna Emery, Virginia Underhill, June Ridgeway, Alice Yauch, Marilyn Voyles, Sylvia Allsopp. Standing: Dalen Shellhammer, Lois Watson, Julian Sams, Junior Bertoni, Charles Rledle, Leonard Obery, Joe McCullough, Beryl Wachter. "flew ?Dzea." On May I7, l94O, all on board were again inviTed To see an amaTeur play, This Time presenTed by Those experienced acTors, The TirsT class passengers. STephen SanTry, an auThor, inheriTs a small Tarm in The Missouri Ozarks Trom his uncle, Gideon SanTry. His Tamily visiT The place wiTh him in his eTTorT To geT away Trom his Chicago Troubles. When They arrive, They have no idea They are going To sTay. Desiring To reTurn To Chicago, Olive, The oldesT daughTer, Teigns sickness. This brings Lynn Gray, The oung counTr docTor, inTo her liTe. He Tells STephen and Anne she has hearT Trouble. She is readly To hiTch-hike back, when Mary Marshall, who is visiTing Phyllis and Billy, Two youngsTers oT STephen and Anne Take scarlef Tever, The Tamily is quaranTined Tor a monTh. Since The servanTs, Lucinda and Suzanne, were noT in The house aT The Time, The Tamily musT look aTTer Themselves. Dr. Gray comes To The house very oTTen and he and Olive Tall deeply in love. He changes her views on life and makes her a very sweeT girl. Dick, Olive's broTher, has married Eve, who aids him ver much by savin him from worThlessness. AtTer all Their Troubles, The Tamily decide To remain on The place a li'r+Ie llonger and when They leave, The managemenT oT The house- hold is Turned over To Dick and Eve. These experiences give STephen an inspiraTion Tor a new book called "New Fires". Humor and idealism were ouTsTanding in This play, and boTh aspecTs were well porTrayed by The casT Tor The enTerTainmenT of The audience. L J P' if P I I Stephen Santry ............,..... Anne Santry .,.. Billy Sentry .... Phyllis Sentry. . . Dick Santry ..... Eve Santry ..... Olive Santry .,.. Lynn Gray ..,.. . . . . ..... Joe McCullough Lucinda Andrews ...., Suzanne Toler . Sid Sperry ....... Jerry Sperry .... Angie Sperry .... . ...... Wilna Emery Mary Marshall .... Mrs. Marshall. , . .Leonard Obery ., ........... Alice Yauch . . . .Dalen Shellhammer . ..,.... Sylvia Allsopp , ,,..... Charles Rledle ,.. ,. ...June Ridgeway , ..... virginia Unnarmu ,......Lols Watson Beryl Wachter . ......, Julian Sams . ..... Junior Bertonl . . . . .Marilyn Buckles . .... Marilyn Voyles Stage Assistants. .. Robert Aughenbaugh, Kenton Opperman, and Robert Gulso. Properties .... Wallace McGee, Irma Mae Ryan, and Earl Riggs. Prompters ..... Alice Stockton and Irma May Ryan Business Manager and Publicity Manager: Charles I-Ianslow. Assistants: Willis Laatsch and Wilna Emery. Director .......,..,..... .... Mi SB Lois Waller This page sponsored by GEORGE UNDERHILL Phone 43 MounT Pulaski Seated: K. Connolley, V. Moll, M. Buehler, B. Brooker, W. Mer'r'n an, W. H b h. 1 - C. Baker, J. Matthews, R. ,Miller, M. Lindsay. I 1 agen uc stand nt' ,, - Boyer On November I7, I939, all on board were given inviTaTions To see The play "China Boy" given by amaTeurs, second class passengers. "China Boy" is a sTory abouT a boy Trom China who comes To America To live wifh his aunT and uncle. This boy is The son of American Missionaries in China. They are going To a bandiT-ridden parT oT The counTry and Think iT is besT To send Ma rk, Their son, To live wiTh his aunT. l-le is a good boy and none of The children oT The communiTy like him. Lula Mae Robinson Tinally Tallcs him inTo doing some mean Things, buT ever Thin Turns ouT all righT. Bob and Bill lose a TooTball game, be- cause Bob is Trying To use Marlc's iyormutia Tor overcoming nervousness. Selma finally wins a Tree Trip To Hollywood sponsored by The Middlesboro lce Cream Company. George, The villain, sTeals The TooTball money, buT his sisTer, Lula Mae, solves The mysTery. Everyone present enjoyed The Flay very much, and iTs success was aTTribuTed in a large measure To The able direcTion o Miss Wa ler. Hrs. Parker nn-, Will Parker --- Bill Parker .... Annie ......... Selma Parker .... Bob Trautman .,,,,. ,U Lula. Mae Robinson -----..