Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC)

 - Class of 1963

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Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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s' W! 2 Jn 1 Jfwf S k X ' a 1 2 1 5 Q g' aww J .M ig, V M' bi YN, JE W V wg .W .V , W 1 5 5 V I ..,. A V U Q A gr? u V- 7 Y A '15 Wifiyr- N 73 ,V I in . 5,- K Vawnff' E 3 'F' 1 if fi? 5-ff' V W V, V LH I , i A M- I Kzj, 2-Q ff ,. ,K 5,-6 K1 S' gh! mr 'RM 2 a wb x YK x WW!" .,,nhy.g,.' , V V4 , fi, 'K X' -QNX .gi Q Q , I - 1 f 3 'S X N S 2 as X gg ff: fn . 1 -, ' 2' - if Q 'X s Q X 1 1 3? EW I W ,P x , 'x Q 1 1 V Vs V QV W 4 ' . 3 f A .V Q1 if? Y . r r , 1 1 V .4-5 figs Q Mt U. Q A V ,V 3,25 ,ga Q, rs V V V M V if V 575 , 6, V - 1 FXS, an 5 K - . X A x. 1 gc X if V V 4 L V M MV, , ' ' + My 4 Fm k W 41 9 5. V, Mt. , V W 1 X t R if A , VD Q ' wg-0.12 F' Q SX Q ,ff if ' . H ,1 , xv- if x Q, K . ' 02 ,With 3 W ., Q ' V . 'NIT 5 wg an A . i,,5ff gn 4 V, if ' V V w.V,, , H xx K A 3 an V 5 3 ,hifi I Q 71 f wif-W ' . x J ' Q'-' ek Ve f V V Wffffi fm it W X gy Q W Xaf.W55l L.'rxM,rAt'h hm, YS V jx x f xl V E an-A t MTN' W sqm Y N I S' if Q L' t X 7 hz Iwwv' X K lf. Vgfa 4' K 'f 'V 'J V2 ' " My N xx it "1-,kr "ffA'zfAL,b,'1V VN , El i , if , I :fy . fx, ,A Q get Lxgi?"35w 'Ll ' Y? V' K w J' x V' U 'N ' A LA X , MV ,wb . 3 V V 1 f , 7. V I V4 -X ' M c I ' V 'am ' E+ - f 'A 4, 2 if .. , f T , Wk ,fLM4,,M..Qw,JuW',f,wJMEQJi ,U,Jk,Q,,f,MLw..sL0,,NwJ17f Qt,4,9 gQ,w.16' , , H ,26Ai4-,f,,,,,,,,M4L Ad-afmrfnw-4.9k'f-mi Jb'L"""""-7t'0"'i5. Jxwgg,-fiQffMaM9wN5U1J+fwfJ -if-ww p My wma MW The STUDENT ASSOCIATION of MOUNT PISGAH ACADEMY presents Me 1963 MOUNTAIN MEMORIES Editor: Carol Neidigh Business Manager: David Steen Foreword Mount Pisgah Academy is nestled in a peaceful valley in Western North Carolina, a m o n g towering oaks and majestic pine, a beautiful place truly ble s s e d by Nature. Here we find a wonderful kinship with God, plus a closeness between faculty and students and among the students themselves. This has resulted in many wonderful times together and many friendships have been made. In the pages of this yearbook we have placed pictures of these ev ents and of your friends, a permanent record of your school year, '62-'63, at Mount Pisgah Academy. Il I The beginning of another day at M.P.A. Study hall Contents Dedication Classes Administration Organizations Activities Work Departments Snapshots A dvertisem ents 3 Upcoming Physists. Prayer lifts hearts heavenward. If 's Spi ri tual 'stiff It's clean-up, dig-up time. I ' W k f s or WHY--GOD? AT M.P.A. Strike three ! lf's Play Off-Campus chatter. Midnight March. Where's the nearest EXIT! lf's Friendly IN HONOR OF me-sf , ff.. M- ,., ,f1tfsffW..1,1, MW ... , ,,l' THIS IS MR. ROGERS: A cheerful grin . . . long hours of work . . . corn plete honesty and trust . . . matchless individuality . . . consistent goodhumor . . . listener ofproblems . . . giver of advice . . . These are the qualities that have won our re- spect and friendship, so it is with appreciation that we dedicate the 1963 MOUNTAIN MEMORIES to you, Mr. J. P. Rogers. 6 n-uuu-1-- CLASSES ' 1 S , ' '-+-.-,. 5' ""' ' g 'f g Z if S -ii-T , 3. U Q YXOYWQVUOPK +iSXx,aioK,5,fS7d X.f:0 1 fig X XNXXX 4736, ' ' ' , XX xx X Sf n i x X p , , ..-5......,,..,-u-.aa---S--s SPGNSQRE, ROWS Mr . am Mis ' Class of '63 AIM To Know Him MOTTO To Make Him Known COLORS Ice Blue, Silver, and White FLOWER Carnation MASCOTS SALUTATORIAN Celia Waller and Bobby Hillier Sharon Clark VALEDICTORIAN Kenny Testerrnan 8 Gfficers PRESIDENT Kenny Testerman TREASURER Ronnie Shoemaker VICE PRESIDENT Sharon Clark PASTOR Walton Williams 9 SECRETA RY Nonie Platt 'bw 5' ighhpmwwg SGT. AT ARMS Gerald Vanl-Ioy elf? of SHARON RUTH AMBLER "Ambler" AMBITION: Medical Secretary "A case of quality not quantity. Jfjfi l ill IIMMIE GARRETT BAKER . "Jimmie" AMBITION: Medical Doctor "Give me where to stand and I will move the earth. " IIMMIE MARIAN CAIN "Jimmie" AMBITION: Nurse "She's little, but she's wise. She's a terror for her size." 'IO v i 3 X ., 15 I Q. . if - 5 JANIE GALE CAUGHRON "Janie" AMBITION: Home Economist "She's happiest with laughter and the love of friends." IARRELL FRANKLIN CARTER "Jerry " AMBITION: Minister "Life is not light without delight." oifiyifwyyi . AM' ARO OUIQEQKARK "Cl k' MB N: Nurse om are rarely conjoined WMM If I SMU, y My M Wy! My JERRY LEWIS QONKEN 5 M M it Ji I ' V an ar is is em ermen al I t t P t MARY ELLEN DAVIS "Mary Ellen" AMBITION: Psychologist "A good heart is worth gold. " . diff' Il ' A . PAULL ERRETT DIXON III "Paull" AMBITION: Minister "In thy face I see the maps of honor, truth, and loyalty." 12 4..,,,,. .. 'Play and I'11 play with you: GARY NEWTON GREEN ..G ary .. AMBITION: Printer "Oh, to be a frog, my lads, and live aloof from care." VICTORIA MARIE HINES "Vicky" AMBITION: Obstetrician study and you study alone. " it BONNIE EILEEN I ONES "Bonnie" j if ,I,,' , i.,,i ,EQ AMBITION: Dental Hygienist I "A man would run through fire and WWW water for such a kind heart." ,gg QR 5 13 X 8.2 1-f' I THOMAS HENRY JOHNSON ..Tom.. AMBITION: Minister "A very gentle man, fl! I "An ounce of joy surmounts all grief. " X and of a d conscience." ' Q W0 SYLVIA KALLAM "Sylvia " AMBITION1 Nurse N 4W"L5 s KATHRYN MARIE LEWIS "Lewie " AMBITION: Elementary Teacher "Silence often persuades when speaking fails Q L i LLOYD HUBERT LOGAN "L1oyd" AMBITION: Minister "The force of his own m 't :If 6 Q f Q0 mf JOHN MAX MARCUS "Max" AMBITION: Business Administrator None but himself could be his parallel. " JOAN CAROLYN MASSENGILL "Massey" AMBITION: Interior Decorator "Don't know where I'm going, but I'11 get there." f' Eg txt 3 , , if , sz- my is ,i 2 -'ISS j . hifi 15 L U JOAN STARR PATSEL 'IJ-oan.. AMBITION: Undecided Let thy speech be better than silence, or be si1ent." J CAROL LOUISE NEIDIGH " Neightie " AMBITION: Undecided "The fairest garden in her looks, and in her mind the wisest books." W wtf WW W 7 5' LESLIE HERMON PITTON JR. "Les1ie" AMBITION: Minister "A1ways happy, never sad: sometimes naughty, never bad DONALD LANE PLATT "Donnie" AMBITION: Accountant The easiest person to deceive is myself. " f, ,wwf if MARIAN NAOMI PLATT "Nonie" AMBITION: Nurse "For all that fair is, is by nature good." , asia i .Wm V . ie? ' -..'A '- Kimi 3 ogpi it e.yy p17 E Q yi g s CAROLYN SUE REED "Caro1yn" AMBITION: Physical Therapist "She may look quiet--but look again SHARON LEE SCHAEFFER "Schaef" AMBITION: Secretary "A gracious heart is a woman's best adornment. " JOHN RONALD SHOEMAKER "Shoe " AMBITION: Accountant "The quiet faithful working kind, a truer lad is hard to find." 1 a i ,Vf ' f ffwfgif' REBECCA ANN SKENDER "Becky" AMBITION: Medical Secretary A woman nobly planned, to to comfort and command. ,xiii rlwi wry? Q Jjibd W Jim! MURIEL SINGLETON "Jeanette" AMBITION: Music Teacher "She is not difficult to pleaseg she can be silent as the trees." fix? to My ii LINDA WILLINE STEVENS "Stevie" AMBITION: Secretary fe'- Wffgfgw i "Friendly and gay, in just every way." I 9 4 STONE A1ton" Anesthetist big: nuisance." ELMOR "El.mor" AMBITION: Minister "Balanced by religious principles, you may climb to any height you please." 5 i 1 JOHN KENDRICK TESTERMAN "Kenny" ' . AMBITION: Biologist "A little nonsense,-now and then I, ' x FN 20 is relished by the best of men.", LOU ANN ELIZABETH TETZ "Lou Ann" AMBITION: Nurse "Sweet smile, loyal heart, always ready to do her part." JACQUELYN ELAINE TI-IATCHER Jackie AMBITION Psychologist Happy go lucky fa1r and fine always ready for a good time QAM Aw GLENDA GALE TRIPP "Glenda" AMBITION: Business Administrator "I strive to make 1ife's matters meet enjoy my lot--both sour and sweet." ? 21 1 GERALD YOUNG VANHOY AMBITION: Minister "Sober, but not seriously sober: quiet, but not idle. " MW' "The Hand that hath made her fair, EW If JANICE DELL WATERS "Janice" AMBITION: Medical Secretary made her good." ig, wwwwleff 5? Oy Y? fd Q3 ie Qi i i . Vw give THOMAS RAY WEDE H L N N- ' AMBIHQNQQJQzzszaisarzszfiizmf Qi W that is the question." Q Mid W5 Xin. af? 'X WW M, 5,605 f SHARON AURELIA WILLIAMS "Willie" AMBITION: Mortician "Few things are impossible to diligence skill." WALTON ALFRED WILLIAMS "Wally" AMBITION: Minister "An all around good fellow." JUDY EIEEN WRIGHT andy.. AMBITION: Nurse there is no make believe. " 3 u n W fi- is Ar .ZW S 23 "She is what she pretends to be, sry sw WQQIQI is QNX gg SENIOR DIRECTORY AMBLER, SHARON Student Association Paper Assistant Editor 45 Choir 35 4. BAKER, JIMMY M, V, Leader 45 Sabbath School Songleader 45 Choir 45 Band 4. CAlN,JlMlviIE Girls' Club Pastor 35 Choir 3,4. CARTER, JERRY Social Arts Club Sergeant-at-Arms 45 Choir 45 Band 4. CAUGHRON, JANIE Choir 3. CLARK, SHARON M.V. Secretary 35 M. V. Leader 35 Student Week of Pray e r Speaker 35 Girls' Club Pianist 35 Choir 3,45 Band 45 Student Association Vice-President 45 Senior Class Vice President 45 Skyliner Colunmist 4. CONKEN, JERRY Mountain Memories Art Editor 4. DAVIS MARY ELLEN Sabbath School Secretary 25 Sophomore Class Vice- President 25 Mountain Memories Snapshot Editor 25 Band l,2,45 Photography Club Sergeant-at-Arms 4. DIXON, PAULL V Sabbath School Superintendent 35 Student Association President 45 Stud en t Association Vice-President 3, Boys' Club Vice- Pre si d e nt 35 Student Association Treasurer 45 Boys' Club Sergeant-at-Arms 45 Social Arts Club President 4. HINES, VICKI Sabbath School Superintendent 35 Choir 3,45 Band 3, 45 Skyliner Columnist 45 Spanish Club President 4. JOHNSON, TOM Choir 3,45 Temperance Publicity Secretary 3,4. JONES, BONNIE Junior Class Secretary 35 Nurses Club Pastor 35 Girls' Club Pastor 35 Choir Vice-President 35 Choir 3,45 Girls' Club President 45 Secretarial Club Vice-Presi- dent 4. KALLAM, SYLVIA Seminar Platform Chairman 35 M, V, Secretary 35 Student Week of Prayer Speaker 35 Nurses Club Vice- President 35 Choir Social Activities Secretary 35 Choir 3,45 Spanish Club Vice-President 45 Skyliner Assistant Editor 45 Girls' Club Vice-President 4. LEWIS, KATHY Band 2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 M, V. Pianist 2,3,45 Skyliner Associate Editor 25 M.V. Assistant Band Leader 2. LOGAN, LLOYD Choir l,2,3,45 Band l,2,3,45 Student Week of Prayer Speaker 2,45 Freshman Class President 15 Sophomore Class Pastor 25 Sabbath School Secretary 25 Skyliner Reporter 25 Fire Department 3,45 Student Association Pastor 45 Seminar Chairman 45 Boys' Club President 45 Sabbath School Superintendent 45 Religious Activities Committee 4. MARCUS, MAX Boys' Club Vice-President 4. NEIDIGH, CAROL Freshman Class Vice-President 15 Student Association Treasurer 15 Choir 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Sabbath School Superintendent 25 Student Association Secretary 25 Mountain Memories Snapshot Editor 25 Religious Acti- vities Committee 25 Mountain Memories Liberary Ed- itor 35 Skyliner Reporter 35 Girls' Club President 35 M ountain Memories Editor 45 Student Association Vice-President 45 Secretarial Club Publicity Secretary 4. PACER, LINDA Choir l,3,45 Sabbath School Secretary 35 Skyliner Assistant Typist 3,45 Girls' Club Parliamentarian 3: Choir Secretary 45 Band 4. PATSEL, JOAN Choir 45 M, V. Secretary 