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Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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JL A 1' fs . Q 2, Q2 . .4 ia! ,,-,QQ lv .2 Qi. 'T -Xu x 5,.,vA,. A ,, N 1 ,. 5, !:f'2 1 1" 4' 1 Q . Jan. '1-Q., 1962 MOU TAI MEMORIES .. -M . - . M. Qz""" -1,-1.1 '14, - .- V . .4,,,- A 1. A, '. Aljr 'fy V+ M, 575 -A , ' , A..- . ' Q... .f.-,f . .W ,.p.w ,er ,W ,.-f' V ' ' -I 'A'-A lf: -.-' ,V gf- : A , ., ,..- Q. 4 .v 'Gigi Y 1,5 'A ,'?',,.,,'-' ,pg Y . 'Qi P, '- .' Hoff. ' . ,..!V'f' 'W -z-ft. ' ny' ' ' f, ,. . 'S . ' ,,.,, A -, .33 W.-ff"'L .,rK-L' 1 6- Q - W: 5. qs - X, All sl,: z J, " mfr? Q Ygl,?"f .tn up M . N- ' ,YM , , 'fl K " "I- lrhvi-ks W .' 'ia ..f,'xI". as L V A 45 va- '-s ru' -Q ,' ' 9 " M. fin MVIS in ' ' A Q 'sfw-Q, k ' "ik A ' 1 . f.-N-1' ' ' ..x ,. , , K SX., . - K.. L. N.-M nw 'x ' 1 J, , . .. , .4 2 1 ,. 'Q X -A Q 1 A ' 'V , ' - s . .ri " ' xm. f. K Q . .' Nj' xx . x 1 , " s vw. .Q , , ,iv "-sf , :, ,PW A ' -x Q ,, ' L . Y 'vu W, A- . . I , V Q 0 Lf i gt A ,. .' . , - . i. ,X 4 J ak -., . . 4' G . I ., O. xx ,-. 9, A Q .1- Lzi' . MW, A , 'Rs 'luv ' ' 44. A 1. 11,14 lnvv1-...K -uw. ,,,,,m by V -Y, Q. -. "fs-'tr-. vu! Mu -1. W V f f 3 L ,L , K if Ai , ,, uk A f ,V X. 2 I K 1 gy V, A , . , 'Fw M, H, ' A A 'W N-, , " ,fy ' xl. if -3 Q 3 17?Www. ' -'VM' ' ' M-wifi , , ' 7 ?'sff'w, ' M- I ,E f H A , I , V, ., , y ggghx-X' Vx My , 1.3: N75 '2"4wLx 2 2 ff' 2 ., if Q, ...a ""' Q. ' Y , 'fr 4 i A5 1 ,R X7 5 X' TF' X 1,351 'N 1 A' Ng fb w, ,, w , f M., 3 X I 'M-'m-, ,, ,M - nr-,W ,,L fa sin L ff' ' -N 4: Nw-'K fx N, " 6 .. ,M 189 Quiz, , s M, 414, . 1',2 W... X, vi , K .1 7. fx if gi M --. N N - ,A A fmm, 5 . 7 V Z .M ff' 4-ui'-' fi " ' 4-990 'arf 1. V s , ' fi ' 1 'ilk Q32-im Wg, 4,.,, MNT .. .M,,,,,V, ,M was Nqm CONTENTS Dedication. . . . Faculty. . . . . Seniors. . . . . Juniors ..... . . . Underclassmen, , . , , Religious Activities , , . , Student Activities . . . . Instructors . . . . . . '73 Music . ..... . . 79 Work Departments . . . . 85 -fix, if i 1 Hi ' ,, '5 ic "' ig'4"of 4"'ff'fE i . X , I . Div, ffm Wu . viii -it -,,. f - :.,.:,, "9 - .ip '-vs. -ff--sv--....,..... 'g.1Q.', , ' 4, ' "'1ga.3g3L.z.f1fi .lui .."r5.x-3'f'?i'fT2.'5ii.w-wel'-as-1 ' ,44 W 2. 1.95 3' gg, ,af-'P , A 5 , .!,,S"-mrasitk Q 8 ' e- li .N- Q' v F '43 J. U 1 ?'m!i vi . M Q 'U nu W Q 5 'f.'O,, xx r . 'U . 1 J.- gli H ' S.. . U c DEDICA TION Because of your patience . . . quiet smile of friendship . . . understanding of human nature . . . inspiring life as a woman of God . . s. willingness to help us with little things . . . years of tireless service at Mount Pisgah Academy . . . it is with love in our hearts and deep gratitude that we dedicate this 1962 issue of Mountain Memories to you, MRS. GRACE BENSON. This is our way of saying we are better individuals because of you. S MOU T PISGAH ACADEMY BOARD LEFT TO RIGHTg 'M.C. Patton, W. L. Ellis, Obed Klein, G. V. Yost, E. F. Reif- 5nYdeff H- E- DHVIS, H- V- Reed, W. H. Wilson, J. M. Jansen, W. O. Coe, W, G Ambler, J. P. Rogers, Beaman Senecal. PRINCIPALDS MESSAGE MOUNT PISGAH ACADEMY! As you read the name of your school, a legion of memories come surging 1nto mind. Work, study, dorm experiences, Saturday night programs, picnics, receptions, classes, chapels, vespers, Friends,--all these have blended to fill your life at Mount Pisgah Academy. Choose an outstanding event of your school days here at M P A. Difficult, is it not? Your days this year have been filled with so many memorable events. But now your school life for another year is come to an end. Yet, memories continue to endure, and those memories increase in value as time wends its way. Slowly one realizes that M P A memories are the products of life. Then you ask yourself, "What kind oflife did I live at M P A?" Back comes the answer, "Your memories reveal the life you lived." Your days and years at M. P A are gone for another year, or maybe forever. Now you face an unknown future, and experiences that will change into more memories. May your memories from M P Ainspire youto walk with Jesus, so that as life's experiences continue to ripen into memories, those memories will be flavored with His presence. 6 y va FACULTY Opportunity forasuccess in life will fall back largely on what we have done and established as a foundation in this school. Education represents a growing portion of each of us. In it we find the background for creating our own opportunity. If we are not indebted, we should at least be thankful for the education we have received and for the faculty, who are largely responsible for the type of education. They have inserted the spark and left the impression. They have created the meaning for the ideas that will continue to influence our way of life. ,lint ,,i ,,. , R -kia 1 , Q' rf ef, mi fAM.