------- Bei-'ty Brook! William Merriman -..--- Rlehnrd Milla' ---- Charlotte Blkd' - ,..,,..,, Pmrle Stoll Kenneth Oonnolley ------.,--, Mnrllyn Bllehhr C118-I'l0tt8 Mach ,,,,,,,-,,,,,.,, Vlrglnln Moll George Robinson ,, Mark Willis ...... -- ....., , Joe Matthews Radio Announcer -n ,un Walter lhgenheudn ----- Max Llndsqy Director .......... ....,.., Lo is Waller Stege Assistants: Delbert Horn, Mu Lindsay, Clarence Frazier, and Dwaln Marten. Properties: Jean Klnert, Lillie Mae Jackson. Business Manager: Jean Guffey, Assistants: Meredith Peterson, Raymond Stoll. Ushers: Loren Anderson, Clarence Frazier, Syl- via Carty, Flora Key, Emogene Maxheimer, Virginia Milner, Dorothy Opperman, Mary Passmore. June Roos, and Mildl-gd Sghafer. This page sponsored by COMMUNITY GARAGE MounT Pulaslci ?'Jwn.cFL Front: C. Baker, B. Wachter, V. Hatfield, M. Buckles, D. Glose, R. Schaffenacker. Back: D. J. M W M rrlm R. Talmage, C. Geyer, artln, . e an, Roos, Miss Buchanan.. This page sponsored by BROOKER FARM SALES Mounl Pulaski Left to Right: J. Bowers, B. Bowers, Miss Waller, nM. Creager, D. Shellhammer. :1P4uwPi Beverly Bowers: Madonna Creagor, John Bowers and Dalen Shellhammer docked Lincoln lo parhcipale in lhe subdis+ric+ speech conlesl on Salurday, March 30. 'l conlesfanls, and 'rheir enlries follow: Beverly Bowers Comedy Reading Penrod'g Lei Madonna Creagor Dramalic Reading Mofhers of n John Bowers Oralorical Reading Enough ofT Dalen Shellhammer Verse Speaking 2 Shakespearean Sonn Beverly Bowers and John Bowers won 2nd in class B. Dalen Shellhammer won lsl bolh class A and B. Beverly Bowers and Dalen Shellhammmer were eliqible lo enler lhe Dislricl' Conl held in Normal on April 6. Allhough neilher of 'rhem placed 'rhey received v helpful suggeslions. On Salurday, April I3 lwelve members of Le Cercle Francais allended lhe Frei Conference in a neighboring ship, The Marloon. Nine of lhe 'rwelve members parlicipaled in conlesls. The purpose of 'rhe conl ence was not. however. conlesls. The day was enioyably spenl in such aclivilies group singing, dancing, and French conversalion during dinner. Allhough we vi no prizes, we had a very good 'rime and Verna Mae Haffield made a good showi for us in lhe spelling conlesl' by winning fhird. The schools represenled were Malloon, Charleslon, LeRoy, Decalur, Springfie Robinson, Ar'I'hur, Bloominglon, and Mounl Pulaski. Charleslon volunleered lo be hosl' lo lhe conference in '4l. Our conleslanfs and 'rhe evenfs fhey enfered were as follows: Firsl year readin ,,,,.,..,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..,.....,,,......,,.,...,.. Dorolhy Glose and Beryl Wach Second year reaging ,,,,.,.,,, ..,.. ,,.........,.,................ D o ris Geyer and John Mal Poel-ry .............,........,,..,..., ......,,........,.,......,........ D oris Geyer and Beryl Wach Grammar .................,.... ...,,,, D oris Geyer, Charlofle Baker and Beryl Wach Vocal solo .................. ,.......,......................................,..... M ar Alice Bucl Inforrnalion please ...........,,,,,,.,,,,,,,..,,,,,.,,,...,,..,,,, ....,,,..,.....,,,,,,,,.,..,....,., W illiam Merrin Spelling Conlesl .,....................,,.,,,........,,,,.............,....,,,,......,..,........., Verna Mae Halfi -e 1 ' x U s at Glu. iKx..x . 1' P ,U Q X ljil. N Music Contests Our ship made three important landin s tor the musically-minded passengers. These landings were at Chestnut. Atlanta. and Elkhart. Our ship sent nine vocalists and ensembles to the contest. Mr. Merry worked hard with each ot the contestants and made a good showing with the following people and their numbers: Vocal solos-June Ridgeway, Delores Flea le. and Joe Matthews: Piano so o-Rhoda Scha?tenacker: Clarinet solo- Wilna Emery: Saxophone-Joe Matthews: Saxo- Ehone trio-Dorothy Wanda Glose, Mary A. uckles, and Juanita Vail: the ensemble was made up ot Raymond Hanslow, Joe Matthews, Wilna Em- ery and June Ridgeway. The Girls' Glee Club sang two. numbers. Everyone enioyed his work and ex- perience very much and is