Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE)

 - Class of 1953

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Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1953 volume:

Q H xi ,L Z' , -- M, " , 5 A . ,WW .WWI 42,2 11 . If - A'.' ,fiS,31Qif, if .. - ' Q1 ifflfig . "ik-fgvf , , ,M Zaman ,V M .A .' W1 ww ,A A -L I ww,,..w q..-A .,4Mp:.x, f- 'J hw ffzemi -Zo 1 ff J!! X Ziaxaffzi fy we! Oxpfzf Zfffl My M ' , ' xx ' 1 , f , ' Y Y W 1 1 "' Ev f 0 ei 1- if fe Qf' 'AX 1 1 1 Q Y 1 QQ " Q jx 0 Mfg ... A ' 1 - , V-fy Y -df Qfvf G , 0 N 1 Q ' .- 31: ' x ' Mn ,dw nw X- 1' gl' CQ 1 1 1 1 A 1 1-W , 1-'- -di-,.,..4 W 1 1f ,1 f' 'A- -' 4 e Q 1 1 I ' F 1 V9 2 1 1 Q 51, 11 1 1 I Y K., 'Wil 'fiflx 1 ,N 1 M'-11' Y ,V 3 A I 1 V"r'-f' "fr ' 'UT Q' X 11 '- y N K 4, ARIN!! .fl 1""--..-"la 1 W 1 1 1 1 f 1 1 9 10 ' 3 , K, 1 ,X J X X 1 ,I OA 1 i 1 X1 1 ,i X, X I1 X ff K 1 Q Q lx 1 I M! I 1 1 1 1 . J x 5 ' -If 0 i I , 1 , ' , , YI' , 167 1 1 I Gvfsi ' 1 N I L1 " - 1 1 1 , E , 1 LA ' 1 T A 11Q1f' 1" 111 111 'f 11 1 '11 lei 1 , ,1 5 .1 ' I l , s MJD Q 1 1 ' 'AJ ," 1 ' ,' A w , i ' A 1 1 A 1 f .Q I X mf. Mu. .,, , A K X X k K ll i V A ! N K XY X I -1: V . A 'X - X,-Af' If L KTXYN lW',f'fiJ:Zl, K T s ,f"ff' X 1 Rack A ku, A --.fg+fA-ill,-X ,L 1 J I f 1 ' ff If , C 4 I I We, the Seniors, will always remember and appreciate the cooperation given to us by our parents, and the hard work done for us by our teachers. They have combined many times in contributing to the betterment of our class pro- jects and to the improvement of the school and its facilities. It is, then, with a sense of deep gratitude that we dedicate this yearbook to the Mount Pleasant Parent Teachers Association, the organization that contains our parents and teachers working cooperatively for our good. Szecutwe dance! f tie P 714 l x Z 7 In the years to come we will recall our high school years through this book. Our theme, the play, was chosen because we feel that the world is a stage and all of us are actors in the play of life. If, while leafing through this book, you find the various acts and scenes focusing more clearly in your mind, then our effort has been well worth the while. All the world'.v 4 stage, And all flee men and women merely playerx: They have their exit: and their enlmm'eJ,' And one man in bi: lime play: many parm. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE from AJ You Like It Act II Scene VII ,. .. , ,.i...ev., -.-'1' Q.-.-.-..---21.-'!w. -. 'fa ftfiz? "wifi -157231, 13:2-is 'B'-. XQ39'-rf i2-':Pa."v.- 5 -4.4.1 s 73. '42 'mf' V Ag, - -s . 1" "Y-H "1 U. - " .7 . , .:- - --sf.. ' 43:3 " 5 -' 5' .-. - "-1"-5 'Pig "7 5 ,. - t.m?g.,.k..:,a'. ..:a,a....4 Q, 3? .2255 Sn' 'A 2 '24 - Wi?" Q 'N 11 1... 13' ff?-if ' C' ' ' -' -+'5"'1 -. gtk 'X ,Aff 2-.'ff.'x:-v3j:S:- 55. o?PN'5"-gg' . , ' 2 1 -- 4' if :v'..,. ..f wg. , . .ff .- f.-.,,:.gf5 'G ' 'Q' ""?""' 'S '- 'swf-.Q-:ff .-Q., 3.5. ,. 1. '5i'fQP'5S5:2 I TVN . . ,,. . CRC.. . -lax'-66393. ,. -. ... ....:.,g .oem If 4, - '. '.- .Q-' .-..- -, ..,- .,.+..-,-,,- - . Q-.g-s -255.-421955-., -Tae,-'-.-' -... . 1:-few . . ...-.-.5954-L-:.q.3a2,! -ry'hfqq,Q.-4" ,gf 1-!'v3w-2-:':':-"a-4-.::-- ' -1' . .,.,r,.-.ov 65,3 .s .gQq':.yIo,':4-4 -paid:--' .2-.-ff ' so :fm :-:-1 ' g .,r .'.g-'-'.-:.vM- 41' ,fe 45:-:Cie rt- '-222'593:2?2+i2i'35' .fffl .wls '-Z-' 'Z:1'-1" -. ex- -..,"-te-za-5 QW: "2e+i2tfi'tJ1'ds9"-2-::'f'33L' I H ."' .1-'la-'Q'-.-4 ' '-jg.-vw z' 5-21.-f,.'v"" '. .5 -2 ref. 1 ez..- '-,fl f sr -,,--. ' -5.-.. - .- .gpg '- - . of . .' tx-53' hflft ' 191:19 f,""s5.Xl1..'3, 92 'tr 'Ffa ' 5,0',"'.H Q " . . i ':iE"'0.'.v . .v::'I:+0 1.-s nf-.. ..-..-1-. Q S v 1 -C 4. ir 4 ' e?'..v". v..'o -4- as 'V . ,. .JNAQ 'Jn .-' 9--,. ' ,' Ig...-W, 1' ,IN vm 'e"Z'- , . . "Q-C,S::?-9 '.a:-'S-.,-Sf" "-" 'L .g.g.2. , Q.. 4 .Nh Q b, ,vie nn' 0 .un,5.04..' 5.5. V9 aah' Q . 11. ,IS ,D fs' 422' . .9 qs' . 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V DO . ' "2 'E 'ay v " ' ' 'Vi' 'Q ' ,-ff '-. '34 -2: ' YR .vw X .u Ns. 9 ' ' ' 9. , . . 0 .3-, ,.' ' '.' ev- .ge .',o,, X S ,1. ,s9s,,n4 . ... ' . , Q n 0' 4. . x 9, ,., .,x.,s,', . Q... ,. .'.',' v,'. o Q .. , , 1. , . . . , s o . ... . 1 . .. q. .. " . H v' .'.' Q 0. '.'- '.' H' '.'. . ' ' ' ' '-' -'iv 'C 'e 1, 'N-,WAC " Q- A ' 1 ee 0 ' ' U." . ,..-. .'.,.: . , ., . . . Q. -'.'.-4. 4-ls'-. ' X' - so . , . .1 .-,., , , , .-A ','.-4 0 f ' - . , ,. . ,. ,- .4,1.'.,,v -Q - -'-. X O0 55 0 50 . O . 00.0 0 AQ 50' N - .'. - ,og ' ,, :.f', .0 se 5,355 ' . L . . .. . . .- . , , . .-Hg, . .., . . . .1 V ...ft " ' -..' 'P '-' . -0 fe.-.sf-. " " S.. ....y as M. .0 -H 's . . .-'.' no .N . . gs ,539 xg ' at f fi, -..' - .5 , .,'.,..,,. ' . 3... ' ' O ' 0 0 OC M. 2 '. . - s M , '. 39 ' '-.f '. ef . . . '- I . . - Q '.'. , . . .,.,...,o, . . . 4.-. Q ,U . 9 . . , .. . . , 8 N , .l , . ., 4 o . Q f. - f I ' ' 333' 0 3 W". ,'.'.', '62, -. I 9. '. . ' " . . ' ' 1 4 4 0 4' 1 . w 0. ' e o 0 'we 4 1 Q' . 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The history of mankind has proven and no doubt your own personal experience has shown you the truth of these words. They are comforting words because most of us are not clever. Most of us are just ordinary people, with little to offer except courage and the will to work. It is reassuring to know that the secret of success is not a monopoly of the few. It is thrilling to know that you have at your command as much of the main ingredient as the next fellow The amount of hard work that you use in building your formula of success depends only on you Good luck and best wishes JOHN F HEINFY Supernzterzderzt To the Class of 1953 It is my hope that your school days at Mount Pleasant have been pleasant an profitable ones I extend to you hearty congratulations for your achievements to ate and wish for you ewery happiness in the future If you have established a goal for yourself and that goal is a worthy one you have my best wishes for success lt might be wise to recheck to make certain that you have followed the philosophy of one who has gone before us that you have hitched your wagon to a star If this be so you have aimed high enough so that you will still be getting a good score even if you fall a little short of your mark In a world deep in economic and political chaos there is a great need for wise leadership In just a very few years we will be looking to you for that leadership With divine guidance we know that you that you will not fail Sincerely we JN" flu E R SCHWINGER Prmcfpal 7 Y . . 1 - 1 . ,. . 1 ,, . . . . . - y . Y . I . Q, M" -' Q is 1 , ' A 1 s 1 i s n l 1, A V ' 4 1 1 . Q I i 'iff pl' Q -J X gy., Q vfgxl B is oxxggih ff '2' fee A ai! - 9,4 ,V TERA Y gd lu Q 6' LI RY TO X5 , ,EL . .-. s", K"P Y . CO-EDITO RS Eliza be'l'h Frifze William Robelen BUSINESS MANAGER Ronald Buckalew LITERARY STAFF- Connie Kelly, Susan Rineharf, C1 Chairmen: Rosemarie Harfmanl Nancy McKendrlck, Janice Kuschine Marlha Mendenhall, Nancy Samplei Barbara Roberls, Carolyn Phillip Carol Myers, Elaine Criflendon. HISTORIANS-Carol S+one, Sandra Greenan. GIRLS' SPORTS - Anne Beniamin, Chairman: Lucy Oliva, Ann Minnis. BOYS' SPORTS - Rennie Saud'I', Chairman: Bob Hickman, Bob Thomas. PHOTOGRAPHY - John Se'l"ile, Sfanley Tabasso. ART-Lois Pelerson, Chairman: Cyn- 'Ihia Travis, Lee Dalaski, Mary Copeland, Sandy Holsinger. BUSINESS STAFF-Charles Sands, Janef Marlin, Kennelh Defrick, Shirley Conaway, Jack Marlin, John DeVore, Vivian Beiriger, Sally Busk- er, Mary Bell, Dick Wagner, Eileen Dukes, Shirley Whaley, Carol Vin- cenl lPa'lronsI. TYPIST-Barbara Moore, Assisfanf. xi iii 7 j XX fi? ,sX:f s7II2IIIi ,a's .I df-- II p - Y H J' QS' ' A OfbGkA PORT lx xg,-go Zhadwoma -lc. TANIA K BOUCHER Ek f Qu.-fx CHARLES H BOMBOX I L1 e J 61 fm A5 Slv zkwpeaze zz mte Tl 611 fend Ike u aj fu! Ill 0111 fwpe S' www, XML You me the Jim I uudom J guzned XJ VA A Thu! 561126 a ar he B Wzfb 19011015 famed' Earls lad and lan M May 10117 df 6117715 mme true U76 bid 0111 alms A 0nd adzezz 604 ff' MARGARET P NELSON fl f iv . S ,- nk - ' 'QM f ' 0 ww I , My Pi" , . ' , lv ,x,:' ' .1 0 ' f, -N 1 " 4 ' ' V ' xsxiyxijxflxxjd X fxzfxa'-. VMR ' ' 1 fx- - .XO u . 1 ft yr Qx-L 4 ff I ow! . , L 'xx lk XJ f ' . . hx is V 'av 3 0 tt from . 66? 1 . 'lu-sv if e I 'T' iiijwirl My It J fig, if if lil! .f, 455 .1 ,, ff 1' - 'bf 'Q an 4- ,X P M Mtg 3 1 'E he:- if-r A , 'fl ,riv- tail ,......o six ' - X W L ,R . I H- Ji' l A are . T. VINCENT T. REMCHO West Chester State Teachers College, B.S. in Ed. Chemistry Arrirtarzl Prizzfiprzl. DAVID J. ANDERSON Swarthmore College, AB. lfniversity of Pennsylvania, M.S. Core. Seventh Grade Chairman. Sponsor Pet Club, Seventh Grade Intramurals, Dog Exhibit. MARGARET BEESON Beaver College, B.A. Home Economics Sponsor Knitting Club, Freshman Class. CATHERINE BIEBER Drexel Institute, B.S. Home Economics Sponsor Cooking Club, Freshman Class. WILLIAM H. BOUCHER West Chester State Teachers College, B.S.g University of Pennsylvania, M.S. Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra. Sponsor Bowling Club, Sophomore Class, J. V. Basketball Coach. Civilian Defense. BARBARA ANN BOYER University of Delaware, B.A. English Press Club Sponsor, Sophomore Class, Junior Play. STARR L. COLE Ithaca College, B.S. Instrumental and Choral Music. Band. Junior Class, Choir. JOHN W. CROWTHER Millersville State Teachers College, B.A.g New York University, M.A. Graphic Arts. Metal Work. Assistant Basketball Coach, Horseshoes Club Spon- sor. Leather Crafts. STILLMAN A. DARREL, JR. University of Pennsylvania, B.S., A.M. Physical Education, jr. High School and Intermediate Grades. Intramural Athletics in jr. and Sr. High. ELMER FENNICK Bucknell, B.S., M.S. Core, English, Social Studies. 'M Sponsor Audio-Visual Club, Baseball Coach. VIRGINIA M. FERRY A , Z, College Misericordia, B.S. ' .J f Mathematics Q- Sponsor Little Theater. . if ' .ff A .M 'JN if' A 5.3 jizz A 'f E 4 if ' A . D.. JAMES A. GENNARIA Bloomsburg State Teach ollege York University, M.A. ' ' - J, Director of Guidance il- N Ping Pong Club Sponsor, Student Council, Honor Society. FORREST L. GUTH I QS., New National Millersville State Teachers College, B.S., New York University, M.A. Woodworking, Electricity. Sponsor Model Clubs, Assistant Baseball GEORGE T. HANNING Dickinson College, West Chester State College, B.S. Temple University, Ed. M. English Sponsor Hi-Y, Sophomore Class. IRENE B. HARTSOG Flora Macdonald College, B.S. Mathematics Sponsor Y-Teens. JOAN WALLIS I-IAUPTLE University of Delaware, A.B. French, Spanish. Sponsor Swimming Club, Sophomore Class. PERRY F. HOBERG Coach. Teachers Academy of Fine Arts, Temple University, B.F.A., B.S. Ed. Art Sponsor Art Club. SUSAN B. HUNSBERGER Gettysburg College B A Physical Education :WS we l 5 fha l Hockey Coach, Basketball Coach' LESLIE B. KING I Moravian College A 13 lege M S g Problems of Democracy, Civicsig ' , . n lv ' S - 'I H MW I I Sponsor Multi-Sports Club, Footb I Coach. -, , ? AQ, 'Ke '- iq' I il Yew-r QQT7- W X what-g ay' dn Q -w. a als ,. Q W 'Ee N-...x l ,aa-6. Q8-f if bi-0' -.... fl ,,r ,rs 'L , ERNEST D LAMBORN Yale University B A Science Physics Astronomy Club Sponsor SYLVIA J LEONE Grove City College BS in C University of Pittsburgh M in Litt Coordinator of Distrrbutrve Education Related Sub jects CLAIRE MORAN Mrserrcordra College B M English Music Sponsor Jr High Chorus HOWARD S PARSONS Pennsylvania State College BS M Ed Director of Health Physical Education and Ath letxcs Sponsor Dance Club Safety Patrol Fire Drill Squad Athletic Association Civil Defense Coordinator ETHEL H MORGAN West Chester State Teachers College B S Health Physical Education Sponsor Jr High Dance Club Freshman Class Hockey Coach Softball Coach. JOHN A. MORGAN Temple University B.S. M.S. Science Sponsor Science and Aviation Club Assistant - tramurals Track Coach. WAYNE J. POLLARI University of Delaware, B.A., M.A, U. S. History, World History. Sponsor Bowling Club, Junior Class, J. V. Football Coach. ' JOHN T. RAMSEY St. Joseph's College, B.S.g University of Pennsyl- vania, M.S. Social Studies, English, Civics. Sponsor Hi-Y, Basketball Coach. ETHEI. M. ROE University of Delaware, B.S., M.S. Algebra, Plane Geometry. Sponsor Student Council, Junior Class, School Savings Program. RICHARD V. ROSE Wofford College, B.S.g Columbia University, M.A. Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing. Sponsor Hobby Club. JOHN A. STANAVAGE West Chester State Teachers College, B.S., Temple University, M.A. Social Studies, English. Sponsor Press Club, jr. High Newspaper. ZIEBER R. STETLER Albright College, A.B.g Boston University, M.S. String Instruments, Eighth Grade Music, Orchestra. GEORGE STRAIN La Salle College, A.B. Bookkeeping, Stenography, Typewriting. Sponsor Golf Club, Sr. High Club Promoter, Chair- man Sophomore Class. HANNAH T. WESESKY State Teachers College, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, B.S.g Pennsylvania State College, M. Ed. Latin Sponsor Journalism, School Service Clubs, Green Flash. DAISY P. WALLACE University of Delaware, B.S., M.S. Ed. English Sponsor Book Lovers, Freshman Class. VIRGINIA WALKER Delaware Hospital, R.N.g University vania, Certificate in Public Health. of Pennsyl- Nurse 2. 'PP' W I , Q ,je t L '15 I 1 i K . li.'a...f.1 .. l gn? 'fi - .rr- v' Al,-ffpigk L Sf. A fb- 45. I '. X OFFICE STAFF ......... I' LUNCI-IROOM STAFF RR A. ,J .xxnxl X 'Time Cpu.u-:Tq G13-ls HEL 9 USS?- 5 K 2-+29 .C,1QW"X 'GAC xv Db JT.Q :'r Pezrimm' P SGW 9777 ' 109 5.3 Km.:-f'f1 ' Giiv' fgfkgiigks. , f lifgff qw A for Q 0 .X"u,5Q i!5' L I V , R xl 1:3 .9 4 . - ' . N . ,Q Q 0 'V vox Pepbvdvf 5 S ,E 5 Y' JJWW N 550 Aw GLW' ,av 5 L X 'lf on lynx Qu.. Qin President, Ronald Buckzilcw: Vicc President, Robert Thomas: Secretary, Carol Vinccntg Treasurer, Rennie Staudt. p 1 i ' ft' 'L l r . .ti ,ia i j i fiom, r Jiiemjijltqixj-C jr A Uifu 5 'CHARLES ABRAMS ig yr' ' ' J V if Thepeylitxle ingr are great. 5 1 llfrfen -Chuck with his spameifjha serious manner proved his skills ,A i in' nyif' erutf ays piling the past four years. Intramural ZWTW' lt J tsrplgglfifv ylzyfxplxt, baseball. dance committees, Student in .L o lil e and'numerous assemblies show his versatile 'm 'ai SJc:i,lUare his favorite pastime. not to mention Hallo- we'e parties! Hard working and ambitious. Chuck has been inval able to the class, especially on the committees for the junior play. Chuck would like very much to become a pharmacist after the Navy has finished with him. VIVIAN PEARL BEIRIGER O Brifk at iz bee in r0m'er:r1!i021. This little gal spent most of her early high school days playing basketball and softball, but then she turned to the Senior Choir, which now occupies a great deal of her time and interest. Although she plans to become an elementary teacher and t 04.7 train at Ohio University, she still maintains that homework a Q Q? tests are her pet peeves. Could it be that thqse te s and t a , homework prompt her frequent comment, " h wel, we a ' all be brainy!"? 