4. PITTON, LESLIE M.V. Songleader 35 Choir 3,45 Band 3,45 Fire Depart- m ent 45 Skyliner Columnist 35 Mountain Memories Photographer 45 Boys' Club Pastor 45 Boys' Club Sec- retary 45 Photography Club Vice-President 4. PLATT, DON Choir 25 Sabbath School Pianist 25 Sophomore Class Sergeant-at-Arms 25 Junior ClassSergeant-at-Arms 35 M, V. Leader 45 Student A ssocia ti on Treasurer 45 Photography Club Treasurer 4. PLATT, NONIE Band l,2,3,45 Girls' Club Treasurer25 Sophomore Class Secretary 25 Girls ' Club Parliamentarian 45 Senior Class Secretary 45 Mountain Memories Assistant Edi- tor 45 Secretarial Club President 45 Choir 45 Student Week of Prayer Speaker 4. REED, CAROLYN Sabbath School Organist 45 Sabbath School Pianist 45 Band 3. SCHAEFFER, SHARON M. V. Songleader 4. SHOEMAKER, RONNIE Freshman Class Treasurer l5 Band 2,3,45 Boys' Club Secretary 25 Sophomore Class Treasurer 25 Choir 3,45 Junior Class Treasurer 35 Student Association Vice- President 35 Fire Department 3,45 Senior Class Treas- urer 45 Boys' Club President 4. SINGLETON, JEANETTE Student Association Secretary 25 Choir 2,3,45 Band 2, 3,4. SKENDER, BECKY Junior Class Vice-President 35 Girls' Club President 35 Temperance Secretary 45 SocialArts Club Vice-Pres- ident 45 S t u d e nt Association Secretary 45 Religious Activities Committee 4. STEVENS, LINDA Choir 45 Sabbath School Secretary 3. STONE, ALTON Choir 4. SUMARAGA, ELMOR Student Week of Prayer Speaker 35 Mountain Memo- ries Assistant Editor 35 Skyliner Columnist 35 Boys' Club Pastor 3,45 Choir 3,45 Religious Activities Com- mittee 45 Seminar Songleader 4. TESTERMAN, KENNY Choir 3,45 Band 3,45 Senior Class President 4. TETZ, LOU ANN Band 3,45 Choi r 45 Skyliner Assistant Editor 35 Sky- liner Reporter 2. THATCHER, JACKIE Choir 45 M.V. Leader 45 Choir Librarian 45 Religious Activities Committee 4. TRIPP, GLENDA Choir 3,45 Band 45 Girls' Club President 45 Sabbath School Superintendent 4. VAN HOY, GERALD Junior Class President 35 M, V. Leader 35 Fire Depart- ment 3,45 Boys' Club Secretary 35 Student Association President 45 Photography Club President 45 Senior Class Sergeant- at-Arms 4. WATERS, JANICE Choir 1,3,45 Freshman Class Secretary I5 Skyliner Reporter 35 Girls' Club Pastor 45 Secretarial Club Sec- retary 4. WEDEL, TOM Choir 3. WILLIAMS, WALTON Freshman Class Pastor l5 Religious Activities Com- mittee l5 Courtesy Court Prince 1,35 Choir l,2,3,45 Band l,2,35 Mountain Memories Circulation Manager 25 Fire Department 2,3,45 Sophomore Class President 25 Junior Class Pastor 35 Student Association Treasurer 35 Boys' Club Pastor 35 Choir President 35 Senior Class Pastor 45 Stud ent Week of Prayer Speaker 45 Choir Pastor 4. WRIGHT, JUDY Sabbath School Superintendent 45 Social Arts Club Secretary 4. SENIOR SUPERLATIVES gm ., ,W M-...- BEST-ALL-A ROUND Paull Dixon Becky Skender MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Kenny Testerman Nonie Platt 25 ' S W WITTIEST Sylvia Kallam Max Marcus FRIENDLIEST Linda Stevens Leslie Pitton MOST ATHLETIC Vicki Hines Elmor Sumaraga MOST COURTEOUS Bonnie Jones Jerry Carter if MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Sharon Clark Lloyd Logan Nmawwmw ,:,L W4 E. E 6 V3 MUST SPIRITUAL Jackie Thatcher Elmor Sumaraga MOST STUDIOUS Sharon Clark Kenny Testerman NEATEST Lou Ann Tetz Leslie Pitton SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Wolcott ag? a Juniors AIM Upward always, downward never MOTTO We will follow Christ forever COLORS Orchid and White FLOWER Orchid X OFFICERS, SEATED: David Steen, Presidentg Jo Burris, Vice Presidentg STANDING: Carolyn Swain, Secretaryg Leon Baker, Treasurerg Ronnie Davis, Sgt. at Armsg Ed- ward Pumphrey, Pastor. 1 Bicknell, Linda Bowdoin, Lindia Burchard, Linda Allin, Sheila Baker, Leon Bates, Yvonne -nur'-Q' if 3 wvygfijh M' if Eh fr-rf cliff' Burris, Io Carruth, Kathy Crabtree, Jim R Wi Davis, Ronnie England, Gracie Eastin, George X 451 nf i ,jfgvfwfgo 3 Johnson, Bill Koseruba, Mike Litchfield, Rex PM Q EAN ww 'QW were 10 1 ka:-sv' R RQ1'vif w'-, X ' 4 if jpg' if fi? Frierson, Ricky Gilbert, Sandra Heinrich, Judy f wif x ,Q M 4 i Moyers, Buddy Pacer, Ray Phillips, Carolyn X. -A 'L . . Q, wfxx lwfsfl 5-1fC,QfX.f 'rw' McDonald, Joe Mace, Frank Metts, Joyce 0""N Pumphrey, Edward Player, Patsy Plummer, Bill L Dfw ,f A r If ,uf Vw 4 My Q X L f l xi' 2 W YN ff? W W UM X , bjywk 'Q"'f"" WA Stoney, Diane Strawder, Wally Swain, Carolyn K. , ' nf 'I J . ' W wt, n V' V V., . , '. M. . , , . . ., I .fix M 32 xx W Roberson, Pat Smith, Deanie Steen, David iw W' Wade, George Winsted, Janine Wright, Ruth NJ W '2!v 5 -Q 1 K -lf fig? Z 0 OFFXCERS, LEFT TO RXGWY1 Harokk Dnokett, Ptesidentg GXenda Morgan, Vice Pres ' Mau, Treasnxexg Bob Foxx, Qastorg AXdenHaXX identg Pat Goodwin, Secxexaxyg Gxngex Sgt. at Arms. S0pl"lOm0reS A In His Steps EV To r or Advancing COLO RS IM and MOT C1311-DSO H 3 Hd White gL,LV FLOWE W Cfimso R I H ROSS . 