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1 . • ' ( pSlfefitfS -j I ' pf| Uijii rjj f I pgii B gi tSsmsMs- S S» g https: details tigerroar1958moun a X n ineteen volume fi -t 4 - e ig Page 2 MOUNT PLEASANT HIGH SCHOOL Mount Pleasant, NortHCarolina Editors George Fisher Mike Little Kay Fink FOREWORD It is with a joyous spirit that we the annual staff, have prepared this nineteen hundred and fifty-eight edition of TIGER ROAR. It is our hope that in years to come you will turn the pages of this book and recall the many happy moments, the shared experiences and the bonds of friendship en- countered this year in our new high school build- ing. Now, wepresentto you this story of MOUNT PLEASANT HIGH SCHOOL life. Page 4 Page 5 DEDICATION MISS ROSA ALLEN JAMES In respect and admiration for her devoted leadership, her sincere helpfulness and her love for every pupil, we, the graduates of nineteen hundred and fifty-eight, dedicate this the eleventh volume of TIGER ROAR to one who makes historya livingand real subject for her students, MISS ROSA ALLEN JAMES. Page 6 TRIBUTE MISS ELLEN BLACKWELDER For her efficiency in striving to make our school run smoothly, for her untiring helpfulness to students and faculty alike, for her sincere interest in each individual, for her patience, kindness and friendly spirit, we, the annual staff and senior class of nineteen hundred and fifty-eight, pay TRIBUTE to the secretary to the Principal of our schools, MISS ELLEN BLACKWELDER. Page 7 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page ACTIVITIES 9 FEATURES SCEOLASTIC ATELETIC 6, ORGANIZATIONS Page 8 SHELBIA MANUS Advertising Manager BOBBIE TUCKER Assistant Advertising Manager TRECCIA WAR D Typist KAY FINK Assistant Editor BARBARA BRAWLEY Business Manager DONALD CLINE Assistant Business Manager MARY BUSBIN Typist MIKE LITTLE Assistant Editor ANNUAL STAFF GEORGE FISHER Editor-in-Chief NANCY GREEN Assistant Sports Editor DAN CULP Sports Editor Page 10 ANNUAL STAFF AT WORK Plan the layout carefully... . . .Put it in black and white. . . ..and work to publish the " Tiger Roar Page 1 1 NEWSPAPER STARE Nancy Greene, Assistant Editor; Martin Stancil, Editor; Joyce Eudy, Business Manager CERISTMAS CONCERT " I ' m A Fami ly Crisis " Florence Busbin, Dan Culp, Kay Fink, Shirley Lambert, Frances Ann Petrea, Shelbia Manus, Mike Little, Buddy Lomax, Nancy Greene, Barbara Brawley, Thyra Penninger, Donald Cline, Treccia Ward, Assistant Director; Mrs. Morrell Smith, Director. SCJ-IOOL PAIR BOOTR M-Frances Ann Petrea O-Ellen Hahn U -Ethelyn Smith N-Jessie Fisher T -Elaine Lambert 6 A First Row, Left to Right: Brenda Shinn, Cathy Barringer, Edgar Lefler, John Block, Brenda Frick, Ann Casper, Ted Ritchie, Larry Rimer, Verna Sigmon , 1 Libby Hahn, Jo Carol Love, Ann Lanier, Eldon Lambert, Dave Tarlton, Gerald Cline, Mai com McLeod. Second Row: Gwen Lowder, Jean Wilson, John! Li taker, Jimmy Barrier, Stancil Baucom, Terry Scott, Frank Lomax, Bobby Tucker, Ronnie Hurlocker, Sonny Cook, Bernie Moorehead, Buddy Lomax,! Frances Wiley Dora McMahan Libby Cook Barbara Ridenhour ' J D obert Stegall, Myron Hatley, Hazel Fountz, Ann Cline, Larry Linker, Woody oil. Third Row: Dave Petrea, Mike Talbert, Maura Eberhardt, George Fisher, arrie Barrier, Gwyn Li taker, Don Eudy, Grady Benton, Marshal McLeod, Aelvin Litaker, Vernon Huffstickler, Brenda Burris, Grady Allen, Linda Boger, iharlesCruse, Ron Barrier, Richard Lanier, William Barnhardt, Luther deDiego, Watt Burris, Drum Major: A. L. Barringer. MR. HENRY FORREST Band Director P -Shelbia Manus L -Vetra Drye E -Betty Bost A -Nancy Pe’ninger S -Frances Moose A -Gail Earnhardt N-Virginia Efird T -Dianne Cox BAND IN ACTION Mount Pleasant marching band under the drum major A. L. Barringer. GLEE CLUB Left to Right: Treccia Ward, Helen Blackwelder, Barbara Allmon, Shirley Cline, Jane Wiley, Frances Wiley, Voncille Yost, Pat Honeycutt, DeanCasper, Louise Winecoff, Betty Jane Eudy, Doris Henly. Second Row: Doris Barnhardt, Gail Eagle, Brenda Burris, Varah Drye, Kay Fink, Frances Moose, Thyra Penninger, Shirley Lambert, Becky Arey, Carrie Sue Barrier, Nancy Peninger. Third Row: Vetra Dry, Carolyn Little, Peggy Barbee, Mary Catherine Allmon, Elizabeth Bost, Delanda Dennis, Amelia Hahn, Sue Boger, Kay Byrd, Ann Lanier, Gail Earnhardt. Fourth Row: Barbara Brawley, Annie Leazer, Doris Mason, Mary Fink, Mary Busbin, Shelby Shue, Frances Smith, Mary Benten, Tillie Misenheimer, Betty Krimminger. Fifth Row: Dora McMahan, Ethelyn Smith, Ellen Hahn, Abby Hahn, Marjorie Dry, Gwynn Lowder, Patricia James, Judy McDonald, Doris Blackwelder, Barbara Ridenhour, Betty Treece. Left to Right: Mike Little, Dora McMahan, A. L. Barringer, Cynthia Barrier, Bobby Byrd, Treccia Ward, Bernie Morehead, Helen Blackwelder, Robert McCarn, Barbara Brawley, Buddy Lomax, MaryC. Allman, Marshall McLeod, Louise Winecoff, Robert Gandy, Betty J. Eudy, Don Moser, Joanna Kluttz, Joe Parker, Evelyean Hough. Left td Right: JoCaroI Love, Kay Fink, Sue CraytcSn, William Barnhardt, Elizabeth Hahn, Tracy Linker, Ellen Hahn, Allen McDonald, Ethelyn Smith, Ray Litaker, Rebecca Linker, Dan Culp, Varah Drye, Melvin Litaker, Marilyn Safrit, Ray Bost, Jane Wi ley, C laude Hurlocker, Sue Cline, Kay Lowder, V o n c i lie Yost, Rebecca Hurlocker, Shirley Blackwelder. The Social C lub ' s a c t i v i t i e s include the sponsoring of both formal and informal dances. The Christmas Formal, Spring For- mal and several Soc Hops are among these. SOCIAL CLUB CHRISTMAS DANCE 957 JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET MISS Ml MISS MISS NANCY ELIZABETH GREENE According to the requirements most befitti ng a Miss Hi Miss, the faculty of our school has selected Nancy Elizabeth Greene as the recipient of the title. The Johnsonian of Winthrop College, Rock Hill, South Carolina, sponsors this program in the schools of North and South Carolina. EOMECOMING QUEEN FRANCES ANN PETREA SHELBIA LOU MANUS «A ATTENDANTS BETTY BRIDGES Page 21 CLASS QUEENS vJ u n i or DORA McMAHAN CLASS QUEENS M i s ' ? " Fresh man PATRICIA MORGAN Miss Soph Qphom ore BETTY TREECE Mi„ m it e a is? w lute mh v i st m 3i s DORA McMAHAN ou n t m I ea sa n t CAROL WHITE ■Escort RAY LITAKER Page 24 MARSHALS pin o m ore? Anne Vanderburg, Doris Plott, Luther Barrier, Gail Earnhardt, Ann Lanier. Page 25 ELIZABETH HAHN Treasurer MRS. MADGE PLESS Advisor SHIRLEY LAMBERT Secretary THYRA PENNINGER President GEORGE FISHER MIKE LITTLE CYNTHIA BARRIER Vice President beta club REBECCA