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meqn, , , . M3-Q5,'V.l:'lQf ' .' .. ,, a. . fp ' , .zf:' 2 Y- ,. f'-Qi'1'y? 1 ' 'X 3'1+Qi4f?E"32m J' .' fm I N 'A fl A ' '-Q' 4 ,YW . ,gn 1 .A ,. AQ - ,. 4 ., . i I . . 'P 'ug' - : ,-" '. ,, 0 6 ' , if ,A Tl' 1' ' W. - Q, mul ,V , j 'af jhii ,v ' I ,' X ,. , - ,A Q I , .5,m,.r.x:. Q .i Q . , , N , ' ' mn , Q 4 P . . f 'F S X 1 I ul X Q" All A cl F' x 2' Xl Q 7 f 1 Z fi GZ! ff , X 2 ,W ' in f I ' 3 XX X K 4 ,e 'J 4 S XQ .H ,QM 54 W.. X 1 '4 i XS S 'if Zi, f "I 4 7 chez! jhr cz S i an, hard pressed and worn, ' o w : . his princely rags, though torn, As proudly as he feels his right To reach for stars not out of sight. , ,'1 " V.g,,-i,.f.- 'f A M.-Ja ,fl ..,e' m.f.':.iifq' X x X X X A ' XX J. A W . ui, ,' A . ,NK AQKLSS14 V441 E2 x -fi Ei R A n-"4 vvg D, f ' .vat NF'4rhq j l 'gif ,N fi gs , z., Q : X Di . , 3 U U 'Q 'll 3 s -Y 1frQi5'f"""'f Gm .:.fn,g-144.2 " -"'!.1 H' .,:s, 6.15 . 1.,.:A,,,.,' .- - -,,, ,.,,, . - ' -, K .x 1. 1 t .wr it ,- ,. f.igf. it - wgH,,,,, ,vs ,. , M g 4 , Y y Qt - . .f- ' '14 V' .r'vFvLy' f ir. P ' -i .f . 1 zr " ' -' ."'1 fe '.'f'??'l'1'ii111siy,J A -1 4 ,,., ,i ,... ,t . . . . , . .sw M ,,iz,,,..1i-A- . 'P i - . .. ,S- , f 1. 11 V 5 g-- A ' 'V ' - ,W . ,. Q-airy. Wi. gasL'iD?.g9.1,:, 5 P 5 -. A ii: A ribute . . We, the class of lf?-ll, dedicate this Colophon with the utmost sincerity and affection to Paul K. jones, science teacher, who left us in April of this year for a position in Westinghouse where he is employed in a study of efficiency, Mr. jones has spent prac- tically eighteen years of his life in this building. Before the building was re- modeled, he received his grade school education in what is now Room 7, His four years of high school training follow- ed in this same building. After an in- terim of four years, he returned to teach biology and senior science, a position he has held for six years. I IAIA .V,'q l up W ,-Q-:Q W if 'Q s in Four ears . . . mciuvziion When we entered the halls of Hurst four years ago and were welcomed in our first assemhly exercises hy our principal, Mr. Mullin, we were addressed for the first time as the Class of 10-ll, We were proud of that name which then seemed as remote as some mythical land. How quiclely those four years have passed until now it is hard to realize that we were one those pre-adolescents. entering the doors of llurst with mouths agape and hearts pounding! We have grown up in these four years as we passed through the flip- pant sophomore stage to heeome enthusiastic juniors and then dignified seniors Now we stand on the hrinlv and whether we sinla or swim is up to each one of us. During our four years at l lurst, we seniors have had friendly guidance and excellent eo-operation from our administrationwfrom lX'fr Rum- haugh and lXlr. Mullin, whose advice and help proved invaluahle, from the school hoard whose unllailing interest in us has urged us onward, and from our faculty memhers whose patience and slsill have prepared us to face our prohlems with understanding, who also have given us a firm ldasis for living. OUR ALMA M ATER There is Z1 thrill of spirit which lovc imparts 'lillll turns our thoughts to llurst l lighs glor5 Both oltl and young, xx ith singlc tongue Unite tosing.four.1Xlint1 Xlatcrs story, Then let our song asccntl in unison Our loyal hearts avmx' no other ll' uniflcs, it ncvcr tlics, The love ol' Hurst High, our mother, PART ONE loe zlble Xxllll 111111l111g11x 111 5l1.1l1'x111'.111 111' IIIIQLIII mx lllill lll1l'Nl ll111l1 Nklllllll IN 1 Slilign' :1111l 41ll 1l11' N1111l1'111x 111111-lx 11l111'1w XX 1' wp 1l11' .11l1l1-1, 11l.1x111yg ll1LII 11.111N1111 ll1L 11111l111111 11111l11' 1111111 1111l 1111 Il11'1l1:1I1111111l l11 .111111l11'1' .111 111' X11 -1111' 1l11l1.111'1'X 11111111 111111111 l11111111x ,111.l 11111' 1ll'.l 1111110 N11c:1lX1'1'X l1111l1111g 11111 11l.111X 111 1l1x11111'111111 ll11'1111'1.11111M111N.11g,1111 Ukll' llllllkllk .11I111N 1llL' llI'L'NkllllI1'Q "XX l1.11 1 l 1l1' 1l11111.1 l.111.111w1' X11111' 'Xlwx I l11'1'1'3l1l11sx11111 .1111l .1 llll.ll XLl'llL' 5111111111 l'1'11'1' X111lx111l11'x 11l.1x 1l11'11 11111lN Slllllkk l1 111 l1.11l111gg 111lw lllllklx 111111111 lxlll 1 11l1 1111l1x11l11:1l 11l11x1'1' 1111 llllx 1211.11 1 1111 lXlll7XXX lll1Il I11' IIIKINI 1l11 l11x l11N1 lNI1l'Nl11111l IN l11'111'1 1l1111 Il11' p11111l1' 11l111 .11u Ill ll fr, 'fx ,fff ,X X f',f,77f' ff X' If . QQ L+ A I , ' My .'f' ,4 i , gf' 1 K .4 rf ' ji ,iff ff ff ,Q 54 ,, ff .Qui . fqfi ff v'i!33'5 ' '15 E3 F? .J ii 12 mmf 2 1 8 Y Z ff! 4 .xi -Hx an 1: 'vii , 1,5 l 1 . 0, -gaze.. it U32-Lai l H X l ws lX4cCrackin Howard Ncidcrhiser Aultman Rumlmugh Scra 'not arvan : nt rc he Baum' 0 Education Our Board of Education is composed of seven capable men who are interested in the welfare of the boys and girls of our community, lt is to them that we owe an educational system of which We are rightly proud. The board strives for the hettcrmcnt of each individual student through a varied course of study and through the careful selection of faculty memhcrs. lfew of us fully appreciate the problems our hoard has had to overcome during these years of changing economic and social conditions. With the careful planning and good judgment of these men, our edu- cational system has not onlylieptits high standards but has moved forward. Lights may be seen burning late on the first Monday of the month when the board meets to decide the policies of the school and the financial problem, We are grateful to the Board of liducation for in- spiring us that we "Enter to learn, go forth to serve." lX'1lfl.VA DULAN EVA NIARIH l lYDll Secretary Secretary I0 ,,.. 4. . A Nl I I RIlNll 'XIIFI NI HI Nl l' l'l,lf.-XS,1XN'I'TOWNS!Ill' SUIICTOLS IIUNIBI-'RlIlx1llXl'l2ll li X . lfil Nl. I i.1nlxlln:1n.l'Xl1irsl1zillK.ollcgc l nixiisitx oll'lllslvLll'g1l1 sant 'lloxxnship School, camc to llurst as a tcachcr ol niathcniatics in l0l2 altcr his gracluation lroni IV'lI'ill1Iill!'l and Marshall Cfollcgc. ln l0l5 hc hccamc principal ol' llurst High School, 'llhc llolloxxing ycar hc ucccplccl a position to tcach mathcniatics in hlcliccsport lligh School 'l'hcn hc cntcrccl thc Arniy and upon his cliscliargc rcttirnccl to Hurst as supcrintcnclcnt. IXIR. hlL'l.l,lN , . . principal ol' Hurst liigh School. was gracluatccl lroni Pcnnsylvania Statc Cfollcgc in 1021. Altcr a short pcriocl ol teaching in Bcllc Ycrnon, Pa., hc canic to our school in thc fall ol' N22 to tcach all scicncc courscs. Two years latcr hc was maclc principal. With his rcpgular school work hc has con- tinuctl his oxxn ctlucation ancl cxpccts to bc granted a Doctor ol Philosophy cicgrcc soon. ll MR, Rtiixiisixtxsli . . , supcrintcnclcnt ol' thc iXlt. Pica- l'RlfXlffll'.'Xl HI 'XII l'l I' XSXXI IKUXX 'XlSllIl'llllillSC'lll1Ul XXIIIIXXIIB hlllllN ISS lx1S,I.l'xI lxcnnsx lx:ini.i Stall- llilli-L44 llnixclsilx ul lhilslviliiglv he Administration The Fczcult . . . DOROTHY BARNHART, AB. Hood College I E 1lUHN BATISTE, B,S,, Edlvl, ndiana State Teachers College University Of Pittsburgh SJHN CLARK, B.S. uquesne University DOROTHY BARNHART . . . has classes of both Ameri- can history and world history . . . her students claim she knows history backwards and forwards . . . is interested in all current events . . . usually has charge of the junior Play . . . sponsor of the "Ushers Club". JOHN BATISTE . . . prepares Commercial students for the business world . . . has sophomore classes in typing . . . junior and senior classes in shorthand . . . his senior secretarial practice class does the school mimeographing . . . is an expert typist. JOHN CLARK . . . has freshman classes in junior business training . . . sophomore and junior classes in bookkeeping . . . coaches the basketball team . . . has a "knack" for writing stories and poetry . . . spends leisure time thus. MARGARET CLINCH . . . who has changed her name this year, teaches English to freshmen and Latin to sophomores . . . traveling is her hobby . . . has been to Europe and l-loly Lands, also South America . . . sponsor of dramatic readings in forensic league. ANDREW EVANCHO . . . coaches the Football Squad . . . produced another team 'of fighting "Scarlet Hurricanes" . . . commonly called "Shuey" by his friends . . . general science is the freshman subject he teaches . . . adviser to the Letterman's Club, JANE FISHER . . . takes her place on the faculty teaching freshman and junior history . . . has helped stage many "Proms '.., directed the senior class play . . . sponsor of the "History Club' '... knows how to plan for a good time . . . likes to drive her Packard. MARY jo GARMAN . . . manages girls' athletics . . . teaches health classes every lsriday . . , a friend to all , . . can make the students forget she is a teacher . . . l-lurst lasses take all their "accident cases" to her . . . another one who has recently changed her name. RUTH GRAHAM . . . has very blond hair . . . starts Commercial and Academic students on the road to becoming better typists . . . also teaches the freshmen the principles of business in junior business training. SAMU i, GREEN . . . is kept busy directing the Band, Choral group, and Orchestra . . . also directs musical activities in the lower grades in the town- ship , , . enjoys playing the piano and is a good singer . . . produced 'Miss Cherryblossomn this sprlng, THEODORE GREINER . . . is director of Hurst athletics . . . is assistant coach Of the Football Squad , . partici- pates in all kinds of sports . . . is the boys' athletic instructor . , . meets freshmen in his civic classes. PAULJONES . . . taught biology and senior science . . . is now on leave Of absence from Hurst . . . was ad- viser to cheerleaders . . is interested in photography , . , sponsored Camera Club for several years . . . popular with all students, especially seniors in science classes, IDA KAPALKA . . . teaches girls in her home economics classes preparing them for their duties as future housewives . . . spends leisure time cooking and sew- ing . . . has also recently changed her name. 1? NIA B.-X.N1,X XIIn'11Iunx CRIIIL-gg' I 11lxL'ullN ui I'vv1lxwIxunlx RU,-NRI-"I ,NNIURI XKSVI IN XXI N Xlm'L'l1lK4uIIgy1' IA URI XY I X'XTX.f'II11 IRS Nl- I-KISIIVR, I5 'X I'L'x1y1XxIx:1l1mlnIInuuImXXmm'u1 NI X Ikmnxu-11 x HI IIxlIxIwL1v'pgI1 RN KINKQXRIXIXN IBS Rl "I I I I3 lQl2.XI IAIX1 Il S In n I111l1:1SIzxlL' I rs:sI1m rxf I-Ihyv IIIIIUDURI Kill! INI R IRS 5Ilp1u15RrmcIx 511110 IL-:II-l1uX1'I,II.,. IDX I5Il ION Ii XI'.fXl.Ii'X. Il N. InIl:xl1:15lz1Ir IL'1cI1LlNf'uII1ggn' I I','XlI IUNI S IGS IIHIICIII ' ' rum 1lI"Ik.R CDRII-'N. IEQS In Ixzmzx Slznln- In.14 In-uf 'VIII I-1' be Fazcult ARTHUR KROMEIR, B.S. St. Vincent College jOHN ll. LONG, B.S., Ed.M. Pennsylvania State College University of Pittsburgh jOSEPl l MYERS, BA., Ed.M. Llnivcrsity ol' Pitiskurgh LIZTITIA MYERS, B.A,, Ed. lvl. juniata College University of Pittsburgh ARTHUR KROMER . . . likes to do good for others , . ' his teaching duties include science, chemistry, and physics . . . has charge of the laboratory . . his classes do all the experimenting for the school. JOHN LONG . . . lives up to his name in his activities at Hurst . . . has charge of the "Future Farmers of America" . . . his workshop department is invaluable in making and painting our stage scenery . . our campus shows the effective work of Mr, Longs de- partment. JOSEPH MYERS . . . a new-comer to Hurst, was for- merly principal of the Norvelt Public School . . . does his best to keep straightened the tangled grammar of the freshmen . . . gets along very nicely with the students. LETITIA MYERS . . . is adviser of the popular school paper, 'The Hurstonian' '... she helps to keep i'Lady of The Lake" and "Tempest" alive . , .juniors attend her English classes . . . very willing to help others at any time. 14 XVILDA MYERS . . . is our new school librarian . . . has sophomore linglish classes . . . advises and trains the Library aides . . . they have formed a club, with her as sponsor , . i always enjoys reading a good book. JOHN Noela , . . is coach of our Baseball Team . . . head of the Student Council, the governing body of Hurst High School . 4 . because of his pleasing per- sonality and outstanding ability, he makes even mathematics seem easy. EDXVARD Pomiii . . . has a great sense of humor . . A can usually make you laugh no matter what mood you may be in . . . is interested in eurrent events, but never forgets his ancient history, f M25 tl , ELIZABETH POTTS . . . is the able faculty adviser of X the "Colophon" . . . meets sophomores in ljnglish , ii class and freshmen, juniors, and seniors in Latin witmx Mv1aRs,uA. Classes' Thiel College jill lN NOCK, HS., lid.lX1. EDWARD PORCH, B.A.,Ed.M. ELIZABli'l-ll R, POT TS ll A Wziynesluurg College Fimllriy College H 'l:d.lX'1, 7 llnivcrsily of Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh UDIVCYSIW of l lUNl'U"Ll' I5 be Fvzcull ELIZABETH lvl. RUSSIZLL, BA University of Pittsburgh ELIZABETH RUSSELL . . . is really everyones friend . . . has classes of both junior and senior English . . . brings up all forgotten verbs and pronouns . . . assists Mr. Batiste, very ably, in preparing commercial students for the business world . . . one of the main cogs in the Hurst High machinery. JOSEPH SENI . . . is also an assistant football coach . . . last fall he introduced to Hurst a new subject in the form of Economic Geography . . , also meets fresh- men to talk over civic problems . . . although a newcomer to Hurst as a teacher, he has made a good impression on everyone, JOSEPH SILVIS . . . is the orator of Hurst . A . readings of all types and debates are coached by him . , . his debate teams give stiff competition in any league . . . he teaches juniors the principles of commercial law, and seniors the fundamentals of economics and salesmanship. IDA M. SOWASH . . . is "une maitresseu ofjunior and senior French classes . . . the French Club claims her as adviser . . . she is an exception to the rule that people with red hair have violent tempers . . . she, also, took a new name recently . . . hopes to make Caracas, Venezuela her new home soon. JOSFPH SEM B S IOSEPH SILVIS, 13.5- Ed.M. IDA EEAcoM SOWASH, E, A. St, Vincent College Duquesne University - University of Pittsburgh Grove Cay College I6 he Senior Class As we, the Class of I9-ll, look back over our four years at Hurst, we point with pride to our achieve- ments, and we regret our