34 Mr. ancfisl-JNSORS Y . s Dan Rozeu F' U .475 43"le 34 X774 y 4574 , W Ambrose, Lillian Black, Marilyn Boyle, Beverly Brantley, Jim Brown, Keith 1 'B M ? Burchard, Sam ' A Chapman, Donna 'I-IW ' K fm' Chastain, Marsharee ' A .h N V! ,xf f af . f I fl! X ,AVI LA! my AV ga' Ui' Sf If Z ,Wa VLL. Q lvl L 0,0 N -f B' V ,fffffig pw l,'o1f5', of W - Cx lf! ii, 4, ,jon fb. B oe, nf N, Asrfw-,r 40 .7 ' Y 7 , Dj!! " WW . , l N Cotton, Eddie A W QL, Lf B' Duckett, Harold 'cgi-.f 5 'BM' Foxx, Bob ' B wx, Goodbrad, Ian T i ' 6" 7 Ravi a 75? fb 4. :LJ x im' ' .fi 35 Jjff' ffl!! fl ' l ,V 'ff' M if Xxx! H l uf yr r fwfkvx rr Wy r A J rf' ' XA 3 I Fiji lyk J Awx' ,Syl W Harvey, Jan Hughes, Sharryn Kovatch, Albert Lawter, Hughie J eil :' K ,L xf 1 il L :JPL sw x , f 2 Goodwin, Pat v Grimes, Arthur Hall, Alden Harrison, Becky M fir r if ,fy c:' ri :cs X y 36 Lust, Judy MacAlpine, Jimmy wwf' McCal1ister, Marie McMillan, Mary Moretz, Priscilla Morgan, Glenda Moss Loren Mundy, Edward J Q gg' PHOTO R 1 ,., I . A NOT AVAILABLE, N I -'AMX ' Qpjv .mow f, SX xv' 55" 'X ,, O,,sfl,,,3f- L, , , , ye' N Q -X -gt' 1 Vi .,Q,,,.2'2 1 X ME, e. :Kwik 9 X Mvrewa . -,W ,..N-5 R P jx, "Ex 'Xgx XL, ' C L, L fwfr in x,, x V if xv ., X5 fy 5 Qing" ' MQ, P DQS ,QT ei ff? -NC , i' X ,rj ,, 'XDR' mio ' rf, ,IL W ibut, X, ,--41' Ag' .2 XL rip sl gin ,if is s QQ-hr ar . I Rowell, Mary Silvers, Harry Smith, Brenda Spencer, Jeanine , Ls K .- V sl S' ANU RUC N 4 ' vw KTA' 2 4 XQ gf ef 47 P' 'Y sz. 3' . . U., Nutt, Bill Oates, Cary Patterson, Heather Q,.s,..- Platt, Ginger A In Q1 Uwfag-cjcfj Q ' lk get C ' Jazfilowf W PM s,7Qf7lfN,IIJl1-l.L xgfffkfl LGUNQAU-be - A . if gs-f N., L P 4 wg V Y Uni I X wmv' ,- Mfr- J, lr., X ad ,fx ,D 37 Tetz, Clarisse Tew, Viona Thompson, Dot Tollerton, Wendell I DID NT HAVE A THING T0 WEAR Ill I 'SWF mi? JL Freshmen AIM and MOTTO Today's work is tomorrow's award FLOWER Black-eyed Susan COLORS Brown and Yellow in 'Y V 'alla' Mm! FEQRS - P M- um - We del OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cynthia Sigmon, Treasurerg Fred Tolhurst, Sgt. at Armsg P Nancy Vollmer, Secretaryg Bob Skender, President: Jen nifer Camp, Vice President David Patterson, Pastor. ,cr , lr if ww PM Mag Cherry, John h MQ, ' , E- 1 Q Collins, Buddy B h ' Q Crawford, LT. C. M- V N , 73..i:,:w. Daily, Jimmy , f , h " P... .'?'-" 3, M B ! ar B y.yy A 5, C B217 C B K f I , if fl Bates, Sharon Blakely, Larry Byrd, Joe Camp, Jennifer 0 ivbffq mfr W 2 v- ,X 9 51 'Wi X 6 CN 40 Dale, Shelby Dean, Marie England, Carlyle U J S ' , l 40' w-'v-'v"'-Nr'-.""-"S""'."',""""'""-'G Erickson, Dick Goodlett, Milton McKay, Diane McMaster, Jan Moore, Gary 14309 N V Schenkman, Carol Sigrnon, Cynthia Skender, Bob Sturgill, Patsy YQ-x 'Y if-ff W - ttgt if .f ,sw at -qv-v--f viii?" Patterson, David Pope, Charles Powell, Rob Rowell, Becky Q, V ' JCIVC, "7'KJ2!IU? , QAGWMJ ,ugly Q9Qfw45lJ2f2j2,A 5 f7 L56 K . SQ . N P , A 1 E ,amd , fi' X I J .J if 4' C73'WpK! I lxw, 07, ,VY47 'ldv' .duets gvvxf-94144 ,ao ,M faaaaf fi! Zu! Summerour, Ronnie Testerman, Judy Tolhurst, Fred Tyson, David Vollmer, Nancy Waller, Rob Whitehead, Wayne Wyatt, Sandra 42 El Q 59 QL S-'S-N' C f ADMINISTRATICDN 5- Al, 1- JF- "?" C1 X lr, Se-QQ, ggi f Mount Pisgah Academy Board L E F T T O RIGHT, SEATED: L. J. Leiskeg V. W. Beckerg K.C. Beemg H. V. Reed, Chairmang E. F Reifsnyderg R. W. Dunng J. P. Rogersg STANDING: L. Stannardg W. L. Ellis, M.C. Patteng W. H Wilsong C. F. O'Dellg L. C. Sommervilleg R. E. Gibsong A. I. Skender. PRINCIPAL E, F, Reifsnyder "Perhaps to make be done, the most valuable result of all education is the ability yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to whether you like it or notg it is the first lesson that ought to be learneclg and however early a man's training begins, it is probably the last lesson that he learns thoroughly." Thomas Henry Huxley 44 Mrs. Grace Benson Laundry Superintendent Elder R. M. Bible 1, II, III Pastor Mr. R. B. Gerhart English I, II, III, Biology Lab Mr. Oliver Bailey Director of Foods L IV I W J-' 1 Hillier Mr. Lloyd Jacobs Typing I, Shorthand, General Mathematics 5 Bookkeeping wr Miss Ruth Lust Spanish I, II, Piano, Organ Miss Marolyn Miller Miss Linda Peirce Dean of Girls, Home Ecomomics Librarian, Office Practice ,,i cfm if If 46 24 Tim is 'N A-1 ...Mr i , Mr. I. P. Rogers Mr. E. F. Reifsnyder Principal, Youth Guidance, Business Manager, World Firemanship History, American History Mr. Dan Rozell Dean of Boys, Physical Education V-'I' - 5 Mr. E. U. Testerman Voice, Instrument, Director of Choir and Band 47 rim Mrs. Fred Wedel Secretary to Business Manager MI. Fred Wedel Maintenance Engineer Plumbing 86 Electric Wiring www- X ws W Q C Wolcott Earth Science, Geometry, Physics, Biology X ,wal ww' 48 Q-X , fi f Miss Celia Youmans Registrar, Secretary to Principal r ORGANIZATIONS X ff -fx U df!" QWUZQTV . 'P 15535-Q - ' A 1 or ----p' af' -uf 'Q-'E'!!' gf - X, eg-'Q h "!i H' Q L ,.r....."T.3.L 2-1 3 . 'L-,-,,.....Q,w Q' ! FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lloyd Logan, Pastorg Carol Neicligh, Vice President, Jim Crabtree, Sgt. at Armsg Becky Skender, Secretary, Paull Dixon, Treasurer, Gerald Van!-Ioy, President. MOUNT PISGAH ACADEMY STUDENT ASSCCIATION SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS, SEATED: Paull Dixon, Presidentg STANDING left to right: Gwen Young, Secretary, Don Platt, Treasurerg Ed Pumphrey, Pastor, Sharon Clark, Vice President, David Steen, Sgt. at Arms. Recreofionol Acfivifies Commiffee FIRST SEMESTER Chairman, Carol Neidighg Judy Wright, Elmor Sumaraga, Glenda Tripp, Ronnie Shoemaker. Religious Activities Commihee FIRST SEMESTER Chairman, Lloyd Logang Elmor Sumaraga, .To Burris, Janice Waters, Jackie Thatcher. SECOND SEMESTER Chairman, Sharon Clarkg Jennifer Camp, Bonnie Jones, Jimmy MacA1pine, Lloyd Logan. SECOND SEMESTER Chairman, Edward Pumphreyg Glenda Morgan, Judy Wright, Leslie Pitton. DEADLINE! What 'S that ? 967 41' -fl, MOUNTAIN EDITOR Carol Neidigh ASSISTANT EDITOR Nonie Platt i BUSINESS MANAGER 5 David Steen ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Harold Duckett FACULTY ADVISOR Miss Linda Peirce I was only trying to help! Let's get down to business! 