HURLOCKER MITC HELL SIMPSON m ev ica n A wav A For her deep i nterest and her eagerness to advance i n American History, Miss Shelbia Lou Manus has been awarded the medal presented each year by the Woodmen of the World of Cabarrus County to the most outstanding American History student. Awor d To Miss Helen Elizabeth Herion, we, the annual staff and senior class of nineteen hundred and fifty-eight, extend our sincere congratulations for being awarded the well deserved title " best citizen " of the nineteen hundred and fifty-seven class. This honor was bestowed upon Libby at her graduation. F Ttu J i orei n student Miss Uta Maria Grossnick of Berlin, Germany, is attend- ing our high school this year on the International Christ- ian Youth Exc hange. She is sponsored by the Cabarrus County Senior Methodist Youth Sub-District. It is indeed a pleasure to have Uta with us. By knowing her, we have gained a better knowledge and understanding of the German way of life. Practice Teacher? During this year we have had several students from Pfeiffer College doing their practice teaching here. They have been in the physical education, science, social studies, and Spanish departments. MR. RAFAEL BORROTO Spanish MISS JUNE MILLS Social Studies MR. ROGER WILLIAMS Physical Education MR. ELVIN M. FISHER, JR Physical Education MR. BILLY TYSON Biology SCHOLASTIC ADMINISTRATION MR. C. A. FURR Super! ntendent of Cabarrus County Schools DR. A. L. BARRINGER C. LIPE BARRIER Page 30 ADMINISTRATION MR. LUTHER A. ADAMS Principa I A. B. Degree Lenoir Rhyne College M. A. Degree A. S. T. C. ACULTY MRS. E. J. HARBISON A.B. — Davenport College Mathematics MR. RALPH PLATTE A. B. — Catawba College Social Studies MRS. MADGE PLESS A.B. — Winthrop College Engl ish MISS ROSA JAMES A.B. — Salem College Social Studies MR. M. R. McLEOD B.S. — N.C. State College Agricul ture MR. PERRY LEFEAVERS B. S. — Catawba College A. M.— U.N.C. A. S.T.C. Indiana University Engl ish MISS BETTY HALEY B. S. —A.S.T.C. Librarian MRS. NANCY BOST A.B. — Meredith College Science MR. H. S. LEAFE B.S. — Cornell University Science MISS RUTH JAMES B. S. — Salem College Home Economics MRS. PATRICIA SWAIM B.B.E. — Columbia Bible College Bible MR. CHARLES HARRILL A.B. — Lenoir Rhyne College M. A. —A.S.T.C. Physical Education MR. ARDEN RAY A.B. — Lenoir Rhyne College Physical Education and Mathematics MRS. IRA JANE RAY B.S. —A.S.T.C. Commercial MR. HENRY FORREST A.B. — Catawba College Band Page 32 FACULTY Page 33 5 e n i or C I a ?? M ascots RONALD HARWOOD LUANN MOSS Co lor? Blue and White Motto One step at a time; but always upward. J= lower Rose Page 34 Senior Class ' CSffi cer? Thyra Penninger, President; Shirley Lambert, Vice President; Frances Ann Petrea, Secretary; Carol White, Treasurer. MRS. E. J. HARBISON MRS. MADGE PLESS Page 35 KIRBY COLSON ALLEN " In every deed of mischief he has a heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute. " SENIORS ROBERT JACKSON BROOKS " It matters not what you are thought to be, but what you are. " HELEN BER NIECE BLACKWELDER " If there were many -more like her, the stock of halos would give out. " SHIRLEY ELIZABETH BLACKWELDER " Her laughter is gay and her eyes shine brightly. " BARBARA JO BRAWLEY " Good without effort, great without a foe. " " There are some silent people who are more interesting than the best talkers. " CORA LOUISE BOGER Page 36 MARY RUTH BUSBIN LARRY WAYNE CAUBLE EARL ALLEN BURRIS " Wit is the flower of the imagination. " SENIORS SUE CAROL CRAYTON " Her air, her manners, all who saw admired. " Honest fame awaits the truly good. " " it is safer to keep silent than to speak . " DONALD LENTZ CLINE " For 1 ti s the mind that makes the body rich. " BOBBY RAY COOK " And certainly he is a good fellow. " Page 37 CLARENCE RAY DEAL JERRY LAMAR DRYE SENIORS ETHEL MAE GANDY " Of loyal nature and of noble mind. " " Horses he loves and laughter and the sun . " " Beauty, from the smile of God, and music in her voice. " GLEEN DANIEL CULP " Honest labor bears a fruitful tomorrow . " KAY FRANCES FINK " His merry spirit seems our friend yet . " GEORGE WILFONG FISHER " Measure your mind ' s height by the shade it casts. " Page 38 UTA MARIA GROSSNICK BOBBY GENE HAMMILL " Rose petals of joy, she leaves where ere she goes. " BARBARA GAIL CARPENTER HUMPHREY " The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. " NANCY ELIZABETH GREEN " She is pretty to walk with and witty to talk with. " SENIORS DAVID KETNER KIMRAY " Atrueand brave and down right honest man . " " It was always said of him, that he knew how to lead the world. " CLAUDE MELVIN HURLOCKER " He would help others because of a fellow feeling. " Page 39 SHIRLEY LEA LAMBERT DON TRACY LINKER " Beauty and virtue shine forever round thee . " RAY ALEXANDER LITAKER " Thy modesty ' s a candle to thy merit. " MARY ANN KLUTTZ " Pretty, of strong heart and alert. " SENIORS BUDDY ADOLPHUS LOMAX " A man so various that he seems to be a bit of all mankind. " " Good humour may be said to be one of the best virtues. " MICHAEL EDWARD LITTLE " Women may come and women may go, but not if I can help it . " Page 40 KAY WILLIAM LOWDER SHELBIA LOU MANUS " Friendship is the gift of the gods and most precious boon to man. " CARSON POE LOWDER " What should a man do but be merry? " SENIORS FRANCES ANN PETREA " A safe companion, and an easy friend. " DONALD LANE MOSER " None but himself can be his equal . " " Wisdom, power and goodness meet in the depths of her heart. " THYRA ANNETTE PENNINGER " Beauty is truth, truth is beauty " Page 41 BILLY RAY SCOTT BETTY ANN STALLINGS " A clear mind, a clean heart and the rigor of the game. " MARTIN LUTHER STANCIL, JR. " Secret and safe contained but a wise man indeed. " MARILYN JEANETTE SAFRIT " Large is her heart and her soul is sincere. " SE CAROL JOANN TUCKER " Rich in good works. " " Beauty lies in her eyes. " BOBBIE WAYNE TUCKER " Devout yet cheerful, active yet resigned. " Page 42 GEORGE HENRY WALKER RHODA BEATRICE WARD " Let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. " GLADYS CAROL WHITE " Her graceful beauty is as the stars shining in the night. " ROBERT WAYNE TUCKER " With modest dignity and calm content. " SE MARY JANE WILEY " Not a sweeter person nor kindly. " " The ideal of courtesy, wit, grace and charm . " MYRA GAIL WHITLEY " The maiden is gracious and loved by her friends. " Page 43 DIRECTORY KIRBY COLSON ALLEN Footbal I 4; Basebal I 1 , 2, 3,4; F .F . A. Club 1,2, 3, 4; Travel Club 1; Photography Club 2; Social Club 3; Monogram Club 4; Bus Driver 3,4; Bus Patrolman 1,2. HELEN BERNIECE BLACKWELDER Library Club 1; Photography Club 2; F.T.A. Club 3,4; Social Club 3,4; Glee Club 2,4; Office Secretary 4. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH BLACKWELDER BoosterClub 1; Social Relations Club I; F.H.A. Club 2; Library Club 2; Social Club 3,4. CORA LOUISE BOGER Drama tics Club 1; F . H. A. Club 1,2,4; Photography Club 2; Social Club 3; Booster Club 4 (President); Cafeteria Assistant 2,3; Of- fice Secretary 4; Junior Play Marshal 3. BARBARA JO BRAWLEY F.H.A. 1 , 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 2, President 3); Dramatics Club 1; Social Relations Club 2; Social Club 3,4; Bus Patrolman 3,4; Glee Club 4; Superlative 4; Junior Play; School Store Clerk 2, 3,4; Office Secretary 3,4; Business Manager of Annual 4; Spanish Club 4. ROBERT JACKSON BROOKS SocialClub2; BoosterClub 1; Library Club 1 , 2; Bible C lub 3,4; Bus Driver 2,3,4; Bus Driver 2,3,4; Travel Club 1; Band 1,2,3; Dramatics Club 2; Superlative 4. EARL ALLEN BURRIS Commercial Club 1 ,4; Photography Club 2,3; Social Club 3; Li- brary Club 4. MARY RUTH BUSBIN Library Club 1; Basketball 1,4; Bible Club 2,3,4 (Treasurer 2, Reporter 3, Chorister 4); F.T.A. Club 2,3,4; Glee Club 2,3,4; Christmas Play 3; Cafeteria Assistant 2; Office Secretary 4; An- nual Staff 4 (Typist). LARRY WAYNE CAUBLE BoosterClub 1; Library Club 2; Monogram Club 3,4; Football 2, 3,4 (Co-Captain 4). DONALD LENTZ CLINE Beta Club 3,4; Marshal 3; Superlative 4; Annual Staff 4; Junior Play; F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4; Shop Team 1,2; Spanish Club 4; Social Club 3; Photography Club 2,4; Library Club 1; Travel Club 1 . BOBBY RAY COOK Photography Club 2 (President); Bible Club 4; Social Club 3; Travel Club 1; Football Manager 8,1; Baseball Manager 9; Flag Raiser 8, 1 , 2, 3,4. SUE CAROL CRAYTON SocialClub 1,2, 3, 4; Social Relations C lub 1; Library Club 1,2; F.H.A. Club 1; Basketball 1; BoosterClub 1; Glee Club 1; Bus Patrolman . GLENN DANIEL CULP Class President 2; Treasurer 3; F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4; Dairy Judg- ing Team 3,4; Land Judging Team 2,3,4; Superlative 4; Annual Staff 4; Beta Club 3,4; Bus Patrolman 1,2; Bus Driver 3,4; Li- brary Club 2; Basketball 2, 3; Office Secretary 4; Bellringer 4; Travel C lub 1 (President); Monogram Club 3; Social Club 4; Ju- nor Play. CLARENCE RAY DEAL Footba 1 1 1 , 2; Social C lub 2, 3; Bible C lub 3, 4; Baseball 1; Boost- erClub 1; Travel Club 1; Bus Patrolman 1,2, 3, 4. JERRY LAMAR DRYE F.F.A. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Dairy Judging Team 3,4; Booster Club 1; Library Club 2; Social Club 3,4; Bus Patrolman 3. KAY FRANCES FINK Class Reporter 1,2; Bible Club 1 (Secretary); Dramatics Club 1 (Treasurer); Glee Club 1,2, 3, 4; Beta Club 3,4; Marshal 2,3,4 (Chief 4); Social Relations Club 2 (President); F.T.A. Club 2,3, 4 (Vice-President 2, Cadet Teacher 2,3); Program Chairman of Beta Club 3; Bus Patrolman 4; Junior Play; Chairman of Junior- Senior Banquet 3; Social Club 3,4; Christmas Play 2; Superlative 4; Co-Assistant Editor of Annual 4. GEORGE WILFONG FISHER Editor-in-Chief of Annual 4; Superlative 4; LibraryClub I; Travel Club 1; Photography Club 2,4 (Reporter 2, Secretary 4); Social Club 3; Class Vice-President 1; Beta Club 3, 4 (Treasurer 3); Spanish Club 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4 (Sergeant); Marshal 2,3,4. ETHEL MAE GANDY Social Relations Club 1, 2; Social Club 1, 4; F. H. A. Club 3; Winecoff School 3. NANCY ELIZABETH GREEN Class Secretary 1; LibraryClub 1,4 (President 4); Bible Club 1; Photography Club 2 (Secretary); Glee Club 2; Social Club 3; BetaClub3,4; Commercial Club 4; School Paper Staff 4 (Assist- ant Editor, Typist); Office Secretary 4; Annual Staff 4; Bus Patrolman 1,2,3; Superlative 4; Miss High Miss 4. UTA MARIA GROSSNICK Germany 1,2,3; Bible Club 4; Future Nurses Club 4; Honorary Member of Beta Club 4. BOBBY GENE HAMMILL DramaticsClub 1; Library Club 2; Social Club 3,4; F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4 (Reporter 4); Bus Driver 3,4. BARBARA GAIL CARPENTER HUMPHREY LibraryClub 1 ,4 (Assistant Librarian) Photography Club 2; Social Club3; GleeClub3; Social Relations C lub 4; Christmas Play 2,3 . CLAUDE MELVIN HURLOCKER F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4 (President 4); Shop Team 1,2; Dairy Team 3, 4; Bus Patrolman 2,3; Bus Driver 3,4; LibraryClub 1; Travel Club 1; Photography Club 2; Social Club 2,4; Superlative 4. DAVID KETNER KIMRAY Booster Club 1,2, 3, 4; F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4. MARY ANN KLUTTZ F .T. A. C lub 1 , 3,4; F . H. A . C lub 1 , 2; Bi ble Club 1; Photography C lub 2; Social C lub 3; C o m m e r c i a I C lub 4 (Reporter, Typist); Library Assistant 4; Library C lub 4; Junior Play Marshal; Glee Club 2. Page 44 SHIRLEY LEA LAMBERT Library Club 1 (President, Assistant Librarian); F.T.A. Club 2, 3,4 (Secretary 3); Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Bible Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Chorister 1,3, President 4); Junior Play; Class Treasurer 1, Secretary 2, Vice-President 4; Office Secretary 4; Superlative 4; Christmas Play 3; Beta Club 3,4; (Secretary 4); Social Relations Club 1. DON TRACY LINKER Booster Club 1; Travel Club 1 (Secretary); Assistant Librarian 2; Social Club 3,4; Bus Driver 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Basketball 2,4 (J.V. 8th -9). RAY ALEXANDER LITAKER Bus Driver 3,4; Booster Club 1; Library Club 2; Social Club 3,4; Cafeteria Assistant 3; Mount Pleasant King 4; Superlative 4. MICHAEL EDWARD LITTLE Dramatics Club 1; Travel Club 1 (President); Monogram Club 2; Football 2; Class Treasurer 2; Winner of American History Award 2; Assistant Librarian 2; Class President 3; Social Club 3,4 (Pres- ident 4); Beta Club 3,4; Junior Play;F . T. A. Club 3 (Reporter); Co-Assistant Editor of Annual 4; Superlative 4; Spanish Club 4. BUDDY ADOLPHUS LOMAS Travel Club 1; Social Club 1,2, 3,4; Band 1,2, 3, 4 (Lieutenant); Dance Band 3,4 (Vice-President 4); Superlative 4; Cafeteria Assistant 4; Substitute Bus Driver 2,3,4; Junior Play. CARSON POE LOWDER Football 1 , 2,3,4; F . F . A. C lub 1,2, 3, 4; Shop Team 1,2; Booster Club 1; Library Club 2; Social Club 3; Monogram Club 4. KAY WILLIAM LOWDER DramaticsClub 1; Library Club 2; Social Club 3,4; F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4); Bus Driver 3,4. SHELBIA LOU MANUS MonogramClub 