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Aki - ZJ n Step Witk ime . . . . 1962 Tiger Roar Volume XV Publ islied by the Senior Class Mount Pleasant High Sehool Mt. Pleasant, X. C. BRENDA KLUTTZ Editor-in-Chief COY HUDSON Assistant Editor 3 3083 00562 2482 foreword 1961-62. . . a school year of memories. . . memories of happiness and sorrow, hope and disappointment, accomplishment, failure. We, of the Senior Class, will forever cherish this year, our Senior year, here at Mount Pleasant. This annual is merely a record through which we ' ve recorded our memories. In the years to come, we shall view this annual as proof of our wonderful, carefree Senior year. The march of time has found us leaving our place at Mount Pleasant to those behind us. Our challenge is this: to keep this school, as we have kept it. . . IN STEP WITH TIME. 4 5 t b f ftlonth • . . 7 t It e i ear 5 come and go ,.;A -% the past become a memory th e future a vision o$ hope . . . 9 Jl tUe ,,c m arch o l £ ime M move onward we at VCeep ZJ n Step With ime BRENDA JOYCE LOWDER 12 die at Ion " Life is the soul ' s nursery-its training place for the destinies of eternity. " Snatched from the soul ' s nursery early in the stages of womanhood, Brenda will live on with us in never-fading memory. Time may heal all wounds, but time can never obliterate our memories of her. Although Brenda will not wear an earthly cap and gown with us this year, we are comforted in the knowledge that she wears a heavenly gown and that her life continues although far from us. We have been inspired by associations with her. We are proud to have been called her friends. 13 cA tribute • . . . MR. BEN A. SHUE For his patience and guidance in the work of our annual, for his untiring helpfulness to students, for his devoted interest in each individual, for his kindness and friendly spirit, we, the Senior Class of 1962, pay tribute to our English teacher, Mr. Ben A. Shue. 14 able o$ ( .ontenta Administration Seniors Classes Activities Athletics Features Advertisements . 16 . 24 , 46 . 70 02 114 134 Administration " If you have knowledge, let others light their candles by it. " Our administrators stand before us with blazing torches to light the dark streets of life. Their torches burn brightly and forcefully with fuels of experience, knowledge, understanding, and helpfulness. With trembling knees and faultering steps, we carry our small candles to them, hoping to receive a light so that our candles, too, may someday become the torches of life. 16 17 MR. C. A. FURR Superintendent of Cabarrus County Schools j Administration SCHOOL BOARD Left to right: Jack Barrier Archie Cline Dr. A.L. Barringer Chairman C. Lipe Barrier Floyd Moose LESTER W. McCARN, Principal A. B. , University of North Carolina M. A., Appalachian State Teachers College Social Studies and Government ELLEN BLACKWELDER Secretary to the Principal MRS. NANCY BOST A.B. , Meredith College Science MR. PETER BROUILLETTE B. S. , Northern Illinois University Music Education MR. KENNETH CHERRY A. B. , Pfeiffer College Mathematics faculty . . . dedicated to our education MRS. EMMA CROWE A.B. , Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina Graduate Work: University of South Carolina, Appalachian State Teachers College, Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina English, Guidance Counselor MRS. ANNA FISHER A.B. , Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina Graduate Work: Appalachian S tate Teachers College, State College Woman ' s College of the University of North Carolina Science MR, GEORGE I. HORTON Lees McRae College North Carolina State College Vocational Education MR. BILLY HUTCHINSON 5. S. , Appalachian State Teachers College Graduate Work: Appalachian State Teachers College social Studies, Physical Education MISS ROSA JAMES A. B. , Salem College Social Studies, English MISS RUTH JAMES B. S. , Salem College Home Economics Look at ' em pack it in! MRS. MARTHA KIRK B.S. , Gardner Webb Junior College Asheville College Graduate Work: University of North Carolina Appalachian State Teachers College Elementary Education MRS. LENNA LEFLER A.B, , Asbury College Graduate Work: Duke University English, Bible 21 MRS. MARY LATHAM A. B. , Pfeiffer College Biology, English MR. M. R. McLEOD B. S. , N. C. State College Agriculture MRS. MOSES T. MOYE A. B. , Atlantic Christian College Graduate Work: University of North Carolina Librarian c orrecting our mi commending opening otakeo • . . our acco mplioUment new horizons . . . • • MR. ARDEN RAY A.B, , Lenoir Rhyne College Physical Education, Mathematics MRS. IRA JANE RAY B. S. , Appalachian State Teachers College, Lenoir Rhyne College Commercial MISS LORETTA SHARPE A. B. , Pfeiffer College English MR. BEN SHUE A. B. , Catawba College M. A. Appalachian State Teachers College French, English, Music MISS COZETTE STACEY A, B. , Lenoir Rhyne College English MRS. ELIZABETH VALLEY B. S. , University of South Carolina Summer Sessions: Duke, Winthrop, Catawba, Pfeiffer Mathematics A teacher ' s privilege - breaking in the lunch line. MR. MORGAN WALKER B. S. , Pfeiffer College Physical Education encouraging ua in our UopeA . . . MRS. JOANNE WEBSTER A. B. Coker College M. Ed. University of South Carolina History I i. Seniors " The perfect model makes the perfect copy. " Agnes G. Foster As we, the Senior Class of 1962, bow out of the school picture and relinquish our leadership role: we are reminded of the constant influence we have had on the future senior classes. We do not acclaim to have reached perfection in our leadership - but then who has, save our greatest leader? We only hope that our light will prevent the succeeding classes from hitting the rough rocks of life and that our leadership will lead them safely to shore. 24 to lead . . . 25 C ltla6COtA TAMMY PLOTT STEVIE BARNHARDT c H [ottc " We have crossed the Bay, the Ocean lies before us. " Si ower ( olorA Royal Blue and White | Prayer Dear Father As we are about to face the world on our own for the first time, help us to be true Christian citizens. Grant us the power to face up to the best that you have given us, to find our talents and to devel op them that they may do the most in thy service. Send thy blessings upon us, dear Father, that our spirits may be enkindled with a zeal and a hunger for knowledge. Help us to learn the lesson of life well. Give us courage to be real soldiers, to take the bad with the good, the difficult with the easy. When work prones difficult, give us courage to rise to its challenge. Finally, help us to realize that no sacrifice is too great for Him whom we love. All we do and all we have is His. In His name we pray. Amen 26 WOODY FOIL President COY HUDSON Vice-President MARY SNIDER Secretary JOYCE BURRIS T reasurer BRENDA MORGAN Reporter ’62 Ojjicerd c dvidorA MISS ROSA JAMES, BEN SHUE. 27 sSen iorA JERRY WAYNE AUTEN Not too bashful, not too bold, just exactly right, I ' m told. ROBERT MICHAEL BA RNHARDT Men of few words are the best men. JANET SUE BARNHARDT If she can, she will, and she usually can. Senior ! . . . WILLIAM FRANKLIN BARNHARDT To think is an ideal waste of time. 28 JAMES HENRY BARRIER Here ' s an athlete, very respected; silent, strong, cooL, and collected. EDNA GAILE BAUCOM Never silent, always gay; if you want a conversation, don ' t go away. TOMMY LITTLE BEATTY Athletic, friendly, full of fun; he ' s really many boys in one. approaching our destination • . . GRADY JOHNSON BENTON If worry were the only cause BEN BURLESON BLACK, JR. JULIA ELAINE BLACKWELDER of death, he ' d live forever. He came; he saw; he conquered. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. 29 OTIS AUBREY BOGER, JR. MARGARET CAROL BOST Wisdom, manners, and modesty I came, I saw, and now I ' m going, are this gentleman ' s keep. 5{omeco»Hi«j . . . A JOYCE IRENE BURRIS A kindly heart, a friendly face- always in her usual place. SHIRLEY LEE BURRIS A girl with a smile is a girl worthwhile. MARTHA ANN BROCK Her words are simple, her soul sincere. ampion ltip . . . TABITHA JEAN COCHRAN Such a form, such a grace; such a form, such a face. 30 LINDA GAIL COOK Talk she can, and talk she will; her tongue is very seldom still. ( ollecje MARY LOU EBERHARDT Happy am I, from care I am free; why aren ' t thee. 31 HENRY DAVIS EUDY A jolly fellow, we find him true, and a star athlete, too. HORACE ELWOOD FOIL, JR. He ' s good at having fun; he ' s good in classes too; his manhood is unquestioned; great things in life he ' ll do. CHARLES WAYNE HAMMILL If at first you don ' t succeed, try, try, try, and try again. Ue Uridtnxad paraded C V [id - te r m exantd . . . FRED LEO HAMMILL, JR. From a little spark, may burst a mighty flame. MICHAEL DOUGLAS HARKEY To hurry and worry is not my creed. RACHEL DIANNE HARKEY I take life as it comes and enjoy it. 32 SeHior«$ COY LYNN HUDSON A friendly boy in every way— he makes the most of everyday. CANDISE ILEASE HOUSER Neatness is the crowning grace of womanhood. goll ecje acceptances . . . ELIZABETH ANN KIRK Not that I like to work less, but that I love fun more. Tom on the rebound! BRENDA RUTH KLUTTZ All people excell in a few things; but few people excel in all things. 33 EDWARD MICHAEL KLUTTZ A jolly personality is the greatest gift of all. ROSA MAE KLUTTZ Some would have everyday a holiday. FRED WILLIAM KRIMMINGER I can resist everything-except temptation. kcikedpeare ' 6 “ Jflacbetk " . . . C?r. - Sr. ‘B ancfuet . ♦ . JAMES RICHARD LANIER Judge me as you will; I am what I am. ROBERT GWYN LITAKER To play the game for all that ' s in it; to play the game and win it. MARY ALICE LYERLY She is little. She is wise. She ' s a great girl for her size. 34 Sen iora MARJORIE DEANNA McCIELLAN Always smiling, always neat, forever nice, forever sweet. nior exawiA . THOMAS LOCKE McCLELLAN If studying is a crime, I ' m not guilty. NANCY KATE MOOSE Sweet and nice, and never a frown. • • Look sharp! Be sharp! That ' s Mary! PATSY JANETTE MOOSE The world is no better if we hurry. 