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ETOP Mount Pleasant Hugh School Providence Rhode Island MR JOSEPH I-I. STANNARD Principal Let us suppose that Mount Pleasant is a good school, a school in which we are justified in taking pride: and let us ask ourselves how this has come about. Of course, many factors enter into it, but, so far as the students are concerned, perhaps the most significant factor is LOYALTY. Without it no organization can function, no school can become great. It is a quality which grows by what it produces, lifting its beneficiary higher and higher and in its turn becoming stronger as it takes an increasing and justified pride in its product. You will find, too, as you tread the years of your lives that this applies with equal force to all the circumstances and conditions which you will meet. Seek the good thing, the just cause and, having found it, make of it a better thing, a cause in a higher degree just, by adhering to it and giving it your loyalty. With- out this, the family disintegrates, governments cease to have power and decline to their fall. And the individual who has no sense of loyalty within himself is poor indeed, for without loyalty, the cheerful Hres of friendship burn low and die and he finds himself alone. Joslimi H. STANNARD The world of today, even though great progress has been made through the ages. in all fields of endeavor, is hardly the world we desire. The past war and the circumstances which brought it upon the world have dispelled many of our illusions. The events of recent years have made us realize that the sense of security which we in this country so complacently accepted was far from being a fact. Our nation presents a challenge to its youth. It looks to our high school graduates for assistance. and never before has such a wonderful opportunity for service been given to young men and women. Yours can be a task of achievementf Our form of government provides an opportunity for all to participate in its management. and I urge you to have a hand in the future control of our country. You who have youth and vision hold an important place in the scheme of the future. You are, in fact, the trustees of human freedom. Exercise 'our God . . I ' given talents. and I am certain that yours will be the reward of success. . . I extend my congratulations to all who have successfully completed our prescribed courses. and I sincerely trust that the future will deal kindly with each of you. May even greater suc- cess be yours in the years ahead. Ad Multos Annos! JOHN H. GILLICK MR. JOHN I-I. GILLICK Vice-Principal Fae ulty MR JOSIIII I-I SIANINARD Prmczpal MQ Ereder1ck W Allen Edward S A Altlere Walter H Angell R1chard F Aust Sarah Baker Loretta J Barry CIIIIOH Blckford Eleanor M Black Allce M Blessing Ednah L Brennan Clarence H Brown Elxzabeth J Burke Anton1o Capasso Thomas Capasso Kenneth Clarke Margaret A Conneely Lydla I Cooper Leslle B Corey Mary C Coutanche Rosella V Cox Edward Denlsh I Blanche Eads Mary R Eagan Roy E Ekberg Agnes C Ethler Mary B Fenton Mary L Plamgan JOHN H C111 IC Ie Vice Przncrpal Alrce M Iorsell Grace M Frost Irene P Goodwrn James P Haughey Florence L Hoard Alden E Hodgkms Ruth V Johnson Ethel M Kearns Barbara G Keegan Ruth W Kendrrck 'Vlary E Kmg Beatr1ce I: Kohlberg I ester E Krone I rancls A I ennon Hugo L I evmder I mda M I owell Charles R Lynn Nora L M guxre Ruth W Marvel Charles C McCorm1ck Helen M McDermott Ceclle L McInn1s VI Olrve McM1chael Gxlbert Mlgnacca John H Moran Harold W Myers Ov L1 AVI or ABSI NCI Hugh P Magulre Ioulse I Sprmger XIISSI BI XNCHI I ful as 'Vllss Eads I ucy C Newell Katharlne E Nolan Helen B O Connor Allce E O Halloran James A Parker Walter F Parker Stanley A Prxce Carl H uanstrom Walter J R1t7au W1ll1am R1Vell1 Bella Rublnstem Alban J Ryder CCCIIIA A Savage Ine7 V Saye Wlllldm C Schuster Helen M Searle Blanche G Snow W1ll1am Stepak Al1ceE Stucker W1ll1am J Sulllvan Elmer J Thompson 'VI Eumce Wrrght Helen M Wrynn W1ll1am C Zlegler Mary D Z1esen1t7 Mrss I Blanche Eads an exchange teacher of soclal sclence has come to us from Belmont Hlgh School I os Ange le Now that the exchange system has been revlved vue hope that future VISIIOYS from the West Coast vull be as dellght 'I ' I J " ' ' . I . . A , I . . . E . . I ', I - I 'I . I . . ' , I Bl ' Ax . X I ' . L 3 , 5 ' . 9 , . r e 2. 4, L ' ' I L K , W . I 3' V LAI 0 I 3 1 . 'A . Crertrude M. Marble Mildred N. Struck . 6 I I . 1 I . 1 I . I . ' ' . . H I 3 2 ' 3 2 Major Howard B. Smith, USA X H I I3 Y lx I I 7 V3 X J I I 7. A . I I . fbi! s NN Wx MX Xf vw? E25 MISS LYDIA L COOPER Class Adctscr It has been sazd that some thzngs such as cabbage and puppzes begzn small and grow bigger Others like lolltpops and New Year resolutions begm bzg and grow smaller Others such as men bank accounts are unpredzctable you can not tell whether they will grow btgger or smaller Members of the Class of January 1947 Mount Pleasant has trzed to help you acquzre the tnspzratton and the wzll to grow znto bzgger better Hner men ana' women be the dzrectzon to create tn you a deszre to make yourselves responsible alert cztzzens young men and women wzth hzgh purposes and :deals and unselfish Interests wtlltng to put first thtnqs first trazned and ready to pztch zn and help eradzcate the numerous euzls whzch plaque our soczety today rememberzng that no lzfe can be pure ln tts purpose and strong tn tts strtfe and all lzfe not be purer and stronger thereby As you leaue thzs campus for the larger campus of adult ltfe Mount Pleasant hopes that the lessons you haue learned the frtends you have made the memortes you take with you all u,zll contrzbute to a happy successful and useful future for each ana' everyone of you LYDIA L CooPER '1 , v 7- 3 . - . , . 4, . . Y Y 7 - cause of the three years you have spent within its walls, It has tried to point , . . Dorothy Danclla. Lillian Telcslty Vice- President Secrelury Robert Battersby, President Amedeo Merolla, Treasurer 12A Class Officers IZA Social Committee R b B It b P .d I Peter Bencdctti Marie Ifcrrucci o ert a ers ...,.,. res: en D th D Hy V, P .d I Ruth Burford Eleanor Mansolillo oro ane a . , . ice- res: en Y Ann Dc cubenas XVilliam Mumns Lillian Telesky . , Secretary Ralph Dc Marco John Ricci Amedeo Merolla , Treasurer Frank Dowding Marv Vemsko A Xa F M! X First row. left to right: A. DeCubellis. M, Pcrrucio. Mansolillo. R. Burford, M. Veresko. Second row: F. Dowding. J, Ricci. P, Bcnedetti, R. DeMarco, VJ. Mullins, RINNII Iwlaml Honm S0111 lx VIRGINIA D ANDREWS AI T OON AZNAVOORIAN DOROTHY V BOSIO CLAIRE V BRIDOLX JUNE T CTIANCI HARRYI CTOHOON IR PASCO COI I EI O LDIVIUND A C ONT I RALPH C DI MARC O I OIS A DIIORIO VIRGINIA G DILIBLRO MARIE C EERRUCIO ANTHONY A IHIOCCA AIIIIICDIIW Charlw I Dm! WTI DONAI D R CIARDNI R DORIS J CJET LK WILLIAVI E GILI ANI PATRICIA V LOCKHART 'VIARION IVIAHDLSIAN CIENEVIEVE VIAINEI I I AI BERT I MINK NIARY SAHAGIAN NIARC ARI: I IVI SAN I ANI I II I IAN TLLLSKY DIANA N TORRECROSSA ELEANOR T WHITE JOAN R WILKINSON 11 II Xvllllll 1- Lltanor T Whltt Honorable Uentzorz Bilillilibblllllg Awoud Maru C Etrruoo Sllfllthdlld and TNIllYN11l1llg ANNd1CIs Dorothy T BOSIO DOYIS J Gtttk I ous A D1Ior1o PJCFICIJ V I otklnrt Vlrglma C1 DII Iburo Llcanor T Whltt PllbI1C dt1011w Au dl tl- Ium I C 1 H1rry I Cohoon Pasco C nlltlo Dorothy H Damlla CJLIICXILX 'XIa1mII1 Albert E 'XI1nIx Dorothyf Roffl 'VIary Szxhmgmn 'VI1rg1rtt 'VI Qmtanmtllo I 1II1an Ttltsky Dlana N Torregrossa Arm E XV1ttCrs N . . Y. . . , 7 - 1 A , Y . L, , U . I ,. - I , , I I. 1 1 f 1. . . C . A I , . 1 , . f ' I 1. V 2 I I T O" . Q " IiI.I.O I . I . 1 C . I , . , .- , , , C , ,I n J , : . : , ' ' , If I Harxy L. Cohoon, Jr. Jeanette A. Elori . ll f ' . . 'Q 1 ' A vo v, Q w , J , I I, Y 'n . I 5 . . . - . . , I I, .I as ' 7: '1 - , In L ,A . ' 3. 1i.nci ' 2. L I .. I ' 4 .4 ' fc' - . I . I I 4- ' 7 I I 3 5 Y ,TD Y'3Ye A! I I ' I . . A I I Ev L T VIARIE ABBATEVIATTEO 103 Putnam Street Lnkes chocolate lce cream Bette Dans Vlnss Black ish mg and Maggte Detests concerted boys narrow mmd ed people and homework se you .1 Spends spare trme bowltng svummmg rce skattng and dreammg about bemg taller To enter the busmess uorld Swtmmlng 1 JOSEPHINE ABBATICOLA 53 I-Itllhurst Ayenue Ramy weather and Hrlde garde annoy Jo Enthust astrc about moues chow meln and tmttatrng yocal ex presstons Always gtg gltng wrth Dolores Colardo Looking forward to Bos ton Conseryatory of Muslc Bowlmg 2 Ctlee Club l ANN C ACCIAIOLI 214 Langdon Street Automobtle rldes blue eyes and vantlla lee cream are tops wlth Ann Annoyed by htstory oral talks Joys bowlxng and dancmg That s alll Hopes to become a beauttctan VIRGINIA D ANDREWS 188 Oakland Avenue Qulet people dull week ends and math bother Gmny Ltkes tall men danclng and xce cream Oh brother Outstde txme spent swtmmmg danctng Hopes to be a tramed nurse Badmmton 3 Basketball 2 3 Bowltng 2 3 g llsh Workshop 4 H1 Trl 2 3 4 5 6 Publtcattons Room Agent 2 Sentor Play 6 Soclal Com mtttee 5 Softball Swlmmlng 2 Table Ten nt 1 'XIICHOLAS ANNICELLI 214 Lowell Avenue Ntcky s very frrendly thuslasttc about home room perlod Wlth The Three Sxlly glrls and long lectures are pet peexes Oh boy' Fond of ftshtng and skating Seen constantly at Wellrngtons Ice Cream Parlor Plans to enter business college ndl 2 3 6 estra 1 2 4 So Commxttee 4 5 Aix ASSUNITA ANTONLLLI 60 Penn Street Fnendly Sue IS enthusxasttc about walks autumn tweeds and good books Baloney Is annoyed by chtldnsh people Keen about country rtdes and food College ahead ovyltng 1 2 Engls Workshop 4 5 Publtct tlons 6 Swtmmlng 3 Volunteer Ofhce Worker ANTHONY ARRICO 996 Plamfield Street Johnston XVhayya say? Foot ball danctng bowlmg and roller skating hrs ltkes Desptses zoot su1ts and Eng lush classes A news re porter tn the future Iootball 2 ALTOON AZNAVOORIAN 155 Douglas Ayenue Art ceramtcs and movres her Interests Aye aye' Annoyed by stratght hatr and floor talks Sketchtng and sports oc cupy her letsure ttme o enter field of art Volunteer Office Worker 3 ROSE M BARONE 938 Atwood Ayenue Johnston Jeepers Popular brown eyed Toots lxkes Miss No an a certatn tall blue eyed boy wtth a converttble school lunches and home room lOl Roller skat mg trekkmg from cafeterta to study hall and short harr antagontze her Constant ly seen wxth Ruth Burford Our future fashlon de srgner spends her spare trme danclng readmg sketchxng Cass Secretary 3 4 5 Room Agent 3 4 JOSEPH BASILE 178 Whlttner Ayenue Pete dtsltkes homework Am tchew Future den tal techntctan ROBERT J BATTERSBY 190 Laban Street Hey boy Home room Frank Srnatra an swrmmrng at Hughesdale art favorrtes wrth Wrb Ta I blond frrendly Drslrkcs carryrng books and dorng homework Hopes to study law Class Presrdent 3 4 5 6 PETER N BENEDE'I 'I I I56 Krmball Street Dancrng bowlrng roller skat rng and football games take up most of Pete s trme Detests concerted grrls and thc Boston Red Sox Thrnks new cars good musrc and the opposrte sex are pretty nrce Constantly seen wrth Pat Collelo and Tony Frocca I-Iortrculture school rn the future Band I Senror Play 6 Socral Commrttee 6 MABEL F BLANDING 50 Brltrrrore Avenue Maybe Lrkes French frres Vaughn Monroe drrv rn You don t lrke me any more huh? Peg pants and Englrsh are crossed off her lrst Blushes very easrly Office work for her rn the future MARY BI AZUK 30 Bowdorn Street Mary Constantly seen wrth Eleanor Mro7 and Mrl dred Ferrantr Go on' Enjoys hot dogs potato chrps and walnut sundaes Cant stand 7oot surts and Englrsh Spends ler sure trme dancrng roller skatrng and attendrng movres and football games ture office worker VIRGINIA E BI UME 38 Pumgansett Street Oh' I-low cute Gm n has a weakness for arn A J S and se mental musrc Puts rndex linger to front tooth when rn deep thought Drslrkes gettrng up rn the mo nrng CWho doesn NI Fu ure beautrcran Glee Club 2 3 4 9 ISABELLE BONIGIOVANNI 181 Progress Avenue Lrkes dancrng readrng go rng to football games and tall black barred blue eyed boys Spends lersure hours swrmmrng walkrng rn ram Always smrlrng ee Drslrkes concerted men sophrstrcated grrls ea :foot surts A future sec retary DOROTHY T BOSIO 2I Mowry Stret Jeepersl rdentrfres twrn kle eyed Dotty who thrrves banana splrts potato chrps and waIt7rng to Sam my Kaye s musrc Zoot surts oral reports and wart rng for street cars are her pet peeves Roller skatrng and dancrng are her outsrde rntcr ests Rubs her nose when n deep thought Iuture secretary Badmrnton 3 CLAIRE BRIDOUX 31 Somerset Street Lrkes bow tres tall fellows spaghettr and meatballs Andy Russell Spare trme oc cupred by dancrng roller skatrng Is bored by crew cuts concerted men home work and 7oot surts Would lrke to be a secretary NORMAND A BROWN 573 Potters Avenue Grrls and traxelrng are tops wrth Brownre Enroys dancrng sw mmrrrg an bowlrng I ll nc da Jrtterbuggrng gettrng up early are among hrs drs rkes Id ntrfred by hrs curly brown harr ture rs undecrded RAYMOND BUKOWSKI II Jackson Avenue Johnston C nt do rt swears Ray Craves musrc football golf and food Rrsrng early and homework do not appeal to Ray Often notrced strokrng hrs chrn when rn deep thought Hrs ambrtron rs to become a golf pro JANUARY 1947 +fl0f+ JOSEPH D BUONAIUTO 34 X ealle Street for crytn out loud' Joe dreams of Oltyta de Hay tland Has a dtsltke for blondes and Frankte Letsure ttme actntttes clude bowltng roller skattng and moytes Intends to go to the Rhode Island Col lege of Pharmacy ANELA A BURDICK 133 Valley Srtet Ya know says Xlellte w ho s enthustasttc about auto rtdtng tn the ratn ts ltkes Engltsh and concctted boys Spare ttme ts occu pted wtth bowlmg danctng swtmmtng Thts blushtng lass hopes to be a nurse Room Agent 5 6 Soft bal 2 RUTH BURI ORD 228 Borden Ayenue Johnston Sports clothes Walter Ptd gcon homeroom l0l and long walks on Ruth s ltst of favorttes Can t endure htstory zoot sutts home work and hats Spare ttme ts filled wtth danctng skattng readtng and sketch tn Always scen wtth Rose Barone Wtll enter Rhode