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-L, V W , X -Q-.,, ' A 3-+8 K 1--:f:.:.1''f,: s5ae5g:sfi-.31:25559-, gz:ff:fz::.:-rzrgx.-nfs, ' 'Y -.garq af::,z.Qea1-.-.m'n!:..w,...f-k:,:x,-uxmzqxwu-e.l?5a:::asQe1fv:::f,-.Q5.1 PRESENTED BY THE STUDENTS OF THE MT. PLEASANT TOWN Cr1lop11c111 111121111110 F1111s11111g Tough applus 01111 14111111 10111131 edu 11111 111111111 1 It sn 11 HLIISI H1 Q 1:1111 1 s4111c11s 1131 11111s 1 f 1111 1110111111111 111 Ldup 1111111 w111d1 W1 Lon1111un all 111 11s1 of1l1L11 lugs Tha true 111Qa11111U O1 Coloplon tlurnfolc can onlx be applud 10 1111 111s1 s1ep 1111 e 1'1ddf1 rut 11 cd 1 111 CDLCDPHCN SHIP HIGH SCHOOL MT PLEASANT PA K C211' " ' l 'PIIZIHSK P ,gh S'l , T11 A 5' ' 1111- 1 ' '31 ing, I 'D' ' 5 z - 'Q A " "ll 111 C V -1 xfll' - u'z 1111. n s K , . , . MR. LLOYD IQ RUMBAUGH WE PAY TRIBUTE . . We, the class of 1940, dedicate this book with sincerity and appreciation to our superintendent, Mr. Rumbaugh. He has help- ed us all with patience and kindness through twelve years of strug- gling for an education. To show our appreciation. we dedicate this book to him. BEFORE F BEGIN The CfJ1fJ1311U1'1' Yu t11at1s111L 11a111L J1 1111s x1o11da11111 book 11111111 1,1111 be a 1111 11 111d fJ1'C.XCIX student O1 11 C :ass 111 19411 and '11so of the 1111d11 111ss111111 A1111 1118111 m'11s11a1Q1ua5scd 111 Qs 2111 1'11ud 11115 hoo 1 111 lm 111111 DI s tc 11s oi the 1111 1111111111 11111 111111111 It 11111 11e111 LIS II11JLI 1111 lL11X111LS vxc pa1L1C11a 1 1111 711 Mic Us mn 11 11 1 1131 1111s 11 H11 '1 11 X Xl 1 Collie llfx AT ACT IT1ES r 4 4 l - .11 V AY. A L' V .X r. 111'ci g " A "'T1A and '1 I1 'Q - Tc 11 -5, 1111 1111 5 .ck A lf '11-3 1 I 1 ' 11' 11, 1. I 1' 1-I-Q, 11111 " 'I "1t'd 111, t11c' studs-111s who were 111 0111 dasscs 111111 - 111-11 11 1 -C 11 " ad. T1 ' 11411 1' ycals 01' 11111 112 13' ' 1 rst w111'11 11111 vf1111,11 'd 111 11115 111111: V111 111- ' '1' 114' 11111111 tc-11. 'Y J . O 13 E 12 S O N A L 1 T I E S O 1-1 1, E T I C S I I V OUR PORTALS TO KNOWLEDGE Through these doors dally pass a student body of 830 the largest group ever to be assembled at Hurst Under these crowded condmons each student as an 1nd1v1dua1 and that the oppor tun1t1es for a lugher educat1on are open to hlm still feels that he may elxpress himself ADMINISTRATORS What 1S the source of these perfectly arranged plans? Why of course lt 1S our Board of Educat1on' Although they have many dlfficult problems to combat and declde they always do what the best for the welfare of the student body Accurate dec1s1ons are also made concermng financ1al drfflcultxes wh1ch are brought before them We all apprecxate the many hours that they have spent 1n our behalf The members of th1s part1cular board are Presxdent Clyde Howard V1ce Presldent John Scrabat Sec retary J F McCrack1n Treasurer James F Andrews Andrew The 1940 Colophon C wad 6' ' Y , . v V V ' 1 - 1 A . . , . , Harvan, N. E. Neiderhiser, R. B. Aultman. Rum u Scrabot Harvan Andrews Mc rac Ho r Neiderh Aultman ba gh N OWLEDGE u ezm fan fem' LLOYD F RUMBALGH B A EL' M Pr nnklm and Mdrsl1111Crn'1cg1 Unnxvrs tx 1fP1tIshurgh ,va ZLHCQQE WILLIAM D. MULLIN . ., M.S,. En . . 'rmeylvzamzn St: 1- 11.11- 1w:'rs1tyf1fP:HS M041 The 1940 Colophon JOSEPH SILVIS, B.S,, Ej,M, Duquesne University University of Pittsburgh EDWARD PORCH. B,A., Ed.M. 4 Finjlay College Umvers'ty of Pttsburgh THEODORE GREINER B S Slippery Rock State Teachers College SAMUEL R GREEN B S Indiana State Teacher s College Gu1d1ng Youth To A Better Before we contmue any further we must mtroduce our teachers for without them we couldn t be graduating iors and many of the Juniors One may guess the seniors are writing their essays when they are seen in their rooms with a puzzled ex press1on upon their faces While Shakespeare and Dryden are brought back to l1fe in the Junior class The sophomore English 10 O O First is our English teacher, Mrs. Russell, who teaches the sen- classes struggle hard with Miss Myers, Miss Bamhart, and Miss Kaputa in understanding "Silas Marnerl' and "Ivanhoe". It is cer- tain the freshmen English students did not expect to have to con- tinue conjugating verbs after they entered high school, but Miss Andrews and Miss Potts, their teachers, think they will be doing so for some time. From Room 3 we may hear "Parlez vous francais?" from the junior French class, and Hje trouve le francais tres bien" from the senior French class. We wonder what it means, nevertheless, we know it's French that Miss Beacom is teaching. Then suddenly we hear strange sounds from Miss Andrews class. The freshmen are conjuating Latin verbs which sound like tongue twisters. The soph- omores are becoming friends of Caesar, while the juniors and seniors enjoy themselves with Vergil. Perhaps it's a good thing they have Miss Potts to help them or Caesar and Vergil would be losing friends. Understanding Of Knowledge RUTH D, GRAHAM. B. S. JOHN BATISTE, B.S., Ed.M. JOHN CLARK. B-S- MARGARET N ANDREWS Ind ana State Teachers College Indiana State Teachers College Duquesne University B.A., M.A. University of Pittsburgh Allegheny College University of Pennsylvania ll What a noise! Oh! yes, now I know what it is. Miss Graham is teaching typing to the sophomores while Mr. Batiste teaches sec- retarial practice and shorthand. He also helps with typing. Mr. Nock is our mathematics teacher and is liked by all. Then come Mr. Greiner and Miss Beacom, who teach freshman history, while Miss Fisher teaches junior history. Though the sophomores can't understand the value of ancient history at present, they work dili- gently with Mr. Porch. The seniors really enjoy their P.O.D. classes with Miss Barnhart for they learn what they have forgotten in history in previous years. We may hear readings, debates, and declamations being coached by Mr. Silvis, but he also helps the seniors with salesmanship and economics. Many graduates of Hurst become salesladies and salesmen. Also Mr. Clark helps many of us form our careers by teaching bookkeeping and general business training. Our science wa' f Zigi ,W .,a.,, I T ' f ,lf N ,fx K , I MARGARET H. KAPUTA' PAUL JONES' BSU Lit-M. JANE FISHER. B.A. MARY JO KUNKLE B S BIA, B,L-S- Thiel College Pennsylvania College for Women University of Pittsburgh Sgton Hill Cgllegg University of Pittsburgh Columbia University The 1940 C o lolbbon 12 Y ' ' 1 1 IDA M BEACOM, BNA, x,:1-1:gA IAYERS, LA., Ear.: 3'-12 ' EZTH M- RUSSELL- CHN NCCK B S Ed M , , V1 PJX, Wafnesburg College Grove Cnty College IJ.m14ata Cmregg Univffslfy of pittsburgh Umversnty of Pittsburgh ' Y , - . . . . , . . 3 A l 1 - , . Y . X . Ht . Y- . . X ' Umversnty of Pxtt Lurgh teachers are Mr Jones who teaches sophomore bmology and senlor SCICDCC, Mr Kromer, who teaches the Jumors chemmstry, and the semors phys1cs whxch requues much thmkmg and Mr Evancho our great football coach teaches the freshmen general sclence One may enter our gymnasmm durmg any class of the oay and what do we see? In the mormnff the boys march and play basketball under the dlrectxon of Mr Grlener wh11e 1n the afternoon the gxrls play volleyball and do mat work under Mmss Kunkle who also teaches b1ology We notrce that the gxrls wear very neat dresses to school no wonder they are home economlc students who make the1r own clothes under thc ms ructxon of Mxss D1llo x 1.3 DoRoTHY BARNHART B A IDA DILLON B s ELIZABETH R POTTS B A JOHN H LONG B 5 Ed M Hood College Inj ana State Teachers College Ed M Pmnsylvan a Stat' Collvsf The 1940 C 0 lolblaon Unxversrty of Prttsburgh Unrversrty of Plttsburgh Every Monday and Wednesday one may hear hammerrng ln the basement It IS the agr1cultural class workmg on somethlng new under the superv1s1on of Mr Long Th1s class has done much towards helpmg the school wxth scenery for plays and decorat1ons for the gymnas1um Not a school IS complete w1tl'out a l1brar1an and we have a very good one who IS Mlss Kaputa Last but not least IS the muslc department under the directlon of Mr Green Our band IS one that every student of Hurst IS proud of because of thexr neat appearance ard of the wonderful mus1c they br1ng forth Now tl' at the teachers have mformally been 1ntroduced we shall cortmue on our Journey through the Colophon ARTHUR KROMER B S ANDREW EVANCHO B S SY V Ylffnf College St Vrncent College I4 - l ,.. - ,-- 'I' i .. 1 9 a A , a 1 . V .i 4' OFFICERS Pres lent Clyde Sha Trea .lr r Joe S ko' k Se reta y Ire e Greg We the Sen1or Class of Hurst thls year known as The Class of 1940 had to struggle very hard for years to obtam that name We started twelve years ago to recelve the knowledge that we have today Exght years we worked d1l1gently and played hard 1n grade school Durmg those years vxe dldn t seem to reallze that those grade school days were tl'e foundat1on for our l1fe s vxork later on Then we entered thxs bu1ld1ng of krovxledge as tlmxd freshmen Everyone laughed at us and we dlscovered how very 1ns1Un1ficant we were However as years progressed we took the places of those who had gone before us We became the upperclassmen and there were other to take our places as the frlghtened freshmen Now we are the senxors Although we are soon to pass from these portals of knowledge we hope that our memory and that whmch we have trled to do for the betterment of tl'e school wlll remaln m the mxnds of others We are pos1t1ve that we shall always remember our happy school days at Hurst 15 l .ir w . sl - . s e 1 .ic il r n fll' ' ' KS n r ., - , . . i . , . V A . A . Y 3 - 1 v ' 7 1 .li-.. I The Semor Story The 1940 Colophon jcunc' A1i2.n.S He-len Allfxnm Elea mr Ahlbvrn XV:ll1am Ahlbfrn Gran Allen Wnliam Anjrcvss Melvm Armel Fred Barber Mary Barnosky Amerigo Belloni Chervyl Bertram Catherine Eohalnh Lee Brown Jean Bosdosh Doris Byers Thvmus Carney Florenne Carpenter Xenia Cerkovnik George Chekan Edward Che r'vak Marjorie Clararicr Mabel Clavsson Margaret Condupa joe Christie Ed. Crum I0 The 1940 Semors JEUNE ADAMS General Dramatlc Club I II Charm Club II HELEN L ADZIMA Commercxal Needlework Club I Freslman and Sopho more Dramatic Club I Freshman and Sophomore Etlquette Club II Modern Mmstrel III Student CouncxlIII Gxri :Basketball III IV Hurstonx n Stah' IV Colophon Staff IV F1rstF1fthI II III IV M ELEANOR AHLBORN Academxc Needlework Club I Pr Gamma Club II Go to College Club IV French Club CSecretaryJ IV 'l'ul1pT1me IV Why the Chimes Rang IV In vxtatxon Commrttee IV Hurstonxan Staff IV Choral Club IV WILLIAM C AHLBORN Agrrculture Dramatmc Club I Sportsmans Club II FFA II III IV FFA Softball III FFA Basket ball III ORAN ALLEN fsmungl General Dramatxc Club II Sportsman s Club II Stamp Club 1Vxce Presb II Lxbrary Club III Chora Club IV I-Im Un Her II Modern Mxnstrels IV Tulxp Ttme IV Why the Chxmes Rang IV Hur stonxan Staff IV Invxtatnon Commxttee IV Jr Varsuty Footabll IV Band II III IV fVICC Presndentj IV WILLIAM L ANDREWS CB1llj Agriculture Dramatrc Club I Sportsman s Club II F F A I II III IV CSecretaryD IV Land of Cotton I Hm Un Her IV Why the Chxmes Rang IV F F A Dance Commxttee II III Prom Commuttee III Band I II III IV OrchestraI II Inv1tat1on Commxttee IV Hall Guard IV MELVIN ARMEL fShortyJ Agnculture FFA I II III IV SportsmansClub F F A Basketball III F F A Softball III FRED E BARBER Agnculture Booster s Club I F F A I II I V Farm Show Awards 7th prxze for potatoes II 3rd prlze for potatoes III 7th pnze for potatoes IV MARY BARNOSKY General Sewmg Club I Et1quette Club II Modern Mmstrel III AMERIGO 1MedJ BELLONI General Dramatxc Club I II Stamp Club II Sports man s Club III Football Score Keeper III IV CHERVYL M BERTRAM Academlc Reporter of Sewmg Club I Charm Club II French Club IV Go to College Club III IV Etxquette Club II Junior Rmg Commxttee III Stand Commxttee VI Hurstoman Staff III Hall Guard IV CATHERINE BOHATCI-I fKayJ General Dramatrc Club I Needlework Clubl Etxquette Club II Hurstoman Staff III IV JEAN M BOSDOSI-I Commerclal Freshman 8 Sophomore Dramatxr Club I Needlework Club I Forensnc League III Etlqcette Club II I-Im und Her II Almost Exghteen III Semor Stand Commxttee IV Colophon Staff IV Hurs tonxan Staff III IV Fnrst Fxfth I C LEE BROWN Academic Library Club fsecj I II Ushers Club fsecj III IV P1 Gamma Fratermty Csecj II Hur stonran Staff III IV Go to College Club III IV Modern Minstrel Stamp Club II Sportsmans Club III Camera Club II Orchestra III Band I II III IV Hall Guard III IV F1rstFnfthI II III IV DORIS BYERS Academxc Dramat1cClubI I-IurstonxanStalTII III IV French Club IV Etxquette Club II Goto College Club III IV I-Im und Her II Why the Chxmes Rang IV Tulxp Txme IV Sennor Stand Commxttee IV French Club Stand Commxttee IV Student Coun ell III IV Chaxrman of Assembly Commxttee IV Fxrst Fufth I II III IV Clyde Shaw Class Presrdent THOMAS P CARNEY Commercxal Freshman Br. Sophomore Dramatlc Club I II Hurstoman Staff IV Why the Chimes Rang Orchestra II III Bandl II III IV Colophon StaFl' IV Student Council III First Flfth I II FLORENCE CARPENTER CFloJ Academu Needlework Club I Holxday Club II P1 Gamma Club II Go to College Club III IV Hur stoman III IV Land of Cotton Hin und Her II Modern Mmstrel III Tulnp Tnme Why the Chxme Rang IV Invxtatxon Commxttee IV Name Card Commlttee IV Band II III IV Grrl s Glee Club I Choral Club IV Tap Dancmg Club II XENIA CERKOVNIK CXJ Commercxal Dancxng and Dramatxc Club I Forenslc League III Et1quette Club Vxce Pres III Hurstorian Staff III IV Colophon Staff IV Chorus I IV Why the Chrmes Rang Hln und Her II Moonlxght mrttee III Student Councxl IV Assembly Comm ttee of Student Councrl Gnrls Basketball III IV GEORGE CHEKAN 4CudaJ General Freshman B Sophomore Dramatrc Club I Stamp Club II Sportsmans Club III Baseball III Football Score Keeper III IV EDWARD THOMAS CHERVAK Academxc Hurstonxan III IV Holxday Club IV Go to College Club IV Lxbrary Club Land of Cotton I Hm und Her II Modern Mmstrel III Band I II III IV Orchestra I II Bass Soloxst IV Band Lnbrarxan III IV German Band II Brass Choxr IV Swmg Band II IV Brass Ensemble IV Camera Club II Boosters Club II JOE CI-IRISTIE Agrlculture FFA I II III IV MARJORIE J CLAUSNER fClausxeJ Academe Camera Club II Hurstonlan II III IV Dramatxc Clubl P1Gamma Fratermtyll Go to College Club III IV Why the Chimes Rang IV Modern Mmstrel III Tulxp Trme IV Almost Exghteen III jumor Prom Commxttee IV First Frfth I II IV MABEL M CLAWSON Academxc Dramatxc Club I P1 Gamma Fraternxty II I-Iurstoman Staff II III Go to College Club III IV Senxor Inutatmon Commlttee IV Colophon Stah' Fxrst th I II III MARGARET CONDUPA fMargxeD Academxc Sewxng Club I Library ClubII French Club EDWARD E CRUM CNoutD Agrxculture FFA I II III IV I-IallGuard III Bas ketball II F F A Mushballl III F F A Basketball IV 17 U n . . : . . , . 