failures. Although we are the largest graduating class from this school, we are sorry that many who started with us in the fall of 1937 have dropped out of school. We were one of the first freshmen groups to organize with Harry Hagerty as president, Frances Kapalka, vice-president. and Clara lX4eisner as secretary. When we were soplhomores, many of our group found themselves winning honors for our school on the football field, in forensic league activities, and in the held of music. We were a part of that group, the underclassmen, about whom one hears little, but on whose support so much depends. We emerged from the sophomore stage to wide- awake juniors, ready to participate with the greatest zeal in all activities, We presented two one-act plays, "His lfirst Shave" and "junior Buys a Car," instead of the customary three-act play. Many of our group had leading roles in the operetta, "Tulip Time." We were proud hosts when we entertained the seniors at the annual prom. Now, asseniors, we have a distinct place in hligli school life. Our year has been Hlled with many and varied activities. During football season, we con- ducted the refreshment stand at the football games This year three of our number, Betty lvlilotta, Betty johnson, and Robert Hauser, were selected as charter members of I-lursts chapter of the National Honor Society. "Spring Fever," our class play, was a huge success. We have worked hard to live up to our ideals. We feel we have succeeded to some degree and that we have not blindly reached for a star. uldeals are, like stars, you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But, like the seafaring men on the desert of waters. you choose them as your guides, and follow- ing them, reach your destiny " 17 OFFICERS President ..... ...... R obert Hauser V. President. . . . .... Stuart Hyde Treasurer ...... ..... I -ouis Mocco Secretary ..,., ...... I ilyde Bilner NORMAN ADAMS "l fall' Pint" is our very jolly senior boy . . . argues about anything . . . would like to drive a truck . . . his favorite color seems to be red. MARGARIYI' ADZIMA "lVfargie" is one of thc many tiny blondes about our school . . . she is another of our promising secretaries . . . her hobby is collecting pictures of Movie Stars. All INE AHLBORN 'Nluneu isjust as fair as the month . . .admires fairness in tcachcrs . . fond of cooking and singing . . . would much rather be a housewife than a career woman. GEORGE E. ARTIIX4 "George" is an enthusiastic follower of all sports . . expects to be a mechanical engineer . . . spends spare time "tinkering '.,. two-years on basketball team. Vv'll.l,lAlX4 VV. Al Tl .'l'lVlAN UBill" is a boy who always finds it easy to take the other side . .his future seems to be in Cfivil Service work. .. strange as it may be, his favorite color is red. klfkfili BARR "jack" was another of our handsome gridiron men . . . enjoys other sports too . . . an agriculture student , . . his greatest weakness was studying . , . likes to take hikes with blondes. HOXVARIU XVILLIAIX4 BAKER "Buck" was our second team quarterback . . . his hobby is collecting stamps from fan letters . . he seems to be greatly interested in electrical engineering. NTARY klANE BAl.fXZEli Nursing is the profession "Fyfary" has chosen for her career . . . dancing is one of her favorite pastimes . . also enjoys designing . . . steak and mushrooms a treat. ANN BAYUS Versatile "Ann" wants to be a secretary '... cheerful, efhcicnt, and cooperative . . . bright and refreshing to know . . . member of Hurstonian and Colophon Staff AI,ESSlO BELLONI UAlcssio" is undecided as to what he will do after gradu- ation . . . favorite subject was trig . . , prefers the color blue . . . enjoys spaghetti and meat balls. PAL il, BERG "Paul" is interested in the field of aviation . . . his many hobbies but his favorite is hunting . a member of the L lshers Cilub four years. CLYDE BITNER l lere today gone tomorrow that's Hlyfitzm no won! der for he'll be sailing through the clouds someday . . hobby is ice skating . . . interested in school affairs. LORETIAA Rl"l'H Bl RKI IOLDER URuth" plans to invade the field of nursing . . . helped inthe library . . . an efficient library aide for two years . . .enjoys roller skating in her spare time. it Rliil MRD Bl TSDOSI l "l3u::y' led the band around on the football field . . . direets traffic in the halls . president of French Cilub . , . member of Sportsmeits Cllub , . . enjoys hunting. lSliRlXlARD l3YSllQli lylusieal "Bert" is a iolly sort of person . , . spends leisure time playing the bass fiddle and collecting re- cordings oforchestras . . popular with fair sex. -lOli CIfXRNlfY floef has been a member of the band and chorus . favorite recreation is amateur chemistry '... will in- vade the aviation field some day . . .likes green MARY lil,l.lfN KYASI lilfl, "Mary lilleni' is fond of scouting. . .to become a home economics teacher is her one ambition . . . cheerful and friendly . . .was hall monitor . . .onl lurstonian Stall. tfliCill.lA C1liRlsOX'Xllli "Ci l" is a Piolly lass who enjoys swimming. . . longs to be a priyate secretary . . . will make a good one . member ofthe lapping and Choral Clubs. ANN,-X lXl lil lRlS'l'lli liny i'fXr1i1ii is a yery quiet. industrious girl . . , we prophesy a bright future in nursing for her . , . always ready and eager to lend a helping hand . . . enjoys the radio lllQl.l'.N lxl.-XIRIC C1Ul.lf "A stenographer l wish to be," saysl lelen . . . the radio is her best friend . . . she has many friends and also a smile for everyone fayorite color is red NllRlAlVl DAUGI llfR'l'Y "lX'1im" is a carefree girl . . . interested in all phases of sports . . . has an intense desire to become ii nurse . . she has a weakness for fried chicken. li.iX'l'l ll.l2liN D. DOLAN Uliathleen" isa tiny lass who has a lot to say . .flom- mercial student . . . enjoys traveling would like to make a non-stop flight around the world . . . member of the Choral Club lil.l2ANOR DOWNS "Penncri' looks forward to being a capable nurse . collects pictures . . is one of our few senior home eco- nomics students . . . favorite color is green. MARY Blil-l.lQ DOWNS "lX1arna" is a happy go lucky girl . . quiet, yes, but willing to join in any sport . . . liycs for the outvof-doors , . . would like to be a nurse. ,lOl2 DURIK lf you have any extra stampsjust send them to-loc . . . his future is planned out in office work . . . hobby is eating ice cream . . . spends most of his time carving model airplanes. KIOIQ liX'ANC1llO 'iliudm was football manager for two years . . . only one of many who dreams of floating on air . . . likes everything that is worth eating . . . a fan of ,ludy Garland. WAl-'l'lfR EVANKO i'Gus" has a weakness lor all beautiful girls . . . played basketball for two years , . . interested in baseball . . . on Cfolophon Stall' . . . wants to be a stunt pilot. -lOl lN A. FIQNCIL "john" isa very quiet boy . . , is a senior member ol' our band . . . likes to hunt and sees a great future in anything connected with agriculture. BESSIIQ l7ll5l7A "Bessie" loves to sew , .spends most ol' her time read! ing . . . aided in the advertising lor our successlul xl unior Play . . . enjoys designing dresses. FRANK FORYS "Frosty" is a jolly chap . . . a senior representative to our Student Council . . . eats most anything . . , likes the job behind the counter and wants to continue. DOROTI lY Fl lljlf Good-natured Uljotu charge ol the candy booth wonder she has a sweet tooth . . . thinks nursin be her luture occupation . . . was in the band. GLADYS GARRISON Quiet but friendly "Gladys" is planning a nursing career . . . making artificial llowers is her hobby . . . enjoys potato salad and chicken especially at a picnic . . . Choral Cflub member. ,IOSl2l3ll Gl.AlNlP H-loc" is the boy upon whom all our lootball games de- pended . . , was fullback and captain ol' desires to take up physical education. g will OLll'fC2ll'T1 . . . LIRANNA GOLlGHliNOLfR "Renny". an Academic student. is one ol' numerous girls who dreams ol wearing a nurses uniliorm . seems to be a poetess . . . lavorite color is blue 'll lOlylAS l l.-XCKIQR "Tommy" another promising engineer ls an excellent physics student , . . his hobby is woodcrali . .a senior band member ',.. aided in choosing our class announce- ments. llll.l5A lf. l l.AXliRlNCi .-X friend ol all is "l lildaw . , the hall seems to echo with her giggles. . she. like others. is interested in our library '... has not decided upon a luture HARRY l l.MIliRll'Y "l larryu is our regular swing time lad . . a member ol our band . . . collects any sort ol swing records and thinks Ann Sheridan is yery easy on the ey es. XX'll-l-lAlNl IU. ll.-XGliR'l Y "Bill" was a member ol' the band lor liour years . . had a part inklunior Play . , . also l'orensie work . . . looks forward with enthusiasm to studying medicine. Bli'l"l'Y l l.-XRl5fXl Cil l "Betty" is a carelree girl . . . interested in most phases ol' sport , . . a valuable member ol any team . . hopes someday to become an air st ewardess. 'SINE ,IB 20 F. ROl3l2R'f l IAUSICR '4l3ob". a yery talented debater, was active in forensic league and band . . . would like to enter the insurance field . . . president of Senior Class . , . llonor Student, lfl.lfANOR l l.fXYfXSll Small 'ilfleanorm is a yery quiet. industrious girl . . . we prophesy a bright future in secretarial work for her . . . especially fond of writing letters. MARY LOL ilSlf l l:X:LlZA "Mary Louise" has a hard time putting punctuation marks in the correct place. but nevertheless is greatly interested in secretarial work . . . likes brown, -lOl IN llliRCi2Yls "John" sees a great future in mathematics . . . a mem- ber of the Student Cfouncil and the llall lvlonitors . . . also enjoys studying physics. -IAY llOl7lfliR An all-around good sport is "jay " . , . well known for gridiron accomplishments . . . takes life easy . . . secret ambition is to be a mortician. KIOI IN l lUl.OlXl.'XN "john" enjoys both swing and classical music . 4 has chosen stamp collecting as his chief hobby . . . likes to eat anything . . . his future is not yet decided. lil.l:Al':lf'l'l l l ll ID.-XNIQTS "l.ib" is one of the faithful Clarpentertown gang . . . seems to be interested in beauty culture '... spends most of her leisure time writing poems, GERALDINLQ l ll lDlQCI Frolicsome flurry" has laughing eyes and an infectious grin . . 4 hopes to become a bookkeepei ',,. stitches her spare moments away '... tap dancing club member. PIZARI. llLlXl'l'l2R "Pearl" is a jolly little girl who can lind a smile on any cloudy day '... likes yery much to ice and roller skate . . , is another of our senior cooks AGNES B. l iliN'l'liR Although "Agnes" is a quiet lass, she is a fine com- panion . , . her fayorite hobby is collecting orchestra leaders pictures . . . was one of our competent library aides for three years Sll TART HYDIQ "Stut:" is "everyones friend" . . . wants to become a draftsrnan or artist . . . cheerleader during junior and senior years . . . in all-western Pennsylyania Chorus. Y, IVANIIKI "Lefty" isa yery quiet boy who can always find somes thing to do in his leisure time . . aid to our country in any way in his future . . . writes poems in his spare time. S'l'ANl-liY QIACIOI XX Stan is one of our senior basketball players . . spends most of his time taking pictures and enter- taining the girls , , is one ol our hall monitors, ........ , ,... - ,.,... . . .,..... ...,., ,,,-. . e -W ,W ,,.,,. ......-,...,.a..W,, ,.e.,... .... ,,.,, , .. ., , l3lf'l"l'Y klOHNSON Hliettym wants to be a secretary some day, but now finds school and civic problems fascinating . . . was Sales lVlanager of the Colophon , . . makes her own clothes. ISAAC -lOl lNSON "Ike" is another of our quiet boys about llurst . . . can stand up to any champion in table tennis . . . future is secretarial work . . . has a weakness lor pumpkin pie. HOMIQR C. JONES "Casey". now acclaimed an ace as first base man in baseball, hopes someday to be on a professional team . . . also enjoys playing basketball . . . Hall lvlonitor. l-l2O KACZMAREK "Leo" is interested in debating . . . greatest ambition is to attend Nebraska University , . in band and choral club . . . dating girls seems to be his favorite diversion. NADINIQ KANTORIK "Dean" has been a member ofthe French Club for two years . . . is undecided about her future . . . always ready and eager to lend a helping hand. RAY KliBBlfRl-Y A four-year member of our band is "Ray" . . , enjoys pestering the bus driver . , , enjoys hunting and fishing . . . usually seen with Aloe and Jerry. CAIL KECK "Gail" can always find a new joke . . . she has real sportsmanship . . . her favorite pastime is eating candy art school is her ambition forthe future. lVfAXlNli KECK is ever-lastingly collecting china dogs . . . is one of our "well dressed" girls . . . dreams of owning a beauty shop , . . modest and unassuming personality. DOROTHY Klfl:l:lfR Very quiet is "Dot" . . .sewing and reading claims her leisure time . . . belonged to the klunior and Senior French Club . . particularly fond of red and oforanges. ALBIQRT KENDI Always late i'Abe" will probably never be on time . . . hates to get up . . . would like to be a mechanic after graduation . . . enjoys movies starringjack Oakie. jOHN KIQRNASOVICH Driving to school seems to thrill "John" . . . builds model airplanes alter 'ilessonsu are done . . . to be an airplane mechanic is his ambition. Bli'l"l'Y ANN KILLAR Cheerful 'iBetty" has proved herself a faithful worker . . . attending movies is her chief pleasure . . . to be an ideal secretary is her most ardent aim. NVll-LlAlVf C. KING "Bill" is one of our very quiet boys . . . he enjoys his many long hikes in the woods . . . hopes someday to be a machinist . . . likes to take life easy. lal-fl il'Y I., lill2.Xl. .-X peppy enthusiastic girl is Hlfetly' ',,. has been a member ol' the lap Cilulw and the l.ilirary C lub . . would lilxe to malse dancing her career as well as her hobby. Pnl ll.lNlf R. li lSSlfl. Ul"auline'- is one ol' numerous girls who dreams ol he- eoming a seeretarx member ol' the band for Iwo years . . , has a yearning lor cake and icecream. DOROTI IY lslXllfl: Always cheerful i'l7ot H is xx illing to lend a helping hand in time ol need . . laxorite diversions are dancing and reading . . . always loolsed forward to seventh period. B. ANN KOIS A'Ann" is xery interested in the modern collections ol souvenirs which is her hobby . . . is very fond ol lXlax and a lriend ol exeryone . . . hopes to be a nurse. ISADURIQ IQUPKI lil "liz" is interested in tleetrie engineering and not girls . , . never misses Gene Autry at 0130 Sunday eve . . . eolleets model airplanes and carves them from soap . . try it boys, YIRGINI.