Island School of De stgn Tennts l GLORIA G CAGNO '52 Carleton Street Enjoys playtng the ptano gotng to the moytes hot fudge sundaes and ts parttcu larly tnterested tn a certatn tall blue eyed fellow Has no ltktng for conc tted p ople bortng books and ratny days Remember? Ltkes the theatre as a pasttme Usually places her hand on forehead when tn deep thought Hopes to enter the bustness world tn the near future ANINA B CAIRONIE 157 Barbara Street Concetted boys homework and dark make up are taboo wtth Ann Engltsh b nana spltts frtendly people and football games rate htgh wtth her Holy cow States tnto space when tn deep thought Pasttmes are skattng bowlmg danc mg and horseback rtdtng To enter bustness world ww JOSEPH V CALISE 10 Howard Street X ntct person to know Sea food and old clothes are Joe s fax orttes Ftlls spare moments wtth boattng and flshtng Abhors sttff col lars and neckttes A fu ture medtcal man 'VIARIE A CAPASSO Z1 Brtdgham Street Jeepers says Marte who s mnoyed by unfrtendly teach ers and sertous people Identttied by her dtmples and smtle She spends spare ttme tn danctng and sports Fasctnated by trateltng and dramattcs To enter college Bowltngl 2 Juntor Al ltancc Iranc tse 5 Room Agent 5 Sentor Play 6 LOUISA E CAPOBIANICO 1225 Platnneld Street Johnston Oh brother Operas dark hatred boys and sour ptckles are her favorttes Natl poltsh oral talks tn loot sutts trk her y smtltng Lou ts always seen wtth Dolores Carosellt an Anne Catrone Sports danctng and bowltng are her enter the bustness world ROSEMARIF CAPUANO 32 Vernon Street W at a r t tdenttfles Ltkes gooey sun des and Guy Madtson fNVho doesn t'l Wash tng dtshes wrtttng themes and 7oot sutts are among her pet peeyes Letsure hours are spent tn bowl mg playtng ptano gotng t the moytes Thts sweet mtss plans to enter a bustness college Bowltngl 2 ELEANOR CARI INO 178 Regent Ayenuc Shorty ltkes Perry Como and sundaes Homework con cetted people and ramy days her pet peeyes Remem ber? Enyoys movtes readtng and bowltng Twtsts hatr tn classroom Wtll become ofhce worker Volunteer Office Worker 2 2 X' V' ,' ' - Q Q1 - , . . - ' ' ' in- N- ' ' , , , - . . I ' . " 1"' 1 ' . , . . , . . , I' ' ' ' . . . Dr , , ' ' - I ' ' r- ' - . . r 1 ' ' . ' . - .1 A ' v I ' - I ' ' ,, ,H - I . - . ' l 1. l l I ' , ' , ' ' - use ' ' , . . d 3 ' I ' 2 ' . . . Sh . - . ' . . d 505131, Committee 4- 63 outside interests. . . Plans to t I ' . i 1' h io ' ' - ' - - Ro. . . - - a I I P' . 1 ' a an - D - . . . Y H . Y . t . V . I "Q " tl. ' . . . l v A ' l . .2 ' . af 5, ' ' - ' 'A ,t" ' . . . - vasah 4 T-X J T y kv , , A 1 -,, A3 5 ,.- X F J ,f 4 ff' 9 v, N 9 DOLORES V CAROSELLI 167 Home Avenue Del or Dory Enthusrastrc over dancrng bananas wrth mrlk spaghettr and Alan Ladd Frnds red trnted harr zoot surts and algebra among her pet peeves Mamma Mra Is very fo f tennrs concerts and dancrng Usually absent mrnded quret lntends to attend a musrc conservatory for prano and vorce trarnrng Crlee Club 1 2 3 ANTHONY D CHAKOIAN 532 Chalkstone Avenue Dont worry about rt' Watermelon and grrls rate hrgh wrth Chrck Spends lersure trme bowlrng dancrng and swrmmrng Concerted grrls annoy hrm Would lrke to enter the busrness world Wrestlrng 2 3 4 5 IEDERICO CHIARINI JR 74 Maple Avenue Johnston lrkes huntrng football M I ynn grrls grrls and more grr s Drslrkes concerted grrls and Englrsh Danc rng and bowlrng occupy free trme Accountancy hrs goa Manager of Athletrcs 3 4 5 6 Senror Play 6 MARGARET CHOBANIAN 16 Suffolk Street Those French assrgnments get her down Forever laughrng Oh how cute' Lrkes Massachu setts boys Swrmmrng and dancrng are also favorrtes wrth Margre A shoe scuffer Future office worker JUNE F CIANCI 156 Jastram Street Tall fellows dancrng to good musrc and Vaughn Monroe appeal to Junre Noted for her pretty eyes and frrend ly smrle O my gosh' Forexer laughrng rn class Enjoys dancrng bowl rng gorng to the moxres and skatrng Loathes rrsrng rn mornrng but gorng to thrrd f1oor after lunch worse Lookrn forward to Bryant College Basketball! Publrcatrons 5 6 Swrmmrngl Table Tennrs 1 Volun teer Office Worker 2 3 HARRY L CO1-IOON JR 777 Chalkstone Avenue O K Junrorl Ta frrendly and happy go lucky Sophrstrcated people and mathematrcs hrs pet peeves Enthusrastrc about blondes Tommy Dorseys swrng and the New York Yankees Hrs frrends call hrm Happy lntends to study for the newspaper field at Boston Unrversrty nd I 2 Orchestral 2 3 4 Pub rcatrons 4 5 ees semblel 2 3 4 DINA M COLA 204 Srsson Street For crochet let s knrt Mr Altrere and Van Johnson are among Babe s lrkes Usually wrth Chrrs Colangelo and Carolyn D Al essandro Tall slrm and frrendly Has rntense drs lrke for homework especrally themes Busrness world rn future CHRISTINE C COLANGELO 1181 Chalkstone Avenue Oh reepersl Movres tops wrth Chrrs Math Sundays and concerted people rrk her Spare trme taken up by dancrng and bowlrng Usually seen wrth Caro lyn DA1essandro and Drna Cola Twrsts her harr when rn deep thought Hopes to b come a harrdresser DOLORES A COLARDO 15 Hrllhurst Avenue Attractrve brunette Dee en joys chocolates and dancrng wrth Tony Antagonrzed by f1oor talks and wrrtrng letters Her spare trme rs spent playrng the prano or readrng books future student at the Boston Conservatory of Musrc Bowlrng 1 LOUISE COLARUSSO I3 J March Street Oh my achrng back' Guy Madrson and banana splrts are among Lou s favor res Pulls a prece of her harr when rn deep thought Zoot surts mrlk and concerted people not to her lrkrng Lersure trme spent roller skatrng dancrng and lrstenrng to Erankre To enter the busrness world JANUARY 1947 +412 nd o I . 1 , r ' - - - ' ' ' 5 1 ' Ba , , 3,4,'.516: ' " 74 , l' ' ,I 1. l6:'R ' v , ' I En , . , , 6 Z I ' ' 'A 1 - I Frankle: andAMr.. Capasso are ' ' . . . A ' is ' ' I r 4. . : ' ,Zz P ' l r . I r Z - If Am.'?. I . . . 4, 5 . . . -, ka.- PASCO COLLELO 73 Barstow Street Vlount Plrasint s Rembrandt goes rn for ayratron base ball math science Drs lrkes dancrng Youd be surprised Hrs spare moments occupied by vyrrt rng poetry Soon to enter Brovrn Unryersrty rcatrons 3 4 D enror Play 6 Socra ommrtter. 3 ANTHONY J CONTI 62 Daniel Ayenue Friends call hrm Peanuts Nlusrc honey tipped doughnuts good pokes rate high Oh my aching backl Talkatrye grrls back seat drryers annoy hrm Enjoys moyres and working on automobrles Always turns rrng on linger Hopes to own a garage EDMUND CONTI 334 Jastram Street Known to all as Educated Eatrng and sleeping hrs favorite pastimes Claims curly haired people are eccentric Friendly and witty Would like to become president B mrntonl 3 5 as all 2 3 4 JAMES W COOGANl 93 Laurel Hrll Ayenue I-rrendly Jrmmy Enthu srastrc over a certain lrttle Cranstonran and the three oclock bell Neyer happened Drslrkes neck tres and concerted girls Interested rn baseball foot ball and bowling Cross Country 6 Foot b 4 Track 4 J DONAI D A CORB 603 Pleasan Valley Parkys ay Classical music, short grrls, and gymnastics are tops with Don . . . Silly people and nonsense jokes annoy him . . . Enjoys playing piano. bowling. and dancing , . . College in the future . , . ndl.2. ,4.5:Cr - Country 3: Gym Team 3, 5: Indoor Track 4 It sF"'h me !"'X "Ah-Q' wie' ff' JAVIIS G CSIZMESIA 7l Herschel Street Chrz Identified by hrs rrresrstrble haircut Lrkes mr shakes eating and playing cards Thumbs down on starched collars tres and homework Undecided about the future ANNA CUTITAR 139 Harold Street Hello you A charm rng smrle rdentrlies frrendly Ann Her favorites rn clude Mr James Parker spa ghettr and dancing Constantly with Loretta D Ambra History not on her lrst of lrkcs ture office worker Socral Committee CAROLYN M D ALESSANDRO 18 Lindy Avenue Whats the story? Frankie ind chocolate cake are among her favorites Spends lersure trme bowling dancing and attending foot ball games Seen with Chrrstrne Colangelo and Dina Cola Erowns on theme wrrtrng and crowded street cars Always daydream rn Hopes to enter the business world Bowling l FRANK K DAMBRA 177 Bucklrn Street Frank enjoys sports and l ronel Hampton s music Get a war job' Drs 'rkes homework Always cracks knuckles Hopes to be mechanical engineer LORETTA M DAVIBRA 27 Sherrdan Street Johnston l.orry . . . Trny, dreamy- eyed . . . l,ikes assemblies. banana splits, and Mr. James Parker . . . "Are you seri- ou.s?' . . . Oral recitations get her down . . . Always seen with Anna Cutitar . . . Would like to do oftice work 9 3 " PETER D AMBROSCO JR 54 Ridge Street Bites lower lip when in deep thought Pete is enthu SIBSIIC over moues music and sports Plans t attend Boston Conservatory of Music to become music instructor Orchestra 1 DOROTHY H DANEI LA 328 Jastram Street Football games dancing and Peter s relatives are tops with D D Noted for polish mg nails 1n home room Abhors anyone who s on time Popular and friendly with everyone Future office worker Class Vice President 5 6 Publications 4 5 6 Senior Play 6 CHARLES E DANZ 49 A March Street Dark haired gurls cabinets and business principles are tops with Charlie Hey Huntley' Enyoys read ing movies and s1tt1ng quiet Dislikes gOSS1pS and science Always whistling R I C E in future NAOMI R DAVIS 638 Smlth Street Annoyed by 7oot suits ba nana splits and cabbage Interests include dancing bowling wading and foot a Among favorltes are flashy ties eatmg and Mr Lynn Huh? asks Naomi This petite blondes future IS uncertain Social Committee 3 IIOYD J DAY 5 8 Dorchester Ax en ue Enjoys chocolate sundaes. football, and dancing . . . "You just keep right laughingl' . . . English. noisy girls, and conceited people not for him . . . - ways seen with Anthony Vota . . . Bryant College next . . . X if ROCCO R DE ANGELIS 39 Westerly Avenue Rudy likes Jeanne Crain Oh what a shame' Dislikes English and history Enjoys roller skatmg and dancing Keeps fore Enger between teeth when in deep thought College 1n future Cross Country 5 Junior Alliance Francaise 5 Track ANN R DECUBELLIS 44 Texas Avenue L1kes sports clothes dates Knot the fruitj and dancing Soclable Too much homework just doesnt agree with her Laugh? Never seen without a certain Margie Chobanian Bust ness world in future Social Committee 6 ROSE P DELIBERO 1001 Chalkstone Avenue Oh geel exclaims D who dislikes concerted girls rain and classical music Likes chocolate sundaes nice clothes light halted boys dancing and pickles I njoys football games swim ming and the movies R6COgI1l7Cd by her straight hair on rainy days Plans to enter the buslness world ee Club 1 2 3 Social Committee 3 4 5 Swimming 4 Tennis 3 RALPH C DEMARCO 347 Mount Pleasant Avenue We know De by his ever present smile Enjoys sports math and class ar ties To De girls who smoke are OH the beam Spare moments are sp nt read 1ng and playing basketball Pals with Don Gardner College for this fellow Baseball 5 Basketball 2 3 4 5 Class Treasurer 3, 4 5, Social Commit tee 6 ETHEL DEPETRILLO 60 Wood Street Shorty is enthusiastic about chocolate cabinets and Fran- ie . . . Loathes oral talks, talkatixe people, and conceit- ed girls . . . "Oh, how nerv- oust' . . . Plans to enter business world . . . JANUARY 1947 - ---s1l4fi+'-- BERTHA DERADOORIAN 71 Mount Pleasant Attnut That just doesnt go Vleettng new people trawl tng and ftshtons fasctnatt Bert Dtsltkes trolley cars zoot sut s and pompa dours bnjoys gotng to football games tce skattrtg bowltng and swtmmtng Constantly seen wtth bosom pal 'Vltdge College tn the future PAULINII H DIBIASIO 3 Octatta Street Obxtously extlatms Paula Enthustasttc about dane tng sports dark hatred boys and chatttng wtth Ann Urstl Ratses one eyebrow t qutet people and too much make up Headed for secretartal and recepttontst work Basketball D Glee Club 5 Trt 5 Ht rt 'tce Prest ent 6 Radto ub 4 5 6 Softba Swtmmtng 3 4 D JEANNETTE VI DIBUCCI 18 Claremont Avenue Jeante tncludes Louts Prtma a certatn drummer soldter and Frankte on her favorttes ts Btng Crosby out Interested tn danctng gotng to the movtes and walktng Bttes ltps when thtnktng Expects to do oflice work RUDOLPH A DICENIZO 543 Admtral Street Rudy s tnterests tnclude base ball roller skattng bowltng and football I tkes sports clothes meatballs and attrac ttte gtrls whtle Engltsh and homework annoy htm Hopes to enter bustness w orld HUGO J DICLEVIENTE l3l5 Chalkstone Avenue Ergte Brunettes and blondes hts weaknesses Abhors dyed hatr and chewed lingernatls Petty pet Letsure ttme spent danctng bowltng skattng and drtvtng Plans to enter the bustness world M"""" CONCI. IPI A DIGIACIXI I O I6D Jultan Street Happx go lucky Connte says Say honest Soctable people lon walks and I outs Prtma among her ltkes whtch also tnclude danctng moxtes and sports ts ltkes htstory teastng and floor talks Pals wtth Jcartnte DtBucct Bust ness world tn the future ee Club l 2 3 IOIS A DIIORIO I447 Westmtnster Street Ht ktdsl Lo desptses tnstneere people and orange Jutce Enthustasttc about tt alktng tn the ram Clare de Lune and sun tzms Thts constantly smtltng mtss Hlls her spare ttme wtth swtm mtrtg danctng roller skattng and football games ry ant College tn the future oom Agent 4 5 Swtmmtng 4 VIRGINIA G DILIBERO 148 'Vlount Pleasant Avenue Gtnny s favorttes tnclude smtles Frank Stnatra blue berry pte a la mode and Gershwtn mustc Averston for book reports nutsl Enthustasttc about mottes Looks forward to becomtng a secre tary Swtmmtng 2 3 4 Vol unter Office Worker 2 DOROTHY M DI NUCCIO 458 Sharon Street Goodness exclatms Pee XVee Always rttbbltng ftngernatls Btg hats good mustc football games and hot fudge sundaes tntrt gue her Scorns washtng dtshes and wrtttng themes CCan t blame herl m bttton ts to be a bookkeeper C eerleaderl 2 3 4 5 6 JOSEPH A DI ROBBIO 183 Clarence Street A two tnch penctl reposes on Dees left ear almost con stantly Always asktng Whom? Ltkes good mustc Sptke Jones and food fVUho doesn IU Ftnds football games roller and tce skattng tnteresttng ut constders Engltsh and home work bortng To enter busmess world .4 15 yt SEEN E ,N RUSSEL1 E DIXON 81 Berkeley Street Happy go lucky What wrll you have? Abhors Englrsh