Mount Pleasant High School - Tattler Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, IA)

 - Class of 1922

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Mount Pleasant High School - Tattler Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, IA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Cover

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Sli ,Me ---4 YE' 4 ,,. mf . ,, 1, 'A ' w, -gd, 44 Q , I A. NH my -fn Hr, ,,- , I Nev xx' 5 . ,,.,.-'. 1. , :, R A J:+JSJ,s 3' ' I 1 'P , 'f.1'-wa-N ' " ur , " 'lui 4 M53q.v?. ' B. 4 f-ws' .KF fp ,l'5'f2s,m.-. ', 1',..JKl!. ,JR . An, ,fw.f.,'L-.Wx - -A '1 .-fm Q 2 ' V .' -.--5v. 1,:',X r, 2 w .Ml ,V 'if -,P .-vgw f- .ffl .b Q11 , 21 Ami? :W wi . -L . m A' -fx .--fpf 'f' 4. S mi A , .. --r. fi - , 419 ,nf A P59 fi ..',ef 4 -r ks 1 1' nm' . 92' jaw .ik-1. Qfg f .au '4 .- 1 J -M' HA .J ,, ' r . w 2. J. 1 59" P n- ig'- S51 Q 'S' W' W ui , u R B. R. -w ,ff I " 1fw.,,1,', -,g-gl: c' PM , r . ' J -f ?..,L,: '21 . .M , tif? 4 " L ' 'N' i 3 4 FN? M1-r - 5 Q :jx "N 1 U -.- wwf :xr an vu-nun. rum. N9 M-J 1 Fw 1, sq I 1 me x ' my ' U4 wx-lf' , 1, ' 7 IS?- ff' 4 S1 il"f'k 'w R, ,wg-. 'kv v .-- M, ny, "i-- Y Lx-golf' if , 1 -If r E ., ' I any ri g "H -I. Tw. . V ,Y .533 5? .f-' .,,:iP 1.L , .ig 1 E -xafs15 s gs? I 1 l Herr linhrth thv illazi -Lllwann 3 I L., :sQ c e Targ The Target VVALKING DRUG STORE ADVERTISEMENTS. Nellie june ... .. Lip stick Suzanne ...... .......... B andolifne Florence Leist .... .... D jer Kiss Talcum Ruth Loveland .... ...Pebeeo Tooth Paste Helen Hobbs .. ....... Lash Cheney .... ..... I irilliantine Deak ....... Helen Miller Selma Dean Mary Frances Mae Johnson Ruth Holland Mary Forbes Hemp ....... Anna Dailey Regina ...... Camel .. Gregg... mm 055 QMM 1 y 4' .. Palmolive Soap Face Cream Peroxide Djer Kiss Perfume ....... Danclerine . . . .jontes-l Rouge Diamond Dyes Nyal Nail Polish .. Smelling Salts 1 'lanlac Reducing' Powders xx -7 if 9--.I.....gff's.x3i?ix 3 R3 ' ' ' flllllb M-f-1 . f X ll Xfl"" flflrrls ' Nfl Q 1 gy 5 -Q "ivy-xx Xxx- - N-L1 -,ff V - iT? ?:2i?:,??ex , :ga-3,3 f- 'Z I'E-2 29325515-ffiwf' ' '- 'Z s- 2' ,ABA 54 ApQ',.-Sffa,-1511.-'ff"4sY. , L .,-,,xJ'g, 1 " : 4 ffl lsl'- f Illll ..-V A ,Ja xx 2: C' 'W Wi, V lim.-, - - - ' .iw-'ful' i w if - N-X Q iff -'j -1--' .y - . ...if -L in-3fi,,,'.f1,n', f. .11 Lf .f..u,,, N, N 2 "N 'l ' 'l Sl: We 1 'Hs' . l . 1-j'-f' " 1 I, 5 1 rl - ,uwfx :, v '5 -4 2 iii ' r' 2 3-T1 "W, gt: ,El pg , x f 1, - ----- , , '-- My , , .Lv , . .,.- I, '. 1 '- Q2 I 'mit' 2. i .-J ' ' .., 1 -Qlllr, - X I The Target Regular Meals Home Cooking a Specialty at Nobles Cafe Stability Eviclencecl by 55 Years Equitable Life Insurance Co. of lowa State Protection Home Office Des Moines E.. M. HENNIES, District Agent, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa V. D. MORRIS ' Optometrist Specialist in Vision East Side, Upstairs Mt. Pleasant, Iowa DR. j. j. PITCHER, M. D Dr. W. A. Sternberg, M Over Farmers and Merchants Savings Bank Telephones 65 and 197 D. D. L. Cookes - Funeral Director' Pucker ..... Bud Miller Hemp ........ Anna. Dailey Camel and Dean Dick Porter Barney ....... Owen Ogg joker ........ Grace Logan .. Regina ...... Poofy .. Jackson .. H. Byers C. Case ........ Zellah A. ..... . Mary D. and Ma Den ........... Cecelia Mc. .. Suzanne ...... Helen Miller Irma R. ..... . john Moore .... Cecil Thomas . john Moxley .. Russell Twins . y P. Marie Landau ,.............,.. e Targe PET HOBBIES. Writing notes to Chubbie Studying style books Camels Correspondence school on hair dressing POME. Mary had a wad of gum, It was as white as snowy And everywhere that Mary went, That gum was sure to go. It followed her to school one day, Which was against the rule. The teacher took it away from her And chewed it after school. Writing letters to Fairfield Tutti Brown . Playing hookey Football Birds tjays, etc.J Basket Ball .. Pole Vaulting Scarf Dance .. Witty Sayings The Jap Singers Engagement rings Men Eating Short skirts . . . . Colored hose Clothes .... Business men . . . . . .Single life . . . Saxophone . . . . Cartoons Studying . School teaching Myrle: The good die young. joker: Yes-there's no use in living in that condition. The Target In Groceries You Want .Qlality as Well as Price B. B. B. B. Groceries are always High Chflality ancl Uniform Grade AT YOUR FAVORITE GROCERY "Liner" and "American Eagle Flours are highest in every Way except price B It jOl-IN BLAUIJS SON?d I Buy Your Henry County Savings Bank M in C ry Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Start a Checking at Account with Us. Four Per Cent Interest Paid C a r r 1 gi a n S on Deposits I-I at S h O p The Target WHAT MAKES: 1. Walker blush? 2. Searcy giggle? 3. Votaw shake her pencil? 4. Cruikshank pull his eyebrows? 5. jackson pigeon-toed? 6. Fitzgerald give detention? 7. Moore shake her head? 8. Peters talk so loud? 9. Grace clear her throat? Io. Phelps so small? II. Thompson so perfect? EMBARRASSED. Ruth Loveland: Men are such horrid, inconsiderate creatures. You know I couldn't take my hat off in church. Mrs. Loveland: Well, nobody said anything. Ruth.: No, but actions speak louder than words. Anid every time I glanced around, the man behind me was craning his neck and deliberately looking as uncomfortable as he possibly could. Helen Hobbs: Did you learn anything in English this year? Ruth McLeran: Did I, I sat close enough to Anna Dailey to see how she combs her hair. Miss Grace to Physiology class: Is there anyone in this class who knows of anyone who has a big head? Out of proportion to his body, I mean. Class in unison: No, not in this class. Mr. Cruikshank: Ruth, please stand when you recite. Ruth Holland: I don't know enough to. What do you think of a school girl who is so modest she wouldn't do improper fractions? The Target Campbells Ice Cream : Ices Butter : Fruits Dairy Milk : Buttermilk Ward's Baking Products Meats When Your Eyes Need Glasses come to US to be FITTED C. E.. Gerling W. W. Battery Service Mt. Pleasant, Iowa l40 N. Main When You Are in Need of Registered LUMBER Optometrist We have our own grinding of machine GERLING OPTICAL CO. 308 N. Third St. Near Palace Theatre 8 R I . BURLINGTON, IOWA M The Target Florence Leist: Edith I don't see why you should call me "Flo", Edith Rukgaber: Why that's the name of your old cow. If Raymond goes with Florence Weekley would he go with Anna Dailey? Miss Walker: Ralph that is not what I asked you. Ralph Price: Oh-er-I was looking at the proposition on the other side. Miss Walker: Helen, I'd object to that. DANGER He called them in the office, It was only a little lessong But what it was he said to them. The boys are still a guessin'. Coach Peters: Did you take a shower? Ford: No, is one missing? Edith Rukgaber: Do you like popcorn balls? Mary Shumaker: I don't know, I never went to any. Bunny Sternberg: You ought to be good at Geometry. Phil Weston: Why so? Bunny: Your head is both plane and solid. Gladys Hoffman: What is the use of the skull? Miss Searcy: To protect the brain. Gladys: Then everyone doesn't need a skull, does he? Miss Votaw: I want all of you to get an autobiography of Benja- min Franklin. Regina Connor: Who wrote it? The Target Well! Well! Well! Well! Who can tell? We can tell. Tell What. Where to find them. Find What? SI-IGES MPHS---New and popular shoe styles-- always just the kind you will Want. J. M. Burd Shoe Co. BOSTONIAN SHOES J at K SHoEs fOl' yOlll'1g ITlCI'1 fOI' yOl1Hg WOIIICH Virden Bros. H- K. SMITH oc SUN Groceries G a r a g e Good Goods . in Good Qrder Palge and Dodge promptly Cars Good Service We appreciate your patronage and See Us are anxious to serve you well. Please co-operate with us. S. W. Corner Square The Target Glen Frazer in Study Hall "Last night I held a little hand, So dainty and so neat. I thought my heart would surely break So wildly did it beat. No other hand to my soul Can greater solace bring Than that hand I held last night- Four aces and a king." Miss Votaw fin Senior Englishj: What was Henry Esm0nd's weakness? . Curly: His love. Max K.: Why, that's no weakness. john Moxley fgoing to Physics testjz Flo, what is "Charles' Law" Florence Leist: I don't know that he has any. Is "Paris Green?" Does a "Cake Walk?" Can a "Horse Fly?" Does a "Fox Trot?" Can a "Butter-fly?" Will "Queenswear?" ls a "Boot-black?" Is a "Car Fare?" . Does a "Lemon-ade? Will a "Ho-tel?" Can a "Pan-se?" Is an "Armstrong?" ' Are Bayers "Beach Nuts?" H Prof. Peters: What are the properties of heat? Bernice H.: It causes bodies to expand, and cold causes them to contract. Prof. Peters: Excellent, give an example. Bernice H.: In the summer when it is hot, the day is long, in the winter when it is cold, the day is short. The Target Q This Trade Mark QTHNG on Merchandise ls not merely a Label?-it is the Stamp of Standard Qlality maintained by this store for men since l 8 5 6 l 5m?El.D a s Hawkeye Portland Cement ,3mRTl4lfaA Always Always P t De endalole X mas, Reliable JHUIRE5 Hawkeye Portland Cement Co Des Moines, lowa Tl-IE TATTLER Published by B. A. GOSSIP On account of Scarcity of News this Paper will be Published Now and Then The public will notice ANTI-DETENTION COURT NEWS there is no postage on this paper. It is allowed to go thru the mail free of charge on account of its uplifting effects. Motto: Be in love with yourself and you will have no competition. SAFETY FIRST! join Jackson's Anti-Cough League Beware of Germs! WANT ADS Strayed-A black and white cat, April 4. Finder please notify Chas. Case. For Sale-Assembly under Vtfalker. Apply NValdo P. Lost--Guard to De Molay pin. Finder notify Pucker O. Wanted-To rent a date for the banquet. Edd P. LEAGUE A very pleasant and help- ful meeting of the Anti-De- tention League was held with Grace Logan. This League has been organized for the betterment of the chilclren oi' today. A very interesting paper was read by john Harsh- barger on "The Great Need of Serious Thought" and a second one on the "Conser- vation of Speech" by Miss Helen Miller. Miss Louise NVillson sang, "Peace Be Still," After the program the officers for the coming i year were elected. Pres. Walter Sternherg, Vice-Pres. Anna Dailey, Secretary and 'l'reas. Paige Payne. BOXING MATCH Deacon Price vs. VV1nnie XVright H. S. Gym. May 7, 8 P. M. ru 11:5 i Many interesting cases filed. Smouse Bros. vs. Har- o.d Lines for Howers sent to Selma Dean. Suit tiled by Myrle jay vs. john Moore for breach of promise. Florence Leist vs. Chas. Case for theft of her heart. lklarriage license to Sarah Searcy, age 25, and Chester Peters, age zo, of this place. C. VV. Cruikshank applied for the license, the groom not being of age. Mayor's Court joe Melcher was brought up before Mayor jackson on the charge of contempt of Detention and fined 52.37 in costs. Selina Dean and Camel were fined 151.13 in costs for disturbing the peace. Cecil Lasley was lined .37C for speeding. The Target Brown's Meats Are the Tenderest andcfuciest in Town. Also Oysters, Pickles, San wich-relish, All kinds of Cooked Meats. FRESH FISH R. BRGWN 61 COMPANY Phones 63 and 91 Everything in Weanng Apparel for the High School Boy CARL S. LAUGER North Side Mt. Pl easa nt, Iowa I-IULING'S Clieensware, Decorated 8: Hand Painted China Pictorial Review Patterns Glassware, Granite Ware, Aluminum Ware School Supplies, Popular Music R. Eshelman ot Sons CLOTHING AND FURNISHINGS The Store That Saves You Money East Side Phone I50 The Target IfY an S and an I and an O and a U With an X at the end spell Su And an E and a Y and an E spell I Pray what is a fellow to do When also an S and an I and a G And an HED spell side There is nothing much left for a speller to do But go commit SIOUXEYESIGHED. Miss Votaw: Your reading was very good. Harold: The gestures were particulary natural. Miss Votaw: Where did you get them? Harold Karrer: Git what? Miss Votaw: The gestures. H. K.: I ain't got the gestoors. It's the hives. Irma: I Want a husband who is easily pleased. Helen Miller: Don't worry, dearg that is the kind you'll get. Ray Caris: Suppose a fellow's best girl gets mad when he asks her for a kiss? a Poofy: Take it without asking. Ray: Suppose she gets mad then. Poofy: Then he's got some other fellow's girl. Barney: Yes, I've resolved to give up betting and drinking and Dick P.:I-Iuh! You'll never keep that resolution. Barney: I'll bet you the drinks I do. ' When you're foolin' in the Study Hall An' havin' lots of fun, A laughin' and a jabberin' As if you time had come, You'd better watch your corners, And