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ilWiRPI Higps MM iBf « , ' jt? w;ms : k : ' S wmrAmz e I r v i; w Ip BllllfP $|| jj» , ]);’0’ ‘ ' . pj ' ki 7i ' This Is Your I960 Passport Around The World Of MPHS In 180 Days Mount Pleasant High School Mount Pleasant, North Carolina DORIS PLOTT Editor-in-Chief ANNE VANDERBURG Assistant Editor SUE BOGER Assistant Editor Cabarrus County Volume XIII Foreword This is a record of our last secure years. A record of the years when care rested lightly on our shoulders and of a time when decisions were made for us by our parents and our teachers. Soon we shall be responsible for our own decisions and it is our hope that the way we make them will help to make succeeding years more secure for those who follow us at Mount Pleasant High. In years to come, years that will show miracles beyond our wildest dreams, we shall look within this book and relive the years when life was simple and carefree. Whatever the future may bring, we shall always cherish our days at Mount Pleasant and leave this printed record as proof to those who come after us. 2 Travel Folder Rewarding World Of ADMINISTRATION Marvelous World Of LEARNING Active World Of SPORTS Enriching World Of ACTIVITIES Wonderful World Of FAME Exciting World Of COMMERCE 3 3083 00562 2466 " Let ' s be quiet in the back! " (first period) Dedication For your interest in e ach student, your devotion to your profession, and your helpful- ness at all times, we shall always remember you as our ideal teacher. Your sweet smile, and friendliness, have made even our darker moments seem not so dark. Your compassion foryour fellowman will serve as an inspiration to us throughout our lives. For these reasons, we, the senior class, dedicate thisthe 1960 TIGER ROAR to you. . . MRS. NANCY BOST " Carol, this is a wonderful biology note- book! " (fifth period) " Now, you must remember what Joseph Lister did! " (second period) " Today we are going to see filmstrips. " (third period) " Class, you will be responsible for knowing the chemicals and their reactions. " (fourth period) " I must give this some HO. " (sixth period) 4 5 Annual Sue Boger, Assistant Editor; Doris Plott, Editor-in-Chief; Anne Vanderburg, Assistant Editor. MRS. MADGE PLESS Advisor MRS. IRA JANE RAY Advisor 6 Staff Barbara Ridenhour, Advertising Manager; Linda Litaker, Assistant Advertising Manager. Kenneth Moser, Assistant Sports Editor; Charles Aldridge, Sports Editor. Gail Earnhardt, Assistant Business Manager; Luther Barrier, Business Manager. Dianne Cox, Nancy Peninger, Betty Treece, Jim Stoner, Typists. c y 1 he location oj ljou i loci i . . . wtie ie we dpeeutl mod, oj om time, . . . ... 9 k them we neceioe the t iaiMncj, that will he do helpful in 044 1 tate i • We enjoy playmy in 044 i laziqe (flfMIMaAiUM ' me A in the (Xi teAui We cm Dn tUa (M IsmaLImc we necewed the jpundxdion jpA qua UicfU 4chml qeaAi. (finite pAQud oj qua atiAaetwe jj ce. Ue OAfiAiCuttuAai, oommeAcial, and home economic depa itmenti pAepcm ni Jjqa Special mcatMuA. lj(H4A Hd i becfmb at 2:15 A. M. wtien ipu a i um at ClaAAei he fln at 2 ' 30 dUa up !!! ■) 10 hhe bell ninc i and thene hi a mad ; iuih to cfet to the neat clan. UJilt that lunch bell euefr nincj,? J orne chooie to ipgvud theiA dudbf kalli the IAao u . m 91 you don ' t ku iAty you wont (jet a deed! At leudt 6tk period a i iiueA- . . . Jl tj! ! ! IdJliene did euefupne CjO? Zoe ufone deenvi to he dooo d ioutUj dn uncj 5tk pemd. Your Passport Takes You Into The Rewarding World Of ADMINISTRATION Qu i Principal. . . Ml. -H.eAteA l U. McQa m University of North Carolina B. Social Studies nd Government M. A. jpalachian State eachers College Oua local School Hoa id DR. A. L, BARRINGER, Chairman; FLOYD MOOSE. Standing: ARCHIE CLINE, JACK BARRIER, C. LIPE BARRIER. MISS ETHEL MURRAY A. B. Duke, A. M. Duke B. S. in Library Science at Columbia University MISS RUTH JAMES B. S. Salem College Home Economics MR. M. R. McLEOD B. S. , A.C. State College Agriculture MR. R. BROWN McALLISTER A. B. Lenoir Rhyne College Graduate Work University of North Carolina LL. D. Lenoir Rhyne College MR. RALPH PLATTE A. B. Catawba College Guidance Counselor Social Studies Faculty Teachers don ' t work all the time. 16 MR. MORGAN WALKER B. S. in Physical Education Pfeiffer College MISS CAROL FOSTER B.S. in English and Social Studies Appalachian State Teachers College MRS. NANCY BOST A. B. Science Meredith College MR. ARDEN RAY A.B. Lenoir Rhyne College Physical Education, Mathematics They need that for strength! MR. FRANK BROWN Science 17 MR. J.G. WOMBLE Appalachian State Teachers College Mars Hill College University of North Carolina Davidson College MRS. MADGE PLESS A.B. Winthrop College English, Spanish MR. DONALD CARTER B. S. in Physical Education and Hist ory •Lenoir Rhyne College Faculty What ' s so funny? MRS. IRA JANE RAY B. S. Appalachian State Teachers College Commercial MISS ROSA JAMES A. B. Salem College Social Studies, English MR. WAYNE WOODWARD Bible 18 Your Passport invites you to enter the Marvelous World of LEARNING ite ■■ Return tyumitei MaAcoti JOY ALDRIDGE and RANDY HELMS GIgMs Moth We finish to begin. 20 I £mi i Oj JiaM BETTY BOST Vice President BETTY TREECE Secretary KENNETH MOSER President CHARLES ALDRIDGE Treasurer AduiWli MRS. IRA JANE RAY MRS. MADGE PLESS 21 CHARLES HERMAN ALDRIDGE " George " " It matters not so much in the end whether I won or lost, but how I played the game. " DONALD CRAVEN ALMOND " Don " " He was the mildest mannered man. " PEGGY JO BARBEE " Peggy " " Be careful how you live. You may be the only Bible some people ever read. " £e u ii TRACY BARBEE " Tracy " " Everyone is the son of his own works. " ARCHIBALD LEE BARNHARDT " Archie " " The greatest bridge between despair and hope is a good night ' s sleep. " 22 EARL EUGENE BARNHARDT " Nook " " Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you. " TOMMY EUGENE BARNHARDT " Tommy " " Gene " " No need to worry. " LUTHER EDWARD BARRIER " Luther " " Silence is for the Saints — I am only human. " MARY FRANCES BENTON " Mary " " I believe in the end truth will conquer. " BOBBY DAVID BLACK " David " " He who has ability finds his place. " 23 DAVID ATLAS BOGER " David " " When you have nothing to say, don ' t say it. " SUE VERNINA BOGER " Sue " " Who says there are no red- headed angels? " ELIZABETH ANN BOST " Betty " " She ' s funny, she ' s jolly, we love her, by golly. " KAY FRANCES BYRD " Kay " " Some think the world was made for fun and frolic — and so do I. " JERRY ARNOLD CAUBLE " Jerry " " Life is what you make it. " 24 REECE EDWARD COOK, JR. " Sonny " " About the best and finest thing in this world is laughter. " WILMA DIANNE COX " Dianne " " Youth comes but once in a lifetime . " DELANDA IRENE DENNIS " Delanda " " Kindness and laughter carry you far in one year. " VETRA LOUISE DRYE " Vetra " " Thou quiet lass, but few know the treasures hid in thee. " VIRGINIA GAIL EARNHARDT " Gail " " Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. " 25 ALICE LOUISE EUDY " Alice " " It isn ' t what we have but what we are that makes life worth living. " ARCHIE LEONARD EUDY " Archie " " What could I be but what I am. " MARY FRANCES FINK " Cookie " " A kind heart is worth all the world. " c %eni ii KENNETH WAYNE GANDY " Wayne " " A laugh is worth one hundred groans in any market. " ABBY COLLEEN HAHN " Abby " " If it doesn ' t help someone, it isn ' t worth doing. " 26 CLETUS WILTON HAHN, JR. " Cletus " " Always cool. " EDDIE OLIVER HATLEY " Eddie " " The way to have a friend is to be one . " LARRY JOE HEINTZ " Larry " " Better to break than to bow. " LARRY EARL KLUTTZ " Larry " " Speech is great but silence is greater. " PATRICIA DELORES HONEYCUTT " Pat " ' " The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good. " 27 BETTY LEONA KRIMMINGER " Betty " " Be good to yourself, have a lot of fun, and be a happy one. " LARRY EUGENE LAMBERT " Larry " " An upright man can never be a downright failure. " ROSE ELAINE LAMBERT " Elaine " " Be a star in someone ' s sky. " ANN HARRISON LANIER " Ann " " Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. " LARRY MAYNARD LEWIS " Larry " " Never worry, never fear Robin Hood will soon be here. " 28 LINDA SUE LITAKER " Linda " " Live, love, and be happy. " NANCY CAROLYN LITTLE " Carolyn " " I hear, yet I say not much, and think all the more. " GWYNN CYNTHIA LOWDER " Gwynn " " The world ' s no better if we worry; life is no longer if we hurry. " ROY LEE McRORIE " Roy Lee " " I haven ' t begun to -dig deep; I have only scratched the sur- face. " MATILDA ROSE MISENHEIMER " Tillie " " Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. " 29 ROBERT BERNARD MOOREHEAD " Bernie " " I will find a way, or make one. " FRANCES CORINA MOOSE " Frances " " Kind words cost little and are worth much. " KENNETH ALLEN MOSER " Moe " " A good friend means more to me than a good time. " DORIS MARIE PLOTT " Doris " " The talent of success is no- thing more than doing what you can do well, and doing well whatever you do, with- out a thought of fame. " NANCY JANE PENINGER " Nancy " " Face each day with a smile. 