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ALA KI T CHOOL 2 6 + We Dke _ Annual Staff of MOUNT PLEASANT HIGH SCHOOL f- ro udiij re Sent WHITAKER MOOSE Advertising Manager JAMES MOSER Business Manager DORIS TALLEY Editor-in-Chief JOYCE MILLER Assistant Business Manager THOMAS KRIMMINGER Sports Editor 3 3083 00562 2425 " TEST PATTERN” Foreword We, the editors, have chosen TELEVISION as our theme for the 1956 edition of the TIGER ROAR, so pull up a chair and turn on your own private set as you view the past year in picture. We hope that this edition will be one that will always hold many wonderful adventures for you. Later on as you tend to forget about your school life, we hope that this edition of the TIGER ROAR will focus back in your mind, that you will pick it up, open the covers and tune in all the experiences you had at MOUNT PLEASANT HIGH SCHOOL. We have considered it a privilege and an honor to work on this annual and sincerely hope it meets with your approval. We now proudly present you with the ninth edition of THE TIGER ROAR and hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed preparing it. Our School OUR PRAYER Almighty God, Thou who art the source of all wisdom and under- standing, and the light that removes the shadows from our minds, we thank Thee for the opportunity to increase our knowledge through our studies. Grant unto us. Oh Lord, minds that will ever be open to the truth and instill in us the courage to follow the truth wherever it may lead. Make us humble that we might learn from those who are held in low esteem by the world and fill us with endurance that we might follow those who would lead us to higher truth and ideas. Above all, our Father, give us the love of Thy Son that we may ever use our know- ledge to lift men up rather than add to their burdens. Finally, make us the kind of men and women who will use our knowledge to lead others to Him who is the Truth, the Way, and the Life. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord, AMEN. MEDITATION ♦ m Dedication To MR. RALPH DONALD PLATTE, our guidance director, whom we love and respect for his eagerness to help us, his unlimited support of our school, his friendliness, his code of honor, and his ability to inspire, we, the seniors of nineteen hundred fifty-six, with affection and appreciation dedicate this, the ninth edition of THE TIGER ROAR. Administration MR. C. A. FURR Superintendent of Cabarrus County Schools DR. A. L. BARRINGER C. LIPE BARRIER JACK BARRIER FLOYD MOOSE ARCHIE CLINE LOCAL SCHOOL COMMITTEE " GUIDING Administration MR. LUTHER A. ADAMS A. B. Degree Lenoir Rhyne College M. A. Degree Appalachian State Teachers College Principal LIGHT ” MISS ELLEN BLACKWELDER Secretary to the Principal Faculty MISS MADGE SOWELL A.B. Degree, Winthrop College English MR. CHARLES HARRILL A.B. Degree, Lenoir Rhyne College Physical Education, Driver ' s Training MRS. CAROLYN MILLS SMITH A.B. Degree, W.C.U.N.C. English, Spanish MR. HARRY JENKINS B.S. Degree, V.P. I. M.A. Degree, U.Ken. Business Administration MR. M. R. McLEOD B.S. Degree, N.C. State Col lege Agriculture MISS RUTH JAMES B.S. Degree, Salem College Home Economics MR. RALPH PLATTE A.B. Degree, Catawba College Social Studies MRS. E. J. HARBISON A. B. Degree, Davenport Col lege Mathematics MR. CLAUDE PYATTE B. S. Degree, Appalachian State Col lege M.A. Degree, Peabody College Science and Mathematics MISS ROSA JAMES MRS. MAXINE HART MRS. NANCY HUEY A.B. Degree, Salem College B.A. Degree, Wake Forest Col lege A.B. and B.S. Degree Social Studies Eighth Grade Columbia College Librarian MRS. H. S. LEAFE B.S. Degree, Cornell University MRS. EMMA CROWE Science A.B. Degree, W.C.U.N.C. Eighth Grade MISS BARBARA RITCHIE A.B. Degree, Lenoir Rhyne College MRS. ANNA FISHER Bible A.B. Degree, W.C.U.N.C. Eighth Grade " GUIDING LIGHT” " CLIMAX” s, eniori For her patienceand kindness in guiding the students, her untiring spirit as a true friend and beloved teacher, and her unending effort to make Mount Pleasant a better school, we, the seniors of nineteen hundred and fifty- six, pay TRIBUTE to Mrs. Smith. Seniors SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JAMES MOSER President THOMAS KRIMMINGER Vice-President JOYCE EAGLE. Secretary HENRY FISHER Treasurer Seniors TED WAYNE AUTEN Photography Club 1; Monogram Club 2; Social Club 3, 4, Baseball 1 ,2,3,4; Bus Driver 3, 4; Senior Play; BibleClub Play 4; Superlative; Cafeteria Assistant 2,4; Football 2, 3,4; Basketball 1,2,4. RAYMOND NED BLACKWELDER Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4; Travel Club 1; Boo- ster Club 2; Monogram Club 3; Social Club 4; Substitute Bus Driver 4; Cafeteria Assistant 3,4. BETSY KAY BOST BibleClub 1 , 2, (Secretary 2); F.H.A. Club 1; Bus Pat- rolman 1,2, 3,4; Glee Club 2; Beta Club 3,4; T ra v e I Club 2, (President); Basketball 1; F . T . A. Club 2, 3, (Reporter); Social Club3,4;Band Flag-Twirler 4; Senior Play; Bible Club Play 1,2. MARVIN LEE BOST, JR. Commercial Club 1; Booster Club 2,3; Bible Club 3,4; Travel Club 1; Baseball 1,2; F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4. EDWARD EUGENE BURRIS, JR. Travel Club 1; Photography Club 1; Monogram Club 2, 3,4; Bus Driver 3,4; Baseball 1,2; Football 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4. SANDRA ELOISE BURRIS B i b I e C lub 1 , (Reporter); F.H.A. 1; Glee Club 1,2,3; F.T.A. Club 2, 3, (Vice-President 2, Reporter 3); Com- mercial Club 2; S oc i a I Club 3; Beta Club 3,4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Class Treasurer 3; Bell-ringer 3,4; Cheerleader 3,4; Monogram Club 4, (Treasurer); Class Testator; Superlative. JAMES HAROLD CLINE Photography Club 1; Travel Club 1; Commercial Club 3, 4, (President 4); School Paper Editor 4; Social Club 3; Monogram 2; Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4; Footbal I Managerl,2; Senior Play; Annual Staff; Class Prophet; Newspaper Correspondent; Superlative; Band Color Guard 4; King of Athletic Carnival 4; School Paper Sports Editor 3; Basketball Capt. 4. LARRY WILLIAM CLINE F.F.A. Club 1 , 2, 3,4; Travel Club 1; Commercial Club 1,4; Booster Club 2; Social Club 3; Basketball 1,3,4; Cafeteria Assistant 4; Paper Staff 4; Baseball 1,4; Bus Driver 3,4. Seniors NED AUBREY CLINE Commercial Club 1; B o o s t e r C lub 2; Social Club 3,4; Beta Club 3,4; F . F . A. C lub 1 , 2, 3,4, (Treasurer 4); Bus Driver 4; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 3,4; Junior Play; Sen- ior Play. BETTY ANNE COCHRAN F.H.A.Club 1,2, (Secretary 2); Glee Club 1,2,3; Sci- ence Club 1; Bus Patrolman 2,4; Tri-Hi-Y 2,3; F.T.A. Club 3, (Secretary 3); Club News Editor 3; Social Club 4, (Sec retary-Treasurer); Senior Play; Basketball 1,2; Softball 1. SHELBY LEAZER DUNLAP F.H.A. Club 1,4; Library Club 1,2; Assistant Librarian 2; Glee Club 1,2,3; F.T.A. Club 3; Bible Club 2; Soc- ial Club 3; Softball 2. MILDRED JOYCE EAGLE Homecoming Queen 3; Attendant 2; Office Secretary 4; Superlative; Annual Staff; Miss Hi Miss; Class Secre- tary 3, 4; Monogram C I u b 4, (V i c e-President); F.T.A Club 2; Social Club 3; Class President 1; F.H.A. Club 1; Bible Club 1; Commercial Club 2; Junior Play; Glee Club 1,2; Bible Club Play 4; Beta Club 3,4; Cheerleader 3,4. EUGENE FRANKLIN EARNHARDT F.F.A. Club 1 , 