keep kinder lookin' out, Er Mr. jackson 'll get you If you don't watch out. The Target JAMES HILL, that great railroad builder has said: "Unless you can save some money, the secret of success is not in you" Start an Account Now in the Bank that Service Built And Receive Four Per Cent Compound Interest Farmers and Merchants Savings Bank Mt. Pleasant, Iowa When You Build HER a Home- Give her the best, and the best way to do this is to trade with V. NAGLE 81 SON We Make a Sbecialty of Home Conveniences and Home Comforts Let us draw your plans and you will be assured of EVERY convenience V. NAGLE 6: SCN Mt' lfflfisant T h e T a r g e t CAN "U" IMAGINE P P P Dean without her little spit curl, Or blue eyes instead of gray for Myrle. ? ? ? Camel not happy and with tiny feet, Violette Green anything but neat. P P P Nellie J. without her perfumed lip stick, Or Paul Chaney being a possible "hick. ? P P Can you imagine Miss Grace short, Or Miss Votaw excusing a late book report P P P Mr. Peters with a moustache on his lipg Den with an empty flask upon his hip. ? ? ? Mary Forbes with a figure quite thing Suzanne with Trissie Wilson's grin. ? ? ? Mary Weir without her many curls: M. P. H. S. without the Senior girls: ? ? ? Pucker without his dear sweet chubbieg Adelia Mills short and stubby. ? ? ? Louise not fond of rods and Miles: Bud Miller not an authority on styles. ? ? ? Regina Connor without her va1np'y eyesg Mary Dietrich not talking about her "guys." P P P Fish Wright a Methodist preacherg Bernhard not trying to bluff a teacher. P P P M. P. H. S. without its famous detention: And other things too numerous to mention. P P P vs Do you want a hair cut? Prof. J.: No, I want them all cut. Barber: Any particular way? Prof.: Yes, off. Mother: What's this 60 on your card for? Den. Lee: Oh, that't the temperature of the room. The Target West Hill Greenhouses qlwe are now firmly established and have an abundance of choice fresh cut Howers, and healthy, full of life plants. Uwe are receiving many compliments on the beauty and workmanship of our floral emblems and corsages. J. o. WIZEMAN fsuccessor to W. Thompson, Phone 49 We Guarantee All Our Work The Famous Built Valve-in-Head Motor Powers All The Buick A . P' r "F ours ancl SIXCSH vAl.vE-IN-I-IEA ' V ' 0 610 A MOTOR cms When Better Automobiles are Built, Buick will Builcl Them I-I. E. RUKGABER Mt. Pleasant, Iowa D E. A L E R The Target ADVICE TO THE LOVE LORN. Dear Miss Fairbanks: Do you think it is proper for a girl of I7 to get special delivery letters in school from a very nice young man? Please advise. S. D. and M. C. My Dear Girliesz It seems to me this is very improper. It would appear from this that a very serious case is developing and you are entirely too young for that. Dear Miss Fairbanks: I am a nice boy, but I weigh zoo pounds and girls don't like a fat man. Please tell me how to attract them. C. D. T. My Dear Boy: Spend lots of money on girls, and show them a good time. Always look nice, and add personal touches such as pretty handkerchiefs and jewelry. ' Dodd Printing Company H. W. Doop, Manager QW Fort Madison. iowa Printing : Stationery Office Supplies Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Football and Basketball Supplies Special attention given to School, College and Catalogue Printing. Write us. DODD PRINTING COMPANY, Fort Madison, Iowa The Target The Model Barber Shop North Side Square For 25 Years The Leading eweler and Book Store Q35 F. B. CRANE Mt. P1 easa nt, Iowa BREAD Is Your BEST Food Eat More Mother's Bread At All Grocers Let us make your Ice Cream or Ice for your next party Visit our Ice Cream Parlor Virden's Bakery N. Main St. Phone 90 Princess Candy I Kltchen 'FV ef-Q VWKN , '41 T15-Umfi Qxytf , n Si-S 1 gf-'V Ti., ,, L' sh Q 1: ' ,I KL' - an .Lil ,. g .4 I 3 I, , A ' u, ,V ,I+ :O Q1'ffl5:x " A . Y QW sci ,, - -X X N- W se. -5 X 11 Q, 'g ,", . ' .ev-r .-m-4'f?-- A h ' 4-1655 :L Eskimo Pie, lce Cream Home-made Candies Luncheonette The Target SLIGHT SLAMS COMBINED WITH GENTLE JARS. Who's the nicest of them all? ? ? ? ? Who's forever in the hall? Selma Dean. Who's the one you cannot fool? Miss Walker. Who's the "cutey" of the school? Gertrude K. Who's the one with the broadest grin? Norine Boley. Who's the thinnest of the thin? Tom Van Horn. Who's worth her weight in gold? Anna Dailey. Who's so frigid he is cold? Deacon. . Who's as steady as Maud, the mule? Hemp. Who would never break a rule? Grace Haffner. Who is charming, sweet and coy? Violette Greene. Who's his mother's pride and joy? Max Keith. Who's long-winded like an ox? Bernhard. Who is it wears those striped sox? K. H. Who is active as he can be? Poofy Price. Who's the one with the brains of three? Paul M. Who's the fattest of the fat? Nellie june. Who breaks the chair where e'er he's sat? Cecil T. Who keeps the teachers all astir? joker. Who to the dictionary should refer? Elizabeth H. - Who's the fusser in the school? john Myers. Who's the biggest, blamedest fool? lToo numerous to mention., Who's the one who laughs the most? Trissie Wilson. Who looks like she lived on toast? Florence Leist. EXCUSED. Prof. jackson: Why were you tardy? Chas. Case: School began before I got here. She was so bowlegged she could wear a pair of parenthesis for stockings. LITERALLY. Prof. jackson: Did you know Geo. Ressel talks in his sleep? Hemp: No. Prof. Jackson: Well, it's true, he recited in Commercial Law class this morning. The Target Whatis in a Name? Lots, when it is mm 39 Burlington's Besl Clothiers and Tailors STYLE HEADQUARTERS FOR S. E. IOWA The L. A. MILLER CO. Goods and Service for Lasting Satisfacftion Phone 66 and 487 I I5 North Main Street The Target--1--S R. K. CRANE Furniture and Undertaking Picture Frames We have the most complete line of Furniture in Henry County. L P BLANK, Manager DICK BERTRAM, Musical Director The PALACE THEATRE Burlington, Iowa Photo Plays Exclusively Accompanied by Appropriate Music The Target Ten good reasons why a self-respecting boy should swear just as often and hard as he can: Because-it is such an elegant way of expressing one's thoughts. Because-it Because--it is such a conclusive proof of good taste and good breeding. is such a sure way of making one-'s self agreeable to his friends. Because-it Because-it Because-it Because-it Because-it Because-it Because-it is positive evidence of acquaintance with good f?J literature. furnishes such a good exampile and training for boys. is just what a boy's mother would enjoy having him do. would look so nice in print. is such a help to virtue and manhood in many ways. is such a good way of increasing one's self-respect. is such an infallible way of improving one's chances in the " hereafter. Miss Searcy Cpreparing to give an exam. to classl: You people don't have enough sense to take a quiz. Miss Thompson tin Virgilj: Bernhard, you mav read. Bernhard: I can't. Miss T.: Haven't you been following. Bernhard: Yes, but I can't catch up. john J.: Do you take off our grades for our deportment in class? Miss Searcy: I certainly do. john J.: How much do I owe you? Peters: What are gravity units, John? joker: Pound. A Peters: Well, what is the unit of force? Joker Canswering in mumbling tonejz Poundal. Peters: What did you say, john? joker: What did you think I said? The Target Bastian Bros. Company Manufacturers of Class Pins, Class Rings Athletic Medals Engraved Commencement Announcements and Invitations Calling Cards 564 BASTIAN BUILDING ROCI-IESTER, NEW YORK John C. Koch The Pioneer Shoe Store Established I 878 MT. PLEASANT, IOWA The New I-Iome Bakery Christian Reinhart Proprietor Fancy Cakes for Special Orders Bread, Pies, Cakes and Confectionery "Home of Good Quality' N. jefferson Street Phone I22 UNIVERSAL BATTERIES 59115003115 Delco l R E MY Eeqlftene00ealer UNITED HOTDRS SERVICI "A Battery for Every Car" "A Part for Every Battery" The Target DETENTION. Thank Heavens! the crisis- The danger is past Without some detention, I'm out of that class- But you never can tell How long you will last. But I rest so composedly Now, in my seat, For my conduct's been perfect I'm filled with conceit, She surely won't scold For a little mischief. The moaning and groaning I ventured too soon For 'twas just thirty secotnds 'Till the bell rang for noon. AndIgotDETEN'I'ION To the same old tune. My tantalized spirit Here blandly reposes, I stare at my book But my brain fain will doze And paints me a picture Of "The Gang" in the grove. For now, while so ,quietly Around me do sit, My fellow creatures Whom the teachers did get. I try to forgive her But I cannot forget. But my heart it is brighter For now I can see Fair visions of places Detention won't be. -H. M Th You You You You e Target YOU CAN ALWAYS can always tell a Senior, He is so sedately dressed. can always tell a junior By the way he swells his chest. can always tell a freshman By his timid looks and such. can always tell a sophomore, But you cannot tell him much. Lizzie Hebel: When I sing, tears come to my eyes, do for this? Frances H.: I think I should study French. what can I Ed. Beaber: I don't, one tongue's enough for any woman. Referee: Foul! River Rat: Where's the feathers? Referee: Sonny, this is a picked team. HERE'S TO PETERS! Peters has as many moods as one could ever have. Sometimes he laughs and gets all red, and other times he's mad. Sometimes he's just as moody-like and if we turn or smile, He stops the class and stares at us a dreadful long, long while. And then you wish you were not there and squirm and get so red, Then Pete goes on contented, like nothing has been said. And then again he cracks a joke Land sometimes a good one tool But the most appreciated mood is when he GRINS at you. The Target "Best Service and Values with a Smile" gf f- o AL fiom OMENS 6000 CLO7HES V LOUIS E.. KLEIN, General Manager Women's, Misses' and Childrenis Good Ready-to-Wear BURLINGTON : DAVENPORT : FORT MADISON : KEOKUK H. T. WAUGI-I "THE DRUG STORE OF SERVICE" Perfume, Toilet Water, Face Cream Talcum Powder, Face Powder Rouge Made in the U. S. and Imported Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pens Thermos Bottles, Stanley F errostat Stationery, Box Candies A D 5.1-1-DRUG STORE-SAN TOX Northwest Corner Square The Target Howard Hills: One of President johnson's plans was to ratify the I3 Commendment, and to declare the Ordinance of Succession dull and void. Edd: This controls the brake, it is put on very quickly, in case of emergency. Helen Miller: I see, something like a kimona. Miss Fitzgerald fin historyl: Now, Barney, can you tell me any- thing about the Iron Age? Barney: Er-I-I'm a bit rusty on this subject, Miss Fitzgerald. Miss Walker: Give an example of a spheroid. Philip Weston: Rooster's egg, ma'am. Poofy: What is the best thing in the world to do? Florence S.: Mind your own business. Floyd W.: I didn't prove that exercise, Miss Walker. Miss Wt. Why, that's simple, so simple that it really doesn't re- quire any proof. Floyd W.: I know, that's why I didn't prove it. TI-IUD! John Mpxley: Say, Edna, I just saw your twin sister. Edna ieagerlyjz Who is she? john: A new Hag pole on the top of the court house. CURSES! Miss Searcey: So you understand this? Richard Dutton: Yes, Ma'arn. Miss S.: Then of course the rest of the class do. Miss Fitzgerald: Who is Rex Beach? Herbert Byers Qbluffinglyj: Why, er-r, Rex Beach is a summer resort. The Target . S. SCI-IRAMIVI CO. A popular and profitable store at which to do your shopping in Dress Goods, Silks, Wash Goods White Goods, I-Iosiery, Gloves Underwear, Etc. We carry a great collection of merchandise in all Departments and our PRICES ARE ALWAYS RIGHT. -Visit our Ready-to-Wear Department on Third Floor and see the large collection of New and Stylish Garments we always show in this Department. Remember that our PRICES ARE. ALWAYS RIGI-IT A. D. I-Iayes Company DEALERS IN Grain, Seeds, Coke, Coal Cement, Sand and Gravel A Complete Line ofMi-ll Feed Grinding done quickly on our new Attrition Mill motor driven. Telephone l02 O. H. KEITH, Manager The Target A SENIO-R QUESTIONNAIRE. CAS a Senior filled it out.J 1. What is your name? fLeft out tofavoid embarassmentl 2. Your age last birthday? Look it up. 3. Are you married? Not yet, but oh. boy! 4. Why do you attend H. S.? To kill time. 5. After your own school, what one do you consider the best? Any boy's school. 6. What study do you find the hardest? Victrola. 8. Do you sing? Neighbors won't let me. 9. What is your favorite song? "Where is My Wandering Boy." lo. What is your politics? Bolsheviki. 