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Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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l Published by the m Senior Class of Mt. Lower Alsace joint Mt. Penn, Reading Pennsylvania 6I'Il"l embers of the Penn High School m0 l956 orw rd Main Entrance Mt. Penn-Lower Alsace Joint junior-S We, of the Yearbook Staff, sincerely hope that with your 1956 Penn Alma you will relive your high school days. In the future, may it bring joy on a re- miniscent night. We also hope that it will bind you closer to your present friends, that they may never be forgotten. The 1956 Penn Alma is yours. You made it! We pre- served it - through word and picture. 1 School, Mt. Penn, Pennsylvania ?5E51i TIGN "A perfecf woman, nobly plann'd To warn, +o comfort and commend And ye+ a spirii s+ill ang brighf ' ' Wifh somefhing of angelic light" -WORDSWCRTH ' WE REFER YOU TO... OUR ADMINISTRATION 6 OUR FACULTY II OUR SEIXIIORS 26 OUR UINIDERCLASSMEN 52 OUR ATHLETICS 64 OUR ACTIVITIES 78 OUR PATROINIS IO2 OUR ADVERTISERS ' IO4 -E wsu, mimic iii Ei? iS vi fm E25 iff ef si? as W ei Q s QE E E sz GS nf iii mi 3 2 1 1 w X sw QQ . E :Q Administrative Build 6 YGU... The members of the Board of Education, Mr. Roscoe Ward and Mr. john A. Hibschman, toy gether with their respective secretaries, Mrs. Lucy Smith and Miss Doris Leininger, comprise what is known as the Adminis- tration. Mr. Ward is the.Super- vising Principal of the joint school district while Mr. Hibschman serves as our High School Principal. Prior to the recent join- ture, both educators will be remembered by the present Senior Class as the administrators of Mount Penn and the Pennside Schools. The Administration with the Faculty plans our cur- ricular program as well as coordinating our activity and athletic operations. It is through their tireless efforts that Mt. Penn has gained wide-spread prom- inence in the field of sec- ondary education. Perhaps the Administra- tion's most inestimable as- set to us is the sagacious advice and wise counsel which we have so often received ri ts 5 ' 5 . .,:. Quia: V 1, wx? '-ww. ..- a.a:9s:.f i -. . . , WW . Wi W3 we , if ... ii' .ig. 1, 'atie5 , . . A V-5116 2: ':: ' 'C':V5'5f3rlf.X ..':z'f E 5 X Q-. Q iz, 235 gi. if-2112 gg H TP,2... .lii?gE ss ilff'ii EEE iii at all J lf? 5 Stir' is reet Xt r ft s,.r2L3.Lf ,,, 5,,,j,,g 'Q " 5 : 52 5 ' l it if .. ac. . . xg , 5152, , -I. 35 2 'Wi if .fwsaw s 4 f 2,3515 E. ,-,: f 5-if ggiafg, mfr Q fi km V 7 rg gg!! iii ar eg tg L E... L . , 1. . fftwif iii . .M aas imitate F . ,X wiat.. . ,x ,, it .,,lg5,i.r.a f. 3'ff.?r?tfitr'.ijgg3 2 .2 2- 5 2.1. fait , Q 1 if ii'ji"--if W Q, Xa arg, 556.5 52 ml! ig H as -,-- .:.. i fjiifiggygtgric ,Xt i 5556 f e l wif? , : ata? it t at at . PWIWQE S S ,i liiitzfaa V-ii"E'fl'1.EQ ,zz " . j1-:..- ,-,:: i 5 '15 , - I va i rg, g ' m u Eg E alfa ?tzi ,. ,, rsEf:i,taq izQ r sF l 5 ,wi a :sta K , , 5 ESM fa wr Ei U fp igagtaewr .. .. 'V' ,me awigsfsgai, . -.:- --,,,: s ''Qs2S15fwsatfwaiiigggrfitisr' ' if 'f at f Q? ll A zaaazasaaiwwe i 1' ' img 35 9325352 i' 5 S , 'f Sins, -... g..5?G,,gf1Q3i ,5 f ..t55fif1 M1-E til iiilsg wi, E Almiiii iim gi fgsf . fagiawiil g -as5gi. w ,,,. . 3,2533 , 'rn sl pjgigriliiig t ii itati 1. i Sar rieri Mat ti ii..liit2sie2. rasltsltreziratffwef' wa s ry gl M., 5 gi., gg,.,,,,,a3g msg? li ,,. Wig Qfljsitggslgrl it' ga gipfrfitggtatgas ggitg : . f 5 E ?fgl?5Lif2'E iii Aar?1t?Qsagt 2: ,NS i W5 li images.. 5 ily fg gsaijliggsssiilgg , git 3 ,sip E iis gg ag g if ,r gg 5' if Zrggfg., ., ,..,.,. r . 3 .22 e il gi it A M H5 QYE 7 lie ': E L 'ig LE 1 5 .22. l a w fl atr altfiaiie it it 2. fl .... ..-ca .. my . . an na .- ra ....12sr. -1 Eta Qiitiriaieg a l, 'il El. ' my av g Rig fe Q.. is iam ii. l,.r..a,ii is .2 ,ii 5151354 S Qigatsifsmag rgieiitmgra . si .YJ Amar .. 4 X , W was n 73 A-zV.l ... 53 2 -zjlggwiyr wi 5" f fag ' 1 si 'V arg . tit? to f -fr:2aa52aa..1a.fya . Sl Y ff' . Wee' S , J 5 1+ t 'ii 4 AE 95 EEE ti? ri S sl A555 , i f f .rr 1. .. . "H: Aeffeiieaa . . l- siftfgiiitfaapfiiabaziia gi Q 1' 2f1aw,"t'5AE' .' Wm wa .aliaffr1ef'vfrs1se?e-5'Suse?-1A f V 5 it it 929 'YY fiiiiif' i?l195fZi'h5'?l. Wif5l9i7lii .if5f:5,:Mfiv gl 7iWf55Q5i'?l'i?if fi' 5ffB5"I.:g H ifizffetlxtlfiigfn af'- ifd.'s'y,5sf'?ii.T.t4.12f?Z15 'fi gfigfzx' " ' 34. . a,'i2,ZZt2i.fff?v.J.M,sfagesgreggggiieiigrlgiifigafieggiigi -5, Z I i 5' M' s rw .E...a.,..,sf.Q.wL4gg't.Q,g,, ?w a5,,.?y Q gi H.. ' Weigh W Willa M e. :afi A 5 +P 5 g W,..,...,,, .,., ,, we I Efi,ieejaiaiQ512rsii??fsv fir5la?Ea,ag,gifggX2,,f'i.ttiirtiwtheifgs,'sstigtxa gag' 4 :fi.firfisaa.1is. 7 "" 1.1 v1ta22at r ,- www: 1 .'vfwg1.z1sawi.t. fA',f.:uy:g:f::xwrwigezaff air 35:2 Q we I ' ,M,m,w..? Aa ' iif1ff:7"' ' ' Wfitifflii ii't ' ww 25 ww ei i fa ml M gg Zpgaw as gi My 2' A S AN ,M 55 aa Q M as Q.. ,Maw ,pi J. 705 Friedensburg Road, Reading, Pennsylvania -,ai M 3 KW Wyatt tg fwfr ti 5 ,y3 Q9eiv iggteiagii 't 5 ar iff, vs 'f a if 655 agar fa ii 3 J ailatggt tgirfittfi detail afggta, eggrtirft-Raft an ,Jr mea? W eff . a.. WW... . ... Ma, .giz- f . .yi . , .t , T'fqg'fgf?2,i?Qg5EQ2Q3S, ilfifu:iz.ww3r'HwlgQ.fz, :sz Mft gr,5g,uagt'f29.if,f ,E 'fsfi FQ 3525359 SK y.,fzz4irf5aga,3..,Wgfvg'smezfasi mais.-'.,1faxms?giri?g.efrssgrieitgggisasfft 2 iffgfgitgffgisrfiiifri,'i1itliff2fitL.H V ew i .g..efifegig22s?ml, ' ti ,f',:t.raifwe.'1.:' 1 A s1.w1f1:f 1 " A 4: M.. ,.f, H I- -v.,- I ri... . ' :..,:rv..s:c.:4r en. H' fi-4 '9EHVf?E1'9t4,f ...'Lffe??r5..rl ' f . .,Ffil5iW53'A -: ,-,,ff'1f-f .f:+..fwf9'G tt? , ,.wma1.......f., . , , r,f.5gp..,.., . fmwfaf, h . . ..,fi..w.fa:zgf1ggfzggzaaara ry z 51 5 ri -:..,5,,,fa. .tgp Y Hwyf.,fszfm.w,,a. fxzw wifi , ,. at ,, , ,,.,,,,,,, ,Y H ,.,f WW...q..1.g.,.,,wff . 'gfiwgbfeiifelar,Wig qi5Mffw2g1 2f.f:r-wf2.:v.wv .114 5 Q ,gif ,2fiffff.,..,.evggypgqzL f.. if . 2 . :. - maeffaa . 'ximgggga 25111 i 552225 avw fw i iais ifi v : ta wif: 7 1 iimeaaeztafefe firm ffH ,.raS'iai.r1ffs ,f grgwsiy ,,,w...,fr.. -2 "" Zigzatzgergegaggszsifttwleiffag5,"2:f?f52,'fi..,fi 3 , .7wi,aaiyawf'vwzazaferafw-wx ' f . 5. . 'E I .,f it i,g,,g.wiw . 521.-V ,,.,,S,2,i.,.3esg,....,,.,,.r...,.,iu... .,.z..m...a....,.,. ...V , Z ,. vfitvffiiu i5r1i'f5X1fffii53t35?' 151gffsiftrfisfwgigeigifiilf 533. 16 1222. at 3 .ffrttffr i Y .z'f.sw',eer'sf- ffm' ig .t ina iii.: r'.aa , V Q 22 ' .2 Mt , f it-ez. g.aei9ia?3t !5?lgfSft . ef s 1s,g,f..,,f.z4zw?f itwS 4. -,.aef,s?ift:1a K7 1 ' e 'lff?'2r+fi'F33f BOARD OF EDUCATIGN Our Guiding Hands! Seated, left to right: Messrs. E. L. Barth, Frederick D. Gerhard, Charles L. Long, Stuart R. Keith, Judson B. Severns, Frederick McCrudden. Standing: Messrs. Joseph T. Hendrickson, Gaylord A. Crozier, George R. Eves, Douglas R. Beggs, Charles R. Lloyd. We, of the Senior like to pay our tribute to the men who make up the Board of Directors. ound that they have always, during our years in high school, given unst edl time with the interest of education at heart to provide for the a w unded educational program and adequate facilities for study, experimen i d r e in , gwgfy: 2. f Q J it N-fa X . A ,X I MESSAGE FRGM OUR SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL MR. ROSCOE H WARD i MRS. JAMEs H. SMITH Grove City College, B.S. University of Pittsburgh, M.A. Pennsylvania State University Charles A. Lindbergh wrote a book entitled "We" following his famous solo flight over the Atlantic. As he winged his way onward, many followed his flight and prayed for his success. The l'We', Lindbergh wrote about was himself and his airplane, the Spirit of St. Louis, but, as he sped forward it grew to include others-the people who prayed and their God. May the "We', of the Class of 1956 grow to include others-all the people of the world and their Maker. Your success and happiness will depend upon how inclusive the "We" becomes. Best wishes to all. 07. HX ' LLQ QAQN ' f'G FAREWELI. FROM OUR HIGH SCHOOI. PRINCIPA MR. JOHN A. HIBSCHMAN Kutztown Normal TO THE MEMBERS OF THE 1956 GRADUATING CLASS Al lhe end of lhir school term "Your Jcboo! dayr are over, your bookr laid aride, Never again to be read' Franklin and Marshall College, B.S. F .1 d 1 I , 2 V d Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania MISS DORIS A. LEININGER or He ayr Hat were aappj, an carefree and gay, Are the dayr that forever have fled." In this world everything that marks an end, also marks a beginning. So it is with our beginning. The end of our school work merely means the commencement of those experiences which will put to the test the principles we have learned. Whether or not you have derived all the advantages of the course you have just finished is a matter between you and your own conscience. You have enjoyed that blessing which a benevolent state has bestowed upon her children-a free education. To you has been given truly that which great men of the past have obtained only with many sacrifices and much labor. The best wishes of your faculty and friends go with you as you leave school for the last time. May your hopes and dreams be realized in the fullest degreeg and in the years to come may your names reflect credit upon this institution which has been your home during the formative period of your life. Q7 WE WILL ATTEND THEIR C.ASSES. QUR GUIDING LIGHTS! Standing, left to right: Messrs. L. Parsons, L. Riclcolt, J. Zajac, G. Krom, R. Linn, J. Miller, A. Schutt, J. Seifarth, J. Sharadin, D. Zimmerman, R. Bierly, W. Purnell, R. Bishop, L. Wearne, J. Sharetts, D. Raker. Seated, first row: Miss A. Geiger, Mrs. M. deMerlier, Mrs. M. Leininger. Second row: Mrs. A. Linderman, Miss E. Anderson, Mrs. H. Ott. Third row: Miss N. Hons, Mrs. J. Dempsey, Miss J. Cunnius. Fourth row: Mr. j. I-Iibschman, Mrs. E. Kohl, Mrs. S. Mack, Miss J. Smith. Absent: Messrs. LeVan, Matz. When all is said and done, the strength of the Faculty is the predetermining factor in the strength of an educational institution we at Mt. Penn are most fortunate in having a faculty of the highest caliber. Their influence upon our lives, today as students and tomorrow as citizens, can never be fully measured. We thank you sincerely for your patience and kindness towards our class. We assure you that we shall justify your faith in us. THE CLASS OF 1956 ds, Q I N rv-H J ART MRS. EVELYN M. KOHL, B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College Courser: junior and Senior High School Art Super1fire.f.' Stage Make-up and Scenery Appreciating Dave Hafer's drawing are, left to right: R. Harris, M Clouser, B. Holzworth, and Mrs. Kohl. Art exposes one to those artistic qualities which can be appreciated in objects of everyday environment, and offers the opportunity of expressing interest in creative activities. I N INDUSTRIAL ARTS Mr. john M. Seifarth, B.S. Industrial Education Pennsylvania State University Courfeff Industrial Arts Super11i.fe.r.' Stage Crew Installing a fixture in the shop is E. Harland with the assistance of Mr Seifarth and G. Werner. Industrial art offers projects to construct which will be useful in the home, and in various types of recreation. an opportunity for using tools and materials of industry, a selection of IN MR. DAVID S. ZIMMERMAN, B.S., M.S. East Stroudsburg Teachers College, Temple University. Courier: Driver Education, Pennsylvania History Superzfifer' Key Club, junior Class Advisor "Start your motor . . . please!" directs Mr. Driver training helps to develop safer and more sportsmanlike Zimmerman to B. Strause while A. Strunk drivers on our highways. This course was introduced to Mount Penn a1'lCl Daut1'iCl'1 0lDS6rVC. High School this Past year, IN MR. DONALD G. RAKER, B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College Courier: Guidance, Counseling Supervirer' junior Varsity Basketball, Projection Crew Explaining the merits of a profession to J. Guidance is a course which familiarizes the student with high school Miller and R. Miller is Mr. Raker. life, covers fields of self-understanding, and helps give the student a foresight of the working and social world. I 1 IN MRS. MILDRED M. LEININGER, B.S. Hood College Courier: Home Economics Superviyer: Adult Sewing Cutting a garment are: C. Keller, Mrs. Lein- This class prepares girls for duties in the home. As future home- inger, and J. Hinnershitz. makers, they learn the correct preparation and selection of foods, and the advantages in self-made clothing. l I 3 'N is fa MISS ELLEN C. ANDERSON, B.S. Bloomsburg State Teachers College Courier' Typewriting, Bookkeeping Supewiyex' School Bank Operating the calculator in the Office Practice Room are: Miss Anderson, H. Cohen, and T. Wood. I N BUSINESS MATHEMTTICS 5 Q K Xt MR. RICHARD D. BISHOP, B.S. Bloomsburg State Teachers College C0u1'.reJ.' junior Business Training, Busi- e ness Math Reviewing a business mathematic assignment are: Mr. Bishop, J. Pelp, and A. Bende Business mathematics familiarizes the student with many of the basic principles of business, and I4 gives him a brief understanding of arithmetic in business. ii .3 it 0 IN BUSINESS EDUCATION - Learning a few typing tips from Miss Hons are: S. Light, G. Levin, M. Dunkelburger. MISS NAOMI M. HONS B.S. in Business Education Bucknell University Courier: Typing, Office Practice, Bus- iness English, General Mathematics Super1fi.fer.' Penn Alma Yearbook Typewriting class teaches students to construct carefully and assemble thoughts, and to apply them to the typing machine. This course will enable the individual to save time as well as teach him the fundamentals of business correspondence. Taking dictation from Mr. Wearne are: J. Zashtaft and P. Walters. ' Shorthand is an efficient time-saving method to be applied in I IN BUSINESS EDUCATION ' MR. LEONARD R. WEARNE B.S., M. in Education Bloomsbur State Teachers College, Temple University Courier' Business Law, Typing, Short- hand Superzfifef: Usherette Club, Ticket Sales most all business procedures. I5 IN 1 ENGLISH " L '.'- 3 S? MISS MARJORIE GRIMES, B.Ai, it M ' IH Edufaflon f Ohio University, Temple University i . V Courier: English, Oral English S upe1'1'iJeJ.' Thespian Society, Director ...,. . ' of Senior Class Play . t- ,, k,,, 3 English is designed to prepare students for college and the business 1 worlds by providing them with the proper use of grammer, an ability to write, aid in increasing a working vocabulary, and personal Smiling at the rostrum We Sffe B- 17fiC9, appreciation Of the literary arts. S. Leese, R. Pearson. and Miss Grimes. - l N ENGLISH MISS JOAN E. SMITH Pennsylvania State University Course: English ' Supewirefs junior Class Play English students learn how to express their thoughts in mature writing style. They also acquire a cultured background through Meeting Sidney Carton and Mme. Defarge are: the appreciation of literature. S. Lucas, W. Robertson, Miss Smith, and N. Rappaselli. LIBRARY MRS. SARA M. MACK, B.S., M.S. Kutztown State Teachers College, C0- lumbia University Cou1're.f: Library Instruction-Orientation I Course' Senior and Junior Library Clubs, and National Honor Society The library contains material which a student may use to prepare A h I I lessons and projects, to supplement classroom instruction, and to Chedilflg IU thfi' Bffffmlfff HCI MTS- Medi, J Ibprovide for his Own recreation' Richards. Kneeling: B. Seifert, and E. Seidel. ul r MRS. MARY C. deMERLIER, B.A. Pennsylvania State University Caurfef: French, English Superrfifex Y-Teens Club, Tenth Grade Admiring Le Tricouleur arei J. Tucker, J. Heller, and Mrs. Sponsor de Merlier. Each foreign language study develops an appreciation for foreign customs, and a better under- standing of our own language both as to grammatical construction and cognates in vocabulary. 'Nl MRS. HELENE E. OTT, B.S. in Ed. University of Pennsylvania Courfefs English, German Preparing a "fragen" are: M. Marisseau, Gerhard, Mrs. Otto, and M. Reisel. German helps the student to understand speech habits and customs of our Pennsylvania German area, and to lay a foundation for further study in scientific research. Fol Erk IN MR. JOHN A. ZAJAC, AB. University of Scranton Courier: Latin, English lowing Caesars Gallic compaigns are: Mr. Zajac. E. Bard. R. SupeHiHM'.The Junior Classical League es. and J. Hibschman. Latin acquaints the pupil with Roman culture such as law, literature, architectural features, and customs upon which our own culture is based. Courrer' Arithmetic Super1fiJe5.' Golf A great many situations in life call for the use of figures. The pupil will be able to meet these situations with a confident sense of mastery if he takes full advantage of the possibilities which arithmetic offers for developing exact and rigorous methods of thinking. MR. LEE R. BIERLY, B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College Z Exploring arithmetic are: Mr. Bierly and group of seventh grade students. 