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I. J X r 72,1 -3' 1950 is a big and momentus year for Mount Pleasant School. For the first time our school is now a full-fledged high school. We, the Class of 1950, have been the pioneers-for four years we have been the senior cl'ass and have pushed forward finding new responsibilities and op- portunities awaiting us. We have watched and seen the progress of our school as it grew each year and the many changes which transpired toward making Mount Pleasant a high school. Our group is the first graduating class-the first produc- tion of the high school. In a way our class is the "baby" of Mount Pleasant High School. Born in September of 1946 in an atmosphere of uncertainty, each year we grew in knowledge, experience, and friendship. We gained in strength and maturity as we took our first steps and better prepared ourselves for the future. We have chosen this to be the theme of our yearbook. The baby so often pictured throughout these pages repre- sents the Class of 1950. He is our guide as we read this annual and reminds us of the importance of the year. We, the staff, hope that this first issue of the "GREEN LEAF" will serve as a chronicle of school life and bring to the minds of its readers the fond memories of the fun, friends and activities we shared during our school days. ic Y Wx X x lg ffv ,Y K js i B rj tvv"".7 U ll A ,QI A XX I ix, ' 'I K NQQ-4 DEDICATION We, the first graduating class of Mount Pleasant High School, do dedicate this yearbook to those classes of our Alma Mater who shall follow after us. May they continue and enhance the traditions which we have tried to establish, and in so doing, attain greater honor for the school and for themselves. 00 Preridenl of the Senior Clary TO THE CLASS OF 1950: You have the rare privilege and dis- tinction of being the first class to be grad- uated from Mount Pleasant High School. In the years to come you will probably always receive a certain thrill when you recall this fact. It makes you charter members so to speak of what is to be a splendid institution. just as all institu- tions are judged by their membership, so shall Mount Pleasant High School be judged, in part, by you. The membership of your class is above average in calibre. If each of you lives up to his potential promise, Mount Pleasant will have reason to be proud of its first class. God Speed and Good Luck to each and every one of you. , Sflperifzlendent ADM Nl 7'R'47l0lV DEAR FRIENDS: Congratulations to you, the members of the first class to be graduated from Mount Pleasant High School. You have labored diligently in blazing a trail for those who will follow after you and now you have arrived at the culmination of your high school course. May your diploma mean more to you than the at- tainment of a cherished ambition and may your commencement be the begin- ning of a greater and more noble life. I wish to extend, to each of you, my best wishes for a successful and happy gf Prifzripal Q79 'Q' -1:15 1 190 JAMES A. GENNARIA Bloomsburg State Teachers College New York University Temple University Delaware University Guidance Director Student Council Aduifer. Se- nior Clan Aduirer, GREEN LEAF Arlzfirer. Adzfifer of junior Clary Yearbook dass GEORGE T. HANNING Dickinson College West Chester State Teachers College Temple University University of Delaware English 9 - 10 Senior Dramaticr Club Spon- Jor. Hi-Y Organization Sponsor, Arrirtant Director of tbe Senior Play, Senior Clam Adzfirer 15460177 Adwlvers ' ' 52: - . at as .1 .E ETHEL M. ROE Maryland State Normal School University of Delaware Plane Geometry, Algebra I, Business Mathematics Y-Teen Club Sjlonror. Student Counril Adffirer, Senior Clan Adrfirer A 0 i a ll ll Li-u D.-win J. ANDERSON Swarthmore College University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State College Temple University Core Curriculum-7, Mathe- matics w . MARGARET BAKER DOROTHY BIDDLE Glassboro State Teachers Col- Dffxffl Institute Of Technol- lege I OEZY Rutgers Umvefslw General Science, Home Eco- Core Curriculum-7, Mathe- 110111155 matics General Science Girlr' Home Economic! Club Sponfor. Arfirlant Hockey, Barkelball. and Softball Leiiure Reading Club Spouror Nature Club Sponror Comb CHARLES A. Bomsoy Bloomsburg State Teachers College Columbia University Biology, Consumer Science, General Mathematics Pluologmffby Club SPIIIIJUY. A.IJi.flzU1l Foollzull Couch. Frerlamun Clair Adrirer EVELYN M. DIJMONT Carnegie Institute of Technol- OHV String Instruments, Elemen- tary Grades Vocal Music Orrlverlm Direrlor LESLIE B. KING Moravian College Pennsylvania State College Problems of Democracy, Civics Chex: and Chechen Club Spomof, Football Couch, Sophomore Clair Adviier STARR L. CoI.E Ithaca, New York Columbia University Music Education Direrfov' of Band. Senior Choir. Cade! Cboir. junior High Srlyool Choir, Dance Baud. junior Clam Adriief ELM ER FENNICK Bucknell University East Stroudsburg State Teach- ers College Core Curriculum-8 Audio Virutil Club Spouior, Barebull Courla ROBERT METZGER Millersville State Teachers College University of Delaware Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing JOHN W. Cnowru ER Millersville State Teachers College New York University Mathematics, Industrial Arts Sbop Club Slhozzror. Aififlaul Foolbull .md Biukelbull Cutie!! LAXYRENCE E. HICKLIAN Edinhoro State Teachers College Columbia University Art, Elementary Art Supervisor Art Club Spozzfor DONALD MILLER University of Pennsylvania American History, World History, Commercial Law junior Dmmaliri Club Spon- mr. junior Baud Sjronror, junior Play Anirlanf Director, Sophomore Cluu Adrifer 'fs STILLMAN A. DARREL, JR. University of Pennsylvania Boys' Physical Education, Health Education Bow' Leuu'er.r Club Sponsor, ll7I1'flN7Il1'dl Ailalefiz-.r Spon- ifjf' ETHEL M. Hoses West Chester State Teachers College Health, Girls' Physical Educa- tion G'irl.r' Lmdevzi Club Sfwuror, llorevy, Buiiellzull and Soflbull Coach MARGARET P. NELSON Ohio University English 11-12, Stenography II Senior Play Director. Freib- mazz Clan Adzfirer .I CELIA OLIVA Brooklyn College Columbia University Spanish, French, Office Practice Pbolograpby Club Sftouror. junior Play Director. luuior Clan Adviier GIEORGI5 STRAIN LaSalle College Temple University Typing I-ll, Stenography I, junior Business Training, Bookkeeping Perxorzal Typing Club Sponior, Sludenl Aclioilier Treaiurer, junior Clan Adzfirer MADELINE K. HEAL Wilmington General Hospital Scbool Nurre HOWARD S. PARSONS Pennsylvania State College Health, Boys' Physical Educa- tion Cbeerleaden' Adoifer, Burket- ball and Volleyball Coacb. Fire Drill Patrol Sponror. Faculty .Manager of Alb- lelicf, Square Dance Club Sjvomor DAISY P. WALLACE University of Delaware Core Curriculum 7-8, Mathe- matics Cboml Club Sponror FRANCES HARTMAN Germantown High School Ofice Secretary 'l 3324 et it IQ 'gg .gwfigvt If - . .- me-. - ki- ' I . it ., .tt V t, i t ' A A ' - it ,I it is 1 sr: tt f- W -Witt . i::.fz1f11 1-' A 1' .A ,F 56' ESTYT57 ':'i:'P'5'Q1 t '- 1? L V- 5' 1 . . - it L- . . ., .Z 2 A LS-f' c? .'1?45'1' . Z ' 'A S . T -- VINCENT T. RE-MCI-IO West Chester State Teachers College Rutgers University University of Delaware Chemistry, Physics, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Advanced Algebra Frerbman Clair Adifircr ELIZABETH F. WALSH Kutztown State Teachers Col- lege Temple University Librarian Library Club Span mr E. JOAN LEWIS Claymont High School Office Secrelary FLORENCE M. REIFF Drexel Institute Of Technology University of Wisconsin New York University Home Economics Bow' Home Economic! Club Spoumr HANNAH T. WESESKY Lock Haven State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College Latin, English-9 GREEN FLASH Adriref, Sophomore Clan Adviser BETTY WI-IITCOMB Wilmington High School Beacom Business School Ojice Secrelary Firrt mu' Hof! zo right!-Anna Bullock, Shirley Matthews, Margaret McGroarty, Ardis Shanks, -Icanne Smolka, Barbara Queenc-r, Carolyn Clift, Carolyn Kendall, Joan W'orrad, -Ianet Smith, Margaret jenkinson, Rnhcrta Stnessel, Srrwid mu' flair! In right!-Ruth Vfheatley, Adele Sermattci, Nancy Draper, Ruth Paul, Anne Vernon, Pauline Pepper, Beverly Garnett, Frames Mitthell, Elsie Nocll, Martha Shillito, Ann Lynam, Dorothy Dclker, Marion Thayer. Tlvrrd mu' Klefl ln riglw-Richard Thomas, Frank Dukes, Harry Moors, Waynn' Kirklin, Lynn Nc-aglcy, Edward Brown, Richard Peoples, Thom Brown, Vittnr Berger, Mr. james Gcnnaria. ERIEN LEAF .YMH-' Iidirm'-iwChief--Barbara Queener Arfarirzte Edilorfjeannc Smolka Bnrmen zILzz1rzger-Carolyn Clift EDITORIAL STAFF Ljter.1r'1iMartl1a Shillito Gfrli' Sfwrfr fRobcrta Stoessel Iizrzzlly-Dorothy Delker Bnyr' ,S'l110rltf-Harry Moore Girly' ll'f1'ile-fzfu-Rutlm Whezatley P1201ogrfzplvyf-Ricluard Peoples Boys" Wfrile-nj1.u'---Riclmard Thomas C'irculali0n'f--Joan Wo1'1':rd Ar!-Arclis Shanks CnpygAdelc Sermattei fItJI'j.lEI'f-JHIIICS A. Gennaria LITERARY STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Pauline Pepper Marlon Thayer ,wf Carolyn Kendall Anne Vernon ' Frank Dukes Lynn Neaerley Adele Scrmattei Shirley Matthews f. A I Anna Bullock Wfayne Kirklin Richard Thomas Margaret ,lenkinson TYPING STAFF ,lilliftf Smilll Eli N ll Virtor Berger sic oe Margaret McGroarty Ruth Paul Nancy Draper Ann Lynani Beverly Garnett Frances Mitchell Suzanne Ncumeyer ,HARD AT XVORKV, PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Lefl to wiqfwf-Carolyn Clift, Jeanne Smolka, Bar- lldwanl Brown hara Qneencr, Ardis Shanks. Thom Brown ia ,,.,.. 'Sl' - 1 ...4 ? l 'Z L-1 h- 3 rf. P 4 -4-L.- -- , v .A- 31-fxlkfwuf Q' UL S 11, ,.5'i-T -f , ,H r- X' ' f ff ,fcf I f . Y 'Q f 1.35. 'H '--I Lf, :EITTQ PFI- E411 r i 5 - -: -I lf:-1 'E -f - -f -' "" ' 1-5 ff'Z::: -:sz fr.-fi L -- ' -:I E35 I- 3 2 ' 7" ' F4 -Zvi., -'22 P21 .-'ffl' ?, 4 Y - V " " 2 I 51- ...afj ":4u .- , , 'el 7- 5 ?i- i 1 .- -1 "Zi: ,I 4... i 4 4-f r -+,. - 53-. -iv' ,xl lt- . f- . - ,1..... . .4 Uv.:- 17:- .2 ,qr 1 1-1. vel? , -4.5 4 1 w?- ...- .- if 'N , DAQ , ,age 9 in R it -it DAVID AUSTIN Upon entering M.P.H.S. in his junior year, blond, curly-headed "Dave" quickly became known for his skill in basketball. He was a varsity basketball team member-ll, 12, and played varsity volleyball- l1. He joined Choir-12, Aviation and Science Club-11, Safety Patrol- 12 and was on the GREEN FLASH staff-12. "Dave" is undecided about the future but has taken the academic course with plans of at- tending S.M.U. and studying archi- tecture. As his pastimes, he likes to swim and dance. p Q gi, i ,--sk 3 , . .,. V. ,. . 1, THOMAS BAITY "Tom," who has always enjoyed participating in class and school activities, took the commercial course in preparation for a future in business administration. He would like to enroll at Drexel In- stitute of Technology after gradu- ation. Active in dramatics, "Tom" had a part in the senior operettas in the 9th and llth grades and in the Sr. Play. He joined Art Club- 9, 10, was elected to the Student Council-10 and was a member of Driver's Training-I0 and Choir- 11, 12. CLASS OFFICERS Sealed - joseph Wcmrtz, preiiderzl. Sliwdiflg Klefl In right! - janet Smith, rice- p're.ridenf,' Ruth Wlmealtley, .fec- remry: joan Worriid, frein- urer. VICTOR BERGER "Vic" has centered his school career around music, a held in which he is well suited. A mem- ber of the Band-9, IU. ll, 13, he was president of the Choir-ll, 12 and had leading parts in the senior operettas-9, ll. He showed an in- terest in dramatics while he par- ticipated in the jr. and Sr. Plays. He was also on the GREEN LEAF staff. "Vic" will receive a scien- tific diploma and is thinking of entering the field of radio or tele- vision after graduation. THOM BROWN Thom is well-known for his dra- matical abilities which he has offered on the stage as well as in the classroom. He had leading roles in the senior operettas-9, 11 and in the Jr. and Sr. Plays, in addition to being in the Dramatics Club-11, 12. As other activities he lists: Photography Club-9, Safety Patrol-9, Archery Club-10, varsity volleyball-11, Choir-11 and Hi-Y organization-12. Thom hopes to go to the U. of Delaware to study business administration. CAROLYN CLIFT Carolyn, a helpful and never- tiring worker, has been at Mount Pleasant since kindergarten. Her activities were: operetta-9, Safety Patrol-9, 10, varsity softball-9, 10, 11, 12, basketball mgr.-10, Student Council-10, Choir-10, 11, 12 fChoir pres.-121, sr. operetta dir.-11, jf. Play cast, Driver's Training-11, Sr. Play dir., hockey mgr.-12 and GREEN LEAF business mgr. In September "Cliftie" will enter the U. of Delaware to pursue a course in elementary education. ANNA BULLOCK A keen enjoyment and skill for sports has made Anna outstanding in athletics. Throughout her four years she was a major participator in hockey and basketball and played softball-9, 11, 12. She was a member of Leaders Club-9, 10, 11, 12, Choir-10, 11 fChoir Coun- cil-llj, Athletic Ass'n.-12, Driver's Training-12, and of the GREEN LEAF staff. Anna took the com- mercial course in preparation for a secretarial career. She plans to attend a business college. WILBERT DAVIDSON Good-natured "Will" joined our class in its junior year and rapidly entered, into activities. Although small in stature, his talents were not so. He played varsity football and basketball-11, 12, and' base- ball-11, 12. He was elected to the Student Council-11, editor of the GREEN FLASH-11, pres. of Dra- matics Club-12, was on the Safety Patrol-12 and in the Sr. Play cast. P. M. C. is "Will's" next stop where he hopes to major in busi- ness administration. JAMES CHOWNING "jimmy" who took the academic course, has intentions of enrolling, at the United States Merchant Ma- rine Academy. He played his favorite school sport, varsity foot- ball, in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. "jimmy" was a member of Leaders Club-9, Shop Club-9, joined Choir-10, 11, 12 and Sci- ence and Aviation Club-11. He is particularly interested in camping and sailing activities, during'the summer he worked as a waterfront director at a summer camp. A DOROTHY DELKER In her quiet way Dorothy has proved herself to be quite a scholar. She also has shown an in- terest in extra-curricular activities as a manager of varsity basketball and softball-11, 12, as a participa- tor in intramural sports, as co- chairman of the' scenery committee for the jr. and Sr. Plays, as a mem- ber of Driver's Training-11 and as faculty editor of the GREEN LEAF. "Dot's" ambition is to be a chemist upon receiving a degree from the U. of Delaware. 'X C 9- 1212 9- 'I Q 4 .1P"5r, l ' 1 I V is 0 it it F ? 'Hoa rr l X 1 V 5 ... HERBERT DEMPSEY, JR. "Herb" has always been a loyal and willing worker of our class. Being musically-minded, he played in the Band-9, 10, 11, 12, fBand pres.-9, 10g student director-12j, in the Orchestra-11, the Dance Band-11, 12, was in the Choir-10, 11, 12 and the senior operettas-9, 11. "Herb" was varsity football mgr.-10 and basketball mgr.-12, took Driver's Training-11, was on the Student Council-12 and in the Sr. Play cast. A commercial stu- dent, "Herb" is ambitious to be- come a florist. FRANK DUKES A lover of all sports, Frank was one of the best athletes of our class. His number "nine" has been seen at many a football, basketball and baseball game. He played var- sity basketball and baseball all four years plus soccer-9 and foot- ball-10, 11, 12. Frank was in the Athletic Ass'n.-10, in Sports Club- 10, 11, Chess and Checkers Club- 12, a member of the Choir-12 and on the GREEN LEAF staff. Frank took the general course and in- tends to join the Navy after grad- uation. JOSEPH DIETZ Well-dressed "Buddy" was an active member of the scientific course and has future plans of studying dentistry at Lehigh Uni- versity. His various activities in- cluded: Student Council president- 9, operetta cast-9, 11, Leaders Club-9, varsity baseball-10, varsity football-10, 11, 12, Choir-10, 11, 12, basketball and volleyball-11, Class vice pres.-11, Typing Club- 11 and Sr. Play cast. "Buddy" is a swimming, dancing and golf en- thusiast. ROBERT DUNLAP Happy-go-lucky "Bob" is well known for his blue and gray "jalopy" and for his mischievous- ness in and out of school. "Bob" was in the annual operetta-9, sang in the Choir-10, 11, 12, and had roles in both the jr. and Sr. Plays. His club choices included Sports Club-9 and Leaders Club-10. "Bob- by" was also manager of the var- sity soccer team-9 an-d took Driver's Training-11. He was a scientific student and is thinking of attending the Naval Academy in New York. NANCY DRAPER One of our cutest seniors is Nancy, whose favorite pastime is dancing. This peppy "gal" has cheered our teams to victory as a cheerleader-10, 11, 12. She was on the PLEASANT VIEWS staff-10, Safety Patrola10, in the Choir-10, 11, Usher Corps-11, was an usher for the Jr. and Sr. Plays, on the GREEN LEAF typing staff and participated in intramural sports. As she is a commercial student, Nancy's future interests lie in a secretarial career. JOSEPH FERGUSON "joe," who took the shop course during high school, is thinking seriously of joining the Navy to be a deep sea diver after graduation. In school his interests were mainly in sports, playing varsity soccer-9, football-10, 11, 12 and varsity baseball-9, 11, 12. He joined Leaders Club-9, 10, 12 and was a member of the Choir in his sopho- more and senior years. He took Driver's Training in the 11th grade. "joe" enjoys playing cards in his spare time. VIRGINIA FISHER Having athletical ambitions, "Ginnie" played varsity basketball and softball-9, 10, varsity hockey- 1O, 11 and joined Leaders Club-9, 10, 11. Other activities to her credit included: Student Council-9, Safety Patrol-9, 10, Athletic Asso- ciation-10, Choir-10, 11, 12 fChoir Council-111, usher for the Jr. Play and Driver's Training-12. This neat and attractive commercial student has plans to pursue a sec- retarial career after graduation. CECIL GODFREY Outstanding in athletic abilities, "Cec" has been active in all major sports since 9th grade. He played varsity soccer-9, basketball and baseball-9, 10, 11, 12 and football- 10, ll, 12. Cecil was in Leaders Club-9, Sports Club-10, and Ath- letic Ass'n.