back on the ship ready to sail once more. Back-E. Kinert, J. lough, C. Hanslow, J. ter, H. Paasmore: Buckles, B. Brooker, M J. Gutfey. Mies Reavy. Commercial Contests On Saturday, April I3, the ship landed and a group ot the commercial student passengers under the very capable guidance ot Miss Reavy went to Elkhart to take part in the district commercial con- test. Although there were seventeen schools en- tered, we came home with our percentage ot the honors. A great deal ot 'Fun was had by all, al- though not all were winners, and some ot the students are already looking torward to going back next year and typing again. Contestants entered in their respective fields and the awards that they received tollow: Jean Guitey, Pauline Hut- ter and Jean Klnert Third Shorthand 70 Shorthand 90 Marilyn Buckles, J un e Ridgeway and Marilyn Voyles Fourth Individual 110 Marilyn Voyles Second Marilyn Buckles Third Individual 120 Marilyn Voyles Flrst Novice Typing Jean Kinert, Lois Watson, and Mary Helen Pass- more Second Amateur Typing June Ridgeway, Wilna. Em- ery a.nd Marilyn Buckles Fifth Bookkeeping Joe McCullough, Marilyn Buckles and Judith Horn Third The novice typing team and Marilyn Voyles are entered in the sectional contests in Decatur. 26 I Q This page sponsored by E. H. HALL ot Hertt-Jones Co. l940 Senior Stationers ffuapm ram Newspapermen aboard +he Hilliop assembled in December and de cidecl fo publish +he Hillfop Herald for disfribufion +o presenf an former passengers on deck for fhe Homecoming dance. Miss Waller helped fhe staff and worked wifh 'lhem 'ro make fhe firsf paper a success. H proved fo be very "newsy" wifh bolh fhi year's acfivifies on board and also Alumni news. As fhis goes fo press, fhe sfaff is planning anofher issue of fh Hillfop Herald +o be released during 'rhe lasf week of school. The sfaff consisfed of The following: Eclifor-in-Chief ......,..,,,.,.... Associa+ed ..........,,..,,.... Sponsor .,..,........... . News .....,,,,.,.,,A,,,,,, Sporfs .....,.,..,...,,,,,,,, Assisfanf .....,.... Joke .,,...,,.........,.... Liierary .....,........,,, Assisfanf ....... Alumni ......,.........., Business Manager ,,..... Circulahon Managers ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ediforial Board Ober Beryl Wachfer and Dorolhy Opperma Lois Walle Edifors June Ridgewa ............Charles Riedlr Obcam Virginia Underhil ................Lois Wilson ...........,....Flora Kev Voyle Business Sfaff Roberi- Aughenbaugl' Sylvia Allsopp, Marilyn Buckles Wilna Emery, Dalen Shellhammer Reporfers Alice Yauch Roland O'Bryen Loren Anderson Charlorfe Baker Judifh Horn Dale O'Bryen Bill Merriman Earline Kinerl' Consfance Roos Pearl Sfoll Jean Gulifey During fhe lasf fwo monfhs of school Roberf Aughenbaugh: Jear Guffey, Beryl Wachfer and Charles Riedle acfed as special re- porfers of school ifems for rhe Moun+ Pulaski Times-News. This page sponsored by W. E. STOLL Mounl Pulaski Cb QOH 'ii J Y, ws TD This page sponsored by FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mounf Pulaski S LEROY HALBERG l CDUR CCACH For the last three years the taslr of preparing our athletic teams tor interscholastic competition has been placed in the hands of Leroy Halber . Mr. Halberg received his athletic training in the Uni- versity ot Illinois under such men as "Wallis" Roet- ger and "Dou " Mills. The last year of his " rep" training was directed by the veteran Mark geter- man in Springfield High School. Mr. Halberg is modest in victory, calm in defeat, and courageous in the face ot' the difficulties that 0' confront those coaches who have difficult schedules 'b ' "' I and strong opponents. His general good nature Q and optimism have been a source ot encourage- 4 1 ment and strength to the boys under his direction Ah -jj' and the people with whom he works. Y Hb , 'N in This page sponsored by BERTONVS CAFE Phone I 54 f 5? X' 14? "'i'T? Seated: Leonard Obery, John Martin, Richard Talmage, Julian Sarns, Junior Bertonl, Joe McCullough. Standing: Coach Leroy Halber-g, Richard Miller. Donald Ross. Robert