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-ff , ,vnvr , , ' . X: 1 if cF' wx ,N . r 13 1 V. 1 ,. -fi 51 54, j I .rqw A ' .vm V- Q' L fa A .' Qs W: :im 71' Y , , rw X C, ., vu . .Ari .,-1?-,-:f fi' ,K f f if rw .nfl 3. ' M X f .f Q X -Ng,Qi3,, ,nk 223 1:.QX,35QQ.QQ,Q Q. . x A , '2 '22-I-PzsQ'w.,f f' fv - , ' .54 ,.-x,g.,f,Q- 1,1 ,,-.-U.-3 + : . c -fy vf .fu . y- f Q, QIQQ-95,1113 I, , Q,-r ,mx -fig , lfwrqi ,Ng pg: 1- ' 1,5 , M2 fe gf! ,,., .1 . CH, If SGI' XR Y 1 9 ?4i Abi' T , 1' X , , A V Q- Q -.1 - fgf-f k.V, I ,jXf Q Q!! AQQ ,A Q -. QQ . , nw, 4 rg. QQ Q3 f -Q Q QQ Q' .. QQ f K Q- , - L11 H ..- .Q ,ur ,L gs Z 'ff "ww . ' xy , ,. , ' , -, J, , .,,V Q f- , - A' f ' f 1 Qx ,QQQJ-Q,QQ!jF Z QQ Qi QQQQ -: I QQQQM Q QQ Q E0 H "4L' : lc 1 ""' + 5 5 ,HfJ,w,f.g' 1',,,'Y:,1C 1-,Y -' 2,24 :fd Pm, Q .. 'Q-A' '- -. 'sg' X E, 1 Lf""iA : 4 A ff' ., Q, -, QQ 1 . ,QL . i 4 1 Q QQQ, 12 , ' .fx, y f ' , 4 Q5 , TgQQ5f1g.Q, +V,-Q: ,' :Q -. .. QQQQQXQQ, '15 ' , jk Q Q , QIQQQQ, Q QQQ Q . HQ Q.,-A ,,,-,Q -X Q -1 i U . 1 Q Q Q Qi 'QQ Q Q QN ' . b V521 In ' x' fi 5 4 Q TQ", f.: 5 Z' -' Y kb -1 f 1 2 fx - . is ' ' wiswwi WA -.M MAL ...? mmwwamqww W, l,N11'L4I Qvwwmxawamqowyxwng' 1 ,N 'L mmwmwmm am ff WW? WZ! 0 fvxJ.1.f,L,,,,.,,,63s ,HMJLY AM WW! Lf' uf Z mN?Ty?WWMW MUM WMMfWwfw ' ' 'fog .Lgxee XJL ' 0' V' ' 'TWC LBUNTBLE 'ro ERE My 560"'ljJ wlqlpbulbf ji, M N'Wsml3'S 'Buick-ff M pf U fbi! ' I WM, 'Anti . LIL jyvff ,ful iff! 'jf M' IWW? LV A wif-iv j w dy I Wwjfifj M W 'All ,J S e A -5 axifi iq' xi Qi B: H w K, N N iii QXEW3 fx Ei 35+ like N 20? Y-22 Q3 V22 5325 X?-1GEX"X' 2i??f wavy ww 'Q 5 V9O wo 'B ff Q 7 f " iff.. ' .f ' ,, ,, -P w 5' -- K'-' " V ,Jfv M A I '-f1Az9,-' if 935 Mt. Pleasarmt H.S. 1150 S. White Ed Sim Jose, Ca. Fi.. unix 1 ,J"Jl WJMMJQJW :link JUJAKJA MPH 1- 0 'L W M! f l vwcilojigjl rfb! W' , .ti -M4 QL ff 41 lu vu' uw 'M' Uvi IHJ 'Af 'Ply L' U" 111,11 2 3 tgp iehwi 5 '41 sf .. l 2, X s mf 1 1 t 1 1 YN.. ff ?' M, 1. C, 4 W1 Q1 1 P Yi I it 5 UL effffmf Displaying their superiority, a group of seniors build a human pyramid ro illustrate their point. Ai l J XZ 2. Bright and bold - that's what it takes to be a true Cardinal. .Q fi, 3. Just hangin' loose declares Arby Drooksqx N -, I t t it ,t-if . f A.. 1 g: t 'T 5 f " .s X N' S, I K ,,,,.A.,.J -1- Pb -.4 fi fs K, 4 N Q Q ff a ee ,N Q ff Q f fix if we gd ,4 fl- f. , . W E -Sri X A if X t 5, :M ee f'Tf.qvQ se ffj 8 31' ,J fs f fs , ' 4 5 ,Q f ff o " skew--w Sa ' , - of . 5 -L ff --, T 5 N, V. 9 ' 5' rw CJ U f . X Q ,ix C x ga I .kb 1 f--. 'ft' 'FZ P. , il . M bf ' 0. F2 Q ,sa fs- , f " fl Fx, CX. "fi lg Y , ,,.,,N K f JJ, K N, 5 his Q A I4 LM .J , 1 ' 1: 1' X X if J 2 ff f'x Q-, ' 5--J f ' 563 f, I P, W' f" cp, ' -1 ' 4' f-7 'T H-, fi' K, ...f fa' ' 3 W, - ' I ff t , , fx Z2 ,., fl W 'S D fn fs 1 f-1 Ft ' -pf ' fx A Ifxj K N E? x li F 2 introduction A ' ! X' . E , F' sk .. if Cardinals Behind the Scenes represent the many facets of the Mt. Pleasant campus. lt is a reel-to-reel highlight of the year that was - 1965. It focuses on the different aspects of school life - in and our of the classroom. lt zooms in on the people - the students, the faculty, the administration, and the support staff that makes MP a unique place for learning and gaining new experiences. 1. Showing signs of super-stress, Rachael Marshall is ready to go home. 2. A rare exhibition of spirit by the members of the class of 1966. 1 Seniors 3 f if K sage 1. Divina Masaquel generously shares her nachos to a good friend. 2. Trying to keep up the latest gossip are Lorena Cuevas and Lisa Harding. 3. Best Buddies?? Only Michelle Paccioretti and Georgia Kelly can answer that question. 4. Caught at a stand still, Mario Jayme shows off the latest in designer duds. Introduction A dull moment one can do without. Theres something very interesting up there to awe and amaze Juan Lopez and Roger Martinez. Participating in a taste test of school lunches, Barbara Andrade is having a hard time deciding the winner. DH we ff i ,et " " Rafi Q agf ' ' 1 Introduction 5 lt lf? 'V 1A Y ' i at ""' 4 Ti V 1. A favorite hangout during break and lunch. 2. As the song goes - the girls just want to have fun. J. Crazy and spirited, MP fans cheer on the football team against Oak Grove. 6 I ln troduction 'Sw all 3v 'Y 755 N1 1 P 5 ' I A M as 355 5 52 fetish K 1. Tom Mills and Vicki Uchiyama show off their pearly whites. 'H 2- On the way to class, Ava Phillips and Cathy Blodgett discuss their weekend plans. 3. Lunch and break times are sometimes spent doing the previous night's homework, 1 Introduction 7 1. The minutes tick away quickly as one tries to finish last night's home work during brunch. 2. Joyerre Duane is doing her daily mental exer- rises. 3, A quiet moment for Marcie Nash. 5 sy ff . ff ye. ,,, , K , f. S! + 4 A r. Q, M 2-ELSE? mf F . , -.14 I lwik. , Z A inn? is W.. ul L ,I fi- S K ff 12. gg. Q.. 6 . 5 ,pf if 2. . yu 0? P 3 S 'im ., 45 3 N 1 Q Q' 'tiff' iw H.. 4 i 7 , 5 4 ' A 1 In rroducfion lsuw' Wil MUSE-'H , annul' ,Au S v l fi .f isa " Q A glimpse of excitement in Danny CearIey's,eyes as he prepares for a big game. Yvette Souza and Chris Ackerknecht have caught the junior year doldrums. Curiosity gets the better of .Sandra Rodriguez as she directs her attention the other way. 1 Introduction 9 MM' ...nn ,, The lunch time blues gives Matt Espinoza a chance to think about his fifth period class To inspire the varsity football team, the spirit leaders gets their message across Something exciting catches the attention of Ricky Sousa, Ruben Salinas, and Donald Marrujo durin brunch 1 Introduction i . . S k f 4 5.5 I ' ' 1 f y' ni ,ww '1 ' '7ff4ff'1f"' m 7L W .a 'mi' . ' Qgri 'P 1 fww- sr"-eff 'W df" ,, ff- -, -' c if "F , l, i 7 - E5 k 'V ' ' '. H v I fl s i ectl W Q V H + , 12555 1 4 - . V ' ' Q Q . f. Wien- , ' . A 5 wp , . f wg iv ,ll is ." if , f .M , -.s do 6 e t " gr f w ff f ' :LW my M mx, "' ' 7 , Mc 197133 0,-fm K, ,JW ,y ,. My 312 ag? Matin' me sw wxwwdmrpigi 6 is .N-2553 Wg 'df de' vids- nw- aging? gin!-um Q Q-Mriif' W Manages. Q A quick quench for thirst and a quick smile for the camera from Caroline Harrison and Pam Cushenberry. One last bite on the way to class. A mixed reaction: Tracy Bowers - total shock. Deloris Evans and Dave Frontella - complete disgust. Tamm y Rowe and Samantha Fajardo - all smiles. cg 1 Introduction 11 I 1 4ky.f v , A . ' an-fa" , Y 4 l . inf TY' x A Q 5r,3:f, A-tfwx, N, . W .k,, , A ,fry 3 teee c 12 1 Introduction j. . 1 s N W? + X, ww 5 ' - :if-5 t 4' -. "1 ' ,NV . Q. 'W 3.4 ' ,. fe t, X esl if lsr 2' 'fwffky :HRH 4-Q - A ., .J 'Sv A ILZ, A..., , X h'., QF, .1 w.,,,. W ,-Qi step A m . VV.- J "'. ? to Juan Garcia has a reason to be smiling about -just 33 more days until the las day of school. All the trouble that Theresa Chaydez, Joanne Chapa, Eileen Martinez, an Debbie Clark had to go through to get the perfect pose is worth all the effor Do you know who the daily bulletin announcers are? Well they are - Rom Agustin and Debbie Fortner. 1 Due to the overcrowded conditions on campus, the garbage cans are the only "benches" available and Rolyn Acosta does not seem pleased with the arrangement. Milk really quenches the after class thirst. Lisa Cadena takes her pie eating seriously. ln troduction 13 ,mf ,fi ,.., W!" XX I, x if,--V' ,, ' iff' , X f N.,A, -.,..f' fx ff f 1 Dedic r o ia.-ez. gall-40 'wav' M9 W. E W ,,.Li Qu ' lj ik., ' .1 'ln if It was a cold and stormy night in Pocatello, idaho. The date was May 24. 1943, and something happened that changed the lives of hundreds of students. William Bouch came into this world and the world would never be the same. Mr. Bouch has been teaching Drama, English, reading, and directing the school plays here at Mt. Pleasant for the past 19 years. No student that has been taught by him will ever forget his teaching style. Mr. Douch can best be described as a cross be- tween C ytano de Bergerac and Gen. George 5. Patton. both republicansf Young Billy Bouch and his family moved to San Jose and livedjust down the street from Mt. Pleasant an Markingdon Ave. He was taught by the nuns at St. John Vionney gram- mar school and was in the Hrst graduating class f6o Vikingsj. Then he studied at Bellar- mine and afterwards spent 2 years in the seminary at St. Joseph's College. Mr. Douch graduated from Santa Clara University with his teaching credential, a major in English, and a Masters in Reading. What does Mr, Douch do outside ofschool? He enjoys the outdoors and loves to fish and camp. He also acts in community theater and works out at the Nautilus Spa. Mr. Bouch has also raised a family of two children. Jean, 16 years old who attends U.C. Berkeley, and Will, 17 years old who attends Aptos High School. His future plans are to retire to his San Luis Obispo ranch with his wife, Becky. All of us on the yearbook staff are honored to dedi- care the 1965 Yearbook to William Bouch. If Cyrano had known you, he would have said. "Bring him giants!" f' 1 Dedication 15 " ,W , E QW, I ww JW' ,w uW,,w1w -V sz Wim, Hy If I , W 'wwf' M W VlMfW M I I' ff' IDU I IQ IN UN '85, '86, 'SI ,SS 7 in rib ww? 2 Rodney Abraham Martha Acosta Scott Adams Frederick Aguada ww- Romy Agustin Margaret Allen Albert Alva Henry Alva Henrick Alveskog Steven Ambris Teresa Amis James Anderson 4 5enicrs fl CTJJQ, I 5 1 Barbara Andrade Veronica Andres Pedro Ascencio MOf1U9l A,VOlO Margaret Avila Cathy Bailey Marcel Balaoro Jeff Balistreri Lisa Ball Jerry Baltazar Timothy Bofbe' Rodolfo Barboza 1 Seniors 19 51 -1' i E QW? V A ' R :eg Larry Barragan Juanita Barreras Maria Barreras Sandy Behrens Kenneth Bell Lisa Beltran Sherri Blackwell Miguel Borba 1 ,4- . 455573355 Tracy Bowers Dennis Boyd Diana Boyd Ray Bravo 1 Seniors -1 586 . Nasharra Bryce Margaret Byrne Toni Cabrera Robert Cadena Paula Camarena Matthew Cameron Pagasa Cantor Cesar Castillo Eileen Castro Marvie Celesrino Faith Chaboya Brian Chan 1 Seniors 21 91- .loonne Chapo Theresa Choydez Scott Chizanskos Deborah Clark Etienne Clark Rodney Clay Samuel Collett Ruby Compuesto H, .Cm I Marian Cork Phillip Corral Graciela Cortez Robert Couture 22 1 Seniors W! W HUF" 5, ,fr s., ,- - fi I El, u - David Cro wther Lisa Cruz Sylvia Cruz Lorena Cuevas Pamela Cushenberry Kathy Dahlin Vi Dang Thao Dang WZ" 'rv Alisha Daniels Karene Daugherty Constance Davis Perry DeGuzmon 1 Seniors 23 if-.. ..., ,,.... Joycelyn Delo Cruz Gabe DQLQTOHQ Jacob Denys Harpreet Dhillon l Ruby Dorion Joyerre Duarte Larry Edginton Kimberlee Eng Kevin Ervin Anfhon y Escobor Irma Espinoza Arble Evans 1 Seniors Deloris Evans Tyrone Evans Samantha Fajardo Ruben Fangonilo Bernardo Ferreira Susan Ferreira Edwin Ferrer Arthur Flagg 'WJ- Teresa Fleming Brian Flores Christine Flores Janie Flores 1 Seniors 25 "" zum FN 5-57, X: qw John Flores Rachel Flores Velma Flores Deborah Former Richardo Frausto Daniel Frayserh David Frontella ,Sean Fry lb Sandra Gaeta Steven Gallagher Adriene Gallegos ldalie Garay 26 1 Seniors 'xv' Anita Garcia Claudine Garcia Daniel Garcia Juan Garcia api 'U'- 25 11 Leticia Garcia Lito Garcia Rebecca Garcia Shawn Garcia Jacqueline Garrison Timothy Gibbons Lori Gomes .Iohnn y Gomez Seniors 27 Alex Gonzales Felix Gonzales Kimberly Gonzales Phillip Gonzales nv'- 'tx "K f,,, Elizabeth Gonzales Nelly Gonzalez Thomas Gonzalez George Granada df' Felicia Graze Christopher Guerrero Juan Guerrero Terry Hales 1 Seniors Colleen Hall Derek Hawkins John Herman David Hernandez J-v flh- Josetfe Hernandez Tiffany Hernandez Jeff Hinman Lisa Hoeke ,gpm-H 'ist'-rv' Lisa Hoffman William Holloway Hien Quang Hong Jerilyn Hood 4 Seniors 29 Donyol Horton Sandra Hotchkiss Andrew Howell Michelle Ingram fc-. Vio lslar Krisryne Jaskiewicz Mario Jayme Arlene Jimenez wk' Diane Jimenez Rudy Jimenez Susie Jimenez Yvette Jimenez 30 1 Seniors Q Deanna Johnson Floyd Johnson Eric Jones Lisa Jones Laurence Kaczmarek Patrick Kearney Tiffany Kendrick David King ,QM P00 Richard Kirkpatrick Steven Klinge Michael K urcina Pamela Kyle 1 Seniors 31 -shi, 1 'avi .wa-EE. , Antoinette Lanford John Longevin Josie Lores Preston LeMere Donna Lennie Robert Lewis Lance Lister Dale Lockwood J' K ,- Q Dolores Loero Juan Lopez Ruben Lopez Kim Lowrie Seniors Kathryn Lu Derek Ludlow Elizabeth Luna Jeffrey Lusrina Patrick Lynch Anthony Macias Arthur Macias Renee Maddox Jamie Maez Mely Molina Lawrence Mangindin Donald Marrujo w Seniors 33 New Rachel Marshall Michael Martin Alfonso Martinez Eileen Martinez 55's-ff-sq Kenneth' Martinez Natalie Martinez Roger Martinez Shawna Martinez 'Wiatr' Divina Masaquel Erik Matteroli LaRoy Maxwell Shontel May 34 1 Seniors Dawn Mazzaferri Kevin McPherson Luisa Medeiros Gilbert Medellin Cheri Mills Elizabeth Mills Mike Moniz David Montes 4'3" is l Andrew Moore Nelly Morales Laura Moreno Marganra Moreno Seniors 35 if Karen Murdock Michael Murray .Steven Nanik Marcia Nash ""-W ml M liwvt Debbie Navarrefre Bi Nguyen Thanh Van Nguyen Thanh Thuy Nguyen T000 Thanh N9UY6'f' Vu NQUYGH Geoff Nunes Lisa Nunes 1 Seniors Mike Ohling Edward Olien Cesar Olivardia Ricardo Ordonez - Cynthia Orra Martha Palacio Marissa Panlilia Sorpal Pannu Michael Pederson Vince Pellegrini Lanthony Penn ywell Laura pefez 1 Seniors 37 Michael Perkins Renee Perry Tho Phan Darnell Phillips Mario Phillips Thaddeus Phillips Gavin Pongasi Gerald Pongasi W QF' bv. an Faith Pope Pafrina Poree Chuck Preciado Irma Quinonez 38 1 Seniors no Darryl Ragsdole Rachel Ramirez Diane Ramos Denise Ramos Gabe Rellamas Toni Rivera Yolanda Rivera Ben Rodriguez fi- raw J l I Xxx iklvx Q Sandra Rodriguez Jimmy Rojas Deborah Romero Marcie Rofhnie 1 Seniors 39 Tammy Rowe Michael Ruiz Ruben Salinas Leticia Sanchez 45'-' ' Janelle Sander David Saucedo Patrick Scanlan Daphne Scott Kirsten Sears Carlos .Silva Christina Silva Marcos Silva Seniors David Silveira David Smith Demetrius Smith Daniel Soleno Christine Solidarios Jose Solorio Richard Souza Michelle Stamps ,M Jeanne Sfauffer James Stayton Lisa Stewart Cassandra Stroughter 1 Seniors 41 John Sullivan Nile Sullivan Kim .Sunae Long Tang Thomas Tassi Elizabeth Teano Michael Tejero Jason Tokunaga Marcus Toney Rosie Torrez Saundra Townes Tammy Townsend Seniors Kimberly Trafford Cuong Tran Hoang Tran Parrish Treur Penny Triburzi Bobbie Tripp Sherry Trujillo Ngoc Tu Lan Ronny Upp Seslie Upson Denny Urisra Donovan Ursua 1 Seniors 43 Jim Valdez Jeannie Vargas Susan Vasquez Rebecca Vaughan ,X W Amy Velasquez Frank Velasquez .lose Velasquez Esfela Venegos , Carlos Vera ' Marina Villanueva Joverfe Villarreal Maflq Villarreal 1 Seniors flu., Thomas Villarreal Le-Chi Vo Angela Wallace Gina Wile5 Diane Williams Larry Williams Wanda Winnings Dion Wood Wh'-1 - 2 Mark Yee Misty Zalesky Mary Pedregon Frances Quanga 1 Seniors 45 Des! Build! Figure Connie Davis, Brian Flores 3 L gif V -sf Mui' vf Mosr Likely ro Succeed Mart Cameron, Samantha Fajordo . 39. , ii Q . N 1 Q . ., 2 C ,S N x H . ii ,swf -f VH. W S- fy ,Lx. f - 'iw-1 Y, K' 'i"f2i . - Mos! Changed Dave Crowther, Eileen Castro Mos! Athletic Thad Phillips, Alisha Daniels 6 '-Q, 1 .fsvfzif Q 5 'vi WNV' 5 ""mw.,., A Most Unforgettable Kevin Ervin, Chris Solidarios Most Talented Delh Mills, Larry Mangindin 4 -in Best All-Around Lance Lister, Romy Agustin x J, Most Intelligent Juan Garcia, Samantha Fajardo A . Most Talkotive Lisa Nunes, Kevin Elvin PrettiestfHandsomest Mike Tejero, Kathy Dahlin L Martha Acasra hereby wlll rho besl ol luck ra all my friend ln general and me doa of loppreclole the help from all my leochers, mom, dad and specially my :Lever Berrlla. "l Love You AIL " Congrolulorlons class ol JK 1. L Scvlr Adam: being af sound mlnd and body wlll to Mar! Cameron all ol my Hal Illex, and my skill In Pllyxla. To Mall and Marlin, my feeling: on lvolllllon and all my usedxpeedos. To AH. Babe my deepen rhoughrs, feeling and good num. My mv, Ileave 70 arg xv sw, I, Frederick M Aguoda da hereby wlll my bean and soul ro our Lord lexus. Lord- You've been boublygoodlo me. Tomy family "I Love You All" To my bex! lrlends Jerry Dallanal and Llln Garcia 'bur problems" To my Babe, Imelda "Forever and ever, Amen," I, lomy Aguslln, do hereby wlll lo Konay Bryand my :pedal love and frlendshm always. fu Arlene, Ste ve, Joyce, Ymcy, my buddy Ivan and the gong, thanks lor all lhe groal memories and bex! ol luclr I0 you lomven To Cindy and Iob, more love andgood llrnes with me and my RJ, To mom onddod lol: of love and grearllrlnesx. To lhe volleyball loam, "we mode me play. om. "audio lhe girls sorter learn, a worrhwhlle season, To lhe dass of see ya around I, Margarel A. Allen do hereby wlll to Lnnne and Kevin ever losrlng happiness with Cynand Pam. To Darryl Thad and Mike M. the bexr of luck. To Kenneth 5. happiness and all ol my love, remember l'II love you more today lhan yester- day, bur nal os much as tomorrow, look Mom and Dad I ll. I love you Dlncenr. Hong laugh Deerra. L Steve Ambrls, hereby wlll all my love Io Kalheryn L Greene, Yo Soon E A lorufpanles ondmy 2171. To the "Beal" o lesldrlve In me '7lealy'1ondla me dan ol Congrarulollom. I, James Anderson do hereby wlll lo lhe dos: ol an easy path. To all teacher! a sludenl llke me. Yo P.G. all Ihe luck foreveL And to the Varsity Football leam, a player as dedicated as L Coaches wllh hearl: and some cheerleaders as lovely as ours. I, Barbara Andrade wlll ro Becky mare lun llrnes rogelher. To Roger l glve all my love. To Ronny and Gabe a blg klclr ln the bull. To David dance lessons on breaking. lo lell only 3 year: Ielr ro ga, And to my fellow classmales We Did In L Yelonloa Andres. wlll my love to my Iamlly. lame: 6 Ninja crew don! be saorln people. Renee my bezrbud- a lriencbhlpofa Ilfe rlrne. Mike a Stable flx your 414 fa look uk. bagobor 6 a mam uulabama. camy onorher rulny any. JIIL Dine a Hne guy. Yom Cornell a nlte In July. Glmee lbwe Wranglers. Poncho 6 Lelrl xllll lakln chances, takin by manger: .speed In up on curves lgnorin me dangers. Poncho 6 Lelrl . . . loo wild for anyone. I, corny nancy do .annoy wlll la my parents an my raw. ra my buddy Susan many more lun lllled days and ro Veronica all rho cowboys and Wranglers she couldever want. To my sL1tell rerrlfk year: al M.R D.G.. 1.11, ML. D.E, EI., R.C I love yoa all L Jerry B. Ialrozar do hereby wlll lo .Steve 6 Tlm all the rich man? herb they can gel. To ML Ulla thank: lor all Ihe knowledge. My frlendhlp lo Elk A. and Llro 6. Foreven My Iamlly, llove you. To Patrlcla Maile Moe: my heom souL and everlasllng love. L Tlm Barben do wlll ro my llroMlke everlosrlng xucoes al M.P. To my mom 6 dad everlaxllng love 6 lrlendfhlp. To all the guy? nl rhe lable the best of luck and gllls. Yo M.C lhe bex! of luclr al Davis. To RJL NLS very own mr. L Rudy Barham hereby wlll all my love 6 thank: to my polellrs. To my Flush. Soph and lr, buddex Cu know who you alll I leave my 'bond tlmes". To my graduating partners, I wish you "lol: of luck". To my brother l leave my mn 'hood lmfi I, Juanlro Bolreros hereby wlll a good Iurure ro Marla, a 'bermanenf' guy to losallnda, Happlneis lo Bernardo. Estela, and "Baby", A crazy Ilfe to Mnrlbeh Lol: of Parrylng . . . To Irma lol: ol rharrlu. To my mom thanks for everything. I Ilnally mm IL L Marla Balrelos, hereby wlll ro MarlbeL lol: ol Menudn. a dance teacher lo Ivana, and o sredy "young " guy lor Mldgel. Happiness and Irlencthlp forever to Blllla, Bernardo, and Baby. Frlencklllp alwayi Iur my 'Eli' Liela and wlld tlmes lo Irma. Ney mom, I mode lr. lulex. L Lbo Beltran, Irerlby wlll lo my two beauilflll skiers. "Rainy" and "Leno", forever happiness with 'Markle " and 'lldlle To all my Mend, l'lI never forge! ya-IPROMISE. . To my fellow xonglooders, lleove you only the gorgeous lkk Spllnglleld 'cause Mlke Reno ls all mlne, Peler Dergee xongx. The Golden Splril Srklr, The Superior Banner ond Trophy. and everloxllng love, blesslngx, and enthusiasm . , . L Sandy umm hereby :mu an on-ny lov. la nuvul. num man brggm lhanlu to Mrs. Baullslo. To all my Irlenck a blg lhanlu, and ro Falrh all the guys nndMu1rong.f you mn gel a hold at May my parelm heodacllex be relieved Rules, I, fllxy lowers. hereby wlll everlosllng Love ' Frbndhlp ' Happlrlext to lomy, Girls. Arlene, Joyce, and Usa B, lo my besrlrlend Melinda Y Hey we finally made ll. Pam C Thanks for Ibe advice. Goodluck lo IP., K.M., LL. DJ., and everybody at the ledge. fhalllrs for the cookie! Mama D" Ranks fur nolhlng ILL ll'x been llln you guys . , . l'll Inks yau. "God ble5s"6o0dluCll class of We Dld It Thanks Mom 6 Dad L Dlan Boyd hereby wlll all my crnzyness I0 Monqule lahL Moves In boslrer- ball lo Darcy lanes. To Allen Vllxorl. slay In sdrooL The Hood wlll be back say one up Iwo down lhe Hood ls hell la down, letter known as Boby Shar. L Nasllalra Bryce, do hereby wlll to Tab- all lhe xculnln' you mn do. To Karen. spiked mg. ro me cmy. me 'bought mal rhose who leave san lo aw-vpany no moe, Yo Palrlcla- An Egyprlon lover, To Vicky- All TD my palenrs- lbanx. To Dwayne- Me loreven To Fallll- many babes In lhe banana. Yu Anthony lame: me In Hawall. To Shawn mmmm, nlce buns. To 1965- NO ENGUSNMEN AL- LOVED. L LL1a sau, do runny wlll rm: A Some gas lbfrwpvy Gxome fn-'parm Ta Um S. . M.P.. Alway: remember lhose wild and :roxy nlghrx To Todd Morgan some sense anda new flocking mp lor hh crop. All my Memthlp. To M.H. DJ! IM. DJ.