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'BQMMLNPL Q LOP January, 1951 MOUNT PLEASANT HIGH SCHOOL PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND Two :f ,iv F943 inf JOHN H. GILLICK Principal To the members of the graduating class I express the wish that each will be given the time and the opportunity to live life to its fullest, to receive from life the material, spiritual and moral values which are essential to happiness and, in return, to give true allegiance to God, country and home. We of an older generation will soon give way to you younger men and women and you will then be compelled to face your own problems, to do your own thinking and to contribute something of value to life for those who are to follow you. You must contribute some good in order to justify the life which was given to you by God. Life, at best, is not easy but individuals who bravely carry out their assigned tasks can and will successfully meet all the challenges of this world if they are not conquered by fear or doubt. Have faith in yourself! Have faith in America with no fear for its future. And, remember always that America grows as its people grow and prosper. America and its people move forward together as they must, for the day on which either stops growing is the day on which both will begin to die. World conditions as of today, are in a turmoil but there is always the sunshine of tomorrow to look forward to because we must always remember that yesterdays miracles are only tomorrow's relics and that the giants of today are but the pygmies of the future. Keep faith with America! America has faith in you and looks to you, and millions like you, as its future leaders. Keep America American! May the future deal kindly with you and may God ever guide and direct you. JOHN H. GILLICK CLARENCE s. TAYLOR l VIICQ-PFIIUCIUDGI I You, the Class of January, 1951, have reached a milestone in the pathway of your lives, Crossing it, you pass from youth to maturity, from shelter and care to the open road which you must now tread largely on your own initiative and at a pace determined by you alone, Your decisions will now be largely your own. It is our hope that the care and training which you have received from us have conditioned you to wallg with care, make your decisions wisely and with courage, remembering that life is just about what you make it. CLARENCE S. TAYLOR Three lour V Faculty lzzmz Q CI mr xcl S Txyton Kat lfrzmml Predernk NV Allen Edwardg A Allure 'Nlary E Btthan Clxfton Bxekford Eleanor Vl Black Alllet Nl Blwsrnq Carol B Bogman lames l Boylan Ellzabeth I Burke 'ylary C Campbell Thomas Cxpasso Kenneth Clarke Nlargaret X Connttly Ly dla L Cooper Leslle B Corey Nlary C Coutancht Rostlla V Cox Vlary R Eagan Roy E Lkberg Vlary B Fenton 'Vlary L Flanrgan AllCL M Forsell Grace M frost lrene P Cloodwxn James P Haughey Florence L Hoard Ruth V Johnson Ethel VI Kearns Barbara C1 Keegan Ruth VJ Kendrnk ltster F Krone Francrs A I ennon 'Nltwton P Leonard Charles R l ynn Ru h W Vlarvel M V Ceorbe F NleCahtv Charles C. 'VlcCorm1tk Helen M McDermott Ceclltl Mclnnls Ldvyard P 'VlCLAl1gllllI1 Vl Ollvt McM1ehael Crlbtrt 'Vllgnacu lohn H Moran Harold W Myers lrymg Ntleon lx thtrxnt E Nolan Helen B O Connor Rlrct E O Halloran James A Parker W alter F Parker Benjamln Premack Stanley A Prxce Lyelyn F Prmce Carl H Quanstrom Walter J Rltzau Wrlllarn Rrvellr Alban J Ryder vy71lll3fIl C Schuster Blanche G Snow Lou1se E Sprrnger Vllldred N Struck Alret E Stucker Xxy7lll131'I1 J Sullxyan P Edward Thayer Elmer J Thompson Dorothy W Tuell 'Vl Punlce Wnght Helen M Wrynn XV1llxam C Zxegler lin Memoriam lmdnah L Brennan June 1950 Xlre, .lollx H. CTll,l.lfQli. '-' 'pal Xll. mia , L , 've 'lj 1' f. a Y- ' x T qw . A xl x - Q X 1. T- A -- l lx H U Y l , ',' : H , l l A 'u . xl b ' . . 1 1 L x l L ' '. I ' " x 2 Antonio Capasso CQ, Lucy Newell , - v 1 , ' . 3 A . 5, ', A I N' . V ',. 1 I A T u . ' 1 A . T 7 . I 1 . ' . n X A I . . . A . . J' ' . N 1 . L w . R . ' ' ' . I B . 1,' ' y Q A l 1 ',, A I L lr -4 Y f ' T 4 ' . . , . - . Y a 7 IULIWULIS O ILLI7' LOI77 771 Ut l!'LlfL ljull L' MV' L C If QLINLL W YL UDLHIVVLJ UXLLFZYPQ IL L ' L LI' DLI L ' L x L Lrful ' l LVM LM ' I L z L we school LLLLLL'LtorLL1nL L L Lmm x 'hLL xx Jr LIVWLL L L! mam IV LL Hcmwrx L Lflxx pro L LLLL! rLLzL WIH4 L 'JL ' L IS U' ' L L f x Pl I p LLISLL lo LLL L Lu SL Lf 1 L x Il LLLLL xwwr L x 911 LLL LJLLLLLLLI to LM XfL1CI' fcr Mn 1111! of Mmm! xL L ruzx. If f 7LL LLLLLLL X L lwx L rr L A l V RL FL f lLLpLLLLLL Nfl ILLLLLLL L Do ous Ifab ll T1 Ex rx X x IS LL LLL Jrl L LLLLL LL D PLL rw Program C ommzttee XT V26 X if-I HODCQOX L W NI II ' I fdxx LLL LLLLL 1 DLZOQILL Cflllk LLL V51 LLL! X Dons 'VIJLLLLLLJ Twin 'VILCLLLLW LLLL Yiluxlll IL L LLL Lu BLLLLLLL XV L n ioxa I1 GOuLd Ywx pw 'Ho o LHUIUGYZ XI LI LlL'LLL x ILLSINLSS 'I Vx XCERN R LL 'L LLL D 'XYLIIHPO ffl LLL 'X on Lnx If R D710 -UA ISFRS I' L LLL L X1 xx I LLL' 'XI IX Lrne L 1 NIL Ii ISHN xx 'XT Jnm S A Plfkml' xx Inn P CLOOJLLLLL FILQ VLVLR 1170 f 1176 prog" ' LL Af! 1 'L " ' IO Ll!! 'LLL1' LIL? UL L, HLLLLNLL Llf U Pl Lf 1711 ."L.!, ,ff ' ' ."' 'L L LLL!! ELLIQL ph 'L' IVV? Lim' l,L'LLL'L'fL'LLL'L' FLLLL LS!L1!flIf7'?. LL',7' L' Lyc L'l-H fL'L17.L'fLL1':1L'L'cf LLL LLLLL' L'L1r.LLLL L1!17lL'fL'LLLLL1LL7Lx. ,'LLL1,1cLL'L'f!vx. 'fm' " ' Lhrx L.f"'L.L:'. YLLL: LLL! .haw be U-9fUL1Y fm :LL'LLL"L'LI' fo S 'L ' ' ' L. 'f'hLf'L'. HU' ' LIJLLLH of L 1 'ILLNQ 4 ' ff LL"1L'Lf. 1051, UL" Ah 'L LLL' :Lux,xLU'7, LUIIH bf- L1L,mLLLrLL'L'LL' LIVTLI ffw Lf Lf. ' 5, ffm' LJIAIMLLLLLJLL I 'LLJL'L1m L'L'L'! Lufw LLLLILLLIL' LL 17,1 'Lp ,xl,Lu'L'L'rLL .'fLlLfL' L. x L'LLfL1LLLl PLLLI 1,73 LLL1l.xLL1'L' 1L'flAL'lA'1'L. ILL JPL- L'L'L'LLL'rLL1 LLP 'f ll' inc 1, :Lf ELLLLLLI ILL Lf 1 L A 7. LLL! L1!L'L- L-L'L:fLx, 1,VCf7L'-'Z' 'L , L .' , p!L1Lf. W'L'L'L'..1L'1 f',1m 'L' wx ' f L f'fL'L', Ijf7l'77 H -L uf 751 ' C III L L L If QL?-xi.1 Ll- Lv Lxu nm! f'f?.L':L1L1L'l7 IV' I FNHLJL' uf SLLLLLLH, ULLLHLL LELXLJII LL. DL IL CS NY. 'cclfn L SIVLQKIIfkf'L11I'f71Ll!7l'7f'YLHXIL' L! .Spcvrfx 1 'L 'i YZ ....":fL:rL! 4' 5.11 LLL: L ff C'7LLrJLf :XfLL'L'1.'L'e5 LXILQQLL 4' K NL xlx.xLx':LLr ffm '.'r1:Lm L77 C 'LLLLLLJL wr' -XLL' HLLLLL: f ' x .nk C,'f2l'Y'7LX"'-Qf'f FRS LL Q L L BLL E.f.I XILLQLAQ 'L i' Thaw L LLLLLLQLLLL 1 A , C J V' Lf V. Jw. 'illian .LL " L Nh ' L' :LTL f.JCh NT. A' L! Be 'crlu' Lwix ,Xnifs ' Rui' Phvll' XLLLHLQ , L . cxfv xKL?'l'fN 'Y Ch c' Bi' " f ' L'-' K Ffa. 1 "I L ,L 'Q L L Hit' ne If ' ' - A, QH I .L KVI 1. FDLHLLVLLL LLL 0.1, 'Q 'L,LL L 10,121 'ALL TL 'LL I LL::1 WL LQ Q " :LLf1:L LL L L Q! 'L L 'Ln L L I' L A ' ' C L i ' L .U . I' i L , " lx N etop Staff Frrst row left to rrght E Enms D DxMatteo M Hodgson D Marcello H Cruxckshank Second row T Mancmx D Isabella P Macchxa V Imondn D Martmez R Gould L Moreau T Lucca J Kxllnon B Macrae B Weston C Baker W DeBnas1o Room Agents Fzrst row left to rzghl G Pezzxllo P Macchxa E Mancmx L Campopxano M Reld Marrmo J DnRobb1o E Lxlla P Chase Second row D Coppola H Pxascxk N Lazzareschl A Paolmo C Augustine S Ursxllo D DeCubell1s M Fox A Brxggs M Tashnan Thrrd row D Shola L Markowslu B Pan E DnP1etro D DaRocha D Aremblay R Mamey C Cate M A do Third row: J. McGinn, J: Mollicone, M. Ronzio, E. DiPietro, M. Ricciutti, A. D'Aguanno, OOOQNINC PROC RA XI Xlajontus. -P Cluulkadnrs 2 Band D Cross Country farsxty Football 6 J V Football WU xkxx Seven o i 1 3. X "f , . . 0 O iii ,Q 4 A H W .f-v, ma J: . Jn' a '.V nf" up i at -1' Q, ,z 4 Q M .4 - W ., , ,Aa "" 'J gs' A' M4 it-: ,f Q2f, ,,ff?x ,L , ' bt "' ' kai", zuiukkf-4. 0 zgmlwf 1 'fur' fm! 'F , . . .,w, F X gs f Q Qt I , win ,sl -- 155' j , lugs 'Q 4-:fi Q ax 1? 14 bl .16 k it g 42 311 iii wr 'T " Q ii T: V x "V A. I , . N:-S --sptll "H 7' S555- M' 2 -:iii-t I A fffamr' 77 my 9 .4. .V ,g,,5,,,x2 M M, A mv.: ,KM .vw QW 'Wh w 'ih- Z if ,N fl 3 . .,,, xx A , f, 1 1' -x ,w, - xxmm QW- Q.. E wi 6, ,: ' Q LD' -' , ' ' 4- 13'f'7'V:""4, fx . v h , " 'fm E-5 . W-9 5:4 In 'vljljrffx , ' ,J :,,,R,,, , if-M?-Q W7 NQf'5'5' - , . , 5 . ,. Wilggls , . . Q L 'f Q f"QE"?"?'1?. a -?'f5f'i'f:ff!fN'7ftQfiff" Lv, 51 'C ' -' ' V - Q ' 9, ,Q -1 J' .ff'f1,'Vf"-FtVf'.e5' -f ' Wwf M' 'ff I Q - : - ' ' 5 ' .Hag-Q " " -ff' - 1. 5-A 'Y ggtagigufip , :iffy 5 is Q V , iyff f,fn'YfT, "3 . f' ,-" 4 f' , A f, 3 ' "' iff' M' f - ef ' ' 595.91-,f ,:2a'..'f:J'f-'Q' 'ff f'-ff'-'i -, ,f , 4' 413: X1 . ., ti, ., -9 vw., QA in ,SXXN . :sv L. H A na wwf., Q I r.?5'ihQ'-1. A-.Kxv ' V ' ' ' , p 'S -M - J gov "" 4 U, .vfw-1 J .hw x M Xxx . Aixqhx U.,-4' --..., 'Mig 3. ' . , H, ,, N"'N"'--. 4 2 J '-cuff? I, 3 -.,AQiffwJl,,, J, . A Qu. g 'U ,y' J r W.. o Q.,-yn? Majorettes e I to rlqht A Castaldl J Iancey P OLaughl1n A Smith F KO72C E Vlercslko Band 'Vw' -za. 3.5 if Wal 1Qbs., Frrst row left to rzght D Callcchla 'NI D1 Sloalo C Gxarrusso B Goldstem R Cardarellx E Paquette N Rathbun E Getek Second rou, Mr Boyland tD1rectorJ J Velm D Kxlburn R Chnsten R De Petrlllo XV Skees 1Dxum 'Vlajorj J Runxamo J Stanley N Charpinuer J Vlarrocco D Sulson fhlrd rou, A Loffredo R D1N1egl1o H Johnson -X DAndrea A Buonaxuto J VIcCabe J Urwln H Sanderson A Fsposxto X1 Erongxllo Nzne .f" Ten . slwiabf wg.. . wel- , 'QYW ' is we-112 ' ' .R Wa. . , nfs. .WY r r-q,.. . .r -g...,. ig' ' ' -- ,ag-s ah, - do 4 J -xl, :U ,L ., . .. X' ., ,....,. . .i ' r ' V... I ,n V. ,. 3- , 'fd v 'r I-im! row, Ie!! to right: E. Di Simone. V. Scarpelli. G. Boitano. R. Siedzik. B. Asadoorian, P. Dil.rrico. Y. Maziera 1CaptainI. ll. Piccoli. D. De Ciccio. R. Ricci. S. Chorney. D D'Attilio. S. Palazzo. Second row: D. l.ord, B. Nlessore. T. Criampietro. R. Andreozli. J. Mercurio. J. Peterson. R. Sammartino. lf. Zienowicy. C. Nlalian. R. Bergel, S. Santaniello. Third row: D. Balfour tlklanagerl. R. Cappalli. E. Riveglia. P. Pescione. D. Lauro. E. De Rensis. J. Mollicone, J. Pescione, B. Brissette. XV. Paliotta. J. DiMarzo, J, Duffy CManagei of Athleticsl. Varsity ln the first two exhibition football games played, Mount Pleasant scored an impressive 31-7 victory over Aldrich and lost a loosely- played contest with Brockton High 19-0. In the Round Robin we battled to a scoreless deadlock with Central High. Our first league victory came as we overpowered Pawtucket East 27-6. The Highlander attack was sparked by the hard-running of Ed De Si- mone. who scored three touchdowns on runs of 8, lZ, and 55 yards. De Simone also set up the other score on a 65-yard gallop to the East 15, After three running plays which carried to the two, Picolli sneaked over. Chuck Mattera and Stan Chorney were also prominent in the conquest. along with the hustling line led by Paul D'Errico, Ben Asa- doorian. and Don De Ciccio. We suffered our first Class A loss when we were jolted by defending champion East Providence Zl-0. Though beaten by three touchdowns. the ball game was not so lop- sided as it might appear. In the first period neither team scored. East Providence began the second quarter by rolling to the M. P. 6-yard line, where they were stopped by sterl- ing defensive play. Mount Pleasant then took over and. failing to gain any yardage. was forced to kick. The punt was blocked and jumped upon behind our goal by East Providence for their first touchdown. Going into the last period. two touchdowns behind. Football Henry Picolli started to heave some passes in an attempt to avoid a white-washing. but an alert back intercepted one and traveled un- molested 35 yards for the final score. The team played good football and with a break could very easily have come out on top. The defensive play of the team was notable, even in defeat, Mount Pleasant bounced back from the East Providence loss by stunning traditional rival La Salle 27-O. ln making it two in a row over the Smith-hillers. La Salle was handed one of their worst wallopings in many a moon. No player could be singled out for praise, as the entire team played great ball. Assistant Coach Nelson's line was a standout as it opened gaping holes in the Maroon's line and displayed fine blocking. The back- field divided the scoring. with De Simone carrying over for the first, and Chuck Mattera, Jack Ricci, and Picolli adding the others. Besides their backs. Don D'Attilio and Stan Chorney lugged the ball effectively for more yardage. End Emo DeRensis set up one score when he grabbed a Picolli aerial of 40 yards on the 2. Although the brilliant arc lights illumi- nated the Providence High School Stadium brightly. the night of October Zl Was a rather dark one for Mount Pleasant High, as we were blanked by Central 14-0. A weak punt by Mount Pleasant as they attempted to kick out of danger paved the way for Central s first touchdown The ball went out of bounds on our 26 yard line from where Van Luvan led his mates to and over the goal Late in the second period Central scored again on Van Luvan s slant off tackle Early in the third quarter Mount Pleasant started to roll as they marched to C ntral s 25 De Si mone then took a hand off and crashed through for an apparent T D Moans rose from the crowd though as it was nullified by a penalty This loss ex ened the Red and Blue record at two wins and two losses Intent on recovering some lost prestige 'VIount