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 - Class of 1937

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THE 1937 COLOPHON 5 .'d.,,,,,,ns-slr' ,-nav Ldztor m Clue LOL is HAL SER liuwmess Wanager XX ILLIAM BAM FX Sales Manager NX ILLIAM KELK Faculty Advisers ,ELIZABETH RA POTTS LETITIA IVIYERS TIJE CCDLCDPITCVN O 1937 Published by MT. PLEASANT TWP. HIGH SCHOOL F01 eww ci. lr1 th1s Colophon we have en deavored to portray the Splfll whlch preva1ls W1llAl11'1 the doors and I-Xthlet1cally May the hands ot tr1endsh1p whrch are formed 1I'1 these tour short years ever keep us m close touch w1th our Alma Mater Hurst Now Hurst Forever ot Hurst: Scholastically, Socially, Dedimliofz . . . We, the Senior Class of l937, dedicate this book with sincerity to those who have so taithtully supported the publications ot our school in former years and without whose generous contributions this book would not be published--The Advertisers. L, Q' l bv' .xy 'Qi ff-tit? -5 . fl :T-7:Ifr:",v, ii.:-ugly, V.- HI HRSI BC As we see them everyday As we see them at thezr hobbzes Illl IHIRD BOCDK As we see them atplay I' i 5 JDK I'Hli SISCQUND BOOK BOOK ONE As we see them everyday Bom cl of Edzzmtzofz Our Board ol ltlutdtxon IQ thc gox ernmg lootlx ol our School lhrouffh tl ur PillLf'lIf,1LllLl3I'lCL the Hndmlnff dml YTOXLFHIITQ ol tht sthool sx Slam m our township IS gmt u X H mnul .mtl tfirrlgtl out llnlr talm JLILUINUWI IS dlxxdks 1 gtutlmg lmmtl tonutrncd mth thc xxplltirn ol tht students lhc mnmlxrs .nt IQ follows President 1S'ClCC1lX lfezzsznu Rrm Rl Xll Inu lxx X L Ll Nl L I CILHI X rat :rx tr X lint C zthtrmt Und: C t H Db br xmmlzl lonx I X4CCNRAcKt x 'Xl D lloxwxx Nr not RIIIS I HX Page Elght x Q ' Q rw 'T 1, ' E 4 u ' 3 A wi I-, 1 I' , . ., ..'. " J- -, A' In , '5- Vife President NIAMES F. ANDREWS l .' -It ., 3 u 5 " .1 J N, li. , li a :ER xl P. ML XT .- NIH Hjd: ll t K 'tl- ' QC 'Q j amd l1"JlXlN' DI l N X I XS PRIXC IPM OI VII PII XSXNI IOXXNSIIIP Page Nlnf IOX XSIIIID SCIIOOIN I SCI I nn xlx lrlll Nt ut C ullt nxtr Pit hur M r Rum bazzgla XII llumluasxgh ns suptrmttntlcnt ol the NIL Pleasant Ioxxnshlp Sthools Hls xx orl nt utlcs fftntrdl tllrtttlorx of lsoth the hugh sthool Cmtl the ffmtlt sthools After gratludtmrf from I ranltlm antl Marsh ill Collcfft m IQI 7 ht tdmt to us IN Stpttmhcr dS a mathcmatlts tcdth Xfttr ttdthmf for 11 ftxx xedrs ht hccdmc prmcxpal ol Hurst H1 h Sthool m IOIU Ihc folloxxmff xtdr hc xx ent to Xltlxttspoxt to ttdch mdthtm ztlts m the h1 h sthool thtrc Then ht xx ent mto tht Xrmx fmtl xx .ls mdtlt Sttcmtl Lxcuttnfmt ln tht Llght Xrtllltrx Nfttl ltdxmff tht Xrmx 'Xlr Rumhduffh rtturnttl to Hurst IS supcrm ttntltnt Mr Mullm Nlr Xlullm our PIIl'1l.II7il xxds ffrltludtttl from Ptrmsxlx mm St itt C Ilt ft m tht tl lss ol I07I Xfttr Ilxt months of tcdthmff If I t t Xtmon IM ht t imt to our sthool m tht fall of IQ72 to ttdth xll stxtnte toursts I Idx mfr tduftht for txxo xcdrs he xxas mdtlc prmtlp xl In Septemher 192-I Smce then ht has heen an adxlser cmtl Irlcntl to the entlrt stutlent hotlx helpmg thtm ox er the humps n pur sumff L1 hetttr ttlucdtlon Sl 'I QI I. "IIIiNl7li, "I OI: XII. PI. .lXN'I 1' I , . 3 . ' '. . if ff ' M Y. Q1 IIIGI Q Q IOOI. I.l.OYI3 If, RL XIISAI CDI I, I5 .X XI li XVII- .IAM D. NIIIIIIY. ll. S XI N l'AIYll1lxllf1 zmtl Xlurshull Clulltgt' Pc 5' 'a 'z Q I I ' ln' 'xllix' ul 1 s gh KX. ', , Q - U, , , .' , . ' 4 ir ' ' , .X f-,-,k.. 'A b X, D . r . .x,,L2 Y I, ' 'A " .' H ,,, .V , . ',, . J' ' ' 2 I ' ' ' . I 0 ' I ' " " C, '.' ' . . ' r, ' ' , if 5 ' - lo 'gg' I ' A -I J H' "' - 'Ii ' nz 3-lI- Faculty lllNlN1Y R wltif JL LLWABE TH 'VI RLSSLIJ A UHIXCFSIIX of Pittsburgh X L Slnppux Rotl SIIIL ltleh s fu t Our LI1f"llSl'l department IS the largest depart ment of the sehool Untler the dlreetlon of 'Xlrs Russell the Sensors haxe heeome fam1l1ar mth Shdl tsptdres 'Xldehtth and lennxsons lm mortal l lxlls of the lxln 'Xllss Myers alwlx dSSlSIS the umors mth Shakespeare s The Tempest whlle 'Vhss Beacom s Sophomore elasses vallantly struggle xx nth Scott s lx anhoe At the same t1me the Freshmen are mtrodueed to thelr first elassles Anelent lX4ar1ner and A tlrlft on in leepdn hx X4ISS Dulllnger and 'Xllss lxdputd l ngllsh .md Amtrlean LlIClnflJY'C also oetupx tx Pdlt ol the eounse for JUUIOFS and Semors and grdrrnndr dntl tomposltlon Ut seems tlresome to usb are earefullx stxessed ln all Lng lush tldssts ln dtltlxtlon to the regular l ngllsh tourse of studx d Generous l1lWF8lX of fletlon books IS proxntled for the enjoxment of the entlre stu dent hotlx 'XIXRC ARL T ll lx XPL TA Stton lllll C wllege Page Ten A I l'l'.R. D l.l,llXC.l,R.'-B. S 1 V A A Q 'tfa - 'z' - ff j Q cr 1ll'ge -N f ' l l,li'I' T lf ll S, li. A. juriez l'Il'ge 5 M . X - Q' .. Lf ,. go. A Y : H 1- A V In I 4. , . X 5.1, U 'R .VV ' , B.. . , -t - , - - IHI ODORI CRI INI R Sllppcrx Ro I St ntc lc xch C ol c IXXI FISHILR B X pc'l"1NXlX mm C ollc lo Xxomcn -+4-r I -I7 Nlr CJFCIFICY' Vllssl xshcr and Xllss Beacom clxrcct the I reshmen C INILS classcs IN xxhxch the stuclents stuclx thc NHFIOUS prohlcms of communltx lllc and hoxx thex max be solxecl Nlr Porch gulclcs the Sophomores ln exploring the realms of our IUUIOFS under the dnectxon ol Xfllss Flsher ancl Xllss Barnhart learn the cloctrmes ancl clex elop ments of our great Unltecl itates ln their AYYICFI can I-lnstorx classes W nth the alcl of Nllss Barn hart the SCHIOFS xx rcstlc xxxth Problems of Dcm ocracx Thls coursc lnclucles cxtenslxe research xxorlx on such prohlems as cllme eclucatlon con serx atlon ancl Uoxcrnmcntal polltlcs 2 No If lsn t a loothall swnal lt IS just some Senior lrlgontmetrx stuclent calllnff out an angle as he ancl has classmates accuratelx plot the hugh school Urouncls Xearhx stancls their patxent superxlsor and helper Nlxss Honsc Page Eleven Faculty Nl Bl XKONI B X Croxc fllN Collc c ILDXX ARD PORLH B X Flndldy Collc c gn: Igccc. i ' 'L' - Q I m f , iw ,. , . iq 'I H"-gc 'f Ill If ' - I wx ' A I UI' I um . 11, world in the time of the Greeks and Romans. The "-IOO l'I3"".',""" ' I! E- fl I 'll I ll A t E I al" il Fam!! Cl XRISQA HONSI B 9 lndmnu Sturt ltlehtrs 47 L DDROIHY BARN! lARl Hoodf ollg 1. l i Llr -C7 ABI ll R PO l X l lnlx LINIIX ol P1ttsbulg.,h I IOSLPH Sll VIS B S Duquesne llnrx ersrtx She also guides the unrors through rntrrea IC of Algebra ll and the Sophomorts xxrth thur Plane Creornetrx Wrth her patrent ffurtlance added to that of Xlrss Nutltrhrser the l rtshm n solxe drffreult ldIlOS and tuudtrons som ol xx hreh redllx are stlelcrs xou sell a house or cl ear ' lf xou xxrsh to learn these thrnffs just fro to lxlr Qrlx IS Salesmanshrp and Lconomles tlasses to IKE a real taste of hus mess lrle lt rs 4 xxell ltnoxx n fact that 'xlr Srlxrs tllstoxtrs some super salesmen among the Stnrors xx hen thu ticllxer their salts talks l ea l ehant the l rtshmen Latrn stutl n s dS thex learn therr essentrul tleelensrons and ton lugatlons All the Ldtrn eldsses are untler the adept mdffrsttr Mrss Potts iophomorts are gurdetl throug.,h C desdr s Cdlut xxdrs xxhrle the Page Twelve ' l2l.lZ 2' K fl . 'l"l'S, l xy lla: , ,,,t X4 cz ll'gc ' L l "What do you l4noxx' of the lnusiness xxforitl7 Can . Hx, . D p. V. . . " s. ,itueef ' 7 1' ' ' 2 te I .5-Z, 2, . , 1-, ,,x, 4 A ,W E 1 I 'H .5 4 ' I IH ' 5 - Z - n-W' l il e' IDX Nl IDLRHISI R B X lumata Colle t ws... fig XR flll R KROMI R I3 9 St Xlnctnt Colle s. .4 unlors and SCHIOFS struggle throufh Cntuo francals under Nllss Nelderhlser Sptelal at traetlon xxas gwen to lrench students thus xear throuffh correspondence xxrth students ln l ranet Left' Rloht Left' Rnght Anffle rlffht hx txxos Xlarch' max be heard ln the dallx Clxm glasses under the dnreetlon of lvhss Dullmger and Xlr Grelner The dallx dozens ln our Caxm classes lnclude marthlng exerclses and sueh games as basketball soccer and mushhall lhe short period spent hx each student ln the Clxm txxo daxs a xx eela proxndes recreatlonal hrealxs an tht routlne of reeltatxon and studx The Selenee department IS under tht tllrettnon of our three master selentlsts Nlr lxromtr Xlr ones and Xlr I xaneho Nlr lxromtr alds tht JUDIOFS ln solxnng the prohlems of Chemlstrx Nlr ones nn his Bloloffx eurneula ttaehts the D Page Thxrteen Faculty PX l IOXI S B S lhu. Colle t ANIDRI XV l X XNC HO B S St X lnetnt College an ' ,Q-L 4? lb' I 'Vi lx: R is fl , X , f e X. ..Y.T5lql ' f 1 . - ' ' ' f, ltzzzvgtii. K' I " . j -P, I ' Xxaizasgigxg " - iasagiif SIHTA 'V Wu as ,Ln if " nl' j .g, J - , Q ' A and Virgil, juniors and Seniors alsouparlez-vous O .' ' f . R,- .U , . I . 4 V . , . . , . O 0 V . J , A, Q ., . I A - ' , .' . 1 ki l , . , ,- Y i , ', up : VI! A Y V lk. Us U lc .Za if acuity 1111 JOHN BA! lSll B S lndrana State lelchtrx C olltge l JOHN Cl Xlllx B S l5L1.qt1tvrt l nrxtr ltx PA4 struettrre and lrlc ol all lrxrnff thrnrfs Mr Lx an eho xxrth the ahle rm tante of Xlr Kromer grx es tht l reslnmcr a totrrie rn General Qtrence The Sophcmorto thro xear haxt dtxtlor td an aqtrar rum as proof ol therr aehrextment rn the Held of Brolofrx 'Xlr lxltrllrn drrects the Qenrors throu h the rntrreatrts of Phxsrts Nlanx of our students shoxx a decrded trend for husrnesg and rn the Commercral department thex reeerxe the needed trarnrng for xx orlt rn the husrness xxorld 'xlr Batrste and 'Xlr Clark trarn the Confrmereral students rn the mxsterres of Booltlteeprng Txprng and Shorthand lhrs xear xxe haxt a great rmprox ement rn our Xgrreulture course 'Xlr Rmrth has charge of all classes rn Agrrculture A xx orlaroom or shop has heen proxrded rn the hasement xx here the Agrr cultural students spend at least one perrod each Pag CHXRLI S SMI IH B S l tnnsxlx rnrr State C olltgt Fourteen A JZ- x Exon H " , l xy- . at t- r fe x 1195 rv' X V I A 'X' f l. r We I l . jeff i l X V 'A , X- .. S. . . , ' , , D ' D4 X ' , V, - N ' 3 zgfsr' ' .I . " S V 3 fax '- ',. - r -Q 'Avg jp- f 1 -- ' .v f . , ' '. l KT FM' ' ' k C7 I ' ' X - f ,f 4 ' rl ., V ' , - ' N f - Q , U AA '. u 3- if A xx A 1 2 Y X r-w--rv- r nnxxlx inii bt xtn C tlax Sex eral xxoithxxhile proieets xx hieh are beneheial to the entire 5ehool haxe been elex elop and eirinfv for poultrx antl cattle Xlr C lark is our eoaeh Xnx tlax tlurinff football season rain or shine xou can see Nlr Clark faithfullx putting the boxs through their grind in preparation for the cominfr battles Then durinv basketball season the same Grind is carried on in the Cixm Xlxxaxs Xlr Clark is faithful and ff ea his all lor the Searlet llurrieane Our musie tltputment has hal a bi f boost this xear X spteial equipped music room xx is proxitlttl in the nexx Xetixitits Buildinff Xlies Nliller throu hthe HILL elub orehestra banelantl operetta offers opportunities to all xx ho are in teresteel in musie to elexelop their talents in xx hatewer field thex prefer Page Fifteen Fczculty l X X NIXRII HYDL Seeretary l JJ, A .A 5 i S5 -l .ffl :xl-1, E , - .