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I ft770ufffJ9ZArJryov sd H grim, Q Aw:-JU fZ?f""l"' ' ' ' by f53ZM J,-Q ' f 2 'rg f L40 a 'V . J ' ffwfuf 146' I ,LW mf' f ,. A uf ' , ,Zak Uwtf i ,M ,fd L ,jjjf Evil -f , A x' 1,7- VMN xl EYPA W ff lQ?T.J5Q'X5?5lw W wir 'V Q 7 .' 1 Ijvulua, 71W W .. ,WW LW LAMZWWJ Www? W 'AM' Wmdc we- VO W I 0 ,M W M W MM iw My f W W WWYQWW M J cf . fiwwqilzf' ZMMWMWW ,454 - gf? WMM ff W Z jmdm l'ilQJIQyfzf4-F.24fU 4'U Abby W M ZJQH W few fffzi, AUMWMQVJZAMQ, QM vlwlfwx f"""',QL4 511 -ga,,j.w Aww HW 'W0jj,,Q "M zz. of ' AQ 1,,. I, 1 . 7 ' 6 w QQMffMWfffm W 9 QS YE 2ffA4r1va'0.z64x4mJv 3 k M, ,Lf4i6gw,5.a.g,,wc '49 ff' P . 5? QE gg? af ip W' kara? 14644, JQLWQA A . Ag Sci. " fra-4, ?fz'ffMm:.Pi E Q WM fffzffii J ' WJ J 'lawn , iowjvybqzl My - 0 NLM 7759 . U 47Lff,fm"J"'.U M,.,w71,yJ ,UM WJ 5y,,,,zjJ J uwwmwx DVM AMp Miljfif .-A WMWW -f4ff,v,,4,A.n.4JI1.J1,Qz4:..1f1'-"1-Jl'40"'AJVf""'q' ' 1,13-4 W 5244 M7 W UW-'M ina! WWW ,X-'Q Qfwlfd' ffl' 9? Q lv i mm EQOA . ,ldhv , - Mwwmuh 4941 jaudwlwv 7Ybl4,4 ML 'W' 46-LM Q1 af MM f"j37QZL'W' MW., faff-1-, A A , gm? ,C Qfnwmv0kJ""':zMfJ The , Au' , cw.v Qfggffgf if jfisg SSR gb 5 E45 eq 460. , gm Q fi M2555 if Q3 W 2 V33 3 my 32523 .E,Si3 ?D 3 1 k . Q gig M ,GJ N QA' 1: I f fr 4 gx M1 .. l .GV , J w 1 -GN V: 313 Af' ,G It 3 r 3 X-v 77 gi 5515 15' r xv 36 ,XT , if . 4 , .Xu 'ilu il ' ' - Q. S SQSEQQS QMQQQQ TI-IE TIGER 19 0 VOLUME HI EDITED ANNUALLY BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF MOUNT PLEASANT HIGH SCHOOL MOUNT PLEASANT, NORTH CAROLINA V 162 X "un 'Ji T521 "rx , , ,Ol W J I' 5 f 1-.L W il 1 , . G?" E4 , if Wk! .-, UQ, K 'fx ' 4 W 1' Q 'J V12 M W , ii A ,TEV M 'V . A7 'Wm .VI .5 K 3 X: :VU NJ Q 'J ,Wx .Iv ," J: . 1 .fx v V ,. ni :T q I Q., M E flj. U Y :,,x, ' 'f r. , w IM , 4' . 1 WQW WQWSW WEW W ff O'ZE,lAIO'Z 396 This, the third volume of THE TIGER, is ready to go to press. It has cost us much hard work and some worry. We present it to you, knowing that it contains many imperfections. However, it is our best, and, although it may be a poor best, we trust you will be lenient with your criticism. We hope that it will prove interesting to you now, and that it will bring up pleasant memories in future years when you chance to turn its pages. We wish to thank all who have helped us in any way. Particularly, do we wish to express our thanks to our advertisers for their financial aid, to those members of the faculty who have excused us from classes from time to time, and to Mr. Moye for his cheerful assistance and cooperation in all our undertakings. Bacficfion We, the Senior Class of Mount Pleasant High School, dedicate this volume of "THE TIGER" to Miss Mattie Lula Sowell in loving appreciation of her as teacher and advisor for the last two years. nnuaf Auf Editor-in-Chief ....,.......,, . , , .,.,....., Doris Barrier Assistant Editor-in-Chief . , . Business Manager ,...,,. . Associate Business Manager . . . Advertising Manager . . . , , Associate Advertising Managcr , . Typists ..., A . , Mary Lois Sapp, Cbiefg Rose W1tts june Fortune Bobby Cwsper Sports Editor , .,,.... . , . . . . . , , rag? SSRN FPL sl 53 3? X . I fvkbl 3,779 as Qs j ?1Z,vAZN Nil P R5 M. T. MOYE, Prirzfijml FACULTY MR. LUTHER ADAMS MISS ELEANOR DICKERSON MISS ALICE HAINES MRS. E. J. HARBISON MISS RUTH JAMES MR. M. R. MCLEOD MISS ELIZABETH MEDLIN MISS ADELAIDE RIDENHOUR MISS NELLIE GRAY SIDES MISS MATTIE SOWELL MR. ROY WEBSTER MISS MIRIAM KLUTTZ, Secretary ir Q 1 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Class Motto: "Not finished, just begun President . Gilbert Hcilig . Vice-President . A . ,,... Bill Watts Flower: Gardema Secretary , Marvin Honcycutt Treasurer . Bob McAllister Colors: Green and White DORIS BARRIER "The fairest garden in her looks And in her mind the Wis- est books." EVELYN BURRIS "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." BILLIE CLINE "She moves a goddess, and she looks a queen." M. L. CLINE "Good words are worth much, and cost little." XJ A , - N1 UN' jg . -Z N. SEN IORS NOVA BEATTY "I only speak right on.' BOBBY CASPER "I do then with my friends as I do with my books. I w o u I d have them where I can find them, but seldom use them." GENE CLINE "I-Ie's sudden if Ll thing comes in his headf, ETHEL CRESS "I'll have no moekings or argumentsg I witness and Wait." s wwfdffazvfvf ZA ' ' EDWARD CROWELL "I'll have my fun where I've found it." WADE FINK "Blushing is the colour of virtuef, BETTY GILLESPIE "Friendship is love with- out his Wingsf, JERRY HARWOOD "I love him for himself alone." SEN IORS NED ITAGGART "I can be pushed just so farf' JUNE FORTUNE "Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maid- ens are." KATRINA HAMMILL "Though she be but lit- tle, she is fierce." GILBERT I-IEILIG "I am a man whom For- tune hath cruelly scratched ! " THOMAS HESS e smie at won "Th I th 't come off." MARVIN HONEYCUTT "I am not arguing with you . . . I am telling youf' JEAN LOWDER "She has more goodness in hcr Iittle finger than he has in his whole bodyf' JOHN MOOSE "Being quiet ncvcr gdts one in trouble." SENIORS DAVID HONEYCUTT "Tools were made, and born were hands. Every Farmer understands." MARIE LITAKER "Who think too IittIe, L1 n QI Who talk too much." QIOH MOOSE "A c 0 m r Cl d c neither glum nor merry." NADINE MOSS "My marfs as true as stccI.', BOBBY MCALLISTER "So primc, so swell, so nutty and so knowing." BILL PLOTT "I wonder what fool it was that Hrst invented kissingf, EMA JEAN SAERIT "The bright consum- mate flowerf, MARY LOIS SAPP "Oh for a seat in some poetic nook, just hid with trees and sparkling with a brook." SENIORS FRANCES PENINGER "She walks in beauty like the nightf, NED RITCHIE "XVhen I wish I was rich, then I know I am ill 'I RAY SAFRIT "Men of few words are the best men." EUGENE SIDES "Unquict meals makes ill digestionf, RAY SIDES "He sigh'd to m a n y, though he loved but onef, MARGIE SIKES "I never take a nap aft- er dinner but when I have a bad nightg and then the nap takes me." ANN SOSSAMAN "She left not little things