-X lillNl7RlCfli "-lcannieu collects snapshots and enjoys dancing . . , aspires to specialize in beauty culture . . . member of the chorus . . . belonged to the lap Club her junior year. vs Y at , lN4ARG.fXRli'l4 liL'Rl: "lXf1argc" enjoys collecting post caids , . would like very much to be a cashier . . . is one olour many tail lilul secretaries, YERNA ls1XVAK lX4ain interest ol' 'ANI rn" is collecting pictures con- fidently anticipating entering training lo become a nurse , , , favorite subject was home economics GRACE l,Al ilflfliR Good-naturcd Ullraceu hails from Norvelt . , dreams of being a beautician . . . prefers red to other colors spends her leisure time "fixing" hair. lOl IN B. Llilifll 'A-lohnu had a terrible time getting his P40 17, assign- ments . . .a neatly dressed lad . . . has made no delinite plans lor the future . . . but is interested in the marines ANDREW l.liSKO "Andy" is anotherof l lurst's 'imidgetsu . . ,lilees t x ery sport especially table tennis . . , has one pet peex e blondes . . . favorite color is blue. ,IOHN l-liWl2Ll-YN 'irlohnu collects all models ol' airplanes . no wonder since he hopes to enter a school ol mechanics , , lilses throwing in the strike out pitch . , . his laxorite color is bluc Vv'll-l,lAlN4 l.l'l"l'l,lQ 'iBugs" is a boy we all know and enjoy ',.. has a long' ing to fly and give birds a littlc competition . . a iunior member of thc 'ilvloonlight Ramblers". RUSSELL W. LOHR A lover of sleep is "Ham" . . , seems to enjoy reading Wild West Adventures . . . hasn't as yet decided upon a future . . . was a member of the popular History Club. DORA LOPES "Dora" was enrolled in the General Course . . . has a preference for blue . . . to become clerk is her ambition . . . cheerful and friendly . . collects photo.-. WALTER R. LUCAS "Lukey" is shy and has no worries . . . finds stamp col- lecting very interesting . . . enjoys hunting and other outdoor sports , . , belonged to Science Club. DONALD MARKS Farming is "Dons" future and we are certain he will make good . . . a hard working boy who never stops until he has reached his goal . . . collects stamps and post cards, HARRY R. MARTIN 'il larry"! yes he's one of those jolly boys . . . can al- ways find something mischievous to do . . . likes horse- back riding and table tennis . . . is a yes man in any war discussion. ALVERDA MATHEWS "Sis" is hoping to major or make her future that of a home economics teacher . . . she was a member of the Tap Club , . . isa very friendly girl. ALBERT IWAYERNIK "Homer" respects electrical engineers . . . hopes to be one someday . . , an enthusiastic stamp collector . . . in Science Cfluh . . .enjoys cutting the ice, . .. - v-ra. vw-aww. ...J , an.. .. COLIVIAN MCNAIR Friendly "Brother" was a sort of leader of the Hurst Hi Ramblers . . . enjoys hunting . . . hopes to workin a letfti . . . a member ofthe Choral Club and the Stamp u . MARTIN MeNAlR HBabe" was an active member of our hand for four years . . . wants to further his education if possible . . . spends leisure time building model airplanes. EVELYN M. MELVILLE "Evie" spends most of her time sewing . . . has a smooth track made on the roller skating floor . . . she really likes to skate . , . never a better sport. JERRY METZ "jerry" was frequently seen inthe office . . . enjoyed the times when he was bowling or playing pool . . . hopes to become a junior partner with his father in business. FERNE MTLLER An exception to the rule that red-heads have violent tempers . . . enjoys reading . . "Ferne" has no definite plan regarding her future . . . cheerleader two years, BETTY MILOTTA "Betty" is a versatile lass . . . Editor-in-chief of the Colophon . . . took part in forensic work . . gathers four-leaf clovers . . . desires to be a home economist. M - . . . as 1 JOSEPH IWINICK Although "lN4ack" is quiet, he is a willing worker . . ambition is still unknown . . spends much of his time listening to the radio . . . enjoys eating. -IOSEPI l 'l'. MINICK "Chick" a nickname that well describes this youth . . . hopes to become a mechanic after graduation . . . is in his glory when there is steak for dinner LOUIS N101 TC iO Quiet. good-natured "Louis" was treasurer of the Senior class . . . favorite color is nature's green . . . en- joys-lames Stexx art on the screen . . . honor student. AIANlCIli MORGAN "Barney" is a very smooth going girl . . . in her glory in a swimming pool . . . likes nothing better tunless a chocolate sodai than seeing a good movie. CA'l'l lliRlNl2 IWORMOK "Kay" is one of the Ciarpentertown gang . . . likes to dance . . . plans to enter a nurses training school . . . a good-natured girl . . . likes brightly colored things. DANllil. MllR'liHA "Dan" was a member of the Debating Club for four years . . . spends his spare moments listening to or- chestras . . . dreams of conducting one . . . has taken part in many class activities. AIOE Ml.l'l'NANSliY "Butehi' though bashful is quite a ladies man . . . hopes to join in the field of aeronautics . . . dream girl of the screen is-lucly Garland . , . likes steak. CATHERINE THERESA NAGGY "Catherine" has high hope of standing behind the counter of a large department store . . . spends most of her time dancing . . . aided our library three long years. RAYMOND NEWILL "Fuzz" is the happy-go-lucky type . . . occasionally appears bashful . . . spends his spare moments collecting glasses. . . will be happy when in the Civil Service. MADELINE OBERDACIKER "Madge" is a friendly girl with beautiful black hair. . . member ofthe Choral Club . . . is a tennis fan . , . to become an interior decorator is her ambition. ,lOHN PALENCHAR i'Chuck" spends most of his time kidding girls . . , likes to sleep anytime before night . . . eats anything you place before him. ANDRENV C, PAVICK "Pud" is greatly interested in aeronauties . . . collects stamps in leisure time . . . member of Go-to-College and Camera Clubs . . . was on Hurstonian staff. LJOE PETRANTONI "Joe" is interested in all sports . . . was a member of many clubs . . . student manager of the basketball team . . . would like to go to Italy to study for priest- hood. Q F 'Q hillilf l3l.A'l ill iliO i'lNlike" played football hisjunior and senior year. . . is also interested in baseball . . . is a quiet boy but has many friends . . . future as yet undecided. IQRNIQSIA POl.t1l lA 'ifslifty N lives and breathes football . . . was end on the team . . . it is his life ambition to become a football coach . . was secretary of the l.ettermen's Cflub. YIRGINIA PORCII Allin" is a merry little girl who never runs out ofiokes . . . a member of our Student Cfouncil three years . . , had part in jitmiars Ifirst Shave" . , . in Clhoral Club. ANNAl3lil.I.lC l.lfAll POR'l'lfRFllfl,l5 "Speedy" can usually be found in a gay mood . . wants to be an air stewardess . . . skating and reading are favorite diversions . . . twelve years perfect attendance. SARA li. POR'l'liRl"llfl,lD i'Sally" is interested in being a pilot or something con- nected with ay iation . . . likes all winter sports especially ice skating . , . twelve years perfect attendance. FRANK PUSKAR "What" seems to be lfranks favorite word and it isn't because he can't hearg it'skiust a habit . . . a gun is his best friend , . . is interested in the field of aeronautics. AlUli li. RUPKO "l:u::yl' was a l lurst l li Rambler who never had much to say , . played various class sports . . . spends leisure time with his ehums , . intends to become a book- keeper. l'RWlN Rltlll A bashful boy is Hlirwinu . . . he is one of our book- loving boys , . . his only desire is to study engineering , . . a member ofthe Science and also the Sportsmens Club. llll.l7A Rltll i "l lildau is one of those merry l Ieela girls . . . likes to sew but would rather embroider . . . hopes to be an air hostess. LORRAINIQ RODGERS - 'Lorraine' isa happy girl with a flashing smile . . . en- ioys gymnastics . . . has natural wavy hair , . . eolleet- ing old coins is her hobby . . .other diversions are draw- ing and driving. XVILLIATN4 ROLLA "Bill", formerly' from Lat robe l ligh School. did not stay with us very long. . .enlisted with Company if of Latrobe . . . a lad who was willing to lend a helping hand. HIQLICN IX1. SANDACIZ ullelenu is another of our choice secretaries . . is very much at home on the dance floor . . , proud of Dan, her football hero . . .danced in the xlunior Play. DOMIZR U. Sl IAFLR "Domer" makes friends easily . . . ambition is to be- come an aviator . . . member of the lforensie League . . . never worries about anything or anybody . . . hunts in sparc time. CIARNIQT A. Sl lfXlfliR "Garnet" is a very quiet. industrious girl . , , we pro- phesy a bright future inthe secretarial field for her , . . pounds the ivories in her spare time. CiA'l'l ilfRlNli Sl HNSKY HC latherinem is a quiet little lass among the seniors . thinks dish-washing was invented to bore girls . reading. sewing, and skating claim her spare hours. NICK Sl Il il.Otfli "Nick" was an energetic member of the Student Council . . . chairman of the llall lvlonitorsand a mem- ber of the Colophon Stall' . . . puts his ok. on any type of sport. Mllilf xl. SIBAI. l lappy "lXlike" wishes someday to be on a professional baseball team . . . also interested in basketball . . . is to be remembered for his work on this years team, DAN Slil lDNRA Ulloonem is another of our football heroes . . . took his position of right end and held it . . . sees a great future in aviation . . . collects old money. GlfRAl.DlNlf Sl.ONlfCililfR ulerrvu is our little societv senior . . , has chosen nurs- ing as her career . . . has no hobby but surelv enjoys eating , . . favorite color is blue. DORlS DUNN SlXll'lll Main interest of "Doris" is keeping scrapbooks . . . in- tcndsto be a secretary after graduation . , . sang in operetta " lulip lime . . . often sccn with Frances. K DORO'l'l1YAlliAN Slwllll l Good natured "Smitty" likes tickling the ivories . . has decided to become a private secretary . . often seen with Alma . . . lots of fun to those who know her. Wll.I-l.'XM 'lf Slvlllll An all around good sport is "Smittvl' . . , plaved foot- ball . . . was basketball manager . photography is his main interest . . wants to become a Diesel cn- gineer. FRANK Nl. SABC. JR. nlfranku has a decidedly different hobby of collecting match books , . . Commercial student who would like office work after graduation. CIl.ARliNC Ili SOI-'OR lil UC Iubu good naturedlv rcorns girls. . . is planning to be a bachelor . . . never worries about anything or any- body '... hunting and trapping are his favorite pastimes. FIOSIQPI l SOLOMAN 'baldvl' was our No. l man of basketball . . . also noted for chewing gum , . . expects to become a me- chanic . . . likes to "tinker with automobiles. GEORGE SOPKO 'Banjo' is one of our basketball heroes . . . hails from Ciarpentertown , . . another fellow who had one of those Utcddy bear" haircuts . . . hiking is his favorite diver- sion, IRTINII SPIIZSI flOCK CLAYTON SWEITZER Quiet, hut friendly A'Rene" is always willing to co- A pleasant, quiet hoy is "C'layton"k. . . willing todo operate . . . in Senior Stand Committee and Hurs- anything to please . , , sees a great future in engineer- tonian Stall' . , . likes to dance . , . attracted to secrc- ing and electrical work . . likes to eat tarial work. MARY SPIRKO .!,OM..'PM1Y'XY H W j , , .N1 .- . 1 , - lom is not hard to please 'he likes txerything . . i ary intends to enter the secretarial field after 1 I j , , j j , . , 1 - . K . . .. .k wants to operate a huge hitd that has tl 11101111 . , , a graduation , . . llurstonian Stall typist . . . danced n 1 X h K , I e , . ,Q 1 - . Q , A V ,. - . stamp eolleetoi who also enjoys lishing, junior l lay . . 4 generally is ina dancing mood. - Wllj 5.'.lEU3l'4R I x , , MARY M. 'ri-t'iy1,xct layloi is his well known name V... llurst s one and H I H A .V - , A A- N ,A H L, -t ,I . Q -- x W 1 - , . you are extra iadioenttitainti, please send Nlaix only jitteihug . . . spends most ol his time at the , ' - , L , , U , , 3 , .V , , - . . Q . your picture, she eolleers them , . . iaxoiite suhjtet mm 'LN ' ' hh drwm MFI Ummm Dmbm' was bookkeeping, . .Cilerkson Saturdays P Al.MA S'l'l2lN "Int" is a jolly girl in the Commercial department , . . , H, V I , , , , , anattractix'elX'1iss. . . likes the simple thingsol lile , . . fufl IPR R' llkbx 'XRNXF A ,L U v was on the l lurstfwnian and the Colophon Stall. , X ll-Z 15 U? bc VUfTlL'mlW"fd lo' hlh Wmlf UU ilk' 21.111- WH I IAM A gl-Rfxq KXV X iron . . , Vvould like to enter the teaching prolession 4- 1 - s L - 4 'V . . . llnjovs ehewinfv Hum . . , Nlemher ol' the l.etter- 'jllill ' was editor ol the Hurstonian . . . assistant editor mzmg fjfub- F' H ol the C folophon . . .on l landbook Committee . , , play- ed some basketball . , . an honor student, XVILLIAN4 LRC! local, Al.RlX'lfl.5 I Rl B113 , "Bill" intends to continue with commercial work . . . limi' ,WWF 41 Wlfmbcf Ol flur blind - 1 - WHS U member sports ol' all kinds never fail to interest him . . . happiest ol the l'reneh Club . . . intends to enter the held of Whcn ju ,m, tublc mmm, ' V I M,-Hill U, pluc- . . . . I3 5 F-, l nursing alter graduation , . enjoys chewing gum, FRANK SLll,l.liNBliRGlfR SOPl llA X'L'C1HlNIC1ll M "Buck", though mischievous. is very bashlul , . . cn- Happy-go-lucky is "Sophia , . . enjoys reading and joys reading . . . likes to eat most eyerything . . , seems loves to dance . . . l las no eomplaint as lar as lood goes too easy to please . . favorite color is hlue. . . james Stewart is her one and only. 28 ADELLA WAJDIC Adella was a very energetic lass who came to us from Harrisburg.. . member of the History and French Clubs . . .corresponded with a French girl for three years. THOTWAS ul. WASEL "Tom" is interested in aviation . . . Enjoys fishing and collecting stamps . . . Member of different clubs . , . A hall monitor , . . Sports editor of the Colophon. FRANK WEIR "Benny" is a very humorous boy . . . l lis future is real estate , . . Spends most of his time eating and sleeping . . , the other boys consider him a genuine pal. HELEN R. ZECLlN A picture here. a