-11. Other interests were in the annual operetta-9, Drivers Training-10, Audio Visual Club-11 and Choir-12. Cecil was a member of the general course and hopes to major in business ad- ministration at P.M.C. WILLIAM FLYNN An added member to Mount Pleasant in his junior year, "Bill" contributed a grand sense of humor to the class. He entered into activities wholeheartedly, those to his credit including: varsity foot- ball and volleyball-11, 12, Choir- 11, 12, Science and Aviation Club- 11 and historian of the Hi-Y or- ganization-12, "Bill," a scientific student, joined the Naval Reserve in his twelfth year and plans to study Naval Science after gradu- ation. SHIRLEY HARTMANN Shirley has always had an active interest in athletics, playing var- sity basketball-9, softball-9, 10 and hockey-10, intramural basketball and softball-ll. besides joining Leaders Club-10, 11. Other inter- ests were Choir-10, 11, Driver's Training and Square Dance Club- 12. Roller skating and dancing rate high among Shirley's social activities. This commercial stu- dent's future plans include a career as an airline secretary after at- tending Goldey College. BEVERLY GARNETT Soft-spoken "Bev" has centered her interests around music, being a four-year member of the color guards and Choir, and being in the casts of several operettas. She played varsity hockey and basket- ball-9, 10 and was pres, of Y- Teen's Club-10. "Bev" has dis- played her writing, directing and acting abilities in various assem- bly programs. She wants to be a future English teacher and hopes to receive her training at Pasadena jr. College and later at U.C.L.A. - -, -i, MARGARET JENKINSON Fun-loving "Peggy" likes to watch all kinds of sports. She also enjoys playing basketball. Safety Patrol-9, Student Council- 10, varsity basketball-10, Choir-10, student radio program-10, Drivers Training-11, chairman of the ushers' committee for the jr. and Sr. Plays and varsity hockey mgr.- 12 were her various activities. "Peggy" has chosen the nursing field as her future vocation and wants to enroll at the Delaware Hospital School of Nursing. I, mag pg ,T C9 in KK all 1 f If tt DAQ, , C9 V in R it it CAROLYN KENDALL "Ken," the "life of the party" as well as the classroom, has taken part in a variety of activities dur- ing her school career. These in- cluded: Class secretary-treas.-9, stu- dent radio program-10, Choir-10, 11, cheerleader-10, 11, 12 fhead cheerleader-125, Usher Corps-11, Driver's Training-11, jr. Play cast, GREEN FLASH staff-12 and GREEN LEAF staff. To attend the U, of Delaware and study elemen- tary education are the plans of this peppy senior. ANN LYNAM Blonde, blue-eyed Ann will be remembered for her pleasing per- sonality which has won her many friends. She was a Choir member- 10, 11, 12 and was on the Choir Council-11. She served as treas. of Y-Teen's Club-10, as pres. of Home Economics Club-11, worked on the ticket committee for the jr. and Sr. Plays, participated in intra- mural sports and was a typist for the GREEN LEAF. An efiicient commercial student, Ann is prepar- ing for a secretarial career. WAYNE KIRKLIN A talented instrumentalist, Wayne's music has added an extra spark to many affairs. His musical interests have included Band-9, 10, 11, 12 and Orchestra and Dance Band-11, 12. Other activities were: varsity football-10, 11, 12, volley- ball-11, Driver's Training-11, Sci- ence Club-11, Dramatics Club-12, Sr. Play cast, and GREEN LEAF staff. Wayne will receive a scien- tific diploma and hopes to major in chemistry at the University of Rochester. H is ri f f .. A yi X v 'ei V exif? '5' ' ' Q 1 , 2' ' 4' 1 15' t 1-'5g?3f'?5' f-Pie . . ,w av if ,if W We ., v1..,f. ,M r -9 , ,if , A fake, '- 5. 1 1 f'fo,f f Saw -. 131:22 ffl - f- it CHRISTIE MHCALLISTER Planning to be an instrument mechanic, Christie attended night school in his senior year, and hopes to enter this field upon grad- uation from Mount Pleasant. A member of Sports Club-9, 10, he was in Science and Aviation Club- 11 and Shop Club 9, 10, 12. He played intramural football and bas- ketball in the 11th grade and served on the stage crew for the annual operetta-9 and for the jr. and Sr. Plays. Christie is fond of hunting in his spare time. RICHARD LIN DBERG With thoughts of entering the Marine Corps after graduation from high school, "Sparkie" took the general course. He returned to M.P.H.S. in the 12th grade after staying in Venezuela for almost a year. just "one of the fellows," "Sparkie" rates sports as his fa- vorite activity. He was on the var- sity football and basketball teams in his junior and senior year. He was a member of Sports Club-11 and of the Safety Patrol-12, and also sang in the Choir-11, 12. SHIRLEY MATTHEWS Having been an energetic mem- ber of Mount Pleasant since grade one, this cute and petite senior looks forward to studying mer- chandising at Virginia Intermont jr. College. Among "Shrimp's" varied activities were: operetta-9, Athletic Ass'n.-9, varsity basket- ball-9, 10, cheerleader-9, 10, 11 fhead cheerleader-111, varsity hockey and softball-9, 10, 11, stu- dent radio program-10, Choir-10, 11, 12, jr. and Sr. Play casts, Driver's Training-12 and GREEN LEAF staff. MARGARET MCGROARTY This attractive commercial stu- dent with a friendly smile has the desire to become a medical secre- tary after attending Beacom Col- lege. Two of her favorite activ- ities, intramural sports and varsity basketball-9, 10, 12, have been in- cluded in her school career. "Maggie" was elected vice-pres. of the Athletic Ass'n.-9, was in Choir- 9, 10, 11, joined Leaders Club-9, 10, 12, took Driver's Training-12, was a typist for the GREEN LEAF and served on various dance com- mittees. HARRY MOORE One of our class' most capable members, Harry has shown his qualities of leadership while at M.P.H.S. His interests were as varied as his activities and in- cluded: varsity soccer-9, basketball- 9, 10, 11, 12, Choir-10, 11, 12, fChoir mgr.-111, Class pres.-11, Jr. Play cast, volleyball-11, foot- ball 11, 12, Student Council vice- pres.-12, Safety Patrol-12 and GREEN LEAF staff. An outdoors enthusiast, Harry wants to study forestry at Colorado A. 81 M. GERALDINE MILLS Writing to pen pals and listen- ing to music are two pastimes which "Gerry" greatly enjoys. As a four-year Choir member, this academic student contributed a lovely soprano voice to that group and was a participator in several operettas. She joined Dramatics Club-12' and was on the costumes committee for the Sr. Play. "Ger- ry's" vocational interests are in the medical held and for her training she plans to enroll at the Delaware Hospital School of Nursing. DONALD MORRIS "Donnie," who was a scientific student, is probably best remem- bered for his skill in football. His activities were evidence of his par- ticipation in sports, among which Were: varsity soccer-9, basketball- 9, 10, football-10, 11, 12 and base- ball-10, 11. Other activities to his credit were: Choir-10, Sports Club- 10, Science and Aviation Club-11, Chess and Checkers Club pres.-12 and Safety Patrol capt.-12. "Don" hopes to be a veterinarian after attending Concordia College. FRANCES MITCHELL "Franny" has been an active member of the commercial course and hopes to become a business secretary after attending Goldey College. Taking advantage of her athletic abilities, she has played intramural basketball-9, varsity bas- ketball-10, 11, intramural softball- 9, 10, 11 and joined Leaders Club- 10, 11, 12. She was in Choir-10, 11, took Driver's Training-11, served on the jr. Play publicity committee, was an usher for the Sr. Play and a typist for the GREEN LEAF. LYNN NEAGLEY An ambitious student of the sci- entific course, Lynn is preparing to become a dentist. He hopes to take the pre-dental course at Davidson College. Lynn was a Band member-9, 10 fBand treas- IOJ and was a Choir member-11, 12. He had leading parts in the senior operettas-9, 11 and ex- pressed his dramatical talents 'in the Jr, and Sr. Plays. Lynn played on the varsity football and volley- ball teams-1l, took Driver's Train- ing-11 and was on the GREEN LEAF staff. ff f W 7,- ESQ ,169 X1 V . 5 All if .D 546 V if SUZANNE NEUMEYER This five-foot-two "dynamo of energy," who enjoys dancing and 'watching television, shared in va- ried activities. Among these were: Photography Club-9, Safety Patrol- 9, 10, Choir-9, 10, 11, intramural sports-9, 10, 11, 12, operettas-9, 11, Dramatics Club-10, 11, Driver's Training-11, Square Dance Club- 12, cheerleader-12, and usher for the jr. and Sr. Plays. Redheaded "Sue," taking the commercial course, plans to become "some- body's secretary" after graduation. RUTH PAUL Ruth, a jovial lass, whose fa- vorite hobby is raising collies, joined the class in the 10th grade. Having a line record in sports and music, she played varsity hockey, basketball and softball-10, 11, 12, was in the School Band and Choir- 10, 11, 12 QBand Council-10, 111, the County Band-10, 11 and the Orchestra-11, 12. She was a mem- ber of the Usher Corps-10, Driver's Training-11 and the GREEN LEAF staff. Ruth's future destination is the Delaware Hospital School of Nursing. ELSIE NOELL Ambitious to become a chemical secretary, Elsie has been one of the outstanding members of the com- mercial course. ln her 9th and 10th years she participated in intra- mural basketball and was a Choir member-10, 11. President of Li- brary Club-10, treasurer of Home Economics Club-11 and typist for the GREEN LEAF were other ac- tivities. ln her spare time Elsie likes to knit and crochet. A busi- ness college is her choice for fur- ther education. 'E RICHARD PEOPLES "Dick" has kept up his scholas- tic grades and joined in several extra-curricular activities while keeping a part-time job during high school. These activities in- cluded: Band-9, 10, 11, varsity bas- ketball mgr.-10, Orchestra 10, 11, Shop and Photography Clubs-11, Driver's Training-11, Dramatics Club-12 and GREEN LEAF pho- tography editor. "Dick's" future plans will be centered around the optometry profession, he hopes to take the pre-medical course at the University of Delaware. ARTHUR OGGENFUSS Hoping to enter Lehigh Univer- sity in the fall, "Art," a scientific student, plans to major in mechan- ical or chemical engineering. His school activities were varied, among which were: varsity soccer- 9, baseball manager-9, Boys' Home Economics and Leaders Clubs-9, varsity basketball-9 fmanager-10,, operettas-9, 11, football-10, Stu- dent Council-9, Photography Club-10, Choir-10, 11, 12, and Typing Club-11. "Oggie" enjoys working with his car, dancing, and going to the movies. PAULINE PEPPER Of much help to her class and school, this senior's activities in- cluded: operetta cast-9, school newspaper staffs-9, 10, 11, 12, var- sity softball-10, Safety Patrol-10, Choir-10, 11, varsity hockey and softball mgr.-11, Driver's Training- 11, jr. and Sr. Play prompter and GREEN LEAF staff. Though Paul- ine is an academic student, she shows much ability in secretarial work. The U. of Delaware is her next stop where she will major in elementary education. PAUL PETERS Paul, who is much interested in motors and mechanics, is unde- cided about his future plans. While at M.P.H.S. this tall and lanky senior expressed a liking for sports and played varsity football-10 and basketball-10, 11, intramural base- ball 9, 10 and intramural basket- ball-10, 11, 12. He was a member of Leaders Club in his 9th year and of Sports Club in the 10th grade. As other interests, Paul joined Audio Visual Club-10 and Photography and Science and Avi- ation Clubs-11. JAMES RILEY "jimmy," although small in size, has shown much adaptability for sports and has demonstrated such while playing varsity soccer-9, basketball-9, 10, football-10, 11 and baseball-10, 11, 12. He was also a varsity football manager-12. "Jimmy" had a part in the annual operetta 9, was Class president-9 and Class vice-president-10, was a Choir member-10, 11, 12 and on the Safety Patrol-12. This senior would like to make baseball his future career and hopes to attend the Dodgers' Baseball School. BARBARA QUEENER Without a doubt, "Barb" has been one of our most outstanding seniors. Her activities included: basketball mgr.-9, Safety Patrol chief-9, 10, Student Council sec.- 9, 11, PLEASANT VIEWS editor- 10, Freedom Train rep.-10, GREEN FLASH editor-11, Driver's Train- ing-11, Class sec.-11, state rep. to N.A.S.C. conference-11, Student Council pres.-12, GREEN LEAF editor and Sr. Play prompter. She hopes to be an elementary school teacher after attending William and Mary College. THOMAS ROSS "Tommy," a general course stu- dent, will enroll at P.M.C. to pre- pare for a career in business ad- ministration. He rates dancing and fun-making as his favorite pas- times. Among "Tom's" school ac- tivities Were: intramural football and baseball-9, 10, varsity football- 10 and volleyball-11. He was a member of Photography Club-10, Aviation and Science Club-11, Dra- matics Club-12, worked on the stage crew for the jr. and Sr. Plays, and joined the Safety Patrol-12. WILLIAM REEDER An athlete through and through, "Bill" played varsity baseball-9, 10, basketball-9, 10, 11, 12 the was state high scorer in basket- ball-12j football-10, 11, 12, and volleyball-11. He was in the an- nual operetta-9, was on the Safety Patrol-9, served as Athletic Ass'n. treas.-10, joined Leaders Club-10, Sports Club-11, Choir-11, 12 and was 12-B homeroom president. "Bill" took the academic course in preparation for an agriculture course at Oklahoma A. 8: M. EDYTHE SANDS Edythe, often called Marian, is an academic student with a quiet and pleasing personality. Safety Patrol-9, Dramatics Club-10, var- sity softball mgr.-10, varsity hockey- 10, PLEASANT VIEWS staff-10, Senior Choir-11, Cadet Choir vice- president-12, Sr. Play costumes committee and intramural sports were among her activities. Edythe has also participated in various class affairs. This senior will en- roll at the U. of Delaware to major in home economics. If at 0 , tem I it ll K Ct? e i - fl V . 'il R ct . Q 18 ADE LE SERMATTEI Immediately when her name is spoken one thinks of Adele's writ- ing ability. This ability was shown in various Ways, for, while arriving at M.P.H.S. only in the 10th year, this industrious aca- demic student has been an in- terviewer for the PLEASANT VIEWS, GREEN FLASH assoc. editor-11, 12, was on the Jr. and Sr. Play publicity committees, and on the GREEN LEAF staff. Adele is well thought of by all who know her and will surely succeed in her undertakings in the future. MARTHA SHILLITO A native of New York Qand proud of itj, Martha has shown her literary, artistic and dramatic abilities while at school. She re- ceived leading parts in the senior operettas-9, ll and in the Jr. and Sr. Plays. Class sec.-10, Choir-10, ll, 12, and GREEN LEAF staff were other interests, Drawing and writing are two favorite pastimes at which she has proven herself adept. Weslc-y Jr. College is Martha's future destination where she will major in the literary and dramatic fields. ARDIS SHANKS Wlien art is mentioned, pretty and talented "Ardie" will come to mind. She joined the class in her junior year and has since contrib- uted her artistic ability to many activities. As a member of the scenery committee for the Jr. and Sr. Plays fco-chairman of the lat- terj and as art editor of the GREEN LEAF, Ardis has shown her interest and skill in this Field. She was on the GREEN FLASH staff-11 and a Choir member-11. Of course, she plans to pursue an art career. .- Y 'T' Q 51.155 ' T5 L12 1 JANET SMITH Janet, a gay and likeable girl, has added much to the spirit of the class. She returned to Mt. Pleasant in 1949, after living in Illinois for three years. ln her 12th year she was Class vice-pres, and representative to the Student Council. A star varsity hockey player-12 and a member of Choir- 1l, 12, she also served as co-ordi- nator for the Sr. Play and was on the GREEN LEAF staff. "Smitty's" next stop is the U. of Del. for her training as a mathematics teacher. WILLIAM SHERWOOD Tall, dark-haired "Bill" has al- ways been interested in model air- planes and cars. Another sports' enthusiast, he played on the var- sity football and baseball teams- 10, 11, 12 and on the basketball team-10. "Bill" served as Athletic Assn. vice-pres.-11, 12. Other ac- tivities included operetta cast-9, Science and Aviation Club-9, 11, Sports Club-10, Square Dance Club-12 and Safety Patrol-12. "Bill" took the general course and wants to attend the U. of Dela- ware. JEANNE SMOLKA Always an outstanding class member, Jeanne is well-known by those at M.P.I-LS. Among her ac- tivities were: Safety Patrol-9, 10, varsity hockey and basketball-9, 10, 11, Class pres.-10, Athletic Ass'n. pres.-10, softball-10, 11, Choir-lil, 11, 12, county oratorical contest participant-ll, operetta-11, Student Council vice-pres.-11 and sec.-12, cheerleader-12, co-chairman of the May Day committee-12 and GREEN LEAF assoc. editor, Jeanne intends to become a dental hygienist, MARJORIE SNYDER "Margie" has chosen home eco- nomics as her future vocation and will major in it at the U. of Del. A good sport and full of fun, she is one of the few seniors that has been at Mt. Pleasant since grade one. Always interested in sports, "Margie" played varsity hockey-9, basketball-9, 12, and softball-10, 11. A Safety Patrol officer-9, 10, she was in the oper- etta-9, was head cheerleader-9, 10, Leaders Club pres.