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Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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:ff F P I y W N i i l V E PENN ALMA '78 Mt. Penn High School Antietam School District Reading, Pennsylvania TABLE OE CONTENTS Dedication ........ . . Opening Section ..... . . Class of 78 . . .2 .... . . . Faculty Section .... Senior Section ....... . . . Underclass Section Sports Section ....... . . . Activities Section .... . . . Events of the Year .... . . . Ads and Patrons . . . . . . My Friends ...... C1osingQ . . . ..3 ..4 ..8 . 10 . 24 . 62 . 82 102 120 128 150 152 Dedicafion Miss Jane Cunnius The Class of 1978 dedicates this yearbook to Miss Jane Cunnius of the Social Studies Department. We believe that she reflects the true spirit of "education" It is Miss Cunnius' spirit and philosophy of learning which we will remember in our future years. V if T X, i ,W U55 E E75 1. J. e r dot' . W F i K ,Q Q, . , If iz- '5 f' P" 5,414 x , In V, i k! ,VV1 K 1--fi . - 4 3... f A a .f,..gvw'v My if ff diff? fifff .. . ' N Xl 1 i 4 L "A Y F I ,......... H,-.Q .K 'G ., it . 'ffm 4 H, 5 ap., "' i Qin 71 " f . Jnzmozisi Q55 Legs cozfzzza ofnzgy frzifzcf lin? wafaz l72El720ZL'E:i offfs may we wsu: 5 cvcaffszscfpiafuzsi of Legs anzifsi we gggifzf Jxlrzifiggi we java fo 0125 czfzofgsz 901 iff: way we maze. 'UN dm if gs fghf if wan aff 10 ainzfbfs ffm oz fa: time zswfziffsfz .suezy fgfzs Gyn! Lfws iff cgafzcs fo cf: if czffagaifz 7725, wougafe . . . coagousp 7 M .. 1-wa, .-,ff 5 K M 51- ., 1 , .VL 2 - Y 1 1- ' ,, , , J . , .N .A f V QL. , H' "f -. ., 4,3 Y . V ,. W5 "' ,PV MV . Y .W 1 A V 1 "J5vwmS.g A., n 3 ff' 'Nj-if . ' N L V VJ 'J' 9, 1,48-' .-"-'fin , ' ' gran- Ava' ' ' 4" f 1 ' Y .Mia - E . wry VV V qVVVi,PVVV7V kwin .L :V AV, s, gi: J 1 , Mg, K fi,:VVVw V M VVVV 5 .gn 'sr 'ta V JV gi . --If HV -- A ,AVV:,. +,Ww4VV5.?, rmkvwimw , MVVJ: fx VV V :M V, K R 4, 5 . '. -1 gg, - .'-- - Q- - - - - .- Q- f 2 -f nf,-sgff-vu VV.. it . , :mlm VV f- FQALAWVV, 2,7 V E -, ,ws V JSA' . M 3' mf , ' 'x25, k1i - V. N. -W-M ' " 5? j - -.w " ' -f: . . - 3i,:--M A --.. , , fr , I fr." QK?9'?1 - X a gh fgpgggf 'W 'Www - J - fri? ,. :gg Y '- X H , ""- ' w 2 .iffy ,,p --sszvg X'-,ff mg-1' HM. Nm-W Q ,H A VV -- - -74 .Vf.,,,: pf- , ,- A Jfx . f M . .4 V 1' 31- 4- QL , W - f1.3...,q, ff W A " ..- ., f-:fs N f" . 91-in N W.,2m Mm ' V J ,ff W ' FMS , 35' It's-1 'I' .j V' f K 14 'AQ' ' , J A' . Y ner, EW A1 rjnwygf Q 'gel . 'hw :lv 'N A 4 ., Mya' wh wt, 'V ' "Xf-if. , ' V . '-MM-Yif'-ig, :ff ' 'WV 'Dil' ' nl ' 1'1" 53-W, ' bf -f ' vw 4 -r . - w -' - -' y Q , ' ' ,. ' ,- ,1 u H V , .1, 4 M, . , A , 6, -' . id fe , 1 ' 2:9 -'fE,,,."', ' lf' 5Em5"W'fr4f,"5,n293?5'afHl':-- '-J,-as ,+ ' - . fr ' . W' .W "vm ' "" 6' 'fab ' 'y . MA 1 iii: ,r 4 'my '31 '. ij' "'.'i- - ' Q' is , my W V ww - .W . kgs, ,VNV ff pn W V nfyekig gf, K-,W . ,,,,,. - V Q V . V 3, F W WW YXV. WW .,-1, f- ... .. .yn-f ' A , , ., ' f .A - -4, - f L .- .0 V ,A L1,Wj'- 'rw ,, 'S-. VM 'Ip Mf"b'fJ' i f' , ' 4- 1- , -,. if 'Q :- M, - . .' I--- . F1 ta M -' -2- -4-21-face W - ,,,i- i' - . if--Q Mc' cf"f9af4?"W?'Wf--f - ' " 'L -- ' ' y - Q V yy V ,. .wwfg-Q , M,-1-3, V V V .,V - ag .14 555. V V V. ,Q tr, my gina f Q 'fl . v 4 f -J-A - , .w---",gf"- W 1 1 ,E ' ' ,W 'Wm -Qu-wwf--WQQQW X . - V , . .- - ., ,V X A V , I Vw V ,, -rv A V, 1 no , ,yn , J V' Q af, "' N' 8' 1 if 5 . , -Q. W gm' M 51!ki,,N,v it ff' if 4 ' r- Fly ' 'f -WH WW ua, A 'JJ -V ,ig 31 , ' ' Q, .NWLW ' "" ,MV ff WWW' 1 V In ' ' , 1- , 1 - WM. V Qi 5, ., .V N :wp , 1 V ,VV 'WW in Ur A . 4 ll, N. V . V Mk , V W V M V V Vagwg , N .-V If :Zu K I-ff'NV,,V , R - A J . ms' V . , 'Q A , 1-'-,V --' f. - ' ' ' ' ' f r , V 'kt ' " V Vs.: A V, My V ggg b , N' V" VV faq A 4 15. .,A,1" , .gym V ., mix V T fel iw ' ' "ag," 5 --, 1 "Q ' -il? ' AH -' , , - f , '-f . V Y VA f- . - - + V ' V ,, ' .Vw .. VGA V x.- V ,- ' ' , MY, - , Q ' " --57' ' 5, .' . , ,Ti yi Aw- - ' V ' ,, 5- 4- .- I , Q , A .Nl V3 ,IVVVVVVVVV . wwm V A.: ,fp a, . - - '- was ' ff f 3 W. H -'fb F' - ,' .R VV - A- V ', I I Sv:-Q, , Jr ' 4 Q54 V 1, ., .- I ,V V ,X V , . --S - si- lc ff-' 'fi-1 l M ' D Xp -" VW K, Q ' 5--M, N -,Q -m'fif-- X? .- .H 5112, '- , L - ' ' Q 'V' "VV mf, fwsqe gt'fVW 3' --5-4-rg-af gi 9,1 V: WV ww V333 Uv 'ft 73 .P ik V, 1 ' ,f W 9 mr A 5 , ,-, f. , Vw Q r' AL s 1- - .w- w 1 af, ,ww 1 MII ' J t Q - w- ., - - - ,, my . QVVVXJV WV ., vi' - V ww. --V QV v 'VM 'F V .Q 1 gd ! ug . 'Y ' N 3. 1,1 mi LH MM V V 4 W' V M'-UW 1' T ww 4 1 1 ,.-nz., Q' su.--:-w Aw .mf , an -QW' ' "1 H. iisigiiff ,f, :QQ EY' Q. M g V 4234. gm. W Jf' 5,1 . , , J ,,,, V, 1. ,fggmm m.,WM J- 4, , 'aff K , . ,, ., , , ,lfzfw-vfgfn VV ,fggf---ffqzfmffgfrf , V V ,: ' V-,-V-,V5,V5,V,V ' ff- 2 , Hwiqm - -- "-'. , 'N " , - in '-mlnimff " ffwf 'M 'f Y - ' L"?M'ZTf7ffaivHl- E 4 ' ' 5 A V11 f- fwwpw wry ,V QV? 1 , V A V V3 V ' V 2 V - 1 'gf L V , - - A :em HM ,,- ,31g,,,, V -2,--8. 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Y, N - J 'JA r'f'4Q:f7 ' 'H g 'Q Y .-f ,9 ' , Q14 - A wp-f i 3- , ,nw . ,-, , - ffifjgyf ga - K' ' ' N alffjy if Qi., fy -an-xv I W AQ V 'wif iW,3j wffmfgg, ' 3" '. A Q, k ' " 'N A H I f "'7 'L ,Q t uh WW' fl. 4 ' ' ,,!! H , f ' A , fifwr Wav 'ff ,M H-ANI' , . f Y . Az ' Q.. NWN V -f SEYY' f 'M -'Wai ' .g,,wf'f'2:f A ' f -13-.1 A,bf7"f't 61' . 'v' Q 'L 7' A 1' -- ,Vx my ' ff ff' ,gy S ., x- ,X ., gif-f gi-if ,X Y-r, , MA- ' . 1 wa ' "1 ' --f- ., - Q .r ,, , 'l N' .., ' vw! I QU " ' , 51, f 3. X is . A Jgfrt, F 'M , . 'H ' '61 GQ n,,L,1..,W 1 ICN.. ' . 1' . i V ' .a M 4 ' 'v I 'R' t X My W, E' ' 1 059' W fwfr' V 1,5715 5, all 0 ' W 4 WH' 'Wie WIS? Fife' Z, , ,, V. N 5QMiF'i5Qqj1:V' 1 K"' il 'N' l,'1,,:w , ' , -Q L Ezmigg i f 1' vw 'M ve 4-...Q ,LW www W F: ff 5' , W . I .W ' -1... ' Whig I0 ir' 1 T- . . . k..,,..w,,q, ,. ,cl , so -X,. M 4. 1 i- fn. 12' 1 'i QW f I I ' ' .2115 ifgui' 'W ci . 7 .Qs A Af fhe Top of fhe World These four men are more or less the backbone of the school district. The Superintendent, the Business Nlan- ager, the Principal, and the Administrative Assistant work to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Top Left: Dr. Horace F. Darlington. Top Right: Mr. Glenn O. Adams. Bottom Left: Mr. James T. DiGiacomo. Bottom Right: Mr. Francis A. Orlando. I3 Business, Anyone? Mrs. Barnett and Mr. Messner teach numerous courses Csuch as business math, shorthand, and typingj for the student who wants a business oriented course. How- ever, by the sizes of the typing classes, it can be seen that many college-bound stu- dents want to know how to type before entering college. Top Right: Mrs. Rita Barnett. Center Right: Mr. Charles Messner. Around fhe World in 45 Min ufes For the students at Mt. Penn who want to take advantage of it, the foreign language department has much to offer. French and German are well taught by Mrs. Edsall and Mrs. Sweigart to any student desiring a knowledge of two of the world's most popu- lar languages. First year Latin is mandatory for all first section freshmen so that they will have a better understanding of the Eng- lish language. Center Left: Mrs. Donna Sweigart. Bottom Right: Mrs. Geraldine Edsall. lf's Necessary Although the state requires that every pupil have at least one credit of English per school year, most students here are glad to take more than the necessary amount. Quite an abundance of varied, fascinating, and inter- esting English courses are offered at our school. The mini-course system seems to be well-liked by the student body. Top Left: Mr. Flobert Haag. Center Left:Mr. Francis Orlando. Center Right: Mrs. Elora Strickler. Bottom Left:Mr. E. Fred Brossman. Bottom Right: Mr. Joseph Segro. 4i'i A I5 5-I-I-rv-9 - SQ N R f L..1, ' A ' I. A He 's No Leonardo da Vinci, Buf . . . Under the expert direction of lVlr. Minter, many amateur artistsat Mt. Penn are improving their skills in one of many art courses offered, but there's more to one kind of art. lVlr. Eyer lends his guidance to all students taking shop or mechanical drawing. And by the time one graduates, Mr. Becker or Nliss Geiger have made sure that a student is in fine physical shape. Mrs. Brown teaches cooking, sewing, and all those household necessities to students taking Home Economics. 5 L., Y A Page 16 Top Left: Mr, Richard J. Becker. Top Right: Mr. Keith Ruch. Center Left: Mrs. S. Eleanor Brown. Bottom Right: Mr. Glenn Eyer. Page 17 Top Left: Mr. Scott Miriter. Top Right:Miss Anita Geiger. Bottom Left: Mrs. Katherine Fellman. Bottom Right: Mr. Gershom Krom. rsh i Wu A Calc ulafor Mghf Help lVlt. Penn boasts of one of the best math departments around, and they have every right to. They've got three ofthe best teachers, and they're teaching many differ- ent math skills including Algebra, Geome- try, Trigonometry, Analysis, Calculus, Sta- tistics and Probability, and Field Math. Top Right: Mr. Roger Fegley. Center Left: Mr. William Strickler, sonmrrmm R F i o lg : r. oger egey. Bottom Left: Mr. Richard Hamilton. . :mean ' -www www , ,ew- ,M- fm? Top Left: Mr. James Ranck. Center Left: Miss Helen Luckenbach. Bottom Left: Miss Joyce Brobst. Center Right: Mike Leifer, Scientist. Hand Me Thai Tesf Tube, Lgor Although some may say that Mt. Penn has a few mad scientists, they're really not. They're just three very good teachers instructing courses in biology, chemistry, physics, anatomy and physiol- OQV, and nuclear science. These are the fine sci- ence courses offered to the students by Miss Luckenbach, Miss Brobst, and Mr. Ranck. I9 Pasf, Presenf, F ufure Practically any social studies subject one is looking for can be found on the third floor. Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Dengler, Miss Cunnius, and lVlr. Choyka are all part of a well set up mini-course system in the social studies department. The wide variety of subjects are set anywhere around the world, at any time in the past, the present, or the future. Top Left: Mr. Robert Wheeler. Top Right: Miss Jane Cunnius. Bottom Left: Mr. Gary Choyka. Bottom Right: Mr. William Dengler. Y "For fhe Benefif ofAll" As part of lVlt. Penn's service to the community, the high school hosts a group of students that are emo- tionally andfor mentally retarded. lVlr. Nlieczkowski and lVlr. Burnett are the teachers in the EIVIR pro- gram. Mrs. Lengel is instructor for the students at the school who have a learning disability. Top: Mr, Mieczkowski Center Left: Mrs. Lengel Center Right: Time marches on Bottom: Nlr. Burnett ' ' ' 111 H at iw W' will - 1, r 2 rrrt 6 iff 45 5 Q Y , :c w-fw' 1: A W tel "Qtr W , YN ,,. 4.5 21 Help! Whether sick, confused, or needing information you can always count on these three faculty mem bers. l sm T' y '47 ill' I El-6252.1 .. . , x f-,-- M- -"N f Q , fy -2 1, N :Qty rs ' ,, sf, , Q ,,,,, ,, Q Q H , Q A L, Si ,,..e,..Wu-- ,,,, MM- , ,N Q " ' , ..t,, , . ,M W W is e l s 4 t ,,,, ' N -- 55 5' S ,fly wears' - ,W...,,,,,.?.w.,,.m. ,,,. u.,,,o,, ,, H Q i ZLYZV IINN , my X .hh,E, www, :qw Q V My my l ri h Sri V.. 3' , L :-. , 'X e 7- .,,, ..,.::., , ,t,,, , H V , is Bowan im, ,, x,,,,, V , qu I i ,,,,,,,, , , .el ms- V23 S ,,ijwQY,VyV iifilfflfife' ' Q.,--f " ' t, ,M ' 'H MFYXMEY W ,,,,, Q t,,o n , , ' 3 Q .H , ,r,, Q ,T ., ,T , ' I fi .- t -' 'ff' w - I Q il l Q ,, N , , as-Q , " V, ' 5:15:51-if ' 3,323 v 3 x-QL, 'N N r , .Q ' - ,1 , , NSI . , Q -- , - ss N' 1 - ' I , f N af 1 1- , ,, by "ff ff' i , ' l - fi ff' ,ff . l ' ff' . -,M "" , ?GIZZiff55:iVfld5ff H Q, r w , A' 55 4,'1aFw1f------ we ,Nw .iff f , Q P 4 Top Flight: Mrs. Naomi Haag Center Left: Mr. Laurence Cox Center Right: Mrs. Rita Auchter Bottom Left: Scott Clark, "Dr. Jekyll or lVlr. Hyde?" 22 15. .tzzeazesiaz 'til Tii.?i:?Ei5 Szsessssaaqggi Top Left: Mrs. Jean Wittich Center Left: Mrs. Denise Clark, Mr Center Right: Mrs. Diane Pfahl Bottom Left: Mrs. Brenda Sioacl Bottom Right: Mrs. Joyce Boarder s. Barbara Smith .. vp ' ft .W ' . I 5, V. .: "W, .. ' .sei . f s 53" 2 x ,nu Q x X F if if 3 V R Xwrfr fa rfigzffffw ffrff gh' wiv? .1 J, . J , .: .Q . i.s- 5 .ri. Qgfi? Y ' iz, YSEQSEEQESEN'-. 2 .f ,i , : 5 A G v I I .,.. , an g Hint Y. . Ik . ,,,V A V 2 Q ,K gg X 2-nu su-.- ,., 23 "-E? 'om CIGSS 0? '72 Class Fx0LDC,V1 BQ bb LJON1'Uco..RQ5Q ' 'A L-'-SQBVCQ SKjrw,S.1-A ffm w KA fi W C I GSS IfVLc3'HQ: Do Hof SIQUQLU where 'MIC LQCLCIS, T"CL'UFLQF' QQ L,kj,"'LQf-Q +5105 is '10 PQUCFH and leave CL 'k'TCLLl. KAREN EILEEN YOUNG "Youngers," "Key" 1504 Friedensburg Rd. Academic Student Future Plans: Marine Biology as, ROBBIE SCHICKLER "Robbie" 808 Penndale Ave. Academic Student Future Plans: College Hobbies: Gabbing, Bowling, Reading, Hobbies: Skiing, Talking, Smiling Baking. Camping. O BONNIE LYNN KNABB 6lBUnnyYl 909 Carsonia Ave. Academic Student Future Plans: College Hobbies: Gabbing, Reading, Clim- bing. TAlVllVlY J EAN KAUFFIVIAN iiTammy11 604 Carsonia Ave. Academic Student Future Plans: Commercial Artist Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, Driving g F t . W . " 9 Sue Seifrit, "I finally did something right." 'K W... CYNTHIA L. BERTOLET lacindyvi 817 Penndale Avenue Business Student Future Plans: Undecided Hobbies: Ice Skating, Skiing. 28 SUSAN ANN BALENTINE iisueiv 35 Butter Lane Business Student Future Plans: Secretary Hobbies: Horseback Riding, Listening to Music, Going to the Drive-in. PATRICIA SUE BILLINGER "Patty" 2627 Filbert Street Academic Student Future Plans: Nursing Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Skating. 'QM' 51 X: , fi' SUSAN HELEN BENES usueyv 2455 Fairview Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: lnterpretor Hobbies: Sewing, Hiking, Reading. NORMAN BINGAIVIAN "Norman" Academic Student Future Plans: Aviation Hobbies: Flying, Parties. Al' I I ,A .4 K V , Y LVg,,,.. :ig L AAQL M" LISA BERGER "Lisa" R.D. ilf4, 221 A Lewis Road Academic Student Future Plans: Registered Nurse Hobbies: Horseback Riding, Swim ming, Dancing. DENISE LOUISE BLANKENBILLER "Denise" Student of Bryland School of Beauty Future Plans: Cosmetologist Hobbies: Swimming KIRK E. BLESSING GREGG KEVIN BONDA iAKirki1 iiGr.eQQrv 27 Hilbert Court 613 Penndale Avenue Business Student Academic Student Future Plans: College Hobbies: Bowling, Tennis. SCOTT KEVIN CLABK ROBERT JAMES CLAY "Scott" "Big Bobby" 1 18 Emerald Avenue Vo-Tech Student Academic Student Future Plans: Cook Future Plans: Medicine Hobbies: Model Railroading. Hobbies: Electronics, Archery, Camp- in VICTORIA LYNN CALABBIA "Vikki" 235 Friedensburg Ftoad Academic Student Future Plans: X-Ray Technician Hobbies: Ceramics, Bowling, Shooting Pool. CHABLENE LOUISE CULP "Charlie" 1045 Friedensburg Ftoad Academic Student Future Plans: Medical Secretary Hobbies: Bike Ftiding, Swimming, Piano. ALISON LEIGH CAIVIPFIELD "Alison" 411 Carsonia Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: College Hobbies: Acupuncture, Transplanting Belly Buttons NANCY SUE DAVI DHEISEFR "Nancy" 19 Cornell Street Academic Student Future Plans: College, Psychology Major Hobbies: Hiking, Camping, Snowball Battles. Practicing for future secretarial work, Snawne Wolfe types diligently away. l ,l,Z K, TAMMYDREHER llTammyYl 227 Carsonia Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: Undecided Hobbies: Concerts, Parties. WHLLUHWEHCH UBHIH 549 Freidensburg Road Academic Student 32 522-new W SZ 2 i 5 DONNALOUBEENNB HDonnaH 206 Emerald Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: Nursing Hobbies: Ice Skating, Reading, Listen ing to Nlusic. af ' DIANE DZON "Diane" 2548 Hill Road Business Student Future Plans: Medical Secretary Hobbies: Hiking, Swimming, Music. l' MATTHEW ENDCH "Matt" 555 Friedensburg Road Academic Student Future Plans: Undecided Hobbies: Pinball, Parties, Concerts, Hunting. I RUSSELL EDMONDS IARUSTYYY 33 N. 25th Street Academic Student Future Plans: Leaving Reading Hobbies: Parties, Concerts, Poker. f DIANE FARINA "Diane" 5 Endlich Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: Nursing Hobbies: Cruising, Dancing, Sledding 'vqigrr' vw, 7,1 fr , f , DAVID S. FRANCO ALCO17 113 N. 23rd Street Academic Student Future Plans: Undecided Hobbies: Rallying and Having a Good Time. STEVEN MICHAEL GEHRIS "Steve" 103 Mayer Street Vo-Tech Student Future Plans: Undecided. GREG PATRICK FRANCO "Greg" 504 N. 25th Street Academic Student Future Plans: College Hobbies: Concerts, Parties, Horse- back Riding. 'Mat DEBORAH ANN GERBINO "Debbie" 901 Carsonia Avenue Future Plans: Medical Secretary Hobbies: Bowling, Swimming, Bike Riding, Concerts. 4, ,f Q, if ROGER FRANTZ KELLY IVIICHELL FRYNIOYER "Roge" "Kel" R.D. ir4 Reading 2048 Fairview Avenue Academic Student Academic Student Future Plans: College - Engineering Future Plans: Fashion Buyer or Model Hobbies: Studying the Ozone Layer, Hobbies: Skiing, Walking on a Beach Capturing Wild Eldedeiches. Nlodeling, Swimming, Dancing. WILLIAM GILBERT DEBORAH LYNN GRANT Hein" "Deb" 404 Brighton Avenue 435 Friendensburg Road Academic Student Bryland School of Beauty Future Plans: College, Business Future Plans: Cosmetologist Hobbies: Gambling, Examining Par- Hobbies: Snowmobiling, Water Skiing amicium and Oscilatoria Larvae. Boating, Hiking. ,:,, CRAIG TOIVIAS GROH iicraigrv 227 Laurel Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: Physics, Engineering Hobbies: Sports, Hunting, Fishing, Looking for the Eighth Wonder of the World. To Dan Kiedeisch the science lab periods are something to look forward to. 36 LORI ANN HAAS llLOri11 241 l A Filbert Street Vo-Tech Student Future Plans: Beautician Hobbies: Rollerskating. RONALD GENE HAWK "Ron" Academic Student ' Future Plans: College, Firefighting Hobbies: Firefighting, Having Fun. ROSEANN HALTOIVI "Roseann" 227 Friedensburg Road Vo-Tech Student Future Plans: Hairdresser Hobbies: Cycles, Guitars, Hiking, and Being with Ron. MARK LELAND HENRY liHen11 2602 Perkiomen Avenue Vo-Tech Student Future Plans: Communications Hobbies: Rallying, Cruising. ,I SUSAN LYNN HAIVIAKER usueii 409 North 25th Street Academic Student Future Plans: Undecided Hobbies: Concerts, Parties, Horse back Riding, Curt. JENNIFER LEIGH HOELLIVIAN LlJenny71 2439 Fairview Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: Nurse Hobbies: Basketball, Walking, Swim ming. STEVEN B. HOTZIVIAN MB!! 918 Byram Street Academic Student Future Plans: Computers Hobbies: Computers, T.V., Paleontol- ogy, Space. 'Q."'-""""7 LAUBIE JOAN JllVlSKl "Laurie" 18 Park Lane Academic Student Future Plans: Agricultural Sciences Hobbies: Needlework, Hiking, Bead- ing, Thinking. 15:1 'fd' BABBABA LOUISE HOVEBTEB 112 Emerald Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: College, Traveling Hobbies: Parties, Exploring. me NICHOLAS KATSIGIANNIS "Nick" 710 Carsonia Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: Architect Hobbies: Open Heart Surgery. ..'..unn--... DAVID BRIAN HULL IlDaVeI1 2710 Filbert Street Business Student Future Plans: Business Management Hobbies: Cycling, Karate, Weightlift- ing Whether devising a bomb or mixing a drink Lisa Oberhauser appears to be having a blast! CHARLES KEITH KERCHER "Chuck" 416Carsonia Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: Aerospace Engineer DANIEL LEE KIEDEISCH , hfebx ff' Dan R.D. itll, Box 3640 Academic Student Future Plans: Air Force Hobbies: Canoeing, Model Railroad- Hobbies: Coin Collection, Motorcycles. ing, Hiking, Backpacking. 