4 I X, ' U fl n C'-, W me l N Q2 Z x f gp' f ij 1 Q Nd I .f .1 l DOW ,U ARY iz 4 WA, BELL 0 ,, M e .rinpadrizf r a'u' N-Ci! . I W One Xdf the so i if' e v- ior V 'r d a fr uent soloist at musical ent r 'r ' hos voi e n s chills p and down one! spi , M ry 6' l. .' take, n active part in the choir for Uwe s,' and . e eps her voice well trained by taking singing es s w y. wever, Mary's future plans include teaching, ot m J. g she plans to obtain her training at the University of - awa Make-up tests are "Skeezer's" pet peevesg consequently, she isfnot often peeved and is usually found singing, listening to music, reading, or just plain talking. E FK . r I 1 ' , f F " C 0' 6,7 A 'Q 7 , ANNE BENJAMIN I, G -2" efwfftv f7"""r w agp O"'4"4r Spf: and rpan new. "" aa '-f.....J' 1-, 4'---4-w "Benjie" fshe doesn't like to be called Annieb has been very 7 ffFIZ'....7f,,,. I-' A 000-UP? . O ?:"'C-1' f'I ., . B . yw-va.,--t..Ait,L4-1g 'AAR- ,. . dba.:-4,1-P busy in these last few years. Shes been a member of our Athletic Association for four years, was secretary of same in her junior year, and chairman of the football committees as a senior. Also in her junior year, she was a color guard in the band and co- ordinator of May Day. The senior play, duties as a color guard, and membership in the Senior Choir have kept her on the run this year. College is anticipated, and Anne hopes to emerge from some institution of higher learning as a dental hygienist. o-..P.fQa.f..J - " 255' . . A Q A y x V5 ' ,M A A Lqlzsii BOZLTON 4 3 A .f t ami ' il nzghlr l?'ljiiJOIlf!7tif0ll . ' p . Altlmotigls .ys vat herfcluief bhbitioQti". to gnduat we Q 'A fm 'i knt hat arty has n ing tafiworr outgyid thx! he will . l a lyyr-N e nvjicces. nutit g, I ch er ll?,'gU-ll- I e is,lf natiyq,lOhi0 , andfiine er f vurite pfstimes is talk- tl ing pfzout lMt state.VWe ill rcmeinber 'is senlin' c pc-cially f r Y 1 -f A . . . . ' tj her hei t 4 l g E res t nm: o 110. b tlistincti 4 Jiiuglim' e rtmyiyl, of 1' ' lly": th plfq, her fw ,fl v pe cves ,Ibn of w ich is 'ru n ifor people , an her favorite I fy . jing.j"D7fy. rd!" 1 I f tl I, A H jjllfxa ' I all .fu 4, R A TA get ND'NBL'RG bi liar 1 Je d 4162 ,1 1 . JJIDH1 '4uft1u'4 his was Mliboshijl has had 3 6 in m y s during" her A r yea s ih higb ichfol btlt ncfx will Sgr f ow' nL!f?4x'4as ipfour lutlijbf and Yxor A L! . pl H., esi ra a ' . thisft te. dir -haired senior hvaafp ayed ' ,KD rsity s ts andyjin be seen nm" ng asvaf color glziard yyjlh yn , our , "More fun the 'ig-,ellzfle-mit1,ydefil" is blfpetl Qying' ' a people with n 'ill-power or selfidontrol -Seem fmlyltlmp he! I ist of peeve9JRobe taxi! plaknigg to att dgcollegf 'andjnfnlor ' L, sical gducatioqfbier ambitloh? Wiellghler tls in her oyn ,V ywbrdsz' Vgfifb malrcyL a rich, bambitiplii good.-Je 'kingy mascaline i , mayijzf M55 ' 4,1 K -V Mg NA: . l jf D t jx! ' f rf lu' I x Af' , , xt' Q, 4 W ffl' A A , J 1 ' P - 1 cf!! , i ' N ' A Nl ,, I all. ,I ef' -J bf' f A 1 14, 1' V 1 rl . f' Nw -V gay if W ALDB KRQEXV' NJ y .41 ' J egygtbff ofenz 1 :mon bbvglea 1 I e. ,,- . ,V . One ' . f li inglrqting by-to c a other trbc 'medal' R Vytr Mt. easzinvgsrliill m, wi, Y, capabg senipvr class 'gf ' en 1 tlpkflfi 'pi elyrflor ll V enlor pfliiys'.'m ii haird- l ixmkin .f'Stpden 'lyme-rnb 'fl' atisfydahat ,fries on when K ' X Ro l,.arof1nql,flgu'k' st re haf Eee 'one of the guid-- ' in perszypliti Std Jr class, andy: vffglbrobably continue to if I reailizas his,-yambiti becoming a mi ster. Lisp! digit ,-yxkfo ifitereets in many other activities. ebpewlly p lilies, Rodfis shire fo szccpedf as long as nobody hurries him. 'LL M if , ' X. s A ' I - . : . i, 5 IA L 1 My , ' V J -' 2' -1,1-wr.. tl' , if fi V - 1 7 Ay V-SALE: ANN Brygcrxily ' fl A 5 I - Su,!1Qy5lap,iJ fryflbj of pimire. 'b,i.Arriving1 in t, Pleasantlyin her iuniok -year, Sally has taken an W in HCQNY iflffffl irljour C1555 QCfivitie.l.'Alth0ugh the majority of ber sparettiigng is occupied with her interests in sports, reading, ,--'and trips ovwlnstale' ijySmyrna, she always seems to be able to dgtime 'help any ne out with her sincere interest in eo le 5 ,s certain be ll a success in her Job' aila nurse, for which she X A enters intifrainfng in, September. Qi 4 X I 5 , 1 ' 1 V If su . r. ' 'W' . Lp fi ,QQMVQWQMC Qwfv ARTHUR H. CHANDLESS, JR. He who maker mum' alto make: bappinerr. Whenever music has echoed through the halls of Mount Pleasant it is fairly certain that Art and his trumpet were there, as Art has played in every band concert since 1947 and for all but two football games. We wonder if Art's dislike of Wilmington drivers led to his plans for the future. These plans include travel abroad while continuing his business education. ln the small amount of spare time available to Art, he can be found either rabbit hunting or sleeping. C - if W if li 3 ' . i'qxil,J y D Y 1 . i . 15 , 3 ' ti- fgipf CHOVNINQT I' I ben wi Talk-lydzk' :bl ivjl :Ext it Cute Pat, with yvof writ an 'ge , has enija schcgbl at Mt. P. H. S. for all f her' e ve h ' 'ear . Hertpleaidntness and pquon lity llgve won, Her ny f 'tn . Interest inn mu 'c, home econo icq d sp s Ile Pap an gill-aroynd'niembe of our class I er parehi ? be fuybd btigi a baskq all up . e t c' againsg a baciqbwrd, itjyydoigrs gli sfcfall Tao. If she isn't listeni U0 ' art usi' ,A e tan be seen da ing to it, probably wiki., th a This a secrefi but f5at's ambition is to become a hou if If i ! , . x-' 'P Xml l T SHIRLEY ANN CONAVUAY The bert thing: rome in Jmall packager. U1 p ns ecn Here comes a short little bundle of pep, sparkle, and energy fly- ing clown the hall to play practice. This would-be actress jumped up to Mt. Pleasant from Seaford just in time to spend her senior year with the class of '53. Shirley entered right into Mt. Pleasant life by going out for the hockey team and then the senior play, and opening up parties. Her two in line with her goes fshe hopes will be sure to leave everyone breathless. her beautiful basement playroom for many main loves, acting and cheerleading. fall right most frequent activity, talking. Wherever she to attend the University of Delawarej Shirley W Lt ...wily 3 ? V i ra s is Y iff X I' use e'G.ouz.o . ' "I -Hover: Iabm hyfnr 11 lazndrampfare. kf ,M -.' ' -' ' f' A L v Xtv - y ,bij J ' , s If 7. 1 i ,1 ,! t A C' ' 4 LXQATHERINE ELAINB' CBITTENDON Smile with an inlay! toe lo nzirclzief, Ifiyou see, a'tall, good-looking, energetic girl' talking excitedly to a'group 05 people-,lfpu see Eiaine. What's she talking about? More than likelyws es doing her cheerleaders best to pep the kids up abo t lhe nextlgame, or trying .to drearil up another way to put Mt. gleasann on top. She might mention a recent party and explode-upon her pet peeve, sloppy dressers. If you should hap- peqvto edge rn a question about her future plans, Elaine would till." you thlt she is going to the University of Delaware to study gf elementary education. 2 'R S X L, , Siler, i -f ,f ' 'J I J' I ff f f J JL -tsl' In ff' fl L 5 f' Vi T, ' .k K X, I n V01 ,fr 1 f" a 1' ' Y f 4 , f KL K P, f ff L f aff , 4 f ,ff LERQYaTIk-LOIgA,S,,UALASKI I "Big LeF"came to us-fin the tenth gfade and has added ai great deal' to our schgalfsince the . Hrs sportslability has bedfilknown throughout titty-ifllekcoun as well 'in ouVrlfd'idr1l. Lee likes football and f Qtbafll equallywell, nd he has also taken a try at track. Arrive in the Athlet'c Assogiation for several years, he held 'thee position of treasur injils senior year. Lee plans to begomve a commercial arvst in th future: and atcording to his nigny posters, which,fhave tlecorated the school, he seems well suited for thePp0fGtionf Lee, whose favorite saying is "Some peoples children" claims his pet peeve is people who can't make up their minds. , S Qi he " N it "1Q'i 'ER fisovxi-A 'ws re 'Qx t -X LQ DEi 4 A 'A ,. -A 'B ykixlgjk ir wane EQ ki: big- e. SL Never, never arguex-with. K qny about merii Psigand suc a car as against thQ:s?'bf exneral Mo au en wil stick up for G,hi.,w e Ci the ' ev ' X ese loud assertions could win a ' in ?f'Utur , and 'f Ken lra?fl'hs-wayfl-refll bec resident N Genenalwlvfotoggxmmewlqg This,,QF'wcour e, will c rm - emgletsisql ' rpat Dar1gq,QuThxand1"l'IarVarcl infpreparahon for sa busi- ness i' i a emenFfSalestalk he canine. as gp " 'ed by nning the le "'1'urrf'Ba?k the4flocl'Q, and I 'Sc Ti g - 4 i - K - v nounci blrpvith w.E.L. mi , ir ,Q ?.. x N' ' -3 . V4 5' K' lx. -. , N, v, ' Joi-iN WAL' IDGE DEVORE , Men 0 feug 'A rdf are hem 1' ' ' . il john is one of tho quiegifgoowat football and basketball teams ulclnll""o tlyu., ast three years, he has madey ' l path 'X ers as their manager, Thislyear heist t Q iogayfvpii tki ootball squad. His mottlf landlmk ur of ,5g,r1i6rfj' "quote, If it were done wheqbtls doheg Aeh pig? Qellsit. I Afydone quickly, Mac- beth, unquotexfknritl'y.gll'Yurefibllege on the agendag and if john lives hislto ge as he se to live his English lit- erature, he'll be 'f . 2 X wiki xx 'S N We ' 1 X H 1 Sl! QW? gyfrf va fir,-A :Lf-+se,J QQ ,,uc,fa'7r. df? ..!?jr1.-f11:fr.l?: ..,,v Elrsqr- .f f.,--r,,e..f..,j ffm! if6ff ,-H7650 ,,"v4., 47-gg, Ljcfpzx QZVDKL g f'. ""' K: '-77'-1.-I' Mnlfgzd Spfegf-gm. 6951 lffgdgmsl 3 '3 Qf5l3lfQC25!1.4X',,., c. ,'1 ,,,,V M, but e ecfall 'Bas 'all'. Flgivever, hwy fishin, bgskefgaljg' ' ' - tennis, and! 'bowling are 'on 'hiss "favorites "i1istI"gllhg'ughl'fou' Q if . might gather from the introduction that "Lefty" would like to be "a'Q'4'6V"" participate in professional sports, you'll find that he'cl like to if' '7 establish his own business fmaybe he'll open a sporting goods "-?""'f'j storej after he serves his term in either the Air Force or the Navy. Soft-spoken Adrian will get along all right as long as he doesn't come into contact with too many swelled-headed or cocky people. .V f. GEORGE DRAPER To know bim well is to like him belief. Drape, with his weakness for platinum blondes, proved his skill in shop work and all kinds of automobile mechanics these last four years. Enjoying two years of varsity baseball and four years of all intramural sports, "Drape" was an asset to his team. "Drape" considers his greatest peeve reading aloud in any class, but enjoys working on cars. Future plans include the Navy and trade school. Serious minded Barb spends a great deal' of her also finds time to listen to good records, keep 1 VJ VV r ,V K K V Aj f V U jf' Er EN BUKESI J V '. I nerour bean. Pre ty d vers i ie" has ee a member of this Duncan R institution, 'nce grack one r cheerful "Howe-ver!" will lzfng echo thr ' the halls of r beloved school. "Dukie's" pet eeve is cen red around Shirley Whaley's birthday cake and she P . ,. enjoys listening to the radio or,"anything else that makes music! This blue-eyed blonde's secret ambition is to join the Waves and see the world. Good luck, "Dukie"!! BARBARA 'ELAINE Fooc Sinrerity i.r an admirable virtue. up wlh the "A's" baseball team. in choral work, one of her outstanding the art line. Her hard studying and art ability help to her when she enters college. Where sureg her major might be architecture. Barbara, the people, holds insincere persons as her pet peeve. J.. .JJ H 1 'H-' 1 f 42 I .ff If-vt , . X , 4-f 'fl' 2... rt. ff... pf Ai: ' if 'A' A Q 1" 1 , lb., ly , . , nf x ,j L U jumf ANN FOGG ri 1--' A hue friend ir a rare gift. ii j 'R ' No gathering of the class of '53 would be complete without this bundle of energy. When she is not attempting to blow up the Chem Lab. judy spends her time listening to popular music and going to dances. Since her pet peeve is quietness. wherever judy fy is there is never a dull moment. After graduation from Mt. Pleas- X ant. Judy would like to enter Nurses Training. r, Jul, ,J A AL' r "N I U . a, AJ 1 . iQ, 5 , . GLENN Erwcfaizn Faicic Q ' Hi! the mail an the bead. If anything needs repairing on your car, just contact Glenn Frick, is the auto mechanic of the senior class. and it will be fixed quickly, f willingly. and with a smile. Cars and football are Glenn's main interestsg his only peeve is bleached blondes. His playing at the position ot' guard on that great football line of '52 will never be 4 forgotten. After graduation, Glenn plans to jump the gun on Uncle Sam and join the Air Force, Perhaps some day he'll switch his talents from flyboy to airplane mechanic. i,f pf r ' V iff f iii . ' i W fl 3 ' i tx. f- 1 3' 1 ' . 1 . XL.: 1. N 1 x ' ls X' Q A P' K. -'IJ' V VE' ,.f. I KL' .J Q4 - K-' -R A' ELIZABETH BLACKMAN FRITZE 4- Q gr A ' t 1 - -Anytlrilg fbi! Ina, JD: door welf, and the doe: mort ererylhing. j Lu Girl athlete. editor of the yearbook and "Green Flash," coordi- -' . A push- 1 N, nator of the junior play color guard Girls' State re resentative in X1 tj - - P - I -"gad zooksf' does she ever sit still? No, "Fritze" is always qyxk' doing something. yet she never misses "I Love Lucy." Our "Miss 'kEfficient" also has the lucky distinction of being one of the few -- girls who can wear a short straight haircut and get away with it 4, fand she wants to let it grow?j. "Fritze's" abundance of pep and energy will probably take her through William and Mary 'Xwith flying colors, that is. if she doesnt get into too many argu- -i ' ments with "those disgusting people who chew gum with their J mouths open." ' ll EI gif! S 3 JF. L, fa f LKP t lj 1, f ef K ' j li l I ' '- ' OODM - 1 Hewhol' lo 1 ' . " ogie" certainly '- u -5' t s all hrough high school! His goo -n ur gg- . ity and - in -- o kg on a burden n a r gr won h'm t - ri - ' of any. "Oogie" ha enty i ti 4 rt ' ae i all intra l spor give a helpi 5 ha '- '. stage c w r our ' a . He was ne t' rr main creators of he ' o sic scenery. Fran nform polii l dis ' h in Oogie's" list of pastimes, and hi lans are to become a print shop worker or pressma Ai J it' 445 'Y' fi., Ui, i, r x kj 'W 5 , , ' N L ' f I Op lpfci,-xN ULD , I or! n 11111 e :lima ' 1 AK' r f' , ll K W' :ffl 1 of .1 V, ,fl H, 'i 'c ljydvs ' incti of in ' of ost 'e QITIWISLK? our S A class, id n L prov A hi nceg fl sh ainly vas Gi of our cutest n p pi tc e eades esi r obd 'c a ivity in ' w , MH erl gf a ' ept self sy OF hejeilent Cou ' 'fork y e pa i syfgi' "Chib'4 re dancing. p' , .a dtintr mural s rtsg ambgjlon a happy majylhge. l m 's' ' "Tk L ' ' ' ive." el r e b d 1 hib,s J ev ing ou re not xery V elf' x Ui x ' JJ, ' 1 . px u ,vi A i .V x ll l Q: il Q' ti, ,L ' o bw af gra iation . ,V jk , 1 V if W 3 ', gf' ' V fd, Qcffbiu df' aflfhl his ar co erwejvwat ity: pet peeve f?j and plans s ss t . v ' ,yu t QD' Y 1 , L .1 yf s V J j ji xi!! fi, U, SANDRA ANN GREENAN j If il were done when 'lir done, A then 'twere well il were done quickly. diir historian for the yearbook, Sandy again shows her journal- istic talents, expressed also by her membership in press clubs for three years. A newcomer to Mt. Pleasant in her junior year. Sandy spent most of her high school days in Lakewood, Ohio, 'where she was, among other things. editor of her school news- paper. Northwestern is her choice for further drama or journal- ism. If, someday, you should see "just for kicks" written in a column by a foreign correspondent, you'll know it's 'Sandys work. She must have enjoyed that trip to Germany last summer! it Q voxq 'O Y o S '5 A' ,X 'D P 5, , vf fl! f hoisgo UV pox I- do tj, -I' f 'a uf 95 G 5-rp,-ke! .JEAlN'NE RDBB 9, Enjoy life whlle Il larlr. Jeannie brought to Mt. Pleasant in eleventh grade a constant smile and a cute, "Hi there!" which won the friendship of many. jeannies pet peeve is being called "Claude"g but, really, nothing bothers her too much. High on the list of her favorite doings are shopping at W'ilmington Dry Goods Qno plug intenclcdl, listening to records, and being with friends from Ridley Township. To graduate is jeannie's main ambition, and her future plans include secretarial work and marriage. n Sv,- ' ,J-'7 rfb' C-CN2' .1 Vx 7 'ii' 9, 0. fp V 9,1 JJ,7'Vx,,i,c92L:", 9.