35 BRENDA KAY MORGAN Loved by one, liked by all what greater luck could one befall. CAROLYN ARIE PETREA The smile on your face is but a reflection of the feeling in your heart. MILDRED MARIE PAGE Mighty sweet, mighty wise, the fun just twinkles in her eyes. day WILLIAM ARON PARKER To rest is to rush. Come on Woody, let ' s keep order in the hall! 36 DAVID VYRON PETREA The dull dulge of books will never burden me. SHIRLEY ANN PETREA Do not wish to be anything but whac you are and try to be that perfectly. EVELYN JOAN PLESS Happiness is a wine of vintage. a ps and gowns . . . Baccalaureate er vn on . . PEGGY ANN ROSS JUNE RENEE SEHORN LARRY JAMES RICHARDS If we always face the sunshine, I ' ve taken my fun where I ' ve lam myself, my own commander. the shadows will fall behind. found it. 37 PAUL LOUIS SHIPTON He means what he says and says what he means. CLIFFORD ALLEN SHUE, JR. The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention. BRENDA KAY SMITH Her heart is like the moon, there ' s always a man in it. 3 iplomas! . . Ifiith our MARY RUTH SNIDER Friendly, smiling, sunny, bright, all these things make her just right. destination accomplished, VIRGINIA LEIGH TUCKE R STANCIL Well done is better than well said. LINDA KAY SUTHER A great athlete, a wonderful friend; an earnest worker, and true to the end. it 38 4 Senior 6 JOE RAY VANDERBURG, JR. All great men are dead and I ' m not feeling well. LANNIE RUTH TUCKER Eager to help, easy to please, going her way in graceful ease. LOIS FAYE WAGONER Another like her, you ' ll never find. we, happy, yet aad, There ' s the handshake: Now on with the game! JERRY COLUMBUS WALTER To think is an ideal waste of time. 39 BARBARA ANN WETTER A good word never brought a bad result. PATRICIA KAY WILHOIT JO ANN YORKE Full of laughter, full of pep; Quiet as a still summer day, never quit; that ' s her rep. sincere, and true in every way. will always remember . . • “our graduation da y " That unforgettable moment: Measuring for caps and gowns! 40 ?8BS!IWE5»I MOST INTELLECTUAL Kate Moose and Coy Hudson Superlative 6 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Joyce Burris and Aubrey Boger 41 BEST ALL AROUND Martha Ann Brock and Gwyn Litaker ' enter MOST ATHLETIC Linda Suther and Tom Beatty BEST LOOKING Shirley Burris and Mike Kluttz II 43 WA Classes " I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come. " Lincoln In our classes we are taught the three " r ' s " ; we are taught to give and take; we are taught to live a full and useful life. We may not always enjoy the methods used in presenting these lessons of life, but we can be assured that we are being prepared to become worthy citizens. 46 DEC to i arn . . . ( e| ' 63 Hic erA ETTA HOPKINS President ALLEN McMAHAN Vice-President RITA BARRIER Secretary TAMARA EBERHARDT Treasurer REBA BARRIER Reporter ; cMd vl e rA Left to right: Mrs. Mary Latham, Mrs. Ira Jane Ray, Mrs. Nancy Bost. 48 JOYCE BARRIER REBA BARRIER Stand up and cheer! RITA BARRIER CHARLES BENTON WATT BURRIS SAM BYRD FRED BLACK JOYCE BRAWLEY GERALD CLINE SHARON CLINE celling magazine . . . ALICE COBLE LANE CORL DONNA COX SYBIL CRAYTON BECKY CULP ROBBLAN DENNIS PEGGY DIXON CAROLYN DR YE KAY EARNHARDT TAMARA EBERHARDT ■ I 49 EVELYN EUDY LINDA EUDY ( 5 um iorA BOYCE FINK FRANCES FINK ANN GOODMAN DON GRAY JOE FISHER DEWEY GANDY BETH GOODMAN MARGARET GULLEDGE taking part in College ♦ MARGARET NANCE NANCY PLOTT LARRY RHINEHARDT KENNETH ROLAND HOWARD SANFORD BRENDA SHINN ARCHIE SHUE TERRY SIFFORD JOYCE SMITH BILL SMITH 50 umorA JUDY LITTLE SUZANNE McCARN LINDA McKINNEY MALCOLM McLEOD TROY MILLER BARRY MOOSE ALAN McMAHAN JERRY RAY MEDLIN LEONARD MOOSE LARRY MORGAN our irAt cinque t PAULETTE HALL EDWIN HAMMILL JOHNNY HAMMILL JUDY HAMMILL CAROL HAWKINS WAYNE HONEYCUTT ETTA HOPKINS LINDA HOUGH TONY LAMBERT CHARLES LANIER 51 MIKE TALBORT TRACY TALLY SUE TARLTON CAROLYN WATKINS ANNIE LEE WHITLEY DIANNE YORKE STEVE SMITH looking | or ward to our enior Miss James ' unforgettable U.S. History class ! 52 o ' 64 €)ll ' icer4 MICHEAL EUDY DANNY BRAFFORD. BEVERLY AUTEN. . . ANN CASPER CATHY BARRINGER, President . . . . Vice-President Secretary- Treasurer Reporter .Reporter CfQ-d viAorA Left to right: Morgan Walker, Miss Loretta Sharpe, Kenneth Cherry. 53 CAROL ALEXANDER HOY ALLMAN PHYLLIS ALLMAN HAROLD ALLMOND BEVERLY AUTEN JACKIE AUSTIN EARL BARBEE GAYNELL BARBEE JIMMY BALLARD PAUL BARNHARDT TOMMY BARNHARDT FREDA BARNHARDT RONNIE BARRIER “7 ? o longer “green CATHY BARRINGER SANDRA BAUGH TOMMY BLANCHARD redltme t " . „ . JOHN BLOCK HOWARD BOGER PHYLLIS BOST GAYLE BOST RONNIE BOWERS TERRY BOWERS DANNY BRAFFORD JANICE BROOME WAYNE BUNN LOIS BURRIS 54 BELINDA CARTER ANN CASPER FRANCES CLAY JUDY CLINE SANDRA CLINE JAMES COLEY RAY COLEY LIBBY COOK BENNY CREED CHARLES CRUSE o ’64 ulluA ( ae ar . . . Sophomores and Biology— inseparable ! LANNIE CRUSE CATHY DEAL DICKIE DONOHUE FAYE DRYE LINDA DRYE MICHEL EUDY MARY EUDY RITA EUDY MARY FAGGART CLARENCE FINK 55 PEGGY FORTUNE BRENDA FRICK R. V. FUNDERBURK SANDRA FUNDERBURK MARY ANN GANDY RONALD GANDY DORIS GULLEDGE PATRICA HAMMILLE LOWTON HATLEY VAUGHN HATLEY LARRY HEINTZ JUDY HENLEY ALVIN HILL IBiolocfy and " buaA " . . JUNIOR HONEYCUTT FRANCES HONEYCUTT WAYNE HONEYCUTT ALVIN HURLOCKER SUE HURLOCKER LEWIS ISENHOUR CHARLIE JAMES JEANNETTE KLUTTZ JENEVA KRIMMINGER SUE LAMBERT ELDON LAMBERT CHARLES LENTZ BRENDA LOVE 56 TERRY LOVE WANDA LOWDER " BUTCH " MEDLIN GENE MILLER TERESA PATTERSON CAROLYN PLOTT TED RHINEHARDT MARTHA RICHARDS FRED RILEY ANGELA RITCHIE ©f ' 64 project A and more project A We ' ll never forget Mr. Shue and his, " You know? " JOHNSIE RUSS BRENDA SCOTT TAMARA SCOTT JO ANNE SEHORN SUE SHUE BRUCE SMITH PRISCILLA SMITH LIBBY SNEED JUDY SNIDER JACK STEGALL 57 DENNIS SWYGERT DON TALLEY DAVE TARLTON MARGARET TOMPKINS BARBARA TROUTMAN IRA WAGONER JOYCE WALTER BUDDY WATTS CONNIE WENSIL BRENDA WHITE BRENDA WIDENHOUSE ROBERT WHITLEY RICKIE WHITTINGTON . . • gradually €la 6 ojf 64 moving upward . . 58 GERALD KRIMMINGER • President HOYT HILL .Vice-President LINDA STONER Secretary ARCHIE VONCANNON Treasurer cAdviAorA Left to right: Miss Cozette Stacey, Mrs. Joann Webster, Arden Ray, Miss Ruth James. 59 re knten BOBBY ALLMON JOHNNY AREY JANET AUTEN JOYCE AUTEN LINDA BARNHARDT SHIRLEY BARNHARDT TOMMY BARNHARDT GARY BARRIER SHARON BARRIER SHIRLEY BARRIER WAYNE BARRINGER NORRIS BARRINGER SUE BARRINGER FRANKIE BARRINGER ELAINE BAUCOM LINDA BELK LARRY BLACK PATRICIA BLACKWELDER BEVERLY BODENHEIMER LARRY BOST at laAt in kigk dckocl Where ' s the freshman English class? RUBY BOST DIANNE BROEILS JIMMY BUCKWELL GARY BURNETTE JACKIE BURRIS CORNELIA BURRIS BECKY BURRIS RUTH BURRIS BENNY CALLAHAN KAY CARPENTER GARY CARRIKER RICKY CASPER i 60 nl -retUnten SAM CAUBLE BETTY CLAY BETTY JEAN CLINE RONALD CLINE EDDIE COOK FRANKIE COOK JUDY COLEY PAT CORL BARRY EBERHARDT GERALDINE EDGISON DIANNE ELLINGTON DIANNE EUDY DAVID FISHER DIANNE FISHER RICHARD FISHER MIKE FURR WAYNE FURR BRENDA GANDY MARY ANN GANDY BILLY GILMORE loti and Gon$u6ed . . . CARL GOODMAN ATLAS HAHN MIKE HAMMILL KAY HARTSELL LINDA HARTSELL MINNIE HARVELL NANCY HEINTZ WAYNE HERRING HOYT HILL VERNON HILL TONY HOWELL KATHRYN HONEYCUTT Mr. Hutchinson and his J. V. football team. 61 re Umen LARRY HONEYCUTT RONALD HURLOCKER JEAN JOHNSON MARGIE KENDLEY BETTY KIRK DAVID KLUTTZ RICHARD KLUTTZ GERALD KRIMMINGER JERRY LAMBERT REGGIE LAMBERT ARCHIE LEFLER JOHN LENTZ CHARLES LIT AKER TONDA LITAKER CHARLES LUDWIG " BUTCH " McCLELLEN RICHARD McMAHAN PHIL McRORIE JAMES MEASIMER GAY MEDLIN l a At at l unch Hey, Stoners, its time to go down! GERALD MILLS DIANNE MOOSE TERRY MORRELL JOHNNY MORGAN ALVIN MOSER JOHN RAY MOSS HOYLE MOSS PHARRIS MOTLEY TONY PAGE LUTHER PARNELL SUSIE PHILLIPS DAVID RITCHIE 62 re hmen CAROLYN RITCHIE LEWIS RITCHIE SUSIE RITCHIE LANCE SAFRIT BRENDA SANFORD GAYNELLE SANDERS ANN MARIE SHIPTON REBA SHOEMAKER GARY SHUE NORMAN SIFFORD BARBARA JO SKEEN DAN SMITH RICHARD STANCIL LINDA STEGALL BRENDA STONER LINDA STONER DIANE STYERS LEON TALLEY JULIA T REECE BRENDA TUCKER awaiting the year ahead LINDA TUCKER SHARON VANDERBURG ARCHIE VONCANNON JOYCE WETTER RICHARD WHITTINGTON Just think. . .in three years you ' ll first in line ! 63 ' 66 Hicer Kneeling, left to right: Kenneth Misenheimer, Alan Culp, Franklin Eagle. Second row: Mike Rinehardt, Benny Moose, Jimmy Stallings, Willie Bamhardt, Fred Roache. Third row: Donald Nesbit, Larry Honeycutt, Larry Deal, Sue Shue, Janice Black, Frances Honeycutt. zAd viAor Left to right: Mrs. Anna Fisher, Mrs. Martha Kirk, Billy Hutchison, Mrs. Elizabeth Valley. 64 CARLA ALLMON KAY ALLMON ANGELA ANDREWS JERRY BAKER SHIRLEY BARBEE DENNIS BARNHARDT WILLIE BARNHARDT LEONARD BARRIER NANCY BARRIER HARVEY BARRINGER ROBERT BARRINGER DINAH BAUGH SUSAN BAUCOM VICKIE BELK CAROLYN BLACK JANICE BLACK BARBARA BOGER LINDA BRINES RALPH BROEILS JOE BURNETTE icjUtk rude RUDY CASPER LEWIS CHRISTENBURY NED CHRISTY PHIL CLINE JOE COBLE JERRY CORL PATSY CORL BRENDA COX EDDIE CREED VYRON CRUSE ALAN CULP DANNY CULP 65 TERRY CULP LARRY DEAL FRANKLIN EAGLE SUE EARNHARDT CAROL ERVIN RUTH FAGGART BETTY FISHER RAY FLOWE LARRY FUNDERBURK BRENDA FURR SANDRA GOODMAN ROBERT GORDON PATRICIA GRAY CAROL GULLEDGE HAROLD GULLEDGE RICKY HAHN RONNIE HAMMILL JUDY HARKEY GLENDA HARRINGTON DOLLIE HONEYCUTT FRANCES HONEYCUTT LARRY HONEYCUTT JUDY HOUSER WAYNE HOUGH BETTY HUDSON JANET ISENHOUR BECKY KEASLER LESTER KIMRAY RICHARD KLUTTZ SUE KLUTTZ JUDY LAMBERT GARY LAPISH The J. V. ' s in action! 66 NANCY LEFLER HELEN LENTZ PAMELA LITAKER LATEENA LOGGINS RUBY MABREY DEBORAH McHUGH DLANNE McLESTER SUE MILLS KENNETH MISENHEIMER GILES MOSS MARY ANN MOSS BENNY MOOSE LINDA MORGAN RHONDA MORRELL RONNIE MULLIS JOHNNY NECAISE RALPH NECAISE DONALD NESBIT LIBBY PAGE. ARTHUR PARKER Preparing for the varsity. ANN PENNINGER BRENDA PET REA MARY ANN PLESS TONY PLUMMER LINDA POOLE MIKE RINEHARDT CHARLES RITCHIE GEORGE RITCHIE FRED ROACH STEVEN SANDERS ANN SCOTT RICKY SCOTT 67 VICKY SCOTT LARRY SHAVER DOUGLAS SHINN SUE SHOE JANIE SNIDER JIMMY STALLINGS VONNIE STYERS JIMMY SWARINGER DUANE SWYGERT CHARLIE TALLEY DONALD VANDERBURG BILLY WENSIL MOLLY WENSIL ALVIN WHITLEY CALVIN WHITLEY ALICE YORKE JOHNNY YOST rade JUNIOR RED CROSS OFFICERS Left to right: Joe Tarlton, Treasurer; Larry Honeycutt, President; Ann Penninger, Secretary; Stevie Foil, Vice-President, 68 MT. PLEASANT HIGi GH I Activities " What is worthwhile ? — The world is blessed most by men who do things, and not by those who merely talk about them. " James Oliver The people who participate in our school activities are the doers, not the takers. The participation in and the enjoyment of our activities instill in us the esprit d ' ecole (school spirit) which is so vital to any school organization. We enjoy our school activities-we consider them worthwhile. liVfl nyC jlu ■ f ' shI HP T nWt d ; K m ? 