52 Bringing in the dough MEMORIES LITERARY EDITOR Glenda Morgan SNAPSHOT EDITOR Pat Roberson CIRCULATION MANAGER Carlyle England TYPIST Gwen Young PHOTOGRA PHER Leslie Pitton ART EDIT OR Jerry Conken Y an I N we ? , :sem ffi. f A -fyi E I , ,I axial: . .M-1AlI,esm,. . . I ,Sf ,J I, I 5 tl .1 gl X+2 g?+fs' , , ,, PW A Glenda dm SNAFSHUTEL MAKE BIB ANNUI 3- HEAF EIS I Pat W1 C arlyle Le,SU9' Jerry +--...Q- Gwen IW., Jimmy Mr, Gerhart EDITOR Jimmy Crabtree ASSISTANT EDITORS Sylvia Kallam Clarisse Tetz LITERARY ADVISOR Mr. R. B. Gerhart REPORTERS Marilyn Black Glenda Tripp Kenny Testerman Jackie Thatcher K Sylvia and Clarisse Reporters LINER COLUMNISTS Sharon Clark Max Marcus Vicki Hines Paull Dixon Becky Skender PHOTOGRAPHER Kenny Testerman BUSINESS MANAGER Walton Williams I TYPISTS Gracie England Linda Pacer CIRCULATION MANAGER Iosi Yates Jackie Yates I Gracie and Linda Nw.: L Columnists Kenny Walton Josi and Jackie GIRLS' DORM ITORY FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nonie Platt, Parliamentariang Janice Waters, Devotional Leaderg Gwen Young, Treasurerg Glenda Tripp, Pres- ident, Sylvia Kallam, Vice President, Deanie Smith, Pianist: Darlene Fordyce, Secretary. Befo Gomo Club SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS, BOTTOM TO TOP: Bonnie Jones, Presidentg Ginger Platt, Vice Presidentg Becky Harrison, Secretary-Treasurerg Glenda Morgan, Devotional Leader, Diane Stoney, Parliamentariang Ian Goodbrad, Pianist. L s 2 f , 5 5' 'Qi' f 1 V' x 5 as ,. 5, as U, E 1 Boys come a-caroling Radiator leak at 3 a.m. She has a speach impediment Christmas in the air From the Joybells i Hilltop Hillfopper Club FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS: Ronnie Shoemaker, Presidentg Max Marcus, Vice Presidentg Leslie Pitton, Sec- retaryg Alden Hall, TreasurergPaul1 Dixon, Sgt. at Armsg Elmor Suma- SECOND SEMESTER OEEICERS: Leslie Enron, Pastor: mga' Pastor' George Eastin, Sgt. at Armsg Lloyd Logan, Presidentg David Steen, Vice President: Edward Pumphrey, Sec- retaryg Harold Duckett, Treasurer. I 7, Up in the air! Hilltoppers entertain Fletcher boys Fleetwood Hall OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr.Rozel1, Sponsorg Leslie Pitton, Vice Presidentg Mary Ellen Davis, Sgt. at Armsg Lloyd Logan, Pastor, Sandra Gilbert, Secretaryg Don Platt, Treasurerg Gerald VanHoy, President. HOBBY CLUBS Secretarial OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Waters Secretary, Bonnie Jones, Vice President, licity Secretary, SEATED: Mr. Jacobs, Sponsor. Photography Spanish I OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Bick- nell, Secretaryg Edward Pumphrey, Vice President, Miss Lust, Sponsorg Iosi Yates, Presidentg Mike Koseruba, Sgt. at Arms. 60 Nonie Platt, Presidentg Carol Neidigh, Pub- Social Arts OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ginger Platt, Treasurer: Jerry Carter, Sgt. at Arms: Becky Skender, Vice President: Miss Miller, Sponsor: Paull Dixon, President: Harold Duckett, Pastor: Judy Wright, Sec- retary. Science OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Edward Mundy, Secretary: Edward Pumphrey, President: George Eastin, Treasurer: Jim Daley, Sgt. at Arms: David Pat- terson, Vice Presidentg Mr. Wolcott, Sponsor. Ham Radio U OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Harry Silvers Treasurer: Alden Hall, President: Jan Har- taryg Dr. Steen, Sponsor, fNot Picturedj. Spanish ll OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Elmor Sumaraga, Secretary: Tom Johnson, Sgt. at Arms: Vicki Hines, President: Sylvia Kallam, Vice President: Miss Lust, Sponsor. 61 Vey, Vice President: Buddy Moyers, Secre- Left to right, BACK ROW: Assistant Chief, Mr. Rogers, Chief, Mr. Reiclsnyderg Harold Duckett, Mr. Jacobs Don Platt. Left to right, KNEELING: Edward Pumphreyg Sergeant, Gerald VanHoyg First Lieutenant, Wal- ton Williamsg First Sergeant, Ronnie Shoemaker, Lloyd Logan, Leslie Pitton. Mount Pisgah Academy Fire Department LEFT TO RIGHT: George Eastin, Bill Plummer, Leon Baker. Where 1S the fue? ,I 'R UN Pour on water! . , 6 Boys receive instructions in Firemanship class Mounf Pisgah Academy Concerf TROMBONE TRIO Jimmy Vollmer, Carol Neidigh, Leslie Pitton. I - 1 Wg I , SAXOPHONE TRIO Sharon Clark, Vicki Hines, Glenda Tripp. TRUMPET TRIO n d Lloyd Logan, George Eastin, Buddy Collins. CLARINET TRIO DIRECTOR Clarissa Tetz, Judy Testerman, Mary Davis. 65 Mr- Testerman if Mount Pisgah Academy CHOIR OFFICERS: Walton Williams, Pastor, Marilyn Black, Publicity Secretaryg Linda Pacer, Secretaryg Jackie Thatcher, Librarian: Dot Thompson, Presidentg David Steen, Vice Presi- dentg not pictured, Jimmy Vollmer, Sgt. at Arms. Accompianist, Sandra Faye Gilbert Choir GIRLS' SEXTET Gracie England, Linda Pacer, Janice Waters, Dot Thompson Jeanette Singleton, Vicki Hines fNot picturedj. T GIRLS' SEXTET Bonnie Jones, Marilyn Black, Janine Winsted, Linda Bicknell, Glenda Tripp, Sylvia Kallam. GIRLS' TRIO Linda Pacer, Grace England, Dot Thompson. 67 DIRECTOR Mr. Testerman Missionary Volunfeer Society Leaders, Jackie Thatcher, Kenny Testerman, Donnie Plattg Song L e a d e r s , Lloyd Logan, David Steeng Secretary, Pat Robersong Pianist, Kathy Lewis fnot picturedy, Leaders, Lloyd Logan, Sheila Allin, Publi- city Secretaries, Alden Hall, Dot Thomp- song Music Leaders, Becky Skender, Elmor Summaraga. 1 i w Leaders, Jimmy Baker, Elmor Sumaraga, Jo Burrisg Song Leaders, Sharon Sch- aeffer, Jimmy Crabtreeg Organist, Linda Burchardg Pianist, Pat Goodwing Secre- tary, Joan Patselg Sponsor, Mr. Jacobs. Seminar Sobbofh School Superintendents, Lloyd Logan, Glenda Trippg Secretaries, Grace England, Linda Bicknellg Organist, Deanie Smithg Pianist, Grace Englandg Hostess, Ioan Patsel. Superintendents, Judy Wright, Edward Pumphreyg Song Leaders, Io Burris, Jimmy Bakery Pianist, George Wad-eg Organist, Carolyn Reedg Hostesses, Becky Harrison, Carol Phillips. 