-x. c:,x'l"ii2Rix1i XIlI,l.liR ', ' XJ' Pu A' 'Q 'Q .la ' lollege iw " 5,4 X n I eel The boys also are given experience in judging - .Z ' 5 - G- . . I A I f - ' . , . V Q, 5- - . N- - ' C, v, . I l ' . X . ' , . . O b I5 'K ' ' C' I hiv. - -Q-f - a in . k-' x , E - , . . K . " k H lv- ' 11 If 5- , wl1 p I , I 1 - 'ix A 1 ry x 1, - s 3 r 1 1 ' ' n 1-a ' r I 2+ Candid Camera Snapshots 'NN O I C V1 L IL 1LI N 'NN Ll I1 xtrs t I Rt ss XX ION' t Sn t omtt don I th It s ILI t s N L str: Imff SKIII looks t1momImctI N S pltmnft t tm I IN IQ tilstuss f tc I Itttm IQQUC tImxIIIc.t XII mms that ht s ss IS not I L nt to XII I x Imho mtl ss tItltII'IIstI IN t CJFLIITLI t Iopt III X Iss Ions I t XIS t I IcrtI I xtti that ml tmt at I9 CI ttrstom HW I X Iss 0 s ss IxIpt1t I t I5 ItIs C Page SIXIQGD It scar I t talsu III' Q IQ ILIISII tx II XII., I5 III gcti XIISS XI' tmi XI's It.-CII to . U . , I . ,Q f I IQYI Icmly XII' .I IItI'I tml XII' Isr 'A ' Iwlicxc I XIISS Ififl " ami Xlis: XIIIICIA really IIIII tulsc that trip they ill" tlc- . 'I A H XIIQ. I31II'IIIIIII't Q I ' 'irg th' poi . I Q 'I ' I XIIIJ X' -' Q L1 XII' I " " XX7 I ' ill .I '.I.' I jc znl Iwcr Iissigttmt , XIII CIIIIIX. XII' SII ",X Im I XI' 'J 'I I uw sol ' I p' NI' I1' Q p"- U h, XII. XILII' Q Q ,,in,,1 tm III'ti'I in I '-'- OI thc 'XII 'Q It U xxItI I IQ, I3 ttj. XILL 'I I Im I XII' 2 'Qt . Sl NIUR I ru1L1Lm X 1LL IDFLNILIL nl SLLILI IFX IrL 1sL1rLr 11111L1 NIL 1 N 111111111 1L11Lr 11Ln1x XIL11 11 R11 1 Ixul mg, be Semor Class Us t1L L1.1ss 11 L11 XX.lS .1 t11L.1 X t1'1c.1t1L m xx111L11 xxL LIKIIIX rLhL.11sLL1 101 111L p1.1x xx111L11 soon xxL 1 1 WL L.111LL1L1po11to L11.1L1 IS ff1L.1 1 cl IS L.1 LL L11 . S .g, 1m1tLL11s LmL1L 1LLL1xLL 1 LS .md 7Lf.IfiV1lOl1t,x L UL11 SLIIWIS 1 0 XL.11N 7 UQQLL .1XX.1X .INSISILL WX OU! Ll1.1m.1t1L IYTSULILIOIS OXX I1 .1LLL1p Lcms1s111w 111 ULII1 TOITLSIX .mL 1 XXL XL .111wLL1 oL11sL1xLx 111 11111 IWIIIIILIITI Los111mLs of Ixnoxx LLIHL . L L1SLxL1.mLL x 1 C3111 Lo.1L11Ls 1. L IWLIIILLI 1.181 ITIIVILIIL IIWSIIULIIODB .11 LIS XX L dit L011I1L1L11t N L .1Lto1Q 01 1 X 11 x1L 11L 5L1LLLss Ll 111011 the 51.1 'L Conf1L1cnLL m1LLLs 11s ILASSUYITILX SLILIIN mto OLII 11L.11t5 but t11LrL ffoLs t11L 1L11 XXL .1rL LQIIILLI upon t11L Sfdfff. Nov. x1L .11L St.1t1cmLL1 11 1.1st IIWL mLrtL1rL I'ldS 1wLf1L1n Ihe Lurt.1m parts .mL1 xxL dlt, 1wdILLI to the xxor1L1 XX 111 xxc the .1Ltorso1 3x IWLLOIUL stars 111 thls xxor1L1 01 tcemmff 11111110115 Onlx IIITIL Ld1'I supplx thL .msxxcr .JYNLS f ross Page Seventeen ,.... PIZZA. 4.4 x Q UI"I"1CiIfIl5 93" ,Y ,,,I11' . 'CQ11X' '..- ,. . 1 - '11 - 4 1 - t-"'2"Q 'Fir' Y-w- ll, I To 1 1 1' 77. 11 'st "Q ' "tc1'. .A ' '1 I v I L V x , ' l. x H 1. I Q . , , xf 1 ' 1 k- yik . 11 - -' - - 1' IIT: ,Q "1 1 1' y " I1-1l1-i1'c 150 ' yc'1r.' 'l1O. wc, 1111 z 1 ' ' "'L13 "'- ' "1 mL11' rcml 1 1 -' 111' ' Q If 11' I Lll' K " uc 11 "' wc .11'c 1'cz1L1y b1'11L' sccmc is sur XXL .11L mm' .1pp1y'111g our 1' 1" ' L, ' ' 1.1 ' 11.1111 '- 'ml PW' " 11111 l11L'yg1'llc1" ' ' ' ' 1 '1X" X-,.. .K N3' X'-1 . .. I I ,LH x x pk- r jx I y 1 I p -1 1 Y 1 1 tax X L.. LEE ADAIXIS Academic. Football Ill, IVQ Track III, IX': Athletic Club I. Ilg Chemistry Club Ill: lfshcrs' Club lXf'. I IOWARD AHLBORN Academic, Football Ig Basketball Illg Phy- sical Educational Club Ig Athletic Club Ilg Chemistry Club IIIg Ushers' Club IVQ Band I, II. LAURA Al-ILBORN CSnoolzl Academic, Girls' Basketball IV, "And It Raincdn llg "The Lucky jade" III: "Land O'Cotton" IVQ Dramatic Club Ig Physical Educational Club II, lllg P. O. D. Club IVQ Glee Club II, III, IV. MARIE ANDREWS lHennyJ Commercial "Oh! Doctor" Ig 'AAnd It Raincdu Ilg "Land O'Cottcn'A IVQ Com- mercial Club I, Ilg Physical Educational Club III: Dancing Club IVQ Glcc Club I RAY ANKNLY Academic Stamp Club I Il Chemistry Club III X LLMA ANKNI Y Ccneral Commcrci al C lub I How Do C lub II DramaticC lub lll IX XX ILLIAM BAILLY Cl3zIli Academic LxcrybodysCriy III Phy sical Educational Club I l'raclC Club ll Chemistry Club III Dancing Club IV Hurstonian Qtaff IV Colophon Staff IV Fi,rstI'ifthl II III IV Orchcxtral II III IV Bandl II III IX PromComm1tteeIII HUBLR I BEAC OM Academic Athletic Club I l'reasurer of Latin C lub Il Chemistry Club III Dancing C lub IV Oh' Doctor II Lucky jade III Exerybodys Crazx III Bandl II IX' F rst Fifth I II CLYDL BLLI CC.rust3D Commercial Oh' Doctor I Commercial Club I II Ill Ushers C lub IV Glee Club and I II JOI-IN BERG Academic Athletic Club I Il Chemistry III Dancing Club IV -it N ii iii iv ' ,--f,: .gi 1 "roi, V mf 3 r, ' , ,'III,lX'l. I I mga' ', :llOI,IV. A ' i q' . U -JV Page Eighteen r l. 1' I 'VIARC XRI I l5IRIRXNI1Pe My Academlc Lat1n C lub I II l ramat1cC lub III I lbrarx Club IX CJLRAI DINI BI INI R Ijerrxl Academlc C ITIS I3aQlxetbaIl IV Oh' Doc I AndItRa1ned II Lucky ade III Dramatm Club I III Physlcal Edu cat1onaI Club II Dinclng Club IX C-lee ub I PI Il l3O'SNAIx Xeademle Xthletlc C lub I II Ushers C lub Ml Rl I BROWN IPIHICNI Academxe AthIet1c C lub I II C hem1st1y C lub III Seeretary ol Ushers C lub IX 'VIARII' BOGAC I.Slella1 Hl LLN BIZL P Q81 Academlc Lat1n C lub I Dramat1c C lub II Prewdent ol the Lat1n Club III Dancmg C lub IV And It Ralned II Luclo ade Land OC otton IX Clee C lub I 'VIADFLINL BLAFKBURN IMadge1 General land OC,otton IV Commer c1al Club I II Phys1caI lzducatlonal Club Ill Danc1ngC,Iub IV Orchestral Il III Band I II General Land OC otton IX C ommerclal Club I II Phyilcal lducatlonal Club III Dancnng Calub IX Page Nmeteen ANDREW BLSI OSH ICJU y, Commerclal 'Irack III IN Oh' Pector An It Ralned lverybx yx Cotton IV Commer1eaI C lub I Athletle C lub II Debat1ngC lub III Dramatlc C lub IeC ubl Bndll II IX Urum Nlajor III IX C ATHl RINII CARNIRY Academlc An It Ralned II lxcrx body s C razx III land OC otton IX Drama IC Club I II III Dancm Club IX CReeC,IubI II III IV Fmt F1IthI II III IX Stand C omm1ttee IV Nfl-XRYC ARXIOT IRUIJU Academnc Dramatlc C lub IX tor" In I ' 'I I 'I QI W: K. :I IQ. A: I CII ',IIlIII,IX". I ' ' 5 I" 'I 'HY' 12 " d ' 1' - 11f zd f I- ', if ' I A g i f ' ' I ' 3 Clrazyn-.III5 "Lucky Judcuilllg "Land O' 1 K .' , :-- L ,fi 3 :A , I, 4 1 IIIg"' 'i " 3 -- 2 .II. wgoe- QI IIQ il .1 , 'Q III, 1x2 , 2 ,i-:I ,, , X- I' und -1- IV,I , .III, 1x'1 I ' ' ' F75 3' . '. 'L ' '21 'I 1 L ' LUGENE CHIINCI-ICCK Academlc 'lracl IV C hcmlstrx C lub Ushers Club IN MARGARLI CHRISI II1 gPtg,9 Academlc Latm Club I Dramatxc Club II rst bllth I II DUANE CHRIS I NLR gl lmll Acadcmxc Football Ill I xcrxbody s Crazy III IandOC,otton IN Athlctlc Club l II Dramallc Club Ill IN Stand Committee IN .lAIVlbb CROb5 Ijzmmgj Academic And It Ramcd Il Land O Cotton IV Dcbatmg, Club ll III btcrr. tary ol Dcbatmg Club Il Llbldfy C lub IN Hurstoman btall IX GEORGIA DILLINC-LR Academic Ex erxbcdy s Crazy Ill Dm matlc Club I Pow Io Do C lub ll Co To C ollcge Club III Dcbatmg C lub IN I L batmg Ieam IN IIFSI Fllthl Il Ill IV 'N K up SAM DOMURA I' C ommerclal Land OCotton IV Ccm rclal Club I ll III Band I II Urchcstra ll lll IV C HARLO'I TI: CONN YS 131104115 C1eneral Culs Basketball IV Commercial C lub I How To Do Club II Physlcal IC du cat1onalC lub III P O D Club IV C HARLE9 DUBLINQKY fCharl1eD Academic Basketball ll III IV Football Il Ill IV Track Ill Physlcallfducatxonal C lub I Stamp Club II Chemistry Club lll jOSI1PH DZUBAK CTvo13j Academic Football ll lll IV Tracl Il III Physical Educational Club I Track Club ll Chcmnstry Club III Dramatxc Club IV MARY jANL IICHARD CDuchessy Clncral C ommerclal Club I II Fhyslcal I ducatxonal C lub Ill Dancing C lub IV Page Twenty 4 gl III: I ' " gy- .'I '. me " I , , 3 ' , ,lll,lVg Illgbi , ,11i, IN. I ' 1 f I . ljebatirlg Club lVg Debating 'lcam IV. I 4 l': Q' . I 1 12 'N V2 12 f'- . 5' Page Twenty one I XN I IC III ICI I C earmlld cn UTIL I ULICX I cc Idr m ton X IDr.1rmt IC C LIS I IV nh I Uruha IDI I NIXR I Xl SI rPIadn.sI mr II I L I IL C IJ mo r m L lu I CDI IIQI I C RBI SICharluI1u Ll urn And It R nmd II IUC X CL In Cl ton IX I fIfY'l Q ub I III Phxslul I ducmun C L lng,C lub IX C Iu.C Iuh I I IOI I R XXIxCJX IC I I xmmuuzl C Tnuual C Iw I shurs C lub IX XIARC XRI I IRI I 'XIXN Ilan Xe, idnmxc Dr Im mu C lub I I hx sm II I dL lorul C lub II C u LL C Iv RYSIIINI III IIN A Iduml C lrl HAI LIIA III IX! SLILHLCC lu I How Io DUC lub II Phvslf. 1I I due Itlonxl Iuh III I' C3 I7 C Iuh IX IIurxtonl In St ml phun t II IX LLC ub I SIIS XX C I RIx1X ISuvxI Xcddumlu CJIFIS I11xIcrI:aII IX L ltm Club Phx Q I dLc1t1on.1I C IUIW II III 3 C lub IX C lu. C lu XI I RI D HAI RIXCN Xe Idgmlc RAI PI I I IARMAXI Idgmu Drxmduc Club I II III Pruldcnt ut Dramatic Club IV Ixury X C C w I md OC Utton du Indy I I Ilclnm tum I urx ronmn Sl III IX IOI IN I III IXSIxI Cummnrclnl XCIFIILCIL C Iub II I hu C ub 1. MI Y ,liz i II ffl J . I Azd' H . 