30 LARRY HOWARD PLOTT " Larry " " Better late than never. " BARBARA JO RIDENHOUR " Barbara " " Like a fair lily on a river flowing. " JIMMY FRANKLIN RINEHARDT " Jimmy " " A quiet tongue makes a wise head. " £emwi TED M. L. RITCHIE " Ted " " Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. " SHELBY FAYE SHUE " Shelby " " My actions speak louder than my words. " I 31 TERRY EUGENE SCOTT " Terry " " Listen to everyone, then do as you please . " RICHARD WAYNE SIFFORD " Wayne " " Gib " " Live fast, die young, and have a good looking corpse. " FRANCES ELIZABETH SMITH " Frances " " To climb steep hills start with a slow pace. " LINDA SUE SNIDER " Linda " " Her air, her manners, all who saw admired. " JAMES EVERETTE STONER, JR. " Jim " " He is the best man who is timid in counsel but bold in action. " 32 i BETTY MARIE TREECE " Pee Wee " " ' Twas her thinking of others made you think of her. " DOROTHY ANNE VANDERBURG " Anne " " Pure thoughts, pure words, pure actions. " WESLEY LANE WAGNER " Wesley " ' The best is yet to come . 1 JAMES WAYNE WIDENHOUSE " Wayne " " As merry as the day is long. " 33 £eni bi fled All Anoueid GAIL EARNHARDT KENNETH MOSER Mod likely Aa fducceed DORIS PLOTT JIM STONER 34 Mod !)vdelleduai ANNE VANDERBURG LUTHER BARRIER Mod GoM iteoui LINDA LITAKER DON ALMOND 35 £enw. (led PeM(M ditq, BETTY BOST TERRY SCOTT Gided BARBARA RIDENHOUR WESLEY WAGNER heoiedt BETTY TREECE CHARLES ALDRIDGE BETTY KRIMMINGER LARRY PLOTT Mod Athletic 37 38 KAY BYRD WAYNE GANDY niiude MRS. IRA JANE RAY Because of your endless efforts to make our school paper such a successful publication, and for your pat- ience and helpfulness in guiding us through our senior year, we, the seniors, pay tribute to you— our friend and teacher— Mrs. Ira Jane Ray. 39 The History of the Senior Class of 1960 began in Charles Aldridge was elected President; Gail August, 1956. One hundred and nine ambitious Freshmen Earnhardt, Vice Pr e s i d e nt; Luther Barrier, Secretary; entered high school that year. The next four years of Anne Vanderburg, Treasurer; and Tillie Misenheimer, our lives were full of our ideals, goals, hopes, studies, Reporter. and school activities. Junior advisors were Mrs. Nancy Bost, Miss Rosa This year we elected as our class officers Gail James, and Mrs. Betty Cauble. Earnhardt, President ; Barbara Ridenhour, Vice President; Marshals were Anne Vanderburg, Doris Plott, Chief; Doris Plott, Secretary; and Kenneth Moser, Treasurer. Luther Barrier, and Betty Treece. The marshals for this yearwere Anne Vanderburg, In the autumn of 1959, we entered our last year of Luther Barrier, Gail Earnhardt, Ann Lanier, and Doris high school. Fifty-nine of us had finally reached our Plott . long awaited goal. Our class advisors were Miss Ruth James, Mr . Charles Our class officers were Kenneth Moser, President;. Harrill, and Mr. Harry Jenkins. Elizabeth Bost, Vice President; Betty Treece, Secretary; Class officers for our Sophomore year were Charles and Charles Aldridge, Treasurer. Aldridge, President; Gail Earnhardt, Vice President; Mrs. Ira Jane Ray, and Mrs. Madge Pless were our Doris Plott, Secretary; and Kenneth Moser, Treasurer. class advisors. The marshals for this year were Luther Barrier, Anne This Senior year has passed quickly. Measuring for Vanderburg, Sue Boger, and Doris Plott. caps and gowns, class parties, working on the annual, Mrs. Ira Jane Ray, Mrs. H.S. Leafe, and Mr. Charles going to Washington, D. C. , and the final march down Harrill were our advisors. the aisle in caps and gowns have left us with moments to A Christmas party was held at the Lion ' s hut. " White treasure for a lifetime. Elephant " gifts were exchanged with much amusement. The future is ahead of us, full of challenges, hopes, The year 1958 found seventy-five hopeful Juniors and ambitions. Only time will show how successfully enrolled at Mount Pleasant. This year found us excitingly we have met these challenges. measuring for class rings, selling magazines, and planning and carrying out the annual Junior-Senior banquet. ANN LANIER Class Historian 40 lait Will and CHARLES ALDRIDGE leaves his uniforms to some willing dim wit, his aggravating and meanness to Tom Beatty and his seat in Spanish to someone sleepier than he. PEGGY BARBEE leaves her good times and her posi- tion as office page to Shirley Burris. ARCHIBALD LEE EARNHARDT leaves his football uniform to someone crazy enough to wear it and his ab- ility to drive a school bus to Gene Aldridge. TOMMY BARNHARDT leaves his seat in English to Dean Clay. LUTHER BARRIER leaves his superlative title of Most Intellectual to anyone dumb enough to want it. MARY BENTON leaves her ability to make straight A ' s to her brother, Charlie. SUE BOGER leaves her position on the annual staff to Rachel Vanderburg. ELIZABETH BOST leaves her position as chief letter- girl to Becky Arey. KAY BYRD leaves her ability to make teachers mis- erable to Kenny Earnhardt. JERRY CAUBLE leaves his ability to skip school without getting caught to Jerry Ballard. DIANNE COX leaves her position as lettergirl to any- one who can stand it and all of her good times in high school to her sister, Donna. DELANDA DENNIS leaves her good times at MPHS to her sister, Robb i an, and her cap and gown to any rising Junior. VETRA DRYE leaves her ability as a guard in basket- ball to her sister, Faye. GAIL EARNHARDTleaves her worthwhile experiences and good times in F. H. A. to Jo Ann Yorke. ALICE EUDY leaves her books to her sister, Evelyn. ARCHIE EUDY leaves his bus to anyone who can keep it clean. MARY FINK leaves her job in Mr. Womble ' s office to Judy S afrit. WAYNE GANDY leaves Mount Pleasant for parts un- known. CLETUS HAHN leaves his seat in English to Harold Pless if he can hold it down. PAT HONEYCUTT leaves her books to her brother, Wayne. LARRY KLUTTZ leaves happily and none too soon. BETTY KRIMMINGER leaves her position as cheer- leader to Nancy Eudy. ELAINE LAMBERT leaves her position as a lettergirl to anyone who can stand the cold weather. LARRY LEWIS leaves his ability to be teachers ' pet to Ronnie Hahn. LINDA LITAKER leaves her superlative " Most Court- eous " to Susan Nance. CAROLYN LITTLE leaves her straight A ' s on conduct to her sister, Judy. ROY LEE McRORIE leaves Gertrude, his locker cal- endar to Coach Arden Ray, who enjoys true art. TILLIE MISENHEIMER leaves her typewriter to Nancy Litaker and her A ' son conduct to anyone who needs them. FRANCES MOOSE leaves her bus to anyone who thinks he can stand it. KENNETH MOSER leaves the Presidency of the Senior Class to any Junior who is willing to clean up after class parties. NANCY PENINGER leaves hersuperlative " Best School Spirit " to Darla Crayton and her position as chief lettergirl to Gail Eagle. DORIS PLOTT leaves her position as Editor of the TIGER ROAR to Buddy McDonald. LARRY PLOTT leaves his ability to chew gum in Miss Rosa ' s class to Norris Plott. BARBARA RIDENHOUR leaves her title of " Home- coming Queen " to Donna Cox and her position as chief majorette to any deserving majorette who wants the res- ponsibility. JIMMY RINEHARDT leaves his personality to Maura Eberhardt and his will to work in the cafeteria to anyone who can get the job. TED RITCHIE leaves his habit of chewing in Mr. Walker ' s room to Kenneth Thompson and his desk in English to Gaile Baucom. SHELBY SHUE leaves her A ' s on conduct to her brother, Archie. TERRY SCOTT leaves his ability to sleep in Miss Rosa ' s class to Eddie Fisher. WAYNE SIFFORD leaves his b u s to anyone who is man enough to drive it. FRANCES SMITH leaves her A ' s on conduct to Joyce Smith. JIM STONER, being of unsound mind, leaves his bus to anyone who can keep it between the ditches, his sup- erlative " Most Likely to Succeed " to anyone crazy enough to succeed him, and his brains to anyone with little enough sense to want them. BETTY TREECE leaves her title " Miss Merry Christmas " to some deserving Junior. ANNE VANDERBURG leaves her position as the Assistant Editor of the TIGER ROAR to Rachel Vanderburg. WESLEY WAGNER leaves his chewing gum stuck to the desk in Miss Rosa ' s room to Archie Smith, and his monitor position to any progressive student. WAYNE WIDENHOUSE leaves his position as monitor to Linda Faggart. He leaves his bus to anyone who likes noisy places and likes to sweep, and his seat in Miss James ' room to any poor sleepy soul. ANN LANIERleavesherA ' sonconducttoher brother, Charles, and her position as first lieutenant in the band to Anne Casper and Cathy Barringer. SONNY COOK Class Testator 41 It ' s a big night for Juniors and Seniors. " ' Oops, it slipped! " Senior Priority, Junior Science Symposium Representative. " V r " Those lazy seniors! " 42 fjuni i Ojjpce i buddy McDonald Vice President LINDA ISENHOUR Secretary JANET FISHER Reporter STANCIL BAUCOM Treasurer AduiA ii NORRIS PLOTT President MRS. NANCY BOST MISS ROSA JAMES MR. FRANK BROWN 43 m i REBECCA AREY JERRY BALLARD CARRIE SUE BARRIER EDWARD BARRIER ELAINE BARRIER TROY EARNHARDT WAYNE BARNHARDT KAY BLACKWELDER fjwM li STANCIL BAUCOM MYRON BLACKWELDER LINDA BODENHEIMER CAROL BOST RACHEL BOST DIANNE BROOME 44 IRIS CLAY BRENDA BURRIS DEANE CASPER DARLA CRAYTON BETTY CRESS MARJORIE DRYE JOYCE CLAY ANN CLINE KENNETH EARNHARDT MAURA EBERHARDT NANCY EUDY LINDA FAGGART EDDIE FISHER HAROLD EUDY 45 JIMMY GULLEDGE RONNIE B. HAHN HAZEL FOUTZ JERRY GOODMAN RONNIE J. HAHN WAYNE HAMMILL DORIS HENLEY JOYCE HILL LINDA ISENHOUR JUDY KILLIAN CHARLIE KIRK 46 GLENN KLUTTZ HOY KLUTTZ BRENDA LOWDER LARRY McDANIEL buddy McDonald JOHN LITAKER NANCY LITAKER MAXINE LEFLER ronnie McDonald DORIS MILLER LYNDA MOOSE jjuni ii PEGGY MORGAN SUSAN NANCE VALERIA PENNINGER PATRICIA MORGAN 47 HAROLD PLESS NORRIS PLOTT LARRY RIMER AGNES SHUEMAKER m WAYNE RINEHARDT JUDITH SAFRIT Juniors ARCHIE SMITH BOBBY SMITH GERALD STALLINGS KENNETH THOMPSON JUNIOR TUCKER RACHEL VANDERBURG 48 jjuni i Memyuei " Ordering the rings is easy on the nerves; but it is the waiting that hurts. " " Please, won ' t yo marry up wid me? " " Now, boys, you know that being late for class is reserved for seniors! " " Guess what they are talking about. You ' re right-BOYS! " Top magazine salesmen— Rachel Vanderburg, Glenn Kluttz, Larry Rimer, Susan Nance . 