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ff, " ' I 4' A Qxff.. mv 5 i Xt! ffkq if Jf'if , FL. A V' E , !f'f X ji ,ah ,jf gf A x , M V lu f 5 l ff, A il J! 'I X L F VJ f 4, ' ' A7 ,Q ' ' , -WK , -KV. '70, 1 N 1 , f 4- N w. R 5 ' J f I' " 2 'I 'J ,ff 5 4 fi- g "' ix Iggy: 923 -A Q E ,V f f " S -3, -t f i 3 "n ' ' f 1 1, faryw flw - ft? ,f 1' f ,f ' U R' .snr 4 f f f L K iwfltfvfx , Q .. N V , A Q. Y 'ff 7 LQ , J A, A :A ' 'E .' - , w Q' 1 Q 5 . . . I ' .T if X . fyfei f"'. 'x ,gf 'S , I , nr' . ff X ,- ,KN 1,4 fy ' fy A : Aigf , :!i.-kj ' ,' mxv' .f':'. 1 A 7 :K Qui, E 41 3 :ff ' V AP' .1-.-:.,,,!V , Kfwgf, --ffi.f"A:. mi 12193 4 'Hf f ' 2.--4,2 xg: ' YNY' Q- ' ,V x -if fv 1 1 ' K 1 K W M A . , ,, K Y .,,. V A I ,G 'Ggg-nw., . V ,.'- A fig. .::5,- ,1 K K 3 f --g1Af.j.5.r f- ,, . w ,g ygpg .Q-1-if"-. if 'Q-fi' lj! ,Qty M f E N. ' 4 xls V if xiii, Mgr , ,,. ' ,NK Tir: 5' ,Ng V .. ig -A In . ' - ,i'S-IL in 1594 Hg+'i.i" fa " K 4 A "-.k.- ww if 1 1-fffwsel-f-2.1-2"- A A- 99. 42" ffflf 'f1'F'SfS + f 1' . ' f 'V nm' X ' ",f?iNi,-Z K-QE? ' ' ' ff! k fx. If yfyifj ff-545.65010 15: 'fr L .t , A I: F, E 6: U I Lf ' 2 'Q :ky J :fp , 1 s V f I V 1, A" f -iiaui' .' K ' K 2,-tm" xiii" ' 1. IR' QF.. ma., -47:5-WY 6 .nflyjf 5 z ymv.-+Ac' .. , A E w. vita Sf bd, .I sk-NH' '1 5- K . 1 W , FJ' 1 .,-qxdl .w,,'lg4'f4L g . f N.Qfr' H g - f .v5?i7?Q lx 5 an Z- ug' U 3 79 f L I .'f'6gfQ,v1 ii Q Kgzgya- J, ,I 5' TQ' f .L 0 ' 'I ' H. ua f .,y-1+ ' 'N ii 5, - K 1 I ' 4 ' ..k t, W- M -K . ,ew H ,A :X ji 5 3 Q . ' ,wav ii- 11 N4 Q ,qi 3 Y .av , ,, I T E cowvn N :qu Published by the Senior Class Of Mt. Pleasant Townshy High School - Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania I l 521' , S iewggvlyixfgzz Mfxtf A-1: , 97 me 5 A, ggi ini i X V M fgs2wi'?E,'f E ,, H ' eif fn , In xil iggszfgn ,M H- Q: 5-1 i 1LV1eFf155'f?EQQes5 QEZKHSS: W1 W 7 V Q L k mf - L H--1 'rmHSf:::fz:wsfff521' '- dv 1' ' .X . 2,szsz,,,g,.w ,, - ..:, , ,H ' v 11 ., N ei ' l 2,-gf 4 -V -':"ff::,.sfr '43 , 1 f- E I Luk- xi , ng 1 ,,,- 'r:,,.,.,mz1. -'-57553 :w f V 7 5122 Li3i,31Ef5.377L5:f:? Z -:',1 :3- KA 'I"1ff2Z'-1 Q azz- V., f. f f: Hx Q2 V ,T ' ' , -.35 F 9 4 2 , V ' V, i-fr, X-A 5 M , -- f f W .f 1 1 . R' - 2' w-as ,mga f .5 fr . fm?-v,, " . A F V Q' , Sfa-32,53-f ff-2 5 - ' f . xii ' gm N1 ATF A. if Q ,f fi? 1 'Ai ,Xi if. 'Z - ' '2 -4 Q - . - N , A " W-ggifzaxw . 2. A 1 W sfg:,3?3,3.?'7 Q fikvz, L ffm, . :A 5, ,ri Y L-. Kgwffff - . , x 'M , 'Zyl Siam, ,, f fa 5.-'51 X I 5 A 3 K , "Nw, , M A' 49 l TJ! 2 : '58 E i S - I . 5 , 2 T' . , - ' ' Q , ' . :MJ I ., I w i: 1 . 3 - Q 5,5 2 3 - 1 vu... Q , , 2+ FM w . L ..,. .... ...... : . gl" 'L' 1 V , V m y .KA ,E I A-.KV K, . 5 5,55- age. 11,355 ' W 1 M A - -'-- Q j 5 A213 h r Riga: " 1 ' 'fi f Q r ,Eg S 'Jul K, ., H vi ew an Z Ifagp gi .3 ,A-Q . w b ' A M W ' lfaf:: :.iiE5Q1,.fZp: ffm, 5 B 4 bi ' J' ff, xr ,qw X Q i '1'f - 'QYEFW ' 'Sgr a- ,, , if 2 , - .. il, X, gi' , PM 4 1 Q' A -- 1, A 2.1 "LQ ' Q L11' 15 if - A as M - 1. ' Wi A , 'KM "- 7-'F' , Q H 9, 'Nj . kj V if MXL , mm . :"1 '31 Y X ly H-na A ' N ,, V- 5 V K k Ala -MN 4: 'SMI-,it K , . 1 5 N,.. gi fpiffxiw. " ' F ? Wm'-"Qi 65354 L V ff' gf' W 4 if .1 m 5 'Q'v f45'f -E . if , 1 1 w. '., V. - 3 3 if ii' M SF A . , . I 5 .,'.. W ,. J, - 1 5 4 in ,BN , , - "3 s 'f' ' H , We ' 'i- ' Q 'mg' " f f - ' A -vm ' Wi W if 1 V tw ll :fi 9 S? 5 '- + - 'ml' 1 fg S533 Q vb , - mg 1 ,E ' " , E in 4 L QAVVL ZZL 'M numb 2 M L ,W V V 'IW Vw .., i ' - ,-AAz 'A "':: W In my hands I hold the future. Bright plans, grave ideas -for tomorrow, I must spend these brief hours and days of time -to shape tomorrow. Will I do my best? Or, will I be satisfied with something less than contentment? There are many hours to spend -and much to be achieved. 4 4?. ! xxxmx 1 II I x X NW I W gl HIIHIIIIIIHIII ' "uf I rrfrr nrlulfuflfllllfnlw ws, mm I I xxx mu ,lll R E 1 .rimmzi anim Aaah'- "fI?fi'5SlWQeY5 was ,F W . E X I X X J A -Q. 3 nk' 4 S sg Q tix nw? 'iii W A I ' , , 4 ' ' rf?-all .2 A ffm f if ik,.4fSgq,f, f M' ' ff"a-wg ff 15 . 1L .33 W 6 igiv mwwww sviwxiwm M twpaqnagkw YM r +. Q , 1 e N QAM' fb k 'P . gi mkiea' My M ,-+v32'f"l'w' 4 K , may Table of Contents Administration Sports Graduates Activities Students Clubs The Foreword olophon is defined as the 'gfinishing touch." And so, this book is the finishing touch to our high school career. To 'prevent the cherished memories of our high school days from fading, the seniors proudly present the 1961 Colophon. As we depart from the halls of Hurst, we find ourselves re- luctant to leave and embark upon the road of life. The sometimes feared road of life holds something different for each of us. In years to come, this hook will bring hack the joyous events and trying moments both in the classroom and on the playing field. If in the future, we can maintain the spirit and philosophy portrayed by this Colophon, success and happiness shall he the finishing touch to our lives. DR. S. S. DEVAUX There are innumerable reasons why the graduating class of 1961 has chosen to dedicate this book to Dr. S. S. DeVauxg however, the paramount factor was the simple rapport of sincere friendship which he had established with all the Hurst stu- dents. During the thirty-eight years he has spent as the school doctor and physician for our football team, Dr. DeVaux has managed to win the confidence and respect of the entire community. After his graduation from the Mt. Pleasant Institute in 1907, Dr. DeVaux entered Otterbein College in Ohio and was graduated in 1910. The next 10 years of his life were devoted to teaching in Scottdale and Greensburg. Then he entered the Cincinnati Medical School in Ohio and was graduated from there in 1922. The following year he served his internship at the McKeesport Hospital. It was in the same year that he came to Hurst High School as the school doctor and physician for the football team. From that time until now, he has served our school in that capacity. He has also been on the staff of the Mt. Pleasant Hospital for the past 35 years. In that time, the doctor has delivered more than 2,000 new citizens into the world and has seen many of them eventually become grid stars for the Scarlet Hurricanes. Since 1923, Dr. Davaux has witnessed more than 300 Hurst grid contests. For the past few seasons, he has been writing poetry about Hurst football, and the reading of his poems has been a highlight of the annual football banquet. Dr. DeVaux has enjoyed a long tenure at Hurst, in which time he has attained the title of the "father" of Hurst High School football. I0 JR 55 L! Y A35 fum 3257462 Finding time a scarce commodity, i the Administration is constantly racing against time and the inevitable day of graduation. In four short years, y these educators have worked with the accuracy and precision of a Grand father's C lock- for the hour when they must turn their proteges out into the world. Left to right: J. Rolla, L. Rich, G. Rusinko, T. J. Flaherty, S. Ungvarsky, E. Briner, M. Willson, and W. D. Mullin. Board of Directors In every school district there is a committee-the Board of Education, elected by the people to plan for the educational needs of the community. This representative group is confronted with many problems- which concern the welfare of the pupil. The 1960-61 school year at Hurst -High School depicted in this Colophon is the result of the honest endeavors of these men. Their valid and reliable decisions have given them the satisfaction of knowing that they are responsible for having given the youth of our community a well- rounded education, essential for propagating the Democratic way of life. From all who have been affiliated with Hurst High School during this past year, we give our sincere gratitude to the Mt. Pleasant Township School Board. Superintendent y MR. THOMAS J. F LAHERTY B.Ed., M.Ed. Duquesne University, University of Pittsburgh In this world everything that marks an end, also marks a beginning. The end of one day is the commencement of anotherf So it is with.. our education. What you have learned at school, valuable as it is, is only the beginning. The end of high school work merely means the commencement of those experiences which will put to the test the principles you have learned. You have enjoyed that blessing which a benevolent community has bestowed upon her children-a free education. To you has been given freely that which great men of the past have obtained only with many sacrifices and much labor. May your hopes and dreams be realized as you begin the larger life which lies just beyond the threshold. Assistant -Superintendent MR. C. KENSEY DILLON A.B., West Virginia University M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh I would like to congratulate the seniors of Hurst High School upon their gradua- tion. For you, I hope the very best of everything in whatever venture you may find yourself. You must always remember that your graduation from high school is just the beginning, and you must continuously, in all areas, try for self improvement. May you consider this from Albert Camus: "My role, I know is not to transform the world, nor man: for that I have not virtues enough, nor clearsightedness. But it consists, perhaps, in serving where I can, those few values without which a world, even transformed, is not worth living in, without which a man, even new, would be worthy of respect." W Principal DR. WILLIAM D. MULLIN B.S., M.S., M.Ed., D.Ed. Pennsylvania State University University of Pittsburgh Gold, diamonds and precious stones are mined and commercialized after much searching, digging, cutting and polishing. This takes work, patience, skill, and knowl- edge, and then they become a thing of rare beauty. Let us look within and see our- selves as others see us. You will develop and radiate truth, beauty, righteousness and peace after you have searched, dug deep and polished the truths of life within your minds, hearts and lives. In so doing, you will gain power, wisdom, and human understanding. This is achieved after work, patience, long application and concentrated study. After all this, then you may expect to enter through the Door of the Temple of Knowledge. ,Y ,fn-r x s 131 i T 'khk -L I 1. rwwwxma 5 i fj ,wzagew K , Ea ' , A . if ,-'W ff. L Q 2 Q- - nw .ww 1 E, SHS' INN' is - W, in Q- Jdf , fav, ' ww: . 2 3 9 L' N fi KS , 1' W 55.5- ..::..,k .:f. L5 RFB Je sl W mam X vi Q 1156 Q N ww 2 X, Xkifw f 1 1 r ix Y fs Q wk ew 9 S Q S K XV: X S xf X i X 3 E 1 ie' .. fi ii. ,M M, .xx A . ,LA. X .fs-L 5ifn,f? 5i?i3?l5w . Wa 5 :Q . Q i X X . RQ H , X n ...Y A 5 fi , N A 'H- ' iii--' if ez' -A f5x - Wf , X xx- z ix N 4 ii 5. 156 Q ff ,...,L 4 .L WWW e Alumnus.-, ,vvrevm , . ,QS R J'l0ClL4qQgf What the future holds for each is uncertain- It is a time of decision upon the road of life to be followed. The seniors must now close the door of adolescence and open the door of maturity. The decision made now will always be contemporary. Class Officers JI Presldent LOUIS KRITZ Vlce Presldent BARRY NEWILL Secretary BERNADETTE URBAN Treasurer DIANE WEIERS Reporter .....,,,....,... RUTH ANN NEWILL 1 . 'ny we ' if A ZH qiyta 'n ' .M ' - - wh- .1 , bl f .Q -7- 'Eel 'fn I . The Senior Class Histor We, the senior class of 1961, have reached the parting of the ways! Our class is about to take the trail taken by all high school graduates. For the past four years we have been in a transitory stage. In September, 1957, we entered our high school as freshmen, half-frightened, ignorant of our new environment, and entirely at a loss as to what was expected of us. Since then, we have advanced to the rank of seniors, preparing to take an- other step, a little larger, a little more perilous-and we feel somewhat as we did then, wondering what awaits us on the road of life. They've been full years, brimming with many and various experiences. We made a place for ourselves by being well represented in extracurricular activities and finished our first term a much wiser, more confident group. During our sophomore year we could now sit back and smile at the naive underclassmen and satisfy our ego by giving directions and explaining things from our vast store of knowledge. Almost before realizing it, we had arrived at another milestone of our school career, and as juniors we were busy choosing our class rings and producing our class play, "The Boarding House Reachf, which proved a great success! Another highlight of this year was the prom which climaxed our junior year. In our senior year, we began to see the practical side of knowledge. This last milestone brought joyous experiences-posing for photographs, exchanging name cards and pictures, and working for the success of the class play, "Washington Never Slept Heref, But, Alas! All good things must come to an end, and in a few short months we found ourselves caught in a whirl of events leading to graduation. Our high school career has ended, but the real history of the class of '61 is unre- corded. What lies ahead? That remains to be seen! Class RICHARD ACKERMAN Rich travels every day from Lycippus . . . was a three-year member of the Usher's Club . . . future plans are un- certain, but it's a good bet they'll in- clude farming. ROBERT BRUCE ANDERSON Bruce was a transfer student his junior year . . . belongs to Chorus A, Sigma Rho, and the Colophon staff . . . is proud of his belonging to the Na- tional Honor Society . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . will attend Penn State. 