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YUIII ZZ 6' rc f 'P QQ QM 422. Gay 6225 H.S.3Jx 1 i K S 3 E 5 2 5 5 2 S 1 z 2 Row one Cleft to rightl Dr. C. K. Black, Mrs. E. Rinehart. Row two Cleft to rightl Dr. V. R. Hardy, Mr. R. V. Huber. DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of Mount Pleasant High School, do, upon leaving the Alma Mater in this year of 1951, dedicate our yearbook to the Board of Educa- tion of the Mount Pleasant Special School District in gratitude for the many things they have contributed to better our school and community. In the rather grim and dangerous period ahead, your country is going to find it necessary to rely more and more upon the strength of its youth. You will probably find that from this point on, life will become a little more sharp in ,focus and a little more serious in meaning. You will find yourself more and more on your own, where you will have to bear the consequences of your own deci- sions. Fortunately, you are fine repre- sentatives of American Youth. Your ideals are lofty, your initiative is strong, and your resourcefulness is unlimited. May God give you courage to change the things that can and need to be changedp the serenity to accept the things that cannot be changed, and the wisdom to know the difference. God Speed and Good Luck, IOHN F. HEINEY, Superintendent Congratulations on your fine achieve- ment and best wishes to each of you in your future endeavors. I know there have been times when "the going" has seemed a bit rough, times when discouragement threatened to blot out the happiness and content- ment that we as human beings seek in striving for success. However, the in- centive to "keep going" should always be a realization of the fact that "behind each cloud, the sun still shines." Your graduation here not only marks the end of a task well done, it heralds the beginning of a greater challenge. In a world torn by infringement, intol- erance, and wars, do not cringe from the necessity of meeting issues boldly with principle, resolution, and strength and above all, keep faith in the Divine Master of the universe. E. R. SCHWING-ER, Principal 1951 CLASS ADVISERS ln concluding twelve years of basic preparation for life, we feel certain that you will ,go on to greater achievement. The tools and skills which the schools have placed in your hands will always be subservient to your will and desires. The sparks of ambition. should be carefully tended. Your faith in yourself and the manner in which you assume your responsibilities will largely determine your suc- cess. Your opportunity is largeg your responsibility is equally great. We wish you God-speed in the development of a happy and successful future. Life under the "Big Top" hGS always spelled glamor. The hard work, the mistakes, the correction. the rehearsals, and the endless repetitions are forgotteng neverthee less, they are there. Now, your period of rehearsing is about over, The "ring master of life" is about to announce your names. and it will soon be your turn to perform. I hope that all of you will be ready when called and will per- form well under the "spotlight of life." Brookl n Colle e New York BA CLASS ADVISER lthaca College, B.S. in Music Education MUSIC 'Qhut f Zia Z - Y .-T' - T, X . 54-Ada-v I Y 9 . V - Teachers College of Columbia University, NLA. SPANISH, FRENCH, ENGLISH To each and every member of the graduating class, our sincere congratulations. On this wonder- ful day, so long looked forward to, the happiness that fills your hearts overflows into our own. During the past three years it has been my privilege, as one of your class advisers, to observe your day-by-day growth in so many ways. The great responsi- bility that was ours of seeing that you continued to grow in the right direction is now your own. As- sume it. We are proud of you today, but it is far more important that we he proud of you tomorrow. CLASS ADVISER La Salle College, B.A. STENOGRAPHY, TYPEWRITING OFFICE PRACTICE If p -' ev ,- few -Wwe L l t C X ' nl I Isl S DAVID I. ANDERSON Swarthmore College, AB, in Education University ot Pennsylvania, M.S. in Education Core Curriculum, Mathematics A MARGARET BAKER Glassboro State Teachers College, BS. in Education Core Curriculum, Mathe' matics Nature Club Sponsor , VH . E, DOROTHY V. BIDDLE Drexel Institute ol Technol- ogy, BS. in Education General Science, Home Economics Hockey and Softball Coach Girls' Home Economics Pet Club Sponsor Club Sponsor TY CHARLES H. BOMBOY Bloornsburg State Teachers College, B,S. Columbia University, MA. in Education Biology, Consumer Science Photography Club Sponsor Assistant Football Coach TANIA K. BOUCHER City College of New York, B.S. in Education University of Pennsylvania, M.S. in Education Typing, Business Law, Business English, Iunior Business Training Cheerleaders Sponsor Dance Club Sponsor Sophomore Class Advisor ELMER I-'ENNICK Bucknell University, B.S, and M.S. in Education Core Program Coach of Baseball Audio-Visual Club Sponsor WILLIAM BOUCHER West Chester State Teachers College, B.S. University of Pennsylvania, M.S. Algebra-9, General Mathematics, Advanced Algebra Bowling Club Sponsor IAMES A. GENNARIA Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B.S, in Education New York Universityf M.A. in Education Guidance Director GREEN LEAF Staff Sponsor Student Council Advisor lOHN W. CBOWTHER Millersville State Teachers College, B.S. New York University, M.A Mathematics, Metal and Graphic Arts Assistant Football Coach Head Basketball Coach Stagecratt Club Sponsor GEORGE T. HANNIN G West Chester State Teachers College, B.S., in Education Temple University, M.S. in Education English 9-10 Hi-Y Club Sponsor Freshman Class Advisor STILLMAN A. DARREL, IR. University of Pennsylvania, B.S. in Education University of Pennsylvania, M.A. Physical Education-7 G 8 tboysl Elementary Physical Edu- cation Intramural Athletics tboys and girlsl LAWRENCE E. HICKMAN Edinboro State Teachers College, B.S. Edinboro State Teachers College, M.A. Art ETHEL M. HOBBS West Chester State Teachers College, B.S. in Physical Education Health, Physical Education Dance Club Sponsor MARGARET P. NELSON Ohio University, A.B. in Education English ll-12 Senior Dramatics Club Sponsor Sophomore Class Advisor Senior Play Director LESLIE B. KING Moravian College, B.A. Pennsylvania State College, M.S. in Education Civics, Problems ot Democracy Coach of Football Chess and Checkers Club Sponsor Iunior Class Advisor HOWARD S. PARSONS Pennsylvania State College, B.S. Pennsylvania State College. M.E. Director of Health, Physical Education Dance Club Sponsor Athletic Association Advisor Fire Drill Patrol Sponsor ROBERT S. METZGER Millersville State Teachers College, B.S. in Education Industrial -Arts, Mechanical Drawing Boys' Shop Club Sponsor t VINCENT T. REMCHO West Chester State Teachers College, B.S. in Education Physics, Chemistry, General Science Golf Club Sponsor DONALD R. MILLER University of Pennsylvania, B.A, in Education American History, World History Iunior Band Sponsor Freshman Class Advisor FLORENCE M. RHF!-' Drexel Institute of Technology, B.S. in Home Economics Home Economics Boys' Home Economics Club Sponsor ETHEL M. ROE University of Delaware, B.S. and M.S. in Education Mathematics Y-Teens Club Sponsor Student Council Advisor Freshman Class Advisor DAISY P. WALLACE University ol Virginia, B.S. in Education University of Delaware, M.S in Education English, Core Curriculum Leisure Reading Club Sponsor ELIZABETH F. WALSH HANNAH T. WESESKY Kutztown State Teachers Lock Haven State Teachers College, B,S. College, B.S. in Education Librarian Pennsylvania State Library Club Sponsor Teachers College, ME. Latin, English Green Flash Advisor Iunior Class Advisor MADYLON K. HEAL Wilmington General Hospital School Nurse SECRETARIES Seated Cleft to rightl Ioan Green, Betty Whitcomb. Standing tleft to rightl Ioan Gammache, Frances Hartman, CAFETERIA STAFF tLelt to rightj Mrs. Cochran, Mrs. Dul-ladaway, Miss Krejci, Mrs, Schac- vico, Mrs. Thompson. GREEN LEAF STAFF Co-Editors: Lois Watt and Bob Leshem Business Manager Adviser: Mr' James A' Gennaria General Stall Roger Trumbore Doris Peters i Nancy Peters Literary Editors l PPP Meme UNGM Dorothy Peterson , Kenneth Clapp MCIVY SlfCfUQh1'1 Marilyn Stiggins Carol Harvey Art Editor V lean Spence ROY Sullivan Connie Bietdorl Copy Editor lljorrcsxiliie Fosemary ois es Phyllis Rowe Marilyn Bateson Christina Kilpatrick loan Porter Ruth Wright Nancy Hanlon Betty McCormick Sports Editors Peter Dietz Roger Gordon Barbara Black ludy Orne Betty Andrews Typing Editor Crystle Lord Caroline D111 Marion Stinchecum Doris Humphrey Ph0f09YGPhY Edifm' Norma Parkes lane Reynolds loan Williams Row one tlelt to rightl lane Reynolds, Carol Harvey, Ruth Wright, Mary Straughn, Roger Trumbore, Dorothy Peterson, Christina Kilpatrick, Roy Sullivan. Row two tlelt to rightl Crystle Lord, Marion Stinchecum, Kenneth Clapp, Barbara Black, Iudy Orne, Roger Gordon, Peter Dietz, Nancy Peters, Connie Ftietdorl, Doris Humphrey, Marie O'Neill. Row three tlelt to right? Nancy Hanlon, Marilyn Bateson, Lois West, Betty McCormick, Ioan Porter, Norma Parkes, Marilyn Stiggins, loan Williams, Betty Andrews. N...- SENICDR CLASS CDFFICERS U..eft to right! Kenneth Clcrppntrecxsurerg Doris Humphery, secretary: Lois Watt, vice-president, Roger Gordon, president. .. V sp,-15 31fsiiPi21'2su 4z,:fs ef4ff5? 2 BETTY ANDREWS-Betty, a petite blonde who has been active in school as well as in class activi- ties, was varsity basketball mana- ger 9, 10, and scorer in ll and 12. She played varsity hockey ll and was varsity hockey manager 12. She also played intramural sports in 9, 10, and ll. In her freshman year, Betty acted as vice-president ot the class. She was a member ol the senior choir for tour years. She displayed her dramatic talents in the iunior and senior plays as an old woman in one and a young girl in the other. Betty plans to be an elementary teacher after a course in elementary education NANCY BOLTON-This active little senior has certainly been busy playing varsity basketball, solt- ball, and hockey during high school. While in tenth grade Nancy played intramural badminton, was in the choir, and on the operetta committee. Leaders' Club seems to have been a favorite with this miss as she was in it lor three years, and as a junior she was an Athletic Association represent- ative. She was a prompter for the iunior play and the next year was chairman ot tickets tor the senior play. Nancy plans to enter Syracuse University and major in home economics after graduation. BARBARA BLACK-Barbara, or "Blacky" as everyone called her. was our leader in girls' sports. She wastactive in varsity hockey, basketball, and softball in all tour years ot high school. In addition to this, she was president ot the Athletic Association in tenth, elev- enth, and tweltth. We all know "Blacky" especially as star pitcher on the softball team. In her junior year she was on the program committee for the junior play and also wrote many sports reviews for the "Green Flash". ln her senior year she was the girls' sports editor for the GREEN LEAF. MARILYN BATESON-Marilyn was noted for her lovely singing voice. She was a choir member in grades 9, 10, ll and 12 and held. lead in both.9th and 10th grade operettas. Marilyn was also in the choir variety show ll. She was home- room secretary in grade 10 and played junior varsity hockey ll. Marilyn was on the senior write- ups tor the GREEN LEAP statt, and she was active in class ac- tivities. She was on the program committee tor the junior play and was an usher for the senior play. She took an academic course through high school and next year plans to attend Goldey Business College. EDWARD BROWN-"Eddie" was known to many oi the students tor his interest in photography. He nearly always had his camera with him and was willing to take a picture. He also developed these pictures, but this took quite a- while, ior "Ed" had other activi- ties. He was in the Iournalism Club in his freshman year and later in the Photography Club, where he was president. He was basketball manager 9 and partici- pated in intramural softball. "Ed- die" was active in class activities and was chairman ot the orches- tra committee for the Senior Ball. ll N I I 0 ': 0 'lint O 0 0 I 1 'o ll o KENNETH CLAPP-"Ken", a very active and energetic member of the class, was president of the Student Council in the 12th grade and a representative in the 10th and llth grades. He was in the senior choir for one year and the band for live years, He was chair- man ol the Sophomore Hop and the Iunior Prom, and he was an the carnival committee in the llth grade. He also had a part in both the junior and the senior plays. After graduation from Mt. Pleasant, he plans to attend the University of Delaware. He will always be re- membered for his money saving ideas. PETER DIBTZ-"Pete", as all his friends called him, was that jovial senior with the well-known bow tie, During his four high school years he was very busy with bas- ketball 9, 10, ll, football manager ll, and all intramural sports. Pete was very active in all class pro- iects and helped on the the dec- oration, entertainment, and booth committees for the junior carnival. "Pedro", so named by a few of his fellow Spanish students, prov- ed his dramatic ability in the junior and senior plays. He held class offices including president 9, 10. IERRY CORRIGAN-Ierry was our tall, lanky senior who was tortu- nate enough to be able to drop the basketball right into the basket. As proc! of this, he played the game for three years: he also par- ticipated in interscholastic volley- ball and softball. In ninth grade, Ierry was class treasurer and, as a Senior, was treasurer of the Stu- dent Council. The band and choir were very important to him all during high school.