421, " III: .CI O' Ckt " I 'L ' .2 ' flz, II. QCICC CIIL, II. ' -NtmIX". Clc 'z . I7u:tI::,1ll III, IX'g 'I'ru'I4 III. XtI'- Ict' flu I.II.NIm qs: CIIrI'vIII.IT:mc- ingf1 h IX' .-Xud' I". " 1' ' " 1 'ICN' IuIV' IIIgA'I-z dO'Cft' N "1 Us .ati- CII , 3 f 2 ' ul flxh II, Ihmc' 1 f 'Q I" f . I,III,IX', Ck IC-Il '."": IILI I. II, III. i2"I .7 f'z fl- catA I f ,III, PCI I3 II Iw IX', CII" flu I. IX. CIII Ii 7 '.'I'l' "Um ci ' I 51 ax' .2 Iw 3 . I I 'xgx Ig! 'al QQIII IX'gC1mn Fu" .CJI'- II ,II. 'Ig bsifnl 2 1 tg I no D, T 'Q In I bIX', Ace-"3 vz " .lx . IX': b0cIj': img" IIIg " ,Q 'Q I I IX', "III" x'x, an Ig 'a EI' IIgII :- I I , 4. ,. , 1 ,ff,'!lI IX. X. 5 'a It 9 BETTE HOWARD NORMAN HELLIIR C Nootrhl General Footballl ll lll IV Basketball I Ill IV Track Ill C,0mmerc1aIClubI II Monogram Club lll Presldcnt of Ushers C lub Vlce Prcsndent of Class IV I and O Cotton IN GALL I IOKL LDollyl Academlc Dramatxc C lub I Physlcal Edu cat1onalClub Il lll P O D C lub IN Cllec Club I lll IV Orchestra IV JOHN HOMULKA Commercial Athlet1cClubI II Commerclal C,lubIII F1rstF1fthI II III IV LOUIS HAUSFR Academic Dcbatlng C lub III IV Hurston lan Staff IN C olophon Stall IV Declamatlon IV fCounty Champlonj Debatmg 'leam III IV Stand Commlttcc IV Prom Com mnttee Ill Cuommercnal COIUFDCFCIJIC lub I How To Do Club Il Debatmg C,lub lll P O D Club IV Oh' Doctor I And It Ranned II Lucky jade Ill land OC otton IV G ec C lub I ll MARY GRACE HLIBLRT CBabel Academic Girls Basketball III IV Dramatic Club I lll Physical Educatlonal Club II Dancmg Club IV Oh' Doctor I And lt Ramed ll lucky jade III Land otton IN Glct Club I Il C htcrleadtr lll IN HOMLR HLHN lj R J Cbmmcrcnal C ommcrclal Club II Debating C lub Ill IN C olopl'on Staff IV Hurstonnan Staff IN Glee Club Ill Debatmg Team GERFI RUDI: HUNTER fC1erzD Academu. Latm Club I II Go To College Club Ill Dancmg Club IN MARY JoNrs ll I ucky ladc III Excrybodx sC razy lll Land OC otton IV lrcasurcr of Latm Club I I3f8l'I1dIlC Club ll III Vlce President of Dramatlc Club II Dancing Colub IN Hurstonlan Staff IV Colophon Staff IN Glee Clubl II III IN Flrst Flfthl FRANK RACRZMARFK Academlc CxerybodysCrazy III Land OCotton IV Physlcal Educatnonal Club I Track Club II Chcmlstry Club lll Dancing Club IN Debatmg lll First Filth I Il III IN PromComm1ttee lll Stand Committee IN Page Twenty two A F " I on " ff 3- 3 , ,lil, IND lll, IV., ' . , L , X A. l , 1 ' f- , . , , 5 Q 1 Academic, "Oh! Doctor" lg "And It Ralnedu Av v ' - r 3 ,V - I ' ll, Ill, IV. ull, Z I ,-- :'.. 4' .: .. I - A 'V' 11 I N . 'Q I . . ' XX ILI INNI IxANIIORIIx 4151111 C cncrzl C ommcrcxal C lub I II MARY IxAPAI.IxA Ac adcmlc Oh' Doctor I Nnd It Ralned II I ucln lade III lxervleodw SC razs III I md OC otton IV Drnrnatvc C ub cc u III IV are h I IV r utr: I LOIS Ixl C lx Aca cmxc C lrlx Ba Ixctball III IN nd It Ralmd II Vxerxbodvs C rnzy III Dram mc C lub I Phy SlCdl I duc monal C lub II III Dmcmg Club IV Ilurstom 1n Staff IX Colophon Stall IV Glnc Club III XX II I IAM Ixl C lx IBIIII Academic And It R unud II Lxerw wo xsCraw II IUCICX adc III t letlc C lub I I atm C lub II I anclng Club h III IV r s dc nt ol Band Prom C ommlttee III 'VIARIINI KI INDI Acadcmv. I r :ck III Phx SIC il I due moral I I C hcmlstrx ub L Club IX SII NI lxl 'Nl C ommcrual Iracla III Physxcall ducatlonll Club I C,ommcrc1alC,Iub ll III Uehcrx Club IV lIurStonlm Stall IV Colophon Staff IV WAYNIL KINC, Academic I-ootball II Basketball III IX Latin Club I II Flcld and 'Nlature C lub III Ushers C,lub IX JOHNI KIRAL fK1ehJ Academic Football ll III IV Basketball II hlrackll III And ItRa1ncd Il Ath ICt1c C,lub I Track C lub II C hcmletrx Club III Dramatlc Club IV Orcheetra I II AIJGL STA KOLICK General CJommerc1alCIubI II III RI IA KOLLIXC1 General Oh' Doctor I And It Ramcd II Luckyjadc Ill LandOCotton IN C,ommcrclalC'lubl II Physlcalbducatlonal C lub Ill Dancmg C lub IN C lass Treaeurcr Page Twenty three I, 'Liv-I II' lz AI'L'A'll,l I.II,Ill,lVLGl C.I bI,II. . 1Fft Flft .lI. III, IVQ Band Il. III, 'Q O- Chi' a ,II,III, IV. 'ag ,I W ,Q f'p'j'A I Clfr Ilzf' Ni- K ' IYL QCFCISFV ol Clhcrhistry Cllub Ill: Ifirst Fil! I: II, III, lV1Biind I. II, , QP CQI- ,. 4. , Cglub .V I Q K: C51 ' Illg lhm' ' ill. , I . AI I X lxONIDRlClxfj1,tlna1r C cmml Irmotblll I ll Ill IX Ba lCet d 'Vlarmgcr Ill IX Atl'1lLtzcC lub I ll lvono g,r1mC lub III lremurerofL5hcrs Club IX I R XNlx lxRYNl'l SIxY C ommerclal Commcrcxdl C lub I ll Xthlctlc C lub IX IXIARII A lxLHIXS I cmxc I rTdtxcCl1,bl ll III XIARII I ANKLY fMa :el C ommcrcl il C ommcrcldlC lub I How IoIJo C lub ll Pl1XSlCdl Lducatnondl Club lll P O D Club IV Hurqonndn 'itaff IV Coo Pl'1on3tafflX F1rQtF1ftl'1I II Ill IV BI IIYLXXXQCN Acddcmlc Dr mdtlc Club I Il pl'lXQlCdl Lducdtxordl Club Ill Lancm Club IX PXI L LALOR Academic Footballlvlanagcr IX Bd lxctluzll lramcr IX X Ice Prcmdent ofLdt1n C lub I Qecretarw of Track Club II Premdcnt of C hcmmtry C lub Ill lmhcrs C lub IV Head L Sher l?uqrQFon1an Qtaff IX Coloplrorm Qtaff St I t I LOU I SE LIQVIMONI Academic Dramat1cClubI Ill IX Pl"lXQl cal Educatnonal C,Iub Il IOI I IPKO Xcadcmnc Iraclx I Il Phx SICHI Ifcucdtlwral C lub I lrack C lub ll C hcmwtry C lub lll Ircasurcr of Dramatlc C lub IV X ICIOR LOCOAN IV:c C ommcrelal Luclxv lddc Ill I and O Cotton IX Commercial Cslub I ll UQhers C lub V Hurqoman qtaff IV ClccC lub Ill BOB I OW STETTER Acadcmlc Oh' Doctor I And It Ramcd ll Treasurer of Athletic Club I l'racL Club ll C,hem1Qtrx Club III Drarratnc C'lub IV ,.,- ICI I' Q ., I 'X I' Page Twenty four -if ' .I l' 4' 'I , ,E " 3. : 2 Y V V 'Q S, b,ll h 'Y . , . 'Q ,S, . . . , '. ,- X . I - -- A J. ,fr - ,A - , ' , ' .1 ', ' . ' , ' - V H . 1 ' t t '. . ' ' ' 3 ,' - 1 I' " . 5 I' ,ll 3 . - c g . ., I I'irg F' ,l,llI, IV. I ., , , .. , I. A C., I A Q, 1' " Q , ,lllg 1' :I I , , ,. .. Acad' fra ,' ' f ' , , ,lX'. , i A , ,. . , . , g I l gl '. , 3 I' f, 7 Z' I ' 1,2 . - " Q 3 'A , .. .C X . : - , X . J I A il N' ' ' ' C . -I I no . .4 ' -' 'I - , . I - I ' . A ' I I I . . , , ., , . . fr W : L I I 4. .. .. -.. . .- I -.' . ' .N -U - 'f ' x . 1 'I A A ' D ' ' L , ' 1 . . EDWARD MALYAK Academic Track ll Athletic Clubl Track Club ll Chemwtrw Club Ill Dramatic Club IV Joh MARKS Academic Qtamp Club I II Sccrctary I President ll Vlcc Prcendent of Ushera Club IOL MAYLRNIK Commercial COITIYTICTCIUI Club I Il III P O D Club IV LL IZABETH MAYHER Commcrclal And It Ralned II Com merclal Club I How To Do Club ll Phyel cal Educational Club Ill P O D Club IV HurQton1anStaff IV Glee Clubl ll Ill IV BUD McC OR I' Academic Oh' Doctor I And It Ramed Il Izvervbody Q Crazy ll I Lucky Iadc III Land OCotton IV Athletlc Club I ll Dramatic Club lll Dancing Club IN Qtand C ommlttee IV ARLLNIQ Mc C I OY fFarceI Academic And It Ramcd ll Latm Club I PhyQ1calLducat1onal Club Il Ill Trea Qurer ll Dramatrc Club IV Fnrat Flfth HAROLD MLCLOY lDudx I Academlc Football Il Ill IV Exervbcdy: Crazv Ill Land OCotton IV Athletlc Club I ll Ill Dramatic Club IV Claw N :ce Prcendent Ill Clase Preeldent IV HENRY MLHALL fBennvl General Football ll Ill IV Baeketball ll Ill IV Track ll Ill Athletlc Club I II Monogram Club Ill Class Secretary IV ANGELINE MIELIL fAngel Academic Dramatlc Club I Phyqcal Edu catlonaICIub II Ill P O D Club IV JOHN ww IA General Football ll Ill IV Track Il Ill IV AthlctlcCIub I Il lvlonogram Club Ill Ushers Club IV Page Twenty live ff . 1 N 1 , Q . 1 A 1 E' l A 1 C ,' 1 . I T x '1 . 1 1 l 1 IV. A 1 1 - A 1 .A 1 , 3 . . . 1 S.. t .1 .1 z , , I 2 x A 1 I1 1 J r ' N 1 1 - A 1 A 1 C l,II.llI,lV. . YI A 1 1 1 ' A 1 , ,. r- ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , 3 . . 1 A 1 J ' - , 3 . . . , . I 1 A . 1- A 1 47 x", i fl - 1 2.- . .. .- - .. I I1 IMI: .III 'il' I XCIC MILLER Halma Acadcmnc B SIC tbdll II III Irack III Luckx Jade III Athktlc C1Iub I 'Irack C Iub II Cxhcmlstrx C lub III Sccrctarx Ircasurcr of Danclng C Iub IV Hurstcmdn Staff IV C olophon Staff IN Cla S Prceldcnt Icadcr III st IC IX C IHI LMA Ix4II I I P C cncrdl Ccnmcrual Club I I huxcal Idu z.1l1undIC lub II III P O D Club IN XLI I II IVIL RTHA Acddtmlc Ind It Rdmtd II Ixcrx boclw S C rdzx III Idnd Ofotton IX Drdmatlc C Iub I III Phwlcal EdUCdIIC7I"IdI C Iub II IDmcmgC lub IX HurQt0n1.m Staff IX Colophon Staff IN CJICC Club I II Ilr tI4lIthI II III IV StdndCcmm1tt1.LIX IIA II. NIYI RS IXCICICFTIIC IUFIITIIIICCIUIDI II III I O D ubIN C,vILLCIubII II BOB MYLRS Acddcmlc FootbaII'VI.magcrIII IN Bdxkct b III III IX Tra ICI II Luclo adc III Athlctlc Cwlub I II Chcmwtrx C,Iub III IJmcmgC lub IV C Liss Ircdsurcr BI RNIARID NOX AK IBUIJ C LnLr1I Foutbdlll II III IX CCITYTCYCIAI C lub I Athletic, C lub II IVIonog.,r.xm Club II LQhcrs CIu V MARY NOVO IINY Cuommnrclal Commnrual C Iub I II Ihx 1 cal Igducdtlonal Culub III P O D Club IX Colophon Staff IX Hurstoman Staff IX rQt Iflfthl II III RIIIH OKI Rl Y IXLICICYTIIC IJFITTIJIIC C Iub I How Io Do C Iub II C 0 Io C oIILg1.CIub III Dr lmatmc C lub IN IULIA PAPILR fjullel Commcrclal Gnrlx Basketball IX Com mcrcxal Club I II Physlcal Educatlondl Club III P O D Club IV GlccC,IubI II LOIS PORC H Acddcmlc And It Rdmcd II Lucln d Q Lxcrvbody Q C razy Land OC otton IV Dramatlc C lub I I III Ddncmg C lub IV Hurgtoman Qtaff IV Colophon Staff Glu: Club I II III IX F st Fxfthl II III IV Bandl II III V Orchestra II III IV Page Twenty SIX Il, IIIgIFIr: FII-I I..II. 'Iliff inw- 1 , ,ff I -'Q 'f . ' .I f- - ., CII 2'--1 , LN. ' ' ' aII. A C' ,H IIJV It I'gI.' fIbI. ' I " . -. Y I , ii Y 1 : AS-, Fit " ', . fIV.I I ' ,I'cI"' ling 1 IIl'g I 'IL Q IA: ,1, 1 - I A A. , I' I L XI ir ' , . . 3 , , ,lg , II 8 -I ll I ff' ' i , I I nf' 1 RAY PORCII MARY si IIBILSKI Commercial, Girls' Basketball IV, Cem- mercial Club Ig Physical Educational Club ll. llig Debating Club IY, Debating Team III IX' Commercial, Commercial Club I, II, III. C.