-10, took Driver's Training-11 and was in the Choir and Band-11, 12. giQ,-:e2tfc'fvfl524teif. pig - E., , 525, ,L . ff ' -. 1' Q. 4 sf , , t 1xi91,,gQZg ,11, ' ' is A ' '53 ar .SM gr-4415 3919,-.ta I g- , f-is 4 ' V A :-i it in 'Qffzi rs-' . , ,t 6' . E , ,... .1 , Zig, I inn- at , t-wk... K f , ff ' K 5 if 5,41 2 K 1 , I as f t ' fr Www ,E L5 H fr 5 X if W1 so fix ws A M31 'ax it cf Q N i K . i MARION THAYER Marion was one of our more traveled classmates, having lived in Brazil for two years. Since her return in 1948, this academic stu- dent has graced the stage with scenery as well as dramatic offer- ings. Some of her activities were: varsity hockey and basketball-11, Driver's Training-11, Jr. and Sr. Play casts, Dramatics Club-11, softball-11, 12, Choir-11, 12 and GREEN LEAF staff. Marion hopes to become a commercial artist after attending Oberlin Conserva- tory. . ROBERTA STOESSEL An all-round girl is "Bobbie- Lou," who has shown her versatil- ity as a line scholar and star ath- lete. Varsity hockey and softball- 9, 10, 11, varsity basketball-10, 11, 12, Safety Patrol-9, Dramatics Club-10, Choir-10, 11, chairman of jr. and Sr. Play ticket committees fco-chairman of the latterj, Ath- letic Ass'n.-12, Driver's Training- 12 and GREEN LEAF staff were her various activities. "Bobbie- Lou's" ambition is to be a chem- ical secretary after completing a course at Goldey College. RICHARD THOMAS "Dick" with his likeable disposi- tion came to M.P.H.S. from New York State in his 11th year. His favorite hobby is collecting model trains. "Dick's" activities have in- cluded: Sports and Leaders Clubs- 11, varsity basketball and volley- ball-11, operetta-11, football-11, 12, Student Council treasurer-11, 12, Choir-11, 12, Sr. Play cast and GREEN LEAF staff. "Dick" took the scientific course in preparation for future work in businessadmin- istration. His next stop is either Muhlenberg College or the U. of Del. GLENN STREEVY If in need of a first class ath- letics manager, call on Glenn Streevy, for Glenn has been a manager of varsity basketball-9, 10, 11 and of football-10. His other activities included varsity baseball-9, Shop Club-10, 11, and Archery Club-11. Glenn enjoys working on stage scenery and rid- ing on his motorcycle. He was a specialist in the print shop in-his 12th year and was responsible for the printing of many of our tickets and programs. RICHARD UMBRECI-IT Handy with a hammer and saw, "Richie" has interests in shop work and stage-craft. He was a member of the general course and has plans to work as a printer's apprentice after graduation. Rich- ard played intramural basketball in his 9th year and intramural base- ball and football in the 9th and 11th grades. For other activities this red-haired student joined Stage Club-9, Shop Club-10, Archery Club-11 and served as a print shop specialist-12. 1'- f QA , , I it at 19 Q 512 cel S Qi, l X 1 I mi it 12-,D .- ANNE VERNON This talented "gal" has decided interests in music and dramatics. Anne has to her credit: Safety Patrol-9, 10, operettas-9, 11, var- sity hockey-9, 10, 11, a "Singcl1ro- nizer"-10, 11, 12, Band color guard-10, Choir-10, 11, 12, county oratorical contest 2nd place win- ner-11, GREEN FLASH staff-11, Driver's Training-11, Dance Band vocalist-11, 12, Jr. and Sr. Play casts and GREEN LEAF staff. Anne plans to study elementary education at Pasadena Jr. College and later at U.C.L.A. JOAN WORRAD Cheerful "Joanie," with lots of school spirit, has had many good times at school while sharing in activities. As Class treas.-10, 11, 12 and as Athletic Ass'n, treas.-11, 12, she has shown her ability in hand- ling monetary matters. Among her activities were: Class vice-pres.-9, Safety Patrol-9, 10, Choir-10, 11, cheerleader-11, 12, Jr. Play cast, Dramatics Club-11, 12, usher for the Sr. Play and GREEN LEAF staff. "Joanie," a scientific stu- dent, is uncertain of her future plans. NORMAN WARD "Buddy," who took the general course in high school, is remem- bered for his sense of humor. As a future occupation he wants to be a game warden. "Buddy" played on the varsity basketball and base- ball squads in his 9th and 10th years, also varsity football-10, in- tramural football-l0, and intra- mural baseball and basketball-10, 11, 12. He participated in the op- eretta-9, had a lead in the Sr. Play, joined Sports Club-10, 11 and was a member of the GREEN FLASH staff-11, 12. JOSEPH WORTZ An all-round fellow, "Joe" has always been an active class mem- ber. He played varsity baseball-9, 10, basketball-9, 10, 11, 12, and football-10, 11, 12. Other activities included: outside Safety Patrol captain-9, operetta-9, Student Coun- cil treasurer-10, Leaders and Sci- ence and Aviation Clubs-11, Square Dance Club-12, Athletic Ass'n.-12, Class pres.-12, and May Day committee co-chairman-12. "Jody" wants to major in business administration at the U. of Dela- ware. RUTH WHEATLEY Musically-inclined, Ruth's activ- ities have included: Safety Patrol- 9, 10, operetta casts-9, 11, Student Council sec.-10, Class sec.-10, Choir-10, 11, 12 fChoir vice-pres.- llj, a "Singchronizer"-10, ll, 12, varsity basketball-11 fmgr.-101, Driver's Training-11, Dance Band vocalist-11, 12, Jr. and Sr. Play p r o m p t e r , cheerleader-12 and GREEN LEAF staff. "Ruthie" wrote the words to the school vic- tory song. She wants to attend Syracuse University to major in music. ff, tl XX i D 'S X, 'ssl . YH 7? 1 REX A ff' N N...-,.... CLASS OF 1950 Always busy with something or another, the Class of '50 has had many interesting and varied ex- periences. He sponsored several dances, Xmas Dance-11, Senior Swing-12, and such special affairs as the Freshman Frolic, Sophomore Hop, Junior Prom, and Senior Ball. The Class of '50 was in charge of concessions-11 and staged the Jr. and Sr. Plays. He was active in all sports and club activities. For fur- ther education the Class of '50 hopes to attend many different schools to study a variety of occupations. "7fl0.S'f TIIINFS' I llKf" Q I am the Class of '50 of Mount Pleasant High p-:' t School. , X 45? X . People don't take me seriously as a rule, I But deep inside me I have my thoughts, and so CL 1 'if"i',gQ5f?5" N Iflyou would really know me, just read be- 3 ow. A 'x The things that 1 like and the things that 1 m? want W PT To make my own, I never before you Haunt. fl iff Yes, these things I feel are poetry surely. 0- 4- Their beauty is found in ways I feel deeply. So read and don't smile, lest you hurt meg you ll see, Y You'll not learn the names of the authors it x, X from me, , f X xx But read on and see what you think of me, " x ' gf-S l please, 2 ' X, X - - ai- Y,-fx The things that I enjoy most of all are these: Christmas morning A blue lake with a canoe and you The year's first snow Forests with their silence and majesty The budding of flowers in spring The quiet serenity of a Thanksgiving dinner Cheering of a crowd at a football game The humming of the motor on the school bus Soldiers coming home from war Words and sweet music of a love song Waking up to find the ground covered with snow The smell of rain-scented air The sound of printing presses running Trucks roaring out of a big garage Watching a small child open a gift The end of a long journey Wind blowing through fields of grain The tide coming in and slapping on shore A moon-lit bay The sound of dishes being put on the table A field of flowers A thunder storm at two in the morning Reliving a vacation Making a long-shot count The ticking of a clock My dog's soulful eyes Hunting alone on a cold frosty morning The pop of a bottle opening A peacock spreading his wings A perfect "squeeze play" A galloping horse A lighted Christmas tree in a dark room A.. nifi- Walking on a cold starry night Getting a big surprise Being with someone I like Pattering of rain on my window The excitement of a crowd at a big event The unfurling of a Hag Listening to a brook gurgle along Soft cuddly kittens or puppies The falling of snow The moon or the sun rising and going down Popping corn on cold nights Day-dreaming Trains going by at night Climbing a hill or taking a long trip The Star-Spangled Banner Sunrise over a mountain Being in a quiet church To watch the clouds go drifting by The sound of waves against a boat's side A choir singing the Lord's Prayer Rustling of the wind through the trees before a storm Living among happy people A large city street with cars going by Driving a car on the Pennsylvania Turnpike The throw and follow-through of a baseball player Watching a big transport settle for a landing The end of football practice and a cool drink of water Trapping in the early morning Sitting before a warm fire on a cold night Reminiscing of past pleasures Walking in the fallen leaves in autumn And, last but not least, Aifiea tiptoeing across a powder puff with his tennis shoes on! NN D 'V 1 1 xx, "Tiff BH! HAS' 70lD" OUR FIRST YEAR The Class of 1950 arrived in a high school world of confusion and inexperience in September of 1946. Here we moved in what seemed to be an entirely new atmosphere-so new that several days passed before we were able to get to our classes on time. Our training in the responsibilities of high school freshmen began immediately, and, surprisingly, we learned quickly. One of our first steps was taken in the direction of class organization. jimmy Riley was chosen president and Joan Worrad was selected as vice-president. Carolyn Kendall received the job of secretary-treasurer. Later on, we understood that Christmas was on its way. To help spread some of the holiday cheer, a class group sang carols throughout the neighborhood. The caroling party was climaxed at school with dancing and the serving of refreshments. This ac- tivity became traditional with our class. How time dragged by! But finally june rolled around. On june 12, 81 of us gathered on the school steps and "watched the birdie" as the photographer snapped our freshman class picture, That evening we presented class night exercises for our parents and friends. The Freshman Frolic followed this pro- gram and was the first orchestral dance for our class and their guests. A carnival theme was carried out in the decorations, many gay and festive streamers with balloons adorning the school gym. OUR SECOND YEAR After the summer vacation, which seemed too short, 65 sophomores returned to the "old grind". In an election which soon followed, Jeanne Smolka was elected president, jimmy Riley, vice-president, Ruth Wheatley, secretaryg and joan Worrad, treas- urer. This indeed was a big year for our school! Mount Pleasant had its very Hrst football team. The team was supported exceptionally well by a large number of followers. Three games filled the schedule and everyone was pleased with the two wins which were acquired. The sophomore year marked a special one for another reason than that of football. The Hrst Mount Pleasant choir was organized and this fine organization gave several concerts during the year. Both the musical and the football presentations were well deserving of the credit which they received. In the spring the Sophomore Hop was held. It was open to the tenth grade and their guests. The beautiful decorations, representing the theme, "The Dwarf Club", and a wonderful orchestra sent us on to our junior year. OUR THIRD YEAR Another summer had passed, and again we re- turned to school for another year of education and fun. This year our class membership increased by one to make a total enrollment of 66. Class officers were at once chosen. Harry Moore was elected pres- identg Buddy Dietz, vice-president, Barbara Queener, secretaryg and Joan Worrad, treasurer. Concessions for the 1948-49 football and basket- ball seasons helped the junior class along with their finances. In December came our Christmas Dance, which the class sponsored. With Christmas decorations and refreshments, it proved to be a very gala affair. This was the year to order our class rings. A large committee spent many hours in choosing seals and ring styles from which the class made its final decision. By the middle of February the juniors were sporting their new class rings. On March 11 and 12 we presented the hilarious comedy, "We Shook the Family Tree", as the first junior Play. The practices and parties, which pre- ceded it, made the evenings -very pleasant. By May plans were well under way for the junior Prom, the decorative theme "Blue Moon and Blue Room" being chosen. So it was that, on May 27, the junior class and their guests were entertained by their third annual orchestral dance. Mount Pleasant's first yearbook was in the minds of the staff members about this time. Announce- ments were made in the spring concerning dates and plans for the printing of the "Green Leaf." With things all set for the next term the junior class left behind them one' of the best school years. OUR LAST YEAR The senior year at Mount Pleasant was certainly one of the busiest years experienced. Our class pres- ident was joe Wortz, vice-president, janet Smith, the secretary, Ruth Wheatley, and the treasurer, joan Worrad. Committees were chosen and practices began in November for the Senior Play, "The Tavern", which was presented on December 9 and 10, in the school auditorium. The Senior Ball was an affair to be remembered. It was held in the Du Barry Room of the Hotel du Pont on February 3. This dance marked the first formal and the biggest dance of our Mount Pleasant career. During the winter the new recreation room was secured by the twelfth grade for their use. Many enjoyable senior activities were held there. Before we knew it, graduation had rolled around and our thoughts turned to name cards, announce- ments, and caps and gowns. All 62 seniors enjoyed the activities of the last few months together. Senior Odd Day was held in April. Many memorable things can be recalled from the senior trip-and on june 10, the "Farewell to Seniors Dance" was held for our class. The Baccalaureate Services, Class Night, and Com- mencement put a linal ending to our high school education. Many students in our class will continue their education, while the rest will seek other op- portunities, but whatever tasks face us, we never will forget the thrill of being the first graduating class of Mount Pleasant High School. It has been a grand period of our lives and one that will always be re- membered as we leave our school to take other re- sponsibilities in this great world. --PAULINE PEPPER ,. ff iliaat will Anil Glvatamrnt GDI' Ellie Glleiaa 091' 'EH f ' X I, the Senior Class of 1950, being of sound body l Q and particularly sound mind, do draw up for poster- X. ity this last will and testament. To the Senior Class of 1951 I leave the privilege of wearing senior rings, my priority to the community room, my front seats in Y f the auditorium, and all my other insignia of senior- ity. To the administration I leave appreciation for , I "-' ,- " t its advice and guidance during my school years at ' Mount Pleasant, to my class advisers I leave appre- ,W 1 ' I " 6 ciation for their iine leadership and management of '4' cw I Q-J my affairs, and to the faculty I leave behind appre- f Q M, ciation for a task well done. I am now the first F H """ L45 Alumnus of Mount Pleasant High School, so I leave , to my Alma Mater the history which I have made 'L ' erir, 5 ,' gt, during the past four years. I, David Wier Austin, will my "chemical brilliance" to Mr. Remcho. I, Thomas Leland Baity, will a meal at the B. 8: G. tio Eddie Brown. I, Victor Henry Berger, leave the auditorium piano keys to Emory Fanning. I, Thom Roy Brown, leave my "serious, studious naturei' to "Colonel" Tommy Stevens. I, Anna Cora Bullock, will my sportsmanship to Diana Smolka. I, james Reid Chowning, bequeath my Cushman Scooter to Dave West. I, Carolyn Clift, bestow my 2,756w freckles to jean Cornthwaite. I, Wilbert Thomas Davidson, leave two feet of my height to Pete Sheldon. I, Dorothy Ann Delker, bequeath my "talkative nature" to Marion Stinchecum. I, Herbert Watson Dempsey, give my front office job to Roger McClellan. I, joseph Budding Dietz, leave my "suave sophistication" to Roger Trumbore. I, Nancy Rosalie Draper, will my dancing lessons on the art of ballet to George Draper. I, Frank Irving Dukes, give my number "9" jersey to Lewis Marroni. I, Robert Earl Dunlap, leave my "boxing and wrestling ability" to Gordon Pizor. I, joseph Olin Ferguson, will the dimple in my cheek to Shirley Narvel. I, Virginia Lee Fisher, give my wool gray slacks to Connie Rietdorf. I, William Patrick Flynn, leave my football pants to five Bobby Maxwells. I, Beverly jean Garnett, bequeath my "slenderness" to Jerry Corrigan. I, Cecil Russell Godfrey, leave nothing to nobody-I'm selfish. I, Shirley Ann Hartmann, will my open-house parties to Rose Marie Hartmann. I, Margaret jean jenkinson, leave my closeted card tables to Mr. Hanning. I, Carolyn Kent Kendall, give my "study-hall" jokes to Tony Brown. I, Wayne Albert Kirklin, leave my "harem" to Roger Gordon. I, Richard Bruce Lindberg, will my Venezuelan villa to Frank Newton. I, Mildred Ann Lynam, give my big blue eyes to Pete Dietz. I, Christie Roland MacAllister, leave my hammer and saw to Mr. Metzger. I, Shirley Gail Matthews, will my "movie-star smiles" to Barbara Shefiield. I, Margaret McGroarty, leave my pug nose to Bob Leshem. I, Geraldine Rita Mills, will my "free Friday's" to Peggy Riggs. I, Frances Margaret Mitchell, leave my long fingernails to Mr. Strain's typing classes. I, Harry William Moore, bequeath my truthfulness to Marie O'Neill. I, Donald Everett Morris, give my peroxide bottles to Lois Watt. I, Ross Lynn Neagley, will my "romantic stability" to Roy Sullivan. Suzanne Ernestine Neumeyer, give my cheerleading uniform to Cindy Travis. Elsie Marie Noell, leave my needle and thread to those who are in need of them. Arthur Herman Oggenfuss, bequeath my many "birthdays" to my brother Bobby. Ruth Church