Gulso, L. Buckles. llsrlol Hlllslow Student Manager VARSITY Lale in Ocfober a call was issued for lhe mosf imporfanl sporf ol our school. Approximalely for+y players responded fo the call. We boasled buf one leH'erman buf had on hand a number of ca able men who had won numerals fhe year before. Our feam was nol' so ibrge as previous leams bul fre- quenfly had speed fo burn. The season was nol so successful from +he winning angle, buf all lhe boys managed fo play very Food baslrefball al limes 'fhroughoul lhe season. We usually were a lirsl hal leam, buf our lasl' hall was occasionally found miss- ing. Our season's record was six won and sixfeen losl. Among our vicfims was Feifshans who had noi' been beafen by Mounf Pulaski previously in any scheduled game oufside of Tourney play. This year we lose six leHermen who are seniors. Two leffermen will be baclu lo bolsler nexl year's feam. A number of capable numeralmen will also be on hand fo help give Mounf Pulaski a good feam. This page sponsored by STOLL RADIO 81 ELECTRIC SHOP Phone 80 - Soulh Side Square I L sr W .,, Ka-W f 1' I E? ,54- Xw 'tg Q2 Q ff 5, Basketball Summary - - - Here af Mounf Pulaski baskefball is The one sporf. Qur season was no'l' so successful, buf we succeeded in winning once In a while and gave several good feams a real scare. Our 'ream was composed of one leHerman from las'r year's crack feam and several numeralmen. They were all good ball-handlers, and all had fheir good nigh+s. Our firsf game a ainsf Bloomingfon was a real ihriller. Blooming- fon, as usual. hadqa world of hei hi. We were beafen 24 io 23. Bloomin lon fhen wen'r on +o degaf several of 'rhe besf Teams in cenfral iilinois. This was one of our besi played games. We 'rhen opened our home season and walloped Greenview 5I lo 22. We were definiiely on fha? ni ht hiH'ing from all angles. Now came our fime 'ro play one of 'fha oufsfanding feams in cenfral Illinois, Pefersburg. We were beafen 35 +o 20. Affer a slow sfarf our aHack seemed fo bog down. We won our nexl' fwo games defeafing Monlicello and Saybrook. by scores of 29 +o 22. and 34 fo 25, respecfively. We fhen losl +o Afhens. Feifshans, and Carlinville in a row. We seemed fo have a midseason slump fhaf could noi' be shaken off. ln our mos+ 'rhrilling game. Lincoln. our fradifional rival, defeafed us 23 lo 2I. We led a+ various fimes fhroughoul' ihe game bui lacked +he necessary fwo poinfs which would mean al' leasf a fie. The game ended wifh Mounl' Pulaski "banging away" buf wifh no maferial result Taylorville, coached by our former menior, Dolph Sfanley. came here boasfing one of fhe fines? feams in fha Soufh Cenfral Con- ference. They lived up +o their boas+ by +aking us by a very lop- sided score. We hopped back info ihe win column by defeafing Monficello again, fhis fime by a 30 'ro 22 score. If was fheir firsf defeal since we had beafen fhem back in December. Anolher snag was hif and we were a ain on fhe shorl' end of five sfraighf games. We were defealed gy Normal, which had one of lhe inesf feams in cenfral Illinois. A narrow margin of 'two poin'l's provided The viciory for Normal. On February I6 we played our banner game of 'fha season, defeal' inq Feifshans 32 +o 30. This was our firsl' and lasf overlime of fhe season. A lasf minufe baskef by Dick Talmage sewed up fhe conlesf. We were 'l'hen beafen by Bloomingfon again fo conclude our season on fhe Mounf Pulaski hardwood. We won our firsf game of fhe fournamenf defeafing Aflanfa, buf fhen losf fo Lafham. This page sponsored by SCHAHL FUNERAL HOME Phone 235 Mounf Pulaski .-M :M QE ,K L 1 ff' f1i 1939-40 SCHEDULE Date Opponent We They November 28 Bloomington 23 24 December 1 Greenview 51 22 December 5 Petersburg 20 34 December 8 Saybrook 34 25 December 12 Monticello 29 22 December 15 Feltshane 29 37 December 19 Athena 21 34 December 22 Chrllnville 21 81 January 5 Lincoln 21 23 January 12 Taylorvllle 30 52 January 15 Monticello 30 22 January 19 Lanphlar 11 22 January 23 Normal Com. 23 25 January 28 Athens 16 24 January 30 Latham 27 32 February 2 Normal Com. 12 40 February 8 Havana 23 32 February 13 Taylorvllle 15 43 February 10 Feitebane 32 30 February 23 Bloomington 25 33 Regional Tournament liverfon -h-----. Lafham .afham .......Lal'ham flounr Pulaski x+Ian+a ........Moun+ Pulaski ........Lincoln .uncoln t-.