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SUFPLE snr ' i E f B l EDITORS Q Linda Troutman William Hunsberger f ADVISOR 3 Mrs. Robert G. Haag 1 5 5 1 I F Vi 'E Q, 5 gl. 1? 3. 4, F Published by the members of the Senior Class of " MOUNT PENN-LOWER ALSACE Q JOINT HlGl'l SCHOOL vt '41 Mount Penn A Reading, Pennsylvania li, ff Volume XXIV No. l li 3 PEIIII HLIIIH EI , - - tf m ey,?f Hmaggsigkgix A 9,1::g3Q,:,z31mzma5,:. mfg -' - H-v':v,'wV11i ,ax 2 "4A:'f1Z':r:51Wx3-.e1"Ssw'A ' , 149 WW' ' 1griwisqiiiifjssfzfzangelaa::gm:fy-we, ' Q? . , Aw 29221 -I 4 x s " Z . ' ,4'1?,f,1r?,v g . , ,. Q . kkwxli, V -, A 3 4 f 2? ' 2, xiffgf- QQEFQU-91" ' f 2 :axe Z E' 'f 'WH' g f ,,gF.,:, M :gk k,bkk ,.,l?rf,,?k ' . ,Q N 33mm 'L , 1 .,'. Q ,,,'- "AV Two H A :.- ' g? fl ' K W' ff 2 ' 2 ' ' ' ' 5 -Pggggizgff ,, 0 .V ' ,,:, . . I l 111 f --P Q - rw . ,,,. grsrrw' 5 4 ,y THBLE UF - Dedicatio 1 1 TE Alma Ma Sthool .. Adminiisfr Sfuderit Li Seniors o l'1 Favorites I Underclas Atfivities Sports on Contribuf Index ,A,,. Finis , UIIHEI1 1 .,A. fion on Par h Pa en nP , .,..., , .... mi on Parade ra .Aa arade ,r,w,, .I 1 de 8 ,rr. .8 al Bde .,.,.. .. ,,,,, QW. ,.,,,Y, ,.., on Parade ala- .la 6. . arade .. .3 8, fn la Aaraje , . o Parade , Three! Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 4 5 6 8-15 16-33 6 34-69 70-73 74-89 90-1 15 1 16-129 130-168 169-171 172 WITH ADMIRATION AND PRIDE MRS. ROBERT G. HAAG MR. WILLIAM I. PURNELL The Class of i958 wishes to dedicate their yearbook, PENN ALMA ON PARADE, to Mrs. Robert G. Haag and Mr. William I. Purnell. Their combined efforts have led our class to success in every phase of The school year. We truly wish To thank them for Their devoted service to our class. Mrs. Robert Haag devoted endless hours during and after school in order to create a yearbook which would be more exclusive than previous years. Her wise iudgement aided the co-editors beyond recognition and her keen mind was always alert To help Them in any way. Mr. William l. Purnell is our class advisor. He keeps all class functions running smoothly. Without his business-like methods our class couldn't function a a body. His foresight has kept our class from disastrous de- cisions, and we will always look up to him as our example. Four ALMA MATER. . . Son, John S. Hibschrnan, and father, Mr. John A. Hibschman, principal, displaymg our school banner. ITUNE-"FAR ABOVE CAYUGA'S WATER"l Proudly waves old Mt. Penn's emblem: Black and Orange Fair Floats triumphant in the breezes, No dishonor there. Student days have fondest mem'ries: Comrades here we stand As our troth to Alma Mater Pledge we hand in hand. From the halls, dear Alma Mater We, at length must part, But thy mem'ry shall not perish From a student's heart. Far away on life's broad highway All shall fortune try: Still our loving heart shall cherish Thoughts of Mount Penn High! Five FRCM THY HALLS DEAR ALMA MATER A g, , sz, ewgiggv- ,s,4i-aww -g.,.,,H., ,, I .V , , , ' " 1 1 The shop is another important part of our school seen here from Endlich and Filbert streets. Standing on the corner of 25th and Filbert Streets ou see the familiar so , y " front entrance of the school. To your right you see the new outside bulle board recently erected, w h ic h fwas a gift from the class of 1955. A shot from Endlich street gives you an idea of the little seen part of the school. This portion will change con- siderably next year when the new wing containing the cafeteria and gymnasium and several new class- rooms will be added. WE AT LENGTH MUST PART" During the school vacation of 1958 the High School will un- dergo a n u m b e r of changes which will change its appear- ance greatly. ln order that you may make 'a comparison after completion, we are showing a few different v i e w s of our school as it is now. The adiacent picture is a view from 25th streetf Pictured here you see the school driveway which leads to the outside gym offices. From 25th and Filbert streets a spectacular view of the major por- tion of our building can be seen. The upper Filbert street entrance attained its fame by admitting all students who serve their school in extracurricular activities. Seven FIUITIIHIETRH Y 1 i y 1 , Y TIUI'I un PHRHIJ ' i ! Name-Qi OUR WELFARE IS FIRST AND UTMOST IN THEIR MINDS These men have The communiTy and iTs welfare To consider when They make Their decisions. They devoTe endless hours Tor The beTTermenT of The school. We, as The Class of 1958, would like To exTend our appreciaTion for The excellenT school program They have provided. Their combined efforTs have made our school one of The besT. Planning our school policies are, Seated, left To righr: Messrs. E. L. BarTh, Frederick D. Gerhard Charles L. Long, STuarT R. KeiTh, Judson B. Severns, Frederick McCrudden. Standing: Messrs Joseph T. Hendrickson, Gaylord A. Crozier Cresignedl, George R. Eves, Douglas R. Beggs Charles Lloyd. Insef: Philip Reiniger. i Ten WITH SOLEMN GRATITLIDE . . . "-Thar from These honored dead we take in- creased devotion fo Thar cause for which They gave The lasf full measure of devotion, that we here highly resolve that These dead shall not have died in vain-" The conTribuTions of The class of 1943, 1944, 1946, and The Girl Reserves of 1945 were combined To make This plaque available To our school. We are deeply graTeful forlThis lasting memory of Those who have given so much Toward The well being of our nation. IT was unveiled during The fall of 1957. Eleven HE LEADS OUR SCHOOL DISTRICT MR. ROSCOE H. WARD, Supervising Principal Grove City College, B.S. University of Pittsburgh, M. A. Pennsylvania State University A famous architect was asked which of his great accomplishments gave him the most satisfaction. He replied that he was never satisfied ancl that it was this feeling of not having reached perfection that com- pelled him to reach for higher goals. If you will strive continually to achieve greater and greater accomplishments then your life will be success- ful in any vocation you may choose to follow. Best wishes to the Class of 1958. Roscoe H. Ward, Supervising Principal Twelve MRS. JAMES H. SMITH Secretary HE LED US THROUGH OUR HIGH SCHOOL LIFE MR. JOHN A HIBSCHMAN, High School Principal Kutztovvn Normal Franklin and Marshall College, B.S. Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania MISS DORIS LEININGER Secretary "Prepare Today for Tomorrow's Challenge" is the mott of the class of 1958. Today's Preparation means the intellectual, moral, and spiritual training for a well- rounded individual to fit himself into a very complex human relations among all the peoples of all nations, irrespective of race, creed or color, improve the standard of living through leadership and service, and spread The gospel of good will to all peoples and nations. My best wishes for success in your endeavors shall be with you always. John A. Hibschman Thirteen IMPORTANT TO THEM IS OUR Open your mouth and say "ahh," take a deep breath, step on the scale! Each student receives a medical examination from Dr. Deach with these accompanying comments. Adhering to the Hippocratic Oath, this de- cided doctor attends to our physical well- being, especially those who are sports mind- ed. MRS. ETHEL C. HILL, R.N. At 9:30 any Thursday morning during October, November, or December, our very capable dental examiner, Dr. Drumheller can be seen entering the school. Anyone standing near the entrance at this time will receive a cheery "good morning and how are you?" H EALTH Fourteen ROBERT DEACH, M.D. Aspirin anyone? Mrs. Hill, Mt. Penn's understanding nurse, carefully supervises our health program. She takes care of all illnesses and accidents and administers periodic ear and eye examinations. JOHN DRUMHELLER, D.D.S. THOSE WHOM WE RELY UPON Probably the most unpopular people in Mt. Penn on a snowy morning are the bus drivers because of their unfailing efforts to defeat the elements. Without their excellent services many students would find it almost impossible to arrive at school. We are grate- ful for this transportation convenience. Our dependable bus drivers, left to right: Mr. Nevin Matz, Mr. Danny Knechtle. . . ll N l ' s -eEq'o's:c- 95 Qi if Fifteen Whom do we call on when mechanical difficulties arise-that's right-our able staff of custodians. Because they are always will- ing to assist us and care for our school, we are deeply indebted to them. Caring for our building are, left to right: Messrs. Franklin Manwiller, Ed Preska, Robert G. Moyer, Maintenance Engineer. Absent from the picture is Mr. William Goodhart. 5runEnr LIP Sixteen Y l N n nn PHRHIJ 1 N ' w 1 3 I 1 X , i Sevemeem Q I N 5 TO LIVE IS TO LEARN MRS. FRED KELLER, B.S. East Stroudsburg Teachers College English, Advanced English, Commencement Speakers. Soft-spoken Mrs. Keller has a philosophy for handling all "empty-minded" students. She counts to ten, and then informs them, "You laugh now, but wait till the end of the marking period." A devoted mother, Mrs. Keller is con- stantly searching for the answer to an everpresent problem- the finding ot a quiet place to work-"What with grandma and all!" MR. JOHN A. ZAJAC, A.B. University of Scranton Latin, English, Junior Classical League. After-school activities are numerous for Mt. Penn's Latin teacher. Gardening is tops on his list of hobbies, closely fol- lowing is the maintenance of a thriving chicken farm. Another pastime of this jovial personality is teaching young men how to correctly help little old ladies across the street. This is done in connection with his new out-of-school activity, that of Scoutmaster. IO IOA Mrs. Keller leading a group of seventh graders in the Teaching Latin Structure, left to right: Mr. Zaiac, Instruc- use of the dictionary. tor, J. Lloyd, L. King, D. Dresher. Nineteen ENTERING OUR SCHOCL MR. JOSEPH A. MILLER, Ph. B. Muhlenberg College World History, American History, PENN POST, Fishing Club. "You can do anything in here, even sleep, but DON'T talk and disturb those who are trying to learn." This is one of the pet phrases of collegiate-looking Mr. Miller. The father of three, he spends much of his spare time casting the fishing line. This commuter from "over Wyomissing way" always has a friendly smile for his students as they file into Room ll for their daily "short and easy" C?t quizzes. MR. LEE R. BIERLY, B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College General Mathematics Supervises Golf, Golf Club. From the depths of our beloved high school, the shrill sound of whistling echoes through the halls. The source, of co u rs e, is none other than Mr. Bierly. Although this tall, friendly individual is well-known for his interest in golf, he also promotes and participates in the development of worthwhile teenage sports and other recreational activities. A teacher must set high standards for his students to follow- a trait which fits Mr. Bierly to a "tee." ll I2 Pointing out a place on the map, left to right: Mr. Explaining a problem in arithmetic, left to right: R. Miller, Instructor, F. Azzolina, R. Buck. Millar, Mr. Bierly, Instructor, A. Pryzbeck, T. Roland. Twenty IS A NEW AND STRANGE EXPERIENCE TO THE 7TH GRADERS MRS. MlLDRED M. LEININGER, B.S. Hood College, Post Graduate Work Albright College Home Economics, Adult Sewing Class. As is the case with many teachers, Mrs. Leininger's chief interest outside of the classroom is her family and its numer- ous activities. In her spare moments she delights in knitting and fancy sewing. MISS JANE MCMURTRIE, B.S. Lebanon Valley General Music, Music Theory, Seventh Grade Chorus, Eighth Grade Chorus, Girls' Chorus, Senior Chorus, Girls' Ensemble, Boys' Quartet. One of the recent additions to Mt. Penn's faculty is Miss McMurtrie, who has created several excellent vocal choruses and groups. Painting and hi-fi occupy most of this musician's spare time. Mt. Penn wishes this well-liked teacher the best of luck in her future marriage. I3 I4 Showing their sewing talents are, seated: S. Hylton. Explaining music. Left to right: P. Schlanger, C. Standing, left to right: Mrs. Leininger, D. Smith, M. Ensslen, P. Bixler, Miss McMurtrie, Instructor. Miller, F. Barr. Twenty-one VOCATIONAL TRAINING AIDS STUDENTS MRS. EVELYN M. KOHL, B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College Junior and Senior High Art, Junior High Sketching Club, Make-up for school plays, Painting of stage scenery. Mrs. Kohl has pursued numerous cratts in her special studies and travels which help to brighten and diversify her art classes. She is fond of water sports at the seashore while 'flower gardening and serving are her favorite household hobbies. MR. JOHN M. SEIFARTH, B.S. Industrial Education Penn State University Industrial Arts, Stage Crew, Conservation Club. Since Mr. Seifarth lists gardening, hunting, and fishing as his favorite hobbies, it is obvious that he is intensely interested, as well as an active participant, in conservation. Mr. Seifarth, who is "the man behind the men behind the stage," is always anxious to help any interested boy obtain a start in the industrial world. I5 I6 Designing a poster are left to right Mrs Kohl, M. Wait until you see the finished product! Left to right: Fleisher J Thomas Becker G. Hotzman, Mr. Seifarth, R. Gilbert. Twenty-two IN SCLVING EVERYDAY PROBLEMS MISS ANlTA A. GEIGER, B.S. Pennsylvania State University Physical Education, Health, General Science, J.V. and Varsity Cheerleading, Girls' Varsity Basketball. "But you have to hold the bow still, while you shoot the arrow!" These immortal words could be uttered by only one indiviolualeour own Miss Geiger. Always ready with advice to the lovelorn and full of fun, this eye-catching individual drives her "hot" Ford from Elverson to M.P.H.S. every day. Besides competently participating in all sports, Miss Geiger lends her talents to the arts and handicrafts field. Respected by all who know her, Miss Geiger has retained the friendship of many Mt. Penn graduates. MRS. ARLENE M. LINDERMAN, B.S. East Stroudsburg State Teachers Health, Physical Education, Girls' Official Club, Girls' lntra- mural Sports. Much of Mrs. Linderman's spare time at home is spent attempting to train her German shepherd, Baron, obedience. An outstanding Hummel, as well as a new German shepherd figurine collection, is the pride and ioy of an exceptionally sports-minded teacher. Besides thoroughly enioying garden- ing and her home during the summer, Mrs. Linderman also gets lots of fun out of teasing Miss Geiger. GYM Learn ng the facts about Cancer are J Bauman S. Men- "Four's left" 'lOth Grade Gym Class. Twenty-th ree GOOD HEALTH AND STRONG BODIES MR. DAVID S. ZIMMERMAN, B.S,, M.5. East Stroudsburg State Teachers College, Temple University Driver Education, Key Club, Junior Class Advisor. Always in a hurry, hustling through the halls, is alert, civic-and-sports minded Mr. Zimmerman. Gardening is one of his chief interests. CCould this be the Key Club's source of vegetables for their soup'?J Our happy-go-lucky educator also enjoys camping trips, hiking, and teaching Sunday School. Possessing a keen sense of humor, Mr. Zimmerman is admired by every lucky student who knows him. MR. GERSHOM G. KROM, B.S. West Chester State Teachers College Physical Education, Health, Track team, Varsity Basketball. Knowing that exercise is body building, Mr. Krom is con- stantly endeavoring to make men of his boys by prescribing calisthenics. Besides creating a top-notch basketball team, Mr. Krom finds time to participate in the Masons, to study for his Masters Degree, and to enjoy the companionship of his family. One of the fond memories of his students will be the invigorating 32 degree weather as they play soccer in "skins." GYM OFFICE DRIVER TRAINING CAR Talking over the rules of basketball are left to right: Learning the fundamentals of driving, 'eff fo right: F Hiefer Mr Krom Instructor and R Marlatt L. Troutman, L. Conner, Mr. Zimmerman. Twenty-fou r ARE WORTHY GOALS FOR STUDENTS TO ATTAIN MR. J. LLOYD SHARETTS, B.S., M.S. Gettysburg College General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Sr. Science. Service Club, Science Contest, Faculty Manager of Athletics, Science Club. Deeply dedicated to the facinating scientific world, Mr. Sharetts has iudged at the Lehigh Valley and Montgomery 'County Science Fairs and serves in the capacity of educational consultant for his favorite, the Berks County Science Fair. Puttering in his garden, and making nic-nacs for his friends are the chief pastimes of this thoughtful individual. Many stu- dents will always remember this interesting personality. MR. LAWRENCE E. RICKOLT, B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College Biology, English, Health, Debating team. "Ice cream" tests, window-shattering and ear-piercing lec- tures and the phrase, "it figures" could apply to only one teacher, Mr. Rickolt. One hobby which occupies most of Mr. Rickholt's spare time is flying. His other hobbies include using his home as a laboratory of which Mrs. Rickolt takes a nega- tive attitude and showing students his "war pictures." 