1 it iwl Mm , m i Si U BRENDA KLUTTZ Editor-in-Chief COY HUDSON Assistant Editor 1962 Tiger LINDA SUTHER, Advertising Manager DON EUDY, Asst. Advertising Manager 72 WOODY FOIL, Business Manager JIMMY BARRIER, Asst. Business Manager GWYN LITAKER, Sports Editor RAY VANDERBURG, Asst. Sports Editor GINNY ANTHONY, JUNE SEHORN Typists 73 ; WOODY FOIL President DIANNE YORKE Vice-President BRENDA KLUTTZ Secretary ETTA HOPKINS T reasurer i kv i l il Coy Hudson Benny Black Joyce Brawley Carol Hawkins MR. BEN SHUE Advisor ta lub The Beta Club is an honor organization based- on scholastic ability, character, and leadership. To be a member, one must achieve and maintain at least a ninety average and an A on citizenship. Failure to keep this record means departure from the club. (Not pictured: Sybil Crayton. ) Becky Culp Rita Barrier Kay Earnhardt RACHEL HARKEY President BECKY CULP Vice-President KAY EARNHARDT Secretary DAVE TARLTON Treasurer MRS. EMMA CROWE Advisor In continuing the work originated last year, the Student Council has undertaken many highly successful projects this year. Honoring the faculty during " Teacher Appreciation Week, " sharing the spirit of Christmas by giving baskets of fruit to local shut-ins, and s p o n s o r i n g the annual " Valentine Shindig, " highlight a year of service and success. First row, left to right: Pat Corl, Joyce Auten, Nancy Heintz, Linda Stoner, Brenda White, Pat Hammill, Larry Black. Second row: Gerald Krimminger, Harold Allmon, D a n ny Bradford, Ronald Cline, Richard Stancil. Third row: Alvin Hurlocker, Dennis Swygert, Gene Miller. PETER BROUILLETTE Director of Music 1961 - 1962 c Hlfl arching LETTERGIRLS AND MAJORETTES: Shirley Barnhardt, Cathy Barringer, Kay Carpenter, Anne Casper, Donna Cox, Tamara Eberhardt, Jeanette Kluttz, Brenda Kluttz, Carolyn Plott, Libby Sneed, Wanda Lowder, Beverly Auten, Sharon Barrier, Shirley Barrier. BAND MEMBERS: Janet Auten, Paul J. Austin, Jerry Baker, Cheryl Barringer, Frankie Barringer, Harvey Barringer, Sue Barringer, Dina Baugh, Carolyn Black, Larry Black, Janet Black, John Block, Larry Bost, Palph Broeils, Janice Broome, Becky Burris, Gary Carriker, Ricky Casper, Gerald Cline, Ronald Cline, Charles Cruse, Franklin Eagle, R i c h a r d Fisher, Stevie Foil, Carl Goodman, David Harvell, Vaughn Hatley, Larry Heintz, Gary Hahn, Hoyt Hill, Janet Hill, Wayne Hough, Ronald Hurlocker, Kirk Isenhour, Richard Kluttz, Gerald Drimminger, Richard Lanier, Charles Lanier, Charles Litaker, L a t e e n a Loggans, Gay Medlin, Gene Miller, Leonard Moose, Larry Morgan, Hoyle Moss, Martha Richards, Sue Riley, Robert Ridenhour, Angela Ritchie, David Ritchie, Susie Ritchie, Ann Marie Shipton, Steve Smith, Jack Stegall, Duane Swygert, Joe Tarlton, Barbara Troutman, Connie Wensil, Alice Yorke, Bobby Boger, Janelle Bost, Jimmy Buckwell, Dianne Ferguson, Robert Gorden, Max Hurlocker, Max Safrit, Jimmy Swaringer, Paul Walker, Brenda Shinn, Margaret Nance. ' . , One of the most exciting and colorful sights to see around our campus is the Marching Tigers Band. Through- out the football season many hours of work are put into preparing shows for each half-time. The band prides itself in doing both precision and scatter formation shows. This year, the Marching Tigers appeared with uniform accessories for night performance. These were supplied by the local Lion ' s Club and consisted of gold plumes for the hats, plume mounts, gold neck scarfs, white gloves, and white leggings. Another addition to the Marching Tigers was the color guard. Having done most of the drill work on their own, they proved to be a real asset to the band shows. One of the highlights of the marching season is the Marching Tigers banquet. With about 125 in attendance, an enjoyable evening of recollections was spent and marching awards were presented to: Larry Morgan, Leonard Moose, Martha Richards, Richard L a n i e r, Donna Cox, and Brenda Kluttz. At the end of the football season, the band is reor- ganized into the Concert Band. Adding several members of the football team and from the letter girls and majorettes gives the band full instrumentation. The highlight of the Concert season was participation in the North Carolina Music Contests. In competition against bands from all over the state, our band did a fine job. ettergu r Margaret Nance Ann Casper Wanda Lowder Brenda Kluttz Beverly Auten Cathy Barringer Brenda Shinn i (Special wirier a Shirley Barrier Sharon Barrier C ftla j oretteA Donna Cox Libby Sneed Carolyn Plott Tamara Eberhardt Shirley Barnhardt Kay Carpenter Jeanette Kluttz addition of a color guard last minute instructions eye-catching entrances unforgettable half-time shows selections of award winners . . . highlight A SUCCESSFUL BAND YEAR Ulixed ( UoruA First row, left to right: Angela Ritchie, Linda Belk, Brenda Sco tt, Anne Casper, Anne Marie Shipton, Peggy Fortune, Martha Richards, Julia Treece, Kathy Barringer, Phyllis Allmon, Rita Barrier, Dianne Eudy. Back row: Charles Litaker, Pianist; Deanna McClellan, Janet Auten, Joyce Barrier, Mr. Brouillette, Director. First row, left to right: Ann Marie Shipton, Judy Little, Pat Moose, Gail Cook, Peggy Fortune, Nancy Heintz, Betty Cline, Linda Tucker, Diane Ellington. Second row: Reba Shoemaker, Beverly Bodenheimer, Sharon Vanderburg, Lois Burris, Ilease H o u s e r, Francis Fink, Lois Wagoner, Angela Ritchie, Geneva Krimminger, Linda Stoner, Brenda Stoner, Gaynell Barbee. Third row: Mr. Brouillette, Director; Annie Lee Whitley, Sue Tarlton, Belinda Carter, Carol Hawkins, Marie Page, Jo Ann Sehorn, Barbara Skeen. Rita Barrier, Elaine Blackwelder, June Sehorn, Brenda Scott, Sue Bamhardt, Joyce Auten, Ginny Anthony, Dianne Eudy, Susie Ritchie. Back row: Frank Cook, Tommy McClellan, Wayne Barringer, Wayne Herring, Larry Morgan, Charles Litaker, Jack Stegall, Don Eudy, D e n n i s Swygert, Butch McClellan, Charlie Rpritnn_ Stpvp Smith. First row seated, left to right: Benny Black, President; Brenda Scott, Vice-President; Jo Ann Sehorn, Secretary; Robert Whitley, Treasurer. Second row: Sandra Cline, Martha Ritchards, Barbara Troutman, Linda Drye, Brenda Frick, Sandra Baugh, Anne Casper, Kathy Barringer. Third row: Mary Ann Gandy, John Block, Mike Eudy, Ronnie Barrier, Larry Heintz, Bruce Smith, Ricky Casper, Mr. Cherry, Advisor. First row seated, left to right: Martha Brock, President; Tommy Blanchard, Vice-President; Ricky Casper, Secretary-Treasurer. Second row: Billy G i 1 m o r e, Frankie Barringer, Larry Bost, Atlas Hahn, Malcolm McLeod, Barbara Skeen, Sandra Baugh, Joe Donahue, Richard Lanier. Third row: Butch Medlin, Wayne Furr, Charlie James, Mrs. Latham, Mrs. Bost, Advisors; Gary Barrier, Wayne Bamhardt. SCIENCE [LUBS OF AMERICA 81 publisher 6 ©$ our newspaper . . • First row, left to right: Mary Lyerly, Lannie Tucker, Linda McKinney, Shirley Burris, Ann Kirk, RosaKluttz, Kay Earnhardt, Carolyn Plott, Barbara W e 1 1 e r. Second row: Shirley P e t r e a, Judy Henley, Jeanette Kluttz, Wanda Lowder, Rita Eudy, Beverly Bodenheimer, Frances Honeycutt, Brenda Love, Beatrice Honeycutt, Joyce Burris. Third row: Patsy Wilhoit, Gaynelle Barbee, Beth Goodman, Angela Ritchie, Faye Dry, Carol Alexander, Elaine Blackwelder, Marie Page, Coral Bost. 82 Seated, left to right: Etta Hopkins, President; Sybil Crayton, Reporter; Kay Earnhardt, lice -President; Brenda Shinn, Historian; Brenda Morgan, Secretary; Mary Lou Eberhardt, Treasurer; Miss Rosa James, Advisor. Second row: Alice Coble, Margaret Nance, Virginia itancil, Gail Cooke, Carolyn Petrea, Tabitha Cockran, Gail Baucom, Ann Kirk, Rosa Cluttz, Nancy Pl ott, Barbara Wetter, Joyce Smith. Third row: Carol Hawkins, Dianne forke, Brenda Smith, Brenda Kluttz, Linda Hough, Jo Anne Yorke, Suzanne McCarn, larolyn Watkins. Seated, left to right: Virginia Stancil, Sharon Cline, Martha Brock, Vice-President; Brenda Smith, Secretary; Carolyn Drye, President; Margaret Gulledge; Sybil Crayton. Second row: Mary Snider; Ann Goodman; Evelyn Pless; Mary Lyerly; Tabitha Cockran; Peggy Dixon. Third row: Johnny Hammill; Jo Ann Yorke; Patsy Wilhoit; Wayne Hammill; Don Gray. Fourth row: Richard Shoemaker; Alvin Hill; Lawton Hatley. 3 ible (Blub MRS. LEFLER Advisor 83 Seated left to right: Brenda Frick, Secretary; Rachel Harkey, P r e s i d e n t; Joyce Smith, Vice-President Standing: Miss Ruth James, Advisor; Brenda Kluttz, Treasurer; Freda Barnhardt, Reporter; Mary Alice Lyerly, Parliamentarian; Geneva Krimminger, Historian; Kate Moose, Recreation Leader. ure omenta r 6 merica MEMBERS: Gaynelle Barbee, Linda Barnhardt, Beverly Bodenheimer, Gayle Bost, Phyllis Bost, Cornelia Burris, Kay Carpenter, Belinda Carter, Betty Jean Cline, Linda Eudy, Mary Eudy, Dianne Fisher, Ann Goodman, Beth Goodman, Patricia Hammill, Frances Honeycutt, Katherine Honeycutt, Ilease Houser, Judy Little, Linda McKinney, Teresa Patterson, Carolyn Plott, Carolyn Ritchie, Susie Ritchie, Brenda Sanford, Dianne Styers, Linda Tucker, Sharon Vanderburg, Joyce Wetter, Rickie Whittington, Patsy Wilhoit. 