-Some Yemen. A blg rhankx lo Mr. Young for all your help and advice through lhe yearl. And llnally thanks lo my fnmlly lor all rhelr love 6 under- Jlundlng. CONGKATULA TIONS CLASS OF 4985, YE MADE lf, . . I, Ton! Cabrera hereby leave my bookx and locker lo my brother Manuel I lhank my friend Rachel R LLw C Kureken. ond Gllberr M., we mode It Ta Rachel Flores who helped me our lalx of llme, hey we made IL Good luck Junlors, bill 65 rules. L loben Cudena, wlll ro my goodlrlends o lbrosl, reodeemable as we go, To mom and dod'1f wasn'l lhal hard was lr?" To LC score more A's before you nop. To RD. "YEAH", I, Paulo Camalena, hereby leave all my wishes to myxon Bobby Sonllogo lr., ondlrope may allcome lrue. Ax Iormy Mendlockle Ipromlxe you Ollpendales laren Good ludr. 1, Mnnrmv comm. runny wlll I0 ln. a xhormnm ro vc Evffgmn, Soon a quklrer broln, Tyrone an F 16, Paul his own can Cindy Ono lor: ofalfecrlon rrol lomenrlon Kevln, LK. To my Iumlly, all my love, lo Cuong G. a G.P.A. llke mlne, I. Ken "Cutelxen " Carmsal, wlll my lelrover :redllx la myprlmas D.M. andJ.G.. my love lo AG.. CH., SJ.. and ro Usa lloeke, I wlll gel lld of you. I, Eileen Caslro, hereby wlll all my "fuby21" clothes lo Trlsha. My spolorl the lable lbllohn. My am: 0lAquonel fo Albert. And all my love 6 lhalrks ro my family lorpuxhlng me lhrouglr school And all my amblllon, I would llke lo wlll lo me lower daxxmen. Farewell Ml. Pleaxonr. Oh and all my Crazy lhalr dak! lo me lulure Mr. Pleasanl hend Servers. L falrh Chaboyo, wlll Sandy and Dovldc happy lvlun. 5, all rhe guys you mn gel. Karen fkenl all our crazy limes. Remember. DL a Ford ficoored rnrck. All my lrlends, a blg hug, M.P,. u rronurm, Mom andbod. all my Inve and n blg hug. I, Man cnan, wlll frm-arup forever ro mm umf. mr All my love lo Mom! Popk, yu ana bro, I wlll D. Y. nappmm nwvpf. ro my fume wan L, Senior Will Dave R, M. Ya., Martha R, 5. May, Ra.A., era! I wonl rosay "I love you all". I leave M.R the memory of "THE CLASS OF Gi". L Joanne Cllapo, do hereby wlll my friend Deb everylatllng Irlendhlp IFJ. Toulours Avec MOU fu Eileen Mend: forever and Prince. Susan Nl- Ho. Luck Ill rhe future rennl: Hom: and la my coach. My love and lhonlu I0 my lumlly and expeclally ro my parenll. All dmy love nnd lime rolelrey. The Beaulllul Oriel FOREVER. L Lorraine Chovurrlc, hereby leuve my ik! fd Dlarm Grlanodos and my old lun down desks ro Morlr Flnlgon, Pol Vlown and Lorllle Creslne, I leave my borlng school to everyone who does nol graduate and all my lun weekend go ro my homegirl: dopoy. glggles. gala, shady, sophla, payasa, llaclra. and baby glrL L Anthony R. Chavez. hereby leave all my worldly food and all my love to Theresa Ramos. Congrolulallans to the Class ol B51 L Theresa Marlo Chaydez do hereby wlll my :Brel Barbie all the guy: she mn honda. To Gwen, remember lhe homemade wlnlrollers? To Vlclrle, :my of lhe rlavex, lo Lelrle, no more double during. Io M.K, lmode ll wlrhoul YOUIII To Eileen, a nigh! with LM., To My sruck, Geal! Nile, Steve. Donny. Ronny, Gabe, and Wm, thanks for all lhe hm and rnernorlex we had rogerlnn To Juan, remember the pany park. fo Anthony. a high school diploma. To Karhy, remem- ber lhe beach coolers? fo my Mom and Dad lllonlu for everyrhlng, I LOVE YOUIII L Scarf Chlzanlkos, being ol lll mlnd and urnbr bad advlcl do wlll to Ronny, nlllhemoneyheneadmxohe worflborrownnyfromme. To6abe, agood glade and my ablllry lo slrlp school. To my parents, my love. To lhe Hogs, good bhune, and lhanll God I lnhsed my :Bien I, Debbie Clark, do hereby wlll lbe MI. relml: team and wlrmlng xeason, ro me coach, my sllng and n thanks. To my xklerx, more 'XIX ro my Memk, a good fulure, ro LC "toujours avec mol," lo EmM, a license, lo M.L, more fun rlmes. To Jlm, all my love and I0 dodand Trlah, n blg lhnnlrs. Clan of B5 IULBIH 1, nu-nn. cram, wlll good luck ro my um. mum Damn ln talking ro gms. ra Stacy Pleasant good ludl In the Iulure, I wlll mLu you nexl yean Bur worth our fellas' because, I wlll be mmlng bod: for her. LG. FORGET If I, Rodney Kellll Clay, wlll CB. my Iborball Jkllb. KJ. better ludr In Me fulure, CM. someone lo control hen ond on alarm clerk, JL ro go our al nlghr on weekend. My mam and Sarah D. all my love, Good luck clan of I, Sam Collem wlll I0 my parents my love and respecm lo LL. n trip to Washington. To M,5, the nlglll he deserves. ro LQ best sound efecrs, to M.H. excellenldrlbbllng xkllls. fo CM. dolphins. to D.5. a house In lhe hills, to lhe swim mm mf M.liA.L. chan-profunrp. I, Ruby Compuesfo, wlll to Klm I all my grades. nal Ihai :he need them. I wlll Par and Richard K. all lbe Reagan .wpporreu In lhe HJ, I wlll .leannle a long and happy relallonshp wlrll Marr and ro Vu I wlll lbe Ienrlb DIIILS ofChll: Ever! Lloyzt I especially wan! lo wlll Delorls E me lodl from Nodhlvp, and to all my Mend! nlM.R fromA lol, goodludl oodxee you In rhellllure. Allrhe way I, Candice Cork. In sound mlnd and body hereby wlll lo Gina Y some bread lo rhrow or lhe ducks who lry lo snatch her guy. To DJ. I wlllk.A.. to O.D.E I wlll all my love to my palenls whom I would never have made wlthoun llove you. Thanks. L Gluclelo Cor!! hereby wlll lhe besrolluclr Io my Mend LM.. LGU andld Phe das ol In the hrrure, I appreciate all lhe help hom ML Young, ML Carpenter, and especially mom, dad who helped me through me four years or M.P, L Phllllp cami, gm my ,pmol mam and me ro my parent: for pushing me mmgn mon fwgn los! four years, and ro LP, MP. for being nm. when 1 needed them. To Danny G. My goodlookx and my lalenn Clan ol rules. L Robert Courure, wlll the following: To LA, n slalrlng poslllon ol AC to rho narrlng rock plaslk surgery, To LG. lbe 5.5 Glonrs. to balhroom DeGuzman a clean one. To IL the nallonal D60 chalrlplonslrb. To M.K. 50 more :lodhi and lo Me lbofboll and track leamx belrel seasons ahead I, Davld Clowlher, wlll fo my bro Bri. all lhe good lime: af M.P, To My glll all lhe luck and love, lo Carlos all my hopes and dreams, you've heald them DIL To K no wont mn express ro Llsa, Mary. Tam, Deb. 13 more years olxdbool fogemn Gig: and can lhe may nn. gong, .1 "warn down me mum la Arlene my Irlendhlp and long walk: ra dau. 70 56Ca xkl lrlp under lhe Golden Gale. To Rachel lou! mon amaun fo mom and dad my love and Mendfhlp fdliver. L LBO "Chico" Cruz, do hereby wlll my "whaI3 up cuz' " to all my friends. To my brother Larry. my barely posing grades Yo my "loo molucuz Veronica a 63 mph :peed llmln Tu Gavin, a yearlv supply ol CLC YJHIHS. To Felix, a punching bog, :moan n. Liylvla Cruz wlll all my love la mom anddod, and my friend, To mom and dad I love you bolh. To B, I. 6 D. thank: bl your cvnlldenoe. Yo MA. lefs ga out fork! cream. To MII. D you'll loo :ooh Luv ya. To Ihe dos ol cvngmlulo- IKOILK. I, Lorena Cuevas, do hereby bequeath lo Dlvlna M, Nalalle M, lbe ren ol lhe gang, and lhe enrlre :lass ol L5 the bex! of luck. To nexl years softball team co., nc, LP., 1..c, nc. ga br me cnampkmnrp. ro my family all my love and Ihanlu. I made II mom. L Pom Cushenberry. being ol sound mlnd wlll 5.1 my everloarlng friendship and o mature guy. 5.M. anything or one you dexlre. DJ. my dad anolher daughter llke me and happiness In lbe fulun. LL my son. luck In the future and 0 goodllle wlrlr Hump. LD. 0 Yom Selledl look olllle and luck ln the future. ll my .mramng love. Mom ond om and ron: my gmmva. and bv.. 1 aouldrfl have mode ll wllhoul your xupporr, I, Kathy Dahlln, hereby wlll lo lexsle P., o Wlnchellli and a beocllllouxe. To Belh. I leave all my bears. Yo Vkkl Ish! a parlrlng space. To Brenda. cruzln' lhe nwndf. To Mbly I leave a pack ol hum and an Englkh clan. fo lhe 196445 Vnrslly Cheerx, LP.. VJ., and ML Hove a beochlnlienlor year. Yo my brvlhen 0 halrcun To mom, lhanlu, ILOVE YOUI To rho don ol 065. CONGRA TULA YIONS. Ye're outta here. I, Allsho Donlela, hereby wlll ro Michelle ever kurlng friendship land a bolrle ol super duper molslurlzlng lorlonj. To lomy Mend wllh a mr for ol leasl n lkrenxej. To Steen sllalghl F3 and to everybody al "THE everlaxllng lun, lrlendshm, and many male days ol locks, jurnprope, and one day Mndyl monopoly, Thanks mom and dad I, Karine Dougherty. wlll my love, beam and soul to John Payne. I LOVE YOU. fo Slocy my Ipeclal Irlendlllp land orange bombl. To Mlsly all lhe pep rallu. Yo 5.5 Ylllle for a nlghl. To SY a reusable Bronco. To Nancy, thanks for everylhlng. ELF. IONN Y I, Constance L Dovh. do hereby wlll lo Lana lhlera bofrle ofNo-Dol. To Ill. a cur, Ta Mlchelle Clanognlr a diploma some llme soon. To my home boy Elk Kyle a drlverk lkvenxe, To my UI' bro Mlchael me dolsun. and many thanx. To Sully Aobelrsorr. LeRoy Harper for always being there. Mom and Dad Karen and Sam. I finally made ll. LOVE YAI And to the :las al WOO BABYII L Perryjun oeauman. wng of .wana mlnd and boar wlll all my gman lo my slsrer Sheila, and my love and lhonks lo my parents and Mend lor all the suppon you have glven me. I obo leave behlnd my bodmlnlon skill: to Melanie, Zlerleln, Analyn, andco. and me grmr rlme: we xharod To my :hola Evelyn, I glve you my endless love. L byte da-lo Cruz. have Io: Cheri M. Vhe "bextexl" Mend 0 glrl mn llove, lhanks, always lor your undolslandlng, generoslly, and moslly your unquexllon- Ing lrlendshp. To Pamela Ann memories ol four year: of sllrlng behlnd you maklng fun ol "you know who'C and o lrlendshlp I wlll treasure alwoyx. To my other Irlends success. love, anda lllled Ilfe. My :peclal thank: lo ML Dol Pano. o greal teacher who really cole: about wha! be Doodles. and has olheli curing also. fo Mrs. Poszlrelcz. my respect for you, Finally, lo my parents, thank you lor always believing ln me. Nay Ilfe, here I mme. I, Gabe Dela Torre, being of sound mlnd and much laugh! alter body, do hereby wIlL grand master hound peace In geavln, all his pups new ldenlltles xo they can dog 1073 ol more glrls. To honhey and mooloo o bolrle ol lequlllo ond my Jklll In quariels. 747 l.A.M.. LLM, D.E,K.E, Tuba 6.N.. KPN R. VH AND EVER YONE ELSEAT "THE DfNCN"all lhe panlex lhey mn bang wllh. To Dave E a spun: girl ra ummm a neu :wanna lu x.M.6. my rum.-snip rmm. ra rmy 5 and lrlan L Hes! of luck and I0 my parents all my LOVE PJ, To Vlnnle . , SOMEONE TO FUCK NIS EAU. L Jacob Denys, being ol sound mlnd and greol :halocren do hereby wlll all the lucll ln the worldlo my brother Albert To my friends: LC. D.C. 1.54, Ui, R.L.. PL, MANY THANKS. Loslly, I0 mypllde andjoy, Sonya, all my love lo you In our future years, L Harpreel Dhlllon, do hereby declare all my love, sympathy and understand- lng to my mom, and dad and llle rest ol the family, Besl ol luck ro Kamayll GIIL Many happlnessex In Ilfe ro ML Vlbon. I abc leave my love lo my loving nephews Ramandeep, Talvlnder. and Daylnden GOOD LUCKII L Ruby Dorlon !GerbyJ wlll all my love lo Gerry lrr Guam. "P.5.IlLOVE YOU To Mely and Peter all Me blxl of lurk and lake mlel You 've been Ihe bex! of :ouxln a person could have. My family lhonll you lbrall lhe xuppon you've glven me. L loyelre Duarte, wlll Deny a plzza, haunted house, anda great senior year, To Tudy mllllon: of rainbows, and the guy of her dreams. and my friendship always. To my mom and dad all my love and lhankx. To my brothers and slslerl mode II, To everyone al Marki lhonlu for all the help. fn my Mend' GOOD UICK. I, Klmbellee K. Eng, do hereby wlll my xpezlol thanks and my everlasllng lrlendfhlp I0 LO., LL., EA., CM., and CC for all your help, advice, and underslandlng. To my dear SC, Iellrey A. Lunlna, my everdasrlng love and nlhdlonl Thank: lor the tlme we 've shared and for all lhe :pedal memories you've glven mell lkemember Ghoslbusrersllll: and :pedal thanks ro my par- enlsl L Kevin Ervlrr, wlll all my lun tlmes to rlle great bandoIMounl Pleasant Nlgh, All my love lo lhe sport olsoccer. my parenls, and Raheem. Red Scoll, and Flood Especially. all my love In me world ro my glrn Suurre. I, Tony Emoban do hereby wlll Io all a new holrdo. Vo M. K lhe ablllry to ploy ban lllre G.L To 5.6. an unllmlred supply of bars, To ML a drlver': license, lo AC sunglasses lhal won'r break, lo B, K n lull 4-year scholarship lo Slanford. Yo cs. Q mm mal wlll vp wnglmm My um- and mppvn ro everyone al the ledge and In rhe :las ol 65. L Irma Bplnosa, hereby wlll my soul lo God and pray others surrender ra Chrlsl, My heart la LL To my :Bleu and bro and cous. our nlghl Ilfe, Ramona lhe bexl asoned snacks, :bony Esplnosa me srrenglh of Hemxon, M.M. my diary, my parenls all understanding and happiness. To frlends our memories. L Dolorls Evans, wlll to my mom anddodall my luv and thanx. fo my Best lrlllvd Bobble, much :utter and everlasting lrlencbhlp. l'll always be rhelr. To SL, Good Luck In everylhlng you dv. Hey Aoel We mode In LG. l'll never Iorgel yOU: AJ. good luck M62 CG. a bog ollrles for yourself M,C Glrllchl and CA. lalre care and remember our lore Ill nlles. ML len mllllon superballs. To D.C a warm cool Grill KB. f76: Class M65 much luv and xuctiss. To my family slnclrl' thanx and luv. Maurice whlre. you can make It A.L my megaphone. Frwr get mare holrl Iyour homeglrlsj. L Samanlha Fajardo, do hereby wlll Bobble and Dolorh many more exclrlng crusln' nlghls and anchovlex. To Becky my handwriting and speed leodlng ablllry. fo Henry L more movie Jlubs. fo lay and Gerd my mlm vlslon, To Romy. Chrlxrlne. Ioycve, Tracy. Anna, Claudine lol: ol luck. To the Boy o real cnuln' someday. To my parenls all my thanks lor rhelr support Well, oll ra Vexlwood L Ruben L. Fangonllo. being of sound mlnd hereby wlll my scholastic lnrelll- gmc. lo :nw wh., mum In my mumps, and ro mm eww love. ra lhe Juniors. lhope you maka-In ro the dau ofA5moy6odgulde youon yourpolh olllfe. To ICM, rhal "bumpln" xyslem be always wanted hey cuz. we made ll. L Bernarda Ferreira, do hereby wlll all my soccer experience and skill: ro Soccer Coach Dave Mcfleody, xo Ile mn Hnally have o wlrlnlrlg season. labo wlll my soccer deals ond chln guards to Davld krba. And lasr I wlll my dnermlnarlon lo John Morten no he wlll become a great goal hnper. L Susan Fenelru, hereby wlll Cher! eva-rloxllng Monahlp and lnllnlre more Iaughx. Remember lo cherlsh In bolh Mlcke y Dk, lr B ll do do Dane? and ll nelge. Thanx for being lherel To my cuz Rachel a greal Junior 6 Senior yearl To DJ, Y unllmlleddrlves through lhe Portugese Commun. Yo D.C a day when you'll hare everyone llke Ido. Mom 6 Daw all lhe love a daughter :vuld give. l'm ourra here . . , I, Arr Flogg. da hereby wlll all my Mend success and happlneu. To the boy: onlheledgemylrlendshlp. Yomombdodlorrhexupporr, TamyMend!Lbc6 sm for an lhe supporr ana rmmsmp my gave mf, vp wlll be :mms rm-vu. fo lhe Varxlly Baxkelboll team a glial year. My Basketball JIIIILV to Ken Bell ls IL L Terry Fleming, wlll Llsa J. Glggle Ttxwe, Lisa B. 6 Pom K. Noel Control Marlo R SWIMMING LBSONS, Terry H. FOREHEAD FADING SOLUTION, Rlmon B. 6 Anllone M oll sheen. Shontel M. 6 Ken M YIANSITE FLASH PAS55, Palrkll K.. A, CAIEEI. Omlyan I CHAPSTICK, Sonya K. DUPLICATEIAIL KEYS, Todd M. FINGER- YA VD. Anhui R. an Aho, llove you lhdiy KLUTNERJ. Mommy. Obauncby, 6 Klolo. See Yal L cmsnm mam nom, bang mound mmd and body bfqumm my Dy.-wry fu my Beloved fu, CML ru 1 L law, rn.-namp anagwa rrmn. ra all my :drool lrlends. love and happiness and xunen. To all my pany Mena, my love, my gralllude, and More good tlme: I love YOU ALL 451 PJ. MLW Call owes her 57h per U..!. of 65 dlnner love mel , L Janle Flores, hereby wlll Dlane I: my boy crazy mlnd- Chrkllne S.: lhe besl of Iucll wllh G.L David D.: 5 more years al M.D.3. Mille E: my bod mood- lm G: M.M. n memorle: and eva-rlosrlng Mendshlp- ML Smlrh: o very :px-lol Thanks for everylhlngl and to my parenrs- Thank: and I love you bolhlli L John Flores, da hereby wlll all my love lo my parenrs for rhelr love and support To my brolher ond :Liters all the happlnen they dexelve. To my nlece Jayme Ann ollrhe happiness ln lhe world fo my nephew Mlchael Anthony all Ibe happlnexx In Ihe world ILOVE' YOU ALL ,. I, Rachel Finca Flores. hereby wlll my oldies lo my homeglrls and all my love ro .Slove Espalm, I give all my thanks I0 my mom and dad for oll lhelr enaouragemenl, I wlll me para ro Dopey, Lena: lo Giggles. ond all me parry days lu some lo Monlca Fernandez. I. Velma Flores, do hereby declare all my love, xymparhy and underxlondlng fn nanny Aung.-1. Thank: fu my lumlly rw an nun mppon. My wnraymg lrlendhlp Yo Lilly, ldsle and Bula. Bexlofludc ln YE Pedu. Klka, andAndrex. HPANDA5 FOREVER" Conglurulalloru Ia lhe dass of '65 YL' MADE ITIII L Debble Formen wlll love and Monk: Io mom and dad, Io M.H.. LN.. Xl., nz, rmnasnm ana napping always. ra l..L., my buddy, Q gold ploled rw. ball. To CDH a .vpoclal friendship, ro the song girls, here! ro us and lo Crolg. my Q1 ruddy, l'LL love you foreveL L Danny Fmyserh, wlll all my motorcycle supplies and mororryclex lo Brandon James and lo Loyd Ella: I leave lol: und Ion ol halr. To Debloga lhanks a mllllon. To my mom, dad and slsfer Thank: lor the xupporr and lo all rhe :ludenls ar MP Keep on Parrylng. L David fronlello, wlll all my love and lhanlu to Mom and Dost Brian and llll. To all my gleal friench Ihe Besl ol Ludall fo my lllrll Harb and lo her pam-ser Roger me Desi oILuck In lhe Fulure. To one gleal Mend lon, lrlendhlp and lhe Heil ol Lucklll L Sandra Marie Goela, wlll my Everlaxrlng Love 6 Frlendshlp ro M.H. Jackie Don? forget la procrlce? Mom 6 Dad I Love You Lorxl To Arrlln, all my A grade! so you can gel through college, 6 David n blg Tossed Salad wlrh all me lrllrrmlngs, Las! bul nor lean I wlll Gabriel De La fone. Lol: of Love 6 my prom pldulex of 4964. Your 'I ll GREA fll 1 Senior Wills 49 L 5teveGalloghen wlllallmylove tafyndylloeke. Momandkdlwlllbe gone soon. 6.6.. see you In the Alt Foroe. 5. ondL lloeke a whlle ottun lltgh 5chooL L and A. lloeke, very close trlendshlp. Mr. MLss tloeke another kld I, Adrlene Gallegos, hereby wlll Aqua Net to D.C, LG., my brother KM, K.G,. Kathy a hellum balloon. Kelley happlness wlth K.L.. My brother, M.Y, EQ.. success at MP I-l.M., hls dln-dn. D.R.Cs. LK. DJ., G.G., 5.M.. and 'curte"o good ltfe Il.G. my Macyis card All my love to Mom and Dadl Thanxl L lille Garay. wlll my love and memorles to Mr. Frost, Mn Duncan, Mr. Brubaken andMr. Armstrong, I wlsh the best olluck to all my lrlends In the class of I. Anlta Garcla. hereby wlll to J.Il., my lrhndsltlp 44ven an atrplane and happlness wlth ML To LC., Imy blg brotherl to be hk Ill sk 4-ever. Ta 6.5. and IM. Eternal love. To D.LK. ILuv you 4-ever6 ever and then some. anda house In Bev. llllls, To mom llove you, thanx for everythlng. your the greatestl lley Ja's we mob Itllll L Claudlne Garcla. B.K.A. Deenle. do hereby wlll Love and llapplnest 2 all my ttrends. 2 my parents thanx 4 everythlng Love Ya. 2 Eddte and Steph have o happy marrlage. 2 Bobble, Delorls and the rest ot the gang tt was a great Senlor year wlth u people. 2 the people thatl "cur thelr halt" your gonna have to Ilnd someone else. lout lokel. 2 Delorb 6 sam remember the 'DInk". 2 Bobble always remember 'IeInhardt'C 2 my cuz Rose I hope u flnd happlness some- by. 2 the class of '55 Congratulotlons now 'LETS GO CRAZY" and partyllll L Donny Garcia. hereby wlll all my love ro my parents and tamlly. To Carmen, all my love andmore tlmes togethen All my abllltles ofdteatlng to my brother Gobrlel Garcla. From M5. to IC, love always. To P.C, NJ. J.5.. D.S.. TLC, CE, lfrlends foreverl. L luan C Garcia. hereby wlll to Dave. a M K success wlth angubh. Athne, a beauttlirl ltfe. RacheL a rrlght of radkal -. Delorls. a Sears Drlvlng School schotarshks. Rome, the dlnner that never was. crrrrsrergn another dreaded year of 'School days. school days to TalL Rah, Stud. French. Fullen Monkey, Dad. Pizza 6 Brtt, more 'story. story . . . 