Paul, leave my goalie equipment to Lucy Oliva. Richard Allen Peoples, will my blonde hair to Jacqueline Mataleno. Pauline Corean Pepper, leave behind twenty pounds to Crystle Lord. Paul Vincent Peters, will my "5 o'clock shadow" to Jay Webb. Barbara Ann Queener, leave my Tennessee drawl to yo'all. William Howard Reeder, will my "ability to get along with teachers" to Tommy Shultz. James Earl Riley, will my "impersonation of Jolson" to Mark Kuehn. Thomas Clyde Ross, leave my "loud socks" to Allison Gloyd. Edythe Marian Sands, leave behind my love for home economics to Nancy Peters. Adele Anise Sermattei, bequeath my many blue late slips to Barbara Black. Ardis Maureen Shanks, give my "athletic skills" to Elizabeth Fritze. William Francis Sherwood, will my red B. V. D. shirt to Kenneth Clapp. Martha Carolyne Shillito, leave my "home in the State of Confusion" to Nancy Hanlon. Janet Haliday Smith, will the black-eyes I acquired playing hockey to Doris Humphrey. Jeanne Margaret Smolka, bequeath my blue shoulder-strap bag to the Lost and Found. Marjorie Louise Snyder, leave my work at the summer playground to the ambi- tious. Roberta Louise Stoessel, will my "tiny" waistline to Jayne Reynolds. Glenn Arthur Streevy, bequeath the backstage space to Bill MacKay. Marion Louise Thayer, leave Brazil to the Brazilians. Richard Walter Thomas, give my size 12's to Christina Kilpatrick. Richard Joseph Umbrecht, will my wavy red hair to Lester Miller. Elizabeth Ann Vernon, bequeath my blues singin' talent to Connie Kelly. Norman Lee Ward, will my "teddy-bear haircut" to Roger Lathe. Ruth Eleanor Wheatley, bequeath my high "C" to Woods Walker. Joan Mary Worrad, leave my good times at Mount Pleasant to Ruthie Wright. Joseph Pyle Wortz, will my hospital operation to Donald Lloyd. This document was signed and sealed this tenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and jifty as my last will and testament. Witnesses: MARTHA SHILLITO, MARJORIE SNYDER Testator SUZANNE NEUMEYER WILLIAM FLYNN P KSN rs ka! I ' MW E 'F 0 X X ,7 39 l00KlN6 AHEAD Some time in the years to come, the babe of 1950 will be old. In a distant year his hair, now fair and downy with youth, will be hoary with age. Between that year and this, lie the years of work and study, of success or failure. O spirits, who guard the portals of the future, add years to this babe-lift the concealing veil of his youth and let him lead us through the maze of the uncertain future. Permit him to show us the gradu- ates of the Class of '50 ten years from today. Look-there, he appears-no longer an infant and with a promise to reveal to us the secrets of tomor- row. Lead us, O spirit of the Class of '50-lead us behind the curtain of 1960 and unfold to us the work in the fields of cosmic and atomic energy. Also there is Martha Shillito, fast-rising author of "Macdeath", a story of murder and intrigue. She is cheering excitedly, unaware of the dark and gloomy looks of psychiatrist Dick Peoples, who had un- fortunately bet on the wrong team. Sportscaster Streevy also points out Wayne Kirklin, that versatile musician so often called "the one-man band". As we leave the park we notice posters plastered on the outside walls. One picture shows the blond curls and soulful brown eyes of Van Ladd, alias Tommy Ross, the great lover of stage and screen. Other posters announce the big circus coming to town and display the daring tricks and acrobatics of "that man on the flying trapeze", "Roberto" Dunlap. destinies of our classmates. With a knowing twinkle in his eye the Class of '50 spirit beckons us to follow him. The first scene we see before us is that of a huge room. All about is gleaming equipment, all white and clean. Two men, Drs. Dietz and Neagley, famed dental surgeons, are hard at work on the dentures of Su- zanne Neumeyer, Wall Street secretary. Suzanne, a naturally nervous young woman, is cling- ing tightly for comfort to the hand of Geraldine Mills, dental hygienist. In the outer ofiice Margaret McGroarty is discussing her married life with Beverly Gar- nett, originator of the famous X '41 'Q S fs, 'S ff X Another one reads that Shirley Hartmann, the widely acclaimed star of the 1960 Ice Capades, is soon to appear in person in Philadelphia. Darting down the street is a small black-haired figure. It is Adele Sermattei, prominent so- cial worker, who is rushing to find a new apartment for elocu- tion teacher Edythe Sands. Edythe finds sleep impossible in her present home on Hubbub Avenue. In the hospital across the street lies the popular model, Anna Bullock, who was struck by a hit and run driver while she was vacationing in "Philly". Anna is being cared for by the two most capable nurses in the "Advice to the Lovelorn" column. Suddenly, through the magic of our friend, the Class of '50 spirit, we find ourselves at Shibe Park. The fans are going wild and two players are being borne from the field upon the shoulders of their vic- torious teammates. As they come closer we recognize jimmy Riley and Cecil Godfrey, the two held most responsible for the Phillies' capture of the pennant for three consecutive years. Waiting to interview the two sports idols are ace reporters janet Smith and Wilbert Davidson. The voice of sportscaster Glenn Streevy can be heard over the din of the crowd. He is naming the celebrities present at the stadium today. Among these we see Drs. Dorothy Delker and Arthur Og- genfuss, who have locked up their offices for the afternoon. These two have made an incomparable contribution to the world by their top secret research city, Ruth Paul and Peggy jenkinson. Flying above we see the "Star Duster", the new streamlined airplane designed by prominent modern architect, Bill Sherwood. Aboard the air liner is stewardess joan Worrad, who seats Marion Thayer, competent United Nations' interpreter, across the aisle from the former Elsie Noell, who is now hap- pily married and journeying to join her husband and family in New York. Victor Berger, top flight radio technician, is plaguing Joan for something to combat his air-sickness. Jeanne Smolka, famous lecturer, seated a few chairs ahead of them, is seemingly un- aware of her surroundings. She is engrossed in prep- aration for her next lecture on "Peace Through Ar- gument". Buddy Ward, also a passenger, is rushing copy for his comic strip, "Powder Puff Percy the Flea." His boss, Richard Umbrecht, editor of the new magazine, "jazz", is awaiting the completed strip in New York. Transported through space and time, we soon ar- rive in New York City, where we notice a distinctive shoppe on Fifth Avenue. It is the place of business of Carolyn Clift, interior decorator, and Marjorie Snyder, fashion designer. In the rooms above this shoppe is the studio of Ardis Shanks, renowned painter of children's portraits. Shirley Matthews is talking "shop" with Marjorie. Shirley is a fashion expert and buyer who recently returned from a busi- ness trip to Paris and Rome. Further down the street we see Thom Brown, realty broker, entering an employment bureau. Ann Lynam, his secretary, has just announced her inten- tion to leave his employment to marry her high school sweetheart. In Times Square we watch the newscast praising Donnie Morris and Bill Reeder, who have taken the places of "Bosh" Prichard and Tommy Thompson on the champion Philadelphia Eagles. Under the guiding hand of the Class of '50 spirit we approach New York University, where we find Ruth Wheatley teaching the principles of musical composition. Passing by the Roxy Theater we see vacationing primary teacher Barbara Queener with Carolyn Ken- dall, well-versed teacher of French. The two are waiting for tickets for the evening performance of the Rockettes, of which group Nancy Draper is now a star member. Efficient executive secretary Virginia Fisher and her friend Frances Mitchell, private receptionist, are having lunch in the Hotel Astor dining room with their boss, joseph Wortz, candy bar tycoon, and his capable advertising manager, Dave Austin. They are being entertained by Michele Moran, alias Anne Vernon, who is a favorite blues singer with Francois McCall's top-rate band. Their meal has been pre- pared by chef Thomas Baity, who learned his cul- inary arts in high school. In another corner, super-salesman Joe Ferguson is attempting to sell a new tractor to modern farmer Dick Thomas. Seated with them and extolling the virtues of the tractor is Harry Moore, prominent businessman and president of the local "liars' club". The man just entering the dining room is Frank Dukes, promising successor of Rudolph Valentino. He is accompanied by his valet and bodyguard, Her- bert Dempsey, They are joining for lunch Frank's associate, Latin crooner "Ricardo'i Lindberg. The old Alma Mater has added three former stu- dents to its faculty. Bobbie-Lou Stoessel is teaching physical education, Jimmy Chowning, a Spanish genius, is a linguistic instructor, and Pauline Pepper teaches "sweet young things" the art of cookery. Paul Peters, daring sailor of the seven seas, is ex- pected to dock his ship, "The Claire", at Baltimore. William Flynn, professional wrestler, is aboard. He will soon begin an exhibition tour in this country. One of the graduates to remain in Wilmington is Christie MacAl1ister, who is now married and owns a garage. He operates the Christall Movie Theater in his spare time. The Class of '50 spirit is smiling as this last scene from tomorrow fades away from our sight. Then slowly he, too, vanishes into the past, but not before we have heard his last faint words. "Remember," we hear him say, "I have shown you what is possible. I do not control tomorrow, it is in your hands. The future is what you make it." -MARTHA SHILLITO, ANNE VERNON, FRANK DUKES Clan Colors - Green and Gold Clair Flower -- Morning Glory Clan Motto "Who does not advance falls behind" Between ine Foofn17ls And ine Mountains Every challenge in life is a mountain, Every summit a victory won. Every climb means continual striving, Every peak means a task well done. The first tasks urge on through the foothills Which, to feel yet untried, may seem steep, Each new task a lighter endeavor, Each lesson a crevice to leap. The mind of the pilgrim is planted With the seeds of knowledge and lore. He learns by mistakes of the soldiers And statesmen who have gone on before. The journey of life must be made on one road Along which every pilgrim must go. The school is a map that may show us the way, Teaching the way we must know. Twelve years ago we set oh' on the road That leads to the foothills of life. Books and blackboards have mapped out the way, And learning has played on the marshalling fife. The road hasn't always been straight as a die, It often has twisted and turned. It has wandered from written lessons in books, But there are other lessons we've learned. We've learned those two things which will not let us down, But will stick in our hearts till the end, Two things which no books or no blackboards could teach: Fair play and the worth of a friend. Our climb through the foothills is over. There are dangerous mountains ahead. New lives are beginning for each of those friends Of the twelve school years that are fled. Voices come down to us out of the past Of soldiers and statesmen from days long gone byg Our forefathers' voices speaking to youth- We must heed well what they cry. You've been given a great free country, The tools to make the old world fine and newg The foothills are behind, the mountains are ahead, And the rest is up to you! -MARTHA SHILLITO gi-T 3 --,.,1--nv -gg:-'I . E.-ff'?' gd-'LE ,.. Q '-1 " 5331: b-fi' 771.42 - 47 5' ' .-1-f , L..- 5:-: - 'Ying ... Q fi" zfil .: .-L " 5 :veg-. C--,T-i -1-"TI lf- r-ii' .--- ,- em... Q" "'i '-L:-Q -.1 .gi- ?- - 11. bf-ad -.1 ,J- ..,i1 we K ,122 ,..:, - - . ,f -1,-ffi. - ' 'I ' ,.L-Ll -l. V, - --4: . 'Z K VW A N " fl n 7 , X J K l In , Q 1 . f , .0 ' 5 f x 'M 1' 3 f" .lu ' M 4 W M wr-i Ama VA , , . x ,rj XM, .ti '22 .-:Q ,Y Ylil ,l lil 'QF E..-J ? R P -in- 41 T2 fi' --Q p. - , .M- : 4f A Q l 52.1-I "-S-.5-': f -I Z- : -I C 4-1 n L. Q66 ' , ,... ..- ,.... 5--HQ: f fl. gf ' 'i f' A --.1-35 F-:--- ":""5' if 'li Vf' if ' 7 hvvva rt?-fi YTZFQ P .,- fii I- dvi Y l - Li.-Q3 F2121 n ' Z' . I f..... --- ' ,.- L -L-.I f f: "- 'Pin P ' My . ..---,,,,, F "-H C A ' vs-2.3 5'-- l , , .....-""" Ci' 1 131 - 4' f - '7 '41 - -- 1 - --I 7.32.1 -:gl -1,4 '7:.q-4 r' -1 4 H .- ...L .,,,, l3i N,Wfii5l'FE3'L Iv if - - I'-:Q ng - 14 2' " : l'?-- .-.?'w... tri -1. '-- -,,-.. ,14- ,- .tg- -1 i. - ..,.. .i... - 1 .- ,,-.-- -.--...- First ww fluff! ln figfall -Miss Celia Oliva, Ruth Ann NX'ilson. Nancy Peters, Doris Peters. Jayne Reynolds, Roger Gordon, Doris Humphrey, Carolyn Dill, Mark Kuehn, Shirley Narvel, Christina Kilpatrick, .Ioan Williams, Marion Stinehecum, Ruth Wright. Semnd ww flefl lo figbll-Nancy Hanlon, Betty Andrews, Phyllis Hurst, Carol Harvey, Norma Parkes, janet Colbourne, jean Spence, Lois Watt, Connie Rietdorf, Lorraine Rosemary, Ann Louise Hilburn, -Iudith Orne, Barbara Black. Third ww flefl in 'riglifjwMarilyn Bate- son, Dorothy Peterson, Frances Morris, Betty McCormi1k, Mary Custis Straughn, joan Willey, Lois West, Phyllis Rowe, jay Webb, Kenneth Clapp, Barbara Woodward, Marilyn Stiggins. Fffurlb mu' fltff iff rilebif-Marie O'Neill, Crystle Lord, Robert Leshem, Roger Trumbore, Roy Sullivan, Woods Walker. Pc-ter Dietz, Thomas Lange, lfdward Rhoades, Allison Gloyd. Raymond Sthwinger, Walter Drew, William Nolan, -Iohn Kusching. Fifth mu' flefz lo rigfaljw Raymond Otto, Donald Umbrecht, james Donovan, William Tomlinson, Roger McClellan, Robert Morris, john Reeder, Robert Oggenfuss, Mr, George Strain, Gary Dnmm, jerry Corrigan, Kenneth Kearney, Gary Windsor, Roger Lathe, Mr. Starr L. Cole. Abiczzf--Nancy Bolton, lidward Brown, james Merkel, Charles Weferling, Rozzie Episcopo, Oliver McPherson, Howard Turner, Beverly Maxwell, L'lv45'0 191 The Class of '51 with an enrollment of 76 has had a busy schedule of activities this year, To help raise class funds, they took charge of concessions during the basket- ball season, sponsored the sale of Christmas cards, perfume, and gardenias at the different times in the year, and staged a Junior Play entitled "Ghost House" on Marrh 10 and ll. Later in the spring the juniors entertained the com- munity with a Spring Carnival. The big dance of their year was the semi-formal Junior Prom which was held on May 27th. The class advisers are: Mr. Starr Cole, Miss Celia Oliva, and Mr. George Strain. CLASS OFFICERS Sealed fleft lv riglylj-fRoger Gordon. f1re,iide11l.' Doris Hum- phrey, rice-pruidrfil. Slillldiflg Hifi In rigblj-Carolyn Dill, ,fec1'elrir.y,' Mark Kuehn, l7'L'd.fIl7'L'V. Fin! mu' Neff fo rigbtl-Dorothea Williams, joanne Peoples, Barbara Smith, Barbara Snyder, Stella Grose, Peggy Riggs, Beverly Robertson, jean Cornthwaite, Beverly Harding, Bette Malcolm, Carol Conrad, joan West, Lois Moore, Helena Millar, Carolyn Lassell. Semmz' mu' Klefz to riglvn-Barbara MacKinnon, jacqueline Mataleno, Grace Abrams, Nancy Baldwin, Nancy Norling, Patricia McKinley, janet Smith, Barbara Caffrey, Marilyn Chappell, Billie DeCormis, Pat Fauerbach, Carol Ferguson, George Draper, Richard SPCUCC, Preston Simmons, Miss Hannah Wesesky. Third ww Klefl to rigfalj-Frank Hyer, joan Long, Barbara Walls, Leila Ann Grifhth, Maryella Williams, Patricia Raylvon, joanne Foster, Barbara Taylor, Ann Schneider, Mary Ellen jurisch, Nancy Bimmerman, Martha Bauder, Diana Smolka, james Cole, Lester Miller, Robert Humphrey. Fourlh ww flefl to rigbll-Bruce Clark, David Tait, Donald Lloyd, Fred Hannan, Bayard Allmond, Eleanor Mitchell, Gordon Pfeiffer, Gordon Pizor, Walter Lafferty, Earl Stayton, Frank Newton, john Delker, Thomas Shultz, john Archer, Courtland Nichols, Ross Mace, Bud Segl, Richard Emery, Henry Snyder, Eugene Fulton, William Berger, Henry Richmond. Fifzb ron' flefl zo rigbij-john Hale, Donald Williams, Dean Steele, james Thatcher, Carlton Sutton, Clark Sheldon, john Chowning, Edward Gearhart, Kenneth Betty, William Mackay, William Wills, Charles Veith, Robert' Whitten, Eugene Haley, Charles Watt, Mr. Donald Miller. Ahrezzt-William Honey, Gilbert Greenfield. CMS' 0F 1952 The Class of '52, assisted by their advisers, Miss Han- nah Wesesky, Mr. Leslie King and Mr, Donald Miller, have undertaken several activities during the year. These included a roller skating party for the school on Decem- ' ber 2, a dance on March 17, "St, Patricks' day, and the annual Sophomore Hop which was given on May 20. There are 86 students in the class. As freshmen the Class of '52 sponsored a roller skating party which helped to finance their Freshman Frolic. They concluded last year's activities with a class picnic held in Riverview Park, CLASS OFFICERS Se.11rdwBayard Allmond. preiiderzl. Snnzdrug flefl to rigbfji Beverly Harding, vice-,ffnijrlt-:11.' W'illiam Wills. .freaiuferg Nancy Norling, rerretazry. l First row flefl lo fight!-Norma Walker, Lucy Oliva, Vivian Gould, Rose Marie Hartmann, Phyllis Lewis, Patricia Chowning, Carol jones, janice Kusching, janet Martin, Carol Myers, Marilyn MacKinnon, Mary Copeland, Roberta Brandenburg, Anne Benjamin, Claire Cox, Barbara Donovan, Barbara Roberts, Vivian Beiriger, Marjorie Alexander. Strwzd mu' fftfz fo rigivfj-Nancy Mtliendrick, Kathryn Moore, Martha Mendenhall, Martha Bolton, Barbara Moore, Ann Minnis, Carolyn Phillips, Lois Peterson, Rosalie Schlatter, Carol Huston, Barbara Sheffield, Susan Rinehart, Mary Bell, Barbara Fogg, Elaine Crittendon, Dorothy Gentry, Virginia Kimmey. Third row fleft lo riglatj-Phillip Raign, joseph Merkel, Dolores Puglisi, Constance Kelly, Bayard Lindell, Betsy Youker, Ethel Vernon, Carol Stone, judith Fogg, Elizabeth Fritze, Cynthia Travis, Nancy Samples, Eileen Dukes, Marie Maddams, john Keeley, june Purcell, Barbara Ayres, Mrs. Margaret Nelson. Fourib mu' Neff In rigfazj-Mr, Vincent Remcho, Donald Adkins, David Faulkner. Irwin Goodman, Charles Sands, Peter Orne, james Lewis, john Settle, jack Martin, Fivilb ffm' KIM! In rigbij-lvlr. Charles Bomboy, james Newton, Glen Frick, Ronald Buckalew, Robert Thomas, Thomas Stevens, Donald Hale, William Stoops, Arthur Chandless, Tony Brown, Louis Sneed, Robert Hickman, Robert Cockerham, Harry Voelker, William Robelen. Sixfb mu' flefl fo 'rigbzj-Leon jones, Adrian Donovan, Robert Asbury, David Broadway, james Davis, Stanley Tabasso, Lewis Marroni, Robert Kelley, Donald Minshall, William King, john DeVore, Richard Carmine, Rennie Staudt, Emory Fanning, john Matsen, Charles Ahrams, Robert Maxwell, Thomas Cahoon. Abram- Emerson Riley, Rodney johnson, Kenneth Detrick, Lois Bryant. jane Rapp, Margaret Crossan. 