Spends lersure moments eatrng and playrng football Nrce frrendly Future undecrded MARY DOLBASHIAN 22 Suffolk Street Well for goodness sakel Doe lrkes blue eyed boys chopped ham sandwrches and ballads Rarses left eyebrow Quret frrendly Unpleasant people and rarny days not popular Wrth er Would lrke to tra ve FRANK A DOWDING JR 29 Helme Street Thrs constant companron of Brll Mullms has no lrkrng for srlly grrls Englrsh and the New York Yankees Interests 1nclude good musrc and dancrng Hey bud dy says Al Future rn the Unrted States Navy Senror Play 6 Socral Commrttee 3 4 6 DOROTHEA DUHAMEL 351 Greenvrlle Avenue Johnston Pam lrkes tall fellows gum and good Jokes Thumbs down on homework and cabmets No krddrng Dancrng football games eatrng hold her rnterest Usually late to class Her future rs undecrded DANIEI EASTWOOD 19 Sherrdan Street lce cream movres blondes and Frankre appeal to Dan Is annoyed by srlly grrls hats and homework Oh nuts' hrs et expressron Many outsrde mterests mclude baseball bowlrng football and bas ketball games Hopes to make real estate hrs career WILLIAMA ELLERY JR 1158 Plarnlield Street Johnston H krdl and that merry smrle rdentrfy Brll Blondes rce cream sodas and algebra agree wrth hrm Occupres lersure hours wrth baseball basketball and danc rn Detests srlly grrls hats and Frankre Srnatra Plans to enter college nd 1 2 V Baseball 3 EVELYN V FAELLA 949 Atwells Avenue Oh horrors' exclarms Eyre at stockrngs vanrlla rce cream and unsophrstrcated boys Can usually be found chew mg gum at movres and base ball and football games Tall blue eyed boys cokes and plam jewelry fasclnate thrs future bookkeeper MARSHALL M FAMIGLIETTI 8 Wealth Avenue Lrkes blondes brunettes or redheads fFussy rsnt he?D Zoot surts and soft ha s are out gee' Enjoys baseball football and good musrc Brtes hrs pencrl when nerv ous A future archrtect JOHN J FARRELL 41 Curtrs Street Well welll Baseball and almost all other sports are tops wrth Jrggs Annoyed by tres soft hats and roller skatrng Plans on berng a professronal base ball player Baseballl 3 5 Football 1 Hockey 1 4 MILDRED A FERRANTI: 1425 Hartford Avenue Johnston Errthusrastrc over football games long rrdes good mov res and chocolate cake Drslrkes homework concerted people and zoot surts Hr therel rs Mrllys pet expressron Usually seen wrth Mary Bla7uk Hopes to become a bookkeeper Room Agent 2 3 IANUARY 1947 +1169 MARIE C I-ERRUCIO 27 'Vlatson Ayenue Tall dark eyed men and sentimental music are tops with Mae Sometimes I wonder and biting her nails identify this miss Jitterbugging redheads and blondes among her dislikes Spends leisure time enjoying football games movies and dancing Social Committee 6 HELEN M FICOCELLI 70 Rowan Street Likes tall dark men Thumbs down on spaghetti and short men Enyoys dancing bowling and play mg the piano Office work in her future ANTHONY A FIOCCA 431 Mount Pleasant Avenue A ready wit and a friendly smile identify Tony Thinks highly of maroon convertibles and coffee cabin e s Homework and con ceited people ughl Golf and basketball occupy his spare time A whiz at math problems A future Brown University freshman JEANETTE A FLORI 82 Sophia Street Jan likes sophisticated clothes dreamy music and silver bracelets Wrinkles her cute nose in annoyance t snobs and work of any kind Oh really you re kidding Spare mo ments are taken up with rol ler skating svsimmmg and record collecting A fu ture model JOSEPH A ELORI 82 Sophia Street Tall green eyed Joe is one of the quieter members of our c ass . . . Likes ice cream. and sports. . . Football, hunting. and lishing take up his leisure hours. . . Doesn't like home- work o study hall v ry much . . . A future business man . . . Track 5 1713 ,- 'Q' 'V 4 1 ANINETTE I FORAND 86 Leading Street Johnston They call her Honey Hates her own cooking lXVonder why? and quiet people Especially fond of football games dancing and a certain six foot tall sailor O gee' she says with a sweep of the hand Always happy go lucky Slides into class at the last ell Wants to be an ofnce worker DONALD R GARDNER 105 Florence Street Let s go' Reading Miss Newell and tomatoes on mayonnaise are tops with Don Outside activities include skiing ice skating and dancing Dislikes crowds Margaret OBrien and New York Yankees Hair always in his eyes Other half is Ralph DeMarco College in future ROBERT L GAROFANO l 141 Plainfield Street Johnston Bob Fond of good dan cers beautiful girls tensely dislikes work early bedtime hours and conceited gir s Hi babe' is Bob s pet expression Usually seen with Michael Giardello and Alfred Paolantonio His ambition is to become an insurance man ANNA R GEREMIA 521 Union Avenue Gerry Is unusually fond of chocolate sundaes sports clothes and friendly people Does not like 7oot suits concerted people and bow ties Oh brotherl Interested in bowling movies baseball and football games Hopes to become an ofhce worker DORIS J GETEK 14 Mansfield Street for Petes sake' quotes dimple faced laugh ing Dot Cant stand housework, rainy days, and radio commercials . . . Dream- er vsith a pencil on her ear . . . Enjoys radio stories. candy, ice cream, and comics . . . Dancing. ice-skating, and swimming take most of this future secretary s leisure time cgi M1CHAI:I GIARDI:I LO 12 Deborah Street Very fond of musrc good dancers and above all beautr ful grrls Has an rntensc drslrke for work early bed trme hours and tall grrls W at ya say Mate? 'Vlrkes pet expressron Interested rn dancrng Usually seen wrth Alfred Palantonro and Robert Garo fano Hopes to become a travelrng salesman rn the near future Wll LIAM I: GILLAN 86 Sterlrng Avenue Brll of the frrendly smrle and squeaky shoes rs enthusrastrc about sports and a certarn grrl Bowlrng and dancrng are hrs spare trme actrvrtres That s true Destrna tron college tHe hopes J Senror Play 6 KATHI:RlNL I: GRILII 139 Unrt Street Wartrng for busses and get trng up rn the mornrng are Krtty s pet peeves Really nets conrertrble coupes and sweaters Spends her spare trme bowlrng skatrng and gorng to the moxres Plans to be an office worker JOHN! D GUIDO 87 Vyfrsdom Avenue XVhere there s laughter there s lohn Red heads and cabr nets rate hrgh wrth Demon John What s up' ls rrrrtated by bow tres and Ted Vvfrllrams EI AINE V1 GULI IVER 203 Smrth Street Mrss Mclnnrs Paul Henrerd plum puddrng are on E s pre ferred lrst Oh my ach rng back Musrc mov res and roller skatrng occupy her sparc trme Abhors colors that clash and rrce pud drng Constantly chevtrng a pencrl XVe know she wrll be a successful concert artrst K Y BI:RNARD E HANLON 191 Cleveland Street Bernre enjoys dancrng bowl tng and roller skatrng To be sure' Doesnt lrke comrng to school on Monday Zoot surts an noy hrm Thrnks the Red Sox redheads and red tres are tops Eatrng and sleep rng are fine too Plans to enter the Unrted States Army WAI TFR I HARDY 296 Unron Avenue Walt lrkes blue eyed blondes football and baseball noyed by grrls who talk too much Surah I ancrng bowltng and foot ball games take up hrs spare trme Always talkrng Looks forward to becomrng a d ntal technrcran Socral Commrttee 3 4 BARBARA A H0111-lI:N 96 Dover Street Ia shy Bohr lrkes un dogs and red h1rrfHm m ml Golly Always vtrstfully lookrng at short grrls Shuns rarny days study nursrng at St Joseph s Hosprtal ALICE KAZARIAN 311 Plarnfreld Street Lrkes chocolate rce cream sports clothes and Vaughn Monroe Frnds floor talks hrgh heels and hats drstaste u My word Her faworrte pastrmes are dancrng football games readrng and morres Hopes to attend Bryant College to study book keeprng ANNII: KRIKORIAN 51 Sharon Street Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy gurgles Annre Football games attractrve clothes and wrrtrng letters somehow terest her Tiny vrva crous constantly laughrng Brc cle rrdrng and ong walks take up most of her trme Mrlk gold jewelry and concerted or shy boys are thrs future secretarys pet peeres JANUARY 1947 +418 " h , is ' . . . ' I A I 1 I It v . . v v . ' - ' W ' A , I . . . Ani ' ' ' V .. ,.. A 1 v IP' "I'A I ",..., :II 'A 4 4 , I ' ' ' Q 1 . ',yVp I y 2 "rr . ' ' f . . . , as ,U , X v ' I 4, U Y.. I D enthusrastrc about coffee cabr- W -f.V Z uslluv quvuzu. - ' I and emvlrqnal P90PlC s - - T9 ' . f y I fl..." I - V: A l .r V I v . . ' ' ' in' v I . A . ' ' Y ' ' l I 4 . . . V S x 4 ll' . l 1 . -- 1 ff-- JOSI:PH A LANNI I32 Elmdale Avenue Joe llkes baseball Unln terestlng people strlctly taboo mth htm Sports take up most of hrs spare moments Always seen playing wuth hrs rmgs Ambltxon Iles nn fleld of modelmg AINTHONY D I A TORRI' I5 Alton Street Cute brunettes sports and math are tops wxth Tony Groans at the thought of hard work redheads and con certed people You don r sa Always feels at home on the dance floor Notxce that frrendly smxle Hopes to become a mechamcal PATRICIA V LOCKHART 6 Stamford Avenue Pat loves good muslc and baseball games Playmg the pxano also rates hrgh Golly Frrendly xuth all but very shy Rldlflg and swxmmlng take up her spare tlme Dxslnkes Mon day mormngs Plans to do secretarral work Badmmton I FRAINCFS LOTITO 88 Erastus Street Enthusrastlc over dark hatred boys Can t tolerate con cexted people Constantly seen wrth Lenny Lefebw re and Larry Nardn Merem ber' Enjoys dancrng and movres Hopes to be a hairdresser ee Club l 2 BERNICE I IVIAGUIRI. '50 DeSoto Street Jeepers says Bernte Vllss Springer Vaughn Mon roe and banana splxts are tops Shuns concerted people and zoot surts Delrghts ln dancmg bovslmg an skatmg A future ofllce worker Jew S lt Le., M-Q.. NIARIOXI VIAHDLSIAN -l Osborn Street Blby lace r fan f 1 5 xXllllJlTlS and u Vladlson Onlons are her chxtf dlslxkc Lelsurv. txme rs spent bowllng and roxung Brtes lower lxp when ln deep thought Plans to be a ttletxpt operator ORRIY A VIAIYE 62-I Valley Street Honey hatred socrable Orrm lrkes blondes soft muslc Perry Como and sports Jan and tllkatue gurls hold no Interest for htm a now Ice skatmg danc mg basketball and football are has faworlte pastrmes Xhll enter the Lmttd States 'Nlavy In oor Track 5 J V Basketball 2 3 GLNEVIEVE IVIAINELLI 226 Ieah Street good music football games playlng ln the band and or chestra Playing the flute swrmmlng and badmlnton her faxorrte pastrmes Plans to attend Rhode Island College of Educatlon All State Band and O chestra 5 All New Eng land Band 5 Badmlnton nd Englnsh Vworkshop 2 'S -l H1Tr16 Orchestra l 3 4 5 6 Publxcatxo 3 4 5 6 ReesEnsemble 2 3 4 6 Room A l Tenms l Volunteer Office Worker 7 ANNA V VIAINSI 172 Umt Street Thls dark haxred Mountle en husxastlc over lewelry tall dark sllm men and sophlstr cated clothes Constantly runs fmgers through her wavy halr Detests j3Z7 Jltter bugs and sllly grrls Sp nds free hours bovxlmg dancxng and walkmg Room Ag nt 3 ELEANOR A IVIANSOI ILLO 225 Pocasset Avenue Nlever happened Talk atne boys and lemon me rmgue ple mterest Butchxe Always ready wlth smrle Detests Monday mormngs and The Century Handbook PICHICS and partmes take up lensure mo ments Ambltlon sec retarlal work SoclalComm1tttt -4 J 6 .1 I9 +9 X90 'DEN 6 9 gg V . ly , I . K . r Q V . ' 5 ' . , . X 0 . r B11 , t' ' G Y ' 'S 1 . . . ' ' ' - ' 4. . . "S y V. ,ig ,,., V My 3 vi ,. 1 , H ' yr" . . . fi jl f 3 Y ' ' ' engmeer . . . 6 jg, Jean . . .-EIIIIIUSIBSIIC about ,YT I Y-tgfiff 'I I I f 5 ' ' ' l:Ba l.2.3.4,5.6: ' ' I I ' 2, , . , C ' ' ns l ,.,, : gent V . : V r . I I' - - - I ' ' - ' ' is - - - ' t ' ' ' : , GI , . 3. 4 , 3 ' 1 -' Q 1 ' qi A 1 . . A . l v A - . I . . .- JOHN E MANSOLILLO 14 Harmony Drrve Because of hrs herght we call hrm Long John Harry James and Les Brown hold hrs rnterest Enjoys play mg rn the band wrth Herbre Torro Detests the musrc f Guy Lombardo and Sammy Kaye A future musrcran nd 1 2 chestra 2 3 4 5 Rees Ensemble 2 3 4 ANTHONY MARTINELLI 31 Dorchester Avenue Known as Hey Martrn Lrkes New York Yankees Joe DrMaggro Lours Prrma and a good Italran drnner Abhors early rrsrng buddy' Enjoys sports and movres Intends to Jorn the Unrted States Navy rn the near future Cross Country 6 Outdoor Track 5 HENRY MASUKEWICZ 515 Chalkstone Avenue Understandrng people French frres Dana Andrews and rn terestrng radro programs are tops wrth Hen Drslrkes sprnach and Englrsh Joys movres and swrmmrng Always rn a serrous mood Plans to become a machrnrst JOYCE H MCLEOD 86 Bradley Street Mac enthusrastrc over crew cuts and green eyes CWonder whyj My arent you cleverl Dancrng bowl mg and rce skatrng are her outsrde mterests Usually seen wrth Shrrley Vogelaar Hopes to attend Rhode Island State College Bowlrng 2 4 Tennrs 2 AMEDEO C MEROLLA 21 Alden Street Army s rs a Jolly drsposrtron Can t tolerate headstrong people bow tres and zoot surts Sports and dancrng occupy hrs spare trme Never can thrnk wrthout strokrng hrs chrn A fu ture college man Basketball 2 3 4 Class Treasurer 6 Senror Play 6 ft fin JAMES MILLS 27 Vrctor Avenue Johnston Jrmmre lrkes new cars grrls and Mr Corey s conversatrons Oh my achrng back' Occupred rn free trme wrth bowling football games movres roller skatrng Seen wrth a tall blonde I wonder whoj Abhors 36 Plymouths Wrll jorn Unrted States Army Busr ness college later VICTORIA MINGAIN 302 Douglas Avenue Gee whrz' Lrkes crew harrcuts recervrng letters from Canada happy go lucky peo ple and srlver jewelry When not laughrng wrth Annre she takes long walks dances bowls and attends football games Ambrtron to travel Badmmton 3 Swrmmrng ALBERT E MINK 117 Petteys Avenue Banana splrts frappes and musrc are tops wrth Al Vlrssrng school buses and women s hats annoy hrm Enjoys frshrng camprng out and dancrng Hopes to study for mrnrstry at Brown Unrversrty nd 1 2 4 Publrcatrons 3 4 5 Edrtor 6 Room Agent 1 DOROTHY R MONTELLA 364 Academy Avenue Concert personrfredl rden rrfies Dottre Head over heels about Englrsh bobby sox and people from New York Hrstory Van Johnson and seven forty A M annoy her Frowns when rn deep thought but smrles at the suggestron f dancrng bowlrng or skatrng Plans to attend Bryant College ELEANOR D MROZ 55 Appleton Street Ellre s pet expressron Now look Sot musrc and rrdrng rn maroon coupes are tops n frrendly people and Jrtterbugs are strrctly taboo Inter ested rn football games danc mg and swrmmrng ways seen wrth Mrlly Fer rante and Mary Blazuk Plans to be a prrvate secre tary Room Agentl 3 4 5 6 JANUARY 1947 +420 Ba ', 3, 4, 5, 6: ' Or . , , . 