49 32 s Mem uei " The microscope is a wonderful invention! Through it you can see a xyzphumdaco. Right, Richard? " " Yakety-yak! " " No, this is the way to do it! " ■ KATE MOOSE Secretary BENNY BLACK Treasurer WOODY FOIL President MARY SNIDER Vice President aplmmsie AdfMA lA MR. MORGAN WALKER MR. ARDEN RAY 51 GENE ALDRIDGE CLARENCE ALLMAN VIRGINIA ANTHONY JERRY AUTEN JOHN BARNES MIKE BARNHARDT SUE BARNHARDT WILLIAM BARNHARDT JIMMY BARRIER GAILE BAUCOM TOM BEATTY BENNY BLACK FRED BLACK ELAINE BLACKWELDER AUBREY BOGER CAROL BOST ' RAYMOND BOWERS DOROTHY BRINKERHOFF MARTHA BROCK JOYCE BURRIS JUDY BURRIS SHIRLEY BURRIS 52 EDDIE CARTER WILLIAM CLAY SHARON CLINE TABITHA COCHRAN GAIL COOKE LANE CORL RACHEL COX RONNIE DEAL DEWEY GANDY JAMES GRAY WOODY FOIL FREDDY HAMMILL MIKE HARKEY RACIiEL HARKEY CATHERINE HARWOOD HERMAN HOPKINS ILEASE HOUSER COY HUDSON 53 ANN KIRK BRENDA KLUTTZ ROSA KLUTTZ FRED KRIMMINGER RICHARD LANIER GWYN LITAKER BRENDA LOWDER CLIFFORD LAMBERT NANCY MEDLIN tommy McClellan KATE MOOSE LINDA MOOSE PAT MOOSE BRENDA MORGAN MARIE PAGE ■ f -•» . mS AARON PARKER CAROLYN PETREA DAVID PETREA SHIRLEY PETREA EVELYN PLESS LARRY RICHARDS PEGGY ROSS 54 TRACY RUSS JUNE SEHORN JERRY SHINN PAUL SHIPTON BRENDA SMITH MARY SNIDER LINDA SUTHER MARY ALICE TALLEY KAY TROUTMAN LANNIE TUCKER KING WALTER BARBARA WETTER PATRICIA WILHOIT JO ANN YORK VIRGINIA TUCKER LOIS WAGNER JERRY WALTER 55 fyiediMon Mem u i 56 MISS RUTH JAMES fyiedtman OjJjlceM ROBBIAN DENNIS President MR. DONALD CARTER DONNA COX Vice President fyiedlwiaa AdcuAmi SYBIL CRAYTON Secretary MR. R. BROWN McAllister RITA BARRIER Treasurer MR. WAYNE WOODWARD 57 RITA BARRIER JANET BARRINGER DELIA BELANGER RONNIE ' BOWERS TED BOWERS WAYNE BOWERS JOYCE BRAWLEY KENNETH BRINKERHOFF CAROLYN BROWN NANCY BURLEYSON BETTY BURRIS GAIL BURRIS LOIS BURRIS WATT BURRIS GRADY ALLEN CECIL ALEXANDER EARL BARBEE JOYCE BARRIER REBA BARRIER SAM BYRD DELORISE CLAY GERALD CLINE ALICE COBLE RAY COLEY 58 DONNA COX LARRY CRAYTON SYBIL CRAYTON LANNIE CRUSE BECKY CULP DON GRAY MARGARET GULLEDGE PAULETTE HALL EDWIN HAMMILL JOHNNY HAMMILL CAROLYN DRYE JESSE DRYE BRENDA EAGLE JOE FISHER ANN GOODMAN BETH GOODMAN 59 WAYNE HONEYCUTT ETTA HOPKINS LINDA HOUGH DOLLY HUDSON LEWIS ISENHOUR BEVERLY JAMES JUDY LITTLE TERRY LOVE DAVID LOCKHART SUSANNE McCARN FLOYD McCLESTER linda McKinney JUDY HAMMILL PHYLLIS HAMMONDS LAWTON HATLEY MARGARET HATLEY CAROL HAWKINS MALCOLM McLEOD ALAN McM HAN TROY MILLER BARRY MOOSE LARRY MORGAN 60 LEONARD MOOSE PHYLLIS MULLIS MARGARET NANCE JUNIOR NEWSOME TOMMY ROBERTS CAROLYN WATKINS GENE WENSIL ANNIE LEE WHITLEY DIANNE YORK FRANCES YOST KENNETH ROWLAND HOWARD SANFORD BRENDA SHINN ARCHIE SHUE EARL SHUE DAVID SHRUM JOYCE SMITH STEVE SMITH JACK STEGALL 61 MRS. ANNA FISHER MRS. EMMA CROWE MRS. MAXINE HART MR. BILLY HUTCHINSON okjjnik Qnaxlz CAROL ALEXANDER CAROLYN ALLMAN HOY ALLMAN PHILLIS ALLMAN HAROLD ALMOND BEVERLY AUTEN JACKIE AUSTON DAVID BARBEE GAYNELL BARBEE FRIEDA BARNHARDT JIMMY BALLARD P.H. BARNHARDT WAYNE BARNHARDT RONNIE BARRIER KATHY BARRINGER SANDRA BAUGH WAYNE BENTLY HOWARD BOGER PHYLLIS BOST GAYLE BOST TERRY BOWERS 62 TOMMY BLANCHARD JOHN BLOCK DANNY BRAFFORD JANICE BROOME WAYNE BUNN VIRGINIA BURLEYSON JACKIE BURRIS LINDA BURRIS PATSY BURRIS BELINDA CARTER ANN CASPER SARAH FRANCES CLAY JUDY CLINE SANDRA CLINE JAMES COLEY FRANKLIN COOK LIBBY COOK PATSY CRAMER VIRGINIA CRAYTON BERNIE CREED CHARLES CRUSE WAYNE CRUSE CATHY DEAL FAYE DRYE LINDA DRYE SHERRY DRYE NED EARNHARDT JAMES ELLEDGE MARY EUDY MICHAEL EUDY RITA EUDY MARY FAGGART BRENDA FRICK R.V. FUNDERBURK SANDRA FUNDERBURK LARRY FURR MICHAEL FURR MARY ANN GANDY RONALD GANDY DORIS GULLEDGE PATRICIA HAMMILL ARTHUR LEE HARVELL VAUGHN HATLEY LARRY HEINTZ JUDY HENLEY FRANCES HONEYCUTT JUNIOR HONEYCUTT WAYNE HONEYCUTT ALVIN HURLOCKER 63 SUE HERLOCKER CHARLIE JAMES ANN JOHNSON MARY ANN KING NANCY KINDLE Y JEANETTE KLUTTZ GENEVA KRIMMINGER ELDON LAMBERT SUE LAMBERT CHARLES LENTZ BRENDA LOVE WANDA LOWDER LULU BELL MABREY BUTCH MEDLIN GENE MILLER BARBARA ANN MULLIS HOWARD NANCE MINNIE PAGE BRADY PARNELL CAROLYN PLOTT SALLY RICE MARTHA RICHARDS TED RINEHARDT ANGELA RITCHIE JO HNS IE RUSS BRENDA SCOTT TAMARA SCOTT JO ANNE SEHORN SUE SHOE BRUCE SMITH CARL SMITH PRISCILLA SMITH LIBBY SNEED JUDY SNIDER DONALD TALLEY JOHN TALL EY DAVE TARLTON MARGARET THOMPKINS BARBARA JEAN TROUTMAN TEENA WAGNER JOYCE WALTER bUDDY WATTS CONNIE WENSIL BRENDA WHITE ROBERT WHITLEY BRENDA WIDENHOUSE JERRY YATES 64 Your Passport takes you into the LOS accurl the d ' Big I taiente proved the lot 1 Pitas, mining 52 UiemSOR t% UOUUI vcnviiiia w MIDWEST Bradley 91. Cincinnati 90 Iowa 63. Purdue 54 Minnesota 74, Michigan 58 Ohio State 81, Northwestern 64 Illinois 96, Michigan State 88 Drake 57, St. Louis 55 Notre Dame 75, St. Franc’ tPa ' 56 Dayton 58, Memphis State tot ' Iowa State 48, Oklahoma State 40 Kansas 79. Missouri 63 Kansas State 76, Oklahoma 68 Tulsa 68, Wichita 64 Toledo 61, Marshall 53 Butler 82. Indiana State 52 Depaul 81 , Valparaiso 64 South Dakota 67. North Dakota 59 SOUTHWEST Arkansas 74, Rice 63 Houston 80, Oklahoma City 73 Arizona St. U. 93, Hardin Sim- mons 72 New Mexico 77. Montana 69 tot FAR WEST California 79. Washington 39 Southern California 84, Oregon State 59 Stanford 57, Washington State Colorado 62. N ' 57 ot) Oregon 65. Por“ . jffiv. 50 Utah 75, Denvx Brigham Young Utah 73, Combo Ra y.v- Wg DaddyWM if ne 1 Pro Bowl! lalioped the Pal z it.?; sixf? Montana 5 ' Seattle College to State its sixth triuroj Football LcagS nes. d of 56.876 in the Coif, Baltimore ' s Unites,’ game ' s most valuable fss three touchdown pass- es, all in the first half, for a new Pro Bowl record Green Bay ' s Rornung scored o ne touchdown, kicked a field goal and five conversions for a total of 14 points, another record. The West ' s defensive line was and By JIM VAN Associated Prs ST. LOUIS (A the bachelor hr just reached point circle of • was talking wit in the St. Loui room. ' ; The topic of d issioo x de- ductions. This wasn ' t s ' ising because the former Lou _ a State All- America personiiii., the ballplay- er-businessman of modem sports. Bob is an easy going, quiet, well Thomas A Dog For Work BOSTON (API - John Thomas may not know it, but there ' s a chance he ' s being prepared for competition in the decathlon. " You see, he ' s a dog for work. " Boston University Coach Ed Flan- agan said of his young high jump champion. ‘No matter what kind of a program I lay out for him he wants more work, ‘‘So I’ve had him Working on field events other than the high jump, everything but the pole vault. Just to take his mind off the high jump. He ' s done 44 feet 10 inches in the 16-pound shot, 190 feet in the javelin and has lied by Baltimore ' s Lipscomb, named the game ' s top lineman. They held the East running to a scant 59 yards, Y. A. Title ot San Francisco spelled Unitas and tossed seven strikes in a row during a second- quarter touchdown drive. He com- leted 13 of 18 passes for -72 per ■ent. Los Angeles’ Jon Arnett led the ' .est’s runners with 61 yards in U ties. He picked up 44 more on 38 on punt returns and 68 off returns for a total of 17 The West’s defensive line put a terrific rush on Pittsburgh’s Bob- by Layne. He was saddled all day with the quarterbacking because Norm Van BrocS phia had the flu Layne’s 43-yar burgh’s Jimmy East ' s final dr od. The E? yard line I and a pen times the :o power ov Finally Lay er to for the Philadel- Bitts- iced the M am Get A MIAMI for two SJ first tests begins its with horses i .ic operation and handicap see action. furlong Hibiscus Stakes will be run on Wednesday, giving candidates for the Flamingo Stakes a chance to PRESS son puts hi; middieweigh the first timi Friday at thi against Paul Pen Mass. was stripped ol summer by the Na Assn, but he still ii champ in New Void The NBA tool of his inactivity match was Marcl when he bea in 15 rounds t crown. Gene Full BA champ, has had one tuneuj match. He stopper in two rounds, Dec i jo on a seven-fight win