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' C, ,f "A "1 ,, 4 ,A X x wr- , - ,.:,j v .,g?i, .i TJE ,-K3-Qiw'--wx -iz, ' 'Si ifvzgyrjf, 'il-25,3 . -1,-.5422 A -'g ""1's ,I-'H ,""'w"- ' ' W. ," 'RHF I 'xi-1 1 4 ,rl ' '- ffl ' I I l'76.A' fl -457 N 1' f .-A1-41.,..4..1.-41..,f ,f -I,-, ,w L -I f ' , 1 ' I ' '. X 1',",Qf .N :, fr' , S f-,fgf-.' N I' 'K-X ' 1-,, .Y A W ' ? X f 1 1 K . . I-. W " i f f , 4' . f 3 x . VJ, . A , Y " 1 L . 'f ' r , .,! K, Y I . J , L f 4 1 L. L1 Q . 41, I, 4 I I i I l I I I I 2 E . I 1 i Y K 1 1. . Jim fnlopho 79 9 PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS HURST HIGH SCHOOL MOUNT PLEASANT TOWNSHIP MOUNT PLEASANT, PENNSYLVANIA I 5 . ..'-" .M , .5-, Ednor-in-chief-1, . , Eleanor Iohnson : Assistant Editor: . ..... Betty Bizup I Sales, Manager nl, A. a. D.. Q1 ..... Mary Fatla Assistant Salesflylanager Virginia Sivak Business Manager . . gi". . 1 .... Donrigi' Eckels Assistant Bilsliness Managers . . . Nancy Smith, Phyllis'Baluh, Pete Miele, Robert Frederick, .Don Haas, Ioe Kritz,"Sylvester Sandacz - Literary Editors .............. Dorothy Bishop, Vanette Oljtenoweth, Shirley Duff, August Heide, Daisifann Sfnitley .ifl Sports -Editor .... , .............. Glenna Wise Art Editor ..... ..... M ary Ellen Ierson 1 R 8431 1 xv f- ? , gf' 433525 1, Q ,E , W5 , K 5 y , Y 5 , 5 , 4 M . R ,X M , , . K 1591, ., L' 214 I HWW5 wb 4 4532 g T A '11 f 1 4 M H N12 - , JL CWS? ' d wsm,g, JL Q ,ww 5 ll--1 fhp5".w' fx .Fw fn :ig mf .ff i, , -fwyqvew 0 1- N ,sw 451431 I gfxif. 'Q I V qv fx 4 KSN V 1 5 1, S Q . Q Q H , H..-wa N,,,-4ml!fW" , FL: 3 E 'V 2 i. 255, f -:MM I N - J gk 1 5 I ill!! Q' ix .xg Q 'gk- 3 4- ,5 -B i.,?,Q rf J . ik 'T ' rf mv-Of vs.. DR. WILLIAM D. IVIULLIN UPON THE COMPLETION OE HIS TWENTY-FIFTH YEAR OE SERVICE AS PRINCIPAL OF HURST HIGH SCHOOL 4 lt is with pride that the senior class dedi- cates this edition oi the Colophon to Dr. William D. Mullin, who has been principal of Hurst for the past twenty-tive years. Dr. Mullin's career has been symbolic oi Hurst. When he began to teach chemistry and physics in the high school in l922, there were only tour other teachers and the enrollment con- sisted ot only l22 pupils. Today there are 26 teachers and 668 pupils. Down through the years the school has not only increased its en- rollment and its stature, but has gained state- wide recognition for its growth and improve- ment. Hurst, steeped in tradition and her own personality, has become a school oi which to be proud. Much ot the credit tor the progres- sive development oi this township school may be attributed to the constant diligence and man- agement oi its principal. Two years aiter his arrival at Hurst, Dr. Mullin was elected principal of the school. He had received his Bachelor oi Science degree from Pennsylvania State College in l92l. Later, he attended summer school there and received his Master ot Science degree in l932. To ini- prove further his ability, he studied at the Uni- versity oi Pittsburgh from l932 until l94l and secured the degrees of Master ot Education and Doctor of Education. His hard work, devotion to duty, and determination to improve protes- sionally has paralleled the successful develop- ment ot Hurst. Dr. Mullin's interests in the community, state and nation, as well as in the school, are expressed by his membership in the Botary Club and National and State Education Asso- ciations. He is an honorary member oi Theta Xl Fraternity, a member oi the Doctoral Associa- tion oi the University oi Pittsburgh, a member ot the Board oi Directors oi the Erick Memorial Hos- pital and a director ot the Mt. Pleasant Building and Loan Association. He was also Camp Di- rector oi the Boy Scouts at Camp Pleasant tor two summers. During the past quarter ot a century, Dr. Mullin has devoted his life to serving others. We honor him for the many services he has ren- dered and the progress he has made as an edu- cator in an American school. OL MS I Uays I w2S y0ul' hashful bal'ef0ol Beau. Y0u Wr0te ull mY slate, I lovg ygll When we were 2 evullle ? M. Q h fi 5 0 n K X K D5 ' M Of 5 ,Q l ARD OF EDUCATIO y i1--- Standing: Mr. Georae Ponzurilc, Dr. William D. Mullin, Mr. Herbert Smith, Mr. Clyde Bitner, Mr. Bernard Novak Seated: Dr, Lloyd F. Rumbauah, Mr. Andrew Harvan, Mr. Clair Morgan, Mr. William Smitley OFFICERS OF THE BOARD President ...................... Clyde Bitner Vice-President . . . . . Bernard Novak Secretary ........ .. George Ponzurik Treasurer .................. Andrew Harvan Herbert Smith Clair Morgan William Smitley Superintendent ol Schools LLOYD F. RUMBAUGI-l, B. A., M. Ed., D. Ed. Hiali School Principal WILLIAM D. MULLIN. B, S., M. S., M. Ed., D. Ed. 8 -IURSTO Puwuhffr! hy mv .hvxlrmxlig-xy Cfiewww sv? Umm ilifh Wshn IPS!!-11:1 Nw IWY!-I ikiwixf I EIIUHS PREPARE FAREWEU DMBE gh x , K NW. 1. up :X 4' Q L 1,l 's GRADU Rs:MAm-ia. E, sn- ,V ATING CLASS ANNQUNCES-MW PLANS FOR FUTURE, YEARS BLR NUMBER EXPECT TO ENTER COLLEGE k. , E- KL! W M .4 tw www.-M :M 'f A LQ H. 4. Q in ik: bqqfrg ,s f iv ew 3-,..,,R , .V U -Y. su 'A sv ,1 'f-- sw x ' Loomwc fxsznnw . nl 7 JY '- - L, 5 gd Q12-.f QM, V: '71Ljg,,, 3 Vg 3' ,fi 1 2? In X? X u ? 4 ' ., I ,vu ,. ,ff V 3 ,M W ,Um 1: 1 " W, , ,mm W, U., -,.,,, 1, m.,,.,1 ,,,,,. A ,L ,UQ gem: W..- ., xx 1 ,,,, ,LI q,...W - I. Fm, f,,,,f.,.1Q. g -7 WH: A 1 mm I., gf X , 1f5nm',, ,, WM - Wm .. -mf. A r mn Q 'I+ ' y 11 3. A 4: M V, - R Q i, x r K X hem! O? Blzxfi ,W ,fau- ,-,.,.. Prewnis' Vw:-wgranx v In .es Mav' .Urfk we . . ww 7 . 1 ugh'-'Ji liwpwulm, -232+ Jwlm iiwytxnl, A A + 055 B un than ple BN ,, , ,f f is ,-1' fi- yarc to ff. 'Cn KEYS imprvviwsmt. W ,v an 'LY www rm grfr, , ma Puluiw qnulww su!-in-Ffa If-11 thvy lhvir sgwwh xi Hamm yuu. A- yuu Dfnrft bs: llmfmcd. ur mistake-wx, bw 1-swf :xhfn build up sn mpum. A Quang chumcwr haw nal iwarnwl ennwx fmm within. mvrtlwhlk- ae' chin np, ve, X 'Ps 1 M I u e N c -,S L fs 'wws , ixivii 0 V 4 s V t ,ln A-x A? ' -v. 1 -Ju. frmu ll' xvmrxflsxi- and Pfwsazumisw Vinh, wi! uslwx' as pwjml ms Reflmb Hs'UWYY!3 aolmeiium :luring thu Umsziii wi' Msy. 'fhiyl iv iwirsg xgmrxwrcd by thc- Vowustiuxuxl Guirizzmw xxmmsis- km: of which Mr. Siivis sa mmm man, im '!'humiay, April 52:-I, .funn Cukf, Gmw Dvmviw, iflvs-lyvx llmx re-JI. Jm- ,lrwriaam and Galen Vim-L1 nur, muxnhxfra of dw sunim' ping vm! and Miw Fzxhm- I:-ok n iam ffl Pesximdy High School tu nw "Dfw Rum," pawn-nm! at Mun, Fm-- wvrn- furni-Jim! by .Mlm lg-uiws :md Mime Maher, S hr- sw! YV:- Q .-X," W e 7 xi ., 1 :N N., .A Q: - , X , .,, w 4 ., yl xx . ,. .14 5 . KN 1, 1--Nadu. R .P 1 vrk Sludcnl nts Audience- vi lib Viofin S0109 11 dren Po :ui MuN'!!, Um nm! ,qznpm mzierzvsl firm uulg ailable in wus: imxcrilwd nw!! dun. in Xx xl MM pi. K 7 slmliwog swfi 10,1 M--X claw purse. may m :iw bm ",'. ilu mu 1, v. K, ,na 1. V, ,.,, .4 nu by . -V1 . IPX-hx my 1.x , , - 5, vu-ml .hwy u 'Ea Mx.- 6 Uv. ..1,,. me--I AU, nun vnu-K Il,-, 1. ,N . pw. hu may x..,,i :HK and 'sv 'X X, 4 wwkmn vnvh fmxfhfm vvminn. xllii' Y0!!uwi'+1r gzirh, Pu Q 27 Ewign XX':z,!Au-,xh, . rf f , rinuzfmzm. lbw Munir 4kmgwr,, Nm-A, wg-J. 1' -9 , W uhm Ii'--Rfb, lm. My-,K , -.W 1 in-SLN, mr .-,,,, 1 X I Ig Ibm Ks W few:-su, IW, .:,.,.mf Le 1701- x. fi 1 CATHERINE E. CAREY. B. A.. Seton Hill College, Carnegie ln- stitute of Technology On the second floor in our library, You'll find our librarian, Mrs. Carey. ELVY E. CHRISTNER. B. S.. University of Pittsburgh, California State Teachers College To industrial arts boys, Mr. Christner explains The use of hammers, saws, and planes. GLORIA M. ERICKSON, B. S. in Bus. Ed.. Indiana State Teach' ers' College, University of Pittsburgh In room 308, students type away As Mrs. Erickson dictates, "ylkj" ANDREW EVANCHO. B. S.. M. Ed.. St. Vincent College Coach "Shuey" is the reason The Hurricanes had a successful season. IOSEPHINE FBUSOLD. B. S.. Carnegie Institute of Technology, University of Pittsburgh ln the visual education room we can see Movies pertaining to biology WILLIAM PINK, St. Vincent College, Penn State College, Du- quesne University Mr. Fink directs and the bass drums boom When the band practices in the activities room. IANE FISHER. B. A.. Litt. M., Pennsylvania College for Women. University of Pittsburgh Miss Fisher teaches P. O. D. and coaches the senior play, She is found in the counsellor's room every single day. HELEN FOREIT. Hurst High School A little "Miss" with a great big smile Takes Dr. Mullin's dictation: then types a-while. .F .J .. V 1 T IOHN E. FREED. B. S. in Bus. Ed., Indiana State Teachers' College, University oi Pittsburgh Teaching office practice and shorthand dictation ls Mr. Freed's contribution to our education. THERESA GALONE. B. S. in Home Ec., Seton Hill College Miss Galone helps us make something nice, By mixing sugar, shortening, flour and spice. DOROTHY HACKER, B. S. in Home Ec.. Penn State College, Seton Hill College After she teaches the girls to sew, Miss Hacker puts on a fashion show. EVA MARIE HYDE. Hurst High School At the Norvelt school, you'll find Miss Hyde, Who is a secretary, receptionist, and sometimes a guide. GENEVA IONES, B. S. in C., Grove City College, Penn State College Use correct English is her favorite expression: This she stresses in each English session. ESTELLA KRAUSE. B. S. in School of Education, Slippery Flock State Teachers College Over in the gym, where there's plenty of room, Miss Krause takes charge every afternoon. ARTHUR KROMER. B. S., M. Ed.: St. Vincent College, Univer- sity of Pittsburgh S O3 + HZO yields H2 SO4 He teaches this in chemistry, plus a great deal more. IOSEPH MYERS. B. S.. M. Ed.. University of Pittsburgh ln English, we study nouns, verbs, and adverbs, too: Read "Lady of the Lake" and meet Roderick Dhu. LETITIA MYERS, B. A., M. Ed., Juniata College, University oi Pittsburgh "Count those words! Write that news feature! Edit that copy!" says our journalism teacher. THEODORE MYERS. B. A.. Elon College, North Carolina Mr. Myers is well-liked by his lads and lasses, And many report to his senior science classes. IOHN NOCK, B. 5., M. Ed., Waynesburg College, University ot Pittsburgh In explaining why lines are oblique, Mr. Nock really has a special technique. BARBARA NOLAN, B. A.. Seton Hill College Miss Nolan teaches public speaking, And new talent she is always seeking. IOSEPH SENI, B. S., St. Vincent College The students at Hurst think that one great "guy" ls their history teacher, Mr. Sent. IOSEPH SILVIS, B. S., M. Ed., Duquesne University, University oi Pittsburgh He teaches salesmanship and law to us, And many current problems, we discuss, IOSEPH SIMON, B. S., Penn State College Mr. Simon teaches agriculture every clay, l-le also sponsors the F. F. A. HENRY SOMERS, B. M., B. S. M., Baldwin-Wallace College, Con- servatory ol Music, Berea, Ohio, Graduate Work, Ohio State University He joined the faculty early last tall, And now teaches singing to one and all. LTY IANE STONER, B. S. in C.. Grove City College, Penn State College Typing, math, and bookkeeping lessons! And after school she holds Colophon sessions. FRANCES THOMPSON. B. A.. University of Pittsburgh In Spanish class she says, "Si, Si," But in French class she says, "Oui, Oui". STEPHEN P. TOMECHKO. B. S.. Thiel College He coaches basketball and is an instructor of gym, Freshmen civic students also get to know him. MARY H. WALKER. B. A.. Seton Hill College Latin and literature make up her routine, And on these subjects she is really quite keen. M. M. BITNER. R. N.. Graduate of Mt. Pleasant Hospital, P. G. course at Elizabeth Steele Magee Our school nurse, dressed in white, In the halls of Hurst is a welcome sight. DR. S. S. DeVAUX. M. D.. Otterbein College, A. B., Cincinnati Medical College Dr. DeVaux is always present at football games To ease our heroes' aches and pains. DH. IOHN F. ERWIN. D. D. S., University of Pittsburgh A jab of a needle and one quick jerk ls only a part of his day's work. Umm SENIORS JUNIGRS SOPHGIVICDRES I-'RESHMEN HU R Publishvd By Nw .iomln Of Hurzst Hifzh Fcfizmaf - swam: 'kv ..- I Q . -fx f " xx Q JQNN ECKEL. Q REIGN AS QUEEN f af ar Q 3 J .+ ,Q if Q , urs! unions Will Sfdfftf Q2' ff' 'Q'Ia.s.s' lm Deg. 'Zz'd rg?CgrtprmluminneFw5?1zAne:x L-glad LLXQ f5gVI'ff'fXf Bznrqfwrnfxiilaffi Honor Rv? Wi" 'R M-WM , .xr sin- Q 542 gs v F, 4 wwf EN- eiv' f fx 5 , A' Qfoci ,A ' A WNV Q . ,. :md f ' iw f pain W. Yrnhmnn :nl wink lvnmv and S-ninr . 1,1 - Q1 uv13 fv-W-YXi5ftv!'1' an hm' my My Few! ivaxl, - 1, f. ,e mn! ff Run 4 VLQKI to RigM,Backumn, Allshounm, Cain, Flaw! grmugn v .v J . fl in ' Smiilik v ,v S f- ,A mb-1 il Nhmgff Howx--3 M-Mf Jann, Benin. Bdwh lrinsrv Keck. . - . 