2, 3, 4, (Secretary 4); Bus Driver 4; Bus Patrolman 3; Social Club 3; Booster ' s Club 2; Travel Club 3; Junior Play; Beta Club 3,4; Social Relations Club 4; Commercial Club 1; Glee Club 3. HAROLD EUGENE FAGGART F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4; Bus Driver 3,4; Baseball 1; Social Club 2; Social RelationsClub 4; Travel Club l;Commer- cial Club 3. SARA MAE FINK Booster Club 1 , 2, (Vice-President 1); F.H.A.Club 1,2; Glee Club 1; Bible Club 2,3; Library Club 3; Commer- cial Club 4; F.T.A. Club 4, (Reporter); Assistant Libra- rain; Cafeteria Assistant 3,4. HENRY LEE FISHER, JR. Photography Club 1; Library Club 1; Booster Club 2; Bible C lub 2, (Reporter); S o c i a I Club 3, (Treasurer); F.T.A. Club 3; Social Relations Club 4; Bible Club Play 2; Class Treasurer 4; Bible Club Play 2; Class Treasurer 4; Class Secretary 2; Beta Club 3,4, (Treasurer 3, Secretary 4); Band 1,2, 3, 4, (Sergeant 3,4); Superlative; Marshal 2, 3,4, (Chief 4 ). Seniors JAMES CROWELL FISHER, JR. Photography Club 1; Travel Club 2; F.F. A. Club 1,2,3; Monogram Club 2,3,4; Basketball Ma n a g e r 2; Class Treasurer 2; Football 1,2, 3, 4; Football Captain 4; Ac- tivity Bus Driver 4; Superlative. EDMOND BARRINGER FOIL Commercial Club 2; F.T.A. Club 2, (Treasurer); Glee Club 2; Monogram Club 3,4, (Reporter); Bus Driver 3, 4; Football 1,3,4; Basketball 2,3; Baseball 2,3,4; Caf- eteria Assistant 3; Superlative. SHIRLEY BLANCH GRAY TravelClub 1; Commercial C lub 1; F. T. A. Club 3; Glee Club 1,2,3; Library Club 2; Social Club 3,4; Softball 1,2; Cafeteria Assistant 1. PATSY ROSE HAHN Commercial Club 1 , (Reporter); F.H.A. Club 1; Bible Club 1,2; Queen of Athletic Carnival 1; Band Letter Girl 2,3,4; Chief 4; Marshal 2; Class Poet; Office Sec- retary 4; Social Club 3,4; Superlative; F.T.A. Club 2, 3, (Librarian); Glee Club 1,2; Beta Club 3,4;Bible Club Play 2,4; Junior Play. PEGGY ANN HENLEY Bible Club 1,4; Library Club 1,2; F.H.A. Club 1; Co- mmercial Club 2; Social Club 3; F.T.A. Club 3. NED YADKIN HUDSON Commercial Club 1; Booster Club 2, (Vice-President); Social C lub 3; Social Relations Club 4, (Treasurer); Beta Club 3,4; Bus Driver 4; Baseball 1,2, 3,4; F.F. A Club 1 , 2,3,4, (Treasurer 4); Travel Club 1; Superlative; Mar- shal 1,4. JOHNNY HECTOR HUMPHREY Travel Club 1; Photography Club 1; Booster Club 2; F.F. A. Club 1,2, 3, 4; Bus Driver 3,4; Bible Club 3; Library Club 4; Bible Club Play 3;Cafeteria Assistant Z JOHN WAYNE ISENHOUR Photography Club 1; S oc i a I Club 3; Commercial Club 2,3,4; Paper Staff 3,4; Bible Club 1,2; Bible Club Play 2; Basketball 4; Bus Patrolman 3,4. Seniors THOMAS WAYNE KRIMMINGER Bible Club 1,2; Monogram Club 2, 3,4, (Secretary 2, President 3,4); G I e e C I ub 2,3; Bible Club Play 2,4; Beta Club 3,4, (Vice-President 3, President 4); Class Vice-President 1,4; Class President 2, 3; Football 1,2,3, 4; Baseball 1 , 2, 3,4; B a s k e t b a I I 1 , (Scorer 2, 3); Bus Driver 4; Marsha I 2,4; School Correspondent 2,3,4; Movie Projector Operator 3,4; Annual Staff. EDWARD LEE LOCKHART Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Football 3,4; Student Council 1; Monogram Club 3,4; Commercial Club 2; Paper Staff 2; Photography Club 2, (Treasurer); Superlative. ERNESTINE MARIE LOWDER Glee Club 1; F.T.A. Club 3,4; Bible Club 4,(Presi- dent); F . H . A. Club 1 ,2,3, (Secretary 3); Class Trea- surer 2,3; Bus Patrolman 3; Superlative; Junior Play. JOYCE ANN MILLER Library Club 1 , (Treasurer); Commercial C lub 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3; F.H.A.Club 1; F.T.A. Club 3; Beta Club 3,4; Social Club 3; Bus Patrolman 2,3,4; Monogram Club 4; Superlative; Annual Staff; Cheerleader 4; Jun- ior Play; Paper Staff 2; Bible Club 2. AARON ALMOND MISENHEIMER Bus Driver 1,2,3,4;F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4; Photography Club 1; Bible Club 2; Library Club 2; Social Club 3,4. GILES AUDRY MISENHEIMER Booster Club 1,2; Social Club 2,3; Social Relations Club 4; Bus Driver 3,4; F.F.A. Club 1 , 2, 3,4, (Vice- President 4); Library Club 1,2. WILLIAM WHITAKER MOOSE Social Club 1,2; Monogram Club 2, 3,4, (Treasurer 2); Beta Club 3,4; Glee Club 1,2,3; Bus Driver 3,4; Bible Club 1 , 2, (Secretary 1); Football 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2,4, (Corporal); Basketball 1, (Manager 2, Time-Keeper 3, 4); Class Vice-President 2; Class Secretary-Treasurer 1; Marshal 3; Junior Play; Superlative; Annual Staff. JAMES NORMAN MOSER Commercial Club 1; Booster Club 2, (President); Social Club 2; Monogram Club 3; Junior Play; Annual Staff; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Football 2,3,4; Class Vice-President 3; Class President 4; Superlative; Bus Driver 3, 4; F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4, (President 4); Beta Club 3,4; Social Re- lations Club 4. Seniors DOROTHY SPEARS RIDENHOUR Bible Club 1 , 2, (Vice- President 2); F. H .A. Club 1; Glee C I ub 1,2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; Beta Club 3,4; F.T.A. Club 2,3, (President 3); Social Club 3,4, (President 4); Class Historian; Superlative; Office Secretary 4; Junior Play; Senior Play. HOWARD JUNIOR RHINEHARDT Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Football 2,3,4; F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4; Booster Club 2, 3, (President 3); Social Club 4; Commercial Club 1; Cafeteria Assistant 4; Bus Driver 3,4; History Award 3. ALICE LUCILE RITCHIE Bible Club 1; F.H.A. Club l;Glee Club 1,2,3;F.T.A. Club 2, 3, (Vice-President 2); Commercial C lub 2, (Sec- retary); Beta Club 3,4; Social Club 3, (Secretary-Trea- surer); Junior Play; Senior Play; Basketball 1,2,3; Cheerleader 4; Monogram Club 4, (Secretary); Superla- tive; Office Secretary 4. ROBERT LEON SAFRIT F.F.A. Club 1,2, 3, 4; Social Club 4; Booster Club 1 , 2, 3, (President 3); Commercial Club 1; Baseball 1. REBA MARCELENE SHINN F.H.A. Club 1; Glee Club 1,2; Library Club 2; Com- mercial C lub 2, 3, (Typist 2); Softball 2;Cafeteria Assis- tant 2; Social Club 3; F . T.A. Club 4, (Play); Bible Club Play 4. KENNETH MOSER SIFFORD F.F.A. Club 1, 2,3,4, (Officer 3,4); Bus Driver 3,4; Travel Club 1; Commercial Club 2; Social Club 2,3, 4; Glee Club 3; Cafeteria Assistant 2; " I Speak For Demo- cracy " Contest 4. KAY MARIE STONER Bible Club 1 , 2; F . H . A. Club l;Glee Club 2,3; Library Club 1; Social Club 3; Library Club 1; Social Club 3; F . T.A. Club 3,4; Commercial Club 2,4; Paper Staff 2,4; Bus Patrolman 4; Assistant Librarian 2. DORIS MAXINE TALLEY Marshal 4; Annual Staff; Office Secretary 4; Cheerleader 4; Bus Patrolman 4; Junior Play; Senior Play; Superlative; Basketball 1,2,3; Paper Staff 2; BibleClub Play 4; Class Reporter 3; Beta Club 3,4; Bible Club 1 , 2, (Secretary 1); Commercial C I ub 1, 2, (Secretary 2); F.H.A. Club 1; Glee Club 1,2,3, (Secretary 2); F. T.A. C lub 3,4, (Sec- retary 3); Social Club 3, (Vice-President); Monogram Club 4. Seniors JOE EDDIE TROUTMAN Photography Club 1; Library Club 1,2,£; Student Lib- rarian 1,2,3; Glee Club 3; Substitute Bus Driver 3,4; Cafeteria Assistant 4; Bus Patrolman 1; Dramatics Club 3, (President); Social Club 3; Commercial Club 4; Bas- ketball 4; Paper Staff ' 4; Band Color-Guard 4; Bible Play 1,3,4. TED EUGENE HAGLER Glee Club 1; F.F.A. Club 1,2; Social Club 3; Photo- graphy