-m.mmamws .1 4 w l Rozell Family Wrate Family Mr. Johnson 'wr Shultz Family Schroaders Mrs. Hornyak Wedal Family and "her girls" T etz Family and Lue Anne Rogers Family MTS- Benson K W, s if 9 R 'RRY Sw Testerman Family MISS Yoaman Hilliar Family Gerhart Family Wolcott Family 'P 'A Q ,121 1- Reifsnyder Family Bany Family FA CULTY FUN A S a A 1 5 2 Q i f 3 3 2 2 s 3 s X 5 E s ! S K 2 '111w2au..., , W ,siwfwfl ,jwwf F' 0 W Q s m Q 31 E 5 gtk. fyx A , 4 . E3 in Q!" 1 Aww mis!!! i A MJ QQ S ENI ORS OF 1962 PRESIDENT Claude Steen 53315 ,KM- www SENIOR CLA SS OFFICERS AIM: "Faith" MOTTO: "Forsaking All I Take Him COLORS: Royal Blue and White FLOWER: White Carnation VICE-PRESIDENT Stanley Wolcott S EC RET ARY Lori Powell were .gf W Y I4 7 -,ww-W, TREASURER PASTOR SERGEANT AT ARMS Arnold Clapp Don Vollmer Jerry Hoyle MASCOTS Julie Gerhart Benny Waller SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Rogers Bruce, Brian, and Gail I5 BARBARA ANDERSON Medical Secretary Member of the S.A. give three cheers for Barbara because ofthe way she takes notes on the ever confusing discussions of a meeting. A cheery smile and ready wit are two of her many blessings we appreciate most. These are put to good use while she worked ing the Registrar's office. I ACK BENSON Doctor This was Jack's first year at M.P,A, but his quiet and friendly ways brought him friends immediately. He has been a fine Junior deacon for our church and he is sure to achieve his goal in life. BILL BRICK ER Dent ist A new way of putting you to sleep to get a tooth pulled has just been invented by Bill. He plays a soothing melody on his saxophone until you fall asleep then jerks out the tooth before you know it. We hope he pulls a lot to teeth in his career as a dentist. 16 ARNOLD CLAPP Accountant Arnold might well be called the " money bags" of M.P,A, He was elected Treasurer of the Senior Class, Boys Club, and S.A. this year. These jobs fit right in with his ambition to be an accountant. Also he has helped keep our ad building spic and span. CAROL DICKSON I .B.M. Operator "Dixie" is one of our faithful and happy kitchen workers. Mr. Bailey will miss her friendly smile and mischeivious ways next year. In the future she will be punching buttons on an I,B.M, machine, but S.M.C. will come first. I7 BOB CRUISE Doctor Who is the smallest boy in that trumpet trio? Who is the smallest second tenor in choir? It is Bob Cruise. The smallest of his stature doesn't measure the biggness of his heart. Our classes are all made brighter because of his presence. is LYNDA ENGLAND Medical Secretary What school could be more priviledged than M.P,A, Wehavea "Miss England" in our midst. Her pleasant ways, efficient service, and musical ability have won the hearts of all. We will miss her voice in the choir and sextet next year. RONNIE ENNIS Mortician This school year has come to an end all too soon for "Ennie" , because it seems as if he had a year stacked full of fun. He has a great talent in music and has been chorister for M.V., member of choir, and mem- ber of male quartet. ROBERT GARREN Naval Architect Many times Robert has spent long hours getting the Skyliner ready for mailing by a certain deadline. We will miss this neat and friendly Senior, but with his high ideals he is sure to achieve his ambition. I8 JIM GREEN Accountant Being assistant circulation manager of the Skyliner, M.V. band leader, and a member of band are some of the jobs Jim has done. Next year he will attend S.M.C. and takea course in Certified Public Account- ing. TOM HARDY Chemistry Tom has been at M,P.A, two years. This year he has k ' ' ept the roudy Boys Club meetings in order for th e second semester. No one gets out of hand when they see th' ' ' IS strong tall boy standing in front. He will attend S.M.C. next year. JERRY HOYLE Marine Biologist ,Terry has continued keeping our S.A. up to date and Jumping with activities by serving as Presid ent second semester. He was also M.V. leader, and Vice President f o the Boys' Club first semester. All sports are h' 1S favorites and he has been on the Fire Department. I9 ,Wa GLENDA J ANSEN Secretary Deadlines! Deadlines! Glenda was always ,remind- ing Skyliner reporters of deadlines, but his was her job as editor and she did it well. She was also assistant M.V. leader first semester and a member of choir and band. LINDA I AN SEN Undecided Linda is undecided about her future, but she does plan to attend Madison College next year. She has been a member of band, choir, girls trio, and sextet. Her most difficult job is being assistant dean, espec- ially when girls get in rare moods. STEVE KEEF E Public Relations Two years ago M.P.A. was priviledged to add this new student to its roster. In his Senior year Steve has been active in M.V., was circulation manager of the annual, and a columnist for the "Campus Comments." 20 RONALD MCMULLEN Missionary This was Rona1d's first and last year at M.P.A. He has spent most of his life in the mission field. After he completes his education at S.M.C. he looks forward to returning to the Congo as a missionary. PAT SY MILES S ecret ary "Good-Moming, Mount Pisgah Academy," You will likelyhearthese words by Patsy if you call the office between nine and twelve in the morning. Her work is helping to prepare her for her amibtion to be a secretary. Shehas also been Sabbath School Superin- tendent and M.V. band lead: r this year. RICH ARD MUNDY Dentist Richard is a three year graduate of M.P.A. Extra subjects and extra studying have been hard on his sleep, but he still likes to be in choir and in one of the male quartets. He will surely make a dependable dentist. 