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- Nofhing now is leff buf a maiesiic memory." LONGFELLOW fuk " 51. '55, A fx Q, l f . ' ,- 'H "v v 1 I iw K . - . .- -4, - H -Q. '. A .fb A1 1 ' z k - , D1 .41 f sa .. 4 V' ' ' 3.3. jf- b A' itll' lf., , - . . -. 1' r I' ' 'Sgr iq., L .-Q ,va ,gs Q , , su 1..,,Q " ' ' 1"-j .., ..?,,5,, Ar ""' 97- .A ,2 P, - "GE '- -Q .rw ws af' I . 1"' ,L: - ,, . -ah. ,if I: bn . .M .. ':,f.A4,.M - 3 '- 14, .. If .fjfhl 1 ' , vw-3' I Q. W 'fwsfrnl 1. " fy. - .Tif- -r ' "- .. R x 5 '1 , o ,, I? ' t' 'ff H I' '31 f' -5 R fx '. 4- ' -A" Vu I "' ' fig' R I' 4. 1 N.. v, , 4' . ' v ' 1 . W 41, 4, 1,4 1 4' -.. ..QS.p, Q, - - , wmv- . vi .- A ' - ' . wi, 5 pm , ,. ,iw:,2QEwi.gif. a - - A 4 1- , -. , , 0 1,5-,,1 lk K 'I Pr- g ' E 'wi . 1' P I -. 'vw' ' , v 4 -L 'g , EY 1 . 'mf A 2 . 1 5 N b Q , ' 1 K Q I . 3,01 K u V K I A Q Var. A? f " 1 " ,Q 1? ' ' A +2 JL M. . ' - 0 Ili ang QE? 'Aida X,-,Q 4: L4 . I-is ' A .n.-... --,4. "' -.. . .-..,- --.... -M . 2 Luis-'Y v 'N ufynfqi- 5w.fu.,,Wr,.vmw Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS HURST HIGH SCHOOL Mount Pleasant Township Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania Editor-in-chiei .... Assistant Editor . . . Sales Manager . . Assistant ........ Business Manager Assistant ..,..... Adviser . . . 3 . . . . Mary Helen Kozusko Mabel Huhn . . .... Virginia Ondrejko . . . Mary lane Kiilar . . . . . . Rose Marie Gazda . . . Otheiia Schroii .. . Miss lane Stoner i' 'lr 'A' 'lr 'A' i' 'k 'k 'A' ir 'A' 'k ir i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k i' Come walk with me through tour grand years I spent at dear Hurst High, And you will understand just why I hate to say goodbye. lk These things I did, these things I knew, While I in greater stature grew, A molding Clay within these walls, To live, to learn, to do. Schoolmates are a part of schooling, And mine are numbered by the score: From every walk ot lite they come ir To treasure more and more. A sadness now creeps o'er me As I know the end has come, My many happy schooldays I-Iave passed me one by one. And so tomorrow when for me The bells no longer ring, And I must stand on distant hilltops To hear the students sing About their plays and classes, Their teams with might and spark, Their yearbook and their paper, And the "ball" that thrilled the heart But why should I in sadness tlounder In this sea of happy things? When I labored tor the future With a gait of silver wings. So that others learning here Would higher step from year to year, From lofty clouds to shining stars Where all is clear. loseph Simon 'A' t 'A' ir ak i i' 'k 'A' if i' i i' 'A' 'k ' r J ......- .., ,,- 5 -. 'v -" '- 1 . 2 . .. X-.-1... .W -Q ,,,.,. A As...-.L E J' . ' ' :Tau- YQ- ,pf - fy 54: TJ' ,' -gm --,M-19' ...N r-f wi , gg, .i. A f-q11avi?,i2,ff if x ff-'-vf :w w W - '5-Alflii' "5 -Q., js J - 'A .X-..,, I vp , 31 lim.Lpff,1' Y , . awp-,.. , - A . . I.,- lf M -"".f , I' .4 A -1 l.,. w , ',- ,.-" 5 fag' .,....-A -fv- JF. if ,J A 1, ' 1 X V1 1- g 5 J' 2 ie 4 L If gf sl vm, L1 www my Q W,w Jf Mwfwmww WJ WW ZWMWM W MQW MMM ff' 1,7 M WWW, JW. WMM ,M WWW Mwffxfif 1 Standing: Mr. George Ponzurik, Dr. William D. Mullin, Mr. Herbert Smith, Mr. Clyde Bitner Mr. Bernard Novak. Sitting: Dr. Lloyd F. Rumhaugh, Mr. Andrew Harvan, Mr. Clair Morgan, Mr. William Smitley THE BOARD OF EDUCATION The Class ot l948 wishes to express its gratitude to the Board ot Education, which has provided for them an adequate and a Well-rounded education. MEMBERS OF THE BOARD President ..... Vice President .... Treasurer .... Secretary ............... . . . . Williatn Smitley George Ponzurik 9 .. . Clair Morgan . . . Herbert Smith . . . . . Clyde Bitner . . Andrew Harvan Bernard Novak The Colophon editorial start has built this year's Annual around the theme, "Down Memory Lane." The pictures and the printed words are records of high school happenings. These records may suggest other associations you have had in your high school liteg associations concerned with an athletic game, a social event, a class play, a classroom achievement or certain other curricular or extracurricular activities. Today they are memories. Are you satisfied with these mem- ories? Vifhat accomplishments do they picture? How often we hear the trite expression that what we get out of life depends upon what We put into it. The nation, the state, the community and the home need trained individuals who can do things and in doing them, contribute service to their tellowmen. You live your own lite, make your own decisions and oi neces- sity reap the reward or surfer the consequence. Let us protit by our high school experiences. Have a definite purpose and work toward it. Do not procrastinateg each year passes quickly. As the years pass may they pro- duce pleasant memories' memories which come from LLOYD F. HUMBAUGH, B. A., Ed M, Ed. M. Sup:-iintondcnt of Schools Memories linger long atter the actual living ot the present has ended. As a challenge to us may we "live tor something." Each day ot school can be made a liv- ing experience with thoughts, words and deeds that can be cherished within our memories in the days ot tomorrow. Day by day, in work, in play, and school, let each one of us be alert, enthusiastic and optimistic and look forward, onward and upward, ever confident and trusting in the destiny ot America and in the teachings ot the greatest "Master Teacher." Human lives may be great cathedrals ot learning or mere hovels depending upon what we do and how we do it. The world is no better or worse to you than you make it, Nevertheless, the sands ot time will not write our individual names on tablets of fame, tortune and honor, but the little deeds of goodness, words ot understanding and mutual sympathy that we utter, and the generous tolerance that we practice will leave behind us a monument of virtue that the storms of lite never destroy. Dr. Mullin IO the satisfaction of having lived a lite worthwhile. Dr. Rumbaugh l l WILLIAM D. MULLIN, B, S., M. S., Ed. M., Ed. D High School Piinvipal THE HURST FACULTY Carolyn Arnold Samuel l. Campagne Rita K. Casteel Elvy E. Christner Gloria M. Erickson Andrew Evancho Carolyn Arnold. B, S. in Bus. Ed., M. E. in Com. Ed., Indiana State Teachers' College, Penn State College, University of Pitts- burgh. . .Miss Arnold is a fine teacher who is very much wrap- ped up in her work. . .teaches secretarial practice, shorthand and junior business training. . .is a sponsor of the Senior Cham- ber of Commerce. Samuel I. Campagne. B. S., Indiana State Teachers' College, .. One of our busiest teachers is Mr. Campagne, band director and supervisor of Music in Mt. Pleasant Township. Each year he assumes the responsibility of presenting for our entertainment, the Christmas program and the Annual Spring Concert. Rita K. Casteel. A. B., Seton Hill Co1leqe..."Madame" has a busy time oi it teaching French and Spanish to underclassrnen .. .has twinking eyes. . .is a dancing enthusiast. . .directs the lunior Class Play and coaches the Cheerleaders. . .sponsors the National Forensic League. Elvy E. Christner. B. S., University ot Pittsburgh, Calitornia State Teachers' College. . .This gentleman tand we do mean gentle- manl spends most of his time at the Norvelt School teaching in- dustrial arts. . .is always busy. . .wields a point brush during summer vacations. Catherine E. Evans losephine Fausold Gloria M. Erickson. B. S. in Bus. Ed., Indiana State Teachers' College, University of Pittsburgh. . .Our typing teacher is qui'-2 young and attractive. . .is firm and exacting in class.. .out of class, guite jovial...reading cookbooks is now her favorite pastime. . .sponsors the Iunior Chamber of Commerce and Ush- ers' Club. Andrew Evancho, B. S., M. Ed., St. Vincent College. . ."Shuey" is really a swell guy...has done a wonderful job coaching our famous Scarlet Hurricanes. . .is a man of science, too, and teaches it to the freshmen...enjoys hunting and fishing... knows his algebra. Catherine E. Evans, B. A., Seton Hill College, Carnegie Institute of Technology. . .As a capable librarian, Mrs. Evans has been a great help to us in unearthing reference material and select- ing books for reports in the zero hour.. .always well dressed . . .sponsors the Library Club. Iosephine Fausold. B. S., Carnegie Institute of Technology, Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. . .we get to know the head of our Visual Education Department our freshmen and sophomore years, as she teaches civics and biology. . .is always very exacting but for the good ot the students. . .capable sponsor of the Projection- ists' Club. THE HURS lane Fisher, li. A., Litt. M., Pennsylvania College for Women, University of Pittsluurgh...Our guidance counselor is always helping someone. . .is kind hut firm with her problems of dem- ocracy SlLACl6?YllS...Ol'l0 of her major interests is dramatics... coaches thr- Senior of the National Honor Society. Helen Foreit. Hurst High Sr-hool. . .One of the most cheerful per- sons in our school is Dr. Mullin's new secretary.. .was gradu- atod in 1947. . .is small and always well dressed.,.wears a difnnond on hrir third linger-left hand.. .a very busy lady. Iohn E. Freed. B. S. in Business Ed., Indiana State Teachers' Collc-qo...'l'liis personable gentleman returned to Hurst last yrrar utter having served in the United States Army...young, ljundsrnm-, popular, and fsor ry, girlsl has a pretty wife. . .starts thrf hr-shnufn out r'igl1t...tear-lies typing, luIliOI' l1USiF19SS twin- ing, and lnrsiru-ss English. Theresa Galone. R. S. in Home Economics, Seton Hill College. .. tif.-to is rx wharming person with a matching personality... ti-at-luis wonking to Home Economics girls. . .very sincere in her work. . .traveled to Cuba during her summer vacation, . .quite pr-tits-, rind an rfnthusirrstic' tootluall fan. lflllft Fisher Helen Forejt F . " 0 Dorothy llawker Eva Marie Hyde FACULTY Dorothy Hacker, B. S. in Home Economics, Penn State College, Seton Hill College. . .Miss Hacker is an industrious young lady who teaches sewing to Home Economics students...rapidly scaled the ladder of popularity. . .quiet, with a quick smile... keeps a scrapbook filled with her favorite poems. Eva Marie Hyde, Hurst High School. . .This year Dr. Rum- baugh's efficient secretary had her office moved to the Norvelt sChool...known to students seeking working papers...likes reading. . .wins the admiration of all. . .has an enviable collece tion of jewelry. Geneva W. Iones. B. S. in C., Grove City College, Penn State College. . .Mrs. jones joined the faculty three years ago. . .for- merly taught at very busy teaching English to her hobby is cooking for hor huslwand... paints beautiful china dishes. Arthur Kromer. B. S., M. Ed., St. Vinmnt College, University of Pittsburgh. . .Here is a man who understands and teaches cone trifugal force and "What goes up, comes down". . .a genial gen- tleman. . .never loses his temper, . .pride of his life are Mary and "Bud". Iohn E. Freed Tlurwsa Galena Geneva W. jones Arthur Kramer THE HURST FACULTY Ioseph Myers. B. S., M. Ed., University of Pittsburgh. . .Here is one person that many Hurst students will not forget...has a weakness for giving Detention Hall.. .teaches sophomore Eng- lish...sponsor of Student Council...likes to go hunting and fishing. Letitia Myers. B. A., M. Ed., luniata College, University of Pitts- burgh. . .Through the efiort of this dark-haired teacher the stu- dents are able to enjoy a school paper that is considered to be "tops". . .teaches Journalism and English. . .has a great person- ality. . .is an enthusiastic bridge player. Ioseph Myers Letitia Myers Edward Porch loseph Seni Edward Porch. B. S., M. Ed., Findlay College, University of Pitts- burgh. . .Here is the man who tamiliarizes the iuniors with the history oi the world. . .returned to Hurst after spending several enjoyable months in Montana. . .has a keen sense of humor. .. likes to participate in assembly programs. Ioseph Seni. B. S., St. Vincent College. . .We can't say enough about this good-natured teacher. . .is a valuable assistant foot- ball coach. . .when he says something he means it.. .gives the most difficult tests.. .has a deep voice that thrills the girls. Theodore Myers, B. A., Elon College, North Carolina...Every student enjoys Mr. Myers' jokes. . .He is a jovial fellow usually found on guard in the lower hall. . .well-liked by everyone... teaches English, Biology and Senior Science.. .enjoys all sports and is frequently seen talking to the football players. lohn Nock. B. S., M. Ed., Waynesburg College. University of Pittsburgh. . .We salute this Algebra teacher who tries to ex- plain that pi is not always pie. . .is another favorite of the stu- dents. . .can always find students gathered round Mr. Nock for after-school gab sessions. . .coaches the baseball team. Theodore Myers John Nogk lOSeph Silvis Ioseph Simon Ioseph Silvis, B. S., M. Ed., Duquesne University, University of Pittsburgh. . .Hurst gladly welcomed Mr. Silvis when he re- turned after having served two and one half years in the United States Navy. . .is a well-groomed man. . .teaches salesmanship, business law, and American History. . .always enthusiastic about