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 - Class of 1959

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-.,,'Q1w,. , ' ,.'t VL, -u,f U lv P I di, 8' 'bg 6: - , Us , 'A ' v fa A , J' 4 Nv- Q , s ' v 1 l "2 1.. I f ' ll ' " " l ' . n H 4 g ' 4' . S I.- , I, , N ' v,Qw i VIA ah'-' N .V I . " 'x4't:". 4 ' I ' 4. ri N ' 4 f s 4' . - I 4 . ' " 'Q ' -v' ,if 1 . Mr F I . Q, QA 1 ,.. v' A 4 ' 'Uv' f 4 1 rf - f ' r- J 'A Il 1' . ,.. F1 5 , 1 I 'nfl y b - - 1 " ' f 1' f , I A .4 gi' z V, , 5 1 1.-,, ' r lY: YA Ai -,' sf --JA. , '-L. V' 1 . gl , 3 "P - 5.37 MQ vw" 'ii l ' r,l .0 , u'Q" 'DL , Q ,, I -"',, V - If V, W' Hffff W yn-.- O --' ' ' ff' -.JV-E' J: 4 , V -x ,a ' " 4 2 V Lge ' . 1 ,-1 A - - 'N pr, if ' ' I ,V . , . -' Q 1 I - ,. .. ., - L ' ' ' ' 'g . X ' 1 4 ' ' ' 0 r . - -. . . ' s 4,.. ,fx , , " Q . -.. ., ' - r . g 3..,.,.-1. a An ' A4 ' w' ' I I 0 . 'M " f' W " It .tl I I fzrj fir N A H Q me MOLLNTLE nfs W wg, KKJLT A 'XX ckfiifll fxjjf W gkg K JUKKLKLKFNJC Ewixw k7j A75 NF Y Xlxywdf KKKNN Qu vxkvxifjjj Rffkf X-lg J xxfllvf M V lu 'Nd 'Er dedrcate rhls annual to our sponsor MP, HERBERT STEWART whose earnest efforts and smcere labors have been most helpful and msprrauonal l-hs w1se counsel has made a lasung rmpressxon onus and wlllbe helpful when we take our places rn the world I O 1 , We, the Senior Class of 1959, affectionately -5745! """I0 CHARLES SOMMERS Co Ed1tor HERBERT STEWART Sponsor CAROLYN MILLER Co Edrtor FIRST ROW left to ught E Goff M Sllva Copy I Zeyer Treasurer C Sommers usement SECOND ROW Mr Stewart Sponsor M Jack Art L Wmland Subscnp nous N Barkhurst Features D Jackson B Kraskr Sports S Thorburn Photography I Knutsen Act1v1t1es Y C. Miller, Co-Editorsg G. Hyslop, P. Pyle, Co-Business Managersg C. Beck, Adver- DD -4 16 years and Ann Skews has served has served 13 years and 1s now Presrdent Mrs Sr President Mr G L Call David Harbourt has served 6 years fstandtngj Mr Walter Peltz has served 20 years and Mr Wrllram Packer Clerk Mr ZIS Members of the Board of Education are, eft to ri ht: Mr, Curtis Hussey who has served 11 years and now vice g . . . , . ' ' g . is now has served 5 ye , 'fifm rig 15 5 , 5, 4 ZW? 4- The teachers and students of Mt. Pleasant School were saddened by the passing of a dear friend and teacher, Miss Julia McMillan, on February 9, 1959, Miss McMillan spent forty-three years as a con- scientious and inspiring teacher of our school, We feel a deep sense of appreciation for the long and faithful service she has rendered, Miss McMillan influenced the lives of a large majority ofthe present student body and has been an inspiring teacher to over sixteen hundred former students. Her part in filling the pages of history in our school can never be erased She has honored her profession by a sincere and loyal devotion to it A memorial service was held at the school on Febmary 12 HERBERT STEWART Senior Sponsor HOMER NICHOL NORLAAN SOMMERS Athletic Director FFCSIIIIIHII Sponsor Supenntendant English H 50031 SU-16168 Mt Pleasant Schools Social Studies Hi Y SPODSOI' X., MRS LAURA HEWETSON MR. RALPH TATE Latln Iumor I-hgh Englrsh Latln Club Sponsor MR. CLAIR NAFTZGER Industrial Arts MR. JOSEPH HEWETSON Coach Physlcal Educatron Dnvers Tralnmg Geography Sophomore Sponsor Commercial Studies MISS ADELINE BAINBRIDGE Eighth Grade Sponsor School Secretary .I .-' flie- -wsffu 4 : M Z H Q ' fi. V - I1 Q V 'N l,,,.-V, I-A frf . ,allay 43 , , 1 1, 1:5 E ., ,r cf, .4 r 13 A 3 LOUIS PANEBIANCO WZ? o V 7 'll v-L JACK CIBULKA Music Director Coach, Mathematics xN sl! 3 4 MRS GERTRUDE NICHOL 2nd grade teacher Chemistry ' fini ,, Aw. Rf JA KATHERINE KRINKE Physical Ed Home Economics Beta Club Sponsor Sponsor of Cheerleaders MRS BETTY CALL 4th Grade Teacher 1 L7 -fl MISS ELLA HARBOURT MRS ELISE YANSEN Speech Second Grade Enghsh Y Teen if 5,451 MRS ALICE HUSSEY MRS IRENE NIARTIN Third Grade MISS HELEN NICCONNELL Kmdergarten F1rst Grade MRS ADA CLEAVER MR. HAROLD REYNARD Marhemaucs Sixth Grade Q MRS GRA CE YWT MRS ELEANOR HUssEY Fifth and sinh Gfade Mas ALMA BARKHURST Fifth Grade Third and Fourth . L .ll x NV 'Q U X ki' wubzs Left to right President Grace Hyslop Vice President Marge Sliva Secretary Carolyn Miller Treasurer John McAllister NANCY BA RKHURST ldgit Pep Club 4 Beta Club 2 3 4 Secretary 4 National Merit Scholarship Music Festlval 1 2 3 4 AnnualStaff Wood wind Qulntet Chorus Solo Contest Bandl 2 3 4 Class Vice President 3 Y Teens Latin Club Majorette 1 2 3 4 Head 4 CHA RLOTTE BECK Charlie 4 Beta 4 Latxn Club 2 3 4 Pep Club 4 Chorus 1 2 Y Teens 2 3 4 Annual Staff Play 4 ,...f BEVERLY BROWN Bev 4 Annual Staff N si . J i XX ' " Aix I, N- s . I - . . ' College Prep. Dance Band: College prep. Lg, General 3, Commercial Coursey Pep Club TONI BUNISI-l Toni Commercial 1 2 3 4 Y Teens 2 3 4 Cheerleader 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Chorus 4 Pep Club 4 Annual Staff DANIEL CAMERON Spoke General Course 1 2 3 4 Foot ball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 Play 3 4 IUDITH ANN CHARLTON Jude Commercial 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Chorus 4 Pep Club4 Preview Band 4 Y Teens ROSE MARY CHMELOVSKY Petunia Commercxal 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 Band 4 Annual Staff County Music Fesuval 4 Play 3 School Paper2 3 4 Y Teens 2 3 4 Pep Club 4 if WILLIAM DAYTON Wxld B111 General Course 1 2 3 4 Junior Play SANDRA DENGER Nan Commercial 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Majoretre 3 4 Y Teens2 3 4 Pep Club 4 School Paper 2 3 4 fl ' ' ' : - l r I : I ' ' ' 5 ' - 5 ' 9 . . : : 2 - . z . z , - , : : 5 n I I I I ll ll 1 1 ' I I I I I I , , , , . : ' . . : ' ' ' 7 ' . . . z : : 9 - ' - I I I I I I . Q ' ' s . . s ' I l I ' A t I , 1 Au 'X I ff' wvegigf ' 'A CAROL DICKERSON D1ck1e Commercral Course 1 2 3 4 Y-Teens 2, 3,4, Pep Club 4, School Paper 3, Office Work 3, Annual Staff. OLIVER ENGSTROM "Juddy" College Prep. g Play 3, 4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Football 1, 2,3,4, Basketball 1,2, DEANNA FIELDS Dee College Prep 1 2 3 4 School Paper, Latrn Club 2, 3,4, Y- Teens 2, 3, Senior Play, Beta Club 4, Scholarship Banquet 3. ELIZABETH GOFF "Snapper" Commercial Course 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Pep Club 4, School Paper 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff, Play 3,4, CAROLYN GRIFFITHS Krtty Commercial 1 2 3 4 Play 3 4, Y Teens 2, 3,4, Pep Club 4 Queeu's Attendant 2, Chorus 4 School Paper 2, 3, 4, DONALD HARR 'Don' General Course 1, 2, 3,4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, A GF 04 DOROTHY HENRY Coxnmercxal Course 1 General 4 Y Teens 4 School Paper 3 Annual Staff STEVE I-IICKS Dxbbs Cornmercxal 1 2 3 4 Football 1 2 Basketball 1 2 4 Baseball 1 Plays 3 4 JAMES HUSSEY UD College Prep Beta Club 2 3 4 Presrdent 4 H1 Y Club 2 3 4 Secretary 4 Leader of To morrow Senror State Scholar ship Team Football 1 2 3 4 Plays 3 4 Class Secretary 1 2 3 Band 1 Basketball 1 2 SUSANNE HUSSEY ue College Prep Presldent V P Latrn Club 2 3 4 Treasurer Beta Club2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Dance Band W W Qumtet 1 at State Solo Pep Club Chorus 1 3 4 County Musrc Fesnval Senmr Play Y Teens 2 3 4 GRACE HYSLOP Speedy College Prep Play 3 4 Class Presrdent 3 4 Beta Treasurer 4 Latm Secretary and Program Charrman Y Teen P1an1st and Song Leader Musrc Fesnval Solo Contest Queen s Attendant 3 Senlor Scholarshrp Team Co Busrness Manager of Annual SHIRLEY MARLENE JACK Chlck College Prep Pep Club 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Beta Club4 Latm Club 2 3 4 Scrence Farr 4 Musrc Fest1va13 4 School Paper 2 Clarmet Quartet 3 Scholarslup Team 4 Banquet 3 4 Play 3 Prevue Band 4 Annual Staff ,, . ,, -1 1- 'Dor' I - 2 3. .Z , , -I 1 I 1 1 1 , I , . - . ' 2 ' 1 . 'F 3 I I . . ' 3 ' I ' , 1 1 Q I ' I ' 1 1 1 1 : ' ' 1 I ' 11 1 n 1 1 1 1 1 - , 1 S , . I 1 I I D I , ' 1 f I I I 1 I 1 - us 11 4 If ' ll -1 , . .Q 1 1 1 1 '1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' ' I I . . g 1 1 F Q 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' F 2 ' I 1 , . 1 I 1 I 1 I I ,J V' +1 f 4 - ! 1 Q. V ' K 41' X'l A ' 4 DENNY JACKSON Klller General 3 4 Comrnercral 1 2 Football 1 2 3 4 Co Captarn 4 Basketball 2 4 Class Offrcer 2 H1 Y 2 3 4 Treasurer3 Play 4 BARBARA KLASKI Bobby College Entrance 1 2 General 3 4 Play4 Chorus2 3 4 Queen s Attendant 1 Latm Club 2 3 4 Annual Staff County Mustc Fesuval 4 Pep Club 4 Y Teens 2 3 4 ,pr GA Y KING Blond 16 Chorus 3 4 Y Teens 4 e Club 4 School Paper 2 3 Annual Staff 4 SANDRA KUBAT Sandy Comrnerclal 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 4 School Paper 3 4 Annual staff Y Teens 4 Play 3 J USU' BNA' JERRY KOVALSKI Homer H1 Y 2 3 4 School Announcer Football 1 2 Play 3 4 Projec tion Crew Manager JUDY KNUTSEN Jukre College1234 Band123 4 Beta Club 4 Lattn Club 2 3 4 Dlstrlct Contest 1 2 3 4 Pep Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Senror Scholarshrp 4 Play 4 Nauonal Ment Scholarshrp 3 13555722 f , , 1 ' , 3 Commercial 1, 2, 3, General 4, Commercial 1,25 General 3,45 I I 1 1 - , V' J - Z P P '- I I F ' - ' - : s l A! Fig "' wb BERNARD KOWALSKI "Bemie" General Course- Football 2, 4. GEORGIA MCCUE Gogi Commercial Course Chorus 1 2 3 4 Grrls Ensemble 4 Bril ltant Festrval 4 Band 3 4 Dance Band 4 Y Teens 2 3 4 Pep Club 4 CAROLYN MILLER Re ' College Entrance- Latin Club 2 3 4- Beta 4- Y-Teens 2 - Pep Club 4 Chorus 1 2 Class Offlcer 4 Play 4 Co Editor Annual 4 Scholarship Team JOHN McALLISTER Mac General Course Class Treasurer 1234 H1Y234 chaplain 3 President 4 Beta 4 Junior Play Dance Band 2 3 4 Band Baseball 1 2 3 4 'Q' ALICE HARRIS MORRISON Grandma Commercial Course 1 2- Gen eral Course 3 4- Dramatic Club 1 2 Glee Club2 Gul Reserves 3 Home Economics Club 3 Speech Class 4 MARY MYSONA jitterbug Commercxal Course 1 2 3 4 Chorus2 3 4 School Paper Staff 3 4 Annual Staff I JK ' , . . .3.4. - - ' U . - 1,2,3,4g Student Director 45 A . . , . b " lx we 4 1 . 