-XININI RliliSli ' ' Academic, Stamp Club lg Dramatic Club Il, Ill, IV, lfirxt Filth I. ALBERT Sl ILZKI Commercial. Comxmercial Club Ig Athletic csl,..xoYs sczi mcgi rl ii tizaiti Hub 'll lfshfft Uub 'lt Commercial, "And It Ruined" II, Corn- mercial Club Ig Physical liducational Club ll, Ill, P. O. D. Club IV, stttttttty-'i'tta 5 - - - f xurer ol' P. O, D. Club IV, Glee Club ll, ROBLRI SKONIRA Ill' ly' Academic. PAUL SNIAIL Nl.-XRIIN SEFCHICK Academic, Football lll, IVQ Basketball II. Ill, IV, Athletic Club I, ll, P. O. D. Club General' Basketball H' HI' nl Track IH lVg All-section forward in hasktthall IN iv, Athittit ciittb i, 'rttttit Club ii, Mtmtil gram Club III 3 Dancing Club IV. I IARYEY SMEl.'I'ZliR N1-'Xli SHAFER Academic, 'Aland 0' cotton" iv. Athletic Academic, Dramatic Club I. II, III, P. O. Club I, II, Chemistry Club III, Dancing D. Club IY. Club IV. Page Twenty-seven X I i RUTH SMITH Academic How To Do Club I II Go To golteglicl C lub Ill Dancing Club IN Glec u IRENE SMITHAINOSKY Commercial Corrmerclal C,l1,b I Phvslca Educatlonal Club II III Dcbatmg Club IV DebaungTcamlII IV F1rstF1fthl Il lll GLORGII SMITLEY Commercial Commerclal Club I Athletic Club Il Iraclx Club lll Ushers Club IV HELEN QOPO Academic Dramatnc Clubl II III IV Hurstoman9tafflV I'1rstFxfthI II III IX HARRY STRUBLE Academic Dramatxc Club I ll Chemistry Club Ill Vlcc Presndent of Dramatic Club I UCILLI: SNXEITZFR Clommercnal Commercial Club I II Dra matnc Club lll IX CI:ORCIT TAKITCH lTuckerJ Academic Athlctlc Club I Track Cluh II Chemistry Club III Dancing Club IV Foot ball Managcrl II Ill IV Basketball IV Lucky jade Ill ROBERT THOMPSON Ilivbl Academic Uahcrs Club IV FRANK TOMECHKO General Commercial Club l Athletxc Club II Ushers C lub IX First Ffthl II III IV LDWARD TLK Ifddzej General Dramatic Club I Il Chemlstrv Club III Agriculture Club IV Land O Cotton IX Page Twenty-elght L . - I I 1. I ' , ' I t 1 , ' 1 IV. I I I I I "Land O' Cotton" IV. A SILNI URBIN Acadcmlc Chcmlbtry Club III Flret Fllth ANN NOYIOFSKY bcanardl Girls Basketball IN Commcrclal C lub I Phxsncal Lducatlonal Club II III Dmcmg Club IN 'VIILDRLD NN ALL IM: In Acadcmlc LatmC lubl Phwncal Educational ubll PODClu IN An t Ramcd ll c,OIT1l'T1CfCldI Commercial Club I Ill Ath Ictlc Club II UQhcrs Club IV And It Rcuncd II Bandl II III IV Orchcstra I NLLYN YI Llx CBunnyl Academic Rnd It Ramcd ll Luclu I dc III LandO C otron IV Dramatlc C lubl Il bo IoC,ollLgLC lub ll' P O D ubIN CIf.cClublI II Page Twenty nme Cl LVN YOIHLRQ Acadcmnc Athletnc Club I II JO5EPH YUHOLSL Commercial Football IN Irack III IN Commcrcxalflubl ll III Lsh 5 Club IN JULIA LUKOSKY Cjulzel Commcrclal Commerclal Club I ll Phy 1calI1ducat1onalClubIII P O D Club II Land O Cotton IN Hurstonnan Staff lst nfth I JOSLPH ZSOLCS-Xlx Comrpercml Athlctlc Club l ll Ush r Club IN BandandOrChLstral ll lll IN l,ll,llll,'lN:. I ' ' I I ' ' l ',- ,, Eler"I,'I CII. .fini f. '. fb " dl WENRYIIB- IYUER5 X V - lvggleecluplall,11l.,1vfAAdlLR5ingd" in 4 QI I 3 " N ' :xl F-r F' , ll, llll, lv. I l,cll,lIl,lNl. ' ' ' ' T 'T I T7 7 ' Cll "gi--2 , Luv. K 3 1 ' Q ,' , '. I unior Class RHW -I Ilvnxald I'::1I-er Glen IIc1IIer Cleurgie' Rueier, Clhaxrlw 5teII Lluhn Iiezzrnx Row 3 Sue Iioxlvo. Ray niond XYIJIII. Ihomm Iiawwn. Pete Shuluele. Hub Shaffer. Ile Yerle I' rund. C flu renee Skov im. NIz1rvin Stahl. fXIiIeIred Clrmpe Ifwvvvl IDLILIIIHC XIIIIUII, .Xnnzi Palme Ilvruthv Cgritfln. 1 I3c1r'oII1y I?iIIxL'f'. Puullne Lenhart. Iglleen Iuvunx I IeIen Yudv IN Row I 'Berry Clurpemer, -lean Newcomer. Iermu kluhnwrmv -XIQITIL' O But. Annu Marie Vhelvun, I IeIen Ihumm. Uenevnev e Yuehnielv Rmv -I ,I hemux Ijirugner. Nkithew Omvet: Stev e Buxeiosh. ,luhn I Iunchiek. Row 3 fXIiI4e Ifvuncku. Clharlw Koval. Frank Fchuehte. Ciorkett N1arI4.s, Ivan Cramer. Andy Bzijuszek. Cfarl Kumi. Perry Rich. John Kendi. 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Dorothy Swanwmn. fr r4.3 e :Q 1 if Di, Page Thlrty umm' Class Row 4 R1xmr1r1d I111I11x Ig 116.1 Il 1 S111 1111x1 111111 IIrL 1111 11 ll 11 1 x 11I1I1111I11 th XIKIIILCVTI I L11 1Ix11I1 I 1 thx I11 11 Q 1r I1nI11 R h It FI ir 1 rm L V111 1 IH 1 I1111 N1 1 x 111111 Rum I 1 1111 XILFI KI LILI 1 C 1dx Xhlhf rn N111 IFLI ITL11111 XI11x I X1 NH XhII'mr11 IILIIJW NI1II1r Page Thlrty-one ov. + XX 1I11r XX1l1. 11 1 x 11 1 1 1h 111111 1 PLII gl L1 111 LI dxmrd Ix1tf1 X1111 1 D1 JW 3 I L II L ll Ix.1r1t11r11I1 R1c,h1r1I R11 1 R11h1rI II11I1 1I RLKLI 1111111 CJLVIL 11111 1111 1 11 1' 1 11 1111 111 cm 7 1 1 xx1 IX 1r1I11I1r 111xx x 1111 I If I dlth h11I1h 1111 KI 1 Xl 1 1 1 1 11 111 1 111 1 1 1 gk x 1 Ix1 1 I 111 I v gk- ' -, r f- 11r ,X R ' 7 '1 - V1 Al1v1h I'1lIz . ,I.111'X yi 11- I h I'1x.1'h' 1 1:17 I 1111 XY: IK , XXNIIX IXITZ. R1 Im ' I :Il , I' I1 A N113 If " " , - 1 1Iz111 R , 3 xl? ,lx Dkmrh. 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Page Thirty-Evo h-4 T ,.A 755: i ndef classmen lhe lreshmen Sophomore and unror elersaes eompose that hodx eommonlx lerroxxn dS the underelerssmen lhex .rre that rrroup rrhout xx hreh xxe hetrr lrttle hut to xx hom xxe .rre respomrhle lor mueh lhe ahrlrtx ol thrs hodx to rntermmffle and exolxe db one mrnd tempered hx the lrlxeb md drslrlxes xx h ms and terneres ol the frroup rs the seeret of tr sueeesslul btudent hodx Lsuerllx rt rs durrng these xears thert those xx ho are defrerent rn persexerernee and erhrlrtx are elrmrnated Here too those of Quperror dhrlrtx are drseox ered and Uurded toxxerrel er hrgher ffoerl ere ert lurxt the underelrssmen hrxe ollered therr lu l support to exerx eretrxrtx ex wxe terxen rn retrxe prrt rn dll extrd eurrreu lum detrx rtres ln looth rll ernd lWdSlxLll5 rll thex plereed reprebentdtrxee, rn strategre spots lhex xxere rebponsrhle lor the sueeebe ol elass plerxs and mrnetrels hoth rs partrerp rntb and ohserxers XX heat xx ould our daneee hdxe heen xx rthout therr support In the eldss room thex dlxxaxs stood hwh on the honor roll But rt xx db rn therr dhrlrtx to keep dlrxe .r llerme of rnterest rn behool sprrrt and dll sehool detrx rtres hoth soer rl ernd otherxx rse th it xxe rre rndehted to them Xxrthout r douht the underelerssmen rre the most rmportunt perrt o rnx rns 1 u rn te urs wo X rs rn rll truth roenror eprter Hut xxhdt xxould rt he xxorth xxrthout unelerrrr rduerte patronage ter all xxh.rt lb the xerlue rn lrxrnrr onlx for to rx Vxhen xxe rxe .rnd plan onlx lor the preeent heedless of the morroxx then xxe are hurldrng on strnd and surx rx dl lb measured rn terms ol ldrr xx edther So the L1NelLILldS5fTlLFl 5tdnd dS the roelx upon xx hreh the founddtron for ei sueeesslul Senror el rw for to elerx rs lard and from xx hreh the Nenror elersses ol to morroxx Qtronfr rn ex erx department emerffe Page Thirty srx n ' I 5' ' 4' r ' h x - w . QS 1 P - ns' r I' 1 -1 P, 1 t., x' 'r ' 1 ' x I-. r I ll-'M l I "wg r 2" ""l g A lh-ul"-'le e 1' 'r et " "--"'- ,.'v'A,x- i , V,x.., 2 ,V .., -3 .,., ,',j. V ,b, , ' - V, g sign.-'.' an -. - x-,.,,.- ', -. e, ,V., , ,- ,-.. 1 ,e, . N -'Z r , TS, k 'xi-,' r x x I I i n x'f1ktk- r i 5 1 K- l 1 4 N le 5' A .tt tic ltr- tl 'gl ol' ' t ' t .V ' r - 'ph rr V x 1 4 pf'-r 1 1 r V 1 17 . hc . I ' Al' ' " " f " V F, E' " -dex" H fl '- ' ., ...k--' X' '- -zyw - F fi" 1' U. ' v'x 135 U .:, J, X BOOK TWO As we see them at their Hobbies Hill I he "HZl75f07QZ6llZ Vozces the 0 zmons of the Student only The xdea for our sthool paptr tht Hurstomah tame dlrettlx hom the student lodx lht pl m xx as timed out hx Ralph Harman tht edltor xxuth the ald ol Xlxss Potts Mr Batlste and tht appomttd st ill lht lust LklIIlOY'1OTfl'lL llulstoman xx is LOITIPJI 1t1x elx small as the stafl xx as LlI1LlLLlLlLLl as to xx h it should appt n nn the tolumns But afttx holdmg stxtr il mxx sx matt mvs the paper began to gzoxx tspttl 1lIx the tolumh Round Hurst go muth nexxs xxas turned m to tht tmuallx lxtpt busx m order to get tht paper out on I rndax of txenx xxeelx The CLTIIOVS dec1Cled th xt a letttr paper could he puhllshed ex txx txxo xx eelas and fox that reason the Hurstoman httamt 1 hl xxetlxlx PLIl'WllLdIl0Fl X tharge ol txxo cents xx as made m ordtr to pax lol the paper and stcnells ustd he llurstoman l is lwttn xtxx sutttssful m its rs xtar and xxt hopt that II xxlll rtmam so m future xtazs Page Thxrty-4 lght I I ,. 1: I I " s v 4- 1 x v ' ' . 2 V. - .i --' ",'.k. ," ,", .S ', " IJ, ,.i',,k. Q ' 'Q' "I ' 'T 'i .T ' xi' ' . -I 1 ,- ' -.-,-I1 " ,-kv ,-,. E, Q A 1 Q.. 1 ' " 3 1-'Q 5, w V editor that he became llustered. The typists xxere con- a - - Y V 'V pn' . ' - 2 f 2 , Y. I .. ,I .. Fmt lk K.-Y 1' Y ,V . I .nfl l . . X ' 5 2 ll 7 x l . r II Il dltox Ili t t Xsslstant 3 ilts Xlan wtl Xsslstant 5 llts Xlan 1 ft BLISINCQN Xl in wt! Xsslstant lgLlSlI'lL93 Xl in wtr l lttrarx l tlltor Xsslstant l lttrarx ltlllill The Colophon 1 s IS xour C olophon lt ns xours hetause those xx ho haxt xxorlttd toxx ard nts tompletnon are xour representa uxts xt IS xours httause lf rcllctts xour life In Hurst lll h Sthool W our Xnnual Stall xxhuth xxas tlcttcd In thc fall of l93b h 1s endtaxortd to produce a xolume that prtsents to xou ttrtann fundamental Ideals for xx hnth our Alm'1 Xlater stands l loncstx Pcrsex erantc and loltrantt Vxt haxt tndeaxoretl to QINC xou a hrlef hut atlequatt ffllmpst into the hall ol pleasant mtmorlts NX e haxt also trxtd to edlt a hook that xxlll ht of nntertst to undcrclass mtn as xxtll as to tht graduating tlass Nlax tht studtnts of Hurst Hugh Sthoolhnd pleasurelntht p lffts ol lht Cxolophon M xx thls xearhoolx serxe as 1 rtmlndtr of tht manx hours sptnt xxnth felloxx puplls max If prestnt 1 true pltturc of xou anti xour teathers Ibe Colophon Staf l ouls llaustr Ralph l larman l ons Kctlx XX llllam Bnltx atls Mllltr Xlarx lonts Heltn B1 up Xttrxltles l LlICOI Lols Porch fxthlttlts l dltor Paul Lazor Nsslstant Xthlttlts l dltor Homer Huhn ltature l dltor Xtllle Xlurtha Asst l caturt l dltor C athtrlne C arnex l xplsts 'Xl irx Noxotnx SfCXClqCfI'l'Xldl'lC Lanlttx Page I'hlrty mm nf ,gl l 1.