2l 22 Are there any further questions? Left to right L Mundell, What are we going to dissect today? Left to right: J. T Paull M Rappaselli Clouser, Mr. Rickolt, R. O' Grattis. Twenty-five LEARNING TO THINK MR. WILLIAM H. LEVAN Conservatory of Music, Philadelphia Instrumental Music, Junior Band, Senior Band, Dance Band. After a full day of working with his three bands, Mr. Levan finds much pleasure and relaxation with his ever- growing music Cwhat else?J library. His interest in instrumen- tal music outside the school includes playing in and leading his own dance band lremember seeing him at the "Y"'?l. On a bright, sunny day you will see the Lawrence Welk of Mt. Penn feverishly working on one of his non-musical hobbies- golf, which he enjoys very much. MRS. ELLEN C. WEBER, B.S. Bloomsburg State Teachers College, Columbia University Bookkeeping, Business Law, Retail Merchandising. One of the contributions to Mt. Penn's outstanding Business Education Department, is the fine teaching of Mrs. Weber. This educator frequently iniects a bit of humor into her classes. BAND OFFICE 24 Relaxing after a morning of practice, left to right: E, Improving their typing ability are, left to right: C. Cappel, Hill, T. Williams, J. Mickanis, Mr. Levan, J. Hibschman. Mrs- Webber. J- EISSWIBD- Twenty-six IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF AN EDUCATION MRS. SUSAN HAAG LATSHAW B. of Ed. in Com., B.S. in Ed. Rider College, New York Univer- sity, Albright College Shorthand, Typing, Junior Business Training, Secretarial Prac- tice, Junior High Typing Club. Mrs. Latshaw, senior homeroom teacher and one of the senior class advisors, has proved a beneficial addition to the faculty. She has a tender affection for animals and an ap- preciation of music-especially piano. MR. RICHARD C. HAMILTON, B.S. Penn. State University Algebra, Geometry, General Math, Lost-and-Found Depart- ment, Student Council. Mt. Penn is extremely fortunate to have, as a new addition to our faculty, Mr. Hamilton, in the ever-important mathe- matics department. Some students in Mr. Hamilton's classes claim that this soft-spoken individual Ithat's what they sayj uses some rather unusual expressions-one of these being, "l'll be cottonpickedlu 25 30 Learning the fundamentals of business training are, Explaining a bit of Geometry to the class are, left to left to right G Fisher N Toutman P Stallone Mrs. Lat- right: D. Christman, J. McCrudden, Mr. Hamilton, ln- shaw structor.. Twenty-seven SCHOLASTIC BACKGROUND MR. WILLIAM I. PURNELL B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College P.O.D., World History, Senior Class Advisor. Because of the "circumstances" which usually bring a pupil and Mr. Purnell together for the first time, most students seem to fear having anything to do with Room 31. After having him as a teacher, however, they soon find that, except for his "extra" classes, he is one fo the wittiest, yet sincere, members of our faculty. Just like rnost parents, this father of two has teen-agers who like "pop" music and Elvis. His opinion of Elvis, as of all people he doesn't particularly like, is summed up in two words-"no comment." MRS. FRANCES V. FREZEMAN Beaver College, B.A,, University of Colorado Junior and Senior English Mrs. Frezernan, who recently ioinecl the Mt. Penn faculty, originally taught German at Exeter High School. A ceramic- creating enthusiast and avid Xylophone player, she has be- come well-liked by her students in the short time she has spent with us. This is due, perhaps, to her friendly, yet sincere, personality. SI 33 Discussing the Supreme Court of the United States are, Anybody for literature? Left to right: M. Romanski, R. left to right: Mr. Purnell, B. Stamm, J. Pappadakes. Kunnes, Mrs. Freezeman, D. Joseph, C. Bcrelli. Twenty-eight ASSISTS STUDENTS IN FUTURE CAREERS MR. RICHARD D. BISHOP, B.S. Bloomsburg State Teachers College Eighth Grade Mathematics, Business Math, Ticket Sales, School Bank, Usherette Club. After a busy day at school, Mr. Bishop, the proud father of two girls, especially enioys lust relaxing and listening to his hi-fi set. Mr. Bishop's subtle sense ot humor was depicted when he gave lucky students a surprise Christmas present from him-detention tor not handing in their ticket returns. MR. ALLEN R. SCHUTT, B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College Geography, Service Club, Senior Class Play. "Tall, dark, and friendly." This expression might be a female's description of Mt. Penn's great geographer, Mr, Schutt, while talented, and humorous would more likely be a male's opinion. A tlair for dramatics and a keen sense of humor complete this snappy dresser's personality. Sports, classical music, and artwork interest this "average American male." 34 35 Explaining a math problem are left to right Mr Bishop, Exploring the globe are, left to right: B. Boyer, Mr. R Kotzen C Snyder B Swartz Schutt, P. Perwein, J. Blum. Twenty-nine LEARNING TO LIVE WITH OTHERS MISS JANE S. CUNNUIS, B.S., M.S. Kutztown State Teachers College, University of Pennsylvania American History, Geography, Y-Teens, "l Speak for Democ- racy" contest, Junior Historians Club. Miss Cunnuis, usually attired in Kelly green, which inci- dently is her favorite color, spends her spare time reading mystery stories or working with the Y-Teens. She enjoys promoting romances between her "cherubs" and driving her cat, "Benny," to market every Friday morning at 6 a.m. MRS. HELEN E. OTT, B.S. University of Pennsylvania, Pembroke, Middlebury College Language School English, German, German Club. "Frau" Ott, who is deeply interested in cultural activities, extends her German interests outside the classroom. This de- voted mother of three is usually apt to elate her students, as they soberly file out ot room thirty-seven, with her pet phrase, "Morgen haben wir Fragen." Of course, this phrase is well-topped by her other favorite saying which brightens her German students' day. CEspecially the boyst. 36 37 Going over her history speech with Miss Cunnius, ln- Explaining ninth grade English is Mrs. Otto, Instructory structor is J Dornblaser M. Lindner, L. Adams, D, Auchenbacln. Thirty IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS LIFE ITSELF MRS. SARA M. MACK, B.S., NLS. Kutztown State Teachers College Columbia University Instruction in uses of the library, Junior Library Club, Senior Library Staff, National Honor Society. Sewing, reading, and bicycling are favorite pastimes of Mrs. Mack, our librarian, who is also extremely fond of Broadway productions. After eight and one-half years of efficient service, she resigned at the end of the first semester to assume a new position at Kutztown State Teachers College. No longer will our students hear those immortal words, "lt's getting a little too noisy in here!" Congratulations and success go with you. MR. DONALD C. RAKER, B.S. Bloomsburg State Teachers College Kutztown State Teachers College Temple University, Graduate work Guidance, Guidance Counseling, J.V. Basketball, Proiection Crew, Baseball, lOth grade sponsor. Mr. Raker, our competent and extremely friendly guidance counselor, is always willing to aid any young individual deter- mine the course he shall follow in later life. Much of his spare time is spent at home with his wife, Betty, and son Robert Steven. After putting in a day's work at school, Mr. Raker relaxes by playing golf, a game of which he is an avid fan. Library Library Office Looking for a card in the index file are S Sulzbacher, J. Explaining the aptitude test results is Mr. Raker. Left to Davis and Miss Haupt Librarian right: S. Deilaler, D. Newpher. Thirty-one MR. NEVIN S. MATZ, B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College Algebra, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Advanced Math. At the end of a school day Mr. Matz puts his math to work as he tinkers in his wood shop. lt could well be said that things are sometimes really "hot" when Mr. Matz is around, as he is a member of both the Mt. Penn and the Lower Alsace Fire Companies. With atypical Berks County accent, Mt. Penn's answer to Pythagoras is often heard asking this immortal question, "Have you memorized the 8 fundamental functions yet?" Mr. Matz's wit and his dependable services as a bus driver makes him one of the most popular teachers. We shall always remember the basketball trips. MRS. ROBERT HAAG, B.S. in Business Ed. Bucknell University Business English, Clerical Practice, Typing I and Il, PENN ALMA advisor Puttin' to school in her "old-but-dependable" Dodge we have one of our Business Education teachers, Mrs. Haag. lf you have ever heard the expression, "Open your mouth and show your ignorance" undoubtedly you may have been within hearing distance of one of her classes. In addition to her pet proiect, our PENN ALMA, she takes an active part in Girl Scouting and enioys entertaining her friends at her Green Tree Acres home. Mrs. Haag's iovial personality, and genuine interest in students make her one of the teachers students long remember upon graduation. 39 Becoming acquainted with the slide rule are left to Explaining a problem In typing is Mr, Wismer. First row, right Mr Matz Instructor J Lantz B Hunsberger. left to right: J. Ebert. Second row: D. Patrick, Mr. Wismer, S. Lewars. Thirty-two THE FOUNDATION OF LIVING MR. C. CARL PETTINATO, B.S. St. Joseph's College History, Civics, Junior High Basketball. Capably handling the iob of giving our students a good background in civics and history is Mt. Penn's own Mr. Pettinato. This cheerful chap from "4O" is known by all stu- dents to be friendly and sincere in his desire to be helpful to them in any way he can. MLCHARLES A. BRECHBIEL, B.S. Shippensburg State Teachers College French and English, National Thespian Society, Junior Class Play, Coin and Stamp Collecting Club, Soccer. Alors donc, c'est assey. This expression-familiar to every French student-is frequently utilized by Mr. Brechbiel. Dra- matics and collecting coins and stamps are a few of Mr. Brechbiel's various interests. Mr. Brechbiel's powder blue Buick discloses much mileage since travel is an important part of this energetic educator's agenda. Although basketball, swimming, tennis, and hiking are high on his popularity poll, baseball isn't un de ses ieux favoris with this sports-minded bachelor. 40 4l Pointing to a picture in the civics book is Mr. Using the tape recorder in French class are, left to Pemnato Left to right A Hass Mr Pettmato Instructor, right: M, Miller, Mr. Brechbiel, Instructor, R. Kunnes, M. S Shark M Schiffman Licker, L. Long. Seated: S. Wells. Th i rty-th ree EEHIURS UI'I PFI fa MR. W. l. PURNELL MR. J. L. SHARETTS MRS. S. LATSHAW CLASS MOTTO: "Prepare Today for Tomorrow's Challenge" CLASS FLOWERS: Red and White Roses CLASS COLORS: Charcoal Grey and White Our first task, the election of officers, took place during the first week of school. As prexie, we elected Steve Sulzbacher and to assist him, Mary Adams was chosen as vice president. Jean Men- gel and Jackie Delp were elected secretary and treasurer, respectively. A dance, held on September 20, was our first money-raising activity of the year. ln spite of inclem- ent weather, it was quite a success. Swinging into high gear, we decided to sell sweat shirts in the high school and book covers to the grade school children. Both ventures were rather prosperous. November 8 was the big night on which was presented our senior class play, "Curtain Going up." As we look back on it, it seems like that was iust yesterday. The came the big basketball season. The "Mounts" were the hottest offensive team in the league, but that game at Kutztown was a heartbreaker. Suddenly the year is nearly over and we think back to all the hard work and good times we had at Mt. Penn. And so, we leave the hallowed halls of M.P.H.S., but may we say thanks to everyone and every- thing at Mt. Penn, we'll never forget them! Thirty-six fr 3523 W 13? , 1951, QQ, Q " Hilfe' 8'-f? kwa? V A , ,m,3 . gr Q 53,5 'ig' S A wifi ' Q, . . Q ' ,.L,., i ,f ' yi "?i2'45W4 Xu' gif 4, X . 1' 44 'if 19' any Nice mousey! Left to right: M. Gimmy, S. Hylton, J. Hafetz, L. Chivian, S. Mendelsohn. No one can imagine what confusion prevails at a play rehearsal. This is what you might see if you were to be seated, incognito, at a Senior Class play rehearsal of the class of '58: Mr. Schutt arrives on time and patiently begins to wait for the great actors and actresses. We still see Mr. Schutt wait- ing after ten minutes have passed. Now the first few cast members arrive. More time lapses and a few more people come in, Finally. Mr. Schutt is about to give up, the last few people come racing toward the stage. Now rehearsal begins. Some of the things that we see and hear during the night are: "l think by this time you should all know your lines. November 8 isn't so very far away as you know." This is Mr. Schutt making a comment to all those members of the cast who have not learned their scripts. Someone isn't speaking loud enough. Someone finally suggest that the stage crew turn on the mikes. Of course that goes over with a thud. There is so much chaos in the wings that it confuses those people on the stage. Here is why there is chaos in the wings: The German students are doing their German homework and are naturally studying out loud, the French students are speaking French, someone's reading Macbeth and, two girls are dancing to some rock-and-roll records that were accidentally left in the record player. After the confusion dies down a least bit, one of the actresses starts jumping up and down on stage crying. Can you imagine why? She has cramps in her feet. After a fifteen-minute pause, the cast takes their places once more. Five pages have been covered by this time with a few brief interruptions. Mr. Schutt tells the cast to take a five-minute break which lasts fifteen minutes. The prompters are busy reading the lines for those who aren't here. lsn't it surprising how many people suddenly becorne ill? Meanwhile, the property committee is busy asking if they have such things as: a black wig, a sword, a Confederate hat, a shawl, and dueling pistols. It is now 8:30 p.m. and time to go home. Forty 5 Q? HQ I ,f?-eg A if f Y zfm, 3 . :rg : 'QA 1. X A 11 JY ff, DOLORES MAE ALLOWAY 20 Columbia Avenue Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 12, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Intramural Sports 9, 10, ll, 12, Assemblies mittees 11, 12. D ancing rates high O nly class member with a twin sister L oves pizza pie O ftice work in the future R eal talented in art E njoys listening to "pop" records S ervice rendered to anyone MARY PATRICIA ,ADAMS 603 Penndale Avenue Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Academic PENN ALMA 12, NHS 12, Band 9, l0, Senior Chorus 11, 12, Int. Chorus 9, 10, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Junior Adv., Junior and Senior Lib. Club 9, 10, 1-1, 12, Secretary, Service Club 9, 10, il, 12, I Speak for Democracy 11, Homeroom Rep. 9, Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Ensemble 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Class Play 12, Junior Classical League 9, 10, Class Commit- tees 1O, 11, 12, Senior Class Vice President 12. M any, many friends A ctive Vice President of senior class R ole in senior class play Y -Teen student advisor 10, Class Com- MARY ETH EL ALLOWAY 20 Columbia Avenue Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 12, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, intramural Sports 9, 10, 1.1, 12, Assemblies 10, Class Com- mittees 11, 12. M A R Y usic rates high bility to bowl elishes Chevys and Oldsmobiles earns to become a secretary Forty-two JOSEPH CHARLES AZZOLINA 642 North 25th Street Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 121 Junior High Basketball 9, Assemblies 105 Baseball 9, 10, Class Committees 9, '10, 11, 12, Homeroom President 9, 10, 11. A pt to attend K. S. T. C. Z ealous in sports Z enith personality JUDITH ANN BAUMAN 113 North 23rd Street Mount Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial Senior Chorus 11, 12, lnt. Chorus 105 Senior Library Club 12, Assemblies 10, 11, 12, Senior Class Play 12. P ersonality plus E xcellent prompter for Senior Class play A bility in singing goes to Senior Chorus N ice, iuicy steaks rate number one U sually laughing T ributes times to Senior Library Club WALTER ALLEN BENDER, JR. 131 Montgomery Avenue Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial Intramural Sports 10, 11, Assemblies 10, Class Committees 9, 10, 11, 125 Homeroom Rep. 9, President 10, 11, 12. A 'ctive president of homeroom 12-2 B usy yearbook ad captain E ngineering iMechanicall in the future Y ou can find him with his Ford Fo rty-th ree JOYCE BLANKENBILLER R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 12, Class Committees ll, 12 J oyously, always eating Office work in the future Y earbook Index Chief KAROL SUE BLOOM 25th and High Street Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Academic PENN ALMA 12, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Junior and Senior Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Service Club 10, 11, 12, Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 10,'1l, Senior Class Play 12, Junior Classical League 9, 10, 11, 12, Class Committees 11, Library Rep. 9. K ids all like this lass A thletically inclined' R eady to help others Often reminisces about Lebanon L ikes to read of current events ROBERT ALLEN BOYER 116 Oak Lane Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania Academic Soccer 10, 11, '12, Basketball fVarsityJ 10, 12, Junior High Basketball 9, PENN ALMA Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Intramural Sports 11, 12, Class Committees 10. L eads the "Mighty Mounts" A lways presents a collegiate appearance D rives a red and white Chevy D iligently plays the tuba in band I ndustriouslyrstudies "Frogen" E xcels in athletics Fo rty-fou r Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, Track 11, 12, Junior Classical League 9, 10, MARGARET CATHERINE CHILTON 1401 Friedensburg Road Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 12, Clas Committee 12. M unching on Italian sandwiches A lways with Bev and Judy G loriously watches TV G oes for the color "red" I nhabitant from Stony Creek Mills E nthusiasm in field of clerical work LINDA ANN CONNER 2606 Perkiomen Avenue Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial Cheerleader 9, 10 Captain, 11, 12 Captain, GAA 10, PENN AUVIA 12, NHS 11, 12 Vice President, Senior Chorus II, Int. Chorus 9, 10, Usherettes 12, Y-Teens IO, II Secretary, 12 Inter-club Council Rep., Intramural Sports 10 Assemblies 10, 11, 12, Student Council 11, Treas- urer 12, Class Committees 10, 11, 12. L ively cheerleader 1 nter-club council representative for Y-Teens N HS Vice President D elightful personality A future medical secretary LENI I. CHIVIAN 602 Brighton Avenue Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Academic PENN ALMA 12, NTS 11, 12, Secretary In Chorus 9, 10, Junior and Senior Library Club 9, 10, 11, TLA Rep., 12 Vice President Service Club 10, 11, 12, Intramural Spors Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Junior Class Play 11 Senior Class Play 12, Junior Classical League 9, 10, 11 12, Class Committees 9. 