39 ANNE MARIE KOCH GARY LEE KOCH lLAnn11 4lGary11 513 N. 25th Street 927 Friedensburg Road Academic Student Academic Student Future Plans: Journalism Future Plans: Data Processing Hobbies: Partying, Guitar, Hiking, Hobbies: Swimming, Football. Concerts. 'YW 'Mt' -as LAWRENCE LUBAS "Larry" 2502 Hill Road ' ' Academic Student Whether copying or creating, Jim Reed seems Future Plans: Cl1SI'YIiSI to be doing a good job. Hobbies: Football, Swimming. 40 DARRYL LEE KULP "Darryl" Academic Student .. ,, -if MICHAEL JACK LEIFEH :fiviike-'f 206 Harvey Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: Medicine Hobbies: Reading, Civic Opera Soci- ety, Climbing Ceilings. THOMAS C. LUCAS lLTOmY1 508 North 25th Street Academic Student Future Plans: Engineering, College Hobbies: Exploring the Dark Recesses of Space, Sports. Y WILLIAM LUTZ HBHIH 13 Marshall Avenue DONNA ANGELA IVIAGAZZU "Donna" 2636 Perkiomen Avenue Business Student Future Plans: Secretary Hobbies: Dancing, Swimming, Bowl- ing. JANE LOUISE IVIILLER "Jane" 310 Friedensburg Road Academic Student Future Plans: Nursing Hobbies: Writing to Someone in Vir- ginia, Gabbing, Reading. JACQUELINE MARIE IVIARTIN "Jackie" 2425 Filbert Avenue Business Student Future Plans: Undecided Hobbies: Fishing, Hiking, Camping. X TRACEY LEE IVIOLIATU "Trace" 2410 Filbert Street Business Student Future Plans: Advertising and Mer chandising Hobbies: Listening to Fleetwood Mac Drawing. FRANICIS C. MCCORMICK ll "Fran" 223 Freidensburg Road Vo-Tech Student Future Plans: Open Photography Studio. Hobbies: Photography, Girls. DIANE SUSAN NISSLEY "Diane" 2515 Philmay Terrise Vo-Tech Student Future Plans: Undecided Hobbies: Drawing, Painting. "No type 'if 'u,' 'j,' space." Whatever the assignment, Jean Skrincosky and Jackie lVlar- tin seem to be having an easy time of it. Qgsqprv' 44 TERESA KATHLEEN NOWAK "Terry" 2316 Grant Street Academic Student Future Plans: Undecided Hobbies: Volleyball, Crafts, Tennis, Ice Skating. 43 Let's see, 2 + 2 : 5? Debbie Gerbino and Sue Rooney getting used to these strange machines. gf' Q , . ' f V . 'gk' , N. ,fw - , I A . 1 ' 4 I A A LISA MARIE OBERHAUSER iiLiSa11 128 North 25th Street Academic Student Future Plans: Registered Nurse Hobbies: Bowling, Swimming, Cruis ing. LAURIE ADREINNE POOLE "Laurie" 547 Friendensburg Road Academic Student Future Plans: College, Dietician Hobbies: Dancing, Listening to Music Parties, Art. 44 DEAN T. PORCARO "Squeem" Academic Student 920 North 25th Street Future Plans: Mortuary Science Hobbies: Sports, Vibes, Drinking, QH. TIMOTHY JON PANKOWSKI L4Tim1Y 37 Butter Lane Academic Student Future Plans: College Hobbies: Looking, Listening, and Stopping at Railroad Crossings. KENNETH BRUCE BAVEL iiKen11 2 Myrtle Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: Commercial Artist Hobbies: Sports, Music, Painting, Monty Pytl'ion's Flying Circus, Disco Boy. ' s DAVID P. PABESE "David" 21 Hilbert Court Academic Student Future Plans: Undecided Hobbies: Basketball, Hunting, Base- ball, Partying. WANDA LEE BEADINGEB "Wanda" 31 Heidelberg Avenue Business Student Future Plans: Undecided Hobbies: Bike Riding, Bowling, Hik- ing, Cooking. GREGORY ALLAN RHEIN MICHAEL ARTHUR RHOADS "Greg" "Rhoads" 110 Woodland Avenue 803 Brightong Avenue Vo-Tech Student Academic Student Future Plans: Mechanic Future Plans: Patent Law Hobbies: Camping, Hunting. Hobbies: Putting People in Their Places. 'l DEBORAH ANN RUTT JEFFREY ALAN SALINO 'tDebbie" "Jeff" 702 Brighton Avenue 916 Brighton Avenue Academic Student Academic Student Future Plans: Nurse Future Plans: Law Hobbies: Rollerskating, Bowling, Lis- Hobbies: Magic, Piano, Barbershop- tening to Records, Sewing, Piano. ping, Monty Python, Chasing a Red- head. SUSAN ANN ROONEY "Roons" 24 Hilbert Court Business Student Future Plans: Traveling, Business School Hobbies: Skiing, Horseback Riding, Traveling, Hikes. CRAIG SANDT "Craig" 618 George Street Vo-Tech Student Future Plans: Electrician Hobbies: Motorcycles. "Ala-Kazamf' says Lori Haas, as she turns someone into a "Little Bunny Fufu." 'UP MICHELLE LOUISE SANTEE "Shushie" 500 North 25th Street Academic Student Future Plans: Scientist Hobbies: Reading, Records, Day- dreaming, Movies. 47 JOHN ALLEN SCHLEICHER "Arthur" 2602 Philmay Terrace Academic Student Future Plans: Nuclear Engineer Hobbies: As one of Frank Zappa's biggest fans, Brian Myers provides music in the Student Lounge. 48 ERIC STUART SCHWARTZ "Eric" 121 Oak Lane Academic Student Future Plans: Veterinarian Hobbies: Reading, Cruising, Sports. 496 RICK SFINGAS "Rick" 21 North 23rd Street Vo-Tech Student Future Plans: Auto Mechanic Hobbies: Partying. ERIC WILLIAM SEIDEL HEQQN 804 Penndale Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: Scientist Hobbies: Stamp and Coin Collecting. +4-ww flaws-, SHERFZY LYNN SHADE "Sherry" 6 Myrtle Avenue Business Student Future Plans: Medical Secretary Hobbies: Swimming, Talking to Friends, lce Skating, Horseback Rid- ing. 9? SUE ANN SEIFRIT "Sue" 1947 Fairview Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: Mathematical Education Hobbies: Water Skiing, Crafts, Romp- ing, Being With Friends. BRENDA LYNN SHUPP "Brenda" 617 Friedensburg Road Vo-Tech Student Future Plans: Hairdresser Hobbies: Horseback Riding. JEAN MARIE SKRINCOSKY KL-lean!! 2540 Cumberland Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: College, Therapeutic Recreation Hobbies: Long Walks, Swimming, Ice Skating, Being With Friends. A-'if iv 'cv PATRICIA ANN TROUTMAN Hpattyll 112 Woodlan Avenue Vo-Tech Student Future Plans: Data Processing Hobbies: Rollerskating, Horseback Riding, Swimming. .A x x F V 3 ,,4tVkk by V, ,A 'AF kyfklkkgy DEBORA SNYDER "Debbie" 820 Friedensburg Road Academic Student Future Plans: Medical Secretary Hobbies: Bowling, Roller-Skating, Sewing, Swimming, Camping. TIMOTHY JAMES WALCK "Beethoven" F208 850 Carsonia Avenue Vo-Tech Student Future Plans: Bioelectrical Tech. Hobbies: Playing Music, Having Fun. Vs "YQ-M -Av" I , KENNETH STEIGERWALT ANDREW THOMPSON "Kenny" "Andy" 24 Endlich Avenue 814 Brighton Avenue Vo-Tech Student Vo-Tech Student Future Plans: State Police shits' TODD JOHN WALK llTOddY1 336 Carsonia Avenue Munching out in study hall seems to be a Academic Student favorite pastime of Mt. Penn students, includ- Future Plans: Undecided iI'IQ Tracey MOHHTU, Hobbies: Skiing 5l Hey! Watch that acid, Larry! Oh, well, I didn't like that shirt anyway. SHAWNE LOU ISE WOLFE "Shawne" 503 Carsonia Avenue Academic Student Future Plans: Dental Assistant Hobbies: Swimming, Ice Skating, Hik- ing. 52 GREGORY SCOTT WALLS "Greg" 914 North 26th Street Academic Student Future Plans: Architectural Engineer- ing Hobbies: Drawing, Cruising. Yr . . 1 Z. 5 iv BRENDA CAROLYN ZABODYN "Brenda" 1701 Friedensburg Road Academic Student Future Plans: Undecided Hobbies: Reading, Hiking. Check Hum Out! I'm1n the Spotlight? 54 Senior Personalify Parade N 5 Nx.4, xxx! MOST STUDIOUS: Scott Clark and Michelle Santee E l E Q l l MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: BEST ATHLETES: Karen Young and Mike Rhoads Gary Koch and Cindy Bertolet 55 MOST TALENTED: Ken Flavel and Sue Seifrit BEST PERSONALITY: Rusty Edmonds and Laurie Poole BEST DRESSED: Kelly Frymoyer and Craig Groh K ...,. ,f gl CUTEST: Norman Bingaman and Patty Billinger I , . , .X , I , CLASS FLIRTS: CLASS CLOWNS: Donna Ennis and Tom Lucas Alison Campfield and Nick Katsigiannis SE I OR DIRECTOR Y: MEMORIES SUSAN ANN BALENTINE: Memories: Third floor meetings in the bathroom, talks, Jean and playnites, pretty lady and stinky, Berks Art, John and George, late nights on the phone, all the teachers at M.P.H.S. My true friends. Chorus 8, 9, Pep Club 8, 9, 10, 11, F.S.A. 11, 12, Basketball 9, 10, Prom Committee 12, Student Council 11, Band Front 11. SUSAN HELEN BENES: Memories: "Susie give me my mixiel" MG ride, rainy night in Oley, my Shooo! concerts, What are the margins? Skating in DR's garage. Band 9, 10, 11, Chorus 9, 1O, 11, F.S.A. 11, 12, Y-Teens 10, 12, German Club 9, Library Aides 9, Senior County Chorus 10, School Play 12. LISA BERGER: Memories: Bike hikes with Charlene, dances, t'Gertrude and Martha," Y-Teens initiation. Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, French Club 9, 1O, 11, 12, Chorus 9,1O,11,12. CYNTHIA BERTOLET: Memories: warm fireplaces, I spy, the rab- bit, popcorn, bus rides, running out of gas. Cheerleading 9, 10, 11, 12, PepClub9, 10, 11, 12, Hockey 10, 11, 12, F.T.A. 11, 12, Y-Teens 10, 11, President 12. PATRICIA SUE BILLINGER: Memories: Star Wars, Little Meece and String, Ennis, Big Brother Norm, Valentine Dance, The man, Chico, The Big Muscle! Mother might have raised a dummy, but no fool. Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, F.T.A. 11, 12, Student Council 11, Chorus 9, 10, Usheretts 11, 12. NORMAN BINGAMAN: Memories: The Last Day as a Junior. JH Basketball 9, JV Basketball 10, Varsity Basketball 11, 12, Stu- dent Council 12. DENISE LOUISE BLANKENBILLER KIRK BLESSINGZ JV Baseball ll. GREGG KEVIN BONDA: Memories: Running out of gas on Perkio- men Avenue, "The Hut," "The Accident." JH Basketball 9, JV Basketball IO, Varsity Basketball 11, 12. VICTORIA LYNN CALABRIA: Memories: The day I got locked out of the locker room, When I was coming back from the field. Going on French Clubtrips. French Club 9, 10, 11, 12. ALISON LEIGH CAMPFIELD: Hockey 9, 1O, 11, Softball 9, '10, Basketball 10, Chorus 8. SCOTT KEVIN CLARK: Memories: "The hole in the wall gang," Stage crew during school plays, Henry Bone's takeoff pattern, the car with the working record player, Georgetown security raids. Soccer 9, IO, 11, 12, Band 9, 1O, 11, 12, German Club 9, AVA 9, 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew 10, 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11, NHS 11, 12, UN Club 11, 12. ROBERT JAMES CLAY CHARLENE CULP: Memories: :'Gertrude and Martha," Summer of "76," "Cavewoman," mountain climbing, special talks, lost in Wyommising, "My Senior Year, and to all my friends I've spent it with." Hockey 11, 12, French Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, F.T.A. 11, F.S.A. 12,Y-Teens1O, 11, 12, Prom Commit- tee 12. NANCY SUE DAVIDHEISERZ Memories: Encanto, Payson, Sixlet Beano Players, Tucson, Shooting Stars, Thunderbird, Egelmen's, Kent Islands, Camp Parties, Force, Ungame. G.A.A. 9, Explorers 9, 10, 11, Seminar 9, 10, Science Club 11, Portal 11, U.N. Club 12, Chorus 1 1, Drama Club 11, School Play 12. TAMMY DREHER: Memories: Going out at lunch, Kansas con- cert, D.R. falling out the door. Chorus 9, Bowling 9. MARK DAVIDOWSKI DIANE JUDITH DZON: Memories: Cruising in the Chevy's, St. Peter's Village, "Pinch," the cooler and oil pan, McDonald's Attack, meetings in the bathroom, the chauffer, horseback rid- ing, chemistry class, Twin Valley, Cher's dog and her buddies. Hockey 10, F.S.A. 11, vice-president 12, French Club 9, Chorus 9. RUSSELL E. EDMONDS: Memories: "Hebs," Mrs. Dunkelberger, Lunchtime, The Line, The zoo, Highlands, Mr. Dengler's Penalty Box, Mr. Botvin's English class, State Hill. Baseball JV 9, Base- ball Varsity 10, 12, Student Council 10. MATTHEW ENOCH: Memories: Hebs, Choking on Chemistry, The zoo, playing football tickets, The Penalty Box, Last day as a Jun- ior. J.V. Baseball 9, Varsity Baseball 10, 11, 12. DIANE FARINA: Memories: Broken Locker, Tibbar's spelling test, Burger King, Grant Street, Agnes. Band Front 10, Pep Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Chorus 9, 10. DONNA LOUISE ENNIS: Memories: DAHI Hockey, Halfback Hop, Home Ec with the guys, The Hut, Dusty Roads, White Camaro. Chorus 9, G.L.C. 9, 10, 11, 12, Hockey Manager 9, Hockey 10, 11, 12, French Club 9, 10, F.T.A, 11, President 12, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12. DAVID SCOTT FRANCO: Memories: Being a member of the Zoo, High Times in the afternoon, Heb's, Seventh period munchies. B.L.C. 9, 12, Bowling 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 9, Baseball 9, 1O, 11, 12. GREGORY PATRICK FRANCO: Memories: all my friends, the mill, Cult concert, lunchtime, Sue's house, Blue Oyster. French Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 9. ROGER FRANTZ: Memories: the mill, waiting for three o'clock last day as a junior, Lunch hour, sitting in the halls, Trips to New York. French Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Penn Alma 12, U.N. Club 9,1O, Student Council 10, Drama Club 9, 10, 11, Penn Post 9, IO, 11, 12, KELLY MICHELL FRYMOYER: Memories: The trio of the red ant, the eskimo, and O.J. Simpson, The bums, "Dreams," Fleetwood Mac, Yoga, sewing people to the seats, Ice Capades. Tennis 9, Prom Committee 12, Trip Committee 12, Usherettes 10, 11, F.T.A. 12,Y-Teens1O, 11, 12, Student Council 12, Pep Club 10, 1 1, 12. STEVEN MICHAEL GEHRIS: Memories: Bad Report Cards. Soc- cer 9, 1O, 11, Band 9, 10, Baseball 1O,Leadercorps12. DEBORAH ANN GERBINO: Memories: "MG Ride," Weekly daily trips, Mount Penn Parties, My Sho-o-o-es, "Moonlight Swim with lifeguard and card games." Moonlight motorcycle riding. "Susie give my my mixiel" "Ladies Choice." Tennis 9, Chorus 9, 10, Library Aid 9, Y-Teens 1 1, 12, Bowling 10, 11, 12,Usherette11. WILLIAM GILBERT: U.N. Club 11, Student Council 11, 12, Year- book Staff 12, Baseball 9, 1O, 12, Golf 9, 10, 11, 12, Tennis 11. DEBORAH LYNN GRANT: Memories: Drive-ln, The lake, Rocking horses, Bee Bee, Good Times, Going to games with the gang. German Club 9, Pep Club 1 1, Chorus 9,1O,11. CRAIG THOMAS GROH: Memories: High Times, Vo-Tech, VICA, My rabbit and her cat. All my friends and enemies alike. "The Guys," Marianne. Soccer 9,1O, 11, 12, Leader Corps 9, 10. LORI ANN HAAS: Memories: Mrs. Butkus's classes, Mr. Yoder's classes, and hiding his podium. ROSEANN HALTOM SUSAN LYNN HAMAKER: Memories: Lunchtime, The Mill, The second floor lavatory, all my friends at the corner, Ted Nugent, Kansas, Kathy. German Club 9, 10, Drama Club 9. RONALD GENE HAWK: Memories: McDonald's in the morning, My flat tire, party at the farm. Basketball 9, A.V.A. Club, German Club, Soccer 9, 10, Stage Crew. MARK LELAND HENRY: Memories: Heb's, Having classes with Blab. Bowling 9,1O,11,12. I I JENNIFER LEIGH HOELLMAN: Memories: "The three Muske- teers," grim, pummels smile, French Club trip, Hil, The Eskimo, O.J. Red Ant, Y-Teens Surprise breakfast. French Club 10, 11, 12: F.T.A. 12: Y-Teens 10, 11, 12: Basketball 9-12: Usherettes 10, 11. STEVEN B. HOTZMAN: A.V.A. Stage Crew. BARBARA LOUISE HOVERTER: Memories: Lunch at jungletown, Highlands, The Mill, Ocatski, The Shock, the Late Sebastian Soft- ball, Basketball. DAVID BRIAN HULL NICHOLAS KATSIGIANNIS: Memories: The Zoo, baseball bus: Baseball, Student Council, Leader Corps. LAURIE JOAN JIMSKI: Memories: cats, Miss Efficient, matches, Chem I labs with Michelle, May 3, 1976, 7th period wood shop, dressed as Groucho, good advice, same one out of the four, Sir Bross and trump, La-wee, Germany-sehr gut, Senior Year. Cho- rus 10, 11: Pep Club 10: Y-Teens 10, 12: F.T.A. 11, 12: Science Club 11, 12: Penn Alma Staff 11, 12. TAMMY JEAN KAUFFMAN: Memories: High Street, overbearing, Mr. Dengler's cheese danish, June 4th, 1977. Chorus, Trans- michelins, McDonalds, Geheimnes, even, Hershey, the rose, the Hut, lollipops, F.T.A. 11: Y-Teens 10, 11: Chorus 10, 11: German Club 9: Leader Corps 12: Pep Club 11: Penn Alma Staff 11, 12: Class Officer 12. CHARLES KEITH KERCHER: Memories: French restaurant in Harrisburg. French Club 9-10. DANIEL LEE KIEDEISCH: Band 9-12. BONNIE LYNN KNABB: Memories: Portable wall, portable fridge, cherry pies, nuggins, Beavers, "Year of the guess," Pretzel, My Best Friend, Old Maid, J.D., Grokl, Soccer, Labor day, Headaches in study hall, Lady, flower plucking. Class Secretary 11, 12: Stu- dent Council 10- 12: Bowling 9- 12: Soccer Manager: Chorus 8 - 11: Y-Teens 9- 12: Science Club 12: German Club: Pep Club 10: F.T.A. ANNE MARIE KOCH: Memories: Authoritative footsteps, Jungle- town, the garbage truck song, Are you to be? Help, l'm a rock, the eyes, extends, Ocatski, foofie jams, Usalope, Peggy's wash line. School Play 9: Drama Club 9, 10: Newspaper 9, 10: Chorus 8 - 1 1. GARY LEE KOCH: Memories: missing classes, going to McDonalds during Biology trips, cheating in exercises during soccer, Shu-fly pie for Mrs. C. Soccer 9 - 12: Baseball 9 - 12: Bowling 10: Basketball 11 - 12: A.V.A.: Stage Crew: French Club 9- 10. DARRYL LEE KULP MICHAEL JACK LEIFER: Memories: an imac, who tied his leash so close? are you through yet? jig-a-bu-blue, ma-fug, John, I get you back yet, our Union. Band 9- 12: A.V.A. 9- 12: French Club 9 -12: Stage Crew9- 12. LAWRENCE LU BAS THOMAS C. LUCAS: Memories: 8th grade English class, lunch hour, boring classes. Soccer 9- 12: Baseball 9- 12: Class Presi- dent 9: U.N. 12: Band 9- 12: Student Council. DONNA ANGELA MAGAZZU: Memories: What are the margins? running out of gas on Perkiomen Ave., the Hut, Hey T.M., What D.M.? Pep Club 11, 12: Color Guard 9- 11: Chorus 9: F.S.A. 11, 12: Cheerleading 12. JACOUELINE MARIE MARTIN: Memories: 8th grade History class, What are the margins? Hockey 9- 10: French Club 9: F.S.A. 11, 12. FRANCIS C. MCCORMICK: Memories: girls, girls, girls. A.V.A. 11, 12: V.l.C.A. 10, 12: Yearbook: Student Council, JANE LOUISE MILLER: Memories: Boardwalk dollars, mustard on yellow shirts, Ouja, I won't take you, Physics with Michelle, Jelly- beans, meeting Kurt, chivalry, heavens to Mergatroid. G.L.C. 9- 12: Band 9 - 11: Class President 10: Class Secretary 9: Cheer- leading 8- 12: Tennis 1 1: Pep Club 10 - 1 1: German Club 10. TRACEY LEE MOLIATU: Memories: Can I have the number for the operator? Here's your baby, stolen gym clothes, I can't walk around like this, trash drawer, cat woman, what a drag, avocados and coffee yogurt, drawing too loud in study hall, a year's vaca- tion, Hey T.M. What D.M.? BRYAN CARTER MYERS: Memories: I am the slime! U.N. 11 - 12: Student Council 12: Yearbook 11 - 12. DIANE SUSAN NISSLEY: Memories: Mrs. Butkus' History class, drawing too loud in study halls, the trash drawer, Mee Moo, vol- leyball games and always losing, Tracy moving and coming back. Vo-Tech. French Club 9. TERESA KATHLEEN NOWAK: Memories: J.A.S., "I don't under- stand." the misunderstood April FooI's ioke, Snu, prompting, Bephie, people leaves and decorated lockers, CGV lll, Flaming head and Spark. Chorus 10- 12: Y-Teens 10- 12: N.H.S. 11 - 12: Penn Alma 11 - 12: G.L.C. 12. LISA MARIE OBERHAUSER: Memories: Wrong combination, Mil- lies, cruising, Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get your adverbs here, Tubbar's spelling tests, the dog that ate Cincinnati, falling in the gutter. TIMOTHY JON PANKOWSKI: Memories: Welcome my friends . . . Bugging the Bross, Knowing Hen really did it, PeVe8tCo8tHen gl Ber, Who is the slime? Year round study hall, 7th period munchies, Mers, Yooch, Todd, Roi, Fran, Rhoads, Bill, Ready type 6j6?, Hen and Dumbo competing for most cars and most accidents, Rally-time. Soccer 9: Yearbook 12: Soccer Man- ager 8: Basketball Manager 9 - 10. DAVID P. PARECE: Memories: Summer of '77, Magnajaw, Boogie with stew. Basketball 9- 12: Baseball 9: French Club 9. LAURIE ADRIENNE POOLE: Memories: In love with greek god, Friday nights hoping for shaw, Rick and Geoff, Silver horned stuck on the snow: Forebirds, Laurobin, Blue VW, Kel's parties, ZOE, Meeting Steve, Three Musketeers. Tennis 9: French Club 9- 12: Pep Club 10- 12: Y-Teens 10- 12: F.T.A. "L" DEAN T. PORCARO: Memories: back of the bus, before games, last day as a Junior, Sch. Valley games, Firecrackers in