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Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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4 1 ' N ' :,' PENN ALMA '80 Mount Penn High School Antictam School District Reacing, Pennsylvania THE CONSTRUCTION OF A SCHOOL The Foundation QAdrninistration, Faculty, Staffj Page 1O The Finished Product QThe Class of 19805 Page 24 The Framework fThe Class of 1981, 1982, 19835 Page 50 The Equipment fCurricu1un1j Page 62 The Unions fEXtracurricu1ar Activities Page 82 The Builders fAth1eticsj Page 98 TO sunt vourz ,ttf TASTE The Investors 'N I 25,5 P' fAdvertisingj .f ' 4 115' Page114 Lax-55 Dedication Mrs. fean Wittich The 1980 Penn Alma is dedicated to the memory of Jean E. Wittich. Mrs Wittich gave this school and its community many years of unselfish service. Both in the school office and as an actively involved citizen, she was an integral part of our lives. She will always be remembered with warmth and affection by all of us since our stay here was immeasurably enriched by her presence. 'K arf-fs .. The whole difference between con- struction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructedg but a thing created is loved before it exists. Q AI, , Mx t.,- ,. r :z1,.s,: .,:. if The reasonable man adapts himself to the worldg the unrea- sonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. George Bernard Shaw 3 2 2 7 -14 L? M H AM 'A' 4 5 fn, Ii ' E,- M L 1 E 'S 215151 lf' Pe, 1 , ma E ' 5, , N -',I'2 max i, 1-My , z vffifqf K V. ,,,i2:qx' YE' W.-, 'N I W ' Gif? 1. ' W f Z ,N NJ' I 3 5 , W J Xh,,6w. sw--gf M , 1 5 M if ' . , Q :fbi .my 4 E sf -Mew' W: N. 1 f-vfmj5,fF.?+-11-1 :M-25 ' A -vii f u r 4 , v if W ' I A gg A gif' Vw pw , ' f F' w ' ,fs bk? 5-,L 1 , V, S' .gf , .W ' A I 1- ,w ff 4 fhiff ' . J 1 rf' 212 N' ' 5 ' .Viv , 'Hey' v ' 4 ' V I 1 ., .' , JP" " 'FQ 4' NLF, mfg .1-.' A JP' A -' Q , -knr M ., f. ,J ' mg. ' j."- ,CIW-M,,k,, , K , ,,-staff -'JK' ji' ' 'Q' 1 ',,:-- ,.,Q2H91w5' ' . ff , q '. fQ,N'..'1 ,mg 1 Af Lfn.,,g f. . z:'f'wW,' H", ' ,-', , .w H- fi- ng,-, ,.-Af ,-.,f ' V W :I+ , 1 Q., .an ,, A, . xr ' ' ' 'ff' I f 'm wax .V V . V . ,, -Q ,, ,.f 2.1 ,wi K 5- 'ii ' -ir" 1. f, ,4 ' v .SVU ,nm MM . , im, ' WIHWVYFVW 14' A Ffsfww .wwf ge fl sf 45 1-.1 W 4.44, . X XX X X ,X ,Q 52 XX ,K Q X X f X ' " ' " 5 ' XXX iL1LMWH X,2,X2 XXXL-XXX M441 "54:,,-f " 1 ' THE FOU DATXO X X X X X EI XX X X I X 5 5 5 X X X X X 1 5 S 5 XX IX X X X X X X X 1 X 5 X X 2 2 5 X 5 X Q X S X X X X X X , X 5 5 X X X X X X X I X X K X X X X X 2 X X X X X X X 5 X X 55 2 XXX X 5 X555 5X5 5 X 5XX5 3 X X 5 5 X S X 5 5 Si gba HX' 5 55 5 X5 XX 55 XXI XVXXXXXX XXQXXEX XXXEXHX LX IL Ni 5 H 5 5 5 X 5 X :Mm 5:XXTfI-X1XX- we 'XXX-XX-XM, X1-'vwvrf-r XX X XX'-X X 'X X X X X , X X XX XX - X X X X XVFXXXXXEXXXXXE '5X1X5XX?X?'f???'5?f'2 ff? 2.5 55552 775755 WXTXXX: ' XXEIEXEVE 55 515i 5' X' 3' Xi? X XE XXX 55 X Xg X X5 X X E 5 X E X X XX XX H XX XX 5 X X'- X X XXXX. X X 5 X XX X, M XI. XX XX W X ,X X X:,:1N.W,': X X' - X' X " X X fr-an 53. "W" ,www - jwf-N, .'5- X- 'f i 5 I X I X. - 55 5 , 55 - ,5 55 5 BOARD OF SCHOOL DIRECTORS Mr. Woerle, Mrs. Cataldi, Dr. Darlington, Mr. Hill, Mr. Smith, Mr. DelRosso, Mrs. Kantor, Mr. Boland, Mr. Fox, Dr. Mila kofsky. Dr. Horace F. Darlinton, Jr. Superintendent of Schoolsg B.A., lVl.S., Ed.D.g Haverford College, Univer- sity of Pennsylvania, Temple University I fwzzzgm ',,357:R- iff. Mr. Jerald L. Rosenthal High School Principal: B.S.Ed.: Temple University, University of Penn- sylvania Mr. Nicholas J. DelRosso Ass't Superintendent for Business: BS. in Business Administration Mr. Frank A. Orlando Disciplinariang BS., M.A.g Ku tzlown State College Teachers Are People lt is sometimes difficult for a student, when seated in a class- room, to think of a teacher as being anything other than a teacher. But the person holding that grade book or writing on the blackboard does have a life out- side of school. Teachers do not wait with baited breath for Monday morn- ings nor do they feel disappoint- ment on "snow days." lf any- thing, they look forward to "TGlF,'7 Thank God it's Friday, with more zeal than the students. They do not enjoy grading papers, dealing out "F's', or giv- ing students a hard time. Teach- ers want, very much, for their students to succeed, to do well. Teachers do the best they know how and it's time we appreciated their efforts. I4 Mrs. J. Board Mrs. D. Cl Mr. M. L. Cauker Mr. C. Bartholomew Mrs. R. Auchter Mr. J. Taylor MF- P- A- Klinger Mrs. R. Barnett Mr. E. F. Brussman Mr. R. Becker Mr. L, Cox M , , .,x.... W, Y . Vi Mr' G' Choyka . H Z K .V V 5.5. Ay.. 1 , WQj7NT'W' , . ,k., ' ' . 1- f . Y 1: 'Jimi V ,ff .1 Miss J. Brobst Mr. W. Dengler Mrs. K. Fellman Mrs, G. Edsall Mr. R. Fegley. lr. Miss A. Geiger Mrs. R. Auchter Nursing, B.S., NLE., St. Josephs Hospital, West Chester State, 7 years at Mt. Penn. Mrs. R. Barnett BS. in Education: Bloomsburg State College, 7 years at Mt. Penn, F.S.A. Advisor, Dept. Chairperson. Mr. R. Becker BS., M.E.g Health and Phys. Ed., Penn State, 10 years at Mt. Penn. Miss J. Brobst BS., M.E.3 Penn State, Bloomsburg State, Marywood Col- lege, 12 years at Mt. Penng Science Dept. Chairperson. Mr. E. F. Brossman A.B.. M.A.g Albright College, Kutztown State Collegeg 8 years at Mt. Penn, Advisor to Yearbook. Mr. G. Choyka BS., M.E.g Bloomsburg State, 6 years at Mt. Penn, Head Basketball Coach. Mr. L. Cox A.A., BS., MS., lVl.Ed.: University of Wyoming, East Stroudsburg, Temple, Shippensburg State, 12 years at Mt. Penn. Mr. W. Dengler BS., M.A., M.A. 30, Kutztown State College, Paterson State College, University of Minnesota, Rutgers College, 8 years at Mt. Penn, Social Studies Dept. Head, J.V. Base- ball Coach. Mrs. G. Edsall BS. in Ed., MS.: Ohio University, Temple University, 20 years at Mt. Penn, French Club. Mr. R. Fegley, Jr. BS., M.Ed.g Kutztown State College, Golf, Bowling, llth Grade Advisor. Kathryn Fellman BS. at Bethany College: 8 years at Mt. Penn: Chorus. 17 Mrs. N. Haag B.S. in Bus. Ed., Master's in Library Scienceg Bucknell University, Kutztown State Collegeg 24 years at Mt. Penn. Mr. R. Haag B.S., M.A.3 Kutztown State College, Lehigh Universityg 22 years at Mt. Penn: Senior Class Commencement Speeches. Mr. R. Hamilton B.S., M.Ed.g Penn Stale University, Temple Universityg 23 years at Mt. Penng Chairman of Math Dept. Mr. Markley BChE, MChEg Cornell University. Mrs. D. Melpolder BS., M.Ed.g Kutztown State, West Chester State: 7 years at Mt. Penn. Mr. C. Messner B.S. in Bus. Ed.: Penn State University: 8 years at Mt. Penng Intermural Soccer. Varsity Soccer, Equip. Manager. Mr. J. Mieczkowski Assoc. Child Development. Bachelor Science - Special Ed.. 3 years at Mt. Penn: Special Ed. Teacher. Mr. S. Minter B.S.. MS. in Art Ed.. 8 years at Mt. Penng Art Teacher. Mr. Okuniewski B.S.g Penn State: 2 years at Mt. Penng Advisor of U.N. Clubg Industrial Arts Teacher. Mr. J. Ranck B.S.. M.S.g Millersville State. Univ. of South Dakotag 14- years at Mt. Penng Science Dept. I8 Mrs. N. Haag fi . b y ...ii .8 is :'-f ... is ig . Q - ' We . K e 4 W9 K . z.i5.::gwM:.MQ ,,,,,..E. .,.. .,5?g.,,.V,,,..,......, ..,,. . .,,. 3 ll R st X SN 1 V I at Mr. R. Haag Mr. R. Hamilton i f 2 1. mg, f 5 2 l.. ' ...B . Mr. Markley Mrs. D. Melpolder Mr. S. Okuniewski Mr. J. Mieczkowski 5 . 2 Y v S .-ag ,Q -Q Mr. C. Messner L tw Mr,-I,Rg1nqjk f fs,z.N,. . 135.5 sis. Mr. S. Minlvr Mr. K. Ruch Mr. J. Segro Mr. W. Stricklcr Mrs. D. S1-iling Mrs. Snyder 'WRX Miss N. Weaver Mr. R. F. Whvelc-r Mr. K. Rush BS. in Music' Ed.: Wx-sl Chvstcr Stale: 9 ycars at Mt Pm-nn: Marvhing Band, Stags- Band. Pep and Concert Band Mr. J. Segro B.S. in Ed., M.Erl.g Kulzlown Slate Collegv. Common wealth of Pa. Dept. of Ed.: 7 yvars at Mt. Penn. Mrs. D. Sailing B.S.g Svton Hill Coll:-gc-19 yvars at Ml. Penn. Mr. W. Slrickler BS.: M.Ed.1 Millersville Stats: Southttastern Olxlahoniai 20 yvars at Mt. Penn. Miss N. Weaver BA. in Home' Evoiiornicsg Albright College: 1 yPar at Ml. Pe-nn: Fivlfl Horkvy. Mr. R. F. Whveler BS.: East Strouclslrurg Slate' Colle-gv, Kulzlown Stall- Cul- lvgvg 16 yvars al Mt. Pvnng Sr. Class Advisor. 21 ,QS iw u::vuwEliiiEiLii:,g,23L,y W Sv gpg . 4 ,., y MM, .. ' V I Y W 9 '- g I 4 . .K K 5 ki 5 3- L' Q: is Z ' ' ' V YAW' S 5 ' Q' A .. M? 1 J H- x , W' X Rv .0 no 9 ZX SR fa 3 Hmm 7 .say 1 X ,,f. ,M X K' EX X. gf! 'L ., if XX. 3,53 X SS, ii 1 - '- , -X. E52 ,. f Q59 gm Q: i I -w 5 1 x ZX ' 3? X 2 Q LXX 95 Q , XEXX M E X Y ig! X, 3' QE 5 5 5,12 fi Lf 5? af H, X Xi fx S , K if K, g, 5 59 3 E ' Ei W SEX 5 41 S2 5 92 Ji SX 552 XJ ffm ,P X' ig 5 XE X5 xr E EEQQXEEZEX FEES 3:35, EEE Zi g 25? 