1,2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4); F.T.A. Club 1,2,3 (Historian 2); Junior Play; Bus Patrolman 2,3,4; Superlative 4; Advertising Manager of Annual 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 (Co-Capt- ain 4); J.V. Basket ba 1 1 2; Letter girl 1 , 2,3,4 (Co-Chief 4); Home- coming Queen 4; Footbal I Program 3,4; American History Award 3. DONALD LANE MOSER F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4; Dairy Judging Team 3,4; Booster Club 1; Library Club 2; Social Club 3,4; Bus Driver 2,3,4; Bus Patrol- man 1; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4. THYRA ANNETTE PENNINGER Basketball 1 , 2, 3,4 (Co-Captain 4); J . V. Basketball 8th- 1; Class Vice-President 3; Class President 4; F.T.A. Club 2,3,4 (Presi- dent 2,3); Bus Patrolman 1,2, 3, 4; Assistant Librarian 1; Library C lub 1 ; Office Secretary 2,4; Social Relations Club 2 (Secretary); Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Play; Beta Club 3,4 (President 4); Superlative 4; Bible Club 1,4; Social Club 3; Cafeteria Cashier 4 (Assistant 2,3); Marshal 1,2. FRANCES ANN PETREA Monogram Club 1,2, 3, 4 (Secretary Treasurer 4); Superlative 4; Bus Patrolman 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; J. V. Basketball 1, RECTORY 2; Junior Play Flag Twirler 1,2,3 (Chief 1,2,3); Letter girl 4 (Co-Chief 4); Homecoming Queen Attendant 4; F .T.A. Club 1, 2,3 (Secretary 2); Football Program 3,4; Class Secretary 4. MARILYN JEANETTE SAFRIT Beta Club 3,4; Social Club 4; Spanish Club 4; F.T.A. Club 3 (Treasurer); Bible Club 1,3; F.H.A. Club 1,2 (Treasurer 2); Photography Club 2; Library Club 1,4; Assistant Librarian 1,2, 4; Class Historian 4; Junior Play Prompter; Cadet Teacher 3. BILLY RAY SCOTT Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Booster Club 1; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Superlative 4. BETTY ANN STALLINGS Concord High 1,2; Glee Club 3; Bible Club 3; F.T.A. Club 4; Social Relations Club 4 (Secretary Treasurer). MARTIN LUTHER STANCIL, JR. Booster Club 1; Football Manager 1,2; Monogram Club 2, 3; Baseball Manager 2; Commercial Club 4; School Paper Editor Typist; Basketball 2; J.V. Basketball 3. BOBBIE WAYNE TUCKER Dramatics Club 1; Library Club 1; Basketball 1; Bible Club 2; SocialClub3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Office Secretary 4; Superlative 4; Annual Staff Assistant Advertising Manager; Junior Play Mar- shal . CAROL JOANN TUCKER F.H.A. 1,2,3 (Historian 2); DramaticsClub 1 (Vice-President); Bible Club 2 (Vice-President); Social Club 3; Social Relations Club 4 (Reporter); F.T.A. Club 4; Superlative 4. ROBERT WAYNE TUCKER Band 1,2, 3, 4 (Captain); Social Club 2; Booster Club 1; Com- mercial Club 3,4 (Typist and Sports Editor); Basketball 3 (Man- ger). GEORGE HENRY WALKER F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4; Booster Club 1,3,4; Travel Club 2. RHODA BEATRICE WARD DramaticsClub 1 (Secretary); F.H.A. Club 1,2 (Reporter 2); Social R e I a t i on s Club 2; Library Assistant 2; Social Club 3,4; Beta Club 3,4; F.T.A. Club 3,4; Cadet Teacher 4; Glee Club 2, 4; Bus Patrolman 3; Junior Play (Assistant Director); Office Secretary 4; Annual Staff 4 (Typist); Spanish Club 4. GLADYS CAROL WHITE Library Club 1,4 (Vice-President 1); Assistant Librarian 1,4; Social Club 3,4; Glee Club 3; Future Nurses Club 4 (President); Christmas Play 2,3; Class Treasurer 4; Mount Pleasant Queen 4; Miss Senior. MYRA GAIL WHITLEY F. T. A. Club 1,2, 3, 4; Bible Club 1,2,3; Bible Club Play 2,3; School Store Clerk 1,2, 3, 4; Commercial Club 4; Paper Staff 4 (Typist). MARY JANE WILEY Library Club 1,4; Photography Club 2; Social Club 3,4; Future Nurses Club 4; Glee Club 3,4. Page 45 SENIOR MOST STUDIOUS Donald Cline Bobbie Tucker MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kay Fink George Fisher BEST ALL ROUND Thyra Penninger Dan Culp Page 46 SUPERLATIVES MOST ORIGINAL Joann Tucker Mike Little MOST DEPENDABLE Barbara Brawley Claude Hurlocker MOST TALENTED Buddy Lomax Shirley Lambert Page 47 SUPERLATIVES FRIENDLIEST Bob Brooks Frances Ann Petrea MOST POPULAR Nancy Greene Ray Li taker MOST ATHLETIC Bi 1 1 Scott Shelbia Manus Page 48 CLASS HISTORY The history of the Senior Class of 1958 began in August, 1954. This year we elected as our class officers A. L. Barringer, President; George Fisher, Vice-President; Nancy Greene, Secretary; Shirley Lambert, Treasurer; and Kay Fink, Reporter. Our advisors were Miss Ruth James, Miss Carolyn Griffin, and Mr. Charles Harrill. The officers and advisors of our class during our second year in high school were Dan Culp, President; Florence Busbin, Vice-President; Shirley Lambert, Secretary; Mike Little, Treasurer; and Kay Fink, Reporter; Mrs. H. S. Leafe and Mr. Claude Pyatte, Advisors. Mike Little was awarded the American History Medal this year. Kay Fink, Florence Hahn Busbin, Thyra Penninger, and George Fisher were chosen as marshals. We began our Junior Year by electing Mike Little, President; Thyra Penninger, Vice-President; Florence Busbin, Secretary; and Dan Culp, Treasurer. The class advisors were Miss Rosa James and Mrs. Carolyn Smith. One of our big projects this year was the selling of magazines subscriptions to finance the Junior-Senior Ban- quet which was held in May, 1957. " Fairyland " was the theme of this banquet sponsored by Miss Rosa James. Mrs. Carolyn Smith was the director of our Junior Class play, " I ' m a Family Crisis, " with Treccia Ward serv- ing asassistant director. Members of the cast were Shirley Lambert, Florence Busbin, Kay Fink, Dan Culp, Barbara Brawley, Mike Little, Buddy Lomax, Nancy Greene, Shelbia Manus, Frances Ann Petrea, Thyra Penninger, and Donald Cline. Shelbia Manus received the American History Medal. Thyra Penninger, Kay Fink, and George Fisher were the marshals. Mrs. Madge Pless and Mrs. Kate Harbison were the advisors during our final year of high school. The officers thisyearwere Thyra Penninger, President; Shirley Lambert, Vice-President; Frances Petrea, Secretary; and Carol White, Treasurer. Nancy Greene was chosen by the faculty as " Miss Hi Miss " and Carol White was chosen " Miss Senior. " Elected as superlatives were Dan Culp and Thyra Penninger, Best All Around; Kay Fink and George Fisher, Most Likely to Succeed; Nancy Green and Ray Litaker, Most Popular; Shelbia Manus and Bill Scott, Most Athletic; Frances Petrea and Bob Brooks, Friendliest; Bobbie Tucker and Donald Cline, Most Studious; Joann Tucker and Mike Little, Most Original; Barbara