1 . b I "nay . ... 1 E V o CLARENCE McFA DDEN Shoesy General LORNA POLDAUFF Lomie Commercial Chorus 2 3 4 School Paper 3 4 Annual Staff4 PATRICIA ELLEN PYLE Pete College Prep Scholarshxp Team Beta Club 2 3 4 Iumor Play Y Teens 2 3 4 Latrn Club 2 3 4 Chorus Pranlst 2 3 4 Annual Staff Musrc Fest1va1Accomp 2 4 Band 1 2 leader of Tomorrow 4 Graduatron Pramst 1 2 3 WAYNE ROBERTS Rabbirs General Football l 3 4 Basket ball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 Play ,T .J L IMOGENE ROBINSON Comrnercral Y Teens 2 3 School Paper 3 4 Annual Staff SUE ANN ROBINSON Hotrod Commercxal Play 3 4 Cheer leader 1 3 4 Captam 4 Pep Club 4 Chonxs 4 Y Teens 2 3 4 Homecommg Queen 4 School Paper 3 4 , ' Q A V.. ' K ' ,.f?'+a'A i ,2 ,V I ' " " . n n nleann 3 4- u u a . :Mfr- V , x 1 V Y Irf- MARIORIE E SLIVA ' Marge' Commercial 1,2 3,4- Beta 4- Chorus 1 2 4- Pep Club 4- Band 1 2 3 Class Vice President 1 4 Led Senxots 3 Queen s Attendant 4 Y Teens 2 3 4 School Paper 2 3 4 County Musrc Fest1val4 Annual Staff Scholarshrp Ban quet 3 4 GARNETTE SWABADO Babe College Entrance 1 2 3 Corn merclal 4 Cheerleader 1 2 3 Latm Club 2 3 4 Play 3 4 School Paper 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 3 4 CHUCK SOMMERS 'Dutch College Entrance 1 2 3 4- Foot- ball 1 2 3 4 Co-Captain - Basketball 1 2 3 4 Co Captam 4 Basebal11234 H1Y234 Presxdent 3 Beta 2 3 4 V1ce Presldent 4 Beta State Presrdent 4 Play 3 4 Class Presldent 1 2 Co Edxtor for Annual 4 MARIORIE STASKEY Marge Comrnercral 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 2 4 YTeens2 3 4 Bandl 2 Staff PATRICIA E SOBOLESKI Patty" Commercial 1 2 3 4- Band 4' Chorus 2 3 4- Y-Teens 4- School Paper 3 4 Annual Staff Music Fesuval 4 Play 4 DONNA THOMAS Cloiey Commercral 1 2 3 4 Y Teens 2 4 Pep Club 4 School Paper4 Annual Staff 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 41 ' ' ' ' 4: PGP Club 4: Y-Teens 2, 3. 4E 3g School PaPer 3,43 Annual ff ' 1 3 . SARA Tl-IORBURN Sara Beck College Prep 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2,3,4, Chorus 1 2 3 4 Teens 2,3,4, Beta 3,4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Dance Band 2,3,4, Girls' Ensemble 3, 4, Band Council 4, Annual Staff, Play 4, State Ensemble Contest 3. REBECCA WEEKS "Squeaks" Commercial 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3.4, Cabinet 4, Play 3, Speech Class 4, Scholarship Banquet 3, 4, Annual staff. WAYNE WILKINSON Jake General Course 1 2 3 4 Foot ball 1 2 Basketball 1 LOIS WINLA N D It yll College Prep, l,2, 3,4, Latin club 2,3,4, Play 3, Pep club-1, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 3, GU15' Ellselllble 4, County Music Festival 4, Annu Staff. al LOUISE WRIGHT Weezie Commercial Course 1 2 3 4 Girls Ensemble 4 Chorus 1 2 3,4, Y-Teens 2,3,4, Play 4, School Paper 2, 3,4, Music Festival 4, President of Pep Club 4. JANET SUE ZEYER "Kid" College Prep. , Beta Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Y-Teens 2,3, 4, ICC 4, Latin Club 2,3,4, President 3, Pep Club 4, Play4 Chorus 1, 2,3,4, Ensemble 4, Annual Staff, Senior Scholar- ship Team, County Music Festi val 4, 1 -rf jv- 'ffw Q , A 'e Left to nght Treasurer Roume Mardrs Vrce Presldent Richre Sterling Secretary Jesse 'ei MARY SUE ADAMSKY PAUL BAINBRIDGE BECKY BARKHURST LOUISE BURKHEAD Cornmercral College Entrance College Entrance Commercial P DAN CALL JOHN CHMELOVSKY DAVID CLE,-,VER College Entrance Commercwl College Entrance O Warren, President Roger Ruzek. fy 1 I PATTI DENNIS CHUCK DICKEY NANCY FEHER MELVIN FIELDS College Entrance General Commercial General , A 72? J 5' r GEORGE GABEL CHUCK HILLIGAS DANA HILLIGAS General General Commercial CUKFIS HUSSEY JEFF JEFFRIES GARY KNUTSEN SUE KALONICK College Entrance General General Commercxal W.. Q-W i A ,- f c ' v XQA1 ..f . xiff -'P 'r' , A - , A ,. r - ' f ' 0 4. ' " v 1' .1 L . ' b JAMES KQVALSKI KAYE KRINKE FRANK KUTAY JOHN LANDERS Comme,-cial College Entrance General College Entrance by sv' ,ig V9 MARY MCALLISTER RUTHIE MCCUE WAYNE McCUE College Entrance Commefclal College Entrance X can 3 BYRON A MCELROY GLADYS MANBECK RONNIE MARDIS LARRY MENTZER College Entrance Commercral General College Entrance I M., , . ' Ia K J.-me ' I I. jf' rd! ':E:'. I ea O Q MIKE MURRAY PAT PERRY MICHAEL RONEVICH ROGER RUZEK General Commercial General Commercral BILL SANCREEK CA ROLE SCHRA DER CAROLYN SHRIEVE Commercial Commercial Commerc1al DOUGLAS SLOAN RONALD SMITH JOE SPEARS RICH STEFFL General College Entrance Commercial College Entrance men STERLING RGALIE TANNER MITCH WANAT IESS WARREN Commercral Commercial College Entrance College Entrance PEGGY WHEELER JOHN WHINNERY LOIS WOODS College Entrance College Entrance Commefclal Lois WORREL1. TESSI YARISH Commercial C0mm6fCi-21 f f . X fyfiwmfzefs a o n ! ,. ,I ,s fl fi Ai ,f 9 A .Q ' Left to right Treasurer Kathy F1Sh Secretary Lucy Cleaver Vice Presrdent Emtly Slezak Presrdent Joe Boyd 1,1 1 TOO BUSY N O Sh Sw g if L.- Nancy Atwood James Bambndge Joanne Boroslu Joseph Boyd Gary Brtggs Davra Capers Lucy Cleaver Robert Cleaver Dorothy Dayton Sarah Denger Joyce Ekey Jane Engstrom Robert Erwxn Kathleen Fxsh Wilham Gnfftths Sara I-iertler Pearl Hmton Richard Hussey Ronald Hyslop W1l11am Knutsen Jerry Loposkl Pamck Loper Joyce Mardxs Roberta Merkel James Moms Verne Myers Wrllram Erwm Bonnie Kanoski James Nacct Edward Peltz George Rector Raymond Rector Wxlford Stmeral Thomas Skews Emily Slezak Anthony Smxth Judtth S pragg Wxlham Swabado Paula Szczepanskl Norman Toto James Vass Jane Williams Joseph Wmskl Bonme Worthmgton Glenn Zeyer Victor Sterling ay, f ,f . I , 4: ... ,g 5' . . - ,As . . 1 ,,.., . 1-blyufxg .buf , Q' A 5, z , S r 1 5 . b SN in 7. V - 4-4 .Q xxx' x' ' na if'-7 -"' ' ', f l ..q .flnla , . Aff ja 5 ff "" 'Qi' 0 f hx N.. KN ysss. .,1. ' ' x xx .-. . . . . xi' ww 3 - X, Q AX K t l V : Ax xi KSN! jf ,H Ani V x' N0 R' Yxsxvs' Q Uffczaa Left to rrght Bruce McE1fresh Pres1dent Judy Goschrnskr Treasurer Beth Hussey Secretary Sue Skews Vrce Presrdent 1 Nu Hook AVAILIIU l 5' "7 ? VICIOI Adamsky Ronald Baker Kerth Berry Donald Boroskl Frank Butt Beatnce Champ Sherry C1ChOlIlSkl Shrrley Closser Thomas Cochran Betty I Dematte John P Harbourt Shtrley Harr Beth Hussey Kenny Klnsey Robert Kovalskl Ronald Kowalskx Wllham Lemmon Bruce McElfresh Mary Mcl-lugh Lois Matthews Leo Marks John Mart1n Larry Marztez Ray Mozden Gerry Call Judy Goshmskx Mary Myers Shuley Nacci Martin Nlchols Leo Poplue Charles Porter Jean Scheehle W1ll1am Scheehle Thomas Schrader Shella Schnckle Suzanne Skews Louis Shva Robert Smuh John Supinski Carol Swabado Steve Thomas R1chard Thompson Sue Warren Nancy Wheeler Dons Woodford Jerry Woods Carol Zamski Ja mes Nichols FIRST ROW front to back I Ronevlch B Sxburt K Flelds SECOND ROW I Rone v1ch I Salem A Rousseaux P Atluns C Saffell M Thomas S Spragg B Salem THIRD ROW S Zelek M Wootchle H Rlchards L Lehner T Harrls K Wh1rmery D Worrell B Rmkes FOURTH ROW B Packer R. Gasber L Jancura B Schrader C Holhday A Manbeck B Mason FIFTH ROW I Balazy L Battles N Dlkant B Brxtt C Bfbe R Salem STANDING left to ught R Murray Cleaver R Koran C Bambndge Present but cut offm the DICIUIC J Botz B Crawford L Stock D Swabado Sponsor Mr Hewetson absent when DICIUIC was taken FIRST ROW back to front Mr Tate J Renforth B Carpenter L Hayman D Moore D Boyd J Thompson SECOND ROW back to front M Bambrrdge D Walker C Spragg G Kempton R. Woods B Cochran E Bucy THIRD ROW back to front R. Barron M Koren W Mercer B West L Stromsky R. Harr FOURTH ROW back to front B Henry R Morrrson R KOV31Skl B Sm1th S Goff E Cos tam S Daugherty FIFTH ROW back to front V Kubat C Zamsk1 D Goff N Closser S Denger SIXTH ROW back to front V Grrfflths C Naccr L Baldwm K Iefferres SEVENTH ROW back to front S Yost I D1ckerson J Koren D Grrffxth STANDING left to rrght C Hyslop P Sommers C Cleaver N Harbourt Sponsor Mr Naftzer absent when prcture was taken 770: 2 S4114 LEFT R. Ronevrch R Benlrne C Rxchards P Snyder S Knutsen T Cochran D Meyers M Kutay D Shrreve S Seals T Baker S Shrreve L Zeroskr H Woodford C Burkhead CEN TER F Cleaver R Arnscough R Wheeler P McCue L Closser K Worrell D Frelds L Rrsdon RIGHT S Bntt D Clark T Grrffrth J Whrnnery B Scheehle J Suprnskr C Brrtt . 20454 and Sex!! FIRST ROW ion lefty D Cameron D Thorburn W Baker SECOND ROW L Hollrday S Gas ber B Heburn M Seals R Mehollrn L McCue S Zelek THIRD ROW G Adamsky J Zelek D Murray K Speer D Vargo K Prckens P Woods FOURTH ROW D Laposkt D Moore C Baldwrn B Johnson M Murray B Frnney B Pastor J Loper B Botz FIFTH ROW L Adamsky R Rector B Zeyer G Carpenter K Rector D Frsh J Schubert I I 1. Stewart, E. Whinnery, R. Shrieve, T. Strickler. Mrs. Nichol, Substitute Teacher. ' 0 I 77624 Wmceqa 74rd ...his- Y, if as FIRST ROW front to back C Carter B Kennedy T Warren J Randolph SECOND ROW front to back K Pickens L Kinsey J Spragg R West A Murray J Marsley THIRD ROW front to back D Jackson R Prergalhm D Naftzger F Lehner R. Cook L Kelly L Meyers R. Nichols FOURTH ROW front to back R Smith R. Jancura C Harr R Mason R. Daugherty F Zamskr K Yoblrnskr D Thompson FIFTH ROW front to back T Woods R Richards T Thomas M Bigelow T Thomas J Mason M Ekey 645547 FIRST ROW front to back W Koren G Richards E Woodford M Jeskey SECOND ROW front to back. R. Britt, M, Bigelow, H Porter C Kutay T Zeroski D Martin THIRD ROW front to back: C. Ainscough, T. Harris, G, Strekel, R. Ronevich, S. Matthews, P. Johnson, E. Morrison, G. Yost. FOURTH ROW, front to back: J. Watkinson, M. Hinton, M. Supinski, A. Knorowoski, J. Friend, D. Barron, M. Woods. FIFTH ROW, front to back: C. Randolph, N. Jackson, J. Zamski, L. Welshans, B. Saus, B. Goff. STANDING: E. Kubat, R. Shrieve, C. Scott. Substituting Teacher- Mrs. Nichol. 