picture there yes that's Helen our tall. slender. blue eyed senior girl . . . A real pal says "Ginny" . . . Enjoys tennis and dancing . . . Movies never go out of style. PAUL ZETVIBA "Hubble" is a quiet hard working lad . . . hopes to become a machinist after graduation . . . after school hours he enjoys wood handicraft . , . favorite color is red ROBERT XVEIR "Bob" a three year member of our band is very jolly and cooperative , . . High hopes for being an engineei . . . Reading XYild XYest Stories is greatly enjoyed. STEVE A. WHISDOSH The blushing boy about Hurst is Steve . . . hunts like a real trooper . . . spends most of these lonely evenings working on his car . . , hopes to be a mechanic. ANN ZIDER Etiquette I should say . , . "Ann" is an example for anyone , . , a jolly companion says Pauline . . . Hopes to be a private secretary for some great actor . . . Likes to dance and skate. LAURA MARIE WOLFF "lVlarie" is on: of numerous girls who dreams of wear- ing a nurses uniform . . . likes dancing and roller skating . . a library aide . . . always has a good time. JOSEPH R. YASHER "Penny" is that old Hone, two, three. and your out" boy and l mean baseball . . if he can't join a baseball club he'll just take a secretarial job from Dizzy Dean . . . His favorite color is red. FRANK KOWINSKY "Frank" doesn't believe in strenuous work . . . motto is "Let the future settle itself" . . . quiet lad who is glad school days are over . . , one ofthe United gang. ,JOSEPH MIELE Mischievous describes our best friend, ,Joe . . His favorite color is red . . . has supported our Go To College Club . . . Vllants to be an automobile mechanic. KIIINIUR l1l..fXSb Ndunls, IX'Iuclix'uygm', SI X lm, NIul'lnCI1uIx, I Im-I kiuymlvr, 'I Iumuc, I IlllCI!IIlw I5cVz1ux, lm-lly, I.nm,,g fNI1wmnr13, IXIL'CI11Iw, I"Iuml I.csIxc1, lim-NIM, Imclwxmx. IXI Iurx, Slvzllx, 1Il'cpgm', IRIN f1cl'Ixux'nlIx. fXI:miLInlc. lhzccl' IXIzn'I1uv1 Km lnxkl. I I'IWzlIluxIxN, ' Ixlldl, XV1lcI4, Ii:n'Imml', I4 xul, Iiclwuulu W.1NI1L'r,'l', I um'I1z IXI1mx, Ilzlmcl. In Inuxl. Iiuxur IIUUNL- Snullvv, Iiudzn, Uxlwmvck, k Imrxl, Iluldcn, Saxon, Shu I'mlucI1, Puskur, Sulunwlu f':lslL'cI, Iirlnlxur, Iuhr, I4 gun, Ill-plum, Iiulu-Ink, Dlue XYL-lc, SI1:1I'IL'l Slupu, IfncIwr, I I-,lum CfI1z1ppu, Iiuu'l':1, hlznukw Iluxiu, Sluuw, XVf,jlm. NI. 1-rmck, Iiruxlxv, KQUIIMM 1' Nilnuld Iinggy I'nIuI4uvxI4v, xIlll'I xnch, C1lL'g,uu', vljunlclw, VIUI Nun. Cirallu. Irzxcll, Nun IIUIXI-, timrun, IK IXInu'uI Iimmuu, IXIuIxuI4wx, IXIiIxi Iiuvalclml, iiurcx, I'cIv Vvlxlk, TMILT, Iiul'plL'I, II Nhliur IVIL-12, I'urlclIIrILI, INIUQ I.ULIxxlu, Huw, Iircmw, T xull. Sluxluxxxkl, I'nIc1N, S cuvich. Shnrcr, Iludvu, Sum, NYIIIXI Ilusinkw, Sclclulx. IIz1rv Ilavick, I'1.'IIcr,ffruIHll'cL'. Iia zck. I"IulcI1cv', AVIIIU, Wren Iiccp, I'lumIl11ur1, XYvu', IXIy4 I5LAnkImuwr, IMNIUXI1. 5 rzmku Snlmru, I'1nxIwX', Crrugzx, I IU cr, Iiunvn, Hlalmiu, Kun Nky, Iluxx xc, Yuncuxky, If! crunk, Admus, 'I uppcr I Inmulku, I Iunusxk, IXInu KznIyIklIx, 'I'L'ppL'l, I'IurIxnx Iiupkux, fknmmmrs, Cful Iizxnturllx, I':.mI4uvicI1, Ifldklzl, Cinrl I'wrI4cv, Ifuruyl, limnul I'wcI1lL'II,I'u1lIm'N'. l3lIIm1, IU Iwzm, I3L'cIx:1p!,L' Cfrulilruc, Pcllur, Iilyxls Iiusnok, DL-pin, IIQINIK Shrum. Iiuggx, ISILIIIU, IMI zmiors . . . lass of 1942 We all remember that beautiful day in Septemlter. 1938, when we first entered the doors at dear old Hurst High School. How we lived in anticipation for the first clay to come and then for the many days to follow! As we entered the school, we were greeted by several other students: who were to be our class- mates. We were watched by everyone, for as you know, we were known to the upper classmen as the timid "Freshies." Always afraid of making a little noise or of being embarrassed when entering the wrong classes did much to bring us such a name for we really deserved it. After awhile we became well acquainted with numerous other students and soon the newness of high school was forgotten in the midst of all our friendships. During the school term, we took several new subjects and took part in many functicns of the school. Next came the football season with Hurst winning the Class A Champion- ship. Then the mid-year exams were over and soon our year of studying was to be forgotten in the dreams of our summer vacation. Summer, however, was soon ended, and we found ourselves once more entering the doors of Hurst to renew those pleasant days of l939. Now we had our courses planned and could soon be making progress. The football season flew by once again. Exams were over and our days of study were soon to be ended as we were again looking forward to vacation days in the hope that we would soon be entering the school once more, this time with the proud feeling of being a Junior. The summer passed swiftly by and we were look- ing ahead to that happy reunion with our fellow class- mates and the continuation of our great career. As the year rolled along our class play, "What a Life," was presented. This proved to be a great success. Then came the time for the junior rings for which we had been waiting, The juniors were very proud to have the pleasure of selecting the standard ring for the future students and lower classmen of Hurst. Next on the calendar was the prom, but soon all this was gone and the junior year came to a close. In a few months, however, we will be back once more to enter as Seniors and then to leave Hurst High School with numerous wonders achieved and great careers ahead. Bessie Stairs 31 CLASS nf I'-P42 OFFICERS President. . ,... Paul Tepper V, President. ..,.,,... Wm, Baluh Secretary ,.... Belly lfunkhuuscr Treasurer ..,. Geraldine Peterson Solblaommfes . . . C ass of 1943 On August 28, 1939, two hundred and seventy- two freshmen boarded the ship, "Hurst High", for our high school voyage. The first day on board we received our staterooms and became acquainted with our fellow passengers and crew. How we scamp- ered about trying our best to be ideal freshmen, but we still got lost and did many things we shouldnt have done. All in all we were the most conspicuous people at Hurst. What excitement we had at the football games while we cheered our team on to victory. Cf course we were defeated a few times, but we are proud to say that our players always maintained the highest degree of sportsmanship. What are those dark clouds in the horizon? We found that they were the mid-semester exams and how the boat did rock. Some of the sailors were thrown overboard, but most of us were able to en- dure the storm. During the second semester we had smooth sailing, and soon we anchored the ship to spend a vacation. Much to our surprise Utempus fugitf' and again we set out on September 3, 1940, but we were not freshmeng we were sophomores which means "wise fools." This time we had a definite course in mind for everything must be planned because we are well on the way. Again we were attending those exciting football games and the sophomore class was active in bring- ing fame to our Alma Mater through the gridiron as some of our best players are found in the soplio- more class. Of course we were confronted with the same storms as we were the previous year, but most of us again were able to overcome these impedirrents, We wish to congratulate the members of cur hne debating team who have become the debate champions of the county and to mention that a sophomore is a member of that team. Now we must say adieu to all our classmates, and we hope that they will return next year asjuniors to continue our voyage and then onward to our goal- success. Summing all things up the class of "43' has shown its spirit whenever tested and greater achievements are promised for the future. Ruth Fisher 32 Igclnwl Iluxux I nxluh, Dull Ilznulxllx, l3.1nIXuxlrIx, in-ml IXl.1hIxn I lzn'x'sm W wlllru, I Iunlul Llrzxfam. l.mlN, lxmulv, 5us.l IIrlImI, Iwcclllul, IVl'zlgnxuI1 Llmlluxlxn, Iwwlxl, IIUIIHININ llulnmwll Iioxxnx, Slmlivr, Dunn Iiloxln, IM-ul, Vluuumr I'I1ul1lpvvn, I'uIu'1, IIUIEII flzilxrmganlu, IK-lmxlxx. llmy Iulm, I'L-rguwu, Iwlnnslum I'nnm, IImx.mI, XIII um Iumnrlxxrlglnt, .Ml.u11s, Iimllx XIHHII, lim-',,11n1Ll1'a1lx4-. I Ixrm iuhn, illzmxx Nun, Slr.lslu'Im. XIurIw, I'1m'l1cIN, I5ur'.m.n izlrlxlvv, Iiulwllflx, N :luck NIm1rv,Oslvl. Ilmkcx, IXIIIILUN 'ULI4-mlm, K'unn1ngh.un ulnvun. lkwul, Ilumug IM: CY, IYIIMI. 5I11IW1INIX1, Illunnu xlcvuI.1Ix, Ixmuli' imiylulx, Ixuwnxlxu. I x.lmI1., imxnlclnlx Ixnxxl, XIII: zlmlx, NI.1lIn'xxx Ilulm jll1lsI1l1m'Ix, Sllllxxslmm in-ggu.NI.n1'l.' I'ruIvruIx K-un Ian, Ruth, I'm.xu. Xlm'I1mvcx .Ylxllavxlxl Il .XI1IImrl1.5lvII I 'Xlullwlxy l' IIuIw1l 'l'culn:ll1, IIlllH.1I, I aux Nun IIXVIN, I .lIMwIxN. 1IIwl1I.xfIxnl 'minI,Nr1NIuiL Klwlwzllmvrx XI.nl1u, Ilfullx IUIIIUI' Iuxhv NI.lrIw lImI1.n IlIk'.I,l'XsIk'I1,I'ilIlIk'II. Iincln ki. ,11IXnI.114.'xIx 3vIx.mnI-., Ulux 'urlxlu-, I'nLnxxlxx, R1-llv .:lsI+l, Wu: SIIUIIJ II.n1vx lzlxmxxulxlxx. I'uIx1'.exIXl, Ilan lrlx. Mnrlx ,lulxwy Iu11l,ILuIxx1:L,iuIIlp 'mlwvj UNM: Nlmvrv Wmvrlx VVIY, I'.lI.lNlu IIIIIII. Il.uI1. wllwnxlulw Ixumln 2muplNu,I'ru lick, XXJII. IK-xwntu, 'XII' fllIIulAp1I1,Ix1vxlxm, Ilnmugw-uv, 'Iu'rImrl, Nlxxlmxu XIII mru, :uuI.1l.n. 1' I'uxIulx.u. NI. 'usI1Ix:u', bluluxlxx. 51:-uwr, cum 5llIIxl1IwrgL'l I v4vI.l Sul- 'l1Iw1'1:,cr, I'1vl'cIl, N-.'mclI1. IIx.1rlnxIq ,cp,1ull:n, Slunxlxx, I'.1NII.n ,.lrL'N, Kkr.11:L, 5I1.lIlu I'l'u' um, IInxx:xnI, I'Irll41 rlludllr. Il.xlXIw.lll bnnmldr hllun, I'rznl1Ix, S.-Iv.xnL4 1, ICIIHISII Sllcvluulx, IIrlI1.1I, .nnzlxxsllxlxx Iiulmulx, I ldv V. I'rINNI4-my Iwmll cxiuulx, Szlmlmf. IXINl1Lu, 'xlu Ym'I1m.I1 Nxxulwl' NX x, I7nrmc'l, Xnlxllvx, I'lmIx nusvr, Ixlwppx, llunnpmm NIIIMIIIF, C I.m mm, IIUNIQ Irulmlx, Nwxnlx, Xvxxluulw, Illlcr, iiullclun, Snlwlvskx. rhml. Irump uIIl,5m1xI1 Ihum, 5I1u!1-Il, L'mI1u'Ix. Ixupul.l, Izlrlxvm. miner, Xllmx. Ixulvlslxx XXNL, liarkcly, lfrcnu, Dlugos llonrullm, lX4inick, Kissell Iulmsnn, Pydu, Long, Czim Nlu, Ifuust, Slslclx, Sumcnsky lX'li!l'lI1l12lk, lXf1ormulX, Snyder Pulcnchur, liulzizck, llzuls, llultur, Pm lmlch, l7HlIUII,IlULl2il1L'lS, Ynu lmusc, l'l1llzilwum, Ciuughcnour lluilzmcls, lX4ycrs, Adams Downs, juncs, Sculcs, Onilrc plum, Ulwrucln. Glzimp, Gizcnski, juscph Wlilck, liovulik, llmnkoviuli l5zllCS,lltlzlr,llClLlC,Alll.I'KyI1y Sreigunclk, lVlillL'r, l7rup.wvlch N1c:Xluir,Cilmvil4. Dudu, lmmimlrmsk y, Silxur Rcmluslw, Kurpivl, Wclc Proud, SINIIII, Smursh, Smarsh, lXf1aurcr 5xxn1lcr,Smllluy. lluslmnclm, I lunlcr, I lull lung, 5lCClYCI', Lewis, lX1:iy1:s Rcmiscs, lilusky, Pclranloni limos, liullcw, licnnlsh, Ile Icy, Gruhl, Omlrcjko, Cramer lxzuxinslxv. Ciluusncr, lfckcls, Ulfrcppz I lurmun, lX1illcr, I lumen: llziils, Ciruzcn, Mycrx Marks Smuil, Bruner, Craig, Nlzipzda Luvrick, Subn, lihismar K Zidcrlilswulsn, illnwaun Sum my, Kms, Keck, Aullman I lcllcm, Slmkw, Slcvulak Porch, Wliisulosh, Clihulus Sisliy, Ncwhuusu, Wasil Zulcr, Rich, lvlizikur, lwlat lhcw, Zulcowslqy, Ilnnlz, SC husky, Gcnduk, Wolk, Phcifcr Palais, Kozak, Huduc, Cost ley, Myers. Simlxu, Stuaiowbki, Ilarrcll Johnson, llofvcr, Pcrulka rl .ucas, liurdjicz, Rilnlgurs Ncwumicr, Bull, l'liggct I lullcr. Smith, I luflman, Ifabana lfruml, Allimn, l'1m,1uk, Miz gmlii, 'l'cnnv, llurrrs., Nic Kcnnu, Clzllclrl, Iiullur, Us! IX11ccuxi1,'li, l'm'l1inslxx, Kerr iiuzklu. llmrrick, Clrucr, lX1inluK, Ilal lmi,Cfi1rr, I,UI'lCl'IIClxl, KISSCI llwclmlnll, lrilclsk, licllixn Dunn, l'rcuman, I lugan, llclur, Grimm, VVclr, Ilmlul liulku, Klr1g,U1rulx, Allvrlgh lDLlTlli,,I'HlxllCI1,I,2lHIl'lS,SUI1 mv, Qiglchuvwivwiur Uslf, l'urcl1, llzlggvrly, Hogg Bosnak, Solusky, Sliilubm jolmsmi, Ilricik, Haus, l.z ganiu, Clem, Ilamm Lcuis, VViL-syn-ski, Iirmkc RiVllII1N, lX1L't:, liuslzc, lcs mam, lcppcr, l'm'unl4, Sign lhwluslw, Duda, Oxhnu--k, Ia pcntcr, I2lL'f'l1L'll, Slumf, Re nik, IiLll12Il',Sll'UlKL'l,AIkl'IT1DCS Snyilcr, W'nlkms, Sluncckc Plummer Dull, Sliilcr, Gorda! Dclylwkei, Cfzilnplxcll, Pool Alillwiirn, Ilzirvan, lvliisgrov Yrmhnum, Duns, Aultma lXliIlur, lX1iIyal4, bcmenclmk l'r:y-lwylslxza,l,udwiu, Kujaw lxlcfforl, Vxlilkcns, ,livhnso iiuukc, ll:irlw:xupLl1,Uxif, lX4u mlnslxy, Ilulwutclw, Bclcc I lulchmsem,lvliilnufslxv, llcc lcll,Ilz1llN lluislxi, lluru, lluslmp, l,cwi Stronzdala, Ilzildauf, liiuha Ci. Km.lclnil4, Il. Kostclni lloklcmlwo, Varhullzl, lilac hurri, Shoof, Forbes. W sfwgsfmffe-fiifiixffvmcag-yirg,m,1ri'3ki.if ,,i,gLgff?ifsmi -fltf 1-fi' reslrmen. . . Class of 1944 The Tuesday morning of September 3, 1940 marked the beginning of a long, hard, but enjoyable march for us, two hundred eighty-nine newcomers. We gazed in wonder at the structure before us, try- ing to imagine just what was in store for us behind those massive, red brick walls. Then without further hesitation we were off on a new phase of life. Once inside we "freshies", as we were called by the upper classmen, found we weren't alone, Although a bit shy, we went rushing up and down the halls, getting in the way of others, and sometimes getting into the wrong class. Assisted by our superintendent. principal, and teachers, we soon became accustomed to our new "House of Learning". We honor the former students of Hurst, our upper classmen, and our teachers for the many different fields of activities and the most useful Student Government Continuing our march, we came upon the football season, in which we took an active part. Probably because we were still full of "kiddish pep" the cheers came largely from us. Time passed so quickly that before we knew it we came face to face with the merriest of all holiday seasons, Christmas. Preceding our vacation, an evening program was presented, which included a half hour band concert, the singing of Christmas Carols by the Hurst chorus, and lastly a most fas- cinating tableau entitled, "They That Sit in Dark- ness . New Years! just what we needed to start the year off right, resolving, first, to try to be honorable students in the months to come. Though tired as we might have been from our hard efforts, we could not slacken our pace, for Old Father Time waits for no man. With this new year of 1941 came mid-semester examinations. Then the junior play, "What a Life", starring Henry Aldrich, went over with a "bang", March came ending a very successful season for the Forensic League, followed by the junior-Senior Band Concert and the basketball tournament. April, with its spring beauty, brought us the operetta entitled, "Miss Cherry Blossom", a very colorful and ro- mantic japanese musical play. Our school picnic at Idlewild Park was most en- joyable, and a very pleasant way to end the term, Bidding our Senior friends good-by, we have only learned the first step on our long journey upward. In a few short months we all hope to return to Hurst High, and resume our learning career, not as new- comers, but as seasoned veterans. Dale Harm an 35 st ? S11 si' S' Z L' xx 2: Q! I . 