1 . ' , ' I I . I '1- v v v 5 ' . ' . ' 3 . . . 1 . , . . . g . . . - . I ' 1 A ' , .Q - 'H I ll - ' U I . , . . . ' I h . ' - , I. - '-. , . . V . . I , , 2- , , . : - ' - - ' : Q ' ' . . , .. .. 4 . , . . , , . .. - -Y ... . .. , , . . . . . , . A - . W . v . .I H, 4. - ' ' -v . . . . . .. - ,. , I. . . .. . , 9 ' ' 1 , - - . . , . 2 II: ' 5 , , 5 ' ' ' , ' . g . . . , , II, 1- Q ' , - - 5 ' - . 3 1 . . 1 ' . . . U ' ' n v v I v - H, .. - -- . .. - Minstrel" III: "Tulip Time" IV: junior Prom Com- , ' 2 ' 2 3 . . I 1 . 5 , A , . : 1 - V ' I , , . - . . , . . . . 2 1 I . A M 9 - - , 5 ' , , 3 2 - h . . , h . - -. , - , .. ,- I ' - U ' . ll - wr ' , -4 '- - 11 , . . . . . I . .I . h , : , Q :A ' . : 2 L ' . . ' , 1 Z . . . . , : ' ' . . : ' : ' ' - . .. - H . .. . ,. , . ' ' ' , rr: ' v:w hr - - ' A' ,, . . .. , .I " .. - A A - : ' ' I ' ' , , . . - . . ' 3 ' ' Y 1 . ' . . . Z 3 ' - . 3 1 Fxf , , , IV. ' v ' , 3 ' , . 1 , A , ' C no ' u 1 I4 - .. , .. - - .. . . . . I , A I ' ' . '. ' 1 - - - - , v . S I - - - - - 3 . . . , g . . . . Glenn Harr Band Debatmg ALFRED DEEMER fRedJ Agr1culture FFA I II III IV ANDREW DLUGOS General Stamp Club I Sportsman Club II EDITH ELLIOT General Needlework Club I Dramatnc Club II JOE EMERICK Agnculture FFA I II III IV FFA Basketball III FITSI F1fth IV MARY L EVANKO CDollyb Academ1c Sewmg Club I L1brary Club II French Club IV PAULINF FARCOSKY fPollyJ General Dramat1c Club I Et1que te Club II Hur ston1an Staff II III IV Hm und Her II Modern Mmstrel III Glee ClubI II Chorus II ANGELINE R FIEDOR CNell1eJ Academn: Dramat1c Club I P1 Gamma Fratermty II Go to College Club III IV Dancmg Club I JOE Babe FIGNAR Commermal Hurston1an Staff IV Cheerleaders Club II JOHN FREDERICK CMadgeJ General Sportsman Club II Camera Club II Dramatx Club I F F A I LAURABELLE FREEMAN fAubyD General Dramat1c I Hohday Club II Boosters Club II Inv1tat1on Comm1ttee IV Decoratmg Commlttee IV Cheerleader III IV REBECCA FULTZ 1BeckyD General Dramat1c Club I Charm Club II Hurston1an Stafl' IV Choral Club IV I-Im und Her II Modern Mmstrel Tullp Txme IV Prom Commxttee III R1ng Comm1ttee III Stand Commxttee IV MADELINE A GLOVER fMadgeJ General Boosters Club I Glee Club I I-Iurstoman Staff III IV Dramatxc Club I Choral Club IV Land 0 Cotton I MOGCFDMIDSKICI III AlmostE1ghteen III Tul1p T1me IV Why the Ch1mes Rang IV Stand Commrttee IV OLIVER E GRAHAM Agnculture Dramat1c Club I F F A Treasurer I FFA Secretary II FFA VICE Pres III FFA PTCSIGCDI IV Usher s Club III IV Award Pa Corn Kmg of 1939 III Hall guard III IV The 1940 IRENE GREGOR fButchJ Commermal Dramatu I Ehqueite 1Seerelaryl II Nat1onal Forens1c League III Hurstoman III IV Choral Club II H1n und Her II Modern Mmstrel III Stand Commnttee IV Rmg Comm1ttee III Colo phon Staff IV Secretary of Cl ss III cetretary of Class IV F1rstF1fthI II III IV DAVID HAILS General Stamp Club I Sportsman Club II GLENN HARR CP G J Academnc Freshman 811 Sophomore Dramat1c Club I P1 Gamma Fratermty II Camera Club II III Go to College Club III IV Stamp Club II L1l:rary Club III Hohday Club II Boosters Club II Tulnp Trme IV Why the Ch1mes Rang IV Almost E1ghteen III Modern Mmstrel III Land OCotton I I-Im und Her II jumor Prom Commntee III Band Award Comm1tttee III IV Band Unxform Comm1ttee III Pres1dent of Student COUDCII IV Student Councxl III IV Presldent of Band IV Band I II III IV Orchestra II III Hurstoman Staff IV Forensic League JAMES R HARVAN fJ1m7 Commercxal Dramat1c Club I II I-Iurstonxan Staff IV Why the Ch1mes Rang IV Band Award Comm1ttee IV Bandl II III IV Orchestral II III F1rst F1fth II CHRISTINA HEALEY Cfeemel General Hurstoman II Freshman and Sophomore Dramatlc Club I Sewmg Club I Ehquette Club II JANET H HEIDE Academ1c Freshman and Sophomore Dramatxc Club I P1 Gamma Fratermty II Glee Club I H0lldBy Club II Charm Club II Modern Mmstrel III Sen1or Stand III Jumor Prom III Colophon StaFl' IV I-Iurstoman Staff IV Hall Guard III IV Student Councxl III RAYMOND M HOGAN CRayJ General Freshman and Sophomore Dramahc Clubl II Sportsman Club II Commencement Invltatlon Comm1tttee IV ROY M HOGAN fShortyl General Freshman and Sophomore Dramat1c Club I II Sportsmen Club II Choral Club IV Wrestlmg Club II Tul1p T1me IV Why the Ch1mes Rang IV Modern Mmstrel III Prom Comm1ttee III Basket ball I II III IV All County Guard IV Cheerleader III V BILL HOLDEN CButchb General Stamp Club II Boosters Club I Stand Com m1ttee IV DONALD HOLSOPPLE CDonj General Choral Club I P1 Gamma Fratermty CPresJ II Debat1ng Club III Lubrary Club IV Go to College Club IV Choral Club IV Tuhp T1me IV Why the Ch1mes Rang IV Inv1atat1on Comm1ttee IV Hall Guard III IV MARY I-IONSE fMegD Academ1c Needlework Club I Hol1day Club II P1 Gamma II Go to College Club III IV Hurston1an Staffl II III IV Choral Club III IV G1rls Glee Club I II Tap Dancmg Club II Land of Cotton I H1n un Her II Why the Ch1mes Rang IV Almost E1ght teen III Tul1pT1me IV Inv1atat1on Comm1ttee IV Colophon Staff IV Sr Senator of Student Councxl IV Band II III IV CSecb F1rst F1fth IV GLORIA HOWER Commerc1al Sewmg Club I Charm Club II Hxn und Her II jr Prom Comm1ttee III Band I II III IV F1rstF1fthI II III IV Colophon 18 1, .11 - " . 11 - I E 1 L A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . . 11 1 - -1 . 1 1 1 11 - 1- , 11 - 11 , - , 11 1 . 11 - 1 1 ., L . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . . 1 . , . I 11 - 11 , - , 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' . 1 1 1 1 - , . . . 1 , 1 , . . . 1 - . . 1 1 . 1 1 1 - - . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . . - 1 1 1 1 1 - . . 1 l H - 1 , 1 1 1 , . , 11 - 11 . 11 , , 1 1 1 1 A A 1 1 - 11 . . ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 , U . . 11 , .1 . .1 11 -1 1 1 , . l 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 1 I 2 , I . , 1 1 , .... , 3 Q . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 . . 11 1 - 1- .11 1 1 1 1 1 'I , 11 - 11 .11 1 1 1 . ,,A H . . 11 , - , , . ' . - . - 1 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . ' . - , 11 -1 . 11 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , - , . 11 11 . - . 11 - 1 1 - 3 l 1 1 1 1 1- .11 - 1- . 11 1' .H - A 11 . ' - - . , 11 - - 11 . 11 1 '1 1 . - . . 1 1 . 1 . - - . . ' ' . ,11 - , 1 . . . . 1 1 1 . ' - 11 . A 1 . . . . 1 - - - - 1 - - 1 . 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 - 1 1 - Y 'w'gQ5Y2qeTw, f'Zxfy:g n MW- A 5 7 li A Q 1 Ls, .GX A , , s 'afv,!'f 'P J' 'B .ol -Qi .I 35 The 1940 Colophon Henry Huber! Franves Hudcr ,Iran Hunter julia janosw Edward jnhnsmn john Kaminsky Mike Kapura Wendell Kerk Sophia Kern Ed Killar Andrew Kiss:-ll Ethel Kundrirh Ann Kustelnik Mildred Krayson George Kunkle Helen Labosky Audrey La Vellr' Mary Lawson Sophie Lazar Agnes Lesko Mii'hael Lrskn Ray Lessman Fern Long Merle Long George Loughner 9 HENRY HUBERT Agnculture FFA II III IV UshersClub II III IV Freshman k Sophomore Dramatmc Club I Stand Com mxttee IV Student Councxl II I-Im un Her II Mod ern Mnnstrel III F F A Basketball F F A Mush ball IV FRANCES J HUDEC CBlondxeJ General Freshman 8 Sophomore Dramatnc Club Etxquette Club II Fresh Needlework Club I Hurs toman Staff III IV Land of Cotton I I-Im und Her II Student Councll III Glrl s Chorus I II JEAN HUNTER fHunJ Academxc Needlework Club I Etnquette Club II French Club IV Hurstonxan StaFf IV I-Im und I-Ier II Modern Mmstrel III JULIA BARBERA JANOSIC fjewxlll General Sewmg Club I Boosters Club I Etxquette Club II EDWARD JOHNSTON QEdJ Academxc Go to College Club III IV P1 Gamma Fratermty II Dramatxe Club I II Fxrst Frfth I II III V JOHN C KAMINSKYCj1mJ Academnc P1 Gamma Fratermty II French Club CPres J IV Camera Club II Go to College Club III IV I-Iurs toman Staff II III IV CEdxtor xn Chxef IVJ Hun Und Her II Football III IV CCenterj Hurst Hugh Rambler III MIKE EDWARD KAPURA General Dramatic Club I II Stamp Club II WENDELL KECK 1BusstyJ Academnc Dramatxc Club I Sportsmanshxp Club II Camera Club II P1 Gamma Fratermty II Go to Col ege Club III IV Land of Cotton I Hln Un Her II Modern Mmstrel III Almost Enghteen III Why the Chimes Rang IV Stamp Club II Choral Club III IV '1'ul1pTlme IV Bandl II III IV SOP!-IIA KERN General Sewlng Club I Etxquette Club II Dramatu Club II I-Iurstoman Club IV EDWARD KILLAR QEddxeJ Academic Lxbrary Clubl F F A II I-Iurston an Staff III IV Colophon Stafl' IV Go to College Club III IV Athletic Reporter First Fxfth IV ANDREW KISSELL fKnssJ General Dramatxc Club I II Wrestlmg Club II Stamp Club II Camera Club I Score Marker II III IV ETHEL KONDRICK General Dramatxc Club I Etnquette Club II Glee Club I II ANN M KOSTELNIK Academxc Sewing Club I P1Gamma Fratermty II Tap Dancxng Club II Go to College Club III IV Lxttle German Mmstrel II Jumor Rmg Commxttee II Fxrst Honor Student Edrtor m chnel' of Colophon V Hurstoman Staff IV MILDRED KRAYSON lM1ll1ej General Dramatxe 8 Dancmg Club I Holrday Club II Hrustoman Staff IV Choral Club IV Glee Clubl I-Im und Her II Tulxp Tame IV Why the Chlmgg Rang IV Land O Co o I GEORGE KUNKLE Ur J General Hurstoman III Dramatnc Club II Thanks gxvxng Play III Furs' Fnfthl II III Ann Kostelnxk Valedrctonan Edltor m Chxef of Colophon HELEN F LABOSKY 1LabD Academrc Needle Work Club I Etxquette Club II Hurstoman Staff IV Dramatxc Club I Hxn und Her II Modern Mxnstrel III Why the Chxmes Band II III IV AUDREY ANN LA VELLE Academic Needlework Club I P1 Gamma Fratermty II Tap Dancrng Club II Hohday Club II Go to Col ege Club III IV I-Ixn und Her II Almost Ex h S teen III French Stand Commxttee IV Hurstoman IV Fxrst Fxfth I II III MARY LAWSON General Needlework Club I Holxday Club II Prom Commxttee III Rmg Commxttee SOPHIA E LAZAR fZeeJ Commercxal Needlework Club I Tap Dancing Club II Club II CProgram Chamrmanj Natxonal Forensxc League III IV QPlaced first m Dramatxc Declamatxonj Dram matnc Club I Hxn und Her II Why the Chimes Rang Semor Invxtatnon Commxttee IV Band II III IV Hall Monitor IV Colophon Staff IV I-Iurstoman Staff IV fAssoc1ate Edxtorj Fxrst Fnfth I II III IV AGNES LESKO CFloss1eJ Commercxal Needlework Club I Etnquette Club II Hurstoman Staff III IV Colophon Staff IV First Frfth I II III MICHAEL LESKO QSaxJ General Dramatlc Club I Stanp Club II junWor Rng Commlttee III Band I II III IV First Fifth RAYMOND LESSMAN CRayJ Academu: Math Club II Go to College Club III IV Football III FERN J LONG Commercmal Hurstonxan Stah' III IV Dancmg and Dramatrc Club I Etxquette Club II Colophon Staff IV MERLE R LONG fLongxeJ General Athletxc Club II III Hall Guard III IV Footballl II III IV Basketballl II III IV Baseball III IV Basketball Letterman III Football Letter manI IV GEORGE LOUGHNER General Forensnc Club IV Usher s Club II Debator IV Almost Exghteen III jumor Prom Commxttee III Jumor Rxng Commuttee III Class Pres III Student Councxl III IV Vice Pres of Semor Class Fxrst Fxfth I III I I . . I . ,.. - ,. ,.. I I . II I , . I , . . . , . . . . , V ' ' , AA Q H , as ,' - ' ,I ' ' II I . , I I I I . . I . . . . . ' . 1 ' 2 . ' . H ' " , ll 'I H ' , . . ' : : ' ' . , 9 ' ' : ' , : ' , . . ' I ' ' . c ' 1 ' . ' , 11 ' vu . , , , I .. - ,. , .. , 5 1 . 1 - . I . . . I U . II I . , . I I, I I , . . I I A lx, , IV. I - . - . . . 1. - ' H , 1- ' - II . . I , I I I , I C 2 2 , . . . . . - ' , 'I : I ' 1 ' I, I I 1 ' Q 1 L - 3 . . .. .. ,H - -' , H I 'I n . ll ' - nv . .1 ' - -v ' . . ' . . , .4 - ' H ' v 1 I , I 5 . . . . Freshman Etiquette Club I- Sophomore Etiquette 'Tulip T1me" IV: Band I, II, III, IV. I' I ' ' ' " ' , rl - H I .. I . ' . ' I 1 ' 1 'f "1 ' I ' ' ' : . I , 3 . S I CI I I 3 - . . . . ' , ' 1 . . . 3 I I . I: I I: , 1 I f G I I : : . I , 5 1 . , - . . : ' 1 I 1 2 . , . I, 2 I 2 I I I 1 . . . a . . S L I . . - - 1 . : . II . I . . I ,I I I . . ,, , . 'l - , - I I g ' . 1 ' . Z , 3 I I , , , 1 , . . Q . . 