Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE)

 - Class of 1952

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Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1952 volume:

I I .r.2:fJr:. n :L .,Q..i.Auaii?' ui- '. : .ifridga .31 5 ' V L, A 1 VVTlTlTfZvYA5'!'I'Z'D'I'Z'I'Z'Z'C'2'V?2'l'Q'.!'.'Ira'oWNYGTICIT'T4!'7'E0Z'i'ZlZ'ZQ'l'2'L'L'Q'.'u'.'.'.'.'. '-'1'-7471713-I-I'Z'I'Z'Z'IC'2'SEE'.'.'.'-'.'A'-'1'n'n'e'w'-'-'1TlYv7vZ1Z1ZlY0Z'ZlZl.C'Gin'.'.'.'-'.'.V.'A'.'.'.'.'.'-'n'a'-'fuI1:u:s:-3-I .wg-gn. '.'.'.'rn-rr-.3.j. .'.'.'.'.v.'.'.' .-.'.'n'v-'r-'rrrrrrvtnznzrgvg-v.'.'l.r.'J'.'Jv4'n'. I.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.....-.........,... .-.:.3.3.g.L.- ,. ....A .. ,...........,.....,-,-,:,:,:,:.:.:. 5.A.........,.-.l.......,...,.....,-......ZF.,:..,:,:,:.g.g.3.5..... ....,...,........,:.:.:.:,..:.. .,:,:,:,:,-.:,-.:.:.:.:. :.:+:..,:,:,:,:, :.:.:.:.:.',: 3.3.2.-1.Q.'.g.:4.1.1.g.Q.-.-.3.g.:.3.-.g.g.-4.-.-.g.-5.5.5- 11-1-1-1-1-1-1-11-Q'1:15:1:1:1:1:555:11-1-1-1-1-151-151-1:1Qg-5:5:2S'-51:1:1:1:135:1:1:-:-1-2+1-1-1-1:Q-:P15-1:1-1'1-14'1:1'2:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:3:-:-:-:1"3:-:-:-:gz-25-1-1'1-1-13'1:1:1:1:2:1:5:15155-zz:-:-:-:151:-:-:-:-:1:-:1:-:-:5-:-:1:-1::555::xg111gg51:-:.:-:-:-:::-:1:-:-:-:-:-:- -:-:-:-:-51:5-:-:1-:izf1115112515155-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-115-:-:1:-:-:-:-2:-:-:1:1:-:::::::::2:g:g:1:-'.Q2:g:2.g.g,I 'Q-'g."'-'-2-,-.31-.: - '.' 1.5.--u.-.:..-ug.:-' ' .'1.g.g.g.g...g.:.'. '.:.g.:'3.,,-2-I-2-.-I-I-'-Z'Z'.gl1.3.-.'.1.:.:.g.g.'.'.g.g.g.:.:.g.g.1-Q-,-I-.-I-Z'2-2'Zg1glg.:.g.g.g.g...-4..g.,.:.5-2-:-1-2+I-Z-Z-I-Z-PI'.'I'Ig2'2g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.,.,-1-2-1-2'2-'-Z-2-Z- -I-24' 24:23.g.Q.5.1.g.5.1.5.:.:.g.g.g.'.g.:.:-:-1-2-2-2-I-Z4-.-Z-2gZgZgIg.g.g.:.,'gf .,.g.g.:.:.g.,.. .-.p3.5...,.,.,...,.......,.....,.,.,.,-,-,-.-.53 3.g.5.-.3.g.3.g.,.'...-,-,-,-.',-.g. .g.:.:.g.:.g.g. .5.:.g.3.g-g-g- -.'.'.'q.'.'.:.g. .Q.g.Q.-.g.3.5.g.:.g.g.g.g.g-g-g-g-g-.- -.' g.g.g.g.g.g.:.g.:.g.:.3.g.g -.'.-.'.'.-.-.'.g.g 3.3.3. .g.g.g-5-g-pg-g-3-,-. g.g.:.g.g.g-1.1 -3-Q-.-4.-.-.-.-.-.'.:,:.:.g.:.:.g.g.:.'.g.1.1.g .'.,.,.,.,...,.,.,.,.gsg. .,:,-,:::::.g.-.-.g.g.-.g....,.,. ...g.,.,. .,-,:.:.'.g.......,...,.,...,.,.,.,-,-.: -.,.g.g.g.g.,.g.g.,.,. ...,.,.:.,-,1,-.-.-.-.:.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.,.,.,.g.g.,. .,.,.I.,-,-,-,-.-.-.-.-.g.g.g.,., ,...,.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.,., -.:.-.-.g...g.g.:.g.g.g.g.g.g.-- ...,.,.,. ...g.g.:.g5.-.g.g.g.:.g.,.,.,.,.,...,.,.-.g.,...... :-:-:-:-:--:-:-:-:-'-v:1:-.-'-.g.2.g.g:g:-.1-:15-:-:1:-:1:1:-:-:-:-:2-:-.-.-.- '''I'5':'Z':'5'PH'.'.1.'51.1.:.11:-:-Q-1:Q-1'IIIv.-1':':':':':':':':':':':'.'.'.'-'-...:.:.:-1.21:-:af-1-2-I' -.-:-.-:-:-.:.g.-.g.g.g.g.g.1.-- .,.5.1.g.5.1.1425.g.g.g.g-:-:15-:1:-:-:-:-1-:-:-:-:-:1 -'-'-:-'-'1:-:-'-:-:1:-:-:-:-11:-.-.g.-.-.-:-.-.-.------:-:-:-:-:-:-:f ' ' - :-:-:-:-:1:-.-.-:-.-.-.-.-.- - - - - gl:15632526659I-1-1-112113:g:g:g.g:gZg:g2g:gZg2g2g1g1:1:1:-:-:-:-:-:-'' 1''Z-21'-'-'-"1-1r1:1"' "'1:-:-:-1-:-:-2-' ' '2-1-:-t-t-:-:-I-232+:-:-I-ff'"-'-2-I-2-I+'-'-I-I-.-.'.1.1.74121:-c-11:-:-2-:-:-t-:-b!f:-I'.-2-:""- '1-'-f-:-:-:1:-:-t-:1:-'- -'12-2-:-:f:-2-'-'''1'-I-2-Z-Z-I-I-.-33:5:g:gl 151-515 :1:1'1:1'1: 'u .S .'.'. l': " -.-.-.-.---.-.-.-. .-.-.........,.,.,.,...,..,.,.,.-,-,-,-,-.---.-.-.'.-. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.'.-.-.-.-.----.--.g-g-g-g-,-,-,-,-.-.- -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.'.-.--.3-g-g-g-1-5-g-3-.-g-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.' g-1-:-1-1-Q-L-L-1-.-.-.-.-.-.- .5-g-:-:-:-g-:-:-g-g-1+:-'-1-5-3-1-1-1-3-.-Q-5-Q -v.:-. 5.' 151.-515 1:1:1:5:15151:i:1:1:1:1:1:1:2:1:1:-:g:g:S!g131g1:1:2:1?:1:15515:1:1:1:i151:1:1:1:E:g:g.,. '1'1:1:1:1S:1:5:2:1:2:2:1:-2312252511121:1:1:2:1:1:2:1:1:151:1:15:111:151:2:1511zgzggftiiggrgrglgizi:1:1:1:2:1:1:1c2:1:1:E:E:152:3:1:1:gr :1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1'1'5'1:g2g1S5:1g1g'-'- 1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1:1i151:lzizfafzizfziigitgfzgfi g.- A ::.g.g.g. 5.g.1.,.:.g.g.,.'.:cg.3.fcg.,-:-Z-':.g.g.g.g.g.'.'.-.g.g.,. '.'-:-:-:-Z1.w.-Zag.-2'.g.g.g.g.g.g.,'!-I-.g.. .g.g.. ,.g.g.g.g.g.g:,-:-21,-,-1 .,-I-2:10 -'-Z-1-211-Z-I-'-' '-.g.g.g- ,-,-1-2-:-1-:-2-1-2-Z-:-C:Z-:-Z-2'Z-2-.- -.-.g.-. , -' 1.1.-.-.- .g.g.- -.-.-.-.3-5-:--:-:-:-:-:-:1:1:-.-:-:-':-.-.-.- '-'-:-:-:-:-:-c-.-:-:- 2.5.-.-.1-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-:-:-.- .-.1.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.:-:-.-:-:-:-z-:-:":-.-:- - - lglglgigl 3.1.12EEg.k::g!g.g.g-5-1-'-'-1-:-Z-2-Z-I-I-231:IgZgZg.g.:.gCg.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g!f.g-5-'-' '-'-:-1-:-:-Z-:-'- -'-2-Z-C-24-I-I-.'2-.-.-.-.-.-.-. '.'-!-'-E-Z-25512-2-7-Z-5-252-2-2-I-Z-I-.-.-1:.-.-2-2-.-:.-.'.-.-.'.-.-.-.' -'-'-------.-.-,-.-,-.-,!:...,.,.,IgC,.,.,.E:z::::::::::,: 5 ' 1 151255153535 . . . . . . . , . 53:5g:,5 :i:1:1:-' ::g:g'.2:g:g:g: .1:1:1:1:1.-.1:-:-:-.-:-:-:-:-:-23.5.-' --.,.::g15:g1:1:1:1:1:g5-:1:-.-. -.-:1:155:1:-.- -,-51:-.-.-.1:1:1:-.-:1:1:I:1:555:1:1:1:5:5:555:5:::,., .,-g1:Q:1:I:Q3!:2:-.- -.-:1:-.- -.-:1:1:1:2:1:1:' :1:1:1:1:1:1:1: :-233:55 -.-:-:-: -.5 -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-:-:-:-:-.-.- .,.:.g.g :-:-:-:-:-:-.:-:1:-:- :-:-:-:.-:1:-: -. .,.,.,.,.,.,.g.1.g-g-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:1. .--:-:-.-.-. .- g.::.,.,.,.g.g.g.,-5-:-.:-:-:-: -.-:-:-:1:-:-. ,.,.g.:.g.:.g.1g-g- 1:-'-:-:-:-:-:- -' :::-:-:- 5-:-:::::2::. g.:4-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:ig-:-:-:1:-'-' 15.34.3152:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'" ' .-.-:-:-:-:-.-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- -:1:1:-:1:-:-:1:-:-:-:-:1:-5:11:-:-:-:-:ggg:-g:1:1:-:-:-xg:5:g:E.g.E.g.g-:-:-:-:-:1:-:-:-:-:-:' . .-.-:-:-:1:1:::5:g:g.g.g.g.,.,.,-,-1-,-. :-:-:-:-:-:::-: . -:-:-:-:-:-:-:15-:-: 1-5:-:-:-:-Q: :35'g:g:g:: - '-:-: -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.:-:-21:-1 -:-:-:'-:-:-:-"-:-:-:-:-' -:-:-:-:-' ':-:-:-:-.-. :-:-:1:1:-:- 1'-:-:-:-:-: - 1' '- Q1:1:1:1:1 :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-2-1-1-I-1-1' :1:1:1:1:1:1:-:-:-:-:-:-:"' ''-11'':.f:f::::I:121:1551:111:-:1:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-'-'-!-1:1-1e1:1:1:1:-:-:2:-:--- ''-:-:-:15-1-:-!-1-1-1-151-1-1'---'-'-'- '1-1' 1-15-:-:-:-:-:-' :iz-:-:-:-:-52: -. 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Siiiiiigiri. ..-E1E1i1E-.- 1.1 15151E151521E1E1E1555155155551535555533552552:E12+5151551E135515155151515155521S5E111S555E5:5E3:5:5: 151215151E1E1E15151513E1E1E151 "151515' 51515151515151525 . .,2,Z 1-1:25:55 :1:1:1:2 1:1:1:1:1:1:1' 1:1:1:1:1:1:1:. :1:1:1:1:1:-:1:1 E151E1:I:1:1:1:1 ..1:1:1:-:- ..1:1:1:1:1.. 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'u H'.'.'.'-'J-' 1' E1515151515151515'51i111:1:1:1:1:1 1 5'5E551151:155:1:12:1:1:1:-13: 3.3.111:5:111:35.3:31515.3.315131513:3:3:3:313:3:3:3.3.3 -:1:1:1515151:15151:1515151''' 11111:1:1:15111:11111:11Z:2:11515:E1E:2:E:S:E:5:1:1:115:5: " . :- ' -.'.'.'.- - - -.- - -.-.-.-.- -.-.- . . . . . . ' J. .3 '-.-.-.'."".'.'1' .3.3'.3.g.3.'.3.3'.'.3.3.3.g.3.3.3.'. M1515-1-35235::1:1:2:3S:2:1':':1-:-51:-:-:-11:-:-51:1:-:-:-:-:-1-:-:1:-:-:-:-:-: .- 3 7 W, . ,grit 'lx "' 5 WW? I I ,. V "' Q 125 I X ., F ev ' Y' I I K ,, , f , lg: , if I A 1- 5 Y i i f rw I A ' gf if N Administration . . . Advisers ....i.. Faculty ...,.,..., INDEX GREEN LEAF Stott ,.... Seniors ......,... Underclossmen . . . Activities .... Music .,.. Sports . . . Snops .... Ads . . . 4 .. 5 .. 6 .. 7 .i..i2 15 ....4l .,..47 ....67 ....71 ....8l ....87 E. R. SCHWINGER Principal At this phase of your school life your thoughts naturally turn to graduation or commencement. These words are synony- mous, but yet differ to a great degree. Grad- uation, to many, is the final attainment of certain goals, the culmination of many and varied achievements, the completion of one's formal education. Rather than thinking in terms of a race well won, let us think in terms of commencement, a new beginning, not the end. There are three great fundamental ways of learning. One may learn from books or printed material, from people, or from direct experience. Now that your high school days are over, learning will not cease: it will continue in a much broader manner, you are just "Commencing." Acceptance of spiritual values in your future endeavors is important, do not overlook them. To face civic responsibilities with fortitude and to fulfill your social obligations with gracious- ness will mean much in your successful realization of the happiness every true American deserves. lt is a pleasure to congratulate you on your success to date, and extend to you best wishes in meeting the challenges that lie ahead. IOHN F. HEINEY Superintendent We have recently experienced a recurrent wave of "de-emphasis" on certain intercol- legiate sports. This demand for reform has arisen as the result of a popular revulsion of feeling against the high-pressure win-at- any-price philosophy. This reform is needed. lt happens every so often and is a good example of what takes place when the nautral "will-to-win" is no longer governed by conscience and reason. Anyone who hopes for success in any field of endeavor must have the will-to-win in generous measure. lt is a very necessary attribute of character, The fact that you are graduating today is evidence, in part at least, of your will-to-win. The big difference, of course, lies in how we win. When we gain success after a hard struggle, fought against fair competition, and according to the rules, we strengthen and ennoble our character and we gain an immense satis- faction and self-confidence. But when we win only because we have cheated, evaded, or ignored the rules we somehow never seem to find the success or satisfaction for which we have become so degraded. The game of Life has rules which cannot be broken except at great risk. Play the game hard. Play it to win, but play it ac- cording to the rules. Good luck and best wishes to you. 5 HANNAH T. WESESKY Lock Haven State Teachers College, B.S. Pennsylvania State College, ME. Latin English Green Flash Sponsor Senior Class Adviser So rapidly the years have passed. Activities and friendships are to be sus- pended but never forgotten. It has been a wonderful period of fellowship, and for me it has been a distinct privilege and a pleasure to serve in the capacity of class advisor. To you, departing Seniors, the opening of this book should signify, a fervent hope that peace reign again in a troubled World. As you browse through the pages, pause at each familiar picture with a sin- cere Wish for uninterrupted happiness and prosperity. Close the book only in a spirit of confidence that your eyes are lifted to high ideals, and now you are eager to begin the climb. May all of you, as members of the mem- orable class of 1952, return often to re-unite in the spirit of good fellowship that per- meates our halls. Let us not forget Mount Pleasant. 1952 6 As you glance through the annual in later years, no doubt you will have a nos- talgic feeling for your Alma Mater. There will be recollections of happy and stimu- lating experiences which so often will at- tach themselves to your thoughts, Words, and deeds. - For the past four years, your teachers have strived to aid you in preparing your- self for life in the adult world, to take your place in the realm of business or industry, or to pursue a higher education. They are confident that you are ready to face the responsibilities that will be placed upon you. May He who is the guide of all great men prevent you from becoming lost in the modern labyrinth and help you to travel the open road in happiness and with a peace of mind! LESLIE B. KING Moravian College, B.A. Pennsylvania State College, M.S. Civics Problems of Democracy Coach of Football Chess and Checkers Club Sponsor Senior Class Adviser F FIELILTY DAVID I. ANDERSON Swarthmore College, A.B. University of Pennsylvania, M.S. Core Curriculum Social Studies Pet Club Sponsor MARGARET H. BEESON Beaver College Home Economics Boys' Chel Club 7 MARGARET BAKER Grassborc State Teachers College, B.S. Core Curriculum Mathematics Nature Club Sponsor CATHERINE BIEBER Drexel Institute Home Economics Girls' Home Economics Club Sponsor CHARLES H. BOMBOY Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Biology Consumer Science Photography Club Sponsor Assistant Football Coach Iunior Class Advisor STARR L. COLE Ithaca College, B.S. Director of Music Band Choir WILLIAM H. BOUCHER West Chester State Teachers College, B.S, University of Pennsylvania, M.S. Algebra Advanced Algebra General Mathematics Trigonometry Solid Geometry Bowling Club Sponsor I. V. Basketball Coach IOHN W. CROWTHER Millersville State Teachers College, BS, New York University, M.A, Metal and Graphic Arts Assistant Football Coach Head Basketball Coach Metal Club Sponsor TANIA K. BOUCHER City College of New York B.S. University of Pennsylvania, MS. Typing Business Law Business English Iunior Business Training Cheerleaders' Sponsor Dramatic Club Sponsor Iunior Class Sponsor STILLMAN A. DARREL. IR. University oi Pennsylvania, B.S., M,A. Boys Physical Education 7 and 8 Elementary Physical Education Intramural Athletics tBoys and Girlsl ROSLYN BRADLEY Pennsylvania State College, B.S. Iunior High Music English Iunior High Glee Club Iunior High Orchestra Girls' Softball Coach Senior Play Director ELMER FENNICK Bucknell University, B.S., MS. Core Program Baseball Coach Chairman oi Audio- Visual Aids IAMES A. GENNARIA Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B.S. New York University, M.A. Guidance Director GREEN LEAF Sponsor Student Council Advisor MADYLON R. HEAL Wilmington General Hospital University of Delaware University of Pennsylvania School Nurse FORREST L. GUTH Millersville State Teachers College, B.S. New York University GEORGE T. HANNING Dickinson College West Chester State Teachers College, B.S. MA- Temple University, M.S. Industrial Arts English 9 cmd 10 Stagecraft Club Sponsor Hi-Y Club Sponsor Freshman Class Advisor IRENE B. HARTSOG Flora MacDonald College, B.S. Mathematics, 7 and 8 Y-Teens Club Sponsor ETHEL M. HOBRS West Chester State Teachers College, B.S. Girls' Health and Physical Education Hockey Coach cmd Girls' Basketball Coach Leaders Club Sponsor IO!