1 X N PART TWO I1 ILIII wllt ' be Atlalefics XX R' XIII' NIIIX lII'Q .II IIIIINI IMI .IN N.II'IkxI mkl lwn.1LI .1 plwjgl.1m III .IIIIIL'llw IN xu I:111lmXxIINIxI1.xxu Xl xg-.Ir IvmIm1II IuxI1Im'Iwm'wI IIIL MWINUI lI1cmImI1I I HI wxc m mn' Nl MIIXIIIIWIIIIIIIII I-wIIm1IIw.Ix Npmmwzui mllnmllml IMIXI-Xu1Iw.1II xxImI1 Imx In I--Im' IIIKIKUIHIIVIIX INIIIIIIIII IMIII IIN MIX In .IIIIIIIIIIII In Iluxvluplrv' IIIL' IM I IIIIIUIILNIWIJIX:1l1lI11INwJl.I!II I-III III III II mln' fgmxxII1 II .I IL'-IIII IIN-X yum -I nm' UI IIN M-.mmm IINQIIIIIIIIIQp1'ug1r'.1I11 I1 xx IIHI Iwmw m mum IIIL' I xlwrm-mg ' cd III I'.1nr'pIa1y :sm I ' Q. ' I III Imm ILIILU I11I Iwwl' I1 IN mul xuwlmnf IIN' --HIIII N m, 5 nfwvqqa 'an .vggwwmlp--51p',f-ww V g ., .RL .4.,,,., f"m1'rgg""m'rrf'g.'f""""'.A- uf. 'Ve X, . ' . A-uw vgw- ,' A1 ,fr f f f 1 4 J , I , Head Coac The Gridiron Season T COACHES h .... . .Andrew Evancho Assistants .... ..... l' hcodorc G . . . ........ jose MANAGERS joseph Solomon -I oseph Izvanch Walter Glamp rclncr ph Sc Our first game of the season was under the arc lights at johnstown. The team had worked hard for this game, and the desire to win was present in thc heart of every player. Even though we lost, the experience gained proved of great value in following games. The following two games were with AA opponents. In these the glory of our school was upheld, not by a victory, but by the fighting spirit of our team. The teams first class A game of the season was played at Sewickley Township and was a heart- breaking 7 to 6 loss, although it was considered a moral victory. Smarting from this loss, the team travelled to Scottdale where it steamrollered aflghting Scotty team to the tune of 33 to 0. Our second string- ers played part of this game. The first home game of the season was with Derry Township, Enthusiasm ran high in this game. Al- though we showed superb form, luck was with our rivals and we had to accept a loss. The coaches and players worked hard for the clash with our ancient rivals, Mt. Pleasant, The field was filled to capacity, and the crowd saw a hard fought game. The Bobcats managed to push over a touch- down in the final quarter which proved to be the winning margin. I-lurst's remaining games were fairly successful, as we won two and lost one. The team registered an easy win over the St. Vincent Prep team, and closed the season with a one-sided victory over the fighting eleven of Perry Township. We were proud of the teams showing for the sea- son. Surely the losses were through no fault of the coaches or the boys. Their playing speaks for itself. 40 ' Q N s if Humulku l'r1gax-cky 'I' I'L'PDx'r Bzlkur Q ffolcha lmrlnsl I I-uffcr Clamp IQOXKBICITILQ I hmuslk Haxvsc Uhruulu Shlhllgkl P Alluppcr Skudrnu I , A i ' X E X gk 1 1x ...Ag li Iron M en of Scarlet Hurricane THE CENTERS With the beginning of a new season, a new center had to be found. Tom Tepper and Marion Hanizik were the best prospects. Both boys, although light. took care of their positions well all season. They should go far next year. THE GUARDS Small, but fast, would best describe our guards. Frank Puskar, Tom Bizup, and Paul Tepper were responsible for these positions, and they turned in reliable performances all season. Their good blocking and tackling was a mainstay of our teams strength, THE TACKLES Our tackles, Walter Ungvarsky and jay Hoffer, were hard working boys who put their hearts into the game. Their weight helped to balance the lightness in other parts of the line. They were responsible for many of our teams gains and the checking of our rivals offensive. THE ENDS Our two senior ends, Ernie Polcha and Danny Skudrna, will be hard to replace next year. They were well matched and were both valuable players. Danny was adept at catching passes. and consistently jammed up the enemys offense. Although handi- capped by injury a good part of the season, he gave a stellar performance. Ernie also must share a part of the glory. His fine playing was a feature of every game. 42 THE BACKFIELD Cur backfield was one of the best in our class. joe Glamp hlled the fullback position, with Gorinski and Ubracto at the halves, and Mike Homulka at quarter- back, joe was the sparkplug of our team. He was a sixty minute man without whom our team would not have been the same. As captain of the team, his decisions were always of the best. He was a terror to every opposing team, and there seldom was a game not highlighted by one of his long runs. Most of our points were scored by joe. On the defensive, he was an excellent blocker and a terrific tackler. A senior, he will be hard to replace. Clarence Gorinski, Walters younger brother, was a hard to stop runner and a whiz on the defense. His hard tackles stopped cold many attempted gains by our opponents, and his well thrown blocks accounted for many of our own, A freshman Gnd, F rank Obracto, should develop into an outstanding athlete at Hurst. His fine all around playing was excellent for a first year man. Mike Homulka, our quarterback, was one of the most valuable players in the backfield. He was an ex- ceptionally good blocker and was in on every tackle on the defense. His blocking opened the way for many of clamps runs. This fighting backfield and a fighting line helped us form a smooth working team that our school was proud of. 'f SCORES Sept. l3 Johnstown 20 Hurst Sept. Zl Latrobe 19 Hurst Sept. 27 Greensburg 20 Hurst Oct. 5 Sewickley 7 Hurst Oct, 12 Scottdale 0 Hurst Oct. 26 Derry Twp. l9 Hurst Nov. 2 Mt, Pleast I3 Hurst Nov. 9 S. Vin. Prep 6 Hurst Nov. lb Wilmerding 34 Hurst Nov. Z3 Perry Twp. 0 Hurst S. .1 . , 1' 43 b:,:Q V ai --s s I -i 13552-j.' . gg:'j1f:?,5g?3W,fi4'2 1 . . .-1 .'- . ,..,v,. -- -- , , y Bvzskeieers . . THE CENTERS Stanley jagoda was our varsity center. His ex- cellent floor maneuvering enabled us to score many points. He had an unusual ability to take the ball off the banking board, and scored many points by bounc- ing in the rebounds. Walter Evanko assisted him at center. His accurate passing and cool headed play- ing made him a valuable player. Both seniors, as are the other varsity men, they will be missed greatly next year. THE FORWARDS George Sopko, joe Solomon, George Artim, and William Straslicka took care of the forward po- sitions. George was a fine passer and dribbler, and was good at long shots. His reliable shooting added much to our offensive punch. joe Solomon could be counted on to score consistently in every game and to keep the ball moving. George Artim was most accurate at one-hand shots from the side and raised our score in the final tally many times. His playing put a defensive kick to the game. Bill Straslicka's play sparkled throughout the season. An excellent student, he was a leader in his class. THE GUARDS Mike Sibal was a smart and tricky guard. With Mike scoring heavily in every game, our team chalked up many wins. His clever dribbling and passing were features of every game. Bernard Bysiek was a great booster to the team 's morale and success. His fine defensive playing crushed many opposing teams offenses. Our two other guards, Homer Jones and joe Minnick, although not seeing as much action, were nevertheless hard and dependable Cagers. Homer was a tricky left handed dribbler, and joe Minnick was best at the four line. Their efhciency was a snare to the invaders. THE MANAGERS joe Petrantone, Chris Hunter, and Bill Stras- licka took care of the managerial posts and deserve much credit for their fine work all season. 45 Third Row: Mgr. Mr. Nock, Clarence Cvorinsky, Harry Pendrick, john Mayher, Stan ja Oda, Geojubara, Steve Kosmo, Mike Kapura, Mr, Aultman, Merle Long. Second Row: john Kaminsky, joe Schachte, Mike Sibal, joe Witek, joe Clamp, james Pnlcha, john Cibulas, Homerjones, Albert Milyak, Emerson Firmstone, Coleman McNair, First Row: Steve Lazor, joe Yasher, Ray Kebberly, Geo. Sopko, jay Holier, Bill Smith, Stuart Hyde, john Yasher. Hurst ine In Third Succesgfu! Season Although it is a comparatively new sport at Hurst, baseball is just as popular as basketball or football. A wealth of material is available, and the boys ap- pear to comprise a well balanced squad. Last years team copped section honors, and although several of last years Veterans have graduated, the prospects are very favorable, Under Coach Nock's capable instruction, this year's team should prove to be a winner. Kingpin of the Hurst squad this season will be the veteran hurler Firmstone, whose prowess on the mound was firmly established last year, as he was the chief factor behind our teams successful season. It is around him and four other veterans that Coach Nock has built his team this year, and it is expected that our mathematics teacher will field another formidable nine. joe Clamp, Mike Sibal, joe Yasher, and Homer jones make up the infield combination of the Hur- ricane diamond team, and Frank Forys, Rollins, Dlugos, and Corinsky will be called on to fill the outfield posts. Haney, Evancho, and Kebberly will be behind the plate to handle the catching assign- ments for the Nock coached team. Three other hurlers are available this year and their work thus far hasimet 'withlthe approval of the coach, Sajna, Straslicka, and Kaminsky will all probably see plenty of mound service, but it is apparent that Firmstone is to carry the bigger share of the pitching chores, Hurst competes in section six of the W.P.I.A,L. 46 PART THREE A cfiivifies Um- ul ilu' mlm ll115wl:l.llwl .ll In-lla xlluwl lllu l'L'l'l.llllX ll-1lvlN'.l.11xl lu-X xxlmll .Il'L' Lllwm' Hlllflllx' Ilan lwglzlm nm lm um' mlwll xxx lux gl INNIWN Illxkl lu rm-ul ilu' lrm-www -ll .ull lxpw ul Nlll l ll'lllN l xml ilu' Nlllxlk'lll lvl mr ull.llwImm l.llu'llll.1lllIlhl.1l' Im' lumwll lll um' L'Xll.lul1ll'lxlll.ll KX' ll llllnhllll lllu .lullxlllw lxlll"lIllll lll-Ip. I-1 .ll ulwvlv ll-.ull-wlllp lll mum' .llml I1-lulnll 4PlllL'lN lu lm' -'Mull l1lllllXXL'lN ll lllNl'IIk 1 llllll wlulupul'.lI11m.xmlmullml lull l llu' xllulvlwlx xxll-1 mln l'.lIl lm .nlll lmIlL'N bllllv lumll .l1.lm.ll1w .nw l llplN1lmeg.1x'u lluwvmw xxlm rm-.lllx vm-wx Ilwlr' r' kl1l'N'NklX i2EFiwn',,-..,, - .M I A 'Vafrlyi' "W-.,.... , M,4 w Shuluclx, llavash. S. Poricrfield, Stein, Smith, A. Porterficld. l7ult:, Shafer, Hauser, Kao:- marelx. lXlilolta, l lule, lolmsnn, Nliss Po be 0101711014 Staff NS. Our theme for this year, Hlleaching for a Star", was the original idea of our Editor-in-Chief, Betty Mi- lotta. To her and to Miss Potts, our faculty adviser, most of the credit for the organization of this lfook should be given. Having received direction from Betty, the main features of the Colophon were written voluntarily by the members of the Colophon staff. The staff mem- bers worked long and diligently, and although their assignments were tedious, you may be sure that each member was delighted to have been given the op- portunity to take Part in presenting this last farewell flourish of the senior class. Seniors of "-ll", this Colophon was published mainly for your beneht. lt is yours to cherish through- out the years. We hope it will be a constant reminder of the many happy days spent within the walls of our Alma Mater Editor-in-chief. . . Assistant .i,.. Sales Manager. . Assistant ,,... . . . . Business Manager Assistant ..,.. . Sports lylanager. Assistant .,... Literary Editor. . Assistant ....... Activities Editor. . . . . . Assistant ....... 50 . . . .Betty lXlilotta . . .William Straslika . , . .Betty johnson . . . . . .Stuart Hyde . . . .Robert Hauser . . .Leo Kaczmarek ........'l'om Wasil . . . .Walter Evancho . . .Sara Porterfiald , . . . .Dorothy lfultz . . .... Nick Shulock Annabelle Porterfield The I-Iurstonian is a star point to which the students of Hurst turn their attention for round-about news. In its filth year of publication, this paper is the best yet, because now it is printed by a printer, just as other leading school papers. It is published every three weeks entirely by the students and expresses their opinions. The paper con- tains the usual sports, poems, humor. alumni news, comments, coming events, club news, and every- thing of interest to its subscribers. The staff is composed oi' juniors and seniors in- terested in journalism. The editor-in-chief, asso- ciated editor, social editor, sports editor, alumni editor, circulation manager, and assistant managers were elected at the Hrst staff meeting. The news- paper owes its new turn of prosperity to the advisers, Miss L. Myers, and Mr. Batiste. Of course a paper is not complete without that every necessary part, the ambitious reporters, who hand in their best news. Then there are the typists, who type all suit- able material to be sent to the printer. The galley sheets must be checked for errors in printing and articles are placed in the position on respective pages on which they appear in the final edition. These sheets are sent back to the printer, and then a notice appears on every bulletin board, blackboard, window and corner. that there will be a "l-lurstonian To- morrow '. The rates are twenty-Hve cents a year or three cents per copy. This paper surely 'ishinesm with news. liawmarek Hauser qtraslicka Pax' k N1 ' ll Hurstonicm Staff Q . x, ' . ,t U. ' '-, 1 'ic ', ajor, utchirison, Solomon, Cerkovnik, Stcebcr, Ciregor, lX1cf.ul1i:,l'lytle,lX4r,Baliste. .