------.Lincoln Delavan .........LincoIn Aiddlefown Ellrharf ...........Elkharf Class Tournament As is lhe cusfom here a+ M. P. T. H. S.. a class +ou rnamenf is held each year a+ fhe ferminafion of fhe baslcefball season. The seniors, as is usually fhe case, won fhe fournamenl' rafher easily. This year for The firsf fime in a few years fhe sophomores obfained second place. The iuniors were fhird, and fhe freshmen had 'ro be con+en+ wifh las+. Mos+ of +he games were close and a greal' deal of fun was had by all. Freshmen 27 ' - Seniors 43 Seniors 40 ' Juniors 29lChampionshipl Sophomores 33 - Juniors 24 Sophomores 27 - Freshmen 23l3rd plecel This page sponsored by MOUNT PULASKI MOTOR SALES Chevrolel' Cars and Trucks Phone 343 During the season ever body had a lof of fun. The prospects for nexf year's feam are rafher brighf 9.9 . .. '.f4"N. First Row: John McCain, W. Hagenbuch, J. Sams, R. Miller, R. Talmage, J. McCullough, K. Connolley, Shull, L. Obery, R. Gulso.Senond Row: W. Bertoni, R. Dlttus, R. Bertoni, L. Frazier. C. Holmes. L. Buckles, Coach Halberg. BASEBALL When school began lasf fall, a number of hopefuls proceeded fo Diflus ball park fo fry fo rise fo varsify posifions on fhe baseball team. There were only a few leffermen back and we had considerable frouble in finding a pifcher. Finally "Buck" Obery, a fransfer from Chesfnuf, filled the vacancy and pitched some very nice games. We losf our firsf ames by rafher large margins. buf fhen we seflled down and had a 'fairly good team af fhe close df the season. A few of fhe boys made fhemselves known fhrou houf fhe count . Our best game was played af home, when we allowed New Holland no runs and Euf two hifs. 'llhis was our only shutout. due fo fhe number of lleffermen back. SEASON'S RECORD 25 Atlanta. 27 63 Beason 16 llount Pulaski Mount Pulaski Mount Pulaski 65 Latham 20 Mount Pulaski 2g Middletown 8 Mount Pulaski 11g Elkhart 14 Mount Pulaski 25 New Holland 0 Mount Pulaski 9: Haftsbufg 3 This page sponsofcd by A. F. LIPP Mount Pulaski LETTERMEN Leonard Obery, pitcher Joe McCullough, catcher Richard Talmage, first base Robert Gulso, second base Richard Miller, third base Julian Sams, shortstop Louis Schwoerer, left field John McCain, center field Kenneth Connolley, second Junior Bertonl, outfield Waldo Bertoni, outfield Robert Dittus, outfield Walter I-Iagenbuch, outfield L. K. Buckles, outfield base QTU 63 Q if , "!lllnn..,,,,,,,, ,- L'- X Es.- This page sponsored by RENTMEISTER TIRE 81 BATTERY CO. Phone 80 Soufh Side Square starts. Re istration. Let's good times we Ead this summer some better ones. 4. Labor Day. We're all working October Wednesday 4. Initiation of Home Ec. girls. They learn a new use for a toothbrush and that Lois doesn't think dead mice are funny. Friday 6. Freshman-Sophomore party. Some fun, we heard! ' Tuesday IO. Who ever heard of fireworks in hi h school? Some people will never grow up. Wednesday ll. Seniors -are receiving their proofs. Some prove good and some not so good. Thursday I2. Hilltop pictures taken. Friday I3. End of tirst six weeks and what a day! Tuesday I7. Student Council meeting! When is the HalIowe'en party? Wednesday l8. Charles attempts to tear down study hall -seats or mow 'em down. I Thursday I9. Was it forgery or something else? Anyway the seniors are giving the gun- iors a party.' Friday 20. Senior class party. Be sure you obey orders. f F Monday 23, First iunior play practice. Tuesday 24. Dancing over the noon hour. What's the matter, bo s-Bashtul? Wednesday 25. Home EC. Club meeting. Thursday 26. Junior class meeting. Do you want to buy a ticket? Friday 27. All school HaIlowe'en party. Some fun. Tuesday 3I. Anyway HalIowe'en comes only once a year. Who soaped the windows? :ll WW' dh. Q WV. 2' Gx v November Wednesday I. Everybody looks as it he needs a bit