84 MEMBERS: Jimmy Barrier, Grady Benton, Benny Black, Aubrey Boger, Freddy Hammill, Mike Harkey, Coy Hudson, Mike Kluttz, Fred Krimminger, Aaron Parker, David Petrea, Paul Shipton, Jerry Walter, Lane Corl, Boyce Fink, Larry Rhinehardt, Bill Smith, Jerry Williams, Harold Allmon, Earl Barbee, Tommy Blanchard, Howard Boger, James Coley, Charles Cruse, Wayne Cruse, Dickie Donohue, Clarence Fink, R.V. Funderburk, Ronald Gandy, Vaughn Hatley, V a n c e Honeycutt, Wayne H o n e y c u 1 1, Alvin Hurlocker, Mike Furr, Ira Wagoner, Arthur Harvell, Larry Crayton, Jimmy Cook, Norris Barringer, Bobby Boger, Jackson Burris; Franklin Cook, David Fisher. Carl Goodman, Tony Howell, Johnny Morgan, Terry Morrell, John Ray Moss, Ph arr i s Motley, David Ritchie, Lance Safrit, Archie Voncannon, Nichlos Salamanchuck, Franklin Barringer, Larry Black, Gary Carriker, Ronald Cline, Marvin Drye, Larry Honeycutt, Ronald Hurlocker, Jerry Lambert, Archie Lefler, Alvin Moser, Richard Kluttz, Lewis Ritchie, Dan Smith, Leon Talley, Sammuel Byrd, Gerald Cline, Edwin Hammill, Johnny Hammill, Troy Miller, Barry Moose, Leonard Moose, Terry Sifford, Steve Smith, Tracy Talley, Tommy Roberts. Sut ure armerA of mertca OFFICERS: left to right: Aaron Parker, Re- porter; Benny Black, Vice-President; Jimmy Barrier, Treasurer; M. R. McLeod, Advisor; Mike Harkey, Sentinel; Coy Hudson, Presi- dent; Aubrey Boger, Secretary. 85 Social lub Schoolwork is forgotten as everyone turns to dancing during a SocialClub period. First row, left to right: Brenda Kluttz, Mary Snider, Becky Clup, Suzanne McCarn, Ginny Anthony, Deanna McClellan, Kay Earnhardt, Reba Barrier, Carolyn Petrea, Judy Little. Second row: Lois Wagoner, Tabitha Cochran, Mary Lou Eberhardt, Pat Moose, Gail Cook, Rita Barrier, Gaile Baucom, Carol Hawkins, Linda Eudy. Third row: Kenneth Rowland, Linda Suther, Margaret Gulledqe, Annie Lee Whitley, Sue Barnhardt, June Sehorn, Carolyn Watkins, Linda Hough, Aaron Parker. Fourth row: Sam Byrd, Wayne Hammill, Jimmy Barrie, Tom Beatty, Don Eudy, Mike Barnhardt, Eddie Carter, Grady Benton, Fred Krimminger. Fifth row: Richard Lanier, Charles Lanier, Dickie Donahue, Terry Sifford, David Petrea, Jack Stegall, Troy Miller, Larry Morgan, Steve Smith, Johnny Hammill, Tommy McClellan. 86 7 ZoftC grant 0 lub The Monogram Club is an organization consist- ing of boys and girls who have lettered in either a sport or in the band. This club promotes the athletics in our school. 1. i 2 HI 1 Jj Kneeling, left to right: David Petrea, Charlie Benton, Don Gray, Tom Beatty, President; Jimmy Barrier, Vice-President; Donna Cox, Secretary; Mary Snider, Treasurer; Allen McMahan, Sergeant-at-Arms; Don Eudy, John Block. Second row: Arden Ray, Advisor; Gene Miller, Dennis Swygert, Gwyn Litaker, Freddie Hammill, Jeannette Kluttz, Pat Moose, Reba Barrier, Becky Culp, Carolyn Drye, Watt Burris. Third row: Gerald Cline, H. D. Eudy, Libby Snead, Ginny Anthony, Evelyn Eudy, Joyce Brawley, Jerry Auten. Fourth row: Woody Foil, Dave Tarlton, Ray V a n d e r b u r g, Joe Fisher, Tony Lambert, Linda Suther, Janice Broome, Connie Wensil, Jack Stegall, Larry Morgan. Kneeling, left to right: Brenda Widenhouse, Reporter; Judy Hammill, Secretary; Tamara Scott, Vice-President; Robbin Dennis, President; Don Talley, Treasurer. MEMBERS: Gail Bost, Susie R i t c h i e, Ricky Whittington, Peggy Fortune, Betty Cline, Judy Cline, Cornelia Burris, Libby Cook, Shirley Barnhardt, Sue Shue, Arthur Harvill, Lance Safrit, Linda Barnhardt, Sue Barringer, AnnShipton, Brenda Stoner, Belinda Carter, Libby Snead, Connie Wensil, Joyce Walter, Dianne Ellington, Betty Kirk, Brenda Gandy, Janet Auten, Margaret Thompkins, Pricilla Smith, Sue Lambert, Sue Hurlocker, Barbara Skeen, Sharon Barrier, Shirley Barrier, Becky Burris, Linda Fisher, P hy 1 1 i s Allmon, Ruth Burris, Janice B ro o m e, Elaine Baucom, Dianne Moose, Linda Stegall, Kay Hartsell, Gary Burnette, Hoy Al lmon, Tommy Barnhardt, Mary Eudy, Frieda Barnhardt, Louis R i t c h i e, Benny C a 1 1 a h a n, C h a r 1 e s Cruse, Richard Whittington, Barry Eberhardt, Eldon Lambert, Gay Medlin, Bobby Allmon, Ellen Gandy, Wayne Barringer, Dianne Broeils, Betty Watts, Shelby Alexander, Benny Creed, Tonda Litaker, Carl Smith, Dianne Eudy, Phyllis Bost. J3ooAter tub The purpose of the Booster Club is to pro- mote the various ath- letics in our school. One of the most suc- cess f u 1 projects sponsored by this club is the annual Sadie Hawkins Dance. The sole requirement fo r membership is the possession of a " good school spirit. " 87 rary (Blub The purpose of the Library Club is to promote more interest in the use of the library. Regular meetings are held and programs are presented centering around areas of service. This club holds membership in the N. C. High School Library A s s o c i a t i o n a n d t h e South Piedmont District High School Association. Seated, left to right: Mrs. Moye, Sponsor; Etta Hopkins, President; Rachel Harkey, Vice-President; Carol Hawkins, Secretary; Joyce Walter, Treasurer; Brenda White, Reporter. Standing: Sue Hurlocker, B a r b a r a S k e e n, Margaret Tompkins, Alice Coble, Peggy Ross, Judy Cline, Doris G u 1 1 e d g e, Gail Cook, Lois Burris, Kay Earnhardt, Brenda Love, Carol Watkins. Joyce Smith, Mary Lou Eberhardt, Elaine Blackwelder, Marie Page. Kneeling, left to right: Mr. Brouillette, Advisor; Sam Cauble, Wayne Honeycutt, Ronald Gandy, Richard Fisher, Jackie Austin, Gary Barrier. Second row: Eddie Cook, Leonard Moose, Frankie Barringer, Wayne Bunn, Malcom McLeod, Larry Honeycutt, Jimmy Buckwell. Third row: Wayne Barnhardt, David Fisher, Ferris Motley, Larry Crayton, Lannie Cruse, Mike Furr, Frankie Cook, John Moss. V-iobby ( lub The Hobby Club places full emphasis on model planes. Meetings are devoted to three major areas: discussion of flight, including the function of airplane parts on both real and model aircraft; flying of motor driven models; and for some boys, actual flying experience at the Albemarle Airport. Li onitorA The Monitors are composed of a select group of seniors chosen by the Administration. The duty of this group is to patrol the traffic in the halls during the ex- change of classes. Left to right: Linda Suther, Benny Black, Brenda Morgan, Woody Foil, Brenda Kluttz, Jimmy Barrier, Kate Moose, Coy Hudson. First row, left to right: Kate Moose, Shirley Burris, Ann Kirk, Sybil Crayton, Brenda Kluttz, Rosa Kluttz, Martha Brock, Linda Drye. Second row: Mary Lyerly, Nancy Plott, Miss Ellen Blackwelder, Secretary to the Principal. Third row: Patsy Wilhoit, 1 1 e a s e Houser, Brenda Morgan, Becky Culp, Linda Suther. Fourth row: Benny Black, Dianne Yorke, Susanne McCarn, Barbara Wetter. Fifth row: Ronald Gandy, Woody Foil. Hice a g e o The Office Pages are selected by the Adminis- tration. Their duties consist of maintaining order in the office and running errands for the office staff. 89 Kneeling, left to right: Coy Hudson, Troy Miller, Gerald Cline, Benny Black, Grady Benton, Jack Stegall. Second row: Lester McCarn, Principal; Jerry Auten, Tommy McCellan, Mike Barnhardt, Alvin Hill, Lannie Cruse, Aubrey Boger, William Barnhardt, Steve Smith, Aaron Parker. U4 The bus drivers, carefully trained by Mr. Pruitt and Mr. Furr, exhibit their leadership and responsibility by bringing the children to school safely each day. rick The bricklayers en- rolled in this new vo- cational course now offered here, have shown great skill in various projects completed around school. With their capable leader, Mr. Horton, the bricklayers spend three hours each day in developing their talent. First row, left to right: David Petrea, Eddie Carter, Mr. Horton, Director; Allen Shoe, Jerry W illiams, Lane Corl. Second row: Aaron Parker, Roy Allmon, Paul Shipton, William Barhnardt, Larry Rinehardt, Tommy Beatty, H. D. Eudy. 90 rd a ete ria Stall Recognized by their planning, preparing, and serving of a balanced lunch each day, the cafeteria staff stands ready to give their assistance whenever needed. Left to right: Mrs. Ann Allmon, Manager; Mrs. Rebecca Blackwelder, Mrs. Lucille Rogers, Mrs. Margaret Kluttz, Mrs. Lucy Fisher, Mrs. Edith Eagle, Mrs. Grace Little, Mrs. Ina Smith. First row, left to right: Jo Ann Fisher, Betty Streater, Elnora Heilig, Jessie Mae Miller. Second row: Jerry Miller, Harry Black, Robert Cagler, Martha Bess Reid. janitor A and C ftlaid6 These eight people are responsible for making our campus a place of clean and pleasant surroundings. 91 Athletics " Not how much talent have I, but how much will to use the talent that I have, is the main question. " In the basket, Over the goal Through the air Our sports unfold. With good competition Our coaches the sages We ' ve used our talents - Just turn the pages . 92 all NOV JAN to co m pete ♦ ♦ ♦ 93 JIMMY BARRIER, Co-Captain Left Tackle All-Conference TOM BEATTY, Co-Captain Right End All-Conference RAY VANDERBURG Right Tackle S-irdt First row, left to right: Kenneth Rowland, Manager; Don Gray, Dave Tarlton, Jerry Auten, Ray Vanderburg, Jimmy Barrier, Tom Beatty, Watt Burris, Freddy Hammill, David Lockhardt, Allan McMahan, Archie Shue, Student Trainer. Second row: Don Talley, Harold Allmond, Gerald Cline, Tony Lambert, Charlie Benton, Gene Miller, Ronnie €i even Barrier, John Block, Dennis Swygert, Gerald Mills, Alvin Hurlocker, Arden Ray, Head Coach. Third row: Ronald Cline, Sam Cauble, Gerald Krimminger, Hoyt Hill, Earl Barbee, Butch Medlin, Vernon Hill, Wayne Barringer, Eldon Lambert, Buddy Watts, Ted Rhinehardt, Richard McMahan, Morgan Walker, Assistant Coach. FREDDY HAMMIL Left Halfback DAVID LOCKHARDT Fullback JERRY AUTEN Right Guard DON GRAY Right Halfback All- Conference JOE FISHER Quarterback WATT BURRIS Left Guard All-Conference DAVE TARLTON Center ALAN McMAHAN Left End TACKLES First row, left to right: Ronnie Barrier, Sam Cauble. Second row: Butch Medlin, Buddy Watts. ENDS Left to right: Dennis Swygert, Gerald Mills, Eldon Lambert. FULLBACKS First row, left to right: Hoyt Hill, Charlie Benton. Second row: Harold Allmond, Vernon Hill. ARDEN RAY Head Coach MORGAN WALKER Backfield Coach BILLY HUTCHINSON J. V. Coach I960, G.B.C. Championship 1961, G.B.C. Championship The success of the last two seasons of the Granite Belt Conference is evidenced by the trophies nestled in our own trophy case. This is indeed quite an accomplishment. We should all be proud of the honor brought upon our school and community as the result of hard work, determination, and loyalty given by those athletes who were strong enough in heart and mind to take part in this great fame