1 .sg '--www 'ff nn Rm: ZW-Ksknr. Plnifnr, Rails. lhminski. Tnkilsh. Ludwig, EW Row 1MbNuqo1h. lhlcnbn. wi!! be cimizi-mi wlwn the lltlsic in next mueiing. Program Hurst High .uwzm ,fwwz Jn 5'i-fn,,4w2 Ikwn. hm im: fkmm , wld ul Iluwi Hmm my VI. W, Wi" and +Ixui:'u'v .uv Mm! sn Nw Munn- Anmf Nm ix lhv fix-at iinw Um! Um fs hw hum hmm!-mi hy mfxnv: iypv ui' lxxw-alvvi mxin haw mn. ss- , .11 yet. been mmxdr. .Mi :xnmw xfvviaik ami aupmmcw! Amwviallun hun sd K. 5. Ixc1l"li!'z1f.hfxNixrfiic' Filth fxifix'k'g-:sl 1 , w Q. , hs, k' ' z xv.. Aw ' pf, . vw bmw 3 Exam Pup, ' ' xy," ' A s inns: r 'wmv Band Holds Drivv To Hvlp Pav Fur Uniforms '-S zz.. . .w, V- .Mi , 1-. x-"Y, mv --Af . N K-:,,vW." X, ,v . H: '.- 151141:-:,l.. HW1'-iw' IH w 1'4g1Axy,gm..c,!,,!1-1 1 v' IL w"m-,g.msw,A1s.,. .xiriwmmiw W1-' ww? 'H ' " wi, :'x'a!lxa!ws1- .hd uflx n ' Xzuzsfnm -Ln-. fm X.-uf-ml: v Nuxu-vvdwx 1 tm: -wmwu. N4-xwulwx ri Runway 'fic-fury, Nnvvnwber ll Nogpmbor 25 25 Tfmhh-ysv. Day. l"i"11Ll:u 1-"im" fl-Ialnalnm Anum K.-.- lm-. PHYLLIS BALUH Quiet but quick that's our "Phil" .. belonged to the French Club . . . Glee Club . . . Colophon Start ... N. F. L. ... neat dresser ... always seen with Donna dreams continually ot West Point nursing is her goal Good Luck "Phil." RAYMOND BANN Lives in Norvelt played in the band for four years enjoyed French Class and Miss Thomp- son could always be seen borrowing street- car tickets from Emily driving a blue Dodge is his delight. CLARENCE BARKLEY Better known as "Skip" hails from the big town of Acme enjoys playing football loafs with lim is noted for his quiet ways has a pleasant smile gifted with shoulders. Bfiluli Bonn Barkley ROBERT BARNHART Resides in Norvelt is a lad who claims farm- ing is his business was elected treasurer of the F. F. A. . . . tour year member of the band . . . can be found in Pleasant Unity any night of the week. ELEANOR BECHTELL Has a friendly smile . . . likes football and basket- ball resides in Hecla takes the Home Economics course fits the saying "good things come in little packages" because of her tiny features. IANE BILLER I-lails from Bunker Hill says her ambition is to be a housewife . .. played in the band for two years active member of the Hurstonian Staff Sally and lanie are pals. Barnhcrrt Bechtell Biller Bindis Bishop Bizup BETTY BINDIS Works at the C1 QS D Restaurant on Saturdays and Sundays has her eye on the right guy takes the Home Economics course pals with Eleanor . . . one of the Hecla gang , . . has a very nice personality. DOROTHY BISHOP Belonged to the S. C. C. Literary Editor of the Colophon wearing the "H" strutted as a ma- jorette a very sweet person to know and had a smile for everyone . . . always seen with Eleanor . . . Good Luck Dot. BETTY BIZUP Has a captivating smile . . . is a member of chorus ... S. C. C. and N. H. S. ... her ambition is to be a secretary she is the score keeper for the Acme Hollow baseball team. Bossick Brown Buchanan ANNA BOSSICK Is very quiet in her ways takes the Home Economics course comes from Hecla is a great sports fan rides the streetcar to school . . . has beautiful brown hair. EDWARD BROWN "Squeaky" is famous for his laugh plans to be an electrician claims he has a hobby hails from Bunker Hill is the clown of the senior class everyone will remember Eddie. FRANCIS BUCHANAN Better known as "Frizzle" was a member of the senior class play was a big ioker liked Salesmanship and Mr. Silvis . .. sang tenor with the chorus belonged to the Industrial Arts Club . .. thinks a lot of a freshman girl. NICK CERKOVNICK Served as a color guard his senior year . .. says Mr. Christner is tops Nick would like to enlist in the Marines had many friends and was liked by all. VANETTE CHENOWETH Our Alaskan pal belonged to N. H. S., French Club, N. F. L., Colophon, Chorus, former lunior class president Trig was her favorite subject . . . friendly and cheerful . . . liked by all . . . will take Pre-med at the College of Pudget Sound. RUTH COOK Was given the name of "joe" by her friends could live on spaghetti and meat balls is 'ond of all sports a very dependable person seen often with Tom. 1.-rkovnick Chenoweth Cook ALVIN COPE Belonged to the chorus band played foot- ball his Iunior year could be seen with lack most any time he also was a member of the National Honor Society and had a part in the lunior Class Play. RONALD COPE "Ron" "Pete" has him hooked for good works as a janitor at Norvelt School is quiet ... a whiz at Trig ... brother of "Mutt" ... U. S. Navy will probably be his future. lAMES CRAIG Hangs his hat at Acme very quiet "Navy will probably get me" says he as far as he was concerned school should have started at 9 A. M. and ended at 9 A. M. good luck lim. Cope A. Cope, R. Craig Deemer De Vaux Dillon BARBARA DEEMER A Norvelt lass . .. belonged to Mixed Chorus . . . N. H. S. N. F. L. was attendant to Harvest Queen ... had lead in junior Play ... has a won- derful personality was often seen with a cer- tain senior boy. IOANNE De VAUX Possesses pretty hair . . . played the piano for Chorus three years . . . member of the Library Club National Honor Society French Club plans to take Home Ec. in college enjoys driv- ing her Studebaker. LOUGENE DILLON Treasurer of N. F. L. . . . Business Manager of Hur- stonian Glee Club Colophon Staff Spanish Club will enter Drexel Institute of Technology a debator very well dressed girl enjoys swimming and going to horse races. Dlugos Domurat Downs MARGIE DLUGOS One of our small seniors pals with Eleanor, Louise, and Mary Ann is full of fun re- sides at Mammoth thinks Home Economics is a tasty subject has a friendly smile. ROSE M. DOMURAT Possesses beautiful black wavy hair . . . pals with Ruth . . . resides at Calumet . . . has a very pleas ant smile . . . played in the band for one year . . . enjoys going to football games. DAUNA G. DOWNS One of the small senior girls belonged to the Home Economics Club likes to cook and sew . . . has a very quick giggle . . . resides at United . . . loves the opposite sex. THOMAS DUDA Resides in a vicinity named Trauger likes to fish as a past time belonged to the Ushers E Club for four years also member of French Club . .. took the Academic course claims he dislikes girls ... enjoys all types of sports. N FRANK DUDA ls greatly interested in baseball is very quiet I but has many friends pals with Bill isn't interested in the opposite sex Senior Science was his favorite subject although he disliked school. SHIRLEY DUFF R Was one of our tall attractive young ladies belonged to N. F. L. Colophon Staff Hur- stonian . .. says she dislikes men, with the excep- tion oi one ambition is to become a nurse. Duda, T. Duda, F. Duii DONNA ECKELS Our Harvest Oueen noted for her sparkling smile is a good dancer belonged to the N. H. S. Chorus N. F. L. French Club Colophon Staff believes "The Best Things in Life are Free." IACKIE EICHHOLTZ ls a good natured girl plans to enter Goucher College in Maryland sang with the Chorus iour years a member of the National Forensic League shows partiality to Latrobe High School . . . is very ambitious. ROBERT ELKO "Bob" was president oi the Senior class often seen with Nick and Ace has a sparkling per- sonality known for his unusual laugh . .. one of our football heroes sang in the Chorus. Eckels Eichholtz Elko Fatla Firment Flannigan MARY FATLA Was ci member of the S. C. C. and Hurstonian Staff always full of fun and out tor a good time was Sales Manager on Colophon Stat'f . . . spent hor leisure time drawing. MARY ANN FIRMENT Member of National Honor Society ambition is to be a nurse . .. claims Mr. Nock her favorite teacher ... high on the honor roll ... will be suc- cessful in anything she attempts. lOAN FLANNIGAN A petite girl has a pleasing personality belonged to Home Economics club hails from Standard usually seen with Daisy likes to dance, cook and sew always neat in ape pearance possesses pretty hair. Forejt Frederick, F. Frederick R IOAN FOREIT ls a member of Home Economics one of the Hecla gang admires a lad from Hecla rides to school on the streetcar every morning . . . has a pleasant smile. FRANK FREDERICK Was cheerleader for two years . . . played basket- ball belonged to Spanish Club and Chorus was popular with the girls a smooth dan- cer has no ambition but to rest after four years oi hard work. ROBERT FREDERICK One of our small but mighty Seniors . . . belonged to the Colophon Staff plans to go to college quiet but dignified has a devilish gleam pals with Pete quite a guy. ELlZABETH GREGA Tall brunette from Southwest was the life of the party likes to polka can really play volley ball Betty's a Home Ec. student and a good seamstress . . . Good Luck Betty. DONALD HAAS Q Transferred from Latrobe a swell all around lad belongs to Ushers Club, French Club and Colophon Staff had part in the lunior play always lends a helping hand hopes to enter St. Vincent College. DUANE HAGEBTY I-fails from United likes to drive a truck his favorite subject is Mathematics belongs to the Industrial Arts Club can always be seen at Goodmans Dairy Bar. Grega Haas Hagerty DOLORES HARBAUGH A short attractive young lady . . . often seen with Elwood worked for the Hurstonian sang with the Mixed Chorus wearing the "T" Dolly strutted as a majorette with the band her junior year. ANDREW HARHAI Besides in Brinkerton . . . likes to play football . . . kind of quiet at times liked by everyone belongs to the Spanish Club loves to go hunt- ing for small game when the season is open . AUGUST HEIDE Rides the bus from We-ltytown . . .very quiet boy likes Math and Physics very much paled around with Andy and Don during the lunch hours likes chocolate cake very much. Harbaugh Harhai Heide Henry Homulka Hoyman RAY HENRY Was a member of F. E. A. and reigned as king enjoys playing ball in his leisure time played basketball Iunior and Senior year belongs to the Mixed Chorus loves to dance. THOMAS HOMULKA Claims to be one of the Mammoth gang . . . played baseball for two years "Euke" says Mr. Nock is a regular guy ... was a member of the F. F. A. . .. could live on a baseball diamond. LANE HOYMAN Answers to the name of Ianie . . . possesses beau- tiful flashing red hair . . . belongs to the Pro- iectionist's Club often seen with Bertha works at Frans Saturdays and Sundays . .. bound to be successful. Hudec lmmel lakubovic DONALD HUDEC Better known as "Denver" takes the general course plays defensive safety man on the football squad worked for the Colophon is liked by all especially the opposite sex. ALMA IMMEL Quiet and reserved in manner . . . often seen with Bertha resides at Lycippus takes Home Ec. friendly and sociable . .. enjoys listening to hillbilly programs dislikes oral English in any form likes school. GEORGE IAKUBOVIC ls one of the Bridgeport gang , . . claims he spends his leisure time at Shutty's filling station pals with Ed and Ken this well-dressed lad plans to join the Navy after graduation. MARY ELLEN IERSON Artist of the Senior Class member of Senior Chamber of Commerce and Art Editor of Colophon Staft ... played mother in Iunior play . .. dislikes vonceited people . . . has a smile for everyone. ELEANOR IOHNSON Belonged to the Senior Chamber of Commerce Chorus National Honor Society Colphon Start . .. strutted as a majorette for two years . .. always neat and possesses a sparkling person- rllily. lOSEPHiNE lOl-lNSON Has blonde hair . .. belonged to Home Economics Club for tour years resides in Mutual ... fav- orite subject P. O. D. dreams of becoming a housewife for Eugene likes white cake and ice cream. If rson lohnson, E. lohnson, l. MARY ANN KALINAY One oi the tiny girls at Hurst sang with the Glee Club . . . worked on the Hurstonian , . . seen often with lose-phine ... thinks "Tudy" is tops ... ambition is to become a nurse. MARY DOLORES KANAWALSKY Resides at Bunker Hill . . . spends her leisure time writing to "Bill" a member of the Chorus, Sec- retary ot Senior Chamber of Commerce and Colo- phon Staf'f ... will always be remembered for her pleasant smile. MERVIN KANTORIK Vtlorks on his father's farm during the summer . . . very quiet in his ways comes to school on l-lenry's bus known tor his beautiful blond lrair . .. says he has no time for girls. Kalinay Kanawalsky Kantorik Kr llry Kendi King SALLY KELLEY Our busy lrish colleen active in N. F. L. Band . .. was elected editor-in chief of Hurstonian belonged to Chorus four years had part in Iunior play dancing is her favorite pastime, BETTY KENDI One oi our attractive blondes ... worked in Royers Department Store on Saturdays . .. seen with Mar- gie ... played in the band for lour years ... had a part in the success of the Spanish Club good luck Betty. MARY KING Spends one halt her time riding around in a red jeep with "Sammy", while the other halt is spent loafing at Bridgeport makes delicious potato salad has no plans for the future. Kissell Kloas Ko inski DOROTHY KISSELL Often called "Duke" played in the band can he seen with Deloris and Betty likes Miss Fisher and P. O. D. . . . merry making is her ambie tion . . . hails from United . . . belonged to the Spanish Club. BERTHA KLOOS Has blue eyes, blonde hair . . . is a quiet and mane nerly girl . . . has been on the honor roll since she came here . , . comes from Lycippus . . . is an Academic student likes all the teachers. PHYLLIS KOCINSKI Belongs to the Senior Chamber of Commerce Mixed Chorus and Colophon Staff marched as a majorette her lunior year always cheer- ful editor of Page 3 of Hurstonian per sonality plus. LOUISE KOSLOSKY Lives in Mammoth is one of our best dressed senior girls . . . served on the Student Council . .. pals with Rosie is often seen driving a gray Plymouth . . . wears a diamond on her third finger. IRENE KOWATCH Attended Home Economics Convention at Iohns- town excellent seamstress ambition is to get married has a beautiful combination ot black hair and blue eyes loves to dance quiet girl. WILLIAM KRALL "Bill" is president of the band . . . was treasurer of Iunior Class hails from Pleasant Unity chooses Senior Science as his favorite subject and Mr. Ted Myers as his ideal teacher. Kosloskv Kowatch Krall IOE KRITZ Came from St. Vincent Prep after spending two years lives at Norvelt pals around with Nick and Ray enjoys riding in the Ford likes to go to Hecla and Mt. Pleasant. IOAN KROMER Is a quiet but pleasant companion is a mem- ber oi Chorus and the National Honor Society . . . her roller-skating ability is unique always sticks up for C section Why not! ANTHONY KRYNICKY "Chink" takes the general course . . . occupied the drum-major position for the past two years . . . has light brown hair and blue eyes . . . hails from Calumet . . . chooses baseball as his favorite sport. Kritz Kromer Krynrcky Laird Lauer Lucas Maline McCarthy Mesaros JAMES LAIRD IOSEPI-I MALINE "lim" resides in I-Iecla has a winning smile Ioe could live in Industrial Arts class always plus a wonderiul personality played baseball ate his lunch in Shai'Ier's bus believed in get- lor Hecla during the summer joined the Indus- ting a Job done in a hurry likes to tinker with trial Arts Club nicknamed "Monk" otten motors enjoys Math class. seen with Bob Elko. WILLIAM LAUER PEGGY McCARTI-IY Came to I-Iurst as a sophomore . . . played basket- Thinks boys are tops . . . has dancing feet . . . ball for two years easy to get along with was always the first in latest fad gym was can be found running around with "Mutt" . her favorite class Mr. Silvis her favorite teach- is a member of the National Honor Society .. er was in the band for one year, resides in Norvelt. IOHN LUCAS IOHN MESAROS Rides the trolley to school likes to do iarrn "Ace" is a very popular lad his blond wavy work usually seen at the Trauger garage . .. hair makes the girls swoon he is quite a lad belonged to Industrial Arts Club dislikes girls for jokes spends most of his time with "Bob" by all means has no plans for the future. and "Nick" likes all girls. CATHERINE MIELE ls a niernher of the S. C. C. and Colophon staff sang in the Glee Club has dark hair, E snappy brown eyes and a flashing smile for everyone at all times Perry Como is her fav- orite singer loves Italian spaghetti. PETE MIELE "Pete" is known for his devilish grin and brown eyes spends most of his time at Colleen's belonged to the Colophon Staff will always be remembered for his cheerfulness. ELEANOR MIZIKAR B. One of our Mammoth gang member of the Spanish Club enioys eating chocolate ice cream and potato chips Mr. Seni's niece known for her devilish personality. Miele, C. Miele, P. Mizikar, E. MARY ANN MIZIKAR Member of the N. H. S. and Spanish Club served on the Student Council for two years played in the band for four years undecided about future possesses a friendly smile can be seen with the Mammoth gang. CHARLES MUCHONEY "Grandpa" of the football team belongs to the Usher's Club plans to go on to school . .. played right tackle plays the accordion very well says he admires girls. ELOISE MYERS Always there at the right time knows how to have a "good time" pals with Kay wouldn't live anywhere but Kecksburg her pretty eyes make all the boys look happy landing, Eloise! Mizikar, M. Muchoney Myers Nowill Nicholson Overly. A. MAE NEWILL Member of the Home EC. Club and Spanish Club . . . played in the band for four years .. . excellent volley ball player . . . hopes to be a physical edu- cation teacher . . . likes cherry pies . . . thinks Dean Reese is "tops". TOM NlCHOLSON Comes from Mammoth . . . is a great tackle on the gridiron a nice boy pals with Nick and Are his hair is brown so are his eyes is fl member of the Mixed Chorus. ALICE OVERLY ls dcmure in appearance, attentive in class quiet around the halls but not around her local which is Acme loafs with Phyllis and Berna- dine. Overly, L. Overly, P. Pavick LAWRENCE OVERLY Nice to have around when the jalopy is broken down "Larry" traveled very often to South Greensburg to see Ann leads a carefree life and encountered many friends while at Hurst. PHYLLIS OVERLY Very quiet but studious .. . belonged to the Mixed Chorus . . . Iunior and Senior Glee Club . . . trans- ferred from New Stanton very attractive beautiful blue eyes a captivating smile for everyone seems to enjoy eighth period Eng- lish class. GEORGE PAVICK One of our tall mischievous lads played foot- ball for two years belonged to the Industrial Arts Club . . . resides at Norvelt . . . claims to like chocolate ice cream often seen with "Sandy" good luck, George. STANLEY PAYONK "Stash" takes the general course is six feet tall his blue eyes and brown hair make him a handsome lad . . . resides at Mammoth . . . says his ideal sport is baseball. VERNON PEPPER One of I-Iurst's F. F. A. boys always in mis' chief . . . very popular and welleknown by all students and teachers . , . vice president of F. F. A. . . . sings in the mixed chorus . . . claims Mammoth is the best town in Mt. Pleasant Twp. BERNADINE PONZURIK A true blonde with mischievous blue eyes . . . spends her time dreaming of what the future holds likes to read novels especially mystery ones . . . didn't care for school work but likes fun. Payonk Petter Ponzurick DOLORES POOLE "Dolly" is a very pretty girl blessed with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes . . . played in the band for two years member of the Colo- phon and Hurstonian has a secret ambition. GEORGE PUSKAR Resides in Humphreys . . . where there's fun there's George . .. drove a black Dodge to school . .. belonged to mixed chorus . . . very well liked by all his classmates . . . seen with Mike . . . loads of luck. KENNETH PUSKAR Lives on a farm in Acme is the proud owner of "I-Ier1rietta", his car very shy and bashful says blondes are his type of dream girl belongs to the Pioneer's Club. Poole Puskar, G. Puska Puskar, L. Rif h Sandacz LEONARD PUSKAR Walked to school from Calumet every morning . . . "Pushie" could always be seen with "Ed" and "Chink" for his favorite subject he chooses math can be seen in Pleasant Unity very fre- quently. LOUISE RICH "Rusty" is never without the gang from Mammoth put four years in as a member of the band took academic course neat dresser constantly seen with lohnnie's class ring around her neck. SYLVESTER SANDACZ A Norvelt lad elected cheerleader his senior year had part in the Iunior Play is really a comedian . ,. belongs to Industrial Arts . . . will join the United States Army. Shaffer, G. Shaffer, K. Shopsky I GEORGIA SI-IAFFER Was secretary for Mr. Silvis nominated for harvest queen likes to square dance en- joys driving the family car could usually be found in the work room played drums in the band. KENNETH SHAFFER "Ken" maintained high average all four years belonged to the National I-Ionor Society took part in the lunior Play has a wonderful bass voice . .. joined the band in his senior year. IEAN SHOPSKY Another blonde with naturally curly hair her favorite pastime is laughing and she claims that is her secret for a happy life besides being a good dancer she can sing too. S WILLIAM sHoPsKY After heing discharged from the Navy, he came back to Hurst to finish his schooling enjoys E good times very much enjoyed Math took three years of it in one year Iean's brother . .. had a part in the Senior Play. VIRGINIA SIVAK I "Babe" has a pleasing personality member of the Band, Hurstonian and Colophon had a part in the Iunior Play thinks quite a lot of a certain sailor a cheerful and helpful person. MICHAEL SKAPURA R Created a rumpus in Salesmanship class was a lively little lad who was always in mischief . . . hails from Humphreys belonged to Ushers Club can always be seen with George. Sliopsky, W. Sivak Skapura DOLORES SKERO Is a member of the Spanish and French Clubs . . . has a special glint in her eyes likes to dance one of our volley ball champions is quite often seen with Betty. ELLA IEAN SLONECKER Is an excellent worker, loyal friend and good stu- dent said to be quite adept to managing the masculine sex resides at Bridgeport . .. loves to draw . . . worked on the Hurstonian. NANCY SMITH Senior "busy bee" .. . active in N. H. S. . . . Colo- phon . . . Band, District band, Student Council Convention, Vice President of Iunior class . , . can really blow "dat horn" . . . favorite with all. Skero Slonecker Smith Smitlev, D. Smitley, K. Snyder DAISY SMITLEY P'ans to join the Waves with her friend Mae lvolonged to the Senior Chamber of Commerce marched in the band for four years lives in Mt. Pleasant a charming personality and a true friend. KENNETH SMITLEY Assembled in Boom 206 took the Academic coure quiet, likable fellow resides at Bridgeport pastime is loafing does it at Beds with George and Ed will join the Navy after graduation. MARY SNYDER ls a petite little miss with excess energy brightens Shorthand class with her wittiness, and is the best saleslady imaginable "Chick" is often seen arguing with some less ardent football fans. Solosky Stefl Stepanik WALLACE SOLOSKY Tall, dark and good looking is known for his wit Bob Hope is his favorite comedian feases all the girls but they love it believes money is the "root of all evil." LOIS STEEL Had trouble getting the bus to school every morn- ing for four years from Mammoth always seems to have a good time is engaged had no definite plans for the future except with Iohn. DOLORES STEPANIK Brown eyed lassie with long tresses took Spanish and loved it . . , loves to dance . , . thinks boys are nice and has one particular one Dolly is a member of the Spanish Club. EDWIN STONE Comes from room 206 takes the Academic Course . . . hails from Bridgeport ping pong champ of the city . . . spends his spare time at Red's will join the navy after graduation . .. ambition is to be an engineer. CLYDE SULLENBERGER One of Hurst's quiet lads . . . can be found cruising around in a maron Plymouth . . . resides in Laurel- ville . . . claims fishing is his main occupation . . . prefers automobile body and fender work as a career. WENDELL SUMMY Slept through most of his salesmanship classes . . . likes to hunt carried a litle gray book with the game laws in it wore bright sport shirts, socks, and jackets. Stone Sullenberger Summy BETTY SZECHULA Has brown hair, blue eyes and that ever loving glow belongs to the S. C. C. was former treasurer of this club her junior year is Miss Myers secretary is a proud possessor of a Commercial diploma. RICHARD TAYLOR "Dick" is one of our football heroes .. . plays the halfback position . . . is also a good baseball play- er is very popular . .. was well liked by all . . . picks Barbara as his ideal girl. GEORGE TRACH A chorus member . . . would like to go on to school chooses baseball and football as his favorite sports . . . claims Miss Fisher is his favorite teach- er usually seen with "Eddie" and "Ben," Szechula Taylor Trach Trout Tuk Urban GLA DYS TROUT Was called the "Brain" because of her ability to make the honor roll time after time quiet but had flocks of friends she claims that she is not interested in boys. IACK TUK Good natured fellow . . . seen with "Mutt" . . . be- longed to the N. H. S., Ushers Club, Band, Chorus, Proiectionist Club, and Student Council plans to continue on to school and take music will make friends wherever he goes. ANNA MARIE URBAN Belongs to the French