Brawley and Claude Hurlocker, Most Dependable; and Shirley Lambert and Buddy Lomax, Most Talented. George Fisher was elected Editor of the Annual with Mike Little and Kay Fink being chosen as Co-Editors The other members of the Annual Staff were Shelbia Manus and Bobbie Tucker, Advertising Manager; Barbara Brawley and Donald Cline, Business Managers; Dan Culp and Nancy Greene, Sports Editors; Treccia Ward and Mary Busbin, Typists. The senior class marshals were Kay Fink, Chief; George Fisher and Donald Cline. MARILYN SAFRIT Class Historian Page 49 u n i or a Off, cer ? Myron Hatley, Treasurer; Ethelyn Smith, Secretary; Judy McDonald, Vice President; Mitchell Simpson, President. Page 50 i p BARBARA ALLMAN MARY C 0 ALLMAN RAY ALLMAN PEGGY BALLARD WILLIAM BARNHARDT CYNTHIA BARRIER A. L. BARRINGER DORIS BLACKWELDER DOLLY BOGER RAY BOST BRENDA BOWERS BETTY BRIDGES DONALD BURRIS LARRY BURRIS BOBBY BYRD JUNIORS SHIRLEY CLINE SUE CLINE CLAUDE COCHRAN DORIS COLEY FRANCES COLEY PEGGY DRYE VARAH DRYE BETTY JANE EUDY JOYCE EUDY HARRY FINK DONALD FISHER JESSIE FISHER LARRY FISHER RUTH FURR ROBERT GANDY ELIZABETH HAHN ELLEN HAHN LANDON HARWOOD EDDIE HATLEY MYRON HATLEY REBEKAH HONEYCUTT EVALYEAN HOUGH REBECCA HURLOCKER JUNIORS PATRICIA JAMES BONNIE KEZIAH JOANNA KLUTTZ WATSON KLUTTZ FRANCES LINKER REBECCA LINKER JO CAROL LOVE ROBERT McCARN edward McDaniel allen McDonald judy McDonald MARSHALL McLEOD DORA McMAHAN LARRY MILLER BILL MORGAN WAYNE MORRIS JOYCE ANN NEAL JOE PARKER JOE PLESS BARBARA RICE LINDA COBB SHELBY SHUE MITCHELL SIMPSON JUNIORS RACHEL SIMPSON ETHELYN SMITH CAROLYN STEGALL CAROL VON CANNON EDNA RUTH WAGONER HAL WETTER JEAN WILSON LOUISE WINECOFF VONCILLE YOST Page 53 Sophomore V- lctss c_yrpicers Charles Aldridge, President; Gail Earnhardt, Vice-President Doris Plott, Secretary; Kenneth Moser, Treasurer. o m ore Cl a ss Ad v i s ' o r s ' MR. CHARLES HARRILL Page 54 MRS. H. S. LEAFE MRS. IRA JANE RAY CHARLES ALDRIDGE DON ALLMAN PEGGY BARBEE TRACY BARBEE ARCHIE BARNHARDT BRUCE BARNHARDT EARL BARNHARDT JIMMY BARNHARDT TOMMY BARNHARDT LUTHER BARRIER CECIL BARRINGER MARY BENTON BOBBY BLACK DAVID BOGER SUE BOGER SOPHOMORES ELIZABETH BOST MILLIE BOWERS JERRY BRADFORD KAY BYRD JERRY CAUBLE SONNY COOK DIANNE COX DELANDA DENNIS VETRA DRYE GAIL EARNHARDT VIRGINIA EFIRD ALICE EUDY ARCHIE EUDY BOBBY FAGGART BETTY FINK Page 55 MARY FINK WANDA FURR WAYNE GANDY GLENDA GILMORE BILLIE GULLEDGE ABBY HAHN AMELIA HAHN CLETUS HAHN WAYNE HAMMILL LARRY HEINTZ LEE HONEYCUTT PATRICIA HONEYCUTT JERRY HOWELL VERNON HUFFSTICKLER GLENN KIRK SOPHOMORES LARRY KLUTTZ BETTY KRIMMINGER ELAINE LAMBERT LARRY LAMBERT ANN LANIER ANNIE LEAZER LARRY LEWIS LINDA LITAKER MELVIN LITAKER CAROLYN LITTLE GWYNN LOWDER DORIS MASON FAYE McGRAW ROY LEE McRORIE MATILDA MISENHEIMER Page 56 FRANCES MOOSE BERNIE MOREHEAD KENNETH MOSER OLA MAE PARNELL NANCY PENINGER HAROLD PLESS DORIS PLOTT LARRY PLOTT JIMMY RHINEHARDT BARBARA RIDENHOUR TED RITCHIE MILDRED RUSS KAY RUSHING TERRY SCOTT JAMES SHAVER SOPHOMORES MAX SHUE SHELBY SHUE WAYNE SIFFORD FRANCES SMITH PATSY SMITH JIMMEY STONER BETTY TREECE GENE TALLEY PEGGY TUCKER ANNE VANDERBURG GERALD WAGNOR WESLEY WAGONER WAYNE WIDENHOUSE FRANCES WILEY Page 57 re S ' In men C I a ss Off, cers Janet Fisher, President; Kenneth Thompson, Vice-President; Kay Blackwelder, Secretary; Eddie Fisher, Treasurer. MR. PERRY LEFEAVERS MR. ARDEN RAY MISS RUTH JAMES JESSE ALEXANDER DANNY ALMOND REBECCA AREY JERRY BALLARD TROY BARNHARDT WAYNE BARNHARDT CARRIE SUE BARRIER EDWARD BARRIER ELAINE BARRIER STANCIL BAUCOM KAY BLACKWELDER MYRON BLACKWELDER PRESWMEN LINDA BODENHEIMER LINDA BOGER BETTY BOST RACHEL BOST RAYMOND BOWERS NEAL BURGESS HAZEL BURLEYSON BETTY BURRIS BRENDA BURRIS DEANE CASPER JOYCE CLAY ANN CLINE DARLA CRAYTON MARJORIE DRYE GAIL EAGLE KENNETH EARNHARDT MAURA EBERHARDT NANCY EUDY LINDA FAGGART EDDIE FISHER JANET FISHER MARGIE FLOWE HAZEL FOUTZ DIANNA GUFFY JIMMY GULLEDGE RONNIE HAHN RONNIE HAHN MELVIN HARWOOD DORIS HENLEY JOYCE HILL MAC HOPKINS ALETHEA HUMPHREY RONNIE HURLOCKER LINDA ISENHOUR FRANK KIKER JUDY KILLIAN I L_ FRESHMEN GLENN KLUTTZ HOY KLUTTZ CLIFFORD LAMBERT JERRY LAMBERT MAXINE LEFLER LARRY LINKER JOHN LITAKER NANCY LITAKER BRENDA LOWDER tommy McClellan larry McDaniel buddy McDonald ronnie McDonald DORIS MILLER PATRICIA MILLER MARY RUTH MOORE LINDA MOOSE PATRICIA MORGAN PEGGY MORGAN SUSAN NANCE BILLIE NEWSOME VALERIA PENNINGER NORRIS PLOTT LARRY RIMER WAYNE RINEHARDT JUDITH SAFRIT PAUL SHIPTON AGNES SHUEMAKER ARCHIE SMITH BOBBIE SMITH ROBERT STEGALL JIMMY TALLEY JACK THOMAS KENNETH THOMPSON JUNIOR TUCKER RACHEL VANDERBURG CHEERLEADERS Q,.f Cl eerier dev BETTY BRIDGES Front Row, Cynthia Barrier, Linda Cobb. Back Row: Darla Crayton, Pat Morgan Peggy Ballard, Betty Bridges (Chief), Doris Blackwelder, Bonnie Keziah. Page 62 MONOGRAM CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Donald Fisher, Luther de Diego, Larry Cauble, Wayne Morris, Betty Bridges, Peggy Ballard, Linda Cobb, Jessie Fisher, Bonnie Keziah, Kirby Allen. Second Row: Bill Scott, Shelbia Manus, Larry Fisher, Frances Petrea, Joe Pless, Bill Morgan, Poe Lowder, Don Burris, Charles Aldridge. ATHLETIC BANQUET .. Cod ch e? Perry Lefeavers, Backfield Coach; Charles Harrlll, Head Coach; Arden Ray, Line Coach. First Row, Left to Right: Poe Lowder, Bill Scott, Wayne Morris, Larry Cauble, Captain; Larry Fisher, Captain; Joe Pless, Don Burris, Donald Fisher. Second Row: Lannie Harwood, Watson Kluttz, Charles Aldridge, Ken Moser, Larry Heintz, Robert McCarn, Ronnie Hahn, Kirby Allen. Third Row: Larry Kluttz, Archie Barnhardt, Wayne Rhinehardt, Bobby Smith, Bill Morgan, Jerry Ballard, Buddy McDonald, Mack Hopkins. Fourth Row: Glenn Kluttz, Carl Lefler, Eddie Fisher, Jesse Alexander, Mac Shue, Tommy McLellan, Stancil Baucom, Archie Smith. Fifth Row: Neal Burgess, Don Gray, John Litaker, Manager; Bobby Byrd, Manager; Jimmy Barrier, Earl Barnhardt, Coaches -Perry Lefeavers, Charles Harrill, Arden Ray, Rev. Trexler, Team Chaplain. J BOOSTERS CLUB J " WE SUPPORT THE TIGERS J BILL SCOTT KIRBY ALLEN JOE PLESS CHARLES. ALDRIDGE All County WAYNE MORRIS All Conference ; ' f LARRY FISHER Co-Captain LARRY CAUBLE Co-Captain All County All Conference DON BURRIS All County All Conference JSON KLUTTZ DON FISHER LAN NY HARWOOD POE LOWDER Page 65 JUNIOR VARSITY First Row, Left to Right: Ken Moser, Larry Kluttz, Archie Barnhardt, Jerry Ballard, Larry Heintz,Mac Hopkins, Bobby Smith. Second Row: Ronnie Hahn. Third Row: Mack Shue,. Earl Barnhardt, Stancil