of football. I feel extremely fortunate in being able to coach in a school comprised of such fine individuafs. A new sporting challenge lies ahead— the Rocky River High School Athletic Conference. Realizing the type student we have at Mount Pleasant High School, I feel certain that we will meet this challenge with the same determination and success that we have previously experienced. COACH ARDEN RAY ARCHIE SHUE Student Trainer BENNY CREED Manager HOY ALLMON Manager Left to right: Reverend Jack Davis, Chaplain; Doctor A. L. Barringer, Team Physician. (§ame Scoreboard MT. PLEASANT — The Mount Pleasant Tigers proved they were eager and ready for another victorious season. The opening game seemed to prove the opposite— or was it just a little luck for Stanly? The next four games brought victory for the Tigers. Then came Concord ! —and a score- less defeat! But there is always sunshine behind the dark clouds. For Mount Pleasant this sunshine was a victory over Badin giving the Tigers the Granite Belt Conference Championship again! With the championship in the bag, the last two games came easier, though Mount Holly walked away with a 27-13 victory in the last game. Here, briefly, is a rundown of the Tiger ' s glorious 1961 season. STANLEY 7, MP 6 The first game of the 1961 season proved to be a challenging disappointment for the Tigers. They had lost their first game by one point. At the end of the third quarter, Joe Fisher managed a touchdown. Freddy Hammill tried for an extra point but was pulled down before reach- ing the goal. During the last two minutes of the game, Stanley won the victorywith a fake punt play. The Tigers were determined not to see that happen again. MP 43, ANSON 0 Anson was the second rival on the list. Ah-sweet revenge! And so it was ! The Tigers came back with a victory that will long be remembered. Don Gray led the way with three touchdowns. Tom Beatty, Freddy Hammill, David Lockhardt, and Alan McMahan proved their skill and determination by each making a touchdown. MP 41, NORWOOD 6 The first conference game of the season was with Norwood. After losing to Norwood for two years straight, the Tigers saw a chance for victory and they took it. MP 20, CFIARIjOTTE 7 With two victories before them, the Tigers wanted more. With their deep spirit and determination the Tigers came home with another taste of victory, a 20-7 win. The big man with the pigskin that day was the mighty " Gray Ghost. " Don was triumphant with three touchdowns. Freddy Hammill and Joe Fisher added two extra points to the score MP 14, F1ARTSELL 6 Hartsell appeared on the list as the second big confer- ence game. The Tigers wanted to taste victory more than ever- and so they did! Again Don came through with two touchdownsto match the twoextra pointsmade by Joe and Watt in the first quarter. CONCORD 45, MP 0 This proved to be one of the toughest games of the season for the Tigers. Even though the Tigers lost by points they still came home victorious. MP 13, BADIN 6 Badin was the big game. This was Mount Pleasant ' s homecoming game and it was the final big victory for the Tigers. They were named the Granite Belt Conference Champs once again! A big night for a great team! MP 7, LOWELL 0 This proved to be a rather easy game for the Tigers. Joe was the hero of this game as he raised the score with a touchdown. David finished it with an extra point. MT. HOLLY 27, MP 13 At this point, the Tigers seemed to be a bit super- stitious. They started the season with a losing game and they ended it with a losing game, but in between there was victory. 100 This may not be varsity or big-time football but to these boys its just the same. The hard work in drilling, running, hitting the sled, live scrimmages, defensive drills, offensive drills, and calisthenics are helping mold these boys into future stars. This year the Tiger cubs held their opponents to 51 points in 6 games for an 8.5 average while scoring 108 points for an 18 point average for a 3-3 record. No team scored over 2 touchdowns on these boys so that shows you they meant business on the field. Left to right: Hoyt Hill, Co-Captain; Coach Billy Hutchison; Vernon Hill, Co-Captain. football First row, left to right: Vernon Hill, Johnny Arey, Hoyt Hill, Richard W h i tt i n g to n, John Lentz, Gerald Mills, Wayne Barringer, Gerald Krimminger. Second row: Jerry Baker, Ronald Hurlocker, David Harvill, Alan Culp, David Kluttz, Joe Tarlton, Ronald Cline. Third row: Richard Kluttz, Dennis Barnhardt, Wayne Hough, Don Vanderburg, Benny Callahan, Sam Cauble, Richard McMahan, Billy Hutchinson, Coach. The Mount Pleasant Tigerettes began the 1961-62 Basketball Season in the new Rocky River High School Athletic Conference. The scope of this conference was realized as each new team in it was met in competition. To lead the Tigerettes in this new endeavor, the team elected Linda Suther as Captain and Suzanne McCarn as Co-Captain. It is our desire in this new conference to equal our past record. Realizing that no team could be victorious without a great deal of support, we would like to acknowledge the support of our fellow students, our teachers, our parents, and especially our coach, Mr. Hutchinson. Left to right: Suzanne McCarn, Co-Captain; Coach Billy Hutchinson; Linda Suther, Co-Captain. Kneeling, left to right: Brenda Smith, Manager; Carolyn Plott, Ruth Burris, Tamara Eberhardt, Becky Culp, Donna Cox, Shirley Petrea, Manager. Second row: Carolyn Drye, Dianne Yorke, Sharon Barrier, Jo Ann Sehorn, Shirley Barrier, Suzanne McCarn, Mary Snider. Third row: Carol Hawkins, Gay Medlin, Faye Drye, Linda Suther, Carol Alexander, Coach Billy Hutchinson. (Not pictured: Beverly Auten. ) MARY SNIDER Forward LINDA SUTHER Guard Co-Captain SUZANNE MoCARN Guard Co-Captain DONNA COX Forward BECKY CULP Guard CAROLYN DRYE FAYE DRYE CAROL HAWKINS Forward Forward Guard We the Tigers of Mt. Pleasant High School opened practice with high hopes this season, the main reason being that we had 6 returning lettermen. This enthusiasm was carried through the season. The basketball teams joined the new " Rocky River High School Athletic Conference, " for the first time this year. Mount Pleasant High School was one of the eleven members in this conference. The members of the team to first play in the new conference were: Gwyn Litaker, Woody Foil, Don Eudy, Jimmy Barrier, Tom Beatty, and H. D. Eudy, David Lo c kh a r t, Dave Tarleton, John Block, Danny Bradford, H a r o 1 d Allmon, Dennis Swygert, Bruce Smith, Eldon Lambert, and Gerald Mills. The co-captains for the ' 61- ' 62 basketball season were Gwyn Litaker and Tom Beatty. The Tigers were coached for the third straight year by Morgan Walker. Left to right: Tom Beatty, Co-Captain; Coach Morgan Walker; Gwyn Litaker, Co-Captain. Boyt Ba ketbcill First row, left to right: Don Eudy, Jimmy Barrier, Gwyn Litaker, Tom Beatty, H. D. Eudy, Woody Foil. Second row: Harold Allmon, Danny Bradford, Dave Tarlton, Bruce Smith, Eldon Lambert, John Block, Paul Shipton, Manager. Third row: Coach M o r g a n W a 1 k e r, Dennis Swygert, Gerald Mills, David Lockhart. GWYN LITAKER Co-Captain Center H.D. EUDY Guard TOM BEATTY £o-Captain Forward JIMMY BARRIER Forward 106 DON EUDY Guard WOODY FOIL Guard 107 Don Eudy, Captain; Coach Billy Hutchison (Tom Beatty, not pictured) Calisthenics, running, throwing, hitting, fielding, chasing fly and ground balls. It ' s very hard work but all of this makes our spring sport, baseball, very enjoyable. Last year, we had a creditable 11-3 record and with 8 lettermen returning and some help with our pitching We should have a good season this year. 1962 B Aeball Kneeling, left to right: Coy Hudson, Kenneth Rowland, Don Eudy, David Petrea. Second row: Don Gray, David Lockhart, Jimmy Barrier, H. D. Eudy, Jack Stegall, Coach Billy Hutchison. I N ( j9y 1 V, iff l 1 IMk w, i j i : % 1 1 Jr MET WL DON EUDY Third Base KENNETH ROWLAND Short Stop COY HUDSON Second Base JIMMY BARRIER First Base DAVID LOCKHART Catcher DAVID PET REA Outfield DON GRAY Outfield H.D. EUDY Outfield JACK STEGALL Pitcher Ill 0Aeerf eaderA Another touchdown: " Stand up and Cheer! " Sound $$!! LINDA STONER SANDRA JAMES BRENDA EUDY ETTA SANFORD MARY ANN MOSS JOYCE BRAWLEY GAIL BAUCOM Rah! Rah! The basket is good and the game is ours! Features " Extraordinary— The true calling of a Christian is not to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary tilings in an extraordinary way. " Dean Stanley In the schedule of busy living, there is a group of people who have seized their opportunities, and those given them by circumstances, and have done them in an extraordinary way-thus, they have excelled. 114 to excel . . . 115 o meco ming ueeft Crowning the queen! GINNY ANTHONY Ginny, pausing a moment before the big game. omeco ming cMttandant GAIL BAUCOM MARY LOU EBERHARDT omecoming cMtte nde nt Mary, at her well-known post in the cafeteria. MARY SNIDER 120 C Hl[r. Senior COY HUDSON ... 121 SENIOR MARSHALS Left to right: Brenda Morgan, Brenda Kluttz, Coy Hudson, Chief; Kate Moose 1961 c ftlar hcil JUNIOR MARSHALS SOPHOMORE MARSHALS Left to right: Dianne Yorke, Joyce Smith, Becky Culp, Left to right: Ann Casper, Jo Anne Sehorn, Brenda Frick, Rita Barrier. Cathy Barringer. 