6: 5, 6 ' ' ' U , ,, , t 5 . I . : . . u. . . 2 t'-c 5 K wg ' . ' ' ' ' ' , , ' - . Q cr- ' - - ' , , . Ba , , 3, 4. 5, 6: . - En- 4 English 'Wqfkshop 2. 3. . . . .,.,, I .I . . . . ' 1 . ' ' 0 ' ' ' ' is ' . . .I . . xx 3 M .' . . . - , , f ' ' . ' ' ' '. f . A1- . -- 3 kr- JOHN W MULLINIS Bungy Road North Scrtuate Why sure Frxendly freckle faced Moon ltkes nlce cars and good lookmg gtrls lHmm who doesn t'l Enjoys dancmg moucs and sharptng up old cars Hrs best pal 15 Al Dowdtng Jake hates to follow Sun day drners future me chamc WILLIAM L MULLINS 365 Plamfleld Street Hello there ldentrfles Mul one Llkes grrls football and Boston Red Sox Tall w1th twxnklmg brown eyes Future mechamc Social Commxttee 6 M HOPE MURRAY 24V Atwood Street Mxckey lover of macarom and cheese QM m my Dxslxkes qulz programs but enjoys archery and dancmg Nursnng IS her chosen career ee Club 1 2 3 4 ESTELLE E NARDI 902 Chalkstone Avenue Chlcken lrkes a certam tall dark fellow named Joe b nana spllts and Mlss Nolan Oh you re such a dumb' When unable to understand frowns and scratches eyebrows Dxs ltkes concelted people and zoot suxts Skating bowlmg and dancmg occupy her spare tlme A future office worker MARIE NARDOLILLO 70 Whxttxer Avenue Blushmg frlendly Mae lrkes sports clothes pets and out door sports Homework and senous people are not favontes w1th her Rests chxn on her hand when con centratmg Oh broth her pet express1on Horseback ndmg bowhng and skatmg her favorxtes Plans to enter the busmess world IREVF S NIERATKO 82 Bowdom Street Strawberry xce cream con xertnble coupes tall ark boys and Mxss Frost rate hugh v.1th I Can t endure concerted people I-Ieax ens Dancmg her favor xte pastlme Intends to make nursxng her career DANTE PALMIERI Putnam Pnke Greenvllle Sports clothes and Burcks fascmate Dante Llkes to go roller skatmg xce skatmg and dancmg but not wrth noxsy gxrls TWISIS halr when 1n deep thought Headed for the Umted States Army EDITH M PANDOZZI 14 Messenger Street Boys wxth blue eyes food of any krnd and Mrss Struck rate htgh w1th Tootsxe Isn t that excrucxatmg? TW1StS hair when thmg rn Dull people washxng dtshes and long speeches not popular w1th thls mlss Future oflice worker ALFRED J PAOLANTONIO 304 Admnral Street Pal enjoys dancmg and bowl tn What do you say? Concelted gxrls annoy htm Swlmmlng danc mg football and baseball keep hlm busy Always seen with Mrchael Glardello Plans to enter busmess world DOLORES A PAZIENZA 87 Clarence Street Frank Smatra banana splxts and jewelry are Ds weak nesses Peels off naxl pol 1sh when thmgs don t go smoothly D1SIlkC5 talk at1ve people and complicated math problems Jeep ers' Enjoys dancmg skatmg and good movxes Plans to be an ofhce worker fX FDWA PIITRANTONIO 333 Plarnfreld Street Ictc enjoys rrdrng on rarny nrghts Always annoyed wrth unsocrahle boys lnjoys dancrng and sports Constantly brtrng pen Ofllce work rn the J future Room Agent 3 4 Socral Commrttee 5 DANIILL PONTREI I I 42 Sussex Street Danny lrkes sports dancrng and good musrc Desprses haxrng to wart for people Sptnds spare trme bowlrng swrmmrng and playrng table ttnnrs Always tapprng 1 pencrl Would lrke to btt vmc an electrrcal engrneer VIICHALI. RAINONE 176 lynch Street Swrng musrc dancrng and old cars among Mrke s faxor rtes Loud talkers tall grrls not nearly so popular Spare trme rs spent hunt rng Hshrng and swrmmrrrg When rn deep thought rubs hrs nose Often heard remarkrng Glad you go rt Hopes to enter husrncss world XVII I IA'Vl RAINONI' 188 Carleton Street We w ell says Brll Fond of football games and moxres Enjoys playrrrg basketball and baseball Brtes lingernarls when rn a trght spot May enter the serxrce Baseball l 2 VIARII. A REA ll Alden Street Oh my gosh rdentrhes Vlarre Brtes pencrl when rn deep thought Straw berry rce cream apple pre Van Johnson skrrts and sweaters her favorrtes Ioathes hrstory homework and concerted people Enjoys darrcrng and moxres Future ofhct worker DORO I'HY RIANNA 12 Bryant Street A certarn sarlor Mrss Nolan dance musrc and Frankre rhrrll Dot Hey' you know rdentrfres thrs talka trre mrss Always frowns wh rr makrng a decrsron Srmply detests homework twho dotsnt'l and dull people Sports movres and long walks delrght her Busrness world ahead ADELINE RICCI 416 Admrral Street How nervous says Addre Serrous people concerted people gettrng up rn the mornrng annoy her joys dancrng and gorng to the moxres Srngrng eat rng swrng musrc please her Plans to enter busrness world Volunteer Office Worker LLIZABETH T RICCI I4 Zanfagrra Street Johnston Lobsters Guy Madrson are Lr77y s weaknesses Spends her spare trme danc rng skatrng and bowlrng Drslrkes rnclude 7oot surts I-nglrsh or concerted people Oh krd Destrna tron bookkeeprng JOHNI RICCI 986 Plarnfreld Street Johnston Homework concerted grrls and stayrng at home nrghts are not for Johnny re you all rrght' Thrnks a lot of outdoor sports Western musrc and gorgeous grr s Enjoys motorrng rn hrs car rn lersure trme To contrnue hrs educatron otball 2 3 ocralCommrttee3 4 5 6 DOROTHY E ROZZI 86 Academy Awenue I lore that character says Dottre of the green eyes and broad smrle Math and onrons annoy her Enjoys bowlrng desrgnrng clothes and makrng them and prano playrng Headed for great thrngs rn dramatrcs at Emer son College Englrsh Workshop 3 4 G b 2 6 Publrcatrons 2 D 6 Senror lay 6 o cral Commrttee 3 Swrm mrng -I Tennrs 6 JANUARY 1947 -a+422f+-- CLINITON J SABO l76 Eastuood Axenuc Cltnt s fayorttcs mclude alge bra syytng mustc banana spltts and brxght tres Answers XVhy sure dancxng and bowltng Themes and wearmg has glasses provoke htm looking forward to busmess uorld MARY SAHAGIAN Dl Douglls 'Xxenuc I'or Petes sake Eyeryone knows frtendly and ltkable Vlldge Fascxnated by tall dark fellows traxel mg and nlce clothes joys moytes football games and swtmmmg Neyer seen wtthout better half Bert Deradoortan College and you naltsm tn the future I ngltsh Workshop 3 Glue ub l Ht T Pu lxcatxons 2 3 4 D 6 Soctal Committee 3 VIARGARFT M S-ANT ANIEI LO 451 'Vlount Pleasant Ayenue 'Vlargle mttmately known as Juntor ltkes mustc sports and blue eyes LHm mml She takes msxncere peo ple with an atry La dee da Enjoys playmg ptano danclng and tattng fBad habit, Better half Diane Torregrossa ture plans are for college Badmtnton l 3 Baske 1 'J Bowltn 3 Engltsh VVorkshop 3 H1 Trt 2 Tn Treasurer 6 Publlca ttons D 6 NINJA R SANTURRI l3 John Street Johnston Gets dreamy over Perry Co mos records and danctng Detests high heels and short hatr Stares mto space when tn deep thought Extremely good natured and soctable Hopes to become a reporter CHARLES H SAUNDFRS 5 Z Jefferson Street at s new? e Chuck who lxkes good mustc Esther Wtlltams and food Homework fugh'l per oxxde vlcttms and stlly gurls trrttate htm Bttes penctl when ln deep thought prob ably dreammg about roller skating and dancmg Vu enter fathers prtnttng bust ness 123+ CARVIEII -X E SBARDFI I O 38 Yew ark Street A tertaln member of th Army Alf Corps Vltss Kmg and stngmg are Bunny s mam xnterests Dtsltkts people who btte thetr natls How neryous you make me Vloues dancmg and walktng are her mann out stde JCUYIIIES Hopes someday to be an ofhce work ee Club 3 4 EVIIYN l SHORT Parnum Ptkt Georgtaytlle Irtendly people and a certatn red hatred Merchant Martne among Shorty s faxorttes Horseback rtdmg bowlmg skatmg and boattng are also tops Annoyed by Zoot suits and concetted people Foreyer twxsttng hatr when tn deep thought Bustness world m the future Badmmton 2 Basketball H Trl 5 6 Pu ta ttons -I 5 6 Room Agent MELBA R SILLIPHANT I8 Txffany Street Mtss Struck and chocolate tce cream appeal to Mel Small frtendly Has an averston for spaghettt Enpoys dancmg and reading tn spare ttme Plms to do ltbrary work VIADELINE A SIMEONIE l-I Geneva Street long vtalks tall men and Mr Lynn mcluded tn Made ltnes ltst of fayorttes Spends letsure hours bowllng and at the movtes Scorns heavy make up and theme vtrxtmg Plans to be a rcceptnomst IORETTO V SINCERO Zl Hunnewell Avenue Ice Skatmg svttmmlng and long walks appeal to Loretta Dxsltkes gooey sundaes Jeepers Wrtngs hands when nerxous Hopes to become a ltbrarlan X fx 'f X HUGH J. SMITH 16 Elmcroft Avenue "What say, boy?" identifies mystery-loving Smitty . . . Homework and radio love stories are not to his liking. although eating and movies are . . . Of course, blondes appeal to him too . . . Am- bition-to attend college . . . JUNE J. STEARNS 117 Regent Avenue June is enthusiastic over sports clothes, Hepteen. and a certain Bob Get out' Pleasant and sociable Joan Weeden her constant companion A future employee of the Telephone Company Basketball 2 H1Tr1 4 LILLIAN TELESKY 125 Calverley Street Ser1ouslyl Ta blonde and attractive that s 1 Dark wavy hair drawing flying foreign languages and long strolls please her Outside in terests consist of paintmg reading sketching wildlife and writing Plans to at tend college to prepare for commercial advertising 1n the future Class Secretary 6 English Workshop 3 4 Publica ns 3 4 SHIRLEY E TIBBETTS Danecroft Avenue Greenville Why sure' says Iee when asked if she likes coffee cabin ets and spending summers at Northeast Harbor Maine Shuns gorng steady and math All types of boat 1ng dancing and bowling are her spare t1me activities Hopes to attend Rhode Island State College Badminton 1 Band 1 2 4 5 Bowling 2 chestra 5 Swimming 1 Tennis I DIANA N TORREGROSSA 95 Glover Street Prunes' Dee is mad about sports food colorful hankies Dislikes hypo crrtes Spends lersure time dancing drafting Con stantly seen with Margie Santaniello Hopes to at tend Cornell University Badminton 3 4 Basket b 3 5 Bowling 3 4 Hi Tn 2 Tri Secretary 6 Junior Alliance Francaise 4 5 6 Publ1cations4 5 6 Sen 1or Play 6 Softball 3 5 Tennis I JANUARY 1 EVA TORVI 165 Barbara Street "NeverI" . . . Enthusiastic over sports clothes and foot- ball games . . . Writing letters and carrying umbrel- las annoy her . . . Constant- ly seen with Edna Pietran- tonio and Eleanor Mansolil- lo . . . Leisure time spent bowling. dancing, and at the movies . . . Office work for Lxc C eetleader 2 3 4 5 6 Hi Tri 4 5 6 Softball 2 'VIARGULRITE M TRIPP 14 Osborn Street Very fond of chow mein chocolate ice cream and blue eyes Dislikes g1Vlng Hoor talks and those that laugh t others mistakes Holy cow Enioys dancing skating reading and the radio Strokes eye brows when in deep thought Hopes to attend Bryant College ELVIRA C TROMBETTA 804 Admiral Street Whatta ya mad? Quiet friendly Tina likes frank Sinatra Glenn Miller music and football games Constantly seen wrth chin in hand Abhors homework Crosby 7oot suits and concerted people Future office worker MARY S VERESKO 89 Florence Street I his smiling blue eyed blonde likes bowling skating and sports in general but shuns jitterbugs and floor talks fCan t blame herj Gee Whl7 she exclaims at tall fellows classical music and dancing Will enter the business world Senior Play 6 Social Committee 3 4 5 6 SHIRLEY VOGELAAR Dutchie Likes moon light blue eyed boys and Mr Levander How come? Has a friendly smile Thumbs down housework and cold weather Always seen with Joyce McLeod ture college student Swimming 3 Volunteer Oiice Worker 3 4 947 -3-f24lf+ I ' i il K 1 : . 5. 6 ' ' ' y I . 1 . L'l .ui . , - ' I ' 1 ' V ' I tio , , 5', 6' - I - 5 i if , .3 ' , i N ' . ' 1 ' ' s l - ,X i l , . V, ' 1 44 Winthrop Avenue ' . . . ' ' . f I ' - . ' , ' . . . - 'l',, -g t' D n ' , 3 - - ,gg -2 Mei - h . all . 3 ' . 1 4' , '. ' . . .Fu- 'i ' . 3. 4, 5: :if , , , ANTI-IOXIH J VOTA 43 Tuxedo Ayenue How sad Spare time ts occupled by rce skatlng svummlng and playmg hrs Hayyauan gurtar Zoot sults and sptnach are out Enloys eatlng dancmg and trayellng Vtry frxendly yyrth Lloyd Day Hopes to enter Bryant College Lngllsh XVorkshop Room Agent 1 XVILLIANI J XVAI KER 730 Valley Street 'Vlad Vlan Monk hrs pet expressxon Would 11ke to shoot the persons who rn rented Lngltsh and home vyork Ilkes baseball football and nearly every out door sport Iuture m Lh1nlSI ANN1 E WATTLRS 42 Audubon Avenue We th ts rfe' chlrps Ann Likes scads of brace lets and short halr Long f1ngerna1ls her pet peeye Drrvmg and gomg to the moyres occupy her spare tmme W11l attend Rhode Island State College to study dle IQUCS Badmlnton 4 Basketball 3 4 Bowhng 3 4 ng 11sh Workshop 2 3 4 Trl 1 Jumor Alllance Francarse 4 5 Publ1cat1ons2 3 4 6 Radlo Clu Swlmmmg 3 4 ALBERT C AURECCI-IIA 16 School Street Johnston FRANK G CAPOVERDF 723 Atwells Avenue RAYMONID G CATUDAI 183 Gray Street AI FXANDER C CHROSTOWSKI 124 Putnam Street DAVID J DISLEY 23 Huxley Avenue JOHN! DOYOVAIN 930 Manton Ayenue ROBERT W E1 1 INGWOOD 68 Steuben Street ALBERT FEGATELLI 15 Sxlyer Lake Atenut LLEANOR T XVI-IITE 503 1'1ton Street lor gosh sakes Fllne dotes on Splke Jones ham burgers and Smr Dust Detests oral book reports sarcasm and alkatxyc p ople Sptnds ltlsurt moments 457 danctng md sxummmg future secretary Badmmton Engllsh orkshop 2 3 4 1 4 Room A ent Sxyxmmln Table Tennis 1 CHESTER J KALAFARSK1 4 Benton Street ROCFR Lx IAUC1 142 Sutton Street AMEDEO 'VIEGA 42 Rushmore Aycnut IDWIN J VIENIDOZZI 1373 Plamfield Street Johnston -XWRENCE V1 NARDI 902 Chalkstone Ayenue ROBI RT C QUININI 26 Berlxn Street A1 IRED VI SAWTORO 60 Hawkxns Street IOAN R XVIIKINSONI 301 Axdmxral Street laughrng Joannxe rs enthu srastnc about blue eyes po11te boys and slow muslc l'hxs charmxng muss funds time for dancing satlmg and foot ball games Oh heck XV1l1 teach dancmg Badmmton 3 Swxmmmg JOHN R ZODDA 130 Salma Street Hello Tall dark hatred Johnny thlnks choco late sundaes and frrendly g1r1s are tops Huntmg and bowlmg are on h lxst f fayorltes Detests mus tard rellsh and homework Intends to travel CX cv sl iw, he J I 1 N 'o,' ,I N S. 