1 - -1 , .I '- - n , -I' ' A H I.. ' v nn I ' . I , I I . . , . I I . II I I , - , . - 3 - , . . I. I, . IV- - il 1'- I ' 2 Mmke Vxkertosky Captam Football Team WILMA LUCAS General Boosters Club I Etnquette Club II Gnrls Glee Club I II CLYDE K MATHIAS General Camera Club II JOHN T MAYHER General IRMA L MCCULLOUGH Clrmxej Commercial Dancmg and Dramatlc Club I II Etm quette Club II Forensxc League III Hurstoman Stafl' and Colophon Staff IV Modern Mmstrel III Tulup Tnme IV Junior Prom Commxttee III Choral Club IV Muxed Chorus III Fxrst Fxfth III WILLIAM W MCKENNA QBIID Academe Camera Club II Booster sCub I P1 Gramma Fraternnty II Hurstoman Staff IV Go to College Club III IV Sportsman Club II Flrst F1fthI II III IV FOSTER R McNAIR General Camera Club II Football I II ALMA R MERTZ Acaclemlc French Club IV Library Club III IV P1 Gamma Fratermty II Needlework Club I ROBERT M METZ General Camera Club III Debating I Sportsmans ClubII Footballlll Basketballlll IV I-IallGuard III ARDEN MILLER CArdxel Atademnc Freshman B Sophomore Dramatxc Club I Lnbrary Club II Camera Club II Debatmg Club I II III P1 Gamma Fra termty II Usher s Club II III IV Sportsman Club II Go to College Club III IV Almost Exghteen III Land of Cotton I Sentor Stand Commxttee IV Busmess Manager of the Colophon Statl' IV Varsxty Debater II III Band I Assistant Stage Manager ELEANOR V MILLER Academnc Sewxng Club I P1 Gamma Fratermty II Lxbr ry Club III Go to College Club IV ALBERT MILYAK KAI! Academxc Camera Club II Dramatic Club I Sportsman Club II P1 Gam 'na I-ratermty II Go to Colle e Club III IV Ring Committee III Baseball III IV Basket ball IV CForwardJ The 1 940 HELEN MILYAK fHonJ Commercial Dramatlc Club I Etxquette Club II I-Iurstoman Staff III Iv Colophon Staff IV Gnrls Basketballlll Ass1stantL1brara1nIII F1rstF1fth II III EDITH L MUSGROVE fEdeJ Commermal Gnrls Needlework Club I Sophomore Etnquette Club II Hurstonxan Stah' III IV Colophon StaH IV F1rstF1fthI II III IX BETTY JANE NEWILL Academnc Sewmg Club I P1 Gamma Fratermty II FRANK NOVOTNY Commerclal Hurstoman Staff III IV Sportsman Club II Colophon Sales Manager IV Dramatxc Club I First Flfthl II III IV FLORENCE L OLINZOCK CTorchyJ Commercxal Hurstoman Staff III IV Dancing 8. Dramatic Club I Etiquette Club II Freshman Needle work Club I Student Councxl III Colophon Stah' IV Gxrls Chorus I II MARY OSIF f0s1eJ Academxc Dramatxc Clubl Etxquette Club II Glee Club I II Chorus IV Hurstoman Staff IV Land of Cotton I I-Im Un Her II Modern Mmstrel III Tulnp Tmme IV PAUL OSIF General Stamp Club II Dramatic Club I Band II V MINNIE BELLE OVERLY Academic Sewing Club I Gamma Fratermty II PAUL ,I PALASTA General General Athletxc Club II III Hurstonxan StatT III Student Counml Hall Guard IV Senior Dance Com mxttee IV Footabll III IV Baseball III IV Football Letteman IV ROBERT PERONTO CBob7 General Dancnng and Dramattc Club I II Stamp Club II Usher s Club III IV I-lxn Un Her II Moon xght Mmstrel III Stand Commnttee IV Football III Student Councxl IV Frrst Fxfth II JAMES POLCHA Ulm? General Sportsmans Club II Wrestlmg Club Stamp Club II Football II III IV Baseball III IV Letterman IV LEON PORCH CD1zJ Acaiemxc Dramatuc Club I Camera Club II Stamp Club III Sportsman Club III Pl Gamma Fraternity II Why the Chxmes Rang IV Modern Minstrel III Hxn und Her II Tuhp Txme IV Band Award Commnttee II Ban:iI II III IV Choral Club III IV Orche tra I II III Go to College Club III IV Holm day Club II Boosters Club II Colophon ' 22 , ' g ' Q ' . Z I G I, II - z ' , 1, 1 . I ' HARRY w. PaNDR1cK :ao Bob ' . ' ' ' , ' , - III: Y .s-Fla f aff 12 ann' .. , K1 I v Harglz' H, fn Q 5 L 5 we f M y 3 if K . N P 'S X 3 l vi The 1940 Colophon fi Helen Rerknrr Anna Rlrh Warren Rose Edward Rutkosky joe Srharhle' Leo Schirk Helen Semanchek Clyde Shaw Nanry Sherrick Evelyn Shibilski Nlarrella Shopsky Ruth Shrum Andy Shultz Betty Shumar Gene Smitkley Helen Sofranko Joseph Sokolick Martha Solak Tom Solomon Kathryn Stevulak Arvilla Slruble D. Sullenberger Dorothy Summy Frank Trary Mike Tylka PAUL QUEER General Lettermans Club III Rmg Comrmttee III Footballl II III IV HELEN L RECKNER Academnc Dramatxc Club I P1 Gamma Fratermty II Camera Club IV Go to College Club III IV Hm und Her Almost Exghteen III Sennor Stand Commmttee IV Home Commg Dance Commxttee IV Fxrst Frfth I II III IV Forensxc League III IV Hall Guard IV Hurstonlan Staff II III IV Colpohon Staff ANNA R RICH Commercial Freshman E Sophomore Dramatxc Club I Freshman lk Sophomore Ettquette Club II Hurstoman Staff IV Dramatnc Club II Jumor Prom Commxttee III Colophon Staff IV F1rstF1fthI II III IV WARREN F ROSE Agrxculture F F A I II III IV Modern Mmstrel III F F A Dance Commxttee III Silver Medal At Harrisburg 1937 Poultry Records Golf Medal l Harrxsburg 1938 Egg Records Bronze Medal at Harrns burg 1938 Poultry Records Sxlver Medal at Harrxsburg 1939 Poultry Records First Fxfth I II III EDWARD fEdd1eJ RUTKOSKY General Ushers Club II III IV Camera III Hall Guard III IV Dancmg Club I II Jumor Rmg Com mxttee III Jumor Prom Commxttee III Semor Dance Committee IV Basketlalll Il Ill IX I I ll III Football Mgr III IV All County Guard IV JOSEPH fButchJ SCHACHTE General Dramatrc Club I Baseball IV Hall Guard IV LEO SCHICK Academxc Dramatuc Club I Camera Club II P1 Gamma II Go to College Club III IV French Club IV Flrst F1fthI II III IV Hurstoman Staff IV HELEN J SEMANCHEK fHoneyJ Commercxal Freshman 5 Sohomore Dramatnc Club I Freshman En Sophomore Etiquette Club II Student Councxl III Hall Guard III Hurstoman Staff III CBusmess Manager! The Modern Mmstrel III Jumor Rmg Commxttee III Jumor Prom Commmttee III Gxrls Basketball III Colophon StaH' III Assxstant Lxbrarxan III Flrst Fxfth I RUSSELL E SHARER General FFA III IV Boosters Club I Decoratlon Comm1tteeIII F F A Dance Committee III CLYDE M SHAW Academnc Ushers Club III IV Camera Club II Lxbrary Clubl II Jr Sportsman Club II PlGammma Rang IV Stand Commrttee IV Homecoming Dance Committee III IV Invitation Committee IV Band Award Commxttee II Senxor Class Presxdent IV Band I I III IV Fxrst Fxfthl III Stage Manager IV Hurstoman Staff III IV Colophon Staff IV Hal Guard Ill Go to College Club III IV Choral Club lVl NANCY R SHERRICK Academnc Dramatic Club I P1 Gamma Fraternnty II Camera Club II Hurstoman Staff II III IV French Club IV fProgram Charrmanl French Stand Commxttee IV French Pm Commxttee IV Forensnc League IV Go to College Club III IV Colophon Staff IV EVELYN C SHIBILSKI lSheeb1eJ General Dramatxc Club I Etiquette Club I MARCELLA SHOPSKY 1BudgeD General Sewmg Club I Charm Club II RUTH L SHRUM fRudyD General Glee Club I I-Iurstoman IV Latm Club I Volley Ball Team I Basketball I Fxrst Flfth III ANDY SHULTZ Commercxal Freshman B Sophomore Dramatxc Club I II Hurstoman Stafflll IV 'l'ul1pTlme IV Chrxst mas Entertaxnment IV Fxrst Fufth I II Colophon StaH' IV BETTY JANE SHUMAR fBettsJ Academxc Needlework Club I Holnday Club II Go to College Club III IV P1 Gamma Fratermty II Land O Cotton I Hin und Her II Modern Mmstrel III Stand Commxttee IV Home Comxng Dance Com mxttee IV Soclal Chaxrman IV Hall Momtor IV Student Council IV Tom Solomon Salutorxan Basketball ll years per fect attendance GENE fCurlyJ SMITHLEY General HELEN D SOFRANKO Commercial Etiquette Club II Dancmg Club I Dra matxc Club I Hurstonxan Staff III IV Colophon Staff IV Jun1orPromCommxtteeIII F1rstF1fthI II III IV JOSEPH H SOKOLICK fjoej General Junior Rmg Commxttee III Chaxrman of Jumor Semor Prom Commnttee III Football Manager II III Vxce Pres of Class III Treasurer of Class IV F1rstF1fthI II III IV MARTHA SOLAK General Booster Club I Glee Club I Sewing Club I Land OCotton I Modern Mmstrel III Hurstoman Stafflll IV Basketballll III IV Mmxed Chorus III THOMAS S SOLOMON fTomJ Academlc P1 Gamma Fratermty II Booster Club I Hurstoman Staff IV Hall Momtor IV Go to College Club III IV Basketball III IV CForw rd? Furst Fxfth I II III IV Sportsman sClub II KATHRYN STEVULAK fKayJ Academnc Needlework Club I P1 Gamma Fratermty II Lxbrary Club III IV Forcnsxc League III IV Go to College Club III IV French Club IV L1l:rar1an s Assxstant II III IV Fxrst Fxfthl ARVILLA STRUBLE CTootsD General Dramatxc Club I Charm Club II Modern Mmstrel III DOROTHY M SULLENBERGER fDo0 Commercnal Gxrls Needlework Club I Sophomore Etxquette Club fPresJ II Hurstoman III IV Colo phon Staff First Flfthl DOROTHY SUMMY fDot7 Academlc Dramatic Club I P1 Gamma Fraternity II Holxday Club II Go to College Club III IV French Club IV L nd OCotton Ik I-Ixn und Her II Modern Mmstrel III French Club Stand Committee IV Glee Club I Forensic League IV I-Iurstom n Staff IV Treasurer of French Club IV Tap Dancing Club II FRANK V TRACY CDxcl-0 General Sportsmen s Club II Wrestling Club I Stain? Club II Band III IV Hall Momtor III MIKE TYLKA General Sportsmen 5 Club I Dramatlf Club Il Leiter mens Club III Footballl II III IV .7 , H . . L I 3 . Aa V 2 - 1 1 ' I Eff 2 Fraternity II: ':Alrhost Eighteen" III: -'wily the Chimes Home Effmomifs IU- IV- .I . ' . 1 ' l ' . : V . ' ' 1 ' ' 2 - , ' - , . 4. . , . 1 I. 2 ' .I I .. .t A ' ' H- Z 2- v. Frank Zabkar Forensxc Leag ,IULIANA VAGOSKY Commercral Dramatxc Club I Tap Dancxng I Et: quette Club II Hurstoman Staff III IV Chorus IV Modern Minstrel III Tulxp Time III MIKE CVxkj VIKARTOSKY General Letterman sClub III IV Footballl II III IV CCaptaxnb Basketball I II III CCaptarnJ Baseballl Hall Monntor IV WILLIAM VIKERTOSKY CSmFD General Dancmg Club I Dramatxv Club II GEORGE WALLAK CToJoJ General Booster Club I Presrdent of Stamp Club II Fxrst Frfth I ,IOE C'l'eaberryJ WITEK I Hm und Her II Jumor Dance Commmttee III Baseball III IV Footballl II III IV Hall Momto IV Hurst I-Ixgh RamblersI II III EUNICE J YANDA CBlondxeJ General Sewmg Clubl Latln Club I GEORGE YANEK Academxc Pr Gamma Fraternity II Go to College Cub III IV F1rstF1fthI II III IV PAUL YASI-IER Academxc P1 Gamma Fraternity II Go to College Club III IV Frrst Frfth I II III STANLEY J YESKULSKY General Sportsmen s Club II IRENE M YOEMAN Academrc Dramatrc Club I Holnday Club II P: Gamma Club II I-Im und Her II ANN YONEK CG1gglesJ General Dramauc Clubl Charm Club II F1rstF1fthIl The 1940 JAMES YOTI-IERS Uessrej Commercral Hurstonxan Staff IV Colophon IV Foot ballII III IV fleft guard, F1rstF1fthI II III FRANK E ZABKAR Academxc Dramatic I Wrestlmg II Hurstoman IV Go to College Club III IV Colophon St ff IV Land O Cotton I German Mmstrel II Modern Mmstrel III Why the Chrmes Rang IV Rang Commrttee III IV Declamatron Oratorxcal IV Debatmg IV Student Counexl III P1 Gamma Fratermty II Frrst Fzfth I III ANDREW A ZIDER General Boosters Club I Stamp Club II Sportsmen s Club II III Hurstoman Staff IV Rmg Commrttee III Football Manager IV Basketball Manager IV MICHAEL R ZSOLCSAK Commercmal Hurstoma Staff IV Dramarxc Club I Stamp Club II Sportsman Club II Football III Bas ball IV Band I II IV Orchestra IV WILMER BURKHOLDER General Lxbrary Club II P1 Gamma Fraternrty II Co to College Club III IV JAMES FLEMING Agrrculture F F A I II III IV EDWARD KUI-IAR General Stamp Club II Sportsman Club Il EDWARD MARKS fEdd1eJ Agrrculture FFA I II III IV JOHN MINICK Agrrculture FFA I II III IV F1rstFxfthI II III IV WILLIAM MITCHEL General Camera Club II Pu Gamma Fratermty I Stamp Club I WILLIAM SHIBILSKI fG1bby7 General Dramatxc Club I Dancmg Club II Colophon '- 26 is . J ' ue 4 A , H r M I h Y: 1 . 1 . . 9 . , . A1 ' , - , . . C , ' ' i vi 5 U H 2 -3 H . , - II, , IV., ' ' A 4' I I 2 ' l : ' ' ' : Academic, Plane Geometry Club IIQ "Land Q'Cotton" . ' . l . I l Juhanna Vagosky Wm Vxkartosky George Wallak Joseph Wxtek Eunice Yanda George Yanek Paul Yasher Stanley Yeskulsky Mike Vikartosky Class Prophecy It was just 3 10 by the ofhce clock when Mr Mullm looked up He was almost gray and wearrng glasses but seemed to be very happy Thrngs were so cheerful that before he realrzed Mr Mullrn was dreamrng of years ago Hrs mrnd went back to the class of 1940 He remembered the tour of the Unrted States whrch he had taken the prevrous summer and all of hrs old frrends whom he had met He had not gone very far on hrs trrp when he met one of the senrors of 1940 Stopprng to get gas at a large frllrng statron he saw a srgn whrch had on rt Zabkar s Frllrng Statron After makrng rnqurry he drscovered that the great orator of Hurst was now the manager of thrs great busrness As he entered Morgantown West Vrrgrnra he decrded to vrsrt the unrversrty There to hrs amazement nevertheless hrs greatest pleasure he met a few of the students of Hurst who were now teachers themselves These were Wrllram McKenna the great mathematrcran Mable Clawson a Latm teacher and Ann Kostelnrk an Englrsh teacher Arrrvrng at Annapolrs Mr Mullrn felt completely lost and alone However thrs was not for long because Arden Mrller Ray Lessman and George Wallock came hurrymg up to hrm sayrng as they drd that they were rnstructors of avratron at thrs great mrlrtary academy They acted as gurdes for hrm durrng the remamder of the day After such a strenuous day he began to feel hungry and Arden suggested drnrng at the Frederrck Cafe john F rederrck and Madge Glover had Just been recently marrred and had opened thrs wonderful cafe where the best food could be obtarned After dmner Mr Mullm pard hrs complrments to the owners for such a delrcrous meal Feel mg fatrgued he began to wonder what the best hotel at Annapolrs was Ray came to hrs ard thrs trme by tellrng hrm of the Hogan Brothers Hotel Immedrately a cab drove up and Mr Mullm could see that the drrver was very rndustrrous for rt was James Flemrng a graduate of Hurst Travelrng toward the South he reached a large plantatron owned by John Mrnrck John treat ed hrm very cordrally and they had a long chat To lrnger rn thrs pleasant southern hosprtalrty was a great temptatron but the Unrted States rs a comparatrvely large country and requrres much trme to be explored Stopprng at the Luray Caverns rn Vrrgrnra and wrshrng to explore them Mr Mullrn decrded to secure a gurde A young man appeared on the scene offermg hrs servrces He smrled and there was no wonder that he smrled for he recognrzed Mr Mullrn at once It was Albert Mrlyak who proved to be well trarned and was an excellent gurde He spent several days Just travelrng stoppmg at no partrcular place except tourrst camps At once our prrncrpal drscovered that the proprretors were Frank Tracy Stanley Yeskulsky and Joseph qokolrck After spendmg the nrght here he departed rn order to contmue hrs tour Hav rnv some knowledge concernrng the hardwood forests rn North Carolrna he was mterested rn seerng them Stopprng here Mr Mullm made a few rnqurrres and was pleased to learn that sev eral students of Hurst were now Forest Rangers These were John Mayher Mrchael Lesko Andrew Krssell and Merle Long They told hrm about the system used rn convservrng our forests Another rmportarrt rndustry of North Carolrna rs the rarsrng of peanuts Mr Mullm was pleased to frnd such a farm and strll happrer to know rts owner Wrllram Ahlborn who was assrsted by Melvrn Armel Henry Hubert and Olrver Graham They were experrmentrng on a new type of peanut and were becomrng very successful The 1940 Colophon 78 - , . . 