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E + X . 1- . ' Y r . V E E3 o 5 Y: iii E A-. ,1-', . -4 :': gi .' V. , - "" ,x-M., .11 mzwx, .mmynn--n rf.. 'A T x 5u,,,. ,- K. 1 , .A 5' 'ska K E A - 5 ff Qffiff' z 3 . -,g'.:jL: M N 5 ' i "QR: . QI , -Q 4 '5 V A ' "-'iff' A r-"Nik 1 '5 " ,gr -:: - X , -'We the class of 1913 dedloatet jshixs book-to -Team which through its unceasing etforts ,proved the 'tms scnQ01'1iy winning um Basket Balifchampiqnsnip of talqe abgne 'bf Iowa for une year 1918. ' g L '12 ' ' I . . 1 Sink' "xx - 5 ' , ' . vf X Q ,gage-kit-if?-ff c.: K . Q SSW' ' 'T A if 1 -1' K -'vu Ba, A , S, 4.4-,Q U . , ,. 1 I . F I f 1 5'- CA. 1 i ,QQ vivo J- . V 21,4-Q mn M- .- L, -f w- 3: Tajik? ..g A. A., 4, J . 1 . A . THg3 TTLER X .. XY X Ghz QQHTTHBQT mtv Qllass nf IBIS Mi. Eplezrsarni Qliigh Srlmnl Jai. illeaszmi, Eluhm. tx., THE M. P SH. S. TATTLER if if iff' FACULTY. Mr. C. W. Cruikshank Mrs. Mary Swaney Miss Blanche Swindell Miss Edna Burhans Miss Ethel'Wycotf Miss Katherine Lundgren Miss Hazel Stewart Miss Myra Downs Miss Susie Spees Miss Sarah Morton Mr. Ralph Conner Mrs. C. W. Cruikshank Miss Celene Barger Mr. Julius Winter Miss Lois Morse If 3-if xi? ffgef -"1 gf. Li., . 52 4- -' f. f ' superintendent Principal S English Domestic Science Civics and Physics English and Economics Latin Mathematics ' German A History Manual Training , Arithmetic Music Music Stenographer m C F .a- W -C ek B0 .3 L' I rr: Q 52 E :- CJ E :E Q QI :- S EP .2 6 .: 5 7-I 2: 0 'A' ll VJ 0 m EE E Q '1 L' 's .. U2 S U -CZ .. O C3 C 2 33 FI! YI1 .D -Q O .. .. -S: , I3 as E' 32 -2 E1 U I-4 .. U3 'U I. BS I2 O U v-I GJ r: oi 3' Q GE as U C-' r: I4 in cv E F-4 L5 93 5 an I S Rex Hughes X Miriam Bartlett Mary Kopp F1orem:eVan Hon Clifford Buck Iliff Shepherd Edith Whiting Phillip Mills Ruth Ba ggiien Joe Mchlillxin Ethelihiy Mildred KinQnger 'MaryParker, MaryRo s Marshall Lines Catherine Schliep, William Gilifillau Muric Mason Charle?-I Ygcum Buelah Boley N xax rd Anna. Fo ine Hartley Sl Ju age Lenls PV , .1 .R .5 f l ' ' filtmiwiiixl? w Q1 ik I 11' arcelina Campbe M Karl Baker inueer HK Edit ffery JE McMillan Edna el' Elm Florence .Johnson LaRue Logan Anna Hunt Lester Schuerman Florence Ross Lucile Smith ny 0I'0 url Troutfetter Louis M Pe renee Eagle EW L Margaret H armison Edna Michener Fred Joy eaver Russel Thomas Lucille Zorn elle W ab Is Edna Curtis John Garrels Clista Dawson Lloyd Keith Elsie McCray Glenn Doughty Harriet Abrahamson Ruth Peterson Eugene McCoid Nina Caris Rose Clawsou Frederick Gran Ruth Millspaugh. - . . . . ' n I 1 I I u m THE MfM x- 2- A'gEgm -Q Cl2.b0""+-"w ' HS. ,Q ,.,5-4 -1 Cs U2 ,TA' O wZ3Q3mw Axn E Szwmwiilm '....lER 4-1,4 new 5 ,gngavbiinwgw 'IQ sig,-'dcmgjmu-SEMO Q go , O on-.Fgm' -589-4cs".QgDSE,.,-2"1 ' E E g :wg-QnoZSi IIN: Iii? -23 30:1 :EE5..' mxgmwm L: ggm ' ' :EIw6EE E gEn0Pm. if-Q a exafmrwsi-Sw :!2'w'mOw5w3P Q 575 Q31-:Z was-E U EIB? g::2ncEEt'f-Snboeq ii' EEE EE-,, wg LLI . 515755 -A Q . - wg fl- sgcgwd' 255254 0 nf. saqwgepi.: we Q.. Q 4Sm'g ZZ .: ::' - 8 gozmi 5:5 :::5 I U2 as ' '-5 E Omg Qgmggggscd U7 45g5owggggHPJE E122-azgigg, 4: in 55,532 23025352525 :tgszfgi A wgvib-g'g,w:ES5.w5 sggfsaj 5-gms! lmmyi'-103:-5-'I 2E?EE'-mmg :NGO csv C,,'qjp,, f: 115:: .wwwgpigo ww w -3223.602-232295,-5 ' 'MEM-1:'0,.pTw of 3 ' 'D i :CD .mmgp .Cl-S-4 '19 s 1 swgggg :usd-2.5.mH 52 :iocfgg fgggfgbqii :ff Em 5:22-,gl-EEE IQEJ E :. Em em: : lg 'E',:'.::b H5552 2 sxmlggmi : ' w5QigmEEg.. 5 Q-.Ur-5p..Om:"5 eu: Q Ss:::::,fC2.'- was w43ff13gE'3S5 Higfgiia-3303552 . Qaaafgfaw wg E f cd -...s.. cusE,EN:5j MEESEQE-52223035 EH 5-WSP' O-'4.qSw,Q1 F'Jg5E:S:'1i? mgxse 5 382824-E33 upgmse Dqh.,-lm'-".-1 m-1 M5 BEA:-ES Saw-if P'2g:'a55 CD ?"' EE II1 . Q, pq.,-q..,3q-4,.Q V1 "U"""' EH: s: H mln' 1 5516-f-'lisa-cs f3'U.II"" u Q I I Name Future Occupation Pet Hobby rence Hagie .... ..... B oss of Section Gang ..,.,. Washing Dishes I 1 jay ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..... E conomics Teacher ..... ..... H aving Dates Hughes ,,,,,,, ....,, S econd Marconi ....... ........ W ireless lle Smith .... , ........ Architect ......... ....... ..... W i nkin h Kineer' .,..... Night Watchman ........ ......................... D reaming Shepherd .,,. ............... C artoonist ................ , ..... Listening to "Doves" X Hobbs ............ . ..,... Gen. Information Bureau .... . . . ............ Good Times 'QL -1 ell Tho as ,...... . ....... Cattle King of Idaho ........ ............ S miling Q E red Kinsinger ..... ..... - .Jitney Driver ....... Dancing g V lle Zorn ......... ...... Operatic Singer ....... ..... ' 'Jews" ,., 5 Page ...,. ........... C 1og'Dancer ............ ............... S inging rKopp ....... ..... L inguist at Bryn Mawr- ..... .............. S quirming ord Buck ..... ........... M atinee Idol ...,. ,, .... ,,.. B reaking Hearts ' T fg, h Peterson .... ........... H air Dresser ...... - .... ........ ' ....... W eeping 5 T a Curtis ..... ..... M ilitant SuEragette-.Q.- .......... Easy Chairs 'ii shall Lines ...... ....... H uman Periscope ....... Matching Pennies Q 3 a Michener ...... ........... A viatrix ........... ........ C ountry Lads 5' 3 lp Mills ............ ............ P hotographer ......... Teasing Marie a Dawson .......... ...... C ountry School Ma'am ....,. .........,,, E conomics B9 a Hannawalt ..... ........ H uman Dictionary Getting Lessons rl Baker -. ...... .. ...... Reducing Cost of Gas ,..... -- . .4 ....... Chauffeur Evans . . . -. . .... . .... Congresswoman ,,,,, , . ,, ,,,.,,,. Music V riet Abrahamson . . -.Mistress of White House .... ..... R aising Chickens liam Giliilian .. ...... . ..F1oor Walker., ,,,,,,,. . ,,,,,,,,, Doing Nothing ries Yocum ..... Tropical Explorer ,,.,. g..g,fMaking Mistakess .-C2 E .-CI 54: 0---.H-um. Q 4'-'37,N"Sf52T-".m SQSSEEEEEEQ.izianefraznantommamzso ' R .21 ,ws ,ex --M . ., 3 N f . 1 . I Name Future Occupation Pet Hobby O Florence Johnson .- . ................ . Detective ............... ....... ........ . . - . Talking Justine Hartley .... . ...... Mayor of Oakland Mills ...... .Giving an Opinion John Garrels ....... ....,,,, B eing Successful ....... ..... ..... F e edirlg Pigs Nina Caris ......... ..... B allet Dancer ....... ..... C ooking for Two James Hess . ........... .. . Aerial Mail Service - .... Looking Wise Helen Rothenstein .... ..,,,, A crobat in Circus ....... . Blocking Traffic Marceline Campbell ............ Manicurist ..... ..... .............. M e asles Rose Clawson .,,..,.... . ..... Model at Mandel Bros ......... ....................... B oys Q Reece Greene ..... World All-around Athlete ..... ..... B eing "Weiry" s Anna Ford ............. Chiropractor .,... ..... . .. Eating Peanuts 3 Anna Hunt ..... Conductor on "K" Line ..... ...,. R eading Poetry ge Louis Morony . ......... Second Paderewski .Q ....... ..... W riting Notes Q Miriam Bartlett .... . .... Headwaitress at Brazelton ...... ...,. C radle Robbing Q,, Joe McMillan ....... .. . . .Janitor at High School... - ............... Movies Florence Van Ho n .. . .... Physics Instructor . .. ................ Arguing 5' Margaret Harmison.-. ......... ...... ..... ..... E n j oying life- . ..... ................ - - .--Proving Class Motto E Florence Ross. .............. - ...,. - .......... Arctic Explorer- --- ........ - ...... - - --- Cribbingin tests Q Miles Rukgaber. ........ -- ..... ......... . -Second Barney Oldfield- ..---...... .----. --.-. -.--...-.. . S I eeping Ruth Millspaugh- ---.--.---.-.-.-- -.---.--. - --.Traffic Cop -.-...- . .---- -- -.----- ----- ---. S 1 lort Skirts i' EdnaJefTery .... .... - -- - ...- - - .--... Mil1ionaire's Wife ,--. ..---- .--... .--.. - ----- - - - .Primping f THE M. P. H. S. TATTLER ll ANCIENT HISTORY OF CLASS OF '18. When we as mere infants entered upon the vista of our, High School career, we looked upward to the height of our fond ambition--to be a Senior. Now that we have attained that pinnacle of fame, we look back with envy upon those care-free days, for we stand on the shore of life's bewild- ering whirlpool. The first few days were distractingly con- fusing and several adventurous souls strayed from our pro- tecting arms. However, we had confidence in our numbers and We soon regained our equilibrirm. Being an enterpris- ing class,.in a few weeks we gained courage enough to hold our first class meeting. With a composure which became habitual with us, we planned our first class picnic. This was the first social function of any of the classes for the year. ' Bravely, one bright Saturday morning, we departed for Barton's Ford, laden with packages. As we diplomatically refrained from showing partiality almost the entire faculty accompanied us. We