'Z and especlally to my parents a speclal "THANK YOU". L Letty Garrla, do hereby wllk Loly and Ettela my frlencbhlp forever and best of luck In thelr martlage. Klko, trouble. Pedro to do his own homework. LuLs, unforgettable moments at MCD. Marrbel to stop tllrtlng. the guys or the table GOOD LUGI Pandas forever and U5 ta be ALIYEI L Llto 5. Garcla. do hereby wlll all my love to my famlly especlally to my nlxes and nephews, God Bless you aIL To the Fetallzos my love always. and thonk you lor havlng me as a famtly. Forever lrtends Dlvlna, thank you for the ltlendhtp you've glven me. Robert our t9td. Edwln wlll get last. The rest best of luck. To ll and III the trlangle shall never be broken. L Rebecaa R. Garcia. do hereby wlll thank my parents for everythtng, Ilove you. All my love to Sam Rojas: I. Cramer thanks tor a narle y lcooll summer. Irenz foreven to A Samarlpa a muzzle. To Suzle "Q'Z P. Somartpa. C Ramirez D. Martujo, D. Morrlson 6 L Chavarrla Best of Frenz CONGRATULATIONS, WE FINALLY MADE ITIII L 5hawn Garcla. wlll 5.5. a clean recordonda new llcense, M.lL fthe blg IU some gas. MA a bottomless keg. L.K. a tall enough chtck 6 some at my gultor skttls. A.D., LR. 6LJ. the ulrlmate hooter. LG. memortes otpanres ofthe posn my brother LG. my goodgrades and awesome pany tlmes. to all ol Cowboy Corner the partles of the past. presenn to my parents thanks for belng there. to the class of 'lingoodludr In Ilh. L Jockle Garttort, hereby wlll my love and frlendhlp to Colleen ffaIL LG., M.5.. RC. my oar to Marcos. BumtPlg CACA to M.R.. Sandy Keep on Proctlctng. Thanks to all the guys at the tabh for the football games, llalla. To All - Lave- To Deb. allrhe quartersshe can honde. Mom andbadllove you dearly. TO TflE QAS5 Ol' '65 GONE YGOOGOO. L Tlm Glbbons, do hereby wlll to my good frlend Steve and Jetty more memorable tlmes. to Mlke beer. quoners. and roam. To tackle and Bugzzy more dltt y jokes. to all of my teachers "l'M SORR Y", to my famlly everythlng lalmostj due to thelr support and money. Ta the "GANG"passlng grades and '5MOKEY" weekends. and to the rest ofthe people I mtght have forgotten at M.P. GOOD LUCKI L Johnny Gomez hereby have all my knowledge to my brother Davld To Shannon II. a new Porsche 924 To Susle on RX7. To Jlmmy R.ar1 alarm clock that workslll and to my Mom and Dad thanks for all your support through my past 4 years In lllgh 5chooL The Goss of '65 Ruhsllll. I. Lorl Gomes. wlll all under classmen the best years at M.P. C5. Luck wlth M6PJooobs. 5teen 6 Leo God Bless you. Rorrrey - Love otkenay. Llzard Lady more crazy years. 5.6. 6 MJ. more PTAB. Mom and Pop thanks lbr puttlng up wlth me. M.P. another awesome Volleyball Team. L Klm Gonzales, wlll allofmy hugs and kltses for the rest ofmy ltfe to Danny Ray Ramlrez. I love you and always wlll. L rrurrrp sorrmres hereby wut ta ru una my wager har. The rerrnu and football team all my ablllty. R.C another palr of pants. To all my frlends my Everlastlng Frlendltlp. Coach ll thanks for all your help. To mom and dad all my Love and Thanks. To l.A. my stlngs 6 lrlendshlp. I, Elizabeth R. Gonzalez hereby wlll love to my Iamlly. Thank you Syl. Jose. Olga. Anna. and Rudy. Share my love to Irene G. Good luck to DenLse. Ramos. Gatdlucktollseeyoulnthefuture. 6oodIuckroDebblePenaB.El1 "Congratulations I, Nelly Gonaahz glve thanks to all my teachers esp. Mr. deblego. I glve all my love and memorles to Mr. deDIe9o. Mr. Duncan, Mr. frosn Mr. Brubaker and Mr. Armsnong. I wlll luck to my very close trrends esp. Ann Grtego and Damlon Agutlar I Love you aIL L Tom Gonzalez hereby wlll to my brother my comlc books. To Manuel my bad mood. to Mlke oursong. To my teachers Marvqub ondbuzzell Take core. to my parents tor thelr love and understanding and to God tor glvlne me the lnoenttve to keep on golng on In ltfe and to Mrs. Pepper for your love. L George Granada. hereby wlll all my frlend good luck In the future and a happy Itle. To Mayra the pretttest glrl at MP.. and my parents all my love. To my darllng Clndy whom I love forever happlness. I. Fellcla 5. Glaze. wlll thanks to morn. Ta my home glrls Mlchelle. Falth, DeShawn. Trlna. The best of Iudr. To Ernst L. Matshalll wlll my love and strength. To all my slsters, I wlll all my posters of Mlchael Jackson and Ptlnce. To my nleoe Mellrlsha I wlll all my money so she can buy clothes. To Mr. Shue I wlll hlm all the luck In the world wlth hls Photo Iclasses. To my cuz Ge Ge. I wlllallthe Iuclr In the world wlth her bayltlend To my slster Tlna I wlsh your football team Iuclr In theluturebecouse yourgolng toneedlt. TothecIossof'U5"l wlshyouthe best In ltfe. L Christopher Tosz Guerrero, hereby wlll my brother all my test to cheat trom. To the wrestling team a state champlonshb. To L.lI.. L.L.. M. K, IM.. C V., B.U., R.A,, CS.. RG.. R.lI., 5.C. D.5.. IB.. G.M., J.L. DJ. BJL. and5.G., the beslolluck and my frlendhlp always. Ullllll I, Juan C Guerrero. wlll my brother the car he wllled me 2 years ago and then sold To R.l1 a school supply store. To R.C some shavlng cream. To RG. a balanclng welght for hLs ears. To M.R. o dot to dot colorlng book. To J.A. o one way ttcket to Boston wlth an unllmlted orange supply. And to myself an hour xpedal of 'llfestyles of the tlch and famous". L Terry llales, hereby wlll my dploma to my Mom andbod my credlts to my stster Rachel. my braveness to Mlchelle, my oldcar ta anyone toottsh enough to take In And Boldtleod Dee and Marta I leave you separate boxes olllow our Klts. DJ. some vlslne. the cat some helpt L Colleen llaIL do hereby wllllackle Garrlson, Krlstlne Rowlodge, and Brenda Robertson all my advlce and hctures. Jaclrle G. my El hgs and Krlstlne all the McDonalds you con ean llave you LM., MS.. P.C. I glve all my love andsupport to Fred Robertson. Thanks mam and dodll L Davld llernondez wlll my maln chlultykey Laura L my honest nlghts In covodca. To Martha lleave my chest. To the guys on the Ledge lleave plenty ol mltk.r ro throw. To my tamlly I leave my Love. . 1 Senior Wills Senior Will I, Josette Hernandez do hereby wlll my love and appreclatton to my parents tor helplng 6 puttlng up wlth for me. tlante my ftlendshlp. a horse and happr. ness 4-ever wlth Dean. Mtchael all the love, X's and O's I can glve. To my brothers lots al luck now and In the future. I, Tllfbny llernandez hereby wlll all my love and frlendltlp to George, wlthout you Babe Icouldn't have mosh ll. Thanks to my parents Good luck to Augle and Suutte. my brother and my best Mend Llsa I love you. I. Lisa lloeke wlll: my left over credlts to A.lL. "football Instincts" to S.fl. my tennls to Lll. my charm to 5.1 Elf a "hostess wlth the mostess". To "The Ledge" my splrtt and 'body lleat'C KM and G.M. my love. Cyn andCyn move over here I aomel L Llsa lloffman, hereby wlll ta the class of 'dd the tlght to make their own dedslons, to Mr. Shue a pres. that hates shopplng. to Lulsa a nlce small weding In the country. To Mlsty. lamle and my ear. Ta LM.. M.A., M.B., R.M., UL. K5.. Y.S.. and Till., all my love and many thanks for the tlmes we 've had and the tlmes ahead Watch out world the class of '65 has been set freelll L Mlke lfolllster. do hereby wlll: To Mlke Blgfaot, to Ponch a master mechanlc. To llmmy and Anthony the cash to take a two week vacatlon In llumbolt County. to Fozzo ttcketfor a cruLse on the Love Boat. To Matreroll, the hope that he get's rrd ot hLs dodge. To Steve a very leanlent judge. To everybody a Cowboy Corner a sott seat lrhar cement ls hardlt Flnally to my parents I leave everything I own because wlthout them I wouldn'l be here. L BIII llolloway. wlll all my love and lrlendshlp to Debble Sanchez To Ronny Uppaftevrldetothebeoclt. ToDlon Vaodaklcklnthebuttfror'tlDebble. To Debblels slster Lertle all the Panda Power she can handle. I. Sugar flood wlll all my love and dvotlon to Tabool I wlll my crozyness to my llttle sb lollypop and Kay-Kay. My hlrtyness to the young ladle: at Ml and to N-flood may they stlck together. God Bless my famlly: momfsl, dadsj. Mark. Brandle. Tommy. Love Yal "' Too Sweel "' you too Allshall L Dorlyal A. llatton, hereby wlllloe Landtno the very mksed other half of hls curL anda lady. Ialso leave MLss French o palt ofmy soft Ilps, coach Phll Duncan two good recelversf. coach Frost o Irtend coach llnr and Armstrong a slx pack and some ladles. Bye MP. l'm gonna mlss youlll Later Jlm-Bobll L Sandra lfatchkks, hereby wlll my everlastlng frlensthlp to my frleruk at the leqe. To Gavln someone speclal. Elvle her dream car. BENNY more tlmes togethen Speclal thanks to Marta for all the plctures. Best of luck to Ingrld and Charlotte on thelr frlgh school years. MODS FOREVERIIII I. Andy llowelL do hereby wlll to IE the ablllty to play second base as well aslcan. ToM.X. some manners. TaM.l someslze taplayfoatball wlth the blg boys. To IM. a cor to getaround tn. To M.M. and LL two ladtes to party all nrghr wlth. To Ilene Mendtna my love always. To my parents my love and respect L Shannon Hudson do hereby wlll LLsa A a nu 2401, 5ush Q. a Ilaense to Cll. all the clothes she con posslblly wean To Lanl Ml credlts so she could graduate. To Roben T more nlghts to come. To P.Q 6 R.O. a long lastlng marttage. Thanks to Mom and Dad. I. Playglrl Ingram, belng of flrm body hereby wlll to Brtan Lane all the tlme and effort to keep us together. To "Lady Popper" luck In your dancing to the "LADY CUGfER5" keep on CLICKING. To all the glrls behind me I leave my rrrrowreoge ro pact rr mn rerraer. L Ylo Lslon have all my love to D.ll. and my famlly. And thanks to my famlly for all thelr support. lleave my best wlshes to M.N. K.L. N.G.. Mn D, LS. and remember class of rules forever. Good luck dass of " In the future I. Morto Jayme. do hereby wlll to my MO0'eLt especlally to S.tL my no.t modeL Tomyfrlenctatthedwbulldlng. To thegltlsorl theleQe, Goodluck to E.A. and if To J.L and hls glrlftlend Congtatulatlorls to the class ofB5lll fwe mode ltlll L Arlene llmenez wlll to LB. o songhadlng professlonr Romy-a ralse: Chris- your own car: Tracy- a boyfrlencb luan 6 Dave- you BIG LO5ER5lI Mom and Dad lLove Youl the Randalbv a money tree: Rtchard Randall- llereis to all our dreams . . . I Love you Babel llut not more than llerbertlj. L Dlane Jlmenez da hereby wlll to Edlth more wlld and crazy moments. Ta Jovette the ttnest guy In the world To Maelynn the most expenslve camera. To Jante my Innocent thoughts. To D.L and J. K everlasttng love. To Art more wlld rldes wlth the gang. To Geolfmy plnk gloves. Andto my unmentloned friends all the luck In the world To my lamlly lmom 6 dadl "TflANKS" for everythlnglll I. Rudy Angel llmenez wlll all my lrlends the best oflud. Especlally to Lorena C who always made me feel watrtl lrlslde. To my Uncle Gllbert and Aunt Ruth I send my Love. I, 5usle llmenez do hereby wlll Rtdt and Pat everlasttng hopplness. To Shan a new cor, toluan L lrlendshlp forever. To northleQesome diplomas. to Anthony all my love andsupporn to John G. and Robert thanks lorputtlng up wlth me to John ti our rnherltonce, ro Lanl graduate someday! I, Yvette llmenez hereby wlll my brothers my bralns. Ialso llke to thank my parents tor everything. I Love you both. To my boytrtend Ivan I wLsh us bath love and happlness. Ialso wL1h Manuel the best In ltfe. Good Iuclr Denlse, Gina. Matt and John. L DeAnna Johnson, belng of sound mlnd and body. leave the followlng M.P.lI.S. students: Mn l2.lL a welghr watchers dreesecake dessen. Steve Klng a paIrofLIve50l's, Mn 5a new5curL lleave CandCorka battobeatallthe ducks who spread rurnon about hen L Floyd Johnson, hereby wlll thanks 2 my parents 4 helplng me through. All my love 2Rosle P. Jasle C lluv ul I have francfne the Pttnoe posters. Steve ll. Putph Dnrm Stlcks. Manny the LA. Ralders. My nlkes 2 Tony Escoban Special Purple thanks 2 Prlnce 4 the muslcll EROTIC CITY come Allvel '65 Bye. L Llsa Jones, belng ol burnt mlndand body. wlll to Sonya good luck. my oftke, anda huge To my mom "Thanks'C to 5helley and Star my love. to Penny my frtendhhs. To all my lttends 'Wave a Klller Illb and PARTY tlll you DIE!" I, Davld Klng, wlll my best helmets to John Chupp and Gordon Llttle. I leave my most shlny red apple to Mn Relnhardn a two weeks pald vacatton. Ta Mn Carpenter and to all those who chew a can of cope. L Rlchard L Kltkpatrlck hereby wllh Pal Scanlon, "TllE RlGflT 5Tlll'F". Mary Lous legs: Dal Porto, 4 more years ol' Reagan, my gratitude: Klm. my home- work. frtendshlpr Mt. K, Ms. D. 1.31117 SIGHTREADING musk students: Tommy, Jocelyn. Dave, Cherl. Larry. more "DOYN BEAT'E Dale. l0 Mondale people lbmonsttatlonsr Yes. 'LLAMA5 ARE BlGGER TflAN FROGSIII "Ark, " L 5teve Kllnge. wlll T7m, Jerry, Mlke, Shawn. and all of Cowboy corner one hellota ten keger all nlght party. To the slxpackets a keg. To Anthony a . . . fo my parents and sbters long happy Itves and to my Beautrtul glrllrtend Martcruz everything her heart deslres. L Mlchael Kurclna, wlll tal.G., a greenmrxt P.G., a basketball hoop: R.C. glrls, R.l1, playtime, CIL, art sklllsr D.Y, 5Ioane: Ogar and Doom, the stlng. R.M.. D.G.. bralns. Macron, hetghn and Dad. Love. Iglve to all. stralght - jackets and rru gm. I, Pamela Kyle. leave to my llttle brother Ertc. the car at hLs dreams my volllswagonr. lleave to Mn Smlth a Black teacher ta help hlm wlth the B.5.IL To my Real frlencbll all and more of the good tlmes at lake mertltt and the palodum. To MP another decent letterglrl squad L Tudl Lanford, belng ol Pervetse mlnd do hereby wlll Joy all the Swahlllhs she can geta holdol1Betsy fTrepp2. DL, G.D.. R.M., R.U., thelr bendtver. All my Iustto those gorgeous guysl To LB. a shower, Food. anda clean oarl To Joy my everlasttng Mendshlpl To mom 6 hd my total Love untll etemlryl To my Brothers 6 Jbrers the wlll ro understand met To everyone my Rootbeer Doqulr- Ies. Clas4'of'B5- wemodeltl L John Langevlen, wlll to 5.C a new hoodfor hLs car, to Jlm S. a steady glrL to D.5. whlte skln, to Carol the rrghr hug. to M.S. haln to M.ll. my room. ro G.D. muscles. to IZM. a change. to Chuck a yearsupply ofRock, to K6 B 'WY BODY". L Robert LewLs, do hereby wlll to Joyce Dela Cruz my everlasttng frlendshlp. to Jerry, Trlcla. GIL Ruth, JefL Klm, Llz Etlc and Imelda The best of luck ln the future and to Uto all of the problems I suffered In my lunlor year. Good Luck Class of 35. L Dale Lockwood. herebyhave The hachers ofM.P. my brotherlel Toleff the teachers otM.R. To my goodbuwy Larry a better Job. To Galley a sax sectlon. To 'Mellon the legend of Manglapln. To Carol a pet dolphln, and another 4-24-dd To Jazz band the abtllty ro bulld a chord To the swlm loom a good 'Lstroke'C To my parents my Happiness and Love and to the class ot '85 o everlasttng Party Good Luckll L Lance J. LLsren hereby wlll all my love 6 happtness to Cynthta, trlencbhtp and love to M.M., K.M.. 5.M.. D.R.. P.C., A.Il, D.E, A.L, LB., lhope we all can walk ln harmony wlth the Lord one day. B.C.. thanks for the good tlmes. Thank you lrlend for everything. L luan M. Lopez hereby wlll all my greatness to Mlke, Davlct and Steve. All my love ta Everyone at the table. Good luck to the lloneymooners . . . CBarb and Roger! llAIllAIflAI '5peclal Love to my glrl VlckL " My everlostlng fave to M.L, CL. 5.L, M.L. and B16 a'vaI. My fleart to my Motherl 'Lolo go to the Beachlv I, Klm Lowrle. hereby wlll the J slsters a quarter that never mlsses. To Llz two Large Frles. To Kelly and Dlane another party. To Robln more money so you oan hndtt to me. To Tammy my dlploma. To Casey the grades I never gan To mom anddad thanks for stlcklng by me. llave you. To Tom all my love and happlness forever I love you Babe. I, Kathryn Lu. llereby leave all my love to D..L and thanks to my farrllly and Mend for all the help they've gtven me. lleave my best wbhes to RQ.. KI.. LQ., D.M, And especially thanks to my sls Graoe. who helped me a Ion hang In there pall Class of 35. L Art Maclas, hereby wlll my love to my famtly especlally to my mom and dad who have been so goodto me. To my crulslng friend. DJ.. EL. M.B.. J. K. 6 LC, no more squkhlng In the cabl Ta Llsa lloeke, anythlng she wants, except lbr canned food. Told you l'd make It, mom. Byel L Tony Maclas, hereby wlll all my love 6 ftlendhlp ta my lamlly andto all the people at MJ! who have made the last 4 years the best ofmy llfe. To the ffoekes. MT, M.M., M. K, A.lL. LG.. A.R. 6 everyone else atflte ledge, the best of luck In the future. Congrats agaln 6 I'll be seeln' ya In Hollywood Guysl L Renee Maddox, belng ot sound mlnd and body bequeath my bnrnch money andmy experlerlce wlth men to my best frlend Beth, to L.lL. 6 L.M., 365 advance odmlts, ta 5.5. my talent and experlence as a master In photo, and to R.D.. my love forever. we mode rtl I. lamle Maez to wlll to Krtstlna Lynn Cortese, a mllllorr dates to the movhs, my lreatL a CP.K. named Tlmmy Joe. and my LOVE and l'RIEND5fIIP 4-EVERII wlll ra CheryL a pooL ro Carhte ftlo-Nat and Avo lQuock-Quackt. Rob Lowe, atrdta the restof varslty. Yaynell wlllta a beach ofyour own wlth plenty ofsuntan Iotlon. and to the 35 songglrls. lots of love and appreclatlon. I wlll ta Trlcla and Mlchelle, a frlenshhkt llke before. to Kelly. a boyfriend you can handle, and to my parents, lots ot love fbunches 6 bunches. 44ver 6 everll To my goodtrlend Beth, thanks for a wonderful 13 yearsl fWe mah ItI2 GoodLuck 'Lil L Lawrence Monglndln. do hereby wlll my brother Mello 6 Melanle a Iastlng love. TR., LO., DL. R.K., CM. Mr. K., Ms. D. 6 famlly my thanks from the bottom ol my heart Dale L, my lunches, Juan E. my headaches. Marcel B., my frlendshlp. Yvette 5. 6 Laura Z, my weekend nlghts. Galley M. my mlxlng technlques. "Bear Boys Forever'f My reclsltoes to the J. Band Rudy L 6Allle A. A 'Morning Edltlon. " Beslofluck to the J. Gtoln Zpllzas for everyone! My very spedal love to my mom. Goss of 'B5l L Donald Manulo ln. do hereby wlll, Al my love to Krista. To my parents. thanks for all the help. Ilove you both. To R.5.- a buflbd body. To R.5.-a flat. To MJL-a college llbrory. To KG.-o "lfE5.Y." And to B.G.-lleyl Ve mach Itl L Rachel MarshaIL do hereby wlll "Odle'Z fun wlth Golf: MJ! more blond lkrn: ME-the bench logdlnlll: LIE. LN., IR., M.B., M.L-Thanks palsl To .LG.-Lotsof 'Doom VaIts"lII And "D"-'Brew runs", 'Slrl-trlpsf 'Z room In l'rLsco". and forever. "The boy"ll Cheers Mates . . . land Laves?lJ L Mlcheal K.C Manln. do hereby wlll all my love to Chrlsttna. all my avld support and all the best to Karen M. and Dart M.. and all the Y Cs'-love ya glrls. To allmy fllencb, a hee tlcket to see the band, anda free t-sltlrt. DIII the cat doll ta krcrraro Krrkparrrcrr and Par sasnrorr. L Elleen Manlnez wlll my sls. Maureen, dancing lessons and good luck. Joanne, 24ltrs. wlth P.R.N. and a burger from B.B. Theresa V.CR. for the soaps anda permanent phone. Debble, 2 more hours In a day. Mr. Lkblego. frtendsttlp foreven Mom and Dad fats of love and thanks. L Natalle Mattlnez wlll my greatest thanks to God and to my parents for all thelr support. To Dean Plates. all my love and frlendshlp brever. To my brother Danny, my btalns, a great senlor yean and a Grants' wlnnlng season. To Jennlfer, a happylunlor hlgh llfe. To CD., M.P., G.P.. LC, D.M.. and M.M. the best of Iuclr alwaysl L Shawna Mattlnez hereby leave to Karen and Danlelle good tlmes at Mathers, Phll, Rlck, and Ernle, all the guys wlth leather pants and studded belts. and to Danl. a llttle fat rally polly plllsbury doughbay Kevln Ryan. To Jeanne, all the luck wltll M.G. To everyone else, Ilve. love, and be happy. L Dlvlna MasoqueL here by leave all my love and gratltude to my boytrlend Ertc. who was always there. Lorena. Natalre, and lrtends. may you all succeed tn your future goals. Chrtstlne. rapes to shut her up. Benny. erasers. Jocelyn and Maluo. My love. books. and volleyball untfomns, Tammy and Davld. happiness and love torever. L Shontel May, do hereby wlll my love and everlasttng lrhrnthw to Kev and Plerre. To DL and LB. the love afMoe. To A.D., B.C, A.ll., LIL. TE. C5., and A.fl. allthe crazlrtess they can handle. To G.Y, RC, and5.T. allrhe happlneu Illb oth-rs. To D.R.. and TP.. total lrtendxhlp. Thanks Mom and Dodde. Class of '35" B all the way Ilve. cause "WE MADE ITV' I. Kevln McPherson. the MAC here by bequeath the bros my supreme and dlvlne knowledge. To Yel and POQQY ICUIU some colon To ShonteL my slncerest wLshes. To Mn Coach Frosn an all weather track. To Armstrong, a new raquetball t-shlrt and to Duncan. a Super Kltty kln To my patents and Pam all my love. I. Lulsa Medelros hereby wlll love and happtness to all my good Mend, lLll., ILS.. M.B., K5.. CH. M.Z. P.G., LL, LB., R.M., B.M., 6 LPJ To Lisa llofhtlan, a sworn starementoltorglveness from K.E lyou know why! To my sls, a rlch man that can handle her expensive hablrs. And lost but certalnly not leasn ALL MY LOVE AND APPRECIATION TO MY BABE ROBERT BELTRAN. L Gllbert Medellln. wlll all my happiness taJ.R., R.L. LB., R.L. TC. D.l., 6 A.G. To my brother all my extra credlts. To my "Cute Cuz'Z all the babes he can handle. Thank you to my mother and father br all thelr support and love. And to R.lf lor belng there. L urn Mitts. wlll to tom rr.. all my rave. ro rroggrs- and Mrgnry L. U case or glnget beer. To Bubba, the next best ll years of hls ltfe. To Kathy, a man wlth blonde halt and a tan. To Renee, an apanment