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Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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:U 4' Q 1 ' I I fl Q" 1 V - ,. 1 I "l, '-'L'-1.155 fg, iq " Q.. 4 Y, df' 4. - 1 A , 1 J 0 ' N . I v 1 , . Q ' . ' . f . I p 0' " 1 , . I 5 I S v 0 .' 2. ' - ' '13 1 - - 0 ' - I 1 ' a', . - 5 I 1 qc ' P - 4 'A nl' .' ' .E - Q 4 - 1 11 ax- Q v I ,. ' . , x I , . 4 ' - , O I I ' ' , as . . . 4 f Q, . . 's , . 1 U a . , ' 1 .2 4 ' A P . '. 1 " l I' 0 ' A - ' a 1 ' I Q 1 It 7 is f 4 'J l'a f 1: li 1 I 1 '.. vs .,,. s 06 'OA M .'l 9 9 -. 'K , 4 -, 1 iv - 1 1 'S 5 1 9? l - --fi :-' Q q xxxv 4 '51 ,I 9 f, u ' I rf, f 1- ff' 1.14.1-1 e' P I I. ,.. , ,N -K , 1 I I ' I L 4 - I 1 , f I' -- . '7 S " '. I. " ,X I I . . Y ' , ' -la 3 1. , ' . NN 'Q 'ff KX -,,...v ,-ff .,---' I 'o ol . O I U Published hy the Senior Class Mt. Penn-lower Alsace loint School District Mt. Penn, Reading, Pennsylvania Foreword , .av wp-prw "0" On completion of our studies at Mt. Penn High School, we go forward well equipped with a high level of academic attainment. With this firm foundation we can reach for further education and successful living. The high standards set by Mt. Penn High School for us will always help us to extend ourselves into a sphere of usefulness to our community and fellowmen. Contents Faculty Seniors Underclassmen Activities Sports Advertisements Q Dedication ln dedicating the Penn Alma to Mr. Jacob Wentzel, our English instructor, we have recognized a personality possess- ing friendliness, integrity, honesty, courtesy, trust, esteem and high intelligence. Mr. Wentzel is a true reflection of all of these distinctive characteristics and qualities and exem- plifies the highest ideals. For many years he has been an integral part of the life of Mt. Penn High School, the Class of 1954, in genuine appreciation of his contributions, find it fitting to give him this place of honor. 5 t S 1 s 5 Roscoe I-I. Ward Supervising Principal Administration The great men in any field of learning or endeavor are remembered because of the ser- vice they have performed. lf you are to get the most satisfaction out of life, it will be because you have given freely of your time and effort, your ability and talents, for the advancement of your church, your school, your neighbor, your community, your state and nation. Your success will belargely measured in how well you have served. May you find great satisfaction in this life! Congratulations and best wishes to you. John A. Hibschman Assistant Supervising Principal IHHce Sun! Nm f""x. ms-H4 vw- Left to Right: Miss Leininger, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Wells. lt takes a great many people to operate a school successfully. One group that frequently is not recognized as an essential part of the school systemis the secretarial staff. The administration wishes to com- pliment our associates for their efficient and conscientious work which is ofgreat assistance to the faculty and pupils. rt. , . if 'Ill HaH Mnnhnrs These fourteen girls are those who as- sisted in hall duty for the 1953-54 semester. The girls do this voluntarily on their own time. Their duties consist of collecting the absentee slips and assisting Mrs. Smith and Miss Leininger in any errands that may have to be done. FIRST ROW lLeft to rightj--J. Young, F. Shade, M. Bright, M. A. Snyder, L. Shalter, J. Ullman, K. Hollingsworth, J. Kilpatrick. SECOND ROW fLeft to rightD-- W. Rieser, J. Sweitzer, A. Harter, B. Seiz, E. Fick, S. Ziegler. Absent from picture are: R. Bender, C. Gower, and P. Kieffer. SEATED fLeit to right,--E. F. Palm, Secretaryg G. C. Bard. Treasurerg F. A. Howard, Presidentg S. Keith, Vice President. STANDlNG-- F. D. Ger- hard, G. A. Groff, I. B. Severns, F. McCruddeh, Dr. R. K. Reeder. Missing from picture--C. L. L0ng, O. C. Nord. Board of Education Congratulations to the Class of 1954. Your class is the first to graduate from the Mt. Penn-Lower Alsace Joint School District. The Joint Board of School Directors feel that this new organization is the first step in providing better educational oppor- tunities and advantages for all the youth in these areas. Each boy and girl has a right to expect the best education this Joint District can provide, and we feel that succeeding classes will benefit from an expanding educational program. It shall be our aim to offer a curriculum from the kindergarten to the twelfth grade that will meet the needs of the community and will provide the graduates with such training as will benefit them throughout their lives. To you we extend our sincere best wishes for a long, happy and prosperous life. Faculty Lee Richard Bierly Kutztown State Teachers College B. S. Bucknell University Junior High Mathematics, General Science Q .. rx? .J 5 - Q g "2"'.:.."2D' P Jane S. Cunnius Kutztown State Teachers College B. S. University of Pennsylvania M.S. History John Carson Temple University B.S.,M.S Pennsylvania State Univer sity Junior Business Training, Business Law, Guidance Ellen C. Anderson Bloomsburg State Teachers College Columbia University B. S. Bookkeeping, Typing his Agnes M. Barth Pennsylvania State Univer sity B. S. Home Economics Mary C. de Merlier Pennsylvania State Univer- sity Seton Hall University French, English, Guidance ipa- Q 9 1 Dodson Dreisbach Kutztown State Teachers College B.S. Columbia University M. A. Temple University Geography Q it fy., I Anita A. Geiger Penn State University B.S. Physical Education, General Science New Faculty Arlene M. Linderman East Stroudsburg State Teachers College B. S. Temple University Health, Physical Education lsezwwff' Lee E. Linn West Chester State Teachers College University of Pennsylvania Vocal Music sity English Hood College nomics kldqqn Florence S. Lamson Pennsylvania State Umver Temple University University of Pennsylvania Mildred Leininger B. S. in Home Economics Geography and Home Eco Sara M. Mack Kutztown State Teachers College B. S. William H- Levan Columbia University Conservatory of Music, Librarian Philadelphia Instrumental Music W .b his . Nevin S. Matz Kutztown State Teachers College B. S. Mathematics, Shop Faculty Joseph A. Miller Muhlenberg College Ph. B. History t , fafn, W ' 9 ,Q Helen E. Ott University of Pennsylvania Pembroke English, German Lloyd I. Parsons Pennsylvania State Univer- Edwin F. Palm sity B. S. Pel1flSY1V3l1ia State UHW91' ' University of Pennsylvania sity B. A. M.S. Mathematics Health, Physical Education 'V' ,gabsiiw -C Faculty Ei awww K iff? Mary Kramer Poley Kutztown State Teachers College B. S. Art 'Uk ""'i'M'rvA -...Af William S. Purnell Kutztown State Teachers College B. S. World History, P. O. D. Maxine P. Rubin Temple University B. S. Typing, Economic Geog- raphy, Junior Business Training i 1:' Qi f ' Lawrence E. Rickolt M Kutztown State Teachers 9 0 College B. S. 'A ' University of Pennsylvania A Biology, English v'f: John H. Seifarth Pennsylvania State Univer- sity B. S. in Industrial Ed- ,f,f1sSm'QQ it at ,mation Marjorie Grimes Sanders Ohio University B. A. Temple University M. Ed. English, Librarian Industrial Education Faculty if-' W"'5m"Y A -svn--H-'6"""'f David S. Zimmerman East Stroudsburg State Teachers College B. S. Temple University M. Ed. Social Studies , John L. Sharadin Kutztown State Teachers College Pennsylvania State Univer- sity M. Ed. Lehigh University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Advanced Mathematics .T. Lloyd Sharetts Gettysburg B.S., M. S. Chemistry, Physics, Senior Science Jacob D. Wentzel Franklin and Marshall Col- lege B. A. Columbia University M.A. English is " Avli S be , 'ZI' wma' Leonard R. Wearne Bloomsburg State Teachers College B.S. Temple University M. Ed. Typing, Shorthand John A. Zajac University of Scranton B. A. Latin, English, History QI' janv-'al Guardians of Cur Health i lLeft to rightl Mrs. Grace Shockley, secre- taryg Jackie Schweitzerg Dr. John H. Drum- hellerg Dr. R. A. Deachg Grace Pottsg Mrs. Ethel C. Hill, nurse. Mt. Penn Mt. Penn is, indeed, fortunate in having such a fine medical and dental staff to look after our health and wel- fare. The constant use of the Health Room should make us realize how indispensable these staffs are. We should be proud and grateful of the excellent job being done by these guardians of our health. Pennside Our guardians of health at Penn- side are an essential group. Pennside, as well as Mt. Penn, maintains the importance of checking a studenr's health every two years. This is done by giving the pupil a Complete physi- cal and dental examination. If remedial work is necessary, the parents are promptly notified. This emphasizes the significance of these guardians. lLeft to rightj Mrs. Ethel C. Hill, nurseg Dr. John J. Williamsg Mrs. John A. Hibs- chma.n, secretary. Eustudians Seated left to right: William Billing- ton, Woodrow Wilsong Arthur Aul- enbach, Pennsideg Harvey Miller, Mt. Penn High School. Standing: Clayton Bady, Mt. Penn Grade Schoolg George Krail, Mt. Penn High School, and Harry Weber, maintenance engineer. Missing are William Goodhart and Frank Man- willer, Mt. Penn High School. A salute to those who keep our schools in top shape and who are always ready to lend a helping hand to our party and dance plans. Bus Dnver Mr. Nevin Matz, a Pennside teacher, is, without a doubt, one of the best-known and best -liked schoolbus drivers in this vicinity. His cheery 'Top of the Mornin' is, indeed, a wonderful way to start the school year and to begin each school day correctly. ' X 4ijif'Z5" - f 4443. . A 3 A ln K N-E1 .rr fm,:1,,, - ,fl-,,, , -' i i 'YJ YW ,.4f Z5 21 Eff' 332' - ,'-writ, x an ,, ,..,- o.s,,.3 -5 X- -' . " 9 ' N ou g' s . o 1 .nkggq 1 x '- I - Q ' A ,:i'T'fi.. kin gn. L - . -W 5.1 -,A-., 15 Xgj.::. 15:3 -,- ' -'P , 'iff-'::::g'.xf , !XEniJ"I'Fg'f1ai'-3.3E111 "1f'22?.' -1- ,A ' txmsilrb :Z--1123 33: dn. uf TM' 3' 1 3" ' in- ' '-. ir Y Y . - 1- -- ..-......,.. .... , - n,g Nw xl-" " ' :nm u 11' 'X ' ' ' RIF' X wi -LQEEQQHQXXE 1:1455 - ,guumh -----gave! -, Q n . -' - 11.1-bp. - "" ' ' 1- 4- . - . A N :X ""- ia: Qira-bugv ..- P Q . N, 5- QF!!! 55 .-Fig...-:fzfr ' f M , if xK i E E ?i is if Ni- . L..- x 1 gh "I-.. .., wb 1 1 Left to Right: Sam Heiser - Treasurer John Diener - President Kermeth Houp - Vice-President Georgia Mull - Secretary Class Officers This quartet, the governing body of the senior class, works in harmony throughout the year, keeping the class activities running smoothly. With a fine class behind them, co-operating to the best of their ability, these four have been able to plan and Carry out the many activities of their senior year without any setbacks. Robert .Ton Alt 27 Butter Lane Mount Penn General "Bobby. . . likes to go to dances, French fries, chicken, and tuna fish. . . favorite pastime, telling jokes, going for rides, and photo- graphy. . . Draftsman or commer- cial artist. Varsity Basketball Manager 11, 125 Assembly 105 Class Committees 12. Allen R. Anders 173 Montgomery Avenue Stony Creek Mills Commercial Allen. . . likes courteous people, clothes, cars, boating, flying, veal cutlets, and Italian sandwiches. . . dislikes vain girls . . . favorite pastime, reading and designing cars . . . hopes to be an automobile salesman. Chorus 12. Edgar Arters Reading R. D. No. 3 General "Eddie'. . . likes farm girls, ham- burgers, and working on his chev- rolet. . . dislikes going to dances . . . future ambition. . . runninga farm. ,..,....,.Nl" wwf 44, Suzon Babitt 515 North 26th Street, Pennside Academic "Suzy". . . lots of activities. . .an attractive wardrobe. . . will aim towards a college degree with her high scholastic ability. Penn Alma Coordinator, National Honor Society, Junior Town Meeting, 125 Ba.nd, Chorus, Debating Team, Penn Post, Y-Teens 10, 11, 125 Exchange Assembly, Orchestra 11, 125 Junior Play5 Basketball 105 Hoc- key 115 Cheerleader 10, 115 Coun- ty Band and Chorus 10. Donald R.. Badinger Jaclcsonwald Commercial "Don", . . likes girls, hunting fishing, cars, and apple pie. . future ambition . . . lineman. Class Committees 11, 12. ff 02 5 - , ,. 5 5 mfg? 6 at X. 7 as s, 3- Fe 11 Sf ar' U X . 5. Class of I954 Mt. Penn High School R is Cynthia M. Bartnick Fleetwood R. D. No. 3 Academic ikes smart clothes 'Cindy' . . . 1 and chocolate cake, but Monday morning's most unpopular. . . Cindy's favorite pastime is speed- ing WJ around in her jeep. . . hopes to have a shingle and a couch some- day. Y-Teens 10, ll, 123 Service Club 10,l1,12g National Honor Society 1011 ' . ,12, Exchange Assembly 11, 123 Junior and Senior Class Playsg Color Guard 11, 12. 'Q-'v ffvlf' Donald Bauer Oley, R. D. No. 1 Commercial "Dormie". . . likes dancing and the Yankees. . . favorite food is roast . . . expects to be an office worker in the future. Dance Ban 11,12. d 115 Class Committees H--Us 'UW is-.hw A William M. Bauer Birdsboro R. D. No. 2 General "Bill". . . likes hunting, horses, and t . . . . rapping. . . dislikes girls. . . pie and sweet corn are his favor- ites. . . hopes to be a farmer in the future. Exeter Band 105 Class Committees 11112. Robert D. Bechtel St. Lawrence Service Station Esterly General 'Bob' . . . likes money and girls . . . vain girls aren't his speed . . . cream filled doughnuts are his fav- orite food . . . works on cars for a pastime . . . future ambition is to be a machinist. Class Committees 11, 12. Lynne A. Bixler 1452 Friedensburg Road Reading Commercial "Linnie" . . . smart clothes, and interest in boys . . . apple dumplings and reading are also high on her list of likes. Chorus 10,11,12g Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Service Club 11, 123 Color Guard 123 Senior Class Play Promp- ter, Penn Post 115 Penn Alma 12. Mary Louise Bollinger Birdsboro R.D.No. 2 General Mary Louise better known as 'Mary Lou", is an ardent Phillies fan, but a certain A's fan rates tops. . . Lobster tails are the dish for this petite miss, but waiting for anyone is out. Junior Class Play Make-up Com- mitteeg Senior Class Playg Library Club 123 Chorus 123 Penn Alma 12j Service Club 12. Joan Ann Bossler J acksonwald Commercial Joan.. .has a weakness for yellow convertibles and art, but doesn't care for proud people . . . Meat loaf's her favorite dish and movies and sports take up her spare time. Chorus 10,11,123 Y-Teens 11,123 Usherette 12g Assembly 10y11s12Q Gym Exhibition 10. Mollie Bright 2600 mu Road Reading Commercial Mollie . . . 