69 I ,f Counseling Spiritual Emphasis , Weeks Why - God? SPEAKERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Steen, Miss Miller, Walton Williams, Nonie Platt, Lloyd Logan, Jackie Thatcher, Don Platt, Mr. Reifsnycler, Cnot pictureclj. Bible Conference Southern Union Bible Conference Delegates Eorly Morning Proyer Bonds Delegates in Sunny Florida QV "Tia Wage -- V as I'11 Be True Precious Jesus" .Q .. Q ns tk f 'gs ,F .WK Prayer lifts hearts heavenward. American Temperance Society Poster Contest Winner! 1 OO Percenf Membership ,Rim Essay Contest Winner! , s. . ,saUU" HZ ,rpm OFFICERS, left to right, FRONT: Mr. Rozell, Sponsorg Becky Skendcr, Secretaryg Ginger Platt, Vice Fresidentg David Steen, Presidentg left to right, BACK: Elmor Sumaraga, Assistant Treasurerg Jimmy Crabtree, Publicity Secretaryg Tom John- son, Assistant Secretaryg Jimmy MacAlpine, Treasurer. 72 ACTIVITIES X XX I x3:s,,E IRI! I x I 1 I CX f :BTJII iw - 1:-"'..-T-'-'-- I I I I Q xx ! I I ' I ff X x ff X. WX X , IA KHLL-if LU 'Lu il ff ffgf-ff EQN .X 4 " X gy I M ey pe.-4 xg FQ, , X Blix X 'ly' f1,f"""'s,,. Picnic . On your mark ' ' ' get Set Up and over' 4-gm Three-legged race Ecusfo L Chow Une in Batter u ! 74 Heave- P HO C ameramafl Ma TRUTH stef of Cerel UOIHES and Contestant Is it chololate pie or mud pie? CONSEQUENCES MATEY gets baby bubbly clean! Race for the CHUCW Wim ' m xy 445, U 'nfl 75 -'HOHGY 110096: S SX om mom .em mix Xi N051 STUDENT Taking dictation is a blast! FACULTY A1 L J f ff W fag? ififfifffi ff Q3 a 'ff ' SJ V Z? f J +5 , -gsgq-'1' ' ,N - 4- M G . ,, , ,, ,xffaa . C . gfmfwaf E1 clase de Espanol 7 New T 34 f A S f ff' Si J . ffffflfffgf X Swv J af 44A af S S4 Z? W Q, AE aa. ,ia . Tfkafywyfaafwx szfwsffzwf-5: F151 ' ML QQ gf ,M Se p A 5 a p DAY that Simba who New v Thgse kj ds don? Scare 1 De! The faculty for a day S. A. Ir ' S P1087 am ti 117 A good hot meal CHRISTMAS 50 Bexkxxexxeic PARTY eile' Merry Christmas to all! Real Firemen San ra makes Sm .1 1 e S! GIRLS' be Sound of Mu w doom sfo ,, My Favorite Things 6 R eSPonSe OPEN "Rust1es of Spring " I ic Miss America of '63 The Three CH1P1U""m' 19 align r al Add: 555 . Ipledge allegiance . . . P R E S E N T A o T O N S I do solemnly swear. Ch e morning after the night before zef justice S Wears in Off FAKEY! 79 fcfals, 'x-l 020 1 W 3 Qaua VARIETY e cavmest 99010 mot Ma de me mad .--S ive them a cheap "The Swan" wedding! d 1 61' U 3 PROGRAM Barbershop Four and victim! svwmet Qi sl Rose .. que W WORK DEPARTMENTS 1-6, Li P' ii ? ' 1 X ,H Regisr.rar's Office Store Music Building Business Office Boys Momtors Girls' Monitors 5 s 7 1 4 K I .lklkl 'YYY + 7 Y L41 Library Reader Laundry Bakery k'1'l'Qf1eD Dining Room J Boys' Dorm Janitors Ad Building Janitors Girls' Dorm Janitors Maintenance Shop Campus "'N.. Boiler Spring Factory HAIL TO PISGAH .f-""-. rjhgiiigglfiriilir, pg H Jiang i i ' 1 ig. El' ggi y r as N i ' G aw M . 9,5 E EF, In the beautiful land of the sky Afl":"'.l..l ' ls the school that we all love the best. -- Oh, we love oak and pine rx We love roses that twine f"""' f x, if In this place that by nature is blessed. .W lilies! - ,, , ::a': ' 2"-" :Es- H ll'lv I41'lx i A Pisgah's founders in years now gone by Q...-' Had a vision of work to be doneg So they started a school ' Based on God's golden rule, - : 9. je M V.rl'16I'6 the head, heart, and hand work as one. s ' g Y u I B Pisgah's pride is her boys and her girls r ,v-""""k,' Who have gone forth to work in God's name. We'll be loyal and true fr And our best we will do .... To maintain Pisgah's honor and fame. , ,.,,,, CHORUS: " W ll v, , A Hail to dear old Pisgah! ' p We will boost for you. J . f - -' y To your lofty purpose Wgjjf W Q 9 ' L , We'll be ever true. 'jg-31 A ' We love your hills and valleys, - he e Your bells and classes too! 1 We 'll be loyal to Pisgah's red and white .Q----. Q 5 fm And her standards true! W M I i Inav ts! 1 Gigli Lr..T?TQas s --"f v b -' fliers? Frei l - th I as 9 or ,L - if gi ie in li Us dig Mu Hi' X. ,qw W-Wjfft HU? Ffqxq-NWN .Nw ALWAV MK! -.vm MLN Q --., .W mm, , 5 "" ' ww-wm..,,, ...N-.f,n,v,. ww, MLK.. V fwliim M' , 1, HPF Q ,, Q k 1 ig fr' , 1 'f 'nr 2 ww , A, ly,-fi fs M 'ge W , Q A, , .,, JM .. Q 2 Wir 2 S if ,QW YH! 'NK in sz, .sk A 'ia R Q- A Lloyd Logan Jerry Conken Sharon Ambler Gary Green Carolyn Reed Donnie Platt LouAnn Tetz Sylvia Kallam Alton Stone Ronnie Shoemaker 1' 1.1 WEE SENIORS Paull Dixon Janice Waters Sharon Williams Becky Skender Mary Ellen Davis Kathy Lewis Linda Stevens Linda Pacer Janie Caughron Carol Neidigh Gerald VanHoy Tom Wedel Sharon Schaeffer Leslie Pitton Jimmie Cain Jimmy Baker Nonie Platt Glenda Tripp Jackie Thatcher Max Marcus 24 ,Uv 'WWA 8 im gg, gk: ,, qw I .X - iz ' 7 A ' 4 A , , 5 1 Y f ' ? W W- 'C 3 -L Wm, .K-V Qthwz ,L ,m ,aN:,:f'e::' .io , ,ff-zzm.... 'Y gwnfx u, M, .Hn y La, v. 5 kiwi' w Y Mmwni, Qwwmmi wwwwv wg 4 WW Sf' mf .-.M W W, Tqm iHTNK Q may : ,efss -W XX 5 Y' J renfwooofyzpanor CONVALESCENT REHABILITATION CENTER ASHEVILLE, N. C. Features FULLY EQUIPPED PHYSICAL REHABILITATION DEPARTMENT PRIVATE LANDSCAPED PATIOS CLINICAL LABORATORY GAME RQOM MEDICAL EXAMINING AND TREATMENT ROOMS LIMOUSINE S5 CITY BUS SERVICE BEAUTY 86 BARBER SHOP RECREATIONAL SL SOCIAL PROGRAMS SNACK BAR SL GIFT SHOP VESPER SERVICES DAILY SOLARIUM LOUNGES COLOR TELEVISION "DRIVE'IN" SHOWERS OXYGEN THERAPY .ggi Q . W g? OWNED AND OPERATED BY For additional information contact efm Carroll E. Hadley, Administrator i f mc. 500 BEAVERDAM ROAD P. O. BOX 8363, Asheville, N. C. ASHEVILLE, N. C 'H M, Compliments of OUR FRIENDS THE PHYSICIANS AND DENTISTS FOOD PREPARED UNDER TRAINED SUPERVISION BAILEY'S CAFETERIAS Two Best Places to Eat Home and Bai1ey's Westgate C. V. HOLMES Shopping Center Manager . Asheville Asheville, N. C. Tel. AL 2-0369 Asheville . Charlotte . Roanoke . Spartanburg .Z WW wif' Wlgaw A Q ""'D "7. 