everything he does. Ioseph Simon. B. S., Penn State. . .Our campus shows the results of Mr. Simons eftorts. . .teaching the Future Farmers of America is his full-time job. . .sponsors the popular, annual Harvest Ball . . .spends most of his spare time on photography. THE HUBST FACULTY lane Stoner Stephen P. Tomechko Mary Hurst Walker lane Stoner, B. S. in C., Grove City College, Penn State College Miss Stoner is the Advisor of the Colophon Start is tho lvlortde member ot the faculty...greets everyone with a srrrile. . .likes all sports. . .teaches bookkeeping and general rnatlr. , .is a sponsor ot the Iunior Chamber of Commerce. Stephen P. Tomechko. B. S., Theil College. . .This is Mr. Tomech- ko's second your with us. . .came to Hurst from East Hunting- don. . .is tho boys' gym instructor...says he likes the Scarlet tltrrritrrrrivs, . .teaches civics to the freshmen. . .coaches our Junior varsity iootliall team and varsity basketball team. Mary Hurst Walker. B. A., Seton Hill College. . .Mrs. Walker's anrrr-stors contributed greatly to the founding of our school. .. is rapidly brworriiriq popular at Hurst, . .teaches senior English and Latin l and ll...always friendly and lirflpful. Mrs. M. M. Bitnor 4? Mrs. M. M. Bitner. R. N., Graduate of Mt. Pleasant Hospital, Pg course at Elizabeth Steele Magee. . .Our school nurse is well qualified to till her responsible position. . .worked several months at Walter Reed Hospital. . .entered the service in 1942 ...served eight months in S. Africa, running a hospital train ...spent sixteen months in New Mexico administering to the needs of tuberculosis patients, . .has interesting album of photo- graphs oi places she visited. S. S. DeVuux, M. D., Otterbein College, A. B., Cincinnati Medical College. . .Dr. DeVaux is our school physician...a wonderful person to know. . .administers aid to our sometimes unfortunate football heroes. . .plays the piano. . .is a great orator. . .writes poetry. Iohn F. Erwin. D. D. S., University of Pittsburgh.. .Every year students flash their ivories at our school dentist. . .lives in Mt. Pleasant. . .is an active member of the Kiwanis. . .aniuses the students with his many jokes and stories. S, S, Devgux lohn F. Erwin fjw wwf WWW WW MMA? VJ? WW MQW W M ff? W ,MQW mf ff' WW THE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND Albright, Dolores General ls better known as "Pete" to her many friends. . .blessed with blonde tiesses and blue eyes. . .is seen often with Ronnie. . .would like very much to be a housewife. Allshouse. Darlene tlome Economics Was a rnaiorotte for two years. .. is tond of a guy named Chuck... would like to become a receptionist ...fond of skating and dancing. .. hails from Pleasant Unity. Artim, Susan Academic An active mornher of the Senior Cluss...helonged to the band for four years. . .ci Girl Scout. . .be- longed to the French Club. . .enjoys dancing. . .was an attendant for the Harvest Ball. Baiik, Bette Academic l-lails from United..."Giggles" is known for her dancing dark eyes. . . marched with the band for four long years. . .ambition is to become a champion skater. . .always on the Q0- Bailey. Ioyce Academic Acted in the Iunior Play. . .belong- ed to the Spanish Club. . .Girl Scouts ...thinks Bert is tops. . .seen often with Ianie and Ieannie. . .prefers English to any other class...a tall lass. Balazek. Lucy Academic Was an active member of the band. . .acted in the Iunior Play... member of the Band. . .National Hon- or Society. . .Student Council. . .am- bition is to become a nurse. . .topped the honor roll. Bellas, Irene General Has lovely brown hair and brown eyes. . .disliked oral English. . .pre- fers writing to talking. . .enjoys eat- ing...was a member of the Home Economic Club...would like to bee come a Clerk. Bennish. Elizabeth General Was Advertising Manager of the Hurstonian. . .is fond of Eddie. . .has high hopes of becoming a famous singer. . .has blonde hair. . .rides the street car from Calumet every morn- ing. Bielski, Pauline Commercial Editor-in-Chief of the l-lurstonian. . . enjoys Secretarial Practice. . .belong- ed to the Senior Chamber of Corn- merce...wou1d like to be a private secretary. . .pals with Ruth. . .could be found in the workroom at any time. Bindis. Rose Ann General Would like to be a model...has pretty brown naturally curly hair.. . belonged to the Home Economic Club ...worked in U1tz's in Mt. Pleasant ...her ideal man must be a blond. FORTY-EIGHT 'SENIOR CLASS Blaxkowski. Ioseph General ls very iond of dancing. . .took a great interest in sports, especially basketball . . . dislikes school and homework. . .is a happy go lucky lad. . .very quiet. . .another Standard boy. . .pals with Red. Bollinger. Edith Home Economics Hopes to become an accomplished seamstress tl-Iave you seen that green suit'?l. . .belongs to the Home Economics Club . . . has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. . .is very sincere.. .teachers say she's sweet. Boytim. Iohn Academic A carefree lad. . .Vice President of the Future Farmers of America... would like to become a bus driver ...seen at all dances. ..had no in- terest in studying. . .quite a man about town. Burkholder. Howard Academic "Burky" is a lively little fellow. .. enjoys working on his father's farm ...spends his spare time eating ice cream...would like to be a state policeman. . .is Dut"ty's shadow. Cerkovnik. Paula General A very nice person to know. . .has light brown wavy hair...belonged to the Glee Club. . .was a majorette for two years...would like to be- come a receptionist. . .a classy gal. Christie. Mary Academic One of our tiny seniors. . .belonged to the National Honor Society. ..l..i- brary Club. . .French Club. . .acted in the Iunior Play...has beautiful brown hair and eyes...would like to become a mortician. Christner, Galen Academic Elected President ot the National Honor Society.. .acted in the Iunior and Senior Class plays. . .belonged to the Projectionist Club...was a band member. . .such conscientious- ness should be rewarded with suc- cess. Cibulas, William Academic "Onions" a tall blond lad who lives in Norvelt. . .plays a good game of basketball. . .plays a saxo- phone. . .liked by all girls. . .would like to be in the Navy Air Corps. Clausner. Fred Academic Liked Math class and Mr. Nock. . . belonged to the Ushers' Club.. .dis- likes work of any kind. . .ambition is to be a basketball star. . .centers his attention on a gorgeous blonde. Coking. Florence Commercial Played in the band for tour years . . .Secretary for Mrs. Bitner. . .likes potato chips. . .short in stature. . . always willing to do her part. . .suc- cess to you, "Flo". PHE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND Cole, loan Academic Belonged to National Honor So' ciety...was in the iunior and sen- ior class plays. . .can often be seen with Susan...would like to go to t'ollege,.,maintained a high aver' ago during hor four years. Cope, Donald Academic Has black wavy hair and blue eyes. . .resides in Norvelt. . .likes to sleep and eat.,.junior class presi- dent, . .president of Student Council ...sings in Chorus. . .ambition is to lic an architect. Cramer. Eleanor General Works at Murphy Lunch Counter in Greensburg...likes sports of all kinds. . ,attends all football games ...goes tor the color red. . .her fav. orite subject is Salesmanship. . .pals with Lorraine. Czuba, Regina Academic Says her favorite class was P. O. D.. . .would like to become a nurse ...dancing and talking are her tav- orite pastimes. . .pals with Bernard- ine and "Liz"...eve-ryone calls her "Cookie". Dansar. Virginia General A timid lass with a quiet voice, .. resides at Humphreys. . .pals with Catherine. . .argued with Tom in salesmanship class worked at Strand Sweets...enjoyed laughing and talking in study hall. Denis. Gene Home Economics A cute blonde. . .has a contagious smile for everyone. . .President of the Home Economics Club. . .a mem- ber ot the Colophon staff. . .sang with the Glee Club. . .enioys sewing and dancing. Dluqos. Edward Academic He is a quiet student. . .is nice but shy. , .called "Ed" by his many friends. . .secret ambition is to be- come a super mechanic. . .his favor- ite class is Problems of Democracy. Dufiy. Iohn General "lack", tall, red hair, and loves to tease. . .a popular lad. . .likes to ect ...his ambition is to become gr draftsman...enjoys reading detec- tive stories. . .spent most of his time in the library. Eicher, Mary lane General One of the tiny girls at Hurst.,. belongs to the Home Ec Club. . .is a very quiet person...ambition is tc' become a good housewife...loated with Edna. Fannell. lean General She was a stunning majorette for three years. . .belonged to the Chor- us. . .looks good on a pair of roller skates. . .enjoys dancing. . .is well liked. . .noted for her beautiful black hair. FORTY-EIGHT SENIOR CLASS Fatla. Francis Academic Wants to be a forest ranger. . .en- joyed math class. . .one of our foot- ball players. . .likes to collect stamps quite a guy with the girls... always out for a good time. Feidor. Ioseph Academic A mischievous young lad.. .drove a green Dodge to school. . .small but energetic. . .a sports fan. . .always a friendly word for everyone. . .vice- president of Sophomore and Senior Classes. . .Loads of Luckl Pencil, Dorothy General Liked gym. . .enjoyed driving. . . never tired of a silent person. . .drove to school when she could get the car . . . enjoys reading ...always seems to be having a grand time. Fox. Ira Agriculture Would like to get something out of life...likes to roller skate and will eat anything as long as it is choco- on a farm and does painting. . .small but mighty. Frederick. Dorothy General Had a part in the junior Play... belonged to the Chorus. . .likes a boy by the name of Tom...would like to become a housewife. . .a stu- dious girl of happy disposition. Frena, Betty Commercial Belonged to Senior Chamber oi Commerce. . .Glee Club and Band. . . known as Shorty or Grandma to her many friends. . .operated the pop booth. . .had a perfect attendance for twelve years. Frund. Carlyle Academic Is a lover of math. . .favorite dish is chocolate ice cream...Treasurer of Band...performed in the Iunior Play. . .member of the National Hon- or Society. . .gets along with every- one. Furwa. Genevieve General Ambition is to become a beauty operator. . .very quiet around school . . .seems to enjoy reading. . .her fav- orite subject was Home Economics liked by all and has many friends. Garda. Rose Marie Commercial A very serious student...would like to become a secretary. . .a mem- ber ot the Senior Chamber of Com- merce, National Honor Society, and Colophon Staff. . .made an excellent Business Manager of the Colophon ...will make many friends along the way. Goscinsky. Iohn Academic Likes to tease the girls. . .collects old coins. . .a bashiul fellow with a friendly grin. . .would like to become a pilot. . .usually seen with "Bob" and "Red". . .liked Trigonometry. . . gets a bang out of life. TH Grakiak. Leonard Academic Has a sly smile. . .quiet and vour- tc-ous...wishes to become an auto mevlianirf. . .spends most of his time reading interest in tho opposite sex...has fl vast swore of friends. Grosser. Donald Academic' Works at Cramnrs Auto Wrecking . . .rnomber of the Ushers Club. . .eri- ioys public speaking class, . .has a good sense of humor. . .finds recrea- tion in playing football. . .very ar'- voriiiiiorivxtirirq but quite bashful. Harhai, Georqe Ac-aderniv Ono of the many handsome boys of the senior class. . .delights in teas- ina the girls. . .vhoorleader for three years . .. loathos studying where tliere's fun tliere's George. . .is often sv-on with Catherine. Harouse, Bernadine Conor al Toots a vlarinot in the band... thinks there is nothing more interest- ing than listening to recordings... her plan for tho future is to becorno rr telephone operator. . .will proli- fibly bo a good one. Hausele. Dorothy Home Economics Seamstress at the Bon longs to chorus, band, library club, llorne Economics and N. H. S.... always neat and trim. . .interested in licrrornina rr Comniorvial artist... vtviy niw- to know. E NINETEEN HUNDRED AND Havash. Iosephine General Possesses a captivating smile... one of our tiny lassies. . .ambition is to become an airline hostess. . .noth- ing disturbs her good nature. .. usually seen eating potato chips... always willing to do her part. Hontz. Thomas Academic Has mischievous, twinkling blue eyes.. .blushes easily. . .distinguish- ed by his blonde hair. . .Claims to en- l0Y OGHUCJ banana splits. . .wishes to become an auto mechanic. . .likes and is liked by everyone. Horrell. Evelyn Home Economies I-las a keen interest in Iohnny. .. neat and attractive. . .sweet disposi- tion...member of the Home Econ- omics Club, Colophon Staff. . .known for her naturally Curly hair. . .had a role in the Senior Play. Hricik, Thomas General A friendly young Chap with mis- c-hievous green eyes. . .forever mak- ing fun...would like to become a salesman. . .member of the Colophon Staff...seems to know all the an- swers in Senior Science. Hritz. Mary lane Genera, A Cute lass noted for her friendly smile. . .plans to become a telephone operator. . .Collects photographs. . . member