and Home Economics club . . . likes P. O. D. . . . would like to become a nurse pals with Kay and Daisy one of Hurst's quiet gang . , . likes chocolate cake and ice cream. Vidakovich Wadsworth We1r NICK VIDAKOVICH I-fails from Pleasant Unity . . . pals with "Ace" and Bob one of our varsity players engoys speeches made by "Ace" likes to go hunting also looks super in a gabardine suit. ELWOOD WADSWORTH Drives his own car to school . . . sleeps in quite a few classes is a boy from Acme knows how to please the girls . . . likes salesmanship , . . favorite teacher is Mr. Silvis. ROSE MARIE WEIR Can make anyone laugh bubbles over with pep and energy resides in Mammoth re- ports to Miss Myers' homeroom attends the football games . . . belongs to the Girls' Glee Club , . . quite popular. S E N I R Welc Wilkins Wise Whittaker Yothers Yuhouse Zsolchak Zylka BETTY WELC Blushes when Bill is mentioned pals with "Doss" has a large sup- ply ot jokes lives at Standard Shaft can often be seen in the gym thinks Miss Krause is tops. MARIORIE Wi-IITAKER One of the Bridgeport Gang . . . is noted for her giggle was a constant com- panion of Ella lean and Francis likes chemistry and dancing . . . doesn't like boys small but mighty thai's our "Marqie". KAY WILKINS One oi our best dressed senior girls . . . thinks there's nothing better than spag- hetti belonged to French Club and Clee Club her pal was Eloise ambition is to be a dress designer. lACOB YOTHERS Resides at Acme takes agriculture enjoys deer hunting pals with lim Wilkins ambition is to be a far- mer . . . he is sure to be successful . . . is a timid lad but has many friends. EDWARD ZSOLCHAK Worked in his brothers garage in his spare time liked all girls, especially brunettes from Kecksburg was a brain in Physics and Trig. would like to be a mechanic. FRANCES ZYLKA Will miss riding on Flick's bus does beautiful crochet work is well liked among her friends usually a smile on her face . . . says she will miss Hurst and all the teachers. 26 CLENNA WISE l-las a flashy smile that has weakened many a male's heart, including lohn's loves to sing has been a cheer- leader for three years . . . was attendant to Harvest Queen always happy and gay. MARGARET YUHOUSE Member of the Senior Chamber of Com- merce . . . was Mrs. lones' secretary . . . likes to sit on the bus with lohn Patula . , . hails from Carpentertown . . . has a cute giggle could live on white house ice cream . . . good luck Margaret CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR OFFICERS President ................ Robert Elko Vice President ..... Sylvester Sandacz Secretary .... . . . Charles Muchoney Treasurer . . .... lohn Mesaros IUNIOR OFFICERS President ............... Ronald Lohr Vice President . . . . . . Edmund Ponko Secretary .... ......... B en Forejt Treasurer . . . . . Ioseph Kennedy SOPHOMORE OFFICERS President ......... David Cunningham Vice President ........ lames Wilkins Secretary ..... . . . Raymond Requla Treasurer . . . . . . Stephen Cibulas 27 'tual ??'I'i'f wrap N"' ' E NINETEEN HUNDRED ANI Group I Tiiiid How: Blusxwkowski, Cole, Diiii, I., Loiir, Hiirmiun, Foimt, Howoil, C., Antonishvn Second Row: Kuvixliuk, Misiuk, Luuolvii, Hopko, I., Hioriiu, M. Kowilluii, Hvidv First Row: Roiuuisii, Koriiii, M. A., Gin, ivicik, Takiivii, M. A., Millvi, D., Var- iiolivz, Mc'C1oy, Davis Group II Third Row: Angus, Miller, Armhrusi Sioiiiior, Piukiviiiiw, Myms, D., iiwido, Lucas E., Keimody Scwoiid Row: Buyusik, Piilciv, Painter, Sil'k9iliJ9lK.IE-?I', Kwnk, Km'im'imk, Bai' viiik, Tcvmeisko, Liikf.1i's, Fi. FilSi Row: Bukvl, S., Bkkli, Biiiieir, Shilo- iiod, E., Dunn, Uzwxiiiiio, Kwvk, A., Bush Group III Tliiid How: Vifvic, Riddle, Koko, Znlnkm, Marks, Nemetii, Huzn, LONG Cznrniuk, Ludwig, Sikom, Moridovk, Monwyeir, Smiiii, F, feel, Buiuzok, Pioiior, Ncsqodn, Bates, Lauri 28 Scwiorici Row: Voyioisky, Piciior, I., Fiisi Rowz Nomctii, E., Gorovki, Cas, ORTY-NINE JUNIVOR CLA Group IV Third Row: Zoolin, Ponko, Carpenter, Md- linish, Uriqvcirsky, Roth VV., Emir, Kirchner Second How: Dolan, Freoindn L., Showal- ior, Adams, Brush, McLoon, Overly, D., l-lorouse First Row: Kolornho, Ondrezik, Ozuq, Bork, loy, Hood, Silvis, Ovorly, Simpson Group V Third Row: Kinee-r, Lindon, Sinilh, iixJilS, Fisher, Aclcernidn, Hoyinciri, Sweiizer Sorond How: Aiillrnon, Bcillow, Bldnsol, Bcrfik, lonos, Allshouso, Ciolgiuli, Pifinlco First Flow: lvloqdo, Kerniuky, Hovush, lni- nie-l, Dimsor, Miscilc, Kdininski, lfrooinfrii Group VI Second Row: Ross, Blcrzkowslci, Howell, ldcksori, Gdzdcz, Poviclc, loworslci, Nii- kiewicz, Mczqdo Virst Row: Reqolld, Hunl-nor, Roth, Soironl-co, Grirnrno, Dreislddl, Kuhdr, Rusiriko l 29 Tliiul How: Snydm D., Komislw, Stcisc-link, THE NINETEEN HUNDRED A Group I liriyli1i1,Cfzl1l1fi, Funk B, Hr11isvlF',Slric'liilc, lluslik, lV7O!I!LHfll if-i-will Huw: Ailim, i'-liINlf'Ill, Polcilisky, Zlilimsky, Hiicivirislci, Mfilinisli, Nliqqy, llixys, Fwiiluis, Dvorculc l'iIsl Huw: Nlsilefsky, Huduv, PllSl1l4L1I,LL1L'CX- sik, Mullin, loin-S, Uiliniri, Roswlnoslcy, Lud- wili, Mylris Group II S.-1-mini Row: Kutcli, Koslyo, Mr-Nif-l, PQH:-1, llv-1,-sf-, Hrxsli, Millrer, Uliriri Viisl How: Bmiyo, Kiupps, Luvoivli, Lukfivs, Kiiik, Lf-Wis, Slifilfwi, Polnikravsky Group III 'l'lni1rl Row: Wilkins, Bflskeltl, Hlilli, Yu llousf-, Pvririirirqlon, Misicilc, Niezqodu, Komcxiny, Mnrkif-wirz, Kowiilvwski Sr-cnricl How: Nirvdwirk, Pumyc-, Polclernibo, Lf-risurv, Klosky, Slwrlnuvk, Dull, Smith, Siiiirrrrifik, Ficwsky First How: Wcillirrs, Mf'Crxll, Bair, l3oo'c'r, llydv-, Crisis-I-l, Smitli, Sririclcxvz, Lesko, Bormisli 30 OBTY-NINE SOPHOMOBE l Polcha Kapura Mullen wicz, Christie 31 CLASS Third Row: Petrosky, Myers, Krul, Bizup, Moore, Briercheck, Wisniewski, Pushkar, Ingram, Cibulas, Brierche-ck Second Row: Burns, Cunningham, Balko, Takitch, Yaksic, Tlumaclc, Matsko, Smail, Poch, Placko, Mundorff First Row: C-reiiemy, Blystone, Cook, Henry, I-leimann, Woytus, Shay, Kowatch, Evon, Group V Second Row: Kochis, Schachte, Kloos, Pat- cher, I-leide, Balchik, Harman, Ftutkowski, First Row: Grosser, Ahlborn, Ballew, Scherer, Baker, Cramer, Koontz, Grosser Group VI Third Row: Pokrasky, Weiers, Yanuck, Grafton, Leonard, l-lails, Miele, Davis, Second Row: Aclamrovich, Andrews, Kinq, Iohnston, Demagall, Givinski, Kovalcin, Crum, Brosky, Mohney First Row: Perfer, Bryqa, Rice, Heide, Sop- lco, Chuey, Dzurica, Flanniqan, Nietkie gg, 4184 4 gr J .L 255' r ni' ga fw 5 , vf 2 , Q! k dx wx nxwf, 6? 7 X E W qw. sw 2 "il'xY QE . kr , J gf, fwt? X gf K 'ji ssl U K' fm. f, KJ i' FP use w Y an in ix? WS a . f M ,, 15 I-1 f jf ,Q ' G fu f Mft, .4 X ' we ' Q mfs . X Q Q A ' 5--,mv . , , , I- x5Q 1 .E 1, lg Q .v . it 'f 3 is is , Q3 , Q e ' :af 2 ,,.' I."l-.., KVA 0 I f f if if .. ' , -:,.' J K . 0 x 5 U X s 'Q' 51 1 4 ' M3 .J I Q "1 X fs 3,,,, iius ,I P W , , V , ' gm 'E' as 5 Y 1 Q5 ' 1 Z' 15 QQ Wgw, M ' 5 1? '44 f:f'f79,v w N .wb 'lv Q A .sw 5 fs? M ga 52,6 A., Q b ff, Q x f 5 H ,.,v ,.. 5 rl 3 3 W1"ffA i?f' A ' A.,V .V , fu z 1 mn lil 1 FORTY-NINE FBESHM N CLA Group IV Fourth Row: Flanniqan, Holoman, Stetl Small, Porterlield, Grimme, Martz, Haney Kocliis Third How: Payonk, Broclar, Saville, Kelly lones, Patula, Hoover, Iohnson Second Row: Ondrizek, Slaclky, Kernicky Cook, Sheldon, Yurkosky, Ftosky First Flow: Auer, Silvis, Kocinski, Saville Coy, Stell, Hontz, I-Iarhai, Lowther Group V Fourth Row: Wilson, Miscik, Boytim, Hurst Funk, Greqa, Kontir, Mott, Tarasky Third Row: Marks, l-loza, Marks, Zeqlin Weir Second Row: Dillon, McConnell, Shay, Turik, Madqa, Summy, Carleton First Row: Santicci, Phillabaurn, Balko Chulik, Bienia, Mizikar, Crum, Bossick Group V1 Fourth Row: Yurkosky, Stohl, Hunter, Summy, Brooks, Baker, Lovis, Gorton, Gazda, Shawley Third Row: Roth, Pawlikowski, Sullenber- qer, Truxal, Trauqh, Albright, Kadylak Blissman, Blosky Second Row: Balun, Zabrosky, Sonnie Specht, Nemeth, Kowatch, l-lontz, Kritz Bilik First Row: Gradish, Rudy, lordan, Walters Heide, Dean, Kalinay, Sweitzer, Kollar Dillon 0 . . 0 STUDENT COUNCIL 0 NATIONAL PUBLICATIONS 0 STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS O DEPARTMENTAL CLUBS 0 CLASS PLAYS I MUSIC ACTIVITIES mtv Chmm ww m lmnr Pulxlislwcl Hy tl ff .fmlz-n:sl .i.X?XiiAl2'l,1E'2i1 Right through The door: of Munn. Of Hurst High School 1.:z:.,"':.-",.........,..:L L14 1 , dv 'link I Lx! . , MN, ATO-Mk Mu Choral Festival To -Include 37 Schools mm February I7 and lx, ww, Um 140 students Um: muh- up Unix yvarkl Wm-imumlzmli Vwuuly Vlmrus wnll met-l in lbs- Hur-1 l CHORUS 'eniors To Come ' ' M 2 w ui Q r , , 5' Fisher T0 Dlfeff iw-xculiy Member-M13 'mf f,l.,Q'J?m"l.X5' 'SELL ,,12f'111 21-SS Pfodwion Afwnd Conv' '3if?i'Ifi"1aN.g1?ZQW Rav' H lx - Lf xsll in 1 lr. -4. 1 - I wh rl lflgiw :W y Sw 'QW' li .X f :ms SM Jw 8.4 22 PS5 5 pair' 31 U nr Senior Boys ke Examination limi: auditorium, Mr. Hvnry Sunwn., thv vuuai tvllvhur, ia givun tha- vrmli! fm lvzmgfing the chorus to Hurst and xwlug the rsciwul xhv hun-xr of playing host at this nxuzic festival. Tum 4, the flmi time than Mus-xi :ww had any kind uf mums fm-ytival mt?smm?1 many Hurst -cxudents lun-r taker: part m them, Ulm kiiil Dru-is-nt,. rlmse-fl from lnilbevsxxl high schuola m will mam- to Hursz on vm mhearsv fm the vcnivvrt that will bv gzven evening, February 18. ilw hsgh svhuol uurliior- L-uzzvwz ix npoxwai in the SMH xximlseion is falls. '4 'if nmivlw will melt as Hx hulxzfhw boys will regfflwl' "pun wan mm 2 f-imprute ted chorus ulflf-lug bike-X xx Mur- wyyhfghc ' Huff M do gg: 1 xx SA.-3, t.uL:nlLL:4:l:A 1. Uffryf. " at . "-I in 41 xflcxm l wg gush i?KlQl ' we 57, ,- I s M my mill fp wa Mil ,xx my vmfgi, My U ' Mm f M313 fllvm. 'HTL we www Exif' my M vu ,i .X f,,.Q,,v 17,3582 B nm um, I: Wd ,Wx H'w:m.Y yan: U ,Q Km 4,-4 :MLM MH its 1 . , MM- Nofwdl lm M nw F v Hy ac md R my Yfifgg ' gm, Lim A lux-.iw l 'af viva Zlxv ml Elm Frvslmnwn Boys :,m:' 'vf .. ,lfitlil X Q ' U' Wlzx Honors For School Jr imp Ywm IM Ulf? V M t ul went yi lg' ' " " the N. H, H F "' f 'fl 3 ,, A lg Q .,- , un lh-wmlwu I--. H3526 -ip M l UI' A , f, K E fl M - , s,.',.:,:, .Ml . , 1 .f " ' 'T Mffn , K , , it , , , 8 'Q lm-'mm i'WY'?21i rf-1.2.1 4- r. 1 'ffl fffzlw ,U . ..,5- if! ,A ,L I , . 5 I .1 ,-I SH: Qwxfm gum? 10 Alla. f' 11.-Q lump' I I. .f . iw V ,A Y K, .M 5 ,, 1,1,.,,k, all mb- -ef lwmlslm za' -l ll- Go-npr., Sllwl ny, M- ..n. 1iff'yjj',"', , 5 ' . , ', I1 .,',,i,.Q,,f,, , A N-envy T ilwzelx H WI A Q , ,V V XL ,V I..,.,4 g V .gig Mg V Q A f,,.- ,A 4 e, a . vlvs, r--pull.-wnw. jf "M" if ,ff EJ 1 'l ' 1,3 ffig ,Mft ,,WQl,QTfM' ff-M-v'x rm my M. L ,,u,, ,1l.,s.Wl :fum my es.,-.4..Qa.E.,,Q xvm ww. I l"1"f' Ll P H ' L' lull flaw., rw-.fl Um 'mf' ma ' s,lm:...,.i svlmw ,xnnwi "W-lv' ihmlw-y. maui-' Hn- vw-4 M' ww X Y ww-J' U Ha-r.,, 4,,,.h4!x Tm' 5-,,4,,,f,q. lima Mills-1 vntntwrx In tha- two Nun-x fm 1, 5ympATHy M , Jn, A,5,q.4.- Km-k wk-nu. B-:th boys mum-ml ep-an M, x,5,,. , . 11, lb L, fmt H . 510- N I W, 71 ,1 UW V, 5,3 ,g pq-1 my mp U .L . gl 5 H , I, , --sl the gmc-nl muh avi, The Mu-1 JK ' ,N I V -Y ., - ., . .t I Q l... .525 W K " "H '?I.7'9BT Ui nm fl x K k lmgmrkuni Us:-as u Electrkglv on ,-,,.M...,f X U' V, K ,ilwfd , , t ..l xlljsint! xkxfg yh.fll1f,:c: qxwzplxbtiy Im nmmmn 1, ww. 8 minion, th? Pnrmbn PNN., or za auth sl 1 I --- KQV, G M K S lv rw W :hu , urn x?myux. 71. twzw V, ii wma z,,W,,g,-.1 nmrhf nvnd mn dollars were given rupee- N I ' Ml A A Us F! . U he Uv, N. ml " All f'i'R'1IJQ?F'i"i .ln llwfililam mfr. mm w-awwauu WP' KWH" by ufwly 'nd uw '-me 'mount 'V .y Q 1 N ,A i V, D. i li U u -- an .am lp mm my , y Q V t X V qsrhmvy M- paw wen fu the Hunt Chun., of un, Aff PY f1Y'1ff"f 1' if +' Swlmxlafvf M' ilu' dwxih uf his l W MW' H' b" ,Y YN, q0,,,,,, F A, , ,W 5, if fm- fy: ff ,Y .. Ni, Um. :rmlvvsu-n! uf- f,,,5,,, hmm. 14. fm-m mfs f 1 - ' I I' K .- ff 3, flu wizw li 'ww-mi l q'mr1s!..x nf lfulnrwfvv- lrnnllnum on lu' 93 ml ,,M...c Tl iii ltow: Cope, Cole, Angus, Kozuslco, Cibulas, Shatter l How: Tuk, Turik, Zritirosky, Iolinson, Bfrlun, Taylor, Minick lit t How: liixciip, K+-wk, Dr-vriir-I, Smith, Evoii, Mullin STUDENT COUNCIL Our Student Council is a representative body ot the students of Hurst. The purpose oi this council is to promote student participation, to serve as a medium between the tacultv and the student body, to contribute to the general welfare of the school by helping to foster school spirit and fellowship among the pupils, and to promote the practical principles oi democracy. On this basis, the Student Council is considered to be ol the utmost importance to every student at Hurst High School. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Under the capable direction oi Miss Fisher, the Hurst Chapter of the National Honor Society completed a successful year. The annual dance was held October 16, and was indeed a spec' tacular event. Throughout the entire year, mem- bers ot the club sold candy as a means ot secur- ing money tor their scholarship iund. The so- ciety awards a scholarship to a student plan- ning to further his education. According to tra- dition, the annual induction ot new members was held in February. The ceremony, as always, was very impressive. oml Row: Corin-, Smith, Cl1tJIllJ'NIIli,TL1k, l7eVciux, Eckles, Shatter st liow: iolmsori, Bizup, Myers, Firment, Deemer, Kromer Second Row: Cole, Zabrosky, Kozusko, Balun, Shaffer lirst How: Biziip, Mullin, Kelly, Evon, Keck HALL GUARDS "Clear the halls!" This familiar phrase is often heard in the corridors of Hurst. lt is a re- sounding echo from the sixteen members ot the Student Council who act as Hall Guards. At least one period a day these students are on hall duty to assist teachers, visitors and iellow class- mates throughout the building. Their work con- sists ot collecting absent slips and signing hall passes, as well as keeping the halls clear ot loitering boys and girls. Their contribution ot time and eiiort is appreciated by all. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Although the National Forensic League is the smallest club on the campus, it is one of the rnost active. The members attend interscholas- tic speech tournaments and participate in de- bates. At these tournaments, all types ot speeches, including extemporaneous, dramatic, humorous, original, and oratorical are given. A student must earn twenty points to attain mem- bership. He may receive degrees ot honor, excel- lence, and distinction. Each senior member ref ceives a club pin as a token ot his service and achievement. Third Row: Cole, Eichholtz, Dillon, Eclcles, Sliafter Second Row: Kelly, Duff, Baluh, Smith, Chenowith First Row: Zabroslcy, Polcha, Mullin, Hyde, Rudzinsky Tlurd Row: 1-lr-ide, Kritz, Duff, C. Miele, Fatla, P. Miele, F. Frederick S ond How: R. Frederick, Smitlcy, Chenoweth, Sivak, Smith, Et-kels, Kocinski, Scindacz First Flow: lorson, Snyder, Yuhouse, Kanawalsky, lohnson, Bishop, iluli, Bi7up, Glenna Wise tabsent when picture was takenl THE COLOPHON STAFF The Colophon Staff proudly presents, to you, the student body, the l949 annual. lt is yours to cherish throughout the years. Each member of the staff worked diligently for many hours after school to prepare this edition for your enjoyment. lt is with the greatest pleasure that they present this last farewell. They hope it will be a constant reminder of the many happy days you spent at Hurst. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is a social organization which acquaints its members with the customs of the Latin American countries. The officers consist of a president, secretary, social chair- man, program chairman and treasurer. At meetings, after business is discussed, a social program is held. Miss Thompson, who became a member of the faculty last fall, is the sponsor. Pins are awarded to senior members at the end of the year as a token of their achievement. Third Row: Heide, Harhai, Mizikar, Kissell, Sloneker, Rich, Kendi, Dlugos, Frederick, Cope Second Row: Gorecki, Skero, Balazek, Dzambo, Nemeth, Davis, Trout, Stepanik, Zylka, Dillon, Takitch First Row: Newill, Shilobod, Myers, McC1oy, King, Grabiak, Kon- , Flannigan, Bash, Whitaker Third Row: Shaffer, Eichholtz, Fatla, Duff, Solosky, Muchoney Second Row: Meyers, DeVaux, Dillon, Sivak, Smith, Kelly, Kocinski First Flow: Bizup, Poole, Iohnson, King, Kilaney, Kromer HURSTONIAN STAFF After the I-lurstonian has been distributed to each and every student in the school, a heavy silence descends upon the student body. Why does everyone suddenly become so quiet? The issuance of our school paper brings about such an effect. The interesting news items, edi- torials, and features found on four pages of each issue is the work of Miss Myers' iournalism classes. THE FRENCH CLUB Le Circle d' Amitie, the organization for first and second year French students, has had an eventful year with Miss Thompson as direc- tor. The customs of the French people were studied and many interesting reports were given by the members of the club. From such pro grams a great deal was learned about this group of people. Even though the students did not master the language, they did enjoy partici- pating in all the club's events. Fourth Plow: Welc, 1-leide, Voytoisky, l-lails, Lucotch, Hamusc Antonishen, Marks, Zeglin, Hartman, Leechalk Third Row: Ungvarsky, Keio, Smith, Bann, Cope, Krynicky, Haas Duda, Riddle, Kennedy Second Row: Ross, Kowatch, Sweitzer, Pfeiter, Karinchak, Sickon berger, Chenoweth, Painter, Biennia, Pfeifer, Smith First Row: Skero, Baluh, Eckels, DeVaux, Wilkins, Urban, Brincr Nesgoda, Keck, Tomechko HOME ECONOMICS For the past few years at Hurst the enroll- ment in the Home Economics classes has been constantly on the increase. The inviting atmos- phere of this department of our school has cre- ated a greater interest in the culinary arts and dress making. Miss Hacker is in charge of the sewing department and Miss Galone may be Fourth How: Srrllf-rrirrrrqer Y., Dillon, I., Kadylak, Grosser, Trough, Myrzrs, Grcrdish, Shaffer, Polrrkovsky, Lewis Third Row: Kirik, Birrdis, lohnsorr, Krepps, Gregor, Koontz, Grosser, lmmf-l, Hoymrm Sr-vorrrt How: Bossirk, Ovorly, Forert, Nometh, Bechtell, Dean, Shrrrrlis,Crrrrnm,Al1lhorn,Lur'otr:h First How: Silorrr, Lukacs, Dunn, Hrrllew, Honse, Albright, Baker, Beal, Larrn found in the cooking division. Both sponsor the Home Economics Club which boasts a member- ship of seventy-six, one of the largest organiza- tions in our educational system. Mother and daughter teas, parties, fashion shows, and cos- tume designing make up part of their yearly work. Fourth How: Varholla, Miscik, Phillabaum, Ponzurisk, Down: Weir, Koslosky, Balko, Bienia, Hurst Third Row: Hood, Grabiak, Darrser, Stott, Kwak, Kendi, Paval- Dlugos, Slonecker, Freeman Second Row: Newill, Silvis, Urban, Stepanick, Trout, Flanniqar King, Whitaker, Ozug, Palcic First Row: Overly, Simpson, Lukacs, Aultman, Poklembo, Kowatcl' Mizikar, Shopsky, Miller Fourth liow: Antorrishon, Unavarsky, Moline, Elko, Craig, Pavick, Ovrrrly, Drift, Hozrr, Third How: Nirholsorr, Lfrird, llrrdok, Takitch, Lucas, Krall, laku- tioviff, Barkley Sr-f-frrrcl ftfrw: Stem-, Krrrrtorick, Marks, Luchalk, Lucoth, Nemeth, Morrdor-k First ftow: Srrndfrrz, Dolan, Cerkovnick, Momeyer, Poche, lfleide, Smith, Kowatrrh i I 1 i Third Row: Lovis, Rodgers, Kowalewski, Yrrhouso, IXflT'ClVv'Ix'l' Minick, Stohl, Yrrrkosky, Misiak Second Row: Magda, Stefl, McNiel, Uhrin, ffarvrrn, Balclrik, Poffe Rogers, Sam First Row: Krul, Kapura, Pawlikowski, Zahrolisky, Kochis, Mille' Schachte, Frund, Shibilsky. INDUSTRIAL ARTS Turning this years projects into beautiful articles of furniture, the Industrial Arts Club members have taken another successful step in their careers. ln striving for proficiency in the handling of tools and machinery, each member has learned how to use all equipment the shop offers. Knowledge is not the only benefit de- rived from their association, for these future machinists make many practical and profitable objects for themselves. Their cooperative spirit is witnessed by the helpfulness shown each other in constructing some difficult project. By these efforts they have secured a sound basis for training in some future shop, and they have been able to develop their manual ability to a high degree. LIBRARY CLUB This club consists of boys and girls who are chosen, when freshmen, to be active members for the entire four years which they will spend at Hurst. These cheerful, efficient, librarian aids help the students with their library assignments. Their work is to learn library routines so that they may assist other students unearth refer- ence materials. becond Row: Kelley, Deerrrer, DeVaux, E. Evon First Bow: Beclrtoll, Vtfalters, Mullin, Keck THE USHERS CLUB The Ushers Club consists of a select group of senior, junior, sophomore and freshmen boys. These lads do the work required to present pub- lic entertainment. They must be willing to ac- cept and perform all tasks associated with such presentations. Not only do they shoulder the responsibilities previously mentioned, but they also make great contributions to their school. Third Flow: Cole, Tuk, Shaffer, Haas, Kocusko Second Bow: Gazda, Swiderski, lanes, Hatcher, Duda First Bow: Puskar, Miller Harouse, Kochis, Lucas Fourth Bow: Slraffer, Brush, Bafik, G, Shaffer, Howell, Allshouse, Adams, Gazda, Iaclcson, Fatla Third Row: Both, Sofranko, lrnmel, Grinrrrre, Freeman, Bemiash, Brzup, McLean, Havash, Karninsky Second Row: Droistadt, lerson, Snyder, Snritley, Miele, Sivak, Poole, Kocinski, Rusinko First Row: lolrnson, Overly, Yuhouse, Bishop, Kanawalsky, Sze- chula, Kuhar, Magda, Kalenrba SENIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The Senior Chamber of Commerce is an organization composed of commercial students. lt is sponsored by Mr. Freed. The purpose of this club is to acquaint the students with com- mercial work, so that they will better understand business situations and be able to obtain initial employment in some business office. Each year the members participate in a sales campaign, the profits of which are used to purchase equir ment for the Hurst business training departnient. Third Row: Kalinay, Kritz, Yanuck, M. Zelmore, Wlrirukey, Gettomy Blystone Second Row: lordan, Davis, Smith, Andrews, Malesky, Bice Krkcl First Bow: Nitkiewicz, Iordan, Sandacz, Barnett, Kocinski, Miller IUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE The lunior Chamber of Commerce is the commercial club organized for the freshmen and sophomores interested in business training. lt is hoped that by associating and working with other members, the students will develop a greater interest in this type of work, and will strive to achieve greater scholastic standings. This year's enrollment included twenty-five pupils, of which eleven were sophomoresp and fourteen were freshmen, M E Seniors Bann, Ray Barnhart, Robert Biller, lane Bishop, Dorothy Cerkovriick, Nick Cope, Alvin lohnson, Eleanor Kelley, Sally Kissel, Dorothy Krall, William Kromer, loan Krynicky, Anthony Mizikar, Maryann Newill, Mae Poole, Dolores Rich, Louise Shatter, Georgia B E Shaffer, Kenneth Smith, Nancy Sivak, Virginia Tuk, lack I uniors Angus, Duane Antonishen, Vincent Armburst, Robert Batik, Dolores Baker, Sally Bash, Mary Lou Briner, Vivian Cole, Myron Dzambo, Geraldine Gettemy, Donna Heide, Vernon 40 2'5',1 S Hood, Rita Kennedy, loe Kernicky, Katherine Kowatch, Leo Lann, Deloris Lukas, Regina Nemeth, Edna Reese, Dean Repko, lean Rusinko, Mary Sikora, Mary Ann Silvis, leanine Smith, Frank Smith, Robert Smitley, Daisy Sofranko, Dorothy Takitch, Mary Agnes Tomachko, Lillian Pteifer, Emily HEI-IURSTBAND Sophomores Adarnrovich, Betty Artim, Paul Ballew, Theda Blystone, Gloria Briner, George Casteel, Barbara Gasteel, Pauline Domurat, Edward l-leide, Eleanor Hyde, Beverly Klosky, Dolores Mullin, Ann Polclia, Evelyn Poole, Billie Sandacz, Peggy Urban, Florence Freshmen Balun, Iarnes Barnet, Shirley Bankovich, Nick Bash, Phyllis Brooks, Charles Buchanan, Mary lane Checka, Marlene Dillon, loanne I-lonse, Betty 41 Hunter, Robert Iordan, Audrey Kernicky, Nick Kritz, Mary Ann Lessman, Rebecca McFarland, Martha Porterfield, Leo Beaney, lames Saville, loe Shilibod, Donald Silvis, George Smith, Shirley White, Chauncey Zabrosky, Kenneth HURST HIGH MIXED CHGBUS lt variety is the spice ot lite, the ingredients ot the Mixed Chorus program should go into the making ot a delicious spice cake. During the school term the program ol the chorus Varied from religious songs to A Capella music. This year our school was honored when the annual County Chorus Concert was held in our auditorium on February l8. Qne hundred fifty students enjoyed the great experience ot a massed choral group under the direction of guest conductors. Housing, dinners, rehearsals, tea dances, new iriends and a splen- did concert that was their fun. The members of the Mixed Chorus who participated in the concert were: August Heide, Kenneth Shatter, lack Tuk, Stanley Rudzinski, Glenna Wise, Beverly Hyde, Donna Eckels, loanne Delfaux, loan Kromer, lames Reany, Myron Cole, Charles Muchoney, Duane Angus, Vivian Briner, Vanetta Chenof weth. Sixth ltow: Kcimiiiski, Pte-ilc-I, llyclev, Rusinko, Eiclilioltz, Kelley, Balazelc, Poole, Erkels, De Vriux, Hemiash, Nosaodii