4 MR. NEVIN S. MATZ, B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College onometry, General Mathematics Since mathematics improves a student's ability to read, understand, and reason, this course will better prepare the individual for a job, for many college courses, and will help him to appreciate the part it has played in the past and future development of civilization. Courfer: Algebra, Solid Geometry, Trig- Protracting the composite cosine angles are: I' Reeder, S. Snyder, and Mr. Matz. in Education sylvania State University eral Mathematics Each course in math will help develop habits of clear thinking and logic for the student. One course may encourage study of shorter methods of arithmetic processes, while another provides opportun- ities for mastering every day mathematical operations. Each, however, will contribute to a better understanding of the basic, necessary mathematical skills. MR. JOHN I.. SHARADIN, B.S., M. Kutztown State Teachers College, Penn- Caurfer: Algebra, Plane Geometry, Gen- Supe'1'1fiJe.r.' Lost-and-Found Department Discussing a theorem are: Mr. Sharadin, W Hauclc, B. Hawk, and M. Wolfe. . I n . Dance Band Practicing under the watchful eye of Mr. LeVan is the clarinet section of the Junior Band. IN D lxff MR. WILLIAM H. LEVAN Conservatory of Music, Philadelphia Comffer' Instrumental Music Supez'1'ire.f.' Senior and junior Bands, The sign of a cultured person is his appreciation of good music. Whether symphonic or choral, music is the international language enjoyed by all. l I IN MR. LEE E. LINN, B.S., M.S. West Chester State Teachers College, University of Pennsylvania Courxers Vocal Music Szzper1fiJeJ.' junior Inter. and Senior Enjoying Gershwin are: J. Rothenburger, Mr. Linn, M. Snyder, and choruses, Mixed Omit J. Frick. Since music plays such a prominent role in our everyday lives, in relaxation, recreation, and even in work, it is important that the student learns more about it. MISS ANITA A. GEIGER, B.S. Pennsylvania State University Courier: Physical Education, Health Superzfirei: Cheerleading, Girls' Basket- ball -- Explaining the fundamentals of basketball to P. McMichael, S. Rambo J. Guinther is Miss Geiger. Physical education ranges from individual and team sports to dancing, games, formal exercises, and co-recreational activities. The objective of physical education is the development of strength, agility, stamina, body coordination, and physical skills that will be of direct value in life's situations. E ucfmow D MRS. ARLENE M. LINDERMAN, B.S. East Stroudsburg State Teachers College Cou1'.fe.r,' Health, Physical Education Supewireys Girls' Athletic Association, Girls' Official Club, and Intramural Sports for Girls Assisting P. Williams in her handstand while G. Byram, and E. Kline gayly watch is Mrs. Linderman. Health is the cardinal principle of education and there is no doubt health knowledge is essential since little can be accomplished in life without good health. Since every individual and student is entirely responsible for her own health, she should have a greater respect for her body, what it can do, and be in the habit of keeping it at its best. I N P YRAL EDUCATION MR. GERSHOM G. KROM, B.S. West Chester State Teachers College Cr1u1'.feJ.' Physical Education. Health Supe1'z'iJe.f.' Junior High School Basket- ball, Track Team Watching R. Anderton open his locker are: D. Freymoyer, A. Binkly, and Mr. Krom. The physical education program employs a wide variety of activities a sound physical condition with good health habits. help an individual develop I N Enjoying a little Badminton are: Mr. Parsons. C. Kachel. and j. deMerlier. MR. LLOYD J. PARSONS, BS., M.S. Pennsylvania State University, Univer- sity of Pennsylvania' Physical Education, Health Supe1'1'ireJ.' Boys' Varsity Basketball The objects of physical education are to develop and coordinate large muscle activity, to build desirable habits, attitudes, knowledge, and skills toward physical education and health in particular, and to learn democratic living in general. 2I I-IYSICAI. EDUCATION IN run MISS JANE S. CUNNIUS, B.S., M.S. Kutztown State Teachers College, Uni- versity of Pennsylvania Courrer: American History, Geography Supervirer' "I Speak for Democracy" Contest, Assistant Y-Teen Advisor Reviewing our Nati0n's expansion with Miss Cunnius are: J. Reed, A. Lindner, and R? Schokly. I American history offers an appreciation of our American heritage, and offers an understanding of history to be used in interpreting and solving the present day problems. IN SOCIAL STUDIES . tk C l MRS. JESSIE W. DEMPSEY, A.B. Ursinus College Courses: American History, Pennsyl- vania History Introducing a course in history to three interested Freshmen is Mrs Dempsey. Pennsylvania history helps make our study of historical background complete. It is important for student, or citizen, to know how our own state has helped to build the Democracy in which we live. 'N MR. JOSEPH A. MILLER, Ph.B. l Y .t Muhlenberg College Courrer: History XI1 Superrireff Penn Pail, Eighth Grade . 4i:.,::, T' Tl. Sponsor gQi?!i? Wgzl,,1g,- fs- ft, V 'f.1:?.f+2szs,wi 293555 ie x ii-iw is It -f- .iafn Mills- 1 mf. Lei fn 1 Vffleeiii 54' ' la" . : ' V ' ,. it , . am iaa tiiiit c '. f:- H 5. World history instills in the students a better understanding of the traditions of our country, and helps to make them proud of our nvestigating the Westward Ho! Mr. Miller and American heritage. our younger students. l lN MR. WILLIAM I. PURNELL, B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College Courrexr Problems of Democracy, World History Super1'i.re5: junior Town Meeting, Of the Air, Senior Class Advisor P.O.D. acquaints the student with the democratic and foreign prob- ,lems facing our Government, and helps them to understand the iscussing a problem with Mr. Purnell are: S. responsibilities of citizenship. . artin, E. Olander, and J. Rudolph. re three seventh grade-geographersif mu umm' SOCIAL STUDIES MR. ALLEN R. SCHUTT, B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College Courrer' Geography Supewfifess Service Club A study of man and his ways of living, as related to his physical and social environment, geography offers each student an opportunity to gain some insight into our complex world realtions. Through it we achieve some idea of today's necessary international co-operation. 23 1 MR. LAWRENCE E. RICKOLT Kutztovvn State Teachers College, BS. University of Pennsylvania Courier: Biology, English Superrfirer' Debating Team Spying upon a helpless amoeba is G. Cohen. Looking on are Mr. Rickholt and J. Ennis. Understanding and appreciating the workings of nature are the principle objectives of the biology course. I N I MR. J. LLOYD SHARETTS Gettysburg College, B.S., M.S. Courrefx General Science, Chemistry, Physics Sz1pewi5eJ.' Service Club, Faculty Man- ager of Athletics Checking water pressure are: E. Komlodi, Mr. Sharetts, D. Reeder and R. White. With our contemporary civilization constantly advancing in technological directions, basic courses in the science fields enables the student to understand the challenges of his future. OUR HELPING HANDS .gl '." ' Besides the members of the S- Education, the Principals, the Faculty, there are various A eople who serve us. We, the senior class of 1916 ' ' - ed - WL Q them. It is with our deepest regret --f' t ,eip pgar H- pear here, but, because of the difflfentajrkinggiaours S -- fp possible to get them all together fox' . icfiuze. Af!!! 0' ish to thank them for all they have d - . A ate- iv""'.5 gh School. Without their cooperation our school -- nt have been so successful. . William Goodhart . George Krail THE CUSTODIANS Mr Mr Mr . Franklin Manwiller . Harvey Miller Our custodians under Maintenance Engineer, f devotion they erform with some el of ro 9 'QD 1 3 . I 4 O I I ,, v ' ll O 5 ze - ' A 0 U , I.. I. S - - of Mr. Hai Weber the our s u ' ing clean.eWith ardent . 1- We em to o argl-lhelp us work. Hats of o of Mr. stodians! . asres.e,g , ,I mmm lies' Mr Mr. Harry G. Weber, Maintenance Engineer G .T 0 , N PE gy , GUARDIANS OF OUR HEALTH Mrs. Ethel C. Hill, Nurse Sparkling teeth a , U r' '-4 O :r- :s U P1 1: B :- 0 ::: FD 11 O fb ::s nf. UI FP KKXXXX mplexi aims set up for us on the lookout for s ptpclpnnog ue fa Thanks for all your help ! N by our Dentist and aee5'1illrgS1gh9 A c - r they are constantly if THE CLASS QI: -4' JK ... THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1956w-First row, left to right: M. Marisseau, R. Harris, F. Shalters, M. Snyder, S. Light, S. Martin, J. Zashtaft, J. Stebner, B. Hawk, G. Shaefer, R. Miller, D. Hafer, D. Witters, D. Frymoyer. Second row: H. Hunter, D. Reeder, M. joseph, jean Hinnershitz, S. Leese, E. Olander, J. Richards, A. Strunk, B. Seifert, T. Wood, E. Seidel, N. Rappaselli, J. deMerlier, E. Komlodi. Third row: G. Levin, R. White, P. Walters, P. Harter, B. Strouse, M. Dunkleberger, J. Guinther, P. Williams, P. McMichael, J. Heller, B. Price, E. 26 595.6 The Class of 1956 reigned as Seniors from September of 1955, through June of 1956. During this time the members of the class presented our Senior Play, 'iGirl Crazy," var- ious assembly programs and dances. We also par- ticipated in selling sweat shirts and pens to the stu- dent body. While acting as the monarchs, the sen- iors have tried to set a good example for the rest of the school tp follow. Much of the credit for our class' success is due to our capable advisors, Mr. Pur- nell and Mr. Wearne. We, of the Class of 1956, wish to thank all those who have made our years at Mt. Penn High as pleasant and rewarding as they have been. We hope that the senior classes to follow will derive as much from their student days as we have. Farewell ! Sandridge, J. Miller, J. Robertson. Fourth row: G. Stuber, E. Harland, R. Letche, M. Roeberg, J Rothenberger, M. Reisel, J. Mantz, M. Clouser, J. Rudolph, A. Binkley, J. Ennis, R. Anderton. Fifth row: R. Pearson, W. Hauck, C. Kachel, J. Tucker, G. Werner, N. Klemmer, D. Reiger, C. Gerhand, H. Cohen. Absent: S. Snyder, B. Holzworth, G. Byram, and M. B. Wolfe. ROGER ANDERTON Commercial Thif fifty-rixerh' nich- name is "Andy." Wfhen working for ur he if quite handy. A great athlete for whom we all cheer, W'e wifh him the bert in hir future tareer. Soccer 9, 10, 11, 123 Co-Ed. Vol. 10, Intra. BB 11, 123 Cl. Com. 93 Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12. THANK YGU GLORIA BYRAM Academic Thir pretty hlue eyed girl named "Glo" IJ always ready and on the 80, Q Full of oim and zfiuaciouineu, We wixh her her! of luck and Jucfefx. NTS 11, Sec. 12Q Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 123 Lib. Cl. 11, Pres. '12, Pennside Parrot 93 Cl. Com. 9, 10, 11, 123 HR Com. 9, 10, 11, 123 Penn Alma 123 Plays 11, 123 Serv. Cl. 11, 12Q Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 23 Latin Cl. 103 Chorus 9, 10, 11, 123 Major- ette 93 Color Guard 11, 123 Intra. Sports 11, 123 BB 9, 11, 123 Hockey 123 Co-Ed. V0l. 9, 11, 12. ALVIN BINKLEY Academic "Pix" ir one guy urually found, Driving hir hot-rod Ford around, To thii great guy who if fo helpful, lVe hope in the future he will he Juctenful. Proj. Crew 10, 11, 123 Stage Crew 10, 11, 123 Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 123 HR Com. 9, 10, 11, 12, Cl. Com. 9, 10, 11, 123 Intra. Vol. 10, 113 Intra. BB 10, 11. MARGERY CLOUSER Academic "Speedy" ai their called hy all, I: quite intelligent and comfortably tall, H orfehath riding ir her favorite partime, And with her art ability .fhe'll really climh. NHS 10, Treas. 11, 123 Penn Alma 123 Serv. Cl. 11, 123 Assemblies 9, 123 Chorus 103 Cl. Com. 123 Y- Teens 10, Treas. 113 123 BB 11g Co-Ed. Vol. 113 Intra. Sports 10, 11, 12. 28 2 5 Q r HARLAN COHEN General Our president and handsome guy "Link," In hasehall he's good, we all think, He keeps our class going with interesting things A title of "Mr, '56" with all of us swings. Sr. Cl. Pres., Cl. Com. 11, 12, Latin Club 9, 10, 11, Intra. BB 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Co-Ed. Vol. 9, 11, 12, Soccer 9, 12, BB 9, Track 11, 12. Q MARY DUNKLEBERGER Commercial A sparkling blue-eyed girl called "Heimer" Is pretty with a personality even finer, A good secretary some day she'll he Taking dirtation for a lawyer we'll see. Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12, Penn Post 9, Cl. Com. 12, Play 11, Assemblies 9, 10, 12, Usherette Club 11, Chorus 9, 10, Orchestra fCountyJ 9, 10, Color Guard 11. JAMES DE MERLIER Academic An actor great and a swell ary, 100, Is jim with school spirit true, A happy future he'll find, As he has friendliness and helpfulness that combine. BB 9, 10, 11, 12, Soccer 12, Cl Com. 12, Penn Alma 12, Co-Ed Vol. 11, 12, Baseball 10, 11, 12 NTS 11, Pres. 12, Key Club 10 11, 12, Plays 11, 12, Band 9, 10 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12. DEAR ALMA MATER JAMES ENNIS Academic This tall active guy named "jim," Is always looking neat and trim, He usually assumes the rnanager's job, Points of his players he will not roh. BB Mgr. 10, 11, 12, Soccer Mgr. 11, 12, Co-Ed. Vol. 11, Officials Cl. Mgr. 11, 12, Key Club 11, 123 Cl. Com. 10 11, Penn Alma 12, Cl. Play 12, Assem- blies 10, 11, 12. 1 s y w DONALD FRYMOYER Academic "Fridge" ix another great guy in this vlan, Sateen and bappinen to laim we part. Playing a trumpet if not all be can do, He loaf many other talentx, too. Track 95 Co-Ed. Vol. 11, 12, Intra. BB 11, 12g CL'sCom. 9, 12g HR Com. 9, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Dance Band 12g Assemblies 9, 10. IACQUELINE GUINTHER Commercial AJ an uxlrerette tbir gal know: well, The ruler of etiquette, we can tell, ' jackie loaf a perfonality play, She will be Juefexfful, we trzut. Usherette Cl. 123 Assemblies 12, Cl. Com. Y 12g Intra. Vol. 11, 12, Baseball 93 Co-Ed. 5 Vol. 9. PCR MEMORIES "Cal," a great guy and Jport, He doex a good job in a cafe of any fort, AJ manager of our Mountaineer team, He will be Juteerfful 'came be'.r "on the beam." Cl. Com. 9, 10, 11, 123 Penn Alma Staff 125 Band 9, 10, 11, 12, BB Mgr 11 DAVID HAFE11 Commercial IVl1atk! Tlaere goer the golf ball from the tee. It went farther than the eye rould Jee. It war only our little "wlsizzer" Dane, Asmming the porition o a golfer brave. Track 103 Co-Ed. Vol. 11 tra. BB 11, 12g Cl. Com 2 Com. 12, Assemblies 10 11 Chorus 10, 11, 123, Octet 10 Golf 11, 12. ERNEST HARLAND Academic "Ernie," 61 zalerzled guy if our "musical ure," H7120 perfornzf hir zalenl on the bare. In future years we hope l1e'll find, The kind of rl job l1e'J had in mind. Band 10, 11, 12, County Band Band 10, 11, 12, Orchestra 10, PEGGY ANN HARTER Commercial Wizb u pony tail und eyef of blue, Peggy lam' Jrlaoal ,fpiril tlmt if true. 5'l7e'.f full of pep und ulwizyr on the go, In the fulure .vl2e'll do fine we know. Co-Ed. Vol. 12, Y-Teens 10, 11, Lib. Cl. 9, 10, 11g Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Chorus 12, Majorette 9, 10, 11. 1 11. 'De ROBERT HARRIS Academic Tlsif Jenior guy is nick- named "Spike," Model lruinf be Iure due.: like. Af manager of lbe IV Ieuuz, H e zvuf really on llfe beam. BB Mgr. 9, 10, Co.-Ed. Vol. 11, 123 Intra. BB 11, 12g Assemblies 9. 10, 11. 12. WE CI-IERISH., WILLIAM HAUCK Academic To unotlaer .rzrell guy of flair 1 Senior Clan, He war iz member of our play ruff, "Willy" if fond of playing Jportf, He really Ihillfi on llne liufkelbull rourlx. Key Cl. 10, 11, 124 Cl. Com. 10, 11, 12g HR Com. 10, 113 Play 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Dance Band 123 Assemblies 9, Track 115 BB 9, 10, 11, 12, Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Co.