122 ttr T DARLA CRAYTON Citizenship Award MYRON BLACKWELDER Citizenship Award ALETHEA HUMPHREY Religion Award BRENDA MORGAN American History Award 123 ■ cMnd tUuA day by day month by month . . . c Ht[ount le a ant movm Ateadilvj along ♦ 127 ei a idto With respect and appreciation for the past eight years of school, and with great apprehension and anxiety for the future years; we crowded over the threshold into four of the happiest years of our lives. Rolling up our sleeves to the challenge before us, we set our shoulders to the wheel and started ourselves to making the history of one of the most remarkable classes ever to walk the corridors of Mount Pleasant High School. Realizing the need for capable, outstanding, personalities to lead our " g reen " year, we elected Courtney Smith as President of our class, Gene Aldridge as Vice-President, Judy Burris as Secretary, and Patricia Moose as Treasurer. Our first year ' s activities included a Christmas party in the gymnasium and a party at Fry ' s Lake at the end of the school year. Our Class also had fine representation in the field of sports. Some of the " little green fellows " were to become top-ranking performers in football, baseball, and basketball. Coy Hudson, Brenda Kluttz, Verna Sigmon and Courtney Smith were our freshman class marshals. In the fall of the next year, we were eager to return to our studies as traditionally " sloppy " sophomores. Woody Foil was elected President of our class. Qualities of leadership were also recognized in the following: Mary Snider, Vice- President; Kate Moose, Secretary; and Benny Black, T reasurer. In our school ' s activities we began to stand out as a group of students who could go far in making the year a successful one. Probably one of the most important events was the tapping of members into the Beta Club. The Beta Club tapped the following: Coy Hudson, Woody Foil, Benny Black, Brenda Kluttz, Linda Suther, Rachel Harkey, and Kate Moose. The social events again consisted of a Christmas party and a party at the end of the school year. The " little green fellows " who were to become top-ranking performers in the field of sports did succeed and did help our various teams win championships. Gwyn Litaker, Woody Foil, Don Eudy, Tom Beatty, Freddie Hammill, Jerry Auten, Ray Vanderburg, Jimmy Barrier, Coy Hudson, David Petrea, and our ladies, Linda Suther and Mary Snider all earned letters. Coy Hudson, Brenda Kluttz, Kate Moose, were our sophomore class marshals. For our third year, we returned to what we termed our " second home, " prepared for big happenings and anticipating the coming activities with a zeal to carry our part of the burdens as veterans of the school. Capable officers for the class were found in Brenda Kluttz as President; Tom Beatty, Vice-President; Coy Hudson, Secretary; and Ginny Anthony, T reasurer. Much time and effort was put into the magazine sales to raise money for the Junior-Senior Banquet. Ray Vanderburg was top salesman. The Junior-Senior Prom was really a wonderful send-off to the outgoing senior class. The event was held at the Concord Hotel, and everyone agreed that it was well worth the efforts involved. The measuring and the ordering and the receiving of the class rings made us realize that at last our goal would soon be reached. The time to take the much anticipated trip to Washington, D. C. soon came. This was certainly one of the highlights of our high school career. Approximately thirty members of our class enjoyed this trip, which was chaperoned by Miss Rosa James and Mr. McCarn. During our Junior class meeting, confidence was placed in Brenda Klutz as editor of " THE TIGER ROAR. " We are thankful to Mr. R. Brown McAllister for organizing a new Student Council Club, which proved to be a great success. Brenda Kluttz was elected Secretary and Kate Moose, Vice-President to help lead the student body. Our class marshals were: Coy Hudson, Chief; Brenda Morgan, Brenda Kluttz, and Kate Moose. During this year, we faced one of the gravest blows ever to befall our class-the loss of one of our most beloved classmates. Brenda Lowder died, leaving us to carry on with the void her departure left us. As seniors, we set to work making our last year one long to be remembered in the annuals of Mount Pleasant High Sdhool. Woody Foil was elected President of the class with Coy Hudson, Vice-President; Mary Snideer, Secretary; Joyce Burris, Treasurer; and Brenda Morgan, Reporter. The newly organized " Math Club " aroused a great deal of interest and our own Benny Black was elected to lead the club through its first year. The newly organized " Debonnairs, " a selective group of sixteen promising girls contained one of our seniors — Deanna McClellan. On the basis of dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism, Martha Brock was chosen to receive the D. A. R. Citizenship Award. For their loyalty and hard work as members of our band, Brenda Kluttz and Richard Lanier were elected to receive the outstanding Bandsman ' s Award. The girls selected as sponsors of the football team ' s homecoming game were Kate Moose, Mary Snider, Ginny Anthony, Gail Baucom and Mary Lou Eberhardt. From this list of sponsors, Kate Moose was elected by the student body to rein as queen over the homecoming festivities. Rachel Harkey received the deserving title of Miss Hi Miss. We also had a good selection of cheerleaders during the four years. They were as follows: Ginny Anthony, Gail Baucom, Shirley Burris, and Patricia Moose. Our football team won the Granite Belt Championship for the second consecutive year, with Tom Beatty and Jimmy Barrier winning all conference. We take great pride in being the class of 1962. We are proud because we know we have done our best. We would like to acknowledge our teachers for their tolerance, understanding, and diligent teachings. Especially we would like to thank our advisors; they were invlauable to us in many ways. We have come to the end that we have been looking forward to so eagerly; now it is here, one of the saddest moments of our lives-graduation from Mount Pleasant High School. But this isn ' t the end-not for us, not really. We will always be together in all the tomorrows that God sends our way-together forever in memories. KATE MOOSE Historian 128 wm and ament VIRGINIA ANTHONY leaves her position as Chief Cheerleader to Reba and Joyce, in hopes that they can keep the halls cluttered with posters JERRY AUTEN leaves his ability to get out of class to anyone that ' s smart enough to do it. MIKE BARNHARDT leaves to Bill Smith bus number 25. " Heaven help him! " SUE BARNHARDT leaves her school days to her sister Willie, and her books to anyone who will have them. WILLIAM BARNHARDT leaves his bus, number 18, to any poor soul that gets it. JIMMY BARRIER leaves his co-captain position of the football team to David Lockhardt. GAILE BAUCOM leaves her superlative, Best School Spirit, to either Reba or Joyce. TOM BEATTY leaves his dirty britches from bricklaying to any industrious farmer who needs them for fertilizer. GRADY BENTON leaves his hard times in English to anyone who can ' t do better. BENNY BLACK leaves his bus to Alvin Hill and hopes he will be able to put up with it. ELAINE BLACKWELDER leaves her English and Shorthand books to anyone who dares to use them. AUBREY BOGER leaves his bus to Terry Sifford. CAROL BOST leaves her position in the ice cream store to her sister, Gayle. RAYMOND BOWERS leaves his English book to Robert (Whistle) Whitley and hopes that he will do better. MARTHA BROCK leaves her editorship of the " Tiger Print " to Sybil Crayton and Judy Snider hoping they will cherish it just as much. JOYCE BURRIS leaves her superlative, Most Likely to Succeed, to Connie Wensil. SHIRLEY BURRIS leaves her superlative, Best Looking, to her sister Ruth. EDDIE CARTER leaves his English book to anyone in English III. TABITHA COCHRAN leaves her position as basketball manager to anyone stupid enough to want it! GAIL COOK leaves happily for who knows where. JOE DONAHUE leaves his seat in Chemistry to anyone who can hold it down. MARY LOU EBERHARDT leaves her superlative, Neatest, to her sister Tamara. DON EUDY leaves his position on third base to anyone who can take care of the " hot spot. " H. D. EUDY leaves his bricklaying trial to Mike Furr. WOODY FOIL leaves to Dave Tarlton his superlative, Neatest. FREDDY HAMMILL leaves his ability to go home at lunch to anyone who can get past Mr. McCarn ' s window. WAYNE HAMMILL leaves his English book and seat to anyone who is lucky enough to get it. MIKE HARKEY leaves his English book to John Hamm ill. RACHEL HARKEY leaves her position as President of the Student Council to. Etta Hopkins. ILEASE HOUSER leaves all her good times at Mount Pleasant High School to her sister Judy. COY HUDSON leaves his position as assistant editor of the annual to Dianne Yorke. ANN KIRK leaves all her good times to her sister Betty. BRENDA KLUTTZ leaves her position as Editor-in-Chief of the TIGER ROAR to Joyce Smith. MIKE KLUTTZ leaves his serious year of happiness to Ronnie Barrier. ROSA KLUTTZ leaves period! FRED KRIMMINGER leaves his bad reputation here at Mount to Lane Corl, and his hard disposition to Tamara Scott. RICHARD LANIER leaves his base drum to Larry Heintz and the school with pleasure. GWYN LITAKER leaves his basketball uniform and his position as co-captain to Dennis Swygert. MARY ALICE LYERLY leaves her straight A ' s on conduct during her school years to David Talley. DEANNA McCLELLAN leaves her ability to make friends to Donna Cox. TOMMY McCLELLAN leaves his nickname, " Rocky, " to Fred Black, if he can live it down. KATE MOOSE leaves her all A ' s to Barry. PAT MOOSE leaves all her fun in high school to her sister Dianna, and especially her seat in English IV. BRENDA MORGAN leaves her superlative, Wittiest, to her brother Rod. MARIE PAGE leaves her English IV book to some lucky Junior and her A ' s on conduct to anyone who needs them. AARON PARKER leaves his seat in English to the person who is ignorant enough to hold it down. CAROLYN PETREA leaves her English IV book and locker 29 to any Junior who is willing to work to keep them up. DAVID PETREA leaves the many good times he has had in high school to Troy Miller. SHIRLEY PETREA leaves all her cherished memories at Mount Pleasant High School to Carol Alexander. EVELYN PLESS leaves her A ' s on conduct to anyone who needs them. LARRY RICHARDS leaves his ability to talk in the library to anyone who wants it. PEGGY ROSS leaves her A on conduct and her good times in Home Economics to her cousin Judy Ballard. JUNE SEHORN leaves her good times, in high school to her sister Jo Anne. PAUL SHIPTON leaves all his books to his sister Ann Marie. ALLEN SHOE leaves his seat in English to anyone crazy enough to take it, and his seat in Miss Sharpe ' s 3rd period study hall to Jerry Williams RICHARD SHOEMAKER leaves his ability to chew gum in the library to Reggie Lambert. BRENDA SMITH leaves her ability to finish school before getting married to Carolyn Plott— she ' ll need it. MARY SNIDER leaves her superlative, Friendliest to her sister Judy. VIRGINIA STANCIL leaves the problems she has encountered here to her sister in the hopes that she may profit by them. LINDA SUTHER leaves her superlative, Most Athletic, to Suzanne McCarn. LANNIE TUCKER leaves all her A ' s on conduct to anyone that needs them. RAY VANDERBURG leaves his position at right tackle to Butch Medlin. LOIS WAGONER leaves her place in each classroom to Frances Fink, and her locker 75 to Annie Lee Whitley. JERRY WALTER leaves all his hard luck to anyone that wants it. BARBARA WETTER leaves all her good times to Joyce Wetter. PATRICIA WILHOIT leaves all her good times at M. P. H. S. to Brenda Tucker. JO ANN YORKE leaves all the wonderful times she has had in high school to her sister Alice Mae Yorke. 