behind, Excepting loving thoughts and kind." HOYLE SWARINGEN "Love, and a cough, can- not be hidf' SEN IORS JOYCE SIFFORD "History is merely gos- - ,, sip. J. ' A ALTHEA SMITH "It came to ass that . P . after L1 time the artist was forgotten, hut the work livedf' JOHN SUTHER "I have hardly ever known u mathematician who was capable of rea- seningf' PEARSON TUCKER "He is a little chimney, and heated hot in a mo- ment." ALVA WALTFRS "From morning to night he's so 'o ous and bri hrf' l Y g JOYCE WATTS "Thou art the star for which all evening waits." VIVIAN WHITLEY "Blue were her eyes as the fairy flax," DON YOST "I shall laugh myself to death." BILL XVATTS "My mother taught me to be good, At least as good as I was able." ROSE WATTS "The rainbow Comes and goes, And lovely is the rosef' FANNIE WHITLEY "We call it only pretty Fanny's waysf, I Iftkvg xii? OI-ff CLASS HISTORY M ln 1946, trembling somewhat, but determined to make good, about sixty freshmen entered high school. For four years these freshmen have striven for the day which now approaches-graduation day. Our class advisors were Miss Kuhn and Mr. Shive. The student Council representatives from our class were Rose Watts, June Fortune, Katrina Hammill, and Bobby McAllister. During our freshman year many members of the class joined various clubs and athletic teams. This was the year the F.H.A. Club was organized. We were out of school only a short time when the bell rang again for another year. During our Sophomore year, our ad- visors were Miss Cox and Miss Sides. Although we were a divided group, we chose class oflicers. The president of the two sections were June Fortune and Bobby McAllister. The following fall found us juniors ready for any task set before us. All of us realized that half of our high school days were over. Our new leaders were Mrs. Harbison and Miss Sowell. The class oificers were: President, Bobby McAllister, Vice-President, Betty Gillespieg Secretary, Jerry Harwoodg and Treasurer, Billie Cline. The two student council representatives from our class were Doris Barrier and Rose Watts. During our eleventh year, we sponsored the Junior-Senior banquet, which will always be happily recalled by those who attended. A three-act farce, "The Daffy Dills," was presented by twelve of us Juniors. The directors were Mrs. Harbison and Miss Sowell, and students taking part were: Gilbert Heilig III, Rose Watt, M. L. Cline, Billie Cline, john Suther, Jean Lowder, Marie Litaker, Jerry Harwood, June Fortune, Edward Crowell, Betty Gillespie, and Katrina Hammill. A week or two before school closed, a bus load of us took a day's trip to the mountains in Asheville. We visited the Biltmore Estate. The group of juniors who went thoroughly enjoy the trip. The night following the close of school we had a hay-ride and Weiner roast. For many of us, this was the last time we saw some of our classmates until the first day of school during our Senior year. At last, we are Seniors! The final round and the most important, for many of us are receiving our last instruction in school and shall enter into business upon graduation. In our Senior Class there are forty-eight members. We are happy again to have as our class advisors-Mrs. Harbison and Miss Sowell. Our class officers are: President, Gilbert Heilig III, Vice-President, Bill Watts, Secretary, Marvin I-Ioneycuttg and Treasurer, Bobby McAllister. The class sponsored a float in two Christmas paradesg the one at Concord, and the other at Kannapolis. For our Float, we chose to use the Manger scene with a chorus. At Concord we won third place, and at Kannapolis we won second place. We were very proud of winning prizes in each parade. Billie Cline, one of our Seniors, who had been crowned queen at the High School Car- nival, preceded our float in a beautiful Buick Convertible. Now we have reached the hour we have looked forward to for twelve years-the hour we receive our diplomas. Our high school years are at an end, and we are proud of the record which we have left behind. Although we are proud and happy, we are also sadg for our school days together are over. We sincerely hope that the Senior Class of 1950 has helped in some way to improve our school. JEAN LOWDER, Historian. anim Ufass We, the Class of 1950, are glad If ever on trial for the problems at hand, For all of the carefree life we've had. Always let honesty take the stand. You and I together have fought. We know not what tomorrow will bring: For love and Happiness we all have sought. To some success and happiness, to some a tragic thing. Now is the end of our happy school days. Though your burdens be many and your joys seem few, May your lives be filled with blessings, These are the things God intended for you. As we travel our chosen ways. So, "Let not your heart be troubled, I hope your joys will be many Neither let it be afraid," And your heartaches very few. For such experiences we're richly repaid. These are my best Wishes, in the future, for you. And when out of this earthly life you must bow, And now, as "The old order changeth, You shall hear our Master's welcome, Yielding place to new," "Well done, my child, Enter thou." Let us live our lives as we've been taught to do. MARY Lois SAP? CLASS PROPHECY W Last week I decided to take a trip to the moon in my brand new Rocket Ship. So I packed up, and here I am. While I'm here I think I'll take a look on earth and see what my old class mates of '49 and '50 are doing. The first place I see is a beauti- ful white house in the suburbs of Greensboro. Why, there's Katrina Hammill with her two lovely children! She seems to be very happy as a preacher's wife. V And there's June Fortune! She is a retired sport's editor living with her millionaire husband. I hear he has oil wells in Texas. I wonder if any one has gotten to New York. Of course I should have known Doris Barrier would. There she is in her big business office giving orders to her many secretaries. Now who is that coming out of that large studio? Why, its Althca Smith! That is her own Art