Club 2,4, (President 2); Library Club 3; Basket- ball 4; Paper Staff 4; Band Color-Guard 4; Bible Play 1, 3,4. ELIZABETH HENLEY VANDENBURG F.H.A. Club 1; Library Club 1,2; Glee Club 1,2,3; F. T. A. Club 3,4; Bible Club 2; Social Club 3; Commercial C I ub 4; Basketball 3; Paper Staff 2; Assistant Librarian 1 , 2 . ROBERT FRANKLIN SHINN Photography Clubl; F.F.A. 1,2, 3, 4; Bible Club 2; So- cial Club 3; Bus Driver 3; Social RelationsClub 4; Library Club 1; Bible Club Play 2. MARGIE LEE WEAVER Bible Club 1,4; Library Club 1,2; Commercial Club 2; Softball 2; Social Club 3; Basketball 3; F.T.A. Club 4. MARVIN EUGENE YARBOROUGH S o c i a I C lub 1; Library Club 2; Commercial Club 3,4; Student Librarian 1,2, 3, 4. Last four pictures were not available at time seniors pictures were arranged. JIMMY ALVIN ALLMON Travel Club 1; Photography C lub 1,2; Library Club 2,3; Social Club 3,4; Baseball 4. CLASS POEM " A SENIOR ' S DREAM ' Comes Graduation all too soon, Fulfilling a Senior ' s dream. We set a goal we strived to reach By hard work and high ambition. Long after we ' ve bid adieu to these halls. Memories ' ll replace our high school dreams; Together we ' ve studied, and laughed and played. Formed beautiful friendships, shared joy and sorrow; Our teachers stood by and guided us In what we chose or what befell us. As now we leave our honored place To be filled by others tomorrow Our eyes become misty, and our hearts become sad; Our dream has come true. Too soon — — Too soon. PATSY HAHN Class Poet CLASS FLOWER: Yellow Rose CLASS COLORS: Yellow and White CLASS MOTTO: Forward Ever, Backward Never CLASS PROPHECY " WHAT ' S MY LINE " As I look at this tele-time machine before me, and I begin to turn the dial to 1956, I am filled with excitement. I wonder what my classmates of the Senior Class of ' 56 are doing nowin the year of 1966. Suddenly the picture comes into focus and I see Henry Fisher working over pages of figures. Then I understand, for Henry has dedicated his mind to Science and it is through his invention that I am able to take a peek into the lives of my former classmates. Now the picture is changing and I see a group of women on the street. Why I know them! It ' s Margie Weaver, Shelby Dunlap, and Libby Vandenburg. They were married soon after school was out. Oh, they are talking to Ernestine Lowder, the famous movie star. Goodness, what a beautiful hospital ! The plaque had the builders ' names on it. Those engineers are none other than Tommy Krimminger and Eddie Foil. Those nurses admiring it are Joyce Miller Sara Fink, and Reba Shinn. Patsy Hahn is the owner of the next building, " Pat ' s School of Dancing. " have teamed up and are now touring the more important countries as professionals. Last week they and Ned Cline won the World ' s Championship, sponsored by James Moser, multi-millionaire jeweler. This big building is Whitaker Moose ' s enterprise. He took over hisfather ' s drug store. That man getting the prescription is Col. Ted Hagler, who is home on furlough from the Army. He ' s making it a career. Ted said he saw Larry Cline, Gene Yarborough, and Kay Stoner in Washington last and tells me they have made quite a name for themselves in government work. Larry is personnel manager while Kay is the President ' s secretary, and Gene, a head typist. The Mount Pleasant High School Faculty must be having a meeting so let ' s peek and see what ' s going on. Why, there are Gene Burris, head football coach; Kenneth Sifford, Agriculture teacher; Sandra Burris, Dorothy Ridenhour, Betsy Bost, Doris Talley, and Betty Cochran, all elementary teachers. I should have entered the teaching profession. This picture is coming from Paris It ' s so dim now I Can make it out. Lucille Ritchie, the internationally known modelling Joyce Eagle ' s newest creation. Goodness, what a machine! This picture is coming from Tennessee. It ' s Wayne Isenhour sitting behind a desk taking life easy. His title is head correspondent for Worldwide Trucking Center. Surely but it is Gene Faggart is Wayne ' s assistant. The picture is turning toward rolling countryside now. There ' s Ned Hudson, Cabarrus County Farm Agent, talking to Jim Fisher, Johnny Humphrey, Gene Earnhardt, Giles Misenheimer, and Marvin Bost. He ' s giving them advice on how to make their farms produce more . What ' s this! It ' s Jim Allman testing his stock car. ! understand he won the North Carolina Championship sponsored by Robert Shinn, American ' s foremost promoter. This machine certainly can cover the sports world wonderfully. There are Ted Auten, Junior Rinehardt, and Edward Lock- hart, playing baseball for the N. Y. Yankees. From what I read in the newspapers they have had a very successful season. Well, the machine just turned off so I ' d better be getting back to the office. My, how fast lunch hour passes. HAROLD CLINE Class Prophet CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1952, seventy ambitious freshmen took a ! ong-awaited step into high school. Our class advisors were Miss Elizabeth Grimsley, Mr. Charles Harr i 1 1 , and Mr. Harry Jenkins. We chose for our officers Joyce Eagle, President; Tommy Krimminger, Vice-President; and Whitaker Moose, Secretary and Treasurer. Our first class party was a square dance held in the Lions ' Hut. Since it was a Christmas party, •we had fun exchanging gifts. A swimming party and picnic at Mirror Lake brought a successful year to a c lose . As seventy sophomores entered Mt. Pleasant in the fall of 1953, we realized that half of our high school life would be over after this year; so we held our heads high with determination. Mrs. Luther Adams and Mr. Roy Webster were our advisors. The class chose Tommy Krimminger as President; Whitaker Moose, Vice-Presk Secretary; and Jimmy Fisher, Treasurer. At our first sophomore party we enjoyed a square dance in the school auditor! urt a skating party at the close of school. Summer vacation was a fast one, and forty-seven juniors returned to begir ways be remembered as a most successful year. Our class advisors were Miss Rosa James and Mrs. Carolyn Mills Smith. Our class officers were Tommy Krimminger, President; James Moser, Vice S Joyce Eagle, Secretary; Sandra Burris; Treasurer; and Doris Talley, Reporter. For our Junior and Senior years, yellow and white were chosen as class colors along with the yellow rose as class flower. Our motto was " Forward ever, backward never. " A three-act comedy entitled, " The Professor Proposes " , was presented as our Junior Play. The cast included Joyce Eagle, Doris Talley, Gene Earnhardt, Ned Cline, Lucile Ritchie, Dot Riden- hour, Whit Moose, James Moser, Sandra Burris, Joyce Miller, and Patsy Hahn. The play was di- rected by Mrs. Carolyn Mills Smith. A beautiful Junior-Senior banquet was held at Hotel Concord with " Maypole " as our theme, supervised by Miss James. The banquet was financed by the selling of magazines, a project which was very successful as it proved a new goal for the school|_ gg|3 Jft We smiled as the last bell for the year rang, regretting that a busy and happy year was behind us. J|. We opened our senior year with Miss Madge Sowell and Mrs. Carolyn Mills Smith asour advisors. Our class officers were James Moser, President; Tommy