21 NEIL PECK Engineer Neil was superintendent of Sabbath School first se- mester and also plays trumpet in band. He does some of the scrubbing of our Ad. Building also. Being an engineer and attending S.M.C. are next on his agenda. LOR1 POWELL Interior Decorator Writting allthe letters for the Senior Class, and typing final copies for the Skyliner have kept Lori busy. However she still finds time to work on her hobby sewing, and she enjoys playing oboe in the band. C AROLYN ROBINSON Medical Secretary Carolyn is the type of girl everyone likes. Her de- lightful personality and spontaneous socialbility. aid her in making lots of friends. She did exceptional work in the Sabbath School as secretary, and she takes an interest in most any activity. 22 I IM SIMMONS Undecided This hard working Senior boy has been at M.P.A. three years. Jim 's musical talent and cheery "hello" have been an inspiration to all he meets. He will be attending Madison College. SHARON SPERRY Nurse Sharon plans to be a nurse and also to attend S. M. C. next year. Working in a hospital before has helped her choose her ambition. All of the patients Sharon cares for will be cheered with her southern drawl. MARY JANE SPIVEY Journalist Who is the girl with the great big grin that is always washing dishes? It's Mary Jane. She wants to be a journalist and her offices this year of M. V. SGCICISIY and reporter for the Skyliner have given her a head start. 23 PATSY STAFFORD Nurse While going to school here at Pisgah Patsy has been anticipating the time when she will become a nurse. The college of her choice is S.M.C. Dorm girls will miss her and her pop corn next year. DAVID STANLEY Minister Never worry about tomorrow, just live for today is the apparent philosophy of this Senior boy. Next year holds in store for David a ministerial course at S. M. C. If he were to be described by one word, it would be " different". CLAUDE STEEN Minister Besides being President of the Senior class, Claude served as first semester S, A. President. His leader- ship has made this organization something the students can be proud of. Aboy with an outstanding personality like C1aude's will not soon be forgotten and success is sure to be his. PX ,aww 'OUT MW 'LA 4 9 I gown ,fowl WML , I Zffgweje M ghenyf gm jf l 24 1 f CHARLENE TOLLERTON Nurse Hard work, shaking knees, 25 silver dollars, congratu- lations galore and a trip to Bass were all Charlenes' when she won the tem perence orations this year. We will miss her bright smile next year. JOE VALENTYNE Undecided What we have enjoyed most about this Senior boy is the goodies he bakes for us in the kitchen. Although he is quiet, there is always a twinkle of mischief in his eyes. Joe also kept order in the Boys' Club ings for first semester. DON VOLLMER Minister Donnie has spent all four of his Academy M,P,A. During this year he has been an President of the Boy's Club first semester and ber of Band and Choir. Also the M.P.A. Barbell Club has been priviledged to have him Vice-President. 25 ITICEI' years at efficient a mem- Athletic as their JOHNNY WALLER Physisist Johnny has been very busy this year, he became Boys' Club President for especially since second semester. Being able to plan an open house, take pictures for hte annual every night, and keep his grades up is something not just everyone can do. His spirits have stayed high in spite of all this. C .D, WELCH Architect Thanks to C.D. our weekly S.A. paper the "Campus Comments" has kept us up to date on all the happen- ings on our Campus. He has also kept the sometimes wild S.A. discussion down to a dull roar. We will miss C.D.'s sunny disposition next year. v DAIS W H r K pin the B a G lu ut of the hole first s r as isy' . orseco seme er she was e c f ' nt the rse's C b. We'll is r Ch r e ian accen t yea ut she will c e ef iext i . v V . K ' X 1 X QA Q f it Xi ip Qs y y ze Xa STANLEY WOLCOTT Architect The long hours of hard work that Stanley has spent working on the annual will not soon be forgotten. He is also Vice-President of the Senior Class and has done this job well. His ability to get things done will help him in the future. BILL WOOD Boys Dean Woody will make an outstanding Dean of boys. At least he will know all the tricks the boys will try to pull on him. He has spent a lot of time getting ads for the annual this year and he also likes to fight fires. MARGRETT FRIZZELLE Nurse Margrett isa special student here at M.P.A. this year. She is taking a few extra subjects to help her in college to assist her in her lifes work of becoming a nurse. BEST - ALL- AROUND Lynda England I erry Hoyle FRIENDLIEST Barbara Anderson Jerry Hoyle MOST COURTEOUS Patsy Miles Jerry Hoyle SENIO MOST SPIRITUAL Glenda Jansen Don Vollmer MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Barbara Anderson Don Vollmer MOST DEPENDABLE Lori Powell Claude Steen MOST STUDIOUS Glenda Jansen Bill Bricker WITTIEST MOST ATHLETIC Daisy Welch Don Vollmer Barbara Anderson C. D. Welch UPERLA T I VES MOST TALENTED Lynda England Ronnie Ennis NEATEST Patsy Miles Bob Cruise MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Lynda England Johnny Waller nw' Whatcha domg? z Charleston QHHH: only 6000? Show off Logle """-W.. . . i, -fill' wx .Q f.-, ,A AMW JUNIORS 3 S l JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Don Platt, Sergeant at Arms, Ronnie Shoemaker, Treasurerg Bonnie Jones, Secretaryg The Baileys, Sponsors, Becky Skender, Vice-Presidentg Gerald Van Hoy, President, Walton Williams, Pastor. 