'Mo' enjoys oil painting, chocolate cake, and writing letters . . . her future ambition is to master the mysteries of bookkeeping and become first rate at it. Chorus 11,123 G.A.A.Q Usherette 12. John A. Brobst 1929 Woodvale Avenue Mt. Penn Academic John . . . the mad scientist. . . Italian sandwiches top hislist . . . undecided on a college. . .you'll usually find him with Fritz . . . Band 11,123 Marching Band 11,123 Class Committee 10,11,123 Class Assemblies 10,11y12Q Dance Band 11n12Q Co-ed Volleyball 11g Field and Stream Club 10. J acquelyn Browne 605 Carsonia Ave. Pennside Academic 'Jackie' likes pop music and steaks, but doesn't appreciate sar- castic comments ...plans a future in the field of physical theraPY- Pennside Parrot 103 Y-Teens 10, 11,12Q Junior Class Play Prompter IIQ Service Club 11,1231ntramural Volleyball 10,11. We Robert Law Burnish Reading R.D. No.4 Commercial 'Robie' . . . likes Fords . . . ham- burgers and French fries are his specialties . . . enjoys driving during his free time. . .hopes to join the Air Force after he is out of school. Class Committees 1l,12. Marie F. Capozello Box 351 Reading R.D. No.3 Commercial ll Cappy' . . . sweet on Chevy conver- tibles and Eddie Fisher, but wou1dn't give two cents for Julius LaR,osa . . . Marie spends her spare time keeping an eye on the trumpet sec- tion of our band. Chorus 10y11,12Q Library Club 123 Exeter Echo 103 Pioneer Staff 10. me Joyce Conrad Birdsboro R.D.No.2 Commercial Joyce . . . Terry and cheeseburgers go over big with Joyce...driving and sports are her favorite pas- times now, and she plans a career as a private secretary in the future. Exeter Echo 103 May Queen Court 103 l-lomeroom Treasurer 10,113 Hockey 11. Carlene Fay Crossley 3214 Perkiomen Ave. Reiffton General Carlene . . . Carlene enjoys Bruce's company and fun in general, but unsociable people don't go over with this gal. Chorus 10,11,123 Y-Teens 11,12Q Band 10,1l,123 Band Treasurer 123 Service Club 11,123 Ticket Chair- man for Senior Class Play 123 Penn Alma 123 County Chorus l0,l1,123 Usherette 12. Sara Ann Cutrone J acksonwald Commercial "Sa1ly"...keen on swimming, Ita- lian sandwiches, and clothes, but hates blue and green together... Sally suffers from travel fever and hopes to cure it someday. Chorus l0,l1,123 Color Guard 12Q Yearbook Staff 103 Designed cover for Senior Class Play Programs 125 Assemblies l1,12. Rommie A. Daughtry Reading, R.D. No. 4 Commercial Rommie . . . lilnes hunting and Stude- bakers . . . French fries and Italian sandwiches are his favorite foods s on his free time goes for ride wants to be an auto mechanic Class Committees 11, 125 Class sembly 10. Myrtle R. Dautrich eading R.D.N0.3 Stony Creek Mills R Commercial 'Mert' . . . likes curly hair and dancing, but Italian sandwiches just don't rate . . . we may be heari h ng er voice in the future saying, Number please. Yearbook Staff 10g Class Committees 1l,12. Barry L. Degler Fleetwood R.D. No.3 Commercial "Deg"...enjoys learning to fly, track, wants to see Mount P enn beat Kutztown . . . doesn't like people with chips on their shoulders... favorite foods are southern fr' ied chicken and Italian spaghetti fa- vorite pastimes are playing .the harmonica and working with the C.A.P .... hopes to be a pilot. Track Team 11. Edouard de Merlier 233 Oak Terrace Mount Penn Academic 'Moose' . . .likes the opposite sex, his Nash, clothes, photography and th. any ing eatable . . . hates quiet girls . . . hopes to go to Darmouth. Penn Alma Photographer 1O,1l,12g Penn Postg Junior and Senior Class Playsg Homeroom President 11,125 Concert and March' mg Bands l0,11, 125 Debating 10,11,l2g Track 10 11' 7 Baseball 11g County Band l0,12: Nancy Fern Diefenderfer Gibralter Commercial Nancy . . . Chevies, danci ng, and spa- ghetti o o ' g ver big with Nancy, but it's thums down on the Yankees . . . Nancy dreams of being a medical secretary someday. Concert Band 1 ng Band 10,l1,l2g Y-Teens 10g Cho- rus 12. 10,11,12' Marchl v.L,,,giL: Class of I954 Mt. in . 5' 1 H Am af nik 1 . - fi :-- . 3 'agus . E - 1 BN, 5 John Frederick Dlener Fri d e ensburg Road Stony Creek Mills Academic 'Chick' . . . likes include Emmy, pork chops, and milk . . . the future will find Chick as an excellent en- gineer, or a teacher of mathematl cs and physical education in high school. Basketball 10,1l,125 Baseball 10,11, 125 Volleyball 11,125 Band 10,11, 125 Dance Band 125 Key Club 11, 125 Hbmeroom President 115 Class President 125 Class Committees 10, 11,125 Assemblies 10,11,125 Co-ed Volleyball 11, 12. Penn High School Jane C. Dowd 2435 Woodvale Ave. Mt. Penn General "Janie" . . . can usually be found near a radio . . ' ' ' . seen taking rides with the gang . . . spaghetti and popular music get a yes vote . . . pegged pants and white bucks are for the birds... one of the future office workers. Y-Teens 10,11,125 Intramural Ba S- ketball 10,11,125 Library Club 10, 125 V 11 ' o eyball 11,12, Class Com- mittees 105 Usherette 11,12. WO' anvv""""'i"'x 'Huw' Nancy L. Ebrlght I Gibralter Rd. Reading R.D.No.4 Academic "Nance" . . . Johnny-Wow! . . . sports and watermelon rate high . . . onto nursing at the Reading Hospital Chorus 10,l1,125 County Chorus 10, 115 Orchestra 11,125 County Or- chestra 115 Dance Band 115 Library Club 105 Basketball 10,1l,125 Hoc- key 10,11,125 Co-capta.in125Volley- ball 115 Y-Teens 115 125 Penn Alma 125 Exeter May Queen 10. Robert P. Fasshauer Stony Creek Mills Commercial "Bob" . . . always ready to help when needed . . . money, girls, and Pat are tops with Bob . . . a successful career, in the future, as a radio technician Chorus 10,125 Assemblies 10,11 Barbara Lynne Focht 207 Andover Ave. Lincoln Park Academic "Bonnie". . .last one in b f e ore the tardy bell rings . . . pleasant mem- 0 . . ries of Maine summers will grace some college campus next year. Basketba Team 105 Y-Teens 10,11,125Chorus 10,11,125 Penn Post 11,125 Library Club 11,125 Service Club 125 Penn Al ' ma 12, Class Committees 10,11 12. ll 105 Hockey 105 Debating I s Eleanor Ann Forsht Friedensburg Rd. Stony Creek Mills Academic "E1lie'. .. majors in school ac- tivities . . . Parlez-vous Francais? . . . on to college for Ellie. Chorus 10,11,125 Y-Teens 10,11,125 President 10,125 lnterclub Council 10,11,125 President 115 Penn Post 11,125 Associate Editor 11,125 Ser- vice Club 11,125 Manager-Hockey and Basketball 11, 125 Majorette 11, 125 Pemi Alma 125 Junior and Senior Class Plays 11, 12. Sallyanne Freed 2335 Perkiomen Ave. Mt. Penn Academic 'Sal' . . . the gal with the green hair locker girl dislike for unloquacious people. . . always with the gang. Band l0,1l,l25 Library Club l0,11, 125 County Band 115 Orchestra 10, 115 Penn Post 10,115 Y-Teens 10, 11,125 Class Committees 10,l1,l25 Junior and Senior Class Plays 11, 125 Penn Alma 12. David J. A. Frymoyer 110 South 20th St. Mt. Penn Commercial 'Fritz' . . . often found having a jam session with the Notables. . . in the future Dave will be found as an electronic technician. Band 10,11,125 Dance Band 10,11, 125 Orchestra 10,115 Assemblies 10,11,12. .AS Ralph Gerhart Stony Creek Mills Commercial - 'Sonny' . . . baseball and chile con- carne rate high with Ralph . . . can often be found at Rachlin's. . .avid sports fan...a future career in mechanics for Sonny. Class President 105 Baseball 105 Soccer 10. William M. Good Birdsboro R.D. No.2 Academic "Goodie' . . . quiet and thoughtful . . . enjoys sports, especially soccer . . . thumbs down on 'snooty' girls and studying . . . considers steak and mushrooms tops in the food line . . . Bi1l's bound to make a good chem- ical engineer. Soccer 10,115 Baseball 10. wmv' qv' Charles C. Gower 2451 Filbert St. Mt. Penn Commercial 'Cookie' . . . busy man on the stage crew.. . oh-that red hair . . . those long telephone conversations .. . next year will find Cookie working for Uncle Sam. Stage Crew 10,1l,12g Audial Visual Crew 10,1l,12g Penn Post 11,12g Basketball Manager 11,125 Key Club 12 Corinne Graybill 1952 Perkiomen Ave. Mt. Penn Commercial "Corinne'. ..tall and graceful enjoys football games, basketball, dancing, and a certain someone. . . loves television, but thumbs down when it comes to Sid Caesar... someone will be proud to have Corinne as a private secretary. Chorus 11,125 SingingC1ubl0g Class Committees 12. 4 1 15 E+ if T as , Lie Y 'li 'Zi ,X Joseph H. Greenstein 110 Mayer St. Pennside Academic 'Joe' the blue Ford occupies most of .Toe's time. . .a guy that's not hard to please . . . fond memories of the N.Y. trip with Tony . . . you'll find Joe on campus next year. Class Play 103 Debating Team 10, 123 Volleyball 10. Richard Haas Reading R.D. No.3 Commercial 'Haasie' . . . always seen in that 'hot' Ford . . . Dickalso enjoys hunt- ing in the great-out-of-doors . . . great dislike for conceited people and Chevrolets . . . Dick's joining the Navy to'see the world. Basketball 109 Athletic Club 10. Barbara Ann Hater 2731 Perkiomen Ave. Mt. Penn Commercial "Barb". . . cuts a mean figure on roller skates . . . never without Car- lene and the girls. . . avid reader . . . she'11 make someone a wonder- ful secretary. Library Club 10,11,12g Service Club l0,1l,12g Chorus 10. Robert Dale Haier Reiffton Commercial 'Dale' . . .like everyone else, Dale likes money . . . enjoys eating ice cream by the gallon . . . favorite pas- time is sleeping. . . shy and re- served . . . another future mechanic. Samuel J. I-Ieiser, Jr. 2214 Woodvale Ave. Mt. Penn Commercial 'Sam' . . . where there's Sam, there's Joanne can be found working at Ebright's or drumming away his time...a future C.P.A. Band 10,1l,125 Dance Band 10,11, 125 Class Vice-President 115 Class Treasurer 125 Key Club 10, 11, 125 National Honor Society ll, 125 S cer 125 Orchestra 10, 11, 12. Edith Mary Hertzog Stony Creek Mills Academic "Edy" . . . likes the wide open spaces .. .beware-here comes Edy in the truck.. .a Clara Barton of tomor- row. Y-Teans 10,125 Basketball 105 Li- brary Club 11,125 Chorus 10,125 Service Club 12. OC- Arlene M. Hoifmaster Stony Creek Mills Commercial Arlene . . . goes into a dither when hearing 'Eh Cumpari' . . . a faithful supporter of the M.P.H.S. Band. . . conceited people seem to get under her skin. . . next year Arlene will join the secretarial ranks. Chorus 10,125 Library 10,11,125 Y- Teens 105 Assemblies l0,11. Q 62 ga, 6' 2 Maryanne E. Hollingsworth 19 North 25th St. Mt. Penn Academic "Ho1ly' . . . short and petite with the well-groomed look. . . Dodgers will win next year. . . soon find Holly teaching the 3 R's. Penn Post 11,125 Band 10,1l,125 Y-Teens 10,ll,125 Library Club 10, 11,125 Penn Alma 125 Volleyball 11, 125 Intramural Basketball 10,115 Hockey ll. Class of I954 Mt. Penn High School R. Kenneth Houp Birdsboro R.D. No.2 Academic 'Ralph' . . .f are tops . . . one of Exeter's contri- butions to the sports world . . . future business man with college first. Junior and Senior Class Plays' Key Club 11, 125 Soccer 10, 11, 12' J County Bandg County Orchestra? C . ounty Chorus, Band Vice Presi- dent 125 Class Vice President 125 Class Committees 10, 11, 12. ood, sports, and Grace Rochelle Ann I-louser 3804 Reiff Place Commercial Reiffton 'Ro' . . . between dancing with Ray a.nd bookkeeping she's always kept busy . . . remembers her days of al- gebra with strong dislike . . . her fu- ture ambition is to be a good book- keeper. Chorus 1l,12g Homeroom Treasurer 12g Student Councilg Committee Ser- vice Clubg Student Court 105 Y-Teens 103 Singing Club 105 Class Commit- tees 12. Aletha R. Huyett Reading R.D. No.3 Commercial 'Rusty' . . . those auburn tresses . . likes to bereminded of a certain Bob . . . bowling consumes her spare time . . . future secretary. Y-Teens 10,11,12g Volleyball 11 Hockey 105 Chorus 10,11,12g Penn Alma 12g Exeter Echo 10. David R. Huyett Reading R.D. No.3 Commercial "Dave", . .with fried chicken and popular music, Dave is content... Dave and olives just don't mix... with his love for gardening, he will certainly become an excellent land- scaper. Jeannette Joan Johnson Stony Creek Mills Commercial "S'nette" . . . outdoor enthusiast . . . athletic minded . . . a cup of hot cho- colate with marshmallow agrees with Jeannette . . . we'll soon find her uniformed and ready for action. Basketball 105 Homeroom Secre- tary-Treasurer 10g Library Club 105 Y-Teen Program Chairman 10g Assistant Advisor Pennside Y- Teens llg Penn Post 11, 12g Nat- ional Honor Society 12. Michael Joseph 601 Brighton Ave. Pennside Academic 'Mike' . . . witty remarks come fast . . . often found playing basketball at the playground . . . consultant for the finest in men's apparel. . . usually seen with 'the boys' . . . capably por- trayed Dan in the Senior Class Play . . . future college man. Penn Almag Penn Post 11,125 Class Committee 11, 125 Co-Ed Volleyball 11,12g Parrot 10g Soccer 105 1-li-Y 105 Senior Play. Clyde Martin Kauffman 230 Oak Terrace Mt. Penn Commercial 'Mart' . . . friendly to everyone . . . short in stature. . .driving in his red Plymouth . . . has a great ap- preciation fpr holidays . . . apple pie rates high on this young man's list of likes . . . hopes to make sports his career with an eye for a rooky position in baseball. James Robert Keith 412 North 25 St. Pennside Academic "Jim" . . . young man with a horn. . . all around sportsmanr. . . wherever there's food there's Jim. . . plans to study Business at Penn State Uni- versity. Basketball 10,1l,l2g Soccer 10,11, 125 Band 10,11,12g President 12g Junior and Senior ,Playsg Homeroom President 11,125 Key Club 11,129 Vice President 125 Volleyball ll, 125 Penn Almag 'Class Committees 10,1l,12g Dance Band 11,12. Patricia Anne Kieffer Reading R.D. No.4 Commercial 'Patti' . . . the petite member of the Senior Class . . . enjoys reading a good book. . . Hungarian goulash is her favorite food .. . usually oc- cupied writing letters to a special serviceman future homemaker after graduation. Library Club 105 Y-Teens 105 Sen- ior Playg Service Club 11,12g Cho- rus l0,11,12. 1-""...'f" 3 Jane I. Kilpatrick 2432 Fairview Ave. Mt. Penn Commercial Jane . . . second half of the double feature from Mount Penn. . .daily races with the tardy bell . . .enjoys food, especially peanuts . . . sports fan... .likes to curl up with a good book. . . undecided as to future plans. Library Club 10,l1,l2g Service Club 10,11,12g Penn Post llg Y-Teens 10.113 Chorus 10,11,12. 29 xp-ff me-1 K WWW Joan Kilpatrick 2432 Fairview Ave. Commercial Mt. Penn Joan . . . always rarin' to go . . . ar- dent Phillies rooter . . . often found having uwords' with sister Jane . . . enjoys Mr. Wearne's shorthand class some chatterbox future filing clerk. Library Club 10,125 Chorus 10,123 Service Club 1,123 Y-Teens 119 Intramural Basketball 10,11. ,,,, .. A ' ..bAb, I f if V' , 3 If S 5 X at ,. ,,,, 1 ,A E . 0 Q 4 .,,r Ronald Carl Kline Jacksonwald Commercial 'Ronnie' . . . blond wavy hair . . . en- Joys weekends . . . unusual desire- would rather sleep in the morning than go to school. . . spends his pas- time fishing and walking to school . . .found at the 'Rec' during the summer months. Hi-Y 10. 