Krimminger, Vice-President; Joyce Eagle, Secretary; and Henry Fisher, Treasurer. A delightful three-act comedy entitled " Our Gal Sal " was directed by our advisors. The cast included Sandra Burris, Ned Cline, Doris Talley, Betsy Bost, Dot Ridenhour, Lucile Ritchie, Ted Auten, Harold Cline, and Betty Cochran. In April, we took a five-day trip to Washington. Forty of us and our advisors visited many in- teresting places and had an enjoyable trip. This twelfth year has passed quickly. We have terminated our high school studies and have closed our books. However, only now are we ready for commencement. We have reached one goal; now we set another. The book of Life is opening before us, and we are beginning to realize that Life challenges us. DOROTHY RIDENHOUR Class Historian " THIS I EVERYDAY LIFE WITH A SENIOR OUR LIFE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT ARTICLE I: We, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty-six being of sound judgement, do declare this to be our last will and testament. ARTICLE II: To Mr. Adams and our faculty, we leave our sincere thanksfor all the helpful advice and guidance they so willingly gave us, and to our parents, our appreciation for making our ed- ucation possible. ARTICLE III: To the underclassmen we leave our dignity as Seniors. Jimmy Allman gladly leaves his textbooks toany poor junior and his love for cars to Jerry Tuc- ker. Ted Auten leaves his ability to flatter girls to Dan Culp and his athletic success to James Brooks. Ned Blackwelder leaves his position of shortstop on the baseball team to Allen Moose and his textbooks to any poor underclassman. Betsy Bost leaves her flag twirler position to Bonnie Ke- ziah and her smile to Jessie Fisher. Marvin Bost leaves his friendly manner to Buddy Lomax and his alertness to Alice Bost. Gene Burris leaves his good times at Mount Pleasant to Larry Cauble and his football uniform to Lannie Harwood. Sandra Burris leaves her position as bell-ringer to Kay Fink and her love for dramatics to Paula Foil. Harold Cline leaves his title of Editor of the school paper to Jane Stallings and his position ascaptain of the basketball team to Joe Mills Larry Cline leaves his interest in agriculture to Larry Miller and his grades to his teachers. Ned Cline leaves his big smileto Bobby Hammilland hisgeography book to any underc lassman . Betty Cochran teaves her friendly smiletoNoncy Greene and her sweet disposition to Butch Barringer. Shelby Dunlap leaves her abiWfy to get ®fejsband to anyone who needs it and her sweet manner tp Peggy Ball- Joy ce Eagle, leaves her title of Miss Hi Miss . to Sue Foil and her blond ' hair to Thyra Pehnirt Earnhardt leaves bus No. 6 to Alvir Yo S this ' love for electronics to George Fisl Faggart leaves his cap and gown to any rising senior and his friendly smile to Myror tJ j Fink leaves her good grades to her, brother Harry and her Sweet personality to Shelbi ry Fisher leaves his ’s raight A‘s " to Sub Cline and his friendliness to Treccia er leaves his co-captain position on the footbal I team to Bob Burris and his job as the driver of • " Blue Comet " to Buddy Fisher. Eddie Foil leaves his way with the women to Bob Brooks and is good times to Frances Petrea. Shirley Gray leaves her pleasing smile to Joann Tucker and her long hair to Barbara Carpenter. Ted Hagler leaves his love for the out-of-doors to Bobby Byrd and his ability foskipcIasstoClydeDrye. Patsy Hahn leaves her musical’ta lent to Dianne Mullis and her ability to get a boy friend toanyone who needs it. Peggy Henley leaves her sweet manner to Audrey Walker and her lovely hands to Barbara Brawley.Ned Hudson leaves his intelligence to Glenn Rimer and his memories of ole Mt. Pleasant to Joyce Sides. Johnny Humphrey leaves his books to Dicky Mills and his agriculture jacket to any new agriculture student. Wayne Isenhour leaves his brew cut to Poe Lowder and his hearty laugh to Margaret Ann Rhinehardt. Thomas Krimminger leaves his " Best Defensive Trophy " to jimmy Benton and his leadership to Florence Hahn. Edward Lockhart leaves his curve ball to the next pitcher on the baseball team and his A’s on conduct, which he doesn ' t have, to Joe Mills. Ernestine Lowder leaves her neat appearance to Ethelyn Smith and her friendliness to Gail Faggart Joyce Miller leaves her friendly manner to ces Eudy and her studious ways to Jane Culp. Giles Misenheimer leaves his bus No. 52 to a ispective driver and his sense of humor to Worth Barbee. Aaron Misenheimer leaves his bus No. o anyone who can handle it and his grades to Don Burris. Whit Moose leaves his position as guard on the football team to Perk Morris and his quick wit to JuniSt Stancil. James Moser leaves his office as President of the Senior Class to Libby Herion and his Beta Club pin to Becky Park. Dot Ridenhour leaves her superlative of " Best All Around " to Shirley Auten and her dark hair to Carol White. Junior Rhinehardt leaves his history medal to any deserving Junior and his catcher ' s mitt to the next catcher on the baseball team. Lucile Ritchie leaves her sparkling personality to Joyce Moser and her fun-loving ways to Mary Ann Fisher. Robert Safrit leaves his A model to the Drivers Training Class and his big grin to Cora Boger. Reba Shinn leaves her artistic ability to Mike Shinn and her dainty statue to Betty Bridges. Robert Shinn leaves his pink Ford to dhyone who needs a car and his neatness to Archie Miller. Kenneth Sifford leaves his origination to Poe Lowder and his trig book to Luther de Diego. Kay Stoner leaves her pleasing personality to Frances Brooks and her position on the paper staff toWilson BauLom. DorisTalley leaves her position as Editor-in- chief of the Tiger Roar to Harold Moser and her excellent grades to Kay Lowder. Joe Troutman leaves his interest in English to Voncille Yost and his musical talent to Marilyn Safrit. Elizabeth Vandenburg leaves her luck on getting her man to Violet Henley and her long red hair to Barbara Allman. Margie Weaver leaves her tactfulness to GailWhitley and her books to anyone who wants them. Gene Yarborough leaves his musical talent toanyone who doesn ' t have an ear for music and his crazy haircut to anyone with long hair. SANDRA BURRIS Class Testator Marvin Bost Doris Tal ley Lucile Richie Witnesses: " STRIKE IT RICH” MISS HI MISS MISS MILDRED JOYCE EAGLE Miss Hi Miss is chosen for her eminent scholastic record, her effec- tive leadership, her endearing personality, and her inherent qualities of beauty and charm. " SEARCH FOf MOST TALENTED BEST ALL AROUND Patsy Hahn Harold Cline Dorothy Ridenhour James Moser MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST STUDIOUS Joyce Miller Henry Fisher OMORROW” MOST ORIGINAL Doris Talley Whitaker Moose BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT Sandra Burris Ted Auten MOST DEPENDABLE Dorothy Ridenhour Jimmy Fisher FRIENDLIEST Joyce Miller Harold Cline " SEARCH FOR TOMORROW " ’ WITTIEST Lucile Ritchie Edward Lockhart MOST ATHLETIC Lucile Ritchie Edward Lockhart union AUTOGRAPHS [• n, " THE BRIGHTER DAY” JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Secretary President Vice-President Treasurer JOE MILLS FRANCES EUDY. ALVIN YORKE.. DIANNE MULLIS Juniors SHIRLEY AUTEN EVELYN BALLARD LIPE BARRIER WILSON BAUCOM