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0w.e.fi0-hyd 1 1 s s E E 2 iv I I ,T . 'Q ' ru. . . . .ir N. H, .asp . ' -v-if-1. ,3- .S '..? ,-.ig"5.':NL . .,4Tfy: X ' L, '-J . ' 1 , . 'aw E 1 . 5 - iiaiv 1 fm- if ,P 9221-:I 1,21 .. ,,,3,:",3sA.: L: 'fyfflif . - -L Ja." 1- . f-4:41, ' .g-igaiga 1 A .4 . .,.... --f l. :gg--"V Luft v'F.,-QQ., . , , ,. ,,,,.w-Lw., H-'Sm fx .fp ga-1,9 Qlnff' As 15 :W-843212 Yiuififff ' ,, ' :ppp-.-3x'4i..A , 'Rf-55.1"-?-nffj. ' J. ' .wry 15,14 .1 :.'iT'5f3?'g?' 'W 'f -' 'rziwffnr--f '.' 1 ek V, 3- ff-vf... 'Ft -1 ., -,Z-.. .W,W,-L.,- .N ,gat : , l f',:5:,f'L: . . 1 w ' -A -Aw . , 51:--5 '- I.. - , as .. ,, ,,' fl, , - V , '. 3,-X L 9 ., sz. . , ., ., X ,.. 4.1 1-.. "J -1 fi ' I . reign ' 1 "ffl V Y .f ,,. . f , V !L..' jr -4. sf., . .. , -. .iw BNA . f 'H Q. -wg -ff! . "1 5 . azffl 2 r. 4 5.4 -..a .I . , .f . -f V . ,I -r-.V ,w , v. , ,. . ' J 1 A. Ay. JN - -Q.. , .x , ' A-ag .a 2' , r u ' V L . -tif. , F515-iii-1-V . , 'W' fi-M.-. - . - ., 4,-. . '. 1 4-: N qs, 1 '-: 1 'ri V-haf' .' , ., -. .Y V fx .rf' .f 'I' .-,X K ., 5 - fn ...L . .V , .., -J, ,W '. . '. . .I ,K I L.. V "'.f .- I' 'A Y Y, ' ' 4 . .197 P' H - .'f31',--Q I 'H '-1, it 5,, , N,. A-.ff7l-:ik 511' . . -' A 3 ?ig..3.'i5'w"' 'i'-.Qs FQ.-' - E.-!',2L 'f V .il N :W , . ,. .. G. Wg, T., L. .,V,V f, .ah ..,'f new-'W - -1. W .. w . V' , ,'i?L?F' 'fl' 9" .N 1" ,, .PHI -, v -, .5,' . , . VV ,M ,-,. ., , . Q pq: V X X ,..,.'.2i,4 wir '-' . irffw A ,V A '. gl, QE .M 1 - lulanl-lil-. ::i1:1 F" r N P D v Wand ?76'ea4cmt 7694 Sahel, Pzwddeace, 24:10 Velcmd , K JV MR. JOHN H. GILLICK Principal To OUR GRADUATES: No moment, thus far, in the life of any individual member of the class has ever been as important as will be that moment when each of you receives a di- ploma from Mount Pleasant High School. That moment will express the fact that you have successfully completed your high school studies and are then face to face with the thousands of tomorrows that lie ahead. You will be stepping from a land of directives into one of decisions and judgments-and, it is fondly hoped that your training at Mount Pleasant will aid you greatly in your choice of future endeavors. There is an inborn satisfaction-a satisfaction of the soul-found only in work, in a job well done. I sincerely trust that each of you will find such a satisfaction by doing something in life that is useful, constructive, and produc- tive. Human liberty is at the crossroads! Your generation must manifest an unconquerable spirit, a superb type of courage. together with an undying confi- dence and faith in the heritage that is yours in order that you may kindle the souls of future generations with the fire of zeal, devotion, and service to the ideals of America. Go forth with our best wishes for success! And, may we, who remain, bask in the reflected glory of your accomplishments. Ad Multos Annosl JOHN H. GILLICK. Principal Growing is a slow process which takes years to accomplish. Yet, the mere acceptance of your diploma will change you in that moment from an adolescent high school student to a young adult. In that moment you have assumed additional tasks, and in some cases heavy burdens have been placed upon you. ln that moment you have crossed the threshhold from dependence to responsibility, and many of you will be charged with giving to others the same type of care and guidance that only yesterday you received from your own teachers. We are not concerned as to your future, nor do we doubt that you can and will find happiness and success. Behind you are three wonder- ful years at Mount Pleasant and experiences which have enriched your entire being while preparing you for the things to ccme. Before you lies an unknown but bright future in this blessed land of freedom and opportunity. Go forward with a firm tread, a smiling face, and a level gaze. Congratulations to the graduates of the class of June, 1954. LOUIS l. KRAMER Assistant Principal MR. LOUIS l. KRAMER Assistant Principal Nite . Gbigttllnran lior many years, the faculty members of Mount Pleasant High School included a woman of great determination, unerring faith and loyalty, and unfailing efforts in leading many through the doors of suc- CCSS. Here was a woman who fought sickness to guide her boys and girls toward their goal: Who, on her death bed, still asked and worried about them. This woman was none other than Miss Alice E. O'Halloran, be- loved class counselor of the class of June, l9'54. She was our friend before that fatal day in April, l95'5, and she will remain an unforget- table memory forever. Therefore, we, the class of June, l954, dedicate our NIQTOP in her loving memory, Senior Introduction Another class is to be graduated from Mount Pleasant High School leaving many memories-memories of participating in sports events, of our always successful social activities, and of course, our fine scho- lastic achievements. How time flies! It seems as if it were only yesterday that we stood shyly upon the threshold to l0B. Under the guidance of patient and understanding teachers We have reached our goal. It is our hope that all students to be graduated following us, will spend three years as fruitful as ours have been. We have striven to make this book exclusively Hours." It repre- sents our three years at Mount Pleasant. In years to come we hope that this NETOP will be a great aid to you in recalling old friends- both students and teachers, We invite you to thumb through the pages and travel through those memorable years with us. NANCY BRADWAY ANY. TIM t s fl ' El 5 RX tl Mlilligli T94 1 l ll H f xl Gbpiilf i ' ligQ I 'DSNC6 Senior Netop Staff I-:ml !'l7lL'. Iwll In flillhf' X' Diliilippo, N. Braclway. Miss Xlwlflfcllil. .Nclvisorg N, Muscn. ll Cali liii .. nL ., .Snimll IHLLA li. lamli, C. limi. A Colavercliiu, lx Ilrmleii, V lil-rsliaw, .l Drl mia, ll. l Jr-lN'lasi ru. R. llapaxian l:'rl1'1o1'f1'l7 fflnef l,IiIt'l'tlI'U llitllillll' flrl lfclrlor lalrforll lfcliiior Sporis ffzfziluz' lizzszimss lfzliilor' l'l7o1or,rupl7if Nancy Pmracl w a y llolwerl Cialiccliia ,lean De l.ucia Ar! Stull' Ann Colaveccliio Charles Kachougian Ruth l.ancli Clarmella Ricci lil Ie Paige CiI'CltILllIfl'S Um1'erg1rr1rlur11 es Sporls A011-L'1'I1'1'.s Ann Clamparone lirances Bisignano IJI'Ol1lLlClIi0l'l Ari BLlSl.lN'SX fill1L'l'I'f iisiing l.1ilL'I'lH'Ll Slulli .lean De l.ucia liarbara Del Maslro Ruth Papazian liusiness Slulf Barbara Del Mastro Ruth Papazian Ilhologruphrf Kenneth Borden Charles Kershaw f,ll'I'lIl77liL'S lVorl2 by fldL'i'I'IliSIiI7g Slulf Annette D'Orio Robert De Magistiis Faculty ACIL'l-Sf'I'S Nancy Pmrarlway Norma Musco liulli l.ancli Nancy Pmraclwajv Cfliarles Kershaw .lean De l.ncia . Kenneth l'uorclen Victoria Di lfilippo Norma Musco Victoria Di liilippo Sporls Charles Kershaw Ken nerli Pmorclen Ruth l.ancli Ruth l.amli Penelope Downes Penelope Downes .leanette l,aman1ia Maria laclimarco llvelyn 'l avano Miss M. Eunice Xvflglll lMr. Clifford Pmicktiorcl illVliss lrene Goodwin A Mr. James Parker . . .lVlr. Edward Altiere Junior Netop Staff IHA! zulu. 1117 In rzgfhli A. liuluarclli. A. Curfcri. B. Tarrn. .l. McBride. .Nmzuni I'f1LL'I A. l7cClcmcn'c. A. Ull'mi.1w. N. licnnrclv, Pm. Nyc, J. Mansulillu. P. Dowms Room Agents jill'-Sl lflLL'. lv!! Im Vlylhli IT Downes. A. ,lxUI'lOl.lI1l, ll. l..1mlwrL. N. Ballisla, .l. llxmo S Cl.1r1nnc. N. Clrucnc, Cl. Rmrdon D. lhmlgliclli. -M'lf1mI1'mL': C, C..1l1sc. .I. Lnslcllu. .l. Pray. lx. Slalvllc. A. DcAngclo. A. lDcl'.1lu..I. Clln X l5.1rlw.1Lo. l.. Smrli. J. C:JINpJj,ll1UIlC. J. Burford. A. Massa. O. lunclrdo. 'lk17z'1'd ww: C. Cyronak. V. Grossi. C. D'Onofrio. C. Rcid. S. Curry. B. Kicrnnn. D mln. lf. Bisignnno. G. Horn. .l. Rocclwio. T. Angell. VIII .-4" Faculty MR. JOHN H. GILLICK, Principal MR. Louis I. KRAMER. Assistant Principal Mr. Allen Mr. Altiere Mr. Bickford Miss Black Miss Bogman Mr. Boylan Miss Budlong Miss Burke Mr. Busch Mr. A. Capasso Mr. T. Capasso Mr. Clarke Miss Conneely Miss Cooper Mr. Corey 1 WC Miss Eagan Mr. Ekberg Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mr. Miss Miss Miss Miss Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Fenton fifrmf Flanigan Flynn Forsell Goodwin Haughey Hoard Johnson Kearns Keegan Krone Leonard Lynch Martini Miss Ziesenitz Miss Marvel Mr. McCahey Mr. McCormick f Miss McElroy, Nurse Q Miss McDermott Miss McMichael Miss Montanaro Mr. Moran Mr. Myers Mr. Nelson 1A,a..,fvz.fw Miss Newell, L1bfarianQn.a-:lv-A Miss Nolan Miss O'Connor Mr. J. Parker Mr. W. Parker Mr. Premack Mr. Price Miss Prince. Mr. Quanstrom Mr. Ritzau Mr. Rivelli Miss Rubinstein Mr. Ryder Mr. Schuster Miss Silvestri, Asst. Librarian Miss Springer Miss Struck Miss Stucker Mr. Sullivan Mr. Thompson Miss Wright Miss Wrynn Mr. Ziegler 1 N Yi. sa EDWIN A. LYNCH MQ . ongratulations to the graduates of the class of June, l954. one of the finest classes to graduate from Mount Pleasant High School. While students at Mount Pleasant, you were guided by your principals, teachers, and you had the wonderful good fortune of having known Miss O'Halloran as your counselor. You have developed into upright young men and women and will conduct yourselves in life on the foundation you have built here as students. Nothing should deter you from taking your rightful place in the community as your willingness to do all things well has indicated. May your future years be bright and happy ones. EDWIN A, LYNCH 12A Class Officers President . . , , Roberl Calicchia Vice-President ..,,, Elena 'Carcieri Secretary . , A Victoria DiFiIippo Treasurer ..,.. Anthony Pacifico Ifirsl row, left lo righl: R. Calicchia. President: E. Carcicri. Vifc Presidenlg A. Pnciico, Treasurcrp V, DiFilippo, Secretary. IZA SOCIAL COMMITTEE First row, left to righl: S. Garzone, B. Angolia. B. DelMastro, F, Bisignano, J. Filippone, B. Mansolillo. Second row: J. Urbank, D. Ponmrelli, R, DeMagistris, A. Dilorio. at' l ri-N om? ARNOl.D ll. ANDURTON 40 Harris Aventte Johnston Thats Andy - tinkering with the Model A, or being with Marcia . . . Thumbs down on chop stley , .. Stock mufllers? "You all right?" A'llll'hfl7l-Sl BARBARA J. ANGl2l,l l-45 Sterling Aventte l.oves to eat lwith that tiny waist. we'd never guessl. "What do you ngure we do about American his- tory and long study pe- riods?" liind her with Ar- lene. Jo, and Theresa . . . That certain someone and "The host who loves you most" . . . Nurse Social Committee 5 THOMAS ANGlil.l, l-l Steere Avenue Patient Tommy . . . NO! Not dull classes or slow dri- vers. lDon't look at Kenny, Tommyll Toni likes new cars, good tilms, Nat "King" Cole, and discussions fhmml 4 . , Could that he Toni flying into the wild blue yonder? Test pflol Home Room Agent 3-6 BARBARA A. XINGOLIA Zl0 Ciree Stree All those n' e clotl . . . 'Cl hby" tl M l.ynch are ll rig li ar 's hook .'. , Un t ed oes, are kid ' g?l. . eeps busv . c ng o Mr 's records. Se r V o c Roo Agent l : So- cia .ommilte 3. 5: Young Ar sts' Club .5, 6 ROBliRT ARMSTRONG 2 Almy Street .Johnston Good-natured Bob . . . Try and Gnd him without K. S ,,.. Oh. that yellow Cadillac! . . . Umpires?- Not for him . . . "What's wrong with Ted Willia'ns?" liusebull Player Baseball 4. 6 voliti- ei ETOP RAYMOND J. AZNAVORIAN 53 Bernon Street Hes not kidding, he likes working! ..., Shishkebab and Esther liams make tip for it "You idiot!" . . . "Ra -l'll stay in bed." Murine Corps Al.BlN J. BABll.liWlt'f' 343 Belvedere Street "Yeah, that certain Mei ct1ryl" . . . "Shovel snow' "Oh, yeah?" . . . Al aut' Ralphfswimming or look ing at new cars. Carpenter AUGUSTINE BARATTINI 12 Rankin Avenue Gus enjoys those sharp clothes and custom cars . . . "The Red Sox? Oh. yes!" . . . Didn'r we see him at Christy's auto station with Chet De Angelis? Air National Guards SANDRA BARRA 260 Central Aventte Johnston Statttresque Sandy . . . Usually. she has the fur col- lar on her sweaters . . . She's not kidding about Cadillacs and Miss O'Connor's calcu- lating class . . . "Ir's loads of fun with the kids." Office XVorker Girls' Chorus l. 2. lg Drum Majorette 2, 3 .IU I", .JW eat Ro Sa ll! 1 ay . . . w' Jean, ce, an ean . . Vllr. btrg, gjwf o i , rten l 5 5 on list . h f nice j - I . ice Worhe 0 4 Girls' Glee Cl l, 65 I-State Chorus 4 JU E 1954 ROBERT BARTON 2313 Hartford Avenue Johnston "Oh, just what I like- jazz and good movies" . . . Quiet, thoughtful Bob . . . "I believe you." . . . Take those operas and classical mua sic away-fast! Engineer I.OU ANN BATTISTA 3-W2 Brighton Street "Whiz" -That was Lou Ann going by in that '54 Chevvy . . . We're sure "This kid is gone." doesn't apply to Dick or Mr. Mc- Cahey, does it, I.ou Ann? . . . I,ou of the pretty blue eyes-spotted at all M. P. football games. Office Worker Iiuture White Caps 3-6 GERALD BEAUCHESNE I36 Whittier Avenue "Beautiful - but - dumb" girls, feather - weight shoes? -not for Jerry . . . C. B.'s different . . . Riding in the rain and the Bos-Sox are fine. A Uitll ion ROBERT li. BELANGER Old Killingly Road Foster "You want to bet" . "Sure, I like all SDOIISIH . . . The Yankees? right out . . . Nice work on the l952 Proclamation, Bob! . . . Rhode Island University FRANK BENNETT 7 Elizabeth Avenue Smithfield "Let's go bowling!" . . . Well, how about those New York Yankees, Frankie? . . . "Long home room periods? -Neverfw . . . I-Immmm. wonder which home room the boy could possibly mean? Undecided CAROLYN BENNIS Greene, R. I. Miss Newell, gum, and gym-"I'll take them any day!" . . . "Gee, that long bus ride!" There's Carol with Joan and Janet. Travel Glec Club 1: Young Ar- tists' Club -l, 5, 6 JEAN P. BERRY I5 Spicer Street How about that sailor named Mel? . . . "Oh, broth- er. that heating system at Mount Pleasantb' . . . Judy and Jean agree about roller skating. Secretary Y-Teen l FRANCES BISIGNANO 9 Brighton Slireet "Ifrance? Oh! You F6111 41 Peachieln . . . king friends li Mi eprano and M . ick is her hobb s, that's r 1 g - ually ' oa an e Boobs .' . Pe c ' ' here. w lll cheer! 'T sist of in just a beco an roo rl' . Undeci ed : Cla s cretary X. 4, 5: Young A'tists' b V61 Room AgQt 3- : Driver Training 5, ,GIee Club 3-6: Special Chorus 4. 6 JOYCE A. BLINKHORN 985 Plainfield Street Johnston Blinky really means it- she says. "I love everything about school, including homework!" . . . "Oh, Bub- ble gum" to being kept wait- ing . . . "Judy, wait for me." A Certified Public Accountant Y-Teen l-4 JOHN C. BOLDUC 79 Barstow Street Oh, for those milk shakes --lat L. M.'s house?j . . . "What's your best bet?" . . . Take away that cold pizza and those ham actors! . . . Seen I.. M.?-there's Red! Armed Services Thirteen I x vxAf,,x,vX,vvxAfJvNfvvx, vxA ,VVVN KlzNNli'l'll l', I5ORDliN 'ill Olney Street I'ersonahle Ken . . . "l'll take Miss Conneely and fast cars any clay . . . Trig, too." t'l'hat's what the hoy saidfl . . , To sharpies and the gang that wants a ride to the eorner -"ls that right?" . . . Vv'e'll either hncl him hshing or target shooting- - il not with Boh. Paul. or Tom. fit1Ilt'tlt' Publications 6: C o I o r Cittartl 5: Model legislatttre -I, 6 NANCY J. IBRADNNAY Ill Doyle Avenue 'Hur friendly editor . . "'I me l.a yy in Red' . . . Just tal . vout her nieces llaig bro n Ayes or lots ol' nice ctithes ' . . t were woultlt-lnur Nt-'IUIY ln? ith- ' ll lout' ytou. Nan?l . . "Wi X I ever! unclerstandiyls geom- etry.' . , , litrslon Unit. rstlt Y Teen I- X oung Ar lists' Cluhf 3-6' ,uhlications E 6: Nl-'IQUI' lj itor 6: Jttn ior Alliance lirancais 3, -I: Social Committee -I: l'uture Teachers 6 Wll,l,lAM J. l5RIiAUI,'l' Ill River Avenue 'lihere's art in them there hands . . . "How ahout an linglish tnuIlin?" , . , "Drag it out" . . . He shines at those track meets, C 'omnlert lllll flI'lliXf Cross Country I, :ti ln-ll tloor Track Z. 6: Outdoor 'hraek 3, tix I Q 5 Q it JstI1dl7Slt7.tsRt1l,stf ' ' ' t . stl 1, 'nttQly. 't IJ ith Joknn' x ha 'I ok lo a d .' . I,o IQ gluQ tl t tlx I It I t ol X0 Vdalwce . QMQRXX "O tt efxlx otxuthxi -Y t . . . " se long ri " , . Driver Ira ting, 5 MARIIYN J. BUCKIJN '58 Sears Avenue X Quiet. thoughtful Marilyn l . . . Shes either reaclinu, horseback riding, or design- Mtt homes . . . "l'lI take frstin and fog over hot days ,an-ytin1ef" . . . Yes, that's N x 1 Makilyn walking so quickly to c Ili r th' third to I Nurse l I Iiuture Xklhite Caps 'S-6: ' Driver Training 6 Fourteen ETOP LUCY P. BUONAIUTO 54 Veazie Street I.ou agrees - long assem- hlies. white bucks, writing to Tonyfare tops! . . . "Cree whiz?" - "Are those shar- pies?" Bookkeeper HOWARD BURDETT 54 Dorchester Avenue "Yep' . . . Definitely it's Marilyn Monroe, dancing, and Miss Conneely . . . Homework? Liberace? Well. that's different , . . liincl Billy Lepere-there's Howie. Merchant Marine Band I-6: Wrestling 3- 6 2 if . BARBj?3lzfpvMR.f' B T .EIR 7 , , rczztl trerttti t Tlx Itfr J eg c 0 rain - nteftv r s a ftovitggw .Q -1- palnilffbl ,I llfsff . ,lBar-, bie., ekq 'ana' Clin, a dx' lkhfllgf W' ty ,lil Vfauef' t ' if ., 1 ' BliATRlCli CAIRONIS I57 Barbara Street That friendly smile comes lor pizza and convertihles . . . "Me, climb those stairs. you're kidding?" . . . That pretty dark hair! . . . Millie and "B '-like crackers and cheese-suit each other well. Secreturq ROBERT CALICCHIA 83 lfarmington Avenue Personality plusf .... lust give "Calic" conservative clothes and white bucks . . . Boy. can this guy really blow that trumpet! . . . Forget the knee socks. they just won't work Olll here . . . Bobby, that haircut is ter- ritic! College Band I-6: Orchestra I- 6: Class President 3- 6: Fencing 2, 4: Varsity Club 3. 4: Senior Play 6: NIETOP Stall' 6: Yount! Artists' 6 X '? .gee JU E 1954 -..W ANN CALISE 167 Glenbridge Avenue Popular Ann . . . that's Joanie's double . . . "Get out, you people who drive fast, have long hair, or gig- gle before breakfast!" . . . What pleases Ann? Why doubling with Joanie and Charlie and dancing to Ray Anthonys "Tenderly", of course. Office Worker Majorette 3-6: Glee Club l-4 l! 1 ANNE M. iC PA' NE 747 Acadia y enue "Now, l7,ynch, nice clot es, d Bo , that's liv- in " . 1 . That rainy weathf er you afte a while . ff . An , pret ' d practical . '. . HDOHJSI .He tfclllll me Ann'e." . Aftdr getting terri J'mark , comes ancing and' ovies . . . Legal Slenog apher RAYMOND l.. CAPOBIANCO 147 Admiral Street Cappy insists on full gas tanks - Jim Piersall - sleeping twenty-four hours a day! . . . "You're right out" -vain girls-English! . . . Takes long rides in the 1953 Pontiac-fCan we come?j. Toolmaher Football 5: Hockey 3-6 CAROLYN H. CAPRON Box 63, Chepachet "Oh, boy, plaid vests. bade minton. and Miss Newell!" . . . Summers are all at Camp Hoffman . . . "No, not the Golden Arrow Stage" . . . W-here did Rhoda and Astrid Stott go? College Junior Alliance Francaise 3 ' Q DQOLORES M. CXARBONE X' 21 tgfJutlert.,Street I ' Del s es T4 Mr. James Parke' une Christy's "I'll Remejmber April" . There's Edie, Pat, and Del dancing to J i m' Meddes "Record Shop!" Bookkeeper Glee Club l, 2, 5, 6 . ELENA T. CARCIERI 52 Merino Street Beautiful Elena . . . Oh those big green eyes! . . . Miss C. and life in a higlfl city? - "Oh dear, no! ' . .. Those "frat" parties and French fries really click. Nurse Class Vice-President 3-6: Future White Caps 3-6, Vice-President 3. 4: Ofuce Practice 5, 6, Young Artists' Club 6 Al.LYN CARMELl.O 2296 Hartford Avenue Zoooom - That's Al in his sharp Jaguar . . . He's sports car mad+Who would ever guess? . . . Believe it or not-"Sometimes I leave the "Jag" for a good show or meal of Italian food!" HCJfIl'CLl1ILlfiSl Social Committee 5 RHODA Ii. CARNEVALE 719 River Avenue Rho of the quick smile . . . Our popular Mr. Mc- Cahey's her man, too . . . "Hi, Chicken!" l.ocate Ann Russo, Carolyn Capron- there's Rho. . . "lt wouldn't dare rain on Sunday!" . . . Find her at M. P. football games. Nursing Future White Caps 3-6 STEPHEN V. CENCI 67 Brightwood Avenue Neat and interestingf- thats Steve . . . Don't rush him-let him listen to WHIM . . . The Yankees? -"Somebody goofed!" . . . Off into the wild blue yon- der! Air Force Hi-Y 3, 4: Hi-Y Presi- dent 5: Driver Training 6, "WMPH" 5. VINCENZA CENTROCCHIO 99 Coggeshall Street "You Belong to Me" fcould she be talking to Larry?J . . . "Me, wear white bucks? Are you for real?" . , . Those picnics are fun! Secretary Fifteen lp? 