0 Hall Duty 10, 11, 12. I- ends her talent to Thespians and Library Club E nioys football games N ifty wardrobe I ngenious laughter Forty-five GARY COHEN 2808 Filbert Avenue Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Academic PENN ALMA 125 National Thespian Society 11, 12, Debating Team 11, 12, l Speak for De- mocracy 11, Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, Assem- blies 9, 1O, 11, 12, Golf 9, 10, 11, Junior Class Play 11, Senior Class Play 12, Class Committees 9, 10, 11, 12. Garrulous member of POD class Activities include Thespians and intramural sports Rarely seen without the "Corvette" You can find him on the golf course JAMES CZARNECKI 236 N. 25th Street Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Academic Junior High Basketball 9, Int, Chorus 10, lntra- mural Sports 9, 10, 11, 127 Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 125 Track 9, 10, Junior Classical League 9, 10, Class Committees 11, 12, Swimming Team 9, 10. Cool, cool, cat Zip, zoom-there goes the ieep Anxious to help whenever needed R eally appreciates "rock 'ri' roll" W 7 Forty-six JOHN CHARLES DAEMER R. D. l Temple, Pennsylvania General Assemblies 10, Baseball 9. Nl,ost attentive in Law classes Often has riotous remarks Pyarticipates in sports SARA JANE DAUTRICH R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 12, Senior Chorus 12, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Service Club 11, 12, lntramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 10, 11, 12, Class Com- mittees 11, 12, Junior Class Secretary. D ancing is a favorite pastime Willing to help when needed I ntelligent member of Senior Class P resents spare time to Johnny P leasing personality and smile L'oyaI friend to everyone E ating steak sandwiches is her favorite JUNE LOUISE DAVIS 2424 Grandview Avenue Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial GAA 10, NTS 11, 12: Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Senior Library Club 12, Intramural Sports 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 10, 11, 12, Junior Class Play 11, Senior Class Play 12, Junior Clas- sical League 9, Class Committees 11, 12. B elcngs to Senior Library Club L obster tail is a favorite Qwner ofa pony tail Nifty flute player in band D esires to become an Airline Hostess I nclined to be talkative E xcellent actress in Senior Class Play JUDITH ALICE DEGLER R. D. 3 Fleetwood, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 12, NTS 11, 12, Color Guard 12, Senior Chorus 12, Y-Teens 12, Intramural Sports 12, Assemblies 11, 12, Junior Class Play 11, Senior Class Play 12, Class Committees 11, 12. F antastic imagination L oyal to the color guards U sually seen with Bev and Maggie F riendly to everyone F ame may come to this Thespian Forty-seven "Y oung" will be her future name RICHARD BARRY DEHART R. D, 1 Temple, Pennsylvania General Assemblies 107 Class Committees 127 Senior Chorus 10, ll. Does favors willingly I nterested in cars Contemplates going in the service Keeps his car sparkling SANDRA LEE DEIBLER 612 Byram Street Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 127 Senior Chorus 11, 127 Int. Chorus 9, 107 Y-Teens 10, 11, 127 Library Club 107 I Speak for Democracy 117 Intramural Sports 9, 107 Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 127 Class Commit- tees 10, 11, 127 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 12: Homeroom Rep. 9. S ecretary of 12-2 homeroom Active member of senior activites Never has a dull moment Duties required are always performed BRIAN JOSEPH DELEWSKI 219 Montgomery Avenue Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania General PENN ALMA 125 Homeroom Rep. 12: Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 127 Assemblies 107 Class Com- mittees 12. Definite plans for future E nioys swimming Likes to fool with cars L ifeguard! Lifeguard! Forty-eight JACQUELINE ANN DELP Box 814, R. D. 'l Temple, Pennsylvania Commercial Senior Chorus II, 12, Int. Chorus 9, 10, Usher- ettes 127 Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 10, 11, 125 Class Committees 11, 12, Treasurer 12. J oking breaks her serious moments Always has a smile C horus member "K eeping busy" is her motto I ndulges in steak sandwiches E xcellent treasurer of Senior Class ERNEST EDOUARD DUCHODNI 237 Oak Terrace Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania General Intramural Sport., 11, 12, Class Committees 12 D ress .ls collegiate U sually seen in the "Olds" C haracter of wit H opes for future indefinite CLARENCE LEWIS EMERICH 119 Oak Lane Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania Academic PENN ALMA 127 PENN POST 117 Senior Chorus 11, 12, Int. Chorus 9, 10, Service Club 11, 12, Intramural Sports 11, Assemblies 10, 11, 12, Senior Class Play 12. C lever, witty characterizations L 'ikes to "frequent dances" E manates friendliness Forty-nine .1i1. 1-.... Often quiet Z ealous Z ippy wit I ndulges in E asy to get ROBERT JAY ERKES 2610 Philmay Terrace Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Academic PENN ALMA l2p NTS 11, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Dance Band 127 Key Club 12, Homeroom Rep. 10, Vice President, Intramural Sports 9, 10, ll, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 125 Student Council 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Golf 125 Junior Class Play 11, JCL 9, 10, President 11, 12, Class Committees 10, 11, 12. E nergetic baseball player R eliable "key" man K een sense of humor Yields time to Student Council OSCAR FICK, JR R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania General Class Committees 12. among girls all kinds of food along with KARL HOWARD FISHER 1001 Friedensburg Road R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania General PENN ALMA 12, Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Ensemble 9, 10. L ikes lots of pizza pie E nioys sports Owns a spacious black Ford Fifty JOSEPH LEE FLANNERY 516 N. 26th Street Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial Basketball 127' Baseball 12, Class Committees 12. Transferred from Reading High School. J ubilant basketball player Often seen with "Azz" E nioys eating steaks GLEN DA LOU FREED 2708 Prospect Boulevard Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial GAA 10,11, 12, GOC 10, 11, 121 PENN POST 11, PENN' ALMA 12, NTS 11, 125 lnt. Chorus 9, 10, Library Club 9, 10, 11, Service Club 9, 11, 12, Intramural Sports 9, 10, 115 Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Junior Class Play 11, JCL 9, Class Committees 9, 10, 11, 12. F riends are numerous R eady to lend a helping hand E xcellent President of GAA E nioys visits from a K. S. T. C. student D resses attracflvely Y earns to be a medical secretary MICHAEL RONALD FURILLO 226 Vesper Avenue Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania General PENN ALMA 12, Intramural Sports Baseball 11, 12. P icky people don't rate E nioys horseback riding C heerful always K eep the crowd laughing 9, 10, ll, 12, Fifty-one I REINHOLD CARL GESSNER R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania General Junior High Basketball 9, PENN ALMA 12, Int. Chorus 9, Proiection Crew 10, Intramural Sports 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 10, 11, Track 11, Class Committee 10, 11, 12. P astime-fixing cars E nioys driving his Ford E x-ceeds in history W it is unlimited E ats steak sandwiches E stablished future as Coast Guard 1 RONALD JAMES GILBERT 306 Freiclensburg Road Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania General Class Committees 12. W alks very little E nioys a good "Chop Session" D rives an "Olds" G enial personality E xuberant knowledge of cars MARY KAY GIMMY 516 Fountain Avenue Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Academic PENN ALMA 12, PENN POST 9, 10 Staff, 11 Associate Editor, 12 Assistant Editor, NHS 12, Senior Chorus 11, 12, Int. Chorus 9, 10, Y-Teens 10 Cabinet, 11 Cabinet, 12 President, Library Club Uuniorj 9, Service Club 9, 10, 11, 12, lntramural Sports 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 11, Secretary 12, Junior Class Play 11, Senior Class Play 12, JCL 9, 10 Secretary, 11, 12, Class Committees 10, 11, 12. Memories of summer and Stone Harbor are fond A vid pro jazz fan R arely seern not eating an apple Y -Teen President K onnen Sie Deutsch?" ,4 Fifty-two JAMES LEONARD GOROFF 820 Brighton Avenue Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Academic Junior High Basketball 9, PENN ALMA 12, NTS 11, 12, Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Assem- blies 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 11, Junior Class Play 11, Senior Class Play 12, Junior Classical League 9, 10, 11, 12, Class Committees 10, 11, 12. J ournalism is in the future I ntramural sports addict Modern music rates JUDITH ELAINE GRADY R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 12, Treasurer, NHS 12, Usherettes 12, Class Committees 11, 12, 11 Class Treasurer. .1 eeps rate high Usually seen with Paul Delightful personality Yields spare time as PENN ALMA Treasurer GARY WILLIAM GRUBB R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania General Intramural Sports 10, 11, Assemblies 11, Baseball 9, 10, Class Committees 12, Junior High Bas- ketball 9. S izzling steaks are a hit C asual personality R eady for the Air Force U rges co-operation B y-passes iudgment on people Fifty-th ree JACK HAFETZ 903 Brighton Avenue Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Academic PENN ALMA 12, NTS 11, 12 President, Home- room Rep. 10 Vice President, 11 Vice President, Intramurals Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Golf 9, 10, 11, 12, Junior Class Play 11, Senior Class Play 12, Class Committees JOHN SEIFERT HIBSCHMAN 10 Alsace Court Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Academic Soccer 10, 11, 12, Basketball qJv'sy 10, Junior High Basketball 9, NHS 11, 12, NTS 11, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12 President, Dance Band 11, 12, Key Club 10, 11, 12 Treasurer, l Speak for Democracy Contest 11, lntramural Sports 9, 11, Assemblies 9, 10, ll, Baseball 9, Golf 10, ll, Junior Class Play 11, Junior Classical League 9, 10, Treasurer 11, 12, Class Committees 10, 11, 12. H unting is a favorite pastime I nterested in military career D elights in driving his "Merc" G olt enthusiast E fticient keeper of Key Club funds 9, 10, 11, 12 J oking is a pastime Alert president of Thespians C o-operative in class functions K eeps in shape on the golf course ESTELLE CAROLYN HILL 17 Myrtle Avenue Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 12, PENN POST 11 Business Man- ager, 12 Business Manager, Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Treasurer, Senior Chorus 11, 12, Int. Chorus 9, 10, Homeroom Rep. 11, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Class Play 12, Class Committees 9, 10, 11, 12. 1 ypisi for PENN ALMA O rgan lessons take up a lot of this gal's time Often dreams of being a medical secretary T reasurer of the band S weet personality Fifty-four GERALD CHARLES HOTZMAN 2211 Woodvale Avenue Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Academic PENN ALMA 12, Assembly 11. J oins class activities eagerly E mphasis on Buicks R emarkably quiet R easonable lad Y earns for steak WILLIAM T. HUNSBERGER 20 S. 23rd Street Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Academic PENN ALMA 12, Co-Editor, NHS 10, ll, 12 Presi- dent, NTS 10, 11, Vice President 12, Int. Chorus 9, 10, Key Club 11, 12 Secretary, Service Club 9, 10, Proiection Crew 10, 11, 12, Stage Crew 10, 11, 12, Homeroom Rep. 10, 11, 12, Ensemble 10, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 11, 12, Tract 9, 10, Junior Class Play 11, Senior Class Play 12, Junior Classical League 9, 10, 11, 12, Class Committees 10, 11, 12, Soccer Man- ager 11. Busy co-editor of the "Penn Alma" l ntelligent president of NHS Likes to keep Key Club records straight Lends endless hours to Stage Crew SUSAN RAE HYLTON R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania Academic GAA 12, PENN ALMA 12, Senior Chorus 11. 12, Int. Chorus 9, 10, Y-Teens 12, Senior Library Club 12, Service Club 11, 12, Intramural Sports 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Class Play 12, JCL 9, 10, 11, 12, Class Com- mittees 10, 11, 12, Library Rep. 11. S ervice Club devotee U sually laughing S ewing is a hobby I nterested in a nursing career 'E lsie" of the Senior Class Play Fifty-five va CHARLES FRANKLIN KELLER R. D. 3 Fleetwood, Pennsylvania General lntramural Sports 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, Class Committees 12. Keeps temper down I nterested in "hotrods" Possessor of the "Green bomb" Engages in sports THOMAS ALLEN KALBACH 2121 Fairview Avenue Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania General Service Club 10, Track 9. Nix on females Amiable I nterests lie in cars L oquacious person Substantial future ahead NANCY EVE KLINE 49 Butter Lane Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial GAA 12, GOC 11, PENN ALMA 12, Maioretles 9, 10, 11, 12, lnt. Chorus 9, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Class Play 12, Class Committees 11, 12. N ifty dresser A clive in all senior activities N ever a dull moment with Nancy C hief of the maiorettes E agerly awaits letters from Illinois Fifty-six NANCY LOU KOCH R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial GAA 11, Senior Chorus 11, 12, Int. Junior Band 9, Y-Teens 10, Service Club 11, Homeroom Rep. 10, Intramural Sports 9, 10, 12, Assemblies 10, 12, Class Committees 9, 11, 12. Never has a frown Ambition is to become a payroll clerk Naturally quiet SHERRY DEE LEVY 2549 Grant Street Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Academic GAA 10, PENN ALMA 12, PENN POST 9, 10, 11, 12 Editor, NHS 12, National Thespian Society 11, 12, Y-Teens 12, Service Club 11, 12, Home- room Rep. 9, 10, 11, Assemblies 9, IO, 11, 12, Junior Class Play 11, Senior Class Play 12, Class Committee 9, 10, 11, 12, Junior Classical League 9,10,11,12. S nappy dresser Her sport is fencing E ditor of "Penn Post" R accoon coat! I tends to study languages Chorus 10, 11, 10, JACK R. LANTZ 2252 Fairview Avenue Mt, Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Academic Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Junior High Basketball 9, PENN ALMA 12, NTS 11, 12, Key Club 10, 11 Vice President, 12 President, Homeroom Rep. 9 President, I0 Presi- dent, Intramural Sports 9, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Junior Class Play 11, JCL 9, 10, 11, 12, Class Committees 10, 11, 12. J esting is so natural Athletically minded lad Casual crewcut Key Club prexie Fifty-seven GAIL LEWIS 1976 Perkiomen Avenue Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 12, NHS 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Chorus 11, 12, lnt. Chorus 9, 10, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12 President, Service Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 10, 12, Senior Class Play 12, JCL 9, Class Committees 10, 11, 12. Good singer Ability to teach ice skating l nability to stay away from cheese cake L ikes being president of Senior Library Club GEORGE RICHARD LORAH R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania General Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Basketball fVarsityJ 10, 11, 12, Junior High Basketball 9, Senior Chorus 11, 12, Int. Chorus 9, 10, Intramural Sports 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, Baseball 11, Class Com- mittees 12. Gifted singer R elaxed at all times Ability in all sports P ersonality filled with wit E ntertainer in the future ROGER LEE MARLATT 21 Wilson Avenue Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania Academic Soccer 10, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 12, Junior High Basketball 9, PENN ALMA 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Dance Band 11, 12, Senior Chorus 11, 12 Presi- dent, Int. Chorus 9, 10, Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Ensemble 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 11, 12, JCL 9, 10, 11, 12, Class Com- mittees 9,10,11, 12. R anks high in aptitude and height Orange and white Merc Goes for the sounds cf rock n' roll E xceptionally good sportsman Fifty-eight SANDRA FRANCESS MEN DELSOHN 414 Carsonia Avenue Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Academic GOC 10, PENN ALMA 12, PENN POST 9, 10, 11, 12, National Thespian Society 11, Chorus 11, 12, lnt. Chorus 9, Y-Teens IO, ll, 12, Library Club 9, 10, ll, 12, Service Club 10, 11, 12, Intramural Sports ll, Assemblies 9, 10, ll, 12, Junior Clas Play ll, Senior Class Play 12, Junior Classical League 9, 10, 11, 12, Class Committees 11, 12. M ember ofTl1espians E ndeavors to become an English teacher N ever without a cheerful word D edicates time to Library Club Y ou can find the gang assembled at her house FRANCOISE DOMINIQUE 407 Carsonia Avenue Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Academic Y-Teens,l2, Homeroom Rep. 12 Sports 12, PENN ALMA 12. F rance is her home land R ates with the senior boys A ctive in sports N ew addition to the class 12, Senior JEAN CHARLETTE MENGEL 2703 Prospect Boulevard Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 12, NHS 12, Senior Chorus ll, 12, Int. Chorus 9, 10, Usherettes 11, 12, Y-Teens 10, ll, 12, Library Club 9, Service Club ll, 12, Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Senior Class Play 12, Ensemble 11, Assemblies 10, 11, 12, JCL 9, Class Committees ll, 12, Secretary of Seinor Class. J azz rates high E arnestly looking forward to becoming a secre- tary A ble secretary of senior class N eat in appearance N ever without the gang I ndulges in sports E ager to visit the mountains I MERA Intramural Fifty-nine .lUDlTH ANN MICKANIS 2511 Philmay Terrace Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Academic GAA 11, PENN AUVlA 127 Band 10, 11, 12 Secre- tary, Dance Band 12, Senior Chorus 11, 12 Vice President, Int. Chorus 9, 101 Y-Teens 10, 11, 12 Vice President, Homeroom Rep. 11, 12, lntra- mural 11, Esemble ll, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Junior Classical League 9, 10, 11, 12, Class Committee 9, 10, 11, 12. J ovial personality Unique piano stylist of dance band Desires to study nursing Y-Teens vice president PATRICIA ANN MILLER 1982 Perkiomen Avenue Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial Cheerleader 11, PENN ALMA 12, Senior Chorus 11, 12 Treasurer, Int. Chorus 10, Y-Teens 10, 11, 125 Service Club 12, Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 10, 11, 127 Class Committees 10, 11, 12. Pleasant smile for all Active participant in Y-Teens T reasurer of chorus il L ikeable Sixty DOLORES PATRICIA NEWPHER R. D. 1 Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 125 Y-Teens 10, 11, 12 Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 10 11 C s Committees 11, 12. D esires to become a bookkeeper Out driving most of the time L oyal to her skating ability Y earns for steak sandwiches JOHN G. PAPPADAKES 2514 Perkiomen Avenue Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania General Soccer 125 PENN ALMA 125 Senior Chorus 11, 125 Int. Chorus 9, 105 Assemblies 10, 115 Class Committees l2f Homeroom President 12. P resident of Homeroom 31 A lways friendly P asses in a green Oldsmobile P roposes to be a Chef Y earns for pizza pie PHYLLIS RUTH RACHMAN 28 Endlicln Avenue Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Academic PENN ALMA 125 NTS ll, 125 lnt. Chorus 95 Y-Teens 105 Junior Library Club 95 Service Club 10, 11, 125 Debating Team 11, 125 Home- room Rep. 95 Intramural Sports 9, 105 Assem- blies 9, 1O, 11, l25 Junior Class Play 115 Senior Class Play 125 Junior Classical League 9, 10, 11, 125 Class Committees 10, 11, 12. P articipant of Debating Team Her favorite summer sport is swimming Y en for Dixieland music L ikes "thick" steaks EVA IRENE ROTHENBERGER R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 125 Senior Chorus 11, 125 Usher- ettes 12: Intramural Sports 10, 115 Assemblies 10. 