-Ed. Vol. 9, 11, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12. BARBARA HAWK Academic U7 ith eyer of brown and being fire-foot two, Without our "Barb.r," what would we do? Tbir cheerful girl ir a friend to all, And with thir Jweetheart we hare a "ball" BB 10, Co-Ed. Vol. 11, 12, Hockey 10, Intra. Sports 9, 11, 12, Cheerl 10, Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12, Lib. Cl. 9, Penn Post 12, Cl. Com. 9, 10 11, 12,11-IR COII1. 9, 10, 11, 12, Perm Alma 12, Play 12, Serv. Cl. 9, 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12' Chorus 9, 10. v CLASS RINGS JEANNE ANN HINNERSHITZ Commercial Thix ir our "Jeanne with the light brown hair," She'5 alwayf happy and without a care, Her plearing perronality enjoyed by all, Will be one of many thingf we will recall. HR Com. Sec.-Treas. 11, 12, Cl. Com. 12, Penn Alma 12, Assemblies 12, Usherette Cl. 12, Inter. Sports 12. S JUDITH HELLER Academic "Hel," a gal with perronality pluf, Ir alwayf bury, but plearant to ur. She'r co-editor of thif great book, For perfection and the bert to her we look. BB 9, 10, 11, 12, Co-Ed. Vol. 11, 12, Officials Cl. 11, 12, Intra. Sports 11, 12, GAA V-Pres. 12, NTS 11, Treas. 12, Lib. Cl. 10, 11, 12, Cl. Com. 9, 10, 11, 12, Penn Post 10, 11, 12, Penn Alma Staff, Co-editor 12, Play 11, Serv. Cl. 11, 12' Debating 12, Chorus 9, 10, Assemblies 9 10, 11, NHS 12. a s BETH HOLZWORTH Commercial We always give credit where credit ir due, It goef to thi: little girl with her eyer of blue. She'r known df "Shrimp" by all of nr, And har a perronality that': plus plur. Lib. Cl. Treas. 11, 12, Penn Post 11, 12, Bus. Mgr., Cl. Com. 12, Perm Alma 12, Serv. Cl. 11, 12, NHS 12, NTS 12, Co-Ed. Vol. 12, Color Sergeant 11, 12, Sr, Class Treas. 11, 12. 32 5 K 1 1 1 5 1 1 2 f 1 2 E 3 1 l HOWARD HUNTER Commercial Tlair guy "Sonny," if a clarrman true, He'J friendly and laandy, too. lVe ran fall on laim al any time, A :un-errful future we're rure lJe'll find. -HARLES KACHEL 'Academic Whooxlal There goes that found again, fir Chuck rairer llaaz More from nine lo Zen, Uf7e'll always remember :lair laandrome lad, By bis plearing A perronalily and a face alwayr glad. Cl. Com. 12, Assemblies 10, 11, 12, Track 11, BB 9, 10, 11, 12, Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Co-Ed. Vol. 9, 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12. MARK JOSEPH Academic Marla is a greal guy zo one and all, And ar our Vice Preridenz ie, Jure on the ball, Likewire ar Jporls' editor of llais book, It'.r been given llae "par- excellenf' look. Key Cl. 10, 11, V.-P., Gov. Penna Dis. 12, Penn Post 10, 11, 12, Cl COITI. 10, ll, 12, HR COITI. 10, 11 12, Penn Alma 12, Debating 9, 10 12, Jr. Town Meeting 123 BB 9 10, ll, 12, Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 Co-Ed. Vol. 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10 11, NTS 12, jr. Class Pres., Sr Class V. Pres. CLASS HATS NORMAN KLEMMER Academic "Buick," ar tbir Zall guy i.r called, N ever har lair bot-rod stalled, In the band lae can be found, Ringing forth flue trombone sound. BB 93 Co-Ed. Vol. 9, Intra. BB 11, Cl. Com. 10, HR Com. 11, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 10, 11, 12, Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Octet 10, 11, 12, Dance Band 10, 11, 12, Orchestra 10, 11, Dist. Chorus 11, 12, County Chorus 11, 12. a s EDMUND KOMLODI Academic Take this guy nick-named reskiplu Ai jokes be really is a whip. In lbe future we hope be'll find, A rareer to send laim down the line. Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 129 C0'Ed- Vol. 11, 12g Intra. BB 11, 12. SON JA LEESE BASKETBALL GAMES 1 Academic RUDOLPH LETSCHE Academic "Rudy" is a musician true, He plays the French born and is presidenl, zoo, A useful lad be is to our class, To him sucress and luck we ' pass. Key Club 11, 12g Cl. Com. 9, 10, 11, 123 ig HR Pres.g Cl. Plays 125 Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12g Bancl19, 10, 11, Pres. 123 Chorus is 9g Orches. 9, 103 Co-Ed. Vol. 11, 12. 3 A lassie always laughing is "Leese," Who all lbe boys in ber :lass loue to lease. Sinre size doe.rn't mind and takes it well, SlJe'll be sucressful we can tell. Y-Teens 10, 11g Lib. Cl. 9 Cl Corn 12 Serv. Cl. 10, 11, 12g Assemblies 9 Chorus 9, 103 Co-Ed, Vol. 11, 12 Intra Sports 11 12 9, 10, , . GARY LEVIN General climb. Gary ran usually be seen Driving around in his eonverzible green A promising future we hope l1e'll find In life be will surely Cl. Com. 12g HR V Pres 12 A semblies 9g BB 9 Co Ed Vol 11 Intra. Sports 9, 11 SANDRA LIGHT Commercial "Mopey" if her nickname lrue, Athlezirr .the fan really do, With a personality full of rheer, IV e wish her the bex! in her career, BB 9, 12, Co-Ed. Vol. 9, 10, 11, Hockey 10, 11, 12, Intra. Sports 11, Cheerl. 9, 10, Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, Com. 9, 10, 11, 12, Cl. Play 11, 12 semblies 10, 11, 12, Chorus 9, 10. MERRILL MARRISSEAU 'Xcaclemic With a crew-rut, hrown eyex, and a flashing smile, Merrill'5 hnown hy his founlry style, Hir real fool rrooning if liked hy all, And one of the hes! guys we can rerall. NTS 11, 12, Key Cl. 10, 11, Sec. 12, Cl. Com. 10, HR Pres. 12, Cl. Play 11, 12, Latin Cl. 9, 10, As- semblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Octet 10, 11, 12, County Chorus 12. JUDY MANTZ Academic Our "Min" ix one grand girl, lVilh all of us Jhe'J a whirl, I n athletic: Jhe'J a flar, We know in life Jhe'll go far. NHS 10, 11, 12, Debating 9, Band 10, 11, 12, HR Com. 123 Cl. Com. 10, 11, 12, Y-Teens 9, 10, 12, V.- Pres. 11, Intra. Sports 11, 12, Co- Ed. Vol. 11, 12, BB 9, 10, 11, 12. COLOR DAY SHARON MARTIN Academic The future journalist of thif Clan of '56, I: "Sherry" Marlin, lhe gal that rlirkr, She'J cute and as Jmart ar can he, Thafx why we like her .fo well you fee. NTS 11, 12, Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12, Lib. Cl. 11, V.-Pres. 12, Pennside Parrot 9, Penn Post 10, 11, 12, Cl. Com. 12, Penn Alma 12, Cl. Plays 11, 12, Serv. Cl. 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12. PAULA MCMICHEAL Academic "Polly," lbe girl wilb a pleafant air, H af the prettier! nalural auburn bair. Her favorite jvaftime if "Beetle," ber far, lVe know fbaz in life .flae'll go far. Y-Teens 9, 10, 113 Cl. Com. 9, 10. 11, 123 Cl. Sec. 113 HR Com. 9, 10, 11, 12, Penn Alma 123 Assem- blies 9, 10, 11, 123 Chorus 9, 10, 113 BB 10, 123 Co-Ed. Vol. 10, 11. 123 Officials Cl. 123 Hockey 9, 103 Intra. Sports 9, 10, 11, 123 GAA Pres. 123 Cheerl. 9, 10, 11, Capt. 12. FRIDAY ASSEMBLIES ROSANN MILLER Commercial "Rode" if our Alfafe lanie, Never being mean or Janie. Tbix uxberelfe can be found, Sbowing you your way around. Y-Teens 103 Cl. Com. 11, 12Q Serv. Cl. 123 5 Assemblies 10, 123 Usherette Cl. 123 Color 5 Guard 113 Co-Ed. Vol. 11, 123 Intra. W V Sports 1 2. JAY MILLER Academic A real fool "bep ral" wbo'J nick-named "Tiger," For our senior flan be Iure if a figloter. In tbe fuzure we wirb birn tbe bert Becauye, be if filled willy lotr of zerz. Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 123 Cl. Com. 11, 123 Class Plays 11, 12. 9, 10 ELAINE OLANDER Academic Always in a burry, alwayr in a rufb, Bur in POD clan you Ibould .fee ber blurb. A friendly perron, ready lo work, On life'J broad bigbway Jbe'll newer Jbirk. Y-Teens 9, 10, 11,. 12? Perm Post 9, 10, Asst. Ed. 11, Editor 12, Cl Com. 9, 10, 11, 123 HR Com. 9 10, 11, 123 HR Sec.-Tres. 113 Pen: Alma 123 Serv. Cl. 10, 11, 123 As! semblies 9, 10, 11, 123 Chorus 9 10, 123 BB 93 Co-Ed. Vol. 9, 10 11, 123 Intra. Sports 9, 10, 11, 12 36 eneral Nick," a new guy in our V ill be ouirtanding in t .vbould be easy in life Key Cl. 123 Track 12Q BB 123 Soc- er 123 Baseball 12. ROBERT PEARSON Academic Bab if one guy we all like well, He ran make a ".fa:K' round clear ar a bell. Wizb a pleafing perronalizy tba! really Jbiner, We'll remember bir laugbler and fuzz from many timer. NTS 122 Cl. Com. 10, 11, 122 HR Com. 11, 123 Penn Alma 12g Cl. Plays 1-1, 12Q Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, V.-Pres. 12g Dance Band 10, 11, 12, Orch- estra 10, 11, 123 All-State Bd. 11g Dist. Bd. 11, 12, Dist. Orchestra 11, 12. BARBARA PRICE Academic A rlarr .reerelary if a big job zo fill, Bu! Barb deer it well wilb great will, lWe zvirb ber Juecerr in ber xzarmzg career, For ire lbis field Jbe Jboald bare 720 fear. Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 123 Cl. Com. 12g Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12g Band 9, 10, 1'1, 12g Dance Band 11, 12Q BB 9, 11, 12, Co-Ed. Vol. 9, 11, 123 Intra. Sports 10, 11, 12. CLASS MEETINGS DAVID REEDER Academic An all-around atblete ir our guy named "Dave," Tbir .renior if quile rezifent and well-behaved, He'r an irzlelligenl Hmoumaineef' for wbem we all tbeer, And wbo will .rarely succeed in bis eareer. Key Cl. 10, 11, Treas. 125 Cl. Com. 11, 12, HR Com. 11, 123 NHS 11, V.-Pres. 123 BB 9, Co-Capt. 10, 11, 12, Soccer 11, Capt. 12g Co-Ed. Vol. 11, 123 Baseball 9, 10, Capt. 11, 123 All-County Soccer 12. icxc RAPPASELLI flair tbir year, .sports we bave no fear. nd judging by bir rportf' progrerf, to be a wafers. DONALD REIGER Commercial "Donny" i: a very helpful lad, Alway: happy and alway: glad. lVi1h thi: rla:: he alway: appear:, We -wi:h him lhe he:t in hi: future year:. BB 9, 103 Soccer 95 Co-Ed. Vol. 115 Baseball 9, 105 Intra. Sports 11. BUSY HALLS JACQUELINE RICHARDS Commercial fachie, who ha: auburn hair, Al:o ha: a plea:anz air. Participation in lntra-Mural :port:, Keep: her hu:y on the court:. Cl. Com. 125 Intra. Sports 125 Y-Teens 12. ' i bl is 3 MARY ANN REINSEL Academic "Rin:a while! Rin:o hrighzf' She ha: a permnality lhat i: jun right. She lihe: to play :he lirorire Jlich, And lo her thi: rla:: really clich.r. BB 11, 125 C0-Ed. Vol. 115 Officials Cl. 115 Hockey 9, 105 -Intra. Sports 9, 10, 11, 125 Y-Teens 10, 11, Pres. 125 Lib. Cl. 95 Perm Post 95 Cl. Com. 9, 10, 11, 125 HR Com. 9, 10, Sec. 11, Tres, 125 Cl. Play 11, 125 Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 125 Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Chorus 9, 10, 12. JAMES ROBERTSON Academic Srreerh! Il': only jim in hi: hal-rod Ford, With all u: :enior: he': really :corea', Hi: helping hand he will alway: lend, A: he i: to u: a :well guy and friend. Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 125 Soccer 105 Co-Ed. Vol. 95 Baseball Mgr. 105 Intra. BB 10. 2 ii if fx 38 MICHAEL ROEBERG Academic A jovial friendly guy i.r "Mick," In the ienior clan play he did click. Thif hnndforne guy thtztir full of ambition, Will Jurreed under any condition. BB 9, Soccer 9g Co-Ed. Vol. 9, 11, 12 Baseball 9g Intra. Baseball 113 NTS 11 12g Cl. Com. 11, 125 Penn Alma 123 As- semblies 9, 10, 11, 12g Play 11, 12. Wiwfwa-my-Q-.1 me .M mmf-M ,, awww. .XWWPM mmm-fiwm if .5 Q Mml..r.,e ..WW,.4e.aa..m,,f,.,,W. Wiwa v J. new . we-mfeemwfi JAMES RUDOLPH Academic Put J Put! Here rome: jim in hi: Euex mr of green, With wooden Jpoke wheels lhif mr look: keen. ' To all of uf jim if one terrific guy, We know in life he'll Jurely climb high. Co-Editor ofPenn Alma 12g NHS 125 Debating 12, NTS, jr. Town Meeting 125 Assemblies 9, 10, 125 Co-Ed. Vol. 11, 12g Intra. Vol. 11, 12, Cl. COII1. 9, 10, 11, 12. JOANNE ROTHENBERGER Commercial Thif pert, pretty, and Charming Jenior girl, lVith all of ui .rhe ix u whirl, Her part-time job of modeling ratei, Our "Min A2n1'et" neier lacki dutei. Co-Ed. Vol. 10, 11, 12g Baseball 95 Intra. Sports 123 NTS 125 Cl. Com. 9, 10, 11, 123 Penn Post 12g Penn Alma 125 Majorette 9, 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 123 Usher- ette Club 11, 12g Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12. CRCDWDED LOCKERS ERVIN SANDRIDGE Commercial "Erffy," another tall guy of our clan, He'J tl track Jtur none mn 1 Jurpaff. In the future we wish him luck and Jucceu, Of which we hope he'll find un excefx. Track 9, 11, Intra. Vol. 11. I GLADYS SCHAEFFER Commercial "D0lly" if another very friendly gal, To all of uf Jhe'J a real pal. W07'kiHg and Jlriring to make our clan click, Thaughzr of her in our hear!! will Jtich. Y-Teens 125 Lib. Cl. 95 Cl. Com. 125 Assemblies 125 Chorus 95 Intra. Sports 12. SENIOR PLAY BETTY JANE SEIFERT Commercial Betly, a nice girl and friend, A helping hand .rhe'll alwayr lend. Marehing with the color guard, And for our Jchoal Jhe workr hard. Y-Teens 95 Cl. Com. 9, 10, 11, 125 Assem- blies 9g Usherette Cl. 125 Chorus 93 Color Guard 11, 125 BB 95 Co-Ed. Vol. 95 Base- ball 95 Intra. Hockey 95 Intra. BB 95 Intra. Vol. 9. ETHEL SEIDEL Commercial Thi: Jpurzhy hrighl-eyed girl named "Effy," She'J not too small and not loo hefly, Lon of lurk and .fueeers lo her we wish, In all .rhe may urine lo aeeomplifh. Intra. Vol. 11, 125 Cl. Com. 9, 10, 11, 12. FRED SHALTER Academic The comedian of our clan if :hir lad, "Frizz," Al parlier and Jnrh he heepr ur in "filJ." The Drum i: the inszramenz he really can play, Memorief of him in our hearty will slay. Cl. Com. Pres. 9, Vice-Pres. 10, 11, 125 HR Com. 9, 10, 11, 125 Penn Alma 125 Play 125 Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12? Proj. Crew 125 Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Dance Band 10, 11, 125 BB 9, Mgr. 105 Intra. BB 11, 12. 40 E K X 3 E 11 1 MARJORIE SNYDER Academic "Margie," a feather or great pianirz to he, IJ Jweel and :harming af you ran see. lVith her you can haue the mon fun, 'Twould he hard to find a hetler one. Co-Ed. Vol. 103 NTS 12, Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, Sec. 12, Perm Post 9, 10, Asst. Ed. 11, 12, Cl. Com. 9, 10, 11, 12, Perm Alma 12, Play 12, Serv. Cl. 11, 123 As- semblies 9, 10, 11, 125 Chorus 9, 10, 12g Pennside Parrot 9. BLANCHE STRAUSE Commercial Thi: .renior'J nich- name if "Snowball," Her :harm and friendli- neff we'll often recall. We hope .rhe'll find a promifing career, She'll he Jucceuful we have no fear. Intra. Vol. 12, Y-Teens 10-125 Cl. Com. 12, Serv. Cl. 12, Assemblies 10, 123 Usherette Cl. 12. ? . SHIRLEY SNYDER Academic Pleaxantnesr if the producl of "Spider'1"' weh, She Jpinr actiuilier df a co-ed. The nurfing profexrion will he her rareer, To this wide field Jhe will adhere. BB 10, 11, 12, Co-Ed. Vol. 11, 12 Officials Cl. 11, Hockey 10, Intra Vol. 11, 12, Cheerl. 9, Y-Teens 10 113 Lib. Cl. 9, Penn Post 93 Cl Penn Alma 12g Play 12, Serv. Cl Chorus 9, 10. SENIOR PROM ARDELL STRUNK Commercial Thif blonde haired Jenior lan, Ardell, When axhed lo work .rhe will neuer rehel. In the future we hnow Jhe will ffy, To rlirnh the ladder of Jurfen qlllle high. BB 9, 10, Intra. Vol. 9, 10, Y-Teens 12, Cl. Com. 12, Usherette Cl. 125 Chorus 103 Color Guard 11, 12. Com. 11, 12, HR Com. 11, 12, 10, 11, 123 Assemblies 9, 10, 11g GENE STUBER General They call zhif chap "Gena" for some reafon, He actf as fireman in any Jearon. This energetic guy alfa likes Jportr, Many nice play: he'.r made on the basketball courtf. Key Club 12, Class Com. 10, 11, 12, HR Com. 12, Track 9, 10, 11, 12, BB 9, 10, 11, Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, Co-Ed. Vol. 11, 12, Intra. BB 9. FI NAL EXAMS jol-IN TUCKER Academic Our athletic and energetic jack, Chivalry he does not lack. To thix handmme tall Jenior guy: On life? hroaa' way he will , certainly get hy. Key Club 11, 12, Penn Alma 12, Pennside , Parrot 9, Debating 9, Cl. Com. 10, 11, 12, HR Com. 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12, Band 9, Chorus 9, Track 12, BB 9, 10, 11, 12, Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, 1 Co!Ed. Vol. 11, 12, Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Intra. Vol. 12, BB 9, 10, 11, 12. X . www sepwwswmmw-ww waewmasesew.. wmnmW.wwmmwMMweMwmmm-ewewwawmsitw if JOANNE STUEBNER Commercial Thix active Mt. Penn lan named "jo," Cheers well for our hoyf we all know. With her personality that'5 full of cheer IV e wiJh her luck in her dancing career. NTS 11, V.