-IN A. MORGAN Temple University, B.S. Science Aviation Club Sponsor Track Coach Intramural Assistant MARGARET P. NELSON Ohio University, B.A. English ll, 12 Needlework Club Sponsor Iunior Play Director Junior Class Advisor HOWARD S. PARSONS WAYNE I. POLLARI VINCENT T. REMCHO Pennsylvania State University of Delaware, West Chester State College, B.S., M.E. B.S., M.A. Teachers College, B.S. Director of Health, American History Physics Physical Education World History Chemistry Dance Club Sponsor I. V. Football Coach Mathematics Athletic Association Hobby Club Advisor Fire Drill Patrol Sponsor Co-ordinator oi School Civil Defense GEORGE STRAIN La Salle College, B.A. Stenography Typewriting Office Practice Co-ordinator ot Work- Cooperative Program ETHEL M. BOE University of Delaware, B.S., M.S. Mathematics Student Council Advisor Sophomore Class Advisor DAISY P. WALLACE University of Virginia, B.S. University ot Delaware, M.S. English Leisure Reading Club Sponsor IOAN WALLIS ELIZABETH F. WALSH University oi Delaware, Kutztown State Teachers B.A. College, B.S. French Librarian Spanish Library Club Sponsor English Swimming Club Sponsor Freshman Class Advisor CAFETERIA STAFF U. to :J-Mrs. Simon, Mrs, Carter, Mrs. Schcxcvico, Mrs, Morris, Mrs. Iones, Miss Krejci, Mrs. Thompson. MARIORIE ZEIGLER Iohns Hopkins, B.F.A. Mcxrylcxnd Institute of Ari Ari Ari Club Sponsor OFFICE STAFF U. io :J-Mrs. Priscellci Slcxney, Miss Beiiy Whitcomb, Mrs. Mary Sue Lang 11 GREEN LEAF STAFF Literary Staff Barbara MacKinnon, Co-editor Gordon Pizor, Co-editor Martha Bauder Marilyn Chappell Iean Cornthwaiie Mary Ellen Iurisch Nancy Norling Iean Ryker Typists Nancy Baldwin Mary Ella Williams Eleanor Mitchell Mr. Gennaria, Faculiy Advisor 12 Barbara Walls Patricia Moore Business Staff Walter Lallerty Patricia McKinley William Miller Courtland Nichols Ianet Smith . V 1 'Lf N , .mf ANN SCHNEIDER EMILY MAXWELL GMS Sports Eduof BETTE MALCOLM DEAN STEELE IAMES THATCHER Copy Editor L't Ed't Boys' Sports Editor I erm-Y lors v BOB WHITTEN BEVERLY HAHDING Photography Ednor NANCY BIMMERMAN Historian Chairman of Publicity BARBARA CAFFREY Art Editor BAYARD ALLMOND DIANNE SMOLKA BILL WELS . . Business Mcmcxger Chcurman of Typlsts Photography Editor IOANNE FOSTER 13 Sales Mcmcxger Hail! All hail to thee Mount Pleasant Loud thy praises ring. May God! blessings smile upon thee, We, her students sing. May the brightness of her glory, Never, never tail. We are true to thee, Mount Pleasant, Hail! to the all hail! V+-, am 0,951 CYN 5 F' f Q02 Q h " ,1 r NC' 0:29 . M Q91-6, ' WW 1 wmv SENIURE ELH55 ,Is fo CIJSS OF '52. Energetic and am- bitious the Class oi 52 is remem- bered for his varied activities, many pleasures, and hard work. On his ist oi interests, playing sports, par- ticipating in all musipal organiza- tions, working hard tor success, and having fun are at the top. He plans to study for and work towards many occupations and professions. Freshman Frolicg Sophomore Hop: Iunior Prom, Senior Bally roller skat- ing partiesg basketball concessions: iunior and senior plays: varsity and intramural sports, Senior Carnival, and several dances. F 1952 GRACE AlllM8. Because of her most salient characteristic, Grace will always be remembered for her cheer? disposition and laughter. Her avorite pastime is drawing. She 'hopes to become a commercial designer and interior decorator, even though her ambition is to be a commercial artist lor the movies. She enjoys dancing and swimming but is oiten peeved by homework. Intramural basketball 9, 10, ll, 125 intramural hockey 9: intramural softball 9, 10- intramural soccer ll, senior choir 9, 10, ll, 12. BAYARD ALLMOND. Because of his willingness to work and his many achievements, we shall al- ways ,remember Bayard as an out- standing member of our class. His lans for the future include college. Eayard's activities are both many and varied, but we shall never tor- get all his hard work in handling the finances ol our yearbook. Student Council 9, 10, vice-presi- dent 125 baseball manager 10, ll5 intramural football 9, l0, ll, l2: in- tramural soccer l05 intramural softball 9, 10, ll, 125 class president 105 student director of junior play5 co-chairman of junior prom5 senior EH? business manager of GREEN MARTHA BAUDEB. Marcie will al- ways be remembered for her lovely voice and active participation in choir work. Although slaying the piano is her hobby, an music is a great interest, she has chosen a career in the field of home econom- ics and plans to attend Penn State next fall. Senior choir 9, 10, Il, 125 homeroom treasurer 10, 125 homeroom sacre- tary 95 variety show 10, llg junior Flay cast5 choir wardrobe committee 1, 125 senior play properties com- mittee5 dance club l5 literar and business staff ol GREEN l'.i:Ar, choir co-ordinating committee ll. NANCY BALDWIN. An enthusiastic and keen interest in athletics has led Peanut to participate in all in- tramural sports and to be a member of leaders' club throughout high school. She rates dancing and sing- ing tops for entertainment, but her pet peeve is teachers who give sur- prise quizzes. Having taken the commercial course, Nancy's ambi- tion is to become successful in clerical work. Intramural hockey 95 intramural soc- cer 10, llj intramural basketball 9, 10, ll, 125 intramural softball 9, 10, ll, 125 usher of senior 0plaE5 operetta 95 leaders' club 9, 1 , 1 5 typist for the GREEN LEAF. 17 IOHN ARCHER. Arch is a member of the senior class who intends to become a teacher in secondary edu- cation. He plans to attend West Chester State Teachers' College. He likes to collect records and has quite a nice collection, Another pas- time of his is roller-skating. His pet peeve is people who don't retum ilms after the films are shown, and his favorite expression is "Buddy." We will always remember his cheer- iulness, and his ability to get along with others. A, A. 95 intramural football 9, 105 intramural basketball 9, 105 intra- mural softball 9, 105 intramural soc- cer 9, 105 press club 9, 10, 115 sports editor ot the Green Flash 9, 105 audio-visual secretary 12. WILLIAM BERGER. Bill is one of the more musically inclined seniors. He has always been interested in music and intends to become a pro- fessional musician. At the present he says that playing in dance bands is his favorite pastime. Bill's pet Eeeve is people who think they are eaven's gilt to the world. He can be heard exclaiming, "that poor sucker is really gone." We wil all remember his playing of the trom- bone. Band 9, 10, 11, l25 president of band 11, 125 choir 9, 10, ll, 125 music shows l0, 115 senior play cast l2. W1 5 KENNETH BETTY. Kenny wants to go to college, although he is not sure where, and then wants to be- come a mechanic's apprentice. Later he would like to go into the man- agement of mechanics. He says that driving is his favorite pastime. He can be heard exclairning, "For- soothl" as his favorite saying. He is a quiet, well-liked, friend y boy who gets along with everyone and will be remembered for his friendly manner. Homeroom president 9, 105 intramu- ral football 95 intramural softball 9, IU, 115 intramural basketball 9, lU, 11, 125 band 9, 10, 11, 123 audio- visual club 9, 10, ll, 125 junior and senior play committees. BARBARA CAFFREY. Barb's com- bination of pep, artistic ability, and dai dreaming will most certainly ma e us remember her. She was a most capable head cheerleader dur- ing our senior gear. Because of her interest in art, arb plans to attend college to become an illustrator. Her favorite sayinig is, l'Well isn't that Georgie," an she is quite annoyed by impatient persons. Homeroom .president 95 homeroom secretary IU5 intramural basketball 9, 105 intramural softball 9, 105 scrapbook committee 105 girls' state 115 scenery committee, junior play5 cheerleading 11, 125 art editor of GREEN LE F. MAX BLETSCHACHER. Ioining our class in his senior year as an ex- change student from Germany, Max has been a grand addition to our class. We hope he has enjoyed the year at Mt. Pleasant and has earned as much from us as we have from him. We shall always remem- ber his bright smile and personality. Max plans to return to Germany after graduation and to attend a technical college to become an en- gineer or architect. figudent Council 125 varsity iootball 18 NANCY BIMMERMAN. Whether it be for sports, dancing, or just a good gab session, Nancy is always ull of enthusiasm. Because of her many interests, Nance has partici- ted in nearly all school affairs, mr et saying is "Have fun, but be good?" An academic student, Nancg plans to attend college next fall an to do work in the medical field. Varsity basketball 10, ll5 varsity softball 9, 10, ll, 125 intramural bas- ketball 9, 125 intramural hockey 105 intramural soccer llg junior play cast5 scenerx chairman5 senior play5 GREEN LE F staff, secretary of senior class. MARILYN CHAPPELL. If our per- sonalities had a formula, Mari1yn's would surely be that a pleasing disposition plus an even tempera- ment makes for a happy Eerson and the best kind of friend. he enjoys most being with persons of her own age and has proved herself a will- ing and industrious worker in all activities. "Do you good and help you too," has come to be Mari1yn's favorite saying. Her future pilans include studying medical tec ol- ogy at the University of Delaware. Student Council 11 secretary 125 varsity softball 105 intramural soft- ball 95 intramural basketball 9, 10, ll5 chairman of Career Day ll, 125 chairman of properties junior play. IOHN CHOWNING. Johnnie will always be remembered at Mount Pleasant for his excellent musical ability. No wonder his ambition is to be a music teacher. Of course, Iohnnie has other interests, one of them being silly girls although he states that they are also his pet eeve. His future plans include the fleld of music and also the mission- ary field. Band 9, 10, ll, 12, choir 9, 10, ll, 12g intramural basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, intramural football 9 10, ll, 12, mu- sical productions "Of All Things" and "Ain't Misbehavingf' IEAN COHNTHWAITE. In the six years Iean has attended Mt. Pleas- ant, she has been one of the out- standing members of our class. Her various interests have given her a "finger in nearly every pie." This cute little senior Wplans to attend Randolph-Macon oman's College. Athletic Association 10, A. A. treas- urer ll, and A. A. president 125 varsity hockey 9, 10, 1 , 125 varsity basketball 10, ll, 12, senior choir 9, 10, ll, 125 junior play, co-ordinatin committee for variety show 10, lg 1 readin committee ll, 12, Efffsw LEAF' mu. CAROL CONRAD. Carol's peppy gersonalithwill always be remem- ered at t. Pleasant. Outside of school she enioyls reading, dancing, and talking. S e is often kidded about havini an innocent look and a young loo , but she will always deny both of these accusations. Her future plans include college, pos- sibly, Ohio Wesleyan, and she hopes to become a teacher. Athletic Association 9, 10g basket- ball manager l0, hockey manager 117 intramural basketbal 9, 10, ll, 12g intramural softball 9, 10, 11, 125 cheerleader 125 senior choir 9, 11, cadet choir 10, co-chairman of ETA. dance decoration committee 19 BRUCE CLARK. Bruce might be considered one of the quiet mem- bers of our class, The reason for this may be his fondness for doo- dling. His pet eeves in'clude deten- tion halls and French dictation tests. Regardless of his small size, he mentions eating as one of his favor- ite pastimes.- is future glans in- clude the University of elaware and the Marines. Intramural football 9, l0, ll, 125 in- tramural baseball 9, 10, ll, 121 in- tramural basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, intramural volleyball 11. BILLIE DeCO1lMIS. Billie, who, in spite of her name is one of the feminine members of the class, has alwaxs participated in many activi- ties. lthough she possesses a very decisive personality, hard-working Billie is known for her friendliness. In the future she plans to attend a college, although she doesn't know just exactly w ich one. When not in Accomac tVirginia, naturallyl, her favorite pastime seems to be re- membering Accomac. Billie's dis- ttnctive, and frequently heard laugh will long be remembered. Student Council 107 Student Council president 12: intramural basketball 0, 12, choir 9 ll, 12, cadet choir 10 art club 9, dance club 105 junior play committees. IOHN DELKER. lack is well known or his fine sense of humor and his little maroon Henry I. Whenever there was an errand to be done, lack was called upon to do it. His favorite pastime is eating. After graduation his plans will probably include college, as he hopes to be- come an electrical engineer. Basketball manager l0, ll, 12, intra- mural basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, intra- mural baseball 9, 10, ll, 125 intra- mural softball 9, 10, ll, 12. CAROLE FERGUSON. Carole is known to everyone for her quiet and pleasing personality. Even though she has always been a very good mathematics student, she sc?-Ye her pet paeve is trigonometry. er fa- vorite pastime is writini letters to one particular soldier. fter grad- uation she plans to go to work and at the same time attend Goldey's night school. Carole's ambition is to get married. Intramural softball 9, 10, ll., 12, in- tramural basketball 9, 10, ll, 12: maiorette 9, 101 senior play costume committee. PATRICIA FAUERBACH. Pat, an active member of the senior class, came to us in the ninth grade, She lans to attend the Universitg of Belaware and specialize in me ical technology. Her favorite expression is "George" Of her pastimes, she rates bowling, ice skating, and play- ing sports as her favorites. Pat will always be remembered for her pleasing personality and friendly smiles. Intramural basketball 9, lU, ll, 125 intramural softball 9, 10, varsiby softball llg square dance club l g photography club ll, secretary of photograph club ll, junior play comifgttee lip senior play commit- tee . 20 RICHARD EMERY. Dick will always be remembered as one of the out- standing artists of the class. His work with pen and ink has con- tributed many very interesting post- ers to Mount Pleasant. Dick plans to enter the University of Delaware to study chemical engineering. Intramural football 9, IO, intramu- ral baseball 9, 105 GREEN LEAF publicity committee 12p senior play lpublicity committeep dance pub- icity committee, 12. IOANNE FOSTER. Joanne is one of our most active an ambitious sen- iors, who is well liked by ever?one. In the summer, she may be ound on the golf course swingini a mighty mean golf club. lf as ed, she'll tell you her pet Reeve is selling hot dogs at footba games. After graduation she hopes to enter Bucknell University and take the liberal arts course. Student Council 95 Athletic Associa- tion ll, 127 class vicegaresident 12: intramural basketball , 10, ll, 12, intramural softball 9, 10, ll, 127 choir 9g chairman of junior play cos- tume and make-up committeeng co- chairman of footbal concessions 12, chairman of GREEN LEAF sales 125 student director of senior play. EDWARD GEARHART. An all-round active member of our class, Eddie kept himself very busy during his high school years. His favorite pas- times include golf, swimming, and basketball. Ed ie's get peeve is "a Eerson who thinks e is somebody e isn't." His future plans include the University of Delaware, where he hopes to receive a degree in chemical engineering. Student Council 12, class secretary 11, homeroom secretary 10, choir 9, 10, ll, 12, varsity basketball 10, ll, 12, varsity baseball ll, 12, intra- mural basketball 9, 10, intramural football 9, 10, 11, 12, intramural social' 9, operetta 9, 10, class play BEVERLY HARDING. We will al- ways remember Bev for her sports- manship and relaxed manner. After she leaves Mount Pleasant, her glans include attending Goldey- eacom College in co-operation with the DuPont Company. Athletic Association ll, 12, varsity hockeg 9, 10, 11, 12, varsity basket- ball l , ll, 12, softball manager 10, 11, 12, class treasurer 9, class vice- president 10' homeroom vice-presi- dent 11, GREEN LEAF staff, senior play committee, junior play com- mittee. DONALD HAAG. Don came to Mount Pleasant in his iunior year from Lakewood, Ohio, Here he has become active in musical organiza- tions namely, choir and band. After graduation, Don plans to go to college to prepare for a future as a retail florist. In his leisure time he enjoys tinkering with cars. Intramural football 12, band ll, 12, choir ll, 12. 