5 9' 6' K VACA 0 N VA Y A We 'S R3 Q P , v -if f ' ' fu, i '5'gfi.f1- 'f fiw ax? v ,Q 4 ' ' Lf Of- QE N OPPGRT UNITE " -Q zl' -' ' f ' 6' , 5163:-n rj Q :MQ Woe KW! mf 3353 C SQ M f ' awe-.ufuff ffw?5TCS - zfnt fling' 1 ,. " . ' C 0 'W 4 5" V V a LA Q 7 J, -, I' - soo ff fx: 81.55. sw ws'e RG. Box 9.1355 C M a r lbfie, ggi L 7, ' .: K . .2 v 1,,f. f W Q 'Iv Q af f- f i Gi ' 2 f W. "' M "+Q"" fs 9 V S -gl' V 1, 5 fir T5 uv-3 q k ,hV, N. I South Congratulations to Graduates Christian Education Prepares ern Union Conference .O. Box 849 Decatur, G Harold Miller Hall. The Music Building at Southern Missionary College SOUTHERN MISSIONARY COLLEGE WELCOMES YOU TO ITS --High Standards -- Pre-Professional Courses --Southern Hospitality -- 35300,000 Student Labor --Full Accreditation -- Complete Re- Building Program --Collegiate Program in Nursing -- Spiritual Atmosphere Write Director of Admissions Southern Missionary College Collegedale, Tennessee "Your camera store" ' PHOTO suPPLY COMPANY Everything Photographic For Industry and The Professional Photographer Tape recorders Sound Equipment developing 85 printing P. O. Box 1144 - 8 Wall Street Asheville, N. C. - Phone AL 4-3994 PHONE AL 4- 1000 6 SMITH PRINTING co. PHOTO LITHO - LETTERPRESS 540 Haywood Rd. Asheville, N. C. Printers of the "Sky1iner" Z.. on T32 ff it , sgg FINEST HOTELS TEX hr Mellini of Me Sflj l "'2l 1' Aslczvlnll, non!!! CARQLINA jilzelfifleb num , -gx. 'warn' ,flag ,lil I I 'U . . ' For Banquets and Parties and Good Dining. We are Happy to Serve you. Come often. INSTITUTION WHOLESALE CO., INC. 155 Lyman Street Serving Institutions and Industries Wholesale Grocers and Cleaning Supplies Phones AL 2-4961 -- AL 3-6082 Asheville, N.C. Special Service Brake Service Minor Tune-Up BROOKS' ESSO SERVICE U. S. Highways if 19 85 23 Enka, N,C, Gene Brooks Phone: MO 7-9117 we-A Qfmfaf BARLEEOOT-TATUMSDRUGS, :Nc TW naw-wfysafv . AJ K5 lgfffesclrjfpfion Specialists f f4?x4..f M3 M K A Q PaCk!gq ' Asheville N C IQICZQZZZOECIN , SIIIIIIRE Qozoforia UE A I jewefeu 6 NORTH PACK SQUARE ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA DIAL AL 2-0971 Authorized agency for Keepsake diamond rings Hamilton - Longines - Bulova - Elgin watches Open a charge account 3 ' I Expert watch repair Special Service Brake Service Minor Tune-Up LAMB'S ESSO SERVICE U. S. Highways 1519 gl 23 Enka, N. C. Gene Lamb Phone: MO 7-9129 ALLISON'S FLOWER SHOP 22 College St. 54611-Rlfff Asheville, N, c. A "' C X 0 K F . Q . - 1, 5 .. Telephone A1 2-8253 Alverta G. Bolick MALVERN HILLS DRUG STORE 1478 Patton Ave. West Asheville, N. C. Phone Al 2-8286 Charles and Bill Sisk SCHRAFFT3 The Nation? Leading Candid' ON SALE AT GOOD STORES EVERYWHERE 51.00 - 32.00 Lb. Morgan Bros , Inc W holesal: Dutnbuton 67 Broadway Asheville. N C. IS Dellcrous Food FNIOY SOMK IVFRY DAY' Compliments of ELSON'S INC. Enka, N. C. Friendly Personal Service Enka Drug 84 Food Store E1son's Rexall Drug Store ElsOn's Rexall Drugs MO. 7-2511 82 MO. 7-2510 Food Dept. MO 7-2513 Prescription Dept. MO 7-2512 Congratulations Class of '63 COURTESY BARBER SHOP SMILE OIL COMPANY Station No. 12 Smokey Park Highway Make Music Part of Your Education DUNHAM'S MUSIC HOUSE "The Home of High Grade Pianos" Phone AL 3-3393 62 Patton Ave. Asheville, N. C. ATKINS-HARPER LUMBER CO. Building Materials-Hardware-Paints "Everything From Foundation To Roof" 332 Haywood Road Phone AL 2-2491 Asheville, N. C. THE SPORTS MART, INC. 32 Battery Park Ave. Asheville, North Carolina MOSELEY SHOE SERVICE, INC. 48 College St. AL 2-6758 Asheville, N. C. S. I. BEAN TILE 85 MARBLE CO. Asheville, N. C. HARDWARE HAYWDDD RDAD ' WEST ASHEVILLE, N. C Z VIC IARRETT'S FLOWER snop cz: K1'rrY's FABRIC CENTER CHAIN SAW FOAM CENTER Asheville N8LCEQUIPMEg3nE2M5A2Y soo Biltmore Ave. Dial Alpine 3-1481 AL 2-1095 MI 8-2289' ' Asheville, N. C. ASHEVILLE LIGHTING CENTER 157 Asheland Ave. Asheville, N. C. FOX BARBER 85 BEAUTY SHOP 1 Patton Avenue Dial Al 2-7521 Asheville, North Carolina Massey Ferguson Tractors SL Implements New Holland Lumber Hardware Paint Glass Balers 8a Field Harvesters BLUE RIDGE TRACTOR A ,MPLEMENT CO' J. M. WESTALL 8. COMPANY 520 Haywood Road Asheville, North Carolina Dealers In Phone AL 2-7574 For Free Demonstration Call Bill Israel Roy Smith MO 7-1437 MU 3-2232 General Builders' Supplies Corner Walnut Street and Lexington Avenue Asheville, N. C. Come See Us At THE BANK OF ASHEVILLE Best Wishes GROCE FUNERAL HOME, INC Phone Al 2-3535 Haywood Road Phone MOhawk '7-2546 P. O. Box FRANK AUSTIN co., INC. 5355, LUMBER, HARDWARE AND PAINTS PREPARED ROOFING -- GLASS Dial AL 2-3853 Or AL 2-3854 Asheville, N. C. Dial MOhawk '7-1513 Chandler, N. C. SORRELLS 81 SWANN, INC. U. S. Highway 19-23 CHANDLER, N. C. "Everything In Automotive Parts" "A World Of Friendly Service" KENNERLY 8K REDMOND n 0 TEXCO PRODUCTS Fuel Oil 81 Kerosene Box 251 Phone 3-2321 Asheville, N. C. STANDARD PAPER SALES CO. Wholesale - Paper Products 32 Banks Avenue ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 667-2017 PEARCE YOUNG ANGEL CO. 8, Service: Food Distributors Fresh, Springs - Stampings - Frozen, Custom Machine Building Canned, Dried Wm. R. "Bill" Corley Rt. 4, Candler, N.C. Asheville, N. C. Lumber