of the Home Economics Club . . .quite interested in a lad from Hecla. FORTY-EIGHT SENIOR CLASS Hudalr, Michael Academic Never a dull moment when this lad is around. . .plans to be an elec- trician. . .spends most of his pastime enjoying the very in- terested in girls for some reason. Huhn. Mable Academic Known for her blonde hair. . .has a genuine feminine giggle...mem- ber of the Colophon Staff...Na- tional Honor Society...fu1l of pep ...possesses a pleasing person- ality...belonged to the Student Council. Iohnson. Evelyn Academic Doesn't think much of people who think too much of themselves... member oi the National Honor So- ciety . .. French Club . .. has high hopes of becoming a beautician... enjoys football. Iohnson. I erm Home Economics Has long beautiful brown hair... had leading role in the Operetta. .. belongs to the Home Ec Club... Chorus.. .claimed Problems of Dem- ocracy her favorite subject.. .plays the piano well. Iordan, Ioseph Academic Really likes women though his ambition is to stay single. . .hobby is collecting photographs . .. belonged to the Library C1ub...picks Prob- lems of Democracy as his favorite subject. Good luck, Ioe! Kadylak, Anna Home Economics One of the Hecla gang...would like to be a beautician. . .belongs to the Home Ec Club.. .certainly got her exercise...ran for a street car every morning for four years. Kadylak. Evelyn Home Economics ls a short attractive young lady . . .thinks only of "Nickie". . .ambie tion is to be a housewife...flashes a diamond ring...belongs to the Home Economics Club...Colophon's to her success. Kaputa, Eleanor Academic Was one of our active club mem- bers. . .belonged to the National Honor Society Chorus, Spanish Club, and Colophon Staff. . .acted in the junior Play. . .likes to dance and to roller skate. Keep. Leo General One of our football and baseball heroes. . .played right half of the varsity team quiet thinks Ar- lene is tops...walked from Mutual every morning. . .pals with lohn and Eugene. Kemicky. Ioseph Commercial One of our three Commercial sen- ior boys. . .is keen on baseball... plays trumpet in the band. . .is sure to be a success because he attacks everything with a will to conquer. FHE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND Killar. Mary lane Commercial Always on the honor roll. . .is well liked by all. . .will certainly be a great success. . .belonged to the Sen- ior Chamber of Commerce. . .Na- tional Honor Society and the Colo- phon Staff. Kmatz. Catharine General Is a very typical American girl . . .thinks l-lumphrey's is a wonderful place to live...pals with Virginia and Mary Ann...wil1 be remem- bered for her pleasant ways... peppy little package. Kols. Iohn Academic Was the tough guy in the Iunior Play. . .belonged to the National Honor Society... layed right tackle on the football te m. . .wishes to at- tend c j in the Navy. qi Kontlr. Andrew Academic One of our quiet, amiable boys. . . doesn't bother the girls. . .will find his name on the honor roll. . .George is his constant companion. . .spends his spare time reading and drawing, Kouelnllr, Thomas Academic Would make a very cute sailor, and incidentally that is his ambition ...fond of girls and has a winning way with them. . .can be seen with Ed. . .goes skating at Pleasant Unity. Kostelnik. Margaret Academic "Pudge" was gifted with naturally curly hair. . .was a member of Chor- us. . .French Club. . .dancing and singing are her favorite pastimes. . . her ambition is to be a seamstress . . .lots of success. Kostyo. Andrew Academic A tall, handsome, even-tempered fellow...was a member of the In- dustrial Arts Club...Student Coun- cil. . .one of the United gang. . .is known as "Gumps". . .a hard work- er and a favorite among all. Kough. Darwin Commercial Is a very studious boy. . .always on the honor roll...belongs to the National Honor Society. . .bookkeep- ing Was his favorite subject. . .bash- ful but liked by all. . .untalkative, but very friendly. Kozusko. Mary Helen Commercial "Dolly" is gifted with personality . . .a great favorite. . .dislikes con- ceited people...en5oys all sports and dancing. . .was Editor-in-Chief of the Colophon. . .belonged to Glee Club and the Senior Chamber of Commerce. Krynicky, Eugene General Easy going and talkative...witty ...wants to go to St. Vincent Col- lege. . .can be seen with Iohn and Leo. . .played a clarinet in the band for four years. . .lives in Calumet. FORTY-EIGHT SENIOR CLASS Kuhn. Duane General Drives a pop truck for Kecks... has blond wavy hair and blue eyes . . .likes P. O. D. class. . .nicknamed "Bear". . .can be seen in Kecksburg anytime you're driving through. Lundy, Vincent General A small but mighty man...likes to dance and does it well. ..would like to be a photographer. . .has dark hair and big blue eyes. . .will be remembered for his mannerly ways. Leeper. Charles General "Duke" resides in Kecksburg. . . likes Senior Science, trapping, and women. . .has black hair and brown eyes. . .would like to join the Navy ...has a winning smile plus a won- derful personality. Leichliter. Blanche General "Bunny" is a blue eyed miss who nails from Mammoth. . .Bunny is :rlways happy. . .she likes Home Economics and would like to become J housewife. . .her hobby is collect- ,ng pictures of friends. Lessick. Eleanor Commercial "El" belongs to the Senior Cham- ber of Commerce.. .has brown hair md beautiful blue eyes. . .likes toot- zall games and a certain person tamed Bob. . .works at McCrory's in Sreensburg. Lewis, Ruth Commercial Longs to become a private secre- tary.. .likes apple pie with ice cream...dislikes any type of meat ...has light brown hair and green eyes. . .collects pictures as a hobby. Lowther. Evelyn General l-las dark blond hair and lovely blue eyes...likes Home Economics and would like to be a seamstress a member of the Home Econ- omics Club and Glee Club...her hobby is dancing. Lucas. Emil General "Bunny" is one oi the United gang . . .likes all girls, especially Lois. . . played football. . .was a catcher for Mt. Pleasant Kiwanis Club during the summer. . .has no hobby. Ludwig, Phyllis Commercial Is a blue eyed, brown haired lass from Norvelt. . .her ambition is to be an office worker...likes Secretarial Practice, dancing, and eating...be4 longs to the Senior Chamber of Com- merce. Maifit. Raymond General His pet peeve is nosey women. . . plays baseball. . .resides at Mutual ...has black hair and brown eyes ...does a great deal of reading. . . likes P. O. D. class. THE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND Magda. Pauline General A brown haired girl from Norvelt a member of the Home Econ- omics and Glee Club...her hobby is dancing and sewing. . .seen con- stantly with Ebby..,dislikes con- coited people. Moline. Ioan Commercial Artist of the Senior Class...likes Booaie Woogie...lo would like to be a commerrrial a fine pianist. . .member of the Commercial Club . . . ever dependable . . . we're sure shc-'ll succeed.. Mathews, Anna Mae Academic Babe is one of our lively seniors who doesn't like quiet people.. .am- bition is to become a nurse...has pretty blue eyes...belongs to the Choral Club. . .her abilities are well known. May. Geraldine General ls a member of the Band. . .has a secret ambition. . .enjoys all kinds of sports and likos to dance...has dark wavy hair. . .dimples and a cute little grin. . .Loads of Luck! McCoy, Dolores Academic Butch resides at Hridgeport. . .lies beautiful brown hair and brown eyes would like to attend Seton Hill Col- lege and become a hospital techs nician. . .likes to drive ... collects books as a hobby. Micelr. Doorthy General Her hobby is collecting pictures of iriends...favorite class is P. O. D. ...would like to be a department store clerk.. .is an avid football fan ...has a friendly grin for everyone. Minix. Robert General Created a rurnpus in Senior Sci- ence. . .would like to sail the seven seas. . .collects football pictures of Notre Darne's heroes. . .spends a lot of his time at Eggy's. . .likes to loaf. Misiak, Dolores General Would like to become an interior decorator. . .works in Coldsmith's Paper Store...her hobby is collect- ing elephants. . .member of the Colo- phon Staft. . .a "ready to smile" per- sonality. . .cheerful and helpful. Mizikar. Francis Academic Liked Trigonometry class. . .cherry ice cream sundaes are his favorite ...has a lirm dislike for all girls... played quarterback on the football team. . .seen with Don and lohn. . . hopes to get a job. fry Mails Mott. Iohn Genei al One of our handsome football pla y- ers. . .likes chocolate ice cream. . . Senior Science is his best subject although he dislikes school. . .thinks Humphreys is tops. . .very well liked by all his classmates. FORTY-EIGHT SENIOR CLASS Murray, Patty General Strutted as a majorette with the band for three years...has dark brown eyes. . .enjoys Salesmanship Class. . .thrives on candy. . .spends her leisure time in Greensburg... belongs to Home Economics Club. Myers. Florence General Marched with the band for four years...likes to dance and listens to good music...belonged to the Home Economics Club...lournalisrn was her favorite subject...dislikes short boys. Myers, Lois General l-fails from Kecksburg. . .her favor' ite subject is lournalism...thinks a lot of a boy from Laurelville. . .pals around with "Annie" and "Bun"... disliked school, and also all English classes. Myers. Norma lane General Has beautiful blonde hair and big blue eyes. . .friendly and popu- lar. . .belongs to Home Economics Club and Chorus...enjoys a good movie and riding around in a con- vertible with a certain boy. Nesqoda. Esther General A petite girl from Mt. Pleasant. .. known for her quiet disposition and cute smile...her brown wavy hair is always attractively fixed. . .was a nominee for Harvest Ball Queen. Niezgoda. Stanley General "Red" was one of our varsity base keteers...known for his flashy red hair...pals with Duke, Vince and of our neatly dressed boys...mischievous when not kept busy. Ondreiko, Virginia Commercial "Ieanne" was a member of the Senior Chamber of Commerce.. . sales manager of the Colophon. . .is full of pep and vitality. . .has a pleasing personality. . .her aim is to be a secretary. Patula. Helen Commercial Was one of our sophisticated brun- ettes. . .hopes to become a secretary ...belonged to the Senior Chamber of Commerce.. .gym was her favor- ite class...she's the senior girl on page 4. Pavick, Bertha General "Bert" has a smile for everyone. . . claims to dislike boys iwho does she think she's kidding?J. . .belongs to the Student Council and Home Econ- omics Club...likes to collect photo- graphs. Peifer. loan General Resides in the metropolis of Calu- met. . .good natured. . .her hobby is playing the piano...would like to study law in the future. . .lots of fun to those who know her. THE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND Poklembo. Ann General Our little blue-eyed brunette from lvtammoth. . .says she dislikes men, with the exception of one.. .always ready to lend a helping hand. . .be- longed to the Home Economics Club. Polcha. George Academic ls greatly interested in all sports . . .dislikes poetry. . .is very quiet but has many friends. . .paints in his spare time. . .hopes to be a machinist . . .has an engaging smile. Polcha. Lois Academic Wants to spend her lite traveling ...dislikes sitting in a boring class . . .belonged to the Chorus and Band ...likes to dance and sing. . .will be a success in whatever she does. Potosky, Stanley General Likes to play the accordion and does it well. . .his ambition is to join the in his glory when there is steak ior dinner...always disagreed with Miss Fisher. Riddle, Alice General Has laughing eyes and a cheery smile. . .is a gay companion... hopes to become a housewife.. .be- longed to the Home Economics Club . . .had the leading role in the Christ- mas Play, . .a hard working girl. Rockfoe. Ioseph Commercial Claims Business English was his favorite subject. , .spends a lot of his time entertaining the girls. . .wants to work in the post office. . .spent much of his time in the workroom. Rose, Donald Agriculture Was President of the Future Farm- ers of America. . .liked activities pere iod. . .has black curly hair. . .says his hobby is running around. . .pre- sided as King at the Harvest Ball. . . one of our tall lads. Schachte. Richard Academic "Red" resides in Norvelt. . .has red hair and blue eyes. , .belonged to the Industrial Arts Club...would like to become a Navy pilot. . .quite a mischievous lad. . .pals with Mike. Schlingman. Patricia Academic Lives in Norvelt. . .was in County Chorus...member of the chorus for two years...has dark blonde hair and green eyes. . .liked Problems oi Democracy.. .keen interest in all sports. Schroll. Othelia General Our beautiful Harvest Queen... popular and well liked.. .cheer- leader for three long longed to the Colophon Staff and Home Economics Club. . .very much interested in a guy named Frank. FORTY-EIGHT SENIOR CLASS Shaffer, Lucille Home Economics Belonged to the Home Economics Club. . .likes to read and to eat sun- daes. . .has made many beautiful clothes. . .quiet and unassuming. . . a dreamer from way out Mt. Pleasant way. Shilobod. Leonard General Quite