21 LEILA ANNE GRIFFITH. Lee has very definite plans for the future. After she graduates from high school, she will get married and become a seamstress as well. At present she names her favorite pas- times as sewing and drawing. - Intramural basketball 9, 10, 11, 12, intramural soccer 9, intramural soft- ball 9, home economics club 9, leaders' club 9, dance club 10, dra- matic club ll, iunior play usher ll, senior usher 1 , operetta 9. WIIJJAM HONEY. Bill plans a rather easy future, He hopes to in- herit a lot of money and "live hap- pily ever after." Until then he spends his free time on sports and running to fires. Athletic Association 9, varsit base- ball 9, 10, ll, 12, varsity football ll, band 9, 10, homeroom president 10, homeroom vice-president ll, choir 10, senior play committee. ROBERT HUMPHREY. While here at Mount Pleasant, Bob has shown his interest in music by partici at- ing in both the band and the choir throughout his high school career and has proven himself to be a very valuable member of each. Bob lists hunting and fishing as his favorite hobbies. We will al remember Bob for his friendly smile and hap y- o- lucky nature. His plans for the qu- ture are rather indefinite. Homeroom vice-gzresident 95 Band 9, 10, ll, 12: c oir 9, 10, ll, 127 operetta 9. CHARLES KRICK. Chuck's many successful exieriences and thrills in soap box der ies will long be out- standing in our memories. He came to Mount Pleasant in the seventh grade, left in the ninth grade to move to Buffalo, New York, and then retumed to our school for his senior year. This year, as in But- falo he has been active in athletics. As far as the future is concerned, Chuck plans to be an engineer after attending S. M. U. or Tennes- see. Varsity football, 12. MARY ELLEN IURISCH. Mary El- len's interest and talent in music have led her to choose a musical career. After graduation she hopes to attend Oberlin Conservatory to study music education, and then she Ialans to teach in a public school. n addition to music, Mar Ellen enjoys sports, walking, and' danc- ing. Varsity hockey 95 varsity basketball IO, ll, l2g band 10, ll, l2g senior choir 9, 10, l1, 125 student band director ll, 125 student choir direc- tor l2, junior play co-ordinatorg chairman of scener committee, sen- ior pm, GREEN LEAF mfr. 22 FRANK HYER. Frank's future plans include going to college to study engineer ng. n his spare time, he can usually be found at his favorite pastimes which are racing boats and playing the piano. Will we ever forget that wave? Intramural football 9, 105 intramural softball 9, 1011 intxiamugalucagebagl gpotogr you 'spors club 105 boxing club ll, 12 horne- room treasurer llg May Day 11: senior play ticket committee. WALTER LAFFERTY. With his good- natured and friendly manner, we will alwaiys remember Walt for his faride an never ceasing praise of reland. Walt is ver? interested in chemistry, and his sans tor the fu- ture are to enter t e University of Delaware to study in this field. Trigonometrg seems to be the one course he efinitely dislikes. Walt spends much of his spare time bi- cycling. Intramural football 9, 10, ll 12: orchestra 9, I0 115 band 9, ld, ll, 12: GREEN LEAF staff. CAROLYN LASSELL. Carolyn will always be remembered for her beautiful, long curly hair and grace- ful hands. She is alreadsy attending Philadelphia Modeling chool, and it is her ambition to make modeling a career. Since she is also very much interested in playing the piano and organ, it is her hope to combine modeling and music on the stage or on television. She has had the og- portunity of playing the organ pu - icly on several occasions and thinks the entertainment field would be an interesting one. Choir 9, 105 cadet choir accompan- ist, 10. WILLIAM MACKAY. Willie is known for his musical participation in all four years of high school. He plans to go to the University of Delaware an become a successful business- man or farmer. His favorite pas- times are eating, sleeping, and reading. He still seems to find time for "outside" activities. Varsitiiafootball 10, ll, 125 intramural basket all 9, 105 intramural base- ball 9, 105 intramural football 95 president of band 95 state band 95 choir show 10, 115 county band 10, t1,15l6.'1ance band 11, 125 stage crew ROSS MACE. Ross, one of the more reserved members of the senior class, has always been interested in sports. When it comes to school ac- tivities, he can often be found work- ing industriously in the shop, but one of his favorite outside sports is hunting. As his main interests lie in these activities, one can well imagine that his pet peeve would be homework. Varsity baseball 10, ll, 125 intra- mural football 9, 10, 11, 12' intra- mural basketball 9, 10, ll, li. . 23 IOAN LONG. Ioan, who has at- tended Mount Pleasant since first grade, is a commercial student who Flans to enter into the stenographic ield to become a secretary. Her favorite pastimes are plaiiing the piano, watching TV, and istening to the radio. Her pet peeve is sur- prise tests. lntramural basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 intramural softball 9, 10, ll, 125 resident of home economics 'club 1305 driver's training 125 typist for GREEN LEAF5 choir 9, 105 usher for junior and senior plays. BARBARA MAC KINNON. One of our busy, capable seniors who is willing to enter any possible activi- ty is arbara. She worked hard as co-editor of the GREEN LEAF, and she plans to go to college to be- come a secondary schoo English teacher. She claims her favorite pastime is arguing, and her pet peeve is other persons who have to run everything. Intramural basketball 105 soccer 115 Green Flash staff 9, 105 Editor-in- chief of Green Flash 115 Co-editor of GREEN LEAF5 senior play5 publicity committee for junior lay5 ublicity committee for Ching-Eing-Fling. BETTE MALCOLM. Bette, a riuiet but very capable senior, is ta ing the academic course and plans to go to college or to Goldey-Beacom usiness sc ool to prepare for either teaching or stenograp y. Her favor- ite pastimes are bowling, badmin- ton, and watching basketball games. Her pet peeve is homework. Homeroom secretary 9, varsit hock- ey ll, 12, I. V. hockey l0, basket- ball manger ll, driver's training 10, assistant editor of Green Flash ll, Green Flash reporter 9, 10, GREEN LEAF staff l2, intramural basketball 10, ll, junior pla committee, senior play committee, bowling club 12. LESTER MILLER. Slim is taking the academic course and plans to go to college and become an ortho- dontist. His favorite pastimes are reading, sailing, swimming, and water skiing. Indecison is his pet peeve. Athletic association 9, l0, intramu- ral football 9, 10, ll, 12, intramural soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, intramural bas- ketball 9, 10, ll, 12, intramural soft- ball 9, 10, ll, l2, homeroom president 9, junior play committee l, senior play committee 12, senior itlimce committee 12, bowling club PATRICIA McKl'NLEY. Pat, with her blond hair and soft voice, is known for her willingness to help in a variety of activities. A career as a medical secretary is her ambi- tion after attending Marjorie Web- ster junior College. She will often be seen taking long walks or spend- ing her time at the bowling alley. Intramural basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, intramural softball 9, 10, ll, l2, bowling club ll, 12, choir 9, 10, ticket committee for the Harvest Hop ll, senior play committee, GREEN LEAF staff, 24 EMILY MAXWELL. Em will always be remembered by our class and the undergraduates for her warm smile, her short hair, and her favor- ite expression, "Huh?" Her future plans include Cornell University and a career in chemistry or as a laboratoriid technician. Before she came to t. Pleasant as a junior, she went to Seaford High School. Her favorite pastime is participating in sports. Homeroom president ll, class treas- urer l2, varsity hockey ll, 12, dra- matic club ll, associate-editor for GREEN LEAF, senior play cast, chairman of basketball concessions, junior play make-ug: and costumes committee, Iunior rom committee, yearbook club, dance committees, WILLIAM MILLER. Friendly Bill came to Mount Pleasant as a junior and has since been known as "Ingrid" His southern drawl and his part of "Herbert" in the senior lay will always be remembered. since his ambition is to be a con- struction engineer, he plans to at- tend college after graduation. When asked what his pet Qeeve was, Bill replied, "Ah detest ankeesl" "In- grid" rates fooling with model air- planes as his favorite pastime. Horneroom vice- resident ll, home- room treasurer laz, intramural foot- ball ll, l2, intramural basketball ll, 12, senior play cast, BLEANOR MITCHELL. One of the active members of the commercial course, Mitch plans to become' a secretary! or do some type of office work. S e enjoys watching televi- sion and gets very impatient when people do not pgy attention to what she is saying. Intramural basketball 9, 10, ll, 12, intramural softball 9, 10, llp dance club 10, ll, driver's training 115 typist for GREEN LEAF: operetta 9: choir 9, junior play committee ll, usher for senior play 12. COUBTLAND NICHOIS. Court, a quiet, but friendly member of the senior class, has plans for the fu- ture to attend Penn State College to become a biochemist. Along this same line Court enjoys working with plants in his spare timeg how- ever, with much musical ability, he also enjoys playing the clarinet. His pet peeve is being hurried. Audio-visual club 9, 10, choir ll, 12, band 9, 10, ll, 12: junior play scenery committee, senior play tick- et rifmmitteeg GREEN LEAF business sta . PATRICIA MOORE. With the dis- tinction of being the only married woman in the senior class, Pat's goal is to learn to cook very well. 1-fer snap and pep as assistant head cheerleader have made her an im- portant person at football and bas- etball games. Pat finds listening to the radio her greatest pleasure in her leisure time, but s e defi- nitely dislikes being teased. Intramural sports 9, ID 11 driver's training llg GREEN 1..EA1' typistp choir 9, 10: safety patrol 9: sopho- more hop, decorations committeep iunior play committee: senior 2p1ay committee: cheerleading ll, 1 . 25 LOIS MOORE. Lois, with her quiet and pleasing personality, can be recognized by her reddish brown hair and freckles.Her future plans are indefinite, but an interest in art is prevalent. Her little brother is her pet Reeve, while tennis tops the list as er favorite pastime. Intramural basketball 9, 10, 11, in- tramural softball 9, 10, 115 art edi- tor of Green Flash ll, bowling club 12. NANCY NORLING. This active sen- ior, with her bright smile, blond hair, and air of independence has future plans to attend Pennsyl- vania State College. Nance finds dancing, walking, and playing cards the most pleasant ways to relax in her spare time. Her pet peeve is persons who talk very slowly. Student Council 9, 10, 11, '12, class secretary' 107 varsity basketball 10: varsit ockey 10, ll, 127 varsity softball mana er 10, ll, bowling club 11, GREEN LEAF staff: choir 9, 11. 12, junior play cast: senior play publicity committee. IOANNE PEOPLES. Io, as she is known to her classmates, is a snappy cheerleader who displays mtich pep leading spectators in their cheers at the ootball and bas- ketball games. She hopes to attend a junior college after graduation an to become a secretary. As for activities, in her spare time Lo en- jogs driving the car and ice s ating - ut she cannot stand people who are late. Vice-president of homeroom 10, in- tramural hocke 9, 10, intramural basketball 9, IJ ll, 12, intramural softball 9, 10, llg bowling club 12, iitiiriifai play committees, cheerleader HENRY RICHMOND. Hank, who is very interested in the field of aero- nautics and glans to attend college to study to e an aeronautical en- gineer, has a certain confidence about him that we all envy. Hank just does not take a liking to trigo- nometry. He rates boating and model aviation as his favorites for spare time. Intramural football 9, 10, ll, 125 softball 9, 10, ll, 12. GORDON PIZOR. One of the hard working seniors and a leader in his class, Gordon is co-editor of the yearbook. He hopes in future gears to study in the field of me icine after attending the University of Delaware. Gordon spends his spare time working with his tropical fish and also working on his father to get the car. Band 9, 10, llg chess and checker club 105 Freshman Frolicg Sopho- more Hop, Iunior Prom entertain- ment committeey junior play com- mitteeg senior Splay Rroperty com- mitteeg Boys' tate ttorne Gen- eralg co-editor of GREEN LEAF. 26 GORDON PFEIFFER. Gordon, whose determination will heli him throughout his entire lite, sets eing hargay as his goal. He plans to at- ten college after graduation. French homework seems to be his greatest peeve. Collecting coins and stamps, swimminlg, bowling, and playing basketbal , tennis, and ping pong are high on his list of favor- ites as spare time activities. Intramural football 9, 10, llg intra- mural basketball 9, l0, intramural softball 9, 10, llg library club l0g bowling club llg freshman frolic committeep junior play advertising committee: senior pay property committee. BEVERLY ROBERTSON. Bev, whose pleasing personality and good naturedness have made her out- standing, hopes to pursue a career along t e secretarial line after tak- ing courses at Goldey-Beacom Col- lege. Bev chooses dancing aa the best way to pend her spare time. Intramural basketball 9, 101 soft- ball 9p senior play, co-chairman costumes and make-up committee, dance committees. IEAN RYKER. lean, who came to Mt. Pleasant in the tenth grade after at- tending University High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a very industrious, active and friendly mem- ber of the class. Ioan plans to attend college, but at present has no ar- ticular career in mind. She rates p1,ay- ing the piano and reading as the best ways to spend her spare time, but lean abhors trying to do those fifteen minute math tests in five minutes. Intramural soccer 115 basketball ll, dramatics club llg Driver's Training Club llp yearbook club 12, senior play cast: junior play committees, mathematics contest ll, literary staff of yearbook. CLARK Sl-IELDON. Tall, blond "Pete" is known to everyone for his outstand- ing athletic talents. He is undecided about his future plans, but because of his friendly personality, he will have many, friends and succeed in whatever he c ooses. His favorite pastimes in- clude hunting, fishing, and all sports in general, "Pete's" secret ambition is to inherit a half million dollars. His pet saying is "forsooth." Varsity football 9, 10, ll, 12, varsity basketball 9, 10, ll, 125 varsity base- ball 9, 10, 125 Senior Choir 9. i , WALTER SEGL. "Mouse" or "Bud" will always be remembered for his curiosity and ability f?J to take things apart, which will probably be an asset to his chosen career ot mechan- ical or chemical engineer. Bud would like to enroll in NROTC at the Uni- versity of Michigan or Penn State. I-le is noted for saying "Whose little boy are you?" and his pet faeeve is Span- ish teachers. Bud bui ds model air- planes and raises tropical fish in his spare time. In summer, he enjoys the sailing competition in S. jersey. AA. ll, 121 football manager 11, junior play scenery and publicity committees 11, senior play 12. 27 ANN SCHNEIDER. Tall, blonde Ann has contributed a great deal to the girls' basketball teams and the junior and senior plays. She Eortrayed the character part of Aunt ate in "Per- sonal Appearance", in the junior play, and was Barbara, a yxoung adu t, in "Ianuary Thaw," in t e senior play. Ann has been quite an asset to the basketball team because of her height, which is 5 feet, 8 inches. Her future includes college. After gradu- ation she plans to teach. Ann enjoys reading, driving, and talking. Homeroom treasurer llg varsity bas- ketball 9, 10, ll, 12, leaders' club 9, bowling club llp editor of girls' sports in Green Leaf, choir 9, junior and senior play. THOMAS SHULTZ. Tommy will never be forgotten for his sfpectacular play- ing on the football ield. He played one of the halfback positions until his senior year, when he was switched to guarterback, where much talent was isplayed. He was always quite ac- tive on the baseball team as an out- fielder. For several years .Tommy was seen driving his model "T" Ford, but he finally sold it before his senior year. A ter graduation from high school, Tommy plans to attend trade school or business school. His favor- ite pastimes include hunting, fishing, and sports in general. Varsity football and baseball 9, 10, ll, 1122, intramural basketball 9, 10, IANET SMITH. Always ready with a joke or a big smile, janet takes an active part in many class activities. Although an individualist, she gets along well with everyone. janet en- joys bowling in her spare time. Alter graduation, she plans to take nurse's training, as her ambition is to be- comeha nurse. With her pleasing per- sonality, we know that she will be a goo one. Intramural basketball and softball 9, 10, ll, 12, ticket committee for junior play and senior play: ticket commit- tee tor junior prom, refreshment com- mittee for Ching-Ling-Fling. HENRY SNYDER. Henry is a quiet but hard working senior. He has done art work, thus adding a great deal to all publicity committees or dances and plays. He enjoys music as is dis- played by his violin playing. He plans to enter college, ,but he is undecided as far as his ambition is concerned. "What a life!" is his pet saying, and his pet peeve is "people who don't know their place." Varsity football 11, 12, baseball '11, 125 intramural football, basketball, and softball 9, 125 orchestra 9 ll, 125 homeroom treasurer ll, Boys' State ll. 1 BARBARA SNYDER. "Bug" is an at- tractive member of the cheerleading squad, She, like her twin brother, has much artistic talent and has been in choir several years, which shows her interest in music, although she detests Henry's violin playing. After her high school days are over, "Bu " plans to enter a junior college. lit ambition is to enter merchandising. Her favorite pastimes include listen- ing to popular music, ice skating, swimming and driving. Intramural sports: hockey 9, 125 bas- ketball 9, 10, 11, 12, softball 9, 10, ll, 12, bowling club 12, junior play com- mittees, participated in choir produc- tion, "Ain't Misbehavin' " ll, dance committees. 