jrni eak since he resumed box- ing v t a layoff of a year anc a h Y’A record for 42 fights is . compared to Robin- son ' s tots with a record ol 142-6-2 wi„. „ne no decision bout, There will be network (NBCi radio and television. Willie Pastrano of New Orleans and Miami faces Jerry Luedce ol New Haven, Conn, on the Wednes- day fight seri%s. seen on network 1ABC) TV from Miami Beach, Fla. After losing to Alonzo Johnson in Louisville, July 24, Pastraiio has beaten two opponents. Luedee also has won two since he dropped a decision to Alika Holt in South Africa, Fe b. 28. Harris Takes Wilson Reigns WILSON, N.C. LAP) — Dickie Harris, former Wake Forest base- ball star, will be the general man- ager of the Wilson entry in the. Class B Carolina League this sea- 1 son. Harris, 27, is the son of Boston Red Sox Genera! Manager Bucky Harris. Harris played last year with Chattanooga, Charlotte and An- Active World of SPORTS First row: Archie Barnhardt, Larry He intz, Charles Aldridge, Ken Moser, Larry Kluttz, Earl Barnhardt. Second row: Jimmy Barrier, Ronnie Herlocker, Jerry Ballard, Ronnie Hahn, Stancil Baucom, Don Gray, Tom Beatty, Norris Plott. Third row: R a y m o n d B o w e r s, Bobby Smith, Ronnie McDonald, Howard Sanford, Glenn Kluttz, Buddy M c Don a 1 d, David Lockhart. Fourth row: Ken Earnhardt, Bill Heintz, Joe Fisher, Freddy Hammill, Alan McMahan, Archie Shoe, Henry Kluttz, David Kluttz. 66 Co-Captains " Last minu ' :e chat " Coaching Staff Coach Arden Ray Coach Morgan Walker Dr. A.L. Barringer, Team Physician. Coach Don Carter Rev. Earl Crowe, Team Chaplain. Kenneth Earnhardt, David Kluttz, Managers. 68 just yin, 3 ! " The Many Faces " Is it all that bad? " of our Coaches i ' C° uV So re jn 69 M. Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Scoreboard West Rowan 7 Troy 7 East Rowan 28 Rohanna 2 1 Winecoff 25 Harstell 13 Norwood 6 Badin 7 Lowell 6 South Mecklenburg 41 Harstell 2 1 Varsity STANCIL BAUCOM Fullback CHARLES ALDRIDGE Halfback Co-Captain All -Conference All -County All-Area BOBBY SMITH End ARCHIE BARNHARDT Center TOM BEATTY End JIMMY BARRIER Tackle JERRY BALL Center All-Confere All -Count LARRY HEINTZ Guard All-Conference Varsity LARRY KLUTTZ P « (nlyl A NORRIS PLOTT Guard All -Conference RONNIE HERLOCKER Tackle All -Conference RONNIE HAHN Quarterback All -Conference All-County EARL EARNHARDT Halfback DON GRAY Fullback KEN MOSER End Co-Captain All-County All-Area Second String r : tk buddy McDonald Varsity ' w ALAN McMAHAN GLENN KLUTTZ ARCHIE SMITH BOYCE FINK FREDDY HAMMILL RONNIE McDONALD DAVID LOCKHART JOE FISHER WATT BURRIS HOWARD SANFORD ARCHIE SHOE RAYMOND BOWERS 74 Ronnie J. Hahn, Morris Plott, Coach Earle Edwards, and Charles Aldridge. Coach Don Carter, Larry Heintz, Coach Earle Edwards, and Ken Moser. Football Banquet The annual f o o t b a 1 1 banquet, presented by the Boosters Club, was held January 29, 1960. Mr. J.G. Womble served as toastmaster. The guest speaker was Coach Earle Edwards, head football coach at North Carolina State College. Mr. McCarn, our principal, introduced t h e guests: Mr. Luther Adams, Coach C h a r 1 i e Harrill, Mr. Perry Lefeavers, members of the press, members of the school board, and those who so willingly gave of their time to make our season a success. Coach Carter then made presentations of awards to the outstanding football players. Those receiving these awards were Ronnie J. Hahn, Best All-Round; Norris Plott, Most Improved; Ken Moser, Sportsmanship; Larry Heintz, B e st D e f e ns i v e; and Charles Aldridge, Most Valuable. R e c o g n i t i o n was given also to those boys making All-Conference and All-County teams. Coach Carter then introduced all players and made a comment about each. Coach Earle Edwards gave a short talk in which he told of his football teams of the past and their interesting records. The fact that his talk was informative and humorous made it enjoyable to everyone. The honored group. s. r- 1 i A J Becky Culp, Linda Snider, Janet Fisher, Linda Litaker, Evelyn Eudy, Judy Killian, Vetra Drye, Margie Drye, Linda Suther, Carol Drye , Susanne McCarn, Betty Treece, Becky Arey, Barbara Ridenhour, Mary Snider, Donna Cox, Nancy Peninger, Manager. Co-Captains: Linda Snider, Linda Litaker, Vetra Drye, Betty Treece, Barbara Ridenhour, Coach Arden Ray. 76 Girls’ Basketball LINDA SUTHER Guard MARGIE DRYE Forward A 11 -Countv BARBARA RIDENHOUR Forward VETRA DRYE Guard BECKY AREY Forward BETTY TREECE Forward BECKY CULP Guard JANET FISHER Guard Woody Foil, Ronnie Hahn, John Litaker, Don Eudy, Gwyn Wayne Rinehardt. Managers: Gene Aldridge, Larry Litaker, Kenneth Moser, C h a r 1 e s A 1 d r i d g e, Ronnie Heintz, David Lockhart. Herlocker, Tom Beatty, Ted Ritchie, Bobby Smith, Co-Captain, Ken Moser; Coach Morgan Walker; Co-Captain, Charles Aldridge. Boys Basketball KENNETH MOSER Center NORRIS PLOTT Forward 1 Action Snapshots " What goes up must come down 1 . ' " What ' s the matter? Can ' t you reach him? " 80 ’60 Baseball Team RONNIE HAHN TOM BEATTY DON EUDY TED RITCHIE COACH DON CARTER CHARLES ALDRIDGE NORRIS PLOTT HAROLD EUDY KEN MOSER fS DARLA CRAYTON Chief M LINDA MOOSE PAT MOOSE k : _ . TAMARA EBERHARDT CAROL BOST Cheerleaders SHIRLEY BURRIS BETTY KRIMMINGER is ■ Your Passport invites you to enter the Enriching World of ACTIVITIES LUTHER BARRIER President Gail Earnhardt Sue Boger Anne Vanderburg Linda Litaker SUSAN NANCE Vice President TILLIE MISENHEIMER Secretary Sonny Cook Jim Stoner Ann Cline DARLA CRAYTON Treasurer Betty Treece 1 n a Rachel Vanderburg Ann Lanier 84 ry Mryon Blackwelder, Editor; Peggy Barbee, Assistant Editor; Carolyn Little, Circu- lation Manager. rnrnmmmm First row: Doris Henley, Jimmy Rinehardt, Maura Eberhardt, Shelby Shue, Frances Moose. Second row: Judith S afrit, Dorothy Brinkerhoff, Lois Wagner, Gwynn Lowder. Monitors First row: Janet Fisher, Deane Casper, Susan Nance, Brenda Lowder, Judy Killian, Alethea Humphrey. Second row: Glenn Kluttz, Charles Aldridge, Wayne Gandy, Wayne Widen- house, Norris Plott. Future Farmers of America Front row: Leonard Moose, Sam Byrd, Troy Bamhardt, Cecil Alexander, Johnny Hammill, Barry Moose, Terry Sifford, Lane Corl, Tracy Russ, Freddy Hammill, Don Gray, Edwin Hammill, Earl Barbee, Tommy Roberts, Jerry Walters, King Walters. Second row: Charlie Kirk, Larry Rinehardt, Coy Hudson, Lawton Hatley, Ben Black, Bill Smith, Ronnie Hahn, Archie Barnhardt, Aubrey Boger, Boyce Fink, Gerald Cline, Dickie Donahue, Joe Fisher, Wayne Honeycutt, Larry Crayton, Larry Lewis, Donald Allmon. Third row: Paul Shipton, Aaron Parker, Herman Hopkins, Wayne Hammill, Jimmy Barrier, Hoy Kluttz, Lannie Cruse, Mike Harkey, Eddie Hatley, Mac Hopkins, L a r r y McDaniel, Wayne Barnhardt, Clarence Allman, G e r a 1 d Stallings, Larry He intz, Archie Eudy, Troy Miller, Cletus Hahn. Officers Seated: Mr.M.R. McLeod, Advisor. Standing: Larry Lewis, President; Luther Barrier, Vice President; Larry Heintz, Secretary; Archie Barnhardt, Treasurer; Don Almond, Reporter. Not pictured: David Boger, Sentinel. Future Homemakers of America Standing: Gail Earnhardt, President; Alethea Humphrey, Vice President; Brenda Kluttz, Secretary; Rachel Harkey, Song Leader; Sue Boger, P a r 1 i a m e n t a r i a n; Rachel Vanderburg, Reporter; Linda Suther, Historian; Miss Ruth James, Advisor. Left to right: Annie Lee Whitley, Kay Blackwelder, Kay Byrd, Ann Lanier, Janet Fisher, Joyce Smith, Judy Hamm ill, Kate Moose, Barbara Wetter, Rosa Kluttz, Patsy Wilhoit, Jo Ann Yorke, Ilease Houser, Beth Goodman, Linda McKinney, Frances Yost, Ann Good man, M a r y Alice Talley, Judy Little, Peggy Barbee, Carolyn Little. Dramatics Club Officers Dianne Broome , President; Beth Goodman, Vice Pr e s i de nt; Joyce Smith, Secretary-Treasurer. First row: Dianne Broome, Beth Goodman, J o yc e Smith, P e g g y Morgan. Second row: Linda Moose, Alice Coble, Paulette Hall, Linda Hough, Sonny Shrum. Third row: Mr. Wayne Woodward, Advisor; Kay Troutman, Carolyn Watkins, Mary Fink, Alan McMahan, Wayne Honeycutt, Cecil Alexander. MR. J.G. WOMBLE Band Director Mt. Pleasant First row: Mr. Womble, Band Director; Terry Culp, Carla Allmon, Judy Killian, Barbara Ridenhour, C h i e f ; Dianne Cox, Susan Nance, Janet Fisher, Gail Earnhardt, Elizabeth Bost, Chief; Vetra Drye, Nancy Peninger, Chief; Elaine Lambert, Becky Arey, Frances Moose, Deane Casper, Rachel Bost, Carolyn Black, Ruth Gray, Etta Sanford. Second row: Virginia Smith, Ava Eagle, Larry Bost, Jerry Baker, Alan Culp, Ralph Broeils, Kathy Barringer, Ann Marie Shipton, Becky Burris, Martha Richards, Larry Heintz, Barbara Troutman, Alice Yorke, Judie Charm Harkie, Janet Black, Gay Medlin, Libby Sneed, Janet Auten, Angela Ritchie, DannySmith, Larry Rimer. Third row: David Ritchie, Lateena Loggans, The Mount Pleasant High School Band under the direction of Mr. J.G. Womble began the 1959-1960 season by performing at all the football games, both at home and out of town. The band has tried to improve its marching technique this year by having Mr. Casavant, a marching specialist, to drill them using his special techniques. The band has increased in number and in