4740-wicuwi?own'4 FIRST ROW R Thompson L Morehead W Yost R. Tanner SECOND ROW V Panebranco W McDonough D Prckens C S1mera1 C Dematte 1 Davrs THIRD ROW P Mercer R. Hol11day V Weeks E Ronev1ch FOURTH ROW M Brooks S Denger M Peltz P Clechomskl S Vargo J Schrrckel M Hastmgs R Iancura FIFTH ROW J Renforrh R Hrcks G Ham11ton R Wxseman B Schubert SIXTH 770471 4 mwi74wd FIRST ROW front to back B KIBSRI R. Baker I IHCR B Hams SECOND Row T McCorrmck M Mxtchell V Donbeck L W111I8mS R. Koran C Garb6S1 THIRD ROW L Slbert H Russel P Henry L worwa G Schrlckel R Clark G Wood ford FOURTH ROW W Robson I HICRS B Goff D Srbert K Salem TCBCTICF Al1ce Hussey 2 ' ' ROW: P. Cleaver, E. Mozden, R. Schrickel, M. Cleaver. NOT SHOWING: T. Call, ' S ' 7fZe2w77Zc77t6!6aabS FIRST ROW B Wheeler L Goff B Dlkant G Rector SECOND ROW G Pastor L Flelds J Strekel D Hams N Supmskl D Scheehle D Thompson THIRD ROW R. Olekslak J Yost D Plergalhm B McCue R Ronevrch B Schass B Thompson FOURTH ROW M Spragg W Zelek M Thompson S Welshans R. Hamllton C Balazy G Seals L Yost Mrs Hzcks Subsutute Teacher a?l784f FIRST ROW left front to back I Cothran T Woodford C Woodford E Parker W Carpen ter S Salem SECOND ROW R Russell A Kempton E Zeroskl C Henry W Feher T Salem THIRD ROW J Slnkovzch D Rector L Nelms S Strekel A Marun E Dav1s FOURTH ROW B Saffell M H1CkS C Woods C Call D Fmney K Welshans I Br1tt M Cook ABSENT V Jasper D Hxlhgas 2. , . , . , . . 3 . 1 - . . . . . . , , . , . , . , . . - . . , . . . . . . , . , . , . , . . . . . Q , . , . , , . . u . Q . . , . g ,,,, -x- - H . -- Nf- - . , , . . , o , . , - . 0 . . . . . . . , . . Q . Q , - , . . . . . . . . . , . , . , . , . , . . . . . . . . , . , - , . , . , . , 4 , . . I . . . . , . . 4 0245 FIRST ROW W Tanner W Felrx D Strrckler C Carpenter SECOND ROW C Edgehouse J Kennedy D Shrreve J Worrell R. Zeroskl C Zelek K Baker THIRD ROW J Hyslop D Marzetz D Woods B Zamskr D Woods FOURTH ROW J Panebranco J Plckens L 77614. of FIRST TABLE C Brrtt J Baker N Heburn K Hamrlton K Fmney D Carey R Brooks SECOND TABLE J Jack C Hyslop T Hell D Atwood B Kempton L Spragg M Shafer THIRD TABLE B Sterlrng D Wheeler K Srckle J Wrseman R, Whmnery B Wlunnery FOURTH TABLE I Saffell C Rrley T Pxckana S Morehead L McCue D Seals L Scott B Scheehle D Morehead Cesare, P. Williams, B. Dolfi, V. Johnson, G. Botz. ABSENT: D. Yost, B. Knutsen, S. Goff. v ' Scdwz Www Our town was founded rn the year 1803 Soon after tts foundmg educa tronal advantages were tntroduced From 1803 to 1867 a number of schools were started in varxous places around the town To rank hrgh in the realm of educatron has always been our chtef glory We have a wonderful hentage of educattonal and sprrttual development In 1867 Mr Pleasant Hrgh School was constructed on the srte of the pre sent burldrng It was a substantral two story red bnck burldrng consrstrng of four rooms The mam part of the edrftce was 60x30 The back wrng contamed four rooms two 36x30 and two 30x24 The constructron of the new 51100 00 btuldrng was supervrsed by Wrllram Rerd It became known as the Umon School presumably because of the combrnrng of the prrmary and grammar grades The school opened on January 18 1868 J A Whrte was elected prtn crpal of the hrgh school department There rs a curious and rnterestrng story of how hrs electron came about lt was because of the way he put hrs foot down Mr Whrte possessed a quicker and more posttrve step than most men In the fall of 1870 W1ll Whtte hrs brother became assrstant prrncrpal The Whrte brothers were assocrated w1th our school system for many years One of and temperament of the two brothers I A told more than he knew whrle Wtll could not tell half of what he knew The first graduatrng exercrses were rn 1873 Members of the class were Jennre McMasters fMrs E J Robrnsonp Wrlliam Wagner and Lafre Rerd Commencement was held rn the Yearly Meeting House Lrterary programs were held ln the four room red school burldtng One eventng of each week the puptls as well as thetr parents wended thetr way to the schoolhouse There w1th many a flourxsh they delrvered then poems and prose to the delight of all who attended A frrst Grade Charter was grven Mt Pleasant Hrgh School on January 1870 New apparatus and a library were requrred Thts need was met by Mrss Lafre and Miss Alma Rerd who establtshed a lxbrary U1 memory of therr father Willtam Retd In 1916 flames razed the little red schoolhouse to the very foundatron tn sprte of the brave efforts of the townspeople Later rn 1917 a new burld ing replaced the old one As ttmes changed new requtrements exrsted Burldrngs were enlarged to accomodate the ever mcreasrng number of puprls Wrth a progressrve attttude tn mind the fun addrtron to Mt Pleasant l-hgh School was made rn the year 1930 It consrsted of a commercral room and a scrence room on the thtrd floor Two class rooms were added to the second floor An audttorrum was also constructed . . . . ' - their pupils quotes an accurate appraisement of the difference i.n character . ll . . , ' . . . 9 ' ' - . The ttme came when men of vtston and forestght reahzed the need for consoltdatton In 1932 school buses came rnto use to provrde transportatton for the rural chlldren Buses brought puplls from Ramsey Dunglen New Town and Harrlsvtlle ln the year 1939, the second addttton was made It conststed of two class rooms on the thtrd floor and two on the second Also two basement rooms and an Industrial Arts Department were added In 1950 a new school wmg was constructed The work was completed and the dedtcatxon was made on March 10 Mr Ray B Roshon the supertn tendent of county schools made the address The addttlon tncluded a lunch room mustc department two dressmg rooms two basement rooms and a fmtshrng room for the shop In 1958 a new addttion was made to our butldtng It was an lndustrtal Arts Department The complete cost of constmctton plumbtng and electrtcal equtpment was S39 364 00 Also a new fteld house was constructed at the football fteld It consrsted of dressrng rooms showers and an equ1pment room Htgh grades tn scholarsh1p tests have always been achteved by Mt Pleasant students due to the work of a staff of excellent teachers Basketball and football teams w1th then defeats and trtumphs have brought many trophtes to Mt Pleasant Hrgh Boys tn Industnal Arts have placed htgh 1n state compett ttons Our Home Economtcs department ts one of the ftnest rn Ohto Part1c1 pants tn muslc contests have consistently received high rattngs But best of all are the loyalty sportsmanshrp prtde and school spurt shown by the boys and gtrls who make up the student body Nancy Barkhurst f 1 . 1 1 1 , . u . . , ' , . n 1 1 n . - 1 1 , . . 1 . 1 . . . ' 1 1 1 BETA CLUB The Mt Pleasant Beta Club IS a chapter of the Nattonal Beta Club whtch ts a non secret leadershtp servrce orgamzatton for htgh school students lt Constrtuuon states The purpose of thxs orgamzatron shall be the prornotron of the tdeals of honesty servrce and leadershrp among htgh school students of Amertca to reward merrtorious achtevement and to encourage and asstst students to conttnue thetr educatton after high school HIY Code of Ethtcs To create matntatn and extend through out the home school and communrty hrgh standards of Chrtstlan Character Hx Y Members Aim The arm of a H1 Y member ts to do the best he can in study speech and sports tn the development of Chrtsttan personality and m servrce to make ltfe most worthwhrle for htmself and hrs assocrates Slogan Clean Speech Clean Sports Clean Scholarshtp and Clean Ltvmg PEP CLUB A club organtzed September 11 1958 promoted the school spmt at every football and basketball game Louts Panebtanco ts the sponsor and advtsor Adamsky Treasurer Ehzabeth Goff LATIN CLUB The Mt Pleasant Latin Club was organtzed ten years ago by a colomal group of students who called themselves Amtci Lattnt Later the club became afftltated wrth the Nattonal Iuntor Classtcal League whtch 15 the high school branch of the Amertcan Classtcal League There are more than a thousand branches of J C L throughout the Untted States Our purpose ts three fold Ftrst our programs arm to develop a broader and deeper understandtng of our classtcal background secondly the club contributes annually in some way to school welfare thrrdly we atm to have a group of congental students who can enjoy varred pleasure together Y TEENS The purpose of the Y Teen club ts very able expressed tn the words of the club song If we can grow as simply as common blades of grass Both tall and stratght as trees grow to the sky Then we can leam to know and under stand ourselves and others What we do and say we the younger generatxon are strtvtng now to butld a better world Peace and unity Freedom and brotherhood these we have set to be our goal Offtcers Presrdent Sue Hussey Vlce Prestdent Mary McAlltster Secretary Sara Thorbum Treasurer Elxzabeth Goff Program Chairman Becky Weeks Song Leader Grace Hysolp Devouonal Chatrman Becky Barkhurst