Studio. She is doing well in the Art business. And there is Sides' Furniture Store. "Lefty" is certainly getting up in this world. In a large colonial home in Virginia, I see Rose Watts with her three children. All with red hair. My, what a big hospital! And there is Nova Beatty coming down the corridor. There seems to be a very important opera- tion going on. Wonder who the doctor is? Why, it's a Dr. Alva Walters. XVho would have thought he would become a world famous doctor? Edward Crowell owns that nice big theater on Times Square. He shows only the best movies. I can see a lot of nice homes down there. There is jerry Harwood and Hoyle Swarringen's. Hoyle is doing well in the Grocery business. Other housewives are Nadine Moss, Ethel Cress, Fannie Whitley, Vivian Whitley, and Evelyn Burris. All their husbands are in business and doing well. Their homes are beautiful. Thereis Yost Construction Company owned by Don Yost. They're paving the roads of Rimertown. Rev. Wade Fink is doing a lot for the Mount Olive congregation. They've just finished building a new church. I see a large cloud down there. But it's only the geese settling down on jean Lowder's goose farm. Out in Hollywood I see Marie 'Bird" Litaker in her own private oflice. She is a gag writer for the comedian Elmer Snodgrass. There's Emma jean Safrit walking down Hollywood and Vine. She's quite .4 successful model now. She is going into Frances Penninger's Beauty Shoppe. Frances owns a string of shops from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast. Betty Gillespie owns an exclusive dress shoppe where all the actresses buy their clothes. Back in Mount Pleasant I see Gilbert Heilig owner and proprietor of Heili'g's "You Name It, We Got It" Merchandise. I see Moose Lumber Co. is doing well. It is owned and operated by joe and John Moose. We have a few secretaries from our class. Among them I see one boy, Ray Sides, the only boy in short hand class. Mary Lois Sapp is also very successful. M. L. Cline, Ned Faggart, and David Honeycutt are very successful farmers. M. L. specializes in seedsg David has the cutest pigs, and Ned has a little of everything. All those new brick homes going up are being built by Bobby Casper. He's the fastest brick layer in the country. He is build- ing one for Ann Sossaman and her family. Her husband runs the new bank in Concord. . L There seems to be quite a commotion in Washington. But it's to be expected with John Suther and Marvin Honeycutt, both lawyers, on the same case, but on opposite sides. I'll never forget the Way tho'e two boys could argue. They're still at it and getting paid for it now. There's one in every class and I guess Pearson Tucker is ours. Hc's just a truck driver but his wife and children love him just the same. And there is Plotts "We Aim To Please" Laundry. Owned by Bill Plott himself. Ray Safrit who was voted mort original is using his own original ideas in catching crooks in his Safrit Detective Agency, Inc., with Ned Ritchie as his right ha'1d handy man. The Cleveland Browns football team is on top this year thanks to that rip-roaring fullback Bill Watts. Gene fAlbertJ Cline has just put into production his latest Hydrogen burning automobile. Thomas Hess is now head man of Props! Construction Company. And there is Ol' Mount Pleasant High and I seem to see a familiar face. It's Cotton Page, and he's still a Junior. Well that's all but Bobby McAlliser ard myself. Bobby is trying to raise a team of "Choo-Choo" Justices. CWe have a good start with five already.J His McAllister Super Market is doing a big business. - BILLY CLINE, Propbrf. :Supa 'zfafiuai BEST ALL ROUND MOST STUDIOUS MOST COURTEOUS BILL WATTS ETHEL CRESS WADE FINK JEAN LOWDER GENE CLINE MARY LOIS SAPP BEST DRESSED WITTIEST MOST POPULAR JAKE WALTERS MARIE LITAKER BILL WATTS JUNE FORTUNE BOB MCALLISTER ROSE WATTS MOST ATHLETIC NEATEST FRIENDLIEST GILBERT HEILIG MARY LOIS SAPP BETTY GILLESPIE JUNE FORTUNE BILL PLOTT THOMAS HESS gaps fzfafivaa BEST SCHOOL SPIRIT MOST LIKELY TO MOST OEPENDARIE ROSE WATTS SUCCEED DORIS BARRIER IIOREY MEAI.LISTER IIILLIE CLINE BOBBY MQALLISTER JOHN SUTHER BEST LOOKING MOST ORIGINAL MOST TALENTED EMA JEAN SAFRIT RAY SAFRIT ALTHEA SMITH JAKE WALTERS BILLIE CLINE JOHN SUTHER QUIETEST BIGGEST FLIRT MOST ALERT ETHEI. CRESS KATRINA HAMMILI, JOHN SUTHER WADE FINK GILBERT HEILIG MARIE LITAKER fast cmcf ljssfamanf 22.5 We, the Senior Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifty, being of sound minds and healthy bodies, realizing the uncertainty of life and facing the innumerable tasks, expectations, and dangers of the misty future, do hereby make this our Last Will and Testament, revoking and declaring null and void any and all wills previously made by us. As for the estate which has been added to us by hook or crook in the course of our sojourn at Mt. Pleasant, we make the following disposition: DORIS BARRIER wills her ability to study to Betty Kepley, hoping she will make good use of it. NOVA BEATTY wills her friendly smile to Zelia Mae Humphrey. EVELYN BURRIS leaves her quiet manner to Doris Ann Manus. Doris, do you need it? BETTY GILLESPIE bequeaths all the energy she didn't use rushing from class to class to Ray Hill. Let's use it, Ray! JEAN LOWDER wills her good grades to Ophie Petrea and her interest in a Goose Farm to Billie Williams. MARIE LITAKER bequeaths her glib tongue to Silva Honeycutt. JUNE FORTUNE wills her ability to attract boy friends to Chub Barrier and her ability in sports to Betty Honeycutt. BILLIE CLINE leaves her ability to be true to one boy to Ann Corl. She also wills her title as queen to her sister Peggy Jo ROSE WATTS bequeaths her popularity to Peggy Lentz and her flaming red hair to Kay Fisher. JERRY HARWOOD wills her ability to go steady to Betty Foil. Let's hope it works. BOBBY CASPER leaves his ability to always be in on any excitement to Archie Shimpock. He also wills his bus to Walt Barnhardt. GENE CLINE bequeaths his physics book to Billy Joe Allman and his height to William Kindley. M. L. CLINE