instrumentation during the past year. This has greatly improved its sound. The Christmas season saw the band marching in three Christmas Parades: Albermarle, Kannapolis, and Concord. The band ended its marching season by playing at the Shrine Bowl Parade and Bowl game. 88 Band Steve Smith, Ann Cline, Ann Lanier, Anne Casper, Brenda Shinn, Brenda Frick, Gwynn Lowder, Margaret Nance, Bill Smith, John Block, Leonard Barrier, Ricky Hahn, Franklin Eagle, Richard Lanier, Charles Cruse, Gene Miller, Vaughn Hatley, Mike B a r n h a r d t, Sonny Cook. Fourth row: Frankie Barringer, Ronnie Barrier, Watt Burris, Dave Tar It on, Gerald Krimminger, Randy Leazer, Hoyt Hill, Ronald Cline, Jimmy B u c kw e 1 1, Richard Fisher, Gerald Cline, Charles Litaker, Ronald Hurlocker, Mike Talbert, Richard Kluttz, Jack Stegall, Leonard Moose, Larry Morgan, Ted Ritchie, Robert Stegall. LARRY RIMER Drum Major This was the first time that Mount Pleasant had been represented in the Shrine Bowl activities. The band began its concert season by performing at Bethel High School. A small Christmas program was presented by the band for the Mount Pleasant P.T.A. and student body. The annual Spring Concert was held in the auditorium. This is Mr. Womble ' s first year with the Mount Pleasant Band. His initiation of a small basketball pep band, and a dance band has been well accepted by the student body. The band members are ' sure that this has been the band ' s most prosperous year. 89 Majorettes RACHEL BOST JUDY KILLIAN ' y Lettergirls BARBARA RIDENHOUR Chief LIBBY COOK Left to right: Dianne Cox, Susan Nance, Gail Eagle, Tanet Fisher, Gail Earnhardt, Betty Bost, Chief; Vetra Drye, Nancy Peninger, Chief; Elaine Lambert, Becky Arey, Frances Moose, Deane Casper. 90 Monogram Club Officers Charles Aldridge, Presi- dent; Kenneth Moser, Vice President; Barbara Ridenhour, Secretary; Betty Treece, Treasurer. First row: Charles Aldridge, Kenneth Moser, Barbara Ridenhour, Betty Treece, Kenneth Earnhardt, Gene Aldridge, Eddie Fisher, Bobby Smith, Earl Barnhardt. Second row: Glenn Kluttz, John Litaker, Stancil Baucom, Pat Morgan, Becky Arey, Vetra Drye, Darla Crayton, Marjorie Drye, Larry Heintz, Archie Barnhardt. Third row: David Lockhart, Joe Fisher, Don Gray, Jimmy Barrier, Harold Eudy, Larry Kluttz, Jerry Ballard, Norris Plott, Watt Burris, Ronnie Herlocker. Boosters Club Officers Dianne Cox, President; Betty Bost, Vice President; Brenda Smith, Secretary-Treasurer. First row: Brenda Smith, Betty Bost, Dianne Cox, Mr. Ray, Advisor; Delanda Dennis, Nancy Penninger. Second row: Judy Burris, Sylvia Trexler, Elaine Blackwelder, Shirley Burris, Kay Earnhardt, Rachel Harkey, Brenda Kluttz, Bre nda Lowder, Mary Lou Eberhardt. Third row: Jo Ann Yorke, Kenneth Thompson, Reba Barrier, Boyce Fink, Donna Cox, Watt Burris, Carolyn Drye, Don Gray. Fourth row: Virginia Anthony, June Sehorn, Johnny Hammill, Linda Suther, David Lockhardt, Becky Culp, Tony Lambert, Tamara Eberhardt, Ronnie McDonald. Fifth row: Marie Page, Gerald Cline, Sybil Crayton, Larry Crayton, Carol Hawkins, Roy Allman, Robbian D e nnis, Ray Coley, Carolyn Petrea, Gail Baucom, Brenda Shinn, Gene Aldridge, Etta Hopkins, Woody Foil, Dianne York, Jerry Auten. 91 Future Teachers of America Officers Anne Vanderburg, Presi- dent; Mary Benton, Vice President; Sue Boger, Secretary; Kay Byrd, Treas- urer; Susan Nance, Re- porter. First row: Susan Nance, Kay Byrd, Sue Boger, Mary Benton, Anne Vanderburg. Second row: Nancy Eudy, Kay Blackwelder, Deane Casper, Becky Arey, Darla Crayton, Linda Bodenheimer, Joyce Clay, Maxine Lefler, Brenda Lowder, Frances Smith, Peggy Barbee, Miss Rosa James, Advisor. Third row: Dianne Broome, Alice Eudy, Marjorie Drye, Doris Miller, Carrie Sue Barrier, Tracy Barbee, Maura Eberhardt, Jimmy Rinehardt, Judy Killian, Carolyn Little, Gwynn Lowder. Bible Club Officers Tracy Barbee, Presi- dent; Mary Benton, Vice President; Gwynn Lowder, Secretary- Treasurer; Mary Fink, Reporter. First row: Tracy Barbee, Mary Benton, Gwynn Lowder, Mary Fink. Second row: Mr. Wayne Woodward, Advisor; Alice Eudy, Frances Smith, Linda Hough, Pat Honeycutt, Sonny Shrum . fflns l Science Club Off icers Bernie Moorehead, Presi- dent; Susanne McCarn, Vice President; Martha Ann Brock, Secretary; Becky Culp, Treasurer; Mr. Frank Brown, Advisor. First row: Bernie Moorehead, Susanne McCarn, Martha Ann Brock, Becky Culp, Verna Sigmon. Second row: Jerry Shinn, Edwin Hammill, Malcolm McLeod, Margaret Nance, Dianne York. Third row: Gene Aldridge, Joe Fisher, Tom Beatty, Larry He intz, Dickie Donahue, Archie Smith. Fourth row: Joe Donahue, Alan McMahan, James Gray, Clifford Lambert, Charlie Benton. Fifth row: Mr. Brown, Advisor; Jesse Alexander, Roy Lee McRorie, William Barnhardt, Larry Richards. Photography Club Offi ccrs Mac Hopkins, Presi- dent; V ernon Huf fstick- ler, Vice President; Hazel Foutz, Secretary; Gail Cooke, Reporter. S t a n d i n g:L a r r y McDaniel, Mac Hopkins, Hazel Foutz. First row: Mrs. Bost, Advisor; William Clay, Gail Cooke, Mike Barnhardt. Second row: Rosa Kluttz, Barbara Wetter, Evelyn Pless, Joyce Burris, Eugene Wensil. Third row: Tracy Talley, Carol Bost, Lannie Tucker, Ann Kirk, Raymond Bowers. Fourth row: Troy Miller, Peggy Ross, Sue Barnhardt, Eddie Lefler, William Barnhardt, Fred Black. Fifth row: Jerry Shinn, Ilease Houser, Janet Barringer, Hoy Kluttz, Judy Little. Social Club Officers Terry Scott, President; Larry Lewis, Vice Presi- dent; Doris Plott, S e c r e t a r y-Treasurer; Miss Carol Foster, Mr. Morgan Walker, Advisors. Office Pages First row: Linda Moose, Gaile Baucom, Linda Bodenheimer, Valeria Penninger, Dianne Cox, Doris Henley, Abby Hahn, Nancy P e n i n g e r, Betty Treece, Barbara Riden- hour, Linda Isenhour. S e c o n d row : Carolyn Petrea, Delanda Dennis, Ka y Byrd, Mary Fink, Gwynn Lowder, Janet Fisher, Tillie Misen- heimer, Linda Litaker, PeggyBarbee, Nancy Eudy, Linda Faggart. 94 ' ILI I Glee Club Bus Drivers X ■■Mr nV ' Wffi . Jjg B B BT- tfaPj .if Ml i r , " WIF - tc Jr- A ' »• gr 3s in i i First row: Larry Kluttz, Troy Barnhardt, Glenn Kluttz, Larry Rimer, Archie Eudy, Jim Stoner, Wayne Sifford, Gene Aldridge. Second row: Robert Stegall, Donald Almond, Gail E a r n h a r d t, Gwynn Lowder, Betty Bost, Frances Moose, Wayne Hammill, Cletus Hahn. Third row: Stancil Baucom, Mac Hopkins, Hoy Kluttz, Eddie Hatley, W a yn e Widenhouse, Charles Aldridge, Bernie Moorehead. 95 Library Qub Officers Tillie Misenheimer, President; Betty Bost, Vice President; JudyK i 1 1 i a n, Secretary; Jim Stoner, Treasurer; Brenda Burris, Reporter. First row: Miss Ethel Murray, Advisor; Tillie Misenheimer, Betty Bost, Judy Killian, Jim Stoner, Brenda Burris. Second row: Frances Moose, Linda Hough, Dianne Cox, rat Morgan, Delanda Dennis, Paulette Hall, Rosa Kluttz, June Sehorn, Ann Kirk, Ronnie McDonald. Third row: Tracy Barbee, Edward Barrier, John Litaker, James Gray, Robert Stegall. First row: Mrs. G.R. Blackwelder, Mrs. Lucille Stegall, Mrs. Harvey Casper, Mrs. Ann Allman, Manager; Mrs. George E. Kluttz, Mrs. Grace Little, Mrs. Elbert Fisher, Mrs. Ima Smith. Second row: Pat Honeycutt, Gwynn Lowder, Jimmy Gulledge, Richard Lanier, Joyce Hill, Alice Eudy, Vetra Drye, Ilease Houser, Carolyn Little, Frances Smith, Mary Benton. Cafeteria Staff and Assistants 96 Your Passport takes you into the Wonderful World of FAME Miss Hi Miss Mr. Senior CHARLES ALDRIDGE 99 Homecoming Queen BARBARA JO RIDENHOUR Barbara was crowned by the Co-Captains Kenneth Moser and Charles Aldridge 100 Homecoming DORIS PLOTT BETTY BO ST BETTY KRIMMINGER GAIL EARNHARDT Attendants NANCY PENINGER BETTY TREECE 101 Miss Mount Pleasant High BETTY MARIE TREECE Miss White Christmas DORIS MARIE PLOTT 102 I American History Award ROY LEE McRORIE This award was presented to Roy Lee McRorie because of his great achievements in American History. Each year this award is presented by the Woodman of the World of Cabarrus County. Citizenship Awards ETHELYN SMITH WATSON KLUTTZ The Citizenship Award, presented by the Mount Pleasant Lions Club, is the highest honor awarded at Mount Pleasant High School. One receiving this award must have good character, high morals, many achievements, pleasing appear- ance, and leadership ability. The faculty be- lieved Ethelyn Smith and Watson Kluttz most deserved this award for the year of 1959. Senior Marshals Left to right: Doris Plott, Chief; Luther Barrier, Betty Treece, Anne Vanderburg. Junior Marshals Left to right: Ruth Moore, Rachel Vanderburg, Ann Cline, Myron Blackwelder. 104 ■H Sophomore Marshals Left to right: Courtney Smith, Brenda Kluttz, Coy Hudson, Verna Sigmon. D.A.R. Good Citizen DORIS PLOTT The faculty chose Doris Plott as the recipient of this award from Mount Pleasant High School. She was chosen for her superb 1 e a d e rs h i p, her excellent scholastic record, her extra-curricular activities at school, and her civic activities in the community. 