11. Whom do you consider the class beauty? Modesty will not permit me to say. 12. The handsomest? Max Keith. 13. The laziest? Winnie Wright. 14. The slowest? Karl Bergdahl. 15. The nerviest? No competition. 16. The worst grind? I am. 17. The best natured? The whole bunch. 18. The biggest bluffer? Elizabeth Hebel. 19. The brainest Girl? Ain't no such animal. 20. The least studious? Chas. Case. 21. Who is the faculty rusher of the class? M. J. 22. Who is the best dancer? Suzanne Stall. 23. What time do you arise? 3:35 p. m. 24. Retire? 3:30 a. m. 25. What can you study best? Astronomy, but I fear I need an assistant. 25. What is your opinion of the class? !?xI?x!?x!?x 27. Do you draw or paint? Draw my breath and paint my cheeks. 28. What is your greatest personal weakness? Love for MANkind. 29. What is your opinion of yourself? Tip topf 30. What do you prefer above all else? A date. 31. What will your future occupation be? The Lord knows. '1h e Target DYALLS' PGRTRAITS Will Dyall's Studio THE Sweet Girl Gradu- ates, the High School Men, the Heroes of the Athletic Field, the Wise and spectacled Professors portrayed in this annual are photographed by Will and Herbert Dyall, of Mt. Pleasant, lowa, for many years the leading photographers of S. E.. lowa. You are cordially invited to call at our studios and see the portraits of the beautiful, the wise and the great. C. Herbert Dyall's Studio North of Public Library I I9 North Main Street The Target OUR TEAM I wonder why some folks are slim, And others are so tall- And why many have red hair, And why can some play ball. And why, when they get to playing They do the things they do- For instance, now why is it That Barney can shoot so true. And really I don't understand Why Curly's always there- For, though there's only one of him He seems just everywhere. I often looked at joker- Who plays hard like his brother, And wondered if we could get licked If there had been another. And why does Byers win such fame And Waldo, who's not tall, ..And why is Cetsey always found So very near the ball. Now why can our team Be liked unto a shining star Whose every point shines clearly To the watchers from afar? A CHEAP MAN! Miles Nicholson: Oh, darling, tell me that yau love mel Pinky from under the davenport: Don't yer do it, sis' I-le only gives me dimes an Mark allus comes down with a quarter Miss Walker: Are lips parellel? Wilma W No, parallel lines never meet. He I hear there was a lot of music at-house last night Him Yes -proposed and gave her a brass band. The Target JCI-IN A. LAUGER The Home of Kuppenheirner Good Clothing Nortld Side Square Phone 160 Honesty : Courtesy : Ability These three Words represent our aim in giving you real Ford and Fordson Service. A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU FORD F FORDSON HENRY COUNTY MOTGR CO. Phone I08 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa T h e T a r g e t M. P. H. s. CONFECTIONS Milk Chocolaxtes .................................. Freshmen Lemon Sticks ..... Sophomores Spun Sugar Assorted Nuts Candied Cocoanuts Soul's Delight .... Red I-Iots Taffy ...... Gum Drops .... Stuffed Dates .... Chopped Dates Fruit Tablets ..... After Dinner Mints Seafoam .......... Rock Candy Peppermints .... Bittersweets .... ......juniors ... ....Seniiovrs, . . . ..... . .... . ........ Teachers P. H. S. B. B. Team ............Yell Leadkazrts ..........All Blulfers .......Waste Paper Basket . . . .Week Before Graduation . . . . . . . . ."Hooky" Players ...........Note Books ....Chats before 5th hour ..........Pep Meeting . . . . .The "Gang" ............Detention . . . . .The Whole Business Paul Chaney fwith contemptlz Girls always giggle more than boys. Mabel Hallowell: That's because they have to look at the boys. DOWN THE K. LINE Elizabeth H.: Oh, what a lovely view. I cannot understand how you can remain so apathetic in view of Nature's wondrous works. Don't you feel anything? William Atkinson: Oh yes, thirsty. Deacon: I know a girl that got a pearl out of an oyster. Max: That's nothing, my sister got a diamondxring from a lob- ster. I I March March March March March March March April April April 5 April 7, The Target 16-Game won over Livermore at Iowa City. 17-Basket ball team lose out at State Tournament. Louise wins in humorous section of sub-district de- clamatory contest at Keota. 20-First day of spring. Decrease in attendance. 22-DT. Rommel entertains at the piano in Assembly. 23-Mt. Pleasant does not place in declamatory Contest held here. 29-The Glee Club working hard on songs for Vesper Ser- vice. 31-Senior class meeting. Class honors announced. 2-High School Vesper Service at Methodist Church. 3-4Le Roy enjoys playing with Miss Grace's turtles sev- enth period. i -Basket ball boys given letters and numerals by High School, and presented with gold watch fobs by the busi- ness men. xx:55 p. m.-Target material in Fort Madison. Every- body happy. Vx sf' gp 5 ,Tv . .1 , 5 A aa., if .fa sam :refs . I ff: fgxg. ' sz. gym: ' S41 4? Feb. The Target 10-Muscatine game. Muscatine 32. M. P. 26. x Feb. 11--Muscatine here. M. P. 21, Muscatine 19. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 13-Harold says it with Bowers-to Selma. 14-Hurrah! We beat Ottumwa I4 to 11. I6-Entertained in Assembly by junior Chorus and Myrle Jay- 17-Burlington 23, Mt. Pleasant 11. Feb. 20-Bargain day in Burlington. The Misses Searcy, Fitza Feb. 21 Feb. Feb. 24 gerald and Phelps stock up on waists. -Ruth Loveland fell down on the ice twice on her way to school. Result-late. 22-Assembly-Patriotic program. -Fairfield 14, M. P. H. S. 13. Feb. 27-SHOWS for a change. March March March March March March March March March 1-Burlington 26, M. P. H. S. 13. 3-Washington 34, M. H. S. 24. 6-Girls classes battle iri basket ban. 8-Pep meeting in preparation for tournament. Snappy speeches. Music by orchestra. 9-Tournament begins. We beat Bonaparte. Io-We are victorious over Letts. 11-Last day of tournament. Mt. Pleasant qualifiesfor finals by victory over Fort Madison. We gain loving cup, basket ball and trip to Iowa City. 13-Great Jubilee pep meeting to celebrate the tourna- ment victory. 15-Our tournament champions leave for Iowa. City. The Target Dec. 16-School out for two weeks vacation. Are we happy? Jan. jan. 2-School starts again. Nobody has his lessons. 3--Seniors have important class meeting. Vote to have a "Target" jan. 4-Irma and Waldo very friendly in Economics class. jan. jan. jan. J an. J an. jan. jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. 9-Seniors enjoy skating at Coles'. Several take cold dips. 11-Home talent displayed in Assembly. Mary Weir, Paul- ine Smith, and Bernice Huffman play. I3-lB8,SkBt ball game with New London. 19-12 in our favor 16-First semester nearly over. Everyone starts working to get out of exams. 17-Many are disappointed as the work of yesterday was of no avail. Others enjoy vacation for the rest of the week 23-The laws of the Medes and Persians promulgated. 27-Another big pep meeting for Washington game. Wash- ington 22, M. P. 17. 30-Mr. Peters sports a new flannel shirt and necktie to match. 3-What's the matter witih Mr. Jackson? "Oh, he's just had his hair cut." 4-Juniors are very busy preparing for the big stunt that is to come off Saturday night. 5-Basket ball game with Ottumwa. We beat. Rah, rah for our team. 9-Temperature in school very low. Bring on the coats. The Target Oct. 19-Faculty in a state of nervous prostration, every student in High School has a perfect lesson. Oct. 28-Y. W. Party in th.e Gym. Boys left out again. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. I-Sparrows turned loose in Assembly. Much excitement. 5-Gfame at Keokuk. We lose 7-o. 8-Karl takes it upon himself to see that we get a vacation on the nth. 9--The K line track teems with joy seeking pedestrians. 11-We get the vacation Karl worked so hard for. 15-Time supplies the news. I9-Winfield is frightened by Mt. Pleasant's reputation and therefore forfeits the game. 23-Spectacled pedagogues flock to our city. 1-Prof. jackson delights us in Assembly with his pleasing voice. 2-Boys play class basket ball games. 6-Wonder why Herbert's so good? Guess he's looking for Santa Claus. 8-Prof. jackson receives a miscellaneous shower from the jenny "birds", 9-More class games. I4-BOYS forget to ask girls for dates-the thought of a Christmas present "stumps 'em." 15-Music in Assembly by Prof. Bowers, Prof. jackson, Mrs. Jackson and Miss Swindler with Miss Briel at the piano and Miss Fitzgerald, the cello. Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. T h e T a r g e t CALENDAR 5--"Pain follows joy" school re-opens. 7-Much perfectly good time wasted listening for your name in roll call. 8-Students give the new members of the faculty the "once over" and revise the student "blacklist" 12-Students still busy trying to get accustomed to new principal and teachers. 15-Seats finally assigned. Everybody trying to adjust themselves to their new neighborhood. . 20-Students overrun with declaration of new rules and reg- ulations. . 21-Miss Grace still retains her pleasing smile. 24-First big pep meeting of the year for the Oskaloosa game. Score--Oskaloosa 53, M. P. H. S. o. 1-Large delegation journey to New London and witness the defeat of Mt. Pleasant 7 to o. 4-Good prospects for track next spring, Edith is urged by Mr. Peter's to take it up. ' 8-Game with Burlington here. Score 13-13. Barney is now on the invalid list. I3-It rains. 14-And keeps on raining. 15-Football men bring home the first victory of the year from Centerville. Score I2 to 7. 18-Everybody has the "blues". Report cards given out. The Target 0 4 9 Burlingtoifs Q Lmkwuyfr Leading and Most Afff . . wf,1nfmPP Reliable, Exclusive Ladies, Ready-to-Wear Store High Grade Suits, Coats, Dresses Skirts, Waists and Furs ' At Prices Beyond the Reach of Competition Phone 2195 213-ZI5 Jefferson Street "Say it with Flowersn uaut g , Nw G d ' as r t ra uation Howelg i ik U f ' - ,. Flowers ,F ri , or L ,,j1j:!" T For the graduation remembrance there k '-QQ ' 'I I is nothing more appropriate than some .Qc 3 'Vi '1'3J. " fS if ii distinctive arrangement of FLOWERS. y We suggCSfT-- n,....iw-n-slim-YZ' Q-N5-.., ' XA - '- Rose Bouquets : Baskets of Flowers : Artistic Corsages Smouse Brothers, Florists Members of Florists' Telegraph Assn. P h o n e 2 2 Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 'Th e Target NOBODY KNOWS! Nobody knows Nobody knows Nobody knows Nobody knows Nobody knows Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody knows Nobody knows Nobody knows Nobody knows knows knows knows knows knows knows knows knows knows Nobody k nows Nobody k n ows Nobody k nows Nobody k nows Nobody k nows Nobody k nows Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody k nows Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody Nobody knows knows knows knows knows knows knows knows knows knows knows knows knows why Jackson's so witty: who sent down the kitty. how Clela keeps Hempg why Stall quit her Kemp. how Selma makes curlsg if Barney likes girls- why Irma.'s so tinyg why Geo. Ressel's nose is shiny how the Seniors 'll be missedg if Nellie's been kissed. why girls bob their hairy why boys will swear, why they all knock the gang: and don't give a hang. why Camel's so loud: why Grace Haffnefs so proud. why Cheney's good lookin'3 why a damsel don't hook 'im. how Ruth does her hairy why Winnie's so fair. 