leaves his ability to argue to Jean Cox. EDWARD CROWELI. wills his wavy hair to Ed Swaringen and his ability to pop pop corn to Ann Foil. NED FAGGART leaves his straight hair to Ruth Petrea. WADE FINK bequeaths his neatness to Joan Harwood also his quiet manner to Martha Ann Barrier. GILBERT HEILIG leaves his ability to flatter teachers tn Bobby Johnson. THOMAS HESS wills his polite manner to Bobby McMahan. He also leaves his freshman girl to Billy Swaringen. DAVID HONEYCUTT bequeaths his bus to Paul Drye also his place and interest out at the Agriculture Building to Gene Cline. MARVIN HONEYCUTT wills his ability to talk politics to "Meg" and his ability to sell ads for the Annual to Douglas Caston. fGood luck.J JOE MOOSE leaves is quiet manner to Buss James. JOHN MOOSE leaves his height to George Sutherg maybe it will help in basketball. NADINE MOSS wills her ability to get a diamond to Ruby Drye. BOB MCALLISTER leaves his name "Rapid" Robert to Van Tarlton. He also leaves his ability to "think" to Cotton Page. hoping it will come in handy next year. FRANCES PENINGER leaves her curly hair to Larry Irvin. Think you can use it, Larry? BILL PLOTT wills his "way with women" to Hoy Moose. NED RITCHIE wills his junior girl friend fElizabethJ to Melvin Gillespie. That's what I call a good friend. EMA JEAN SAFRIT leaves her beauty to Vance Goodman, that he may in turn give it to his girl for a Christmas present. RAY SAFRIT wills his membership in the Beta Club to Paul Drye. Ray say he hopes this will help Paul in his effort to get along with the faculty. MARY LOIS SAPP bequeaths her poetic ability to Jane Ridenhour. She also lewves her courteous ways to Marvin Barrier. EUGENE SIDES, better known as "LEFTY" leaves his short stature to Ray Fisher and his dear Algebra book to Archie Black- welder, hoping he can make use of it without too much difficulty. RAY SIDES bequeaths his freshman heart-throb, to Bob Richards. Take good care of her Bob! JOYCE SIFFORD leaves her place in the school store to a group of Sophomorcs. hoping they will be able to get Chocolate ice cream every day without trouble. MARGIE SIKES wills her friendly smile to Louise Brooks and her love for literature Cwhat love?J to Johnny fMy Doodnessj Eury. Oh! Johnny we pity you! ALTHEA SMITH bequeaths her artistic ability to Betty Neal Thomas, and her basketball suit with the number 10 on its back to Carolyn Eagle. ANN SOSSAMAN leaves her black hair to Peggy Smith and her Shorthand book to anyone who will take it. JOHN SUTHER bequeaths his beloved book on Parliamentary Procedures to the President of the 1951 Seniors. HOYLE SWARINGEN wills his position on the basketball team to Carl Hill. He wants Doug. Caston to have his typing papers and the eraser. which was never in his desk. Good hunting, Doug! V FEARSON TUCKER leaves his history book to Miss Medlin, hoping this will make her remember him. ALVA "JAKE" WALTERS bequeaths his ability to get sent out of class to Brown Bost. BILL WATTS wills his football uniform to George Hines. He also leaves his ability to "Love 'em and Leave 'em" to Ray Whitley. JOYCE WATTS leaves her joking ability to Frank Eudy. She wants Betty Mauney to take care of all the opposite sex from now on. VIVIAN WHITLEY bequeaths her bashfulness to J. C. Rhineh"r'!t and all her most valuable treasures to Mr. Moye. FANNIE WHITLEY wills her horse laugh to Sue Harwood. She also leaves her ability to pass rotes to Sonny Hvman. DON YOST bequeaths his position as chief cook, bottle washer and fix-it man, in his typing room to Miss Dickerson. He also leaves his wornout typewriter and timed writings to anyone who thinks he can use them! KATRINA HAMMILL wills her technique of flirting to Ruth Mills. KATRINA HAMMILL Rose WATTS Teslators Wm - ff x 1 ,1 X ,lf N 4 s S SENIORS' X . xxx Xu? + . 'Q' 0,7-Q l'c'i""'1'L'q f P H!! ll '1 l , M, "J 41275 ss. 11,10 ,'? L1f"- E , ., l 1 -W 1 WC ' s N7 , YH if V KVXMYQ it , fl , If ,, v0 , 3599 z 549 I 06 f bog H9012 lkfm. is s "N President. .,,..,. Douglas Cziston Motto: "Success awaits at labor's Vice-President , Olmedo dc Diego, Jr. Gate." Secretary Doris Ann Mzmus Flower: Red Rose Treasurer . . , , , Betty Fink Class Colors: Blue and White JUNIORS DORIS BARNI-IARDT BARBARA BARRIER MARTHA ANN BARRIER CLEONA BARRINGER. ARCHIE BLACKXVELDER CHARLES BLACKWELDER JANIS BLACKWELDER BROWN BOST GENOLA BOST LOUISE BROOKS BEATRICE BURRIS MILDRED BURRIS DOUGLAS CASTON MATTHEW CRAYTON JEAN COX RUTH cmass OLMEDO DE DIEGO, JR. MARGIE ELWOOD FRANKLIN EUDY OHN EURY r BETTY FINK BETTY FISHER HENRY LEE FURR MELVIN GILLESPIE BETTY ANN GOODMAN VANCE GOODMAN HOY HATLEY DOROTHY HESS VIOLET HESS BETTY HONEYCUTT SYLVIA HONEYQUTT JANE HUDSON BETTY KEPLEY HUSTON LAMBERT EDGAR LENTZ MAXINE LITAKER DORIS ANN MANUS BETTY MAUNEY RUTH MILLS JOYCE MULLIS J UNIORS lf JUNIQRS . ff? MULLIS MARY MCCLESTER RUBY MCCLESTER CLYDE MILLER RAY PAGE RUTH PETREA LOUISE RICE ROBERT RICHARDS BETTY RIDENHOUR ELIZABETH RITCHIE DOROTHY SHUE MARGARET SHUE BETTY LEE SIMPSON PEGGY SMITH VAN TARLTON BETTY NEAL THOMAS JACK VANDERBURG RAY WHITLEY BILLIE WILLIAMS JOHN WILLIAMS Billy Joe Allman, Ann Barbee. Walter Barnhardt, Ann Barrier, Marvin Barrier, Mary Katherine Barrier, Nellie Don Beatty, Betty Blackwelcler, Marie Blackwelder, Betty Blake, Grace Bridges, Nancy Rose Burris, Peggy Ann Cline, Peggy Jo Cline, Gene Cline, Ann Corl, Bonda Drye, Norma Drye, Ruby Drye, Paul Drye, Peggy Earnhardt, Betty Faggart, Donald Paggart, Roy Faggart, Betty Foil, Nancy Goodman, Ralph Gray, Carolyn Greene, Mary jane Harkey. SOPHOMORES f ,2 Q r P we My 5 W ii ,F i ,K x 1 iii H .A e 113 6 ? x 5 r an '--:: X :-- -A P Z lvu: E :Zu L aE:.. .. K 5, J 16 v rs, q y it : , ' , P ' if Y 2 - A 4 ,f P it 'A to or i f , xi , r, r r , P yy , M , i I Q ? 