-Some of his extra-curricular activities have been operetta, carnival, and jun- ior and senior play committees. After graduation Jerry plans to attend college. IANET COLIOURNE-Ianet, a friendly brunette member ot the class, seems to be interested mainly in music. She was a mem- ber of the senior choir for four years, and was in the operetta chorus in 9, and 10. She was also in the variety show and concert given by the senior choir in the llth grade. She took driver's training in the llth grade. In her senior year she was a member of the GREEN LEAF staff. One of Ianet's future plans is' to be a student at the University of Dela- ware. L rg i , . . i f .T s , -IM A T Tw. . Hflifi- L . .Em-f .....?. CAROLINE DILL-Her name was Caroline, but we called her "Toot- sie". She was active in varsity basketball 9 and choir 9 and 10. "Tootsie" was our class secretary in tenth and eleventh grades. For three years she could be seen marching with the band as one of the colorguards. "Tootsie" was chairman of the typing committee on the yearbook staff where she worked overtime to help others. She took the commercial course and after graduation plans to go into secretarial work. With her continual efficiency and genuine interest in people, she is bound to make good. IAMES DONOVAN-"lim" or "lim- my", as his friends called him, was known by everyone in the school for his love of athletics. For four years he was a member of the varsity football squad. On the gridiron this halfback was par- ticularly noticeable ior the passing ability he displayed. During his freshman year "lim" P1GY9d in' tramural basketball and for his clubs he usually chose Sports and Recreation or Chess and Checkers. One of his hobbies was hunting and fishing, and he spent many hours this way. ALLISON GLOYD-"Al", as he was called by everyone, was very much interested in carpentry and woodworking. Because of this, he was a member of the Shop Club and in connection with it was chairman of the lighting committee for the senior play and junior play. One of his pastimes was riding in his speedboat, and much of his summers were spent "cutting the waves." In ninth and eleventh grades, "Al" played intramural basketball, softball, and football. He was also in the Photography Club. ROZZIE EPISCOP0--Rozzie, one of our most important varsity football players was a wonderful credit to our team for the past four years, During ninth grade, this athlete played varsity baseball. Rozzie was also a participant in intra- mural basketball, and softball, Be- cause of this great athletic ability which he possesses, "Roz" can be imagined conducting gym classes. The clubs which interested him during school were those of sports and shop. As for future plans, Ftozzie intends to be a bricklayer, for which he has al- ready earned his apprenticeship. GARY DUMM-Gary, one of the more quiet senior boys, was a member of the senior choir for four years and was in the band in his freshman and sophomore years. ln keeping with his music inter- ests, he was in the operetta chorus in the 10th grade and the musical variety show in the llth grade. He played intramural basketball and softball 9, soccer l0, and football 10 and ll. Gary plans to join the Marine Corps or the Navy after graduation. ROGER GORDON - Efficient and most capable for the office, Roger was president of the class in his junior and senior years. His in- terests seem to center in sports and dramatics. In sports, he play- ed varsity baseball and basketball during all tour of his high school years. Roger held leading roles in both the junior and the senior plays. Upon graduating from Mt. Pleasant, Roger plans to enter Swarthmore College and take the engineering course, and from his ability in mathematics you can be sure that he will be a success in the field. ,I at lo Hhs :S 51 C .Q QQ NANCY HANLON-Nancy was one of our small but sweet seniors who had a great love for and an inter- est in horses. Her hobby was rid- ing. During l0th grade she partici- pated in intramural badminton. She was a member of the choir in her freshman and sophomore years and participated in several oper- etta choruses. She was in Typing and Leader Clubs, and in her senior year was on the GREEN LEAF staff. She was on the make- up committee for the junior play and was usher for the senior play. In the future she plans to attend Bennent Iunior College. DORIS HUMPHREY-Doris, an ac- tive and ambitious senior, who was well-liked by everyone, seem- ed to have varied interests. ln sports, she played varsity hockey 10, ll, and 125 varsity basketball 9, 10, ll, and 12: and softball 10. As a member of the band, she was a colorguard in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Keeping her in- terests in music, she was in the senior choir 9, ll, and 12. Doris held class offices in her junior and senior years, and was a Student Council representative in the elev- enth grade and secretary of the Council in her senior year. She was also a member of the GREEN LEAF yearbook staff. ANN LOUISE HILBURN-A.nn's flashing smile was known to iust about everyone, as she was one of our snappiest cheerleaders. Ann's other activities included hockey 10, basketball 10, ll, and 12. She was an active choir member for four years and took part in the choir variety show. Ann was a twelfth grade representative to the Ath- letic Association. She also gave a fine performance in our senior play, "Charley's Aunt", as Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez. Ann plans to attend Penn State after graduation from high school. CAROL HARVEY-Carol, a pert, green-eyed brunette, was a mem- ber of the commercial course and was known for her talents with the,sewing machine. She centered most of her activities in the field of music. She was a member of the choir through all four years of high school. Carol was also in the glee club 9, and in the operetta 10. Carol was one of the typists for the GREEN LEAF staff and an usher for the senior play. After graduation she would like to en- ter the Barbizon School of Model- mg. Y W. v PHYLLIS HURST-Phyllis, who was quiet but always ready to lend a helping hand, participated in a variety of activities during high school. She was a member of the choir 9 and 10 and the band l0, ll, and 12. Phyllis was in the Square Dance Club ll and was also on the carnival committee. She was a typist for the GREEN LEAF. She also took an active part on the scenery committee for the senior play and helped with the three very intricate sets. Phyl- lis took the commercial course and plans to follow a secretarial ca- reer. KENNETH KEARNEY-"Ken" was well-known for his musical abili- ties, as he was a member oi the band for tour years, and he was in the Senior Choir for four years. Also, he was in the operetta chor- us in the 9th and 10th grades. He played intramural softball, bas- ketball, and varsity football in the 9th grade and intramural loot- ball and basketball in the l2th grade. He was on the carnival committee in the llth grade. "Ken" plans to further his education in a business school and then get a clerical job. IOHN KUSCHING-"lack", a quiet and shy senior, played var- sity baseball in the 9th grade and varsity football in his junior and senior years. He played intramural basketball and softball in the 9th grade and football in the Sth, 10th, and llth grades. He was in the Shop Club in the llth grade and the Chess and Checkers Club in the l2th grade. In his spare time, "lack" enjoys duck hunting and fishing. Alter graduation from Mt. Pleasant, he plans to ioin the Air Force. MARK KUEHN-Mark, who was energetic in sports, centered most of his activities in them. His fav- orite was' baseball, and he played it in 9, 10, 11, and l2. He also played varsity basketball 10, ll, and l2 and intramural football for four years. He was treasurer of the class in his junior year. He took driver's training in the llth grade, Mark was a member of the Chess and Checkers Club in the llth and l2th grades. Alter grad- uation, he plans to ioin one of the branches of the armed forces, probably the Coast Guard, CHRISTINA KILPATRICK-You had to look pretty hard to find "Chris" because she was iust about the shortest member of the class. We do not have trouble remembering her though, because when there was a committee to be on or work to be done, "Chris" was right there. She was on the yearbook staff and carnival committee. "Chris" was also a member of the choir in grades nine and ten, homeroom secretary in eleventh grade, and an usher for both the iunior and senior plays. In addi- tion to this, she was one of the snappy colorguards in her senior year. THOMAS LANGE- "Tom", as everyone called him, was a quiet but likeable person who had a great fascination for his hobby of model airplanes. He liked to de- sign as well as build these and spent much of his time this way. He was very apt and had good manipulative powers. He was in both the Audio-visual and Airplane Clubs in connection with his hobby. He was on the carpentry committee for the junior carnival and worked hard to insure its success in the future "Tom" plans to become a mechanic. UI N I I I O T Il lo Hhs. 'O 0 I 21, A .1 ROGER LATHE-Roger was a boy who liked to produce pictures either with a pencil, paper and his own artistic hand, or with a camera. For this reason he seemed always to be sketching in classes and taking pictures outside ol classes. When there was an im- portant school event you could always count on Roger to be there to take a picture. ln connec- tion with this interest, he was in the Photography Club for three years and also at one time in the Iournalism Club. Roger also had musical talents which he displayed in the band during ninth grade. BEVERLY MAXWELL- "Bev" whose long blonde hair was the envy ot everyone, was well-known for her jovial sense of humor. She was active in Choir in her fresh- man year and was a member of the carnival committee in her jun- ior year. "Bev" was on the com- mittee lor basketball concessions, and was an usher for both the junior and senior plays. She was colorguard in 10, ll, and 12th grades and captain of the guards 12, "Bev" was also a member of the GREEN LEAF staff. She took the Commercial course and plans to go into secretarial work. CRYSTLE LORD-A quiet, but ac' tive member of the commercial course, Crystle plans to become cr secretary in a business office after graduation. While in school. she participated in intramural basketball ll and 12 and bad- minton in the lllth grade, She was a member of the choir in the 9th grade, and she was in the oper- etta chorus in 9th and 10th grades. Crystle was on the carnival com- mittee and the junior play commit- tee in the llth grade, and in the 12th grade she was on the GREEN LEAF staff, .. ,, ROBERT LESHEM--"Bob" was well-known for his artistic abilities and he was always available when there was any decorating to be done. He was co-ordinator of the junior and senior' plays, and he had a role in the junior play. He had a busy year in the llth grade, as he was business manager of the school paper, co- chairman of the carnival and chairman of the concessions com- mittee tor basketball. Bob was one of the very efficient co-editors oi the GREEN LEAF in his senior year. After graduation, he plans to attend college. ROGER McCI-ELLAN--Roger, or "Mac", as he was called, an avid golf enthusiast, was a member of the Golf Club 12 and played this sport in his spare time. In addition, he was a member of the choir, grade 10, and a Student Council representative in his sophomore year. Roger played junior varsity basketball in grades 9 and ID. He was also a twelfth grade repre- sentative to the Athletic Associa- tion and was a member of the Chess and Checkers Club, grade ll. He took the commercial course through high school and after graduation he hopes to study accounting. BETTY McCOR.MlCK - Redheaded Betty participated in dramatic and musical activities during her high school years. She was a member of the choir for four years and took part in the variety show in her eleventh year. In addition to this, she held supporting roles in both the junior and senior plays. In the 9th grade, Betty was a member of the Student Council. and in the llth grade she was on the carnival committee. Betty took the commercial course and plans to become a secretary after grad- uation. ROBERT MORRIS-Bob's interests seemed to lie in sports, for he played all three sports. ln his freshman year he played varsity baseball and junior varsity bas- ketball, and in his sophomore year he played varsity football and junior varsity basketball. While a junior, he played basket- ball, and as a senior he played football and basketball. Bob also was helpful as a stage hand in the junior play. He was in the Sports Club for two years and the Chess and Checkers Club for two years. Bob plans to go to college after graduation. E FRANCES MORRIS-Frances, who was a quiet, friendly senior girl, was representative to the Student Council from her tenth grade homeroom. ln addition to this, she was a member of the band in her sophomore and junior years and played the comet. She was on the booth committee for the junior camival. Frances is very inter- ested in drawing and painting and has done much work in water color. Frances took the academic course and plans to enter Mary- ville College in the fall. IAMES MERKEL--"lim", an active member of the class, in the three years that he was at Mount Pleas- ant participated in various activi- ties. He played varsity football in the llth and l2th grades, softball in 10th, llth and 12th, and bas- ketball in the llth and l2th grades. He was a member of the Audio- Visual Club for three years, and was on the carnival committee in the llth grade. He also had a part in the senior play. "lim" plans to work for his father in the surgical supply business after graduation. BARBARA NAST-Peppy, jovial "Barb" came to us in her senior year from Chester High School, and it wasn't long before she be- came one of us. She was a member of the Student Council and'did much to further the activities of this organization. While at Chest- er High she was active in the Athletic Association and the Stu- dent Council and was a member ot the dramatics society and the Y- Teens. Barb plans to attend col- lege after graduation, With that sparkling personality of hers, she will succeed no matter what she attempts. 'S .0 O I O 3 I IN O 0 I v" uf I o Klint. WILLIAM NOLAN-Bill, one oi the quiet members of the class, took an interest in sports. He played intramural football, bas- ketball, and softball in his fresh- man, sophomore, junior, and sen- ior years. He was a member of the Sports Club for two years and the Chess and Checkers Club for two years. Bill helped on the jun- ior play committee, as well as on the program committee for the senior play. Also, he was on the carpentry committee for the junior carnival. He took the general course, and after graduation he plans to enter the Coast Guard. IUDITH ORNE -- Sports - minded "ludy" was a quiet and friendly member of the senior class. Her athletic activities were basketball 9, 10, ll, and 12, softball 10, 11, and hockey manager 12. She also was a colorguard in the band ll. 12, choir member 9, 10, Athletic Association representative 12, and on the GREEN LEAF staff. "Iudy" plans to go to Colby College and take up merchandising. She will gain many friends wherever she goes, with her winning smile and sweet disposition. MARIE O'NEILL-Marie is one of our conscientious seniors, having been on prom, carnival, junior and senior play committees and on the GREEN LEAF staff. In tenth grade she played intramural bad- minton. Music seemed to be a favorite of Marie's during her high school career. She partici- pated in the choir, operetta chorus, and orchestra. Some of her extra- curricular activities were first-aid, knitting, dramatics, and History Club. During her junior year, Marie was a Student Council rep- resentative and in the junior play. After graduation, Marie plans to enter the Delaware Hospital School of Nursing. tel? ROBERT OGGENI-'USS - Bob took an interest mainly in sports, for he played varsity basketball, football, and baseball in his freshman year. He played varsity football in his sophomore, junior, and senior years. He was a representative in the Athletic Association in his freshman year. To further his in- terests in sports, Bob was in the Sports Club, Archery Club, and the Golf Club. He also helped with the stage crew in the junior play. He was on the collecting and carpentry committees for the junior camival. Bob's plans for the future include college. NORMA PARKES-This lively and vivacious senior has chosen ele- mentary education as her future plan. In her high school years, Norma was a member of the sen- ior choir 9, 10, ll, and 121 on the varsity hockey team 11, 12: intra- mural basketball and softball, 9. 