Pleasant took on underdog Saint Raphael but again was on the short end of a 20 19 score Mount Pleasant scored first in the opening quarter of the see saw contest Stan Chorney ignited the march of 85 yards with a pair of 30 yard gallops He then scored on a 3 yard buck The Saints then roared back after receiving the kick off and notched the game at 7 all Chorney again put us ahead early in the third period on a thrilling 72 yard run But the boys from Pawtucket recovered a M P fumble on our own five from where they scored the tying touchdown Their try for the extra point was good and Saint Raphael was ahead for keeps 14 13 In the fourth period the visitors Chorney s third T D The game ended that way and Saint Raphael had gained their first league tr1umph The team finally unleashed the potential power that had been lacking in the two previ ous games as they swamped a hopeless Hope team 51 7 Ed De Simone sparkled as he ran 35 37 and 39 yards for three touch downs He set up another when he ran back an intercepted pass 50 yards to the Hope l Picolli then scored one of his three touchdowns He pegged a 40 yard pass to Jack R1cc1 who ran Z0 more yards to score standing up In the waning moments of the game Picolli dropped back to his own goal lme and bobbed a soft screen pass to Chorney on the I0 Chorney picked up his blockers and scooted 90 yards to pay dirt In the next to last game of the season a sub par Rogers eleven rose from the depths of the cellar to stun our representatives 20 I2 Rogers scufHed off to a 20 0 lead with the aid of three dazzling runs by their fleet scatbacks It was three long periods before we countered with two touchdowns in the final quarter One score came on a Picolli aerial to senior George Boitano The other was set up by a pass to Sam Palazzo after which Picolli bucked over Despite the absence of four regulars from the lineup Mount Pleasant overwhelmed favored Cranston with a makeshift but giving Day throng of 7 000 watched Ed De Simone smash 52 yards in the second quarter for the first score Cheerleaders First row left to right R Asadoorian D Moreau R Morrissey fHead Che rleaderb 'VI Barton L Cerrone Second row N Mastradx C Storti L DeAngel1s L Piaclatelli B XX hitntx The program arranged for Ihzs afternoon tu!! zmlude a mowe showing the dedzcatirn of lhe Pr: L11 n t Cnty Studzum and many sporls eter-rs cf ml r sz Iflet en - Y l Q - . - . . I . I ' ' . 3 scored again but their victory was offset by hustling team, 19-7, The shivering Thanks- Q ,XM tx 4 y fa ' , ' : . ' . , , . ' K e , I . I I I ' . . . . . . V . T V . . . ,J ,CHU Ki a, ' ' . I 1 I r' ri . og, 4 'ohm OO Hn 0 S+ Q1 04 ,, Cx a Fzrstrow left to rzght R 'Vlclntyre P Antonuccx W Kelley L Argemo V Garrahy P VlcFadden Second rote VJ Rrtzau f'Vlanagerl C Mlrarchx A Bergantmx D Case J 'Vlclflroy L Rochlra B Rao XV W1ld1ng Cross Country Mount Pleasants cross country runners opened the season by defeatmg Woonsocket Hxgh 25 30 At the Columbus Day meet among all Rhode Island schools the Hrgh landers placed thxrd among the fnrst sxx men and rolled lnto second place wlth a score of 68 bemg edged only by La Salle Next ln a trxangular meet Coach Myers boys out drstanced Moses Brown and Cranston wxth a score of 23 pomts Then at Danbury Con nectlcut our boys ran one of the best races of the season by defeatmg Danbury Hxgh wlth a perfect 15 40 score wnth each of the first live Mount Pleasant harrlers breakmg the preuous time record set at thelr course Extendmg the wxnnmg streak to three meets Coach Myers runners agann netted first place xn the Cnty Champxonshxp but ln the State Ttctlte Champxonshxp th1s streak was shattered by Hope La Salle and East Prov1dence whlle our boys took fourth place m the contest In the Class A meet our runners were forced vuth a ne for second place and m the New England champlonshrp at Watervllle Mame Hlghlander Vm Garrahy gamed 26th place among a large fleld of the best runners 1n the Northeast The loss of All Staters Vxn Garrahy and Bob McIntyre should not lessen Coach Myers hopes for another excellent season next year Two sophomores who have done exceptxon ally well are All Stater B111 Wxldlng and runner up All Stater Bob Morrls Wxth these two boys and veterans Arthur Bergentml and LOUIS Argenlo our next cross country season should be a successful one Q ' K . ' ga H K Q ,il vw ' ' vit., D '1 , S ' ' A ef ' l 1 - -V - S 22, , X I f-up . W V ,L , I ag . 1 R. -- if ' 'Sf c A y as Q Q K y J P , . hit u af: ., KH it VK - W A V 880-YARD RELAY First row, left to right: B. Washburn, E. Ennis, R. McIntyre, A. Bergantini. 440-YARD RELAY First row, left to right: T. Avery, D. Case. V. Dilorio. XV. Mattos. I. V. Football Gi! First row, left to right: A. D'ltri. E. Scuncio, A. DeAnge1is, R. Garofano. B. Rivelli, V. Shola, S. Antonelli, W. Dauray, J. Carnevale, R. Zarrella. A. Fazzano. Second row: Mr. Nacci CCoachJ, F. DeSimone, M. Stearns. E. Turnbull. R. Corsetli. J. Marzilli, C. Kachougian, R. Savastano, R. Pisaturo, E. Metayer, A. Montecalvo, Mr. Parker QCoachJ. Third row: R. Mandarelli, R. Leca, J. Lotito. P, Bedrosian, A. Santaniello. R. Disley. A. DiNofrio, P. Imondi, M. Norato, A. Sullivan. R. Integlia, G. Hagopian. H. Landi 1' Managcry. As you enter the building on your way to the auditorium, don't miss the display in the foyer. Thirteen 1- 1 q gn -.I LJl!JlE.LMJ fcp Dug B Hour cdltor ln Chl I of Teen IOPICS Wzddlm Rae Hodges ll wheel of Xlounr Pleasant Dnwer Iralmng, nr Bollum Pnpulng Ior Jumor 'l own Vlutmg held last Vlay Z9 Fourteen Top 'XYIS Eikart leaves for -IH lzxposxtxon at Sprmgtield Vlzddle Practxce sesslon for 'Vlodel Legxslature of last March Bortom Vlarxe Vlambro wmner of Vlonmouth Ocean Gxrls Tennxs Tournament gn Q fm! fi 'Ja S'n'or I r ff' ' 'rs and 5110515 ' Xp Yon 0 Nngiitg I"" .Szx I een QFTCQNOON l Class Counsellor 2 Senlors Honors PROGRAM Anthony Medal Essays Superlatlves Prophecy MOV19 lx l ll ' x . 4. . ' 5. ' 3. 6. 7. ' ll Alf F llllliiie- Ill S X f ll X K X b x ge JN y To you members of the class of January l951 and to your good parents I offer my most smcere congratulatlons and best wnshes on thns most happy and rmportant occasxon After twelve years of formal educatlon the last three of whxch you have been prlvrleged to spend at Mount Pleasant you must be ready now to accept your responsxbxlltxes to your home your church and your country You have enjoyed the opportumtles and benefnts of the educatxonal system of a great democracy-opportunxtxes and benefits preserved only by the sacrlfices and l1ves of countless Amerlcan youths lxke yourselves rt becomes your duty to do all wxthm your power to help keep mtact the herntage of that freedom whrch allows you to do what you ought to do not what you have an effect for good or for evnl on your own and your nerghbor s Welfare You become the defenders or the destroyers of those rdeals for whxch Amerxca must stand forever Your responsrbllrtles are mdeed great but wlth God s help xt IS wlthm the power of each of you to fulfill them and by so domg msure for yourself and others the true happmess and real success for whnch each of you IS destmed My most earnest wnsh for you now and throughout the years to come 1S that Our Lord w1l1 be always wrth you that He may defend you be wxthm you that He may preserve you precede you that He may guide you follow you that I-Ie may guard you and be over you that He may bless you ELIZABETH J BURKE s K 1 o , ' . I n please to do. Your thoughts, your words, your deeds and your actions will 12A Class Officers Robert Lonardo ,... A sPres1'dent Sylvia Kolligian. A Vice-President Rosalind Morrisseys . .Secretary Vincent Mattera s,,s., Treasurer SYLVIA KOLLIGIAN ROSALIND MORRISSEY 12A Soczal Commzttee ROBERT LONARDO 'Q-rf VINCENT MATTERA Benny Asadoorian Angela Dizoglio Janet Calise Edward Ennis Dolores DeCubell1s Robert Rao Lillian DelGreco Ray Siedzik Fzrst row left to right D DeCubellis L De-lGreco J Calise A Dlzoglio Second row B Rao E Ennis R Siedzik B Asadoorian ,f f 0 . 7 Q 17 'U . . L 1 ,, N,.,. :E- J K K N ,i,,gT,g,,,L- ,E .ffl I' ,A 5 - . CLASS OF ROS PXI II' VI ACI TO 642 Charles S1ree1 Rosalte approxes of dmcmg, to B1ll1 Lckstetn reeordmgs the Ymkees 1nd Vlr fklttert s drtxtng class VJI111 s 1l11s XV1lk1n1e up 'Vlount l'le1s1n1 Axenue 1nd homexxork 1re among her pet peeves Xlxxays seen xx11l1 Jean XV1lsh 1nd Dolores De Cul1ell1s future stenog r1phtr Glee Clul1 7 ROBI Rl I XXDRI Offl IIOYI Stree IS tre tr1 1 er ltke Boston Red S1111 b1ske1l11ll 11se11ll e1t1n1, 1n nexx clothes lilll 5l'llll'1S Next York Ymkees 1nd 11lka11xe gtrls ll17X s spare ttme taken up bx b1sel11ll hlsket b1ll 1nd sk111n1, Xlxx IYS seen xx1ll1C1rlB1111st1 s ethall l 2 AR l HUR I ANDRI XVS 1-I I 11ne,l1lock Street SPILIICIII 111d n1e1 l51llS suede shoes and Cene Krupa rate hrgh VI llll xx h1s1l1ng Na1e I-Iomevxork concetted people and rrstng, etrly 1rk l11m s c Danctng, srngtnt, svx tmmtnj, and vu 1lk rne xx11l1 1 e1rt11n dog, occupx refrtgeruor dealer 111 C lul1 l I DXX XRDI ANI X CI '50 P11111 31xenue T he Xeu York X 1nkees lllel Tommx llenrtch 1l11ne x111l1 s eptne, 1nd 1.111n1, r11e xx 1 s N 1 to Lllll 1 morntnes 1l1 Red 1ne coneetted people 1sel11ll 1oekex ll laox fl 111 ITIIIOF lnlerests eomt 1 n1ult11111 lk 11re ll I XX I ONLC C 'V1 Nexx1rk Slreet Y1t1kees s hool sports l 1 Illnl 1 e 1 Reel S1111 111dI S e1ee111x 11 1 x 111 for re1l Ilrtxtne, elme tn and g tng, 111 the 11111x1es 1re past1mes Io beeome 1 l1us1ness1111n ross fountrx 4 In oor lnfl k 7 0111111111 Track ' Twenty QP" I RNT ST P IXRDEXITE 171 Beaufort Street Lrntc approxes danctng, to krtte Qhaws Stardust xxtth lynne sports and Mr Btck ord Unlady ltke gttls 111d eltrtx ears 1re pet peexes Ixeeptng, 1 car sl11ny oceu ptes thts Htghlanders sp1re 11me Xlxmys seen xxtth loe Petrucct o enter hustness xx orld Bl NNY ASXDOORIAN 401 Douglas Xxenue lmghtng Benny yearns to pl1x Slnkespeates VI1el1etl1 Dtsltkes getttng up1n1he morntng 'md readxng hooks XXIOIRIHQ at 1l1e RRO Albee and sleeptng 1re B11, Bens mam mterests Rubs forehead hen thought Pllns to enxer 1dxert1s1ng Held otl11lll 2 3 Soe11lCo111m1ttee3 4 'J 11 DOXIAI D E ASPRINIO 80 Lnueld Avenue Bucky ltkes Joe D1lVIagg1o the Yankees and worktng but says lNo to Red Sox and led W1lllJmS Paxortte pasttme IS playtng basketball Nlo ktddmg? Seen xxtth Tony D1VIegl1o B1sketball I Football l 2 Hockey 1 Rll X VI BADLSSX 1-+7 Vlount Pleasant Axenue Red Sox ehocolate tce cream a boys and green ones 1ppeal to R e Dtshkes Xen York Yankees concetted people B lunch and s1or1 111r I ensure ttme 1s spent retdtne, danetng, Ind gotne 111 moxtes Af111urel1111 k keeper B1ske1l11ll 3 Clee Clulx l 6 'lennrs I DXX XRD XX P1-XRR 173 Berkshtre Street re you n11d' ln1,I1sl1 n111l1 1nd xxorkmg, Nle1l11n1e1l dr1xx1ng the Red Sox e111n1, 1nd sleeptng 1re more to I d s taste H1139 xxtlltng to pl1x baseball or lootball To tr1xel Basketball l i.'1' 1 1' Z7 5 . Q 'rt '- I, ' in Tl1': futt ' .x"l' ' s the A E f E . ' '. i l..4l.. -f1.'.e1 -I 1 ' '. ,B , , . I3 A' . ' is ' V L i s W 1 IU I 11111- A ,',1f11lsQ11 FO, - 'aye' 5-,61 ,. M A, E A. V , U y K, H 1 ,A . e 1 . Y. V . . H Y H ' Q "I'Il ,e ya" . . . I ' I - . ,. I 7 1' K -- nl 1 ' .1 I I . . A spare time To l1e 1 . . . Busmess tn future . . . C1--K: .zf1fs,11 1 1 " 3 r, 3 'T ' ' 1 . , . I I f vs X K A 111 U 1' 1 . ' 'K 1 V . ' e . , . ' ' 1 ,le1'1. -pf..-1111 -. lfel . , . SMI' H.v1H Y' '1 g H3 'I '- I -U A -I up I 11 - sue. 11, 1. f - , - 1 1 sf . . 1 V -A A 1' 'I 1, t ' nr B.. '1 . l ' .1el VI . -1 ' 1 To l1e' ' . ' ll 111 1 ' 1 I ' . ,' - , , , 5, : ' " 2 IVXL, ,. 1 ."1fl V 3 ,A ,A A 1 'c , .1111 .1 ' U I ,, I 'er Q i. 11. 111f111 1111 1- 1111 fl - 1 Id f11YSf-' ,,.Bu ' '. .1 falle I ' ' ' '- ' ' V, 1 .-X1 I' ' N ..."X1'e jc "Q I ' ,' ' 'Z 1' ' .' , A V G 1 f ' . . 