24 REGIS ADAMROVICH "Brooms" is a resident of the town of United . . . has a real sense of humor . . . claims Usher's Club to be his favorite . . . hobby is building model cars . . . not interested in col- lege. 5 BRENDA BAIRD A cute blonde from Rath's Cross- roads is Brenda . . .belonged to the J.C.C., S.C.C., and the National Honor Society . . . was co-secretary of the band . . . likes to oil paint . . . re- ceived a ring from Don . . . marriage is certain. EMILY ALBRIGHT This cute lass could be found with Cid or Lorretta . . . belonged to the .l.C.C., S.C.C., and F.H.A .... likes very much to talk on the phone . . . hopes to be a secretary. PAULINE JOAN BALASH "Polly" is a proud resident of Mam- moth . . . was Miss .Fisher's secretary . . .likes dancing, swimming, roller skating, and boys . . . was' an avid sports fan . . . after-school plans are uncertain. PAUL BARRON "Pete" was a ladies' man from Mt. Joy . . . was in the Science, Usher's, and Sportsman Clubs . . . likes girls very much . . . other interests are hunt- ing, cars, and playing the guitar . . . plans to join the Air Force. BEVERLY BEAVER This pretty blonde claims Mammoth is the capital of the world . . . was very active in Band activities . . . made millions working in the Sun Drug in Greensburg after school . . . thinks school is t0ps. PAUL BASH Tall, good-looking Paul was often found talking to Kathy . . . says Nor- velt is tops . . . belonged to the Usher's, Spanish, and Varsity H Clubs . . . will be remembered for his fine basketball ability . . . hopes to get r1c . SYLVIA BELLUSH Always smiling is the way to de- scribe "Syl" . . . was active in the Home Ec., J.C.C., S.C.C. activities... liked to read a lot . . . hails from Standard Shaft . . . working in an office after graduation is her goal. of 1961 CONNIE BAUM "Pumpkin" chased the bus from Ly- cippus . . . belonged to the Future Homemakers of America . . . liked basketball and boys . . . ,future might have something to do with marriage. ROSEMARY BILIK Known for her friendliness and pretty hair . . . Rose liked N.F.L. work . . . was in the Nurses Club and Colophon staff . . . was secretary of the National Honor Society, and Sigma Rho . . . likes skating and dancing . . . will enter nurses training. 25 Class i w EILEEN BISHOP Pretty, brown-eyed Eileen hails from the "metropolis" of Mutual . . . be- longed to the J.C.C., S.C.C., and F.H.A., also the Pep Club . . . likes to dance, skate, and have parties . . . will work after graduation. PAUL CARNEY Paul came to Hurst from Ramsay his senior year . . . now resides in Acme . . . was a member of Sigma Rho . . . in his spare time he likes to hunt, fish, and go swimming . . . is undecided about his future plans. 26 BE'I'I'Y BOYTIM This poor girl had to put up with the smart boys in chemistry and trig classes . . . belonged to Sigma Rho and Fu- ture Nurses Club . . . was active in Chorus A . . . could be found with Ellen . . . another nurse's trainee. PHILIP COREY One of our outstanding football play- ers . . . Phil belongs to Varsity H and Sigma Rho . . . likes to hunt, ice skate, and practice football . . . not sure about college . . . reigned as the 1960 'Sno Ball King.' LINDA JANE CAREY Dark-haired and quiet describes Linda . . . was one of the girls from Lycippus who played basketball . . . belonged to the Future Nurses Club , . . liked art . . . plans to enter nurses training. SALLY COUGHENOUR Sally claims Mt. Pleasant as her hometown . . . was a member of the Future Nurses Club . . . her hobbies in- clude skating and dancing . . . future plans are uncertain . . . was a very friendly and quiet senior. DOROTHEA CRUM "Dot" is a cute miss noted for 'her pretty blond hair . . . Norvelt is her hometown . . . was active member of S.C.C., .l.C.C., and band . . . member of the Homecoming Court . . . hobby is ice skating . . . plans to attend business school. JOANNE CZEKAJ A cute, friendly little girl who re- sides in Mt. Pleasant . . . secretary of Home Ec. Club . . . claims dancing, skating, and boys to be her main in- terests . . . prefers homemaking to college. JAMES CURRY ,lim is the big boy with a smile for everyone . . . comes from Dog Hollow . . . apparently does not like clubs . . . hunting and girls occupy most of his time . . . isn't interested in college. l . 1 BETTY DAVIS "Betts" was one of our senior girls hailing from Pleasant Unity . . . was a proud member of the Home Ec. Club and Chorus B . . . enjoys horse- back riding, art, swimming, and sports . . . no definite future plans. of 1961 JEANETTE CURTIS This pretty blond hails from Welty- town . . . belonged to the S.C.C. . . . her hobbies are skating and bowling . . . not interested in college . . . but "Jean" does have plans with Vaun for the future. CAROL DAVIS A real sweet girl with a pleasant personality . . . hails from the great town of Norvelt . . . belonged to the J.C.C., S.C.C., F.H.A., Glee Club, and N.F.L .... likes roller skating and danc- ing . . . is still uncertain about the future. 27 Class KATHLEEN DAVIS Kathy always has a smile on her face . . . was a well-liked person by all . . . resides in Pleasant Unity . . . a member of J.C.C., S.C.C., and Home Ec. Clubs . . . future plans might include business world. RAYMOND DZUBAK This young lad is noted for his blond crew cut . . . Ray is a resident of Udell . . . claims collecting coins and stamps occupy most of his spare time . . . possessed a good sense of humor. 28 l ELLEN LOUISE DELL Ellen came to Hurst from her home in Simpson Hollow . . . was an ac- tive member of the F.T.A., Chorus A, and Sigma Rho . . . in her spare time she plays the piano . . . college is definitely for the future. CHARLOTTE ENBERG One of the pleasant and quiet ones of our class . . . Charlotte rode the ridge bus from Acme every day faith- fully . . . belonged to Chorus B, Glee Club and Home Ec .... claims swim- ming and boys are her main interests. MARGARETTA DREISTADT "Margie" is a cute girl who also re- sides in Pleasant Unity . . . belonged to the S.C.C .... claims dancing, pizza, and boys are tops . . . nothing definite planned for the fixture. JOANNE MARIE EVANS "Jo" is known to everyone by her pleasant smile and personality . . . hails from Norvelt . . .' was active in the Latin, Spanish, F.T.A., and N.H.S. clubs . . . one of our graceful major- ettes . . . plans to go to college. MICHAEL EWANTIS Mike could usually be seen walking with Patty . . . came from the great "metropolis" of Whitney . . . was in the Sigma Rho and Usher's clubs . . . says ice skating and hunting can't be beat . . . will attend Penn State. GEORGE FIRMSTONE Possessor of a great sense of humor . . . George caine from Standard Shaft . . . one who had exceptional abilities in playing baseball . . . was in the Varsity H Club . . . main interest is guns . . . plans to enter the pro-baseball profession. JOHN EUGENE FAZEKAS "Fuzzy" was one of the short and sweet ones of the class . . . claims United to be the best little town in the U.S.A .... really enjoys hunting . . . has no definite future plans. MARY JANE FLANNIGAN Quietness is a characteristic that Mary .lane possesses . . . Standard is the home of this cute, petite miss . . . was in the J.C.C., S.C.C. and the Hurst- onian staff . . . dancing is her favorite pastime. of 1961 LEONA JEAN FESS "Fess" is known for her athletic abilities . . . comes from Lycippus . . . was in the S.C.C., and N.F.L. clubs . . . coach of the Y.F.C. basketball team . . . any kind or form of sports was her main interest . . . was well- liked. KATHLEEN FOREJ T Pretty-eyed Kathy was known for her cute dimples . . . one of the Bunker Hill crowd . . . was active in the S.C.C. . . . among her interests, sports and swimming are rated as tops . . . uncertain about the future. 29 Class JUDITH ANN FORI SKA Judy was well known for her neat- ness and short blond hair . . . president of Future Nurses . . . belonged to the N.H.S., Sigma Rho, and Colophon staff . . . interested in football, swimming, and entering nurses training. BARBARA GEARY "Barbie" is one who is constantly on the honor roll . . . comes from Mt. Joy . . . was the organist and pianist for the choral department . . . enjoys writ- ing to pen pals, listening to good music, and playing it . . . college is certain. 30 KAREN LEA FREEMAN Blond-haired Karen came from the ridge and was proud of it . . . be- longed to .l.C.C., S.C.C., Glee Club, and Chorus A . . . claims painting and swimming as favorites . . . future may include being a secretary. RICHARD GOLKOSKY "Dick" was one who enjoys any form of athletics . . . belonged to Varsity H . . . was president of the Usher's club . . . played basketball four years and was football manager . . . favorite pastime is hunting. l ERNEST FRIEDLIN E "Tiny" is well known for his role in the junior class play . . . hails from Weltytown . . . was active in Sigma Rho, N.F.L., Science, and Usher's clubs . loves playing the guitar, and fish- ing . . . college is definite. ROBERT GOLKOSKY Bob is a boy gifted with the talent for math . . . active in Sigma Rho and Usher's club . . . played the strong man in the junior class play . . . main interests are girls and photography... plans to go to college. STEPHEN GONTA One of the math whizzes oi the class . . . Steve resides in Pleasant Unity . . . was an active member of the Science, Spanish, and Usher's clubs . . . be- longed to Sigma Rho and the N.F.L. . . . main interest is having fun and college. EVELYN SUE HAROUSE A cute petite senior was "Cid" who resides in Calumet . . . has member- ship in the .l.C.C., S.C.C., and Home Ec. clubs . . .- a four-year band mem- ber . . . really enjoys skating, square dancing, and eating pizza. GLORIA GAY GOODWIN Gloria is one who was seen and not heard . . . was active in the Nurses club . . . enjoys swimming, ice and roller skating, and shooting a bow and arrow . . . college may be included in the future. WILLIAM HARR "Tweety-Pie" was one of our great football heros . . . lettered three years . . . belonged to Sigma Rho, Varsity H, and Spanish club . . . says farm- ing is the greatest . . . '55 Chevy is his pride and joy . . . has definite college plans. of 1961 REGINA HAMM This friendly miss enjoyed riding the ridge bus every day . . . ".Ioy's" activi- ties included active membership in the Latin, Clee, and Pep clubs . . . played in the band four years . . . plans to go to modeling school. .I AMES HARTMAN Operating the movie projector was Jim's job . . . belonged to the F.T.A., Varsity H, Sigma Rho, and Projection- ist clubs . . . is a big asset to the base- ball team . . . enjoys hunting to the fullest extent . . . college is his goal. 3l Class DOLORES HEIDE Cheerful "DeDe" always had a smile for everyone . . . belonged to the F.H.A. for four years and Chorus B . . . en- joys dancing and swimming very much . . . resides at Trauger . . . future plans are undecided. CAROL LEE HOFFER Quiet Carol was not only known for her quietness, but also for her "curly" red hair . . . claimed Acme as her place of residence . . . is undecided about what she will do in the future. 32 DONNA MARIE HELLER Never a dull moment with Donna around . . . member of the J.C.C., S.C.C., and Home Ec. clubs . . . claims playing basketball on the girls' team and swimming as her favorite sports . . . rates pizza as tops. RONALD HOLLIS This pleasant senior rated as one of the candidates for the 'Sno Ball Dance' . . . claimed membership in the Science and Spanish Clubs, and Sigma Rho . . . enjoys playing baseball . . . has plans of going to college. EDWARD HERALD Ed claims Norvelt as his hometown . . . always was out for a good time . . . was a member of the Latin and Li- brary clubs . . . claims hunting and fishing as his favorite sports . . . plans to go to college. CHARLES HONSE Being a resident of Norvelt, most people know him as "Chuck" . . . displayed his talents as a member of the Male Quartet in Chorus A . . . would like to further his education in college. PEGGY ANN HOOD Peggy had a cheerful "hello" for everyone . . . claims United as her hometown . . . enjoyed belonging to the Home Ec. Club . . . rates round and square dancing highly on her list of activities. STUART HOWELL "Stu" is a good looking red head who hails from Norvelt . . . belongs to the Spanish, Science, and Library clubs . . . claims playing the accor- dion, roller skating, and working on cars as his favorites . . . is college bound. of 1961 CAROL HOOVER Carol was one of the friendly and quiet students at Hurst . . . was a mem- ber of the S.C.C. and enjoyed singing in Chorus A . . . hailed to school from Dry Ridge . . . dancing and swim- ming are her favorite pastimes. BONITA HOYLE Bonnie was a pleasant senior who claims Bagley as her hometown . . . belonged to Chorus- and the Spanish Club . . . swimming, dancing and eat- ing pizza are some of her favorites . . . future plans include nurses train- mg. ROBERT HOWARD This senior lad was one of the quiet boys in school . . . held mem- bership in the F.F.A .... resided in the large "metropolis" of Mammoth . . . enjoys playing fotohall and base- ball ., . . most students know him as Bob. CAROL HOYMAN Noted for her pleasing personality, Carol was one of the Homecoming at- tendants . . . held membership in the Latin and Spanish Clubs, Chorus, and was president of Pep Club . . . enjoys swimming and football games . . . has plans for college. 33 Class MARY LOU HROVOSKI A friendly miss was Mary Lou, who was an attendant to the Snow King and Queen . . . belonged to the F.T.A., Latin Club, and Chorus A . . . plans to go to college . . . skating, swimming, and dancing rate highly with her. RICHARD HUTIRA "Scratch," as he was known by all his friends, came to Hurst daily from United . . . prefers to spend all his spare time working on cars . . . likes driving fast cars . . . future plans are uncertain. 34 BETSY HUBERT Noted for her pleasant personality . . . Betsy was constantly on the honor roll . . . belonged to the National Hon- or Society, .l.C.C. and S.C.C .... was a valuable worker on the Colophon and Hurstonian staffs . . . enjoyed N.F.L., skating, and dancing. EDWARD HUTTER Ed claims the "metropolis" of Pleas- ant Unity as his hometown . . . be- longed to the Science Club and Sports- man's Club . . . claims playing pool at Charlie's as his favorite pastime. EDWARD HUNCSIK Ed was one of the "brains" in math class . . . claims Hecla as his home- town . . . Science and Spanish Clubs and Sigma Rho are on his list of clubs . . . has plans for college . . . collects old coins as a hobby. BERTHA IMMEL Fun-loving Bertha was known by everyone for her pleasing personality and good sense of humor . . . belonged to the F .H.A .... liked to swim, dance, and eat . . . called the "city" of Lycip- pus her hometown. RONALD JAWORSKI Ron was one of the gang who called Mt. Pleasant home . . . was a member of the Sportsman's club and Science club . . . liked hunting better than any- thing else . . . future plans are unde- cided. FRANK KALEMBA Frank was one of our good-looking boys from Mt. Pleasant . . . belonged to the Science club, Chorus B, and was president of the Gymnastics club . . . played basketball for two years . . . includes baseball and girls among his hobbies. PHILIP JURKOVIC "Yucko," as he was known by most of his friends . . . was a member of our hard-hitting football team . . . belonged to the Sportsman's club, Varsity H, and Science club . . . liked hunting and all sports. l GERALD KAPUTA A very polite lad from Calumet is "Jerry" . . . had membership in the N.F.L., and Usher's Club . . . swim- ming, hunting, and taxidermy rate as his favorite pastimes . . . would like to study at Duquesne to be an in- dustrial biologist. of 1961 VIRGINIA .IURKOWSKI Petite "Ginny" was a lively lass from Standard . . . belonged to the Glee club, Home Ee. club, ,I.C.C., S.C.C., and was a typist for the Hurstonian . . . interests include dancing, swimming, and reading. MARY ANN KLEMENTIC A friendly girl was Mary Ann . . . claimed Mutual as her hometown . . . belonged to the .I.C.C., S.C.C., and F.H.A .... had a great preference for dancing, swimming, and eating pizza. 