10, and ll. She served on various committees, which included those for the junior and senior plays. In her senior year, Norma also took the driver's training course, and was a member of the yearbook staff. Her next stop is either Mary- ville or Gettysburg College for her future training. DORIS PETERS-Pretty Doris, one of our best commercial students, plans to further her secretarial training with a course at Goldey College after graduation. Doris displayed her musical interests as a member of the choir in both ninth and tenth grades and a mem- ber of the operetta chorus for both years. Her other activities included intramural badminton nine and ten, home economics fashion show nine, carnival committee, driver training course, and square dance club eleven. As a senior, Doris was an usher for the senior play and a hard working typist on the GREEN LEAF staff. IOAN PORTER-This cute senior was known to all her friends as "Ioanie". She was the recognized pianist of the class, as she had many times won prizes in talent shows. She was pianist for the senior choir during her high school years. Whenever the choir would present special assemblies or op- erettas, Ioan was always there at the piano. In her junior year Ioan was also on one of our suc- cessful carnival committees. As for other extra activities, Ioan was a member of the Driver's Training Course and on the GREEN LEAF staff. 5 DOROTHY PETERSON -- Tall. blonde, Dorothy, with her sweet disposition and pretty voice, has made elementary education her future career and plans to attend the University of Delaware or the University of Iowa to take up this field of study. She was a member of the senior choir for four years and had the lead in the choir operetta 9 and 10. Dorothy's other activities included: intramural bad- minton l0, junior play prompter, co-literary editor of the GREEN LEAF and student director of,the senior play. In addition, she serv- ed on various committees for class activities. 5 K ,sift 4 i pt , g5ig.g,g,e f Q . L .E NANCY PETERS-This cute and peppy Senior was the school drum majorette in her eleventh year. Nancy's varied activities are: var- sity basketball ten, junior varsity basketball eleventh, and varsity twelfth, senior band nine, ten, eleven: senior choir nine, teng and ticket committee for the Iunior and Senior play. She was a member of the driver's training course and yearbook staff in her Senior year. Like her twin, Doris, Nancy plans to go to Goldey College to take up secretarial training. IOHN REEDER--An all-round ac- tive member of our class, "Bucky" kept himself very busy during high school, He played football l2, junior varsity basketball 9, var- sity basketball ll, IZ and base- ball ll, 12. "Bucky" was Student Council vice-president 9 and Stu- dent Council president lO, In addition, he was homeroom presi- dent 12. He was in the Chess and Checkers Club ll and the Golf Club 12. "Bucky" helped on many class committees and served on the scenery committee for the senior play. He took the academic course and plans to attend college. ll N I I 0 0' lo Hil- IANE REYNOLDS-"Ianie", our peppy head cheerleader, made our high school much livelier with her highly capable cheerleading. Besides being a cheerleader for four years, she played hockey in her freshman year. She was a member of the choir in her fresh- man, sophomore, junior, and sen- ior years. Her talents were not conlined to singing, for "Ianie" was quite an able tapdancor. She was an usher for the junior play as well as the senior play. Ianie was also in charge of photography for the yearbook. After gradua- tion "Ianie" has chosen to enter the nursing field. PHYLLIS ROWE-"Phil" will be remembered as one of the most literary-minded seniors. Her liter- ary ability gained her the position of editor oi the "Green Flash" in her junior year. She was also copy editor oi the GREEN LEAF, "Phil's" varied activities included: basket- ball assistant manager 9 and manager 12, softball manager 9, varsity hockey team ll, l2, intra- mural softball, badminton and hockey IO, intramural basketball 10, ll, choir 9, 10, senior play prompter, newspaper 10, ll. Her future plans are college with a major in social work or home economics. LORRAINE ROSEMARY-' 'Lorry' ', one of our few natural blondes, was a very active member of our class. She played varsity hockey for four years and was valuable as a left inner, While in her fresh- man and sophomore years, she sang in the choir and in her sophomore and junior years she was a member oi the Leaders' Club. She was an usher for the junior play and a member of the drivers' class. To round out her many activities, she was on the GREEN LEAF staff. Lorry's plans tor the future are indefinite, but whatever they may be, she will he a credit to her alma mater. CONSTANCE RIETDORF- Viva- cious "Connie" was with us a long time and took an active part in everything. For four years she played varsity hockey. ln her freshman and sophomore years she was on the Student Council. She was on the class ring commit- tee and was a member of the Leaders' Club in both her sopho- and junior years. She was an usher for the junior play, as well as the senior play, and to com- plete her many activities she was on the GREEN LEAF staff. Also, in her junior year she had charge of publicity for the play. RAYMOND SCHWINGER-"RaY". as he was called for short, was the senior boy with an interest in mechanics. Automobiles and ra- dios fascinated him and boats also held his interest. When he was in the 9th grade, he played the baritone in the band. Ray was also a member of the choir in tenth and eleventh grades. Here he added to the strength of the bass section. Also, he was in the Shop Club and did woodworking. After gradua- tion, Ray plans to enter the Coast Guard and continue in the field ol mechanics. BARBARA SHELBY- "Seeley" came to us in her senior year from Ridley Township High School. She soon showed her athletic abil- ity when she played varsity bas- ketball. Belore coming here she also played soltball as well as basketball. Her talents were not confined to sports, for she also became a member ol the band. having had previous experience lor live years. Barbara had other hobbies besides sports. One ol them was stamp collecting and it is said she has a large and varied collection. She took the commer- cial course and alter graduation plans to take up bookkeeping. MARION STINCHECUM-Marion's name could always be well con- nected with art and especially with the wonderful job that she did as head ol the staging corn- mittee lor the senior play. In addition to this, Marion partici- pated in intramural badminton 9, 10, choir 10, cadet choir 1l, Art Club 9, operetta chorus 10, Press Club 10, 11, Press Club secretary 10, and had the role of "Sandra Mellon" in the junior play. She is also a member ol the GREEN LEAF stall. In the future, Marion plans to be an interior decorator and attend Ohio University. "!?z1h'll"l 511.2753 -f -.We . MARILYN STIGGINS-Always ready with a witty remark, Mari- lyn was in a wide variety ol ac- tivities during her high school years. She played hockey 9, 10, ll, and 12, basketball 10 and 11, soltball 10, ll and 12. Marilyn was homeroom secretary 9 and 10 and secretary ol the Athletic As- sociation 10, 11, and l2. She was a member ol the choir grade 9 and took driver's course grade ll. She was also an usher lor the illnior play and did senior write- ups lor the GREEN LEAF. Marilyn is interested in art and plans on a career in that iield alter gradua- tion. IEAN SPENCE - lean was an ac- tive member ol the commercial class with a pleasing disposition. Her activities were intramural bas- ketball in her junior year, choir and operetta chorus in her lresh- man and sophomore years, and school newspaper in her sopho- more and junior years, In addition, lean served on various high school committees and was a member ol the driver's training course in her llth year. She was an usher lor the senior play and was on the typing stall ol the GREEN LEAF. lean has decided to make secre- tarial work her future plan. MARY CUSTIS STRAUGHN- "Custy", a pert, energetic senior, plans a unique career. She is go- 'ing to attend the University ol Delaware and the University ot Pennsylvania to study veterinary medicine. In the ninth grade, "Custy" was on the make-up committeelor the operetta. In her eleventh year, she was an Ath- letic Association representative, on the carnival committee, and chairman ol the junior play make- up committee. This year, she was Co-Literary Editor of the GREEN LEAF. Summa 'v 90 sl 0 1 Q ,Q 55 O N: U 'I nl lo Hin ROY SULLIVAN-Roy was one of the outstanding artists of the class. for whenever a poster was needed or a dance needed decorations, he was always ready and willing. His contributions to the class were not confined to art, however, as he was active on the "Green Flash" for three years. Roy also had a little grease paint in his blood. for he had leading roles in both the junior and senior plays. He was in the Athletic Association in his sophomore year, and in his junior and senior years he was in the Student Council. To round out his activities he was the art edi- tor on the GREEN LEAF. "SN: ' ' ' HOWARD TURNER - "Turk" seemed to center his interests in sports out of school as well as in school, for he had an interest in horses and boxing. He was a member of the Golf Club, and as a result of this "Turk" is quite handy with the golf clubs. He played varsity baseball in his freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years, and was one of the star pitchers of the team. He played intramural basketball and football in his senior year. After graduation he plans to go into professional golf. ROGER TRUMBORE - Roger was an active member of the class, as well as an outstanding student. He was on the "Green Flash" for two years. ln his junior year he was chosen to represent the school at "Boy's State", and he held a leading role in the junior play. He was also on the junior carnival committee. In his senior year he was elected vice-president ol the Student Council and he was business manager ot the GREEN LEAF. He also held a leading role in the senior play. Roger plans to attend the University of Iowa. WILLIAM TOMLINSON - Always ready to lend a helping hand. "Bill" was active in a variety of fields during high school. He played baseball 9, and junior var- sity basketball 9, 10, and ll "Bill" was homeroom vice-presi- dent in both 9th and 12th grades. He was also an Athletic Associa- tion member ll. "Bill" was on both junior and senior play scenery committees and on the carpentry committee for the junior carnival. He was a member of the Golf Club 12. After graduation, "Bill" plans to join the Air Force and hopes to enter the field of elec- tronics. in DONALD UMBBECHT-"Don", the boy with the habitual "good morning", was definitely interest- ed in printing and centered most of his activities in this line. He printed many play programs, tic- kets, etc. In addition to this, he was a member of the football squad ll and I2 and made sev- eral touchdowns. "Don" was on the lighting committee for the jun- ior play. He was a member of last year's Square Dance Club, Naturally, with his printing inter- ests, "Don" plans on a career in this field. LOIS WATT-Energetic Lois was one of the most outstanding mem- bers oi our senior class, as can be verified by her many activities. She was co-editor ot the year- book, vice-president of the senior class, and a cheerleader. In her eleventh year, she was a repre- sentative from Mount Pleasant for Girls' State. In sports, she was on the varsity hockey team 9, 10 and ll, intramural basketball 9. She was Student Council president 9, color guard in the band 9, 10, and 11, and a member of the choir 9, 10, ll, and l2. Also she was head of the costume com- mittee tor the senior play. LOIS WEST-"Westy" was with us quite awhile in our favorite high school and contributed much, In her freshman and sophomore years she played varsity hockey and basketball, was a member oi the Choir and Leader Club, and took part in the operettas, In her junior year she played junior varsity basketball, was a member of the Leader Club, a prompter in the junior play, and as a tribute to her beauty was chosen "Miss Green Flash". In llth grade she became a cheerleader, and in her senior year she was appointed assistant head cheerleader. She was also a member of the GREEN LEAF staff. CHARLES WEFERLING - "Wet", one of our handsomest seniors with ci sense oi humor, entered Mount Pleasant High School in his junior year. He participated in the photography and typing clubs ll. Many ot us remember "Wet" tor both his motorcycle and jacket and recognized him at Iirst because of these articles. "Wet" already had a jump on the members of the class at grad- uation for he already had started his iuture plans with Nancy Io. He will Work as shipping clerk at Delaware Mills. f V' i I New M gg? 