study hall. Basketball 9- 12: Student Council 10- 12. KENNETH BRUCE RAVEL: Memories: All those goof-off biology classes with Salty and Gutterball, All those magic shows we used to have in study hall. All the classes we would cut to do art work for someone, The bicentennial play that we did for assembly. Bowling 9- 12: Baseball 8- 12, WANDA LEE READINGER GLENN ALLEN REITENAUER GREGORY ALLAN RHEIN MICHAEL ARTHUR RHOADS SUSAN ANN ROONY: Memories: Kool-Aid Stands, "The Coug- er," Playing in a traveling band, "Barracuda," My Oil Pan! Short- hand Class, S-U-C-C-E-S-S, "Rooms" by Diane Dzon. Softball 9- 12: F.S.A. 11 - 12: F.T.A. 11 - 12: Chorus 8 - 9: French Club 9- 11: Penn Post 11 - 12: Y-Teens 11 - 12. DEBORAH ANN RUTT: Memories: Falling through a kitchen door: "Chippieee," Wild motorcycle ride at 3:00, A friendly chat with the Tulpehocken cop. Y-Teens 11 - 12: Library Aid: Bowling 10 - 12. JEFFREY ALAN-SALINO: Memories: Ninth grade English, Hspazzin' " out, Hannibal's violin, The last "Segette," Our direc- tors quitting threats, Whoop-Whoop never forgotten, Junior and the Three Seniors, What do ya' mean his voice changed? Chorus 8- 12: U.N. 8- 11: School Plays 8- 12: Drama Club9- 11: Penn Post 8- 12: French Club 12: Barbershop Ouartet 11. CRAIG SANDT MICHELLE LOUISE SANTEE: Memories: "asbestos," male and female plugs, balloons in Chem, bus trips to New York, Honda jokes, Thursday night at NAIMUN, "iocular," Physics with Jane, driving with Greg, chivalry. U.N. 9- 11, French Club 9- 12, Sci- ence Club 1 1, N.H.S. 11, Penn Post 9- 1 1. ERIC WILLIAM SEIDEL: Memories: "cutting the grass," concerts, Chem labs. Soccer 9- 12, French Club. SUE ANN SEIFRIT: Memories: "Sally and June," Adele, Bross, Sei, hamsters, tredgehimmers, the Hut, Pomeroys, Decorating lockers, spying, cryptograms, cruising Sour L., dances, long talks, basketball games, singing in the locker room, tacky, "neck," cards, Carol Burnette, shoelaces, brick walls. German Club 9, N.H.S. 11 - 12, Chorus 9- 12, Penn Alma 11 -12,F.T.A. 12, Band 10- 12, G.L.C. 12, Y-Teens9- 12, Be-Teen Rep. ROBBIE SCHICKLER: Memories: U86 and never kissed," the tri- angle, Old Maid, Donna's 31 man, a little bit insane, Bert, a train to Philly, My Friends. . .The Best. Hockey 10- 12, Y-Teens 10- 12, F.T.A. 10- 12, Student Council 11 - 12, Class Officer 12. JOHN ALLEN SCHLEICHER: Memories: . . .ooops, laps and hills . . . Our kilo to success, "lift and separate," U.N., A.V.A., "What's homeroom Maa tug, skipping classes, being thrown off stage crew, Mills punching out Henry's nephew, our Twin Valley skirmish, Mark Rudd, The Beatles, Matt and my brother Lazlo Toth - Super Patriot. Stage Crew 11 - 12, U.N. 11 - 12, A.V.A. 11 - 12, Basketball Manager 9. ERIC STUART SCHWARTZ: Memories: High Street, Philadelphia, French Club, June 4, 1977, poker games, selling candles, J.V. and Varsity baseball, broadslides basketball games, concerts, McDonald's Pine Grove 107X, R.J.'s, Cape Cod. French Club 11 - 12, Baseball 10- 11. RICK SFINGAS: Memories: Partying. Soccer. SHERRY LYNN SHADE: Memories: unexpected trips to Pottstown '1horseback" riding, 11th grade Chem classes, trips to St. Peter's Village, cruising in the Barracuda, McDonald's attacks, hockey practices, "the Pinch 2, gatherings in the 3rd floor Iav, "never stand in a canoe," "the Cooler," "oil Pan," Twin Valley. Hockey 10, F.S.A. 11 - 12, French Club 9, Band Front 8 - 9. EVERET WM. SHAVER BRENDA LYNN SHUPP JEAN MARIE SKRINCOSKY: Memories: Senior year . . .the best, H86 and never kissed," Peggie's IH man, Mills party, the Hut, dusty roads, trips to New York, being late to school, "love to scoop," H-O-C-K-E-Y, Halfback Hop, Skeeters, DAH! AVRCC, Summer of '77, "animal hour" "tunes," Sally and June, Moun- tain climbing, hour telephone calls and friends l've shared all these memories with . . . thanks. Hockey 9- 12, Y-Teens 9- 12, Penn Alma 11 - 12, F.S.A. 11 - 12, F.T.A. 11 - 12, Chorus 8 - 9, French Club 9- 12, Penn Post 11 - 12, Student Council 12, Color Guard 8-9. DEBORA SNYDER: Memories: Ice skating through D.R.'s garage, MG ride, Chippie, "My sho-o-o-o-o-e," Mount Penn parties, weekly visits to Oley Dairy, card games with Jim, the water foun- tain, phone calls, bowling matches. Pep Club 11, F.S.A. 11 - 12, Bowling 11 - 12, Y-Teens, German Club 9, Usherettes 11, Tennis 9, Chorus9- 12. ANDREW THOMPSON: Activities: Bowling. PATRICIA ANN TROUTMAN: Memories: 11th grade sex ed with Lori and Diane, 10th grade acting class with Renee, 3rd period study hall in the Iav. Chorus 10. TIMOTHY JAMES WALCK TODD JOHN WALK: Memories: Watching M.R. goof up with girls and then watching him pretend he didn't. Soccer 9 - 12, French Club 9, Penn Alma 11 - 12, Student Council 12. GREGORY SCOTT WALLS: Memories: January 19, 1977, High Street, Philadelphia, Poker games, Transmichelins, Pine Grove 107X, the Hut, WiIloughby's, Cape Cod, S 84 H at S.V.H.S., the Cordoba. SHAUNE LOUISE WOLFE: Memories: McDonalds attack, "the Chauffer," "Barracuda," Oil Pan and the Cooler, St. Peter's Vil- lage, Hockey practices, Chem class, gatherings in the Iav, "the Pinch" Hockey 9- 11, French Club 9- 10, F.S.A. 11 - 12, Band Front 8 - 9. KAREN EILEEN YOUNG: Memories: Do you Grok? cherry pies, ouija, mustard on yellow shirts, boardwalk dollars, juke box songs, Chem ll with Michelle, year of the E. guys, soap-opera summers, portable fridge, Easter in Nice, good ol' McD's, Send in the Clowns, chivalry. Class Officer 10- 12, N.H.S. 11 - 12, Year- book 10, Band 9- 12, Chorus 9- 12, Student Council 11 - 12, Bowling 9- 12, Drama Club 9- 10, French Club 9- 12, School Play 10, Y-Teens 10- 12, Junior Miss Representative 12. BRENDA CAROLYN ZABODYN: Memories: Summer of '76, Pre- Link '77, Egan's front step, hiking to the Pagoda, Ratatoulle that blew up, WilIoughby's, illegitimi non carborundum, New York in '76, ushering, Egelman's, Bob-o-link. Chorus 9- 12, French Club 9- 12, U.N. 11 - 12, Drama Club, School Play 1 1. i I r r 61 Q K E Q 3 1 J 1 1 62 63 l5f4 Top Left: "Big Lar" Lubas impresses Janet Bates with his smooth style. Top Right: Sang's Law - "What goes up, must come down." Bottom Left: Birds of the feather flocking together in the lounge. Bottom Right: A Senior's view ot an underclassman - way down there. 64 E fl' T . X- it of 1 5 3. 1 4 K .tif I I , WY? CLASS OF '79 - DFFICERS Left to Right: Jay Safir, Vice Presidentg Terry Walk, Treasurerg Dawn Gettis, President Mr. Dengler, Advisor. Missing: Diane Nonnon, Secretary 11'1. Bottom Left: C. Ciesinski, N. Eliott Cronan, D. DeTurCk, B. Davis, K. Carter, Berman, K. Dautrich, M. Chafey, Edmonds, C. Ensslen, R. Bright. Top: Curry, S. Fessler, G. Bartle, J. Bastian, Binkley, R. Davis. Missing: B. Bertolet, Baer. Center Left: D. Poraro and C. Ensslen hope we II get em next time' Bottom Right: Whats this? D. Nonnon in the running for Class Flirt of 797 K Hartman hopes so! 66 I Top Left But Joh whats wrong with getting psycned?" Center Left Okay guys, who stole my 'r' key?" Center Right Tricnant Encore, Miss Moliatu?" iw fy' ' 5' 11-2. Bottom Left: L. Landis, N. Jim ski, C. Hartenstine, L. Ludwig, H Holt. Center: Nl. Loiec, D. Gettis, D Hummel, S. Krause, D. Grubb. Top R. Levin, S. Lucas, K. Hartman, H Haltom, D. Hertzog. 67 Top Left: "Does anyone really know how to do that problem?" Bottom Left: Not all people are camera shy - rlght, Nancy? Top Right: "K" Hartman just hangin' around. 11-3. Top Left: S. Messersmith, J. Safur, W. Flankln, D. Moclrlcker, l-l. Schanzenbach, J, Morrison, N. Nlssley. Center: M. Miller, T. Mollatu, T. Nordhoy, F, Nyhuzs, A. Mont, J. Scheln, A. Pingatore. Bottom: J. Morris- sette, D. Nonnon, K. Ryan, J. Reed, S. Nguyen, L. Myers, V. Paciflco. Missing: M. Ray. 68 l Upper Left: PROFILE: Jenny Reed. 11-4. Bottom Left: B. Steigerwalt, V Seifrit, K. Seidel, G. Tyrrell, lVl. Wer ner, P. Schreiber. Center: Mrs. Edsall T. Stuber, Fl. Szurgot, T. Walk, A Stewart, K. Wright, K. Seitz. Top: A Shelter, G. Weiss, D. Schilling, S Stech, lVl. Speck, B. Seidel. Missing G. Shuman. Lower Left: Heide Schzenbach pays attention - always. Upper Right: Keith Binkley shows Gary Weiss how it's done! 69 Top Right: CBottom, Left to Rightzj K. Gere 'Q hart, T. Griffith, T. Formando, L. Youchum D. l-ludock, l. Seidel, B. Readinger, M i Lorah. Center: C. Nlodricker, L. Coad, D Woods, J. Buono, D. Hutcheson, S. DeTurck D. Bailey, J. Lis, D, Kasparities. Top: J Sockel, S. Sauer, S. Grabowski, D. Hiltebei tel, T. Ritter, T. Rhein, B. Ray, R. Bren singer. Upper Left: Cori Meek being her usual shy self. Upper Right: Pete Sandy and Stacey Miller Capture that "varmint" Nlr. Ranck had been teaching about. Bottom Right: Cheryl Gandecki and Karen Kauffman can't quit. 70 J . J 10-VoTech. Bottom Left: K. Mell, D. Sands, D. DeWaId, T. Scherrer, P. Shields, L. Shefter. Center: P, Churan, S. Barlet, R. Cooling, J. Holtom, L. Seitz, R. Kershner, C. Getrost, T. Sol- ley. Top: M. McCaw, R. Fritz, I. Feangakis, R. Johnson, R. McCormick, G. Brensinger. Missing: D. Gasser, J. Matin, J. Wise. gf. ,,,. 'Q Left: "Will Kyle Lorah please report to the office immediately!" Center Left: One of Mt. Penn's cuties Judy Holtom practices "being cute." Center Right: And now, Chuck Getros will give us a lesson in posture. 71 Upper Left: "What are they selling in those vending machines?" B. Derr and S. Wit- tich "munch out." Upper Right: "And this is only Monday!" J. Nlundell faces each week with renewed excitement. Lower Left: "C'mon, Fred, serve the ball!" Heidi Schoen doesn't care to discuss that last shot. Lower Right: "Okay, kids, time for your annual teacher evaluation." 