-ff ef-f A sf' ares?" rf'-Qty-P we ROSEMARIE Ielfxarrtffxgyt:--fy, get s- K I A11ibefw,1ifj,,fb'ge.,, 37 X X Wfgnted: One expert pian' for' the,S5icF55fH'O'ir o,oe"'14aBftl- .. actress to play the coryalgaiy in OL5.-9 ays. fig one car 5 'H' liven up life. Al 'iibrgpme yiagf-be lost.Df'Mt. Hlymitwhen ' j My t Rosie graduates. hgh. nts may not to Gigtheateiywi PM f' f though, for Rose wang, wHtten ?Tlii9pAC8 ',-Z A of Dramatic Artsvdf the' itma erior Desi uf- Rosie, who will prgqrblyghb s remem forsfzrfszznse humor, likes to do amost she 'esiecialgs lo s t play tennis and eat. or agsfh-E woiggb iiydkxf? T that's me!" ,f t by X50 -7 ' 9, ff . - of - ff 12 54 . ' ' , 'A ' l ' 1 "' VZ' . ,Jia pl' I ff' Y X ' 'lf- , p ,yy J' T E.Hi?MA?ifyI1 tv- Zygele ugly rl: Ei' A bl! friend knew. allfotpd gtwpbfl rkma ,Qphimsejf busy with many ,lvariedfajiviti l urin M ' school years. He will be best lvl", or lf. ability as he showed it in e ,' Q' " 'V o' chain A r"" lay and the various musicals in which ' - I Her e's" fderived from the name of Coach 'A , 1 erritan Yalej speed as a runner will never be for- , gplien byvlti thusiasts. Those fans may see Bob running on 1" V 'FE . n the future but as a star for the U. of D., no Pyle nt for Bob wants to go to Delaware and study en- ring. ' ff ff RA LE Abore lfy zgr In refree LI ll lntbeurted tj! Cheerleader raor r publ ci m of the uni .ts member c in er arou a c en W1 y gays r avor p and m t e so' o over s e essi l cheer ader'-'f'faQl?y!11s such a thing J a nce pp! as head cheerleader ops lffi t l jeople who take s ere-as t easa NI ecr Weapon J and 7, s t1 u sf oosiflo In case pro WJ r e ttrfalize S ight consider o eh an AIM, it iTifff?faf??VQf?iW M it dffi e n s ntl in t room 0 t u om y e res t e seem M... .. tfpgxwi ! ILL Abl ON O S Iam f ypfl e zfzyo ad: G to ny Mt easzyl an Soca V tall hgraceful good looking er whos tealirpgwt e 5 with his smooth steps and you ave gpfzvjones Leons 'f orrte activities oughout high school were sports ghd shop work plans for ter gradu ation mclu auto mechanic work Thi eed athlafe was found on both the- VMS basketbal and f all te s unng his high sc ool career a if e snt on' the x si y he always ar trcipated in int amurals Hrs s Let ambs to is to be a stock car driver but as hewvould sa p Ye gadfl thats tgq dangerous Z? V . V Fl N " 4.4 If . , Q -5. .- Q 5- " ,' .. .7 V '.. 1, f 1' , .Vk. V K V . . .ru W I i A is in ' f . U ' -, ' if ,ffgqr 9 5 y 40" A ' fl' . , f 51991.-ggi th 6 ' I em E rr , 52. , 1.23325 zt gg I rc Y dl gk! K 5 I 1"r p' , t Q Y . A 4,0 ,eg 'IM , ! ,,",fH'3 :'g'1'piv,y U 1 A Y: ,":,r, if 'fvv'y':': IF y',5'v flajvu' ii? rf' at jf:j,'y5:,f ff l ' V .V ef gjffjfjf' ffI1"'g,: , ,M J' me H.. .S . LSI mln , 1 . . ' A ' ' i ' yi!" We e ' h 1 , is y Ang Y 3 - 'ke ' ' he ad t . f - kan In f J: s Ie 3 t" epwf ' , h n f , , e fa ha I dp Hex A A , ,ci A Q I - in K 0 ' ar. J 7 ' ' pic e ' .o ? ' . . e " . 7V I he is sa gy " e 'wir ' ' - f c l " .n ' . 4 A It I ,Xp llihin ' 'or - 'ge. i I i I ' 1, 1 ' - A ' V V Q ,' . X f A i ' f 1 'VI i ff V J , I M2 .I f I I K ff 'V V i ' I ' ' . 5 M! 4 ' R l' I ' 1' oi A .' . l K' il I ,lf J ,' f t p et ,c be o al " w b h ar' g -f ile' d . c e s es V ' A ut r y f . e r V W, I ' nd , Hot r ye ., s to 0 t gh f X ' b ' g co e s h ' t ' m . c ' o o s is d f , o T V I be f " w es" nd l u n't ' l mb' ' ' t . , , 1 'jf X ' ' I QV . H 4 V I l t ' WL 1 if . rift ' - f on 6 X ay 4 R l 'eJ. ,V N 5 O - x. U I, Lg I ' 1.1 , - J V il il I. . . .V .l A .V ' g . pf 4 ' if . 'f ' X h j I' ' hd ' ' Y pf' , Vl P . L If K' i Q V' f ll i . Vi i We 1 4 ' y . A E .M V f F i V W" w 3 if ,K . ' ix www T if ,t F7 1 ff 'fl ,Wig if i i if ,gif fini , ,fr A j Cfonisriifivce Y A good rpm! and true, we need more fur! like you. ikonnie might easily be called "The Girl with Ideas" because she has introduced several new projects into our class. such as Tag Day, ideas for dance themes, and the yearbook theme. This active seniors laugh can be recognized anywhereg and in any argument involving the mountains ersus the Seashore, you may he sure she will stick up for seashore. Connie likes' riding, dancing. walking, music, an portsg and she hates people who steal other peoples' boyfriend! She. wants to go to Cornell but is not sure what she will ido after ds. However, we are sure that what- Wy ,V My p rf -ijfifffii 'wavy ii' -' If 4 ebiep W' ever Connie-decides t o, she will be a success at it. 4 t all 4 A W L ' if 'T , " " A Q, '1 ' T L9 'ip' flliqyprimxisdfw lsr ' ,A I '-.-.. if JSilem'q more 77 ' ril+lm1Z any mit . ' V00 Don't play anyfzyifspilrgf for C.Lq:inyf"5L tur Qi? the ihillbilly music and she' be hapiy,-We n6 that shell be sure to Xbflfmby i s hegarriklt' n and becomes an execu- ftiveYsecr:tqf an't you inny on,the boss's ljpghflf Vir- ginia 0, inue s iniebas she has shodfin 5612661 and yith her f s :md .ically-talented family. si-re3"will surely'succeedg and, no Hou t, some day she'll marry that boss instedd of perch- ing on his lap. I ' f Q-q Qs Q' x YY A N 1' 1 4 Wirriari KING I beliere in Lrfeifzg life sary, Remember the little green coupe with the black spade painted across the back? Have you missed it? Bill's graduated to a larger car nowg he has a Pontiac. and the familiar green coupe is gone, However, Bill with his mechanical interests and passion for carslfs still around, and invariably tinkering with motors or building boats. He built his own motorboat last summer, so look out Pus'ey and jones, you may have a strong competitor coming up in Bill King! fl I, L I ' i , f ,J L JQK gill Y fu' Lu' I if gk, dl? --1, rl fjmvicg KCQLCHINQ L' I .V v L," ' ,KljC9A,jruf iviid ir fofeger a frierQ4,4fL 5 'N Cheerful f us " with tsqof sgiibblgspiritybhvas hadfrhany good times at Mtf liieaisant whfpqfparticigtaiingqn rberous activities. Her recorgfflor zztrlytic Assoc' tiblf represedigtive is unbroken for her e ire fo years off igh Achool. "Kik,h" was serious about all inllgairiural sports and wed terest i Jfiiusic. and listening toithe radio. t geo . Why an ord Prep, of course' Kushs m r,1"'ambiti0 is' to become a successful SCCIC- . I Sm I . Her pastimes! are tripspigffheigy if theglrhfo'g5d?!eating, tary fwith a handsoiide bossJ. 'is ficiently, 3. -fd 9' y- K QTY L, W PHYLLIS LEWIS SY, 'N XY . Li K The Jimplert note that Jwellr the gale. 8 QU Throughout her high school years, "Lefty" has added h wic , , FF ks? H southpaw to the varsity softball team and to various in jjaly U squads. Phyls alto voice was heard In both the cadet an com- mencement choirs, but if you asked her about her singing, shed probably say, "Who, me?" This cute, dark-haired girl who's. always laughing and having a good time, hopes in the future to become either a stenographer or a bookkeeper. Until then, she'll content herself by listening to the radio or griping about "boys with dirty fingernails." X MARIE IwlAInm.Ms Deedr fpeak louder than uwrdr. If you want something done quickly, quietly, and ef 'T' Marie's the girl to see. Marie has done many jobs in this way for the class of '53, Her untiring work on the ticket sales for the junior play will never be forgotten. An outstanding student who plans to enter the business world, Marie will surely succeed, Her employers can be sure, too, that she'll always be on time, for her pet peeve is people who are late. Put on some records. give her a book to read. or take her swimming. and Marie will be happy. 13" 0 1 v , i L ,i . + . ' ff J l DJ xv l V ,fu L fl bfi i , ' 0 4 UD A I l ' X if L srlbiih so-X' +51- .I Y' ir, is it ,iii it L Q wc' e, I 4 5' r X r C10 0 ,P 0 op I f A N wo? 94-6 Yi. T LEWIS MARRONI Y an-'1' Keep a rzlff upper lip. Kb Q An athlete through and through, Lew played football from ninth grade on. In eleventh grade, he proved his sports skills further in track. "Meatball" hopes to become a pro boxer some day. ancl we think he has all the necessary qualifications, including the nickname. As pastimes, Lew finds diving and swimming his favorites. In looking away from the sports angle to another side of Lew. we find that he also has leadership qualities, for he has been president of his homeroom almost every year. I it X i .- Q' y - JAC ITCHELL MARTIN V A1 ra err guy Milf? 11 will fo da. my es en, 1 n YGJIES, jack's name is in the "Who's N who" A ii. we'l now Ii has ftiifille his stated ambition ' to b origin Afri explorer Though claims "Put off 'till jf morro what sn' have e n oday" is his policy, he X My l s on to e ne less that person calls'him ie," Ich nickn he 's s, Although uncertain as o ' future plans, chance re jack will be a success in .w atev field of work considers. -.. Ex 3 ' X .-1 wt' 1.-... fJx.4,:ff.- 'f! if 4 ,w If 'J' I F ,. K .J.,f,. wj',Q,W ff",,fyW.W S ANE NNE TIN Ki: er: if den c ' I r le g' s r two ea to e ow l' e in New York oul e. Ja return g d Mt. asant to complete h gh l care e en . in t f pnior Choir 'M' d i t sport i d. as ,i e o- ng club. jan w to bec a s ssful ,J-If ' , b efore that she - ns to e el m ary d f . J -. islikes straight hair a d " d" tespjbut sh o- e to d ce. She can be heard E s l ayi g, o ' a doll!" 4 yo! df! NANCY DALE MCKENDRICK Charm Jlriker ibe Jigbi an fit w' J the Joul. "Miss Green Fla of " n b r to 413085 of us as Nan ick, s be a ve ' ctiv fgpimicipagltf' ,the r clas 53. "all nd N jopys2vim- min alk . dr' , an 'tend o mus' . isqems class recitatio the y tli she doesn't1l' will be the pati when an eijgleinursygppr sion, for with the ina' of iw uburrf ai, charmin fsmile, and a ' mapa- i n' rseis ifoyzfffiow cop yone fail to get jj FJ H' se I ff Jw I ,' . 50' if 1. ' 44,1 ,.g4',4L,,A ,IM .f 2 .. ff , ia - I W fad! LAT! M o '. X759 06.-gf D .44-fvfng gf' All I 1 ff AVID RICHARD EARS fy!! 'wry g I Le! not womuzfi weapon Jlain my manly cbeehf 4 in 7 ,r Hi, y'all! It's "Tennessee" Mears, the blonde baseball and basketl A, LM ball fan of the senior class. In between these two. trains of W" ' thought, however, there's room for lots more activity, including listening to blues records, driving around in a blue Pontiac, and shooting a few holes of golf. "Tennessee," who, "as his nickname suggests," came to Mt. Pleasant from Chattanooga in his junior year, plans to attend college atter graduation. Then some day he would like to be a professional baseball player. If his pet peeve, dull teachers, d0esn't bother him too much, and if he continues to play baseball day in and day out in season, he might possibly be the starting shortstop for the Philliegfsome day. Cflfhsff L yds V223 V, 13' 137' J' I'-' ,I 7:-uv ""4'VT Z 6-'rvfynivfyzl V279 afitaa--4' MARTHA ANN MENDENHALL Serioumeu and merrinerr vu ell mixed. I I- I ,.,.,.,, Q!-fbi! , 3.1 fi-'-Qflr ,fl-o--rfzfy -yas-1.. M490 1' b1e1raf7 V 'K It seems that Marty is one of the ambitious members of our class, since her intent is to go to Radcliff College and then acquire a medical doctor's degree. This short, cute cheerleader has been active in Senior Choir and did a wonderful job as student director of our very successful junior play. In her free time Marty can be found at the golf course participating in one of her favorite activities. We all wish her good luck and are sure that she will achieve her ambition. ,N Q U at layo- -c, A . . Q' - ' If , ' 2 fl - ' " . ic. ff if '7 ff' , . 'Lb-.ok JLQAX .puck 9.Qx,o.uo. ii ' J. lo ' -WX WV ' LEILA ANN MINNIS ' T " . W Otjxkgx Much clmtier, murb wit .... Q, NKXLQNLA. Ann came to Mt. P. H. S. in her freshman year from New ork' V ' and left us during her junior year to go to Kentucky. We were nw all glad, though, to have her return here for her senior year. dglw ' 0 5 "' innis" fshe hates to be called thatj lists sports and dancing so ' . g her favorite pastimes. This "walking joke book of the ,Sf T . um se o class" has added her talents to our varsity softball and kAkJ i X basketball teams as well as our senior play. Ann's plans for the , M future include college fpossibly Gettysburgj, where she will major W 0.9.11 V in physical education. I A ' ' i CELL X - ..,L,u-fcL,n9, W t I5 4. M - ...Subs ,l - 1 1 ,,,,11. W BARBARA MooRE R Life ir u jeff. "Bobbie" will be long remembered by all for her bright cheery smile. Returning to Mt. Pleasant in " from Delmar, "Bobbie" showed a great interest tn0mics, intramural basketball. and the May Day -MAA ' SS 1 I, QAMW quick wit and eleventh grade in home eco- activities. Her riding motor- 'favorite pastimes are listening to records, dancing, cycles. eating, andljust plain Loafing. QDon't we all like that?J This fattr ctive brunette considers "split infinitives" her pet peeve, and if DV, j j' i jrbtjhopg. to attendfbusiness school before her marriage. f,,fjjjK,i', Q 'T , My '43 ' .ax ' 7 KATHEKINE MOORE r 1 ,Sffigce jf ayigreat an art at fpeecb. 35 gjzfosseskd wig a great love and understanding of horses, ti ndslgigood part .of he: timecafringx for her own horse. This small blondejvlso has.a marvelous talent in art.,which she hopes A - to developimfo a profession at a later date. Music, intramural 7 Q 5' j' sports, Band Pet Club held Kay's interest these last four years. E , . X 1 I Jr fl lf A 4' .ll , 1' ' il i , l l C l X 89A ' ' 1 l A ' r' , ,f . A x, , K I S I U , . i 11 ,4 I . PA I i ' . l Al l -All a lf i ig ' V . 1 1 . fV,f't 1 ' V' CAROL MYERS 4 I - '. li A I Fair :IJ fl rlar. A ,Heres anothei gal who hates homework. As she puts it. those 3 'lfeast or fa ' amounts" can sure get you down. Could this Q hate come fr m the fact .that Carol ,ljusies herself with many out' M side activities? She Iwas seen in both the junior and senior plays, and can be found among the personnel of the choir and year- ! 'book staffs. "It's a rat race" is her usual comment when she finds she can't raise one eyebrow above the other without moving a K muscle! And, get this, her other main ambition is to be able to i dj l . WA I j I qgrq .fl ,if J i 1 . 1 Y , ' ,. 3 Q x i C fs- e.i..a. M: . fww CAROLYN PHILLIPS 02 I . s ,V Az. we V I X7 igvffluygwvf s we QW' 0 wtf jeff I OLuj'i.:'Lf5af04fe"'f cj 7. MZ ,4fc.QxJ-cc! ..,.,aff bzagyb LUCY OLIVA JA Care will'kill a eat and therefore let': be merry. J! Lou, the sports-minded senior, the hockey goalie, the basketball forward, and the softball team's pitcher, is the gal with the yell on all the teams. This short dark-haired gal who cheers people up wherever she goes can almost always be seen running. Natur- ally, it follows that her pet peeve is slow-moving people. In the future, Mt. -Pleasant people may again watch Lucy's talents as she participates in professional sports or acts on the stage. These are her ambitions, but, as yet, she is unsure of her future plans. When not playing sports, Lucy watches them on T.V. Her other favorite pastime is dancing. PETEK KNOWLTON ORNE IJ that mircbief dancing in bi: eyer. Pete is one of the sports-minded members of our class. He has indicated this by having been an A.A. member for two years and having participated in most of our varsity sports. He also holds the honor of being the only senior who is a licensed pilot. This guy's future plans and ambition go hand in hand-he'd like to attend college, and his ambition is to get through. Pretty clever, eh? W' W yffyjffff ff 751, WheoYknfefe i le ki of rt work fo' e done, someone usu- Wly say " s Lo " nd this s etimes quie but always busy ua es p wit ,ga ood ide has the unusual ili y of ng able act knames t somehow she doesnt a1wM 1 K i e 'pastimi is swimmingg and she 9 if me . wants t go to col , here she will study home economics and ith her talent in art, she should be very su ez . The beautiful decorations for the junior prom and the work in the GREEN LEAF can be credited to Lois's able , iw directing. Tyj A willing helper doei not wait until be if arked. We've heard her on the public address system, at the pep r ies,' and at all the games, and everyone recognises our cute a sis head cheerleader as being a really hard worker. Hard w ' 's too, but Carolyn enjoys it very much, even though she at s see those people who won't yell at football games. Aiwa she has also been on the Student Council for three year h some of her favorite pastimes as sports, cheerleading, an ' ki but we will always remember her for one thing tha ' list, which is being teased about her middle name, J . Pleasant, she will probably attend the University of ela o take up home economics. 