spent the whole day there, having the time of our young lives. Several enchanting romances were well launched on this notable occasion so it was not without a lasting result. A After this we struggled along bravely with X, y's and z's, Xerxes and Zenophones, and manv entertaining 'UD and entrancing wonders which our teachers unfolded to us. b When Hallowe'en approached with its fascinating possi- bilities we planned for a thrilling party at Ruth Peterson's. Then next came the horrors of our first semester examina- tions. We learned to know that queer, sinking feeling, and our hearts beat 80 per. After this everything went along smoothly until the end of the year when we blossomed forth as brilliant Sopho- mores. A very sad occurrence during our Freshman year was the death of two of our most promising and loved class- mates, Inez Jordan and Anna Powell. We advanced confidently in our Sophomore year. We were now on solid foundation and could "lord it over" the Freshies with gusto. Importantly. we proceeded to Oak- land for a big picnic to show the other classes how to do it. We were always quite socially inclined Con the sidei and we soon enjoyed another spree at the home of Edna Forbes. This was the night when we had our notorious flashlight picture taken, but we really weren't so scared as we looked. N., .. .D if Q Qlggf-ffilf' I .lu A . ..ii ' fs ' ' ,-3, .1-.hx . "Q .l,, 12 'THE M. P. H. s. TATTLER As Jolly Juniors, life was one beautiful song. We had learned that wise little saying: "Do not worry over your lessons and all will come out all right." We had none of the responsibilities to oppress our gay spirits. . Immediately we proceeded to organize our class. We chose Leonard Stromberg, President, Lawrence Hagie, Vice Presidentg Frances Crane, Secretary-Treasurer. Our class colos became Old Rose and Silver and our motto, "P. E. P." or "Persistent Effort Pays." This caused the big color iight with the seniors in which, of course, both classes claim to have been victorious. However, the old rose and silver were still proudly Haunting themselves about town the following morning. In the Declamatory contest our class was largely repre- sented. Lawrence Hagie won first with Ruth Hobbs a close second. As the Dramatic section for the sub-district con- test was filled, Ruth was sent in place of Lawrence. Ruth came back with flying colors and was sent to Fairfield to the district contest, where, though she did not win, she did credit to us. The only thing that dampened our gay spirit was the death -of one of our most brilliant classmates, Irvin Leach. No one in High School was better liked than he and he was greatly missed from our jolly crowd. . i The operetta, "Windmills of Holland," put on by Miss Barger, was a grand success. The leading parts were taken by members of our class. When the basket ball boys pulled down the State Cham- pionship the star player, "Pinkey" Greene, was proudly pointed out as belonging to the Class of '18, while Strommy and Miles, the able subs, were also from our class. However, the crowning event and most brilliant triumph of this year was the J unior-Senior banquet. Everything was beautifully decorated and the toast program was excellent. On account of the careful plans, all went 0E as smoothly as clockwork. ' Our Senior year has seemed even more joyful and achiev- ing, for added to our good times are responsibilities which made us seem the big "Ps" in the school. i In both the boys' and the girls' literary societies our class was well represented, most of the -officers being of our class. I A' THE M. T II. S. TATTLER 13 The color ght this ycar was one of the most friendly but nevertheless ?energetic there has ever been. Proudly we ac- cepted our victory as inevitable and the Old Rose and Silver again floated in front of the High School and other promi- nent places to taunt the Juniors. . In the fall, we enjoyed three jolly parties-one at Edna Michener's, one at Catherine Schliep's and one at Justine Hart1ey's. t This was the first year for Y. W. C. A. work in the High School. It was started by Miss Woodruff and was carried by the Seniors largely, as they hold all the positions ex- cepting one on the Cabinet. The Hiking Club was also started and the result very profitable. The basket ball boys again won great renown by captur- ing the State Championship for