72 CLASS 0F '80 - DFFIOERS Left to Right: Jan Nlundell, Vice Presldentg l-leldl Schoen, Presldentp Mr. Wheeler, Advlsorg Colleen Clark, Secretaryg Alan Moser Top Left: Dan Faust and Scott Wittich threaten you with Sophomore toughness. Top Right: Our photographers sister, Ramona McCormick. Center Left: Rena Kiscadden and Melissa Both spend time in exciting study hails. 10-1. Bottom Left: J. DeAngeIis, B. DeGeorge, B. Berger, FZ. Derr, Ni. Both, S. Denby. Center: B. Bender, D. Defrees, K. Campfield, J. Alexander, E. Boarder, H. Defrees, C. Binkley. Top: L. Apgar, L. Bartle, C. Clark, B. Clouser, J. Bender, D. Ciesinski, NI. Degantis. Missing: S. Bates, P. Berstler. 74 10-2. Bottom Left: R. Heim, B Frantz, C. Flamm, D. Hamiltom, R Essig, M. Ford. Center: Fl. Kiscadden S. Hollenbach, R. Hummel, C. Gar decki, M. Eckel, M. Hertz. Top: S. Eck enroth, L. Fredrick, D. Faust, J. Hart line, S. Heffner. r allmx Upper Left: Dave Hull goes back tothe drawing board. Bottom Left: Kyle Lorah prepares a fine biological specimen. Top Right: Cheryl Gardecki dreams of days gone by. 75 103. Bottom Left: M. Peuffer, K. Kauffman B. Jacobson, K. Lorah, C. McLaughlin, R Gross, S. Paciflco, D. Monahan. Center: C Meek, S. Muller, A. Moser, R. Poole, J. New corner, B. Martln, D. Klebach, J. Flothrauff Top: J, Mundell, N. Mazzo, A. Leiter, P Mclinlght, D. Mieczkowski, W. Strauss, D Jlmski, B. McLean. Upper Left: "Doesn't anyone ever pay attentlon anymore? Con Meek and Stacey Muller really should have been watching Lower Right: "Where's that padlock?" Steve l-lollenbach does thlngs ln hls usual manner - upside-down. 76 Bottom Left: ls this Mrs. Clark after four periods of afternoon study hall? Top Left: "Fred" Fredricks uses all her concentration. Bottom Right: Keith Binkley and Michelle Miller - two of Mount Penn's "Senior-fearing" Juniors, l 10-4. Bottom Left: C. Flishell, L. Walls, Ft. Saft, J. Schwartz, H. Scheon, E. Singer, Center: M. Swavely, P. Seidel, S, Fteadinger, P. Ryan, F. Sigal, J. Seytret. Top: L. Spohn, S. Wittich, D. Spengler, J. Westcott, T. Walch, P. Sandy. Miss- ing: J. Strunach, E. Schwartz. 77 df .-sqm Upper Left: Freshman German class always has something exciting to do, like oral reports. Lower Left: When the going gets tough, suck your thumb. Upper Right: Tim Walck, how did you get into the Freshman section? Lower Right: The Chorus learns, "Silence can be Golden." fix A A' stti .u,,...-H Lower Left Who s this? The Unknown Comic, no doubt! Lower Right Stacey Miller fumbles at the game. 9-1. Bottom Left: B. Bonda, L Curry, D. DeBecle, E. Flamm, T Bowers, D. Hafetz, J. Katsiginnis B. Friedman. Second Row: C. Bal entine, A, Ermold, J. Conway, A Biscantu, P. Chimenko, E. Bilski D. Evens, R. Essig. Third Row: J Caves, K. Dautrich, K. Dautrich M. Elvin, J. Eckenroth, M. Geh ringer, R. Jacobson, A. Frangakis Mrs. Brown. Top: D. Deturck, B Clay, J. Hutchenson, D. Bastian K. Deturch, K. Hartman, S Clouser, V. Coad. 79 1 9-2. Bottom Left: S. Flenshaw, T Flanfsnlder, L. Fllce, D. Mollatu, P Mazzo, P. Kantor, S. Lynch, S Palm. Second Row: G. Pachans l-l. Max, C. Nussely, K. Ramsey, C Meek, M. Magazzu, P. Knabb, D Readlnger. Third Row: M Maleckl, D. l-llnnersnltz, J Oswald, M. Madonla, J. Relnhart M. Nowak, M. Kunkel, L. Miller, J Katslglannls. Top Row: C. Kie bach, D. Oberhauser, G. Miller, K Kneder, D. McCaw, K. O'Connor, M. l-lerdlng, T. Koch, E. Kerner. Upper Left: Some familiar faces on a Wednesday afternoon - Pretzel Day. Bottom Right: Kelly Hartman surveys 305 before making a fast get-away. 80 NNN NX t Upper Left: Gary Tyrell sounds off. Lower Left: Hear no evil, see no evil. Wait! l've got some evil in my purse. Lower Right: Mr. Wheeler inspires all with his words of wit and wisdom. S L T9 . W j i , K I ga get i 1 Q' , 1, , gf as l 9-3. Bottom Left: L. Patterson, J.Reisig D. Sitzer, W. Woods, R. Reber, N. Stut sky, T. Schreiber. Second Row: J. Scher rer, K. Sweeny, K. Sherman, K. Weinber ger, L, Rutt, D. Nlessersmith, D. Sfingas C. Seidel. Third Row: M. Sweitzer, B Schevring, L. Spatz, P. Tasco, Nl. Year ger, S. Romich, J. Weiss. Missing: R Vogt. 81 .2 A. ' ., viA' f '- f -, -' L, .. ., - a- : Img.: 'fq,, -if 234 " .M A "'M"'g.s1 .f"ig5if11g?12fii, f-44.35 g 4- . 5, V fLf,sggiilQg,iQf2,,g fl 1 327'-,?11T:. -' L '3-?'f,5s- -151-3'fY:'L'f'?f J gig 'flT5'4f?Sl5Sefiis2i3,ifK f if imzsa, Qeswiixivgi S N i El CHEERLEADERS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Left to Right: C. Flamm, N, Nlazzo, R. Gross, J. Miller, C. Bertolet, P. Schreiber, K. Lorah, M. Miller. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Left to Right: Top Row: Nl. Lojec, D. Bastairi, K.Ramsey, D. Maggazo, E. Singer, P. Ryan, C. Clark, D Sfingas. A E K I V 85 JV SOCCER Top, Left to Right: K. Carnpfield, G. Miller, D Woerle, D. Modricker, B. Levin, D. Oberhauser Middle Row: B. Knabb Chlianagerj, R. Reber, Nl Elvin, P. Sandy, T. Bowers, E. Flamm, K. Young CManagerj. Bottom Row: T. Schreiber, S. Lynch J. Reisig, S. Schickier, S. Pacifico. Center Left: John Schleicher, Co-Captain, Mr Nlessner Coach Gary Koch, Co-Captain. Center Right: Jon Schein gets his head together Bottom Right: Yoche moves on! 86 Top Left: Pretty cool, Todd! Center Left: Coach Nlessher talks to team. Center Right: Team gets ready for game. VARSITY SOCCER Top to Bottom: Row 1: E. Seidel, S. Lucas, G. Koch, T. Lucas, C. Groh. Row 2: K. Young Cmanagerb, B. Bertolet, B, Seidel, Nl. Flhoads, J. Schleicher, S. Clark, B. Khabb Cmariagerj. Row Three: P. Knabb, T. Walk, G. Tyrell, A. Moser, J. Schein. I 87 JV HUCKE Y Top Left: Nl. Ford, J. Kayes, K. DeTurk, K. Hartman, C. Kiebacn, K, Loran, L. Walls. Bottom Left: J. Rei- nert, L. Apgar, Fl. Jacobson, K. Wein- berger, lvl. Malecki, C. Ftishiell, C. Flamrn. Center Left: Another aggressive shot by Cindy Bertolet Center Right: The Mounts sustain a drive. Bottom Right: Shot on goal. . .SCORE! 88 Top Left: The Mounts take a well deserved break. Center Left: Kick save by Dawne Gettis. Center Right: Robbie Schickler and Cindy Bertolet, coacaptains of the 1977 hockey team. VARQI TY HUCKE Y Top Left to Right: T. Stuber, Nl. Lojec, A. Frangakis, E. Clouser, T. Walk, L. Ludwig, M. Miller, C. McLaughlin Ciilianagerj. Center Left to Right: D. Gettis, C. Bertolet, D. Ennis, J. Skrincosky, R. Schickler, C. Culp. Bottom: P. Schreiber, K. Baer. 89 GIRLS TENNIS Top Left to Right: R. Essig, C. Clark, L, Fredericks, Mr. Wheeler Qcoachj, Bottom, Left to Right: H. Schoen, D, DeTurk, D. l-lafetz. Center Left: Finesse is the name ofthe game for Debbie l-iafetz. Center Right: A smashing good shot by Heidi Schoen. Bottom Right: Get this fine tennis racket at Acme Sporting Goods for only 54995. 90 , tttt EV ,MMM tttit l W W ,, 9 if AL WW E? tv' 1 325,39 M in V Aux ff 6 " M 4 ', ,, ,,,a.e4,:yfw ,4,3.,::as.Qy3wg 55 My f f.:,Q,g5Q .-wr" . vafzfga- 'nw 2 ,.,,. Q l . .L,, . Yi" ,.,,,k 1,:fSye,fy A tg' my f,,fp5'31tsv . 4124 ' . ' GULF TEAM Top Left: The turf's "Number 1 enemy," Adam Leiter, on his way to another divot. Center Left: Bill Gilbert breaking his club in frustration. , . ' Q f kk W 5? my At "WV 4 ff ,, ..f: ,- Wf J' Wif e K '57 f Q X Z -,. M f im. ff . . AQ? ,,.. iv, -Q e e , . ...Q ii. .4 fig f 'V me Center Right Mount Penn High s golf team synchronized for VICIOVV. Bottom Left: First Row: J. Bastian, R. Ben' der, D, Hamilton, B. Gilbert, A. Leifer, Coach: Ft. Fegely. Second Row: B. Cronan, A. Sheftner. manwana.: B0 YQ AND GIRLS BUWLING Top Right: Top Row: D. Hutt, D. Snyder, D. Ger- buno, H. Schanzenbach. Bottom Row: L, Shefter, L. Rutt, M. Ford. Center Left: Can you spare a strlke? Bottom Right: A special effect photo provides an IFITYOSDBCTIVS view ofKer1 Ravel. 92 Top Left: Dave Franco contributes his experience to the bowling team as he carefully guides the ball down the center of the lane. Center Left: Adding a younger touch to the team, D. Frymoyer hopes to help in a victorious season. Center Right: Debbie Rutt shows true form. Bottom Left: Mary Ford on the run. 93 GIRLS JV BASKETBALL First Row: D. Bender, K. Sherman, C. Meek. Second Row: Coach Boyanowski, N. Jimski, L. Spatz, K. Hartman, S. Miller, Fi. Poole. Center Left: An aggressive Kathy DeTurk muscles the ball away from a potentially threatening opponent, Center Right: Jumpbail!!! Bottom Right: D. Bender goes for the long shot. 911 GIRLS VARSITY BA QKETBALL Top Left: Lisa Fredericks tallies another point toward a Mountaineer victory. Center Left: Lynn Edmonds sets up another score for Mount Penn, Center Right: Debbie Kiebach demonstrates basketbaII's truest form. Bottom Left: Top Row: Coach Kauffman, Man- ager J. Reed, M. Chafey, B. Clouser, R. McCormick, L. Edmonds, L. Frederick. Bottom Row: D. Kiebach, M. Werner, J. Hoellman, C. Meek, K. Seitz. 95 BOYS .IV BASKETBALL Top Right: Top Row: Coach R. Becker, M. Elvin S. l-lollenbach, G. Miller, D, Mieckowski, S. Wit- tich, M. Eckel, M. Kunkel. Bottom Row: B. Derr, E. Flamm, A. Moser, J, Reisig, P. Knabb, E. Campfield, Manager B. Freeman. Missing: Man- ager N. Slutsky. Center Left: Making his way through the opposition, Bob Derr jumps for the shot. Bottom Flight: A little refreshment may go a long way as the team breaks to hear Mr. Beckefs new strategy. 96 . . HQ ' 'M 111 '- s M W ..r., r D N45-"'i H f ."- so B 11. ise. A o l if Q . ' nf.: , 1- x' N "" fr . ffl ,z 'S' B E: K i , A I , X ' Z ef' " ., H 'r 3211 21 ia . . sslr .srss - '- 5 N - r"' .os "'k ' t 21 - it so it B '7 13:1 ' 2 Migifkblillwfdhw Q o w mae i 5 .. ff' If an f J' ff. .fy .W ef A T. ef .xy i Fx K S K " Ni x N 2 X X X X X uma :, ,z.:... 0 is QSLQ am ' "" . X Lgq.' 4 Maifggisi-i -- 41: We SWS i aw: .. ,,mQ,axgwf-iw '-I QM5' 1?255?3f,,i! f' "'?i. 