5 a,X ii i X 2 f X55 5 XXX SSX iii 12 we fi .ke 5 Z X ,X J X 93 Legg ggi? jf? 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Q. ig. jf? 255 gg 52525, 5355 X 2392 135 53 Q! 22? jeff fi EXE X X2 s2:1f:X : WEE QU X gigi isa iX, g f? sgff X g 'MX' f 5 5 5222 E255 zen g ggi3::XzXE gi gg XQX QXEKX 2 X S af? 1 sz 3 2 S. 2 EX., W: J WWEX "vim: JI 5 ' 1 NXXQXMMH , 1. f x1 '5 ' ag ,X a XS, Xv Xgfgy i XX 5 1 3 H Xzggf is ighgz 555 55315 if 'X XXXX,,5 Xi 532 HX X 'xi XX if-X ' 33 :ff X352 s Qi ig? 3 J as 2 iz 5 ,.,:.-- F2 2? ii SE , 25 ,H V: 1 n , N :viii 5 Q? , ..,i F, 13,3 ig zg fm gs if EE in 5 I 4 J, A H, f K K ti. QL . Q ii? ,. fi' ,ffgfg I E Exifsfk ' Q in 5 212' W! fsifxi-X54 E525 gin 2, , ,qw 555,521 fifigi TQEE 'ggi is X - . . 1 pt. Ez? F ESE E V E 2 2 --ww. . iw, 2 4 - K 'ff sg . 4 2 5 s5x'j1 w k S ggi as EE L Z 21 Si . . Kg, , EW g A 9 ,iii 3 gs my if 3 wi 7 252, S 632,213 E? EFS 5 iw :.,,g .5-as E 3, E 2? few , Q 5 2 f si Q Q X 5 sg Q XSQ 23,5 RE N w e gi 'PW fn 2556? -- i - .... fm sf Wig Q 'XL + ig W 132 is gig, 1 gs 4 fm ff' - ife , M3 bgzizi -' gfisgap ifi 21 fn ,,f .E . . X I 1 if j ggi Qs? Eg? if jeg? 5,1 - H . x f E 25,2 ., n s, X L, ,Q v ::,,, 32 55212 an 5, L -32 5 if Eggyi -Z - :Ei 5 , ' mm , sgkgg 52 wrt siigiii , SEQ? any , ' M, Z 2 figs 5535 5:33552 : H E 21552535 ,t . S , , qi 3 sz 55 ,. K ,- Q 'ig fi, if Z .. gi 1 ,E vi - 5, 5:53 ,, gif? 2 Eg ' is ir? gg i ? iii ? 5 , ., 2 wi gs sg gif ', PM Sig ggi 33551 E532 if gigsifims 5955 if : .,3 , msg. 22 N21 J, wer: if WH, .2 ff. 5? iii- 2555- 2353 giggislgwi g5ifAi555f55'?!5 2252 E, vii raw 2 Egg Sewmgf 53533555 , 2 Q auge r 2 ik K J' 5, Q50 . ., ,Q 5 , . , ma, . 5 . f . ff: az,-az.. V 1 as ,k:::Z,,.-' 4,-. ,f ms, .11 if - -,455 THE 25 53 Ei 'Ziff , . mm f, i 5255? i ii l 2, ga E3 xiii 32' Q 5 H E 5 x Se 5 E FE Si 'f 2, FU its 2 2223 ? E55 3 5 gi S5 gg 25255 5 Q , 5355 23 Qi E ii T5-mf, gif as . . gig .Jiri A QM ? . ":"' "': z Q iff: ,fi - 1 S K E 5 is : Q -E S U51 if ei , L 61 in can is , ,EE : 115 f :- 5 gigemfsf K5 gf ,af 5 5 Viz, 1 25 55, .ea 431 , : ii i ,Q f 3 g A K f 1 . FINISHED PRODUCT ' 1' R K 3 A Y ' 3 W i M 5 .- Kgs VH "iw" wwf if s " 'rv Him :Em S E W 1 34'3 ,v 2 5 "" " --,W U. 5 s ig n V --:nmm,: 4 .a . 5,18 E 5 rl ,,Q y,f,, , , gf E , Jf f 11N ?f ," ' 1 Na.. M 1 5 A 4 ..,... ...,,,.....,..,... L ,,,. agen . eg ,JMX 1525 - -- U .,::, :Ei ,, 3 , U 3 . j s ' 1 ,:, ::'5 z ::"" ,ri Q W gg wg E 'QESQ3 gg gf 2 Sis is f Ms 2 . IE K? ! .ig . ' 'f 2 'iii 26 SS 92 155 if N 44 X 3 . 1 1 V Q E 5 Q 2 i s I HEIDI J AYNE SCHOEN JAN LYN MUNDELL "Heidi" "Jan" President Vice-President Future Plans: College, Journalism! Psychology Future Plans: College, Secretary Academic Business MARY FRANCES FORD RENAF, ELLEN GROSS "Mary" "Renae" Treasurer Secretary Future Plans: College, Accounting Future Plans.: College, Advertising Academic Academic EMILIA MARIE AN DRASCIK LAURIE JAN APGAR "Mel" "Laurie" Future Plans: Nursing School Future Plans: Biologist Academic Academic JANET EILEEN BATES ROBERT JOHN BERGER "J t" "B b" Future Plans: College me Future Plans: Undecidgd Academic Academic LORI VICTORIA BARTLE "Lori'l Future Plans: Dental Technology Academic PAMELA SUZANNE BERSTLER HPHHIN Future Plans: College, Medicine or Interna- tional Law Academic CRAIG ERIC BINKLEY ERIC FRANKLIN BOARDER MELLISA ANN BOTH "Bink" "Bo" Eulurc Plans: Raving in California Future Plans: College Avzirlr-mir' Academic "lVIellisa" Future Plans: Art School, Travel with Rusty Acailuniic KIRK PAUL CAMPFIELD COLLEEN CAROL CLARK "Kirk" "Colleen" Future Plans: Skid Row Future Plans: Business Administration Avadvmic Academic ELIZABETH JEAN CLOUSER vfBelhn Future Plans: College, Law Enforcement Academic DRU DEFREES REN C. DEFREES BAMBI-LYNN ANN MARIE DELP "Drupy" "Berly'l "Bam-Bam" Future Plans: Civil Engineer Future Plans: Undecided Future Plans: Job, Children, Be Happy Academic Academic Academic SUSAN BETH DENBY MARY ELLEN DOGANES MARK ALAN ECKEL "Sue" "Mary" "Parker" Future Plans: Commercial Art Future Plans: Flight Attendant Future Plans: College Academic Business Academic V JAMES BRADLEY ENNIS "Pooh" Future Plans: College Academic CAROLINE EILEEN FLAMIVI "Caroline" Future Plans: College, Business Administra- tion Academic ROBIN RAE ESSIG "Robin" DANIEL ADAM FAUST Future Plans: College, Horticulture and Ani- "Dan" mal Husbandry Future Plans: College, Computer Technology Academic Academic ISIDOROS FRANGAKIS LISA JOAN FREDERICK "I " "F d" Future Plans: College, Elilsiness Future Plans: Undecidleiii Vo'Tech Academic DEAN DONALD FRYMOYER RICHARD E. FRITZ "Dino" "Fritz" Future Plans: Colorado, Work Academic est Silkscreen Factory Academic DAVE GASSER DAVID CHARLES HAMILTON "Cos" "Spooner" Future Plans: Undecided Future Plans: College Academic Academic Future Plans: College, Own the World's Larg- CHERYL ANN GARDECKI "Dizz" "Gardeck" Future Plans: Modeling, Fashion Design and Illustration Business SARAH JANE HARSHAW "Sarah" Future Plans: Undecided Academic JAMES DEAN HARTLINE "Jim" STEVEN DAVID HEFFNER ROBERT GEORGE HEIM Future Plans: Part owner of fathers business "Heli" "Bob" Accountant Future Plans: College Future Plans: College Academic Academic Academic STEVEN GLENN HOLLENBACH ROBIN ANN HUMMEL BETTY JEAN JACOBSON "St xc" "R b" "BJ" Future Plans: Music Jglucatiun and Pro. Jazz Future Plans: College, Xccountant Future Plans: College P f cr ormcr Academic Academic Acarlcxnim' DEBRA ANN JIMSKI "Deb" KAREN LYNN KAUFFMAN ROBERT A. KERSHNER Future Plans: Personnel Director, Business "Karen" "Fonzie" Manager Future Plans: College, Work Future Plans: Master Electrician Academic Academic V0-Tech DEBRA RENEE KIEBACH RENA ANN KISCADDEN ADAM GILL LEIFER "Deb" "Reefer" "Adam" Future Plans: College, "Pharniac:y" Future Plans: College, Travel Future Plans: College, Business Administra Acaderniv Academic tion Academic KYLE .IUSTINE LORAH AN NETTE LEE MARRELLA CYNTHIA LOUISE MARTIN ,.-V, NMOHO., ..Neme,, Ncindyq, Future Plans: Hairdresser, Marriage Future Plans: Nursing Future Plans: Computers Business, Bryland School Academic Academic 9 NOELE ANN MAZZO RAMONA MICHELLE CHRISTINE RUTH MCLAUGHLIN "Nos-le" "Chris" Fulurc Plans: College "Mona" Futura: Plans: College, Social Work Acadvlnic Fulurc Plans: Nursing Academic V0-Tech LORAH BETH MCLEAN "Beth" Future Plans: College, Drama Arademiv CECILIA MAE MILLER "Sis" Future Plans: Work Atrademit' CORI LIN IVIEEK "Cor" Future Plans: Raise and breed worms with Shaun Cassidy Academic DREW JOHN MONAHAN "Pix" "LcMan" Future Plans: Meteorology, Oceanography Academic DAVID DANIEL MIECZKOWSKI "Moose Future Plans: College Academic ALLEN CURTIS MOSER "Moz Future Plans: College Academic JEFFREY ALLEN NEWCOMER ROBIN LEE POOLE STACY LYNN READINGER f.Newy,, ffBird,, uspacyu Future Plans: Electrical Engineer Future Plans: Going into business Future Plans: Beautician, Move to California Vo-Tech Academic Vo-Tech Q CYNTHIA ANN RISHEILL PAMELA JEAN RYAN RONDA R. SAFT "Cindy" "Pam" "Ronda" Future Plans: Undecided Future Plans: Cosmetology Future Plans: Photographer Academic, Business Academic Vo-Tech PETER R. SANDY TAMI LYNN SCHERRER "Pete" "Tami" Future Plans: College, then who knows Future Plans: Work Academic Vo-Tech ELISA KAY SCHWARTZ "Elisa" Future Plans: Actress Academic PAULINE RUTH SEIDEL LISA ELAINE SEITZ "Paulinc" "Lisa" Futurc Plans: Secretary Future Plans: Hairdresser Business Voffech LINDA DIANE SHEFTER "Lindy" Future Plans: Beauty School Vo-Tech MARGARET LYNN SHIELDS EVE ROBIN SINGER MICHAEL W. SNIDER "Peggy" "Evie" "Dulu"' Future Plans: College Future Plans: College Future Plans: Vo-Tech Avarlemic' Aeademie Academic I L DAVID SCQT SPENGLER LISA RAE SPOHN MICHAEL SCOTT SWAVELY Dave "Lisa,' "Le Cone" Future Plans: College, Law Seliool Future Plans: Art School ' Future Plans: College Al'E1ClC'Il'lll' Academic, Business Academic THOMAS MITCHELL WALCK LORRAINE LEE WALLS "Tom" "Lori" Future Plans: College Future Plans: College Vo-Tech, Academic Academic It I 9 JOHN RAYMOND WESTCOTI' SCOTT ARTHUR WITTICH "Wess" "Mit" "Buck" Future Plans: College Future Plans: Law Enforcement Academic Academic LINDA MARIE WERNER "Linda" Future Plans: Undecided Vo-Tech GREG BRENSINGER ucregn Future Plans: Undecided Vo-Tech ??:fffs14f fn 1 ,,,, 1 V " . "". ' W 3 "V + sg my-.. f ig Q 1 My -V gf W 'Z .4 " ,I I v ,W , ,.,... , , H L , f , if 14 ,R J ,, , ' Z v fm 1 1, Q 2 J f f f , fr Wi 44 WW f ,wry 1 H 12 QM fe , ws -,:z:,.,22--wr-x-11-F: ,L . ...,, , A. . i:,:i?w im: I , 414 .nv gg W5 5 s ,, ,, , ,,,,,,,, ,,,, W I f 3 5 Q. 2 :5fl' , 'e A I MX' f , f L A 5 , -f Q.. V U . . ,Q fix ,, ,:,i,n,, I -W, mfgzf I X . ,,kL ,, 44 EMILIA MARIE ANDRASCIK: 820 Byram Street. Memories: the gang, crashin' at Hiedi's, the Hut. April 6. Pit. cheer camp. Bio and Mad Libs, Why not'f. K.M. Cheerleading 12: Tennis 11. 