'Louise's abilityg how greats Myrle's stability. why we all like joker: why Pucker's a smoker. why Elsie talks all the time: why I'm writing this rhyme. what the juniors will beg so just wait and see. where Deak got his marcel: and he won't tell. if some girls have earsg why detention came here. when Helen is seriousg why men are so curious. how Florence got her Caseg how Charlie keeps pace. what nobody knowsg why nobody knows. Why nobody knows, what nobody knows, nobody knoxss -H. M The Target 1846 1922 The First National Bank of Mt. Pleasant DEPOSITS 5 I ,220,000.00 Age Size Strength Our M0110 Is SERVICE Safe Conservative Dependable 4 Per Cent on Savings Accounts THE KIND OF A BANK YOU NEED The Target 'Breathes there a man with a soul so dead who never to himself hath said:' -Some shape! -From now on I'm going to study hard. -I'll never fall in love again! -I made a darn fool out of myself last nite. -I'll never take this report card home. -Gee, I wish I had a cigarette! --Can't have 'a date, I'rn broke! "Breathes there a girl with soul so dead who never to herself Cor othersj hath said:" -That girl is a cat, not a vampire! -I wish he'd write me a note. -I know I just look horrid. -I'm going to have a dress like that. -Heavens! He is some looker. If there is, let him step forward and receive an elastic crowbar. Max Keith: What's Etiquette? Hemp: It's saying, "No thank you", when you wanta holler, "Gimme". Miss Votaw: Bernhard, wh.en you come to class tomorrow, I don't want you to be chewing that gum. Bernhard: Don't worry Miss Votaw, I'll not be chewing this gum. Florence S.: Wish you would run up-stairs and wind my watch, Earl S.: Oh leave it be, and it will run down. Karl B. Cin answer to questionlz I am inclined to think--- Peters Crather hardjz I should do so. The Target OUTWARD SIGNS Though you talk about his culture And his learning as you choose, You can judge no man's polish By the shine upon his shoes. Warning: Four Times Weekly- Florence: I never dreamed, Charles, that your attentions to me were anything more than those of a friend. Charles: Oh you didn't, you thought I've been coming out here regularly for the last three months, merely for the pleasure of seeing you eat a pound of chocolates each night, did you? GVENEROSITY Nurse: Why, Bobby, you selfish little boy! Why didnft you give your sister a piece of your apple? Bobby: I gave her the seeds. She can plant 'em and have a whole orchard. That money talks is plain to see But oft I wonder why, The only thing it says to mer Is "So long, john, goodbye." Miss Votaw: Define a miracle. Max K.: If I'd go up to the Physics room and take a test and get 9070 in it, that would be a miracle. IN SOPHOMORE ENGLISH The following appeared on the board as a part of the outline for "Julius Caesar": Cal Dev'l. of plot. Herbert Byers: Miss Phelps, does that mean devil of a plot? The Target I842 I922 IGWA WESLEYAN COLLEGE A First Class Member North Central College Association of Colleges l...l- 111 qlwe maintain high Scholastic standards, and carefully se- lecft our faculty. flICourses offered leading to the degrees of A. B. and B. S., including Home Economics and Music. 111A Library of over l6,000 volumes. Splendid new Gym- nasium and Swimming Poolg well equipped Chemistry, Physics, and Biology Laboratories. qlln addition to course of studies, special attention is given to Oratory, Debate, Athletics, Social and Religious activi- ties qINew Courses offered include Agriculture, Commerce, Eco- nomics and Teachers' Training. lIISchool opens September l2, l922. Write for new cata- logue. We Want Mt. Pleasant High School Graduates REV. U. S. SMITH, D. D., President The Target I DON'T Mama told me not to smoke, I don't! Nor listen to a naughty joke, I don't! They made it clear I must not wink at handsome men, nor even think about intoxicating drink, I don'tl To dance and flirt is very wrong, I don't! Wild girls chase men, wine and song, I don'tl I kiss no boys, not even one, I do not know how it is done, You wouldn't think I had much fun, I don't! Elsie H.: You can't kiss me anymore 'cause you might get mi- crobes, and I might get yourcrobes. Irma: I-low dare you swear before me? Waldo: How did I know you wanted to swear first? Miss Walker Cexplaining Geom. Theoremjz Now watch closely while I run through it. mind. Paige P.: Yes, Dad, I'm a big gun at school. Dr. P.: Then why dor1't I hear better reports? Phil Weston: I fiunked in that quiz. john Leist: What was the matter, didn't you know the questions? Phil: Yes, but I had vaseline on my hair and they slipped my Th T get J. I-I. WALLBANK 6: SGNS "The Satisfactory Store" The home of Hart Schaffner KL Marx e Clothes Right Styles for Young Men at the Right Time The Target Jackslowguy: May I-er-kiss you? Janefastjane: VVhat do you want a written permission? Florence W.: Mr. jackson has a coin dated 1315. Lora R.: I didn't think he was that old. Miss Grace: What are mumps? joe M.: A swell disease. Miss Grace: What animal is satisfied with the least nourishment? Den. Lee: The moth. It eats nothing but holes. Peters: Why do they place glass around the light bulbs? Phelps: To keep the'lights from going out. Teacher: Why are you panting so? Pupil: I've been runnin'. Teacher: You forgot your 'g'. Pupil: Gee, I've been runnin'. Mr. fgetting angrylz I'm the head of this house. Mrs. tsmilingjz Yes, but I'm the neck, and I turn the head. I Pucker: May I hold your hand a second? Ruth: How will I know when the second's up? Pucker: Oh, I'll need a second hand for that. Cecil M.: Do you want to go to the show tonight? Anna D.: Oh, I'd just love too. Cecil M.: Well, I'm selling tickets, how many do you want? Principal jackson: Is this your father's signature? joker: Yes, as near as I could get it. Sister to H. S. Brother: Who is that kid you were talking to? Brother: Mr. Peters. The Target Students Ten Commandments Thou shalt lift up thy feet as thou entereth the assembly room. Thou shalt park thy juicy fruit outside the door. Thy shalt not use the back of thy neighbors chair for a bulletin board. Thou shalt not skip more than one class a day, for the wrath of the principal will be upon thee. Thou shalt love thy teachers and obey each small rule. CThe large ones do not matter. Thou shalt not help thy neighbor get his lessons, but get them for him. Thou shalt not bluff the teacher. Thou shalt not snore in the class room. Thy shalt not covet thy neighbors grade. Thou shalt leaveth the hinges on the assembly room doors as thou leaveth. We Thank You The staff of 1922 takes this opportunity to thank the following merchants for their loyal support which made the publishing of this annual possible. J. H. Wallbank 81 Sons J. M. Burd J. A. Lauger Princess Candy Kitchen Noble's Cafe F. B. Crane Carnpbell's Dairy H. E. Smith Farmers 85 Merchants Bank First National Bank Iowa Wesleyan College Smouse Bros. R. K. Crane Eshelman 81 Sons H. T. Waugh Chris Reinhart W. W. Battery Station H. E. Rukgaber Willard Battery Station Henry County Motor Co. Huling's Variety Store Henry County Savings Bank J. C. Wiseman Greenhouses A. D. Hayes R. Brown 85 Co. Virden Bros. Hall 81 Weir E. M. Hemmis Dyall Bros. H. K. Smith Co. E. R. Virden J. G. Koch Carl S. Lauger L. A. Miller Ann Carrigau Strause Bros. fBurlingtonJ Glick's fBurlingtonJ Royal Cloak Co. CBurlingLonJ Eisfeld's fBurl1ngtonj john B1aul's Sons CBur1ingtonJ C. E. Gerling QBurlingtonJ Palace Theatre CBur1ingtonJ j. S. Schramm Co. CBurlingtonJ Hawkeye Portland Co. QDes Moinesj Bastian Bros. CRochester, N. YJ f C I x N ,Q-,. amy Q A Q 'S ? Nu x O 45:555::iiii:..EiEiiEiiiiiiiiiE::!.. A.. ' 1 ' ' ""Y ll I' un ' .m "Jug . - IE!!! vl gil .Mui hill!! "'l '37 " H- ull. Nl"""flI . ' " All 2: 'sea TEE!!! ::....!!a...:w:::::::::::a:a::e:g::::: llllilllltill llllllllllllllllli IIIII The Target his steps. The more he tried to go forward the worse he became en- tangled, and he presented a fairly steady target for the infuriated Kate. He soon dropped the helpless lamb in order to protect himself as best he could from the blows raining on his head and shoulders. The poker was iron and Kate was strong, and the one sided bat- tle was soon over. Blackfeather made desperate by pain leaped for- ward through the thorns, gladly enduring their cuts to escape the fe- male demon behind him. Tenderly lifting poor Mary from the thorns, Kate carried her back to the clearing. Pets were few in the pioneer homes, and an oc- cassional one was highly prized. The lamb revived as they neared the house, and after a drink of water poor Mary was herself again. Helen Hall '22 fx elf 5,47 'G x 1 tele 4ff'5J"'Eh rfinity V Xu-ll"l'i I mv- + swf, fi -, s i tg. .nfl -v p,,4 Y 1 qlffsb 7 Asif' 'ffpgg QPSK W. ling, ily U YJ l up... .. A in I T 1 " li ,Qi 'QQ A3119 A Story of Pioneer Life The Baxter girls were all strong, husky lassiesg each one a splen- did specimen of pioneer girlhood. Lifein the great pine woods of northern Minnesota called for pluck and courage, and quite lucky was the girl who was able to combine these with physical strength. Kate, the eldest of the family, carried a great many responsibi- litiesg but she never Worried about them in the least, and her hard working father seldom wished for a son in his family of daughters. The troubles of the pioneers were increased by the thieving bands of Indians that calmly appropriated any live stock or other pro- perty not closely watched. The pride of Kate's thrifty soul was Mary, the fat, rollicking little lamb she had cared for so carefully, and raised from a bleating, tottery infant to the plump, healthy animal they all enjoyed petting. An early winter seemed coming on, so Mary and jane, the two younger girls helped their father haul in the wood to be Cut up and stored for winter fires. - Kate had no thought or time for loneliness as she busied herself with household tasks, and she gave an exclamation of impatience as she saw the slinking form of Blackfeather, the laziest of Indians, come around the corner of the house. I-Ie demanded corn, in a tone meant to intimidate any mere woman. "Corn, did you say? Indeed l'll not give you any corn," ex- claimed the angry Kate. '7Go to work and raise it yourself. You might as well move along, because I haven't any time to waste on beg- garsf' She seized a kettle of hot water from the stove, only to stop in dismay, for at that moment around the house came Mary, Mary-the dear, frolicksome, wooly lamb right across the path of Blackfeather. Blackfeather gave a grunt of surprise, then one of satisfaction, as with one sweep of his long arms he gathered up the kicking lamb and strode off toward the river. There was no use for Kate to call for help, but she had no thought of help. Blind rage so filled her that she would have attacked a whole- band of Indians. Catching up an iron stove poker she started in pursuit. Faster went Blackfeather, tiaking long strides over logs and through brush heaps, the pitiful bleating of Mary telling of her fright and discomfort. Even Kate's muscular strides would have been no match for those of the Indian-and indeed she was beginning to give up hope--when Blackfeather turned to avoid a huge rock, and ran right into a black- berry thicket. The fast pursuing Kate was upon him before he could retrace Ode to the Note Dear little note, where are you going, Why don't you come this way? I can't imagine what you are holding But somehow you seem to say: "W0n't you go home with me tonight? We'll have a lot of fun- Make candy, dance, 'n'everything- Oh please say, 'Yes, I'll come." Oh, teachers why do you frown so When we reach across the aisle? I just wanted to borrow a pencil. Why can't you sometimes smile? You are so awfully busyg You can't give us time to talk, So we just drop a little note Much easier to express our thoughts. Mabel Hallowell 23 The Target blems presented you cannot, I feel sure, fail to do your share in remedy- ing them. So, I feel that in my appeal I may be sure of your support, and of your enlistment in the society recently formed-"The Society for the Universal Amputation of Ears." I Bernhard B. Gloeckler '22 The Psalm of a Senior Cruiksh.ank is our Superintendentg that we all like. Jackson maketh me to study 'llaW"g he leadeth me away from the path of "thinkers". Searcy crams me with French. Peters passes me in Physics for diploma's sake. Yea, though l walk through the valley of the shadow of "low grades", I fear no failures: for Votaw will pass meg Walker and Moore will not forsake me. They prepare the exams. before me in the presence of my know- ledge. Fritzgerald primes me for History. Surely the Faculty will have mercy on me in my troublesg and I shall pass happily for-ever. Edmund Beaber '22 ill' Q12 ' l la 1 If 'lr 22? ll' , will .-rv. -nv.--s,..---.