34 1 , 0' JW X C Nfljij nf- WJ it M ,pf f 1 I, 1 W U'fPft?' QW? on Ambler Jimmie Cain Jerry Cart I rr- 4 Lx 4 GE Q sea? Caughron Sharon Clark Jimmy Crabtree w'Wb I 'A 5-lf?'4'mw , ' mA5,.f". ,nf 'V ff ' , 1-.Mt Mug: 2552 Harold Dunning LYUU Davis Dorothy Eunice Z Marrianne Fulmer -5 , T r tis, aff- li T' llcf - , ll .AL-2 Vicki Hines Tom Johnson Bill l ones Sylvia Kallam Kathy Lewis Lloyd Logan Y if Q 5' , M ,y jf x " 2 J -M 21 Q. 0 my Diane Rita Maudliu Carol Neidigh George McClellan Joan Massengill Linda Pacer Joan Patsel Nonie Platt Leslie Pitton Ronnie Shoemaker Donnie Platt Carolyn Reed Jerry Shelton 38 Jeanette Singleton Lou Alton Stone Tetz Elmo: Sumaraga Kenney Testerman Glenda Tripp Kent Tyndall Bonnie .Tones 39 Gerald Van Hoy Janice Waters Mm Walton Williams Sharon Williams 40 Tom Wedel I Pauli Dixon Denny List Bob Shultz sv if ,QIJ it i!!1'7 -2 'J ,gf lf? ff? S is --Q W C50 Becky Skender Linda Stevens 41 Phns MBI' ffaxlfg This one was osad' P VfSQNh-V.E: ., , ' Lookout below1,i T240 Rnd ,T-ty-In Q if ASQ ,X JSX ReaL1y? QW , Is that so? 'W Qnraai- Quan... Held her flgiaft K 1 . W: 1: 1 k We mf 1 1 . I I I W M if Q ,J Q. Vfva 1 f 5- f ,W L M5 w , 3 1 ,ga I L P Q ,Q . A wi UNDERCLA SSMEN M4 4"""': 5 H. N- A N 1, if 'NL iskl rf THE SOPHOMORE CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Jim Crab- tree, Sergeant-at-Armsg David Steen, Pastorg Buddy Moyers, taryg Mike Koseruba, President Mary Ellen Davis, Vice-Presi- dent. Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Reif- snyder, Sponsors. .. Lindia Bowdoin Linda Jo Burris Kathy Carruth Treasurerg Gwen Young, Secre- Voilet Chainel' Shirley Colburn Lawton Cooper 4? A is 1 ,fx Mary Ellen Davis Grace England Larry Flynn Sandra Gilbert Darrell Hewitt Micky Koseruba Douglas Lasseter Winnifred Maples ' 0 f . 25 3 ::lli x ' , x ' fr 'v , jj 1 f 555555553 N S' I VZ.. ii in ' L Buddy Moyers Charlene Paden David Steen Dianne Stoney Carolyn Swain ff 7x X 1 . . C7 O-,r ew M W in-N Maureen Sykes George Wade Gwen Young Donnie Whitley Josi Yates 47 THE FRESHMAN CLASS Harold Duckett, Pastorg Ginger Platt, Secretaryg Glenda Morgan, Vice-President Jimmy MacAlpine, Presidentg Becky Harrison, Treasurerg Carey Oates, Sergeant- at-Armsg Mr. and Mrs. Rozell, Sponsors. SQ-vm 23 Lillian Ambrose Marilyn Black Donna Chapman Eddie Cotten 'Wx Harold Duckett Led Ford Arthur Grimes Shafryn 48 Grace Johnson Edward Mundy U ' dh 56 N x Jimmy Macmpine t M3IX'?"MCMi111 n 3 Glenda Morgan Cary Oates orothy Thompson Jimmy Vollmer Ginger Platt Jackie Yates Clarisse Tetz , 'sg t t ' David Zollbrect mm? Mrs. L. C. Wolcott Supplemental Teacher CHURCH SCHOOL Mrs. Emil Tetz Mrs. R. A. Byrd Grades 5-8 Grades 1-4 50 pw 7 , ,gjfircp M4 ,, 'Q - r , f V' 7 'af f if 1 1 'YK3 if Q-2 SABBA TH SCHOOL OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER David Steen, Songleaderg Carolyn Robinson, Secretary, Don Vollmer, Superintendent 5 Patsy Miles, Superintendent, Nei1Peck, Superintendent, Linda Pacer, Secretary, Marri- anne Fullmer, Hostess, Jerry Hoyle, Songleader. SECOND SEMESTER Sylvia Kallamg David Stanley, Songleaderg Buddy Moyers, Pianist, Paull Dixon, Superintendent, Vicki Hines, Superin- tendent, Marry Ellen Davis, Secretaryglo Burris, Songleader. SEMINAR David Stanley, Speaker chairman, Sylvia Kallam, Platform chairman, Dot Thompson, Music chairman, Jimmie Crab- tree, Public Relations. S2 . V OFFICERS Leader .... FIRST SEMESTER Asst. Leader .... Sec. Treasurer , , ..- .na . Asst. Sec. Treasurer , , , Songleaders . . . . . Pianists . . Librarians , , Ushers . . deLaid'v'a1Q i10'y,'r'1Oy.i L0ga'n,' Sponsor Cfirst 85 second sem.J ...... Band Leaders . Leaders . . Secretaries . Songleaders . Pianists . . Ushers ..... SECOND SEMESTER . . Jerry Hoyle . . Glenda Jansen . . . .Sharon Clark Mary Jane Spivey . . . . Leslie Pitton Jo Burris . . Sheila Allin Don Platt . . Nonie Platt Sandra Gilbert . . . Bill Wood Jimmie Crabtree Mr. L.C. Wolcott Patsy Miles . . Steve Keefe Jim Greene . . . . Sharon Clark Gerald Van Hoy . . Sylvia Kallam Gwen Young . . Ronnie Ennis David Stanley . . Kathy Lewis Buddy Moyers . . . .Bill Wood Paull Dixon Publicity-Secretaries , , ,....... Jimmie Crabtree, Kathy Carruth .Glenda Morgan 53 STUDENT WEEK OF PRAYER SPEAKERS Left to right, SEATED: Janice Waters, Sharon Clark,Jo Burrisg SECOND ROW: Patsy Miles, Elmore Sumaraga, Sylvia Kallamg BACK ROW: Jerry Hoyle, Claude Steen, Mr. Reifsnyder, Elder Hillier, Walton Williams. EARLY MORNING PRAYER BAND W1 A gf N 'fel ll STUDE TASSOCIATIO mfncxwmff i FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS: left to right. Lynda Eng- SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS: left to right, Harold land, Secretary, Johnny Waller, Pastor, Claude Steen, Duckett, pastor: Barbara Anderson, Secretary, Jerry PYSSMCHIS R0HUi6 Shoemaker- ViCe'PIeSidCf1f5 AIU'-Fld Hoyle, PresidentgPau1l Dixon, Vice-President, Walton C1HPP. Tfeawfefi Ronnie EUHR, 5ef8eam'at'AfmS- Williams, Treasurerg C.D. Welch, Sergeant-at-Arms. fNot picturedj. COURTESY COURT Harold Duckett, Prince, Gwen Young, Princess, Jo Burris, Queen, Jerry Hoyle, King, Glenda Morgan, Princess, Walton Williams, Prince. , W STUDENTASSOCIA TION B CLU NURSES URE FU T w 15 4 Daisy Welclz, President Sylvia Kallaln, Vice-P1-esid Jo-911 Massengfll Tre Bolzlzje folzes, sox O0 S? .QXV Wx 166 S G ESI S. NX! ell! asllrel' Devotional , J fm" N mf'-WMM m gil' Q-nu: 1W"'P lm 5' E i , E 3 5 5 ii Z 2 3 5 5 Q THE Mr, R Ozell EIYHOY Bill and Bob MOUNTAIN MEMORIES STAFF 51an1CY EDITOR Stanley Wolcott FACULTY ADVISOR Mr. Dan Rozell ASSISTANT EDITOR Elmor Sumaraga BUSINESS MANAGER