61,455 0F 1953 The 97 members of the Class of '53 formed a new class organization this year and sponsored their first class affair -a Thanksgiving dance for the junior High School which took place on November 18. The money raised by the event was put into their newly-born treasury. The fresh- man advisers are Mr. Vincent Remcho, Mr. Charles Bom- boy, and Mrs, Margaret Nelson. The Class looked eagerly forward to the month of May when they had the tradi- tional Freshman Frolic. CLASS OFFICERS Seated fltft fu r'igbfJ--William Robelen, 1'ire-fvreridezzlg james Lewis, preiiufeail. Sfalrdiug flefl I0 rigbrj-Rennie Staudt, near- urefg Barbara Shefheld, .sr'rrelury. af -'k' '. i. fd ar -NZ? f ,. Y' P' 1 'Ty 'K 3 YA... uw w "PEEKIN' THRU" ,.f i ,X 5. er. 1 l .ig 5 .Lg W if Q. . A .i Lain? F. it 1. W. Gruwell, VX. Wills. P. Simmons. D. Tait, B. Smith, B. Taylor, P. McKinley, -I. Peoples, B. Snyder 2. W. Mackay, J. Chowning, W. Walker 5, C. Abrams, D. Minshall, E. Vernon 4. A. Benjamin, R. Hickman, V. Beiriger 5. E, Fulton C. Harvey, N. Bolton, D. Gentry 7. J. Donovan 8. J. Wcfst 9. K, Clapp, R. Gordon, W. Tomlinson, J. Reeder, P. Dietz 10. B. Youker, C. Stone 11. F. Morris, C. Lord, D. Peterson 12. D. Gentry, E. Vernon, B. Roberts 14. M. Wonlsey 15. P. Chowning, R. Brandenburg 16. M. Copeland, P. Orne, E. Fanning, R. Brandenburg, ovan, R. Staudt, R. Bixby 1T. D. Williams, j. Reynolds 18. "MISS GREEN FLASH" QL, Westj 19. C. jones, 21. B. Sheffield 22. Cv. Windsor 23. D. Humphrey, A. L. Hilburn, C, Dill 24, W. Walker 25. M. Snyder, B. Calfrey, j. Foster 26, D. Williams, C. Veith, R. Whitten, D. Williams, E. Ryon, D. Smolka, J. Thatcher, L. West, L. Rosemary, L, Watt. M. Stiggins. C. Rietdorf 28. B. McCormick, P, Hurst. 6. L, Harvey, M. Snyder, R. Oggenfuss, R. McClellan, N. Samples 13. W. Honey Brown, R. Thomas. B. Don- A. Minnis 20. W. Robelen N. Norling, J. Cornthwaite, B. Segl 27. J. Williams, 33 I I 2 r . v E QW UI 241. i ' 5 mmifmzw K ,5 - ,.- 'E-avis. 5 f ' - ,I gf! "- 1 - - ,,,:211 ff:-.JZ ,,.f' E fri ,- - -- b, , . , A A- . .. L:-1 ' AJ" ::',,,1 ,gli-1 n"'J1" '--' - r- A - rf-fn ' ' - A ' A- 1 LE .- 1 ' . 1,1 , ,E-, ri-EI ""'L?.'5 l -44 il'-w r - 1 f 1 "'-T' -- -4 'rf -' F.:--, v--..-55, ,,.:,' N - " I .2-fi , FQ 4 ' ..L.f! ' Q - C5 ' ii - E7 C -1 Vi . , I ':1.." YM UE -- --1:1 - ... 'vi :-- AT E-st?" .gl I - L -1 .- -2 T25 ia 1 vez. ' V 4 r' :Q 11 -ix, 1-- ., " ' if . .. ... . d 1 - if I yixx O .,.. ,M ,-. r -f -" 4 .1 Y li ' T'i-f ',?fa.., ." Tl x gp. QQ..- 51.41 x G f 1... .ff VZ- ,' 4 :ri QL-:J XT'-:-.15-. C- , , il ..+:- A. XT: .....- 3-. ,- . , ...T -v s"-" vi , g-11 :Q-.3 jr' .S'7'0DfN7' L'00N6'll The Student Council has had an especially active year due to the fact that this was Mount Pleasant's first year as a full-fledged high school. The Council has been able to accomplish many of its aims and goals through the forma- tion of several committees. These committee groups worked on various projects having to do with student activities, building and grounds, assembly programs, stu- dent handbook, safety patrol, usher corps, lost and found department, student publicity, and school scrapbook. Two big annual dances, the Halloween Dance and the Winter Hop, were sponsored by the Council as well as the sale of Student Activities Tickets and several community drives. With the accrediting evaluation of Mount Pleasant High School this year, the Council was kept busy preparing for this important event. It also took an attive part in the activities of the New Castle County Student Council As- sociation. The Council is under the guidance and adviser- ship of Mr. James Gennaria and Miss Ethel Roe. President ..... Vice-president . . Secretary .... Treasurer ...... Adviser ......... Assistant Adviser ..... HOMEROOM 7A .......,......... 7B .... .. 7C .,.. .. 7D .... . 8A .,.. SB .... 8C .... .. 9A .... 9B .... 9C ,... IOA .... .. 10B .... .. lOC .... 11A .... .... llB .... . 12A .... . 12B .... .. . . .Barbara Queener . . . .Harry Moore . . . . .Jeanne Smolka . . . . . .Richard Thomas . . . .james A. Gennaria .................EthelM.Roe REPRESENTATIVES . . . . . . .Betty Volk, joseph Otto ..Bonnie Steinle, Richard Kuehn ..Bette Barnes, Edward Maxwell . . . . .Carol Nutter, Allen Vlfortz . . . .Patsy Samples, Robert Ryon , . .Ruth Morris, Charles Hannan . . .Ardis Babcock, Robert Archer Carolyn Phillips, Robert Thomas Elizabeth Fritze, Robert Hickman Vivian Beiriger, Ronald Buckalew . .Billie DeCorrnis, Fred Hannan . .Nancy Norling, Carlton Sutton . . . . .Diana Smolka, Dean Steele Doris Humphrey, Kenneth Clapp . . . ,Marie O'Neill, Roy Sullivan ..janet Smith, Herbert Dempsey .jeanne Smolka, Richard Thomas Fiizif mu' flefl in rilqlifjflwiss Ethel Roe, Ardis Babcock, Vivian Beiriger, Ronald lluckalew, jeanne Smolka, Harry Moore, Barbara Queener, Richard Thomas, Bettv Volk, .lost-ph Otto, blames Gentry, Mr, james Cytnnaria. Scrffmf fort' lftfl fu 7'j.Q'l'll1RllllT Morris, Robert Thomas, Carolyn Phillips, Marie Obleill, Roy Sullivan, Doris Humphrey, Kenneth Clapp, planet Smith, Victor Berger, Bonnie Steinle, Richard Kuehn, Bette Barncs, Robert Archer, Charles Hannan. Third ron' flsff lo riglvll-Digiiizt Sniolka, Dean Steele, Billie DeCormis, Fred Harman, Nancy Norling, Carlton Sutton, Elizabeth Fritze, Robert Hickman, Robert Ryon, Patsy Samples, Edward Maxwell, Carol Nutter. Ab,iwvl-Herbert Dempsey. Allen NXfortz. Firit row fleft 10 rigblj-Mr. Howard Parsonsi-adviser, Lester Miller-IOB, Anna Bullock-12A, Frank Dukes-IZA, Marilyn Stiggins-Jecrelafy. Barbara Black-pferideul. William Sherwood-1'ire-preiideut, Joan Worrad-lrearurer, james Lewis-9B, Janice Kusching-9B, Barbara Roberts-9A. Second mu' flefz lo fight!-Peggy Riggs-IOC, Anne Benjamin-9C, Constance Alexander-7B, Ellen Campbell-SC, joseph Wortz-IZB, William Tomlinson-IIB, Peter Dietz-l1A, Carol Conrad-10A, Nancy Bolton-11A, William Honey-IOA, W'illiam Dempsey-SC, Sally Himes-7D, Mary Custis Straughn-HB. Third mu' Klefl to fight!-joseph Adams -7D, Terry Kelk-7B, Florence Godfrey-813, Donald Williams-10C, William Orlando-8B, Tony Brown-9C, Roberta Stoessel-l2B, Rennie Staudt-9A, Barbara Clark-7C, Thomas Tomlinson-SA, Louis Mulligan-7C, Mary Rowe Sherwood-7A, jean Cornthwaite- 10B, Robert Williams-7A. Abreu!-Barbara Woods-SA, Ruth Paul-12B, Carol Wood-8B. The Athletic Association has had a busy year building Mount Pleasant's athletic program. This organization, under the guidance of Mr. Howard Parsons, adviser, has sponsored dances, the sale of school pennants, scrolls, ties, decals, book covers and hats, has encouraged inter-scho- lastic contests, and operated a concessions stand at football games. It conducted the annual magazine sale drive, the profit from which was used to buy new athletic equipment. This year the Athletic Association purchased new uniforms and jackets for the varsity basketball teams as well as furnishing the school with new outside bleachers and can- vas for the football field. The constitution of the A. A. is now in the process of being written. SQUARE DANCE CLUB -Spomor-MR. HOWARD PARSONS Drmring Ileft to fight!-S. Neumeyer, D. Lloyd, S. Hartmann, R. Bennett, F, Mitchell, O. McPherson W. Sherwood R. Stoessel Standing flefz tn rigbll-C. Dill, Mr. Howard Parsons, M. Lyons, C. Nutter, D. West, P. Mayer, I. Porter, L. A.,GriHith, B. Modre, D. Peters, R. Otto, M. J. Dill, C. Cox, J. Wortz, B. Fogg, B. Maxwell, L. Krchma, J. Orne, P. Hurst, C. Lord, C. Abrams, R. Krick, J. Webb, M. Woolsey, J. Willey, M. Bolton, P. Raybon, A. Benjamin, M. Williams, M. Copeland, E. Mitchell, D. Raign, B. Donovan, P. Mallen N. Viands, V. Beiriger, E. Crittendon, M. Alexander, K. Reath, E. Dukes, J. Fogg, V. Gould, C. Wood, R. Morris, j. Hyer, A. J. Goold M. Carl. Abienl-C. Kilpatrick, B. Ayres, M. Bell, M. Crossan, R. Thomas, L. Harvey, J. VonWettberg, R. Bullock. v 9 Edilof-in-Chief . ,wif ri 7 ! gk ffl HA fl xl-I 1, .92 ttf' , 5 S' -Egg ' . . . . . .Phyllis Rowe Arrociale Editors . . . ......... Lois Watt Sporli' Editors' . . Exchange Edilor Adele Sermattei Barbara MacKinnon jean Spence . . .Marion Stinchecum john Archer . . . .... Robert Archer X nn Re 17 o rferf . .... David Austin Barbara Black Ronald Buckalew Bruce Clark Elizabeth Fritze Thomas K'Burg Janice Kusching Bette jean Malcolm Ar! Ediior ...... ..... R oy Sullivan Alice Rice B1z.i'i11e,r,i' Manager .. ..... Robert Leshem Robert Wortz Column lVriter.v ..........i. Carol jones Typimr ...... .... E lsie Noell Martha Mendenhall joan Williams Jacqueline Mataleno Radio Reporler .. .....,. Pauline Pepper joan Williams Adz '.f. ref ..... .... H annah T. Wesesky PRESS CLUB Fir!! rou flefl lo rigblj-Adele Sermattei, Roy Sullivan, Robert Leshem, Barbara MacKinnon, jean Spence, Phyllis Rowe, Marion Stinchecum, Lois Watt, john Archer, Miss Hannah Wesesky. Second row Ileft zo rigor!-joan Williams, Jacqueline Mataleno, Bette Malcolm, Barbara Black, Pauline Pepper, Dorothy Peterson, Roger Trumbore, Edward Brown, David Austin, Robert Archer, Mary Cust-is Straughn, Thomas K'Burg. Third row flefl lo fight!-Carol jones, Janice Kusching, Martha Mendenhall, Carolyn Kendall, Elizabeth Fritze, Ronald Buckalew, Ernest Goldberg, Norman Ward, Robert Wortz, Thomas McCall, Alice Rice, Bruce Clark, james Provan. 1 LEISURE READING CLUB , Pmrjdent-H arry Stecher Vice-j1refident-Thomas Tomlinson Secrelar'y-William Walker Trea.rzn'er-Walter Hurst Sj1on.s'o1'-Mr. David Anderson Fin! row flefl lo riglaij-Lenore Har- vey, Helen Schneider, Vfilliam XVaIker, Walter Hurst, Harry Stecher, Thomas Tom- linson, Barbara Ayres, Kathryn Evans, Robert Williams. Second row Ueft to rigbl!-Robe1't Wlicwrl, jack Williams. Ed- ward Primaldi, Richard Gordon, Carter Williams, john Walker, Daniel Stapleford, Raymond Staplefortl, Kemper Stone, Mr. l . George McClatchey. Fin! row flefz to rightj--janet Smith, Carolyn Kendall, joan Worrad Joan West. Second row Klefl to right!-Geraldine Mills, Wilbert Davidson: Marie O'Neill, Thomas Ross. Third mu' fleft zo right!--Mr. George T. Han ning, Wayne Kirklin, Richard Peoples, Thom Brown. Absent-Carolyn Lassell Edythe Sands. JONl0R DRAMA 77629 LWB Preridenf-Roberta Brandenburg Vive-p1'e.ridei1l-William Robelen Serreiary-Myrtle Ennis TrearurerfBarbara Clark Sp0nJ01'EMr. Donald Miller A comedy skit, l'Catching Up With Christ- mas," and a cultural play, "Background," were the first two presentations given by the active junior dramatists on December 15 and 16. Later, on March 23 and 24 they staged the murder mystery, "Bracelet of Doom." All pro- ductions were under the direction of Mr. Donald Miller. "Practice rehearsal" SHVIOR DRAMA 716.9 CWB Prefident-Wilbert Davidson Vice-preridenl-Carolyn Kendall Secretary-trearurer-Thom Brown Spanror-Mr. George T. Hanning On january 13 the Senior Dramatics Club presented its Hrst dramatization of the year, a comedy entitled "A Date for Bobby-Sox," with Mr. George T. Hanning acting as director. Later in the spring the group hoped to give another play. "Curtains, lights, action l" Fin! rou' Klefl lo rightj-Bette Barnes, june Purcell, Beverly Ferguson, Susan Hensel, Rose Marie Hartmann. Serond row fleft 10 righlj-janet Spang, Carol Myers, Barbara Clark, Constance Kelly, Roberta Brandenburg, Mary Rowe Sherwood. Third row flefl to right!-Dolores Puglisi, Phyllis Lewis, Carolyn Phillips, Dorothy Gentry, Lois Bryant, Norma Walker. Fnufzh mu' Kleft to fighlj-Nancy Maddams, Lenore McGee, Gwendolyn Wright, Virginia Kimmey, Stanley Tabasso. Fifth row flefz to rightj-Myrtle Ennis, Lois Fein, Cynthia Travis, Carol Huston, Constance Cannon, Rosalie Schlatter. Sixth raw Ilefz to fightj-Robert Thomas, Tony Brown, Mr. Donald Miller, jack Martin, William Robelen. Ahrent-Margaret Hamblet, Lucy Oliva. 140010 W.S'lMl CWB Preridezzl-Kenneth Betty Vice-pre.ridenf-flamcs Davis Serrelm"y-XVayne Cooper TfL't1.I'Ill'6l'eKCI1UCfl1 Clapp Spozzror--Mr. Elmer Fenniek Fir!! mu' Neff In rigbfl-vlolun Magee, Charles Sands, Bayard Lindell, Robert Turner, Robert Hickman. Semurl ww fleft to riglafj '-f'-- Howard Smith, Courtland Nichols, James Davis, Kenneth Betty, john Matsen, Robert Maxwell, Wfilliam Dempsey. Kenneth Cllapp, jack jones, Eugene Brenna, ,lack Hyden, john Fisher, George Buchwaldi Third 7011' ffefl In rigfalj-M11 Elmer Fennick, Thomas Shultz, William Tomlinson, ,lames Merkel, Clark Sheldon, Donald Umbrecht. Wfayne Cooper, Robert Ryon, Arthur Mtl.ennan, Richard Shadduck, Williaiii Platt, Richard Cannon. CHESS AND CWECKER5' CZUB Preiidezzl-Donald Morris Vive-prefidenz-Roger Gordon SfJf2IZ.V01'+'Mf. Leslie King Sealed flefl fu rigbzj-Richartl Will, Franklin Bailey, Ted Tabaka, Donald Mor- ris, Roger Gordon, Terry Mitchell, James Boulanger, Martin Cockethain. Serwzd mu' flefl ro rigfull-Mr. Leslie King, Wfilliam Nolan, Howard Turner, Edward Rhoades, james McCloskey, Terry Schmitt, Randal Hitchens, Gordon Pizor. Third ww flefl 10 riglalj-Roger McClellan, Robert Oggen- fuss, Robert lwlorris, James Donovan, Charles Veith, john Reeder, Emerson Riley, Mark Kuehn, Charles Wfeferling. ART C203 Sp0nmrsMr. Lawrence Hickman Fin! ww fit-'ff to righzj-Patricia Coch- ran, Priscilla Griffith, Carl Barker, Kathryn Moore, Mary .lane Kirklin, Betty johnson, jay Stayton. Dorothy Olson. Serozzd fow flvfl I0 rhebllsjoan Rickley, Sally I-limes, Mary jane Keelins, Marjorie Farrelly, Mary Kilpatrick, Marilyn MacKinnon, Billie DeCormis, Third mu' ffvfl fn rigfylj- David Collier, joseph Steele, Mr. Lawr- ence Hickman, Nelson Shanks, Henry Snyder, Wlilliam Rudrow, Susan Graham, Joanne Foster, Barbara Caffrey, Nancy Bimmerman, Carol Conrad. Al1,ffr1i-Rob- Crt Asbury, Joan Whitten. LW0R14l Cl 08 Prefident-,Barbara Shuttleworth Vice-preridenl-Betty Stark Sefretary-Pauline Griflith Sponsor-Mrs. Daisy P. Wallace Seated-Kathryn Pike. Standing lleft 10 rigbtj-Robert Hunter, Barbara Shuttle- worth, jean Gianclonato, Betty Stark, Vir- ginia Plantz, Lorraine Curry, Pauline Grif- fith, Sally Robelen. Ill-Y President-Wilbert Davidson Vire-prefidenl-james Lewis Secretary-joseph Dietz Trenfurer-Robert Hickman Chaplain-David Austin Sponfor-Mr. George T. Hanning Fifi! mu' flefl to rigfalj-Louis Sneed, William Flynn, David Austin, james Lewis, Wilbert Davidson, Robert Hick- man, Joseph Dietz, Bayard Lindell. Ser- ond row fleft ia right!-john Williaims, jack Kates, Harry Stecher, joseph Merkel, Mr. George T. Hanning, Thomas Cahoon, Thomas Tomlinson, Ted jones, Robert Dunlap, Tony Brown. Third mul flefl in riglyll-Robert Whcmrl, Thom Brown, Ed- ward Gearhart, Rennie Staudt. Boys' Home fconomics Club Spomar-Miss Florence Reifi' First row fleff la rigfalj-William Hitchens, joseph Adams, Harold Riley, james Provan, Robert Plantz, Joseph Otto, David Frick, William Hess, William Mel- son. Second mul flcfz zu 7'ig!9lj'--COUI'l- land Streevy, Charles Frampton, Sherman Clark, Ronald Buker, Dean Steele, Miss Florence Reiff. Third mu' fleft to fight! -Ronald Rinard, William Wills, James Thatcher, David Tait. Absent-john Del- ker, Carl Barker, Roger Kirkbride, Howard Street. 6'17ls' Home fconomlks dab Preriderzf-joan Long Serrelary-Jo Ann Hardy TfBd.l'Zl7'67"-HClCUH Millar Slbomoz'-Miss Dorothy Biddle Firrl row fleft fo riglatj-Helena Millar, Dorothy Long, jo Ann Hardy, Marjorie Martz, Miss Dorothy Biddle, Kathleen Carter, Sally Steele, Ann Cogdill, Dolores McCloskey, Mary Kilpatrick, Slmzding Kleft ta right!-Helen Shultz, joan Long, Barbara Kleitz, Lorna Limberger, joan McSorley, Carol Ferguson, Beverly Robert- son, Marilyn Chappell, joanne Garvey. Abrent-Peggy Riggs, Shirley Godfrey. 6lRl.S' ' LEADERS' CWB Spamof-Miss Ethel Hobbs Fin! mu' Ilefl to rigblj-Anna Bullock, Nancy Draper, Nancy Hanlon, Patricia McKinley, Patsy Samples, Carolyn John- son, Nancy Baldwin, janet Millar, Dor- othea Williams, Barbara Smith, Marlene Getchell, Barbara jenkinson, Margaret jenkinson, Margaret McGroarty. Serrnzd raw Klefl to rigfalj-Nancy Norling, Bev- erly Harding,-jacqueline Mataleno, Lois Moore, Nancy Peters, Miss Ethel Hobbs. Connie Rietdorf, Lorraine Rosemary, Mar- ilyn Stiggins, Barbara Woods, Ann Schneider. Abrent-Lois West, Diana Smolka, Barbara Walls, Pat Fauerbach, Nancy Bolton. ' 30549 ' lB4DfR.9 LZIIB Sllmmor-Mr. Stillman Darrel Fin! raw Kleft to rrgbtj-Adrian Don- ovan, Ross Mace, Blaine Braniff, joseph Merkel, Clarence Bullock. Second row lleft lo right!-Allen Wortz, Richard Kuehn, Terry Kelk, james Davis, Vincent Snyder, Edward Pray, james Gentry. Third raw flefl to right!-Mr. Stillman Darrel, james Lewis, Thomas Stevens, Peter Orne, Lester Mille1', David Broadway, Preston Simmons, Rennie Staudt, joseph Stecher, Lewis Marroni, jack Kates, Charles Ben- nett, Ted Jones. AbrwzzfBelmont Simp- son. l M4 7 0155 CZIIB Pmridezzf-Robert Davis Vice-preria'e11lfDavid liogg Treamr'e:'-'lolin VUalker Sec1'elm'y-Howard Street Spmzror- fMiss Margaret Baker Frm' mu' flefl lo rigbtj-john Walker, Tl10maS Cahtwon. Sztfllld mu' Neff In ffgfllj--JlJl1D Caffrey, Robert Wright, Fred Watson, William Hague, Clarence Wirt, Robert Davis, David Faulkner, Third mu' Klefl In rigblj-Ricliard Bateson, Don- ald Roberts, james Selway, Howard Street, David Fong. Afzreul-Cai'ter Williams, Robert Turner. IIBRAKY CWB Sponsor-Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh First row Kfeft fu rigblj-Elsie Noell, Patsy Chowning, Sarah Hitchens, Florence Godfrey, Gordon Pfeiffer, Karen Russell, Phyllis Thompson, Phyllis Taylor, Mrs, Elizabeth Walsh. Sfcmzil mu' Neff lu right!