Ptamst Patncra Pyle Inter Club Counctl ors Janet Zeyer Jane Wtlltams Emtly Slezak l ' , - . . , . . S President Louise Wright, Vice President Barbara Kiaski, Secretary Mary Sue We proudly present the outstandrng students of Mt Pleasant Hrgh School Our hats are off to them and therr accomplrshments The prtmary purpose of thrs school or any school rs educatron School actrvrtxes are really fme but the most rmportant accom phshment IS to be a master of the subjects you are takxng Frrst Row left to rrght Mary V Garbesr the daughter of Mr and Mrs Eugene Garbesr IS rn the seventh grade Peggy Sommers the daughter of Mr and Mrs Norman Sommers rs 1n the seventh grade Larry Lehner the son of Mr and Mrs W1l11am Marzetz rs rn the etghth grade Mary R McHugh rs the daughter of Mrs Dean McHugh She ts a fresh man and IS takmg the College Entrance course Leanna Baldwm the daughter of Mr and Mrs Wxlbur Baldwrn rs rn the seventh grade Second Row left to rlght Rebecca Barkhurst rs the daughter of Mr and Mrs James Barkhurst She ts a Jumor and IS takmg the College Entrance course Patrtcra Denms rs the daughter of Mr and Mrs Rylre Denms She IS a Jumor and IS takmg the College Entrance course Leo Robert Popkre rs the son of Mr and Mrs Leo Popkre He IS a fresh man and IS taktng the College Entrance course Patncra Pyle 15 the daughter of Mr and Mrs Eugene Pyle Pat rs a semor and rs takmg the College Entrance course Lucy Cleaver rs the daughter of Mr and Mrs Olrver Cleaver She IS a sophomore and IS takmg the College Entrance course ,..--4" XJ 2 'infant IU KA3 E JJ N. The followmg Senlors are the members of the 1959 Scholarshtp team of Mt Pleasant Hlgh School Standlng left to nght Sue Hussey Patncta Pyle Sara Thorbum Marlene Jack and Judy Knutsen Seated left to rlght Grace Hyslop Charles Sommers Carolyn Mtller Jtm Hussey and Janet Zeyer WX ?i After a twenty year absence Mrs Alrce M Morrlson returned to Mt Pleasant Htgh School to complete her educatron She came back to take a bustness course so she can keep records of her husband s busmess She has three children, two tn school, one graduated a grand daughter Her husband signs her report cards She saxd she enjoys school more now than rn 1938 but to r1de a school bus wrth snrty chtldren rs an rnvrgor atmg expertence -J.. FIRST ROW left to rlght Assrstant Coach Jack Clbulka B111 Swabado Jrm Hussey Juddy Eng strom Chuck Sommers Denny Jackson Wayne Roberts Berme Kowalskr Rlch Sterlrng Coach Ralph Tate SECOND ROW Drck Boyd Roger Ruzek Danny Call Douglas Sloan Jess Warren Ronald Mardrs Wayne McCue Curt Hussey John Landers Paul Barnbrrdge Charles Porter THIRD ROW Jrm Thompson Bob Erwrn 11m Morrrs Joe Boyd Joe Wrnskr Jrm Naccr Pat Loper Glenn Zeyer Leo Marks John Martrn Rrch Thompson FOURTH ROW B1l1Scheehle Marun Nrchols Jxm Nrchols Bruce McElfresh Jerry Woods Larry Marzetz Ronme Hyslop T Krller Dutch JACK CIBULKA RALPH TATE DENNY JACKSON CHARLES SOMMERS Assrstant Coach Co Captarns K , , 74 A , A -'gy U ' 1. ' I ' ,. 1 , ,- .ci- K. I .1 1 -fi' f" We T "1-ri. , .A-A .1 5' ,Jag Tp., 41' .A I , :lin 3: . . , .4 V . Atl ,..1r A i - - xv. .17 . . ,.- - .sf .,. - -' 'Y Y'f- .ff's', ' ,.-J ' '. , 1,--,f , .-1, -' -4-, fr ff' - , ' ,-'. ,- 14 , --1 - .-1 v, ' 'l'"",-" f.- 1- W' ' , - . A A. fY+.,- -'Y' : 'suv .1-J 1. ' '-"' A M ' " ' -nf! 4 'is ' ff -. . . I I 1 1 I ' Y Y Y U I Y - I I 1 1 1 1 I Y Y I I 0 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 I I I I Y 3 K z I ' I Q X 5 1 ,- N 1 X -, DENNY JACKSON CHUCK SOMMERS JIM HUSSEY BERNIE KOWALSKI I UDDY ENGSTROM WAYNE ROBERTS '- Y. we - 1.4 caan K GRACE 1,9 J f Y Y' 3-Q WWW Safer? Edalfddlt ..ir1...t. 25: '-71' 4 4144? F Q pk' " I Nlchols D Call W Roberts C Sommers Coachl Cxbulka E Peltz R. Ster Img R M3Id1S D Boyd FIRST ROW D Boyd C Hussey S Hlcks R Ruzek B Erwm B Swabado SEC OND ROW R Hussey D Cleaver Coachj Cxbulka G Gable J Nxchols 0 ,v if ' ' Res, 1 0 t 1 0 y I I I I I I , I 1 - 4 , 1 ', . 1 : . , . , . . . . . , . . ' : . . . , . . . . . ' . Left: Chuck Somrners Dutch He is Co-Captain and one of our top scorers averagrng about 16 points per game. Chuck is always on the ball and a very good rebounder Rlght Wayne Roberts Rabbrts 1-rp 14 rn Fa ram and our brg man under the boards and has a very good shot from the srde Wayne IS also outstandmg rn defensxve plays Left Steve Htcks Drbs A very good defensive man and a ball hawk Steve will al ways come through wrth a few poxnts when they are needed Rrght Denny Jackson Killer He s one of the stronger men of our team and comes through when the pressure rs on And Denny keeps hustlmg when the gorng gets rough Up Eddxe up Smk xt' Jack Clbulka Basketball coach of the 1958 59 season This 1S hls fxrst year of coachmg He graduat ed from Smxthfleld I-hgh School and The College ofSteubenv111e Jack was Co Captam of the number one small college basketball team of Dutch flres' the natxon And 1n i- FRONT ROW left to rtght R. Mason S Shrieve H Woodford J Zelek D Myers M Seals D Jackson J Randolph J Supmski L Hollxday SECOND ROW left to rrght D Naftzger B Zeyer D Clark B Kennedy J Stewart D Murray R. Mehollin B Benhne D Frsh R Ntchols E Ward THIRD ROW left to ugh: J Mason D Shneve B Wheeler T Gr1ff1th D Shneve B Scheele D Thompson J Schubert D Vargo T Stnckler C403 FRONT ROW left to rtght T Hams D Swabado B West B Barron D Walker B Carpenter J Botz BACK ROW left to nght B Rmkes C Bambndge J Renforth R Stburt D Worrell J Thompson Coach Herbert Stewart S FRONT ROW, left to rlght J Nichols R. Thompson Ralph Tate Coach M Nrchols T Schrader BACK ROW left to right K Kxnsey V Adamsky J Martin L Marks L Marzetz ? 3 7 2 O that . yk as MR? ' TONI BUNISH Senlor GRACE HYSLOP SCHIOF .14 Ill TOP ROW left to nght Grace Hyslop Bonme Kanoskx Tesso Yansh BOTTOM ROW left to rxght Tom Bumsh Garnette Swabado Sue Ann Robmson GARNETTE SWABADO Semor SUE ANIX. ROBINSON Semor "'-40:-r 1 ' I V ff, n,, 25' 121 x :iff U -fa F1 362 Q. 'S FIRST ROW left to nght G Manbeck B Barkhurst E Slezak B Kanoskl M Adamsky I Wrllrams P Denms K Krmke SECOND ROW MISS Krmke P Pyle N Barkhurst J Hussey C Sommers G Hyslop C Mlller, S Thorburn THIRD ROW C Beck D Frelds I Zeyer S Hussey J McA1l1ster B McElroy D Cleaver L Menrzer M Sl1va L Cleaver I Krrutsen M Jack M McA1l1ster Krmke I Wrllrams P Denms B McElroy S Hussey N Toto B Kraslu Mrs Hewetson SECOND ROW G Zeyer J WIHSRI M Jack S Thorburn C Mrller G Swabado K F1sh L Cleaver M McAllrster J Zeyer P Pxle T Skews THIRD ROW G Hxslop C Beck D Flelds N Barkhurst L Wmland I Spragg R. Hussey I Landers J Morrrs P Loper E Peltz FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Kanoski, J. Knutsen, P. Wheeler, B. Barkhurst, K. 457 As a trtbute to the scholars in the hrgh school system the Ttmes Leader maugurated the Leaders of Tomorrow banquet It rs for the express purpose of honormg those htgh school semors who possess the qualmes of scholarshtp leadershrp and character The sentor class selected Patr1c1a Pyle daughter of Mr and Mrs Eugene Pyle and James Hussey son of Mr and Mrs John D Hussey as our representattves to the banquet FIRST ROW T Yansh G Hyslop T Bunish D Swabado S Robmson B Kanoskr SECOND ROW B Brown S Kalonlck D Woodford S Denger B Hussey J Call B Ktaskl V1ce Presidentli Goff TreasurerM Adamsky SecretaryL Wnght Presr dentM Myers N Wheeler S Denger THIRD ROW C Dlckerson S Thorbum Pyle S Ctechomskl L Scheele Goschmskr J Zeyer B Barkhurst D Htlhgas C Shneve P Perry C Shrader J Charlton S Skews J Boroskl V Myers S Warren M Jack FOURTH ROW S Hussey M Morehead C Swabado C Zamskr R Merkle J Ekey L Burkhead J Spragg N Barkhurst C Mrller L Wmland Shva D Thomas P Szczepanskt S Mrller K Knnke R McCue N Atwood E Slezak C Grtffrth B Worthmgton C Beck G. King, J. Mardis, S. Hertler, S. Closser, B. Dernatte. J. Williams, K. Fish, P. . , . , . , . , . , . ' . . ' , M. 7eea4 FIRST ROW left to rrght MISS Harbourt S Hertler J W1ll1ams S Denger C Dlckerson M Adamsky S Kalonlck I Mardrs B Kanosk1 G Manbeck S Den ger B K18Sk1 C Beck I Charlton SECOND ROW E Goff P Pyle I Zeyer S Thorburn B Barkhurst B Weeks S Hussey M McAll1ster G Hyslop Wheeler C Gr1ff1ths V Myers T Yar1sh N Feher C Mason G Krng THIRD ROW L Cleaver R Merkel N Atwood G McCue K Frsh M Dayton D Hen ry N Barkhurst S Kubat R Tanner L Worrell C Schrader D Hrllrgas C Shneve P Parry R McCue L Wrrght FOURTH ROW S Rob1nson E Slezak L Burkhead J Ekey P Denms C Mrller L Wmland G Swabado M Shva R Chmelovsky M Staskey P Sczepanskx W4- FIRST ROW left to rrght H Nlchols J Engstrom C Sommers D Call I Hussey L Mentzer J McA1l1ster D Cleaver J Kovalskl SECONDROW C Htllrgas D Harr W Slmeral E Peltz C Hussey I Whrnnery D Jackson THIRD ROW V Sterlrng R Cleaver J Laposkl B Swabado R Hussey B Erwm B Erwxn C Dlckey Q- 1 ' : ' . . . . ' ' . - , - . l 9 I U I 1 ' ,I U ,U ' f 5 - , . ' ', . , . . : . , . . . , . . . . . . . . - ' . - .P- 1 I l . j l 1 0 ' 1 D 1 I I 0 . I : . . . , . , . . . . ' . - , . ' 1 Q 1 I 1 I I I 1 0 1 0 l . I Q ' , . . . . . ' . : . ' 1 . , . j l 1 l lj I . 1 I ' 1 0 1 i I 1 l 1 I 1 l 't n ., ,, W , 1 . I I , 1 1 I v 1 0 1 1 n g Q ' 1 1 p Q ,1 I o . I 1 n , . ' , . . . . . ' , . . : . . g . , - .y . 1 1 n I . 