28 DIANNE SMOLKA. Blonde, pe py Dianne is one of the most outstandrlng girl athletes in the class. Her many riends will always remember her ex- traordinary descriptions of people, happenings, and things. She enjoys dancing! walking, and playing the piano, ut she hates to be late. "Oh, my heavensl" is a favorite expression ol Dianne's. She likes to sing as is shown by her participation in senior choir activities. Dianne plans to be- come a secretary after graduation. Student Council 8, 9, 107 varsity hockey 9, 10, ll, 125 basketball 9, 10, 11, softball 9, 10, 11, Driver's Training Club 125 senior choir 9, 10, ll, 12, chairman of yearbook typists. WOLFGANG SORKE. "Wolf " as he is known to everyone at Mt. Pleasant, is one of the two German exchange students. Although he has been with us for only one year, his pleasant nature and mannerliness have im- Sressed us all. After leaving Mt. leasant, "Wolf" lans to return to Germany where hge will attend a German college to pursue a course in mechanical engineering. His secret ambition is to lose his German accent, and his pet saying is "ei verf1ucht1" EARL STAYTON. Earl, who is good- looking in a quiet, inconspicuous way, is one of those amiab e peo- ple who ca-n't think of any! peeve, et alone a pet one. After e grad- uates from high school, Earl wants to go to rep school and then to college. S.-Pince he hasn't decided what he wants to be, he doesn't want to specialize in anything yet. However undecided he may be about the future, Earl is uite defi- nite about hunting being cl-tis favor- ite slport. We will always remember Earl s charming smile. Intramural football 9, 10, ll, 12, intramural basketball 9, 10, ll 12, intramural softball 9, 10, 11, 12. DAVID TAIT. Dave intends to go to the University of Delaware. He hopes either to be an engineer or to go into business administration. We will remember his "natural blond" hair. His pet Reeve is five minute trig tests, and e can be heard very often saying, "Down, bo I" He likes tg sfend his summers in Ocean City, Secretary homeroom 10, ll, base- ball manager l0, football manager ll, intramural softball 9, 10, ll, 12, intramural football 9, 10, ll, 12, in- tramural basketball 9, l0, ll, 12, junior play committee, senior gay icirstilbowling club ll, 12, May ay CARLTON SUTTON. Buzzy, as he is known to everyone, wants to be a chemical engineer, and he wants to travel. He doesn't like persons who kid when he is with a girl. He enjoys reading, traveling, sports, and girls. He ho es he will be suc- cessful. Two of his favorite ex res- sions are "Who cares?" and 'S-loly cowI" Buzzy's ability to get along with everybody will always be re- membered, Student Council 9, 10, class vice- president 9, varsity basketball 9, 0, ll, 12, varsity football 10, ll, 12, varsity baseball 10, ll, 12, intramu- ral football 9, intramural softball 9, junior play cast, senior play com- mittee. 29 DEAN STEELE. Skipger, the only boy in the class wit red hair, is perhaps the most versatile member of the class. His wit and many dia- lects add to his admirable person- ality. As every one well knows, he Eat? redhtalpe, which goes lfgzkndiin an wit is et saying, " , or cryin' out loud?" His future plans are to attend college, but he hasn't chosen any particu ar field. Because of his outstanding ability in leader- ship!! he vgilldbe a great success in anyt ing e oes. Student Council 9, preisiderg olf sen- ior cass, cass resi ent , ome- room president lll, varsity basket- ball 9, 10, 11, 12, varsity baseball 10, ll, 12, varsigy football 11, 12, junior play, GRE N LEAF staff. BARBARA TAYLOR. Barb has been at Mount Pleasant since second grade and in recent years has be- come verg active in girls' athletics. After gra uation she plans to attend college. Cute, energetic Barb seems to find time from her many activities for her favorite pastimes, walking and dancing. Varsity softball 9, 10, ll, 12, varsity basketball 10, ll, 12, hockey man- ager ll, 12, homeroom treasurer 10, junior play committee, senior play committee, junior prom committee, sophomore hop committee, variety show 10, ll, choir 10, ll, 12, bowling club 11, 12. IAMES THATCHER. Iimmie is one of our well-liked, busy senior boys. He is definitely planning for college, but he is not sure at this date where he wants to go. He is an active par- ticipant in sports. He enjoys prac- tical jokes and will always be re- membered for his liveliness and his humorous ways. Varsity basketball 10, ll, 125 var- sity baseball 10, 11, 125 intramural football 9, 105 intramural basketball 95 intramural softball 95 intramural hardball 95 class president 115 homeroom president 9, 10, 115 boys' sport editor for GREEN LEAF. CHARLES WATT. Charlie plans to join the Navly if he isn't able to take N.R.O.'l'.C. e hopes to eventually become a commissioned officer in the Navy. Charlie's get saying is "1 like it." He say? is pet peeve is women drivers, e likes bowling and driving better than anything else. Char 1e's good humor and friendliness will be remembered by us all. Football manager 9, 105 basketball manager 95 bowling club ll, 125 intramural football 9, 105 intramural softball 9, 105 intramural basketball 95 typing club 105 senior play com- mittee. BARBARA WALLS. Bobbie came to Mt, Pleasant in the 10th grade from P. S. She plans to be a stenogra- pher, and she wants to live a long, prosperous life. Her pet peeve is spot quizzes. She likes sports, danc- ing, and listening to popular music. We will all remember her lively, humorous ways. She likes to say, "I'll tell her Ferl," Leader corps 105 junior play usher5 baton twir ing club 115 typist for GREEN LEAF5 senior play usher. 30 I CHARLES VIETH. Charley wants to go to college but is undecided as to which one. He wants to be a den- tist. tHe would like to be a million- aire, but who knows?l He doesn't like wild drivers, and his favorite saying is "Huhl" He likes all sports. We will remember his "quiet' dis- cussions with others. Varsity football 9, 10, 11, 125 I. V. basketball 115 intramural softball 9, 10, 115 intramural soccer 105 chess and checkers club 105 bowling club 11, 125 operetta 95 decoration com- mittee junior prom5 May Day 115 scenery committee for junior and senior play. ROBERT WHITTEN. Bob intends to go to the University of Delaware to become a chemist. His pet peeve is all the red tape of the school. Two of his hobbies that he likes best are photography and sports. He wants to be something, but he doesn't know what. His favorite saying is, "I don't know." None of us wil ever forget his quiet way, and his friendly manner. Football manager 10, 11, 125 intra- mural softball 9, l0, ll, 125 intra- mural basketball 9, 10, 115 intramu- ral football 9, 10, 115 bowling club 11, 125 May Day 115 junior play com- mittee5 senior play committee5 jun- ior prom committee5 photography editor for GREEN LEAF. DONALD WILLIAMS. Don plans to go to the University of Delaware to study agriculture. His favorite expression is "Wha, Who," and his get peeve is screaming teachers. veryone will remember his musi- cal ability, both in singing and in slaying instruments. e likes to unt, 'sh, and play golf, Athletic Association 9, 10, ll, 125 vice-president of Athletic Associa- tion 125 class vice-president 115 homeroom treasurer 105 baseball manager 95 intramural football 9, 10, 11, 125 intramural basketball 9, 10, ll. 125 choir 10. ll, 125 choir manager 11, 125 band ll, 125 musical variety show 10, 115 junior play cast5 senior play cast. MARYELLA WILLIAMS. Mellie plans to be a secretary after leaving M.P.H.S. She hopes that some day she will own a car of her own. This girl has a smile for everyone, but she gets very angry when someone spells her name wrong. She wants to learn to cook ior the future. One of her favorite sayin s is "Gol1yl" She likes to sing ang listen to the radio. One of the qualities that we will remember about her is her wonderful sense of humor. Horneroom vice-president 9- intra- mural basketball 9 l0, 11, 125 intra- mural softball 9, 10, 115 dance club 105 senior. play committee5 safety pa- trol 95 dnver's training 105 ogeretta saggy Day 115 typist on the BEEN DOROTI-IEA WILLIAMS. Dotty is one of our well-liked seniors. Her cheerful, small voice is known to almost everyone. She is planning to go to Goldey-Beacom when she graduates. She wishes that she were a bit taller so that she would be able to look people straight in the eye. Dancing and listening to music are two activities she likes best of all. Operetta chorus 95 intramural hock- e 9, 10, 11 intramural basketball 9, ld 115 intramural softball 9, 105 drarnatics club 9, 115 choir 9, 105 leaders' club 105 May Day 115 cheerleader 12. WILLIAM WILLS. Bill wants to go to college to become an engineer. 1-Ie is t inking of Carnegie Tech. He doesn't like snobs or individuals who think they know everything. Neift to logfirigi,?Bi11Hlikes'to take pic ures o girs . is pe saying is "Drop dead." We will remember his humor and quick retorts to any situation. Student Council 115 class treasurer 105 football 11, 125 intramural foot- ball 9, 105 intramural basketball 9, 10, 11, 125 intramural softball 9, 10, 115 bowling club 12. Nancy Bimmermon, secretoryg locmne Foster, vicefpressident Emily Maxwell, trecxsurerg Dean Steele, president, 1: A S 5 lf Y awww, M X QW HEIV VELL VE REMEMBER .... f m if 'W' A 'Mil If N ' 4 --" "Nl J -, R 16" ' 'J . sw l Dzconn-nuc oun Jumon Pnom mlm POISDN omq ---EVERYONE: WHS V' 0251 fx S A ix - if -..1- f-A f ,,.,ff' i f LJ E ,QQ Pon, L K X if -QL. 1 , Mass's sun-rmo nuns, wt-urn: HPI-F THE srmon. ca.ns.s spam- 1-HE CNRISTHFIS HOLIDRYS. scan-rename r-on weaves nr-Krsawnnu 0 O NH3+HCL -a ,E E W. -E fl. WE , Msms xes L ? ,L W, - ilffl "fi E iii T, El mln A , ! fx 51143, J ...J - S Hx f Oun NERD-WORKING , Reconn- BREAKING- TICKET' COMMITTEES, .fem-Q9 OUR Qunumnva nwnvlsus OF nPP:.zs. Croco Fon THOUGHT., OuR Nunsnous, UNFULFIQLED Bus IN CHEPHSTQ7. ?- I ' ' . - p, GC Z T V ' f 1 L 1 if 5 Q LW.. Q 'P g' -X 'smq46Q.Q BUSCO. , +W eZs0'5' 5"f 'fJTi'fY'F'ff ,g 1 111- E - Q 1 , 1 I 2- x 'vt h - ' lu! ,X 1 3f,'tiWL Y9 at Oun ONE SENIOR PRlvu,ec,E:-- OUR "Guam: EN'rRnN,cE"JN1-o FILL oun upnonnuougau-r monocu- FULFIELD TRCPI' THAT' WE TGON' EYERYWHJE, mom 'Duo Waals" ro 'THB U.N. East ill anh Elrntammt nf the Qllawn nf ' 2 V f I, the Senior Class of 1952, being of Q' ' sound body cmd especially sound mind, do 'IJ' , draw up this last Will and testament for 7 ' posterity, f 6 J r To the Senior Class of l953 I leave the 2 , A ! privilege of wearing senior rings, my front , ' seats in the auditorium, and all my other I gl insignia of seniority. To the administration, , . 1 - iq A Q I leave my appreciation for its advice and ' , - guidance during the past twelve school X F K, .dy . 7' A .. A.: J ' years, to my class advisors, I leave heartfelt f f M It . Q thanks for the excellent management of my 4 - 3 .Q . Q , s J, affairs and their patient understanding, and - 1'-4 I . to the faculty, I leave behind appreciation Grace Pierce Abrams, bequeath my quiet personality and smiling nature to Miss Hobbs. Bayard Wheeler Allmond, leave my bowling scores to a golfer who would like to break 80. Iohn Emerson Archer, will my birch-beer drinking ability to Mr. Darrel. Nancy Lee Baldwin, will lf4" of my height to Bill Robelen. Martha Saile Bauder, leave French idioms to anyone with a photographic memory. William Charles Berger, leave my trombone playing abil- ity to Kenny Deitrich. Kenneth Andrew Betty, will my gold-plated, diamond- studded drumsticks to Gene Krupa. Nancy Louise Bimmerman, bequeath the minutes of the senior class meetings to a scholar of hieroglyphics. Max Bletschacher, leave my long hair to Bob Rudrow. Barbara Ellen Caftery, leave my habit of saying, "That is", to Mr. King. Marilyn Cecile Chappell, will everything in my father's jewelry store to anyone who will buy it. Iohn MacLeod Chowning, bequeath my common, wooden drumsticks to Barbara Sheffield. Bruce Stuart Clark, will Mt. Pleasant the Kefauver Com- mittee. Carol Fahrney Conrad, leave my brain to Richie Gordon -it's the little things that count. Iean Randall Cornthwaite, leave the football concessions to anyone with well insulated hands. I I I I I I. l 1 I I I I I. I. I 34 1 1 1 1 for a task well done. Billie Lewis DeCormis, will a spoon bread recipe to the school cafeteria. lohn George Delker, Ir., bequeath my Henry I. to Glenn Frick. Richard Eugene Emery, will my "muscles" to Lou Marroni. Patricia lean Fauerback, leave my "after picture" in a Tintair ad to Cindy Travis. Carole Barbara Ferguson, bequeath my curly hair to Mr. Strain. Ioanne Lindsay Foster, will the clothes I've made in Home Ec. to the Salvation Army. Gilbert Edward Gearhcn-t, bequeath my peanut sales ability to anyone willing to work for peanuts. Leila Ann Griffith, will my dimples to my sister, Priscilla. Donald Pomeroy Hagg, leave my clarinet techniques to Ardis Babcock. Beverly Ann Harding, leave my left halfback position on the hockey team to Marlene Getchell. William Morris Honey, will my unique "Laugh" to a re- spectable hen. Robert William l-Iumphrey, bequeath my great under- standing of study hall teachers to Charlie Alder. Prank Sidney Hyer, will my assistance to Albert Ein- stein, anytime he needs it. Mary Ellen Iurisch, will my clarinet to Tony Brown. Charles Marion Krick, Ir., leave my brother to carry on my good name. Walter Ioseph Lafferty, will my French Horn to Ronald Tait. Carolyn Ann Lassell, will leavei-gladly! Ioan Dale Long, bequeath my left-handed talent in short- hand to Frances Harper. Ross Charles Mace, leave my height to George Fox. William Henry MacKay, leave my euphonium to anyone who knows what it is. Barbara Lois MacKinnon, will, my gym shoes to Bob Thomas's left loot. Bette lean Malcolm, leave my promptness to Betty Barnes. Emily Susan Maxwell, will my crew haircut to anyone foolish enough to get one. Patricia Tompkins McKinley, bequeath my voice to Mel Torme. Lester Walter Miller, leave my failure slips to Connie Kelly. William Browell Miller, will my acting ability to Lee Dalaski. Eleanor Hartley Mitchell, leave my red hair to Ruth Morris. Lois Ioanne Moore, leave my booming voice to the cheer- leaders. Patricia Ann Raybon Moore, bequeath my dish pan hands to a future bride. Courtland Geoffrey Nichols, will my quiet manner to Tony Brown. Nancy lean Norling, bequeath my knee caps to Li'l Abner. Joanne Davis Peoples, leave my fish pond to Mr. Bomboy. Gordon Amberg Pfeiffer, bequeath 98 pounds to Don Roberts. Gordon Louis Pizor, leave my guppies to Stanley Tobasso. Henry Campbell Richmond, will my bear grease back to the bears. Margaret Emily Riggs, leave my absences to Bob Fowler. Beverly Ann Robertson, leave my natural blonde hair to Lucy Oliva. 