Bill Wood ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Bob Cruise CIRCULATION MANAGER Steve Keefe Swv 0 O ' ' W W Mountain Memories Staff BUSINESS ADVISOR Mr. I. P. Rogers PHOTOGRAPHER Johnny Waller LITERARY EDITOR Carol Neidigh SNAPSHOT EDITOR Mary Ellen Davis TYPISTS Sheila Allin Carolyn Robinson Daisy Welch Sheila, Carol YH, and D Hisy W , as .uv 615 ao? sm- Jclhnny C aio 1 and Maw EXXCU Sylvia, Glenda and Lou Ann CELQQP MM Volume 10 The skyline! Number 6 Published monthly except june and August by the Student Association of Mount Pisgah Academy. Printed by Smirh Printing Company, West Asheville, N.C. Second-class mailing privileges authorized az Candler, N.C. Subscription price, 81.00 per year. Editor: Glenda Jansen I Associate Editors: Sylvia Kallam and Lou Ann Teh , , Cqlumnlgls Circulation Manager Leslie Pinon Reponen Rober! Garren EI or Sumaragn J ' W , Do: Thompson :gms cl::,n A'j'f""g Bill wood Mary Jane Spivey lm men. Harold Duclxett Com' Nemigh Tynis' Business Advisor Marilyn Black Lori Powell Mr. Reifsnyder David Steen l U . Assistants l-'NNW AJVISOP Business Manager Palsy Miles Mr. Gerharf Jerry Hayle Page 2 Fife D cygltxe epaffmenf 46' ax sliecial 690 50 ev" sv" Kiss the Bl 4 It afney S 994 tqnen so 'lr ix, '36 J, wwe A P ' 41 X-ho9dX neil' we . denls milies Enlenain Sw Faculty Fa sw Linda Pacer Robert Jw 67! ' 7Z0ff Hands! Hands! Hands! JZ 62' cgef .JQNQWN 9 40 ex C ,GAO X I If f 4 O04 5-1-eip. 9 cxeaw- ' the Campus fqLe0P The Skyliner Staff 75 ,O A A Mr. Mafcheu, Here We come! 90 if '9 ' X Sp, as 49 v 0 f Q 'YI eff 0 C 0 0 L, Q, 04,0 44 64440 ers f f Q- so x 4446. 'qc 4 ak' L. is A . 31 , Ls! nm 1 ,, if .,., ,Q x s 3 X, . 1- Q Ti in .95 i' 52, 1- Q-4i " ' W' Q i , K 4 ,Xxx hw? W! .Q .1 mf? Q 1 fx I ff Ronnie Ennis Ronnie Shoemaker Walton Williams Gerald Van Hoy Arnold Clapp Bill Wood Mr. Wrate Mr. Rozell Mr. Reifsn Mr. Wedel 5 rf lv i 135 Ono 232 "'2"1 I ?w I-4 I-nl-4 3.2 i GIRLS , DORM FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS: left to right, SEATED Barbara Anderson, Vice-Presidentg Carol Neidigh President, Jo Burris, Devotional leaderg STANDING Daisy Welch, Treasurerg Linda Pacer, Parliamentariang Jimmie Cain, Qcenterj, Secretaryg Sandra Gilbert, Pianist. fv,1.-,MVN I Y I af! ,I Dot and Linda enjoy a room in the new dorm. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS: left to right:Glenda Morgan, Secretary, Diane McGowan, Treasurer, Linda Pacer, Parliamentariang Becky Skender, Presidentg Ioan Massengill, Vice-Presidentg CNot picturedj, FRONT ROW: Sharon Clark, Pianistg Bonnie Jones, Devotional leader. ,B 2: . ' hh' if K f 'L . -WE :- . KFC , ,,,. X7 it EL V A JJ , ,3- . ..N 3 Z . ' ' 'fflffmyf . igiiwffef1'?if:E1Q13'f 7','Eze,:. Jig 4' wr 7. i 3 ig , i' Qu ix . 5 g X wink A, al 5 if Q . 5 gg:- I-nu. ,. U- -. - "1:.M"' f an ,Jil 7 F I I ' ri PM V' V7 1, ui-:wa ,,, .,.v, . f BO Y'S DORMITOR Y KHILLTOPQ WV , eb iv f' 5, X0 2 B 0 Yi President. es FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS: left to right: Joe Valen- tine, Sergeant-at-Armsg Gerald Van Hoy, Secretaryg E1morSumeraga, Pastorg Don Vollmer QFRONTJ Presi- dentg Arnold Clapp, Treasurerg Jerry Hoyle, Vice- Oue of the neat ,I F rms in the dorm. BOY'S DORMITORY fFLEETWOODj SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS: left to right: Mr. Rozell, Sponsorg Tom Hardy, Sergeant-at-Armsg Wal- ton Williams, Pastorg John Waller, Presidentg Paull Dixon, Vice-Presidentg Arnold Clapp, Treasurerg Gerald Vanl-Ioy, Secretary. 69 anmwnmm'gwmmwwfwM-Away, fm,fmmwm-,.,ai - 5. -a W1 A 13 GIRLS -nf X? X iii 55231. RECEPTION P'6"" 4...-4-' 'f ,'ff"7-"fZ'9-- ..:7,f... till, df' 'vfj' ,fvff 2 -'-ff , 9" if Y I: it 45 9 S 5 .X ,L 1 OUR C., ifffii E43 ffZZg'rgh2 Z C-fflf mf,,.a .7 f 1, in 1 S ii? I Q xg 7 INSTRUCTORS 0412, 2 Mr. Oliver Bailey Director of Foods Mr. Bruce Gerharr Teaches English, Biology Literary Advisor for THE SKYLINER Elder R. M. Hillier Bible Teacher Pastor Mrs. Leta Hornyak Teaches Home Economics Dean of Girls Mr. Lowell Johnston Teaches Spanish I and II Mr. J. P. Rogers Treasurer 75 'Y- Mr. Dan Rozell Dean of Boys Director of Physical Education Sponsor MOUNTAIN MEMORIES and American Temperance Society Mrs. Dan Rozell Secretary to the Principal Teaches Typing II Mr. V. L. Schroacler Manager of the Broom Shop 76 Mr. Emil Tetz Manager of the Farm Mr. Elmer Testerman Head of the Music Department Teaches Voice and Instruments Director of Choir and Band Mr. Herbert Wrate Assistant Dean of Boys Teaches History Librarian 77 Mr. Frederick Wedel Mrs. F. Wedel Maintainance Engineer Bookkeeper Teaches Plumbing and Electrical Wiring 4MP'4b"Mwe.e V 'X Mr. L, C. Wolcott Miss Celia Youmans Teaches Algebra, Chemistry, Earth Science, Registrar and Geometry Teaches Typing I 78 lam 'I USIC DEPAR T MEN 4' 'x Q54-, Q . Mr. Elmer Testerman Choir and Baud Director Head of Music Department Mr. Leroy Shultz ACCOITI panist Mr. Shultz, giving a piano lesson BOYS' QUARTET Walton Williams, Jerry Hoyle, Claude Steen, David Stanley il? GIRLS' TRIO Glenda Jansen, Linda Pacer, Linda Jansen CHOIR COUNCIL BACK ROW: left to right: Jerry Hoyle, PastorgWal- ton Williams, President, Bill Wood, Treasurer, Bar- bara Anderson, Secretaryg Sylvia Kallam, Social ActivitiesgBonnieJones, Vice-Presidentg Dot Thomp- son, Librariang Jim Crabtree, Sergeant-at-Arms. ACADEMY CHOIR DEVELOPS MUSIC AND REPRESEN TS QIPPRE CIA TI ON 9 UR A CADEMY WELL . . ,ws W, f --WJ-Q'--"W"""iW as-M w W ti ,, ,.