1 o I 1 0 'ID lv- SEC B Barkhurst S Denger Cal B Hussey G Manbeck C H1 lrgas G Barkhurst N cft to rrght FIRST ROW SKu Lehner L Schric ke S G Brrggs C Swabado S. Skews K F1elds ONDROW R Chem ovsky G McCue Ba dwm S Harr L K Whmnery P Wheeler D Swabado THIRD ROW R Hussey Soboleskr P rgas bat D H1 R Cleaver A Man Stock L S Naccr C N ccr FOURTH ROW J Kovalslu M Morehead J Knutsen M Jack I Steffel R B Packer J Char ron IHITIS JW1 Spragg S L Cleaver FIFTH ROW S Hussey S C osser beck ISICI' I MCA I Harbourt Pe tz E F3 JZHIC L T Smlth W Lemmon s1xTH Row V Adamsky Whmnery Pac S Thorbu rn Mr P Dennrs W Slmeral Popkre M MCA lrster L S Clechomskr SEVENTH ROW G Gabel Erwln B EIGHTHROW T Skews branco FIRST ROW left to nght Mr Panebxanco Teacher S Schnckel C Swabado N Wheeler S Closser S Naccl B Kanoslu G Call G Kmg L Cleaver M Morehead M McHugh S Skews I Charlton L Wrxght SECOND ROW J Ekey B Worthmgton J Goschmskx I W1111ams J Mardls I Spragg S Thorburn Robmson R Chmelovsky P Soboleskl E Slezak D Woodford S Hertler S slop S Denger L Wmland G Swabado N Barkhurst S Hussey J Zeyer M S11va M Staskey T Bunxsh G Manbeck M McA111ster S Crechomskl P Sczepanskr L Poldauff M Mysona C Guffrths mace Zend FIRSTROW left to nght T Skews G Manbeck E Peltz L Iancura B Bark hurst SECOND ROW B Bwm V Adamskr R Steffel J McA111ster J Landers P Denms S Thorburn G McCue M McA111ster S Hussey . '.. ,. .S. Harr, G. McCue, P. Pyle. THIRD ROW: C. Zamski, B. Hussey. B. Kiaski, G. Hy- 21444 Sextet LEFT TO RIGHT R Steffl P Denms T Skews M McAl11ster J Landers andj McAll1ster 2484 Peltz 0 0 LEFT TO RIGHT N Barkhurst G Manbeck S Hussey B Erwm B Barkhurst ' 0 LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Lehner, S. Harr, S. Thorburn, President: J. Whinnery, and E. egdzdqmde FIRST ROW left to nght B Mason S Zelek J Ronevmch S Spragg J Salem C Atkms M Thomas P Atkms N Drkant SECOND ROW R Murray C Erbe K Whmnery , 1 These are the grrls selected from the Grrls Chorus to smg rn the Guls Ensemble for the school year 1958 59 They are left to rlght B Kxaskl G Hyslop L Wmlaud J Zeyer Mr Panebranco G Manbeck S Thorbum G McCue M McAll1ster and L Wnghl I M. Wootchie, J. Balazy, Mr. Panebianco, L. Jancura, K, Fielfis, A, Manbeck, and SAN DY DEN GER Semor FIRST ROW left to ught Beth Hussey Charles Hxllxgas Nancy Barkhurst SECOND ROW Becky Barkhurst Gerry Call Gladys Manbeck Sandy Denger NANCY BARKHURST Semor BOTTOM ROW THIRD ROW Patty Pyle Prompter Georgra McCue Usher Garnett Swabado Mrs Poo Rebecca Weeks Usher Judy Charlton Prompter Judy Knutsen Prompter Sue Ann Roblnson Frreda Flsher Tom Bunrsh Model Grace Hyslop Model Pat Soboleskr Model Eltzabeth Goff Prompter Carolyn Gnfflths Model SECOND ROW Lourse Wrrght Model Lo1s Wrnland Prompter Danny Cameron W1l11e Nancy Barkhurst Model Bernard Kowalskr Stage Manager Barbara Kraskr Bobbette Braddock Denny Jackson Stage Manager Sue Hussey June Braddock Wayne Roberts Squrnt Janet Zeyer Mrs Stockdale Chuck Sommers Chuck Deanna Frelds Mrss Washrngton Jerry Kovalskr Socko Charlotte Beck Mrs Clarence Jrm Hussey Hank Sara Thorburn Mrss Blodget Steve Hxcks Stage Manager Mr Herbert Stewart Duector Absent when thrs prcture was taken was Juddy Engstrom who had the leadrng part of Robert Braddock Carolyn Miller . . . Ophelia FOURTH ROW: 4 :R 92 UU: 5 U Agn Coach s Awards Chuck Sommers qlefty and Denny Jackson fnghtj and football coach Mr Ralph Tate qcenterj They dtsplay trophtes awarded to them for thetr efforts of the past football season Chuck was named outstandmg back and Denny was named top lmeman STATE BETA PRESIDENT HOMEMAKBI OF TOMGIROW Mt Pleasant was honored to have Chuck Sommers elected Prestdent of the Ohto State Beta Club He served from July 1 1958 to July 1 1959 He prestded at the conventton tn Akron on November 11 '2 l -fl Q 'il J Al' Our school s 1959 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow ts Donna Jean Thomas She received the htghest score m a f1fty mtnute wrttten exam on homemaktng knowledge and attrtudes ZH Hall 1. if.:L4, Typmg Class Senlor Homeroom Speech Class if Who was the great er murderer? Mac beth or Lady Mac 4.. n ENGLISH 12 HIY PROJECTION The H1 Y Boys ZSSISI teach ers m showmg educauonal rn ov1es m the classrooms Mrs. Ralph Sterling and Mrs, Floyd Sterling 5' T Pleasant xhoo SO we Th1s xs the transmlsslon or xs 1t'2'7 Can they buxld ll any better m the new shop? A typlcal playground scene -mfs. if Field House buxlt ln 1958 '4 53" 7 11.4, wa 1 4.5 2552 ' I' I '. , x , . , my ,. Ai ffygf MSW' A O li 1 .LA v: L I 'pg 43. ,x pd . Jumor 'V Senior Prom GAFDEN OF MEMORIES NW x ,--v-4 Quu your Pushing! IS the long and the short of our faculty E 'T' 'W 1 U just a lmle bn hlgher I told you not to chew gum 1n English Ill l""'1 fl Whxle you re at ll let s 8 Don I throw unnl you see the et a reserve made whxtes of then eyes 4-I' KUZMA To The Class of 1959 of 1959 1n mak1ng th1s yearbook a real1ty JOHN M KUZMA, Photographer KUZMA STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY 408 Hanover Street Martlns Ferry, Oh1o D1a1 ME 3 2541 It has been an honor and a privilege to work with the Class BURRISS STORE Staple and Fancy Grocer1e s Fresh and Smoked Meats Mt Pleasant, Oh1o BARZAN Chevrolet Oldsrnoblle L1ber ty Street D11lonva1e Oh1o Telephone e 2401 Telephone 9 2381 sg' DICKINSON FLORIST Harr1sv1lle Oh1o Phone Adena 6124 ZIMMERMAN JEWELERS HENRY BEDWINEK 17 South Fourth Street Mart1ns Ferry, Oh1o HARRY ELLANO VITZ Scrap Iron Metal New Ralls Used Machmery Dxllonvale, Oh1o Phone 9 2201 DAIRY JEAN Route 250 Near Harr1sv1lle Oh1o CHARLES A WILSON Gra.ndv1ew Confechonery Phone 7411 BE'-QT sTRABl.EY's CONCRETE BLOCK COMPANY Tlltonsvllle Ohlo CASH MARKET Phone 3492 T11tonsv1l1e Oh1o WILLOW MOTEL AND RESTAURANT On Route 250 R.D. 2 Adema, Ohio Phone Adena 62.35 Mgr., MRS. J. LAVITCHA MORRISON EXCAV-ATING G1fts for All Occaslons Route 250 Adena Oh1o Phone Adena 6247 IRENE S SPE CIAL TY SHOP D111onva1e Oh1o Phone 9 9971 KANOSKI BROS S UPER MARKE T Adena Oh1o Phone Adena 3441 SPEER SERVICE STATION SOHIO Gas and O11 Harr1sv111e Oh1o Phone Adena 6388 R L MOORE AND SONS Ph11co Apphances General Mercha.nd1se Phone Adena 6153 Harr1sv111e, Oh1o Comp11ments of SKEWS I. G. A. Mt. Pleasant, Oh1o lv THE PEOPLE'S NATIONAL BANK OF MCUNT PLEASANT H , Serv1ng You and Your Communlty for F1fty f1ve Years X 1 TNSUIQ SX P M S10 000 EDC AL CS RV! P o hfuetp ' U W " U 4466 axurnum Q Q' X ' 5, :Arnica 1 G nsurancc O . l I ,a For Each if lv5T:n 2, De outer Q 7 " Q9 0 HENRYS JEWELERS HENRY LONGEVITCH 12 North F1fth Street Martlns Ferry, Oh1o RICE S Rexall Drug Store T11tonsv111e, Oluo Phone 3 801 PATSY S Spec1al1z1ng 1n F1Sh and Shr1mp F rlday and Saturday D111onva1e, Oh1o Phone 9 9941 CHEVROLET Sales Servlces Palntmg Body Work WESTLAKE CHEVROLET Martlns Ferry, Oh1o Phone ME 3 3911 Comphrnents of H L MCCONAHEY INSURANCE AGENCY Mt Pleasant, Oh1o GEORGE BARBER SHOP Rad1o and Te1ev1s 1on Repa.1rs Harrisv111e , Oh1o Faq., l " A X1 3 Q . ' . - eq ' f . Q 'I I A v " ' ' ,' v.. , V. -"'.f'9x'l,f. 1' rl. H Q.. F 1 it ' -' A E V , . . . . N ' 5 O O . OHIO VALLEY DAIRY At Your Store at Your Door" Mam Off1Ce Mart1r1s Ferry, Oh1o Phone Me 3 1451 Cornphrnents of Phone Mt Pleasant 8 6245 BEDWAY COAL CO Phone Adena 3511 Adena 3491 DELUCA MARKET Country Meat Top of Connex-v111e H111 Home Dressed Meats Phone Uslster 9 4632 T11tonsv111e, Oh1o Comp11me nts of M T PLEASANT BAND MOTHERS or HERTLER'S ' Cornpllments CITY NEWSSTAND Martlns Ferry Ohlo COAL DIGGERS INN All Legal Beverages Sold Here D1llonvale Oh1o Phone 9 6076 Cofnphments PACKERS Route 250 Near Harrlsvllle Phone Adena 6251 Complete Insurance Se rv1ce JOHN M MARSH Pleasant Grove, Oh1o Phone Adena 6239 Congratulauons to Class of '59 Forty one Years 1n Busmess Selhng Quahty Grocemes and Meats BERT LYNN Mt Pleasant, Oh1o ' of - R ' of ' ORCHARD , f,.,:6-T 'Lf if 8 H PEOPLES FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOANS ASSOCIATION OF WHEELING WEST VIRGINIA Insured Savmg s Accounts f' FIRST NATIONAL BANK Home Loans G I School Sav1ngs Dlllonvale , Oh1o 270 Interest on Savlngs Accounts Phone 9 2561 Safe Depos1t Boxes Member of Federal Home Loan Bank System, Federal Sav1ngs and Loans Corporat1on Insurance of All Kmds CHARLES W RINKES Route 250, Near Harr1sv1lle, Oh1o Phone Adena 6384 HAVLICEK'S GENERAL STORE Hotpolnt Dexte r and Maytag Appl1anc e s Dlllonvale, Oh1o Phone 9 2391 Compllments of CO-OP D1llonvale, Oh1o . 7 -1 f- 1.4 v- U. X' ..., 'Le .7 ' , a iff"--I . A -fy."-' 4,1 ' 'sf 3.3.17 5 fax j I IP ' wi? W 5 . 4l'r'1'-' ' '-'LC ' - 9. uv I .6 'fl' -J. ' 2 ' .. , L1 7 -5575, "1 . ' ' ,L ,.v . .+I ,B , C OHIO VALLEY ELEC TRIC Refmgerator s Dryers and Ranges "W Serv1ce What We Se T11tonsv111e Oh1o Phone 5121 WALTER PELTZ SOHIO SERVICE S TA TION East of Harr1sv111e on Route 250 Phone Adena 6246 NOVAK PHARMACY Pre scr1pt1ons Med1ca1 Supplles D111onva1e Oh1o Phone 9 2121 RUDNER S FURNITURE STORES 1n Martlns Ferry, Be11a1re and Brldgeport et Rudner's Feather Your Nest' GARDA S SPORT CENTER 'A Good Deal for Everyone 107 South Sugar Street St C1a1r sv111e , Oh1o Phone Oxford 5 1145 1 -and'- . . . . . l . HL V 1 v ll Comphments MAIN STREET of LUNCH STEUBENVILLE Featurlng Del1c1ous Hot Dogs Wlth Our Own Homemade Ch111 Topplng CLEARING HOUSE AND S Also Ham Hamburgers Candnes AS OCIATION Home Hosp1ta11ty Mt Pleasant, Oh1o Steubenv11le, Oh1o ASPHALT PAVING ZQMAN CONSTRUCTION CCRPORATION TGNY MANZO 153 R1vercrest Rd Wheellng W Va Phone CE 2 3056 Ice Cream, and Soft Drinks Cornphrnents HESLOP FUNERAL HOME and HESLOP FURNITURE STORE MBTIIHS Ferry Oh1o M8.M HARDWARE Store of a Thousand Items Steubenvllle Oh1o NATIONWIDE INSURANCE In Serv1ce W1th People '+.,,,4 IISIIRAICE ALFRED R THOMAS YI A R THOMAS Phone Adena 6248 Insured Savmgs Accounts FIDELITY SAVINGS AND LOAN CO Mart1ns Ferry Oh1o JASKIERNY BODY SHOP Types of Body Repa1r1ng an Pa1nt1ng Expert Workrna.nsh1p Work Gdaranteed C J SAAD 8: SON General Merchand1se JAMES W SAUNDERS Clothlng Furn1ture PLAS TERING CON TRAC TOR Hardware Apphance s Phone Adena 3731 Phone Adena 6411 of ll ll , ll ' ' 11 f ' 'Y' :lc ' ,Alas ' ,Z " ' gr 5,9 1 1 4' 5 ,Ra 'W ' V' ' 7 .