'X 5, r. K i .' - ft. Tcfffl f wifi- . a. :-, 915.1 L' Mft7"iQ if f- W 'i 'f i f 11' V ,tg - K . ., 2 E 31, isi " 1 lrt3fi9i9iiii5Ql .'f5,Vrj-,151-f' f . -sr . jr :'.ffgirigg,t,.,.,, A 33. MY WEBB - "Webbie", always ready with a joke, was the "mus- ician" ot the class, for he played not -only the mandolin but the guitar as well. He entertained us many times with his funny hill- billy songs. However, he did not confine his activities to music, as he played varsity baseball in his freshman sophomore, junior, and senior years. He was in the Square Dance Club in his junior year and helped on the junior play commit- tee. In his senior year he was chairman ot the program commit- tee ior the senior play. "Webbie" plans to continue on a radio pro- gram atter graduation. IOAN WILLEY - This strawberry blonde was envied by many of the girls for her attractive hair. She was a commercial course major, In her freshman year, Ioan was a member of the choir and glee club and here added to the soprano section. In the tenth grade she was in the chorus ot the operetta, and a member of the Archery Club. Her eleventh grade activities were Square Dance Club and junior carnival committee. Ioan was a member of the GREEN LEAF staff. She plans to become a secretary. I I O I N. C I 0' O Ninn. IOAN WILLIAMS-Petite, blonde loan was one of the versatile members of the senior class. She will always be remembered for her role as "Kitty" in the senior play. Her interest in music can be verified by her activities in that field. Ioan was a member of the choir and choir librarian in 9, 10, ll, 12, played cymbals in the band 9, 10, ll, Press Club 9 and ll, cheerleader 12, homeroom president 9 and ll, and GREEN LEAF advertising manager. Ioan will go either to the University of Delaware for elementary edu- cation or Delaware Hospital for nurse's training. RUTH WRIGHT-"Ruthie" will always be remembered by the senior class for her sunny disposi- tion and bubbling personality, as well as for her portrayal of the feminine lead, "Gloria", in the junior play. Her many activities included hockey 9, softball 9, 10, intramural basketball 9, 10, ll, senior choir 9, 10, 11, 12, choir operetta 9, 10, and cheerleading 10, ll, 12. She was also chairman of ushers for the senior play. "Ruthie" looks forward to study- ing business at a business col- lege for her future plans, and wherever she goes, her good dis- position will gain her many new friends. BARBARA WOODWARD-"Barb". best noted for her fits of laughter, was inclined to show interest in the field of music, for she sang with the choir for four years. Whenever a piano player was needed, Barbara was always ready and willing. She was a colorguard in the band for two years, she took drivers training in her junior year., and headed the office of class treasurer in her sophomore year. In her junior year she was on the program committee for the junior play and was also an usher. "Barb" took the academic course and she has chosen for her future career the field of nursing. GARY ,WINDSOR - Gary, who joined our class in his sophomore year, was interested mainly in photography. Among his activi- ties, was the photography club, of which he was a member for three years, the typing club, and a member of the Safety Patrol, in the 12th grade. Gary was on the varsity football team in his junior and senior years. A career in the Coast Guard is his future plan after graduation from Mt. Pleasant. I , RAI N V 4 'if-ui-H CLASS OF 1951 Always busy with one thing or another, the Class of '51 has en- gaged in many different exper- iences during his high school years. He sponsored the Iunior and Senior Carnivals and affairs such as the Freshman Frolic, Sophomore Hop, junior Prom and Senior Ball. The Class of 'Sl also presented the junior and Senior Plays. He engaged in all sports and various club activities. In the future the Class of '51 plans for further education and hopes to attend many different schools and study a great variety of oc- cupations. LE TWE FORGET... 5? 353.25 OUR FRIDAY MORNING TEA: THE BRITISH HAVE NOTHING ON US. I I I 5 wa? N,-Ll ' 1 .1 sn 3-.. vs.: L' ,QF 27 Eff - 3' ' 5:9 " ii 1' :: Y 5. W 512 Sim:-f-'fsiifz'-1 :EBSQ-f QP-'2ESs'..2 7'---t.:EfN,-17 xc-5,".'1v" o KENNY CLAPP'S MERCENARY WAYS! QA lizsirlt 909 X oRN EBI X THE HARD EVENINGS WE PUT IN AT PLAY PRACTICE- TRYING TO GYP TI-IE TRU- ADE MACHINE. f " D'-5 I ' i . '1 J ll' I .110 ' 5' - f dv naw-H IAY WEBB'S "MUSICAL DE- PRECIATION." AIDED BY "THE DIAMOND STATE HILLBILLIES." ' . 3. f 'X 4. I 1 -n PETE DIETZ'S ONE-MAN SHOWS: IERRY LESTER WOULD BE PROUD OF HIM. 97 .M -EJ lg 3 DECORATING FOR OUR "DEEP PURPLE" IUNIOR PROM. v UI H3 . ILQWXQE-up I 0 ' I M255 5 T"'7 .57 IIMMEnKE1.'s EXPLOSIVE EXPERIMENTS. . u. ,. 5 "- 95565 A 0 l' ' X 4 AND LAST. BUT NOT LEAST. ALL OUR MANY ACTIVITIES WHICH WILL BE LONG RE- MEMBERED BY ALL. WE LOOK BACK September 1947! That was the memorable date when the class of 1951, then 77 in all, entered its FRESHMAN YEAR. We were really getting up in the world and felt that at last we could say, "We are in high school." For this all- important history-making year Peter Dietz was elected president, Betty Andrews, vice-presidentg Marilyn Stiggins, secretaryp and, Mark Kuehn, treasurer. Also elected to advise the class and keep it headed in the right direction were Mrs. Hofel, Mrs. Brindle, Miss Fteiff, and Mr. Hickman. Soon activities were in full swing and members of the Freshman Class joined with the top class Sophomores in playing Mt. Pleasant's football games and winning two out of three. This was also the year that the Mt. Pleasant choir came into existence. Time passed rapidly and soon the class Christmas party was being held in the art room amid homemade fudge, candy, cookies, cakes, soft drinks, mistletoe, and many, many people. This year, in connection with our civics class and Mr. King, we visited the Court House in Wilmington for a touch of legislative atmosphere and later the University of Penn- sylvania, where we had our first touch of college life. Before most of us realized what had happened, we were caught up in the swirl of activities with planning of the Freshman Frolic, our first orchestra dance. Finally the "Spring Theme" was carried out in the decorations, the lnstrumentalists under the direction of lack Reynolds were engaged, and everyone was preparing to come to our first class dance. lt was decided by vote that everyone would come stag. It is memorable to mention that few went home that way. At length the end of the year arrived and in an assembly Lols Watt was awarded the American Legion Award for girls, and Peter Dietz the one for boys. Soon the fall of 1948 had arrived and we were all back in school again with one new member. Elections were held early this year and Peter Dietz was re-elected president. New officers were Roger Gordon as vice-president, Caroline inf! 491 :fd ' ,pe E J ' xx: slllhfluu- Dill as secretary, and Barbara Woodward as treasurer. One veteran advisor, Miss Reiff, returned to guide us and her newly elected associates were Mr. Cole, Miss Oliva, and Mr. Strain. Football, hockey, and dances filled most of the schedule this year and the months flew by till soon the annual Christ- mas party was being held in the commercial rooms. After some exciting basketball games, spring and the baseball season rapidly approached. This year we really had a good team. The band was also improving and to everyone's happiness made a good showing in the Memorial Day Parade with their new green and white uniforms. A little before this, though, in the grand month of May, and on the 7th day, the Sophomore Hop was held. This was also a dressy dance and many remember the fun we had decorating the gymnasium in accordance with the Hawai- ian theme. Summer came and went, and soon we were back within the brick walls to serve our Iunior year. Roger Gordon and Carolyn Dill were each re-elected, but Roger now held the office of president. Newcomers to the "slate" were Doris Humphery as vice-president, and Mark Kuehn as treasurer. Three of the advisors, Miss Oliva, Mr. Cole, and Mr, Strain, by name, returned to serve their terms as now permanent advisors of the Class of 1951. October was the month of months, for in this year two new things happened. The ring committee began its work and soon representatives from Millard F. Davis were at the school measuring our fingers for that famous "class r1ng.' Several money-making projects were sponsored this year. These were the selling of concessions at the football and basketball games, the selling of packages of three name perfumes, and the selling of Christmas cards. Many of the class worked hard on these activities and, although the class did not by any means turn millionaire, the treas- ury began to lose a little of its sick, dejected color. Midway in the month of November the Senior Choir gave a concert. This time there was a special attraction besides the singing, and that was the addition of green choir gowns with white stoles. Again Christmas drew near and the party was held. This time dancing and Iay Webb's entertainment on his guitar were the main attractions as well as the sport of fondly gazing on a class ring. The first "Miss Green Flash" contest was sponsored by the newspaper. In an assembly Phyllis Rowe, editor, intro- duced the candidates, four Iuniors, and four Seniors, to the audience and told a little about each girl and her high school activities thus far. The four girls from our class were Ioan Williams, Lois West, Barbara Woodward, and Ann Louise Hillburn. These had been chosen by several teachers as candidates because of literary ability as well as personality. Voting followed the assembly and the secret was kept until the coronation at the dance when the queen, Lois West, was awarded the honor and gifts. February brought an exciting event for many oi our class. This was a trip, sponsored by Mr. Miller's history class, to the United Nations Assembly at Lake Success. March 10th and llth "popped up" in no time and the Iunior play "The Ghost House," was being presented. It was a mystery, as the title implies, and we will never forget the terrified screams of the audience when the pic- ture secret panel began to open, or Bob Leshem's embar- rassment when he fell into the French door in the scenery and broke the adhesive tape construction. Another project we had this year was the carnival held on April 22. Here we had booths for bean-bag throw, ring toss, "atom balloon" dart tests, and the fishing well. At night, ot course, bingo and the orchestra dance were the main attractions, along with sticky apples, popsicles, soda pop. and hot dogs. Finally May 27 dawned and, as night closed in, many of our class members were seen at dinner parties or madly getting dressed for the first semi-formal dance sponsored by our class, the Iunior Prom. This was quite the dance and a wonderful efiect was created by paper iris, dance pro- grams, and the theme, "Deep Purple." Ioseph l-laverback's orchestra played and really set the mood. Soon the end of the year had come and in an assembly Doris Humphrey was given an award for a high average in history. Our Senior Year! At last it had come and to many of us it was unbelievable, for we didn't feel older, we didn't look older, and worst of all they didn't treat us like we were older. Soon we resigned ourselves to the fact that your Senior Year is not nearly as much glory as hard work and studies started. In class meeting Roger Gordon was in by a land- slide and Lois Watt became vice-president. Doris Humphery and Kenneth Clapp were the new secretary and treasurer respectively. Yearbook work had now been started and deadlines were rapidly sneaking up. Pictures were taken and every- one did his best to be the one in the front of the picture. The girls' hockey team this year came out of its slump and beat Claymont, Tatnall, A. I. duPont. and others. They also journeyed to the University of Delaware and par- ticipated in the Delaware hockey field day. The backfield of the team won second prize. The football team also worked hard to have the honor of wearing a jersey. On Monday, November 6, Mr. Remcho took his chemistry classes to Washington. The students enjoyed many things, including a tour of Mount Vernon, a visit to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Lincoln Memorial, Iefferson Memorial, the White House, Blair House, and the Smithsonian Insti- tute with its many buildings and art gallery. Also it is memorable to mention many of the group walked up the Washington Monument and some both ways. My, we were crazy, weren't we? Many remember this trip for the expe- riences on the bus, including for many the "first cigarette." December 8 and 9 brought a big event to view in the form of the Senior play, All the actors and actresses were superb in their parts and with the help of Mrs. Margaret Nelson, our English teacher, they did a fine job of the play, "Charlie's Aunt." Everyone will remember the big kick they got out of Peter Dietz trying to act like a woman in the part of Charlie's aunt. Everyone backstage will never forget the bustle involving the three changes of unique scenery. This play, as most plays are at Mt. Pleasant, was followed by parties each night: Friday night the "blitz" was at the home of Phyllis Rowe while Saturday night the home of Marion Stinchecum was the scene with excitement. Stu- dents from Yeadon, Pennsylvania, and Newark, Delaware. were present at the play and seemed to enjoy the produc- tion. They had previously presented the play which was viewed by the cast of our play. The "Miss Green Flash" dance was again held and from eight candidates, including the four Seniors, Betty McCormick, Ann Hilburn, Beverly Maxwell, and Dorothy Peterson, Ann Hilbum was chosen for the honor. At the dance she was crowned by Lois West, "Miss Green Flash of l950." After much work and not nearly enough time to prepare, the carnival was once more upon us. Roy Sullivan and Robert Leshem were co-chairmen and kept the ball rolling evenly. Bingo, booths, and the dance were again featured. The Senior Ball was held the night of March sixteenth in the Du Barry Room of the Hotel duPont. Everyone who came certainly felt very regal while dancing to the music of Iack Garnett's orchestra. Breakfasts. dinners, openhouses, and many other types of parties were held. In Ianuary the members oi the Senior class voted to select the candidates for May Queen. The results were that Ioan Williams, Lois Watt, Lois West, Doris Humphrey, Ann Hilhurn, Iane Reynolds, Marilyn Stiggins, and Doris Peters were eligible for the honor. From these the Queen, Doris Humphrey, was picked by an election conducted in the Senior high grades. She certainly looked lovely with her court at the ceremonies. In the spring we all enjoyed our Senior trip to New York, and we all had loads of fun seeing a good many of the sights. Soon graduation time was here. Baccalaureate was held in the school with an exceptional speaker and finally on Iune fourteenth in the year of 1951, we graduated. Free at last! MOTTO:"Today,we,Cottow tomorromwe lead. EISUYER: Rose ORS: pee ' ' and Sill? n 4 O o East ill mth Ieatamvnt nf thv Ullman nf '51 'F B A I 'S .. 