'x 1 ,El 1 4+ 5.4. 1 .I 'I 1 J X! '40 . VICE, 6, 1 ' , ' 1 1 . r - ' 1: ' h XV , . :Hx 3 ' 4: , Y Tr' ,5Z 2' ' J ff ' 5. 6: Q", 'g 2. 3 Y 4 V - KX!-X' D' . " 11, 151' 1' ' if ' 1 ' ,.. 4 ' 2 Hi-I ' ,g, 3, 4. sf 52 V1 is ' 5,51 ' b4: if 5 I 1: f 5 r r I 1-1 1' 1. ' f 1. rr A 4 ,I ' I . 1 Anthony Medal Essays P403 I 'S MEDITATION ON THE LORDS PRAYER CHARLES F DANL How wtll wc all know the Lord s Prayer Wt say II t the beg1nn1ng of each day or at east dur1ng church SCIVICQS on Sunday Oh yes we all know the Lord s Prayer by ro How many of us actually know the mcanlnv of thls the greatest of all prayers ht praytr that Chrxst H1mself gave to us' I tt us cc Our Father who art 1n Heav n Hovy many t1mes as we look about us do me reallze that everythmg we see feel or hc 1 could not QXISK or could not have been cco'snpl1sh d w1thout the a1d of a Super natural Bclngl Everythnng works so per star day nd n1ght Who caused these th1ngs to happen and who controls them D me know that' H llowed be Thy name Hwvt you cvcr cursed somtone or some llllflgl Have you evcr taken a false oath or pltdgtt If you have you do not fully know and und rstand th1s part of the prayer Thy k1ngdom come Do we rtal17e that God made th1s earth and tvcrythtng on It 1n ll around lt and thtt somtday He 15 golng to destroy 1t' Then ther vs1ll be only Hxs Klngdom and that of Satan Wh1ch of these k1ngdoms do you pre er Thy vy1ll be done on earth as lf 15 1n Ht yen Arc wt always ready to do what s r1ght1n spm of tht odds or do wt always follow thc crowd because we are afrald of belng r1d1culed 1f we do not do what they are do1ng It IS very peaceful 1n Heaven where God s W1ll re1gns but look at ourselves and see what happens when Gods W1ll IS defied Wars rage fam1ne d1sease and death mount and d1strust among nat1ons arlses GIVG us th1s day our da1ly bread Do we belleve that Chrxst d1ed 1n atone ment for our s1ns that H15 body and blood are ever present among us IH the form of bread and Wlne and that da1ly or at least weekly recept1on of H1m 1nto our bOdl2S IS one of the surest ways of strengthenmg and And forgtve us our trespasses as we for glve those who trespass agamst us Are we always w1ll1ng to forg1ve those who have wronged us or are we of the type that holds a grudge and looks for revenge the xnstant someth1ng happens to us? Wars have been caused because nat1ons would not overlook some small faults 1n the1r nelgh bors If we do not forg1ve why should we be forg1venP Lead us not 1nto temptat1on but dellver us from ev1l Amen In t1mes of temptat1on do we ever call upon God to help us to do the r1ght th1ng Do we know that for the askmg we can recelve the greatest a1d there IS agamst tv1lJ If every person l1ved accordxng to the Lords Prayer as we now understand lf th1s world would be a much happ1er safer and more peaceful place tn whxch to l1ve .psy Y K L. A me ', .' 'Pt Fu as - I --131 Af XX ax Y 3 I ' ' I P I I X V . 3 . . . . . . y v 7 v 1 i' I I y te. 1 ' ' ' . ' C, , . : . , 2 ,, 1 . 0 ,, . . . . - I I . I . 7 l I 7 Y l Ia ' 1 ' 4 Y 3' ' . , I u ,A ' ' 2 lcctly-the earth. the sun, the moon, the in the end Savmg our souls- . 7 . . ., 8 y l . . . K l Y J 3 I - I 'I I ' , , x I I H . . . I 3 I I . . . J C Y' l . . . 3 L . I 4 ' . l f ? . '. . .' 3 , A. 7 Y' D 4 F I 1 o ,-, v " , . -. : 21..- AUTUMN ELPAxoR T VJHI Il lutumn that magrcal season of the year when all outdoors turns rnto a blaze of color la s arrry ed Seyer l xy eeks ago all the world vsas a symphony 1n green Today rt IS a harmony an eolor To many sprung wrth rts pale apple blossoms trny buds green forlage 1 the most beautrful season of the ye r To me autumn IS perhaps not the most beau trful but the most vlbrant the most X hxlaratmg th most alrye season of them On that day when the first green leaf takes on a reddrsh trnge I know that summer IS oyer that fall IS here Soon after that frrst spot of color as seen the whole world clothes IIS lf rn a gown of many colors Crrmson xndrgo yellow purple maroon scarlet but ther are too many to name Slowly though plucked by an unseen hand each leaf falls to the ground r marns th re a second and x blown away by the frolrckrng wand Slowly ever slowly they fall and then that one solrtary leaf on the old maple as strll flutters remarns attached to the branch of the tree stubborn and afrald to fall Then one day rt weakens falters rn the arr and flutters slowly to the ground Then comes the day when Father orders The leaves wrll you please rake up the leayes I-Iesltantly I begrn KVhat had onee been brrghtly eolored leayes are noyy a elull d ad broyyn Stall that feelrng perslsts eyen though the gay colors are gone Autumn ean not dre Flnally I am frnrshed rakrng the l axes I stop snrffle the arr Som thmv IS burnrng I laugh Of course rt IS th aerrel smell of burnrng laves I turn to collect my own leaves only yes you ve guessed t That rollnckmg wmd that wasnt eontent mevely to tear the leaves from therr branches as noyy garly playmg wrth my pale of leaves Wea aly I began rakrng th m up agam Persrstent though I am I no sooner rake a prle of leayes than that old north wrnd blows them up and away Laughmgly I Slt down rn therr mrdst I lre back a mom nt thrnkxng NV1th the brtter smell of burnrng leayes IH my nostrrls wrth the cool playful blast of yyrnd on my cheeks I lre there and yy oneler Vylher has autumn gone' What has happened to the myrlad of colors that had once adorned these dead brown leaves' As rf sensmg my drsturbeel mrncl a flurry of snow drops uoon my upturned face OI course autumn has stepped asrde but rt vylll be back I wrnter s turn now Honorable BI6llt10ll N ll dia I MON -rf 77 +1- . I . 1 Y I l I., . lx l V ' v x vb x v , . , . , . L, L e. ,Hg I , ec It gh M D g y v 1 1 I I 1 ' 11 ' s a I Ha. ' , ' , L ' - CL ,eh ' 1 fx' 311. , ,, , 1 , , , i Q L 3 1 xr I I I ' ' I 1-u v . , . ., e , ' 1 x ' ' 9 ' s 1' s Q ' l e 's s vs V In T I ' e r ' a. . as . , a ,, , . , , . , 13 Q , ' s ' 1 ' V 3 V . . . V. " . VY 1 H V D v J T. ' x x x L 1 a . s ks , , 7 ' B B . , m mm A , ' , ' V . . 7 L I X X 1 v ' , ' l ', , ' , . , u 5 1 , . , 1 , , ' a . t IS K' 1 :QT I 5 D I 3 I I . ,'lfT'lkl- A. pom HA1 ' ,.Co1 ' Senior Play Cast E FIYSI ow left to ght V And ews D To egosa A Merolla D Danella D ROZZI M Veresko W G11 n Second row P Cha nl P Dowd ng P Benedettx M Capasso P Collelo Mr YVarren Mrs Warren Bob Warren J ulza Warren Patsy Professor Powers Phil Greer Denny Fred Coulson M rss Harper S usze Vzolet Manners. Stage Electrician Stage Technician That C111 Patsy SUMNER NICHOLS Director MISS BARBARA G KELGAN Fred Chlaflnl Vxrgmra Andrews Wxlllam Glllan Dorothy Danella Dorothy Rozzx Peter Benedettx Pasco Collelo Prank Dowdmg Amedeo Merolla Mane Capasso Dlana Torregrossa . . . .Mary Veresko .Mr. John Shanley . . i i , , . i i . Mr. Charles L. Holzapfel -. ,- Khc mcannng of this? Hold on thcru' XYh.11's This should takc marc of it, XX'ho.1T One at a timcf Perhaps-we could agrcc rw call it .-Xwf Come on. Dcnnvf I4 .fi X V ' if 5 li, .4 , s R t Ba ter n Dnm Ralph D M r lx my Do ald Lrardn c 1 c Xlb rt X n Superlatlves Most Likely to Succeed Albert Mmk L1ll1an Telesky Most Popular Robert Battersby Dorothy Danella Most Brzllzant Anthony FIOCCA Lxllxan Telesky Most Versatzle Ralph D Marco Dorothy Rozzl Best Dressed Donald Gardner Dtana Torregrosm Mos! Athletzc John Rlccx Margaret Santamello Best I oolzmq Charles Saunders Joyce McLeod Wzttzesr Edmund Contl Ann Watters Best Dancer Charles Saunders Joan W1lk1nson Mos! Happy Go lucky Wlllxam Mulnns Dorothy Danella Dzd Most for School Albert Mmk Genev1eve Mamelll XX ill'.1m Vlullin bn thx Roln gm 1 Smtnm 1 S.: n rs l s 7 gross nx tt lonX kxo .c2,1 l1.,,.. i fl:,c:,. - A QQ, . Q . .3 ,. -q..,,. .,:, -""H"5 V1 It 1.2111- 1rst ron left to r1ght J 9p1cu77a 51 DlXUCLl C K1lafa1sk1 Ve l71ek1rsk1 J 'Xl1rs1a nes 1s1 e 1 fl IO aruo 1t1 uno 1 emente S r1ent1no Creneu N Broun A Chrostovxslu ond mu R P1lk1nglon H lutkm l h Vl mol1 K dx e S e I Xogelaar N Artolexa A Thacker l Xlardr F Centa77o J Buonuuto H N1eld D DlSleX T h1rd ross F Petra T X anner C Dan! R u1nn 'Nl D19andro H X 1nner D Pon 1 es andro os n70 nn arose 1 tam no l onta ntoro 1nn1rell1 nnare 1 lr onn11s 51 Chlgn v 'I he xeterans of World War ll mcluded 1n the student bodx ol Mount Pleasant haxe 1ndeed proved themselves an asset to th1s school anl xx ar ll xery proud to have them vuth us The majonty of these e1ghtx four returned s rucemen are establlshmg a much better record than thu had preuouslx made and as a team have achxeved a h1gher average than the school IU General H1lt of these m n are takmg postgraduate courses and exentually plan to pursue eol lege tra1n1ng Feelmg more at home thereby the veterans are IH favor of as oc1at1ng d1 r etly ruth students nn classes As a result they have made mans xxorthu h1le contr1but1ons to our class work For example thex have added flax or to an occas1onallx dull lesson or because of the sast reserxo1r of personal expenenees uh1ch thex haxe at the1r d1sposal hase ver1tten unusually 1nterest1ng themes for Enghsh classes These xeterans are he e for sernous xx ork because nou as nes er before thex r al1Le th salues and the adsantages of an educat1on The1r d1lger1ee serxes as an exeellent example to the rest of the student bodx N111 lllell' llllllle deaxors meet ve1th contmued remarkable SUCeeQS stale. Left to right V Cirella C Whitfield Ci Cnusti Zanfagna 1213 Class Officers Vincent Crella . . . , .President Ciloria Ciiusti Vice-President Gladys Whitfield , . .Secretary Donald Zanfagna 1 Treasurer 1213 Social Committee Irene Ambrose James Chapman William Conway Marie Di Domenico Mary Di Zoglio Noella Fontaine Raymond Hardcastle Jane Lloyd Nicholas Mottola Charles Nelson Robert Poudrier Arlene Rancourt Arshag Simonian Vera Toppi 2 irsl r w ro ri Vl 1 -Xmbrose 'Vl D1Domenico 1 lloxd X Rancourl Second ron I Chapman R Poudner R Hard astle C 'Nlelson A Simonian N Vlottola l X 5 Y f xg. Y I 'Iff o '. left 'glitz . . Di- Yfoglio. V. Toppi. N. l3Onl.1inC. l. -gif iff.- 'FQ wg f 19 6 12B HOME ROOMS img? n Ku! ' 1 .V O ,V .I A. W? M Mg, SS? 1,5 ivy 5 .QP swf ,gg u . 'wb , xl Ei f V ii x ... N B H i xx 8 ?55'5Q753!f-Eiffyzf, 5'?".vv--wifii a ill ll f xr' 'B' 4 52' in Q if W if -,,: V 5? fy .M ,,... ,Lig- '- iw 51' H , , .A WX '12 . 'V yn M 1 if 14 5' Q! A 1 e -Si I S4 - . iq vii. .Zn N2 Wi Y' su. M1 ,V ,Q we J x-M, ,,, 5,x-.. Q, X , --an ' v 01 f 1 ' Q Sign is 3 an ,, 1 fm 39 9 YT Z, 33 I 1 'ig' ' h fl' we f E SQ 'IV 5.1, 4, , 55 136 in 2 Q33 4 Q y M 1' fx Q Xe i S :wg Hi ., fa 1 N 1:5 -Q S i Q94 fm wwf W 'Z 43 Q9 ski , , r 9 ' 5 . A ,. f 3 4 7 V i ka' Whaym www ern 1 n f ig, 'L 4 f 4 7 Q I A A Yi. is 4 5 4 1 HOME ROOVI 228 I-lrst row lnfr to rrght P Curlcy 'Vl D1Domen1co C Dounmg R Crook A D1VlLgl1o A Coppola M Clark D D11 or+.n7o Vl D+.Palma 'VI Clark LC'5I'ld ron A DISAHIO W D1Domcn1co M Col1luc1 A Dllgl mlm 3 Cwrrllr Dnlltrrllo A Drlktrrllo J D1B11s1o l DcAngs.l1s C Damn T rrd row I Dn7 J Duffy R Cos ammo J DAmrl1o Xl Cm 1 P Crpolla A Drluolco Jr G Crulkshank l Corscttr XA DQRO111 XA Conuax J Dur T Duffx HOVIE ROOWI 229 rrsrrou leftto rxght A A7naxoor11n Xl Arnold A wtrom S Broun l Cmrmmlr rmtarrs gcr m rosa ann r 1 C Bra rcond rou A nclll .lrrara Jl'I1pAI'lLlll T mu ro 1 l Bontampl Cmmnq B Boss P Barrett A Brrardr VI Caduto X Casala B Caldarom Thrrcl ron R Brush H Andrrson C 'Sarlun J Chapman F Boccluc hro A Cum .1 B md l COJDUIO A Capu o +37 First row left to right G Montecalvo D DeCr1sto aro Second row A Bert J D1 Sano 11A Class Officers Arthur Bert . . . , , President Gloria Montccalvo . .Vice-President Dorothy DeCristofaro A Secretary John DiSano ,.., A . , Treasurer 11A Social Committee John Almonte Rocco Calise Mary Camparone John Capaldi loan Corso Edward Ferrara Corinne Gallipo Phyllis Gammino Inez Gugliemetti Angelo Natalrzla Rrchard Reall I-rope Sharkev Frrst row left to rxght H Sharkey C Cillnpo J Corso Vl Camparone l Guglrelmettx 51 ond roxx R Callse J Capaldl l Ierrara R ell 4363+ Y , W 1 '. b 2 . '. . 1. I .. ... .. I I. 'fc '3 . , i. i. 5 . .Ra. 1 IA HOME ROOMS V 'O - 1191 M S E W .5 'ff 1? .f-iff 3 R 3" ,ff if X 55? 5,3212 ml V , -Q , .15-li ggi? yi 4 M M! V 1232 'fi ,a X. yi , Qi 1 1 V , Q E 3 . 3 gg, + JL. . , , 'H 'T 9 X' V JY rf U ri Q5 i 1 152' Q? 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Elexens Battle fa 7-7 M0 P E 7 f-?,--'a1L:1- ,Y 1- 1.2.1. D' 1 'ro Q, f 1 .1 . m , 4 ,,-ff bww' T1 ,. 