- T I 'Q 'L T , 'I Iv. . , . I' 'N , .A ,T " fn-1 . ' -5, Ln , Q s . . a , 1 o o o Why Buy Ordinary Mufflers '? Internatwnal Mufflers Guaranteed for the L1fe of Your Car HAMILTON S GARAGE Phone 8 2491 Mt Pleasant, Oh1o STERNS HAL LEWIS MEN'S AND BOYS' STORE INC Comphments Cornplnfnents of POSIN'S FERRY JEWELERS ELECTRIC Wheelmg, W Va Martms Ferry Oh1o 7 Martins Ferry, Ohio Steubenville, Ohio . of . Compllments From the S JEFFERSQN TREASURE CRAFT JEWELRY BUILDING AND SAVINGS COMPANY Jewelry Stauonery Owatonna, Mmnesota HARDWARE Phone 8 2311 She rw1n W1ll1arn s Pa1nt CADIZ REPUBLICAN Hardware General Merchand1se AND Mt Pleasant, Ohlo FARM BUREAU Congratulauons to the Sen1or Class From HAN NA COAL CO. DIVISION OF THE CONSOLIDATION COAL COMPANY 1 . .- . Compliments of . COMPLIMENTS Xxx oi www AMX l X f .1 FINLEY NEWS Comp11ments From POSINS JEWELERS 1306 Market St Wheehng W Va Congratulatlons to the Graduatlng Class From For Top Quahty Products H111crest Grade A M11k and Hy Grade Ice Cream "At Your Store Dellvered at Your Door HILLCREST JULE RIVLIN S DAIRY INC 2, A N149 Phone 122 Cadlz Oh1O 4 or ' ' H , . . 9 , , SPORT SHOP . , . I Q, Comp11ments From DEL VE CCHIO HARDWARE Cong ra.tu1at1ons F rom STARBUCK Co1n Equ1pment Best W1shes From the DENMARK FUR SHOP Cong ratulatlons From the HARRISON CANDY Best W1SheS From the MORRIS PLAN Comp11ments From BRODY'S Furnlture Company Future Success to the Class From C CRAWFORD Comphments PLEASANT GROVE I G A From a FRIEND D KENNEDY Best W1shes From the WALKER AND SON HARDWARE Comp11ments of the PHIL MOR C om p11ment s MINERS SUPPLY Congratulatlons From STERIGO'S A G FOOD CENTER Best W1shes From the ST CLAIRSVILLE CLINIC Congratulatlons From the McCOUSLER'S FLORIST W1shes for Success 1n All You Do From THE COLLEGE OF COMMERCE Best W1SheS From the REICHART STORES Comp11m ents of BRIGGS BROTHERS DE PAR TME NT STORE Comphments HORNE 'S Comphm ents HARDWARE AND VARIE TY W1shes of Future Success From DR PAUL ROMIG DVM Congratulatlons From MYER AND STONE Best W1shes' From ENDICKS Congratulatlons I' rom J C PENNEY Best W1Sh6S From FORT STEUBEN DRUG C O . ' of DR . R . . . . . . 1 4 I V 96":':fffi5fQf72fi 'lgql 3 5 - of I ' OF of I 1873 1959 1 Alumni A ssociauon President BOB JONES Second Vice President FRED DICKERSON Recording Secretary PAT JONARD MARSHALL Corresponding Secretary OCTA VIA POWELL Treasurer ELIZABETH PICKENS HUSSEY First Vice President --------- BOB GARBESI 1873 Jenny McMasters Robmson Wrllram R Wagner Lafre C Rerd 1874 Ella Drlworth Montgomery Mary Whrte 1875 Wrllram Updegraff Frank Scheeley 1876 E R Jones Mary H111 John Jones Jennre Krthcart Sallre Krng Mahlon H111 George Updegraff Ella Lupton 1877 Emma Cattell Lupton Anna Glass Laura Clark L1l11e Sharon Frnley Mary Jones Trlton Margaret Krnsey Jenkrns 1878 C O Malrn Luella Flanner Emma Brown Rrne Jessre V Harrrson Watson Walker Annaj Phrlpott Irene Haberlrng Lucy Rrcks Hyde S P Harbourt Nellre Harrrson Wrllram Chambers Wllllam Cattel Emma Pettrt Scott 1879 Anna Krthcart Cleaver Lours T H111 Mrnnre Fogle Glover 1880 C1araJ Mrtchell Sabrna Moore Legge Sherman Brown Lours Lupton Jennre Thoburn 1881 Edward Underwood Lena Molrn Harrrs Alma R McG1enn Elrzabeth Harr1son May Molrn Rucker Edrth Morrrss Patterson Jessre B Krthcart Anna Lupton Robert Underwood 1882 O S Barkhurst J K W Bracken Julxa Mrtchell Francrs Amelda McMan1s Effre Murray 1883 John Lyon Flora Drckerson Scott Hannah Smrth Prerce Jennre Maywood Myers Florence Moore Brown Ola Wrllram Lay Carrre Frnley W111 Trrmble Ella Krthcart Walker L1da Hatch 1884 sw Q Blanche UpdegraffRatcl1ff Mary Wrllrams Dowlrng Margaret Whrtten Martln James E Taylor Anna B Walker Edgar Brown Flora Buckrngham Parlett 1885 Emma Walker Odbert Anna Elbert Robert Parkmson Margaret Maywood Shadbolt John E Scameborne Mrnnre Bassett 1886 Grace Updergraff Bergen Ernest K Hoge L1ll1e Frnley Koch Ernest Frnley Charles K W1ll1ams John Le asure John Shrnely 1887 Clifton Bundy Mary E Jenkrns Frank Elbert Edna Gorsuch Burrrss E B Paxton Elwood Ratclrff C E Morrrs Ross Burriss Eva Com1ey"Dobson 1888 Mary McCullough Belle Townsend Phrlpott Kate Moore Humphrevrlle 1889 Walter Matson Grace Grlffrth Gumey Edna Dtlworth Taltot Gertrude Jenkms Anna Gorsuch Moore Blanche Whrte Walker Carrre Glass Bower Wilbur I-larrls 1890 Mary Krnsey Parker Florence Medxll Gorsuch Stewart Bruce Ida McMasters Cum lva Fletcher Nesbxt Iona Herberlxng Webb Wllllam Glass Lrzzte Talbot Thomas Frank Denms John Comley 1892 Lowena Mercer Lelta Hoge Bedford Edxth Bracken Chalmers McConahey Clara Ktng Sweeney Anna Comley Whtte Robert Marshall Clarence Harbourt 1893 Ada Barkhurst Mercer Lrzzre Harbourt Willtam R Whtte Elxzabeth Ktthcart V1rg1n1a Reed Lawrence Anna Ratclrff Hemmmgway Charles T Updegraff Jenme Moore Blalre Margaret Jeffnes Walker Katherxne Lloyd Burgess Pearl McMan1s Large 1894 Ellzabeth Wtllrams Grlnell lenme Chambers Updegraff Benetta Dtckey McKay Lel1a Klng McMasters Beryl Burns Beatty A E Thomas D B Updegraff Alberta Mellrgan Gnffrth Altda Harbourt Bashore Elrzabeth Smtth Ronald Theaker Iul1a Whrte Finley Edward Moore Alma Harbourt Hams Benjamtn Bone Mazlre Grubb Allen W D Bashore Arthur Steer Mabel Mercer Iuhn Mary Wxthrow Freeman Sadie Mercer Mtller George B Clark Jennre Thompson Sears Albert Moore Laura Wrllmams Johnson 1896 Murden Dutton Roy E MCMBHIS Charles Harbourt Wrlltam Tomasson Eva Mercer Reed Annre Moore Scruggs Harry Moore Charles T Lupton Sadxe Moore Farthful 1897 Tacy Gtll McConnell Ed1th Tomlrnson Olrve Chambers Tommason Soph1a Buchanan Hopper Jullus Mercer Helen Theaker Scott Ed1th Scott Bundy Lucy Theaker Hardesty Charles Parlett Garnet Brown Dxllworth Jesse Harbourt Mayme Klng Theaker Helen McConahey Young Samuel Mercer Margaret Hoge Scott 1898 Al1ce Pennrngton Bertram Manley Newsome Ora Spencer Cuslck Russell Lupton Cary Thompson Lamprey Al1ce Jones Clark Roy Carpenter Robert Prckens Horace Stuart 1899 Alma Hoge Asarl-larbourt Nellte Buchanan Rhodes Iola Watklns Buchanan Camllla McConahey Allen Murray Madge MCKlm Ltston Alma McK1m Thompson Grace Meek Naylor 1900 Velma Orr Thomas Harold Hopper Amanda Mrller Ferguson Charles Stephens Came Mrller Wlllrams Earl Mercer Don Carpenter 1891 1895 Esther Heaton Griffith 1900 Cont Jane Tarbet Orza Starlm Hattre Smrth 1901 Erret Dallas Leona Mxller Brenton Alrce Cope Krrb Elrzabeth Whrte Thatcher Luella Walker Lupton Octavra Betts Powell Ph111p R Whlte 1902 Eva PICRCDS Malker Olrver Buchanan Clara Murray Woods Mary McConahey McKelvre Ada Rrddle Zeyer Ella Harbourt Eva Heaton Mtller Margaret Krthcart Sadle Brown Phrlrps Calvrn Brown 1903 Mayme Wh1tten Hobbs Carlotta Theaker Mrldred Jones Audrey Mercer Onslow W11l1am Orr Carl Schall 1904 Mrldred Shxelds Paston Howard Cusrck Stbyl Tomlrnson Irvm Gertmde Hawthome Ramsey Earl Walker Clara Hoge Janetta Harbourt Fanner Catherrne McConahey Ester Burns Hayne Elma Scott Amstutz Harvey Smrth 1905 Gertrude McMasters Watkms Bertha McMasters Bashore Anska Jones Randolph Harry Moore Samuel Henderson Mae Partmgton Banks 1906 Frank Cleaver Mrchael Hughes Russel Powell George Smrth 1907 Lorena Burns Mllls Luella Bone Anna McCue Irwm Irene Wrrght Hendon Wrmfred Tweedy Beatnce Patterson Rrng 1908 Amy Taylor Nrcholson Effre Smtth Rhodes Margaret Patterson Chambers Alrce Kmsey Johnson Wrndsor Cheffy Alex Buchanan Lucy H111 Olrver Harbourt 1909 Helen Jones Krthcart Maude Burrrss Heburn Elrzabeth Brook House Ethel Beem Emrly Rrddle Olrver H111 Davls 1910 Paul Snyder Zalo Mrles Paullne Patterson Cleaver Emma Murray Debora Smrth Paulson Clarrssa Harbourt Call Nellre McMasters Hevlow Wrmfred Grafton Wrlkes Mary Burrrss Host Almeda Betts Spotterwood 1911 Joseph Bell Agnes Burrrs Ledwrck Eva Burrxss Patterson Effre Caldwell Ellts Mary Carter Srburt Carolme Cope De Wess Carolrne McMasters Bundy Gladys Thompson Patterson Kathleen McConahey Bell 1912 Lyle Chambers Chauncey Hawthorne Iulra McM1llan Eulah Parlett Walker Alfred Patterson 1913 Elrzabeth Lupton Mxlllcent Ong Rutledge Mrldred Thompson Scott Phoehe Hayne Hartzell Ezra Cattell fu 2 . . -A 4' 5 1914 MarJor1e Burr1ss Hayne Edmond Burr1ss Bessre Carter Srckle Ruthanna Lupton Anna Jones Lltten Laumer McConahey Velma Murray Arbuthnot Blanche Spragg Knrght Emma Worthrngton Lough Eugene Neuby Henry Rrchardson Naomr Thompson Burr1ss Mary Humphrevllle 1915 Cornella Cattell Thompson Martha Dregan Naylor Erma Heburn Deegan Leota Moore Garns Dora Smrth Watkrns Carolyn Wrlght Barkhurst Claude Wrlght 1916 Walter Burr1ss Rrchard Cattell Hazel Deegan Deber Delphrne Evans Vale Lena Hess Humes Martha Jordan Benson Damel Orr Edgar Spragg Wrlllarn Vale Roena Grafton Struble Harry Snyder 1917 Mary Arbuthnot Reed Samuel Arbuthnot Clrfford Emberle Mary Freeman Cooper Effa Hayne Russell McHugh Curtls Patterson Elrzabeth Worthrngton Dorothy Wrrght Broer Charles Zeyer 1918 Paul Adams Exleen Bell Flaherty Lucrlle Bell Gray Alonzo Mercer Lawrence Roe Carolyn Ruckman Hllton Eleanor Smrth Spragg George A Snyder Edna Walker 1919 Paullne Worthrngton DeWalt Lucrlle Adams Walker Mauruse Davrs Rev John Grafton John Hayne John Hussey Horace Hussey Edrth Kay Martln Mane Kennedy Adams Jessle I-leburn Krmke 1920 Norma Lynn Eleanor McM1llan Webster Alma Sommers Barkhurst Inez Walker Murdock Ethel Wells Mann Ethel Wxse Bole 1921 Beulah Bruce Ramsey Esther Grafton Goff Helen Grafton Pattrson