4 Ieanne Anne Ryker, leave my piano playing ability to Sue Hensel. Ann Elizabeth Schneider, will my two big feet to the foot- ball team to make more touchdowns. Walter Eberhand Segl, Ir., bequeath my vocabulary to Mrs. Nelson. ' Clark Stanley Sheldon, will my conceitedness to Lee Harvey. I, Iohn Thomas Shultz, Ir., leave my "horsing around" to Don Hale. I, Ianet Elaine Smith, will the commotion in my future to Mr. Boucher. I, Dianne Dolores Smolka, will my hockey ability to Sally Steele. I, Barbara Elfreide Snyder, leave my cold, cold heart to Dusty Loring. I, Wolfgang Max Reinhold Sorke, will my 34" waist to Vivian Gould. I, Earl David Stayton, bequeath all my study halls to my brother. l, Alec Dean Steele, leave left guard on the football team to "All American, Muscles Bateson." I, Gilbert Carlton Sutton, will my girl in every port to Pete Orne. I, David Lee Tait, will my "way with the wheel" to Adrian Donovan. l, Barbara Anne Taylor, bequeath my managership of the hockey team to Carol Vincent. I, Iames Andrews Thatcher, leave my knowledge of French to the birds. I, Charles Ioseph Veith, Ir., will my hearing aid to Miss Wallis. 1, Barbara lean Walls, will my good times in my senior year to Rosie Hartman. I, Charles Vance Watt, leave my Plymouth to Glen Frick. I, Robert Hunt Whitten, will my bulging chest to Mr. America. I, Donald Gary Williams, leave my Spanish genius to Rod- ney Iohnson. I, Dorothea Ann Williams, leave my daintiness to Harry Eckhardt. I, Maryella Teresa Williams, will my good times in M.P.H.S. and neighboring towns to Iudy F ogg. I, William Montgomery Wills, bequeath my "speed" to Bob Hickman. This document was signed and sealed this l2th day of Iune in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-two. Witnesses: Emily Maxwell, Ianet Smith, Ross Mace. Testator: Dean Steele. 35 AIROGRAM QQ x fune, .7967 at Shack Diamond Company I I South Africa l j-"AR Q iff 'I' Ji' "X 1 4 W If ' I Dr. Max Bletshacher, President . 1 - ix I4 .X X . I X ' P t Dear Max, It has been so long since I have been in touch with you, almost fifteen years now, since we left Mount Pleasant High School. I guess by now you have heard of my successful voyage to Mars on that new, highpowered rocket ship, which I and my colleague, Henry Richmond, designed. Among my expeditionary party are many of our old friends. Iean Ryker and Carole Ferguson are mathematical calculators of speed, pressure, and all the little items that go with a trip in space. You know, we have an airadio station, set up here by Chuck Krick and Henry Snyder, who have been acting as disc-jockeys. They have been playing some very good records lately, among these are "The Laughing Song" recorded by Grace Abrams, and "The Slink Blues," sung by Barbara Taylor and Nancy Norling, with Bill Berger, Ken Betty, Don Hagg, Bob Humphrey, Bill MacKay, and Courtland Nichols on the orchestra- tion. I imagine you might see Iohn Chowning and Buzzy Sutton soon. Since they are missionaries, they have been sent some place in Africa to "conquer the wild." Over there in Ireland, I hear they are having quite a time. It seems that Barbara MacKinnon has subjugated all Irish peo- ple to Scottish rule, and it is rumored that Walter Lafferty is on her trail to assassinate her. Ed Gearhart, Pete Sheldon, Ross Mace and Lester 36 Miller have incorporated a "Painters Company." Ed and Pete work on the ceilings while Ross and Les paint the lower areas. They have just bor- rowed a large amount of money from Barbara Walls and Bette Malcolm, the treasurers of the Grand National Bank. It seems that it is for some research into a type of paint, which when on walls, will change colors when certain strengths of light power are thrown on it. Lois Moore, the famous lawyer, known for her power of persua- sion and clever remarks, and prosecuting attor- ney, Bayard Allmond, are representing the Gov- ernment in the famous "Internal Revenue Case," which is still being investigated. As soon as I find out what the verdict is, I will tell Charles Watt, our chief airadio technician, to airadio you on a frequency of 212 milicycles. Down in Orange, Texas, there is an underground city in the mak- ing, designed by Bruce Clark and his able assist- ant, Pat McKinley. lack Delker and Bud Segl are head engineers, and from what I see on my airio- vision set, the city is shaping up just fine. Oh, by the way, wrestling is getting better than ever on airiovision. just last night, I saw a "draw deci- sion," between "Daring, Dashing Dotty" fWil- liamsl and energetic Emily fMaxwelll. Both played a clean and exciting game. After that, I saw the D. H." hour, starring none other than Dean Steele. I hear that he gets twice the salary that "Uncle Milty" received and who wouldn't if he had Dean's personality? His sponsor is "Honey's Delicious Honey"-Bill Honey, that is. Back in good old Wilmington, Nancy Baldwin is the time keeper in the Bruen Watch Factory, Marilyn Chappell is principal of P. S. duPont High School, Carol Conrad is a clerk in the Y.M.C.A., and Lee Griffith, Ioan Long, Maryella Williams, and Eleanor Mitchell are successful sec- retaries for the Du Pont Company, now headed by Don Williams, a man very capable of that job. Then there is Bev Robertson who has a duck farm and is raising little quacks. Remember Ioanne Peoples who loved all animals? Well, now she is district president of the S.P.C.A. You know, some of our friends are in politics too. Billie DeCormis has been nominated for President on the Confederate ticket, and lim Thatcher has been nominated for the Union President. Down there in Virginia, Bill Miller is running for governor, and from what I hear, he has spent several thousand dollars on his political campaign. Now that Mary Ellen Iurisch is Margaret Truman's personal voice instructor, there is quite a change of public opin- ion toward the talented daughter of one of our Presidents. I see on my airiopaper that Frank Hyer, the well known blues pianist, is having a successful season down in the Cafe society of New Orleans. Along with him is Ann Schnieder, that beautiful, vivacious star of the hit movie, Hlanuary Thaw." If a hockey ball happens to get in your way anytime soon, you will know that some friends are near. Dianne Smolka and lean Cornthwaite are traveling with the American Touring Hockey team somewhere in Africa. Ioanne Foster and Bev Harding are making a "million" from their football concessions. It seems that they have chains of these at every high 37 school and college football game. Speaking of concessions, Dave Tait is very successful in Ocean City, with his beachboy stands, which sell everything from a life raft to a bottle of H,O2. Marcie Bauder has received the "Tall Girls Honorary Award" for the invention of the de- elevating shoes. Back at Mount Pleasant, Iohn Archer is now gym teacher, Gordon Pfieffer is librarian, and Pat Fauerbach is the new biology teacher. lt seems that she has a mania for dis- secting insects. Earl Stayton, local owner of a paper mill, has been selling all his paper for the publishing of "Esquire," Now that Bill Wills and Bob Whitten are the editors, its popularity has increased one hundred per cent. And what mag- azine wouldn't become popular with such models as Barbara Caflrey, Barbara Snyder, and Nancy Bimmerman on that popular "Double Page"? Most of the illustrating has been done by Richard Emery, who did a lot of our art work back at school. Before I left on this trip, I had some dental Work done by Dr. Charles I. Veith fpainless den- tistl, and now all my teeth are practically falling out. I see that Dr. Thomas Shultz, psychiatrist, has been very busy lately. It seems that Pat fRayboni Moore has been having trouble with her offspring and needs help in bringing them up. Dr. Gordon Pizor, M.D., put Ianet Smith on a light diet a couple of weeks ago, and now she, with Carolyn Lassell, is a topflight Powers model. Well, Old Friend, I must get back to my investigations of the elements, compounding Mars, and leave you to your sparklers. So it is "auf Wiedersehen" until we meet again. ' Your friend, Wolfgang Sorke, Head Scientist of the Expedition on Mars. THE IOUENEY 1 T V . Once upon a time, high on a v- Y hill, lived a gracious lady, called wr Graduation. She was loved by all, me J: V W- 2,1 and many who dwelt in the valley 93" J: below aspired to her hand. But one U :ff-var' ,IF youth in particular, Class of 1952, 11,44 I 1 JL: T: was more enterprising than the Q! . ' bg-'F others. Thus in the fall of 1948, he lf! nfs- N' QI! set out upon his long journey to A lm, 'J' ' y Lady Graduation. The first stop was Freshman Village which had a population of 94. Being a newcomer to the village, he encountered many difficulties. Class officers elected were president, Dean Steele, vice- president, Carlton Sutton, secretary, lean Cornth- waitep treasurer, Beverly Harding. On March 4, 1949, Class of 1952 sponsored the first social event of his high school career, a skating party, held at the Printz Roller Rink. This event helped in beginning his small treasury. 1952's first big social affair, "The Freshman Frolic," was held on April 2, 1949 lean Cornth- waite and Fred Hannon were co-chairman of this affair, which had as its theme a Park Scene. The music was fumished by Artie Iames and his orchestra. Class of '52 left Freshman Village, entered Soph- omore Town with a swaggering air of confidence and poise. Sophomore Town had a population of 82. Again officers were elected: president, Bayard Allmond, vice-president, Beverly Harding, secre- tary, Nancy Norling, treasurer, William Wills. The social activities of this year began with the sponsoring of the Roller Skating Party on Decem- ber 2, 1949. The Shamrock Shindig was held on March 17, 1950, with Nancy Norling and Carlton Sutton as co-chairmen. The Sophomore Hop was held on May 20, 1950, with a seaport cafe as its theme and with Dick Kenny's orchestra. Beverly Harding and Fred 1-lannan were co-chairmen of this affair. From March 8 to 10, 1950, Mount Pleasant High School was evaluated. The Class of 1952's next stop was Iunior Com- mons. He came to know the inhabitants of this town and soon shared in all their joys and sor- rows. The population of Iunior Commons de- creased by one since leaving Sophomore Town. Iames Thatcher was elected president, Donald Williams, vice-presidentg Edward Gearhart, sec- retary, and Fred Hannan, treasurer. Events which greatly replenished his treasury were The Harvest Hop, held on November 19, 1950, the basketball concessions, and the junior play, "Personal Appearance," held on April 13 and 14, 1951. This year he received those much prized class rings. On April 18, 1951, the first career day at Mount Pleasant was held. On May 26, 1951, the Iunior Prom was held. This semi- formal dance had as its theme, " 'Neath the Southern Moon." Music was supplied by Paul Thompson and his orchestra. Beverly Harding and Bayard Allmond were co-chairmen of this 38 affair. Now came the time to leave Iunior Com- mons and complete the last step toward the hand of Lady Graduation. The Class of 1952, proud of his achievements, entered Senior City and was well equipped for the coming year. Class officers elected were Dean Steele, president, Ioanne Foster, vice-president, Nancy Bimmerman, secretary, and Emily Max- well, treasurer. On October 12, he sponsored the "Ching Ling Fling," a dance for the entire population. This was followed on December 7 and 8 by the senior play, "Ianuary Thaw", Ianuary 12, Square Dance, and on March 22 by the Texas Carnival, an event which greatly boosted his treasury. April 30, 1952, was Senior Odd Day, having as fa X1 'Aft 5 5 5 fl, fg -. so . : A' ' its theme cowboys and Indians. The event which many had been hoping for arrived on May 2, 1952, when the population of Senior City danced to the music of Paul Wilkinson at the DuBarry Room of the Hotel duPont. Of course, this was the Senior Ball. Beverly Harding and Bayard Allmond served as co-chairmen. On May 14 and 15, May Day was held. Barbara Taylor was May Queen and Barbara Snyder, Maid of Honor. The popula- tion of Senior City went to New York on May 23 for its class trip. On Iune 6, the Farewell to Seniors Dance was held. The Baccalaureate Service was held on Iune 8. Then Lady Graduation stepped down from her high home, and on Iune 12 the residents of Senior City were graduated. , Ai "Forward ever' backward never. " l Class colors: Blue and white T F Class flower: White rose i i ' 1. fl , . 39 kj 1 Y X' Q M U F fi, X Q 'Le 1 " gg? a . V 4 - , I.-, ,gr f. UNUERELHESHEN CLASS OF 1953 Under the leadership of Iames Lewis, president, Ronald Buckalew, vice-president, Carol Vincent, secretary, and Rennie Staudt, treasurer, the Iunior class started their busy year by sponsoring their annual Sadie Hawkins dance on November sixteenth. They also sponsored a Leap Year dance on Ianuary twenty-sixth, were in charge ot basketball concessions, and sponsored a square dance for the parents, Their Iunior play, "Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick," was held on April twenty-filth and twenty- sixth after many weeks ot hard work and practice. To close their active year, the Iunior Prom was held on May thirty-first. As Sophomores, they were in charge ot a Sadie Hawkins dance and the Sophomore Hop. The president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer that year were lames Lewis, Elizabeth Fritze, Martha Mendenhall, and Rennie Staudt, respectively, In sponsoring a Thanksgiving dance and the Freshman Frolic as Freshmen, the eighty-nine members of the pres- ent Iunior class proved to be hard workers under the officers-Iames Lewis, William Robelen, Barbara Sheffield, and Rennie Staudt, and the class advisers, Mr. Charles Bomboy, Mrs, Tania Boucher, and Mrs. Margaret Nelson. Seated-Iames Lewis, president. Second Row fl. to Ll Rennie Staudt, treasurer, Carole Vincent, secretary, Ronald Buckalew, vice-president. IUNIORS First Row tl. to r.D-Vivian Gould, Mary Copeland, Sally Busker, Sandra Greenan, Carole Iones, Martha Mendenhall, Virginia Kimmey, Patsy Chowning, Vivian Beriger, Nancy'Samples, Barbara Roberts, Carol Smith, Rose Marie Hart- man, Nancy Mcliendrick, Martha Bolton, Second Row-Delores Puglisi, Carolyn Philips, Roberta Brandenberg, Ann Benjamin, Rosalie Schlatter, Katherine Moore, Norma Walker, Lucy Oliva, Ianet Martin, Iudy Fogg, Ianis Cushing. Mary Bell Barbara Fogg, Carol Meyers, Barbara Sheffield, Third Row-Mrs. Margaret P. Nelson, Claire Cox, Susan Rhinehart, Carol Vincent, Ann Minnis, Lois Peterson, lean Grubb, Barbara Moore, Iune Percell, Marie Maddams, Carol Stone, Ilene Dukes, Phyllis Lewis, Elaine Crittendon, Sandy Holsinger, Connie Kelly, Fourth Row-Mrs. Tania K. Boucher, Robert Thomas, Bell Robelen, Rennie Staudt, Robert Hickman, lack Martin, David Mears, Richard Wagner, Peter Orne, Iames Lewis, David Broadway, William King.Fitth Row-Mr. Charles Bomboy. Adrian Donovan, Anthony Brown, Iames Davis, Thomas Stevens, Charles Sands, Leroy Dulaski, Leon Iones, Donald Hale, Iohn Settle, Louis Sneed, Arthur Chandlis, Kenneth Detrich, Sixth Row-David Faulkner, lohn DeVore, Ioe Murkle, Stanley Tabasso, Lee Ralph, Sam Wright, George Draper, Alex Pondac, Louis Marrioni, Erwin Goodman, Phil Reign, Bill Stoops, Charles Abrams, lack Keilley, Dave West. CLASS OF 1954 Having survived the excitement of its Freshman year at Mount Pleasant, the Class of '54 was more than ready to join the sanctified ranks of upper- classmen under the able guidance oi its advisers, Miss Ethel M. Roe, Mr. George T. Hanning, and Mr. Wayne Pollari. Led this year by president Ted Iones, vice-president Blaine Braniff, Secretary Ianet von Wettberg, and treasurer Robert Ryon, this hardy corps of Sophomores is predicted to make scholastic and athletic history for the Alma Mater before they graduate in l954. Everyone will remember "The Harvest Hop" as a great social event of the year. The first class outing was a trip to see that wonderful movie, "Quo Vadis," followed by the annual jaunt to Philadelphia's fascinating Wistar lnstitute. Climaxing a most profitable year at Mount Pleasant was that memorable event, the Sopho- more Hop on May 24. Seated tleit to right!