-,.snsNs""""'x' TRUMPET TRIO LEFT TO RIGHT: Johnny Waller, Bob Cruise, Lloyd Logan. Mr. Elmer Testerman Director The Academy Choir, consisting of 45 voices chosen from the en- tire school by audition, presents secular and sacred programs during the school year. Highlighting the year are the tours to our own churches throughout North and South Carolina. The choir ably represents Mount Pisgah Academy at numerous religious, civic, and social gatherings in the neighboring cities. Choir members gain spiritual as well as aesthe- tic values and learn the importance of dependability and cooperation. 83 ,hwwm f -MM.. ,vv-1, ...W-Wu. - wa.,-...k , W 1 , 1 f V Y f F n' V r f r I ! T' I ,J l 1 1 Xx S2 E E, YQ iii mm :QB LDQ1 :QW Q-4 O U V' 1' J f I Mem greatest laborsaving device has heen the baekeehe. O UR WORK DEPARTMENT M my ' , We., 15, -- il . . , This is where our food is prepared Watch that walstlme' The laundry keeps our clothes clean. Today, if one hour, four people I think our cook swipes a little on the Just a few of the kitchen's many satis- sideline, fied CUSIOITISIS. I xx X -J Our efficient office girls Girls, are the d 9 n do a job in one it in four hours. . ., Our energetic and efficient Ad. Building janitors. gra es ready The end of the month gets here much too fast! 87 gg E3 The maintenance crew keeps Come on' legs get some work things around campus done! in good shape. I Q 1 1 w Mr. Shroader is the managef 'The diCti0UafY is the 011157 Pla of our broomshop. These boys work hard to make good brooms. Another broom for sale 88 ,Q 5 E ' Just a little of the work that has to H55 filling the Milk with good IiCh be done on the farm. milk- rhere success comes first. Mr. Tetz keeps our farm running smoothly. Carolyn and Mary Ellen Clean the Brother! the tests that come from music building. that machine- , -L fra 1' l' 4 .gg , These girls keep the dorm quiet and in order---Uh-H 1 thinlt they do 1 Usual worship in boys' dorm. Girls at worship. These boys maintain quietness in the dorm-er-a-try at least. Leaning Tower fs...,...f-A LET S HAVE A PARTY Little Liza Jane More Popcorn, please, Now for a good rest. Round and Round. A present for you, -NVJ fm 'V ff ' 5 ffl f 3. I Slfjywg . Yun 4 wi .ij Qs M gs .fs up M. I5 T53 LFYYEH Qinnll -Slgkmwsfi:-V-22 ' K ' ' ' FI' "' " " ' """""""i' 'WI' Dzsh Pan Hands Szappmg bafely Hlghway Robbery ..,....-e--4 ...vw a can "UCD flili "lt: 'llia rung, SV?-' -42.3. ...X ns an . . 'ff Fm from Memphis QM-uhh ISD I she 3 SCISQIUQ Lead Foot Now what S wrong W W 4 Q- F if Q 1 Q if 1 Q E. Q Q F , S sg X at .1 I 'W- Scnior Pres. , The ole smmmmg hole The Rod: Q' i' A fl rg" If qi Caught ln the act! 4' ff' Mg, 3 Before Get outa than hole. Bov! 147 After " Daytona SGC" 5-.ff Q' , u I 5 ,SSS 5 a 5 L 3 5 Qziiism , :iv , ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA HOME OF MISS AMERICA FOR 1962 I CITY OF ASHEVILLE in the "Land ofthe Sk " of Western North Carolina. A cosmopolitan city of 60,192 population, Asheville is at present the southerg, terminus of the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, most traveled noncommercialhighway in America. The Parkway, when completed, will connect the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park which lies west of Asheville is the Nation's most visited national park. The whole "Land of the Sky" area is a tremendous playland of national forests, beautiful lakes, streams, mountains and valleys. 1 cf 1. .... . . vl b - MI. : , ,. MARIA BEAL FLETCHER A LAND OF geczafy AND Conference Office - Charlotte, N. C. CHRISTIAN TRAINED yan! Glam af f96.2 Qaxfzqaafafafdand Physicians Dentists Nurses Ministers Teachers Colporteurs Technicians "Land of the are needed "We1Cjky" Where find C meuro th Heaven . may fNorth and South Carolinab e arolzna BOOEZIOII11 a EOC-alljng For HdBib1eI13IfJ6LfcUce You! Se U C ,, 1 ' xx X1 v MC-College of Standard Noted for its Spiritual Atmosphere Where Friendliness Prevails and Southern Hospitality Reigns Write Director of Admissions SOUTHERN MISSIONARY COLLEGE Collegedale, Tennessee AIM HIGH "' Full Accrediation Liberal Arts Courses Collegiate Program in Nursing "' 3300,000 Student Labor Lost Yearly Pre-Professional Courses "' The College of Standards R lk Ill 4 Complete Building Program .cl H. 1-X 40' ? 'T fx The degree, or diploma, represents one of the most successful ac- complishments in life. But, more important, it opens the gate to oppor- tunities for unlimited service-service to God and to man. The diploma representing an education based on Godis Word is, of course, the most desirable and of most value. "The Holy Scriptures are the perfect standard of truth, and as such should he given the highest place in education. To ohtain an education worthy of the name, we must receive a knowledge of God, the Creator, and of Christ, the Redeemer, as they are revealed in the sacred u'ord."' Education, 17. The officers and staff of the Southern Union Conference of Seventh- day Adventists congratulate the serious-minded students pictured in this yearbook for selecting a school Where is emphasized "the perfect standard of truth." Southern Union Conference Don R. Rees. president P. O. Box 849 K. C. Beem. secretary-treasurer Decatur. Georgia For Banquets ' "N""" ' K and Parties X3 'R ' ' , .mn A . . ' SIIEVIIIES and Good Dining. FINEST HOTELS Xi Mm