'iv 4- ' MARILYN li. CHURCH 78 Wisdom Avenue lfor Mal-the Hilltoppers' "Till Then", and all sports . . . "Well, what do you know?" . . . Find the ever- present roller skates . . . "l'll he waiting for Evelyn and Janet." lVuUes Driver Training 6 PAUL CIASULLO lf! Ponagansett Avenue Charming Chix . . . Oh, no. not knee socks or while bucks! Just give our foot- ball player Mike Hammer and dancing . . . "You figure it out,' comes when we ask about Liberace. Serutice J. V. liootball l: Varsity liootball 2-5: Wrestling l. Z. 5, 6: Model Legislature 4, 6: Social Committee -1' MA t. CtQCoNt3 A 6 wkins Street C ie . 5. lio . ef" V., llon ri s. Ton ennett'. . ' fyo s lots n llpts 'o h e rk? N r , ' . .!Always wi Nh the ff" ang." , ' - L !f'usI1ior1 Desigrjer ,V I ylome Room Agent! RALPH CICCONE 873 River Aventte "You know, Joe, that al- gebra gets yott after a while." . . . "Red Sox. now. you can take 'emf' . , . Chicky likes speeding, baseball. hock- ey. and good music. 'lirauel All-State Chorus l-6: City Chorus l-6: Boys' Glee Club l-6 FRANK ClOl.Ll 24 Monticello Street "Guess sol Bob and Johnl" . . . Marilyn Monroe and expensive cars - tn a class by themselves . . . "Rather be anything than broke on a Saturday night!" !Most of the time he is riding around in one of those cars. Draftsman Cross Cottntry l: Basket- ball l Stix! een ETOP IEDITH COCCI ' 53 Hall Street Really, she does love sour pickles - progressive jazz. too . . . History and lunch are different . . . "Gee, Mus- ty, l'll try not to be late" . . . "Let's go bowlingf Private Secretary MARIE COLANNINO Ill Waverly Street "Hey, Edie, meet you there!"-AOh, those long tel- ephone conversations twith Joefl - "l think Miss O'Connor's swell!"-That's Marie Col you see over there at a Tuesday night movie . . . Double dates with M. R. and G. li. are fun. Office XVorher ANN COLAVECCHIO 85 Winthrop Avenue "Gee wilikers, no more books to carry!" . . . Thats Ann with the sketch pad in class , . . She'll have "My Secret Love" and hamburgers if you please, Clerical lVorher Publications 2-6 BARBARA COLAVECCHIO 85 Messina Street Those flying hands! . . . Ach de Lieber . . . not peas or long hair . . . "Let's have Mel lierrer. good books. and Greig Concertos instead" . . . Barbie will make the NCM s die laughing yet . . . Someday those paintings will hang in the Louvre. Rhode Island School of De- sign Young Artists 6: NETOI' 6 CAROLINE COLETTA 142 Sutton Street "Did you say Frankie Si- natra?"-The "Voice" ranks almost as high as Mr. Nel- son . . . "Oh. no. those speed tests!" . . . 'AYou know what? Norma and Lee. we could go bowlingl" Secrelurq Social Committee 4 I 4 e. n lle -rf' a t i S 0, b I iabbageh . . "Oh los . -speed te .... Ol fri s tin l, ell. M.. . ' l-. . , 9 -f D T .' ' I 6. I 4 fl - I 9 A T C A 1 f J BEF" . , f fl J f M l . j 1 ,lf ' I T . ff fffc f l MARIE . CosTA1311.t3 L i' ZA rgjrrfv. W4 .f V1 Wghl 5 X -' 3 lt arpies, e E eorgy Wal? any t Ja, A B. md O Wston , fla and c w cuts . Henry and Wswfms are lay it C0 r Q ",ill,SI 5 ' J' ell."'I'1 sessio ' be near lwl yfSH'l 91' fJ t Be and J ie . . e an a di i.U1l"'- ' J fi lon " V - pi. . e n " 'cr cial Com ittee 5 Y . O :L o ' , ton ' e i ding!" "I lo idi the rain coff fee at s with land P a" . . . ate o e and may gs fl t for Nan.,.S 'ngfancy... We kno probably skating or driving. Secretary 14,91-'J xr MA . C l Al o et CH e 'and E " l s" co ibl . , " yigee. I t be kept a . g ., I .t . F ' L ' e a ' it- in . r . .ise g o ie jgipvti ea ing o- at ie-gre u l 051' er U irs' lee C Wll,l.lAM A. COPPA 155 Ridge Street For him? 7Dancing to Stan Kenton's and Billy lVlay's music . . , He's in the stands with T. lfraieli. Travel S o cial Committee 4: Young Artists' Club -li ilee Club 4 f NNT' C E V irkw Mss t clgvju u m rned is ir thc Htsf Slrno 1 tttni i nc A i or ' n X St ogrr er Q X4 ' Club , I! Young Ar S Club 6 ALBERT COTOIA 223 Lynch Street Als likes? . . . dancing, bowling, and a certain some- one in far-away Nashua. "Oh, how l hate going to bed!" Engineering JOAN M. COTTIQR 64 Laurel Hill Avenue Our smart-looking major, ette . . . Umm, vanilla cabie nets-almost as good as Ro- mans' club parties . . . Bet- ter make sure it isn'r Ann Calise before you call her Joanie . . . "Say honest, that you don't like thoughtless boys either." . . . .loanie knows more motorcycle cops! lWOdE1 Mauiorette 3-6: Glee Club l-4 T ' RY-i-O,r OYNE .2 Mfry ,fnti st,'e 128 Al quL?n I-bye ef' j i liDay see, Yto go tbgethe' . .,j Garlic fghd ,sqdnies-" rally, s mes lcsgn: 1 fwhulw' l. . .glirys yelli g1ft al W . P.' ' 1 r y N bl 5 t 2 ctal mm Y-f teen +L: Young Artists' X Cytb 33 Driver Training 6 JOHN CRAVIEN V 8 Bancroft Street Likeable Jackie . . , No noisy people here. , . 4'Those girls with black hair -eround collar shirts suit me une" . . . "How are you?" . . . At all hockey games. U. S, Nutty Cross Country 2, -lx ln- door Track 3: Outdoor Track 2, 4: Glee Club 256: All-State Chorus 2. 4: City Chorus 4: Hockey 5: Young Artists' Club -l, 51 Varsity Club 71. 4 Seuenltcn 5: .IOHN W. CROUSII, JR. 79 Alverson Avenue Jack says, "Well, there's always Pennsylvania, pretty girls, and Civil Air Patrol flying . . . "Nice guy, that Mr. Ryder" . . . Wie geht es . . . "Not too much of that homework stuff!" P1101 RICHARD R. CROWE ,6 Mount Pleasant Avenue l ' says, "You goofed!" h . . . those blue- . . . While running ingers through his hair. is it possible that he is think- ing about those desirable hol- idays ind vacations? Nutt! 3 ! If 0 lt'lS 9 lx f' N.. . M. PAULA CUNNINGHAM I5 Mission Place lt will always be short hair . . . "Louise, you don't like liver either, do you?" . . . We agree about Mr. Lynch. Paula . . . Heres a real TV fart. Cfollege Jr. Alliance Francaise 3. 4: Future White Caps 3-6: Office Practice 6: Driver Training 5 MICHAIEI. D'AC1NIl,I.O l6Z Beaufort Street Good-natured Mike . . . Popular music appeals, so does a good hot-rod . . . "What? Conceited girls, clas- sical music? Are you all right. pal?" . , . rabid foot- ball and baseball fan . .. Sure. he's thinking. He's bit- ing his pencil, isn't he? U. S. Air Force Color Guard 5 CAROI, R. DAMIZ Brown Avenue Johnston "Gee"-sport clothes, Ted Williams. and "Changing Partners" . . . "Marilyn, let's either go to the movies or ice skating." College Eighteen ETOP GUILIO A. DISANGIILIS 118 Sutton Street Chet, you wouldn't hap- pen to like Carl Bostic, would you? . . . "Hey, you forgot Sarah Vaughan and Carl Henry!" . . . "Those college styles -I don't know." Here's a crew cut without bucks. Navy W . Qu- Rf . 5 N JS, . , phelia- t We t andf ...Thats our Millie . . . "B" I can't stand these crowded buses!" . . . Oh. boy, popular mu- sic. Monty Clift. and rides with R. O .... Also, ap- proval of hockey games. Secretary EDWARD DHLGRANDE I2-I Leo Avenue L. O., Mr. Ziegler. and half a gallon of ice cream rate highest on Plumber's list . . . "Lord, Have Mercy" . . . Staying home nights, noisy people are taboo .... Plumber J. V. Iiootball 1 EVELYN A. DELLAGROTTA 92 Hendrick Street Pretty jewelry and Italian food-Evie can't get enough of them . . . "Oh gee. not peg pants! ' . . . Here's our apparatus whizl . . . Shell be bowling. of course! Private Secrelurq lfuture White Caps 3, 5 BARBARA DMLMASTRO 636 Cranston Street That cute laugh . . . Bet it's for that Brown junior of the crew cut and white bucks, isn't it, Barbie? . . . "Hi, Hon!" . . . "Ebbtide" and long rides with Sonny rate . . . "Annette and Jeanie. I can't stand walking on cold days! ' Bryant College Social Committee 3, 6: Young Artists' Club 3-6, Driver Training 5: Publica- tions 5. 6: Ollice Practice 6: Social Committee 6 X JU E 1954 JEAN DELUCIA 63 Wood Street "Hi, Hon!" . . .Cute as a button, Jeanie . . . Umm -goes for February I6th, Mr. Lynch, and cheering . . . Please. no coarse boys, po- tato chips, or insincere peo- ple . . . Hey, where did Bar- bie and Anette go? Office Worker Cheerleader Z-6: Head Songleader 6: Young Artists' Club 3. 4: Publications 5, 6: Driver Training 5 ROBERT DEMAGISTRIS 26 Osgood Avenue Johnston We saw him at Roseland . . . "But, Miss O'Connor -" . . . 'ACan't miss that Johnston bus! . . . Rather ride with Virginia and listen to Don Cornell" . . . "Any- body seen Dick?" Accountant AMALIA A. DEPALO I4 Ledge Street "Let's have Italian food and the music on WHIMH . . . Those hazel eyes light up for flannels and long rides . . . "Please." the girl says. Business School Young Artists' Club 4: Civil Air Patrol 5. 63 Y- Teens l Q ARIE . l ' 1..-'L 5 X a 'f' QV" , Ravioli, im e es me the 'ff toy l. l':' 9 ,.' mbur ti f airdres. ' ' Drive r tni W AGNES I DERMANOUELIAN 51 Nolan Street Give Shoos-hy Armenian music and Tony Bennett . . . Look out-you people who can't take a joke! . . . Yes, that was Shooshy we saw behind the desk at the P. P. L .... She'll be at A. Y. Ii. meetings with Betty, Susie, and Stella. Private Secretarq CARMELLA R. DESIMONE IZZ Leah Street Could the love of your life be N. B.? -hmmmmm Carmie? . . . Swoons? To Eddie Fisher, of course . . . Oh, that spellbound per- fume! "Seen Joan or Mari- lyn?" Travel IRENE M. DESSERT 103 Julian Street UfWUSf ltauawir g .... ' t L s listen to hi? t0,ajpne,Lx tibelf-skw 5. , C busyf- bowling. bas tball, ar?xLl those 'Fr ch fries! . Sefretary ANN R. DESTEIIANO 59 Murray Street Oh, those long eye-lashes! . . . "Umm" says Steffi to Monty Clift, "Rhapsody in Blue", and Mrs. Mfs hair- curs . . . "Hey, kids, wait for me!" . . . Please, no whipped cream here . . , Thank goodness the NCM's have ladylike Steffi to calm them down! Telephone Operator Office Practice 6: Young Artists' Club 6 ELIZABETH DEXTER Moosup Valley Road Foster That scowl is for English homework . . . Domestic Elizabeth's a terrific cook . . . "I love to read." . . . She sews, too. Bookkeeper SHIRLEY J. DEXTER Moosup Valley Road Foster "Yea"-that red Mercury and western music . . . "Darn those icy roads" . . . B. H., C. D., and Shirl . .. good friends. Glee Club l, 2, 5. 6: Young Artists' Club 5, 6 Ninelcc n tngs . . . Seen In "W ' Ml lfMMA DlliAl.C 63 Terraw Avent Perry Coma mc ow voice -- Mo ' mntin cooking-wowf . " you kidding ?"--e y I d Phyllis? Sl't'l'l'ldfy Driver Training VICTORIA A. DIIIILIP O IZ4 liairview Street "Dont dare call me 'Bamf hi', whatever you do!" . . . Cute Vicky votes no - La Salle football team thmmm. what does T. D. say about that?l . . . Her favorites?- Mr. Lynch and, of course, Ted . . . "My word!" Legal Secretary Glee Club Z. 5: Olhce Practice I-6: Y-Teen Z, 3, 4: Social Committee 4. 5: Young Artists' Club 3, -lr, 6: Publications 3-6: Class Sece retary 6 ANTHONY J. DIIORIO -l7l Harvest Street Amiable Tony . . . Give him Lee, Ray Anthony. and Debbie Reynolds- He'll be smiling . . . "Johnny, l hope you mean it!" College Indoor Track l. 3, 53 Outdoor Track 2. 4, 6: Captain of Track Team 5. 6: lioothall 4, 5: Social Committee 4. 5: Room Agent Z: Varsity Club 3. -lg Senior Play 6 .RICHARD ll, DIILONARDO 571 Union Avenue "Man, that 'lflying llome' by Lionel Hampton Ado I go for that I " "Wl1.1t? --- Wettring levis to school. never!" . . . "Hello, DaclT" . . . "Hey. Iirank, come on. Ive got my father's car!" Cfulletlt' All'Stale Chorus l, Z: Boys' Cllee Club l-og Young Artists' Club V61 Senior Play fm LUCY IZ. DILUCCHIO IIO Donelson Street Lu---of the warm smile . . . "'s have home room periods with Mr. Nelson and pina!" . . . Betty Ifallone knows about her aversion to walking to school and lots of homework , . . That's Lu whizzing by on roller skates. Iiuirdresser Social Committee 5 I wen! y W ETOP LOUIS DINOBILE 363 Hawkins Avenue To please him it takes Helens blonde hair and blue eyes . . . I-low about art metal with Mr. Z, Louie? . . . "Seen the syndicate?" Model Maher THOMAS DEPETRILLO 15 Wende S eet D. ab ad o our ath d artment ho doesift? . those Pro ' ence dsl" . . . "Here, xher none of th Enqlisht ho Draflsnia . ' Hockey 5: Mfe Opera- tor Z, 3, 4 u S DO tre onder l ro You na o a n 1 ee ceu C e ' riving , OO -lan n et .I Il ' 1 , :Q in , . U 9 nf .d' tby stic. 4 1, . -I. OU - r ' -" u - p I I .'... s a we 1 .7 w me gt ' 'P IZ? Secretary Home Room Agent l: Y- Teen I: Young Artists' Club 4, 5. 6 t fx, .t ,' " I 1 N, ,L ll I t'oisANTo ,tg jf' t 43 Hggbert'Strcjt ', f m Sorry felFpr'she's, ngaged. l I tt 5 . . f ,lg-:nie ., ,'. " eMerly'l..S friendw pfbplx a oifemt syjoef ralte . .i. She: Rust an Bette driv- ingf Ogtlz 3ier. l Sie ofbrttpher I BARBARA L. DONAHUE 27 Lavaughn Street Tony, conservative sharp- ness. and our Irish counselor appeal , . . Barbie and dirty paper currency don't get along? .... lim Mendes sing- ing his theme and a '-ll Ply- mouth mean pleasure . . . Those "Typical Mountieslu Stenographer Glee Club l. 2: Young Artists' Club 5. 6 -i AQSQI' Nw 1954 ATRICI TDONA UE udith Stree " so is ' 'th ort 'r argume s . . . B ' Q ' nd ridin w C hat's differ . . . Irish Pat whizzing pa t 1 Del, Edie, and Jay . . California here she comes. Travel Girls' Glee Club l, 6 CAROLYN V. D'ONOFRIO 2 5 Elmdale Avenue Lovely Carol of the pretty blonde hair and white bucks . . . "Sharpies? Slow peo- ple? Are you kidding me?" . . . Our high-strutting head majorette tends toward tall boys Cwho doesn'tD and "Harlem Nocturne". Travel Girls' Chorus l-6: Home- room Agent 1-6: Y-Teen l-6: Majorette 2, 3: Head Maiorette 4-6: Young Ar- tists' Club 3. 4: Oflice Prac- tice 6 ANNETTE D'ORIO 20 George Waterman Road Johnston Cute "Curly" . . . First comes Freddie in -her life- Miss O'Connor and Frankie Laine share second honors , . . "What, have you gone soft?" She loves her dad for letting her take the Cadillac. Home Maher JOHN DUGAN 35 Lawrence Street Dum...da,dum.., dum , . . That's our witty Jackie . . . Oh boy, sports and blondes . . . "Man. get rid of that Spanish and those Fords" . , . Is that a tie we see you wearing? University of Rhode Island Cross Country 3, 5: In- door Track 3. 5: Outdoor Track 4, 6: Captain of Track Team 6 NORMAN R, DUXBURY 883 River Avenue "Dislikes? Too numerous to mention" - say "Big Dux" . . . "Let it be South- ern Californiaq, Usually working around amateur ra- dio. T. V. Career FRA R. DWYER Lynch .Street nder if 's rdering a van'll ca inet. , . Push tlnllja n for he Hilltop- rs . . . "S you're wear- i horts? Well, g u ' . . . There goes th green Ford. . S. Navy JOSEPH A. DYDO 143 Allston Street There's our boy bowling . . . "Oh,yeah?" . . .Home- work? - What's that?- Yankees?? . . . Just give Joe Mr. Nelson, spaghetti, and meatballs. . . l Navy L . ELFGREN a e ' E Si I xct a l us as ove an ? nl. . ht ug s f i - J a s 'rf s Ne - M . 1, if S y - A 5-i es ' . . . Sh -H -3 i M 'si,.. T at's Lou in D 's store. o CS USI s College WILLIAM H. FALL 17 Angell Avenue Johnston Hey, Bill, how's the air when you re up at 6' 4"f . . . Cute Hope's Hne as long as she doesn't wear knee socks . . . "No quiet cars for me, boy" . . . Seen him in the convertible with Will Halesen Draftsman Hockey l: Football 3, 5: Basketball J. V. 2: Varsity Basketball 3-6: Social Com- mittee 4 ELIZABETH A. FALLONIE 318 Hawkins Street "Naturally" - duplicat- ing with Mr. Altiere and "Because of You" by Tony Bennett . . . "Rides in Mikes convertible rate" -she tells Dotty and Lucy. Office Worker Social Committee 6 'Twenl y-one FRANK FANDETTI 132 Laban Street "Keep your cotton-pick- ing hands off!"-says "Vet" . . . That cute grin . . . "Gee, I could eat anytime!" . . . Just let him sleep. Electronics Ennineer JOHN IIARRFLL 13 Selinoir Street "Algebra, w a l k i n g to school-gets a hearty "Oh, yeah!" Football and basket- ball are different tunes . . . Red Auger and he will be skating or taking in a show. Travel GERALD FARRELLY 1302 Smith Street Jerry's style is Mr. Pre- mack, the Red Sox and good eating . . . "Forget those neckties, if you please!" . . . We've seen him at all M. P. games. College J. V. Football l. 2: Var- sity Football 3-6: Boys' Glee Club 4, 5, 6: Varsity Club 5, 6 I. ' . mom , 8 blk Street " die ' , Life" rgume s " du kid- ' me ' . . . H, about ' n n t t g. Rocket ? M el am weather? d lk ROBERT R. FISRRANTE 1425 Hartford Avenue .Johnston Who's that "l.ittle Chick," whom Bob smiles about? . . . "Sophisticated girls- you're kidding!"'s have the Detroit Tigers and home cooking for him , . . Get a glance at that ambition! Polfcenmn Twent rf- I wo ETOP W l .M f . 7 AR L LF I ,if l-4? artfo A en l X Jo ton OjSmart othes me- cooedfd,yl11 y!!. yt, ci1tes Fi ' g he - l' . . . w t olo J n, Ulnd Dotty! Si 'No" I' Rainy days! "Do t be sill !" Llf'Slf K7 I- JEA TQFIILIP A 8 Ofisler t- on't ro hose gla s, Jeannie!" . . . " h, or a ridew BO s Cad V1 or for . uiic' . . Remove mad atigft Make and un- tidin 7-Athafpleases ct ' Jean Ei , ' Office M ' me p or So' Co ee 4, gy: O e Practie 6: G' ce- Gmfe 5: Glee Cluat' is g, gl ROBERT J. FIOCCO 77 Marietta Street He just went by in a '53 Oldsmobile . . . Dancing, Red Sox. and Mr. Nelson really rate . . . "Cold and rain together. you kidding? . , . Bobby. Ifrank C. and Joe N.-quite a trio. Baseball Player Social Committee -lg Base- liall 4 FSTHIER J, FIYOD i' V , '63' Spruce Street ff I Hey. Shortie! . . t. lls works crossword' puikles Qt I and enioys Mrs. Perry's bak7 1, ing . . . "Cami: stand cereal-t, lr . or oral talks!" . . .'She'likei. 'fl' lots of company while vvllkv ing. W . Olfrcc' lN1tr'ker ' 4' Girls' Chorus 5 lv, THIERFSA A. lil.ORl 3-l Kelley Street Barbara, Vie. and Connie agree . . . for Terry it's defi- nitely Al. sharp cars, and the Yankees . . , "Are you kid- ding? 'Yriding on .1 crowd' ed bus!" Secrelartf Girls' Chorus 5: Driver Training 5 JU E 1954 MARIE IfI.ORIO ZZ Ve :ic reet Vlamie ear " t .tat . . . .'Ear o ti "Y Go to My n- vertib es., ? Vaughn Qiiitvi I ,E . he's at those hdQR'f5'ames. Q Secrelury D xxx 5925 IRENE IIORD l79 Manton .Avenue Quiet Irene with the pret- ty blond hair . . . "Oh crim- mineyf I can't stand pegged pants or suede shoes." . . . Did you say Dave, animals, or "Is It Any Wonder"? "Well, now, that's a differ- ent story.". .She and Carol are probably skating. Office lVorker THOMAS J, FRAIOI,I. JR. ll Mink Road Saturday night with no date? "Oh, what is it?" . . . Hey, how about that Louis Armstrong? . . . "'s dance to that cool mu- sicI" . . . With B. Coppa in the stands. Travel CARMINE FRAIOLI. JR. 2-I' Angelo Avenue He likes those average every-day people . , . Classi- cal music?-"Well. not right nowl' . . . Traveling and Dool-"YepI" Chemist I,Il.I,IAN A. ITUOROLI 940 Smith Street Agreeable Lee . . . that's A. C.'s gal . . . Iilying, Mr. Lynch. the Red Sox-en- joyed almost as much as Mom's cooking . . . "Can't go swimming when it's cold, TabeyI" Stenographer Oflice Practice 6: Civil Air Patrol 3-6 JOSEPH Ii. GAGLIARDI 62 Grosvenor Avenue Joe-one of our favorites . . . He's happy with spag- hetti and meatballs fany Italian food. in factl . . . We know Joe Dydo agree about English themes . . . What have you bowled late- ly, Joe? Undecided DOROTHY M. GALLAGHER I Elm Court ohnsto Vx, ' t a hot-Vzfiket . . . T gig probabl Atop die rduro tf ,J J L, I S and it boots rty ,' is! .. -' ey- te, w come you dolv like eggs?" . . . That's Dottie- a wonder on roller skates. Housewife , . .'.V ' I JANET GALHLIPOV if 'I r Jm er Street' cer 'R blilcfeiyed lbl. e c eugylhavoc withf, f n ..., '!YDh.,fnoj7 . .