a lad with the girls. . .wants to have his own jazz band. . .be- longed to the Industrial Arts Club. .. is an apprentice electrician to his dad. . .dislikes stuck-up people. Showalter. Miriam Academic A pleasant girl residing at Star Route...sports a diamond ring... belonged to the French Club, and Home Economics Club. . .ambition is to become a housewile...likes po- tato chips and dislikes winter. Sibal, Dolores General Likes salesmanship, and potato chips but dislikes men. . .worked in Woolworth five and ten cent store in Mt. Pleasant...would like to be a telephone operator. . .Once a friend, always a friend. Skovira. Rose Marie Academic One of the Acme gang. . .belonged to the Student Council and Chorus ...Editor of page one of the Hurst- onian...would like to be an artist .. .on hall duty fifth period. Smitley. Dale General Has a crazy laugh. . .likes to tease the girls and really gets them angry .. .would like to own an automobile . . .liked Senior Science. . .disliked English. . .Bill is his cousin. Smitley. William General A tall likeable boy and his friend- ship is enjoyed. . .lives in Mt. Pleas- ant. . .likes to develop pictures. . .be- longs to the Industrial Arts Club... would like to join the Air Force. Snyder, Bemice General "Bunny" lives in Mt. Pleasant... ambition is to become a singer or a hair stylist...belonged to the Colo- phon Staff and Chorus.. .has lots of a lot of lun. -lively around school. Stanek, Iohn Academic Our football hero...played right half. . .handsome and pleasant. . . easy to get along with...well re- membered by all for his ability to play football...likes to tease the girls. Staschak. Catherine Commercial A pretty majorette with long brown hair. . .likes to dance. . .has a scrap- book of school memories. . .liked Salesmanship. . .belongs to Colophon Staff and Senior Chamber of Com- merce. . .thinks George is tops. THE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND Summy, Eugene Academic Has dark brown hair and matching brown eyes. . .played bass drum in the band. . .liked Problems of Dem- ocracy. . .known to his many friends as "Uge"...litrs tr aood word for f'Vf1IY0HI'. Suscovich, Eleanor Commercial Called "Sus" by her friends. .. Miss Arnold's secretary. . .has a dia- mond ring irorn Chet. , .collects pho- tographs. . .belongs to the Senior Chamber of Commerce. . .a cheery smile and rr sweet look. Sweder, Louise Commercial lust give her a baton and she's happy, , .cr bowitching smile. . .re- sides in United. . .worked in the pop booth. . .likes to jitterbuq. . .plans on becoming a secretary. . .a very rlreury and friendly girl. Sweitzer. Miriam Commercial A quiet. serious minded girl. .. belongs to tho Senior Chamber of Cornmurce. . .has brown hair and blue eyes. . .likes to dance. . .would like to be a private secretary. . .pals with Bernice. Szechula, Sarah lane Home Economics Known for her infectious "giggle" . . .denture little lass. . .belonged to the Home Economics Club...would like to become a housewife. . .is very nice to know...always calm, wool, and collected. Tepper. Irene General A member of the Glee club... would like to be a singer but will probably be a busy housewife... has pretty blonde hair and blue eyes very iond of a auy named "Mike" Truxul. Eugene Academic Would like to be a pilot. . .an ac- tive member oi the Hurstonian,..a most versatile fellow,..likes Prob- lems of Democracy and roller skat- ing...linds lots of time for fun... Good Luck "Gene" Uhrin. Iohn Academic Has lots of ambition. . .would like to become a lawyer. . .works as As- sistant Manager at l'lagan's Dairy Bar. . .likes to play croquet. . .one of those brains who loves trigono- metry. Uschock. Bemice Commercial Another Pleasant Unity lass. . .be- longed to the Senior Chamber of Commerce. . .wants to become a sec- retary. . .likes to dance. . .has lovely blonde hair and blue eyes. . .short attractive young lady. Varhoilu. Evelyn Commercial Another of our Commercials... likes Problems of Democracy. . .likes to read and tickle the ivories on a baby grand. . .cheerful personality ...would make a good lady lawyer ...never afraid to try anything once. FORTY-EIGHT SENIOR CLASS Vlkertosky. Ioseph Academic Is one of our football players... belongs to the Spanish, Football and Basketball Clubs. . .would like to become an engineer or mechanic. . . enjoyed salesmanship very much. . . quiet but a nice type. Wadsworth. Evelyn Commercial! Will always be known for her- knitting ability. . .she belonged to the' Senior Chamber of Commerce. . .and Colophon Staff. . .would like to worlq in an office. . .likes to swim and dance. Wdrchol, Mildred Commercial! "Milly" is a very pretty girl... likes to dance and does it well. . . will not be forgotten by her friends ...belonged to Senior Chamber of Commerce, Colophon, Glee Club, Chorus I. Weaver, Edward Academic "Ed" added kick to our class... liked Public Speaking best. . .wants to become a professional skater... :ollects pin-up pictures. . .not a care tn the world...gets a bang out of ife. Weightman. Annabelle Commercial One of our cute girls. . .belonged o the Chorus, Senior Chamber of Iommerce and is Secretary of the Nlational Honor Society. . .would like o be a secretary. . .has an enticing aersonality. White, Norma Commercial An interesting girl...belonged to the French Club, National Honor So- ciety, Senior Chamber of Commerce, Library Club...a very good artist . . .secretary of the Senior Class and secretary of the Senior Chamber of Commerce. Wisnaski, Esther General Belongs to the French and Home Economics Club.. .likes french fries . . .swimming and ice skating are her in McCrory's five and ten in Mt. Pleasant...on Colo- phon Staff. Witek. Iosephine General Belonged to the Glee Club. . .head Drum Majorette. . .was an attendant for the Harvest Oueen. . .likes Home Economics. . .would like to be a tele phone operator. . .nicknamed "Al- phine". W0lk. Allihbhy Academic "Tony" is a member of the Na- tional Honor Society, Student Council and Band. . .was the president of the Freshmen and Sophomore Classes. . . liked Trigonometry. . .disliked oral English. . .a friendly lad. Zeglin. Walter Academic One oi the quietest oi the quiet.. . has pretty wavy hair. . .liked Indus- trial Arts. . .would like to become a Diesel Engineer. . .works at home on a farm...always seen with the Hqfmq... Zin iliilemnriam THE 1948 COLOPHON PAUSES IN MEM- ORY OF THOSE WHO WERE ONCE MEMBERS OE THIS YEARS GRADUATING CLASS. Ei CAMERON FRUND Born Died April 22 November 23 1929 1947 EUGENE HANUSECK Born Died September 20 October 29 1930 1945 ROSS LESSMAN Born Died February 1 1 Icmudry 8 1 9 3 1 1 946 3U 1 '5 Q 5-, NINETEEN HUN fi, , -- QA ff ' of ' ' i yi 4 5, .lv 'E 'N is .5 1, rv 1 V 6 K 3 A 6 Q 1 rl g G g 3 Ly I 1 5 2" x M L K V1.V 2 K In . gi ' :iff2"1y".i V . , :1 .V il his M S it 0 Q Q 52?-f sf' gf E ., . 'II' J Y Q H 1 L L Y ' Q W f .V 1: Q Q -W Li 'I It fy if if Q l ' :S 3' fi Qi!! I fi 32.4 E' 35 'W Q V 5 5 f Q , fs 0 YL, ' X ,J v "ti: 93 fy' ' 6 W A Y . .,, 'P " I I . ,ilu-1 Q .H nmuwiti '.,,1 5.0 4 .sm 1 2 i 4,- 4 ff '-f' fu 'Z " :fit 'Q V Q , - gf . ww Q i 'Y L M ,5,'-- O ind M fa gm ., , "Ei fn if S N15 5 . :, .. 'g at . 5 Lf. - R FORTY-EIGHT JUNIOR CLA "THE FORTY-NINERS" The light of the past shines brightly as we recall the joys of our first year as high school students of Hurst. What a day it was when We entered those wide doorsff the doors that said, "Welcome to Hurst." After the many mistakes we made, we gradually became accustomed to high school life. As we entered the sophomore year we were really "old timers." Our ability to get along with the teachers was now an old trick. When we returned to l-lurst for the term l947-48 our life was now beginning. We classified our- selves as "luniors." The first important event was the election of officers. As the days Went by we had our class play "We Shook The Family Tree." This proved to be a success. ln lanuary we had a "Box So- cial-" This also turned out to be a great suc- cess. The funds of these two affairs will be used for the next coming event, the lunior and Senior Prom. All members of our class are Waiting patiently for this, the most important formal of our high school years. As we look into the future, We, the "forty- niners," hope our senior year will be as much fun as the three years that have gone by. Vanette Chenoweth Nancy Smith, Vice President: William Krall, Treasurer: Donna Eckels, Secretaryy Vanettc Chenoweth, resident. Kendi, Dlugos, Weir. lioltz, Shibilsky, Misner. dacz, Pushkar, Frederick, Yothcrs. er, Duff, Kocinslci. lohnson, Slonerrlcer, Kloos. 33 SS First Row: Stoll, Mizilcar E., Rich, Nicholson Fourth ltovv: ll crfi s, Slialit-r, lloyinan Eirk Third Row: Pocho, Payonk, lalcubovip S in Second Row: Bossick, Dillon, Baluli, Kroni First Row: Nriwill, Kina, Wliitakor, Downs FH E NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SOPHISTICATED SOPHOMOHES As freshies we had always looked forward to the day we would be considered to be upperclassmen. Now our dreams have come true and we are sophis- ticated sophomores. Next fall we will begin our third year at Hurst. Our record for the past two years is one of which we are very proud. Several members of our class became leaders at Hurst and were ready to do all they could to help in any situation. Some of the more mischievous ones were ready with new tricks to play on their teachers and classmates. Many times we looked down on those human beings with utter dis- gust, but without them school life would have seemed like a box without the candy. Wliat will you remember about tenth grade? Will you recall the cold winter mornings when pre period classes were forgotten . . . the week before Christmas when mistletoe and school parties kept you on your feet . - . the first semester end when everything seemed to draw to a close so quickly that it left you slightly breathless . . . Valentine's Day when cupid's messengers brought comic telegrams to you . . . early Spring, when nothing mattered ex- cept the "Prom" invite or shopping for a gown . . . and May when school was coming to an end? Third Row: Stourfcr, Carpenter, Bair, X P5 ,Q n. Stockberger, Zoglin, Ungvarsky. Second Row: Bernett, Albright, Zabkar, Ackerman, Blaszkowski, Armburst. First Row: Antonishen, Auor, Bienia, 'Cl sn. Adams, Ballew, Buchanan, Sweitzer. Fourth How: Duff, Lolir, Colo, Hoyrnan, 5 Momeyer. Third Row: llvide, Ross, Kcxrinchak, lonos, Luuotcfh, Kowatch. P " Second Row: Bc-al, Sliililiod, Stiowcxltu' llydo, Poole, Duff. First Row: Konirky, Grimino, Koenig, Sofranko, Iohnsori, Latin FORTY-EIGHT SOPHOMOBE CLASS ourth Bow: Balchik, Brush, Kaminski, Pa- vick, Forbes, Dillon, Hartman, Hails. hird Row: Blariset, Fisher, Dick, Ozug, lackson, Havash. scond Bow: Caste-el, Freeman, Dunn, Dzambo, Grabiak, Dreistadt, Gazda, Gore ecki. irst Row: Danser, Buriak, Freeman, Grin dle, Grabiak, Bash, Czarnik, Ludwia. ourth Row: I-loza, Luchalk, Niezgocla Ponko, Shultz, Long, Nemeth. hird Haw: Rusinko, Malinish, Kirchner, Kovalik, Mondock, Reagan, Miller. econcl Row: Overly, Lukacs, Silvis, Simp- son, Be-pko, Sikora. irst Row: Barkley, Kuhar, Bates, Fannell Frena, Aultman, Miller. ourth Row: Kennedy, Smith, Angus, Lin- den, Pawlikowski, Keto, Kinneer. hird Plow: Nitkiewicz, Magda, Howell Musgrave, Painter, Heide, Wek. econd Row: Keck, Yesho, Roth, Onclrizek Varholla, McCloy, Baker. irst Row: Biddle, Voytotsky, Pteiler, Lucas Myers, Smith F., Dolan. ourth Row: Rusinko, Shaffer, Batik, Ne meth, laworski, Takitch, Sickenberger. hird Row: Palic, Sebisky, lmmel, Tomet sko, Remiash, Pfeiter. -econd Row: Poklembo, Magda, Kalemba Kontir, Nesgoda, Balazek. irst Row: Regella, Hunker, Pianko, Hood Miscik, McLean, Hauger. 35 TH 1111111 1111w: 11111x:'11, 1111ssi1'14, 1V1is111'1, Mi- , J I 1111: 1V1111"1c11,K11711:s1f11,1111s11k111',11111'1c1'1. , 1 1, 111111 1111vv: 1'111111n11v:sky, M11111-11, 111111111111, f1f'11I'I11Y, 1111111111111, 111111, N11ki11v11i1'7, M1'1'f1111, 1111511-Ly. 1 11111111 111111111 K11w1111'11, K11v1111'i11, C111111, 1K111:1ky, 1l11vi:s, M1111-, 1V1111I111, M1.1111sky. 1141 1111111112 1'1114111:s1cy, K11s11111, M11111111, 1.11 1f1l2QI1f,1 111111,11111111-1-1,M1I11-1. 111111 Huw: 521111414111 1.,11I'III1Y 11111515111 11.,11111k,C,11111: 1 1-1 1,, 1111111111i11w: 111111111,111111!1 f'1'V111S1'C1,f1:1Kl1 11111 117'1Il11'11, 1'I111111i111111, 111111111i, 111111111111. l1i11111WI 11'lIV1lI1, 1Uv1+11'111a, 1'lI1I11'l11, L111 111111 1111111111111I1, V111111111111111111, 1111111151 1111111 1111w: 11111i11. Wi111k, Wis11i1-wski, '111y111'1 111'111'1, W111:111s, Y111-:111', 1111111. 111111 1 x111ly 11111-1111, B11111111111, ,. 111111 Hmvv: 531111111 11., 17f11CI1IS1'CY, 11l1'1l, 11111111-1, 5111111-111, .11111111 IX., S111-111111-11. 11:1 1111vv: '1'111ci1v11, f3111i111, 1111l1l'IWF1f1f1, II1l' -111111' '11I1l11lI1, Wi:a1111-wnki. 111111 Huw: Kf111111111y,11111151-111,111111111l,K11s1 y11, I1111111111, K111111a, K11w11111ski. 1 111111 1111vv: 1111y:a,1,,1111-211,K11111,111111-111111117 11111 111'II1y, 1'.111111111, K111111.1. 