5 .... l, the Senior Class of 1951 of Mount Pleasant High School, being ol sound mind and body, do draw up this last will and testament for posterity. l bequeath to the Senior Class of 1952 the honor and privilege ot wearing senior rings, my front seats in the auditorium, and all my other insignia of seniority. To the administration of Mount Pleasant, l leave appreciation for its Wonderful guidance and advice, to my class advisers, I leave thanks for fine management of all my affairs, and to the faculty, l leave behind appreciation for a task well done. I, Betty Ruth Andrews, will my distinctive initial to someone with a sense of humor. I, Marilyn Nancy Bateson, bequeath my high soprano voice to Don Haag. I, Barbara Mary Black, leave my pitching ability to Dianne Smolka. l, Nancy Mary Bolton, leave my ability to get along with teachers to Nancy Norling. I, Edward Warren Brown, will 50 pounds to Rennie Staudt. l, Kenneth Edward Clapp, will the Senior Class account books to Mr. Strain. l, Ianet Leah Colbourne, bequeath my Spanish accent to Connie Kelly. l, Gerald Lee Corrigan, leave my bass drum to Bruce Clark. I, Peter Dietz, will my amazing basketball ability to Gordon Pfeiffer. I, Carolyne Dill, will my knowledge of the German language to Gordon Pizor. Iames Edward Donovan, leave my mathematical brain to Mr. Boucher. Gary Atwell Dumm, bequeath all l learned at Mount Pleasant to the lost and found. Rozzie Episcopo, leave my way with women to Donald Lloyd. Charles Allison Sylvestre Gloyd, Ir., bequeath my sore thumbs acquired in shop to Mr. Metzger. Roger Burnham Gordon, leave 100 packages of perfume to Mrs. Nelson. Nancy Ann Hanlon, bequeath my tennis lessons to Connie Cannon. Carol Ann Harvey, will my sewing ability to my sister Lee. Ann Louise Hilburn, will leave-if l can get out. Doris Frances Humphrey, leave my burned fingers acquired in Chemistry to next year's victims. Phyllis Edythe Hurst, bequeath my tongue that wags at both ends to Ioanne Foster. Kenneth George Kearney, leave my trumpet to Harry Stecher. Christina Margaret Kilpatrick, will my ability to get along with teachers to Bob Humphrey. Mark Reynolds Kuehn, bequeath my friendship with Mr. King to Pete Sheldon. Iohn Leonard Kusching, leave my studious nature to Dean Steele. Thomas Edward Lange, leave my model airplanes to Henry Richmond. Roger Lee Lathe, give six boxes of blank negatives to Lewis Sneed. Robert Leach Leshem, bequeath my extra-curricular activities to lean Cornthwaite. Crystle Ann Lord, leave my reducing tablets to Charles Watt. Beverly Ann Maxwell, give my quiet manner to Grace Abrams. Roger Earl McClellan, will my 300 yard drive to Mr. Strain. Betty Ruth McCormick, leave my auburn hair to Ruth Morris. Iarges Allen Merkel, bequeath my curly hair and demure laugh to Pete rne. I, Frances Elynor Morris, leave my Latin pony to Miss Wesesky. I, Robert Ada Morris, will my basketball record to Iim Thatcher. I, Barbara Lynn Nast, give the Student Council to Mr. Gennaria. I, William Nolan, bequeath a used shotgun to Leon Iones. I, Robert Walter Oggentuss, give my displaced person status to the refugees. I, Anna Marie O'Neill, bequeath the time worn phrase "now children" to Methusalah's grandmother. I, Iudith Orne, will my wonderful summers in Maine to anyone who is lucky enough to enjoy them. I, Norma Ioan Parkes, promise to leave the French room as fast as possible. We, Doris Ioan and Nancy Louise Peters, bequeath our Toni Twin titles to Barbara and Henry Snyder. l, Dorothy Louise Peterson, leave the Chemistry class, may it rest in pieces. I, Frances Ioan Porter, will the music room piano to Rosemarie Hartmann. I, Iohn DeVore Reeder, bequeath the presidency of 12B homeroom to some- one with nerves of steel. I, Mary Iane Reynolds, will my 1935 Oldsmobile convertible to anyone with nerve enough to drive it. I, Constance Louise Rietdorf, give my hockey stick to Lucy Oliva. I, Phyllis Ethel Rowe, leave appreciation and sympathy to the teachers of the Senior class. I, Lorraine Margaret Rosemary, leave nothing, since nothing I have is worth giving to another unlucky soul. I, Edward Raymond Schwinger, Ir., bequeath my jalopy to a junkman with a vivid imagination. I, Barbara Iean Seeley, will my laugh to Mrs. Walsh. A I, Iean Ann Spence, leave my shorthand tablet to anyone who can decipher it. I, Marilyn Elaine Stiggins, give my number I3 uniform to participants in all girls' sports. I, Marion Eleaner Stinchecum, bequeath my scenery jobs to someone with a strong back and a weak mind. I, Mary Custis Straughn, leave the small animal business to the dogs. I, Roy William Sullivan, Ir., leave my 20f2O vision to Barbara MacKinnon. I, William Francis Tomlinson, give my unlimited French vocabulary to Miss Oliva. I, Roger Howard Trumbore, bequeath my supply of devastating comments to Mr. Remcho. I, Howard Albert Turner, will my boxing ability to Iacky Blackburn. I, Donald Burke Umbrecht, will my carpentry tools to Bill Mackay. I, Lois Eleanore Watt, leave my headaches as yearbook editor to next year's victim. I, Iay Harvey Webb, give Hillbilly music to the hillbillies. I, Charles Albert Weferling, will my many study halls to Iack Keeley. I, Lois Thomas West, bequeath my peppy cheerleading to Ioanne Peoples. I, Ioan Elizabeth Willey, will my blonde locks to Iacky Mataleno. I, Ioan Vassar Williams, give my shy innocence to Barbara Sheffield. I, Barbara Lillia Woodward, will my promptness to Barbara Donovan. I, Gary Rhea Windsor, leave my dancing lessons to Iohn Settle. I, Ruth Audrey Wright, bequeath my curly red hair to Billie DeCormis. This document was signed and sealed this fourteenth day of Iune in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-one. Witnesses: MARION STINCHECUM, Norma Parkes Testator Nancy Peters Iudy Orne Haj fn 729 6 C Mme Many of us have stood on a scale at the corner drug- store, put in a penny, and received a card that read something like this: "Weight 110 pounds-You are destined for success, but beware of your strong temper." It it only were possible for us to possess a scale that would accurately dispense fortunes for all oi the class of 19515 the cards might read something like this: BETTY ANDREWS Congresswoman MARILYN BATESON A musical comedy star BARBARA BLACK First girl pitcher in the National League NANCY BOLTON Cook in the Waldorf-Astoria EDWARD BROWN Boy Scout master for Troop I KENNETH CLAPP Iack Benny's new vault guard IANET COLBOURNE Olticial soup tester tor Campbell's Soups IERRY CORRIGAN Base drummer in Foreign Legion because ot disappointment in love PETER DIETZ lsotopologist CAROLYN DILL Secretary to Bell Telephone executive IAMES DONOVAN Vice-President ot Bell Telephone GARY DUMM Yo-yo champion ROZZIE EPISCOPO Center on all-star iootball team ALLISON GLOYD Manager of nitroglycerine factory YGUR 'gf '91- A',L F ,1 I2 'I' U 2, ROGER GORDON Astronomer at Mt. Palomar NANCY HANLON Woman wrestler CAROL HARVEY Operator oi the first laundrornat in Tibet ANN HILBURN Walt Disney model DORIS HUMPHREY Successor to Esther Williams PHYLLIS HURST Manager ot Hurst Typewriter Repair Service KENNETH KEARNEY Writer tor a comedian CHRISTINA KILPATRICK Taking Hedda Hoppe-r's job MARK KUEHN Future Tarzan IOHN KUSCHING Elephant taxidermist THOMAS LANGE Adventurer in deep dark Africa ROGER LATHE Collie photographer for lite ROBERT LESI-IEM Manager ot a circus CRYSTLE LORD Mother ot ten children BEVERLY MAXWELL Public speaker on child psychology ROGER MCCLELLAN Official presidential adviser BETTY McCORMICK Concert organist IAMES MERKEL Carnival barker FRANCES MORRIS A television singer ROBERT MORRIS Antique dealer BARBARA NAST Author of "Advantages ot Being Tall" WILLIAM NOLAN Owner ot a motorcycle shop ROBERT OGGENFUSS Fingernail polish tycoon MARIE O'NEILL Head-matron at a girls' finishing school IUDITH ORNE First woman to paddle a canoe across the Atlantic Ocean NORMA PARKES President of Churchill Downs DORIS PETERS World famous gardenia cultivator NANCY PETERS Famous New York dressmaker DOROTHY PETERSON Fire Chief lecturing on tire prevention and safety in chemistry labs IOAN PORTER Manager ot the Wanamaker stores IOHN REEDER President of the University of Delaware IAYNE REYNOLDS Teaching American fashions in Paris CONSTANCE RIETDORF Ambassador to Northern Siberia LORRAINE ROSEMARY Physicist for Du Pont PHYLLIS ROWE Metropolitan Opera star BARBARA SEELEY Director of music at Mount Pleasant in 1961 RAY SCHWINGER Principle ot Mount Pleasant IEAN SPENCE Aviation' secretary MARII.YN STIGGINS Make-up expert for a television comedian MARION STINCHECUM First woman president MARY STRAUGHN Famous vet who just operated on Lassie ROY SULLIVAN Cowboy rider at a rodeo WII.LIAM TOMLINSON French teacher ROGER TRUMBORE Educated garbage collector HOWARD TURNER Eddie Arcaro of 1960 DONALD UMBRECI-IT Discoverer ot a ireckle remover LOIS WATT U. S. Representative to Russia IAY WEBB Glass blower in a test tube factory CHARLES WEFERLING Leading baritone on "Sing It Again" show LOIS WEST Competitor for Miss America title IOAN WH.I.EY Wife of a famous stock car racer IOAN WILLIAMS Popular "uke" television star GARY WINDSOR "Queen Elizabeth's" captain BARBARA WOODWARD A popular song writer RUTH WRIGHT Star of stage play "Lite of a Saleswoman" Tl-IE CARNIVAL OF LIFE The carnival gates lie open, The portals of Life are they, Multitudes throng to enter, All realize they must stay. There is no turning back from this, The greatest show on earth. Man cannot find escape from Life, Save through the hands of Death. The paths ahead are crowded: Multitudes wish to share Romance and thrills illusioned Which will be offered there. Yet in amongst the merriment There lurks in every course Some bitter disappointment So often failure's source. And, if defeat should come to man 'Gainst Life he ought not rebel, F or he's but falteredg Life still goes on As an endless carousel. These twelve years have brought us nearer The goal each strives to attain. Along Life's paths we've yet far to go Sometimes to lose, sometimes to gain. But for this carnival, this game of chance, A name may someday go unhailed. Yet reward comes to the steadfast soul, No one will ever say he's failed! Betty Andrews CLASS ? S Class oi l952 The class of 1952 has had an active history. During this class's ninth year, the major activities consisted of the Fresh- man Frolic with the "park" theme and the roller skating party which the present eleventh grade originated. Its tenth year was remembered by the Sophomore Hop with the theme of "a seaport cafe" and the "Shamrock Shindig" which was a money-making dance. Again, the energetic class sponsored its roller skating party. This year the Iunior Class sponsored a dance which they called the "Harvest I-lop." On April thirteenth and fourteenth, they gave "Personal Appearance," their class play, Directing the play were Mrs. T. Boucher and Mr. C. Bomboy. Their big event of the year was the Iunior Prom, held on May twenty- fifth. This year the President was lim Thatcher, Vice-President, Don Williams, Secretary, Eddie Gearhartg Treasurer, Fred Iames Thatcher, president: Donald Williams, vice- HCl1'1I'1OI'1- president: Edward Gearhart, secretaryg Fred Hannon, treasurer. Row one Cleft to rightl Beverly Robertson, Stella Grose, Carol Conrad, Bette Malcolm, Edward Gearhart, Iames Thatcher, Donald Williams, Fred Hannan, Ross Mace, George Draper, Ioanne Peoples, Carol Ferguson, Dorothea Williams, Row two Cleft to rightl Nancy Baldwin, lean Cornthwaite, Eva Springer, Maryella Williams, Eleanor Mitchell, Beverly Harding, Billie DeCormis, Marilyn Chappell, Diana Smolka, lean Ryker, Pat Faurback, Barbara Snyder, Barbara Smith, Nancy Norling. Row three Cleft to rightl Agnes Covey, Patsy Raybon, Barbara MacKinnon, Lois Moore, Iacqueline Mataleno, Pat McKinley, Nancy Miller, Grace Abrams, Barbara Walls, Henry Snyder, Dave West, Dick Spence, Miss Wesesky. Row four Cleft to rightl Carolyn Lassell, Ioan Long, Barbara Taylor, Nancy Bimmerman, Mary Ellen Iurisch, Martha Bauder, Ioanne Foster, Barbara Catfrey, Emily Maxwell, Bayard Allmond, Gordon Pizor, Gordon Pfeiffer, Courtland Nichols, Walter Lafferty. Row five Cleft to rightl Iohn Archer, Don Noble, Pete Sheldon, Earl Stayton, Dean Steele, lack Delker, Frank Hyer, Dave Tait, Bill Wills, Charles Veith, Bud Segl, Bob Whittin, Don Haag, Henry Richmond, Mr. King.-Row six Cleft to rightl Tommy Shultz, Buzz Sutton, Bill Honey, Bill Mackay, Richard Emery, Bob Humphery, Bill Berger, Lester Miller, Charles Watt, Preston Simmons, Kenny Betty, Iohn Chowning, Bruce Clark, Bill Miller. Absent-Don Hale, Iimmy Cole, Donald Lloyd, lvor Todd, Lee Ann Griffith, Peggy Riggs, Ann Schneider, Ianet Smith, .,....,, .., ..... , -.-,-.. ..----.-f. W . vice-president. Class of l953 An ambitious and hardworking group of Sophomores re- turned to Mt. Pleasant this fall. At the second class meeting the following officers were elected. Iames Lewis, president, Elizabeth Fritze, vice- president, Martha Mendenhall, secretary, and Rennie Staudt, treasurer. This active group sponsored a Sadie Hawkins dance for the Iunior and Senior High, October 13. The traditional Sophomore Hop was held early in May. Last year as Freshmen they also had an active organization. Class officers were Iames Lewis, president, Bill Robelen, vice- president, Barbara Sheffield, secretary, and Rennie Staudt, treasurer. The class sponsored a dance November 18th for Iunior High. The highlight of the Freshman year was the Freshman Frolic at which the theme was "Wishing Well" which was held May Sth. Row one Cleft to right? Virginia Kimmey, Patricia Chowning, Vivian Beiriger, Barbara Roberts, Rennie Staudt, Elizabeth Fritze, Iarnes Lewis, Martha Mendenhall, Rosalie Schlatter, Lois Bryant, Charles Abrams, David Faulkner, Robert Maxwell, Iohn DeVore, lane Rapp. Row two Cleft to rightl Rosemarie Hartmann, Nancy Samples, Carol Iones, Martha Bolton, Phyllis Lewis, Vivian Gould, Ianice Kusching, Iudy Fogg, Dorothy Gentry, Eileen Dukes, Iohn Martin, Stanley Tabasso, Iohn Matsen, Norma Walker, Ianet Martin. Row three Cleft to right! Kay Moore, Lucy Oliva, Dolores Puglisi, Susan Rinehart, Lois Peterson, Carolyn Phillips, Roberta Brandenburg, Mary Copeland, Anne Benjamin, Claire Cox, Elaine Crittendon, Barbara Fogg, Mary Bell, Margaret Crossan, Kenneth Detrick, Ioan West. Row four Cleft to rightl Mrs. Nelson, Nancy McKendrick, Carol Vincent, Connie Kelly, Sandra Holsinger, Ann Minnis, Barbara Sheffield, Barbara Donovan, Barbara Ayres, Iune Purcell, Cynthia Travis, Marie Maddams, Louis Sneed, Thomas Cahoon, Carol Stone, Mrs. Boucher. Row five Cleft to rightl Mr. Bombay, William Stoops, Robert Thomas, William Robelen, Peter Orne, Glenn Frick, LeRoy Dalaski, Robert Hickman, lames Davis, Iohn Settle, Ronald Buckalew, Arthur Chandless, Anthony Brown, Harry Voelker, Iohn Keeley. Row six Cleft to rightl Lee Ralph, Adrian Donovan, Irwin Goodman, Thomas Stevens, Louis Marroni, David Broadway, Charles Sands, William King, Ioseph Merkel, Richard Wagner, Donald Hale, Rodney Iohnson, Phillip Raign. Absent-Leon Iones, Robert Kelly, Carol Myers, Nora Youker. Harry Stecher, president, Iohn Kates, vice-presi- dent, Robert Ryon, treasurer, Cabsentl Carol Wood, secretary. Class ot l954 The members of the class of 1954 started off their busy years in high school by electing l-larry Stecher as president for that year. Assisting him were vice-president, Iohn Kates, the sec- retary, Carol Wood, and Robert Ryon, the treasurer. The many and varied activities of the class were conducted under the supervision of the sponsors, Miss Ethel M. Roe, Mr. George T. Hanning, and Mr. Donald P. Miller. The first of the big events was the trip to Philadelphia to witness the annual Industrial Show. This was followed by a return visit to that city to see the Philadelphia Inquirer Build- ing, the Aquarium, the University of Pennsylvania Museum, and the Mint. Winding up the year's activities was the long awaited Freshman Frolic on May 5, 1951. Row one Cleft to right! Martin Cockerham, Lee Gray, Ruth Ann Covery, Charles Hannan, Harvey Hitch, William Walker, Richard Wills, Ann Farlow, Barbara Ienkinson, Sarah Hitchens, Marlene Getchell, Mary Kilpatrick, Virginia Plantz, Iody Baldwin, Dolores McCloskey, Alice Rice, Ellen LaRowe, Row two Cleft to rightl Helen Shultz, Lenore Harvey, Charles Bennett, Lucy Krchma, Ioan Gianadota, Mary Stephenson, Dorothy Darlak, IoAnne Garvey, Kathleen Carter, Marjorie Martz, Patricia Peabody, Ianet Von Wettburg, Carolyn Iohnson, Phyllis Taylor, Carol Parsons, Karen Russell, Iane Hyer. Row three Cleft to righti Patsy Samples, Geralyn M-oulton, Lorraine Curry, Ioan Forsyth, Mary Iane Dill, Suzanne Burg, Carole White, Ioan Whitten, Ioyce Stapleford, Mary Iane Kirklin, Sally Steele, Alice Iean Gould, Barbara Woods, Walter Hurst, Belmont Simpson, Robert Hunter, Richard Shadduck, Ruth Morris. Flow four Cleft to righti Raymond Rosemary, Martha Kline, Iean Robertson, Barbara Shuttleworth, Eugenis Wright, Dolores Schocie, Richard Cannon, David Collier, Charles Frampton, Theodore Iones, Thomas Tomlinson, Robert Medcalfe, Ierry Schocie, George Buchwald, Iohn Hyden, William Platt, Ellen Campbell. Row five Cleft to rightl Miss Rowe, Ardis Babcock, David Burchart, Donald Parsons, William Rhoades, Phyllis Faulkner, Ioan Rickley, Barbara Klietz, Wilbur Rudrow, Ioan Sites, Marjorie Carl, Ann Loring, Lois Morrow, Carol Wood, Franklin Bailey, Kenneth Wade, Karl Papendick, Donald Roberts, Mr, Hanning. Row six Cleft to rightl William Dempsey, Harry Stecher, Robin Roberts, Howard Smith, Blaine Branift, Ernest Goldberg, Robert Slattery, Iames Harley, Robert Ryon, Ross Lanius, Richard Gordon, Iohn Kates, Robert Whorl, Arthur McLennan, Row seven Cleft to rightl William Orlando, Ronald Rinard, Gohn Abbott, Wayne Cooper, Iames Boulanger, Edward Primaldi, Iames Selway, Thomas McCall, Richard Bateson, Ioseph Stecher, James Davis, Robert Archer, Iohn Williams, Raymond Stapleford, Robert Wright. ' .. , 'Ax ' ' 1 A ly: qw Q V I , few I I , vp f A, ,J . k iirvgf' K' -gg. 1gQ:,1..,A Q in L . NSY? 4 355 -, . .M rf ri V I N W x, lf35'3f 'i,? ' V ' .Nix y X wigizii- . Hai , V Y limi' -ff' 9 T, W 5 ,JG zz' iN f ?.:'- . - - M -' -. Q1 553, flee' 5. , 5. fm.. ., -em 'nv . -. , 'ffl . ' 'H ge. " V WWI. 40 ' .rw f'S' ,:.:' "' W: ' '- 'L " L-. " we .4 2 5-,332-:,.g,',,.?f..11 -,EN-' -:M-Um. - , 1 ..., '- .W , ,. ',. V ,, P . w- I 961' pw ig. M UNDERCIAS S SNAPS i I ! I ! E 4 ! 