1 RSX 5 Mary Jewel Harley, Worth Hicks, Peggy Hill, Hcrbcrt Hough, james Hyman, Larry Irvin, Buss james, Dollie Klutz, Cleo Layton, Peggy Lcntz, ,Iustina Lowder, john McGraw. Robert McMahan, Martha Rose Miller, Ben Moose, Hazel Moose, Hoy Moose, Catherine Pctrca, Irene Pctrca, Patricia Petrcci, jane Riclen- hour, Frances Rhinehardt, Mildred Ritchie, Shelby Ritchie, Helen Safrit, Leon Sifford, Glenn Smith, julia Smith, Billy Swarlngen, Gail Tarlton, Jeannette Troutman, Wortli Vanderburg, Ray Walker, Peggy Ann Wensil 955?'i2',3 rf, fi iff' 773' KA U' ff 75 I .U ,X A . 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Rhinehardt, Henry Ritchie, Max Riiehie, Clyde Rowland, Elsie Rowland, Charles Safrit, joe Safrit, Archie Shimpock, Gwenclalyn Shinn, james Shoemaker, Barbara Shue, Lloyd Shue, Sarah Shue, Clarence Sifford, Lottie Simpson, Doris Stallings, Carolyn Stancil, George Suther, Fdwin Swaringcn, Mary Troutman, jane Vonffannon, Rebecka Walker, Boyce Wise. Eighth Grade QNA gig W ,e Q KZ? +15 3 il Glenn Allman, Kenneth Allman, Louise Allman, Janie Almond, Elizabeth Atwell, Bob Auten, Mary Alice Auten Bill Bax-bee, Eugene Barbee, Ruby Barnharclt, joe Barrier,Marg.'xret Barrier, Earl Blackwelder, Mary Blackwelder Ben Bost, Geneva Bost, Nell Bost, Sherrill Brawley. Eighth Grade Q5 3 " W' 'IEE "'5'. .V We f .ju rf? Y., gg V NJ! -3 .1 Ak, J i X ..,.., 5 V:.,:..,.: H 1 M A it k 9 i k fig , fj u i I I 'B vi it at , 2 5' " ' W ,31 V.::. is L Geraldine Burris, Mildred Burris, julia Clay, Harold Cline, Bixian Cable, David Cnley, Peggy Cox, Smith Deese, Donald Dorton, Alvin Drye, Willie Drye, Mary linrnhardt, Dorothy Ann liury. Calvin liaggart, Patsy lflowc, Reece Furr, Shirley Green, Evelyn Harwood, johnny Hines, joe Holland, Ray Hudson, joel Humphrey, Larry Hunsucker, Libby james, Ruth Ann johnson, Bill Joyner, Barbara Krimminger, Betty Layton, Craig Layton, Phyllis Martin, Georgia Mae McClester, Carh- trine Melntyre, jack McI.cster, Bill Menius, Ruth Miller, Brady Mnofe, Lizzie Mae Nance, Betty Paige, Mary Frances Rhine- harclt, Peggy Rice, Geraldine Ross, Phyllis Ruse, Betty Rowland, Conway Saunders, Frances Scott, Tommy Shinn, Rnfa Shoaf, Lonin Shue, Reece Shue, Betty Jane Smith, Bernard Smith, Johnnie Foe Stewart, lidward Talley, Helen Talley, Dollie Tucker, Ralph Valley, Katherine Wfagnner, Doris Walker. Carolyn Xvalter, Doris Ann Vfemil, Hurshel Xwilliams, Jr., Kenneth Xvhitley, Dorothy Yost. BETA CLUB Lvff fo Right, Fin! Row: fscatcclj Douglas Caston, june Fortune, Nova Beatty, Olmeda De Diego, jr. Srcond Row: Elizabeth Ritchie, Rose Watts, Jean Lowder, Louise Rice, Billie Cline, Ethel Cress, Ruth Cress, Martha A. Barrier, Cleona Barringer, Joyce Mullis. Tlvfrd Roux: Gene Cline, Jane Hudszgn, Barbara Barrier, Bcity Ridcxliour, Betty Fink, Ray Safrit, Betty Simpson, jerry Har- wood, Van Tarlton, Gilbert Heilig, Miss Mattie Sowell, Advisor. ACTIVITIES gg I f we MARSI-IALS liuris l5.:rrfcr, Chief: Zelin Mae I'lumpl1:'ey, jenn lnwdur, Bcity 'l'iiun1:1'e, Cimedn de Diego, klr., I,g1rry Irvin. OFFICE SECRETARIES lwff fu l'ltQl7fS fSe.1tedJ Betty Gillespie, Dnris Barrier, Katrina Hammill, Miriam Kluttf. .Sli.'r1fi11'g-Billie Cfli Alun I.4:wder, M. T. Moyu, klune Fortune, Rose XVAUS. ACTIVITIES F. H. A. lijf li, rilqlil, l'iII'Kf Kun: klustina Lowtler, Betty Ridenhour, lilizabeth Richie, Nlartlia Ann Barrier, Nova Beatty, Peggy Lentz, Shelby Ritchie. Patrieia Petrea. Siwnizil Knut -loyee Mullis, Cleongi Iiarriiilger, Barbara Barrier, ,lean Lowder, Louie Rlce, Mary jane Ilirltey, B:tty Faggart, Betty Foil, Ann Corl, Zeliri Mae Humphrey. .lane Ride'hour, Nancy Reise Burrin, Grace Bridges, Ann Bar- bee, Miss Ruth james, Advisor. Third Row: Kay Fisher, Betty Gillespie, Peggy -lo Cline, Ruby Ilrye, Ann Barrier, Maxine I.itaker, Hazel Moo e, Mildred Ritehie, ,lane Hudson, Betty Fink, Billie Willizmri. Dofii Batrrler. F. F. A. lffl lo IQIAQZU, l'iI'li1lf Ruiz: Donald llllggklfi, Giaren e Siff0r.l, Henry lee Pijqiiiz. Gleln Smith, W'orth Vanderburig, Kermit Cruse, Yfayre f'ai'i'it, Billy C'rroll, Ben Mooee, Ray Iiurr. St'l'0llil RlllL'I Ralph Gray. Gene Cline, Aloe Mtzoe, Paul Urye, Bobby C1-per, john Suther, Ray Safrit, Ned Faggart, Pearson Tucker. Thin! Rifle: Billy joe Allman, -Iohn Mooe Roy I7a'gigart, Marvin Barrier, B.lly Huiiistiekler, john Mcfllester, john McGraw, Troy Faggart, wiillilllll Kirdley, Ifdwin Swaringen, George Suther. Fozzrffi Rau: Maflt Crayton, Hubert Hough, Paul Dryc, Brown Bott, Archie Blackwe'cler, Henry Lee Furr, Bill Platt, Hoy Harley, john Cvercash, Lewis Cress. Iiiflfr Knut Charles Propet, Ned Ritchie, Buddy B'a'f:weltler, -loe Safrit, Ray XV:lker, David Honey- CLIN, Bobby Richardi, xlyles Garmon, Vance Goodman, M. R. MMeI.eed, Advi-or. ACTIVITIES TIGER HIGHLIGHTS STAFF Lefl I0 rigbf: CSeatec.lj ,lune Fortune, Sports Ifditorg Rose Watts, Business Managerg ,lean l,owtler, Assistant Lditorq Doris Bar- rier, Iiditor in Chiefg ,loyce Mullis, Reporter. Simnliug, liirxl Row: Katrina Hammill, Reporter, Betty Thomas, Assitant Circu- lation Manager, Sylvia Honeyeutt, Club News Ifditor, Barbara Barrier, Circulation Manager: Althea Smith, Art liditor: Martha Ann Barrier, News Iiditorg Miss Iileanor Dickerson, Advisor, Clerzna Barringer, Grade News Iiditorg Billie Cline. Reporter. Siwnzil Roux: Olmedo de Diego, jr., Reporter: -Iohn Suther, Feature liditorg Gene Cline, Literary liditor: Gilhert lleilig, Sports lfelitorg Billie XVilliams, Reporter. COMMERCIAL CLUB lmff lv Right, l'iV'U!If Rolf: "Chub'l Barrier, Joyce Mullis, klu'e Iiortuiie, Katrina Ilammill, Rose W'atts, Doris Barrier, ,lean Lowder, Althea Smith, Frances Penninger, Betty Fink, Betty Rideahour. SKTOIIII Row: Cleona Barringer, B.1rb.1ra Barrier, .lean Cox, Peggy Smith, justina Lowder, Betty Thomas, Doris Ann Manus, Billie Cline Ruth Mills, Betty Kepley, Louise Brooks, Miss lileasior Dickerfon, Advisor. Tbiril Rout -lane Hudson, Louise Rice, Billie XVilliams, Betty Gfllespie, Martha Ann Barrier, laranlt liucly, Bea- trice Burris, Maxine Litaker, Marie litaker, Sylvia Honeyeutt. Fllllfffl Rout Gene Cline, Gilbert Heilig, Alva Vlfalters, Ray Hill, -lohn Suther, Robert MeMalian, Iidgar Ientv. ACTIVITIES BIBLE CLUB Iffl tn Rzglif, Frou! Row: john Williams, Ned Ritchie, jimmy Cauble, Hoy Harley, Archie Blackwelder, Ned Faggart, Brown Bust, Donald Iiaggart, Max