-Robert Cockerham, Marie Mad- dams, Rachel Waters, Nancy McKendrick, Patsy Peabody, Lois Morrow, Ruth Ann Wilson, Marilyn Pfeiffer, Jody Baldwin, Elizabeth Dawes, Betty Volk, Eugene Haley. Pff0700Rv4PfiY 6103 Pzeridezzl-Edwaiml Brown Vice-lbreiidenl-Allison Gloytl fl'rer1.i'zn'er- Louis Sneed .S'ecr'efr:ryMl"1'ances Morris Cn-,rpm1i'0r.i-Miss Celia Oliva, Mr. Charles Bomboy Fin! ww fleff In righfl-Roger Lathe, Allison Gloyd, Louis Mulligan. Sfmud ron' Ilrff In vi,Qf1H-Davicl liurkliart, Frances Morris, Louis Snead. William Mendenhall, james Harley, Edward Brown, Miss Celia Oliva, Stella Grose, -lohn Mitchell, Georltte Brown, Carlton Wfallcer. Tlvird Mu' fluff In rigblj-Gary Windsor, Mr. Charles liornboy. Frank Hyer, john DeVorc-, William Mitchell, John Settle, Dennis Cole, Abiwnf-Rodney Johnson, Phillip Raign, Melvin Woolsey, Roger Krick. .SWOP C103 Pmridente-'john Kusching Vive-preridenf-Rozzie Episcopo Sevretazry-Bayard Allmond TVUGIIVE7'-J ames Cole Sfbozzmr-Mr. William Crowther Firrt row fleff lo rigblj-Robert Kelley, Donald Hale, Harry Voelker, Donald Min- shall, William Stoops. Second row flefl lu fight!-john Kelly, john Kusching, Rozzie Episcopo, Christie MacAllister, john Hale. Third mu' Kleft to rigbll-Earl Stayton, Glen Frick, Arthur Chandless, Mr. Wil- liam Crowther, Richard Carmine, james Cole, Frank Newton. Abreu!-Bayard All- mond. WPING CMB Sponror-Mr, George Strain Firit rou' Klefl In riglalj-jane Rapp, Anne Farlow, joan Rickley, Ardis Bab- cock, Eugenia Wrigllt, janet Martin, Mr. George Strain. Seward mu' Kleft fn figblj -Rohert Whitten, Dorothy Darlak, Bud Segl, Walter Lafferty, Betsy Youker, Bar! ham Shetlield, Ann Minnis, Third mu' Kleff lo riglofj--lrwin Goodman, Kenneth Detrick, Ellen Camphell, Carol Stone, Lois Peterson, Ethel Vernon, Susan Rinehart. Abl'L'l1lkB21l'l7Hl'8 Roberts, Charles Watt, john Williarlrws. Y-TEN C203 Preriderzl-Elleri LaRowe Viz'e-pfefident-Martha Kline Sefrelary-joan Rickley Treaiurer-Carolyn Orth Sponmf'-Miss Ethel Roe Fin! row Klefz lo right!-joan Sites, Phyllis Faulkner, Ellen LaRowe, Bonnie Steinle, Constance Alexander, Carolyn Orth, Carol White, jeannette Steele, Peggy Brown. Sermzd mu' flefl to riglalj-Jeanne Robertson, Dolores Schocie, Miss Ethel Roe, joan Forsyth, Mary Stephenson, Joyce Stapleford. Abreuzklrene Griffith, Martha Kline, joan Rickley, jane Kopshinislcy. Underclassmen Yearbook Staff Members Sealed Klefz lo right!-Mary Custis Straughn, Nancy Samples. Szandiug fleft to rigbzj-Carlton Sutton, Rob- ert Leshem, Roger Trumbore. Tiff JUNIOR PROM The big event for the Class of '50 in its junior year was the semi-formal junior Prom which was given in the school gym on Saturday night, May 21. That night the gym took on a new look with "french" blue, white, and silver decorations. Here and there red roses were woven into white lattice-work and the whole room was bathed in pale blue light. The theme "Blue Moon-Blue Room" was well carried out and around the floor were small individual tables, each decorated with a colorful vase of flowers. The forty couples who attended the grand affair danced to the strains of a fine dance band from 8:30 till 12:00. The evening was the highlight of the year and will not be for- gotten by the Class of '50. "ALL E Left zo fight-Shirley Matthews, Lynn Neagley, Carolyn Clift, NDS WELL" Harry Moore, Martha Shillito, Victor Berger, Marion Thayer. "WE .S'lf00K THE FAMIU' TREF' JUNIOR PLAY The Class of '50 in its junior year chose to present as its first play the well-known comedy, "We Shook the Family Tree," written by Hildegarde Dolson. The plot centers around a high school girl, Hildegarde, and her many hilarious experiences in trying to get a date for the big prom. CAST . , ...... Martha Shillito . . . .Shirley Matthews Hildegarde Sally ...... Bob ............... ...... T hom Brown Jimmy . . . Mrs. Dolson ....RobertDunlap fM0therj ................. Carolyn Clift . Anne Vernon Ellie-May ........................... The co-directors were Mr. Geo ... . . . .Joan Worrad . . . .Carolyn Kendall .... . . . . .Lynn Neagley .....HarryMoore . . . . .Victor Berger ....MarionThayer jill ................... Paige QA Little Girlj . . . Freddie Shermer . .. Mr. Dolson fFatherj Mr. Shermer .............. Mrs. Shermer ...... rge Hanning and Mr. Morton Botel. Let to fi8h"N0rman 1:-4 - --uarwh uv' 'Z' - is a . IM Thom Brown, Wayne Kirklin, T om "Behold the Sweet wh-biT,DeinbseY, Tho . Martha Shillitfl. Her 6 Lynn Nea5ZleY- I0 "'g.i7"'.. n,.aw Marion TWYU' ward, victor verse, "H" " HE WW RN" SENIOR PLAY On the nights of December 9 and 10, the Class of '50 presented as its Senior Play a satirical comedy, "The Tavern," written by George M. Cohan. "On a wild and stormy night there ar- rives at a lonely tavern a romantic Vagabond, a homeless woman, and the Governor of the State and his family, who have been held up by robbers at a neighboring crossroads. Suspicion develops as to the identity of each of the characters in turn. To the vagabond it is deliciously like a drama, and he de- lights in directing the characters in their parts. Of course, the cause of the humor- ous mixups is made clear at the end." CAST The Vagabond .,.......... Thom Brown The Woman ...,... ,.... M artha Shillito The Tavern Keeper ........ Victor Berger The Tavern Keepers Son. . .Wayne Kirklin Norman Ward The Hired Girl . . . . . .Shirley Matthews The Hired Man ....... Wilbe1't Davidson The Governor .......,..., Lynn Neagley The Governors Wife ..... Marion Thayer The Governors Daughter . . .Anne Vernon The Fiance .............. Thomas Baity The Sheriff ..... .... R obert Dunlap The Sheriffs Men ........ Joseph Dietz Richard Thomas Norman Ward Wayne Kirklin The Attendant . . . .... Herbert Dempsey The director Was Mrs. Margaret P. Nel- son and Mr. George T. Hanning was the assistant director. h D Barr Room SENIOR BA!! The moon was full and the air was Crisp and clear on the evening of Friday, liehruary 5rd. This was the night of the long awaited Senior Ball which was held in the Du Barry room of the llotel du Pont. Here, some thirty- eight Couples met. and from nine till one oklock danced to the inuwit' of .1 profesxional dame band. The hall was the senior class' first formal affair. The gala evening was climaxed with the playing of "XVhen Day is Done" and as the couples dispersed, everyone agreed that the dance had been well worth waiting for and that it was some- thing to Htutli away in the memory book." "Between dances" "Intermission" "The master carpenters" "Mr. Remcho's little geniuses? Allemzmcle left and swing your partner" "Future engineers of the U.S.A.' "Dinner is served" "La clase cle espanol" N4H The homeroom discussion for today will he . . ." "Hard working library researchistsn "While strolling through the halls each day" "Introducing the twelfth grade 'champeens" wg, "Peck - peck - pecking away" "Blue plate Speqialn SENIOR BAND Firrt row flefz to right!-Barbara Ayres, Lenore Harvey, Virginia Battin, Nancy Peters, Carol Ferguson, Second mu' lleft to right!-Terry Schmitt, Courtland Nichols, john Matson, Raymond Stapleford, james Riley, Robert Peterson, Daniel Stapleford, janet Cole, Phyllis Hurst, Peggy Brown, Carol Wimrmd, Bayard Lindell, Ruth Paul. Third row Klefz 10 rigblj-Kem neth Clapp-mimic muucil repreufntalirfe, Barbara Shuttleworth, William Melson, Wayne Kirklin, Gordon Pizor, Fred Watson, Charles vleuell, David Matsen, Roger Kirkbride, Lois Fein. Anne Farlow. Ardis B.lbCUCl'i-IH1i!01'!IIY. Mary Ellen ,lUfiSCl1 Ffilfffb mu' lleft 10 right!-jolin Mitchell, Gerald Lafferty, Thomas Cahoon, Robert Archer. David Eogg, Vfilliam Stoops, Albert MacKinnon, james Harley, joseph Otto, Phillip Raign, Frances Morris, Louis Sneed, Ellen Campbell-1n1i'fnn1z,r. Mr. Starr L, Cole. Fiflb mu' Klefl to rigbll-Robert Cockerham, Arthur Chandless, Harry Stecher-1nzifm'11z,r. Lucy Oliva, Dennis Cole, james Davis, David Erick, Martin Cockerham, Betsy Youkerflibr.z1ri.1f1. Susan Rll'1Cl12lI't+!ib1'f1ffzlll. Walter Lafferty, Kenneth Betty, -lohn Chowning. Sixth row flefl to figfolj-Herbert Dempsey-,ilndenf dirertar. William Berger-pmridezri, Robert Hum- phrey, Kenneth Detrick, Marjorie Snyder, judith Orne, Carolyn Dill, Doris Humphrey, ,Ioan Willia1ns--1'ii'e-pmriderzt, Wil- liam Ho. y, William Mackay-elibmrimz, Victor Berger, Tony Brown, Alarmrl-t-jerry Corrigan-.ferrelrzry-1:-earurer, Edward Lambert. David Black, Kenneth Kearney, Emory Fanning. ORCHESTRA Direrlar-Miss Evelyn Dumont Scared flefl to rigblj-Ellen Signaigo, Betty Helen Johnson, Constance Alexander, William Rudrow, John Chowning, Henry Snyder, Edward Gearhart, Barbara Snyder, Barbara Smith, Mary Ellen jurisch, Ruth Paul, Lois Fein, XX'illiam Berger, Dennis Cole, Harry Stecher. Slarzdifrg Klefz In rigblj-Miss Evelyn Dumont, Wayne Kirklin, -loanne Peoples, Nancy Samples, Marjorie Snyder, Martin Cocker- ham, Walter Lafferty, .Ioan Porter-.:rmnzpimi,rt. Betty McCormick, Miss jean Hayes-rtudent terzrlver. Abrerzz-William Mackay, Kenneth Betty, Belmont Simpson, Margaret Hamblet. SENIOR CHOIR Firrt mu' Klefz In right!-joanne Peoples, Barbara Woodward, Marjorie Snyrler-uur'dr'obe, Betty Andrews, joan Willianisslibmritnz, jayne Reynolds, jean Cornthwaite, Shirley Narvel, Shirley Matthews, Carol Harvey, Ruth Wheatley, Lois Watt-v'lif:m1i:w, Marilyn Bateson, janet Smith, Martha Shillito, Mary Ellen jurisch. Serum! mu' fluff lu rigfzljr---Ruth Wright, Dorothy Peterson, Anne Vernon, Ann Louise Hilburn, Barbara Taylor, .Doris Humphrey, jeanne Smolkara-zwardrube. Carolyn Clift-jvreridwzl. Barbara Snyder, Ruth Paul, Martha Bauder. Norma Parkes, janet Colhourne, Marion Thayer, Petty McCormick. Third mn' flea!! to rigbfj-Watlter Drew, Robert Humphrey, Raymond Schwinger, Lynn Neagley, Donald Willianws, james Chowning, joseph Dietz-1ire-f'ffe,rjdw1t. Robert Dunlap, Victor Berger, Peter Dietz-mnrir wuzzfif Yc'f7Y'E'.Yc'PII.lIII6. Edward Gearhart, Arthur Oggenfuss, David Austin, Willirim Mackay, Herbert Demp- sey, Rithard Lindberg. Fnurfla mu' fleff to rigfalj-jerry Corrigan, Gary Dumm, Williarn Berger, Eugene Fulton, john Chowning, Fred Hannan, Cecil Godfrey, Williain RCCGCI--,fEf7'Eftl1'-jf-I7'6d5lH'C7', Harry Moore, Richard Thomas, james Riley, Worlds Walker, William Flynn. Abreu!-Thomas Baity, Virginia Fisher, Beverly Garnett, Ann Lynam, Grace Abrams, Emory Fanni11g-acrwnpaniil, Geraldine Mills, Diana Smolka. 'iff DANCE BAND Fifi! rou' ffefl In right!-Ethel Vernon, Anne Vernon, Ruth Wheatliry, Gordon Pizor, Wayne Kirklin, M S L C lx FredAW'atson, john Chowningz. Second mu' ffefl zu right!-Herbert Dempsey, William Berger, Kenneth r' eff A O L Detrick, Thomas Cahoon. Dennis Cole, Harry Stecher, Robert Archer Emory Fanning. Abrsu1aCharles Marr: Director Jcueul l A CADET CHOIR Fin! mu' Klefl to right!-Rosalie Schlatter, Mary Copeland, Carol Huston. Lois Bryant. Martha Bolton. Barbara Roberts, Patsy Chowning, Norma Walker, Vivian Gould, Rose Marie Hartmann. Carol jones, Marion Stintlietnm. Edythe S.intls-7-rite-jimridrur. Sei-and run' fleet! to riglall-Vivian Beiriger, Barbara Fogg, Claire Fox, Anne Benjamin, Roberta Brandenburg, Patrit'ia MtKinley, Ann Sthneider, Dorothea Williams, Barbara Smith, Ann Minnis, M.irth.i Mendenhall, Mary Bell, 'fliird mu lieft fu rlgfizf-Constance Kelly, Marjorie Alexander, Elizabeth Fritze, Ethel VCI'IItJf1-l7IIt,tlz' FHIHIIII repr'e,re11I.1111t'. Marilyn lNIatKinnon, Virginia Kimmey, Cynthia Travis, .ludith Fogg, Eileen Dukes, Carol Conrad, Billie DeCormis, Dorothy Gentry, Carol Myers. Iffizo-Ili mu' flefz lu wglizlf-Helena Millar'-iecrw tary-trearzn-er. .Ioan Long, Nancy Baldwin, Robert Maxwell, Emory Fanning, William Rivlweleim--ffreriderzz. Robert Hickman, Stanley Tabasso, janet Martin, Nancy Samples. Abrams'--l5arbai'a Ayres, Pat Fauerhach, Carolyn Lassell, Phyllis Lewis, Barbara MaeKinnon, Dolores Pug- lisi, june Purcell, -lanet Smith, Geraldine Mills. JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR Fi,-,rt flfll' Klefl Ia right!-Carolyn johnson, Sally Steele, Lenore Harvey, Alice .lean Goold, Florence Godfrey, Lois Morrow, Karen Russell, Helen Schneider, Rachel Waters, Bette Barnes, Barbara klenkinson, Kathryn Evans, Virginia Plantz, Marjorie Martz, Marilyn Pfeiffer, Nancy Maddams, Phyllis Tliompson, lNfary Stephenson, .loan MtSorley, Dolores McCloskey. Semud mu' Klefl Io rigfvllr Susan Graham, Patsy Samples, Janet VonWettberg, Ellen LaRowe, Ruth Morris, Mary jane Kirklin, ,lanet Rickley, Belmont Simpson, H.irold Riley, Betty Stark, Karen Reath, Dorothy Long, Sally Himes, Elizabeth Dawes, Patsy Mallen, Patsy Mayer, Carole White, Bonnie Steinle Mary Kilpatrick, Sarah Hitchens. Third mu' fluff fn riglvfl-Barbara Wtmrids, Carol Wood, Lee Gray, .lames Provan, Donald McKay, William Walker, Allen Wortz, Edward Maxwell, Irene Grithtli, Patricia Cochran, Constance Alexander, Marlene Getchell, ,lody Baldwin, Carol Nutter, Betty Volk, Shirley Godfrey, ,loyce Stapleford, ,Iayne Hyer, Patsy Peabody. Fvurlla mu' fleft tu riglvll-Jay Stayton, John Mitchell, Charles Hannan, Thomas Tomlinson, David Frick, -lose-ph Adams, ,lanet Millar, Kathryn Pike, Betty -lohnson, jo Ann Hardy, janet Spang, Ann Cogdill, Marjorie Carl, Kathleen Carter, Lorna Limberger, klC2II1l'l6lfC Steele, Gwendolyn Wright, ,loanne Garvey, Sally Robelen. Fifth mu' flew!! to right!-Cliarles Alder, Roger Kirkbride, Kemper Stone, Randal Hitchens, joseph Otto, Rieliard Gordon, james Harley, Ronald Rinard, Ernest Goldberg, William Orlando, 'Ferry Schmitt, Dennis Cole, joseph Stecher, Harry Steeher, Robert Archer, john Williams, Thomas McCall, Mary ,lane Keelins. Ab.lL'Nl'7I'ICl6I'1 Shultz, Mary Rowe Sherwood, joan Forsyth, Charles Bennett, jack Kates, William Platt. Me Sembr 0101? Presents "0F All THINGS" An 0rQinal Mdflkdf fanfasfh "Ir's Only a Paper Moon" "Strolling Through the Park" "Old Man River" ,I 1 "I Can't Do That Sum" ation" fBy the Andrews Sisters and Danny Kaye, A wr rx. "Roaring Twemiesn --knww., , -5-.s..4.,,r s Q1 MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB SAFETY PATROL Spwriffv----hir. -larnus Gcnnuria Fil'lf mu' lltiz Io rigfrll-Donald Morris--r.zp1.1ir1. .lames Sjnmg Ury, ,U ,.yLL,6,y,,,I,,hn Wlllkery Huward Stmeti Vin. Riley, W'illjert Dayidson, Clary. XY"intlsfir, Srrfiizd mu' riff! In cent Shavico, Robert Pluntz, Wfilliam Hitchens, Thomas Cn- fIfb'l"Wllllil'll 5h6fW""Ll- Rlflllml Llmlbcffli Himl' MOUN- hoon, Ted Tahalca, john Magee. Szaudiug Klefl In rigfvllm - Tholllw R055- Courtlzlncl Strecvy, Robert Fowler, Henry Richmond, Thomas Lange, Waite-1' Lrrfferty, Kenneth Wilde. na K ..,Q"'I , UMM MM STUDENT DRIVER TRAINING lrzrtrurtnr-Mr. E. LeKites Fmt mu' fluff to right!-Roberta Stoessel, Anna Bullock, Shirley Matthews, Shirley Hartmann, Margaret Mr'Groarty, Virginia Fisher, Betty McCormick, Marion Stinchecum. Sfffllld ww flefl to right!-Barlmra Vfoodward, Betty Andrews, Betta: Malcolm, Maryelln Williams, Crystle Lord, ,lanet Colhourne, Doris Peters, jean Spence. Third mu' fleft 10 viglvlj-Marilyn Stiggins, Lorraine Rosemary, Car- olyn Dill, Beverly Maxwell, Marilyn Bateson, Peter Dietz, Raymond Sthwinger, Fred Hannan, Thomas Shultz, Roger Trumhort. Fourth mu' flefr In YI,QfJljfMf, E, LeKitcs. Wotmrls Walktrr, Edward Brown, Roger Gordon, john Reeder, Mark Kuchn, Robert Morris. Afzwrif-e Christina Kilpatrick, Carol Harvey, Dorothy Peterson, p-up Q -w r' W 0 I " ii .X 6 'gn W 1 , . S-..-,l .Z if Qnmul. - .' ' f-3 . T , f- 3 :A-if Af 5,-W -1, , 71.1 - ,.a 'Q ri-1 -. QM-3 "'- FY -Y , T1 " ' ,, TYQ5 z n-if 5 -1-5' ',-: A- - 5.512 A K Tfff-1 5 E,-,I r Y 5 9 i 7 ,. Y, , T , X K - - -11' : , -fl 4- ??'7-- pi:- -1 -? - '3 -1 - 'Xi if 'S 5 1' '-,,:f?2", rf -il .li T- T1 - 42- '. " ii it r' --. - ag' ... R-1 fi. 1 - --4 if H n-Q '-ir .ii ., if-il I V 'i "'-1:14 L -- L IN THE SPORTS! 607 VICTORY SONG Give a cheer for our green and white, Cheer on our team 'til they win the fight. We will fight until the end, Our team on to glory we will send! Mount Pleasant we are all back of you, We know you'll win and we're with you, too V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, Our motto, Mount Pleasant High! MOUNT PLEASANT EVER GLORIOUf We are Mount Pleasant ever glorious, We always iight with heads held high, And we will always be victorious. We've got the spirit do or die, Mount Pleasai Beware all you other men, For we are here to win the fray, And we will be triumphant 'ere we leave, ' For this is Mount Pleasant's day. M-T. P-L-E-A-S-A-N-T Fight on! Fight on! Fight on to victory! Pint row Klef! la rigbll-Robert Whitten-manager, james Riley-mumzger, Thomas Schultz, William Mackay, Preston Simmons, Lewis Marroni, Carlton Sutton, Wilbert Davidson, john Kusching, Robert Oggenfuss, William Sherwood, Peter Dietz-manager. Dean Steele-rmzmagef. Sei-wid row fleff to right!-james Chowning, Wayne Kirklin, Richard Thomas, Richard Lindberg, Cecil Godfrey, Donald Morris, Harry Moore, William Reeder, joseph Ferguson. William Flynn, Frank Dukes, Mr. Leslie King-murb. Third mu' llefr to rigblj-Mr. Charles Bomboy-rffrzrb, james Merkel, Charles Veith, Rozzie Episcopo, Donald Umbrecht, Clark Sheldon, James Donovan, Glen Frick, Walter Drew, Mr. William Crowther-roach, Charles Watt-mmmgef. Alziwfl-josepli Dietz, joseph Wortz, Emerson Riley, Gary Windsor, Edward Rhoades, Robert Thomas-manager. 