'e A VI. e , " ' gl O- , , -I .I 1 I 1 V ...1 Xl . C, 'hy I A, CI ' .c -1 ' r ' JANUARY 1951 MARJORIE J B KRTONI 2313 Hartford Ayenue Johnston Sure thxng says 'Vlndge to swnmmmg Vl P Iootball Team and 'Vloms cooklng This cute cheerleader ltkes roller skattng dancmg and the movnes Turns thumbs down on C lunch and crowded buses Future nurse Badmmton 3 Basketball 3 Cheerleader5 6 Golf 3 Senlor Play 6 Swlm ng 1 T nn s Z eenl 2 3 CARL BATTISTA 112 Suffolk Street Carl another lanky basket baller ltkes home cooklng stock cars and the Yankees Homework ts not for Shorty Parttctpates ln sports and attends movtes when not workmg Cracks knuckles when ln deep thought To travel setballl 2 3 4 5 ROSANINA VI BLAIS 26 Bath Street Rosanna stares unto space when thmktng about long automoblle ndes typmg mu src and a certa1n Allen Homework Jan and xdleness aren t so excttmg Chrtst masl Approves of bowl mg movxes and sw1mmmg Seen wlth Shlrley Paoltno To enter busmess world GEORGE BOITANO 308 Jastram Street Vltss Kearns sports wamlla cabtnets and ramy days are among Splke s lnkes ut football practnce and home work lrk thts fellow Bltes l1p when thtnkmg of hts fa vorxte gurls How about that? To become foot ball coach otballl 2 3 4 5 FLORENCE C BOREK 88 Eastwood Avenue Ah ha says Flon to long tr1ps tall dark boys danc mg and No Other Love Dtsapproxes of rnsmg early Spends spare ttme goxng to movles and horseback nd IH Seen wlth Bev Cor vese Usually daydream tn Ambttnon xs to study dramatncs ee Club l 2 3 e Feather Speaker 6 VIRGINIA E BOSS 48 I: June Street Vlr James Parker classncal muste danclng to rlgum and coffee lee eream rate htgh wlth Jnny Svummmg bowlmg and argumg wxth Bob take up spare ttme Dtsltkes late people and pea soup lntrst corner of a trnngle future medteal secretary Office Vklorker 1 6 Soclal Commutee 3 VIARI LVL B BRIGIDA 32 Rye Street Thats 5:4711 says Marlene to bracelets and Mr B lhumbs down on the Yank ees homevsork and unfrlend ly people Seen wlth Bar bara Buben Peels nall poltsh when thln mg Spends spare time dancnng and attendmg football games future office worker Blsketball 3 Softball 3 BARBARA ANN BROSNAHANI 106 Rugby Street Cute Babs likes Jxmmy the Red Sox and ICB cream Dtsllkes homework rainy dmys and empty maxlboxes Goes bowling and danctng Always seen wlth Mary McGowan I'o become a prtvate secretary BARBARA A BUBEN 1187 'Nlorth Maxn Street Ralph Ilanagan Red Sox and danclng to Stardust wtth a certam someone appeal to Babs Dtslxkes crowded buses and concerted boys Oh dear Dafscmg readlng ltstenxng to WHIVI occupy spare tame Always seen wtth Etleen Zammerellt and Marlene Brlglda Hopes to become a secretary XNTHONY J BUDANO 100 Coggeshall Street Boo enjoys ramy days musmc by Guy Lombardo Open mg stubborn lockers sllly people and noone bodtes grve htm a pam Hey Joshua Reads sport stones tn spare tlme Turns rung whlle coneentrat ln To enter bustness xx orld Twenty one .Q I CLASS OF 41? WI I I-XVI I CAHII I I90 XVyndham Avenue Sleep outsrde sports sr rrs musrc rrt O K sr s Wrld Brll Dancrng slow walkers solrd geometry are strrctly taboo Seen wrth George Patterson Svlrm mrrrg golf camprng and travel are fatorrte pastrmts Uh hmm Xmbr tron lres rn tht held of chem rstry 'WANICY CAIRONI 332 Academy Avenue Peanut rs fond of eatrng sports and I rankre I arne Drslrkes A lunch and Study Hal I ersure trme spent walkrng lrstenrng., to musrt and attendrng football games Always seen xsrth Ann1 Abbrtrmarco A future nurse SAI VATORE M CAI ABRO I66 Vrnton Street Sal our basketball player lrkes blondes sports spaghettr and meatballs and the Yank ees Iaughrng boy rs al vsays playrng wrth hrs harr Fnjoys baseball and danc rng but not comrrrg to school rn the rarn To enter college s etball I Z 'S IHFRI SA I CAI CXGNI 334 Sharon Street ure s s Itrry to r Moran roller coasters and bowlrng Spends spare trme watchrng stock car races and clancrrrg Drslrkes un frrendly people and cats Thrs smrlrng lass rs aluaxs seen wrth Ister Dmellx and Clarre Grellt Ambrtron to traxel o un I UCY CAI ICCI-IIA 83 Iarmrngton Arenue I rttle I uct lrkes Vlom s cook rng .Stardust and Brllx I' k stern but frovn ns on conctrttd people and homework Imagrne Pastrmcs art movres rrdrng darrcrng rnd bovnlrng Seen vrrth Glorrr D Ellena and Vrxran Du charme Imuture ofhct vsorker I wentq ILUO fn JANET M CALISE 466 Pleasant Valley Parkway How cute exclarms Jay to xacatronrng rn N H Love Lrke Ours and Drck Contrno Drslrkes rushrng to classes md gettrng up early Swrmmrng and dancrng take up spare trme Always wrth Marky To be a nurse Crolf 3 Socral Commrttee 6 Softball 4 Tennrs 2 eenl 2 Y Teen Presrdent 2 3 IOHNI M CAVIPOPIANO 87 Mooreheld Street I C lrkes suped up Fords Vlrlls Brothers and meatball sandwrches Amazrng Turns thumbs down on eoncerted grrls and Detrort Trgers Spends trme danc rng and attendrng mrdget auto rrces Always seen wrth Johnny Moretta and Joe Ccmma Future drafts man CONICETTA C CAPOZZI 143 Rrter Avenue Ieanette thrnks lrstenrng to the radro Mrss OConnor rnd pastry are tops Shuns concerted people rarny weather and short dresses Vloxres and walkrne occupy lersure hours S en wrth Shrrley Paolrno Wrll make a cute telephone opera or Omce Worker 6 Softball 3 I I INA I CARANCI 018 Douglas Avenue A certarn Lddre 'Vlr Antonro Capasso Mr Alterr french frres and 'Ihmktna of You are tops wrth Helen Spends spare trme sewrng dancrng and readrng Drslrkes drrt roads and con certed people Usually seen wrth Jane Scuncro Io travel Basketball 2 Room Agent NWI HONIY CARELLO 38 Rosedale Street Carello lrkes the Yankees Brown Bears R I Reds and math One of hrs drslrkes rs 'I ed Wrllrams Baseball md hockey take up thrs Hrgh Ianders trme College rn the future 'QD JANUARY 1951 g JOSEPH I- CXRROII 17 Frederxck Street Hockey baseball football and basketball are 11ked by sports mmded Joe Bowl mg and dancmg are farortte pastxmes Could be To become an automobtle me channc ROBERT R CARUOI O 163 Gray Street Gene Krupa Stan Kenton pretty gtrls and clothes rate hugh with Bob Thumbs down on homework socxable girls Dancing, sports and playmg m an or chestra keep htm busy Rubs nose when ln thought Future muslclan and 1 Orchestra 1 FRANK CAS Al F 434 Valley Street Homework concerted gxrls and Monday mornmgs art shunned by Frank Re Sox TV Mr Moran and Y Long walks football and baseball are all rrght too Seen wnth Jack Whrte field and Al Costa I uturt m the busmess world ANNA M CASTALDI 34 Spencer Street Thts attracttve mayorette de lights n football games dancmg and mxruature golf Enjoys unprepared days gym and soctable oeople Shuns long home room periods and Spanlsh o enter college Badmrnton 3 Basketball 5 Fteld Hockey GleeClub1 6 Vlayorette 3 4 5 6 Semor Play 6 Swtmmxng 1 Softball 1 3 4 Tenn1s2 4 Y Teen DONALD CATALAYO 26 Pequot Street A certaxn T E Vlr B Red Sox and Charlre Ventura please Cat Gettmg up early concerted grrls and Englxsh are pet peeves wxth IhlS lad who can always be found wtth the foyer clnqut To be an efficrent dental techmcxan Glee Club 4 fi :ha GIORGI H CHIHOSKI 164 Delamc Street Sports boatmg and the Red Sox are tops wlth Chxck but he drsltkes long home work asstgnments and Yankee pennants Thxs future electrtcal engmeer spends spare tlme sallmg sktmg and play mg baseball Cross Country Z Track JAVIIS I CONYORS 173 Petteys Axenue Blond curly ha1r 1dCI'lIl60S Jtm who shuns concerted grrls and I nglrsh but O K s mechamcal drawtng and math Well tt s llke thrs Worklng on stock cars and arrplanes Interests htm 'Io fly Cross Country Z 4 Wrest lm 1 BLVI RIY A CORVESE 161 Lynch Street Pretty Bev approves of Mtss Blessmg prano playmg and tall fellows I mean rfter all Spends spare tnme bowltng dancmg rrd man s D1s11kes waxtlng for a certain E B and home work Stares mto space when tn deep thought Ambttton ts to travel Jumor Achtevement 4 5 Xl FRLD P COSTA '57 Berkley Street The Red Sox good food and pretty glrls are tops wtth Peterl So what Spends spare time playrng baseball skatmg and danctng DlS3ppfOV2S of unfrxendly glrls the Yankees and home work Usually seen wrth Jack Vklhrtefield and Erank Casale Future rn ana tton Hx Y 3 HARRY S CRUICKSHANK 109 Garfield Awenue V1 Lennon s mechantcal drawmg class mathemattcs and a certam brunette are O K w1th Harry You know how nt ts Clnmb mu to thrrd floor after lunch and stewed tomatoes are out College m the future Publrcatrons 9 6 Twenty three 452 ' ! ... 113 - , . , 1 it 3. t'. . . 'Pnl 'L 1' "B ,z, 3.4,-6,162 tg 1 V blue,-e ed ,blondes get his vote A ing. and stopping at Vllhlte- ' i ' 1 ' I ' . . T , , .. I l l I 3, : ' I I 4: ' N" 31 4f 5, 6 ' ' ' 1 , . 'QD gf, CLASS OF PAUI M CURRAN 40 Huron Street Good moues stock c1r nets and Guy Iombardo pletse Pau Dtsapprmes of homework getttng up early and Study Hall XVhat d ya know? Sports bowling and sleeptng Hll sparc ttme To become a mtlltonnre and traxel FSTHFR DANIIII I A 328 Jastram Street Blondte wtth the cheerful smtle ltkes soctable people mustc Cfrom Bac Boogtel Red Sox and tra1el tn And so what else Spends spare ttme dmc mg playtng the ptano and roller skatmg Future re cepttontst eenl 2 3 PAT RICIA A D ATRI 55 Plmcrest Awenue Arttsttc Pat ltkes mustc the Yankees p Q pants and 1rt Ratny days and getttnt, to school tust on time k er Dmctng 1nd drtw me occupy spare ttme ts l ste th CJFTCIL Allen gtggle tntends to be 1 commerctal 1rt1st Orchestr1 l DOI ORES 'VI DI CUBFLI IS 44 Texas Axcnuc Irtendly Dea ltkes chemtstry w1th Mtss Frost and ltstentng, to Bully Eckstetn s Bodu and Soul wtth a tall blond Fxclatms Hovs nervous to talkatne gurls and wtlktnt, up Vlt Pleasant A1enue S en wtth Ros1l1e Aceto Io be a nurse R om Agent l 2 6 So ctal Commtttee 3 5 6 Il I AINOR M DEI AHUNT 39 Curtts Street Hou about that says It racttse Ir nchte who 1 pro1es of a certatn tall dark hatred boy and Mus You I Don Cornell Spends letsure hours danctng ce sk1t mg and wrtttng, letters Always seen vttth Terry 'Vlt Imden Barh1r1 Chase R1t1 Wtlkes and Rom 'Vlorrtssty I uture ofhce 1s orker Glee Club D 6 Twenty-four I II I IAN DEI GRECO 96 Stella Street Jerry Btlly Eckstetn and blue eyes are tops wtth Ltl Are you klddtngt DIS approves of Study Hall and homework Movtes danc mg and drnmg take up her spare ttme Usually seen wtth Rosalie Aceto and Jean Walsh Future prtvate secretary Glee Club 3 Soctal Com mtttee 6 GI ORIA J D ELLENA 92 Wtllow Street Crlory ltkes home cooking danctng to My Destiny and Vftss O Connor Says Are you ktddmg? to home work concerted people and the Yankees Spare ttme spent danctng bowltng and attendtng mostes Always seen wtth Lucy Calxcchla and Vtvtan Ducharme To be 1 bookkeeper I MII IO D1 RENSIS 34 Montrose Street I mo says homework and rtd mg buses are right out Iavortte pasttmes are movtes danctng Vlr Thompson s classes tee cream and watch mg, someone tap dance are tops Usually heard stngmg, or vnhtstltng tn the corridors Would like to trtvel Iootball Z 5 6 MARII DI FRENNA 56 Beaufort Street Scottl who espectally enloys football also ltkes tap danc ers whtte horses and yellow Ponttac conserttbles CWho doesn t'l Dtsltkes Chrtst mas wtthout snow and straw berry tce cream Wtll make excellent surgxcal nurse Badmtnton 4 Basketball 4 I'1eld Hockey Softball l 3 Swtmmtng SI ennts VINCLNT E DI IORIO 28 Cambrtdg Street Vxn who thtnks hxghly of a tertatn majorette doesnt thunk too much of Engltsh 1nd homework You go tt Itkes to dance 1nd bovtl Taps fingers on desk To own hrs own bustness Clee Club l 2 3 DIANIA P DI VIATILO 685 Vianton Avenue D likes dark haired fellows and 'Vlom s fruit cake Sitting in tht front scat n classes and xsalking up third floor after lunch bothers Maggie s right handman Hopes to be a registered nurst Badminton -l Basketball Z -l Cilee Club 2 Colf3 9 icatxons 3 -l J oom Agtnt Z I -l Senior Play 6 Softball 4 Swimming I Z Icnnis n ANIGLIA I: Dl ZOGLIO 17 Dunford Street an old shabby dictionary has a vueakntss for blue eyes Dancmq in the Dark ht Yankees and Mothers apple pic tMmm'l 'Io be a stenographer Badminton 4 Basketball 5 Field Hockc Publications-l 5 6 Red I-eather Speaker -l Senior Play 6 Social Committee 6 Softball 3 4 Tennis 4 Y Tetn VIVIAN J DUCHARVIL Dora Street Frenchie says Dennittly to shopping with Mother classical music and a certain Eddy Spare time spent roller skating and playing miniature golf Dislikes belligerent and yealous people First corner of a triangle , , . A future hairdresser. . , Glee Club 1 EDWARD R. ENNIS 75 Berkley Street on. Sports Editor NIETOP, dislikes dull teachers and walking in the winter . . . Spends time watching sports on television , . , Is fond of popular music, assemblies. and the Yankees . . . Always reads newspaper in home- room . . . Future undecided s etball 1, 2, 3, 4. '. : J. V. Football l: Publica- tions -l. 5, 6: Social om- mittee 6: Track 6 ANTHONY C, ESPOSITO 104 Barrows Street Vlusic. tht Red Sox. Charlie Spivak, and good-looking girls appeal to Tony . . . Can't endure waltzes, con- ceited girls, and disagreeable people . . . "Where ia go?" . . Dancing and going for rides occupy spare time . . . To lead a band . . . Band l. 2, 3, 4. 5, 6: Or- chestra 2, 3, 4. 6 151-v A ANSI T FII IZIAVI I0 Venice Street Xiusi good looking clothes and I rank rate high with N ic Shuns math loud talk ing and square dancing Ill see u Always taking long walks dancing and heading for the movies Seen with Connie Cam pmtlll I'o become a singer ANITHONY V FIORE 431 Admiral Street Tony is enthusiastic about the Red Sox history and Italian food Turns thumbs down on science and conceited people Attends the movies and Rhode Island Reds hockey games o travel abroad as a correspond ing rtportcr JOHN A FLORIO -IO Sherwood Street Vliss O Connor discussing tlassicml music and listening to old time 1.177 are tops with Johnny Attends stage performances in ff moments You bet Xlways seen with Tom P9773 Planning a political ca reer EDWARD W. FORTE l39 Vlurray Street Jimmy Durante's and Frankie Laine's singing plus Joe Di- Maggio's slugging rate with Eddy . . . Can't say the same about Ted Williams . . . Sports and television occupy spare time. . . To traxel . . , J. V. Football 1, Z NICHOLAS FRONGILLO 97 Delaine Street Nick shuns conceited girls, and homework . . . Thinks highly of Boston Red Sox. XVoody Herman, and pretty gir s . . . "Well, what are you going to do?" . . . Rubs nose when in deep thought . . . Spare time is taken up by dancing. bowling, and play- ing in orchestras . . . Future orchestra leader . . . Band I Twenty-live J ANUARY 19 5 1 I . . r M, A j' . . . . .' . . .I A , H yo V. ' D' ' liubli' ' . V. '. I ' ' iii, A I ' , F R E V M 1 SL gg 1 . . . . z.rr1'eeA1,'z.Vi,+,5.0 A A . y Angie. who is alyva-ys carrying - i . . . .V . Y t Q ' . . I. 3. .3 I' 'y -lx l I i ' 3,-1, 5'. 