- A-il .H ih. N. at 5. X u "g"Lxv X .I h l . A , V .Q , K 'y RQ- I fx ' x eg 1 , ax' ' ' ' az li' '-' -'hi-l' - " -' 1 f i' C 4' Sales Manager Vx illiam lxccla Assistant Activities lpditor Christine l'ultz ' tggr ,' " -, , 5- ' ' " Z! 1 fl V- I 5- U. z any I' 4, - lllll t Debatzng Club Enjoys Success Ihe Dehatlng, C'ub enjoxed one of nts most successful seasons this past x ear An almost xeteran team returned The teams xxere qulte successful ln all of their tourna ments In the XX estmoreland Countx tournament lroth teams xx ere elrmmated lox East Huntmgdon m the seml hnals At C harlerox the afhrmatxxe team drd not partlcl pate hut the negatxxe tled for the lead At Unlontoxxn the afflrmatlves xx ere able to score a rex enffe xlctorx ox er hast Huntingdon and place second The negatnxe team came 1n fourth Ox er txxenty schools from the tr1 state area partlclpated ln these tournaments In the state tournament at Penn State College Hurst xx as ellmrnated rn the semi Gnals hx Ambrldge the state champlons The afhrmatlve team xx as up held hx Irene Qmlthanoslxx and Marx Qhxbllskl xxlth Andrexx Busdosh and Charles Duhlxnslfty as a strong alternate team Louis Hauser and Homer Huhn xx on the nod on the nega tlxc slde xxlth Georgia Dllllngcr as alternate Ihe lnterscholastlc debate questlon for this xear xxas Resolved That all electrlcal utllntlcs should be gox ernmcntallx oxxned and operated We xxlsh the Debatlng Cluh just as much success ln the future Qponsor Xlr Qrlx rs 'ful fl -Q 3 IS 1 nl E-E-T T' Page Forty I O l , I , ' I . I I . . .- V A 7 I ' . A l 4 1 I I y lv ci .' I V- v f ' , . ' '- In all the teams participated in over sixty debates. I 7 . . . X r YL LI V Chemzstry Club Carnes Out Experiments and IlZ1!6Sl'Zg6lfZ07QS Iht Cum of the C hemlstrx fluh ns to further the knoxx letl L of chemlstrx db If affects people ln exerxdax llfe The eluh Carries out experxments and nnx estl dtlons con eenetl pnmarxlx mth the materldls and the suhstances edtlon of adulterdnts or 1mpur1t1es that exxst or max emst IH our foods vtater and other DCLCSSIIICS of lrfe con stltutes the chlef dctlxxtles of the tluh OI I IC LRS I resldent Bruee Harr httrttdrx C lenn I olzer Sponsor Xlr Ixromer Page Porty one I I I U I i KY x . ' 1 Y . N lx . Y x ' Y . D v , s K v . . , ' - - ' . ' v , 'U-. ' - . V . . , I V . i U that one uses in daily life. The detection and identifi- D ' V . , . . 5 J A Orchestra E ntermzns at School Functzons The oreheitm mth Nllss Xllller ds, nts tllrtetordntl lean I leholt as IKS pldnlst dceompllshetl 4 lot thus xear lheX plax etl dl the Iunlor Plax the Nllnstrel dntldt the Senior Pldx XX hen thex pldx the latest song, h1t5 xoucdn IIITIOQK lmaglne IIS some hlg orchestra oxer the radlo We couldnt posslhlx do xxlthout them TRUNIPI TQ Huhert Beatom Ioe solscolt I tl lxae marelx IRUXHSONI S Paolw ll: llWdl Rettl Bron n PJASS I IORN I tl C hcrx al 'XILI I OPI IONLS l mmd l ou Smith me 0 1 SXYOPHOXI S I-lelen Pelnel james PldIXCI'l XX lllldm lxeel Amos Hold X lOl X9 'Xldrx Ixdpdllxd ham Dr muml DRL Xl lltnx X XX tn C L XRINI I S XX m Bdmlex lenn l ldxr Dorothx lldtl tx Xldtlellnt lil itl bunn PIANO jean Iglcholtz Page Forty two I O 1 Lx 1 '. A"g1 I uflk- A 1- 1 i. Z'. .I . U' x . V' .i.' ,- -Y , A , 1 ' f V. ,X ' tf . xi ' 1 1' I L' 4w' I ,- ' -Y ' I Z 5 A L' - A 1 I 1 vx N A I .f i e ' ' 5 A.. ' L ' Z ' . .EQ xl. Y L, L I ' "Q 2 A - Q ' I. Q P rcl .71 B r . , 'A 4, ' ,Q , .,1. . , 'X 7 ..l.'- f - Y D .V A.,.4S ' I ,' S. , - - x- ,.i,. . ' I ' i'i ' , X' u. ' 1 Page Forty thret Banc! Instzlls Real Hurst High Sllmfzts Under the ellreetnon oflXI1ss hllller xuth Andrew Busdosh as drum major the band accompllsheel excellent results elurlng, the xear Ihns or anlzatlon composed of fortx Exe stuelents Iurnxsheel the necessarx musical touch to mstlll the real H H S splrlt IHIO all those attendm loothall ames IRUMPI IS Huhert Beaeom Boh Low stetter joseph Zsolscolx I axx renee Hausele I alrel Lexus I ee Brown I tlxx ard lxae marelm Iohn N uhouse Mike Zsolscolm I3 XSS HORN I5 NRI IONL Lelxxarel Clherx ale Paul Oslf Lmma Lou Smlth Nlar aret Nalcox IC Iols Porch C LARINP TS Xlm Ballex C lenn Harr Dorothy Hacker NIHCIEIIYIC Blaclxhurn Vvllllam Anclrexxs Ray Oberdacker Irene Smlthanoslu Stexe Pushlxar C lycle Shaxx Opal Porch Marx Dillon Helen Vllller SAXOPHOXLS XX lllldm lkeelx Amos Horalx Helen Pefler ames Harx an Romax ne Ixeelx CJIOFIH How er Xlllxe Lesko DI? UN IS Henrx W enrs C lxde Bell Nflarx Kapallxa XX enelell Ixeelx Xrden Nilller Sam Dc-murat james New ln ham I con Porch lah , r . f , . ' , ' ' ' Y .' , ' y Q ' f Q ' ' ' 0-f ' f ' - '- , - - o ' h . .i . I , 11 A L'- . . . s' R . g ' cr' -' , F, . 4: ' I X l 3 dl A 5 '-S nl it V : ., '. .., , ,. f ., ' ,, - - . K .A xl. A , I , ,J 4- '4 I 1 'I ' I I XIILLLOPHONES -1 g : ' - ,, '. .- ' C . ,,, . I A , a x. L ' f - I' ' V f ' . 1 N . , , , I . , I ' I l I . " ', ' . . xl A, - C s ' J, , ., A , f . , S . I I r D I ' K I 'I I Q' 1 Y ' ' 1 'A U ' A ' ' rs ' V - 1 q i Dancmg Club lhle eluh lust 0lf'dFllZLLl this xear has l een qulte sueeess ful Vx e have approxxmatelx slxtx llxe memhers enrolle l Among the glrls anel hoxs lwelongmng xxe haxe those xx ho lenexx hoxx to elanee those xx ho elaneed a llttle anel those who lenexx nothnng ahout lf lhe members not lxnoxxlng hoxx to dance are lnstrueteel hx xarlous other memhers Alter hax mg been taught the essentlals of hallroom dane rnff most of the trme ri spent ln puttlng unto praetxee xxhat xxe have learned lor lTlUblL the xletrola lb useel and oeeaslonallx xxe haxe a four pleee orehestra made up ofeluh members All IH all xxe hax e a Good txme ID aeldxtlon to llmherlng up a hte lor the prom Let ui hot e to hax e a dancing club agann next xear Ot rlc 1 RS Presxelent ow lxlxers X lee President XX rlllam Ballex Seeretarx Treasurer jaclx Nhller Sponsor lxllss l lsher Page Forty four I -- -1 'x x ve.. ,-xx, 'e x 1 -- '. w 5, ' ' ' 1, , , ,' , . . , ,.., , . . . ' L. ' x - ' '1 w r 4 - r V 3 r e ,x , , ,. ' , ' , . . A , V , ,' , v ., ' , .. x . V ,, , 1 ,.-, 'f . , .4 ,, .. r 1 'g 1 A pu x 4 fu , ru 1 , If xx . w -- A ' 4 'xv 1 1' V D . U - Bl 'f Semor Sczlesmen Busy at Football Games C dntlx I op I tdnuts Sueh pxerung., erles as these slg nlfx th1t the Senior Stand Commlttte ns on dutx It s thur honest endeavor to sdtlsfx the fans mth refresh ments durxn Q1 rdbln foothdll dmc. These students pldx ID the foothdll held to make cl hot dog sandxxleh or open 4 hottlc of pop for L1 hunf rx or thlrstx customer Ihe prohts of the stand are tllxxtlei hetxxeen the Senior C lass and the Xthletle Assotldtlon 'Xhss Beaeom IS the ddx xser of the eommlttu Page Forty fiw I i, .1 J I J,, .1 K' X -, .- ,m N '- Z ,nut Q. j - i ' ' cr I f rr' cr I V rr' 1 . "' . '7 . U ' . , , many tlmes have wllllngly glven up seeing a brxlllant :L 1 1 V 1 T - V v P O D Club Orgamzed This Year XX hat great exeltement and eurlosltx xxas aroused xx hen the Hurst H1 students heard of the P O D C luh Vx hat nn the xxorld does P O D stand for XX hat IS the purpose of lt These xx ere onlx a fexx eurxous questions that could he heard from puzzled and perturhed students But oh that xxas our secret' Hoxx could xxe rex eal the true ldentltx and meaning of our cluh' But at last the txme has eome xx hen xxe max let xou ln on our secret No P O D does not mean Prohlems ol Demoeracx lt means Poster Outdoor and Danelng Club Its purpose IS to make posters for all sehool ae tlxltles and to get together as a social group Our sponsor Xlr Clark made xt possible for us to enjox xxholesome clean actlvltles It xxas he xxho gaxe us our first partx The next exent ID our eluh xxas the roller to he a huge sueeess Our sponsor assures us that xxc xx lll enjox one last soelal ex ent hefore the end of thus sehool term lhe hrlef monthlx meetings xx ere alxx axs looked lorxxarel to xx 1th eagerness hx our members At these meetlngs xxc xx ere entertained hx memhers xx ho mxght easllx he termed professionals We onlx hope that the future P O D Cxluhs xxnll he lust as sueeessful as the present one has leen me I resldent C orhett 'xlarks Vlee Presldent l axx renee Sehroll Seeretarx Crladxs Sehaehte Sponsor 'xlr flark Page Forty slx O I I X ' ,f h ' v Y . ' V - - . 'V ' 4 Q - - 1 ' 'T - v f . . ' ' - , y " A l -f 1 1 . . C f ,' ' 2 - - ' - w , , - skating party held at the Mt. Pleasant rink This proxed as " ' ' b , e eb, - Y 1 s r - m 1- 1 V 5.1 1 A U Ur' 'mu 1 ,Q , j , A . Freshmen Gzrls Learn to Sew Xpproxnmattlx lortx l reshmtn gxrls haxe taken adxantage of the Needlexxorlx Cluh 1 nexx orffanwatlon at Hurst lhls tluh as trxung to help m tt tht needs of a eurrleulm xx hxch does not offer a tourst nn Home l eonomles Some of the urls xxho had little or no expernente xxnth needle md thread hax e made muth progress ln slmple emhronderx stitches hemstltehlng hemmlng seams of XGFIOLIS lxnnds Xt the C hrlstmas meeting the gurls exthanged glfts xx hlch thex had made themselxes lhe meetlngs rem1nd one ol an old fashloned sexxlng elrtle Lxerxone IS husx xxrth her oxxn projects or lS dlseusslng the xx orlC xx nth her nelgh or Thls club has proxed lts xxorth thus xear and xxe hope that II xx nll he a permanent organlzatlon at Hurst CJPFILERS l resldent l lorence farpenter Qecretarx 'xlarx Honse lreasurcr lr x elx n ixx anson Reporter C herx xl Bertram Sponsors Xllss Honst Nllss Potts Page Forty sex en C M , A ' , V . j - k V U. Au. - . H , fy' - . ' . 