44,1176 . ey,-a.,7,.,Q, ALEXANDER PONDAK Tlae bei! dfirer u-ill wmelimer uprel, Lex brightened our lives when he came to us in his sophomore year. His familiar "I'll be durned" kept the laughs coming in gales. An ardent intramural sports player, Lex also enjoys fishing and boating as pastimes. l-lis secret ambition is to go to China, where he can have more than one wife! Us that fair to the women, Lex?l In the future, he plans to further his education in business. iq. 'ff l 2 sl . ff DOLORES Puousi A f I VL 7, L J ' O pt 4' E167-yllilllg rome! to the one who unity. MU-'L Jff-I 1 g . ,q.XX 7-1.- 1 - . R 1 i , ...VLH ,gr gras? ,iaazi A71 A "De-De," one of the more quiet members of our class, plans wa! 9 enter the business world. She has been active in all intramural sports. and she is one of the Phillies' most ardent fans. "De4De," a member of our Senior Choir for two years, has worked on different dance committees throughout her high school years at Mt. Pleasantg and she was a hard worker on play committees in her iunior and senior years. Take it easy around Dolores, for she dislikes people who are noisy: but if you're in disgrace, put on some good music and she'll forgive you. XML f'ZL.a'--Lf!! '7"6"'tt"!Li V 4t,4,,4,4- ,' filled.: , i. "'1lKf"rv4! :J-ff! c lT14A"'11l Y . ,V C-- d -,mJ.t.?A-wut! f r 'mi' A, Z JUNE L ISE PURC-LL IA LJCAX ' L", 'Q' ALA? CA 4' i Her egei all rrzdimrf will: glad Jufpriiel I I, WA in iyyudvu, june can be termed one of our more musical students. She can if 2 2 fn usually be seen around school in a green and white choir robe or QM 5.A.a.,c,JlP! a band uniform. She has also played a great many intramural sports, including basketball, softball, and soccer. june's friendly Mgzwll, NLF. . manner will come in handy. for she plans to become a "big New ,f York doctor's secretary." She likes to skate and swim, and she ..X,4ffl"", also likes to watch stock car races. june lists her pet peeve as 'YJ4-"""i4-1 "ten wheel tractor trailers" fshe has spent the majority of her life 0, in onejg and she can be heard saying, "Let's shag!" np-5 40 , 'L I Pl-QLLIP H. RAIQN U CODE! are genllermiifl Phil, th slfort 'Quiet guy with a devilishys vile, can usually be found ing cupcakes for'the senior classjgfhisare always the bestl, in the shop, with the Sea cwftztl on the intramural foot- ball field, or in wrestling club. If e's not in any of those places, look among the grease monkeys of the glass ahd tif you recog- nize himj you'll find him working on onefof his- two cars. When not doing any of the above-mentioned, Phil is found working in preparation for college and an engineering course. pp., wr. , 1 at -5, ff Q .. 4 gif i 'fs' .,.,-ffzyf --77343-'ere-' .ff -rr if 4 " THOMAS LEE RALPH ff ,f A A large fire often rome: from a .rmall Jpnrk. Lee, who joined our fair class in the tenth grade, has been an important part of it ever since. His friendly smile has made him welcome anywhere he goes. Lee plans to "join the Navy and see the world" in the near future. During his three years of high school at Mt. Pleasant, he has been on various dance committees and the junior and senior play committees. Lee's pet peeve seems to be nagging girls: and he says his favorite pastime is watching or playing sports, but we are inclined to think it is listening to hillbilly records. HENRY RICHMDND " In quielnerir d ld7iCE :ball be your rfifrlglg, 1 . x ' 1 Even if yo ont, see t 's tall pleasantfsedior as e goes roaring with he droopy gall 'Hank otrodf seems to' get alon with everybody and .everythingkmxcept ffdyroi ute "solid'5 tests, and by in isugpkigzlyou can Ognizlmhinnby lhis lllttie black con ertible his ihferests any llotrod d 'wing' an rl uilding: huqting, and flirt' ' with egg girls. The Ddgont wor jstudy plan at the Urli- versity of ,mlaware s an importantipart in Henry' eftiture plans, and he eventu ly hopes to go into engineering. 1 Oom pah, oom it's Susan She still has activities such ing. She claims French testg a desire to We know the alarm . .1 MARGARET E. RIGGS A little work, a little play. . . "Great balls of fire!" shouts Peggy as she rides a bucking bronco on her brother's ranch in Arizona. You realize, of course, that this is an ambition, not a reality as yet. By being an A.A. repre- sentative in her freshman and sophomore years, and a choir and press club member in her freshman year, she has hardly been inactive. Her plan for the future is marriage, but not to a boy with curly hair, because who wants to be married to pet SUSAN M Wiz md long MM .... EMM mv... We T flu I i T Aff! .Mf'f"Wfg5fM3 pb' ff! twlajlillliegoa Will zlyeriil-4 M' As co-editor of the GREEN LEAF, Bill's senior year has been crammed full of work, and astreasurer of the Student Council when he was a junior, he also spent a-busy year. In addition to these accomplishments, everyone will remember the wonderful job Bill did as co-chairman of the junior prom decorations. When not participating in school activities. though, Bill enjoys music and boating. He has chosen the field of mechanical engineering and plans to attend Haverford College after graduation. f 1 by 1 WW f " l ROBERTS elementary education. Jfjs .. , I 1 nl My X ' 9- rf' to ,b NANCY RIDGELY SAMPLES Mile' N, 69? Sugar and .rpice and everything nice. This musically-inclined senior must be very versatile, because she has played trumpet, piano, and cello, and she sang in the cadet choir for one year and the Senior Choir for three years. Nancy is always ready for everybody with a friendly smile and her favorite saying, "No stuff!" Although she say her pet peeve is work, she has been very active 'n t A. A the last two years, and she had a part in our'j and se r plays. Nancy wants to go to the U 'versit o Dl re then, you guessed it, become a ?1 Y V fijlfxlxyi 1 CHARLES D. SANDS lVarla firrl and then ren. ffm! no ozbef-J can replace on and you'll have no trouble her nickname. This tiny package L of her talents as a cheerleader at for the past two years She l sports around school In are high on her- list of favor skating heads her list. As far as the "Shorty" plans to enter Gorham State Teachers Qlhats in her home state of Maine, pluglj to major in d that this busy senior is one of the best and worke in the class. Ambitious as he is, Charlie hates fat n spapers, which he has to deliver. Like most of us an avi fan of the "Musical Clock" on WDEL in the He is one of those lucky people who know exactly want to do after graduation, which, in his case is to administration in college, run his own farm business, and then buy a dairy farm in the Middle West 1 AW Jawa 0-wp! 6,15 nf 71254, Oioc! 2211 ROSALIE ANNE ,pm fadibddyid A good dirporition il more valuable than gold. Good-natured, happy-go-lucky Rosalie appears not to have a care in the world, she is usually found laughing or talking. Commit- tees and clubs ranging from dramatics to swimming occupy the majority of her time, but somehow she manages to find oppor- tunities to enjoy reading, riding, ancl other activities. After graduating from Mt. Pleasant, Rosalie plans to take a liberal arts course in college and perhaps prepare for some phase of teaching. Q44 W, ft ,-few' f 'JTV ffc ' , 1?'Z5'ELrfwf.-fl f Loo before yo leap. I L - :fl L' john Settle from ,Mt sant, ali? ,A4rJni' gale Klum "Pun ' Crick," alias n of 'SK ent Co i-Wow! W list of importan fitle's ,this u can claim allpge ' org!! "Big john" fthe cgtfer ' ootball tea9n'J1-'has e n' inter- ests in sports dramatic i rsllligraphylf d in ac interest in Spanish We nqye for B ue t reak in all rts of speed records' J fut include ' , ' ph , a t lk of ' ' ' . ' ' l b - ' g . s e whe -L5 h major in chemical -neerin W 9 ' fi, V " ,A M WW , ,LiQ10'j' "lyke ,ff ,W o BARBARA LEY SHEFFIELD The magic of a face. . . Here's another busy girl! Varsity basketball, class offices, band, gfnd Student Council have kept Barbara well occupied here at school. 1952-1953 saw her a member of the Senior Choir and an actress in the senior play. Tall and dark, she shouldn't have too much trouble realizing her ambition of becoming one of the "ten best-dressed women in the United States." College and marriage fin that orderj comprise her future plans. Barb shares her pet peeve, drivers who use two parking spaces, with many of us! but we may not say "Oh, dear!" when we run into such a situ- ation. Magi A C L S H A She who r le e r rt in IJ in t Cute and petite " t " j ed o 'c ss 1 v r ju ' y g an we discovered reat edien . H - fr i we, ve rget her imitation of jerry Lewi for . talen ow erti ' g the junior play. "Smitty" ' ys rea g, list n' p oh e Ray records, sewing, and k' , eci . Ital 'shes o fiv o'clock shadows, m n 'f n iv . e "S for er pet eeve is unshaven boy look -3 i o 1 s" future, see her joining the Vfaves or joi in er a ,1 to anothers ' matrimony. Y-.... Z5-bw ,rffcfflda WK. mat 'lfvv tp KENNETH WAYNE SMITHSON Wfomen are the root of all evil. When a "discussion" on the merits of automobiles is heard, there Kenny will be found. Alabama's contribution to the class of '53 spends what time he has left over from football and baseball in loafing. As he hopes to be either a doctor or an automotive engineer, college has a definite part in Kenny's future. Besides the interests mentioned before, Kenny also enjoys music, as his participation in band has shown. One admonition, don't talk poli- tics with him if you're a Republican, for that Southern ire is easily aroused. M3-,t ff' 0. Louis SNEED l Wflay needl zfalumer if one word will Juffire? DY Look out! Here comes Louie rounding the corner on his motor scooter the "Yellow Demon" Whew he 'ust made that one' gin , . , 1 . Well, the "Sons of Abraham" will be pleased to know they will . . OU still have the honor of Louie's presence at their get-togethers. W HP They might also like to know that some da the ma ossibl . Jn 5 0lL8 ... Pbfv -m a millionaire. How he intends to earn this million is, as yet, ,x 3 Y Y Y P Y reap a huge profit from him, for Louie's ambition is to become a deep dark secret, for Louie's plans after graduation are un- known. Who knows, he might start a new type hotel for all the Dalai' boys who like to go to Rehobeth, his habitual summer residence, P- for the week end. 'St ,af wife? X533 0 YV RENNIE STAUDT fl ffl Rob Peter lo pay Paul. Since he is the tallest person in the senior class, it is no yonder that this active senior makes a good center for the basketball team. It seems that once Rennie becomes a member of an organiza- tion he stays put, because he has been on the A. A. for four years and has held offices for three of them. He also has had the dis- tinctive honor of being trusted with both the class and his home- room treasuries since ninth grade. Rennie wants to go to Villa- nova College, but right now he spends his summers and ,free W week ends on the Staudt farm to get away from "gaBby girlszyg f I' f Ml: af J W W7 llfif4,x pyvfnpfg If ffl' 0 90 yy' 0,16 ,val f THOMAS STEVENS fffy ov, I lil. A65 - ave you Jummoned your win from wool gathering? I I 7 W Remember "Monsieur," the waiter in "Aaron Slick from 'Pun in' lip pl!! J 7 Crick? How could we forget? Remember Sir Thomas Stevens ll , the defensive knight? Of course we do' Well always remember: f if happy-go lucky Tom, and we'll never forget his sense of humor become an engineer, and he plans to go south OJ to the Uni- A , versity of Virginia to study toward that goal. A warning, dorif f' . . , ul his clowning, or his poems. Seriously, he hopes some day to ' ff ' , L I fight the Civil War with Tomg he's a rebel from 'way back? ' X flnw fl f 111. 17"7ffflI I If ,nf 171.51-xf , lf, 1 rs --1 - Carrot STONE f , , I --- ! 7 The pen fi6Y than thaw-aiaf ,. 7 f 3 lugtodqs one of the friendliest members of our class and is known for her New York accent fLake George, that isj and her good f marks Qalthough she has been heard to exclaim, "I wish I under-' sto d cbemist1'yVj.j1'lejiflt!s ' minyggfrioulgifrmflisillg- MY' . drlming, the theater, and per aps French, tba, ynce her'favorite ,I f saying is 'Quel dommage!" fo' ates viggus pencilfslyarpenenf' that eat up her s. She wants to'go to college and then get a job with the U. N. ,I If 4 1, , f , ..- ' . 1- ' 'if - , 1 f ' ,. WILLIAM SToqPS -' 1' 1 ' l ' IA' ' ,Q-1 ' , There ir 4 fnetiod in man'J madneu. . . Our baritone player in the baod, the Student Cquhcils vice presi- dent, and one of the'-finest active: bw, scouts and bicycling' en- thusiasts Qhis pet peeve is "drivers who don't signalnj in this area is Bill Stoops. Billqis also the one who '1J0ps up with' the brainy answers in "solid," andthis should 'stand him in good stead in his future job. If all goes as planned, Bill will become an engineer in Alaska aftirextensive training for fthis -post at 5 Great oak: from little ar0rlQ "Q .lfwee ly f V 'f in ii, lk . .wx g V7 1 - 4 . I 1 Z . ' . V' .L . g '.. N , .J hx -1' Q u in-. f ' ' , mfkixim,-, '. ' N ' 4,4 . , , 6' ' M , - ' A fl " 4 ,f ' V if ' PI 6 if r ff fi . If - -J ' 7 .. ' .. n 1' ' ' nfl A AL A i I ' f I, 1' " ' -.f' - 111 , at f ' t v f, 'Ili-, I ,- ' , f J A RIA! XRD 8114550-' 4 4 . !gldil41QYi1'e home deep imlzg'd in his foul. As off dkchange student from Germany this year, Rinehard has failed' much to our classes in the way of discussion and interest. His good manners and winning smile have impressed everyone. Rinel1ard's chief recreation is' playing the violin, and no one who has heard him play could doubt it. He wants to continue his studies in Germany and become a music or mathematics -teacher. When we say "Auf wiedersehenf' we're also wishing him the best of luck. 7-dauf 'acc ' , WMA, . aft 9 Srawusv laaasso if fry Calling all shutterbugs! Stanley has been a member that order for quite some time, as is evidenced by his membership in Pho- tography Club for three years. and then his becoming a photog- rapher for the yearbook. Besides taking pictures, Stanley also likes to sing, he was a member of the Senior Choir this year, and act, as signified by his part in "Turn Back the Clock." The scientific course at Delaware seems to be in his immediate future, for his ambition is to receive a good education. on 'O' f of V 1l' ,, Q DAVID KENT TENINTY Think much, fpeak lillle, u'ri,fe len. S- By traveling almost three thousand miles from California to Dela- ware, David arrived here just in time to spend his senior year ' at Mt. P.H.S. flucky boylj. While in California. "jonesy." as he is called. divided his education among three high schools. His interests always centered around music. however, and he partici- pated in both the band and choir, David plans to join the Navy . at 3' say 'Cornf' upon s ng her -Q wearing the "pony tail" is Dayids et peevewind hed probably , - r s if if t and hopes to rise to the position of Chief Petty Officer. The gal . Q, S, 3 A Q Y s Q ' :Y N Qi i " ' Q , .T L M JI X V ' .2 A . 