129 Se t£or St atiAticA VIRGINIA LEE ANTHONY Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Booster Club 1, 2; Commercial Club 3; Student Council 3; Class Reporter 3; Cheerleader 3,4, Chief Cheerleader 4; Monogram Club 4; Social Club 4; Homecoming Attendent 4; Annual Staff Typist 4. JERRY WAYNE AUTEN Booster Club 1,2; Monogram Club 3,4; Glee Club 1; Football 2, 3, 4; Bus Driver 3, 4; Baseball 4. ROBERT MICHAEL BARNHARDT Booster Club 1; Photography Club 2, Program Chairman 2; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4; Social Club 3, 4; Band 1, 2. JANET SUE BARNHARDT Social Club 3,4; Booster Club 2; F. H. A. Club 1; Photo- graphy 2. WILLIAM FRANKLIN BARNHARDT Photography Club 1; Science Club 2, 3; Hobby Club 3; Bus Driver 3, 4. JAMES HENRY BARRIER Football 1,2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 3, 4; Track Team 2; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. Club 1 , 2, 3, 4, T reasurer 4; Glee Club 2, 3; Monitor 4; Annual Staff 4; Projectionist 3; Superlative 4. EDNA GAILE BAUCOM Booster Club 1,2; Glee Club 3; Social Club 3,4; Future Teachers Club 4; Bus Patrol 3, 4; Office Page 2, 3; Cheer- leader 4; Homecoming Attendent 4; Superlative 4. TOMMY LITTLE BEATTY F. F. A. Club 1;J. V. Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; Football 1,2, 3, 4, Co -Captain 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football All-Conference 2,3,4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; Track Team 2, 3; Class Vice-President 3; Student Council 3; Bricklaying President 4; Social Club 4; Glee Club 2; Superlative 4; Basketball Co- Captain 4; Baseball Co-Captain 4. GRADY JOHNSON BENTON Social Club4;F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2. BEN BURLESON BLACK, JR. F. F. A. Club 1,2,3, 4 } Vice-President 4; Social Club 3; Bus Driver 3, 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Office Page 3, 4; Booster Club 1; Projectionist 2; Math Club 4, President 4. JULIA ELAINE BLACKWELDER Glee Club 1,2; Booster Club 1,2; Commercial Club 3,4; Library Club 3, 4, Secretary 3; Library Assistant 3, 4. OTIS AUBREY BOGER, JR. Booster Club 1; F. F. A. Club 1,2, 3,4, Secretary 4; Social Club 3; Bus Driver 3, 4; Projectionist 3, 4; Superlative 4. MARGARET CAROL BOST Glee Club 1; F. H. A. 1; Photography Club 2; Bible Club 3; Commercial Club 3,4; Future Teachers Club 3. MARTHA ANN BROCK F.H.A. Club 1; Booster Club 1; Glee Club 1,2,3; Future Teachers Club 3, Historian 3; Science Club 2,3,4, Secre- tary 2, Lab Manager 3, President 4; Bible Club 4, Vice- President 4; Office Page 3, 4; Commercial Club 3, 4, As- sistant Editor 3, Editor 4; Annual Staff 4; Superlative 4; D. A. R. Citizenship Award 4. JOYCE IRENE BURRIS Booster Club 1 ; Photography Club 2; Future Teachers Club 3; Commercial Club 3,4; Superlative 4; Class Treasurer 4. SHIRLEY LEE BURRIS Booster Club 1 ; F. H. A. Club l;Glee Club 2; Commercial Club 3, 4; Office Page 4; Superlative 4; Daisy Mae 4. TABITHA JEAN COCHRAN Soci al Club 2, 3; Booster Club 1; Commercial Club 3; Future T eachers Club 4; Glee Club 2; F. H. A. Club 1; Basketball Manager 4. LINDA GAIL COOK F.H.A. Club 1; Booster Club 1; Glee Club 3; Bus Patrol 2, 3, 4; Social Club 3, 4; Future Teachers Club 4; Library Club 4, Library Assistant 4; Bible Club 3, Vice-President 3; Photography Club 3, Reporter 3; Corridor Monitor 3. JOSEPH JOHN DONOHUE Science Club 2,3,4, T r e a s u r e r 4; Hobby Club 3; Bus Driver 2, 3. MARY LOU EBERHARDT Booster Club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Social Club 3,4; Library Club 3,4; Future Teachers Club 4, Treasurer 4; Student Council 4; Superlative 4. 130 Senior Statistic A DONALD LEE EUDY Monogram Club 2,3,4; J.V. Basketball 1, Varsity Basket- ball 2, 3, 4; Social Club 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Gymnastics Club 1; Baseball Co-Captain 4. HENRY DAVIS EUDY Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; MonogramClub 2, 3,4; Superlative 4; Bricklaying Treasurer 4. BRENDA RUTH KLUTTZ Booster Club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2, Pianist 2; F.H. A. Club 1,2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Parliamentarian 3, Treasurer 4; Home Economics Award 2; Future Teachers Club 3, 4; Beta Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3, Secretary 3; Social Club 4; Band 4; Lettergirl 4; Outstanding Bandsman Award 4; Tribune Correspondent 3; Class President 3; Homeroom Officer 2, 3; Office Page 1, 3, 4; Monitor 4; Marshal 1, 2, 3; TIGER ROAR Editor 4. HORACE EL WOOD FOIL, JR. Class President 2,4; Booster Club 1,2; Monogram Club 3,4; Student Council 3; Monitor 4; Office Page 4; Superla- tive 4; Baseball 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. FRED LEO HAMMILL, JR. F. F. A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track Team 2, 3; Projectionist 1, 2; Superlative 4. EDWARD MICHAEL KLUTTZ Social Club 3, 4; F. F. A. Club 1,2, 3, 4; Bus Driver 2, 3; Projectionist 3; Superlative 4. ROSA MAE KLUTTZ F.H. A. Club 1,2; Glee Club 1; Dramatic Club 1; Library Assistant 2, Library Club 2; Photography Club 2; J. V. Basketball 1,2; Commercial Club 3,4; Bible Club 3; Office Page 4; Future Teachers Club 3, 4. CHARLES WAYNE HAMMILL Social Club 3,4; F. F. A. Club 1,2,3, 4; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 2, 3. MICHAEL DOUGLAS HARKEY F. F.A. Club 2, 3; S o c i a 1 C 1 u b 3, 4, Vice-President 4; F. F. A. Sentinel 4. RACHEL DIANNE HARKEY Booster Club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2; Social Club 3,4, Secre- tary, Treasurer 3; Library 3,4, President 3, Vice-President 4; F.H. A. Club 1,2, 3, 4, Song Leader 2, Vice-President 3, President 4; Class Treasurer 3; Miss Hi Miss 4; Student Council 4, President 4. CANDISE ILEASE HOUSER F.H. A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Photography Club 1,2; Cafeteria Assistant 2, 3, 4; Office Page 4; Glee Club 1,4; Bible Club 4. COY LYNN HUDSON Booster Club 1; Beta Club 2,3,4; F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4, .President 4; Social Club 3; Bus Driver 3, 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Monitor 4; Projectionist 3; Superlative 4; Mr. Senior 4; Class Secretary 3; Class Vice-President 4; Assistant Annual Editor 4; Marshal 1, 2, 3, Chief 3. ELIZABETH ANN KIRK Booster Club 1, 3; Future Teachers Club 3,4; Glee Club 3; Library Assistant 2, Library Club 2; Photography Club 2; Commercial Club 4; Bible Club 3; Office Page 4; Corridor Monitor 3. FRED WILLIAM KRIMMINGER Bus Driver 2, 3; Social Club 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. Club 2, 3, 4. JAMES RICHARD LANIER Lab Assistant 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Manager 3, 4; Out- standing Bandsman Award 4; Dramatics Club 1 ; Social Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 2, 3, 4, Lab Manager 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 3. ROBERT GWYN LITAKER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Booster Club 1; Social Club 2; Student Council 4; Superla- tive 4; Annual Staff 4. MARY ALICE LYERLY F.H. A. Club 1,2, 3, 4, Parliamentarian 4; Commercial Club 4; Bible Club 4; Office Page 4; Most Courteous Student 3. NANCY KATE MOOSE Glee Club 1; Dramatic Club l;Bus Patrol 1,2, 3,4; F. H. A. Club 2,3,4, Secretary 3, F.H. A. Award 3; Student Council 3, Vice-President 3; Class Secretary 2; Commercial Club 4; Monitor 4; Homecoming Queen 4; Superlative 4; Office Page 4; Marshal 2, 3; Class Historian 4. BRENDA KAY MORGAN Booster Club 1; Social Club 2; Bible Club 3, Reporter 3; Student Council 3, 4; F.F.A. Club 3,4, Secretary 4; American History Award 3; Marshal 3; Class Reporter 4; Monitor 4; Office Page 3, 4; Superlative 4. 131 enter Stati6t les MARJORIE DEANNA McCLELLAN Social Club 4; Debonaires 4; Bible Club 2; Dramatics Club 1,2,3; Glee Club- 1,2, Secretary, Treasurer 2; F. H. A. Club 1, 2, 3. THOMAS LOCKE McCLELLAN Gymnastics Club 1 ; Science Club 2; Social Club 3,4; Foot- ball 1,3; J. V. Basketball 1,2, Varsity Basketball 3; Bus Driver 4; Glee Club 2, 3. MILDRED MARIE PAGE Glee Club 1,2; Booster Club 1,2; Library Club 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Commercial Club 3, 4; Library Assistant 3,4. WILLIAM AARON PARKER Bus Driver 3,4; Social Club 2,3,4;F. F. A. 1,2, 3, 4, Crops Team 1,2, 3,4, Tool Team 1,2, Dairy Judging 3; Activity Bus Driver 4. CAROLYN ARIE PETREA Band 1; Booster Club 1,2; Social Club 3,4; Glee Club 3; Office Page 2; Campaign Manager 2; Bus Patrol 3,4; Future Teachers Club 4. DAVID VYRON PETREA Gymnastics Club 1; Monogram 1; Social Club 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. Club 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Band 1 . SHIRLEY ANN PETREA Booster Club 1 ; Social Club 2; Bus Patrol 3; Basketball Manager 4; Glee Club 1; Commercial Club 3,4. EVELYN JOAN PLESS Booster Club 1; Bible Club 4; Photography Club 2. LARRY JAMES RICHARDS Science Club 2; Social Club 2. BRENDA KAY SMITH Lettergirl 1; F. H. A. Club 1; Booster Club 2, Secretary 2; Social Club 3; Future Teachers Club 3,4; Bible Club 4, Secretary 4; Commercial Club 4, Business Manager 4; Basketball Manager 3, 4, MARY RUTH SNIDER Glee Club 1 ; Booster Club 2; Class Vice-President 2; Library Club 3, Vice-President 