1151 111111113 K111111ss, K11111111.f1, K11114, 111111111, 1,115k11, 1,1'w 111w: Y11111111s11, YH1-CS11'1'1N.,S111S1'11'11K, 1-' 111I1111' E NINETEEN HUNDRED A 1 111111'11111, 111111111 W., CTQf111'l, ,., . .111 'OBTY-EIGHT F VERDANT FROSH ln the fall of l947 a large group of one hundred i eighty-nine timid eighth graders entered the ge halls of Hurst High. An eavesdropper would ze been inclined to chuckle at the importance with ich they said, "Well we're getting up in there. n't We?" The dream of having a different teacher each class had come true at last. During the year the verdant frosh discovered t school was not all fun and laughter. Many a ir freshmen struggled through some difficult as- irnents, but gradually succeeded in "overpower- " the tough ones. Their ambitions were not lim- l to the classroom' They showed keener interest Jther phases of school life, such as football, bas- Dall, band, plays, and school dances. Thus, the school term drew to a rapid close, and green freshies, having not only acquired a thor- 'h knowledge of senior high life, but also a few iters on how to have a good time, flung aside their ks and went gladly to the annual school picnic, ch proved to be a splendid climax to a glorious QI'. RESHMAN CLASS Francis Zabrosl-ry, Vice President, Bill Nagy, Tl'Ct'ISllIt'ff Stow Cibulas, President, Wallor Witrtk, Sf-wit-truy. iii Third Flow: Moore, Niz'dwit"l:, lVll'Nlf'l Kutrh, Foklrrmlno, Fc.-trosky, Stifgfxi, Muir: harg. Second Row: Wm'tsil, lVlYf'IS, F'ul't0r, Vlftxyttxs Mohney, l3oln'hcx, Urban, Vtftiltvrs. First Row: Zalnrosky, flf-txnqfzri, RLlCl?flllSlCl Ferice, Povlio, Fushlcfu, ltysz. Fourth Row: Bell, Blystonsg-, Br'if-irlitwk L., Cibulfrs, Brimer, Bizup. Third Row: Bash, BlFlOl'L'llQ1i'lC, Boytim, Br-n yo, Boskitt, Balchik, Chulilc. Second Row: Andrt-ws, RtIllE"W, Boniiislt Baker, Adamrovich, Blystont- G., Bmsky. First Row: Bums, Artim, Christi-1, Alllltom, Cherey, Bunqfird, Biytsft, 3 7 1-4 ..,-Q 'W wf U 'I A' ,' N' giifls'-N' 'N 4 "M, ' V - -7 v: . f ,, -4' gm 'AB' AML 1 ii M ,ff 'A J s 'Q' .W 4 X ' M4 Aw f bu -4 ' Q n, 345 r N'-avid sq .M 'wwf Q . .A W , fr ir ' i f"'la f KX 1-,x .5 N, V, 4 ji . 'l K N' , X. Lf' if 1 ,,f 'Q '. ff' n + .- I ' xg V7 , , f? .yan 4... il 5' .. . F , E' 1 . 4, A ,, A Jw 1 R Y----Q q,C5"'5'f' A 1 'M ,tl 1 AQ F' , my 4,-1 - Q -4, U in M ' rf? .f X 1:41 Y , 4 a-.1 1 IKM -, 1 M - .., sw pl .! s ' P x 1, 'N 0, J . . KJ- Krf 'f f Se? -,if x 7 T , ' ' Q 1 'N tx A, . IW A ' V .4 5 Q 'SP ' il I If if fig X E v 91: I 9 1 S ' 4, - S.. I a 1 4 1 Student Council Fourth Row: Mr. Porch, Cope, A., Shaf- lcr, Haas, Cibulas, Lohr, Hartman, Mr. I. Myers. Third Row: Toriictsko, Dcemer, Fir- ment, Smith, Pcivick, Mizikar, Mrs. Erickson. Second Row: Sopko, Hyde, Briner, Mul- lin, Painter, Lesko. First Row: Wolk, Cope, D., Skovira, Balazek, I-luhn, l-larhai, Kostyo. Hall Guards Second Row: Haas, Wolk, l-luhn, Myers Cope, A., Elko. First Row: Painter, Skovira, Bechtell Grimm, Briner. THE STUDENT COUNCIL This is your Student Council. lt is yours because those whom you have elected to serve on the governing body ot your school are your representatives. Witliout a schools law governing organiza- tion, there is no cooperation. Therefore the members use their ability to form an active club HALL The students who direct traffic in the halls and who are responsible lor orderliness in the halls during class periods are members ot the Student Council. These boys and girls are ap- pointed according to their ability and willing- ness to accept responsibilities. Last year, special arm-bands were pur- chased by the council for the school traffic offi- With its four Committees which are: the asseng- bly, the house and grounds, and the traffic and social committees. Membership in this organi- zation is both an honor and a responsibility. Acting as student advisers for the governing body are Mr. loseph Myers, Mrs. Erickson, Miss Fausold and Mr. Porch. GUARDS cers. These were worn by the Various students during different periods of the dav. All students have learned to know who their Hall Guards are and hold the utmost res- pect tor them. These conscientious classmates deserve a vote of thanks tor the contribution they make ot their time and effort. 40 NATIONAL HON OB SOCIETY National Honor Society Third Row: Wolk, Frurxd, Kois, Kough. Second Row: Balazek, Killar, White, I-luhn, Gazda. First Row: l-lausele, Johnson, Kaputa, Weightman, Christie National Forensic League Second Row: Deomer, Eichholtz, Shaffer, Christner, Johnson, Kelley. First Row: Biller, Chenoweth, Cole, Duff, Dillon, Cole, M. Each year before the entire student body, the juniors and seniors who have attained a high scholastic rating and have shown evidence of possessing the prerequisites of service, leader- ship, character and scholarship are inducted into the society. This is always a most impres- sive service. The stage is beautifully decorated with ferns and candelabrum, and the N.l-l.S. em- blem, the keystone, can be seen in the back- ground. As a result of the work of the National Honor Society, students are inspired to strive for higher scholastic and moral standards. At graduation, the N. H. S. grants a scholarship to the most deserving senior who intends to fur' ther his education. NATIONAL EORENSIC LEAGUE The purpose of this national speech club is to further the practices of speech and to teach members to be familiar with the happenings of the world. Through this organization, the youth of today may be trained for leadership in the future. To become a member of this club, a student must have twenty N. F. L. points. To acquire these points, he may take part in the following types of speech: extemporaneous, dramatic, humorous, original oratorical, and debate. As a token of membership and service, the senior members receive a club pin. The Hurst Chapter of N. F. L. is very small, but it is very active, otherwise. lhiifl ltowt llffiif'-ll, Misitxk, llvnis, Hur- wt-t-ontl ltow: Wliitm-, lltnisr-it-, Cfhiistitf, l'h1ifl ltow: Ffttlrt, Nrtwill, Bic-lski, Slco N-wrtiifi How: Kofinski, lohnson, Krino l'iist How: Smith, My:-is l,., Pol-:lt-iiilio, THE COLOPHON The Colophon is your book of memories because it reflects your lite ot Hurst Hiqh School. But behind those words lie much lobor, unendf inq plonninq, ond o qreot deol of worry. The stott worked eornestly ond devotedly. Eoch member of the editoriol stcrff become o rorn- blinq reporter, qotherinq bits of inforrnotion here ond there, covering o definite ossiqnrnent by o certctin dcxte, ond then in cornbininq it oll into cz complete ond interesting story ot whot liopf pened during the post l8U doys of school ot Hurst High. The typists become everyones helpers for they were olwoys reody to type ond restype copy. This book is the lorqest yet in the number of poqes. The stoff will be very hoppy if, in the future yeors, this record odds to your hoppiness. The Colophon htti, Wisnfxski,Snydr-r,Mf1liiir-, Hriiley. Ktipntti, Aitiin, W4-itilitinfnn, Wcids- worth, Mwffoy, Ktiflylftk. iist ltow: Alltrifght, Svliroll, Qlidfftlkit, llfillrir, Kozusko, Gfrzrirt, ltuhn, Wm- wliol. The Hurstonicm vim, Srliliiifgriittii, Lewis, Duff. wtilsky, Lf-ifililitrti, lirffnnish, llttiotisv, 'l'1'ppr-i, Hixlip. llrrrston, Hinrlis, llindis lt., Myvrs F, THE HURSTONIAN lfdit thot story! Count those words! Copy- recrd this moterioll These ore foniilior words siqnifyinq thot the editors of the Hurstonion ore ot work crqoin, Under the direction of Miss Le- titio Myers ond with the help of the lunior jour- nulisin closs, our poper is published monthly- Actuolly, the Hurstonion hos been in ex- istence twelve yeors, ond for the lost two yeors it wos oworded on honor rotinq by the Notionol Scholostic Press Association. Wlieri the study holl is especiolly quiet, one knows tliot the pcrper is out. Bits of gossip, editoriols, feoture stories, ond jokes help to nioke up the paper which is edited ond published for your enioy- ment. -'12 SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club was organized in the year of '44. The purpose of the club is to better acquaint the students with the language and customs of the Spanish folk. The members of the club are expected to hold an office if elected, pay their dues and to attend the meetings regu- larly. ln their last year, the members are given pins by the club. The motto of the club is "Hay un gau trecho por espanol", which means "lt's a long way through Spanish." The club song is Alomos Somos to the tune of Hay Hay Hay. The Spanish Club sponsors skating parties, dances and the club banquet. Spanish Club Fourth Row: Myers, Eicholtz, Lohr, Pa Vick, Biddle, Sandacz, Cope A., Har hai, Heide, Buchanan. Third Row: Balazek, King, McCoy, Ta kitch, Grindle, Nemeth, Slonecker, Dil lon, Slcero, Mizikar E. Second Row: Newill, Bayusik, Dzambo Grabiak, Gorecki, Davis, Whitaker Flannagan, Trout, Dlugos, Kendi. First Row: Shilobod, Kontir, Kaputa, Kis sell, Rich, Mizikar M., Bailey, Step anik, Zylka, Bash. French Club Third How: Wisnaski, Preston, Cope A. Eckels, Krynicky, Duda, Bann. Second Row: McCoy, Skero, DeVaux Christie, Baluh, Chenoweth, Wilkins Urban. Johnson, Huhn, Artirn. FRENCH CLUB Le Cercle d' Amitie is an organization of French students whose primary purpose is to promote better understanding of France and her people. Made up of first and second year stu- dents, the French Club is directed by Mrs. Cas- feel. At club meetings the members learn how to conduct and assist at a meeting held completely 43 in French according to strict Parliamentary Qrder. They learn how to express themselves freely and correctly in French. But, le Cercle d' Amitie is not strictly busi- ness- lt has its social side as well. Each Spring the members hold a theater party at which time pins are awarded to Senior members. First Row: Balazek, Kostelnik, Whi Library Club Christie, Bienia. IJBRARY CLUB The library is the one place at Hurst where all students seek refuge trom the turmoil ot high school activities. Here the peace and quiet can be found that is ideal lor study, The Library Club members, under the direction of our erli- cient librarian, Mrs. Evans, help to create this atmosphere. At the beginning ot each year, the older USHERS As the name might not tully imply, the Ushers' Club is really rr combined usher and stage crew group. The boys not only learn to usher, but also learn to operate the switchboard, check lootlights, repair colored lights for bor- rlers, cmd act as prop boys and stage hands. Limited to a membership ot twenty-six, the rnerrrbers ot this orgrmixation must be from the members receive applications from students who wish to join the club. The boys and girls who are eligible are then inducted and become active members. Each is assigned to be on duty in the library at least one period during the day. Every spring they all meet at a local restaurant and enjoy having dinner and spending the eve- ning at a theater. CLUB lower classes when selected. The boys must live up to set standards ot conduct and scholar- ship in order to retain membership. Every year at Christmas time, they spread Yuletide spirit by contributing and decorating a Christmas tree. As a reward tor their services, each member is awarded a pin with the club seal and clcss num- erals. Ushers' Club rouse, Kochis, Kozuslco, Lucas. Briner. Third Row: Ballew, Dunn, Keck, DeVaux Kelley. Second Row: Mullin, Walters, Ballew Bechtell. First Row: lordan, lluusele, Wire Third Row: Shatter, Bash, Cole, Duff Second Row: Kostyo, Momeyer, Ha First Row: Tuk, Dudrr, Mur-honey, llaas Fturth Row' Sivak Ludwig Kernicky, Tl .,- '1 Ll lesky, Ballew, Rysz, Miele, Gettemy Davis. ird Row: Brush, Freeman, Howell Vlullen, Buriak, Hood, Cook, Shaffer Scherer. tond Row: Heido, Hauqer, Sandacz, Slystonc, Ballew, McLean, Yaonuck, Smith, Iones. St ioolc, Grimme, Sofrrrnka, hnmel, Koe- H Senior Chamber of Commerce D I I I . Shaffer, Kocinski, Cazda, Uschock Falla. iird Row: Wadswortli, Bishop, lohn- son, Poole, Trump, Maline, Varholla lozson, Snyder. cond Row: Weightman, Cokinq, Swcitzcr, Yuhouso, Kanawalsky, Pa- tula, Miele, Overly. rst Row: Szechula, Wliite, Bizup, Kil- lar, Lessick, Suscovich, Warvhol, Kc- Tuska, Ondrejko. SENIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE This organization provides for the develop- ment and manifestation of business leadership- From past experience it was found that pupils of greater capacity should be attracted to the Com- mercial field. The Senior Chamber of Com- merce has aroused the interest of outstanding pupils and has given them an incentive to con- tinue their studies of the business World. Com- mercial students who become members of this club find an opportunity to demonstrate their JUNIOR CHAMBER The lunior Chamber of Commerce of Hurst High School was founded during the 1946-1947 school term. This club consists of freshmen and sophomores Whose grades are high enough to qualify them for membership. Any student re- ceiving a failing grade at the end of the first semester in any subject, is not eligible to become a member of the Iunior Chamber of Commerce. This club functions like any other Iunior Chamber of Commerce rth Row: Adams, Sebisky, King, Ma- Row: Nitkiewicz, Andrews, Iones, q, Myers. 