'W' ,,,,,w,NZ Q5 P!" i E QV ,WF i, ' .ff-Wm- , . ' M f ii Top Left Vicious board coverage by the Mountaineer , JV's. Center Left: Paul Knabb floats toward another two points, i . . ,,,, e i 97 B0 YS VARQI TY BASKETBALL Top Right: Top Row: G. Koch, N. Bingaf man, G. Shuman, K. Hartman, S. Stech, D. Parese, D. Porcaro, Coach G. Choyka. Bottom Row: Manager J. Weiss, D. Faust, G. Bonda, B. Bertolet, Fi. Davis, Manager D. Hamilton. Bottom Left: Norm Bingaman sets up for a field goal, Bottom Right: Niuscling out his oppo- nent, K. Hartman shoots for two points. 98 Q Q n vfyr 3 iw QJJUIYA73, i 42 t 1 iklllnug. , wddww f 5'5 " k s t .t . Top Left: Dean Porcaro launches a shot, adding to his ever-growing point total. Center Right: Gary Shuman sets up for a field goal, as referee George Zeppos admires the form. Center Left: An aggressive Scott Stech, shows us what basketball is all about. Bottom Left: Always fighting for the ball, it's obvious to see why Dean Porcaro leads our team in steals. 99 owzfa 0z.f-zafz cgkozzii 50207551 , . N X S M1 i 51:0 u , vu A-.. : '-2.52: 2 z. 'k1f.X.a-Q55 K ts if f- -.M -..w.,w- A V W ,wtggq .V -, . as , . , :mf ' ,f .gsgwa If x g. X n ' R.. Q52 . . Y N Ln, I 1, f-Wl,,.,11 XXXX N Z7 f i X J N W 1 I n M 1I99 3 f Ai! X Hrwfw 0,lfiffyfyfffwlffMW!! f , , ff nf" j fwfie iq, V,,, Ny f WW f"' 'I I' Bottom: Stage Crew S. Clark, Fl. Hawk. Center: G. Koch, J. Schleicher. Top: M. Leifer, S. Hotzman. Center Left: "Ground control to Spaceship Seven." Center Right: Fran McCormick, "It's been a long day." Bottom Right: A.V.A. Bottom: F. McCormick, M, Leifer, R. Hawk, S. Clark. Top: J. Schleicher, S. Hotzman, D. Modricker, G. Koch, Mr. Orlando fadviserj, 104 LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! The A.V.A. and Stage Crew are service clubs with no social activities. The boys are trained to operate the audioavisual equipment and are responsible for distrib- uting films. They sacrifice their study halls and free time in performing an invaluable and appreciated chore. The members of the group are under the super- vision of Mr. Orlando. We are greatly indebted to them for their years of meritorious service. , gi., ,ff X if Nqr' , ,- f M H '- ' X '? ' .. yr . WMWWMK N y STA TESMEN MAKE PROGRESS Student Council, under the supervision of Miss Geiger, has worked to improve the school. Through their hard work, and efficient leadership, the school system has been greatly improved. Top Left: Gary Tyrell asserting his authority by the use of the gavel. Bottom: H. Schoen, P. Schreiber, K. Young, C. McLaughlin, P. Ryan, T. Walk. Center: D. Nonnon, D. Gettis, J. Skrincosky, R. Schickler, B. Myers, M. Flhoads, El. Gilbert, D. Hamilton, H. Jackobson, E. Clouser. Top: C. Kiebach, J. Safir, K. Binkley, B. Seidel, T. Lucas, N. Bingaman, Fl. Edmonds, Miss Geigerfadvisorj, D. Porcaro, G. Tyrell. ii' Wg 105 ......, 2. E E Top Right: Mr. Ruch pulls the band together into one sweet sound. Center Left: Steve Hollenbach playing the baritone. Center Right: The woodwind section of the band blending together to create beautiful music. Bottom Right: Mr. Ruch makes a point. 106 ,aff , 1,5 , 1. N eff,- SWEET NOTES T0 PONDER The harmony involved with a chorus exceeds the mere blending of voices. Students, in close cooperation, make concerts and special engagements a success and form the Mount Penn High School Chorus. Center Left: Mrs. Fellman, Chorus advisor. Center Right: Two perspective views of the cho- rus. Bottom Left: Heidi Shanzenbach shocked at the sound of the Nowak sisters. 107 F.9.A. Candy sales, surprise parties, and meetings were all a part of the F.S.A.'s activities this year. These girls, who plan to become sec- retaries, typists, or shorthand experts, have had a successful year. Mrs. Barnett is the advisor. Top Right: THE F.S.A. OFFICERS: Diane Dzon, Jean Skrincosky, Sherry Shade, Shawne Wolfe. Center Left: An F.S.A. member busy at work. Center Right: Debbie Gerbino, t'Who, me?" Bottom Right: Top: Mrs. Barnett, C. Culp, S. Shade, S. Rooney, J. Skrincosky, T. Moliatu. Center: S. Benes, D. Berbino, D. Dzon, S. Wolfe. Bottom: D. Magazzu, C. Hartenstine, D. Snyder, J. Martin. , Sling 'S . . ggy. g ,... . giz- .. K Vilfifi .er N , n V' los - T FTA TEA CHE9 The Future Teachers of America are under the leadership of Mrs. Eleanor Brown. The girls have been active with a trip to Millers- ville State College, cake sales, and a teaching day at the end of the year. Their successful year is attributed to the leaders .jqjld 3 J Top: FTA OFFICERS: J, Skrincosky, VPQ S. Roo- ney, Treas.g D. Ennis, Pres., P. Schreiber, Sec. Bottom: Bottom: P. Billinger, J. Hoellman, D. Ennis, J. Skrincosky, R. Schickler, K. Frymoyen, L. Pole. Center: K. Lonah, B. DEBeorge, M. Ford, R. Gross, P. Ryan, J. Mundell, C. McLaughlin, S. Rooney, P. Schreiber, K. Baer, C. Flamm, E. Clouser, T. Walk, D, Gettis. Top: L. Jimski, S. Seifrit, C, Clark, C. Bertolet, Mrs. Brown fadvisorb. IO9 G.L.C. LEARN9 QPORTS AND QPUR TQMANQHIP This year proved to be a building year for the G.L.C. Many seniors participated in their first year in the club. Membership was up from last year. The girls held a suc- cessful candy sale which enabled them to participate in their annual field trip tothe Ice Follies. G.L.C. OFFICERS: J. Miller CPres.j, C. Bertolet CV. Pres.J, M. Loiec CSec.j, C. Clark CTreas.J. IIO PEP CLUB PROMUTES SPIRIT This club, the Pep Club, the most spirited club in the school, provides cheering, screaming, and loyalty to the school by holding pep rallies and decorating the school halls. By hold- ing the first pep rally, and inspiring spirit among all, the Pep Club helped to bring about our win against Schuykill Valley. The Pep Club, under the leadership of Mrs. Zielinski and the cheerleaders, proves to be a highly enthusiastic group. OFFICERS: PRES. - D. Gettis, VICE PRES. - K. Baer, SEC. - J. Mundell, TREAS. - D. Hafetz. Center Flight: The pep club cheering the Mounts to another victory. ll l NEWSPAPER STAFF KEEPS US INFORMED One ofthe most beneficial services provided to the students, the Penn Post con- sistently reports on a myriad of topics. Several times a year, the staff provides us with refreshing opinions on the rnost provocative issues affecting the stu- dent body. The staffs effort is truly appreciated by all people in the school. H2 PENN ALMA '78 This year's yearbook staff, under the leadership of Tammy Kauffman Cedi- torj, Sue Seifrit Cbusiness mgrj, Terry Nowak Cadvertising mgr.J, and Laurie Jimski Csection leaderj, feels their yearbook is the best. The photogra- pher, Fran McCormick, and typist, Jean Skrincoski, are to be given spe- cial credit also. Through the staffs hard work and unending determina- tion, the '78 yearbook surpasses all others. XXL 113 Y- TEENS SER VE Y-Teens, as a service club affiliated with the YWCA, is undertaking many activities to become successful. The Variety Show, The Valentine's Dance, and The Spring Fashion Show are the highlights of the year. The girls will have continued success as one of the largest clubs of MPHS! Top Right: Y-TEENS OFFICERS: C. Bertolet, Pres., P. Schreiber, Sec., T. Nowak, Treas.g J. Skrincosky, Vice Pres. 114 THE QUEST FOR PEACE AND KNOWLEDGE The academically and spiritually elite of Mount Penn High, the National Honor Society, continues to strive for the bet- terment of the student body. Under the direction of Mrs. Haag, the N.H.S. has proved to be the leader of the service clubs. Left: Bottom: T. Nowak, S. Seifrit, K. Young. Top: M. Santee, M. Roads, S. Clark, Mrs. N. Haag, Advisor. The most distinguished of all school activities, the United Nations club, gives students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the world of the diplomatic corps. After thoroughly researching and preparing to represent the countries of their choice, students attend conferences to vie for the best delegate awards in their respective committees. The United Nations Club provides a rewarding and informa- tive experience which is highly valued by all persons involved. Below: Bottom: B. Myers, G. Tyrell, T. Lucas, F. Nyhuis, S. Clark, J. Schleicher, F. Sigal, C. Martin.Top: B. Freeman, B. Bonda, N. Davidheiser, P. Berstler, A. Leifer, D. Spangler, L. Apgar, B. Zabodyn. First Row: J. Morrissette, G. Tyrell, E. Schwartz, D. Hafltz, B Freeman, B. Bonda, K. Sherman, R. Hawk, M. Leifer, S. Nguyen. Second Row: J. Safir, K. Ryan, J. Reed, L. Berger, C Culp, J. Skrincosky, N. Mazzo, R. Jacobsen, M. Yerger, B. Sei del, S. Krause, G. Koch, J. Alexander, J. Hoellman. Third Row: K. Young, V. Calabria, R. Szurgot, C. Rishell, L. Bartle, C McCIaughlin, D. Kiebach, H. Schoen, B. Zabodyn, P. Berstler, K. Weinberger, E. Schwartz, C. Balemine. Fourth Row: M Santee, S. Fessler, M. Miller, K. Binkley, R. Poole, D. Jimski L. Fredericks, R. Frantz, D. Spangler, F. Sigal, J. Salino, L. Apgar, M. Madonia, G. Franco, J. Schein, Mrs. Edsall Cadvi sorj. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS: First Row: M. Santee Cpres.J, J. Hoellman Cv. pres.J. Second Row: R. Szurgot Csecj, R. Frantz Ctreasj, B. Seidel C1 1th grade rep.J, Mrs. Edsall Cadvisorj. J l f A l 1 . l l . 