wlth mlrrors an the celllng. To LP. and G.m., a wlldsenlor year. I LII., LM., M.L, IM., LC, J.D., CM., RC, EC. M.P., 6 LM., may God bless you and good Iucll In llfe. To Mom and Dad thank you. I love you. Get o grip lloney. l'm outta herel L Cheri MIILL do hereby wlll ro Slourute on Idol ol your very own anda streak ol' blue. Boo ehl Peter who? lley Vendyl Fertemal Moes Forever? You betl Oh But Yhyfl To my slx, Klm L and Ellle G. my everlasttng frlenrthhv. To Joyce D. a ltfe otsuccess and happiness, To D.C. this Sat. at GGBrlQe. Be therel lbrlng your skleslt To the awesome Jan IIL Inhnlte lun tlmes and jazz foreverl to DL a summer full of beglnners and a klss on the cheek. Thanx Mom and Dad Love Yal L Mely Molina lPeterlyJ. wlll all my love to "Peter John Florendo" of Reno, Nevada. "PJ, ILOVE YOU" To Ruby 6 Gerry take care and good luck. Crazy classmates In 4thI frlends In Mn Pleasant take carol "Hey, Guam people have styIe"I My famlly, Tllank You for Everything !Mom 6 Dadll I. Davld Montes, not belng of sound mlnd and body, hereby leave WMP" anotherstud Gust llke mel, taR.M., G.D., R.U., B.lL, K.E, G.M., EJ.. D. Y, D.P., N6 1.5. .. lglve Santo C and P 39 so they dor-r'r have to cur to go there. L Margortta L Moreno, tb hereby announce to Irma L and Drone L, "Ye've made lhl" To Lupe I. all the thanks for helplng me wlth my homework. lalso leave Lupe B. and Trudl M. all my old Barbls and rolletskates. To my famllyr tlanay, lglve you my stereo las soon as I glve you a new onel ta my baby brother Robert, all the dfferent klnd of gums ln the world To my other brother Richard who always lbtens, "l Love You" To my parents, my everlastlng love, gtotltub, and my hrture. L Karen Murdock, belng of questlonoble mlnd wlll to Fal-Fol her fantasy tostback and more fastlbod tlmes at EI. Cam., To Shown and Dart MOREIII bolngL BolngL Bolngl, Pouncelll May the VCE Rock tateven To Nash, whlte feathers down under and to Mlke M. future song wrltlng lessons. All my love to Mom ond Dad Thanxl Party Hard Rack on Howdle, L Steve Nanlk, wlll all my love to Mom and Dad Ibr thelr support. Ta my brother, lots' nf ludt, happlness 6 my good looks. To Smltty a del plll that wlll make hlm lost 70 pound avernlghl. Gabe a care of hls own to take our the lades In. GeolftL S1001 To the guys at the table a polr ol wranglers. To DF, IC, G.M. lots oflove 6 happiness basteady boytrlend who cares. Class of lets keep on portyenl see ya all around l, Matcl Nash, do hereby wlll to my parents Thanks, Ta my Ill bro, my rlghl Toon To Derek and leannle, mlne and Arts hlendshna or boxlng gloves. To my sweetheart An, Thanks for everythlng. couldn't of done It wlthout you, "l'LL LOVE YOU. ALYAYS AND FOREVER." L Debble Navartette, hereby wlll my school supplles and Trains" to my brothers and slstets Thanks Mom and Sam for everything, I Love You Bothl Best wlshes. Lyda, remembermel Pete, Be good. love yalRahRahl "yourDesrfrrend'1 love youl Mlkle, A-ever frlends, mlss youl Congralulatlons L Vu Nguyen, wlll thanks to my parents for thelr love and aare, also to my Ilttle slsc Frankensteln Instead of lchabod I wlll my helght to everybody who ls taller than I am. My oongtotulatlons to the of G00 BLBS YOU ALU L Geoff Nunes, hereby wlll all my love and thanks to my patents for all these years. To my brother and my slstets my brains To the table, "Get o JOB"lIl Especlolly, Ronny Upp. To Gabe a car and a bottle of tequllla. And my everlast- Ing love and hlendhkw to IC, G.M., DJ,, Lll., B.C Good Luck to the class of I, Lua Nunes, wlll Marg, Deb, MBI. 6 Tam my lrlendshlp Ibrever. lleres to all the memorles and the ones yet to comelll To Debble a great J years at M.P. Mom and Dad- Thanks tar everythlng. Mast ol all-to Greg-my everlastlng love I, Mlke Ohllng, wlll the besr of FORD tnrcks to Mlke 6 Blg ll. To Jlmmy 6 Anthony a snow skllng trlp for two weeks. ando DODGE Axe to Eric. To Jell a aan olcop, ondtoklng o blg Tpalnreh Andlastbutnatleastto allmylrlends a Ybll to HLNQE JAUV' L Rldr Ordonez am In the putsult of my merrlment. Phenomenal muslaue ooncrete, handball, elecnonlc drumming, welght llftlng, and photography are my prlde and joy. Me ha dlvertlda mucho yenda a esta escuelo. lla todas mLs omlgas que ho tenlda en las escuelas como Serglo, Sam, Raymond. Erlc. y muohos mos, que dlou las vendgo. YELLOW MAGIC OROIESTRA ls alll YMO ls Yuklhoro Takaahoshl, Rlvlchl, Sakamoto, and Haruaml llosono. I, Martha Palado, wlll tout m 'amaut el devotlotl a Hector Estrada. A Glnole Ie Lalsse mes As dans votre classes Froncols, Dave 6 Laura my trlendshlp and our goodtlmes. Ilenry a speclol ftlendshlp et o tour le monde fllonne Choncelt Mercl. Maman er Papa pour tout L Mlke Pederson, wlll to S.G. Fame 6 Fortune, The Blg ll the "Ultimate FORD at nr s.x. an urrrenrrraore arrvers rrcerue, to ra. an urrrrnare strrsrope. ra cu, apalroltony llama tennl's, to A.D. 6J.R a weekendon maul, to LL a lesson on rylng shoes. To KA. 6 R.A. the chance to party wlth ALABAMA. and to my parents who wlthour thelr llnanclal help, I oould not party. L Vlnce Pelllgtlnl, leave allmy lbotball oblllty and llapplness to my brother N.R, lleave my heart to I7.R. who fllled my llfe W! love, happlness, I wlll always love hen All my par'ty weekends wlth, fR.M.fG.D.fS.MfM.lfD.I.fJ dale frlerld IAJ.fR,llLB.fD.LfK.D.l all my memories ofhapplneso to Johnny llerman, Best ol Frlendr. I, Laura Perez. do hereby wlll a whole oose otl-IARSPRAY to Brenda S., and Jennlfer G. A car to Andrea R. Ta Farrell! "GOODBYE" To S.lL my frlenethlp forever. My 'IROYNH halt ta Brenda KONI YOU BLTCNA "TCH TCll'9 My Love and llnderstandlng to myparents To M,Z, QE, TR., LL, LM., LIL, V.S., BJ., CS., Ll, l,l., S.ll., K.D., LG., A.R., my Mencthlp foreven Good Lud to the Class of To Mlke P.a never endlng llsl of "PARTIES" to go to. L Mlke Perklns, Ielng ofsound body andsound mlnd fl Thlnkj Do hereby wlll a huge chunk ofmy love anddevoftlon to Falth Chaboya 'Tllolways be here for youl"and to my parents Call Fourj- I leave behlnd samethlng worth more than gold Irnernortesr may they be the good ones. Most ofall I leave my thanks to someone who wlll never know how Important he really was IRonald Y Perhltlsl Good ludl wlth the next sell L Renee Perry, hereby wlll to LC one whopper, my fellow graduates of 'B5'1 much luck In the future, Tllfany, lneke andlrlc. May your remalnlng years at M.A be unforgettable, Debble, happlness and frlenmhlp always, Mom 6 Dad thanks, Ilove you, and to my Bean unendlng love wlth all my hearn XOXO L Darnell Phllllps belng of sound mlnd and body. Leave all of my gaodlooks to all ofthe remalnlng M.lL glrls. My stralght teeth ta Marcus Fltzhugh. My tube ol chapstlck to Andre Holmes, Smaller eyes to Guallo Stevens. And all my women to playboy, Rocket Rod Arms L Thadbus Phllllps, hereby wlll Pam Cushenbetry all my love. All the Bros 6 Sls, luck andsucoess. Mom 6 Dad my Thanks. DelotLs-El Deburge. The rest of the Class ol all the hopplness, good luck and success In the world. Glow Baby Glowl L Gavln D. PongasL the last ofthe orlglnollunlar SJ boys, wi all my wlsdtm, lrlendrhlp, and good fortunes to Deena, Carol, Donna. Sharon, Yvonne, and Mlchelle. To John, Ray, and RomeL SIB to you Cucll Bye Sandra L Falth Pope, wlll ta my slster Rhonda ond Dena, a boyfriend To my brother Ilank my locker, to my parents all my love and gratltude. To Thad all my love and lrlendshlp. Ta D.R. and K.M. happlness loreveh To Marcl all Arts love. To M.G. a new football. To TM, better grades To Il.ll. and- Tk me foreven And to Ertc. '7 Love You". I, Pattlna Poree, wlll my Ctallness andsplrlt to the dots of Ta Mlchelle I. 6 Falth J. clldl tll'you can 't dlok no more. To Connle D. the ablllty to be on tlme. To Herman Y break tll' ya' broke. To My Selfgo to "Erotlc Clty"andpany Ilke tt's L Chuck 'S11lD" Preclado. do hereby wlll my btalncelb to my slster Helen fDon'l hosh'emllJ. To John, Happlnesd 44verlIIl To DemetrluL"Mory'2 To M.P. Teachers sooo Luck wfThe computer schedullngl To My P., rarcharo A., and Torn K-Rock, Rock' Tlll you Dtopll . , . Goodbye Illghschool, llello LIFEII L Frances Marlo Guenga, hereby wlll to my slster Jeanle Quenga and my brother Clark Quenga the very best of luck. Spedal thanks especially to lunlot Vlvas. Kathryn Lu, James Culllsort, Llsa Panlagua, Llz Estavlllo, Debble Martlnez and Emlly llemandea To my patents my deepest appreclatlon and all my love. L Darryl nagsdare, hereby wrtr through my great generosrry art my brothers fTy, Mac. Thad, YeL Jancel all the hopplneu they can handle. To Peggy better luck wlth her compureh To Tenene some qulet lrlends. To Monlque some baxlng gloves and a rlng. To my parents and love. To glowbaby keep glowlng. L Rachel Ramirez. hereby wlll, my good grades to my sLster Kathy R, she need them Class ol 65 ls allve. L Dlane Ramos, do hereby wlll my Dall 6 MOM all the LOVE' 6 THANX I can glve you. Rose 6 Matthew all the happlness In the world 6 help luv yal My twln slstet Denbe lknew you would make lt. IIA YAII '65. Dan Boy all my x-tra creblts and luck In years to come luvy al ES. we flnally malre lr cuzlll The Greens' all the frlendshlp I can glve 6 THANX. B.6. all the guys you can get 6 our lrtendhlp brever. Mlss Populatlty ftlend forever, HEYI MOM 6 DAD, IMADL' ITT LIIV YAIII L Gabe Rellamas, wlll my BRUDDAH MATT hls dream bug, Brian Flores keep octlon Rod Cuz Maelynn a senlor year at M.P. BRUDDAII ISSAC a bmx roclng Senior ill sdrolarshlp. Donovan R. llrsuo "Get a Job" And to Orrlstlno Sllbos. l'II always need you. To the Rest of Mt. Pleasann ln Mllre Pedersons words "PARTY llARDY"ll I, Llsa Reyes hereby wlll all my love 6 thanks to my Dad 6 Mom for everything except money. S.G a sttck shlft remember G.A. 6 Roberts truck 6 J. K 'The'slust not my type" R.lL you've got Garmin. ER. Ml COMADRE but 'Never room mafesl" CC. 'I freaky Lllard" ar, "blokes gIrl"LF "Yhat A Stud "S.N. 6 S.C, Thanks for belng a Mend Jeanette to our future fun tlmes B 6 A, LB. 6 Grandpa always remembetlng you. To all my frlench "Glrls Just lVanr To Ilove Fun." L Denise Ramos. do hereby wlll all my love 6 thanks to mom 6 dad Ta my Twln Dlone l'II remember To Donlay I hope someday you get your musdes, Luv yal To Rose 6 Matrl love you both, hopplness toreveh To Bertha all my excused admlts. Glna all the luck In cheerleading. Ta Yvette l'll never forget your notes. KR., LG., S.P,, G.2 thanx l'II never forget you. HEY MOM IMADF ITTI L Ellenor Rlos, wlll all my love to Baby 'D" and my famlly. To ML Reinhardt and Mrs. Boutlsta, may you never have another Ilke me. Speclal thanx to all the teachers 6 admlnLstn:rtors who hehaed me through the tough tlmes. To all my blends who stuck by me Thanx.l I, Yolanda Rlvera, do hereby wlll my love and happiness to my parents and famlly. To Anno Grlego Best of Friends and to Peter Garcla my everlastlng frlendhlp. To everybody else good luck. I DID In Class ol B51 P.S. Glna you aan have my 240 Bye EVER YONEI I, Deborah A. Romero, wlll Cathy C. a G.D,L,I doll to slt wlth ot the football games, Gabe our sweet norhlngs shared In Mr. DelRlos class, Gr.h'2 somebody speclol, my BBTBT BUDDY Reneel all the Pandas In the land 6 happlness 6 best wbhes wlth lotsa Iudr to you 6 Larry. Vlnnle "Ylnnle" our hopplness 6 love that wlll return to US and remaln. My sls thanks for the permns, Mom 6 Dad Perry lotsa luv, Mom 6 Dad thanks for your love, support 6 understanding. L Matcle Rothnle, hereby wlll ALL of my Love to Brettl To Wanda Y my love 6 frlendshlp, an everlastlng CLOVLZ o 82 6 many more laughs 6 nlghts out on the Y Slde. To LG. Mr. NaeLs wall 6 b,p.c.c To Mark R. a career In Actlng. To Kevln R. dumstlcks from Blll H. Mom, Thanks I Lave You. L Tammy Rowe, do hereby wlll JAZZ lll endutlng memortes of our laughter lespedally mlnej and the great ttmesl To my best friend- more than enough talth to get them through anythlng, happlness, and Love. To my parents everlastlng love and thanks Ta God -my Ilfb. L Ruben Solinas. hereby wlll to all graduating MJ! students. To Donald M. to berlch, toRk'k5. A fIatthatbumpsandMark havelun lnParLsandtoallthe class of 45 Ye'te out naw, '1et's Party". L DavIdSoucedo, glve all my love and Devotlon ta Llsa. All my worldy good ro Ruben and Davld. To my ttlends who stood by me through school Henry IL, George G., lglve my lrlendhlp loreveh To my parents, who I love dearly, I leave the thought of my love. L Irma S., hereby wlll love to my slster Uly, and my brother Andy. Qulnones, Thanks to Mrs. Rldey 6 Mr. DeDlego for thelr help. All my love to my Mom 6 kd, my lrlennhhlp ta Sylvla A. Good Luck and llapplness to the dass ol L Patrldc Frands Scanlan, belng of unsound mlnd and body, wlll to the lollowlng, many unusual rhlngs. To Rlch, o llama lor transpottotlonal use, To Klm, the Yankees. Ta Ruby 6 Vu, helghh To Jeannle, Four Saandlnavlan ctedt cords. To ML D.P., Calvln Coolldgeis outstanding sense of human To Tammy, o sllly walk and a song ol drunk philosophers. To everyone else, everything else, and to the xdrool, my ego Rememben no matter where you are, you're there. UGS of '152" forever. L Klrsten Sears . . . leave all my aazlness to Mlchelle Yon-rock, quldr temper to Dlna Merrll, My thanks to Parry and her parents. and my mom. All the happiness In the world to KJ FFKPD, We llve for good tlmeslll I, Marcos Sllvo, wlll my love 6 true lrlendhlp forever tolackle G., Lorl G., ond Nelly G., Kevln Mae my frlendhlp fareven May all olyour dreams, 6 wL1he! oame true, To Mom, Dad. Ann, Teresa thanks, Love ya. J.6. and LG. thanks for the best summon K.LT L Davld Sllvelta, of thrashed mlnd and body, wlll my Ghla to no one, Luls S., letis keep supportlng the thrlft store hoblh To Damey, keep exposing that paper. Ta Gllbet! S., my boogle board Ta all Vata Rats: skate tough, to all Surf Cab: keep shreadln. Hang Loosel 6 See ya at Steamers. L Davld Smlth, wlll my good luck and llealth to all my frlend speclal regards to Juan, Steve, Gabe, Roger, and my slster Sabrina. I leave my tan to Steve because he need one. HA,llA,llA and my ladles to Gabe because he needs one. llawall "l5"l Partying Fateverlll L Donlelialeno, wlll my love to my Mom, Frank, Aaron andAngela. To Nlle a 1905 Trans Am, To Theresa all the happiness In the World My love also to my Dod In Woodlalre and both ol my grandmothers, llncles, Aunts. and cousins. Good Luck Class of 'UFC L Ottls Solldatlos, hereby wlll all my love and lrlendshlp to Lea. Thanks for everythlnglMuch love to my sk, Gndt, To my pal Romy-a lfonda. lest ofFrlend Alwaysl Tony E-an afro. Dlvlnaoomeone Ilke me tololle around wlth. To Albho- remember UZARD LADYI To Lorl- A llunk. To Delorlsa hlgh Yoke. To Arlene, Sam, Not Beck, Joyce, Vu, Brlan, Darryl, Can The Tonyx, and all my trlends an "THE LEDGF' the best In llfe. To my parents-I Love you both. Andto Jesus my llfel L lose delesusfolorlo, dohereby wlll the bestofluck to THECLAS5 OFM. All my love to Mom andbad Mydploma to my older btotherJase. Happiness to all my hmlly. lhope that my dream olbecomlng a body-builder wlll oorne true. L Mlchelle Stamps, hereby wlll my Frultloops to S.C, My Cares! soap to G. T, all my plzzn, and thanks to A.D., my belts to my slstet, speclal thanks to my famlly, my goodtlmes to my lovlng Mom, all my love and Tenderness to D.L, my heart ta God Thanks L Jeanne Stauffen do hereby wlll everlastlng friencthlp to KJ, S.M., Ilttle VJL, and even R.C To P,S, and R.K. Republlcans breverl To G.M. a whole Clan olklds just Ilke hlm lor all at next yeah To Mr. K. the patlenae ta put up wlth In To M. G.-all my love. Class of '65 Rulesl I, James Stoyton, leave thls as my last wlll and testament. To LLsa Gaynon I leave the words KL W.l.M.TB. Y, To B. lleave the Song from l.L l've loved these dzys. To Carol I leove an unbreakable frlenbhlp and to Mlchelle I leave the LO,lG. To MR. M. lsay thanks and To R.M. lsay ILILVFMF To the staff of M.RlLS. lsay-TRIM. To J.lL lleave a Round trlp tlckel to Mexloo. to the N.ll. I leave the 5009 Nowhere Fast and to R.M Isay R 6 R. L LL1a J, Stewart do hereby wlll Carmen D. my love 6 frlendshlp. Ta Terrle If an loe machine 6 seat covers, To Marlo P all the luck In the world wlth basketball. To Terry IL a napkln. To LL1a Il. a bottle of nerve pllls. Ta S.M., ST, P.C, all the success In the world To K.lL a battle of PORCELANAIII To P,K. extra strength cetts. fhult IlavorlllTa TM.,S. K, S.K., D.R, D.B., Ol, O.R, M.P., more laughs. AboaspecIalthankstomyMom6Doe'L 5oadLucktutheClassof 'U5"ll. . .see yal l, Cassandra Llsa Straughten dz hereby wlll my love to my parents who have shown me love and understanding. To God, my everlastlng love, Ta my fovorlte soclal teachers, Mrs. Sweah French, Fuqua and Vllllams, an unlnternrpted lunch. To Terrence. llarry. Chucky, and all the rest. my mothetly advlce. To Ken Bell. everlastlng Mendhlp. To Mr. Armstrong. my voloe, To ML Needlam, my sales oblllry and volae. To everyone at Mr, Pleasant, my unforgettable mouth and face, To Mr. Deharm my hellas. To the class of '65, I wlll never forget you. Glna. I leave you and An my craziness fcruzy old Llsal. L RlchordSouma, hereby wlll to myporents andmy frlend the besttor them In the future. Ruben S. "Burt Man'l Mark V "Braln Man'1 Donald M. "Glrl3 Man". L John Sulllvan, wlsh all my love to Und and hamlly. To my mom, thanks for all the love and help through the years ll love youl. To Nlle and Ruthy, a oat to go out ln. Ann and Fernando. everlastlng love. Ta Rosanna and lesslm, a baby brother I0 beat up. L Nlle Sulllvan, wlll all my love lo R uth y Melean. wlth the best yet to come. Ta mom, I love you very much. I wouldnt have made It wlthour you. To my gronqtotents, Ilove you too. TaD.S, allmydothes ToJ.L, o new mr. To the Chan famlly, all the money In the world. To D.S., IIC, D.G., IC, B.C, ondLS., I wlll love you always. I, Llz Teano. hereby wlll my love and thanks to my mom anddad 2lorge frles to Klm, my sls Karen all the flne guys she can handle, Lba all the line guys she can handle, my babe Davld all my love andhapplness we may share tagethen L Mlchael R, Tejera, do hereby wlll all of my love and thanklulness ta the gang at MP, lncludlng LB.- LEAN, CC, M.Y., P,K., and the lone sutvlvors of the Goodiquad IM., KPN. To D.C, lnever looked back. To my closest btotherluon, all the fame and lbrtune In the world. To out Ill' sbters, an unforgettable hlgh school llfe. To my famlly. all my lave. To the 64-65 FOOTBALL TEAM, "Gotta have Ir, mn'r tell you how much lr costs. " To lasmlne . . . lowe It to you. To the L-ross or 'ut Congratulotlons. L Marcus Toney, belng ofsound mlndand adequate body, Q hereby wlll the bllowlngr To K.B., most of my basketball skllls. To A.G., a box afralslns and a tube ofchap-stlck. To A.ll., allthesocoer starbm he can handle. I Lll., fond her entlre fomllyj and a new lfoedemoblle. To A.l., Everlastlng Happiness wlth the Beash To LL., the llebmann Trophy. To TM., lloIlywoodStardom. To M.l1, All the Babes he can handle. To G. Y, Stllts. and to IL W., some more Bteolldance skllls. obo, Thanks to my Parents for thelr support '05 ls soooo Uvelll L Rosle Torres. wlll to Rzvld Ramirez my love and suppon In school. To Anna Grlega I leave all the partylng LPBIOI. MtfMs. Dalparto, Gtlp "Hey Baby" Gaston, Reinhardt Kambock, French, Bautbto, and Deharh Ileove my love and memories. Ta Loraine, I wlllsomeone to walk toschool wlth. I Love you mom. I, Saundm Townes, wlll L.S., S.M,, RC., TF, IP., CD., and D.R., my forever frlendhlp. My brother Stephen, happy tlmes. The rest ol my famlly. happiness and sadness. Mom and Dad thank you br heholng me get through rough tlmes by you belng there. Ilove you all and thank you. Good bye M.P. and hello worldl L Kimberly Ttatford do hereby wlll everlastlng frlendhlp to Jeannenle, Rubldlum, Ilttle glrl, Demen, Richard Shawna, Brlan, Dlana, Lan 6 Sunae. For Mr, Meyer an olde who can put up wlth hlm. To Mr. Dal Porto, my smlle. To my tamlly, love and thanks. Congratulations Class ol 'bi I, Parrish Treun leave Mlchelle M. my lleart6 Soul ond all my love forever. To Carol M. all the ttlendshlp and happlness l can glve. To Doug A. case ot Moose Head To Romen Anthony, Moy your mother and I brlng you Into thls world wlth all our Level L Penny Trlburzl, hereby wlll to Anthony Kemmer all my love. To Stephanle all the happlness ln the world To Annolysa always remember the good tlmes we had, To lleather all the partying she can hande. Ta Andea the best ofludl ln the future. To my hmlly-thanks for everythlng- I LOVE YOU I, Bobble Trlpp, wlll to Delorts my lrtendhlp toreven toiom Boy G, to Gaudne the box In thesewlng room, to Boyas manyllttle balls you aouldpaalbly use, to Anno the rest ol my braln, to Trad MOE and to my Mom, Love and Thanks, L Sherry Elleen Trujllla, being ol sound mlnd and body do hereby wlll Kim L. my trench coah Leo Z. my han Mlchele N. o nlghl wlth JCM. To Shella the guy who has "lt'C To Brlon F lleave my psydrlc powers. L Ronny Upp, belng ofsound mlnd and wlll my frlendhlp to everyone at the table, Mr, DeHart Thanks for all the chances To Steph and Crlstlna be Mend forever. kvld and Gabe, Lets be Mend foreveh Mom and Grandma, Love ya both. L Seslle Lynett llpuon, BEQUEATII All my love to Uawl 2 B11L DCU, PYIL nlrlend. n2Jah- 'llosom Buddle"6 slster to the ent ACG all my heart: CMD- a place ro stay. N all the Iudr In the future. To all my teachers 9-12th lglve Thanx. GOD DL55 YOU ALLIII L Benny llrlsta, da hereby leave all my goodgrades to my slster, lulle. Ta my best Irlend. Carlos, that cor you've been groggln about. To everyone on the bench, thanks for the good tlmes. To mom anddod all my love. To the class of '65 YE DID ITIII L Jack Danlels. slncerely leave my warmth and comfort ro the senlors ofMPtIS. To the portlets from MR o vacotlon to Lynchburg, Tennessee wlth a never- endng skl trlp. L Jeannle Vargas, hereby leave to Mr. M., all my badplcrures, to Mr. D., a Crane farhls truck, to Mr, M, a halrplece, To my frlend, D.L, DJ., M,M., LE, and M.N., all the laughs and my frlendshlp, To everybody, goodluclt In the hrtute at M.P. I, Becky Vaughan, do hereby wlll Barb an everlastlng supply of TP for more lun Frtda y nlghts wlth love and trtenahlp toreveh To Sam, another clumsy lrlend lor college. To my tamlly, many thanks tor the suppon over the years, and to M.k, another great student Ilke me. L Susan Vasquez. hereby leave my devoted love to my parents. I Wont to thank my alder slster and brother lor belng there when I needed them. To my other brothers and slsters, "you can make lt" I dld To my lrlends, I enjoyed hanglng around wlth you. GOOD LUOC. I, Amy L Velasquez do hereby wlll all my love to my parents. Thanks for helplng me sucreed through the years at M.P. To all my frenz at the leqe, "Good Luck." To Chris and Gtrlstlne, my bralnl Ta my honey, Eugene Mocalo, my love and undetstandlng. 