3 x Q I I E 1 F r E , 2 E E K i Z 1 E 1 E a I ? I ACT WIT STUDENT CCUNCII . Row one Cleft to rightl Mr, Gennaria, Bayard Allmond, Roy Sullivan, Gerald Corrigan, Doris Humphrey, Roger Trumbore, Kenneth Clapp, Barbara Nast, Marilyn Chappell, Miss Roe. Row two Cleft to rightl Elizabeth Barnes, Susan Iohns, Harold Riley, Iohn LaMothe, Charles Slattery, Carlton Walker, Edward Maxwell, Edward Pray, Elizabeth I-lilburn, Barbara McAdam, Carolyn Iohnson, Sue K'Burg, Ellen LaRowe, Lorna Limberger, Carolyn Orth. Row three tleft to rightl Roberta Stephenson, Thomas Moore, Robert Metcalf, Robert Ryon, Barbara Sheffield, Richard Wagner, Elizabeth Eritze, Iames Lewis, Claire Cox, Iohn Settle, Ted lones, Nancy Norling, William Wills, Richard Humphrey, Lois Peterson. This year was an eventful one for Mount Pleasants governing body. At the beginning of the year they sponsored the second annual sale of student activity tickets and enrolled over eighty percent of the high school. On October 20 the Council sponsored a Hal- loween dance for junior and senior high. February 3 was the date of the annual Student Council orchestra dance, which was a combined couples dance. During the year the Student Council also sponsored a Red Cross drive, had charge of the safety patrol, and ushers. T In Ianuary the Council was host to a N.C.C.S,C.A, meeting here. This spring the Student Council sponsored the first annual Career Day, an event which is ex- pected to become a tradition. The highlight of this year was, of course, Stu- dents' Day, when Student Council officers changed places with the administration for a day. Also all classes observed this, with the teachers changing place with the students. Student Council elections ended one of the Councils busiest years. ,kenaf Arinsric ASSOCIATION d taudt, Barbara Row one lelt to ri ht Beverl Harding, Robert Leshem, Ann Hilburn, lean Cornthwaite, Marilyn Stiggins, Rennie S L I Black, Roger McClZlldn, IudyYOrne, Mr. Parsons. Row two tleft to rightl Donald Williams, Phyllis Thomgnscgigreiiiie C3iriftitlg,l-E-21311151 Clark, lean Detweiler, Helen Olson, Ierry Newkirk, Donald Sheffield, Ioseph Adams, Richard Todd, Ric ag I ue n,KaQn:im Ami Ioanne Foster. Row three tlett to rightl Sally Steele, Gwendolyn Wright, Ellen Campbell, CargldVlgOOl,RQ1'1l':C9d Tliwtchif Benjamin, Ann Minnis, Peter Orne, Tommy Tomlinson, lohn Martin, Bill Dempsey, Bill Orlando, u eg , ic ar . A The Atheltic Association, under the excellent supervision of Mr. Howard Parsons, advisor, has held many interesting and varied activities during the year. This organization held the an- nual magazine sale, the profits going to buy athletic equipment. The Athletic Association conducted all athletic activities, inter-scholastic and intramural, bought athletic equipment and sponsored several dances, one ot which was the annual "Farewell to Seniors" dance. One of the O Q most outstanding events was the May Day mag O SAW we lestivity, during which games were played throughout the day. The day's activities were completed with the crowning of the May Queen, followed by a dance. jlwfw GREEN Fl-4Sl'l l'1ll,wll19bPlfh1Ul7ll7l l I' , Club Jlounl l'leaAaf1ly11gil7 552,01 U'27lIIl?1gfUl7, Dc-laware lhbe: .l.5' por IZYSUO f f qx -asa' .v , Q . 7'75s' .IIUIIIIJIT of Ihr- Cnlunlblly .SMola.slJl' 1?e.s.s fLsLs'0L'll71lbl1 Jlcnlbu- of Ilze brlauaro .Sbbolasnb News Asggocllillblz A 6242012121-Clrkf ,..... ...., , ., ,.,. ,...... . .llaclflbllflq .fff dbihf .,.,,... ....... I, , Jlloorc J'Avff.r AME' ,. ..,. ..,......, L 1 FIIIZP Jmroulflc' AMFUIU ,.,,..., . .'lL7lrolI77 M .ilvndenball ,L JI-atalnno 011.r1Pn1u' fllwlvgrf . .. .A. COVPJ' Lfl'cWWl5'!' 4777?of ....... R Smhlz .1!1af1a-I lfbdiar .. . . Q Kelly 'Pc'pof1cr.r .,..... D. llumpbrey A. 1177bum S Helical Q Alelrallder 130100-11p4Jf .... .....,.. Coldber C g D g ' .. ' , "km-A . lfellvg . Humphrey . ....,. IL Ilifsfw' V W 1 w Wh, Smfief bard Wu rg' Bm eff' dbe l. nn ol hcl B6 t G depliam mes Menwll YI E tht! kg, hre MarTcxbCf.Iump 1en0bhi1gDol-iS Maid Thfgrel linglburnilmb ue H1 Tr jaCinnRogeV I Olmaerf lly, Beti?eMX1gZg?e Ke h pfif15'cog'Iiv Co E1izQbe'H?ai? 'O ' n Y' susfee CoYehtl th es rig Row Agn it io er- , ht? O qlemch to '13, tvzhn den . Rope- I One eSkYMoo RQW Wes is Msjallholion. L1 cy NCD SENIOR DRAMATICS CLUB The all-girl Senior Dramatics Club, sponsored by Mrs. Margaret Nelson, pre- sented a play during the latter part ot February. The one-act presentation of "Uncle Bob's Bride," which was given be- fore an assembly, will be Well remembered tor its amusing situations. ' 0 Q fig, , -0 u ' x I 1 4 l 1 l Row one Clelt to rightl Dorothea Williams, Sandra l-lolsinger, Rosemarie Hartmann. Row two tlett to rightl Margaret Crossan, Ioanne Peoples, Ioan Long, Roberta Brandenburg, lean Ryker, Grace Abrams, Mrs.. Nelson, Row three Cleft to rightl Emily Maxwell, Leila Anne Grittith, Claire Cox, loan West, Absent-Carol Myers. Row one tlett to rightb Beverly Ferguson, Barbara Ellis, Betty Linton, Patsy Cochran, Ellen Olson, Nancy Peterson, Martha Henderson. Row two flett to rightl Miss Oliva, Lorna Limberger, Ioan McSorley, Grace Pondok, Helen Seligsberger, Carol Todd. Row three Cleft to right! Sylvia Rise, Helen Schneider, Sally Robelen, Mary I, Keelins, Constance Cannon, Dorothy Long, Lynne Raniere, Pauline Gonzalez, Absent-Margaret Hamblet, Mildred Graham. IUNIOR DRAMATICS CLUB The lunior Dramatics Club, sponsored by Miss Celia Oliva, has been very busy. This group has been giving pantomirnes and character sketches during the club periods. ln spare moments the members have been Writing one-act plays. These industrious dramatists gave a selection from "l Remember Mama" in the spring, F? oo I QS AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Elmer Fennick Row one Cleft to rightl l-lugh Ienkinson, lay Webb, Don Um- brecht, Ralph ller, Ioe DiSantis, Douglas Pawling, Bill Wills. Row two Cleft to rightl Mr. King, Iames Harley, Charles Hannan, Frank Pooley, William Hess, Sherman Clark, Lynn Powell, Terry Kelk, Iohn Walker, Clarence Wirt, Don- ald Parsons. Row three Cleft to rightl Preston Simmons, Thomas Shultz, Robert Morris, Mark Kuehn, Pete Sheldon, Rennie Staudt, Peter Orne, Henry Snyder, David Tait, William Miller. CHESS AND CHECKERS CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Leslie King Row one Cleft to rightl William Robelen, David Faulkner, Bob Ryon, Iarnes Davis, Iack LaMothe. Row two Cleft to rightl Mr. Fennick, lames Gentry, Ioseph Steele, Har- vey Hitch, William Walker, Ioseph Adams, Fred Moore, George Buchwald, 'Charles Sands, Iohn Fisher. Row three Cleft to rightl Ronald Buckalew, Ioseph Stecher, Iames Selway, Karl Hartmann, Robert Slattery, Kenny Betty, Richard Cannon, Bob Maxwell, William Platt, Art McLennan, Richard Shadduck, Charles Alder, lames Merkel. BOYS' HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Sponsor-Miss Florence Reiit Row one Cleft to rightl Thomas Baird, Richard Kuehn, Edward Maxwell, Charles Slattery, Iohn McGee. Row two Cleft to rightl Wilbur Eakin, William Davis, lack Fulkrod, Buckley Robbins, Carter Williams, Miss Reiff. Row three Cleft to rightl Ray Rosemary, lack Hyden, Don Stapleford, George Brown, Donald McKay, Donald Schmitt. Absent-Louis Mullikin. GIRLS' HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Sponsor-Miss Dorothy Biddle Row one Cleft to right? Martha Bolton, Barbara Roberts, Lois Peterson, Barbara Clark, Ann Benjamin, lane Rapp. Row two Cleft to right? Miss Biddle, Ioanne Hardy, Barbara McAdams, Mary Copeland, Carolyn Phillips, Carol Stone, Barbara Sheffield, Ann Minnis, Barbara Donovan, Ianet Rickley. Row three Cleft to rightl Dorothy Olson, Mary Spanagle, Eugenis Wright, Betty Barnes, Ianet Spang, Barbara Woods, Rosalie Schlatter, Lois Bryant, Gwendolyn Wright, Mary Roe Sherwood. Absent-Betsy Youker. I'II-Y Sponsor-Mr. George I-Ianning Row one Cleft to right? Mr. Hanning, Charles I-Iannan, Tommy Tomlin- son, Harry Stecher, Iames Lewis, Robert Thomas. Row two Cleft to rightl Wilbur Rudrow, Lee Gray, Ross Sands, Bill Walker, Richard Gordon, Ted Iones. Row three Cleft to rightl William Orlando, Ronald Renard, Lee Dalaski, Adrian Dono- van, Iack Kates, Robert Hickman. LEISURE READING CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Daisy Wallace Row one Cleft to rightl Harold Riley, George Wessells, Marcia Harmon, Nancy Viands. Row two Cleft to rightl Richard Thatcher, Martin Cockerham, Gilbert Smith, Robert Williams, Phyllis Taylor, Frances Morris. LIBRARY CLUB Sponsor-Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh Row one Cleft to rightl Phyllis Iones, Ioyce Mallen, Mary lane Dill, Karen Russell, lean Detweiler, Mrs. Walsh. Row two Cleft to rightl Helen Shultz, Carol Hoffecker, Nancy Dempsey, Franck Bullock, Alice Rice, Iohnne Collier, Peggy Harrington. NATURE CLUB Sponsor-Miss Margaret Baker Row one Cleft to rightl Ed Pray, Dick Humphrey, Horace Goodman, Roger Weatherly, Richard Todd, Bill Hague. Row two Cleft to rightl George Rust, lim Riley, Bill Sands, Ken Robertson, Bobby Davis, Stephan Cohen, Iohn Caffrey, Dave Iordan, Richard Cahoon, Kemper Stone. Row three Miss Baker. PET CLUB Sponsor-Mr. David Anderson Row one Cleft to rightl Tom K'Burg, Robert Plantz, Nelson Shanks, Rodney Iohnson, Kay Moore, Ar- thur Hale. Row two Cleft to rightl Ierry Newkirk, Robert Turner, Rob- ert Pritchett, Iane Gronemeyer, Sandra Clark, Barbara Fox, Kath- leen Knapp, Allan Dunlap, Mr. Anderson. Row three Cleft to rightl Robert Sheridan, Robert Wortz, Lucy Krchma, Ann Harmon, Eliza- beth Hilburn, Margie Farrelly, Norma Walker, Shirley Oxley, Ann Periacles. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Charles Bomboy Row one Cleft to rightl Bobby Hickman, limmy Lewis, Pat Faur- back, Iohn DeVore, lohn Settle, Michael Gearhart. Row two tleit to right? Stanley Tobasso, David Burkart, Robert Fell, Frank Edlin, William Piper, Loren King, Mr. Bomboy. Row three tlett to righti Gary Dumm, Carolyn Lassell, Don Noble, Bob Thomas, Gary Wind- sor, Roger Lathe. Absent-Alfdward Brown, Donald Walker. METAL SHOP Sponsor-Mr. William Crowthers Members, Al Gloyd, Randal Hitcli- ens, lack Martin, Allen Wortz, Carlton Walker, lolin D. Walker, Fred Watson, Don Roberts, Carl Barker, Ronnie Buker, Howard Street, William Hitchens, Frank Bailey. WOOD SHOP CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Robert Metzger Members: Richard lrlicknian, Dick Wagner, Robert Lazarowski, Harry Volker, Rozzie Episcopo, Iim Don- ovan, Bill Rudrow, Richard Emory, lack Keeley, Phillip Raign, Ronald Smith, Ken Wadi, David Broad- way, Bill King, Ed Primaldi, Tom McCall. TWIRLING CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Starr L. Cole Row one Cleft to rightl Sarah Hitchens, Barbara lenkinson, Bar- bara Iohnson, Patsy Dalaski, Lynn Smith, Row two Cleft to riglitl Lee Harvey, Mary Stephenson, Margie Martz, loyce Staplelord., Ioan Eng- land. Row three flelt to rightl Marlene Getchell, Patsy Samples, Patsy Mallen, Ioan Whitten, Carol White,DollyDarlalqloanneGarvey. UNDERCLASSMAN YEARBOOK CLUB Sponsor-Mr. Iames Gennaria CLett to right? Nancy Samples, lean Cornthwaite, Vivian Beiriger. Y-TEEN CLUB Sponsor-Miss Ethel Roe Row one fleft to rightl Geraldine Smith, Iohanne Nielsen, Elizabeth Masterson, Nancy McKendrick, Marcia Flumerfelt, Robin Pell. Row two fleft to rightl Miss Roe, Marie Maddams, Emma lean Somers, Barbara Morgan, Barbara Shaw, Gail Smith. Row three fleft to rightl Eva Springer, Roberta Hilyard, Carol McGreW, Shirley Ryon. DANCE' CLUBS Sponsors Mrs. Tania Boucher Miss Ethel Hobbs Mr. Howard Parsons Members: Mary Bell, Nancy Birn- merman, Barbara Caffrey, Marilyn Chappell, Patsy Chowning, Carol Conrad, Elaine Crittendon, Mar- garet Crossan, Billie DeCormis, Adrian, Donovan, Carole Fergu- son, Barbara Pogg, Ioanne Foster, Dorothy Gentry, Vivian Gould, Leon lones, Virginia Kirnmey, Ian- ice Kusching, Carolyn Lassell, Phyllis Lewis, Lewis Marroni, Ianet Martin, Ioseph Merkel, Eleanor Mitchell, Barbara Nast, Lucy Cliva, loanne Peoples, Dolores Puglisi, Iune Purcell, layne Reynolds, Pat- sy Rayloon, Connie Rietdorf, Peggy Riggs, Beverly Robertson, Lorraine Rosemary, Barbara Snyder, Mari- lyn Stiggins, Cindy- Travis, Lois West, Dotty Williams, Ioan Wil- liams, Maryella Williams, Barbara Woodward, Ruth Wright, Iody Baldwin, Charles Bennett, lim Bou- langer, Peggy Brown, Ruth Bul- lock, Gerry Clark, Lorraine Curry, Myrtle Ennis, Phyllis Faulkner, loan Forsyth, Billy Friz, loan Gian- donato, Alice Goold, Pauline Grif- fith, Priscilla Griffith, Jayne Hyer, Susan Iohns, Betty Iohnson, Ted lones, Sue K'Burg, Ellen LaRowe, George Lightcap, Dolores McClos- key, Ruth Morris, Gerry Moulton, Carol Nutter, Carolyn Orth, Ioe Otto, Marilyn Pfeiffer, Virginia Plantz, lames Provan, Dolores Raign, Ioan Rickley, Martha Sher- wood, Barbara Shuttleworth, Ioan Sites, Carolyn Slocomb, Ellen Springer,Iay Stayton, Sally Steele, Yvonne Swearer, ludith Timbie, Nancy Viands, Betty Volk, Ianet vonWettburg, Carolyn Walker, Connie Walbridge, Rachael Waters. zr.