Filth Row: Howell, Smith, Wise, Hoyman, lones, Overly, Duff, Deemer, Briner, Zylko, Chenoweth Fourth How: Keck, A., lmmol, Grimme, Kramer, Billor, Grabialc, Nemoth, McCarthy, lolinson, l-larbauqli, Lauri, Ctistvol Third How: Colo, Shatter, Weir, Roth, Troch, Smith, Angus, Takitch, Petter, Henry, Kritz, White, Yurkosky, Armlnurst Sf'l'Ollfl Row: Hunter, Portoitield, Briercheck, Heido, Balun, Heaney, Rudzinslci, Blaszkowski, Reese, Laird, l-leidc, Cunniri-,i ham, Biinor, Ciluuliis, Stolil l'iist How: Sliriim, Shiloliod, Cope, Tuk, Roth, Bmnliart, Brooks, Muchoney, Elko, Vidal-covirli, Mesaros, Nivholson, Puskiii llrvrlrrlivl-i Sixth Row: Lucas, Kikel, Lukasik, Kadylak, Dillon, Lauer, Bayusik, Kontir, Goscinski, Mehalchik, Blystone, Lessnian, Ianiclc, Shultz, Buchanan Fifth Row: Domurat, Dillon, Ballew, Pushkar, Evon, Duff, Myers, Cook, Kubosky, Miller, Shaffer, Bizup, Zelmore, McLean, Smith Fourth Bow: Lewis, Polcha, Bates, McCall, Shay, Woytirs, Ludwig, Blaskowski, Nitkiewicz, Ozug, Misner, Crum, lwanic, Frederick, Kuiawa Third Row: Iackson, Adams, Saville, Honse, Gettemy, I-larhai, Kocinski, lordan, Ponzurick, Grants, Miele, Grafton, Evon, Phillabaum, Keck, Craig Second Bow: Malinish, Malesky, Huhn, Havash, Magda, Rudy, Walters, Ahlborn, Urban, Krepps, Porch, Mullin, Hudec, Wilkins First Row: Chicka, l-leide, Iordan, I-leide, Walters, Barnett, Trump Perelka, Grega, Bossick, Bash, Myers, Wliipkey, Lucotch, Kirik, Dean HURST HIGH GIRLS' C-'LEE CLUB Many talented girls who are interested in music take advantage of the opportunity made available to them to become members of the Glee Club. This year their interest in group singing was so great that it was necessary to form two organizations. The Freshmen and Sophomore Glee Club boasts a mem- bership of twenty-six girls, while membership in the Iunior and Senior Cvlee Club totals thirty girls. These two organizations are popular and very interesting. The sponsor, Mr. Somers, has succeeded in gathering together a variety of musical numbers which appealed to and satisfied the students. Through his constant effort and the ready response of the members of the Glee Clubs, a successful year was enjoyed by all. The girls received excellent training in group singing. 43 CHEERLEADERS "Te-am! Teram! Te-am! "That's the way you spell it, here's the way you yell it!" . . . And thus, the Hurst High cheerleaders begin their campaign to boost the morale of the Hurst Hurricane. Clad in red and white uniforms, they make a striking picture when they appear at all football games. Many of our victories were brought about by the unceasing effort of these students, who were able to arouse enthusiastic support from the fans. Left to I-tight: Sally lones, Sylvester Sandacz, Avalee Keck, Iames Buchanan, Glenna Wise, Michael Boytim, Gayle Allshouse, Frank Frederick THE PROIECTIONIST CLUB Only students who have maintained high academic standards are eligible to become members of the Proiectionist club. Miss Fausold is the faculty advisor who directs the great un- dertaking of these energetic boys and girls. She teaches them how to operate our Belle and Howell l6 m. m. sound projector and provides great opportunities for them to develop their skill. The members of the club are scheduled to operate the projector for assembly programs. Second Row: Hartman, Cibulas, Heide, Shaffer First Row: Miller, Zabrosky, Blystone, Tuk Second Row: Pushkar, Pavick, Zylka, Zsolchak, Chenoweth, Maline ,Shopsky First Row: Hcxrhai, R. Cope, Sandacz, A. Cope, Heide, Tuk SIGMA RHO The purpose of the Sigma Rho mathematics club is to enable the pupil of average intelli- gence to achieve a clear knowledge of the essentials of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and the slide rule. The membership is com- posed only of four-year math pupils who try to break down the barriers, largely artificial, which prevent so many intelligent people from mas- tering the beautiful simplicity and ordered se- quence of mathematical processes. Fourth Row: Regula, Heide, Schultz, Harman, Reese, lmmel, Kutcli, Albright, Santucci, Kloos, Magda, Long Third Row: Mr. Simon, Gordon, Summy, Stas, Carey, Hunt, Rutkowski, Ackerman, Blystone Second Row: Pushkar, Naggy, Trump, Bash, Leeper, Auer, Shafer, Yothers, Swiderski, Dillon First Row: Silvis, Martz, Bilik, Weir, Barnhart, Peffer, Henry, Hatcher, Buchanan, Forejt THE FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The F. F. A. is a national organization Practically every high school and college which offers a course in agriculture has an F. F. A. chapter. Here at Hurst exists one of the best chapters in the county. To make money the boys participate in Various kinds of activities. Every year the F. F. A. sponsors the Harvest Ball which always proves to be a gala event. Donna Eckels was elected by the student body to reign as the l948-49 queen. Group I-Iunior Play Group II-Senior Play Third Row: Buchanan, Allshouse, Cole, Lohr, Sickenberqer, Second Row: Bann, Haas, Shaffer, Kritz, Buchanan, Sandac Smith Taylor, Laird, Mesaros Second Row: Bash, Beal, Baker, Briner, Kalemba, Ludwig, First Row: Heide, Shopsky, Muchoney, Deemer, DeVaux Keck Johnson, Elko First Row: Kuhar, Pfeifer, Nesqoda, Kaminski, Iones, Takitch Abby Brewster .... The Rev. Dr. Harper Teddy Brewster . . . Officer Brophy .... Officer Klein ..... Martha Brewster . . . Elaine Harper . . . Patsy Holliday .... Todd Burke .... Mary Austin . . . Taffy .......... lanet Holliday . . . HABSENIC AND OLD LACE" Cast of Characters . . . Ioanne deVaux loe Kritz . . .... Kenneth Shaffer Charles Muchoney . . . . . . Iohn Mesaros . . . . Eleanor lohnson . . . . Barbara Deemer Mortimer Brewster Mr. Gibbs ....... lonathan Brewster Dr. Einstein ...... Officer O'Hara . . . Lieutenant Rooney Mr. Witherspoon . HSPRINGTIME Cast of Characters .. . Avale Keck Ronald Lohr ......... Emily Pfeifer . . . Mary Agnes Takitch Gloria Sickenberqer David Holliday .... ......... R obert Smith Ginger Holliday . .. Fluffy ........... Chuck Ramsay .... Stubby Parker . . . Sally fmaidl .... . . . . lane Nesgoda . . . Dolores Kalemba .........MyronCole . . . lames Buchanan . . . . Donna lones F O R PAT S Y Lucybelle Lea .... . . Bunny ........ Barbara . . . Sue ..... Ienny . . . Claire . . . Muaqs .... Bea ....... Dr. Foster ....... Rodney Baxter . . . Announcer .... . . . . Dick Taylor . . . . Ray Bann Bob Elko Sylvester Sandacz Francis Buchanan . . . . . Bill Shopsky . . . . Don Haas 97 . . . . Vivian Briner Sarah lane Baker . . . . . Claudia Beal .. Mary Lou Bash . . . . Loretta Kuhar . . . Gayle Allshouse . . Dolores Ludwig Dorothy Kaminski . . . . Duane Angus . . . Martin Zabkar .. Melvin Kerchner Q ,, S M DL Q -21 ia an NN. .gi 0 FOCTBALL O BASKETBALL I BASEBALL xx - a f , 1 .,.:.., "," Avvl b Z II I ... Q I I I "': :1"', I I ff ','1 f1"2J - .,:- I ' .fQ"'31'f'I EMM I--.i S11 as - I g V? 1'kkA'f: 7 I, HM ,H A .X 5 d Receives VERNMENT 4. - 2 . ' I I I I, I Unfffm I KAL ACTIVITIES . ' ff 5 X .T ,. I 'UW Ivuln Tu Ahvnd Oahu, Muna A UIQ! LJ' V . M MA' Nfl, K Sakiunql L-unisnxmn i-x rams Ui I 9? QI Tx' I I ' .if ?l0 A I .wav-,..g!n'1v,.,, RU, H IL , I I 0 mefnt , huws , . Slight lncrvasw WSI f L ' f 'SI psf XX 2 XMI. K, 5 nf I I ' , I , ,A K N W K - . I1 ,-ww Q I ., A I- , ,, 4 ,I I V,I V i'k,I,, , gy I 5 .,..W..- W - Avi-7ssa,,:5,Ig:2I:, M5555 5 ' ,I I ffw fI..INy,, 5 IIVMPIIIIIY 'mf' I P' V., --eip-jg? If-II-W ,IW- I , -If 51511:',...,,f..1 ,1- N. I G 'Z' 1 " "j3,,,,5LiSQ?l1l?w' l , gy I, QIHAQ '- ,., A MMA ,,.,, I 7 - " u I , Q., ' I I- ' I X I li - I 2 I I f I. Ir, :Ig YII'.5g if.: I I ,. "Iii I, . If I , I 1' - :X Q ww' ' WI- li ' ix.. II ' . ' , 1.5 dw "V Q II: fy gms- .5 I X. ' 5 I I NI , I Mr. Fink To Organize School Orchcslra y I I X ,I II VI w I ., ' IMI , .I .ml gf 1' .I, , it pm I1-"Q IIW4 M. ,J I- www- :I--I y.-II .Iv '- I ,MIME Iv, !v:II'Img I-I IIII, I Mr I-'vk IIIIImI.5.nRvZ1 I JI-fr'.I Iwi! If- xvvi .II :I- .II fm -.AI--I gI!,qI. MJ .Ae :I-:menu-Q. NWI M ywuv .xhznmp In Irs .fu :IW IIIIIII IMI. MINI-I IIIIIIW- I BEST WISHES X If wzffwg uf --I-Irnrrnww II- .-.Iwi---v MII Um nszxrrmgw --Y 1 U - Vmhf Ii--If Hmm In "hw-lf" 11,11 ,III SI-g.:vm!wf H, iknv ' www pmw uf swmrsw-I WI I' DUANE ANGUS tQutirterhuc1cl Age- 16, Height 5' ll", Wviglit 170 llrs. "Angus" will he seen Starring in next yocir's gurnes .. is etiirient, dependcihle rind ti :ruff render ROBERT ELKO tliiglit Gtifirdl Age 18, Height 5' 1011, VV:-iglit 165 llfs. "Orient" wtrs rrrptilile of filling in tit filrriost tiny position on the tefirri wus u hdrd worlcirirr, dup:-rirlfrlilv plftyul. BEN FOHEIT 11,r'tt Gucirdl Age 16, Height 5' Q", Wm-ifqlit 155 llis. "Br-n" is smvill, rough, tough and tr 'Jrf-fit dvi'-nsive gtrfrrd will he seen in rrmny ex- fitinq gtrrnes next ye.-nr. Vidrlkovivh Witfrk A vigil! J A X llidcllv- Roth sip: I' WAYNE HEIDE tRight Endl Age 16, Height 5' ll" Weight 145 lbs. HARRY RIDDLE tRight Guordl Age 16, Height 5' 7" Weight 140 lbs. "Heide" rind "Riddle" took turn cilnout us the mdin- stdys of the right side of the line were hurd- chdrging linemen and grecit defensive players. DONALD HUDEC tBdckl Age 16, Height 5' Q", Weight 150 lbs. IOHN MESAROS 1G1llTId1 Age 17, Height 5' 8", Woiqht 150 lbs. HDGIIVQIJI und "Ace" lought vuliuntly trgtiinst the opponents . .. were dependable cogs in the wheel of victory. IOSEPH KOZUSKO 1Centerl Age 16, Height 5' Q", Weight 155 lbs. "Ferg" is unother player who will lace the toe again next year played ci fine brand ot tootbdll the entire season. ngus Kozuslco Tay Elko ,K Q 3 CHARLES MUCHONEY tLeit Tacklel Age 18, Height 5' Q", Weight 195 lbs. "Chuck" is a three year letter- man was a very valuable player and many opposing teams will remember his remarkable tackles, WALTER BOTH 1Leit Endl Age 18, Height 5' B", Weight 155 lbs. WALTER WITEK tl..eft Endi Age 16, Height 5' 7", Weight 155 lbs. "Rizzo" and "Wally" caught many oi the forward passes that resulted in Victory for the Hurricane replaced one another at leit end and kept up the morale of the linemen, EDMUND PONKO tljullbackl Age 17, Height 5' ll", Weight 178 lbs. "Rusty" could be depended upon to carry the ball and gain those badly needed yards . .. led the team to many victories always came through with tlying colors. THOMAS NICHOLSON Cliiight Tackle? Age 18, Height 5' Q", Weight 170 lbs. "Tom" played every game to the best of his ability made a lasting impression on all opponents his spectacular performance at the Greensburg game will be remembered. RICHARD TAYLOR t1.eft Haltbackl Age 16, Height 5' Q", Weight 150 lbs. "Dick" specialized in long runs . .. his superb running and passing ability was a feature at every game. NICHOLAS VIDAKOVICH thight Half Bat-ki Age 18, Height 5' 10", Weight 165 lbs. "Nick" was a good runner and blocker was able to advance the "pigskin" into pay dirt many times with his expert passing ability. Mesaros Heide Nicholson Hudek Muchoney gi 1 Ponko Foreit .A , " . xl 1 6 55' 1 W- 4 U' 'T TMS' rw I Third Row: Cunningham, Wisniewski, Funk, Heide, Nemeth, Bash, Czuba, Hudak, Zabkar, Hartman, Holoman, Hails, Ungavarski Kubasky Sf cond Row: Coach Seni, Roth, Nitkiewicz, Taylor, Vidakovich, Elko, Rutkowski, Angus, Ponko, Riddle, Coach Evancho Third Row: Harouse, Lucas, Witek, Muchoney, Forejt, Kozusko, Nicholson, Cibulas, White, Mesaros, Takitch, Lipko Hurst 6 East Pike Run-California 14 Hurst came out strong to meet the fighting team of East Pike RuneCalifornia for the season opener at the Hurst field on September ll. California scored the first touch- down after Hurst fumbled, but the Hurricanes finally came through to score in the fourth quarter after driving 31 yards. California scored again in the last few minutes of play to take the lead l4-6. Hurst 6 East Huntingdon 0 Before 2,500 fans on September l8, the Hurst Hurricane defeated the East Huntingdon Bulldogs on the Hurst field by tho score of 6-O. After the powerful Red and White battled tho team for three scoreless periods, Ronko plunged through the line to score the only tally in the game. Hurst 15 North Huntingdon 21 Hurst got off to a good start when Roth blocked North Huntingdon's kick which fell in the end zone for a safety. ln the second quarter North Huntingdon scored their 21 points. Hurst came back in the third quarter and scored their 2 tallies when Taylor and Elko scored. ln the last period Hurst again threatened to score but failed to do so. Hurst 0 Greensburg 20 Before approximately ll,UO0 fans, the Greensburg Lions defeated the Hurst Hurricane in a non-league game played at Of'fut Field on Friday, October l. Hurst had possession of the ball throughout the first quarter and tried