4-ever babel Mahal Rltall LC -n- EA,I 'KY' RULESIII L Lstela C Benegas, wlll: Bernardo, my love, Marlbel, bullt guys, Mom, o vaquerq lessle, a good argument, T7nlto, a computer company, Lerty, pandas Joste, oguy, Ialy, happlness. Klko, trouble. Irma, cure guys, Marlo, papa people newspaper, Juonlto, a ntght wlth Menudo, Rosollnda, love wlth Sontlago. Clos ol GOOD LIICKII l, Carlos Vera, being of sound body and mlnd wlsh the Best of Luck to my Ilttle brotheh Douglas, and my Ilttle brothen Douglas. and my Ilttle slsten Condlae, duttg the next four years. To all my fellow classmates, CONGRATULATIONS 1985! To my close Mend, Bennyflror, we're tlnally outl To my Marrr, all my love. L Matlno Ylllanueva, hereby wlll all my love and gtatltude to my famlly. Thanks, Mom and Dad Brothers andSIsters. To my babe, Mortln, I wlll love you alwaysll To my buddyx, Trlsha and Frances, Good Luck In Llfe. To Carol and Potty, Dena and Donna: hang ln therelll I, lovette VlllarreaL do hereby wlll all my love and ftlendhlp to God, my famlly. and my Mend. To Edith. a dlary wlth a lock for all the secrets we shore to ourselves. To Dlane, that guy Larry. And Frank. To MaeLynn, the best camera ln the world To lrtna, a job at McDonold's. To Erlc and Renee, good luck In schooL CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF Mill L Angela Wallace, do hereby wlll all my motors to my best lt-lend. Talnetre Hardy. My bra to Crystal Gllllam. All my smarts to Myron and Tlflany. A super Revelon perm to Nlcky lanes. to Adrlan Johnson, I wlsh good luck at Ml. Pleasant. To all the members or the HOOD o 40 oz. I, Dlan Yaoi hereby wlll all my love to my Mathen Father, Slster andloe for the love and suppon they have given me. To Letty, Tony and Debble fthe btatsl, a note that wlll allow you to cutschool lor the rest of your Ilves. CLASS OF RULBII L Wanda Vlnlngs, do hereby wlll DalPotto more Lous donuts. To my famlly. all my love and N6LV fdeadeatsj. Thanks for everythlng. To Matcle, all the frles, LG,D,, and happlness you can handef thanks for being there. To Jen, my love and trlendshlp. To Curly. my marbles. I, Mark Yee, hereby wlll love and happiness to my goodlrlends Tony, Mllrel, and Andy. Thanks tot the good tlmes and Ibr moklng M.P. beotable. To my parents. thank you tot everythlng. Ilove you more than anythlng, And llnally, to P.S. Love and happlness to Cathy and Jay. I, Mlsty lolesky, hereby wlll my llte, understanding, hope and dreams to my baby, lamle. Thanks for everythlng. I LOVE YOUII To LIL, many more great tlmes and lrlendshlp foteven To Karene, o sucoesshtl career and lttelong happl- ness. To Kathy, a book ol credt aards and a party every weekend M.B., all the gorgeous guys she wants and frtendhna always. To V.S., LM,. LR, G.S., BJ., IR., LM, IS., B.M., LR., andlulla, eternal happlness. To Mom, my love forever, 1 Senior Wtlls 51 wins Left to Right: President: Cathy Carrisosa, Vice-president: Yvette Sousa, Secretary: Vicky Araujo, Treasurer: Zierlein Aclan. Another year has passed and the class of 1986 has proven how radical they are! Thanks to everyone that helped make our Jr. year GREA T' As we enter our last year, we should begin to look forward to the future. I would like to pay special thanks to my fellow officers Yvette Sousa, Vicky Araujo, and Zierlein Aclan. I would also like to thank Rom y Agustin, ASB president, ,for her support. Special thanks to our friend Mr. McMillen. Don't forget, everyone . . . OUR BEST TIMES HA VE YET TO COME! QQ Q Thank you, Cathy Carrisosa 40 345' ,'L,l'A m V vi 20 gg ,ng - Mix if L,,,.,Z"t"79",g, gat 8' 'V '1"4?. na' -af. Advisor: Mr. McMillen 1 Juniors Y ff fr Mg i f si 1 ff f L -as- X n K , f X www Andrea Abadam Kris Ackerknecht Zierlein Aclan Robel Acosta Sergio Acosra Scot Adam Olga Alanis Julie Adams Andrea Alvarez Cielo Alvarez Carolyn Amarante Veronica Amezquita Richard Anderson Alice Arellano Melissa Arechiga Carhy Arguelles Luis Arroyo Adrian Avila MaeLynn Bacas Kim Bailey Pam Bailey Tammy Baldwin Judy Balili Bob Banks David Banh Sayeda Bano Nick Barela James Barton Tina Beauchamp Ronnerte Beck Olga Benavidez Mike Benederri Natalie Dettencourt Tim Billie Cathy Blanca Liz Bias Kathy Blodgett Hans Bogusch James Boots Anna Bosque Anna Breiten De Vona Brewer Brandie Briones Pauline Buchanan Tim Burgas Mike Buriani Shantee Butler Christina Cadena Florentino Cadigal Chuck Calderon David Caloca Dina Campusano Ruth Carabajal Diana Carattini Rene Carrasco Cath y Carrisosa Lillie Castillo Denise Cathcart Delores Cervantez Eric Chapman Kim Chappell Barbara Chavez Jimmy Chavez Chris Check 1 Juniors 53 Benjamin Chew Catherine Chau George Chua Elvie Ciubal Michelle Clark Desiree Clever Shanita Collins Jose Contreras Kristina Cortese Liz Crescini Lorelei Crescini Sharon Cruz Eloise Cuellar Maria Cueyas Yvonne Curiel Matt Curtis Jim Dam Anthony Damato Marge Danley Clenten Davis Samuel DeGuzman Stephanie DeLeon Tracy Denis Sheila DeRuig .Stacey Dias Joey Dictado Hong Diep Rosemary Domingo Anna Dominguez Tabitha Daniak Caroline Duenez Sarah Dumas Debbie Duran David Ellis Lloyd Ellis Shawn Ervin Tony Escobar Debbie Espejo Mart Espinoza Jaime Esquivel Allen Estrada Imelda Fangonilo Marc Finnegan Mary Fisher Traci Fisher Gina Fleming Jesse Flores Juan Flores Jose Fojas Brian Francis Manuel Francisco Jeff Fuller 54 1 Juniors fm .cd fr ,NX 'Q fi, . Fez xc Q if Nr xXx? X N xml .K 'Tx we .2 as X Bertha Golvan David Garcia Jorge Garcia Margaret Garcia Melinda Garcia Melinda Garcia Peter Garcia Richard Garcia Victoria Garcia Kelly Garland Lisa Gaynor Diane Gendel Dezi Giblin Aaron Gibson Jimmy Gomez Teresa Gonzales Patty Granada Herman Grant Kurt Graves Georgina Grays Anna Griego Juel Gudaitis Mike Gutierrez Leonor Gutierrez Sandy Hall Erin Hansen Tom Harmon Craig Harrell Carolyn Harrison Lisa Harvey Harry Haynes Beth Henderson Victoria Henderickson Lisa Heredio Barbara Hernandez Christine Hernandez Jesse Hernandez Tricia Hernandez Wiley Hester Colleen Hickey Dolores Hidalgo George Hoffman Robert Hoffman LaGrant Hollins Maurice Hooker Jan Houk Thanh Huynh Toby llar Raul Iniguez Michelle Isaac Jenise Jackson Patricia Jaquez 1 Juniors 55 Edith Jimenez Maricruz Jimenez Darcie Jones Diane Johnson Stuart Johnson Harold Keller Georgia Kelley Jeff Kellman Kim Khauv Waysokc Khinh Scott Kimbrow Gloria King Tony Klein Natalie LaFuente Tuan Lai Joe Landino George Laporte Kirk Larke Don La Viollette Donna Lema Gretchen Lick Gordon Little Alfonzo Lopez Maria Lopez Tony Machado Robert Maddox Lilia Malacara Suzanne Martin Chereith Martinez Daniel Martinez Jim Martinez Laurie Martinez Lisa Mertinez Madeline Martinez Monica Martinez Rob Mayo Monique McClelland Denise McClintock Madorie McFarland Vernon Mcl-'arland Carl McKissick Anna Medina Diane Mendolla Dina Merrill Carol Meza Rodrek Miles Tim Miller Tom Mills George Miranda Andy Misch Donald Mitchell Galley Molina 56 1 Juniors V, 5, wwf. it H 2? E if ,J 1, ,. - - .ll w 1, .wt X or fs 4 fn .efsgig . 51: X iik . im ' Emily Monteiro Michelle Mordwinow James Morquecho Laurie Munoz Patrick Munoz Sylvia Munoz Carmen Murillo Thida M yint Ja y Na varro Diane Neal Vien Ngo Binh Nguyen Hong Nugyen Michelle Nunez Helda Oliveira Karen O'Neill Maryann Ontiveros Jocelyn Ordanza Raymund Oreiro George Ortega Chris Ortiz Michelle Pocciaretti Adrian Packer Leticia Padilla Allan Padua Melanie Poguirigan Vernon Paiz Rodrigo Pangayan Beverly Parayno Chris Parga Robert Pedregon Rosie Pena Tina Pena Pete Perales Joey Perez William Peterson Jessie Petrovic Jack Phan Ava Phillips Steve Polito Patrick Powers Helen Preciado Frank Prins Andres Quinonez Annie Quiroz Lisa Romey Kathy Ramirez Miguel Ramirez Victor Ramirez Theresa Ramos Ferdinand Rampas Betsy Recktenwald 4 Juniors 57 Maria Reynolds Richard Rhodes Randy Rivard Brenda Robertson Alfonso Robinson Barbara Rodriguez John Rodriguez Dora Rosa Kathleen Rose Debora Rossi Kristina Rowlodge Juan Ruelas Frank Ruiz Kim Ruiz Remy Sablan Rofino Sagun Frank Salazar Esther Saldana Michelle Saldivar Jesse Salomon Patrick Salomon Marla Samatua Pela Samatua Linh San Artie .Sanchez Joe Sanchez Vicki Santos Da wn Savin Becky Scott Paul Seyeseth Melissa Shaw Lewis Shear Mark Shephard Van Si Lisa Sie vers Lisa Sillas Carlos Silva Manuel Silva Brenda Smith Dana Smith Diana Smith Juanita Smith Kelvin Smith Kenny Smith 58 1 Juniors i 555-1.x 1 it an t,,L X S 3' S5 ,gs L QF, gr- iff N W ,Xf372i3Q11"'Q ,z.f' sl ff Pere Smith Fernando Solorlo Yvetre Sousa Diana Soward Todd Spicer Anno Sreinkamp John Steinbach Lorinda Srerner Bianco Stems Gwilu Stevens Jonerte Sroneking Richard Swope Cindy Taylor Joe Taylor Steve Taylor Laura Terwilleger Yolanda Thacker Ngoc Thai Nguyer Thai Trep Thompson Cindy Toews Omiyon Toran Richard Torres Scot! Trafford Elaine Travers Belinda Traversari John Trejo Jill Trifilo Harold Trim Vicki Turner Vicki Uchiyamo Elvira Volderrama Den Valdez Debbie Valenzuela Toan Van Fernando Vasquez Denise Veazey Claudio Velazquez Jeanelte Vigil Penny Villanueva Allen Wilson Micayla Willron Michelle Womack Dawn Young 1 Juniors 59 2 fn Nl' my 5 www --Q--...... 'ww' 60 1 Juniors -W We 4 Soplwommes Left to right: Geraldine Fajardo-President, Flor Codigal- Vice President, Linda Aquino-Secretary, Carla Oliveria-Treasurer. Sophomore Class As we conclude our first half of high- school, we SOPHOMORES have de- monstrated our never-ending spirit with great enthusiasm. I would like to thank everyone, especially my fellow class officers, Flor Cadigal, Lin- do Aquino, and Carla Oliveria who supported our class with endless ef- fort. Special thanks goes to Ms. Cali and Ms. Kombeck for having confi- dence in the class of '87, The best of CLASS OF '87 has yet to come, and we will always keep the Cardinal spirit flying high, Geraldine Fajardo Sophomore Class President 1 Sophomores Ms. Cali - Advisor Ms. Kombeck - Advisor Ron Aclan Rolyn Acosta Damien Aguilar Cordd Agustin Charlie Alday Alfonso Araizn Mike Allen Michelle Allman Erika Anderson James Andres Elvic Aquino Linda Aquino Julie Arechiga Carlos Arenas Monica Armenta Donna Arroyo Audrey Ashby Nacho Avila Christine Azevedo Johnny Azevedo Rico Azevedo Kerry Baker Kim Baker Teresa Baker Kelly Ballard Delia Ballestero Michelle Daltodano Pat Banghart Ra y Borboza Michael Baro Aracely Barocio Rosa Borreras Robert Bastin Moses Bautista Sandra Bautista Stacy Beauchamp Lori Deaver Jingle Benigno Cynthia Berdu William Berry Phyllis Bibbs .lim Blatt Brian Boack David Dorba Dena Borders Eric Botts Leslie Bowling Irma Boyles Jason Briones Rochelle Brown Ronnerta Brown Ike Bryant Michael Burgess Joe Burns Scott Burroyghs Eileen Bustos Greg Butler Melanie Butler Kevin Byrd Flor Cadigal Debbie Cain Lisa Calvillo Marc Campagna Tony Campagna 1 Sophomores 63 Danny Campos Niki Caporale Kris Carlson Felicia Carter Gerald Carter Tina Carter Cindy Casho Dora Castillo Mike Castillo Mark Castro Danny Cearley Tim Chadwick Lefoi Choloupka Sadie Choloupka Yolanda Chapo Christina Chaves Barbara Chaydez Michael Clarin Kim Clinger Eilvira Ciubal Tobey Cobb Kristine Conley Marisela Contreras Mio Cornacchio Humberto Cortez Yvonne Coto Tom Cross Mike Cruz Larry Cruz Ramby Cumagun Brad Curry Kathy Darosa James Davis Wayne Davis Pot Kearney Lucy DeFario Gilbert DeGuzman Rommel DeGuzman Valorie DeLeon Juliette Delphin Juliette Delphino Nardo Del Rosario Fernando Diaz Petra Diaz Scott Dion Jay Dexon John Dominguez Chris Downer 64 1 Sophomores uf gf, , Q J c fm a I il! A ea if ,f 3 mei so yzwbll, 5505 . ,HUG-f ms sd, -ww f 2 fp Leana Duarte Stacey Dunn Sabrina Duran Jimmy Dwyer Brooke Elliott Emanuel Enes Damian Espinoza Frank Espinoza Allonzo Evans Tina Evans Ellen E wert Barbara Failla Geraldine Fajarda Eddie Fairley Brian Finley Heather Fry Kendra Frost Anthony Freeman Shawn Francis Corey Fontaine Kathi Folden Roger Fajas Donna Fojas Olivia Flores Ydman Flores Cathy Flores Carlo Gabaldon David Gaddis Brian Gallagher Rafael Gallegos David Garcia Jeff Garcia Jennifer Garcia Jeremy Garcia Christine Gatto John Giggy Crystal Gilliam Chris Gonzales Dave Gonzales Jesse Gonzalez Rebecca Gonzalez James Gould Tracie Grande Yolanda Grande Don Green Manuel Grospe Elena Guardado Jose Guardado Lisa Guidotti Denise Gutierrez Guadalupe Gutierrez Angela Guzman Tricia Halenbeck Joseph Harmon Michelle Harris 4 Sophomores 65 John Harvy Mike Hatch Sheila Hendrix Steve Hermosillo Claudia Hernandez John Hernandez Maria Hernandez Rachel Hernandez Teresa Hernandez Claudio Herrera Diona Hill Stephanie Hinman Jennifer Hin Andrea Hoeke Tabarha Hoffman Patricia Hollister Bobbie Holmes Andre Holmes Joe Hauk Angela Hunter Antoine Hunter Leo lncaprera Eurene Ivey Heidi Jackson Kirk Jacobs Monique Jahi Brandon James Filemon Jara Suzanne Jara Francisco Jiminez Linda Johnson Da vetra Jones Hank Jones Willie Jones Regina Joosten Jeanette Ka Amir Kh waia Bob Koeth Erik Kohler David Koon Shane Koon Debbie Lally Debra Larkin Linda Larkin Michael Lasquete Marie Laurel Jesus Lemus Linda Lemus Lynne Lerew Adeline Leyba Jeff Lockwood Kim Long 66 1 Sophomores K.. ,A PY L si HMM No Photo A vailo ble Tony Longshore Jose Lopez Mike Lopez Henry Lostaunau Dennis Lucero Gino Lunetro Cindy Lusrina Louella Macaraeg Dina Machado Jessica Madrid Alia Malik Christy Mallory Sharon Moloff Carmelo Mangindin Suzanne Manson Alberto Martinez Danielle Martinez Jacky Martinez Judy Martinez Pere Martinez John Martin Kim Martin Ricky Martins Marcy Maxwell Greg McKinney Tamara McNally David McRae Todd Meeks John Mendes Fredy Mesina Tony Mesina Don Mireles Andrew Molina Steve Moniz Devon Montgomery Pel Montgomery Dayna Moore Carol Mardwinow Dora Moreno Mark Moreno Gina Muro Michelle Myers Linda Ne ves Tevi Ngak Jaclyn Nghiem Ngoc Ngo Giao Nguyen Joseph Nieves Kim Northrip Rafael Obieta Kazumasa Ogasawara Sabrina Olivardia Carla Oliveira Gregg Ordiniza Barbara Ordonez Patrick Oreiro 1 fophomores 67 Sharice Owens Stacy Pacheco Enrique Padilla Rolando Padua Daren Palacio Yvette Pantoja Elizabeth Pehrson Sonya Pena Maggie Perez Jenny Perkins Dean Petrovic Linh Pham Victor Phan Norasinh Phengsy Marlene Pichette Michael Pierson Tina Pipp Gina Pisciotta Eugene Plares Stacy Pleasant Rhonda Pope Rae Presley Elaine Pritchard Maryoy Quindipan Rochella Quindipan Annabelle Rabina Candy Ramirez Diane Ramirez Danny Ramos Lanette Ramos Richard Renaud Jerry Reves Bernard Reyes Andrew Rivera Norm Robbins Tina Roberts Georgina Roberts Gabriel Robles Anna Lisa Rodriguez Jeana Rodriguez Richard Rodriguez Toni Rodriguez Tammy Root Andrea Rosales Claudio Rosas Carol Rose Deena Rose Jessie Rosillo Veronica Ruiz Josette Sabian Debbie Sanchez John Sanchez 66 1 Sophomores Marlene .Sanchez Senh San Jacquie Son Miguel Lester Santicruz John Sorensen Anthony Saucedo Michelle Sauer Darrell Savage Diana Scott Derek Shaw Steve Shippley Paul Shottenkirk Analyne Sierra Luis Silva Leann Simmons Lasoy Sirhiphong Jeff Smith Karen Smith Lisa Smith Michael Smith Mike Smith Monique Smith Pollyanna Smith Peter Soto Lester Sowell Lisa Sowell Michelle Stainer Stephen Sterner Aaron Stewart James Stewart Marcia Stickler James Taylor Shawn Teller David Theodore Mark Thompson Matt Thompson Sonya Tirado Nicole Toney Michael Tolbertson Carlos Tovar Fred Tovar Huong Tran Martin Truong Danny Vasquez Mike Ventura Douglas Vera Sonya Verdugo Sylvia Vicente Eric Villarreal George Villegas Erin Vineyard Craig Vonwaaden Philip Vu Walter Watts Adrian Weavers Sophomores 69 Hazel Williams Steffeny Williams Larossel Winters Malcolm Woods David Wynne Michelle Yslava Harden Zagala Larry Zertuche Leonardo Zendejas Cathy Zingaro Dona Zogaric 70 ' 1 Sophomores ,.....s 7 dpi I ,, A in ,,:m.Y L,--Iv 'hvui""'xX Lf pf-... 'Q-WFP? Sophomores 71 f es men I President Lisa Cadena: Vice President Christilee Macaraeg: Secretary Kristen Neal: Treasure Allison Jung I am happy that I was able to become Freshmen class President this year. It has given me an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. I would like to thank Mr. Ryan for all of his troubles, andl would like to thank my officers, Christilee Macaraeg, Kristen Neal, and Allison .Iung'for all of their help. I wish the class of '88 good luck in their future years. Lisa Cadena ,W 1 F h Advisor: Mr. Ryan res men pg, v wc., QW' sw ' 3 is 5681 figs . Aussie ..q 'O be 9 gf N 5. K, Q s ,Q X "ls. ff . Leah Acosta Sara Adam Michael Adams Elaine Aguada Anne Aguilar Melinda Aguilar Anna Alejandro James Aleman Yvette Alfaro Jeff Andrade Lounc Anhdao Julie Antu Paul Aragon Catherine Arechiga Michelle Arechiga Eloisa Arenas Manny Arellano Josephine Arqueues Doyle Arnold David Arroyo Teresa Atwell Wendy Augustine Paul Avila Rosa Ayala Lino Azevedo Kristin Babcock Brian Barcelona Lori Ballesfero Kim Barkman Hendrick Boro Mark Barone Mike Barber Varinderpal Bath Steven Beauchamp Teresa Beck Chris Bell Marcia Bell Tony Beltran Alexandra Benitez Constance Bibbs James Bjork .Scot Blackwood Andy Boots Paula Borges Yannick Borlee Julie Bravo Brenda Breiten Tim Broers Ronnie Brooks Billy Brown Aaron Burns Cindy Burns Bob Byrnes Manuel Cabrera Lisa Cadena Raul Cadena Rosario Cadigal David Campagna Fred Cardona Patrick Carroll Alberto Carrillo Richard Carrillo Elisha Carter Todd Casebolt 4 Freshmen 73 Marcela Castillo Richard Castillo Roy Castillo Christy Castro Lorena Cazarez Eddie Chairez Victor Chairez Raul Chavez Darren Clark Darcey Cobb Abigail Coching Daryl Coelho Laura Coelho Anthony Coleman Alma Collazo Kevin Conly Linda Cooper Cassandra Cornwell Jennifer Couture Nicole Criss Brian Crowther Art Cruz Lynn Cruz Mike Cruz 4 Freshmen 9? Y X aww' Wo., v. H.,- ,nf-fe ,WW-'M' ...M ,MMWW Richard Culbreth Scott Dahlin Tatanshi Dallas Joyce Davilla Wendy Dawson Laurie Del Carmen Carlene Deguilmo Jessica Delgado Rosy Deluca Albert Denys David Dennis Jashele De Pela Charles De Vault Amy Devera Ha Diep Willard Dix Chris Dockins Dexter Dorris Yolanda Doub Mark Duenas Frances Dumas Jason Duran Jesus Duran Dana Edwards Gayle Eldridge Dianna Ellis Keristi Elmore Cory Eng lneke Escobar Michelle Escobar Danny Espinoza Jaime Espinoza Maria Espinoza Shawn Estensen Eric Evans Ron Farrell Raul Fernandez Marcus Fitzhugh Keith Flagg Hector Flores Kelly Flares Veronica Flores Katherine Finley Christina Fonseca Steve Fox Maria Fredrickson Paul Furuta Cindy Galinda Freshmen 75 76 Gavino Gallegos Tasha Gallegos Emilia Gamino Esrella Garcia Gabria Garcia Mark Garcia Melanie Garcia 5tacy Gardner Yvonne Ghazaleh John Gibbons David Gomez George Gomez Vina Gomez David Gonzales Jeff Gonzales Madelyn Gonzales Anthony Gonzalez Sal Gonzalez Maria Granandos Michael Graham Rick Gryalva Sally Gryalva Dawn Gudailis Mark Guerrero Salevador Guerrero Steve Guillen Armando Guajardo Karina Guzman Margo Guzman Phyllis Harper Darice-Renee Harris Lori Hartley Tracy Harris Grady Harris James Hawkins Kevin Hayes Peter Hermacillo Rosema Hermono Carmen Hernandez Connie Hernandez Dan Hernandez Emily Hernandez Ernie Hernandez Julie Hernandez Vickie Hernandez Tina Hernandez Vickie Hernandez Yolanda Hernandez Ysa Hernandez 1 Freshmen Q E5 Sf D.. xkg if-'-. . he in 4. - . QL 11: N . -f as-mg..