45 ability. Later, by their attainments, it is hoped that they will reflect much credit on the Com- mercial department Which initiated them into their life Work. Many social activities are held throughout the year. Demonstrations by businessmen, in- teresting and worthwhile tours, guest speakers, and educational exhibits are enjoyed by the club members. OF COMMERCE organization and is for the benefit of the Com- mercial Students. Regular meetings are held once a month and the purpose of the club, to prepare and improve the members for a better business World, is carried out at that time. This year on October 15, l947 the club was organized funder the direction of Mrs. Erick- son and Miss Stoner. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB uv . '1 1 '111y111k Ff.,1'1111111-111.,.7X11s 111111s11,1U11111s, l111111:s1111,11111111155111111111. 1 Huw: A1111l1I111, 1111111111111 111111s- 111-, 1111111111 1v1111I11Y, S19111-11, 1V11s111k, 1f11'11111. 11.': 31111111 1'111is1i11, 111111-11, 11111-1111111,11111111s11,,1w111111:111.,l11-1111. 111w: 11111l11::, 1111v111'1:, 111117, 1111 111-:,Cf1'111111,S11ow11111-1,1N1y1'1's11,1V1y111s 1j,, Ljn'11L11l1Y. 111 111.1w: K11s1cy, 3111111 111-i111111111,K11 w1111'11, 1v1111i11is11, 11X'11y111:s, 51111111-1, L1111s1111-, S1111y. 811111111 Huw: S1111111111'1a, IX1111, 1.1'i1'11111v1', ,11vis, 011114, K111-11 11111111s, 1111-11, 1V1ir114111 1.. 111251 1111w: 511111111 11,, 11y111- P111-111, M11 111111, 1i11v11111'111, W111 11, 1111k11'+1111111, 1111 X'11S11, 511111111 A. 1111 How: OV1-11y, 1i11w111 '11, K1111y11114, C1111k, 11115s11'1-Q, i1111151s1:y. 1 '111111 1111w: E1:'11-111111153 1111111111, 151111111 1111, P11111-1, 5111511-, 1111w11::. ' '1 ': 1w11, Wis1111::1:i S11Y111'Y, N111111111, 1.11w11111, 1.111'L11y. 111111 Huw: Si1v1f:, N1fwi11, Ov1111y, B1y 5111111-, H111114, S111111s1111, 1f11i1c, 1.11k111's. 1111111 Row: 1'11I11i11'Y, 311111.11111 A1111112ws 1Xd11111111v11'11,1.11.'1111'11, 1111s111111s1cy 111111 1111111, 111111111-1. q1f1'111111R1'1w: 1111111w 1,1111w111, 1111115, Y1'1 11111'k, 111-111411, K11111115, 1,11.111.'s, Sik11111 11lS111U'NZ 11-1111s,1V1i11111 l111111:21111 A1111 1111111, Y1-51111, 1'1111111111, V111111 IN Third Row: Hudec, Marks, Moline, Croiu, Cerlcovnick. Second Row: Myers, Barkley, I-loqerty, Stone, Dolan, Kirchner. First Flow: Povick, Leecholk, Durl, lolcu- bovis, Sonducz. 'ourth How: Zoqliu, Rocktoe, Carpenter Forbes, Nicholson Unqvcrrslcy. 'liird How: Hozu, Prlwlikowski, Schultz Uhrin, Bossclck, F dosky. tecond Row: Misiuk Heide, Kernicky, burst, Lucotch, Auer. 'irst Row: Bolko, Sweitzer, Smith, Ross Kowotch, Linden, Antonshen, lvloqdcr hird Row: l5'olr'lif1, D tir, Houtz, Elko. Qcond Flow: Potosky, Overly, Cope R., Loird, Shilobod, Hcxrhui. lrst Row: Zeqlin, Surnmy, Burkliolder, Lukas-s, Truxol. , Hcrils, Bluszkowski, , Albright, Moncloclfc DUSTRIAL ARTS CL air, Smith, Leven' Stockberqer, Arm- uftey, Kostyo, Kon- l l 4 7 THE MIXED CHORUS This is a select group ot titty boys and girls upon whose shoulders tall the majority ot the choral programs. During the tirst semester, the Mixed Chorus takes part in the Armistice Day progqam and other assembly programs, climax- ing with the annual Christmas performance- Aiter the holidays, work is started toward a spring performance which may be an operetta, THE GIRLS' The Girls' Glee Club is composed ot titty- two girls who enjoy singing and musiccl activi- ties which involve the vocal art. Most ot these girls have little or no experience in Choral work, therefore, any girl who has the capacity tor hard work and the desire to participate in part singing is welcome to join this group. The girls do some unison singing, many two-part songs Mixed Chorus l'ilth ltrzw: Angus, ll'lflS,SllYlll1'l,CllllSl' rir:r, Frunfi, Ciliulfis, l2tIlIII'I. lttllllll llow: lgtIl'lIU'li, l.., Brilfizolc, C., Krornwii, Colo, I., Vtfiso, rin:Vc1uX, l'lt'lU'lS, Snyrlr,-I. Thiiri linw: Hillrir, Kriliy, Kr-wk, Frod- ririrk, Tiinnp, Clif-novvr-th, Mfithc-ws. Sofrond ltowi Grimm:-, llixusiflc-, Dooiiir'-I, Polvha, Kostelnik, lohnson, Lfrnn, Tuk. First Row: liiinor, VV6'lK1llllI't!iIIl, A. Cope, Slnilli, M. Colo, ll Cfmpfi. Girls' Glee Club l'mnth liriw: Sllflllfrl, Bfiluhik, Cvflldil, K'lllllK'llfllK, Ifxwfnski, Grossf'-r, Poole, liilnp, llrfiflrr. 'lhinl ltfiw: f:'lHlf'l'l, lnnns,-l, Sotrirriko, Sw-lfisky, Tonic-tsko, lonrrs, Mullin, Ur- ltiin, Shfillr-I. Sfirorifl How: lilystonvi, Nf'S'jOfltl, Mag- rltr, li., Arliinis, Vic-ria, Ko:-niii, Lf-wis, KO7TllSl40, Warrhol, Lowther, l'irst rowz Miifrdfi, P., MvCvirthy, Ptoifer, Cnrkovnik, Trvppffr, Artiin, Baker, Wil- kins, Urliiin, Bash. 48 a concert, or a minstrel, The Mixed Chorus is always represented at the Pennsylvania South- western district choruses and frequently sends members to the all-state choruses. Most of their music is sung in tour parts, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass with piano accompaniment, but they also do some "A Capella" singing. GLEE CLUB and a few three and tour-part songs. Their repertoire includes Hounds, Hymns, and War Songs: however, most ot their time is spent pre- paring tor the Annual Christmas program the tirst semester, and an operetta or a Choral Con- cert during the second semester. There is no duplication in the personnel ot this group and the Mixed Chorus. WE SHOOK THE FAMILY TREE On December 4, l947, the junior class pre- sented its annual play, a comedy by Hilde- garde Dolson. In this hilarious autobiograph- ical sketch, Hildegarde recounts just a few of the many riotous incidents that marked her youth. Tending to be dramatic Hildegarde wins a high school debate on Prohibition. As a result of her speech, her father, a bank employee, is accused of being a drunkard, beat- THE HAUN TED At Eagle High it had become a tradition to celebrate "Youth's Day" once every year by reversing the usual procedure and having the students change places with the teachers, the teachers taking the places of the pupils this for one day only- Shortly before the play opened, the Principal of Eagle High School, had been run over by an automobile, resulting in his ing his family and putting all his money in "hard liquor." Besides, Hilde-garde's mother has arranged for her to go to the lunior-Senior Prom with Freddie Shermer, but Freddie Wears short pants. In a series of laugh-provoking incidents, everything is ironed out. Freddie gets long pants and Mr. Dolson's reputation is preserved. HIGH SCHOOL death. Two other unexplainable accident.: occured adding to what turned out to be a baf- fling mystery. Events piled up in rapid order, but it Wasn't until the last act, just before the final curtain, that the mystery was solved in a series of com- edy scenes. 1947 Iunior Class Play Haas, Sivak, Shaffer, Cope. ley, lerson. 1948 Iunior Class Play erick, Schroll. Zek, Christie, Cole. Standing: Mrs. Cfxstoel, Tulc, Deomcr Seated: lohnson, Trump, Sandacz, Kel Standing: Mrs. Casleel, Cope, Cllrislnc r Kois, Frund, Oravets, Campbell, Fred Seated: Bailey, Lessiclc, Kaputa, Burl: .tt t ftnfl txftwz tttit-ttf, http, Myt-rs. ,,,,,. 4,., "DEAR RUTH" Un February l2, H348 in the Hurst High School Auditorium, the senior class presented its annual play, "Dear Ruth," a comedy Written tty NCJt1tIt!111KTOSY'tCI. The cast was as follows: Dora .............. .. . Evelyn Horrell Mrs. Edith Wilkirts . .. .... loan Cole ludge Harry Vtfilkins . .. . . . Toni l-lricik Miriam Wilkins .. Ruth Wilkins ....... Lt. Vtfilliam Seawright Albert Kummer ..... Martha Seawriglit . . . Sgt. Chuck Vincent . . Harold Klobberrneyer .. ,. Gene Denis Norma I. Myers ,..... Iohn Kois Galen Cliristner . Gtlielia Schroll ..... Don Cope . loe lordan 1 v Dear Ruth I npr. 2 Girl Scouts GIRL SCOUTS On my honor, l will try, to do my duty to God and my country, to help other people at all timos and to ohey the Girl Scout Laws. This is tlto Girl Scout Promise the promise a girl makes and tries to keep. Hurst Troop l is only cr part ot a world wide organization that was founded hy luliette Gordon Low, nearly thirty- six years ago an organization that was de- signed to encourage leadership, triendsltip, and to strengthen the ideals ot tomorrow's citizens. Its members are distinguished by special uni- torms that are worn to meetings and during Na- tional Scout Weekr The Scouts enioy camping at Wesco, Week-end excursions, ltikes, handi- craft, and other sports. "Be Prepared and Do A Good Turn Daily" is the Scout motto. PROJ ECTIONIST CLUB Membership in this organization is avail- able only to a very select group ot students. Miss Fausold, as iaculty advisor, selects the initial quota ot Projectionist Club members. The boys and girls chosen are academically advanced and their retention allows for a mini- mum number ot operators, despite turnover from class advancement. Each student masters cer- tain skills and learns to accept responsibilities. Upon graduation each receives a certificate oi award for his ability and service as a student projectionist. The machine used at Hurst is a Bell and Howell lb mm. sound projector. ln addition to a portable screen, we have two hanging screens, one in the auditorium and the other in the visual education room. All students enjoy and appreciate the work done by this depart- ment ot our school. Proiectionist Club stone, Leechalk, Cliristner. Zabrosky, Blanset. Future Farmers of America Fourth Row: Long, Homulka, Payonk Swederski, l-leftelfinger, Weir, Heide Schultz, Rutkowslci. Third Row: Bossack, lmrnel, Tlumack Hatcher, Kloos, Blystone, Bash, Frund Simon. Second Row: Pushkar, Yotliers, Auer Albright, Reese D., Naggy, Strichik Weiglitman. First Row: Mundortt, Forejt, Buchanan Barnhart, Petter, Rose, Boytirn, Henry Poche, Martz. FUTURE FARMERS GF AMERICA The members of this organization are ex- actly what the name implieseFuture Farmers ot America. In the classroom they study all phases of work pertaining to agriculture. Here they learn the fundamentals of agricultural work. ln order to boost the F. F. A- treasury, ice cream, milk, and potatoe chips are sold. Under the capable direction of Mr. Simon, 51 their instructor, the boys sponsor the Harvest Ball, which proves to be the gala event of the year. A senior girl is elected to reign as queen for the evening and two junior girls arle elected for her attendants. All in all, the F. F. A. tries to live up to its motto: Learning to do: Doing to learn: Learning to Live: Living to learn. Third Row: Laird, Ingram, Cibulas, Bly Second Row: Hayman, Miller, Dvorcak First Row: Hartman, Heido, Shatter, Tuk lvlw"""""'f"' f HURST HIGH BAND The Hurst High School marching band is composed of one hundred young musicians. Scarlet and white uniforms, prancing rnaiorettes, and stirring Inar- tial music are indications that football season is at hand and the Hurst High Band is on the march. At all football garnes, in all kinds oi Weather, these hardy band members continue to march in all their intricate and humorous formations- Each year, awards are given to the boy and girl who have been outstandf ing in music during their tour years in the Hurst High Band. These awards tend to stimulate competitive spirit in the band and add greater interest to this work. 41112- Q ' Q W0 wg, U 'WK xv , , .E gk . . Q' S V22 x.f'eQ,4!x5 5-.him 'ir L5 ,fw,?g4 ff ' , -: x 'N " -4.1 x -1 van s , 7 wk' - .4 u f N QI?-f Y 5 fivff ii . -Qi , 4' 1'g'f',N7f , N2 , VL , PW -,A QR W?-ij f zz "F .... 'lk' x ?.'s:-.45-.1-.swf Ain W Xb!! 1- Vinny. . UR.. , 1 lj!-'Q , -. W 1 ,.,,L . K- . .:.wwE if-'?,fL '.-aff "kiwi-UQ' ' 'ik 'f' 9 2' 3-if kkfsqlg-Q-'ieffffx gfififxzff . .rr :HZ V: NWN K xx s . 1- kwa . 5.1 Q ix rvwybrf L,.,56' 'X gh X15 x . fx U3 :'5ff-5'-4g,' ,a fl ,. .' ' 3' 1"fvGjg' z 3, L, w " K .1 1. 1 -. R A , 'X Ki' ' . - - 'i Xa' -1 ' A! gr ? ,,. 4 ', 1 . " Y a ' Q, ' u 5.4313 " Y.: 3x .., r. , I 1 Tw 8 ,SR V ,Shui N, W!! x :sig sq N r . xy .K , Y rx -f ' . ..-- L . :A 3-'S.!3C'mV J. . 4 ' K - , I th: i. , u., . 3 . , A -41 , .I b . I -Eg.. , Ffa, f 3' u '- . q .Xp W - Hx 3 v ,lu n,1 J, .A5142a4f.j, L , ' - 'x' 'N ' M 'Z , .v - n -'A ' gg. "-N W' 'txbi-I ' i " . ,sf I' x, bhnaln tr :ii xx L ' 'M K Lv ' -t' 1 1 - . V it . IS 5 "0 fl: . V ... xx Ag. sit' XISYZ A 5' A D ' , Qtr 'I . L f fs 2 ' iA'3"1 . A., n"'Qx , 1 is .f tg- .I ', X'-'gg ' nf' hi X Q .V fx'2 .M s L 'E' i?!li .i' A Ai Q'vlEfgl l . fbi- Vx, .wir . .M H. 1. 1 A "MQ . WY "Cla 1fTViV: if ig 1 -Q 'if' f 1. 13 F gf'-' A , gy-eg 9,- fil' Y mg A ',. o r Y : T hwy, Q 'aa 4 4 Q K ' 'fn -'42 5 ing ',' x k 'gh -M f ,ls 'Y 1 Y ' , , Q U , 131 ', J, ,WV 5 ,A Y A .V 1, . . m -9- Q' . ..' '. .'X ,mf 2 x, .. ,fi K' . ' "lf ,' ..' , . - Q K qwlbhig. .1 W4 'Ast ig Q A W iggr, ' ,V, u 3 i,'+1,fLf,PL.Nf ' 'g,w', A x iv' J, , Q4 0,4 v lx ,ik v A ,- Fax :ff lar' ii 1 x digg W , E ' in - 9 35' '5 3 X ,Q 'Q . tk pi' Q RL 1 A A'1!s1i3! . an ? m g1HQg.'U'i, 2 ' z is Q , i wr Q... 1 x gk 'P ?:.Vtig!l1v Q v " ' Q v X if x W. , ng. I 'ff 3 gif' 5 'X 2-,N :I Q .X .,"'i'Q K 31 5 it af: Q +1 1 1 fx Q 3 ' WA .iff -' w. Q 'N '- 1 ,A Q . 3 5 N K Y in Eg- Agxgf A 11 1 , xi: R1 if A 2 gr y xr gi jx ' 1 gg 'Qu V: Q Wi ' t 1 ,few t ,Vs 'if Q is 'Nw' I , Qi, ,VI X , ...ii .K V. 1 x cf L '!5""' . N . V , Q 4 A i , X xt! ' v x x he 0' as 3 r V L Wi 1 ' y ' '1 Sfe! f 1 e K . H V' ' 'Y' . I Q Q X a' 5 1 AA X1 if K 3 :ri X x f Q , 1 , 155 4 , n ,Q ' A Q X x JW ' K JNL. Il .Y .'o-W4 -., nl, 1 1 my 13 Q. 