1 - 9 . . . . . U , . . . ,, y . v v 9 - 1 9 v r ' 1 y y 1 1 ' r - ' 3 , 1 r r , . ' v ' ' sa ' H ' , . . , . . . . H ,, - . , . r ' ' , . r , . . - , v ' ' 1 , . 3 9 v. . , - ' D 1 . , - ' ' v 3 , . . 9 r r r - As our prmncmpal travelled through Flormda he began to thmnk of 1ts mmportance to the country but all he could thmnk of was its bemng famous for so many beautmf ul gmrls To hms greatest plea sure was added the fact that many of the gmrls of Hurst were representatives here Yes Paulmne F arcosky Rebecca Fultz Betty Shumar Helen Labosky and Jean Hunter had won prxzes as the most beautmful and best dressed gmrls of the South tmred of mmnglmng wmth a great crowd of people he stopped at a very longely spot to fish a whmle I-Ie spent a successful hour and was about to leave when several other fmshermen came up to hmm At first he dmd not recognmze them but soon saw that they were Paul Palasta Harry Pendrmck Bb Peronto and Andy Zmder He then decided to vmsmt the great steel mmlls mn Bmrmmgham Alabama To hms delight four well known figures mn thms partmcular lndustry were Edward Rutkosky joe Schacte Wmllmam Shmbmlskm and Bmll Holden Havmng been shown through the mmlls our traveler contmnued hrs voyage to Loumsmana where he planned to stay at a large farmhouse for the nmght Lee Brown met hmm at the door and greeted hmm enthusnastrcally After mnvmtmg hmm to come mn Lee went mnto another room When he returned a few moments later he had with hmm john Kammsky Edward Johnston and James Harvan These four men were stmll bachelors and were specmalmzmg mn the ramsmng of rice After a very amusmng conversatmon wmth these men he left for Texas the great Oll state As he crossed the border he notmced a large s1gn on whmch was written Vote for Wmllmam Emcher as Mayor of Austin and Wmllmam Mmt chell and Joe F1gnar as Alderman and Cmty Treasurer Tom Carney for Dmstrmct Attorney These men are very capable of fillmng these po smtmons for they are former graduates of Hurst mn Pennsylvanma Traveling past hmm very rapmdly were George Kunkle Amermgo Bellonm and George Chekan who were gomng to keep order at a great football game That s where everyone seemed to be going therefore he went also Thms playmng but because the Center of the team was none other than Mmke Vmkertosky Fullback Paul Queer and Left Tackle James Polcha As he was about to leave the gates he notmced a man following the team who looked fammlmar to hmm When the man notmced hmm he came back and greeted hmm heartmly It was Mr Ed Kxllar now a sports edmtor Ed was now workmng for the same paper of whmch Frank N ovotny was edmtor Through a lmttle mnvestmgatmon Mr Mullmn learn ed that Helen Mmljak now the wmfe of Frank was also hms prmvate secretary The next great pomnt of mnterest mn Texas was 1ts large oml fields Thmnkmng that he should get permmssmon to explore them he went into the mamn office There he found Agnes Lesko Sophma Lazar and Fern Long who were secretarmes mn thms large concern They told hmm that they had secured these posltmons through Wilmer Burkholder who was the supermntendent Mr Mullmn asked for someone to show hmm the oml fields At thms moment three young men walked mnto the office They were Fred Barber Michael Zsolcask and Andrew Dlugos who very qumckly offered to act as gumdes They spent a very pleasant day mn thms manner byt Mr Mullmn had to leave hms companmons when evenmng came He went to a small town near by mn order to get hms dmnner Seemng a very large restaurant whmch was appealmng he went mn He heard a pleasant vomce say mng May I serve you please? Lookmng up he was astonmshed to see Evelyn Shibmlskm He al most forgot to order the meal when he heard that Eunmce Yanda Ruth Shrum and Mmldred Krayson were also wamtresses here Even though the meal was delmcmous mt stmll tasted better be cause he was among frmends From these gmrls he learned that Marcella Shopsky Arvmlla Struble Ann Yonek Irene Yoeman and Martha Solak were workmng mn a large department store He stayed at a small hotel that nmght and departed early the next mornmng for New Mexmco Arrnvmg there he desmred to learn somethmng about themr system of mrrmgatmon He learned from a few 3 M 2 ! ! . 1 I , . Q . , I . I 7 I , . 1 ' Q Q , , S ' l Y I , . . U , Q , I I , , . 4 ' - Q Q Q it 5 ' . , Q Q Q o . , Z I . . ,, . . . , .Q e Q Q Q - , Q Q . Q 7 ! , . . . . , , . football game was one he would never forget, not because the Great University of Texas was m S , 1 7 I l ' Y . , Q . Q y . . . D . , I - 9 9 ' . . y . ' .l . i v . , Q . , . , . . , . l Q l , ' ! . D . , . ! Y ' I I ' I , , . 0 . y - ' I 7 1 9 ' , . I M M I 1 M M 9 people that a new system of irrigation had been concocted by Gene Smitley He asked them where Gene lived Having this information he went to Gene s house and met his wife who was Christine Healy Gene and Christine gave him a very warm welcome and asked him to stay over night as they were having several friends m for the evening Mr Mullm accepted readxly and mquxred the names of the guests Gene and Christine merely smiled and told him to waxt until evening to find out That evenxng when the guests arrived they were three very charming ladies Betty Newlll Mmmebelle Overly and Eleanor Miller The first question he asked them was What are you doing now? Betty replied that they were beauty operators Chrxstme had just received a letter from Helen Semanchek who wrote that she and Helen Sofranko were secre taries for an insurance agency The next morning after a del1c1ous breakfast the Principal of Hurst left his frxendly surroundings He spent several days travelmg through Nevada and then crossed the border mto California The first place of xnterest to him as it xs to most tourists was Hollywood Oh yes he wanted to see all of those famous stars as he had heard recently that some students of Hurst were becoming well known ln this field Foster McNair was a com edian Clyde Mathias a second Clark Gable Oran Allen a famous smger Helen Adzxma Jean Bosdosh and Irma McCullough were glamour girls Of course they were very busy However they took time to talk with Mr Mullin a short txem Smce the night life in Hollywood IS very great Mr Mullm decided to go to the opera It had already started when he arried andayoung lady was smgmg Imagme his surprise when he saw that xt was Marjorie Clausner and that Donald Holsopple was playing opposite her As the opera progressed he dxscovered Dorothy Summy also had a leading part and that Dons Byers was the pianist Leaving the opera he went to his hotel and was Just going to h1s room when he heard someone saying There s Mr Mullm' Turning around he saw Janet Hexde Gloria Hower and Xenia Cerkovnxk They were on a va cation and were touring the Umted States They xnformed him that their homes were in Chicago and that they were models m a large department store Janet said that Irene Gregor and Cath erme Bohatch were also models in this same store Traveling through Oregon he stopped at a large farm where the owner was specializing m the raising of wheat The owner Warren Rose shqwed Mr Mullm the farm himself While doung so Warren told h1m that the agrxcultural course m high school had benefited many of the boys for Russell Sharer William Andrews and Jogseph Christie also owned large cattle ranches ln the west Even some of the girls had fallen for such a life Laurabelle Freeman Mary Barnosky and jeune Adams were spending most of their time riding horses and working 1n the farmhouses Warren pleaded with Mr Mullm to spend several days here and because it was so quiet he dld so Nevertheless after a pleasant week he became restless and continued his Journey He had heard of a large hosprtal bexng erected in Helena Montana and desired to see it Reading the plaque on the outs1de of it he was mformed that the money for xt was grven by Thomas Solomon a young millionaire Mr Mullm stopped at the desk in order to ask if he could see the mann part of the hospital Certainly replied the girl very sweetly There was no won der though because it was Dorothy Sullenberger I shall have Miss Ahlborn and Miss Condupa show you the place As they proceeded to explore the building the girls told Mr Mullm that two of the other nurses were also graduates of Hurst They were Angeline Fxedor and Audrey LaValle As they arrived there was an operation in progress so they were not permitted to go mto the room but could see through a glass openmg There operating was Doctor Reckner wxth her assxstants Kathryn Stevulak and Chervyl Bertram The operation was a succcess and after completeing it the doctor and her assistants talked with Mr Mullm Thxs was all a very pleasant atmosphere but smce there were so many patients who really needed the attention of the doctors and nurses Mr Mullm left The 1940 Colophon 30 . . . . . , , , . , , 1 1 - p H - ,, - . . . , - ' 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 y 1 1 1 1 1 . , . , . . ' 1 1 ' 1 - 1 - ' ' ' ' ' cc 1 ' 11 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 , , s . . . . . , , . . , 1 1 . - 1 , . - 1 1 1 . , 1 - 1 1 ' 1 , . . , . U . ,, . . . , . - as ' ' 1 1 ' H . . . . . 1 - . 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 ' ' , . . 1 1 - ' - 3 Q 1 M I 1 3 5 Thrnkrng that an arrplane rrde would do hrm some good he made arrangements to secure reservatrons on a plane whrch was leavrng for the Coast Of cgurse he had no rntentron of gorng that far He caught a short glrmpse of the prlots who were Thomas Hunter Mrke Kapyra Joe Wrtek and George Yanek He was just gettrng seated when the stewardess came up to see rf he was comfortable Lookrng up he saw that rt was Mary Osrf After leavrng hrgh school she had been a nurse and then secured thrs posrtron as a stewardess of the arrlrnes Mr Mullrn later learned that Wrlma Lucas Nancy Sherrrck and Frances Hudec were also holdmg thrs type However the trrp proved very eventful They had not gone more than a hundred mrles when the motor made an odd norse and the stewardess told the passengers to fasten therr belts They made a rather neat landrng and wartrng for a mechanrc to come to reparr damages The mechanrc was not long rn arrrvrng and Mr Mullm saw that he was Edward Kuhar After the plane was reparred they resumed the Journey After lunch Mr Mullm made hrmself comfortable and be gan to read a paper whrch he had obtarned before leavrng the ground There were several artrcles whrch caught hrs eye One of them contamed the rnformatron that Mary Honse Wendell Keck Florence Carpenter and Leon Porch had had a double weddrng the day before Reverend Deeme had performed the ceremonres and Edward Chervak had furnrshed the musrc The gowns had been desrgned by Mary Lawson Thrs was of as much mterest to hrm as was the fact that rn the paper an artrcle related the success of the great lawyers George Loughner and Glenn Harr rn therr recent case When the plane landed at Chrcago to refuel Mr Mullrn alrghted from rt and halted a cab He was drrven to the great rarlroad statron rn Chrcago rn order to get hrs car whrch had been frerghted to hrm from Montana Mr Mullm thought that he would take the northern route home whrch would take hrm up to the Great Lakes Arrrvrng near Lake Mrchrcan he wrshed to vrsrt an oyster plant but he was mformed that rt was closed for the day because of a leakage rn the water system but that the best plumber that could be secured should arrrve any moment Thrs was the case for Just then Robert Metz wrth hrs assrstants Paul Yasher James Yothers Joe Emerrck came up to Mr Mullrn and shook hands wrth hrm However they had to hurry for every moment counted Leavrng the oyster plant Mr Mullm arrrved rn Ohro where he notrced a large busrness school He probably would not have stopped rf hrs car would not have needed reparrs and he had to take rt to a garage Therefore Mr Mullrn had plenty of trme and so he went to vrsrt Mrss Anna Rrch s Busrness School Several of the teachers rn her school were Edrth Musgrove Andy Shult julrana Vagosky and julra Janosrc After thrs pleasant surprrse he drd not mrnd the arlments of hrs old car for rt seemed to know just where he should stop As Mr Mullrn entered Erre very late that nrght he decrded to drrve no further untrl the next mornrng After a rather restful nrght he was about to leave when he saw from hrs hotel wrndow a large brrck burldrng Wrth lrttle drfliculty he managed to find rt and saw that rt was a Chrldren s Home under the management of Florence Olrnzock Mary Evancho Alma Mertz and Ethel Kondrrch To Mr Mullrn these grrls could not have done anythrng more worthwhrle He had expected rt from sone of the graduate of the class of 1940 Mr Mullrn was Just rememberrng hrs last few mrles of hrs Journey through Kecksburg when hrs dream was rnterrupted He looked up to find two of hrs teachers standrng there wrth amused expressrons upon therr faces These teachers were Clyde Shaw and Leo Schrck who were also graduates of that prosperous class of whrch he had Just been dreamrng Clyde was now a physrcs teacher and Leo was a teacher of French at Hurst They were excellent teachers and were lrked by all therr students Yes the Class of 1940 was a class of whrch Mr Mullm could be proud for everyone had made good use of hrs hrgh school educatron whrch Mr Mullm had helped them to secure Hrs only wrsh was that they would be able to contrnue on wrth therr good work and that the other graduatrng classes would be as successful rn years to come M 31 1 . 