-Q , 1 f 'l N- V. L. Julie Herrera Ngo Hoanh 5am Hoeke Jennifer Hoffman Teri Holmes Tina Holmes Sandra Howell Bruce Humphreys Hung Huynh Thien Huynh Eric llar Raymond lniguez Faizia lfisam Todd Jackson Carla Jacobs Diane Jacobs Daniel Jondik Richard Jeffery Joe Jenkins Janine Jenkins Adrianne Johnson James Johnson Delric Jones Rick Jones Allison Juns Jennifer Kambeifz Holly Kane Annika Kanewske Carl Kitt Debbie Knight Eric Kyle Dung Lam Tai Le Uyen-Phong LeDang Jerry Lema Stacy LeMasrers Michelle Lesuer Teresa Lewis Laimin Lo Alisa Locketr Alonzo Logan Mike Longshore Allan Lopez Arrhuro Lopez 1 Freshmen 77 Claudia Lopez Grace Lu Karen Ludlow Anthony Luna Christina Macaraeg Susie Machado Marcus Madkins Divina Madriaga Alfred Madrid Patricia Maez Mike Magana Richardo Malacarn Jessica Martinez Maureen Martinez Mayra Martinez Robert Martinez 5ocorro Martinez Malou Masaquel Shannon Mason Christine Mata Wendy Materse Meghan McBride Debra McCabe Adam McCarthy Brad McClintock Annette McCormick Ricardo Medeiros Ruben Mejia Margaret Menchaca David Mendez Laura Mendoza Keith Meyer's Michelle Miller Marietta Molina Robert Moreno Jessica Munoz Anna Musquez Craig Nakamura Reyna Naranjo Kristen Neal Annette Negrette Lisa Nelson Elsie Ne varez Joel Nevarez Judy Neves Thong Nga Huong Nguyen Kristine Nguyen 76 1 Freshmen ,.v, 4 . Ai lb- Debbie Nunes Rosemarie Olimba Robert Olmos Marie Orden Christina Ortiz Steve O'Steen Lynda Pacho Aidalyn Paguirigan Gina Palacio Hanh Dang Lisa Paniagua Kamani Parish Devangi Patel Rosie Patterson Nicky Pellegrini Meng Peou Brian Perea Pedro Perez Virginia Perez Tiffany Perry San ya Peters Marleen Peterson Toon Phan Bridget Phelan Kristy Pilcher Racreo Pinto Rui Pinto Monica Plares Larry Poole Kristine Powell Clark Quenga Eli Quinonez Cinthia Quiroz Priscilla Quiraz Doris Rainbow Alberto Ramirez Laura Ramirez Martin Rangel Ben Recktenwald Issac Rellamas Alcide Renaud Theresa Richard Regina Ridola Rene Rios Erik Ritchie Michael Rodrick Danny Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez Gerome Rogers Adam Root Joe Rosa Madera Rose Kevin Rothnie Eddie Ruiz Jeanette Ruiz Israel Salazar Deanna Sampognara Alisa Sanchez Benny Sanchez Edwin Santos Frank Santos Orlando Santiago Andrea Scott Sara Scott Wayne Scott lane Scrate Marvin Shelton Mike Shelton Mike Siberts Anabela Silva Robert Silva Helia Silveria Sheri Simmons Beatrice Singh Neel Singh Amy Smith Curtis Smith Mike Smith Sabrina Smith Victor Solanay Angellina Sotelo .lohn Sousa Holly Spanggord Stephanie Sparr Susan Sparr David Spencer Susie Spencer Laura Stable Shelly Stanley Dennis Steinbach John Stewart Kristie Stewart Tamika Storey Craig Streeter Hayves Streeter Lynette Surette Bryan Swann Lianes Tate Bridgette Tatom Dyan Taylor 80 1 Freshmen 95' fv- is N 1 1 f N! Rolando Zeledon Rick Zellner John Zuver 1 Q' 'ff "iz SA , A nw V, , Y , A ,, , 5 any' Majorie Taylor Michelle Tenniane Chris Thompson Lashawn Thompson Steve Thornton Missy Toews ldalina Toste Mai Tran Paul Tressler Rolando Trevino Stephanie Triburzi Paul Trieu Scott Trujillo Tori Tyson Tony Urias Julie Urista Janine Valderama John Valenzuela Josie Valles Liza Vallesma Jessica Valli Shontell Vance Tim Vargas Frank Vasquez Chris Velasquez Tom Velasquez Maribel Venegas Candice Vera Gerri Viray James Vitales Chris Walker Cindy Walker Marcale Wallace Mark Washington Rachel Wevers Tara White Brad Wilkerson Damon Williams Jennifer Williams Robert Williams Vernunida Wilson Andy Wohcer Christine Wood Mark Wooding Matthew Woody Greg Wright Brett Yasukawa Rudy Zapien I Freshmen 81 if , " 'lajh , " ' -QMS " 4. ' 2l65+, s is HDCUS NC IN ' ACIIVIIIIS ,.""Sw.,,, ' A , l 2, 1 . ff Yi ,, ,ffm-M.55,x A ww 1332? , , l gff'-QQ NZ 4 ' V ff" K E ewti as C until Bock Row: Tracey Bowers, David Frontella, Cathle Duarte, Deloris Evans, Mr. Ryan, Middle Row: Mr. Tamez, Becky Vaughan, Geraldine Fajardo, Gina Muro, Cathy Cafrisosa, .Samantha Fajardo, Jan Houk, Front Row: Lisa Cadena, Barbara Andrade, Tudi Lanford Arlene Jimenez, Lisa Beltran Romy Agustin-ASB PRESIDENT ln reviewing the 1984-1985 school year as a whole, much can be said in that the various accomplishments fulfilled and the prior goals set. We worked together as one to strive for excellence, ondl can truly sa y we ochie ved this fear. Thank you for o memorable year!!! Sincerely, Romy Agustin- ASD President ASB f-Q... I ASBH5 Splilt Seb 7 an 24 1 Spirit Week 1. Finally, Lisa Harvey and Emily Monteiro get a break from all the festivities of Spirit Week. 2. Marlena Pitchett wins hands down as MP's Madonna Look-alike. 3. Dressed as a great chet ,lan Houk takes o moment to explain the secret recipe of her lunch. f 2v 1. impersonating Miss Kamback is not a difficult task for Pete Smith. 2. The marching band performing at the Homecoming game against the No. 1 ranked Eagles. 3. Roman Demetrius Smith and Roly-poly Paul Seyeseth watch the lifesaver pass event. Spirit Week 87 samb four years X' . - was-N w......A 1. Phil Gonzales in his Sunday best. 2 Freshmen showing their spirit. 3. Alcide Renaud "munching our" o pam- XX L' x n banana cream pie. 1 Spirit Week 89 omew ing 4' gfkffx 40 '38 J 2 gf, semi h 5,9 wwaigkwf, . f I .ff W! PV in F L aw pw 1-81 W ,gan- 5, . 1' Yi W iff ff. Wm z .M K 'fwflifz' A 2591- ,1!W,,s, , Q .-'ff ' -k" 6: ' 'v W sm. ' H f 1: H ,, A a , RQ Qi. Tw Yr A Q elf 19- if y , L www- vi. ' E 4 4 ik Q M . , gif , A5 , Q95 M1 5 W I MN X J 5, All ecnlsoo Staff Scattered pictures, rulers here and there, layouts strewn everywhere, the clanking of the typewriter keys sound familiar? The yearbook staff could easily recognize the scenario. lt's a sign that a deadline is just around the corner and the pressure and panic starts to creep up. Many do not realize the enormous task faced by the staff ln order to produce a yearbook, it requires indivi- duals to put forth 100Z effort and work as a group. The staff would like to thank Mr. Doug Wilson for his outstanding artwork for the opening page and Mr. Les Peterson for his yearbook expertise. From Left to Right-Front Row: Kim Lawrie, Geoff Nunes, Steve Nanik, Pat Scanlan, Jamie Maez, Barbara Failla Middle Row: Natalie Bettencourr, Samantha Fajardo, Becky Scott, Laura Perez, Vicky Aravjo Back Row: Joyce DelaCruz, Claudine Garcia 1 Yearbook Staff , "' If - 2 A inf.. ww 1 D .akin . Q . 'Z 755 'J ' ii AF A K x ...ff www an f' , S0 Qgirlf Left to Right: Lisa Beltran, Derh Mills, Sandra Rodriquez, Arlene Jimenez. NOT SHOWN: Debbie Former Well . . . what can lsay? Another year has gone by and this squad was better than ever! Receiving 19 out of 20 superior ribbons, 2 spirit sticks and a superior banner, Cequivalent to first place in competi- tion! was our reward for our long hard-working summer. As my second year as captain, I 've come to know these girls better than they think! As expected, we've had our troubles, but our good times seem to supress the bad. l wish all of you the best of luck andl hope that you will all use your learning of togetherness and team work throughout your future experiences. All of you did a PERFECT JOB! I love you all very much 6 I wish you success! Thanx for making my Senior year the greatest! Lots of Love Arlene Jimenez P.5. To Kim Eng- You'll always be a song-girl! We still love Cv miss you!! 1 Songgirls A in L.-...Q 1 -A A X - +V Kfwe -eifff., , - ' MW Q A , K Y .,Wi ,,kv.,. .K A fi , .J N 7. K .Nm M. :M lil! E 1 Valsify Cheerleaders EIISII Clweerleaflers The 1984-1985 Varsity Cheerleaders got off to a great start this year. By learning to work with the six different personalities on the squad, we were able fo make this year a very successful one. The many hard hours of practice this summer resulted in receiving four out of a possible four superior ribbons, thus receiving a superior trophy at U.S.A. camp this summer, Other highlights of the year include receiving the second place rooters fro- phy at the James Lick invitational Tournament. Much thanks goes to all the girls, Brenda, Ava, Tino, Theresa, and Kathy, for all their cooperation and help. Futhermore, I would like to express my thanks and ap- preciation to Mr. Tamez, Mr. Ryan and all the spirit- leaders for making this year Unforgerrablel Much Love-n-Appreciation, Cathie Duarte Kheadj Left To Right Kathy Dahlrn Theresa Chaydez Trna Beauchamp. Brenda Robertson. Cathie Duarte. 1 Varsity Cheerleaders 99 The 1984-85 Lettergirls had a pretty good year. Even though we were not fortunate enough to go to USA Camp. we still enjoyed learning 6 performing the USA routine for ev- eryone. We would like to thank all the spirit leaders for their help with cheers 6 routines and mak- ing our first year a great one. To Debbie 5. and Jill 71, good luck with tryouts next year. Yvette J., hope your senior year was a great one. Finally to Pam K., thank you for your help 6 support during the summer. Good Luck next year, Thank You Gina Fleming Lettergirl Captain ttelgiil ff ff' Y. in 4 1 : 'R' W . IJ .M 4 wg it 6 f ,I AM Q' wb"-nr, A K From Left To Right: Jill Trifilo, Yvette Jimenez. Gina Fleming, Debbie Sanchez, Pam Kyle 4 Letrergirls Univ! Vcnsit Cheeileaclers From Left To Right: Gina Joosten, Gina Muro, Reyna Narranjo, Tina Evans. , w y x TH . 1 X ' 1 'Y R l 'N 1 X 1 A 3 Q 1 i T my FJ xx , x X ' I 4 f I XV ir , 5 ,,4 1, ff ff. 'D N- X. rr T . .x X M ... - ., y g A U V ',,,' ' ' L "" ' 1. V. CHEERLEADERS X Q V 1 its Q 4gM,W f tfw H We started out practicing during the summer. There was a squad of all new girls this year. We faced many happy times and a few bad ones. All the girls became like sisters. We fell apart for awhile, then put ourselves together. All in all it was a good year. This year was an unforgettable one for all of us. Thanks for all the fun. Love, Gina Muro 1 JV Cheerleaders 101 GSCU The 1984-1985 Spiritleaders had o very exciting year, which I am glad to have taken part in. Each squad that went to camp K5onggirls, Varsity, and Myselfj came home with su- perior trophies and ribbons, which truly reflects our Cardinal spirit and talent. I want to thank Mr, Tamez, Arlene, Beth, Lisa, Cathie, Debbie, Sandra, and the rest of the squad for making my year very memorable. Being mascot was a good experience and played a very important part of my Senior year. I hope that mascots in the years to come feel just as honored and satisfied as I do. Good luck everyone!! Look out U.5.A., here I come!! CHopefullyj. Sincerely, Jamie Maez CARDINAL MASCOT 1 2 Mascot Unforgettable '85 2 Spirit L foreign Exchange 'V 'M My Sylvie fciww M Kim Iam M Muriel Chclppelolw Hel wIilQ Alveslwg W Foreign f , Once apon a time there was a young lady who lived in a small and beautiful country, very famous for the fashion, cheeze and excellent wine, who had heard about a great and vast country on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Everybody told her that the people have a really fun time and speak one of the most beautiful languages sounding like a song. She was excited about this idealistic world so she decided to lea ve her family, her friends to see and learn this other culture. When she arrived she wasn 't disappointed, the dream was real. She met the people and immediately loved them. Nevertheless sometimes she missed the scent of her country but she knows she is going to meet her family again and share with them her wonderful and unforgettable experiences. Sylvie from France. The Man from the North There came a boy to the school Who hardly knew how to spell " rule " From the other side of the sea he was And when he leaves, it might be a loss Though he'II only a few months in "Paradise" spend A great thanks to everyone he'II send For this is as you can see A big step for mankind, but rather a small one for me. Henrik Alveskog Hello! America was a dream to me. I thought if was only beaches, sun, surfers, coca cola, hamburgers, parties . . . Now it's reality, and I have learned there are also very, very nice people and it's not so superficial. I had a lot of fun too! This year was just GREAT! If someone has the opportunities to become an exchange student, I will only sa y: Go ahead! Thank you for helping me have one of my best years. Love. Muriel Before I left Malaysia, I felt nervous all the time. I knew thatl would be in a new life style in a short time. When I landed in America, it was very hard to adapt myself into new customs and manners, butl was not disappointed. Ihave been very lucky since I am staying with a nice family. I noticed that the school system in America is excellent, and I really like Mt. Pleasant High School. I am really enjoying my stay in San Jose. I was able to come here through the American Academic Youth Exchange. When I leave for Malaysia, I will miss all my friends and teachers, most especially my host family. This has been a most interesting experience. 1 105 Musical Directors Ms. De5hero Mr, K idlkl 31' Z?5g,'E, 2U'.!1 lf. 4 211. .iff I . X vm H ' L M 11" X A x 1 W x 's - 1 Bond 107 nstwmenta usic X3 -'Kb WLOLVCQK I Iv 'A 'E N " V ' 'P 4 . ,,1 , A K. 'ff ,,, MLK -,mv f, C2 V ,,,, V. -X, Lfvwva m,51,V4..g,o 4 Ma,,,,-,S I MQTQEFM 6 1 Jazz dll Musicians . Q, vw .- HM ,, r i .Q as N X n 1 4 Jazz 111 l3.S.lJ RS Chris 4' Thanh Lreu, Elaine Aguada, Brian Barcelona, Tevvi Ngak, Flordeliza Dadigal, Ngoc Ngo, Nguyet Thai, Kristine Nguyen, Florentino Cadigal, Jose Fojas, Linda Nazaheri, Chris Walker, Acosfa, Grace Lu, Kim Baile y, Tuon Lai, Patricia Jaquez, Natalie Martinez, Manuel L Hhm. 4 Names are classified ilk E x "fm H EIB Mill 118 4 7 NWI ff if E ect: nies 4' af qv 51' Z4-, .0-9' 'IT' 4-My 0 Ill ll Ol v 93 f win Q: :J 5 W-.aa-.., C adigal, Anderson, Eric Chapman, Juan 3010133511 HJR. f Mrs. Sweat U.CO.f MESA Mr. Pastan F DLA ID ecatlwlon '5 5 gig fag iv? 2 Q X xi Mrs. Ridley Mr. Concklin Mr. Sierra Literary Principals Advisor Chess ... ' a ""s Mr. Hartley Mr. Shue Mrs. Levinson FrenchfGerman Photo Literary Y' A a 1 MT? K I . . ,gb I 4 . If I f " L , Q " N. t 3 , A , I . ,L m ' Q," 'XL ks Mr. Wilson Mr. Smith Ms. Saito AHS DSU Academic Decathalon Mr. Myers Computer Mrs. Paszkeicz NHS Mr. Gillespie Flyers Mr. Varela MESA Mrs. Jones CSF Mr. Guzman Mayo 'i if 5 , Q A A Mrs. French U. C.O. .. n . x . Mr. Cordova Asian Y Mr. Lillo Electronics 1 Club Advisors 121 IUUMINAIINIQ mr mwnv ,T j! .i I 124 Aflministmtii n My heartiest congratulations to the yearbook staff for producing a truly outstanding edition of the CARDINAL for 1985. lt seems that it gets better and better each year. My further congratulations to the entire student body for another job well done this year. Like the yearbook, you too get better each year - more studi- ous, more responsible, and more productive. lt is you students who have contributed significantly toward building a reputation for Mt. Pleasant High School that is second to none, and the year 1984-85 will be re- membered as one in which the Cardinal's star contin- ued to rise. My Hnal accolade is for the seniors - the class of 1985. You have done an outstanding job. You have worked hard, and played hard, and have demonstrated that you know the proper time and place for each. You have my very best wishes for a happy and rewarding future. lhope you'll come back to visit and share your new experiences with us. GOOD LUCK! Wil Concklin, Principal 'ff .XI 'itzrf' Mr. Eugene Defilippis Mr. Robert Reinhardt Mr. Tom Ryan Assistant Principal Educational Assistant Principal Administrative Director of Development Service Student Activities I l 1 Administration District fll inistmti I I i """"? JS-. WTTX. 'CATHERINE TAYLOR- , 1 ss. Board of Education: Seated: Richard Tanaka, Catherine Taylor, Henry Gage. Sr., Standing: Chowdry Shahzad, Robert Jolley, Herbert Sawyer. SE ' 'Six ,. . X3 HARRY J. REYNOLDS 5 i L . '05 R ki? 4:?w:f?gQ 'tllx ff- -Q11-:SQ . . V1 refs - - - ss? A . 1 we Q. T' J 5 , w . 1 Q , W! Y S e 3 R 4 ix Q 5 x Pia Ni Q! 1 531 District Administration: Front Row: William Sullivan, Administration and Operations, Dr. Harry J. Reynolds, Superintendent. Back Row: Sara Wallace, Asst. Supt.fPersonnel Services, Michael Raffetro Asst. 5upt.fBusiness Services, Lois Freeman Asst. Suptjlnstructional Services. 4 District Administration 125 V K V, gifs Q Q, C.,,1W'f -. Y 1 x X' X f L x N-v wy ' 1-'USR Mielsa MorikawaAPrincipal's secretary Barbara DolvanzADank Sec. Wanda Barrington-Registrar I Q, k......A, gf, , 1' :W A- X Lea Butler-Counseling fClerk Lana Dominguez-Bookroom X N Doris Lersinger-Counseling Sec. , :N Marge Lindsly-A rrendance Sec. Ann Lucero.Arrendance Clerk Roberta Mason-Health Clerkfftrtendanre w K 1 JC ! in if A K I K Q 4 ., 2"' X9 '- 1,-,J Sandra Petro-Attendance Clerk 126 1 Classified 5Ioff . A , i Derry Williams-5wifchboardfA frendonce J-.,f S. ' lu , f Julie Allen-English V ROb6'ff Ashley-Science ,i X Keith Donner-Math ,,f-"M" Richard Archer-Soc. Studies Emanuel Armstrong-Math Evelyn Bauris ra-Dusin e55 99' W i lock Drubol-ser-P. E. 2 s William Bouch-English l Barbara Bruno-5pec, Educ. KHeodJ Q 33 5 i ,M , xg XA 'I' 'Q ,, , CN - '- .. ,,. , ex A N Z Q-all K' ez,-Il' E, N-rl f .WL feffy UUZZGN-English Chffffy Cfllf-500 Sfudief wfinom Cafpenfwfngiffh 1 Foculfy 127 an Aw, Liz Choboya-P.l:'.fAthlefic Dilecfol Anne Coggins-P,l:'. 'W UA 9 1 .Amalfi , sw Y -riff , ' -12Q 7 2 - Q , f. w Q ,. I 'f - H3 17 A , 5 ' ., ,,,. f ' - ' , f-----M 4- -Q--. -fLfM S' .. 1 U , f Xi , ,I M. M l Pa rricia Colpirrs-English Manuel Cordova-Foreign Lang. Marilyn Crandall-Sec. Ed. David Dal Porto-Social Studies CHeadj 3 Q9- Jim DeDiego-English Dennis De Hall-Boys Advisor sg. xxx X X X N. X X '- xx Rx . g Q sf k g, Jiffi S. Nu.-dr fi!-slgeii. Kirch De Martini-Math Jon De Shera-Mafh 128 X 1 Faculty 'Ig ' vw ia Rudy Del Rio-Soc. Srudies William Duncan-English Ulu: -QITQQ K0 Sharon Ferguson-Spec. Ed. William Flanagan-Counseling Valda Fletcher-Home Ec. ,Z-" ,.- S..-f K X Cheryl French-English .lim Gallo-Science Chip Gaston-English v 7 ,k.....k M . W-,,,,,.g.g.:za-T' I H fr Q' X, - . N-A Ax N G S R mu William Frost-P.E. Patricia Fuqua-Foreign Lang, David Garcia-Soc. Studies Carol Gar,sh-Sak. Studies, 5panishfEnglish , 1 ix! MSN BEVWXRE x V Owing Xa.-eff E E Hal Gettman-Spec. Educ. KHead2 Woody Greenhouse-l.E.fAuta 1 Faculty 'fu J 129 K Debbie Grobman-Sclence T X Ted Gross-Science ,Q NX ., ..a:L ,,.. .,.. I ,.,,. I. W A.. 111. M uue I I Bryan Hartley-Science X X ., ,, N John Henry-Soc. Studies Dian Iversen-P.E. Ulead! John Jamison-English-P.E. VIII Johnson-Soc. Studies June Jones-Science fHead2 uf .-an ' -' , -V1 4-5 130 Karen Kamback-Girls' Advisor Michael Kambeirz -Music !Headj Mary Levinson-Librarian 1 Faculty 1 A Robert Lillo-Electronics Kathy Mognanl-Science David Mcfready- Technical Drawing 5 Nancy Moak-Math W Richard Neal-Graphics John McMiIIen -Science as, ff - ni?- Pefer Monone-Math fHead2 Jack Needham-Social Studies Robert Marquis -Business IHead2 I I ,i fi A 2 5 A img YY- Z W ji Jim Meyer-Safety-Ed. fHeadJ Doug Munfz-Metals! Wood Jim Noel-Math I X 1. F acuity 181 gx Esther Olmos-Foreign Lang. Lorraine Paszkeicz-Foreign Lang. IHead2 Robert Popp-CounselingfScience X E Shirley Poston-Business Paula Ridley-English CHead2 Catherine Russell-Math 'TNQ T Q, A 4 ,. 5 1 x Tom R yan-Activities Director Joan Saito-English Tim 5hU9'Ph0'0 Samuel Smith-Soc. Studies Faye Squyres -English Kath y Swan-Math 132 1 Faculty 2 S 4- f 1 J ' if 515' QL, Q 5 1' K H . Q Q? yi. L Q . X eees e -. . 'K ' my x ,.: Q ,, i . if . . . -' 'f-'f Catherine Swear-Counse-lingfMath Pamela Taylor-English Ruth Villarruz-Spec. Ed. W' vw Frank J. Tamez-Mafh K ,,, , '-Q .. fasts I Na Jesse Varela-Math .11 Eva Williams- on A X' Q i -i eil K ,-M. - :ix X .. AA ...f,- L. ' K XY new ge. saws N J , -mi. XS fm S Speech Therapist Ni F X X To Z.. i a Q si 5 fu E 5? 