12: Y-teens 11. 12: French Club 12. LAURIE JAN APGAR: 617 Pt-nndale Avenue. Memories: C.J.H.. "pitch- ing woo". table fairies. Georgetown lespecially' '78t. Thursday night. run- ning to chemistry, G.G.J., pigging out in G.A.. pseudo-intellects. 10-361. "Take advantage of their state of confusion. Aunt Jane talks. T.T. Drama Club 9: Chorus 9. 10: French Club 9. 10. 11 ltreasurerl, 12: UN Club 9, 10 lsecrctaryj. 11 lsecretaryl. 12 ftreasurcrl: Science Club 11 lsecretaryi. 12: Newspaper 9, 11. 12: Girls Leader Corps 9, 10. 11, 12: Bowling 10: Hockey 10. 11. 12: Volleyball 11. 12. JOHN DOUGLAS ALEXANDER: 30 Woodland Avenue. Memories: Pass- ing out the books in 10th grade English. studying for a Mr. Dengler U.S. History test in 9th grade in cafeteria in S,H., Statistics and Probability class in 12th grade. Bowling 10. 11. 12: French Club 10. LORI VICTORIA BARTLE: 809 Penndale Avenue. Memories: Ocean City. MD. Cruisin' in Nadt-r's boat. KMart parties. concerts, all those guys, Raga Muffin. Great times at skating. H's Lounge. Mooning. Mickey Dee's. 16th party. Donuts. C flutter. High Street. B. Berger in Mr. Bross- man's class. Y-teens 10. 11. 12: Girls Leader Corps 9. 10. 11, 12: French Club 9. 10. 11. 12, .JANET EILEEN BATES: 914 N. 26th Street. Memories: Pat. "Rocky"', E.P.P.H.. Hiesters. The L.C.. Jan. 29. 1979. The Blue Ford. The Chef. Chicagof. The Bus Stop. Bowling 9. 11. 12: Y-teens 12: German Club 12. ROBERT JOHN BERGER: RD 1-T4-. Box 221A. Lewis Road. Memories: 1st floor lav.. L. Bartle in Brossman's class. Lunch time activities. BAK, always thinking of getting out. PAMELA SUZANNE BERSTLER: 209 Endlich Avenue. Memories: 0-36, take advantage of their state of confusion. NAIMUN 79 - roll over and go to sleep. floor fairies. jocular. two by fours, daisies vs. roses, you are what you eat. low profile. UN Club Vice President 9. 10. 11, 12: Varsity Field Hockey 10. 11, 12: Varsity Volleyball 11, 12: Y-teens 10. 11, 12: Chorus 9. 10: Drama Club 9: Penn Post 9. 11. 12: Science Club 12: French Club 9. 10, 11. 12: Student Forum 11. 12: Student Council 12: Pres. Classroom for Young Americans 11: Junior Achievement 10, 11. 12. CRAIG ERIC BRINKLEY: 500 Carsonia Avenue. Memories: Porch Monkics. games in the halls. chin scratches. Fat Dean's birthday party. being a Redneck. 2 weeks for pooh. eraser battles. Afee battles, MUD nominations. JV Baseball 9. 10. 11: Varsity Baseball 12. ERIC FRANKLIN BOARDER: 11 Cornell Street. Memories: Mountain gigs. caving. winning Junior-Senior football game in 78. Berly's base- ment. the i ine. JV Baseball 9. 10: Varsity Baseball 12. MELLISA ANN BOTH: 24-32A Fairview Avenue. Memories: Biology "Trips". French Follies. Rusty's homeruns. the eggman. Room 5. the Hut. tliscoing' in Art class. Mad Libs. King Frost Parade. GREG BRENSINGER: 850 Carsonia Avenue KIRK PAUL CAMPFIELD: 2544 Grant Street. Memories: The Jocks, Cruisin' in the Capri. The cars. "shattered curse". Geraniums, Landon Ale House. Cresse Ave.. Meek's Sewing Room, Golf, Destructo. "Milly's Pizza", Maple, Beanies. Tulpehocken locker room. Football 9: Track 9: Baseball 10: Soccer 10. 11. 12: Basketball 9, 10, 11. 12. COLLEEN CAROL CLARK: 118 Emerald Avenue. Memories: The Hut. "The gang", bummin' out at Heidi's, cruisin' in the square and the Boat, Oct. 14, NEXTI, Oh-Mandy. Sweet 16, gurby. tremendous, Tennis. cheer- leading, P-A-B. Tennis 10. 11. 12: JV Cheerleading 9, 10 lcaptainj: Var- sity Cheerleading 11, 12 lcaptainl: FTA 9, 10. 11 lsecretaryl. 12: Y-teens 9, 10. 11, 12: GLC 9. 10 ltreasurerj, 11, 12 fpresidentj: Pep Club 9, 10. 11, 12: Student Council 10, 11. 12 lsecretaryl: Manager Varsity Baseball 10. 11, 12: Sophomore Class Secretary. ELIZABETH JEAN CLOUSER: 100 Harvey Avenue. Memories: Down on the farm, same time next week. "the gang", cruisin' in the square and the Boat, bummin' out at Heidi's, gurby. OH Mandyl, tremendousl, P.A.B. Field Hockey 9, 10: Softball 9: Basketball 9. 10. 11, 12: Student Council 10, 11 lstore managerj, 12 lpresidentj: French Club 10. 11, 12: FTA 10, 11 lpresidentl. 12: NHS 11. 12 lvice-presidentl: Chorus 9, 10, 11: Penn Alma 12 fBusiness Managerj: GLC 10, 11, 12 lvice-presidentl: Y-teens 10. 11, 12. DRU DEFREES: 602 N. 25th Street. Memories: Mountain gigs, Winning the Junior-Senior Football game in 78. Porch Monkies. Beverages. JV Baseball 10. REN C. DEFREES: 602 N. 25th Street. Memories: Leaving this school. Mountain gigs, Junior-Senior Football 78. BAMB1-LYNN ANN MARIE DELP: 2252 Fairview Avenue, Apt. H. Memories: July 28. 1979. Va. beach. Chris Delp. "Freak", Germany. 'Snagglepussi' went to the Art room to read "Puss in Boots". "the Boat". 18th St. cruisin'. SUSAN BETH DENBY: 806 Byram Street. Memories: Anne's going away party. Stone's concert, farm gigs. "the mill". "rolling VW's", Port Clin- ton, hitting Peggyfs freezer, "lagutrop". Biology field trips. disco dancing in Art class. 9th grade. the mincholc. King Frost Parade, "lunch" at Melli- sa s. MARY ELLEN DOGANES: 516 N. 25th Street. Memories: "Charellis' "Little Phil", "Freddie Fudpuckersn. "Putt-Putt" Truck, Joe at Mickey- D's. Hiesters, Jr.'s, Monday night concerts, Virginia's "Boys in the Trees", drinks on Perkiomen, Pizza Hut sodas. MARK ALAN ECKEL: 5 Alsace Court. Memories: Summer of 78, gera- niums. "The Dub". Cresse Ave., Herbie the watermelon. Jock gigs, Tower, School House. Maple. Joe. Cars, House Hoppin. Golf. Chicken Noodle. Tennis 9, 10. 11. 12: Basketball 10, 11. 12. JAMES BRADLEY ENNIS: 110 Mayer Street. Memories: Mountain Gigs, caving. Fats Estate. gamini. Storm. Pit. D.O.. Smoke Inns. Ike'in, Trout Seasons. Old Fort. ROBIN RAE ESSIG: 3 Park Street. Memories: Mickey D's. Mooned, Bip- per. Shore. 16th Birthday. Metalloid. Swing on it. The Big K. Football Games. The Good Times, The Lounge, Hey Foxyl. BUZZ. Tennis 9. 10: U.N. 9: French Club 9, 10, 12: German Club 10: Y-teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Pep Cltib 9: FSA 11. 12: Jump Rope-A-Thon 12. DANIEL ADAM FAUST: 616 N. 25th Street. Memories: Summer of '78, The Cars, Joe Jackson, Tom Petty, Shore '79, The Line, "Maple", Parties at Moser's. Golf, Giggin, Shattered. Basketball 9. 10. 11, 12. CAROLINE EILEEN FLAMM: 913 Penndale Avenue. Memories: Weav- erlown Gang, Pints and Liters, Beanies 8, Meek Freaks, All my friends, Loy'ingJ.B., The Hut. Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12 fco-captainl: Hockey 10: FSA 9, 10: GLC 9, 10, 11: Y-teens 9. 10. 11, 12: Student Council 9: Pep Club 9. 10, 11. 12. MARY FRANCES FORD: 506 N. 25th Street. Memories: Down on the farm, March 24. Cruisin' in the square and the 'boat'. same time next week, winning the division '79, Hut. Bummin' out at Heidi's, N-E-X-Tl, NOK. Hair. 1-2-3 Craml. Love ya, Field Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12 fcaptainj: Bowling 9, 10. 11, 12: Student Couneil 9. 12: Class Treasurer 11, 12: Y- teens 11. 12 lviee-presidentl: ETA 10. 11: NHS 11. 12 Qtreasurerj: School Board Representative 12. ISIDORO FRANGAKIS: 2701 Orchard Lane. Memories: Roaming the Halls. Working on Mr. Orlando's ear. Pesting the office staff. LISA JOAN FREDERICK: 218 CF RD2r4. Memories: "Snagglepuss went to the art room. to read 'Puss n Boots'." "MGB on the railroad," "Zoo," "Beanies Eight." "Jocks," "Weavertown Gang," "Pork's towel raekf' "Summer of '78." "Cars," "Mr, Camaro." "Cheryl's up on Christ- men Road once againlu, "Lunch," "SJHCG." Softball 10: Tennis 9, 10: Basketball 9. 10: UN 9: Student Couneil 11: French Club 9, 10: Y-teens 10. 11. 12: Girls Leader Corps 9, 10.11. RICHARD E. FRITZ: 1107 Friedensburg Road. Memories: Cabin, girls. Wood shop with Hummel. Watching women in the halls, Cruising for girls. DEAN DONALD FRYMOYER: 2640 Perkiomen Avenue. Memories: Eraser battles with Basically' Choyka, Auditorium battles, M.V.P.'s with Mr. Beeker, Berlie's Inn, The lake. The line. Forged late passes. Partaking to the heyerages, K and J, The Ukranian hunts. Midyear rowdiness, End of the year rowdiness and rowdiness all year long. Bowling 9, 10, 11, 12: Neyaspaper12. CHERYL ANN GARDECKI: 538 N. 25th Street. Memories: Jock parties, LF and SH, Christman Road - spotting deer. "OH, noi", "What the are you doing'?". The Hut, Porkeris house at lunch. "Mint", Semi-Weaver- loxiner. "Cars'i. "Those potatoes came all the way from Idaho just so you eould eat lhemln Y-leens11. 