-X. Ate 5 , knee socks? t .... Al- vifggg2withVCarolyn and 'Pat. Office Worker Y-Teen l, 6: Young Ar- tists' 5, 6: Driver Education 5: Publications 3 CHARLES GARABEDIAN 37 Whipple Street Hey, Harpol . . . "Ah, that's it, make it Oriental food!" . . . How about those musical movies? . . . Trou- ble? There goes his hand through his hair . . . No, extremely sharp clothes, if you don't mind. Tailor ANNA M. GARGARO 54 Barton Street That's Anna we see run- ning to make bus No. 5 . . . "Forget it" comes to rainy days and white bucks . . . You'lI see Ann skating with Adel and De-De. Office Worker Y-Teen I, 25 Driver Training 5 Ttuenty- three JW' ' x N in 'WI ff ' RICHARD GAROIIANO -4 Ilvergreen Drive Johnston Iiverybody knows Dick . . . Yankees and playing golf for him . . . "Flat tires? Hey, you're kidding me!" . . . Just spot those sun- glasses. 'I 'exliles Football I 1 -I: Baseball 3. -I-5 Track 3-6: Varsity Club I,--I: Band 3-6 f S ' VI . GARZONE 2' randall Street ii Miss Forsell. tall b s volley ball for al 'c Syl. . 1 . Sand,wiches nd sh r ch periods P-' Well. mg ame!" .vyedevei with at hai bull . . . That's she at S rough getting a lerrilic. . Medica Sec etury GI Club I-6: Social Committ'ee"-1: Home Room Agent I - -I JIEAN GILSUALDO I0-3 Whitehall Street Jeanie of the "fishfhooks" . . . It's B. Berrigan's "I Can t Get Started" and curly- haired Ci. I. . . . "I've got news for you!"-she's tell- ing Del. Serrvlurtl Girls' Glue Club I, 2. -I: Social Committee 3: Young Artist Club -I, 5. 6 - I f J . R M611 BI ' treet Lea airfe ' The ' ' sm nit Ta C our 3 Me" 1 Mr. du. . . " u're Cr ' . f f 1 Anna an Margar .' T avcl f RoonffE MARIIE GIARRUSSO IZ Messenger Street Bookkeeping. Billy, volley ball--they all rate . . . Get rid of those snobs and wash- ing dishes Cwe're all with you on that. Mariel . . . "Really, it's wicked!" Bryant Twenl y-four ETOP ROBERT GIZZARELLI 106 Pocasset Avenue Clean-cut Bob . . . He'll take his steak thick and very well cooked, but he doesn't mind ravioli either! . . . About the only thing that gets our lad out of bed in the morning is the thought of driving-that Pontiac Cata- lina . . . fWonder what hap- pened to Dick De Leon- ardo?l. A Engineer IE .GO NyS'KI Y Cla ce Street 1. . . .J 1 oan1e- insepar- le . "Umn3Q3H'Izat Ed- , die e '31-td. 'Letters from o,J's me e' .' L ' "You like C se food d nail pol- ish? Say, honest" . . . She'II open that locker yet. Secretary Driver Training 5 RALPH P. GUY 2367 Hartford Avenue Johnston "Can't wait till pay-day. Dave!" . . . No, he doesn't go for hot rods or Sunday work days . . . I-Ie'lI take in a drive-in anytime-a hot- dog roast. too. Army Hockey -I WILLIAM HAELSEN 41 Angell Avenue Johnston "Oh, my gosh!-not a woman driver!" . . . Boats and music are all he asks . . . He and "Big Bill" Fall are probably Eshing. Navy ' . ,EI.lIZABETH, M. HALL ,North Scituate., 'R. I. . "Look, felloyv--lt's a cerf tainjR.'R. from Central" . .l. "Yes", -v idssentblies, Misls, Offlonnopp at and squarefdanqfff, ingot. amd N: fV,,.'brrel fine. ' ' , I I lr , Nursef I -I 1 Young Artists' Club 3 1 . l ' me A if I n N ! I BARBARA J. HAMILTON 111 Newberry Street Quiet Barb . . . "Sure, I like being a nurse's aid." . . . "Mr, McCahey and horseback riding-oh boy! ' . . . At all M. P. football games. Nurse Future White Caps 4. 5. 6: Chemistry Club 5, 6 with Ni Glee Club l. 2 White Caps 4, 5, 6 B LD ANSEN 5 V ct ount X' X ns n ee t e lon trides- t t' good - looking li' r -."C p" .V ., . l' Joyce 'an horses him . . . " .P. pe 'o . you'll be right!" ndecided ALTA ace d and the about ture GRETEI, HORN 64 Melissa Street Happy-go-lucky - Gret! . . . "No damp mornings, if you please!" Just find those dirty white ffl bucks . . . "Hey, Dotty! Who said I had green hair? ' Undecided Future W 't Caps 4: Home Ro 1 gent , 4. 5. 6 lj! if of . J' 'ru N y , U' x k Q J RICHARD HUNTSMAN 199 Eastwood Avenue Dick says, "1t's good food for me!" . . . "Oh, those linglish themes!" . . . But we find him fishing or hunting . . . "Please, no substitutes." U. S. Coast Guard W. M. P. H. 4. 5 MARIE l.. IADIMAR O 333 Laurel Hil,l A ue Eddie,I"sher's ' Louie an u h K1 ' ' yti eV, ' , d g ith 'rt , t'. a lla- llwre r ' run- ni fo us- 'Yo o .' 1 . . Tha a r' w saw orki a e mg-In os al. . essional Rollgr hater ' irls Chorus l, 2, 5, 6: ng Artists' Club 6: Fu- ture White Caps 4, 5, 6 ' E g t schoo ve got ELIZABETH J. IANI'R 79 ' reet o owl W nfrien ir s buck . B ' yle ' me . C passo n ' a 1 8 5 I K Gvel 'e.". . ' if fi' h. c e rl ' l Nor ite . . . Wel e you Met, Bert A Jig! at , G' ls Chorus l-61 oung Artists' Club 'S-6: Young Artists' Club Treasurer 5: Driver Training 5 500 Pl ANliTTli C. l. A MONIZ J V J v rabl A . . . ur e y head ee eader . . . 'es ps . . . " ot eat er, are you all right?" . . . r ly r nd Jean s round rrlzwhere. erreta 1 eerl der 6? Head Ch erle Driver Tra' 'ng 5: Young Artists' Club 3: Oflice Practice 5, 6 RICHARD L. IAVARONIE 6l2 Chalkstone Avenue "l.ou'i squeezes a terrific accordion . . . Those hot. spicy foods and the Milwau- kee Braves-"Oh Boy!" . . . He hopes - "It's all over" for those Yankees . . . L. R. takes up leisure time. U. S. Air Force Football l. 2: Basketball 3. 4: Hockey 5, 6 Twenl y-Hue JOHN A. IZZO 27 Barton Street Jivey Johnnie . . . Do all those girls have to be blondes? . . . Really appre- ciates good music . . . Don't try sarcasm or too many white lies with John . , . "Help me tind Dee. will .ya A Ula I tion Social Committee 3 -V. l.ljNA JACAVONli H8 Old Pocasset Road Johnston Bow ties-Mr. McCor- mick-Jack appreciates! . . . Not homework-rainy days! . . . Nat "King" Cole's "Pre- tend", Al. and rides in the Black Chevrolet appeal! Bookkeeper Glee Club l, 2 RONALD A. JACOBSON 624 Valley Street Chevrolets and traflic cops are not for "Jake" , . . "It's long gone now!" . . . He's not kidding-he really likes snow! , . . "Oh, for skiing in Vermont." U. S. Nuvu CHARLES KACHOUGIAN 57 Candace Street We can't find anyone who doesn't like Gooch . . . What a sense ol' humor! . . . You should see him mombo! . . . "Yes, man, those dark-haired girls and that Armenian cooking!" Chemist Varsity Football l - 6: Track 4-6: All-Star Team 5: Varsity Club 4-6 PAULA A. KANIS 87 Hedley Avenue Johnston That Pfc. called Jim, songs by Rosemary Clooney. and Mom's clamcakes . . . do they make those blue eyes sparkle? . . . Eddie liisher and homework can just "Give up" as far as Bucky's concerned . . . "l'm looking for Carol and Nancy." Waves Girls' Voice l, 2 I went y-six ETOP ,, fl ," , : ylgfj ' A i.':, .L NANCY 1 NKKIEANEY Q92 Smi h Street ' pfreepers. 'Jua'nie an tl Jaine. that- walk .up CJIfhC- drrtt' Aycffgetis me!,'."-W. . Time ispentj with "I'onimy, driving an "Olds," listening to wonderful Joni James' records. - Office kvllfk ALLAN KENYON 25 Olney Street Johnston The boy actually likes bas- ketball practice! , . . "What do you say, 3 to stock muffiersfn Was that you we saw pushing a certain '40 Ford. Al? Navy Basketball l, 2, 5. 6 WALTER S. KERTTULA Foster Center Rhode Island A strawberry blonde, sun- daes tstrawberry, toofj cause Simon's heart to flip! . . . The Foster school bus dri- ver?-Nol Thats our boy tapping his pencil! Poultry Farmer CHARLES H. KERSHAW 272 Smith Street Big-hearted Chuck . . . sink that basketball in, Doc! . . . Whiz-that was Chuck's motorcycle zooming down to Portsmouth for the week-end , . . "Oh, those classes in the spring-get rid of them. ' "How about that beauty ofa sailboat?" Phusiciun J. V. Basketball l, 2: Varsity Basketball 3-6: Glee Club l, 2: Color Guard 5: Social Committee 5, 6 JEAN! R. ,KIMBALL lol 'Simmonsville Avenue 7 1 Johnston I .f ' Wahl EQ.."make-'Jeanriit happy? . W. H., sniart clothes. and our Mr. Lynch- will 'do it . . . Oli. its Monday, and to make, it worse, .it's rainiugVl"'N.'-. . "Jean and4Judy. wait for me in the Olds!" rl' Office ,Wtirker '- Girls' Glee Club 1, 2: Driver Training 5 D JU E 1954 DAVID M4 KING 14 Warrien Street Centredale ll. Rhode Islanif Dave enjoys-hot rods4 dual exhaust . . , 'ilt sounds all funny like' . . . Leave those noisy girls, stock ex- hausts-Need we mention those stock car races. Dave? Cabinet Maker JUNE S. KNIGHT Foster Center, Foster Sweet tempered - that's Junie . . . lt's "definitely" dungarees, turtle neck sweat- ers. and Mr. McCahey . . . "Josie, you're so lucky you don't have to take that long bus ride every morning." . . . "l-et's go ice-skating!" . . . All those A'sl College Ofhce Practice 6 ANN MARIE KRAPF 5 Aldine Street "Kraftie" of the cute poo- dle cut . . . She tells Janet and Marie-"Come on, hur- ry up. l.ets go!" . . . It's Mr. Bennett's "Congratula- tions to Someone" . . . She's most likely writing to Joe. Speed Typist Girls' Voice Z-6: All-Slate Chorus 'S DOROTHY A. l.ABUCKl ll Washburn Street Dotty of the kind word and hig heart . . . Did you say Miss Springer. gray flan- nels. classical I'llLlSiC?-'I-l'lJllS her line . . . Hit that volley- ball, Dolly! . . . Those K. of l.. meetings-lots of fun . . . lts dennitely Westfielcl, Mass. University of Rhmlt' lsluml Driver Training 5 'I ose orher f' l' C . tv' I ,ff 1 RU AN ANDIQSX N if ' e Dougla yy.: ut 1?Aarl' the c pood . .Norma ndfBa5.la5: X k -"O,b,f16in, rides t Do enic, ogressive. azz, M remac Xfgf' m ly. ." i than you IP" J t nogzgjrd a d rain X jf' d d 'r' n e Y ung Artists' Club 4, 5. 6: river Training 5: Pub- lications 3-6: Girls' Chorus 5. 6: Junior Achievement 3, 4: Y-Teens 4, 5, 6 JOAN A. LANGIONE 270 Union Avenue Cute Joannie . . . That grin's for crew cuts. Miss Springer, and grey flannels . . . All those pretty brace- lets! . . . "Julie, dispose of those sloppy people and that western music 'right away'I" Private Secretary Young Artists' Club 33 Driver Training 5 EVELYN l.ANNlBK 414 George Waterrna gl ad flohfstoyijifra !l"lJ2lM!1guy in th ' Lielfce? "What'-a l is." Rose- ar oney s u'll W V14 . . Mr. ' r Y . f. ve o - g 'Th ' l waitin opal Offici! rkfsjhfgxlf X511 Gi ' orus 1.3, 3 w ers UMMM . . . She an olores Mitola will a e ga es . . . " ' ' ' . a on yo 1" . . . "Does it have to rainl' Medical Secreltiiy DORIS M. IAPORTF Central Pike North Scituate The taste runs to spaghetti and Mr. Ritzau . . . Fish and too much homework have "Gotta go!" . . . "Oh, good. dancing and parties!" ..,"I'll see Carol and Dotty about it! ' College Titlenlij--serie n JOSEPH K. LAUTIERI 564 Admiral Street "Those New York Yan- kees!" . . . "Can't go those sharpies, but ahh-expensive clothes, personal jewelry, theyre for mel" . . . "Hi, Beautiful." I' B I Hi-Y 3, 4: Vice-President Hi-Y 5: Ifencing 4: Track 3, -1, 5 M!hAWTON I 1 mars: Street IL Morin? mention jealous If "E " . . . "lt's f I loo ' Luck trl, a c eyes ligh up at I' the Air force-"Bo Bin" . . . writing letters to Bob. Travel I 4 . . . y g l nf' he? '48 Nash . f th h ' r If WILLIAM LEPERE 851 Manton Avenue "Just can't stand snowy days' . . . That girl called Judy . . . Trade that ketchup in for spaghetti . . . Just find that '41 Chevie Cdecbromed, that isll-hc'll be driving it or fixing it! Gym Teacher Band l, 2, 5. 6: Supple- mentary Band 3. 4 DOROTHY E, LEPORE 11 Waller Street Those pretty blue eyes . . . "Never say never" to those scales . . . Dotty, that TV's getting to be a habit . . . Yumm - peppermint ice cream, Julius l.aRos.1, and listening to Ernie Anderson . . . Please no alarm clocks, slow people . . . NCM faith- ful. Boston University Glee Club Accompanist 4, 5, 6: Orchestra 2, 4, 5: Spring Music Festival 4. 6: Young Artists' Club 'S-6: Y-Teen l, 2. 3: Young Ar- tists' Club, President 6 JOAN l.lSl ' 87 uxley Avenue . X "De1ini ely lX'l29O Ex- ? 'Q 4 press'. y, dxndancingln I l gg . . . Noi 'llb' usic here 'N T KJ . . . "Yo ther lull.. Jai Q Travel ' 1 - t one Cl 41 -'him 16, x J Dvetkxil' nin 5: Young gg- .y p Ai.iig5lxqXQ15ln 1 'CJ ,X Xl it ' ,X J A , 5 it Q5 E, f, 'llwenly-eiglzl .X K ETOP BARBARA LOMBARDO 75 Laban Street Lu and Emma know-she loves "Stranger in Paradise." omato pie, and bowling . . . l Iillease not argyle knee socks! . . . S'he's watching T.V. or at the movies. Office Worker Glee Club 1, 2,f3: Dpiver Tfraining-5 , 5 '- 11' J Alva! pal" .,1iUNE. . LUCAS . 50 C dace Street f. Sweet Ju e . lMf'Rates Dad's cookin , nea clothes, playing scra le with a c ' tal R .... Thu bvldown on loud dressers people with mean dis itio sl . . . "Real1y?" , Secretary l Oflice Practice 2-5: Girls' Chorus 5: Young Artists' Club 6 VINCENT LURGIO 154 Penn Street Vin agrees to Mr. Ryder, Italian cooking, and baseball . . . "What is it?' . . . Oh, those big blue eyes! Professional Ball Player Driver Training 5: Base- ball 4, 6 1, r , j'BERYl . LYNCH Y 10 anton Avenue i,1J st d irley Paolilli . Oh. j --not early riisingl' . . How about tfhose ' s ions, Beryl? ' ti n to a po u te ' is p y Nurse A Y- 1, : ung - tists' C ub 5, ' 'Gir s' h - rlus 5 6 Oflice Practi e 6 .- . . A e la-r guid joincidenta . fl 1 o oo 'QP-+ QCD In WOR 1 s,l get la." Secre A I ung rtists' Club 3: Office Pra ice 6 1 e - X ' i va at ' L , .Wx J WN' en - L' ' nnet . . 'A l n mo lly x , W S at so j . et of t d id. if ou a to e ett . . v Y D . ha' D, ' ji . ,wap I - 1 yrqlli ffl! Ei 4 W 4 1 . v 1 , A' I tr' tl I' tp. fr' .Ny D1 lx jr' fliBANsSilil?lio 2,7 lflvq Iglgum ,Street y',I foul ttw harlhajthaf -Bax . ' k cotlfs l ,f . 'afgt sax mus' " . ,.'. Better get out ol at Sod to please her f . . Wflgli is her station. Secretary Y-Teln l. Z3 Social Com- mittee 5, 6 CAROL ANN MARINE 58 Newark Street You should see her twirl that baton! . . . "Where would I be without Miss Struck's advice?" lor any of us. Carol?J . . . Lazy peo- ple?-"Neverl" . . . Those A. U. Y. conferences are real fun . . . Never seen without Vicky. College Majorette Z-6: Drum Ma- ior 5. 6 PAUL MARINE 58 Newark Street Iior Chief it's R. C. and popular music . . . "Cant beat my lVlom's brownies!" . . . "I-Icy. John. did you say psychology class, your kiddinf aren't you?" . . . Our frequent high scorer in basketball. Um'Uers1'ly of Rhode Island Basketball I-6: Varsity Club 3, 4 FRANK MARROCCO -I7 Marshall Street Oh. those jam sessions with Mr. Boylan . . . Who's play- ing the bass. we wonder? . . . "Dick, what do you think of kneesocksfu Musician J. V. Football l: and Zffv: Qrchestra Z. 3, -lr! of ft .A Tlttia . Mast Qyjj if Ch ljlior oniLA' Eddie Vs ice c o es l on f ll- - I5 - sz I h '. an rainlx you read it Aghtlfl .v "Oh. I don't feel like going to work!" . . . Ath tic Annette . . . Get 0 Mondays for her. Offir Worker LOUISE MASTROSTEFANO 18 2 Academy Avenue "Johnny Is the Boy for Me" . . . That's Lu's theme! Don't blush now? ...Walk- ing twith J. B.?l and foot- ball games take up leisure time , , , "Reallyl No kid- ding?" JOAN MCCANN Hopkins Avenue Johnston "Did you say Southern fried chicken?-Here I am!" . . . That Johnston bus- "Oh, brotherf' . . . She and Carmella DeSimone-always traveling. Travel DAVID I.. MCQINN I4 Cedar Street What does Dave go for? Why -- Jeanne, mechanical drawing, and good records, of course . . . There go Dave and Tom-in that '42 Che- vie . . . "Let's go skatingZ" Draftsman LEO B. MCGROARTY 460 Manton Avenue Strong, silent type-thats Leo . . . "Oh, How I Hate to Cnet Up in the Morningln . . . Those pretty eyes light up for Leonore and real crazy music . . . "Wow, that brush cut!" College lfoothall 5, 6: Track 5. 6: Social Committee 5: Glee Cluh 5, 6 JOAN MCLINDEN 377 River Avenue Hear. "l'm mortitiedfu . . . thats our super-friendly Joni . . . How about that certain La Salle seniorf? . , . HGee" . , . Italian food-- Mt. Pleasant Avenue on a cold morning-never . . "Could dance forever!" X-Ray Technician Twenty-nrnc ADOl.lf MlilllR l2Z Rankin Avenue "Sam" have a good fast polka or Dixieland jazz . . . "Sophisticated girls? No?" , . . That's Sam rub- bing his neck when thinking. Electrician MARlli S. lVllfl,l.O 5VQ Archer Avenue Johnston "How nervous" - boring classes-knee socks-dennite ly out? . . . letters to George-"Till Then"-Miss O'Connor-dennitely inl Bookkeeper Driver Training 5 DOROTHY Ml2l,ONli 363 Hawkins Street .lust being with blue-eyed Sonny is Hne . . . Driving. Yankees. and "Stardust" are all right. too . . . "Come on. let's not go bowling!" . . . We wonder-do Beth and Bella hate to get up on Sat- urdays, too? Offirt- Wtirker Glee Club l l5RANK A. Mll'Rl.lNO ZZ5 Greenville Avenue Johnston "Oh, brother! Those tall blondes-especially if they cook like my Mom!" . . . lfishing or roller skating is "O. K.. sure" . . . as he s doing something . . . He knows where lirank Marroc- co is. litislritnsx College ANNA M. MlNlSCAl.CO ll0 Burns Street "You're a bad actor" . . . 'l'hat's if you don't like Jim Mendes or coffee cabs . . , Cabbage? -- "Outl" . , . "Tell Raine and Maggie l'm going riding with l.eo." Secretary Glee Club l, 2, 41 Young Artists' Club 3 I hir! y is FRANKLIN MlROlfl7 45 Dike Street Ben's crazy for that song "Moulin Rouge," mashed potatoes, and baseball . . . "No, Man"-not starched collars or chemistrv . . , l,et's hear you strum that guitar . . . "Hey, anybody seen T. E. C.?" Navy Band l, Z, 4, 5. 6: Or- chestra l, 2. -ln 5. 6 D if J 5' C64 n things To ering len lunc '. ' .fi-w :fi A .. ' gf' . l I' , lr ,vgv ' ' i . I ' 'Q f o danc- lfiir . . Mr. f . h. hysics class . . . "How 't out a game of cards? Arr Force j . DOLO i .. M - A ver enue 'Hey T resa out ro o be hat figures 4 Y f r S Qu nd ke tblooq op u s Ehfgrgyl ll 'tanr".'.. il. .St Ftltl y i liRlC MOl:l3AT 77 Vandewater Street Swede insists on the sweet music of Miles Davie and Lennie Tristario . . . "Hey, clownish dressers and Eng- lish, what is it with you?" . . . Hmm-those expensive foreign sport cars. Undecided Boys' Cilee Club l, Z EILEEN MONTELLA 4 Sibyl Street This gal says, "Imagine that," when thinking of long hair and early risingsl . . . Typing, and television bring on her pretty smile . . . likes movies with Alberta and Mary. Office Worht-r '5, O s'and a U R. . Juni what a n ti n d JU E 1954 WW ANITA Ii. MOORE 35 Waite Street Those big brown eyes light up for Mom's creamy fudge and trips to California . . . Jeff Chandler's her man . . . Where did that pony tail go. Nee? , . . "Oh dear. we should be able to get a ride from somebody!" . . . Y-Teen l, 2, 13 Social Committee 53 Young Artists' Club 3, 5. 6 LEONORA M 2 W t ,VW ' b c s, . Altiere T-3To my n erfull 1 . . . "By the ay-n eworkl" . . . lt's eit er owling or anc- ing fo Le y. Stenograph Glee Club l, 2 RAYMOND C. MORGAN 249 Eastwood Avenue "Come, will you"-Stop kidding him about grey flan- nels and Joyce . . . "No, if it's a dance or play, l'll stay home!" . . . Hockey, base- ball, and basketball are Ray's speed. Professional Athlete NORMA B. MUSCO 84 Robin Street Want to see that smile flash? -- try Miss Struck, beautiful clothes, and "Our Love ls Here to Stay" . . . Those spots before her eyes have got to be leopard! . . . "And, when I have long hair -" . . . Still writing that novel? . . . Boslon Uniuersilq Y-Teen l, 2. 3: Young Artists' Club 3, 4, 6: Pub- lications 3-6: Office Practice 6: Senior Play 6 NORMA NARDELLA 55 Barton Street Are those pierced ears we see? . , . Finds French fries, a certain W. C. appealing . . . "You too?" . . . Savs "no" to waiting! fCan't blame youll. Undecided Driver Training 5: Junior Achievement -ls Y-Teen l-6 JULIUS NOTARDONATO 29 'Cathedral Avenue Sleepy-time boy - "work- ing? Are you crazy?" . . . Those Yankees-Tops! College CAROL A. O'CONN :LL 34 lon St f- ie erson tours too v about colle e-' at t e Wil . am s ire vacation- lucky girl! Nurse Future BARBARA A. ORABONA 68 Woodman Street ,am e ons . . . i I Cl ll . Q n t se ' ol . . -' if - ' ong rid a uyin clothes". 2.