5 :Q N . K .... . . ' Q KS' sf? ' " L ii if gf ,. L 2 vi-. K Q 5' K f K . Jim Young-Counselor CHead2 Ben Guzman -Laisan Jesse Tamez-Spec. Ed. .se Miriam Valez-.Spanish E5LfDilingual Coordinator Doug Wilson-Arr fHead2 1 Faculty 133 , E 'ahePmpeiiii',g at C2285 ,, , wma My 24. M umm "' omv WALK RIGHT Natalie Bailey-Career Center Lorle Hashimoto-Special Ed-Aide Wa! KEVIN Mifflll-A. V. Mqyg Rqrypjpgclql Ed Aldg 4 f ,1 ' ' 45 fl 5 Qiriaw V Joan Rosromlly-EngllshfSoclal Studies-Aide Toni Shaw-SclencefMarh-Aide Carolyn Tomlin-Special Ed Alde Sharon Zervoudakis-Special Ed. Aide 134 Instructional Aides Tien Minh Phan-Bilingual-Aide Julk Rojo-Special Ed Aide ' sa - "-- Francisco Sierra-Bilingual-Aide Child Core Center-Debby Barnes, Jessica Collins Q 5 l La Grenlon Campbell Marla Esquivel Mary Gagllordo 41 5 V 53 M ww C fl if , ,:.Wzx..M7f""1'1, 3 M , ' A K 'Y V 'ff A if M ,.., ff in Betty Tlrrl-Head Frank Acevedo-Pool technlclan Manuel Belem-Gardener ,-V J, y. John Buteraftllght Foreman Juan GuelfNIght Custodian Achllle Sotlllefboy Custodian swf If ,7.k H ffliflwffu ' 'li MW ff' ,wxns Enrique VaIdez!Nlght Custodian John Walter!Head Custodian Margaret Hernandez Manuel Brasil-Gardener Alvin Hlton!Nlght Custodian 4 CafeteriafCustodians 135 'ff SIDIDIIICHI UN SIDUIQIS cnsit footlu II .1 1 'rf -, WP 1 . ,ws :V V M , in I Q V,,Z.,,..,,1 K . Z. if ,, Q, .L -, , 1 L . - 4 , wvtsnfzailg tt. , ,V TPLEA are , ffl f, ' ,J at tl,,,t 4 - ?, ,gpg i 7' FX 9 -L R t 1 , gg X I left to right Front Row- Frank Garcia, Robert Couture, Lance Lister, Steve Taylor, Allen Wilson, James Anderson, Thad Phllllps, Tyrone Evans. Row 2- Adrian Packer, Jesse Flores, Vince Pellegrini, Dan Soleno, Nile Sullivan, George Granada, Steve Gallagher, Wiley Hester, George Miranda. Row 3- Coach Armstrong, Coach Frost, Mike Murry, Geoff Nunes, Oscar Pittman, Juan Garcia, Denny Gibbs, John Sullivan, Coach Brubaker, Coach Duncan. Row 4- Chris Parga, Rodney Clay, Phillip Gonzales, Sam Collett, Juan Lopez, Tim Barber, Terrance Pleasant, Maurice Hooker, Cesar Ollverdia. Back Row- Donyal Horton, Harold Keller, Scott Chizanskos, Clark Banks, Cam Bowers, Mark Gray, Joe Landino, Kevin McPherson, Mike Tejero. The 1984 Cardinal Football Team had a very respectable 7-3 over-all record. The Cards were 6-3 in M.H.A.L. play with the three loses being by a combined total of 14 points. Even in defeat the team was exciting and played with determnation and deslre until the final gun. In non-league play, the Cards were very Impressive beating the 5.C V.A.L. Champion, Milpitas High by a 14-5 score. ln terms of dedication, esprit de corps and team unity, this was the most enjoyable season in recent years. There existed a strong feeling of togetherness and o common attitude of always putting team objectives before personal gains. The team was led by many outstanding players. Five members of the 1984 team were honored as making the first-team all M.H.A.L. These included Lance Lister Irunning backjf Rodney Clay Cdefensive linejf Thaddeus Phillips Cdefensive backj: Mark Gray IQuarterbock2, and Benny Gibbs Clinebackerj. Many others made strong contributions to the team 's success. A strong committment by the seniors provided leadership to the younger players that will be the foundation ofa strong football program that will continue to pro vide future success. Several school records were shattered this season and the entire squad should feel good about their accomplishments. The following is a list of the new records: Over-all scoring: total team offensive yardage: least points yielded most interceptions: and most points scored in a single game. The experiences shared and the camarodarie with which these men played will be a positive influence on them for many years. Congratula- tions on a super season of football and the entire squad should be commended for a job well done. Proud to be a Cardinal, Coach Brubaker 1 Varsity Football 1 ' - XS 'Q k 7 mr 1 ' Milpitas Overfelr Silver Creek Independence Yerba Buena Santa Teresa Piedmont Oak Grove Hill Lick 5 14 14 20 6 16 6 14 14 0 'T W . x Nr. mg., 140 1 vafsfry Football Xl! V' n g' YY? 7 an Varsity Football 1 141 Front Row: Jason Briones, Mike Smith, Jason McDowell, Eddie Garcia, Israel Salazar, Nick Pellegrini. Second Row: David Gonzales, Tony Longshore, Bob Byrnes, Jerry Lima, Manny Arellano, Carmello Magindin. Third Row: Coach Barone, John McDowell, Eddie Smith, Larry Poore, Mike Pearson, Dwayne Davis, Dean Eley, Eugene Ivey, Coach Barkley, Coach DelaFonte. Fourth Row: Jerome Rodgers, Brian Gallagher, Alcide Re ynaud Jeff Dunn, Dan Curley, Jeremy Garcia, Jerry Kema, Joe Byrnes, Mark Guerrero. Back Row: Corey Fontaine, Richard Reynaud Steve Sterner, Malcom Woods, Lionel Tate, Aaron Stewart, Brad Wilkerson, Andy Boots, Mike Hatch, Mike Castillo. FROSHXSOPH FOOTBALL The 1984 FroshfSoph team' began the season in a very impressive fashion by winning their first two battles with Milipitas and archrival Overfelt. They were very impressive both on offense and defense, as a stingy defense allowed only five first downs for the first eight quarters of the sea- son. After game number four, the Cards had o very formidable 3-1 record with an upset win over a very strong independence team. After the fourth game, adversity struck as a rash of unfortunate injuries to key players took its toll. After five consecutive losses and a season end- ing forfeit to James Lick, the Cards record stood at 3.7, Coach Barone Coach DelaFonte Coach Barkley There were many bright spots and major contri- butions made by,.several key individuals. The future seems bright and many of the mainstays will be counted upon to contribute to a success- ful varsity team in the future. 142 1 Frosh-Soph Football ansit Ile ball D' ' M I I Ida Fan onilo. Dock Row-Christine Solidarios. Alisha Daniels, Lori Games, Front Row-Claudia Velazquez, Romy Agustin, ivrna asaque, me 9 Samantha Munoz. Varsity Volleyball The 1984 Volleyball Team finished the season with a 7 and 6 record to place second in the Northern Division and earned the right to go on to the M.H.A.L. Play-offs. This was the culmination of on exciting season with our first trip to the volleyball play-offs. The team was led by seniors Alisha Daniels-Most Valu- able player, and All-League Team: and Romy Agustin- Team Captain andAIl-League Team. Starting seniors Lori Gomes, Divina Masaquel, and Christine Solidarios also contributed to the team's second place finish. Junior Imelda Fangonilo earned the Most Improved Player Award and will be returning next year. The Volleyball Team has set its standards high. "We 're on the map, and we 're here to stay." Coach Chaboya 44 1 Varsity Volleyball ws! ? 4 47 'exsxihqnk i 'r f W N1 Q-m"""'-.,,. Q.,--iii 4 FWHM? .X '-J if 1 Varsity Volleyball 145 nn-nvvm . J 1 ei Bw' 4 Wxxx xv 'S wif 4 -Mqwliw .fmkgwmwswy Q . -, f Q.. 5 ,xxx ,, Varsity Volleyball ,.f5 me XE it! W Q.. .Il ,..---,,,.N-v-0' XJ Pkaun ,l s a "W-My-,,..,v 1: 5 45,5 i 5, 3 S C if iz, X 42 ' 5 , , M ' I i 0,12 M W f Nu.. C 1 Varsity Volleyball 147 fwsIwfS15ph Ileylball ' FroshfSoph Volleyball The 1984 Froshf5oph Volleyball season began in late August with a group of young, hardworking players. The first day of practice left much to be desired, but with each day, great improvements were made. Our season was a frustrating one for the girls, with 4 wins and 11 losses. Our record though, is no indication of the hard work and the improvements made during the season. Captain Rolyn Acosta led the team with her leader- ship and setting skills. Rolyn was also voted the Most Valuable Player. Freshman Malon Masaquel was vot- ed the Most lnspirational Player, and Grace Lu was given the award for Most Improved Player. With seven returning players for next year's Froshf Soph team, we should have a much improved com- petitive team. Thonks, girls, for a fun season. Coach Magnani 4 1 Froshf5oph Volleyball Coach Magnani m Ilirl ennis . .. Q,. . . ,X ,sy An: k"9Ni"'fUB. This year's varsity tennis team was characterized by its youth, inexperience, and surprising competi- tiveness. Although it did not compile a winning record, it proved to be very competitive, Unfortu- nately due to the inexperience factor, the team played many close matches that it did not win. One of the many positives of the season was the large turnout of freshmen. The entire team was comprised primarily of freshmen and sophomores. The current ability level and potential that was exhibited by this young group would rate them, in my opinion, as the best during my ten years as a coach. Only time will tell. Fortunately, we did have seniors Joanne Chapa, Debbie Clark, and Vu Nguyen to help stabilize and influence the younger players. Both Debbie and Joanne are fourth-year players who have learned the "work ethic", and most importantly the attitude that accompanies a winner. The contributions that all three seniors have made over the years to the program have been greatly appreciated and will be sorely missed. This season witnessed not only the tremendous physical and mental improvement of a young team, but also the development of a team unity, spirit, and commitment which will be essential for success in the future. THA NK YOU, COACH PADILLA 1 Girls Tennis . .--F" was ...QQ ,,v,.. r 1 A I rw, Y if zr, Q I , ,, ws, ww ,mil yA fi 'v i 5 X XIZL , , ., 'ii Front Row: Vu Nguyen, Rosario Cadigal, Flor Cadigal, Gaia Nguyen, Cindy Lusrina, Middle Row: Kristine Nguyen, Allison Jung, Chrisrilee Macaraeg, Sarah Adam, Linda Aquino, Melanie Paguirigan. Back Row: Mr. Padilla, Analyne Sierra, Zierlein Aclan, Joanne Chapa, Yolanda Chapa. NOT SHOWN Debbie Clark. 1 Girls Tennis 151 S UlJlTtI q Front Row: Sally GrUalva, Deborah Martinez, Joyce Davilla, Monique Jahi, Jennifer Hoffman, Jennifer Couture. Second Row: Annika Kanewske, Majorie McFarland, Jenene Clemons, Julie Adams, Vicky Araujo, Becky Scott, Holly Kane. Third Raw: Cory Eng, Mercale Wallace, Mickey Gibbons, Steve Fox, George Hoffman, Patrick Salomon, Rommel DeGuzman, Phil Vu, Douglas Vera. Back Row: Coach DelRio, Juan Flores, James Morquechl, Richard Garcia, Pete Smith. Scott Adams, Tim Chadwick, Kai Sithpong, Leo Zendejas, Not Pictured: Matt Cameron, Paul Aragon, Johnny Azevedo, Mike Cruz, Hector Flores, John Valenzuela, Lisa Sowell. Cross Country climbed from the cellar to the middle of the pack in the 1984 season. A vastly improved FroshfSoph squad placed fifth in the Mt. Hamilton League Organization. While the men's and women's varsity, at times both suf- fered by injuries and incomplete squads, were able to cling onto seventh place. All MHAL runner Patrick Salomon again paced the men 's varsity by posting one of the top ten times in the league competition in the 2.85 mile Alum Rock course. Junior Juan Flores and George Hoffman also ran strong races for the Cardinals. Richard Garcia, Pete Smith and Scott Adams rounded out the varsity squad. The FroshfSoph squad was blessed with a trio of promising newcomers that led the squad to a strong finish. Cory Eng was the top pace setter and he was pushed by Mickey Gibbons and Rommel DeGuzman. Running in the Junior Varsity division: Eng, DeGuzman, and Gibbons along with Johnny Valenzuala and Mercale Wallace captured first place in the Del Mar ln vitational meet. Kai Sithipong, Ste ve Fox, Doug Vex and Phil Vu were also members of the FroshfSoph team. A courageous Johnny Azevedo dropped from the squad due to health reasons. .. 2. . . Deborah Martinez, Jennifer Hoffman, Julie Adams, Sally Gri- , jalva and Vicky Araujo were the mainstays of the Women's ,,.,, ,P Varsity team. Other contributing members included Je-nene ' "' ' Clemmons, Jennifer Couture, Joyce Davila, Holly Kane, An- nika Kanewske, Becky Scott, Monique Jahi, and Yvonne Wilkins. Coach: Del Rio 1' -Coaches Del Rio 6 Tamez 1 Cross Country x, fn f I' K g,,. , A , 1,, . , "" W W 46' ' ,, W, Q Y S? S V ' ,ff fn "W V D Y ,, .f i ! ww L , 7 f , I N K s Q .x..wmQw Q.-as V. -wwwx. wm.,,,,Nmm wink, ,. NK, is We-N gQ . A ., '--',wseQ..,m '--M,,, '-QQ, 1 Cross COUDIIY 153 15 X W ,W gg , A A T V ' m. M4 ang 4 4 SKWHIQIU f 1 ,. I J , -5, .. n A .44 ...ul 9 3 1 'Q f , 5 f M.. .ff 4 Cross Country ,figw if .ff'-"' 7 'li W U A' hlllvmy WL, . ,, MW, E K . N .., 'iii S TTR' , 's fi X? was ua? ' ii ,f v f WN .nf 4 , , 1 A 'iw cnsit W sstling E Af' MU V Standing: George Miranda, Steve Gallagher, Clark Banks, Jose Contreras, Tim Barber, John Trejo, Kneeling: Carmello Mangindin, Chris Guerrero, Geoflry Stone, Jason Driones. f i .itz P 1 , 1 ' D MM Y fu 'L ' 'lvl-MZ"C ffbbl Dfw' 8 'rpfu if ' Mi MIM M lf gisjxsw bw x U, IL N NM Ulblo Qs 9' ' UXV bl' TW! ,,U""Sq fo ,Grd vi, L , ,. V GCD? xc W' XV-L0 U A '05 51 9 QU of ,WXLL 4 he 1984-1985 Varsity restling team was one of great determinin- K tion and fine character. With these traits this year wrestling team H overcame great obstacles and diversities. Even if the record doesn 't LL show it, this team is made up of great young men that perform V VX! greatly Coutstandingj, knowing that each time their behind 18 to 24 KBC , points going into each wrestling meet. My thnaks goes to the follow- ow O f 'sing young men: Jason Briones, Geoffry Stone, Luis Silva, Carmello A Mangindin, Rene' Carrasco, Chris Guerrero, Steve Gallagher, John ' Trejo, Tim Barber, George Miranda, Jose Contreras, and "The Big Man" Clark Banks. Wop Coach Tamez QD r i l X ' X K X iw 156 4 Varsity Wrestling sh Soplw estling YW -p lr Standing: Gabe Montez, Alcioe Renaud David Spencer, Ed Ruiz. Kneeling: Bill Brown, Nick Pellegrini, 5am Hoeke, Hendrick Boro. This year, the Froshf5oph Wrestling Team lacked in numbers, but not in spirit and determination. Going into each wrestling match and giving up thirty paints, this team did not give up without a fight. Thanks goes to Hendrich Baro, Dill Brown, Sam Hoeke, Nick Pelligrini, Ed Ruiz, Alberto Ramerez, Derick Shaw, Gabe Montez, Alcide Renuad, and David Spencer. Coach Tamez 1 FrashfSoph Wrestling 157 Wresfling Q1 54,2 ckgq QR' 3-' . A ' ZZK: ' 5: 1 gi gi Q if 4? 1 Wrestling 159 irls Sous Back Row: Lisa Hoeke, Cathy Carrisosa, Kris Carlson, Becky Vaughan, Marcy Maxwell Karen .Smith Michelle Paccioretti Coach Duncan Front Row Cindy Orta Evette Pantoja Romy Agustin, Vicky Garcia, Becky Garcia, Angel Sotela, Terry Ramos This year's girls soccer team finished the season with a record of 4-8-1. Not much to brag about, but considering that these girls had to endure five coaches over the course of this season is something one must consider when passing judgment on seasonal records. This to the Layman does not seem such a big deal, but to an athlete it is a task when one must make these types of acyust- ments and still concentrate on competing to one's fullest potential. As dedicated student-athletes a Commendation is in order for completing their season with just 12 players. Individ- ual names mean little when everyone's efforts had to be combined to complete their season. lnspite of total effort involved, we were able to select Romy Agustin as this year's M.V.P. and the co-Most Improved Players were Michelle Paccioretti and Terry Ramos. Next year's squad could find themselves as top contenders for next season 's league title with the returning nucleus provided by this year's squad. Thanks for the opportunity to meet an interesting bunch of people and good luck in the future. Coach "D" 0 1 Girls Soccer f f1?Qf R X Y? i X5 nf-wi.: Q 464 Q Qlf A. - K . .If N Q Si Y. '0' K qi-nay. fix ww 3 J4 ,H ..:. 1,4 . 'wx xg, 5 ww... ,N . -4 55 ::' A h W -,... 4' in-.,,. 2 K .ISV A: N - NS A fi? ii e ..., 3- I g,:,Wzr We cnslty Some QS - CD85 BACK ROW Andy Mrsch Kevrn Ervrn Juan Garcia John Martin Bernardo Ferreira Cory Fontaine Coach McCready. MIDDLE ROW: Francisco Prado. David Dorbo, Juan Flores Ronny Upp Mike Castrlo Peter Soto Todd Spicer Andy Howell FRONT ROW Marcale Wallace Raul lniguez, Jorge Garcia, ricky Martins, Richard Castillo The Boys Soccer Team enjoyed a very suc- cessful season, finishing second in the North Division with an 8-5 record. Juan Garcia was the team scoring leader and the team captain. Senior Kevin Ervin anchored the defense and was named first team all- league along with Juan. Second team all-league honors went to Senior Bernardo Ferreira and Juniors John Flores and Andy Misch. Andy Howell, Mi- guel Borba, and Ronnie Upp completed their high school careers. The 1964-1965 team showed a great deal of poise, drive, and determination, and leaves an exam- ple that can be built upon for future teams. Congratulations for an outstanding year. Coach McCready , 3 5, ' ' " X' . ,wp ,p f I , M, , I .2 if ,, 5 , V, , i , Q Y ,,., , .W:,,,'W, X - ' 39 , ' V ' H af ' H 6 LM, 'VN it x. W- , 1' M, , f' ' Q7 We 4 I ,W M " Qlwvf, 45.'?,g,, A U f' f? - 77' ' " ff f " , ' ' ' V " q Aqfnh' f ,g m ' - ' ' M I ' W . fnjfj -.Q '13 ' - W1 ' V L ' - ' - I .V , N "" , 1, " H ?Q,f?,- lj, ff, my-wi W u +V Qf if lffff ""i'WM ' f' Q, X f ' V na, f' 1 1 -1 ".' , . ,, , V ' , H 2 L A L . I ,' , , A f 'MVTT 1 fW'??fWWv,, 5, ,- V ,, 'AMW' VV: . V , ni ,AJ 56014, up A "Mx wil' 'pf f " '. ,f ' - 4343 Hn ,gn , ,R 'M .,f- W " 'L' ,V " V ,, V ,, ' 5 ,, 47' '15 I' Q I fi Z my W f Chris Walker i , ,, 4 f we , , V , ,,,,,C,, 1, , rf " K N , . C fx A Chff-Y Vel05Q Uez Yannick Borlee Mike Roderick Coach Lou Padilla Mm '95 ,,, I X , ' xsivvgm Q Q Q' 4 Chris Thompson Thong Lieu The spectator in variobly measures the ofa by its and but a coochievaluates qateam by measuring itsability to perform equal to or beyond its potergticiliand reaclrspecifieggfpfgoals. C i This years tennis team worked very T to and maintained mental attitude. As a the team was able to play consistentlygat or near its potential. Phil and lames were only seniors on the team, but their leadership and dedication were a influence on the rest of the team. The hard work, and dedication of super-soph Ron Aclan was also very instrumental in the teafrgs overall play. The tribute to this team its ability to attain of itsigaals. A special thanks to senior Phil Gonzales for his dedication, patience, and coopera- tion over the last four years. He has added much to the development of our tennis T T ese.. . i e . e..e... ..s.. ... C C Thank s--i5 iiil ll ll Coach Padilla- l Boys Tennis 165 Divisions Cha pious From Left to Right, Back Row Art Flagg, Don Mitchell, Walter Watts, Eric Jones, Mario Phillips Coach Jamison Front Row Thad Phillips Brian Chan Darryl Ragsdale, Mark Gray, Ken Martinez, Paul Triev. VARSITY BASKETBALL The basketball Cardinals of 1984-85 enjoyed a fine year, one which saw them win the northern division of the Mt. Hamilton League and return to the Central Coast Section play-offs for the first time since 1960. The Cardinals emphasized tough pressure defense throughout the year, and finished the season as one of the top teams in the area. The highlights of the year were two division wins over Andrew Hill and back-to-back, come-from-behind victories over rival Yerba Buena which put the Cardinals into the league championship vs. Independence. The second game against Hill, which clinched the division championship, was iced by freshmen Paul Trieu who sank seven out of eight free throws in the final three minutes. Throughout the season the Cardinals were paced by the one-two scoring punch of senior Mario Phillips and sophomore Walter Watts, both of whom were selected to the all-league team. Other stand- outs included floor-leaders Thad Phillips and Brian Chan, and fowards Art Flagg and Mark Gray. The season ended with an emotional and memorable game against number-two ranked St. Francis in the C.C.S. play-offs. The Cardinals rallied from nine down in the fourth quarter to almost catch the Lancers, before succumbing 55-50. This season 's finish, though, gives promise for the future, with the return of Trieu, Watts, Gray, foward Don Mitchell, and a strong freshman class. Coach Jamison 1 Boys' Varsity Basketball 1 - as 'f', 'Tv 1 'gk' A A 'W 1, W ' Y 2' N X X Si ttl :21:. we N X5 W Mg E. N, -Q Varsity Scores 1984-85 MP Opp 43 Pioneer 45 Santa Clara 42 Milpitas 57 Lick 53 Westmont 40 Willow Glen 49 Miramonre 37 Gilroy 37 Monta Vista League: 54 Lick 67 Qyerfeltr 52 Piedmont Hills 39 Independence 57 Andrew Hill rrr . 40 Piedmont Hills 54 Oak Grove 67 Santo Teresa 54 Silver Creek 64 Overfelt 5.3 Lick ' 50 Andrew Hill 49 Yerba Buena Play-offs: 42 Yerba Buena 38 Independence C.C.S. 50 St. Francis .0- hash Saplw Baslustb II Bock row: fleft to rightj Mike Cruz, Carlos Arenas, Lionel Tate, Larry Poore, Francisco Jimenez. Front row: Joel Jenkins, Carlos Neal Eddie Fairley Frederick Chua, Lloyd Bembry. FroshfSoph Basketball The Mt. Pleasant Froshf5oph Basketball Team closed their 1984-85 season with three straight league victories. lt's strong finish enabled the team to vault into third place in the North Division of the M.H.A.L. This team 's performance was characterized by an intense man to man defense ond a superb full court press. These young men were led by team M.V.P. Eddie Fairley and Defensive Award winner Lloyd Bembry. Mt. Pleasant's basketball future appears to be bright. It will have six returning freshmen, including Lionel Tate, Mike Cruz, Joel Jenkins, Larry Poore, Frederick Chuo, and Lloyd Bembry. It has been a pleasure to have been associated with these fine young men. Coach Garcia 1 Ffs Boys baske-fball P7 .LL-L ,, .. ' fi 'M ,1 .f M I Hn ' ,- , x S X xXx Gia ls N X ' was ww A irls Vansit clshetbcill Girls Varsity Basketball Back Row: Jenere Aemons, Karen Ludlow, Lisa Rainey, Pam Cushenberry, Coach Magnani. Front Row: Claudi Velasquez, Alicia Daniels, Sandra Gaeto Lorelei C rescin i. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1984-1985 Varsity girls' basketball team experienced many ups and downs throughout the season. Our pre-sea- son was a time of growth and learning: a time of ironing out the wrinkles, although the wrinkles persisted throughout our season, we managed to capture a playoff berth with a 7-6 league record. Our team was under the leadership of senior co-captain Alisha Daniels, Pamela Cushenberry, and ajunior M VP, Lisa Ramey. Special "coaches" recognition goes to Claudia Ve- lasquez, Karen Ludlow, Jenene Clemons, and Sondra Gaeta for exhibiting and modeling a good attitude and cheerful disposition throughout the season. Thanks girls. Coach Magnani 1 Girls Varsity Basketball 173 ,ax pt! 174 1 Girls Varsiry Basketball ll f Ns xg SHUI 9--f 'Q ills, f oslwf S1 ph Qlslwtball The Girls' Frosh!Soph Basketball Team, with the help ofa few experienced sophomores, finished second in the divi- sion and 4th overall with a 9-4 league record. s eo.s Tangie Lewis, the M VP, helped lead the way, averaging 11 points per game and 15 rebounds. Deborah Martinez, one of the best bollhandlers in the league, also contribut- ed much. Other outstanding players were Rhonda Pope Cteam captainj, Dena Borders, ond Adrianne Johnson lmost improvedtplayerj. i s Coach: Drake 1 Girls' Froshf5oph Basketball 1 Girls l-'roshf5oph Basketball 177 cnsitv Softball TEAM MEMBERS CALPHADETICAL ORDER2: Angie Dejarano, Christina Cadena, Stephanie DeLeon, Sandra Gaeta, Vicky Garcia Allison Jung Natalie Martinez, .Samantha Munoz, Stephanie Patina, Teresa Ramos, Sara Scott, Julie Urista. Our season has begun with a practice record of 2 wins and 3 losses and a third place finish in the M.H.A.L. Invitational Softball Tournament. Our team is young with two seniors, six juniors, one sopho- more, and three freshmen on the team. The girls have been working hard and we are looking forward to a good season. Our goal is to go to the playoffs as the first place team in our division. Coach: lversen 1 Varsity Softball Coach: lversen ,gm Sf'-iw?" -,. K K ' ,S : -V .L wx Qs.: , iaifx ws' Q .mf . .q Q ' ig.. kkk. 9,5 3' Q ' .W p 5 ' if - - ,. -" 5 ggi. . . My . .,- L X Q , N ...... A H51 Q X N in 1 Varsity Sofrball 179 fmshfSoplw Softball 'X TEAM MEMBERS CALPHADETICAL ORDERJ: Leah Acosta, Cindy Burns, Lisa Cadena, Marcella Castillo, Linda Cooper, Jessica Delgado Sandra Howell Davetta Jones, Deborah Martinez, Mayra Martinez, Malou Masaquel, Tasonja McClaine, Regina Ridola, Tina Roberts, Ellie Silveirda, Diana Scott Dyan Taylor. Shontell Vance, Isabel Villa. For the Girls Frosh-Soph Softball Team, it will be o season of growing, rebuilding, and learning. The team is composed of eighteen girls- sixteen freshmen and two sophomores. Many have not played much orga- nized ball. This early in the season, it is difficult to predict the outcome. We have had three practice games thus far, losing all of them. The battery consists of excellent pitching by Jessica Delgado and Regina Ridola. The catcher and the cap- tain of the team is Tina Roberts, whom we will de- pend on for leadership and experience. The infield is composed of Lisa Cadena, Sandra Howell, Leah Acosta, and Malou Masquel. The outfield is supported by Linda Cooper, Isabel Villa, and Marcel- la Castillo. Other members include Cindy Burns, Davetta Jones, Deborah Martinez, Mayra Martinez, Ellie Silveirda, Dyan Taylor, and Shontell Vance. Coach: Drake 4 0 1 Frosh!Soph Softball Coach Drake 'S 5 iii 8 ,, ww- w WW34 .W M ,mem Varsity Inch fmsIwfS0pIw Inch ill mth ,Q-M... s. is 2 ONT ROW: Frances Dumas, Michelle LeSuer, Lora Lofton, Jenene Clemons, Tori Tyson. SECOND ROW: Donna Arroyo, Lyn Cadigal, Jennifer Hoffman, Ugen LeDang, lly Gryalva, Holly Kane. THIRD ROW: Sarah Dumas, Natalie LaFuente, Phyllis Bibbs, Peggy Allen, Mifkey Donnen. FOURTH ROW: Tino EVUHS, Monique Jahi, lrianne Johnson. From Left to Right: Bill Frost, Bill Glenn, Jose Soto, Anita Bolton. E . E E 2 X As usual, the Cardinals will field another strong track and field team in 1985. The varsity boys should do especially well on both the local and statewide lev- els. Lance Lister, Kevin McPherson, Tyrone Evans and Darryl Ragsdale form the nucleus of a team that is a definite threat to win a CCS Championship. They will be getting help from Rodney Clay, Perry DeGuzman, Juan Flores, Larry Mangindin and many others. The girls team is lead by veterans Sarah Dumas, and Peggy Allen, ln their quest for another high MHAL finish they will be supported by several outstanding newcomers including Lora Lofton, Uyen Ledang, Adrianne Johnson, Frances Dumas, Sally GrUalva, Tori Tyson and Michelle Le Suer. Sophomore letters win- ners Monique Jahi and Jenene Clemons should be exceptional also. The frosh soph boys will be after their 4th consecutive undefeated MHAL season. Sophomores Dan Cearley, Corey Fontaine, Darrell Savage, Carlos Arenas and Cordd Agustin will team with a super freshman group headed by Paul Trieu, Anthony Coleman, Alcide Ren- aud Cory Eng and Rolando Zeledon. Coach Frost 1 Track 183 ,..,mnu. W W WMM 'vu QW, ya ,, L.,,n,yrn:v,,' N 4 Maw, ,, L: f M , V Qjsg cvf if :,,i,gg 'H W ,L f - ,W 3 ,N 1 M , .A ha ww wa-...M , 12 W7 :Vh k',7 W .:r- L ' V J 1155, ,, Wu , may f 4 - cnsity Baseball . 7 ,,....,.xx. X...- .NN- Top row: Nick Barela, Jay Navarro, Tony Escabar, Ken Dell, Mark Yee Middle raw: Jeff Kelman Steve Gallagher Brian Gallagher George Granada Steve Taylor Benny Urista Bottom row: Mark Gray, Walter Watts. BASEBALL The 1964 baseball season was the best this school has done in 16 years when the '68 team won the league championship. We finished the season with the best record in the MHAL, 12-4, tied for first place with Andrew Hill. We went on to the league playoffs to win the league championship. We also were selected to play in the Central Coast Section playoffs losing to a tough Carmel, the Monterey Bay League champs, Although most ofthe starters graduated last year, several of the key players returned to the line-up. Many of the key players from last year's league champion FroshfSoph team were also on this year's squad. Pitcher and 1st baseman, Mark Yee, returned after an outstanding junior year. He was in the top 10 amongst the C.C.S. high school players for both hitting and pitching most of the season, His battery mate, catcher Steve Gallagher, also came off an Outstanding junior year and should have been one of the best catchers in the league this year. Senior outfielder George Granada came on strong in the latter part of the season to finish with an outstanding year. Seniors Benny Urista, a pitcher and outfielder, and Tony Escobar at 2nd made many fine contributions last year and should play vital roles an this year's team. From the frosh-soph team are Juniors Nick Barela, Mark Gray, Jeff Kelman, Jay Navarro, Steve Taylor, and Sophomore Brian Gallagher, Senior Ken Bell and Sophomore Walter Watts will also make their presence known on this year's team. Walter should be one of the sophomores in the CCS this year. Coach: McMillen 6 1 Varsity Baseball Www , W 'M 1' , F T M, .. W! 1,1 1 J' 1 .A 1 w RC' www winmwwwwunuw W' E Z 1 1 E fi' K K A fu 3? -L ,Q ,. .W 114W 1.f11a11.1 . "5 S 1-iii - Q11 1. ..,: 11.511 1 , .f 1 , J 1 11 1 . M. . 1 . 1. . .J H 1 1 , .ff f 1- gg 1.1 1 .. L 1111 1 .. , .W 1 M L. L1,,,y1. -11 1... .i51L.L.Lk1 KKVA L 1, 1.1 .L Q LL .. E 11 F 1 , 1 11 1 V-1" LL 111 k k X K: .1 T ...J . x kkkk 1: sf ., 1 'A' SQ ali. ." .1 1 1 .. .1 V, 1 -5 .11 1 11x 1: 1- . L L L L L L L LL L LL L, LL LL . j.L.,.,L M L 1 L 11 Q1 1.1-'f 1.31, 1 1 . ,, K 1-X Q1111 51114. , 1 ... Agn 11... an Q . .. , 1. .. .. 1 - 1 - ---- . .1 .1 I .1 Q. 1151 .. 11 ---f '--- . .... '1 1.1 N Q . ,, 1111 1 1 if 1211 1 -i11ww11 1 1 -f 18 7 Sw'mminQ l -- QSNSNSHQQQ, new . -S: -ii . Front Row Kleft to rightj: Tina Holmes, Teri Holmes, Becky Scott, Cheri Mills, Paul SeUeseth, Mike Smith, Sam Collett. 2nd Row: David Ellis, Scott Adams, Matt Curtis, Leo Zendejas, Craig Nakamura, Tim Chadwick. 3rd Row: Kerry Baker, Karen Smith, Brooke Elliott, Holly Spannowci Heather Fry, Carol Mordinow, Michelle Morwinow, Jeanine Von Essen. 4th Row: Kim Baker, Amy Smith, Anna Steincamp, Steve Polito, Bob Williams, Joe Taylor, Karen Ludlow, Monica Blares, Erik Ritchie, Christine Nguyen. Back Row: Pat Lynch, Tom Mills, Karen O'Neill, Scot Adam, Shawn Erwin, Robert Hoffman, Jeff Smith, Jan Houk. Since we haven 't even had our first meet yet, it is difficult to make too many predictions about this season. l can see from our trial times at practice, though, that we are much stronger than last year. We have some good swimmers coming back this time, and many people on the team got some good exper- ience on summer teams this year, and have been working on aerobic training since last fall. One prediction I can make, Cand I know it will be accuratej, is that this team will have a great deal of fun as well as personal success. There is no doubt that the MPHS swim team is the most spirited in the league. Win or lose, they always represent MPHS well and I am very proud of them. Coach: Anne Coggins 66 1 Swimming .wg W s 1 we' A5 "' ,gifmsw x Q O A mn non M-"WWW" eww ,, K M ,, ,, 94 .,, ,, ' ' , , . 7 ' ' , Mm. 4 V . , W ., ,V - . . W " 17 .mm V M L Wy, ,, :KW ,, ,sv X M Swimming 189 acl intein M 1 M, ,MW ,,,, ,N , ,,, A M gl FRONT ROW: Elaine Aguada, Kim Khauv, Jocelyn Masaquel, Juliette Delphin, Cindy Lustino, Kim Eng, Linda Paco, Imelda Fangonila. MIDDLE ROW: Joyce Davila, Geri Fajardo, Muriel Chapellon, Ngoc Ngo, Mai Tran, Jaclyn Nguiem, Te vi Ngak, Jennifer Couture, Lillie Castillo. BACK ROW: Coach Chaboya, Jackie Garrison, Sara Adams, Connie Bibbs, Marcy Maxwell, Alisha Daniels, Lisa Hoeke, Kris Carlson, Rolyn Acosta, Yolanda Chapa, Grace Lu, Audrey Ashby. This year's Badminton Team is looking forward to a success- ful season We are strong in numbers with 28 players com peting for eighteen positions. This year's team will consist of 4 singles and 7 doubles teams. Our four singles are, Jackie Garrison, Kris Carlson, Cindy Lustino, and Lillie Castillo. Our top doubles team will be made up of the following girls: Rolyn Acosta, Yolanda Chapa, Alisha Daniels, Lisa Hoeke, Marcy Maxwell, Ngoc Ngo, and Mai Tran. The girls are working hard which will lead to their success. Coach, Chaboya Coach: Chaboya 4 Girls Varsity Badminton I ,av- Sax, SIDQNSUIQS IN mr IIMHIIDHI TULATIONS T S O THE OF '85 Ite not whether you win or lose. but how well you eat after the game. 1l'k'D0ffa12I's' lynn. 2353 MCKEE RD SAN JOSE. CA 926 4433 i l .4 ,Hmmm COLLEGE T BOUND?? 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Q 4 SKIL SAWSfDOLLIES TRENCHERS I , E TOOLS-DRILLS AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYERS g LAWN RENOVATCRS COMPRESSORS Q LAWN ROLLERS CAR TRAILERS ROTCTILLERS WET A DRY VAC 9 X ELECTRIC IACK HAMMERS FLOOR SANDERS f FLOOR POLISHERS TIRE CHAINS CARPET STEAM CLEANING LAWN MOWERS EQUIPMENT WEEDCUTTERS BACK PACK BLOWEKS WEED EATERS +.i"'ix . ' Nw " cs as - . ' 1 C A - 'ow '4Q'i,,C Q 3 ' , i AND MUCH MORE 3071 C JQ75 Rose Ayyespgisg, 597 Q Wg . ' Q , ff. SMX U.. ff N. - A -A 25127 R av E29 I 5 - ,.. .d.E3,g,:x ' 'E M I ,....35: K, K in 'Q OPEN 7 DAYS A fgsgqmfxxafamixzx ,sw -E Tmck Rem' '5AH7kk'j!fj':5'X'F ' T' .M-f'7Q . r-' A L " BAESRINROBBINS ' Q M Rs ,Cm ' A ' AEEE LK-L- gi - : ' . Y- E 1: 2 A 1 A 'E , wi? .. i x w i ' ' figs 4 ,... L ,, .E E K I W 71, nv-2 " Q flfixsl- 'Zig I- - . I if w Ei f 2"'iL' Fl!!! M . I 5' ---XI i 1 11105 5. Wh ET A I J' 3275 M " - ---- M-S :CJ , . KE g - gon ose, o. 95127 I ,M ' 3 I KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN MARIO 3 2342 Story Road H - - Son Jose, CA 95122 air Styling 272-2900 Ownef MAmo BADILLO 3154 Alum Rock Ave. 923-9952 204 1 Doosref Ads pn "State the Arts?" Vg. .Ui i A s mg "Y. Best Wishes Class of '85 Mrs. M. Morikawa. Congratulations, Best Wishes . . . Good Luck ..........,, and Ultimate Success to '85 Yearbook staff we satr at . s ki.. ' - K T M... T? f 1. -we .M X ' A + 5.3 5' 1. gt.. fog?" ..-.7 - . 7'-'TT T A CARDINAL FOREVER The season is over, but The memories go on. The spirit, the highlights, will never be gone. A well-played season, the best in our school. The teams were all tough, it was quite a duel. The coaches, the players, ALL ONE OF A KIND! That Cardinal teamwork, the best you can find. The players, all Pro 's in their own different way. With hours of practice, they proved it in play. With many years to come until the final day. A Cardinal from the start, A WINNER ALL THE WA Y! ALLAN PADUA 131 f7""'i , A nv- , . , , . . , . K3 1' 'I .,f -ik? if ylll J Jeffrey C5.C.j Love and trust we both share, Making it all seem so special is shown by how much we really care. Thru good times as well as bad, You have always been there and l am glad. And because you mean so much to me, Our relationship will always be! Luv U, Kim CB.C.J To Pokey CJCGJ Thanks for all the great times!! Meeting on Ruby Ave 512:30 amj - first hug! first kiss, our "too-perfect" nites, stars CBig Dipperj, Chemical Systems, Christmas, "Old- English" nites, hats 6 "l Love AC DC!" , "Egyptian Lover", red underwear Cor was it green or gray?J 7 minutes Cor 15?J, Crystalization, hella bold, "You're Stupid!" l Truly Love You . . . Gumby CA YJ1 To Kathy, Ava, Jennifer, 6 Loreli, Kath, l hope you find a new Cbut never betterj walk- home buddy. Ava, l hope you find someone else to keep telling you how cute you are. Jenny CRalphJ, l hope you find someone else to watch out for you. And Lies, ldon't know if you can find a new dance partner as smooth as me. l'm really gonna miss you gals! Dest of luck in your future yrs. at M.P., and be good 'cause l'll be back to check on all of you. All My Love, Tony. 1 A 1 1 11 1 , 1 f All ' DFG J! . . fil: in f -f , -- -- S Q , ?'3Wg lg- K K K I X , k... QW 1 VA ' ' 1941 Tuffy Road 259-6505 5011 1056, CA 95122 2596504 . Y I ew -,n,1s,'l1L"lHQ 'W'-"'q?'i"'W 'Riga '5- 'R xp me we me-5 e -, -Wsgkikwqx, ,::.:s5:.:mq :Investment Counseling :Residential Resales - , 's '- 'Him- "'-Ni Aim, si' L ' ' 174951 Road 210 1 Ads .ui at 5 C, Q WHITE AND QUIMB Y LIQUORS AND POST OFFICES 2847 South White Road San Jose, CA 95148 238-3429 I, Gina lacquetta Wiles, will thanks to my moma, may we have many more talks at Dennys: over my eight-dollar pancakes for kids under twelve. 01.502, Also, I will you that cup of coffee in the morning that will give you cramps' ' hour later. To my little sister Kim all of my Michael Jackson posters and buttons, A boyfriend you wont beat up on, To my brother "Man" a trip to New York so you can turn out Crazylegs. FINALLY, to my babe BYRON RODNEY DELCOMB. my love, May we have peaceflove happiness together, For what we have LOVE IS!! Together we shall always be, To you I also will our Cabbage Patch son Byron Rodney Delcomb Jr. May we have many more "leaky floors". Together, we can conquer the world! To Mrs. French, Danny Grover Cearleys' name but Carrsa character, To Mr. Duncan that special friend. To Mr. Shue, a package of Beef Jerky you get three pieces for 5041! To Lisa Stroughter, Art, To Shantel who ever you want. To Lance Lister the 55.00 YOU OWE ME, To Marci all the talks we had about ArtfDyron on the beach, To Michelle better ways ol getting free food from B.K. through me. This also goes for AlfDave. Also, to you I will me the best friend youll ever know. To Mr. Andy and Mrs. Ann each other. To: Monica Lewis, Mike Moniz, Steve Lyles, Raimon Miller, H.L. Candy Cork, Connie Davis, Sonja Stewart, Teresa Gonzales, and Heath Dickson our friendship. May God Bless you all. Love Gina, B.K.A. One OfA Kind!! 85 is Iive!!!! Now a few last words from the Senior Class President. . . In this world, there are people who are followers and there are people who are leaders. Dy being President of the Senior Class, Ihave come to realize that we, the Class of '85, are the Leaders! I am proud to say that this is Tl-IE class to be in! As we end our four year reign here at M.P., I would like to thank each and every one of you for the fun and happiness we 've shared. Although we have had some bad experiences, we are still on top! I give my special thanks to my officers Chris, Arlene and Joyce. You all have been my right hand women! I enjoyed working with you. God Bless! I would also like to give special recognition to Coach Frost. Your dedication, friendship, and guidance will never be forgotten! Remember, I will always be your Dot! Love Ya. To the Class of '85, much love and success! '85 LIVES ON! Love, Deloris Evans P.S. Don't Turn out the Lites! The party's just beginning!!! s n I IQ-I ID Hlwllw Wm mm xg 65 've been slimef. 9' Clwoslbuslers M.--'Q 'IA 216 1 Conclusion Zi z , ,ggi 1. Rising to the occasion. 2. Discussing the meaning of life. 3. They are entering . . . THE TWILIGHT ZONE. "fun-.,..,,, v3 1, g 1 A 1. "You have to work on your posture." 2. A tender moment between friends. 3. Realizing what she just ate. 1 Conclusion 217 A 215 1 Conclusion The Medieval look was "in" this year. No comment. lnsonily grips the school. "This sure is on exciting gome, huh?" Cpen the pod bay dom please, Hal" 2001 1. Darn! ltk three o'cIock! 2. Tony, the Fly, a d Chris 3 "That's easy for y ro say"' 219 aflDdhQdd,UKHM?UNfCdVn -Sudden Impact ew' X Q. , 11 1. Taking it easy our on the benches. 2, "What's up?" 3, Symbol of the "pool, starving srudenl. " i 1 'I MAB up 4' N is 220 1 Conclusion Q.. A K Nm v3 1, Making big bucks on Vaienfine's Day. 2. "Don'r rake it!" 3. Modeling the latest fashions for a friend. 1 Conclusion 221 23' 4. ma 222 1 Conclusion .-. 1. 'fu 2 1. Havin' a good time at the game. 2. The best of friends. , , 3. Relaxing between classes with friends 3 5 uv""""v if . '4 1 in evw here 9 - oltergelst 1. Looks like Coach Jamison can juggle. 2. Eating ice cream on a hor day fhls spring, Crammin' for a test? 1 Conclusion 223 M 4 . jf., . k-im, 1. Ef 5 33335 W?J?,gFOi34Ef E g22?E EQ Qy 2?2 g UQ Ea??? 5 ' - L -13' 2 P 5 F al X 5 2533052 5 3 592555 i 5 I-K Q i , . 1 vw ,V , V., 1,-, .-.'.'J.,l, F I .,. HW QQ I 1 4, 1 YN XN Q7 3 xlql E xx , , Q, 4 if E 'r 'ff X X - Qj Q6 Q0 Q x. ,Q 2 2 h S 3 5, , 1, 1 , ' Xl Q' ak 42 1 xx Nw s. 'W I 5 'S N X 1 9 'x n, F Y X Q5 Q ' 2 Xp Y X L lx X Q N Q5 3 Q , 3 . S M S + ,ff . V'fk, Q ,X Q ki -F5 6 3 Y ,A M A e V iYigT if S 5 ' ., Q? gy T' ,tl'v . Y Q V R Q X W V 1:1 ,A-. - , A ' T X ','. 4 fi G R 4 j r s l X - xx 3 Ni , Q wg A". Q i'l'x'f7 yn Y 'XXV ' ,X - V. .N I ,, 0' xg . , V T-wgXff,L7Kg3T Qbu Agcgix A u E ,W Q v N1 N 03 A ' ' ' ' ' X X' -X S Q hi' CCR Vw i S ' -. X Q- ., G 1 A '3igg?533 QLXA - ' WWQKWKZAQWMMWWA -'W9F'Pf'?1Pvfv-fx99f1mrv'3,Wf5'23m0'sfsK0u'wQ'A'W"S wmqVgpbQwNNXWWQNmwW? rig'-'rvwfg 'VY' v3afW""f'-ff' WWW m-www f 1 7 1 Q. 33 - 1 QSN1 I HN 2 5 - fg ,A .,: Q '1 "W" 2 . iffv,-, fic , J.. ..:,.A, , Ag,-. -1,,.,f, ,Jw VV, 1,3 .21 WCS" 'fixfyf c .iq . . . ,W l ,-J Jig '-cf X , ,,.,, , , Q wsu ,M , , ' ,lfifhf fzxl ff iff' -' 1 W if-a,.ffi,"3w y5, '1.,, ,, 1 L - ', 3 T' ' ' , ' ' 2 , V , :bv , 4 V4 ,U xr- .-, l. 1 ,I , ,f'.1fi.fL,K-'X .Q,',,f"1'ju1' :J 'n Ein?-lfyff X 31' 5' ., 5 -. V- .gf K - W - . - N. V, ,,, .M a'gj4...,. -rg ' - " 5-HH A N" ' H '!4,'f'cr' , ,,g4f,,py35551ru,ff.H ,Q , 'rfP3'Z1"gQg i L ,f ,A ' V. W ' 1, ,uni .K ,XA , 1- W Q n-, . V, , ' .4 -A, , - 54474 ,,vf4,'-fx. , ,. . 5'9"z 4 mf M54 il- Lftfl ':1.'.:, 1 r ,' 1, , 1 Q- -f' ' , - . . HL,-5 ,,f-wg I' .Q-'ff'-'ij' fffiifw 4 3-I if ,fit A fx - ' Ag J J, . f ,, , , ,4 ff. A Inq. J. J 14'-.fjkvu , A:s,5fK,.af,?1 1 'V vw ."' --' , , ' Q' J' ' ' , A4 1 .rfb V- , ,. , . 71, , ,, ' , ,- ' : , ,M , ,Q 2' 1e,.-' 1 4ivf""f-Q C m .v5,,,f,4 an ff' Q14 ' 1 - , -f , Q.. 'yu - ,, 4 . , .,:,'p?.?M:i.. 7.5 v.w ,gg Av if 55 f , .gy K ,, , . A ,f5.,A'x??Lv:n,?,g Mfxifpl - 1 , , 'E , ,V . V -up , 1, A, ,.. , - , . K . , ,uv - . 5,41 A 1 '-bg A '-fi . f ff-'wif' ' ffm M , ' 'c'f"t- ,. ,flgis 5, ' ,H-f' ' ,-ffl' "'ii."f4""' 2 " '- .:, f- -. 3' ' 4, . jryf ' YF. ' f r ' -7112, -- ' J, A W a,ff,fi wi- V ff' af , gfdw ,MQ-fff--f 'L ,,' - V 7.41 W ' f159'5' W, 'YW ' 4 ' V., ' . ' A Q, fa 3",is+'mpfse.u- 3 " , , -A A ' ' "1"".'. -:'V - - -' nm ,,.-, - . Y 1 344, ,aj 4.0.83 N , , 3 2' ' - fr ff ..'l':"?' , I, hx - " 7'fJ.?i9' ii ff? ,ffi f,"x""7' 1 , . -K Qu wifi I " aff' '41 1 1-J '-.,,,, N-- f l Vg' I " ,am - f 1 ' N ,, , , I 1 Y N ,, , , Q 31 QS 5- 7' ,LTA ,P ,L xv PVFYVD NI!! cj' - D-P' ...K 4. -3' L.: ni A", K., '- SC g- Q 451 U xg EN W sf-. ,Af ,ir rf 'K :I WJ, ,UU ,-, i pn, ATI, f'V' 'X U, , Z , ,zz P E at . nf ' H ,4 ,CQ 'X M7 Fir I , 53, U 5 Kim Ali, PCI, 5139 ., ...,x u ,,', NJ .4 4 vue? +4 3 '9 A , mu TTL 5 41+ ,'f- ,QQ .13 ,pefy Sf M' f 2 0 , ffl ,f f E11 'iq ly,

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