Donald Grxfflth Edna Kay Carl Prrce Mrtchell Galloupr Helen Wells Vrrgrma Wrrght McLeod 1922 Gladys Anderson Mxldred Ball Horngan Fred Cochran Georgra Dorst Srkes Walter Hall John Hanna W1ll1am Humphrevrlle Cums Hussey Elrzabeth Hussey Russell Krng Dora Meek Frerlmg George McFarland Anna Moore Woodford Myron Parlett Crarg Shrelds Ahda Walker Hawthorne Delbert Woodford Marcella Naylor Rothfuss Dorothy McHugh 1923 Ester Newsome Carey Davrd Asprnwall Myron Burr1ss Weldon Dutton Mary Grrffrth Spragg Catherrne Hostetler Mendey Raymond Hostetler Katherme McHugh Drescher Katherme Kennedy Moore Sarah McM1llan Patterson Eleanore Sommers Hussey Samuel Prckens Ruth Walker McAll1ster 1924 Grlbert Humphrevllle Hllda Ball Black James Brooks Gladys Mercer Hotchkrss Ethel Packer Alyce Ruckman Burrrss Leona West McK1m Jesse Dutton 1925 Margaret Hussey Anna Hayne Penrod Walter McAll1ster Elrzabeth Prckens Hussey Emma Walker Hamrlton hu- . . . . . Q -. , x s 1 X' I . , k Le -- I l " ,. - f'-""' Zana Yarman Beaber Robert Patterson 1926 Mary Denny Maron Martha Glass Jolly Ellzabeth Francrs Marforre Hall Van Beneden Irene Harbourt Martm Ellzabeth McM1llan Sommers Margaret Eastham Frank Hostetler Gertrude Murray Chenoweth Donovan Bashore Hazel Cassels Lee Eugenxa Kmg Carey Ol1ver Thomas 1927 Elrzabe th Hamtlton Kessler Davrd Harbourt Garnet Weatherson Reynard Emory Hendon Jefferson Peltz George Tldnck John Johnson Norman Sommers 1928 Wllma Hams Nelson Nelson Ball Edward Jolly Albert K1ng Arl1e Slrder Calhoun Hxlda Walker Schrtckel Harold Martm Russell McAll1ster John Prckens Colene Roberts Carey Wlllram Straw 1929 John Harbourt Robert Lmdsay Lours Kalman Frank Mrller Bertha Klng Thomas Helen Harbourt Bell Curtls Freeman Everett Wrrght Grace Thompson Flcker Harold Glass 1930 Mary Burke Davrs Adellne Cassels Wells Bennett Dolf1 Mane Gable Joseph Domoslay Ronald Goff Hazel Hardy Bronson Sarah Heburn Davls Walter Kmg Elrzabeth Krthcart Cope Wrllram McHugh Joseph Ruckrnan Robert W'h1te Clamenza Hendon Stewart Helen Shrelds Kretger Thomas Skews Esther Slrder Moore Joseph Wheeler Geneva Wrlktnson Holmes Della Llvtngston Robert Cochran 1931 Eva Burnside Tanner Bertha Chapman Jones Peter Fomenko Maynard Pnce Marvm Carey Rev Alfred Cochran Irene Gable Alta Stckle Mackey Albert Peltz Katherme Zeyer Keller Kathenne Sterling Mrs Skaggs Iona Ol1ver Shlelds Thelma Lynn Hastrngs Margaret Moore Harbourt Lours Sommers 1932 Grace Sterlrng Harbourt Mary Dell Lmdsay Gregory Joe Wayner Charles Thompson Wlnrfred Bradford Al1ce Dutton Herbert Gordon Mary Hooper Raybum Ol1ver Kalman Harnson Bexfxeld Joe Burdock Ol1ver Cleaver Isabelle Glass Harold Harbourt Elolse Turney Gerke Elxzabeth King McGrew Vandy Kutay Gosnell Cora L1VlIlgSI0l'l Peltz Wrlltam Pickens Wrllard Wrrght Gilbert Woodford Jane Koch Thompson Helen Jeffnes Martm 1933 Ethel Woodford McHugh Helen Sterling Carothers Alberta Frelds Hunter Frances Moore Woodford Ellen McAl1rster Isabelle Lucks Heaton Charles Jones Walter Grifftth Edrrh Glass Almeda Freeman Lrttlejohn Esther Bundy Jackson Lemoyne Atwood Joseph Bambndge Erwm Baldwm Howard Cassels Margaret Cassels Jackson Lots Goff Calhoun Lee Heaton John McFadden Elrzabeth Scheehle Richard Skews Arthur Smxth Dorothy Sterlrng Knutsen "be ' - Ziff Edith DUIIOH SPQCCC Waller Peltz Beulah Woodford Siman 1934 Robert Caldwell John Cleaver Georgra Davrs Wells Metro Dtckey Gllbert Freeman Ada Hollrday Boggs Margaret Hassrg Lots Jones Glass Charles Lynn Mtldred Murray Paul Randolph Edna Watkrnson Batheah Walker Rrchards Warrrck Weatherson Brent Woodford Ralph Zeyer Audrey Wa1te Skews Ernest Thompson Alrce Sterhng Carey Verne McCue 1935 Mary Anderson James Chapman Betty Denger Skews Thomas Durbtn Wllllam Koren Mary Kubrc Wasko Emma McAl11ster Frank Merellr Mae South Caldwell Anna Kersh Tony Calmeto James Donahoe Robert Daugherty Rose Duda Kltka Ernest Frnley Delrlah Knotts Donavan Lynn Harold Mercer Joe Petryka W11l1am Shrelds Marttn Thomas Thomas WIIRIDSOD 1936 W1ll1am Gale Jones Anne Ruckman Hall Lenola Andrews Satterwarte John Atwood Hobert Messrck Edward Hall V1v1an Merrlan Hertler Lewrs Thompson Bett Bundy Charles Watktnson Mary Heburn Wamer Zelda McCue Petryka Earl Coleman W1ll1am Denger Samuel Krmble Grace Drckerson Smlth Helen Spragg Goff George Spragg Paul Pxckens Harold Rrddle Wtlma Hassrg Wllson Jack Hertler Audrey Sterllng Lucrlle Calhoun Molly Ludd Roush Marjorre Murray Moore Leroy Kennedy Eugene Wrllrams Adelra Burdock Ferne Cadara Atwood Franklrn Welshans John Cochran James Wrrght Sylvra Gtbbons Escott Ruth Woodford Wonnocott W1ll1am Heburn 1937 Wrlbur Baldwm Margaret Banyas Mary Lee Burrlss Edtth Cassels Jackson Cathenne Cleaver Hunter Charles DeMatte Elrzabeth Dlckey Betty Fmley Walter Forsythe Lloyd Frazrer Ellen Freeman Warden Marshal Hamllton Isabelle Hayne Jurreyak Elxzabeth Kllka Katherrne Krxnke Rheba McAll1ster Donald McGaughy Elizabeth Merr1ll1 Dale Mosher Helen Olashuk Raymond Peterson Mrke RBPOI Ruth South Harvey Spragg Ruth Thomas Hell Sophta Toto Jean Walker Loy Betty Watkrnson Lord Grace Weatherson Yost Lula Welshans Loper Murlel W1ll1ams Wrllram Wrlson M1nn1e Woodford Kennedy 1938 John Buntsh John D1etr1ch Jean Goschlnskt Jennte Hassrg Edward Hendon Lena Ippolrtr Albert Irw1n Howard Krtnke Carl Moore Glen Moore Dean McHugh Charles Murray Josephrne Palmer Mary Rossrm Flerren Clrnton Smlth Patty Stock Adam Stromskr Paullne Thomas Waltens W1ll1s Wheeler John Yost 1939 Ltnda Arnscough Scott Amstutz Lrlllan Blake Dorothy Bumsh Stoch ' Y James Caldwell Matthew Fields Frank Dixon 1939 cont Robert Burkhead Lylah Chapman Carrol Robert Chatman Mary Daugherty Marzets Lours D1etr1ch Wrlltam Freeman Nrna Gorsuch Duke Dwrght Hayne Harold Jack Betty Kennedy Jane Jackson Woods Eda Kuttre Lucas Fred Purdy Edward Rector Regrna Rector Wllllam Renforth Robert Wesley Harold Woodford Wrllam Wrtght 1940 Irene Banyas Geneva Basluke Kokovrch Charles Bundy Dorothy Chatman Dorothy Frelds Cassels Vrolet Fronckel Raymond Goff Madelyn Gorsuth Thomas Edward Goschrnskr Valda Hendon Hughes Catherrne Hrcks Hollrday Harry Jackson Jr Margaret Krng Knnke Mrldred McCue Strles V1rg1n1a McCue Henry Jeannette Murre Whrte Kenneth Murray Duane Randolph Dorothy Spragg Yeager Marton Spragg Mary Steele Alman Loulse Sterllng Bunrsh Catherrne Thompson Toney Catherrne Tumey Knutsen Theodore Walgora Davrd Wxlkrnson Lucrlle Wrllram Woodford Anna Yarrsh 1941 Lrla Arnscough M argaret Beckner Daugherty Walker Barnbrrdge Elorse Brrggs Esther Cleaver Raymond Dxckerson Sammy Dletrrck James Eskrrdge Charles Farnsworth Wllllam Hassrg Charles Kowalskr Kenneth Krmke Joe Kuprowrcz Myron Lynn Elrzabeth Mrlbert Rrchard Murre Raymond McCue Lewrs Srckle Harry Snyder Donald Spragg Eugenra Sterlrng Berg Mary Sterlrng Eskrrdge Anna Stock Stanley Strekel Mary Van Hone Jasper James Wesley John Wootchre Emma Wrlson Wendell Yost Arnold Trburzr 1942 Beverly Barnbndge Mary Baldwm Vetek Robert Blake Clrfford Banyas Wrllrdona Beck Vangundy Mrtchell Fronchel V1rg1n1a Goff Stanley Helen Gorsuch Delloma Nrck ChI1S3g1S Don Burrtss Vrrgmra Deegan Esther Drckey Raymond Freeman Herman Fngo Betty Ann Krdd Helter Grace Kxdd Joseph Kovalskr Jessre Krmke McCartney Helen McCue Mary Moore June Morehead Andrew Papp Esther Powell Rrchard Rector Bermce Roberts Ydzkowskt Harry Sprmger Cecelra Stock DeRoy Sadre Thomas Toy Strrckler Lucy Walrgora George Welshans Vrrgrnra Wesley John Wheeler Frank Woleckr Stanley Wrrght Clara Zeyer Watson Goschtnskr Dean Grafton Ernest Hayne Jr Lurna Heaton Scott Lors Jones 1943 Edna Amscough Russell Baumberger Charles Beavers Marllyn Burrrss Mary Costam Fox Wrllram Davres Dorothy DeMatte George Orvrlle Dlckerson Robert Garbesr Patncra Gorsuch McCue Ruth Gustoff Murray Robert Heaton Orean Kelly Huff Robert Krdd Robert Krng Joe Koleskr Sarah Marchbank Bendure Martha McAll1ster Moore Harry McCue Frank McPeak James Molyneares John Morehead Lucrlle Murre Glenn Murray Mrtchell Oakland 1 I o g - 5 4' 'P P A 1943 cont Joseph Palmer Gene Parrsh June Powell Dlckens Elrzabeth Rrchettr Voght Dale Srburt Donald Srburt Margaret Srckle Matthews Sophle Spears Prlney Leo Stewart Crum Marjorre Stewart Roth John Strekel Elrzabeth Strrckler Eleanor L Takas Becker Paul Thompson J George Todoroff Helen Walrgora Bagnowskr V1rg1n1a Watkrnson Carr Mary Wrlklnson Murrel Wxlkrnson Fletcher Prrscxlla Woods Tranrs Helen Wootchxe Elyze Zregler Doyle 1944 Wllllam Aspenwall Mildred Baumberger Roe Paulrne Baumberger Morehead Edward Burke WIJJIS Carey Vera Colarn Heburn Dale Donley Elsre Drescher V1rg1n1a Frelds Johnson Raymond Founey Pnscllla Randolph Clarence Rrchettr Dowdy Robertson Watson Samazewskr Robert Smrth Stephen Spears Monroe Thomas Donald Walters Ann Maceluch Roberta Wmgrove Jones Wllbur Wrnland Vrrglnra Zeyer Rrchards Henry Fox Mary Garan Vrola Gorsuch Betty Gray Patarek Stella Henzel Robert Hewttt Irene McA1l1ster Elrzabeth MICRCI 1945 Albrgal Angel Allrson Beck Freda Bnggs Frrends Charles Burrrss Rtchard Call Leah Crockett Anna Drckey Glenna Donley Nrna Ehmer Margaret Fox Bertha Freeman Curtrs Garbesl Ralph Grrffrth Sara Hostetler Tourr1n1 Robert l-lamrlton Wrllram Humphrevrlle Dorothy Jarvts Robert Jones Thelma Kohler Murray Alex KOJ3Sk1 Edward Kowalskr Jean Krmke Paulrne Kuprowrcz Dorothy McCue Lee McK1m Joe Moore Adellne Olesrak Elleen Pasco Hamrlton Glorla Prergallrnl Harold Reese Emma Schubert Kameskl Annabelle Shunk Baumberger Marrlyn Smrth Walter Stepanskr Alrce Stromsky Howard Theaker Chester Van Howe John Wrlkrnson Mary Ann Woleckr Oklak Clara