4 J u . . f E.. Q E. n 'U 'S Q 116 QYQQQAQL ..,,,,,.1i1Z9r ,I N, iw , I 7 FRENCH CLUB What can't you say about this organization? Mrs. Edsall takes pride in assembling one of the finest clubs Mount Penn High School has to offer. This year, as always, the French Club provided a cultural extravaganza to the "Got- ham" accented by an exquisite adventure in French cui- sine. The Cabaret Dinner, also engineered by the indomi- table Madame, showed to be "the" discriminating event ofthe Antietam Social Calendar. l SCIENCE CLUB ON THE GO Hikes, the trip to Middle Creek, participating in the Nolde water testing, putting plants in classrooms, and making Christmas wreaths out of pine cones keep the Science Club busy. Miss Brobst has given time and effort to keep this little club going. MEMBERS: K. Young, B. Knabb, N. Jimski, L. Jimski, D. Jimski, Miss Brobst Cadvisorj. ll8 'S A. A 1 ff 3111 -,.k A Zg,ggg X X ix Mx X NEW ADDITIONS T0 MPH9 STEVEN CLARK GOTTSHALL "Gotch" 617 N. 25th Street, Reading Academic Future Plans: College Hobbies: Cross-country skiing, long distance running, and backpacking. alll !lQI ,A J- -QL i A Ax- PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE DARRYL ALAN ZWEIZIG "Darryl" 2445 Grant Street, lVlt. Penn Business Future Plans: Travel Hobbies: Country rock music, fishing swimming Memories: The girl I left behind. , M 'Nami 55? ,aww K N 3-mfiga? N y ,wg f,-2743 M ix ,l X v ,U 1 V V x XR ,-. ,X ,41.Xx ,, . xx x,. vf. x ' . . ,, ' w , 1 ,XN W. V M H KAVHL bf ff 1 fl ,Remax Q X. -:3-11-' ,,Y'I2' XX X KQUM -FU 'fu LW, 'Ll 'ixu sfyifs X 'Q Y 'Ying 1 E an W Q 1 45.5 ,4 ,W 0? Q: 14? We ,z X -3 s 35 2 2 E I' 'IW . ' A I I ' E I 1 - Q I A I IIEA 1 A A v Q EIIE CONGRATULATIONS TO A GREAT CLASS IN A GREAT COMMUNITY from DICK DE TURCK R. H. DE TURCK AND Multi Lust Insurance 263 Endllch Avenue I The Earth And Insure s On It I 51 I I f' I wfwwva'vwH1f'awazwn1wQwmx:z.nmzx:w:-ffm www M zzezwzfmwwffrnhmfm-mmm:-1 mwzemmazzfmsuvmwwmz Q 1 564 Chain Li CEE r. w. LEINBACLI WARE 9roRE 2239 Perkiomen Avenue, Mt. Penn Phone: 779-6330 Free Delivery Service Convenient Parking Area YL 5 ' " ' 55 - V ' 5 5 3' :Q Fffg g kgiggfzfgizsg is pf- Qi -1- 4. 435391 Q J- W ai 1 i X - - 2 .. X V' . 5' -- ' "" 5. Q., if - 1 , A 5 5 V Q ' ' . img 5' . V, ,I A Q- . -Q ,... ge V-Q , , W. ..., ., . 0 ,ff Y, B' ' .- -5 - .LL, K S ,L . - . m s , 5 5 H - x"' ""' ' .V V i .V S 'Ky f ' V -5 -WV, W--- ff 1 5 9 f V F s 5 , - A 5' 5 .. ,MW 6 - E.. . N ,M 5, . we , -!.1,4.,- . Q,-Y, i. Q - i , W 7.5 .M k....Q-gg. . -sz I - '55-sy: -ma -1 Y 5 - - L - gp f , - -1 gi M ' S45 .2131 ' ' 1 K ' - fi' " " . ' 5 K l Mi s, - Slam- 1 'ik 4 'i 4- f...,-1-, -,... , v - I' f ' 'rfpa -Aki' -5'1" . .-P: ' QT V 5 W- - 3 i ' - -Vaw. ww-ia-N-'KV' 5 , . 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N- X, X .,.. -M ,..- X - ...iw Qf -1978 Good ioii liok in the Fdttjrei 5 5 george benes furs Amiefam valley 779.2300 5 .i 5 f V--V i 5..V- 5555 fl- L ., " Af? ,z?13,4'5m5"'T-411 ' V ,, .xil A Y BE97 WIQHEQ Compliments of COLUNIAL PHARMACY 267 Carsonia Ave 1 Jrmmrr R Mum -Q- THE PEANUT BAR 5 W Mt. Penn, Pa. 19606 5-NX 4 fi ,6 .5519 Y! LZ, Kx, C-,635 Q 2 QEWQ' QQ 'QW Xe- NX kai X QW NN YQ me R EQ 4 PQ we QQ Me X L ENNI9 OF DANCE ART 9123 wi IRQ 2318 Perklomen Avenue Mt Penn Pa 19601 X NN Xrx N X XZ 5 ,wx x E BE R TRUCIQ x ze X5 x X Q Xa we Bw Nei vi we Nexjc Door to theiitate 3 ore frrefem Valiey Sh pm Center Xe EQE 'ALE, PORTER SODA Domestic and lmportedwf Phone-312155779 1818 eadl 2 a "DD 3.5. ---. . ,1.,X , . U,,,..7f....M .,.. .. .., . I X ' " 2' MTS X.. -.,- .. .f :M - W . . f. J XXX .XX - X . ess.. X -1 .f M Yff WE 779 531 3 .fwwme1. , - K --. , ...f . f gg., 5 K ,.,. K . 11- ggg:::,:g:. : - :Sf '15 'I X g. 1 A -' . -A Xc. N N ,... iXQ ...ggfrfiowsxx Q Plans Q 4 W , . .. , .. Q. N :Q1 f:w.s::-12:1 -1 . wits? wx.- 1 . Q1o .ooD,, - J,h In e lo ' 1 19 North Jewelry Giffs D Appliances Luggage g Do 5 W9 7880 D X Travel Agency X n Wlfibre do you want to go? w 115555152-ff f as - H 11 55.5 ,.'5'f1a?i"ffII'k '-.Ee-fTis'fi .X f v - 2- D Q"+s.Rqif'-.'-'L-1-2. 1 , .. t A V K 1' .. .::m:f.s?i:,Ev' Vw : - 1.. ,,. f,X :.f - -:f , 'i'1:g.x X . . D v -D-" 2 . - .- . . V .1.Ew,f 315-.3 - if ' ,lfgf 1 V .iffiisfiiiigign IE., Eflff f e A - l3l'Qf'1.1' if M? ' .,,. 1 ,, - f - ' . 'L '5::g53ggjf5f' 1 -f 1 K 3 -f.g1grs2zSQfFfg:-gy - :f?s?ZJ.s2ss2:r ,....,:a5e- 1-. ., A . .. o,.. .. 'fi Q- - . Q '- ' .. - D . "'- D ' .. fi ,,.1..,: . .. . . .-g.,:ss:1fff aQ:.:::.231Q'-.gz5qf:gff'5.Q5XX fff1zv-:-- ..,,, V . 1 1 gg K -15 ' ' T ' QXQ gy . . - I . - salem- K K . .23-'ox-ff ., - .ilzzigxiixi vo D .-l'v-Qeiilww , . ilIi"f5!5iSf3f' , ffSifI5'53l55' ff--H s L no ' . - . u -g .,1.-fl ,-sffigi. . ' ,. 12.225 - ,- - ---' 1-QX, X--.ff X Q - L ig. X' . ..f: SM , X XRQQ f"iI','i 'l N R gg i X Xxx 5 'S x RSS' QQ X XX y 3' X . Q? X L.0 Di R SQ Q X if Q mi -3x Kgilgxx X. X 3 O W 0 O Q, xg? "' N. ei K X N X Y XX? 5 X RW X A uk X X 'Xb x Q R X X X. f-S X 3 v X Speedo SPO TQH P A 2447 Perkiomen Avenue Mt Penn Pa 19606 779 0986 fo fhe Class of '78 Thanks fo Dianne Berfolef For All Her Help. D8rK OFFICE EQUIPMENT Sales Service Supplies 2401 Perkiomen Ave., Mt. Penn, Pa Phone: 779-6095 V ,,,kL k IQII- , 5. 77,' , ' :ww ,.-f , I f.f,', H - A ,.E:.5f "E .576 7 , f I -I I ' . '-'- IQ.'.,I.12Eif2Y f 4211. . ,, ,.,3,yfII:III ff'- .- . K .ww 'k',' ' I f' ,uf fra f in II" , ,I-II 3' '45 , -',, ' . -. 25,1 I I '."-I N: 1 II.,, . . ., A 6 ' e4766 A ' ' ,I'- A ' Hiiifi V .I v,.4 A . B0 6v7I 4100 Perkiomen Ave., Reading, Phone: 779-3090 J u nior .Prog A 40 La nes-fi ' iiii A Open Bovviing x m be .ff- w r? 114, , ,,,,, 1 V ?Week Phone: 215-944-9469 7 Brggihfifast, Lunch and Dinner V riflatederate Prices 1 f n , 6 or hone 779-0839 Fancy Ca Kes, Mg PASTRY SHOP 11111 Antietam Valley Shopping Center 1 ,ee,,n nekeeA Specializing in ene V, 1 vA and Wedding C3 le ee '5Ze'ibaC"V V1 1 3 I . .... , ,',. ..ef, Y e f , isi , 1, 55 if , 4 . Z 5 X Q12 V I 'Z f 44 N34 1:5 I 1 5 s Q 1 iii My L ' f, :,, , 'H , .,.,, , wtgf, ., If I 5 , ., .,.. V V if 0 V ' V , 1, V ' :'9szgVVi 1 1 ,,..,,,:,, ,,,. ,,,. V,-f if iff: Y 1 we up 2 1 . klkrk :,, :Wi ' L"L V 9 ,' 29129 V X " 9 "A, ,e,,' . ' V, -9 VVKK V ene' Route 222, 8 Myles North of Readlng . ,.:, 35, g I H at M0Se'em Spring' Pa- 1 6, i V - V ee e n nn Y, zuff f ,'. ,,, it 'g,f,!?' via V , VVVV V L 1 Banquet Facilities y : ,Q Antietam Valley Shopping Center hheehehh hhea K9 Your Host, Pat and Dennis Gehris Reading, Pa. 19606 9 Phone: 779-31 16 V , W K 1 71 Policy for Eveffy Need 9 9 V V M , L V ' 1 ve W 'f-' ,, ., i,f V f ,eg , rrr' 9 ,.,, V ' "',,.rr ,, K K V- V . K ,,,, "'9 QW. , , ,. K " iv ,. 9f4' -A-1.3 ':'f VK HEMI, v 'PISESJ 1, .,,.,f ' K ' 'FV 135551 Vl.?.VV,iV ..V 'KV' - . " .WAV - .713 P' MT ,' Viffizf ' ' 511' Q 'AV-5 M , f - ",' 1 if 1, 91 ., .,,,,'1,,l,:m, M ., ., . , ,, Nl, utqcf fs W ,,,.e. .,, , A mf ,.., ., V, 1yZ,M,4,, ff M11 . ,, ,,, y 1 aa ' K 1 1 K , 99 . :mul 1 -Kff i fr- ,: , 9,- at , ,A 1, V K K 3 zzaw, r- 9 '41 224 fr, V ar A 1 1 ru X 1,.,Z11Qg,i,gV 1, o i K Vi L A li K , , V . ' , ,l r V l,,.,,y f ,,,, ,is V K ew, . :fi 9 n" "f""iV-1 'Z . V ,... "'K ,V 2 l REALESTATE I ' 9 '9 9 9V V Q , V -V mf V,,9 9 , ,pf at 1. ,V ,gem ,Q V , V.,sr-K.,2YM4'.sm2i ' K' K :iw ..'i:i::5,K::K, twai n fd-""' V ' 'K X - V V 9V l .z ,,V,,, 4, i,, 1 For anything you want to know about buying or selling ANY property, please call me. I would like to help. 1 V1 2230A North Fifth Street, Reading, Pa. 37644861 " 1: fix V9,V El V -. ,,,, V 2514 Park Street Pennside, Reading, Pa. 19606 2154779-6565 , ,,,, V V, ,aw A z K1lK fi EQ? if 1 215-375-4229 We, the staff, would like to extend special thanks to Mr. Brossman, our advisor, for all his patience and Sldgggilduring and after the making of this REPAIR SER VICE, INC. M I Schwartz 512 North 12th St. P d nt Reading Pa 19604 , . THANK YOU, MR. BROSSMANI Benefacfors Brodie MacDougal Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. John Qkrincoskg U uf-0 r' ' Q I u xx X fE5ef."",j ' n--i-,Y '. 1 f X ' ' f vf W il ' . ' KN. v f If-i ti gh .Q ,Za SX QSXQRX I M555 'M 5 Q -A 4,-f-' "5 X NISS NIXON S. NOWAK SIR RALPHIO REFUS III JEAN DAVID KATHY JEAN M. DEBBIE LUKE A. SNYDER AWN MRS FRANKA ORLANDO PANKOWSKI , 'J' P' iffy-W, 13?-Z5i39l5,.f3B.?fME?5 vwfw., .5 pwggfyiwtglyeiififfwm ml. . Q ' 3,4135 Zi Wffrx " Q :,Ai,,r,,i?.. ,E ,ku My Wy, .dmqa ge, r 'Y 55 2, U ,y 1 L, V,,.- 'ILV ' iq. QA' 'U ff L ' ft,L,5--'I fb" " 15 Y . 'Et'W44is,.f' in.: , ' 2 l Q 5'??gY!PffQ'Cf.E'3EQgNEEg'Elf .glial A vbf. V B135 -2 VZ' 1,5722 ,1 3f., ggZ..Vy..,z..,5P ,gm fl. , if 5 91f"Zf,,,w..1f fCH .y b V i3fgga.sM1LsE5N, . : Q fZf f 'f?f4'2?f.iLff Sw , Q. v '-37-Wiafg 'V :A fl. ' . Hz Kira f' Wx f A A .11 3 Q HJr,,Bfff4f'P , wfj,' .gjvh w,QgP?J:.'wM9,+.Qf,w AND UNCLE DON BALENTINE FRANGIADiS 40 DAVID AND D B FRANK AND MARY DEGEORGE MR AND MRS JAMES DIGIACOMO fagfgw HARRY MRA AQWAED EDSALL EDYE ANQABQAL ' MR. AND M,RS.AADEQ-gjgi'i?"i MoNDs ERNIE u E N 1 v 1 MR. PAUL . im? ' ,76 Exc. CLASS OF MR. AND FASIG T ROBERTA 11 ff .mmi y ,. ,N iz A - AR ANITAA TH GRE GOV DEB AND G AND AND T HAAG MRS. JOHN AND RENI JUNGLE RAY Buss KAREN AND BRYAN GREG KAUFFMAN KAREN KAUFFMAN MR. AND MRS. D. KAUFFMAN STACEY KAUFFMAN KELLY AND JOHN THE KERR FAMILY MR. AND MRS. P. J. KETURAKIS CHERYL KIERACH KING RAMA vu MARKKNABB I .I MR. AND CANDIS F CARLIE KAY ANN KOCH KOLLER BILL KOLLER MIKE AND KATHY KOWALSKI AREA HIGH LOVE "LOVE TO SCOOP!" MR. AND MRS. LARRY LUBASWYW, H. R. I I Rf' MR. ANQQMRS. MR. AND MRS. STEPHEN YOUNG MY FRIENDS MY FRIENDS 144 1 1 E i 1 ,U -.. ff, g ,gQ' N Q' . M., ?'.,4.' 'fit' Vis' ,U-4 ,AV 'p Wryx. M' xv' X N ff. X -iii.,-,L ' -g J. I z .4 5 I . i , ,. ..., .......i...-,.. -a,-..-w-Las-args.. ' 4'. ""' ,- 1 ' x 1 'xii I H'v.Vf'A L ' ' ' ,.3 Y Ei' ' ' 1 iff I 45 A 1:45 . 1 at 1 , isis L Y -191, L ,L 591' , Fil' ?f ,l m ,x , , -VD." "' Azz. 1, ' YL ' M, A. -pf , ?1"'J L J " '4 , 'G ,4 5' ,ilu , ' gr.. 3 A . I f . ' 51. ,, 1 . . u-, S.. 51- 1 . g . 1 S is 123, fy . qt gf 134' 'Q .fu wt f :L ,311 .+ i 1 'A -may ,wif .N .mv-Af. b L HM ? ni x vu, , 5 . 1,13 .- Al V' .ll if Elm 5, 2 vw S. 2.1 W! '. Qi 4.1 ne ' M! 1, , I -2 of 51 ' U i -I Y W n ,ff 1. 1 , 5 . 1 ,,. ,... 1 he , .Q 4 Q 1 X ...-.., 1. . .......u4...N.-......-..i.:x:..a:c: " ' - ' W -V 2? 1. 5 xx , ..........Qhb4,

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Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Page 1


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