1 1 1 , . . , . , . . Y 7 ' 1 ' 1 , . , . ' . . , , . ' 1 1 1 . , . - 1 Y 7 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 ' , . . 1 , . . . . H . . , . . , . ,, . . ' 1 . . . . . . . H . ,, ' 1 , . ' 1 1 1 . . . . . . . . . , ' 1 1 1 1 . . , . ' 1 ' 1 H 11 - - 1 - 1 y . . 1 I l The 1940 C 0 lopbon The Class of 1941 Attentlon all Junlorsl Father Txme has glven me permxsslon to delve mto the past for our annual revlew of years gone by How many of you w1ll Jom me? That s fine I knew you d all want to come along Eut the reverse po1st1on IS very uncomfortable for one so txred as Father Tmme so vue had better be on our way Look' There we are attendmg school as typlcal Hurst Hrgh freshmen Droppmg our books gomg to the wrong classes and trxppmg over the feet of upperclassmen You may be sure that we w1ll long be remembered for havmg at least added varlety to the sometxmes monotonous routme of school hfe But look how quxckly the scenes go by Football and basketball season exams prom and plcmc all seem to disappear even before they can be clearly vrsuahzed by all And now that our Freshmen days have come to an end Father Txme becomes 1mpat1ent and urges us on hardl, stoppmg for even a ghmps of vacatlon days So agam we enter the doors of our beloved Hurst thxs tlme we brmg wlth us an unseen frmend Yes he IS unseen but very valuable for hrs name IS Johnny Confidence We are now upperclassmen and neednt worry about steppmg on other students feet but we have to watch that our own do not get stepped upon by other freeshxe students And look' Father Tmme IS far 1n the lead He seems to be beckon1ng for us to hurry along and we mustn t keep hrm wamtmg So we the Sophomore students reluctantly take leave of a second happy year perhaps a llttle w1ser for the efforts made Thus vacatlon begms and ends wlth one stroke of t1me s poewrful arm However bemg rushed through vacat1on brmgs us qurckly on mto the thlrd term to take up as Jumors where we left off as Sopho mores Everythmg rema1ns the same except for the fact that we brlng wlth us more exper1ence whxch we have gathered along the way Yes we can rmghtfully say thxs for what has taught us that Mr Batxste Mass Myers and M1ss Grahams pet hate IS gum bexng chewed durmg class hour? And what has taught us that Mr Sxlvms IS very part1cular as to the appearance of hrs room? And agam what has taught us that Mr Mullm allows no lortermg whatsoever rn the halls between classes? That s nght Experlence' You ve guessed xt the first txme But what has happened to Father Trme all thms whmle He s no where to be seen Perhaps he thmks we are now well able to go on alone through the remammg year or perhaps there 1S another reason Nevertheless we the Jumors of 1940 extend an mvlatatxon to all who care to Jom us next year when we agam go back awhile In the meantlme we w1ll try to make our Senlor year a happy and worthwhxle one ln order that we may feel proud when lt IS agam gone over So untxl then we thank you Father Trme Gomg back was so much fun Irene Spleshock 37 . . . , Y . . , . . V , . ' 1 1 ' 1 1 9 1 U . . . v - 1 - ' sl 11 1 ' 1 1 n ' 11 - ' ' ' 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 - v 1 - 1 1 . . . , . - v 1 . , . . , . . , . . , . - 1 1 1 ' 1 l. PAGE ,H SOPHOMORE CLASS Fifth row: MrNIahan. Lohr. Sliaffrr Wnlk. Wclv. Shultz. Zirler. Szilunsl-cy. Dufla. Mertz. Knvarina. Fourth row: Skuvira. Saxton. Reza gan. Porvh. Tlumaf Bcnyo. Flem ing, B:-Musik. Thirrl rnw' Krmstyrv. B. Minerrl. Gra zan. B, Craig. Shafer. Either. Sta sxowski. Wagner. Shafer. Mn-Cahn-. Set-rmnrl row. Kuverza. Blystcmc. Dal' lun. Bcvkltrlx. Scfrhxrh. Rusznkrf. Trafh. First row: Sivak. Gregor. jurkrwzt, Furlo. Hamel, Hrmke. Barmliiez Em crivk. Fifth row: Kantorik. Maurer. Crm nor, Meisner. Hyde. jubara, Marin' rhak. Srhavte, Kuhar. Yaksiu. Kady- lak. Lyskn, Paskar. Fourth row: M. Hanuzik. Mayher. Lonz, Gearhart. Grega. Blanda, Huffman, Washnork. Haydar. Third row: Flannigan. C. M'nercl Galkosky, Brosky. Sofranko. Magda Pastor, B. Shrum. Pavick. Takitfh. Dzuban. Kelly. Second row' Casteel. Busdosh. Luci wig. Dennis. Domurat. V. Wojtas. B Lesko. F. Wojtas. Kouznski. Baluh. First row: D. Newill. Yeslfer. K2sl-m. Hudav. Sono. Stairs. Mellors. Foregt. Urbannwsky. Fifth row. Porterfield, Kapkas Kurtz, P. Tepper, Homulka, Hile, A Porch, Erinker, Palcic. Pokraski Kosmo. Fourth rows Czarniak. Klcsky, Holm' man, Bonkovirh, Cutlip. Mozdnie. D. Lesko. Dlugos. Clamp. Hunter. McKnight. Third row: Novutny. Major. Eos nak, Bailey. Bevhtell. Rrvse. Wilkirls. Sherrxck. Kunkle. Seronl row' Maxvhnwivz. Witek. Slape. Keep. Johnson. Daniels. Honse. Carnm. Yam-risky. First row: Boggs. Depto, Snider. D. Newlll. F'etrher. Frida. Berkry. Peterson. Chappf-. Fifth row. Smitely. Erkels. Hurrrll. Farkosky. Kurpiel, Keio. J. Metz. Cc-rkovimk. Gregor. Hutchison. Dr Vaux, Drmgherty. Zufall. W. Adams. Fourth row: Repko. BI. Adams. Me hnlrw E. Frc-iierivk. Pinskv. P. Fred erirk. Hawse. Burns. Smith. Sayltel. T. Tepper. Third row, Mat' Gregrvr. Hacgncr. Kerni:-ky. Harvan. Kuval. Queer. Huflcr. H.irst. Dolan. Blainf-. Miller. Mikita. Set'on'l row. AclaTmvit'h, Krcpps. Leerhalk. Minix. Hower. Crabtrfz. Pohl-r. Kat-hmar. jan-ksun. C. Hribal, First row- Polakosky. Kubasl-cj.: Artxm. Boyer, C. Balazek. B. Myers. B. Furikhcuser. Roarlman. VVc:r. The 1940 C 0 I oplzon The Class of 1942 It was on August 29 1938 How we stood 1n awe at the s1ght of thms 1mpos1ng struc ture whxch was to be our new Cathedral of Learnrng We were the freshmen as anyone could tell by our actrons We walked around try1ng to make the least nolse poss1ble When some playful upperclassman made a move toward us we wrshed fervently that the earth would swallow us up Insmde the buxldmg we acted as 1f we were at a funeral We thought that we had never seen such an 1nsp1r1ng sxght as that whrch confronted us Everywhere there was busmesshke confusron and remarkable cooperat1on But soon the thought foremost 1n our mrnds was football as the scarlet hurncane swept all the opponents mn the1r class off the schedule to Wm the class A champ1onsh1p A lot of credmt for thexr success was grven to Coach Andy Evancho and h1s able subord1nate Ted Grerner After the exc1tement of football dmed down we were really seasoned to the core by the m1dyear exams The pace was so staff that a few of us dropped out As the second semester flew sw1ftly by we began to look forward wlth zest and eager ness to our sophomore year Txme marched by as 1f supercharged and before we knew rt we were mak1ng ready to start xnto another lap of our h1gh school work We agam enter the myst1cal school of knowledge but thas tlme wxth a defmxte plan of act1on xn our mmds We have our future mapped out ahead of us Our selectxon of courses made with the utmost grav1ty and precrslon Everythmng has to be planned because we are well on the road to l1fe We resolve to make the most of the clubs we had entered as freshmen and to do somethmng for the honor of our Alma Mater Hurst IS not just another hlgh school but a part yes a dehmte part of us But as usual our ambrtlon for the future does not take our mlnds off the brrlhant explolts of our grrd men We are proud of our boys although they don t enjoy so much success as the prevlous year s team d1d We are proud of them because no matter how the game goes they always mamtam the hrghest degree of sportsmanshxp The term Flxts by wrth such celerlty that we are astounded The semester exams are over and we enter mto the last s1x weeks of school Durmg thrs txme we plan ahead aga1n for the future We leave our Alma Mater wrth the fxrm resolve that we w1ll take up the banner where the Jumor class of 40 has left rt and at least try to equal the suc cess that xt has enjoyed rn each of rts undertakmgs Wrllard Adams ,J7 1 - ' a v Y . v v a . . , . . , . , . v . . , , Y , ,, - The Class of 1943 The morn1ng of August 28 1939 dawned clear and brlght IH the mrnds of two hundred and seventy two freshmen who entered Hurst Hrgh School to start the cllmb up a long fhght of stalrs On the first step we arranged and rearranged class schedules and became acquamnted wrth the other amb1t1ous members of the class of 43 W1th the help of our teachers Mr Mullln and Mr Rumbaugh we greemes who were mostly found hurryxng through the halls trymg to find our way around became somewhat orlentated Gomg up the stairs we came to the football season and we are glad to say that the cheerxng sectlon consmsted of many freshmen who were dellghted when our team marched to vrctory and were sad when the team was defeated Much to our surprlse tempus Yugxt and we met Merry Chrlstmas everyone enjoyed the Chrxstmas program whxch some of the members of th1s class helped to make a suc cess We were all glad to have a vacatxon but when we returned we happened upon an obstacle whxch we recogmzed to be the semester exams Most of us were able to over come th1s rmpedlment and to cont1nue our Journey upward On February s1xth we sat rmagmmg that we were the actors ln the grand two one act plays Junior Buys a Car and Hrs Fxrst Shave which were presented by the Jumor Class Later rehearsals were started for the operetta Tulxp Txme and on March twenty mnth the students were thrllled W1th the success of th1s productlon Golng upward we ga1n more strength and courage from the Student Councxl What would the Student Councxl be wlthout the freshmen members for m the future 1ts guld ance w1ll depend upon them? Much entertamment was suppl1ed by the many stuoent government dances whxch were well attended by our class We must not omxt the enjoyable tlmes spent watch1ng our home room teams struggle on to fame 1n the basketball tournament Room twenty one had the honor of bemg the freshman champ1ons There are of course more serxous act1v1t1es carrled on after school such as debates Many freshmen have proved that they w1ll be promxsmng speakers by the1r actlve mem bersh1p 1n the Forensxc League Soon May came and offered us two one act plays g1ven by the semors A little later on came the annual p1cn1c held at Idlewlld Park What excxtement there was as the students hurr1ed to get the tra1n and prepared for a grand day' Now comes the t1me when we must say ad1eu to all the honored sen1ors Here we rece1ve our awards for a hard cl1mb and we find that two hundred and srxty two have completed one fourth of the way Most of us wmll return agam un the fall to Hurst Hxgh School and to contmue our chmb not as freshmen but as sopl'omor es The class of 43 clrmbs on and on Ruth Frsher The 1940 Colophon 36 9 . . . . H ,, . ' . u ' vv I ' Y ' 7 Y , . I ' as - sv - , - 1 - v 1 Af ' Y! 64 ' ' Y! ' ' s 1 SL ' ' H! ' Y 9 . , . , . , . . . . , 1 9 - , . ' ' an nv , A . l Fifth row: Sekanik, Mikolajczyk, Sofranko, Turik, Zelenak. Micek. Misiewicz, Zelenak, FOfi5k0- BHIUH' Ober, Harvan. Benish, OndrClk0- Fourth row: Pravlik, Kirik, Gergely- Baker. Oster, Chinc'h0Ck, WClf, HU' ter, Lovrich, Pikovsky, Sherbufk. Finan. Thi.rd row: Ludwig, Mutansky, Sopko. Maffit. Huhn, Craig, Marks. Kotourh, Bann. Klosky, Firmstone Second row: Straslika, Delynko. zsolcsak, Strumsky, Cunningham Gray, Howard, Kelley, Thompson, Radachy. First row: M, Kendi, J. Kendi. Trump, Pylo. Harhai, Urban, Sub lesky, Yasher. Yonek. Fifth row: F. Zeglxn, Sal1s,Blystone, Pfeifer, Fenvii, Nagy, Lairk. Matskw, Howard, Hunter, Susre, johnson, Ankney. Bankovit-h, Korourh. Fourth row: Furwa, Grega. Trarh. Nemeth, Evanc-ho, Kowalchik, Kiral. Carey. Saville, Pokrasky. Hora. Either. Third row: Martz, Bollinger, Smith, Deemer, Sweilzer, Vuchnivh, Luras, Funkhouser, Krepps, Shaffer, Claw- son, Ondik, Stoner, Regulla. Sec-ond row: Mayes, Craig, Sandal-z. Dzubak, Kubasl-ty, jackson. Minirk. Knizer, Kennedy, Newhouse, Yeskey, Shultz. First row: D. Srhachte, E. Schafhte, Pendrivk, Novak, Andrews, Freeman, Hauger, Havash, Shulork, Dunn, Wolff, Thompson. Fifth row: Benyo, Harvan, Kohle Bailey, Heide, Quasnock, Ferguson Ahlborn, Mathews, Rhome. Murho- ney, Holoman, Fatla, Susre, Moore. Fourth row: Stevulak, Tylka, Shi- bilsky, Downs, Frederick, Baia, Min- tus, Hile, Poklembo, Ganda, Landig Paskar, Farcas, Third row: Dull, Bailey, Labosky, Abbatoy, Martin, Harhai, Thomp- son. Hubert, Dryden. Fenton. Por- terheld, Peffer. Second row: Henschel, Hribal. For- nal. Carleton, Kuhn, Clawson, Peron- to Marks, Uhring, Ahlborn, Sfefl. First row: Metz. Myers. Lawson. Kerk. Ondrako, Oberdacker, Korin- -1ki,Fisher, Bizup, Stillwagon. Fifth row' Harhai, Kutvh, Snider, Gaskey, Kanowalsky, Hribal, Cram- er. Haney, Cook, Palasta. Tirdil. Kraisinger, Dragovivk, Dillon, Che kan. Gorinsky. Fourth row: Yothers, Grazan. Rais hart. Moore. Craig, Sandala, Bizup. Kozusko. Shinski, Shaffer. Wisnnski Briner. Third row: Miller, C. Pushkar, Free' man, M. Pushkar, Dunn. Sestovk. Adams. Overly, Mt'Lean, Reese Misiewicz, K. Roth, Bajusik. Second row. McCullough. Minix. Michalsky, Emerick. Ahlborn. Ne meth, Kaputa, Sullenberger. Sullenf berger, Lesko. Weir, G. Roth. First row: Good, Eberhart, Flan- ningan, Petrosky, Burzawa. Barkley. Vikertosky. Wall, Pendrick. Burk holder. Kmetz. The 1940 Colophon Honor Roll FOUR YEAR HONOR STUDENTS Ann Kostelnlk Thomas Solomon Joseph Sokol1k Mabel Clawson john Mmxck W1ll1am McKenna Frank Novotny Leo Sch1ck George Yanek Helen Adzmma HONOR ROLL FOR 5TH SIX WEEKS Loums Mocco Robert Hauser Wm Strashcka Margaret Adzmma Irene Sp1eshock Thomas Wasel Sarah Porterfield Betty Johnson Betty Harbaugh Anna Chrlstxe Paul1ne Harvan Margaret Boshdosh Suzanne Koval Alexandrla W1tek Vmolet Keep Margaret Pav1ck W1ll1am Hxle Margaret Bla1ne Edxth Urbanowsky Roy Stmllwagon Ruth F1sher Betty Radachy john Shultz Sophxe Emerlck