-Ted Jones, president, Janet von Wettburg, secretary, Blaine Branitf, vice-president Standing tleft to right!-Robert Ryon, treasurer, Iames Davis, assistant treasurer, Row one fleit to right!-Helen Shultz, Mary Stephenson, Carol Parsons, Lois Morrow, Martha Kline, Iean Robertson, Lorraine Curry, Pepita Gonzales, Patsy Peabody, Ardis Babcock, Ellen Campbell, Ann Farlow, Sarah Hitchens, Mary Kilpatrick, Marlene Getchell, Dorothy Darlak, Karen Russell, Iody Baldwin, Alice lean Gould, lane Hyer, Ruth Morris. Row two-loan Sites, IoAnne Garvey, Carol White, loyce Stapletord, Marjorie Carl, Carol Wood, Lee Harvey, Barbara Klietz, Alice Rice, Mary lane Kirklin, Virginia Plantz, Ioan Whitten, Phyllis Taylor, Gerry Moulton, Kay Carter, Ann Loring, Ann Sutherland, Sharon Rodgers, Ellen LaRowe, Ray- mond Rosemary. How three-Miss Ethel Roe, Phyllis Faulkner, Mary lane Dill, Ioan Rickley, Ioan Gianadota, Lucy Krchma, Hazel Andrews, Dolores Schocie, Sue K'Burg, Salliy Steele, Barbara Woods, Carolyn Johnson, Ianet von Wettberg, atsy Samples, Barbara 43 Ienkinson, Harvey Hitch, Ross Lanius, Robert Hale, Robert Fowler, Mr, George Hanning. Row tour-Helen Eckhart, Ioan Forsyth, Bar- bara Shuttleworth. Row five-Iames Boulanger, Raymond Stapleford, William Dempsey, Belmont Simpson, Ernest Goldberg, Iames Harley, Thomas McCall, Donald Roberts, Rodger Krick, Robert Archer, Iames Davis, William Walker, Iarnes Merrick, William Platt, William Scerri, George Buchwald, Earl Ferguson, Walter Hurst, Howard Smith, David Burchart, William Fisher, Mr. Wayne Pollari. Row six- lack Kates, Herry Stecher, Richard Gordon, Blame Branitf, Ted lones, Robin Roberts, William Gabriel, .Lee Gray, Iames Selway, Carl Hartman, Iosewi Stecher, William Orlando, Ronald Rinard, Robert Ryon Robert horl, Robert Slattery, Richard Shadduck, William Rhoades, Franklin Bailey, Charles Frampton, Wilbur Rudrow, George Fox. fseatedl-Edward Maxwell, president. fLeft to rightlm Bette Barnes, vice-president, Edward Pray, treasurer, Connie Alexander, secretary. CLASS OF 1955 The Class of '55 formed a new class organiza- tion this year on October l8 and elected Edward Maxwell, president, Bette Barnes, vice-presidentg Connie Alexander, secretaryg and Edward Pray, Treasurer. With the help of their advisors, Mrs. Wallace, Miss Wallis, Mr. Boucher, and Mr. Morgan, these hardworking freshmen sponsored the "South Sea Shindig" on November 30. One of the big events of the year was a trip to the Governor Bacon Health Center, and in May the year was ended with the traditional, long-awaited Freshman Erolic. Row one tie!! to rightl-Dot Olson, Sue I-lensel, Kathy Evans, Marty l-lamblet, Beverly Ferguson, Priscilla Griffith, Ianet Spang, Theresa Tushinski, Nancy Viands, lrene Griffith, Carolyn Orth, Susan Dawes, Karen Heath, Dolores Raign, Marylin Pfeiffer, Pat Mayer, Phyllis Thompson Row Two-Miss Wallis, Nancy Maddems, Ioan McSorley, Lorna Limberger, Shirley Golden, Margie Farrelly, Connie Alexander, Bonnie Steinle, Myrtle Ennis, Barbara Clark, Ianet Rickley, Barbara Wilson, Pat Cochran, Sally Himes, Susan Iohns, Carolyn Nutter, Peggy Brown, Mary Rowe Sherwood, Row Three- Mr Morgan Spanagel, Sally Wa ner, IoAnne Hardy, Doris lane Benton, achel Waters, Connie Cannon, Betty Iohnson, Pauline Griffith, Mary lane Keelins, Mildred Graham, Helen Schneider, Iohn Magee, Iohn F. Walker, Harold Clemens, Scotty Morrison, Iohn Caffrey. How Four-Iay Stayton, Harold Riley, Ioe Steele, Art Hale, Terry Schmidt, Dave Iordan, Donald McKay, Bobby Williams, Nancy Io Kupstis, Dot Long, Sally Robelen, Betty Volk, Ioe Adams, Vincent l-lenr Snyder, George Brown, Terry Kelk, Bob Plantz. Row Five- Mr. Boucher, lack Douglas, Kemper Stone, Alan Wortz, Bill Hess, Dennis Cole, Don Critchfield, Bob Lazarowski, Tedrlll Tabaka, Ed- ward Maxwell, Howard Street, Sherman Clark, Bill elson, Carlton Walker, Bill Hague, Clarence Bullock, Tom K'Burg, Bob Wortz, Harry Eckhardt, Vincent Shavico, Arthur McLennan Row Six-Nelson Shanks, Bob Turner, lim Provan, Vincent Condon, Ronald E, Buker, Carl Barker, Daniel lnners, Fredrick Watson, Iames Fox, Bob Davis, Robert A. Stone, Iohn D. Walker, Thomas Stoddard, Clarence Wirt, Frank Brooks, Louis Mullikin, Carter Williams, Roger Kirkbride, Edward Pray, Iohn Fisher, Charles Alder. 44 vw. f , it , x 5 e 45 ,A 4 , 5,23 if B .. A Y f 2 f K 6 . x 'li A "' YY S 5 QM '3 mg f fx' 7, ' Va. ,ff-V '??1TVl" W ' ,Ax 1 MII" . 6 , ff ,. , , if Vi ,Uk ? f f - ' 4 wo? , x is 5 . Q V .. - Z I A Q ' ' H . . V 1' .J " tw' fy: N .L - "' H ,, , .ak 2 ' " 5 ' ' 91, 3 ,aux . uri' ,, W WM ' . L ik- - 'Uh 1 A , , I, rf. .r...w. MA- Q 'N . , . ws X fm? f , ' L, ,, ALY.. gflfii' W V, 1 fw :Lf A iwgli ff. f V -aw , fQwa5lm 46 HIITIVITIEE 47 Row one lleft to rightl-Claire Cox, Robert Hickman, Vivian Gould, Max Bletschacher, Nancy Norling, Edward Gearhart, Carolyn Phillips, Iohn Settle, Sue K'Burg. Row two-Mr. Gennaria, adviser, Sandra Dempsey, Bess Hilburn, Thomas Moore, lanet Rickley, William Orlando, Ellen LaRowe, Robert Ryon, Carolyn Iohnson, Ted jones, Peggy Tuttle, Edward Maxwell, Kathy Evans, Betty Barnes, Miss Roe, adviser. How three-Barbara McAdams, Charles Slattery, Row four- lames Blackwell, Patricia Widdoes, Alan Schmitt, Susan Bisbee, Ronald Smith, Roberta Stephenson, Mary lane Keelins, Fred Watson, Carol Todd, Iohn Walker, Reid Smith, Maynard Walters, tLett to rightl-Marilyn Chappell, Secretaryg Bay- ard Allmond, vice-president, Billie DeCormis, president, William Robelen, treasurer. STUDENT COUNCIL From the opening day of school, when the members of the Student Council greeted the incoming seventh grade and conducted orientation tours of the school, the l95l-l952 Student Council has been an active organization. lts projects have been numerous. lncluded among these projects was the installation of Religious Em- phasis Week, which is to be an annual event. The Career Day Conference again presented by the Stu- dent Council was enjoyed by all. The annual dances, the Halloween Dance and the winter dance, which was renamed the Snow Ball, were also proclaimed successes. Students' Day was again observed this year. The twelve standing committees of the Student Council have worked diligently. Outstanding work was done by the Safety Patrol in rerouting the traffic of the school so as to eliminate the congestion in the halls and by the Assembly Committee in scheduling well-organized assemblies throughout the school year. The l95l-52 Mount Pleasant Scrapbook was compiled by the Scrapbook Committee. ln addition to the work done at Mount Pleasant, our organization was also active in the N.C,C.S.C.A. 48 Row One ll. to :J-Iames Lewis, Ianice Kusching, Bud Segl, Ioanne Foster, Henry Snyder, Beverly Harding, Lee Dalaski, Iudy Fogg, Robert Thomas, Row Two-Iohn McDaniels, Charles Crittenden, Barbara Snow, Linda Hardy, Clarence Wirt, Ianet von Wettburg, Roger Kirk, Ioan Giandota, Robert Slattery, Carol Wood, Iames Provan, Sally Wagner, Don McKay, Susan Dawes, David Dunlap, Row Three-Mr. Parsons, adviser, Bill Hitchens, Karen Reath, Bill Mullin, Ann Haze, Don Schmitt, Sandra Clark, Richard Thatcher, loan Reeder, Richard Humphrey, Gay Cooper, Carol McGrew, Charles Slattery. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Athletic Association has recently cli- maxed a successful year by sponsoring the annual May Day activities. From the beginning ot the football season to the Farewell to Seniors Dance, the program has been active and varied. The AA, sold concessions during the football season and sold tickets at basketball and toot- ball games. This organization sponsored the annual Christmas Dance, a scrap paper drive, and a magazine selling drive. The Athletic As- sociation has certainly iultilled its purpose in maintaining an educational interscholastic athletic program. tI.eft to rightl-Ann Benjamin, secretary, lean Cornthwaite, president, Rennie Staudt, treasurer. RE 45,9 d rnonthty by Press Ctub Him Schoot Publishe Mount Ptensant r . Witrnrngton. Detawnre Price: .15 per rssue ,QA . ' ii A PBD 1 1 folumbta be Delawar tion mber of t Q Assocrrr Scbohstic Member of the . b Press Assocmtron e Scbotasiic S Ex ,141 "5 lf? 55 Q9 U Me Press ,,, Editor-in-Chief .. ........ Etkzabeth Frirze ,Eforlr Editor ..... ....,.... C onnie Ketty .uocmte Edilun ..Martha Mendcnbalt Sandra Greenan Janet von Wettbcrz Avi Editor ........ ..... B everly Ferguson Burineu Manager ....... Luis Peterson Exrhange Editor .... ..,.,.. C Iam! Vincent Alumni Edirur .. ,...,..., flnrot Mye.s Reports .................. Beverty Ferguson Rose Marie Hartmann Luks Peterson Radio Refmrter ...........,.... Carol Stone Adrirpr . .,..........,. Hannah T. Nvesesky Elildbeih F ' f, ntze Ie Green Fhxsb: Ednof-ln-Chief apcr that witk grxe an mmy of we e Na HCY Mc MISS Gr Kendrick EGU Flash Poticy of tr To pubtish xx newsp thentic and mtercstrng sum t our school and environs. the best interests of our 30' h - vltxcs ra has to ada 1 dge oursc and facutw. P E tudent body s Firm Ro Mendenl' fl. to r.J-R Churloueall, Bevel-1 osemqry HGH , Levine Ig Ferguson M, mGn, Lois P K V ' Gren Reath' 'rigs Wesesk etersonl Con W r M. . bud Row-ef, Adviser. S Stance Kelly S W- - Q, mol Sh-me, SW Brow-Boncfidfa sr,:s r,,' f , L Grol me S I lane ,rr!ai A A,s, h 1 , Vmceml Mario Yeinle, Cami My' VOD Weinberg M . , V,:k K: gil A , ft ebert. ers, Con t , GI-thu Q ,trys L - AXX y 19 , Q A S ance Cannon - li' .K Mg! T 5-1-mx Q Q . M Q I , 4,1 b fi ART CLUB SPONSOR-MRS. ZEIGLER Row one fleft to rightl-Connie Gon- zalez, Carol Hitchens, Eric Frianz, Bar- bara Mitchell, Ann Campbell, Marilyn Cones, Ann Perialas. Row two-Mrs. Zeigler, Betty Iohnson, Pauline Griffith, Helen Eckhart, Charlotte Sommers, Fran- cis Noell, Dick Bennett, Bruce Donovan. AUDIO-VISUAL SPONSOR-MR. FENNICK How one tleft to rightl-Ioe Stecher, Tom McCall, Harvey Hitch, Dick Shadduck, Bob Hale, Row two-Mr. Fennick, Dave Burkart, Frank Pooley, Ross 'l..anius, Wolfgang Sorke, Karl Hartman, lack Fisher, Bill Gabriel, Donald Danewoocl, Mike Thomas, Bill Platt, How three- Raymorxd Hitch, Buckley Robbins, Bill Walker, Iohn Archer, Iames Riley, Dick Humphrey, Harold Clemens, Allan Dun- lap, Fred Moore. BOOK LOVERS' CLUB SPONSOR-MRS. WALLACE Row one fleft to right!-lane Pell, Char- lotte Fuest, Marcia Giemont, David Wood, Carolyn Owens, Nancy Kupstas, Ioan Giandonado. How two--Howard Street, Lynn Powell, Linda Hardy, Shir- ley Ashley, Mary Ellen Riclmile, Phyllis Taylor, Mildred Graham, Walter Tindall, Lucy Krchina, Tom Moore. Row three- Iohn Walker, Ellen Morton, Patsy Taylor, Iacqueline Hunter, Nancy Viands. BOYS' CHEF CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Beeson Row One fl. to IJSKEIUDGI' Stone, Ger- ald Griliiri, Mrs, Beeson, adviser, Row TwoeWilliam Sands, Thomas K'Burg, Lee Mullikin, Clarence Wirt, Mark Brown, Robert Davis, Donald McKay, CHESS AND CHECKERS CLUB Sponsor-Mr. King Row One ll. to r.J-Harry Eckhart, Rich- ard Thatcher, Robert Wortz, Ioe DeSan- tis, Terry Kelk, Plow Two-Mr. King, ad! viser, larnos Fox, Robert Plantz, Robert Turner, Edward Pray, Gary Smith, Iohn Fox, Roy Schilling, COMMERCIAL CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Strain Row One Cl. to IJ-Pepita Gonzales, Carol Eine, Audrey, McLennan, Ioan Wilson, Ioan Sites, Ioann Garvey, Carol Parsons, Row Two-Robert Hunter, Eliz- abeth Telgheider, Helen Ryon, Shirley Ryan, Harriet Hammond, Patricia Moore, Phyllis Faulkner, Kay Carter, Mr Strain, adviser, Row Three-f-Roberta Hillard, Ioan England, Mary lane Dill, Lorraine Schvaco, Robin Pell, 1 or ilelis DRAMATICS CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Boucher Row one fl. to r.l-Margie Carle, Carol Woods, Barbara Kleitz, Lee Harvey, Lois Morrow. Row two-Sarah Hitchens, Syl- via Rise, Dorine Seimers, Robert Calla- han, Iune Purcell, Lindy l.1aRue, Barbara Morgan, Mrs. Boucher, adviser, Row three-Nancy Newsome, Phyllis Iones, lane Merchant, Mary Eleanor Martin. HOBBY CLUB Sponsor--Mr. Remcho Row one ll. to Y.,-MQTY Spanagel, Mar- gie Farrelly, Ioanne Hardy, Sally Wag- ner, Louise DiSantis, Patricia Crossan. Row two-Stephen Cohen, Daniel Sta- pleford, Raymond Rosemary, Gordon Pfeiffer, Iarnes Robinson, Walter Outten, Theophil Tabaka, Lewis Reynolds. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Bieber Row one fl. to r.J-Mary Stephenson, Dorothy Olsen, Rosalie Schlatter, Carol White, Ioan Whitten. Row two-Barbara Clark, Martha Wilson, Barbara Roberts, Ellen Signiago, Nancy Lacey, Ianet Spang, Mrs. Bieber, adviser. KNITTING CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Nelson Row One ll. to r.l-Nancy Fulks, Carole Ferguson, Beverly Robertson, Mrs, Nel- son, Grace Abrams, Margaret Riggs. Row Two-Ann Harlow, Kathleen Knapp, Myrtle Ennis. LEADERS' CLUB Row One Cl. to Ll-Barbara Ienkinson, Patsy Peabody, Mary Kilpatrick, Sandra Holsinger, Ann Minnis, Pat Fauerbach, Dorothea Williams. Row Two-Barbara Sheffield, Lee Gray, lorries Lewis, Lee Dalaski, Rennie Staudt, lack Kates, Charles Abrams, Lee Ralph, Miss Ethel Hobbs, Adviser. Row Three-Louie Marroni, Sam Wright, Leon Iones, Alex Ponduck. LIBRARY CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Howse, acting librarian Row One fl. to r.l-Nancy Dempsey, Shirley Whalen, Karen Russell, Peggy Borders, Mrs. Howse, adviser Row Two -Carolyn Peabody, Marilyn Wood- house, Barbara Wilson, lane Ward. NATURE CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Baker Row One fl. to r.l -Ray Lloyd, Iohn McDaniel, Clarence Bullock, William Davis, Donald Walker, Roger Weatherby. PET CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Anderson Row One il. to nl-Icmet Kenton, Nancy Parkes, Gay Cooper, Ann Durain, Helen Bertrand. Row Two-Mr, Anderson, ad- viser, Richard Cahoon, Sylvia Peabody, Shirley Assby, Ann Periacles, David Dunlap. Row Three-Gerry Smith, Icme Erasberger, Sally Crittendon, Penny Dietz, Adrian Hayes. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Bomboy Row One fl. to rJ-Lynn Beard, David Frick, Iohn DeVore, Stanley Tabasso, Irene Griffith. Row Two-Mr. Bomboy, adviser, Hugh Ienkinson, Iames Griffith, Robert Fell. SCIENCE AND AVIATION CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Morgan Row One fl. to r.leMac Mullen, Richard Todd, Paul Donovan, Ralph Iler, Douglas Morrison, Row Two-Donald Miller, Mi' chael Gearhart, Robert Lazarowski, Don- ald Schmitt, David Iordan, lon Peterson, William Piper, Horace Goodman. Row ThreeeMr, Morgan, William Hague, Gilbert Smith, Edward Roberts, Everett Bradley. SHOP CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Crowthers fLeft to rightj-Daniel Richardson, Rich- ard Trevlyn, Walter Maddams, Harry Garrow, George Draper, Beeson Lin- derman, Thomas Hill, Vincent Shavin, George Wood, David Newton, Blaine Braniif, Charles Grittendon, William Alls, Mr. Crowthers, Marshall Getchell. STAGE CRAFT CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Guth Row One fl. to r.J-Kay Moore, Virginia Plantz, William Honey, Clark Sheldon, Alice Rice, Dolores Puglisi. Row Twoe- Mr, Guth, Larry Sutton, Thomas Shultz, Thomas Hill, Ross Mace, Alex Taylor, Edward Stagmire, Row Three-Ray Sta- pleiord, Carlton Sutton, David West, lack Keeley, Richard Spence, Glen Frick, DANCING CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Parsons Peggy Chain, Ann Hitchens, Phyllis Ietferis, Barbara Oxley, Reid Smith, Kathy Wortz, Carla Possinger, Maynard Walters, Gail Woodtord, Marilyn Woodhouse, Ioan England, Barbara Iohnson, Emily Kirby, Lynn Smith, Connie Walbridge, Barbara Ellis, Pauline Gonzalez, Laurel Kern, George Lightcap, Betty Morgan, Ellen Olson, Nancy Peterson, Lynne Baniere, Roberta Senfi, Martha Sherwood, Carolyn Slocomb, Barbara Snow, Carolyn Vansant, George Williams, Lee DeVore, Marcia Flumerfelt, lane Gronemeyer, Peggy Harrington, Don lohnson, Lois Martindale, Robin Pell, Shirley Ryon, George Rust, Barbara Shaw, Gail Smith, Emma lean Somers, lean Detweiler, loyce Mallen, Leon McCall, Grace Pone duck, Yvonne Swearer, Carolyn Walker, Don Critchtield, lack Douglas, Dorothy Long, Nancy Maddams, loan McSorley, Ianet Rickley, Harold Riley, Mary Rowe Sherwood, Phyllis Thompson, Elizabeth Volk, Rachel Waters, Elizabeth Dawes, Sally l-limes, Patricia Mallen, Patricia Mayer, Carol Nutter, Dolores Raign, William Rudrow. SVVIMMIN G CLUB Sponsor-Miss Wallis Row One fl. to r.D+Miss Wallis, adviser, Patricia Samp- les, Carol Vincent, Lois Peterson, Susan K'Burg, Sally Robelen, Patricia Cochran, Row Two-Barbara Ienkin- sen, Marlene Getchell, Patricia Peabody, Carol Stone, Barbara Sheffield, Elizabeth Youker, Mary lane Keelins, Constance Alexander, Carolyn Orth. Y-TEENS CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Hartsog Row One fl. to Ll-Nancy Samples, Iohanne Nielson Carol McGrew, Elizabeth Masterson, Elizabeth Linton Sally Busker, Row Two-Mrs, Hartsog, Marie Whipple Mary Gowen, Carolyn Dongel, Shirley Golden, Mar- guerite Allmond. BOWLING CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Boucher Row One tl. to rJ-Pat McKinley, Charles Watt, Ianet Smith, Bill Miller, Barbara Taylor, Bill Wills, Carol Conrad, Iames Thatcher, Lois Moore, Ianet Martin. Row Two-Lester Miller, Mary Bell, lack Delker, Bette Malcolm, Ioanne Peoples, Vivian Beiriger, Barbara Snyder, Beverly Harding, Ianet Kusching, lean Cornthwaite, Phyllis Lewis. Row Three-Gordon Plieffer, Barbara Fogg, Frank I-Iyer, Henry Richmond, Bob Slattery, lim Davis, Bill Dempsey, Louis Sneed, Irwin Good- man, Donald Sheffield, Row Four-Mr, Boucher, adviserg Dean Steele, Richard Emery, Earl Stayton, Charles Veith, Ronald Buckalew, Charles Sands, Dick Wagner, David Tait, Bud Segl, Vincent Snyder, Donald Roberts, Bruce Clark. DRIVER TRAINING Sponsor-Mr. I.eKites Row One tl. to r.J-Dianne Smolka, Dorothy Dorlak, Mary Copeland, Anne Benjamin, Roberta Brandenberg. Row Two- leanette Steele, Barbara Woods, Dolores Schocie, Lorraine Curry, Iudy Fogg, loan Bickley, Helen Shultz, Eileen Dukes, Charles Frampton, David Faulkner, Arthur McGlennan, Iames Selway. Row Threefloan Long, Sally Steele, Ioyce Staplelord, Nancy Mcliendrick, Martha Bolton, Joe Otto, Walter Hurst, Ronald Buker, Row Four-Iacqueline Blackburn, Eugenia Wright, Marie Maddams, Norma Walker, Betsy Youker, Mr. LeKites, Henry Snyder, Ernest Goldberg, George Fox, lSeated in carl-Carolyn Lassell. 58 s "PERSONAL APPEARANCE" Iunior Play "Personal Appearance," the first dramatic undertaking of the Class of '52, showed April 13 and 14. Mrs. Tania Boucher and Mr. Charles Bomboy directed the three-act play with the help of Bayard Allmond, student director, and Mary Ellen Iurisch, co-ordinator. The play was the hilarious account of what happens when the most glamor- ous actress in Hollywood is forced to spend the night at a tourist home, the main asset of which is two good looking gas station attendants. The resulting complications are finally straightened out to everybody's satisfaction. CAST Gladys Kelcey Aunt Kate Barnaby y Ioyce Struthers Bud Norton Mrs. Struthers Clyde Pelton Gene Tuttle Iohnson Carole Arden Iessie 59 Iean Cornthwaite Ann Schneider Nancy Norling Carlton Sutton Martha Bauder Edward Gearhart Dean Steele Donald Williams Barbara Smith Nancy Bimmerman IANUABY Tl-IAW On December 8 and 9, the curtains opened on the second dramatic presentation of the Class of '52, Hlanuary Thaw." Another three-act comedy, the senior play was directed by Mrs. Dorothy Bradley with the able assistance of Ioanne Foster, student director. "Ianuary Thaw" deals with the problems which develop when a New York family buys an old New England farmhouse, only to find the first owners still have a right to live there. Under Mr. Boucher's guidance, the committees displayed the support which helped make the play a success. CAST Frieda Herbert Gage Sarah Gage Paula Gage Marge Gage Barbara Gage George Husted Ionathan Rockwood Mathilda Rockwood Mr. Loomis Uncle Walter Matt Rockwood Carson 60 Nancy Bimmerman William Miller Carol Conrad Emily Maxwell Barbara MacKinnon Ann Schneider Edward Gearhart Donald Williams lean Ryker William Berger Walter Segl Bayard Allmond David Tait r On the evening of May 26, 1951, the members of the Class of l9S2 danced to the music of Paul Thompson and his orchestra. This line semi-formal event was the lunior Prom, 'Neath the Southern Moon was the theme, which was carried out in a plantation scene. Gay parties toolc place before the dance and continued long afterward into the night. Y X f9' f'...f"f-g X-1"xg"X,L'-L-55-:NS--"q.f"' -v'-N"d5""-'51, ff? g y Ji! x ir 'v "" ' ' f f nf- et X C , V 'Vx 1 ' I W 1 ,fb f T 1 4 - L 7 ' I A X ' Y A, - I "2" E ' ,N lik. 'erm ' Q 1 1 f 0. ' 'fe ' ' f 0 un I I l . i I D. 1 s ' "1 w, , if X I 62 SENIOR BALL The date: Friday, May 2, 1952 The time: 9:00 pm. to 1:00 a.m. The place: DuBarry Room of the Hotel duPont Yes, for months, ever since invitations were received in the mail, ever since the senior parents' meeting con- cerning the prom was held, ever since September, We of the Class of '52 eagerly awaited this climactic event of our senior year. When it finally arrived, it was everything we had anticipated. Not only was it our first formal affair, but also the biggest social event of our days at Mt. Pleasant. We were fortunate in obtaining the music of Paul Wilkinson and his orchestra. Including the Wonder- ful parties before and after the dance, our Senior Ball proved to be' a happy experience for all who attended and stands foremost in the record of our good times in high school. It will never be forgotten. 'U 0 t f fha 'M . u W ' , f fe A, X , tl O yx . l l i - 'F , , l 1 I ,lil . . V. ' fl " I ' 1.1 1 -ll ' l ' . ,N , M, 1. N i if . N ll 1 1 I x 1 lv 1 X.. I, lx A Beverly Harding and Bayard Allmond, co-chairmen. 63 v-'LALR-' X X . , MAY QUEEN and 0 F AID HON 64 MAY CCDURT 65 3 i 5 SENIOR CARNIVAL The Wild West and the spirit of the midway came to Mount Pleasant this year in the form of the Texas Carnival. The Seniors worked very hard on the show, and their efforts were rewarded as Mount Pleasant was treated to the best carnival yet. In the afternoon of Saturday, March 22, 1952, despite frowning weather, people turned out in great numbers to try their luck and enjoy the shows. The games, many and varied, consisted of baseball throwing, bean-bag tossing, pie chucking, foul shooting, fishing for prizes, and pistol shooting. An appropriate Western movie was shown for the delight of young, old, and especially the Hopalong Cassidy set. ln addition, fortunes were told, prizes were given away, and refreshments served, but the feature attraction was the side show. This stupendous offering exhibited a wild man from Borneo, in the flesh, and a real freak of nature, the dog-faced boy. Great feats of strength were shown by the strong man and baffling magic tricks, by the magician. A peep show and a bearded lady were alsc included. The climax of the side show was a can-can dance by four "beautiful dancing girls?" The whole affair was capped by an informal dance that night. 66 Q7 N1 r, w NX 1 1 .K 1 ,U I I4 r ' L VILIEIE J A 4 First Row ll. to r.l-Martha Kline, Virginia, Battin, Patsy Samples. Second Row-Lee Harvey, drum majoretteg Wil- liam Berger, Denny Cole, Art Chandless, William McKin- ney, Altred Moore, Forrest Berger, William Thomas, Albert McKinnon, Robert Archer, lames Davis, William Stoops, Iames Harley, Harry Stecher, Francis Cooper, Starr l. Cole, director. Third Rowelienneth Detrick, Don Haag, Terry, Schmitt, Courtland Nichols, Robert Peterson, Edward Greer, Robert Prichett, Ellen Cambell, Ann Farlow, Ardis Babcock, Marjorie Youker, George Morris, Patricia Graham, Peggy Brown, Robert Humphrey, Fourth How-Rodger Kirk- bride, Teddy Gruwell, Nancy Peterson, William Umbrecht, Charles Ieuell, David Black, Mary lane Kirklin, Louise Wright, Patricia Goldrick, Ianet Cole, Audrey McLennan, William Hess, Robert Stone, Arthur Hale, Mary Ellen lurisch. Fifth Row-William Mendinhall, Iames Proban, William Friz, Fred Iohnston, Edward Kramer, Robert Taylor, Carol Iones, Ronald Tait, Barbara Sheffield, Ioan Forsythe, Alice lean Gould, Walter Lafferty, Sharon Rodgers, Susan Rinehart, Carol Todd, Thomas Stoddard, Donald Williams, Gerald Lafterty, Iohn Chowning, Robert Clark, Ronald Rinard, Tony Brown, Iames Iacobs, Kenneth Betty, William Mackay. Sixth Row-Lois Peterson, Ann Benjamin, Eliza- beth Fritze, Iune Purcell, Barbara Wood, Claire Cox, Roberta Brandenberg. BAND One of the most active and most prominent organizations in Mount Pleasant is the band. Under the superb leadership of Mr. Starr L. Cole, this group of sixty musicians, five drum majorettes, and seven color guards has been ex- tremely outstanding in promoting school spirit at all ot the football games and numerous basketball games. This year, as usual, the band has engaged in fervent activity. Several P.T.A. meetings and assembly programs have enjoyed the talents of the band. Members ot this fine musical organization attended the Delaware Solo and Ensemble Festival and the Newark Band Festival. Twenty-three members participated in the County Band. ln addition to these activities the band marched in the Christmas and Memorial Day parades. SENIOR CHOIR LINEUP First How fl. to rJ-Cynthia Travis, Iune Purcell, Ellen Cambell, Patsy Samples, Ruth Morris, Ellen La Rowe, Ann Farlow, Betty Barnes, Vivian Beiriger, Geralyn Moulton, Nancy Samples, Karen Russell, Billie DeCormis, Mary Bell, Mary Ellen lurisch, Elaine Crittendon, Martha Bauder. Second Row-Denny Cole, Barbara Taylor, Rachel Waters, Carol Myers, Sharon Rogers, Nancy Norling, lean Cornth- waite, Ianet Martin, Mary Stephenson, Ardis Babcock, lean Ryker, Carol Iones, Roberta Brandenburg, Carolyn Iohnson, CHOIR An outstanding organization in Mt. Pleasant High School is the Senior Choir. This group ol about sixty warblers from the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades spends several hours each week in rehearsals under the leadership ot their excellent director, Mr. Starr L. Cole. Early in December of this school year, the choir presented an exchange program at Avon Grove High School. This concert was very well done and very well received. The choir and groups from the choir have sung in assemblies and in programs for the P.T.A., for a group at Perry Point Veterans Hospital, and for the New Castle County Teachers' Association Meeting. Two of the choirs annual music activities, which make much work for all concerned, are the spring concert and the tour of the elementary schools. Out of the noise and chaos ot rehearsals in the music room, T Mr. Cole brings to the public a well organized group which pre- sents a finely finished product. Iody Baldwin, Robert Hickman. Third Row-Donald Haag. Courtland Nichols, Robin Roberts, Tom Tomlinson, Richard Gordon, Ronald Rinard, Thomas K'Burg, Thomas Stauter, Iames Provan, Bill Berger, Terry Schmitt, Charles Alder, Iames Lewis, Robert Archer, Edward Gearhart. Fourth Row-Tony Brown, Ted Iones, Don Pritchtield, Ed Maxwell, Don Williams, lohn Chowning, lames Davis, Bob Slattery, Ernest Goldberg, Harry Stecher, Bill MacKay, Robert Humphrey. 1 l Rosemarie Hartmann Accompanist First Row. tl. to rJ--Phyllis Ieiiries, Patsy Widows, Anne Durgin, Lynn Raniere, Anne Campbell, Connie Gonzalez, Robin Pell, Pauline Gonzalez, Marlene Newton, Patsy Page, Sally Crittendon, Ioyce Mallen, Carol Magrew, Marilyn Woodhouse, Iean Detwieler, Bess Hilburn, Roberta Stevenson, lack Stiggins. Second Row-Barbara Ellis, Pat Taylor, Sandy Clark, Barbara Morgan, Emily Kirby, Betty Morgan, Marjorie Youker, Iohanna Nealson, Barbara Fox, Ellen Signaigo, Barbara Oxley, Peggy Chain, lane Gronamyer, Mark Brown, Mrs. Bradley, director, Third Row--Laurel Kern, Frances Knoell, Nancy Lacey, Barbara Snow, Gerry Clark, Ianet Kenton, Nancy Parkes, Frances Sites, Martha Wilson, Gay Cooper, Gail Woodford, Pat Dalaski, Ioan England, Connie Wallbridge, Kathy Wortz, Helen Seligs- berger, Ann Hitchens, Betsy Masterson, Charles Alder, pianist. First Row fl. ot nl-Mrs. Bradley, director, Ellen Signaigo, Pauline Gonzalez, Barbara lohnson, Connie Alexander, Martha Wilson, Nancy Lacey, Ronald Tait, Teddy von Wettburg, Alan Schmitt, Nancy Peterson, David Black, Iohn Griiien, George Morris, Marjorie Youker, Charles Ieuell. Second Row-Albert MacKinnon, Dennie Cole, Fred Iohns- ton, Forrest Berger, Alfred Moore, Kathy Evans, pianist. 70 xx r 5 A V f urls 4 Q l f 3? 91 5' 019 N Aw S-.WN M Jani J X i jf 'I . mt ' 1 1 A, X K Y , U, 9' f J 4 5 My 'Q X SNS XM, Www E X X YN WX, A . YV 5 ,X ,X , ' X'-X" X W X2 2 'X x X 505555. X Xxx .x . , -. 'x xx xx NN X xx XX. K- :S-,, - 4, .W 'vipxii ,,,,,g- ,,jK.,,, f 'f w.f,::,.f'-f N, 'iw "v-N X w,T1?"'1N. Xxq. .,,, Ng 1 X .1 If ,fff K, Q. A, K. Wf. 1' ,W .V ,., , 1475454 'LL ' ' 1 4. 1 .3 f, ffff, fig' V, ' I ,. 7 ' ,V,. f f , f I f 1 f f I f fff ,,,f, ,.,..,,,f4..,, ',f7'Qff : f www Nz f ! x f ' X , , N 1,7 2.2 .-nm f 4 Ewxxikkkvxxx, IHEE I , .. x x 11, ,s msx xx mkjwwx WAX SUW 5 ,,' ,fff f ,f,ff . ff fyw X f f af 4 2 ,.,, 5 'Q K .puff .. -X '-- 3 , f k . 'XXT 3 Y. X . N, N, K , ww Clk , ,V ,., ., NW, ,L , - 'X ,M ,KN my. XX, , x 1' X x M, 3 2 , K R ,WH X, MDM R 23, ' SW, X xx 'f'gNR-AXE, X ,X , X , 1 + Hx-X' , ix X ., .y X 7 " XT Xxfr ,A 'fgxxy' ' H' 'X X 1, H H x' H , X , 3 , X I , A W "5 ,, . fs RQQi, F3,,f,, 1,7-1. L, - A 'Q 1 E 5 ir VI xv ' , i :V k U :X , X' Y- g ax' xx X 'X XX f iaf ni: M 'WN ' f x ,f f gm 'fm E 2 5 W5 ff 1.RNW,2RFx .X?3, 15,11 1 lzfil 1 I ,ff ME. " X? H2 VX X V'xQ XV' ,Il f'4kf-4 Bow one llett to rightl-Fred Watson, managerg Harry Stecher, Buzzy Sutton, Charles Veith, Thomas Shultz, William MacKay, Dean Steele, William Wills, Charles Krick, Max Bletschacher, Clark Sheldon, Henry Snyder, Leroy Delaski, Robert Whitten, head manager. Row two flett to rightl-Glen Frick, Ronald Buckalew, Tom McCall, Ernie Goldberg, Iohn Settle, Robert Slattery, Iames Harley, Terry Fox, Robert Thomas, Thomas Stevens, Charles Bennett, Iames Boulanger, Robert Orne, Louis Marroni. Row three Klett to rightl-George Brown, Louis Mullikin, Charles Wirt, Charles Frampton, Sherman Clark, Mr, Bomboy, assistant coach, Mr. King, coach: Mr. Pollari, I, V, coach, Blaine Branitt, Donnie Roberts, Ted Iones, Robert Bateson, Charles Krick. FOOTBALL The 1951 football season, while not full of victories, did provide many thrills. In the high- lights ot the campaign were two victories over schools which are rivals and had beaten us the previous year by large scores. The team began its season by losing to Claymont, Wilmington, and Elkton. The Green Knights whipped Alexis I. duPont 13-7 for the first victory. The following week the team battled William Penn to a 6-6 tie. Alter two severe beatings by P, S. duPont and Conrad, the Knights rounded out the season by defeating Archmere. Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant William Penn P. S. duPont Conrad ..... Archmere .. SCORES Mount Pleasant Salesianum ..... 20 Mount Pleasant Claymont ....... 24 Mount Pleasant Wilmington ..... 32 Mount Pleasant Elkton ..... . . 8 Mount Pleasant A. l. duPont ..... 