007'Bv4ll The Green Knights, in their second sea- son of varsity football, fielded one of the strongest teams in the state. Under the able coaching of "Les" King and his assistants, "Bill" Crowther and "Charlie" Bomboy, the boys from Bellefonte were victorious in six out of nine games. The Knights started off the season by defeating the Marple-New- town team from Pennsylvania, but went on to lose the next two games, the first to a strong Claymont eleven, the second to the boys from Langhorne, Pennsylvania. In the following four games the Knights were the decisive victors. Although the odds were against Mt. Pleasant in the skirmishes with rival teams, A. I, du Pont and Newark, the King's men came through triumphantly in what proved to be the two best games of the season. An unexpected defeat by the Spartans of Upper Merion, Pennsylvania, stopped their four-game winning streak. In the final game for fifteen seniors, the Green Knights ended a successful season by down- ing a fighting Archmere eleven. GAME SCORES Mount Pleasant-13 Marple-Newtown . . . . 0 Mount Pleasant- 0 Claymont ....... .. 41 Mount Pleasant- 6 Langhorne .... .. 52 Mount Pleasant-26 Elkton ........ . 0 Mount Pleasant-18 A. I. du Pont .. . 0 Mount Pleasant-20 William Penn .. . 0 Mount Pleasant-12 Newark ....... . 7 Mount Pleasant- 0 Upper Merion . . . . . 13 Mount Pleasant-25 Archmere .... . . . 13 "Get that man !" "Here we come . . . " "Heap big pow-wow! "Touchdown !" Standing Kleft to righlj-Mr. Howard Parsons-coach, Herbert Dempsey-manager, David Austin, Frank Dukes, Cecil Godfrey, William Reeder, Harry Moore, Roger Gordon, Mark Kuehn, Richard Lind- berg, Wilbert Davidson, Mr. William Crowther-roach. Absent-joseph Wortz. VAR IW 8145165 TBA!! In the 1949-50 basketball season the Green Knights compiled an enviable record with Howard Parsons as their competent coach assisted by "Bill" Crowther. The high geared offense which scored 53 points per game and a defense which limited the opponents to 41 points per game clearly showed their superiority on the court. "Bill" Reeder set a new state scoring record with 537 points, averaging 15 points per game, After a rather mediocre start, in which the team lost five out of eight games, the Knights began to hit their stride and went on to win twelve of the next fourteen games to finish a successful season with a 15-7 record, ranking fifth in the state. Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount Mount GAME SCORES 52 31 35 Pleasant 40 Pleasant 43 52 59 65 Pleasant 47 Pleasant 49 79 51 46 45 56 79 44 50 35 88 69 61 Total .... 1 176 Avon Grove . .. Upper Merion . . Howard ..,.... Upper Merion . Claymont ..... Delaware City . Howard ....... A. I. du Pont .. Faculty ...,.. Willianl Penn .. Middletown , . . Claymont ...... Marple-Newtown William Penn .. Avon Grove Delaware City . . Newark ....... Elkton ......,. A. I. du Pont .. Middletown .. lfatulty .. Elkton . . . 32 41 54 53 39 26 62 74 27 38 31 33 52 28 43 33 51 41 33 28 37 37 893 W. Reeder .... Moore . Godfrey Austin . Dukes .. Davidson Wortz . Lindberg Kuehn . Gordon Corrigan Steele .. Sheldon J. Reeder ..... Tomlinson .... Sutton . Hannan Total ...... 197 INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES PTS 337 222 153 138 81 69 62 41 25 21 6 6 6 4 2 2 1 1176 flefl to Worrad The twelve juniors, CQ U' , a l S like 1 L'flffRlf'4DfR5 Kneeling flu!! lu rigbli-Suzanne Neumeyer, Carolyn Kendallfrrzplaizz, Jayne Reynolds. Slanding fight!-Naney Draper, Ruth Wright, Jeanne Smollca, Lois West, Ann Louise Hilburn, Joan Ruth Wfheatley. J.V.'s completed a successful season with wins and only six losses, The tall team of sophomores, and freshmen was coached by "Bill" Crowther and Howard Parsons. GAME SCORES Mount Pleasant 37 Avon Grove .... . . 28 Mtmunt Pleasant 15 Upper Merion . . . . . 20 Mount Pleasant Z9 Howard .....,.. .. 38 Mount Pleasant 17 Upper Merion . . . . . 29 Mount Pleasant 36 Claymont ...... . . 39 Mount Pleasant 45 Delaware City . . . , . 27 Mount Pleasant 34 Howard ...,.... .. 26 Mount Pleasant 37 A. l, du Pont .. , . . 24 Mount Pleasant 49 Williarii Penn . . . . . 11 Mount Pleasant 58 Claymont .....,. , . 23 Mount Pleasant 19 Marple-Newtown . . 23 Mount Pleasant 34 William Penn ... . . 27 Mount Pleasant 32 Avon Grove . , . . 11 Mount Pleasant 54 Delaware City . . . . . 16 Mount Pleasant 52 Elkton ,....... . . 11 Mount Pleasant ZH Newark ......., . . 36 Mount Pleasant 40 A. I. du Pont . . . . , 30 Mount Pleasant 39 Flkton ....... .... 3 1 Total .... 655 450 INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES F FG PTS Morris . . . , 29 70 169 Corrigan 4 . . . 20 55 150 Sheldon , . . 22 43 119 Sutton .... 1 25 57 Steele ..... 1 14 31 Tomlinson 2 1-1 50 J, Reeder .. .. 13 H 29 Hannan . . . 7' 9 25 Dietz .,... 4 lo 24 Thatcher . , 5 5 9 Lewis . . 1 3 7 Gearhart . . 0 2 4 Staudt . . . . 0 'l Z Total . .. . .. lll 262 635 JUN 0K VARSITY 3145165731411 Fin! row flefl In rigbileellobert Morris, Clark Sheldon, Jerry Corrigan, James Thatcher, William Tomlinson, Second wwf flefl lo right!--Mr. Howard Parsonse-mach, Carlton Sutton, John Reeder, Dean Steele, Mr. William Crowther-mach. Third mm fluff! In rigblj--'Adrian Donovanv-7-muzmger, James Lewis, Fred Hannan, Peter Dietz, John Delkerf- f--- mmmger. Aluenl-Edward Gearhart, Rennie Staudt. BASEBAZZ Coach Elmer Fennick and his assistant "Charlie" Bomboy are faced with a very promising situation in baseball this year. With the entire varsity squad returning from a previous season which netted live wins, one tie, and six losses, the team is "shaping up" nicely. In two scheduled games and two practice games the Green Knights have beaten Brown Vocational twice 2-1, 6-2, Howard 12-9, and tied P. S. duPont 3-3. Having a veteran infield, a good catch- ing and pitching staff, and a fair outfield the team has high hopes and looks for- ward to a successful season in 1950. 9 . "" ' ,. "r' A 521 9. . r of - - X t u. . 5 .N st... il'-fi "Put one across - I dare ya' " Qsrf.,-,i 1 A .fag.- ir. Q, ,yogi 155.5552-'V KL .N ,r,..f.,. i , IQ' 6 at ...i 'f an -. 97 2' "tits ir' ' I Siiting flefl in rigblj-Bayard Allmond-manager, Richard Gordon-mrzmzger. Thomas Shultz, Earl Stayton, Wilbert Davidson, john Reeder, William Sherwood, Mark Kuehn, james Thatcher, Charles Hannan-mmzager, Thomas McCall- munager. Kneeling fleft to righlj-Mr. Elmer Fennick-much, james Lewis, Robert Hickman, Emerson Riley, Carlton Sutton, Dean Steele, Lewis Marroni, William Honey, George Draper, Ross Mace, Mr. Charles Bomboy-mark. Sfanding Neff In right!-Howard Turner, James Riley, Harry Moore, Roger Gordon, Cecil Godfrey, Clark Sheldon, Edward Gearhart, Fred Hannan, john Hale, jay Webb, joseph Ferguson. Abrefzl-Frank Dukes. BASEBALL GAME SCHEDULE "Look closely, boys" 1950 April April April April April May May May May May May May May June june . 0 Brown ..... Brown ...... A. I. duPont. Wilmington . Archmere . . . William Penn A. I. duPont . Delaware City Claymont .... Archmere . .. William Penn Delaware City Claymont . . . Newark ..... Wilmington . . Away Home .Home Away Away Home Away Home Away .Home Away Away Home Home Home "The watchful eye . . . ffl it .YEWIOR .S'POR7.S" fil6flll6'fl7'5 s ' E h0CkeY wa d . 5 ly undefeated Junior , on P 'ng recor Mount Pleasant haduits asx fxniors were in the A9 Sigh Sui g0al5 Bm Reeder Sei 9 new statensZ0::JpPing the old record, School soccer team In 19 ' High srotetxi' Swessex in baskeibf'-11 with 53 pijnont in the 194549 members of that team , . B0bbie'Lo set bl' Earl Viisgociimts ay Ou, seawn' by 'e . . 4' F .. 7 jzocfirls i Y Bill Sh fx 5" me ' 'ff foorlffwood ask Seq. I. , f all 3 Was a Of four basketball 'Id 616 'O . ,,,1. Hd b th gam ' all 3 year .. useballree-letter Wliast two years, three haj,ivl!1g'n2x, :luPont in the sof '71-ad ' Inq lme 'ball E 'bf' .1 -nl'n er , 'fualpl 1 ggziefiegtsrfkey l:eam'h?nored the undefeated boys' G ahh A f Kukxm wrt an in ormal party lenn Streev 3 sq A Vlallne manage' for gviias been a bask had d'4 e YCYSUSOD, an ' nal n S"a'g"f Years etbau . Bud Dietizikn l00'bau Ferguson mad? a :Diggs Same with Endo Mgriisv t vqifm 306 A unback tn Y giggle three-lette bgafolifn 1202-YM I Carolyn Clift won three letters in softbal . between ve be end a tmmme 2222 en 1116214 Na 't H005 an t the 5" ,a 'lea "fy ol me hi Q 1 in favor 0 G65 defs f Dfa the Score V and gt! 59 exe . K 01- P613 . A was v cull! te -Q 1 - '11 an , 252 mensfa Q0 Z fee ds . , , the '48 wo 1, don ' . ight ,. 'Yeats 1111.16 Qwlx fam y Matti: A we eve f-'ws 1 '59 A goo . as . b finally beat the undefeated faculty in 1948, breaking the men's . faculty record of eight successive victories as '50 , Kee XX y V of V969 H The boys' varsity basketball team ' Y 21+ 3 W, 2 9 . . S0609 Girly interscholasti Cecil Godfrey and Frank Dukes have been 095 Harry M . C SPOrts first started in 1944 three-letter men each year since ninth grade px New oore was sixth ' e Castle County scoff: the individual . 8 record ' ig, x ,, K B with 222 points ' ,ag 46 lnnets - toe, X-:' 6 b in ba k Sel and ' 'O 'dsilx ,ye 0 : etf " obbi H Q X fl r W. e-L0u,, S ee, X aslretbau S. S etbau, A Anna Buu , "" Q. V' fi sos' f : " ' g In . s n -if :LV ak Wi ff 91 h na has Od' We X Q95 teen 9964 H th grade Played varsitl: three-letter fi Q fe 1 t R W 9 qs Y' la 'J , 5 0 'QQ t.t, , . Y , ul ms wa 0 at KCMERXQCX Da Ve A ,...,,'-l T , 016115 face' , A9 900635 te Q ' ity held a In the ' ustin w il libs . ers mx wa 'owe the SMS vars tie 49 ba Sk as high 'YVC gg lad' 195- Woe sketball Season exciting 5555 etball scorer f evo" CA et nfl ef ln me 1950 ba wn team 'O an season Wlor the K . 165K eye, 0 strong Mxddlew nh 199 P35113 oooviqqgctx S .. ' 0 S 5906 a d f 1949- 50 . " , Cir s mascot 'ty team 48 CUC Th - V- OU, . girl' , R . F as th S valr i S ,Ce . AV "' 1 opmg sh adopted " 514. 0015, ' -Vw' C Would 1 Winnief- r0,, Gy C : d a banquet m on ug V. lag. 5 rogbta f- Meat cad the a 32" gain all if ' ' - L' ns Club stage 1 , . ie Brandlwlinealviixixdiivslinnilnyg members ,S in 'he t crimes '29 scorelijjs lb I t e . , u , - tfsg?fxl9Of0otball squad 'ueen Sdlflo e 199 'V at 4' 163-1'l?66i 8 ""1:'5'5na1 l otd 05 tiil'l vim ni . tt 'ahow 5 6 - fl 6? Oaaqbaeilo '08 to 'ive the fecotep 5' on "M 'zz' gave' 49+ 00' 01' 05,9 ufhdseco ews hotdgaowa ban ,gas v gba 5, atop eoko ,6 foe own nag O l my Magik ,Agassi ,Ag SOR! -O50 ,odl 50,55 V pol! 684-6, 01-mflbe Sblball gwift 11 'ow eo the efomto Qlxeoiw mm? otsr Qocfabrq att?-2 t x n Z t ' t fa f o 1 Sigllce-outs Cult Ove y Sis 94'11e,s 0 560,50 fer!! me s Catown M V,,, 96 ewtvexex L - 4 lpeaeasoje sp 1 il'- 5 at Q te i " r J 0 . Durin Qi ii V Z M l 6,2513 Log ,ao V Milo? 6 8 V ' V V 44 0 had lheifhe 1949 f , Svesoasefgei 0013- . Hrs: 1-out00tba11 se .Q QQ-N ...V .h x lo S11ut.0uti',S0n the G Y V In 1946 the "Dads" outplayed the boys' 1Ct0,-ies Teen Knight varszty basketball team and won with a score of 55-49 S Harry Moore won three letters in basketball The "Green Knights" became the official name for Mount Pleasant athletic teams in February of '48 HOCKEY The varsity hockey team fought hard and played well although they recorded only one victory, In the season's first game the Mt. Pleasant lassies lost to a hardy team from Conrad High. However, the next game was an overwhelming victory for the stick-wield- ing girls of M.P.H.S. over Tatnall School. The following two contests were defeats by Claymont, a local rival, and by William Penn. On November 7, after a close match of performance and skill, the Bellefonte girls conceded victory to the "blue and gold" of A. I. du Pont. Mt. Pleasant was outscored in the last two games of the sea- son, The "green and white" team was under the training and guidance of Miss Ethel Hobbs, coach, and Miss Dorothy Biddle, assistant coach. "Now Listen l" Firrl row flefl to fighljk-M3fg3fCl jenkinson-manager, Bette Malcolm, Norma Parks, joan West, janet E. Smith, Marilyn Bateson, Lois Watt, Betty Andrews, Doris Humphrey. Sewnd ww fleft Io right!--Carolyn Clift-manager, Anna Bullock, Barbara Black, Phyllis Rowe, Roberta Stoessel, Beverly Harding, Connie Rietdorf, Marilyn Stiggins, Ruth Paul, janet H. Smith, Lorraine Rosemary, Diana Smolka, Nancy Bolton, Nancy Norling, jean Cornthwaite, Ethel Hobbs--mafia. VARSITY GAME SCORES Mount Pleasant- Mount Pleasant-- Mount Pleasant- Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant Mount Pleasant- Mount Pleasant- 1 5 '7 0 0 0 l JUNIOR VARSI Conrad ......... 7 Tatnall .... . . . 2 Claymont .... . . 5 William Penn .... 2 A. I. du Pont .... 2 Middletown ..... 6 Newark .....,... 3 TY GAME SCORES Mount Pleasant--0 William Penn ..., 2 Mount Pleasant O A. I. du Pont .... 1 Mount Pleasant 1 Middletown . . . . 5 Mount Pleasant I Newark .. .. 0 "Drive!" "A dribble is a series of short taps" Sitting Ilefl lo righlj-Ruth Paul, Marjorie Snyder, "Winnie," Marilyn Stiggins, Nancy Bolton. Standing flefz to right!-Miss Ethel Hobbs-mach, Miss Dorothy BASKETBAIZ VARSITY GAME SCORES Mount Pleasant 33 A. I. du Pont 58 Mount Pleasant 33 Claymont 56 Mount Pleasant 39 Newark 45 Mount Pleasant 55 Middletown 55 Mount Pleasant 44 St. Elizabeth's 35 Mount Pleasant 49 Conrad 61 Mount Pleasant 53 William Penn 39 Mount Pleasant 51 Tatnall 14 Mount Pleasant 55 Middletown 55 Mount Pleasant 42 Howard 45 Mount Pleasant 28 Faculty 27 Totals ..... 482 490 Biddle-march. Beverly Harding, Roberta Stoessel, Anna Bullock, Barbara Black, Nancy Bimmerman, Doris Humphrey, Dorothy Delker-manager, Abreu!-Carol Conrad4.1r,ii.ittn11,zgr'r. In the first year of high school basketball the girls' varsity team displayed much prom- ise and spirit while winning four out of eleven games and tying one. The lassies of Mount Pleasant emerged victoriously in the contests with St. Elizabeth's, William Penn, Tatnall, and the Faculty and conceded a tie after a thrilling game with Middletown. However, luck was against the "green and white" in the skirmishes with A. I. du Pont, Claymont, Newark, Conrad, Howard, and in the hrst game with Middletown. The team was ably coached by Miss Ethel Hobbs and Miss Dorothy Biddle. The junior varsity players were more suc- cessful and completed the season with three wins, one tie, and three defeats. The V.'s VARSITY INDIVIDUAL AVERAGES FG FT PTS Stoessel . . . . . 93 11 207 Black .,,. . . . 53 24 130 Bullock ., ... 50 14 114 Stiggins . . . . 9 6 24 Bolton . . . . . . 2 1 5 Schneider . . . . . 0 1 1 Hilburn . . . ... . 0 1 1 Totals .,....... 212 58 482 ujumpn Fin! row Neff Lo rigblj-Barbara Taylor, Ann Schneider, Diana Smolka, Ann Louise Hilburn, Lois Nwest. Second mu' llefz la fight!-Barbara Smith- zimer, Judith Orne, Mary Ellen Jurisch, Barbara Sheffield, Nancy Peters, Betty coach was Miss Dorothy Biddle. JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Mount Pleasant A. l. du Pont 23 Mount Pleasant Claymont 23 Mount Pleasant Newark 28 Mount Pleasant St. EIiz.1beth's 27 lvlount Pleasant Conrad 45 Mount Pleasant XX'illiam Penn 10 Mount Pleasant Howard 25 Totals ..... 179 JUNIOR VARSITY AVERAGES FG FT PTS Smolka .. . 2" 7 61 Hilburn .. , 22 12 56 Schneider . . . , H 5 19 Eritze ,... . 2 9 13 Chovvning . . . , 6 I I3 Jurisch . . . . 4 2 10 Oliva . . . . 2 0 4 Bolton ...... ..,.. 1 1 3 Totals ... ... 72 35 Andrews-rmrwz Third row Ilefl io riglvrj-Jean Cornthwaite, Nancy Norling, Elizabeth Fritze, Lucy Oliva, Patricia Chowning. 5. 4.5. Sifliug flefl to figlall-Martha Mendenhall, Elizabeth Fritze, Ann Minnis, Barbara Taylor, Phyllis Lewis, Ruth Paul, jean Cornth- waite, Carolyn Clift, Barbara Black, Diana Smolka, Lucy Oliva. Slanding flefl to right!-Miss Dorothy Biddle-coarb, Miss Ethel Hobbs- marb, Marion 'l'hayer-manager, Jeanne Smolka, Susan Rinehart, Nancy Birnmerman, Anna Bullock, Marilyn Chappell, Nancy Bolton, Nancy Norling-manager, Beverly Harcling-mmmger, Dorothy Delkerm-mawgw, Margaret Crossan-manager. Absent--Marilyn Stig- OFTBAZZ The girls' varsity softball team com- pleted last year's season with a record of two wins against seven losses. The team this year is coached by Miss Ethel Hobbs and Miss Dorothy Biddle and is composed of many of the same girls that played in 1949. Although no games have yet taken place the practices indicate that the Mount Pleasant lassies will have a better-than gins. "Safe at first" "Gettin' ready" 21VCl'2igC SCRSOU. "Showin' 'em how" "A hit!" ."' SOFTBALL GAME SCHEDULE ' 1 1950 April 25 A. I. duPont. Away April 27 Tower Hill . . . .Home H X May 2 Conrad .... Away 5 Ygg May 4 William Penn Away M , May 9 Claymont ...,. ...Home W, rel nl, f V May ll A. I. duPont. . . . . .Home Q A,g,i: Q . Mil' 16 Con rad .... Home W May 18 Claymont . . Away n A Ma za T X H'll H f ttss y . owcr 1 . . . . . ome we .V c p May 25 Howard .. Away 1' p.,p , A: june 6 Howard . Home V p ,. 5 -ff Tia-5 M... N 1- 1 .QQ -.n .... 41' ,,-1 A-f' 51-1- a-7' eu-.T4 2.- '7k1P"'- - -ff - -5'-l ' ii ? Q -S-521' L13 'b T , , .iifwl V iii! L -iii. C tr..-.I ..,:-a- " "' - E ..-: 1,--al. - --1 gg- " -' I 32:2- I fel ii if-.LL - C' 'A i .. ii.. E-21 iii' ig.: ,le-...: 1 1 -' - ..- 5 - 2S1' ie! ilv.. -3 4 :b'f."i'1 l, , 'iii F-B551 1 ., ,L E: 1 ,L ---Q I E , ,i - ...ln Q- 2- ....--- '-L'Q-s-sv-I 1 L- '1.l."Z'.".. -j:...u , lk - ik I ei . . N! H 15, Wil-3 when-if mfr Ab 2 0 iv P are i y me .-.. .1 " -1 . QW 1 gf P ew .. ,, .1 w ' 1 . ,gy y. f it nfs 52 1 1 if Ili? i s y x in . "SENIOR SNAPS" 1. "Herbie" Dempsey 2. "Joanne" XY'orrad, Carolyn Kendall 3. "Donnie" Morris, "joe" Ferguson 4. Anne Vernon 5. "Winnie", "Bill" Sher- wood 6. Ruth Paul 7. Carolyn Cliff. linet Smith 8. "Willy" Davidson 9. "Ruthie" Wheatley 10. Barbara Queener 11. "Buddy" Ward 12. "Tommy" Ross, Shirley Simington, Anne Vernon, Thom Brown 13. "Buddy" Dietz 14. Homeroom Xmas Party 15. "Tom" Baity 16. Shirley Matthews 17, "Dotty" Delker 18. "joe" Ferguson, Frank Dukes 19. "Margie" Snyder 20. Ardis Shanks, "Willy" Davidson, Wayne Kirklin, Thom Brown 21. "Bobbie-Lou" Stoessel, "Ginnie" Fisher 22. "Herbie" Dempsey, "Ruthie" Wheatley 23. Nancy Draper, Ann Lynam, "Peggy" jenkinson 24. "Bobby" Dunlap 25. After the jr. Play at Thom Brown's 26. "joe" Wortz 27. Ninth Grade Health Class. 