'Thr-ug, Winn- -any 730 Carsonia Ave. YW Shirley Louise Kline Stony Creek Mills Academic 'Shirl' . . . slim gal with a pleasant disposition . . . always ready to lend a helping hand. . . can be seen mar- ' and as a color- ching with the b guard . . . someday hopes to travel to Ohio . . . enjoys chauffeuring the gang in the Buick . . . future Lady of the Lamp. Colorguard ll, 12g Y-Teens 10, 115 Ba ke ' s tball 10, Chorus 10g Intra- mural Volleyball 10. Berneice Louise Klink Pemiside Academic "Bea"...cute blonde with a lico- rice stick...keeps company with 'Chub' from Sinking Spring. . .fu- Chorus l0,11,12g Band 10,11,12g Penn Alma 125 Penn Post 11,12- District, County Band 10,11,12S County Orchestra 1l,12g County Chorus 10,1l,12g District Chorus 10. . , State Band 10, Class Secretary 10g District Orchestra 12. Kenneth William Klink 730 Carsonia. Ave. Pennside General 'Mousey' . . . small but mighty . . . fill 'er u ' ' p is the slogan while on the job.. .one of the trumpheters Soccer 10,11,12g Band 10,11,l2g Key Club 125 Dance Band 11,l2. Albert S. Knabb Myrtle Avenue Stony Creek Mills General 'Al' Pennside alumnus dreams of a Lincoln Capri Con- vertible . . . won't stand for stuck up people . . . could be mistaken for one of Joey Chitwood's daredevils... hamburgers and French fries are tops with Al. . . postgraduate plans include working as an aeronautics mechanic. Soccer 105 Basketball 105 Co-ed Volleyball 11. Earl Kachel Birdsboro R.D. No.2 Commercial Earl. . . commercial student from Exeter . . . spends time playing bas- ketball at the Y.M.C.A. . . . enjoys good food . . . Earl is undecided about future plans. Joyce L. Kohl Esterly Commercial Joyce. . .another Exeter alumna with a pleasing personality . . . seafood and curly hair seem to appeal to Joyce consuming most of her time are Charlie and bowling will surely make a capable sec- retary. Chorus 10,11,125 Library Club 115 Pioneer Staff 105 Exeter Echo 10. V, . .Mau in gy- Fair Lee Kreider Esterly General Fair Lee . . . working gal . . . Tricky . . . the name Nelson brings a plea- sant sound to her ears. . .likes to drive and finds reckless drivers most amioying future lady in white. Y-Teens 11,125 Perm Post l15Class Committee 11,125 Service Club 11, 125 Usherette Club 125 Penn Almag Gym Exhibition 105 Exeter Echo 10. A A I? f A Dynix, . , E - sf. V. .. A .tl A f X S . if x If fl l Barry A. Landy 36 D Brookline Manor Apts. Reading Academic Barry . . . effervescent personality . . . enjoys all types of music . . . sports- man. . . will enter the business world after graduation from U. of P. Soccer 11,125 Varsity Basketball 125 Key Club 10,1l,l25 Homeroom Vice President 115 Baseball 11,125 Vol- leyball 11,125 Penn Post Sports Edi- tor 11,125 Penn Alma. Class of I954 Mt. Penn High School Gayle Lash Birdsboro R.D. No . Commercial Gay-le . . .the gal with the curly locks . . . has adverse feeling toward the Yankees . . . when there isn't book- keeping homework, Gayle spends her time listening to the radio. ..her chosen career is to be a successful medical secretary. Dramatic Club 105 Pioneer Staff 10' 7 Y-Teens 11,12g Service Club 129 Gym Exhibition 10. Lois Ann Lenstrohm Stony Creek Mills Joyce Mari L e ong 10 Park Lane Pennside C0mme!'Cia1 Commercial 'Red' . . . good looks with 3. sweet 'Jgy' , , , full of vim and viggr , , , disposition musically inclined... cheers the boys on the basketball 31WaYS ready to eIll0Y 3 ride in H team to victory. . .enjoys dancingand black F0I'd- - - P13115 to l0ill Y-he SGC- oil painting . . . continual smile . . . retarial ranks a.fter graduation. Summers spent at Ogean-City, Mary- Chorus 11,125 EXBICI' Echo 10g Class 13nd , I , strawberry blgnde 11331, Committees 10,11g May Day 105 Gym r d Exhibiti 1 ' on 0, Orchestra 11,12gDance Band 119 Y-Teens 11,12. g a uate plans include an office job. Cheerleading 10 11 12' B ke J 1 , 3.5 than Y-Teens 10g Chorus 10,12. Emily Lorah Reading RD. No.3 Commercial 'Em' excels in swimming and sewing. . . Les Paul a.nd Mary Ford rate high on her list, but she dis- likes bragging and impatience among her favorite foods is pepper cabb ' age without peppers . . . plans to follow a business career after a few years in the Armed S ' ervice. Art Club 103 Pioneer Staff 10. Margaret E. Mahon 18 West 33 Street Reiffton Academic "Margy". . . popular Exeter lass . . . charter member of the baby sitters' union. . . enjoys taking rides with the gang. . . lookingfor- ward to ha ington. ppy days at Mary Wash- Band 10, 11, 12g Hockey 10, 11, 123 Basketbaii 10, 11, 125 penn Al - ' ma, Pioneer 105 Y-Teens 11, 125 Co-ed Volleyball 11, 12. Robert D. Mantz 509 Brighton Avenue P Academic ennside 'Bob' believes completely in the old saying, wine, women, and song. . . spends all his time on the basketball court, a real asset to the team. . . Key Club 11, 125 Basketball 10, 11, 125 Soccer 10, 11, 125 Volleyball 11, 125 Chorus 10. Emily McCalicher 5 Park Street Pennside Academic "Emmy". . . Permside alumna. . . Y-Teens 10, 11, 125 WorshipChair- man 10 ' , Program Chairman 125 Pennside Parrot Editor 10' Penn Post Co-editor 11, 125 Chorus 11, , 125 Penn Alma 125 Service Club 11 lnterclub Council 12. Terrence McCoy Birdsboro R.D.No. 2 Reiffton General Terry'. . . carrot top who hails from Exeter. . . often seen with a certain brunette. . . won't put up with conceited people. . . loves a good argument. . . pork chops, his favorite dish . . . future lumberjack. Baseball 10. Ivan Mendelsohn 414 Carsonia Avenue Academic Pennside "Mendy'. . . man with the sax. . . seems any kind of food goes over with this boy. . . can always be found on the trail of a woman. . . finds readingavaluable pastime. . . in the future you can take your law suits to Mendy, who plans to become a lawyer. Band 10, 11, 125 Dance Band 10, 11 12' H'- ' ' , , 1 Y 10, Chorus 10, Soccer 10, 125 Basketball 105 Senior Class Play WD" aniwwi' Wifi Job F. Menges Reading R. D. No. 3 Academic Job. . . he can usually be found playing basketball at the playground . . . girls rate high amonghislikes . . . hates losing to K-town. . . wishes Thanksgiving were everyday, loves that turkey and filling. . . his future ol ' doctor. Pioneer 105 Chorus 105 Key Club 11, 125 Basketball 115 Co-ed Vol- leyball 11, 125 Penn Alma g a is to become a 8' .- A ' 'sh i' 1 -,fa 2:- 33 Richard J. Meyers 608 Brighton Avenue Pennside Academic "Dick'. . . conceited peoplealways get a negative vote. . . enjoysfood, particularly steak and French fries . . . has a special liking for blue and cream Oldsmobiles. . . finds basketball an enjoyable pastime. . . his future lies inthe business world. Hi-Y 105 Soccor 125 Co-ed Volley- ball 11, 125 Pennside Parrot 105 Penn Post 11, 125 Track 125 Penn Almag Class Committees' 11, 12 gba-its aww is Gene G. Miller Stonersville Commercial 'Shorty'. . . likes Chevies and N. B.. . . would like to eliminate the man who invented mayonnaise . . . favorites in the food line are French friesandcheeseburgers. . . this boy can usually be found at the Reading Drive-In Theatre . . . hopes to be af future auto mechanic. Soccer 105 Class Committees 10, ll 12. Qfw Neal Miller Oley R. D. No. 1 Commercial Neal . . . believes in complete re- laxation while inclass. . .hislaugh can usually be heard echoing through the halls . . . makesacomplete diag- nosis of every French fry he eats . . . enjoys any kind of car. . . future still undecided but has a strong leaning toward the armed forces. . . doesn't care for girls in general. Assemblies 10, 115 Class Com- mittees 10, 11, 12. Shirley Ann Miller Temple R. D. No 1 Commercial "Shir1' . . . likes pretty clothes, convertibles, andpopular music. . . rainy weather and noisy people get her down. . . Assembly 105 Class Committees 10, 11, 12 Carol Ann Minier 109 West 35 Street Reiffton Academic "Buzz'. . . dislikes nothinginpar- ticular. . . enjoys the company ofa certain L. V. C. Conserv. Soph. . . Exeter Echo 105 Debating Team 105 Hockey 105 Basketball 105 Penn Post 11, Chorus 10, 11, 125 County Chorus 10, 11, 125 Service Club ll, 125 Y-Teens 11, 125 Usherette 115 Assemblies 10, 11, 125 Class Com- mittees l0, 11, 12. Roxanne C. Monoson 2544 Gra.nt Street Mount Penn Academic 'Roxie' . . . simply loves steak . . . thinks friendly people are tops Service Club 10, 11, IZQ Library Club 10, 1, 12g Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Chorus 10, 11Q Senior Class Play3 Penn Alma. Georgia Lee Mull Fleetwood R. D. No. 3 Academic "Goe". . . can always hear this cheery greeting. . . ask to see her scrapbook. . . loves those con- vertibles . . . Chorus 10, 11, 12Q Service Club 11, 123 Majorette ll, 123 Cheerleader 10, 12g Y-Teens 10, 11, 12g Class Secretary 10, 12g National Honor Society 10, 11, 123 Penn Alma3 Class Committees 10, 11, 12. Roberta P. Neff 608 Penndale Avenue Pennside Commercial 'Snuff'. . . can't stand boys that don't dance. . . really takes good care of all the animals. . . can always be found working on some art project. . . when handedamenu this gal always picks crab au graten . . . plans a future in commercial art. Chorus 10, 11, 12g Y-Teens 10, 11, 12Q Penn Post 11, 125 Senior Class Play. . . County Chorus 113 Ser- vlce Club 12Q Penn Alma3 Class Committees 10, 11, 12 K we-w I - WE its A MS 3, Anita L. Neher Temple R. D. No 1 Commercial Anita. . . plans a future in an of- fice. . . has a yen for Fords, no matter what year. . . doesn't seem to care too much for the Yankees . . . enjoys eatingsteaksandwiches and spaghetti. . . where there's a race there's Anita. . . likes to re- lax with a good book. . . is seen at all the dances. Class Committees 10. 11, 12 Mary Ann Nein 2245 Fairview Avenue Mount Penn Commercial Mary Ann. . . gets the blues in stormy weather . . . coffee ice cream tops her food list. . . thinks summertime is the best time of the year . . . adores exotic perfume Band 10, 11, 12Q County Band 10, ll, 12Q District Band 10, 11, 123 State Band 113 Cheerleading 103 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Chorus 10, 12g Junior Class Play3 Class Com- mittees 10, 11, 12. Class of I954 Mt. Penn High School Marlene Joyce Pisano 904 North 25 Street Pexmside Commercial "Buz". 5. . plans a secretarial car- eer. . . enjoys those Friday nights at the Maggie, wonder why. . . on- ions and the Yankees are among her dislikes . . . her appetite is stimulated by spaghetti and steak . . . her telephone line is always busy. Class Treasurer 10, 115 Y-Teens 11, 125 Service Club 10, ll, 125 Co-ed Volleyball 11, 125 National Honor Society 11, 125 Penn Post 11, 125 Marching Band 125 Class Committees 10, 11, 12. Grace Potts Box 22 Birdsboro Commercial "Gracie'. . . she enjoys those bus trips with Nancy. . . keeps wishing people would smile instead of frown- ing. . . this gal has a lovely voice . . . doesn't think teachers should assign homework. . . canalwaysbe found with Jackie. . . to be a typ- ist is her future ambition. Chorus 10, 11, 125 Basketball 105 Hockey 105 Cheerleader 105 Pio- neer Staff 105 Library 105 County Chorus 115 Class Committees 10, 11, 12. Paul Resser, Jr. 2128 PerkiomenAvenue Mount Penn Commercial 'Dee-Dee'. . . is looking forward to a bookkeeping career. . . has the best collection of tape record- ings you've ever seen. . . younever see this boy atany dances. . . when eating anything goes, except peas . . . loves seeing the A's win, but also likes it a little when the Phillies win. Service Club 10, 125 Key Club 11, 125 Penn Post 11, 125 Class Vice President 105 Treasurer of Penn Post 125 Assembly 10, 11, 12. Wilma D. Rieser Temple R. D. N0. 1 Academic "Willie" . . . expresses her feelings of things . . . loves cranberry sauce Y-Teens 10, 11, 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Service Club 10, 11, 125 Nat- ional Honor Society 10, 11, 125 Sen- ior Class Playg Exchange Assem- blies 11, 125 Penn Alma5 Class Committees 11, 12. Michael A. Rohrbach 2615 Park Street Pennside Academic "Mike", . . girls beware, this boy doesn't like peroxide blondes. . . Hi-Y 105 Class President 105 Bas- ketball 10, 11, 125 Soccer 10, 11, 125 Track 115 Baseball 125 Chorus 105 Key Club 11, 125 Penn Alma5 Class Committees 10, 11, 12. fi 2 William R. Roughton 600 George Street Pennside Academic "Bill'. . . if there's a dance men- tioned, Bill's the first one there. . . has a way with the ladies. . . pre- fers blondes, but any others will do Exeter Echo 10g Pioneer Staff 10g Stage Crew 11, 12g Audio Visual Crew 10, 11, 125 Class Committees 10, 11, 12. John Ruppert Stony Creek Mills R. D. No 1 Commercial "Rupp". . . is definitely a Chevie man. . . can't stand Fords at all . . . walks only when absolutely nec- essary and then with much distaste . . . likes anything that looks good . . . can often be found spending money at Mary's Dog House. . . his future lies in engineering. Assembly 113 Class Committees10, 11, 12. Jane K. Schildt Stony Creek Mills R. D. No 2 Commercial "Janie", . . really keeps her horses in top condition. . . her future am- bition is to become a medical sec- retary. . . one of those red heads . . . really thinks French fries are tops. . . she feels that television is a boom to mankind, and spends a lot of time watching it. Y-Teens 105 Chorus 105 Library Club 115 Service Club 115 Class Committees 10, 1, 12. Gerald L. Schlosberg 5 North Los Robles Court Pennside Academic "Jerry'. . . always a ready smile . . . the thing he enjoys most in life is eating, his top choices are French fries and hot dogs. . . his car is this boy's pride and joy. . . spends a lot of time watching tele- vision. . . still a little undecided about his future. Class Committees 10, 11, 12. pam 5 'ki lt ' W -1. I I 4 SQ W lf' Jacqueline Schweitzer Birdsboro R. D. No. 2 Commercial "Jaclde' . . . this girl is a real chewing gum addict. . . she is a good friend of Graces. . . hasn't quite decided about the future. . . you can't miss this little girl who is always lots of fun. . . is con- stantly on the telephone. Pioneer Staff 105 Exeter Echo 105 Chorus 10, 11, 123 Library Club 105 County Chorus 11g Class Com- mittees 10, 11, 12. 