1 . 1 A ' 2. 1 - f 1. A W ' 4 2' 3' 4' 5' 6 . - . , , . '47 ' 1 A -v K T .Ak . I., ' I . . I 1 H U o - . . 4 T J R of . Bak 5 6 C l CLASS OF FREDERICK NV GAUTIERI 25 Kimball Street lreddy enjoys sports dances and movies Homework especially themes k tl happy go lucky fellow H1 kid 'lo continue his education PAUI GAZLI RRO 829 Atwells Axenut Take tt easy says Paul to English compositions But likes sports especially baseball and the Red Sox Rubs chin when tn thought Reading moxtes and television keep htm busy To enter business world Room Agent l Social Committee 5 AMERICO GERVIANI 527 Charles Street Green eyed Rick who ts al ways smiling ltkes Mr 'Vlc Laughlin television Joe D and the New York Yankees Are you kidding? Dtsapproves of ctxtcs Eng ltsh and talkative girls Spare time ts spent swimming dancing and playing base a To attend College of Pharmacy DONALD l' GFRMANO 346 Admiral Street Flashy ties good food he Red Sox and sleeping are Don s favorites Frowns at women drtters sharing and homework Neser happened Fnthusiasttc over detective stories and sports Seen with Paul Curran and George Bottano To travel DANllSl ClANGlACOVlO 282 Hartford Avenue Sleeping, blondes, the Yank- ees dancing, and playing mandolin are "to s" with Como . . . Dislikes English, Ted Williams. vtorking. and waking up in the morning. . . Usually found yavs ning , . . Ambition is to manage a cigar business . . . Twenty-six JOAN! 'Vl GILMARTINI 38 Nelson Street Jane Powell animals tennis and music rate high with Joante who cant endure people who interrupt you Telextston and baseball take up spare time Seen with Rte Hodges and Barbara Gtl martin 'I 0 enter Rhode Island State College ee Club l 2 S tball l Tennis l Y tn 3 BURI ON W GOI DSTFIN '50 'I aft Axenue Burt likes petite girls music and sports but says No to working and the Study Hall Dancing bowling and drtvtng 1 bantam convertible ttke up spare moments lo enter college Band 6 JOSEPH A GRANDE l60 Sandringham Atenue Btnana splits and riding roller coasters are what Joe likes Study Hall and girls who smoke disgust htm Wha hoppen' Skating week en ing at the beach and traxeling occupy spare time Rubs nose when in deep thought To become gtwelry designer Glee Club D 6 l l:l AND GRAY 32 lrutt Htll Axenue let dislikes homework and toncttttd students Leisure time spent attending movies and boat riding Likes listening to music swimming ind girls Future un decided Cross Country 5 Hand 3 Cl AlRl- GRELLE 32 Courtland Street . . R vellt a d 1 certain green eyed boy are "tops" with Claire . , .This brunette spends sparc time riding in a lf?-ll Pontiac, and dancing to be-hop music. . . "Honest- . . . Turns thumbs down on light-haired people, and people who do not dance . . , To he a merchandise buy- er . . . Y-Teen 4. 6 511.1 JANUARY 195 A XX'I HONY l CRII ll 83 Xernon Street Sprtx dehnttely tpproxes t good looktng lothes gtrls and danctng Hmong hts p peexes tre the am ees tnd xx rtttng, themes Sports and dtnctng oeeupx hts spare hours Fu ure de tded RUDOll XVW H-XNlBl RCl R 257 I owell Ayenue The Red Sox and football 1re h 1 on thts boy s l t School subjects xxorktng tlter school and Joe D1 'Vlaggto trk Rudy Maybe so Dtncmg 1t canteens takes up sptre ttme Bttes thumb yy hen tn deep thought o he 1 hub and dte cutter VlARY T HE Al EY 15 Rangeley Ayenue Definttely states Vlary I drtxtng eattng at Vloos hetd and long, sktrts Dtsltkes homevsork and getttng, up early I-tnds enloyment tn danctng and bovxltng ways wtth Annt Ctsttldt To enter bustness world Fteld Hockey 4 Sottbtll 2 4 Tennts 4 A R-XL HODGI S 204 Sharon Street Rae who scratches her hetel when tn deep thought ltkes 'Vltss Burke fWho doesn t l 'Vlr Ryder satltng and snoxyy days Abhors Yankees Ktddo Sttltne, and talktng to people xx ho ll ltsten take up her spare ttme To be a yournaltst 1 ee Club 4 7 6 lun or lklltance T rancatse 9 6 'VIARGRRETJ HODGSON D0 Ltndy Xyenue Thts tcrm s edttor of Nt tot ltkes Ntqht and Dau R XX and Dad s pictures Doesn t thtnk much of snoxx apparatus and map xx ork Spends ttme danetng boxxl tng and at moxtes Hopes to beeome a suecessful seere tar Btdmtnton D Basketball 4 Go 3 Hockex P tattons 3 4 9 tb attons ldttor 6 Soctt Commtttee 3 S ttball 7 4 Syxtmmtne, l Tennts 2 Y -1-7 6 32 Y C-XROI Nl HOIBROOR 134 XVallace Street Carol rayes about the Red Sox Daxe Streets stngtng tnd chocolate lee cream sodas Lnsoctable people and homework stmply dont rate Outstde mterests tnclude dtnctng swtmmtng and moxtes Good ntght you lucky people 0 enter the bustness vxorld Baseball '5 Basketball Swtmmtng 3 ROBLRT l HOXX ARTH 234 Untt Street The Yankees progresstye mu stc ytlopy races and a eertatn gtrl named Gtnny are tops xxtth Bob Danctng and expertmenttng wtth electrtctty occupy spare ttme Alxx ays ttred Hopes to avotd the army and to own a garage and stock cars THELMA F IACOBBO 33 Gloucester Street Btg Velalt Dropo a certam blue eyed fellow Perry Co mo s fhe Rosary and Vltlton Berle are tops wtth Thel thumbs down on concerted boys and ramy days Spends spare ttme dancmg xxatchmg teleytston and tak tng long walks Always seen wtth Ann Tedescht Future bookkeeper G ee Club 3 4 D 6 RITA S ISLES 131 Ltnwood Axenue Xll the ttme says Reet to hamburgers coffee a d It lsn t Iutr by Don Cornell Goes all out for roller skatmg danctng and swtmmtng Opposed to homeveork and eoncetted boys Future un dectded Orchestra 4 5 6 NORVIA R IZZO 81 l uctle Street Norma wtth the pretty blue eyes and bug dtmples says Yes to sweet ptckles gar dentas and Uuybe Youll Be Ihere by Gordan Jenkins How cute proves of danctng wtth a cer tatn redhead Dtsltkes getttng up early To enter the bustness world een 2 3 4 Twenty seven W5 It T 1 it 4 'Q jf 4 A 'A .-ul" . . K. 4 V 1 I I 3 K V ' ' , ,y I ' b ,,..- . - . . ...-t Q-une K , K . . . w 1 1 v ' - 4 Rb 5 1 . 2: f ' ' B t : 1 V t t L ll " ' t . . - l r , , ' I' I igl '. '. is . . , K T , ' M t . S .2 " - 1. - ' t o ' . ' ,. . " A' - ' , . . "Little boy" . . . Turns ' I Y' .mfxte ' 1 S S Y 1 S. L A Y Y ,. ' 'll y .., " ,,,l 12, in A j . 4 , n "ax W Y - . 'A V 1 L A el V e . K . ' 1 rl , Y V , l. ,A I nd A ,S 1. Y ,. Alp- 2. : lf 1 '51 X, W I 4 I - ubl'c ' . ,': Pt - V e I h lic ' i' 3 .' ll l '... S 4 " : fo' 2. " ' ' : ' " ' f 5 ' Y-T , , ,5, 6 3 -Teen l. 2. 3, 4 CLASS OF SYI VIA KOLI IGI XN 606 Smtth Street Our wttty vnce presrdent ltkes football games hugh heels Mr Taylor and the Hayloft Jamboree Shuns students without sptrlt Is that rtght' V P spends ttme danctng and bowllng future bookkeeper Badmmton 3 Class Vnce I estdent 3 -I 5 6 ft I 3 Swtmmmg eenl 2 3 FRANCESI KOZFC 22 Greenwood Street Tran a cute majorette enyoys sports the Yankees and hrs tory Don t bother me Spends spare ttme walk mg bowlxng and taking long rides Always tn a hurry A future teacher Badminton 3 Btsketball 3 5 IS1eldHockey4 Golf orette 3 Softball I 4 Swtm ng I Tennis -I Y Teen 2 D Y Teen Secre r 3 4 JOSFPH W KRAPI' 5 Aldme Street Study Hall C I unch and tl gebra do not appeal to Lefty New York Yankees ar metal short dark hatred gurls fasctnate thls boy who cracks hrs knuckles when nery ous Hts fnonte pastimes are Iishtng md baseball To play professtonll hlsebtll lSee you tn the muorsl aseball I 3 Soen Commtttee 3 MARCARLT KRIKORIYNI 327 Plain Street 'Vlarky smys What a not to calltng Dum Phtlomenx and I Cross Mu Imqers by Russ Fmery Spends ttme wxndow shopptnt, dtncmg and attendtng A Y I meet mes and football games Dlsllkes watttng for buses To be 1 regtstered nurse RomAgent2 3 4 5 nnts 2 Y Teen I GEORGE J. LANIG I-I Duncan Ayenue Says "Chick-gee-do" to Red Sox. R. I, Reds. and pretty blondes . . . Yankees. Joe Di Vlaggio, and Study Hall don't rate . . , Plays baseball and hockey' in spare time . . . To trayel . . . Twenty-eight YP' DOROTHY R I INDI I I 601 Brotdway Dottie ltkes potato chtps hlmburg a d B .I R Spends ttme at Gtrls Ctty Club and at dances Tex ans Irankte I anne and vege tables mre thus young ladys pet peeyes Thus future secretary ralses rtght eybrow xy hen ttlktng Glee Club 2 3 Drchestn ROBI RT IONIARDO BZ Progress Ayenue Bob our frtendly class prest dent enyoys football baseball and boxmg Dtsltkes peg pmts strtct teachers and gtrls wtth short hatrcuts Sports etents and moytes fill tn the 1 To enter the bustness yt orld C 1ssPrestdent 3 4 5 6 DOROT HY I I UTL I-48 Isabella Ayenue Xlr lynn Kenny Gardners xerston of lm tn the Mood or lobe and opera are tops ytrthDott1e Are you ktddtng' she says to soap operas and concerted boys Dancmg moytes and sports rate high To enter bustness vtorld ts etball 3 Socla Commmttee -I Softball 3 SII PHI W I YONIS I I0 I nfreld Ayenue Steye vttth the waxy blond nur thtnks Italtan oo soctable people danclng and VI Antonto Capasso are tops Says Are you ktddtng' to getttng up early homework an ram Dancing, and watchmg ll sports eyents hll ths lads spare time Ambttton ts to oxen a large restaurant I X I I YN S IVIACI DONIO 32 XVendell Street Evelyn is fond of a cer ain I., T. and happy-go-lucky people . . . Says "Hove cute" to bottling. dancing, an movies. . , Dislikes unsociable people . . . Plans to marry in near future . . . 'REO JANUARY 1951 gf DOI ORFS 'VI NIXRCISI I O l-I6 Balbo -Xyenue Take xt easy says Dee who thmks Dtck Contmo Xlr Lynn and VII Pleasant foot ball games are lust wonderful Ahhors mushrooms and ramy Sunday nlghts ways chews a penctl when tak a Hopes t become a prxy ate SCCICIAIV Basketball 3 Socral Com mx tee 3 nnns l Publxcattons 5 6 lI:O S 'VIARKOXVSRI 90 Ilorence Street Oh yeah? says Leo to so phtsttcated gtrls and forengn languages but pretty gtrls dancrng and Miss Conneely rate Pastimes Include dancmg bowlmg goxng to football games Seen wtth Vlarco Ro771 To trayel Band I Z Room Agent 6 VINICEXIT D IVIATTERR ll Stonelaw Ayenue Our football Captain Chuck llkes Yankees pretty gtrls spaghettt and meatballs and football Ixlmturally J Says Ih' can t be to betng, hurrted and snobbtsh gtrls Dancmg gomg to the moyles and readmg cletecttye stones take up spare ttme Hopes to become 1 mtlltonnre Class Treasurer 3 -I 5 6 ootball l IootballC1pt1m 6 PHILIP J IVILI ADDLNI 32 Putnam Street Our boy Iltp plays basebtll basketball and hockey spare ttme IRES R Reds and brunettes Says Nl to Yankees Joe D Vlaggto and homework Pretty all rtght To be come mechantcal engineer VIARY J 'VICGOXVAN 163 Jultan Street Red headed Vlary says Oh fudge to homework and ramy days l lkes potato chtps Bob and Heart and Soul Bowllng and swrm mmg take up Ptnkys spare tlme Xlways seen with Babs Brosnahan To work Ill the commercnl freld fsf mf IHI RI SX Nl XICI INDFN 311 Rtyer Xtenue Dark hur brown eyes Bob I yons 'app 'sl to Terry he ttng up early and wattmg, tor people depress h r Sty honest Dtncmg bowltng and drtytng are fa xortte pasttmes To work ln In ofli e Glee Club 7 6 DOI ORI S I XIORI XU la Bergen Street Cream cheese and olrye sand w ches the 3 00 PVI bell an Vlatt are tops wtt Red Come on now Ihls eute eheerleader dns ltkes crew euts md crowded buses Sp nds spare ttme tmp dtnctne, md ltstenmg to records by Iddy Arnold Hopes to be a housewxfe Bidmtnton 3 Btsketball 3 Cheerlemdera 6 Senlor y o a Swrmmlngl -I Tenn1s2 Y Teen l II NNII VIORl:ITA Z33 XV1ll1ce Street len who ts always laughtng or mlkmg approyes of blue eyes crew euts Ymkees and Irtendly people Turns thumbs down on math and erowded buses Are you kxddtng' Thus pretty lass spends her spare ttme kntttlny., md dtnctng Ambttxon ts to become a suc eessful secretary Teenl Z JOHN VIORI TI X 231 NX allaee Street I at you say sa s lohnny to ramy days walk Ing md concerted gxrls But Dtfly Gtllesple and bowlmg rate Long rtdes md playmg, trumpet yan keep htm busy To conttnue educatton B ndl Z 3 6 Orchestra ROS XI IND Nl VIORRISSFY 8-I Pembroke M enue flqam by Gordan Jenktns and potato chtps are tops wxth Rona our head cheer leader XVr1t1ng themes annoys her Enyoys cheer mg at football games and go Ing to Haskms To enter busmess world eerleaderl Z 3 6 Class Secretary 6 Sen no Play 6 Socnal Com mnttee 3 4 5 Songleader Y Te n Twenty nme fylln 6 CLASS OF X! JOAN A NOLIN 839 Atwells Ayenue A certatn Joe Vlr Lynn and htgh heels rate wtth Joanat People who lack sparat andthe Yankees are pet peexcs lm tellang you l nyoys baseball games mos les and readtng Bttes ltp when an though X fu ture stenographer JAVIES D O REII l Y 890 Branch Ayenue Branlaans good musac and all sports are what Jam fayors But says Vly word Yankees and modern musae Pasttmes mclude dancang and hockey Hopes to be come a wrtter Ho key 1 SHIRI EY PADI INO 38 New ark Street lktra hours are Hlled wath moyaes danctng bowlmg and takang long walks The Red Sox and a certaln blue eyed blond rate hagh Jeanette C3pO77l To be an ofllce worker Ofllce Vylorker 2 3 4 7 a BARBARA X PNRI 8-1 Progress Xtenue Babs approxcs of Vlr James ar er A taera an blonde hatr and blue eyes l mean to say Spends spare tame roller skatang and gomg to the moyaes Thas cute gal turns thumbs down on Fnglash and waatang for buses Future stenogra pher Basketball 7 Glee Club l Room Agent 4 'J 6 So ctal CSommaltet 7 Softball IOUIS A PARISI l-ll Spruee Street 1 tkes the New Yor Yankees loe D1 Vlaggao and beautaful blondes Turns thumbs down on the Red Sox lnglash and worktng Spends spare tame danc an playtng baseball anc bowlmg Ambttaon as to be a natllaonaare Thzrty ew' C Xl TANIO PAIRIARCX 25 Fallmore Street Art pretty glrls the Yankees Joe D Vlaggao are tops wath Cauy who dns lakes the Red Sox led XVrl laams and math hrs future Nayy man spends spare ttmt playang baseball draw me and gotng to tlae moytes C l ORGF VJ PA I ll RSON 124 Salma Street Yankees sports gurls and musac are thas fellow xorates Homework l'ng lrsh and Red Sox are has pet peeyes Rtght aw ay lootball baseball hockey are pastrmes Always seen watla Ball Cahtll O trayel X R X IRAC 804 Rtyer Ayenue ras last of fayorttes an tludes New York Yankees erew cuts strawberry sundaes Robert Ryan and 'Ihmlzmq or You Abhors wmdy days baseball double headers and alarm clocks Always seen passrng notes to S K l uture office worker S tballl 3 Sl I RL H76 Doyer Street loe s fayorttes ure conyertalales and Bally Ltkstean Cnty l ombardo and concerted gtrls gate ham a paan Dane ang and bowltng occupy spare tame Strokes haur when tn deep thought To be t mme a salesman IHCDVHS R Pl IIA 268 Nelson Street lommy who loses to read short stora s htnks tlae Cleye land lndaans and Hockey are tops Turns thumbs down on homework and pears Thas lad s tame ts spent playang baseball basketball and laockey luture tn axaatton 'Ea fe jll I ty ' 4. an - 1 and' I il. ' .. V . A ' Y A ' l ls fa' C V , D ' 4 1. vi , . . J' 121.11 .1 ma" QCA Seen with Rosanna Blais ' . 