7 74 Kneeling Cl. to nl-lack Delker, manager, Iohn DeVore, assistant manager. Standing-Carlton Sutton, Leon Iones, Lee Dalaski, Edward Gearhart, Clark Sheldon, Robert Thomas, lames Thatcher, David Mears, Dean Steele, Mr. Crowthers, coach. Although the 1951-1952 basketball season can hardly be counted as a successful one from a won-lost standpoint, the season provided many individual experiences and accomplishments. The William Penn game, won in the last four seconds, will be remembered for a long while by all who saw it. In the'way of personal accomplishments, Pete Sheldon was engaged in a torrid scoring Kneeling ll. to r.l-Blaine Branitt, Robert Hickman, Dennis Cole, Iames Harley, Richard Gordon. Standing-lack Martin, managerg Robert Archer, Robin Roberts, Harry Stecher, Sam Wright, Warren Staudt, Adrian Dono- van, Belmont Simpson, Edward Pray, Carlton Walker, Mr. Boucher, coach. battle all season with lim Patton ot Wilmington High School and lohnny Sims of Howard for second place honors in the State. Edward Gear- hart also finished among the State's high scorers. The team, which was composed ot five seniors, tour juniors, and one sophomore, was coached under the capable leadership ot Mr. Crowthers. Howard ........, Mount Pleasant. , .36 Mount Pleasant. , .43 Mount Pleasant. . .47 Newark ......... Brown .......... Claymont .,..... Delaware City .. 52 61 66 Mount Pleasant. . .44 50 Mount Pleasant, , .42 62 Mount Pleasant. , .46 54 Mount Pleasant. . , 93 Mount Pleasant. . . Dover ......,... .60 41 63 51 63 54 52 73 Howard ...,..... Wilmington High. William Penn .... 50 85 Mount Pleasant, . .54 Mount Pleasant. . .37 Brown .,...... .. . Mount Pleasant. , .62 Claymont .... , . , Mount Pleasant. . .62 Alexis 1, duPont.. Mount Pleasant ..81 Elkton .......,.. . 54 William Penn .... 55 Wilmington High. 61 Delaware City . .34 51 Newark ....., 109 33 P. S. duPont ...... 65 57 56 Alexis 1. duPont. .75 Mount Pleasant. . . Mount Pleasant. . . Mount Pleasant .. Mount Pleasant. . Mount Pleasant. . . Mount Pleasant. . . Mount Pleasant. . . Elkton ...,.... . .60 Field Goals Fouls Tot. Pls. Sheldon ......,,....., 147 72 366 Gearhart . .. . . 108 44 260 Sutton .... ,. . 42 28 112 Steele . . 33 22 88 Thatcher . . . 27 22 76 Thomas . . . 26 17 69 lanes .,... , 10 22 Staudt .... , 8 l Krick . . , . 6 S Dalaski . . l Stecher . . . . 1 Wright .... . 0 O 2 0 6 1 13 Lewis , . . 1 ll 3 5 l 3 1 l Mears .. . 1 1 , 2 Row One. Left to right-Mr. Fennick, Robert Thomas, Iames Lewis, Thomas Shultz, Floss Mace, William Honey, David Mears, Ioseph Murkle, Kenneth Smithson, Iohn DeVore, Mr. Guth, Row Two-Thomas Stoddard, managerg Arthur McDonald, Clarence Wertz, Vincent Snyder, William Walker, Lee Gray, William McCall, Robert Whorl, Iames Mer- rick, Iames Harley, Harry Stecher, Ross Lanius, manager. How Three-Frank Brooks, Richard Bateson, Robert Slattery, Denny Cole, Belmont Simpson. BASEBALL With a group of entirely new players, except tour lettermen, Coach Elmer Fennick has built this year's team. Assisted by Mr. Guth, another newcomer to the team, Mr. Fennick is shaping the boys for a season that includes fifteen games. The team and the coaches are looking forward to a successful season. SCHEDULE April 8 ...... Brown Voc. Away May Archmere ..... Home April 22 A. l. duPont .... Home May Wm. Penn' ....- Away April 23 Wilm. High Away May Howard .'."-A Home April 25 Archmere . Away May Claymont I.". Home April 29 Wm. Penn. Home May 2 .'--'. A' I. dupom Away May Newark ....... Home May 6 ...... Dela. City.. Home Tune Wilm- High "" Home May 9 ...... Claymont . Away Iune Howard ....... Away Row One. Left to right-Rodger Krick, Daniel lnners, William Honey, Daniel Stapleford, Ioseph Adams. Row Two-lack Martin, Sam Wright, William Wills, Robert Hickman, lack Katz, Max Bletschacher, Raymond Stapleford, Ronald Buckalew, Clarence Bullock, Mr. Morgan. TRACK For the first time in the history of the school, Mount Pleasant has formed a track team. Under the direction of Mr. Morgan, the boys have practiced faithfully to get in shape for their first season, which begins with the Penn Relays. Using Baynard Stadium as their practice field, the team has been working on the 100 yard, 220 yard, 440 yard, half mile, and mile runs. Shotput, discus, high jump, broad jump, and pole vault will be undertaken by the team. The boys and Mr. Morgan hope for the first of many successful seasons to come. 77 va fknn. llt row Cleft to rightl-Lucy Oliva, Patsy Samples, Ellen La Rowe, Nancy Norling, Bette Malcolm, Dianne Smolka, Beverly Harding, Emily Maxwell, Patsy Peabody, Marlene Getchell, Ianet von Wettburg. 2nd row-Miss Hobbs, coach, Miss Wallis, assistant coachg Barbara Ienkinsen, Ruth Morris, Lois Morrow, Carolyn Johnson, Connie Kelly, Mary lane Dill, Ianet Rickley, Dolores Raign, Ioan Whitten, managerg Barbara Taylor, manager. 3rd row-Patsy Meyers, Connie Cannon, Betty Volk, Susan Waters, Iayne Waters, layne Hyer, Betsy Youker, Sally Steele, Susan lohns, Mary lane Keelens, Sue K'Burg. HOCKEY Although the 1951 hockey team won only one Mount Pleasant ..., .. U A. I. duPont game, they tied three and lost three, which is, lor hockey a good record. Under the able coach- ing oi Miss Hobbs and Miss Wallis, the team made famous their teamwork and cooperation with the leadership ot lean Cornthwaite and Dianne Smolka, who were voted the outstanding t players of the season. Each game was captained by a different player, the elect seven were Beverly Harding, lean Cornthwaite, Emily Maxwell, Nancy Norling, Dianne Smolka, Bette Mount Pleasant .... .. U Middletown Mount Pleasant ....... U Newark .. Malcolm, and Lucy Oliva. SCORES Mount Pleasant ......, 0 Conrad . .. . . . 0 Mount Pleasant ..,.... O Claymont . . . . . l Mount Pleasant ..,. .. 5 Tatnall ..,..,.. .. 1 Mount Pleasant .... .. O William Penn .... 1 78 W First Row tl. to r.J-Mary Ellen Iurisch, Carol Vincent, Ann Schneider, Barbara Taylor, Barbara Sheffield, Constance Kelly. Second Row. fl. to r.J-Susan Rinehart, assistant man- ager, Roberta Brandenberg, Lucy Oliva, Elizabeth Fritze, Anne Minnis, Beverly Harding, lean Cornthwaite, Nancy Norling, manager, Miss Hobbs, coach, The girls' varsity basketball team had a good season. They showed much aggressiveness and determination, winning five games and losing live. The teamwork of the whole group and the de- fensive work of the guards were particularly out- standing. Under the capable coaching ot Miss Hobbs, the girls played many games well, but the lassies played their best game when they lost to a strong Conrad team by three points. The co- captains for the season were Barbara Taylor and Ann Schneider. The total scores for the forwards were: Ann Schneider ...,,.........,....,i....,.. ll9 Lucy Oliva ....... . . . 82 Elizabeth Fritze , . . , , . . . 80 Mary Ellen Iurisch . . , . . . 65 Anne Minnis ......,,...,. .....,.,, ..... 2 9 Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Faculty . . . Alumni .... A. l. duPont. Claymont . . Middletown . 'Newark . .. Middletown . Conrad ...., William Penn St. Elizabeth Howard . . . Kneeling fl. to rJ-Barbara Wilson, manager, Dorothy Benton, Sally Wagner, Barbara Woods, Lee Harvey, Ioyce Staplelord, manager. Standing-Miss Hobbs, coachg Bonnie Steinle, Helen Schneider, Ianet von Wettberg, Peggy Brown, Ioan Rickley, Marion Spanagel, Patricia Samples, Marlene Getchell. 79 Row One, Left to right-Elizabeth Volk, Rachel Waters, Barbara Taylor, Nancy Bimmerman, Lee Harvey, Barbara Woods, Susan Rinehart, Doris Benton. Row TwoiMrs Bradley, lanet Bickley, Elizabeth Fritze, Lucy Oliva, Carolyn Owen, Lois Morrow, Barbara lenkinson, Margaret Brown, Mary lane Kirklin, Patricia Samples. How Three-lean Cornthwaite, Elizabeth Barnes, Iudy Fogg, Marilyn Chappell, Roberta Brandenburg, Phyllis Thompson, asst. manager, Nancy Maddarns, asst. manager, Nancy Samples, manager. With a squad ot over twenty competent mem- bers, the 1952 softball team expects a successful season. Although no games have yet been played, the practices indicate that the girls will play well throughout the season. Since the team has lost only tour players and gained many new ones, everyone hopes tor a record as good, or better, than last year. This season the lassies will be coached by Mrs. Dorothy Bradley. May 15 80 SCHEDULE April 22 A. l. duPont. . . .... Away April 24 Friends . . . Home April 29 .... .... C onrad . .. Away May l Wm. Penn Away May E3 Claymont . Away May 8 A. I. duPont Home May l3 Conrad Home Claymont . Home 54 UAL 3 96 4"n Da Q J Ad' I III, r K T ' 4.9 . W Q xy Q ' 3 A J ek: I' .Sirk X-25' 19 .-SV" 81 .Q 'K A , 2 N- A , 8,1 Q ,W X1 if , 3 S 6 at www ' If I 'Xa Kf M ,vb ...MM- 'VI .f.Yxv is 46 -- is 2, YM Zfw ar -.djd 61' fr. we: gn, gig , W .. 'VK 7X 1 '. S' 3. ' ' Rv.. - .-1 V M NA , 'Y' Q , . 5 ine H1 .l- L 'vw Nix? . . - K 3 V? iid? M, gf? ,Q 5 fl Q H .,. Hi 2 I " 3 L. A wif R P: if. 1 Y, Y 3 ,MJ N: A A. 'Qu .Mm ,M , 2? Q f .'4" ' I E- i u. 4 ix 'S ,f, T! WGA! W ,L i If L x LMI vfvtvxvxv fflfy, 1, 4 ' -1 -U? f X I Q i M gf .4 If ' U ,ll and Mrs. Iack Abrams Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Bayard W. Allmond Charles M. Allmond III and Mrs. F. Emerson Archer Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I. Baldwin and Mrs. Donald V. Bauder Mr. Miss Mary E. Bell Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Betty Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Bimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bischoff Mr. and Mrs. William H. Boucher . Edward R. Caffrey . Iames R. Chowning . Ioseph P. Clark and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Compliments of a Friend Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Conrad Miss Mary E. Copeland Mr. and Mrs. William R. Cornthwaite Francis P. Dalecki Mr. and Mrs. I. L. DeCormis Mr. and Mrs. Iohn G. Delker Mr. and Mrs. Harold T. Emery Miss Caroline A. Fine and Mrs. A. L. Foster Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. W. Edward Gearhart and Mrs. Ivan L. Haag Don P. Haag and Mrs. Paul W. Harding Mr. Mr. Mr. Miss Madylon K. Heal . Charles H. Honey, Sr. . R. O. Humphrey Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Hyer Mr. and Mrs. Miles Iurisch Miss Connie Kelly . W. A. Lafferty Mr. and Mrs Miss Ellen LaRowe Mr. and Mrs. Iames E. Lassell Lunch Table 5, Senior High Lunch Table 16, Senior High Lunch Table 20, Senior High Lunch Table 24, Senior High PATRONS Lunch Table 26, Senior High Lunch Table 33, Iunior High Lunch Table 35, Senior High . C. V. Mace . W. L. MacKinnon Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Percy L. Malcolm Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. William G. McKinley Mendenhall Clarence E. Miller Lester W. Miller Frederick W. Moore Morris Mr. and Mrs. I. Burton Nichols Bert S. Norling Miss Martha Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Ruth C. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. G. H. Pfeiffer Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Pizor Mrs. M. E. Riggs Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Ryker Miss Helen L. Ryon Miss Helen Schneider W. S. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. . Walter E. Segl . Wilfred W. Smith . William I. Smolka Amos Stayton and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs. and Mrs. Dean C. Steele Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Tait Mr. and Mrs. Alec I. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Thatcher Mrs. Lucy Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Veith Il Miss Ioan H. Wallis Mr. and Mrs. H. Vance Watt Miss H. T. Wesesky . R. K. Whitten . George Williams . Iohn M. Williams . W. B. Williams William A. Wills and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. GOOD LUCK to the SENIORS ' from the CLASS OF 1953 Best Wishes For The Future to the CLASS OF 1952 from the STUDENT COUNCIL TC THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS CF 1952 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS Compliments of Your Class Photographer gofgcroqq orfmifs 718 MARKET STREET For Them . . . For You . . . For Always A GOLDCRAFT PORTRAIT MABLET on Wx' c CN 51 st EM vnml A COLOPHON DISTINCTI ON , e d C399 I3 ok SYSTEM 'O' pro u gf The Buildgalaoiks OHBYS1 QM' SCh0ox Yea' NS AMMED OPEBATXO PROC-EK Y SCHEDULED DELIVER QUALITY CONTROL Y tlm ke your next Look . . u-wl5"""" COMPLETE VERSATILITY BUDGETJIXED COSTS irudle of interesting advantages ro the ty adViSO1'S. YOU Want an original " CCtillS YOUI' PCISOIIZII CHsOI'tS allfl CXPl'CSSi0XlS HAMILITON comnnv, lncolroursn . . mnrens o orrssr un-aocumens o ruuusv-asus P""'+efS of H195 Yearbook 17th I SFIUCE STREETS 0 WILMINGTON 99, DELAWARE A Y . Build-a-Book I Good Luck and Best Wishes For The Future from the CLASS OF 1954 to the CLASS OF 1952 Best Wishes from the AL UMNI ASSOCIATION Compliments ot the MOUNT PLEASANT PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Best Wishes To THE CLASS OF 1952 Mount Pleasant Teachers' Association Sincere Best Wishes To The CLASS OF '52 from the store of DISTINCTION Hhappell J E W E L E R 4Ul Delaware Avenue ' Wilmington, Delaware "Personalized service at no extra cost" Qqeeaon gianalal Janne 412 Philadelphia Pike Wilmington. Delaware IAMES E. BEESON, Director Holly Oak 7396 QUIETNESS AND PRIVACY AMPLE PARKING ON PREMISES Building More Power for Delaware's Future DELAWARE POWER 6. LIGHT COMPANY To the Class of 1952: Based upon a fundamental belief in God is the concept of a human soul, a sacred personality, where reside among other things, those inalienable rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. Upon this foundation is raised a tripod that supports individual freedom-the American Way of Life. One leg of this tripod is the right to choose who shall govern-repre- sentative constitutional democracy, another leg is the right to worship, think, speak and assemble-religious and civil freedom, the third is the right to possess such portion of the God given resources of the earth as one can Win by honest toil and effort-private competitive enterprise. These things your school has taught you so that through your trained moral sense and reasoning power you will recognize and stamp out any action, no matter how attractively presented or how much of immediate self-interest it may appear to further, that would attack any part of this struc- ture, for a destruction ot any part will destroy the whole. With best wishes to each of you. CLAYMONT STEEL CORPORATION SPIC 6: SPAN Curb Service Restaurants SPECIALISTS IN FINE FOOD AND FOUNTAIN DRINKS STANLEY MEN'S SHOP SHAFFERS MARKET 828 Market Street Wilmington, Delaware Elsmere Bellefonte Marlboro Pipe 'n' Pennant Fashions Wilmington. Delaware A. C. LAYMAN MACHINE CO. General Machinists-Metal Spraying - Grey Iron, Brass and Aluminum Castings 30-34 Vandever Avenue, Wilmington 99. Del. FRAIM'S DAIRIES, INC. QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS SINCE 1900 Cottage Cheese. Butter cmd Eggs Phone 6-8225 H. M. PASCHALL 61 SONS, INC. Anthracite - COAL - Bituminous Fuel Oils Lumber. Mason and Builders' Supplies 6806 Governor Printz Blvd., Wilmington 3, Del. 212 West Ninth Street "The House That Music Built" IENNESS SERVICENTER 700 Philadelphia Pike ' Wilmington, Del. Phone HO 2929 PEPPER'S STORE 1 101 Brandywine Boulevard Phone HO 2963 Magazines - Newspapers - Films Kodaks - Ice Cream - Novelties BRANDYWINE LAUNDERETTE Washing. Drying. Dyeing Also for Your Convenience-Dry Cleaning Phone 2-7957 2807 Market Street Mon.-Fri. 8 AM.-8 P.M. Sat. 8 AM.-2 P.M. R. S. Baker 'ESSO SERVICENTER Marsh and Silverside Roads Phone HO 4261 JRZLZLZHRD R DHDIS EIGII1' TIIIIITY ONE MARKET B'l'llEl:Tl'V I WILMINGTON 10, DELAWARE IEWELER - SILVERSMITHS CHINA -- GLASS BELLEFONTE MARKET Frozen Foods - Groceries - Meats Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Phone HO 2389 901 Brandywine Boulevard B 6. G DRIVE-IN RESTAURANTS 30th 6- Governor Printz Blvd, Wilmington, Del. 2ll0 New Road, Elsmere, Del. IACK'S SERVICE I. B. Reynolds COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TELEVISION SALES Delaware Ave. G Ieiterson St. Phone 5-2344 Wilming ton. Del. Compliments oi TRI STATE SERVICE. INC. 4202 Market Street HOWARD L. ROBERTSON Civil Engineer 6: Surveyor 701 Brandywine Boulevard Wilmington, Delaware Phone HO 2456 O'NEAL'S BUS SERVICE Chartered Buses Phone Wilmington 2-2343 Lumber - Millwork - Fuel SILVERSIDE SUPPLY COMPANY Silverside Road 5. B.rStO. R.R. 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Suggestions in the Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) collection:

Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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