37 ention J an for a smile John R. Sergeant 15 North 25 Street Mount Penn Academic "Sarge", . . takes his driving quite seriously. . . l'm not a bit well is his favorite answer when asked to do something. . . the A-1 talker in the Senior Class . . . really appre- ciates women . . . finds a lot of enjoyment in music, eating, and movies. . . is still undecided about the future. Service Club 105 Chorus 105 Field and Stream 105 Stage Manager of the Junior Class Play5 Senior Class Playg Exchange Assembly 125 Class Committees 10, 11, 12. J. Stuart Severns 22 North 25 Street Mount Penn Academic "Stu'. . . always on the trail of a bl ' onde. . . can'tseemtod1gestfro- zen waffles with sugar and butter . . . plans to be a salesman in the future . . . can always be found washing the car. . . likes to eat turkey any time. . . always willing t . o make friends. . . an all around athlete. Audio Visual Crew 10, 11, 125Track 10 ' , 11, 12, Basketball 10, 11, 125 Soccer 11, 125 Volleyball 11, 125 Class Committees 10, 11, 12. M xanga! .ki 0 5. Xe ix. Mx. lfgiiijff.igi,f?Q yfgsugwgclwg H3 X ' 4 'QM .5 :,. A. .,., Mary Ellen Seyler Stony Creek Mills R. D. No. 1 Academic Mary Ellen. . . works hard to keep her 'A' report. . . has apleasant smile for everyone . . . this talented art student often helps in the library. . . traveling istheplan for her future. Library Club 11, 12' Preside t 12' n Chorus 11, 125 Penn Post 11, 122 Perm Alma. Fern Shade Stony Creek Mills Commercial Fern. . . shy lass with a smile . . . Fern deplores vain people and cold weather. . . this pleasant gal can usually be found reading or sleeping in her leisure time. . . in the future Fern career. Y-Teens 10, 115 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Service Club 11 12' mittees ll. plans a business , , Class Com- Lorraine Faye Shalter 1430 Friedensburg Road Stony Creek Mills Academic Lorraine . . . m on her face . . . roller skating, art, and music rate high on Lorri's list of likes . . . the future will find her keeping her own home. Chorus 11, 125 Accompanist 11, 125 Penn Almag Vocalist 125 County Chorus 11, 125 Y-Teens 11. Wayne Shearer Stony Creek Mills Academic Wayne . . . easy to get along with . . . likes to spend leisure time gunning. . . agrees with themajor- ity of the male sex in his interest in girls. . . seafood can be placed in front of this lad at any meal. . . plans a future in mechanics. Hi-Y, President 10. Kenneth Shockley 2411 Fairview Avenue Mount Penn General "Ken'. . . the silent type, but a hard worker. . . enjoysagoodplat- ter of French fries anytime. . . nu- merous years of faithful service to the Stage and Projection crews. . . always seems to 'perk' up when basketball season rolls around. Stage Crew 10, 11, 125 Projection Crew 10, 11, 125 Junior Varsity Basketball 11. Mary Ann Snyder Temple R. D. No. 1 Commercial Mary Ann. . . possesses awinning smile. . . school, dancingor swim- ing take up most of her time. . . sure brain bait. . . another gal from M. P. who will make acompe- tent secretary. Y-Teens 10, ll, 125 Class Assem- blies 10, 11, 12g Intramurals 11, 125 Chorus 10, 11, 12. Leith Souders 3812 Grant Street Reiffton Academic Leith. . . special interest in Muh- lenberg College. . . this gal's good taste is shown in her selection of clothes . . . golden voice . . . ardent Yankee fan. . . after grad- uation Leith's future will include music, music, music! Chorus 10, ll, 125 President 125 Choralaires 11, National Honor Soc- iety 11, 125 Secretary-Treasurer Karl Galen Spohn 22 Cherrydale Avenue Commercial "Spohny". . . food tops the list with Italian steak sandwiches taking pri- ority. . . one of the gang. . . part time working at the Pennside Pharmacy . . . another boy who thinks the opposite sex is great. . . would like to become a radio tech- nician. 125 Orchestra 11, 129 Penn Alma. . Y Class of I954 Mt. Penn High School .tea-"" . Z 5934 wwe eff! Lee. R. Steigerwalt Reading R. D. No. 1 Commercial Lee. . . any form of outdoor life gets his okay. . . prefers sleeping in the morningto goingto school. . . loves to eat, especially Italian steak sandwiches . . . in forthcoming years will find Lee as a watch- maker. 0 Wit Barry Lester Stoss 2538 Grant Street Mount Penn Academic Barry. . . one of the twelve Gil- breths . . . television addict. . . de- pendable basketball rooter. . . for- eigner for foods, spaghetti and chow mein. . . this lad has an intense dislike for hot rods. . . Barry will see the world from the deck of a ship. Senior Class Playg Co-ed Volleyball 11, 12. 'ii kt. o. . Marcia Stump 2702 Philmay Terrace Mount Penn Academic "Marcy" . . . able co-editor of the Penn Post . . . Olds . . . piano and clarinet bring out her musical talent . . . will be taking temperatures in three years. Band 10, ll, 125 Penn Alma5 Y- Teens 10, ll, 125 Penn Post 10, ll, 125 Associate Editor 10, 11, Co- editor 11, 12. Juanita Sutter Reading R. D. No. 3 Commercial Juanita. . . Exeter lass. . . at the top of Juanita's list of likes are swimming and cheeseburgers. . . movie fan. . . purple and Fords are two of the few dislikes of this pleasant gal. . . can be found in the percussion section of the band . . . will be efficient secretary. Band 11, 125 Pioneer Staff 10. Diane Katherine Wanner Stony Creek Mills Commercial 'Dizzy". . . tall and friendly Penn- side lass. . . baseball and Rock Hudson are her two favorite thoughts . . . plans to be a private secre- tary. . . hoping to use her earn- ings to take a trip around the world. Chorus 10, 125 Library Club 10, 11, 125 Penn Post 11, 125 Penn Almag Y-Teens ll, 12. Anne Shirley Weatherill 812 Friedensburg Road Stony Creek Mills Commercial 'Shirl' . . . pleasant gal with a friendly smile . . . spends her spare time swimming and playing pinochle with the girls at Antietam . . . will make a great stenographer. Homeroom Secretary 11, 125 Li- brary Club 10, 11, 125 Vice Presi- dent 12g Hockey 115 Penn Post 11, 12g Penn Almag Chorus 10, 12. Peter Wilkes, Jr. Birdsboro R. D. No. 1 Commercial 'Pete' . . . quiet lad . . . small and friendly. . . Cadillacs andtele- vision are at the top of the list for this young fellow. . . oneofhisdis- likes, of all things, is homework . . . spends much time in front of the T. V. set. . . the future will find Pete as a businessman. Clair M. Williams Temple R. D. No. 1 Commercial Clair. . . one of those rare lads who dislikes the opposite sex. . . quiet, but a hardworker. . . among his favorites are lima beans and ham. . . enjoys being out of doors . . . his future is still undecided. Class Assembly 10g TrackTeam11. Jacqueline Winters 38 Endlich Avenue Mount Penn Academic "Jackie'. . . the gal with the sunny disposition. . . ask her about the latest popular tunes. . . always ready with a return statement. . . next year Jackie can be found at Penn State. Library Club 10, 11, 125 Service Club 10, 11, 129 Y-Teens 10, 11, 123 Penn Almag Junior Class Playg Marching Band 12. w-....,,,s' X. N. Clarence Wise 1440 Friedensburg Road Stony Creek Mills General "Whiz'. . . usually seen whipping around in that "hot" Ford. . . spa- ghetti rates tops in his food column . . . spends almost all his spare time tinkering with cars. . . after graduating he plans a future in me- chanics. Hi-Y 10 Vice Presidentg Basketball 10g Baseball 10g Soccer 105 Class Committees 10, 11, 12. I 'X 2 kwa. vklwf 4 . xv. ,Rx X Patricia Ann Yerger Reading, R. D. No. 4 Commercial "Pat". . . is able to cuddle up with a good book. . . quiet and reserved lass with a nice sense of humor. . . this tiny lass favors gobs of whipped cream. . . Pat has dress designing planned for her career. Y-Teens 10, 115 Service Club 10, 11, 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Library Club 11, 125 Class Assemblies 10, 11 ' ' , 12, Class Committees 11, 12. ..,.yws.wMU" Joanne Lynne Yergey 3452 Jacksonwald Avenue Esterly Academic "Toots". . . master of the88's. . . etarialbook keeper of the band's secr . . . Jim takes upToot's sparetime . . . all around activity gal. . . plans a future in Home Economics. Y Teens 11 - , 12 Vice President 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 County Chorus 105 Band 10, 11, 125 Secretary 125 Penn Almag Library Club 10, 125 Class Committees 10, 11, 125 Assemblies 10, 11, 12. sift Joseph O. Yoder 1385 Friedensburg Road Stony Creek Mills Commercial 'Joe'. . . women and good jokes rate high with Joe, while shockable women get his veto en'o s li . . . J y s- tening to the records he collects . . . likes chow mein and chocolate chip cookies. . . seeks to make a future in commercial art. Class Assembly 105 Play Program Committee 115 Chorus 125 0ctett12. I-Iuberta Young 603 Brighten Avenue Permside Academic 'I-lubie'. . . busy red-headed lass . . . always enjoys a good book or chauffering the crowd around. . . one of the gang. . . experienced camper. . . Mt. Penn's loss is Pemi State's gain. Band 10, 11, 125 Hockey 10, 115 Y- . Teens 10, 11, Orchestra 10, 11, 125 Library Club 10, 115 PennAlma5 Penn Post 10, 11, 12. Ronald Francis Young 2329 Perkiomen Avenue Mount Penn Academic 'Ronnie' . . . spends his spare time working on his car . . . able mem- ber of the stage crew for some years Stage Crew 10, 11, 125 Projection Crew 10, 11, 125 Basketball 105 Volleyball 11, 12. Herbert August Zakrison Esterly Academic "Skip", . . homework, his pet an- noyance. . . good food and Buicks Sports Manager 105 Band 10, 11, 125 Penn Alma 125 Chorus 105 Pioneer, Co-editor 105 Class President 10, 115 Homeroom President 125 Class Committees 10, 11, 125 Assemblies 10, 11, 125 Co-ed Volleyball 11, 125 Senior Class Play 125 Debating Team 10. Shirley T. Ziegler 2113 Fairview Avenue Mount Penn Commercial "Chub". . . this all around gal can usually be found at the Maggie on Friday nites when there's not a basketball game . . . Y-Teens 10, 11, 125 Majorette 10, ll, 125 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Penna Alma 125 Varsity Basketball 10, ll, 125 Hockey 10, 11, 125 Co-ed Vol- leyball 11, 125 Class Play 115 Assemblies 10, 11, 125 Class Com- mittees 10, 11, 12. Warren Lewis Abrams 2609 Filbert Avenue Academic Warren . . . new classmate . . . spaghetti rates high with this boy . . . his favorite pastime is sculp- turing. . . hails from Philadelphia. Class Committees l2. Patrick A. Moran 102 Hollywood Avenue Mount Perm Academic "Tony'. . .dancing and sharp clothes rate high on Tony's list of likes, but giggly girls get his veto . . . cheeseburgers are tops on his menu . . . someday you'll probably see Tony as a salesman. Class Committees. ,,d' Donald M. Kunzig We are proud to have a service man graduating in our class. Class of I954 AH, f. Eg 'Q .J K' i. Party Do in's X 2 ,Zvi Way Back When Striped Suit Already ? 1 .W 'Wai Eagerly Anticipating The Bell J 4' Blg Smile Going Scientific .v -- hai lla . gl ' S 1. ," - .-,. ff' .13 .1 . . Xb' .A 1 .4-'AA . .X - JN.. ' -' w' " .,.. ' . . ' '- - -n.-r-.'5-V -V '-.. - . . .f . -rx , ,- + . ..x "' 's ' '.'- ..-' ". 1 'Cu-.' Q.. 2- Q v. - ' .o, v N Lf 1 'J' . .Jw - n -.V 1,- .1 Jn ' . 4.. . lu.. 'l'. is Q 'Ax J sf- Ax 4 n I.-L .' fs" ,g'.,3-a ,Qui .Q 13-J. x ' 4 ' ' 'Cl I 'fx S .-ares," 'T FIRST ROW: fLeft to rightj--P. Andes, E. Auge, L. Andre, L. Cohen, D. Beane, M Bybel, J. Brill, D. Fenner. SECOND ROW -- D. Dragon, A. Beible, L. Ahrens, L. Fan- cher, B. Burns, N. Boone, J. Ess1inger,D. Bell, L. Cafoncelli, P. Elliott. THIRD ROW-- R. Bender, E. Fick, M. DiBlasi, T. Behm, N. Faber, G. Ebert, M. Cichowicz. TOP ROW-- A. Balatgek, D. DeTurk, T. Babb, R. Czarnecki, G. Brinkenhoff. Absent from picture: C. Anders, S. Brumbach, C. Bildstein, M. DeCosta. .I u n I o r s FIRST ROW QLeft to rightJ-- M. A. Gottshall, T. Jacobs, D. Hollingsworth, P. Heffel- finger, R. Berbein, N. Grube, K. Hughes, W. Johnson. SECOND ROW -- R. Johnson, L. Hafer, S. Herb, N. Gerth, R. Hecker, M. E. Hinnershitz, B. Griffin, M. A. Griesemer, D. Hemming, D. Haberstroh, R. Hoffman. THIRD ROW--K. Hoffman, R. Greenwood, B. Hinkle, M. Harcar, J. Heiss, G. Gehrke, B. Gaul, R. Hoyer, C. Heller. Absent from picture: M. Hartman, B. Hoellman, C. Jones, N. Ingham. -wx 1. :ml Q n 7 M. 31. we-1 FIRST ROW lLeft to rightl --J. Kreider, J. Leininger, J. Kline, J. Reber, S. Manwiller, R. Klocker, C. Kraus. SECOND ROW-- D. Fegley, K. Reimert, J. Lubas, J. King, B. Keys, M. Kropp, M. Kropp, J. Loran. THIRD ROW--P. Miller, S. Petsch, G. Lessig, W. Mayer, D. Millar, V. Orth, R. Mervine. FOURTH ROW--J. O'Donald, R. Mervine, G. Noll, R. Kemmerer, D. Mock, E. Pachuilo, J. Kahler. Absent from picture: A. Pfleger, R. Reitz. Class of I955 FIRST ROW lLeft to rightj--J. Rohrbach, M. Suchomelly, J. Wurman, D. Stouffer, M. Shultz, R. Rhein, J. Stuber, J. Zondlo. SECOND ROW -- M. Smith, J. Riddell, N. Zim- merman, L. Yoder, T. Royer, M. Schildt, J. Rothenberger, M. Rienecker. THIRD ROW-- R. Yoder, M. Shaifer, K. Ritz, J. Young, B. Seiz, E. Spatz, M. Steinhauer, J. Swartz. FOURTH ROW--S. Suchomelly, C. Valentine, P. Sonon, A.Toaldo, K. Sutter, J. Shoustal, D. Swavely, J. Roller. Absent from picture: C. Stripe, L. Wolfe. " 1 FIRST ROW QLeft to rightj -- G. Levengood, K. Barth, M. Marisseau, G. Levin, M. Joseph, H. Cohen, R. Letsche. SECOND ROW-- J. Gibstein, J. Hinnershitz, B. Holzworth, S. Martin, R. Fetter, S. Light, K. Hollingsworth, B. Hawk, J. Heller. THIRD ROW -- J. Hessler, S. Leese, M. Dunkelberger, P. McMichael,J. Guinther, P. A. Harter, G. Byram, M. Clouser, J. Mantz. FOURTH ROW--D. Haier, E. Komlodi, R. Harris, R. Anderton, A. Bornemann, H. Hunter, J. Kieffer, D. Frymoyer. FIFTH ROW--J. deMerlier, W. Hauck, C. Kachel, N. Klemmer, N. Angelos, C. Gerhard, J. Ennis, A. Binkley. Sophomores FIRST ROW lLeft to rightj--M. J. Miller, J. Paul, R. Miller, S. Neff, M. Snyder, S. Snyder, J. Stubner, J. Zasktaft, E. Olander. SECOND ROW-- M. Roeberg, J. Richards, N. Youse, E. Siedel, B. Seifert, P. Williams, C. Sweitzer, J. Rudolph, D. Shanon, D. Witter. THIRD ROW-- F. Shalter, B. Price, M. B. Wolfe, M. Reinsel, J. Rothenberger, A. Yoder, B. Strause, J. Miller, J. Tucker. FOURTH ROW --D. Reeder, C. Oberhouser, R. Moran, I. Sandridge, J. Robertson, R. Pearson, D. Reiger, G. Stuber, R. White. ,Q fn ., FIRST ROW QLeft to rightj -- J. Delp, E. Eifert, J. Borelli, R. Eckenberg, C. Flannagan, J. Blum, M. Evans, M. Ablen. SECOND ROW-- E.Blake, L. Deppen, N. Beck, J. Diefen- derfer, D. Erdman, M. Garber, J. Brown, R. Gelsinger. THIRD ROW -- D. Frederickson, R. Fick, J. Frick, K. Herflicker, D. Blankenbiller, R. Hepner, A. Angelos, M. Dechant. FOURTH ROW -- B. Bates, A. Haas, R. Hotzmen, C. Allis, J. Czarnecki, G. Holzworth, D. Fry. inth Grade Mt. Penn FIRST ROW fLeft to right! --S. Lucas, S. Huntsberger, B. Hunter, P. Souders, B. Hunts- berger, R. Shockley, B. Yoder, S. Kunkle. SECOND ROW -- R. Unger, J. Sergeant, C. Swoyer, J. Seifert, C. Smith, J.lWood, E.Wining, Y. Sweitzer, B. Worting. THIRD ROW-- S. Shoustal, J. Reed, J. Moran, B. Moyer, P. Zeigler, G. Smith, J. Ullman, C. Wilson, W. Weidman. FOURTH ROW -- J. Tolland, P. Taylor, W. Richards, M. Rutchoski, G. Snyder, B. Robertson, S. Weiner. FIRST ROW lLeft to rightj -- J. Grim, S. Hylton, G. Lill, J. Lantz, J. Blankenbiller, R. Erkes, N. Erkes, I...Conner,J.Daemer. SECOND ROW -- S. Fetter, S. Levy, C. Eddinger, G. Freed, J. Delp, G. Lewis, M. A. Gajewslci, J. Grady, J. Degler. THIRD ROW--E. Freese, G. Grubb, E. Fick, N. lQine, L. Hinnershitz, B. Hill, J. Davis, R. Delong, J. Czarnecki. FOURTH ROW--P. Bender, G. Brown, W. Hunsberger, W. Fick, O. Fick, R. Kline, R. DeHart, G. Hotzman. Eighth Grade Mt. Penn FIRST ROW QLeft to brightj'--S. Strause, B. Smith, D. Smith, H. Noll, B. Sandridge, P. Webber, R. Miller, G. Wiswesser. SECOND ROW-- P. Collins, E. Rothenberger, M. L. Reinert, S. Roe, J. Mickanis, P. Rachman, D. Newpher, M. Yetto. THIRD ROW -- D. Warren, D. Griffith, B. Zweizig, T. Williams, K. Steinhouer, F. Pawelski, R. Williams, J. Suchomelly. FOURTH ROW-- E. Sweigart, S. Sulzbacher, C. Emerich, R. Moyer, J. Thomas, F. Griffith, J. Pappadakes, J. Schaeffer. ty. iQ f QQ S ig as X QbL S 3 1, ., .DA Q VNN f i ,ff .fa ,ge M f V sf' A Mmm.. .fb ...J f z ,N X15 'QQ95 Fists , afan v L bf' 1 W. A WW .9 -95" 'Tk Q 1 . FIRST ROW--M. Gimmy, E. Hill, N. Seifert, B. Fick, D. Allowa, M. Allowa, L. Chivian, I n N. Koch, L. London, V. Franckowiak, S. Dautrick, M. Adams, J. Mengel, E. Bard, S. Deibler, L. Troutman. SECOND ROW -- A. Snyder, S. Mendelsohn, G. Cassel, O. Carter, W. Mendelsohn, B. Delewski, M. Wheeler, M. Furillo, K. Fisher, S. Swanger, J. Bertolet, G e C. Wagner, K. Hartman, M. Chilton, D. Clements. THIRD ROW--P. Hertzog, D. Yoder, J. I-libschman, R. Marlatt, J. Hoelscher, R. Boyer, J. Azzolina, A. Bender, J. Gerhart, G. Cohen, J. Goroff, F. Wentzel, J. Bower. P 'd ennsn e Eighth FIRST ROW fLeft to rightj -- G. Moyer, R. Mengel, J. Schiffner, A. Fahnestok, S. Shuker, P. Fisher, R. Moskowitz, G. Stallone. SECOND ROW-- B. Pawliger, K. Esslinger, S. G e Rambo, B. Levine, J. Ansbach, J. Horn, A. Furillo, V. Zerbe, E. Kline, Y. Klink, C. Keller. THIRD ROW--D, Hartenstine, L. Snyder,J.Dautrick, B. Remley, P. Wagner, M. ' Forester, C. Steffen, E. Becker. FOURTH ROW -- G. Ehst, Jf. Diener, D. Fick, N. Aulen- n n bach, H. London, F. Epler, R. Small, B. Fake, G. Green. 