of 'shut-eye." Fridhy 3. Teacher's Institute. Oh ioy, another vacation. . Tuesday 7. Who broke the pop bottles? Wednesday 8. "Cotton Blossom Singers enter- tain us. ' Thursday 9. Mr. Hargis absent. Hilltop meet- ing. Buy your Hilltop now and save! Friday IO. Ah, Friday again. Another week of school ended. Monday I3. Buy a iunior play ticket. Wednesday I5. Come on and yell! lt's a pep meeting. Thursday I6. Election of cheer leaders. Friday I7. District Student Council Conven- tion. Leonard, Joe, Lois and Kenton repre- sent us. Junior class pla , China Boy. Monday 20. All excited about whom to ask to Home Ec. party. Tuesday 2I. They think they have someone "hitched" for tomorrow niqht. Wednesday 22. The big Home Ec. invitational. Nobody is disappointed, we hope! Ihursday 23. Ihanksgiving! Don't eat too much. Friday 24. One day vacation to recover from Thanksgivin . Tuesday 28. :Basketball game. Bloomington 24, Pulaski 23. Oh well, there are lots more of them. Wednesday 29. Pep meeting! Meeting of Homecoming paper staff. December Friday I. Basketball game-Greenview 22, Pu- laski 5I. Ha! We told you there were plenty more. Tuesday 5. Basketball game -Petersburg 35 Pulaski 20. Oh! Q Wednesday 6. Chins almost reach the floor. Thursday 7. Dr. Baker gives us some good ad- vice. Friday 8. Basketball game-Sa brook vs. Pu- laski. We don't care about the score. Saturday 9. Hilltop staff party for seniors, etc. Some fun! Monday ll. Home EC.. Proctor puppet show. Tuesday I2. Basketball game - Monticello 22, Pulaski 29. Ah! That's more like it. Wednesday I3. Dancinq over noon hours. The boys have lost some of their shyness. Thursday I4. Mr. Merry teaches us how to sing. Frildaly Basketball game-Fetishans 37, Pu- as I . This page sponsored by THE FARMERS BANK OF MOUNT PULASKI CALENDAR Monday I8. Don'l dance loo closely. Walch lor Homecoming Herald. Tufsciayz I9. Baskelball game-Alhens 34. Pu- as i I. Wednesday 20. Why didn'l someone speak up when Mr. Hargis asked aboul lhe pelilion? ll musl be lhal people iusl like lo run aller Chrislmas lurkeys. Thursday 2 I . Whal's lhal we smelled lhird per- iod? Ol all lhingsl H2S was lhe cause ol all people leaving sludy hall. Friday 22. Homecomingll Slarled all wilh a bang bul Oh. lhe climax .... Carlinville 3l, Pulaski 2l. Friday 22-Wednesday. Jan. 3. Oh happy days. anuary Wednesday 3. Homecomin was a success. Now lel's gel down lo woi. Friday 5. Lincoln-Pulaski ballle. Whew l ! ll 23-2l lin lheir lavory. Monday 8. Everyone ooks like a snow man. Wednesday IO. Miller D. finally gels lhe poinl lol a lackl. Thursday ll. ln-llu-en-za. Be careful, all who haven'l had il yel. Friday l2. Baskelball ame--Monlicello 22. Pulaislki 30-Ah. someibody musl have recov- ere Wednesday I7. Cram! Cram! Or did you sludy before? Thursday I8. Semeslers. Hope no one's mem- ory failed. Frida I9. Baskelball game. Lanphier 222, Pu- laski ll. Could il have been semeslers 2 7 2 Monday 22. Manual lraining boys learn whal lhal word "eliquelle" means, and lhe home living girls learn lhe arl of pounding llingerl nais. Tuesday 23. Mr. Lucas lakes lhe physics class lo inspecl lhe Lincoln power planl. Friday 26. Baskelball game-Alhens 24, Pulas- ki I6. They did il aqain. Tuesday 30. Baskelball game-Lalham. Pulaski. Well, lhal's iusl one o lhose lhings one likes nol lo remember. sbruary Tuesdag l3. Yes il's anolher invilalional, Liler- ary lub lhis lime. Tuesday 20. Sounds like a good parly. Who is your guesl, Delberl? Wednesday 2I. Who is bringing whom? Thal's lhe queslion. Thursday 22. ll was a swell parly, bul Ferdin- and wasn'l lhere. Miss Goelz, did you miss some sugar cubes? Wednesday 28. Wilh whal a voice our unex- pecled visllor worlh 32.500 surprised us sev- enlh period. March Friday 8. Al lasl anolher resl, lirsl one since Chrislmas. lTeachers' lnslilulel Wednesday I3. Who was making all lhe noise in lirsl period sludy hall? Il won'l be long now. Seniors are choosing announcemenls and name cards. Thursday I4. Mississippi is here again. More colored singers, and lhey're prelly g00Cl. W6'Cl gay. Baskelball