5 g A 3 as A PY! XJ' N , l at HOV fiffd tariff 'c 7A ' I . EROBERT THOMAS 1 A Slou' but fufe. Y T t he has a wonderful sense of humor and has been very active outstanding senior and was elected vice president of the class. We know him to be one of the mainstays of the football team, - 6 sports are just some of the reasons that Bob has been an l 1 :ll so it is no wonder that his favorite recreation is Sunday after- noon football games. As the proud possessor of the biggest feet in the class. Bob hates people with little feet? After graduation. he wants to go to college and study engineering J Nhisv .-Wft My Cx XJTHIA BIARIF TRAXIQ .f'X YU illxfw Horzerly rr lbe bert fmllry Cindy tall blonde and blue eyed hopes to become either a A.. teacher or a full time church wxorkcr A xcry accomplished mcm ber of our class Cindy already his in oratorical prwc and shc is the secretary of the Wilminatcin Christiin Youth Council .1 high honor Included among Cmdys numerous extra curricular activities are skating swimming, music and art Demonstrating her abilities in these fields is her record as a Senior Choir mcm 'ber and member of almost every decoration committee for any function of the class of 53 It was her vsork too that was secn on some of the downtovtn store windows at Halloween as CAROL VINCENT Blurbmg IJ Ike color 0 zrvlue rp f As our class Secretary for the past two years Carol has done Yr an excellent job fAnybody who can take minutes during one of our class meetings deserves a pat on the backlj This energetic senior loves sports which is shown by her participation in sar S sity basketball and intramural softball and soccer Lease it to Carol to come up with a pet saying like Bless his pointed head' Jw 1 ff' nomics and plans to mayor in that in college ALA VV J if W 3515: re me cg, get A, t L . f.5V , 'A I I- V .I Q IW. qlf-tw , gf' . 5 -c T H WML it iw -. L 1 T yv 1' 1 . ,f ff it i A - . l A C L F v i ' , , , , . i, . 1 ' , ' ,. ' NJ fy J tl - V - ' , in L - - Y .A T , 'N KAJQV ' . A Ox ky Wy.,-,XX , A , . , U ,K ' YKEV . n A . A J E 'iff , "ffl f A I , V if y cy llaj t l A .T A s ' . it i it V city L p . Y . 4 V .. 4 , V u 7-V , 01,1 hr. 5 is ' - , - f I ,P X ig . . . ,, , ' . , :fi ' ' fi iff. 'V A , , But 'at least it's different! She has chosen the field of home ecofl A 4'-ii plc ' ,, kgv, , A' - .5 ,- ', ,f p 1 5544 , L ' -5' ' 'C f""S lX, 4 at N. RICHARD F. WAGNER Drink to me only 14'flfJIbf2IE ejei. . . Hear a car start up and roar away? That's "W'ag," taking off in his well-known Chrysler. Where's he going? Could be he's headed for Michigan State. where he hopes to study forestryg or maybe this time hes only going for a short ride to meet some of the other "Sons of Abraham" and go hunting, swimming, or ramping out. Still. he might just be playing chauffeur to several girls Qin his book they're all right unless they have fancy linesfj, or carting some of the seniors on their many errands for decora- tions, refresliments,land costumes. Vifhatever the cause, Dick has always been a willing worker and an especially handy man with ,Ke Ll cdr. ,cii , ' Q Q, A5 risk- Li, I, Q Q xdvlile U ,. , fl , l lc ' V057 I bdrm VUALKER fy, if-L5-fA V ' 1 'nfl' .rn build miller in :he .zivz A Y nf 0 orma spends ost of her time on her "co-op" job, which will 7 ,, V train t e a secretary. She wants to attend Goldey Bea- 'Q' t M OV' - 4' -wry' M04 fc ge ' t graduation to continue her studies in the arts ,gf . 41,6 of ept ' and shorthand. Norma will certainly make a per- i Ol' ' LL fet ec ry for she quietly tends to her own affairs and dubs KA Y? ' sybodiesn her pet peeve. Her favorite pastime is reading, and, of h , as do most of us, she likes to have a good time. If something ' W Q, goes wrong. shed pop up with "Gee whiz!" 3 x H 959 dbx t - - 2 wk , , ' ,FJ ' , Q. my 'F ' N FT fn L X if J was ILC? fix A 'L, , . Q' . If 1104" t A , 1 , 'V i"1'f . 4' X ' Diihiiifvifasr .K xi X i 5, R. l' Yep. Fw .1 rwzmr flirt year!" Comical Dave. with a flair for cars and hillbilly music, was a versatile member of our class. Dave played intramural sports during school, participated in talent shows with his winning guitar, and gave a helping hand on the scenery committee for our junior play. Boating, fishing, swimming, and music take up much of Daves spare moments. Future plans are combined when Dave says he hopes to decline bachelorhood soon and raise a family and settle down with another member of our class. If-D 4.4.41 ' , Jo fu rzfygj - 541:-a'.4.'-4.1-v . C . w "ia -Lfcex.-1.-.ff-1.41. 6 LJ f" i'4,91J 1,-4. 4-A'uq1 i g,,,,4-J . . f :lib C Li ' ,AJ I' PQ J. . I ' .ALQ '. ,L Cfdf f W, SHIRLEY VUHALEY if Sues! and fair goeth fn. tv Q Coming to us in her iunior year from Laurel, "Bunnie" quickly ' ' made many friends with her downstate charm, which brought her much teasing about her favorite saying, "Goodbye, you all!" Nha ' Shirley detests being called "farmer," but we bet shed make a 1 cute one! You might have seen this tall, good-looking gal behind the counter at Brittinghams Pharmacy this summer. Her pastimes include making birthday cakes for certain people, and her fu- ture definitely includes modeling, for which "Bunnie" is well suited. ln whatever she does, with her quiet, lovable ways Shirley will surely be a success. i, ,y J wt, 2 sv,,,gw v -.vim .gil fwef.e4 Q95 ff? A is Q-1, .,,,,,g,. , ' mer- x of .J Y 7 'V lx lilly X JD Ebay, " x, X' il vi . 5 XJ ' in SAMUEL WR1c9Hr 5 X Y -, Beware the fury of fr jmtienl man. ! Sam. who came to us from Lansdowne. joined our ranks as a 1 x junior. His quiet sense of humor and likable disposition have ,lm F ix " won him many friends. A whiz at track and swimming and a 1 lv letterman in football, Sain is a versatile and valuable athlete. His Bl pet peeves, people who lose thQr tempers. are usually told, "Don't get in a dither!" His future plans include college. W'e are sure he will find success in whatever he chooses as his vocation. if jg!! i 4 - E . ,1 , C ll- L' r , I ff 'i V7 'l ' 'i ' 1 l K L 7 A -f . ,ug A 1 . I Ury L V . 1' 1 V K L . 'F , r rj ,Xl yjfwl I r 1 -' . I -W R f NORA ELIZABETH YOUKIER 1 I H f it ,rf llvflb J smile lim! ,ulauxr . . , I I it A i We will remember Betsy for several reasons. one of them being 1 ii Y .Y f her good. and sometimes mischievous sense of humor. Her pet , ' A at peeve is people who know it all before anyone tells them, and she ' ,Wil may be heard saying "poof" when anyone mentions Ocean Cilty. j Betsy likes loafing. dancing, walking, and sports, especially hockey. She intends to go to Ohio Nweslevan lfniversity,Aanf.l someday hopes to learn to raise one eyebrow at a time. A l '- K . ... r 'L' Kari 1 . i4--.!: . 1522 fl j is Q Q X- j DONALD KENT NOBLE Keep jour ejer on llye road ahead. Tall. handsome Donn is a friend to all. His familiar "Hi, there!" Q ,i made him a memorable person in the class of '53. XWith a ' ff liking for sports, intramural football and baseball were favorites s .E with Donn. Camera Club and Stage Crew were enjoyed toog how- I A A ' V ' ever, his favorite pastime undoubtedly is riding his motorcycle. ,Y J f Donn definitely dislikes giddy girls and women automobile driv- ,. ' . ers, To become a forest ranger is Donn's secret ambition. A. an , H x ' 2 if . e X X 4 4 XX W E THE CLASS of 1953 1 a ,- gy . f 1' . f if X K' M-ww H if Suu - l 2 -f H f N... 3 k ld ' gf TF n. .fax Q f 1, - 1 .W ff' Q .4 'Q I J 4 Q - M ww 5 My-N--.. ' ' Twig!!! 7' ' fx 6-mvkiapw, wwuggiwq, -.-.A , " 1. ' - . x 3. rv 5 I 'I , I 'ic' 4'-an ' fast will Charles R Abrams wull my amazing athletrc abrlrty to Teddy Tabacca Vruan Pearl Belrxger w1ll a few xnches of my herght and my naturally curly half to jane Hyer Mary Ellzabeth Bell leave the job of Senlor Choir llbrarlan to someone wlth a lot of patxence Anne Loulse Benjamm leave Harry Martha Louxse Bolton leave my pass1on for matchmg socks sashes and harr rlbbons to the next: l1ttle gxrl In a 1928 play Roberta Vlfglhla Brandenburg leave my aggressneness fon the basketball court 'J to the forvt ard Ronald Buckaleu bequeath my partltular polrtrcal affrlnatron to Mr XX ayne Pollarr mth the hope that he may someday see the lxght Sally Ann Busker do xull my posltlons on tlcket committees to any tumor who ll uork on them Arthur H Chandless leave all my old Taft and Ersenhower buttons to Mr George Stram Patrlua Ann Chownlng leave my great knowledge of polntxcs to Mr Wayne Pollarx Shlrley Ann Conaway leave one mch of my height to Sue K Burg Mary Fluabcth Copeland lean my brush palette and beret to ne arteests Katherme Elaine Cnttendon vull any nxckname such as Kxtty Car to anyone wrth a strong con stxtutxon Leroy Thomas Dalaskx will to Dxck Bruxser Bateson all the tape that has been used on m ankles dunng football season Kenneth Stanley Detrlck w1ll my dramatlc ablllty I J to Mrs Margaret Nelson John Walbrldge DeVore leave all the football equipment to Fred Watson and the dummzef to Davld Frlck Adnan W Donovan II bequeath to George Fox II my abrlxty to stay on four wheels whrle drnmg a car George T Draper wrll my seruce statxon abrlxty to Dxck Norseen Elleen Ellzabeth Dukes leave my lunch hour phone calls to amone vuth lots of nlckels Barbara Elame fogg vull my knack of bemg on txme at the very last Jerond to Margre Farrelly judrth Ann Fogg wrll my quret ways to Carol Wood Glenn Edward Frrck wrll my long wavy haxr to Drck Bateson Ehzabeth Blackman Fntze leave my two edrtorshtps to future lournalxsts Irv- m Goodman wxth my great knowledge of prmtmg wxll rt to Mr John Crowther VIWIHI1 C Gould bemg of small bunld do hereby wrll my 19 mch wa1st lme to Betty Lou Barnes Sandra Ann Greenan leave my wonderful trrp to Europe to future travelers Jeanne Claudette Grubb leave my peroxxde bottle to jo Ann Garvey Rosemane Vnctorxa Louxse Hartmann bemg of stmgy nature leawe nothmg to anybody Robert E Hxckman III will mv 9 8 m track to Harry Stecher Sandra Lee Holsmger wrll my ever twrsted curl to the next nervous head cheerleader Carol Ann jones wxll The Glockenspxel to anyone who can pronounce xt Wfrllnam Leon jones wxll leave rf I can Constance Kelly leave my wmdblown halr to Mrs Tama Boucher Vlrgmra XY est Klmmey bemg of sane mmd lease my quxet and bashful manner to Mr George Stram jamce Loulse Kuschmg do hereby wrll and bequeath to Phyllxs Faulkner my abtlny to make Mr George Stram angry Phyllxs Elame Lewxs do hereby wrll my dark brown half to Ann Lorrng Marne Lourse Maddams leave mv good trmes at Mt Pleasant to my slster Nancy Lewrs Orazxo Marrom leave my basket for catching passes to George Brown Jack Mrtchell Martm leave one large I Lrke Ike button to Mr Wayne Pollarr janet Ann Mart1n leave my slumber partxes to anyone who doesnt enyoy sleep Nancy Dale McKendrrck leave my shadow to the halls of Mt Pleasant Davnd Rrchard Mears leave my good manners and good Englrsh to Rxchard Gordon and Tom Tomlxnson and my personal dnet for losmg wexght to Barbara jenkmson Martha Ann Mendenhall will to any quxet shy student my ability to get mto complicated sltua trons Lexla Ann Mmnls leave my shmgle to the carpenter burldlng the roof of the new gym Barbara jean Moore, leave my motorcycle thrnlls and spnlls to anyone who doesn t enpoy lnfe ,Katherxne Moore, wrth the consent of Dolores Puglrsr, wlll the annual Chrrstmas Carolrng party to next year s senxor class 1 W I AV1 AVJ.-F, W. ,. Ifr 'V " rv"-,,:i:.'.1":'e,fw-'H"-"'- I ' -:fi2'sZ'ff- ' ' -'X'r'f" ' V ' A , - ' . -W Lf' ' Q ' IV V V V, . . . . V VV IV . V. . . V . . V . V . V K. I V IV , V , . . , . . . V I, ' ' ' , . . . . I, I , l ' I , , ' A IV VV .K I . . . . . V ,, V .V V. I- V V' I I I I ' . v ' ' . ' 1 V I. . . . V V. ,V V V . V V . - I. .V . , ,, . ,, Y I, ' , I l ' ' ' ? .. . I, 4 , ' , ' IV . V ' V V V V . . . I. . I V , V, . - . . h . IV . V V V, . . . V I, A , ' ' . I, ' , ' , ' ' . IV . . V . . , , V IV V. V . . . V . . V V I. , ' ' . I. I , 4 . - IV , . . . V . , . V V . V I. ' , ' - ' . I, , ' ' I . I, l l , I . A . I. , I ' . ' . IV . . . 1 . V . . V V . V IV - I - 1 , . n . . ' IV . . . . . . V 1, ' ' , 4 ' . ' , . I, ' ' ', ' .ng I, ' ' , " A " . '. I. ' , . . I, ' ' . ' ' I, I , f . V . . . . . 4 - aah Eestameuf Carol Lee Myers vull my low C to anyone rn need of a lady bass Donald Kent Noble lease my varxety of pants and shoes to Harry Stecher Lucy Ann Olrva w1ll my number 13 shrrt and lacket to Patsy Srmples Peter Knovulton Orne lease my flymg lrcense to Theofrl Tabacca Lols Elmor Peterson bequeath the heavrest flag rn the colorguard unrt to Geraldme Smith Crrolyn Jos phme Phrllrps leaye the Student Councxl minutes to all those who need more trme to get to classes Alex mdcr Pondak wrll my many female admlrers at P S to Brll Frsher Dolores A Pugllsl leave my ty pmg skrll to all the mrce rn Mr Strun s room Iunc Lounsc Purcell leaye my good txmes rn hxgh school to my brother Larry Phlllrp H Rugn lelye my cm ot erccn punt to Mr Hou Ifcl Ptrsons Thomas Lee Ralph lease all my good txmes to my brother Daud Henry Campbell Rrchmond leave my hot rod Ford to that rllustrrous solrd teacher Mr Wrl lnm Boucher Susan Trancls Rmehart yull my French horn to the French Wxllram Godfrey Robelen IV bequeath my French abllrty to Fred Watson Barbara Roberts w1ll my Yankee accent to joan Bleckwell Nancy Rrdgley Samples vylll my student dxrectxng of the Senror Chorr to Rxchxe Gordon Charles Douglas Sands leave my 100 trckets for our junror Play to other ambrtxous salesmen Rosalre Anne Schlatter yxrll my laugh to Phyllrs Taylor john Wlflfllld Settle leave my Blue Rocket to anyone ownxng a space surt Carol Anne Smrth ywxll my good marks to my brother Ronnxe Kenneth Vlflyne Smrthson leaxe 70 pounds of my bulk to R C Prettyman Lours Jerome Sneed leave my punctual habrts to the tardy offrce Warren Ellrot Staudt leave 17 rnches of my herght to Huey jenkmson Thomas Edward Stevens leaye my commrssron as colonel m the Confederate Army to Landon Rowland Carol Stone leave one ace bandage to next year s football team Wrllram john Gaylord Stoops Il relmqursh all my connectrons yxrth school POl1flCS to my chosen successor Robert C fChryslerJ Ryon Rmehlrd Strehl leave thrs lesson to Mt Pleasant School to eyery smart one and excry fool Whatever natron color of skrn rf they are tall short fat or thm parents teachers they are alvr ays rrght boys lose cars and glrls and frght grrls talk lxke 1 xx aterfall humans they are Stanley Paul Tabasso will my herght to Karl Hartman Davld Kent Tenmty wrll my xyell used hlstory and PO D books to my brother james Robert Earl Thomas wlll my short hair to Lee Harvey Cynthia Mane Travxs leave the mrkmg of Daisy Mae and L1 l Abner to some unsuspectlng under classman Carol Johanne Vmcent leave my love for frogs to anyone vuth a brg pocketbook Richard F Wagner wnll my careful drrvtng abxllty to Robert Ryan Norma jean Walker lease my crossword puzzles to the future P O D classes Davrd Arthur West bemg of sound mlnd and body Qalmostj do hereby wlll my many many years m hugh school to Rrchard Topers Spence Shrrley A Whaley leave my drrect route to Laurel to Doug Gates Samuel Wrxght leave one worn out tuxedo to the perpetual stag lme at Mt Pleasant Nora Elrzabeth Youker leave my bequest to your rmagmatron We the members of the Senror Class of 1953 of Mt Pleasant Hrch School be-mg of especially sound body but not very sound mrnd do draw up thrs last mll and testament for posterrty To the Senlor Class of 1954 we leave the prrvrlege of wearmg, semor class rrngs our front seats ln the audrtornum our extra long lunch pernod and all our otner rnsmgma of senxornty To the faculty we leave a round of applause for a yob well done to the admmrstratton we leave our appreclatnon for thenr helpful gurdance and mterest and last but far from least to our class advrsors we leave many curtarn calls for thexr work mterest helpfulness and frlendshrp which we have enjoyed for the past four years Ag? Airf- -ng- SY I, , ' f ' ' ' . L . W , ,, . . , 2 y I, L I , ' ' . . ' " , I, D I 3 Q y AA V . K . . Y A ' I I. A ' . 