- -". ' 'I or a. ' X House I V I, . .. . I . U . ior 1'f'L- ' ' ? ' Traini g"' f . f - . f BETTY? OULOOSTAN fi5iBernovf Street If ,p Adorable B,etty,Zi'. That cute f iggle-'Lover . Armenian foodfgnd pretty clgthts? . . . "It's long lmif from now on" . . . Cutest P. P.f,lQf worker, for our money. Private Secretarq -- , Junior Alliance Francais 3, 4: Social Committee 5 ANTHONY F. PACIFICO 73 Prescott Street "Bell bottoms? You're not all right!" . . . "Well, now, sharp clothes, beebop, girls" . . . That curly hair. . . B. S. and dancing-they're for him. Carpenter Social Committee 3, 4, 5: Class Treasurer 6 Thirty-one ,c- C In 'ig ff xl .lOSlEPll PACITTO Ol Hendrick Street N. Y. Yankees?" Q- "WeIl, now, l wouldnt say thatln . . . "Sports? Politi- cal arguments?4Now you're talking!" il 'ettther . all MARCIA A. PAlNlE 'Honest to goodness, that's my big brother who pitches for the Braves." . , . livery, body agrees with your choice of the smooth music of Glenn Miller. Marsh . . . "Oh, that dish of spaghetti and meat balls?" . . . She cant see those crowded buses. 'l',-an-1 AX Dorr Drive. Glocester CARMINO A. PAl.MllfRl 0 Pemberton Street Conservative Carmino . . . "Hey, not Red Sox or so- phisticatesfu . . . That Stan Kenton plays it cool, doesn't he. Carminor' . . . lt's our boy at the stock car races. Mechantit' J. V. liootball l: Hockey l: Glee Club l, Z l,liONA K. P REl.l,O 646 tt Avenue c n boy C o at reamy tt trumpet a ie sh r ind s KIJYIH . . . "Wl1er ,.rol and Norma be?" Medical Set-rettiry Senior Play o . ol th' l 4 f , y t - fr... ' 5' at Bl tch. are ' . . . "l tk d' J e . .' i A CA'l'lll2RlNl2 PANZINI Z0 A Salmon Street "Soup antl homework. not lor mel ' .... loni James. Tony Bennett. swimming- "Yep" . . . Betty and Kitty flistening to WHIM . , . l'hat pretty long hair. Swrwoqrupher Social Committee 4: Young Artists' Club I, 2 Thirty- I wo ETOP SllIRl.l2Y A. PAOl.ll.l.I 32 Garneld Avenue "l.asagne and family pic- nics are for me!" . . .There she goes in Dad's lford Vic- toria . . . Shirl and Beryl at our basketball games . . . "Oh, you doll - crock-a- doll!" Office lVorker Room Agent Z: Girls' Chorus Z. 5. 6: Young Ar- tists' Club 4. 5. 0 ROGER A. PAOLINO l00 Cathedral Avenue "Are you all right?" . . . Pegged pants? A- never - Prefers blondes, Can be seen eating. . . You'll play for the R. l. Reds, yet. College Hockey I-6: Senior PlJV 6 EUGENE PAPA 68 ledge Street Agreeable Gene . . . "All righteel' -to down-to-earth girls . . . Remove those walks up Cathedral Avenue and knee socks right away to please Gene. Architeel J. V. Football l, Z: Var- sity lieotball 3-6: Baseball Manager 5: Junior Achieve- ment 1-6: Civil Defense -l. 5.6 RUTH PAPAZIAN 6Ol Chalkstone Avenue jingle-jangle? . . . T t 's armload of bracelet . . " h boy. do I t se mers at Asb n v '. S ' . ' ho bla er fyfnot Ilia to mi idew,Qt liver. . - paraqus. ightee-" to ACYOA. t iss Struck. and dancing. Bryant Publications 3-6: Youne Artists' Club 3: Oflice Prac' tice 6: Senior Play 6 GIERTRUDIZ PAQUIN 58 Capron Street "Gert" exclaims gleefully at the thought of a certain Danny boy . . . lrene Bfs friend . . . Turns away from American History. Professional Busltelbttll Platy- UI' fi I JU E 1954 CARI, PASSERELLI 85 Vandewater Street "Can't see that basket- balll' . . . Dean Martin? Jerry l.ewis?-"swellY" . . . "'s go dancing!" Atilonmhile Ml't'h6l17lit' M 1. 411,12 TE HUC U o i h that s iw't Fr ie . . 'Yo . Y u' . . '.ik r ' say c I, . .,". ' cing? . re t - , , , Pri :le Sec ary 5 .M i , P . .I.A -l2 fogain reet O 'R llhs fo ho rqaftand - y dllnetry ..IaeGbu he bucks ' sho N e see ii anc' . . . ating wi Jo N Eg C' mit' Engine 'nq D I.UClI.I.E P. PIERESCHINO IO7 Academy Avenue Dancing with Roy. skat- ing with Roy, etc.-she raves over . . . Next to him come art and good food . . . That group laughing and eating? Why. it's Lu. Emmy, An- nette, and Barbara. Artist Home Room Agent l-5: Senior Play 6 JOSEPH J. PETOREIIA l26 Stansbury Street "Love those M. P. pe- riods!" . . . "Stay home? l can't see it?" . . . He's with Mike . . . We'd like to know who invented American his' tory. too, Joe. Travel GEORGE A, PICOTTII I7 .Jackson Avenue Johnston Iiriendly George . . . Give this boy pea soup and money . . . "Oh, no not Mondays. rainy days, or homework?" . . . We krow that leather iacket by now, A vial ion JOAN PICOZZI 219 Carpenter Street 'l'here's our Joni with l.ynn. Blondie, Eydie. and Bert! . , . "OH, Dee" . , . A. 'I'.. Miss McMichael. "Heart of My Heart" cause Joni to smile! . . . We'll see her at football games and dances! Office lVCJl'Rf'f Girls' cjimfiis 1, zxf fa! f X MISANO itfoi ClEl.l.l f ' Y Marlo rand i r. . ' an usic' . . . She " the ivories" . . .o tells Del and Norma-"No bow ties or sandy roads. herein Metlicttl Secrelttrtl W '54 Ve o ' ee The says 'Def it's 'VI I y d I es PASHAIIA 'ON ROS aj I 'b 206 I. Petit' a 1 . . " it Ier fo ourseb da'n y pi 'arrings are f r r tv . I"Iow's -Asm af' . , eep t her x a 'f 're ' f dow .!l7lea n ertne Gibbs ' 001 Junior Achieveme . Young Artists' 6 DOMENIC PONTAREIII 56 Waveland Street Johnston "Wow, that Ray Anthony can play it sweet! ' . . . We'll make him happy-let him sleep . . , Wonder if that little red Ford will make it? . . . Bob. Gus. and Chet agree about the three o'clock bell. Undecided Social Committee '5 i Thirty- I hree JOAN B, PRlMli 45 Vandewater Street Pretty, smiling Joanie . . . Hmmm to sweets. Mr. l,ynch, and dancing with Rod . . . "Are you serious about peg pants and suede shoes?" . , . You'll see her skating-Nancy and lilaine, too. Secrelclrtf NORM A ' SNNI l0 r enw d St eet " ' hose r plai sf" . , . i es rll anci h uh . . . ' :ooi I . Bus l' HCV Ht. Q lffllh d . . . la ' I 'I -C 3:l'0 0 df! ARGARIET M. Rl2Al.l. 47 Concannon Street "Vind Anna-l'll be there tool" . . . Maggie and stormy weather just don't click . . . Mr. Altiere and Stan are tops . . . "How are you I. li. M, Operator V. CARMlEl.l.A ANN RlCCl 38 Drill Street That eyebrow raises to oral talks . . . Talented En! gets with a sketch pad . . , Clothes, Perry Como. Miss OConnor can't be replaced! "Sis, we have to go bowl- ing!" Rhode lsltmcl School of De- sian Driver Training 5: Pub, lications 6 INIIS RICCI 89 Dorchester Avenue Oh, that luscious complex- ion . . . "Suede shoes. do you mean it?" lnes' eyes twinkle about-Mr, l,ynch. lfrench lfries, and long rides in shiny cars . . . "Has any- one seen Annette?" Office Worker ETOP EMMA RlCClARDlll.l.I 525 Killingly Street Make sure you call her Blondie . . . "Play it cool when it's progressive jazz." lfydie, Musty, and Delia are always around . . . Oh. those tall boys! Office lVorker Girls' Chorus l. 2: Driver Training 5 4. O. il M.41tyP,l'2:RXttDs 1 1- Oivhlgwa Street 'Seen' wiflu-'Bert a Ann 'hr " 'rlfs' City Q b . . . T., .?"Qran er Rua- ldi " t I '. V me mjmtkytogiz . . ynfsthat so!" .. . . O Y-t at walk on rainy mornings! OIT!!! lVorker JAMES R. RISKO Ql Metropolitan Road That's Jimmy tall 6' 3" ol' himl . . . All sports fas- cinate him . . . l.ot's of money will be line . . . Hld rather go swimming than do English any dayY" tHe's not the only one!! Easlern Unit''ly Zl o e Avenue ey . o Z-Could that . . H. and fish- g uite a combo . . . ' s Co eely, will you- - . . . Those engines t e u mc. fuer. y of Rhode Island Sen or Play 6 JOSEPHINE M. ROCCHIO 3 Woodside Road Boyish clothes. her pet parakeet. flying hold top honors on Josie's list . . . -"Dont be difficult!" . . . jose pen-pals take up Jo- te's time . . . Other half? June Kniqht! Young Artists Club 'S-6: Tm'-If! A 's Ofhce Practice 6: Senior Play Driver T I :Home 6 oo Ag t - 1 7, i ' r fy? x if J if - Ihirly-four If f A lyivt ' 'I , cl 1' V JOHN P. RUTKEVICZ J U E !r?jWWMaW,aaaWMMM.m Ed tter pf . g" s. L r A s' Chorus 'S 'e ' "Th 'e -- t e Y" . . at bl ai . . "Crew ts a yo er' . . sty n be f nd th ANN M. ROSS1 53 Clym Street Those rides with Chi-Chi! . . . She's with Bev Ricci . . . English with Miss Mc- Dermott and long hair suit Anna to a Office Worker JOSEPH S. ROZPAD 18 Goddard Street Here's another of those Ernie Anderson fans . . . Dont say a word against the Red Sox! . . . "Homework -it's all over now!" fHow. then, do you explain that slightly scnsational averagell College J. V. Football l. 2: Foot- ball 3-6: Hockey 3-6: C-D Rescue Squad 5. 6 JOSEPHINE A. RUGGIERI 146 I.ynch Street Jo and Joe- well, what do you know! . . . "Flashy sharpies - taboo!" . . . "That Host Who Loves You Most" - Jim Mindes . . . Those chic clothes . . . There goes Jo in Dad's Rocket '88. Beaulfciun Social Committee 4 ANN RUSSO 320 Mount Pleasant Avenue Attractive Ann . , , with clothes to match . . . "Col- lege boys. Dad, Mr. McCa- hev?-that's terrific!" What about those can rides, Ann? . . . "H . elp me lind Roberta a da?" R. I. 5: Futu E, Junior Ac i e nt 3. c s 46, Olaf! rl 667 Chalkstone Avenue Frieda and Friday nights . . . they're for quiet Johnny . . . "It's all over' for those suede shoes and noisy people . . . sinks a basketball and fish hook with equal grace . . . Love that crew cut! Travel J. V. Football, 2: Varsity Basketball 3-6 CAROL A. SABITONI 22 Miller Circle Johnston "Tony Bennetts Rags to Riches' and any class with Mr. Altiere are all rightee" . . . Raining?-She'll stay at home .... That letter writ- ing is well worth the time . . . Let's help her tind Jean Tartaglia. Secretary BETTY-ANN SALVATORE 129 Metropolitan Road Look for Ann-find Joe . . . "Slow people-never!" . . . There she goes in that Rocket '88 . . . It's French fries and T. Bennett for her. Glee Club l 2 Room Agent 2 VINCENT A. SCOTTI 142 Balbo Avenue "Oh, let's have dreamy music" . . . Hey. that curly crew-cut . . . Scotti and stay- ing after school-old ene- mies! . , . "Maybe, I'll be shooting pool." Marine Corps Glee Club l. Z. 4. 5. 6 RAYMOND W. SELWYN 8 Zone Street He's in the Ford with Louie and Jake . . . "No Chevvy for me!" . . . "Make mine western music and Mom's good food." . . . How about that fishing drag- ger?-No, that's not "All over." U. S. Navy Thirty-five -AJJ ,fx f , , xfxfmfxf-sf-xfx,x,xf MXRII YN Nl. SIEVIEIUXNCIIE Neverville Street .lolinston "Ilou't you fall me lletlf ' , . . Yes. that's Rusty play ing cttpitl . . . That pretty hair? . . . Ilow about those utilelong letters and short poems? . . , She tells .Ioan Di Santo ahout that special .-Xir lforce Sergeant. I Imtlet Tilt' I 16 oiitt Ysitot .t fill il. Street ' Vlieen I iss McI3er mot , I, el! and the Dttitittip is "'r' 't'tit-if . . . "Gee hiv. enef' exulainu Ilott lo iting Lgrxlilyiss J onwlold tor i is , , , ti V y ll! il ir tl ti Lk it o "p 'r" .. Iirqu follvqt' i N 'wing Artists' CMQ DZ' I 'er Training fi: Room ' tent 5 I I 1 ttotst, MAHMQ IIIIII I ll'k't'l f' lil! CQ, ' 4 ' Sihll fheel' y ttll sfo lwylierl. i 1ny.'Mr 1 la y in I I I . e . . ta ian Nc'C01t'lI'Y and tv. . . . . O l P171 ll ti sflinol Ixus? I t t"' Y nl If Illoxit Hi iitt y N . fit' I sem. f. . J, 'l In ng lah. 1 1,1 I i I irst' I 'I I fl .ittnityr .lift-K.-yt-min t. 11 Vuture Vv'litIe,i Ca ' 3 oz Driver I raining 5 U. llOI5lfli'I' SIMMONS I Vine Street .lolmslott lley. Bo, how about the Red Sox or linglisli? - -"lfor get ill' . . , Yankees. liot rolls. liotbtl 15'-fH'Iill.1l'S tlllliel' entf" . . . "My hohhyf' Ciirls. ol' coursei -.Nslt Kitts " f 'urpvnler Social Committee -I JOAN SINIJONI 811 Marietta Street Progressive ian.. Tiny liratlshaw euthttsiast tliat's .loni . . , Maris her man . . . "Youre kidding about hill hilly music?" , . . Marie. Cas. and Bella aren't lar lroni Joni. Office' IVurkt'l' lilee Club Z 'I'hi'1-tifssix - - N' 1 . -,K X, v-N f,-ff-we-.fef.f,fsfx-.f-f.xfV-e-AAA I L I G I fA.f wv XVARRUN Sl OAT ti-HI Greenville Avenue Johnston Iiast cars?--"Oh dehnite ly!" . . . I5ancy aired girls and Chevrolets are different . . . He was with Roy and Ernie. Stock Fur lJr1'L'e1' 5 -XRD T. St 'll 75 'dom enue ti' . 3 . . . e'l alu' el a danci . . "I hin ' s morn i Y" e I BellLs last I l lec P' U. f I .ross Country l. Z: In door Track l. 3: Outdoot Track l, -I RICHARD SMITH 226 I.ahan Street "Marx Nix"+that's Smit- ty . . . If he's Mcloodlingf he's thinking . . . lt's hil liards and tourinq for our boy. C 'ttrpenlril I5lil,l,.iX SOIITRO Z7 America Street "Believe me , . . 'Sinnet or Saintf" B. B. and lVlom's pastry . . . Oh, those iam sessionsf . , , Joni. Marie. Dot. and Bev-at the M. I? games. Svrref urtl Homeroom Agent l: Dri ver Training 5 Dlil.lA SQUll.I.ACli '18 Tobey Street .Iall-riding in his lfortl convertible-the Girls' City Clulw appeal to Dee . .. Dona let mer see ere v-cuts? . . . Th se pretty wrown eyes , . . me fu ' Btlclkhwp Glec , ' b oung Artists' u -1: Tb s -I till at W .tl 457 JU E 1954 sam ASTRID If. STOTT Chepachet. Rhode Island "Guess you know I like Miss Newell. Perry Como, and W. B." . . . Carolyn and I agree about the Golden Arrow Stage . . . Horseback riding, please. Sis. b bl ki Y Izst out e ropo A . n . Unrleezdecl G .ORI A RELI. 5 s t Va y P y ee ' .! isher. 1 ' . an r, . ch." . .Q abc ' a yr o d a stor 'nd ee. . . " iinitely Statio WHIM Secretary .lIfAN A. TARTAGLIA l-I5 Sim onsville Ave ue hnstop I T sek ' abg ver- t' des. . " ' Nerv- s ' . tho rainy s. and airing busef . I.' ni rafa e - all .' .'As,-"UR to R' s?7 . .' sfine! lf.. JIM Y en with Ca Sab oni., Sec tary I 1 EVELYN C. TAVANO 23 Standish Avenue That wouldn't be you, "Elavin." talking in home room, would it? . . . 4'Gee Wilikers, plaid ties and belts, grey flannels. oh boy! They re for me!" . . . El. Janet. and Marilyn at M. P. games. Office IVorker JANET IZ. TAYLOR 0 Fairmount Avenue Likeable Jan . . . "You're kidding about Zoot-suiters. aren'r you?" We're sure Eve- lyn Tavano agrees about col- lege boys and WHIM. I-Iow's lflorida these days? Secretary CAROI. IE. TIEBBIZTTS Bishop I-Iill Road Johnston Carol - with a model s poise and grace . . . Take away those short boys and red hot foods for this miss . . . "Ye gods, Nancy and Paula. don't forget coffee at Gasey's!" Secretary Girls' Chorus I. Z. 4 DAVID N. THOMAS 50 Ifeah Street What appeals to "Nero"? -Strawberry shortcake, clas- sical music, and N. Y. Knick- erbocker-that's what! . . . That's a strike. Dave! . . . "Guidance?-lt's all over!" Navy J. V. Basketball l, Z3 Basketball 5. 6: Baseball -l DAVID A. TOMASSO 31 Penn Street C. P. and nice looking v cars-theyre for him . . . "I'll be around-either swime ming or playing basketball." Cfolletle GLORIA lVl. TRAVISANO 6 Shafter Street "Oh, those walks with a certain someone!" . . . Don't try to tease Tootsie! "Right out!" . . . The thought of Ted Vifilliams makes those dark eyes light up! Machine Operalor Young Artists' Club 5, 6 ROBERT S. TURNBUII I9 Ruggles Street Bob of the golden voice . . . Music Qnaturallyl. mathematics. and girls- they're for him . . . "I'll be lashing and camping this week-end." 1fler'lr1't't1l Ef7tl1'l7t'l'F ilihirt IIYSCUK n vvxfvv- Jvvvxf .1 Jvvvxffx,-xfvvxhf f I I I Q I vvvvAAAfvv,'-.ffA,vv vvvxAfvvvx JOHN M. URBANK 75 Doyle Avenue Johnnie of the sparkling smile . . . Sleeping and eat- ing. what exciting holvlwiesf . . , "Hey. Ubangif' call llaul, Richie. and Doc. . . . l.ucille is all right lor him , . . llow about popttlar mu sic at the pizza hottse on liriday nights. John? Unt'ut'rsi'ly ol' Rhode lsluml l5askethall l -6 : Social Committee -l, 5, fi NORMA V. VAl.lZN'l'INl 274 fktwells Avenue "Oh Boyf' - Jttlitts l.a Rosaf tWe're with youll -Saturday nights at 9:00 . , . prefers white bucks . . . Blushing Norma Val . . . Seen with the two Dels. two lils, and Ann. I'rt't'ule St-rrelttrtf 1 l2l.liANOR J. VANNl 'Sl lirastus Street The dimples deepen for lasagne and listening to Jim Mentles . , . But "Oh Bala hles". to typing and "sh:trf pies'2 . . , She's probably dancing at the club. C'nn1pIt1n7t'1er Operulor Ciirls' Chorus I. Z f. tx 5. wlfNDli'lVl'l ly'ZiVo.ri1on Street ent tm kL UL Walkittg school with Nor . eanor sounds t - . . real Johnnie R and i . 'Connor fan! . t'c'relttt' DOIORIZS VliRDIil.OT'l'l 00 Tell Street lior Del? . . . lf. Gorme's "l7renesi", "Ding - a - I,ing '. ind "sh1r ies"' lilimi- nate the American history . . , Riding in a convertible with l,. C.4"That's all right." lJ1't'SSl77tlki'!' Social Committee 3, -lc Drivers' 'liraining 5: Girls' Cilee Cluh Z3 Young Artists' ffluh 5. ft I hllfl tl-eight JOHN VlOl,.'X Z0 Yorkshire Street liind l'rank. Bolt. or .t late slip-there you'll und lflip . . . "l'll het you" . . . John s no different from anybody else-liking Mr. .-X. Capasso . . . "Oh. no, not a theme on Monday morningfh fiolleye Cross Country l. 3 y 7 NL J tml X X ln C . Mt' X it " xl ,l lf N 8 g my l -'xt .n l D v"' . . .lr t -I' sl, 't I. i nd i ony a -t .'. 'i al . f r' N - g it I' l i . . W ' e -t e ' 'r H l in or lanc g l OIT ice Vorlzer CAROLYN K. VJASHBLIRN lol Harold Street i'Sttre, you bet"f'l'hat's for Miss Nolan and bow- ties . . . Carols at all M. P. games or dancing . . . 'Alley leave out the N. Y. Yankees when you talk to me. galf' 'I 'elephone Operator' Y-Teen l: Orchestra l. Z. 3 lil.AlNlf J. XVATSON ll lfvergreen Drive Johnston Wliat's for Kitten? 1 Roller-skating, receiving let- ters. and dancing to "Till l Vwlaltz Again XNith You" lwith Ray, we wonderfl , . . She tells Joanie Prime: "Oh. no. not another, l.a Salle defeat!" St't'rt'lttry Y 'littn l l l, IS li. lrll . ' Di you a 2 die liishr er. ' ha to ef" . , . . . . s, tha as l.u e tv t the id or ' l ula. urse , uh Z: '-'i " , Z: -uture Wliite Cans 3-tip Jttnior Achievement 3. -l 5 ta t tt S my Ti a Q flo l Y lctn l GRACE A. MARCELLO 300 l.aurel Hill Avenue "Im telling youf l like howling and movies" . . . No hook reports for Gracie . . . She and her sister have fun together . . . With An- nette. as usual. General Office Workc'r l2RNl2S'I' NAVACI-I II3 Knight Street Ernie says, "Oh, yeahl", to easy-going people and Bil- ly Martin. Conceited people and wise guys? - not on your life.