Baucom. TEAMS IN ACTION BOOSTERS CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Ann Lanier, Carol Bost, Larry Heintz, Harold Eudy, Jerry Bradford, Larry Burris, Linda Isenhour, Kay Byrd. Second Row: Jimmy Stoner, Doris Plott, Linda Litaker, Jimmy Talley, Gerald Wagner, Jerry Howell, Bob Krimminger, James Shaver. Third Row: Cora Boger, Pat Smith, Mary Fink, Faye McGraw, Edward McDaniel, George Walker, Mrs. Harbison (sponsor), Gail Earnhardt. GYMNASTICS CLUB GIRLS ' BAS RET JESSIE FISHER OYCE NEAL SHELBIA MANUS Co-Captain ARDEN RAY Coach THYRA PENNINGER Co-Captain MARJORIE DRYE MARY BUSBIN Page 68 3ALL TEAM Left to Right: Marjorie Drye, Shelbia Manus, Thyra Penninger, Barbara Ridenhour, Joyce Neal, Janet Fisher, Rebecca Arey, Frances Petrea, Jessie Fisher, Ellen Hahn, Mary, Busbin, Mary C. Allmon, Varah Mae Drye, Frances Moose, Vetra Drye, Betty Treece. F e a m s i n ct i o n BOYS ' BAS KE1 TRACY LINKER LANNY HAF WOOD DON BURRIS Captain COACH PERRY LEFEAVERS BILL SCOTT DON FISHER BALL TEAM Left to Right: Terry Scott, Luther Barrier, Lanny Harwood, John Litaker, Don Fisher, Don Burris, Bill Scott, Larry Plott, Wayne Rh inehardt, Tracy Linker, Allen McDonald, Wayne Widenhouse, Charles Aldridge. Standing-Glenn Kluttz, Manager. BASEBALL Returning Lettermen: Don Moser, Don Burris, Kirby Allen, Don Fisher, Charles Aldridge. FirstRow, LefttoRight: Ronnie Hahn, Stancil Baucom, Harold Eudy, Don Fisher. Second Row: Lanny Harwood, Wayne Morris, Larry Fisher, Charles Harr i 1 1 , Coach. Third Row: Don Moser, Don Burris, Kirby Allen, Charles Aldridge. BUS DRIVERS FirstRow, Left to Right: Kirby Al len. Bob Brooks, Tracy Linker, Kay Lowder, Ray Litaker, Claude Hurlocker, Dan Culp. Second Row: Bobby Faggart, C laude Cochran, William Barnhardt, Gerald Wagoner, Bobby Krimminger, Robert Gandy, Melvin Litaker, A. L. Barringer, Don Moser, Mr. Adams- Advisor. BUS PATROL FirstRow, Left to Right: Bonnie Keziah, Deane Casper, Gail Earnhardt, Rebecca Linker, Cynthia Barrier, Rebecca Hurlocker, Varah Drye, KayFink, Louise Winecoff. Second Row: Sue Crayton, Jack Thomas, Barbara Brawley, Ray Deal, Mary C. Allman, Thyra Penninger, Shelbia Manus, Elaine Lambert, Betty J. Eudy, Sue Cline. FUTURE TEACEERS CLUB Seated: Sue Cline, Barbara Rice, Treccia Ward, Jimmy Rinehardt, Mary Ann Kluttz, Tracy Barbee, Peggy Drye, Frances Coley, Maura Eberhardt, Ann Cline, Shirley Lambert, Thyra Penninger, Helen Blackwelder, Kay Fink, Susan Nance, Nancy Eudy, Darla Crayton, Elizabeth Hahn, Doris Coley, Bonnie Keziah, Ethelyn Smith, Betty Stallings, Joanne Tucker, Ellen Hahn, Rebecca Linker, Standing: Jo Carol Love, Joyce Eudy, Rebecca Honeycutt, Cynthia Barrier, Miss James-Advisor. STUDENT SECRETARIES Left to Right: Jessie Fisher, NancyGreene, Bobbie Tucker, Dan Culp, Betty Krimminger, Rebecca Linker, Abby Hahn, Barbara Brawley, Cynthia Barrier, Ellen Hahn, Joanne Tucker, Cora Boger, Treccia Ward, Helen Blackwelder, Mary Busbin, Shirley Lambert, Thyra Penninger. LIBRARY CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Nancy Greene, Robert McCarn, Bill Morgan, Rebekah Honeycutt. Second Row: Miss Haley-Advisor, Carol White, Joanne Kluttz, Rebecca Hurlocker, Jane Wiley, Joyce Eudy, Sue Boger, Tillie Misemheimer, Marilyn Safrit, Mary Ann Kluttz, Kay Fink. Third Row: Earl Burris, Ray Deal, Allen McDonald. RUTURL CARRIERS OE AMERICA First Row, Left to Right: Mr. McLeod, Advisor; Ray Bost, Mitchell Simpson, Poe Lowder, Kirby Allen, Don Moser, Secretary; Kay Lowder, Vice-President; Claude Hurlocker, President; Dan Culp, Donald Cline, David Kimray, George Walker, Edward McDaniel, Harold Eudy . Second Row: Vernon Huffstickler, Larry Heintz, Stancil Baucom, Wayne Hammill, Tommie McClellan, Ronnie Hahn, Ronnie Wagoner, Charlie Kirk, Troy Barnhardt, Archie Smith, Larry Lewis, Archie Eudy, Harold Pless, Cletus Hahn, Larry Linker, Glenn Kluttz, Don Allman, Glenn Kirk, David Boger. Third Row: Frank Kiker, Mac Hopkins, Larry McDaniel, Larry Miller, Gerald Wagoner, Harry Fink, Claude Cochran, Wayne Barnhardt, Bruce Barnhardt, Jimmy Barnhardt, Luther Barrier, William Barnhardt, Myron Hatley, Archie Barnhardt, Joe Parker, Hoye Kluttz, Larry Kluttz, Gene Bonds, Wayne Gandy. Not Pictured: Jerry Drye, Bobby Hammill. EUTURE HOMEMAKERS OE AMERICA Jessie Fi sher, Joyce Hill, Alethea Humphrey, Elaine Barrier, Janet Fisher, Rachel Bost, Nancy Litaker, Patricia Miller, Linda Bodenheimer, Doris Miller, Gail Eagle, Gail Earnhardt, Diana Guffey, Ann Lanier, Rebecca Hurlocker, Barbara Brawley, Carrie Sue Barrier, Rachel Simpson, Shirley C line, Barbara Allman, Rachel Vanderburg, Maxine Lefler, Norma Jean Wilson, Hazel Foutz, Judy Killian, Alice Eudy, Billie Gulledge, Brenda Burris, Cora Boger, Carol Bost, Elaine Lambert, Kay Blackwelder, Kay Byrd, Linda Isenhour, Linda Faggart, Sue Boger. SPANISH CLUE First Row, Left to Right: Dora McMahan, Robert Gandy, Joyce Eudy. Second Row: Jo Carol Love, Elizabeth Hahn, Treccia Ward, Rebecca Hurlocker, Sue Cline, Louise Winecoff, Kay Fink, Ethelyn Smith. Third Row: Mrs. Pless-Advisor, Shirley Lambert, Bobby Byrd, Marilyn Safrit, Cynthia Barrier, Rebecca Linker, Mike Little, Mr. Borotto- Advisor. Fourth Row: Donald Cline, Barbara Brawley, Thyra Penninger, Allen McDonald, George Fisher, Shelbia Manus, Robert McCarn. «ooeooe©»e ooooooooooo 00003000000 ©ooGoooooeo© n. ' .VSart COMMERCIAL CLUB Left to Right: Millie Bowers, Carolyn Little, Marlene Cline, Betty Krimminger, Wanda Furr, Rebekah Honeycutt, Jimmy Rinehardt, Brenda Bowers, Mary Ann Kluttz, Mike Shinn, Joyce Eudy, Bobby Tucker, Martin Stancil, Shelby Shue, Mrs. Ray- Advisor, Nancy Greene, Gail Whitley, E arl Burris, Doris Mason, Dolly Boger, Ruth Furr, Annie Leazer, Kay Rushing, Peggy Barbee, Shebly Shue. BIBLE CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Mary Busbin, Thyra Penninger, Althea Humphrey, Carolyn Stegall, Tracy Barbee, Darla Crayton, Shirley Lambert. Second Row: Carol Von Cannon, Ola Mae Parnell, Uta Grossnick, Carrie Sue Barrier, Ann Cline, Rachel Vanderburg, Billie R. Gulledge, Doris Coley, Frances Coley, Ann Vanderburg, Brenda Lowder, Barbara Rice, James Talley, Bob Cook, Mrs. Swaim, Advisor. Third Row: Ray Deal, Bob Brooks. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB FirstRow, Left to Right: Cletus Hahn, Donald Cline, George Fisher, Mitchell Simpson, Wayne Gandy, Luther Barrier. Second Row: Mrs. Bost-Advisor, Larry Lewis, Archie Eudy, Archie Barnhardt, Glenn Kluttz, Earl Barnhardt, Harold Pless. Fourth Row: Mac Hopkins, Jesse Alexander, Bobby Black, Wayne Widenhouse, Larry Kluttz, Donald Allman. SCIENCE CLUB Left to Right: Ray Allman, Larry Miller, Vernon Huffstickler, Harry Fink, Claude Cochran, Mrs. Leaf e -Advisor, Glenda Gilmore, Abby Hahn, Elaine Lambert, Myron Hatley, Mary Benton, Frances Smith. FUTURE N U RSES CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Carol White, Joyce Eudy, Jo Carol Love. Second Row: Elaine Lambert, Jane Wiley, Rebecca Hurlocker, Doris Mason, Kay Rushing, Peggy Barbee, Anne Leazer, Mary Fink. Third Row: Dianne Cox, Margie Flowe, Elaine Barrier, Kay Blackwelder, Doris Miller, Gail Earnhardt, Faye McGraw, Mary Busbin. Fourth Row: Betty Bost, Amelia Hahn, Uta G r ossnick, Frances Smith, Mary Benton, Patsy Smith. SOCIAL RELATIONS CLUB First Row, Left to Right: Doris Henley, Rachel Bost, Judy Killian, Joann Tucker, Betty Stallings. Second Row: Joy Clay, Nancy Eudy, Susan Nance, Hazel Foutz, Maxine Lefler, Kay Blackwelder, DorisMiller, Linda Bodenheimer, Linda Boger. Third Row: Betty Bost, Judy Safrit, Mary R. Moore, Barbara Alexander, Elaine Barrier, Frances Stallings, Diana Guffey, Nancy Litaker, Pat Miller. CAFETERIA STAFF Left to Right: Mrs. Carl Eagle, Mrs. Lucille Stegall, Mrs. C. E. Culp, Mrs. G. R. Blackwelder, Mrs. Harvey Casper, Mrs. Paul Barringer, Mrs. Elbert Fisher, Mrs. T. A. Barringer. The Forward Look ' Coach — Coach !— Coach 1 ! ! I ' m going to get a manicure ! ! ! " Boy if Coach saw me " Ah — Tell ' em, Nancy " " V ° Ur day ' a Come , W - Wise 9uy i i „ " Where are you headed, Petrea? Page 82 " V. ° u da Te me ■? " " What do you want?? " N-N-N-No! I NTS Compliments of BILTMORE DAIRY PRODUCTS 1912 South Cannon Boulevard Phone KANN 4427 Kannapolis, North Carolina Compliments of HERFF-JONES COMPANY E. L. Hedrick, Representative Maker of the Mount Pleasant High School Class Rings Since 1935 Compliments of KINDLEY COTTON MILLS Mount Pleasant, North Carolina V j Mount Plesant Phone HE 6-2091 ! AUSTIN BROTHERS’ TIRE STORE NO. 2 | " Recapping " NO. 1 Locust, North Carolina Phone TU 8-221 " Recapping " EVANS COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Secretarial Accounting Day and Night Classes Phone ST 2-4921 Morris Building Concord, North Carolina Compliments of £S2I THE 49’er GRILL j £-| Highway 49--North Main Phone HE 6-3924 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina CABARRUS COUNTY SHERIFF DEPARTMENT J. B. Roberts, Sheriff Concord, North Carolina CONCORD PERPETUAL BUILDING LOAN ASSOCIATION 9 Means Street Phone ST 2-8613 Concord, North Carolina Many thanks for the privilege of working with you on your annual pictures. { ) Portrait - Commercial Wedding - Pictorial Aerial Legal - Photostats School Industrial n. c. p. A. P. A. A. s KANNAPOLIS BAKERY r Golden Crust Bread and Tasty Cakes Phone 8136 or 7146 Kannapolis, North Carolinaa SEALTEST DAIRY PRODUCTS " Get the Best, Get Sealtest " At Your Grocery or by Our Prompt Home Delivery South Cannon Blvd. Phone Kann 2-8890 Kannapolis, North Carolina Compliments of CITIZEN’S NATIONAL BANK Concord, North Carolina Compliments of CANNON MILLS Makers of Famous Cannon Towels, Sheets, and Bedspreads Kannapolis, North Carolina Compliments of SHERRILL FURNITURE COMPANY Complete Home Furniture Company Concord, North Carolina and Mount Pleasant, North Carolina r PIEDMONT BANK TRUST COMPANY Offering a Complete Banking Service Davidson, Mooresville and Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Phone HE 6-3601 Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MOUNT PLEASANT MILLING COMPANY Manufacturers of Flour, Meal, and Feed Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Compliments of A. W. MOOSE DRUG COMPANY Phone HE 6-2311 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Compliments of MR. D. RAY McEACHERN Clerk of Superior Court FARMERS’ WHOLESALE FEED AND SEED STORE, INC Phone ST 2-9722 P. O. Box 1260 Concord, North Carolina Distributors of Purina Chows in Cabarrus County Compliments of MR. JOHN J. SMERZNAK, M. D. Concord, North Carolina Compliments of MOUNT PLEASANT HOSIERY MILLS Phone HE 6-3301 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina LENTZ CRESS Plumbing and Heating Contractors Pumps and Water Systems " All Kinds of Repair Work " Route 2 Box 72 Phone ST 2-9221 Concord, North Carolina CONCORD TRACTOR AND MOTOR COMPANY McCormick, International and Packard West Corban and Crowell Streets Phone ST 2-3185 Concord, North Carolina CABARRUS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Concord-Kannapolis Albermarle, North Carolina Concord Offices: Next to County Courthouse and Wi 1-Mar Park Near Hospital EUDY’S SERVICE STATION Groceries Cold Drinks Good Gulf Gasoline and Oil Phone HE 6-2581 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Compliments of CABARRUS FOOD CENTER Free Parking Low Prices Home Owned Concord, North Carolina FISHER-EARNHARDT OIL COMPANY Gas-Kerosene-Oi I Fuel Oil Phone HE 6-361 1 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina r JOHNSTONS FURNITURE COMPANY Kannapolis, North Carolina Melvin Vanderburg, Manager Graduate of Class 1936 Of Mount Pleasant Compliments of WEBSTER S. MEDLIN Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Best Wishes WILKINSON’S INC. Furniture and Appliances Established 1903 Phone ST 2-4189 292 North Church Street Concord, North Carolina There ' s a " one and only " in refreshment COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF CONCORD Concord, North Carolina — . - - Compli merits of THOMAS MOOSE ! Farmers and Merchants Public Liability Insurance Auto and Fire Insurance Route 1 Box 168 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina TUSCARORA COTTON MILL With Continued Good Wishes for " THE TIGERS " Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 7 H. AND H. MOTOR COMPANY LOWDER HARDWARE CO, INC. Phone Cresent 6678 Wilson Sporting Goods G. E. Appliances " Everybody ' s Service " Route 2 Gold Hill, North Carolina Phone YU 2-4018— YU 2-71 16 Albermarle, North Carolina Compliments of RITCHIE AUTOS PARTS JONES TELEVISION AND RADIO SALES AND SERVICE Sales and Service Phone ST 2-1111 Reasonable Prices 35 South Spring Street Concord, North Carolina We Service all Makes and Models : Cold Springs Road Phone ST 2-9000 Concord, North Carolina ALEXANDER FLOWER SHOP Compliments of BARRINGER MOTOR CO. " Flowers whisper what words can never say " Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Phone HE 6-8991 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina - — j LENTZ HARNESS SHOP