bfzffelindoffffe fly' -L--S 5 ,. A 5 n z v -1'T'Efu"'iZ MET- Q u u A We are Happy 10 Serve ' you. Come often. INSTITUTION WHOLESALE COMPANY, INC Sewing Institutions And Industries Dial Al 2-4961 - 3-6082 155 Lyman St. STANDARD PAPER SAlES CO. Wholesale - Paper Products 32 Banks Avenue ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA FOOD PREPARED UNDER TRAINED SUPERVISION BAILEY'S CAFETERIAS Two Best Places to Eat Home and Bailey's Compliments of Westgate C. V. HOLMES Shopping Center A FRIEND Manager . Asheville Asheville, N. C. Tel. AL 2-0369 Asheville . Charlotte . Roanoke . Spartanburg Make Music Part of Your Education DUNHAM'S MUSIC HOUSE "The Home of High Grade Pianos" Phone AL 3-3393 62 Patton Ave. Asheville, N. C. THE SPORTS MART, INC, 32 Battery Park Ave. Asheville, North Carolina FOX BARBER 83 BEAUTY SHOP 1 Patton Avenue Dial Al 2-7521 Asheville, North Carolina Come See Us At THE BANK OF ASHEVILLE CASH COAL COMPANY Honest Weight 1663 Haywood Road Asheville, North Carolina MOSELEY SHOE SERVICE, INC. 48 College St. AL 2-6758 Asheville, N. C. WINNER'S Congratulations 34 Haywood Road Class of '62 Asheville, North Carolina COURTESY BARBER SHQP VIC JARRETT'S FLOWER SHOP 458 Biltmore Ave. Asheville, North Carolina BEST WISHES to the ALLISON'S FLOWER SHOP Compliments of SENIOR CLASS A FRIEND PHONE AL 4-1000 Lumber Hardware Paint Glass 6 SMITH PRINTING CO, J. M. WESTALL 8. COMPANY PHOTO LITHO - LETTERPRESS Dealers In 540 Haywood Rd. Asheville, N. C. General Builders' Supplies Corner'Wa1nut Street and Asheville, Nic Lexington Avenue A. W. Spalding, Ir. Monta Vista Road Phone MO 7-2646 Candler, North Carolina ff-3 X Greenhouse as Nursery K PHOTO SUPPLY COMPANY The Professional Photographer Tape recorders South Equipment developing 85 printing ' Everything Photographic For Industry and P. O. BOX 1144 - 8 Wall Street - Asheville, N. C. - Phone AL 4-3994 Compliments of ELSON'S INC. Enka, N. C. Friendly Personal Service Enka Drug 85 Food Store E1son's Rexall Drug Store E1son's Rexall Drugs MO. 7-25118LMO. 7-2510 Food Dept. MO 7-2513 Prescription Dept. MO 7-2512 MALVERN HILLS DRUG STORE 1478 Patton Ave. West Asheville, N. C. Phone Al 2-8286 Charles and Bill Sisk ALLISON'S FLOWER SHOP 22 College st. Asheville, N. c. '-24 2 1 v ,ix 1 N N 'uno Telephone Al 2-8253 Alverta G. Bolick Special Service Brake Service Minor Tune -Up LAMB'S ESSO SERVICE TALMAN'S OF ASH EVILLE 8 College St. lOl Patton Ave. U. s. Highways 419 as 23 Erika, N. c. 14 College Stwestgate Gene Lamb Phone: MO 7-9129 FRANK AUSTIN co., INC. Best Wishes LUMBER, HARDWARE AND PAINTS PREPARED ROOFING -- GLASS Dial AL 2-3853 Or AL 2-3854 Ashev Dial MOhawk 7-1513 ille, N.C. Chandler, N.C. GROCE FUNERAL HOME, INC Phone Al 2-3535 Haywood Road Massey Ferguson Tractors 8a lm NEW HOLLAND Balers Se Field Harveste plements rs BLUE RIDGE TRACTOR 8. IMPLEMENT CO. 520 Haywood Road ASHEVILLE, NORTH CARO Phone Al 2-7574 CALL n H. P. or Bill Israel For Free Dei LINA onstration PEARCE YOUNG ANGEL CO. Service: Food Distributors Fresh, Frozen, Canned, Dried Asheville, N. C. SCHRAFFTS ON SALE AT GOOD STORES EVERYWHERE S1 00 S2 00 Lb Morgan Bros, Inc 67 Broadway Asheville N L Candy IS Dehclous Food ENJOY SOME EVER DAY hw W . 525 wH1TE,mNE DR. P56157 FRED 'NURS ES 24 HOURS' HW 42-di! m l J7 lE - aa , , -H . u - rl - v . n ,. 0 . . iii! f 1 1 L , , f ffi Y 'f- A-'fs--jo?,g'Lf3' ,-,gm 211' Wholesale Drstrrbutors -first, ' " ' ' ,, f 'fe' rf- ff' " -EFL Q I 'i A-f"' " 5 ' 1- 'Sn 1' . . .. L f' -'O nik' QF ,, . T: --f""" Q - , . . -I-u Y 'lr-v L Eg E ml. -f I . . ""' 'L . y 1 Compliments of C0mPlimef1f5 of A FRIEND A FRIEND Mountain Sonitorium 81 Hospital ond School of Nursing Fletcher, N. C. iiyi iooooi i V ,, c i s i s iii l iooii 4 ' iiiii ni, .1 f -,' i 'N- ' ,, ,"-' L 'A mw'm'MVww,z,mt5lQ,, ' iv, 5 , Vi "'i'i's5 ,,,Af'7f'i H' I 5 ' i ii Eiiiir. sifviw .f - if A 1 Q it... if M5 . ,wif " ' , .M 'W ' V :Nh ' ' K , ..- i Q .- if -H .gz- -f"""'v" 7' 'A if ' ' -g- . Medical ' you ' Dlploma Fully Accfedied by ' Surgical The Joint Commission School Of Nursing O11 Accreditation Obgteu-ical Hospitals Is State Accredited COMPUMCHU of Compliments of A FRIEND A FRIEND A UTOGRAPHS W A 4 ,ff J Q W ' gn x My Mmd, JSW jgwwwi' Ib St fy, X H ,sw Wa 'M W' Ov W' +I ., 1 fp W9 J Allin, Sheila 306 College Stl Kinston, N.C. Ambler, Sharon 1432 Shannonhous Charlotte, N.C. Ambrose, Lillian 2613 Jefferson Dr. Greenville, N.C. Anderson, Barbara 601 S. Best St. Goldsboro, N.C. Bates, Yvonne 26 Old Starnes Co Asheville, N.C. Bennett, David 109 Chestnut St. Asheville, N.C. Benson, Jack 307 Prince St. Georgetown, S.C. Black, Marilyn 2732 Park Ave. Wilmington, N.C. Bowdoin, Linda Rt. 1, Pierce Rd. College Park, Ga. Burris, Linda Jo Rt. 3, Box 312 Albemarle, N.C. Cain, Jimmie 490 Broughton St. Orangeburg, S.C. Carruth, Kathy Box 126 Landrum, S.C. Carter, Jerry P.O. Box 3612 Orlando, Fla. e Dr, V6 Rd. STUDENT ROSTER Caughron, Janie RI. 1 Maryville, Tenn. Chaney, Violet 107 Jefferson Des Moines, Iowa Chapman, Donna 1500 Mass, Ave. Washington, D.C. Clapp, Arnold P.O. Box 464 Thomasville, N.C. Clark, Sharon 804 Jackson Ave. Takoma Park, Md. Colburn, Shirley 216 Frances Marion Spartenburg, S.C. Cooper, Lawton 1523 Marley Dr. Columbia, S.C. Cotton, Eddie Rt. 1 Box 210 Hubert, N.C. Crabtree, Jimmy 38 36 Greenpoint Dr. Greensboro, N.C , Cruise, Bob 911 Flamingo Dr., S.W. Atlanta 11, Ga. Davis, Mary Ellen Box 