-1 P' ui Gn the Disadvantage of Having Ears While this is not to be an erudite dissertation upon any grave sub- ject, it is intended to call attention to one of the greatest hindrances in the way of human progress. This hindrance is ears-that is, external, physical earsg not that gift, so highly prized, of receiving audible sounds by the sensitive inner mechanism. While ears are perhaps a necessity, there are, it seems to me, many, or at least severa.l reasons why we, individually and collectively, would be better off and more happy without them. It is an undisputed fact that a bric-a-brac is excessively liable to catch dust and other objec- tionable effluvia. Now ears, by reason of their shape, and their many corrugations, hollows and ridges, prove themselves excellent in this class. It seems as though the small particles of dust hide from one another behind the bolder ridges, and they have gatherings, resembling in color an African Sunday School picnic in the deeper recesses. Everyone is aware of the necessity of ahlutions, frequently in- dulged in, for the good of the human inhabitants of our sphere. Ears have, I think, proved themselves a great hindrance to the performance of this necessary rite. If a small boy, exhorted by maternal persuasion, is Limpelled to attempt the cleaning of his person, say above his should- ers, there would be a little hesitation or difficulty in carrying out this procedure if it were not for those ever-present ears. It is humanly pos- sible-while not, perhaps probable-for a small male child, under twelve years of age, to wash face, hands and neck, but when two large and am- ple ears are added to this collection, juvenile endurance is put to a strain to sustain this added burden. For a young child to gaze raptly into a mirror, only to be con- fronted by his visage Hanked by a pair of ears, ranging in color from pink at the circumference to chocolate brown in the deep interior, and varying' in shape from a shell to a scoop, is disheartening. He broods upon it, and upon the impossibility of ever effecting a lasting change. At last continued worry and mental strain bring their usual result, and the child, a martyr to an unfeeling Nature, is incarcerated, in the bloom of his youthful existence, in some home for the feeble minded, if Death itself does not claim the innocent one as a victim. Truly, this is a dire- ful picture, but instances approximating the above, are all too numer- ous. I hope that the points brought out in this short dissertation have touched your heart, and that you, O fair reader, feel a measure, however small it may be, of the spirit which prompted me to pen these few lines. Such is my wish. If you have devoted any serious thought to the pro- Unaccounted For--Two Cents It had been a beautiful, yea, most beautiful day. "Why?" Well, why shouldn't it have been, when I, after many unsuccessful efforts, fin- ally succeeded in getting a date with the girl I had long ago given up as a hopeless case. "Who was she?" Well of course it is only natural to ask me such a question, but I refuse to tell. ' After taking care that there was no hair out of place on my shin- ing 'pomp', and that other details were correct I started for the home of milady. I rang the bell and with trembling heart awaited an answer. At last she appeared and "Solomon arrayed in all his glory" was not as she. The night became as beautiful, more beautiful than the day. After attending a show which was very good, judging from what I saw of it. "Why didn't I see more of it?" Why do you suppose? Now old man, if you will kindly not interrupt, I will continue "the tale of the two cents." I thought it was only proper to give such lady fair a royal treat, so after the show we went to the Ice Cream Parlor. We gave the waitress our order and proceeded to enjoy ourselves. All went fine un- til time to pay the bill, when I confidently reached into my pocket and pulled out my money. My heart stopped beating and I became dizzy. After several trips to my various pockets, I failed to find the missing two cents. With a red face I whispered my trouble to the cashier and quickly passed out of the door, Wishing that I were the missing two- cents. Mary Thomas '22. To School-Days Oh! the sun goes slowly under In a glorious western sky, And my memory fain would wander Back through school, days long past by. Oh! my heart it throbs with sadness As I linger long and alone In the hall my memory pictures Of the scenes that once seemed home. Yes our school-days will soon be over My comrades of ,221 But We'1l ne'er forget the learned ones Who have finally pulled us through. Let's raise a cup and drink it then To the pals we leave behind- To the Sophomore, to the Freshman, And the juniors next in line. And though the world may trample some And we steer for failure's pit, There's a kindly man in old M. P. That we know we'll ne'er forget. Yes, it's hard to leave the scenes we love The scenes of our happiest days, But the time has come to bid farewell And go our many ways. So We'll go no more a roving Through the school we loved so well, But in each heart her spirit lives And her glories we'll ever tell. john Moxlex zz f' C I ln The junior-Senior Banquet The Junior-Senior banquet given by the class of '22 was held at Hershey Hall on May 20. When the guests assembled they beheld auni- que French Cabaret. French Silhouettes decorated the white walls while Black and White woven squares concealed the ceiling. The place cards were novel French Silhouettes and the favors were small French hat boxes. Musicians hidden in an alcove played throughout the evening. Little Miss Crane delighted the guests with several solo dances. The following menu was deftly served by twelve French maids: Fraises Petit pains Gelee Cotelettes de veau Pommes de terre As perge aux pates jus Saumeres Glace de cerise Salade Tomate Oublie de fromage Glace Abricot ' Cafe Gateaux Chocaletes Following this the toast program was given: Maitre de ceremonies .................................. M. John Moxley "Parlez, je vous prie" La reponse .... ............................. M . Harold McLeran 'Tai douce souvenance" V Nous etudes ........................................ M. Emmet Frazier "Le monde parle, il faut qu' onreponde" Les atheltiques ........................................ M. john Moore "Nous tachons de vaincre" Nous maitress .................................... Mlle. Rachel Weston "Vous nous avez replondus duvant nos jours mauvais" L'esprit de l'ecol.e ........................................ Mllea. Moore "Combats avec tes defenseurs" Les bavardeurs de l'ecole ........................... Mlle. Helen Miller "Telle est la vie" A que nous cherchons............................Professor Cruikshank "je veux voir mon reve en sa. rea1ite" Girls' Basketball The season of 1921-1922 is one to be remembered, for under the splendid supervision of our efficient coach, Miss Searcy, the teams were organized and ready for work in a limited time. After .the class games, in which the Seniors gained fame, two oth- er games were played. In one, we were victorious and in the other we lost by so small a score that we did not lose our pep. The following is the record of our seasons games: Freshmen Soplhomores juniors Seniors Sophomores Juniors Freshmen Seniors New London here Mt. Pleasant Mt. Union here Mt. Pleasant A1 W l Y. W. C. A. Cabinet President ......... ......... M YRLE JAY Vice-President .... MARIE LANDAU Secretary ....... .. ............. MARY LOGAN Treasurer ............. .............. R UTI-I MCLERAN Membership ...... MARIE LANDAU Program .... ......... H ELEN HATCH Service .... ..... V IOLETTE GREENE Social . . . ................. FLORENCE ROSS FACULTY ADVISORS ' Membership .... ................................. M ISS MOORE Program ..... ..... M ISS THOMPSON Social ..................... . .................... MISS WALKER Service ................................................. MISS VOTAW Y. W. C. A. Secretary: MISS MENDENHALL The Senior High School Y.-W. C. A. began its work early in the summer when the cabinet was selected and plans made- to send represen- tatives to Okoboji Camp. Marie Landau the only one who went from our school gave a splendid report at the All Congress Day Meeting at Oakland Mills. As soon as school began, a membership campaign was started ending with the pledge of over eighty per cent of the girlsg the largest membership the school has had for a long time. Recognition Service and Reception for the new girls was held soon at the Y. W. C. A. rooms. On Hallowe'en the girls enjoyed a Masquer- ade Party in the High School Gymnasium. Shortly before the Christ- mas vacation the girls had a Christmas party at the home of Jessie Wait. When school re-opened after Christmas the girls started Bible Class with Mrs. Harshbarger as leader, the meetings being held every Tuesday morning at eight o'clock at the High School. ' w l Declamatory A great deal of interest was taken in declamatory work this year, ten contestants taking part in the local contest. Every contestant showed great ability as a speaker. Louise VVillson was awarded first and Mary Logan second place. Louise was chosen to represent us at the sub-district contest at Keota, where she again won first place. Although not winning first 'place in the pre-district contest held here, she well represented our school. ORATORICAL HAROLD PARKER .... .............. ' 'Wilson's Address to Congress" DRAMATIC HOMER BEATTIE ....... .............. . .."The Littlest Rebel"' FLORENCE FELGAR .... .............. ' 'Pro Patria" EDITH RUKGABER ..... .................. ' 'The Gypsy Flower Girl" HUMOROUS ' JOY HALL ......... ....................... ' 'Penrod's AfTliction" MARIE LANDAU .... ..."Mrs. Ruggles Dinner Party" HELEN MILLER ..... .... ' 'Little God and Dickey" MARY LOGAN ...... ............ ' 'Penrod's Affliction" LOUISE WILLSON .... ..."Biff Perkins' Toboggan Slide" JANE WILSON ..... ...... ' 'Anne of Green Gables" The Mt. Pleasant High School Vesper Service Sunday, April 2, 1922, at 4:00 P. M. Evening Hymn .... ........... .... S l ierwin Chorus Prayer .... ......... .... C R esponse by the Chorusl O, Music .. ............ .................... W ooler Chorus Vesper Hymn ......... .. ......... .... O ld English Air The King of Love ....................... .......... N ageli junior Chorus VVar March fThe Priests of Athaliaj .......... .Mendelssohn Senior Orchestra Largo .. ........................... .... H andel Chorus and Orchestra Recessional CKiplingj .......................... ..... d e Koven O Divine Redeemer ........................... .Mendelssohn Selected Voices Pilgrims Chorus .. ..................... .... W agner Senior Orchestra List! The Cherubic Host 1The Holy Cityj ..... ..... G aul Girls' Glee Club Ave Marie CViolin Soloj ........................ Bach-Gounad Mary Frances Gregg Song of Rest fAir for G Stringl ............... ..... B :ich Girls' Glee Club Now the Day is Over ..................... .... B arnby Chorus I I 1 i 'W VZ? .fx N NN r M K jf :Ju g S X ff UHEAHIZATWHB J Letter Men JOHN HARSHBARGER KARL BERGDAIII. 2 ORVAL THORSON 2 RAY CARIS 2 WALDO PHELPS 2 ERNEST FORD EDD PANGBORN CECIL MILLER DENSLOW LEE JACK LEE PAIGE PAYNE MAX KEITH CHARLES CASE OWEN OGG WILL GREENUP HERBERT BYERS Gold Basketballs Awarded CAPT. JOKER HARSHBARGER KARL BERGDAHL RAY CARIS HERBERT BYERS ORVAL THORSON VVALDO PHELPS Basketball Review Mt. Pleasant High School hasbeen strong in basketball for a great many years. In 1917 and in 1918 she was favored with the all-state championship. By coming back again with a sectional championship in 1922 it shows that she has real basketball material. Our development this year was slow at the beginning but consis- tant as the games in the "Little Six" league. This is accounted for by the fact that a new system of basketball was introduced this year, which was quite different, if not antagonistic to the system which was always used here. The short pass, short shot system was introduced at the be- ginning of the season and strictly adhered to throughout all of it. As is the history of every team schooled in this system, so it was with us, the dex elopment was slow but sure. It looked for a time that the system was bad for us since our floor is small: but, at that, we held our own in the "Little Six" very well. We played our best games on the larger floors away from home. We won from Muscatine and Gttumwa on the home floor, how- ever. It was a great pleasure indeed to defeat Ottumwa again on her own floor, giving us full revenge for the defeat we were handed in foot- ball. Out "Little Six" season was nothing brilliant. We just held our own winning and losing with about equal regularity. We were never able to hit our stride as a winning team until we hit the new gymnasium floor of Iowa Wesleyan College at the sectional tournament held there March 8, 9 and IO. It was just the right size for our system to fit in well. We were fortunate in the draw to get a team we could easily win from, which gave the team confidence. Then they were off like a whirlwind. As time went on the games of the tournaament grew stronger and the team went smoother and faster. The team hit the peak of their stride against the fast Letts team. All who saw it expressed the satis- faction that it was a real basket ball game for high school teams to stage. From then on the crowds began to grow and multiply until on the night of the final game between Mt. Pleasant and Albia the gym was filled to capacity two hours before the final game. The final game was interesting, but never in doubt, as Mt. Pleasant was in the lead from the beginning to the endg the margin between the scores growing all the time until when the final whistle was blown, the score was 20-IO in favor of Mt. Pleasant, making them the undisputed champions of Iowa Wes- leyan College Tournament over thirty of the best teams in South Eastern Iowa. e Target 1 RAYMOND CARIS Forward Ray was another onv of our spvccly 111011. He was an z1CC111'z1t1' 112151161 s11ootGr and ronld 1111111119 he depended o11 to tight to the finish, wi11 or low. XVO expect 11111011 111U1't' 1.171111 you, Ray, in the 111-xt two yours XVALDO 1'11E1.l'S Fo1'w:1rd 1'11v1ps was 21 vv1'y 111112111111 1112111 p1z1yi11g e'it11v1' fU1'V1'2ll'l1 or ve11tv1'. 