EDITH BOGER ALICE BOST BOBBY BURRIS JANE CULP JEAN DOBY IRIS DUNLAP FRANCES EUDY MAE EURY GAIL FAGGART MARY ANN FISHER BUDDY FISHER PAULA FOIL SUE FOIL WAYNE FURR JERRY HAMMILL ELIZABETH HERION RACHEL HONEYCUTT ROBERT ISENHOUR EVELYN KEZIAH LUCILLE LAMBERT Juniors SUE LINKER LOIS LONGE havis McDonald RICHARD MILLS JOE MILLS WAYNE MILLER ALLEN MOOSE HAROLD MOSER JOYCE MOSER DIANNE MULLIS GLENN RIMER MARGARET RHINEHARDT BARBARA SHAW JOYCE SIDES NANCY SMITH MERLE SOLLINGER JANE STALLINGS TROY TALLEY JERRY TUCKER ARCHIE VANHOY AUDREY WALKER ALVIN YORKE ■■■ | fmm mJE i . Li s.A i " BEAT THE CLOCK” o more 5 KIRBY ALLEN ADAM ALLMAN CECIL ALLMAN KAY ALLMAN MURIEL ALLMOND ARCHIBALD BARRINGER HELEN BLACKWELDER SHIRLEY BLACKWELDER CORA BOGER BARB ARA BRAWLEY BOBBY BROOKS FRANCES BROOKS DONALD BURRIS EARL BURRIS MARY BUSBIN BARBARA CARPENTER LARRY CAUBLE DONALD CLINE SOPHOMORES RAY CONNELL JR. BOBBY COOK SUE CRAYTON DAN CULP KENNETH DEAL RAY DEAL LUTHER de DIEGO JERRY DRYE KAY FINK GEORGE FISHER ETHEL GANDY NANCY GREENE FLORENCE HAHN BOBBY HAMMILL M. L. HEINTZ CLAUDE HURLOCKER CLETUS HURLOCKER DAVID KIMRAY MARY ANNE KLUTTZ SHIRLEY LAMBERT TRACY LINKER RAY LITAKER MIKE LITTLE BUDDY LOMAX POE LOWDER KAY LOWDER SHELBIA MANUS LARRY MILLER BETTY MOOSE DONALD MOSER DOYLE NEAL THYRA PENNINGER FRANCES PETREA MARILYN SAFRIT BILLY SCOTT MIKE SHINN SOPHOMORES MARTIN STANCIL JR. BOBBIE TUCKER BOBBY TUCKER JOANNE TUCKER EDWARD VONCANNON GEORGE WALKER TRECCIA WARD CAROL WHITE GAIL WHITLEY JANE WILEY DAVID YARBOROUGH NOT PICTURED: Edward McDaniel and James Drye, Jr. HNHHilHNSMiil Pi mini -tS rttJ " mm aft " STUDIO ONE " reshmen BARBARA ALLMAN GARY ALLMAN MARY CATHERN ALLMAN PEGGY BALLARD WORTH BARBEE WILLIAM BARNHARDT CYNTHIA BARRIER CECIL BARRINGER JIMMY BENTON DORIS BLACKWELDER DOLLY BOGER RAY BOST BRENDA BOWERS JERRY BRAFFORD BETTY BRIDGES DONALD BURRIS LARRY BURRIS BOBBY BYRD Freshmen BRUCE CARTNER MARLENE CLINE SHIRLEY CLINE SUE CLINE WAYNE COBLE CLAUDE COCHRAN DORIS COLEY FRANCES COLEY ELEANOR DRYE PEGGY DRYE VARAH DRYE BETTY JANE EUDY JOYCE EUDY FAYE EURY HARRY FINK DONALD FISHER JESSIE FISHER LARRY FISHER C. E. FOSTER ROY FREEMAN CAROLYN FURR RUTH FURR SANDRA FURR ROBERT GANDY ELIZABETH HAHN WAYNE HAMMILL DAVID HARKEY LANDON HARWOOD MYRON HATLEY VIOLET HENLEY RAY HINSON PATSY HONEYCUTT REBEKAH HONEYCUTT EVALYEAN HOUGH REBECCA HURLOCKER BONNIE KEZIAH Freshmen JOANNA KLUTTZ WATSON KLUTTZ BOBBY DRIMMINGER FRANCES LINKER REBECCA LINKER MELVIN LITAKER FRANK LOMAX JO CAROL LOVE JOHNNY MASON ROBERT McCARN allen McDonald judy McDonald MARSHALL McLEOD KAY McLESTER DORA McMAHAN JOHNNY MENIUS LARRY MILLER WAYNE MORRIS Freshmen JOYCE ANN NEAL ROSA ELLA PAGE JOE PARKER BECKY PARK JOE PLESS LARRY RAYMER BARBARA RICE LINDA RHINEHARDT LYNN RITCHIE LUTHER ROSS WILLIAM SAFRIT SHELBY SHUE MITCHELL SIMPSON ETHELYN SMITH CAROLYN STEGALL JOHNNY STEGALL GENE TALLEY SARA TROUTMAN CAROL VONCANNON EDNA RUTH WAGONER GERALD WAGONER HAL WETTER LOUISE WINECOFF RAYMOND YATES VONCILLE YOST NOT PICTURED: Clyde Burris Robert Fink Eddie Hatley Larry Holland Boyd Honeycutt Christeen King ( iahtli Cjrcicli " $64,000 QUESTION” EIGHTH GRADE CHARLES ALDRIDGE DON ALLMAN GEORGE AUSTIN PEGGY BARBEE TRACY BARBEE ARCHIE BARNHARDT BRUCE BARNHARDT DORIS BARNHARDT EARL BARNHARDT JIMMY BARNHARDT TOMMY BARNHARDT LUTHER BARRIER MARY BENTON BOBBY BLACK DAVID BOGER ROY BOGER SUE BOGER ELIZABETH BOST MILLIE BOWERS DOLORES BURRIS KAY BYRD MARTHA CLAY SONNY COOK DIANNE COX DORIS CREED DELANDA DENNIS VETRA DR YE GAIL EARNHARDT VIRGINIA EFIRD ALICE EUDY ARCHIE EUDY HAROLD EUDY BOBBY FAGGART BETTY FINK CLEMENT FINK MARY FINK ARCHIE FISHER WANDA FURR WILLIA FURR WAYNE GANDY DOLORES GARMON ABBY HAHN AMELIA HAHN CLETUS HAHN SHIRLEY HARWOOD LARRY HEINTZ LENA HESS ARCHIE HINSON JERRY HONEYCUTT LEE HONEYCUTT PATRICIA HONEYCUTT VERNON HUFFSTICKLER FRANKLIN IRVIN GLENN KIRK LARRY KLUTTZ BETTY KRIMMINGER EIGHTH GRADE ELAINE LAMBERT ANNIE MAE LEAZER CAROLYN LEFLER ANN LENIER LARRY LEWIS LINDA LITAKER CAROLYN LITTLE GWYNN LOWDER ANDY LUTHER DORIS MASON FAYE McGRAW ROY LEE McRORIE MATILDA MISENHEIMER FRANCES MOOSE BURNIE MOREHEAD KENNETH MOSER JAMES MULLIS MARTHA PAGE OLA MAE PARNELL NANCY PENINGER HAROLD PLESS DORIS PLOTT JIMMY RHINEHARDT BARBARA RIDENHOUR TED RITCHIE MILDRED RUSS KAY RUSSIAN TERRY SCOTT J. D. SHARP WAYNE SHINN PAUL SHIPTON SHELBY SHUE WAYNE SIFFORD BRUCE SMITH FRANCES SMITH PATSY SMITH BETTY STALLINGS JIMMY STONER JOSEPHINE STYERS JAMES TALLEY BILLY THOMAS JACKIE THOMAS PEGGY TUCKER ANNE VANDENBURG GLENN WAGONER WAYNE WIDENHOUSE FRANCES WILEY CAROLYN WILLIAMS : ' fk MARSHALS Seated, left to right: Elizabeth Herion, Doris Talley, Sue Foil, Florence Hahn. Standing: Thomas Krimminger, Kay Fink, Henry Fisher, Ned Hudson, Thyra Penninger, George Fisher. BETA CLUB First Row, left to right: Lucile Ritchie, Dianne Mullis, Sue Foil, Betsy Bost, Elizabeth Herion, Treasurer; Henry Fisher, Secretary; Patsy Hahn, Joyce Eagle, Sandra Burris, Doris Talley. Second Row: Mrs. Nancy Huey, Advisor; Lucille Lambert, Joyce Moser, Paula Foil, Dot R i d e n h o u r, Frances Eudy, Vice-President; Thomas Krimminger, President; Ned Hudson, Harold Moser, Eugene Earnhardt, Ned Cline, Shirley Auten. Third Row: Lois Longe, Jane Culp, Joyce Miller, Jane Stallings, Whitaker Moose, James Moser, Alvin Yorke, Archie Vanhoy, Joe Mills. They take care of our United States Flag Bobby Cook and Butch Barringer STUDENT SECRETARIES Left to right: Dianne Mull is, Doris Talley, Joyce Eagle, Sandra Burris, Lucile Ritchie, Dot Ridenhour, Thyra Penninger, Patsy Hahn. BUS DRIVERS CLUB First Row, left to right: Ned Cline, Thomas Krimminger, Junior Rhinehardt, Ned Blackwelder, Ted Auten, Eddie Foil, Joe Troutman, Joe Mills, Larry Cline, James Moser. Second Row: Whitaker Moose, Eugene Earnhardt, Giles M i se n h e i me-r, Kenneth Sifford, Max Cruse, Eugene Faggart, Aaron Misenheimer, Cletus Hurlocker, Ned Hudson, Robert Isenhour, Gene Burris, Johnny Hum- phrey, Mr. Adams, Advisor. BUS PATROLMEN First Row, left to right: Doyle Neal, Ray Deal, Wayne Isenhour, Harold Moser, Alvin Yorke , Robert Isenhour, Claude Hurlocker. Second Row: Doris Talley, Betty Cochran, Barbara Shaw, Bonnie Keziah, Becky Park, Florence Hahn, Rebecca Hurlocker, Betsy Bost, Evelyn Keziah, Alice Bost. Third Row: Shirley Auten, Kay Stoner, Thyra Penninger, Shelbia Manus, Jane Stallings, Nancy Greene, Sue Cline, Mary Allman, Frances Petrea, Joyce Miller. i 11 ’■ ' • ' ii llif 1 Mmmm Jk |2fc ' BIBLE CLUB Cecil Barringer, Marvin Bost, Jerry Bradford, Frances Brooks, Mary Busbin, Marlene Cline, Wayne Coble, Doris Coley, Frances Coley, Iris Dunlap, Shelby Dunlap, Robert Fink, Peggy Henley, Ernestine Lowder, Larry Miller, Barbara Rice, Mike Shinn, Carolyn Stegall, Gene Talley, Bobbie Tucker, Joanne Tucker, Margie Weaver, Gail Whitley, Miss Barbara Ritchie, Advisor. LIBRARY CLUB Officers: Rebecca Hurlocker, Jo Carol Love, Havis McDonald, Linda Rhinehardt, Ethelyn Smith. Other Members: Barbara Allmon, Betty Bridges, Bobby Brooks, Larry Cauble, Dan Culp, Kenneth Deal, Varah Drye, Jerry Drye, Betty Eudy, Buddy Fisher, Sandra Furr, Bobby Hammill, Violet Henley, Johnny Humphrey, Becky Linker, Tracy Linker, Ray Litaker, Kay Lowder, Poe Lowder, Larry Miller, Wayne Miller, Don Moser, Bobby Ross, Luther Ross, Mitchell Simpson, Rachel Simpson, Eddie Shoe, Edna Ruth Wagoner, Hal Wetter, Louise Winecoff, Raymond Yates. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Officers: Ned Cline, Eugene Earnhardt, Giles Misenheimer, James Moser, Kenneth Sifford, Jimmy Brooks, Mr. M. R. McLeod, Advisor. Other Members: Kirby Allen, Donald Cline, Dan Culp, Jerry Drye, Bobby Hammill, M. L. Heintz, Claude Hurlocker, David Kimray, Poe Lowder, Kay Lowder, Larry Miller, Don Moser, Edward McDaniel, Doyle Neal, Lynn Ritchie, George Walker, Ned Blackwelder, Marvin Bost, Max Cruse, Clyde Drye, Gene Faggart, Ted Hagler, Ned Hudson, Johnny Humphrey, Robert Safrit, Robert Shinn, William Barnhardt, Bobby Byrd, Ray Bost, Claude Cochran, Harry Fink, Robert Gandy, Eddie Hatley, Myron Hatley, Wayne Ham- mill, David Harkey, Ray Hinson, Jerry Howell, Fred King, Bobby Krimminger, Watson Kluttz, Johnny Mason, Larry Miller, William Safrit, Mitchell Simpson, Gerald Wagoner, Hal Wetter, Joe Parker, Cecil Allman, Lipe Barrier, Wilson Baucom, Larry Cline, Buddy Fisher, Jerry Hammill, Cletus Hurlocker, Allen Moose, Charlie Moose, Junior Rhinehardt, Bobby Ross, Troy Talley, Archie Vanhoy, Alvin Yorke. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First Row, left to right: Bonnie Keziah, Jessie Fisher, Varah Drye, Shirley Cline, Becky Park, Linda Rhinehardt. Betty Bridges, Cynthia Barrier, Betty Eudy, Sarah Troutman, Barbara Brawley, Margaret Rhinehardt, Marilyn Safrit. Second Row: Mary Allman, Voncille Yost, Joyce Neal, Mary Ann Kluttz, Shelby Dunlap, Judy Mc- Donald, Cora Boger, Doris Blackwelder, Betty Moose, Frances Linker, Treccia Ward, Joan Tucker, Mary Ann Fisher, Iris Dunlap. F.F.A. FAIR BOOTH BOOSTER CLUB Standing, left to right: Rebecca Honeycutt, Wilson Baucom, Alvin Yorke, Myron Hatley. Seated: C. E. Foster, Cecil Allman, Joyce Neal, Cynthia Barrier, Judy McDonald, Sue Cline, Peggy Ballard, Wayne Hammill, Eddie Hatley. Second Row: Jerry Howell, Joyce Eudy, Christeen King, Sarah Troutman, Ruth Furr, Brenda Bowers, Jo- anne Kluttz, Faye Eury, Cletus Hurlocker, Mrs. Harbison. Third Row: Allen Moose, Worth Barbee, Ray Bost, William Safrit, Gerald Wagoner, Fred King, Larry Burris, Johnny Mason, Ray Hinson, Bobby Krimminger. Four- th Row: Wayne Furr, Edward McDaniel. Standing, left to right: Henry Fisher. Seated: Dolly Boger, Shirley Cline, Voncille Yost, Eugene Earnhardt, James Moser, Dianne Mullis, Shirley Lambert, Ned Hudson, Thyra Penninger, Kay Fink, Florence Hahn. Second Row: Shelby Shue, Kay McLester, Rosa Ella Page, Treccia Ward, Barbara Brawley, Sue Crayton, Adam Allman, Shirley Blackwelder, Muriel Allmond, Mary Allman. Third Row: Mrs. Morell Smith, Advisor; Ethel Gandy, Kay Allman, Robert Isenhour, Giles Misen- heimer, Eugene Faggart, Robert Shinn, Dicky Mills. SCIENCE CLUB Officers: Becky Park, Allen McDonald, Jimmy Benton, Mrs. H. S. Leafe, Advisor. Seated, left to right: Joe Parker, Bonnie Keziah, Jessie Fisher, Harry Fink, Claude Cochran, Standing: Robert McCarn, London Harwood, Roy Freeman, Melvin Litaker, Donald Fisher. COMMERCIAL CLUB Dora McMahan, Sonny Vickers, Elizabeth Hahn, Paula Foil, Lucille Lambert, Harold Moser, Joyce Moser, Jerry Hammill, Joe Troutman, Elizabeth Herion, Elizabeth Vandenburg, Kay Stoner, Jane Stallings, Larry Cline, Archie Vanhoy, Doris Blackwelder, Harold Cline, Lois Longe, Edith Boger, Sara Fink, Margaret Rhinehardt, Wayne Isenhour, Mr. Harry Jenkins, Advisor. PAPER STAFF Seated, left to right: Kay Stoner, Harold Cline. Standing: Joe Troutman, Jane Stallings. FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB Members Are: Gail Whitley, Marlene Cline, Jo Carol Love, Margie Weaver, Ernestine Lowder, Kay Stoner, Sarah Fink, Edith Boger, Elizabeth Vandenburg, Elizabeth Hahn, Dora McMahan, Kay Fink, Florence Hahn, Thrya Penninger, Shirley Lambert, Reba Shinn, Shelbia Manus, Frances Petrea, Doris Talley, Dianne Mullis. MARTIN STANCIL EDDIE FOIL FRANCES PETREA SHELBIA MANUS EDWARD LOCKHART MAX CRUSE JIMMY BROOKS DAVID YARBOROUGH GLENN RIMER JOYCE MILLER JANE CULP BARBARA SHAW SHIRLEY AUTEN DORIS TALLEY SUE FOIL MARY ANN FISHER JOYCE EAGLE THOMAS KRIMMINGER President MONOGRAM CLUB MIKE LITTLE RAYCAUBLE JOE MILLS MR. HARRILL Advisor GENE BURRIS BUTCH BARRINGER JERRY TUCKER DON BURRIS LARRY FISHER WHITAKER MOOSE WAYNE MORRIS BOBBY BURRIS LUCILE RITCHIE SANDRA BURRIS Officers: Alice Bost, Betty Cochran, Dot Ridenhour. Other Members: Jimmy Allman, Buddy Lomax, Merle Sollinger, Ray Deal, Larry Raymer, Ted Auten, Ned Blackwelder, Ned Cline, Junior Rhine- hardt, Aaron Misenheimer, Doyl e N e a I , Luther de Diego, Lipe Barrier, Robert Safrit, Bobby Tucker, Evelyn Keziah, Evelyn Ballard, Audrey Walker, Joyce Sides, Gail Faggart, Sue Linker, Maye Eury, Nancy Smith, Rachel Honeycutt, Shirley Gray, Carolyn Furr, Peggy Drye, Patsy Hahn, Betsy Bost. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB First Row: George Fisher, Bobby Cook, Nancy Greene, Carol White, C lyde Drye, Officers. Second Row: Marshal I McLeod, Frank Lomax, George Walker, Mary Anne Kiuttz, Helen Blackwelder, Marilyn Safrit, Barbara Carpenter, Jane Wiley. Third Row: Donald C line, Johnny Stegall , R . W . Connell, Earl Burris, Will iam Barnhardt, Kirby Allen, Troy Tal ley, Cora Boger. Fourth Row: . Watson Kiuttz, Robert Gandy, Donald Burris, Ted Hagler, Claude Hurlocker, Mr.Pyatte, Advisor. George Fisher, A. L. Barringer, Ted Wayne Morris, Sonny Cook, Ted Ritchie, Larry Rimer, Archie Eudy, Jim- my Barrier, Henry Fisher, Whit Moose, Vernon Huffstickler, Woody Foil, Buddy Lomax, Bobby Tucker, Wesley Wagner, Bernie Moorehead, Bobby Brooks, Joe Pless, Luther de Diego, Benny Smith, Gwynn Lowder, Glenn Rimer, Margaret Ann Rhinehardt, Jo Carol Love, Elizabeth Hahn, Faye Eury, Terry Scott, Luther Barrier, Myron Hatley, John Litaker, Archie Smith, Marshall McLeod, Ann Lanier, Ann Cline, Hazel Foutz, Robert McCarn, Richard Lanier. GLENN RIMER Band Drum Major MAJORETTES AND FLAG TWIRLERS ' •py JOYCE SIDES, Chief LIBBY COOKE BARBARA RIDENHOUR PAULA FOIL ALICE BOST FRANCES PETREA BETSY BOST FRANCES WILEY DORA McMAHAN LETTER GIRLS PATSY HAHN, Chief JANE CULP SHELBIA MANUS KAY McLESTER FLORENCE HAHN r St l •Vas Pj Qy Chrirt® F ' 00 ' " PLAYHOUSE OF STARS” JUNIOR PLAY CAST " THE PROFESSOR PROPOSES " Seated, left to right: Lucile Ritchie, Sandra Burris, Dorothy Ridenhour, Patsy Hahn, Joyce Miller. Standing: James Moser, Ned Cline, Doris Talley, Whitaker Moose, Joyce Eagle, Eugene Earn- hardt, Mrs. Carolyn Mills Smith, Director; Henry Fisher, Prompter. SENIOR PLAY CAST " OUR GAL SAL " Seated, left to right: Ted Auten, Sandra Burris, Doris Talley, Betty Cochran, Betsy Bost, Dot Ridenhour. Standing: Ned Cline, Lucile Ritchie, Harold Cline. . t M 1 » NANCY PENINGER QUEEN ' S ATTENDANTS FOOTBALL SPONSORS Top left to right: Donna Cox, Sue Propst, Shirley Cline, Shirley Blackwelder, Rebecca Linker, Amelia Walker, Elizabeth Herion, Evelyn Keziah, Bonnie Keziah, Jane Culp, Florence Hahn, Shelbia Manus, Lucile Ritchie, Jarrette Hammill, Fannie Parker. Bottom left to right: Ann Hopkins, Jane Allman, Gwen Smith, Dorothy Ridenhour, Nadine Petrea, Mary Ann Fisher, Mary Allman, Betty Bridges, Linda Rhinehardt, Peggy Ballard, Dianne Cox, Joanne Tucker, Evelyn Bal- lard, Rebekah Honeycutt, Becky Culp. " THE BIG