12: FSA 11.12. DAVID GASSER: 501 Hill Avenue. Memories: Cruisin' the cycle, Wood- shop corner. O.P.H.. The barn, The old fort. The eourts. The dam. RENAE ELLEN GROSS: 2602 Park Street. Memories: Lunches at the Hut, Albright, The Chase. Bruee 4-B. Eyes. That's a nice song, summer of "T9i'. The gang, Special people make special friends, Parties, Seniors. JV Cheerleading 9: Varsity' Cheerleading 10: Tennis 11: Y-teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Pep Club 9. 10. 11, 12: Penn Post 12: Penn Alma 12: F.T.A. 9, 10, 11, 12: Usherette 10:51-1-ri-tary of Senior Class: Prom Committee 11,12. DAVID CHARLES HAMILTON: 2801 Filbert Avenue. Memories: Golf 9, 10, 11, 12: Basketball Mgr. 9, 10: Basketball Announcer 10, 11. 12: JV Baseball 9: Varsity Baseball 10, 11, 12: Cheerleader 11. SARAH JANE HARSHAW: RD 417053 Schoeffer's Road. Memories: Weavertown, Beanies Eight, The Bomb, Summer of '78, J. Jackson and T. Petty, Lunch buddies, C.G.L.F., S.A.S., Bummer Kirk, 229 N. 25th Street, The Jocks. Y-teens 11, 12. JAMES DEAN HARTLINE: 104 Mayer Street. Memories: Accounting, Parts of car getting robbed, Being with Louise, Getting Grounded. Bowling 10, 11: Volleyball 11. STEVEN DAVID HEFFNER: 814 Penndale Avenue. Memories: Trips to "Bird Hill", Onion soup, B.B., "Smitty", Clarky, Earning a B.S. at Cun- nius College, Fun with the Frau show. Science Club 11: Rifle Club 11: Newspaper 11, 12. ROBERT GEORGE HEIM: 2606 Hollywood Court. Memories: Getting flooded out at the waterhole, U.P.A., New Year's Eve 1978. Grant Street, Wildwood, Mr. Ruch. Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12: Band 9, 10, 11, 12: Bowling 9. STEVEN GLENN HOLLENBACH: 1425 Friedensburg Road. Memories: Drum Corps with Mr. Brossman. Band 9. 10, 11, 12: County Band 11, 12: Basketball JV 9, 10: Boy's Leader Corps 10, 11, 12: Volleyball 11, 12. ROBIN ANN HUMMEL: 404 N. 25th Street. Memories: The day we ate the three large pizzas at the Hut, The Oley bum, Josephine Jock pills, Driving up the wrong way on a one way street, There's a doggy on the road, Running through schools at night, Ebutz holes in the field, Helen Gardiner, Nerb. French Club-10, 11. 12: Colorguard Captain 11, 12: Y- teens 11, 12: Prom Committee Chairman 11, 12: FSA 12: Penn Alma 12: Carnival Committee Chairman 12: Pep Club 11, 12. BETTY JEAN JACOBSON: 520 N. 26th Street. Memories: Slick, Tripp, Biology. Trips, North Carolina, Buggyin', Dead, Full moon, You're groundedl, A field, lst party. Softball 10. 11: Penn Alma 12: French Club 11, 12. DEBRA ANN JIMSKI: 18 Park Lane. Memories: When I couldn't stop laughing in biology over Parkay margarine, Making Robin go the wrong way on a one way street, White-water rafting on the Lehigh, Great Adven- ture, Chesapeake retreat, Standing on top of Charlie's car at the races, Rocky Horror, Ka-a-aren-n-n and Be-e-eth and the class of '80. French Club 10, 11, 12: Science Club 9, 10. 11: German Club 10, 12: Prom Com- mittee Chairman 11, 12. KAREN LYNN KAUFFMAN: 604 Carsonia Avenue. Memories: "We ate three large pizzasn, Summers of '78 and '79, Mike and all the good times I have with him, Going "shopping" at the mall with Tami, "Hi, Cutiel", Going to St. Peters Village in the Cougar X-R7 with Dave, Tami, and Scott, All my great friends who made these memories possible - Beth, Pauline, Tami, Robin, Mary, Lisa and the rest of the great class of '80. German Club 10, 12: FSA 11, 12: Penn Alma 12: Prom committee Chair- man 11, 12: Chorus 9, 10. ROBERT A. KERSHNER: 201 Mayer Street. Memories: Wild lunch times, Being late to school, Knocking off, Getting in trouble. ADAM GILL LEIFER: 906 N. 26th Street. Memories: TRIVET: 8, DEBRA RENEE KIEBACH: 2113 Fairview Avenue. Memories: "Gurby on toothpicksu, Pizza Italia. concerts. "St. Matthews Dances". Summer of '75 and East Reading Gang, "The Zoo and the Hut", Friends, Orange Camaro, Munehing out on the bus to games, "Party Van", "Home Away From Home", "Mickey Dee's". "Crnisin' Everywhere". "All that partying and much more to come." French Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Leader Corps 9, 10, 11: Basketball 9, 10, 11, 121 Softball 10. 11, 12: Chorus 9, 10. RENA ANN KISCADDEN: 207 Taft Avenue. Memories: My '79 Camaro, Rambling Raft Race. Tripps, Chester the Molester, Concerts, Gigs, MG on the Railroad tracks, The shore, High times, Cruisin', Alcohol, Finally Graduating! FSA 11: Volleyball 11. 12. Nathan's, Georgetown. Number "11i'. Lacoste, M8LM's, Fashion Show. UN Club 10. 11, 12: AV and Stage Crew 10, 11, 12: French Club 11, 12: German Club 10, 12: Penn Post 11, 12: Penn Alma 11, 12: Golf 9, 10, 11, 12: Tennis 9. KYLE JUSTINE LORAH: 2801 Prospect Street. Memories: June 21, 1978, Freak, Hews u fink u am anyways, Mrs. C., The three Musketeers, Canada. 9th grade and Mr. Melody. All my friends I met at MPHS. Cheer- leading 9, 10: Y-teens 9, 10. 11. 12: FTA 9: FSA 11, 12 ftreasurerj: Hockey 9, 10: Pep Club 9, 10: German Club 10: French Club 10. ANNETTE LEE MARRELLA: 412 Carsonia Avenue. Memories: Scott: 4 foot 6: The music room, That's a long drivel, Moving Again!?l, Sawed off, Trouble with "Ms. Precious". "Brevity", Prom and class trip, Guess what. Janetl'fl French Club 10, 12: Science Club 10. CYNTHIA LOUISE MARTIN: 6 Alsace Court. Memories: The unknown Phillie's Fanatic. Baseball. Well. everybody has their little quirks, Topton, Kutztown, Brew 'n' Burger. The Massage Parlor, Mr. Hamilton's "Words of Wisdom". Lunch with the Chorus in the Mall, Lost in Reading, Gerry News. UN Club 9. 10. 11. 12: Chorus 9. 10, 11, 12: County Chorus 9, 10, 12: District Chorus 2nd Place 12: Band 9. 10, 11, 12: JA 10. NOELE ANN MAZZO: 823 N. 26th Street. Memories: "Cheeringl", PB's, Dancing. Modeling, Stoned Harbor. "The Hut", Junior Miss Pageant, Ice Skating. New York Trips. Heidi - "Is he gorgeous!" Dirty Athletic socks, Throwing class rings, Bully Lions, Taping the sky lights before the pep rally. Flat tires, THANKS CORI. CARN and little sissy, PANDYII Cheer- leading 9,10. 11, 12: CPR 12. Y-teens 9.10, 11, 12: Chorus 9: MP Junior Miss 1980: French Club 9, 10. 11-fvice-presidentl, 12: Yearbook 11: Pep Club 9. 10. 11. 12: Student Council 9. 10. 11. RAMONA MICHELLE McCORMlCK: 223 Friedensburg Road. Memo- ries: L.M. and L.C.'s fire in the Chem. Lab, Wheelchair and Litter racesl, Summer parties at 223, KANSAS '79, Coach Nagle and the bus rides, .Josephine Jock pills. YES '78, Thank you - Donna and Leel, The Boyer- town Gangl. Mrs. Dee and VT friends. Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12: Softball 10. 12: Chorus 9: French Club 10. 11. 12: V.l.C.A. 10. 11, 12: H.O.S.A. 12 fseeretaryl. CHRISTINE RUTH MeLAUGHLlN: 919 N. 25th Street. Memories: "The gang", Cruisin' in the "square" and the "boat", The Hut. Bummin' out at Heidiis, NEXTI, Oh, Mandy. Sweet Sixteen Weekend crashes fpizza any- one?t. Gurby, Tremendous. Ten nis. Frnace. "the Escape", Special friends I've shared these memories with . . . Thanks. Y-teens 9, 10, 11, 12 fpresi- dentl: Tennis 11, 12: FTA 9. 10. 11 fviee-presidentl, 12: Pep Club 9, 10, 11 fyiee-presidentl. 12: Student Council 9, 10, 11, 12: Manager of Hockey 9: French Club 9, 10. 11. 12. LORAH BETH MCLEAN: 944 Friedensburg Road. Memories: "L. Beth", No, it's L-O-R-A-H, Beware of one car headed lights, Hi Cutiel. Meg, Mary Beth, Rod, "Ardee, Effie, Semmie", Godspell 1979 BST. Drama Club 9, 10: Prom Committee Chairman 11, 12: Y-teens 9, 10, 11, 12: FSA 11, 12: Band Front - Rifle 12: Penn Alma 11, 12 feditorj: Chorus 9: German Club 10, 12 fpresidentj: Jump-A-Thon 12: CPR 12. CORI LIN MEEK: 904 N. 26th Street. Memories: Weavertown, pints and liters, Beanies eight with tottle, Donald poked Edith twith a matchj, Times at 229 . . . and Dale's cream filled donuts, Sherlock and Watson, LCM and SJH, Lin and Jane, Crudity runs . . . The ink in my pen, My 17th B'day and Peg's 17th B'day with the big pink Jay's, Thanks Pam. Caroling. and Noele for just being you, Love to little sis Carney, Buddy Bink, Edith, and my best lettle T.T.T. - I'l.G. in de, woild . . . Sue. Basketball 10, 11, 12: Y-teens 10, 11, 12: Softball 10. 11: Hockey 11: German Club 11: Leader Corps 12: Junior Class Secretary 11: Pep Club 10, 11. 