105 Senior Statistics CHARLES HERMAN ALDRIDGE Photography Club 1, Darkroom Committee; JV Basket- ball 1, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Best Sportsmanship 2, Best Defensive 3, All-County 3,4, All -Area 4, All-Conference 3,4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 2, 3, 4, President 4; Class President 2,3; Class Treasurer 4; Executive Club 3; Bus Driver 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Superlative 4; Assistant Monitor 4; Assistant Projectionist 4; Mr. Senior 4. DONAL D CRAVEN ALMOND Football 1; Photography Club 1,2 ; FFA Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3. PEGGY JO BARBEE FHA Club 1, 4; Social Club 1, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4; Assistant Editor of School Paper 4, Typist 2, 3,4; Future Nurses Club 2; Glee Club 2; Softball 2; FTA Club 3,4; Office Page 4; Bus Patrolman 3, 4. TRACY BARBEE Bible Club 1,2,4, Secretary 1,2, President 4; Christmas Play 1,2; Social Committee Chairman 1, Project Com- mittee Chairman 2,4; Library Club 4; Library Assistant 1,4; FTA Club 1,2, 3, 4, Assistant Teacher 1,2,3; Per- fect Attendance 1,2,3, 4; Photography Club 3,4; Glee Club 3; Dramatics Club 3; Cafeteria Assistant 4; Bus Patrolman 4; School Co-Writer for Bible Club ' s State- wide Newspaper 4. ARCHIBALD LEE BARNHARDT Science Club 1; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Photography Club 2,3; Bus Driver 2, 3; Monogram Club 4; FFA Club 1,2,3, 4, Treasurer 4; Glee Club 4. EARL EUGENE BARNHARDT Social Club 1,2,4; Science Club 1,2; Photography 2,3; Monogram Club 4; Football 2, 3,4; Glee Club 4. TOMMY EUGENE BARNHARDT Library Club 1; Gymnastics Club 2; Social Club 3,4. LUTHER EDWARD BARRIER Marshal 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4, President 4; FFA Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4; Class Secretary 3; Photography Club 2; Library Club 1; Band 1; Basketball 2; Superlative 4; Annual Staff 4. MARY FRANCES BENTON Library Club 1; Glee Club 1,2; Science Club, Vice Pres- ident 1 ; Future T eachers Club 3, 4, Vice President 4; Bible Club, Vice President 4. SUE VERNINA BOGER FHA Club 1,2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, Parlia- mentarian 4; Library Club 1,2,3, President 1; Library Assistant 2, 3; Commercial Club 2; Glee Club 2, 3; Beta Club 3,4, County Treasurer 4; FTA Club 4; Assistant Teacher 4, Secretary; Future Executives Club 3; Marshal 2; Annual Staff, Assistant Editor 4. ELIZABETH ANN BOST Basketball 1; Commercial Club 1 ; Gymnastics Club, Treasurer 2; Glee Club 1,2,4; Photography Club 3; Btls Drivers Club 2, 3, 4; Boosters Club, Vice President 4; Library Assistant 4; Library Club Vice President 4; Letter- girl 2, 3, 4, Chief 4; Vice President Senior Class; Super- lative 4; Homecoming Attendant 4. KAY FRANCES BYRD Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2; Boosters Club 2; Future Nurses Club 2,3; FHA Club 2,3,4, Reporter 3; FTA Club 4, Treasurer 4; Future Executives Club 3; Social Club 3,4; Superlative 4. JERRY ARNOLD CAUBLE Gymnastics Club 2; Social Club 3,4; Football 3. REECE EDWARD COOK, JR. P h o t o g r a p h y Club 1 ; Science Club 1; Projectionist 2; Office Bell Ringer 4; Social Club 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4, Captain, Assistant Director. WILMA DIANNE COX FHA Club 1; Varsity Basketball 1; Bible Club 1; Future Nurses Club 2; Gymnastics Club 2; Boosters Club 3,4, President 4; Library Club 4; Office Page 4; Lettergirl 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff Typist 4. DELANDA IRENE DENNIS Commercial Club 1 ; Gymnastics Club 2 ; Photography Club 3, Secretary; Boosters Club 4; Library Club 4; Glee Club 1,2,4; Office Page 4; JV Basketball 1. VETRA LOUISE DRYE Commercial Club 1,2; Boosters Club 3; Monogram Club 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Lettergirl 2, 3,4; Softball 2; Cafeteria Assistant 4; Bible Club 2. VIRGINIA GAIL EARNHARDT Class President 1; Marshal 1; Social Relations Club 1, President; Class Vice President 2, 3; Bus Patrolman 1,2; Bus Driver 3, 4; Beta Club 3,4, Treasurer 3; Booster ' s Club 2, Secretary; Future Nurses Club 2; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Social Club 3,4, Secretary 3, Future Executives Club 3; Lettergirl 2,3,4; FHA Club 1,2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice President 3, President 4; Annual Staff 4; Superlative 4; Miss Hi Miss 4; Homecoming Attendant 4; Runner-up to Miss White Christmas 3; Homeroom Daisy Mae Represent- ative 4. 106 Senior Statistics ALICE LOUISE EUDY Science Club 1; FHA Club 2; Commercial Club 2; FTA Club 3, 4; Bible Club 4. ARCHE LEONARD EUDY Band 1; Library Club 1; Photography Club 2; Social Club 3, 4; FFA Club 2,3,4; Bus Driver 3, 4; Cafeteria Assist- ant 3; Football 1, 2. MARY FRANCES FINK Science Club 1; Boosters Club 2; Softball 2; Glee Club 2; FTA Club 3,4; Commercial Club 3; Bible Club Reporter 4; Dramatics Club 4; Future Nurses Club 2; Office Page 4. KENNETH WAYNE GANDY FFA Club 1,2; Photography Club 1,2, President 2; Class Reporter 2; Social Club 3,4; Bus Driver 3,4; Basketball 1; Football 3,4; Superlative 4. ABBY COLLEEN HAHN Commercial Club 1 ; Science Club 2; Glee Club 2,3; Social Club 3, 4; Office Page 2, 3, 4. CLETUS WILTON HAHN, JR. Science Club 1 ; Photography Club 2 ; Social Club 3,4; Gymnastics Club 3; FFA Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Bus Driver 3, 4. EDDE OLIVER HATLEY Boosters Club 1; FFA Club 1,2,3, 4; Science Club 2; Bus Driver 1, 2, 3, 4; Photography Club 3; Social Club 4. LARRY JOE HEINTZ Boosters Club 1; Social Relations Club 2; FFA Club 1,2, 3,4, Secretary 4; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Social Club 4; Superlative 4. PATRICIA DELORES HONEYCUTT Glee Club 1,2,4; Commercial Club 1; Gymnastics Club 2; Social Club 3,4; Bible Club 4; Cafeteria Assistant 4. LARRY EARL KLUTTZ FFA Club 1,2; Photography Club 1,2; Monogram Club 3,4; Social Club 3,4; Bus Driver 3, 4; Basketball 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. BETTY LEONA KRIMMINGER Cheerleader 4; Superlative 4; Homecoming Attendant 4; Library Club 1; Glee Club 1,2, 3,4; Commercial Club 2; FTA Club 3,4; FHA Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Social Club 3,4; Office Page 2,4; School Store 3; Bus Patrolman 3. LARRY EUGENE LAMBERT Library Club 1; Gymnastics Club 2. ROSE ELAINE LAMBERT Glee Club 1,4; Commercial Club 1; FHA Club 2; Social Club 3,4; Science Club 3, Secretary and Reporter; Bus Patrolman 2,3,4; Lettergirl 2,3,4; Manager of JV Basket- ball Team 4; JV Basketball 1. ANN HARRISON LANIER FHA Club 1,2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3; Beta Club 3,4; Social Club 3,4; Social Relations Club 1, Vice President; Dance Band 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Lt. First Class 4, Reporter; Glee Club 2,3,4; Librarian 1; Junior Science Symposium Representative 3; Boosters Club 2; Class Historian 4. LARRY MAYNARD LEWIS LibraryClub 1, Secretary; Photography 2; Social Club 3, 4, Vice President 4; FFA Club 1,2,3, 4, President 4; Cafeteria Assistant 3; Glee Club 4. LINDA SUE LITAKER Social Club 1,3,4; Boosters Club 2; Beta Club 4; Basket- ball 3, 4; Superlative 4; Annual Staff 4; Office Page 4. NANCY CAROLYN LITTLE FHA Club 1,3,4; Social Club 1; Glee Club 2,3; FTA Club 3, 4; Typist for School Paper 2,3,4; Circulation Manager 4; Cafeteria Assistant 4. GWYNN CYNTHIA LOWDER Commercial 1,4; Religious Editor 1; Gymnastics 2; Photography 3; Bible Club 4, Secretary and Treasurer; Glee Club 3; FTA Club 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Second Lt. 4; Bus Patrolman 2; Bus Driver 3,4; Cafeteria Assistant 3,4; Office Page 4. ROY LEE McRORIE Science Club 1,4; Glee Club 4, American History Award 3. MATILDA ROSE MISENHEIMER Social Relations Club 1, Secretary and Treasurer; Gym- nastics Club 2; Social Club 3, 4; Glee Club 1,2,3, 4; Class Reporter 3; Library Club 2, 3,4, President 4; Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 4; JV Basketball 1. ROBERT BERNARD MOOREHEAD, JR. Photography Club 1; Band 1,2; Band Instructor 4; Social Club 2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3; Glee Club 4; Science Club 4, President. 