Irene Hubert Evagean Kuhn Margaret Straslmka Dorothy Gray Dorthea B1zup JUNIOR SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN 93 356 92 59 91 8883 91 8275 91 662 91 62 90 93 90 827 90 0 89 5 95 8 95 6 95 94 6 93 0 92 8 92 4 92 0 916 910 958 950 948 940 935 932 928 926 926 958 950 940 938 936 935 927 924 918 913 jx . ' I1 Katherine Kernicky, 94:1 o Foot Bail o Basket Ball It was early ln September Why everything began to strr Football talk was 1n the a1r The season Hnally rolled around And new players had to be found So mto the ma1l went many requests For the boys to come out and do ther best The varslty needed backmg But wrllmg boys were not lackmg In weather fa1r and bad they came And put the1r hearts mto the game Our coaches Evancho and Grlener Nowhere could there be found any finer Had many angles to figure out Before a varslty could be brought about Into thexr work thev went wrth zest In order to produce the best And when the opener rolled around They had a team w1ll1ng and sound Far away to Johnstown they traveled one night The 1940 Colophon The 39 Football Season OOTBALL SC HEDULE Date C p n t Hur t S pt 15 Joh stow S pt 23 Lat b Sept 29 G ee b g Oc 7 IS: x kley Oct 14 IEI abeth Oct 21 IDer y Twp Oct 27 t V1 centP p C say Nov 11 Canno bu g iClass A Ga To play an opponent w1th plenty of fight It was a sound thrashmg that our team took But thexr flghtmg Splflt went mto the book fHurst 6 Johnstown 331 At Latrobe they played the next game But the result was not the same Hurst upset the splrzted foe And now our power began to show fHurst 7 Latrobe oy All were on edge for the Greensburg game And the opponents felt the same The l1ghts at Offutt Freld shone brxght Whxle the crowds yelled Fmghtl F1g Flghtl All trrck plays of each team faxled to work What we knew we had already uncorked And then the Brown and Whrte wlth a lone pass Scored a touchdown the fans gasped Alas' The Hurst grldders went down Hghtlng Always for vrctory str1v1ng Although Hurst Hlgh School lost the game They d1d not lessen thelr great fame fHurst 0 Greensburg 61 7 A I 'I . . lp 0 en s 0, e . n n 6 33 e . ro e 7 0 . r ns ur 0 12 t. w'c 0 12 . iz I8 0 . r . 0 7 . S . 'n re f an. Nov. IRam 7 0 . ns r 0 7 ' ' mes The time for all to remember . . . . . , . 7. 'r . ' . . . 8. - ' ff ' . ' me l . l r 9. ' ' U , 9 v - 10. ' ' , . l ,, ,, , ? 40 11. Then came our game with Sewickley High This game always causes a sigh Hurst received an unexpected upset But still remained a formidable threat. CHurst-0 Sewickley-125 12. The next home game proved to be a thrill And many remember it still Hurst surely looked like itself again When it scored an impressive win. CI-Iurst-18 Elizabeth-OD 13. Larry Sullivan's men were our next foe Our team was in good shape, ready to go The game was played in sleet, and then in rain The weather favored Derry, they won the game. CHurst-0 Derry Twp.-7D 14. Our next game with St. Vincent Prep Surely would have improved our rep But Mother Nature stopped the game By sending down torrents of rain. 15. All eyes were then turned toward our next game Coaches, players, students, all did the same Now was the time to go to Ramsay's field And our cheers and encouragement yield. FOOTBALL PLAYERS Third row: Rhomc, Haney, Porch. Moore, Tylka. Skadurna, E. Polcha, Katouch, Maholov, Kovalcik, Plach ko. Smitley, Bizup, Kmetz. Second row: Kaminskv, Cibulas Jagoda. P. Tepper. Yothers, Glamp Vikcrtosky, J. Polcha, Ungvarsky Long, Homoka. First row: Gorinsi, Witek, Pendrick Barr, I-IoH'er, T. Tepper, Tandrich Moss. Hanuzik, Evancho CCoach7. The bands played and the whistles blew The students cheered and banners flew All were there to cheer them on Even old grudges, they were gone. From the opening kickoff, to the end Their moral support the students did lend For those fighting boys, grand and glorious From whose ranks, Hurst emerged victorious Hurst had won a really tough game And again made for itself a name In football world Hurst earned the right To be called a team with plenty of fight. CHurst-7 Ramsay-OD In the last and final game which was nigh Hurst prepared for a team from Cannons- burg High The visitors won the game on a Ubreakl' A defeat which surely was hard to take. fHurst-0 Cannonsburg-7D So Hurst has ended another season For every loss, there was a reason But let's forget all and look to next year When of Hurst's fame, you'll read and hear. -------Edward Killar 4 1 .A Z Q" X fs 4' vw 1-3 'T I '55 . QI 5. 3 ff ga Q hr si W 413, in X If ' X 4 ' ff' 1. x 1 . ' J . ,lf U ,Qi af 1- W Q K A' :Lj4rT7'' . V ' n W V ei .lqkr 1 ' 4 V . ,Q - L' x f' , 1 1 . S 1 ' 4 J X n Q' 'E if Q3 ' ..' 55+ 65 ' Q, .f 'A A V, V f Mr' ' .Y .rf 1 A .v'. ' ' Q-Q. 935 ' f if G , W, Q CA' A" nl. . '-avg Q. A1110 gmpbs SEASON SCHEDULE AND SCORE Opponent Hurst Opp Jeannette Clarrton Latrobe trobe IDerry Boro ILIEO rer Greensburg 1Derry Twp IRamsay 1East Hunt ngdon Perryopolrs IDerry Boro IL gon er Greensburg 1Derry Twp jean ette IR amsay East Hunt mgdon Rostraver Greensburg ILeague Games Westmore land County Tournament The 1940 Colophon TEAM Second row Mr Clark Knll ar Mnck Sopko Solomon Cbulas Sm th Zrder Hoff er Hu ter F rst row Rutosky S bal Metz Jagoda Hogan Sol mon Bys ek M lyak Cagers Go Into Actlon The Hurst Hlgh basketball team concluded therr schedule rn the W P I A L Sectron XIII League as the th1rd place contender wrth a seasonal record of eleven vrctorxes and mne losses It was a brrlhant season for the Scarlet Hurr1cane and not even the sudden let down at the end of the season could d1m the brrlllance of the faxr and sportsmanlrke Hurst squad The Clark managed team basked 1n the spot lrght all through the rrgorous carnpalgn Untnl the last few chapters of the schedule they clung serenely to the league lead only to be pushed down rn the fhckermg end The Hurst squad played far above 1ts normal expectancy or reasonable potentralrty Granted a bunch of iightlng and deter start of the season as the ma3or1ty of contenders rn the league boast of polrshed experrenced talent But as the season unfolded and progressed 1nstead of playmg the role of anvrl on whxch the hammers fall the Scarlet Hurr1cane proved the hammer as they pounded down every foe Wlth grace and awe Untrl the home stretch of the race rt appeared lrke a Hurst trtle Then several tough and heart breakrng losses found the determmed Clarkmen m thrrd place It was a splendrd season for Prlot John Clark and the iightmg team for desprte several bad breaks and varrous mrsfortunes tlsat befell tl'e1r stars and absented them from the lmeup the Hurst team battled proudly to tl'e last and forced every foe to recogmze a proud and vxell balanced Hur t team We shall feel well satrsfied wrth tlse achrevement of our cagers Congratulat1ons Mr Clark and you cagers who fought for Hurst s glory' 44 Q... , ii Q ', ' i . a , ' . , n . i : , i v 1 1 0 , .a , i . O K Y 17 20 ' ' 25 43 y l . 30 27 , , La 29 16 . 36 29 . ' n' 18 ll 15 35 ' ' ' - . 29 25 , ' , , Perryovolis mrned cagers, nonetheless they were grven l1ttle chance at the i 45 30 ' 46 31 ' ' . 22 37 , , ' , M , i 1 24 25 , 39 25 - . 32 40 v 1 n 23 34 ' - 22 28 ' I 4 50 29 . . , ' 35 20 f zo 27 - - 'x ' . . . . - .. . , 7 . , . 4 A , I Q . ' s . l , , . Basketeers Roy Hogan Roy was the long-short artist on the Hurst squad. His consistency and scoring ability help win many games. An important cog in the basketball machine was Roy. Tom Solomon The surprise-package on Hurst's team. Tom was a hard and dependable cager. He performed brilliantly throughout the entire campaign. Stanlev .lagoda Stan was the offensive player on our team. His scoring ability put fear in all opponent's hearts. Keep up the good work Stan, Hurst need you. Mike Sibal Mike's clever dribbling and passing tactics baffled every opponent. He was one who could be called upon to pull the team out of the tight spots, Mike has another year to shine on the hardwood. Eddie Rutkosky This flashy and depend- able guard was hard to beat. His constant chatter kept the team on "the go". Ed's brilliant floor tactics help sew up plenty of games. Robert Metz The most dependable sub- stitute was Bob He was always ready to go into action and keep the ball roll ng. His de- fensive plug was beautiful to watch. Albert Nlilyuk Albert had the grit and hght necessary in every cager. His service as cager will be missed next year as he was am- bitious and always ready to go. 4.9 2 ,, , , ,W gf ff-. 4, ' aff'- Q Xp., , ' - kk, F 5 ! J' WEA v Z'-'. wwtzifiliiy , J , -EA S 1 f , '? :UE 3 ,f 9' 5,,ffW"'lV 'QW 13 'Z ' 'gxiwbm' 4 4 v ' - Q M. N -L - Q V,h:...f I .MK s ' v . . I l' 'Af fi" in ls, ' x ,5.QO- , , 'xfif A, 'lc Aw, YJ' , 1 Q Publicatiofzs Q Organizations 0 Clubs 31 Xifiy: -CQ I'. 'K Jr 'vffffs The Colophon Staff Ed1tor rn chlef Ann Kostelmk Assrstant Edxtor George Laughner Busmess Manager Arden M1ller Ass1stant Busmess Manager Clyde Shaw Sales Manager Frank Novotny Llterary Edltors Helen Reckner Nancy She rr1ck ACt1Vlt1CS Ed1tors Mary Honse Mabel Clawson Sports Ed1tor Ed Krllar Typrsts Sophra Lazar Helen Adzrma Glorla Hower The members of the Colophon Staff have trred thelr best to make th1s book somethlng you wrll hke They have trled especlally to put mto rt those thrngs whrch you want to remember as land marks rn your hfe the t1me you spent at good old Hurst May th1s book be a cherrshed possessron for you And may mt be your one consolat1on at any txme when the world seems to be turned agamst you Refer to rt from trme to trme rn the future and no doubt you w1ll w1sh those memorres could aga1n become real1t1es The members of the staff could not have alone put out th1s book It was only through the cooperatron of the students and the faculty that th1s task was accompl1shed So It means that everyone of you have helped For vour help and zealous a1d the Staff IS grateful Th1s Colophon IS yours yours to keep for all txmes May lt brmg back to you happy memorres of Hurst COLOPHON Fo rth row Yothers Sh lt Carney M Cullough Bos dosh Zabkar Cher ak rd row sg e be ger He de Gregor Ce kovn k Scman hek Le ko Laza ec d ro H n Clavxso err k Reckne M R ch Long Sof anko Ad z ma F str w Novoton L h er Ko teln k M ller K lla Sha The 1940 Colophon 46 , . , . J : '. u z. V C - ' . . v . Thi ' 1 MJ rove. Sul- n r , i . . r- i. L' , 5 , r. S on W: o se. ' n. Sh if . r. xlgak. i , , r , - i . ir o 1 V, olg Y n . s i , i . 1 r. w. w Hurstoman Staff Thls group of students are the wrrters and publ1shers of our school newspaper The Hurstonlan IS now 1n :ts fourth year of exlstence and we students are very proud of rt The hard work of the edrtor and hrs helpers has produced a brgger and better paper than ever before Mr Batlste and Mrss Myers need also to be congratulated on therr fine work and wrllmgness rn helpmg the students publrsh the Hurstoman The news rtems, the frrendly gossrp of the Round Hurst column, the sport s page and the edrtorrals all work to make a splendrd paper But rt IS not only the staff who deserves the credlt, but also all the students who help to gather news and support the paper Each student IS encouraged to wrlte for the paper or ass1st wxth the art work The Hurstonxan rs very dehnrtely a student publr catron and vorces the students own oplnrons Kammsky er trste nl 49 0 ' - ' u yr , . . -4- v , - v . v v - . - l . v f V 1 HURSTONIAN Fxfth row Shrum Musgrave Shaw Schick Klllar Zabkar Brown Kosmo Holsopple Vothers Carney Zsolcsak Harvan Soloman Chervak Fourth row Sullenberger Hexde Honse Carpenter H I-Iaggarty W Haggarty Han ker Adams Metz Casteel Mehalov Cerkovnrk Shultz Frgnar Martrn McKenna Third row Rose Hower Kyrmcky Terhurst Pusker Freeman Myers Balazek Lesko LaVelle Clausner Krayson Summy Cramg Sharer Byers Koslelmk Mrl Second row Nevull Koval Leechak Mrmck Funk houser Lawson Hrxbal Kan torxck Solak Hazuza Cer kovmk Stem Dolan Ahl born Reckner Sherrxck B Frrst Raw Rxck Vagosky Mrlvak Sofranko Adzxma Lesko Vlmzok Long Road man Herr Labasky Hower Lazor Grahal Wajdrc Far casky Semanchck Cerkov The 1940 Colophon STUDENT COUNCIL Fourth row Mr Nock Knral Glamp Murhoney Benyo Lougher Hubert Thxrd row Heade Lanck Metz Baluh Blame Bos dosh Keck R Peronto Hag I er y Second row Byers B Funk houser Wagner Johnson S1 vak Sandacz D Funk houser Andrews Cerkovnk Fxrst row Shulock Barr Honse Shumar Porterfield Porch Kaczmarek Bltner The Student Councll the obJect1ves to propose and enforce laws for the welfare of the school and to regulate and encourage soclal act1v1t1es The Sen ators and Representatxves from the Freshman Sophomore Jumor and Senxor classes have worked falthfully ln order to make the Student Councll a success We also have our faculty advlser Mr Nock to thank for assummg the respons1b1l1ty of advxsmg us The Student Councll has been actlve from the very flrst month of school domg everythmg for the common welfare of students and faculty It has purchased a school banner sponsored socxal dances promoted mtramural softball teams and 1ntramural basket ba The officers of the Student Councml are Presldent Glenn Harr Vlce Pres1dent George Loughner Secretary Mary Honse Asslstant Secretary Annabelle Porterfneld Treasurer V1rg1n1a Porch 50 The Student Council is in the second year of its existence with ll. HALL GUARDS Fourth row Artnm Vxkar tosky Holsopple Schacte Long Pendrrck Puskar Ja gods Kebterly Straslxcka Krllar Thrrd row Evancho Solo mon Kammsky Andrews Lazar Heade Fultz Reel: ner Kantonlc Wrtck Pet rantone Second row Castcel Shaffer Smxth Strublc S Portcrflcld Johnson Sandacz Hoffer Honse Bntner Frrst row Bertram Kapal Held Kaczamarck Shumar Porch Hagerty The Hall Guards The wrong steps' Out of your locker' We hear that sald everyday by our hall guards But what a relref lt IS to walk through the halls wrthout bexng tramped on' That rs an accomplrshment of the Student Councll Therr dutles are to supervrse the hall con duct, and render servxce to vrsrtors and faculty members Hall permlts are rssued to students who present the permrt to hall monrtors for approval so that there wrll be no unnecessary trafic m the halls between perrods Nlck Shulock rs charrman of the Traffic Commrttee of the Stu dent Councxl to whom the hall guards are drrectly responsible The guards are volunteers from the jumor and Senror classes Then' work rs greatly appreclated by the faculty and students JI : . , . 