7 ' ' Z Y A J V , A 'L - ff fof . . . . , . ,. Q V 'L " ' ' . ,x..toqiv1t1at3" ncicit Pk.Nlr, 1'f d c I 5. . a :. . M Q :M tat I' -- ' t l ' .flu ' , "ql,'7 JANUARY 1951 ' SUI I RAXGFR 19-1 laban Street us1e saxs aes to dtnexn 1 a certaln 1 and ISS VlcDermott Bur thor oughlx d1sapproxes runy dau and short sk1rts Dlncme F310 1nd eookme o epx spare 11me D1mples when she sm11es ns 11 LOIHL I reCep11On15t eom llgent 1 3 -lr 6 Sw1mm1ngl ROBIR1 C1 R XO 28 3Xpp1an Street Bobs faxontes mclude X'l1ss OConnor Joe D1 Vl1g.,e,1o art and musxe Doesnt 11ke Amenean htstorw or be me burned HI rlelx meets and good moues are tops Rubs h1n when pullled Flo be 1 dentll te 1111111111 Cross Country 2 -1 6 In door Track 1 5 Outdour lwraek 5 Soc1llComn1111ee WILI IAVI RENIIUII I 112 Bflilghlm Street Yankees CIYICS Mr 'Ihomp son and Mr Vlcl aughlm are B111 s favor1tes but Ted VN 11 l1ams and long home room per1ods ure h1s peer es ways seen w1th B111 R111111 Enjoys bowlmg baseball and danemg Iuture col lege student XNILLIAVI P RITZKU ll St1l1water Avenue Wee W11l1e d1s11lees Enehsh and Vlel Allen but sports Vlr Vlcl.aughl1n and eatmg rate Ya 1e1dd1ng Basketball f1sh1ng danetng, sw1mm1ne, oceupy spare 11me Always lookmg for B111 R9HZU1ll College 1n fu ture as etball 1 Z Cross Country -1 6 Out oor Track 3 'J Senlor Plas 6 IOUIS XX ROSSI 78 Cedlr Street Johnston Bop and Dxxleland mus1 please l o11 Dlslllees eon 1ted g,1r1s md cl1ss1e11 mus1 How do you know Spare moments are spent bowlmg dan mg and e,o1ng, to the moues Xmbmon 19 to be a Cham store owner 'vii an 9 'LZ-"" L. 401' 'bv '57 Q Hn. ,,..--1' 'ills Si? NIMXRCO A ROZLI 79 Xernon Street Nlareo thmks ehemnstry VIISS Conneely the Yankees and maearonxare tops Eng 11sh IS not for Contact 1 lkes to bowl Posstbly m 11 enter college lootba N X l Nl ll RUSSO 88 Jullan Street Natt1e lxkes the Yankees sugar eones and fnendlx people How 1rr1t1t1ng sus Nattle to runy Sundays crowded buses bow t1es and wamng for people Can always be eaught dlydreammg Spends spare t1me dancmg, skatmg svummlng and 11st enmg to XVHIVI Amb1 t1on 1S to be a suecessful secre tary Basketball 2 -1 VIXICENT G SABATINII 584 R1ver Avenue Ihe Yrnleees 1nd 1 certa1n C1 studen are to s Wllh N mny How about that' Turns thumbs down on the Red Sox home work mel t1lk1t1xe g1rls Spends le1surc t1me playmg baseball danclng and bowl 1n XIIIIHY w ho lS always readmg 1 newspaper would l1ke to traxcl Senlor Play 6 R1 Bl Rl' C 9-XNITORO 413 Admxrrl Street Bet Vlom s cookmg and shop work wnth Vlr Q please popular Al XValk1ng to sehool and eonee11ed people peexe lum Dont worry rbout ll Dancmg and bowlmg keep htm busy Seen Wllh Ben -Xsadoonan and Don1ld Volpe 1 ture 11nd erded ee Clubl 2 3 4 Se 111 Comm1t ee 'S 4 'J R XCHLI R Nl SC'-YVNAPIPCO 1707 Chalkstone -Xxenue e 1 cert n l Xl 1nd 1 ne,1s 1 ngoys moues and roller sktt 1ne, Peg pants eonce1ted people and LLIIIHL up early r1te 11111: rmong, dnslrkes Honest lno be tn ofhce worker Thtrty one '91, S5 CLASS OF ROBI RT A SClll TTl'Nll 082 lktwells Aienuo. Bob is enthusiastic about the Yinkcts ind popular music ls irked by girls vtith short hair writing, compost tions an bow ies Dont get mid Spire time is spent bowlif' attend ing moyies and foot mall games Co Lge is this boy s aim Senior Play 6 JANIL A SCUNICIO 19 August Street Skippy nice clothes A little on the Lonely Side and tele vision please pretty Janie who froyyns at impolite boys and crowds Pastimes are dancing movies and riding in the run Are you kid ding? Seen with lltni Caranci XV1nts to gtt married RAYVIONID C' Sll' D7lK ll Chiffcc Street ulet Ray approycs of 'Vliss McDermott l cer in dark haired lass Doesn t care for English or staying after school I dont knovt Goes to dances and football games for recrei tion To mike 1 lot of money and r tire otball l 2 3 Social Committee 6 ANINI T SMITH 05 Basswood Ayenue Cokes and jalopics ippcal to Smitty . , . Detests short men. be-bop. and cabinets . , . Enjoys going to Hillside . . , XVould like to become a nurse and travel around the yyorld Badminton 3: Basketball 4: Ciolf '53 Junior Achieye- ment 5. 6: Maiorette 3,-1. 5, 6: Softball 3. 4: Sw'm- 'ng l. : T i , 3 - eenl.2.?. ,. ANTHONY J, SOAVF 135 Linwood Avenue Sports, chemistry. Mr. Capas- so, and popular music appeal to Tony . . , Conceited girls and Yankees are taboo . . . "Worry about nothing" . . . Driving. baseball, and foot, ball are pastimes . . . lfuture undecided . . . Thirt y-Iwo BFI l A SOI ITRO l66 Bay Street Bclli likes the Yankees all sports and sociable people Spends spare time watching tecyision bowling a d vtorktng Turns thumbs down on getting up in the morning and the long walk up Cathedral Ayenue ture office worker ANNI M TEDESCHI 520 Smith Street Rusty approves the Red Sox new clothes Ziggy Elmans Body and Soul and Frankie Laine Sewing movies and dancing with S M are her fax orite pastimes Con ceited and insincere people don t rate with this lass who is always seen with Thelma lacobbo To become an office worker Glce Club 4 B XRBARA 1' TODISCO 35 Messina Street M m m says Barb to blue e es olives silver brace lets a n d thunderstorms CWhat?j Bow ties washing dishes and boys who cannot dance are among her pet peeves Seen with Joanie Volante Will make a cute dental assistant Glee Club l THFRIISA D TRAPASSI 163 Chatham Street Terry likes Gordan Jenkins Again, dogs, and dungarees . . . Has an unfavorable opin- ion of people who gossip . . . Spends leisure time baby-sit- ting and inviting friends to her house for a "get-together" . . . Will make a cute air hostess . . . Gee Club 4. 6: O ce Worker 6: Y-Teen 1.2, 3. SALVATORE P. TROVIBETTA 80-l Admiral Street Sal thoroughly' approves of Joe Di Maggio, the Yankees. and eating . . . "What a storm." . . . Homework. getting up early. and you guessed itl the Red Sox are among his pet peeves . . . En- ioys movies and bowling . . . Future undecided. . . JANUARY 1951 off JOHN1 H URXVIN 15 Alxerson Avenue Dancmg bcmlmg and plat mg 1n bands occupy Jacks spare t1me Shy gtrls and gtrls wtth short ha1r 1nnoy th1s future band leader Band 6 IETITIA M VLRONIA 119 Armtngton Street Edgewood I ee IS enthus1ast1c about Sln cere people Vlr Antomo passo and classtcal mustc Says How sad t e Yankees peg pants 1nd ramy weather Enloys dr111n 1nd playmg the p11no Always seen mth 11ny Boss To travel Band6 Orchestral 2 3 EVIILYXI VIERFSZKO 89 Ilorence Street I v 1 petrte muorette lS par t1al to brown eyes pcople and Dancmq m the Dark Pet peeves are gossrpers and carrymg books Spends t1me dancmg and attendmg movnes Hopes to be 1 suc cessful med1ca1 secretary Badmtnton 3 B1sketb.1ll 5 Golf3 Ma1orette3 4 5 6 Senxor Play 6 Soft b 3 4 Swrmmxngz, 2 Tenn1s 2 4 Y Teen 1 Z JOSEPHINE VOI ANI II 683 Charles Street 1ttle Joame says crumb to bow t1es and walkmg up Vlt Pleasant Ave nue Seen Wlth Barb1ra TOdlSCO I.1kes cook1es boys wrth dark ha1r and brown eyes Readmg drtvmg and movles are among her past1mes Would l1ke to attend col e e ee Club I 5 Jumor Achtewement 3 RON -XLD R VOI PI 133 Stansbury Street Joe D1 Vl3gglO baseball and a certam D rate xuth Ron Ted W1ll1ams Red Sox and J1m Br1tt 1rk thts fellou Pa Baseball lam sesstons and walkmv arc fa vonte pasttmes Seen xx 1th A1 Santoro Profess1onal baseball tn the future -6 JFANI WALSH 167 Branch Xsenue lt1n1c xuth the pretty brown h11r l1kes r1d1ng ln a I 40 Chute NVIIII a certam some one chocolate 1ce cream and Stardust hat a case DlSllkCS r11ny days Mon tl1ys and watttng for people Spends sp1re t1me danc my, and bovtltng Always seen XVIII! Rosa11e Aceto luture prrx ate secretary Glee Club 1 ROBI RT I XVASHBURN 4 Kepler Street Bob our brllllant sprtnter 11kestr1ck tN1tura1ly 5 the Y1nkees and 1 certatn C 1Vl Conce1tcd Qrrls and short 1l'lll'LllIS dont r1te Wllh I egs Dmces roller sk1t1ng 1nd sports cunts occupy sp1re t1m1. Collage 1n the fu turc Scntor Pl1y 6 Socral Com tee 3 4 T ack 3 IOHN H XVH1 TEIII 1 D -10 Andem Street XVl11tcy ltkes dr1v1ng bru nettes 1nd the Red Sox C1nt say the same a out tht Ytnkets or conce1ted g1rls Seen 111th A1 Costa and lr1nk Cas1le To enter the lmolcum busmtss H1Y3 RITX NI XVII KI S 82 Ncw1rk Street R1t1 1pprowes .1 certam tall d1rk hatred boy and danc1ng to Can 1-lnqone Explain? by the Ames Brothers Danc 1nt, bowlmg and swnmmmg TFL f11or1te past1mes future om e xx orker e Club 7 6 O ce XX orker 6 III IFN T YAVIVIARELII 71 Hxllsxde Menue B111 I aw rence I'cd Wrllrams Red Sox Stardust and Cad11 lu conxerub es rate htgh wtth qtuet Etleen who dtsltkes x1a1t1ng for p ople and the Yankees For goodness s1kes Danctng and roller sk1t1ny, t1ke up spare t1m IXINVIYS seen wtth Barbara Bubcn future ofhce worktr Crlee Club 1 Softball 2 Thzrty three if QA My 91,3 CLASS OF JANUARY 1951 S.Xl.X'iX'I'ORI5 ZOXIITX 413 lloctixsct Strcct .liwhnston Cloud music. Rctl Sox. .tml Ind XhIlIllJI'119.IfC "tops" with 1 Dtsipprmts it mn iii it 1 r Q S KN short hiir Ilimtng incl 5 uling 0 tupi spir II I Doodlts xihtn tn chip thwught Xmuition I9 tu hctomt in irtist 3".l"7 Camera 31 RAN VIOXD I CROCI I7 Xtiulls :Xu I 3 1 -Ilrd Signil Corpx -llral Dixtsmn 1 I' ilt X I-XVII SC XIXSIIR ON 'm7St1ra Xunut ARI OT I XXISI NIXX 1 Durtlitsttr Xunut ilu imlvntnrtain IO PH I Dt Cl I VIIIX I I' ltnuiry Z-I I 49 Why I Am an Amerzcan MDC I ig ut sl ix s I in Xmtrtn c n rn in 1 mc it s nit mi I myself 1 good I nglishmin I cl I hun horn c ,1 r 4 hx tht Simi xx ii, of rtlwning tl I hid it horn ISSII I L P 73 5 Y LO ummunist It ommunism p uliihly xx uultl it I tn poundtd into my hriin sin intl I tic ut rtmiuni 1 in flnitmin nt owing is much I mu 1-. is ns n In of tht mrlcl Iii int lining, Itmipirtt that r Lrinn su trim s niu x ri ltd my nr 1 ri ure. pot rx incl musit Is an Crimn I im ctr to 1 Iind ol unprttttl ntitl 1 riqhttoue tradvion A Itnd thit suth s ui h Iltmmri i btty rtxrlil M1 X Lxgllui L It KK Cr htr tr Ir true in J ut hu li is and ponds knowing thu thu an mine rtalwing that it is mx duty to keep tlum cur ai huutiful utr is frm is thex non art I Iilu to ii it h Spring trinsform wr U x ITIL N 1 I ui tu I td vtmx in in int muon in i t tw popultttd frog hroolx I n c mtx Cc mpltti XIII ti iiin it irliling, tr x 1 at nt iimtt wx 1 of Qhristnin ind prmnists ut tht Ntxx Nur Xnt thit I igic ot is mtg, It xht I fhzrty four t stand itriu IIINI of insptrition It L lun pottry and mum Iitcrituit his madt hir timous his cipturcd her lmilintss has hoisted ut hir might with such graceful fli ncy thu om unnot htlp hit I wit inspired by iiiignihctnti if ht his rnd is nr Pours his sungw htr priists to tht high huitns with x ords ol 1 nrtil tt tstta Ii iv I. 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IiUCl1Nl: If. Iil1I.l.Y . Q '. CII . H 'li R. Cami iclx' . 'irginin T' ' ' 5 " ' . Sl. . i , I. '. V '1 .. . ' . 0 .I xxt I . J'Rtitt.I.x' I .im .in .'Xl11'f.'JI'I I".iuq- I qt' lvurn ' . ' .ini ' ' , An ' is .1 . ' . '. ' al 'l'r.1- Hal I hcc ho ' Iln5.,l. I. I would lu " .t A "n to '. ' ', "c. .lv "' . Q " . 1 in " in 4' A " I I ', .' ' Ir.i 4, I would have trictl tu make myself .1 'mul I nqi. '. - ' . l ' ' ', V ani V, . 5. . ,K , .Au ' V ' K llcn N v A . -L 1 l H. I x I in RLWQ. l wotld. hy this tim'. rtlnlly hc . It ml Iwi' , ' ' ' ' '. I I' lat all. l CQ 'wr C r . ' 'I l.v' ' ' ' ' A ' ' ' hc' ' ' ' I' ' ca my ' '.n'i'. x' 3 ' 'll ' '. fnay, "I l I 1l'Ir'. .I " h.. tstiti f.- t.m. . .ii PIP' ' ' -A I - lin " .' .ts I now linux' JI I tl ' 'I I ' ' 5 I 4' I ' ' ' ' pk, P . WL 'Y' 1 I 6 ,' , . A .1 ,K . ' .--. . 4-I , V . ' ways of living. I would have it no other w.ii'. T ' " ' ' . ' I 'A ' I d' I50 .is an Am' I Ain' '. I '. Ifl I .ini wt- I m ' , if I V , ', , ,' th 'I' I ' I' Itctt '. -t . If H X ' Q, , ' .