the second time. Three of the regular men and all of the subs were '18 men, and "Pinkey" and "Strommy" were placed on the All-State team. - a.In the Declamatory Contest twelve of the contestants were Seniors, and Ruth Hobbs who took first place and represented our school at Bloomfield has been for two con- secutive years so honored, thus bringing to our class a dis- tinction well Worth While. When the Second Liberty Loan came along we did all we could to help. We purchased a One Hundred Fifty Dollar Bond, payable to the High School twenty-five years from now. Also much relief work was done in connection with the Y. W. C. A. and the Patriotic League. And now our graduation day is drawing near, and the largest and finest class which has ever been in this school will go out .from the old Mt. Pleasant High School. V.-. .Qi 4' Rf, 'rum lu. P. H. s. TATTLER 15 ATHLETICS. P1917-1918 Basket Ball.. ' For two years in succession Mt. Pleasant High School has walked off with the Iowa State Championship, showing our brilliant-playing quintette second to none in the state. The team last two of last year's players, "Beans" Thomas and "Ike" Harshbarger but "Skimmer" Miller and Miles Rukga- ber quite madeup the loss. The boys were handicapped by the loss of coaches Karlstrom and Melcher and were for a time without a coach. Near the close of the season, Mr. Wormhondt of Ottumwa was secured and a good deal of the success was due to his capable coaching. The past season will be long remembered in Mt. Pleasant and especially by those who witnessedsome of the thrilling games, such as the one with Iowa City. ' ' "Pinkie" Green, captain, is the fastest forwardin the state. He is our star. player and was elected all-state cap- tain. His fast dribbling and accurate basket shooting brought Mt. Pleasant many points. His graceful figure darting swiftly for the goal never failed to thrill the crowd. "Pink" is the kind of Vfellowqwho can put snap and pep into his men and do consistent team work as well as brilliant ine dividual playing. His future will be watched with interest by all basket ball enthusiasts. . ' ' I . Don Harshbarger, forward, did some splendid work and the guard who followed him around knew he had been in the game when Dod was through with him. His ability for long shots is very unusual. Don.has played on the team for three seasons and still has one season to continue his brilliant playing. I p ' At guard we find Leonard Stromberg, the man with a smile that wo-n't come off. "Strommy" is noted for his close guarding, his speed on the floor and his unfailing good nature. He s always on Web and rea-dy to whirl the ball back Ae of our forwi s when it came down to his end of the fioor. The fact. that he made the state team proves his worth. ' , . "Skimmer" Miller, center, broke into the limelight this year and proved himself "there with the goods." Skimmer's main feat was to get his man's goat and then get him. Skimmer has anotheryear to fight for Mt. Pleasant High School and great things are expected of him. S we 3 16 ' 'rim M. P. H. s. 'rxrrnmn Miles Rukgaber, guard, is a man whose endurance and team work were remarkable. Few and far between were the baskets his opponent got from Miles. He is a clean, hard player and played a steady, consistent game. Buck, Joy, Yocum and Thomas were the efficient subs who could be depended upon to go into the game at any time and play an excellent game. Their loyal and con- sistent support of the first team had much to do with this season's success. This year's team consists with two exceptions of Seniors but there is plenty of good material left in Mt. Pleasant High School and We may look forward to another cham- pionship year. -.1- ..... ' J UNIORS. Roy Craig' Marjorie Colby Delbert DuVol Ruth Diemer Jay Felgar Mary Dutton James Greene Don Harshbarger C. F. Hoaglin Joe Howe George Lines Floyd Logan Harvey Long Paul Miller Harold Miller Reeves Price Harry Prottsman Marshall Quillen Errol Hockett Victor Richardson William Weston .Andrew Shook Levi Williford Allen Wright Harold Gilfillan Raymond Howard Marie Boley Emma Brown Marie Campbell Grace Carnahan Lelia Collins Charlotte Lines Dorothy Evans , Grace Felgar - Alice Greene 1 Dove Hallowell Alice Hunt Elizabeth Hughes Sylvia Hodson Ruth Johnson Ruth Knapp Genevieve Marshall . Lela McIntosh Helen McLeran Nel