-Pres. 12, Penn Alma 12, Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 12, Lib. Cl. 9, Cl. Com. 10, 11, 12, HR Com. 10, 11, Pres. 12, Play 11, 12, Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Dance Band 11, 12, Octet 11, 12, Chorus 9, 10, 11, 12, Assemblies 9,,10, 11, 12, Co-Ed. Vol. 11, 12, Intra. Sports 9, 10, 11, 12, County Chorus 11, 12. ' 1 l PAT WALTER Commercial Pat if a new Jenior this year, And always found full of cheer. Intelligence and loohr that combine. In life she surely will climb. Class Committee 12, Assemblies 12 GERALD WERNER Commercial "Gerry," dl lbif lull guy if culled by ell, Our senior clan l9e'll never lei fall, An bonor-roll student in tbe commerrial clan, Happinerf and .fucceu to bim we pan. HR Pres. 10g Assembly 105 Band 9, 10, 11, Tres. 125 Dance Band 11, 123 BB 9, 10g Intra. BB 11. PAULA WILLIAMS Academic "Willie," iz Jweel girl and friend to ell, Slam!! not foo .rbort and noi loo lull. A belpful band Jbe'll alwayx lend, For Jbe bar pleizmnlnen and lalenlr ibut blend. Penn Alma 12g Chorus 9, 10, Latin Cl. 9, 10g HR Com. 9, 10, 11, 12g Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 12g Cl. Com. 9, 10, 11, 125 Penn Post 9, 103 Lib. Cl. 93 Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 125 BB 11, 12g Co-Ed. Vol. 1, 125 Intra. Sports 9, 10, 11, 12g Cheerl. 9, 10. ROBERT WHITE Academic Bob, known as "Twig" by bi: claumatex and friendf, Really buf intelligenre and tnlezzlf ibn! blend. Sporlf rate :be bigbeft with Ibis all-around guy, lVe know fbizz in life be'll really :limb bigb. NHS 10, 11, Pres. 12g Key Club 10, Tres. 11, Pres. 12g Penn Post 9, 10, 11, 12g Penn Alma 125 Play 123 Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 123 De- bating 9, 1O, 11, 12g Cl. Com. 9, 10, 11, 12g HR Com. V.-Pres. 9, 11g Chorus 9g Orchestra 9, 10g Track 9g BB 9, 10, 11, 125 Co-Ed. Vol. 11g Baseball 10, 11. AWARD ASSEMBLY DALE WITTERS Commercial M Herd: a guy nirbmzmed "Wilt," 5 And be Jure bex a lol of it, No! too large' and no! loo Jmall, fun ez good guy lo biwe around, lbal'J all. MARY BETH WOLFE Academic Thir Jweel, charming, und cheerful queen, Ir quite u hit with all ur teenf. IW ith beuuty und intelli- gence that tombine, We all know that in life .rhe'll do ju.ft fine. BB 9, C0-Ed. Vol. 11, 123 Hockey 10, 115 Intra. Sports 11, 12, Cheerl, 9g NTS 123 Y-Teens 9, 10, 11, 125 Cl. Com. 12, HR Com. 12g Perm Alma 12g Plays 11, 12g Serv. Cl. 11, 12g Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 123 jr. Town Meeting 12g Chorus 9. 10g Color Guard 11, 12. AND GRADUATION of-W. , 5 5 f i K l . 35 ,wwf M 25,- qfz Xfbp. 7fz"'Ljf,,,,,-fa JOANNE ZASHTAFT Commercial Five-foot one and eye! of blue, To thir gul "Io" much credit if due, A job of Jecretury .rome duy Jhe'll bold, With u charming perronulity full of gold. THELMA WOOD Commercial Thi: pert dark-haired girl named "Woody," IJ alwuyr found able, willing, and on duty. For our :lun ploy putrour Jhe Jold, To un exren which if untold. Class Comm. 9, 10, 11. 12. Y-Teens 93 Lib. Cl. 11, Sec.-Tres. 125 Cl. Com. 125 Penn Alma Tres. 123 Assemblies 9, 10, 11, 123 Usherette Cl. 12g Chorus 11, Sec-Treas. 12g Color Guard 11, 12. 5 I I 1 i 5 5 16'3q 6E4?55Ffd devofion +o dufy has manifesfed 'fhrough 'the innumerable accomplish- men+s of our class. A1,AhY , L 1 . 5m2H,,5'iE?Aw55fz:g, .- fl my m-ws-1 mgsfem,--.afgfif 1 gwmxgffemffff,-7'-1:-M -:ww - vwswiissffff-'.'. f 1 ,:,-"ei,-:li . e Q Q a zgm. ? 2 ,iEz'?4f?5':m. - l .L 3 R MOST LIKELY TO SLCC m-wk! MOST TALENTED Bobby fo 5. if MOST COOPERAT Harlan Baby 47 48 49 MOST POPULAR Hawkie Chuck -' if 5I if LQ, fx, ,s :K Q , f 'f ww fs f f gif 53551, 'Q 5 4 i f in . A 'f I it f '1 ffisifiwwz 2?Y's f-SN , S ' QR gf , j , , W 31 1 F3 f Q! fn? 1 cf Ya' ie WA 3 R vi I , ,S fin x M 3 ' fv A K A- ' .'r -'f-g.": L E ' ,wk M' 5 ,xx W ig gig M?g5g Wi ' ifi, fax fs p ., 3 -W 5 i i Q Q 1 n 'W" E .--'Af "EM ".. b 2-,Q ,,," A uf ' 'V A 'K N Y Z' xiii! S i " 75 3 f x ' - Q fl ii is ,bggf ig X ,, f Q Ikb- A : EMM vga, Q V , K ,.'- - ,,,- - X Q x I ll E,:- Q ::N., TV, K: ww sf if A ,.1 Q 12, Q .b..1 V , ' ,,:: lf '.1. 5 1f.': " M V ll 2 f Y 1- GUR FOO VS! EPS As our senior year draws nigh, we begin to review the performance of our class. In the veritable Mountaineer tradition we have maintained and added to the lofty standards leav- ing our underclassmen to follow in our footsteps. The students pictured in the next few pages are our younger friends and school- mates-all future seniors at Mount Penn. We offer them the challenge of our recordg we are certain that they will measure-up. Assemblies. IN Left to right: M. Evans, Treasurerg R. Shockley, Presidentg A. Haas, Vice President, J. Moran, Secretary. The Class of '57 began the year by electing class officers. Rodney Shockley was chosen to lead our class with Albert Haas as vice president. joan Moran was elected secretary while Martha Evans became treasurer. Royal blue and white were chosen as class colors. Hats and jackets bearing the class colors were ordered during the year. The junior Prom, our most outstanding dance of the year held on March 23, was a delightful affair. Another class activity was the trip to Washington D.C. on the fourth of May. The class owes a great deal of gratitude to Mr. David Zimmerman for his endless effort as our class advisor. Much credit is due our homeroom teachers Miss Anderson, Miss Smith, Miss Hons, and Mr. Zimmerman-for helping to make our class activities successful. First row, left to right: M. Evans, V. Moyer, S. Kunkle, J. Beamenderfer, C. Swoyer, E. Eifert, L. Deppen, P. Wilson, C. Smith, J. Blum, S. Shuker. Second row: R. Unger, J. Seifert, J. Schiffner, K. Herflicker, J. Horn, P. Zeigler, D. Blankenbiller, A. Furillo, E. Wining, G. Smith, J. Ansbach, G. Green. Third row: M. Garber, Snyder, R. Mengel, I. Frick, V. Zerbe, B. Wotring. Y. Klink, M. Abeln, P. Reese, P. Tolland, G. V957 First row. left to right: F. Epler, A. Fahnestock, J. Borelli. K. Esslinger, P. Fisher, S. Lucas, C. Flanaghan, XV. Robertson. Second row: B. Fake. R. Shockley, W. Tieman, A. Linder, H. London, N. Aulenbach, W. Weidman, E. Becker. Third row: J. Diener, B. Yoder, C. Steffen, R. Gelsinger, J. Dautrich. First row, left to right: C. XWilson, S. Rambo, J. Moran, B. Pawliger, B. Remley, B. Hunsberger G. Stallone, C. Keller, E. Kline. Second row: B. Bates, A. Haas, S. Wiener, B. Driebelbis, B Moyer, J. Reed, R. Small, M. Rutkowski, J. Czarnecki. Third row: G. Ehst, P. Wagner, M Forrester, M. Dechant, D. Erdman. G' if 1 I + iz if 232 2 5 5 , ... . .7 . frm. A ws,.,M-X v gem. -L W- 151 A. , .S viii? -41216-' sea it , V V-.fri-,was is .fewP.-sZ.f.if:.-.iff2-.vyffewfr-.iw-.Ma M- -Q ,ov-f. .. -. rw-1... - rf w- f we M wi-,ww Q P. . M, .7 Vw .f .2 .2 -S-S-m'g-rf,.s-f f-we my -wb' if-.iw-1.-if - .www-,.M:4...2 -fwf.w.-:.-e- f x i V .iw f 'me 1 L V H 'L First row, left to right: R. Gessner, N. Seifert, G. Freed, L. Troutman, S. Fetter, H. Noll, S. Deibler, J. Degler, M. Furillo, Second row: D. Waren, C. Fischer, G. Lewis, F. Sebekas, N. Kline, D. Newpher, M. Chilton, B. Smith, P. Bender. Third row: J. Azzolina, R. Williams, R. DeHart, F. Pawleski, P. Webber, E. Endy, B. Delewski. First row, left to right: W. Mendelsohn, E. Bard, P. Rachmen, S. Hylton, N. Frkes, B. Gajewski, J. Mickanis, R. Erkes. Second row: J. Lantz, L. Chivian, S. Levy, M. Gimmy, L. London, M. Adams, K. Bloom, J. Czarnecki. Third row: D. Griffith, J. Goroff, J. Hibschman, C. Emerich, L. Smith, T. Williams, G. Cohen, R. Boyer. ...W..,.,.5s.,..:,a-.g.,.,wxselszr. .. Ee. ,- - 2-.w...z,. fo.S+-vr..mgs.Qf,gergny,fif M. 1 .. 1' First row, left to right: J. Hafetz, E. Hill, C. Eddinger, B. Sandridge, J. Bauman, D. Blanken- biller, J. Davis, E. Rothenberger, M. Wheeler. Second row: O. Carter, J. Pappadakus, C. Wagner, N. Koch, B. Snyder, B. Stamn, G. Wisswesser, S. Swanger, E. Duchodni. Third row: D. Yoder, G. Brown, W. Hunsberger, R. Marlatt, G. Hotzman, F. Wentzel, I. Welfling, First row, left to right: D. Smith, V. Frankoviac, M. Alloway, P. Miller, J. Alloway, E. Urban, J. Grady. Second row: G. Grubb, S. Dautrick, H. Noll, O. Fick, S. Roe, j. Delp, B. Zweizig. Third row: C. Keller, J. Daenar, 1. Mengel, 1. Gerhart, L. Conner, A. Bender, E. Sweigart. E1 Ji 13 5 iii In First row, left to right: L. Hafetz, K. Adams, S. Wells, L. Long, S. Mendelsohn, B. Millar, J. Shearer, D. Chapman, J. Goodman, C. McDade, N. Smethers. Second row: J. Dackweiler, J. Lincoln, G. Werner, P. Schlanger, V. Witkowski, J. McCrudden, J. Eisman, L. Heller, S. Reeder, F. Barr, J. Chiarelli, D. Rachman, J. Dornblaser, R. Fink, R. Yerger. Third row: R. Botwright, L. Tierney, T. Haas, F. Ruch. P. Hertzog. S. Scherer, P. Landry, J. Derr, D. Joseph, J. Thomas, D. Brumbach. First row, left to right: L. Mock, J. Hughes, S. Kline, B. Smith, B. Swartz. S. Blackley, C. XX'illinms, P. Epler, C. Koch. Second row: R. Wilson, R. L. Bender, S. Senfit, S. Lewars, L. Hinnershitz, E. Littman, N. Heim, H. Pennypacker. Third row: J. Ebert, M. Moyer, Knoll, R. Huhn, R. Shueman, B. Schaeffer. 58 V959 First row, left to right: J. Drayer, C. Snyder, S. Hoffmaster, J. Eidam, VD. Yoder, P. Anderton, E. Schmitz, M. Yetto, D. Hoagland, R. Keller, G. Kieffer. Second row: C. Hassler, J. Evans, E. Dautrich, C. Hoffman, N. Kerber, R. Sustello, U. Ruemmler, M. Birch, M. Pawelski. Third row: L. Abeln, L. Orth, A. Laity, F. Griffith, L. Law, L. Leadinger, J. Koukoules, K. Hartman. First row, left to right: L. Lewis, S. Cohn, G. Babs, G. Lewis, C. Moyer, M. Miller, S. Young L. Neithammer, J. Snyder, M. Licker, C. Blouch. Second row: G. Hinnershitz, V. Vespico, L Hartberger, P. Brobst, L. Duggan, P. Small, S. J. Gerhard, L. Ennis, P. Barker, B. Severans, D Patrick, D. Tice, D. Abel. Third row: M. Mervine, D. Kendig, P. Yoder, B. Sands, L. Koyzen, L. Kunnes, F. Hiefer, D. Humbert, J. Conz, L. Dunkel, C. Coppel. In First row, left to right: P. Miller, R. Stickler, S. Wentzel. S. Dershwin, D. Auchenbach, R. Heck J. Eidam, D. Klink, B. Unger. Second row: L. jones, B. Brown, A. Seifarth, J. Throssall, R Neff, P. Schiffner, F. Curtis. Third row: G. Aulenbach, D. Birney, W. Koch, B. Loring, C. Leithiser L. Hess. First row, left to right: B. Zeidman, J. Schmehl, S. Distasio, B. Gajeweski, L. Erdman, J. Wardlow S. Raulerson, P. Misiaszek. Second row: D. Merkel, L. Ermold. S. Stamm, C. Borelli, R. Wolfe R. Roeberg, R. O'Grattis, K. Gable, L. King. Third row: D. Heber, D. Dresher, K. Haas. W Vozella, T. Gruber, J. Williamson, J. Blum, D. Moyer, P. Kauffman. 57' ,. ,. . . L A V960 r First row, left to right: H. Hohl. R. Becker, D. Miller, J. Furillo, L. Nelis, L. Tomoe, R. Stiglmaier, D. Moll. Second row: R. Bauman, D. Wentzel, M. Wentzel, K. Haas, J. Reichert, S. Dempsey, P. Bixler. Third row: A. Littman. L. Hertzog, D. Mengel, W. Woolwine, D. Stuebner, T. Keefer. First row, left to right: E. Olster, S. Diener, J. Lloyd, S. Smith, K. Johnston, N. Reese, S. Wells A. Edelstein. Second row: R. Abrams, D. Arnold, P. Chronister, M. Monoson, C. Ensslen, S Grossman, S. Souders, 1. Sheeler, 1. Clouser. Third row: H. Heckman, R. Keifer, J. Melroy P. Kozloff, XV. Ruemmler, J. Rudy, F. Goll. . . . . .. In , First row, left to right: S. Byram, N. Brumbach, M. Levin, L. Adams, M. Forrester, M. Koch J. Spohn, C. Querns, R. Ehst. Second row: A. Crystal, T. Paull, J. Swartz, J. Spohn, P. Lendacki, L Hoffman, L. Heffner, B. Solley, E. Gower, T. Curry. Third row: D. Mell, R. Readinger, J. Miller G. Levengood, B. Kline, G. McCrea, C. Hill, C. Cunnius. First row, left to right: D. Seidel, C. Lilienfeld. L. Horst, S. Boas, B. Conrad, S. Lance, S. Bachman, M. Lindner, T. Brown. Second row: D. Miller, L. Hoffman, L. Heinz, J. Merluzzo, J. Balthaser, P. Stallone, M. Townsley, P. Leininger, H. Derr. Third row: R. Nuss. M. Long, J. Hartman, L. Seidel, E. Spang, M. Sherman, D. Harter. First row, left to right: R. Hirsch, B. Tait, M. Paul, L. Allison, M. Rappaselli, L. Stump, S. Geiger, B. Erkes, J. Wesner. Second row: J. Maximillian, S. Dornblaser, J. McKinney, R. Shuman, A. Haas, M. Saul, S. Shirk, L. Cohen. Third row: J. Williams, R. Richards, L. Mundell, R. Madary, J. Adams, R. Baker, H. Chambers, H. Heller. First row, left to right: L. Stephens, T. Smith, V. Gilbert, B. Strauss, B. Boyer, A. Shields, E Reed, S. Nein, B. Lutz. Second row: E. Shapiro, L. Kobrin, B. Meck, N. Troutman, E. Kunnes F. Birch, V. Welfinger, F. Rothermel, J. Blum. Third row: G. Gimony, G. Gensler, J. Stichler M. Romig, B. Imber, L. Farber, L. Pollak, M. Schiffman. ,K Q Aw, f W, ' wifi iq 4 4 'Ax M L E, V, AST. Eh 52,1-Ip HA Y R .1 W ' We , 1 5 S , xx , , K ,4 f f X A .',, ' N nv im xy A Q. fx S W gas A W an X1 Qv Q. X vm, W, Q Qx K 4 .- 1 1+ xxx ,K S J 1 I gijsggs? fx, 22Ef:51Si'tlT 4 bl 1 4 -Wg: X .3 1 N? ygjfai - S Qqwf, ,pg giggsff Rx ,Qi--.igwy , W: S if X J -Z g f x ,S M 8 'S if Q A fgz 'Wlf,g Jin my 4 M.. K. - Gig Q CHAMPIONS ONE AND ALL! N Q 5 iw M' . f- ENNHL.HGHT FOR'THE 'GRANGE AND BLACK' Athletics play an important part in the school life of most students throughout the country. Mount Penn is no exception. Almost every pupil at our school takes part in athletics either as a participant or as a rooter. In this section of our book we would like to turn our attention to some of the people who helped make Mt. Penn's athletics. Pic- tured to the left are the senior members of the school who through the years played an important role in our athletic programs. Along with them, throughout this section you will see the various teams and their members. As you look back on this book we hope that you will remember the fine teams and wonderful sportsmanship diSPl21Y6d during 1955-1956 school year. . 3 l l .. ll . . .... l EE 521252 . if Q args? l' if 5 at-wi ll is Sai . I ,. . , x - W ar.. arms: me ::5'fis a ' ' ' 'F' aaa. v:- A- ..,.afggLaf,,.:f..5,,'f,aaa: , .EE E .r kk.. 2 it A at wg, I J , A Q in 9 g r in alll? 2 Q? 4 lllflljirli If . r nfs .. .., : . M y -5 - wa .-- .. 5 gb le '32 Y' " 1 Ji. 1 'H 45 f 'te E ggi-T??Q fl gi? 3185.555 a1tSt9 1,Hf2g5 'll5QiSt.r53l5eJl?.. . , X.. E ff is W fam r t X 5 Ma ,Q + ' 5 ,I , gf 42. Q. t.. 1 eg-t Ar as 7 W . 4 as ai .. ag. zrtidsssiaiiihsfiwe.sexrfrfirmia L A, . 5? F fm' mn., X 3 r g mf ,Q r 5 rl it ,,. is wi EM ! 2 'f A a , 5 ii? ,,., all r l tial 5. L: ..: l , l a fl 3 A' 3, l l Egg! tit i 5 E X l .,., 3. ,:,..: . ....,,:k.::...i.. , ..1..,,...,. 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N. Rappaselli. XV. 1-Iauck. M. Joseph. H. Cohen. D. Reeder. Captain. Third row: E. Harland. Managerg D. Erdman. R. Shockley. J. deMerlier. Robertson. S. Vlfiener. J. Ennis. Manager. Fourth row: B. Rernley. J. First row, left to right: J, S. Swanger. Second row: C. J. Tucker, A. Anderton, B. Hibschman. A. Haas. B. Wfotring. R. Boyer, C. Steffen. S. Shearer. N. Aulenbach. F. Epler. Soccer is the fall sport played by boys at Mt. Penn, and for the past several years the Mounts have been League Contenders. The season of '55 was no different than previous seasons. The Mounts were in contention for the division title down to the last game. Again, as in years gone by, they just didn't quite make it. They lost to the Birdsboro team in a nip-and-tuck game. The Bird's superior fight and spirit coupled with intense desire meant the difference. The Mountaineer Soccer team has an over-all record of four wins, two losses, and three ties in a most successful season in the Southern Division. Our hockey curriculum this year con- isted mainly of intramurals, with one ocial interscholastic battle being waged ith Fleetwood. Mt. Penn emerged VIC- ORIOUS 1-O. The purposes of the intramurals is to ive each girl a better knowledge of portsmanship, which is so important oth now and in later life. All in all, owever, the foremost thought was to rave fun. XX'hat hannened to the "rr Thanks are in order to Mrs. Linder- man and the girls of the Officials Club. for supervising and officiating at the games. leversM:?QQ3't:"i5fiY3'x5fW1 'MW vZ'i3'f"'W":"'!W'?3t f an 1. 'V fi f' v:E.."':Z l5?f?ff?L! ' rf, ffl, ' i ' "" .A my 'wfgak 'V - sfrgy, z5,"iQ5-,ieii7:mV avr ' ' fa. f am ., Q. iiagiewwm ....ii,,. ng 1r.l.51.Q.5n5g?55fg i. Wifi. ,gy -5511 frgmv --Vim, f,,W,r A A mp, W if A. .54 1552 . ,W Q. :aw ,nrjii w yrs? .2 : . amMi1,,g angie: 1..:t...l-.Mia ...aa f dy iw , -s.'?mz'lili55?1 5. .. .. , K,- Q 5 . Y 415 .--2: ia? . M.. .Q ri . wma., . at , 'fy-.J wgiittz' girl? 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'23 ML , gi? 5235155 rig 4 Y Z1-' E3 855422 s 'yjm 5 045 0 i 94 lx 3 F U i, B 3 rn - il' PM :wg . 1 Q, it V .1 ,E .- " .v , Qisu ii i Q5 BERKS CCDUNTY "Twig" "Bill" CO-CAPTAIN . W1 'S M "Dave" ... :.:3Cza,::. " a"1.:f:f':f "Fritz" 32 A A M, IW "Rod" ..4-in L 5 "Laddie" Rapp" Muck' ' CHAMPIONS 1955 CO-CAPTAIN S "ill wil RESULTS FOR 1955 56 0 Emmaus .......... Fleetwood ...... Reading .......... Gov. Mifflin .... Central .......... Hamburg .A...... Boyertown ....... Conrad-Weiser Exeter ............. Muhlenberg ..... Exeter ............ Kutztown ...... Birdsboro ...... W. Reading Wilson ........... Gov. Mifflin . Boyertown ...,... Wyomissing Muhlenberg Kutztown ...,... SECTION I CHAMPS Fleetwood ....... Hamburg .,.,,.... ' COUNTY CHAMPS Pequea ........... EGIRLS' VARSITY Paula" Sandy" "Suzie" Iii.. " f ,. f b, W 1:53 '..'5 ..., .4,. :ZH 44 X 1 P 1 "Francie" CO-CAPTAIN S S 5 i R, fi: .,,,:f: T: ,.-:: ,E llyn ullldyi Y A Q "Barb,' RESULTS FOR 1 95 5-5 6 Exeter .............. Muhlenberg .... Gov. Mifflin ...... Exeter ....... 70 'V "Judy" X BASKETBALL TEAM. . 1955- "Eleanor" "Mary Ann" "Sandy" CO-CAFTA IN anelle" "Barbara RESULTS FOR 195 5-56 MP. opp. W 47 W. Reading ........ .,...... . 45 Q , 1' 37 Wilson ,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,. ....,. . .. 36 -e , 45 Gov. Mifflin ........ .... . W. Reading ........ ......... Muhlenberg .... ......... --Kay' "julie" ff i,jyx:1f':w Y-fi-' ifilfiilf lift-:li -it was iP,iw,,.m uf it2:fz,42z,smfftSig'1t-'H . f .Z ..,' - - , ifsweis- iz: f, Q . , ..,: i, t I - ag,is3,Q, A .il f if T9 .gigs T1 , 51, sith, Van 5U5f.wT.i - zy,a.a:i,,gi,-f17,'s,s,, f . A I-gfi?liszz2svr,' KQflli,xrii1QYf,,5-f522'gZ ?:-Eifsff' ,,i'.,9 'fi57?'-55 Q its mm- ,L,, a,gLief,i ,, . L, 2, ir, raw mifs-isfg1554sziiiiltasiszlsivvv A 2 1-2 ff-frwwfs f ,,n,,a, im time ia, .i , L,,: .W- UYT1-I tif i 5.953.513 3570: ' ir' g 'K 1' 1' Iii 1, .H -' If 9' in 1, :l :, ,- :fu-Z f H f, L,,., MVN. 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Their spirit has not dwindled in defeat and they have kept the school spirit high and sportsrnanlike at all times. Congratulations, Girls! Our quarter masters. Kneeling, left to right: C, Gerhard, J. Ennis. Standing: G Wisswesser, L. Troutman, G. Balis, J. Schiffner, B. Wotring. Boys' managers take care of the team's equipment and purchase supplies which are needed by the teams. During basketball season they serve as scorekeepers for the Varsity and junior Varsity. Although the girls' managers have less equipment to care for, they also double in a scoring capacity. 1 Self!-Hfgi. 1-mf 1, san. ,1-,.. I Ei:i?fff-'L-if' J .,s.yi.l Z: 3 L24-fzlliz M 1' vi 4 fiigiiwstzifsiii if-M.,..,.,zr., ra ',r. it ,s 73557154533 tgayefvgriii my ggsfwt are-wi fp-fi V .,.. W M ..,, ,, is-.W-i.,a,,.L.. .A . -ea ,V H . . -wwe . ,agar . ,- , 1.-wife xii' ,.,.S.r,,r ...J K .,f,,, -tw .ry ra, A la. - -fflfaflwflrfl 5 fait-slap: W as ' t likilkmxvf- ,gy ,t,a . . ,.,,..,., . - H me 13-as -ff.-, -, .1 as .Mig , . . .,,ri S, , ..,,k ,M K ..f5.M .affgzfelr 'ilsiilfivfif if-w,twsw las s, ie , is .si Q.. iw'-591 im 5 r zum.-2 'izwzrif M: W GTEHQYVWE 12 f 7-lsfmii .u,re,fK,. W, Wersi! 1 -,r.g,,.z.1, in .Q ,,., Qi s i x x fszqgiwfg fa- .1 ns., ,.3,7.sw1,.w S5515 asmgzr r 'z'i:estg1Lw, fit? 55.412008 Ss? LMS! A .,,. as iw ww,.,,s7 5 7 esrsiszgwig geggmgzil ,,..,.. gr. -w -fr wx ii L16 .1s:fZ'aE! L we E M. ,V . egg asizagggff 'af JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM Ready for the fight are. first row. left to right: J. Hibschman, A. Haas, J. Lantz. M. Rutkowski. N. Aulenbach. Second row: J. Gerhart, J. Azzolina, C. Steffen, T. Williams, B. Remley. Mr. Donald Raker turned in a creditable job in his initial year as coach of the Mountaineer junior Varsity by guiding the Shocktroops through an extremely difficult season. The Mountaineers compiled a seasonal record of 9 wins and 10 defeats holding down third place in Section 1 of the Berks County Conference. The high point of the season came when the Mounts eked out a 42-40 win over the K-town Cougars at Kutztown. This dropped Kutztown from contention in the league and showed the j.V.'s at their best. Mt. Pemz Opp. 45 Emmaus ............... .......... 5 0 39 Fleetwood ..... 34 Reading ............................ 55 38 Central .,,.... 46 Governor Mifflin ............ 49 61 Exeter ,,,,.,,,,,, 45 Hamburg .......................... 56 55 Muhlenberg . 37 Boyertown ........... .......... 4 7 42 Kutztown ..... 55 Exeter ................... .......... 5 6 38 West Reading 40 Wilson .............................. 49 38 Wyomissing . 54 Governor Mifflin ............,. 71 39 Muhlenberg , 39 Boyertown ........... .......... 4 7 74 Birdsboro ..... 3 6 Kutztown ...... .......... 3 7 Jumlora H4614 B "Calm, cool and collected" are, first row, left to right: D. Kendig, N. Heim, F. Curtis, G. Hinnershitz, D. joseph. Second row: P. Yoder, J. Derr. Third row: B. Sands, F. Ruch, R. Kotzen, R. Kummes, S. Scherer. After the outstanding performance of our Junior High team this year, present Mt. Penn Students may be assured of representation in county play-offs in the future. WINS Opp. 24 16 .. .... 20 16 32 17 36 .. .,... 12 Mount Penn Exeter ........ .... Boyertown Southwest .. Fleetwood .. Southern ..,. Muhlenberg Southern .... Fleetwood .. 75 47 45 68 36 41 48 65 70 38 43 39 Exeter ......... ..... 2 8 Muhlenberg .... ..... 1 8 Boyertown Southwest .....37 LOSSES .....23 MozmtPem1 OPP. 47 North-west .....50 QE . A 1 ,. Q. gi, M., ,Swv QM ,Q W., .,.,, 1... ,. . P. 75313: V X A r-gf? 'i mg lil Q f ,L my M . ...Sg,g ,,, il. Y -- , H ,, ,f,,.m.m.ff-...if . M. f mg fs.WWeveils-tfxaffifirziw2 i - il' ,sgg.,3?gt5?l,3z1ezgsa?zg9..kfsgs5mi2l?gfi:N A551532 -.- ft. MsQs,, 'ESU eff29f"f5.:saum'Sr. an , Q . ll, -f s uw' if -fi , , - sg ,, me se 915, 73 K fs lm re re N .W mag 'fi of xx 7ii?'e1?3',i::i?fSil ez rising f: xy US ff ,, V. ie. . 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Q Q? at Y' 4. ii fir 1 , ,Z s lg K E E551 1 i , E i l it .2 W. ... E gg? , li 2? 1 El it 32. 3 l g I . ig . gil s 1 Y . l ,.,, l 5 ll is 1 .::..,...f Qrigiiili s ai: I esazstzz 1 1 S3522 A , - ' ti is 214 .Sli ' ' .twig I D' f GAA, Lined up are our girl athletes! Left to right: S. Bachman, L. Nelis, J. Heller, P. McMichael, N. Erkes, J. Stickler. Second row: M. Forrester, S. Dornblaser, C. McDade, C. Williams, S. Levy, S. Deiner, S. Rambo, C. Borelli, G. Freed. Third row: L. Conner, J. Dornblaser, K. Herflicker, A. Lindner, S. Gerhard, E. Dautrick, J. Schiff- ner, J. Davis, P. Schiffner. Girls, Athletic Association, a recently reorganized club, has proved suc- cessful this year. This club is responsible for our intramural programs and our interscholastic social Play Day. It is an organization of girls, one repre- sentative from each homeroom, with the purpose of promoting girls' athletics. Thanks are in order to Mrs. Linderman for helping the girls attain their various goals. Resting from their officiating duties are-First row, left to right: S. J, Gerhard, J. Heller. S, Rambo. E. Kline. Second row: J. Schiffner, G. Freed. L. Ennis. C. McDade. F. Barr. Missing from picture: P.. McMichael. Girls, Officials Club, an organization to which girls with an interest in officiating competitive games belong. These girls are given a nationwide test, which if passed, makes them eligible to officiate interscholastic sports. The purpose of this group is to produce good officials, which the club has succeeded in doing under the capable direction of Mrs. Linderman. p- . s Mg . Q., l r - ...V yew ' Y 1 'Eff .ngkamgts . Q.-tam. V . , .fs Y ' W if' f grfzwzzfaafv ' 0 wr ,af f ., ..f. ii-3. w W, Mm... Q f. it ., M M., f .Af fy H f 1' wWfmfr.f1'fm.e' ' 'fried f ff gt We .. K' H s www? 'f ffztfiffwew f, Me2fffa.sfHwffrfffrf i 5 2 .... ..... if Mita. ,. a..,+?.' .. . ,a , ,i.. 3 ,. W .- iff-f k,., -,t:s,, , w.f.4'3-wL,s ,f..f f ff . sway . 4 fo Zum- 'V 21 ., ' " f1eif ,f6ff.y- -' waififift .f'agsz.1'g n tar 1 fry M1 --wwe .- t, 1 . f " fu 'ff " V ' 1'2" fiM?i2Y5'."2"Cz an-'iff M'4l'x-ity' 'HZ we Elm fra .. . ..,.M?,. .Q . if ill J 1 Eff? Wi W ,i x 2 Y if 251 A I .- .rii4w,Mwy.:i4,.twwta 1 ' 1' xmimfv - . 1 if si A 1 'Mi si x WX i ff ? g1s7vz.s'e V111 2- P' X 1 1 M 1 1 1 531 , 22122521294 5 1 s2g1f1v1'e" ' 1- IPIQQW L .X W. 11 2 15222211- Z1 ' 11521, 2'ff1i's511 2: .2 .111 2 ,1 Q, 11., , 151221121-x 211212112 1 1 wfw- 2-2,21 -2 22313349.11 1: 1,121-its' 1: f 1 ,--'f ,es 2 2 -1 fW111.2' ' S21-war Sr'Y'1x:flf 455921531 s1?fi1fssf21. 3 1gg5r,gv11,2,f 11.1-11swr1 1, 3218-31:1 2:12 1e'g1!5si?Zff 1, .. 3:21 .-11, 1' 52.2 111 2 - 2 1121111513 2 1512? gm .: ,. 2 if v,-- igiify . g21ff.11.11f f 1 f1g,'fL1,-Q 111153 " 251 A 5112 , 5I2114?Es18QK+5 ., l 4 51111f5GVf2'11QE:3e'E1s54f215?if3?1iif5E.1, K 21 5 W 4 1 31152142w1fz,f'2:11ff11EfegfP1g:,w,g'Q 1 ' VF iffiilf 1-T.,-lr 1 :fi1!E,'1fSf'7i.Q?f1 s ' , Qif1Sjf'1e1:3:1v 'K A 2 1:15 . 151.7 fx, -, 1 , 'f SalfX:v:5' fSe113i't31: V ,fl H L.. .. 1 2 rr E1 OLANDER Pf5z'?g?Zf?s31.fil5?: ?52.1.11fz,. 1, 1- 1 V,,.. 1 1 ,2 12 2 X 1 21111-sl milf 5551.1 ff1es'f1..x if 21sfi?fv..1, '. 251.11111-11. - .. 151212 2:4 1i.1.11g,,:f1.22 S 1 -111.1-1 f,,-. 21 21. 1 1 1 .1 ff 12 1 . 1. 2 2 X2, X ,,., 1 0 L r iffeijf f11f1v1.2,2111',' 1s7g?11s12'1z.sf'Q1v1., 2 511211.71142111115.11 22. 1 535WEi'1i.?i1Nls:if1 Y !5Ei5KsS1t'1z.: 112' P3 12111-'uf .11,., 12.21 2, 3 -21 11 ,1. 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LIBRARY PENN POST 11 1 W2 2' 21 212' J Editor W 2 N.H.S. , 111...12f1.111 . , E s2,v1si.s?f1ff2:f' 5 1 1 1 1 2 P2 X 3 2 12V 411 12 X1 im .211- 1. 21- 2 1 1121.1 11 , 11 3 A J' K 'f?J1wS2f111 f11.ff1f'r'25'12:I1r1Sf P1 2 35 X . 1,,11g111.- . 1 ,1, ..1.w11.s,.,,112 2 8 111,,:,21, 1. 1 121.1151 513125 1-1 EFX, 1, 1 1 M 2' 1 , 2 1 1 M 11 K 11"1g12 3,5 3 Q6 ,1 x 512 1 2 1 1 - ,L 1 , 2,.-1.2, ,111 ,..12 s.1S,'?1'-:f11z1 lf'uxf2zs. 5' - .. . 1, 2 . .. '1-1f15fw?g9fsm,-1-i'42 7" E' ' ?p?Eii2'f:f3'ilfjE'1l1f' 1k,.123m?21f111 2 2 1 .f.1::,f11-,mf 5. 1 1, Slirliislflf Xf1i3l122f71 f:,2f-55g-'iiifsxgarifsfifr' 2 Sl 1 1 -2152415-'i.2LS.1.3r 1'-'fefelffif 535-55:-'5-:'5E'55 H255 1- P M . 51 54" V 1 -1 :f x- f fl QQ "flrf21'ix' 1 rm If 51 1, a 1 K Y-TEENS . -.,. ,X 3 , M. Clouser, Treasurerg M. Snyder, Secretaryg M. A. Reinsel, Presidentg C. Keller, Vice President. G.A.A. S. Rambo. Secretary-Treasurerg P. McMichael. President: J. Heller. Vice President. Q e 1 he W 3 ta J' H KEY CLUB THESPIANS We shall always remember fondly our activities at Mount Penn as a most valuable educational experience and constant source of enjoyment, The purpose of this extra- curricular program is to develop a spirit of students working together for the good of our school and our community. Whether our interests lie in art, journalism, music or school service, we are able to find a means of expressing ourselves constructively. The students pictured on these pages are our organizations' officers, who, together with our advisors, are continually striving to make the activity program at Mount Penn the excellent institution that it is. CHORUS PENN ALMA Judy Heller, and James Rudolph, Editor PENN ALMA First row, left to right: J. Zashtaft. Treasurerg P. XX'illiams. Personalsg M. Joseph. Boys' Sports Editorg P. McMichael, Girls' Sports Editorg J. Rudolph. and J. Heller. Co-Editorsg R. Pearson, Advertising Co-Managerg G. Byram, Personalsg M. Roeberg. Advertising Co-Manager. Second row: F. Shalter, J. Rothenberger, J. Hinnershitz, B. Hawk, J. Stuebner, J. Mantz, M. Clouser, E. Olander, M. B. Wolfe, D. Hater. Third row: C. Gerhard. J. Tucker, R. White, J. Ennis. Absent from the picture are: S. Martin and B. Holzworth. PENN ALMA STAFF The Penn Alma Staff is composed of members of the senior class, who have been given the task of producing the 1956 edition of the yearbook. The success of this annual can be attributed to all of them working together as a team. In performing their particular jobs, each staffer meets many new experiences to cope with and handle. The members of the Penn Alma Staff hope that you will enjoy reading the book as much as they have enjoyed preparing it. 1956 PENN ALMA STAFF .rea A Judy Heller Q .... ..... ....,., M . A. .,.. . ,.. .M ..,., 'H as "" 3, X ,... i . Margery Qglouser J' obert H- son F BYHIU David Qafer g el .... K 1 E eu. "" -Mt' Beth Hol worth 3 FINA OR ' ' -irr PI Q " I- ug . . ner .W . . . .. , . . . . . ...... ' "':: 4 wfiwgiiiiaw ..-as ,..,, , ....... . ...,.. James Ennis Calvin Gerhard Barbara Hawk Judith Mantz Sharon Martin Elaine Olander Marjorie Snyder Shirley Snyder John Tucker ADVISOR Robert White Nagmj Hong Mary Beth Wolfe . PENN "1!95?leL?'HW' iYi6?'sif'tl33W'FE5f'!!f"'YtX-lilrf f2'f91Qi75'235?25-S9217 X ,,z,!,,ss.... A! ,HX f.X!xA,. -as X X-,X WasfWagga-t:?'fsf.Q?srfz,!ffff!zX2?!igss?Xss5af2i5grX:fra f,,,.,.a! A X. !s',,,yrgse,:X,f i X1fzszzg,ssg5!sz:XfX,- sis.. , ,,,,,,... muff 1 ',faziraimsssfgfs'Ffa'-liizftsiaeiffi sig T X.. , 13...-XL.,-X ! n ff-XX..s,!Xe-!..!g 7 A 2 gig ! ang ,, tX,g,X,g..a7 !X..X K xigtalgrlgg gilt, .,,.X.rX.eXfaX?X,X 'AS' , 'XHX5?3??S?i55fS?f -R 1 V,-2.5.1. -X' R., .Q X-WX-WX.-X.-.X .!X-,!X.2!.!. ,- .!..XXgf.av!!v!f,z.!.. S !aiXX.zX..XX.- .-Xrsvii-levyrililjtz ' X a Xrffw11!5YsfY!fz'!f' LXafeaswx.t?!wX,f!Hr?as e...e: 45532 I A.., X.!X.,,. , ai, I! ics ,sw .,,,, ..!X!X.... ! X! as zX.7,,Zy,.XgXgVb. .k ''?E, IE .' :: " 1.414225 ' ils '-X 2355! 65 ff? if ,Q :f: '. " rv S as XX 5 J! ,sg me vga., av E First row, left to right: J. Heller, Girls' Sports Editor, M. joseph, Boys' Sports Editor, J, Borelli, E. Olander, Editor, M. Snyder, Assistant Editor, R. White, C. Flanagan. Second row: W. Ruemmler, C. Borelli, S. Levi, G. Balis, S. Mendelsohn, M. Gimmy, L. London, L. Ennis, 1. Conz, D. Joseph, D. Rachman, S. Cohen, J. McCrudden, M. Saul. Third row: E. Shapiro, L. Farber, B. Hunsberger, S. Raulerson, S. Mendelshohn, J. Eiseman, R. Shumann, B. Unger, C. Keller, C. Wilson, L. Heller, M, Rappaselli, M. Forrester, W, Koch. Absent from picture are: S. Martin. Assistant Editor, and B. Holzworth, Business Manager. amafwgwpax wr qi? 9355? 5 ' ..!!,,,- ! , Xa X Q V ,335 . . .dll Ai lr.: . N EX 1 EH' Q? 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X! - 39116 Pforfft, the Perm Post 15 always manifesting the highest journalistic -'i.'ii gl Because of the hard work Yffflrfia er, the excellent staff, and Mr. Z! ErjX Miller, our advisor, the publ tron is const - ig a great service by creating 5, and maintaining an interest 12, chool affairs. ,B 32 El ' si 'li 522 E ,. - 35,2 ' ar Xgaja at Ja .Xii,fWaafif .. at W QM 9E5g5zi',t,Zx,r ,... 2 ,W , nf, A gi eff Xa, i ff , ffl HSIZZQQ if 5? S , 'I f.,1j4L'af fz-A' wwf ,Nr A ' 77.4. ' X Alfa I ji,,1X.!21,5,5ggQg,Xa:5gs!X,,gt:4.Xf!r!?X,!sga35XaAg3f!,,X!,,i ,Mgrrilggtl X . ' ' f55'fer?iiL.3w'f , 2 f1'?Nif27' L . . i f V ' ' ,f5".flfQ7lf'iK, 1.7.3 511515-giz Nr41'5i65i"vfi:'Jl 'aix773fL?'J'l im was rrfiwfysri-ff'lff-fJI'flf1f2Mlseftf2r?a'fffvl?ga,lffQ.grief? l.,me,ggg kyfylgiisigf f , ., -,rs 72 , 2.53.7 v.l.v,.., K A 1 , w as . .f f ,,.,. ... ,.,,, .,.f. fra., af., at . .ww.w- fi, rw lv Q..- .Q ...,m,.,. .Q sap, ., me my Y. 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These goals of this as defined in the constlggtion are to create an ,.tgtentlifl'iia:g,asm for SCHOLARSHIQZ, to stimulate desire to Ile K if - renderg,gg5,SERVICE, to promqge LEA JERSHIP and to clevel p CHARACTER in the studengjgi of America. Witlygfthese motives, the National I-Igjnor Society shall induce ,l... others aspire to scholarlyfihabits, enlisting in worthy seiwice and leading forward in all tgfipgs that shall of the school aid the individual. -,e. A .lle 5 leef llll S 2 lla f il if , .. .'tl.f T3 if yiafyym. ,rv ..,. M ,,... 2, - rs... MK ,Mm so 91agfisgwwf.f,gg.,.. xl ' ,fwfef5fs.g5rr:4Trf i31f,f3'f?lliiif li' , Q.-W, ' 55523 531-W'lfi Er 2.5 Q . sfmws- . , X X .warm ---, X... -f,..3,m. w,,...1.,g..,., Q, .,..,.,.... k,...w2 .. 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Byrum, Secretary. honor implies, I sole y pledge to do my best to uphold the ai nd ideals of the National Thespian So ty. I promise that, as the Society has ho red me by con ferring membeship up me, I shall strive to honor the Society by ing humbly and unselfishly everything m elp the s ac ve all they can mean for good in my . - , in my co munity d in the f which I am a citizen This Credo embo s the true spirit f he tonal Thespian ciety Since its inception at Mount nn ' 954, trou no 12 has busil eng d in creating a greater interest and le the perf mance s dards matic arts Students manifest' , superior histrio talents e welcomed int his elite group by the difficult m system Under Miss O mes' able direction, mbers o he society are avi participating "Conscious of the u' estowed upon me,.and of the 1 sibility which that in the excellent - ss lays and dramatic a mblies. W 5 ,X XXE X3 PX X 5 051 Maw XX 'zsKXXX51X,f,,,SX X, Xikizifliilll 4 XSiXwrkfMfl s . 