4' , 1 'Q 4' 4 l j A' 4' . 'Q . I I, , . ' ' ' .' . V Q Iv . .A . 7 N X . . A ,V X U Iv 1 , , v' .. . ' I, Barbara Lev Sheffield, leave my drum sticks to anyone with a sense of foul rhythm. I. ' A . " 4' . . . ' . I. 1 ' . . ' .. I , . . I, ' , W V - ' - ' ' r . I, , . ' . ' ' ' 3 ' ' . ' g A ' 4 ' 3 '-all!" I, , ' ' ' . I, ' A ' , ' ' - . A . . . . , . I, , ' ' . I, 7 : ' ' , f 2 ' ' ' A' ' - I' . . y . . . . , V I, , ' . ' , . . ' . L . u . . h . y I, ' , - ' . . I' . y . . . . ff nth N" Gif ,L " A GL 4 A I fm f var B Q Omwr 'T mm fa was C' X if Jw.. ibm FX, I ? .2 X. I 1 . N fn 'X jf h fd 5 wk 'Y 1' V n f A" , GPN ' JI V1 i A M3 1:5 E 1 , , It ' V X f XA A '44 J C' . I-45 4 ,, x X l K Y, .. h A , V' Q , V, x- - ' : , ' - 5 fy 1 f f if PNA-5505 C F Q-wb A-C 'am 'LAA" ,ku u I M 5 ,.,: Y If-Y rr Lu 5 Hvd D ' ix' 'H ' 1 X xi. K , j 4 V' A KW4 ' L 'gn 4- 1 . Q . K, ' : n K x. Fr 9' 5 . f? f P . Fl N 5 ' ' f, N! V4 I' ff , ' 'aa K S 2 fd A e, 4. H K Q. wi H41 ffq Kass Ba,+51'f0 O t.5tAY'L C O B B Thomas '7 -iv K 11-DAX 15 VOS X , Jokvx S4 Lila. 50 '5 'XZ Nuiast '42 'SAMLJ XM Nam M'Ka.nd ck 'fgfgqfgf Q3 2 fa A e we-it ff-,fe Q 5-fc' h u P5 1' .Basi Lookun 'Ms HUC Jrfib C3 N01 gugkayhw may B-Ifbq a 5 H ffuzld. Ddvt M105 :P gnu G I 4 .ff Na X G'-J N4 vw", 2 X -fxnofo 8 fe P fJ6A7?C6 41-he Most Musical kanUa.t ck Qobna Ha fm nmk J 'Bff1M0s'f Ro E X 1? if 6efqr7nZr ann Bandavnwx Lad. 551lr hy Coma way Aff Ilgggig W RAKPHQVZ Most akaiive offs ?7C'fQr' Z 7ZaZe4 To any Freshman Class, the four years to come seem as though they will be an end- less succession of "tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow." In retrospect, these tomor- rows have not passed at a "petty pace" but with "swiftness never ceasing." As the minds of the Seniors flash back along memory lane, they finally remember the momentous day of the first meeting of the Class of '53. Since we wanted to make sure that the best possible candidates were chosen, we installed james Lewis, William Robelen, Barbara Sheffield, and Warren Staudt as our honored officials. These persons effectively steered us toward-Oh memorable November 18. That night marked the birth of the spirit of '53g it was the night of our first class activity, the Thanksgiving Dance. That spirit lived dormant in us until the time for the traditional Freshman Frolic, May 6, ap- peared. The spirit then blossomed, never to die, to transform the gym into a wishing well atmosphere, with Wayne Kirklin's orchestra providing a melodious atmosphere for many happy couples. As the strains of Stardust fade slowly away from us, the rest of Freshman year re- mains as a haze of carefree days in our memofiesz we enthusisatically tried out for all of the athletic teams, ground our teeth over Latin conjugations, and made a never-to-be- forgotten field trip tothe Union Industries show at Convention Hall. As Sophomores, we entered Mount Pleasant full of new confidence and driving ambi- tion. When it came time for class elections, the results were that james Lewis remained as our president, Elizabeth Fritze became our vice presidentg Martha Mendenhall, our sec- retaryg and Warren Staudt remained our treasurer. Then we stepped up to bat with a bang and hit a home run with our then brand-new Sadie Hawkins Dance. The gay theme of our dance prevalied throughout the year as the "Silly Sophomores" dissected frogs, marveled at the wonders of Wooster Institute, and threw numerous parti6S. Maytime again gave vent to dreamy moods, and we all can mistily remember floating through "Paradise Island" to Chuck Laskin's "Pagan Love Song" at -the Sophomore Hop. Thus ends the tenth year in the memories of the Seniors, as their minds fly to the opening of the pages of "jolly junior" history. Busy, busy year-fun, fun for all! With jim Lewis again at the helm, Rennie Staudt guarding the purse strings, Ronnie Buckalew taking over the duties of vice president, and Carol Vincent busily keeping track of the affairs of class, the Class of '53 roared into school year '51-'52, gay, ambitious, and hard working. The annual Sadie Hawkins Dance was the first number on the agenda, we all remember how hard we worked on that dance, and we shall never forget the famous "Huckleberry Twirp" or the infamous coatracks that all fell down, piling checked coats from the floor to the ceiling of Mr. Boucher's room. "Tag Day" was a tradition we, as juniors, established, we had fun carrying it 'vi sv' The juniors, surprisingly enough, concentrated on studies, at least up until the month of january, but then the feathers really flew! Nancy McKendrick was elected "Miss Green Flash," we sponsored a "Leap Year Dance," characterized by the motto: "Leap with your Creep," and the junior Play, "Aaron Slick from Punkin' Crick," was chosen. From then on there was no peace in our classrooms, for everyone was preparing for the play, each with his own special job. After many misgivings, a hilarious variety show, and dress rehearsals that proved to be fun, we finally triumphed on the nights of April 25 and 26. .YW Aaron Slick and Rosie Berry then reigned at an enorm- ous open house given by Martha Mendenhall and Elizabeth Fritze. Next came April, the month! We were really juniors then, as we all rushed into Millard F. Davis to purchase the long-awaited class rings. May saw the election of john Settle as Student Council president, and William Stoops as vice president. Also wit- nessed was Elizabeth Fritze's and Bill Robelen's election as co-editors of the GREEN LEAF. This month was also the scene of the fabulous "summer garden" junior Prom. For weeks, Lois Peterson and Bill Robelen worked with the decorations committee, their results were breathtaking. All who swayed to the rhythm of john Chowning's "Moon- F it: ix wwf jug N f 'N ww sf skit , ff! Q8 x A A w-sh A' - Y- , -.-,4--f.. . A A lighters" on the night of May 31 will never forget the garden in the bleachers, the French windows, the canopied orchestra stand, or the false ceiling of crepe paper. It was on this note of beauty that we said farewell to the Class of '52 and prepared to take the reins as Seniors. Senior year! Our memories are sharp and clear now, for time has again caught up with us, and we are reliving the days that just a little while ago were present, not past. Senior year was a happy, yet a sad year, certainly it was the busiest time of all. As graduation drew slowly nearer and nearer, we prepared ourselves for A. G.-After Graduation. The fall of the year was climaxed by a triumphant football season as we crowned our first football queen, Anne Benjamin, and placed Leroy Dalaski on All- State. Autumn was also the season when we chose Ronald Buckalew, Robert Thomas, Carol Vincent, and Warren Staudt to lead us, it was also the time of year for our an- nual Sadie Hawkins Dance and Tag Day.As winter crept upon us, we feverishly worked to produce another smash hit, "Turn Back the Clock," under the wonderful directing hand of Mrs. Nelson. Christmas, 1952, came with all of its holiday gaiety, and a touch of sadness. January, the "Space Spree," February, the election of Barbara Shef- field and Judith Fogg as May Queen and Maid of Honor, March, the Senior Carnival and Senior Ball, April, May, graduation, the months sped by, choked full with memories of the best years of our lives. '1 Most of all, we'd like to say thanks, Mr. Bomboy, Mrs. Boucher, and Mrs. Nelson-thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Memory Lane has come to an end, and as we leave this stage to play our parts in the great drama of life, we leave behind us the spirit of '53. We only hope that it may long echo in the halls of Mount Pleasant, and that some day, future students will listen to its whisper say, "We loved every minute of our lives at Mount Pleasant and only wish that we could again relive those carefree moments. .S fl But since we Cant, we'd 1 E f like to leave them to you in hopes that you will enrich the traditions we have tried to establish and find as much happiness in your four high school years as we did." CLASS COLORS M.l7'0f1I1 .md llufnle CLASS lNlO'l'TO P1'ff,qrffr If 41:1 .IL'L'rNI1fI.!fYIJIIIEIII, 2101 .nz .JL'LAfd6lIl. i THE MAY COURT f X Y ' . fall 5 2 2 Kendrick, Anne Benjamin ' Sandra Holsinger, Roberta Brandenberg, Mary Copeland. Lois Peterson, Nancy Mc- - I 4 rr. fmchu First row: P, Peabody. E. LaRowe. M. Kilpatrick. M. Getchell. B. Jenkinson, A. Farlow, H. Schultz. P. Faulkner. L. Curry. P. Gonzalez. A. Babcock. K. Rus- sell, J. Stapleford. M. Kirklin. C. Parsons. Second row: Mr. Pollari. K. Carter, J. Sites. R. Morris, M. Carl, V. Plantz. A. Rice, G. Moulton. J. Giondonato, N. Gilmore, P. Samples, J. Blackwell. J. Dill. D. Darlak. Third row: B. Gabriel, M. Stephenson. L. Harvey. C. Wood, A. Loring, J. Robertson, M. Kline. J. Whitten, P. Taylor, J. Baldwin, S. Rodger. L. Krchma, J. Forsythe, J. Von- XVettberg, H. Eckhardt. Fourth row: R. Rinard. R. Lanius, E. ,Campbell. B. Shuttleworth. J. Garvey, B. XY'oods. C. White. J. Rickley. B. Kleitz. E. XY'right. S. K'Burg. C. Johnson, S. Steele. A. Goold. J. Hyer, J. Teninty. Fifth row: N. Reu. J. Selway. B. Hunter. B. Dempsey. B. Simpson, T. Calhoon. B. Whorl, J. Williams. J. Merrick, B. Archer, B. Mendenhall. H. Stecher. T. Jones, J. Harley. B. Orlando, R. Roberts. Sixth row: C. Frampton, R. Shaddock, B. Platt, G. Buchwald, J. Stecher. B. Ryon, K. Hartman, D. Norseen, J. Boulanger. R. Stapleford. B. Hale, B. Rudrow, B. Fowler. E. Goldberg, J. Davis. Seventh row: D. Roberts, R. Slattery, B. Walker, R. Rosemary, C. Feuscht. T. McCall. L. G'ray. B. Rhoades. W. Hurst. H. Hitch, H. Smith, D. Burkhart, R. Krick, D. Bateson, R. Gordon, T. Tomlinson, B. Braniff. President. Robert Hale, Vice President. Dick Batesong Secretary, Carolyn John- song Treasurer, Bob Ryong Assistant Treasurer, Barbara Woods. Under the leadership of Robert Hale, President, Richard Bateson, Vice Presidentg Carolyn Johnson, Secretaryg Robert Ryon, Treasurer, and Barbara Woods, Assistant Treasurer, the Junior Class commenced what proved to be a busy and profitable year. Those who attended their first affair, the School Daze dance, will not forget the Mabamjab and hir Sultry Sirenf. who entertained. Saturday, November 1, was the night of the class hayride and barbecue, which was enjoyed by seventy-five members of the class. Another money-making dance was sponsored by the juniors on Saturday, January gl. The whole-hearted spirit and cooperation of the class went into making their play a success. Weeks of hard work were climaxed by its presentation on April 17 and 18. The year ended on a happy note with the long-awaited Junior Prom. Throughout the year, class was ably guided by Miss Ethel Roe, Mr. Starr Cole, Mr. George Hanning, and Mr. Wayne Pollari, class advisors. This energetic group of sophomores was led this year by Landon Rowland, Presi- dent, Edward Maxwell, Vice President, Robert Williams, Secretary, and Art McDonald, Treasurer, with the able assistance of the class advisors, Mrs. Hauptle, Miss Boyer, Mr. Strain, and Mr. Boucher. Early in October, the Class of '55 began preparing for the Marine Bali, which they sponsored on November 8 for the entire school. They also gave another dance during the latter part of March, which was also hailed as a great success. To climax a most enjoyable and profitable year, the annual Sophomore Hop was held on May 23. Landon Rowland, President, Edward Maxwell, Vice President, Bob Wil- liams, Secretary, Art McDonald, Treas- urer. First row: B. Barnes, D. Raign, K. Reath, K. Evans, P. Cochran, C. Orth, P. Griffith, P. Borders, I. Griffith, M. Spanagel, P. Mayer, N. Viands, R. Tal- ley, M. Pfeiffer, P. Mallen, S. Himes, Mrs. Hauptle. Second row: Mr. Strain, R. Waters, N. Kupstas, M. Ennis, P. Thompson, J. Rickley. C. Alexander, M. Sherwood, B. XVilson, G. Shashoua, L. Limburger. J. McSorley. M. Hamblet, S. Dawes, S. Johns, Miss Boyer. Third row: B. Volk, N. Maddams, M. Far- relly, J. Hardy, S. Wagner, S. Robelen, F. Harper, B. Johnson, M. Keelins, D. Long, J. Benton, B. Stenle. J. Spang, B. Clark, D. Olson, P. Brown. Fourth row: S. Totaro, A. Dolbow, M. Graham, C. Cannon. H. Schneider, S. Golden, R, Wortz, V. Snyder, B. Hitchens. W. McGowan. A. Wortz. D. Morrison, L. Rowland, C. Alder. Fifth row: G. Brown, B. Hague. H. Street, D. Stapleford, C. Walker, H. Eckhardt, J. Stayton, K. Stone, J. Otto, J. Steele. H. Riley, J. Provan, B. Hess, J. Walker, C. Streevy, Sixth row: C. Wirt, A. McDonald, L. Mullikin, B. Turner, T. K'Burg, B. Roche, J. Magee, T. Kelk, D. Critch field, E. Pray, J. Fisher, D. Cole, E. Maxwell, D. McKay, T. Tabaka, R. Smith. Seventh row: B. Plantz, V. Shavico, R. Lazarowski, G. Hanna, C. Bullock, J. Fox, G. Lafferty, F. Watson, A. Hale. J. Adams, B. Williams, C. Barker, D. Jordon, B. Davis, J. Caffrey. First row: P. Jones, P. Gonzales. M. Gowen, R. Hilyard, L. Raniere, L. Smith C. Walker, C Hoffecker I Merchant E Byers j Pell C Slocomb R Pell L. DeVore J Detweiler J Mallen E Sommers R Bullock P Harrington B. johnson G Murray Second row C Walbridge P Dalaski E Kirby S Wimble, M. Whipple C Canning j Neilson B Fox R Stevenson N Peterson E. Olson, J. England. G, Smith, R. Hye. G. Clark. S. Clark, G. Pondak M Snyder, A. Dolbow, K. Knapp, S. Rise. Third row: D. DuRoss, P. Graham. J Rineer, B. McAdam, B. Ellis, L. Kern, C. Vansant, R. Senff. B. Morgan M. Flumerfelt, J. Reeder, S. Oxley, C. Todd. B. Snow. Y. Swearer B. Master son, L. Martindale, B. Shaw. M. Sherwood. Fourth row: R. Weatherby', M. Mason L. Moore, H, Clemmens, B. Robbins, R. Todd, R. Buker, H. jenkinson, T Fulkrod, R. Hitch, D. johnson, L. Sutton, G. Wessels. G. Smith. J. Fox E. Roberts, F. McClure, B. Clark, B. Friz. Fifth row: C. jeuell, H. Goodman R. Humphrey, K. Robertson, G. Schocie, J. Peterson, M. Gearhart E. Pritchett W. Tindall, W. Piper, F. Pooley, A. Dunlap, D. Schmidt. E. Staudt L. Smith R. Sheridan, XV. Sands, A. Orlaski, W. Garwood G. Rust. Sixth row: M. Hicks B. Peteion, C. Slattery, G. Griffith, W. Lambert, G. Smith, B. Queener, -I DiSantis, D. Frick. Seventh row: W. Gabriel, G. Lightcap, G. Newkirk, R. Thatcher, Gentry, F. Cooper, R. Hickman, S. Cohen, P. Donovan. T. Moore J. Robinson, D. Sheffield, VU. Davis. .WSU 353 ijg-1 .l'ix'i965 Vfq A President Bob Queener Vice President Don Sheffield Secretary, Nancy Peter son' Treasurer Ward Lambert. On October 6, the Class of '56 held its first meeting. After a nominating com- mittee was appointed, the following officers were elected: President, Bob Queener' Vice President, Don Sheffield, Secretary, Nancy Peterson and Treasurer, Ward Lam- bert. With the assistance of our advisors, Mrs. Beeson, Mrs. Bieber, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Morgan, and Mr. Lamborn, this newly organized group sponsored many activities, including the Christmas dance in December. May 9 was the long-awaited date of the Freshman Folic, which was enjoyed by everyone. A I-be if ix xx X 1 0 C' 0 f W9 9 Q Q0 'fir 49 ff 6 '57 O 4, 399 ii .wp S ., .N . -A A. 1 , QL 5 X., Z? H ,vs 1 '36 Via 'yr A co ' fb " 6e,Bf1ssf 'Q' 143-iiflpgg lf kj- FAQ? A USFS? 53 LTD JW QE ,nfl ' NX :S rl!