35 Class MONICA KNAUS "Minnie" wlil be remembered as Mary in the Christmas Cantata . . . be- longed to the Spanish club, S.C.C., and Home Ec. club . . . among her in- terests are dancing, swimming, eating pizza, and plans to continue working at Grants. AUDREY KREPPS Every day "And" came to Hurst from the great "city" of Alice . . . was an active member of the S.C.C ,... danc- ing and swimming are her favorites . . . future plans include some type of secretarial work. 36 CONNIE KOSLOSKY Claiming Mammoth as her hometown . . . Connie was active in the Home Ee. club . . . among her interests, dancing and swimming have top place . . . fu- ture plans are not certain. LOUIS KRITZ Lou was junior and senior class presi- dent . . . known for his good looks and pleasing personality . . . belonged to the N.H.S., F.T.A., Latin club, Sig- ma Rho, and Hurstonian . . . was editor of the Colophon . . . has definite college plans. MARY JANE KOVAL Cute, dark-haired "Janie" came to Hurst daily from United . . . was a member of the .l.C.C., S.C.C., and F.H.A. . . . dancing, listening to the radio, and "Zack" claim most of her spare time. BARBARA KRNOSKY A great sense of humor was the chief asset of this friendly senior . . . Barb was a four-year Band member . . . be- longed to the .l.C.C., S.C.C., and N.F.L. . . . claims reading, collecting records, sleeping, and eating as tops. L ARTHUR KROMER One of the tall, friendly seniors was "Bud" . . . possessed membership in the Usher's and Latin Clubs, and Signv Rho . . . gives hunting a high rating . . . hails from Calumet . . . Slippery Rock College is his choice for a further education. ROBERTA KUJ AWA "Bobbie" proudly claims Standard as her hometown . . . was an active mem- ber of the F.H.A .... watching tele- vision is one of her pastimes . . . this blond miss could usually be found with Joanne, Connie, and Mary Ann. JAY KROMER The type who always had a good time can best describe Jay . . . belonged to the Pep club, F.F.A., and Colophon staff . . . has a great interest in cars and hunting . . . college is on his future agenda. JOHN KULYK This tall, well-known lad found his residence in Calumet . . . was a mem- ber of the Colophon staff . . . his main interests are automobiles . . . has no definite plans for the future. of 1961 EDWARD KUCERA "Butch" is known for his friendly and cheerful attitudes . . . claimed membership in the Science cluh and S.C.C .... Standard is his hometown . . . golf and basketball occupy his spare time. l l WILLIAM LAKIN "Willie" was an active member of the Usher's club . . . cars, hunting, and fishing are on his list of favorite pas- times . . . comes from the large "city" of Calumet. 37 Class ROBERT LAWRENCE This senior was better known to his friends as "Pinch" . . . claims resi- dence in Mutual . . . belonged to the Sigma Rho . . . is interested in "hot rods" . . . uncertain about the future. WILLIAM LUBOVINSKY Bill was one of the quiet boys of our class . . . claims baseball and coin collecting are the greatest . . . is a resident of the great "city" of Standard . . . apparently does not be- lieve in clubs. 38 SANDRA LESSMAN Sandy was always ready to lend a helping hand . . . her name was often on the honor roll . . . main interests included .l.C.C., S.C.C., National Honor Society, Glee club, and Chorus . . . is interested in music . . . represented Hurst in District Chorus. LOIS LUDWIG This cute miss belonged to the J.C.C., S.C.C., and N.F.L .... will always be remembered for her lovely red hair . . . was one of our "peppy" cheer- leaders . . . likes to bowl and is a great dog lover. THOMAS LININGER Claiming Hostetter as his hometown . . . Tom was one of the "Live wires" of the senior class . . . will rate hunt- ing as a favorite . . . was business man- ager for the Hurstonian . . . future plans are uncertain. DON MACIEJEWSKI "Muchie" proudly claims Mt. Pleas- ant as his home town . . . was an active member of the F.F.A. . . . was a true and faithful outdoors man as can be seen from his interests in hunt- ing, fishing, and trapping. PATRICIA ANN MAFF IT Gifted with a real sense of humor and gift to gab . . . Patty belonged to the S.C.C., .l.C.C., and Home Econom- ics Club . . . enjoyed working in the library . . . roller skating is her favorite sport . . . lodges in Mutual. JOSEPH MIELE Joe was a quiet lad from Mt. Pleasant . . . spends his spare time lifting weights . . . belonged to Varsity H, Spanish, Sportsman and Science Club . . . one of our capable football players . . . in- terested in sports of all kinds. RITA MCLEAN Never a dull moment with "Mc" around . . . known for her friendly per- sonality . . . was cheerful majorette captain and Hurstonian editor . . . belonged to F.T.A. and Latin Club . . . spent her spare time dancing or twirl- ing her baton. MICHAEL MILLIGAN Mike is a quiet bashful lad who hails from Brinkerton . . . was an active member of the F.F.A., Science Club, and Sportsman Club . . . his many in- terests include collecting stamps, rais- ing animals, and auto-body works. of 1961 PATRICIA MELAGO Smiling Patty will always be re- membered as Lucy in the Jr. Class Plat' . . . belonged to .l.C.C., S.C.C., F.T.A., Clee Club, and Chorus . . . Claims Mt. Pleasant as her hometown . . . spends most of her time writing letters. DAVID MIZIKAR Fun-loving Dave could be found wait- ing for Tony's bus in Mammoth every morning . . . Ham radios are his hobby . . . belonged to the Usher's Club, Sigma Rho, and an active N.F.L.'er . . . his future plans include college. 39 Class CAROL MOCZYDLOWSKY A very friendly lass was Carol . . . calls Trauger her home . . . was a member of F.N.C., Latin club, Hurst- onian staff, Chorus, and Glee club . . . enjoys square dancing . . . plans to be a nurse. LARRY MUSGROVE One of the more quiet ones from Hurst . . . Larry especially likes to drive automobiles . . . an active mem- ber of the F.F.A .... resides in the great "metropolis" of Brinkerton . . . always ready to help. 40 RONALD MONDOCK "Ron" was well-known to his fellow students as the president and field captain of the band . . . belonged to Chorus A, Science and Spanish clubs . . . was treasurer of the Pep club . . . enjoys music . . . plans to enter college. RAYMOND MYSLEWSKI Good-looking Ray is a proud'resident of Norvelt . . . is interested in weight lifting, archery, and guns . . . was secretary of the Gymnastics club, and a member of the Spanish, and Science clubs . . . plans to enter the Air Force. MARTHA MON TICUE "Marty" is busy writing letters to .loe . . . loves pizza and French fries . . . was a member of the Hurstonian staff and the Latin club . . . comes from Alice . . . known for her cheery disposition. MARY ANN NEMETH Mary Ann was always a quiet girl . . . claimed membership in the S.C.C., Home Ec. club, Chorus A, and Glee Club . . . enjoys singing immensely . . . resides in the "large" town of Hecla. BARRY N EWILL "Fuzz" was a member of the foot- ball and basketball teams . . . belonged to the Colophon staff, Usher's Club, Varsity H, F.T.A., Sigma Rho, and Gymnastics Club . . . this senior class vice president could be seen with Sandy . . . will attend Clarion. JAMES NOCK "Jim" was vice president of Varsity H . . . belonged to Latin, Science, Sigma Rho, and Gymnastic Clubs . . . plays football, baseball, and basketball . . . enjoys lifting weights . . . this resi- dent of Norvelt added humor to our school. RUTH ANN NEWILL "Dolly," a pretty miss, was Home- coming Attendant and senior class re- porter . . . was a member of the band, National Honor Society, S.C.C., and Glee Club . . . this resident of Kecks- burg spent most of her time with Paul. JOHN NULL ,Especially interested in hunting and fishing . . . John belonged to USl1Cf'S, Science, and Sportsman's Clubs . . . claims Mt. Joy -as his hometown . . . plans to enter the Air Force . . . was often seen with Pete. of 1961 JANICE NEWINGHAM A very likable person is "Jan" . . . likes to listen to the radio, read, and dance . . . was a member of F.H.A., J.C.C., and S.C.C .... hails from Acme . . . future may have something to do with the business world. JERRY NUNAMAKER Mt. Pleasant is the residence of Jerry . . . was an active member of the Sci- ence and Sportsman's Clubs . . . likes hunting and baseball to occupy his spare time . . . was one of the friendly and quiet ones. 4l Class MARY LOU OBERLEY Ayfaithful Hurstonian staff worker . . . "Mecca" resides in United . . . likes shorthand, basketball, and volley- ball . . . belonged to the Home Econom- ics, Spanish, and Pep clubs . . . al- so a member of .I.C.C. and S.C.C. JAMES PAVICK The great city of Norvelt is "Pav's" hometown . . . belonged to the Varsity H and Science clubs . . . likes to play the accordion for a pastime . . . enjoys belonging to a local hand. 42 LAURETTA OUTTEN "Red" likes to dance and write letters to a special one in Alaska . . . was a member of the Home Economics club . . . calls Hecla her hometown . . . enjoys homemaking. PHYLLIS PAVUK "Phil," one of our peppy cheerlead- ers, Iikes to play basketball . . . be- longed to S.C.C., J.C.C., F.H.A., Glee Club, and Colophon staff . . . can usually be found with .lay . . . re- sides in the large city of Standard Shaft. JOSEPH PAPIER Quite well-known for his musical abilities . . . .Ioe is a resident of "Good Old Calumet" . . . was a mem- ber of the F.F.A. and the Science Club . . . played in the Band for three years, and plays in an orchestra. VIRGINIA PIANKO "Ginny," a proud resident of Hum- phreys, likes to collect pictures . . . belonged to Chorus B, S.C.C., .l.C.C., Home Economics, Library, and Glee Clubs . . . was an especially friendly and likable person. DANIEL PIASECKY "Galible" one of our quiet, but friend- ly boys, was a faithful member of the F.F.A .... claims sports and col- lecting pennies as good pastimes . . . undecided about his future. KAREN PRAH Karen likes to play the accordion . . . could always be found with Leona... hails from Whitney . . . belonged to S.C.C. and could giggle all day . . . enjoyed all kinds of sports. JOHN POLCHA Known for his exceptional basket- ball ability . . . "Jack" seems to be interested in golf, dancing, and Rita . . . this football manager comes from Norvelt . . . belonged to Sigma Rho, Usher's, and Varsity H clubs . . . plans to enter trade school. STEVE PUSKAR Steve is the smiling boy that you oft times see walking down the hall . . . Carpentertown is his home . . . Span- ish Club took up his club periods . . . belonged to Chorus . . . Loves outdoor sports and girls lindoor or outdoor! . . . undecided about college. of 1961 RONALD POLCHA Quiet Ron claims residence in the great "metropolis" of Hecla . . . be- longed to the Spanish club . . . could be found on football squad . . . has a great interest in the aviation field. AMY PYLO Sweet little Amy likes to swim and write letters . . . enjoyed helping Miss Galone in the library . . . proud mem- ber of Future Nurses Club . . . re- sides in the great city of Trauger. 43 Class DON QUEER "Butch" is known for his good looks and sparkling humor . . . resides .at Norvelt B Section . . . was an actlve member of the football squad, N.F.L., Colophon Staff and Chorus . . . plans to attend college. EUGENE RATH "Fuzz" is known for his hashful man- ner . . . active member of the Science Club, Spanish, Latin, and Pep Club . . . resides at Turkey Hollow . . . has indefinite plans about the future. 44 PAUL QUEER This lad hails from Norvelt . . . thinks Dolly is the most . . . was one of our football heroes . . . belonged to the Sportsman's, Science, and Varsity H Clubs . . . is undecided as to the future. ANDREW REGALLA "Professor" is known for his cheer- ful personality . . . rides the bus from Lycippus . . . was an active member of the N.F.L., Usher's Club, Latin Club and Sigma Rho . . . has college listed on his future agenda. GEORGE RAISHART Better known as "Tony" . . . this future chef resides at Norvelt . . . be- longed to Chorus A, Spanish and Latin Club . . . was also a basketball man- ager . . . showed his ability as a tenor in the Male Quartet. CAROL RITENOUR Another one of our pretty redheads . . . "Red" claims her interests be in swimming, skating, and water skiing . . . comes to Hurst from Mt. Pleasant . . . was active in the S.C.C. and held the office of secretary of the Glee Club. LINDA RODGERS Linda especially enjoys talking on the phone . . . usually seen with Steve . . . belonged to National Honor So- ciety, Chorus A, Sigma Rho, and Nurses Club . . . plans to make nursing her profession . . . known for her acting ability. MARY ANN RUDZINSKI "Merch," an energetic lass who re- sides at Standard . . . belonged to N.F.L., Nurses Club, Latin Club, Colophon staff, and librarian in Chorus B . . . claims her favorite pastimes are read- ing, eating and listening to the radio. HOLLIE ROLLA A sweet smiling lass describes Hollie . . . hails from Weltytown . . . be- longed to the Latin and Nurses Club . . . marched in the band for four years . . . hopes to attend college after graduation . . . was on the Hurstonian Staff. MARY ANN SEMENSKY "Mare" has business school in mind . . . was a proud member of the .lun- ior and Senior Chambers of Commerce and the Home Ec Club . . . couldn't do without TV and roller skating . . . will he remembered for her quietness. of 1961 EDMUND ROSKY "Ed" is known for his debating ability . . . is a resident of great Standard Shaft . . . was president of N.F.L. and Chorus A . . . enjoys swimming and dancing . . . plans to attend Business School. KATHLEEN SENI Many people look twice to identify Kathy . . . a resident of United . . . was an active member of the Sigma Rho, Latin Club, F.T.A., and the Hurst- onian Staff . . . is a whiz at skat- ing . . . plans to attend college. 