115 Class Committees 10, 12. E asy going and likeable Very soft-spoken E nioys singing in chorus Sixty-one ..- BERNICE VIRGIN IA SANDRIDGE R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN ALMA 12, Senior Chorus 11, 12, Int. Chorus 9, 10, Y-Teens 10, 11, 12, Intramural Sports 10, 11, Assemblies 9, 10, 12, Senior Class Play 12, Class Committees 10. B eams with personality E nioys being with the gang R epresents the Y-Teens Neat in appearance I nterest lies is becoming a receptionist E ating hamburgers and French fries is a favorite NANCY KATHLEEN SEIFERT 8 Midland Avenue Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvanl Commercial PENN ALMA 12, Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 12, Class Committees 9, 10, 11, 12. N ever without the gang A ctivities include collecting rock 'n' roll records N eatly dressed C lerical work in this lassie's future E nioying fried chicken rates l"Vops" BEVERLY DAWN SLOAD R, D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial PENN AUVIA 12, Color Guard 11, 12, Senior Chorus 11, 12 Librarian, Y-Teens 11, 12, Library Club 11, 12 Treasurer, Service Club 11, Intra- mural Sports 11, 12, Senior Class Play 12, Class Committees 11, 12. B rown eyes has this gal E nioys skating and dancing Very enthusiastic about becoming a "Wave" Sixty-two BETTY JANE SMITH R. D. I Temple, Pennsylvania General GAA I2p Homeroom Rep. I2, Class Committees 12, Secretary-Treasurer of GAA 12. B eats all nurses' aids E asy to ge? along with T horough worker for GAA T aste for STEAK! Y earns to be a nurse DARLENE HATTIE SMITH Oley, Pennsylvania General PENN ALMA 12, Senior Chorus Il, 12, Inf Chorus 9 IO' Assemblies TI- Class Comma! tees I2 F ancnful Ideas if U ses her abilities well 5 ustains Senior Class S cafters when homework starts to be poured . on her I mpartial E asy to Talk with LEE GILBERT SMITH Oley Valley Acres R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania Academic Homeroom Rep. 12, Intramural Sporis 9, IO, II, Assemblies 9, IO, II, Baseball 105 Track 9. S ings popular hits M ary's is a favorite hang-out I ndustrious homeroom president T hinks of a Navy career T alks vividly of hunting experiences Y ou can find him driving the "Nash" Sixty-three SHIRLEY MAE STRAUSE R. D. 1 Temple, Pennsylvan Commercial PENN ALMA 127 Usherettes 125 Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 127 117 Class Committees 12. 5 een with Joyce and Judy H er future is that of a bookkee l ndex assistant for PENN ALMA R eady to help when needed L ends talents as usherette BARBARA ANN STAMM 2316 Cumberland Avenue Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania General Color Guard 12. B est hopes of being a receptionist O mits talking of gym classes O bvious personality T aste for food in general S ociable with all ia Y-Teens 10, 115 Assemblies 10, per STEVEN l. SULZBACHER 248 Carsonia Avenue Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Academic NHS 12, National Thespian Society 11, 127 Key Club 12, Library Club 9, 10, 11, 12, Debating Team 10, 11, 12, Proiection Crew 10, 11, 12: Stage Crew 10, 11, 12, Intramural Sports 10, 11, 125 Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Junior Class Play 11, Senior Class Play 12, Junior Classical League 9, 10, 11, 125 Class Committees, Class Presi- dent 12. S cience rates high T ireless leader ofthe Senior Class E nioys "feeding on French fried peanuts" V ery seldom seen without notebook E xtemporaneous speaker Oh, what a lifeguard! Sixty-four SPENCER GLENN SWANGER 2252 Fairview Street Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Academic Soccer IO, 11, 125 Basketball IJV's1 105 Junior High Basketball 95 Intramural Sports 9, 10, 11, 125 Int. Chorus 95 Junior Band 95 Key Club 10, 11, 125 Homeroom Rep. 9, 10, 115 Assemblies 10, 115 Baseball 9, 10, 11, 125 Class Committees 9, 10, II, 125 Junior Class President. S orts-minded lad P resident of class during Junior year E nterprising Key Clubber Notorious laugh Cool conversationalist E nioys company of the gang LINDA ANN TROUTMAN ,V I ELWOOD W. SWEIGERT, JR. R, D. 1 Temple, Pennsylvania General Senior Chorus 125 Service Club 115 Intramural Sports 10, 11, 125 Student Council 10, 11, 12. Enjoys baseball Lawful at all times Loud noises! Thumbs down! 27 Myrtle Avenue Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial Girls' Varsity 10, 115 PENN ALMA 125 NHS 125 Senior Chorus 115 Int. Chorus 9, 105 Usherettes 125 Y-Teens 10, 11, Secretary 12, Treasurer5 Intramural Sports 10, 115 Assemblies 9, 10, 115 Class Committees 9, 10, 11, 12. L ends her talents as treasurer of Y-Teens I mmediate reactions N aturally quiet D esires to teach in the future A n excellent co-editor of the PENN ALMA Sixty 'five CHARLES A. WAGNER 102 Antietam Road Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania General PENN ALMA 12, Senior Chorus 125 Senior Library Club 12, Service Club 12, Ensemble 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 11, Senior Class Play 12, Class Committees 10, 11, 12, C operative at all times Hopes to go in the service Ability to acl R espect for classmaves l- abors appreciated by all l ndulges in delicacies E nemies? None DONALD JOHN WAREN R. D. 1 Temple, Pennsylvania General PENN ALMA 12, Assemblies 107 Class Committees 11, 12. Most of the time he is fixing his car I nterested in sports L ikes Sea Food D oes not approve of homew E nioys being with the gang Willingly speaks to everyone ork PAUL THOMAS WEBBER 2533 Perkiomen Avenue Mt. Penn Reading,- Pennsylvania General Intramural Sports 11, 12, Class Committees 12, PENN ALMA 12. Waits to goto R. B. I. E ats French Fries frequently B usiness world in the future Sixty-six JOHN ADAM WELFLING 712 Brighton Avenue Pennside Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial Assemblies 105 Baseball 9, Class Committees 12. J olly and easy-going Oh! What a guy! H is favorite class-bookkeeping N ever stops talking ROBERT ALAN WILLIAMS R. D. 1 Temple, Pennsylvania General Intramural Sports 10, 11, 125 Assemblies 9: Baseball 127 Class Committees 12. Willing to help others I tramural sports are favored L ongs to be with the gang L ikes the "Tony Curtis" haircut l nterest lies in farming E nlightens in Pork Chops MYLES EARL WHEELER 22 Woodland Avenue Stony Creek Mills Reading, Pennsylvania General Class Committees 12. J ourneys to Room 31 I nterest for future uknown Gee! What a guy Generally quiet Stony Creek Mills inhabitant Sixty-seven THOMAS S. WILLIAMS 2Otl1 and Fairview Street Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Academic Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 Co-Captain, Basketball-JV's 10, 11, Varsity 12, Junior High Basketball 9, PENN ALMA 12, PENN POST 9, National Thespian Society 11, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Vice President, Dance Band 10, 11, 12 Vice President, lnt. Chorus 9, 10, Junior Band 9, Key Club 11, 12, Intra- mural Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, Ensemble 9, 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Baseball 9, Track 9, 10, Golf 9, 10, 11, 12 Captain, Junior Class Play 11, Senior Class Play 12, Class Committees 9, io, 11, 12, T alented trumpet player Outstanding in Class Play Mighty "golfer" GEORGE KRIEG WISWESSER 264 Friedensburg Road Mt. Penn Reading, Pennsylvania Academic Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 Manager, PENN ALMA 12, PENN POST 11, 12, NHS 11, 12 Secretaryilreas- urer, National Thespian Society 11, 12, Band 10, 11, 12, Key Club 10, 11, 12, Library Club 9, 10, 11, Debating Team 10, 11, 12, Intramural Sports 9, 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Student Council 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 Scorekeeper, Junior Class Play 11, Senior Class Play 12, Junior Classical League 9, 10, 11, 12, Class Committees 11, 12. Well-rounded personality I ntellectual individual S corekeeper for the "Mighty Mounts" S tudent Council member Y en for Studebakers BENJAMIN LLOYD ZWEIZIG R. D. 4 Reading, Pennsylvania Commercial blies 10, Class Committees 9, 10, 11, 12. Blonde hair E asy going Not very loquacious Neat in appearance Yellow convertible Sixty-eight Int. Chorus 9, Intramural Sports 10, 11, Assem- SYMBOLIC OF OUR CLASS CLASS HAT The class of 1958 voted charcoal gray and white as their class colors. As a symbol for the class flower they selected red and white roses. Above you will see a picture of our class hat in black and white and below a picture of the traditional Mt. Penn class ring. ' CLASS RING Sixty nine FHVURITEE l I DH FH RFID THEY EXEMPLIFY OUR CLASS Exemplitying their outstanding leadership in the eight qualities shown on these two pages are the seniors elected by the class. The election was promoted until one girl and one boy received a majority of votes. The results of this election were left entirely to the class. Seventy-th ree UFIEIERELHEE Seventy-four s E V, i, E a ,w K !M 1! II H Seventy-five: NEWCOMERS TO MT. PENN HIGH SCHOOL. . Seventh grade pupils are, first row, left to right: E. Goll, M. Zickler, D. Smethers, D. Goroff, R. Auman, R. Glover, R. Helms, P. Mavrides, W. Athas, L. Schildt, D. Martin, E. Messer. Second row, from the back: J. Walters, S. Kolb, J. Williamson, S. Sager, C. Levin, J. Thomas, W. Reese, H. Spayd, A. Schlegel, S. Marks, Third row: J. Reber, L. Newberry, M, Rachlin, E. Godshall, J. Bodenheimer, J. Krickman, T. Becker, J, Knoll, J. Schwoyer, J, Tice, H. Hafetz. Kneeling: L. Zimmerman, J. Hill, M. Fleisher, N. Heller, E. Edwards, K. Stephen, J, McKinney, C. Shunk. Seventh grade is a challenge for all students. New classes, sports, teachers, and subiects await the newcomers to the high school or their first day in this new world. They have a chance to change classes for each different subiect which is a completely new experience. No more recess periods for the students once they are in junior high. The startled look on the newcomers' faces soon disappear as they gradually fall into the pace of iunior high life. Seventy-six l 1 - . . ON PARADE Newcomers, first row, left to right: C. Kaufman, M. Hotzman, J. Scheuring, C. Wagner, B. Brown, T. Williams, N. Hafetz, S. Meyer, J. Azzclina. Second row: J. Eidam, P. Koler, L. Miller, L. Delewski, J. Witman, S. Youse, A. Salathe, C. Schildt, T. Roland, J. Wiswesser. Third row: J. Greenspan, R, Millar, J. Jackson, R. Tierney, C. Orth, A. Cohen, H, Herb, A. Przybeck, W. Renshaw, R. Buck, J. Stoner. Fourth row: G. Clark, F. Howard, T. Ringler, B. Kasper, L. Yoder, B. Kasper, C. Anderton, D. Klarh, R. Becker, S. Yoder. 7-4 Homeroorn 35, MR. SCHUTT President, CAROLE WAGNER Vice President, SUZANNE YOUSE Secretary-Treasurer, SHARON MYERS 7-3 Homeroom 15, MRS. KOHL President, LINDA MILLER Vice President, JOANN STONER Secretary-Treasurer, ROBERT MILLAR Seventy-seven CLASS OF I962 . . . Our Freshmen to be are-First row, left ro righf: D. Sonon, M. Nock, J. Shunk, S. Ross, J. Lewis, J. Erdman, J, Hanman, B. Kenney, L. Schlanger. Second row: J. Seifarih, G. Clothier, S. Chiarelli, S. Greeme, A. Levy, D. Williams, N. Brown, J. Lilienfeld, E. Kropp. J-X 8-I Homeroom II, MR. JOSEPH MILLER Presidem, BONNIE SANDT fi' 'lD vice Presidem, DAVID IEVAN CTJ Secretary-Treasurer, ANNA MAE STAUDT 8-2 Homeroom 34, MR. RICHARD BISHOP 8-3 Homeroom 20, MRS. ARLENE LINDERMAN President, JON LILIENFELD President, WAYNE ALBRIGHT Vice President, JANICE ERDMAN Vice President, BONNIE LEWIS Secretary-Treasurer, JEAN SHUNK Secretary, SHARON BOAS Treasurer, BARBARA COHEN 8-4 Homeroom 37, MRS. HELENE OTT Presidem, BARBARA BROOKS vice Presidem, EUGENE GOWER fi -13 secrefary-Treasurer, CHARLES WRIGHT CE' Seventy-eight N PARADE Taking their last step in Junior High, First row, left to right: M. Goldberg, P. Bauman, S. Gruber, P Ariz, B. Sandt, M. Wolfe, S. Schoener, L. Baker. Second row: J. Wiswesser, J. Houser, J. Etelstein, A Staudt, L. Scribner, K. Howell, S. Grace C. Chiarelli, R. Strauss. Third row: P. Curtis, C. Clouser, T Wright, D. Levan. Eighth grade students are fairly well acquainted with the school in itself, its regulations and detention of course. Now they are one prong higher on the ladder that leads them to graduation. They begin to put away their childish ways and prepare tor entrance into senior high school. They no longer want to be addressed as children but as young ladies and young men. Seventy-nine NEXT TO BE FRESHMEN Proceeding upward-first row, left to right: L. Downs, M, Sustello, B. Brooks, L. Throssell, S. Loring, H. Williams, M. Lengel, B. VanCoeur, D. Hilbert. Second row: R. Readinger, R. Readinger, J. Hepler, F. Sheetz, M. Koch, C. Ricker, C. Wright, E. Gower. Third row: F. Haage, R. Hafer, L. Keller, T. Ricker. Pursuing higher standards-First row, left to right: W. Albright, J. Seidel, B. Lewis, B. Cohen, S. Boas A. Peck, K. Scheuring, J. Stuebner, R. Steffen, D. Kline. Second row: L. Bowman, J. Schach, J. Eidam D. Bright, A. Leithiser, E. Harvan, N. Stamm, S. Adam, J. Wheeler, F. Levandowski, D. Seidel. Eighty LOOKING FORWARD TO BEING SOPHOMORES Taking the next big step-First row, left to right: E. Shapiro, B. lmber, B. Erkes, R. Shuman, M. Linder, D. Shunk, M. Long. Second row: C. Cunnius, A. Haas, M. Stetler, J, Balthaser, B. Meck, S. Shirk, L. Heftner, J. McKinney, E. Spang. Third row: Ernerich, P. Miller, R. Madary, J. Adams, D. Moll, J. Miller, L, Seidel, C. Hill. Deviating from the Junior High Division, the ninth grade strutters decide to take either academic or commercial routes. Finding the right course is very important since it determines the progress of their high school career. Pupils now feel a part of the school by being able to participate in sports and clubs. ll Eighty-one TO BE LEADERS IN I96I Seeking higher goals-First row, left to right: M. Romich, A, Shields, B, Strauss, P. Prybeck, B. Conrad, B. Boyer, D. Leininger, L. Horst, Second row: S. Byram, G. Williams, M. Rappeselli, P. Stalone, J. Spohn, B. Solly, M, Levin, N. Brumbach, G. Fisher, C. Boettcher. Third row: W, Roland, J. Hartman, L. Mundell, R. Wagner, F. Kendercline, T. Brown, T. Paul, D. Harter. 9-I Homeroom IOA, MR. JOHN ZAJAC President, SANDRA GEIGER Vice President, HOWARD HELLER Secretary, BRIAN LUTZ Treasurer, BETTY ERKES 9-2 Horneroorn 30, MR. RICHARD HAMILTON 9-3 Horneroom I2, MR. RICHARD BIERLY President, BARRY KLINE President, NANCY TROUTMAN Vice President, WILLIAM ROLAND Vice President, PATRICIA PRZYBECK Secretary-Treasurer, EILEEN REED Secretary, JEANNETTE SPOHN Treasurer, BARBARA BOYER 9-4 Homeroom 40, MR. CARL PETTINATO President, MARILYN LINDNER Vice President, HARRY SEIDEL Secretary, LINDA HEFFNER Treasurer, ERIC SPANG Eighty-two PARADE Next in line for the Sophomore title are-First row, left to right: R. Hirsh, M. Forester, L. Adams, C Lilienfield, M. Linder, L. Hoffman, L. Stump, S. Nein. Second row: R. Richards, J. Wesner, T. Curry V. Gilbert, L. Fegley, L, Allison, S. Bachman, F. Rothelmal, H. Heller, Third row: G. Gensler, R Baker, J. Stickler, S. Geiger, S. Dronblaser, M. Saul, L. Pollack, M. Schiffman. Approaching Senior High are-First row, left to right: P. Lendacki, L. Heinz, M. Townsley, E. Reed, N. Troutman, J. Swartz, C. Querns. Second row: G. Fisher, D. Mell, J. Merluzzo, J. Spohn, L. Hoffman, P. Perwein, J. Blum, L. Stevens, A. Crystal. Third row: R. East, B. Gimmy, D. Miller, R. Czarnecki, R. Stiegamier, B. Kline, B. Sload, D. Mengel, T. Smith, E. Stout. Eighty-th ree SOPHOMORES . . . Onward they go-First row, left to right: C. Borelli, K. Haas, N. Reese, D. Upperman, S. Wells, J. Lloyd, M. Romanski, B, Gearhart, S. Grossman. Second row: R. 