- Am " . . hi . . ' J ' .nd I ' A A , ' -' - lfir' l '. A 1' I 'iutj '. m', I like u xilk L J I 'l K N -1 L' ov ' hills. ulnd' h' I LI Icsll' ' tlv. ' 3 1 rv - ' fl int .1 Iriiryland of lwnuty which titulatw ' 'itll K 3 t - Vg A , -A ' th' s:'nts of tl' 'ni 'st'n' 1' r 'lb gg tu . I fro - g A ' ' A in Z1 h.l'j hrc".'. .nl the wild .irmim ut .in vcr 'And A I x A A W -- , ' -' 5 I I' I. 'c. .4 .. .lid I Iilw to'h Jllllllll tlnuh hcr A paintul . tcr- ff' ' I In - .' E - ' '- xl V ' 1 pic cu ' ' i" I .1 million Iulling l'.i't'x3 V in In 5 tltf Iyctlu .ind mi' hod' is CI ' the .1 sp, ' '. ci" vlitc won I'rl3 I. Qnl, '-i l - ytlpg, r.' 1 . it f'. 1 I I th' m. 'I 'thf bc.iutv 'tht v .r'd I A' I L . AA l - H onol s Rhode Island I-Ionol Soezetx illjlill X I X I l XC HKU xlxx clxllclxxll xc l lxlxllxolx R ml I up Ii x xlxll lxl x QONO Nl l JE T NX SOUEQR l . X ' X! 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By thx m1r1xuIou9 works of God thx x1rth was crxated Tllx xtrth w19 xrx11xd for 111111 that hx m1gI1t haxx supxr1or1ty oxxr othxr an1mals Hoxxxxxr 1111n xx 19 1l9o 1nIxr1or hc 1ad stnnxd A9 1 rxsult Ilx xx 1s subyxxt d to work by thx swx1t of I119 brow Hx xx 19 subyxctxd to th xlxn1xnt9 r11n 'IIILI snoxx w1nd and storm IVI1n bxmg 1 lIx'lLI9lI'OIIg fool nxglectxd to xx or9h1p Ol obxy I119 C rx11or It doxsn t malxx 1ny d1fIx1x11xx so thought I Undxr 1119 1 y n1111 xx IS fog Hx lxnxxx not xxhxrx to turn nor xx l1o111 to Iollow VI ID xx 19 lost ong about tI1xn lx rx1to1 spo x t1rougI1 thx mouth ol 1 DIODIILI II19 I1 9 9 lx told of 1 91x1or o11x xxl1o xxoulxl x1x 1xn1 out of IIIIS log xtllxtl stn ll x God sxnt H19 only Son totx1xI11l9tI1x xx 1x ol l1fx to d1x to saxx us from 91n Durmg II19 prxaxhmgs thx Lord prxdtxtxd thx xnxl of tI119 xarth Hx forxxast xarthqu1Ixxs x If h1trxxI He spokx of H19 rxturn to tSIf1bllQl'l H1s Kmq dom It IS wrtttxn 1n nl l1x Worxi IS so A thx 9av1or h19 CO111x 9o 9I11lI thx x11th xnd I9 prxdtctxd o 1y man IS 1g,a1n III 1 sto TI 9 storm IS xx orsx than 1 fog It IS oupl d xx I thx storms of xx ar 1nd h11rxd A9 1 youth ol Thzrzy str Young Man m a Fog Hxueux 9 C1xx1f 1x9111xX11x tod1y I 1111 xxposxd to thxsx xlxmxnts of naturx 1nd xx If But today I know where to turn 1nd xx hom to follow Thx Splflf of 11x ord 19 1 bx1xon unto my way e I1 1xon IS so poxxxrful that nx1thxr war clouds 11or lllx storms ot naturx 9h1II cause my fxxt to sllllhblx nor my hxart to trxmblx I was III th1s log ol I1ttlx fa1th I Ixnxw not Wherx to 1 I1 t 91xx t1x 1 I felt Q 8111111 ot God 1n rnx I followxd and was lxd out of thx 9x1 of troublxs 1nto thx port of 91Ix1t1on Noxx 1I1xrx I5 xvxrlastmg pxacx I I xl ll III 111y lk Oykxyxl lltxrx arx many who arx lost 1n x ou I 1x1r hopx doxs not I1x IH 1111 x It dots not I1x 1n rxxxngx or hatrx 1x1 hopx I1x9 XVII thxtr hx1rts 'I x1r h 1px dxpxnds on thxtr iatth to follow thx Ilx 1xon to x1I111xr xx atxrs I hxrx 15 much that you 111d I c1n do to magmfy that I1ght that IS XKIIIIIII us Vxlx must cltng to thx sourcx of our I1g,ht lxxxyxr 1g11n must uncxrtatnty en x lop 119 I1Ixx .1 fog Vxle must usx that hght Our hght must so shmx bxforx mxn that they I11'ly pr11sx our good xxorks and glor1fy our Iatl1xr vxho IS IH Hxaven Thxn shall xvxry 111111 hx I d out ol thx fog 1nd 1nto thx hands ot bod lor xxxrI19t1ng, px1cx . ' 1 5' , 'X x . , . . 1 , ' L . A. L1 9 9K 1 1 L 9 A-9 9k 9 9 9 1 I . ' 'L mf A ix ' x ' x 'x . I . YH H I ' Y VI x K Y b I l A Y 9 it lp' ' 9 'tk X V' K - 5 5' L ll A .3 1 C 3 5 l k L' t K vw 5 9 V 1 3 'I' I U. 1 ' ' ' I ' ' x ' 5 3 . 1 ' ' . ' ' " I 'I , tlr . Pau I .. ' I ' l'ght. th " 9 ' x I ' 9-x -."' K. x' ' ' ' ' 9. 9 K 9 10. ' I'. fall.c' . lcd into a - fx 2 ' 1 . 5 I Y Y I 5 ' V wi YL I l I Y i i 'W L K ' 3 X' ' D A L K A 9x'x'1I, I 'N ' ' I 'art. Al ' tm- Cn - J Ix' II -- - 1 1 ' I 1 'I ' '. IC." th- I' 4 ol' 9111. ' 'I -' - -. '- ' :ag . .. " . ' ' ' In I I. l'. '1 ' 1 xd, tl ' '. ' 1 ' . So ' x'.1s. 'l'I 'i' - ' hin -' -. , 'h-' -9 V 1 S 91 A - 9 'K v ' L 9 9 9 1 9' ' ' , I ,Y 'I I Y' .' .II 9 ' I-I IL A .L i I x . ' I I I -I 9 - ' . 9 9 '- 9 9 1 'K 1 1 L ' ' ' 9 . 9 9- A 9 L 9 . Vt V L 9 ' 1' ' 9 1 ' 9 9 9 'L 9 yt' In ' ' K - ' 1 . I9 v9 L Q' 9 ' - ' x ' x. '9 . x ' 'x ' ' x. ' ,I , ' ' ' ' ' Y X ' 3 . L V gp I Y I T d. '. . 1 ' ' . f FI . 'I'I1i. 3 ' ' ' ' . 1 . 1 1 ' ' . . ', c c '111 t ' c ' - , ' - Q ' t I x 1. ' . 'x ' ' ' I ' ' " x.' ' I 'x I. '1'? nnksvryxng D1y 1s a 1 st asrdt gtyrng thmks to our OH1HlDOItDII:1Illtf I I tl th1t I oyyt bod not only lor my mattr11l bltsslngs but also for my sprrrtual btntfits It IS Ht yy ho lmbttldttl IH m th t lndtnnablt tltmtntt1lltd tonstltntt It IS thls tonstrtntt yy hrth tn1blts mt to grasp tht dlfftrtnct bt tyyttn rrght and yy rong It IS Ht yyho rn stxllttl rn mt tht poyytr to oyt tht d1y1nt poyy tr that crushts h1tt and mallet at thelr roots Surtly If yyas only through Hrs gra tould go forth and smothtr tht yy rtktd plans of mtntally drstorttd mtn Ishall thtrtfore bt grattful to God for my materral and Splflf ual yvell betng I am surt hoyy tytr that thrs all poyy trful Lord yy ould not yy ant mt to forgtt to txprtss my smctrt gratltudt to tht mtn and yy omen yyho hayt fought so couragtously for us through tht many yyars and c1mpa1gns 1n yy hrch our country has bttn tntangled Not only to thost who hayt gont to thtrr tttrnal rtstmg platt do I oyyt my thanks but also to tht mtn yvho rtmarntd 1n thus country and drrecttd landrng Helds strengthened naval sta t1ons and maxntarntd flghtlng equrpmtnt tn gtntral I must alyy ays rtmtmber that al though thty drd not tnttr mto tht thxtk of battlt thty wtrt forctd to ltayt thtrr loyed onts and tht ptattful tranqu1ll1ty of thelr oyy n homts They too yyftnt rnto the armed forcts not knoyymg yy htthtr they yy ould rt mam ln thrs country for tht duratlon of the yy ar or bt torn from rt btcaust of tht mall crousntss of a few men setkmg undtseryed poyytr It IS not dlfficult to stt that these mtn also suffertd and sacnfictd I shall for tytr bt grattful to them for thtrr courage and dttermrnatlon Nltn howtyer do not warrant all my thanks I shall ntytr forget the young wo men vyho Jomtd nursmg un1ts and helptd to brlng husbands sons and syy eethearts back What I Am Grate ul or on Tlaanksgzwng Day ylylet yur IJ Hooosoyl to 1 1 th T1tst grrls tlrd not rtmaln rn l 1n hosp1t1ls yylth 1ll modtrn tquxpmtnt tl 1s yy my mt o Ilty yytnt 1nto small filthy sh1 ks 1nto foxholts and rlght up to tht front lrnts to htlp m1kt tht ast momtnts of 1 tlyxng stryrttman 1s happy 19 poss1bl Th only th1nks thty rtttlytd yy IS from tht shghtly dal d tyts of 1 yyoundtd man yy ho rtal11td that hrs Flortntt lN1ght1n galt yy 1s ntar rt ht talltd Thtst grrls may not rtttlyt m1ttr1al thanks but I lrkt t1ou thtm for thtrr unyrtldmg strtngth and en duranct vyhrch tnabled many soldrtrs to rt turn to htalth and contrnut nghtrng for our Amtr1t1n r1ghts Naturally no ont yyrshts to fight unltss he knoyys yyhat ht 15 fightmg for I thtrt fort yy rsh to txprtss my thanks to tht ch1p lams Jtvylsh C1thol1c and Prottstmt for tht 11d thty g1yt our fightlng mtn rn tstab lrshrng rn thtlr mrnds tht rdtals of trut Amtrrca Thtst grtat rtlxgrous mtn cltarly txplalntd tht baslt prlnctples for yvhrch the mtn yytrt Iightmg country churth 1nd stlf prtstryatton Vyhen young yvarrlors btgan to wondtr 1f lf was yyorth yyh1le flghtlng and dylng tht chapla1ns spokt to thtm as frrtnds and ftlloyy Amtrrcans Thty shoyvtd tltarly that tht good Lord yvould not fall a land full of people yyho yvtrt strryxng to malntam 1dt1ls yy hrch thty ftlt rrght H drd not fall us Ht brought us through tht tnormous and challtngrng struggle of the Vw orld Vw ar Naturally I tannot btstoyv bltsslngs upon tht mtn and yvomtn yy hom I hayt mtntxontd It rs far btyond my poyvtr to do so I w11l thtrtfort thank God and I knoyv that I-Ie wrll undtrstand and htlp me to make my ltft as yyorth yy hrlt as posslblt Yts thtst 1rt but a ftyv of the endow mtnts for yy hlch I shall be grateful not only on Thanksgrymg Day but for all my days Thzrty seven . . x 'III " dy' 'X 'A -for ltl l"1 1' ' I 1 A A t C, t t tl t tt . A II' f A v ' . . v. v, I I v v I c' . '- I 't sul t tl. tl're. N, 'I ' ,-' . ' v I ' , , I - v LC ' I V y I - t. t yu s -L s - -Ay -s. ' ' - s-', A-, y - It Iv' jy v'-. L- vt, v '- s K . s t A s y y s, I C. C ' t ' 1 ' 1"I " 'L vys I r ' 1 v I - I 1 I ' 'C 1 'H I g ' 1 ' 1 I I A 1 I s y v1 I vw y Av' -. f w I' 1 I 1 'I I4 A - Yi 3 I I 5 I 3 V 3 AI 3 ' X 3 1 I V 'A "ll l b ' ' 'l ' ' d I l l ll l ' b f l tlous Vu t1at our IARC and staunt 1 armtes san s of ot 1ers. S151 a yy ay's c grate u to ' AI 7 3 VI' 3 X HI VA7 I 3 - 3 V A 3 J 3 3 H Y A 3 I3 Il- j 1 I I I - 3 I X I , v -. V' s y 7 Yi YH - V3 I I I Y Y 5 3 H, V V I D 3 7 I I Y i B X H 3 Y ' L I 1, I5 7 3' V Vi 3 I L ' L I I I S L I I . ,.g , I I L.Ix - . I Il - . 'I J 1 3 3 V 3 V3 I 'I 3 5 I p 1 . I 1 73 X I ' 7 ' 5 - 3 1 3 3 Y ' ' V L A I -. s v I 1 x 3 - I . . 4 I . 1 p 3 7 Y , . ' 3 I 3 I l 7 3 3 -1 ' I , , , H S Y- 1 'B 1 H X 'A 3 ' I , " 5 V 1 I I - 1 4 7 3 7 I VI , , Y , A . Q . I 1 1 , , , , . , 1, - 1 . I I 3 '3 I v , . . I I V 1 X 3 'S , I I -1 a I 1 v , - H x ' I, . I' x w m r vs u I 3 s m A 1 - ' I , Y 1 ' 1 v I 7 I I 1 v , r I s A x I 7 I Y I . V .y. V Y Prophecy Would you luke to listen rn w1th us to happenmgs at the Provrdence Cxty Stadium tn October 1961 and meet once agam some of the members of the class of January 1951? Good mornrng ladles and gentlemen Thxs IS Edward Barr your announcer for Mount Pleasant Open House of 1961 brrngmg you the hlghllghts of today s 3Ct1VltlCS We have a great many celebrrtles among us on thus brlght crxsp mornmg I had the pleasure of rxdmg to the stadlum ln the company of Captaxn Chuck Mattera Berge Asadoonan and Em1l1o DeRens1s those grrdxron stars who w1ll play 1n today s alumnr game under the watchful eye of that great college coach George Bo1tano Oflicxal scorer for th1s game w1ll be Robert Lonardo Upon entenng the press box I was greeted by two old classmates Carl Battlsta and Ed ward Porte who have made names for them selves xn the World of sports I was very much surprxsed to see Mxss Ann Arden Cformerly Ann Smlthj today s exc1t1ng new star who flew dlrectly from Hollywood to attend these festxvmes Mlss Arden arrxved ln her prxvate plane whrch was p1loted by Rae Hodges Also aboard thls plane was Mrs Mary Healey Warner Jr wlfe of the famous producer Incxdentally that sensa tlonal mov1e Irma Goes East starrmg Jo seph Krapf as Al Dorothy Lutz as Irma and Jane Scunclo as Jane was produced by Mr Warner I w1ll now turn the mrcrophone over to Anna Castaldx who wxll tell you more about our box seat celebrltles Hello everybody' It grves me great pleasure to look through the audxence and see many of my former classmates who have made remarkable achrevements smce our grad uatlon a decade ago Before we dlscuss these people however I wlsh to mform you that very shortly we shall have a rov1ng mlcro phone carrred through dxfferent parts of the stadrum Well as I glance around me I Thzrty eight see that many women are wearrng those new sensatronal or1g1na1 hat creatlons of Barbara Todxsco This group of fashron m1nded wo men mcludes Janet Calxse ballet dancer Rosalxnd Morrxssey starrmg wxth Vmcent Sa bat1n1 1n North Pacific and Letltra Verona who has just returned from a European con cert tour Paul Antonucc1 M C of the radro show You Wm A House who IS also present today had as guest last week Jose phxne Volante that amazmg young song styllst Last weeks w1nner m the show by the way was Anthony ESpOSltO the fa mous trumpet player Uncle Al Santoro newest televxsxon sen satlon IS here wlth h1s famous troupe In cluded 1n the troupe are Moreau and Barton sxnger of popular songs and v1ol1n1st Leland Gray Also present IS Marlene Brrgxda owner of the famous Brlgrda s Dancmg School Mlss Brrgrda has shown great progress Is xt due to the assistance of Frank Casale that com petent publlc accountant? I had the pleasure last evenrng of v1s1t1ng the school and of seemg my old classmate Rlta Badessa now head lnstructor there The stud1o IS one of the newest buxldmgs 1n our CIEY It was cleverly deslgned by Donald Asprxmo The many beautmful pamtmgs on the walls of the studxo are works of those noted artlsts V1v1an Ducharme Pat DAtr1 and Harry Cru1ckshank Before I turn the mxke over to Edward Enms who w1ll go through the crowds I wxsh to acknowledge the fact that the flag of the Umted Natlons was desxgned by none other than Gaetano Petrrarca one of our class mates O K Ed take over , . J ' ' , I . 