Ritchie. Svfomf Row: Eugene Sides, Sonny Hyman, Billie Williams, lima -lean Safrit, Nova Beatty, ,Ieiri Lowder, ,lane Ritlenhour, Althexi Smith, Frances Penninger, Paul Drye, Carl Hill. Third Row: Gene Cline, Ann Corl, Betty Foil, Nancy Rose Burris, ,lane Hud'on, Hazel Moose, Shelby Ritchie, Elizabeth Ritchie, Betty Paggart, justina Lowder, Cleona Barringer, .loyce Mullis, julia Smith. Peggy Ann Cline, Dorothy Shue, Ellen Blackweldcr, Miss Sides. Fonrfb Roux: Ray Safrit, M. I.. Cline, .lean Cox, Kay Fisher, Mildred Burris, Peggy Smith, Zellia Mae Ilumpllfey, 10311 H3I'WU0di PCZXY J0C1inv, Rubl' DYYC- PCSHY Lemi- Ann Barbee, Barbara Barrier, Grace Bridges, Betty Blake, Pat PCIYCH, Mary ,IHHC HJFBCY- Fiffb Row: Betty HUHCYCUFYY PCI-EASY Hill. Ann Barrier, Larry Irvin, Ray Hill, Ruth Petrea, Bill Plort, Betty MIIUDCY, Nellie Beatty, Bonda Drye, Ponza Barbee, Hilda DrVC, Peggy Bost, Dorothy Hagler. GLEE CLUB Lrff fu Vigbl, Frou! Row: Mary Catherine Barrier, Joyce Mullis, Betty Fink, -lean Cox, Peggy Smith, Peggy ,Io Cline, Ruby Drye, Shelby Ritchie, Betty Foil, Betty Honeycutt, Billie Williams. Second Row: June Fortune, Betty Gillespie, Louise Rice, Clefina Barringer, Barbara Barrier, Betty Ridenhour, ,lustina Lowder, Betty Faggart, Elizabeth Ritchie, Dorothy Long, Peggy Lentl, jane Ridenhour, Ann Corl, Nancy Rose Burris, Betty Kepley. Third Row: Jane Fink, Rose Watts, Katrina Ha'nmill, Peggy Hill, Kay Fisher, joan Harwood, Ann Barrier, Ann Barbee, Barbara Shue, Peggy Ann Cline, -lean Lowder, Grace Bridges, Pat Petrea. Fonrlli Rout Zelia Mae Humphrey, Mary ,lane Harkey, Althea Smith, Frances Peninger, Ruth Mills, Louise Brooks, Peggy Joyner, Amelia Walker, Nancy Cline. ACTIVITIES JUNIOR PLAY 1949 HOME ECGNOMICS NWS fkzme' ,X O CHEERLEADERS Lvfl io Rigfll: Peggy I,cnL7, Nova Beatty, Ray Hill, Bcity Ncal Thomas, Peggy jo Cfmc, Bobby McAllister, Chief: Rose Watts, Joyce Mullis. ATHLETICS I l lmfl lo Kigbl, l'roul Rolf: june Fortune, Rutlm Nlills, I,ouiSe Brooks, lflgiine Brooks, Betty Kepley, j.ine Rielenliour. SHYIIIII Rolf: tluginitn Lambert, Sue fxlills, Peggy Smitli, ,Ioan llnrwood, Alllien Smitli, Frances Pcninger, Louise Rice. Tbirfl Rolf: Miss Dickerson, Margie Iilwood, Ann Curl, Genola Host, Martlm Ann Barrier, Carolyn Eagle, Coach Adaiiix. I Imfl In Riglll, 1'l7'UIIf Run: George Sullier, Williim Kimlley. Swain! Rout "Lefty" Sides. Hoyle l' Sl' 'la, M. I., Ciine, Necl l'.1AQgL1l'l, "-lilac" Xwnlters, Olmedo cle Diego, jr. Thirxf Svvxringgeii, Arciic . iiinpoe linux Iolin Sutlier, Ray Fisher, Gene Cline, Gilbert Heilig, "Cotton" Page, Douglas Custom, -I. C. Rliinelinrclt, Concli Adams. ATHLETICS B A ,VM ,Q T4 . B 3 i fgx in 'ea-1-QSM, vim H5 L L Lefl lo Rigbi, l'il'0l7f Row: Ross Troutman, Bobby Casper, Ray Hill, L. M. Carter, Van Tarlton, lidwin Earnhardt, Coach Hinson. Svrurzal Row: Ray Fisher, Ray Page, Bill Wfatts, Paul Petrea, Harold Little, james Hagler, Eugene Sides, Gilbert Hcilig. Tbirzl Rauf: Charles Carter, Ray Safrit, Guy Bost, Gene Cline, lldward Crowell, Glenn Safrit, Bob Richards, C. Rhinehardt, Lloyd Ritchie, John Williams. F T B L Left lo rigbl, Frou! Row: Ray Hill, Douglas Custom, Ray Page, Bill Watts, Gilbert Heilig, Carl Hill, John Fury, john Xvilliams. Sfffllllll Row: Bobby McAllister, Eugene Sides, jimmy Allman, Ray Fisher, Alva Walters, Paul Drye, KI. C. Rhinehardt, Van Turlton, Vance Goodman. Tbirrl Row: Coach Adams Rudolph Benton, W'orth Hicks, Bobby Casper, Bobby Ri.hards, Hoy Moose, Hal Allman, Buss james George Hines, Olmedo de Diego, jr. Burk Rmb: P. U. Fisher, KING AND QUEEN CONTEST ,49 The year of forty-nine brought forth a new king and queen to reign over Mt. Pleasant High School. In the month of November, a great contest was started and came to a grand climax at the annual Athletic Club carnival. Each class put forth a great effort to put across their candidates, but in the end the winners were Billie Cline, of the Senior Class, and Ray Hill, a Freshman. They were crowned and presented en- graved trophies by Douglas Caston, chairman of the carnival. Billie beautifully represented our school in the colorful Concord and Kannapolis Christmas parades. Speaks Klflftite- 1262 FOOTBALL Although our boys got off to a late start, with their new coach, f"Buck" Adamsj they soon settled down to hard work. We opened with a strong and experienced Winecoff eleven, with Winecoff winning a hard fought game, 7-0. Later on in the season, we won our First game from Oakhurst, 26-19, under the leadership of co-captains, Bob McAllister and "Big" Bill Watts. Next came the "mud-bowl" with Mt. Pleasant winning 12-6 over the Flatroek squad. Then we upset a strong China Grove eleven from Rowan County, for our third and final win of the season, 12-6. Some of our outstanding players of the year were: Carl Hill, John Eury, Ray Hill, Bill Watts, "Cotton" Page and Bob McAllister. Those returning next year to face the action of a bright future on the gridiron are: "Cotton" Page, Ray Hill, Carl Hill, john Williams, Douglas Caston, John Eury, George Hines, Buss James, Hoy Moose, Olmedo de Diego, jr., Paul Drye, Worth Hicks, Jim- mie Allman, Hal Allman, Vance Goodman, Van Tarlton, and Ray Fisher. Players graduating this year are: Bill Watts, Gilbert Heilig, "Jake" Walters, Bob McAllister, Bobby Casper, and Lefty Sides. SOFTBALL When it comes to softball, Mt. Pleasant is usually at the top. but this year we were one win away from the championship, a record of four wins to one loss. 'We were defeated by Harrisburg for our final game of the season. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Roy Webster, the season was a very successful one. Those putting forth a great effort to win the championship were june Fortune, jane Ridenhour, Margie Burris, Margie Sikes. Louise Rice, Ann Sossamon, Nova Beatty, Evelyn Tucker, Ruth Cress, Jean Cox, Mildred Burris, Ann Corl, Margaret Plott, and Cleo Layton. GIRLS' BASKETBALL The Tigerettes, who sported an improved team over the '49 squad, brought to a close their 1950 season with a 31-28 victory over Hartsell to finish in third place. Of the five conference contenders, Hartsell, Bethel, and Winecoff fell prey to the Tigerettes, while the girls in turn lost to Harrisburg and Odell. The girls opened the Conference season with a 38-35 victory over Winecotf, and then took Bethel 28-23, only to lose the next two to Harrisburg and Odell by scores of 38-35 and 50-40. The Tigerettes bounced back after these defeats to down Hart- sell 47-41 and then to take Bethel again 61-24, continuing their streak of wins by setting Winecotf down 33-23. In their second encounter of the season Odell and Harrisburg managed to edge out the Tigerettes 57-41 and 40-35. The girls came back however to overturn Hartsell 31-28. june Fortune scored 201 points during the season to finish with an average of 13.4 points per game. Louise Brooks tossed in 172 points for an average of 11.4 points per game, followed by Ruth Mills with 94 points and an average of 6.2 points. Betty Kepley along with Elaine Brooks and jane Ridenhour very capably held down the other end of the court. Elaine Brooks, although only a freshman broke into the starting ranks and turned in an exceptionally good job for her first year. The members of the quad were: june Fortune, Louise Brooks, Ruth Mills, Ann Corl, Sue Mills, Genola Bost, Margie Elwood, Peggy Smith, Caroline Eagle, Juanita Lambert, Forwards. Betty Kepley, Elaine Brooks, jane Ridenhour, Betty Honeycutt, Louise Rice, Althea Smith, Frances Penninger, Doris Ann Manus, jo Ann Harwood, Guards. June Fortune and Betty Kepley were the team's co-captains for the '50 season. BOYS' BASKETBALL The Tigers also improved slightly over the '49 squad's final standings by finishing in fifth place, after defeating Bethel twice: their only conference season victories. The Tigers opened the season with Winecoff in the Concord Armory and were defeated by 38-17. After their first defeat, the Tigers engaged Bethel and came out on the top of a close 24-23 score, losing the next three games to Harrisburg, 45-243 Odell, 43-253 and Hartsell, 42-36. With these three defeats behind them, the Tigers again engaged Bethel and again came out on top with a score of 38-28. After their second victory, the Tigers lost again to the above four schoolsg the scores respectively are: 43-25, 27-173 49-265 34-26. Gilbert Heilig came up with a total of 121 points during the season to lead in the scoring department with an average of 8 points per game. Ray Page was a close second with 107 points for an average of 7 points per game, followed by Douglas Caston with an average 4.1 points and a total of 62. Douglas Caston missed the last two games of the season because of a fractured wrist suffered in the Rockwell game. The players were: Ray Page, Hoyle Swaringen, Gilbert Heilig, Douglas Caston, J. C. Rhinehardt, Gene Cline, Ray Fisher, Ned Faggart, Harold Flowe, Alva Walters, Archie Shimpock, Gene Sides, William Kinley, John Suther. Co-captains for the Tigers during the '50 season were Douglas Caston and Ray Page. SNAPSHOTS BARRINGER MOTOR COMPANY Estoblished 1920 af' YOUR FORD-TRACTOR DEALER Authorized Soles ond Service Mt. Pleosont, North Corolino Telephone 711 L. Hermon Borringer, Sole Owner Compliments of FRANK R. RICHARDSON Representing JEFFERSON STANDARD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY of Greensboro, North Co roI ino --131 "A JEFFERSON STANDARD POLICY is o DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE for THE FAMILY" LENTZ AND CRESS PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS Route 3, Box 40 Dial 7221 Pumps and Water Systems All Kinds Repair Work Myers Pumps HERFF -JONES COMPANY The Herff-Jones Company is proud to have been chosen to manufacture your class rings. E. L. HEDRICK, Representative Makers of the Mount Pleasant High School Class Rings Since 1935 Make Our Store, Store Headquarters CONCORD TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT COMPANY Good Equipment Makes a Good Farmer Better McCormick- Deering Tractors and Machines INTERNATIONAL TRACTORS Home Freezers and Refrigerators LOWRANCE IMPLEMENT CO. Farm Machinery - Equipment Highway 29-A ALLIS - CHAMLERS Concord, North Carolina BLACK fr WILLIAMS IMPLEMENT CO. Soles, Ports 81 Service QUALITY FARM EQUIPMENT South Union Extension Monroe I-Iighwoy Phone 2-4037 - Concord, N. C SOUTHERN DAIRIES Compliments ot SEALTEST ICE CREAM For Good Health Drink CABARRUS CREAMERY GRADE "A" PASTEURIZED MILK For Wholesome Enjoyment also Eat CABARRUS IDEAL ICE CREAM CABARRUS CREAMERY CO., Inc 357 North Church Street Concord, North Carolina For Happy Motoring BUY AT THE ESSO SIGN PROPST BROTHERS Dlstrusutons Dial 41 I I Concord, North Carolina ROCKWELL RADIO 6' ELECTRIC CO. Household Appliances - Electric Contracting Motor Repairing Telephone l5l - I52 Rockwell, North Carolina HILL'S CLOTHING STORE, Inc. South Union Street Phone 2-4592 Concord, North Carolina I MOOSE PLUMBING COMPANY Electric Pumps Floor Furnaces Hot Water Systems East Depot Street Phone 9172 Concord, North Carolina 1 Compliments of MT. PLEASANT INSURANCE AGENCY BAMBY BAKERY J. H. McDaniel 82 West Corban Street Manager Phone 3261 A. Congratulations CLASS OF 1950 Dru ists Since 1882 99 DEPARTMENT STORE Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina The Shopping Center Compliments of KINDLEY COTTON MILL Mt. Pleosont, North Corolino Compliments of B E L K ' S Concord, North Ccirolino GOO DMAN'S GROCERY Groceries, Mecits, Gas, Oil Phone 531 Mt. Pleoscint, North Corolino FOlL'S HOME AND AUTO STORE B. F. Goodrich Tires Tubes ond Bcitteries Phone 5l7 Mt. Pleosont, North Corolino E, A With Continued Good Wishes LUMBER co. fo, Lumber ond Building Moteriols T H E T I G E R 5 flflff,S'NffffO20fllffl TUSCARORA Phone 3216, i Compliments POWLES of FUNERAL HOME Bert S. Ball "Responsive ond Responsible Service" Rockwell, North Corolino Phone 286 L. Councill Powles The Shufford Insurance Agency, Inc. MUTUAL INSURANCE Concord, North Carolina Diol 2219 Archey Building Barringer Barber Shop Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina EagIe's