boys wenl lo lournamenl. bul lhey didn'l have anylhing on lhe enghlh pern- od sludy hall. . i Friday I5. Some ol lhe bogfs liked It so well lhey slayed anolher day. ighlh period sludy hall wenl aqain, loo. , Monday I8. The bo s are back. More Hulllog piclures. See lhe lillle birdie. Lilerary Clu meeling. Nice program, Bill. ' Tuesday l9. French Club meelmg al lasl. Seems as il lhe second Wednesdays are al- ways laken. Class lournamenls-Sophomores and Seniors viclors. Wednesday 20. Finals lor class lournamenls. Hurrah lor lhe seniors. Thursday 2I. Commercial classes go lo Slale Farm Insurance Company and olher places ol inleresl in Bloominglon. Friday 22-Tuesday 26. More lun! Easler recess. Wednesda 27. Alhlelic Banquel. Maybe lhe boys didh'l win lhe Slale Tournamenl. bul ul didn'l spoil lheir apepelile. Friday 29. Lincoln ollege Senior day. No Seniors loday al Mounl Pulaski. This page sponsored by D. J. FUHRER SERVICE STATION Mounl Pulaski CALENDAR April Friday 5. All school parly. Wednesday IO. F. F. A. Falher-Son banquet Tuesday 23. Consolidafed orcheslra af Lalham. Mcaniiaytu 29. Consolidafed orcheslr-a al Mounl' u as u. May Friday 3. Junior-senior banquet Frigay I0. Consolidafed orcheslra af Warrens- urg. Ma I9. Senior play. Fridlay 24. Class night Sunday 26. Baccalaureale. Tuesday 28-Wednesda 29. Semesler exams. Were 'rhe seniors happyl Lewis S+raH'on learns il isn'+ necessary +o bow when you meei' a feacher. Thursday 30. Open House. Nice program. nice proiecfs, nice crowd. nice evening. Friday 3l. Commencemenf and The curfain 'falls on fhe end of anolher year of high school and the las? for The seniors. 4 M 43 as Q . 'bl ,. ' 1 C ga? Ae L69-7" This page sponsored by CARTER'S PHARMACY Mounl Pulaski Spring Activities 1 ,pan This is fhe evening during which visifors from various ships may come aboard +o enioy a program given by +he assengers on fhe Hill- fop. During +he hours befween fhe specialg feafures, The proiecfs of 'rhe various classes in indusfrial arfs, home economics, English and hisfory may be seen, and also all 'rhe classrooms will be open for inspecfion. 2GZaM.' A program prepared and given by fhe firsf class passengers will be held on fhe evening of May 24. The reading of 'lhe class will and prophecy are looked forward To wifh greaf anxiefy. Also various selecfions will be given by members of fhe firsf class passengers. 3 junioa.-Iferubla. On Safurday evening, May 4, the second-class passengers enfer- +ained fhe firsl-class passengers af a banquet This oufsirandin evenl of lhe enrire voyage was held af fhe Abraham Lincoln Holg in Springfield. A very enioyable program was given by fhe sec- ond-class passengers. g I ?l I Jiuum ,wma On Friday afternoon, May IO. l940. a picnic was given by fhe lirsf-class passenqers in honor of The second-class passenglers. This even+ was af Nelson Park near Decafur. Afler everyone ad +hor- oughl explored fhe park, a delighfful lunch was served. The re- maindler of The evening was spenf in parlalring of various enfer- +ainmen+s. Sunday evening, May 26+h, was speni' in qiving all of +he firs+-class passengers las'r bifs of advice. Rev. J. Wayne Sialey. paslor of fhe Chrisfian church. was fhe speaker. Mrs. George S. Connelly, music direcfor a+ fhe Chrisfian church, arranged special music. Also lhe qirl's glee club sang a seleclion. On Friday, May 31. The firsf-class assenqers will bid farewell. Mr. William D. Copeland, presidenf ofpLincoln Colle e, will deliver fhe address, while special music will be rendered 'lay sfudenfs of a nearby college. This page sponsored by CONNOLLEY DRUG CO Phone I le QMS A Miss Waller! Richard, how would you puncfuafe +his senfence, "A beauliful girl go+ ou? of her car and wenl info fhe sfore' ? Richard Talmage: l'd make a dash eller her. 'g 9 qx One evening af a par+y Miller Drobisch was called Z YQ-X0 QQQ ulpon lo make a speech. T' 00x"sQ "' QQ Dick almage: Go ahead, fell 'rhem all you know: .4 'I- 'X Q9 oil "' if won'+ fake long. 2 T5 QGOZQQQQQN S71 Miller: Le+'s bofh 'rel fhem wha? we know fogelh- 3 Q S2 X QQ 3 2' er: if won'+ fake any longer. 