45 lass MARLENE SENI "Miami" enjoys roller skating . . . belonged to the Sigma Rho, Latin Club, F.T.A., Hurstonian and Colophon staffs . . . resides at United . . . hopes to at- tend college . . . could always be seen with her polaroid . . . has a great in- terest in Bob. ALLAN SHAFER "Spud" is a proud resident of Acme . . . has a smile for everyone . . . par- ticipated in the Sportsmen's Club, Sci- ence, and Senior Math Club . . . says swimming and bowling are tops in his book. JAY SHERROW "Harold" was the quiet type . . . could be found with Fuzzy and Brooms . . . rode .lack's bus from United . . . plans to be a mechanic . . . always be- lieved in having a good time. 46 JAMES SISTEK "Bull" will be remembered as a hero of our football squad . . . be- longed to the Science Club, Sportsmen's Club, Varsity H, Sigma Rho, and was president of the Spanish Club . . . in- terests lie in all sports. GEORGEANN SHAW One of our pretty 'Sno Ball' attend- ants . . . "George" is known for her love of sports . . . was a proud member of the Girls Athletic Association, F.T.A., Spanish, and Latin clubs . . . belonged to the Colophon and Hurstonian staffs. MARY KATHRYN SMIHULA "Kotoush" rode the bus from Hecla with Lauretta every day . . . likes to collect records and read . . . was active in the Future Homemakers of America Club . . . still has indefinite plans as to the future. KATHLEEN SMITH Claiming one of the familiar names at Hurst is "Smitty" . . . comes to school from Trauger . . . was an active member of the .I.C.C., and S.C.C .... enjoys reading, dancing, football games, and Ted. EUGENE SOSKO Most people call him "Gene" . . . was a resident of Weltytown . . . is known for his good looks . . . held the office of president and county president of the F.F.A .... enjoys cars and guns. I I l MARSHALL SMITH "Smitty" is one of our math bugs . . . was active in the N.F.L., National Honor Society, Spanish, and Projec- tionists clubs, and Sigma Rho . . . hopes to attend college . . . loves all types of sports. DONALD STAHL Don could always be found working on his car . . . belonged to the F.F.A. and liked "ag" . . . was Ray's best buddy . . . claims Kecksburg as the best town on the map. of 1961 JOHN SOLO John, a quiet football lad, says Nor- velt is the nicest town around . . . participated in Varsity H Club and Sigma Rho . . . plans to attend college after graduation . . . enjoys all types of sports. BARBARA STAIRS Barb is a brown-haired lassie from Acme . . . likes to spent her time ice skating, listening to the radio, or read- ing . . . no definite plans for the future . . . maybe they'll include a business career. 47 Class RONALD STAIRS Acme is the home of Ron . . . be- longed to the Science and Sportsma.n's clubs . . . played "sax" in the band for four years . . . hunting and cars take his leisure time . . . would like to join Uncle Sam in the future. PATTY STASCHAK One of Hurst's nicest personalities . . . has many friends . . . "Stash" claims Calumet as in the C.A.A. and F.T.A .... was on the Hurstonian Staff . . . could dance all night . . . would like to attend college. 48 VICTOR STAIRS Well recognized as the football guard of the year . . . Vic claims Norvelt as his home . . . active in the Varsity H, Spanish, Science, and Sportsman's Club . . . dancing and girls are his interests . . . plans to enter college. MILDRED LORRAINE STEFL "Lorraine" came to Hurst every morn- ing from Mt. Pleasant . . . was always seen with Frances . . . belonged to the S.C.C., Chorus B, and Library Club . . . has very definite plans for the future . . . had a friendly disposition. FRANCES STAN EK One of Mt. Joy's pretty residents . . . was a member of Home Ec and Girls Glee Clubs . . . can be found listening to records . . . dreams about traveling by air . . . a future Airline Hostess. SAN DRA STRUBLE Hailing to Hurst from the great town of Acme . . . "Sandy" plans to enter Clarion State College . . . activities in- clude F.T.A. and Sigma Rho . . . was a member of the Hurstonian Staff. l RAY SULLENBERGER A quiet lad from Laurelville . . . "Red" likes to spend his free time watching movies . . . no definite plans for the future . . . outstanding charac- teristic was his red hair. FRANCIS TEPPER Middle Churclies is the home of this shy lad . . . "Tep" was active in the Science, Sigma Rho, and Sportsman's Club . . . claims cars and blondes are his favorite interests . . . is college hound. WANDA TEETERS "Wendy" claims Trauger as her home . . . active in the Home Ec. Club . . . records and listening to the radio are her favorite pastime . . . usually seen with John . . . future plans undecided. MARTHA TOCZEK Although Martha is quiet, she is known for her delightful personality . . . member of J.C.C., S.C.C., and Home Ee Clubs . . . usually seen with Mary- ann . . . no definite plans for the future. of 1961 RONALD TEPLEY Outstanding artist for the Hurstonian and Colophon Staffs . . . among his many interests are aviation and as- tronomy . . . a member of Chorus B and Library Club . . . plans to enter college . . . has great ambitions to become a commercial artist. l NANCY TOMECHKO A personality hi-lite . . . pretty home- coming attendant . . . faithful cheer- leader for three years . . . active in the F.T.A., Latin, and Spanish Clubs . . . proud member of the National Honor Society . . . collects records for a hobby and enjoys dancing . . . definite plans for college. 49 Class ILENE TOMKO A quiet resident from that great city of United . . . her activities include the Nurses club, F.H.A., and Chorus . . . claims art and designing as her hobbies . . . plans to enter college. BERNADETT E URBAN Our pretty homecoming queen and peppy majorette . . . "Bernie" calls Norvelt home . . . an active member in the Nurses and Spanish Clubs . . . N.H.S., Glee Club, and Chorus A... senior class secretary . . . favorite in- terest is baton twirling . . . plans to be a nurse. 50 IRENE TOMKO Calls United her home . . . was a member of the Nurses Club, French club, and Home Ec . . . Bowling and dancing rate highly as her favorite pastimes . . . plans to attain a sec- retarial position. ROBERT VAN ARSDALE Bob hails from Armbrust . . . took part in the Christmas Cantata . . . Usher's, Science, and Spanish clubs are on his list of activities . . . favorite pastimes are girls . . . future is un- decided. PATRICIA ANN TYLKA One of our witty and active seniors . . . wonderful sense of humor . . . Pat hails from Standard . . . her activities include Spanish club, Future Nurses, N.F.L., Colophon Staff, and Chorus B . . . loves playing the piano and having fun. FRANCES VIAZANKO Norvelt claims this cute lassie . . . Frannie belonged to the S.C.C., N.F.L., .l.C.C., Home Ec, Pep, and Glee Clubs . . . enjoyed working on the Hurston- ian staff . . . plans to secure a secre- tarial p0sition. b l JANICE WALAK A cute lassie from Standard . . . Wonderful personality . . . a member of the F.H.A., J.C.C., S.C.C., and Chorus B . . . interests include dancing and eating . . . may join the business pro- fession after graduation. DIANE WEIERS Brains and beauty best describes Di- ane . . . belonged to the F.T.A., Na- tional Honor Society, Sigma Rho, and Pep Club . . . was class treasurer, head cheerleader, and Snow Queen . . . is interested in reading . . . would like to enter Grove City College. PHYLLIS WASHINGTON Kecksburg claims this shy miss . . . enjoys listening to music and watch- ing television . . . was a member of Chorus A, Home Ee., Glee Club, and the Nurses Club . . . future plans are uncertain. DONALD WEIGHTMAN Don travels to Hurst from his home near Brinkerton . . . has a real sense of humor . . . belonged to Gymnastic, Science and Sportsmen's Clubs . . . in- cluded in his hobbies are hunting, me- chanics, and wood working . . . may join the Air Force. of 1961 DAUN WEIERS Daun is a smiling lad from Norvelt . . . he belonged to the N.F.L., National Honor Society, Sigma Rho, and band . . . enjoys music, bowling, and skating . . . his ambition is to enter college. MARY LOU WEIR "Lou" is a friendly and jolly resident from Mammoth . . . was a member of the F.H.A., .l.C.C., S.C.C., Pep Club, Hurstonian and Colophon Staffs . . . enjoyed having fun . . . her future plans are not definite. 5I Class I ELIZABETH WHISDOSH There was always fun and laughter with "Betsy" around . . . claims Norvelt to be her home . . . belonged to S.C.C., .l.C.C., Home Ee., Pep Club, Glee Club, Hurstonian and Colophon Staffs . . . enjoys dancing, skating, and swimming. BONNIE WILSON Especially known for her pleasing personality and pretty smile . . . Bonnie is a resident of Norvelt . -. . activities included the Spanish, Pep, and Future Nurses Clubs . . . enjoyed Chorus A and Clee Club, dancing and reading . . . wants to be a nurse. 52 BEVERLY WILKINS "Bev" is one of the quiet girls from Hurst . . . is proud to claim Bunker Hill as her hometown . . . belonged to the Home Ec. Club . . . is interested in reading, swimming, dancing, and music. HARRY WILSON Harry was one of the boys who added a good amount of humor to Hurst... belonged to the Spot-tsman's and Gym- nastics Clubs . . . was president of Chorus B and vice president of the F.F.A. 1 . . has no definite plans. STEWART WILKINS A well-liked boy known for his good looks was "Stu" . . . a member of the Sportsman's Club, Pep Club, and Blue Angels Auto Club . . . resides in Kecks- hurg . . . is interested in all kinds of sports and girls. EMMA WILTROUT A nice addition to the class of '61 . . . came to Hurst her senior year. .. Emma resides in Brinkerton . . . be- longed to the Future Nurses Club... is very much interested in archery... enjoys having fun. RAYMOND WINGROVE Ray, a quiet lad who always had a friendly disposition to all . . . was a faithful member of the F.F.A. of which he was reporter . . . especially liked to work on cars . . . enjoyed all kinds of sports . . . uncertain about the fu- ture. I l EDWARD WITEK "Wally" was one of our friendly boys . . . proudly hails Standard Shaft as his home . . . belonged to the Usher's Club, Varsity H, Latin and Gymnastic Clubs, and Sigma Rho . . . all kinds of sports interest him . . . college is on his future agenda. KATHLEEN WISNIEWSKI Best known to her friends as "Kathy" . . . resides in Mt. .loy . . . her activities included the Chorus B, N.F.L., Home Ee., and Glee Club . . . interested in swimming and drawing . . . her future plans are not definite. CAROLYN WOJCIAK This friendly miss was always ready with a warm "hello" for all . . . Carol came to school from that "famous" Bunker Hill . . . belonged to the .l.C.C., S.C.C., Home Ee. Club, and Colophon Staff . . . was one of Hurst's pretty and peppy majorettes. of 1961 LARRY WISNIEWSKI Quiet and nice best describes Larry . . . resides in Mt. Pleasant . . . be- longed to the Sportsman's Club, Cym- nastic, Usl1er's, and Spanish Clubs... interested in guns, raising animals, and all sports. I l l l 4 RUDOIQPH YANUCK Good-looking "Rudy" is one of the nicest boys of the class . . . activities included F.T.A., Spanish Club, presi- dent of Sigma Rho, vice president of the National Honor Society . . . likes bowling, swimming, and sports . . . college is certain. 53 P CAROL ZAVATSKY Carol was one of our petite and friendly seniors . . . belonged to the F.T.A., Chorus A, and Latin Club... was a participant in the junior class play . . . enjoys having fun . . . plans to attend Westmoreland Hospital School of Nursing. THOMAS ZEGLIN Better known to his friends as "Duke' . . . was a friendly resident of Stand- ard Shaft . . . belonged to the Usher's, Spanish, and Sportsman's Clubs, Hurst- onian staff, and Gymnastic Club . . . enjoys fixing cars, all sports, and girls. In Memoriam 2 GLENN ZIMMERMAN "Butch" is a friendly lad liked by all . . . proudly hails Brinkerton as his home . . . belonged to the Spanish and Science Clubs, and Sigma Rho . . . is interested in swimming, hunt- ing, and girls . . . his future agenda in- cludes college. MARK LANDI 54 ROBERT MUSGROVE X wifdiff ' Mui' Wwyrm vw' Mi'??ifl?J?fg wav' J S! 95" A G, 2 9 315+ N ? Qi' E Wx A fl? 5 Q 3 '-: N .12 0 V 52 L ws 'S ... 3' -' E. -PA , x ' . Q, b L iii, i ww ff Q ww . aw - lj: E f ,hz , , 'Y in , , t K. s - I I . w , T . Jw' 9' ' ii W' S -,C j-Em " 9',mvS?iT2 ' 'X' iw ' 'I 4 51 + I 56 I ZN- F or the student, time is an almost constant, ,7 , unchanging concept. These four years seem as an eternity to underclassmen, with time passing as slowly as the sands of an hourglass-- H owefuer, as the end of these four years approach, they marvel at this seeming timelessness. Junior Class OFFICERS President ,..........,............,,,. BARRY QUEER Vice President ....... .,.....,,...,, ,I ACK BARR Secretary ..,....,, ......f...., B ONNIE PAVICK Treasurer ...... ,...... L AWRENCE SCHROLL Class History Our flame of knowledge has constantly grown with these three fleeting nyears. No longer does this flame flicker. Soon it will burst into a torch that will serve as a guide in our future years. Little do we realize that just three years ago we entered Hurst High School as "verdant freshmenf' Because everything was so different we couldn't adjust our- selves to the changed environment, but soon those problems were ironed out. We entered the next year as proud, reliable, understanding sophomores. It was our turn to enjoy the peculiar actions of the "freshies." Now we are upperclassmen. We fit into the picture of clubs and various activities as though we had been accustomed to them for years. Proud are we to be energetic juniors, but we eagerly look forward to the days of being "dignified seniors." To the class of '61, we, the class of '62, extend our sincerest wishes for the future. You are now embarking on life's long voyage, and in that mission let your education be the guiding light-a torch held above-marking a discriminating difference be- tween right and wrong. May the ensuing years prove to be very happy ones, and may you never forget the school which gave to you its capable and invaluable encourage- Inent. Juniors ROW I: B. Crosby, N. Boone, P. Baum, S. Enherg, M. J. Evancho, C. Bowman, M. DeArmitt, S. Adamrovich, G. Firm- stone. ROW II: D. Barnett, P. Albright, C. Cramer, G. Ferlin, P. Dzubak, A. Fisher,-C. Brinker, J. Farkas, K. Fetter, P. Balush. ROW III: R. Beveridge, G. Boytim, K. Christner, S. Arnold, J. Irwin, J. Aldon, D. Armel, M. Curci, J. Baluh. ROW IV: L. Chackan, J. Albright, L. Faust, L. Dominic, E. Hunter, S. Dunn, S. Craig, J. Barr, R. Cibulas, R. Burdyk. ROW 1: T. Fulmer, J. Kissell, J. Keitz, C. Hoover, M. Kristofik, D. Kapura, J. Huffman, C. Carbon, S. Kalemba, S. Fisher. ROW II: Logan, Logan, K. Jones, J. Kwak, N. Marker, B. Kowalowski, V. Frye, G. Kutch, R. Laik. ROW III: D. Harr, J. Liheronie, R. Lohr, B. Kelly, L. Lynn, P. Kostyo, E. Kiral, N. Gorton, E. Jorgeson, T. Hixson. ROW IV: B. Kalp, J. Lann, K. Matulay, R. Klejka, B. Kolling, J. Kashin, C. Krozel, R. Hamel, C. McClain, R. King. Sophomore OFFICERS Presldent ..................... PAUL PERRY Vice Presldent ..... ORVILLE HITCHCOCK Secretary ...... ROESMARY SMITH Treasurer ....... BARRY MARTZ Class Class History Un a beautiful late summer day, August 31, 1959, 153 frightened little fresh- men entered the halls of Hurst High. We were all terrified that we would not get to the right class on time. After memorizing our schedules, we had other difficulties to think about-getting along with the teachers and upperclassmen and coping with the homework. To many of us, high school was an entirely different world which we enjoyed very much, with the exception of the homework. There was something new at Hurst that we didn't have at grade school-"detention hall." Even though it was only three days a week, some were seen in it quite often. Finally, to our amazement, the school term was over and it badn't been as difficult as we had thought. ln fact, we were looking forward to coming back our sophomore year. , When we returned the first day of our sophomore year, we felt more at ease and decided to enjoy the first day by misleading the freshmen. Gur once timid little classmates had begun to grow up and were now the principal players on the junior varsity basketball and football squad. All too quickly another year passed-a step further in attaining our future educational goal. ophomores ROW I: B. Ferlin, R. Coughenour, H. Balko, B. Ahlborn, M. Craig, C. Bule- bush, P. Busko, R. Chaken, A. Cramer, C. Drexler. ROW ll: R. Davis, J. Bil- ley, B. Balko, C. Dayton, L. Cramer, J. Davis, K. Bishop, P. Burzawa, P. Cook. ROW lll: M. Bauer, R. Crosby, J. Biskup, J. Barn- hart, J. Erwin, D. Faust, F. Blaine, R. Davis, J. Edris. ROW l: V. Firmstone, C Kito, J. Huchko, J. Koval A. Klejka, J. Hrabak, E. Honse, J. Hamel, J. Con- dosh, L. Jones, P. Kurim- chak, D. Kantorik. ROW II: J. Krnosky, R. Kalp, W. Hubert, B. Free- man, W. Hoyle, H. Kelly O. Hitchcock, T. Kemer, JJ Kurtz, R. Kashin,' J. Kop- czak, R. Kito, Mr. Cibulas. ROW III: M. Freeman, C. Forejt, R. Karinchak, P. Krynicky, J. Kelly, D. Ko- watch, J. Lann, K. Keslar, E. Koslosky, E. Koshar, D. Geary, A. Goswick. ROW I: F. Mizikar, J. Leep- er B da B Martz K 7 ' PY 5 ' I 1 ' May, K. Rafferty, R. Rod- gers, P. Poche, B. Poole, L. Puskar, M. Plumer, N. Leighty. ROW II: J. Malesky, W. Lubovinski, R. Long, E. Kantorik, E. Metz, R. Nice- ly, W. Newill, G. Ruff, T. Muchoney, R. Shay, B. Min- erd, D. Schultheis. ROW III: P. Nunamaker, K. Pritts, R. Sebec, P. Perry, E. Mikolajcik, F. Mizanko, J. Shebeck, M. Myers, V. Malnak, R. Shaffer, M. Olenchock. ROW I: S. Tepper, S. Ste shoski, D. Stanek, K. Stairs, R. Smith, C. Sprung, S. Stefl, J. Solo, E. Sherrow, E. Smihula. ROW II: R. Zeglin, M. Ya- rabinetz, D. Zeglin, L. Swi- derski, R. Zsolchak, P. Som- ers, E. Wojlas, R. Somers, H. Snively, R. Stumpf, R. Shields. ROW III: J. Wolfe, .I. Smith, H. Wojtas, T. Stru- ble, S. Whetzel, E. Zavat- sky, P. Sibal, R. Wisniew- ski, A. Zelmore, N. Thomp- son, A. Urban, B. Shick. Sophomores Freshman Class OFFICERS President ........................ ROBERT GULIBON Vice President ........ ...... A LLYN JOYCE CHALFANT Secretary ...... .......... B ILL BEAVER Treasurer ..,.. ...... H UBERT PFEIFER Class History During the summer of '60 the thoughts of some 208 frightened eighth grade graduates turned toward the day when they would enter the hallowed halls of "Hurst High" as Freshmen. Initiation day was as difficult as we had expected for lip- stick was made known to many. The first football game, the first assembly, changing of classes, searching for the unknown elevator, and detention hall made this year quite exciting for all. Yes, this freshman year has been quite a memorable one, for we have made many new friends not only with the students but also with the teachers. Because this freshman year has been a year filled with happiness and success, we hope to return and make the next year even greater. Now the thoughts in our minds have turned toward the day when we will be considered as the "dignified', upperclassmen. f-:M Wi ww 22 'fs an ir? www may vw we? ,S E E . .-ff, g N Y ' 'W J as Mr? y ,Qfglws , .K .Atv i as . sw ef -vm wi? W 531: 1,5 '- . 52 .7 .Q ,wwf 2 fe-.Q mai? ,xx J. 5 g, Q ,K ., 36 X Q fix? 1 - 1 X! I K N 2 ., mf 2 EP ' . 5 . 4 x "M iwgf A EVM ' ,,A 'agfg, S 9 2' i 'L-L V gf 21- 5 - gk Q ,mm fl-i Q .f . ' .' 9- 'f , f 5 -4 5" H 31- -4 17 7 fx 4 -' , fri X 42351 N. fp? ,. RL H gig 'wg :gh if f .P 1:4 , L . A ,SF v fi l' 'QM' . .X iff ,X Q x V - . 4 fiilwsw, K fs, f iw ' nw. -. :wi A2653 . :NA..1g"'-f-ig, x. L 3 gi A , ,Q mg i H sy W. ia f'f'SS' j, , Q f irzxnem fir' i , 5 3-w....,, 4- , :QQ W Q r TEE 5 Mx we ., j Max K' :Q , , S .iv ' Z.:,W,f5.:i?f,,:,-p:3:,, 4 Mr: . , , mf, Q f' + N N Q 7 x A .fy - Q 6 sglfefp' .y-"df: 1-. ' -' -.i.,?2N'aZs1' X S . if iffllsf f f S- wskg , a I , 7 f " fag egg 3 " ' I . "Lf 1355 - nw - -' -. my ' , K x , A , if , .,M14g,::e Y I 1, 1 , ' . ' F5 t , , :ffm N5 23? fi? 1 Q Q5 f .wa g -ww. A H L in Zu: Y 123 J? fi f , 2 ,, ai-H .ig A P- - , .i?. , ,,,,g1 1 V51 ' y .. ,. DTJIJ' 5 A as , A if-,if N 5. 1 M - iz .,x -13' Freshmen , ROW I: L. Snyder, V. Prosnick, J. Olenchock, P. Rushnock, R. Hall, R. Robinson, T. Ozug, P. Porch 'and C. Perry. ROW II: D. Overly, K. Obott, G. Reagon, R. Rath, R. O'Neil, E. Oberly, S. Ohrockto, and R. Overly. ROW III: J. Puskar, E. Overly, D. Puskar, B. Queer, H. Pfeifer, S. Pinkney, S. Rath, J. Ritenour, and R. Richard. ROW IV: H. Rolla, E. Smoker, J. Ostrosky, J. O'Neil, B. Peters, and A. Pospistel. ROW I: C. Vimislichy, C. Vagasky, B. Uschock, N. Zufall, L. Sroka, E. Zemba, D. Specht, and I. Yanuck. ROW II: R. Zelanelc, D. Stein, T. Trice, K. Trout, V. Stairs, S. Urban, and H. Stivers. ROW III: J. Trice, J. Spirko, R. Stahl, P. Wilson, T. Sosko, M. R. Snyder, and K. Wilkens. ROW IV: B. Wilson, Mr. Stas, R. Specht, D. Stefl, J. Terhorst, C. Wilson, and D. White. 67 1 J G , li f Q is 5 1 Q 2' . 6' W w W W fs! ll I ' if 7 Q iilfu 11-1 f 1 , 5 1 3 S 5' ls 1 3' 4 c 5 QQ ' - - -f-"' NW -- fr - - ' rx -NN Ae e Q 2 e ff-Ce -3- - 'f,, 4 t -- I - 'H' ' - To make our high school life more interesting, various clubs and organizations have been es- tablished throughout the years. The high membership in these organizations this year reveals as does the traditional clock, the :insurmountable part they have taken in helping to socialize the individual student. if -si, W A , T5 g gg - K ,.,,,X M S S S Xt., Rig, A . -X. 2 K . ,X W1 + 5 5. flea ix 1 k ' fri L., 3 ' I ', , z.. . ,x ',,-:Xmfff ., '- f 1 K ' -:,, I , L . --mmf .. Q. s k. 52 WEE ,V . fa , , I- '-ef A xr- x .... ,,,, ...qiwf -' -X1-iff: 1 ' 1 ef - 2 5 wi 3, QAM N ,m QA? QW' if Y, ?wi agg xg3' fginuwv -, 1, - ' aww QW wk ak, x M, . M, 1 11 , M Miggg g xgkgb 532 i MH g i M Wy fw lfasfl fig vip E '..5 7221. :Z 5 9 - Q OFFICERS President: Edmund Rosky Vice President: Don Queer Secretary: Betsy Hubert Treasurer: Daun Weiers Point Recorder: Betsy Hubert STANDING, left to right: Mr. Silvis, D. Weiers, B. Krnosky, P. Tylka, C. Kaputa, C. Davis K. Rafferty. National Forensic League This organization is established for the purpose of developing good public speak- ers. All activities take place at tournaments held almost every Saturday. After receiving a total of 25 points, a membership is granted to the students. This enables them to compete with boys and girls from other schools and gain experience in all phases of speaking-externporaneous, declamations, debating, and student congress. Degrees of honor, excellence, and distinction are awarded to members as they accumulate points. Senior members receive official N.F.L. pins with jewels repre- senting their respective degree. ROW I: J. Davis, B. Ahlbcrn, P. Porch. ROW Il:' J. Huffman, .l. Muchoney, R. Pinkney, C. Drexlcr. ROW Ill: B. Anderson, R. Rodgers, L. Fess, F. Mizenko, T. Raishart, B. Schacte. ROW IV: Friedline, L. Ludwig, D. Mizikar, M. Rudzinski, S. Coma, C. Rath. ROW V: A. Regalla, FZ Viazanko, M. Smith, D. While. 7I Future Teachers of America From left to right: E. Dell, P. Melago, M. Hrovoski, M. Evancho, M. Seni, P. Staschak, D. Weiers, R. McLean, K. Seni, J. Evans, N. Tomechko, N. Marker, L. Sikora, V. Frye, J. Hartman, G. Shaw, J. Vance, C. Zavatsky, S. Struble, B. Newill, L. Kritz, R. Yanuck. Striving to encourage students into the teaching profession is the purpose of the F .T.A. In this organization a student begins to develop a professional attitude about the teaching career. By having an opportunity to work with children, the members begin to realize the potential satisfaction of teaching. To cultivate the qualities of scholarship, leadership, and character are the aims of the club. There are 25 members in the Hurst Chapter of the F.T.A. All members are required to meet the national, state, and local association requirements before becoming members. Only members of the Junior and Senior classes are eligible to join. At the beginning of the second semester the members undertook the project of student teaching in their chosen field. By this enlightening experience it is hoped that many of these fine scholars will be encouraged to become teachers. OFFICERS Faculty Adviser ........ Mrs. Gayle Harrer President .......................... Jim Hartman Vice President ........ Mary Jane Evancho Secretary ...... ..... N ancy Tomechko Treasurer ....... ........ C arol Zavatsky Historian ............. ....... J oanne Evans Parliamentarian, ................ Marlene Seni Librarian ............... - ......... Barry Newill Song Leader ..... ..-----s Patty Staschak Future Nurses of America ROW I: B. Boytim, R. Bilik, L. Rodgers, P. Tylka, D. Kapura, M. Kristofeck, B. Nemeth, A. Pylo, S. Fisher. ROW II: S. Craig, J. Foriska, G. Goodwin, S. Coughenour, L. Carey, J. Pawlyshin, V. Spisak, B. Geary, Mrs. Kromer. ROW III: J. Aldom, L. Lynn, H. Rolla, B. Urban, P. Nock, P. Rogacki, A. Tlumac, B. Pavick, M. Rudzinski. The purpose of this club is to encourage and aid students interested in entering some branch of the nursing profession. Membership is open to junior and senior students whose curriculum and interests indicate the pursuance of this profession. Meetings were held the first and third Wednesday evenings of the month. As a special project, the Nurses Club made a presentation of a 3100.00 scholarship to a senior club member who has been accepted by a school of advanced training in the nurses' profession. The fund raising projects included dances, bake sales, and club dues. OFFICERS Faculty Adviser ..,..... Mrs. Fern Kromer President ............. .....,.. J udith Foriska Vice President ............ Barbara Nemeth Secretary ...,......,.. ..... P atricia Tylka Treasurer .............,....,....... Betty Boytim Publicity Chairman .... Rosemary Bilik Yearbook Chairman ..,. Rosemary Bilik Records Chairman ......,, Linda Rodgers Latin Club OFFICERS Faculty Adviser ,....... Mrs. Rita Casteel President ......,..,........ Nancy Tomechko Vice President ........ Larry Myslewski Secretary .......,.. ....,.. B onnie Ahlborn Treasurer ...... -- .... Robert Cibulas Under the capable leadership of Mrs. Casteel, the club sponsor, this organiza- tion is one of the largest in the high school. It has done much to acquaint its mem- bers with various aspects of the Latin language and Roman civilization. - In addition to the duties encountered by the members, are the many activities which the club sponsors. This year the club enjoyed a trip to Buhl Planetarium and also a Roman style banquet. Both will long be remembered by the members. ROW I: R. Buckingham, T. Struble, A. Klejka, J. Kutch, R. Karinchak, T. Toczek, S. Shields, L. Smith, R. Lazor, R. Laick, J. Kowalczyk. ROW II: V. Spisak, B. Nemeth, J. Vance, S. Fisher, P. Rushnock, D. Stein, D. Kapura, M. Kristo feck, K. Rafferty, E. Tepper, A. Chalfant, P. Poche, P. Busko. ROW III: R. Zsolcsak, B. Anderson, .L Biskup, D Faust, L. Myslewski, J. Terhorst, D. Harr, B. Hubert P. Perry, B. Shaffer, D. Zeglin, B. Kalp. ROW IV: R. McLean P. Czekaj, J. Davis, V. Andrews, S. Stehoski, B. Ahlborn, J. Krynicky, J. McLaughlin, N. Marker, S. Machusko, My I. Evancho, G. Ondrako, C. Carbon. ROW V: N. Tomeehko, M. L. Hrovoski, J. Shebeck, R. Powroznik, A. Tlumac L. Lynn, C. Keslar, B. Pavick, P. Nook, E. Zavatsky, K, Angus, E. Mikolajcik, B. Shick, J. Aldom. ROW VI: E Witek, A. Kromer, A. Regalla, J. Malesky, L. Reese, M. Seni, J. Evans, L. Sikora, S. Craig, R. Shields, B. Cibulas, L. Faust, T. Olmer. Spanish Club OFFICERS F acully Adviser ........ Mr. Joseph Brody President ..,................. Nancy Tomechko Vice President ........ Orville Hitchcock Secretary .,....,..... ........ K athy Matulay Treasurer ..... K..... B arbara Kelly Reporter ....... ..... K athy Stairs This club is one of the most interesting and educational clubs at Hurst. Its pur- pose is to further acquaint the members with many aspects of Spanish culture. Members of the club are required to attend all meetings, pay dues, and accept various responsibilities. Several projects are undertaken hy the club yearly for its financial support. Near the end of the school year, members have their annual picnic at Mt. Odin. ROW 1: S. Whetzel, K. Pritts, R. Robinson, M. Kopczak, E. Koslosky, F. Mizenko, F. Mizikar, J. Solo, K. Stairs. ROW II: G. Roadman, K. Roadman, S. Dunn, B. Hoyle, K. Matulay, A. Urban, M. Knaus, B. Kelly, N. Tomechko, M. L. Oherley. ROW III: O. Hitchcock, A. Zelmore, A. Goswick, B. Beveridge, E. Rath, .I. Kelley, J. Huchko, B. Martz, F. Prosnik, J. Logan, W. Stefl. ROW IV: R. Hamel, B. Milligan, R. Klejka, E. Jorgeson, J. Kopczak, G. Puskar, S. Puskar, I... Schroll, E. Kiral, C. McClain, P. Kostyo. Ushers Club ROW I: L. Hoke, P. Perry, B. Kalp, G. Kaputa, R. VanArsdale, R. Ackerman, R. Zsolcsak, B. Hubert, P. Albright. ROW II: B. Somers, G. Raishart, E. Friedline, D. Mizikar, A. Regalla, E. Witek, S. Muchoney, S. Gonta, A. Kromer, R. Colkosky. ROW III: M. Ewantis, D. Golkosky, N. Sefchik, P. Bash, J. Polcha, G. Puskar, R. Adamrovich, F. Puskar, B. Lakin. The Ushers Club remains one of the most active clubs in the school, ushering for class plays, concerts, and other productions. To climax this year's activities, the club sponsored a picnic at the end of the school year which was a great success. At the end of their senior year, the boys receive tie clips and cufflinks for their service in the organization. OFFICERS Faculty Sponsor ........ Mr. Thomas Kelly President .................... Richard Golkosky Vice President .......... Robert Golkosky Secretary ............. ............ I ack Polcha Treasurer ...... ..... P aul Bash Sigma Rho ROW I: D. Weiers, S. Struble, A. Dell, D. Weiers, J. Foriska, K. Seni, M. Seni, L. Rodgers, P. Staschak, B. Boytim, R. M. Bilik, A. Shaffer, G. Zimmerman. ROW II: J. Solo, R. Lawrence, J. Hartman, M. Ewantis, J. Sistek, J. Polcha, R. Yanuck, B. Harr, P. Carney, B. Anderson, C. Honse, Mrs. Frances Vance. ROW III: S. Howell, A. Kromer, R. Hollis, L. Kritz, P. Corey, E. Friedline, D. Mizikar, F. Tepper, E. Witek, E. Hunscik, B. Newill, S. Conta, A. Regalla, R. Golkosky, M. Smith. Sigma Rho, which is the Greek word for slide rule, is the mathematics club of Hurst composed entirely of seniors who are taking their fourth year of math. These four years include: freshman year, Algebra Ig sophomore year, Plane Geometryg junior year, Algebra II and Solid Geometryg and senior year, Trigonometry and Col- lege Algebra. This club was organized fourteen years ago with the purpose of promoting a lasting interest in the use of mathematics in daily life, with special emphasis placed on the use of the slide rule. OFFICERS Faculty Adviser .... Mrs. Frances Vance President ...... - ....... -- ..... Rudy Yanuck Vice President ..--a- ........ Diane Weiers Secretary ......... ..... R osemary Bilik Treasurer ..... ...... J udy Foriska Future Farmers of America OFFICERS Faculty Adviser ........ Mr. Joseph Simon President' ............ ..... E ugene Sosko Vice President .........,...... Harry Wilson Secretary ..,................. Richard Yuhouse Treasurer ...... .......... I ay Kromer Chaplain ....... -.. ..... Jack Trice Reporter .... .... R ay Wingrove The Future Farmers of America, a national organization, strives to achieve better farmers for future years. The name implies exactly what these boys are--Future Farmers. They do all phases of farm work in their course of study. Each year this club sponsors a harvest dance, and attends county and state ac- tivities. Trying to live up to their motto: "Learning to dog doing to learn, learning to liveg living to learn," is their main ambition. ROW 1: D. Specht, G. Hood, R. Overly, B. Frund, L. Frund, J. Trice, R. Hutter, J. Trice, T. Sosko, T. Mizikar, E. Metz. ROW II: R. Stumpf, K. Long, R. Howard, P. Kundrick, J. Kromer, J. Hill, H. Wilson, D. Maciejewski, M. Milligan, E. Kantorik. ROW III: L. Halterman, W. Fligger, L. Musgrove, J. Wigle, R. Wingrove, S. Wilkins, D. Piasecky, E. Sosko, R. Yuhas, P. Somers, D. Stahl. Future Homemakers of America OFFICERS Faculty Advisers: ........ Mrs. Sara Freed Mrs. Dorothy Hacker President ....... ...,........,.,. I oyce Lann Secretary ....... ....... J oanne Czekaj Treasurer ....,. .... S andra Enberg The Future Homemakers of America is an organization which strives to produce better American homemakers by helping young girls, usually juniors and seniors, to obtain valuable experience-cooking, sewing, and general economic problems. This is all essential in building more prosperous homes and experienced homemakers. Their motto, "Toward New Horizons," stresses the ideas of newer and better methods for obtaining more useful housekeeping knowledge, which will be of much importance, not only now, but moreso in the future. ROW I: G. Firmstone, S. Kalemba, P. Baum, B. Kowalewski, S. Enherg, J. Czekaj, C. Baum. ROW II: J. Aldom, J. Davis, L. Outten, D. Heide, B. Davis, V. Trice. ROW III: M. Smihula, A. Fisher, C. Shea, B. Immel, M. Smith, J. Keitz, J. Lann. l 79 Senior Chamber of Commerce ROW I: J. Yesho, S. Adamrovich, L. Mizikar, C. Carbon, B. Hubert, E. Harouse, K. Prah, C. Bawman, P. Rice, J Zeglin, J. Huffman, M. DeArmit, R. Newill, K. Davis, B. Crosby. ROW II: M. J. Flannigan, V. Jurkowski, P. Maffit, M A. Klementic, S. Bellush, M. Dreistadt, K. Urban, C. Rath, C. Reese, B. Ondus, V. Shafer, B. Schacte, P. Dzubak V. Trice. ROW III: R. Pinkney, J. Muchoney, B. Baird, K. Christner, N. Michalcyzk, E. Bishop, L. Ludwig, D. Heller' M. J. Koval, E. Albright, C. Davis, M. Knaus, K. Smith, M. L. Oberley, C. Cramer. ROW IV: B. Whisdosh, M. L. Weir K. Jones, E. Myers, M. Shay, M. Shuba, A. Solo, M. Stefl, J. Keitz, V. Pianko, J. Walek, B. Krnosky, A. Krepps, M A. Nemeth. ROW V: D. Crum, C. Wojciak, S. Lessman, P. Malega, C. Ritenour, J. Curtis, K. Freeman, P. Pavuk, L. Fess, M. A. Semensky, M. Toczek, B. Kelly, N. Gorton, K. Null, J. Kissell. The Senior Chamber of Commerce, composed of seventy-eight junior and senior commercial students, is one of the school's most active organizations. One of the principal objectives of the club is to raise sufficient funds for the further extension of business facilities for the Business Education department. In order to pay for the equipment, social activities such as an annual dance and skating party are held. These have always been successful socially and financially. At the end of the school term a banquet is held in honor of the senior members. OFFICERS Faculty Adviser .......... Mr. John Freed President ............ ..... K aren Freeman Vice President ............ Karen Christner Secretary .......... ....... C arolyn Wojciak Treasurer ...... ..........., V era Shafer 1 Junior Chamber of ommerce ROW I: J. Bishop, P. Krynicky, J. Billey, H. Wojtas, D. Kowatch, B. Ferlin, N. Leighty, P. Kurimchak, R. Coughenour, J. Wolfe. ROW II: S. Steil, R. Rodgers, R. Chackan, B. Poole, J. Solo, J. Leeper, J. Hrabak, K. Bulebosh, Y. Sprung. ROW III: J. Koval, F. Mizikar, C. Forejt, R. Smith, K. Prius, L. Swiderski, C. Plumber, P. Craig, E. Sherrow, C. Drex- ler. ROW IV: D. Geary, M. Myers, M. Freeman, C. Dayton, C. Keio, J. Lann, R. Sehek, D. Kantorik, M. Yarabinetz. This year the I.C.C. is composed of 38 sophomore girls who are enrolled in the commercial course. While the chief purpose of the club is to enlighten 'and prepare members for the business world, it also sponsors various social activities such as dances, skating parties, and picnics. Every year each member is given a pin to signify membership in the club. OFFICERS Faculty Adviser ........ Miss Janet Stohl President ..... - ..... Mary ,lane Yarabinetz Vice President ............... ..-- Jane Lann Secretary ........... ...... K athy Bulebosh Treasurer .... ..... R osemary Rodgers Varsity H OFFICERS Faculty Advisers g.,...........,. Mr. Charles Muchoney, Mr. Joseph Stas President .......,...... ,... D on Queer Vice President ,,.,.... ....... J im Nook Secretary .........,. ...... J im Sistek Treasurer ................................ Bill Harr This club is composed of alllathletes who have participated in the required inter- scholastic periods of play to earn a letter in his respective sport. It was established for the purpose of promoting good sportsmanship and uniting all athletes in a com- mon bond. We, as a club, purchased four sets of weights to be used by the club members for the purpose of building bodies. ROW I: P. Queer, D. Colkosky, .l. Solo. P. Bash, .l. Miele, J. Sistek, P. Corey. ROW II: E. Witek, B. Harr, J. Nock, B. Newill, V. Stairs, J. Polcha, P. Jurkovic. Library Club OFFICERS Faculty Adviser ..A. Miss Theresa Galone President ........,...............,... Ron Tepley Vice President .....,..,,,i....,... Ed Herald Secretary ................ Mary Ann Lessick Treasurer ...... ........... F aith Flowers A newly formed organization of Hurst High is the Library Club. The member- ship is smaller than in most other clubs, but the Library Club's purpose is not so small. This purpose is to stir reading interest within the students and to further education through reading. The members of the Library Club will receive instruction concerning the operation of the library with the aim to draw student librarians from the membership of the club. There is a plan in the making whereby there will be a County Library Club. If such an organization is formed, the Hurst High Library Club has received per- mission to become a member. SEATED: S. Cort, E. Herald, R. Tepley, M. A. Lessick. STANDING: S. Howell, L. Stefl, F. Flowers, V. Pianko. Junior Classical League ROW I: A. Chalfant, J. Krynicky, J. McLaughlin, P. Poche, P. Busko, V. Spisak, B. Nemeth, D. Kapura, M. Kristofeck, K Rafferty, J. Baughman. ROW Il: B. Buckingham, R. Lazor, T. Kutch, D. Stein, P. Rushnock, F. Flowers, S. Machusko, P. Hoover, K. O'Bot, J. Davis, B. Emanuel, V. Andrews. ROW III: C. Keslar, L. Sikora, S. Craig, P. Nock, B. Pavick K. Angus, L. Myslewski, H. Pfeifer, J. Kowalczyk, R. Powroznik, P. Czekaj, S. Tepper, B. Ahlborn. ROW IV: J Malesky, B. Gulibon, T. Olmer, B. Kalp, J. Shebeck, B. Shick, D. Faust, R. Shirley, A. Egleston, D. Zeglin, J. Kutch D. Harr, J. Terhorst. Founded in the fall of 1936, the Junior Classical League is a national organization composed of local classical clubs in junior and senior high schools. The fundamental purpose of the Junior Classical League is to encourage an interest in and appreciation of the civilization, language, literature and art of ancient Greece and Rome, and to give an understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity. Chapters function as classical clubs on the secondary school level. Only those who are currently taking Latin or who have completed all the courses offered by the school are eligible for membership. Regularly scheduled meetings, social af- fairs, projects, excursions, etc., form a part of the club's activities. This club differs from the usual school club in the sense that it is part of a national organization. OFFICERS Faculty Adviser ........ Mrs. Rita Casteel President .......................... David Harr Vice President ............ Bonnie Ahlborn Secretary ............ Allan Joyce Chalfant Treasurer ..... ............ S andy Machusko 1 Home Economics Club ROW I: J. Cunningham, M. E. Hutira, P. Johnson, G. Hrabak, D. Overly, A. Cramer, L. Jones, E. Zemba. ROW II D. Wilkins, M. Snyder, S. Pbrochto, M. Kostelnak, H. Colflesh, E. Oberley, B. Kowinski, S. Klementic, .I Small ROW III: .I.'Spirko, R. Albright, S. Pinkney, J. Cramer, M. Novak, B. Curtis, P. Sikora, A. Hoyman, C. Hart, C Hause ROW IV: J. Anthony, J. Ritenour, .l. Bash, I. Eachus, N. Zufall, Y. Mott, S. Fleming, P. Kadylak, M. Drexstadt B Curry. The Home Economics Club consists of freshman and sophomore girls that have chosen it as an elective subject. The members of the Home Ee. Club are potential members of the Future Homemakers of America. One means of raising money for this club this year was holding a bake sale. The purpose of the freshman and sophomore Home Ec. Club is to further one's interests in becoming a member of the Future Homemakers of America. OFFICERS Faculty Advisers ........ Mrs. Sara Freed Miss Dorothy Hacker President ....... ..................... I anet Cramer Vice President ........ Sandra Flemming Secretary ......... ....... B arbara Curtis Treasurer ..... ...... K aren Newill 86 S " mayb? X QQQEWQQ X .fy f wx K F, I q , 'lf'-1' 'V 51 0 , ' ,zz lin, QAQ ' X as ? '.,,2 .-,, 25-Y, n .lIl. - J- ti'0gugfz1l?1E2Niiwlllufmlvtv-A i - 145, W X 5 f w ilwav? W X r, 1' " x X' A 9, 1' f' Q I QI XXX 0 M W' N WI ffff-ARK :V we 'AWN X W gp x 'Wiley lust as the tempo of the timed beats of each country advance at a steady pace, the tempo of activities in the past school year has paced at an exuberant and steady speed for the students. Compared to the complex activities of the world, ours may seem trivial, but to the student body, they are just as important. Adviser: Mr. Thomas Kelly Editor: Louis Kritz Assistant Editors: Nancy Tomechko Betsy Hubert Business M anager: Barry Newill Sales Manager: Bill Harr A rtist: Ronald Tepley The Colophon Staff The "Colophon" staff has endeavored to publish a book which will preserve the happy acquaintances you have had at Hurst. To reveal the accomplishments of every student has been the primary aim. In spite pf the many long hours after school spent in getting ads, taking pictures, making write-ups, and organizing material, it has, nevertheless, been a most en- joyable task. If the goal has been achieved, the staff is content. And so, to the class of '61-your Colophon. ROW I: R. M. Bilik, M. A. Rudzinski, D. Weiers, J. Foriska, D. Queer. ROW II: P. Tylka, B. Whisdosh, M. Seni, R. McLean, B. Urban, M. L. Weir, S. Lessman. STANDlNG:' B. Kalp, G. Shaw, T. Kelly, H. Wilson, B. Anderson, D. Heller, P. Pavuk, C. Wojciak. 'IJ a , g: N ' L , m wk, ..XfZ.'31f,., , - . ff, 5155: Y.1Q1,mff v 1 , - YQ .5 if . 1 4 Waifgr gt " , r if vi Sr?" ?.'xia'zfgfx-aw . . e gif-' "?.m?F Im " M x 'QQ' s " NN gm .Q Qx H? ' I f V Wg. A .2 , 2 K , f- K, , ff, . . 1. .. , z, .. me f ' We ,.,, f A . .,.. . Z.. W. +9 f2?es11 ,ar -W ' 'J A iiabfk' 24 1 . Lk - ... .. mx ,. i , :fry f.a::5'n ll . -' . '1 M1 ,QQ , 5. . 4 " 61 512' .. , . wk ., . . My W . . . .. .. , . ,f , 5 ffl-'2EfE?'fk f , , gf-Q 35' ' . P .f . - A .- ,.- W 'ffs-,fm --w, YA ,,.,..Q,.,.v .L 4 . X --fm N "4 J w?- A - ' f ' . V Q- . X X 4 - . Hwi f . :f 5 X w. . XF , . . A z. , Q- - 'SAN.,.gxD '51 fy - AK4' ., V KQV. J f'w:fFX,gg iifzg . .. . .gj --M 3' 1, ff., K x l f 551 Z wx: 1 L N37 ,V t f.: f 'JY U rs. " 'ffu,3e F ,. us, Yff . 'Nfl s 9 ' 53 . , v 1 iffvi' . ,gs f Lg . 11423 -in f X Senior Class Pla ROW I: M. Milligan, B. Lakin, E. Rosky, J. Hartman, R5Golkosky, E. Friedline, D. Mizikar, A. Regalla, G. Zimmerman, M. Ewantis, P. Corey. ROW II: B. Baird, J. Evans, G. Shaw, L. Stefl, R. Bilik, P. Tylka, L. Rodgers, N. Tomechko, P. Melega, B. Hubert, M. Rudzinski, E. Witek. ROW III: Miss Jane Fisher, H. Rolla, P. Staschak, J. Foriska, L. Fess, J. Curtis, D. Weiers, B. Anderson, L. Kritz, D. Queer, R. Adamrovich, E. Hunscik, T. Zeglin. "George Washington Never Slept Here" presented March 16, 1961 In this three-act mystery-comedy, the main topic of discussion is centered around the subject of ghosts. When Mr. Lyndon Mathews, who is an employe of the Department of the Interior, calls for only one ghost, he finds more than he needs and on the very day that his boss, Mr. White, is to arrive for a visit, the ghost suddenly appears. Many problems arise because Mr. Mathews is the only one who can see the ghost. Confusion takes place when the children, who are trying to come to the rescue of their father, decide to masquerade as ghosts. After many hectic moments and loads of laughs, the play ended a great success. ,,...