12. DAVID DANIEL MIECZKOWSKI: 24-07 Perkiomen Avenue. Memories: Benny Hill, Monty Python, Chin scratching, MVP, Eraser battles, Basi- cally Choyka, Gaming. Basketball 10, 11, 12. CECILIA MAE MILLER: 256 Friedenshurg Road. Memories: Playing Football, Oley bum. Arner's, Kcn's Graduation Party, Mt. Penn, "The Zoo", Mr. Messner classes. Colorguard 11, Committee 11, 12: French Club 11, 12: FSA 12: Y-teens 11 12: Senior Carnival President. Pizza Hut, Moving to 12: Prom Basketball STACEY ANN MILLER: 2028 Haie Court. Memories: "Do you wanna go party?", Mystique, "Later", R. and W. and G. and A., Nichols Rip Off, "Bird", Week in Puerto Rico, "Scott", My office. P's cheeks, Meatball sand. wfcheese, Stranded in the sticks. Basketball 10: Y-teens 10, 11, 12: "Zoo" 10. 11, 12. DREW JOHN MONAHAN: 22 Hilbert Court. Memories: Bross' Home- room, Highlands, V and SP. The Barn, Mt. Gigs, The Farm fNew Year's '78 especiallyl, Mid-year rowdiness, Basically Choyka feraser battlesj, M.V.P., Chin scratches, MFTF, Minter's art classes lespecially 10th grade - oil paintingj, Trout Season. Fat's Estate, Spelunking, The Old Fort, R.D.D. West Chester, Smoke-In D.C.. '79 New Year's Eve . . . "Where was ll". JV Baseball 10, 11: Varsity Baseball 12. ALLEN CURTIS MOSER: 34-0 Carsonia Avenue. Memories: The jocks, Maple, The shore, Cars, The dub, Shattered, Giggirf, Summer of '78, Her- bie, House hoppers, Busted. Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12: Leader Corps 9, 10, 11: Tennis 10, -11, 12: Basketball 10: Class Treasurer 10. JAN LYN MUNDELL: 2526 Fairview Avenue. Memories: Cruising in the square and the boat, crashing at I-Ieidi's, Large milks. Special talks with special friends. Weekend crashes fpizza anyone?l, Same time next week f3l, Ellen Gardiner, The Hut, The Escape, The gang, Nerb, MY FRIENDS . . . THE BEST. Class Vice-President 10. 11, 12: Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12 fsecretaryj: Pep Club 9, 10, 11. 12: FSA 11, 12 fpresidentjg FTA 10, 11 fvice-presidentj, 12: French Club 12. JEFFERY ALLEN NEWCOMER: Memories: Mountain Gigs. Smoke Inns, Fat's Estate, Trout seasons, Cavin'. Gamin', D.O., Winning of Jun- iors over Seniors "78", Ike'in. JV Baseball 10. ROBIN LEE POOLE: 54-7 Friedensburg Road. Memories: Spacey and Joey, Ace, "Club Mystique", "Myrtle", "Klevy Woman", S, R. V, and the Cop, "EECHIES". "Do you wanna go party?". "Me will always pity my lzudfly. " Basketball 9, 10: French Club 9. 10, 11, 12: Softball 10: Y-Teens 9. 10. 11. STACY LYNN READINGER: 39 Aldine Avenue. Memories: Port Clin- ton, Graduating this year, Carsonia Ave., Steve. Concerts. Summertime, Led Zeppelin. VICA 12. CYNTHIA ANN RISHEILL: 108 S. 20th Street. Memories: Glenn, Snag- glepuss' Art Room, E.P.P.H.. The LC. Rocky, Prom '79, The Blue Ford, March 31st, French Club 9, 10. 11 lpresidentl, 12: Y-teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Hockey 10, 11: Bowling 11, 12. PAMELA JEAN RYAN: 2816 Filbert Axenue. Memories: George, Weav- ertoyxn, Beanies 8, 4 in the "Z", The Hut. Basketball Games, All My Friends, Pints and liters. Meek Freaks, "Buzz". Y-teens 9, 10, 11, 12: Leader Corps 9, 10, 11. 12: Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12: GLC Treasurer 11: Pep Club 9, 10, 11. 12: Student Council 10. 12 lsecretaryl: FTA 9, 10. 11. RONDA R. SAFT: 908 Penndale Avenue. Memories: Summer of "77", The Mill. Boseov's picnic, Carsonia Ave., Archery range, Rolling VW's, Phil. concerts, S.R.P.S.S.D., Port Clinton. PETER R. SANDY: 807 N. 25th Street. Watching Hinnershitz drive down Carsonia Ave. doing 35 m.p.h. in rexerse, Steve Pacifico's going away party, Missing Deb C., Who is John Bard?, The night Jen and I missed the 7 o'eloek show of Sgt. Pepper, Re:-:isting Hermfs arrest attempts. 9th gradeis ehorus fthe bestj, Senior year's got to be the max., "the Cars" con- troversy, Do they or don't they? Climbing the walls at lunch, Lunch time al the musie room. Soeeer 9, 10. 11, 12: Tennis 9, 10, 11, 12: Volleyball 11, 12: Drama Club 10: Band 9, 10: Chorus 9,10.11,12:JV Basketball 5 min. of 10th. TAMI LYNN SCHERRER: 632 N. 25th Street. Memories: Scott and Tom. Josephine jock pills, Summer of '78, Lizard Lips, Witches house, The line. Going to the Mall with Karen. The eirele. Parties. Ted Nuggent, At-rosmiih.VICA12. HEIDI JAYNE SCHOEN: 104- Harvey Axenue. Memories: "The Gangv, Bummouts at my house, The Hut, Cruisin' in the "square" and the "boat", 1-2-3 eram. Weekend crashes lpizza anyone?l, France, "The Escape". Class President 10, 11, 12: Tennis 9. 10. 11, 12: National Honor Society 11. 12 lseeretaryl: FTA 11, 12: French Club 9, 10, 11, 12: Y- teens 10, 11, 12 ttreasurerl: Student Council 9. 10. 11 lstore managerl, 12 lstore manage-rl: Varsity Cheerleading 12: Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12. ELISA KAY SCHWARTZ: 121 Oak Lane. Memories: I'M GETTING OUTl Drama Clul19, 10: Chorus 10: Y-Teens 9. 10. 12: UN Club 9: Band,10.11, 12: Cheerleading 11. PAULINE RUTH SEIDEL: 1005 Carsonia Avenue. Memories: "Beware of one car-headed lights". Grape Ape. Chiarellisi. Rosi O,Crady's, Little bottles on Perkiomen, "Ardee, Effie, Semmieu, Brigintine Castle, Drinks al the Hut, Putt-Putt Truck. LISA ELAINE SEITZ: 900 N. 26th Street. Memories: P.D., J.J. pills, Walking home from sehool, Gym classes, Tommy, The lav in between elasses, Partying and graduation parties. The Tower, Sweet Williams. VICA10.11.12. LINDA DIANE SHEFTER: 211 Oak Lanc. Memories: Sitting on the steps, Hotel California, Feb. 4-, 1976, McDoodle's, Art class, Bust-Sept. 4-, 1978, Water battles at Vo-Tech, History classes with Ramona 9-12, Seg- ro's class, the Zoo '78, Flip out night, Non prom party, State Show in Philly '77. Bowling 9, 10, 11, 12: Y-teens 9: VICA 10, 11, 12 lsection leaderj: French Club 9. MARGARET LYNN SHIELDS: 306 High Street. Memories: 17th B'day Party", Hitting the freezer, Farm, Norway"', Eek and Meek, N. Carolina, Buggyinw, Tull", Dead", Philly Folk Fest. Volleyball 11, 12: Student Council 12. EVE ROBIN SINGER: 201 Emerald Avenue. Memories: The Gang, Crui- sin' in the square and the boat, Bummin' at Heidi's, The Hut, Gurby and tremendous, The 'escape', Canit, I have gymnastics, Thanks to all the great friends I had the privilege to share these memories with. Cheerlead- ing 10, 12: Student Council 11, 12: Hockey 12 lcaptainl: French Club 9, 10: Gymnastics 9, 10, 11, 12: FTA 10, 11, 12: Y-teens 9, 10, 11, 12. MICHAEL SNIDER: 605 Carsonia Avenue. Memories: Mountain Gigs, "Smoke In's", Berley's basement, The Vine, Porch Monkies. Varsity Base- ball 11, 12. DAVID SCOT SPENGLER: 921 Brighton Avenue. Memories: George- town, Lunch, Educational experiences, Habeus corpus. Deutschland uber alles. UN Club 9, 10, 11, 12 lpresidentj: Penn Alma 11, 12: AV!Stage Crew 11, 12: Drama Club 9: German Club 10, 12: French Club 10. 11. LISA RAE SPOHN: 1704- Friedcnsburg Road. Memories: Drinks on Perk- iomen, Drinks at the Hut, Pa-didly, Virginian monsters, White mercurys, fast ball passers, Painting yourself. MICHAEL SCOTT SWAVELY: 13 Lake Street. Memories: Eraser battles, Chem. II "Mad Scientistu, weekends are max., Bertie's, "My Sharonau, "Unit", Le Bush, Le Monsieur, Awpl, Boss Boat, Later Dude. Rifle Corps 10. THOMAS MITCHELL WALCK: 850 Carsonia Avenue F208. Memories My Boat, Mr. I'Iamilton's "Words of Wisdomn, Taeks, Cream Smoothies, Lunch with Smith and Clark, Vo-Tech, K.C. VICA 11. LORRAINE LEE WALLS: 914 N. 26th Street. Memories: E.P.P.H., Rocky. The L.C., Prom '79, M.A.I.G. and The Bus Stop, The Blue Ford, Hiesters, The Music Man, Let's Book. Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12: Y-teens 10, 11, 12: Bowling 11: German Club 12: Penn Alma 11, 12. LINDA MARIE WERNER: 2204 Perdiomen Avenue. Memories: Stand- ing on the corner, bus rides out to Vo-Tech. JOHN RAYMOND WESTCOTT: 819 N. 25th Street. Memories: The Barn, Highlands, The Farm, Caving, Winning Junior-Senior football game '78-'79, Eraser throwing, M.V.P. JV Basketball 9. SCOTT ARTHUR WITTICH: 921 N. 25th Street. 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D1-lurk. B. Clay. K. Daulrirh, R. ,lam-olrson Bottom Row - S. Clousr-r, C. Ball-mine-. B. Bonnlu. B. Frvvcllnan. D. Bastian Top Picturvz CLASS OFFICERS - L1-fl ro righl 4 Rachel Javobson, Cheryl Kie- lmuvll. Missy Yergcfr. Micrhvllc Novak l l F w 1 E' i. vw - ---u-fm N1 ..