-nmcib KHP-Z "THE GHOST HOUSE" THE JUNIOR PLAY Last year, as our first dramatic attempt, we pre- sented "The Ghost House," a mystery-comedy Written by Robert St. Clair, and published by the I-lever Publishing Company. Miss Celia Oliva was our director with Mr. Donal Miller as the assistant director. For six weeks after the play was chosen, , 4 several riotous practices were held each week. Then, as the time for the presentation drew near, the cast buckled down the last two weeks, and presented a polished performance on March ll and l2 with great success. L y M - A A H+. , , , -' ,Q ,'rr ' .5 ,li X f -is .. . s ,E -, lp CAST Roger Gordon ....,. .... W illiam Harrison Ruth Wright ...... ...,. G loria Willoughby Roger 'Trumbore .... ..,.. O liver Mellon Betty Andrews ..... ...... ' 'Mother" Blake Roy Sullivan ...... ..... A ndrew Barns Shirley Narvel ..,.... ..... M rs. Willoughby Bob Leshem .... .... ' 'Sole-less" Sam Marian Stinchecum .... .....,. S andra Mellon Kenneth Clapp .... .... D octor Roget Betty McCormick ..... ..... A nn Willoughby Peter Dietz ...... .....,. P atches Marie O'Neill ...... ..... R ebecca West 2141: ,s?fztf,.'v::-ssftg THE TUNTGR PRCDM At last the twenty-seventh of May arrived and with it the lunior Prom. About 8:30 Joseph Haverbeclds orches- tra began to play the first selection and the floor was filled with dancing cou- ples. "Deep Purple" Was the theme of the prom and Was carried out in a garden scene done in varying shades of purple. The refreshments also had a touch of purple to them. Two sheet cakes were iced with lavender icing. Punch was served With the cake. Pic- tures Were taken at the prom so the couples could long remember this gala event, At midnight Weary, but happy couples left with memories never to be forgotten. Left to right-Roger Gordon, Ioan Williams, Betty McCormick, Roger Trumbore, Peter Dietz, Betty Andrews, Ann Louise Hilburn Iames Merkel, Roy Sullivan, Kenneth Clapp. l Left to right, Robert Leshem, Co-ordinatorp Mrs. Margaret Nelson, Director, Dorothy Peterson, Student Director, CI-IARLEYS AUNT is Senior Play given on our stage. happy ending." CAST Stephen Spettigue-Solicitor, Oxford. .. ....... Kenneth Clapp Brasset, Man Servant ,.... ............ .... R o y Sullivan Colonel Sir Francis Chesney, Late Indian Service Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez, from Brazil .... ..... A nn Hilburn Iames Merkel Kitty Verdum, Spettigue's ward ....... ..... I oan Williams lack Chesney ............................... Roger Gordon Amy Spettigue's niece .............. .... B etty McCormick Charles Wykeham ..... ..... R oger Trumbore Ela Delahay, an orphan ........ ..... B etty Andrews Lord Fancort Babberly . . . .,....,, Peter Dietz On the evenings of December 8th and 9th, the curtains parted on the world-famous comedy, "Charleys Aunt written by Brandon Thomas and presented by the Class of 1951 under the direction of Mrs. Margaret P Nelson Both the audience, moved to tears of laughter by the hilarious antics of Peter Dietz, and the members of the class agreed that it was one of the most successful productions "Two undergraduates at Oxford, lack Chesney and Charles Wykeham, are violently in love with two young ladies, whom they invite to their rooms to meet Charley s wealthy aunt from Brazil fwhere the nuts come froml Unfortunately, the aunt cannot come, and the two boys are left without a chaperonee for their sweethearts This problem is solved by forcing another undergraduate T Fancourt Babberly, into posing as Charley's Aunt The two girls hug and kiss him: two men make love to him Then the real aunt and Babberly's former sweetheart appear. Out of the comic confusion that results comes a SENICDR BALL It is all over now and all that we have to remind us oi the big night are empty wallets, faded corsages, beat-up dancing slippers, and many happy memories. The gala Senior Ball was held on Friday, March 16th in the DuBarry R . . oom ot the Hotel du Pont. To the lilting strains of lack Garnett's orchestra, the Seniors and th ' eir guests danced the hours away. Before and after the ball, several private parties were h ld ' ' e , adding to the gaiety oi the affair The dance was a wonderful success and will be remembered 'th 1 come. wi peasure for many years to or I Lgggwsfsik 7m 7mm I 5G Ol-A WWC!! gmhcfaai Zee 7412640 'Me Dag dz' Snacaed 76: !. . 'KU . . Lrky . 1 W A i t. Etsy If X P tr 3:-It-I 5, f .. I - 1, J Y r f, 5, 'Q FQ ,' A 9 I lbly 7 qi A W . S tho mme' L' ni ve'If MGT tee. ,heagiigy . ters: POXSY Sdnllglgmlc TWH Row one Cleft to rightl Terry Schmitt, lohn Masten, Courtland Nichols, Peggy Brown, Phyllis Hurst, David Stapleford, Ardis Babcock, Ellen Campbell, Robert Peterson, Patricia Graham, lanet Cole, Anne Farlow. Row two fleft to rightl Don Haag, Kenneth Clapp, David Black, David Matsen, David Frick, Mary lane Kirklin, Charles Ieuell, Robert Stone, Roger Kirkbride, Raymond Stapleford, Gordon Pizor, Mary Ellen Iurisch, Row three Cleft to rightl Denny Cole, Harry Stecher, Walter Lafferty, Susan Rinehart, Kenneth Kearney, Robert Archer, David Fogg, Robin Roberts, William Stoops, Robert Clark, Iames Davis, Louis Sneed, Arthur Chandless. Row four Cleft to rightl William Mackay, Robert Humphrey, William Berger, Thomas Cahoon, Kenneth Detrick, Iames Provan, Barbara Seeley, Carol lones, William Mendinhall, Iohn Chowning, Kenneth Betty, Donald Williams, Terry Corrigan, Tony Brown, Starr L, Cole, director. Row five Cleft to rightl Beverly Maxwell, Lois Peterson, Doris Humphrey, Carolyn Dill, Barbara Woodward, ludy Orne, Christina Kilpatrick. SENICR CHOIR Row one tleit to rightl Barbara Woodward, Ruth Wright, Betty Andrews, lean Cornthwaite, lane Reynolds, Ioan Williams, Doris Humphrey, loanne Peoples, Carol Harvey, Martha Mendenhall, Norma Parkes. Row two Cleft to rightl Iune Purcell, Rosemarie Hartmann, Nancy Norling, Ann Hilburn, Marilyn Bateson, Ianet Colbourne, Billie DeCormis, Mary Bell, Carol Iones, Nancy Samples, Diane Smolka, Betty McCormick, Row three tleit to rightl Ianet Martin, Barbara Taylor, Barbara Snyder, Richard Wills, Courtland Nichols, Robert Archer, Donald Williams, Thomas Cahoon, Thomas Tomlinson, Robin Roberts, Lois Watt, Mary Ellen Iurish, Grace Abrams. Row four tlett to rightl Dorothy Peterson, Ronald Rinard, Ernest Goldberg, Fredrick Hannon, Harry Stecher, Richard Gordon, Thomas McCall, Roger Trumbore, Iohn Settle, William McKay, Gary Dumm, Martha Bauder, Constance Kelly. Row tive tleit to rightl Ierry Corrigan, Edward Gearhart, Kenneth Kearney, William Berger, Thomas Stevens, Iohn Chowning, Iames Lewis, Robert Hickman, Robert Thomas, William Robelen, Donald Haag, Robert Humphrey, This year proved an eventful one for Mount Pleasant's musical department. Under the direction oi Starr L. Cole the band and choir have carved a niche for themselves in our cornmunitys musical entertainment. Last tall saw our band in full dress out on the football field inspiring our team on to victory and when basketball came they were ever present keeping our spirits high. We also saw our band in the Christmas and Memorial Day pa- rades. The choir was every bit as busy, with their concerts at Christmas and in the R can Yonex spring, and all agree that they are osemarie H really worth our highest praise. qnmqnn Congratulations are also in order tor the pianists, Ioan Porter and Rosemarie Hartmann. CADET CHOIR Row one Cleft to rightl Karen Russell, Lenore Harvey, Barbara Kleitz, Marjorie Carl, Ellen Campbell, Barbara Shuttleworth, Dolores Schocie, Sarah Hitchens. Row two tlett to right? Ann Farlow, Mary Stephenson, Dolores McCloskey, Ardis Babcock, Gerry Moulton, Alice lean Gould, Iody Baldwin. Flow three tlett to rightl Iody Rickley, Ruth Morris, Ellen l.aRowe, lane Hyer, Cynthia Travis, Carol Wood, Lois Morrow. Phyllis Foster, ORCHESTRA Row one tleft to rightl Edward Gearhart, Iohn Chowning, Nancy Samples, Susan Rinehart, Walter Latterty, Charles Iewell, Roger Kirkbride, William Berger, Dennis Cole, David Fogg, Row two tleft to rightt Pauline Gonzalez, Margaret Hamblet, Constance Alexander, Betty Iohnson. At Piano: Kathryn Evans, Ioan Porter, Director: Mr, Fisher. A1N'T MISBEI-1AV 1N - Jw- 1, , ,W 1,,, ., ., ..x-N 5if,isiig. - A-,.m.,,, .M A ' , f:g,g,, , ,,Lgs,,.,z1., fm 'f s:u7'si13.i2 wx -fm 2 . S L. Q W L 156' "FW x :C ' . Q! CI-IFFRI v o mwvgwfo 435. CWQQ . gi Q91 ' 0 i5' Xxx X A1 a 2' 04" X ,gozgnig 00 M: Avila? O 'ga' Q 0 4 o ' 4 0 0 33 Maxi? .dQg51' .FADFRQ Row one Cleft to rightl Robert Oggenluss, Iames Donovan, Donald Umbrecht, Rozzie Episcopo, Iohn Reeder, Iames Merkel. Row two Cleft to rightl Louis Maroni, LeRoy Palaski, Gary Windsor, Robert Morris, Buzzy Sutton, Charles Veith, lohn Kates, Glenn Frick. Row three Cleft to rightl Peter Orne, Iohn Archer, Robert Hickman, William Honey, Leon Iones, lohn Settle, Robert Thomas, Thomas Stevens, William Wills, Pete Sheldon, Thomas Shultz. Row four Cleft to rightj Harry Stecher, Henry Snyder, Blain Braniff, David Tait, Buddy Segl, Ted Iones, William MacKay, Charles Bennett, Fred Hannon. Row five Cleft to rightl Mr. Bomboy, lack Hyden, Tom McCall, Mr. King, Ronald Buckalew, Robert Whitten, Mr, Crowthers. FOOTBALL Football, one of the most exciting school activi- ties, again opened the sporting scene at Mount Pleasant in 1950. Coach "Les" King, with his able assistants, "Charlie" Bomboy and i'Bill" Crowther, put the Green Knights through a rugged eight- game schedule of which they were able to win only two, while losing six. The boys opened with a loss to Salesianum on the Mount Pleasant field and followed this game with losses to Claymont and Wilmington High on succeeding dates. The fact that all three losses were sustained under lights is very significant in view of the fact that no Mount Pleasant football team has ever been victorious under these con- Mount Pleasant 6 Salesianum 24 Mount Pleasant 6 Claymont 24 Mount Pleasant 0 Wilmington High Z7 Mount Pleasant 19 Elkton 6 Mount Pleasant U A. I. duPont 32 Mount Pleasant 26 William Penn 6 Mount Pleasant 6 Newark 33 Mount Pleasant 12 Archmere 39 ditions. The Knights rebounded on the following Saturday by outplaying Elkton. This victory brought the team to a fever pitch for the annual game with A. l. du Pontg however, this proved to be of no avail, as the Knights found the going "rough" and were defeated by A. I. Undaunted, our boys roared back to a decisive win over the "Castilians" the following week. After holding Newark to a 6-14 advantage during a thrilling first half, the Knights succumbed to their powerful opponents offense in the second half. The final game of the season, which was the final for seven Seniors, saw the Knights humbled by Archmere Academy. Y I .- .. Row one tlett to rightl Iudy Orne, Manager: Barbara Taylor, Manager, Ellen LaRowe, lean Cornthwaite, Barbara Ienkinson, Marlene Getchell, Mary Kilpatrick, Patricia Peabody, Helen Shultz, Lois Morrow, Betty Andrews, Head Managerg Ioan Whitten, Manager. Row two tleft to rightl Doris Humphrey, Diane Smolka, Nancy Bolton, Emily Maxwell, Barbara Woods, Carolyn Iohnson, Ruth Morris, Marilyn Stiggins, Nancy Norling, Lorraine Rosemary, Mary lane Dill. Row three Cleft to right? Miss Hobbs, Coach, Lucy Oliva, Betty Malcolm, Beverly Harding, Norma Parkes, Connie Kelly, Sandra Holsinger, Barbara Black, Phyllis Rowe, Alice lean Gould, Ianet Von Wettberg, Connie Reitdort, Sally Steele, Patricia Samples, Miss Biddle, Coach. HOCKEY The varsity and junior varsity VARSITY GAME sconss hockey teams had a very good sea- T Mmm, Plecscm 0 conmd 4 son with the varsity winning three . k Mount Pleasant 3 ralnall 0 out ot seven games, losing three, and Mount Pledsfmi 2 Cldvmeflf 1 tying one, and the junior varsity wln- I Mount Pleasant l A.. I, duPont 0 ning one game' losing two, and tying Mount Pleasant 1 Middletown 1 . . Mmm, pleasan, 1 William penn 3 tour. Both teams had excellent splrlt - Mount Pleasant 2 Newark 3 and sportsmanship, as lS character- istic ol all teams coached by Miss Ethel Hobbs and Miss Dorothy Biddle. The big rival game of the year with ll-'mon VARSITY GAME 500555 Claymont was won by a score ol 2 to Mount Pleasant 0 Conrad 0 1, Lorraine Rosemary and Doris mount geqscnl 1 Tfifmll 0 Humphrey showing their skill by Gum ecscm Clcymom 3 making the goals which assured us of Mount Pleasant l A. I. duPont 1 , h Mmm pleasant 0 Middlemwn 0 our second victory ot the season, t he Mount Pleasant ll William Penn o tirst being the game wlth Tatnall in Mmm' Plegscnl 0 Newark 2 which the same two players also scored. The teams were up against very stiff competition but showed their determination to Win in every game. C ri an, Roger Gordon, Iohn Reeder Row one tlett to rightl Robert Morris, Mark Kuehn, Ierry or g - h k D lker,Fred Hannan, Pete Sheldon, Buzzy Sutton, Iohn DeVore Row two tlelt to rig tl Iac e 8 X Mr, Crowther. "H rt' VARSITY BASKETBALL t The 1950-5l basketball season was high-lighted by many a INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES close and thrilling game, and, although the Green Knights were 1 not always victorious, they displayed the sportsmanship and held Toful school spirit tor which Mt. Pleasant is renowned. P1f'Ye' Goals Fouls Pomls Through the capable leadership ot "Bill" Crowther the Knights Gordon - A - 1 A - 82 65 229 won 7 games ot a tough twenty-one game schedule. A large Corrigan Ati- it - 70 32 172 percentage of the games played resulted in close scores, and Sheldon 61 35 157 kept the spectators on edge until the tinal whistle Five members KUG1111 - A - 1 A 50 23 123 of the class ot '51 played their last season of high school ball Reeder - A 30 24 04 during this campaign, MOYNS 34 13 01 Sutton . l8 8 44 Thatcher . 5 4 15 Hannan ,. 3 5 ll GAME SCORES Delaski , , . , 3 l 7 Mount Pleasant ,.,.. 34 Newark! . . ..., 46 Thomag 4 I 2 2 Mount Pleasant . 50 Howard , . .... 37 TOTAL 926 Mount Pleasant . . . , 32 Brown . .. . . . . . 54 Mount Pleasant .. . 36 Claymont , ..,... . 32 Mount Pleasant ..,,. 55 Delaware City . . . . . 36 Mount Pleasant ..... 24 Howard ....,....... 32 Mount Pleasant 4l Wilmington High 43 Mount Pleasant 43 Dover . , . , , 44 Mount Pleasant 5l Brown . . . . 59 Mount Pleasant 37 Claymont ..,. 45 Mount Pleasant 36 A. l, du Pont . ,. 38 Mount Pleasant 47 Elkton .... , .... 45 Mount Pleasant. . , 47 Wm. Penn . . , , . . 45 Mount Pleasant 38 Wilmington High .,.. 72 Mount Pleasant . . . 63 Delaware City ,,..., 47 Mount Pleasant .,,.. 47 Newark . . ...,..... 65 Mount Pleasant . .. . 63 Alumni . . , . .. .. .. 42 Mount Pleasant .,... 34 A. I. du Pont .. .. . 49 Mount Pleasant .,.,. 67 Elkton , ,,,,,,, ,,,, 6 9 Q Mount Pleasant ..... 47 P, S. du Pont ,,.,,,,, 56 1 -VX tv V Qui 'D C C f "w wf tiff, wt Row one tlett to rightl Miss Hobbs, lean Cornthwaite, Ann Hilburn, Barbara Black, Doris Humphrey, Iudy Orne, Nancy Peters, Barbara Seeley. Row two Cleft to rightl Bette Malcolm, Diane Smolka, Mary Ellen lurisch, Ann Schneider, Barbara Taylor, Nancy Bimmerman, Beverly Harding, Phyllis Rowe. GIRLS' BASKETBALL INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES The girls' varsity basketball team had a victorious season, Field Total Out of eleven games they only lost one and that a heartbreaker PIGYGI' Goals FOUIS P0intB to a strong Conrad team by a 49-50 score. Under the expert Black ------ - 75 30 130 coaching ot Miss Ethel Hobbs the team showed excellent team iggeeider "" ' ' ' lg 133 work and aggressiveness showing that the girls learned to work Hilbufn ' ' ' ' A 16 3 35 better together than before. The co-captains for the season were Iurisch V I I A I 12 3 27 Doris Humphrey and Barbara Black. Smolka . , . . 9 5 23 Fritze . . , . . l 0 2 TOTAL 481 GAME SCORES Mount Pleasant .,... 45 A. l. du Pont , , ,. . 32 Mount Pleasant ...,. 33 Claymont . , . . 27 Mount Pleasant .,.. 3-1 Middletown , , , , , , 32 Mount Pleasant .,... 40 Newark ..,......... 32 Mount Pleasant ...,. 30 St, Elizqbettfs ,,,,,, 24 Mount Pleasant ,.... 56 Middletown , ,. , , . 49 Mount Pleasant ..... 49 Conrad ....,.,. . . , 50 Mount Pleasant ..... 57 William Penn ,..,... l9 Mount Pleasant ..... 50 Alumnae ...... . , , 31 Mount Pleasant ,,.., 45 Howard , , , , , 35 Mount Pleasant ..... 