1111 was 21 SCI'Zl11DL'1' to the vs-ry end, 111- was 11 ,good shot and 1111111111141 thu 1121.11 with skill. H11 was nlwzmys good for :1 11:1skvt when 11ecr111-11 hut was 11:11111i1'z111p1-cl hy :1 I1l'QY1ll1lS foot11:111 111.1 ll ry. HERBERT BYERS FtH'XY211'l1 Byers was the fzlsta-st 1112111 wx- had on the sqnzul this year. 1111 wus il ,good 11c1fc111si1'v 1112111 and also 1112111- flgfhll to get his share of thv hziskvts. His work in the Ulllfflillllllllt was ex- Ce-ptio11:111y good. e Targ I i 1 et' JOIIN HARSHBARGIER Cz1pt,,Gm1rd "jnkvr" was thv senim' II1l'IlIilt'l' ui' thi- ti-11111 frum thc' stzmclpuint ul' sci'- vivv. lh- put the fourtli svrvivx- ring un lhel arm ui' his swf-zitor this yC'fl.l'. Hu was 4-lc-clecl vziptziin of lhv l1'Zllll at the- he-,ginning of the yvzlr. ll was his he-:ulwm'k that instillvcl cun- liclmivc- into the- whulc tvzlm. HANNIQY TIIORSON Cviitm' H:1i'm'y was thc "hzlvklmm-" ul' tha- wliulo ti-um in thc scrappy gnniv hv pill up :it vvntsw. Ha' was clinsm-li vzmtziili of thc :ill Smith lizistvrii Iuwzl twmi. Bzirm-y was im zu'n'i11':1lv shut mid his clrihhling' was vxvvllm-nt His vlc-zm, spurtsilizmlikc lwlizlvim' mzuh- him popular with huth offi- cials :mil !ll1lyl'l'5, KARL RICRGIDAIII. Gumd "Curly" wus :ilwziys dvlwmlzihlv :xl gguzlrnl. Hv tlmruughly viijuym-ci tho ggzum- while- hc was playing :is murh :is :my frm un the' hs-nch. His slilircly vrmsistvnt clvpendahility was thi- 1xi'im'iplv thing' that hvhl him in the' hawk positimm thruughmlt thi- se-zisun. gli' E 1-rw, rf , X f , , I Mu ,, l -Yu X Ei: X Agile? X 1 X, 5 Wg ,C ff fv X5 i 4 fn-5-T' 4 I? 1 f Q X93 nf' X X W i' I '6' Wi? k v gl? ,f if . H 'Lf X ' ilu' ' Ik, I : ., W -Lag' iii ,, W Y The Target 'too, showed the peak of their form in this game. It was a battle royal and a thrill from whistle to whistle. It was witnessed by the largest crowd of spectators that attended a high school game through- out the whole season. On account of our inexperience, Fairheld tricked us out of it and got two touchdowns on flukes, pure and simple. The line played their best game against Fairfield. Keith showed up exceptionally well at end. Payne and Lee did excellent work as guards. Ford did his usual accurate passing and exceptional good' work on defense. The Keokuk game was played in the midst of the season's slump. lt was a peculiar one at that. The first half was decidedly Mt. Pleas- ant's. VVe had our chance to score late in the second quarterg but like that in the New London game, we squandered it. The second half be- longed to Keokuk by about the same margin as the hrst belonged to us. The only diliference-they put the pig skin over the line with hfteen sec- onds' to spare. The most disagreeable game was played at Ottumwa. The day was cold, and the held was muddy. We held our own nicely during the hrst ,quarter and it looked as though the game was to be a close one. But as the game grew, old Ottumwa picked up pep and Mt. Pleasant lost all of theirs. This game ended badly for us, but we evened it all up in basket ball. The last game of the season with VVintield was forfeited to us by them. They refused to come and play us on account of the weather. l Considering all things we think the high school did very well tak- ing the season as a whole. VVe lost games, true, but the team was young in experience, and besides, every school played, except one, was a larger school than we are. Above all this, every one had an experienced team. .X , F . - X iii 1 ll! ii, 2-5 i ll? .nl ig. ,, f a aa -3275 0' u Season Review of Football Football in Mt. Pleasant High School had been discontinued for several years and was not revived as an inter-high school sport until last fall. For all the boys who played on this year's team it was a new experience. Not one had ever played on a regular team before. More than that, some had never seen a game of football before they Went to Gskaloosa to play the opening game of the season. The season was opened at Oskaloosa against a team that was out for all-state honors. We didn't expect to win when we went up but we hoped to hold the s-core within reason. The field was muddy and water was even standing on one end. Oskaloosa's line was heavy and should have done wonders on that field, but with the old pep and fight that stayed with us all through the season, the score was held down until it wasn't a disgraceg for experienced teams were beat- en during the season worse than we were. The next week we were entertained at New London. The team got off with the usual punch and played New London off their feet during the early stages of the game. Early in the second quarter the ball fell into Mt. Pleasant's possession near their own goal. With an off-tackle buck hrst on one side then on the other, the team marched full length of the field to within the opponents ten-yard line, where we should have scored but eased up momentarily and lost the ball. This lost chance to score took the heart out of the boys, and in the next period Jarvis put over the only score in the game for New London. The following week the nrst home game was played against the strong Burlington team. In this game Billy Greenup showed his best form as a ground gainer. Late in the last quarter Burlington slipped one over the line tieing us. Thus the game ended. The team showed a wonderful development even at that. The Burlington game left the team pretty well crippled up. Most unfortunate of all was Thorson, who got his collar bone broken. This put him out for the remainder of the season. The following week the game was staged at Centerville. The team that went down was com- oosed of but five first string men. The remainder were laid up for repairs. The second string showed, however, that they were possessed with the old fight nevertheless for they came home with the long end of the score. This showed beyond a doubt that there was increased steady development from the beginning. The next was a home game with Fairfield. The team showed the best form and fight in this game of any in the season. Every one was on his toes and out to win from our ancient enemy. Fairfield, The Target DISNSLOVV LEE Guard "Itchey" played a guard all season and to the satisfaction of all onlookers. He did exceptional well on defense going through his man and stopping the play before it was fairly started. On offense he always made a hole when Called upon. C'l'lARl.liS CASE Guard and Tackle "Casey" is another of our big men. lle has the reputation of playing every plau- on the line and playing them well, too. Charley's pep aided greatly in keeping up the moral of the team. XVILL GREENUP Right Half-back Bill was the "dark horse". His speed and tleverness earned him a position in our backlit-ld which none were able to take from him. Bill played his best game against Burlington. He also played full time. KARL BERGDAHI. Full-back "Curley" started the season at end, but was shoved to full-back. Curly played a good defensive game and his line plunges gained us many yards. With a little more bavktield experience, he will make a full- back to be feared by all. e Target RAY CARIS Left Half-hack Speed combined with headwork are the two essentials of a good backfield man. Ray possesses hoth these qualities. He can ably execute the triple threat of pass, run of kick. ' CECIL MILLER Tackle Cecil played a very quiet game and you wouldn't have known he was there if it were not for the holes he opened. He could always be relied upon to do his best. MAX KEITH Left End "Cheney" was another one of the three who played full time. His work on the offensive was particularly good in the lfairtivld game, when by completing two passes lie paved the road for our only toufhcloxvn. VVALIJO l'llEl.l'S Right End "Cherry" Came to us from Sigourney H. S., where he had gained a great deal of football experience. He immediately won a place: he was a dvvi-ded faftor in our clvl'ci1se'. JACK LEE Tackle Jack was our utility man. He played' in the lxacktield and in the line. His offensive work was good in the Burlington game when he paved the way for our second touchdown. e Target 111-11 111 1111. 111- was s111111-w1111t 1111nc11c1111111-11 11ll1' 11 111' s111'1- 1111ss1-s 111111 1-X111-111-111 111'- 1'l'l1S1X'l' 11'111'k. 111- is 11111- 111. 1111- "Big r11ll'1'l' 1x'1111 111i11'l'l1 11111 111111- 15111111-1' 11'11s 11111- 111' 1111- 1111-11 11'I111 1'1111g111 1111111 1111- 11111 11'111s111- 1111111 1111- 11151. 111 11111 11111 Q1-1 111 11111x' llfillll 1111111 1111' 11111 3111111-1' 111111 1111 1-x1'1-111-111 11l'11'1l51X'1' 1111111. 111-1g'l11 111' 111s 1lllIll1' 111 1111111111111 XK'111'l1 111 11l'K'1 11111-11-111'111 1Jl1'1i1l', 11111111 11'111'11 "1'1:11" :111111-, 111-Q1111-s 1111111112 1'1111e1s11-111 111111. 111 1'1-1'111'1-1'1-11 :1 1111111111- XX'1l1l'11 l4ll111l'l1 1111-11 1'11:1111-1- 111 Q1-111'1-. 1111111 1'.XN1l1'111RN 'lA111'kl1 121111 If 1711111 1111' 111111111111, 111- 1x 1112 S111-1-111' 111111 1111111111-s 111111s1'11' 111-11. 111-1'1111s1 . . , 1 . 1.lll'1' 151111 i11111x'1-11 111Q 11Al11' 111111111. 1f.XRX1iS'I' 11111111 l'1'1111-1' 11111 511l'I11 1111- w111111- 51-1151111 111 1'1-1111-1', il 111151111111 11'1111'11 111- was V1'I'y W611 11111111- 111' 1111'11 111 W1-11-'111 11111 ll1llI'1' 1111111 Illllfll' 1111 HARNICY 111011511X 161111-11211'1i was 111111111-11 111 1111- 11lII'11IlQ111l1 Q111111- 111111 111' 1111- 9l'2Ii1I1l. 1'12ll'1l1'1' was il g'111111 g1'1111111l UXYIQN 111111 f11l2l1'11 "1"111" 11x1'111g 111 1111 sim- 11111111- ll 1'1'1'1' g111111 111-I'1-115111 Q'l11lI'l1. 111- 1'l'1ll111l'l1 1111 1111111111 Jlll 1111111111111 Illilll 111111 11111111- ll 111-1'- 1'.X1111'. 11.XXfX1'. 1111.1111 "1111111" 111-1'1-1' 111111 Il 1'1111111'1- 111 1111 111K 411111 1111111 1111- f'1'1ll1'I'X'111l' Q11111l'. I11 11115 111' his 1111-x111-1'11-111'1- 11 ww 1111111- 11I1ll' 111'- FCOTBALL Q ix 6 X J 3 'L+ ' x V xcixxxx-'kg xium Sgt , . f - XSF Q' 1 R SX :X x ' W P QS XNNNXX XX 4-K. f f X X' XX ' sk 1 J .. 1' f' ff G if g ,fi f f , Eff ' f ri I J . ' ff L, ,, , 5 5- , 1 Cl-IIQSTER -I. l'lC'I'liRS, Cozxvlx Mr. Petcrs came to us from the llnix'r-rsitx' ol' lXllSSULlll o lx hold ofthe football squad and mudv Il xw-rx' vrvxlil xlmle tx .un colxsxxla llllf' that the team had had no previous CX1Jl'I'll'IlK'l'. Cozxvlx Pvt: IH xx ls s more suvcessful in basketball. Hel ilxtrodum-d zu nc-xv sxstvm ol us ball, and from the results he obtzxinvd, it is cwillx-xxtly il gum 'Kl'e-te", as he was knoxvn hy thc- squad, wus xnxx xxmll lllxed hx lll the boys. They were willing to follow his dirutxons Llllllil mx an cumstzmces. VVQ hope that lxo will hm' buck ns-xt yllll, he like "Pe-te" is greatly xwvclml ln-rs-. xc Q ,QNX 55 --nliln-. lllllh 1 l:::!!ll1---I-.ik 4, Qllij. 'w1llllllI l , f IIIIII? f di flllllll 4'E's-TJ' X i W5 li- VV J ill I Q U.. l:""f " ' ' I - ,-iglpl 'M I 1 Af:-f-I' '- A3 kh::::,' f , '21 lvggigw AIIHI 1 illllll-In X I A::'illl ::::llll- X llll X Q ' A llll X f - ,gmail n"'l+v 'I I Wll Q5 , lll -off Q Q 'IN I ' V ll . lllill- 1l X 'I ix ' 1 r - W QIIY fglllh W V 29' 0 1? '1 f 11' AIP' I 4 , nun I? I ? :Ill-1:1 . 