4 . 4 , , u o u ' . . . : , - . . . n 1 u ' 1 v I ' 3 1 v U v y ' v , A , . . , ' : , f ka, Barr, Shulock, A. Porter- , . . 46 9' la 11 ' Forens Leag Fourth row Zab ar Stee ber W Hagge ty Hauser Kazmarek Ha ke H Hag gerty Adams Mehalov S h covx T rd row J Metz C n n ngham St asl Cka Push ar Freeman Myer LaVelle Balazek Adz ma Sp esho k C Metz Se ond row Mrs Russell Funkhouser B sdosh L d w g Gray Stevelak Peronto Pendr ck K ssel Cerkovmk F rst row B1 up Pete son Lazor Recker Sherr k S m my Wadj Ha u a The 1940 Colophon FOICIISIC eague Under the able supervxsxon of Mr S11v1s and Mrs Russell the students partlcmpatmg ln the var1ous actlvltmes of speakmng an readxng completed a very colorful and lllustrlous season Of great est mterest to the school and to all concerned was our debatmg team composed of students from the Jumor and semor classes The boys had qurte a b1t of success ln wmnmg over many of the major teams IH the county The students were fortunate enough to have the opportumty to part1c1pate mn several forms of the forensxc act1v1ty namely dramatnc oratorxcal and humorous readmgs Durmg the course of the season our students proved thexr abxlrty by domg very fme work agamst many of the county s best speakers On one occaslon our hxgh school won the county champxonshmp 1n oratorxcal dec lamatlon WhlCh was xndeed an honor to Mrs Russell the decla mat1on coach As an added attractlon the students were glven an opportumty to present themr readmgs before the local chapters of the KIWHHIS and the Rotary of Mt Pleasant through the efforts of Mr Mullm the school prmcxpal and Mr S1lv1s Speakers representxng hum orous dramatlc and oratorlcal declamatmons took part 1n the var1ous programs and were recexved most heartxly by the members of these orgamzatxons In behalf of the members of the Natlonal and State Forenslc Leagues at Hurst we would llke to congratulate Mr Sxlvxs on the fine work that he has done w1th the debatmg team and Mrs Rus sell for her excellent work m the preparatmon of the var1ous dec lamatlons and readmg act1v1t1es 37 o . . , 9 - ' s , . Y I s r - 1 . , . ' Y 1 ' 1 - Y . . , , . . - s s 7 v a ' s - ' iv ue : c , - - - l' . 1 u K' Y. . ' u . , Ll' 'C. hi : . , u' 1 , r i , c, v 5, v , i , i c, c : . , V O . U' lr v 1 v x , I , . i : 'z , r , . . iv. u - , xc. zz. Debat g Cl o S M t tha Hagerty Mh k M l tta M t Zabkar Lo gh Hg The Debating Teams Negat1ve Robert Hauser Frank Zabcar James Metz Wmllard Adams Afhnmatxve lst team Glenn Harr George Loughner 2nd team Betty Funkhauser Betty Mllotta These students have represented Hurst as debators 1n the For ensxc League for the past year and they have made a remarkable record They held debates wlth other schools whxch belong to the L1ttle S1x Debat1ng Conference of the Allegheny League Fxve other schools besmde Hurst belong to the Conference One of our debaters George Loughner was chosen for the first team of the Conference Th1s was qu1te an honor Mr S1lv1s IS the coach of the teams and he has produced a fine team of debaters thls year Smce he began has Debat1ng Club he has had many successful teams The boys also debated rn tournaments at Calxfornxa State Teach ers College and at Waynesburg They d1d very well at both places as representatxves of the school At Callforma they also attended the Student Congress Thrs Congress IS made up of Forenslc League members They have had a very successful season and one filled wxth many pleasant expermences Debatxng xs a very defmxte trammg 1n clear thmkmg JJ i ' 3 in ub Th rd r w: Mr. ilvis, e z, , , Kacz- ek, e alov. S nd row: Hac er. Adams, F khouser, i o , J. e z, F t row: , u ner, Ha ser, H. a erty. ' 'Y FUTURE FARMERS Fourth row: Ahlborn, Sharer. Sullenberger, Fencil, Flem ming, McNair, Tlumac Porch, Brinker, Long, Ko touch, johnson, Horrell. Aflk ney, Emerick, Smith. Third row: Blystone, Phiefer Carey, Eicher, Fencil, Howar Scevill, Hunter, Schachte McCabe, Benyo, Rose. Marks Second row: Fleming, Bak- er, Crum, Smith, Gaydar Sikora. Novotny, Marinchak Kelley, Deemer. First row: Long fSponsor5 Sherrick. Graham, Hubet, Andrews, Armel, Kunkle. Skivora, Regula. uture Farmers of America The F.F.A. is a national organization and the agriculture stu dents at Hurst are active members. The purpose of the organization is to study vocational agriculture. The future farmers of Hurst, under the direction of Mr. Long have many activities such as judging live stock and culling poultry. They also have a workshop where they make many useful articles for the high school Some of our future farmers went to Harrisburg and were success ful in winning prizes. In corn, Oliver Graham won first prize, Ray Sherrick won second, and Eugene Kunkle won third prize. Warren Rose won second prize in chickens The officers of this organization are: Oliver Grahamf President Bill Andrews? Vice President Henry Hubert- Treasurer John Benyoe H' Secretary The 1940 Colophon 54 USHERS CLUB Th rd tow Pentrantone By s ek Keck Hubert Hoffer Ruder Shaw Muller Second row M ss Barnhart Quasnock Hyde Glamp Yasher Altman Carey First row Mxnr k jagoda Solomon j Glamp Wemr The Ushers Club Thrs way madam Thrs rs what we hear when we enter the audrtorrum to attend one of the many marvelous entertarnments that are presented by the students of Hurst every year It IS the busy ushers who are saymg th1s You may wonder where they get the1r trammg They have formed a club wlth Mlss Earnhart as a sponsor and tramer She has taught these boys how to usher properly and also how to take care of stage property They have been taught to be of the greatest servxce durmg an entertamrnent Hurst could not get along wrthout th1s very necessary club OFFICERS Pres1dent Arden Mrller Secretary Treasurer Lee Brown 55 i 1 , - I , 1 - v : i , . . , , Ll , . ' : 'C . . as ' as - - , , . The 1940 Colophon The Go to College Club D1d you ever see such an mtent and stud1ous group? It IS no wonder for they are the Go to College Club The members of the club are Junxors and semors who are plann1ng to attend colleges un1vers1t1es or schools of nursmg Headed by Mr Mull1n they gather to d1scuss the dlfferent pro fess1ons Wh1ch students may wxsh to enter college entrance re qu1rements scho1arsh1ps and other problems Wh1ch the students w1sh to have dlscussed At some of the meetxngs representatmves of d1fferent colleges are the guest speakers These talks are very helpful to students tntendmg to enter college 1n the near future as they not only learn of the opportun1t1es 1n var1ous fields but they learn of the requxrements for entrance and the quallty of work Wh1ch IS expected of them Zabkar a .76 1 Y ' , - , , 7 1.' lk. GO to College Club Fourth row Shaw Pentran tom Shafer Porch Byslek Keck Hagerty Holsopple Third row Chervak Solo mon Kammsky Schlck J gods Kxllar McKenna M11 er Second row Mr Mullln Clausner Clawson Sherrtck Reckner Bertram LaVelle Fxrst row Fultz Honse Kostelnxk Carpenter Sum my Ahlborn Byers Stevu The French Club The French Club IS composed of the jumor and semor French classes under the guldance of Miss Beacom They have programs whxch are conducted 1n French For ln stance a French Questron Bee made up one of thelr programs A Chrrstmas trme they held a Chrlstmas party wrth a program rn French They also have learned some French songs whlch they s1ng at therr meetmgs The purpose of the club rs to gzve the students a better speakmg and readmg knowledge of French These students at the begm mng of the year obtamed tl'e names of students rn France who are studylng Enghgh Wxth these boys and glrls our students cor respond In th1s way they not only learn the language but the also learn much concernmg the soc1al customs and the hves of the people of France Th1S also grves the French boy or grrl an op portunxty to learn of our socxal l1fe The club also conducted a stand at many of the home basketball games Th1s stand was very successful The basketball fans en better than a bottle of pop or a candy bar? OFFICERS Presxdent John Kammsky V1ce Presldent Dons Byers Secretary Eleanor Ahlborn Treasurer Dorothy Summy Program Chalrman Nancy Sherrlck Reporter Leo Schxck FRENCH CLUB Fourth row Struble Keffer Murtha Hacker Shafer P trantone Portcrfleld Fultz Thxrd row Caateel Muller Kantorxk Stevalak Mertz LaVelle Clausncr Morgan Bertram Second Mus Beacom Evancho Condupa Hunter Reck er Wadjlc Ahlborn F rs! row Summy Byers Kammsky Shlck Sherr k Xhlborn l d J! joyed -it for during the half of an exciting game, what could be Q I . v , C: row: ' , The 1940 Colophon The L1brary Club Where do the library assxstants who work so fa1thful1y every perlod for M1ss Kaputa get the1r tra1n1ng9 The L1brary Club IS the answer M1ss Kaputa teaches these students to a1d her m Iher work Wlthout them she would be very handwapped They are taught to appreclate good books and are taught how to care for and how to handle books However the L1brary Club IS not all work The members have thexr soc1al meetmgs as well as then' busmess meet1ngs In fact they have a lot of fun By helpmg m the hbrary they meet more students and also ac qulre a study of human nature So as you can see the L1brary Club IS a very worthwhxle club OFFICERS Pres1dent Stanley Jagoda V1ce Pres1dent Hllda Haermg Secretary Agnes Hunter Treasurer Emmly Fxdda LIBRARY CLUB Th d M M l Shar Pl G r c ShaH'e N mzy a B k Baag AM jgda 58 r row: etz. er z er, Holsop e, Sefchlrk Rusinko. earha l. Sc ond row: 'r.4 a K Emerir , r d lej. Ke nicky, . rrtz, Stcvulak. First row: Miss Kapul Haering,Hunier. a o .Fld d , osnak. l o . . . ' 1 , . ' f , . HISTORY CLUB Th rd r K ll P t B ko jd kjod H1story Club Under the sponsorshrp of Mlss Jane Fxsher several members of the jumor H1StOfy Classes had the prlvrlege of enjoymg the ac tlV1t1CS of the H1story Club The first step of progress was taken when a Fashmon Show was presented rn the Hurst Audrtorlum on Aprrl 1 The McCall Styhst from the A E Troutman Co of Greensburg showed a most ln terestmg dxsplay of sprmg fashlons whxch was greatly enjoyed by all who attended The profits from the entertamment wxll be used by the mem bers to VlS1t some of the hlstorlcal places of Interest OFFICERS President Bernard Bysek V1ce Presldent I-Iulda Hoffer Correspondlng Secretary Adella Wajdec Recordxng Secretary Joe Mxnlch Treasurer Andy Lesko -e 19 i, ow: i ar, e ran- tone, Mxnic , ag a. Second row: Lohr, Sopko, ysie , J nes. Lesko. First row: Christie, Hoffer Wa' ic, Grohal, Casleel. I 1 The Senror Stand The Senror Stand Comm1ttee composed of the adv1sers Mrss Beacom and Mrss Myers w1th some members of the senror class 1S an rnterestmg group that helps to make football games at Hurst a success The spectators whose appetrtes are sharpened by the excrtement of the game and the brrsk fall arr turn to the refresh ment stand for somethrng to restore therr energy and vltalrty Durmg the game and at half the commrttee members are busy servrng the rushrng crowd wrth candy bars peanuts rce cream and hot pups The 1940 Colophon SENIOR STAND Second row Peronto Zab Bosdosh Holden Frrst row Shaw Herde Bw ers Kostelnrk Bertr m Ml 0 s 1 , . , - - . kar. Reckner.G1over. Cfregor Ur. I 1 U The Hurst Band superv1sed by a new d1rector Mr Green has had a successful year It conslsts of s1xty live members who have ach1eved many accompllshments They have g1ven concerts accompamed the football players to all the games and furnxshed muslc for the h1gh school plays The officers of th1s orgamzatxon are Pres1dent Glenn Harr V Presmdent Or n Allen Secretary Mary Honse Manaver Robert Hauser Llbrarx n Ed Chervak CLARINETS Glenn Harr John Holomon B111 Ardrevxs Sophna Lazar Dorothy Fultz Florence Carpenter Margaret Dzuban Clyde Shaw Helen Labosky Paulme Harvan Vernon Eckels Tommy Hacker B111 Hagerty Helen Ondrako Dorothy Dryden Bobby Frederxck F fth Fo th H gg fry Th d MEMBERS Tommv DeVaux TROMBONES Leo Kaczmarek Charles Dauvrerty Martrn McNa1r Bob Fervuson Madelme Oberdacker Irene Hubert Dor1s Andrews CORNETS B111 EICTCI' Lee Broun Euvene FCFCII Mxke Zsolcsak BARITONES T031 Camey Bob Hauser Irma Struble Joe Carney Charles Hr1bal BELL LYRE Eetty Trump Eddie Chekan Dor1s Thompson Rrchard Hr1bal SNARE DRUMS Mary lane Hr1bal Wendell Keck Puth Myers Harry Haverty Raulme K1ssell Frank Zabcar Annabelle Klosky Albert Melado BAND SAXOPHONES Mmke Lesko Bob Wexrs James Harvan Glorxa Hower Ella Mae Keck Pearl Wavner MELLOPHONES Helen Tal- 1tch Marvaret Pax 1ck Mary Honse Margaret Bosdos 1 Frank Tracy BASS DRUM Oran Allen CYMBALS Leon Porch w h Hlo TC KebblyH hHHa kaB And D gh ty H ko M Na Ha ke J Ca y t b P a h a o y pete Ond Zol fMu Spe 1 Dd b Pa kKlkyE , . .Hb. ' .Wan .T D. h k. - ' , e . ye . d ,. 'r . Y C . 