- 52 + Top Row - G. Miller, D. Oberhauser, C. Nissle-y, M. Kunkel. D. Hin- ncrshitz, K. Kroialur Sc-rond Row - P. Mazzo. P. Knahh, D. McCaw, M. Mali-vki, C. Meek, H. Max Third Row - K. Ramsey, M. Novak, C. Kiebach, J. Katsiagnis, S. Rffnshaw. D. Readinger Bottom Row 7 P. Kantor, C. Miller, T. Koch, J. Oswald, S. Palm Center Left Picture: Mr. Fegely and his followers. Bottom Left Picture: Watch out, David Evans is coming through! Bottom Right Picture: Denise Bastian and Carin Meek 53 - Top Row -- M. Sweit- zer, F. Zaboden, D. Woerle, K. Seidel. W. Woods, B. Scheuring Second Row - J. Scherrer. K. Swcesy, J. Weiss, L. Patterson, P. Tasco, L. Rutt Third Row - T. Siedel, K. Sherman. M. Yerger, S. Romich, L. Spatz, K. Weinberger. R. Vogt Bot- tom Row W N. Slutsky, J. Reisig, T. Schreiber, P. 0'Brien, S. Schickler Bottom Left Picture: Scott Palm trying to figure out what to do with this weird machine. Bottom Right Picture: Joanne Katsi- gianis takes a drink from the fountain of youth. 54 , ...qv . ak., Y' ' if 5 U EWS wg SOPHO- MORES CLASS OFFICERS 4 Top Row - V. Seyfcrt. T. Eckvl Bottom Row - D. Seitz, L. Svhocn -- Top Row - R. Cvrlsvmvr. D. Goldslvin. R. Crow, M. Fishvr, M, Cvtlis, P. Dunklvbvrgvr. P. Boyur Sm-cond Row - K. Dvlurk. B. Edmonds. S. Backer, M. Clousvr, K. Boylv, D. Dvishvr, T. Bavr Third Row -T. Carroll, P. Ford. S. Adams. L. Chlv- buwski, S. Clay, T. Boyle, S. Adams Bottom Row 7 D. Fromulh. R. Fvglvy, T. Evkvl. P. Dr-nunzio, B. Brs-nsing:-r 55 - Top Row - R. Heffner, D. Mock, C. Hinnershitz, E. Nordhoy, J. Jarvis Second Row - K. Overley, P. Knoblauch, S. Hauck, L. Knorr, T. Kowolski, D. Manin, L. Kalback Third Row - S. Miller, M. Grabowski, M. Mervine, A. Kane, L. Haier, K. Hartz, B. Hanline Bottom Row - H. Lcvan, M. Motzc, M. Lorah, E. Haas, D. Moliatu, J. Nissley, T. Karahalias Top Left Picture: Jody Schwartz takes a break from a hard day's work. Top Right Picture: Betsy Shields gives a pinch of advice. 56 7 Top Row 7 S. Sandt, J. Slope-ski, K. Spatx, J. Woods, R. Riugvr, J. Poolv, D. Svitz. M. WfxiSS Svvond Row 7 S. Riss- millvr. K. Painlvr, K. Svhnadvr. B. Ricard, H. Stoss, K. Walk1'r Third Row 7 S. Wagnvr. J. Svhwartz, B. Shit-tds. L. Sf'ho1'n. D. Shvftvr. V. Svyfvrt, K. Wovrlv Bottom Row 7 D. Stvnauagv, M.Tol1ias, D. Shvftvr, R. Rvlrf-r, C. Quaintanlw' Bottom Picture: Announving the winner of tht- All-American Smile: David She-ftcvrl 57 FRESHMEN 1 Top Row - A. Anas- tasiadis, H. Bowers, K. Berstler, L. Guido, T. Curry Second Row - L. Fetteroff, T. Eckle, J. Bard, L. Ganas, R. Graffius. C. German, M. Faust Third Row - T. Alexander, G. Freeman. L. Freeze, D. Eckenroth. L. Grim, S. Clouser, A. D'Agistino Fourth Row - M. Curry. K. Boarder, G. Clark. J. Ford, R. Denby, A. Berger, S. Fricker Bottom Picture: What did you say I should do with these sticks? 58 HOMEROOM 303 - Top Row - R. Miller, T. O'Reilly, L. McMullen, L. Hafetz, A. Knorr Second Row - S. Mell, T. Hill, G. Readinger. K. Koch, C. Hyman. B. Long Third Row - D. Har- tinstein, S. Kisling, C. Horst. M. O'Brien, P. Horn- ing. M. Palm, E. Mcitrott Fourth Row - J. Max, E. Kantor, J. Jacobson, M. Martin. E. Himmelber- gcr, D. Ravel Top Left Picture: M. Palm is in the spot- light. Top Right Picture: D. Yoder loves munching outl 59 Top Row - S. Werherholtz, K. Spiese, K. Seidel, V. Rubrighl, R. Sweigarl, S. Seilz, J. Thomas, P. Yoder Second Row - L. Slutsky, A. Smith, R. Rishell, S. Stevens, D. Yoder, M. Schrope Third Row - Tobias, A. Seidel, K. Zuher, C. Ryan, T. Walker, K. Szurgot, C. Seidel Fourth Row - D. Reisl, W. Thomas, J. Schnee, S. Sternburg, K. Shearer Top Picture: Hey man, what's happen- ing? i 60 'E aw.. , abil- Q gif: 4 g L L M -Ex: Ei 1 + f fn v 1 Q .,.,N THE EQ IPMENT N-Wd' 'ANI ALPHAB21' IKVIEW I Underneath cash ihcribalxd lctiex write 't lunghfmd if .,,. V... X mugimw. 1- 21.1 jg gl, W meaning. j , s...f' -..Jar , 3 at may 0 .. OM WRAQ ' Mp . , ,ug . Q., no cm on f, Muff f""'x -, , . - , ,, J? BRIEF P03313 I Trargscribe the correct meaning. of each brief form that is writ' ten in shorthand in lim foiiuwing sentences. Current xrcmserkpx Cc er: trorrcnpf i Iteceived A leiter, b XXCQV 5 I x...f' safe you soon, 1,04 A 8 Ithink ,-1 are wrong. ' ? Im W skate. no . 4 fgdve him 1 check. hifi: 8 Thu! 1 tcmbad. ., KVULUTION URILX-S I In the spaces pruviduci, write the cormct shorthand Bfmir i act Q -ing., -r QAVN a pm-A Q, -, m -in -'cf iw' 31 S' gn , f 38 QV' F F X P ,t f ,Q 1 if f X 'R' Q U il 5 ' K o 2 fa X 1 r W iw Yu L 5 Mig' w xx I Q S b QR f Q wr , P Q to Q 33" as arf: 5 ' 5 wx -W 'L MJ f N' - 7 -w f 1 X 2 Hs : gomg horns. , B Lon ,1 me skate? 350 . af? QPU f at ,R ix in A 95: Nw Sw Q in W f , A MA W 3 Q f , gf' S UWA' ' if s , W K Ai-3 N 31-X' R? Am Jf S g 1, N in M W I nm .EA A Q, my 'f "" my ' MW' Em' The imaginative artwork exhibited at this yearns Open House received much comment. It was evident that for a small school, Mt, Penn possesses a great deal of talent. Along with the new Home Economics teacher, Miss Weaver. the studies have been geared more academically. The chorus and hand concerts. held in Decemher and May, brought much acclaim to our school. ,r .. Q.. ff -a f... , ,, .. ,ts . X 4. -1 a. . Y ff. Q as is ,f:."4.1', ' ii' .-- - - ' ff it r Ez, K . . is . I ' Eiise - -.igi irsf ,ai JE-2 f . 52 55.5.26 fi. f, . . 1 W .,,, J ,nz Vflfflf ' Y vflifi V r'-""'vM-:xvf -""""+x Nfl ff? A ....-. , xx-P--'xffxfamgyffggs .V an 5, www., I HAD A DREAM AiA QAA A A . W A DAY IN THE LIFE A wide variety of business courses was offered this year. They ranged from Mr. Messner's Accounting, Consumer Economics, and Business Math to Mrs. Barnetfs shorthand and typing classes. The office- type work area helps students gain insights into the real business world. As in the past, students have obtained skills which helped them get better jobs after grad uation. QAZHS , if ,. J N if Us o E5 Q' We 0 I t N T q ll W' Fundamentals were once again stressed in this year's English classes. The 9th grade classes spent the entire year studying grammar and vocabulary. The 10th, llth, and 12th grade classes studied literature in addition to gram- mar and vocabulary. Although some significant "mini- courses" were dropped, the Department feels the changes are for the better. One addition is the 9th grade reading course taught by Mr. Segro. Q I 1 1 wlr man w -nr 10 W7 ,,,,. , K f -nv ,..y,,,.....- L .,. ,.., , , C TWICE TOLD TAL E S Q WICE TO TALE A22 I E J : HATJYTHCWYSE mmyzmwaz. 5. E uawwmzm A52 TVVIC E TOLD TALES T A22 TOLD TALES We i T 8 TWICE A25 701319 M555 DLD TALES LET IT BE OVER THE HILLS AND FAR AWAY The Foreign Language Department was expanded this year with the arrival of Mrs. Guido. Now students can choose to study German, French, and Spanish. The annual dinners were held and once again a success. Some students took advantage of the trips to Germany and France. They all felt the trip greatly benefitted them. The increased number of students continuing their lan- guage studies is encouraging to all the teachers. The excellence of our Math Department was displayed again this year when it was discovered that our students had the highest average math scores on the Scholastic Achievement Tests.- Dr. Hill, of Albright College, taught the second semester of Calculus to ten seniors. The curriculum is one which begins in the Middle School and continues in more depth at the High School. Although this is a long and tedious proc- ess, it has given our students a big head start in college. mfs: "1 ffff fff72:"H-'ef' 12,-I-'if '.' - - -w - - --'- -- -- .I ,L We I "r'e - - rrcc ..., ,I ,W ,,,,, WM QV, ..:w,.,,-.tiif1-:5' :- fit' Sui" - T - -- - . - - ' - e,-,,,gz,r.g2wfsz ee -2 . t - "" Vs g ' 1. - 'll' t 'H 1- ' Wg,1tr1:5?:5g32i11 . t xx. X X wwe be 5- ' 25 P7720 ,f ,,Z,Qi'h .::11l'i."fi" . gf? . in ...... . .. R . gg: E ' :wal 11. ,... . A sssve: of A A if g if g Q-,Q Q. an h,,. t,.t , ammwamr.- i ,,w,..... -- .... .,,, ,W .. ,Q -, -' M t. tt... . tt.. . I W, V fflj "iii mM"m W' ""i"i i Wiliam' 'W K A Q-: Lg-Si gQ I .9 : 'j - 4 1 - .... .. .r... i t M . ,,,, .L QE- ' I ' 'i ,z , ,- .,,,- muff fe -as-itzr1:fw11vf1'f'ii "'- ,, ,,.r. .. ,KKVVV .,,,,,,,, 72 X.