McClain Mildred Mendenhall - .Mary Miller Catharine Morony Esther Schaffner ,Inez Shepherms V S iolet Smiouse Mildred Wick Eva Williford Florence Wright .Francis Hobbs ' Stacy Black Waunita Walker Grace Kaighan if THE M. P. ll. S. TATTLER Raymond Bartlett Lee Bell , Raymond Brown Charles Carpenter Everett Case Colby Chandler Lawrence Conover Harold Dold Elmer Gould Robert Griggs George Hess Charles Hoffman Wilbur Jacobs Bertram Lewis Harold Monger Cleo Page Maurice Palmer George Ross Marvel Rye Max cus Smith Charles Stonehouse Verne Walker Marion Watts John Whiting Harold Glattly Pearl Dawson Della Baker Edith Beers Alice Campbell Mildred Church Elsie Churcb Helen Coenberg Florence Cole Hester Douthart Mary Ernst Lois Berry SOPHOMORES. Lola Felgar Velma Ford I Birdie Glashine Marian Hemmings Idabel Howe Laura Jay Mabel Key Miriam Kitch Helen Lloyd Ruth Mason Dorothea McMillan Ruth Metcalf Eva Morris Wilma Moore Florence O'Conner Frances Palmer Elizabeth Palmer Mable Peterson Margaret Putnam Berenice Rinehimer Esther Schutz Alma ' Skipton Gertrude Sheetz Helen Swan Vera Thomas Grace Tracy so Edna Tulk Frances Upton Edna Underhill Margaret Wheatley H18 Wilson Ethel Williams Emily Withrow Mary Young Gladys Messer Bessie Parker -. l 18 ' THE M.fP. H. s. TATTLER FRESHMXEN., Kenneth Anderson Fred Calhoun Franklin Coles Harold Craig John Dougherty Clarence Floyd' Gerald Forbes William Gillis Leslie Hallowell Truman .Hobson Walter Hunt - Alfred Ledger Harold Manning Luther Marshall Laverne Matson Harold McLeran John Morony Earl Nickolaus Miles Nicholson Ernest Rukgaber Fred Rukgaberf Arthur Schleip George Short Hemstead Shook Harold Smith l John Thomas Davis Weir George Whitham Floyd Williford Harlan Willey Arthur Shelledy Vera Bird ' Dorothy Burrows Florence Burns Rudolph johnson Arthur DeWitt . i. v-. .Sv ,A Os' i Florence Rauh Nina Caldwell Clela Campbell Mary Caulk Phyllis Church Prudence Cline Elizabeth Conner Marie Coleman Juanita Ford Grace Gavin 'Irma Glandon Wilma Hall Helen Hobbs Genevieve Howard fVelma Jeffrey F p Grace Kitch' Helen Kinneer Gladys Knapp ' Frances McGrew Fern McGohan Viola McKeehan Agnes McMillan Mary McMillan 1Esther Miller ' Pearl Ogg Florence Putnam J Evelyn Rauch 'Leah Runnion -Josephine Salzman Blanche Scarif Ida Scott Emelie Tuenge Lillian Hanawdb ' Ellen Stanley 2 Glen Lubendorper X THE M. P. H. SL. TKTTISERI 19 LITERARY Q EUTOPIAN SOCIETY. Officers. a ' President ,.,,,..,.,,,.,... ....................... ........ J u Stine Hartley Vice President .... ................ ....... Vligullgita Waiter Secretary .............. ....... u aumga en Critic , ,,....,,,.,.........,.,...,............................................ Anna Hunt Sergeant-at-Arms ................................................ Marie Mason The literary societies were organized in our Sophomore year. The first year there was only one society but it was so large that the second year two were formed-the Arcadia for boys and the Eutopian for girls. The girls have shown a great deal of interest in their society and have received much help and experience in public speaking from the pro- grams. The society has one hundred and five members. A meeting is held once every two weeks and once a semester an open house meeting is held when everyone may come. THE ARCADIA SOCIETY. . - Officers. ' President ,............................................................... Stacy Black Vice President ....,...,....,..................... i ............,.......... Paul Miller Secretary ...........................,................................ John Whiting The boys' literary society although not as large as the Eutopian, has had plenty of "pep" and has given some very interesting programs. They meet twice a month and have open meeting once a semester just as the Eutopian Society. DECLAMATORY. For the last two years interest in 'the declamatory work has greatly increased. Each year a member of the school is sent to compete in the suqidistrict contest and if he wins in this, tothe district and t en to the state contest. So many of our students have tried out for this that for the past two years two elimination contests and one final contest have been nrcessary to choose the one to represent us in the sub-district, contest. Last year Lawrence Hagie received first place in the Dramatic class but that department had