66 lil. f QQ ????f Z. A Q W , B 1 x f' lf, :Ep em Q 'flag T- 2 mu ...Sl li ww 61" y 'S . 35? K wwgfj . My W aa . , . .H K W" F th. Ar X., A E ii v f--'f'Y"' f 11 W. M mann 2 .W ' .4 I ' E I 1 I I N P l U ' ' ' z N W 5 - .i. 1 ?f' ' ' ' ' fi- . .i E if W I-Illlll ay ' v. 'x" . -wa-qv fm ' A xA , . , nf i, -' 1 3 vs PM - by H" , I 'N4,,f ,Rall if 'hu -4 . 4 if-my " ' W 4 X ig 4 'rg ii.. . rig,..A L, ,hi- , . ' ' Q' -i. W.. ' .55 A , f. J A Q ' A . 15 xl . .V . J' 5511- 'A T. .. N . A 4 - . 5 1 E, ' , '. , X. ' ' f , - ' . A K 2. , :. , . 4 lv 0 E "WHEN WE WERE VERY YOUNG" 1. "See thc' lwoiclieln f"Margic" Snyclcrj 2. uollilll that Sillld flux?" f"Bill" Reederl 3. "MS and my doggie" f"Diclc" Pcoplesl 4. "W'l'io ilu! callin' nw!" fBarbar.1 Quecncrj 5. "XX'1Nl1 upon Al war ...' ' fAulix Shanlcij 6. "Ent liuartily mate" fC.1rolyn Kcmlxllj 7. "The Campbells .ire Coming, hurmh, l'lUfl'.llll, fjcannc Smoll-:U R. "Hn-llo cvcrylwudyu fAilele Scrmiitteij 9. "W'hern-'s m' spans!" fCi1rolyr1 Cliftj 10. "Nils wubliitm fShirley Mutthewsj ll. "just me, mysclf. and I" f"Pcggy" jenkinsonj 12. "Don't be funny' QRuth Piiulj 13. "They got me cornered" fAnn Lyniimj 14. "Howdy folks!" f"l5udnly" Dietzj 15. "I'll tcll you wlmt I'm gonna do . . . " fViftor Bergcrj 16. "Taking it easy" flilsic Nocllj 17. "Bathing beauty!?" fHz1rry Moore-J IH. "Ride 'em cowgirl" fVirginia Fislicrj 19. "Not :1 cure in thc world" Uoan Worradj 20. "Nobody loves me" CLynn Nc-ugleyj 21. "Wl1:1t's that you say?" C"l5ill" Shcrwooclj 22. "Toot toot toolsie, good-bye" f"Ucrry" Millsl 23, "l'm a big girl now!" fRuth Whcatleyj 24, "My worldly goods" f"Tommy" Rossj. if if Sy , ff ff" 'X XXX I Z? 5 77, , ,',' 1 f 5. J 3 fqleffl , ,, Q 5Qf A xl SX WNXX aff? X WN Q X x I- Nwf fiiy Q V' If IM ffwwlwvffff PW W f mv-wi. Ifyxfmn f mm 7 ' I . ff N ',', 4 ta Q 1 FN f wfffiwff-S!! l 4 :I 7 fy, 'x 154 6, N -N. ' ' :7'xiL"Lb 1 A Friend A Friend A Friend Phillip Amoruso Shoe Service, 2924 Mkt. St. Mrs. Elizabeth W. Austin Mr. 8: Mrs. William B. Austin, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. W. C. Barnes Mr. 8: Mrs. V. P. Beiriger 8: Family Bellevue Manor Monetary Adjust ment Society Mr. 8: Mrs. Park H. Benjamin Mrs. Victor H. Berger Mr. 8: Mrs. F. D. Bickel PA7RON Mr. 8: Mrs. R. O. Humphrey Mr. 8: Mrs. H. B. Hurst Mrs. A. N. Jellison Mrs. Jean Jenkinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph Jones Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert H. Jones Clarence Harvey Riggs Mr. 8: Mrs. H. W. Rinehart Miss Nancy Ritter Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Stanley Robinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Miles Jurisch Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl C. Kane Mr. 8: Mrs. Preston Keeley Mrs. Edith R. Kendall Mr. 8: Mrs . Andrew Kilpatrick Mr. 8: Mrs. William R. King Mr. 8: Mrs. Escott Kirkbride Mr. 8: Mrs. Wayne A. Kirklin Mr. 8: Mrs. C. G. Knodel Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. Newell M. Bigelow Mr. 8: Mrs. Ernest Bischoff Mr. 8: Mrs. Crayton K. Black Mr. 8: Mrs. A. C. Brinstield S. G. Brisco Mr. 8: Mrs. . J. M. Brumbley Mrs. A. C. Bullock Mr. 8: Mrs. H. G. Clapp Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold W. Clift Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul B. Cochran Compliments of a Friend Mr. 8: Mrs. David Conrad Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry A. Copeland Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry S. Corrigan Mr. 8: Mrs. Mitchell D. Kosowsky Mrs. E. C. Lange Mr. 8: Mrs. Matthew Leshem Mr. 8: Mrs. Penn Lindsey Mr. 8: Mrs. Roy G. Lynam Miss Patricia Marvel Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul R. Matthews Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph V. McCaughan Mr. 8: Mrs. Cheston McCormick Miss Anne McGroarty Mrs. Margaret McGroarty Mr. 8: Mrs. D. M. McQueen Mr. 8: Mrs. A. J. Miller William H. Paul Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. John G. Delker Mr. 8: Mrs. Herbert Dempsey, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Stanley R. Detrick Mr. 8: Mrs. George T. Draper Isabelle Draper Mr. E. Frank Dukes Mr. 8: Mrs. M. L. Ernsberger Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph O. Ferguson Mr. 8: Mrs. Herbert E. Fisher Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis Flynn Mr. 8: Mrs. James Fulks Robert 8: Jeffery Fuller Mr. 8: Mrs. James A. Gennaria Mr. 8: Mrs. John E. Goold Mr. 8: Mrs. A. J. Hackendorn Mr. 8: Mrs. Ernest P. Hanby - Mr. 8: Mrs. George T. Hanning Mr. 8: Mrs. K. A. Hartman Mr. Arthur J. Heidrich Mr. 8: Mrs. A. L. Heidrich Mr. 8: Mrs. F. F. Hickman Mr. Lawrence E. Hickman Mr. 8: Mrs. William C. Morgan Mrs. Charles Everett Morris Magness 8: Staib Const. Co., Inc. Dr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Ross L. Neagley H. E. Neumeyer Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Noell Mr. 8: Mrs. Egbert Nutter, Jr. 8: Carol Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Oberle, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. H. W. Oggenfuss Mr. 8: Mrs Arthur K. Orne Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard S. Parsons Mr. 8: Mrs. Roland S. Pepper Viola V. Peters Mr. 8: Mrs. S. H. Peterson Mr. 8: Mrs. George E. Pope Ethel M. Roe Mr. 8: Mrs. C. J. Rosemary Miss Anna May Ryon Mrs. Howard Settle Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. .John O. Shanks Arthur W. Shillito Murry Shrenk Mr. 8: Mrs. E. E. Shuttleworth Miss Betsy Simon Mr. 8: Mrs E. Belmont Simpson Mr. 8: Mrs William E. Slaughter Mr. 8: Mrs .William D. Smart, Jr Mr. 8: Mrs. Gilbert H. Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Smolka Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent H. Snyder, Jr Mr. 8: Mrs. George D. Somers Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Davis Spicer Stanley Beauty Parlor Mr. 8: Mrs. A. W. Staudt Mr. 8: Mrs. William Stevens Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. F. Stierle Mr. 8: Mrs. J. H. Stiggins Mr. 8: Mrs. Fredrick Stillmar Mr. 8: Mrs . L. S. Stinchecum 8: Marion Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul H. Stoessel Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Stone Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs Roy W. Sullivan C. L. Tarbutton Mr. E. L. Thayer Mrs. Velma Alden Thayer Mr. 8: Mrs. Ewing Thompson Mr. 8: Mrs. J. E. Tomlinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Norris Venn Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth Walker Francis E. Wallace Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Warren Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Warrington Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward J. Will Mr. 8: Mrs. W. Bahnson Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Sharp Queener Mr. 8: Mrs. Dewey F. Reeder Miss Florence Reiff Mr. 8: Mrs. John Bi. Reynolds Mr. 8: Mrs. R. W. Reynolds Mrs. Clarence H. Riggs Wilmington Animal Hospital Mr. J. J. Wood Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs XA X .Ralph H. Woodward . John W. Worrad Joseph P. Wortz Mr. 8: Mrs. .Roland C. Young WE WISH TO THANK OUR PATRONS AND ADVERTISERS FOR THEIR GENEROUS SUPPORT Best Wishes for THE FUTURE from the CLASS OF 1951 Best Wishes to THE SENIORS from THE CLASS OF 1952 Best Wishes to THE FIRST GRADUATING CLASS from THE STUDENT CCUNCIL BILL TAYLOR'S SUNOCO SERVICE STATION 5" Sunoco Batteries 8: Accessories BAKERS and CATERERS A-Z Service - Kelly Tires Serving Quality Products for Three Gov. Priutz Blvd. Edgemoor Ter., Del. Generations PHONE H. 0. 2937 PHONE 55501 King Street at Seventh Wilmington Del Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1950 Mount Pleasant Teachers' Association Hardware - Paint - Appliance: Radio - Televiyion ZEBLEY'S Claymont, Delaware Phone-H. O. 3358 "Has the Spearmint Lost Its Flavor? SHELLPOT HARDWARE CO. Kitchenware - Home Appliances - Scott's Lawn Supplies Garden Seeds - Pittsburgh Paints - Fertilizers 4106 MARKET STREET Free Delivery - Telephone 2-5358 QJFE We Thank You for Your Past Putronuge and H 0 pe to Serve You Better in the Future. QJKQ LADIES FIRST A somewhat-scandalous case was being tried in a French law court, and a vast crowd of the curious was on hand, anxious to hear every word of the testimony. But the judge had different ideas. "The people here," he announced, "are probably not aware of the nature of the case we are about to try. I feel it incumbent on me to request all re- spectable Women to withdraw." No one made a move. The judge then said, "Now that all the respectable women have left, the sergeant will eject the others." -Liguorian SECOND CHOICE My grandfather used to tell young girls who came to him for advice on how to find an ideal man: "Never go out looking for an ideal man-a husband is a lot easier to find." -HERB Smuman FEMININ E VERSION Asked on an examination to "give an account of the creation of man," a small Los Angeles schoolgirl wrote: "First God created Adam. He looked at him for a while and said, 'I think if I tried again I could do betterf Then He created Eve." -IRVING HOFFMAN Wm. J. Mundy Charles F. Mundy MUNDY BROTHERS 814-816 King Street Wilmington, Del. Dial 2-7021 "The Paint Spot of Delaware" BAMBERGER 8: ROBBINS, INC. 204-8 West Seventh Street Dial 4-5132 or 5-6921 'IDG 'azuogauag 9UlAA1iPU'BJH QZOI sasuaagj - Jgfqnd L'.w1oN HLVHLSIOVN STIVAA "I 'd 01179 'o 'H Suomi Phones 2-6494 - 2-4776 Superior Sanitary Supply Co. Janitors' Supplies - Sanitary Equipment "We Sell Superior Products" C Superior Building-306-308 Shipley St. Wilmington, Delaware O Compliments of A FRIEND O P. W. DONOVAN ESSO DEALER Lubrication - Washing Tires - Batteries - Accessories Claymont, Delaware "Ninth Grade 'Math' Assembly" TO THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF 1950 Congratulations and Best Wishes for Success Compliment: of Your Clam Plaotogmpluzr GOLDCRAFT PORTRAITS 912 Orange Street FOR THEM . . . FOR YOU . . . FOR ALWAYS-A GOLDCRAFT PORTRAIT MORRIS JEWELERS 815 Market St. Suggest giving the 1950 graduate "Time for a Lifetime" and a "Lifetime to Remember" with a new 1950 style wrist watch in ELGIN - HAMILTON - GRUEN - BULOVA LONGINES AND BENRUS and all other nationally advertised makes ROBELEEN PIANO CO. 710 Market Street Pianof - Radio! - Record! - Mufic EDGEMOOR BEAUTY SALON Air Conditioned for your comfort Sperialize in Hair Shaping and Cuilom Permanentx H. O. 5782 HUBER 85 CO. 216 West 9th Street Delawarek Large!! SPORTING GOODS DISTRIBUTORS WATT'S BARBER SHOP Silverside Road 82 Philadelphia Pike Men',f, W0m?l2,J ami Claildrerzlr H AI RC U TTI N G For Reliable and Dependable Service Call DEGRAW CLEANERS Pick-up 8: Delivery - H. O. 5531 - , - FK? . nf If avi ' 4-iv 5,15 ISM 255 i :TJ 1 QMS? .5 4033 PAUL C. DUNBAR 908 French Street Colson Trike - Tricycles - Sleds Skates - All Sizes of Bicycles Repairing All Wbeel Goody WILMINGTON PHONE 2-6362 Silverside Rd. Next to Hearn's, Phila. Pike "Curtain Call" To THE CLASS OF 1950: Speaking in industrial terms you are the product of your school. A company must have justifiable pride in its product to exist. Unless that product fills a human need, advances to how- ever minute a degree the course of civilization, and is a factor toward the attainment of the mental, spiritual and economic peace which is the goal of mankindg it has no reason for being, it will not "sell" and its producer will fail. The same tests may well be applied to the life of an indi- vidual. You are proud of your school - and justly so. It has met these tests. It is far more important to you, however, that your school should be justifiably proud of you. With every best wish for your success in life. WORTH STEEL COMPANY Claymont, Delaware C. R. SIMON 6: CO. FLoR1sT YOUNG'S PAINT 81 HARDWARE CLAYMONT Phone H. O. 6944 O'NEAL'S BUS SERVICE CHARTERED Busss Phone Wilm. 2-2543 WEST 8: MYERS Designers and Builders Industrial Displays MT. PLEASANT PHARMACY "Your friendly Drugrloren 802 Philadelphia Pike JENNESS' ESSO SERVICENTER 700 Phila. Pike Wilmington, Delaware Phone H. O. 2929 PENNY HILL DO-NUTS open evening: Phone H. O. 3234 ROADSIDE GARDENS, INC. Wilmington 278, Delaware Phila. Pike at Lindsey Place-Tel. H. O. 5184 CLAYMONT SERVICE CENTER gi X x A l Af 'TX-Z "Your Friendly Neighborhood Diamond Station" Compliments of GOLDEY COLLEGE W. L. BROWN PHARMACIST 407 Philadelphia Pike-Penny Hill Holly Oak 5607 Wilmington, Delaware Perfonalized S eroice to The Hard of Hearing in Delaware Acousticon-Neumeyer Co. H. E. NEUMEYER Owner - Distributor 832 MARKET STREET Tel. 2-8764 H. M. PASCHALL Anthracite - COAL - Bituminous FUEL OILS LUMBER, MASONS' AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Holly Oak, Delaware JAMES A. HART RADIO AND TELEVISION Salex and Service Edgemoor Theater Building H. O. 8-1566 "In the Good Ol' Summertime" H. R. BROWN Realtor 902 TATNALL STREET WILMINGTON, DELAWARE THE CLASS OF '50 MOUNT PLEASANT HIGH SCHOOL Ladies and Gentlemen: It is a real pleasure to extend to you my heartfelt congratula- tions. You are something "special" to all residents of the school district because you are the first graduating class of OUR High School. I wish you the best of luck in your future activities. Sincerely, WWW Wilmingtonir Leading Credit Store HURLEY-POWEL CO. 71 5-715-717 King Street Wilmington, Delaware RODNEY FLOWER SHOP 1105 Market Street Flowerr for all ocmrionx Phone 8-5042 WM. HANLY CO. WRECKING CONTRACTORS Urea' Building Material: 601 South Market Street PHONE 2-5064 Phone 8-1414 in X Distinction in Men's Clothes SHUSTER'S, INC. :jp F French - Shriner - Urner Shoes I-laberdashery - Stetson Hats, Etc. 'V 'M J 820 Market Street Wilmington 24, Delaware 212 West Ninth St. "The H ouse Tim! Music Built" B 8: G LUNCHEONETTE Fountain and Curb Service 30th 8: Gov. Printz Blvd. The Reliable Mufie Store established 30 years SALTER MUSIC SHOPPE 222 West 9th Street Phone 7713 FRAIM'S DAIRIES, INC. Quality Dairy Products Since 1900 See What You Buy-Buy Milk in Glass Phone 6-8225 HYMAN REIVER 8: COMPANY Window Shades, Venetian Blinds Linoleum, Asphalt Tile , Drapery Rods Compliments of F L E T CH E R' S CLEANERS - DYERS Ofhce 8: Plant Phila. Pike, Claymont Call H. O. 2425 "Hail! All hail to thee, Mount Pleasant" JIIIBLHRD R DHDIS EIGHT 'rnnrrv our: MARKET Ul'nEE'r WILMINGTON DELAWARE Ci? DIAMONDS IEWELRY SILVERWARE KNOWLE'S BUTLER'S, INC. STATIONERS 8z BOOKSELLERS ' h Model 85 Muslc S CP 415 Market Street ' Concord Avenue 8: Washington St. Everything for the SCHOOL MUSICIAN G. F. Metal Ofiice Furniture and Department HOBBYIST 301 Delaware Avenue 407 Shipley St. Ph. 2-8653 PHONE 7545 HOMESPUN SHOP HAINES AVENUE SERVICE STATION 701 Haines Avenue ANTIQUES Wilmington, Delaware Gordon Heights Amy A. Mowfir eau IUUMQ 1 ' B l Pl J num: BDVRNJM 6 202 ever Y ace H. o. 6318 Claymont, Del. Admiral - APPLIANCES - Motorola 9 to 5.30 CLAYMON I' HARDWARE Sat - 12 Noon 9041.0 SC SUPPLY Phone 4-7175 Q0 Dj 812-814 Phila. Pike-Claymont, Delaware ,fu e H. O. 7280 Lionel - Toyf - Sporting Goods C VAL J. B. VAN SCIVER CO. A Manufacturers and Importerr E Fufnifiufe ' CHESS ' Draperies Odd Fellows Bldg. 10th Bc King Streets an Interior ecorations . M C 'd -R'h W'l' ,Dl. 9th 8: King Sts. Wilmington 28, Del. am Om or lg t lmmgton 28 C WEST END DAIRY U For Golden Guernsey Milk and Dairy Compliments Products just Call Wilmington 5-6061 of 318 8TH AVENUE PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. Wilmington, Delaware Congmlulationr to the Firft Graduating Clan of Mount Plearant High School PIKE THEATER THE FRAN-MAR SHOP Eeeann FUNERAL HOME 412 Philadelphia Pike "The 'Winnahs' !" Y Bus. Phone 5-2336 Res. Phone 3-8089 Wafbing - Polishing - Lubrication 'IRAYNOR-DEVER, INC. General Automobile Repairing Day - STORAGE - Night JOSEPH DEVER 13th Sc Orange Sts. Wilmington, Del. Compliments of DELAWARE HARDWARE Compliments of CAMPBELL'S 1101 Brandywine Blvd. Phone 91-2963 Compliments of CULHANE Construction Company Builders of Fine Homes EDGEWOOD HILLS BRANDYWINB HILLS WESTOVER HILLS EDGEMOOR TERRACE BAKER BROS. ESSO SERVICENTER Marsh and Silverside Roads Phone Holly Oak 4261 Agency for Willy'I jeep Sales and Service Compliments of JERRY SEITCHIK REYNOLDS CLOTHIERS, INC. Formal Wear for Hire Complete Line of Young Men's Clothing Featuring "CAMPUS Toss" 914 Orange St. Phone 2-7514 CLOVER DAIRY SEALTEST Serving the Delmarva Peninsula DELAWARE POWERI AND LIGHT COMPANY OGDEN-HOWARD H.o. 6217 open Evenings FURNITURE QQ, HIGH POINT HARDWARE Hardware - Electrical and Houfehold Supplier 401 Philadelphia Pike, Wilmington, Del. GREGGO BROS. ATLANTIC SERVICE Marsh and Edgemoor Roads Compliments of THE EDGE MOOR FOOD MARKET Com liments P BELLEFONTE BARBER SHOP of 3 Barbers at Your Service Yarn' Przfrormge If Apprecialed WCbb'S Laundry Hours 9 A.M.-7 P.M. 709 Brandywine Blvd and Cleaning Services Wilmington, Delaware "In the Evening by the Moonlight . . WILMINGTON PET SHOP A Complete Line of Petr and Supplier CO1'1'1P1imentS Fresh Lean Meat - Free Deliveries of 1911 Market St., Wilmington Ph. 4-4459 HARRY G. STECHER HY-POINT DAIRY FARMS MILK , CREAM - BUTTER Try Our Fresh Country Eggs 5008 GOV. Printz Blvd. Phone 5-1933 JACIQS SERVICE ROY G. LYNAM 85 SON BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS J. B. REYNOLDS Carpentry - Masonry Delaware Ave. 8: jefferson St. Alterations and Repairs ' 1803 GARFIELD AVE. Phone 5-2344 Wilm., Del. Gwinhur-sr H. O. 3170 PATRWVIZE 0llR ADVERTIZERS C549 Autographs 'E 4v A XX! '?l mi M Unlno. QMQQAQCMMQSU bfimmmqigmizmlimf 1 fw, " , -gn . 32.41, fry!--1 , . 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Suggestions in the Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) collection:

Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pleasant High School - Green Leaf Yearbook (Wilmington, DE) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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