1125 Collegedale, Tenn. Dickson, Carol Rt. 4 Waynesville, N.C. Dixon, Paull 4008 Vasconia Tampa, Fla. H2 Duckett, Harold 903 Walnut St. Alcoa, Tenn. England, Grace Rt. 6 Box 930-A Morganton, N,C, England, Lynda Rt. 6 Box 930-A Morganton, N.C. Ennis, Ronnie Rt. 1 Arwright Rd. Macon, Georgia Eunice, Dorothy Newton P.O. Box 92 Sarasota, Fla. Flynn, Larry Rt. 5 Box 93 New Bern, N.C. Ford, Led Rt. 4 Box 502-Y Brooksville, Fla. Frizzelle, Margaret Rt. 2 Box 317 Candler, N.C. Fulmer, Marianne Rt. 2 Marley Dr. Columbia, S.C. Garren, Robert 1125 Riverside Dr. Asheville, N.C. Gilbert, Sandra 301 Glenwood Rd. Greenville, S.C. Greene, Jim P.O. Box 4929 Atlanta 2, Ga. Grimes, Arthur Rt. 2 Candler, N.C. 34 Hardy, Tom cfo Mountain San. 85 Hosp. Fletcher, N.C. Harrison, Becky Rt. 1 Box 489 Columbia, S.C. Hines, Vicki 1216 N. Royai sr. Jackson, Tenn. Hoyle, Jerry 070 Broughton Hospital Morganton, N.C. Hughes, Sharryn 325 Hi Alta Ave. Asheville, N.C. Jansen, Linda 4 Cunniff Parkway Goodlettsville, Tenn. Jansen, Glenda 4 Cunniff Parkway Goodlettsville, Tenn. Johnson, Grace Rt. 1 Box 216 Manner Eld, N.C. Johnson, Tom 2908 South Main Winston-Salem, N.C. Jones, Bill 1519 Kanawha Turnpike South Charleston 3, W. Va Jones, Bonnie U70 Glen Coon Box 7 Roan Mt., Tenn. Kallam, Sylvia 2005 Coolby St. Greensboro, N.C. Keefe, Steve 1945 Marley Dr. Columbia, S.C. Koseruba, Mike Rt. 1, Box 161-A Castle Hayne, N.C. Lewis, Kathy 3446 Glenwood Rd. Decatur, Ga. List, Dennis 630 Salisbury St. Mocksville, N.C. Logan, Lloyd 720 Ellwood Dr. High Point, N.C. Massengill, Joan 507 Glenn St. Smithfield, N.C. Maudlin, Rita Rt. 2, Box 717 Maitland, Fla. MacAlpine, Jimmy Rt. 2 Candler, N.C. Miles, Patsy 2818 River Dr. Columbia, S.C. Moyers, Buddy Box 4 Graysville, Tenn. Morgan, Glenda Box 612 Hazelwood, N.C. Mundy, Edward 2 Salola St. Asheville, N.C. Mundy, Richard 2 Salola St. Asheville, N.C- McGowen, Diane 1809 Logie Ave. Charlotte, N.C. IIS McMillen, Mary P.O. Box 8022 Chattanooga, Tenn. McMullen, Ronald 1085 Moore St. Greenville, Tenn. Neidigh, Carol Rt. 20 Lobetti Rd. Knoxville, Tenn. Nutt, William Rt. 1 Roan Mt., Tenn. Oates, Cary 154 Sweeten Creek Rd Arden, N.C. Pacer, Linda 1517 S. 13 St. Wilmington, N.C. Paden, Charlene Rt. 2, Box 435 Maitland, Fla. Patsel, Joan 411 N. Green St. Morganton, N.C. Peck, Neil Rt. 1 Sweetwater, Tenn. Pitton, Leslie 1519 Crystal Rd. Charlotte, N.C. Platt, Don 1911 Marley Dr. Columbia, S.C. Platt, Ginger 2103 Marley Dr. Columbia, S.C. Platt, Nonie 2103 Marley Dr. Columbia, S.C. Powell, Lori 1951 Haywood Rd. Asheville, N.C. Reed, Carolyn 1623 Cromwell Court Charlotte, N.C, Robinson, Carolyn 3199 McAfee Rd. Decatur, Georgia Shoemaker, Ronnie Box 1089 Collegedale, Tenn. Simmons, Jim Rt. 3 Concord, Tenn. Singleton, Jeanette Box 1129 Ft. Pierce, Fla. Skinder, Becky 4 Sheridan Rd. Asheville, N.C. Sperry, Sharon 3559 Mayflower Ave. Memphis 12, Tenn. Spivey, Mary Jane Rt. 5 Griffin Rd. Monroe, N.C. Stafford, Patsy Lee Rt. 3, Box 219 Statesville, N.C. Stanley, David Box 2332 Greensboro, N.C. Steen, Claude Rt. 2, Box 251 Candler, N.C. Steen, David Rt. Box 251 Candler, N.C. Stevens, Linda 1631 Marley Dr. Columbia, S.C. Stone, Alton Rt. 1 Box 15-A Fayetteville, N.C. Stoney, Dianne 3 Lowndes Ave. Greenville, S.C. Sumaraga, Elmor 28 Holiday Circle Columbia, S.C. Swain, Carolyn 1061 Haywood Rd. Asheville, N.C. Testerman, Kenny Mt. Pisgah Academy Candler, N.C. Tetz, Clarisse Mt. Pisgah Academy Candler, N.C. Tetz, Lou Ann Lacombe, Alberta Canada Thompson, Dorothy 620 N. Elm St. Greensboro, N.C. Tollerton, Charlene 5736 West Main St. Mexico, N.Y. Tollerton, Wendell 5736 West Main St. Mexico, N.Y. Tripp, Glenda Rt. 1, Riverside Dr. Macon, Ga, Valentyne, Joe Mt. Pisgah Academy Candler, N.C. 114 Van Hoy, Gerald Rt. 3 Kernersville, N.C. Vollmer, Don 418 Old Haw Creek Rd. Asheville, N.C. Vollmer, Jimmy 418 Old Haw Creek Rd Asheville, N.C. Wade, George 3113 Bransford Rd. Augusta, Ga. Waller, Johnny Rt. 2, Box 317 Candler, N.C. Waters, Janice Dell 2614 Sunset Ave. Greenville, N.C. Wedel, Tom Mt. Pisgah Academy Candler, N.C. Welch, C,D. 842 White Oak Dr. Andmore, Charleston 4 Welch, Daisy 842 White Oak Dr. '7, S,C Andmore, Charleston 47, S.C. Whitley, Donnie Rt. 3, Box 219 Statesville, N.C. Williams, Sharon Rt. 3, Box 285-A . Statesville, N.C. -. 'I' Williams, Walton Rt. 4, Box 892 Rocky Mount, N.C. SMZJ Zewtfdf M4 WWMM M255 ,ff fjffiwww 100443 Anza, matte WMJWW JM fmwfgw' EJQQQ My JM, dw 7 M 1 1 M 74152 Roan Moun 1n, Tenn. ' Wolcott, Stanl Route 2, Box 110 Candler, N.C. Wood B111 201 E Kmg Avenue Orlando Fla Yates Jack1e P O Box 777 Fort Plerce Fla Yates JOS1 P.O. Box 777 Fort PICICC Fla Young, Gwen Route 10, Box 13.5 Bloomington Ind Zollbrecht Dav d Route 3 Bo 1 Goldsboro N C 5 if , cfm 7 Aff Qaeyf THE END 116 rnusv quALl1'vm WNQAWMW WM f51w1 pggfv M? fjgywigqwgy My -nn.. 1' X iw 'W AM, Q.'vswL 'A' n . ,fn Y Mad 1 ' 8 xx .

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Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 71

1962, pg 71

Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 105

1962, pg 105

Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 37

1962, pg 37

Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 93

1962, pg 93

Mount Pisgah Academy - Mountain Memories Yearbook (Candler, NC) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 37

1962, pg 37

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