42 Tatnall .,., ., . 30 Total ..,.....,..,, 48l Total .... .,,.. 3 62 Row one Cleft to rightl Robert Archer, Richard Gordon, Charles Veith, Iimmy Thatcher, Eddie Gearhart, Dean Steele, Iimmy Lewis, Pete Orne, Karl Hartman. Row two Cleft to rightl Walter Hurst, Bob Thomas, Blaine Branitt, lack Kates, Harry Stecher, Lee Dalaski, Mr. Boucher. IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Row one fleft to rightl Carol Vincent, Connie Kelly, Barbara Sheffield, Barbara Woods, Elizabeth Fritze, Lucy Oliva, Ann Minnis, Row two Cleft to rightl Barbara Smith, Ianet van Wettberg, Carolyn Iohnson, Patsy Samples, Carolyn Phillips, Betty Andrews. GAME SCORES Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Totals .,.,.. Newark . , . Howard . . . Brown ....... Claymont . . . Delaware City Howard ..... Wilmington High Dover ....... William Penn Brown ..,.... Claymont A. 1. du Pont .- Elkton ....... William Penn Wilmington High Delaware City Newark ..... A. 1. du Pont. Elkton ....... P. S. du Pont . Totals . . . INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES Gearhart Thomas Thatcher Steele Veith Dalaski Hannan FG F 80 25 53 24 130 47 Z0 114 Lewis 42 18 102 37 11 85 24 6 54 16 12 44 17 9 43 GAME Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Total .. PTS. FG F PTS 185 15 Orne Merkel 8 Stecher 7 Branitt 3 Archer 5 Kates 1 Gordon 0 SCORES A, I. du Pont . Claymont . . . Middletown . Newark ..... St. Elizabeth's Middletown . Conrad ..... William Penn Howard ..... Total .... INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES Oliva . . . Minnis ..,. Woods .... Fritze . . . Philips .... Samples . . Totals , . . FG FT TS .. 30 7 .. 28 3 .. 21 5 .. 12 4 .. 4 5 .. 3 1 .. 98 25 3 Row One lleit to rightl Bayard Almond, Dick Wagner, Harvey Hitch. Row Two Cleft to rightl lim Lewis, Belmont Simpson, Torn Shultz, lay Webb, Iohn Reeder, Mark Keuhn, Howard Turner, Ross Mace, Bill Honey, lim Harley, Mr. Fennick, Row Three Cleft to rightl Fred Hannan, Bob Hickman, Ioe Merkel, Buzz Sutton, Eddie Gearhart, Bob Thomas, Bob Whorl, Adrian Donovan, lohn Settle, Iohn DeVore, Harry Stecher, Dean Steele. Absent, Roger Gordon, lim Thatcher, Henry Snyder, Mr. Bomboy. BASEBALL With the loss ol six Seniors from last year's team lacing Coach Elmer Fennick and his assistant, "Charlie" Bombay, many oi the regular positions were open to aspiring candidates this year. Last year's team compiled 7 wins and 6 losses, which the Knights of '51 hope to better. The fans at Mount Pleasant eagerly looked forward to the 16-game sched- ule, which included games with many tough opponents from the Wilmington area. We wish the Green Knights the best ot luck in many years to follow. April lU April 17 April 24 April 25 April 27 May 1 May 4 May 8 May ll May 15 May 18 May 22 May 25 Iune l Iune 5 Iune 8 SCHEDULE Brown Vocational Brown Vocational Alexis I. du Pont Wilmington High Archmere William Penn Alexis I. du Pont Delaware City Claymont Archmere William Penn Howard Claymont Newark Wilmington High Howard Home Away Away Home Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Away Away Away Home V, . . Q i I 1 ' Row One lleft to rightj Mary Kelpatrick, Nancy Samples, Vivian Beriger, Ann Minnis, Barbara Seeley, Barbara Black, Lucy Oliva, Marilyn Stiggins, Iudy Orne, lean Cornthwaite, Elizabeth Fritze, Barbara Woods. Row Two fleft to rightl Miss Biddle, Beverly Harding, Nancy Norling, Pat Fauerback, Roberta Brandenburg, Dianne Smolka, Nancy Bimmeriman, Barbara Taylor, Susan Rinehart, Iudy Fogg, Patsy Samples, Eva Springer, Helen Shultz, Marlene Getchell, Miss Hobbs. SCFTBALL The girls' varsity softball team was undefeated in eight games last year. Having lost only four players last sea- son, and with many new players, the girls are hoping for another undefeated team. The squad is again coached by Miss Dorothy Biddle and Miss Ethel Hobbs. April 24 ....., April 27 May l May 3 May 8 May 10 May 15 May 17 May 24 Iune 5 A. l. duPont. Friends ..,,. Conrad ...,. William Penn Claymont . . . A. I. duPont. Conrad ...., Claymont . . , Howard . . . Howard . , . Home Away Home Home Away Away Away Home Home Home AA PI-IOTOS KA ', s f 491 r ,',.,Wf . 31,325 E , Q5 ,, ff KB, K' '-fs':E3',T:.1-5'4-fsffw i""-, ,nw 'lv -..Q+::,s --N 1- 1: 'wwhsx -V -. . - W. A .in :,-..,,-- U, , , . -f:,..I5 f.,, ., - W in -,sfr,.l,f ,522 2 Y ' MQ MH" . ., f.- ,g iflffiiiigii . A y L sw, Q xi bf ig 1 2 ' i :fi ' f 32. .499 1 Y lg... X A YW 4. Q fi ff'f Lf' 1 I YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY 1. Frances Morris, 2. Ann Hilburn, 3. lean Spence, 4. Nancy Hanlon, 5 Phyllis Hurst, 6. Betty McCormick, 7. Roy Sullivan, 8. Marion Stinchecum, 9. Barbara Black, 10. Ianet Colbourne, ll. Bob Leshem, 12. Phyllis Rowe, 13. Ioan Williams, 14, Nancy Bolton, 15. Caroline Dill, 16. Barbara Nast, 17. Edward Brown, 18. Rozzie Episcopo, 19. Jimmy Donovan, 20. Lorraine Rosemary, 21. Betty Andrews, 22. Beverly Maxwell, 23. Lois Watt, 24. Marilyn Stiggins, 25. Ruth Wright, 26. Iay Webb, 27. Roger Gordon, 28. Doris Humphrey, 29. Roger Trumbore, 30. Lois West. fff, M X S if W W, X :JW ki I ff, We W ff X g?i5ATEsT4g3,fN af MMMWTSBQ w r A K JUIJ- l. L X , ?fumw mmmx QW, PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Andrews Mrs. Margaret Bateson Mr. and Mrs. Don Bauder Mr. and Mrs. Park D. Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Newell M. Bigelow Mr. and Mrs. Crayton K. Black Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Bolton Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Branitl Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Campbell Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Clapp Mr. and Mrs. Frank Colbourne Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Conning Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Corrigan Mr. and Mrs. M. Stanley Davis, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Dietrick Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Dietz Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Donovan Mrs. E. G .Dumm Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Durham Mr. and Mrs. Iohn W. Eakin Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Ernsberger Miss Virginia Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fothergill Nort Fowler Advertising Agency A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Iames A. Gennaria Mr. and Mrs. Cristopher S. Glover Mr. and Mrs. C. Allison Gloyd Mr. and Mrs. Harvey F. Golt Mr. and Mrs. Iohn E. Goold Mr. and Mrs. Iohn F. Hanlon Mr. and Mrs. George T. Hanning Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Hartman Mr. and Mrs. William B. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Hilbum M. and Mrs. R. O. Humphery Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Hurst Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Iohnson Mr. and Mrs. E. Russell Iones Mr. and Mrs. Miles Iurisch Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Kilpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. King Mr. and Mrs. Leslie B. King Mr. and Mrs. William R. King Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lallerty Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Lange , Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Leshem Mr. and Mrs. E. Vernon Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Lord Wesley F. Malloch Mr. and Mrs. Fred I. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Clarence G. Massey Mrs. E. B. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Iames F. McCloskey Mr. and Mrs. Cheston R. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. I. W. McKinney Mr. Donald R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm C. Moore Mrs. Charles E. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Lynn B. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Iohn A. Mulshenoclc Mr. and Mrs. Lee A. Myers Miss Celia Oliva Mr. and Mrs. Iames H. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Horace B. Pray Mr. and Mrs. I. Sharp Queener Mr. and Mrs. Iohn D. Reeder Miss Florence M. Reiif Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Rietdori Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Roberts Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Rosemary Mr. and Mrs. Norman O. Rowe Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Schwinger Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Seeley Mr. and Mrs. I. P. Sermattei Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Sheifield Bob Sheppard Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith Mr. and Mrs. Percy C. Spence Mr. and Mrs. George Spiller Mr. Melvin Stahle Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Staudt Mr. and Mrs. Iohn H. Stiggins Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Stinchecum Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stone Mrs. William G. Stoops Mr. George Strain Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Straughn- Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Street, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Talley Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Thayer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tigue Mr. and Mrs. I. Ellis Tomlinson Mr. and Mrs. Donald Trumbore Mr. and Mrs. H. Howard Turner Mr. and Mrs. E. F. von Wettberg Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Wassen Mr. and Mrs. William R. Watt Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Weber Miss Hannah Wesesky Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. West, Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Willey, family Mr. and Mrs. W. Bahnsan Williams Mr. and Mrs. Grant Windsor Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Woodward GOOD LUCK TO THE SENICJRS FROM THE CLASS CDF 1952 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 FOR THE FUTURE FROM THE STUDENT COUNCIL TO THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1951 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR SUCCESS Compliments of Your Class Phofogropher GOLDCRAFT PORTRAITS 912 ORANGE STREET For Them . . . For You . . . For Always A GOLDCRAFT PORTRAIT Complimenfs of W. R. AND NI. G. WATT BUILDERS Ioos DELAWARE AVENUE wluvl. 6-1004 W. R. WATT, P.E., CONSULTING ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEER 3 j years of JD, COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE RU LING SOCIAL ENGRAVING TATNALLATFIFTH PRINTING COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF THE MOUNT PLEASANT PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION BEST WISHES FROM THE u ALUMNI ASSOCIATION miLIF'iL..:.l' :dl .ilffunni '1 ...... aa . .... tail Compliments of Tru Ade Bottling Company WILMINGTON, DELAWARE TRU ADE ORANGE ' TRU ADE GRAPE FROSTIE OLD FASHION ROOT BEER Besf Wishes To THE CLASS OF 1951 MOUNT PLEASANT TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION IENNESS' . SERVICENTER 700 Philadelphia Pike exnmofaq 'amoganag 'PAIH QUFMAPUDJH BZOI 5uT1TDd9H 7l9oTO 'P 'PTDAA Phone I-l.O, 2929 Wilmington, Del. STWM 'T 'd DIAMOND STATE IUNK CO. Compliments S.E. Corner 14th 6. Thatcher of Wilmington, Del. Phone Wilm. 5-1501 A FRIEND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS FROM THE CLASS OF T953 P'11Of1ff 2-9255 Minor Repairs Admiro1-APPLIANCES-Motorola SANDY'S DIAMOND STATION pick Up cmd Delivery Service CLAYMOM HARDWARE 5. SUPPLY co Complete Semce for Your Cm 812-14 Philo. Pike-Claymont, Delqwqfe 24th G Market Streets Wilmington' Delaware HO. 7280 Lionel-Toys-Sporting Goods ' ' SERVICE ONEALS BUS C. R. SIMON 5 co. CHARTERED BUSES Phone Wilm, 2-2343 FLORIST .HULIZHRD 191 DHHS EIGHT TIIIRTY ONE MARKET STREET, WILMINGTON IU, DELAWARE IEWELER - SILVERSMITHS CHINA - CLASS UTHOUGHTFUL FRIENDLINESS IN SERVlCE" FOX HARDWARE CO. Everything for Home and Garden Needs PHONE H.O. 5030 DELIVERY SERVICE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS GLASS ELECTRIC APPLIANCES RADIOS GIFTS -:- TOYS -:- NOTIONS 2121 SILVERSIDE ROAD ICor. of Marsh Rd., WILMINGTON, DEL OPEN SUNDAYS illlirharl A. Illlvalrg 84 Sana FUNERAL DIRECTORS N.W. Cor. Seventh and Broom Streets Phone 2-5913 -:- 4-3005 Wilmington, Delaware PARKER BROS. 1907 Gilpin Avenue PLUMBING AND HEATING YORK OIL BURNERS W' rmauk BDU' P H.O. 6318 Claymont. Delaware fb ' ii' ,R Q., is Extends Greetings and Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1951 A. C. LAYMAN MACHINE CO. General Machinists - Metal Spraying Grey Iron. Brass and Aluminum Castings 30-34 Vandever Ave. Wilmington 99, Del. I'I.O. 6217 Open Evenings HIGH POINT HARDWARE Hardware-Electrical and Household Supplies 401 Philadelphia Pike WILMINGTON, DEL. SHAFF'ER'S MARKETS ELSMIERE BELLEFONTE VVILIVIINGTON. DELAWARE B. D. IESTER. INC. N.E. Cor. 4th :Sf French Streets WILMINGTON 99, DELAWARE W. L. BROWN Pharmacist 407 Philadelphia Pike, Pennyhiii Holly Oak 5607 ' Wilmington, Del. PEPPER'S STORE 1101 BRANDYWINE BLVD. Telephone H.O. 2963 ROLL YOUR CARES AWAY . . . AT THE PRINTZ ROLLER-WAY Governor Printz Blvd. Magazines Newspapers H0119 Oak, Del. lce Cream Kodaks Novelties Films PHONE H.O. 8-1600 KNOWLES, INC. MUSIC AND HOBBIES 515 Shipley Street Wilmington, Delaware EVERYTHING FOR THE HOBBYIST AND MUSICIAN HUBER 6 CO. 216 WEST 9TH STREET Delaware's Largest SPORTING GOODS DISTRIBUTORS CONGRATULATIONS! HOWARD IOHNSON Ice Cream Shoppe and Restaurant This space is reserved by the BUSINESS EDITOR For the purpose of letting off steam. '-tzggiz-+.::: .-.5 -I '- . .e .-1-,. ..-:gqzgqciz-:-' A '55-:fi .-:::::E5'f:::-:-:42- , 212 WEST NINTH ST l'The House That Music Built" Eemian FUNERAL HOME 412 Philadelphia Pike BUTLER'S INC. STATIONERS 6. Booxssmzns 415 Market Street Concord Avenue 6 Washington St. q G. F. METAL OFFICE FURNITURE DEPT. WEST 6. MYERS DISPLAYS DESIGNERS CS BUILDERS INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITS 301 Delaware Avenue 1625 N. Heald Street, Wilmington. Delaware Phone 7545 DOESKIN PRODUCTS. INC. Rockland, Delaware B 6 G LUNCHEONETTE FOUNTAIN AND CURB SERVICE 30th 6 Gov. Print: Blvd. Compliments of PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. WILMINGTON, DELAWARE HIMBLETUI guild all SYSTEM 00 YOUNG'S PAINT 6. HARDWARE CLAYMONT Phone H.O. 6944 L Q The ,fL....l I for producing School Yearbooks offers: PROGRAMMED OPERATIONS SCHEDULED DELIVERY BUDGETJYIXED COSTS 111111 21 IDUIIYIICUCIC of IIIICYCSTIIIS' SCIVQIIIHSCS to tlae staff :incl faculty advisors. You Want an original yearlwoolshrellectliig your personal efllorts aucl expressions . . . lfllell 11121156 YOUY IICXI' luoola . . . BUIIKI-8-BOOIS HAMBLETON COMPANY, INCORPORATED P ,' + F Hn, rln PRINTERS 0 OFFSET LITHOGRAPHERS 0 PUBLISHERS Yjgjbzok Is 17th 81 SPRUCE STREETS ' WILMINGTON 99, DELAWARE For Reliable and Dependable Service Call DEGRAW CLEANERS Pick-up 6 Delivery-H.O. 3531 Silverside Rd., next to Hearn's, Phila. Pike Compliments of TRI STATE SERVICES. INC. 4202 Market St. Among Good Things In Lge Coke By The Carton OU? IE QSE.-ff1Q'f1 F1601 , HY9APPil Q? And we all C3523 f 'fig-fLE,L.l'i..f'V2'.....': 4"m""W'IW'?w'r l mf af' w -. : .-.,- ., ,. ' X f 12, 2 sie ? f fn 2 l iff-fgw 125,15 zfgg SA 4' 'Q I

Suggestions in the Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) collection:

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