Super Market Self-Service "The Best for Less" Phone 311 Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Best Wishes Wil-Mar Soda Shop Opposite Cabarrus Hospital "Our Hamburgers are Famous" Dial 2-4713 Concord, N. C. Prop. Johnny City Dry Cleaners' Marvin Y. Kirk, Owner "It Pleases Us to Please You" Phone 731 Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Miller Lumber Co. Everything in BUILDING MATERIAL Telephones 341 --342 Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina H. M. Barrier Eszo Dealer, Dry Goods, Groceries Hardware and Feeds Route 1 Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Yorke and Wadsworth Hardware South Church Street Concord, North Carolina Television 8. Radios for the Home Authorized Motorola Auto Radio Sales 81 Service We Serve Any Make lO Years Experience M. R. Hinson, Service Manager Barringer Motor Co. Appliance Service Department Mornot Body Shop Complete Body Rebuilding and Painting Wheel and Frame Alignment Phone 9221 H ick's Grocery Fancy and Staple Groceries Phone 8343 Concord, North Carolina Ba rringer's Grocery Dial 321 Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Compliments of Mauldin's Store 26 84 28 Barbrick Street Concord, North Carolina Kestler Bros. Printery Barbrick Street Dial 5273 L. R. Wensil Co. One Stop Home-Utility Service L. R. Wensil, Owner Concord, North Carolina Compliments of Deluxe Barber Shop Concord, North Carolina Hipp - McBride Co. "Sportsmen's Center" Concord, North Carolina Cabarrus Cash Grocery 33 South Church Street Concord, North Carolina Gulf ' Super Service W. A. Ridenhour Proprietor Your Satisfaction Barnhardt's Store and Esso Station Our Success Groceries - Meats 41 E. c b S. O' on T Dry Goods Concord, North Carolina S Phone 430 Mt. Pleasant, N. C. Concord-Mt. Pleasant Highway Compliments of A. L. Barringer, M.C. Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Compliments of Troutman's Phone 791 Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Young Cleaners 336-338 North Church Street Phone 2-3641 Concord, North Carolina Patterson Brothers GRADING Phone 7351 -7354 Compliments of Richard L. Manus Piedmont Bank and Trust Company A Complete Banking Service Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Johnson's Flowers C. Lester Johnson, Florist For Weddings, Corsages, Funeral Designs And Every Blooming Thing Phone 646 Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Brooks Grill "Good Eats" Highway 29 Concord, North Carolina Smith, Jarvis and Blanchard Mt. Pleasant Road Concord, North Carolina lGarage, Paint and Body Shopl Bill's Esso Service Washing - Greasing -- Polishing Phone 657 Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Theatre Grill Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Barrier's Garage iBest in Auto Repairs? F. M. Youngblood and Company WHOLESALE GROCERS Concord, North Carolina Best Wishes to the SENIOR CLASS 1950 Earnhardt's Shop Gold Hill - Route 2 Jean's Beauty Shop Phone 651 Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Fisher's Service Station Groceries - Cold Drinks Good Gulf Gasoline and Oil Tires, Tubes and Accessories Phone 696 Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina C. G. Heilig, Jr. Phone 241 Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Robinson's, Inc. i Better Stores for Women Concord,. North Carolina Colvin's Grocery Better Meats and Groceries Mt. Pleasant-Concord Highway Crystal Laundry SUPERIOR SERVICE Phone 4112 Concord, North Carolina PHOTOGRAPHS pAUL FQIL Portraits Weddings Mt. Pleqgqnf Babies Groups Dial 3157 or 6191 Day - Night Zack L. Roberts Studio Hosiery Mills, Inc. Manufacturers of Fine Gage Hosiery Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Plott's Florist "Say lt With Flowers" A Complete Line of Floral Work Including Flowers by Wire . . . Everywhere Dial 8976 W. L. Little GROCERIES Monroe Highway Concord, North Carolina Page's Esso Service Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Farmers Service Station Groceries cmd Esso Products Mt. Pleasant Highway Dan Greene Motor Co. COmP'ime"fS of Frame cmd Axle Alignment Reconditioned Used Cars Telephone 3273 346 North Church Street 1 l Johnston s Furniture Company Concord, North Carolina Mt. Pleasant Grocery E, B, Stone "Anything to Eat" Cabarrus C,-uSe'S F'C'X' Semce Meats and Grocery Quality Feeds All Form Supplies and Route 3 Eleclrlcol Appliances Concord, North Carolina fRimertowni Concord, North Carolina Lippard and Barrier Concord, North Carolina Compliments of Reed Motor Company Wil-Mar Park DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR You Can't Beat o PONTIAC Stallings Pontiac Co. ln the Triangle Wil-Mar Park Concord, North Carolina Earl's Furniture Stare Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina Compliments CLASS i950 Veteran's Former Training Class Mt. Pleasant School H. E. Hall's Store of Friendly Service Grant Motor Co. Buick Dealer Concord and Kannapolis Lentz Harness Shop Q 5 ff", lj 552 9 , N - .! 'E2v4q4:f. A . 1 ff Q. , if , 4? H an SB me in M at if A IU T U M M S' M FQwm ap QWGWIIHEAPHS . - H as :avg 7' LJ mnWWIf" MJ 7 www A-'ff ww CM- g4wW,,Q f4W W W wfgmfffw a'?24g..,LL W WWM Azkzw.. ww, awndagnw. A J 27 MA life! 22 ff-M 'L""M1"f"i1 UJMQLLAH Jw,g.,,b "7"wjl"""Mf'--.D 16,25 lm of hw! ' ZL j? 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Suggestions in the Mount Pleasant High School - Tiger Roar Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, NC) collection:

Mount Pleasant High School - Tiger Roar Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, NC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Tiger Roar Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, NC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Tiger Roar Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Tiger Roar Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Tiger Roar Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Tiger Roar Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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