Hardware Paint Glass , POOR S FLOWER CENTER J. M. WESTALL 81 COMPANY 1055 Patton Avenue Asheville, N. C. Dealers In , 24 Hour Phone 254-6138 General Builders' Supplies Funeral Designs Weddings - Corsages Corner Walnut Street and A h .11 N Pot Plants - Free Delivery Lexington Avenue S evl 6' ' C' National Wire Service Mountain Sonifcrium 8m Hospital and School of Nursing Fletcher, N. C. Medical Diploma Fully Accredited by Surgical The Joint Commission School of Nursing On Accreditation Obstetrical Hospitals Is State Accredited A Allin, Sheila 306 College St. Kinston, N. C. Ambler, Sharon 5308 Garden Ave. West Palm Beach, Fla. Ambrose, Lillian 2613 Jefferson Dr. Greenville, N. C. B Baker, Leon Rt. 42, Box 225 Hopkins, S. C. Baker, Jimmy P. O. Box 535 Kernersville, N. C. Bates, Sharon 26 Old Starnes Cove Rd Asheville, N. C. Bates, Yvonne 26 Old Starnes Cove Rd. Asheville, N. C. Bicknell, Linda 231 Washington St. South Attleboro, Mass. Black, Marilyn Box 2038 Collegedale, Tenn. Blakely, Larry Rt. 1552, Wilson Heights Cleveland, Tenn. Boyle, Beverly Rt. 52, Crestview Rd. Concord, Tenn. Bowdoin, Lindia Rt. 4391, Pierce Rd. College Park, Ga. Brantley, Jimmy Rt. 1952 Bailey, N. C. Student Roster Brown, Keith Rt. 62, Box 400 Maitland, Fla. Burchard, Linda 2932 Magnolia Ave. Knoxville, Tenn. Burchard, Samuel Rt. 63, Box 535-B W. Asheville, N. C. Burris, Jo Rt. H3 Albemarle, N. C. Byrd, Joe Rt. 62 Candler, N. C. C Cain, Jimmie 490 Broughton St. Orangeburg, S. C. Camp, Jennifer St. Rt. Box 12 Dunlap, Tenn. Carruth, Kathy Box 126 Landrum, S. C. Carter, Jerry 711 Notingham Ave. Orlando, Fla. Caughron, Janie Rr. iii Maryville, Tenn. Chapman, Donna 1500 Massachusetts Av e. Washington, D. C. Chastain, Marsharee 301 Georgetown Pike Cleveland, Tenn. Cherry, John 3611 N. W. 4th St. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. IO3 Mfg imhvfy Clark, Sharon 804 Jackson Ave. Takoma Park 12, Md. Collins, Buddy 110 Winter Park Ave. Orlando, Fla. Conken, Jerry 1624 Tate St. Cocoa, Fla. Cotton, Eddie Rt. ffl, Box 210 Hubert, N. C. Crabtree, Jimmy 3836 Greenpoint Dr. Greensboro, N. C. Crawford, J. T. Roan Mountain, Tenn. D Daily, Jimmy Box 846 Rockwell, N. C. Dale, Shelby Rt. ffl, Box '72 Delco, N. C. Davis, Mary Ellen Box 1125 Collegedale, Tenn. Davis, Ronnie Rt. 15152, Box 11 Morganton, N. C. Dean, Marie 503 Maple St. Myrtle Beach, S. C. Dixon, Paull 4008 Vasconia Tampa, Fla. Duckett, Harold 903 Walnut St. Alcoa, Tenn. E Eastin, George 241 Circle Ave. Williamsburg, Ky. England, Carlyle Rt. 554, Box 59 Morganton, N. C. England, Grace Rt. 4554, Box 59 Morganton, N. C. Erickson, Dick 5823 Emerson Ave. S. St. Petersburg, Fla. F Fordyce, Darlene 1920 E. Maryland Phoenix 16, Ariz. Foxx, Robert Rt. 51518, Carpenter Rd. Knoxville, Tenn. Frierson, Rickie 3850 Capus Ave. Columbia, S. C. Fulmer, Marianne 2043 Marley Dr. Columbia, S. C. G Gilbert, Sandra 301 Glennwood Rd. Greenville, S. C. -V Goodbrad, Jan 730 Richbourg Rd. Greenville, S. C. Goodlett, Milton Rt. 4155 McMinnville, Tenn. Goodwin, Pat 15 Hillside Dr. Greenville, S. C. Green, Gary N. Lee Highway Cleveland, Tenn. Grimes, Arthur Rt. 15152, Box 33-A Candler, N. C. H Hall, Alden 1666 Charlotte Rd. Spartenburg, S. C. Harrison, Becky Rt. 4151, Box 489 W. Columbia, S. C. Harvey, Janella 120 E. Evans Ave. Orlando, Fla. Heinrich, Judy 4095 Indian Lake Circle Stone Mountain, Ga. 104 Hines, Vickie 1216 N. Royal St. Jackson, Tenn. Hughes, Sharryn 325 Hi Alta Ave. Asheville, N. C. I Johnson, Bill Rt. 1156, Box 512-A Fayetteville, N. C Johnson, Tom 2908 S. Main St. Winston-Salem, N. Jones, Bonnie Rt. 5751 Roan Mountain, Te K Kallam, Sylvia 2005 Colby St. Greensboro, N. C. Koseruba, Mike Rt. 4351, Box 161-A C nn Castle Hayne, N. C. Kovatch, Albert Rt. 9251, Box 376 Plant City, Fla. L Lawter, Hughie 71 Webb Cove Rd. Asheville, N. C. Lewis, Kathy 3446 Glenwood Rd. Decatur, Ga. Litchfield, Rex 4244 Meeting St. Charleston, S. C. Logan, Lloyd 113 Morro Blvd. Castle Heights Portsmouth, Va. Lust, Judy 1174 Gibbons Ave. Memphis, Tenn. M MacAlpine, Jimmy Rt. 4792, Box 323 Candler, N. C. McCal1ister, Marie P. O. Box 13033 P. C. Orlando, Fla. McDonald, Joe P. O. Box 625 Hazelwood, N. C. McKay, Diane Rt. 25197, Box 159 Statesville, N. C. McMaster, Jan Box 518 Titusville, Fla. McMil1en, Mary 1718 Church Rd. Chattanooga 11, Tenn. Mace, Frank Rt. 54, Box 248 Morganton, N. C. Marcus, Max 102 Beech St. Hazelwood, N. C. Massengill, Joan 507 Glenn St. Smithfield, N. C. Metts, Joyce 1527 Marley Dr. Columbia, S. C. Moore, Gary 63 Vandalia Ave. W. Asheville, N. C. Moretz, Priscilla Rt. 4155 Burlington, N. C. Morgan, Glenda Box 612 Hazelwood, N. C. Moss, Loren Rt. 43 Spartenburg, S. C. Moyers, Buddy 3446 Glenwood Rd. Decatur, Ga. Mundy, Edward 1055 1X2 Haywood Rd. W. Asheville, N. C. N Neidigh, Carol Rt. 19520, Lobetti Rd. Knoxville, Tenn. Nutt, Bill Rr. 4-fi Roan Mountain, Tenn. O Oates, Cary 154 Sweeten Creek Rd. Arden, N. C. P Pacer, Linda 1504 W. Plaza Wilmington, N. C. Pacer, Ray 1504 W. Plaza Wilmington, N. C. Patsel, Joan 411 N. Green St. Morganton, N. C. Patterson, David 619 S. 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Suggestions in the Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) collection:

Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 80

1963, pg 80

Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 98

1963, pg 98

Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 68

1963, pg 68

Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 49

1963, pg 49

Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 14

1963, pg 14

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