without suc' cess to score. Greensburg scored the first tally in the sec- ond quarter, then scored twice in the fourth to make the score 20-O. Hurst 20 Dunbar 18 On October 9, before a Homecoming Day crowd at the home field, Hurst edged out Dunbar Township by a margin of two points. Hurst scored in the first period when Roth blocked a kick on the Dunbar thirty yard line and recovered it in the end zone. Hurst 13 Latrobe 0 Before astonished fans on September 25, the powerful Hurst Hurricane outplayed and defeated the favored Latrobe team. Edward Ponko, Hurst's star fullback went over in the first quarter for the first Hurricane touchdown. Taylor again scored for Hurst in the second quarter, putting the Hurricane out in front 13 to U, and that was the score when the game ended. Iulius Nitkiewicz' performance at this game was spectacular. For Hurst, the linemen played what was probably their best defensive game of the year. Hurst 13 North Union 0 The Hurst Hurricane wrapped up the fourth victory of the season by defeating the strong North Union team. Tay- lor scored the first touchdown for Hurst in the first few minutes of play by rounding right end from the 5 yard line. The second quarter was scoreless but fighting Bob Elko who played a tremendous game scored when he plunged over the line from the one yard line. Chauncey White added the extra point. Hurst 13 Derry 0 Hurst came out strong to meet Derry on the Hurst field Saturday, October Z3 to rack up another victory for the Hurricane. Hurst scored in the first quarter when Vidakos vich received Taylors pass on the five yard line. The pass was thrown from mid-field. Chauncey White added the extra point and Hurst took the lead 7 to 0. Ponko scored for Hurst in the third quarter when he plunged over from the three yard line. Hurst 34 Ramsay 6 Ramsay came out hoping to beat their rival but failed to do so again. Ponko, who played a tremendous game, scored 3 of the Hurricanes five touchdowns, two of which were very close to 50 yard runs. Both were of'f left-tackle. Hurst's first score came in the first three minutes of play when Nicholson blocked Sabota's kick and recovered it in the end zone. Ramsay scored in the last quarter with Huhn going over. Hurst 12 Scottdale 7 Hurst met Scottdale on November li at the Scottdale field for the final game of the season. Hurst released a pass play with four minutes of play in the first half to take the lead 6 to U. The pass was from Vidakovich to Roth in the end zone. Hurst scored again when the Scottdale sleeper play backfired. Ponko intercepted Nawrocki's pass and ran 34 yards for a touchdown. Scottdale scored in the final period. The final score was Hurst 12-Scottdale 7. II 1 V 1 1 :ag wma, 9. .4- .' is n , 1' 4 . .. I . R, , ...J VK, ' bf" 'U s V 1 in :as ' 1 4 - If ,I 57 - if ,,. lv I 1' U i 'L 9' 1' .ar .., u M v Q 6 . 4 , 4. avg' is 45, , ,Aff ap f. H.. 'H A is if . I Q ,. If 'Q 3 ' 'rw .1 sw " is ' .1 V LQ 3 Eff . L 1 ' ., if Q ." VN fx 3 ',"i'4w5n . - , .H .wa A .. 9 J. V " ...Q 1 x Mg X , H1 4' 1' as . Q . S N xx ' 3 Q Q 1 f' , 2 3 'ii .. -' 5 QM -.,, -I 'x S x 1 'Q W' , .MN -' f ff- l4s 4 K ,f 5 I . ,wc " 9 A A t f4ft:',' 1 'QQ gp' , S . J' yr ,J 1 ,. 1, Y 1 s Q fig' .' ,' rl!! .f K 1 , X 1' Q , Rf: , 9- 'f7., ... -4 .1 4 yy 1, .phiw 'Q rf- " m Q, ff:. 6 'Know aF ".:.Q,.. 1 '- A A wa 2 "4--2."L ,gi if . M : wx, S . wwfwv PW- N "Sl-ri iw Q..- wi. .exx.xQ M A, X. M f we-ww vf"Zf'X . 5351 V fiwffx if f . K 5 X fl 7, 'Q ' xi X Q- .32 " A 1 ::5- x ' NST , f 551- Y , . X' . , v Nw 1 A k L .Q . 4 5 ' . Nw, S t. - N k . , 5 Q , xylem X p 5, "' ' f M Q. , , nP?!!I'5lW,e".fI:f' W- ' . Q . .. Y' A Q xxx N' 1 1 1 Dm Dfw. 14111. 1CII1 16111. 14111 1N11I11' ' ' My ....,. Q 1w'11'k1C1y Twp. ..., Kan 11111 '11 1111151111111 Y1IWV11E" '11 11!1I11'1l11jf1Il11 v" NlI.lI1.,.. ..... W., 1'+111151F1,vw: 11111151111 K1'11111'1y, 11QiI'1IY, C0143 F-.11y5, Tc1111111'11k1w,CO11111. ',1- 1 .A.'.v11y 1147I11E' Away 11111111 110111151 Aw'1y 1 1 111 11111 11111 1,111 11111 F121' .V4 111 111 x 11l1!'1114'11Z, Y1111q11wvsk1, H1f1r'11r1, W11114 1111-11.5111 1-., H1111111511. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE-1948-49 1 11-11111 115111111 AW1 IV Aw1'1y . 111 L1111C11'f .....,,... f ..... . . V1 S1'011111'11f1 ... ..., ,115 D1f111y Twp, . T17 'S1fw11'k11:y Twp, ., .... . L3 0111111 ......... , 1, 1 Gwf-1'1:51111r1ig .......,..... . . ' 1311101111511 G11 Lcff1C1111f- GQ1111 rs, 1101111- 17111. 11 1111111111111- 17f'111, 9 'So11111 1111111111 1111111 F1 11, 11 1X1f'1'.V11'1 .. 1:f1'1.1b L1111C,111 . 1f11. 18 5'1111d1111 . 117 ,K 17111, f ,.1, 1,1 11y Twf Aw1'1y .lX'.vf1y 11011111 Awuy Aw11y 111311111 'Third Row: Kowhis, Pteifor, Pritrtlo, Voytofsky, Kornctrny, liolomon, Luctrs flrworrd tow: Mr. No-vk, Hwirtrntin, l-lornulko, Unqcivnrsky, White, Kozusko, Foiys First row: Tftvlor, Witvlc, Ponko, Vidrikovich, Stoufter, Anous, Rutkowski DICK TAYLOR Second Base "l5il'k" wus our If-cgiilftr sr-f-onfl lttiscj-rrirni for four solid yv-firs it 'mort hitter und ii smooth pivot nic1ri.., his 'Ullfllltlllfill will lf-vivo +1 hole in thf- infield that moy not ho tl4lt'f1tlltll'lY hllr-ri tor quite some time. NICK VIDAKOVICH Right Field "Nif'k" is ont- ot two tour yrltir lettorrnon on the l949 teorrr hits vi lonfq lltill, tiriri posse-ssrvs rin exreptiorrully good ptrir ol hrmfis truly fr hm" defensive outfielder will l71tfjI4'fIllYllllS5"fiI1+'XlYf'l1I. THOMAS HOMULKA First Base lmlifllllu is 'lllUlllf'l Svlllfrl winding: up his hiqh svhool ririreer .,. om- ol the lltllf'lK'Sl vvorkv-rs on the tourn .. . Glwcilys tried to irnprovt- hiriisf-lt its fl plriyor extremely populor with his ttlrrnrrnfitrts. WAYNE STOUFFER Pitcher "Wfxyr1f-" is one ol tht' outstfrndiriq srhool boy pitchers in wristeirr Pennsylvtrnitx lfiq and strontg possesses ri 'l.ivt" ltist hull l,'Xll0t1iC'lY intemstri-d in huseholl flwhnitffly CI nrriior li't1iJL1fiI7lOSI7OCl. DUANE ANGUS Pitcher Hlliifrrttf' is ii lfifr lwoy with plenty ol 'loo' on his lost one . ,. his side tirni delivery nrnikes opposinq lvotters wish they Irful 'stood in ln-d' needs to goin Control to hecome if-filly 'lllf'x'ilVt". IAMES PFEIFER Center Field "lim" is cr r'emf1rkt1blo little fellow with ohio in his olovo covers the outfield like the dew lives, Cots, ond sleeps hoseholl should he ci qrerlt player next yeor. EDMUND PONKO Catcher "Ed" possesses dll the physical qualities rievessnry to hecome o top-flight receiver his strong throwing rirnr unchors opposing runners to their hoses should he on outstcindinq stdr next your. ANDREW RUTKOWSKI "Andys" qreut speed Gnd line throwinq turn mtike him tin excellent short stop loves hdsehuill und is vonstrintly 'talking it up' quite ci pepper-pot ont' of the tennis best hunters. Short Stop Third Base WALTER WITEK "Wolly" possesses rust about the right tnnount of 'cot' to become u truly qreot third-bosenrcrn has o strong arm, is rnoderotely lust, und is Ll better thon override hitter should qo qrecit quns next year. IOE KOZUSKO Left Field "lee" is d tronsplonted inlielder who inode qood with ci bong wos sudden deoth to dll fly bulls hit to his terri tory only o sophomore, and should develop rapidly . ,. keenly interested in hosohnll. .3 23,5 , 1 1 A ,ie " ffdiff " A mx ,M S .A 2-1 ,L m G QQ SQ .V HX is 'K ii'-F v vga: ' an i . '24 S X if ,gsm ff A ps, K wlp X ww 'N 5? X M, 'iii is R ,,,. My ,SN Q Q A W 94. QP? 711 , k my 4, A 1 mv, : K sn be A 2 win J-5 I K N sf W N Avg Q Q. V , 'N N 1 4 V mf . t ' H , Sak K N X -Q fm if ,f I X Q 4 XL4: A, M 1 W , 'K .X ,fx H W fr mga .li we ag?-ss lik is? V M- , ifxfggi 4 35' Q W wr 3' 5 J a ml 77 IB an ' ' ,Fig t Fourth Row: Robert Holoman, Charles Goulding, Marion Misiak, Thomas Chulik, William Baker, lohn Boytim, Walter Urban, lack Tlumack Third Ftow: Mr. lohn Nock Coach: Leo Briercheck, Edward Parish, Marion Vtfisniewski, Chauncey White, lack Czuba, Steve Cibulas, William Funk, David Cunningham Second Row: Victor Matsko, Russell Smith, Zane Frund, lohn Stas, Lowell Briercheck, William Hoover, Iolin Kelly, Walter lohnson First Row: Eugene Lucas, Mgr., Donald Placko, Carol Chenoweth, lack Poole, Thomas Hunt, lohn Beskitt, Steve Brodar, Pete Lipko, Mgr. UNIGB VARSITY No group ot high school freshmen and sophomore boys ever displayed more spirit and enthusiasm than the Hurst High School lun- ior Varsity football squad of 1948. The courage, the fire and the will-to-win expressed by these youngsters would have done credit to the most experienced of the varsity performers. Even though an extra-tough schedule of eight games, including Derry Township, Latrobe, North Union, South Greensburg, Scottdale, and Hemptield Township was played, the boys bowed down to defeat only twice, and even then the opposi- sition knew it had been through a terrific battle. Victor Matsko, Walter lohnson, David Cun- ningham, Charles Goulding, Marion Wisniewski and Edward Forish were the very capable ends. Iohn Stas and Steve Cibulas were the stand- FOOTBALL TEAM outs at tackle, closely pursued by Russell Smith, Steve Brodar, lack Czuba, and lohn Kelly. The speedy, hard-charging guards were Bill Hoover, Zane Frund, Carol Chenoweth, lohn Bizup, Walter Dillon and Tommy Hunt. Lowell Brier- check, Carl Stahl, and Billy Baker split the cen- ter job among them. Marion Misiak, lack Boy- tim, and William Funk played quarterback, while Chauncey White, lack Tlumack, Walter Urban, Leo Briercheck, Thomas Chulik, and lackie Poole did the running from the haltback positions. Ray Regulla, lohn Beskitt, and Robert Holoman were the line-crashing tullbacks. The wonderful spirit of these lads was con- tagious and their weekly improvement notice- able to all. There is no doubt that several ot them will become star performers on the Hurst High School gridiron Within the next year or two. NI: OL AW CLASS PINS UNII-'ORMS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION CLUB PINS FLAGS AWARDS DUN ENEIX 927-927a Union Trust Building PITTSBURGH, PA. COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS A CAPELLA ROBES DIPLOMAS CAPS AND GOWNS 60 ' MUSIC FOR LIVING I WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE . . . I A band director A supervisor of music? A private teacher? A composer and arranger? I The music courses at St. Vincent College will equip you for a career in MUSIC. For information write to The Director of Music ST. VINCENT COLLEGE Latrobe, Pennsylvania Systematic Savings Are The Surest Road To - Financial Independence I Start a Savings Account and Deposit Part of Each Pay I FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTTDALE I SCOTTDALE. PA. 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Second St. Greensburg AN N'S HOME BAKERY 112 S. Penna. Ave. GHEENSBURG, PA. Birthday - Wedding Cakes Made to Order Phone 47UR ELLIOT'S Wailpaper - Paints Lino1eums Duco and DuPont Paints 132 S. Penna. Avenue GREENSBURG, PA. Compliments of SMITH'S AUTO SERVICE B U K E S BODY cmd FENDER SHOP Dairy - Luncheonette P A 1 N T I N G 110 S' Maple Ave' 100 Loird Street Greensburg, Por GREENSBURG, PA. Phone 4604 ROSS,S Compliments of SHOE SERVICE 27 W. Second St. Greensburg, Pg. Compliments of GREENSBURG DRUG CO. 125 S. Morin Street Grensburg, Po. D. M. RHEA Iewelry Store 1195 Moin Street Greensburg, Pg Phone 3760 Greensburg, Pg. Plumbing otnd Heating Supplies MANUFACTURERS' DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Points ond Booting Direct to You M. E. Kelly, Mgr. 101 Ottermgn St Compliments of MOHLER MOTOR CO. 215 E. Pittsburgh Street GREENSBURG, PA. "Bortz For Sports" BORTZ HARDWARE COMPANY 22-24 N. Penno. Ave. GREENSBURG, PA Phone 232 Fishing Torckle Hunting Supplies Bikes ond Bike Ports I... .. - I GRIMM FUNERAL HOME 806 W. Main St. MT. PLEASANT, PA. Phone 2442 MYERS' MUSIC STORE Pianos - Radios Musical lnstruments Sewinq Machines MT. PLEASANT, PA. Iewelry ot Distinction PAUL PORTER I I Moron co.. INC. ' FREY S IEWELERS I F O R D 614 Main Sl' Sales CS Service MT. PLEASANT, PA. MT' PLEASANT' PA. KATHRYN KALP W. W. SPELKER GENERAL INSURANCE Wall Paper - Paints REAL ESTATE Phone 2358 107 E. Main St. Room 7 MT' PLEASANT' PA. State Bank Building Phone 3306 Mt. Pleasant T I POS ER S Compliments AUTO WRECKING CO. New 6: Used Parts of for all makes ot cars Glass Replacements ' Scrap Iron 61 Metals Bought GRAND THEATER 239 Main St. Mt. Pleasant MT PLEASANT PA Phone 5601-3601 ' ' ' 'I GR'I1VIlVI'S Complete Fishing Equipment Complete Hunting Equipment Fishing License Hunting License SPORTING GOODS Phone 2657 East Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. The Best in Complete Stocks - Golf Guns-Rods Baseball - Tennis - Football CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1949 J. C. PENNEY, Inc. 525-527 Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. George and Cunningham Hardware HOT POINT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Lucas Paints Myers Water Systems Phone 3231 607 Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" MT. PLEASANT FLORAL Bonded Members of Florist Telegraph Delivery Ass'n. EDWIN A. SWINK, Prop Phone 2679 208 S. Diamond Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. 