1. 14 l ,ll zimn,,-, lui 1 1 m. w,1x Seventh Grade Senior High School students at a soccer game. FIRST ROW QLeft to rightj--J. Koukoulis, N. Haem, L. Niethimer, T. Stadelmeyer, P Landry, R. Dunkel, S. Cohn, R. Drayer, C. Koch, L. Lewis, D. Tice, J. Derr, D. Joseph C. Snyder, P. Snyder, B. Schaeffer. SECOND ROW--S. Young, L. Hafetz, V. Beazile, D Yoder, F. Barr, J. Eyrich, P. Barker, S. Hoffmaster, B. Mallar, S. Wells, J. McCrudden P. Epler, E. Schmitz, C. McDade, P. Anderton. THIRD ROW--P. Yoder, R. Orth, B Sands, E. Abel, L. Tierney, R. Kotzen, H. Wright, D. Alspach, R. Neff, D. Kendig, L Readinger, F. Ruch, E. Balis, A. Franckowiak. FOURTH ROW--P. Schlanger, P. Small S. Pfennig, C. Ahmat, M. Sustello, S. Leward, R. L. Bender, S. Senft, S. Gerhard, J Dornblaser, E. Dautrich, D. Rachman. Pennside N-ef We change classes. Y -nv 1 X-.......,"' 'Ma 1 r ' K 5 5 5 Y L . .,.. ZX N A . " -ff' . . A 11'-I-1Zt.g.m+ .. ' n'53"...':.".:a:X if i .2 -.. -.. --. -.. -.. W 1 Man in the Mirror Giddy Up Hold F1re! 3 x of H .Mm : A Mine's bigger than yours we 1 nw an AQ T! Igloo Fan Man or Mouse The Old Gang Big Girl Now A J in M-vnu Q o WN Myxwfw-Ely 531-it 5 x U' 1 v -1 -1, -. s ix -A 2 s S xi S .S g, i Q x X FIRST ROW 1Left to rightj--J. Schildt, C. Crossley, S. Shalter, S. Babitt, F. L. Kreider, R. Monoson. THIRD Freed, L. Bixler, C. Bartnick, E. Forsht, B. Klink, R. ROW--S. Heiser, B. Landy, G. Mull, D. Warmer S Neff, E. McCalicher, M. L. Bollinger. SECOND ROW- Ziegler, W. Rieser, M. Mahon, H. Young, R. Alt M J. Yergey, J. Winters, M. A. Hollingsworth, N. Ebright, Joseph. FOURTH ROW -- H. Zakrison, R. Meyers J B. Focht, L. Souders, M. Pisano, S. Weatherill, ,......1. L 1 5 I, 5. 3 L, Menges, R. Mantz, S. Severns, Merlier, M. Rohrbach Penn Alma Staff Penn Alma Mr. Ward, the director, Suzon Babitt, the coordinator, and Mr. Wentzel, the advisor of Penn Alma Year Book, have put forth every effort in trying to make this issue the best one ever published. Through the united efforts of these individuals, plus the cooperation of the staff which consists of various members of the senior class, a big job was well done. The faculty and business friends also played a very important role in promoting the success of this book. In reflecting upon the many situations that took place in the planning of the Penn Alma, we are reminded of the forlorn looks which so often fell upon Suzon Babitt as she handed out different assignments to be completed over the week-end, and as she made important requests of the seniors. At the same time, we clearly recall those joyous smiles on the staff members' faces as their tasks were successfully completed. We remem- ber, too, the anxiety that existed when there was un- certainty as to whether or not a goal for patrons might be reached. Then, there comes to our minds that great race among the seniors of the different homerooms, working diligently to obtain patrons so that their re- spective homeroom teacher might become the lucky winner of a yearbook which was being offered to him whose homeroom obtained the greatest amount of patrons. hours of combined efforts in securing adsg in writing personals, in photographing students, faculty and other employees, in typing articles and in organizing carefully the contents of the book. Our thanks to all who helped in this annual. Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character National Honor Society Scholarship, service, leadership, and cha- racter are the qualifications needed for ad- mittance to this honor society, and these are the high ideals the society attempts to main- tain. This term, under the fine guidance of Mrs. Mack, N.H.S. advisor, and the leader- ship of Wilma Rieser, presidentg Cynthia Bartnick, vice-presidentg Leith Souders, sec- retary and treasurer, the club has spent a very prosperous year. The busy members can usually be found on the dance floor attempting to persuade someone to buy a dance ticket, or else a member can be found sitting in room 31, the check room, a new service rendered by N.H.S. After the induction of new members into the society, the club determines how to use the money in the treasury. lt may be used for an educational and entertaining trip or to buy something new for the school. STANDING, left to right: W. Rieser, G. Mull, L. left to right: M. Pisano, J. Johnson, C. Bartnick, Souders, M. Joseph, J. Zondlo, R. Meyers, J. Mrs. Mack, B. Klink, S. Babitt, B. J. Keys. Diner, S. Heiser, D. Wanner, N. Grube. SEATED, Penn Post and Pennside Parrot As I.ower Alsace has joined with Mt. Penn to form a joint school district, so have the two schools combined their school papers. Printing the latest goings-on with a touch of humor and gossip was the work of the staff, However, most of the work involved in an issue was carried out at an evening editorial meeting, which was advised by Mr. Miller. These meetings, somehow, never did anything for the waistline .... just ask Nancy or Ellie. As for co-editors, you just couldn't beat Emmie and lvlarcie. They certainly did a fine job for which they should be praised. A difficult job but well carried out by the Penn Post staff! Mighty Mount." V 'v ' i -4! ' W 'hg 'ii'-x W n FIRST ROW lLeft to rightJ-- R. Neff, E. Forsht, E. McCalicher, Mr. Miller, N. Grube, J. Wurman, S. Martin. SECOND ROW-- M. Dechant, M. Sny- der, M. A. Hollingsworth, M. Pisano, B. Focht, J. Gibstein, S. Babitt, N. Zimmerman, M. Rie- necker, B. Burns, H. Young, E. Olander. THIRD g tl ROW--C. Flanagan, B. Ullman, J. Reed, J. Bor- elli, C. Jones, M. Shultz, D. Beane, D. Wanner, S. Weatherill, B. Hunsberger, B. Klink. FOURTH ROW-- E. de Merlier, B. Landy, P. Reeser, M. Joseph, R. Meyers, M. Joseph, L. Cohen, J. Czar- necki, C. Wilson. ,Past R c X - -.Au.n,V.- -" Illl SDS SCS ur Penn ,ces con- he repu- and the ou there is t h e part and for your uggested our new rganized 'n as the it School ned with larger lld know 'tment of :very ef- r school a larger ire emci- a better :an pro- IIIVIIWHI H 31106 ing field was added to the if 'C is one many interests of this and joy. officer Bob is a ber of the Varsity basketball and is active in the Key Dodge is this speedy JUHIOIJS rvices as 1 classes, special commercial department. M.'r. Carson has taken special courses to prepare him for his work in guidance. Tf hnnsn-no nnceihln in Hun fall nf I Y-T FFN N FWS . KEY NUT 1' 4 me . i SITTING QL. to RJ -- S. Babitt, P. Kieffer, C. Bart- nick, L. Souders. STANDING -- B. Focht, Mr. Purnell, E. deMer1ier, G. Mull. Iuninr Town Meeting This group represented our school in the different discussion forums held at one of our local broadcasting stations. Under the leadership of Mr. Purnell, theirs is a job well-done. Debating The group, under the leadership of Mr. Rickolt, discusses current events and other problems of interest with debating teams of other schools in the county. Their work in the education of tomorrow's citizens in the problems of the world is appreciated by everyone. SITTING fLeft to rightj -- E. deMer1ier, Mr. Rickolt, advisor, S. Babitt. STANDING-- R. White, J. Gibstein. Absent from the picture are J. Mantz and M. Joseph. 17" '97 ,M at ' o'1i' n .J I .. wi in , 'J if 'N 'Gr WH" -uv FIRST ROW QLeft to rightj -- J. Gibstein, S. Bab- itt, C. Crossley, W. Johnson, B. Hawk, E. Forsht 3 J. Browne, D. Hollingsworth, C. Bartnick, L. Bix- ler. SECOND ROW-- M. Mahon, M. A. Gottshall ! N. Ingham, S. Martin, P. McMichael, M. A. Griese- mer, R. Klocker, J. Heiss, E. Olander, E. Mc- Calicher, N. Gerth, N. Boone, G. Mull, J. Dowd J. Y-TEENS Esslinger, M. Hollingsworth, T. Jacobs, M. Bybel THIRD ROW--R. Bender, S. Leese, B. J. Keys M. Kropp, C. Minier, M. Kropp N. Grube, 2. Hertzog, N. Ebright, R. Monoson, J. Leininger, P Harter, G. Byram. TOP ROW -- F. L. Kreider, E Fick, M. Cichowicz, B. Gaul, M. Clouser, C. Jones Z. Kozloff, J. Mantz, D. Beane, J. Heller. Y-Teen Cabinet -- FIRST ROW -- M. Pisano, J. Yergey, E. McCalicher, E. Forsht. SECOND ROW-- E. Olander, M. Kropp, G. Mull, J. Essling- er, C. Minier, W. Reiser, FIRST ROW lLeft to rightj--D. Stauffer, M. A. Snyder, M. Snyder, J. Wurman, J. Stuebner, S. Snyder, J. Winters. SECOND ROW -- M. Pisano, K. Reitz, M. Schaffer, M. Stump, J. Paul, S. Neff, J. Yergey, C. Schweitzer, M. A. Nein. TOP ROW-- B. Price, S. Ziegler, P. Williams, M. Reinsel, B. Strauss, W. Reiser, M. B. Wolfe, R. Neff. 'Y 'LJ gf 'X .-Us ns, s wii-N ' ' fi , ff -W :K ,X 3 WS.. ig ' A Q,- 1..,. I 4 FIRST ROW QLeft to rightl- R. Rhein, D. Reeder, R.Whlte, Mr. Zimmerman, adviaorg ll. Joseph, A. Borne- man, P. Reeser, Jr. SECOND ROW- K. Houp, M. Rohrbach, I. Diener, W. Hauck. M. llarlsseau, D. Swavely, C. Heller, J. de Merlier. THIRD ROW- P. Elliot. B. Landy, R. Herbeln, R. lhntz. S. Severna, J. Keith, S. Helser, J. Menges, IL Kllnk. Missing from the picture is C. Gower. As its name suggests, the Key Club is a key organization in the school. Spon- sored by the Kiwanis Club, this body of sophomore, junior, and senior boys is dedicated to service to the school, com- munity, and church. Mr. Zimmerman acts in the capacity of faculty advisor, and John Diener has completed a very successful year as president. The club has won its district's achievement awards for service. Among the many duties it performs are selling milk every noon, print-ing basketball pro- grams, policing the grade school play- ground, and keeping the school halls and lawns clean and uncluttered. As was mentioned, milk selling at noon is one of the club's duties. Pictured is Mr. Zimmerman showing some do's and don't's of selling milk to Charles Gower and Stuart Severns. ,Pu ws? ' 4 .N X 'W "Cheaper hy the Dozen" r Our special thanks go to Mrs. Florence Lam- son, who directed us, and to all the various com- mittees, stage hands, and prompters, who, through their untiring efforts, made our play a success. We point with pride to our production, "Cheap- er by the Dozen,' adapted from the book by Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. This play is really the story of Frank Gilbreth, an efficiency expert of Mt. Clair, New Jersey, and his attempts to apply his "time-saving rules on motion study' to the everyday life of his family. This light comedy was filled with hilarious antics from beginning to end. T17 We'1l never forget the hustle and bustle of the Children to get to the family "assembly line" when the father blew his whistle, nor the lovable "tricks" of all the brood to sidetrack father's time-savers. Mr. Gilbreth . . Mrs. Gilbreth . Anne ........ Ernestine . . . Frank , . . Jackie . . . Dan . . . B111 . . . Fred .. Lillian ....... Martha ....... Mrs. Fitzgerald Dr. Burton .... Joe Scales . . . Miss Brill .. . Larry ..... Characters . . . . . . . . . Edouard de Merlier .... . . . Wilma Rieser . . . Cynthia Bartnick , . , , , Sally Freed . . . . .James Keith ... Patricia Kieffer . . . .Michael Joseph . . . Kenneth Houp . . . . Barry Stoss .. . . Mary Bollinger . . . Eleanor Forsht . . . . . . . Roxanne Monoson . . . . Ivan Mendelsohn .. Herbert Zakrison . . . . Roberta Neff .. John Sargeant Z ,,.-f' g 2 ,QW Who's Who Judy .... ......... E laine Spatz Mr. Foster . . .... Paul Elliott Mrs. Foster . . .... Barbara Gaul Hannah .... . Mary AnnGottshall Mitzi. . . . . .Barbara Burns Barbara . . . . . Georgine Ebert Randolph . . . .... Lee Ahrens Oogie ....... ..... Ro ger Hoyer Mr. Martindale . . ..... Craig Heller Mrs. Hotchkiss . . . . . . Rosemarie Klocker Rexford ....... ....... J on Roller Susie ............... Joyce Wurman Mrs. Shultz Hammer . . Mary Alice Griesemer A Date with ludy There's a dance at the country club and who's out to be queen? Judy Foster! "A Date With Judy" was centered around the laughable, lovable Judy Foster. The play was the main 'attraction' of their junior year. We'll never forget those crazy ways our Judy tried to become queen, along with her friends' helpg and those strange accusations of Mrs. Foster, not to mention Oogie, who cou1dn't see enough of Judy! The com bined efforts of the cast, committees, and directors helped make the play a success! The Cast FIRST ROW lLeft to rightl--J. Esslinger, M. A. Gottshall, E. Spatz, J. Wurman, B. Burns, G. Ebert. SECOND ROW--M. A. Griesemer, R. Klocker, B. Gaul. THIRD ROW -- C. Heller, J. Roller, L. Ahrens, P. Elliott, R. I-Ioyer. 