1 v x ' - 1 " I I., 5 A . . . and also in the use of 21 pattern. , ' . ' ' . rx , x ' v ' b 1 4 : A, 3. X Our Future Farmers 'I he I uture Iarm rs of Amtrlta IQ a national organl zatlon of farm hoxs throughout tht Unlted States Ihex studx xotatlonal agnculture 1n the puhllc hlfrh sthools xx here the eluhs are formed Hurst s C luh IS one among thousands ln the Ln1tetlStates It xxas OFQZDIZCQI the hrst of the sthool ttrm Ctrtaln dLllXlIlLS or goals xxtre talxtn Into eonsxderztlon Some of tht dLKlXlClCS were talunff part ln a state yudglng contest at Pennsxlxanla State College puttlng on a eom munltx fa1r at school In the fall entering a project eon test IH Harnsburg 'I he elulv also 1o1ned other schools IN the eountx ln a mushhall league xxhleh has been ln exist tenee for the past fexx xears Hurst S team IS progressing ripldlx and thex axm to he lmong the top leaders VN nth further lnstruetlons and tooperatlon the tlulw hopes to xmproxe agrltulturt ln W cstmorelantl tountx Ol News I nesxdent X lee Presldent Qetretarx I reasurer Repo: ter Thomas Laxx son Rohert Shaffer Raxmond NN olll Ollx er Graham Harm XX altexs II Page Fcrty elght . A I I h rhvl- . I lr, I . . . b , 'Y v . -X-M I ' ' - ' T D. ' Yr , Sponsors e 7 .e I eMr Smith ' 'Z K 'Il Y Il Q J 1 ' 'I 1 9 "' QD 'e X' Freshman Sophomore Dcmcmg and Dmmfztzc Club One hundred and txxentx future detors and .ittrtssts each hoprn to he a Greta Cldrho Rohert Tdxlor or I red Xstalre eompmsed the freshman Sophomore IDdNC,lI"I and Dramatic Cjluh of 1030 and 1031 Ln ler tht lI'l Structlons of the sponsors mdnx entertdlnnn pro roms xxere produced Vx ell foodluek students and mn xou fur I rcildent Llxd XX dll tr X lee Premdent Xnndhel ltssmdn Sceretdrx Btttx Petr 1nton1 Iredwrer o n dll xr Sponsors Xllss Dullln er Xlms Xlxtrx Page Porty nme YEJPJOJA 'ww E . 4 . , -f 0' . . ' , f :v V1 , fi V ' fi r' , ' 1 f Q . M U, - I , U, I A U-1 W . . '1 , ' FD r Q: . 'll , 3 . fs 'ISU-1 ' F' '4 , H V . .f C ' I, R E ' l f 5- 4 . . T" V .h 2- X A 3: V 5' r, . ,V ' 3 1. I V . . , , ' m . . . , r!1,f i J: fr , J ' Q J r x . 1. A. x ' A 1 qu: 1 V .32 Vf J X .N 1 W, I he zbmry Club F01 Lozfeis 0 Books lhc l llwl nx Cluh xx as OI'lLfdI'l1ZCLl just thus xcar and IS still ln an exptrlmtntal SIdf'C experimental In th ll xt has hetn lllxc an octopus reachlng forth antennae here and there IN the lnhrarx realm to ascertaln xx hlth of the x SFIOUY actlx ltles xx ull proxe most lnterestlng and practlc xl l he realm xx is at least quxtlxlx dehned at the Grst meetlnff xxhtn the mtmhtrs expressed a lox t ol lcolxs is their reison for choosmg, tht tluh The dLllXlIX of thls flrst meetmg xx as spontaneous for xx hertx er lox ers of hooks are hoolx characters themselx es xx here acqualntances xxlthout introductions folloxx S0 xxe dlscusstd our lavorlte hoolxs and characters llsted books xxe had read and made comparlsons grouped hoolxs accordlng to slmllar Interests and suhyects and CX1IT1II'lCLl lltcrature appropuate for C hrlstm is and other special days Orr mms l rtsldtnt Helen H adxls 'wttretarx lames Cross X let lDI'f.SlLlCl'lI Anna Xlarle Chelxan Sponsor 'xlnss Kaputa IIII l l AM-l ' Page Fifty I . . I 1 1' D ' b 1 rr, ,7 -' V A 1 ' 2 I x 1 r 15 H - 'I' ' 1 5 X ' F, it . . ' , 1 . ' , , ,V' .' 4. 'S ' gathered together they are speedily -joined hy familiar , N ' . , . 1.2 ' ' , . -', Our Boosters A Wbzz to Hum! Nldnx haxe tdllen hx the xxawslde as we hurrled on our xxdx hut stlll A roll of txx entx ewht remdlns Hoxx proud xxe are to take the FCSPCJHSIINIIIKICS of hoostlng our Hurst Indeed xxe hdxe reasons' Hurst ean hofxst of mam Hood features mth the cud of thxs eluh Our sponsor and ddxxser IS edffer at dll tlmes to help us mth the undertdlunffs and the respons1h1l1t1es that we undertake lhe meetxnffs exerx txxo xxeelxs are held ln elther the Xctlxxtles Bulldlnff Cnmndslum or Room I2 Here mdnx games and XdFlOLIS ldeas are hrought dhout We hope to hulld up the eluh and vue ll .1 Hrm fOUl'1eldElOI'1 for the next sehool xedr NN e re hoplnff that the cluh xull deeomphsh Its chmef pu: pose the trdlnlnff of peppx eheerledders for the future' OF! IQPRS Head Booster XX alter lxoxxdleslu Xsslstant Booster Xndrexx Bdjuslle Reporter Irene lxdndxxdlslex I redsurer X lrggnnld Xlcfort Sponsor Xir ones Page Flfty one ,' - 't 1 u ,,- . - . v, 'I , . , -. ,' , . - V, ' . .' g el F7 ' rf. Q V, ""' ' f - f -, 1. - ., . , , . . L U -f , Y'-,, ' J, . . ' is - D - 1 fs .-' . , - 1 ' 1 V, zo " 1 ' sv, v v - - 1 , , ' ' 1 cn . A . . ' r . A 2 , l.,. N , . f - f f ,, . f s A '- . . - '- ' . ff ' r ra , . N -, vp , ' I v. 'xx . . , -- rn ss f' ' - X , 1 .. I., H . ,. - . '. , ' ,X-' , . - . , ' ,V f' '- I 1 , . f ff sv- M . . .1 How to D0 Club Members S dy "Home Furmslam XX e members ol the Hoxx lo Do Club xx ere not Sdl'lS6LLl xx nth our motrxc and determrntd to Gnd a nexx one Alter mueh LlISt,USbl0I1 xxe ghost to studx Home l urnlshrnff Durrng tath mtetlnrg xxt xxtrt trarned rn the art of beautx IU the home Nlost of us xxue rnterested ln remodelrnw rather than furnrshrng a ntxx one lo elrp artlcles and pletures from mafvaelnes and send for boolxs of rnterest xx as exerx member Q dutx l aeh obtained a notebook and acquned ltnoxxledge xxe feel that xxe xxould be able to beautrfx and modernize anx room Durrng the latttr elub sesslons xxe turned our thoughts to the bedroom xx hreh xxas to be used as our model for our prortets Xlthough vxt began our xxorlx too late to discuss ex ux point of Interest xxe hope that our nexxlx omanrzed elub xxrll be a success ln the future Orme: RS Presrdent ean Hrrbal X ree Presldent Reglna I rederrclx Qeeret 1rx lrtne Horalx I reasuru X eronrea Nox alt l IOQU lm C l'ldlFIT1dl1 Crladxs Ahlborn Sponsor 'Vlrss Beacom Page Flfty two tu ' ' " ' 1 ,I A ' V 5- vs A s ' , Qt -' . ' kept notes as xxell as pictures of each room. With our A ' ,- - A, T V l 1 , rf V f 1 .bf ' , . ,' Y , ' I e ' a ' u A ' D. x., ' . ' , N , , 1 C 1 h A - f , . x V ' unzor Semor mfmztzc Club Develops Se? Ex resszon Stli L yu slon IS one ol the most ntetssarx ulterna lor suteess Without ll students ue greatlx hantlxeapteel not onlx IN hwlw sthool l ut also nn later Init C c nsequentlx the p namount atm ol the lLlI'll0T Stnlol Dramatic. flub ns to oxtreomt thus hantlleap and tlutlop the drt ol sell txpressnon Our elulw thls war has been praetleallx one huntlrttl ptr etnt student aetlxltx Here the students learn hoxx to organlzt a program eontluet meetings and relatnt to suth a elulw Often exeeptlonal t llent IS found and tlextlopttl ID the Dramatle Cxlulws lvlemhers ofthe casts ol the xarlous tlramatle produetlons xxhleh are Un en LiLl'1 xeax are drawn from the XdI'lOl,l5 eluhs of thls txpe IH the sehool -Xll IH all elramatle elulws are an asset to am sehool CJFFIC was I resltltnt R xlph Harman X let l rtsntlent lean l nehholt Steretarx Xlarv Polxlemlwo Sponsor 'Nlrs Russell Page Flfty three , 14,9 2' ffl u :zz- 5-W U I I V 1 I Lx, 1- ,KN-,Sk-' 'Q . ' , ,..!n -bl . '. A - X ' H xx' -v I ' X- x - i f M 1 n vv 4 b uf m Y ' A I W - 1 1 X 1 x l 'x i u x ' , i ., , , -x , . , , . I take cure ol' rehearsals, as well as carry on other duties A 1 ' - . - s 1 1 ' JA' ' x I 1 a l ' G' ' xi Y k' x1 -' 1 ' 1 ' va A - w - D- ,-' , . . 1 N e W, 1 , Y . L Hold E verytbnzg ,fi l ,4 - 1gg111t 1 ox 111111111111 111 IN 1111111 t.1tl1ot 11t o11l1 gut 1114 1 11 f 111tc1 mth otha 11111s L 11111 111L 1110 Lluu tmols who ham is mwttl .11 l 1111 tlo11ff111f1 to tht g,11l s ldthcr c,o1111hff OIT tht stem ll1t11 11x to pmtum tht l.1tht1 t1x111gtotf1tLl1 up 111th tht hlll 111tl5t11ttcti111ff 111tl111L1t lmoxxlng It DL haps X011 4 111 tc111tt1xt ol tht Lo11ll1tl xxhlth dIlSLS xxl1u1 LINLOXLIS TX 1111 14S uh IUX Lk .mtl lu IS 1111 IX 10111 1l111 111tl111o1t loolt pl mt lI'l tht IOLIIIS 11p 11h1tl1 xx 1 TL sum In t nu 1 0 tl L xt1 11 umttt x L 11 r1t.1x LL 1 11111 1 t L 1110111 0 LLILLLI XOLIVNT 1ttc11s 111tl dgtrusu CXSIOVCIIARXCI S 1rc1l1m C 1rL1t t 1 C hrlstophtr Xlflfglli Nloht ft7I'1I"llL Xlmg lim XX1 11111 uurtmx 3111 r u ld C 1 b Vx 1'1d1 Glbh l11tt1L blhb 1111 C1 Stun Xndx 1 X 1t 111 l311tLt111 -Q.. 551111 S. ' 'Q 9 'x 2152 X hottl pmprnlrg l xdm undcll b 111 lhonmw lDlflJf7I1LI L11 cmd xt rx 1t X111x lol ltmb 1 1 dmv 111.1 X1111,1l1 XX 1llt1r1sh nx 11nn1t lr ILI'1L.l 111.4 at IN Connmx P1 Xxu 11111 Robul Shdflcr Xn 1ml11t1c1ux mothtr l ltltn ll'111m IN Lt dtltulxt I Dorothx l Lulu r Ruth xXIllllI'l1N X IFUIHI 1 'NIL nrt 1,1111 lull II 1Ll lDiLlf.,l1Ll N lohn VIL! l ll lbkth Ruwtll l 1? V :E K! -- HA ' Play ll ' ff' l111a 'A 'L girl z111tl 21 l' k' ' ' Hi 'as' l' " ' l1c1', 1 11 5' 5LlC"' li ' 11 llccinrg right A 1 ' 'rs in 'l'l'111 ' ag: 1 ' 'A tg. ' ' " jL.-t 'llf '1al'l1- 55 3 ',, 'll L 117.4 Q ix? , I1 V. r ' V. I . I I hr- l1c l1:.lw l' lg lm' ' ll1- l, ' ' 'ICS :1XXa l' it fXll " ' a"' ' "qt hor' " asll'Q' 'ul' I-1l-'-'1lay,"lll lix' '11 l111,,". 1111 -l ly rl1 l11111o1'. I1 lf ' l' D" IN, ll-7311 lt was iklcctl. hiccly' gg' '- ly' hx 5' 1 l L Q ' I 1 f l1RQ V cit '- 11 11-1 1 . . - .- -1 1 - f ' . 2 . :X 1 l4c1' 'V ' K, " . ' . ,X 'l ' 'All Dt' ,1 f ". '1111 ., llk zhl " .I ' 2 1' -- "ll'1 1 , ci '- Ifl 1 x1-- '11g1111- CI ' lzwctl, -ll' , l L' 1 '-'Q , A t ' 4' Nlx l" lbs. L " .. " H 2. . " M. N , , " 'a 1111 1- 311111 , , " H' '1 1 1ci .L . .AX '1' mlt . Yi' A la 1 .' A' , Ilix pall , , la 'X 1 1 'lx' 1111 111-111111 .1 ,-1 ' . , ,X1'1 i':1 - .