61 Th H t H' h B d 7 ' 7 ' 7 1 ' , . ' a E . a V a 1 3 A . a 3 A E . C J I o D i ro : S aw, 0 man, . arney, ere , auser,Tracy,Porc , . ggerty,Keck,Fergu- son. All n. Zab r, usdcsh. ur row: rews, au er , arr, Weirs, Les , c ir, C r, . rne , J. Harvan, W. a e . ir row: Ful z, Stru le, . H rvzn, Fis er, Hower, Laz r, Lab sk , Dryden, Car n r, rako, s csak. Secondrow: Green sic u ruisorJ,Me ago, u a,H0nse,Dzu an, Kissell, vic , os , ckles, Erown M J ri al First row er rum C ec en R Hnbal Hub rt M rs Bus osh B Hrxbal,'1'hcmpson An dr ws SOPRANO Dolores McCullough Dorxs Smith The 1940 Colophon Choral Club The Choral Club under the drrectlon of Mr Green consxsts of seventy mxxed voxces Practxse was held twlce a week and many thmgs were accornplmshed A Chrlstmas program was glven con srstmg of carol srngmg and a play Why the Ch1mes Rang The Choral club presented the operetta Tuhp T1me whose cast represented Amerxcan students sarlors and Dutch people The chorus also part1c1pated m the May Day Festlval and sang for graduatnon exercrses Agnes Hunter Madelme Glover Dorxs Andrews Ruth F rsher Betty Harbaugh Mary Lesko Margaret Pavrk Marme jackson Lo1s Hoke MdVlS Moore Irma McCullough Mary Balazek Rebecca Fultz Mlldred Krayson Nancy Lawson Dons Thompson Vlfglflla Porch Jean Wexr ALTO Helen Takltch Helen Ondrako Mary M Barley Eleanor Cunmngham jullanna Vagosky Florence Carpenter V1ck1e Novak Dorothea Blzup Blanche Damels Mary Honse Madelme Oberdacker Martha Vuchnxch Geraldme Slonecker Margaret Pushkar Mary Oslf Betty Trump Eleanor Ahlborn Annabelle Porterfield Xema Cerovnrk Betty Trump Anna Mane Hudec Marjorle Clausner Gertrude Kocmskr Yulada Kostyo Kathryn Peronto Frances Kapalka BASS Wrllram Andrews Wxlkrns Major Leo Kaczmarek Wendell Keck Wxllram Steeber Donald Holsopple Andy Shultz Rrchard Shaffer Oran Allen TENOR Albert Farcosky Leon Porch Stuart Hyde Harry Hagerty Tommy Hacker Glenn Harr 67 . . . . N . ,, , - . Ki ' ' as D r . . ! 5 ' r . .. OPERETTA TULIP TIME First w Clawsner Alle Second Hok Hol opple Bye Kapsllra Haggc ty Tuhp Tlme Hans A young Dutch apprentlce Leon Porch Aunt Anna Chrlstma s guardran Marjorle Clausner Katmka A vxllage marden Frances Kapalka He nrrck Van Ooster Burgamaster Donald Holsopple Chrrstlna A charmlng Dutch grrl Lois Hoke Theophrlus McSp1nkle Professor of Botany Oran Allen Ned Baxter Amerlcan college student Harry Hagerty The vrllage enjoyrng a holrday rs startled by the arrwal of a party of Amerrcan tourxsts under the leadershrp of Professor McSpmdle a tutor rn botany to study tulxp culture Two of the party Ned and Dlck are lnterested rn Chrrstma and Katrnka News reaches the vxllage that a thlef has been stealmg chorce bulbs of prrze tullps McSpmdle IS dressed as the th1ef and rs arrested by the Burgamaster Ned and Drck promote therr frrendshrp wrth the grrls and learn that Chrlstma s stock unknown to her IS of rmmense value Wlth the assrstance of Chrrstma s Aunt Anna the rnnocense of McSprndle IS establrshed and the latter declares hrs affectron for her and wrth the prospect of a trlple vseddmg the final curtarn falls 63 I l'0 I , fl. row: Harr, e, is , rs, Porch, , l' . i O . . , . i . . Dick Warren--A fellow student o I NedgGlenn Harr . , . . , . X y . - . u 1 , u , u . , 1 ' ' l ' , . . ' . . , h - U 1 3 . . . - - , u I 3 7 - - The F1rst Shave Don Judson a txmld boy of fifteen has always been taken ad vantage of by seventeen year old Harry Holhster When they plan to take Don s two v1s1t1ng couslns to a party the trouble beg1ns and Don asserts hxmself Grandma Judson defends Don xn hrs plars to take Marxon to the party and finally sees that all turns out well for our hero After Don takes hrs first shave he asserts h1s manhood and w1ns a vxctory ln the famlly crrcle The play was presented by the Jumor class under the super v1s1on of Mlss Barnhart Cast of Characters Frances Kapalka V1rg1n1a Porch Adella Wadjac Harry Hagerty Mary Balazek Stuart Hyde Joe Petrantone Dorls Smlth Nadme Kantorxk Grandma Judson Mrs Judson Hannah Harry Holhster Janey Judson Don Judson Mr Judson Betty Kenyon Marlon The 1940 Colophon HIS FIRST SHAVE ow Wa-yd H g y h Hyd B la ek tra to e to k Kapalka F r t o Sp: k Sa da Hude 6 C cc Q, 1 1 ' , . . . . 5 . A . ' Y Thixdr : 'ic, arert Porc , e, 8 z Second Row' Pe n n Kan ri , , Smith. i s r w: 'r 0, n cz C. l " unior Buys A Car" Junior Millward, a sixteen-year-old, buys an old car for fifty dollars, ten dollars down and five dollars a month. Knowing that his father is going out of town, Junior brings the car home and surprises his family. He proposes to take a new girl, Arline Andrews, to the annual Casino Club dance and party, and the excitement begins when his Father returns unexpectedly. Junior's old girl, Jennie, becomes angry because he has "ditched" her for a new flame and quite by accident wrecks Mr. Millward's car for revenge. How Junior extricates himself from this uncomfortable situation forms the basis for this clever play. junior wins out and gets a new car from his father. Characters Third row: Kebberly, Hunt- er. Kissell, Hagarty, Ault- man. Second row: Porterfield, Murtha, Fultz, johnson, Bit- ner. First row: Vuchnich, Kiral. John Millward Mrs. Millward Sophy Millward Olga Hans Nelson John Millward, Jr. Andrew Carrington Jennie Brown Anita Austin Terry Simpson , Danny Murtha Dorothy Fultz Betty Johnson Pauline Kisseli William Hagerty ,, e Clyde Bitner Raymond Kebberly 7 Agnes Hunter Annabelle Porterfield . William Aultman JUNIOR BUYS A CAR 6.5 The 1940 Colophon The Wh1te Phant n The Wh1te Phantom coached by Mrss Barnhart was the second of the one act plays presented by the semor class Mrs Drexel Blake socrally ambxtxous rents the old fashloned resxdence of the Krngsley estate She ms preparlng to move ln on the morrow and lS wartmg for Eleven Moore her colored ma1d Whrle she lS waltmg for the tardy Eleven the lxghts go out prstol shots are heard and all sorts of wexrd happenmgs occur Officer Jerry Nolan attrlbutes the strange occurences to The Wh1te Phantom a notorlus crrmmal who IS terrorrzmg the nerghborhood Eleven arrrves and IS confronted by the ghostly figure She lS later able to put the officer on the track of The Phantom All clues lead to Curt Frazrer who rs 1n love with Mrs Blake s charm mg daughter Marlon Is he The Phantom 9 Cast of Characters Mar1on Blake Eleven Moore Mrs Ogden Frazrer Curtrs Frazrer Officer Jerry Nolan Ethan Sharp The Wh1te Phantom Madelme Glover Mary Honse Paulme Farcosky Blll Holden Raymond Lessman Oran Allen 9399 QQ ' 0 79 ll ' Y! ' 7 . 7 ' 9 1 . 7 . 1 9 . ,, , ,, . . . . . . . ,Q . . . if 1 Y! . 4 - 1 , . - ' ' LK Y! , . . Mrs. Drexel Blake S B or 7, , Marjorie Clausner I 66 The New Br1de The New Brxde a one act play under the dlrectmon of Mxss Fxsher was presented by the semor class Young Vaughn just marrxed and desperately tryrng to keep h1s marrlage a secret from the press IS barrxcaded m hrs town home where Ashley Barr hldmg from the pohce forcxbly thrusts hlmself permlt hxm to don h1s s1ster s clothes and try to make hxs escape as a woman One reporter ga1ns adm1ss1on to the house cla1m1ng to be a plano tuner meetmg Ashley rn h1s borrowed plumage Ashley promptly proceeds to glVC the enterprxsmg reporter an lI1tCl'V1CW Cast of Characters james Vaughn Pudge Ashley Barr Helen Vaughn Betty Byewater Edward Tart Strllson Ohicer O Toole Franchette Officer Fogarty Bob Peronto Ch ervyl Bertram Arden M1ller Helen Reckner Dorxs Byers Ed Klllar Frank Zabkar Mxke Lesco Martha Solak George Chekan 67 Qt ' 99 upon hjm. Ashley persuades Vaughn rnuch against his will, to Happy Seniors Busy in the Offici- Just alter Lunch Dorothy and Her Bell Lyre Changing of Classes Nliss Hyde at Work Girl's Basketball One of Our Bus Drivers At the Candy Booth In Early Fall The 1940 Colophon own Memories Trail - C f J C1 oe ,W 1 ' ,','," - , , , K' - . D ,Ag qt A, 3 Q L ,lf i- ill' .ff ' x, i A 1- Q ,Zg- K .rq,y .I .4 ' -+'J'?jt-4 aw Q51 S- K ll , M ' ,, . Q . ,yin leg F , 2 . S -v 31 Q ., 1' W, X 4 as K 1 ,,,. W- . - " ' 'agvi 'L 1. J A . N x ii, A ' 7 .V . ,t . .H A, .U A ' -.Lf -I V' 'if A' w'- ,auf -A li . V ,- 'F pf - ' ' , Qfff-gf ' Q If ' g r if 1' 1-41 I a -gi 'H .' ' ' 'I' 'lil' V W P L 'MN -- AY I -.-,, ...x 5,1-K-QI . . LA fv 44 , 7k ,.. -.TTZI91 , .?'- - -A NH- :li"'3.--H . v -, ' L. .Lak-... "A wry 4.4 5 ' z 0 J 5 'Q 5 , 5 1 Q v 9 B I 1' I Sp' ,DOY Wc W ' , d A if av , I 5, Q .Kimi A" X ' A 95 32,9 r s V A I J It V A fi ? - I6 . ra , 1 I Q 1 Through the Cameras E e 75.299 Hurst Twins Busy Home Makers Our Farmers Sunlight and Shadows Arriving for Home Ee. Class Mr. Long Doclges the Camera A Demonstration for Science Class Eating Lunch in the Auditorium In the Shop Starting on a Debating Trip At Our Lockers Pausing before the Activities Building 71 Complete INSURANCE SERVICE AT SAVING J S GLASSTETTER N thM bugP 7 O O 561 or aim Stre t Greens r . . "Regular Standard Non-Assessable Policies Wfbezz Thu Sty Demand Keck: Natural Mmeral Water Carbonated Beverages DCl1ClOuQ Inwgoratmg and Refreshmg Kecks B1g St1Ck Gmger Ale A Speclal Keck S PCDSI Cola WILL G KECK INC Kecksburg Pa Phone Kecksburg 30 P O Mt Pleasant Pa o 1 , . U I DODGE CARS DODGE TRUCKS DODGE BUSSES PLYMOUTH CARS d bl U U S Royal Tzres Mobzle Gas Oz! GREEN SBURG MOTOR l "Depen a e sed Cars Always" "After We Sell - We Serve" ' . t erman St. Pl ' Greensburg, P . L G B LFO RCOM ANY Attlehoro M'lss'lchusc ts Leadmv Manufacrurers Of Class Rmgs md Pms Comrrencement Announcements Represented by C M Klmvensmrth lrltermty Jewelry 1101 Mrlton Street Prttsburgh Pa D plomas Metals 85 Trophres Phone Church1ll 6801 Officmal jeweler to the Senror Class of Hurst Hrvh School Comphrnents of I uner ll geruce CII XRI FS ll QORBI R Phone 5431 Mt Pleasqm Reglsteltd xuhnut Effluent and Couteous Ambulance Serv cc Greensburg P1 . O L ,C W ." . D x . . A ' S 2 Q 1 ' ' . ,. . . ' D ' 5 2 ' ' V . V ' Y K . . A N .D TIIOS. F. Nll'1.'XGlllfR . 4 . ' 2 1 ' ' , 1 . A A- ilk q ln 41 - .1 .N 1, , v I ,H I V- 1 . , 4. 11188 Rmgs Commnnu n mn! lmnr mums Club Pms Duplnm is H1 Y Pms DON ENEIX Lmon Trust Blllldlllg Putrsburgh P1 Nledils C ips 8 C owns Trophles Chmr Robes .md lmforms ffl , . , . . ,. . N ,, ., . Aix. . . ' N1 1 . A f 1. l W I . , 4. s s . c A1 . ' I . . s - Y . . Comphments of C RI I NQBI RC PIIOTO SL PPI I C ONIP XNY 1+8 N Mam Strect Greensbur Pa IxINC SI COXONIX SIIOI STORI Oppos1te Penneys 320 Mam Street Mt Pleasant Pa Qu llntv Shoes and Hose for the I ntnrc I lmnly fat I ovwest Prnces NIYFRS NIL SIC' STORI Fwerythmg In Nluslt Band and Orchestra Instruments and Accessorxes Ph1lco 85 R C A Vlctor Radxos Next to Grand Theatre Mt Pleasant Pa Complxments of XRQ ROP Bl K Ix VND C ONIPXNY Greensburg Pa You Wall Always Ee Pleased Xhrh Qu llltw Serute md Prnt If the C XNDYI XNIJ Mt Pleasant Pa I B COI DSNIITII CONIPXNY XX III Piper Pamts C lmss Ihndow Sh ldes C hm 1 ind XI'll9I'lC'lIl Potters Pun ters 8 Paper Ilfmger Qupphes Mt Pleasant Pa - .-.11 Q L , , , . 1 , 1 1 , 1 1 1 2 '1. I 1 I 1 - I I' I ,a ' i L U FI' ' 1 1 1 , 1 1, 1 1 1 1 , 1 4 4 I 1. '1 I I . I 1I 1 . , . . 1 1 . 4 ' w f 1 x 4 - I I 1 1' . V . Y '4 4 1 I I 1 1 1 1 4 I 1 1 I 1 I 1 1 I I . , . QF 1 1 , 1 1 , 1 k 1I, A y 1 A I, I A . I, A , . 1 . 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Complxments Ixl Y STONF SANITARY SLPPLX The jamtors Supply House Greensburg Pa R CIORC Hardware 607 Mam Street I OWENSTEIN S Depot Street Latrobe Headquarters For Youthful Merchandlse LANG S CIGAR STORF Magamnes Tobacco Candy Pop 108 East Mam Street Mt Pleasant Pa CRANE S CLOTHES All wool S15 O0 Unxon Made 4 W Otterman St Greensburg DR STRICKLER Optometrlst Eyes Exa mmed Glasses Fxtted Latrobe Perma S0 of M. . 5 2 512 M . H Phone 2404 Mt. Pleasant. 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To TROUTNI MN S Of Course' Because' We Feature Good Will Values and Styles For the Younger Set SIVAK SERVICF ST PXTIOIN Studebaker Sales and Service Gas Oil Greasin Battery Service Phone Kefcksburg 22 r 4 United Pa NIercury8 C C CLXLSNER 750 Main Street Mt Pleasant Pa C C Clausner Owner Phone Zoo: Compliments CRFENSBL RG NIORNINC RFX IFXN GRFFWSBLRG DXII Y TRIBLNF Best for Sports X? . . . a. 41 . A r . . i . - i' ' 'V 1 o s L , ' General Auto Repairing Electric Welding - . - . U- . D . . 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Comphments of 'NIONTC ONII RY VS 'XRD fl ' XXX Mt Pleaeant Pa Build A HOITIQ Ilrst Your Best Investment hverythmg for the Home MT PLEAS ANT LUMBER 81 SUPPLY C0 WPXNY Phone 2400 Mt Pleasant Pa Photography bv LRF SCENT STL D10 Latrobe, Pa K! . .' S. C A f7NlI.r." Phone 2421 521 Main St. COI'IlIHllITlf.11l INI I I ltttr IL ll Xppll nuts We sell the best and SCFVICC the es Both md I tndtr Repurs Phone MAH Rmsmdtnte dnl W lbll1I1UtOI'1 Mt Pleasant Pa NlIIxI S PI XII nfeetnon lry 8. C rocernes Is XP Southwest Pa SI RN KI Complete I uhrxe Irion M1le North of Mt Pleasant Mt Pleasant Hurst Hwh Road lx XTIIRYN lx XI P Insur lnce Xgenu Insurance of all Kmds Room No State Bank Bulldmv Phone 3306 Mt Pleasant Pa I II STROBII C rocerles NIQIIS Confectlon lrx CJ lsollne md 011 Keeksbur 10 R v Kecksburd Mt Pleasant R D 1 I I cslco. n. c:.xl,l.lcY of 1 l cam-1 2. ' 4: Iil,liC1'I' uc: co. - .3 I- A -, -- 55- at ' D sf. '- ' , ,Y t" . , . I " ll Z,xBK,xR's.xTl.,xNTlc GAS 'Q ' Ja ou, C0 " 2 ' l ' Q NI..I. Vlix I ' . OH .7 - I T Furmture Carp 1 I nde altnn llll S P 7lNlMl RN N Est'1lnl1shed 18 3 Phones Resldence 2496 Storm 9 F Mt Pleasant P1 Complxments COXS llll X ll Mt Pleasant Pa QRELNSBL RC DRLCJ C 0 125 S Maln St Greensburg Pa Yardley s Tolletrles VS hlfI'll'lI'l s Candv Penn Kress Ice Cream Servmce W1th a Sm1le Tlll I L SNIIIII C I XSSC ONIP XXX 'NI mufacturers of Pressed I llsswart Mt Pleasant Pa V' 4 ft s 7 rt " Q, 'K Q . ,, fi .IAQ CU. 1, ', T. - ' A -4 3 . . C. I " Tl C 10015. Hain Street Phone 2542 . , . ' M1 ' Q " I . - I .A 1 . z ' S ian ' 1 tsl D0 S Pl XII The Best Place To Eat B lrbecues our SPQCI llts Greensburg Pa malls Xl 'ifvxyd f www BE XL TY 5 P 0 a e S Xl ox nay Congratulatlons To The CLASS OF 1940 STXND XRDIZI D PRI SS South Mam at Greene Street Greensl urg Pa Prmters 0fTh1s Xnnu ll Q Y N cw. V V 1- 4 . A A , I N 1 .I ' I. 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