69 JACOBS AND SANN Exclusive Men's Wear Large Enough To Serve You Small Enough To Know You On the Diamond Sq. MT. PLEASANT, PA. THOS. F. MEAGHER FUNERAL SERVICE Efficient and Courteous Ambulance Service I Phone 5431 MT. PLEASANT, PA. I E. E. GRAFTGN CASH FEED AND HARDWARE I Phone 2530 MT. PLEASANT, PA. Blue Ribbon Flour Green Bag Cement Richards Feeds Agrico Fertilizer POSNER'S Credit Iewelers ' I In Mt. Pleasant Since 1900 1 r l I -1 Q 70 MOUNT PLEASANT STATE BANK You Will Like Our General Banking Service MOUNT PLEASANT Member Cf Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation GALONE FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE 204 Eaqle Street MT. PLEASANT, PA Phone 3851 Compliments of PENN FRANCIS HOTEL East Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. 71 - - - - Q H HIGHLAND RADIO C0m1O1i1'I1eI1tS Of ELECTRIC SERVICE KEYSTONE Headquarters for LAUNDRY AND MOTOROLA DRY CLEANING I America's Finest ,, , ,, Home cmd Auto Radio Quality That Assures Value Phone 4888 804 Highland Ave. Alwine and Laird Street GREENSBURG, PA. Telephone 1260 Greensburg, Pa. I Compliments of I WESTMORELAN D MOTOR CO. Phone 365-366 218 S. Maple Ave. GREENSBURG, PA. Buick Automobiles , I ADLER'S RESTAURANT 36 W. Otterman St. GREENSBURG, PA. I Phone 9494 Dining rooms open Restaurant 24 Hours 11 A. M. to 2 P. M. 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. Air-Conditioned Catering to Parties BERT FAUST Compliments of SORBER AND HOONE INSURANCE AND A hit B SURETY BONDS rc ec Woolworth Building First National Bank Building Main Street Greensburg, Pa. Phone 1490 Greensburg, Pa. 72 24 Hours Service l0'S RESTAURANT 114 Harrison Ave. Greensburg, Pa. 24-Hour Service LAWRENCE H. KLOOCK Atlantic Service Station Cor. W. Otterman and HOME STYLE Westminster Ave. COOKING GREENSBURG, PA. CRAIG BI-105, WALTER "Swede" ERICKSON SERVICE STATION SERVICE STATION Greensburg Gt Greensburg Gas Oil Lubrication Phone 9388 Steam Washing Tires - Tubes - Batteries Accessories Accessories DICK :S IVAN, Prop. Phone 9547 GUS ' Oil ' Lubficcftiofls Compliments Compliments of ot WESTMORELAND l BERNIE 6 FLORA S HARDWARE CO. GREENSBURG, PA. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Greensburg, Pa. Compliments ot SCHALLER'S FINE BAKERS Phone GREENSBURG 648 JOHN F' GERA Compliments General Contracting And of Building Blocks and Concrete RAY W' CEASE I PLEASANT UNITY, PENNA. I 1 Compliments Compliments ot of I ' LATROBE APPLIANCE 6 . W. H. HORNE GARAGE I HEATING CO. I General Electric Appliances PLEASANT UNITY, I 344 Main St. LATROBE, PA. PA. ' POHLAND BROS LUMBER CO I . ., IIC. I LUMBER, MILLWORK AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES I I Ready Mixed Concrete I Phone 357-358 LATROBE, PA. I "Satisfied Customers Our Success" BANGOR'S MUSIC STORE WALTER B. FRYE I 331 Depot St' Wallpaper - Contract Painting I Paints I . . . Everything in Music Venetian Blinds I Phone 2097 Latrobe, Pa. Phone 32 1012 Ligonier St. 74' STONER-OSWALD RELIABLE IMPROVEMENT CO. MOTOR CO. Interior :S Exterior MT. PLEASANT, PA Decorating Wallpapers 6' Paints Dodqe A Plymouth Signs Custom Made Venetian Blinds Dodqe Trucks , 450 Main St. Mt. Pleasant . THE LEADER Compliments Juniors, Misses', Ladies' of IACK WILLIAMS Ready to Wear Iuniors' Evening Wear 6630 Main St. Mt. Pleasant Men's Clothing Store Phone 2659 Compliments FREED'S HOTEL of Modern Rooms with Bath HARRY I. SANN Main St. . , PA MT PLEASANT Phone 2278 Mt. Pleasant W. s. LEEPER an soNs Compliments of GENERAL MERCHANDISE L. LEVINSON IOO East Main St. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Men's Wear Ladies' Wear Phone 2372 MT. PLEASANT, PA. Compliments KRYSTYNICK'S MARKET ot FINE MEATS 51 SMITTY'S BARBER SHOP GROCERIES 663 Main St. Phone 2267 Phone 2612 22 N. Shupe St. MT. PLEASANT, PA. MT. PLEASANT, PA. Compliments COOK LUMBER CO. of Mt. Pleasant Branch Yard C. I. KEARNEY Ieannette Lumber Co. Beer Distributor 3525 S. Fourth St. Ieannette, Pa. MT, PLEASANT, PA, Compliments TERRY COSTABILE Of TAILOR W. T. GRANT CO. Clothes Made to Measure Cleaning - Dyeing - Repairing 625 Main Sl' 7 College Ave. Mt. Pleasant MT, PLEASANT, PA. Phone 6681 BUCHEK'S BAKERY We Specialize in Pastries Birthday G Wedding Cakes 624 Main St. Mt. Pleasant HERMAN ANTONETTE TAILOR Cleaning G Pressing Phone 2759 10 Church St. Mt. Pleasant MULLEN BROTHERS THERON C. SMITH "Your" Hot Point and Crosley Dealer Chevrolet Sales Service 352 Main Street Latrobe, Pa. Phone 2190 339 Depot St. Latrobe, Pa. Compliments ot THE LATROBE BULLETIN "We Print The Facts" The Story Behind The 'Story LEONARD D. REEVES.D.D.S. LATROBE, PA. ART GREGORY Distinctive MEN'S WEAR Latrobe, Pa. MIKE HUGHESMAN :S SONS The Smart New Shop For Men's and Boy's DRESS AND WORK CLOTHES 329 Main St. Latrobe, Pa. Phone 207 THE RECORD SHOP 1011 Ligonier St. Latrobe, Pa. CENTRAL MOTOR SALES 215 Weldon Phone 864 LATROBE, PA. Compliments to THE CLASS OF "49" Sales Service LATROBE FLORAL sHoP ALTMAN'S Flowers for All Occasions CASH FEED STORE Phone 382 536 East Depot st. 400 Moto st. Latrobe, Po. LATRoB1-3, PA. SIVAK STUDEBAKEB SERVICE Battery Service - Gas - Oil - Greasinq Towing - General Auto Repair - Weldinq KECKSBURGoee35 R 12 M. I. SIVAK-Owner Compliments ot FULLMAN R E E D ' 5 MANUFACTURING CO. Latrobe PG. DEPARTMENT STORE Manufacturers of ELECTRICAL SPECIALTIES Phone 2000 Latrobe Compliments of Compliments of KRYNICKY'S PRESTON PACKING CO. Sunoco Service 78 Compliments GREENE ELECTRIC CO. of Radios, Sweepers, Washers, LEv1N's SMART SHOP Reffiqefmfs Electrical Appliances 620 Main St. Your WESTING-HOUSE Store MT. PLEASANT, PA Phone 3776 Mt. Pleasant LAWRENCE A. REHANEK Reliable Prescriptions 644 Main St. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Phone 2330 GEORGE SALOOM Complete Outfits for Men - Women - Children Best Store for Values MT. PLEASANT, PA. PRIT'I"S FEED MILL I. B. COLDSMITH CO. Artists', Painters', Paper Phone 2525 Mt. Pleasant Hangers' Supplies FARM SUPPLIES 756-758 Main Street HOUR FEED Phone 2532 Mi. Pleasant, PQ. W, F, SMITH SAM LEVIN FURNITURE CO. HARDWARE 6. SUPPLY CO. B. P. S. Paint Norge Appliances MOUNT PLEASANT Home Furnishings and Appliances 600 Main Street Mt. Pleasant PLEASANT UNITY GARAGE DAVIS RESTAURANT 6 GENERAL CONFECTIONERY AUTO REPAIRS Official Meats and Groceries Inspection Station Phone 13-R-15 Kecksburq PLEASANT UNITY, PA. Phone 33-R-41 Pleasant Unity Phone Kecksburq 25-R-13 Ambulance Service James P. Gaut Funeral Home tSuccessor to Iohn R. Ceasel PLEASANT UNITY, PENNSYLVANIA DINING AND DANCING at KRYNICKYS TAVERN CALUMET, PA. Music Every Saturday Cornplimenis of MOM ALDOM'S 80 I Loans on Real Estate, Autos, Trucks S25. to S2,000. COMMUNITY LOAN CO. ST. XAVIER ACADEMY Boarding School for Girls OF LATROBE ' . L lo 348 Mum St mm e Xavier Hall for Boys Phone 822 P. I. BUERGER, Manager Lincoln Highway Latrobe, Pa. Compliments FRYE G ROLLA of , General Merchandise and Groceries LOUIS RICH WELTYTOWN, PA. R. D. 13:3 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. MAMMOTH, PA. Kecksburg 45 R 2 OVERLY'S SERVICE Compliments of Garage and Auto Repairs Atlantic Gas 6: Oil STEVE'S DAIRY BAR Official Inspection Station Phone KECKSBURG 53 R 6 Norvelt, Pennsylvania America's Safest Car COH1Dlim9f1IS THE NEW HUDSON of The Modern Design for "49" L L DiP o RAMP s SHOE sronr: Hudson sales G service 915 Ligonier St. Latrobe, Pa. 321 Depot St. Phone 511 Phone 236R LATROBE, PA. GEO. C. ANDERSON AND SONS INC. Latrobe, Pa. Everything tor The Builder WEISS FURNITURE STORE 132 Depot St. Latrobe, Pa. Phone 43 4 -'- ' K NNAMETAL QM. LATROBE, PA. 'z::'.:: MANUFACTURERS OF SUPERIOR CEMENTED CARBIDES AND CUTTING TOOLS THAT INCREASE PRODUCTION CO.. INC. Congratulations Ligonier :S Depot Sts. CIGSS Of 1949 Phone 1545 Latrobe, Pa. I.OWENSTEIN'S DEPT. STORE R. 1. BLAIR, Mgr. E. S. CLINE, Asst. Mgr. 1- A- PANIGAL, CCIS1'1i9T Depot St. Latrobe, Pa. COWDUUISUTS Of Congratulations MILLER 6 BRIGG COMPANY Your LA-'PROBE Thefilef Largest Home Furnishers MANOS-GRAND-OLYMPIC in Westmoreland County 910-912 Ligonier St. Latrobe, Pa. Phone 542 Continuous Shows Sundays and Weekdays Safety -W Comfort W Service Compliments of POHRINGER HOME FURNITURE GEEENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Let Buster and Tech Do It Compliments of THE PHOTO SHOP IOE WORKMAN'S Developing Enlarging Framing Oil Coloring DSPUFUHGM Sfere Engraving Photostats Statuettes Men's and Boys Outfitting Greeting Cards Main Street Greensburg, Pa. 103 S. Pennsylvania Ave. GREENSBURG, PA. ESTER,S BEAUTY SALON Clothes for the 'teen agers from Bank and Trust Bldg. PROSS C0- 306 in E N B R , PA. GR E S U G GREENSBURG, PA. Telephone 4881 Gr- 138 South Main Street Compliments of TROUTMAN'S Westmoreland COunty's Largest Store GREENSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA 83 Compliments of GREENSBURG GRANITE and MARBLE WORKS Compliments ot THE WESTMORELAND TRADING POST Records Seventy-five years of TOYS continuous business Sporting Goods GREENSBURG. PA. 124 S. Penna. Ave. Greensburg, Pa. PERFECTION PHOTO CO. HOCHBERG'S THE FILM CENTER Your Ieweler 222 E. Pittsburgh St. Greensburg, Pennsylvania GREENSBURG, PA. Specialty Iobbers Phone 2945 Phone 9361 Auro ELECTRIC DR. KARL ADAM GRAEF and 0Pf0m8f1'i-Si BRAKE SERVICE Eyesight Specialist I Complete Automotive Service lU2 S. Penna. Ave. Greensburg, Pa. A. F. MECHLING Graefiex Quality Glass 107 Urania Ave. Greensburg, Pa. Compliments of GREENSBURG MORNING REVIEW GREENSBURG DAILY TRIBUNE 84 Compliments of EDDIE'S RESTAURANT MT. PLEASANT, PA. """"""'-I MT. PLEASANT I IMPLEMENT sromz Farmall Tractors McCormick - Deering Implements and Refrigeration I VUDY'S PLACE STANDARD, PA. Compliments of wALLY's PLACE I HECLA, PA. I I Compliments of BRODAR'S CASH MARKET MT. PLEASANT, PA. Compliments ot RAY W. CEASE LATROBE, PA. SERVICE STATION ' I Compliments of ZABKAR'S Mt. Pleasant and Greensburg Road . M. C'HAMBER'S GARAGE Auto Repair and Towing Service I-IECLA, PA. v BURNS DRUG STORE ALEX A. GHANTOUS Where spending is Outfitters for the a saving Whole Family Connellsville Mt. Pleasant Main St. Mt. Pleasant, Pa Best Wishes SHAFFER CHEVROLET from PENN THEATRE Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Sales and Service Mt. Pleasant's Mgdefn Thgqtfe You will always be pleased KINGIS SHOE STORE With Quality, Service and Price at the Shoes for the C A N D Y L A N D entire family 601 Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. MT. PLEASANT, pg Watch and Clock Repairinq THE DAILY COURIER WARREN R. M ALIK CONNELLSVILLE, PA. for your 629 Main St. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Local Gnd National News - Ads Located - Mt. Pleasant Branch Oiiice Above W' T' Gm, Phone 2613 509 Mum si 86 Compliments of GREENSBURG BUSINESS SCHOOL N O E L ' S 115 North Main Street GREENSBURG, PA. Mt. Pleasant Twp. "Business Training Pays" MT. PLEASANT, PA. PATRONS F. W. WOOLWORTH, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. IOHN F. ERWIN, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. KUHNS AND IOHNSON, Greensburg, Pa. BANNER SHOP, Greensburg, Pa. BILL'S CASH MARKET, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. WlLSON'S MARKET, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 'PRINTING 97 BINDING 44 coveizs I Inu -nl omlodfe lqtinfing eruice Hundreds of customers like the time-saving factor of working with one establishment that provides a complete eFFective edition printing service. Kurtz Bros. gives you the best in service, experience, materials, and craftsmanship. PHONE 5-6561 .Kflfl"tZ M05. cLeARFlELo,PA. EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR CRAFTCO COVERS 8-7' l ENGRAVINGS BY ERIE ENGRAVING COMPANY. ERIE. PA PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE KORS, UNITED, PA. 88 - --- - ef: ' -fa- -VVVVx- :J-l.Vir.1-. -:yu 'f' -,Q---.V-2-,V:N,5 V-VV--A V.,-..,... 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Suggestions in the Mount Pleasant High School - Log Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, PA) collection:

Mount Pleasant High School - Log Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


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