-u :5......,n ,, QF.. wg..--V Lyndon Mathews Gladys Mathews Don Queer Betsy Hubert Rodney Mathews ........ ....... - Edmund ROSky Becky Mathews ....... --.- ...... Patty Tylka Jennie Mathews ..,.... .......... R osemary Bilik Bugs Rafferty ..... ........ P afty Malego Mary ................ ,lack Fisher ....... Nancy Talbot -- .... ...... -,--- Linda Rodgers Edward Witek Nancy Tomechko Cast Miss Lzltbet .......... ....... Nathaniel White Hyacinth White Miss Snyder .... Miss Ewell ....... ........ The Ghost ........ ...... Joe ...............................,... ,..... Dzck ................................,,....,... Ceorgeann Shaw Louis Kritz Judy Foriska -------- Mildred Stefl Joanne Evans Bruce Anderson Ernest Friedline Robert Golkosky Directed by Miss ,lane Fisher Junior Class Play ROW I: B. Cibulas, L. Schroll, R. Burtyk, J. Barr, F. Prosnik, E. Kiral, C. Puskar, J. Hill. ROW -Il: J. A. Huffman, B. Kelly, P. Rice, M. J. Evancho, S. Fisher, K. Urban. ROW III: J. Muchoney, S. Craig, L. Sikora, R. A. Pinkney, B. Pavick, S. Kalemba, C. Carbon, P. Nock, L. Lynn. ROW IV: E. Jorgeson, D. Harr, B. Queer, L. Reese, N. Michalczyk, J. Wiltrout. "Headin' For The Hillsv presented Friday, December 2, 1960 Imagine teen-age actors on the stage barefooted and dressed in rags. This was what happened in our Junior Class Play. The story was about two wealthy orphans whose only living relatives were a hill- billy family that operated a general store in Lone Mule, Tennessee. Their father's will directs the girls to spend their summers in Lone Mule or else forfeit their share of the fortune. Both girls hate the arrangement, because they are a bit spoiled and accustomed to luxuries. Their uncle in Lone Mule, Cyrus Goolus, who also received part of the will, tries to chase the girls away and inherit all the fortune himself. The girls become aware of this and decide to play the same game. In an avalanche of fun and laughter, Uncle Cyrus shows the girls the worst of hillbilly living. Cy Goolus lake Slasser ..... George Puskar Barry Queer Skeets Goolus ..... .....,...... J OHIIUC MUCHOHGY Happy Goolus .... ....,.... M ary Jane EVHUCIIO Widow Squiggins -, .............. Bonnie Pavick Betty Goolus ....... ...... J UDB Ann Huffman Hank Gaolus ...... ..,........ F rancis Prosnik Miss Winslow .... Cornelia H eister - K,.. Nancy Miehalczyk Sandra Fisher Cast Dorthea Heister ..,.. .,...,....... B arbara Kelly Miss Oggie ..,.....,. Ruth Ann Pinkney Aunt Sulcey .,.......... ......... L oretta. Sikora Slim Hawkenshaw Harseface Dilly .,.... Zeke .... - ................ Maw ..................... ---- ,....... Eric Jorgeson Lynn Reese David Harr Paula Rice Emmy Jean .........................,.,... - ,...v.... Sue Craig Directed by Miss lanel Stohl if " -www.fdEl Cheerleaders MARY JANE EVANCHO DIANE WEIERS I VERA ,PHYLLIS PAVUK NANCY TOMECHKO- Lois LUDWIG Hurricane Band Under the supervision of Mr. James Avampato, the Hurst High "Hurricane" Band, was made up of sixty-four instrumentalists and nine maj orettes. In addition to performing for eight football games and participating in the pep assemblies, this fine marching unit was host to the Second Marching Festival of Bands and Bugle Corps at our stadium. The band gained further honor for our school when it presented the first live marching show presentation on Channel 4 Television in September. Members of this fine organization were also chosen to make up the Concert Band of Hurst, which also had a very busy schedule. It performed for two class plays, had exchange assembly concerts with Park Terrace and Ligonier, and gave their annual spring concert on April 28th. OFFICERS Faculty Adviser ..., Mr. James Avampato President .................... Ronald Mondock Vice President ................ Carol Hoyman Treasurer .,..... .,..,,.,,. J oy Hamm Co-Secretaries - ,.....,..,.. Brenda Baird Ruth Ann Newill Majorettes 5 YN P3 . XOPNXE BERNADETTE URBAN ROLYN WOJCIAK BAN RITA McC.LEAN ANDREA UY1 DOLORES KOWATCH 14 PEGGY NOCK Bcmmv, mwxc JOANNE MUCHONEY Snow Ball Dancing at the left are Phil Corey and Diane Weiers as they reigned as King and Queen of Hurst at the fourth annual Snow Ball on December 20, which was sponsored by the Band. Ten other couples, who were chosen by their respective classmates, composed the royal court. Ron Mondock, captain of the Band, crowned the couple after which everyone danced. This will be a memorable event for Diane and Phil. Snow Ball Attendants Snow Ball Attendants Her Majesty The annual Homecoming, a gala event for all Hurst Alumni, was again touched off by the colorful Assembly before the Dunbar game. At halftime, the large crowd witnessed the coronation of Miss Bernadette Urban as the Queen. Another feature of the event, was a gruelling gridiron battle waged with Dun- bar, with the Scarlet Hurricanes emerging as the victors. After the game, a dance was held at the Norvelt auditorium, which brought Homecoming weekend to a suc- cessful close. BERNADETTE URBAN, Homecoming Queen Homecoming ATTENDANTS Ruth Ann Newill Dorthea Crum Bernadette Urban Nancy Tomechko Carol Hoyman X X R 1 I 04 C5 5 1 D 4o I' JIS ,. JJWIJ Split-second timing has been a characteristic portrayed by our athletes throughout the year. For each contest, these students have been trained in executing each action thoroughly and accurately. To the student, these competitive experiences cannot be measured. 1960 Scarlet Hurricane Each year, in the last two weeks of August, the football team begins to prepare for the coming grid season. Calisthenics, football drills, sunlight, and good food fill the daily schedule for the participants. For each minute of action on the field, the squad must spend countless 'hours of drill toward perfection. This year with nine returning lettermen from a squad which lost only one game, the coaches worked feverishly to put a well-trained, precision drilled squad on the field. Finally, the big day comes, the first game. Coaches Head Coach Charles Muchoney Assistants Clarence Gorinski Joseph Brody Joseph Stas Seasonfs Results Hurst Hurst Hurst Hurst Hurst Hurst Hurst Hurst 7 Rochester 0 21 South Union 32 19 Scottdale 7 0 Greensburg 26 20 Dunbar 1 3 20 Kittanning 18 26 Derry Area 32 7 Braddock 39 HURST vs. ROCHESTER We opened our season at home on a beautiful late summer afternoon. The air was filled with tensiong the players' hearts were filled with anxiousness. It was a see-saw affair until the third quarter, when a poor punt on the part of Rochester enabled the Hurricane to get the ball deep in enemy territory. A few plays later we scored and the game ended 7-0 in our favor. HURST vs. SOUTH UNION The next week our game was at South Union. This was a hard fought battle all the way. Hurst kept trying with undying determination, but the opposition was too great. The game ended 32-21 in their favor. HURST vs. SCOTTDALE On the following Friday night, the Hurricane trekked to Scottdale for their annual engagement. In the opinion of many, this was the best game our team played all year. Hurst's stellar defense proved to be the deciding factor. The final score, Hurst 19, Scottdale 7. HURST vs. GREENSBURG One week later, found our team, once again, at Offut Field. All were on edge for this game and a capacity crowd filled the stadium. Everyone wondered if Hurst could repeat with another stellar performance. Both teams were up and ready for this game, but it didn't take long to see that the Golden Lions had more power and grid- iron savvy. The game ended 26-0 in favor of Greensburg. HURST vs. DUNBAR Next came the Dunbar "Mules.', This was Homecoming for the Hurst aulmni and students. The team made it a triumphant weekend by upending the "Mules" 20 to 13. HURST vs. KITTANNING After another hard week of practice, the squad boarded the bus for a long trip to play a new opponent. Good scouting plus the fact that the boys didnlt go to Kittaning just for the ride, ended up in another victory for our Alma Mater. Final score: Hurst 20, Kittanning 18. HURST vs. DERRY Then came our yearly tussle with the tough Derry Area "Trojans.', After the first contact was made, the fans knew that they would see another gruelling contest be- tween these long-tirne rivals. Both teams lacked an adequate defense and the fans witnessed many long runs throughout the evening. When the final gun sounded Hurst was on the short end of a 32-26 score. HURST vs. BRADDOCK Our final game was on our own field with one of the toughest teams in the W.P.I.A.L. For us, this was one of those games in which character is built. We fought back, but Braddock's size and know-how was just too much. Final score was Braddock 39, Hurst 7. Gridiron Heroes JIM NOCK Jim was one of the hardest players on the team. With his previous year's experience, Jim was a stellar per- former. Because of his stature, opponents found it diffi- cult to outflank this determined gridder. BILL HARR Weighing over 200 pounds, Bill used it to break up many of the enemy's plays aimed at his side of the line. This was his third year as a letterman for the Hurricanes. JIM SISTEK Hard-running fullhacks have been a tradition at Hurst. This boy was no exception. On defense, he possessed the ability to diagnose enemy plays before they got started. I im proved to he a very dependable player. JOE MIELE Although this was his first year of playing, Joe turned out to be our regular middle-guard. His strength en- abled him to be our defensive stalwart. RON BURTYK His ability to pull out and lead interference was his chief asset. As the season progressed, Ron kept getting better. He should develop into a standout lineman. FRANK PUSHKAR Where the action was, Frank was. He was a vicious blocker that could really dish it out. Frank is anxiously looking forward to next season. TOM YARABINETZ Alternating at the tackle position, this boy made a lasting impression on all opponents. His philosophy was that actions speak louder than words. VICTOR STAIRS Big, fast, and agile best describes this boy. His ability to get down field under punts and kickoffs was a feature of every game. He entered each contest with his heart set on winning. PHIL COREY This boy was probably one of the best quarterbacks our school ever had. Cool, cunning, and calculating, he guided the team to its fullest capacity. BARRY NEWILL The type of boy that a coach likes to work with, be- cause of his fine attitude. He was a regular defensive halfhack. Our victory over Rochester can be attributed to this hoy's quick thinking. DON QUEER Don was one of the most valuable players on the team. He was a tough ball-carrier, strong linebacker, and a good punterg the type of boy that could play on any team. BOB CIBULAS This boy was particularly noted for his offensive ability. His blocking was a highlight of our line-play throughout the campaign. JACK BARR A fine broken field runner with plenty of speed best describes Jack. His determination made up, for his lack of weight. His break away speed was a threat to all op- ponents. BARRY QUEER This 175 pounder from Norvelt held down the Left End position. Due to his pass-catching ability, he was responsible for much of Hurst's offensive strength. A great competitor that liked the game best when it was rough. With the excitement of another grid campaign gone, the boys were able to relax for the first time in over three months. The 1960 team exhibited a strong desire to win, an ability to play in the spirit of sportsmanship, and the characteristic of losing gracefully, when they had to lose. Long after the records are forgotten, members of the team will be remembered by the community for the recognition and renown they brought to Hurst. Beneath the record lies the experience and never-say-die spirit gained by those that performed on the gridiron. They will be remembered not for how many games won or lost, but for how each played thegame. IO9 ' J+l!l?3 L' 3,-.:5.,g'e .:':, "'-' ' 1.9 X T Q W :1.f"s LS f'::fLiWf'r X. , W, X, Q - ww,-1 1 i 1 1 my ,tx- ., W ,, . Sk ,. .,, -ff,,-,WE -z, E Gi if ' iii!l!l! 1 'un 'Q 49 -1 " 5 :fx X , in Q4 ? 1 Q 1 5 ai-:G 5 -'::, :J r' .. . Wi .M frafwv . ' K M . fJ5hI?3,C::f ""' 352. 2 41 7 ' J' ..5 'b'3' i1 f-,156 -xii . if " iffy? ' 2 f .dm ,, .1 :f r :warn Q K if '- . . as ' X -'ag--lssffw . Mfg -,Aw -w v I ff: ... ' f ' V ' A : .. . . ,S 1 - M ,M ,fr 2355 mmm? 9 'vm' W P922 ---, gyv iaggi - WH if? ff Q f Q F xl. LIA. q ,, Q ,,... K v A, Q it Y , it ,., 11525-2252 3 iii! uv i ex f K Q ii- 'R4 hr N 'Q' ww k .,., it 'X :sg- Quia N D777 w ,:. .5 1.3. Nli2SEi gy, my Q 5 E 1 qw? 1 '5:.a.L:::5- -V , KX 'K MM F Xlyy , A zip. , ff-H, - fd, sm Q5 .Q .. Q gk an - 'Q J? 14122 " nf 'Ei I 42- , f. Q it hgmxxm X A xgefr N Q, X , 5 X as Ly... A , , . 'a 'S' Q gl .1.. A M g w 'K W ' x J m K A E Wf- 41 336455 -5 '- H., ., Q? Ps-0-5535: as Q'-1 ' ' S2 N X . 4 5' Y ' 4 W -::,f:f.,m W A ,,,, , M X MW .X B. . 1:" - Igrsfgv-1 '.i,,q.,fs K .K M f51N,wg.zsggg6g2331Q A ,,.. 