'Finl-c, D. Birney, S. Stamm, J. Throssell, S. Diener, J. Reichert, R. O'Grat1is, L. King, W. Koch, J. Blum. Third row: D. Dresher, S. Dempsey, J. Clouser, C. Ennsler, J. Koukoulis, L. Mock, R. Roeberg, W. Woolwine. Enthusiastic Sophomores! First row, left to right: H. Heckman, E. Olsfer, J. Rudy, M. Wentzel J. Schmehl, F. Goll, P. Kauffman, L. Ermold. Second row: B. Loring, D. Arnold, D. Reber, L. Jones D. Merkel, W. Vozella, R. Becker, D. Moll. Third row: T. Gruber, R. Abrams, J. Melroy, E. Curtis, A Seifarth, J. Sheeler, R. Bauman. Eighty-four PARADE Looking forward to their iunior year are, first row, left to right: S. Distasio, R. Heck, K. Johston, L. Tomeo, J. Shiffer, L, Nelis, J. Furillo, S. Smith, S, Downs, Second row: P, Misiaszek, T. Werner, J. Eidam, J. DeLullo, M. Monoson, P. Chrcnister, A. Edelstein, R, Stichler, D. Klink. Third row: C, Leithiser, K. Haas, J. Williamson, R. Hess, J. Wilson, P. VanCoeur, J, Drayer, G. Aulenbach, P. Bixler. The tenth grade gives sophomores their first chance to class organization. They elect their officers to start a foundation for their eventful iunior and Senior years. They must begin thinking about a class color, flower, and motto. They no longer are the youngest class in Senior High School, so they must begin to set an example for the Freshmen to follow. In the iOth grade the girls are given their chance to dress in formals for their first Prom. The "Soph-Hop" is a long-remembered occasion for everyone concerned The Sophomores eagerly await their Junior year, and their time passes as they enioy their school life. Eighty-five JUNIORS . . . Ready To take ihe lead are, firsi row, left To right: S. Reeder, C. Moyer, K. Adams, L. Long, B. Miller G. Werner, C. McDade. Second row. C. Blouch, J. Snyder, J. Dornblaser, P. Brobsf, N. Srnethers, P Schlanger, L. Neifhammer, S. Cohn. Third row: D, Brumbach, J. Lincoln, D. Tice, G. Hinnershifz, G. Lewis P. Yoder, J. Derr, D, Joseph. Future Seniors-First row, left to right: D. Patrick, S. Hoffmasier, L. Duggan, S. Senft, R. Bender, C Williams, R. Keller, Second row: J. Knoll, J. Eben, N. Kerber, S, Lewars, M. Sustello, C. Cappel. Eighty-six I ON PARADE ' Will be Juniors no more! First row, left to right: J. Chiarelli, L. Hafetz, S. Young, M. Miller, L. Heller, S. Wells, B. Severns. Second row: D. Lemley, S. Mendelsohn, V. Witkowski, J. McCrudden, V. Vespico, L. Ennis, F. Barr, B. Fleisher, M. Licker. Third row: R. Hartberger, M. Mervine, B. Sands, R. Botwright, D. Christman, R. Kunnes, D. Humbert, J. Thomas. High stepping faster and faster, the march approaches its final segment. These ingenious juniors, capably advised by Mr. David Ziimmerman, are carefully planning for their senior year. They have increased their treasury by selling shakers to boost school spirit and by chartering a bus for the traditional Kutztovvn game. The school premises are decorated by the "Forest Green and White" class iackets and hats. The Juniors have their class rings to complete their class emblems. Soon the Junior Prom will be a reality and the class trip will materialize all to fade into pleasant memories. Eighty-seven AITI G TO BE LEADERS QF I9 9 One more step to go. Firs? row, lefr to right: C. Hoffman, J. Eidam, L. Hinnershitz, P. Epler, B. Swartz J. Shearer, J. Hughes, B. Schmitz. Second row: K. Koch, R. Abeln, J. Evans, R. Huhn, M. Pawelski C. Snyder, R. Dunkie. Absenr from picture are: F. Heiffer, P. Anderfon, G, Keiffer, E. Dautrich. Homeroom 111 11-1 MR. CHARLES BRECHBIEL Presideni, G. HINNERSHITZ Vice Presidem, J. DERR Secrefary-Treasurer, C. MCDADE Homeroom 39 11-3 MRS. ROBERT HAAG President, J. EVANS Vice Presidenf, E. DAUTRICH Secretary-Treasurer, C. HOFFMAN Homeroom 39 11-3 MISS JANE CUNNIUS President, R. KUNNES Vice Presidem, J. MCCRUDDEN Secretary-Treasurer, M. MILLER Eighty-eight THEY LEAD THEIR CLASSES l 1 Leading our Junior Class this year are, left to right: B. Schmitz, Treasurer, S. Wells, Secretary, D, Christman, President, J. Derr, Vice President. Planning for future activities are, left to right: J. Shiffer, Treasurer, K. Johnston Secretary, J. Williamson, Vice President, G, Aulenbach, President. Eighty-nine K Y l DH PHFH SERVICE A LA FEMININE l Senior Y-Teensefirsr row, left to right: S. Deibler, P. Miller, M. Gimmy, L. Troutman, F. Mera. Second row: S. Menclelsohn, J. Davis, J. Delp, S. Hylton, B. Sandridge, G. Lewis, K. Bloom. Third row: J. Degler, S. Dautrich, J. Mengel, L. Conner, N, Kline, B. Sload. Promoting service and friendship are the goals of the Y-Teens, a girls' organiza- tion affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. Using "Around the World" as their theme, the girls conducted many social activities, among them a German picnic, a Hawaiian formal, and a French fashion show. Selling candy at noon, collecting and distribut- ing foocl to needy families at Thanksgiving, conducting a get-together dance for iunior high, and organizing a Jr. Red Cross chapter in our school complete these busy girls' activities. Under the leadership of Mary Kay Gimrny and the guidance of Miss Cunnius, the Y-Teens have completed a very successful year. Capable leaders of the Y-Teens are, seated, left to right: M. Gimmy, I'll have this and this and that! Sitting, left to President, J. Mickanis, Vice President. Standing: M. Adams, Student right: S. Diener, C, Borelli, Buying candy, left Advisor, L. Long, Secretary, L. Troutman, Treasurer, L. Conner, Inter- to right: C. Herkert, L. Ennis, S. Reeder. Club Council Representative. Ninety-two Junior Y-Teens-Firsl row, lefr to rigl-ur: S. Mendelsohn, L. Hafetz, S. Young, M. Miller, B. Millar, S Wells, L. Duggan. Second row: P. Epler, J. Clfmiarelli, V. Wifkowski, C. Moyer, B. Fleisher, N. Smethers, B Severns, P. Brobsl. Third row: L. Long, M. Sustello, S. Hoffmaster, C. McDade, J. McCrudden, P Sclnlanger, F. Barr. Fourth row: J. Eidam, J. Dornblazer, S. Gerhard, L. Ennis, C. Williams, S. Reeder. Sophomore Y-Teens-First row, left to righf: K. Johnswn, J. Furillo, B. Gearharf, S. Lloyd, S. Wells. Second row: J. Schmehl, P. Chronister, S. Diener, S. Distasio, N. Reese, J. Stimmel, J. Frank, L. King, Third row: M. Monoson, L. Nelis, D. Upperman, M. Romanski, J. Reicherf, J. Shiffer, C. Borelli. Fourth row: M. Wentzel, R. O'GratTis, K. Haas, S. Grossman, J. DiLulo. Ninety-Th ree SERVICE IS THEIR MOTTO Our Key Club was started in the international management, of 1925. It was developed to T950 and is a part of which began in May create more favorable school activities for the youth and it was to operate Key Club officers are, left to right: J. Hibschman, Treasurer, B. Hunsberger, Secretary, J. Snyder, Chap- lin, J. Lanz, President, D. Joseph, Vice President. as a service club, similar to the Kiwanis Club, its parent sponsor. Its obiectives are: To develop initiative and leadership, to provide experiences in living and working together, to serve the school and the community, to cooperate with the school principal, to prepare for useful citizenship, and to accept and promote the Constitutional obiectives of Ki- wanis International. "We Build," the club's motto, has certainly been well chosen. Mr. David S. Zimmerman, the boys' advisor, must be congratulated for his guiding hand and hours of active service. During the course of the year, our Key Club has contributed to the needy, helped to keep the school clean, sold milk and cup cakes at noon, held a soup sale and many other things to promote and better youth of tomorrow. better youth of today The members of the younger branch of Kiwanis, are, first row, left to right: B. Hunsberger, J. Hibschman, J. Lantz, D. Joseph, J. Snyder, D. Reber, S. Swanger. Second row: G, Wiswesser, S. Sulzbacher, D. Arnold, F. Hiefer, J. Adams, R. Botwright, R, Abrams, P. Misiaszek. Third row: T. Williams, R. Hartberger, D. Christman, A. Seifarth, J. Clouser, R. Erkes, P. Bixler. Absent from the picture are: D. Tice, D. Dresher, S. Cohn, Ninety-four CONTRIBUTING THEIR SERVICES Twenty-two cents please! Left to right: R. East, B, Kline, M. Rappeselli, J. Hibschrnan, F. Heifer. Due to the lack of cafeteria facilities in our school, many pupils bring their lunch, which they eat in the school. As a special service to these people, the Key Club operates a milk and cake sale each lunch period. They also have a coke machine which is maintained by them. We thank this club for all their devoted service to our school and community. l l Here it comes! Left to right: D. Reeder, J. Flannery, W. Hauch, C. Kachel, D, Joseph, P. Yoder, J. Tucker, F. Curtis. As one of its projects, the Key Club sponsors an annual Alumni basketball game and banquet. This proves to be an interesting spectacle for both alumni and students. The members of the alumni team are invited by letter and each year a different team is made up. Ninety-five THEY COMBINED THEIR EFFORTS The PENN ALMA sTaTT, composed of members of The Senior Class, has worked Throughouf The year To provide, capTure and presenf To you, The acTiviTies and mem- CO-EDITORS, Bill Hunsberger and Linda Trout- man TREASURER, J. Grady INDEX, left to right: J. Blankenbiller, S, Sfrause. TYPING STAFF, sifiing, Iefr To righf: E. Hill, S. Deibler. Second row: P. Miller, B. Sload, N. Seifert, M. Chilton. ART, left to right: J. Degler, G. Hotzman, J. Mickanis LAYOUT, left To right: P. Rachman, S. Mendelsohn, F. Mera. Ninety-six ories of The T957-58 school year. The en- Tire Senior Class and The sTaTT have uniTed Their efTorTs To carry ouT an adverTising and paTron campaign To add greaTly To The Ti- nancial success of The yearbook. PHOTOGRAPHY, left to right: J. Hibschman, L. Conner. SUBSCRIPTIONS, seated: S. HyITon, Standing, left lo PROOFREADING, lefT To right: J. Bauman, B. Sandridge. right: K. Bloom, G. Lewis, L. Chivian. PATRONS AND ADVERTISING, left To right: G. Freed, S. Deibler, S. Dautrich, D. Newpher, E. Hill, B. Huns- berger. LITERARY, firsf row, left To righh N. Kline, C. Emerich, PROMOTION, seated, left to right: C. Wagner, J. Davis, M. Adams. Second row: M. Gimmy, E. Hill, G. Lewis, R. Marlatr. Standing: J. Hafefz, C, Emerich, J. Goroff, R. Erkes. G. Wiswesser. Ninety-seven THEY WISH TO SERVE Selling tickets for the games are, first row, left to right: S. Wells, S. Mendelsohn, G. Freed, Mr. Sharetts, L. Chivian, K. Blum, G. Lewis, P. Epler. Second row: P. Bixler, R. Dunkel, P. Brolast, K. Adams, B. Fleisher, S, Dempsey, N. Smethers, J. Mc- Crudden, J. Lloyd, J. Snyder, P. Misiaszek. The ticket committee of the Service Club devotes their time to selling tickets at noon before a game and at the door the evening of a game. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Sharetts, this club performs in a business-like manner, Serving refreshments at the games are, first row, left to right: L. Adams, B. Boyer, N. Trcutman, L. Heller, N. Reese, F. Mera, B. Swartz, M. Miller. Second row: Mr. Schutt, C. Emerich, M. Gimmy, J. Mengel, M. Adams. The refreshment committee of the Service Club is well known for their service at basketball games. Their hot dogs always fill the corridors with a delicious odor. Mr. Schutt leads this team to success throughout the year. Ninety-eight THAT WAS AN EXCELLENT PRODUCTION Focus that spot-left to right: Mr. Raker, S, Sulzbacher, J, Adams, J. Evans. The Proiection crew, under the guidance of Mr. Raker, has charge of all audio-visual equipment. They serve the school by operating tape recorders, and phonographs, and by showing motion pictures and slides. Since audio-visual aids represent an important part of education, this group may be considered as leading the parade of service. Pull the curtain! Left to right: J. Adams, W. Hunsberger, S. Sulzbacher, J, Evans, Mr. Seifarth. The Stage Crew of Mt. Penn takes one of the most active roles in the school. They are the men behind the scenes for our weekly assemblies. They devote endless hours to class play productions and musical concerts held at the school. When something requires a piece of scenery which is not in stock, the stage crew members ioin forces with the art department to produce it. The unique flag routine at the basketball games is also another illustration of their work. These boys have worked very hard to please the school and under the capable leadership of Mr. Seifarth, they have led the "parade" in service for many years. A cordial thanks is extended to them. Ninety-nine SCHOLARSHIP ON PARADE The scholarly are, left to right: M. Gimmy, G. Wiswesser, B. Hunsberger, Mrs. Mack, Advisor, L. Conner, J. Hibschman, and J. Conz, Second row: J, Grady, G. Lewis, M. Adams, S. Sulzbacher, L, Troutman, and J. Mengel. To be elected to this society, a high stand- ard must be maintained scholastically a nd personally. Under the supervision of Mrs. Mack, these priviledged students create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote worthy leadership, and encourage the development of character in other pupils in our school. Mrs. Mack resigned from her position at ' our High School in the middle of the school year, and Mrs. Linderman was selected as advisor for this society. The officers of National Honor Society are, left to right: L. Conner, Vice President, G. Wiswesser, Secretary-Treasurer, and B. Hunsberger, President. one Hundred THEY LOVE TO ACT The leading role will be played by, first row, seated, left to right: S. Mendelsohn, J. Davis, S. Levy. Second row,. seated: G. Freed, J. Gorotf, J. Degler. Third row, standing: Mr. Brechbiel, advisory G. Cohen, R. Erkes, J. Hafetz, G. Wiswesser, T. Williams. Absent from the picture are: B. Hunsberger, S. Sulzbacher, L. Chivian, P. Rachman. The purpose of the National Thespian So- ciety is to train students interested in acting in the art of dramatics. The Thespians put on various assemblies during the year, but g --r their maior event each year is their presenta- tion of a "Night of One-Act Plays," which is always most enioyalole. Troupe No. 1390, was established here in i954 and is now under the direction of Mr. X Charles A. Brechbiel. A All students are eligible for membership in this society, however, all prospective mem- bers must have acquired a designated num- ber of points to be admitted. Securing these points is done by having any connection with class plays or assemblies. Thespian officers are, left to right: J. Hafetz, Presidentg L. Chivian, Secretary: G. Freed, Treasurerg S. Sulzbacher, Vice President. One Hundred One REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STUDENT BODY Those who represent us are, first row, left to right. B. Sandt, J. Dornblazer, M. Gimmy, J. Grady, K. Johnston, S. Wells, S. Wells, L. Conner, N. Troutman. Second row: W. Hunsberger, R. Hartberger, D. Joseph, J. Hibschman, C. Borelli, Mr. Hamilton, Advisor, E. Dautrich, R. Erkes. G. Wiswesser, J. Evans. Absent from picture: J. Adams. The Student Council which was formed only last year is already well on its way of becoming one ot the most important clubs in the school. lts main purpose is to coordinate the student body with the faculty. It also tries to create good will, cleanliness, and other such beneficial qualities in the students ot M.P.H.S. lt can be considered an honor to be in the Student Council. First you are nominated by the faculty and elected by the members of your own class. The membership of this year's class totals nine- teen. The Council is very happy and proud to have Mr, Hamilton as its advisor. The officers are, left to right: Jack Evans, Vice President, J. Grady, Treasurer, L. Conner, Secretary, John Hibsch- , P 'd . man 'es' em One Hundred Two THE LIBRARY WORK IS THEIR DUTY Senior library statt is, left to right: J. Davis, B, Sload, M. Adams, G. Lewis, J. Bauman, L. Chivian, S. Mendelsohn, S. Hylton. Second row: M. Romanski, K. Adams, J. Frank, K. Bloom, S. Sulzbacher, R. Dunkel, C. Moyer, J. McCrudden, M. Wentzel, F. Barr, J. Schmehl. Absent from the picture are: J. Eidam, S. Grossman, R. Heck L. Heller, L. Lloyd, M. Monoson, R. O'Grattis, N. Reese. lt would be impossible to operate our library without the capable as- sistance of our library staff. These students serve their school well by willingly giving up study halls. The staff's many duties involve occupy- ing the desk, repairing torn books, aiding confused students and keep- ing the books properly shelved. ln- formative monthly meetings are held where many items of interest to these librarians are discussed. A Teenage Library Convention As- sociation is held every year which not only is educational, but provides many happy memories as well. After eight years of expert service to our school as librarian, Mrs. Sara Mack took the position ot head Ii- brarian at Kutztown State Teachers College. Taking her place in the sec- ond semester was Miss Haupt. The officers are, left to right: B. Sload, M. Adams, G. Lewis, L. Chivian, S. Mendelsohn, One Hundred Three THEY WORK IN THE LIBRARY Report to the library for a meeting. First row, left to right: V. Gilbert, S. Dornblaser, S, Geiger, Mrs. Mack, Advisory M. Schiffman, E. Reed, S. Bachman. Second row. M. Rappeselli, M. Gohlberg, A. Shields, R. Hirsch, A. Peck, L. Erdman, B. Lutz, C. Herker. Third row: J. Levan, G, Gensler, A. Haas, S. Shirk, J. McKinney, P. Lendacki, T. Wright. Fourth row: B. lmber, M. Saul, J. Stickler, M. Forrester, B. Erkes. Absent from the picture is N. Troutman. The officers are, left to right: S. Geiger, M. Schiffman, E, Reed, S. Dornblaser. One Hundred Four This group of iunior high students has two purposes. One is taking care of library duties during lunch time and after school. The other is pre- paring to ioin the senior staff. These cooperative librarians have earned our thanks for a iob well done. After Mrs, Mack left our school, Miss Haupt accepted her library re- sponsibilities with capability and un- derstanding. "WHAT'S NEW lN THE NEWS" The Penn Post staff is, first row, leff to right: M. Forester, J. Chiarelli, S. Menclelsohn, S. Menclelsohn, Mr. Miller, advisor, M. Gimmy, J. McCrudden, J. Schmehl. Second row: R. Shuman, U. Gilbert, M. Rappeselli, B. Severns, R. Glover, M. Miller, M. Goldberg, L. Heller, R. Strause, P. Bauman, B. lmlaer, B. Erkes. Third row: R. Kunnes, S. Cohn, K. Howell, B. Fleisher, M. Saul, J. Stickler, F. Barr, J. Conz, M. Licker. ltr IHPHI1 131151 The PENN POST serves to inform the student body of current happenings within, surrounding, and