107 Senior Statistics FRANCES CORINA MOOSE Commercial Club 1,4; Glee Club 1,2,4; Basketball 1,2; Gymnastics Club 2; Photography Club 3; Lettergirl 2,3,4; Bus Patrolman 3; Bus Driver 3, 4; Library Club 4; Library Assistant 4. KENNETH ALLEN MOSER Class Treasurer 1,2; Class President 4; Commercial Club 1; JV Basketball 1; Football 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, All- County 4, All-Area 4; Baseball 1,2,3, 4; Basketball 3,4, Co-Captain 4; Gymnastics Club 2, President; Monogram Club 3,4, Vice President 4; Glee Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Superlative 4. NANCY JANE PENINGER Social Club 1, 3, Reporter 1 ; Glee Club 1,2, 3,4; Flag T wirier 1; Lettergirl 2,3,4, Chief 4; Boosters Club 4; Office Page 4; Annual Staff 4; Superlative 4; Home- coming Attendant 4; Basketball Manager 4; Miss White Christmas Attendant 4. DORIS MARIE PLOTT Commercial Club 1; Class Secretary 1,2; Boosters Club 2; Social Club 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer 4; Future Executives Club 3, Reporter; Beta Club County Repre- sentative 3, Beta Club 3,4, Vice President 3; Editor-in- Chie f of Annual 4; Superlative 4; Homecoming Queen Attendant 4; DAR Good Citizen; Marshal 1,2,3, Chi f 3; Miss White Christmas 4. LARRY HOWARD PLOTT Social Club 1,3; Gymnastics Club 1; Glee Club 4; Super- lative 4. BARBARA JO RIDENHOUR Class Vice President 1; Commercial Club 1, Gymnastics Club 2 ; Social Club 3, Treasurer; Monogram Club 4, Secretary; Glee Club 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Ma- jorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Chief 4; Office Page 4; Annual Staff 4; Superlative 4; Executive Club 3; Homecoming Queen 4; Miss White Christmas Runner-up 3. JIMMY FRANKLIN RINEHARDT Bible Club 1, Bible Club Play 1; FTA Club 1,2,3; Com- mercial Club 2,3,4, Social Editor 2, Reporter 3, Typist 4; Glee Club 3,4. TED M. L. RITCHIE Library Club 1; Gymnastics Club 2,3; Glee Club 4; Social Club 4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4, Second Lt. 4. SHELBY FAYE SHUE Library Club 1; Library Assistant 1; Commercial Club 2, 4; Dramatics Club 3; Glee Club 4; Commercial Club Typist 4. TERRY EUGENE SCOTT Library Club 1; Gymnastics Club 2, 3; Band 1,2, Assist- ant Drum Major 2; Football 3; Bus Driver 2,3 ; Basketball 4; Social Club 4, President; Superlative 4. RICHARD WAYNE SIFFORD Library Club 1; Gymnastics Club 2; Gymnastics-Social 3; Bus Driver 3, 4; Social Club 4. FRANCES ELIZABETH SMITH Science Club 1,2, Secretary 1, Treasurer 2; Glee Club 1,2; FTA Club 1, 2; Bible Club 4. LINDA SUE SNIDER Churchland School: Softball 1; Basketball 1; Reporter for Class 1,2; Store Exchange 2; Mt. Pleasant School: Dram- atics Club 3; Commercial 1,4, Commercial Club Typist 4; Basketball 4; Glee Club 4. JAMES EVERETTE STONER, JR. Library Club 1,4, Treasurer 4; Boosters Club 2; Social Club 3, 4; Bus Driver 3, 4; Annual Staff 4; Commercial Club 3, Typist; Superlative 4; Beta Club 4. BETTY MARIE TREECE Winecoff School 1; Gymnastics Club Secretary 2; Glee Club 2, 3, 4; Miss Sophomore; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3,4, Treasurer 4; Class Officer 4; Super- lative 4; Miss Mt. Pleasant High 4; Homecoming Attend- ant 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Marshal 3; Executives Club 3; Annual Staff 4; Office Page 4; Bus Patrolman 3,4; Library Assist- ant 3; Library Club 3; Miss White Christmas Attendant 4 . DOROTHY ANN VANDERBURG Boosters Club 1; Bible Club 2; Beta Club 3, 4; FTA Club 4, President 4; Class Treasurer 3; Future Executives Club 3; Marshal 1,2,3; S up e r 1 a t i v e 4; Assistant Editor of Annual 4. WESLEY LANE WAGNER Social Club 4; Science Club 1; Social-Gymnastics 2; Photography Club 3, President; Band 1,2,3; Glee Club 4; Monitor 4; Superlative 4. JAMES WAYNE WIDENHOUSE Science Club 1; Basketball 1, 2; Photography Club 2; Social Club 3,4; Monitor 4; Bus Driver 3,4; Glee Club 4. 108 Your Passport invites you to enter the Exciting World of COMMERCE 110 BILTMORE DAIRY PRODUCTS CHUB KLUTTZ, DISTRIBUTOR Phone 6-2241 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina ill Manufacturing jewelers and Stationers E. L. HEDRICK. REPRESENTATIVE H AND H. MOTOR COMPANY Tommy Honeycutt — Pete Heglar Phone CR 9-9768 Gold Hill, North Carolina 112 MOUNT PLEASANT MILLING COMPANY Manufacturers of Flour, Meal, and Feed Mount Pleasant, North Carolina CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Concord, North Carolina Every Banking Service Each Deposit Insured Up To $10,000.00 113 PENN-CAROL HOSIERY MILLS, INC, Makers of Fine Gauge Nylon Hosiery Phone HE 6-2981 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina FISHER-EARNHARDT OIL COMPANY Gas - Kerosene - Oil Fuel Oil Phone HE 6-3611 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 114 For Dependable T.V and Radio Service, Dial ST 2-6686 Dock Vanderburg, Owner and Operator Graduate of the Class of 1933 Mount Pleasant AUSTIN BROTHERS’ TIRE STORE NO, 2 New Tires and Recapping Passenger, Truck, Tractor and Cars Phone HE 6-2091 STORE NO. 1 Located in Locust, North Carolina Phone TU 8-221 Batteries Auto Accessories Delco-Fisk 115 IT ' S A FACT 95% of everyone who drinks it likes SUN DROP the GOLDEN COLA. You ' ll like its delightfully different Cola Taste and New Color . IT ' S GOLDEN CONCORD BOTTLING WORKS CANNON MILLS Makers of Famous Cannon Towels, Sheets, and Bedspreads Kannapolis, North Carolina 116 KANNAPOLIS BAKERY Golden Crust Bread and Tasty Cakes Phone WE 3-8136 or WE 3-7146 Kannapolis, North Carolina SHERRILL FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furniture Company Concord, North Carolina Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 117 PIEDMONT BANK TRUST COMPANY Offering a Complete Banking Service Davidson, Mooresville and Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Phone HE 6-3601 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation A. W. MOOSE DRUG COMPANY Phone HE 6-2311 Mount Pleasanr, North Carolina 118 Residence Dial: Office Dial: HE 6-4557 ST 2-9161 or ST 2-4313 H. H. " GINGER” WATTS Justice of the Peace 110 Archery Building Concord, N.C. We Buy All Kinds of Har dwood Timber Also Logs and Lumber BRADY LUMBER CO. Mt. Pleasant, N.C. On Hwy. 49 Office Phone HEmlock 6-2166 Brady— CResent 9-8492 Night Phone FARMERS’ WHOLESALE FEED AND SEED STORE, INC. Phones ST 2-9722 P.O. Box 1260 Concord, North Carolina Distributors of Purina Chows in Cabarrus County 119 CABARRUS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Concord-Kannapolis, Albemarle, North Carolina Concord Offices: Next to County Courthouse and Wil-Mar Park Near Hospital EVANS COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Secretarial Accounting Day and Night Classes Phone ST 2-4921 24 East Depo£ Concord, North Carolina 120 BAUCOM BROS. HOME FURNISHINGS, INC. 255 Highway 29 North " Concord ' s Most Modern Furniture Store " WEBSTER S. MEDLIN G C McMANUS CO. Al lis-Chalmers De Laval Albe marl flUIS-CHfl LINERS SALES AND SERVICE sYU 2-3113 BURRELL BAKERY Bakers of HOLSUM SOF-TWIST BREAD Albermarle, N.C. YU 2-2124 YU 2-3417 121 VANDERBURG SERVICENTER U.S. Pxoyal and Goodyear Tires Home Heating Oils, Auto Accessories flREAt 1 366 North Church Street Phone ST 2-3103 Concord, North Carolina Sponsored by SERVICE | J. Ray Vanderburg, Owner J f ■i • Class of ' 40 Compliments of THE CONCORD NATIONAL BANK North Carolina ' s Oldest National Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CONCORD TRACTOR AND MOTOR COMPANY McCormick and International West Corban and Crowell Streets Phone ST 2-3185 Concord, North Carolina CONCORD-K ANNAPOLIS SAVINGS LOAN Phone ST 2-3193 9 Means Street Concord, North Carolina 122 PIEDMONT Enjoy Cabarrus Milk CHEVROLET and Cabarrus Ideal Ice Cream Sales and Service Produced Locally and Processed by CABARRUS Where Friends Meet Friends CREAMERY CO. INC. Phone ST 2-3147 Serving Cabarrus County Since 1923 EARNHARDT’S THE 49’ER GRILL LUMBER Highway 49 - North Main COMPANY Phone HE 6-3924 Specializing in Hardwood and Standing Timber Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Phone CR 9-2336 Gold Hill North Carolina 3 123 ifonqratulations J to the class of ' 60 DR. A. L. BARRINGER Mount Pleasant North Carolina MILLER LUMBER COMPANY Building Material Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Phone HE 6-2341 and HE 6-2342 M.D. Kluttz, Manager BARRINGER ' S SERVICE STATION Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Compliments of VERN ' S PHILLIP 66 at Finger, North Carolina COX ' S BARBER SHOP Mount Pleasant North Carolina SIMPSON GROCERY Rockwel I North Carolina HORTON-LEDER Concord North Carolina RUSSELL SONS SERVICE STATION " Best Wishes " Phone CR 9-8495 Gold Hill, North Carolina 124 Compliments of EAGLE ' S BARBER SHOP LAWSON FOIL J . D . Eagle and Ray Boger, Barbers Located on Highway 49 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Compliments of EFIRD’S DEPARTMENT STORE H.E. HALL FURNITURE CO. South Union Street Home of Friendly Service Concord, North Carolina 16 West Depot Street Concord, North Carolina Phone ST 2-2113 TUSCARORA COTTON MILL With Continued Good Wishes for " THE TIGERS " Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 125 In Concord BELK’S DEPARTMENT STORE " Home of Better Values " CABARRUS COUNTY RITCHIE AUTO PARTS SHERIFF ' S Phone ST 2-1111 DEPARTMENT 35 South Spring Street J • B . Roberts, Sheriff Concord, North Carolina Concord, North Carolina CRESS BROTHERS, INC.. Plumbing - Heating - Air Conditioning ESSO Oil Burners - Myers Pumps Day Phone ST 2-2014 Night Phone - Weekends ST 2-4273 53 East Corban St. Concord, N. C. 126 BOWERS BROS, John Deere Farm Machinery Security Feeds, Baby Chicks, Farm Implements Phone YU 2-441 1 - 1 18 N . Depot St. Albemarle, North Carolina HOOVER ' S HOOVER ' S shop CONCORD, M. Co THE YOUNG MAN ' S STORE ALL STAR MILLS, INC, High Grade Flour Plain and Self Rising Poultry, Dairy, Hog Feeds Albemarle, North Carolina Sz SUGGS FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings Phone YU 2-7113 534 Concord Road Albemarle, North Carolina Compliments of MR. D. RAY McEACHERN Clerk of Superior Court EUDY’S SERVICE STATION Groceries Cold Drinks Good Gulf Gasoline and Oil Phone HE 6-2581 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 