- i m ' - Al iv? 9' 5 f "ff 35 11 is zvtrfg Q , ,gif 1 xx X. Page Flfty four Page Flfty five M mstrel Open xour mouths and sung Spcalx loudcr l ronouncc xour xxords LllSll'1C.flN Vv atch the cllrcctor W hese and manx other commands could he heard ln the auclltorlum durlng the rehearsals for our annual musical produetlon land O Cotton a mlnstrel fxlthough there xxerc manx slghs much laughter and a fcxx lost dlsposltlons at times the affalr xx as a huge success On Xpnll 7 the exe muslc laughter and dances One could almost feel the xxalls and Celllng contract and expand like an accordxan as elghtx lustx muslcal xolces sang Alexanders Rag llme Band l lsten to the 'Vloelxmg Bird and other good old mlnstrel tunes And what dancers lgleanor Poxx ell Gnnger Rogers and Fred IXSKAIFC xx ould certalnlx haxe heen enxlous had thev seen our terpslehoreans go into thelr dances fhe aucllence secmed to hurst lnto hllarlous laughter as the end men xled xvnth one another ln presenting thelr jokes All ln all If xx 19 a performance to he rememhered and xxe ire sure that Hurst IS proud of IIS results I H V 4 f ' ,J H V X ,YY J -1 I r 2 1 'sr I Q ning of the performance, the walls reverherated xxith f ' y f '-f If ' , U A-1 - ' I ' 7. I Y . A y r ' Z 1 A Gzrls Glee Club fha C lrls Cjlee Cluh 'in 'Jlf.dl'll at on of hftx students undex the dlreetlon ol'Vl1ss lVI1ller praetlced dlllgentlx for sex eral months so that thex m1g,ht tome home xxlth flxmg eolors from the conttst xxhlch xxas held at West Nexx ton this xear But xxhen the girls tame to the hugh school all dressed ln thelr hest thex mtt xxlth a sad llSdpfOlNI ment lhe roads xxere so ICX that It xx asn t thought safe to llSlx the lives of all those xx ho xx ere attemptmg to make the trlp But the members of the club felt sure that thex xx ould haxe xx on the contest had thex gotten there 'Xlost of the glrls ln the flee tluh sang ln the mlnstrel l md OC otton 'So Hurst IC illx touldn t do xxlthout 1 C nls Cllee N i 2 ln ai' l' 1 .r -C Page Flfty slx ' 1 f f . V 'y - f' r' . . , ,' ., , , ' 5, , I . ' K sf I ' - l , A ' J. , A' ' '4 ' Q" , U - ., ' . Y . V , r . . . V V , , , . A.. - s -A - rx - . -2 , . . "2 K' W ' 2 1" -.., Usbermg zzz the sbers Ihe Ushers C Iuh was OIQJHIZLLI Noxemher I4 I No III Room I I under the superx lsnon ol Miss Barnh nt I he purpose ofthe eluh ns to train ushers and st we elexxs toasslst ln dramatle produetlons and to help IIT mx other aetultx that mlght redulre ltS serxlees Ihe ushers must eonform to 1effuIat1ons SLI up Iw I eluh In reffard to dress eonduet ohedlenee and efflelenex Ihe tralnlng of ffroup I9 IN the hands of the head usher xx ho selects hls erexxs and asswns them their dutles stage manager Ihe eluh purchased armhands and started a Iund Io: the purehase of stave furnlture from the proeeeds of I I eneht mox IC and eIuh dues Ihls eluh ns a nexx one thus xear I ut xxe hope that nt xx1II proxe Its xalue nut on x to the sehool hut also t the Iwoxs xx ho helonff In President Norman I Iel LI X lee I resldent Ioe NIarIXs 'weeretarx Xlerle Brown I reasurer XIeIe IXLlI'ILII'ILIx Sponsor Xilss I3 rnhart Page Flfty seven L. K I I J - V ' I 'ky , . i - x s w I 1 x 1 5- kr,, --s k . 1 ' I s - I B. f p 2 I 2 ' A g 1 -yr, 1 -I ' 5 5 i At present Paul Lazor IS head usher and Merle Broun, x 1 C, A x K Ah ' i N 1 my , ' ., Q f A 'xv Q , 5 1 , k. , .I I ' IW' OH-' Lens '- , J 5 A ,A , UN- FQX ,,,,- 1 Seuzol Clams Play THE JINX X 7U LXL c Xi. X 1 if NOL ff'X 101111100 XXIOT1 1 OL 1 1 1 1 IL 11111 xou 111xL Q01111 11 11 111 UIT1CU0U1W1L XX 1N111n XX ll 1 OK.f1lI1'1f'1 1C IDX 111 1111. SLIICY O1 L01 W W WC ILINI V 1 X 11111 1 x 18 1111s1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111 x1s1c111 xx cmspcullxn xlull up 111 L 1 1 111111 11 11111 L 11111 11111111 1011111111 111011K 111 111 11 IX 11111 xx .12 1111 111111s11.1l Quuub S XI U ILQ 7LI 111 111 1111 1' 1L1'Y11LI IL X1L1Il1 1 xx 11 1 11 S11 1 1112 XL ll cm 1 X111 1 1111110 111N 'Ll 1 1 1 1 .1 111 1 SL 1 1116 10111 1 1111 1111 1 1 LHJUW XL 11111111 3Lx1111 1 N L 1 JNL Ll11L,dl'1 1311111xx111 1 L1x111uN 111111 111111 Page F1f15 P1g111 l I 1 f g 11 '7 131113 "'I'11L'C1 111'11 c"1' 11111,,, 1 1 1 M " g' fs ll i11XX'kifx'S 111111 xx 11 '11 you 11'1x' ' 11 101' 11154 1 ' K' 1 '1 1 ' 1Cii c11xx11'111 1' xis S ' -1, 11 '11"',l-' 1'."" 1J1'-1 '11- 1111c1111c11e 111111 c11111c L11 XX11L'11 X118 Piper 101114 ox'c1' 11 ' ' 11115, 111 1 1111'1oxx 1J11WCI'N INil1'I11k1,.fL' 11u1'11,1' 11 '1'1L1 1 1c1' 11111 X2 1 y11css 111 '111x' 171'1CL'. '1111 21111 21111 1111 xx11c1c11111c 11111 101' " 11301 orc P11 q 1' ' " 1115 .1-11 Q11 1111' 11111111 '11'11'1 clcrs 11 ' A511011 111c111x' 1' ' 1x1x' 1 1 1110 1.21 il' ' V12 I ft I ' 1 W." .' ' ., xxxQk. CQXQ1 1117 C11 1. lACf1'1QR5 1 1111'1c1xx 1,lPL'l', xx 11 111115 I11L'11121l'l'12lf.1L' 1"'11SC1'L1I'L'21LI 11111 "1 '1 -1111 59111141 1311'CI'. 111x xx 111: xx11111s 111-101-111111011 111 111.111 111111 1.c11N 1,111-C11 11111'1'1c1 1711WL'I'. 111c11' Q111 A 1111, 111 ,1 " XC111. 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'1'11I11xLS 15 H ' .1 13 f 1 1l11I1'11111 A 1,11 131 N , xj f :iq ,IK BUCK THREE As we see them at play Hurst on Revzew Vxnth the able eoaehlnfl of lxlr fxlarle and hrs assoclate eoaehes 'xlr Lv lneho and Xlr Cfrelner Hurst xxas able to place upon the grldlron a group of boxs that have been ae elalmed the txtle of Second Best to the leam of Z7 Rlghtfullx thex deserxe sueh esteem Thls xear the team marked no hlgh seorlng or manx xlctOrl6S lt falled to score the points bx xx hreh games are xx on and too often judged All the teams exceept txxo both of whleh xxere larger sehools xxere outplax eel ln everx detail Hurst xxould drlxe and drnxe stronglx up and doxxn the held nlhe team Flrmlx held the opponents of anx SIZE X et xxhen the tlme for SCOFIHQ xxas near Hurst xxould lose the hall If xou xxere a fan or plaxer you could not re straln that pam beloxx the heart for those elcxen boxs xx ho seemed to be a jmx lt xxas maddenmg at tlmes hverythlng vxas ap parently agalnst them xxhen scores xxere to be had Nlex ertheless the team xxas not dlscouraged Such teams as Iurtle Creek Mt Pleasant and Derrx Toxxnshlp xxere considered as great teams Cnce agamst Hurst and that thought xxas banished from ones mlnd That much praised team of jeannette xxas never scored upon durlng the xxhole season untxl Hurst humlllated them 'Not only xxere they be llttled by having a touchdoxxn scored agaxnst them but also the shame and disgrace of not being able to break our compact lxne Jean nette s sm attempts to score a yard through the llne proved to be xery much unsuccessful Page Slxty 1 A ,f - - , .. - l I ' . , . , e' . f , ,, ' ,, . , ' , V. rw ' ' t . ' ' , f , e . - , . V, e . f . ' V ' V. , - , l . e . , . ' V V x - , . f f' f V , . f 1 .. 1 - ' ' 1- sf 1 1 V' T . ,. , v , , . , H, h , , A , . V V', ,' ' f . 1' r V - . . V . s ' - y f , 1. s ws V V'- V, s " f V rf V . ,,, ,V ' , ,,,' ' V 1 - '-2. ',V. V , - " 1 l ' ' ' - - 1 A ,x ,. V , ' V f ' , V . ' 1 v Vs sf ,V - ' f .. . ' A ,' . , ' . Y xhl 1 1 1 trt X lxt1rn Hatl xou sttn tx erx Oamt xou tt ultl not but xxontltr xxhx the team tl1tl not rtturn xtrx often xxlth tht pw 5lC1n lt ttrta1nlx xxa5 no fault of tht toach or coathts Xntl ll toultl not xerx xx tll ht hlametl upon tht plax er5 l xxas onlx tht thanft of la1th xx htn xxe platttl the hall xxlthln a fexx xartl5 from tht cal at llL1l5l tlt opp ortun1tx ol plaxmf e 5 5tn OXLI a 1n not tnlx xxcultl Tur e Crtelt Xlt lltasant Derrx loxxnshlp antl eanntttt lt 1xtn a amt hut thtx xxoultl lxt 5t1ll llCJCJLllD oxtr tht 5t11tl1n 5tore5 5e tt rttl lx llLlISl Hur5t xxa5 suth a team oxxerlul SIICJFI 1ntltnt1 tt1t Football Schedule Hurst High School 1936 Batt bthool Stpt I7 htpt Zo LI LI tt LI LE Nox Nox Xox Nox Page Sxxty one S Huntln tlon lxxp South H Sthool P h C1rttn5hu1 H Sthool Optn at Homt lurtle C rttlm Lmon Dtrrx Ixxp H Sthool Lhzahtth H Sthool Nlt Pleasant H S Latrobe H1 fh ithool 9exx1tlNltx lxxp H S jeannettt H School P C a Xntlrtxx Lxan XX ht1t Up xontm 'S l omt Ht mt Xxx IX l c nt Xxx ax Xxx ax Xxxax Homt 3txx ax Xxxax Axx ax C oat h tho X55 t C oath l H CJr1entr X55 t C oath lo5tph l S1lx I5 BLISINLSS 'Xlana LI C1tor1 t laltltth Xlan1 LI lah lzilll lurn am Xl. IX Clratt' llth- , llfgllilil Xltf nrt .lohn -1 V1 in ,V ,'v- ,I 11,1 , .. ,V , ' th ' " u ' b' H ' f 'tga, 1 'L ' tl W, x,V, - V t ,- T g ,1k- Lg . - 1, V' 5 - 1 ga ,' , , . , ,, ,I ,Y xy. t , C kt . . ' gf -' ' , - h- k , gy I, , ' . K. . gil , ,-gl, '.. 111 5- ' 1 1 11114 . Q " 11 el - 11 34 Q Q' . g , 1 - 7 0 U' 3 N " Q 'Q ,.l' f at 21 Cx CJ' I0 ' ' 1 lil ' CD' I7 C l l A .A 7 Cl C3223 1 -'H' ,,l' 4- l-l- 0 O' 31 'Q ' ' ' . ga f 'L Cl Cx .V 1 7 . . ' ' , . 1 0 Cx Ll '. 14 ' Qt, - ' , " K' 20 Cl .V '. 21 t, ' 1 ' . ,th : " N' l-lv Cx .4 '. 20 ' ' .tl A 21 Cx 1. , 1114 U Q1 - F il lf1.l A ,,,,f -'CJ 141111 X X North L niun 11t to l luret wax C urhx l hikeh 1nge fUlf1llIT1LNILddlY'1g,f.1dXL tix 1111111 er mx te 1me11ulel he prueidtmnwn ll the pi Klein llc 1teel int e air it w AN uxuallx 'Xlarlex who tuelee it xale 1 Ll eei hix armx XRLI 1 S11 l XX hen the plaxing wax t11e1g1 C hirlex w 1x 1lxx 11s re idx to clear a wax thrc ugh the if waxing te 1rn X111 unix wax he 1 marxelc ex cnllenkixe n 111 u 1l11 1 elenxixe one tean1w11r en tiki r1e1er 1e1w111pl11r1e1 w lk he l ll Xnxxn l C NN exile thome did not prex ent l ee 111 111 H11 ing hix utrnwt in lwuthall plax ing Lee ix ant ther lain ei box anexample ol true luxe 1orHurNt Eexidu lee ix a ec rn hination 111 .1 wonderlul plaxer and a gentleman mi lxlci ku we 1 e n11nag1e 11x 1NllI1 11 t 1t he ww 11 entx 11 ILIIOH in exerx guns. llmmld w IN e.l1r1ng1r1el l1r11e l le ler1ewth1tpaw11g,the l'1Ilt11 the re eeixei 1112 not well dune until one ur two 111 hix npptnnentx were lrtieed awax 1r1 im the plax 11x Xlll Il 1 R C lemhn wax xmall in xtature but per Nexer mee in doing hi but obtained tor him a regul If 1 11 xitiun on hix te 1111 mel it mented lor him the title IN 1n1e111 herul the XllC uuntx le m john vn1llhetren1er'1elt1uxl1 IT1lNNkLl ix N11 1 R l lohn hetterlentivtn ax the eroemner 1 er111ed the xtatement that 11 one placex hik heart in the t nie nothing but xuceew ean result Hn daQh1ng taelelex plaeed the enemx lor rn 1nx 1 lox An excellent punt and P1 breaker ix uhn ixixit e ll e mai ie tee in NI e le ffaineel in xupeiiur h1ll pl ning R lTLlN eliel the 111 fl IIT' te 1m l1re1le l"1lN xt lLlY'lLl1 elelenxe l le relied on xeeuiinft Ire IFNI inme 111 11r1Nt the 11511 wer SIE xi 3N1llll! 1 B l rom underneath the head-fear eoulel he Neen the xn11ll ftrinning lellow whe1c.1pta1r'ee1 the team l xen thuuvh he donned 1 lucutb 1ll uit lor hi 111 t ye ir mel xx ix nxiffneel to 1rest1onX1l'1le berth the e vieie It 11 t'1ele:t11 i111. ix cle'xern1'1r1e-L11 ering X11 eplerteliel 5 ex' hi,iteel thi ye'1r will he '1 more pwtential nueleee in l1i Senior f'L"lI'. XY.