-"Say, Bill, how about going hunting or howling?" Druqqisl THERESA M. WOODS Chestnut Hill Road Chepachet Theresa's eyes gleam for E. Fishers "Oh, My Papa." . . . "Love Miss Newell's personalityl' . , . "That's all" . . . She and Marsh will be there. Travel DIONISI S. SHOLA 360 Sharon Street Zoom - that was Danny racing by in a stock car . . . We're glad to have this new- comer . . . Parties and dates? --"Hmmmm. - You don't say?" Business WILLIAM SIRAVO 960 Manton Avenue Bill of the short red crew- cut - our comedian . . . i'Can't go those unpegged pants!" . . . Bring on the spaghetti and meatballs . . . "Who's the wise guy?" Architect Ein memnrg nf nur frienh ant rlaamuaie dlnan illllarle lierrg uilgn peusnrh umag .Uanuarq 11 1954 iflnr Qnh knew heat that she 1111151 rent Q , . n on' 79 . was -d-4 QM 'X . ,ts ff Thirty-nine W5 x U -4 V yr XA Y!'9J'Y'i:x?1 'jg l H11 Barbara Ann Angolia Joyce Anna Blinkhorn Kenneth Parker Borden Nancy Joan Bradway Marilyn Jane Bucklin Beatrice Ann Cairone Anne Mary Camparone Carolyn Harris Capron Rhoda Emily Carnevale Paul Frederic Ciasullo Ann Colavecchio Barbara Maria Colavecchio Anne Keating Corkery Mary Paula Cunningham Carol Ruth Dame Mildred Dolores DeAngelis HO ORS RHODE ISLAND HONOR SOCIETY k.j.6f. 15535 fi Isla.. ' x L R I' I to Q Barbara Angela DelMast ro Agnes DerManuelian Irene Marie Dessert Ann Rose DeStefano Victoria Ann DiFilippo Barbara Lucia DiSandro Louanna Eileen Elfgren William Herbert Fall Irene Jennie Ford Joseph Francis Gagliardi Marie Ann Giarusso Alta Rawlinson Hopkins Gretel Anna Horn Charles Henry Kershaw June Sylvia Knight Dorothy Anne Labucki Joan Ann Langione Dorothy Ellen Lepore June Dorothy Lucas Annette Renee Mansolillo Anna Marie Miniscalco Franklin Delano Miroff Delores Louise Mitola Eric Victor Moffat Anita Frances Moore Norma Bertha Museo Betty Ouloosian Ruth Papazian lnes Ricci Josephine Maria Rose Angela Rocchio Joseph Stanley Rozpad Carol Ann Sabitoni Louise Katherine White ANTHONY MEDAL WINNERS WAN 'I S' wh ag Y ' :au ' ll' ' Beryl Margaret Lynch Albert lVlauriZi0 Cotoia ' HONORABLE MENTION I Barbara Marie Colavecchio Kenneth Parker Borden SHORTHAND AND TYPEWRITING CERTIFICATES Anne Mary Camparone Victoria Ann DiFilippo Ruth Papazian Marie Dolores Costabile Gretel Anna Horn Eleanor Joan Policelli Anna Marie Miniscalco BOOKKEEPING CERTIFICATES Joyce Anna Blinkhorn Elizabeth Marion Dexter Barbara Angela DelMastro PUBLICATION AWARDS Il' ' Nancy Joan Bradway Barbara Angela DelMastro Norma Bertha Musco Ann Colavecchio Jean Carmella DeLucia Ruth Papazian Victoria Ann DiFilippo Ruth Ann Landi Today with the World situation such as it is, when every new day dawns with cloudy uncertainty, each one of us needs something or someone to whom he can turn for refuge and guidance. I have found this safe haven of rest in my family. Throughout my young life my parents have always continued to be a great source of inspiration and joy to me. They have never turned an indifferent ear to any plea for help I have raised to them. My par- ents have never dismissed any problem I have had as just the usual state of bewilderment a child finds herself in upon awaking to the perplexities of the world about her. Indeed. after I had talked things over with them, the problems that I had imagined to be moun- tains turned out to be only mole-hills instead. Although there never can be words to de- scribe the love, loyalty, and sacrifice of parents for their children, I should like to attempt a word picture of my family. First. at the head of the family is my father, a man of infinite gentleness on the surface and of deep, hidden rivers of wisdom and strength under the surface. He is a man who never ceases to amaze me with his boundless stores of knowledge. Although he had to leave school at the age of fourteen to go to work, my father has continued to study, for in his opinion a man who ceases to crave knowledge might just as well be dead. Because he re- ceived his education the hard way, and be- cause he has always given me the added push I needed at times when I became discouraged or worried about my school work, my gradu- ation in June seems even more wonderful to my dad than it would to most fathers. I only hope that in future years I may justify his faith and make him as proud of me as I am of him. Then there is my mother, a woman of great warmth and sincerity who, our neighbors have often stated, is one of the finest women God ever put on His earth. My mother is a jolly woman, and although she has been ill a great deal of her life, she has neither shirked her household duties nor become bitter and forty-Iwo My Family and I By BERYL MARGARET LYNCH neurotic as some people would in similar circumstances. She is forever going out of her way to help people and if anyone in our neighborhood is ill, or has any other sorrow come into his life, you can be sure Mother will be there to help if she can. Both my parents have the desirable quality of being able to draw people out of their shells, for both have an abundance of warmth and good humor. Next comes my thirteen-year-old sister, a girl of tropical temperament and personality. She is going through the difficult adolescent years and dark clouds of gloom sometimes shadow her face. These storm clouds are usually followed by a few claps of thunder and maybe a shower or two, but soon she flashes her sunny smile and the clouds have dispersed as quickly as they appeared. Right now she is experiencing a mad passion for the "RangeiRider" who appeared in town recent- ly. He seems to symbolize to her all that a man should be. As Judy and I share the same bedroom, I have to listen quite often to her varied reasons for liking him. Oh well, next week it will probably be someone else who has captured her girlish imagination and sent her off on another journey through para- dise riding in billowy comfort on "Cloud Eight." . Last, but certainly not least is our cat. "Squeaks." "Squeaks" has a personality all his own and even though his kittenish pranks sometimes prove to be bothersome, We would- n't change him in the least. We sometimes wonder though Why God decided to bestow on the feline kingdom such luxury and idle- ment. Our cat seems to take advantage of his good fortune, for he sleeps from morning till night only working occasionally to dine on the "lovely" goodies cats have to eat. These four constitute my family-a family that has had the inner strength to survive the depression, illness, and despair-a family that with God's help may always stay together, for this is the family I am proud to call-my family. What Will Bring Peace? By ALBERT MAURIZIO COTOIA France, Italy, Germany, Pearl Harbor, Wake, The Philippines, Iwo Jima, and re- cently 'Korea-on these lands how many Americans have given their lives to insure freedom? What have we gained by our loss? Since the days of Adam and Eve, man has struggled to survive. He has fought to live peacefully with himself. In olden times he fought the animals which disturbed his peace. Down through the ages, men have continued to live complacently with what peace pre- vailed. However, time brought not peace, but war. The Greeks and the Romans strove for world conquest. Evidently the motto of each man of that day was "kill or be killed". The change in civilization revolved about the era of their once great empires. War became a heritage: peace was but a word. The year 1492 brought some hope to peo- ple who dreamed of freedom and peace. In the following centuries they migrated by the thousands to the newly discovered America. Working together, they built homes and churches. They exchanged ideas with friend- ly Indians. They found the peace they had long sought. Only this, too, was to be de- l stroyed. Taxes and restrictions placed upon them by the King of England destroyed the dreams of these people. Once again man had to fight for his rights and beliefs. Lexington. Concord, Bunker Hill-here, too, men died for freedom. The never-ending struggle for peace continued. Time passed. and the thirteen colonies grew into the United States of America, which proved to be the leading promoter for world peace. But, as in the days of Caesar and Na- poleon, men still dreamed of world conquest. Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito, a trio with big dreams, destroyed the hopes of peace- loving people. "War is inevitable," a quotation known to all, is seemingly true. Why then, if war is inevitable, can not peace be inevitable? Men have died so that other men may live. Are men fighting now for what other men died for? The hundreds of years past have proved that war cannot bring peace. What will? Is it the hydrogen bomb or something big- ger? Perhaps it is one's beliefs or religion. Who can say? We can only ask: "What will bring peace?" Forty-time HONORABLE MENTION The Square Dance By BARBARA MARIE COLAVECCHIO Gay flying figures in fluffy cottons and faded denims whirl rapidly around the bright- ly lit barn. From a remote corner the twang- ing, almost jarring note of the fiddle lifts its voice in a flood of rhythmic noise. Faces flushed from excitement and exertion beam with radiant joy, and ripples of laughter float out through the dusty barn windows and up into the still night air. High in the dusty rafters of the barn a sleepy cat stretches and looks with wonder at the scene below him. The figures flash by in a continuous kaleidoscope of color. Look there! A pretty. dark-haired girl with flushed face and radiant eyes flashes by on the arm of her partner. The rapid spinning of her danc- ing seems to suspend her in space for a mo- ment and then. like some invisible spectre of gaiety she is gone, whirled away by the devil- ish rhythm of the music. This gay apparition is followed by others until the whole scene seems to rise skyward in a spiral of color. With a weary purr the cat settles itself, but the square dance goes on. The orchestral platform, its rough plank- ing hidden by garlands of fern and wild- flowers, rises like an island in a whirlpool of color. With tapping foot and twinkling eye. the chief fiddler plays his gay instrument. The rhythm of the dance seems to whip him into a frenzy, as higher and shriller the fid- dler's voice rises. Sweat pours down the play- ers' faces and is wiped away with large white bandannas. Fingers, like great spiders, pick and spin the rhythm of the music, fashioning a web of color and song. forty-four Wildflowers festooned about the barn give their scent to be mingled with the sweet smell of fresh-cut hay high in the loft. The strong, clean odor of the cows, as they stand softly lowing, blends with the smell of hay and wildflowers into a heady perfume of earth and life. Soft breezes blowing in from the fields bring with them the fragrance and promise of newly plowed acres. All of these blended together create a mist of scent that seems to wrap the dancers in a shimmering world of their own. Moonlight filtering through dusty panes is lost in the bright glare of the electric light bulbs. Light dances on the hand-hewn planks of the walls, and forms bright pools in dark corners. Animal eyes catch and reflect the lights adding their weird gleam to the brilliant scene. The dancers' faces, already aglow from their exertions, are brought into sharp focus by the unmerciful glare of the lights. The brilliance and beauty of the scene, framed as it is in the garlands of wildflowers, is cap- tured in a whirling painting of light and color. Dawn sends its golden fingers into the now empty barn. The cat, rested from his night of sleep, once again stretches and looks about him. Sunlight lies in dusty patches on the scuffed floor of the barn. Wildflowers hang wilting and brown from rafters and walls. All that was of the night before is gone. The color, the noise, the gaiety, the life of the dance, all are gone. The animals low con- tentedly in their stalls as peace and order once again reign. Yet, like some forgotten spectre, the music of the dance remains. Flaunting and gay it echoes silently through the quiet barn. A remnant, a particle is all that is left of the beautiful. the irrepressible square dance. HONORABLE MENTION The Problem of Red Infiltration By KENNETH PARKER BORDEN The problem of Red infitration has become, according to Senator McCarthy, columnists, and other sources, a matter of grave concern to all Americans. In the hrst place, I agree that we must rid our country of Communists-men and wom- en who have betrayed the trust of all decent, democratic men. But I do not completely approve of the methods employed by Senator McCarthy. Is it right to endanger the reputa- tions of men, many of whom may have never been engaged in activities detrimental to our fine way of living? Is it fair to provide the newspapers with loud, exciting, and sensa- tional material Cgood, red blood for news- papersj that encourages the press to sub- ordinate far more important material? Hon- est criticism of worthwhile happenings gets pushed out to a fourth column on page 62. It is difficult for me to believe that such an investigation as that conducted by Senator McCarthy, when it frightens innocent men into believing they may have guilt pushed upon them, can accomplish much good. I say, continue investigating for Communists, but do it in an upright. quiet, and respect- able manner-one in which we hurt Com- munists-not ourselves. Secondly, there are, to be sure, subversives in the government, in private business, and in education. But it seems to me that if proper security measures were taken Csuch as educating people more intensively in the theories and thus to the dangers of Commun- ismj it would be diflicult for an enemy agent to operate for long in the midst of patriotic, loyal, and learned fellow-workers without being rightfully exposed. There are dangers. of course, that people would report their neighbors, and friends report friends until people would not even trust one another. But if the education does not encourage people to become informers, it seems likely that fewer mistakes and more correct accusations would be made. Thus educating men to the beliefs and evils of Communism without a specific request that they inform on others will make it quite diflicult for undercover enemy agents to work so successfully in our large opera- tions-government, business, and education. Thirdly, when I previously referred to loud, exciting, and sensational investigations, I had in mind the current Army-McCarthy dispute. Of course I do not pretend to be able to predict the outcome of the hearings, but it looks as though the Senator from Wis- consin will again emerge victorious. Mr. Stevens seems to me to be inexperienced and even incapable of handling his duties as Sec- retary of the Army, never mind opposing a smart politician like McCarthy. Mr. Stevens stumbles about to find answers to simple questions until it looks as if he couldn't give an answer even if he did have a lot of time to think. In this case particularly the issue is so trivial that it seems a shame that tele- vision and radio stations are allowing the public to see the breaking of another man. A case of this nature, it seems to me. could well be settled in a court of law-a place where a just, reliable decision could be reached quickly and relatively inexpensively. This case, though it does not have to do with Red infiltration, has a direct bearing on Senator McCarthy and his other cases because it is typical of the usual methods of investigations in which McCarthy is engaged-hit fast, hit low, hit hard, and be smart enough to turn the tables on any one who opposes you. Lastly, disloyal Americans, and I mean Americans who have been proved disloyal by process of law, should be promptly shipped to prison where they can do no further harm to society. Subversives, as a general rule, probably feel that if they are exposed, noth- ing much will be done to them anyway. What is the use of coddling people Cas we have been doingj who are destroying the very princi- ples on which America stands? All that these disloyal persons usually suffer is the dis- approval of public opinion. public opinion that they do not have the slightest regard for. It is well to think that if Senator McCarthy serves no other good purpose, he will, I hope at least arouse more responsible and respect- able people into combating the Communist menace in business, government, and educa- tion and seeing that all disloyal Americans are brought to play a part in a just, fair American trial-first hand. Forty five FI Senior Play Cast ICH'-NI roiti lvl! lo ritrhl: R. l7.lf7.'l7lrTl1. A. Di lorio, I.. lT'anai'ello. If Ciasullo. B. Angolia, N. Museo. C. Kershaw. R. l'aolino. -s't'tl1l7c1 rote: Ci. l77CJllfll.'Sl1C. R. Carnevale. A. Rivera. VJ. lfall. R. Morgan. l. Ricci. R. Di Ieimardo, R. Cfalicchia. "YOU CANT TAKE IT Wl'l'l-I YOU." Comedy in Three Acts Pay Moss Hart and Cieorge S. Kaufman lin-actor-Miss BARBARA G. KIEIEGAN CAST Ol: CIIARACTISRS . . . . . . . . . . . . Leona K. Panarella lfss1'r- . . Norma B. Museo Rhr-lm .... . Ines Ricci . Richard l-l. Di Leonardo . Roger A. Paolino l'c'nelope thtfL'Ul77Ul't' Paul Sl1C'CIl77OI'l' Mr. De lJlII7l7U lfd . Gerald C. Beauchesne Donald . .Robert N. Calicchia Afltlfll-I7 Vczmlerhof . . Paul F. Ciasullo Alice . Barbara A. Angolia lli'mler.stm . . .William l-l. Fall Charles H. Kershaw . . Alfred L. Rivera . Anthony J. Di lorio . . Ruth Papazian ,IiOI7ll Kirby lioris K4lIf.'I7l'lf7OL' Mr. Kirby . Mrs. Kirlitf CI. Mun . Raymond C, Morgan Olga .... . . . ...... . . . . 'Rhoda E. Carnevale The scene is the home of Martin Vanderhof, New York. ACT I A Vwfeclnesday evening. tDuring this act the curtain will be lowered to denote the passing ol' several hours.I ACT ll A week later. ACT lll The next day. Class Greetings . . . . . . Lucille P. Pereschino E 3 'r P X "No, no. Mr. DcPinn.1, not hcrcf ' "The Grand Duchess, Olga Kn1rinaT" X, N ! i -.4 "You could he .1 great wrestler, Mr, Kirby. I,ookY" "I wouIdn't sradc one I'l1il1llIC of this cvcning -----for all the rice in Chinn," 'AMoncy? No, you can'r lake ir with youf"7'I'he Sycnmorcs Gnd happincss in hohhirs. lforl gf 'SL'L'L'l7 XlxlI'l1l.l Mmm llulwrl Clxllcqhia Ch-H105 IX-Ifhllblmll -IVA OAI' l.lliIfl,Y VIU ,Sl'CCI:'lfIJ MUNI 1'UI,l'I..XlC ISILS I' IUCJKINCI Xnlhlmv Dx lnrm I,lcn.1 CJIFCILTI MUNI .W I lll.1V I If ISISSIL IIRlf.X.Sl5lJ I 11l1.1r.1 .Xlmgmlm lim-lu-rl IX' x1.lj'iNllIX Qlclllmlu lfmgllulm lm HAL:-x.1zIv an lk I mm ll ives k -...., MfJ.S'I' l'CJlSElJ WI'I"IklE.S'l' nlig l,UI1i.lIug ,lqjwwl C'.1lifclJi.1 I'r.mcvs Bixignamv -.lulm Du I YP!! EH. MO! 'NI l,l.1f,-LXqXN I lll IJIIJ MOBIL IKJR .Sf IIIJUI, lSlf.S"I' IJANC lil? Rnlu-ri lf1Ii.mlmi.1 Ymnm X'1lIM'U .lun lisi fNh.lI'1CN K.hhllj.1i,lI'l Fifty We Bequeath I Robert Calicchia leaves to future M. P. boys his white bucks, grey flannels, and the efli- ciency with which he has carried out his position as President. Elena Carcieri leaves the cover-girl look. Anthony Pacifico leaves all the temptations of handling the class treasury. Vicky Di Filippo leaves her well-earned nick- name "Bamby". "Oh, those big brown eyes!" Betty Ianiero leaves the echo of her beautiful operatic voice. Kitty Panzini leaves her many packages of spearmint gum. Lucy Buonaiuto leaves her tresses of short hair. Peachie Bisignano leaves her true Highlander spirit. They'll miss you at all the games, Peach! Edith Feolli leaves the many letters she never received. Dolores Carbone leaves her "Ulcers". Jeanie Ciesualdo leaves her jazz steps. Josephine Ruggieri leaves her exclusive clothes, Dolores Verdelotti leaves her good luck charm "Louie". Joan Cotter, Ann Calise, Carol Marine leave their sincere hopes of ever getting a letter for the majorettes. Johnny Izzo leaves the artistry of "conning". "Beware girls!" The Senior football players: Tony, Paul, Leo, Bill, Jerry, Gooch, leave their num- bers 6 9 l9 20 53 21 --with luck for a successful season, and a Mambo victory. The home room agents leave the battle of try- ing to get payments on the NETOP from the students. Carol Sabitoni leaves to the future l0B's Miss Coutanche and the tantalizing odors of her foods' room. Joan Langione and Julie Cioclowski leave that inseparable friendship. Annette Mansolillo leaves her "demure" dis- position. Ines Ricci leaves her notable complexion "glow". What's the secret, Ines? Barbara Angolia leaves that extensive ward- robe of hers. Barbara Del Mastro leaves her horned rimmed glasses,-only for one minute. though, be- cause they are much needed. Jean De Lucia leaves Feb. 16th along with her marvelous personality. We'll miss your friendly smile, Jeanie. Anette Iasimone leaves what's left of her "pep" and energy to the next head cheer- leader, including the red beany, of course! Kenny Borden leaves two places: his parking space and his model legislature seat. Norma Nardella leaves the many, many pairs of earrings she owns. Norma Musco leaves her "Ipana" smile. Chuckie Kershaw leaves one motorcycle ride to some daring soul. Charlie Kachougian leaves one lesson in "How to Mambo." Carolyn D'Onofrio leaves her fabulous strut to the next head majorette. Dotty Lepore leaves her ability to "tickle the ivories. . Barbara Colavecchio leaves one lesson on "How to be Witty." Ann De Stefano leaves one look through her beautiful, long eyelashes. Barbara Angeli leaves an empty seat on Mr. Kramer's bench. Paula Kanis leaves the electric typewriter in Miss O'Connor's room, hoping that its next operator has more luck with it than she did. Dolores Mitola leaves Miss Struck to future history classes, knowing she'll be as good to them as she was to her. Anita Moore leaves to future chemists the wonder of a neat UD experiment isome- thing she never accomplishedj. Theresa Lanzi leaves an unlimited supply of gum to all the classes in Miss O'Connor's room. Bella Solitro leaves her suede loafers and poo- dle haircut. Barbara Donahue leaves those speedy Gregg tests to the next 12A shorthand class- they're bound to do