We Deal in All Types of Leather: Riding, Saddles; Collars, and Harnessess Highway 49 Phone HE 6-3689 Gold Hill, North Carolina BLANCHARD PAINT AND BODY SHOP Mount Pleasant Highway Phone ST 2-2921 Concord, North Carolina „ HILL LUMBER MACHINE SHOP Phone C resent 9427 U. S. Highway 52 Gold Hill, North Carolina Compliments of HAMMETT INSURANCE AGENCY Phone HE 6-3261 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina BARNHARDT ' S SELF-SERVICE Fresh Meats-Groceries-Produce Route 1 Phone HE 6-2180 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina CROWELL ' S PLANT FARM " The Home of Better Plant " Phone ST 2-2232 Concord, North Carolina C ' — -- — . ) VORKE AND WADSWORTH HARDWARE South Church Street Concord, North Carolina - — • — " COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS " School Supply Headquarters KALE-LAW I NG COMPANY Phone ST 2-4183 21 North Union Street Concord, North Carolina L MOSS AND MOORE HEATING : : AND AIR CONDITIONING 1307 South Main Street Phone ST 2-4473 Kannapolis, North Carolina Serving the Studentsand Patrons of Mount Pleasant High School For over 45 Years HOOVER ' S " The Young Man ' s Store " : JOHNSTON ' S FURNITURE CO. Compliments of Your Frigidaire Dealer JOHN H. HERION 72 South Union Street Concord, North Carolina Mount Pleasant, North Carolina 1 MARNOT BODY SHOP Complete Body Rebuilding and Painting Wheel and Frame Alignment Highway 29 Phone ST 2-9311 Concord, North Carolina Compliments of WINECOFF MOTOR LINES Concord, North Carolina ROCK SMITH GARAGE Repairs on All Works and Models Phone ST 2-2922 Mount Pleasant Highway Concord, North Carolina ' MOUNT PLEASANT TRANSFER Local and Long Distance Hauling Residence HE 6-3542 Office HE 6-3541 Meet Your Friends After the Game At THE VARSITY GRILL FARMER ' S SERVICE STATION Groceri es-Meats-Feeds Esso Gas-Oil Phone ST 2-4388 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Compliments of SANITARY BARBER SHOP Your Patronage is Always Appreciated Lewis Rothrock-John Culp Rockwell, North Carolina G. C. McMANUS CO., INC. Allis Chalmers Farm Equipment Phone YU 2-3113 Albermarle, North Carolina Compliments of FINGER GROCERY " Groceries, Frozen Food and Meats " . Amoco Products Phone 1526Z Route 1 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina STANLY FUNERAL HOME Phone YU 2-2288 213 N. Second Street Albemarle, North Carolina H. E. HALL FURNITURE CO. Home of Friendly Service 16 West Depot Street Phone ST 2-21 13 Concord, North Carolina Best Wishes W. H. LEONARD, JR. JEWELERS " The Store of Convenient Terms " 51 South Union Street Concord, North Carolina ROGERS CLINE " Home of Fine Foods " Fancy Groceries-Frozen Foods Fresh Vegetables--Quality Meats Save with Cash and Carry 55 S. Church Street Phone ST 2-1 173 Concord, North Carolina BOB ' S LAUNDRY Oldest -Largest -Best Master Cleaners and Furriers Complete Dry Cleaning Service Dial St 2-4119 Concord, North Carolina _______ ROBINSON ' S, INC. MILLS FLORIST Specialty Shop for Women We Wire Flowers Anywhere and Children f) A — A— ft - n • Phone ST 2-1 107 72 N. Church Street w ¥ l V v J Phone 2229 “ — 109 N. Main Street Concord, North Carolina Concord and Kannapolis i SHUFORD INSURANCE AGENCY HI PP-McBRI DE COMPANY Mutual Insurance " Your Local Specialist in Sports " Archey Bui Iding Phone ST 2-3514 16 East Depot Street Phone St 2-4148 Concord, North Carolina Concord, North Carolina i GOODMAN ' S GROCERY " Fancy and Stable Groceries " Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Phone HE 6-2551 " After Movie Snack at Their Best " Phone ST 2-2294 Concord, North Carolina L ALL STAR MILLS, INC. High Grade Flour Plain and Self Rising Poultry, Dairy, Hog Feeds Albemarle, North Carolina WILLIAMS LITTLE HARDWARE CO. Builders Hardware and Paints Phone ST 2-9114 Wi I -Mar Park Free Delivery Concord, North Carolina THE HUB INC. Furniture-Kelvinator Appliances Ladies ' Ready to Wear Men ' s C lothing 51 Buffalo Street Concord, North Carolina Phone ST 2-3162 Compliments of GIBSON BROTHERS FURNITURE CO., INC. TURNER FURNITURE CO. Highway 29 Home Telephone ST 2-6021 Office Telephone ST 2-3721 Concord, North Carolina i STILLER ' S Men ' s and Boy ' s Clothing Phone Cresent 6640 P. O. Box 851 Rockwell, North Carolina J. LEE WHITE J. LEE PHARR Compliments of MAULDINS GROCERY Boxwoods, Azaleas, and Camellias Groceries and Meats Phone ST 2-8331 or ST 2-8332 Concord, North Carolina Phone ST 2-4166 26-28 Barbrick Street Concord, North Carolina — i 7 -- f _ - _ _ Compliments of LOWRANCE IMPLEMENT ; WILLIAM BROTHERS GROCERY COMPANY, INC. New and Used Homelite Chain Saws Allis-C halmers — New Holland Highway 29 Concord, North Carolina Concord, North Carolina ' i - 1 NAN ' S GIFT SHOP Sportswear, Children ' s Wear Hosiery and a Complete Line of Gifts Compliments of A EARL ' S TIRE STORE Tire Recapping Phone HE 6-3572 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Wil-Mar Park Concord, North Carolina BILL ' S SUPER MARKET Compliments of Groceries-Oi I-Gas BEN CALLAHAN Phone HE 6-3241 Mount Pleasant, North Carolina Mount Pleasant, North Carolina . NU-TRED TIRE SERVICE Quality Recapping and Complete Tire Service Phone ST 2-1 167 524 North Church Street Concord, North Carolina Compliments of SUGGS FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings Refrigerators- Appliances Phone YU 2-7113 534 Concord Road Albemarle, North Carolina Compliments of COOK ' S PACKING PLANT Pork and Beef Packers Concord, North Carolina LITTLE Chain Saw and Equipment Company " Service is our most important asset. 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Mount Pleasant, North Carolina BEST WISHES FROM 3 ..JS - . THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1958 3 AUTOGRAPHS j AG s oz tC ' ■uyy GOc jZkju+jZ . S Gsg L y2 v- Ai (jL ' l ZZ ZkZC dZX ' GOA y- a M " 2 ) -C- UZZ DAA%Z tZ WLu IMMs (PJis £• f+ " “V (JglM CJjL ZSL, QauSL A TT O (X ' ct- G XJ H ' fUZLXj V ■ (BjuiJWk Ah-Ooj - ' ■-- ' O j ■■ ■ ' . ' - :: J- ' | pp gaGR 050 0 - O GA °fUy, X hg je sufoyei faou i ; oq S T " d n ; “ " " V W U f O e s « 0 i v . , _ itex O-n. av ycr U Nr jO? Recess, Ay m ' , l ti! fce w S.AW w; pwT T abc " " ppiness. t- i c-nci , UYeO tj A A 4 " o c m ■■■yy U-Ro 4L , « OvncR i -e o . 3 cLd ' Gji ' V o- ji — ' -vR a- " VV - 0 KcAi, y -Ov — . 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Suggestions in the Mount Pleasant High School - Tiger Roar Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, NC) collection:

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