- x. 1 x if . -. xx I R X t X , sy-- Qilx X K X , 'Q Q 1, '--"iff !',s " 459225-153 1- 1 ' ut. 12 -E' -- 32: 3 :: .sf-swfww , ,...,f.. is--:...Ws MW, X fi .P-ffl N iw K QQ K K 2 W Nl' -1 -- --'-:'.rrr'-'r--fr- ,11--1 st t "KEN 2. ' LONG AND WINDING ROAD HERE COMES THE SUN i 'xiii 1'f f wxkblimk., A new look was given to our Science Department as Mr. Markley replaced Miss Luckenbach, who was on a sabbati- cal leave. The Nuclear Science class took several trips to monitor levels of radioactivity and saw an actual reactor at Penn State. The advanced Biology classes have taken several trips to strengthen the understanding of their rela- tionship with the environment. Mr. Ranck's chemistry classes have emphasized labs to authenticate what was being taught. A major change took place in the Social Studies Depart- ment. "Problems of Dernoc'rac'y". a combination of sociol- ogy, er'onomic's, and government was made mandatory for all seniors, This was set up with hopes that graduating sen- iors will he more aware of problems that faee the world today. ln relation with this Course, seniors also had the opportunity to attend juvenile eourt hearings. A wide variety of mini-eourses was offered so students vould study what they found most interesting. L.. HUMAN HIGHWAY THE TIMES THEY ARE NCHANGI . N s X fsjiffu -Y x Q 2. - .7 Mifgsw 1 I 1 ,,,' Btwn... F NM 'ggfwiiii Another welcome addition to our school was the new cafeteria. Serving 2 entrees, soup, salad, vegetable, and dessert, it proved to be a useful fand inexpensivel convenience for both students and faculty. 80 T z F 2 M 81 + :: f --...-f...- --nf: X L- A V wif V' ' ' X ' m A M1 A gf : 3-':'a..i:',.f f:'.f !'.. A :XJ 1 -...mP.f'as:::asm aan? 1 !.E:'.Ef.f?Ei:aa1Sgsaamsius .K.3.E-TEE..:EEEEE155..:55'..'55s.55':..:55..i5 :Hi 5: 5 , H . RNA mmm 5, A ,ga am Q m g. ,gn 1. .- an . . S... ,E ,Q ,. f Q 1 A- ' A Q X--- A 1 A .- ' A H - f ggg sse mggiaqggw .mAfS5lgQfgf5,+QggQ?'gQ5ggLggg5g?.E P'zw9a:.:.ggH,AQQAEQQQWSQQAYAAWEKQQQQEQKHQQE .WSWS Bmwa,:m..wa..Es:sg Sg. g ,.. .1 .sgifxwssaii fi? 2 "W - ' . 2'E:: .. s.sEm'g?H WWE-'H M93 . . A. f Y- --.lswffwswfwfsmfiwwfsm Nw Nw Q aww my fm. X: H ,wma Q 12' Q, 53 e-13 5. .. 9,5312 5915113556521-gif. fifxisugigessfxmg1fmgQ5B5,..fSwm wisgsximn 1a:H2af??51mffQ3ka,gsm1mgg3affgm mmm, WSWSQNEHQ ... H.. ::-...wa Q. .. -... ... .. .2 5- .. ..- ...view 5... -::m:::1-'::aa.:a. .a..-... A V K wffwsszffsm mQ..swf?'wfvs 95 Q-s Q5 f wWs w EW Hg, Q5 f . QQKTEMS Ss?5xw2?Q3?-sgfffg? L2fWr'?'QEgeH2ii5iii55r52?6wLMai"5'9?Si?Qi65S'SE LNHESEQHQHQQRQ Q XE 7 E33iw,gag5eXAx.Qg25P5QaQa zaH?sEaQ WW L EE ggia gggigg W, 2 HES? 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AX - ., EZH SW f ...FH Maw .SW 52596, 52992 M252 QS S2 WEE 7-25, 49522 AW f wm'Mm?'i? fe QKQEQEQKSAEQK VARY, Qwgiiavk flifiiggw ..gfs QQ,g 1 W, ,i - W5 Qi Lgmgwgggigg H-Afii A H Agggwwfisgiegxgixviwi!A-We-wifaQwgwggwm?ggggg?5sA,5nwA- mg-aww -VQQSAQQWQE E sQ si5wE.1fQ7gg. H ' Ei Q35 Q F z . A .AH . ...W ,fn .Lua 14 nd rm J. fm if 485 M. W r rv f 4,5 may is Ark wnpjiuijv uw ,yfm nr .. 5 . yi i ' 2, SE 'QS KEEPING US INFORMED . . Penn Post PENN - S. Heffner, L. Apgar, D. Keebach, Mr. Haag Qadvisorj, R. Gross. D. Frymoyer dgggvm 12 ,N 34' Left: B. McLean, D. Spengler, B. Clouser, B. Jacobson. Bottom: PENN ALMA STAFF - Seated - R. Hummel, P. Seidel. B. McLean, D. Spengler, B. Jacobson, R. Gross Standing: C. Balen- tine, Mr. Brossman fadvisorj, J. Scherrer. L. Walls. B. Clouser. A. Lexfer M H f .. 1.1 , V W .. is? ' gf . . . . , . ,. . ... . . ......., .. .... . ,,,, V : - rm.: ,, im- lf waa:-1-.- . - .sw f N.- 41 , -RX. . .-. X-... V 11:1 11..:ss.f':v,,..f: Mayen' F " .egg : " . - k . - A N. . . 'L " "'- . t - . . ...., Q' gi . - 'J W' ' f - f . , -L . ,q ' .. . K- A , .5 . 2. - ' ' -' - ,F '- - i'?,-:fmf ' :if551'fl?ifff5f2iil.,lr SFTQEE 1 " . . ?- e.. ik " if ' . N f v -SJ N F -A . ' J J' ' , " - ' , MJ 'THF-5557" " S f. 7:,f511'555'3::,rEE'-gjrgiififflffifw Eififfiefegii'5fVf:5::u:, S''119f.l,iE:m:,:255":.'iffy? 'flzhxf K- Iggy , ?f'f'g 5 A . 5. i EMORIE 1 THE MAKING PENN A MA 85 FACING THE FUTURE QFSA-FTAj Top Right: FTA MEMBERS - Top Row - B. Clouser, K. Overly, L. Chle- bowski, D. Deturk. L. Spatz, A. Frangakis Second Row - J. Mundell, C. Mclaughlin C. Clark, J. Katsigannis, K. Weinberger. .l. Cawes, S. Clouser Third Row: K. Zuber, R Cross, E. Singer, H. Schoen, P. Ford, J. Thomas, M. Mervine, Mrs. Edsall ladvisorj S. Romich Bottom Row: T. Walker, S. Resheill, K. Walker, T. Karahalisas, M. Gra bowski, A. Kane, S, Stevens, P. Horning, K. Ramsey. CCIIICI' L6fl2 - Back Row - Mrs. Barnett ladvisorl, J Mundell, K. Lorah, C. Gardecki, S. Clouser, R. Essig, R. Hummel, B. Mclean, J. Sher- rer, C. Balcntine, C. Meek, K. Hartman. P. Seidel Front Row - C. Miller, D. Bastian B. Clay 86 C6I1l6I' Right: - M. Ford. H. Schovn, Mrs. Haag Qadvisorj. L. Apgar, B. Clouscr. BOUOTTIZ - Top Row - A. Leifvr, B. Bonda. B. Friedman Second Row - E. Himmclberger. A. Smith, L. Freeze, C. Marlin. C. M1-vk, P. Berstvr, D. Spangler. L. Apgar. D. Shefter, L. Chlvbowski, E. Kantor. B. Thomas Third Row 7 J, Max, B. Long, L. Camas, P. Hurning, M. Srhrope, C. Hyman, T. Alvxandf-r, G. Clark. D. Yodcr. J. Schnvv Bottom Row - C. Horst. M. 0,BI'if'Il. K. 0N'PFlf'y', D. Shegler, V. Seyfvrl, S. Stevens. J. Kisling. M. Palm. D. Hartenstinv, K. Bf-rstler R KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS 87 LIFE'S SWEET UNS . .. . Qii Li: T :: : - Top Row 7 M. M1-rxim-. A. Kam: R. Rf-gc-r. M. Fish:-r. A. Fran- 2I11lilb.,l,C2lH'S. D.Slu'flvr. K. Walla-r. R. lavobson. K. Sh:-rman. B. Clay. J. Kalsi- giunnia. D. Marlin Si-mnrl Rim 1 C. Boylv. S. Clay. K. Svhnadvr. H. Lf-van. A Nlillvr. S. Anlumh. T. Hill. P. Forsl. L. Spulz. M. Yvrgf-r. K. Rains:-y. M. Nowak. T Kilfdllhllldh. L. Clilolnmslgi Bottom Rim 7 M, Palm. L. Fr:-Q-lr. A. Smith. B. Long ,l. Kifling. K. Szurgot. T. Wullwr. K. Zulwr. B.Mvitro1l.Cimly Marlin. P. Sandy 88 BAND: Top row: D. Evans, D. Marlin, K. Shearer, M. Weiss M. Fisher, B. Heim, D. Shefter, S. Hollenboch, L. Fetteroff, R Craffius, M. Elvin, T. Koch Middle row: A. Ermold, C. Mar tin, S. Adam, K. Walker, E. Schartz, T. Hill, T. Alexander, K Szurgol, B. Meitrott, J. Caves, L. Spatz, Bottom row: J. Schnee G. Clark, L. Rutl, R. Jacobson, M. Yerger, L. Freeze, M. Palm B. Long and J. Jacobson 521 gf .JY .UI , . I I 'r 153 5' X is ' V X li cf O 1 9 1 xl., REFLECTUDNS YOUTH STUDENT COUNCHJ Top: Top Row - R. Jacobson, M. Nowak. M. Yvrger, G. Clark, K. Boarder, D. Yodvr, T. Er-kcl. P. Knoblauch Middle' Row - D. Shelter, S. Adam, D. Hamilton, A. Frangakis, C. K4-obach, T. Koch, D. Dfflurk, H. Shoon Bottom Row 4 C. McLaughlin, V. S1-ylcrl, P. Shifilds, C. Clark, M. Ford. P. Bersllrr, B. Clouser Center Left: Typical crew in tho afternoon study hall. Comer Right: Student council officers. Right: K. Campfield sludying??? 90 1 C , 3 Cf-JUICY' Right: BLC 7 Top Row 7 S. Wittivh, T. Kovh, T. Barr, S. Hollvnlmavli, Mr. Bockvr fadvisorl Middle- Row 7 M. Faust. C. Millvr. K. Campfivld, P. Knal1b.T, Bowf-rs Bottom Row 7 C. Cffrman, S. Moll. T. Shri-ilwr, M. Wm-iss Bottom: 7 Top Row 7 L. Apgvr. L. Barllr-, B. Clnusi-r. C. Clark. P. Ryan Second Row 71. Katsigiannis, M. Ye-rgvr, R. Javobson. M. Nowak, K. Rarnsr-y, L. Spatz Third Row 7 T. Karahalias, K. Boylv. A. Kano, S. Rishi-ill, T. Boylv Bottom Row 7 D. Yoder, A. Seidel, P. Hill. K. Magill, L. Hal:-tz Missing 7 C. Monk, C. Balentinf' LEADERS IN THE MAKING BLC-GLC 91 gf ' s 2 A CREW - Standing - A. Leifer, D. Spengler Kneeling - B. Frirdman, B. Bonda Q SCIENCE CLUB - Steve Heffner, Laurie Apgar, Pam Bertstler, Tony Biscanti, Neil Slutsky, Miss Brobst fadvisorj HAD HAD O 0 0 mm ....- ,-W-Nm. .... . ..,. .. Top: - Top Row - C. Rishcill, L. Walls, E. Singer, J, Mundell, M. Ford, C. McLaughlin, E. Clouser, C. Clark, C. Gardccki, L. Frederick, H. Schoen, R. Gross, S. Harshaw. C. Meek, N. Mazzo, C. Flamm, S. Miller, P. Ryan Middle Row - K. Lorah, J. Bates, P. Seidel, R. Hummel, B. McLean, P. Berstler, D. Hafetz, K. Sher- man, H. Max, D. De-Turk, L. Bartle, R. Essig, E. Schwartz Bottom Row - K. Wein- berger, J. Kalsigiannis, A. Frangakis, D. Bastian, K. DeTurck, P. Mazzo, C. Kiebach, K. Dautrich. M. Yerger, M. Nowak, K. Ramsey, R. Jacobson, L. Spalz iddle L1 ft To Row T Bo le A Miller S Risheill K Ovvrly H Stoss D M.r:p'-.y,..,. ,..,. ,. Mosialu, H. Rick, D. Shelter, L. Schoen, V. Scyfert, S. Adam, L. Chlebowski, P. Ford, M. Crabowski. K. Schnader Middlft Row - D. Eckenroth, D. Hartenstine, M. Clnuscr. M. Palm, J. Schnec, K. Bersllt-r, J. Kisling, L. Ganas, A. Smith, S. Stevens, G. Freeman, K. Zsurgot. K. Boarder 94 95 FRE CH CLB Top Right: -- Top Row - D. Shvfler, K. Spalz Second Row 7 M. Mvrvim-. A. Kano. L. Frmrzv, L. Slulsky, B. Friedman, J. Kisling, P. Yoder, P. Horning. M. Svhropv, P. Hill, L. Haff-lx. K. Magill, M. Palm, N. Slutsky, B. Bonda Third Row 7 Mrs. Edsall, S. Clouss-r, C. Ryan. K. Zsurgol, B. Meilrott, K. Overly, H. Sloss, R, Hummvl. C. Millvr, M. Crahowski, A. Miller, C. Risheill, S. Rishcill, B. Javolnson. D. Jimski Fourth Row - H. Soho:-n, N. Mazzo, J. Mundcll, E. Clouser, C. M1'Laughlin, E. Singvr, D. Kif-bar-h. R. Essig, L. Barlle. E. Schwartz, L. Apgar, P. Bur- sllvr. A. Marrvlla Bottom Row - M. Tobias, L. Svhocn, D. Hafclz, R. Jacobson, D. Bastian. K. Wvinbvrgvr. K. Shvrman, L. Spalz. M. Nowak, P. Mazzo. K. DcTurk, D. Shvfln-r 96 N? iff GERMAN CLUB - Top Row - D. Deisher, L. Chelbowski, A. Frangakis, P. Seidel, B. Mclean, D. Jimski Second Row - S. Adam, D. Yodcr, V. Seyfort, L. Shoen, D. Shefter, J. Katsigiannis Third Row - C. Horst, M. O,Brian, K. Walker, T. Alexan- der, K. Boarder, P. Ford 5 Yi W? 