-X Porlcrllcltl, pl 21ldllCl'!, Puviek, Sivak, Carnot, Roadirian Zeglin, Crabtree, Slmrur, Craig, lllaint, Rusinko, Sefehick, Trash, Buvus, Spirko lvliss lvlverk lX'lilollz1,Jol1nsUn, Sanulacz, llazuza, ,Iohnson,l Spieshoek, lfferkovnik, lXf1ackoxvil:, Vfitek, ylackswm, Kachmar, flasteel, lfunkhouser, S. Porterlield 51 The Student Council Under the faculty supervision of Mr. Nock and lvlr, Myers, the Student Government Association has completed its third year as the representative of the student body. The Student Council, governing body of the Asso- ciation, includes a Senate and a House of Representa- tives. Upper classmen are entitled to two Senators from each class and two Representatives frcm each home room, while the freshmen and sophomores are limited to one Senator and one Representative from each class and home room, respectively. Meetings are run according to parliamentary law, and are called every two weeks by the president of the council, who must be a senior senator. The Constitution of the Student Government Association provides for the following standing committees: Trafnc, Social, Assembly, and House and Grounds. Chairmen of these committees are appointed by the president. lt is the function of the student council to attain the objectives of the Student Government Association by proposing and enforcing laws for the welfare of the school and by regulating and encouraging social and scholastic activities. The council is the mouth- piece of the student body and the organ of com- munication between the faculty and the students. ln addition to the aiding of the traffic situation by the installation of the hall permit system and the I-lall Guards, it has accomplished other notable a- chievements, which include the sponsoring of as- semblies, the dances, and the management of the intramural basketball tournament. . ,... ,lay Hoffer President ..,..... . . . Vice President ..... .... W illiam Straslika . . .Betty Ifunkhauser Assistant Secretary. . . ..... Betty johnson ..r.....joe Clanop Secretary ........... Treasurer .......... D lfurikhouser, lfullz, Clausner, Bizup, Baluh, Adams, Shaller, Stillwugon, lforisko, l lunter Cllarnpy Joseph Peterson. Fisher, Vuehnieh, Iforys, Hanusik, Carpenter, Shultz, Carnot, Camphelle, Gray lvlr Nock, Ondrako, lllamp,Johnsori, l'loll'er, B lmnkhouser, Slraslicka, Sivak. X- f N viwands - -,aims 52 WWW , 1 Xlr Noilt llliymqtoni l3i'l.4itix l X 1 s'I K " l- lows lltsltfl. ll.t-Ltxvilx lnegotlzi lkuiiitlio l'.ixitlt, Slizislitloi litmloslt. Siiiitlw 'Xl.itft1 Nliitt I sot , t-.,iiu' ttnlltitit ltilt K iii: n liiinti Xliitil St I lW,,,IL,y,AlK1 51tN,lX lW,H,X,,,, f4,t1.f.I Iiihn-.on 'Xlilolhi llililil llolt- l-'luv-out til.: ,Ht 'llit' tlcpiirtmunt ol' lltill Llttttrtls xxtis crctitctl tlircc yt-itrs tigo by tliu Stutlciwt Clotmcil lor tltc put'- posc ol' maintaining oi't'lt'i'ly Comlttct in tlftc c0i'i'iul0i's tlirottgliotit tltc tlity. lluc lltill Cltitirtls are sclcctctl li-om tlit- .lLlI1lUI' tiittl senior classes on thc lmsis ol merit lu tltc clitiirmtm ol' tltc 'llmllic Cfommittcc ol tltc Sttttlcnt Clotmuil Cllwiiirs are sttttionctl ut com- vcmicitt posts in tlic lmlls timl tire tttilizctl by thc gtutrtls xtliilt' on tlttty 'llit' tltltics ol tlic l latll Clttttrtls :irc mtmcrotts, rlllicy lirst ol' till, t-iil'oi'cc thc lmll permit. which tcntls to lllIl1lllllZL' tltc l'lLllNlWL'I' ol' sttttlcitts XXilITxlL'l'lI'lQ in tlic ltiills tltiriitg cltiss pcttiotls. By tlirccting oi' stopping trirllit' tit cougcstctl sections ol tlic lttill tmtl rcstrttining IULISI. sttttluitts lrom xxiilltiiig ttgtiinst trtillic. tltcy lmw ulintirtiitutl ttimt'gcssati'y conlttsiom. lt is tltc gttzirtls' tltity to Qt't't'l tiny visitor to thc scliool tmtl to ttssist ltim in scuttiimg ittlkwmtttion, llL'L'illl5L' ol' complaints lrom scvciltl tt-uclici-s ttlvottt tltt' lzixity ol tltt' ltiill gttzirtls in tlt-imimliug permits. tltt' sixteen point trtilltt' pi'ogi'um was prcscntctl in Altmtttiiy llnis progrzim, ol' xxliiclt catch gL1i1I'Ll was ggixcrt ii copy listctl tlic tlutics, rcsporisilwilitics ttml pi'ixtilt'ggt-s ol tltc ggtitirtls Slwotlltl tltt' lmll gutiixl lu' AlL'CLlSL'kl ol' tlisoi'tlct'ly cotttltict, hc may lw immctliutcly rclitw tml ol' ltis Vcspoiisilwilitics lltt' ltitll gttiiitls ltmution ttmlci' utttliority givun tlwm by Xli' Xlttllim: tlicrcl'oi'c, tltcii' tttitliority is tintlisptttutl jj Hall umfcis ,A..,.....,., Ilogcrs Xhllwoin. Iiusclosh, fiunningltam. I'iul1I4Imust'l It-glin, iXliIoit.1. 'Xlclialnx , Sllslsux it li, I liit1sti45tt-I-Iwi, I Iagcity. Iohnso n l3ccl1tL'II,IlalIs,5lr.1sI1tIti1. Xtliiina. Six tilt. I laiuia Nl: Silxls, I'oi'cI1, flaxxson. llraxy Ilolxc, flamplwll, I7t'IxnIto XX cn Ilnatlmaiii Iimlm Ilan t K unit I'wI mt QIIINP Iithitmlx Shui Kilim lin: lx IMI: tl K I lx Ii vm lx is-,,:'i4 11314 , SplcslluclgIltlIttl,fiIlr1c'II,5tvXX.1sI1 ia' 4:'rss, zzfw, iiigost, t- is I I'itItI:i. llrilfau, Xxviiitlic, l,csI4o, Sopu. Iutlcc, Boggs, Fools I-',khl,, 'lull lmixmi NI.iI,ili.,l sIXx,I'rt'cn1:in flung, I,cmlrtch, I'c1'onto. N ashcr. l'ctt'i'soi1 IXlllIIIl:!, N alicosltx, Ii.1c1'n1.ucl4. IXIIIHLIN I hlclii 'Xlclf Roth Ilwlinvi Iwiiirx 5l1uIt.'. 'Xl.iit-1. llarmon, Mlanis, Ilaclxt-i orensic eczgue lhc scason ol I0-I0-4I was rcally a hannci' ycar for our lforcnsic l-Ci1f.ILlC. Ihis succcsslltil scason was matlc possilwlc hy thc coopcrativc sponsorship ol Mrs. Soxvash, iXIi's, Clinch. ancl IXIi' Porch, tintlcr' thc super- vision ol our chaptci' lorcnsic sponsor. IXIV Silvis Ono otitstzincling cvcnt toolt placc on March oth xxfhcn thc national chaptcr at I Iurst was host to txxclvc high schools. Ciommcnts on thc tournament were satisfactory ancl consctiticntly our school xxill lic morc spccch conscious in thc Itittirc Ifor scvcral ycars out' chaptcr has cariiccl ULIL an intcnsivc ancl succcssltil program oil intcrscholastic spccch activity as cxiclcncccl hy thc qualilication ol' onc htintlictl mcmhcrs antl tlcgrccs in thc National Iforcnsic l.cagtnc In rccognition ol this achicxcmcnt our chapter may givc to any onc ol' its mcmlwcrs thc privilcgc ol cntcring thc National Spccch 'l'otirnamcnt in any contest cvcnt clcsirccl without having to go through various elimination contcsts Hurst participatccl in totirnaincnts xx ith thc lolloxx- ing high schools cluring ics campaign: Clcntcrvillc, Citimhcrlancl Ioxxnship, lilasspoit, ancl SL. Yinccnt I Itirst also compctctl in thc National Iforcnsic I.caguc Spccch finals at Ciarncgic 'lcch 'llhc pcrson malsing thc most otitstancling showing was XX illartl Atlams in cxtcmpoiancotis spcaking, Willard was climinatccl in thc Kiarncgic 'llcch Spccch Ifinals liohcrt I Iatisci' clitl notcxxoithy worls cltiring thc ycai' in oratoiical tlcclamation 'I hrotighotit thc scason our nicmhcrs wcrc strong in I Itimorous Dccla- ination. lUi'amatic I5ccIamation, Oratorical Decla- mation, ancl Iixtcmporancous Spcalting if The debating season of 1940 and 19-fl has been very successful both from the standpoint of the valuable training received by each debater and from the competitive angle, The first noteworthy achievement was the selec- tion of two debaters frrm our team on the Little Six Debate Conference Team. Individual debaters making this distinction were Robert Hauser. the negative speaker. and james Metz, the afhrmative speaker. Their rewards were as follows: Robert Hauser redeived a reward for the most effective speaker and .lames Metz received a gold medal for being on the winning side. The hrst debate trophy was won by the debate team this season and will be shared jointly by lfranklin Township and Hurst, In addition to winning two places on the con- ference team. the four debaters consisting of James Metz and Calvin lwfetz, affirmative, and Willard Adams and Robert Hauser, negative. were successful in winning the County Debate Tournament lneld at Hurst, defeating the strong Monessen quartet in the hnals. Our team also went to the quarter hnals in the National lforensic Leagues Southwest Debate Conference at Penn State but lost out in the state elimination tournament to Cumberland Township, champions of Greene County. Mr. Silvis, the sponsor of our debate teams, and other debaters including Dan Murtha. Betty Milotta. Leo Kaczmarek, Betty Funkhouser, Frank Mehalov, and Margaret Straslicka have helped in making the Season a success. ebvzting Club N ankoskv. Adams, Hacker, Hagerty, Xfurtha. Kaezmarek, llauser, ivfajor, Suscovieh, iXiel1alwv, llarmuri TEFIITCF,lX1il'1lUY,I:UI'llxl1i!LlbCI',lXTllOll2i,Sll'2i5llCliH,cjfllliln,l3UgjJ,5.c:.TX'lClZ,Al. fXfel:,iX1r.Silvis. 55 Future Fa rmers 0 America The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of farrn boys studying vocational agri- culture in the high schools throughout the United States, Qur chapter of the FFA. has been an active com- petitor at the Pennsylvania Farm Show held annually at Harrisburg. ln the project one of our students, Ralph Slaovira, ranked fourth best in the state. Ar- rangements are under way for a high score in next year's project contest. Pla-ns for the summer are being perfected to such an extent as to plan our chapter in the upper hfth. The members of the FFA accompanied by lvlr. Long, their sponsor, have been serving the public by practicing individual cow and herd testing through- out the township, giving details to thc farm-owners and answering all questions. Also by engineering numerous construction projects and in beautifying our campus, the future farmers arc serving our schools. For the purpose of determining whether there is sufficient interest to warrant the forming of a Hurst High Bugle Corps, the FFA, have purchased two bugles on which the boys may practice, The boys are taking a great deal of interest in the bugles and are constantly borrowing them for over-night prac- tice. During these days of national defense the respon- sibility of feeding the nation more than ever before rests on the farmers. The Future Farmers of America are doing their best for national defense by teaching their boys the best and most economic methods of raising crops and caring for livestock. l1al4er,C.rindlt', l5alcw,Sull enberger, l'cncil, Kotouch, Nlarlts lilosldlv,Kelly,X1illt'r,.lol'1r!son,Sluvvirzi,Flilumzic,l,l,cilcI',Jc'2lnlfcncll lirepps, lX1arinehalx, Brinker. Nlaycrs, llails, Fleming, Regull, lX1r Long,lVlyers,Gaydz1r,lloward,l3lystone,Careyglilclicr 56 Rhome, lX4uchoney, Ferguson, lX1imel4, Wlelr, l'elr:mlone, Kmelz, Berg. Strasllckzl, llydc, Aullman, Carey, lleidc, Slillwagon Szmlonion, llrifTcr, lX1lss Barnl1arI,Jaguda, Yasher The Ushers Club, which consists of twenty-four boys from all classes, has been sponsored for the past several years by Miss Barnhart. The duties of the club members are usually con- fined to the auditorium where they take charge at evening performances. Miss Barnhart has trained them to assume responsibilities and to conduct them- selves in the proper manner while ushering a stage crew which is responsible for the changing of scenery between acts,and operating the lights is also main- tained by the club. Perhaps, you have watched the crew who have been assigned to coyer the auditorium windows beliore every movie. Because of a constitutional restriction only ap- plicants from the freshman are eligible for entrance into cants who are voted in by the be below par in their grades havcd, as the constitution of tains a provision for expelling The constitution also decla and sophomore classes the club, The appli- old members, may not and must be well be- tbe Ushers Club con- unruly members. res that the nsember- ship shall not exceed twenty-six. An initiation fee of hfteen cents a month is paid by the junior members, while the older members' dues amount to ten cents a month. By using the money derived from these dues, the club hopes to purchase pins for the graduating seniors. Election of Club officers is by means of ballot Stanley -lagoda has been the president for two seasons and is the only member who has been with the club for four years, President .... A , . ,Stanley .lagoda Vice President. , , . . , Stuart Hyde Secretary ..... , ,William Straslika Treasurer . . . . . 4 .Bill Aultman 57 Ushers Club l',Berg, lvlurthTa,1H?uscr, Kaczmarclgjaguda, livanko, Stccbcr, Straslickn, Nlnccim, Carney, Hagerty, l lzickcr, ic c. liitncr, llydc, Wascl, Ulamp, Purlcrficld, Keller, Strublc. lianlurilx, hlillcr, ?X1cNair, B. Hagerty. Bclluni, Busdosh lXlr. lvlullin, Porch, Keck, hlilotta, Ahlborn, xV3jClIC. Sloncckcr, Nl. Keck, liois, Castccl. Burkholdcr, lfullz. 0-t0- allege Club The Go-to-College Club is one of the brightest groups of stars around Hurst. In the past this club has proved its wort.h by the increasing number of students attending various types of schools of higher learning. The purpose is to increase the capability for the life work which each student has chosen as most suitable to his type of personality. This year the club consists only of seniors who are planning to attend colleges, universities or any type of higher institution. Through the sponsor, Mr. Mullin, it has had representatives from colleges and universities in this vicinity speak concerning the courses offered, recognition by other colleges, en- trance requirements, annual expenses and scholar- ships. These interviews prove benehcial to this group, because it not only helps them to decide on a college career, but their adaptability to certain fields and the quality of work expected of them. When it comes to taking scholarship examinations, they really shine. Students volunteer to take them to find their ranking among students of other high schools, and also their possibilities of succeeding in college work. Several from this group also registered to take the Senatorial Scholarship Examination. Through the representatives from different col- leges, the college obtains names of those interested in the courses which they offer, and the members receive booklets and information concerning their interests. We are sure they are going to be "shooting stars" in their careers. 58 "Parlez-vous francais?" is a common phrase among the junior French students, while the seniors are busy translating "Les Pechesn, 'Boum-Bounn, and "L'abbe Constantin". The club, under the sponsor- ship of Madame Sowash, shows its capability of speaking French by responding to roll call, with "ici" or "present", Meetings are conducted in French, including the minutes and the business. The purpose of the club is not only to acquaint the members with French customs and habits, but also to give them a better speaking and reading knowledge of French. The club has purchased several books on French customs and plays. It also receives A'Le Petit Jour- nal", a newspaper written entirely in French, which is published bi-monthly. Everyone took part in a very enjoyable Christmas party, at which stories concerning Christmas in France were told and Christmas Carols translated into French were sung. Santa Claus distributed gifts and refreshments were served. Vocabulary bees proved amusing as well as edu- cational when the juniors were willing to stand their intelligence against the seniors. All those who be- long to this club are certainly proud to display their French Club pins which seem to give them a feeling of superiority. The seniors will be honored to have the capable juniors take their places, with hopes that the stars of the sophomore class will feel as though they should join this twinkling constellation of French stars, reach Club lfunkhouser, DeV,aux, lVlcNair, Cerkovnik, Hutchinson, lvlertz, Hacker, llagerly, Gregor, Adams, lvlcllregor, fcrhurst. NVcir, Roadman, Porch, Kantnrik, Crabtree, Ahlborn, W'adjic, Rose, Krupps, Newill, lXlor- gan, Casteel, lx1rs.Sowasl1. Minix, Hrvwcr, lfultz, Porter!