1-, my Q. 3 l 1 ' Mi-.lf R " 155 WY:3'x N 5- 1 A -f Maia--in--wks . - -.WASP-wmv xx Q 1 Q dwg - -K+ N, my 1:4 Q- V Si .qafmy-vf Q, QM -f, ---X. XV - -- . .X .qw - - . Q -' Uma 5 .ws ,' Q.. ASSY. Q Wie 'V s,...i:f,:m.:45 3 gf , W " , Q3 vcr?" -R 5 I W 1 aww ,! ,i ilil f 1: h L2 4 1 y. Y 14 Hurricane Basketball Under the leadership of Coach Tom Beck, the 1960-61 edition of the Hurst High cagers improved tremendously over last year's record. Despite the many heartbreaks on the court, spectator interest and enthusiasm continued to grow. The team this year was in Section II, which is one of the strongest sections in the W.P.I.A.L. The season's record reveals that out of 22 games played, our team had won 7. However, the scores show the joy, excitement, and anxiety of the fast-moving game of basketball. Although the team did not win any trophies or awards, the boys brought fame to the school because they played hard and possessed the true spirit of the game. The highlight for the team was when they defeated the Golden Lions of Greensburg in the season's finale, 54-50. Season's Results HURST OPP. 54 Connellsville I. C. 50 48 West Newton 39 48 Perry-Tyrone 40 44- East Huntington 47 42 East Huntington 41 43 Scottdale 36 57 Connellsville I. C. 52 37 'Hempfield 85 50 'Jeannette 56 53 'Connellsville 70 35 'Norwin 81 49 'Latrobe 79 41 'Greensburg 66 61 'Derry 88 37 'Hempfield 69 45 'Connellsville 77 4-0 'Norwin 78 57 'Latrobe 75 59 'Jeannette 62 54 'Greensburg 50 60 'Derry 99 " Denotes League Games Lettermen BARRY NEWILL Senior 6'1,' Center Tallest man . . . good rehounder. PAUL BASH Senior 6'0" Forward Good outside shot. JACK POLCHA Senior 5'9" Guard Could really handle a ball. DICK GOLKOSKY Senior 5'9" Guard A real fine playmaker. STEVE MUCHONEY Junior 5'10W" Forward Terrific inside shot. NILES SEFCHICK Jun-ior 5'9" Guard Had good speed and agility. LOUIS DOMINICK Junior 5'10', Forward Good shot and rebounder. JOHN KASHIN Junior 5'10" Forward Could set up plays well. Hurricane Baseball During the 1961 season, the Hurst nine, which seemed to have all the breaks going against them, still continued to play good baseball in spite of the odds. Due to the heavy rains and even snow, five games were cancelled. Also, because the home diamond was not in shape to be played on, the team had to play their home games at Standard. With only 3 days of practice, one of which was on a baseball diamond, the Hurst nine took the field against Hempfield on April 20th, and the season started. The next two games were then cancelled because of the heavy rainfall. Despite these overwhelming odds against them, this year's team continued to play good baseball as all Hurst teams have in the past history of the school. Lettermen Seasonfs Results George Firmstone J im Pavick Ed Witek Regis Adamrovich J im Hartman John Solo J ack Polcha ,l im Nook Arthur Kromer Steve Muchoney George Boytim Paul Kostyo ,lim Yuhouse Barry Queer Rich Rosky HURST OPP. 1 Hempfield' 5 7 Penn Claridge' 3 11 Greensburg' 8 8 Sewickley' 8 3 Norwin' 15 3 Penn Claridge' 2 15 Greensburg' 3 1 Hempfield' 6 1 Sewickley' 0 " Denotes League Games VA EJ - ff. 4 -as ! Y A . 3.0 f . S If - :,, u M' x QQ W , 'Zn-an ,V x Q 1 1 1: . , ,, , ,, ,Q . , r. Q w 1, w x if m 5.5 1 1 X E X A ' ,gf W -- K 5 ,. , Mex 2 5523? A 3 'L :N f. X S NS ' 4 SN. Y fm. 5425 195557, g gkgjzl A awe-SM ,. fc ,g 4 Sli KX E' SQ? D55 fy Q v c 1 . , 4 , if , , n ki 'fit'-5-S45 . s ,,, .. Q ' '- . . 1' Lw"4r. 'K - fy, 7 gig- Z 3 5 1 ,Q .. , .,,, MF' 1- f 1. ff' -X K vw 1, Ri! Hr' v ' 3 - .. 2 ".',,T'1'w-'WV if" by 'V' z K,-1, KF, N ' V, 3' 3 Q arf J , '5'F!.S,R'55 x77'.F.g ' i 3 ,L : 1, '-gf? Q jawn I' A fl' 2 ,. , Q ig' 2, ' 41 ff- 'f 2? ,L 57, .M U' , . 'S N be gfi, .w Lrg -i lag 1. fglg ,sa 24 Af ,Sp ng! 3 1 M ' X ff 'mt SV f VW, ,j'?. . ,M 5 iii 1" - 4' . W . , 7 f X ' - ,f f - , ' K 1 .X n 1, 2 Q , . K , ' ,:: js ' x , XA, -Lrjgm 'L Jw' R :g9,r'3NLvwM31kiQ' M, 3 ,L is ,xii-gi., M- Va X35 , 'Vw w ig wr.. :gl ugly? E051 M 5 5 gf: ,L , F . - rn, 5- K Q 5 - ,Pa A 10:23 -Q ,, f 3 -.. .wg -xi :T lxgwq A L:! v , g,,5g "?,Zi!ig4 33. u H -. at 1 ,Q t ,N ,Z 3,31 Q r A A 1 G il-A '47 .. , V Q -F ' B h Q as A , fi W mf .Q A P 4 Q - fin, f1f'Lvw.frf,.':fE9!,k4aw'. -' A -- W 'Fw .Q Q n 'f ' 5 X 'X yea - 1" L - -ifl ' V -.1 1 , ' .X L ALI' 1' I 7' r , 2 4 4 Q :M ig . fx 5 l M -x ww w K, A, Q, an . , A J 'r s. 4 VW 3?f'?SQL ' .di K 3 .19 P9 fs SW 5. Tie V aww f..41',wx,., xy Compliments of Your School Photographer STEVE KCRS PHONE GArFieId 3-663: UNITED, PA Complimen+s of MOUNT PLEASANT VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT Phones: CLUB KI 7-8964 DEPT. KI 7-2500 Act Now for Your Future! GALLATIN NATIONAL BANK Pays Three Per Cenf In+eres'l' Per Annum on Savings Accounfs Serving Soufheasfern Pennsylvania Since I896 Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corporafion HERFF-JONES Jewelers and Stationers School and Fraternal INDIANAPOLIS, IND. Don Eneix """""""' Representative MT. PLEASANT DISTRIBUTING CO. ANTHONY ANTONETTE All Popular Brands of Sofl Drinks Ph KI 72458 206 D d Sf 1 Ml Pl 'P P THE MOUNT PLEASANT JOURNAL Publishing Prinling Pholo-Engraving 29 33 S. Church Sireei' Mouni Pleasa 1' P PHONE Klmball 7-2345 JOHN HALL Healing-Plumbing-Cooling Fuel Oil LIGONIER. PA. JAY A. HOFFER FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Norvelf, Pa. "SeIec+ a Career in Sewing"-Apply a'I' AMoco or NORVELT, INC. NORVELT, PENNSYLVANIA Good Luck, GracIua'I'es! JOHN E. BYSICK Tax Collecior MOUNT PLEASANT TOWNSHIP CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Archi+ec+uraI Designers Engineers Confradors PHONE GA 3-5933 HALU LA'S RESTAURANT Pizza Our SpeciaI'I'y Ravioli and SpagI1eH'i A Saiisfied Cusiomer Is Our Firsf Consideraiion KE 7-288I or, KE 9-9929 Across From +he Highway Theafer ROUTE 30 LATROBE, PA. Compliments of Officers and Members of KOSCIUSZKO CLUB Depoi S+ree'r Moun+ Pleasant Pa MEADOW BROOK FARM Homogenized Milk Pasleurized Milk and Cream QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS FOR 35 YEARS Try Our CoH'age Cheese and BuH'ermiIlc. MT. PLEASANT. PA. PHONE KI 7-8I35 GRIMM FUNERAL HOME Truly Thoughflul Service LUTHER J. GRIMM, Owner Ml. Pleasant Pa. Klmball 7-2442 Klmball 7-8I44 SHAFFER CHEVROLET Sales--Service-Paris O. K. Used Cars Oldsmobile Service I2I SOUTH DIAMOND STREET MT. PLEASANT, PA. PHONE Klmball 7-2304 H lsn"l' Far 'From Where You Are to CHACKENS TRACTOR SALES GA:-field 3-4666 ACME' PA. TRACTOR TRACTOR Complimenfs of BENEVOLENT AND PROTECTIVE ORDER OF ELKS THOMAS DRUG STORE Where Pharmacy ls a Profession No+ a Sideline 2 Norih Pennsylvania Ave. GREENSBURG, PA LATROBE ROLLER GARDEN P. O. BOX 448 S. LIGONIER STREET LATROBE, PENNA. Complimenfs of GREENSBURG PHOTO SUPPLY GREENSBURG, PA. SAMER'S CANDYLAND F, R, HAUSER Y0'QII!+jT'Z2Z5iciT Zliasiifi' INSURANCE ai' I'he All Kinds CANDYLAND The Sweeiesi' Corner in Town MOUNT PLEASANT "CompIe+e Pro+ec+ion" I6 Church Sheei MT. PLEASANT. PA. Complimenfs of . C. PENNEY COMPANY Always Firsi Quaiiiy MT. PLEASANT. PA. MIKE HUGHES Modern Men's Store 803 Ligonier S+., Lairobe, Pa. For an Invesirmenf in Good Appearance Go +0 Complimenis of MISSION INN MARTIN'S for Fine Food and En'I'eri'ainmen+ LATROBE, PENNA. P CHUCK'S GEORGE AND CUNNINGHAM HARDWARE Hoipoini' EIecI'ric Appliances KI 7-2447 607 Main S'I'ree'I' MOUNT PLEASANT ATLANTIC SERVICE Approved AAA Service 24-Hour Towing Service 2700 Ligonier S+. Lairobe. Pa KE 9-9075 GA 3-6506 CompIimen+s of THE COLONIAL BAKERY GREENSBU RG. PENNA. L. LEVINSON The Leading Men's and Ladies' SI'ore in Mounf Pleasani' MELLOR'S 5 AND I0 3I5 Depoi' S+. YOUNGWOOD. PA. Serve YourseI'F and Save Com pIimenIs of HARROLD LUMBER CO YOUNGWOOD, PA. Besf Wishes From WILKINSON NURSERY ARMBURST, PA. CongraI'uIa+ions! Class of I 96 I BISS GULF STATION YOUNGWOOD, PA. GORSKI'S JERRY COSTABILE SUPER MARKET Home of Qualify Foods 81 MeaI's, Groceries, and Produce FIne5'I' Formals in Town Free DeIivery CALU MET. PA. 7 S. CHURCH ST. MI. Pleasani-, P SAVE TODAY SECURE TOMORROW MOUNT PLEASANT STATE BANK MOUNT PLEASANT. PA. The Friendly Family Bank "Small Enough +o Know You. Big Enough Io Serve You." Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Besf Wishes From SMITH'S ESSO SERVICENTER CONGRATULATIONS! on Your Yearbook, Seniors TALL CEDARS IOI N. Diamond Slreef MI- Pleasant Pa- Donegal Fine Foods Phone Klmball 7-2868 I-Yric 3-2246 WITEK'S BARBER SHOP Open Monday Thru Salurday 8 Io 7 p.m. Closed Wednesday Affernoons PHONE GA 3-6422 SOUTHWEST, PA. DAVID SIMON 533 Main Sheer MOUNT PLEASANT, PENNA. Clo'I'hing Shoes a-nd Furnishings "For All The Family" KING'S SHOE STORE Shoes for Ihe EnI'ire Family 60I MAIN ST. M'I'. PIeasan'I', Pa. We Give S and H Green S'I'amps DAN'S TYPEWRITER SERVICE "Service Thai' SaI'isfies" 8 S. Church S+. ' M'I'. Pleasanl' KI 7-337i GA 3-6045 SAM LEVIN FURNITURE Home Furnishings and Appliances 600 MAIN STREET MI. Pleasanl' CompIimen+s of CORNER CAFE Moun'r'Pleasan+, Penna. Com plimen+s of "TI-IE NEW" CITRUS MT. PLEASANT BAKERY CQNFECTIONERY TariZT+fiZ:2ff,'ep5fff Phone KI 7-2845 MT. PLEASANT, SCOTTDALE AIRPORT R.D. 2, MT. PLEASANT Aircrafi' Sales and Service Ren'I'als and lnsfrucfion Complimen+s of MORRIS BARRON CompIimen+s of C U BBY'S THE HITCHING POST sTEAKs AND sHAKEs W 'ff' T2- . easan+, Pa. R.D. 9992 ' PHONE GA 3-9I30 M'r. Pleasanf. Pa. H. H. METZ COOK Roofing-plumbing LUMBER COMPANY Heafing-Cooling "Your Home Building fBehind Famous Sforel SG-FVTCG CGDTGFIP 544 Main Sfreei' MT. Pleasanf, Pa. KI 7-2707 MT. Pleasani' Greensburg Phones KI 7-23l9 TE 4-3600 ROBERTSHAW Thermostat Division of ROBERTSHAW-FULTON CONTROL CO. YOUNGWOOD, PA. SHAFFERS ESSO STATION DONEGAL, PENNA. LYric 3-2459 DIAMOND AUTO PARTS I9 E. Main SIreeI MI. PleasanI, Penna. KI 7-2344 DiIzler PainI Service Machine Shop-Delivery Service ParIs Ior Cars--Truclcs May We Have Your Business? REGA LUMBER COMPANY ComplimenIs of "There's a naIional difference!" 26LfaEe2fZL2,SJL?e+ Esso SERVICENTER KI 7-2322 Acme' Pa. Dealers and Builders oI GA 3-6073 SHOWCASE HOMES CARUSO'S MOBILE SERVICE MT. PLEASANT DIAMOND SQUARE MI. PleasanI, Pa. Mobile Tires-Tubes-BaI-Ieries EXPERT LUBRICATION Phone KI 7-8909 IMPLEMENT STORE Farm EquipmenI CHARLES AND LARRY KANTORIK MI. PleasanI. Pa. CongraIulaIions! Class of '6 I LEON HOKE NaIionwide Insurance AgenI CRAMER'S JUNK YARD CLYDE CRAMER AuIo Wrecking-Trucking 24-Hour Towing-Moving Used Cars ParIs SOUTH STREET MI. PIeasanI, Penna. New Glass InsIallecl Phone Klmball 7-2479 Complimenfs of BROWN'S MARKET GA 3-365I PIeasan'I' Unii-y, Pa. KRYN ICKY'S SERVICE STATION Sunoco Gas and Oil We Give S 3z I-I Green Sfamps For 'rhe Mosi' for Your Money See WaII' aI' THE NORVELT TRADING CENTER PainI's and Appliances Phone GA 3-5322 Norvelf, Pa. Jus'r Phone Us BENNETTS DAIRY Milk-Dairy Producfs "Fresher by a Day" R.D. No. 5 GREENSBURG, PENNA. Phone TEmpIe 4-6656 LYCIPPUS HARDWARE E. S. HARR SUPPLY COMPANY P'F5,?23'fZL" Dodge and PIymou+h Dealer u DONEGAI. GULF SERVICE CompIImenIs OI Greasin -Car Wash MoNTlcuE's RESTAURANT A2cem,ies DONECRAL' PENNA' 24-Hour Service I'Y"c 34450 LYric 3-2458 Complimenls of BETTY AND CLARK LATROBE, PENNA. LEVIN FURNITURE COMPANY 203 S. Maple Ave. GREENSBURG. PA. Qualify Furnllure-Appliances Floor Coverings THE FASHION SHOP LEONARD I. LEvlNsoN Ladies'-Children's ancl lnfanls' Wear 623 MAIN STREET W. T. GRANT 625 Main Sfreef Mounl' Pleasanf Mounf Pleasani, Pa. I POS N ERIS U NTTITIIITIITROIQ ET JEWELERS F, F d In MI. Pleasanl Since mesll oo S WOO LATROBE, PA. B'-95+ Wishes! Painfs Wallpaper Sundries Fmm PEOPLES Wallpaper and Painfs Co. of InI'erior and Exlerior Decorafing Latrobe 656 Main SIE-9I2Ig4gleasan'I, Pa. WILLIAM HOWARD Trucking and Excavafing Con'IracI'or J. I. Case Farm Machinery Belgian Horses and Shefland Ponies Haverly BuIIc Tanks R.D. I MI. Pleasani, Pa. PHONE GA 3-4I75 Complimenfs of KECKSBURG GROCERY GA 3-385I Groceries, Produce, Meai' Complimenfs of DICK SOLOMAN'S SERVICE General Auio Repair Gas and Oil NorveII, Pennsylvania GA 3-364I ANDREW KANTORIK AII Kinds of Barn Equipmeni' Speedex Chief Garden Tracfors Paris and Service for: Briggs 8: SI'ra+'I'on. Kohler, Lauson, CIin+on Mo+ors and Power Produc'Is PHONE GA 3-3I44 Unifed, Pa. Complimenfs of H. AMAMROVICH Your Beverage Dis+ribu'Ior GA 3-39II UNITED. PA. NORVELT FOOD CENTER Top Oualiiy Groceries Meai' and Produce SIVAK STU DEBAKER Sales and Service GA 3-3344 Box 43 Uniied, Pa. KRYNICKY'S MARKET Fresh Mea'I's and Groceries CALUMET. PA. PHONE GA 3-5335 RRN'S mlm: 1 - IILRESTAURRNT AND MOTEL I ' f f . LAKES - . .1 1 -Q J . ' By Trai: 'r.v. f ldfiqnx -?. Tw E ?- H li, f gef- N ' , - - - 3- mf X 107' , X -Q :E lx XV x Q 1 ' W . -W M.,--A -'i-- Aw uw ' f -1 X - -. 11 f XR Xi P f " M: V - X N X- Jo I 7 NEW ALBXANDRIA 2:4 -'iigsi-w 5 Ti- X M 'A 2 ' X flIliglEmaNiig35f- Q SIEH ' l Q XRS mwm GREENWURG lg xg M - F , fu . rg u klli, ga- Q S, ' 'QL V - - f d ,.:,-fi '.' :i 5 ' Q LIGONER f 4, ' , xx x . , '. - Nf:,E-Migxfi-an-, - WEST NEWTOY NEW STANTON ' ' , 4- I X I A , ,. 4: ' 31 -4' 0 wi fifV:' A 'f""'e1"me if 0 RSTOWN "1-.,. ' Mennonite Camp -,lg JENNE N I XX u f '-,R N C yr M'r.PusAsANr Ig l 4 lx WN 'I , N K AJ GAL 3 II. ro lf 0 il. N QYNN f :V .X ,kk NIA! scorrufus DONE Se SPM! .JL-I Koolefwpl F t IIE X x?. E xx sms Park +40 shawn sn P k . fwM.,f-: , - ' . If J if -- his f' 'J ,TWT X' f - 5-S 1 33. K -,-Xuan! 5 . umm Hun sme lr :Q-. N .rf mmh G H f Q Q- '51 i E r 1 A wb , iib - -1" wQi Qfyf" F651 X 2 35, ' GS 'N f f ,f-ff.-::'1AMlI.E wen' or 'DUNEGAL ,PA- Complimenis of DI LLONS GARAGE Forcl Sales and Service PLEASANT UNITY. PA. Bes'I Wishes From FORISKA'S GROCERY Sfandarcl Shall' PHONE KI 7-8969 SHOP PHONE KI 7-286I SMITH AND GRABIAK CABINET COMPANY Cuslom Buill Kifchen Unils 24 RUMBAUGH AVENUE Mounf PleasanI', Pa. STEMMLERS MARKET Fine Mea+s ancl Groceries PHONE GA 3-6767 for Free Deliveries Pleasanl' Uni'Iy, Pa. USCHOCK'S Red and White Market Groceries, Produce, Meals Your Friendly Home-Owned Slore Jusi Phone GA 3-4546 Mufual, Pa. JAMES P. GAUT Funeral Home Ambulance Service PLEASANT UNITY. PA. GArField 3-2566 Complimenis of E. J. HUTTER GARAGE GA 3-3I63, Pleasanl' UniI'y Complimenfs of HERB BLACK'S BARBER SHOP A-35 Norvelf, Pa. Phone GA 3-4629 RAY'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Open 24 Hours 8I9 W. Main SIree+ MI. PIeasan'I', Pa. KI 7-8997 CompIimen+s of PLEASANT LANES MT. PLEASANT, PA. Complimenfs of MARCONDI'S MI. PIeasanI', Pa. SAMMY'S PIZZA KI 7-945I Home Delivery Complimenis of GLICK'S BROTHERS Complimenfs of J. N. REGA STONE 81 SUPPLY CO MT. PLEASANT, PA. Brick-Sfone-Marble Masonry Supplies 264 Easf Main S'I'reeI, KI 7-863I WEMAK C0"'9"'3+UIaI'i0n5 Fmm LUMBER AND HARDWARE CO JIMMY'S INC. Restaurant 81 Curb Service ,fi ZI2fsi21fffQfQjf,jT'foQf. MT. PLEASANT Phone KI 7-2368 or KI 7-2369 Connellsville Road Ready-Mixecl Concreie Lumber-Hardware Milk Ice Cream PHONE Temple 4-ssoo Complimenls of THRI FT SALES CO. 630 Main Slreef Mi. Pleasanl, Pa. Complimenls of DONALD D. HOKE NEW IDEAS Fon A New ERA KI 7-807l NATIONWIDE MUTUAL Name Brands INSURANCE Discouni House COMPANY H Off Columbus, Ohio Complimenis of KELLY AND COHEN, IMOGENE BEAUTY ACADEMY "'Where Beauiy Culiure ls Taugl1+" INC' 66I Main Sfreei Mounf Pleasant Penne. PHONE KI 7-99Zl E. R. HAWSE General Insurance Agency K' 7-3535 Disfinciive Men's Wear Noiary Public Mi. Pleasanf Collec+or's Agency GREENSBU RG. PA. Complimen+s of h l I 0 Muff DAvlnsoN's oul roucv IS uunuu uunv u ' 0 ISOEASTPITYSBURGHST- l2I-I23 W. Crawford Ave. coNNELLsvn.LE, PA. GREENSBURG, PA. Lower Prices Bigger Bargains Grea+er Selec'l'ions WILLIAM E. RIGGS FUNERAL HOME Walnut and Eagle Streets Mt. Pleasant, Pa. JIMMY'S MEN'S SHOP 528 Main Street Mount Pleasant, Pa. K PHONE KI 7-2640 I 7-8975 i FREY'S Compliments ot KATHRYN KALP 6I4 Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. BUCHEK'S BAKERY 646 Main Street Compliments ot t P Mt. Pleasan, a. PHONE KI 7-2534 We Specialize in . . . Birthday and Wedding Cakes RAINBOW GARDENS Mount Pleasant, Pa. 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