4 lll.l.ll'l'l.'h- -,llf :llllllli ":':?1i-1 lllllllllgl -pg! -Fllllllnnnil 5415 "llllllllA --1-ef ""'!II! K -I 52:-L W I 11:3- 'K '11-13" Freshman Class History E ARE launched upon our High School career.oi'er one-hundred strong, but we are not the verdant "freshies" of oEd. Instead, we feel rather like the Seniors enjoying the mistakes of the lower classmen, but our time will come next year whea we are Sophomores. We Freshmen are proud of our good scholarship, and although we do say it, we are a bright, jolly, clever class, and to our competent teachers, Miss Byrne, Miss Phelps, Mrs. Gilmore, Miss Grace, Mr. VVyse and Miss Anderson, we give most of the credit. Our lack of social affairs is not due to a lack of "pep," for we have plenty of it, which fact has been demonstrated at the basketball and football games. The girls' basketball team did exceptional work for its first year. They defeated the Sophomores, b t were beaten in a bravely fought, though one-sided game, with the Seniors. We hare both musical and dramatic ability in our class. Our musical talent is very evident in the Junior High Orchestra and Chorus: while we won third honors in the Declamatory Contest, so we are hoping for greater thirgs in the future. We had a Halloween masquerade party in the lower hall of Junior High last fall which has been the only one so far, and we made the best of that jolly occasion. We expect much of our class in the future, not only in High School, but in the years that follow. May we always do honor to our dear old High School and uplhold the maroon and gold as the symbol of all that a good High School should be. ALICE LAUTERBACH. RUTH SPRY. K. f .1 F5 I 1 f r ff mmgsmii Sophomore Class History N THE YEAR r92o a decided change was made in the school system of Mt. Pleasant. There came into existence a Junior and a Senior High School. Much to our dismay we learned that the junior Higlx School was to accommodate not only the lower grades, but also High School Freshmen. It was almost unbearable to think that. after eight long years of A. B. C's and multiplication tables, we had to spend one more perfectly good year with the "little folks." Oh, how provoking it seemed. Although we undertook nothing on a large scale, we boasted of two representatives on the basketball team. Several of our number dis- played talent in music and dramatics when, under Miss Swindler's direc- tion, we presented an operetta. After the spring finals and a pleasant vacation, we proudly took our places in the Senior High School. As sophomores many of our boys felt it beneath their dignity to wear knickerbockers! They did look funny, but down in our hearts we were proud of them. This year more of our number starred in athletics. The popular game of football was revived and the boys came out strong. In due time girls' and boys' basketball teams were organized and we carried away our share of the honors. just as our class was prominent in athletics, so it took an interest in the other activities, namely: Glee Club, Orchestra and Band. Con- siderable talent was displayed when the annual declamatory contest was held. Mary Logan upheld the standard of our class by receiving second honors. As we believe that "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy," we have made our good times as many as possible, for we must enjoy life while we can, and of course will be Sophomores only once-- we hope. In the days that are to come, looking piercingly through a veil, we are able to discern familiar faces, older and more sensible than of yore. There seem to be many successes, and the future, which all too soon will be present-then past-is full of anticipation. HELEN PHELPS. Sophomore Class Roll HOMER BEATTIE ALDEN BRUHN HERBERT BYERS CARLETON CALDWELL CLIFFORD CANTWELL GILBERT CANTWELL RAYMOND CARIS EUGENE CONNER GEORGE CRAIG JASPER DUTTON WILL GREENUP NVAYNE HOBBS HAROLD KARRER JACK LEE MORRIS LEE JOHN LEIST HAROLD LYONS JOE MELCHER WALTER METCALF ORVILLE MOXLEY PAIGE PAYNE RALPH PRICE EUGFNE PUTNAM THOMAS RESSEI. MAX ROUSE HARRY RUGG WALTER SCHAFFNER WALTER STERNBERG JACK THOMAS ORVAL THORSON GEORGE WAUGH PHILLIP WESTON FERN ANDERSON MARY BUCKLEY OPAL BURGE EVELYN CHAMBERLIN LOIS CONARD BERTHA DECKER DANA CRANE MARY DIETRICK , VERYLE EDWARD HAZEL ELAND RUTH ENGLAND CECIL FARNAM FLORENCE FELGAR MARJORIE FORD VIOLETTE GREENE FRANCES HANNAH GEORGIA HATCH NELL HATCH VETHA HEDGES ALMA HORR VERA HOUSTON LOUISE KINSINGER RUTH KITCH GERTRUDE KLOPFENSTEIN MARY LOGAN RUTH LUZADDER EVA MARSHALL CECELIA McFE?RRAN WINONA MCKEEHAN MACLE MESSER ELSIE MILLER ADELIA MILLS BEATRICE MORRIS CONREDA NEWBURG GEORGIA POULTER HELEN PHELPS ANNA RIEKE MARGARET ROGERS - CORA RUKGABER FREDA SCHLIEP FLORENCE SCHUERMAN MIRIAM SIBERTS PAULINE SMITH GLENNA SPRAKER MARY TRACY WILMA WEINRICH MARY WEIR JEANETTE WELLS TRISSIE WILSON I f s A ww ','w"f7 V0 QX f ' 5 i A ?f 5' if f K, i lib ! l I . Q . 5, f 4455?-' Q"3'fMX Q P WZ pi 5591 Q History of the Junior Class You have heard of the class of '23, It's future, 'tis plain, we cannot forseeg But now it is less than three years old And is already famous-as you've no doubt been told: How this fame has been won I intend to relateg It may be of use at a future date. September thirteenth of the year '19, The freshmen asssembled-appearance very green. They got lost in the classrooms, the basement and hallg Were teased by the seniors, the juniors and all. But they did very well-consider their plight- And some were discovered exceptionally bright. 1920-it came and found Prof. Umbreit, principal ready to expound Knowledge to the class of '23g I-Ie'd discovered their great ability. Genius they have-as you'll all agree, Readers, musicians and statesmen to beg i And their teachers swore Cas teachers doj With a "goodness me" and "I tell you That class will surely outshine the rest! Why, all of them passed the semester test:" As juniors they started again in the fall 1921-most were there--but not all- There are now fifty members-a few lost each year, But their memories of school days they'll always hold dear The junior Stunt was a splendid success- Made S90 and cleared a little less. Their dreams for the future are fast coming true, So here's all success to the silver and blue. JESSIE WAIT '23 unior Class Roll BERNARD BATES EUGENE BIRD HAROLD BROYVN MAX EARNEST ERNEST FORD GLEN FRAZER DONALD MCCREARY CARL METCALF PAUL MINEAR JOHN MYERS OWEN OGG BOYCE OLDT RICHARD PORTER EARL SCHUERMAN JOHN TRACY TOM VAN HON ALDEN WRIGHT INEZ BISHOP NORENE BOLEY MARGARET BRUNNEKOOL MABLE BUCK BLANCHE BURNS MILDRED CAMPBELL REGINA CONNER ANNA DAILEY SELMA DEAN RUTH EGGERT MARY FORBES GRACE HAFFNER MABEL HALLOWELL MILDRED HALLOWELL FRANCES HIGGERSON HELEN HOBBS GLADYS HOFFMAN RUTH HOLLAND NELLIE JUNE CECILE LASLEY AUDREY LESSENGER FLORENCE MALLAMS VERDA MCGOHAN MILDRED MCGUIRE RUTH MCLEAN GLADYS SCHUTZ BERTHA VOGELGESANG JESSIE WAIT EMMA WHALEY ORPHA WRIGHT MARY GREGG QWNGQHEQ, The Target Helen Miller's red dress to Elsie Miller. Cecil Thomas' pongee hankie to Walter Sternberg. Mary and Margaret's twinship to the Hallowell twins. Knight's hospitality to Fish Wright Cmake use of itj. Suzanne's curls to Cecilia McFerran. Mary Shumaker's aggressiveness to Camel. Paul Cheney's cretonne tie to Barney. Edward Caldwell's saintly demeanor to Joe M. Murlie Vollmer's boisterousness to Hobbs. Louise's mouth to Regina. Marion Wilson bequeatlis the royalties from her plays to the junior Class. Marie Landau's Winsome smile to Mary Edith Tracy. Richard Dutton bequeaths Wilma to Walter Metcalf. Edith's gypsy beauty to Audrey Lessenger. W Bernhard gives his Virgil pony to George Waugh. joker could not be prevailed upon to give away his whiskers. Edna's place in basketball to Adelia Mills. X Qqvwk uf' Q l in ilrxgl Q V T'v KN 'L N Xql u' ' 1 Wiig, "'Ao-- ' 'ixviwf inf Lffk W ,Sigh Class Will E, THE Senior Class of 1922 of Mt. Pleasant, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testimony. We give, devise, and bequeath all our property, real and per- sonal, which we may own as follows, that is to say. We hereby nominate 1. D. jackson and C. W. Cruikshank ex- ecutors of this will and testament. In witness whereof, we have to this, our last subscribed our name this first day of April, 1922. will and testament ' SENIOR CLASS. john Moxley's authority to his brother Orville fthe family hon- or must be preservedl. Elsie's gift of gab to' Glenna Spraker. Lula Russell's bashfulness to Ruth Lauger. Edd wills his Ford to Dean, Camel, and the rest fthey might as well haxe a legal title to itj. George Ressel's white socks go to Paige Payne. Zellah Anderson's hairdress to Anna Dailey. I-Iemp's bass to Ralph Price. lJeacon's skip to Max Rouse. Bernice's vocabulary to Glen Frazer. Mae's marcel to Vlfrigfht. ' Ralph Orn will givesa'G'3A5iiiny"bf asks him for them. g ,I Nick's dignity to Tom Van Huong Florence Leist's length to Florence Felgar. Grace Logan's left over detention to Byers. Curly's measured tread to Harold Lyons. Ruth's knowledge to Grace Haffner. to any person that The Target your power may wax strong." We did straightway obey this command and john Moxley was chosen to lead our numbers. And we did choose our colors, old gold and cordovan, by which the tribes round about us might know us. Then we begat marvelous pieces of jewelry which we did wear and rejoice in. Lo, it came to pass that we did make war upon the wise elders in the land and we did overcome them by our great strength. And there was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth among them. It is written that we must prepare a great feast for the depart- ing tribe. So the public was bidden to a place of much merriment wherein they were entertained. And lo, much moneys flowed into our coffers and we did begin to buy up things for the great feast. Long and diligently we did labor at our great task. At last we did send messages throughout the land saying, "Come ye, and make merry with us, for the class of nineteen twenty-one is to depart into a far land, and all things are now ready for a great feast." And as they were bidden, so came they in great numbers to partake of the feast. Splendid were the decorations and great was the festivity. And so we bade farewell to the class of one and twenty. CHAPTER W OW this, the fourth year in the history of this great and wonderful class of two and twenty, was one of much hard labor, for it is written that in this year we must depart from this land of learning. It came to pass that this year brought a change of rulers in this land. J. D. jackson was sent to take the place of Mr. Umbreit. Lo, our tribe did furnish a goodly number for the football team, and also several for the basketball team. And there was great joy in witnessing the games. Soon we did again make merry with song, dance and feast. And lo, the tribes round about us did marvel much at this wise tribe. As the time drew near for departure we did givea great play before the other tribes. Came the people in great numbers to witness this great event. It is written that we must write down our noblest thoughts on paper and deliver them to the other tribes on the last night of our sojourn in this great land. . And lo, it came to pass that after our sojourn of four years in this land, during which time we did freely partake of the fruits of the tree of knowledge, fifty-four of us did depart from this beloved land. For verily I say unto you: The path of the knowledge seeker is long and hard and many are they that' fall by the wayside. BERNICE HUFFMAN ,22 Chronicles XXII - CHAPTER I OVV the history of the Class of Two and Twenty of the High School of the City of Mount Pleasant, County of Henry, State of Iowa, is in this wise: In the beginning of the one thousand, nine hundred and eighteenth year, one hundred of the tribe of knowledge seekers came up from the lesser lands and captured for themselves a place in the land of learning. Now it came to pass that atithis time C. W. Cruikshank ruled over this land, having under his command Mrs. Swaney, who was the first as- sistant in the, aforesaid land of learning. And it did happen that these knowledege seekers were besieged on every hand by the wiser tribes who had gained th.e first foothold on the land. But lo, it came to pass that we did gain a firm foothold on the land, and soon we did make merry in the great hall of the skates. Lo, even in the verdant season We did journey downward! to the land of Salem and we did feast therein at the house of a member of the tribe, Knight Hartley. ' It came to pass that the rulers in this land did marvel much at our perseverance in this land and there was much noise among the multi- tude. C ' And lo, the year ended. ' CHAPTER Il OW it came to pass at the beginning of the second year that we did take up a new position farther on in this same territory and we gained in strength and did wax more powerful. ' Likewise as we did feel secure, we did o'errun the new tribe which came up from an adjoining territory, and we did force them to settle far from our borders. Even so, we begat newspapers in our English Class and lo, the tribes round about did marvel muchly at the merits thereof. And we set ourselves in the midst of them that encampeth round about us and we did deliver great tidings from the "Tale of Two Cities" unto them. It came to pass that many times we made merry with much' feast- ing, and we did come to love this land more and more. CHAPTER III UT lo, it so happened that we were forced to depart from this land in which we had settled, so we did take up our possessions and did journey to a land nearer the great city. ' In this land we were ruled by A. G. Umbreit who did speak unto us saying, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, gather your numbers and organize yourselves into a class that ye may gather strength and that The Ta get MYRLE JAY Normal Trzrining Y. VV. C. A. l'r0sicle11t '22, Target Staff: Glee Club 'm, '20, '21, '22, Bandg Orchestra 1 22. "1 just 1-:111't make 111y eyes behave." LULA RUSSELL "Sis" General Y. XV. C. A. "Quiet, sinvoro, :mil very 111111-I1 in 0ill'll0St in ull that shv dies." HlElXll'STliAD SHOOK Ul'IL'lllIl" General Glve Club '1r1, French Club '2l, '22, l"0c1Kl121ll'22. "Tu bv 111 love exvoc-cl41tl1 :1 llipzh Svluuil e1l111':1tic111." MAX Klil'I'lI "Clli'll0y" c'l1lSSlCIll Glue Club 'lug I'iI'l'llL'll Club, lfuutbull '21. "'l'I11'ee things duth shine, tho sun, the llliltlll, my h:1i1'." LOUISE XYILLSUN "Rosie-" Nurnial Training lJt'l'l2llll1LlUI'y '22, Gln-c Club '10, '20, '21, ' 2: Y. XV. C. A. C1ll7llll'lQ Target St:1l'f. "KING grzinil swoot sm1g', 11111111 up in 11:-1111:1ll 11:1f'k:1ge." MARIIE LANIJAU "Sll0l'ly" Nrirmal Tfflllllllg XV:1sl1i11g'tr111 II. S. 