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B wan 425 'Q 'F' renee X fi : t est' eff XX is PMXs2Xf,?5sXX1saeXigss X , XXX., XX , ,X,, ,X 5 ,lgi wife, emi. H 3 1 ,se"i4QeaQf H fsmars tififffvfl f ,am 'Qifz w Iglahmvr if-sa 1sX '5i "On top of old Smoky" . . . sang the city gals at the Dude ranch, 'El Rancho Buzzardf What on earth is that bunch of feathers doing there? Oh! It's only Chief Eaglerock fRudolph Letschej. Barbara Hawk, kneeling in front, first row, left to right: Shirley Snyder, Joanne Stuebner, Merrill Marisseau, Marjorie Snyder. Second row: Joanne Rothen- berger, Gloria Byram, Mary Anne Reinsel, Rudolph Letsche. .51 , mxaaiiiggigr The Senior Class is load! WQS eqU'3!!Y 5UPefb- EVe1'Y0f1C really ith talent! And they it gg a kick out Of his '-South-of-the he giving of their Senior Bjiefder accent. razy" on of 11 1 3 d f th k t. Penn's agiilitdifgum. acting nl Ol cosrseih ere hwag Jahe' d- 1 S" 'fi b I . 1 as the f lgiiyiheii 55.5 .fo 622.31-til? Eiagfnce cap to gsigimlfest. Merrill Marisseau played jake ' ff and the audience loved him. Bob For weeks enigiggyrg ggi Pearson also did a wonderful job as ad rehearse longsqitkgkgiiiifgard Sam Mason, a jealous lover. heir big The curtain opergd , , and the Mt, dramatic stirs supportinglcharacters'did a began to unfold of Dafgy O erful Eb aiding much life and Churchill, awealthy- Ygfir P133- to fe H2003 dudmflfh boy, portrayed by jim jgwlkgrlier. Wet' V ' :Cells .of his trials and triglgtions of a definite fact, however, that .eepmg a dude fanfh MQAIHS love out Miss Marjorie Grimes that hfe on an evemkeel' .aw "" e play would not have been the The audience really gui-Scharg 1 success that it was, had she not out of Louie and Rosie, BOO? worked long and hard at directing lynites, as portrayed by RQ- the cast. Mr. Penn is indeed for- tunate to have such a capable and understanding young woman to act in the capacity of director for the plays. Credit should also be berg and Margie Snyder. cents were really great! ii? class Molly and Gloria Byramsilfortra given to the two excellent promp- EQM gy jay Miller and Mary Ann ' Mary Beth Wolfe's poljggiayal 'if of Tess are definitely notiitgigofii, esters, overlooked. They were slightlyagferifa, lkinsel. rific in the roles of Danny CE-iw ta chmys --love lifep- I' Senior play made t. Penn lthisqtox as far as the lar udience Bob White was a regular riot in washcdibncerned. Extra c f had to his role of Lank, the killer, who be seth up. Mt. qqgqq S ior class thrZ4.E?.9E5.!aa.E!3.S...l.!l!lim WHY- of '56 will iiii' ainly ne r forget the Mexi- "Girl Crazy." 0 av "GIRL Grimes, left, who put her whole hea ing the play. Members of the cast hours of and fun that The Senior Class will be forever inde r wonderful woman during rehearsals. 1 tured here with james deMerlier a as she explains a point of stage dir Well, look at the big grins on their faces! Could be "Steek 'em up, Senors," says Pete, the M that they were pleased with the success of the play. Well, the killer grins fiendishly at the two cc they surely have a right to be, as the whole cast did such QW. Hauckj and Cactus fFred Shalterj v a good job. Pictured, left to right, are: M. Roeberg, M. in the act. Snyder, j. deMerlier, M. B. Wolfe, G. Byram, R. Pearson. A35 'xii rf! - - 'iw SLE, 115',5fb:.'4 , :lvtiflfifff ff92S'3:gssr:1v " , ,..,.e.,.t..w 1 nc.. ,,.... W. , LU,, .. Lf,- ..,.ff,,a,.,.,,, -HN... tm.. ,-s..,.......,...., - .r-.,- sammns,f...f..,.f,,,:,f,,.,,,,g,.Xm..,,,,..gg5xswg.w.W. i . 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If :ax 157 5-:ef:55rr,.,,4.s 5 .i , ..,., ,...,,., ,.,, . ., Bills QXSQIWFWQiaikslk- 1, xf-sl. ... ., it Mfftsiissiwz issifzfmsvis 'QSQQX :lii.i!511N.iS1YiL5isilI 5srl...selwafiidisiisiitaisi'fQ!SzEwfs1..421 A mfiwf.5...s.fs4,-.swsgggkg,,K g,SgZsll55?is'??'i?ifi'iiQ'2.2'S.1 lr K .s J. .aa . ,,...--, ., .,. ...z ,... JM...-. K -i2zi..'ifwg:.e5g,Qsi, ssfigsslgssz i Y li.i'5sE:z7E.'s3'77?Els5?,l5 K ,...,,..,, ..,...,,.,.. .5-.mi.m..., -fl. 1.51m-v...,,.g,,., ,-fi 2-wQ.szs2i!2:4s:.t... 9125 Wie! 'f 51 -lfliii X A P .,,.fQfbi.ffl4'x .. , .,., 8. 5. .fvgssg .5214 3 BAND Everyone's "got" the Beat? First row, left to right: D. Merkel, J. Clouser, J. Shearer, Y. Klink, J. Stuebner, L. Long, R. Brobst, J. Mackanis, J. Rudy, -I. Williams. Second row: G. Balis, S. Cohen, D. Brumbach, G. Werner, B. Price, M. Adams, M. Monoson, J. Erdam, B. Severns, G. Gensler, R. Fink, G. Aulenbach. Third row: O. Carter, F. Shalter, W. Medelsohn, M. A. Reinsel, K. Herflicker, Mantz, J. Reed, S. Roe, J. Charelli, G. Wessivesser, D. Frymoyer, R. Erkes. Fourth row: A. Seifarth, R. Boyer, N. Aulenbach, B. Remley, D. Sands, D. Kendig, D. Cristman, J. Conz, E. Becker, R. Unger, J. Hibschman. Fifth row: M. Moyer, E. Harland, J. deMerlier, N. Klemmer, G. Werner, R. Pearson, W. Hauck, R. Letsche, T. Williams BAND OFFICERS .. Pffffdw, ----.--.-- -.-- - -- R- LETSCHE f SH Pffffffffff """ , ""' R' PEARSON Qivgbyfl-fll1'Q?' ....... ----- . G' WERNER ---- J' MANTZ SK 31 ---- ---- F. SHALTER 5 f Hsai . ....-, ,.,.,. r'.,' .1 .ttt . Alglwugh the 1955-56ii'band wasnif On Y 8.3 J the band presented a fine parade around Mt. Penn, Q' X and the drilling at the halves basketball games. Besrdes iflfi' givgngbtheif annual Spfigg part rn a successful Christmas concert. .,., lll. ..,g X . COHgza.ti1lations tqff-,lmaiblph and leffl' Green who g, 'r't"' . Qgibggstrag to Pearson, Ernest Harland, 1. ,.. . Jerry.,,GfeEn James Clogggf, band. Bob Pearson also ' made orchestra. To Mr. LeVan ,goes of thanks for the hard 1.1.4. f-were-1 f.m,4sL,. H, 2 Q 54,-sf' H. 31 lr 9' X. .rf .K 5.2 , OUR DANCE They're "hep" to that cool rhythm. First row, left to right: Herflicker, R. Pearson, B. Price, N. Aulenbach, B. Sands. Second row: F.' Shalter, G. Werner, E. Harland, D. Frymoyer, E. Becker, W. Hauck, J. Stuebner, N. Klemmer, F. Hiefer, K. Esslinger. . OUR MAJOR .X r Qi My .J r ..41 or '56 ARE: Left to fight: s. jo. Rothenberger, Head Majoretteg A. Nflgyline. Missing from the picture is G. Smith. Our ma orett l r mtg twrrled to the music ro- vided by the stepping lassies are to be hailed for thewfiliilne Qgigformances at the high school basketball gamesfilgereiigjhey led the and twirled their batons center of the formed by the band. These have also patecl in various parades. V parade partici- X lrjcwi will 1.. irllfliljft WNY Www, x 9 jfflalf' -as .sas if Q.. sal, .... , . .. ..,.. . K fs ..:.-.auf-1 -wwf: at- M. V., .,-f..eggfs.m4erf,La5.3.2 f of 55 - ,ff Ugg.-5-...ggi . Q x fy si S' se . f1..-megf5.:5w...a..5.1.-Q:-,,.:,: A 5. , ,-..'f1f3?si5?fffesfgusgf?a .fi .s..y.j:.f,f.g,Qsz0afff .. 1 g ,.:W:.'a ' ' M17 "7 532 -r , -':zv"' ' "?lEf,f3fSTi35li?i::5f?i'Wi ' " -", S. ,. ragga 'fav gg' ,- Q R G Q R ly Miyagi A ON GUARD ARE-Left to right: B. Hunsberger, J. Zashtaft, J. Dornblaser, G. Byram, M. B. Wolfe, J. Eisman, P. Fisher. "Dress Right! Mark Time I" Resounds the command through the gym as the Color Guard swings into action. These girls in their smart military attire bear our National, commonwealth, and school standards. Their presence adds to pag- eantry of our marching band at school functions. Q. 75:5 .Wi,..,...5 .,.., ,,.. , .,. W, Mile: -a.frXrefsma1faf5-f'fw.f-.- fast' Yu. rJfsffG2r3QfMg.1iafmrisiah15.5, it . . -ri?f?"'f-'fgiffiflfffft795534 -gl "f3's.F5f1iiti?'12.A':."'1. 'fcllfll .f,mgi:.-f.ff'rfg55Nm WMA rpffigagyfz, . fig. -- fr K uf wwf? ' Wt. . .Q ., near X at 1 :fgfHr.','S5? A 5, 315, -WZ 1l'1i?fl?t5r?if5Z?i 751356541 :?"l'?i4 ffgifi iifijj' 5f5li7'.?fl7 'L ' I I le?f5f'i"ZffTl?5':?2gliz" r 'S:Vi?lf'H Q',if..'7 ':'frff'5E'?lf.z as 4' 3? -'tw-'fiiffravflfsvip J'-vi 4-Yue., ta .if 7 am f- 'fa-.frt.,,Gjywg4.,.,.. -- . .-fm.. .IFJ:.griWf?f2Af?iweg:'f ag .Q .. af 3 F1315 if Q5 wg, .. , A. Q.. ff. -, ,W- L -2:1 - ffl, , WJ' A. --2.2. 'fa .. new -M' f is ,.7ir.n-it.: .wr 1' -1 I' f -- a ' ff 19,5-fiwfgjf rss. 111.-pisgizy R37 'we 'rf K fi-fly. agp , :asia wf,g:f..'vf,5,-Wm 3, ' Wf3H:gagersi, Q wfew.:sfw 7 w.fgfwfwif..-afw fr '-wr.-ffg: 'tif-KJQggf.Pfa2 'vi fWh4?3. ra 134 .. .,...., .K fy.-aw' 'Gizafaeefitgefaisawar: i Qgfwigfg ' , ,,.. .V .,,, ,..,...., ,M e AS., 1ra?ag5? L21 rf... ...sf ,ag , A ff" 'J 'Y 211 W -ff ww wifi rr .bf W -.W :ff if tr:,zz.Qi..ffm?f:?sfff'?eel?Wf'1+?Z3w.-iiS.L.- 7 fm:-f,'fr1a.w.., ....,.,, ,. ,V 3 5. 7'li'7'W5f'5i'l5"i7357515l, 511555"I5x5:9:g?f?7p?4g.KSHQ-Exif MWISQ: ...m5q.f:iaf ft,Q.Af5e3..gip.,gi ga. isp.,f.g.A5.1q,.rfi,e.,,wa ,fa +84 K lfifsigfuzgfgrf5.33ag?Efff'2g,,3J . M fSw.,gsarFtg . -- e?fQf'M..tf31gd...5,sra5,aSifl.7.r5Zgrat3.gagf.gain M., ar M, 5.-all g3,..,.9gp 3. QQ .iwwwff-Y ww.-.5 -,fr V965 l.f11e'5'?uf?'ilggSi' ., , . .,.., . . , 5 ' ' 'fr - ggfsfrs4f:m41v.j1aqQg5g '1J7,'Q1f,.'l,' F W 1' 'swf we Af 5 7 :Q i.-if ' II , wf,,..,24 , , , G l Liga L :Mari A i"i't'r"ff3:752Lf'M1,41P527R'l5" -' 3132 Jf'fr'D'Wtv.f5 f I' W, - tf..l'l + l lfwf f'5f5f vas1 ,g ,, ,:',,' E..' -l',, V 4 'rfff'0'f.iifEiLgQQ2f'3tLg'f5'l.'55fla I , 3 " ..' E I14ii2':?:w::'n55,:. -2 A keg! EW' H - P11451 'i73"Z .lm .alas Q-. . L52-f.: .r .S ' SP U2 K A . ' .. it aah -of-5 affix 9, fflf l L 525. i ., ., 3551. 8. in f-1 - 1 get z eal., fer, S. fig.. .1 f ,V,L yy if -' im .- ., U,.,.,,, .,,, vii EEK My 1.1. 4e!Zsl51l51+3Q.7,'f "':7 EW f vz.fw1exs'712 21 - ri L,.-f , ,H ,i I ..,,i A .1,. Wi., . ,it i V 91 5'57rf"izi'iI15i'r1'si - 1 Jeff ?ia'fw11is ir -1 gl ,,.. ., 1235 alias, ,,. ,gfif,,1,:.e-- - f:1.,ffgf s, -,111 2, 113355 ,ag . 1.,,l ,Jiv- 2' E1afs1.7 fre 1,1 1 rs ' ' 5 .1f.,, 1 gr. V 'tif fEQilyi:f:.1 s Ti 1 ., a?ft?f'f31i,11f:,f11ffg.,1.f.g'l,if fi fig, ,mr w,'f'm 1 . ,VMI 1 1 1. - 1 f,111.1'1.-f,,wf'1' fiv--1. ,,,,1, mf 1 -.ff -fa., if.. , 2fs,'ie:f3'E1i s?':fEj3 iv' .,.iz's'f1,'e-'1ri,?f7 39:2 i:. w..: 11111.-,I1 rqgwi -1 'f 11. .1 ,.,. , .1ws1i.,, 1 ,,' M.. SENIQR CI-IGRUS First row, left to right: M. Evans, V. Moyer, S. Lucas, J. Steubner, B. Levine, B. Pawlinger, M Snyder, E. Eifert, J. Zashtaft, C. Swoyer, J. Frick. Second row: S. Shuker, P. Reese, R. Mengel, E Olander, P. Fisher, K. Herflicker, C. Smith, M. Yetto, J. Seifrit, G. Smith, V. Zerbe, C. Keller Third row: A. Fahnestock, A. Linder, A. Furillo, J. Borelli, J. Morgan, C. Flanaghan, B. Dreihelbis S. Rambo, K. Esslinger, C. Wilson, J. Reed, P. Zeigler. Fourth row: J. Dackwiller, J. Czarnecki, F Peifer, J. Rothenberger, M. A. Reinsel, N. Klemmer, D. Blankenbiller, P. Harter, D. Hafer, E Harland, M. Marrisseau. Absent were: G. Byram, L. Deppen, G. Stallone, G. Green, and M Forrester. V, , 0PF1CERS President ............, ................,,,,.......,,.. DAVID I-IAFER Vice President ,..,.., PAT ZEIGLER .... ...... J . ZASHTAFT Here they are, the Penn High. This group of over 50 altos, basses, sopranos, tenors ijggovided beautiful music throughout our senior year at many forget such moments as our joyous Christmas festivities or our We, the senior and iil acknowledge the expert guidance and direction of Mr. Linn, our this year. Through his untiring efforts, the Senior Chorus has become an our school life. . INTERMEDIATE Hitting the high notes. First row. left to right: M. Gajewski. E. Urban, B. Sandridge, J. Bauman, N. Erkes, S. Hilton, V. Franclcowiak. J. Mickanis. L. Chivian, N. Kline, G. Lewis. Second row: S. Senft, R. Bender, S. Hoffmaster, J. Eidam. B. Snyder, S. Deibler, L. Troutman. L. Conner. N. Koke, E. Hill. J. Mengle, M. Adams. B. Bard, M. Gimmy. Third row: C. Emerich, G. Brown. J. Pappadakes, F. Barr, D. Chapman, R. Marlott, S. Lewars, G. We1'ner, B. Hunsburger, J. Hughes, J. Czarneclci, P. Hertzog. Here they are-the Intermediate Songbirds of Mount Penn High. Whetlmer performing in an assembly program or at a Choral Concert, these Sopho- more and Freshman choristers are constantly providing a wealth of musical entertain- ment for our pleasure. Under the leadership of Mr. Linn, the Intermediate Chorus is assiduously preparing for the year when they will assume the role of our Senior Chorus. First row, left to right: B. Smith. S. Blackley. D. Yoder. P. Epler, E. Schmitz. P. Anderton. M. Miller. S. Young, B. Swartz. C. XX'illiams. L. Hafetz. J. Goodman. L. Heller. Second row: P. Small, E. Littman. P. Barker. M. Sustello, S. Kline. C. McDade. L. Long. N. Smethers. J. Shearer. S. XY'ells, C. Moyer. J. McCruddcn. M. Yetto. B. Severns. P. Bropes. V. XX'itckowski. rw, V lla filed 24. :rx V ' .ESS 1, .- , f M ef--we -.Mau-S-.,. : ik V . a5Q1l:5-W. S 1 kiwi! f V.,-V .. ii. ?aw?gGfg.i.e51,.', W ... ,sm .. . ,.L,L " . . H .- SI . r....tV-VV- ' L .-VrV.SVnMVrWS ,,w:V,iiM1.VVV..V,n , h i Q, . .L,. LL., Nm. M, - 1 1 3-5 .t 5 ss 4 .V.,- . VS-ff S . Z31SSSi?Z.w-at 3 S S ,a.....,,5,.., .,. Lf.. . -,.k ,.,a--za., . ,.,., .L,k: . , . tl . . a s 5 r JV S Sr 'SS S fi' Q r QV. 1- - - .S V ' f1.w.s-Qi-V-...VV, - ... ,. ,.,, ,K ,k.,,,k ,....,.V ..r.,.,,,- J ,,,,,,, ,K V .., kf,. 7... .....,sV..... S .. V . , i - D Jumnora cnoaus ' .: 5 - . ,r S -f.. ,Q-..t.s-.SVV 1,..V, ., 5 -. Z :,,. . 'Vff'-Vf"'f3Q.rV , S ,. . A -. -5g2r?s..VV.V,.i:ew , gag ss. 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Gratis, M. Schiffman. Fifth row: R. Bauman, S. Dempsey, F. Fegley, J. Merluzzo. J. Balthaser, E. Kunnes, P. Stallone, J. Adams, D. Mengel. This is a group of junior high choristers practicing under the capable direction of Mr. Linn. Their performance at the Christmas Concert has given both the Senior and Intermediate Chorus much keen and friendly competition. If this present group is any indication of what is to come in future years, the Senior Chorus should be of the highest caliber. ...S . . .i- SV. A-V iV 5,-.r.Vz,4.fiS.giSgg.,.+-S,f,,,,.,- -,,,:V,,t.,,., Q .t .V.V 2-W-S-:i..VViS..fVV.V .. .,...r. S . fi , FS .w..,.., V. .V...., J.,-i..Vfm.,,e..g Q.,-q-, V .gr . ,, M.. V .. . . ,.,. 1-.i-S..V..V..V. ,SGW :V,.x-iZ.6,.oVy1.,Vg:.,7.z:.75.s,52 is. , sts. ,sr g.V..,,:S.'1.P.'fy" S' L .wSSr2.eV-:Vw -. .1...--SSQQQSSZXQZ-iid-SS....,...-LVV.-.ff Q ww? cg-5-l1'f.i'..,L-,SVJ!SV1:7-f,-2'?'.Q,:s-5'f:Q- ,'1ix2ss-Aide ,,:v, fe:-fp' 'V .wggiv---VV ..1..r1 ..V...,.eV.S..,t Q,-V V 7 55993353-V-:....i,-V.i.ffi .QSM-S,i1,' . ASS- is rf 1 S' Sf ' V. ,'., P N QR. S WS M 4,5-, s ,t-we S 5 of vitae Q J ,QS bawwg ww V r , W WS r if S, 1,5 ir, fr irgigmfp... . K S 'iff-Sgfz.4 Q ., r V r . .rw 1 M as 2 wig 3.1 .,..V.V . , . ,.-.VV...V,.V . V.., ..... . s S 2S:..s ,fs-V.. 53,6 r or-iS2e s cs 1 Si wi if sehr' ' 34.2-QS .. 5 , 2 523554 :gi f 21, 2. - -. S :g5?f.r.i1,-Sig V1 - 2 Q 1 1 e img . :VS-.r f ., if -S S ee isle- S '55':fg'igfi?Qf- 'ee S, .. E V . Q53 , Talent in the making: First row. left to right: P. Misiasek. D. Harter, S. Boas, B. Conrad, A. Sheilds, S. Lance, L. Neles. L. Adams, S. Bachman, L. Horst, J. Maxymillian, R. Hirsch. Second row: E. Gower, H. Chambers, S. Byram, S. Distasio, L. Erdman. L. Heinz. L. Hoffman, V. Gilbert, N. Reese, H. Heller, D. Millias, G. Williams. Third row: P. Bixler, R, Becker, J. Strichler, P. Leininger, J. Erdam, R. Heck, M. Romig, M. Paul, B. Imber, L. Farber, R. Steglmaier, B. Kline. Fourth row: B. Kock, L. Hoffman, C. Borelli, S. Grossman, J. Sherller. Fifth row: R. Wolfe, K. Haas, P. Chromister. C. Ensslen, A. Haas, S. Shaffer. R. Abrams. OUR JUNIGR "One, two, hit it on three" First row, left to right: R. Keifer. G. Gensler, L. Allison, C. Borelli. R. Hirsch, H. Neckman. Second row: M. Scheffrnan, D. Arnold. J. Merluzzo. S. Souders, F. Ermold. I. Clouser. Third row: D. joseph, P. Kozloff, R. Roeberg, C. Ensslen, R. Abrams. The purpose of the Junior band is to provide younger students in the proper training prior to joining the senior band. Mr. LeVan expects the junior band to play a few well-chosen selections in the Spring Concert. . OUR US!-HER "Program Sir?-This Way, Please!" Front row, left to right: B. Strouse, J. Rothenberger, J. Guinther, J. Hinnershitz. Back row: J. Zashtaft, R. Miller, A. Strunk, B. Seifert. The usherettes' club is another of the voluntary organizations of our school. Under the able direction of Mr. Wearne, these service-conscious girls are always on hand at all school functions to collect tickets and distribute programs. . 2221 is , . 