1 l 1 ' , , ,, the exotic dance teamz Dolores DeCubellis, e Y '! ' y . H1 folks Well we are aga1n at another Mount Pleasant Open House I m happy to say that I shall have more t1me than I had ant1c1pated to talk to my fr1ends s1nce Gover nor Gaz7ero and h1s able secretary Jenn1e Moretta hate been delayed The Governor s party Wlll be met at the mam gate by Mayor Schett1n1 and h1s secretary, Evelyn V1ereszko The Un1ted NBIIOHS delegate John Wh1te Held and John FIOIIO Ambassador ro Spa1n have also taken t1me off from thelr many dut1es to honor IhlS great occas1on Now who IS thlS cute l1ttle MISS Wlth the fancy ha1rdo' It IS none other than L1ll1an always compla1n1ng about stray locks I hear she IS go1ng to Par1s where she Wlll Jo1n James Connors head of New York s Hnest model agency and Joan NOIIH head of the Fash1on House at an 1mportant fashlon con fercnce In th1s era of extraordmary med1cal 3Ch16VG ments It IS 1nsp1r1ng to have 1n our mldst the noted chem1st D1ana D1Matteo and her ass1stants Salvatore Calabro and Amer1co Germanl who are Work1ng on a new drug Penollnan I hear they have obta1ned ex cellent ass1stance from Dr D1I3renna L1sten folks We had better m1nd our manners for s1tt1ng among us IS Florence Borek who It IS Sdld to be a second Em1ly Post Have you any deep personal problems? Well 1f so take them to Sect1on C where you Wlll iind Dolores Marcello otherw1se known as Dolores NIX I 1mag1ne we have all at one t1me or another read that famed magaz1ne Ladzes Home Journal We are pleased to have w1th us today the 9dlfOf of th1s magaz1ne Margaret Hodgson MISS Hodgson has told me not to forget to ment1on the fact that It would be 1m poss1ble for her to ed1t her publ1cat1on lf If were not for the fme speed typ1ng of Angela D1ZOgl1O I know that all those who remember the pleasures of be1ng 1n Mr Thompson s h1story classes w1ll be pleased to learn that Mr Thompson s rew ass1stant 15 Frances Kozec one of the most versat1le young I3d16S I know SIHCE the b1g game IS about to beg1n I w1ll turn you back to Edward Barr Lad1es and gentlemen We are pleased to have the day s act1v1t1es begun by MISS Joan G1lmart1n s s1ng1ng of the Nat1onal Anthem MISS G1lmart1n w1ll be accompan1ed by Bev erly Corvese g-Q Thzrty nme . , . . . . I , Y I Y . 7 v Y u Y ' . 1 I ' Y Y V ' Del Greco, the talkative young lady who was - , Y Y , . , , v Y O VIOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED R S IICIIIDI J Calrse VIOST VERSA'I ILE A Santoro I' KO79C N fsd VIOST ATHLETIC Vlattera A Castaldr VIOST POISED J Florro V Ducharme BEST DANICERS J Petruccx E Delahunt VIOST FRIENDLY R Rao D Marcello Forty Superlatwes VIOST POPULAR R VIorrxssey R Lonardo BEST DRESSED Scunclo R Carullo ff' lf 5 BEST I OOKING J Scuncro V Sabaunr WITTIEST Verona Santoro P1 ,-of if BEST CONIVERS ATION RI ISTS A Smlth J Florlo T YPICIKL M I' PI EASANTITES R Morrrsscy B Asadoonan I . A o ' 9' . ,J ' I I I ' . V Q g V. I A z I Fif i 5, z ' ' J .4 K' , J " S 2- . 5 I ' .,'- , N 1-If 'A L J I I I 5, t 7 I 7 1 , I . V. . , ' . ' , ' ' I I J I ' , 4 E . ' . I-. A. ! ' ., 'S' I A.. I ' A I I I I fn murmur mx as ma S c h k x LC h m nxfu rms r r' 1 fcvx um' ml I-ortq one 5 xwil, I r, 1 1 4 1 IJ' U.I"'x 1: .x-:ul H .Hur x 11,7 1: 1 N I ' In lv XK'.xJ:lw 121. THI 7,71 vi flash In Uv A: I VI." wmv 'K 1 mv' .xx Haut' -Munn r 1 1 ... xx , . wa V 7 A any ,HD .RS . ,,.-'NJ mv ,411 EdDaS1m0nc wkxrls the Q11 for fin-vJrd.Qsm :n I..1f Nvlle gamf H a p p y moment .after M. Ps conf -lucsr of I.nS.xlIe Dolores M 0 r Q A u .ixrcclv chvcrlcmfcrs n vxclory song Forty-three Forty IOLU' 43 11 s ,A . u- V '., A 4M 4 :JS-N1 I I wa., .1 . +G. 3, ru' B ff? 4 K"r I Q 4. J Y vi' '13-uns 1434. '9 .- uf' uf x ,..1.., ....,.f -H18 .Il H F args uns VSWR? O ,Am Pun' mm I 1 m Qrvl r 5- .41 ' mn. I . .Z K-- 3' 5 .. - . 5,19 ,, A - 4 , 1 an , , Y ' . v Ja Boi. r . rm E3 xn altar ,y fr . 51 c1imfkanrr.1 1 , 'W' A A 'Qf if . V ,J .. L u, ac.: A g .,.- t ff I , - J U. - .v,, H ., U' V :., ' z . 'f ,-' 23127. VH ' : ' i ,Z 1 A5 f A ""'.. j .L . , M 1 2 - ' ' fir., ,..' ,. , .w ' 4 V -1- Qiwg, , 'J' ' -f 2' - QL,:",' D If , -' " "Q M O u n I PI, mm: , "ri --4-11' ' f".- - . k , , ,-,' ,- . X. . Nz. V 'N 1: v- ' -' -j " ' . 1 " fi, , . , . .,g. Mr, .SVA YI, L- , :kY,v,x Wurba. HM! , .. . , ,mil .1 ,..,, jT:,,, V ' PQ, 1- -- 4111 .I :L r. - f 1, X ' , rf, -, Jw- - 4 ' .. -. " , ,, bw' j .4 ' K ' . .""" ,- J, K, . - . .A ' .Tn -- " ,, , -FA -'H g M. " 4 , . -I f -,J . .Y :7 ,- , .J Ja-U! , Q " "? A 4 'f"-gb1., ,Q lu- , - Ji- fi ' ,"'f . ffl T' ' A . '.' ' , "2 F4 .3 - r' :. . 5 V if fx- ,. . .ff . I K 4 K.. . ,gift V . r -nfl 1 J,,'A1 Vg Cocgsmc WX W fgifygig X ,. IX gf xxm 6 egg J N 1 55551053 5 V J A A I, Owl Qt' 2, C1 C11 bg .. S ' Il 5 RT X Q 4 m X5 'X-. f A Q Xi N VAS Ill Xi 9 bid x P 1 l 1 N I I1 rf f 'I ' 'H W W VN, M V fa X 1 I I! NNN Y S 4 4 'r ' X K Nix XM: !,. " 1 ff v " N 'N N M , H Iv S , 1 wi N ww Q HN X- .1 Q' 'N 'N ff 05 :Q 2 gwgyvv VN lf- X 4- X , 6 6 it X I w.: xl 'nk -I 1,Urn.:I K he .-,ai,..f,i i .l .i ti iiW mm E, im Hain 'L 5 .Q .4 lege. ,f EQ .. Q Girls' Glee Club First VOLU, left to right: M. Matano, E. Zammarclli, M. Trapassi, G. Howarth, M DeRobbio, C, Mascarelli, S. Ursilli, E. Vessella, T. Iacobbo, S. Ponticelli, J. Jacavone, M D'Amelio, C. Arena, T, Lucca, R. Cmagliardi. S, Barone, G. Ponticelli. Second row: Mr. Premack CDirectorl, E. Delahunt, I. DeLauro, E, Ventriglia, D. Petvosi- nelli, G. Lindell. J. Simone, D. De Cubbellis. V. DiSanto, N. Izzo, V, Wilson, E. Croft, A Carrara, A. Asadoorian, S. Cierimio, M. Cagliardi, C. Colafrancesco, M. Bianco. C. Fallon. Third row: T. McLinden, G. Torigian. D. Gervais, R. Nacci, A, Killabian, M. Shevlin P. Ryan, H. VanLeuven, D. Gooding, C. Jarvie, Peters, B, Crescenzo, S. Pickles, C. Benson G. Cuillen, D. Stilson, Fourth row: V. Boss, Cl. Pezzillo, H, Amoriggi, M. DelSesto, J. Violanti, P. Lambert N. Mignanelli, J. LaFa1ia, A. Badcssa, J. DeMarco, B. Aiello, R. Badessa. T. Fusaro, A Romanelli. D. Papa. Orchestra First row, left to right: G, Iannetra, D. Severance, J, Gray, R. Isles, E. Jabin. Second row: J. DiRobbio. Cu. Ruggieri, A. Colaluca, P. Lambert, T. Zuba, M. Jackson. Third row: C. Washburn, E. DeQuattro, V. Cviannamore, M. Matarese, L. Verona, Mr. Ekberg CDirectorD. Fourth row: H. Johnson, D. Stilson, IT. Giacobbi, L. Noonan, J. Stanley. I Fifth row: Cietek, N. Rathbun. C. Giarrusso, A. Esposito, J, Ruggiano, V. Charpentier. Sixth row: R. Christen, H. Sanderson. Y I-'ori if-.szx unify!-83' fn GTM Girls' Glee Club First row, left to right: A, Martinclli, A. Eunis. C. Rose, D. Carnevale. M. Carbone. R. Hodges, E. Bessetre. M, Sacchetti, J. Lyons, A. Rocchio. R. Casxcllucci. B. Zoglia, M. Fusco. J. Molineaux. M. Fraile. A. Celona. Second row: McCann. E, Kelly, M, Halley, C, Placido, B. Gooden. L. Barricelli. H. NlclVlanus, N. Johnston, B, Gilmartin, D. Ottiano, J, Iannone. J. laniere, M. Rosati. E. Val- carcnghi, C. Celani, J. Pisano, Mr. Ekbcrg lDireclorl. Third row: E, DiSanto. M, Carnevalc, C. Jackvony. T, DcFazio, L, Tracy. E. Paola. D. Cucino, A. Baffoni. R. Volino, B. NVeeden. J. Fortin, VV. Ayrassian. l. Carcieri. S, Faraonc, P. Dclorio. B, DclVlarco. B. Carcicri. Fourth row: K, Forti, G, Army. C. Broccoli, D, Rossi, A. Parravano, M, Dolbashian E. Perri, V. Navarretta. N. Healy, L. Parravano, J. Jones. A. DlTommaso, M. O'l-lem, M Paurenzo, J. l-loulihan. B. Nolin. Boys' Glee Club First row, left to right: S. Palazzo, T. Colardo, B. Colardo. J. Cappelli fAccompanistD Mr. Premack CDirectorJ, R, Nacci CAccompanisrj, V. Imondi QAccompanistj, J. O'Reilly B. Welch. Second row: O. Sciotti, B. Lagasse, L. Stephens, W. Skees, L. Paciico. V. Dilorio, A Santoro. B, Fusaro. Third row J Lon o R Ra a B Daura A Andrews C Walters C arlson R :.g,.pp.. y,. ,. ,.C, O'Connell. R. Volpe. I 4 H .3g,. I 'T Forty-seven A Hzs Lowng Nepbews Dana Thomas Dzrecror Mxss BARBARA G KEEGAN CAST OF CHARACTERS Happy Crandall Lorry Mom rzs Babs Gull Belde Dud Greer M rs Paynter Synopsxs of Scenes ACT I Place Mrs Carey s garden ln Calxfornla Txme A Saturday afternoon nn Summer ACT II Place The Same Txme Late afternoon a month later ACT III Place The Same Robert F Washburn Evelyn V1eres7ko Anna M Castaldx Rosallnd M MOIIISSQY Marjone J Barton Robert A Schettlnl Wllllam P R1tzau Dolores T Moreau Tlme Immedxately followmg curta1n of Act II Class Greetmgs Barbara A Pan Semor Asszstants Dxana P D1Matteo Angela E DlZOgllO Talent Mrs Poynter What was rhar? D141 you hea Hap We ll just t1e hlm up neatly a d let them somethmg? p ck hlm Forty eight by I ' .....4...,.4.r.,...4,...,..,....,...r,.. ' . ' Art Childs ....l.,.... ,.... .,.....l ,.,..,...... V i n cent G. Sabatini . . . . U . I I . . . H l I I ' Il ' i ', up." .. I I I ef fx i 'K A xx f' V A, .M , X. A A A A , 1 Art . . . "Drop it. Beldefn Iris . . , A'You mean--me?" A Hap . . . "Another of Uncle Sam's loving Up there in the cloudsf Good luck, fcllaf' nephew! .ma 1.9.-a -fl' mt... s15N1c1R P1..AxY CAST ' ffm! row, Ivfz IU mmf. D K1L:f.m R. Murrusscy. .X Casmldx. I1 X'iLrux1k.:, X1 SuconJ row: R. Schctiini R 'XX'.1shburn, Y Sabatini XV. Rirmu. I-'off Ll - mlm' Y- Teen First row, left to right: C. Grille, M. Lonardo, C. Borden. J. Calise. G. Ctannon, P. Macchia fSocial Directorl, S. Reedy CSecretaryl. B. Papa fllresidentl, M. Tashian fVice- Presidentj, T. Milikian CTreasurerD. L. Kirol. E. Leach. J. Morrow, D. Correa. Second row: J. Calcagni. C. Campanella. J. Calise, M. Krikorian, A. Della Cirotta, O. Good. A. Smith, G. Gasser, N. Falso, P. O'Loughlin. P, Gallogly, D. Iannazzi, M. Carroll. V. Petracca. Third row: E. Danella, T. Mannarelli, A. Minicucci, D. Holroyd, N. Izzo, D. DiMatteo. E. Tedeschi, A. DiZoglio, J. Moretta. M. Smith, B. Gilmartin. A. Castaldi. E. Viereszko. R. Morrissey, J. Gilmartin. S. Kolligian. Hosts and H ostesses Allied Youth-a group new to Mount Pleasant and sponsored by Mr. Altiere, Miss Mclnnis, and Mr. Thayer-is a national teen-age organization which was organized in 1936 by a group of leading business men. One of its objectives is to establish an alcohol-free fellowship of young people and to show them how to have fun without drinking. Many famous athletes through- out the country belong to Allied Youth. ft' Q . wwf' Allied Youth ' First row, Iefr to right: N. Cairone, V. XVilson. A. I-aNinfa, W. Skees fljresidentl, E. Meier fSecretary-Treasurerj, I. Norato. P. Patalano. L Second row: R. Oberg, P. Gazzerro, Mr. Thayer, Miss Mclnnis, MI- Alfiere. D. D2CiCCO. S. awrence. Fifty 12B Boosters 12B Class Offzcers Andrew Lapatl Preszdent Vlargaret Dolbashran Vzce Preszdent Barbara C1c1ll1ne Secretary John R1cc1 Treasurer l 2 Fzrsr row left to rrght Vl Dolbashnan B Clcnllme Second rom J RlCCl A Lapatm 12B Soczal Commzttee Anna Gelardr Vnlma G1anqu1tt1 Florence Harrxngton Barbara Leaman Rxta 'Vlacchlarelll Vlxchael Marra Santmo Palazzo John Barden John Blafore Rose Braxca Donald DeC1cc1o Adrlenne Ercolano Elame Fern Erfo an 0 90000, eff O J arf! 3961 -11.127 Bra,L.aP"'b,7n Jrdfn Jrnngro I7 Rlchard Polrer Sal Santanello Robert Sllvestrr D0 C1 eff F510 -Yr I I C613 9851.6 Q 1,1 Bl G91 Jfor afd 14.1 'Q' Fxfty one . . ' 1 ' 1 J i dx fl A ' - ' X1 4 . . 1 . . . A , of D ' ,P ' rx ,' Ya A w.ffL , . . . ' 9 ll I r 5 If ., . 'J fl, E5 so I for IU- 1 R P02 , I 'U Q f . f I Incl.. ,-rw J E ,- S' Dr1VRA.B L .Q J 8. H I . D I 6 ' . ' F . ' I . ' R, Re Sv, 'I' 1 ' J , ' fi. e, A4 V L HONTF ROON1 I6 IFXI mu 1 R Vnx M nn wnnun x :ahh Ihuch d mm: R r uznfrun 'NI nr Uk! u X Coelanlx anunlcllo Vw Ihcmn mr L Q Q .1 nb HOME ROOVI I 8 :mt rou rx I De Lnuro Benin! T D Agosnnn I 70 N D110 Spadaro A Snmmm Sarond mu Pm Essxg up 'T' Wy' F: VCI cod N1 Qlcchgltx Ima 1 Muna: nw nz: 0 'X con xxllo A Frcunanu nwnxncm S K. Flin I lfl pa an Nurs R Qundlrlan L Mrmnrt rm Q Qs x msun mm .Lnmu morn I Pu: HOME ROOXI 3 R Yrs! row, et "ne '- N S. N. ' J, ' Jwrpt . nconn . umi N. . Mtralx, Hmm. wond mu. , . .' -. ' A rm', . R - on-. 1 Harrin ron. . . as. . . . I.aurin7a fnymsso. M Mam ro 5 cr erm. IJ Tormf mm, T Jackvunv ' K "rd 1' . A, . . arm, ', - mnco. Ci . ' " . ' f ontellm, , Tedeschi, . Cc' 5. ' I1 " ,wx ,,-, ' .omg U. 'J ' - J-1' 'A A-.f H' 3' K ., 49'lxwsAIiL ,W -5 I HOVIE ROOM ll' urs! mu. e H17 I ortm Vfeeden 'NI 'Nhrano P Lefebrre 'K ox Leach Second rc 71anowsk1 A lrnmxa E 'ombardn R Cnsual Gou :moo A Lnpollm Greco B Tronnr J In mere Third rou, R Porner R De Pcrnllo C N123 rnn HONIE ROOM 301 urs! row ef rzghr E Cameron T Cutroneo V Gnanna more M Dwyer Burke C Carrazzo M Belhumewx O Aceto V Augusrme B Dame M Alcxyon N' Carnevmle A Bnggs M Dorazxo Second rou. 'XI Cong dn A Crook M El Amornggx J Dr Cesane A Capuano VI Cofone S Contay A Ambro smo M Coogan P Mc Kenna A DAmbra 'fhrrd row Z Wrlby 7 Barry Z Dx Bnasxo Z Charpentner Z Clark 7 Blafcre Z Abs: HOME ROOM 3 03 ns: row efr rr t A Iacobbo 'I XVeeden P Pendleton A Pate D Haughey S D1 Gennaro B Lupo J Marruccr D Nadeau Elmasnan J u berg A Knernan Second row N John sron G Perrocchn B ewrs T Mancunx Garbeckr J Kxllnon R Hausler E Jaegger B Hill J Greenwood D Mrgnanellx R Macrhr ar 1 'I' Lucca B C1 clllme Thrrd row J Duffy C Sunley T George D1PrnHo D e Cicero C Walters 'NI Poole D Ley R Mo relh J Gemma R Pa lombo Fifty three F' ', I fr lo Qh 1 J. F ' . B. V . .P f '1f.:a'M. F . G. 1. . 1- .' '. - . ' no, mf AR. 'mf G. of P 1 . . " n ., B. I F' , I 1 zo . ', ' . Fi 1 'I A 4 ' O , . , . ' lcry, R. Braica. A. F' , 1 10 'gh : . , lk M. " , A . K nl Li.-f li Venn . ' ' , . 