better than she did. Norma Rattenni leaves her wonderful rides in that flashy red '53 Ford. Marilyn Pate leaves the remains of her lunch on the cafeteria table for someone else to throw away. Joan Sindoni leaves her dreams of "Mac" be- hind. Sandra Barra leaves her beautiful collection of scatter pins, especially the ones on her cinch belt. CContinued on next pagej Class Will To Mr. Lynch, we leave one peaceful day to rest from his hectic job of counselling us -but only one since he must be back to work to prepare for the incoming lOB's. To Miss Stucker, we leave a plentiful sup- ply of fresh air and sunshine to help her plants grow. To Mr. Gillick, a few students would like to say they leave much wiser than when they entered M. P. because they took heed of his advice. To Miss Murgurduchian, the girls at the switchboard leave an unlimited supply of candy. To Mr. Nelson, our new football coach, we leave our dreams of a victorious season. To Mr. Kramer, we leave the vague possi- bility of a blank absence bulletin. To Miss McDermott, we leave the dreams of having the girlsvin Business English come into class without jangling bracelets. To Miss Hoard and Miss Cox, we leave the dream of having all the l2A's make the 120 word Gregg test. To Mr. Ekberg and Mr, Premack, we leave the hope of having everyone appear to sing on graduation night. To all teachers we leave the pleading faces of students who ask, "Where? Why?, and How many pages did you say?" To our English teachers, we gladly leave our books of grammar. To those who venture down Mount Pleasant Avenue each morning, we leave a copy of our theme song "Blow, Gabriel, Blow." To the 6th period gym class, the 12A girls leave the apparatus to put back in place. To the incoming lOB's who ride on the bus, we leave that fatal question: A'Where's your pass?" - To the future l0B's we leave the joy of hearing Mr. Gillick say for the first time, "A word to the wise should be sufficient." To the next 1lB class, the wonder and joy of their first election and class party. To the next senior NETOP staff, we leave the task of making their own yearbook dif- ferent. To the Senior Class, we leave both the joys and problems of your 12A term. We Bequeath 1'Conlinued from Page 505 Angela Volpe leaves the bottom half of all her pencils Cshe ate the tops offb. Annette D'Orio leaves her wonderful short, naturally curly hair. Delia Squillace leaves to future bookkeeping 4 classes, Mr. Rivelli. Jean Kimball leaves her 3-in-l locker to un- dergraduates hoping that they are as lucky as she was. .Joan Picozzi leaves locker 696 to some be- wildered IOB. Blondie Ricciardelli leaves her zippered suedes to another 'Aslick chick". Rosemary Brelsford leaves the delicious Nj hot meals in the lunch room to someone who will enjoy them as much as she did. Robert Armstrong leaves those nice cold walks to other M. P. students while he goes by in his beautiful new Cadillac. Thomas Angell leaves his little notebook containing the payments on the NETOPS. Angia Garbaro leaves her seat on the school us. Ray Capobianco leaves to all boys of A-B-C lunch his subscription of "Providence Journal". Stephen Cenci, our Jim Mendes of M. P., leaves his soothing disc-jockey voice and an extensive vocabulary. Marie DeRensis leaves her jingles . . . Cross reference? . . . bracelets. Gerald Beauchesne leaves that hidden talent of playing piano. "We'll never forgive you, Jerry!" Bobby Tiocco leaves his spikes and that third base bag at M. P. field. Alfred Rivera, our "Mad Russian", leaves his rolling "R's" to some future unsus- pecting actor of the Senior Play. Billy Coppa leaves his Bikini gym trunks. The members of the hockey team leave all their uniforms that have such perfect match!! Nancy Bradway leaves her huge, much-used gym suit to some tiny lOB girl, with the hopes that she will look as lost in it as Nancy did. Fifty one gp- L.. fab! TQ' I wx: UM., ..f: . HN is fxwf-uf H' V .J 8 no nano Q2 W QL. Q gi , . I . 71.-5.EfEl.Zf2'??lYfw 5 2is?g5':gmzf1ix7 ki, .... lx, K X . fm .sow 5 ,Bi K :f?iQ3QSE7i I .. 5 an mmswsanuawu Yiwu A 5 M1fMQlfW - fi? LL x Q I .. sig as Y sw ' Q 1.J.zn-v Fifty-four We Wonder Why seniors want retakes. the girls' gym is always ice cold. Mr. Ritzau's driving classes fail to master that "friction point." English teachers like long themes. some teacher dislikes noisy bracelets. we typists always seem to make that fourth error on a speed test. those study periods drag by, while lunch period flies by. the clock seems to stop at one minute to three. the boys always forget to wear ties for pictures. our Senior term goes by so quickly. Miss Keegan always has a smile. those school buses .come late on cold winter mornings, and early on warm spring mornings. our class president spends so much time outside 303. there aren't more mirrors in the girls' rooms. Miss Fenton and Mr. Parker always pick on "Mr. Jones." one of M. P.'s towers is taller than the other. our juke-box never appeared in the cafeteria. there have to be report cards. Mr. Lynch's desk is always surrounded by people. there's never cold water in the bubblers. bus students have their lockers on the third floor. Mr. Thompson likes to give map tests. Miss Struck likes to assign those special topics. Mr. Ryder isn't on TV Cwatch out Uncle MiltieJ. Miss Keegan's red pencil marks were so frequently seen in our Senior Play books. certain IZA girls play "rigor." , Julius LaRosa stopped beaming from locker No. 2190. the favorite saying among certain senior girls is "God Bless You" and "You've Changed." we can always hear Peachie. Barbara Colavecchio makes cocoanut cakes, Everyone knows the superlatives before Mr. Gillick announces them- hmmm? that certain "seven" learned absolutely nothing from their course in charm. our peppy cheers were never used at our games. Miss Wright is always telling two certain girls on the NETOP staff to be quiet. shower No. 14 is always buzzing with news during the 2nd period gym class. we hate to leave Mount Pleasant. 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 SONGS With These Hands" . . . When l Was Young". . Let Me In" 1........ . A Where the Winds Blow" . . Sorta on the Border" ,1.... . . It Just Happened to Happen to Give Me Five Minutes More". . l'm Late, I'm Late" ...,... . A The Loveliest Night of the Year" If" ....,.,.......,...,.,. My Resistance ls Low". . The Wheel of Fortune", . A Side by Side" ,...... . Temptation". . All Alone" ,tt.....,,. ...,. Love Every Moment You Live" A Fool Was I ......,..,.,. l'm Walking Behind You". . A To Each His Own" ,..... lt's Magic" ..,.,... . A . Oh, Mein Papa" ......., . A A . To Think You've Chosen Me" You Do Something to Me". , Almost Always" ..,...,, . Th . . . . A A . . .Ceramics Class l2A's thinking of 10B days Late student to a locked door A . Mount Pleasant Avenue A . . .4...1.,,.. Deficiencies , A . . , .Anthony Medal Winner ompson's three-minute map tests A A . .After the nine o'clock bell . . . . . . . .The Senior Prom . . . Only I knew the answer . . . . . .Student to the nurse A . , Straight "A" report card ..............Bestfriends . . . . AWandering eyes on a test . Sitting in Mr. Kramer's oflice . . A . . A . .Three years at M. P. Not to make the honor society . A . . . , . , A AGraduation night . . . . , . . . .Senior Play Tryouts . Results of June 1954 NETOP Infiuencing Dad before reports! .....AAA........SeniorPlay . . . . . . .Miss McElroy's aspirins .We want our programs changed Changing Partners". , A . A Multiplication dance at our class socials Undecided" ,A...AAA .A............ A fter high school??? Strike Up the Band". . . . . A At our pep rallies and football games Stranger in Paradise" AA.....A.........A.A.... 10B's first day at M. P. Till I Waltz Again With You" A , ...AA............ Our Class Reunion Many Times" ...A.,...A.A.. Have we heard Mr. Gillick's gem of wisdom Trust in Me". . .A..... . . Time" ...A..A.. Tell Me Why?". . Because of You". . . . . . .Candidates on election day ticks slowly 6th period on Friday .......,.A,A.............Iflunked . . Mr. Lynch, we have reached our goals ...A..A..,...A.SeniorWeek Cry" .......A A..A.,A.,.... Anytime". . .,.. We're ready to cheer M. P. teams on to victory I'll Get By" .A....,AA ....AA,..A......A.... w ith no homework 'Till the End of Timen. . . .,.A.A....... We'll remember M. P. 'On Graduation Day" . . ..,A Diplomas, flowers, tears, and smiles Fifty-five lfifly-six mmivrln 19 MZGG-1 ZMMHEZH2 DHPUUZC1! KHQHW NGO! UTE A OVABLE A TI-ILETIC A A INGER ..,,. TYLISI-I A UTSTANDINC1 A A A A A UNA .,4 .A OVIAL NIQUE A A A ATURA1. A A A NCHANTING ICE AAAA AAAA NSEPARABLE EAT AAAA AAAAA NERGETIC A A INY AA., A A A ASY GOINC1 A A NTERTAININC1 A ONCI-IALANT A A ANDSOME A A NPREDICTABLE IFTY AAAAA A A REAMY AAAA ESERVED A A A AIRNEST A A IFFERENT A OOLISH AAAAAA NDUSTRIOUS AA AA RIENDLY A A A OPS AAAA OUTI-IFUL A RANK A RIGINAI. A AAAA AA A NDERSTANDING EASONABLE AAAA A A A AJean Gesualdo A AVicky DiFilippo Charles Kachougian A A A A ABetty Ianiero A ABarbara Angolia A A Norma Museo Frances Bisignano Barbara DelMastro A Charles Kershaw A A A AElena Carcieri A ACarol D'Onofrio A A A .Nancy Bradway A ABobby and Anne A A A A Paul Ciasullo A A A A Jean DeLucia A A AAnnette D'Orio A A A AA A A ABilly Fall AGerald Beauchesne A A A A Cwretel I-Iorn A A A ATony DiOrio A A A Johnny Izzo A A A A ACarol Marine A A AAnn DeStefano A ARobert Turnbull A A A AAnn Salvatore A Pashalia Poniaros A A A Johnny Dugan ABarbara Hamilton A A AAnette Iasimone A ARobertCalicchia A ALouanna Elfgren A A AAnita Moore A A A A A ARuth Landi A Dorothy Labucki A A .Kenneth Borden This Is Your Life CLASS OF JUNE, 1954 Your new class was born in September '51 You entered Mount Pleasant and your worries had begun You met a new teacher and then a new friend For this was the beginning of your cherished end. A helping hand was extended by all Especially Miss O'Halloran who left you that Fall. You will never forget your counselor so true A Mother, a friend, and one of you, too. Your Junior year brought many activities From election of oliicers to social festivities, These are insignificant for you cherish something dearer The arrival of Mr. Lynch Who made your future clearer. The Senior Superlatives, the try-outs for the play Soon bring into view your graduation day. I Your three years are almost gone as the days swiftly Hy The excitement of Senior week soon brings each goodby "We will always praise thy fair name, lift it to the sky, Hail to thee our Alma Mater, hail Mount Pleasant High." JEAN DELUCIA ANETTE IASIMONE Fifi y -seven ache: history up lo dale' 10 lh use shouid be sufflcoe lets hope ihese are only beginners! "What will ffm ll M171 ihis buh!" 12B Class Officers Six! ll l.1'll In A .XSDIll1l rmhlz .X. C.1Id.1rm1c. M. c:.l!'.1I'l1.lClI'C. Cl. Riccinrdi. 12B Social Committee I'res1'denl Guido Ricciardi Vice-l'resz'a'ent, Mary Caramadrc Secrelarff .Angela Caldarone 'l'rc-usurvr Alfred Aspirinio lfIr'.s1 ww. lu!! rw rzqhlz I.. Colacci, J. McBride. I.. Bucci, S. Santoro. .Svmml I'f1LL'I I-. 'llUI'Il.lSSl. B. I,.1w. Cf. Piciullo. A. l.ann1. 12B Home Rooms HOMIE ROOM 116 lfiml mLL'. lvl! lu righlz J. McBridc. J. Pray. C. I7aoI.1. VI. Mcfiownn. S1'rm7cfl'ULL'Z I7. Tomassi. A. DcTor.1. I.. Damiani, A. D'.-Ximmlo, V. Russas. N. Marcello, I Di Sami, A. CipoII.i, B. Scivoln, R. Coslantino. il'l71'rzl1'wLL': M. Ricci. R. Ricci. D. Galloway. XV. Di Pippo. II. Runli, R. Dclisi. J. Hart Ix O'NriII, D. Ciammino. J. Ifuimm. HOMIQ ROOM ZI4 I'IIiI'Sl row, 10171 lo riqhlz Ii. Xviatrowski, A. Gorton. C. Campo, R. I7irr.1gli.1, B. Vcrino. Summl row: J. Ncri. A. Ds Iiclicc. VI. Camnvnro. .-X. Caldaronc. K. Maccaronc. A. Von tum, If. Scungio. I.. Bucci. B. Ricci. I7. Collicci. 'l'h1'rd rruuz If Ncrncy. T. Ijcltcruti. D. Taralwrclli, V. Bnccari, Ii. RomancIIi, .-X. Pay c. I.. Culacci. A. Maccaronc. A. Inpardo. Six! if - one 12B Home Rooms HOMII ROOM 216 Ifuzxl row. lv!! In fl-flhll .N I'mfII. I . Sinvsi, B. Inrro. .I. Clnnnlullu. M. SIcp.m1.1n. N. D1 IH.11lisl.1. ID. Iiarmw. .M'wr1clr'f1LL': I'. IX'IL'fI'lIfIx. Il. Hnyficld. S. Rossi. Ii. fVIoxk.1Il1k. Ci. Piuiullo, .-X. N.1poIil.1nn I McMullen. R. Srrninao, I' Arvson. S. March. A. Ilzridvn. Cl. UcIx1mnico. 'I'l7:l'Il rwwi II. Cmlwrcv. Cl. RICEIJYLII, A. I,.1nnl. R. Dnvul, II. ClrcIc1111.1n. R. IVI.ll.1l'L'sv. . 'I . , , . Ivlruucn. Ix I arxvwru Six! q V I wo HOMIi ROOM 308 lwml ww. I1-Il lu rnrhl. I.. I'.xc1.1. .I. D Annco. .N C.rug1n.1Ic. I1. NIIJIAIHI. .X C.l11'u'r1. I . I'lI1L'III S. .'xll1.1VOl'lAI'l. S. N'I.1rIx.1r1.m. R. D1 Mcglm. R. C,OI'Sll'10Ill. B. law. 'Ihml mwg .I. H.xum.1nn. M. Snnlanicllo. JN. Rainnnc. Cf. Pcllcgrini, M. Cfonfn. IX. Ib! I.1rcIIi. C. Zogliu, I5. Alnmntc, M. C.1r.mmdrc. C. Girclli. Ii, Mangano. B. Kicrnan. IIIIYI-III I'ULL'Z If. Romano. R. I.ofTrcdin, .I. Casinclli. I5. I,cIIcg1ri11o. If. VV.1lcrn1.1n, If, Barr .I. Crousc. R. Anlnx. VU. I.ysik. .I. Masm. I.. Najaf. W. Slinko. Cl. Cnrncgis, 'If Russn. K. Lou .I. Impex, S. Santoro. l,ft'S1vilL'I7I Ralph Cnmp.1g11om' Vim' I'1'0.s1'cI'w71 Iflcanor Mainclli Sf'c't'e'lclrg1 Roscma ry Gorm I y IIFCKISLIFL r Gcorgc Goncconlo 11A Class Officers I . 1 Z 5 ......e,....+..: if lm!! In rrvglvlz Ralph Campqgnonc II'rcsicIun1J. lflixmm' N'I.1incIIi IVicc' Prcsidcnl I. Rosumuy Clurmly ISI-crvl.1nyI Clumgc Cifxlwfoliln I'lil't'.l'LlIl'k'l'I. 11A Social Committee . A Q .IL l'll'Xl 1 nu Ill! II . 'I '. - I 11411711 .I I,.lP.lI'ClIl, NI, IIHPJQIIJYII, N. Vvlcsl, .I .Ml.1n1s, I . fVII'roi.1, I7 I.1v.uonc, A l'm'rvc.1, Sl'I47I7lfl'1JlL'I XX. MuI'Irux', ll. lvllwrc. ll Ianni. If CIIJFYIISQO. ll. NOIIV. NI, In r ' ' - Y ' 'lul.1Iu, S.Cfnrn'v, .X l5'Agu.1nnu. Ilon. .I. S1'Xlglf1hr1'I IIHTXII IIIII IIXI I" luv IIIII III: :I II1III 'XI I.u.IIvIIII-III. ID XIIIINIII If IQIIII IIII, II IIIII-I.-, I IIIII IuI.I. I IIIIIJIIII I IIIII-.mln I RIIILIIIII X IIIIIIIIIII I NIIIAII X' hymn, NI IIIIIIMII .XVIIIIIII IIIII Ii RIII Iv I'I XXRIIIII I IIIIII I:.nIII, ,X I'IInu.'I I, I XI.nnI-III I III XI.xuuII IX IIIIwn I I .II'-IIIIII I xI,I..II....- II 1.. u.InlI XI NIIIIIIIII- II III'.m IMIII II-II XI III pII'I.uIII, ,X IXII-nI.'I.u, I II1.I.III,....I, Ia Im.,-III IIIIIII, I I.II.I.III.- I I'uIn.InI-nII- XX mn ,XII IIIIIIII I IIIIIII I IX.-I I-'I IIIINII IIIIIVXI III, IIII1 IIIII, Im: :I IIIJIII I'I Nw. I XX'II II.I.III..II I I I.-,IM X N.uIlxIvu1v I' II.IIIII1.nI II I IIIIIII I I III Xl I'I'lluIIII I I IIIIIIIII ,X IIII,g.In N.IIIII.l I-III ,X II III-IIIIIIII I XIIIIII- I' XIIIIIIIII, I NIIIIIIIII-III I I',nvnIIII I I'r,ulIIl I X'.IIIIII-IIIIIWII I II., um I NII.nuIm, I RIIIII I X'.In.II:II. I II.IIIlIIr llm.l IIIII NI Im p,uIxIn.InII, XX' .XIIIIIII II Imax, I IInSlII.InII XX' XII-Iuun.u, II I'III-un II N..,I.,I.I..I.,. I XIIII IIIIuIuI'x IIUMI IIIIIIFXI II! IIIII I.III III: I IIIIIII I NIILIIIII. I Nnmh. I I I',II1III.'. I fXI.InI.I III'II L. XI.II1I'IImI, I I.IhI.III, I, I.....,III.., I I'I11uIIII X II.Xy1u .InInII, II III' IIIII-IIIII I I'.uI-nII'.Iu I ,XIIIIIII XIIIIHIIIIIII If XIJII III-n I I4lvuIuII'I', IIImI'yIII-, XI IIIvII'I, I I I'- 'XIIIIX IH I - X I,.,I.. 1 NNI I'Ill NI III' IIIII. I I'I.uIIIIIIm II I7,XIv.IlI' II-:III IIIII I Xfunnm II XIIIIIAIIII, I IHIII IIIII' I IIIIIII' XX' I'I-II IIIIIW. Il I IIIIIII' X X'IIlvI I YUM 11A Home Rooms IIIIXII RIIIIXI IIIII IIIII IIIII II!! III III1'II I N.I.IIII.II.I II IIIII X I'IIIIII,III-I I I'IIIIIII,IIII NI I'If1.I I' NI.IIIIIII'lII N ..f' ful IIIII I IIIIII IIII I I'IIIIIIII 'N :III IIII',III I NIIIIIII I I'IIIIII X' I'IIIIII.II-I I IIIIIII I I'.III X I'.I! IIIIIII II IMIIIIIIIII N IIIIII IIIIIII IIIII X I IIII IIII.I .X XIIIIIIIIIII I' Il.IIIIIII.III II IIIIIIIIII III.III I'I NIIIIIIINIIII I I'I.IIII-.I,I I1 IINIIIIII II I' IIII IIIIII II I IIIII I' IIIIIIIIWI II I' XII-.IIII IIIINII IQIIIIXI IIII IIIII IIIII II-If II IIIIIII II I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I IIII I IIIIIIIIIIIJ IIIIIIIIII,I 4.IIIIIII II I1INIIIII..I lk I'-II.III.Ix XI XII-IIII.IIIII XIIIIIIIIIIII ,X I.IIII IIIII.I NI L.I.IIIII N IIIII III.I X IxI1vIIIIkI Iv IIIIIIINIIII XI I IIIII I,IIIIl 'XI IWIIIIIIN II XVIIIIII IIII Ix IIIIXIIIIII IIII x III.,-IW I .XIIII-IIIII IIHIIIIIIII' I III-I IIIIII I IIIIIIgII II III IIIIII I' IIIIIII II IMHII IIUXII IIIIIIXI I."I IIIII IIIII 1.11 II IIIIIII X' XIII-IIIIIIII 1 NIII.III I XII-III I II.Ix III.-IIII Iv IIIII-IIII XI XII-IIIIIII II NIIIII x .III I-.IIIIII I,XII.IIIII XI NIIII.III I'- IIIII.III I- NIIIIIII I IIIIII.-I I NIvI.IIII 4. I.IIIII IIIIII I lIIIIIx'.III- Ii I'-III XI IIII IIIgIIII, I IIIIIIIII I I'-III-,III IIIIII IIIII Ii IIIII I.IIII I I I-IIIII IC NI-III I IIIIIIIIIII II XI.IIwlI.I X I'I-IIIIIII' I NIIIIIIIIII X l'INI.II-I II I'-III 11 Home Rooms l,I'USI-C1UI7f Arthur Zarrclla Vice IJFCSI-CIICVII Anita Pascalc il.I'L'CISLlI'CI' Joseph McGinn Sccrvzury . Betty Jones 11B Class Officers W hw .. 2 - Firsl rout Irff Io righf: J. fVlcGinn, treasurer: A. Pascalc. vice-president: B, Jones. svcrc1.1ry3 A. Zarrclla, preside 11B Social Committee ,mg I-'zvrsi row, IL-fl lo riqhl: J. Cobswcll, J. Onoralo. Suomi row: J, Cfogswcll. C. Calisc. J. Navarclta. M, Cirilln. Jlf McM.1ugh. CQ. Riu' S 1',x'I if - sever? 11B Home Rooms HOME ROOM ll 1-:ml l'fJLL'. lull lu I'lLIl7II lx. PIIUYII. 1X. Bclluccl, B. Surnvu, M. I,1cc1.1rdn, J. I1l.lIdlI1CHl, IS Lircoii, IS. l'.1sc.11m-c. R. luvino, X'. Cnlnlluvli. B, Molln. H .Xmnml VHLU: 4M. Ray. R. lurlwr. J, Onoralo, J, Iavmw, M. Cnlmlcrxu. I.. Slklfll. XX unmcllc. J. Mclxnxg. J. l,.1m.m1x.1, M. lwmclllnl, I. Il1CCl, li, llrncm. 'lilrml rfflu: .X Siva. R. Ci.11'.m1cIlo. R. Hall. R. ,I4.llUI11JI'O, R. Xfolpv, xX. Rini. XX'. lxpmv 5. Norm. Six! g A vfgh! HOME ROOM IOO l'l-IUSI ww, lvl! 14, righl: Ii. lflcming, B. Conlon. J. I5.1r.1onc. CI. Uixquicrv. M-mm! raw: J. Cnsligliuni, G. Dc Concilis. If. Dc Crislofaro, M. Grilln. R. Ciclnrdi. C Di Mtglio. C. Pulrucci, J. 'I.l'llCSdJlC, If. Dsl Vecchio, lf, Rossi, D. Dicicco, 'I hm! ww: S. Bcdrosinn. R. Iimiclli. R. Bcauprc. R. Ifrnncnviu. M. Capaldi. X'. Cnrpcnilo R. Dc Mwmnvillr. .'X. Cficforc. J Cobswcll, 1X. Ginmmnrro, .'X. Ifcoln. IIOMIZ ROOM I I 3 l'll'.Nl ww, lpn In 1'1gfl7I: M. S.1rk1s1.m. l.. Clcrhllclll, .X l7.1sc.1lv. C.. Cmllu. Ii. Smlvcwlr XI llurisc. -Y1'mmI !'UlL'I B. N1Ill1L'fZI, M. Sauchulli. 'If Scllcchio. Pm. Jams. C. Cfnlisc, ll S.1cmm', .I I'm1r1cc.1, R. Romnd. .l, Prignann, C Buhmgcr, I. Sahclli, ,Ih ,, , ,. , . . 1'1'4I1'wLL': P. I'.1o1vll.1, R. Cmm. lx Snlvcslru, M. lnclln. H. Cflpolla. A. M.1rcl1clli. .X lkL'l rm 1, Il. NOFIll.lI1LilH. R. I-crmra, .X Sinwmw, R. Diilimmnu. HOME ROOM 328 l':'r.x1 IULU. I4-If In rrghl: .l. C.m1p.1gnonc, N. Vorxi. J. I7.1llorc. .I. N.lK'.ll'k'll.1, .I, Mcrccdu. .N'vmmIr'c1u': .X l.u1us. CQ. Vcmlc. N. Dc Main. S. Bnsilliqo, .l., J. Ilcdmux, C. W.1lsh chibuni. I. Silvvr. D. Stiinno, H. D.xyi.m. 'I'l71'1.l 1'fvLL': XV, Hughvs. .-X. Znrrclln. ll Di Risin, ,X Clcmmn, M. I..lI'lkIk'lli, .l, l:I'.1lik'HU. Sluxlgl-r71Ar7c sw? J' sn W I wwvsfif Aww fi vs Q X ,yr ew' 3.0 I Ls gr . f.!j,. " 1 X F v U sw WF 9- 9 If f til'-1 'K Q nfs' A il: X lam 1 X e 5 K IIIIXII IIIIIIXI ',' w lm! ,MII IIIJ I, 'HIM ty IIIIII-uf I' Inns.-'III ,N r.mIIII I II-uma, I9 I Inl1nI1 XI I I-Iv-1,1 XI I ,II,x.mIm,. K 1,umVI-.II X.-I1-ml I-III I I III .-In I I.1ppIIIulfI I I,n1:I.IIrIIl. I I'luxI--III N IMI'-III l In--II I II-IIIIII, I I,nulf-U II .un-'I NI I-mn I! 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I N.n.uu Ii N.mrvuy.IU N 'mI.Im.u llwnl :Hu N XIII Ilmwn, Ii Nr.upI.-1-In I4 II-II.: Il NIIIIIIQIII Ii Ii.un-nr, Ii NI--I,uIII. Ii XIII-rl, .X Nlmxx II I,uIIml HOMIE ROOM 307 l-Lim! ww. lvl! In rrglvlz M. XVilli.1ms. J. Willian1s. .l. Vwlincg. ll VJilli.1ms, M. 'II.1rl.1gli.1. I . Irxcr. B. Znrrrlln. Suomi row: B. Ursillo. D. Stone. C. Villucci. N. Tllralo. B. Vwlccdcn, .