4 1 . ., Seated left to right-- J. Yergey, J. Brobst, I. L. Haier, K. Klink, K. Houp, J. Keith, E. Harland Diener R. Pearson, I. Mendelsohn, N. Klemmer, and L. Shalter. E de Merlier. Standing left to right -- S. Heiser, Dance Band As always, the dance band furnished the music for dancing after all home basketball games, Many thanks to Mr. LeVan under whose direction the members could make the gym ring with fast music or sway with the slow notes of a dream. Seated left to right -- R. Echenberg, L. Lenstrohm, N. Ebright, N. Grube, M. Dunhelberger, R. White, E. Shimp, A. Linder, J. Clouser. Standing left to right -- S. Heiser, B. Klink, M. Mahon, L. Ahrens, llrchestra Once again the orchestra took part in the Christmas concert and did a splendid job. Mt. Penn is proud of its orchestra, and under the capable direction of Mr. Levan looks forward to many successful years ahead. R. Letsche, M. Rienicher, E. Horland, H. Young L. Souders, W. Levan, directors C. Jones, P. Bur- key, N. Klernmer, J. Davis, J. Gibstein, S. Babitt P. Souders was absent when the picture was taken .m ...,m. 11 vi Mt. Penn lunior Band SEATED lLeft to rightl -- J. Eidam, G. Lewis, A. Littman, J. Conz, B. Severns, P. Brobst, L. Long, J. Chiarelli, J. Reichert, D. Christman, D. Merkel. . STANDING -- J. Rudy, S. Sherer, R. Kumes, R. Lawrence, W. LeVan, director, M. Mayers, D. Brum- bach, A. Seifarth, J. Arnold. Absent from picture: Joan Shearer. The Junior band, under the direction of William LeVan, is becoming the backbone of our Mt. Penn band. Every year the group receives many players from this organization to take the places of members graduated by the school. PBIIIISHIB BZIIII 1:1771 nzunniuplz-1ti The Pennside Band is directed by Mr. l,eVan and is providing much talent for the senior band. The group gave a Spring Concert with the aid of some of the junior band and are to be con- gratulated for their hard work. FRONT ROW fLeft to rightj -- J. Williamson, G. Aulenbach, M. K. Gimmy, M. Adams, S. Mayers, E. Hill, Y. Klink, L. London, L. Niethammer, J. Drayer. SECOND ROW -- D. Joseph, F. Curtis, P. Kozloff, L. Tierney, W. Mendelsohn, G. Balis, W. LeVan, director, E. Becker, B. Remley, J. Hibschman, B. Sands, R. Boyer. TOP ROW -- D. Alspach, R. Marlatt, G. Green, N. Aulenbach. FIRST ROW QLeft to right, -- H. Young, M.A. Hollingsworth, S. Freed, M.A. Nein, W. Levan, Director, G. Freed, G. Lewis, J. Davis, M. Rienecher, P. Souders. SECOND ROW -- P. Burkey, R. Fink, E. Blekeki, C. Crossley, N. Ingham, J. Steubner, R. Erkes, M. Moyer, D. Fegley, J. Lantz. THIRD ROW -- N. Grube, M. Kr0PP, N.A. Boone, S. Roe, W. Johnson, K. Hughes, J. Sutter, N. Diefenderfer, K. Herflicker, J. Seifrit. FOURTH ROW -- G. Holz- worth, D. Frymoyer, D. Haberstroh, L. Cafoncelli, P. Miller, C. Gerhardt, R. Hoyer, E. Harland, R. Letsche, N. Klemmer. FIFTH ROW -- B. Klink, S. Babitt, J. Gibstein, M.A. Reinsel, J. Mantz, M. Shultz, C. Jones, B. Price, J. Yergey, M. Mahon. SIXTH ROW -- S. Heiser, J. de Merlier, J. Diener, J. Brobst, L. Ahrens, L. Haier, E. de Merlier, R. Johnson, T. Williams, F. Shalter. SEVENTH ROW -- K. Klink, R. Pearson, I. Mendelsohn, H. Zakrison, J. Keith, K Houp, W. Houck, G. Werner. Mt. Penn Senior Band The '53--'54 band was one of the largest and finest. Besides giving their annual concert in May, they took part in the Christmas concert, which turned out to be a big success. Another new addition to the band preformances was the presentation of an hour television show in February. There were also the annual drill- ings at the halves of the varsity home games and the Concert which the band presents each year at the Kiwanis Club. To Mr. Levan goes a round of applause and thanks for all the hard work and effort he exerted to make this year a great success. rl Colorguard Left to right: C. Bartnick, L. Bixler, S. Cutrone, S. Kline. Color Guards and Majorettes With twirling batons and bright banners, these girls were honored to be able to carry the orange and black at the halves of the varsity home games, as they led the band onto the floor. Having also participated in parades, they can be proud of a job well-done. Majorettes Kneeling: S. Ziegler. Back Row, left to right: J. Heiss, T. Jacobs, B. Griffin, D. Beane, E. Forsht, J. Rothenberger, P. Harter. .siieaa 'MM Mt. Penn Senior Chorus The officers are as follows: President - Leith Souders Vice President - Greta Gehrke Secretary - Berneice Klink Treasurer - Grace Potts 3Y Troubadors J. Schweitzer, T. Behm, M.L. Bollinger, N. Boone, M. Bright, M. Bybel, M. Capozello, M. Cichowicz, S. Cutrone, G. Ebert, N. Faber, G. Gehrke, C. Graybill, M.A. Griesemer, B. Griffin, M. Hartman, R. I-Iecker, A. Hoffmaster, R. Houser, N. Ingham, C. Jones, P. Kieffer, J. Kilpatrick, J. Kilpatrick, R. Klocher, J. Kohl, C. Kraus, M. Kropp, L. Lenstrohm, J. Long, J. Lubas, R. Neff, J. Riddell, K. Ritz, M.E. Seyler, F. Shade, L. Shalter, M.A. Snyder, L. Souders, P.Yerger, J. Bossler, M.A. Nein. E. Auge, S. Babitt, C. Crossley, N. Diefenderfer, N. Ebright, J. Esslinger, M.A. Gottshall, J. Heiss, J. Hughes, J. Kline, B. Klink, M. Kropp, J. Leininger, E. McCalicher, W. Rieser, J. Rohrbach, B. Seiz, M. 'Schultz, D. Wanner, S. Weatherill, J. Wurman, S. Ziegler, N. Zimmerman, B. Hinkle, R. Bender, B. Focht, N.L. Grube, E. Hertzog, B.J. Keys, J. Yergey, J. Winters, C. Bartnick, L. Bixler, E. Forsht, C. Minier, G. Potts, G. Mull. C. Heller, J. Kahler, L. I-lafer, P. Elliot, S. Petch, A. Toaldo, A. anders, R. Fasshauer, J. Yoder, L. Ahrens, W. Good. Every Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning the Senior Chorus met for an hour of practice in preparation for the out- standing concerts of the year. Mr. Linn, the new vocal music supervisor of the Mount Penn - Lower Alsace Jointure, made the difficult work of preparing music for a concert pleasant and profitable for the chorus members. Besides the two concerts, the chorus sang in various assembly programs. Last year's all-girl chorus was improved this year by the addition of male voices. Although the boys were out-numbered almost three to one, their voices were powerful enough to blend well with the girls' voices. The combined Band-Chorus Concert in December was agreat success. The program, comprised of sacred Christmas music, was dramatically closed with the singing of the Hallelujah Chorus by the combined choruses, accompanied by the band. The whole program was recorded by a local radio station, and parts of it were broadcast at a later date. The Spring Concert was a fitting climax to the faithful work of the director, Mr. Linn. Mt. Penn Intermediate Chorus As the smallest of the three choruses, sizeis not a criterion for this group. They boast a strong and accurate alto section, and are a hard-working and talented chorus. Under the direction of Mr. Linn, the members presented a series of traditional folk carols at the December Christmas Concert. The lone officer of this chorus is Jean Frick, secretary, who also doubles as librarian. After the spring concert, the last concert in which the Intermediate Chorus participated, the members looked forward to their graduation into the Senior Chorus. M. Dunkleberger, M. Snyder, M. Clouser, G. Bryan, B. Hawk, P. McMichael, J. Blum, P. Williams, J. Brown, J. Heller, S. Snyder, S. Light, J. Seifert, P. Ziegler, M. Evans, M.A. Reinsel, G. Smith, E. Eifert, J. Paul, B. Moyer, C. Wilson, A.Ange1os, C. Swoyer, J. Rothenberger, J. Reed, B. Hunter, B. Hunsberger, J. Borelli, P. Souders, S. Lucas, C. Flannagan, J. Stuebner, M. Wolfe, N. Beck, E. Olander, J. Gibstein, D. Blankenbiller, L. Deppen, K. Herflicker, J. Delp, S. Leese, S. Shoustal, J. Moran, J. Frick, Zena Kozloff, N. Klemmer, M. Marisseau, D. Hafer, J. Czarnecki. SEATEDZ N. Clemmer: STANDING, Left to Right: and Eight Little Tails." The Senior S Petsch, A. Anders, P. Elliott, C. Heller, M. Marisseau, D. Haier, J. Yoder, L. Ahrens, R.Fras- Mt. Penn lunior Chorus C. Moyer, L. Ennis, S. Reeder, D. Hoagland, J. Shearer, G. Werner, V. Witkowski, B. Severns, N. Kerber, R. Yerger, J. Lincoln, M. Moyer, T. Haas, L. Duggan, S. Hylton, J. Delp, J. Reichert, J. Chiarelli, J. Eidam, C. Williams, B. Swartz, P.J. Brobst, N. Erkes, L. Conner, G. Lewis, L. Heller, G. Freed, S. Levy, P. Rachman, J. Mickanis, M.A. Gajewski, E. Sweigert, G. Brown, D. Rhein, D. Smith, B. Sweigert, M. Yetta, L. Long, J. Eiseman, M.J. Fick, G. Lill, J. Hughes, R. Miller, S. IGine, J. Bowman, R. Gessner, W. Hunsberger, R. DeHart, J. Ebert, J. Snyder, D. Castle, E. Duchodne, J. Czarnecki, T. Williams. The Junior Chorus made up of fifty- four voices, gave the Senior Chorus Competition with their numbers at both concerts in which they participated. The chorus presented four numbers at the Christmas Concert, one of which was especially well-liked, "Thirty-Two Feet Chorus should be excellent in years to come if the present group is any indi- cation. Boy's , Ensemble 'E fi 11 i ,B FIRST ROW fLeft to Rightj -- M. Furillo, B. Delewski, P. Wagner, A. Bender, S. Swanger, G. Cassel, C. Wagner, D. Yoder, K. Hartman. SECOND ROW -- K Esslinger, S. Shuker, L. Troutman, P. Fisher, G. Stallone, R. Mengel, L. Chivian, D. Clements, S. Deibler, B. Bard, V. Franchowiak. THIRD ROW -- J. D. Hartenstine, x 8 Menger, M. Adams, S. Rambo, E. mine, M.K. Gimmy, J. Shiffner, N. Koch, J. Horn, A. Lindner, A. Furillo, A. Fahnestock, S. Mendelsohn, J. Ansbach, B. Levine, E. Hill. BACK ROW -- Mr. L. Linn, J. Azzolina, R. Marlatt, J. Hoelscher, H. London, F. Epler, M. Forrester, G. Green, J. Diener, G. Ehst, E. Becker, V. Zerbe. The Pennside choruses, under the direc- tion of Mr lee Linn presented the annual spring concert during, the month of March. It was entitled "A Night of Music" and proved extremely delightful to the public. FRONT ROW fLeft to Rightl -- S. Hoffmaster, D. Tice, T. Stadelmyer, P. Landry, C. Snyder, C. Koch, L. Tierney, M. Sustello. SECOND ROW-- S. Young, P. Anderton, L. Haietz, D. Yoder, P Epler, E. Schmidtz, C. McDade, S. Wells, J McCrudden, V. Beazlie. THIRD ROW -- F. Barr B. Millar, R.L. Bender, E. Dautrick, S. Senft, S.J. Gerhard, S. Lewars, P. Small, D. Rachman, P. Schlanger, J. Dornblaser, S. Pfennig, P. Barker, C. Ahnert. BACK ROW -- R. Dunkle, D. Kendig G. Ballis, D. Alspach, H. Wright, D. Joseph, J. Koukoulis. , Y Q Senior library Club g ' .nm FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl M. Bollin er, E --n g ' Hertzog, S. Weatherill, Mrs. Mack, M. Seyler, B. Haier, C. Crossley. SECOND ROW: J. Reber, M. Capozello, J. Yergey, J. Winters, J. Kil- patrick, M. Hollingsworth, D. Hollingsworth, J. A big asset to Mount Penn High School, the Senior Library Club is composed of 10, 11, and 12 grade students. It is their job to assist Mrs. Mack, school librarian, in all library duties during school hours. This year Mount Penn was host to more than three hundred students who came to attend the fall Teenage Librarians Associa- tion Conference. The conference was a suc- Kilpatrick., THIRD ROW: P. Yerger, N. Ingham, K. Hughes, S. Babitt, J. Esslinger, G. Ebert, A. Hoffmaster, M. DiPlasi. FOURTH ROW: M. Kropp, A. Harter, R. Bender, E. Fick, R. Monoson, D. Wanner, W. Rieser, C. Gower. cess with fifteen school districts represented. In spring the group attended the TLA con- ference in Stroudsburg. As its social function and money-raising project, the club spon- sored a dance which was well attended. The school is indeed appreciative of the fine service given by the club, and the club sincerely thanks Mrs. Mack for her guidance. FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightl -- E. Hunsberger, J. Ullman, Mrs. Mack, J. Czarneclci. Mt SECOND ROW -- I... Long, L. Heller, S. Reeder, J. Eiseman, L. Emiis, C. Moyer. . THIRD ROW -- M. Dechant, G. Hinnershitz, S. Sulzbacher, B. Severns, C. Hotzman, R. Hartberger, J. Snyder. This young group of volunteer librarians aid Mrs. Mack by carrying out various tasks in the school library during the noon hour and after school hours. Thanks go out to this group for their fine work. The club gives its thanks also to Mrs. Mack for her assistance. lunior library Clubs I FRONT ROW QLeft to Rightl -- N. Seifert, L. Troutman, K. Esslinger, E. Kline, J. Pe Schiffner. BACH ROW: QLeft to Rightj -- E. Hill, M. Adams, O. Carter, R. Marlatt, F. Wentzel, A. Lindner, J. Mengel. Pennside's library club is supervised by the English instructor and librarian, Mrs. Marjorie Sanders. Membership is purely voluntary, and the group is chosen by Mrs. Sanders from the eighth and ninth grades. Usherettes Organized this year under the di- rection of Mr. Wearne, the Usherette Club functions at all concerts and plays where the girls greet the audience with a smile and a programme. FRONT ROW lLeft to Rightl -- J. Sweitzer, C. Crossley, Mr. Wearne, J. Kilpatrick, J. Kilpatrick. MIDDLE ROW -- J. Bossler, M.A. Snyder, D. Hollingsworth, S. Kline, J. Dowd, F.L. Kreider, N. Diefenderfer. BACK ROW -- E. Spatz, R. Monoson, G. Ebert. Projection Brew The projection Crew has given up many study halls to bring the advantages of visual education to individual classes and the entire student body. FIRST ROW fLeft to Rightl -- B. Yoder, R. Shockley, Mr. Palm, P. Webber, R. Gel- singer. SECOND ROW -- J. Stuber, S Severns, R. Young, W. Roughton, K.Shockley. Stage Crew From a 'forest primeval' to a T.V, studio, to a thunder storm or to an off cue doorbell, these boys will ingen- iously provide all for you. R. Gelsinger, R. Shockley, P. Heffelfinger, C. Gower, R. Young, Mr. Seifarth, K. Shock- ley. 'W at FRONT ROW: fLeft to Rightl -- M. Kadish, J. rester, N. Aulenbach, B. Fake, J. Hibschman, Williamson, J. Adams, R. Wolfe, R. Dunkel. O. Carter. Safety Patrol The Atlantic Refining Company conducted a course in safe driving for any pupil pos- sessing a 1earner's permit or a driver's license. Mr. Moffet is comparing scores with Michael Rohrbach, James Keith, Cyn- thia Bartnick, and Jacqueline Winters. Pennside's Safety Patrol is under the leadership of Mr. Nevin Matz, mathematics and shop instructor at Pennside. The boys, with the official help of police officers George Wells and Chief Pfleuger, assist the students crossing Carsonia Avenue. Driver Training 'TQ as was if ,av rw NN" FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightj -- N. Zimmerman, M.A. Snyder, L. Bixler, C. Bartnick, Mr. Sharetts, advisor, Mr. Dreisbach, advisor, B. Focht, M.L. Bollinger, J. Esslinger, M, Bybel.SECOND ROW-- J. Heller, M.A. Gottshall, J. Wurman, B. Burns, J. Gibstein, S. Babitt, E. Olander, B. Ullman, S. Snyder, Z. Kozloff, J. Browne, R. Neff, E. McCalicher. THIRD ROW -- M. Dechant, S. Lucas, E. Fiek, F. Shade, D. Stauffer, R. Hauser, M. Bright, B. Haier, J. Kilpatrick, J. Kilpatrick, W. Rieser, P. Reeser. FOURTH ROW -- B. Hunsberger, E. Forsht, M. Pisano, J. Winters, S. Leese, R. Bender, R. Monoson, F.L. Kreider, G. Mull, E. Hertzog. Absent from picture was C. Crossley. Service Club 'il ' T 'i"'0f"fF'lfw :llilbvnu , I 4 I . I .c f 'Til 9 .4 A 'V' af, ' " , y ig.