1 M R g . Eask P1ov1dencS'S SW ffm V1 fl 4' "Win X f. IM 'ln - XX A Y ., 1 ' ' ' ' S 0 enses Slow D0W"H'Qh Q1 1111 ' 'B yffwx . li1UdBr mack 1- gg Q' QW I ,175 . vsvvxvxs. QFXVYQQ-Bw Wourt Pfgasagryf- -g . ws WE-CQ' NKWYW Ha11P1,w,'H1 S Sgcvffl. . it X, Www R 4 S HOW Team S , .Lung Q, End , 1 X . xl X KY ' XX 0 100 1 V5 1 Y 0 WWE sq' ms' AV Q59 56? N5 -WK '12 WV YN SQ, U . mm bc' 09 1 X S59 WV 957,-' ' IF X1-fj3'j?f , 1 .Q Ru 'P+ 1 LQfff v'-if 9 ' ' --'ix-V 1' srabffe P ' P ' .mf fay S10 717 and 1 fffngg 40,10 xl Hind 019: LL Ng Sxockx fm A, I N ' I fff' Uv T - fe emu Sm ' A 1 1 a , 1 S,hw1o' Pf,,,,dnn R - , I 3 RSPUM ' ' 5 N fe Team Sca ' 'X-X . bf T , ach of FMS, 3 res in f"x- v,, I'jln: -EV - -1 T , fl ' i f .sham G Pfvodsi J ff ,, K , - - 4 ers 2 ID, 1 F Q7 QM. W ws, X PC 57 K V 9 X X Ng X 2 X x XX XX I N ' , id Qc , M Q VARSITY IOOTBAI I Itrst row left to rtght R lVlcCttnn J Ctmtnt C Nelson A Stabtle I Ltenowtel J Rtcct V Carella fCaptatnl A Stmontan I lombtrdt D 71nfagna G Paltan A Arrtco R Hagerty Second row I7 Ctsttgltont XXV D Clemente C Calye A Ctavatta 'NI Bar eellt 1kt1n I tonte S C1mpo A l iam a J lrtolt I Dan7 flVlana er Ihtrd row R Caamm1rdella I Duffy' A Clayton I' Klepadlo R Ktlttn C Cotellt I Black A Itnetta J Capo77t I' Stabtle R Vtalton Vat stty Football Ihe slogan of enthustas tc Nlount Pleasant students durtng the last suspense Hlled days of last 'Xloyember was Remember 41 Salute 46 ISh1t expresston elf as ut s n u o Htghlartder grtdders of I946 Ihe tntttal performance was aeatnst Durfee tn tl1 Round Robtn Tournament Before 1 crowd f ll 000 fans at Cr1nston Stadtutn th Red and Bu rolled oter the lall Rtyer club by a score of 20 6 wtc ree Academy tn Connec'teut After etnt battled to a standsttll for more than two pertods th Nutmeggers hnally htt p v dtrt by ytrtt.e of 1 p tnterference p nalty agatnst the 'Vlounttes The gam ended 6 0 Brockton long heralded as a Bay State powerhous formed the opposttton tn our thtrd exhtbttton contest Starttng slowly Mount Pleasan left th held at the h lf tratltng 70 0 After the tntcrmtsston howeyer the Htghlander machtne sprang to tetton and wtth Stonewall defense proceeded to core tw tce on ragtn offenstye thrusts whtch had th Shoe Ct y boys wtlttn at the close I-Ioweyer ttm ran out leaytng Brockton t ttctor Z0 12 Then began our Interscholastte Schedule Th ftrst league team o face Coach Vlc ormtcles boys wts Centr1l Bat ltng furtously for thetr ytctory netth r te1m was 1bte to breale tl1 stalemate unttl th fourth quarter when an eleyen yard exeurston by Don lan 1 nt e,ll'Iel1CC.l the uel starrtne, roe wts shtr 54 by Stabtle Almonte and Paltan whose smashtn btccks htghltghted the 6 O s ruggle e lu e of h t n x carrte Htehlanders to New York for 1 c tsh wtth Moun S1tnv 'Vltchael In addttton to thoroughly entoytnn tr first ytstt l1 Bronx the team also won 1 1e I8 And so th ball conttnued to roll for Mount Plots ttl ulttmately tt came to rest one event of Rhode Island 1nd elsewhere had tasted defeat by the Maroon Jug,gern1ut but th1t nte,ht before Z0 O00 wtldlyf theertng fans th records fell to the dust tn tne walee of the stnltng Vlountte onslaught As usual the foe domtnated the nrst half except for a spec tacular 91 yard runback on the ktckoff by Zanfagna for a touchdown Ihts left h score 6 6 unttl second h lf whn IaSalle fatled to gatn one tnch agatnst our ltne whtle the baclefteld reeled off th dectdtnv marker maktng the ftnal score I3 6 lubtlanf after thetr ytctory oter the Vlaroon the routng Red and Blue next encountered Hope tn the soupy fog of Pterce 'Vlemortal Iteld Three mtnutes alte the letckoff Yanfagna ran 'JD yards for he op ntng score Irom then o he Htghlander baeles had thetr best etentng tn many years lanfagna chtpped tn a 99 yard tallytng run and Caarabed Paltan also crossed the strtpe for two markers The ftnal scor s n through the almost tmpenetrable oyercast was is . S ' . . ' ' . 2. , . '. . -e . , ' , . ' , . , . 'z . I ' ' 'V '. e ' . ,, 'rlyu V ' , t , ri-' '. V. Bali. Q V.. Aln . . . . ,e . . If P rtsi. , 3' '. 5. . g- I. . . .s . V F I V 3 . . . - I A , I hm- - 5 Th- r t e big-c'ty' boys e t 'd th: tn tts w b a mall toke of trtb te t the ' V V K tg ' 1 T ' A' ' Y ' . ' A Q the' 'M to t 2 ', , ' tl 3 . 3 1 . o V- gan I -7, t 5 4 , 2 1 1 .1 y 6 I do ' ' ' ' - ' - ant un ' ' ' . ' . 'ng Our next exhtbttton placed the team oppostte Note on l.a Salle Alumni Ifield. lfor two years. th: teams Vh f. . H V ' A A . bil ,V K L V V ' y V 7 ' 3 , , K V F ' , ' ' ' al ' " '- r ass Y' ' ' V Q ' ' 1 A ' s ' A a V- I ',, ' 3 . ' . f 7' ' ' .. . . A . ,, n Y ' V. V I 2 - . the ' V V' t 3 2 1 x l 3 V f 3 4 L ' I I a . ' ' - - . ' 1 ' ' , V V+ , , . ': ' ' 1 e V c V' a ' ut ' ' ,' , , , ' 6 x e A . ' . V ' 3 L 'L V V V' ' g A D j , - Q A V , V - C 1 ,- , A . l, U . he " V - - ' r ' . - " r , 'A n ' 3 , e ' , ' n, t f A A . A Q ' ' V ' V, ' ' V V U ' ' t V V a t t - , V. t - ' V S 't Y ,CQ -. ' 1 t 1 Vs Y V I fee . 'l' ' ' el '. The J ' tl l- r . cel Nfl. - .gf r kg., Xkrth the ltle cl1sh drayxmg eyer ne1rcr our next opponent yyas E1st Proytdence The Toyynxes pro ed a ttf ompetttton cl u yy l turd perrod that a XVIOUTIII store yyas reetstere cked tn tts oyn ter ory nost f tle hr 11 the team recoxered a fumble e1rly tn the thrrd qll'll'lLf and yytth Stabtle luggtng broke through to a yyrn 7 0 for a bre1ther yet 1 condttroner for th Cr1nsto1 bame th boys tr1yeled to Portsmouth Neyy Hamp shtre yyhere they played und r yyraps h1t marked the termtn1tton of 1 thtrteen g1me Clrpp r yv nmng streak IS the H1 hl1nders yyon th elos ton tnally the d1y of testlnv or t rs mr y eley n arrtyed The l1rgest croyxd tn schoolboy htstory 26 OOO jam packed Broyyn lt ld for th tttle clxsh betyyeen Mount Ple1sant and Cranston lron1 star to hntsh the struggle abounded tn thrtlls 1nd sptlls Cranston s complete domtn1tton of the urst half yv1s rc etyed yytth ltttle surprtse by those yyho had yyll nessed preylous Hlghlander performances Htghltght of the nrst two pertods was Dick Dayrs 4-l y1rd gal lop vyhtch set the sta e for th Thunderbolt t1lly The excttement and tenston re1eh d a htgh ptteh 18 the Mounttes fatled to c1re from tl1e one l1alf y1rtl ltne Salyatt booted from hrs end 7one and once 1531111 the ball was taken by Vlount Pleasant A few plays later Zanfagna tossed to Pallan tn the end 7one Bo b Paltan and Dayts le1ped htgh but G.1r1bed snared rt by way of a superb catch maktng the score 7 6 aptatn Vm Crellas talented toe eyened matters 1l seyen all Durrng the rematntng mtnu es the Red and Blue fouqht furtously trymg desperately to score once agatn 'yV1tl1 trm runnlng out Zanfagna passed Jaltan on th 'lh Iron man fought ts vyay to the slx yard ltne before betng forced out 'lhts ended a butter struygle vyhtch crowned boh Mount Pleasant 1nd Cranston as krngs of the hugh school grrdrrons of Rhode Island The season tn ttself was one of almost complete suc cess Desptte two setbacks th team proyed ttself the equal of home teams as yyell as yrsttors The star studded array of grtdders par'1c1p1tmg hardly need menttonmei Xxlllh Captarn Vrnnre Crella s great pl1ee krckvng as vyell as runntng Johnny Almonte s brutstng defensne play Al Stablle s fine blockmg and runnmg Garabed Paltan s excellent sprtnts and fme pass recetyrnff and Don Yanfagna s all round trtple threat generalshtp of the squad the Htghlander b1ckf1eld more th1n demonstrated tts scortng provyess We mtght add thu Palran the lron man shared top scortny, honors ln the metropolttan dtytston wtth fy Kaufmm o Cranston The unsung heroes of eyery team are the ltnemen Neyer tn the headltnes but 1lw1ys out th re fnvhttne were Sal Campo and Tcl 7tenoyy1c1 ends Tony Ar rtco and Joe Crmtno tackles Vahntl B1jaktan Hot shot Stmonran and Charlte 'Nlelson guards and Johnny Rtcct center It ts tnteresttng to note th1 durrng the entrre season only fifty etght potnts were registered agalnst the llne whtle thelr sp1rklxng drs play enabled the backs to comptle one hundred tyyenty ntne points Others yyho and d the Htghlander c1use yyere ld Plaltak and Fd lombardt ends and N ek Barrtcelln halfback Behrnd such a great squad ts the unmistakable tn fluence of excellent coachtng lf tt had not been for Coach 'VlcCormrck and Assrstanr Coaches Capasso and 'Nelson th team yy ould neyer haye reached the hetghts These coaches stars tn th rr oyyn day stroye dtltq ntly to present a yytnntng combtnatton and th y drd Our ats are off to you Charlte Cap and lry for t realt7atton of the Hrghlander dreams Vee are deeply proud of you and your Hghttng yet gentlemen grtdders Our htchest h pes 1nd best yytshes lor future success go to 1ll of you V. 1 f' 3 vf vu 1 we y'id1 si c 1 ' A . an ' 'as not unti the h .' A 'Q . . .V .,'V , ,dV l,o 1 ' y' 1 rit ' 1 o 11 st l.lf. .V V Q V V V, y V AK V , ' . ' 1 1 1' j 'A e 1. 'I' . day' l ' , 1 . 1 'g . 1 1 : ' .1 1 1 test. 13-6. P j 1 . 1 ' ,, f h' 'ghty' 1. 'e ' A V f',e Ve ' V 1 1 . . ? . 1 , . K . I VV C .V V. . . V V V. V . Y D vf V 7 rl A 'V 1 ' g 2 . '. ' ' Fl ' '. I D Y ' I V 7. x A V' V A . lf A ' r ll L H I - 4 3 I . VV V. to I ' 2 l5. ' 2 " - " h" I Y I f , e e I x I I 3 . V I I V V C vu I as A I 7 Y V V' I A 1 , , e . 1 T V . , . . I I V v . l I I e.- ' ' ' 1' ' ' 1 ' e f 1 ' ' . . e W ' 1 . '. V' . . , V , . . V . X V V 1 1 I i H x vm v, I x V V x K V I C i I V 1 1 2 . . A. : .li- 7 V A 1 ' 3 I Ab A , Av V C 1 Y b'3 vu x 3 1' 1 Q x ' 1 v VV vx . ' J 1 h j 4 " 14 he ' I f x 4 I V YD Dx r V V ' V Ve ,e , e VV V l -..,4 Pm Torn Hnd Cheerleader CHEERLEADERS aiu.. ...3.... B Vmcmro C Vcndrtto D D!NUCklO M Smith Dorothy D1Wucr1o Song Leader f 56 r A r f r XF. Left to right: Parisc, A. Dura. J. Rossi. C. Marciano. IZ. Stamp. Ii. 'I'orvi. A. Madoian . . r , 1. , . ' . .. . -,,,j fe.- C1'LlllSl01l Boll For Mount Plcasanl we are hcrc"' Smmd-half pcp nik Ijalian carries mo wilhin inches M I VS 'L H1-xl and Bhu- Iflunlu: Stopped on thc '-3-Yard I mc Xl: SI.ll1l1.ll'li gurls lu rhu line vur .111 smlcr Ftrst row left to rlght C1 Vendlttl D R1cc1 A Votolato D F1t7gerald CCBPIBIHB A 'Vlartmelll fManagerl H Anderson R Watson Second row R Coutu D Tudlno W Calm R Steere R Stewart J Wendoloskl J Coogan M Iojko The P 1 oss C 0u11t1V Season Th Hlghlander harrrers have enjoyed a v ry successful season belng undefeated rn dual or trlangular state competxtlon and cap tur1ng th Clty champlonshlp for the second consecutive year The squad although one of the strongest umts 1n New England was overshadowed the greater part of the season by excellent Maroon and Towme foes The team celebrated the T he ncytt mcct was a triangular sk1rm1sh wlth Hop and Moses Brown the favored Moun tles agam uncrgmg VICIOFIOUS In the Cross Country Carmwal at Pterce Memorlal Eleld the Hxghlanders successfully protected the1r c1ty crown with Zl tallles Captaln D1 k Fxtzgerald and Matt Lojko cro sed one two at the tape wlth a scant ten yards separatmg the pa1r Over the followlng week end the harrlers flew to N w York C1ty where they placed second IH Team B competltlon I the Rhode Island Champtonshlp Meet the +4 60 Hxghlanders gatned th1rd place close bthtnd La Salle and East Provldence The squad closed the season by placmg fifth ln the N w England Champlonshlp Meet shy only one polnt of the fourth place berth Outstandlng were Captam Dlck F1t7 gerald and Matt Lo1ko who were both ex cellent Ed Ollva Art Votolato Bob Wat son John Wendolosk1 and Andy Ander ulatlons to the squad and to Coach Myers for thc fine Job dont ll'llS snson CROSS COUNTRY SCORES Vlount Pleasant Hope Vlount Pleasant lH0P0 Mos s Brown Proud nce Interscholastlc Champlonshtp Furs Place Rhode Island lnterscholasuc Vleet Thxrd Place New England Interscholastlc Meet Flfth Place l , . - . A I .1 Q ,.... . V 3 W , Q A Y . . , ' . 0 . . . V I -. ' 1 Q ' A l - 1 . 1 I V ' seasons opening by conquering Hope, l9-36. son turned in steady performances. Congrat- s 3 x 7 X! I A l I l J h 3 , ' , , 1 1 w ' t 'S sl A l , , ' C . , 19 , .36 I C 4 , L . .2-'l - 55 V l e ' . .47 ' I ' - V- 2 4 . . 1 . i ' f p ' V 1 . I ' 1 'i . -. Z .- n of Pmcxl fum fo rw .1 ni DAIQ IAM' lOl Rod and Blue barriers I uurvm 14519 Huff'-if 143' Fxrst row left to rlght l' Apmce G Manoog1an P Caplrchxo P Asprmo R DeStefano D felch A Cnogrande R Savastano W Kebarlan Second row G Corelh R Tramor W DeSant1s XV Tocco A Ruggxano R Hall J Tamke D DeAngel1s E DeLuca Thlrd row A Madoxan CManagerl R Norato P Theodoropoulos V Buonanno J Crandchamp I Costan7o CCoachD G Damarjlan R Allen V De lusco P Iafratx J l1l110I' Val slty Football The hrgh degree of success by the Varsnty thxs year was unfortunately not felt by the Jumor grtdmen They practlsed long and hard 1n preparatlon for the1r flve game sched ule The flrst opponent was Central who took the honors by a score of l2 6 Follow mg thls they encountered Aldrlch B Cran ston and West Warwxck losmg to all three by scores of 19 7 l2 6 and l8 7 The final t1lt was agannst the tradltlonal I-hghlander r1val La Salle After a gruelllng battle th junlor grldmen bowed 19 6 Although not wi 62 w1nn1ng a game thxs ason the J V showed constderable future talent The team captaln De Stefano and Tocco alternated at quarterback and were good passer w1th lafl ot1 and Norato the recelvers Other backfleld standouts were Sovastano Glogrande As pr1no and De Luca Among the l1nemen Don Felch showed conslderable promxse along w1th Moorajlan De Santls C3pf1ChlO and Apxce It may be noted that not one of the foe s touchdowns was scored through thrs llne Much credlt ms due to Coach Leo Costan7a for the fine showmg of these boys fa- f x Q-a.-Q.5IQ..,w, ,, .ag 2- 7- 6 V,-.fa -vs 1'-715 LQ, 'ffl fi, 'ig '-9 .yt 1 . -- . v - - - v - ' - - - . . - 1 K., S2 . . . S v Y ' , . . . . - 1 S' , . , v Y 1 . . . ,, ,, , . , , , - . . . . Y s . .. . . . Y 1 - Y V - Y - 1 - 0 ' , . , 2 , v T ' 4 Q Girls' Sports There are four after school activities this year: namely. beginners' swimming, senior life saving, bowling, and tennis. Miss Wry'nn has charge of the swimming. The girls ga to the Olneyville Boys' Club for their instruction, wher: the beginners learn the fundamental rules of swimming. The advanced class is for girls who wish to try for their senior life saving certificates. Bowling is led by Miss lforsell at the Olneyville Bowling Alleys. This class teaches you the correct way to bowl and to keep score. On Tuesdays after school Miss Ziesenitz leads a large group of girls in tennis. She teaches them the proper back hand and fore band strokes. serving, and scoring. BOWVl111g First rovx left to right S Houlihan A Pelletier J leiorennno B lufl-:ln B Her7og XVh1tHeld Vl Tamke 'N Bislgnano P Delmonico Second rovx J Gallogly J 'Vlota A Cedroni S Ron71o A Briggs S Bonoyer Thompson VI Morris 'Vl Conway Nl Greenuell J Lanfagna A Noack Third rovx J Vlcleod S Vogelaar A SllXCSIl'l F D1Clemente H Irons D Amaral lerrante l lakomskl R Alterio Nl Scicciotti l Bradvsay I Hasselbaum R Campanelli lX7urky fourth rovx T lagasse 'N Calise F Baldom Nl Xrmstrong J Fontaine P Barr i Gclirdi P Cunmnghwm Xl Bom I liltonn A Colinduono D Cwirbonc D Defrisiofmro Nl Dtlhlmi . . N, .. . ,i. .i. . ,. . I v v f T l ... .i. , . . .i . I vi . . . il, A . l. I.. .I . . i . . .V il I 4 Av H -., ..