the required num- ber of contestants so Ruth Hobbs who received first place I . .,,v,,5l as 20 THE M. P. II. S. TATTLER in the Humorous class was sent. She won in the sub-district but did not receive first place in the district contest. How- ever she had a splendid piece and gave it well, so we were proud of her just the same. Ruth is a good speaker and has a pleasing manner so she always makes a "hit" This year Ruth again was chosen to represent the school at the sub- district contest at Bloomfield. GLEE CLUB. r t Our Freshman year Miss Roberts was the Director of the Glee Club and under her supervision the school had a splendid organization. For the past three years Miss Celine Barger has had charge of the Glee Club and has been very successful in training the girls. She is a lady of exceptional ability and the school has been very fortunate in having her a member of the faculty. Miss Barger has put a great deal of enthusiasm into her work and has made it one of the most popular organizations in the school. Last year the school had a Boys' Glee Club which was also splendid. The two glee clubs gave an operetta, "The Windmills of Holland," which was a great success. Miss Barger gave a great deal of time and strength to this and too much credit cannot be given her. The principal parts were taken by members of our class and we were justly proud of them. The Glee Club is an important and instructive part of our High School and we hope it will continue to be a popular and well organized department. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. President .............. ................... ............. H e len Weir Vice President ................ ......... Sylvia I-Iodson Secretary ........................................... .............. M ary Parker Treasurer ............................................................ Frances Crane Miriam Bartlett Anna Hunt Ruth Hobbs. The girls of our High Schbol have long felt the need of some organization in which they could get together and become better friends, but not until this year has such an organization been formed. They have shown great interest in the meetings and because of their enthusiasm we are sure the Y. W. C. A. is going to be a success. They hold their meetings every two Weeks and usually some town per- son is asked to speak. They have had some splendid talks this year. ' 'rum M. P. H. s. TATTLER 21 A "Hiking" Club has been formed in connection with the Y. W. C. A. The girls who walk seventy-five miles will re- ceive letters for their sweaters. They have shown much in- terest in this. The girls have also adopted a French war orphan and in this way are trying to do their "bit" for the war. We are sure the Y. W. C. A. is a permanent organi- zation for our High School. ....,1.-l. SOCIAL THE JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET, 191-7. It has become a custom for the junior class of Mt. Pleas- ant High School to give a banquet for the Seniors. There- fore on Friday evening, May 25th, the two classes and the High School faculty gathered at the Y. M. C. A. to enjoy the banquet which had been prepared by the Juniors. Although there had been much contention between the two classes over colors and party intrusions, all were willing to forget their past injuries and join in having a pleasant evening. This banquet really marked a climax in the events of the year, for here the two classes met on equal ground and a feeling of peace and friendship was established be- tween them. V The large banquet room of the "Y" was fittingly deco- rated in the Senior colors, pink and green. Ferns, foliage and sweet peas adorned the tables. A huge rainbow hung on the north wall, the significance of which was in keeping with the toast program. At eight o'clock all were seated. One feature which tended to relieve the formality of the occasion was the singing of the High' School song. . "For it's always fair weather, When school fellows get together." Between courses the classes sang songs to each other. The menu was as follows: S Strawberries Veal with Mushrooms New Potatoes Peas on Rosettes Orange Ice Rose Radishes ....s.fQea - I 22 THE M. P. H. s. TATTLER Hot Rolls. High School Salad Wafers Brick Ice Cream Angel Food Salted Nuts Candies Coffee The toast program was fittingly outlined on the subject "The Bow of Promise," the rainbow. The program was as follows: Toastmaster ........... ........ L eonard Stromberg V ibgyor ,,,.,,,,..,..,........ ......... M argaret Palmer The Primary Bow .,....... ............. C ecil Eveland The Secondary Bow .,.... ........ L awrence Hagie The Covenant ............ ............. D oris Swan The Pot of Gold ............ ............. O ral Dold The Bow of Promise ........................... ,.... Miss Bray Gluck Auf .................................................................. Nina Caris THE JUNIOR-SENIOR LUNCHEON, 1918. Instead of the usual J unior-Senior banquet, this year the class of '19 has wisely decided to give a six o'clock luncheon which will take the form of the usual banquet as to center- tainment and toast program, but at the same time be more in keeping with the war times. - We do not know what the special features are. That is a deep, dark secret. Because of the mysterious looking pack- ages that are being taken to and from the Domestic Science rooms by the Juniors and because of the whispering tha-t always ceases whenever a Senior approaches. We look for- ward to something unusual for the evening's entertainment. The Juniors are noted for doing things right, so we know this feature of their high school activities will in every way measure up to their former high standards. The luncheon will be held May 10th, at the "Y," The toast program will be as follows: Pictures of Memory. Toastmaster L ...,..............................,....,,.......... William Weston To the Class of 1918 ............................,,.,.,,,,...,,,,,.., Stacy Black Fellowship ..................... ....,.... R eece Greene The Faculty ................. .,...... S ylvia Hodson Athletics ................... ........... H arold Miller The School Clock ......... ,,,,,.,.,,,,.,.,,,, R uth Hobbs School Spirit ........... .................. M iss Swindell Q. E. D. ..... . .......... ........ L eonard Stromberg THE M. I'. II. S. TATTLER 23 SENIOR STUNT. One of the great events of our Senior Year was the Senior Stunt, which was held at the High School building April 13th. Only one week was given us in which to work out our ideas for the affair. Each one did his share of the work. Not one tried to shirk and because of the co-opera- tion of the faculty and class, everything went off like clock work. The entire school building had been transformed into a place of amusement, the assembly being used for the main stunt. The main stunt was divided into three parts: first, an operettag second, a minstrel showy and last, a tableau. The main fioor down stairs gave the appearance of the midway at a county fair. Various side shows had been planned and a jazz band patrolled the street to keep order. Perhaps the room that attracted the most attention was the Domestic Science room, which was converted into a mess tent where sandwiches and "Ades" were sold. The other sideshows onthe midway were: The Hawaiian. Girls, The Doll Shop, Polly's Predicament, Franco the Ma- gician, Our Own Movies and Shoot the Kaiser. 1 HONORARY ' This page is dedicated to those students who have distinguish- ed themselves along any one line during their four years high school course. CLASS HONORS Helma Hanawalt Francis D., Crane John F. Garrels ORATOR Leonard Strom berg LITERARY - Ruth Hobbs Winner Declamatory 1918 Lawrence Hagie Winner Declamatory 1917 BASKET BALL Reece Greene '15 '16 All State Forward '17, 'lS. Leonard Stromberg '17 All State Guard '18. , Miles Rukgaber '11 '18. Clifford Buck '18 Charles Yocum '18 Russellilhomas '18 Fred Joy '18 FOOT BALL ' Reece Greene, '15 Miles Rukgaber 115 -411-" 24 THE M. P. 11. s. TATTLER A WORD OF APPRECIATION TO OUR BUSINESS MEN. The business men of Mt. Pleasant are the loyal support- ers of the High School. They have been behind us with their financial assistance and always they stand ready to encourage and help us in numerous ways. Four years ago they financed our football team, buying our suits and giving us all the aid we desired. Last year they subscribed money to send our basketball team to the District Tournament and, when the team took first place over all Southeastern Iowa basketball teams, they again' helped us and sent our team to the State Tournament. This year, when we were in danger of ruin due to the fact our athletic coach was called to the colors, they brought an