'Nik We K Airy b K in , . .,w.1f,M,m 5,5 uw ..,, , ' fi 1 A , , . M ff? F 5 ff z x - q, Q W. i. . , W jf, SEE, L? wgzqdmwai 2gg,f,5H NVQ W1-SHI gay? !qgE?'.,g1w.5fW ' Ir if . QE, ,. gf if . 4555" - 1, f 1 fav Hiydifgid rg rv-if 5 : -- . . Q wr 1 m F K "1 ii ,ff -Fx-ix gggggwazpsgifisfzg, Tx 2 '1 v 'M' :--:- .iff-:.:2..'i5::f.x3,,':: "J: '. :Rael-W..., .,.., ,... .. . H, M' Nm fff-1 - I , .3 D f ,. s ..,. af if 11" .. - Q 4 AM 35113, KH-14 MM H , ,W , J' ,nf 13,49 -In gli' ff fgwwyy, -mg-awggg .fd 4355 '11 4533 5 5,252 -": :': ..,9Fr".M 1 'il ,S mimi 11 if 1- JH: 'S-5 5 .. . . -- -'fe . 54 I-P , ffs. .1 K iff - : f : 5 we 53 -' : : is : -- -- -,-, -- -. ..--- 5' E " .. ...... - '--- g 4-E 5 4 fe .. 4 ---- . .. .... ---- . ,,.. -. " ' 4 -- ,. '- Ha i? W : sw -- i f Q, X -A 1: gg I 5 f Q X -- A if ,Q . - . -, -- : -"' ' f 1 .... -, - '. , ..., : f if 4 5 -- g -. K 5 -- 4 + - .. f -- K fi s 5 W f Q g Y as . ig . M : -- :Q 3 5 V -- L 1 -235 5 A-.. - .f : -- Eizig THE BL II DFRS L , ..U.?, M 4 W , qu., I.. ,Y '1fw5++fFi4q41QiQfyJ.i4v3gy4 kk,d mg if ig ,35fjQQa"?fff up ,,i , '1- 'mf-v H, .yi s 1 F V A UIQ... Eine- in SSP mf. "f,f,-EJ-g'fr1'2f: L., iM4H" :- -: .. :: :Q ::f vu -vm--5 --.::-mf-...-: .uw ,f-- -Q-:Tm ,5g.r,m..,gi143,5a!-- J' will wg wW1Si1"' 'HI LH, -- '- f-W ---- --f" " ,, . .. -" --"' ' ,. . .. .. iW3Q3m1EJ-1 diff My fi WQQQ' 'FRY-5 as 1 1 ,Q-N um --f' if W1 f N 4 Hwwr WLM 'CAS' 4+ bw' ffm- .:"?? w Grew Em ufg,--A ,. ,,... ., H:-eqwif-aww--F-f W' PLUWQW wfwiiglf ff if wiairffqti fi rw if MH + F' wr ami 415 J' ff 1, + 1 NU .... ..,. .... .. A V .. .. .. .... .. 14 rvsqwrauwg ' 315 A5 Q? af JB! t L ,, , wi.H.'+'Q.11f.ix5l1.z1f1T.eN.f, J.h?,Jm+,.5?m19iis PT wzzzwsmmga .. ..:. .,.. 1,4 ...,,,,. ,.V.. ::h 'F S QWJZ1 ,Q L -QW rw E SOCCER Top Picture: Mike Elvin, MP Goalie, protects his territory. Center Left Picture: Pete Sandy attacks the opponenfs defense. Center Right Picture: Allen Moser uses his head. Bottom Picture: Daral Woerlc defends our goal. IO0 :xr 'SJ ul, 1 Ji : asm L: . , ' k K fi K in - .,,, : , ...... V ""' WW' -W 1 M I .M - ,-,ww ww : ,,-5,1,:5g-,fggrpe2'W '.kk V P .,,, V - --fy,-3 , 'N N t fl W'-- f .. K gg' fr!! Q 9 4 1. 2 Q ftp Q-, Q " W W' '- . . P f I . . . Q... A... , ,, . - ' -, ' .V -.. . . H if - H . "'- Q H ' f. H 'P . M ' P . K.. ,, 121243 . h . V , . ., 1 7 2 .. . ,f f L,', P P it Top Picture: Paul Knabb, All-County player, takes Charge. Center Left: Mounts set up defense for a penalty kick. Center Right: Glenn Miller moves inl Bottom Picture: MT. PENN VARSITY 1 Top Row - Mr. Mess- ner fvoachj, T. Bowers, T. Kovh. G. Miller, D. Woerle, P. Knabh, C. Miller, E. Nordhoy, P. Sandy Center Row - P. O'Brien. J. Reisig, T. Srhreiber. A. Moser. K. Campfir-ld, ,I. Weiss fman- agerj Kneeling - M. Elvin 101 HOCKEY Top Picture: Anna Frangakis and Laurie A Apgar defend Mounts goal. Center Left Picture: Karahalias and Chlebowski hustle for the ball. Center Right Picture: Kick save hy Fran- gakis. Bottom Picture: Pam Berstler gets tough. 102 Top PiCT.l1I'6Z - Top Row - l. Reed, K. Ramsey, J. Katsigiannis, A. Frangakis, Miss Weaver lcoachj Second Row W- M. Yerger, R. Jacobson, P. Yoder, S. Stevens, L. Chlebowski Third Row - A. Norr. K. Szurgot, T. Hill, G. Freeman, K. Walker, T. Karahalias, P. Ford, L. Walls Bottom Row - P. Berstler, M. Ford, E. Singer. L. Apgar Missing 3 S. Risheill Center Left Picture: Mary Ford awaits a pass. Center Right Picture: Frangakis and Singer on defense. Bottom Picture: A goalie's view of the game. 103 TENN S GOLF - , x Top PiCluI'6Z - Top Row - D. DeTurk, E. Andrasvik, C. McLaughlin. K. Magill, L. Hale-tz Bottom Row - C. Clark, ll.S1'hom-n. D. Hafvlz Center Lefl Picture: BOYS GOLF TEAM - Mr. Fegely lcoachl A. Ll-ill-r, D. Goldstein. P. Boyer, D. Spf-nglf-r, M. Weiss, T. Eckel. Right Picture: Good serve by Colleen Clark. lO4 BOWLING .tg-ZFX I-an '5 Top Left Picture: Robert Reber concen- trates on a strike. Right Picture: David Shefte-r's form. Bottom Left Picture: Mr. Fegely and Mary Ford map strategy. 105 Greg Miller Dave Mieczkowski Daryl Woerle Gary Choyka W Paul Knabb Eric Flamm Dan Faugi Scott WilliCh V Jeff Reisig Kirk Campficld BASKETB LL Top Righli Top Row - C. Choyka fcoachj. C. Miller. D. Faust, D. Miec zowski, D. Woerle, S. Wittich Second Row - E. Flamm. K. Campfield. J Rvisig. P. Knabb Center Right: Kirk Campfaeld Bottom Right: Dan Faust 108 F ,.,.i, Members of the Junior Varsity Basket- ball Team: Tom Baer, John Bard, Greg Clark, Curt Deturk, Jeff Eckel, Matt Faust, John Ford, Mark Gettis, Dave Goldstein, Scott Hauek, Pete Knob- lauch, Mike Roland, Dave Seitz, Kevin Shearer 109 2553 IIO is HI CHEER- LEADERS Top Picture: Cheryl Kiebach prepares to cheer. Bottom Picture: Mount Penn's ,IV Cheerleading Squad poses for us in front of the schoolss Mascot. 112 1 r X X H Top Left Picture: MOUNT PENN VARSITY CHEER- LEADERS - Top Row -f E. Andrascik, E. Singer, D. Bastian, N. Mazza, H. Schoen, P. Ryan Bol- tom Row 7 A. Miller, C. Clark, Mrs. Sload Qadvisurl, C. Flamm, C. Kiebach Bottom Left Picture: The Combined JV and Varsity Cheerleading Squads. I 13 ' 'K 552 fm? 93Wi'9555Y 'ffgiffws J WARAQ BS Wifi :w1 Vnf2V1'A5'A 53w9'A?QfAR2A" wig? ' fw f: !5Aww gAwA2'AA12awA Vg -AsA-AW ' A. A -V A . A Wav an 5 VA M Aw VsvAAQE-M AQAKAQQQAAAAAEVAAQHQ .,gQA.Aw VMAAAQQAA. Q AAQV-AWQQQHQA VAQAAQQA AAMAAWAQ AAA ,iff AA AEA AM A ' Q:- .:2:A:i-:a Vf ':. aa. me v A 19.2- J' Avifaf : -if 1 'Wwe Ag Qg951wAf9g'1s!1f95?as1WAaafAWvAQfA55AAA VQEQMESWQQ Ffggil-Fwgkllgss 31'xVs:esii?Af1w1ilsaAV 3WQr12'2?if f'5b53Vf?EggFR2,A- A V' Emu ? 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Clams - Crab Meat - Shrimp - Fresh Fish - Scallops - Oysters - Lobster Tails - Breaded Items 325 No. Twelfth Street, Reading, Pa. Phone: 372-5074 Doug 373-4-917 Hartline - Prop. Best Wishes WRFY-FM 2325 Perkiomen Avenue Reading, Pa. 19606 Your Beautiful Music Station I ADDRESHD SHOESERVHII Good Shoes De-sorvo A Socfond Chamw' 212 S. 23rd Strvvt Mt. Pc-nn, Pa. 779-5525 "Tho Solo and HulSpcual1 ts RoWL-o-RAMA 4100 Perkiomcn Avcnuf' Reading, Pa. Phono: 779-3090 Junior Program on Saturday Morning: 4-0 Lanes Open Bowling CAROLENNIS sCHooL OF PERFORMING DANCE ARTS 2313 Perklomf n Avenue Mount Ponn Pa 19606 COLORFTGREEN Plants and Flow ors 2573 Perklomf n Ax CHU? Mount Penn Pa 19606 ' x ' 1 A 1' . .zhto , , 1? 6 . x 7 , 0? - Phone: 779-0839 Funvy Cakes Our Speeialty HANNE PASTRY SHOP Antietain Valley Shopping Center Specializing in Pastry, Party , and Wedding Cakes Hans Sehanzenbach, Proprietor Compliment ol JOHN MAZZO 48 Sixth Street South Reading, Pa. 19602 CHABANA JAPANESE FT-f?TgfS2" STEAK HOUSE Museum Rd. and Broad St. Shillington, Pa. A Unique Hair Center lor Men and Women CHRIS AT PARK PLACE 2514 Park Street, Pennside, Reading, Pa. 19606 215-779-6565 ROYER PHARMACY Formerly The Medicine Shoppe 1170 Perkiomen Avenue Reading, Pa. 19606 Phone: 378-1396 LEE R. STEICERWALT JEWELER Watch, Clock, and jewelry Repairs Treasure Craft Class Rings Bulova Watches 1564 Perkiomen Avenue Reading, Pa. 19606 Phone: 376-6933 0 2851 Perkiomen Avenue - 779-2336 5th St. and Madison Avenue - 921-2872 225 Lancaster Pike West- 775-1613 2920 Penn Avenue - 678-8401 Motor Service RAY'S YAMAHA 3811 Philadelphia Pike Rt. 422, Reading, Pa. 19606 215-779-2700 Y-T E E N S The Mount Penn Y-Teens i would llke to wlsh the best of Q Milli! A luck to the graduating class of i1i"Ei JSF!! '80' WQXHFLW' Congratulations Seniors "Compliments of MAIERS BAKERY" 640 Park Avenue Reading, Pa. STATE FARM INSURANCE Home Offices: Bloomington, Ill. RICK H. MIT TIFER Agent S T A T E F A R M Q I N S U R A N C E GD 25 North 23rd Sire-vt Bus: 779-44000 MI. Pc-nn. Pa. 19606 Res: 678-6796 122 ' s 5 1 I ,X 11? qv jg ,, F' ff '4v.: ,. 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Suggestions in the Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) collection:

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