3; Monogram Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; Commercial Club 3; Bible Club 4; Social Club 4; Cafeteria Cashier 3,4; Class Secretary 4; Basketball 1, 2, 4; Homecoming Attendant 4. VIRGINIA LEIGH TUCKER STANCIL Booster Club 1; Social Club 2, 3; Glee Club 3; Student Council 3; Future Teachers Club 3,4; Bible 4; Commercial Club 4. LINDA KAY SUTHER F. H. A. Club 1,2, Historian 2; Booster Club 1,2; Photo- graphy Club 1; Office Page 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4; Student Council 3; Superlative 4; Social Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Monitor 4; J.V. Basketball 1, Captain l;Bus Patrol 3, 4; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co J Captain 4. LANNIE RUTH TUCKER Photography Club 2; Social Club 3; Office Page 3; Com- mercial Club 4; School Store 4. JOE RAY VANDERBURG Booster Club 3; Bible Club 3; Football 3,4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. LOIS FAYE WAGONER Commercial Club 2, 3; Social Club 4. PEGGY ANN ROSS Photography Club 2; Social Club 3; L i b r a ry C 1 u b 3, 4, Library Assistant 3, 4. JUNE RENEE SEHORN Library Assistant 2; Booster Club 2; Glee Club 3; Social Club 3, 4; Annual Staff Typist 4. PAUL LOUIS SHIPTON Football 1; Band Manager 4; Hobby Club 4. CLIFFORD ALLEN SHUE, JR. Gymnastics Club 1; Booster Club 3. RICHARD WAYNE SHOEMAKER Gymnastics Club 1; Bible Club 3,4. JERRY COLUMBUS WALTER F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4. BARBARA ANN WETTER Future Teachers Club 3,4; F. H. A. 1,2; Social Club 3; Photography Club 2; Commercial Club 4; Office Page 4; Corridor Monitor 3. PATRICIA KAY WILHOIT F. H. A. 1,2, 3,4; Bible Club 4; Office Page 4; Commercial Club 4. JO ANN YORKE F.H. A. Club 1,2, 3; Booster Club 1; Social Club 3; Bible Club 4; Future Teachers Club 4. 132 Jn oA p predation We, the 1962 Annual Staff, wish to pay recognition to the following people: Our advisors, Miss Stacey and Miss Lathem, for their advice and helpfulness Our principal, Mr. McCarn, for his unfailing understanding and support Our photographer, Mr. Cohen, for his patience and good humor Our English teacher, Mr. Shue, for his " much- needed " advice, and Everyone who helped to make our task an easier one. We, the Annual Staff of the 1962 " TIGER ROAR, " feel that with all the experiences we ' ve encountered while compiling this annual, we could, with no difficulty whatsoever, write a prize winning novel. Although the chances of our actually recording these experiences are very slim, they will forever be a cherished memory of our " never-to-be-forgotten " senior year. As we, in later years, look back through the pages of this annual, we ' ll think of. . . all the early morning hours we kept. . . that night at Linda ' s house . . .the layout of the sports section and the baseball " duel " between Don and Gwyn. . . Woody ' s sincerity. . . the argument over the cover. . . Jimmy ' s " birds " . . . Gwyn and Jimmy ' s " tiger " . . . Ray and Jimmy ' s football and Linda and Gwyn ' s basketball. . . All the night ' s at Brenda ' s house. . . the days in the " speech " room. .. Ginny and June ' s ty p i n g. .. Ray ' s big mouth. .. Martha ' s suggestions. . .Coy ' s unfailing peace of mind. . .The night before the annual went to press. . . But, most of all, we ' ll remember each other and the experiences we ' ve shared together. This annual may not be the best one ever compiled at this school, but we are certain that it is one of the best examples of teamwork ever displayed here at Mount Pleasant; no one person on this staff was responsible for more work than any other person. Yes, as we look back through the 1962 " TIGER ROAR, " we ' ll remember each other most of all. DON, WOODY, RAY, GWYN, LINDA, MARTHA, GINNY, JUNE, JIMMY, COY, and BRENDA 133 Advertisements " It is my joy in life to find At every turning of the road The strong arm of a comrade kind To help me onward with my load. " Realizing that our load was made lighter by the advertisers, we call attention to these patrons who believed in our endeavors and assisted us with our load. To reciprocate, we are invited to avail ourselves of their merchandise and services, and place the same con- fidence in them. AUSTIN BROTHER S TIRE STORE Recapping Passenger and Truck Tires New Tires - Passenger - Truck and Tractor Tires Distributors of Delco Batteries - All Types Seat Covers Auto Accessories Check Our Prices Before You Buy 136 1 C : e I K Y FARMS Biltmore Dairy Products CHUB KLUTTZ DISTRIBUTOR Phone HE 6-2241 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 137 138 KINDLEY COTTON MILLS Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 139 140 PENN-CAROL HOSIERY MILLS, INC. 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Pleasan t Milling Company Quality Products Since 1900 Phone HE 6-3481 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina What-A-Burger Drive-In Number 1 North Cannon Blvd. Number 5 South Cannon Blvd. 144 Hartsell Funeral Homes, Inc. 22 West Corban Street Concord, North Carolina Albermarle Midland YU 2-2233 TU 8-5571 Concord ST 2-7122 To the graduating Class COKE PUTS YOU AT YOUR SPARKLING BEST! Coca-Cola Bottling Company CONCORD Compl i ments of Sealtest Foods Albemarle, North Carolina Compl iments of Imperial Court Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 145 STATE CAPITAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. H.E. HALL FURNITURE CO. Agent, Roy L. Branch Home of Friendly Service " Help you Plan Your Future " Phone St 2-2113 Phone Office: Yu -2 -391 6 Resident: Yu -2 -4571 16 West Depot Street Concord, North Carol ina Compl iments of SANITARY BARBER SHOP Rockwel I North Carolina LENTZ AND CRESS Plumbing and Heating Contractors " All Kinds of Repair Work " Phone ST 2-9221 Route 3 Box 72 Concord, North Carolina ASPHALT DRIVEWAYS, INC. 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Union St. Phone St 2-4168 Phone ST 2-4191 KALE-LAWING COMPANY " Complete Office Outfitters " School Supply Headquarters Phone 78-2-4183 21 North Union Street Concord, North Carolina BARRINGER ' S GROCERY CRAYTON ' S GARAGE All Types of Groceries and Meats Specializing In Automatic Transmission Phone HE 6-321 1 General Repairing and Auto Parts Phone HE 6-4221 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Terms: Net Cash Location: Near High School New and Used Volkswagens McCLAMROCK SHUFORD INSURANCE AGENCY VOLKSWAGEN SERVICE MUTUAL INSURANCE Jake McClamrock, Owner Phone St 2-41 48 Phone State 2-7363 1 1 East Depot St . 1 1 9 Cannon Street Concord, North Carol ina Concord, North Carolina FOIL HARDWARE Your Phil co Dealer HARTSELL FUNERAL HOMES, INC. 2 Way Radio Phone He 6-3551 Albemarle YU 2-2233 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Midland TU 8-5571 Concord ST 2-7122 147 Compl i ments of JOHN HERIN PRESLAR ' S JEWELRY Your Keepsake Diamond Dealer Dependable Jewelers Since 1909 79 South Un ion Street Concord, North Carol ina PENINGER Funeral Home Phone HE 6-3581 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina BARRINGER ' S SERVICE STATION Mount Pleasant, North Carolina EAGLE ' S RED WHITE SUPERMARKET Shop Right Stop Red White BARRINGER MOTOR CO. 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CLOTHING COMPANY 8 West Depot Street Concord, North Carolina HOWARD ELECTRIC COMPANY Electrical Contractor 101 Davidson Drive Clothing For The Young Man P.O. Box 546 HOOVER ' S STAG SHOP Phone ST 2-7022 Concord, North Carol ina Concord, North Carolina W. H. LEONARD SON JEWELERS Diamond Specialists Concord, North Carolina Compl i ments of THE VILLAGE QUEEN Wi 1 1 is Vi I lage Concord, NorYh Carol ina Compliments of THE TOWEL SHOP 736 Cannon Boulevard BILL WIDENHOUSE WELDING SERVICE Concord, North Carol ina 259 North, Hwy. 29 Sheets, Towels, Hose Phone ST 2-5221 Compliments of HIGHWAY HARDWARE Compl iments of CLOTHING STORE EARLS TIRE STORE Highway 29 Wi 1 -Mar Park Phone ST 2-2766 Concord, North Carolina Concord, North Carol ina 151 Compl iments of RIMERTOWN GROCERY Owners Thomas L. Beeker G. L. Sifford Phone ST 2-7208 Rimertown, North Carol ina Compl iments of E.B. STONE FINANCE COMPANY Albemarle, North Carol ina Compl iments of DAIRY QUEEN Concord, North Carolina BAUCOM BROS. Home Furnishings, Inc. Phone ST 2-5222 255 Highway 29, North Concord, North Carolina MARTIN ' S DRIVE-IN Delicious Sandwiches 905 N . Church St . Concord, North Carolina TROPICAL FISH AQUARIUM Equipment and Supplies Highway 29 - Dial ST 2-2767 Concord, North Carol ina HOWARD BROS. FLOOR COVERING CO. Phone ST 2-2713 338 North Church St. Concord, North Carol ina ALEXANDER ' S FLOWER SHOP Phone HE 6-3891 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina HIPP-McBRIDE COMPANY " Your Local Specialist in Sports " Phone ST 2-3514 16 East Depot Street Concord, North Carolina Comp l iments of Ed Lefler - Sales Manager CONCORD FORD COMPANY Phone ST 2-3121 152 MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACY " Cabarrus County ' s Only Professional Pharmacy " Concord, North Carolina YORKE WADSWORTH South Church Street Concord, North Carolina ECONOMY FINANCE COMPANY, INC. Compl iments of Auto Loans Financing Re-financing WILLIAM ' S CLEANERS P. O. 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Box 1 260 Concord, North Carolina Compl i ments of MR. D. RAY McEACHERN Clerk of Superior Court COOK ' S PACKING PLANT Pork and Beef Packers Concord, North Carolina GREEN HILL DAIRY FARM Breeders of Pure Guernsey and Holstein Cattle Phone HE 6-3182 Route 1 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina BARNHARDT ' S SELF SERVICE Dial HE 6-4362 Route 1, Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 159 WHITLEY ' S FUNERAL HOME WEbster 3-2222 314 S. Main Kannapolis, North Carolina HOLDING BROS. , INC. Fuel Oil Kerosene STate 2-7322 Near Depot Concord, North Carolina PIEDMONT CHEVROLET Sales and Service Where Friend Meets Friend CRAFTSMEN FINISHERS, INC. 108 W. Buffalo D hone ST 2-4104 A. W. Moo se Drug Company Phone HE 6-2311 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 160 mt

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