'X'i't.:i,,. '1' 2.5.5 - .1 'gnu-.a.,,,r .g,.31,'q335gg -. .Q w't,tfEw 6 T E252 'f,, .. . ' Q KEY CLUB Gathered together are Awmi if to right: J. Diener, D. Reeder, Treasurer W. Robertson, Vigggyfesidentg R. White, President, Governor of Pennsylvania Key Clubs M. Marisseau,,QQeiffAietaryg R. Letsche. Second row: G. StuberQw,akRWeidman, J. Hibschman, J. Ennis J. Tucker, R. Shockley, J. deMerlier, N. Rappaselli. row: J. Dautrich, P. Weidman O. Ehst, M. Forrester, B. Remley, S. Swanger, G. Wissaffgsuser, J. Lance. 111 lii -11 -':'1..2 .s'.11- ,- 'ti' iiilr M tiiii i eiii rf. arf e,z. f ,..... ...rrarrreii W r,... ii The Key Club, as its iframe is oo,ef75of the gfltey organizat s of the school. .Quite simplygfthe Key is a 'tll' for the i"1 boys in the h school. These -1-boys from tenth, elevgnth and tyxfgelfthfygrades are selected with s e principal's ap- ,proval and njeet with sanction sponsorsliip of the lo l Kiwanis Club. jfPresident, Robert White, the Faciilty Advisor, Mr. Zimm man, has guided ,fthe Key Clubgthrough a lir ff, :. y This year Key Clgigbbers 'tponey the o., munity for flood and alsoifiipr menfglly Saturday e fall was spent edifiertaining retaifded School. ring the Christmas holidays, food baslieitfs V..,,7,y colleiited for families. Oth, duties of the Key Club f....Vy i ndude selling ,t., ,,,,y time ,'.a and basketball progrgfhs at games, policing the grade school playground, i"i anldf rrtt keeping the lavatories and yf.1 fhalls clean. fir J . Y-TEEN First row, left to right: C. Flanagan, B. Price, E. Olander, G. Byram, C. Keller, Vice Presidentg M. A. Reinsel, President, M. Snyder, Secretary, M. Clouser, Treasurer, J. Mantz, J. Borelli, A. Lindner, F. Sebakus. Second row: K. I-Ierflicker,.G. Schaeffer, J. Richards, A. Strunk, B. Strause, S. Leese, M. Dunkelberger, P. Wfilliarns, B. J. Stuebner, C. Wilson, Moran. Third row: K. Esslinger, J. Reed, A. Fahnestock, S. Schiffne5,:,,P, Zieglermgir. Furillo, S. Rambo, S. Lucas. J. Blum, B. Hunsberger, P. Fisher. .'1' . l" ' 'r'l'- ' i'if "To grow as a person. To grow in ','- friendship with people of all races, religions, and ..,,g nationalities. T0 8f0W in the knowledge qridflove Of ,i,. the gogglsof-.tI1e.35?fTeen gir1s."ThzQughout the past year these conducted a ihiiffetiiliuncheon the teachers, cake salesfdances, parties, and a food a clothing drive. Under the capable leadership of M. Reinsel, president, and .-"' ii .n32?3Mi'ss Cumliuss, our advisors, this year-has proved to he a very fruitful and enjoyable one for this group of 60 Y-Teens. .1 ,. . . -1 .'..:1g,j.1j . . ,.,,..,...,... . . 5 f E uzfwrszlfxl 1 zz:-:ri .sz w..t.fx. ...qi slggszfgj ...:T'iresfgeizg5fg2ep?g+. 1. ffm 5.5 2. etfiegggfiffztlisretge 'sfasK.fia.sza1afasxxitfw .izifmiwfsffezff. First row, left to right: B. Sandridge, M. Alloway, D. Alloway, N. Erkes, P. Miller, S. Strause, B. Pawliger, G. Stalone, S. Hilton, J. Blum, B. Hunsberger, P. Fisher, S. J. Dautrich. Second row: B. Snyder, G. Smith, L. Conner, J. Mengle, B. Dreibellis, L. London, B. Moyer, E. Kline, N. Koch, D. Nuffer, J. Seifert, P. Rachman, N. Kline, J. Delp. Third row: V. Zerbe, B. Bard, K. Bloom, S. Mendelson, M. Gimmy, M. Adams, J. Davis, G. Lewis, J. Mechanis, V. Franckowiak S. Levy, L. Troutman, S. Diebler. H t'r'tl1 W1 Wf'lrf ' 'E . i . iw .zxgl l l . . Mig, .Qi . ff, ff.. , .,,,.Vf.. ..,,.. ..... 1 1... M. QM W M. New it fx .14 wma.. . Mir . 2 ff.gy5i5gp2ggg'fiW ,,wg2fgs.4w iffw,ifyffis.Y:.,gxf5fg 151ifif?'fSfy,'sl5X2gSfgs?H1ff W59i'W9i3fWWET W f -Qwlsvwxi.'f2fff.'.. . . .i fi :f4wr1vffW1 -ww Sew: 9 1 5Z2fLsZ'Q,2s?avlf'.i,L1.. i ' . Mr- fizl'?txfUl4L.:,::.' ' tvmsfeqf f . f?filM5,"' N M. , Sdaisw. fm? Mei: .1i.wraSf1rC9f2i27x.w:' .. 4.7.-gfiw . www .L .?w..i...f...,t..f.5,..aWfi g,W..,,f..,,.... ,. mi 'Q metal'aisife1Q,svgie4,,w2f rg. fi wrwfwi ' f a , - W EQV EV DSYV 1 1,1 time .1 .z WEE? Blix' i f 5 'gi-A sig? X E si t ru ,:, A E E 3235 an f Y 1552. ri .. sit , ll 5 if Q ig El, , l 5 1 l l 3 2 E x igg QI Stl l l iii! if rl , Sir I ia ls gi is 5 . ig Jil-S g gEz? M gr if RQ 13' 92:51 QZ. .?s25z a mari" gran f, S .M W as .lip gg .fn Nb? J' ' iff l ,.5..11v.r -..ff.-ameri., 2 ff Sa F .Kfiaiisisss-fwgwlfs ,Q 2: aSwlS,2S2isE5Es2:eQEf , a taisrr-fwaksffizgiaf f .tkfliigrfiffaiilgilglb li , :45gg,rgg,aa1r.zsr.aar sr Qalfamf . ,rr warg' - ra lam, l aa W., We ..,, . 5392? - S fix 4 1 V thi s Rim ' S " if . . - 'aff 5-,gwssiifaslaf f i sfSlf3?5s1f2rfns z , X 1. . M3 71 ,EE-..:.fg . 5 ii r.. E haf: J ,'. , 55 s 1 rr 5 2 X Q, if .. ,. LIBRARY CLUBS ff , if ff' . if Wag 1-v . 5 X figs! Front row, left tohrightz F. Sebakus, P. Reese, J. Seifert, G. Byram, President, M. Abeln, B. gf? 23.5, Dreibellis, G. Lewis. Secondlrowz B. Hunsberger, B. Holzworth, K. Bloom, M. Adams, M. gi! is Dechant, S. Sulzbacher, S. Wisswesser, V. Zerbe, S. Mendelsohn, L. Chivian, P. Fisher. Absent: S. Martin, J. Zashtaft, L. London and G. Freed. A rs? l . . , , . ,g gi in the efficient operation of the library" could applicably be the motto of our Senior Library Club. . diligence of its members, the library's high standards are maintained. Each member demonstrates his library science through the expert handling of responsibilities such as 'occupying the desk,' processing rehabilitating worn books, aiding in the selection of new materials, and assisting the perplexed student. -... . t Week' in November presentegggliiigii assembly program designed to create 5 . EEE in the 1ibfafY- with the lb' participated in the annual Teen-Age . g ociation Convention at i'i1tf A -5 5 LQEQ Undef tligefgvaluable leadefgjnp if Mrs. Mack Club's ii it , projects of servicegto og school have most sr W - 1 1..--i life, 'isxi -5 'iff ' Library Club is compose? of thirty studilats Selected from seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. lg QQ, E! responsibility is to assiigour librarian, glviack during tivity period, after school hours, and .K 6- '1...t i ... .. .. ,.......i. . issi lit ? . tttt ,, . . . 3 Week. in November the Club sponsored 'i't'i fifgiairy Tale Book Contest in which many .of the high agirgigi i . is . participated. The winner was P. Rachman, tenth grade, who received a book as a prize. 1 . .a '-" -- sif s ga ze. XX , .a fa .Q 'V " 't"tN?fqi1fia5siigg?faS , V.-aw-iff-rrssilasrffgr 'ggi S .3-at miiswwwia 365 lr l5Q11W5aQ?5!?22aa?aFaX glrggigiwisvfeifiszfrszigiilfg .aww as aws- rm. .fr fer -s. arg' ilffvfss Z 4"f5SZ?5?lS72E5: r5a,,.. a, 2r..if..f..ymr::m1 ' ""' iss . SM.- ls 2. si 2 gs ggi a 'EES S r1..r.,a rf 3' is arms: A - wtf Q: fx . Q B. tr- rf . Wlaf 91 . ms We J ff- ai 5. ft .. . ....- ., 1 if s N T Q Iii E1 5 .Ms hsikw-iarsw asia. gs.: EW as ag 5 Front row. left to right: R. Kiefer, K. Johnston, P. Chronister, M. Monoson, C. Borelli. S. Smith. H. Heckman. D. Upperman. L. King. Second row: J. Thomas, L. Heller, J. McCrudden, P. Schlanger. S. Stamm, C. Ensslen, P. Kozloff, R. O'Grattis, F. Barr, K. Adams S. Paulerson. is rs 459, , , 1 1,3 riiggiiliir ii Third row: B. Loring, D. Arnold, N. Smethers, J. Goodman, S. Wells, L. Hafetz, R. Heck, R. by I, iii 1, Hartberger, H. Hohl. Absent is: B. Gajewski. W S -fskws. S S . .F f ii-z .. 'Exec - gg' '- r ea, lg w g fs 4- 1532 :, il ..: . s wg ,u,...,.,..,.., ,,., 35.3ri.2.:irr-: .. . nga . 2ax..s:?fe:s..5lfr-.Bearer - 'Wm'-.-1.. . xfsiei'-rif f -1 .':'-Gffgji-IL-.iI. .... 2 . My SERVICE Get your hot clogs here' First row K Adams B Hunsberger B Fawliger S Hylton L Chivian L Heller M Snyder S Martin L Hafetz D Chapman Second row P Fisher P Brobst M Abeln M Evans S Snyder L Long I Eisman B Hawk E Bard E Olander V Zerbe M Adams Third row I Seifrit G Lewrs B Levine S Leese C McDade L Duggan P Rachman S Men dlesohn K Bloom F Sebakos M Gim Fourth row M Dechant F Wentzel W Hunsberger mel' R r don IN r M R Wfolfe I flex elli C F rich F Ylach With the arrival of the basketball season to our school scene the Service Club girls began their indispensable making all stheswlgome-games a well-run and enjoyable experience. p . The Ticket Division under Mr. Sharetts ,sedulously attends to seeing that every student in the school is given an opportunity to purchase tickets for the games. Moreover they handle the collection of tickets at everyiphome exhibition. The Refreshment Division under Mr. Schutt has an egtigally important assignment the job of serving refreshments to the many eager spectators at the counter under the stands. In May these two groups jbiniifogethergpto hold theirgghnnual Banqiget where the school is given an opportunity, to offer italyappreciatiofihfor a job done. All of the clubs funds remaining at the end ofgthe year are transferreqft to our school organ fund. 4 S 7: f 7. 1 ' at ess. 'Es 116 pf :ef.1zsf'ff7,iv- . 7.1 - ET 'Fw S21 Wing tz"2l'Ls I ilt732.rt,.fs2Ewagis2i,.gt.s75i7.t..f7771.- 7.773 .777 , 7fi,,7t.7t7,M2r7a377tw.7-A fafqgfq.ii?Ei:P2gsSf'isrrsiegfs71z7f1711,47et7M.' ' '7't7f1z.s7gfsffazvtf'r".17W7 we7Qa5rs7gr7??asr7s77gg77w.f7g'f7.-7 7. -. 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First row, left to right: G. Wisswesser, M. Clouser, J. Rudolph, E. Bard, G. Stallone, S. Sulzbacher. One of the venerable institutions at Mount Penn is our annual triangular debate. This March our debating team met with their counterparts from Birdsboro and Twin Valley high schools to discuss the forensic issue: Should the federal government grant subsidies to high school graduates who qualify for further training? The three-day debates are in essence panel discussions with team members representing both affirmative and negative views at each of the participating schools. It was through the sedulous preparation and guidance of Mr. Rickolt that the team displayed its excellence in rhetoracy and argumentation. The unior Town Meeting is a discussion forum held on Radio Station WRAW. twss-777-.77 wwf Q-77- f, ..... .- J --,, few-is .77Q.-K7af.-:emsa7sesXs77w 741.777 7 we Sasaki wma .N as at Vik U57 71... We . fi sag -1757477257.gfyfsgs75s'2l5lgg':'2gfSiE2EiQ Representing Mount Penn has been this group of Problems of Democracy students under the capable guidance of Mr. William Purnell. ggllilg . 7 .-llls aa 3 tu , ilggw W., . --... .., 7 ,, ll ' 7 7552 . .I ig ,m.,i4,gw7i37A asian slams. if 1 7 s gill? 93 - .. 771W ..,-, mf.. mx 'if We K - We 77 Salm a? . .Ea .-P ... ,r 771 - -a-"'.. :..s"..H,. an ' .. 7 . If 5 5 .I 71 7 sl 1 gs ' is if l a? to lbli . l ywsnygflgff 3.25.2 QFSY3 7 A 'QA 7 5 si.. Q Eli 1' 7. vgsiflrrli 5554 ? s,-Q25 s ggi i . it 5 l eggs .gf .tw lf .aaa f gf 723955952 Q SLM wgggas A t gig. .7-1. it gi. 11 it .. Ef.?5i'3fff5i'l.ffl .- ,. .-- 77 ss- 5 ll Slat gg Eilgfg s 5 2 W :w r S 7. i V, 5 Zgafgf M547 . .... . . ..... WpL.,. a 7 as .7 7.. 72 is ,ff sity-ii..5tv,r7s7z.s2-we,7f'7 -. 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U . 5 3 2 3 9 i. 5 .Q 77. 7, , MTW ,. , M7 777W :z7s7.,7:.7ai A "5 7 Hens!! 773 L t :rss-.r77Q7fgg77?r Eg5g.a7a5e?' 55 U 7 '7f2is2g7as7?i??alrg 9297 .M-pgs.. ri gag .. 575532.7,fs.77.-.igeL.g7i:ss1.s771 99? ,,77 17 mwsyggsv 1575.7 . ...,. .., .-7- .777,77t.777i77i7 7w.77m7re7f . , 7a7s7i7f.7v -fia7gQ7:77Q77ae7S7s 7 71271631 1. an 5 .Magik X., 7 777 7771774.17 -77i 7 ,ffy 7t.,,..i7 .7-. g77w1sa7Q..7 ft- .-77t77.777,f,7. 7-,-?g27a7...- J: 12,55 at ' A2w7i?2?57f27gQ71I' . A 7 12555 --.... . . ,.,. ...L , . gi L f7?i9fQ2ig225g3z5la3r?a5sf?Q.,HHr mgggeta , 77 .visa ,nw 7,187 K' is 2 sw , . as77Q277177.t2g7afa.2. 77' E7 ,gi t ,, .,7.ti7f'g7473,i7fr,7, 7,97 75572 as f! R, 1Qi6j7isl7i.eagf2i?1gEafii777a7gai as .M i g T ' - 2 1 7 ,352 . l 7- 1777.7 75777 su .f7,gg+7.27..4e 7, , ,,,, Al 3575227 wg. 'a 555555 Q gli Ellis is sawn KL? 17 ,gs tgmesh at ig ali. 2 ta va 1 5 jfs? Wm? .t as .?27..7,.,7g,aUW . -. 'sr 3 .75722,-77s7Qig37,74g7zitffzzfgsffftqagg 72,7777t.,.M7tt7777777.7. fi X977 7 ,MKS M5 9,973 'la if 1 " .Nfl 3 7? Q5 ., 1 afrsrgfifif XJ' 93747, wi mil J- w as 777. I firmly believe! . . . Front, left to right: M. B. Wolfe, E. Olander, S. Martin, M. Snyder. Back: M. joseph, M. Roeberg, J. Rudolph. i Ba Controversial issues such as our Governments operations, social and economic problems are discussed by panelists. Each week a group of high school students from several of the county 'Z schools meet and deliver a brief speech followed by a period of questions and answers. Sill ff. t iff M .fi sf "1 1 if l PROJ ECTIGN The way I see it! First row, left to right: A. Binkley, M. Dechant, S. Sulzbacher. Second row: W. Hunsberger, F. Wentzel, O. Carter, Mr. Raker, Advisor, F. Shalter, B. Bates. These efficient, young men have given a lot of their time to see that audio and visual aids are shown correctly. This team promotes better understanding in classes and excellent entertainment in assemblies. . STAGE On Set! Kneeling, left to right: S. Sulzbacher, R. Gelsinger. Mr. Seifarth. A. Binkley. Standing: R. Shockley, W. Hunsberger. The stage crew is a very valuable asset to the school. Being present at all assemblies, basketball games, class plays, and musical extravaganzas in the auditorium, they have charge of all lighting effects, curtains, and scenery. Mr. Howard Louis Cafoncelli A WE Ab Mick et jack A friend A friend U Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Abrams Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. B Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams Wayne Albright, jr. H. R. Anewalt john Bachman Roger Baker Mr. George C. Bard Mrs. Edward Barr Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Barth Mr. and Mrs. jack Beane Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Beggs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde C. Bell, jr. Bruce A. Berlin Randy and Greg Bierly Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. john W. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. C Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Birney Richard D. Bishop Lowell Blass Blum Sidney Brandt joseph Brendlen Harry Brooke Gerald Brown Walter Bucks Charles Burnsg Barbara Stanley A. Byram Paul Campfield jack Chiarelli Louis Chiarelli H. J. Chivian Leroy F. Christman Edward Clark Mrs. Anna H. Clouser Dr. and Mrs. Carl B. Clouser Mr. Harlan Cohen ACKNQWLEDGE YGU Dr. and Mrs. Leonard DelVecchio Mr. and Mrs. Edouard deMerlier Mr. and Mrs. Roy Dempsey Pvt. Glenn D. Dickinson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Dom, Eddie, Frederick Didyoung joe, Lee and Louie Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Douds Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Drayer Carl Dreibelbis Reverend and Mrs. David U. Druckenmiller Mr. and Mrs. E William Dunlap Mrs. Raymond Eddinger Mr. and Mrs. Howard Edsall Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Esslinger Mr. and Mrs. George R. Eves F Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Fahnestock Mr. and Mrs . Edwin Fairchild Dr. and Mrs. David Farber Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fichthorn Mr. and Mrs. Arthur I. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Fisher Reverend and Mrs. Charles Fitz Mr. and Mrs . john Flanagan Miss Alice Fleeman Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Preston Fry Mr. and Mrs . john Folga . Leroy Ford . John Forester . Henry Frick . Herbert W. Frymoyer Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Furman G Mr. and Mrs . jere Gabrielle Mr. and Mrs. Spurgeon Gassert Miss Anita A. Geiger Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Frederick D. Gerhard . Martin Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Peter Goodheart Mr. and Mrs . W. J. Grace Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grauert Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . joseph Hafetz . William Hagmayer . Randolph Hammer Mr. and Mrs. james A. Harwick Mr. and Mrs . George Hatza Miss Barbara Hawk Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hawk Mr. and Mrs. Ted Heller Mr. and Mrs. C. Hemstreet Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Hendrickson J. Victor Henkel Mr. and Mrs. Herflicker Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Naomi M. H Mr. and Mrs. Chester Herman john A. Hibschman Thomas Hinnershitz Thomas Holland Homan ons Edwin Horst E. Hunter I Industrial Abrasives Supply Co. Nancy W. Ingham I Mr. and Mrs. Charles joseph Mr. and Mrs. Ralph joseph ' K Mr. Charles Kachel Mr. and Mrs. Earl Kachel Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Kachel Miss Kathryn Kantner Mr. Charles Karre Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Elsie A. Paul Kase C. E. Keefer Stuart R. Keith J. J. Keitz Edwin I.. Keller Fred Keller Keys Mr. Lewis Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Cohn Mr. and Mrs. Chet Cooke Mrs. Lucy Gray Mr. joseph Greenstein Marjorie Grimes Weir L. King Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Kins Mr. and Mrs. jacob Kins Mr. Russell G. Klein Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kline joe Cosgrove Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. D Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Gaylord A. Crozier Raymond Cunnius Frederick Curtis Ray Cusma john Daemer Robert Deach Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd F. Degler Mr. and Mrs. Farley DeHart Mrs. Madeline Deibler Delp's Libert y Food Store Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Gromis Mr. Frank J. Gross Mr. and Mrs. john R. Gross Mrs. Regina Gross Mr. Thomas Gross Mr. William Grub Miss jackie Guinther Mr. Harry M. Guldin H Mr. and Mrs. David A. Hafer Mr. and Mrs. Al Hafetz Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Knectle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hy Kobrin Mrs. Evelyn Kohl Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. L Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Kooker Ralph Koppelman Alan Kozloff Morris Kretchmar john Labe james M. Leese Franklin Leidy Miss Doris A. Leininger Mrs. Ralph Y. Leininger Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Lesniewski Mr. and Mrs. Rudlph Letsche Mr. William H. LeVan Mr. and Mrs. Sam Levin Miss Sandy Light Mrs. Thelma Light Mr. Lee E. Linn Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lloyd Harvey and Leila London Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Long Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Lucas R. G. Ludwig M Mrs. Sara Mack Mr. and Mrs. Clayton J. Mantz Merrill Marisseau and Jackie Rohrbach Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pearson Mrs. Harry M. Peifer Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Peifer Mr. and Mrs. Willard Peltier Mrs. James Pfleger Mr. Charles Pflueger Mr. and Mrs. J. Luther Plank Mr. and Mrs. John Power Mr. and Mrs. Delbert F. Price Mr. and Mrs. William I. Purnell R Mr. and Mrs. Tobias Rachman Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rappaselli Mr. and Mrs. Oscar S. Reed Dr. and Mrs. R. K. Reeder Mr. Paul E. Reeser, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Reeser, Sr. M. Elizabeth Reifsnyder Mr. and Mrs. Romeo Marisseau Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Nevin S. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Martin Matz Paul W. Matz John Meshinsky I Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meyers Joseph Michael Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Miller Mr. and Mrs. John A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Miller Joseph L. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller Mr. and Mrs. Willard J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Roger Mosteller Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Mowry Mrs. Stanley Miss Georgia Mc Mr. and Mrs. Mroczkowski L. Mull Frederick McCrudden Mr. and Mrs. John H. McGrath. Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George McGow Larry McMichael Miss Polly McMichael N Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Marylin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. O Charles Nagle W. Frank Nelson Newberry Fred Noch Joe Niles Mr. Phillip Odell Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Olander Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ollivierre Helene E. Ott Mr. and Mrs. P Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Oxenford Max Pawliger Miss Mary Ann Reinsel Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Reinsel Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Rhoads Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Richards Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Ricker Mrs. Florence Riley Mr. and Mrs. James Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Roeberg Mr. and Mrs. William Rohn Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Dean P. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rothenberger A. R. Royle Frank Ruch Mr. J. Nathan Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. Donald Russell Mr. and Mrs. S Karl Rutkowski Mr. and Mrs. A. Sallett Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Sandt Henry Schaeffer Joseph Scherer Gerald Schlosberg Mrs. Kathyrn Schnable Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schooley Mr. Allen R. Schutt Francie Sebekos Mr. and Mrs. George Seidel Mrs. Helen Seidel Mr. and Mrs. John H. Seifarth Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Seiger Mr. and Mrs. Judson B. Severns Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Seyfert Mr. and Mrs. Mr. J. Lloyd Sharon, Mary John L. Sharadin Sharetts B., Margie, Gloria, Elaine Mr. and Mrs. Norman Shear Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shultz Mr. and Mrs. Bernard T. Shuman Mr. and Mrs. W. Sm M Miss Joan E. Smith Reverend and Mrs. Ri M Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mr. and Mrs. Sonon Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Mr. and Mrs. Anthor Mr. and Mrs. Walter Robert R. Stein Reverend and Mrs. F. Mr. J. Harold Straus: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mr. and Mrs. Clarenc Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mr. and Mrs. James S Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Mr. Frank S. Swiensk Mr. and Mrs. Larry T The Clothes Tree Mr. and Mrs. John T1 Mrs. Sidney W. Tuttle Mr Mr Mr. and Mrs. J. Cliffo Mr. and Mrs Roscoe Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mis Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. U . Robert Ullman V . . Walter T. Vozell: W L rs. James H. Smitl aster Jack Snyder T . I and Mrs. Leonard and Mrs. Al Weni and Mrs. Grant W and Mrs. Carl Wh and Mrs. Patrick Y Robert M. White and Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Samuel Y s Paula Williams and Mrs. R. I. Wil Robert Wilson and Mrs. R. E. Wi and Mrs. Richard A Y Mr. and Mrs. Herbert T Mr. and Mrs. Hubert S. Z Mr. and Mrs. John Zaj: Patricia L Ziegler Mr. and Mrs. Leon M. J Clarence Zimmerman, Mr. Mr. David S. Zimmernr and Mrs. Robert F. L Q , + , M ---"' S. m,,,Zg-gvailrfym F, ,.... . L .,, WWTV ..,., ., M., k .JR 'f? Yil1NE'i f?13' -1:'::. , . . S RST 'N' T"-":vl?ffQff iii' .V W. W , "" ' N1 s . Amx, 3 K f Www .Wm YG ,.t.Nf..L,a,,.,..eK 1ae2e,1ts,,.L -, K . 'fi 5 5 2 ,. L 71 Q--155 1,-fYa5gfaQa55+3sXa:S1as:w 1:-A - ffiiiift t 'Y- fiqgfas ., S. N 4 .as X gi.. 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We unhesitantly urge and recommend your bear- ing these advertisers in mind the next time you're considering a transaction in their field. if .1-fsftw i .,,-.',--, it ,f,..f5,... , L. W aw fifafse .-2 -1 ,V f ri , V ma . . .- M E . .. K..L..?H-.,iE - 5 552 QLSV W A Same , 4 fi i th e ii ' 1 55 515 2 Q' 7 TSW 7 . f-atfe1g4kf'2:-.ig.e-.,f .eww-Q,-'11 in mtg ,W 6, v..'f2?ti.' so I ,L is .gig-.matt 1as.w1f-f.-1it2afli1EQfV?nffit?i:a-atW 5? ' sc 1 n' .-eww --:al . wats: In-QitikV.2, -Q2 V if , gc,-2 .M -- fgtg 2 kr ,,a..,i5gly., . fe 3 36,52 ' gtawz sims . ff N353 . : L 4 'e g Q. .gait nt , gi, i R' Ef.e-fE'.'L:vs 15 . ? X ' , faifzfsis gig2g1iigff?jEi,Wi:efl35Ll E 5 Eiffst xtffffiw " ff , titty s afe an ?iLtti5Qt??EP?2lQq3Vtl1 1 2 gf L. f 35 Tri f 2 ft vp. 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WOOLWORTH CO. SPECIALTY FROSTED ROOT BEER 530 Penn Square Halfway Be+ween Po'Hs+own and Reading Roufe 422 Complimenfs of SPATZ ESSO ASTOR JEWELERS 742 Penn S'l'ree+ SERVICENTER Relfflon Phone 2-6450 Reacling, Pa. Fishing "Always Reliable" Tackle CHIARELLI BROS, SPORTING eoons JEWELRY Music and Appliances SHARGOLDIS Ouiboarcl LUGGAGE 4+ an Penn Sls' one 6' I Ammunamn CAMERAS li Cl Ph I5 3 Moms Wholesale and Relail FEATURING BERKS COUNTY'S Camping ' LARGEST RECORD DEPARTMENT Equipmenf Dual 4-I649 8l7 Penn Sfreel' Guns and Rifles Reading, Penna. DIXIE VORTEX CUPS Phone 3'7l87 G. E. LAMPS Congra+ula+ions 'l'o Class of '56 HILLSIDE DINER BR05-' Opp. While House Mld. Dislribulors M+. Penn. Pa per-Twine-S+a+ionery-School Supplies-Novellies-Drugs-Toys Greeling Cards MAX H. HIRSCH 940 S ruce S+. Reacling, Pa. We are sure lhal you will 'find somelhing clifferenl' in our large varieiy menu Open From 6 A. M.-8 P. M. Daily Congralulalions lo l'l1e Class of '56 THE BOY'S SHOP Boys' and S'l'udenl's' Wear 836 PENN ST. READING WHITE HOUSE MARKET 2800 Perlziomen Ave. MT. PENN Qualify Meals Fancy Groceries Fruil and Produce I09 BEST wlsi-iss TO CLASS or 'se THE FIVE COHEN'S Edyihe Sam Harlan Gary and Armand ANTH RACITE FUEL OIL BITUMINOUS KET wwf" . 0251 producbgy 335 Reecl Sfreei' Reading, Pennsylvania Phone 6-7176 A FRIEND We Sell 'For Less Always JOSEPH'S The Men's S'I'ore Where Women Like 'ro Shop IIO g Phone 4-983 I I JEROME HERMAN Roofing Siding InsuIaI'ion S+orm Windows Doors 23 SOUTH 23rd STREET MI'. Penn, Reading CongraI'uIa+ions 'Io 'I'he Class of '56 DOUGHERTY FUNERAL SERVICE PENNSYLVANIA CompIimenI's of CompIimen+s I +he READING O KINS CO. HOSIERY OUTLETS I7 NORTH SIXTH STREET AND 843 PENN STREET as I I , K ' I 3 2 5 mm- fm Wg y fgiiiisfgrffffgswif s A nga 'ss :sw 4 ssx5R232I?f2Ifi1f?if 1 MINROS "Golden Rule Jewelers" 6II PENN STREET READING, PA. S'I'ore Hours 9 'Io II Daily HAGMAYER'S 25'rh and Park S'rs., Pennside Dolly Madison Ice Cream Zipfs QuaIi+y Chocolafes Groceries, Frozen Foods Magazines, Sunday Papers Tobaccos, Gifis HARVEY GOLDEN INCORPORATED 446 NorI'h Fourfh S+. OLDSMOBILE SALES AND SERVICE NEUBLING'S A'rhIeI'ic Equipmenf Pho'Io Finishing Fishing Tackle CORNER 9+h AND PENN STREETS Phone 4-8253 III YI3 2 CompIimen+s HAFER'S ESSO SERVICE STATION of Tires-BaHeries-Accessories Experi' Car Washing HOWARD BOULEVARD phone 4-0936 READING, PENNSYLVANIA Besf of Luck +o Complimems +I1e Class of '56 of CI-IARCQAI. CHEF - Q 3224 PERKIOMEN AVENUE ON CRET S SOC REIFFTON, PENNSYLVANIA -I . L, 'I I H CompIimen'l's FOREST HILLS of a MEMORIAL PARK, INC. "The Cemefery Beau+ifuI" Cvmplimems of +he BEST wISI-IES TO CLASS OF 'sb NATIONAL HONOR SOCITEY NATIONAL I-Iouon SOCIETY H II s I..f ---- DRY CLEANING 1 Complimen+s 'ro 'Hue Class of '56 From +he Y-Teens L. r 11" ' dv Cf MT. PENN KEY CLUB N flat, N sl T 'PNATX 1 1' 11,3 T is N Complimenis of -n E 1 T f' .llffl STORM WINDOWS AND DOORS RADIATOR ENCLOSURES VENETIAN BLINDS Free Es+ima+es PEERLESS SALES COMPANY 945 Penn Sfreei' Reading Phone 5-3367 RAND McNALLY 81 CO. Chicago, Illinois I 856- I 956 Maps, Globes, Tex+booIcs, Road Maps C om plimenfs of J. E. TOBACCO CO. 244 Nor+h Eigh+h S+ree'I' READING, PENNSYLVANIA Besl' Wishes From I'he OLD READING BREWERY, INC. Reading, Pa. Bes'r Wishes +o I'he Class of '56 THE JOLLY ROGER RESTAURANT AND ITS EMPLOYEES 48+h AND PHILADELPHIA PIKE A. W. GOLDEN, INC. 80I Lancasfer Avenue C0mPIImen'I'5 of a READING, PENNA. FRIEND Cadillac-Pon+iac G M C Trucks YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC STORE Mf. P ospitality Coca-C C. B-A IOIHED uuofl nulnolnv ol ln! COCA COIA COMHNV lv ,L Kravlfs Sfudlos 0326 o o I' if 0 0 I I BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I956 We, of Kravils Sluclio, were glad +o help make fhis yearbook one of +he besl' from Mt Penn High School. r I 6I3 PENN STREET READING. PENNSYLVANIA I BE THE GREATEST GUY IN THE WORLD... ' 'fllb 'flue dum' ' ! xr CWM, On Penn Squuru Reading, Pennsylvania On Penn Square Reading, Pennsylvania "Refresl1es Wilhoul' Filling" THEoE1g2Ln+1AciRT Berlcs Coun+y's Favorife Since I888 CORNER SIXTH AND COURT ST' I-Headquaders for Your lLaboraiory Conirolledl School Needs" Try H' . . . You'll Lilce l'l' Too! ok! Are TAHOE-MADE COMPANY DALLAS TEXAS SURPRISE? SURPRISE! . . . OUR YEARBOOK IS THROUGH! WE REALLY ENJOYED IT, WE HOPE YOU HAVE TOO! KRAVITS STUDIO xi 0 6 1 3 155-Scinitreet PX WN W A x . ..-3 I ,,'-. Al 1 , -0 '.' . -0,11 7' .1 f w 1 Q 5 -'Q e.,, -. ,, - . ' . ' " , . , . Q. . . . . , -ty.. - . ' ,L 4 ,,,..,, , ,W W.,-4. . -Va-A-, . Q '4..., ,.,..:N. , - , " , ' ', ' -.",.7f'.- 1 - ,r 4 .. Y f 1, ' - ' ' . Jai' x 1'--.22 'H - , ' x , ,A ,f....g..,,, ..,, 11 .. - ..,,,.Q,x.-2,2 Q. V' V , W, 19,4 ,,,...: ..,.,,.,, ,A.,,.g, .--, . W., ,... ,. ,, Tm., .,,,., ,, .,M,..,i,. . . ., ..,.,W, Y..,,,,W.. U.. ., ,. . ., A- . , , .,.,,,. , wus,-,,.-,, , . -,- V - ' Y' '. . - Q1 IV' -ig ' 'W ' ' . 'k'-'Mix' , 4 , - ' 5 1, 1., -1 A if - L-'1' '. , . 1' ' -, 7, T' . . A .V , 544 w ,H n 4 f M' A"1i. Vt 7 Y-. V71 W ' 4.-.f"..'3 4'-fv ' 3 , ' . Q- G 4v.',s55,,, h- ,ll-K. . . - , t f N l.. , .,f.-...H . r. Q, , I ' ',.1 ..'.f'.:'f-.- Q.- , ' -',. , 1 LQ ' Y., - - -A ' ' .f . ' . W " ' . z ' Q " ' '. . v . - A I kr , -. 0 ff J., ix K - s i. PV' ,. - .X ., , -, . -. 1, . . . . , . . 2 ' ,, L' ' . , ,J vi X . , 1 - I - 1 , ' -' 2.3-g 4 " - .. A. '-gl,:' '- A ' , :L wif- f ,W .. fy- , .555 g,f1,J ,A H ., -. ., . . - W . . - f- ' ' K '54 ' .JY-55:3 :.' -,:',,-.':gW5 V . , b ". .. 1 Q-'.'.1?'- 41,11 4 1. .li 0 . ,-. 'U '. , ',1:'-Qt.,--. A .. '- Kg .. 1 'ar-.r . , - - sm. ' 1 --P -. f--. '- 19 '. -' "'f. sa".-:f--', ,- ' N .-., ,,1 . 2 ,!.' .. X-V5-.-3-5 1 .gjil ."' inn,-,-f', 1 lf ' , r 5 , . , . .- .V I .4 .,. ' .gtg-:.. ' .f S 1 Y -. vu - 1' 1 . i A 'An . .J . V . - ' - ,. , 1 ' - . ' . , A . 6 - ' 'A G . -u...', ,Q -- f I a ' . Tf' - 4' '. W Q f, + , , ,V h lx ,V.x.1:"5 t Z.. I J 1 'M - ,, "' : T' , . ' ,- .1 2 ' t "fa '-'- . 'W' - , .4 A j j-"K, "ja Q, A 1"-1 ' u. V ' N. , ff? A-12 "'TA5i'gl3.1rf.. 'V ilk 5 ' ":""f' 7 'H in ,iff s 2" ."" fr , 5 . , -v . V .- , . I A A' O 1 ' 'P . 1 - . ' 'I N , - ,, : , , , f 135 P Lg ' ' ' Q Clic nqlzfhlzasqlliaulearid cya? 'S 1' 1. 9,Q, 3' ff ' . . H . I 'D D . ' 1lct'tl1c'HylQf vfotha'I1f1ylff warld4W:.sfq Milk the- dyil1y,suh.' 9 0 I ..- ' 1, o.....--.w-- q,Q...v .........-1 ...W-...v,......-.-.-.-.W--Q-. . -w-.-.- ..... """"""'3Q".... .........-.-Q ................,...r.....f....-............. N .....-.--.,.......6...-..--f.......M. ,,.f..-.......-.'..-......f................ 3 ,.....,.-...- ,- ...-. ..........,. I ..--nfs--.und ..-...f ' -...,.....1-W ... ...v- .....-.,......................z..... L ...-Q-...q ,.,...............-,.-wiu. f ....fw----- '- 4.. k .0 ...nun ---U--.... ...f-...A -.-.--...- - gpg- ...Q- -.. .-. .A G.. ..f " ,M ,W-, -A.,,.N. ,V...N,, - ---his .Limm wvvwm A ,.... ..... M W., ..... .M .W W V K .. V Mm.....,. W, Q - -WM W-M--W .,. MH, Ma .,....,. .....,...-N ......-W Q-.-- .. 1 .w "' """""' M" f I , W., ., W..-..-Z:-5 M. ,di 21 -A ffm .,...-.,, M... . BACCALAUREATE. , . JUNE 3 In a reverent atmosphere, we received the challenge of the future during our traditional Baccalaureate Service. We gathered on a Sunday afternoon in the High School Auditorium, sixty- six strong, to acknowledge the importance of faith in God throughout our days. The service was conducted by Reverend D. V. Dunkenmillerg the inspiring message was given by Reverend Charles Fitz. 3 1 .A NITE OF ONE-ACT l On rainy, May 2nd exe at 8:05 pm. the great blue curtains in the Mt. Penn H. S. Auditorium parted for a NITE OF ONE-ACT PLAYS presented by our Thes- pian Society and members of the faculty. The first play accorded the drenched audience was an entertaining comedy en- titled SUNDAY COSTS FIVE PESOSQ next the audience viewed spine-curling MYSTERY OF MOULDY MANOR. Pictured is a little of Young Mexico in "Deare Olde Mounte Penn " with jim Rudolph, I-leller, G. Byram, Miss Grimes, M. Wolfe, and M. Snyder. Arsenic and the young lace of Sharon Martin, Sirloin, AnyOnel a la Mr. Shutt, Miss Geiger Mary Reinsel, Bob White and Gloria Byram. Joanne Steubner, and Mr. Linn. ora BANQUET AND Plfaofvx, ,ie-M. f'16 Ten up . , . Four down Tossed salad, anyone? ami? , - 1. iz, N ffkhg, ,AER ,fi - fx A ,g Waitress! We're waiting Still Waiting- . ,,-f i READING C. C , . MAY Watch the birdie . . . not the food! Don't let the food get cold 1. L 4 K, X B 1-W K x 'E K nz R 4 , J' .5411 5 n May we eat? We're finished! GR CLASS PLAY DIFCCTOF, Mxss Smxth G . . . Eavesdropping --A H h SLICK FRGM PUNKIN CRICK I . . CDUR GULF I Rv.-HB IST? fig 5 . E s,J'I 1.4. f M . QUR TRACK "I -sy - ""J51-1-f"f" ,ww SPRING IS I-IERE WITI-I ... BGGIES CINDERS " if BASEBALL TEAM :gf- 3 H ERF F JON ES Murchison Division World's Largesi S. W. Hampson Manufacfurers 43 Meade Sfreei' of Class Rings Ambler, Penna.

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