concerning their school. The newspaper includes articles on the activities of the various classes, clubs, and individuals. Sports lovers are well satisfied with the extensive coverage of sporting events while the senior interviews are also outstanding features. Due to the untiring efforts of the POST'S advisor, Mr. Joseph Miller, and the Editor, Sherry Levy, the PENN POST provides an informative and up-to-date account of past happenings and forthcoming events. One Hundred Five MUSIC IS THEIR SPECIALTY Our band is, kneeling, left to right: E. Hill, J. Hibschman, J. Mickanis. First row: J. Rudy, J. Clouser, D. Christman, Mr. Levan, C. Ensslen, A. Seifarth, G, Wiswesser. Second row: B. Sands, J. Davis, G. Lewis, D. Brumbach, R. Erkes, R. Fink, C. Borelli, L. Long, B. Boyer. Third row: L. Allison, J. Merluzzo, G. Werner, M. Monoson, L. Hinnershitz, S. Gruber, J. Eidam, B. Servens. Fourth row: B. Keeney, E. Kropp, D. Shunk, J. Hughes, J. Chairelli, P. Brobst, F. Kenderdine, C. Chiarelli. Fifth row: D. Matz, H. Heckman, G. Gensler, C. Clouser, J. Williamson, J. Conz, L. Neithammer, T. Werner. Sixth row: R. Hirsch, B. Lutz, J. Lilien- field, L. Seifarth, D. Joseph, G. Clothier, L. Baker, H. Hafetz. The main goal ofthe Mt. Penn High School Band is to entertain. Again this year, as in past years, under the capable leadership of Mr. Levan, the band has kept alive its tra- dition of keeping school spirit flowing in the school. The band's participation in assemblies and at the basketball games helps create the background glamour needed for these ac- tivities. The bancl also has a chance to display its musical talents at its various concerts throughout the year. They lead the band. Left to right: G. Gensler, J. Hebschman, E. Hill, J. Mickanis, B. Sands, T. Williams. One Hundred Six THEIR JOY IS MUSIC The Junior Band was established to prepare young prospective members of the band in playing together with other people, a feat which many of them had never experienced. The band is conducted and instructed by Mr. LeVan whose own tal- ents as a musician inspire his pupils. The Junior Band showsthe results of Mr. Levans efforts at the annual Band concert which is held in spring. - J . . J ylc tg ls. Playing for the Dances-First row, leff to right: J. Clouser, D. Christman, D. Brumbach, L. Hinnershitz, G. Werner, J, Mickanis. Second row: P. Brobst, J. Lilienfield, J. Hibschman, T. Williams, R. Marlatt, R. Erkes, J. Chiarelli, R. Fink, B. Sands. The Dance Band is comprised of the rhythm men and women of Mt. Penn High. Their chief responsibility is to furnish the music for some of our most successful dances and tor the traditional dances after the basketball games. Their music also provides the pleasant interludes during intermission of the class plays, The Dance Band is led by Mr. Levan, the head of the music department of Mt. Penn High School. One Hundred Eight THEY PROVIDE US WITH ENTERTAINMENT Combining their vocal abilities-First row, left to right: N. Smethers, P. Schlanger, P. Brobst, C. Moyer, S. Reeder, J, Dorn- blaser, J. Chiarelli, Miss McMurtrie, Instructor, C. Williams, C. Williams, S. Wells, G. Lewis, E. Hill, J. Eidam, S. Deibler. Second row: M. Miller, M. Girnmy, J. McCrudden, B. Fliesher, K. Adams, L. Duggan, M. Adams, J. Hughes, G. Werner, J. Mickanis, E. Dautrich, C. Hoffman, J. Mengel, S. Mendelsohn, B, Millar, L. Long, J. Degfer, B. Sload, S. Young, P. Miller. Third row: B, Swartz, W' WIISOHQ C. Wagner, F. Heitfer, R. Williams, B. Sands, G. Lorah, C. Ensslen, R. Marlatt, S. Demsey, P. Bixler, C. Emerich, B. Koch, E. Sweigert, T. Werner, S. Hylton. Senior chorus officers are, left to right: B. Sload, Librarian, L. Duggan, Librarian, R. Marlatt, President, J. Mickanis, Vice President, P. Miller, Secretary-Treasurer. The Senior Chorus is an organization which provides unity and enioyment Through choral har- mony, at an advanced level. lt provides enioyment not only for its members, but also those who attend its concerts, or other events. lt is from this group, which is led by Miss McMurtrie, that Mt. Penn's representatives for County, Eastern District, and All-State Choral Festivals are chosen. Senior Chorus meets once a week and prepares selections to be sung at various school functions, as well as the annual Christmas Concert fin which it is combined with the loandh and spring Concert. One Hundred Nine THE HARMONIOUS TEAM Anyone for good music? Left to right: K. Haas, L. King, N. Reese, C. Lilienfeld, Miss Jane McMurtrie, J. Lloyd, B. Gearhart, J. Frank. Second row: A. Haas, C. Borelli, K. Johnston, M. Monoson, J. Schmehl, M. Romanski, D, Shunk, P. Chronister, R. Chron- ister, R. O'Grattis, M. Wentzel, Girls' Chorus is a comparatively new organization having been formed only this year by Miss McMurtrie. Girls' Chorus, which is composed of Freshman and iunior girls, meet once a week in order to offer choral activity to and prepare one for Senior Chorus, The 25 members in this group had the following as their officers this past year. W President, Kathie J 0 h n s t o ng l Vice President, Jackie Schmehl, Librarian, Marilyn Romanski, Li- brarian, Marietta Monoson. The Girls' Chorus participates in as- semblies, the Spring Concert, and various other affairs. They lead -the chorus-Left to right: M. Romanski, J. Schmehl, K. Johnston, M. Monoson. One Hundred Ten MUSIC IS THEIR SPECIALTY On pitch are, seated, left to right: G. Lewis, J. Mickanis, J. Mengel, M. Gimmy. Standing: Miss McMurtie, Ad visor B. Fleisher, N. Smethers, J. Chiarelli, J. McCrudden, P. Schlanger, L. Long, B. Severns, S, Young, M. Miller. The Girls' Ensemble was formed for girls especially interested in singing. It provides these girls with the opportunity to do advanced choral work and gain more experience before an audience. Twelve girls took part in the activities ot this organization this year. Assemblies, special choral programs, and community entertainments are some of many activities in which Girls' Ensemble participates. One Hundred Eleven THE FOUR WISEMEN N Y i rsss 1 - . , if f mf K W, 32' if ,:- . Ig, it V, 5 ki. ,. .f E, 77, ki Q, K, , KH- .. i r i- I Slave girl asking protection of the fourth wiseman. This year the annual choral con- cert was supplemented by an ex- quisite pageant. This pageant was a reproduction of "The Four Wise- men." Under the combined efforts of Miss McMurtrie and Mrs. Keller, the choral concert was one of the most elaborate productions of the year. The 'four wisemen One Hundred Twelve Fourth wiseman finding a man along the road W THEY OFFER THEIR SERVICES Would you like a program? Left to right: L. Troutman, L. Conner, E. Rothenberger, J. Delp, J. Grady, S. Strauss, Mr, Bishop, Advisor. The Usherettes are a group of girls who volunteer their time and service to the school. These senior high girls, under the capable leadership of Mr. Bishop, are always ready to assist at school activities by distributing programs and collecting tickets. Representing our school in the "l Speak for Democracy" Contest are, left to right: N. Smethers, L. Hafetz, B. Millar, J. Dorn- blaser. Second row: J. Conz, K. Adams, D. Joseph, R. Hartberger. The faculty advisor is Miss Jane Cunnius. "l Speak for Democracy" is a contest sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce to give stu- dents the opportunity to voice their appreciation for the benefits and ideals of the Democratic way of life. The contest is on a graded level, local, state, and national. Scholarship and other gifts are given to the winners on various levels. One Hundred Thirteen JLI IOR HIGH CLUB The Junior High Clubs are held every Wednesday afternoon. Each week the stu- dents in 7th, 8th, ancl 9th grades attend a different club. The purpose of these clubs are to acquaint the students with new subiects ARCHERY CLUB-Left to right: R. Shuman, Miss Geiger, Instructor, B. Kline, L. Pollak. MATH CLUB-Left fo right: SKETCHING CLUB-Left to T. Wright, Mr. Hamilton, ln- sfructor, E. Harvan. right: Mrs. Kohl, Instructor, E. Edwards, S. Kolb. FISHING CLUB-Left to structor, L. Yoder, J. Hill. right: B. Kasper, Mr. Miller, ln- TYPING CLUB MANNERS CLUB-Left to right: D. Weller, Mrs. Webber, Instructor, S. Chiarelli, E. Kropp. One Hundred Fourteen 0 Q 6 PARADE and to bring them in contact with possible hobbies and sports. All students attending these clubs are willing to express their ap- preciation for them. CONSERVATION CLUB-Left fo right: C. Anderton, I.. Seifarth, Mr. Seifarth, Instructor. JUNIOR HISTORIAN-Left to right: L. Baker, S. Long, J. Eidam, Miss Cunnius, In- structor. COIN AND STAMP COLLECTING-Left to right: D. Kline, A. Levy, N. Stamn, Mr. Brechbiel, Instructor. JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE CLUB-Lefr to rig ht: H. Hafetz, A. Cohen, Mr. Zaiac, Instructorg J. TI1 omas, P. Workrnen. GOLF CLUB-Left fo right: Mr. Bierly, Instructorp H. NEEDLECRAFT CLUB-Left to right: M. Fleisher, J. Walters, Heller, F. Kenderdine, B. Erkes. A. Schlegel, Mrs. Leininger, Instructor, L. Zimmerman, One Hundred Fifteen THEY LEAD OUR SPORTS-MINDED GIRLS Displaying sports equipment are, first row, left to right: L. Allison, B. Hearhart, C. McDade, L. Ennis, G. Freed, S. Gerhard, F Barr, J. Eidam. The Girls' Official Club is comprised of girls in the senior high school. Their purpose is to maior all girls sports and help others understand the rules and regula- tions ofthe games. They officiate all intramural sports for girls, hockey games, and occasional volleyball games. If a member from this club qualifies to pass an examination, she can get an officiating iob. Mrs. A. Linderman leads these girls with eagerness and enthusiasm. One Hundred Eighteen THEIR SPORT IS BASKETBALL During basketball season every lunch period is devoted to intramural basketball. Many teams are formed from the lOth, llth, and l2th grades. This gives all those who did not make the basketball team an opportunity to indulge in the fun and relaxation of competition. The teams are formed by all those interested sub! mitting their names to Mr. Zimmerman, chairman ot intramural sports. He formulates teams from these names and selects a captain for each one. They are scheduled so as each team receives the a chance ton play all the other teams at least twice. The teams with the highest percentage then enter into playoffs to determine the champion team. Every boy participating in these contests eagerly awaits the outcome. Get that rebound! Left to right: J. Daemer, C, Keller, J. Gorotf, R. Williams. One Hundred Nineteen SOCCER IS THEIR SPORT First row, left to right: J. Blum, R. Richards, L. Pollak, G. Hinnersl-iitz, H. Heller, P. Kauffman. Second row: J. Lantz, J. Pap- padakes, T. Williams, R. Marlatt, S. Swanger, B. Boyer, J. Hihschman. Third row: C. Ensslen, D. Merkle, R. Baker, R. Clouser, J. Derr, J. Ebert, J. Thomas, K, Hass, D. Dresher, Mr. Brechbiel. The Mountaineers' Soccer Team got off to a slow start but gathered momentum as the season progressed. In their first contest, the Mounts were tied i-l by Conrad Weiser and were even less fortunate in their second engagement losing 4-l to the Cougars of Kutztown. Then the tide turned as the boys turned in their first victory of the infant season with a 3-2 win over Penn-Bernville. They next held a highly regarded Perry team to a 0-O deadlock, due mainly to the great defensive play of our tullbacks and goalie. The next two encounters were both tight l-O successes over league-leading Bethel and hard-fighting Fleetwood. Up to that point, Bob Boyer had scored all the goals, but fine defense work by goalie Roger Marlatt and his teammates had contributed greatly to the team's success. Then, the Mounts traveled to Schuykill Valley on October TO and lost rather decisively 3-O, due to loose defensive work. In their next game, the Mountaineers encountered Reading High in a non-leage game and lost in a well-played contest l-O. Twin Valley was the next opponent and even though John Derr and Bob Boyer scored goals, it was only good enough to give us a 2-2 tie. Next the scoccer team iourneyed to Hamburg and held the Haeks to a l-l tie with Bob Boyer scoring a lone goal. The Mountaineers had compiled a commendable 3,2-4 record. One Hundred Twenty-one FIGHT, TEAM, FIGHT!!! The Might Mount cheerleaders are, first row: S. Young. Second row, left to right: L. Conner, Captain, L. Ennis, S. Reeder, and L. Long. The J. V. cheerleaders, ready for action, are, left to right: S. Dornblaser, E. Reed, M. Forester, B. Gerhart, K. Johnston, Captain. These ten cheerleaders, under the supervision of Miss Geiger, have upheld school spirit at the games and pep rallies. The Varsity cheerleaders have displayed pep in cheering under the direction of their captain, Lincla Conner. The iunior varsity cheerleaders under the direction of captain, Kathy Johnston, have also done their utmost to support a fighting spirit at Mount Penn. One Hundred Twenty-two THE BABY MOUNTS Our Junior High Basketball Team is, first row, left to right: J. Derr, D. Knoll, L. Downs, L. Yoder, J. Jackson, D. Kline, S. Nein. Second row: F, Haag, J. Seifarth, L. Baker, C. Clouser, R. Tierney, R. Stieglmeyer, C. Chiarelli. Third row: L. Schlanger, J. Lilien- feld, W. Roland, R. Madary, L. Pollak, Mr. Pettinato, Coach, R. Baker, D. Mengel, H. Heller, E. Kropp, D. Hilbert. The iunior high basketball season was not as eventful as hoped it would be. The emphasis, however, was on building a team which will carry honors next year. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Carl Pettinato, the team finished the season with two wins and nine losses. The pony team of Mt. Penn, made of seventh and eighth grade students, climaxed the season with a record of six wins and four losses. This team shows bright possibilities for next year. They demonstrated beautiful teamwork and sportsman- ship. We are looking forward to a great team next year and hope for higher scores. One Hundred Twenty-th ree WE FOLLOWED THEM TO THE PLAYOFFS Our A-One players are, first row, left to right: P. Yoder, L. Jones, J. Blum, J. Blum, R. Richards. Second row: K. Haas, D. Reber, B. Kline. Third row: J. Ebert, R. Kotzen, Mr. Raker,Coachg G. Hinnershitz, J. Clouser. Absent from the picture are H. Heller and R. Baker. The Junior Varsity basketball team, under the expert coaching of Mr. Donald Raker, displayed excellent sports abilities in their scholastic contests. They were tied for first place in the Eastern Division. However, they bowed to .Brandywine Heights and dropped to second position in the div- ision playoffs. OPP. M. P. Exeter ......... ....... 4 7 57 Brandywine ,.... ....... 4 3 39 Twin Valley ...... ....... 3 5 70 Fleetwood ....... ....... 2 6 43 Daniel Boone ...... ....... 3 0 65 Boyertown .... ....... 2 6 48 Oley -,,,,,,,,,, ....... 5 O 75 Kutztown ..,.., ....... 4 4 75 Exeter ............ ....... 3 4 57 Brandywine ..... ....... 4 8 28 Twin Valley ...,... 25 63 Fleetwood .,.. ..,.... 3 8 44 Daniel Boone ...... ....... 2 9 57 Boyertown .... ....... 3 7 40 Oley -A-M,,,,,,,,-Y ,,Y,,, ...... 4 2 59 Kutztown ..,............... ...... 2 4 38 Brandywine Playoff ................................ 39 32 One H undred Twenty-four THEY LEAD OUR ATHLETICS MR. LLOYD SHARETTS, Athletic Manager We would like to extend our appreciation to Mr. Lloyd Shar- etts for his devoted service as faculty manager of the athletic department of our school. Pictured here are a few of the trophies won in the athletic department in previous years. They symbolize our teams' out- standing athletic ability and sportsmanship. Managing our basketball teams. Standing, left to right: G. Wiswesser, B. Loring, S. Shapiro. Sitting: S. Cohn, R. Roeberg, R. Hersh. Little recognition is given to the managers and scorekeepers of the basketball squad. They have various duties of which are unknown to the spectators. We appreciate their ser- vices. One Hundred Twenty-five THEY USE AL L THEIR SPARE TIME MR. G. KROM, Coach GEORGE LORAH ' i'-' 'TTE :Y L 8 in , . 4 1 at nl i r gg .255 . J f . JOE FLANNERY .X R ati? L Z? fav .defy js i JOE AZZOLINA 4' ,F .A ' ' E' waz, JOHNNY DERR ROGER MARLATT The Mounts led our school through an exciting basketball year. Bob Boyer and FreOlCut hdd t hhf hd d'thD th d ris ea e our eam, w ic inis e secon in e ivision wi a recor 14 wins and 2 losses. We are all looking forward to as thrilling a season next year and are hopeful for our team to mak e state champs. One Hundred Twenty-six PRACTICING THEIR FAVORITE SPORT TOM WILLIAMS BOB BOYER 3:79111 A M.,, , -in E 1 153'-1' 'f, af ', y,s"fifsff5.f ' 2' ' 15,f,,Li,jf N.ii, 5 V Q- f I Ulm ramps? M ,,,,'. V " ' ' '1,,-:jf , I., Efsvf' . A N . JOHN THOMAS 51 ii in Qin , Q , Y , 1 F J .elle .I me ref eff.: :FEA xl ' ' JACK LANTZ SCORES MP oPP. Exeter ...,....,,,,,, ,,,-,w-,-, 7 4 49 Brandywine ,A,,,,,, ---.-----, 7 4 57 Twin Valley ,,,,,,,, -------- 1 01 61 Fleeiwood ,,.,..,, ,,Y,Y,ww,, 7 9 66 Daniel Boone .,,,,,..,. 75 39 Boyerfown ..,,., ,,YYYV,Y,V 6 9 59 Olev -----,-,AVVY ......,,A, 7 1 53 Kutztown ,,,, -----,---- 4 4 61 Exter .....,,,,,,,,, Brandywine Twin Valley Fleetwood .... Daniel Boone Boyertown .... Oley ........,,e.,, Kufzfown .,,.,.,,,, One Hundred Twenty-seven .6 I A J M I, v 'z dial? 21 '1 R 5,1 5 . as I Q1 ills' 13: igla A 2 I Z ,IEA 3- 5 Vx , I DON JOSEPH . Y P r0O'5" ' 4.44.0 QI R6 'QW N54 V 929' J A -il .4 ,E Q h ,I FRED CURTIS 48 58 37 51 ..........,74 35 54 48 ..,,.... 53 50 GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL SARA JANE GERHARD Captain SUZIE REEDER LINDA ENNIS RONA SHUMAN JULIA DORNBLASER BETTY ERKES MP OPP. Muhlenberg ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 2 3 34 West Reading ..,,.. , ,,,,.,,, 20 30 Wilson .....,....,..... ........., 5 'I 34 Gov, Mifflin .,,.. ,,,..,,,,, 4 8 43 Muhlenberg ...... ..,,.,.... 2 3 28 Exeter ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, 3 0 27 Gov. Mifflin ,,. ,,,,,..... 35 47 Wilson ............. ...,,,.... 2 I 29 Exeter .,,.......,...... ..,,.,,,., 2 3 25 West Reading ,,...... ,......,,. 