PAYOFF HAROLD CLINE King RITA BARRIER Princess LINDA RHINEHARDT Queen EDGAR LEFLEK Prince 1955 JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET CHRISTMAS DANCE 1955 REMODELED ACTIVITY BUS " THE BLUE COMET " Driver: Jim Fisher DRIVERS ' TRAINING CAR ATHLETIC BANQUET FOOTBALL AWARDS GIVEN Left to right: Eugene Burris, Ray Cauble, Coach Harrill, Pride Ratteree, Coach Pyatte, Thomas Krimminger. " CAROLINA COOKERY” OUR COOKS Mrs. Paul Barringer, Mrs. Carl Eagle, Sr., Mrs. Harvey Casper, Mrs. C. E. Culp, Mrs. Tom Barringer, Mrs. Lucille Stegall. Cafeteria Assistants CORA BOGER KAY STONER SARA FINK SHELBY SHUE MARY BUSBIN MARY ALLMAN TED AUTEN ROBERT SAFRIT NED BLACKWELDER LARRY CLINE JUNIOR RHINEHARDT JOE TROUTMAN " Going through the line " " Eating " SCHOOL SONG " CAVALCADE OF SPORTS " Oh, when Mount Pleasant High School falls in line. We ' re going to beat our rivals every time. We ' re going to sing and shout and make some noise Because our High School ' s filled with loyal girls and boys. So come on rah, rah, rah. Mount Pleasant High We ' re going to pledge ourselves to do or die. We ' re going to sing our praises to the sky, by and by, Mount Pleasant is the school for me. MARY ANN FISHER. Chief SANDRA BURRIS LUCILE RITCHIE DORIS TALLEY JOYCE EAGLE JOYCE MILLER JEAN DOBY LIBBY HERIO CTION CHEERLEADERS Hail to the varsity, cheer them along the way. Onward to victory, may they win again today. We 1 1 1 g ive a cheer for the varsity, long may they reign supreme. Shout till the echos ring, for the glory of OUR TEAM. ATHLETIC FIELD DEDICATION FOOTBALL TEAM GENE BURRIS Back JIM FISHER Tackle , r TOMMY KRIMMINGER Center BOBBY BURRIS Back JAMES MOSER End JUNIOR RHINEHARDT Tackle W ' v WHITAKER MOOSE Guard FOOTBALL TEAM LARRY FISHER Center DAVID YARBOROUGH Tackle BUTCH BARRINGER End JIM BROOKS Guard DON FISHER Back M. L. HEINTZ Tackle BUDDY FISHER Tackle EDDIE FOIL Guard JOE PLESS Center DON BURRIS Back FOOTBALL ROBERT McCARN Back POE LOWDER Back RAYMER Guard Back RAY DEAL End ALLEN MOOSE End i 7 ( MIKE LITTLE Back LUTHER de DIEGO Back u 0) l - - 0) o _Q _C O D Q, D[l , U . 2 t 1) £ q o- 5 s Cd _c — " o d ® o Q S I- D d) CxL CD o m o, o o O 5 X E . E S •- — ° t: t Q£ O O •— O d I- 3 C - O Si c - O 0 £ 0 CD E o 1 c oi o c v c .. O ? - 1 o «. O ' N 5 ° q Ji -a LU _Y V o — O o _c « l Ll_ CD x g -O g ■§1 CQ 5 5 i-T 12 o i c o O — Q D v C u» Q .2 e; 2 £ CO h- o o CQ — c E (D •“ o 1 1 D O cT o 0)0- = u O c C J- II D " X fl) 5 _ o SL a3 Q- a .2 c o. D £ “» O O ' L_ . D y — i u t £ 3 fc _2 -U v c — w o - • — v , O hr O 5 $ Robert McCarn, Luther de Diego. COACHES MR. CLAUDE PYATTE - MR. CHARLES HARRILL Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant Mt. Pleasant FOOTBALL RESULTS 12 Mocksville 0 20 Granite Quarry 6 0. Winecoff 26 26. Rockwell 6 7 Dallas 6 19. Hartsell 18 38. Norwood 21 33. Bad in 7 6 Granite Falls 26 20. C leveland 0 13. Jonesville 38 CO-CAPTAINS JIMMY FISHER - RAY CAUBLE GIRLS’ BASKETBALL JOYCE MOSER HIRLEY AUTEN JOYCE SIDES JANE CULP SUE FOIL THYRA PENNINGER $ £A$f 4 ,i BOYS’ BASKETBALL JOE MILLS HAROLD CLINE WAYNE ISENHOUR BOB BURRIS ENE BURRIS GIRLS ' CO-CAPTAINS JANE CULP and SHIRLEY AUTEN YS ' CAPTAIN HAROLD CLINE GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Left to right: Center: Jane Culp, Coach Pyatte, Shirley Auten. First Row: Joyce Moser, Varah Drye, Alice Bost, Jessie Fisher, Thyra Penninger, Shelbia Manus, Jane Stallings, Joyce Sides, Frances Petrea, Barbara Shaw, Sue Foil, SueCline, Evalyean Hough . Second Row: Dora McMahan, Rebecca Linker, Maye Eury, Betty Jane Eudy, Mary Allman, Frances Eudy, Manager. BOYS ' BASKETBALL First Row, left to right: Bobby Burris, Eugene Burris, Joe Mills, Wayne Isenhour, Harold Cline. Second Row: Ted Auten, Merle Sollinger, Billy Scott, Ned Cline, Larry Cline, Coach Harrill. Third Row: Martin Stancil, Junior Rhinehardt, R. W. Connell, Dan Culp, Tracy Linker, Joe Troutman, Donald Burris, Manager. bMsa ammm i MiW LMJaSto mm gmmm BASEBALL TED AUTEN i JUNIOR RHINEHARDT LARRY MILLER ALLEN MOOSE MAX CRUSE BASEBALL PLAYERS OF 1955 First Row, left to right: Coach Harrill, Kermit Cruse, James Moser, Harry Cooke, Coy Plott, Allen Moose, Junior Rhmehardt, Ned Blackwelder. Second Row: Ted Auten, Tony Arey, Herman Bost, Ned Hudson, Don Moser, Max Cruse, James Wishon. Third Row: Bobby Cooke, Jerry Hammill, and Martin Stancil, Managers. rtQX, I A r r f ii 7 Hoppy’s Favorite Dairy Products are Cabarrus Creamery Products Make them your favorite too CABARRUS CREAMERY CO. INC 357 N. CHURCH ST. , CONCORD, N. C. KINDLEY COTTON MILLS MT. PLEASANT, N. C RINGS AROUND V THE WORLD r Vu E. L. Hedrick, Representative )Xj Makers of the Mt. Pleasant High School Class 0 . . A Rings since 1935 V, r Many thanks for the privilege of working with you on your annual pictures. JIM WISE STUDIO Phone 2-9731 Concord, North Carolina CRUSE’S ABATTOIR Wholesalers and Dealers in Pork and Beef " Rimertown " Route 3, Concord, N.C. Telephone 2-5061 -Concord Custom Slaughtering Done for the Public 4 WILKINSONS INC. Best Wishes Furniture and Appliances Established 1903 Phone 3164 292 N. Church St. Concord, N.C. FISHER-EARNHARDT OIL CO. Gas, Kerosene, Oil, Fuel Oil Phone 361 1 Mt. Pleasant, N.C. 1 r KANNAPOLIS BAKERY Golden Crust Bread and Tasty Cakes Phone 8136 or 7146 Kannapolis, North Carolina THE DAILY INDEPENDENT Cabarrus County ' s Leading Newspaper First in News, First in Advertising First in Circulation Phone 2111, Kannapoilis, N.C. d THE LAKE LYNN LODGE 3 Miles out Mt. Pleasant Road Hwy 73, Concord, N.C. Overlooking Beautiful 18 Acre Lake Open to Public 5 to 1 1 P.M. 7 days a week Private Parties any day by reservation 7 Private Dining Rooms Lake Lynn Open daily for Fishing $1.00 per day MT. PLEASANT MILLING CO. Manufacturers of Flour, Meal and Feed Mt. Pleasant, N.C. Compliments of A.W. MOOSE DRUG CO Druggists Since 1882 Mt. Pleasant, N.C. Phone 23 1 1 For the Best Results In Advertising Use THE CONCORD TRIBUNE and RADIO STATION WEGO L_ Concord, N.C. MEDLIN’S SPORTING GOODS Athletic - Hobby - Hunting - Fishing Phone 2-8056 92 South Union, Concord, N.C. Compliments of PIEDMONT BANK AND TRUST CO. Davidson, Mooresville, Mt. Pleasant Phone 3601 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. MILLER LUMBER CO. M. D. Kluttz, Manager ] Building Material ; Phone 2341 ! Mt. Pleasant, N.C. i „ - - FARMERS WHOLESALE FEED SEED STORE, INC P. O. Box 1260 Concord, N . C . Distributors of Purina Chows in Cabarrus Co. Phone 2-3926 EUDY’S SERVICE STATION Groceries - Cold Drinks Good Gulf gasoline oil Phone 3774 Mt. Pleasant, N.C. MOUNT PLEASANT INSURANCE! AGENCY, INC. j Edith F. Peninger, Manager " All Forms of Insurance " Mt. Pleasant, N.C. r- | MT. PLEASANT FINANCE COMPANY, INC. J Any Type Loans, Financing and Re-Financing Mt. Pleasant, N.C. 1 ; ■ | Compliments of TRUCKER’S CABARRUS CENTER BANK TRUST CO. " Hunger Removed — While you Wait " 24 Hour Curb Service Concord i Concord-Kannapolis-Albermarle North Carolina Concord Offices: Next to County Court House and Wil-Mar Park | Near Hospital Compliments of TUSCARORA " THE 49’ER GRILL” COTTON MILL Phone 3924 Highway 49-N. Main Mt. Pleasant North Carolina with continued good wishes for ! " The Tigers " ; Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina l : j LOWRANCE Compliments of | IMPLEMENT CO., INC. SHOE-O’NEAL Dealer for Modern Power ! Farm Machinery New and Used MOTORS Homelite Chain Saws Allis Chalmers-New Holland Sales and Service Modern Body Shop ! 