Worthrngton Berch 1946 Rex Aspenwall Madlyn Baumberger Dobson Bessre Bexfleld Marjorre DeVault Clara Belle Fulton Lash Jean Kreachbaum Garbesr Dorothy Krrnke Shrreves Hrlton Lee Jean Grxffrth Thompson Agnes McFadden Esther Drckerson McCue Vrctor Jasper Robert Merkel Martha Mecker Gerald1ne Mtlhoan DeGarmo Esther Pasco Barbara Powell Russell Rrchmond Josephrne Steele Carl Spragg Carolyn Thomas Call Rosalre Welshans Robert Yeager 1947 Jane Anderson Delores Beaver Mary Burnss Yungkrrth Rrchard Ceculskr Jean Chochran Mary Lourse Coleman Banyas Donna Costarn Herrle1n Mattre Daly Mary Drckey Edna Doan Matthew Dolence James Fleldrng Mary Fmney Kmg Robert Ftnney Edward Fox Russell Goff Donald Henry Erleen Herzog Morehead Joe Koran Lemoyne Lawrence Paul McCue John Marchbank Delores Morrellr Bertha Mecker Walter Morehead Louts Murre runs. I ' I J . , A 1 K - I . ' L . . I. . . . . , x , 1947 cont Constance Randolph Ernest Sutton Mrldred Thomas Yolanda Teburzr V1v1an Thornton Cook Anna Wrnskr Frank Warwa Regrna Yeater Patrlcla Roush Rodman Sm1th W1ll1am Somerosk1 W1ll1am Spoon Thomas Spragg 1948 Thomas Anderson Helen Barley Spnnger Leland Beck Rlchard Bleakmore Joseph Costaxn Eleanor Ceculskr Steve Edgehouse Melvrn Fmney Betty Garan Margaret Garbesr H3SS1g Thomas Gorsuch Vrctor Heaton Donald Herrlern Thomas Humphrevrlle Robert Jonard Jane Lrtten Ledra Pasco Aspenwall Hobart McCue Jr Leatryce Powell Delores Ramsey Ethel Reese Ruth Rmstrne Bleakmore Wllllam Petroff Hance Sprmger Herman Wrlson Stanley Worwa 1949 Wrlllam Allen John Aspenwall Loulse Balley Kent Beck Dorothy Beckner Mary Blue Edgehouse EIOISC Carey Evelyn Cochran Betty Coleman Naftzger Dorothy Coleman Hauner Hazel Costarn B111 DeMatte Jerry Doloresco Carol Donley John Fox Alfred Freeman Wllbur Goff George Hostetler Frances A Hussey James Jonard Alma Krng Frnney George Krng Joann Krrnke Greta McCartney Sm1th Thomas McConahey Rrchard Martrn Helen Marchbank Elarne Martin Heaton Rrchard Mehlman Nancy Mehlman Irene Rector Baslch Esther Roush Robert Smrth Earl Spragg Paul Spragg Helen Spears Marre Stock Allce Welshans R1ley Robert Woods 1950 Jean Bellrnger James Berry Gladys Chapman Hughes Robert Ceculskr George Coleman Jr Delores Denms Spragg Charles Drckey Raymond Edgehouse Patrrcta Frelds Scales Rlchard Hamrlton Harold Hunt Joan Krrnke Alverta Kelly Mary Morehead Lee Moore Kenneth Murdock lrvlne Osborne Evelyn Rea Wllllam Reynard Betty Rrchmond SaraM Ruckman sborne Joseph Smxth M1lv1n Somerosk1 Margre Spears Wrlma Spears James Sppon Vrolet Tanner Frank Tonnemacher 1951 Donald Anderson W1ll1am Baker Ester Balley Dorothy Baumberger Watson Alex Bonomo Jean Brandl Evelyn Ceculskr Mrldred Cochran Fred Drckerson Dale Drckerson Ellen Fulton Venton Garbesl Cleon Gerhart Thomas Gustoff Mary J Hamrlton Denmng Helen Jonard Robert Krrnke Eleanor Kutay Anna Mae McFadden John Nodge Frances Osborne Paul Prckens Paul Reese Joseph Ruzek John Staskey Carl Sterlrng Betty Sowers Alberta Spoon Joe Stock Martha Lou Spragg Moran Anna Stock Ethel Tanner Bertha Tanner Srlvan Trburzr 1951 cont Charles Welshans Joseph Wrnland Ann Wrlmont Ann W1lson Luwenta Wrnskr Larry Woodford Nelson Woods Theodore Zamskr Maureen Zregler 1952 Patr1c1a Baker Judrth Berry Robert Chambers Phylrss Cramer Wrnston Dennrs Henry Drckey Loren Donley Shrrley Dunnlng Eleanor Frnney Thomas Garan Paulrne Grafton Leland Gregory Jane Anne Harbourt Gorsuch Alta Helsley Shrrley Herrlem Zeroskx May Hrnton Mrldred Howell Delores Jackson Dale Kreachbaum Em1l Malesky Fred Marchbank B111 McCartney Mrldred Murre T1ll1e Mysona Lawrence Nrchols Elrzabeth Smrth Faye Someroskl Donna Sterlrng Jlrgrnra Thornton Saler Srdney Wheeler 1953 John Anderson Lemoyne Bendettr Howard Black John Bumsh Joseph Ceculskr Vrctor Exner Mrtchell Goschrnskr Wxllram Harr Rrchard Hostetler W1ll1am Klotz James Mercer Wllllam Nodge Theodore Robrnson Madge Bleakmore Donna Fleldrng Semancrk Dons Jean Gregory Hams Patsy Hackathorn Jane Hussey Dorothy Jeskey Persrana Patrrcra Jonard Marshall Ellen Mae McAll1ster Janet R McConahey Jane McElroy Wheeler Allce Murdock Calhoun Naomr Murray Drckerson Vaughn de Lergh Ruckman Julra Wtggrns Bendettr 1954 Ross Beck Myron Carothers Larry Dennls Leo Floyd Roger Goff Lowell Hostetler Robert Malesky W1ll1arn Stewart Alex Ronevrch Hobart Tanner Yvonne Bendettr Goschlnskr Marlene Clechomskl Tlmko Joan Drescher Gray Mary Lourse Gerke Evelyn Goff Carol Harbourt Klaskr Janet Jack Stewart Lavenra Jackson Clark Shrrley Klaskr Katherrne McFadden Anna Lee Nrchols Lewrs Ruth Prckens Lewls Carol Purdy Carothers Wrlma Pycrak Betty Reese Sallkeld Sara Spoon Castrlow Dons Swabado Catherrne Woods 1955 James Aspenwall Stanley Burlenskr Edward Chmelovsky Robert Freldrng Wrlmer Floyd Donald Freldhof Jay Herrlem Emest Jack Frrtz Matthews Wayne Rector Clyde Robrnson Lewls fNedJ Schrrckel Roland E Sheets Walter WlDSkl Norman Yoblmskr Patr1c1a Beal Beverly Cramer Rzucrdlo Helen Drckey Charlotte Goff Juanrta Gregory Ramsey Mary Hastrngs Maxey Beverly Love V1nce Nancy McAll1ster Dorothy Pycrak Kane Cecelra Smrth Kutay Jane Thomas Vesjrcky Dorothy Wrnskr Schrrckel Shlrley Worrell Baker Dorothy Zamskl Nancy Zamskr Beck Patrrcra Roberts Ferrle 1956 Rrchard Boroskr Davrd Evanczyk John W Goff Jr Robert Hastrngs Bernard Hostetler Charles Jackson John Jeskey Robert Johnson Edwrn Krng Albert Krng Joseph Kovalskr ' , Jr. ' ' ' Frank Cramer Diana Kempton Kourkoubes 1956 cont Carl Kutay Wlllram F Lawrence W Lou1s McA1l1ster Charles Ronevrch Henry Schnckel Danrel Sheehan Norman Sommers Norman Staskey Arthur Sterltng G Ronald Watkxnson Chester Zamskl Marjorre Benlrne Phyllrs Berry Wrllma Fxeldrng Sarah Flnney Evanczyk Nancy Gabel Dorothy Garan Carol Hyslop Rosalxe Krng Holyak Sara McFadden Jacquellne Manbeck Kmg Judrth Mason Blua Lourse Mlller Carol Packer Shtrley Schrader Scott JoAnn Slxva Joan Soboleskr Cathenne Stock Beverly Stewart Thelma Tanner Mosser Nancy Thorburn Patrrcta Wheeler Edna Yeater 1957 Thomas Angel Rrchard Atwood Rtchard Bruney Benny Damels Dav1d Garan John Hart Leslle Harr1s Jr Walter J Hussey Bruce Hyslop Thomas Jeskey John Kalomck Kerth Nrchols George Reese John Stock James Thomas Thomas W1nsk1 John Woods James Zahnrser Wlllram Zamskr Judrth Batnbrrdge Manlyn Brtggs Frances Goschrnskr Nancy Hams Carolyn Hoge Charlotte Koran McAngues Patrrcra Koutsky Beverly Manbeck Rebecca Martln Joan Marttn Frances L McAllxster Yannayon E Darlene Mrtchell Schrtckel Rebecca J Packer Martanne Porter Barbara Schrader Verhovlc Sara Swabado Ellen Warren Betty Woods 1958 P M1chaelAspenwa1l Thomas Benlrne E Bruce Burkhead Rtchard Clark Floyd Dufrasne Grlbert Freeman Francrs Goff M1chael Merrram Hertler George Hrnton Marttn KOV81Skl Jr A Jerome Mentzer Norman Morrls Wxlltam Parry Stanley Kuprovrcz Larry Peltz Jack Schrlckel James Smrth Charles Spragg Jr Robert Sterlmg Joseph Turkal Jr James Watlunson M1chael Yarlsh Jr Barbara Sue Bambrrdge Gertrude Bellv11le Mrldred Black Helen Chmelovsky Glorra Drehl Hazel Fulton Sara Harbourt Harr1s Barbara KOV31Sk1 Barsch W111a Jean Lenmon Naomr Loper Phylhss Mltchell Darlene Morrtson Btnns Eleanor Murdock Wrnona Powell Georgta Randolph Brown Lo1s Reese Sandra Sancreek Shlrley Smtth Muntz Georgette Thomas Sandra Walker , Jr. ' ' ' Ethyle Henry Gladys Murray Juanita Thorburn WW07? LASS LAY 'K H FEUWNI OVER YONDER SENIOR CLASS HA y A, 77-'E MAGIC -,SUCH ki FRONT ROW Moore Rector McCue Carpenter Murray Frelds Johnson 4 N x 56 0 Q' 9 Q" 4? 9 'Z ef' O13 X681 Qt 0 09 1-'Y 'owb 4? 99 gf 00' 04, 41, oc-6 06" '5' Fxfth and Srxth Grade Cheerleaders BA CK ROW A da msky Ze roskt Closser F mne y S pe ar Loposkl Whmne ry G3 FIRST ROW, left to right, S. Denger, B. Kanoski, J. Spragg, J. Knutsen, K. Fish. SECOND ROW: D. Woodford, G. Call, S. Warren, J. Goshinski. THIRD ROW: R. Merkel, J, Balazy, J. Williams, Mrs. Hewetson, C. Beck, R. Weeks, S. Thorbum. Study Hall Librarians , f yL I .. , 1 fi I Q3' X , l : - ,Va 1 f, .ff ip .-1 1 , , , A Jw. Y f f fa V 1'- n,J0 1? X x TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY x , ' A . , fem X x f -'- l I , F K V ,K . Q ,, 3 :K x fx f - -, -v. X '.. f Q x Q X. X , 5 x R -, Q". ,ki rx, K 4' .X x jx ,C,RW,V , 1 ,C KX dr bfi, T, Nw", ' A xv , T .NN 'Y K K f VX. ' , ., . f Q . - 'X xv .NN sr. 1 S ' rx., K X T 5' ' " W :Y - -. 'qi A-, X., , QD" -' X . -' 'XA' v "Fx is - 'xxx X.-X x . : A' X xx " . - Q , 4' 'E . X hx x. f Q S A 5.x 'H -ix wx R ix x " 'x"'-X,k X 'x Mm J lx ' N L "' .gl 4: fy "' -f'-- - - - . .. 7 Q 'f " " U " ' 'M' "l7'f'f Af ' 'ff ' 'fsrif .Y W1 ' 3. '21 ' 4. ' 9 'I f.'?"" , r- wx., - ' N- ' .1 5' ..v- - . - f r f ' ' , ' , .' ,. pk ' 5 - , ' Aigufz-1 , .. , ,, ,.. , ., 5 4 a . , 4 f 1 v - rf- ., , , ,. - ,. 0 ,

Suggestions in the Mount Pleasant High School - Mountie Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, OH) collection:

Mount Pleasant High School - Mountie Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 31

1959, pg 31

Mount Pleasant High School - Mountie Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 20

1959, pg 20

Mount Pleasant High School - Mountie Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 119

1959, pg 119

Mount Pleasant High School - Mountie Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 119

1959, pg 119

Mount Pleasant High School - Mountie Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 35

1959, pg 35

Mount Pleasant High School - Mountie Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 64

1959, pg 64

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