experienced coach from Ottumwa to put our team in shape. When, through his assistance, we were again able to take the Southeastern Iowa championship, they sent our team to Iowa City to compete with the strongest schools in the state for the honor which so seldom falls to a school of this size. By reason of hard fighting and good team work and the support of the whole town, our team again brought home the honor of being the best basketball team in the state of Iowa. . We, the class of 1918 of Mt. Pleasant High School, in be- half of the High School, wish to express our appreciation of what the business men have done for us. Komedy Trio k 1 'rum M. P. 11. s. TATTLER 25 PASTIME THEATER "The Pick of The Pictures." I Everything' in ' e DRUG STORE GOODS Toilet Soaps, Toilet Water, Perfumes, Face Cream and Powder, Parker Fountain Pens. Candy, San 'fox Preparations. -id -EI. T. WA UGH. Druggist Jimmie Green: "I think this new fellow Hnzeltsine is an awful boob." Fred Joy: "Is your girl crazy about him too?" Marie: "Stookings?" Szilesmung 'iCerta.inly llladzun, what number do you wear?" Marie: "Two of, course. What do you take me for, a, centipede? Mrs. Swaney: "What are you doing this period, Frances?" - Posy Hobbs: iiWa.iting for the next." Prof. pointingbo the girls in the front row: "Pardon my homely - illustrutiion, bun .... l 1 1 i Il JOHN A. LAUGER CLOTH I ER N orth Side Square Phone 160 Y 'few . KAY? Q 26 G 'rum M. P. H. s. 'rxrrnmn x A UDI TORI UM ---.-l For those who know and Appreciate the Best. A UDI TORI UM Teacher: "Jimmie, why are you scratching your head?" Jimmie G: "Cause nobody else knows just where it itches." Miss Lundgreu fin Economic-s:1 Can you give an example of un- productive wealth?" Rex H: "Sure, when a fellow takes his sister to the show." "Oh my," exclaimed Alice G. impatiently, UWe'll be sure to miss the iirst act. We've been waiting a good many minutes for my mother." "Hours, I should say!" said Harold G. "Ours!" she cried joyfully, "Oh, Harold this is so sudden." A F. B. CRA E jeweler and Stationer Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Q P' . 'rum M. P. H. s. TATTLER ' 27 u New Home Bakery CHRISTIAN R1+3INHAR'l', P1-op. Bread, Cakes, Pies, Buns, Cofectionery, Etc. Phone 122. N. Jefferson St. - Of course Prof. Cruikshank never stole anything, but they do say he once hooked a screen door. P Miss Lundgren fat Miller's7 "How much are dates."' Evelyn R: "What do you mean by heart rending?,' U Helen Mc: "Just you get a note from the merry Mayor's son and you'll understand." l Don't do outside reading-might effect your eyesight. . Don't take advice-give it. I P Don't try to say anything when you talk-its hard on the teach- er. Will, Dyall, Photographer ,Next Door to Library. V an Aww:-f-V ...X 1 28 THE M. P. H. s. TATTLER C. HERBERT DYALLg I 119 North Main Street- Photographs, Kodak Finishing Picture , Framing I -- s--I Generally speaking, Ruth Hobbs is--well, generally speaking. Prof. C. explaining electrical apparatus. "All take hold of hands I now, how many are shocked?" Helen R. "Why weren't you at the station to meet me as I usual?" Jimmie G: "Mydear, you ought to get in the habit of some meetless days. l I I -' -1. I lil l l A. V. COLES l, ALL KINDS OF Fresh and Salt Meats 125 North Jeiferson Sig. Phone 240 i MT. PLEASANT. IOWA. N THE M. P. Il. S. TATTLER 29 1 1,i W1' ' ODEL Barber Shop North Side Square, FARMERSSZ MERCHANTS ' ' SAVINGS BANK. The Bank That Service Built. Three of our employees are graduates of Mt. Pleasant High School Your account will be welcomed and appreciated. H. C. Weir, Presidents H. A. Geeseka, Vice President Ross Walker, Cashier Fred C. Woodson, Asst. Cash. Don't study-its easier to Hunk. Donft recite-silence is golden. X Don't remember anything-it consumes too much energy. Don-'t get your lessons-get lease on some shark. Don't buy geometry compasses---borrow them. Don't try to learn---ignorance is bliss. ToiletlGoods-S - Perfumes -- WALKER'S ff PHARMACY. 1 -- I Photo Developing Supplies. Printing I www.- .f- 28 Tun: M. P. H. x LER I. H. WALLBANK Sz SONS "The Satisfactory Store7' The Home of 1 Hart., Schaffner E9 Marx Clothing. Right Styles for Young Men at the Right Time. ,Wy M M ,,, , ,. C .,i. , e-4' T g Homemade Ice Cream and Candies ,I 3 Thank You 1... I ' .. ..

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