- X X t! W" h N A XX " q I IIA, UM! X V N 4 I' ' !f I :F L gg .ll 'L ' ' yi x I ip' 1 ylff , D' 1 ' !i i T i ' ES! f' ' + , il ' - f Q i 3 I I xx K5 X ' 2 W 'tag ' mi K Q ' , ii: I .fx ki 1 X W "J" - , 9 -"""-- I- 1 T',i---- I 4 ' - ' lx Q U uma ' ' A , Ai A x- ffnf, ',J,,i,fyEI45X 'V xl A .I ,fffl f f I X, , ij fs --. Q5 r ' . 74416416 9. WSW DALASKI -r' l -F Nl' sd -.7 wh, 7 ryk? THOMAS :Y W . - y ' " fum ' 'Uv' 1" ,, ' W 'L , X wiv, Y ., W... Q, - QM 'A f ww .way 434, M Ig, ,W ,T . , ,ff-pw 4 A . ' wr, x 'li' ,V JNL, 4 f, ,1 ' . M , ,, ., , ah., X: .xx , Q , I at SETTLE K Q. ONES ' D MARRONI 'Wu l .any I A ho l 4-ef 4 ali .5 , Q . ... zk WT . STEVENS MARTIN SMITHSON FRICK WRIGHT 1- X 8 4 lee pulaski S 'X' Q9 ol X 1 Un All. elerred W,'aS'6ll lx N 6 Sfgfe I S' Tea X 0 gpm m 'Q x QI .be COACHES Mr Leslne Kmg Mr Charles Bomboy Mr Wayne Pollarx Wxth the return of ten senrors the Green Kmghts rolled up the best record IH the hxstory of the school Besrdes haymg the best record there were sexeral other f1rsts for thls team It was the fxrst Mt Pleasant team to be IH contentnon for the State champ1on shrp and It was the frrst Mt Pleasant team not beaten by Claymont The pre season Splflt was h1gh After a spmted pep week the Claymont Indrans held the Kmghts to a 6 6 tre In a hotly contested game The followlng vyeelc on a ra1n soaked field w nrpped the Dover Senators 7 0 IH a hard fought contest After beatnng Elkton 19 14 w traveled to A I DuPont Following a scoreless first half A I ran back the second half klck off for therr only score of the game Thls was the straw that broke the camel s back and after this Mt Pleasant went wild and scored 26 pomts In the half There was much antlcrpatxon In the next week for the next game mth wllllldm Penn would decrde first place In the county race Then after the Wrlllanm Pcnn game It was P S DuPont tha handed the Green Knights thelr second and last dcfcat Thxs was a hard fought game and a hard one to lose The Conrad game vull long be remembered for the spectacular goal l1ne stand made by Mt Pleasant The Knights held Conrad for four downs on thelr one yard lme The senrors had thelr day on a brxght Monday atter noon when they and the rest of the team trounced Archmcre 39 7 Before the game Anne Benjamin was crowned the flrst Football ueen This year for the flrst trme Mt Pleasant had the dxstmctxon of havmg a player Lee Dalaskr on the flrst strlng all state team Brg awn Settle made center on the second strrng team The season was brought offrclally to a close on the nrght of December 17 Thrs was the nlght of the Football Banquet at the Howard ohnson Restaurant All the players were presented wlth mementos of the past season The sennors gaye the1r best wxshes to the coaches for therr fxne leadershrp whlch was responsxble for the success of the team INDIVIDUAL SCORING TEAM SCORING IN ame Bramf f Stecher l T jones Thomas Brown 4 Harley Smlthson 0 Marronx EP Tora! Ple :mul Clay mont NCI' A I DuPont Wm Penn P S DuPont Conrad Archmere "L Fleasa e gn 1 HH 'll I Opponent 733 36' ,J . ' ' "ff: O I ' ., '.., . l 1 ,, . J ,, Y 7 I Ml. 1 ' ,,,r,,...,....................e, 5 1 31 6 Dp' A-I-r---a.---a---a'-.--II---eQ-- 2 Mfcau ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,..,..,s,........r. o l Zl 19 Elkron .,-------aaS---,a--,----a--a---.-I-- 14 , ,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, 2 0 12 26 .. --,----44-----44-4--,-'--- 32 0 12 0 . SSE AA..AI,.A.,A,,,,,,w,,,,A,,,,4,,, 3 1 1 O . . -.-.--------"----AA----w- 87 W if ' "ffQlfffffflffffl 3 2 ag - Wfllfffifilfflfffffff 7 W 6 of ,,,,,,..,.....,...,.,....,. 1 4 v 10 Z0 Y I4 E? 4466 wwf QQQQQ DAVE MEARS ROBERT THOMAS RENNIE STAT. DT who were not engaged in football but were interested in basketball turned out for the first practice After a few weeks this group was reduced to ten boys who worked together until the end of football season Soon after the addition of the football players the fmal cuts were made and practlce began in earnest The young team took three games to reach ts stride After the Newark Alumni and Howard games they beat highly rated arch rival Claymont and Delaware City They dropped and won close games to Howard and Dox er respectnely Following a three polnt loss to William Penn they went on an extended win streak of five games The loss of two games in one week seem to spark the team for the remainder of the season as they finished with four wins in a row was the coming of a new coach Mr ack Ramsay Mr Ramsay had starred for St oes College team and played this season with the Sunbury Mercurles of the Eastern League Mr Crowthers assisted Mr Ramsay The 11 and 6 record was one of the best in the schools history and this was the first team to beat Claymont twice in one season Mr Ramsay expects to floor an even better team next year as he loses only three semors Bob Thomas Dave Mears and Rennie Staudt The junior Varsity team coached by Mr William Boucher turned in an impressive record of 12 wins and 5 losses This leads us to expect big things next season coupled with the Varsity teams record for both the snappy Varsity and the hard fighting J V W0 41 7 V 1 N t ' s f , ' as if Around the middle of October, fifty to sixty boys The season had many high points, among which i I ' - q 12' ,. U 0 4""If, ga es i 16' if T ,,, . ,S .R .. .,, Q., Q , ' w 4 av 41' W' x A M we A: N?Xg4-3,111 Saptdq., e: an ,yt JH.. ' l f 4 1 'bv 'f I H-gr t--- ---' S.-5 awi -lv 5? if A 'Will b'7"3 ' -"i"f4 ,......, A ...Q -in P. L - -- nv- av' no 'K ' ' 'M ' ' .Q - is-i-Us-or fu- ' -' . "Ag """"' fs ' ' .AATTIQL ,N . Us P, . vt N J, x ' "" uh ., - .gil ' ' - . ,, .fw . in W ,. 1, lj! s.-,ws . as gig, .. 'H . , .ski V . Fr 1. . wx- 4, U, 1.3. " ' '- - '- - ' " ' 'VA' 14. 'Ai -. 'bw .-ur : i, 4 , wjvxyn 'QV-ni Lf: "' X I 5" , . Q 1 "' . ' . 5' -arg K v - ' . I , ., ,. I h 4 ' p ' K' 5 -"' -0. 7 - I V V :FY D . . - .v , . ,X -. 0 fn, 2 v x N- - f' Under the coaching of Mr. Fennick and Mr. Guth, this year's baseball team will try to get off to the best start in the team's history. This will be possible because this Year's team will be strengthened by the return of many of last year's candidates. Among the seniors who were on last year's team are Bob Thomas, Dave Mears, Ken Smithson, and John DeVore. The team this year will have to be at its best to beat such teams as Brown, Wilmington, A. I. DuPont, Archmere, William Penn, Conrad, Delaware City, Clay- mont, Howard, and Newark. Here's hoping the baseball team will come through with the flying colors characteristic of all Green Knight teams. A fi 'gs ITT A JM' f' 1 s Q ,z , '- ' 53,32 . ' 1.1 Q I - 1 f S I Q'-my., it 1."."Qg3 9 had 'gli 5 ' 4. N it Da 4 it 'i li l A ,mf i l : I ' S . M X 1 ' ' X ex. The track team, under the direction of Mr. Mor- gan, is expected to have another outstanding season. Last season the team was undefeated in dual meets. This year's team lost three lettermen to graduation last year, but returning are several seniors. Sam Wright, Bob Hickman, Lee Dalaski, Lou Marroni, Ronald Buckalew, Bob Thomas, jack Martin, and Ken Smithsqn. MR. -,ACK MO R . Cfhlfb IV In the schedule this year will be two meets in the Philadelphia area. On April 12, the team will open the season in the Penn Invitational Meet. During the season, the Green Knights will be working up to the final meet, the Delaware State Meet. ' F I :- I We, 43-. 1, ,i,,Mi35.f:gp., COACHES Miss Susan Hunsberger Mrs Ethel Morgan N YOLKER L OI-IVA C KELLY Our 1952 hockey team vtas the best eier produced at Mt Pleasant Their good record C3 2 aj showed the determination and excellent spirit of our lasses How could they miss under the able leadership of our coaches Miss I-lunsberger and Mrs Morgan The most exciting and hard fought game was played with the tough Conrad team vihom we haxe neyer beaten until this year We won by the close score of 1-0. The . V. team looks to the future with confidence, since they kept pace with the high-stepping varsity, ending with the same outstanding record. Teamr Ml. Pleasant Ca farm' . Oliva Conrad ....... ..t.... Claymont ....r... ....,.. 1 1 C. Kdly Wm. Penn ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 2 P. S21mplCS Friends ,,,,.,t,,,,,,,,, ,A-,t,, 5 1 Von WCffbUfg A. I. Du Pont ....... ,.,.... 1 0 P. Peabody Middletown ...........,.......,...,,..i,...,, 0 0 M. Getchell Newark ....,....,,.....,......i........,..,,.,.,. O 4 B. YOI-lkef High Sforer-JANET RICKLEY-5 goals Zum 5466 S , d,,,,,.,gnnd.w.'.--'pnwaalin Mass- 1-ruuTusnefLi: S.- R. BRANDENBERG MISS SUSAN HUNSBERGER MAN AGER5 VINCENT E . v . A. MINNIS L OU A E FRITZE C. KELLY B. SHEFFIELD Although the varsity squad has had an average sea- son, the team has shown good spirit throughout every game. At this writing, their season is not yet complete, but the girls are confident that they will win the re- maining games on their schedule. The record of this team does not tell the whole story of their never- dying fight and determination. There are seven graduating seniors, most of whom have seen four basketball seasons. T h e s e girls will be s o r e ly missed by next year's squad. The junior Varsity has had an excellent season. With one game yet to be played, they intend to com- plete the season with a 10-1 record. This has been the best record ever to be compiled by a girls' j.V. basketball team at Mt. Pleasant. We are sure that these girls who led this team to victory this year will make a strong varsity squad next year, Mt. Pleasant ..,,.,, ........,. Mt. Pleasant ...,... ....... Mt. Pleasant ....... ....... Mt. Pleasant ....,,, ..,.,.. Mt. Pleasant ...,... ....... Mt. Pleasant ..,.... ....... Mt. Pleasant ....... ....... Mt. Pleasant ......, ....... is Mt. Pleasant ....... ....... Mt. Pleasant ...... ....... 2 8 Mt. Pleasant ....... ....... GAME SCORES ANN MINNIS Alumni ,.......,. ...,, 2 2 Capmm Al DuPont ....... ......... 3 0 ROBERTA BRANDENBERC1 ClHym0nt .....vf. ....---. 2 7 CAROL VINCENT Middletown .... f.,-,,,., 4 1 ELIZABETH FRITZE Newark ....,..... ......... 2 1 LUCY OLIVA MisldlCKOWr1 ---,----- 33 JANET VON XVETTBERG Cilnrdd 4'-.---. ---Af-,-- 2 9 ANN MINNIS Wm. Penn ...,.. .,...,,.. 4 2 PATsY sAMPLEs Friends ........-.,-... .-----.,- 4 5 BARBARA WOODS Sr. Elizaberhs ...... ....A,... 4 4 BARBARA CHEFFIELD Howard ............-....----..----. 25 eoNN1E KELLY .az:...,,....,.....,... 1 ' A., 6' -ey ,IV JUN IOR VARSITY TEAM S o 906 0 93 go Pitch 6 good' SCHEDULE April AI DuPont Home April Frnends AwaY April Conrad HOYUC' April 3 wfm Penn Home May 5--Claymont Home May 7-A,I. DuPont Away May 12-Conrad AWaY May 14-Claymont Away' The Chlef gif I a fn fc-adyx rn at bat tu W axtmg that Wlth seven out of nme members returning to the startmg llne up for the 1953 softball season a better than aserage season IS expected Even though the record of last year was only two WIHS a txe and three defeats a better slate IS predicted smce the team IS under the able dlrectnon of Mrs. Ethel Morgan, who produced an undefeated record in 1950. 551 If 5-'L-"' f 51-Ur-5 il' ,Z f' ...... ef' fy i ff L 44 A -4 -Q k 'Q . 1 i --I 'in-1n', Q, N 3 Y f J ' 2..'iI"-'W . K -'. - 5 1 .fa .'m,. f- ' , f , K 4: ..f- , 'JM . - Y '.'L.ff -.4 .'5C' Vip." . - Z " J'Y1'Z.-4. N .1 ,4 " -' ,"1.,1 -v - ' 'mx 4 -QW Xi-xii ,,Af1L ...1 A.. - ' .IA . .Q ' .4wc-Z1jri.- . l V ',, 114- ,, ,, f 1 .5 I Q NX' nf N2 ..-.Q I r . , It-,115 V' ,' YV AH 122, fg,'?"3f'Z?g,'2:f ' , ' . , lv U',4i:,iiX -gil..-' QQ-",.:.,. ' K ' , ' - -314 "ZxT2,' Wlfj, I . Y ' f A 2' - . .1 'V . K. A I 'fx' I . . ., is .V 3 4 fn. 5 .' JN - , ,X Lb ' b "CL-1V it j Q . X 4 A .. f -. -X M. , , V " .Q mf n' Z 9 - f l'- ,I If V J ,T-9 Y 2 ,Y ' ' 'wa Y A 6 ,!.", X 4 ff! 2 f Q iz 1 f- N. f' MR. STARR COLE 1 'gI4"gl,,-fm ff , ' Q"L:.,'g glvr , , . , 4,p5,5i,.f",3Eii. A ' f . . ,9 A 1, J ' - a- V , Vggffw ,qs gf, , ,7 .w I f' W , ' A 1f,1.5,fgffF1F:.Zf1f,bf f: , I g fn 4-f'g1, wk ,. K . , W Q 'af uf M, ,- 1 , ri l,:A?, x . ,A 4 3- , '- I Af . K. , , ' A . . ,W V Q, f . qv ,ilif A A', " fF'5,"r 'wb' .. Q, ' wr: is f J 'lg rv , Ji? R '51 1 'MY Hu ff - ff x VX f.-:A . fa . . aw, 0 1 ms , 'Sw s V VX Rin' K . t 8 1 , A .. ,. Ham I I . 'VL In -Af 'Cana fy P fl, awk- :ff if X ki.,-anti K, mf, " , mga", 4 ,Q ' . V . -u Af Y an .Q ., - 1 'h292?.- Q Mui" . fa, 'L' Q C yea JQA K3 .231 'vs' ' .xy X, . av -Q-A Q 441 ,paw .1 ,., 'z.' Q -'F-ww 1 Luv' 'J ww? f 1: . ,war . an 'xx 4 i A Q 3- 'MX' +3 . 'lk-V' ', ' ' . - Y' 3.5, W, . g, JJ! 'av . 1 . - vm. at if 4 '- v' ,B R 1345 ' ,, V we vm, "",.fg A' H ,v ' A ' in 4 xi ' A - ,T - 'I A '- . I I 9 Y ,PM 57 'dvd' wzxail-V1 W3 ,AJ in f4+"fx'ig?K5',., V 1Mk'yPwfl" - PM W, u H' ,f + -Q , ,- ,, 6 'iQ3 , , J. - ,., N ,3-sRqrfx.,,nw- Q- , P' .H ,X 1 Wwfkf . - ' , I 5 wx X -. my ,Xk -1 A ' ' ru J M. ""Q' .ffm fi ' f Q- ff -'A 'W 9-f - ,, xv- - ,V . .W , an A.. 'Q . fs , , 4 , K, K A AM: A - F . ,- , MNA QQ - I r' ,a'. Q., ' + - - F, , .K , , .. g . B4 J , , A-L xy W ,, v A A .uw V t. , 0, . 1 . ,,.- , ,. V,, ,Qtr 'QWA fwspw. g , . in 5 ' 4 . A ' ' , hA- in RA ,, N, . Au J' x ii, .PQ s M. ' -: ,f 2' 'P w . , 3. ' A ' H. I, . ' s- iff is K N 1 . . Z 'a ' 'Q S . 1 4 . ', i . " . ' " ' 1 ' f V . , 3' . W, - W' , ,., r . A "' . , A 'V , Q Q .0 x . A- , g f 2 M-Q q, L' fi 4 F A , g "" 'Muff A ,U r, . ' a 'c ' " ,' Q 1 ' ' 4" - 0 ' . 'x'r,-.,f . 0 A ' 1 1 gf- 1 4 .A, ir , If -4 Y 5' , V," M . P' K Q f f qw' Av , .1 s . ,, t . , . i d . mx , 7. - . . , t , , .W , ,Q , A .Y 4, v M 9 ' ,, , . 'Qi Y Q , 1 g ,K J. ,nw ,Q ' v .4 X . 3 Q ' i , l '. . ,-N gr ,my . , , E K ' y . 4 .V 9 A 9' l D. , , .., W Yr Graz u 'I r ' w' 4 ion Directed by Mr. Starr Coleg Accompanist, Rosemarie Hartmann. Into the darkened auditorium float the strains of Aderle Fideler as the traditional candlelight procession begins. Down the aisles flicker the tiny candles in the hands of Mr. Cole's Senior Choir members. Once on stage, these sopranos, altos, tenors, baritones, and basses blend their voices in a program of songs full of delight for all. From Tchaikowsky's famous lNYlHL'f:1t'k67" Suite to the thunderous Hfzllelzzjab Chorus, there is a song for everyone. The eyes of the audience are not able to see the anxiety, the noise, and the sweat and strain of Mondays' and Wednesdays' seventh period rehearsals in the music room, to the listeners, all is perfect harmony, for that is the product of strenuous practice. With his sixty "stars" from the ninth through twelfth grades, Mr. 