- SWVilllllli1lg r W o rx ma ose a 1 s OeC11 I eu r I Coe, Iastvxood 'VI lannella A Mlgnanelll M Mako Second row M RICCI E Iuma I Cullooly P DIBIISIO 9 Hou 1h1n A Vaehon 'VI Ctcrlllm A Navaretta I KOICC E Phtllps V Conley R Montl lhxrd row A Spanano I. Etchells J Iewers I' Bontempo D Iahelnfa A Cars ms A Scanlon J Cnllooly C Iombardo P Dwyer M DICRIHSOH D Cvreene A Palumbo Fourth row A Capobmanco H Costantmo V Raffantl D Carbone J Abba xcolu N leonardo C Ierruolo O Vlcarlo T Ialcone I Meagher M Pagno711 TCIIIIIS nrst row left to rxght C DAm1co A Iupo V Raffantx A Cedronm S Ronllo Semlon O Vlearno VI Tucker P D1B1as1o VI Smlth N Borland A I1gnant Second rove B Hartmg, H Costantlno C DeIlll1po D Crable I Iomlmson P Duxer Hurst 9 s xood I: Kolec I Intern on N Cole Ihorn n 'VI Xla o N tmmello VI DePalma Thxrd rovs S Petrarca J Coghxll B Iufktn C1 Whltfleld N XX oodslde H Cannmg 'VI Tamke I Iakomslu -X Daubney B Her7og VI Thompson VI Conxeax J Cook 'XI XIOTYIS I Hasselbaum R Ranger I- Paterson ourth row B De9tef.1n1s J Iascm A Sorrentmo J San oro I Grande -X NIC nlsee VI oxar 1 e om N flou 6 +I 64 Iiirst o , left t 'ghiz J. A ,t . J. C A. M - J. Ia 'a th, .. vhill. P. R . J. I , . I I , , I , ,. ', , Ii' . A : . ' ' .l. , . . . A. . Q '. " . A AAL .t.EaEef .1 ' 'ige J5.. 1Q.'.1.snn. 4. It I ':- . 14 rw '. . 5. '.,.f ' I .Q I . f. .. H . .. Q lee. P I.aI. . . B ' . J. Tileoan. NI. lynch, R XX'iII'y. If. Bald f C. Gurlach. .I 1' it ,. 'Z Ee..- X X X 7 jf QXQJ' Q wmgw UQ f ffagi gxffkfgg ff Q Q M H! UL 1 NN X, u Y , MR Ll ff f x , xl V? xyx' Y jx ,N 1 Y J Xdxn X 5111310 For the past few years Mount Pleasant Hlgh School has been strrvlng to make musrc an rntegral part of every student s school lrfe The band drrected by Mr Demsh con s1sts of forty two members and performs at football games rallles and speclal events erther rn our own audxtorrum or outsrde the school The rcpertorre of the band conslsts marnly of mllltary marches The orchestra drrected by Mr Ekberg has twenty erght members lt deals prr manly wrth classrcal and semr classrcal musrc and plavs for graduatron and specral events Ree s Ensemble IS composed of a group of popular musrc enthus1asts who directed by Mr Ekberg perform on Class Day and other srmrlar occaslons The Boys and Curls Chorus conslsts of all those students who have elected voxce Boys Glee Club Hee s Ensemble Frrst row left to rlght A Marcxano F Taghanettx J Frrst row left to rrght J SanMart1no M Navarette J Second row A Ascrolla J DIOIIO R Pargnall A G Mamelh J Mamma NMM1713 D Iefmflo F Cvswnrmo C Calverlv Second row J Pellegrxno J Torchcttl R Petterutr Th1rd row P Marolla F Davolr F Capuano W H Toro Mr Ekberg CDIFQCIOID H Cohoon E Geca Rossl I Dolan J Rossrgwoll R Tramor L Delorro w1c7 J DAmel1o H Sarbxslan 'wtf 66 ff- , - - , l . , . 9 9 O Connor, Fenton, A.. Menna, C. Sachuk, N. Josconel Tomaselli, Dwyer, W., St. Pierre, E. Rotella, M. Izro Gul- Glvv f lub C1 Ferrante. Upper Picture First row. left to right: V. Blume. P. Townsend, L. David. . C. Sbardello. Mr. Ekberg CDirectorl. Ci. Ferruolo. T. Hird. E. Sahagian. C. Marciano. M. Sahagian. Second row: I.. James. J. Nutini. Pettine. M. Hanley. I.. Procaccini. E. Fallone. E. LaPorte. P. Bova. T. Bucci. A. Lolio. Third row: V. Ferrucci. E. Rotella. D. Rozzi. C. Colongele. V. Mar- tellini. B. Ainsworth. D. Valerio. C. DiC1iancinto. D. Montella. J. Rossi. A. Coppola. B. Caldarone. Lower Picture First row. left to right: P. D'Amelio. J. Vona. C. DiPaolo, I.. D'Amario. M. DeMarco. J. Amitrano. If Imondi. D. Stadnick. D. Giarrusso, A. Briggs. T. Boulanger. R. Delibero. Second row: M. DiDomenico. M. Lolio. A. Calcagni. M. Pesanello. M. Thompson, R. Rossi. F. Swierzb, L. Blakey. I. Carrara. M. Pagnozzi, L Lewers, I. Keates. Third row: Beaumont. M. Stuclrey. N. Rush. N. Iacchei. A. Lam- va. V. Asciolla. N. Innocente. A. DiMichel. P. Gammino. brese. D. Bo Band FIYSY rovu left to rlght G 'Vlalnelll G Stennmg W lfllery Z Tarplman S Tlbb8IIS L lnortl J 'Vlmelta II Rotella N Anmcelh W St Plerre A Dandeneau R West R Vlerola 'Vl Mmasxan Second rovs Vlr Denlsh fDlfGClOfJ H Sarklsxan H A7ar1an E DAndrea J San Vltrtmo J Turchetu R Vlxlhrd J Pellegrmo D Casale J Grandchamp S Lombardo W Keenan CDrum Majorl Thnrd row 'VI l77o P Marolla J DAmcl1o R Caruolo R Calcmgm H Cohoon VN Clllrx lf GKCJYYIC7 E Perkms A Mxnk A Costan7o Orchestra First row. left to right: M. Nawarette. G. Mainelli. A. Costanzo. J. Tomaselli. M. D'Atri, Haglund. Mr. lfkberg QDirectorj P. Dw yer II. Rotella. B. Dwyer, G. Niel- sen, Xl. Bisignano. Second row: R. Peturuli. H. Sarkisian. J. Turchetti. J. Sanylartino, J. Maietta, XX. St. Pierre. J. Pellegrino, J. D'Amelio, E. Gecawicz. Vw. Caliri. VI. Izzo. 68 Hi-Y . The Mount Ple ol' ten lmvs who purpose of makin hetter athle'es. and once a week at th sports or to hear operate with the asant Hi-Y is an organization have handed together for the themselves lvetier students. better citizens. 'lhex' meet e Y. M C. .-X. to engage in a speaker. Thev also co- Hi-Tri in planning socials. The ofhcers ot' the Hi-Y are as follows: Presi- dent. Henri' Klippell: Vice-President. Ravmond Millar: Secrstarv and Treasurer. .-Xlbert Jackson. First row. left to riglati .X Jackson. R Millar. H. Klippell. Second row: R. St. Onge. .X Dandeneau. R Coutu. Y. Dar darian. D. Francis. J. McNeill. L. Oliva. Hi-T The Hi-Tri is one of the most important and popu- lar clubs for girls of the junior and senior grades in Mount Pleasant. This organization is composed ol' girls interested in helping maintain a high standard of character in school and community. Most ol' the proceeds from our well-known social activities are given to charity funds. All members of the Hi-Tri ri are registered members of the Y. XV. C. A.. with which the club is directly afhliated. Miss l.ouise l.. Mar' tinelli is the new sponsor this year. Ofhcers are President. Georgette Belarid: Vice-President. Pauline Di Biasio: Secretary. Diana Torregrossa: Treasurer. Margaret Santaniello. First row. left to right: B. Rosa. M. Santaniello. B. Rosa. G. O'Neill. G. Giusti. R. Sahagian. B. Fitzgerald. J. Stearns. B. Harting. B. Herzog. M. Lvnch. C. Gerlach. J. Moffat. Second row: G. Rozzi. P. Ciorman. I.. Colarusso, M. Tucker. F. Felici. M. Diloglio. D. Torregrossa. G. Beland. P. DiBiasio. M. Santaniell Smith. F. Torvi. H. Canning. B. l.ul'kin. o. H. Stearns. M. Darmaniian. R. Crook. Nl. Third row: J. Cambio. G. Mainelli. B. Yaccaro. F. Paolino. Y. Macedonio. M. Federici. F. Petteruti. M. Tamke. I. lakomski. P. Barrett. H. Murray. I. Alioa. lf. Carnevale. M. Petrone. V. Toppi. N. XVoodside. .-X. Iacovelli. Fourth row: M. Sahagian. D. Rozzi. B. Deradoorian. D. DeChristofaro, J. IN'lcI-eoCl. Shirley Vogelaar. A. Gabellieri. D. Amaral, J. Ciil looly, A. XYatters. S. Tibbetts, M. Navarette. J. Motta, J. Gallogly, E. Short, B. Maiello, S. Banoyer, A. Briggs. 'Xllss FIFSI row left to rx ht D Torregrossa H Cohoon G MAIHCIII L Telesky A Mmk M Santanxcllo VI Sahaffran P Collelo D Ro771 Second ron 'VI Smxth C Gerlach H Cannmg N VvIOOdSldC A Watters XV Keenan S Antonelll I2 Paterson B Iufkm Thtrd row M 'Vhko P Ba r VI 'Naxarette I Lakomskx 'VI Timkt J Grtdy If Shea Ium Clmnu VI1rg,1rtl STHIIHILIIO Ar! Ldrlor llfl Ites X lI'j.,ll'll'l -Xndrtvxs -Xssunta -Xntontllr IDXIIICIJ Barr Helen Cannmg I ugaene D Sxndrta Carolxn Gerlath Dorothx Dantllm -Xnn Scars Irene P Cnoodxxln Netop Staff Edfmr m Chzd AI ISI RT Vllxh Illtfdfll Fdzlors CQYILXILNG. MYIHLIII Vlrry Slhtgnn Yporls Fdflors I :tt rum S lulf I anne Crtdy XXIIIIJI11 Keenan Irene Iakomskt Barbara I ufkln XIarx Vlako -Ir! Sltllf Dorothx Rout Business Stuff I IIMI ILI Fucullu fhltzstrs Xllss I thtl VI Ixtarns -r-I 70 II1 rx fohoon Ifuszmss Mtmuqcr 'Vltrguerntt Nax mrette Betty Paterson Margaret Famke Dlana Torregrossa Ann VVatters 'Nancy Woodside 'Vhldrtd Smith I xtIyn Short Jtmts -X trker ' 'I "1 1 . , , , . I ' 4, , . . ': I . t ' , . . I ' . . ' , , , I ' ': .II., r.I.I" I .I I I I 'I ' .II I A' I" A' . j ' 9 ,' ,.. , I,ilI'. ' "1 'Sky Pasco Collelo "f " Ie ' II' III ' I I I I V I ' ' I Q 12 II ' I ' I v - Av V V I I I . x K v -I- A,- w I I f ' i ' SI 'I ' Q I ' - . ' " I ' ' 2 ' I . 7 Mr. . M I . P. -. 3 ki..- Art Tour On Tuesday. October 29, at nine o'clock, thirty-three advanced art stu- dents from this school. accompanied by Miss Goodwin. made an interesting tour of the Boston art museums. The group first visited the lsabelle Stewart Gardner Museum, a beautiful Italian villa situated in the Fenway. From the Gardner Museum, they went to the Christian Science Publishing House to see the Maporium, an enor- mous globe of stained glass. After lunching at the Old France, time group completed its study trip by a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts to see the famous American Wing. Enjoyable, exciting. the tOur was brought to a close. Another valuable lesson in art had been gained. The gratitude of the group goes to Miss Goodwin, with whom the idea orig- inated and who planned all the details. Room Agents Ready to leave for Boston First row left to right P Vfard J Fontaine W Rozpad A Scanlon R 'Vlanka D Vkojciechovi ski A Burdick Second row E Rotella P Dxuer J Vlalo N Fontaine G Xlontccalxo 'Vl Donnolfo L Lonardo A Vlignanelli B Vaccaro V Dovtnlng J Yanfagna Third row A Geremia F Alma D Gemma F WYOI A Klanian l Xoxxlts H Vlarxis G Russo VI De Robbio L White I Di Ioio Fourth row T Xespia S Catalano J Dyer tl Garicpy A lonardo A DdHdEH93U R Millar M Vlooduard 71 . 'v Z.' i. y - 1 f Y -A - - - , . 'I . 1. "..A rt-' . .. ' ',a- Y ' v. ' . ' s . ' T' vu rl . .i. . . l'. y. V I vu 'av ' Y ps- Farst row left to raght L Paterson Second r W J Cook V Marian M Mako l Caarone V lombarda J Gautaera E Aloaa M Dunn M Vlacrac D Amaral M DAtra D Rerd C DIMJIIO Thard row 'Vl Conway 'VI 'Xflorras M Tamke LX Scanlon V Colella R DAgosLano 1' Hall l Lakomska W Cole W Taylor Ellffllbll The Englash XX orkshap eonsasts not of buddang genauses or constant qrands or book yyorms as some people seem to thunk but of normal eyerydax students W01lxo11OP a notebook called Empescrlpt whach consasts of some of the wratang of the members Officers thas term are Presadent Vlargaret lamke yyho enjoy wratang They meet alternate Fradays at three o clock rn Room 207 and yy ork under the guad ance of Mass Bles ang Each crm thy put to ether Ju111o1 Allaanee Flaaaeaasc The Junaor Allaance Francaase under the leadershap of 'Vlrs Charles A Post as desagned to further the spread of the French language and customs Thas organalataon as composed of people who are anterested an france and the l-rcrch language The members are requar d to meetmgs are h ld annually yyath the dafferent schools takang, turns beang host As a project last year the Xllaance adopted a small school rn lrante To thas school haae been sent many packages of food clothane, and needed artacles The 'Vlounl Pleasant group under the sponsor larp of Vlr Ryder toeether the rest of the Trench classes se t oyer foar hundred D unds t ths haol l 1 yt Klthough thas ls only the second year that t Allaance has heen rn exlstenee t fast comang one f he most rnterestane extra cur reular actaya es lrst ou lf to rael P Ioxxnsend Xl Capasso D Torregrossa Xlr Ryder Je XXatters H Cannang Seeond roxy J Connors X Berybe L Vlartan R Coutu P Labbee G XX arner Xl Tamke G Gausta N XX oodsade -rf 72 ' , ' : 7, . ' . o:, ,IQ ,- I I - . A - A . . e . . ' , . , A T. V 4 I A . ', A . A I . . , A . 4 , - 1 - l I v V - . W . ff. s . , ' - ' Y V 1 .V X ' . . ,. . . ' ' v Y v . ' , L. ' S' A 3 Q, g ' 1 Y ' . . . . . 1 fn x fx ur '-f A A . . . . I. 'I , ' . . H a 'e have completed at least one year of French. lfive ' C C Iv' v, a - s w . Y . n v A I s f - s V ' ,I K . . 4 J A 'L.e Y . , S ' . , ' '. at ' with 3 ' ' . :an " L o o i. sc c .as ' A I I, V T ,X J A A he ' a' ' ' i is lac- ' 0 e s F ' e .t-' , .r kv , 5- ,. . "'ti'. fi. r'.cl "al: " ,A v, - r . I . Y . A . sv - I -r Lv' V l ' -0 Egg.- V1cePresadent Irene akomska Secretary XVall1am Taylor Ac ayataes Chaarman 'Vlary 'Xflako llllliit XSII N uvurrm 'III KXDIOXIUIIS I'IIshLLI OIII o h II hoxx II txx x m nut s w QI mumw 1mLS sIrLIIx LI tmrouqn I r L In LII L me U xx I Q L L L Into shun Lxi mums Im I n IIIIIIL shL pIungLLI h L rst IIIIO IhL xL1 I I It x L nd LI prouLILru1QLr IIWQIIIIIIDOIIS I L Ibo KIL S TIOXX Fl I II L Ilx. 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W 1 I IO L L r1ppLLI mu oi our LIOIIIIIQ L us Io L our IL -Xs xxL xx Lr rstx I nq LX Mus ItSLkI.IILLIt11t L LIL L x xx II our IITITQIIIIIIOH pllxmv 1 tr1LIx on IIS No n xx Is L1 p 1 xX L st1rILLI IL mv om L I Sp 151111 I our hmms XLIIIFI our uno I Tx on xx hLrL LIL L QLI S F 4' p 'II L LUN L OSL IosLr L LI1ppLLI hm xxmxgx Lr1LL I thL UILII 1 o o r L LS Ihouvh o nu I worm xx m Qht so Iqim XVII LY Iours IILFL xxLrL mor p IHLS I L LIropp LI IIIL raf 9 Th mLr1 xvho xx Lr xLrx SIL xx'LrL put O'1 th rLIt5 IhLr1 xx'L xx 11 LC I 1rIx IhL nLxI mormnq xxL iuxx 1 LILstroyLr sLorI on IhL horllon II xx TQ IhL most bL1u IIIII swht m IhL xx orId Io us IhLx rLscuLLI us 1nLI took us to 1 nlxal hospltal at PLILIILI IhLrL LxLrxonL Swxx 'hL LIIIYTIISIIIQIIDIL LVI LILL o th gI'LILI1I"IQ o LILII xxL IIILI unLLr vom A ILr 1 ILxx LI1xs rL5I WL xxLrL ta I 1bo1rLI I hospII1I shxp thu took us to Guam SLxLr1I xx LLILS ot IUOSp1I'IIl'lI1OI1 IoIIoxVLLI IhLn xx xx LrL rLILIx Ior thL LmtLLI Qtltes hLrL xx Is 'III IIIIDTOIUDILI par1LIL hLILI IH oL1r honor xx hLn xxL rL1LhLLI Sm IKQO I xx LI1xS I1tLr xxL hL1LILd Ior homL But b IorL xxL got homL our I NoLI0hIQ wLrL for our SIIIIUIIIIILS IhosL xx ho xx LrL not so IorIun1tL x mx L IXI xffo xLzLrLm ri I .. 'Num' Qni- Q r I,- I. I ' 'L I ' ' IDISL' ' QR OL' IIIIQ IDIIIIIIJIIINIZ SIQLX S I ' L L' ' 1' cr sur, I II'rL XX" ' " A L ' ' ' I ' L SIII ' L 'cl 'c I c' Il I I 'LIIIL Lm I LQLI it Shicl I ' I 'JLISL L 5 " " L' FIL 'L L' 'L L' I AI IL' IL 'IL' L'I I L - L -Afthi ' I I1 k rx'. 'LII L 'Ik'LIf- L" ' IL mb: 'L xi. suring Ihc piIL'LI IHULII 'S of hL'1' 'r'xx' II help LIILI nol 'omc. Ihis xx'ouILI hc lf ILISI ' L' L A 'I'1 XVIII ' IIILL' A 'vim Iaj. I5InLIIIx'L11'oLIroI LI pILmL' xx'L1shLL1rLIi 'as L' ', ' :aIf1f' "IL x'a'3 A ' Lk' L I OL " L? L th' c 1' the ' L L IL L L: It was III II ILnc. I " L ' IL"Ixf Ihv'-sc L LirLI. Sh: xx'n' Ix ' as "'I'hL' ' SL ' IV. f1LLIA 3, L Il ' 2 Al QL Ln". Ihc Iop ot' I ,QL XVI L' ', I. ' ' ' I' I Ifo IhL' cruxxmcn hIII'IcLI AIIx'c 'II I I ' su. W' . ' II'-' VI mfihx III-' It I' 7 9 'I TI' L 'L "1 vc L fl HH' ' " 'L " "'ILII ' 'L sIicIx, not daring Io gL'I oI1I for Icar of sharks. 