-X. Victri, R. VII' Inlln. Fa. Vcntrlglia. R. Snow. J. VJOOUI, A. Vcnagro. 'lrlm-.1 ww: D. Vrmablc. I.. Tullic. R. Vvhsilcwslxi. D. S.1n1Xnlonio. .l. Triangolo, H. WAIII. HOMIE ROOM 318 l'II'Sl row. lvl! In rryhlz xl. Cnmrdl, .I. Thornton. .I. Raclllclc. Ig. Ccrvonc, Ci. Simluni. X. Moumdinn. M, IJCIFICOIIC. I.. Pwlalonc. Scrunu'1'oLU: R. XXIIIIITIJII. C. Marlro. I.. Iiarricclli. A. Dc Angclo. M. BQvil.1cqu.1. If. Ilamcl. QI. Disnnlo. G. Swanson. R. Pololo. A. Ilavonc. .N SCIIIJCDI-CY. 'IIl7lIl'tf I'f1LL'2 XV. Proulx. R. Carlson. A. Ifmnco. C. Pacaunc. 'If Olscn. J. Coppola. R. Ilarl nd. R. Ruy. J. DH-Xngclo. II. Quirlx. N. Dclfilippo. SCUCIII ry -lhrvc IIIYMI IUN IM Il-1 I mr rf-u. If-lr 11, rvuhl I I'rllvvul-v. NI Ihnnlm-I, I', ll Ihuwn, Ii IIvIIml, ,I I rxnhu, l Rm--, A Ur.lhmu', K. I .lrlmln X4-Iuml nm' I I'irll. ,I I uppnnl. A 1 ul.: guuvnlllu, II Mlllnl. Ii Ycmlutll. II I'unl.lrm. I II.lun. A INI.uIux.ln. II l mlmv, M 1 unwn' ll lh-lmm-I. X lhnxnu IIHHI nm' Y Slrmlll, I' fuuuIn. I Ihlnxl u-vxlpnl K I'n-vmnul, A INIrnurm, A Iirmmrm, I' Ilmlrx, I' I-lorin. II 1.-m.-11.-, ll lu.I'.,,,,.. I 14uvIu', I5 I .lllun H1 All R4 It A1 jul lux: mu: Iwll 14. ,fum S lull.. S NAI l-.m-lun. l lhnlung lu I .nunglwclu ww-Il mu Il 1.1. mm- M lhwulll--, I lv-L..-xl-. 4 Nmulu, 1. l'--hm. A ll-mm I IM-lun., 1 Bull., llrufl :Hu Ii in-m nm, .X l.mugIu-un. l Ilngmm. N I'.unrmI,n, I Mallwv. I Qnllmlr, I IM-.Xing--In IIIIAH Rl vm IRI RUN lun mu Im fl. vnlfrl II K upullm I lnllw, C. I.lnvII,l, 1 Ill: 4 Mnurlll. Xwnml Inu I I'.lll I-Ill 1 .I luv Ilwllu, I Rmlm-lx, Y N.uI.1m.m, I I'n--Illmmul, Nl N.lII1.ln4Il.ln, .I Kumi! Inlmvuu, Rl Vmm. Nl Imiulani. I I.unn'r1 lImlI nm' 1 Un 1.-Wm, li l'..W.I.I..-, li I W pm... lr-mln, I Ilunlmc. M IYArm-1.-, X' lmn,wll.l uw w.1N.... rw Mg.-1.,. I Yula. XV funqur granu. .I Snnlh 10B Home Rooms IIOMF ROOM 20" Inu mu: I.-H 1.1 nghx I J .hm-plmm. A I I-I'un-, L l qimnu, I7 Imundi, K hi.nI1cIIi, M Irlll, .I. Iunhrlln. X AIM-s. .N'.'1nm1ruu' A. Quifk, If. Smilh, A iulavn- chin, Ci. I5iI:ruwcio. IS. I3nrrxIIu. A M.-mails.. 1. 'umm-...,. I Rug gn-fs. If xvmu, M Vlvicr. K SIwrvn.1n, S M.xrc.-Ilu. 1huIlr.m' J I71I'.x I-IQ, .I, Minulullx. I' Rini. I4 Irisciune, I Iinmlmrilo, .-X. I npardu I Iluva. .I 'I'urchrll.1. II Whiz.-. .I I'.mlI-ru. .I l.nnI.ln-III. I Ifnnu-I IIUMI ROUINI JII Inu mu. I.-I1 n, rnlhl N. Smith. In Ulslcwxlxi, C ID.-I'.1n. S I .1IIrx. K Ihrman lian. I I7'1Xmim. .I Swcrl. .S'm'Auml run' I, V.1I carvnghi. I' Mercier. K , Anliuinn, C. ZInno,L IFIIIJUIU, A llrccn, ,I IJ'AngcIn. A Smith. .l. Ihlyx, IU. Mouli, I' 'I'ulu.ulI'wskI. N Slam Ivy lhxrd mu" J, Fuxco, A Iinrmnxki, If Imrdi, V IJiI'uias-io, ID ITI-xrm. .I S.mmnicIIu. A I'noImu. .I Ilarmnm' IIUMIf ROOM 117 l":rsl row, lvlvt In Hght: M. Ilnvnlll, .I. S.1rilrIII. IS I'xiIupouIux. If, Fnru, I, IM-viI.1cqu.1. A, Ricn, J. lumpa. I I'n' Wnurnl nm' A I'I mm.-, L S.n1mP.nIw. K liagnc. A IM-Ang-' IIs. ID I'.lu'IIi. .I lug Im, I. IllM.1nnI, A Mmm, 1,, R S.mmm, .I Imunli, M Santos. lhud nm' .I Ian Irrdi, XV Ibmmxuln. .I IY.-Xxllmmu, I 'Iurln Inni. N lnnningImn1, A, 'I'Ixurpv, ,I Cl.xulIm'r. 4, Ikum. I5 Nlmxrf, R Hum, J. x'ig1..,ui, r I'--1luIIu tpvx- AL 3 x 11 mb: " mga, Y . un 9 Yr s 5 ix fu ummm if Hg 51, '35 if , 11 1 8 ZXKNF ki.. an 1i S '3- x 1 ' .LkI' Y' 1-4--wg., m 1: 94' Q vw 'J ,AB inf Mg 2 yggw WyM QW MQW My WZ? Cheerleaders l1r.xl mcL',lvl1 In rmhl: I4 X nllvsl, .X Iulwrclln. C., fuglw: .N I.lNIl11UI1U. lhxul C lmrhuh: lun lk I mlm' Ilvui Surwhnulcrg K. lHu'ru.1, .I :v1kIHlil'l'. Majorettes .Scum-nl Ll'L'1lflf7I Ins! I'uLL',f1'lI flII'lLll7ff Pm. Mills .'X.C.1IiSL'I C. Marine: Drum Mniorclxu: .I. Colle 10 lrm I lcui X'l11mcllc. Basketball BASKETBALI. First row, left to right D. Hardcastle. P. Marine J. Urbank, A. Kenyon C. Kershaw. J. O'Con nor. li. Waterman. J Colacci, W. Anton. Second row: A. Aspri nio. D. Thomas, C. Rice J. Coppola, B. liall, A Rice. J. Rutkevicz. .l Dilts. T. Petteruti. Varsity Basketball COACHI Despite the addition of a few new players. the Mottnt Pleasant varsity basketball team did not live up to its expectations. However, it did let its opponents feel the pressure of some tight games. ln its fiery dual with La Salle. the Kilties led through most of the contest. but poor luck seemed to be theirs as they lost in the last few seconds by one basket. As the season progressed the Highlanders seemed to unior Varsity Basketball COACIIZ lVlR. CIM-XRKIQ Off setting the dismal picture set by this year's var- sity team. the junior club was more successful in its ittempts. winning several of its games. l.ed by the sharp shooting of l.arry Colacci. Joe O Connor. and Al Asprinio, who donned a varsity uni- form midway in the season, the members of the team mide comparatively good showings and will undoubt- tdly help greatly as members of next year's varsity team. Golf I'ilifSl row, left lo right: D. Mulcahey. T. Ryan, I Hart. Sewntl row: J. Urbank. Mr. I ynch, P. Wliite. MR. CLARKE improve with every game but never quite enough to turn the tide against their opponents. Bill liall. Johnny Rutkivitz, Tommy Petteruti, and Artie Rice could usu- ally be relied upon to tttrn in a good showing. It is generally believed that the team's lack of depth was responsible for their rather poor showing. Next year. with the return of many ine players, now experienced, we can look for Mount Pleasant to set the pace for many fine teams in the years to come. Seven! tj - nine Cioatil t: I rememher seeing a magazine article written hy the hockey coach at Ilartmouth. Ilaitmouth. as yott know, is located in New Hampshire and is covered with snow throughout the winter. Once after having a poor sea son, the coach said. "I wish sometimes that I could have artihcial ice and nattlral hockey players on it rather than artificial players on natural ice." It iuust seem to outsiders that Cfoach Nelson has hoth-'artificial players and artificial icef llowever. don't let mere appearances fool you I will give you the real inside information. Mit. Hockey l"t' I'tlLL'. Ielil to right: Ii Romano, .l. Merolla. R. Neir inclsx, T. Reall. I.. Banville, 'I' DiI'etrillo. S. Duffyfkflanager St-com! row: R. Topper, Vs' Tenaglia. J. Craven. R. Capo hianco, li. Ifalls, B. Grange, .I Roypad. Nttsots As you have heard. there has heen a campaign throughout the liducational Ifield to de-emphasiye sports. As usual, Mt. Pleasant out-did itself, and sttc ceeded in giving the puhlic the idea that we had a sports program that was under par. It was not until verv late in the season that Mr. Nelson was given the O. K. to win some games. Vv'hen the signal was given, the team easily heat St. Raphael. Now the Ban has heen lifted and the team has heen given permission to win the State Championship, So we herehy warn Iiurrillville and I a Salle-fvylatch otttf Cofxutt: Mit. 'I'he Mount Pleasant fencing team lost its very hrst match to llope this year. A loss such as this on its first attempt usually lowers a team s morale and maltes it extremely difliculi for it to change its luck. But not Mount Pleasant 4 although it was going hadly for tis through most of otir second match with Cen tral, .Ioe Vanni came through and clinched our win. Our third opponent was undefeated Classical: that is. they were undefeated? Next the team avenged its hrst defeat to Ilope hy heating them in sure order. But naturally we could not Iteep up this record indehnitely as Central came hack to take their return match from us. Our last match with Classical fared much hetter though, for we heat them for the second time. lfftfhlif Fencing lffrst row. left lo right: S Duffy. .l. Vanni, .I. Deliusco. D Puopolo. Captain: 'lf Ryan, XV I.ysils. A. Iieola. Co captain. Nt-t.soN Vyle won. then, four of six league matches and par ticipated in three city championship matches, Domenic Puopolo. undouhtedly the most outstand- ing memher of the team. finished the year with an unhlemished record and went on to win the individual city championship. Puopolo, however, was not the only memher of the team who contributed to its quite successfttl year. Dilfusco came through with three good wins: Ryan two, and l.ysilc came up with a win in his final match. Duffy and Ifaiella were also in there hghting, All in all the Mount Pleasant Iligh fencing leant had a successful season. Congratulations to the team memhers and Coach Nelsonf Indoor Track Team First row, left to right: E. Altiere. R. Ferrara, L. McGroarty, A. Zarrella, W. Breault. J. Dugan. Captain: R. DeMoranville. A. Dilorio, D. Iavarone, F. Nerney. Second row: J. Esposito, F. Miller. D. O'Connor, R. Adams, I-I. Gederman. C. Kachougian, B. Sanderson, E. I.aPine, V. Asciolla, R. Imondi. The 1954 Indoor Track The season was a long. hard one, which started early in December and extended until March 13. There were no weak spots in the schedule. as each was a test of the best each member of the squad could produce. The most disconcerting part of the season were the long waiting sessions after school for the bus to take us to practice, which meant darkness had overtaken us almost before we got rolling. The best part of the season was the degree of improvement detected in the performances of the boys week after week. The schedule was followed to the letter and al- though scores were heavily stacked against us at times. we went through undaunted. hopeful that better things were in s'ore. The high lights of the season were the consistently good performances of many of the team. notably Leo McCroarty, Anthony Dilorio, Don- ald Iavarone. Robert DelVIoranvi1le, John Dugan. Harris Gederman, Arthur Zarrella. Albert Petrone, and Eugene I.aPine. The team's creditable appearance in the Bowdoin Interscholastics was in a sense the climax of the season, though the Gnal meet, the Providence College Inter- scholastics, found Mount Pleasant runners in line form. Two interim meets between the indoor and out- door seasons at the Providence "Y" promise an incen- tive in the preparatory period leading to the outdoor season, THE OUTDOOR SCHEDULE April 22 and 23 Inter-Class Meet and Junior High Relays April 26 and 27 LaSalle tRelays5 May I Rhode Island Relay Carnival May 8 Cranston lVI.1yl5 Class A Championship at Kingston May 22 City Championship May Z9 St. Raphael Academy Cpendingil May 31 Brown Interscholastics June 5 Rhode Island Interscholastics June IZ New England Interscholastics at Durham, N. I-I. Eighty-one Ifirst row. left to right: A. Dilorio, A. Zarrella, E. I.aPine. A. Gautieri. Relay Team Sprint relays are Mount Pleasant specialties. and next to 40-yard dashes are the most hazardous of the game. This is the first in several years of failing to cop four gold medals in this event, although an entire junior-sophomore combination won the City relay. What looked like a sure bet was suddenly terminated when Arthur Zarrella, our anchor man in the State meet, was knocked off the track into the crowd just as he was ready to take off. Tony Dilorio, the lead- off man, had picked up a substantial lead, and passed to Anthony Gautieri. who maintained the lead, and passed on to llugene l,aPine, a sophomore. Although Gene had speed to spare, he had difuculty negotiating the flat curves on the new East Providence track: how- ever, he rounded his last curve on equal terms to find his man, Arthur Zarrella, practically among the missing in the crowd, knocked from position in the exchange. Despite the appalling outlook. the team Hnished third. broken-hearted and despondent. Much lies ahead for Mount Pleasant relay runners. this year and next and for the years to come. we trust. Aside from Tony Dilorio. a sensation on any team. the above boys are juniors or sophomores. Wrestling CoACt-tg MR. Ctituzn ln the exhibition matches at the beginning of the season, the Mount Pleasant matmen lost two heart- breakers to Cranston and llast Providence, both by a score of 13 to lo. These matches could have been won if one of the boys who was beaten had won. The Kilties avenged these setbacks by crushing Hope 33 to O and entered the league competition with high hopes. Due to the loss of three line wrestlers in the persons of Tony Santaniello. Dick Pisaturo, and Bob Chesney. the wrestling team was considerably weakened. Al- though the team was turned back in three of its league matches by close scores, tive men went into the semi- lttlhly-two Hnals in the state meets. They were Mike Fallon. Char- lie Kachougian. Paul Ciasullo. Pete Ciiaruso. and Johnny Lopez. Two of these boysglfallon and Kachougian- won individual state champ positions in the 145 and I65-pound classes respectively. Patil Ciasullo placed third in the I55-pound division. Although we are losing such line men as Kachougian, Ciasullo. Casinelli. and Montella, the Kilties will be fortunate in that boys such as lfallon. Rappa. Toma- sian. DeStefano, l.anni, and Giaruso are returning to form the nucleus of next years team. Good luck to the boys and Coach Cerra. Track Stars i . atm A DON lAVrXRONli A sprint champion par excellence-a double eagle in one day: winner of the Providence College lnterscholastics "Open 50' against New lingland's finest, then again. against Rhode Island's hest. Vlatch Don this year and next. Dons on his way, on to the limit, we predict. HARRIS Gl'lJl5RM.XN Mount l'leasant's distance rttnner extraordinaire: our one claim to lame in the Cross Country season. kVinner ol' the Providence College Annual Road Race against rugged competition and Second leani .-Xll Stater as a junior. llarris gives much promise as a miler and cross country rttnner. llarris is the one in a million who places track next to his sttttlies at Mount llleasant Vx'ltat more should he asked 1' l l'O lVlCCiRUARliY Mount l5leasant's "Most Athletic"-a superlative, iully clesetv ing. l.eo's distinction as a discus thrower ol' hoth Rhode lslantl New lfngland lame in his .junior year was lollowed hy his prowess as the key man. a threat in every play, in the hackhelcl on the gridiron. l.eo's progress at the comparatively new lvusiness of shotfptltting was scarcely less than sensational. l eo, the ltartl worker. the consistent trainer. will hear watching as he moves lorwarcl with the shot and his specialty. the discus. AN't'ttoNt' DIORIO Rhode lslandis heacliest and most consistent sprinter, who led the pack week after week against the flashiest competition. Although a victim frequently ol' poor ofhciating. Anthony snapped back in true championship fashion and won the dis- tinction of being Rhode lsland's best. Winning the City Championship Meet in the lastest time of the year, in 4,7 seconds equalling the school record. found him at his peak. :'Xnthony's running on the relay team was magnincent. iji . PU y 'NIC IOI ming Cllmnmp ff ,Q 'I rmk Mm ,Y K NM, ...K z 1 4 . W .... ,,, , f- i f .f f 4 we X, ,gfik fs 59351 ,wh E' . ,- fy HQ- . , , x ' 49555 -, ' 7'-Qs ' wx. FW ,. , 1 gy , ' f I I X ',.. A f K . . ww wh Q X pasig 4.1 L v ,wk ' ,: Z ' 7' Wt ' , -. Wiilas Af' 3 1,553 ' ,, ' ,M , f fy , . MN - fn .Ziff , FL :xii Q- ,N , M- k 5. -s. .fmzfr P Q Y na 4' 4 was K + . Lwf5',,,1y-'wt 51 'k - ,f . -sbfrgmwmgw x Girls' Glee Club I 1l'711f+1'x' lllhl 11v11' l1'll 111 I'l1ll7lZ NI., I . ID1'II.1111orlc. M XIUIIILICIII. I3 Mclonv, Y. Ivivri xvplr. I Cf.1I11'1'I11.1. I' I71'l1ci1w. CI SIIIKIOIII. I I'mcnc1I1'll1. .I. Iwi. .I I17.II'Il'II.I, If. fi1'rv11m XI 41u1s1, I I,m1nI.1 C Raw N1'11+11.I lfllff. Ii I I'xIN'Ig1. O I1wn.111I1w. .l, lI1uw.11'1Iu. .X 3.1Iv.1I1wr1'. .I C'1vxlcII1v. IU .Xmlrrw XI C'1ml.1I1iIu. .I f'.lIIlI7.lgl1UIlL'. I. II1'l11'r1111w. I' Ci1'1'c1111.1. R. QIlLH'Q1.IU, II l51vn.1I1111'. I7. fi.'lI'I3UI1L' Y XI.1x111wg111s1'pp1' II. Il1111l 11-11 I3 l1'p1wr1' 1X1'1'11111p.111ixlJ. I7, I1m1'r1ww. II. I31'.111cI11'm1', .X Iimpt. Y, .XIx'1's. I I,.ltIllIII. .I IS111I1v11I, C.. I'.lI1llIlL' .X I'c1lcr11l1v, I. C1r.1u1.1. In I.11.1. .I l1cmm.1. NI. I'ncv1I.1c1111.1 Orchestra IIQI ,KY l11.x1 111111 lr!! 111 111lh1: I3 SIm1'rm.1n. .X Hopkins. Ii I,.1nlivi. U Pmrrow. D. IHOIIIPJ. N1'111n1l 11111' NI KIIZIIIII. 'If I,Il'fI. II. Clillwrl. I5. NIiroII', II. K.lI1CI7L'l'NIxI. R. II111'sl. ll1111l r1-111 K. NI1m1cII.1. I. I.11Icv.11.1. II. C,OI1lCI'lIl, .I. I'c1ry, R. Circm. 1'-1111117 VH11' IH S.lIILIt'I'5Ol1. R. Cf.1IiccI1i.1. Mr, Ifkhcrg, If .Xn1Iwr1wsin1v. l'1!lh1-111 , I. l'.1gI1.1, I . .'XI11crc, 2.1! Girls' Glee Club II lfirsl muh lvfl In right: J. Copponi. P. Mernick. E. Carlton, N. Salisbury. B. N.1t.1li7.i.1. ll. Pnscarelli, D. lierranle. B. Ursillo, S. Paolilli, A. DeT0r.i. D. Rega. lx Rossi. lf. lnimlwrl. fl. Caron. Sl'lUl'l1ll'ULL'l .l. Colaliim, B. Ricci. l'. Greaves, N. l'mliixI.i. 17. Muliiuilh, ,X Ouger, K .'xfl1lSlfOl'lg. R. Grande. P. liera. S. Ciarzune. B. l.ymnn, N. Marcello. C. D'Onol'rio, A Barlmlo. Cl. Crnlil. B. Prenmck. 'I hm! miu: C. Haven. B. Marlone. J. Vivier, lf. Vanni, B. lynch. D. Sholn, M. XV.ird. B. lJ1I'.'llCl'lUI'. S. Corey, N. Greene. ll. Billion. lf. Bisignnno. M. Gihalerio, Band lfirsl mw. left lu right: N. Gilheri. VJ. lrpere. ll. Alliere. R. Greco, P. Conienii. T. Iadc' min, lf. Leavens, R. Cairone. J. Minutelli. H. Burden. D. Brown, Serum! row: R. Greco. R. Calicchia. li. Permanente, R. Beaupre. lf. Miroff, T. Montelln. lf Di Risio. .l. Monrecalvo. B. Sanderson. lf. Marrocco. ll. Lanlini. I.. Sbraccia. V. Pnglia. Eighty-scum Young Artists I lwrxxl l'rrLL'.1n'H In right: A. Cwrnlann. R. Cwlardi, M. Cirilla. C. Cmllo. J. Cmllo, l.. I'r.iicli .F Ciiorginnni, R. Clrnndc. l'. Frm. R. Gormly, N. Grvcnc. If. Haylicld. .l. Hnun, C. Hand .Suomi rouyz C. Croft, C. Caruso. N. Di Ballisla. C. Dc l'.1ri. S. Caliri. M. Ci.ll.lI1lJl'U IE. .Xn51oIm. IS. Donnhuv, B. Di Sandro. M. Cimorclli. C ID Onolrio. A. B.1lb.llO. .I. C,oslclIo I'. Cufcn. li. Di Iinlfo. C. Cj.1I'l'lCV.1lk'. R. Di Paolo. 'l'lmil1'oiL'g .l. Colnlllcn. .X Di Nico. A. Campo. li. Dvlifio. A Ui Biasc. R. Brown, I3 Dc! Nhslro, fx. Dc Slrtnno, Pm. Cohvccchio. M. Corsi, P. C:OfllL'l'!li. Cl. Ccdronc. XT. Corrcia If Caron. B. Church, A. Cnlicchia. M. Cosmnlino. S. Champion. I-'mulh I'uLL'1 S. Paollilli. R. Giorgio. .I. B.1rlcl1.i. C. Di l,con.1rdo. C. Dcnicrs. J. C.1mp.ig nomo. C. Ui Mcglio. S. I,m!IisI.i. .l. ilirinngnlo, .l. iliumlo, R. R.1nonv. ll. Cioncconlo. ll. Iicimro I' .Xllicru C.. Ilwnnis. I.. Dc! Vccchio. S. Dvxlcr. N. I5.x'lisl.1. IB. .Xiilgi.1n. .I. I'm.irry. Pm C.oni'oN' N113 I5 i,I'L'lll.lL'ix tlaqully .'Xdvisorl. Boys' Glee Club lfiglvt if - uiqhl lfirxl row. lvl! lo rziqhlz M. Cimorclli, J. Ncri. A. Kenyon. XV. Anton. P. Dulw, Mr. Prc mark. R. Circonc, R. Iimiclli. V. Scolti. T. iIx0I'l1JSiJl'1, C. Caruso. -SiL'4fll7tl ruin: Ci. Moriarty, .l. Rgdkicwich. C. Rilmicri. .l. Ilirrclly. J. Coppola. CH. Clone como, R. Iminionv, P. Cfoliins. Young Artists II l'I!v!'.Sl row. lvfl In righl: R. Pototo. 'If Iurchctti, C. Stearns. I.. Ruggicri. A. Pitronu. B, Itirro, A. Curreri. A, I'oIcArcIli, C.. Girclli, C. Ixelly, J. Jordan. P. Sl. Dems. J. Pcry, P Nlcrnick. If. Ricci. I5. Ricci. R. Rnvo. S. Schwaw, Stmunl I'1ItL'2 Mr. I5. I,l'CII1.1fI'x 1I.icul1y Advisorb, D. Intcglia, J, Iurcliulti, B. Psilopoulos ID. Ikmiams. J. Silvcsiri. J. Pale, A. Victri. J. Prcvite. V. Pctlinniu. J. Pasture, J. Nnu.ircit.1 NI. 5.!I'IxlSl.1I'l. H I.1simonc. R. Joecph. J. P.1p.ircIIi, Ix. Piltwvi, Ii. N.1l.1Iiz1.1. M, C. l'i illIIn 'l'l71'1'tl1'ntu: If., C. Owcms. P. Vcltri. IS. Rosa, I. Ricci. A. Moore, N. Musfta I3 Icporc II'i'csitIciiU. C. Zogliu. 'If fVI.iltw, A. fVI.isso. A. Hugnn. If. IJIIIIITCFI. A. O'Donnvll IH NIJFIOIIC. C. Pnolino, B. Ursillo. If. Meklian. l'uu1'1h1'wit': .-X. Silxxi. P. I..1nfi.i. V. Picri. I.. Jwliornlon, D. Rem, J. Picolyi, C. Pandonc .X ft'pp.1. If. Smilh, S. Smiltwm, R. Cnlifchin. R. Morgan. J. Massa. J. I:.lI'l'0IIY. If. Pellegrino KL. Rnlmlti. P. Ilulw. If Rmnnim. I.. 'I'.1rt.1gli.i. I.. Penn. A. Sclvlnpfur, P. Puck, Ilf Il.llIt'I1l.l I Xfinnit' I3 Sink. .