127 GOODMAN’S GROCERY t ' Fancy and Stable Groceries " Phone HE 6-2551 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina ALEXANDER FLOWER SHOP " Flowers whisper what words can never say " Phone HE 6-8991 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina FINGER GROCERY Best Wishes From f " Groceries, Frozen MOUNT PLEASANT Food and Meats " HOSIERY MILL AMOCO Products Phone HE 6-3301 On Highway 73 Phone YU 2-3166 Mount Pleasant Route 1 Mt. Pleasant, N.C. North Carolina MOUNT PLEASANT FINANCE COMPANY. INC. Fresh Meats and Vegetables " Any Type of Loans " BARRINGER’S GROCERY Financing and Re-Financing Phone HE 6-3211 Mount Pleasant Phone HE 6-2271 Mount Pleasant. North Carolina North Carolina MOUNT PLEASANT INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Edith F. Peninger, Manager " All Forms of Insurance " Phone HE 6-2271 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina FOIL HARDWARE Your Philco Dealer Phone HE 6-3551 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 128 LAMBERT ' S SERVICE GROCERY Phone HE 6-3861 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina LENTZ CRESS Plumbing and Heating Contractors Pumps and Water Systems " All Kinds of Repair Work " Phone ST 2-9221 Route 2 Box 72 Concord, North Carolina Compliments of CITY DRY CLEANERS Mount Pleasant, North Carolina FLOWE ' S AMOCO AND GROCERY Also Milk Shakes Phone HE 6-3822 Hwy. 49 East of Mt. Pleasant, N.C, LOWRANCE IMPLEMENT COMPANY, INC. New and Used Homelite Chain Saws Al lis-Chalmers - New Holland Concord North Carolina CRAYTON ' S GARAGE Specializing in AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION General Reparing Auto Parts Phone HE 6-4221 Location: NEAR HIGH SCHOOL Compliments of JOHN H. HER ION Mount Pleasant North Carolina H. AND S. FURNITURE COMPANY Store No. 2 Phone HE 6-2525 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Store No. 1 RICHFIELD FURNITURE COMPANY Phone HO 3-3501 129 HIPP-McBRIDE COMPANY " Your Local Specialist In Sports " Phone ST 2-3514 16 East Depot Street Concord, North Carolina JOHNSTON ' S FURNITURE CO. 72 South Union Street Concord, North Carolina BARNHARDT ' S SELF SERVICE Fresh Meats - Groceries Produce - Etc. Dial HE 6-4362 Route 1 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Albemarle, North Carolina BARNHARDT ' S STANDARD OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY SHEET METAL HEATING " Complete Line of Dial HE 6-4362 School Supplies " Route 1 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 175 North Second Street Albemarle, North Carolina Phone YU 2-71 1 1 R.D. FURR ' S SINCLAIR SERVICE STATION Mount Pleasant, North Carolina FARMER ' S SERVICE STATION Groceries - Meats - Feeds ESSO Gas - Oil Phone ST 2-4388 Concord, North Carolina 130 ROCKWELL MILLING CO. MOSS MOORE Manufacturers of: Heating and Air Conditioning Flour, Meal and Feed Gutter and Sheet Metal Poultry and Diary Feeds Work of All Kinds 1307 South Main Street Phone CR 9-4005 Kannapolis, North Carolina Rockwell, North Carolina Telephone WE 2-4473 SIDES LUMBER COMPANY PENINGER Dealer in Rough and Dressed Lumber - Doors Sash and Mouldings Phone CR 9-2107 P . O . Box 803 Rockwell, North Carolina Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Ambulance Service Phone HE 6-3581 Burial Association SANITARY BARBER SHOP A Satisfied Customer is Our First Consideration John Culp Lewis Rothrock Phone CR 9-7095 Rockwell, North Carolina ROBINSON ' S, INC. Specialty Shop for Women and Children Concord, North Carolina Quality Merchandise Reasonably Prices KALE-LAWING CO. R.E. HUNTLEY, JEWELER 79 Old Charlotte Road Concord, North Carolina Dial ST 2-4621 of Concord, Inc. Complete Office Outfitters SCHOOL SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS 21 N. Union St. - Concord, N.C. Phone STate 2-4183 131 THE HUB, INC. Furniture - Kelvinator Appl iances Ladies ' , Men ' s Clothing 51 Buffalo ST 2-3162 Concord, North Carolina MILLS FLORIST Kannapol is Concord Salisbury Harold L. Mills Bob Jones HAMMETT INSURANCE AGENCY 130 North Church Street Concord. North Carolina SHEPHERD ' S DEPENDABLE Student Charge Accounts JEWELERS Invited Your Keepsake Diamond Deafer W.H. LEONARD SON Phone ST 2-0512 25 Market Street Concord, North Carolina JEWELERS Diamond Specialists Compliments of BUTTERCUP ICECREAM CO THE DAILY INDEPENDENT Covering News of Community, State, Nation, and World. Phone WE 3-2181 Kannapolis North Carolina 132 COMMUNITY STORE Compliments of " We have time to talk " Gas - Oil - Groceries JOHN R. B0GER Route 200 Georgevi 1 le. North Carolina Hal Love Concord, North Carolina KISER ' S GROCERY ESSO SERVICE WILLIAMS LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Phone ST 2-9881 Jet. 600-200 Highway Builders Hardware Paints " Fresh Meats and Vegetables " Dial Wil-Mar Park ST 2-9114 Your Business Appreciated Concord, North Carolina BEATTY MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Phone TU 8-21 1 1 27-601 Highway Intersection Midland, North Carolina FORD CARS FORD TRACTORS Compliments of EARL ' S TIRE STORE Concord, North Carolina PIKE ' S SUPER DRUG STORES 1019 N. Church Street 722 S. Union Street Concord, North Carolina " For the Best in Prescriptions, Gifts, and Cosmetics " To the Class of ' 60 Con “ratulations Cj BOB ' S LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING CO. Concord, North Carolina 133 Compliments of PORTER DRUG Concord, North Carolina Compliments of MR. ROBERT HARRIS TROPICAL FISH AQUARIUM Equipment and Supplies Highway 29 - Dial ST 2-2767 Compliments of Concord, North Carolina MR. C. A. WIDENHOUSE Turtles, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs RUTH ROSS FABRIC SHOP Mount Pleasant, North Carolina CAMPBELL ' S STUDIO 204B Oak Street Kannapolis, North Carolina Phone WE 2-4641 Compliments of WILLIAMS BROS. GROCERY MRS. MARGIE WHITE Fresh Fruits and Vegetables JACKIE ANTHONY TAMERA EBERHARDT GINNY ANTHONY 30 Barbrick Street Concord, North Carolina BECKY CULP CAROL ALEXANDER ST 2-1114 COOK ' S PACKING PLANT Pork and Beef Packers Concord, North Carolina MAULDIN ' S STORE Self Service - Free Delivery " Where Your Food Dollar Buys More " Dial ST 2-4166 Concord, North Carolina 134 SERVICE OIL AND SUPPLY COMPANY, INC. Gold Hil l North Carolina MARTIN ' S DRIVE-IN " After Movie Snacks at Their Best " 905 North Church Street Concord, North Carolina Phone ST 2-2294 LENTZ HARNESS SHOP Compliments of We deal in all types of MUSIC MART leather, riding saddles. collars and harnesses. Highway 49 - Phone HE 6-3681 Gold Hill, North Carolina Albemarle, North Carolina JEAN ' S BEAUTY SHOP Phone HE 6-3851 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Compliments of STANLEY ELECTRIC CO. Albemarle, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of GILBERT HEILIG E.B. STONE FINANCE COMPANY ROBERT ' S CAMERA STORE, INC. 421 West Main Street Concord, North Carolina Albemarle, North Carolina C.S. MELCHOR Compliments of Dealers in All Types IVESTER CHIROPRACTIC of Field Seed CLINIC Route 2, Gold Hi 1 1 YU 2-1627 Mount Pleasant Dr. J.O. Ivester YU 2-3929 North Carolina Dr. W.D. Beal YU 2-1888 DUN-RITE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS, INC. KIRK ' S GARAGE " A Laundry and Cleaning All Types of Repair Work Service As You Want It " Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Phone YU 2-351 1 — 121 7 Pee Dee Ave . Albemarle, North Carolina 135 LOCUST CAFE Compliments of STANLEY HARDWARE CO. Albemarle, North Carolina " Serves You Right Come Back The Following Night " THANK YOU WAYSIDE FLORIST Compliments of BETTY ' S BEAUTY SHOP Concord Highway YU 2-3264 Flowers For All Occasions Phone TU 8-9931 - P.O. Box 284 Locust, North Carolina Mrs. Ranzy Little Mrs. Maurice Smith ALMOND ' S JEWELRY P. O . Box 316 THOMPSON SONS PACKING PLANT Locust, North Carolina Jewelry - Diamonds Watch Repair Phone TU 8-2291 Beef - Pork - Veal Albemarle, North Carolina YU 2-6946 ALMOND HOME SUPPLY Appliances - Furniture Phone TUxedo 8-2241 BILL KESLER Wholesale Candies, Drugs, and Notions Phone CRescent 9-5516 COMMUNITY CLEANERS Complete Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service Phone TU 8-2381 Locust, North Carolina YORKE AND WADSWORTH HARDWARE South Church Street Concord, North Carolina LOCUST 5c 10c STORE " Where Your Dollars Have More Cents " Phone TU 8-5504 ELLIS JEWELERS For the Jewelry you give with pride let Ellis be your guide " Concord, North Carolina 136 WIDENHOUSE SERVICE, INC. Distributor of Sinclair Products 1202 North Cannon Boulevard Telephone WE 2-3211 John Nathan Vanderburg, Manager Graduate of Class of ‘42 137 Autographs 138 Autographs 139 Autographs 140 Autogra phs Autographs Autograph Autographs sA C ' Product ol ii n +er flulfislvnty COMPANY 333 INDIANA AVENUE WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. 144 gpHS mmm ABARRUS JNTY -IBRAR ' 3 3083 00562 2466 ■HH ■SB .V.VU.K; will IMri iillisli if. ' 1 Ipj J A Plj V; V 1.0 - 0 •! . • i 1 If ; IlfMKip

Suggestions in the Mount Pleasant High School - Tiger Roar Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, NC) collection:

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