1 Highway 29, Concord, N.C. Wil-Mar Park Concord, N. C.; Compliments of Compliments of the GREEN HILL DAIRY FARM SENIOR CLASS Grade " A " Pasteurized Milk OF 1955-1956 Phone 3182 Route 1 ; Mt. Pleasant, N.C. — ... — — — j ROBINSON ' S INC. Compliments of Specialty Shop for Women and Children Concord, N.C. BELK ' S Concord, N.C . J r- — When you Think of !; Jewelry Go to Compl iments of SHEPHERD ' S DEPENDABLE ! JEWELER CABARRUS COUNTY SHERIFF DEPARTMENT E. M. (Tubby) Logan, Sheriff ; 25 Market St. Concord, N.C. Concord, N.C. i | SHUFORD INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments of ; Mutual Insurance Archey Building EARL ' S TIRE STORE i Tire Recapping j Phone 2219 Concord, N.C. Wil-Mar Park | Concord, N.C. I Compliments of COOK ' S PACKING PLANT Pork and Beef Packers Concord, N.C. - — , — | I Compliments of : CITIZEN ' S NATIONAL BANK : : Concord, N.C. H. M. BARRINGER City Service Gas, Groceries Phone 3242 Mt. Pleasant, N.C. With Best Wishes from the CONCORD NATIONAL BANK " No Account too Large- none too smal I " Concord, N.C. Compliments of MOUNT PLEASANT HOSIERY MILLS Phone 3301 Mt. Pleasant, N.C. BILL ' S SUPER MARKET Groceries - Oil - Gas Phone 3241 Mt. Pleasant, N.C. yc . J - %N 5-A J v . WILLIAM ' S CLEANERS 4. i I C V° ' -V " - -a-NvSfirl Cont d? NorthCarolina ' 0sillers in A " Types of Field Seed Cash Carry Delivery Service Jack Williams Melvin Williams J L W Ul, C. S. MELCHOR Route 2 Gold Hill, N.C . ■— 7 r M. E. BARRINGER ESSO STATION GROCERY " Our Aim, to Serve you well " Hwy . 49, Gold Hill, N.C. L LENTZ HARNESS SHOP We deal in all types of leather: Riding Saddles, Collars, Harnesses Hwy. 49, Gold Hill, N.C. J i r Compliments of Ambulance Service Dial 3581 Mt. Pleasant, N.C. PENINGER FUNERAL HOME FLOWE ' S AMOCO GROCERY Route 2, Gold Hill, N.C. Hwy. 49 BEAVER ' S GROCERY T. A. BARRINGER LUMBER CO. Phone 3429 Mount Pleasant, N.C, 1 - 1 — Free Delivery Quality Groceries Phone 3791 Mt. Pleasant, N.C. ROCKWELL MILLING CO., INC. Manufacturers of Flour, Meal and Feed Distributors for Poultry and Dairy Feeds Phone: Cresent 4005 Rockwell, N.C. QUESTION SHOP Radio Supplies Electronic Equipment S. Spring at Barbrick St. Phone 3264 Concord, N.C. ROCKWELL GIN FUEL CO. Phone: Cresent 2030 Rockwell, N.C. MAGNETO ELECTRIC SERVICE 223 W. Depot Street Phone 6285 Concord, N.C. Compliments of RITCHIE AUTO PARTS Phone 2106 35 S. Spring St., Concord, N.C Compliments of EAGLE ' S USED CARS At " No Sweat " Prices Mt. Pleasant, N.C. Compliments of RUTH ' S FABRIC SHOP Phone 2727 Mt. Pleasant, N.C | I NAN ' S GIFT SHOP Sportswear Children ' s Wear j Hosiery and a complete line of Gifts 1 Phone 3572 } S. Main, St., Mt. Pleasant, N.C. Compliments of EAGLE ' S BARBER SHOP Phone 2667 Mt. Pleasant, N.C. BARRINGER ' S GROCERY Fresh Meats Vegetables and Fruits Phone 32 1 1 Mt. Pleasant, N.C. Compliments Best Wishes to the Graduating ! Class of 1956 ! 1 PORTER DRUG COMPANY LEDER BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORE Concord, North Carolina v O- ' 4 - TV d - a -i KALE-LAW I NG COMPANY .0 :r, V ■ iW ce Outfitters ' 6176 27 S ' . Union St. Concord, N.C. PRESLAR ' S WYLER INCAFLEX The watch with the flexible balance wheel INCAFLEX balance wheel g-i-v-e-s with the shock and Wyler is fully guaranteed against damage Phone 2136 MAULDIN ' S STORE j4 «£1ESS ■a L 7 " w w U from shopk-for the Life of the 1 1 jG £ Watch (Except crystal .) Dependab I e ' Jewe I ers Si nee 1909 - — KESTER BROTHERS PRINTERS " Quality Printing at Economy Prices " Phone 5273 Concord, North Carolina 2 ? Zr K)V 0ST 0 " V Wholesale Tobaccos -Cigarettes-Confectioneries Phone 3162 360 S. Spring St., Concord, N.C. -A - Compliments of ) j , o V y 1 r JEAN ' S BEAUTY §H 0 P Phone 3851 v y( f Mt. Pleasant, N.C. Compliments of CRAFTSMEN FINISHERS Concord, N.C, NU-TRED TIRE SERVICE Quality Recapping Complete Tire Service Phone 6218 524 N. Church St., Concord, N.C, Compl iments of ML PLEASANT TRANSFER s ; ; i I A. L. BARRINGER ! | ( t | Mt . Pleasant, N. C. S ( Local and Long Distance Haul ing | Residence 3542 ) Office 3541 hr i 1 { Compl iments of J i ' i ' Compliments of ! BURRIS ' GROCERY CHUB IRKO ' S RESTAURANT 1 Proprietor, Johnny Chubirko ! | [ Mt . Pleasant, N . C . ' ' Dial 6297 : Concord-Kannapol is Hwy. ... i WADE BROTHERS SEWING CENTER White Sewing Machines Sales Service Authorized Hoover Dealer for Vacuum Cleaners Dial 8952 South Church St., Concord, N. C. s FOIL HARDWARE Philco Telephone 3247 Mt . Pleasant, N . C . — i GOODMAN ' S GROCERY Compliments of Fancy and Stable Groceries COX ' S BARBER SHOP Mt. Pleasant, N.C. Mt. Pleasant, N.C. ; 7 Compliments of CRYSTAL LAUNDRY I Concord, N .C . • ' ' i r- BILL ' S ESSO SERVICE I Washing-Greasing-Oil Change i Phone 3371 ; Mt. Pleasant, N.C. Pick up and Delivery inside | city limit. r Compliments of 1 YORKE AND WADSWORTH HARDWARE South Church Street Concord, N.C. BOB ' S LAUNDRY Oldest-Largest-Best Master Cleaners and furriers Complete day cleaning service Dial 2222 Concord, North Carolina HUNTER RADIO AND TELEV I S I ON Expert television and Radio Service j 217 W. Depot Street ; Concord, N.C. : L FINK ' S FLORIST Concord, N.C 0 Phone 7103 f i MARNOT MODERN BODY SHOP Dial No. 6226 for Printing R. C. CROOKS, PRINTER Complete Body Rebuilding and Painting 18-20 South Spring St. Highway 29 Phone 7181 Concord, N.C. Concord, N. C. Best Wishes W. H. LEONARD, JR. JEWELERS " The Store of Convenient Terms " 51 South Union St. Concord. North Carolina C ompliments of HOTEL CONCORD Phone 2261 Concord, N. C. — Compliments of EARL ' S TIRE STORE Tire Recapping Wil-Mar Park Concord, N.C. WALDRON BUICKCO. Hwy . 29 Rt. 12 Phone 7166 Concord, N.C. Buick Motor Cars and 12 months Guarantee on our Bonded Used Cars Lot 2 located at Church St. and Holly Lane (Ua K ' W " Kj SERVICE xm Your Friendly Goodyear Store For The Best Tire Deal in Concord and Cabarrus County Phone 2-5591 61 S. Church Street TURNER FUNITU Out from High Phone 2-3924 Concord, N. C. RANTLEY MOTEL Cannorr ' Blvd.. i - Phone 2,64j 1 T) . Pleasant Road Phone 8917 Concord, N . C . u JcY ' tLf H. E. HALL FURNITURE C Home of Friendly Service 16 W. Depot Street Phone 2259 Concord, N. C. V 71 t ' i | EVANS COLLEGE of COMMERtl Secretarial -Accounting Day and Night Class Phone 2-6046 Morris Building Concord, N.C. 01 0 That’s All Folks! ' i TUNE I N NEXT YEAR FOR THE Y TENTH EDITION OF THE " TIGER ROAR " BEST WISHES Yx fa V IJ 2 i AP ■ 7 7=oTP -pyp yi 777 Y7Z ■y rw ' ■ J p zr. ' rn ' P r A ,y ' 7Aj A.gsOL l,- Q d X cy ' cp? . c ' y.-c,ay-AO wA, 1 WXt d A v V 1 °y A if. 1 V f W ’ y 7 i. r7 KK . 0 naA " . . J 6 AA Aj iv t ' j v JUs 2 UaX. vA . _..Y - ;7., ' j X: V ■V V " k ' k%)r JL q OJ ’°h ' A T? fsdoj JP r ' 5 . ' • " a- f ' %4 %y ■ 4 p K -• rf , , y v Jy if l J I )• %u L W f n 1 CO-J Zc tOi Auxu pfue - , aiez - ' Z u6 jA ! - Aj. a Js r ?, A 9 , AOLr’lgf , f If " ' L- , i r v U 40 ' . j,(r , J r " hW WO w y p r . v r :,{Wi w- Ss ' ? £ A £ctf .« W Ppzw Zf z -A c Fp k ' ir Fa : •A , T hW S) Z-W 4 -tJU- zy e» V CV rs M T. P L HIGH f A 5 A kl T CHOO L

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