'f RQ ' 2" '. . D' . . . . , HOME ROOM 306 Fzrst row left to rzqht N Iannuccxllx .I Morettn E Domemcone E Quaghetta E De 'Nlncola B Castxllona R Parrxllo D Gautnerx D Da Rocha Second row B Falardx L Barncellx L Sampson M Ewmg J Cappellx VI Dansereau D Devme D Cucmo K Fortx C Broccolx D Rossx Thzrd row S Luca W Waddlngton R Bannllle C Blrmmgham D Wnlllams O Pala77o B Aceto Fifty four X f . Fzrst row left Io rzght J Benson R Papazxan D Votolato C Russo S Parravano M Fusco L Snvo B Rondma J Pm P De Iono M Monroe E Nxedzwxeckx Second row N Trbeno M Lach M Fxske M M3r6mn0 G Shefblllm V Reo L R053 D Hawkms B Mezzanotte B Leaman B Mermck B Petschxng E Howe Thxrd row C Mansolxllo J Gledhxll J Barden F Zamo M Manfredn V Garrahy P Barrett J Slea D Guxlbault M Vannelh A Laplfl R Colardo X Zi I - ', .' I b ., .Y ' , .. l , . I, L . , f ' 2 HOME ROOM 308 11A Boosters 11A Class Officers John X1cGir1n President Dolores Correa Vzce Preszdent Clalre Frlxcr Secretary Albert Norato Treasurer lrstrorr Inf! torqhl A Norxxto D Corr mir u, J VIcG1nn C Cll 11A Soczal Commzttee Josrph Cobb Maru DIMHIO Rnhard DIMQO W1111am D1Or1o Vlargurrltu D1P1Ltro Albrrt I ucn PJIYICIS OLoughlm Carol Storm W-..',,r D 1 O J -no 10090 fy :ql9,eJZ7 9 I lata B rom p Or o Cob Laughlin D, me Fzfty Hue N x - as , 'L 71' Q ', V 11 Z , r ' . . cn. Serv o Y: . . ' , . F l'C'. 1 l 3 I 3 r I 1 nm .L I x - I S ,'VAXX'-ge H X. . V 1 L ,A 5- - 4 g L f b Y' ' , f ff ,sv .A 4-f, Eff A 17 , ' 9114. r , ' P ' 111 ' -v J. FO Cfrolu 'r rfb 1 A A . 4 W . S U ' .D ' , O. "ff IJ , ' R. . 'V Fifty-six HOVH ROOVI 214 Izrst row left to rzqht M DAmel1o A Butler B Whltney Cl Mattcrn M Lonardo T D1 PICIFO B I'2l1Cl B Iombardx D Petruecl R Mamellx C LISI P Dovuot Second row R Pale N Whxlney IN Cardullo J Vlalascalva A Scunxo N Turchctta C Romano D lanno771 'VI Krekorxan B Kennelly D S1lxestro D Cerrone Thxrd rou, G Chr1st1e J Petrone J Carnegns Q Stanley Z Pe77oll0 M Zanelll A Santoro J Petersen A Norato J Lut7 K Gelardm A Marcacclo D Ch1arella R Cxaccxarelln A Luca HOME ROOM 216 First row left lo right: C. Arena, A. Asadoorian, Vl. Ancona, M. Meloccaro, C. Storti, C Masello, I.. Rezza. C. Colavecchio, L. Noonan. Serond row: J. 'VlcCabe, J. Borden, Vl. Huntley, M. XVells, F. Giacobbi, I. Carcieri, B Bercheimer, S. Wiatrowski. Third row: Z. Pep, A. Buonaiuto, J. Shields A. Bergantini, E. Fitzgerald, D. De Angelis Cu. Maurano. HOME ROOM 217 Fzrst row left to rzght B Ferrante E Lilla P OLaughl1n A Bradley H Truman R Meagher J Davidson L De Angelus A Gazzerro Second row G Barden 'NI Leone P Tria 'VI Udelson R McIntyre P Cardullo D Taudet O Penza J Dx Marzo Third row P Como A Nannarone F Silvestri B Eickstine E R1veg11a B Pierce E Landi P Pacia D Giorgio R D1 Meo HOME ROOM 218 First row left to right: L. Ricciotti, A. Solitro, VI. Arrigo, E. Di Pietro, M. Di Vlaio. J. Aglione B. Croce, D. Correa. A. Schauseil. E. Strong. C. Campanella. Second row: N. Mignanelli, D. Penta. R. Nacci, J. Leonardo, A. D'Aguanno, B. Weston. E. McLaughlin. M. Ronzio, R. Baccari. M. Ricciutti. D. Vandergheynst. N. Hanson. Third row: J. McGinn, J. Pagano, C. Darling, J. Minicucci, R. O'Connel1, J. Richardson W. Goodman. J. Cook. RL Qouza, R. Ferruolo. P. Reese. C. Whipple, J. Cobb. S. Antonucci. D. Newcombe. Fifty-seven Fzfty ezght 11B Boosters 11B Class Offzcers Donald D Atf1llO Preszdent Mary Lou Macrx Vzce Presxdent Rosemary Fandem Secrelary Edward D1S1mone Treasurer Left to rrght E D1S1mone R Fandettx M Macrl D Darnho 11B Soczal Commzttee Rocco Andreozzx Davxd Balfour Anna Boffonx Thomas Colardo Carolyn Czermckx Marco DINUCCIO Margaret Marcello Eleanor Martlno Barbara McCaffrey Lols McCarthy Rxchard RICCI Evelyn R1COtllll Joseph D1Santo Charles Faccenda Edward Hornsteln Angela LaNmfa Rlchard Maxney Lucllle Romanelll x9h Maxx 100, ac. Q 63 O Se on C ww Y NL CTU WO" Us so X x 392 gxd. Y-OW OKKA g BZXQOXH gg' O1 '-LX z 512 C, ' N' NX 0, 2 X lo QQ 4 Q o as ffl pr vi wwe cow' -' Y . 4 x V A i. X H . . , , T f ' , iv., lrfsf " . x. fi " ,A B C, K fl , .x 0 ,O r Q. y Y, ' .M Q,. '. . X, . , X 'X' , , I O. Q all lively.. I . 116' 01951 ' f .XX owl' 'X Z.. 1 A ' F, x i . 1 U 'fy ' rx NW Q ff Y C ,,.., :nr va-an-'Nm .MV ,, ,v I HOXIE ROOM I1 lfi rxqkt Jttmta urk ,, Xlarrun L VlcC.1rthS an ran S o J l' Xl Xlan S etmi r R 'Khxn 1 r R Bu tmpo J XlcXl.xnus 'X 'Xsclolla W Robinson I Xlonn J Xlarttno fbtrrl nm P Carra rm R Vvclch R Pagano D191nto H San r n 9 OC n HOME ROOM 105 trsr row Ief rtgh! Leone DAm:mo N Angell S Poole E Jabm J Gray J Turkey K Bradley P Gallogly J Desano A Placella A Vaccaro Second rou W Cnr cnet: R Lolavecchlo Francis P Browne Centnl 'VI Comello Eckart C Czernxckt K Klmball J Godtn Carbone G Elle y Dowdlng Thtrzl rou. R Sbar della A Cnramadre L Arzoomannan A Imondr R Dlsley D Balfour R Bernard Q Glbbons B Bu er R Krlranskn E Wnlson J Carey HOVKE ROOWI 118 First row ef! ng r B Morns Gannon L Matters Fandetu A Laxlmfa Macrae 'Vl Albanese Dame R Chapman DlSJnto Second row R Mann Curey F Cowan M Znedznck S muh C Evererr Cesaro V DAmbra hm! row W Burns L Wells L Pacifica O Stenberg P D Erncc H Nlaynard S Pierce R Bartlett G Aust Fifty nme HOME ROOM 213 urs! row e nil I La azxa e lo E Kelly P clanr C Borden J Ran dull E Marnno A Pa qum C Cooke Scrond rou. G Cos la uno C Rxccuutx A Angxloitl R Andreo7Zx J OBr1en V Nacca ro c R nn l cr rom Thrrd row P Ma rmo uuranm Grandc A Gagnncr W arrs Turner Downv R DlMr5zl1o HOME ROOM 30 3 rrst rou, e rl 1 M Macrl A R s E Story T NL krzm L lxlrol M Smuh Gelato B Baker Klorabnto A Rnmaglxa .Sfrond rom z D 'Vlcglxo C Gnrrusso A Dclhgrotta B Cnachcl lr A Burke J Anus ol tr F Plante l. Rorran c 1 Turchrtla Mcgm V Galluccx T :rd rou. M Dc 'Nucclo L D1Va eruo C' Prtcrs E Dmmonc B Johrlson R Galuso A D Agostlno D Rxlcx B Smmlh HOVIF ROOM 309 rrst row e ngr J Selwyn A Ce ona N Mcllrrcle Torxgnan Y Hume A L rkm E Rucozullx F Nardolrllo C Scorpno H Amorlggr J Among gr D MBYKIHE7 Serond rou, R Rxc crardrlll C Bruno Pagnonl M Dn'Vl.1uro C' Rossa E Trombetta R Stamp M Hanosky cuber! cewnc7 B Gulmarun A Polnocllr P Macchm C McBride P Holland Thard rou, A Val her R DeKeulen.xzre P Pesclone J Mdllrllan J Defhrnsmfaro J Pcs clone G Sousa G Bnlo deau M Abbrurzese 9 D1Fnl1ppo S Gleclhlll Szxty t' l 1 A HONIE ROOM 316 us! rou. e rl I J Dewarco Fontaine 9 Yarctskn X racy R Nollno Tararan E Sramp R Accmrdo G Dame S Rahanlan F Passnreru Second rou. R Allen Fnnellr Plac Carroll B N1cCaf'fre-, Nl Salvaclore D Castel lone B DeCorpo E De ra A Skees S o elm L Argenro Thnrd rou. W Mat tus C Carlson L Haw uns Barszcz onn R xccx Chapman M Perreruzo R Glustn J Dessert HOME ROOVI 318 arsz row ef rsghr P Camparone R Mumford B Smxrh L DeFaz:o P Keegan M Lnzorre D Vlaglnano L Maguxre Second rou. R D Giovanni V Fiore M Nlarcello G DnCenso J Gomberpkx J Houlxhan F Benedem A zzo Thrrd row J Pesky J Centracchno G Broth ers A Loffredo V D1 Haro D Norms R Boz F Cosrannno Faccenda HOME ROOM 32 9 rrsr row Ief nghz J Brcadfneld Fuma A Baffonn Tashnn L Soglxo Papa E Connors Protena Second row T Co lardo R Colardo W Dauray J Mercuno J Nlollxcone R Murphy D DelVecchxo Thrrd row R Paoloc Cl R Margadonna R 'Nhrcellc M Ray Szxty one F' -, lfr fo 'gh: . r . J ' I , .. . V, 7. T I. , ' ' , T. rf. 3 J. ' e. xr ma -. ,r .U C Z k' ', 'F. ' ', Ll C . . R' ', R. I F' , I r ro ': . i- Qa, '- Q cf F' , r to ' 2 . , D. ' . - '. M. ' , . ' , B. . . . T. HOME ROOM 113 Fzrst row left to rzght J Valcarenchx J Mecuno R Andreozzx C Rotando L Parnllo T DeAngel1s S Grxllo A Perrotta M Haglund P Healey Second row A Pan S Mowry B Haskxns D Gooding M Palumbo P Pate A Klllablan M Smxth J Alba H Pxascxk G Guglxelmmo Thzrd row F Rendme C Mlrarchn I. Rochlra R Oberg D Tacellx H Johnson E D1B1as1o T Reilly E Masl A D1Leonardo R Thorton R Fusaro HOME ROOM 328 Frrft row left IO rxght B Ley E Baldml N Vlero J Pono H Thomson E Maraffino D Isabella E Meagher M Gaglnardx E Buckl1n Second row I Wrxght G Conn R MBHIZBIIS V lmondl D Coppola A Amaral J Trementozzl S Mansolnllo R Pelosl R Barrows V D1Pxppo Thxrd row E Landx C Robem E Germanl R LaFrance U Howes D Hoyle W Lagasse J Tocco R Germanx P Farrelly, D Gust W Pahotta J Campo R Sammartmo Szxty three , .. , . , . , . , .- , . , . . . , . , . . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . . . Y - . l l l . , . . . . . I.. V A . , . , . , . , . , . , . . . . , . , . , , , , , . 1 , .- . . .. . . . , . , , , HOME ROOM 116 lrst rou, ef rl I R Poloskl R Rugglerx I Pezzullo M Pxccmlln D Pelrosmel lx G Panncelln N Ro tondo M Rexd Second row J Rav: ta S Rego E Pro ac 1 J Pol S Rec C Polofsky E Peters S Plckles B Pettcrun A Rossl Third rou. C Mac Lean B Rxvelln E Pm gltore W Pxlkmglon D c ang F Recd Ruggnano W Pnercn' T R1ch1rd H Rega HOME ROOM l29 rrsr rau. r rr t Simone W1shburn J Torns J Torregrossa A Sheehm J Spreca E Taylor F Teclescc J Vanner 9 Rowan S Verry M Testa E Dagllerl 'Nl Laboxssonmere Second row B Stamp V Sousa R Vesccra l Wlllxams M Schiffman J Zuffolem J Vmlann H VanLc-uvcn M Vm E Verdelottl E ln rn lla V Senapc Stablle Third rou. V Por razzo D Smesx C Wes lon E Turnbull Srurrevanr H Wmllnsch J McM1llan J Tuerncy R Ward J Vmgl T Zu a J Tassom B Tr-lmonn A Noon HOME ROOM 201 zrst row I f o rrght J Mastracchlo B Parerson IN Mauera 9 Murray A Mere D Na polntano A Pascatorc Pzlollsso P Paralano Parrarano B Nolnr Nloarow E McCann Mcuanotre Setond row M Fern Morlock P McCann Kennedy D Ortxano Pagnozzx A Merola McMullen A Pao llno C Mascarelll M Lester V Pan B I27x S Halton Thrrd rom A Meku to R Pame P O on nell G Lupxen W Mc Laughlin C Llsbon T Marzxlll G Pellegrino W Moran F Merayer H Meanur D Moms G Hobson Sixty four 10B Boosters 1 I F' ', I I Io 'ghz A . ', . l cin', . l', . cy. M K" ,' 4. ,' Jf F'. ', If! ro 'ghz J. ' , C. .' .4 v- Q t'g' , . , D , V f ' DT I F' , ef 1 . . V , . M. 5 .' 4 I A. . . '. J. , , . L. . . K, , 1 ' Q J, , , ' . G. ', , , L. , , - . . A 5 J VD i . . - X f ' I! !' X HOME ROOM 2 03 usr row f ugh! T Marnorenzn F Jaletre A Lauuen P Llltcrlo S Markarnn A Nhrlmellx P m bert G Nhrkowskl M Lolgnon J Lzprerrc B Kaye Second row E Lapol la E Jardxn 'NX Loux J Lapnn C Mancrn J Leaver S Klanxan J Lyman L Krngslon R Jmsparro J Jacuone P Ryan N Lazzarzschn Thrrd r u. R eca D Kerr E ou Lawrence J Lyons Nhrrocco ee Kennedy M Jackson Kung W Whlrney Anronelln V' K lly HONIE ROONI 2 O7 lfsf fOlL P fl 1 C Fontaune G G1 en G Iannerta S Imnnucclllx J Hughes Nl Savastano C Forte Gaghardx I Io 11 S Geremna J Gnannnnr Second rou. J Gxustn L Fraxolx A Godin A Fxore D Hamsworrh DIN co C Capaldx B Gnarrusso S Vlarlmo C .lrne 'VI Fran 9 Gennxs F Gonnelll C Cate T :rd mu. E Gal lagher A Gnorgmnm R Smccone R Fnsher NVlll1ams K Harley R Garofano V Fxonrella R Grosso V Innocents I McCaffrey E Carr A Giorgio R Haumann HOME ROONI Z O6 zrsr rou e nghl B Crescenzo R Bernardo A Cnmannn J DuRobb1o T Corrcra D DxS.1nKo V D1Sanm E Crenca B De'VIarco G DeMagxstrxs 'Nl D Ieone E Dee 'VI Croce Second rou. S D Pasquale P Donahue C DeMarco G Fnraone F Contlllo A DelRnco K Deroro B DAbare S Doyon E DeFusco N DxBxase V Cosrannno J Falocx S Cunnmg ham C Fallon E De Quattro Thlrd row V Falvo A Dlrn C' Devine J DxPznm F Durante C Cosubnle F Dlgxmone C Ewing Szxty five ' F' ,V le I ro . . V' I ', . Lal ' 0 ': . L . . . . N I S. . . . A. I . F. L . E. . . , F ' , . ' , S ', '. e '. F' ', If: ro 'gh : . ' . . 'll , . , . Rf ' f 2:1 C. Iarocci.. N. Healey, Bi J 'lfof h' ': . . . . H 4 ' , ' . ' .' Ri - F' 1, lfz zo 'I . Y' izxty szx HOME ROOM 208 Fzrst row left to rzght A Palmxen M Verdxlottl S Pont1cell1 S Urslllo P Mllllkeof C Wxlkes M Weeden B .Rega D Papa A Romanelln A Spmo M OHern B Mycroft Second row C Pm T Matarese R Cardarelll R Bood R Angell J Voccola V DeLxs1 J Blanchetto R L1s1 D DeMagxstr1s M Shevlm B Varm Thrrd row A Glarrusso W Wxldmg A DeAnge11s A George D Lauro H Gombeyskx A Conn I Y HOME ROOM 209 Fzrst row left to rzght M Cahxll A Andreozzx N Francxs E Grasso A Savastano E Guxdo D Dalgneault E Bessette V Aznaxoonan A Casmo B Faello Second row P Mnchelettl W Zokowskl L Joly S Barone L Campopnano M Manrrm J Dram, P Cor-gem A Carrara D Marcoccxo J Masterson J Rossl R Stravato Third row P Masterson T Muscalclh G Hagoplan G Mahan G Hart C Wllhs H Mace D Cahnll A Sulhvan E Scuhcxo M Stearns R Wedge R Vallante 1 , l.- ' X 1 , 'E F. Zienolwicz. Baribault, Corsetr, Maiani, K. 'Colaluca, Calicchie, D'Amico: HOME ROOM 228 Frrst row left to right R Chnstxansen S Champlam A Coghnll A Catanzaro C Bowden C Carnevale P Chase E Cardmale J Carello M Schnavxo L Calanzaro Second row V Scola J Calxse C Cxcottx A Cxoe P Burke S Catalano J Palumbo M Conn J Chnstopher M Chrxstxe D Cavanaugh Thxrd row M Cunnmgham A Conca R Zarrella N D1Staolo J Campoplano A Colletta J Carnevale D Case F Bottxa E Cooper H Camevale R Caldarone J HOME ROOM 229 Frrst row left to nght J Bxanchx D Boxrellx A Arngo P Bnafore C Augustme A Bragley A Badessa J Bochstael E Bressette D Severance C Broyxllard P Barry D Bastxen Second row G Attanasno D Bache M Brown G Belleavorne M Axdala B Arlxa M Broccolx B Abbate M Anderson C Borkowslu N Ayrassnan L B1ses1 R Beaullen W Buckley Thrrd row T Ranmondo J Annncelh B Boland D Auyer D Bennett R Barthelette L Bnrmmgham R Bergel F Protters A Blllnon G Balzano W Banbault S Bert 3 Szxty seven f ' A A ' Butterfield, V. Cunningham. :xx ' ' Szxlcf 1111171 AUTOGRAPHS ludm Sw fhf Oxford Press Thi- . xc, K clios Thy liarbvtz Pholo-Engrr1L'1'r7q Company

Suggestions in the Mount Pleasant High School - Netop Yearbook (Providence, RI) collection:

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