-Xlfl 14311 Gcmitimiei l.. l l. Walter entered the lkmtball pie- ture as lj center in his Freshman year. However. the coach lbund outstanding qualities of '1 backfield man. bz1cle1iele,e1 to the very cure' l lix end "sweepSi'z1nd off-tackle runs were puwerlul wedgex 111 xinew 'ind bone. l'le iQ well lileed hy the qLl'ld and, noted tor hix 11ers11n11lity l IIAR1' Xl!-.ll.Xl R, l l, Coming from a toxxn lJ1iI1T1IWX 1111- table iioutball pl-iyerx llenry grew with the .port in hi mind, Those end run trains were usually made by that 171 t Qtepping lad named Xlehal. Whether it was to be e1 quiele leiek from out o1'el'1nver or 21 snappy lunv paw, une could l'e 'iNXLll'CLlll'1'1f it xxeiulel he well done Page Sixty-two "" "'-1 XX Xl II RW I IC F B Welcrsanother harddrrxrngplunger Hrs broken freld runnrng prox ed xerx essentr Il In a number ofg Imes Our expectatrons of hrs next xe IFS work Ire xerw hrghlw held for NN alter rs Iplfrxerolgre lf Ihrlrtx Xothrng ls too ure If I t Isk for rm P ll Svxrr I I Xlter grxrng much attentron toh Isket h Ill pl IXIUQ Paul decrded to porn the footb Ill qu Id One eould Ilwax s see P Iul In I footb Ill mood for he belreudthat g Imes Ire noronlx won bx those whopl rx but Il obx tho e who Ire eneourrgrng them Ile was nexer known to be Inffered hrs predomrn lllng tr Irt I lllf IIIII I I I I le berngonlx lSUpl1UfY1Ol'L, an hnrng Ilreadx shown th II he ern re Illw pl IN brll wrll lrkelx be I prospect for next xear s b Ickfrelel positron Ioseph rs the tx pe who struggles to get Ihead Ihat sprrrt wrll wrn for hrm a credrtable showrng not only In hrs football C Ireer but al o In thrs wrde world GI our FRLDI R L C George w IN one of the best blockers In the game Io back and to tackle Ire fundamental and neeessarx He excelled In lroth At all trmes when he entered the g Ime he would emerge tom and battered but the op ponents were much more pounded It was hrs wax of crush Ing the opposrng srdes URI I II Nlrkrxr Ajcnk C Hrs name gaxe us drfneultx In nronuncr Itron but he certarnly made trouble for the opposrng te Im W hen hrs posrtron wab needrng hrs ard he I ll I NI Ivsr s R C I ugene w IS lrght Ind swrlt on hrs feet XX hen IU off t Ickle pl ry w IN e Illed he w IN through Iheopposrtron le Ixrnfv I well lormeel p Ith behrnel hrm I Irs Imbrtron next lIll Is to frll the posrtron I All Countx hu Ird whreh w rs held by lohn lvlrkrt I hrs rlxal I lere s roprng xou sueeess NN IIII w lxfx Ixskr R I Xndrew though heaxrer th In Inx ol hrsopponents w rs bx nome Instheslowest As Ide fensn e m In he could ch Impron anx other fellow of hrs sr e Inel werght 'Nfuch rs expected from hrs next xe If plawrnv XX Ith hrs lt rtude Ind experrence he shall be Instrumental II1 defe rung our greatest If all foes Greensburg X1IIllXII I I Her R I 'Xlrke llWdXS desrred to plax a b Iekfrcld posrtron Had If not been for Caoachf lark s wrse judgment In plaerng hrm It hrs present trsk there would h ne been no Ible substrtutc as he I9 for such an undertal Ing This was one of many such cases bw which our team was molded together Norzv KN HI I I I I- L H Io krck the ox al I me sexentx or erghtx xards was hrseustomarx feat But then ll Isnt allhe eould do Ihe fellI w In the sr e srx shoe w rs a splendrd ball e Irrrer especr Illx on enel plax s XX hen the ball was supposed to he t Iken through center Norman could l:e called upon to g Irn tho e few xards Page Srxty three I Q, if . , I I ' ' ' ' , ' '. I Ij 'I I . , X , -I ,, 'I I If' h . A'...,, -.L.I ' " ' If - I I " . ' ' ' ' ' ' I s I . ' ' I I ' I I ' ' ' ' . I "I ' V' ' Q' ' Ij Is K' s- I I ,,' ' , ' ' I ' I . los 1' I 'as-W -.'l. ', " .'I - " Cl I " 72 " 'Q I ' I 'I L' IL' I . '-.,, .Z K. e .. k,.. 5. i - I VK- - L-I . I , F. N . Z ., A , L- " I " ' S ' 1 ' I . , 1 II. ' i- . J. ' 'Ip , I , 2 .l , , . , . - I' 2 U I - ,, . . ' ' . . ' I . ' A , I splendielly performed that duty. - 2 2 21,-, -, I' I- . 1. L ' It ' I J " . ' I -I " IQ' 'I ', ' I. ' ' . ' .2 I' hi . . 4 . ' ' A ', I " I ' I ' 28 , A' i 'I rzxs I V 5 ' -' il 'N- ' -I I - - nk. I D' , ' I, I' K' 'I 5 ' . fi '- I .' -. 2 I I ' , 5- 1 v 'k.x.'Zv E uf A vA. I I A, I' Eve: Y -v' rr 4' ' I O- 1 1 .I u 4' u I I I A I f ' . ,R ' ,, Iv- Q . X-V , L- I Le. r k-- ' - . , I 1.5 ,Ig I . . ' . . P . U ' h I L- fx , v k - k v I ' , r,k I .' I. -..i'- , .V "s ' - .Z , .. , I -I , ,D .k.. . , . . B. ,k' 5. . . I, X y K I Ni i Ch Koxnmex R H Aleek unfortunately was in iured last x earand has not xxhollx recox ered from it Hence he could not be relied upon to act as this year s captain lhough h indie ipped Xleck plaxed ind plunged with all his strength into the idxersaries All thought that the xx ounded shoulder xx is gone Raise the banner of Hurst xx as his motto X11 RL! Vx rms R H Such positions as end halfbaek and fullback yxere held bx him At end he played since he was a I reshman starring in nearly excry play with those brisk tackles As a bacl held m in he vxas one of the best on the squad Fearless and brfix e in any circumstance was Merle XX ith one more y e ir y et to play he decided not to continue school and disregarded 1 chanee of stardem P xee Qui LR I B Paul is only a Freshman although his iction in the gimes showed true markings of a Senior lhose long runs he did so well were great yardage gains igainst any te im During the season he was known as the sprinter But those fleet legs haye yet three years to carry through fime and glory for l lurst Bi its xiao Nox Alx R G Bernard is another fellow who could not pl ny the entire season because of an injury re ceixed during the summer in b iseball playing Hoyxexer xxhen he pl xyed in the prexious semester the opponents knew that he was in the game lo stop or to drix e the oppo sing side was his second nature Boys like him are difticult to iind L Dxx XRDI-KTLA L I' lidyxardxxithlittle experlenceproyed that ey en Sophomores can plax that great sport football XX hen an off tackle play xx as called Edward perfomied that xr. edging dm e by which our backfield men follow ed through Next year one should find him an outstanding star Iosi lll Yuiousl R I l Not h'1xing the opportunity of displax ing much action joe took ex ery chance with a bang A team is not complete without any substitute Joseph fultilled that say mg to a t A substitute yes but a regular at heart GeoRef YANTCH Nlanager George had a problem at hand when Hurst was gix en a new Field House The duties were many and rcspon ible Yet George was a lad who nexer tailed His managerial position had a standard that will be well remembered Pxeel Ama Iramer A gre iter supply of medical equip- ment supplies and 'a capable fellow xxere needed to treat the many injuries of the season. This season xxas truly a season of great and many' injuries but all were faithfully' skillfully' and courteously' attended to by Paul. This won him the love and favor of the players. flIlARI.ES DUBLlNSKY'fiASblSt8Df Manager. Serving under 'l'acl'itch Charles proved to be nearly' as valuable as his superior. No duty was unattended to or left improperly done. He believed service and attention were essentials of true managers Page Sixty-four Basketball It has been onlx elght xears snnee Hurst has had a basketball team fhat xear Hurst had no gymnasium eonsequentlx lf lalled ln pro duelng a good lmpresslon lhls xear l93f has seen the greatest team xet developed at Hurst Wlth the ard of onlx one regular and a few substitutes from the pre vlous xear the team earned on plaxmg ball that was surprlslng to any opponent team The team was a SIXKN mrnute competltor and for that reason IIS substltutes seldom got a chance to sw mg 1nto actlon So SQQFCSSIVC and potentlal xx as thls team under the capable gundance of Coach Clark that Hurst had the countx tltle xxlthln ltS ftrasp a feat nexer accompllshed as xet bx Hurst Had there been more experienced substltutes to rellexe occaslonallx the reftulars the team could offer stronger eompetltlon not onlx for four periods but also four extra perlods as well But thus needed help xx as laclxmg Page SIXIY five Hurst qulntet bx elexer offenslxe and defen slxe zone taetncs tnred exen the strongest team lt was hxe of our players agalnst flxe and addmonal plaxers of the other team Of eourse our boxs strained ex ery muscle exerx nerxe and ex erx effort but ellel thex ffnxe up when the paln nn thelr feet ehest and head courageous bodies' Indeed not' Hurst xx as a team that surpassed NOFXXIH fthouffh much superlorl bx better ball plaxmg Hurst held the drnxxnv re1ns and greatlx outplaxed Xflonessen ln the sem1 finals A matter of a fexx seconds hoxxex er changed the score xx1th 'vlonessen ahead as the result of the fresh a1d of thelr substltutes Unlucklly for Hurst there xxere no capable asslstants The fixe plax ers xx ho started the UHITTC battled untlrlng lx untnl the Gnal xx hustle Thxs wasjust another lncldent xx here Hurst xx as Hurst A team of poxx er a team supreme l l , , , ,V . Q 1 V' f - . 1 x ' r x 1 - 'bg ' 1 1 I , - " 1' ' - h .' " ' ' e rs 4 ' V z X I 'E , 1 U. f - was penetrating deeper and deeper into their ,, ', V ' ' I I - . f ' V- U rs V. l D ' .' ' I N. N. f A ' X - - f U - ' ' - . 1 - I X i F .hm j 9 Y - , , , , 'D f . t', 1 . 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Suggestions in the Mount Pleasant High School - Log Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, PA) collection:

Mount Pleasant High School - Log Yearbook (Mount Pleasant, PA) online yearbook collection, 1915 Edition, Page 1


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