-X. Rusxi. JX Iiiirdi, Ii. Stabilc IJXSSI. Sccrclaryb, O. I.Ul1.ll'tI0. Junior Achievement lzrsl !'ULL'. It-If fn I'lIlhII M, Sarisisian, J. Stuart, B. Stevens. C. Stuart, I.. Silver. I.. Km iivrko. J. I't'li'.icu.1. St-writ! mtv. J XIJFIIII, :X Shnvv. D, Vs'iIson, A. Iivoh. O. 'I'.1II1ot. lfighty-nim Future White Caps I'IlI-Nl Il1IL',It'fl In rmht: N'l.'IIm11cIIini, NI. I5uCIxIin, R. Riclmrd, I, Ilwx. IS. Vcrinn, A. Ycn tum, .N Cmrlun. In XX'1.1lmwxk1. In S.lIll.lI1lt'IIU, IVI. Mlg.l, V. Clrossl. Ip. C,.ll'Clx'I'l, M, I'.1r1su. .SUIUINI ww: I . l3vII.1 flrulln, N, Nlorrisscllc. .I, McMullen, I5. II.1miIlon. S. Ci.1rlImm', I' wncs, NI I XVIHII-. R. Silver, C.. Calisc, If Sncwnc, I'. Cfum1ingI1.1m. lhml ww' S NI.1nI1. Ii. I.1w. I: NI.u1g.11m4 I5. Ixwrnan, C.. O C.unm'II, I. ImII, .I Mur mx, NI c.ll.lI'Il.llIlt'. IJ Iulnlwn. NI II.mII, I I'mvIIn. R. C.1rm'v.xIv Future Teachers IVlAl7t'II.l ' ' ' xB lux! fmt, lull lv :whiz .X RLIQSU, N. IIxr.1nlw.1v, A. Ilupklns. C. CIJDTOI1. I I''. l's1lnpul1lm, I3 I'unx.xIm Y-Teen First row. lefz 10 right: C. Stuart. L. Silver, A. Curreri. A. Folcarelli, S. Schwartz. Second row: M. Coyne, F. Almonte. A. Rainone-Treasurer. N. Cicerchia-Inter-Club Council, R. Schwarzkopf+'I'een Age Associate, Y. W. C. A.. B. I.. DiDo- menico-Vice President. Il. Mainclli. A. D'Aguanno. J. Benederri. 71l'11'ftI'fOLL'I A. Porreca. B. Florio. J. Cottrill. C. VValsh. B. Kiernan. S. March. E. Man- gano. Yi. DiMauro. C. Verde. J. Merola, R. Giorgio. Office Practice I-iirsl r'cJLL'. Ivfl lu right: fi. Rossi. J. Knight, B. DelMastro, N. Museo, E. Carcieri, C. D'Ono- frio, N. DQMOL1, A. DcStefnno. Svmmi' muy: V. Diffilippo. J. Lucas, R. Papazian. N. Colwell. P. Cunningham. J. Lam- bert. I. Dessert. D. Stifano, A. Insimone. lvl-UUIQ1-Ol7l 105 Y l.t-I1 lo right: P. Cunningham, P. Ciasullo. C. Kershaw, N. Bradwav, K. Borden G. Horn, Model Legislature 'I'he Seventh Rhode lsland Model legislature con' vened at the State House on March lil. IQ5-l. lt gives young people the opportunity to become acquainted with parliamentary procedttre and discuss and debate issues ol' the day. Alter registering at nine o'clock the enthusiastic leg- islators explored the building. becoming acquainted with the Senate. the Hottse. and the committee rooms. XVhen each house had been organized. a Grand Com- mittee meeting was held in the House of Representa- tives. The invocation was given by the Reverend Richard Nl. Prime, Assistant Pastor. Immaculate Con- ception Church. Providence. Governor Dennis J. Rob- erts and Nlr. George lf. Burke. President of Rhode ls- land Social Studies Association, addressed the assem, blv. 'lhe Crand Committee then dispersed. Mount Pleasant was represented in the Senate bv Paul Ciasttllo. Nancy Bradway, and Gretel Horn. In the House. were Charles Kershaw, Patil Cunningham. Kenneth Borden and Barbara Mills. Vilhen the bills had been introduced in the separate chambers, they were assigned to the appropriate committees. After this came party cattcuses. Noontinie rolled in, and the hungry legislators were served a delicious luncheon. The reports ol the committees were given in the afternoon. The bills were then open for debate and discussionf Vvlhen the last word had been given on the good or bad points of the bill. a vote was taken. At 3:30 P. M. a Grand Committee Meeting was held in the House where the advisers and observers ape praised the work of the model legislators. The day soon drew to .1 close and the Seventh Model legislature had been a success. Driver Training I-'tirsl row. Iefl lo right: R. Pirraglia. li. Tavano. D, Venditti, J. Adams. D, Shola, A. Calise. l,. Panarello. G. Giocastro. C. Gibson. J. Christopher. P. Mernick. St-mntt' row: K. Maccarone. A. Colavecchio. l. Dessert. B. Cairone, N. Valentini, l.. NVhite. M. Bucklin, M. llthier. C. Bertsch. N. Conway, V. Nlatrtimalo. lf. l,ambert. 'I-hl-Fd' row: A. Delielice. R. lferri. Y. Desjarzais, l,amanna. A. Corkery. R. Marsden. XV. Ritzatifleaclier. C. Girelli, P. Kelly. T. Kingsley. J. Mansolillo. C. Reid. .l. Picerno. Spanish Conversation Group l lfirsf row, left lo right: R. Silver. B, Kiernan. l,. lflfgren, C, Walsh, li. Silvestri. -Sewrvd row: A. Ancona, li. Moffat. A, l.ules, lf. Chorney, Miss Bogman. .lanet iliaylor Steven Cenci Dorothy lalnuclxi .Josephine Roccio Norma Museo Anette Iasimone Charles Kershaw Victoria Di liilippo lilena Carcieri John RllllkCVlCl Ann Camparone Baby Pictures See Pages 52 and 531 Dorothy Melone .lean lfilippone Robert Calicfhia Ann l5eStel'ano Barbara Colavecrlmit .lean De l.uci.x Ann Corkery Gloria 'llaraborelli Barbara Del Mastro .Josephine Ruggieri Ruth Papalian Carolyn Capron Paula Cunningham lfvelyn 'liavano Nancy Bradway Robert Gizzarelli lfrances Bisignano I.ou-Ann Battista Pashalia Poniaras Anita Moore Annette Mansolillo Carl Passarelli S A O Advertising Marilyn Pate Jean Kimball Dorothy l.epoie Donald Hansen Beryl Lynch .lune Knight Molly De Palo .loan Picozzi Paul and Carol Marine Ann Calise Al3VliR'l'lSlNli First row, left In right: K. lk-Magistrix. .l. Burrill, J. 1u..y..... M. llel ellis. .Si-twill mtv' A. IVO- rio, .I, llsi, li. Bisig- nano, A. 4 amparone. M. ladimaro. lf. 'liauano l'h1rtl row: K Bor- tlen, R. llehlagixlres. Ninety-three BOOST A Friend Al and Jean Anette and Sully Angelyn and Donald Ann and Artie Ann and Roberta Annette and Kelly Barbara and Frank Barbara and Meek Ricci Barbara and Sonny Mr. and Mrs. A. Robot Barra Betty Coletti and Henry Gombeyski Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Bisignano Mr. and Mrs. Erving Blinkhorn Mr. Reginald W. Bradway l.ucy Buonaiuto Mrs. Vincent Cenci Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cocci Barbara Colavecchio Jerry Collins Coppola's Mkt. Mr. and Mrs. James Corkery Mrs. Bertha Coyne Patricia Coyne Gell Crandell Dr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Curreri Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dame Dave and Josie Mr. and Mrs. Ernest De Angelis Guilio "Chet' De Angelis Mr. and Mrs. Philip Del Masrro Delores and Betty Mr. and Mrs. Michael Di Filippo Barbara Di Sandro Mr. and Mrs. F. Di Petrillo Carolyn D'Onorfrio Dottie and Eddie Mr. and Mrs. A. Dufresne Elaine and Ray Mr. and Mrs. H. Fall Mr. and Mrs. Louis Flori Marie Florio Mr. and Mrs. A. Fuoroli Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Goclowski Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Hamilton Miss Anna Hanley Miss lrene Hanley Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas Iadimarco Carmine lannetti Mr. and Mrs. Armand Iasimone ERS Jeanne and Ronnie Joan and Julie Johnny lzza and Peggy Mr. Joni Mr. and Mrs. Harold Johnson and Mac and Mrs. C. A. King Joseph W. Krapf Mr. Mr. Mr. Joe and Mrs. Gerald Lambert and Mrs. Thomas Langione and Mrs. Leo L. La Porte Lautieri Lenny and Tommy Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lynch Manvel Liete Marie and Jim Marie and Joe Marilyn and Frankie Mrs. Ann McBride and Joyce Dorothy Melone Mr. and Mrs Raymond Morgan Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Museo Mr. and Mrs James L. O'Connell Mr. and Mrs John O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ouloosian Mr. and Mrs. Americo Picozzi Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Paine Jo-Ann Paparelli. Mr. and Mrs. ,Philip Parenteau Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Petrosinelli Mike "Sandy" Pinelli Mr. and Mrs. Contantine Poniaros Mr. Dino Ricci Mr. and Mrs. John J. Risko Mr. and Mrs. Luigi Rivera Roberta and Guido Roberta and Johnny Rosemarie and Johnny Bobby Russo and Carol Mr. and Mrs. Gene Sabitoni A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Peter Silver Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Simmons Delia Squillace Mr. and Mrs. Albert Stott The Great Scott Kid Mr. and Mrs. J. Aram St. Denis Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Taraborelli Dr. and Mrs. Michael Tarro Frances Tata Tony Di Iorio and Barbara Ines and Ronnie Jean and Bobby Jean and Vinnie Vera Tutalo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Vanable Vicky and Ted Mr. and Mrs. John Urbank and Son Ninety-four L. G. Balfour CO. C. S. 81 C. Division Ci? Attleboro Massachusetts SPECIALTY BAKERY Italian Bread 1790 Cranston Street POST WAR CLEANSERS TAILORS 486 Broadway l,I'OVIClCIICC, Rhode Isla11d Expert Tailoring for Ladies and Gents FREE CALL AND DELIVERY UN. 1-0571 UN. 1-6583 UN. I-3810 CAPTAIN GEORGE Xa LEE'S Danielson Pike Foster, Rhode Island Sodas - Sandwiches - Dinners EDWARD S. A. ALTIERE Proifidence Police Reserve Aflilinted with Division of Personnel and Training of Providence Police Department Rhode Island Council of Defense Rhode Island State Police Police Division-Federal Civil Defense Administration MEMBER-NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF .IOURNALISM DIRECTORS AFFILIATED WITH N.S.P.A. Tel. 'l'Emple I -0-153 ELWIN TELEVISION Sales - Service Radio - Television and Appliance Repairing Ili Illlll. Sound l'rojet'tor Servlet 924 Cranston Street Cranston, Rl1ode Island DU-PRO-LUX CLEANSERS Plant-597 Plainfield Street Branch-l0l8 Chalkstone Avenue EL. l-9608 Your Best Buy in Dry Cleaning is Quality M A N O R MOTOR SALES. INC. l22!l IVUSIIIIIIISICI' Street Your Prtrlmrd Dealer DEICNAN BROTHERS Ship fllIIlllIll!'l'.Y l83-lt-G5 RlL'lIIIIKlIIil Street Providentte, Rhode Island Ninety-six TI-IE OXFORD PRESS 'fs 12' J Printers and Offset Lithographers ALL CLASSES OF SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS BOOK AND COMMERCIAL PRINTINC PRINTERS OF THIS YEARBOOK 18 Cordon Ave., Cor. Reynolds Ave. Providence, R. I. Tel. Xvllliams 1-llll Ninety-seven Cmnpli1nr'nIs of Compliments of HOME ROOM 216 HOME ROOM 306 MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS UF JANUARY 1955 Sal's Furniture Company, Inc. 1251 IXJUCLLAS AV1'fNl11'2 NORTH PROVIIHCNCIC, RHODE ISLAND S.f11.'S CO., R. l.'.s' most mmlern slrrre inviles Ihe gmrlnalimz class 0 MI. Pleusrml mul all ,INN-7' frimzrls I0 visil 01l1'.YfI1lCl0ll1.V furnilure show mom. Ninety-eight BRUCE DRUG CO. Prescription Pharmacists HARRY J. s14L11'1', l'l1.G. 1853 WESTMINSTER STREET OLNEYVILLE SQUARE Your Banquet, Dance or Social Functions deserve the best in Food, Service and Arrangements We Invite You to Hold it Here FOR RESERVATIONS CALL MAITRE D'HOTEL Sheraton-Biltmore Hotel PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND GA. 1-9200-Ext. 117 Compliments of 12B HOME ROOM 116 Pacia 81 Son Co., Inc. Excalfaling Contractors 7l CORINA STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I. AIA. 1-4111 Ninety-nine Cmnjllhncnls of HOME ROOM 206 HOPE PAPER BOX COMPANY I0 BEACH STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I. MONARCH TV CO R. I-RIPHN -- H. ll. Sl,.Nl'ER fl ullm:'iz1'1l Salas and S1'rvif'c' RCA - AIJMIR.-Xl. - EMERSON PHILCO Iirlsy Blldgrft Terms 4 fllll uf '7 Swlx lfl'I7!lII'l'fI flll llu' Sfml in Your Own Hnnlzr Dlixtcr l-1859 80 BROAD STREET PROVIDENCE, R. I. A T L A N T I C TOOL COMPANY, INC. H25 PONTIAC AVENUE CR.-XNSTON, R. I. One Hundred The OUTLET Company Iveybosset Street Providence, Rhode Island R US S O ' S HARDWARE, INC. Known for Quality, Service and Low Prices General Hardware - Paints and Varnishes IVall Paper - Gifts - Kitchenware Radios and Appliances - Electric Supplies 286 Atwells Avenue HOYLE OPEN AIR MARKET Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 810 Westminster Street Providence Sincere Best Wishes MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM CARCIERI LEN NY'S AUTO PARTS IVHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS flnln Supplies - Parts - Accessories -461 Smith Street Providence, Rhode Island Tel. DE. l-850l Compliments of RALPH MARIANO Xe SON 40 Tweed Street Cranston, Rhode Island Compliments of SENIOR CLASS HOME ROOM I8 DELFINO DRUG CO. e15l Manton Avenue l'rovidenc'e, Rhode Island One Hundred One TOM MY MASSO ORCHESTRAS 28 George Street North Providence, Rhode Island For the Finest in Flower Arrangements MTWU 827 Broad Street Providence 7, Rhode Island Tel. WI. I-4440 CARTER Sc COMPANY Ill Empire Street Wholesale jewelers NICHOLAS IADIMARCO. Prop. GA. I-086-I Compliments of VANNI'S DRIVING SCHOOL 31 Erastus Street Providence, Rhode Island Compliments of FEDERAL DAIRY CO. 83 Greenwich Street Providence, Rhode Island SIMONE'S SERVICE STATION General Repairing - Towing Motors Steamed 397 Dyer Avenue Cranston TE. I-9670 llixtrilntlurx of CIIRYSLER .XlR'l'EMl' CRANSTON Oll, SERVICE Oil liurners - Autonmtir' Ileuling liqllipnlent and flir Comlilioning 6411 Dyer Avetute Cranston lil.. l-5200 Lotus '13 .uw Rose Roczcznto R O C C H I O REAI, ES'l'A'I'E ANI: INSURANCE AGENCY Alortguges and Complete lnsuranre Serwficzr Fire -Automobile - Casualty Notary Public 3 IVoodside Road Providence 9, Rhode Island Tel. El.llIlIlll'Sl I-7853 One Hundred Two JOHN J. RISKO Wholesale Beef and Provisions 293 CANAL STREET PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND DE. 1-3132 VISIT THE California Artificial Flower Co. 400 RESERVOIR AVENUE PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND OPEN DAILY 8 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M. EVERY THURSDAY UNTIL 9 P.M. MANTON BATTERY SERVICE lVIlllHlfIll'flll'8l'S of MitLLo STLJRAGE BATTERY Automobile and Commercial Batteries 100,000 MILE WARRANTY 5g Archer Avenue Johnston EL. l-5335 B Sc D SCREW MACHINE 44 Prescott Street Providence, Rhode Island Compliments of CICILLINI'S MARKET Home Made Sausages 208 Pocasset Avenue Home: TE. I-0620 Store: TE. I-2952 308 FRANK D'ORIO 29 George Waterman Road Johnston, R. I. CE. I-5074 One Hundred Three CENTR.-XI. CREAMERY ICE CREAM COMPANY 225 CIOIIVIIZIINI Street llnlnjzlinmrlfs of JAKE KAPLAN SEC.-XIIS PI-I.-XRMACY C. DEL VECCHIO Rc SONS ZEII Webster Avenue MARKET ISZIIIIII K. Segal. Prop. SFU S""1'ir" EIU I-1099 l29I Chatlkstone Avenue Providence, R. I. THE IIEAUTY NOOK I2I9 Chnlkstone Avenue I'rox'itlent'e. R. I. RALPH'S QUALITY MARKET 675 Alwelis .XvennL Providence, R. I. F.-XELLA'S OIL SERVICE, INC. Fuel and Range Oils littrrtvr Sales aml Sl'l'1'il't' ESI Byron Street North Providence CE. I-5500 A. C. BUONANNO 8: SON Plumbing and Heating 226 Manton Avenue TE. 1-2900 2-I Hour Service PL.-XINFIELD STREET GREENHOUSE, INC. -103 Plainfield Street ANGELO DEL GROTTO Elertriral Contractor W0,gmph Fhm,m,5 33 Steuben Street Providence, R. I. EL. I-2900 my Ol' Night EL- 1-5918 GEORGIAN APTS., INC. LE BER MUSIC I8 I5 Westminster Street Providence, R. I. 330 Killingly Street Providence, R. I. Olneyvme Square joseph Mitolzt. Sr., Pres. UN. 1-7997 -IOHN S. BORDEN linker Ifortl Company 2700 Post R trztc I Wa t'rt' irk HI. P2311 El.I"CREN'S STORE Foster, Rhode Island N U h l. O O K III05 Pluiniicltl Street -lohnston, R. I. ACME HOME BUILDERS I299 tlhalkstonc Avenue 259 Ansdatle Road. Cranston S'I'. I-9189 EL. I-3343 Om- llumlrvd Four HARTLEYS NEVVS 1385 Plainfield Street 'I'llOl'lllUll. R. 'l'li. l-9557 PARASCANIJOLO BROS. lfixh llvrllm' I8 Bowen Street jolinslon, R. I. COLUMBUS SHOE REPAIRING -I8 Sutton Street Ralph Ferrieri, Prop. MURl'HY'S DINER Fall River Avenue Seekonk. Mass. Open 24 Hours YANKEE CLEANSERS G6 Penn Street Providence, R. -'OI-IN THE SIGN MAN 85 VVIIIIIIYOIJ Avenue Providence, R. I. UN. l-2199 STATE LUMBER CO., INC. Providence-DE 1-4110 East Providence-EA. 1-3187 C Sc R AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE 515 Prairie Avenue Providence, R. I. POCASSET REWEAVING AND MENDING CO. 96 Pocasset Avenue Compliments of HOME ROOM 308 MAGIC CHEF STEAK HOUSE 1590 Mineral Spring Avenue North Providence, R. I. PEOPLE'S FURNITURE CO. 304-312 Pocassct Avenue 591 Charles Street Providence. R. I. AVALON BEAUTY SALON 290 Westminster Street Providence, R. MA. 1.8703 I. GESMONDVS SUPER MARKET Self Serzlire 1171 Atwood Avenue Johnston, R. 1. Cmlzplirllvllls of RIVERSIDE CLEANSERS PIERANUNZIO Sc SON Runge and Fuel Oil 80 Cedar Street Providence, R. 1. One Hundred Five PARK SERVICE CENTER R 778 Charles Street Providence, NIA. I-0530 PHILIP FOGARTY 8c SONS Oil und Coal Providence, R. I. ANTHONY DI LUCCHIO'n Mowers Sharprned, Repairfd Cmnplimzfnls of N. C. M. lI9 Donclson Street Providence. R. PI.. I-ISI3 BUD MUU-INS' CIMINIS' LIQUOR STORE SERVICE STATION IMI plainneld street Johnston, Rl 229 Manton Avenue Providence. R. CA. I-9520 EL. I-98-16 COLLINS DRUGS Registrrrvl Plzarmarists THE FIVE ESQUIRE BOYS B. S1 A ' 1367 Plainfield Street Johnston, R. I. , m 'nomo D. Lannl R. Campagnone TE- I-3222 P. Giarrusso A. Gautieri STAR UNIFORM CO. I5 Snow Slrccl I'rovicIcncc. R. DE. I-H563 ACE HARDWARE CO. I2 Wznerman Avenug Centrcdale, R ADRIATIC FOOD STORE 59 Balho Avenue l'rm'idcncc, DE. I-I635 CLEAN-RITE CLEANSERS R. I. 675-677 Chulkslonc Avenue Providence, R. I. MICHAEL LEO HOSPITAL SPA 722 Union Avcnnw l'rm'icic-ure. R. I. 693 Chalkstone Avenuc Providence, R I CONTINENTAL 1MPoR1'1Ncs Co., INC. CONT-I PHARMACY 286-294 Kinslcy Avenue Proviclence. R. I. GA. I-6345 506 Broadway Providence. R One Hundred Six GAspee I-7739 'l'Emple L9545 Mary Pennine, Ernest Pennine. Props. PENNINE'S FLORIST "Flowers for All Orrasimis' 35-39 Knight Street Provlclence 9. R. I. PROVIDENCE CHEESE CO. 223 Alwells Avenue Provitlence. R. I. Cmnpliznenls of I0 A'S-ROOM 318 MODERNE CLEANSING SERVICE Edmund Vnllante Tel. JA. I-7412 180 Pocasset Avenue Cmnplimenls of ROOM 229 Complhnents of ROOM 328 Conlplinienls of ROOM II3 CU77lfIllllll'lll.Y of ROOM ll8 UNITED FLOOR COVERING 563 Dexter Street Central Falls, R. I. Complimrnls of PETER DI LULLO Complimenis of ROOM ll MAPLEWOOD ORCHARDS Home of Original REDSKIN Apples Austin Avenue Greenville, R. I. S. T. Winsor DE LUISE BAKERY 1251 Chalkstone Avenue Providence. R. I. Compliments of HOME ROOM IIA-II7 BUS STOP VARIETY 712 Admiral Street Providence. R. I. OTTO A. KNIGHT Eastern States Farmers' Exclmnge Foster Center. R. I. One Hundred Seven HOpkins I-H865 Res. Srit. I-3640 PARK AVENUE GREENHOUSES . . . lflrizvrrs . . . Menilxer Florist 'Velegrnpli Delivery Association 757 Park Avenue Cranston 10, Rhode Island Peter Cartnello, Prop. Wendell Phillips, Associate Contplimrnls of GUYS AND DOLLS OF ROOM S9 Compliments of HOME ROOM 214 RALPH'S OIL CO. 270 Plain St. Provitlence, R. I. GOODYEAR TIRES WEAR TO SPARE Complete Line of Goodyear Tires and Life Guard Safety Tubes - Sulmrbanite Snow Tires - Trurk and Passenger Tires Farm Equipment - Industrial Truck Tires EXPERT RECAPPING - Wholesale - Retail Road Service Phone DExter l-3127 DOUGLAS TIRE SALES Angelo Lapati, Prop. 684 Douglas Ave. Providence QOne Block from Admiral SLI PETTERUTI MOTOR SALES CIIVSVSIIH' and Plymouth GUARANTEED USED CARS lU5l llliulkstone Ave. l't'ovitlent'c, R. I. MODERN BRAID CO. ERNias't' S. ANot4t.o, Pres, and Treas. 77 Esten Avenue Pawtucket, Rhode Island SIMONE FASHION CLEANERS H138 Clrnlkstone Ave. Providence, R. I. Complimenls of ARMANITS RESTAURAN1' 358 Westminster St. Providence. R. I. One Hundred Eight NV' NY, A ...- . . . taking your filllifllgflllflllj and having you in the studio. When the need for n new jmrfmi! arise.s' . . . jnmzvmzal, family or wedding, please let its .serve you. THE LUCKETT STUDIOS QINCORPORATEDQ 75 XVEYBOSSET STREET PROVIDENCE -I:XCkS0l1 l-3030 Our wedding eandids and formal portraiture are considered among the finest in New England. Wlhen you, or any prospective bride you know, are making wedding plans, please stop in at our new ground floor studio and make comparisons . . . see the superbly finished portraits at sueh sensible prices, two of the many reasons why we are eonsidered "RHODE ISLAND'S LEADING WEDDING PHOTQGRAPHERS." "Todays Photographs - Tomorrow's Treasures" One Hundred Nine Old , qw A352 M F .F 1- ,I . Y uf li Why! A H-' 1 'fi-ft. Qi? ,ii XM? Mfwa .,' 3' . f- ..1 QW . g, 5. -'1 12 ,. ld. L. A . 111151- f v 4 ' Q -.. - . f, 'I ., 1 -In

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