3 5 27 Twin Valley ......... ,.... - ...43 29 One Hundred Twenty-eighi CHARLOTTE MCDADE CAROL WILLIAMS BEV SEVERNS LEADING OUR GIRLS IN SPORTS MARY RAPASELLI LINDA ALLISON MISS ANITA GEIGER Coach FRAN BARR JOAN CHIARELLI JANET SWARTZ The sports women representing us in basketball climaxed their season with a record of five wins and six losses. The girls made an excellent showing in all their games and are commended on their out- standing sportsmanship. The captains of this year's team were Sara Gerhard and Barbara Millar. Betty Lou Gearhart and Linda Hafetz managed our sports a la feminine with zest and enthusiasm. One Hundred Twenty-nine ARLENE HAAS BARBARA MILLAR Captain LINDA HAFETZ BETTY LOU GEARHART Managers EUHTRIHUW One Hundred Thirty IRE ElI'I PH O H ddTI'wi1 H MT. PENN-LOWER ALSAOE JOINT SCHOOL DISTRIC JOHN A. HIBSCHMAN HIGH scuooi.. PRINCIPAL 25TH AND FILBERT STREETS READ I NG. PENNA. Dear Subscriber: ROSCOE H, WARD, Supervising Principal ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 705 FRIEDENSBURG ROAD READING. R.D.df4. PENNA. This school yearbook has been made possible, in part, by contribuiions lhem for their help in recording our school year in this book. A A Friend A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Charles A, Adams Alan and Phyllis Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Albrighl, Jr Allen and Joe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Alloway Mr, and Mrs. Arfhur Angsladi Mr. and Mrs. Arlhur Ash Mr. and Mrs. Roberl L. Ash Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ash Mr. and Mrs. C. J, Ausel Mr. and Mrs. Charles Azzolina Mrs. Fannie Azzolina Mr. Sam Azzolina B Mr. and Mrs. Claylon Bachman Mrs. John Bachman Mrs. E. William Baker Frank Balenline Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bard Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Barr Mr. and Mrs. Howard Barr Barry and Linda Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl L. Barlh Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bauman Mr. and Mrs. Edward Becker Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Beg s Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bender, gr. Mr. John C. Berlolel Mr. and Mrs. William Bice Mr. Lee R. Bierly Mr, and Mrs. Saul Bierman Mr. and Mrs. Carl Billinger Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bil inger Joyce Blankenbiller Mr. and Mrs. William H, Blankenbiller Karol Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bloom Mr. Dave Bloomgarden Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bodenheim Mrs. Madaline F. Bohrer Mr. and Mrs, l. Carl Borelli Mrs. Lorelfa Borh Mr. and Mrs. George H. Bowman Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Boyer Roberl A. Boyer Mr. Charles A. Brechbiel Mr. and Mrs. Addison K. Brobsl Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Brodslein Mr. and Mrs. Slanley Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Roger Brown and Family Mr. and Mrs. Slanley Byram C Mr. and Mrs, Charles W. Cappel, Sr. Miss Anne Carro Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Chillon Dr. and Mrs. H. Jay Chivian Leni I. Chivian U I Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Cichowicz Clarabell Gary Cohen Harlan Cohen Linda A. Corner Mr. and Mrs, Roberl P. Conner "Cookie" Miss Jane Cunnius D The John Daemer Family aallas Sha Mary r. an rs. E IR. D hl John H. Daulrisli aug ry Mrs. Warren J. Daulrich June Davis Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr, and Roberl A. Deach Mrs. Lloyd Degler Mrs. Richard Degler Mrs. Farlev DeHarl Mrs. Madelin Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Delewski Mrs. C. Delewski Mr. and Mrs, Ed Delewski Lauren Delewski Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Delp Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rempsey Lorelfa Deppen Mr. and Mrs. John Derr Mr. and Mrs. Francis Defurk Mrs. Florence Dibler Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Diener Donnie and Jackie Joseph Dragan Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Jeanelie Marion Ely Miss Endy Mr. and Mrs Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. F Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr, and e G. Deibler Karl G. Dreibelbis Roberl' L, Dunkel Richard L. Eagle . J. H. Eckenrolh Howard Edsall John M. Eidam and . J. George Ennis Elwood R. Epler John W. Epler Ted Erb Sidney Erkes Kennelh Eshbach Paul Eshelman Thomas Eshelman Russell Evans George R. Eves .John H, Fair .Oscar Fick Mrs. Arlhur Fisher Mr, and Mrs. Edward Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Karl Fisher Miss Phyl Fisher Mr, and Mrs, Samuel Fisher Mr. and Mrs. John Folga Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Folmer Mr. and Mrs. John S. Follz Mrs. May Fra Mr. and Mrs. Glenn J. Freed Rev, and Mrs. Clyde l. Fry G me Gary-Ellior Salons Miss Anila A. Geiger Mr. and Mrs. Russell Geiger Georgine and Helen ' Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Gensler MRS. MADGE A. GOODRII I1 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRINCI PENNSIDE BUILDING READING. R. D. f4. PENN. from lhese people. We wish to tha Mr and Mrs Carl R Gessner and Mrs Al Gilbert Anna Gilberl James Gilbert r. and Mrs Norman H. Gimm Mr. Richard Glauner Gloria and George Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Gerhe Mil ' 1 ' ' M . ' y Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Goldberg I Mr. and Mrs. Peler Goodharf, S Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gorolf Jim Gorolf Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Grady Terrence Grady Mr. and Mrs. Earl Graff Mary Grebe Mr. and Mrs, Charles P. Griffilh Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gromis Mrs. Pearl Grubb Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Gromis Mrs. Pearl Grubb Mr. and Mrs. William C. Grubb H Mr. and Mrs. Roberf G. Haag Mr. and Mrs. Edward Haas Miss Jane Haier Mr. and Mrs. Al Hafelz Jack Hafelz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hafelz Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hamillcn Gordon Hanlhorn, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Harlman Pearl Harlman Kalope lKill'yl Harvan Mr. William Hassler Mr. and Mrs, Charles Hauck Miss Barbara Hawk Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hawk Mrs. Lenora Heflellinger Raymond Heffner Mr. and Mrs. Alberl Heinrich Mr. and Mrs, Max Heller Mr, and Mrs. Charles Hemsfreel Mr. Joseph T. Hendrickson Mr. and Mrs. J. Victor Henkel Mrs. Mamie Henlrich Mr. and Mrs. John Herbine Miss Kay Herflicker Mr. and Mrs. Lewis R. Herizog, Mr. Paul Adam Herlzog, ll Miss Barbara Hibschman John Hibschman Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hibschma Arlhur R. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Arlhur W. Hill Eslelle C. Hill r Mr. and Mrs Marlin L Hill Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Hinnershil Mr. and Mrs. Max H Hirsch Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hors? Mr. and Mrs, Frederick Hofzma Gerald C. Holzman rd G Hunsber er . and Mrs. George Hill. . .l ,Z n Howea . g Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Hunsbe Mrs. Francis W. Hussey Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hyllon l Mr. and Mrs. Y, lbberson Harold S. lmber J Jackie, Joanie, and Christine Delp Daniel D. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Jackson, Jr. Maggie Jackson Jennie, Norman, and Lois George Jobe Mr. and Mrs. Hen Johnston George Jones K Kasey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kauffman Stuart R. Keith Charles G. Keller Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ketner Fred Keller Mr. Edward H. Kinsey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Klein William A. K Ralph W. Kinsey Arthur Kissinger lein Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Kline Mr. and Mrs. Bertram A. Kline Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Knechtle, Jr. Billy and Carl Koch Nancy Koch L. A. Moll Mount Penn Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Leon R. Moyer N Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Newpher Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Mewpher Mr. and Mrs. Augy Ninto and Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ninfo and Son Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ninfo Mr. and Mrs. lrvin Noll O George and Edna Obenhausen Mr. and Mrs. Raymond O'Grattis Miss Miriam Ohlinger Mrs. A. Raymond tt P Mr. and Mrs. Palf Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Spickler Samuel Stallone George Stamm Engene Stapleton Maude Stech Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. T Harold Tate Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Steffen John Stewart, Jr. Robert M. Strause Robert Stutflet David Sulzbacher Alton Stump Mike Sustello John Swartz William R. Tierney Warren L. Thomas Albert F. Tice S. D. Tice George Todard Joseph A. Townsley Mrs. Bessie W. Troutrnan Mr. Edwin F. Palm Mr. and Mrsi William Pappadakes Y Patrick Fami Paul and Eva s U Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ullman Mr. and Mrs. Neal R. Koch Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Koch Mrs. Evelyn Kohl Mr. and Mrs. Gershom Krom L Mr. and Mrs. John L. Labe Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Landy Jack Lantz . Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lantz Mr. and Mrs. John F. Larkin Mrs. Susan Latshaw Miss Doria A. Leininger Mrs. Ralph Y. Leininger Mr. and Mrs. William H. LeVan Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Levin Robert Levin Miss Sherry Dee Levy Mr .Anna Peck and Anna Mae Mr. and Mrs. George Peitter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Petsch Mr. and Mrs. G. Carl Pettinato Mr. and Mrs. William I. Purnell R Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rachman Mr. and Mrs. Tobias Rachman Mr. and Mrs. William Rankin Jean Ravel Anna M. Reeser Mr. Paul Reeser Mrs. Kathryn Reigel Mr. Philip A. Reiniger Mr. and Mrs. William Remley Mr. John H. Rhoads Mrs. Robert E. Richards Dr. and Mrs. J. Henry Ricker W Barbara L. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, Sr. R. W. Walker Mrs. Walley Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Esther S. Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Wagner William H. William H. J. Clifford Walters Jerry Wanner, Jr. Roscoe H. Ward George Weand Webber Harry Weber Wel-Wear Hosiery Shop Mrs. A. L. Wentzel Barry Neil Wentzel Glenn W. Linderman Cla The Mr. r Mr. and Mrs. Ted Levy C. Henry Lewis ence C. Lewis, Insurance Lewis Family and Mrs. Lill Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Litvin Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lloyd Bessie Long Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Helen L M Charles L. Long W. Solon Loose Raymond C. Lucas U Richard L. Ludwig, lll utz Mrs. Sara R. Mack Maiestic Theatre Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Mallow Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall Gerald L. Martin Mr. and Mrs Dar r yl Matz Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. . Jack Mason Paul W. Matz C. Mavrides . William Mayers Fred Mays and Mrs. Frederick McCrudden Mr. and Mrs. Donald McLaughlin Jane E. McM Mr. and Mrs. urtrie Clarence E. Robert and Mary Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Family Rommie and Theodore Roeberg Wesley Roland and Susie Ronald and Sandy Charles A. Wetzel, Jr. Pfc. Clair M. Willi ms Mr. and Mrs. Davis L. Williams "Herkimer Xavier" Williams Mr. and Mrs. Grant Wilson The Rose Curtain Shop Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Rothenberger Mr. and Mrs. Wayne W. Rothenberger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Rothermel Rudolph's Beauty Salon, Shillington Mr. N. Wismer Mr .and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wiswesser Fred Wittich . and Mrs, Alvin Woerle Mr Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Woerner Richard Wolfe Robert C. Ruth S Mr. and Mrs. Guy Sailer Mr. Lewis Guy Sailer Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sandridge Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Sands Sara Jane D. Mr. and Mrs. and Johnny P. L. Stuart Sauppe Mrs. S Ivia Schaffer R. Shelldon Scherer chitfner Miss Janet S Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schutt Mr. and Mrs. Miss Edna Se Stanley L. Schiitner Allen Schweitzer Ralph Schweitzer John H. Seifarth ifert Y Mr. George Yeager Sarah Yerger Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Young Z Mr. and Mrs. John A. Zaiac Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Zeock Virginia Zerbe Mr. David S. Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Neil Zweizig The PENN ALMA staff would like to recognize the members of the Patron Team winning tirst place honors in the Patron Contest by printing their names here: Mendelsohn Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Mendelsohn Mr. and Mrs. Milton Mendelsohn Mr. and Mrs. D. Robert Mendelsohn Mr. and Mrs. lrvin J. Mengel Miss Ruth E. Mengel Miss Ruth Seifert Mr. and Mrs. Judson B. Severns Mr. and Mrs. Jules Shapiro Mr. J. Lloyd Sharetts Linda L. Shultz Mr. and Mrs. Shoustal TEAM 3 KARL FISHER, Captain Dolores Alloway Karol Bloom Judy Grady Susan Hylton Helen Mervine Mr. and Mrs. John J. Mickanis Regina Mihalak Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Miller Mr. and Mrs . Franklin A. Miller Sandra Shuke Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Mary A. l' Walter Sload John F. Smith Leo G. Smith Smith Pat Miller Steve Sulzbacher Individual Honors go to: Judy Grady, ot Team 3, as First and Mrs. Frederick E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Melvin L. Smith John A. Miller oseph A. Miller and Mrs. Robert R. Miller Sallie and Be tty Smith Gene Smuqusky Mr. and Mrs. people are loyal boosters of our school!! John Sperling Place Allen Bender, ot Team 5, as Second Place Shirley Strause, of Team 7, as Third Place Sincerely, THE PENN ALMA STAFF JWMM Sandra Diebler, Patron Compliments to the Class of '58 From the Y-TEENS flfflfl vm . all cl M00 Compllmenfs of sl P MT. PENN KEY CLUB 5 L "5 "" ul x X, t A O x 0 c 'PNA 1 MARY'S DOG HOUSE Luncl1eone'H'e I' 1- S+. Lawrence Ave. and Bingaman S+. Comp lmen S llalian Sandwiches of ' Hamburgers Hoi' Dogs l Barbecues N L TREATS Slealchsandwiches , NW',wA-.r.X, ' i F F ' an-gp 'll3'llriBurg:rs O ,N lce Cream Delighfs O 2 Mill: Shakes f "" Tomah-, 0 5535335 0 Ph Sllinil 3 9664 Lemme 356 one an nn - M ' Q Orders +o Talce Oul' ayonnalse One Hundred Thirty-four J. Elmer Lutz J. Elmer Lutz, Jr LUTZ FUNERAL HOME ,,f"""'w F 2I0O Perkiomen Avenue MT. PENN, PA. One Hundred Thirty-five Complimenfs of OLIVER J. WILSON SERVICE STATION FormerIy LEN JONES See Us for Your Prom Formal 50-50 TUXEDO RENTAL 4'I'I1 and Spruce SI'reeI's READING, PENNA. Dial FRanIxIin 3-5400 or FRanIcIin 5-3644 Complimenfs of WELDRITE WELDING ENGINEERS II9 Carpenier Sireei' READING. PENNA. CompIimen+s of FRANK YODER, INC. Plumbing-Heafing and Roofing Phone FRanIcIin 3-5287 or FRanIcIIn 2-I37I EPLER'S SEA FOOD Complimenfs of I558 Nor+I1 9+h S+reeI' Finesi' of Sea Food A Year Around One Hundred Thirty -SIX Complimen+s of J. Complimenfs of COMPANY M00RE'5 244-246 N. a+h s+ree+ RESTAURANT Reading, Pennsylvania 9+h and Penn S1-reef Phone FRanlclin 2-0489 JOHN L. ADAMS AVANTA HIGH FIDELITY Class of l958 For All Occasions O.PagLr-:ces 7 N. 23rd S'lree+ Q Recepfiong Phone FRanlclin 5-9356 IBACH'S SPORTING GOODS STORE Mercury Oufboarcls Complimenfs of Sales and Service Hunfing and Fishing Supplies Boafs-Trailers I920 Wooclvale Avenue FRanlclin 2-8722 Complimenls of E A , FRIEND BERKSHIRE HOTEL O H Cl cl Th DAVID CRYSTAL, INC. One of America's Foremosf Manufacfurers of Ladies Tailored Garmenfs Re'I'aiI S'I'ore . .. II35 Moss S+reeI' Open Daily 9 A.M. +o 5 P.M. Telephone FRanIcIin 5-5689 READING, PENNA. CongraI'uIa+ions-Class of '58 THE FIVE COHENS EDYTHE SAM HARLAN GARY ARMAND GLADYS L. FREDERICK SABATTOIR ABRAHAM LINCOLN Lancas+er Pike Wholesale Meal' Dealers HOTEL 445 Washingfon S'I'ree'I' Linen-Jewelry-Giffs One Hundred Thirty-Sight Compliments of RAYCO AUTO SEAT COVER COMPANY Philadelphia and Boyerlown Pikes Ml. Penn PHONE FRanklin 5-5284 FURNACE REPAIRING CLEANING INSTALLATION STITZER 81 MENGEL Tinsmil'l1 and Sheer Melal Work All Types Roofing and Spouling Phone FRanklin 2-2244 l008 Green S'l'ree+ Reading, Penne. THE BOOK MART SOLLEYS Corner Sixfh and Courl Reading' Penne' I200 Carsonia Avenue Heaclquarlers for Booklovers Slony Creek Mills, Pennsicle Call for Service Any Time FRanklln 2-234l One Hundred Thirtyfnine Save Regularly al' Ihe New MT. PENN TRUST CO. 23rd S+. a'I' Perlciomen Avenue Ample Parking Space and TWO DRIVE-IN WINDOWS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Member of FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION M ELCO HARDWARE STORE I460 Frieclensburg Road STONY CREEK MILLS, PA. Hardware-Housewares-Building Supplies Gillis-Power Tools Lawn Supplies BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF I958 Phone FRanlcIin 4-740I We Deliver One Hundred Forty Good Luck to the Graduating Class of 1958 RACHMAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY INCGRPORATED C0mplimen+S LABE BUILDING of SUPPLIES GILES THE FLORIST I23 Sou+h 5+h S-Ireef READING PA Princefown Road TEMPLE R.D. I, PA. Besi' Wishes +o I'I1e Class of '58 MEYER'S FOOD STORE IJAKESI 232 Carsonia Ave. PHONE FRanIcIin 3-9452 S'I'ore Hours 9 +o II Daily HAGMAYER'S 25+I1 and Park SI's. Pennside Dolly Madison Ice Cream-EarIy's Old-Fashioned Chocolaies Groceries, Frozen Foods, Magazines, Sunday Papers Tobaccos, GiHs CompIimen'I's of FRAN JUDY DR. AND MRS. MSYNZY ALBERT KUNNES SANDY One Hundred Forty-two BIXLER'S CUT-RATE STORE Drugs-Toys SporI'ing Goods Magazines Soda Foun'I'ain I452 Friedensburg Road STONY CREEK MILLS Phone FRankIin 3-9596 Complimen'rs K. HELEN LANDIS l90I Fairview S+. READING EXETER GOLF COURSE JACKSONWALD, PA. Club and Cari' Ren'IaI JACK CHIARELLI, Prop. Phone FRankIin 5-04I7 Frame S+raigh+ening Wheel Balancing Fender and Body Work Wrecked Cars RebuiII' McKENTLY BROS. PRICETOWN, FLEETWOOD R. 3, PA. Phone: Fleefwood WH 4-8369 Sfeering and Wheel Alignmeni' Free Pickup and Delivery AuI'o Pain+ing GLEN ALSACE Complimws RESTAURANT of Known 'for Good Food I Mile Norfh of Temple A Roufe 222 5'I'h Sfreel' Highway Phone WAIker 6-3I09 KRUGER'S AMOCO SERVICE STATION 323: REIFTON, PA. Pick-Up Delivery Service VESPICO Uniform Cen+er I9 N. 6+h S+. READING, PA. Phone FRankIin 6-0442 Docfor Jackefs-Fancy Aprons Lab Coais-Pafienf Gowns Denial Jaclcefs-Chef Caps One Hundred Forty-three VI'S ITALIAN SANDWICH SHOP ALSACE MANOR, R. D. 1 Look for ihe Breyer's sign across from Weber's Ho+eI in Alsace Manor. We deliver IO or more. Dial WA. 9-9956. Our SpeciaI'I'ies: Delicious real I+aIian sandwiches, I'IaIian deal: sandwiches, Iialian ham on roII, ho+ IIaIian sausage sandwich, hoI' or sof'I' rolls opfional. Visir Our Breyer Ice-Cream Package Dept RAINBOW SIGN SERVICE Complimenis Signs Made and Serviced Q-F for AII Purposes I3gJ':EMSiDiu+ISr S+. , A. TWIN KISS MR. WILLIAMS FRankIin 2-I9I 3 Phone FRanIcIin 5- I 829 NATIONAL , HONOR SOCIETY CompIlmenI's of Ihe NATIONAL YI I7 Z!! AEI E L HONOR SOCIETY 'iii-3fTrt. . , . .w'f 4..: , "'iiI:IIiEii? 