'Q' '. . sq ,. .. . - , , q .X s' I 4 L S4 'Q ,www H . :sn HW " A 1 KY 1. S . Q 'mfxi , Mx ' ,i AsA::P1"- Q--I.-, .I . K V 1 K .-R, if V , -:MJ , i .'Il 1 1' ' if-,Rfw X -ww 5 'ur - '. .- - ' A ' 43 if H x , -. - 1 fr ' X ' fi ' f . - . . . , 1 X NL '4 - ' ' ' W ' " ' Y ' Q' 3.1. '- ' 4 ' it mf , -,., 1 . I ,- 1 I . ,-I -.1 A . , .. yr M A ir" 'A - -' 2 K' A 'A , Ms ' A .sr ' '-f f M ."4 ' ,y .AQ My f. 1 1, . r A A '-J Jig J, 'V ' E243 1 . Q5 , K X , 'fi ' , "'r ' f w 1 5: ' , , t. 19 . 1 Q- K w W .Q I iff i ff , 5,1 1 n -N ' 1. 1 5' .' A ' f 'N K ,. l 1 .. 5 n '- , w A s A L ' , . 1 s. . 5 K 'NT 1 -L' .. fx W , -' " ' , W M 4. . . Q . N . 4 X f 2 , , K- g - "L K' ' fa . ' 1 N , -x ' ik ' ' A -. 1 A ' i ' '. 1 1- :L.1.'ng,xi' ' , 5 ,E- ,www df w ,M My fkffwjff M MWMW ZQYW ,f K H' ,,.,,f"' ' "' 'ff' ,,,J" .-' .... Q Y x .- ff ...f-ff . ' 4 , X Mr-' if R . 1.L'f '2' X v ,.M,.J'-yr ' A K. K I K 4 gf NA - 'li ,M I - Q- Q, A xr n. We . " .B eg ' W ,r W b , . ,A H 5 A-.M ' ' g v -S X ' 'bv . n 1 E ,.+.. i . 1, x , A nsc' . Q Rv . z 4 Q 1 1 Q . if "f' i s lm . Lv Wm- 2. X fa - 4194 .wh 1 X .. 4 ff: A lf",-Q at ' .. W s V x 3 I . 5 0 .wp N H 'Y 'ow ,. .A .4j,.jf'1A 95 ,N m , M 0 ff " - ,, 1 nu" ' K 5 : f- ' W L 1 'F 1" 1, M" Q A A I ,I - - ' ' . 'sa .. ,ff w f I , y ',,N , A , A lg, I , v 3: 'K ' "TF TIT, ii V. ."', 1 u M7 ,V W' Q 'Q A ' "'ig+'g2i"" A . ' fl'-'i 1 ' '.:"5'-1' T1'if7,3i?-5 -'N Hwy Q 2. :2 W b L - f X if , - w f ' law.. f- ' M, .Y 3-,I f 3 QQ Q, W- V, - f L - , H , I K - ,1 K f- ,,.. , , . A H--Xl k - 'jig f, if ' A-U' I 1, 555' 4 ' ' Left, ' V' 4 . , - 'W . K 2 ,S K -VR ' ff 'p , -1.-V . Q ,,,. . ' I v r .Q . ' Q 6 2, 5- .V g 0 L A , L- - . 1 A mf ,Q , -Q L I -f 'ff I f '31 ,, 'f f A ' ,. A Q3 , .. A Q H Us , Q fuk' it 1 ., R4 n- I f f . M Q , , 3 , ,M y . J., ,'. ' M X 4 1 5 , ,, . , - I 4 . sf f ' .W , V. .. , A . 1 X "cpm ' T iQ A - ffl- vsfl' A - + , K' -'Q ' .fn Q ,,,f A . , ,p .. ,v ff I ,gm H 45,1 ,N ig- A' 1' - , .N A xg . J W K. " Q 2 .-.,s5.- i,wd'v"'wQ"ff, K,Q",Qf'iF'." f 5' A ' , V, 5 gf im, ff ,km Lk -- f W x I up W H -ny f 7 ' 1.6 - Lg' X3 1 1- M 5' J' K f , . . T '-., 5,1 ' ' , K , U, ,. I f' Q4 Q, .- -+,,g,. 1Wgi-jlwig' x ., M, .. ' ' + 'f "" :ly ' ' 'if A "',:f W i .if 5 .1 Q ' 'ffl n 'QQ WSW ,w"f-' 'FW Q3 ' ,WM-w Ll 'M X Ex fir Q 3 'Nr ' .. 13 x H 'We ,K 1- 4555-2 A X Q.. Wd 11.75 . cef- Fourth Row: Angus, Heido, lakubovic, Forejt, Hartman, Zabkar, Cibulas, Mondock, Cope, Rutosky, Buchanan, Grosser, Third Row Pavick, Ungvarsky, Stouffcr, Vikartosky, Fatla, Forbes, Mesaros, Kozusko, Cope. Second Row: Kubasky, Coach Soni, Witek, Kecp Ponko, Taylor, Mizikar, Stanok, Coach Evancho, Lucas, First Row: Lipko, Vidakovich, Kois, Elko, Lucas, Nicholson, Muchoney, Cope Korhis. Hurst 21 East Huntingdon 0 On Saturday, Sf-ptorrrltf-r 13, Hurst opened their football soasorr by taking a 21-0 decision over East Huntingdon. The first touchdown was scored by Iohn Stanek, left halfback who parrf-d the Hurricanes and then scored a second touch- down, Right halfback Keep made the final touchdown and scored tlurlo conversions. This rrrarkod the first victory for Hurst. Hurst 6 Latrobe 19 Latrobe rrret Hurst in a grid contest at Latrobe before 5,500 fans. Latrobe received the kickoff, and after o few line plays, their halfback covered 69 yards for a touchdown. Hurst camo back on the next kickoff, pulled a reverse, and Iohn Stanek ran 85 yards for the lone tally, Latrobe also scored in the third and fourth periods. Hurst 7 Greensburg 26 Taking on an early lead, Greensburg won over the outweiqhed Hurst Eleven by the score of 26-7 before a crowd of 10,000 people. Costly fumbles were made by both teams. Hurst threatened the Greensburg goal several times but would not score. Early in the fourth quarter, Stanek streaked around right ond forthe only Hurst tally, Hurst 20 Dunbar 7 Fighting against Dunbar, If-o Keep sparked the Scarlet Hurricanes to a 20-7 victory over Dunbar on the latter's field and brought added prestige to Hurst in their bid for Class A honors. Hurst scored the first touchdown. The final score came when Ponko went over from the six yard stripe to cli- nrax an 80 yard drive. Hurst 0 Hurst 6 Ieannette 20 Ieannette recovered from a first quarter opening shock to overcome visiting Hurst 206 in an exhibition game at McKee Stadium. The Hurricanes gave leannette a surprise by passing successfully on the first scrimmage play to spark a 65 yard advance down the field to take au early 6-0 load on Taylor's plunge from a half yard out, Hurst 7 Derry Twp. 12 Trailing 7-6 going into the final period, Derry Township Golden Eagles took advantage of a Hurst fumble to score another touchdown and defeat the visiting Scarlet Hurricanes forces 12-7 before a crowd of 4,800 township fans. The vic- tory boosted the stock of Derry Township in the WPlAL Class A race and eliminated Hurst from the runiring. Hurst 6 North Huntingdon 27 Saturday afternoon, October 25, 1947, the classy North Huntingdon eleven came to the Hurst Scarlet Hurricane field to win by a score of 27 to 6. Stanek scored the lone touch- down for Hurst. North Huntingdon's quarterback, Hansler, scored two of their touchdowns. Again North Huntingdon scored when McCune lateralled to Lafoon for the final marker. Hurst 32 Ramsay 0 Taking an early lead in the first quarter, the Hurst Hur- ricanes had no trouble in downing the Ramsay Bobcats 32-0 before a crowd of 5,000 people. Stanek went over for the first marker and Taylor made the score 13 to 0. Don Cope snagged a pass from Stanek to score another touch- down. ln the second half, Hurst scored twice, Scottdale 7 Playing razzle-dazzle football, Scottdale High Schools football team pulled a maror surprise when they defeated Andy Evanchds Hurst High eleven 7-0 on the Hurst field. Scottdale's alert playing resulted in recovering five of the six fumbles of the Hurst men. The Scottdale tally came in the final period of the game when the Scotties recovered a Hurst fumble. ,:"..x,x A 'K at fn ,MM ,nn ,- W M . rf My-13? Q., w:fx,f.m f-af" Q X 1y 1 1, 11 111 IK111 1 111 1'y1111111111111111111111111111,s11111'1f1,q1111'1c1111sS,1 T111111 Huw: N-111451, 11.1, V1v1:11111X'.':11i1 1X11i1s11111,S11i1111:Q1:1,1111s11 1,1:1111. 3111111111 1111v1': 1. Vv11Sl111'1'V51i1, 111111111- K111at, Wi111k, 1'111111111.'12, 111111, 1111111 111111. P11511 Huw: 11I11Li1:11w::1:1, 1'11111111::, 111111111 W11'L', N1112'11111111, V1141 1111141-sy, X11'1111:. 1 I 1 1 1. 111 M1111 111 1111 11 1111 11111111155 1111 1111111 11111y11r111111 :s11111'111l111, T1111111 1:11111 1111111111111111y 111 1 1 11111 11 1 I1 -1 1111 1111 11111111 w111ky 11111114 111111k1111,1 111111 11111111 111111111 11111 111 11 11l+'I1111lIl1f 1 1111 111 111 '1111 1 1111 11 11111111111111 11111 11111'11S5111'y, T1112 111C11V1C'111l11 S1111 11115 1111111111111 1111111111111111i1 1: 11111111 11y 51111111 0111111 111C1y1'1' 11 1111 1111115 1111 1 11511 11111 11111111 1-11ssw1111c ' ' 1 . 11111114 111111 I1F'161fISf' 1111- sm v11111111, S11 111111'1c1y 3111111111 1"11'1 1 111 1111 11111 1111111111111111111111111 P 11 11111 11 11111 11. 111111 1111'111111l11y1-11s11111v111111w11y11c11111115 w11111c 1111 1111 11, 111 11 111 11 1 11 1111 1 111,111111111111y111 1111111111111111111111 111 1111s1c11111111I. 1-1111111111111 1111111y 1111 11111 1'111v111111:1s 111 11-11-11v 41 Wollc Vikertofsky l QS Nesqoda Sliibilski Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. lan. lan. lan. l3 Ian. l6 lan. 20 12 16 19 6 Ramsay ..... Dunbar Twp. . . Ramsay ....... Dunbar Twp. . . . . East Huntingdon . Greensburg ..... leannette ....... 'Blairsville ......... North Huntingdon Latrobe ...,....... Blazlcowski Cibulas Basketball Schedule-1947-48 W.P.I.A.L-Section 10 Home Home Away ...Away Away Home Away Away Home Away lan. lan. Ian. Feb. Feb Feb Feb. Feb Feb Feb Scottdale ...... Derry Twp. ..... . East Huntingdon Greensburg ..... ,,., leannette ....... Blairsville ....... North Huntingdon 'Latrobe ......... Scottdale ..... 'Derry Twp. . . . Coach Stephen Tomechko 'Denotes Section lO Class A-W.P.l, A,L,C41mos 61 Away Home Home Away Home Home Away Home Home Away BASEBBXX l-Effgqnsu EFMX Ksask Leoumxd Kogdm Hr-v, Nslhsx Avclsmw QRYJS IRA Fox Lie Kaz? Aufhou VUQXK Juxtdb nsvlixlws Jon- Bhskowskx John STp.'wuk Je, Kea-sw K Rasimcnul M t OQQK T-Nilog N KLK Xjxihfiovnck Xdhpxxu Qfoosgv Q,-1, EVM N Luc, H5 L.- 19 4 ep 1947 XX 5 QMEAUKE ucnT I mm 1. Hom'5T ct umvuo HUKST ENR R09 8 'lrDuubs1Twp,'1 l uxls-v Nuns? -4 Sr meer-1' 3 De:am'Tw9. L Hun-an +Swmu 2 uwn- Hunew 1' Rv-mug Huaw- Huasf n-AM "Flin nbv-R 0 s:xnn:"1' . L Scrnwdm 4 Jn- , 4.v 1 7 F I, fx '1 .Jn .. "Q ff' E' '26 cn Q W cv O -Q 2 rg, 0 131, 2' fl 6-9' xg Q : 63 9' Q xp, ?f,'1 fu 'f' 9'-9 6 5 C5 fs. -6 fa 'g gg.. uw cf, 'fn C0 CD Um K 'D H? o fb 'fi Q0 53 5 Q fw 3 4? 0 N ' 5 CU 49 Q 5 ,SP 52 ' N 5' 3 og: 556 9, N cv '59 5' SLU Q 5 0 Q Q S 1062, 0 'oo' 5' JS O B O. .fDeC1r Ruthn Qs HBH O 4 'la Q s k Q, ,TNQ ,v,. . , lltii' 313 2 it 37? 1-.9 , Rfww, X x ll-Ur-L5 12 L p.Mlf3'5 P 5 'Q E J- gif Q f 2 A , it s 5. Q. 37 QS Qin Wk A , J 'wg-45 . 'T lx I N1 f it an L 0 n , v 91' A ' 1 f as V L , I A -if ' wg' 1--:as Z , f- I L15 F, A A ,,. - F rg K , .-Swfffvrfnfkgi ng, 1 ,7 fu sg- !'vfV"M M' ,E p 5' X51 ,f., X rg, I-I, u wi y Z-55: A 5 -fm ,ik Agia., TN ,4t!5sf'.:, w ,wwf V! ll Haaumi nn, " X.X 'SI-T-T ff' WJ H, .qs 'f Co-operation Plus! Cooperation from Hurst faculty and students has made working at Hurst a pleasure. nPhotos that Live e- T E V E O B' S Phone Kecksburq 4832 United, Pa Portraits and Commercial Work 4 Make your appointment today. as I 5 2- .L R 41, L, lisa N52 W-M keg xkg-212220524 fa, ., X 2 A we x V -Q vw, ,, ffzffg' 1 ifli i Q, W ,-aff,-mx, ,gg ,f:,4Q7' aww -L ,W A N-W. .,U??5z1ff'f"'iZ:? Egljvfgfiii' l 5 NX W ge n' fy-vf Y X Y Y A P555 X J 1 4. mf? Q , mv " ..,, A A .- ' ' LX ' . H . V W 4 K . X K f -I 1 ,. , i i ' I , - S7i521?3f15?'::5f fl- z 'ffpgii - ' A ll' ,.- "w,,.o-"' Y "T: czmltf BNI: 0 4 69 you are nom tareo with the most iinportant oerision of pour life 2 : rboosing a rareer. Zgetore you make your final rboire, it tpoulo pap pou to look into the tnonoertul opportunities that are before pou in the Giniteo ivtates Qrinp ano Tiliniteo Qtates Zlir Jforre Recruiting itation 29 jliorth jililain Street Ereenshurg, iBa. iBhone 437 2 CLASS PINS UNIFORMS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION CLUB PINS FLAGS AWARDS DON ENEIX 927-927c1 Union Trust Building PITTSBURGH, PA. COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS CAPS AND GOWNS DIPLOMAS A CAPELLA ROBES 71 GRIMM Complete Eisliiriq Equipment Complete I-luntinq Equipment Eisliinq License Hunting License SPORTING GOODS Plione 2657 East Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. Tlie Best In Complete Stocks Golf Guns Rods Baseball-Tennis-Football P O S N E R' S CREDIT IEWELERS In Mt. Pleasant Since 1900 George and Cunningham Hardware 1-IOT POINT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Lucas Paints Myers 'Water Systems Plione 3231 507 Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1948 J. C. PENNEY, INC. 525-527 Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 72 OFFICE EQUIPMENT 8: SUPPLY CO. 114 N. Pennsylvania Avenue Phone 1673 Greensburg, Pa All Makes of Portable Type-writers Bought - Sold -e Rented -- Repaired R. H. BROOKS Compliments of Ohringer Home Furniture Company GREENSBURG, PA. PEARCE MANUFACTURING COMPANY PEARCE ALL WOOL BLANKETS Americas Finest Blankets BY America's Oldest Blanket Mill LATROBE, PA. A NAME YOU CAN TRUST THOMAS DRUG STORE 2 N. Pennsylvania Ave. Greensburg, Pa Where Pharmacy ls A ProtessionAfNot A Sideline 73 BERT FAUST Insurance and Surety Bonds WOOLWORTH BUILDING Main Street Greensburg, Pa Compliments ot SORBER AND HORNE ARCHITECTS First National Bank Building GBEENSBURG, PA. Phone 1490 COMPLIMENTS OF GREENSBURG MORNING REVIEW GREENSBURG DAILY TRIBUNE For Better Things To Wear Prom Your Head To Your Toes R O Y E R' S Since l9l4 GREENSBURG, PA. Compliments ot SILVIS FARM INC. Ice Cream Dairy Products GREENSBURG, PA. Phone 349 Where The Memory Ot Beautiful Lives Is Kept Beautiful Always WESTMORELAND COUNTY MEMORIAL PARK Phone l703 Greensburg, Pa I""' "' "I ELLIOT'S Wallpaper -4 Paints Linoleums Compliments of GREENSBURG PHOTO SUPPLY CO. Everything Photoqraphic Duco and DuPont Paints l32 S. Penna. Avenue GREENSBURG, PA. 116 S. Penna. Avenue GREENSBURG, PA. Phone 2263 C. W. DILLON COAL COKE CALUMET, PA. Phones Residence: Kecksburg 44Rl2 Office: Keckslourq 44R24 Compliments of NORVELT TRADING CENTER ALTMAN'S CASH FEED STORE 536 East Depot St. LATROBE, PA. 75 NIXON HOTEL BAR RESTAURANT 18-20 W. Palm. Street 149 Main Street GREENSBURG, PA. LATROBE, PA. BEST WlSllES TO THE MEMBERS OE THE CLASS OP 1948 FIRST NATIONAL BANK GHEENSBURG, PA. SEABOL MOTOR SALES AND SERVICE Your . KAISER-FRAZIER Dealer Hototiller "Power Tiller of VI Hundred Uses" 20110 Ligonier St. Latrobe, Pa. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1948 Barclay Westmoreland Trust Company Established in 1854 GHEENSBURG, PA. - 76 THCS. F. MEAGHER FUNERAL AND AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 5431 532 Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. MT. PLEASANT STATE BANK MOUNT PLEASANT Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CASH FEED AND HARDWARE Phone 2530 MT. PLEASANT, PA. Blue Ribbon Flour Green Bag Cement Richards Feeds Agrico Fertilizer 77 "Soy lt With Flowers" MT. PLEASANT FLORAL Bonded Members of Florist Teleqruph Delivery Assn. EDWIN A. SWINK, Prop. Pltone 2679 208 S. Diomond Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. GALONE FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE 204 Foqle Street Mt. Pleosont, PCI. Phone 3851 ' DILLON'S GARAGE MGBIL GAS ond OIL Lubricotions f Repairs Auto Accessories Phone Keclcsburq 3l:ll2 Pleosont Unity, Po. COOK LUMBER CO. Compliments of Bmw Ymds PORTER Moron COMPANY Ieonnette Lumber Company 3525 Fourth Street Mt. pleasant! PG. leonnette, Po. 78 ADLER'S RESTAURANT 36 W. Otterman St. GREENSBURG, PA. Phone 9494 Restaurant 24 Hours Dining Rooms Open Il A.M. to 2 P.M. 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. Air-Conditioned Catering to Parties Compliments ot Compliments of POLAR BEAR DAIRY BAR l86l Ligonier St. LATROBE, PA. KRYNICKY'S TAVERN Our Own Frozen Custard Lunches Ice Cream OVERLY'S SERVICE STATION Official Inspection Station General Auto Repairs NORVELT, PA. Phone KECKSBURG I4R6 AMBULANCE SERVICE FUNERAL HOME I OHN R. CEASE Funeral Director Phone Kecksburg 25R13 PLEASANT UNITY, Compliments of W. W. SEAMAN CANDY AND TOBACCO COMPANY SCOTTDALE, PA. 79 PA. ZIMMERMAN FUNERAL PARLORS Established l873 Plione 5481 MT. PLEASANT, PA Complimenis of ROSE STYLE SHOPPE Corners Ligonier cmd Depoi Streets LATROBE, PA. USCHOCK'S MARKET MEATS GROCERIES -PRODUCE Muiuol R. D. 5 Greensburg, Po. Compliments ol N ORVELT ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE SALES CS SERVICE Compliments of KRYNICKY'S SUNOCO SERVICE I. C. BALLEW Confectionery Sunoco Gris and Oil ARMBRUST, PA. Plione Younqwood 3880 Compliments oi PRESTON PACKING CO. MARTIN ZABKAR Your Local ATLANTIC Dealer Lubrication G Motor Oils Lee Tires and Tubes Mt. Pleasant - Greensburg Road Phone MT. PLEASANT 6118 BINGAMAN BROS. FRESH MEMS and oRocER1Es R. D. its Latrobe, PQ. Phone KECKSBURG 36324 BRODAR'S CASH MARKET Meats, Fruits, Groceries Gas and Accessories Phone MT. PLEASANT 2243 FREE PARKING RICH'S TAVERN DINING and DANCING Mammoth, Pa. MEET ME - WALTON'S DAIRY IN Since 1884 CAPITOL GRILL RAW MILK R. D. i,t:1 Mt. Pleasant, Pa 217 Weldon St. Latrobe, Pa. Phone KECKSBURG 106 Compliments of KAMP'S SHOE STORE Latrobe, Pa. WEISS FURNITURE STORE 132 Depot St. LATROBE, PA Phone 43 BOB'S DAIRY BAR Candy Ice Cream Soft Drinks Cigars Cigarettes A-27 Norvelt, Pa. HUNTER BROS., Prop. I. P. KIKEL Body and Fender Repair Painting 6: General Repair Official Inspection Station Lycippus, Pa. Phone KECKSBURG I3R3 Compliments of MILLER 6. BRIGG COMPANY Largest Home Furnishers in Westnioreland County. 910-912 Ligonier St. "Bortz For Sports" BORTZ HARDWARE COMPANY 22-24 N. Perma. Ave. GREENSBURG, PA. Phone 232 Fishing Tackle LATHQBB PA' Hunting Supplies Phone 542 Bikes CS Bike Parts GENERAL AUTO BEST FEED 6. FARM REPAIRING SUPPLY INC. I- I. ZSOLCSAK, Owner . Feeds k - Fertilizer he Seeds Dealer rn Gas, Oil and Tires Poultry Supplies CALUMET, PENNA. 126 Main St. Phone 2141 Official Inspection Station LA-I-ROBE PA. Acet. Welding and Brazing ' LINCOLN SERVICE :S SUPPLY CO. LATROBE, PA. DuPont Paints Auto Accessories FELIX'S CASH MARKET General Merchandise CALUMET, PA. HUGHES MEN 6 BOYS FRAMPTON'S IEWELRY STQRE The Smart New Shop For Men's and Boys' 327 Main St' Dress and Work Clothes LATRQBEI PA. 329 Main St. Latrobe, Phone 207 GEO. C. ANDERSON SHICK'S GARAGE 5, SONS, INC, LATHOBE, PA. GENERAL REPAIRING Everything For 1015 Ielterson St. Latrobe, Pa. The Builder 1 Compliments of THE LATROBE BULLETIN "We Print The Facts" The Story Behind The Story THIRON C. SMITH Chevrolet Sales Service 339 Depot St. LATROBE, PA. LEEPER'S DAIRY BAR Kecksburq, Pa. FRYE 6. ROLLA General Merchandise And Groceries WELTYTOWN, PA. R. D. :j:f:3 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Phone KECKSBURG 45P2 STORM WINDOW 6 DOOR CO. lnselbric 61 Roofing All Aluminum G Redwood Storm Windows of Doors GEORGE D. GALLEY Body Manufacturers Fire 61 Ladder Trucks Equipped Electric Welding Cor. Washington QS Quarry Streets 8 S. Church St. Mt, Pleasant MT PLEASANT PA Office Hours Ph 2434 . 8230 A.lVl. to 5 P. M. Rezfle 2288 Est 1865 You Will Always Be Pleased With Quality, Service G Price at the C A N D Y L A N D Mt. Pleasant, Pa. ANDREW KAN TORIK Sturdy, Cost Reducing Farm Equipment Oliver Cletrac Sales 6: Service Farm Freezers, Milk Coolers and Machines Phone 6201 Mt. Pleasant V. ROSSO. FLORIST Bonded Member of Telegraphic Delivery Service MT. PLEASANT, PA. Compliments of LEVIN 'S SMART SHOP 620 Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. GOOD LUCK DORN PHARMACY Mt. Pleasant, Pa. - i Compliments of SMITTY'S BARBER SHOP 663 Main Street Phone 2267 MT. PLEASANT, PA. Compliments of For Those Who Want The Best Maytag - Ranges - Free rs THE LEADER Washers Ze Iunior, Miss, Ladies AUTHORIZED MAYTAG Ready To Wear SERVICE 705 Main Street Phone 6421 630 Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Mt, Pleqggnf, Pg, phone 2559 IOE HARTMAN, Prop. GRIMM FUNERAL HOME GEORGE SAI-OOM 806 W, Main Street Complete Outfitters Men - Women - Children MT. PLEASANT, PA. Best Store For Values phone 2442 MT. PLEASANT, PA. SAM LEVIN FURNITURE CO. W. F. SMITH HARDWARE 6. SUPPLY CO. B, P, S, Paint Home Furnishings N o r g e and Appliances ADp1iCmCeS MQUNT PLEASANT 600 Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Compliments of Compliments of L. LEVINSON I. F. ERWIN Men's Wear Ladies' Wear MT. PLEASANT, PA. 85 I 'I i Compliments of FREED'S HOTEL 236 E. Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Phone 2602 MILLER'S MARKET Meats and Groceries Fruits and Vegetables Phone 2406 631 Main St. MT. PLEASANT, PA. JEWELRY or DISTINCTION FREY'S IEWELERS 614 Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. GREENE ELECTRIC CO. Radios, Sweepers, Wasliers, Refrigerators Electrical Appliances Your WESTINGHOUSE Store Phone 3776 Mt. Pleasant, Pa LANDY'S SERVICE STATION Atlantic, Texaco, Esso Gasoline G Oil TIRES and TUBES 259 E. Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. LAWRENCE A. REHANEK Reliable Prescriptions 644 Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. Phone 2330 I. B. COLDSMITH CO. Artists' - Painters' - Paper Hangers' Supplies 756-758 Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. Phone 2532 KLINCHOCK'S MARKET Meats and Groceries Fruits and Vegetables Phone 2450 240 E. Main St MT. PLEASANT, PA. IOS. GRABIAK SERVICE For A Quick Hot Lunch V i s i t Pemzip Gas MUCHONEY'S DAIRY LUNCH Candy - Cigarettes Next to Hurst's Football Field Music Sandwiches GHEENSBURG ROAD lce Cream Soft Drinks ST. XAVIER ACADEMY Boarding School for Girls XAVIER HALL POR BOYS Lincoln Highway Latrobe, Pa. Get A Good Photo While You're About It REMPES STUDIO 31 N. Main Street Greensburg, Pa Phone 797 lt Pays To Shop At . . . THE BON TON S. W. ROSE AND SON GREENSBURG, PA. YOUNG Suddenly it's playtime again and the SLANT young World is abloom with bright ON . . . ideas tor the youngsters. Everything VACATION they'll need to outfit them from "head TIME to toe" you'll find now in our Special- ized Children's Center. T R O U T M A N S "Greater Greensburg's Greatest Store" 87 C0mPlim9Y1l5 Of KATHRYN KALP GRAND THEATER General Insurance G Beal Estate Room 7 MT. PLEASANT, PA. State Bank Building Phone 3306 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. C A R U S O ' S Compliments of ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Lee Tires -A Exide Batteries Auto Accessories HOTEL WINDSOR Phone 2216 UNITED, PA. Main 61 Shupe Streets MT. PLEASANT, PA. GCODMAN S DINE and DANCE Located on Route l80 at Pleasant Unity, Pa. STEMMLER AND JCHNSON MEATS cmd GROCERIES Phone Kecksburq l3R22 Pleasant Unity, Pa. 88 COMPLIMENTS OF WESTMORELAND MOTOR CO. Phone 365-366 218 S. Maple Ave GBEENSBURG, PA. International Motor Trucks CS School Buses Buick Automobiles SETON HILL COLLEGE Pre-professional training for Medicine, Law, and Social Service, Teacher education. Degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor ot Music, Bachelor of Science in Home Economics Accredited by the Association of American Universities KENNAMETAL CUTTING TOOLS Help Industry Make Better Products, For More People, at Less Cost A '- ' K NNAMETAL 9114. MANUFACTURERS OF SUPERIOR CEMENTED CARBIDES AND CUTTING TOOLS THAT INCREASE PRODUCTION BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1948 MAXWELL'S FURNITURE Serving Westmoreland County Since 1907 Visit Our New Store ll4 E. Otterman St. GREENSBURG, PA. 89 East Compliments PENN FRANCIS HOTEL Main Street MT. PLEASANT, PA. Compliments of W. T. GRANT CO. 625 Main St MT. PLEASANT, PA. ALEX A. GHANTOUS Outfitters for the Whole Family Main St. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. SHAFFER CHEVROLET Chevrolet and Oldsmobile SALES and SERVICE Mt. Pleasant, Pa. PRITTS FEED MILL Phone 2525 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. FARM SUPPLIES FLOUR FEED W. W. SPELKER WALLPAPER - PAINTS Phone 2358 107 E. Main St. MT. PLEASANT, PA. P O S T E R ' S AUTO WRECKING CO. NEW 6 USED PARTS For All Makes of Cars Glass Replacement Scrap lron 5. Metals Bought 239 Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa Phones 5601 and 3601 "Everything Photographic" GREENSBURG PHOTO ANN'S HOME BAKERY 121 S. Penna. Ave. GREENSBURG, PA. SUPPLY CO' Birthday - Wedding Cakes Made to Order Phone 2263 116 S. Penna. Ave. PHONE 470B Compliments of H. A. BYERS SALES 6 SERVICES Greensburg, Pa. Compliments of GREENSBURG DRUG CO. 125 S. Main St. Greensburg, Pa. Compliments of the C O L I S E U M SKATING DANCING We Cater To Private Parties Phone 7516 Greensburg, Pa. P. WEEKLAND, Prop. GWYNN FLORAL SHOP Flowers for All Occasions Member T. D. S. Phone 3613-I 14 W. Second St. Greensburg Better Goods For Less Money I OE WORKMAN 'S DEPARTMENT sronr: Greensburg, Pa. Dodge Plymouth GREENSBURG MOTOR CO. Greensburg, Pa. "It does Make a Difference where You Buy an Automobile" Phone 2121 GREENSBURG BUSINESS SCHOOL 115 North Main Street Business Training Pays Mary E. Zirnmers LATROBE MOTOR COMPANY FLOYD C. EISEMAN Buick Sales and Service "Everything for the Automobile" 104 Depot St. Phone 24 LATBOBE, PA. C. R. BARR DESOTO - PLYMOUTH Pleasant Unity, Pa. Phone KECKSBURG l2R5 O. P. O. Clothes 4 W. Otterman St. GBEENSBURG, PA. Manufacturer To You - Coast To Coast SENIORS - IUNIORS - SOPHOMORES - FRESHMEN Hememlier last football season. Remember how your quarterback outsmarted the opponents and walled a winning play. You won because some one did some quick thinking. ln the game ot life those forge ahead and win who think most. A college education primarily trains one to THINK. You who are living within easy distance of St. Vincent College can drive to college everyday and get a college education tor less than half what it costs to go away to college. Every young man in this district can get an education at St. Vincent it he has determina- tion. A little extra work, a tew more sacrifices now, and he will be miles ahead when big oppor- tunities come later. Medicine, Law, Teaching, Chemistry, Business, Music-these are just some of the courses at St. Vincent. But not every student who makes application will be admitted. Good grades and the proper subjects are necessary. We urge freshmen and sophomores to take as much mathematics as pos- sible. It trains you to THINK-the one quality required for college and lite. Engage in some extra curricular activitiesgthey help to develop your personality. A book worm will never be a success- tul leader. STEP UP, BOYS - THINK - WORK - BE A LEADER ST. VINCENT COLLEGE r l -1 Congratulations ART GREGORY Class of 1948 Distinctive I.OWENSTEIN'S Meds Wear DEPT. STORE Latrobe, Pa. Latrobe, Pa. COMPLIMEN TS OF LATRGBE ELECTRIC STEEL CGMPAN Y LATROBE, PA. Congratulations Compliments of Your LATROBE Theaters MANOS-GRAND-OLYMPIC BETTY IANE SHOE STORE Continuous Shows SUNDAYS AND WEEKDAYS 123 S. Main St. Safety - Comfort - Service GREENSBURG, PA. 7 93 4rt1AtA . . . ng:-aeA . . . If ll or more than 35 qeam . . . Complete layout and art department . . . experienced craftsmen operating the most modern of equipment for making highest quality engravings . . . over 35 years ol "know how": gained from working closely with industry, business, schools and colleges . . . All these are yours when we work together. Consult with us on your art and en- qravinqs. ERIE ENGRAVING CO. 11 East 14th St. ERIE PA 94 if . ,xg '-2:Q+,3f' .dwifrl Hwang' fly PRINTING vw BINDING 44 COVERS QQ . mu .im Gmpgfe Qfinfing eruice Hundreds of customers like the time-saving factor of working with one establishment that provides a complete effective edition printing service. Kurtz Bros. gives you the best in service, experience materials, and craftsmanship. PHONE ooo .KfU"fZ M05. CLEARFIELD,PA. EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR CRAFTCO COVERS 95 awww I I !. I If I 4 f A. in I 1' f ' "' 4 1 'x ,.... . 1' ff' .ar N4 ' ,., 3 f ' 2 M1 4 1 x s 1 3: . I . ff, . v x 'W' . X -1 il A X. L MZ 2 ' v 's 's 1. x Q I, 4.4 I' il f ,Q . -1, ..A .f H 11 1 f IJ If A , ,x .:,..X - 1:51 X KA , lc .5.,, .. J H 1 - - x ,VH X X , Q .,.

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