--r, H .: fffilg f Q W99' fe, ' "' 'Mn' 3' Sf ' -2 .fun Q 5 v 1 C-EEL! 1 "Sorry, the mustard is all gone. " "WllCfG,Q your ticket?" These are two statements frequently uttered by the busy members ofthe Service Club. At every home basketball game, the ticket committee, under the leadership of Mr. Sharetts, can be seen selling and collect ing money and tickets, while the refreshment committee, under the leadership of Mr Dreisbach, sells the sodas, candy, chips and hot dogs. The profit collected by these two in dustrious committees will be put into a special fund for the purchase of an electric organ for the school. Each member is doing his share to add to this fund for the benefit of the school. This club, made up of anyone wishing to render service to his school, deserves a big hand for the work done in a year's time. r su :is A Q ,, has-mana Q Q -Q I -W MDC was 5' E gtk V 5 was 5 vm I , gm Q 'K , l M .,:. M V ' f N ,v ' '---f. -V if ,V f ,163 as 8 M ' Y fy' ' an w.1MWa...,w ,W , X wc Wm md fJ ,W fww ,fm ,T ' A"W?f Lggfj,'9 J Q, if I 'W as' .M .anim The Tigers howled long and loud the night of the Championship game as is evidenced in this picture. Fleetwood's Paul Price, who played a tremendous game, had just made a leaping one hand stab from the keyhole. Mt. Penn's Roger Herbein 543, Dave Swavely 452, and Jim Keith 044 prepare to grab the ball and move up the floor in an attempt to do a little scoring of their own. KW, In the Berks County playoffs final game, Mt. Penn's. Bob Mantz Q55 and Stuart Severns 554 move in to take the play away from Fleet- wood's roaring Tigers. Champions All We 2 'W Y it ,pf Q kv Q., Wt :Ht MOUNT PENN'S MIGHTY MOUNTS CAPTURE 1953-'54 BERKS COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP This is the powerful squad which represented Mt. Penn in the Berks County basketball warfare during the 1953-'54 season. Left to right-Barry Landy, Dave Swavely, Mike Rohrbach, John Diener, Stu Severns, Bob Mantz, Chuck Kachel, Jim Keith, Roger Herbein, Bob Rhein, Charles Gower, manager. The Mountaineers were ably coached by Lloyd Parsons, who was not available when this picture was taken. The 1953-'54 Mountaineers will be remembered as one of the most powerful teams that ever donned the orange and black colors. Playing in the toughest league in the Berks area, the Mounts breezed through the schedule, posting a 16-O record. Such traditional rivals as Kutztown, Wilson, Birdsboro, etc. fell before the barrage laid down at them by the classy Mounts. There is another reason why this team will be remembered for years to come. It was the first Mt. Penn team to win the Berks County title in twelve years. The Championship game against Fleetwood was the most exciting game seen in the Berks area for many a moon. lt wasn't until the last minute of the first overtime period that the Mounts were able to get by with a 53-52 triumph. MOUNT PENN'S BABY MOUNTS CAPTURE SECOND STRAIGHT COUNTY TITL fig- is 'G fi Penn's Baby Mounts in actionin the Berks County Playoffs. ,TY END SEASON WITH 21-1 RECORD Following in their big brothers' footsteps, the J. V.'s also copped the Berks County Championship, their second in a row. The squad marched through the league season without suffering a single loss. The overall record reads twenty-one wins and one loss, the only setback coming from the hands of a powerful alumni quintet. Mr. Bierly has done an outstanding job in shap- ing these tenth and eleventh grade boys into a smooth working outfit. His task was made doubly difficult by the fact that many of the team members didn't even know each other's name at the beginning of the year. Remembering that some of the boys came from Exeter, some from Pennside, and some from Mt. Penn, one can understand this unusual situation. This year's team was Mr. Bier1y's third championship since he came to Mt. Penn six years ago. His teams won the diadem in 1948-'49, 1952-'53 and now, 1953-'54. ln the County playoffs, the Baby Mounts made an exceptionally fine showing by overwhelming Robe- sonia and Perry. ln the first-round game against the Robins, John Kahler led the scoring parade with 18 markers. Since the game was a one-sided affair from the start, Coach Bierly had the opportunity to use all his players. In the second and deciding contest against Perry, Dave Reeder hit for 13 points in leading the J. V.'s to their second straight county title. The game was a very hard-fought contest, and much must be said for the way that the Perry boys handled themselves. FIRST ROW QLeft to rlghtl-G. Stuber, R. White. H. Joseph. SECOND ROW- J. Kahler, B. Johnson, D. Reeder, J. Tucker, J. Stuber, R. Czarneckl, R. hr- ris, Manager. THIRD ROW- F. Shalter, Manager, E. Pachuilo, P. Heifelfinger, G. Werner, D. Regar, A Toaldo, C. Heller, L. R. Bierly, Coach. 5 S 3 5 45's .fp Q ,my 'S K ' W if is ., . ii ,X are R A if at , Q s P n .1-Q., ?f "N X n' vw !gnv"' i D V ", .f . 9 xl . , ,, ,V all r A i. f 1 5 K... l nr Et if lg-fr, . if X .5-..1eiE5i 782 tr li :::: L-IVR 522. .,..:Y:?f:f.-. REBER? l fifffri C115ff"?t::" Wing W f '::::::..,. .. .. , r 1 ?iegzEs2,5z.gz12g'f'i2 Lt5,,QE?iEi:i1t1!1g1:f V... 19 Lili FRONT ROW QLeft to rightl J. Daermtr, D. Christman, J. Czarneckl, T. Williams, B. .-f:v- 'AFT I' Worting, J. Lantz. SECOND ROW- D. Erdman, G. Hollingsworth, G. Brown, G. Hlnner- ,, V.. shitz, R. Gelslnger. TOP ROW- J. Czarneclrl, manager, R. Miller, M. Ruthowsld, A. 1 Haas, J. L. Sharadin, coachg B. Bates, R. Schockley, S. Sherer, E. Duchodnl, manager. 'I ff 4' I Missing from picture is W. Robertson. Through the leadership of co-captains Barry Remley and Neil Aulen- ' I bach, and the coaching of Gershom Krom, Pennside's Junior High team ll n I 0 r I g finished their season with a record of 10 wins and 3 defeats. Although Mr. Krom will lose four freshmen to Mt. Penn next year, he still has a fine squad of underclassmen to bring him high results. To be a soldier, one must go through eight weeks of basic training. Doctors must spend a number of years as interns before they can hang up their shingle. Basketball is not dif- ferent-there must be a training period. That is exactly how junior high basketball is classified, the basic training of basketball. Here the future stars of the game learn the all important funda- mentals, such as passing, dribbling, and shoot- ing. It is at this stage in their careers that the players must acquire the right mental attitude. Basketball These are the reasons why Mr. Sharadin, the Junior High Coach, has one of the toughest jobs in basketball. The excellence with which he handles this job is evidenced in the fine teams that he has produced. This year's team was no exception. Their style of play, will to win, and good sportsmanship saw them through a fine season. From all indications, many good play- ers will come from the 1953-'54 junior high basketball team. kph Gerhard, G. Cassel, H. Wright. FL'l'?.B FRONT ROW fLeft to rightl - G. Green, L. Tierney, P.Yoder, J. Derr, B. Remley, D. Joseph, N. Helm, F. Ruch, S. Swanger. SECOND ROW- R. Boyer, M. Forrester, J. Azzolina, J. Hoelscher, N. Aulenbach, J. ' 7 Q 53 Mounts Emerge From Soccer Wars Sports Parade of 1953 - Soccer Highlights As has been the custom in the past, Mt. Penn's Sports Parade is started with soccer. The team partici- pates in the Berks County Scholastic Soccer League. During the 1951 and 1952 seasons, the Mounts were champions of the Central Division of this league. Al- though this year's team was unable to retain the title, the players gave their faithful followers many thrills, besides playing a fast, aggressive brand of ball, The Mounts opened the 53 season by playing host to the purple and gold clad boys from Amity. Mt. Penn's speed and aggressiveness prevailed, and the team hung up victory number one by a 3-0 count. The next game of the card was strickly no-Contest, as the Mounts rolled over a weak Morgantown squad 5-0. At this point in the schedule, the fates intervened and the boys ran into a great deal of hard luck. Theylost three straight games to Birdsboro, Oley, and Amity. The team got back on the winning path again by trouncing Morgantown 4-0. Then came one of the big games of the season, the home game with Birdsboro, In spite of a great show of school spirit by the Mt. Penn Band and student body, and regardless of the determined effort of the squad, Birds- boro was victorious, 3-0. School Spirit in Action: Band Marches at Mt. Penn-Birdsboro Game 3. With 4-4 league Record . ax is., . , . Orange and Black Backzfield Repels Attack of Opponent's Forward Wall. The last game of the season was a hard fought affair at Oley, which we won 2-1. A highlight of the season was the game with Reading High played at Mt. Penn. This game turned out to be one of the finest soccer games played in the county in quite a while. September 24 Schedule Amity Mount Penn Although our team lost in Zovertime periods September 29 Mount Penn Morgantown October 1 Mount Penn Birdsboro by the score of 2-1, the Mt. Penn squad demon- , . . . . . October 6 Oley Mount Penn strated a spirit, drive, and desire to win that was , . October 8 Reading Mount Penn hard to equal. Even in defeat, they played a . . October 13 Mount Penn Amity tremendous game. Many of us will never forget . . . . . . October 15 Morgantown Mount Penn this contest, for lf is living proof of the worthi- . . . . October 20 Birdsboro Mount Penn ness of high school sports. lf taken in the right Oct b 22 M t P O1 light, athletics can teach a young man many an O er Gun em ey intangible lesson. 1953 Version of Mt. Penn's Soccer Team Rohrbach, B. Landy, J. Keith, K. Houp, S. FIRST ROW fLeft to Rightj -- R. Anderton, Severns, K. Klink, I. Mendelsohn. THIRD G. Stuber, W. Hauck, M. Joseph, C. Kackel, ROW: J. Kahler, C. Heller, F. Miller, S. J. Tocker. SECOND ROW: B. Mantz, M. Heiser, J. Stuber, D. Meyers, D. Swavley. he im A imnlw 1- r:1um's.1m'M-e I fy 'xgw '11, N 6 'dummy ' f' 4,135 Ft, mlllll I ' Z 224 W INIIIH I run, ml ,7 Ib Hockey Th Mt Penn Hockey Team ended the1r 1953 54 season with a record of one t1e and three losses Although lf was not a winning season for the lassies they gained experlence whlch will be helpful in the future For many of the girls it was the first time they had played hockey The team was under the capable dlrectlon of Mrs Linderman and co captains Margaret Mahon and Nancy Ebrlght Early 1n the season the glrls took part in a Play Day at Muhlenberg where the Off1Cl3lS took their test They scrlmmaged other schools to provlde a game for the officials The team next year will be without Margy Mahon Nancy Ebright and Shirley Ziegler the three seniors on the squad Gov M1ffl1n formerly Shllllngton won the championshlp in the league Other teams par t1c1pat1ng were Muhlenberg West Reading and Wllson SITTING QLeft to Rightj -- M.A. Gottshall M. Shaffer M. Bybel B. Hawk W. Johnson S Snyder S. Light. STANDING -- S. Ziegler M.A. Reinsel K. Herflicker M.B. Wolfe J. Heiss P. Williams P McMichael, J. Heller, T. Jacobsg E. Forsht and K. Hollingsworth managers' M. Mahon and N Ebright, co-captainsg Mrs. Linderman coach. Hi 73 -' N ' 1 ,fy ' "' ,'f"9L1 A 16 . 'J ,ff 7 V F ' Pk 'cw - X V ,QR 'Alf V1 H we-si 'fiilfp . "..:.:.'!-' 5' 9 - l I' I, . . 1".' ', . . l 'W .fJ,,: ,Ly NIH, l Y G 1 if" l lm ' I - ' V ' n 1 ,gffimf 1 A. . W W - - , ' 'ai 94 sl - ,f fQ1,' T, T., l - - r 1, 1, Q4 9, ' . V . 114' 1 , ln M xi - K 4-ff.,-f ff Nl - 1 wwf ' e fit - .U 4' L 'H--afftg' 'f - ' - . 3 ,"4 ..-,....-55211. ' It , . . . if X' yt . . . I El I Q Y I W I- 1 I 1 l 1 - J . l X , . . ' . L ' ,-it , , If 'li . QV' lull: 'lad s 35, .9 gy KI f 7 I 7 ! Y I ! ! Y I 2 7 ! U Y , . 1 FIRST ROW lLeft to Rightj -- P. McMichael, N. Ebright, captaing M. Kropp. SECOND ROW -- IVLA. Gottshall, B. Hawk, T. Jacobs, M. Shaffer, J. Heller, J. Lubas. THIRD ROW -- S. Snyder, assistant managerg E. Hertzog, B. J. Keys, D. Beane, J. Mantz, S. Ziegler, J. Heiss, M. Mahon, E. Forsht, manager. Missing from picture -- K. Herflicker. For the third straight year the girls basket- ball team ended their Season undefeated. Com- bining the scoring of Doris Beane, Terry Jacobs, and Shirley Ziegler with the ability of the guards, the girls were able to produce a record of 8 wins and no defeats. FRONT ROW iLeft to Righty -- C. McDade, E. Kline, S. Wells, F. Barr. SECOND ROW -- Y. Klink, J. Dornblaser, S. Rambo, A. Fahnestok, manager, C. Keller, manager, S. Deibler, K. Esslinger, B. Millar. Under the smooth coaching of Anita Geiger, Pennside's Girls' Basketball team graduallyimproved after each game. Chances are that next year Miss Gieger will bring forth a high ranking team. THIRD ROW -- J. Mengel, M. Adams, C. Ahnert M. Gimmy, A. Furillo, A. Lindner, L. London, S.J Gerhard, S. Shuker, L. Troutman. Oi' r y 5 ,053 0.10 ,OO Varsity Cheerleaders "Cheer, Cheer for old Mt. Penn High" is only yells. Under thedirection ofcaptain,JoyCe Long, one of the many Cheers you will hear from this they helped keep school spirit high and showed peppy group of girls. This year, with the help our team we were with them all the way. of the band, they led us in some new and novel KNEELING fLeft to Rightj -- J. Long, J. Wurman. BACK ROW -- M. Shaffer, G. Mull, B. Seiz, B.J. Keys, R.NL Klocker. 'QQ gp v-"' J f' JU NIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS LEFT to RIGHT -- P. McMichael, B. Hawk, S. Light, J. Stuebner, J. Blum. Missing from picture -- P. Williams. Cheerleaders These six girls followed the example of their older sisters in leading the J,V. Cheers. Along with their captain Joanne Stuebner, they showed us their innovations of the old Cheers and introduced several new ones. P.J.H.S. Rah, Rah, Rah. The popular Chant of these four gay cheerleaders kept up the old school spirit, even in moments of distress. Pennside's Cheerleaders are under the supervision of Miss Anita Geiger, and their constant cheering of the team helped bring high scores at the home games. PENNSIDE'S CHEERLEADERS LEFT to RIGHT -- K. Esslinger, B. Levine, S. Rambo, C. Keller. ghmiznl il' -1 i Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Doan Amale Miss Ellen Anderson Robert Auman Dr. and Mrs. Aaron C. Babitt Mr. and Mrs. Paul Balthaser Philip S. Barbera George C. Bard Miss Agnes Barth Mr. Gus Bartnick Mrs. Martha Bartnick Miss Minna Bartnick Bauman's Candies Patrons Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Y. Gottshall Mr. James Gray Mrs. K Margaret Gray Mr. and Mrs. Royer Graybill Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Greenstein Mr. and Mrs. Owen Griesemer Mr. and Mrs. George A. Groff Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Linn F. 0. Lippold and Son Mr. and Mrs. Charlie L. Long Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Long Clarence Lorah William H. Lutz Walter Lubas Mr. and Mrs. Marvin W. Schmehl Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schneck Sedley Upholstering Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Meyers Mr. and Mrs. D. Frank Neff Mr, and Mrs, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Palm Mr. Lloyd C. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Roland Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Miss Beverly Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Rev. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mary Dengler Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Beane Stanley W. Belan Lee Richard Bierly Robert Bingaman James P. Bixler, Jr. John Blum Allen Bohrman Boone Stanley R. Boone Miles Bossier. Sr. Thomas K Boyer Warren A. Breisch Roger Brown Jack M. Browne Sylvester Buchanan Charles Burns William Calvaresi Paul Campfield Rocco Capozello Jack Chiarelli Jay H. Chivian Marcus Claster Fred Cohen Richard Curtis N.J. Cutrone Lawrence M. Dalton Edouard de Merlier D. Charles Diefenderfer LeRoy B. Diener George M. Dillingham John Donaldson Dormar Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dornblaser Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Dowd Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Driesbach Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Drumheller Mr. and Mrs. Claude A. Dundore Early's Old Fashioned Chocolate Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Andrew Mr. and Mrs. Mr.'and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs.. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Geer Miss Maxine Rubin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. A Friend Mr. and Mrs. George Ebright J. F. Ebright Howard Edsall K. Elliott R. Richard Ensslen Paul Eshelman Earl E. Fake Ed M. Fisher Norman M. Focht David C. Forsht Glenn Freed Horace Freed C. D. Freeman Mrs. John Grube Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gufus Mrs. Pearl M. Haas Mr. and Mrs. William Haas Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Hafer Miss M. Ruth Hafer Mrs. Ester Handorf Mac Mrs. Sara Mack Mr. and Mrs. Grant S. Mahon Mr. and Mrs. Clayton J. Mantz Mr. and Mrs. C. W. McConnell Fredrick McCrudden Mr. and Mrs. Stella Hartman Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hassler Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hawk Mr. and Mrs. John Hawk Mr. and Mrs. Ted Heller Miss Shirley Herflicker Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hertzog Dr. and Mrs. Willard E. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Hoffmaster Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Hollingsworth Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Houck Miss Elizabeth L. Houck Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Houp Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Houp Mr. Fred A. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Harry Huyett Interstate Loan Company Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Jacobs George F. Johnson Philip E. Jones Charles Joseph Julius Joseph Mr. and Mrs. John Kamm Mr. Clyde M. Kauffman Mr. John J. Kauffman, jr. Mr. John Kaufman. Sr. Kauffman Miss Sara Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Keith Mrs. Olive Kemper Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kerper Mr. and Mrs. J. Lee Kester Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Kidd Miss Helen Kilpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Frekerick Kline Mr. John W. Klink Mrs. John W. Klink Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Klocker Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Kohl Mrs. Robert W. Korn Mr. and .Mrs. Russell Geiger Fredrick D. Gerhard Mrs. Clinton D. Getz Mr. and Mrs..Adam H. Gift Mr. and Mrs. .B. W. Goldberg Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Goode 90 Mr. and Mrs. Luther Kreider Mr. and Mrs. Webster Kropp Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Krotulski Jean Kurtyka Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kutz Mr. and Mrs. John R. Lamson Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Landy Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Laser Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Lash Mr. and Mrs. E. William Le Grand Mr. John C. Leinbach Miss Doris A. Leininger Mr. and Mrs. John Leininger Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Leininger Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lenstrohm Mr. and Mrs. William H. Levan Mr. and Mrs. Ted Levy Mr. and Mrs. Glenn W. Linderman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. M. Meister Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Harry F. Dr. and Mrs. Larry McMichael Means Stan Meister Clarence C. Mendelsohn Eugene Mendelsohn Lester Mendelsohn D. Robert Mendelsohn Menges J. F. Menges Miss Rebecca Menges Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Miller Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Miller I. H. Monoson E. E. Moore Frank S. Mull Kathryn O. Mull Mount Penn Lock Club Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Neher Samuel D. Nein Mr. Otto C. Nord Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Oberholtzer Joseph Oren Mr. and Mrs. Domonic A. Pachuilo Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pearson Miss Peggy Ann Petri Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Louis Pisano D. D. Potter D. J. Potter Thomas H. Pringle William L Purnell Mrs. Stella Quaintance Dr. Raymond K. Reeder Mr. Paul Reeser. Jr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Paul E. Reeser, Sr. . Paul S. Reinsel P. W. Rieser . Lester Rlttle . Robert A. Reeser James William Rivers Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Roberts Mrs. Grace V. Rohrbach Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Rohrbach Mr. and Mrs. Milton Seidel Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. David D. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Selig M. J. Serrol Judson B. Severns M. Clifford Shade W. Arthur Shafer Henry W. Shaffer Shaner David D. Shaner E. Irvin Shearer Mr. and Mrs.Norman Shifter Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Shockley Edward Shultz Mrs. James H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Snyder Elmer S. Snyder Mr. Leon H. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. William H. Snyder, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Souders Mr. Adam J. Spatz Mr. and Mrs. Elma Spatz Rev. and Mrs. Frederick Sterner Mr. and Mrs. Miss Phyllis Roy T. Stick M. Storch Grace M. Strunk Mrs. James F. Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Stump Mr. and Mrs. R. Stuart Stump Mr. and Mrs. John Tecklenburg Mr. and Mrs. T. Windson Thomas L. S. Thompson Mr. R. Charles Tobias Trudy Houser Millinery Shop Mr. and Mrs. John H. Tucker Mr. Walter H. Wanner Mrs. Walter H. Wanner Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe H. Ward Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wardlow Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wearne Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weatherill Mrs. Paul Weber Mr. and Mrs. H. Weere Mr. and Mrs. Jacob D. Wentzel Mr. Raymond Wertz Miss Ruth M. Wien Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wilkes. Sr. A. Robert Williams Mr. David L. Williams Mrs. Lillian C. Williams Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Winters Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wurman Klayr A. Yeager Mr. and Mrs. R. Earl Yergey Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Yoder Mr. and Mrs. William Yoder Mr. and Mrs. Ed Youse Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Young Mr. and Mrs. Hubert S. Young Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward Roller William Rollman Rev. and Mrs. Charles E. Roth Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Roughton Mr. Stephen Ruth William A. Salzman Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sandridge Mr. and Mrs. Levi Sassaman Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilmer Schildt Miss Cynthia A. Zakrison Herbert A. Zakrison Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Zakrison Miss Karen L. Zakrison Marlene A. Ziegler Phyllis J. Ziegler , Mr. and Mrs. David Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Zimmerman 'S 3 1 92 J. Elmer Lutz J. Elmer Lutz, Jr 'A' LUTZ FUNERAL HOME 'k 2100 PERKIOMEN AVENUE Dial 6-7121 MARY'S DOG HOUSE Delicious Light Snacks - Fountain Service 'k Junction of Boyertown Pike and Bingaman Street MARY PALM, Prop. Compliments Compliments Of of MT. PENN PHARMACY Prescriptions a Specialty i' MT. PENN DINER 41 North 23rd Street MT. PENN, PA. STUMP'S MT. PENN MEAT MARKET if 13 NORTH 23RD STREET -k FOR GOOD FOOD Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '54 MT. PENN TRUST COMPANY MT. PENN, READING, PENNA. Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Have You Tried the Crystal's Newly Expanded Catering Service? CATERING TO ALL TYPES OF FUNCTIONS No Parties Too Large or'Too Small CALL READING 6-2831 CRYSTAL RESTAURANT 537-547 PENN STREET On the Square Since 1911 Store Hours: 9 to 11 Daily For That Snack That Satisfies H A G M A Y E R ' S ,k 2 5th and Park Streets PENNSIDE MT. PENN GRILL 2 5 7 7 Perkiomen Avenue PHONE: 3-9452 Dolly Madison Ice Cream Zipe's Quality Chocolates Groceries, Frozen Foods, Magazines Sunday Papers, Tobaccos, Novelties Congratulations to the Class of ' 5 4 'A' HEBERLING'S KEYSTONE STORE 2 Sth and Grant Streets THOMAS JEFFERSON TEA ROOM 524 Franklin Street READING, PA. 'k Luncheon Served 11 A. M. to 2 P. M. Dinner Served 4:30 P. M. to 7:30 P. M. Catering to Banquets For All Occasions TELEPHONE: 2-1511 STICHLER AND COMPANY, INC. Toys - Novelties - Favors ak' 1 1 0 South Ninth Street READING, PENNA. J. W. LEINBACH Hardware STICHTER 2239 Perkiomen Avenue ik H A R D W A R E Congratulations to the C Q M p A N Y Class of 19 54 JOHN F. LUTZ, INC. 'k Furniture and Floor Covering -A' ESTERLY, PA. 96 l S. S. KRESGE Seventh and Penn Compliments Compliments of of F. W. WOOLWORTH 86 CO. MCCRORY 5 86 10 'k 5 3 0 Penn Street W- T- GRANT C0- Diamonds, Watches, jewelry Known For Values For Over 'A' 47 Years CHARLES G. WILLSON CO. ,t Retail 65 M fg. jewelers P S Established 1865 508 elm treet 510 Penn Square Charles L. Boyer Monroe F. Ganster ZND FLOOR TELEPHONE: 2-3643 Cameras - Projectors jyomfwoop FILM SERVICE B41 PENN sr. READlNG,PA. Photo Finishing Cameras - Projectors - Rentals DELUCA'S CAMERA CENTER "The Completely Photographic Store" Darkroom Supplies - Repairs 617 Penn Street DIAL 4-2307 READING, PA. Our Third Floor Shop For Yo-un Our Street Floor Department For Well Dresse P O M E R O Y ' S 'A' BE-TEEN SHOP g Women if BOYS' DEPARTMENT d Young Men EMILY HOPKINS Complete Line of Teen and junior Fashions, Including: Dresses - Formats - Coats - Sportswear T l h : 4-9526 TEASUHOW'S HP one Reading's Best Liked Store S T E R N S Headquarters for Ladies' and Children's S H O E S Beautiful Wfearing Apparel ,I f 404-40 6 Penn Street READING, PA. Phone: 3-5155 663 Penn Street READING, PA. For Smart Styles . . Smart Apparel For Men For Good Qualities . . A 'f f'f'E25i?E5'?55 Reading's Leading Clothier Reading 5 CRGLL 86 KECK 549 PENN SQUARE Morris Goodman N E U B L I N G , S K A G E N , S Athletic Equipment 641 Penn Street photo Finishing far Fishing Tackle All Athletic Sports Equipment -A- t Corner 9th and Penn Streets PHONE' H188 PHONE: 4-8253 ST. LAWRENCE J O S E P H ' S SERVICE STATION Men's Wear - Boys' Wear Sunoco Gas, Oils and Accessories B' 'lf 408-410 Penn Street ESTERLY' PA' "We Sell For Less . . . Always" Phone: 3-9493 HAFER'S Compliments ESSO SERVICE STATION of Tires - Batteries - Accessories , Expert Lubrication - Car Washing S 6 Ft. Trailer For Rent F-S50 SERVICENTER i' if Howard Boulevard PHONE: 4-0936 2 1 0 0 Howard Boulevard Compliments of Your Good Gulf Dealer RUSSEL G. KLEIN 'k 244 6 Perkiomen Avenue READING, PA. Phone: 3-913 3 CARL G. LORAH Atlantic Dealer AAA Service 'k 2 2nd 85 Howard Boulevard Phone: 3-9538 MT. PENN READING, PA Compliments Of HAROLD'S FURNITURE 'k 726-28 Penn Street READING, PENNA. Complete Home Furnishers Since 1911 Compliments GILES THE FLORIST of i' GEORGE THE BARBER 'k 123 South Sth Street 23rd and Grant Streets THE BooK MART Compliments i' of "Headquarters for Book Lovers" FEGLEY'S I R E s T A U R A N T CORNER SIXTH AND COURT BORTZ FLOOR COVERING 86 GIFTS Glidden Paints - Rugs - Carpets -- Greeting Cards Exclusive Gifts Venetian Blinds - Wfindow Shades - Lamps 'k 3608 St. Lawrence Avenue Phone: Reading 3-8702 Easterly, Pa. Compliments WYOMISSING GLAZED PAPER COMPANY -If READING, PENNA. GORDON B. RISHEILL Television and Sales Radio Service Since 1924 Tubes and Accessories if 'k MEYERS AND FETTEROLF Quality Coal Dump Truck Service 2 2 12 Perkiomen Avenue 2 5 7 7 Perkiomen Avenue MT. PENN, PA. Phone: 2-6782 PHONE: 3 -94 5 2 MELCO HARDWARE STORE 'A' Hardware - Housewares Pittsburgh Paints Sand - Cement - Lime - Gravel f STONY CREEK MILLS, PA. Phone: 4-7401 We Deliver Electrical Contracting Television Gifts and Gift Wrapping 'A' PAUL R. ESHELMAN NORGE APPLIANCES Sales E5 Service 'k 107 North 23rd Street MT. PENN, READING, PENNA. PHONE: 4-7855 - APPLIANCES v TELEVISION v KITCHENS 'k WELLER APPLIANCE CO., INC. 2433 Perkiomen Avenue MT. PENN, READING, PENNA. Dial 5 -6 14 5 Tk "Remember . . . You'll Always Do Well at Wfellerisv EBRIGHT QUALITY FOOD STORE ir PHONE: 4-9140 if Free Delivery if "" To welcome Ti AQ IME ff Quests A WMO W X E L, W pmj L 1 .1 w KY I W K5-f Q e , A K F3 K A ' L rr ' ff h A k ' - . X' 1 ' I ' ' I XX fl! Z t I' "Colre"isoragixleredfrode-rnurlr. Q, Ice-cold Cora-Cola is VPVECQWQMM2 ' 1 Af such a soriahle drink. Q LD h Brin home several . ,,pf".hiIl21 g ,w,',1i'HI""" cartons when you shop. 'H ,E -'l.i4:ll" " W I IOINII won Aumomv ovm cencou comma u I 1 Compliments Compliments of Of RAYCO AUTO SEAT CHARCOAL CHEF COVER COMPANY EVANS Shop and Save . . . Open Seven Days Weekly 'A' WHITE HOUSE MARKET FOOD DISTRIBUTORS 2 2 0 0 Perkiomen Avenue DIAL 3-8183 ' 1 We A gs. as 2 Compliments of GALLMAN'S, INC. Cleaners E5 Dyers 'i' Midland Avenue STONY CREEK MILLS, PA. Phone: 6-7461 A Dry Cleaning Service Complete in Every Detail 'lr ADAMS DRY CLEANERS DIAL 2-8381 43 6 South 1 8th Street 900 North 1 1th Street C. Leroy Glass, Prop. Phone: 3-9955 C0nlplime1zts GLASS SERVICE STATION of Mobilgas - Mobiloil T Accessories - Tires - Batteries WE5 ERN AUTC SUPPLY Lubrication COMPANY i if 1 1th and Cherry Streets MR' CLIFFORD MINIER READING, PA. Manage' Berks County's Favorite Since 1888 'k ST. LAWRENCE MILK I Laboratory Controlled 1 'k TRY IT . . . YOU'LI.. LIKE IT! Phone: 3-5241 F lagstone Marble GEORGE M. CONRAD ar R. D. No. 2, BIRDSBORO, PENNA. Phone: 2-572 1 Tiles Slate ALTON C. BOWERS JOHN MAZZO PHOTO SERVICE .k Since 1 9 1 6 Creations lk READING, PA. FERD HECK FOREST HILLS MEMORIAL Florist Flowers For All Occasions PARK, INC. Funeral Designs - Wedding Flowers Corsages - Cut Flowers - Plants -A- 'k 113 3 North Fifth Street "The Cemetery Beautiful" CALL READING 4-4823 Compliments Compliments of of the MT. PENN KEY CLUB Y - T E E N S W. R. STRUNK CO., Inc. Carburetor Headquarters 925-33 Green Street Phone: 6-4833 Compliments to the Class of '54 'k LOREN MURCHISON sc co., INC. -A- Official Jewelers for Mt. Penn High School Established in 191 0 'k FRANK YODER, INC Registered TINSMITH 86 PLUMBING ROOFING 85 HEATING 'k Showroom: 2234 Perkiomen Avenue Office and Shops at: 2230 Perkiomen Avenue MT. PENN, PA. Bell Phoneg 2-1 371 President 3 - 8 0 0 7 L M-JVM: ' WWMM gmqgjigi' MWWW My WM EPA fa- JL Mx fiimaw my ff Min, E nu..m...L... yep A VN 164'-had, ggi 4 gi U7-.adm-:QMLJ My Qai aux 3 A9 5QnfLilkl' bw 75-ijgejf wMZjUZ Lf Zprff pai!! J7v?Qmkw XX. alfa.. K?-I-iegP5?6 bgfjy gl! Q2 W 3231 aff? WW ' A Q fx f'f-,Y ' . Mwjgifffj L.,,,74h t Lf' y if 8 'M"""i"' UMMSMQYV 77,44 WM F SEQ? GPM mwgwiwwuhngb jf df as 5 OW? QW pxf MZDMW, Rfxxfw ,,fy,,,,,4,4,74L.L, EVEgy?Zig'4SvwWW" n,WM X' we 4....W,.,,QMUW"'+ may YS QM 4' m3..,4. f 4- 5 li"-4-OYQQL cw' ,kink Q-WX J Q J. ' 1 -. I ' 1 ' 4 I 4 D ,L i I lr' if 1 0' f 0 f ' v , J ' . 5 ' I -I . I 'n I . 'Q' v . I 5 'f ' 0 . 5 ' y l r . : I u ..L U 5 l , - e -, 4 - -- ' . ' l 0' 0 ' I ' I ' ' 0 , ' ' X '- l 1' . -1, J . .0 0 I 5' S' 0 4 0 1 J. - .. ' 1 , n l'l v I ' .' Q . 5 ' nf ' ni .1 n ' f 0 , I ' 'Q 0 ' l -. I ' . ' . ful' ' ' s -' by 0 . . I ,saw - a ' Q ' 'Q 0, 'I tg F a-I C A Q if 501 cv 9 O b ri -D x 4 ff fl I I I L K . 1 1 ' ' r , s nv ' K L I ' lg 1 Ji A 1 . , , 1 5 . - '. f ' P ls I ' I S , ' n 5 u 'v . 1 I gf" 1 1,0 3 OJ I ,-Q ,4- Q,- 1.1 IQ I... I .1-...Z I 1 vw' 9 :lo 1.0 ai it f XX ,,,..2 ,fff ,f

Suggestions in the Mount Penn Lower Alsace Joint High School - Penn Alma Yearbook (Reading, PA) collection:

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