'Ill, '20, Y. NV. C. A. Cabinet '21, '22, Glec Club '21, '22, Basket- lmll '22, l,t't'l1llllIllUI'y '22. "A jully lilllltlle uf l'llll." XYAl.TlER PRICE "IJ9Z1l'0ll" Classical l'iIL'llC'll Club '21, '22. "Come un, soissurs, let's vut up." The Targ SUZANNE STALL Classical French Club '21, '22, Glee Club '19, '20, '21, '22. "Able to corrupt a Saint" VVALDO PI-IELPS General Sigourney H. S. '21, Basket Ball '21, '22: Fcmtbzlll '2lQ 'l'arg'c-t Stull. "A bud penny always returns." RUTH LOVELAND Classical Target Stall, Basket Bal '21, '22, G11-e Club. "A perfevt woman, nobly plnn1.e1l, To cheer. to Cx,I1lfOl't. to CO!1llI'lfllld." IRMA ROTHENSTEIN Classical 'l':u'gvt Stall, Glee Club '19, '20, '21, '22, French Club '21, '22. "ll:n.s the bell rung yet. Suzanne!" HELEN MILLER Classical lieclalnatnryg O1'cl1estrag Glee Club, Tzuget Staff. ""I'is true that she is 111111,-lx ins-lineml, 'IRI chin and talk with :ull lllillllilllllf' JOHN HARSHBARGE R "j0ker" General Basket Ball '19, '20, '2I, '22g Football '21, Track '21, Target Stuff. "A 1'h0l'l1lJ'S face: A rust-:tl all the rest." e Target LORA RUSSELL "Dot" Classical Y. NV. C. A.g Glue Club '2o. "Always tending to her flnty in zu, quiet. unobtrusive way." HELEN HALL "Min" General Y. VV. C. Ag Bible Class. "Shell du uriything for IL friend." KNIGHT lI.XR'l'l.lfY General Glec Club 'wi Truck '2I. 'AA spnrty young blmul, wlmsv spew-iznlties urn fast horses unil lre:iutii'nl wun.en." MARY TIIOMAS "Fay" Soil-ntitiv Y. VV. C. A.g Bible Class "She keeps her tlinugrlits tu herself, niustly" GRACE LOGAN "Blondie" Nurinzil 'l'l'illlllIiLf Basket Ball 'zzg Y. VV. C. A.g Nurinail Training Club '22. "An :ill :iruuml gmnl spurt-els our opinion uf her." JOHN MUORIC "Fat" Classical French Clnb '21, '22. "A1'g'ne, nrg'ne. eziriy :ind Into, If ai line were L-rimkeil, he'ii argue it stru.g'ht." The Target EDMUND BEARER H.lflkf3" General Orchestra 'rgg French Club '2r, 'zzg Tar- get Stziffg Glec Club '19. "Pa, give me a cent, I want to be tough." RICHIE CHURCH General Glue Club '19, ,2O, '2I, '223 Y. VV. C. A.: Frenfh Club. "She lonks like il man hater. but louks surely' are dec'eix'ing'." JOHN JEFFREY "jeff" Scientific "1'm all right: the world is all wrong" MUR LIE VOLLMER General Y. XV. C. A. "If:u' from the guy cities and the ways of n.en." ELSIE HOURIHAN "SkHPcI" Classical Glce Club '19, 'zug Y. VV. C. A.g Debat- ing Club 'zig French Club "22. "Ch:Lttel', vlmtter all slay long, Anil then has more to say. We wunber if she won't run down, 01' luxe her voice some day." CECIL MILLER General Glue Club 'xgg Football '2Ig Debating Club 'ZIQ Targvt Staff. "Men of few words are the best men." 4 e Target XVINNIFRED WRIGHT "NVinnie" G1-11 -ml Glee Club '19, '20, '21, '22. "Wait u minute girls, l'll bm'1mv it," CHARLES CASE "Cl1arlcy" G1-m-rzll Football ,2IQ Pm-p Club. "Uh, why wun't the wmueu leave me uluue' FLORENCE LEIST Target Staff. "'l'1'uly il mlsimrlitei' nl' the Gumls, Diviuely lull :mud fair." ELIZABETH HEBEI. ljfillllillli' Club. chu 11 gl-s." EDWARD CALDXVELL "1'111 too bushful fur words" MARION XVILSON "SkQit" Gem-1':l "Tu be el1'icient in Il quiet way, That is my :lim tlirmxglmxlt the day." l ll l l "Flo" Svimmlillv Glec Club ,Ilj, '20, '21, 'zzg Y. XV. C. JX.L "Lizzie" Scimililiv bloc Club 113, 211, 21, 22, Y. W. L. A., "A vmxmlex l'hill'Zll'l0l'f'Uf mziny XX'l1llllS1ll'Il1 "Ed" Guuorzll Hrfllllllllyn Normzll '1'1':liuiug - The Target V KARL HERGDAIII. Iizlslcet Bull '21, V221 Football 'zrg'l':11'gPt Stall, French Club. "The vures ol' the school rest heavy mm me :xml the faculty." EDITH RUKGABIQR "lNliukey" Scfientirlc Gln-C Club 'lfj, 'zog French Club 'NZ '1':n1'gut Staff. "Some pouple will keep :1 sevret il' given l'llUlul'ul'ul'111 ellollgllf' lil ll! PANGBORN Hl,lIlg'17HllQH Cuuvru lrillllllilll ,ZIQ '1lEl1'gl?t Stuff. "A weak :xml llumhlu land with Sunday Sm-Imul im-linzxtiunsf' Nl.-XliGAllli'l' THOM.-X S Y. XY. C. A4 NIll'lll2ll 'lllllllllllg Club '22. A'Whe1e fun is. :nm I." RALPH ORN 'Tilliv" c:v6?I1l'I'Zll , . v lmck 21. "l'lxe1e you gn Imuwliu' me nut again." FLORENCE XVEEKLEY 'Flon Normal T1'2llIllI1g' Y. XV. C. A.g Frvuch Club. 1 :un strung fm' :x certain mam. Wlm-,ioy-rides in El Ford Sedan." l '-Y '71 The Target FRANCIS I IICNIJIERSK iN Clvuc-real X. XX. C. A.: l'zu',Q't Stull. "When .ivy :xml duly vlnsh, Let duty gn tn SlI1!lSll." PAUL CHAN ICX f2l'IN'I'1ll Sillvlll H. S, 'm, Eu, 'z1. "l'ml0l'nc:1th :ull his llmlislllum-us is Vs-:ul wu1'th." lllCl.lCN Il.X'l'i'lI NUI'lllIll 'lkruiuiug' 1.11-1' Clulm lu. :ui X. XX C, .X.l1llbllh'l 21, zz. llvlmlumg Club 1.1. "May slw novel' Pllilllyil' vxs-a-111 in llzuuej' lXi.XlSlil. I.lflC "Slim" Nurluul IIRVIUIIIHQ Ulm- Club '11, 'zzg Y, XX'. C, .X.3 Nwmuul 'l'I'iAil1ill,L1AC'llll1 '12. "XIcmlmllu uut with thu- :1I't'u-vtiuus ui' 1u:1u." HIQIQNARIH LIU Jlil'Kl.l'IR CIllSSik'2ll "llc rmlv :1 puny In l'l'l'0ll4DlIl." 1511! XX'h:nt kiual'?J HELISN Il:Xl.l. "Min" G1-uurul X. XX. L. A.: Bllrlm' Lluas. "Shc'cl mln 2'.llX'flliIH.l' fm' an l'l'iL'l1ll," The Target MAE JOHNSON ' "johnny" Scientific Olds H. S. '19, 'zog Glee Club '21, '22g Orchestra '22p Y. VV. C. A. "It's nice to he natural. when you're nat- urally nice." EVER ETT NICHOLSON "Nifk" General "He's one of those people whom no one knows anything' mean about." ZELLAH ANDERSON General Y. XV. C. A. "My true love waits for me." MARY SHUMAKER "Tootsie" Normal Training Y. XV. C. Ag Normal Training Club V22. "Gite me my XVZIY and I'm hzi1m1Jy." CECIL THOMAS "Skinny" Classical Orchestra 'zzg Band '22g French Club '21, '22. "lle's all right in his way, But he weighs too much." MARIE VANDERSNICK "Pete" General "As quiet :ns an mouse is she: and yet no trap has caught her." The Target JOHN MOXLHY '21, Tzwget Stuff. fllll . EDNA VAN SYK K' . . , . . , V , . Bnskvt Ball VZI, '22, 'l'z11',Lfc-1 Stull. ""l'is lfresliixlg uluwlmwzuml IIIZIKOS 11.0 dizzy' Cllillliflli RIQSSIEI. "Sl1:1kcsp1-:11'v" Sch-11lill1 "Uh, thc' vzunily of tlwsv 111011," HIQRN lfli lllll"l"M .KN Clzlssivzll get Stull. 1111t:utiu11 fm' le-:u1'11il11:." RICIIARD lJU'1"l'ON lrzwk 21, "1t's not 11119 to Ie wisvr than 111-1'vsx:11'y' l"I.URIiNl'li RUSS '21, '22: Tzlrge-t Stull. "A live wire YYll0lIl no :ull il!llIlll'0.l, "Pat" Scif-11tifiv Class l,l'L'SltlC'lll 21, 22, 151-l1:1l111,g' Club "flllII10I"S S1111 Illillle up of wisdmxl 111111 uf "Ed" G1-1101'11l hlcv Clllll 141, zu, 21, 22, X. W. L. A., N. XV. C. A.: llfillllllllk' Club '21, 'l':11'- "She's 11110 ul' thwsc who llllllUlllS lllll' le- "Dic'l1" Cl4'11v1':1l "Cl1:1u11Cvy" cltFllCI'Ill Glen- Clulm 'Ill, '20, Y, XV. C. A. l':1l1i11s-I 522-lgl-'llITPYi!lI lmlllilkillls I VE A lllllaf-' 'W I W gl , is ima' QM' A :-':-'- -k ' S-'-ilu. A! ,. ...l ' 2' ,.-'il -- Ag I - alum - .finial , i....f,: 4 ll , J-:maxi ... v -dl ' :Fm lf'-' 5 tx -, Q ix S'-l if 1 'Q 'L 5-mn S SW ' I -X? :LE m I?-iii U'-I Qu.- JXIEEEE: 1 ,..!.ll!'--qggilllll x ff WHWIIHUIKHIIWKluumm ,- E klll 4 mn .1 V : 5 2 XD? 27 Q Di O EVERY member of the facul- ty we wish to express our grati- tude for their faithful aid, good-fel- lowship, and deep interest in our af- fairs during the four long years of our High School course. The Targ MARY G. THOMPSON Latin, English Grinell College, B. A. GENEVA GRACE Science S. U. I., B. A. MABEI. NVALKER Normal Training Iowa XN'esleyan College B, A. S. U. I. JOHN S. VVYSE Manual Training IDA JULIA ANDERSON Home Ecnnninics Morningside College, B. A. DOROTHY PHELPS Latin, English Parsons College, B. A. e Target SARAH SEARCY French, Girls, Atliletivs University Of Missrnii-i, li. S. Clll'IS'l'liR j. PIQTERS Pliysirs A :Xtlilvtic Cuuuli Univi-rsity of Missouri, A. B. lXlARjORllE l"l'I'ZGliRAl.D llistnry Central Missouri State- 'l'c':u'ln-rs' College, B. S. IYADIELI. SNVINDLER Music Cornell, Iowa, B. M. GRACE VOTAVV English Penn College, B. S. RUBY MOORE CUll1lllCl'L'lZll Simpson College, B, A. j. ll. JACKSON, l'l1. B Political Scieucw Grinnell College C. VV. CIQUIKSHANK, B. S. Civics Northvru Illlnois Normal School Cornell College 57551 clmnfizn Qi Honor Roll RUTH LOVELAND BERNICE HUFFMAN SUZANNE STALL JOHN MOXLEY IRMA ROTHENSTEIN LORA RUSSELL MARY THOMAS '22 Target Staff Editor-in-Chief - RUTH LOVELAND Assistant Editor - IRMA ROTHENSTEIN Business Manager - - - WALDO PI-IELPS Assistant Business Manager EDD PANGBORN Financial Manager - - - CECIL MILLER Circulation Manager - - KARL BERGDAHL Joke Editors - LOUISE WILLSON, MYRLE JAY Organizations - - EDITH RUKGABER Literary - - - HELEN MILLER Senior Class Reporter - - BERNICE HUFFMAN Assistant Senior Class Reporter - FLORENCE ROSS Athletics - - Girls' Athletics Typist - - Artist - Calendar - Photographer - Assistant Photographer JOHN HARSHBARGER - EDNA VAN SYOC FRANCIS HENDERSON - JOHN MOXLEY - FLORENCE LEIST - EDMUND BEABER EVERETT NICHOLSON Foreword May the joyful memories of our dear High School days be vividly recalled by this Target. Dedication We, the class of 1922, dedicated this Target to Superintendent C. W. Cruikshank, in appreciation of his untiring efforts in our behalf. nlunnu nnuunnunluususununnnuun:nnlnunu-nan:unullllnnnuneun:ununulluuns1uuununuullunululunllulll TI-IE TARGET Published by the Senior Class SEELEY MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL Mt. Pleasant, Iowa Table of Contents BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX - SEVEN Faculty Classes - Athletics Organizations - Literary Society jokes JM J 20. Wfi?:Z'fZif' FW! MMM QW, s C?w!7l,71w4wffff ' ' 591- 'lffff L 5 s 11-Mar L14 i . . 4-y RAI. 1 --wg ' W? 'W-54? 'E .1 1 5- 34 w 4 g.i'xif2T'15': 1' 9 ,.',- V. .' - M- 11 --1,1 .-1:1-x1,.',. -1 1' f f..-' ff? 1112- .f f--?..2 ?1--55" F Y vs. 1 fi-j 1 113'-'TPB ' l1 - 552' E711 ' 1- xr 1 1 l 1?:'Af-5-Eli" . ,M 4 A, :-, ,1.L1'1e1',- .1,..1 1-1 U., - - 1. 1 '- - 2 ' - 151 -:WI 1 fn! 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Suggestions in the Mount Pleasant High School - Tattler Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, IA) collection:

Mount Pleasant High School - Tattler Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, IA) online yearbook collection, 1918 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Tattler Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, IA) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Tattler Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, IA) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Tattler Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Tattler Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, IA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 31

1922, pg 31

Mount Pleasant High School - Tattler Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, IA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 56

1922, pg 56

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