'Cole fashions crescendos of enjoyment for all in many programs throughout the year. These include the Spring Concert, the elementary school recital, the songs for the Perry Point Veterans' Hospital, the Baccalaureate Service, and finally, Commencement, when the seniors hear their Alma Mater for the last time as it is sung by the Senior Choir. MR. ZIEBER STET LER Adrlsm' if ,,,f""" e present orchestra rs rn the earh dexetopment stage We are rn the process of ur mg an orgamzatron of symphonxc proportrons vwhrch v-rh be a three to four year ro ram There are twehe members o the organrzatxon who at the present trme are bemg utrhzed xn smah chamber musrc grou s These groups vnh dex etop the cahbre o rntonatron necessary for orchestra playrn 51155 CLAXRE IWORAN Aduro 'Vw T! embers of the unror Hrgh Choxr un er t e chrectron of Mxss Moran phn to resent 3 Sprmg Concert dunng the mont of Aprl t present they are rehearsxng fo a Chnstmas Absgmbw The grou wshxch consxsts o thrrrs tv-o members taken from Seventh erghth and nxnth grades hopes to xncrease at the change of the semester r '. f ll X 1 X U h - " . ' N 1 S: A. . 'fu 1 A 5 X Th . . V , l . b H . . . . 5 Y , V. Y P5 . ' .f E Y gl . YI T A if Y i ze. A Q 1 'Z E r g it r. g c, U E' ' 'lx ' W' W4 .D 'A I ' N rr L U X UQ.. V, ' V 1 1 'V f R g '55 9 ' - Q 1 , ' C 1 H O ,'L, X M 3 ' ' F 5 h ' ' ' ' . P - - ' - h LA - , " f ' he '- vw' Q 'ff A 5. AX is J UST P SKNG BY 1114 .r X XS fifgjwf Ifki Q T RQ X! ff' XQS Rxxgw ,ff ' f' ' X!!! 7 , Q 6 fm N' N XT Fix, I X LN I yff X Xx f ,f , R ' f XXX ,ful X xx V! . . ,jf S532 J 6 1 - me Ygl .fft4" 'T 'F E if: lui' SX 'ii i T fi - ' Q I John Settle, Presidentg Bill Stoops Vice Presi dent, Carolyn Phillips. Secretary Dennis Cole Treasurer. The 1952-1953 Student Council has had a very busy and active year. To welcome the new seventh grade pupils, it conducted an annual orientation week in early September. At Halloween, they sponsored one of their two annual dances. This year it was called The lack-O-Lantern fnmboree. On January 24, the Council presented the big event on the winter's social calendar, The Snow Ball. During the week preceding Easter, they sponsored Religious Emphasis Week. For the third consecutive year, the Student Council featured Career Day in April, with numerous speakers helping to make it a very successful event. To climax a most important year, Student's Day was observed in May. To insure smooth running of the Student Council, the various standing committees have been very active this year. Among these are the Scrapbook Committee, the Recep- tion Committee, the Assmbly Committee and the Publicity Committee. Our sponsors, Miss Roe and Mr. Gennaria, assisted in making this a very successful year for the Student Council. 5- f 0 ' TX!-- . ,1" ,' f I N ' T V. T-,7""-ai..-B 5 X ll, -X il" Rennie Staudt. Presidentg janet Von Wettberg, Secretaryg Leroy Dalaski. Treasurer. The Athletic Association at Mount Pleasant is made up of a bo and a irl from Y 8 each homeroom, The members are from grades seven through twelve. The Athletic Associa Its purpose is to sponsor and maintain an educational interscholastic athletic program. This program is conducted in harmony with the policies adopted by the school. tion is the second-highest governing student body in the school. Along with the financing of, and the work involved in, the actual athletic contests, the Athletic Association also sponsors dances, assemblies, cheerleaders, and tries to promote good sportsmanship throughout the school. I 1, I 9 J f ' f ' a L2 E . i r 3: i c r v . ' .. -f 4 . ,lex Q M 'pov- w "vh- ' 47.5, .pi I GREEN ..- . as J. jg V 4 ,M-as I'..3k '-wr. X hr Q f P ' K , 5' 7 .Wm .- U ,Q Y 'rm gf. .i 'T-"" " BW? fi iefsa' Q11 r 3 Member or the Deiavure Schchstic Press Association 2 Ediior-in-Chief ..,........... Bonnie Sreinh Associate Editor: ............ Carohin Orrh Margaret Hambkt Sporix Editors ..... Hehtn Schneider Richard Baresun Art Editor ..... .... M ary Rowe Sherwood Alumni Editor ........ Barbara Vmson Business Manager .. ....... Connie Cannon Circalaiion Manager. ,.., ..,MiXdred Graham Reporters . . ........ . . . . .Shrdey Conaway Phyhrs Yauhcner Rosemarie Hartmann Barbara Kkerrz Sgoar jefferson Pauhne Grrfhrh Berry johnson ...Yrosernarre Hartmann Phykhs Yauhcner Barbara Ylkeru nder Typing ., Radio Reporter ., ...... Connie Mem risers ....... ...Hannah T. Vfesesky Barbara Ann Boyer Mn, - G reen Flaw Ad JOAN i BLECKVUELL ,qw f V 41 4 if y N 4. 8 'Q ' .',,,fQlZf Y ' , f . Wim. If pg 3 -1--v 1 r'L 2' , .Q I , H ' 3 I Y V 2 2 5 5 f ,Q , , , fi W I i2,g5 r Qgam 5 W' a 4? .fs MR. HAROLD HOUSER Inflrurfor X' , , I gawlddg ,HAM MR. WILLIAM BOUCHEN MR. GEORGE STRAIN MR. XWAYNE POLLARI Adrimrf Dance Zia! MR HOVUARD PARSONS Sporzmr Q,.Q,Qzf2gL -M MRS. MARGARET P. NELSON Sponmr GOLF CLUB MR, GEORGE STRAIN MR. WILLIAM BOUCHER MULTI-SPORT CLUB MR. LESLIE KING PING PONG CLUB MR JAMES GENNARIA " PING PONG CLUB il Wwdlavg gala W H Y 2 J,-59" S Swwumwg Za! MRS JOAN HAUWLE Qacla Sdop H 5 MR JOHN CROWTHER , I cw W 3 Mliiffw oookyng wwf SCHOOL SERVICE CLUB MISS HANNAH WESESKY Spomor OFFICERS President Pat Dalask1 Vxce Presxdent Helen Ryon Secretary Phyllls Jones COOKING CLUB Mas CATHERINE BIEBER SPOIZJOI AUDIO VISUAL CLUB IVIR ELMER FENNICK Spafuor OFFICERS Presndent, Allan Dunlap, Vxce Presndent, Edward Roberts, Secretary, Ray mond Hxtch, Treasurer, Wnllxam Sands '45 QV v X "A 1 'Q L-WE. 45' lr ,,,,":.f,,?, ,M ASTRONOMY CLUB MR EARNEST LAMBORN DANCE CLUB MRS ETHEL MORGAN I-jfAC.f4J SCIENCE CLUB MR JOHN MORGAN :Yak 4-- ' HI Y Seruor H S MR GEORGE T I-IANNING Spozuor OFFICERS Preslclent Drck Norceen Vrce Presrdent Carlton Walker Secretary B1ll Frsher Treasurer Allen Wortz YTEENS Jumor H S MRS IRENE HARTZOG Sponror OFFICERS Phyllxs JCffl'1CS Presxdent Pat Hayes Vrte Presldent Barbara Smart Secre tary Nancy Robertson Treasurer HI Y jurnor H S MR JACK RAMSEY Spomor OFFICERS Presxdent Rrchard Thatcher Vrce Presrdent Charles Slattery Secretary Robert Queemer Yun- HOME ECONOMICS CLUB MRS MARGARET BEESON Spmzmr l MODEL BUILDING CLUB MR FORREST GUT1-1 Sponmr OFFICERS Presmlent Don johnson Vrce Presrdent jlm Robmson Secretary Dave Dunlap fi .i' I 2 I . I I 1 I X 5 A A I ART CLUB MR. PERRY HOBERG Spomor 2 J ann Hn LITTLE THEATER Miss VIRGINIA FERRY 090 G X X COMMERCIAL CLUB MR GEORGE STRAIN LIBRARY ASSISTANTS MRS MX RTICE WICKHAM Sp OFFICERS-P det t al k S e YsJ PRESS CLUB MR JOHN STANAVAGE Spomor OFFICERS Edrtor Cynthra Cfmmng Art Eclxtor Pat Graham Treasurer Barbara Ellrs BOOK LOVERS CLUB MRS DAISY WALLACE 517071107 PET CLUB . DAVID ANDERSON Sponmf lr' .Lava- HOBBY CLUB MR RICHARD ROSE Sfvfzzfw OFFICERS Presrdent Francxs Cooper Vrce President Wllbur Eakm Secretary Treasurer Evan Staudt -5!Nf ,, QQQ x N X '13 lf? 5:30 U -X M, -'Q . ,, I ry iff Qf A QL 'fy gf W ' X' 1 cf 0 A AX x' ff! I ,,, 7-f! Limw X XIX V, Q fig 4 . .Q C k ,Jw 1 1 r -I .UQ - N Mi' "' 1 If N " 'X AN if X ' N' X0 ' OX Q05 I hygxo'0"' in XXX X 60 'QNX Q clk Ae xxeo ,0 l'-dx 4v'Z Q50 0 'Ma o 6 0 ob X ,-1 'x 105 'fx FJQOOX .X 4 . -sg, A , .1 . l 0 A 90- .1 AV' gxv , Q, v- No0x ,Qgx YNY, z , rv ! Nw lp I J, 'N mambo' ' 599-,I XXL us! U ,T P5 , ar' ' Q I 4'3- .I fly, 'mfr . P611 Bef! rs '7 ng.: QI5' KAW' iff QR. 177 9:-1, 5 pe c' Pl Q-lu Lf Md OT 0-.x :BOIJ HICK nan Jcannz 'U'-,,, Lkw H .Stoops R bm tl a Q b zabaih F- ? A 'wianiiii Q ,Sandra GVGG nan ",, if .S LLSQVL-13 Q0 XX " x, 1 iYCar-Q Jonas' W +V' Lucy O1 va-W W Tom Sizvans Renal NNN I, NN ' Jia j I .1 li Mm, "df V , F"'m 'df' G A wsm A O 'Q' yew 'U' ,X ew 1 its-y Youkar lv Ahorhag I 'af JDZQ, ' N -7? if xjif"77"lf5,':f K was K i .V-A 4:1 , , 5 W V NN-Mx . A Y 'Qi' xx-5. - 1 A f . ' 4 D S'5.P 1 -n ,A 7 ffe a-f! " 5. ,H I 'Wd 1 ' M 'Q ifixi H, '11 nnifn X , X I is H WX V-. it ' y K X Y pg, . A X ,1 .. , i . it, X57 wk X F-A-'X . .W f ni-1 5 'gf g... . . , .h J Q filhf gf 1 is W Hr-f 'I 4 ' X klnqa pq bca! X N. A my tv Bo f - 7.7 - L 'X u Lk S Judy po Q JACK fvxdrfnl A KON,f5 gg Qkqr 5 X' A 'Va ,IC ,Y M5SQUdflkk Cafe! 501 1 Corxrvlf KU Ni .mlm fyrzi SAXQ7 .Buskrll CQJOXT A Vxmillffs CL UNA Qhwmdo 32 K. 4 lr XL, an -Bull Rcvbqlen H Hrfrhan Lo 'IS pqltl ffrofl 30 ww' K05Kx fly W5 "HnLDA" 096 YN 'Cr AIN Ax .5 M C., Q..-4 'QQXQ AF 'N MOMKEY3 IN THE 200 4140 Of-'ff . A ff X X Q A H 1 if I we V 'sf i, x M If Q K xy 1-gy X if ,1 u -sw ,Q-f 1 K K" 4? . THE THREE Musnewems x , THE "1 o0rv'rQARg gm ity? 5' ig' 5 0 f ,A Q . -1' u u W M wHo,r1E?? .M V ' THE ROCKETTES 1 W' A , 137 - X "' 1' "f".a'f4Q.. Q . 4:2 '. " LANA 4 QE 'dives .. B il X THE THINKER 51. "ai N.,1 50 Q9 TARZAN GP-LS wmrd 4 . "IF-s 4 1 w xy :URN 5141516 'BACK T CLO an HAWKINS MNC! ll MARCH I4 A .nd fdcfras A 7 sf-'I '.,' ffl? , vsZ. 5L -V q . .Q qA-- ,I xr, I w b ' W W 44 ' w Q V 0 ' H 'il' 'ILZ It i 5 - K 45' . fif, Q ff .4 'I H fi' h E -gl-l AH H, P , ' I J ri" O . . . . 5 If 5 H E If "W I 7 1'- 4, l ugxu I-7 V Q' -ZAHI X . ,U K , w 1 ov b 2 ' in V - X1- 0 , ' 1 0 o 7 V 3 L L Q fir? . 6' - f x I LN , ' Q' .,.Y 'A , 4 Azz- . l . 4 :I Agirahvqg . 'Y IAA' V 1 'L f 'N' R Tiggrvlk' In 4 l ,,..' V ' . .fb 1' COMPLIMENTS OF your closs photographer GOLDCRAFT PORTRAITS 7 I 8 Markei' S+ree+ For them For you For Always a GOLDCRAFT por+rai'I' Mrs T e and Mrs jack Abrams and Mrs Donald H Sheffreld and Mrs A S Phrllxps joseph H Wrrght and Mrs Donald Stone and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Louls Sneed R W Thomas Adrxan Donovan W1ll1amG Robelen III Arthur H Chandless Ernest Fogg H Smlthson Mendenhalls and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs W H Maddams Wrlllam Hartmann W R Sands Clyde R Grubb eannle and Doretta Grubb and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Complxments Mr Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs R B Roberts Wxllram H Krmmey Anthony Puglxsr George T Draper Carl Schlatter E G Peterson F W Moore Carl Wagner Arthur Lewls ames R Chownnng Charles F Kelly Edward N Conaway F E Bolton of a Frrend W M Busker Robert DeVore Robert E Hxckman Charles E Mears V P Bemger Harry A Copeland john G Martln Frank E Fogg Kenneth W Greenan I-I A L Frutze C D Crlttendon Arthur K Orne Clyde F McKendr1ck Mr and Mrs Stanley R Detrlck Patrons and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Alxne S and Mrs Mr and Mrs Homer Smrth H M Masors Norman E Frlck L Kuschlng Wnllram C Mmnns Arthur T Dukes George D Gould A D Vincent Olnva Ralph E Buckalew Lloyd Alexander Lunch Table 3 Mafacasscrobhypcpmgltcr Homcroom 9A2 Marmaduke Mr and Mrs Thomas E Stevens Best w1shes from 9 3 to the Class of 1953 Swrmmrng Club Mr and Mrs I-I W Rrnehart Mr and Mrs john Clymer The Myers Mr and Mrs Lawrence Purcell Mr and Mrs Howard T Settle Mrs Wrllnam G Stoops Mr Lours Marronl Mr and Mrs S Dalaskr Mr and Mrs Thomas Ralph Dance Club Mrs A C Smlth Mr and Mrs J T Walker Lunch Table 39 Scmor Gnrls Homeroom 12 3 Mr and Mrs Wxllram L Gallagher Lunch Table Phalmahorabecafr Lunch Tables and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs 30 and 34 unxor G1rls Robertj Brandenburg D C West A W Staudt M Youlxer H E Richmond Harry B Ralgn Robert M jones Mxss Allene A Stearns Mr and Mrs Lewrs E Noble Home Economxcs Club Mr and Mrs Park D Benjamln Mr and Mrs Robert H ones Mr and Mrs Alden O Holsxnger Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr, . . ' Mr. . . . Mr. . . . ' ' Mr. , . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . A ' . ' ' Mr. . ' , jr. Mr. . . ' , Mr. . . . Mr. . . Q Mr. . ' Mr. . . . ' A Mr. . ' ' . , . ' . ' Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . , , ' 1, . - Mr. . . . , If- ' ' Mr. . . . Mr. and Mrs. C. Thorpe Martin, jr. , ' ' Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . . . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . ' . '. . . Mr. . . - Mr. . . . Mr. . Mr. . . . Mr. . . A , jr. Mr, . . . Mr. . . Mr. . . ' Mr, . . . ' ' Mr- - . . " Mr ,.., jr. Mr. . . ' Mr, . . ' MY- - - Mr. . . I - Mr. ....' A l BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS From The CLASS OF 1954 Congratulations TO THE SENIORS F Th CLASS OF 1955 Wlth The Compliments And Best Wlshes f th CLASS OF 1956 SUCCESS from Ihe MT PLEASANT i3 V To The Class Of l953 TEACHERS ASSOCIATION I Buulclmg More Power for Delaware s Fu'I'ure DELAWARE POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY ROADSIDE GARDENS Flowers ancl Glffs Phsladelphna Pllze al' Lmclsey Placle Wulmmgfon Delaware HOLLY OAK 5l84 PHONE HOLLY OAK b2l7 HIGH POINT HARDWARE rdware Eleclrlcal and House Supplues DuPonI' Palnl' and Varmsh 40I Phladelph Plze Ha hold W L BROWN Pharmaclsl' 407 Phllaclelphua Pulce Wllmmglon Delaware HOLLY OAK 5607 STECHERS TEXACO SERVICE ESIDENCE HO 4950 PHONE HO 2957 R TIRES AUTO REPAIRS BATTERIES TOWING SERVICE C rs Called for and Deluvered G 80I Ph ladelph a P Ice Wl ngion Delaware ROSE FLEISCHER l205 Washmglon Sfreel' COATS SUITS DRESSES 'N D "5 Eff--. 1 .........l it :Q ' --gy! L- -f--1-H-"A l O I a ' . . I I I I I Ia I -, ' - O I O l O I I I l I I I Imi , JIILLZLIHRD F DHUIS EIGIIT TIIIRTY ONE MARKET STREET WILIIITNGTUN I0 DELAWARE Everyfhlng for 'rhe Lawn THOMAS HOBART DUNN Lawn Supplles LAWN MOWER SALES 81 SERVICE HAND 81 CIRCULAR SAWS SHARPENED 40I0 I2 Markef S'I'ree+ Wulmmgfon 2 Del Hurley Powel Company 7I3 7I5 7I7 Kung Sfreel' WILMINGTON DELAWARE Mogness G' Stolb CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 700 Brandywme Boulevard Bellefonle Delaware PHILCO RADIO R C A VICTOR PHILCO TELEVISION MACABEE PIANO COMPANY 2 Easf 7'l'h S+ WlImIhgI'0h Delaware ALL THE LATEST RECORDS Phone 7755 COMPLIMENTS OF THE STANLEY SHOPPE THE STANLEY BEAUTY SALON 509 Philadelphia Pllxe Wllmlngfon SHELLPOT HARDWARE CO Klfchenware Home Appliances Lawn Supplies Plfisburgh Palnfs FREE DELIVERY 4l06 Marlxef Sfreef Telephone 2 5358 O 4' 1 I' . -- I I I I , anal -I 'I I l ' i . lv t ADAMS TRAILER PARK AND THE HOMEOWNERS POLICY WILL I GIVE YOU MORE COVERAGE 2 IN ONLY ONE POLICY 3 AT A SUBSTANTIAL SAVING pro'I'ecI'mg your dwelling oufbulldlngs and household goods agamsi' fire and ex fended coverage perlls provldmg broad burglary and Ihefi' cov erage on personal properfy paying 'rhe cosl of addlhonal Ilvmg expense m case of seruous fare or exfended coverage loss and af fordlng comprehensive personal Ilabllufy pro+echon on resudence and personal pursulfs AVAILABLE TO OWNERS OF ONE AND TWO FAMILY HOMES THE HOMEOWNERS POLICY REPRESENTS ONE OF THE GREATEST FORWARD STRIDES OF ALL TIME IN THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY' CALL NOW FOR A OUOTATION 206 WEST IOI'h DIAL SIBII WILMINGTON CAVALIER COMPANY Eyeglasses wlfh I'ha+ Modern Touch HEARN BROS Odd FeIIo Bldg Wlm ng? Holly Oak Market CITY DRESSED BEEF CO I403 Philadelphia Pllce uamy Mean WILMINGTON DELAWARE 723 King Shneeit EMRICK s BARBER sHoP EPPE S 508 Phlladelphna Pnke The S'I'ore of Famous Brands GARAGE Amoco Gas and Aufo Repaurs 508 Ph Iadelpha Plxe 308 MARKET STREET Wllmmgron Delaware P. K. T. 81 D. . . . u. . Best Wishes To THE CLASS OF 1953 From THE PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION R S BAKER STEINLES Marsh 84 Snlversvde Roads Bakers and Caterers Servmg Quallfy Producfs for Three Generahons PHONE 5 550l 9I 7227 S+ I THE OLDE DUTCH SHOP 4 Easf 7+h Sfreef Wulmmg+on Delaware Phone 2 6287 WEAVING and MENDING FOX HARDWARE 2l2I Sllverslde Road HO 5030 RALPH M DOLSON 81 ASSOCIATES Insurance Servlce AUTO LIFE FIRE CASUALTY l2II Kung Sfreef Wnlmmgion Delaware PHONE 6 5I I I 1 I King reef aISel'en'Ih,VVilr1'Iing on, Del. phone H.Q. 426' ' Philadelphia Pilre, Claymont Del. 5' 5 I H5 5 i I 2 2 if 5 i 5 fi I X H gg iq tit fftftifz ipbsii Q .g f TQ! i f I tif ' 5 'vp 23 16 'Q ,ff wi Q Q' Q I u . iw f. 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Suggestions in the Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) collection:

Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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