-ield, Busdosh. Miller, Kernicky, Kelfcr, Strulwlc, Balazck, Boyer, Myers, Hamel, 59 Library Club The Library Club of Hurst High School, consisting of twenty-five members, is practically the only club that functions every period of every day. The mem- bers serve as library assistants certain periods each day under the supervision of the librarian, Miss Wilda Myers. To encourage the desire for reading better books and to relieve the strain on the librarian are two of the main purposes of this noteworthy organization. Sophomores, juniors, and Seniors are the only ones that are accepted, and each year at the first meeting, the new members are taught the fundamentals of caring for the library and the books in it, Meetings are held every two weeks at which time part of the period is devoted to business while the program committee ends the period with some sort of recreation. Then, too, the members have sponsored several social functions, Two roller skating parties and a Valentines Day party were enjoyed by the Club and their guests. Also, the Library Club helps with the decorating of the library for certain holidays. For Christmas, white pine boughs, a small Christmas tree covered with minature "best-sellers", and a letter to Santa Claus with book requests made the library look very "Christmasy". The library assistants are noted for their courtesy and efficiency and all in all, the Library Club is of vital importance to our school since we dould not do without those pleasant-faced, always-ready-to-help amateur librarians. Rusinko, Sefchik, Fidda, Adams, jogoda, Forys, btillwugon, Sharer Nagy, R. Burkholder, Wolffe, Craig, Koval, Kernicky, Miss Myers. Bohatch, C. Burkholder, Metz, Hunter, Hacring, Mertz, Baker, Bosnak. 60 C.Sweitzcr,J. lVliniclf,G Sopko,S.jagoda, R Lohr,j.Carney, H Jones. sl. Pexranroni, M. lf Casteel, A. Christie, A. NVadjic, B Bysiek. His ary Club The American History Club was organized last year by a group of volunteers from the junior history classes. Officers were elected and plans were drawn up for the meetings. The group agreed that in order to be a member in good standing it would be necessary to attend the meetings regularly as well as participate in all club activities The main objective of the club is to visit places of historic interest. After much discussion it was decided that rather than take short tours it would be much more desirable, following the example of many other such organizations, in other leadings schools, to visit our national capitol. With this objective in mind the club sponsored various activities throughout the year in order to raise sufhcient money. The A. E. Troutman Company very graciously styled dresses at a showing of spring fashions, the proceeds of which went to the club. A series of parties was then held in the Activities Building with Miss Fisher. The sponsor of the club, and the members acting as hosts and hostesses. At these parties the guests were ably entertained with party games and dancing, the music for which was furnished by Bernard Bysieks recording set. After a lucious lunch all went home happy in the thought that soon the History Club would sponsor another such party. In basketball season the club treasury picked up a few pennies from the sale of hot dogs, pop, and candy. With spring and the treasury embursed, the club members are busy rounding out their plans to visit Gettysburg and Washington, DC. with its Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, White House, the Capitol Building, and the many other places which every citizen desires to see as they are monuments of this OUR National Government, President ....... . . . .... Bernard Bysiek Vice President ........... .... H ulda Hoffer Corresponding Secretary '.... , . . Adella Wadec Recording Secretary ....... . . .joe T. Minickj Treasurer ..r.r......... . . ,Andrew Lesko 61 lvl. Pendrick, li. Labosky, Nl Strasllcka, R Busdosh, PeronIo,5hulotk, A Penclrick Maja rettes The majorettes have received the well earned applause of all who have seen them perform, This newly organized group added much of interest to the band at the football games. The twirling batons caught the gleam of the sun's rays as the six sopho- more girls followed the drum major, Richard Busdosh, down the field ahead of the band. At the half they furnished novel entertainments. One of their most outstanding performances was acting as bell ringers while the band in bell formation played "The Bells of St. IVlary's". The majorettes very willingly have assisted with assembly programs whenever called upon. At their first assembly program, they jokingly were asked if they wanted someone in the orchestra pit to toss up the batons as they dropped them. The girls proved that they could manage even the very tlifh- cult tricks without losing their batons. Their skill and dexterity has been gained only by hard work. When they were freshmen, they began to be trained by lVlr. Green, It was a moment of triumph when they were permitted to wear their new uniforms of white trimmed with gold braid. From the red feathers on their hats to their white leather boots, they were perfection itself. We are very glad that they will be with us for two more years, and we are expecting to see our majorettes in action many times in the future. 62 The Hurst Band, under the direction of Mr. Green, is composed of seventy members. Scarlet uniforms, prancing majorettes, and stirring music are indi- cations that the Hurst Band is on the march. At all football games, in all kinds of weather, these hardy members marched in intricate formation, Six new majorettes in white and gold uniforms completed the personnel this year. They performed at the head of the band with the drum major, Richard Busdosh. At Christmas time the music and dramatic de- partments presented a splendid program. The band entertained with a delightful concert. On March I8 the band presented a full evenings entertainment of music to a well filled auditorium of enthusiastic friends. Later the Hurst band traveled to Ebens- burg, Pa. to present a concert. In the combined band there were one hundred and sixty-five members. Each year awards are given to the boy and girl who have been outstanding in music during their four years at Hurst. The band members this year awarded the honors to Dorothy Fultz and john Holomon. Band training is now begun in the grade schools before the student reaches high school. Thevlunior Band has done unusually well this year, and many of its members next year will join the Hurst Band as experienced members. Lessicl-4, Eckels, Harmon, Duda, Hacker, Ferguson, Carney, Houser, Busdosh, Suscovich, Major, Daugherty, Kaczmarek, W. Hag erty, l'v1ertz,Smail, Wolff, Myers, Novak. Sivak, Chekan, Hribal, Struhal, Kisse? Fisher, Dryden, H Haggerty, Cunning am, Pavick Dzuban. Takilch, Fultz, Ondrako, McNair, Klosky, Funkhauser, Thompson. Busdosh. Trump i Hribal, Peterson, Rodgers. Wagner, J. Keck, Newcomer. A. Pendrlck, Shulock, Peromn atraslicka, Labosky, lvl. I cndrick, E. Keck. Pushkar, Hubert, lvlcffullnugh, Pclar, Obcrdackcr rincr. 63 Home Economics ub In vocational training. the Home Economics girls have completed their third successful year. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Kapalka, the club meets in the Homestead School Building and is transported via the school bus, The members have chosen a favorite flower, bachelor-button, and favorite colors , . . The aim of this club is to be star economists, so that they may plan' proper menues and make their ovun stylish clothes which give that Uwell-dressed look". These girls are glad to be helpful in making our school programs and plays colorful by making cos- tumes to fit the occasions. Ready to be of service, they smilingly helped to prepare and serve banquets of various organizations. They have learned to plan their days so well that there is plenty of time to do the 'imustsn and still time to prepare a tasty meal or "goodies". Special individual attention is given to the colors a girl wears well, and also the styles of clothes in which she looks best. A home economic girl can usually be recognized by her neatness. These lone-stars realize that they are going to have real competition when they take their places among other stars of the universe, and so, practice now what they have learned, so that they will know how to apply it in later life. PeFfer,Crabtrce,lX1ellors, l5ectell,l3ailcy, Dillon, I'ak1tch,G.Kcck, I'orch,M,Keck, Downs. Kwak, Kosko, Kocinski, Forejt, Domurat, Blystone. Dennis. Hunter 64 Gray, l luhn, llaerlng. llunter, Vuehmek, Keck, lloke, Urazan, Xv2+ljd2lC,JllhI'lWlUT'!,ZU1.1lII7, l3ala:ek, Pcoadinan, XX'eir, -Marks, Adams, V lxlssel,Qn'egur, llrusky,5l1l'ul11,inwlgusky. llails, Wall, lielynka, Plummer,Straslieka,Cun- ningham,Strumsky, lfannell. Lesko, lX'1rs.CIarman llarbaugh Fr-ng lirup l'-l'L'ClN2l!1,fiI'iiIg,NUXX'lll,JIl'klJNlCl1,l',Lll'l0,Sl'IIlHd0ii,llI'lClli,LL1CLlb, ix lalanolskv lljelynrko, Koslelnilc. Our tapping stars, led by lvlrs. Carman, can be heard doing a rbythmical tap above the music ol a dreamy waltz. The dancers are divided into two groups, the advanced and the beginners. Of course the girls hope that, in time, they will be able to do time steps, bells and perhaps wings, just as Eleanor Powell and other famous tappers. The advanced group is comprised of the upper elassmen, who have been in the club in previous years or perhaps in an operetta or minstrel. liven those who have taken lessons, enjoy showing their ability as a terpsiehorean, They have hnished the tap to walt: time and began on a military tap. The beginners are those who envy the advanced group, and in order not to be 'shown up", have joined the club too. They take the steps very slowly at first, increase in speed at each practice, and learn so rapidly that they show promise as great or greater than those of the advanced class. As soon as a few girls find a vacant corner, they begin tapping their feet in rhythm, il lor nothing more than"to keep in trim". lt may sound like a woodpecker at hrst, but alter a while you too, leel like dancing. The club is composed entirely ol girls, but we are in hopes that the boys will take an interest. 65 Ta Club unior Class la WHAT A LIFE" The juniors under the direction of lN1iss Barnhart, were very glad to present "What a Life", made popular by "the boy who lives on your own street," Henry Aldrich. All the troubles began when Henry disturbed a study hall. From then on, he got into mischief faster than he could get out. ln order to take his best girlfriend, Barbara Pearson, to the spring dance, he promised to make the highest mark in the history exam. He "borrowed" some of his answers from George Bigelow, making things much more compli- cated. All the while Mr. Ferguson, a substitute detective, and Miss Wheeler, the music teacher were searching for several lost band instruments. The mystery was solved by a pawn ticket, that was afterwards admitted by George to be his. Henry finally "found" two tickets dropped by Mr. Nelson, the assistant principal, Haccidentally on purpose. Altogether the play was most interesting, enjoy- able and full of fun from beginning to end. The juniors certainly shone in this play. Miss Shea ..... Mr. Nelson ...,. Mr, Patterson. , Miss Pike ...... Bill ......,..,.. Miss Eggleston. Miss johnston. . Mr. Vecchitto. . Henry Aldrich. . The Cast Barbara Pearson ..,. ,.... Gertie ..,.,,,,.... Mr. Bradley. . . , Miss Wheeler. . . George Bigelow. Mrs. Aldrich .... Mr. Ferguson. . . Mary .......... 66 . ....,.. Lois Hoke . . . . . .Ray Gregor , ,Thomas DeVaux , , . ,Betty johnson , . .Vinton McCabe . . .Suzanne Koval .. .Lillian Hamel . . . . .Metro Shultz ., . ,Wilkins Major . . .Margaret Sivak Geraldine Peterson . . . . .joe Suscovich , . .Pauline Harvan .,.....Ray Welch Blanche Daniels . , ,Richard Shaffer , . . .Emeline Fidda '- V :af - ' 'is 3 i ,, 2 K tus., L 1' .. .. ,. V- , . i, - we ,-1 1 P , 0- ,t wig 5, HQ, . , , ,,,m,ff.-A .-1-ff gfv. a ,igb alloc-n,,-V a.!,,V,-r w .,p':5. 4 "MISS CHERRYBLOSSOMH "Miss Cherryblossomn, a musical comedy in three acts, was presented under the direction of Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Garmon, and Mr. Green, The entire operetta took place in a japanese tea- garden. Cherry trees behind a picket fence Howers to scent the air, and japanese lanterns created a beautiful and romantic stage setting. Miss Evelyn Barnes, an American girl born in japan whose parents died of fever, is brought up as a ,Japanese maiden. Her father's secretary uses her property for his own ends. When Evelyn, who is known as Cherryblossom, is about eighteen, Worthington and his secretary returns to japan on his yacht with a party of Ameri- can friends,. One of them john Henry Smith, or jack, falls in love with Cherry and wishes to marry her, but Kokemo, who has brought her up as his own daughter, wants her to marry Togo, a rich politician. The action of the piece centers around jack's efforts to outwit Togo and Kokemo. The Cast Cherryblossom ............,..........., Lois Hoke Kokemo- .... proprietor of a Tea Garden in Tokyo, ..............japan......TomDeVaux jack-a New Yorker on a visit to japan as a ....... as a guest of Mr. Worthington, ...... Harry Hagerty Henry Foster Jones-jacks pal in love with. ...... . ......................jessica........StuartHude Horace Worthington-a New York stock broker entertaining a party of friends with a trip to Japan on his yacht ............ Wilkins Major jessica Vanderpool-Worthingtonsniece . . . . . . .Kathleen jackson Togo-a politician of high rank .... Leo Kacmarekz Geisha Girls in Kokemo's Tea Garden ....... Chorus American girls and men, guests of Mr. Worthin ton S on his yacht ...........,............. Chorus 67 Operetta i I www. .5-1 Q 'if .A if X541 .4 '51 'Q . 