'ii' A J. w. LEI NBACH iik. 1 I W lcf i i ":O I ' M W Phone FRanIcIm 2-86I3 H L.-'f "J .Q .f it-1:553 '"IZ-Sgigigggivihw9"L,,:1Ii51E?.f5'Rf1f'r5- f 2239 Perkiomen Avenue, MI. Penn, Reading, Penna. FREE DELIVERY SERVICE CONVENIENT PARKING AREA One Hundred Forty-four BRYIANO INST. OF BEAUTY CULTURE 9IO Penn S+., Reading, Pa. Phone FRanIrlin 4-2260 "Day or Nighi' Classes" "Pay As You Learn" "Free Placemeni- Bureau Phone FRanlclin 4-l683 A Trial Is Wor+I1 While WHlTE'S GARAGE General Repairing--Overhauling-Greasing Washing-Siorage Official Inspecfion Sfafion Day and Nighi Service 3I6 Couri Sireei' READING. PA. TROUPE l390 Besl' Wishes Io Ihe Class of '58 From flue NATIONAL THESPIAN SOCIETY BOWL-O-RAMA, INC. Rouie 422, Exefer Twp. Open 24 Hr. REIFFTON, DREADING, PA. Special Siudenf Prices Mon.--Thru-Fri. 8 a.m.-6 p.m. 400 Per Game FRanIcIin 5-8528 FREE RENTAL SHOES ROTARY One Hundred For ive -YOU DEAL WITH FRIENDS a+ Besi' Wishes 'Io The Class of '58 A THE JOLLY ROGER 2155555521 - X n RESTAURANT TT: H : and HS Employees AND TRUST co. OF READING 48+h a Ph'I a I h' PT an 'a EP 'a 'e "Your Bank of FRIENDLY service" Member Federal Reserve Sysfem Member F.D.I.C. Comp imenI's of CHARCOAL CHEF 3224 Perkiomen Avenue REIFFTON, PENNSYLVANIA Congra+uIa+ions To The CIass of '58 UNIVERSITY SHOP 549 Penn SI'ree+ READING, PENNSYLVANIA When in Reading Park ai ESTHER 8: CHECKS PARKING LOT I38 Sou'Ih bih S'I'reef IO9 Souih 5Ih Sheei' I3-I5 Norih 8Ih Sfreei' Complimenis of ASTOR JEWELERS 742 Penn S'Iree'I' READING, PENNSYLVANIA Phone FRanI:Iin 2-6450 On e Hundred Forty-six Complimenis of Ihe JUNIOR CLASS READING BOAT WORKS Evinrude-Sales and Service Cen'I'ury-Whirlwind-Trojan and Arkansas Travel Boais and Cruisers 829 Thorn SI. Phone FR 2-I085 Dock Facilifies on Schuylkill 3 Blocks From Berks Airporl Firesfone and Siar Tires Phone FR 6-9067 AULENBACH'S ATLANTIC Exide BaI"I'eries Free Pick-Up and Delivery Carsonia Ave. Endlich Ave. MT. PENN Complimenls of THE STUDENT COUNCIL WAYSI DE POTTERY Insfruciions, Supplies, and Gifrs I250 Carsonia Ave. Srony Creek Mills READING, PENNSYLVANIA BOB'S ESSO SERVICENTER Compleie Esso Service 5I'h S'I'reeI' Highway TEMPLE, PENNSYLVANIA Congrafulafions Io 'I'he Class of '58 JOSEPH'S "The Men's SI'ore Where Women Like 'Io Shop" 408 and 4I0 Penn Sfreei READING, PENNSYLVANIA One Hundred Forty-seven STEVE MARY JEAN JACKIE CompIimen+s of SELTZERS MEN SHOP PHONE FRanIdin 2-5424 65I Penn Sfreef READING, PENNSYLVANIA Complimenfs of KAGENS, INC. 64I Penn SI'reeI READING, PENNSYLVANIA Phone FRanIcIin 3-5l88 Jewelry Pho'I'ography Sporiing Goods LILLIAN FABRIC SHOP Dress Goods-D ra peries Bridal and Evening Gown Fabrics Phone FRanIrIin 2-9752 637 Penn Sfreef READING. PENNSYLVANIA NEAL R. KOCH Brick-Block-Laying Chimneys RebuiI+ and Repaired Carpenfry-Remodeling Phone FR 2-2958 R. D. NO. 4 READING. PA. CompIimen'I's of Ihe HILLSIDE DINER 2730 Perkiomen Ave. PHONE FRanIcIin 6-0500 WHITE HOUSE MARKET Monday Through Thursday 9 a.m. Io 9 p.m. Friday 8 a.m. 'fo I0 p.m. Saiurday 8 a.m. Io 8 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m. Io 8 p.m. GAIL GLENDA JUNE LENI One Hundred Forty-eight CZARNECKI'S FOOD MARKET 506 S. 7+h S+ree+ READING, PENNSYLVANIA Homemade Polish Sausage Meais, Groceries, Ice Cream CompIimen'I's of HEATHER SHOP I3l Norfh Fiffh S+ree+ READING, PENNSYLVANIA STICH ER HARDWARE 5+h and Penn S+ree'I' READING. PENNSYLVANIA Phone FRanIcIin 4-8344 MANSION BOWLING CENTRE Au'I'oma+ic Pin SpoHers 5+h and Penn Sis. Phone FRanIcIin 2-9485 RAY'S SUNOCO SERVICE STATION Howard Blvd. and Dengler S+. PHONE FRankIin 3-9476 H. D. WAMSHER HARDWARE 9'Ih and Spring S+. READING, PENNSYLVANIA MT. LAURAL FOOD MARKET One Hundred Fortv-ni Besi' Wishes Fro m FRED A. HOWARD PHILIP K. HOWARD FRANK M. HOWARD EDWIN M. YODER 81 SON, INC. 23I7 Perkiomen Ave. MT. PENN, PENNSYLVANIA Regis+erecI Plumbers Phone FRanIcIin 4-6583 - PI I: g Roofing H + g Sh FRankIin 4-9527 if ee+ MeI'aI Com pIimen+s o J EANN ETTE SHOP READING HARRISBURG 42s I PRIMROSE SHOP OUIII 5I'I1 Sfreef READING, PENNSYLVANIA Bridal Ou'I'fi+s Formais Cock'I'aiI Dresses O H dred Fifty Complimenfs of MARTIN L. HILL Tax Collecfor Lower Alsace Township HAFER'S ESSO SERVICE STATION Tires-Bafferies-Accessories Experf Car Washing Howard Boulevard PHONE FRanlclin 4-0936 Congrafulafions fo fhe Class of '58 HEBERLING'S KEYSTONE STORE 25+h AND GRANT STREETS Safes Desks WM. G. HINTZ, INC. Books Sfafionery Office Furnifure and Supplies Giffs Leafher Goods 838 Penn Sf. READING. PENNSYLVANIA Chairs Filing Cabinefs Complimenfs of Courfesy of ROYAL CROWN COLA Beffer Tasfe Calls for RC BU RGESS TOM STULTS A. A. One Hundred -OHS Comphmems Famous Challenger Aluminum Combina'I'ion of Aluminum Windows Doors DAVID SULZBACHER 248 Carsonia Ave. KNITTING MILLS MT. PENN, PENNA. Call FRanIcIin 4-95II for Free EsIima'Ie Complimenfs of MT. PENN DINER Complimenfg of PI'lone FRanIcIin 4-0564 "THE SAINTS" R- A- SANDS Mike grain Mike Plumbing--Hee'I'ing Terry Rich IncIusI'rlaI Piping EDNA SANDS Music As You Like I'I' PFOPFIGIOF Phone FRankIin 3-8438 2I0 Reed SI'- READING, PA. DIAMOND T. READING COMPANY PoHsviIIe Pike R. D. 2 WARREN W- KERSHNER READING. PA. 2575 Perlciomen Ave. DisI'ribu'I'ors MT' PENN Trucks-Busses Fire Apparafus General Insurance One Hundred Fifty-two Bes+ Wishes From me Con4,:la++L:Z+ions Class of '58 SUBURBAN TAVERN SElDEL'S FUNERAL HOME 5,550 SIMMON'S ESSO SERVICENTER ART and BILL SIMMON 2I00 Howard Blvd., Mi. Penn PHONE FRanlclin 3-9688 READING. PENNA. DIETRICH DAIRY, INC. C0mP'fmen+S l00 McKinley Ave. Muhlenberg Park READING, PA. of a FRIEND "Qualify Dairy Produc+s" Phone WAlker 9-07I4 OLEY ELCTR C COMPANY OLEY, PeNNsYLvANlA Phone Yellow House 9-6677 Televisions Appliances Sales and Service l o ne Hundred Fifty-three NANCY K. JUDY B. SUSIE H. TWINS EVA R. PAT M. JOYCE B. BERNIE S. NANCY S. SARA JANE BEV S. JUDY D. MAGGIE C. JUDY G. DOLORES N Vene'l'ian Blinds Free Es+ima1'es Awnings JAMES N. HUNSBERGER Combination Aluminum Storm Windows ond Doors Faciory-+o-You Service Phone FRANKLIN 3-0356 7 MyrI'Ie Ave. STONY CREEK MILLS READING, PA. One Hundred Fifty-four FLINTKOTE slomes READING. PA. GALLMAN'S Beauiify . Weaiherproof Cleaners and DYSFS Cui' Uplceep JEROME HERMAN Roofing-Siding-Insulafion 23 So. 23rd SI. Phone 4-983I Qualify Work ai a Reasonable Cosi' Call for and Delivery Service I250 RooseveI'I' Avenue STONY CREEK MILLS Call FRanIcIin 6-746I PENN DAIRIES, INC. aso LANCASTER AVE., READING, PA. I ICE CREAM .L L khxx FRanIxIin 2-720I FRanIcIin 2-720I H. A. HUNSBERGER II7 Penn SI. READING, PA. Fea+uring THRIFTY'S Famous Doors Before You Buy Any S'I'orm Window See STYLEMASTER T I L T Three Track Aluminum Combinafion SI'orm Windows WHI1 These Exclusive Feaiures srvLEnmsrsn's EASY CLEANING TILT ACTION A :vv Llmns-rsnrs I One Hundred Fifty-five FOREST HILLS MEMORIAL PARK, INC. "The Cemefery BeauIi'fuI" STARDUST LUNCHEONETTE IOIh and Buiionwood Sireeis Dial FRanIcIin 3-9846 Hoi' and Cold Drinks Known for Their Famous Sieak and I+aIian MARTlN'S SERVICE STATION "Experience Has No SubsI'iI'u+e" Gas . Oil and Accessories CE PHONE FR -3-9304 Sandwiches ms cARsoNlA AVE. Ham on Roll Pizza Pie FUEL OIL COAL E335 REED ST. READING. PA. Phone FRanIcIin 6-7I 76 Phone FRanIcIin 6-7 I 76 , AI+eraiions on dresses, suifs and coais. AII work CompIlmen+S guaran'Ieed and professionally done. of Phone Ekanklin 5-3257 A I Melrose Ave. sroNY CREEK MILLS MRS. JOHN ALBRIGHT One Hundred Fifty-six GEORGE'S BARBER SHOP 23rd and Granr Sfreei' KELLER'S GARAGE General Au'l'o Repairing Siarrer and Genera+or Service Barferies and Recharging IO N. Taff Avenue MT' PENN PA' STONY CREEK MILLS Phone Franklin 4-7873 Flowers-Buy PAUL E. HECK 26I3 Perkiomen Ave. MT' PENN FUNERAL HOME Ph F l' 4-3049 ZPeSpx:gir7-0I02 OLEY. PENNA- Disiincfively Differeni' YELLOW HOUSE Corsages for All Occasions 9-6231 Baskefs-Sprays-Plants Gardens-Bouquefs-Pillows Specializing in Cusrom Bridal and Evening Gowns, Also Ready-Made Bridals and Formals MARY'S BRIDAL AND DRESS SHOP MARY and ARTHUR PORCARO Props. I42 Soufh 5'i'h S+. Phone Franklin 4-4767 READlNG, PENNA. "Candy for Every Occasion" We Supply Churches and Organizarions LECHLEITNER'S CONFECTIONS Manufaciurers of Candy and Marshmallow Allegheny and Lehigh Ave. GLENSIDE. PENNA. Complimenis of fhe MOUNT PENN FIRE COMPANY M. GEORGE RUTTENBERG BERTRAM L. RUTTENBURG M. GEORGE RUTTENBERG 81 SON I23 Wes+ Main Srreei' KUTZTOWN, PA. Phone ov 3-32l6 Furnifure-Floor Coverings and Bedding One Hundred Fifty-seven NUEBLING'S A+hle1'ic Equipmeni' Pho'I'o Finishing Fishing Tackle Corner 9fh and Penn Sheeis PHONE FR 4-8253 Complimenfs of WURMAN CIGARETTE SERVICE SCOTTY TRADING-POST Meal' and Groceries Open-Seven-Days-A-Week 2 Miles Below STONY CREEK JOHN F. LUTZ, INC. Furnifure and Floor Coverings 355 S+. Lawrence Ave. Rome-73 READING, PA. . WIESTS SPORTING GOODS Compliment Guns, Amm'6., Fishing Tackle, of Archery Supplies A 436 Penn Ave. WEST READING, PENNA. Phone FR 5-5250 EVANS FOOD DISTRIBUTERS zzoo PERKIOMEN AVE. "LEFTY" REESER'S Sporfing Goods Open Evenings Till 8:30 ONE W. BROAD ST. SHILLINGTON Phone SPruce 7-220I DIAL FR 3-8l83 Wise Po+a+oes Producis Riclgies-Juliennes-Pre'l'zels One Hundred Fifty-eight ELI SKAIST I JOHNNY IPAPPYI O REALTOR and . INSURANCE SARA JANE 28II Perlciomen Ave. GEQRGE READING, PA. and PI1one FR 6-498I KATI'II Craclclelone Aluminum Awnings Horizonlal Design-Lifelime Service These Awnings Are Cuslom Made in Our Own PIan+ in Reading Also Aluminum Slorm Windows and Doors Bank Terms Q Free Eslimales BABE FIDLER lzs PENN sr. PHONE FR 2-5886 Complimenls of GENE VENSKE GOLF RANGE Good Luck and Success Io 'l'I1e Class of '58 Complimenls From CARL P. BRICKEL 300 Colonial Trusl Bldg. READING. PENNA. REIFFTON DAIRY C0 FRankIin 4-2I82 INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS of One Hundred Fifty-nine Home and Aufo Supplies 0 Sporling Good RITE AUTO SUPPLY, INC. Everylhing for 'Ihe Au'I'omobiIe "Hoi-Rod" Headquarlers Mosl Complele Sloclc of Re-Builf Paris BRAKE CYLINDERS GENERATORS CARBURATORS SHOCK ABSORBERS PENN TELE-RADIO. INC. Drive-In Service Au'I'o-Radio-Television-Eleclronics 48Ih and Philadelphia Pilce DIAL FRanklin 4-4974 FUEL PUMPS WATER PUMPS R+. 422 I000 Penn S+., Reading Phone FRanlclin 3-I000 TERSUHOW'S ADDESSO SHOE SERVICE Keep your foo+wear in good shape by bringing lhem here for repairs. Full soling is our specially. We carry a 'lull line of shoe care supplies. 2l So. 23rd S+. MI'. Penn Reading's Besl' Lilced SI'ore Headquarlers for Ladies' and Children's Beauliful Wearing Apparel 404-406 PENN STREET-READING. PENNA. Phone FRanIclin 3-5I55 PAUL R. ESHELMAN I07 Norlh 23rd Slreel' MT. PENN PHONE FRanlclin 4-7855 Norge Gifts Appliances Philco Television One Hundred Sixty BAER'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION LEROY H. BAER, Proprielor Tires-Ba'Heries-Accessories MI. Laurel Road 2 Miles Easi' of Temple Telephone WAIker 9-4889 'II ITIII 'H If f" fl ing A fn 5 0 Q .57 BLUE MOUNTAIN DAIRY, INC. 232-240 Maple Sfreef READING, PENNA. . ' IASIEURIZEII 1 E4 I I wg IEIEIIQ, ge The Besf in Food STUMP'S MT. PENN MEAT MARKET I3 N. zara sr. .f, ,f Good Luck Graduares PARKS 7'Ih and Penn S'IreeI' READING. PA. CompIimen+s of DANIELS COFFEE AND TEA 320 Penn SI'ree'I READING, PA. American, Greek and CO. Ifalian Produc'I's Complimenls of CHILTON'S KEYSTONE STORE STONY CREEK MILLS Phone FR 4-9778 THE CRAFTSMAN PRINTING CO. Offsei- and LeH'erpress 553 Friedensburg Road PENNSIDE, READING, PA. One Hundred -OUC Complimenis of Complimenfs of K'-ElN.S GULF SERVICE t N I 4 NATIONAL ', DRY CLEANERS READING, PA. 1 ECKENROTH DIDYOUNG AGENCY MOTORS, INC. Real Es+a'I'e and Insurance MT. PENN "Your Rambler Dealer 22nd and Howard Blvd. MT. PENN. PA. CompIimen+s of Ihe NOVELI ERS Music for All Occasions PHONE FRANKLIN 3-5748 Congraiulaiions +o +he Class of '58 ED ARMSTRONG AUTOMOBILES NEW usen 200I Kuizlown Road FRANKLIN 4-0738 One Hundred Sixty-two "Remember Now Thy Creafor in 'Hue Days of Thy You+h" Ecclesiasfes I 2: I D. J. POTTER COMPANY WA 9-3675 3600 KUTZTOWN ROAD Complimenfs of TED LEVY HEATING CO. Oil Burners Fuel Oil Gas Furnaces Sfeam or Hof Wafer FR 4-0 I 74 ll5 N. 9l'l1 Sfreei' READING, PENNA. Complimenfg CARL 6. LORAH F ATLANTIC DEALER-AAA SERVICE O 22nd, and Howard Blvd. HUMMEI-'S MT. PENN READING, PA. Phone Franklin 3-9538 One Hundred Sixty-three I ww "ffl X BERKS COUNTY TRUST COMPANY READING. PENNSYLVANIA THE UNITED GAS IMPROVEMENT COMPANY UGI READING GAS DIVISION , Frank CaIpino's Compllmenrs of CALCO SUPERETTE MARKET PENNSIDE PHARMACY NATHAN RAVETZ, PH, G. 26fI1 and Park Sis., Pennside. Reading, Pa. PHONE FRankIin 5-0000 Heidelberg Ave. and Cross Sf. S'I'ony Creek Mills, Penna. FRESH MEATS--GROCERIES FROZEN FOODS-PRODUCE FRankIin 3-I I8l for Delivery O H cl 5' 4 ,A g .: F I - L alllmld 0' . I I KRAVITS STUDIOS Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 We, of Kravils Sludio, were glad Io help make Ihls yearbook one of Ihe besl' from MI. Penn High School. PENN STREET READING, PENNSYLVANIA O e Hundred Sixty-five Compllmenis "Meer Your Friends a+ +he Crys+al" THE CRYSTAL RESTAURANT ON PENN SQUARE, READING. PENNSYLVANIA LES AND JASIE HILLSIDE HAVEN PRICE-TOWN ROAD A lFormerly Blind Harisman s Hofel The members of +he PENN ALMA Siaff wish +o express our ihanlcs +o our pho+ographer, Mr. Joseph Kraviisg Mr. MaH LynoH, Taylor Publishing Com- pany represen+a'riveg Mr. John A. Hibs- chman, our principal: Mr. Roscoe Ward, supervising principal: fhe mem- bers of our faculryg Miss Doris Leinin- ger, our school secreiaryg merchani confribuiors and friends: you, our read- ers: and everyone who helped in any way fo make +his publicafion possible One Hundred Sixty-six 0 OUR ADVERTISING LEADERS Leading Our Ad Campaign are, left to righf: G. Freed, S. Daufrich, W. 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B2 Walters, H., p. 76 War Memorial Plaque, p. 11 Ward, Mr. Roscoe, p. 12 Waren, D., p. 38 Weber, Mrs. Ellen, pp. 26, 114 Welfling, J., p. 67 Weller, D., p. 114 Wells, S., pp. 87, 89, 93, 102, 109 Wells, S., pp. 84, 98, 102 Wentzel, M., pp. 84, 93, 103, 110 Werner, G., pp. 86, 106, 108, 109 Werner, R., pp. 85, 106, 109 Witman, J., p. 71 Wertman, P., p. 76 Wesner, J., p. 83 J., p. 77 tc., p. ao F., pp. 78, 123 P., pp. 21, s6, 93, 109, 111 pp. 84, 93, 105, 110 p. 88 , p. 89 P., p. 107 p. 79 Paper, p. 105 Year Book, pp. 96, 97 J., p. 76 C., p. 76 Mr. Allen, pp. 29, 98 T., p. 79 D., p. 80 J., p. BO L., p. 81 A., pp. 84, 94, 106 J., pp. 78, 123 Mr. John, pp. 22, 99 T., p. 106 N., pp. 62, 96 s., pp. 86, 93 Activities pp. 37, 38, 39 Band, pp. 106 Band Officers, p. 106 Chorus, p. 109 Chorus Officers, p. 109 Class Advisors, p. 38 Class Hat, p. 69 Class Members, pp. 42-68 Class Officers, p. 37 Spohn, J., p. 82 Sports on Parade, pp. 116, 117 Stage Crew, p. 99 Stallone, P., pp. 27, 82 Stamm, B., p. 64 Stamm, N., p. 80 Stamm, S., p. 84 Staudt, A., p. 79 Steffen, R., p. 80 Stephen, K., p, 76 Stevens, L., p. 83 Stickler, J., pp. 83, 105 Stickler, R., p. 85 Stiglmaier, R., pp. 83, 123 Stimmie, J., p. 93 Stoner, J., pp. 77, 103 Stoute, E., p. 84 Strause, S., pp. 64, 96, 113 Strauss, B., p. 82 Strauss, R., p. 79 Student Council, p. 107 Student Life Divider, pp. 16, 17 Stuebner, J., p. 80 Sulzbacher, S., pp. 31, 37, 64, 94, 99, 101, 103 Supervising Principal, p. 12 Sustello, M., pp. 86, 93 Sustello, My p. 80 Swanger, S., pp. 65, 72, 94, 121 Swartz, B., pp. 29, 88, 98, 109 Swartz, J., pp, 83, 129 Sweigert, E., pp. 65, 109 T Table of Contents, p. 3 Tenth Grade, pp. 84, 85 One Hundred Seventy-one Wheeler, J., p. 80 Williams, C., pp. 86, 93, 107, 109, 128 Williams, D., p. 78 Williams, G., p. 82 Williams, H., p. 80 Williams, J., p. 76 Williams, R., pp. 67, 109, 110, 120 Williams, T., 121 pp. 26, 68, 73, 94, 106, toa Williams, T., p. 77 Williamson, J., pp. 85, 89 Wilson, J., pp. 85, 109 Mr. Wismer, p. 32 Wiswesser, G., pp. 41, 68, 97, 100, 101 106, 125 Wiswesser, J., 77, 79 Witkowski, pp. 87, 93 Wittiest, p. 73 Wolfe, M., p. 79 Woolwine, W., p. 84 Worknien, pp. 103, 115 Wright, C., p. 80 wright, T., pp. 79, 114 Y Y-Teens, pp. 92, 93 Y-Teen Officers, p. 92 Yoder, P., pp. 86, 95, 123 Yoder, T., pp. 77, 114 Yoffng, S., pp. 87, 93, 109, 111, 122 Youse, S., p. 77 Z Zaiac, Mr. J., pp. 19, 115 Zeckler, M.,. p. 76 Zimmerman, T., pp. 76, 115 Zweizig, B., p. 68 FINIS Packing The final copy box are co-editors, Linda Troutman, and Bill Hunsberger. Now The parade is over. We hope you enjoyed iT as much as we did leading you Through iT. We will always cherish The mem- ories gained aT MounT Penn and will never forgeT The ioyous Times we had There. As we look back in our high school years, we can remember incidenTs which have alTered our lives and molded our fuTure. We will always be graTeTul To Mount Penn for giving us The opporfunities To gain an educaTion. One Hundred Seventy-Two -' 1 LITHOGRAPHED BY 'IA LCR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS n TEXAS The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE UIIPHRHDE

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