'ILL rs came int LI 'x' xx'c L, I I Ih' L' 'L 'L' gh L I 'I Ipy: xx" x'L'ru ho II L' I ' LKL' L ' hin L'IL ' L' ' ' ' 'L "L MI is A I"x' I- L I" c IL ': h'x' "1 'g+ L -X-' x ,-C ' ' . 5 I--L Q L vw C vx I' -' - L ,L - I xbg H 'I f "IL " L Q :": ' ' 'L't'I. L Lf' ' 'L Vx" LII I klm hat 'FII' X' - ' K, LL x - ' ' ' ' L L '17 K ' . 'LL ' L 'L Y bc, " 1 -U ' L L ff L L - ,I- - - ' -, Li-LH I L- LIL f- L I-- L.N' ', 'I ' I' ' Isl' ch L 2 I' L "' " I "' km I 3 V I X I my Y I I L 6. L . I A. Lx I L . L ' V, L , L ' ' L L L L LL ' - ' Y ' A L A ' . I 'I ' L' I" ,cg L ur: 'I' ' ' L I L ' ' I . L ,' ' L L, ' ' ' L - AC L Llvk g x vx xg L- I xl C- lk L, X' ,' L L C, D ,L ' ' L LL L Lv .D M x , . L LL' gc IL'Ix. LISx'L'. Th: 'L ILx' Lh'L 'L 'atz tI.' If C . Y' ' .94 xx E ' x hi A L. ,, -J 'Y -I 'y L L- , '- L- b , .L Qi - iff ji- - VIP Al ONE I want you to go around 1 ftvy t1n1ts mo1t to Hmsh your ptrlod I1y to t yo If nos up on tht bast ltg and don t st1ll ll unt1l you 1rt down to 'tbout tvy o fttt Yts slr 1m I LIO1I1g tvtrythlng tlst tor rt tly? Wt tnough youll find tl at 1t yy1ll r1s fa1ttr 1nd stttlt mort soyyly vy1thou my yv lght to th1s tmt I thought that th1s was to b lust another hour of routmf fI1ght 1I'1St1'UCIlOH For s1x months prt dwg th1s day I h d sptnt about tvtry ptnny I had tarntd on ff' ri A fu' flylng ltssons m yl only 1nttn IlVt bt1ng tht knowltdgt that I would somt day bt 1blt to y 1 ont W mtn I5 ttth my lnstructor m1dt rtttrtnct 3. 1 to tht act1ons of tht plmt yylthout hls wtlght I Itntyy tl1at that day was Hnally at hand When you first rtal1Lc that you art about to solo a ftellng of ttrror posscssts your body Thls fttlmg must promptly be shaken off as ftar and ttns1on may wtll proyt d1s1strous to eytn an txptr1enctd p1lot As tht throttle IS optntd wldt and you start down tht runway for tht take off you are ObIlX1OLlS of tht fact that thtrt IS anythlng Sldl H I stood on a hlll b ntath tht dark sky 1,3-'1 5 if ggi: ...K A f vb? 5-'et 11. -S, , no .53 'I up II III III t'11i1- -,jr 363.1 And loolttd at tht s lrs Sllllilflg bflglllly on h1gh I thought oi tht kmgs ID days of old I-Ioardmg tht1rJtvytls1n caslttts of gold Thty robb d and thty plundtred to add to Ilitll' stort And though thty had much thty yy anttd mort Ityytls art tor tht m1ghty Cnrs But tht poortst strf may oyyn tht stars And tytn a ch1ld as young as I Ovy ns 1 nttklatt oi stars on a ytlytt sky Nyxm Jo C011 IOB tlst 1n tht vyorld but you your plant and tht fitld tht last of vyhxch you art cxertmg all your fatult1ts to tl1m1natt Onct able to do so you 1rt 1n normal flxght that IS flymg strnght 1nd ltytl You tm now rtlax Ind obstryt tht world b ntath you Nlimmoth h1ghways whlth tonstruct apptar to bt noth pavtd footpaths You art burstmg w1th cost m1ll1ons to mg but narroyx pr1dt l1'1 tht tztctllent manntr 1n vyh1ch you have executtd tht takt off Now that you art stytral thousand fett a oyt sta leytl you n yourstlf confronttd vy1th tht 1nd1sptnsablt opcrat1on I ""d'II lmdmg Commg IU from a h1gh 1It1tudt you art ytry Ilktly to rtach tht htld at a htlght 1boyt that yx h1ch IS cons1d trtd proptr for a saft land mg Thxs IS termtd over shoot1ng Such a cond1t1on a s1dtsl1p accomphshed by apply1ng left ruddtr and r1ght st1ck In thtst ftyy momtnts befort rtachmg tht IS rtct1fitd by ground all of tht mstructor s preachmgs flash rtpeattdly through your m1nd The plant IS on the ground th mstructor IS at the w1ng tlp and you st1ll cunt undtrstand how tht ltndmg yy as tffttt d R1c11AR11 Rossl 12B '91 JN In 11 741+ 1 1 . ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 t - . . , - 1 I 1 1 I I I - 1 k 10p 1 1 1 1 I 1 I - .1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 t, . t t . t . t . " 1 1 I ' I 1 1 1 I 1 - 1 1 , I ' 1 1 1 ., . . t . . 1 . , 11 1 - , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t . - 1 t , , ,H , . . . v X x . . . 1 . . 1 . 1 . 1 I A I . s K I 1 A L 1- 1 L 1 1 1 1 1 1' I 1 - I I - - , , Y . ,, . U . t I, ' , Up 1 3 had ' I L U I F I 3 I ' 3 3 I I 1 -5 IIIIII, III I 1 I 1 1 1. I . -1. ' ' Q 'J' ik hi . . . f. .1 vt. - 1 - 1,5 3 Q, - . , .R ., -. ,., - . 1 - 1' 1 X . '1 - 1 " 1 1 1 111 -,g,"" 1 - .-'M -1.x Hffl 'F I ,L 1 .F. . 1 I 'A H 1 y 3 3 . -t .A 1 ,, '-',. -y , -, . -- . 1. - I ' 9'f33--11. M ' F 121' .- P -wb" t - 1 -,1f1.:,'-5-., 1- .n e 9 , 11 1 11 1 t. 1 1. 11 - . .11 - . . . . 1.42 A, 111 ,tix T 7, 3 A, V 'f -22.21 Lgfgf' ji' .3 ,a .gg 1, V - X 1 1 1 1 11 Ami, Lo:':,1:, fl-,xtx lmi 1 x 1 a V T' 73' Y. '3111cf71. " 1 4 . ' 1 1 . ' - 1 , .L .f:'Q2.t1'. S113-V ,if 1, ' ' 1 1 ' O t ' ' ' 5? - ' 1-?5 1 "1 - . 5 -' ' ' 1 1' 1 1 1 if I IA ' ' ' I' r f I X i X 1.5 . AQ..-1' 1 , -,sl .L . . . A 1 1 1 ..u I' ' ' 11 . 1 -. 1 1 1 . 1 X . 1. 1 . 1 11 - 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 .X -1- X 1 1 1 1 . . 1 I I 1 I' .11 . ' V x 1 I I I - I A I K I ' I.. 1 I' L , , , '.',a'--. , , , , ,, 1 1 V 1 1 , 1 I I 1 - , t 1 - 5 If 3 I 3 I 1 V 3 3 7 3 Y Y Y 7 0 I 3 K I 7 3 3 Y 'I W I 7 . . . , . 1 1 L 1 1 1 1 L A V 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 v . 1 1 1 1 1 1 V Q - 1, , , 5 ' 1 L 1 1 . . V , . - V H V 3 L 1 1 t 1 1 1 K 1 k L L K t , 1 1 . . L 1 if . i Y I 't I '-J XI f , , .tc . . 1 .Y ,R . . ,-I ju! -t. .INN 11 1 " ,,4- x , . 411, L ' O- I J ' . 1 1 1 1 1 -, I . 11.15, . ' ' , 31 , 4 1 'L .1 "1-1-L 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.-.mi 1 Q 1.5 52:-I -. . ' I 41.iv...,,1.:1. 41 'ai-1 - - 1. K 1 11 1 1 1 'A V I '- I J' 1,2 1 1 1 1 1 1 - , yy , , , 1 J- f 1 F- L 1 - - 1 I h L K 1 1 1 1 X 1. 'V INICORIP RRRBI E 'NI RC RRR 1g1r1 l1lls vrem 11ne1eyor o 1 Cre1tor has stood IUTIUOYITI for eenturres S1nee Ille d1y of yy h1te m1n s first p1lg11m1ge to 'N11g1r1 nothmg h1s slnee been drseoyered t11t e1n eompare yyrth 1ts supern1tur1l IH CIIXICILIJI and eXelL1SlXe Glory XI1ag1ra 1 s 15 the y1y1d proof tl11t notl11ng IQ gre1t but the 1ne:el11ust1ble yye1ltl1 of n1ture the 1rt of bod fRt first gl1nee at Il'llS l1y1ng panorama one feels engulfed by the onrush1ng waters of th1s TRRL 1nsp1r1ng eataratt Its breatl1 t1k1ng 1uty se yy1th ney r o lie for ten r oll eI1OIl9 of the el11rg1ng torrent oyyly the n1g1t 1pproaehes lk 1 b a e gon yy1th e mond eyes ee mg llSe 1round tl1e yye1ry yyorld 'IDLI suddenly before our yery eyes m1ll1ons of mult1 eolored lrghts 1IlL1U11I'l3fe the f1lls 1mn1ed1ately transform mg them unto 1 fmtasy of eolor a the yyrnd syyelled spr1y blends eaeh soft ray IHIO an 1rt1st1 masterplece ThlS1S Nragara Falls IH eomparable 1n poyver rncomparable rn be 1uty Cx1111R11s11 ETC111 11s 12B WARRIOR S RETURN I haye sury1yed Once more I stand upon a fresh clean so1l My m1nd IS SlCk and my body mfinrtely weary but I am free my hand IS starned and my garb shamefully bed raggled but I am yvhole 'Vly elger eyes fall hungrrly upon the lush terrarns spre1d about my feet and I dr1nk deep deep of the1r Uloyy 1ng beauty Forgotten stench of 1 fore1gn strand before me great golden fields of yy aymg yy heat l1e passrve and magmficent Vanrshed are the boomrng echoes of a c1nnon s roar 'IHLI the fren71ed screams of struggl1ng men before me a gurghng brook slrps quretly oy er 1ts rocky bed INoyy II IS noyy that I ean at 11st throyy back my TL 1 el el He1r me you bloyvrng n11ghty yyrnds Hear 1ny song of tr1umphant gl1dness for I haye SLlI'X1Xt.d Yet hold 1 moment RVh t 1s thrs gflfll e H1ne of my eh1 env th1t noyy ITIIS u on m e1r ook 1Ga1n s m to he1r 1s 1 S1 1 l1reel rufll s t1el IX sot 1 ne1rby tree oo h1rd 1nd long n1y S011 Lse not only your art ut ese yo1r e e as yye Do ou See them Do you s e the forebodmg shadoyys tl11t fl e fron1 eyery qu1rter to eneroach upon and engulf th1s land whlch you have so gal Iantly sought to defend? Do you hear the1r clamor1ng vorcesp At length I turned my head It was true Suddenly a great darkness had enveloped the surround1ng countrysrde and the dron 1ng hum of a thousand vo1ces rose swxftly to become a crashmg crescendo of drscordant 1 1ty of my senses These ugly p1ll1 mg hordes yy ho hurled accusat1ons agamst a gov ernment strugglmg to preserye 1 hard earned pe1ce yy ere they my fellowmen These frustr1ted rnsurgents yvho flung the1r petty Ur1eyances on the doorstep of a goyernment only noyy emergmg from tl1e chaos of a graye eonfhet yyere these my felloyymen Vvhat 1 p1t11ble lot they yyere That a m1 ron strong should shed the1r blood and the lesson should Oo unlearned IS th1s the ayy ful pr1e th t ITl'iHly1I'lCl must ply I yy eDI then I yy ept the hard rackrng sobs f m1n Ind ed I had fought the battle 'tel seeured the yretory had returned to re ee1ye Ille brtler LIISIIILIQIOIIITILIIY XXIII on the heayy a1r the yy arrror s chal leng1 l1es a broken holloyy eeho NIAR1 S Rll xt mx IZA 1791 1 1 1 1- 1 -Q 1' 1 31 1 N11 1 1 51 1 su 1 3 l1 l"' k I tl e bs. ' fills the 'vul " 1'c ft - otf I , 1 'k"1k1 SI 1 'l 1 ie1 lck 1 1 ' L 11 11 11 '1 1 Ira " lia 'wil' ' 'lt' I' 1 vi v4 1 5 I In uk I A X 1 L Q I x I x v 1 Y x I 1 Y L k I 1 'HL L 3' 1 t l I A 1 I L -L I Q ' S 'I V. V T I k In -s ' ' v' K- ve 1 X L v s 1 1 - 5 A 1 l 16 5 3 ' 5 I 1 L 4 'l 'Y 3' I I I , r - .1 L Y'-I A I A - 3 L ' T 3 I , 1 I I XC Y. 1"e T If l 1 11 1' 11 j 1 1 ' ' , 1 V 1 . . . Q I , I Y I b 1- 1 , 1? 1 1 X V xt i x V I 1 R xv ' 3 l C y I 31 . Y' 1 7 y j 3 1 . . A, A D . are the matted gore and slrme and moribund SOUHCIS- POF 3 m0m9Ufe I d0Ubf0d the Ver' . , 1 ,' : , , ,Y E KC' lv v 1 ks ' s-s rv l Lg' 1 v v' y ' ' u r 1 ' I . ' 3 ' ' 1 1 1 J x vm L , s L L 4 ' ' 1 1 s 1 I A L R ' ' ' 3. ' . 1 . . V A g Y V V 1 1 ' , A v he1l 1n '1ll. " 11 1, 1 ' , K ' -A " ' R 3 ' R ' ' 7 I - , ,- 1 , ,, - L 1 1, 11 11 'H' g N ' .1 ju 1 1' i 1 . - 1 s ' ' 1 1 I-C '1. ' 1 1 . 1 . 1 a 1 C' . , 1111 'e j1 1ll1ge 1 ' 1 p A V ,I 1 1 : '1 11 , I. 131 . I 'ee 11 1' 1 lglt hh ,1 , , ,' A , 1 - ,- Cf l 1 e1 'e. 1 11 I' 11: 'Al k H x - , -A - , , 1 1 1 , ' ' ' l E 3 Y Y , 3 Y - he11 . b 1 1 j L 1y'1s '1ll. y' . p Y V 1 1 1 11 1 1 ' 1 ' ' ""' ' ' ' 1 I K L '51 ' 1 1, Ie 1 1 1 - A1 ' A. A1 'J A', --.Q ' Ik..- IWIRPSIDI IDRFAVIS A wood ire always seems to mute day ere1ms A we stt dr t Into the 1nel world In whtch we ourselves from the by the flresrde our mtnds o 11r c1stles H re ls 1 may seclude pryrng eyes of outstders Around our thoughts we burld a w1ll of srlence which enables us to look ahead to the wrshes and dreams upon whrch we burld our Mfg future We thmk of what to morrow wrll brtng us Some would lrke to haye 1 great hfe ahead of them they wtsh fame 1nd success to be therrs In therr ehosen fields Qthers take l1fe 15 II comes to them If God so " f"S.2 wtlls they have to struggle for 1 mere exlst enee Ihey must work ste1d1ly on down the long ro1d of l lfe Ihese elaydre1ms are tl1e pr1v1te thoughts 1nd long Ings of ea h of us whtch cannot be probed by others The poor es person has th rtght o lI'U'1glfIt hrmself possesstng great rlches and ltvtng a llfe of ease 1nd contentment It rs yery enjoyable to be able to thrnk ltke thts but we should 1lw1ys remember one thing nl here ts a fine ltne between day elre1m1ng and the realtlatton ol these dreams JAN1 Ass SDIIIXAN IIA FURY OF TI-IE NIGHT I fell back terrrfred as the eloor flew open The heayy ram urged on by 1 savage gust of wmd was slashxng 1gamst the wmdow panes seekrng an entr1nce Into the seclusron of the room A clap of thunder together wrth a bolt of ltghtnxng paraded tts werrd fantasres across the tormented skres As I rushed to close the door a strange feelmg of Xpectancy overwhelmed m Sewed by a sudden Impluse I ran from the room down the steps across the lawn tnto the mght The utter fury and elesolatron of the nrght filled me wlth a lust for Adventure that was enttrely new to my comparatrvely meek soul I was obltyrous QNX hx xxx X to the wetness of the ram or the harshness of the wmd I w1s 1ware only that my humble eyes were wrtnesstng a stght whlch few mor t1ls haye ever seen To me the storm was symbolrc of the legrons of th I ord IH mort1l ombat wrth those of the deytl Suddenly a clash of thunder deltyered me Into the w ake of realtty as If questlontng my boldness at challengtng the supremacy of the ktng Storm Turnrng I fled from the spot and stumbled bltndly up to the steps to the welcome shelter of the house Vylas that I who had dared to go out Into th r1g1ng storm Vylhat had possessed me eiurnnv those few seconds tn which I was 1n the ntght Vly enttre bemg seemed to have left thrs earth and for a few seconds for a few fleetrng seconds I had become part of the storm part of the Fury of the Ntght Ex Pu x BALDONI IIB .4769 ' .I L 1 I I e vs -is l y s , 1' sv x 1 s I s 4 , e. I L I yu H S Uh' . .Y ' . " .. A , A.L ', I 7 ' H 1 H H 5 L 5 1 - H H I H VH H f' V I x e I s .., . H 1 H Y H 3 4 ' V , .h Er . I we-.-,5 . ' ' Y Ti ' 212-' 'IK ' I I 0 I L - ' A' 1 f -"lf-tl . V H , . . 1 . X . X ' Q 1. 1 1 5 Y s L. e A my K-Q,-:JI ' 3 1 1 1 . . 171- 'f -' .' , ,. -I PQ, A- A s s l J' . - f -e?5-hh-...Q f . If . -fy If I U I , , fy, ff 1 , . . If , , If f . . . . I X s 1 ve s I . 4 1 Y I I 1 s s . - B I-. N e 1 . , , N N s 4 s V s , p --It I . . - - ,u'.'- X-1. '- s s s s ss - . . . -+ e ' ' s y ' 'Z. 5- ' - . . . . 4 A '- 3 . 1 ' 'L ' ' . Pl . ' 4 . , . I -'twine 2 4 - . s I s . 11:5 I r ' e . 3 , V , V , . I I e . . I . s s ' s m s ys s s ' s m 1 1 1 V I 4 ' . I' I I Ie e ' ' ' ' ' , y' v rs 1 1' s I ' s , v I 1 s V xx ' L 1 ' y 3 ' L vs s s A ss l s x ' , V , v f 1 s ' t 3 4 ' L v ' Y ' E yf s s y' ., , H H I YH 3 s 1 . 1 Y W . V . . . Y ll!!! V- XX ' s x 1 u 'i.,' ' ' 2 Y 3 its VX :7 I - - - t ' I R' x C, I . I XL 1 , , I -. e . , 3 X Me' 1 H 3. 1 1 . Y N , 1 , xH R ' X X I l x x I ev I I J . I e s s s H Xe X ' - Le ' X . 3 I V 1 . . . l-1 o ' X - . I I ' I 1 I 7 v 1 s sm s s s I , . I . 5 V r s I x r 1 Fu l Y T V x HH 1 - I .I - 'I Y r

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