3' ' 'il Wi 8 .fa -we , 1 T 15 Senior lass Pla "SPRING FEVER" The final theatrical production of the class of '41 was 'Spring Fever", under the direction of Miss Fisher Mrs. Bertha Howard and her two children, jack and Peggy are living with Eulalie, Berthas old-maid sister after Mr. Howards death. jack has an inven- tion by which he expects to make millions, that is- if his mother would only provide enough money to put it on the market. Peggy begins to make hair tonic that did wonders for lvlr. Knight, but a mistake in the making of some of it, caused a neighbor lady's hair to fall out. jack asks Tessie, the maid, for some money, but she is so lazy that she doesn't even listen while being spoken to. Spring Billington, jacks weakness, who insists on popping in at the wrong moment, comes in once while jack is trying on a dress for Donna, his sister-in-law, wife of his brother Price, and again when Peggy accidently plunks her hat on his head. Peggy, trying to do a good turn for her Aunt Euly, writes a proposal of marriage to Mr. Knight, signing Eulie's name, and one to Euly, signing Mr. Knight's name, but they are glad she did. With the help of Ray Butler, jacks pal, they finally get the invention,-an electric toothbrush on the market. Cast jack Howard ..... ..... , . .Clyde Bitner Price ...,...... ,... B ill Steeber Ray Butler ..... ....... J ay Hoffer Mr. Knight ........... ...... D anny Murtha Peggy ............................. Agnes Hunter Bertha Clvlrs. Howardl ......,. Annabelle Porterfleld Eualie Barnes ......... ......... B etty johnson Donna Howard ...... ...... B etty Harbaugh Spring Billington ,.... .......... A nn Kois Tessie ............. .... I rene Speishock 68 The "star" club of Hurst is the Choral Club which ranks first in membership, because it is composed of nearly a hundred beautifully blended voices, Not only has it increased in membership since last year, but also in a wider range of different presentations. Its first successful presentation was the Christmas program, in which the chorus rendered Christmas Carols and presented a play entitled "They That Sit in Darkness", the cast of which was chosen from its members. The operetta, "Miss Cherryblossomu was one of the best ever presented at I-Iurst. Its theme, being japanese, insured colorful scenes of the background and also the costumes and fans of the Ceisha girls and the formal apparel of the Americans. Mr. Green, as well as the entire chorus were pleased to have six representatives at the "All-Western Chorus" at Ligonier, in which schools from all over Western Pennsylvania took part. This club meets every Monday and Wednesday in the Activities Building. All students who were in the chorus last year and still attend schools are in the chorus this year, if they wished to be. Tryouts were held for anyone who would like to join, but only those suitable were selected. These stars hope to show their ability in singing pleasing numbers at the annual baccalaureate and commencement exercises. We know the public never tires of their music. 69 hom! Club 'lihird Row: Laurence Bowden, Emmons lmmel, joseph Bernard, Bryson Marsteller Second Row: Frank Lee, Albert Grimm, Luther Hawk, Pauline Sauerwein Myers, Mrs Nelle B ers Hauser l-irst lilow: Helen Kromer Cresswell, Et Grigor Hails. HURST 1915 CLASS REUNIGN Members of the class ol 1915 of Hurst High School enjoyed a reunion at the school grounds on june 15, 1940, celebrating the twenty-fifth year since graduation. A pleasing program, a review of the 1915 high school year book, the Lampara, and a delightful picnic supper was enjoyed by all. Among the guests present were, Mrs. L. j. Hauser of Mt. Pleasant Township, formerly Miss Nelle Byers, a language teacher at Hurst, Miss Frances lgowdcn, William Herd, and Buddy Dean of Greens- urg. Members ol the class and their families present were as folllowsz Mr, 82 Mrsj, H. Myers and daught- ers, Maxine and ,lane of Neopit, Wisc onsin. Mr. 82 Mrs. Robert Creswell and son Bob of Swissvaleg Mrs. Martha Condre of Pittsburgh, Mr. 82 Mrs. sl. B. Marsteller and children, jane, J, B. and joan of Niles, Ohio, Mr and Mrs. L. H. Hawk and child- ren, Don, Billy, Dorothy, james, and Bobby of of Greensburg, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lee and daughter, Carolyn of Trauger, Mr, and Mrs. Clay Hile and children, William, Margaret and Vaun of Lycippus, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hails and children, Lloyd, Gladys, Lorraine, Audrey, jack, and Fred of Bentley- ville, Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Bowden and sons Harry, Lawrence, and Louis of Turtle Creek, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Grimm and sons Arthur and Tommy of Connellsvilleg joseph F, Bernard of Gal itzin, and Emmons lmmel of Lycippus. hel Baker Hile, Martha Scott Condre, Gladys All present voted unanimously to meet again in 1945 with a Sordial invitation to all teachers who taught during the four years course of this class to join with them, The Colophon Staff of 1941 appreciates this picture and extends an invitation to other Alumni groups to have pictures taken and printed in future editions of the Colophon. CLASS OF 1915 Class Motto: "Add to your Faith, Virtue and to your Virtue, Knowledge." Class Colors: Navy Blue and White. Class Flower: White Rose. Class Roll I J. Bryson Marsteller, Pres. Thomas Frank Lee, Vice Pres. Zella Mae Casey, Sec. Wade G. Marks, Treas. Helen Kathryn Kromer joseph F. Bernard Ethel Violet Baker Martha ,lane Scott Wilmer M. Fisher Albert Leroy Grimm Pauline Dorothea Sauerwein Luther Hiram Hawk Gladys Margaret Grigor Edgar Emmons B. lmmel Laurence Edward Bowden il Club Pins D1P10maS Hi-Y Pins Invitations DON ENEIX Union Trust Building Pittsburgh, Pa. I Jewelers to Classes of 1941 and 1942 Class Rings Caps Sc Gowns Commencement Invitations Medals 81 Trophies 71 When Thirsty Demand Kecks Natural Mineral Water Carbonated Beverages Delicious - Invigorating and Refreshing Kecks Big Stick Ginger Ale A Special-Keck's Pepsi Cola Will G. Keck Inc. Kecksburg, Pa. Phone Kecksburg 30 P.O. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 72 Dodge Cars Dodge Trucks Q Dodge Busses Plymouth Cars "Dependable Used Cars Always" "After We Sell - We Serve" U. S. Royal Tires Mobile Gas - Oil Greensburg Motor Co. 331 E. Otterma n Street Phone 2 1 2 1 Greensburg, Pa. 73 INSURANCE SERVICE - - - AT SA VIN G j. S Glasstetter and Company Complete 561 North Main Street Greensburg, P Rg1StddNA 1,1121 J. H. Cook Lumber Lumber and Builder Supplies Phone 5661 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. EAST END RESTAURANT Dinner Served at all times Sandwiches Soft Drinks THOMAS DRUG STORE 'Where Pharmacy is a Profession Not a Side Line 100 N. Pennsylvania Avenue Greensburg, Pa. GREENE ELECTRIC CO. Elexttical Appliances "We sell the best and service the rest" 75 Furniture Unde,-taki ng THE S. P. ZIMMERMAN CO. Established 1873 General Electric Appliances Mt. Pleasant, Pa. GREENSBURG DRUG CO. 125 S. Main Street Greensburg, Pa. Yardley's Toiletries Whitman's Candy Penn-Cress Ice Cream "Service With a Smile" Build a Home First!Your Best Investment Everything for the Home MT. PLEASANT LUMBER 85 SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 2400 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Remember us in the years to come SAM LEVIN FURNITURE Furniture for every room in the houser-Easy terms 600 Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. In the heart of the business section 76 - 1 GREENSBURG PHOTO SUPPLY 116 S. Pennsylvania Avenue Greensburg, Pa. Our best wishes to the class of '41 You never pay more for MAXWELL'S Distinctive Furniture 203 S. Maple Avenue Phone 184 Greensburg, Pa SIVAK SERVICE STATION United, Pa. Studebaker Sales and Service Towing Service-Auto Repairing-Gas, Oil, Greasing Phone Keclcsburg 22-R-4 Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY Greensburg, Pa. W. F. SMITH CO. Hardware 524 Main Street Phone 2471 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 77 J. B. COLDSMITH COMPANY Wall Paper, Paints, Glass, Window Shades, China and American Pottery, Painters 811 Paper Hangers Supplies, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. MYERS MUSIC STORE Everything in Music Band and Orchestra Instruments and Accessories Philco and R.C.A. Victor Radios Next to Grand Theatre Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Compliments to the class of 1941 WARREN BEAUTY SALON Mt. Pleasant, Pa. . LOWENSTEIN 'S Depot Street Latrobe Headquarters for Youthful Merchandise Compliments of KANAWALSKY'S RESTAURANT Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Where To? TO TROUTMAN'S Of Course! Because! We Feature Good-Will Values and Styles For the Younger Set 78 Compliments of SHAFFER CHEVROLET Mt. Pleasant, Pa. M. R. GEORGE HARDWARE Phone 3231 607 Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Wallpaper-Pain ts W. M. SPELKER Phone 2358 107 E. Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. POSTER'S MT. PLEASANT AUTO WRECKING 239 E. Main Street New and Used Parts for A11 Cars Phone 5601 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 79 C. R. BARR De Sota-Plymouth Phone Kecksburg 12R2 Pleasant Unity, Pa. You Want Protection Use MEADOW BROOK FARM'S DAIRY PRODUCTS They are safe because they are Properly Pastuerized Visit the Farm Mt. Pleasant, Pa. J. R. Wood, Owner Phone 5516 Compliments of JOHN R. CEASE Funeral Director Est. 1883 Pleasant Unity, Pa. BUSINESS TRAINING PA YS Greensburg Business School is a mem- ber of the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools, and is approved by the Pennsylvania State Committee of Standards. Be sure to attend an Approved School GREENSBURG BUSINESS SCHOOL J MIKE'S PLACE Confectionery 81 Groceries M. J. Kaputa Southwest, Pa. GEO. D. GALLEY Body and Fender Repairs Phone 2434 5541 Washington St. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. KATHRYN KALP Insurance Agency "Insurance of all kinds Room 7 State Bank Building Phone 3306 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Compliments of MONTGOMERY WARD CO. Phone 2421 521 Main St. Compliments of J. G. MCCRORY CO. 5 and 10c Specialties Mt. Pleasant, Pa. E. A. HARR Dodge and Plymouth Sales and Service Mt. Pleasant Pa- Kecksburg Phone 33-R-11 81 FRANK G. UHRIN Hotpoint and G. E. Appliances Wiring of all kinds Phone 5551 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Compliments of GREENSBURG MORNING REVIEW GREENSBURG DAILY TRIBUNE Bes t for Spot ts STUDEBAKER CARS AND TRUCKS C. C. CLAUSNER 750 Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. C. C. Clausner, Owner-Phone 2555 SOWASH AUTO SERVICE Factory Distributor Fisk Tires-Delco Batteries-Automobile Accessories Greensburg, Pa. THOS. S. GALLEY Auto Painting and Body Repair Work-Acetylene Welding Phone 2377 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Morewood Street In Greensburg It's ROYER'S For Smart Graduation Fashions 82 . ,.. .-sf.-,.,-M Compliments of LUTHER J. GRIMM O. C. HARROLD NASH Sales and Service America's New Kind of Automobile Mortician General Repairing Phone 2442 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 235-39 E. Pittsburgh St. Greensburg Phgne 1349 CARUSO'S CRANES CLOTHES IOOZ All Wool Free Alterations 316.50 O.P.O. 4 W. Otterman St. Greensburg Atlantic Service Sta tion Lee Tires-Exide Batteries Complete Lubrication We call for and deliver your car Phone 2216 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. MILLER 85 BIGG CO. Westmoreland County's Largest Home Furnishers Latrobe, Pa. Compliments of W. T. GRANT CO. Merchandise lc to 31.00 625 Main Street Mt. Pleasant 83 I-IOCKBERG'S Credit JewelersfBest Quality Pennsylvania Avenue Greensburg, Pa. SILVIS FARMS 10 East Second Street, Greensburg, Pa ICE CREAMEADAIRY PRODUCTS Candy, Cigars, School 85 Office Supplies, Greeting Cards MT. PLEASANT NEWS CO. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Compliments of MOUNT PLEASANT IMPLEMENT STORE Chas. Kantorik McCormick-Deering Farm Equipment E. Main Street Phone 2230 DOC'S PLACE BAR-B-Q SANDWICHES Free Parking Greensburg W. Otterman St. Complete Outfitters For Your Graduation Needs! L. LEVINSON Opposite Town Clock Men's Weare--Ladies' Wear Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 84 F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 5 8: 10 c Specialties 529 Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. DR. STRICKLER Optometrist Eyes Examined- Glasses Fitted Latrobe, Penna. POSNER'S Credit jewelers Distributors for Bulova, Elgin, Hamilton Watches 42nd Year in Mt. Pleasant, Pa. General Merchandise J. H. STROBEL Kecksburg Phone 34-R-3 J. C. PENNEY CO. Clothing for the Family 525-527 Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Compliments of GRAND THEATRE Phione 2402 Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 85 COLDSMITH'S DRUG STORE Reliable Prescription Service Yardley Toiletries - Whitman's Candy Parker Pens and Pencils 646 Main Street Mt. Pleasant, Pa. OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLY CO. School and Office Supplies-Portable Typewriters Greensburg, Pa. Compliments of NIXON RESTAURANT Greensburg, Pa. Compliments of JACK W. WILLIAMS Mt. Pleasant, Pa. JOS. WEISS FURNITURE F urni ture-Rugs-S toves 132 Depot Street Latrobe, Pa. Phone 43 KING'S ECONOMY SHOE STORE 520 Main Street Opposite Penneys Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Quality Shoes and Hose for the Entire Family At Lowest Prices X6 ,, Q. , fb ,K . ' 'fy , ' . 3, 4 , ,gh ,!1v?"g':4 . . ,J 1--x...,3xy1-mf U.iv,,qf,'j -fry H, , .- , ' 9,37 1' .b N 1 ' '- - ' " 2 " - : '- if Vf wi-f.v1w.. ,.z2ff::Q4a2,f,,f A ' ,4-,.ix' A45 H 1 H- ' 1 ,fa"5, Q., '-, it 5 , ' ,. '1 ' ' - ,I 1 - ".!1g"'f, ,DH - .y ,, . , ' -x, 1u.'4"'fQ,!p -fb' 1 1 as I' V ufr 5 4' . .ln 'k ' Q .V . , I as . ,S . , , 1 -l f' 1 . ' ' -K k ,, . ,., - .:'. 1 ' ' .it KA 'A 3 xaaij " .V , 1 l iw ' , 9 'V' - ' .. 'f 'V we 4' .nr .. A tv it ' -Ir., . Q f ' . kv iw A .5- M' ii' ' '1 . ' Q 1 5 . . , 4 4 , v- 1,1 V Q . ,, Q A ' Q I 'N ' D v1 ' A . , ' r '9' Ar ,. E ,N . wr ,fig , Y - if uv , . r I . Q . F ,Jw , ,xii 4 I f Q 'W V u R 'L . A .ik 0 ' 0 . . , f f ' 4 1 X .5 V -1 5 . , 'N' , '- 1 .. , '- - ' V .ve ' au., , 1 . . 5' 1 . 1 p - C U Q. f . ba- " - 1' . .. fl 1' 5, I ' P ' S- . - '- or , .- . 1, 1 1 1 J r...,A,,V K . , , 1 I ...vv'aa.:,.f-mwv. L ,, la. ' '- , FK? ,.wr1SwaN.1L ,, TL., . ,vim-, ,rm fr ,vs - lf- I f :Q egyefffsff 5-gf gif? 15rg4g3QigA:i.lV. ,A :V 56 .f ,VJ f

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