2 ' '- if .yr + ow 355 Ay 2 5 ,foes ,F if 1651- 9- 'S OX G Q0 a 5 'SQ' 4 0 -4 vgosg X fi? 64: '95 'ey 52 Q0 0 QQQ 9. . R' 00 f 4 G? 0 fa U yoog- 'R ,Q 'X 0 2 r..'rl 9.9 07 Q. XQQ F Z0 LH' : cr ' .s"9f 4 v wi- 9 "- -0- : -e- 'fp ,Or o Q00 A 3' 3' --D' f fr .9 ' 0+ -WF :rg 3-2 2 56006, 5 Q0 xq gn- 'guqgu 062761, C 5 - Q EL 22 0 ' " " QQ F212 se 9.2-39 96, a Q ?3-SFO 0 2 5" 9-5 2-Q' 7 071' 13 """"i 3+ 79.36 7-yo? 'V 3' f-'Lv' Q e +6 C ff me 96- 2135 if Y eg, 'is fa '22 .o,,zyWX 3. UST-"' 2,0 541045 +0-94 0 of oo 0- 32 E 9- .3 0+ 5' S-S-sf? Q Qi '95,'?66o'2fZ5'l, 2' 0 0.3" '90 'b 3 O , 3' J' f 1 35' 35 54 52? fffox SE' 2 -2 o6X:'2,?,c-fy 65 ... 1 ' 5 1123. 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Kina...-i J. . ,ai J ' f N-liiwfiillieumngggg - j INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Blue Swan ............................. Berl'oni's Cafe ,.,,.. Ellis, Dan W .,,.,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, Brooker Farm Sales ........ Fuhrer's Service Siafion ........ CarCer's Pharmacy ..,..... Fred Holmes Ga rage... Cheslnul' Hafchery ,AvY.. Clear s .........,.....,..,,,,,,. Hahn, Raymond A.,,,.,,,, ,,.,,., Connolley Drug Co. Communily Garage The I94-0 Hilllop wishes 'lo fhank +he following people who have confribuled lo ihe supporl' of +his year book: Mounf Pulaski Mounl Pulaski ..........Mounl' Pulaski Mounl' Pulaski ........Moun+ Pulaski Mounl Pulaski Mounf Pulaski Mounl' Pulaski Mounl Pulaski .......Moun+ Pulaski Mounl Pulaski .. .....,. Mounl' Pulaski COX. DF- -V....--Y..... ........ M ounl Pulaski Curlis Oil Co. .. ...... Mounl Pulaski Hamm, Dr ........ ...,..,..... .......... M o uni Pulaski Downing, E. A. Ey's Uplown Bakery ,s,,.,,, .---. Farmers Bank ,,,,.,A,,,,,,,,.s, Y,,,.. Firsl Nalional Bank ,,a,.,, ,,,,,,,, Mounl Pulaski Mounl Pulaski Mounl Pulaski Mouni Pulaski Hubbard, Nicholas L ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, M eum' Pulaski Herlil-Jones ......,..,,.,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,,, Heidlebaugh, H. H. ..... . Hershey, John T. ,,,,,,. ,,,,,. , Lipp. A. F ......................,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,,,, Lvons 5 8: IO Store ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Mounl Pulaski Appliance Sfore .......... Mounl Pulaski Dry Cleaners .........,. Moun+ Pulaski Mofor Sales ..,...... Indianapolis Decalur Mounl Pulaski ........Moun+ Pulaski .........Moun'r Pulaski ..........Mounl Pulaski ........Moun+ Pulaski -mm-Mounf Pulaski Mounl' Pulaski Thealre ........................................ Moun+ Pulaski, Pease. Frank C ......................----.---------------------- --Mounl Pulask' Mounl Pulaski Farmers Grain 81 Elevafor Co. Mouni Pulaski MOUNT Pulaski Grain Co. ...,...,.,...,.,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,, Mounl' Pulaski Mounl Pulaski Times-News ...,,..v..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,., Mounf Pulaski Mounl Pulaski Windmill Co. ..... ..... M ouni Pulaski Myers Bros. .........,.............................. ..,... M oun+ Pulaski Romer 8: Lipp ......................................... .......... M ounl- Pulaski Renlmeisler Tire 81 Bailery Co. ..... . Roihwell Lumber Co. ,,,,,.,.,,,,Y,,,,,, , Schafer Hardware Co, ,..,,..,,.,v . Schahl Funeral Home ....... Sams, Louis .,,,..,,,..,,,,.,.,,,, Sheels Funeral Home ,....... Spiegel Jewelry Slore ....... Sfoll. W. E. ...........,....,.,.,,,.,,, , Underhill. Georqe .,,.....,,,,.,,,,., Sloll Radio 8: Elecfric Shop ......... Vails Food Markel' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Wes+ Side Food Mari ........ Zimmermann 8: Horn ........ Mounf Pulaski Mounl Pulaski Mounf Pulaski Mounl Pulaski .......Moun+ Pulaski Mounl Pulaski Mounl Pulaski Mounl Pulaski Mounl' Pulaski ........Mounl' Pulaski Mounf Pulaski ..........Moun+ Pulaski ........Mounf Pulaski This page sponsored by MOUNT PULASKI GRAIN CO. Mi. Pulaski Narila Lalham v.- .ll lJ I 2 i 2 ! 5 -A ul . E rf 5 I 3 3 S E a E 1 l 1 2 al 7 -Q fl

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